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Cannot Secure Erase an SSD drive

Q: Cannot Secure Erase an SSD drive

So after reading a ton about SSD drives and finally getting one Intel X -M G I played around with it for a drive an SSD Secure Erase Cannot while today and figured that I would just do a secure erase to get it back to factory defaults before really getting it setup on my machine Cannot Secure Erase an SSD drive Turns out the Secure Cannot Secure Erase an SSD drive Erase app or won't work as the BIOS of my machine sends a quot freeze lock quot command thus these tools cannot touch the drive I've tried the Linux bootable CD with hdparm tool as well and it to shows that the device is locked thus it cannot proceed I've tried the Secure Erase tool from Cannot Secure Erase an SSD drive several machines and all result in same thing Secure Erase gets to welcome screen where it would display the attached hard drives and that is as far as it goes So anybody got any suggestions According to people who make Secure Erase a least desirable workaround is to boot the machine with no power attached to the drive and then connect power while the machine is running Well obviously with a brand new hard drive I don't want to do that

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Preferred Solution: Cannot Secure Erase an SSD drive

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Cannot Secure Erase an SSD drive

Nevermind. I found a computer at my house where this functionality works as it should. I was able to successfully secure erase my drive on my Intel X25-M G2 drive.
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Hi there sometimes you want to REALLY erase a HDD -- this FREE method will write X' ' (FREE) drive of a erase SECURE HDD - Hex zeros - on every writeable are on your disk -- destroying removing previous data -- while this isn't of military strength or quot CIA quot proof it's certainly good enough for normal home purposes A normal delete doesn't actually delete DATA SECURE erase of a HDD drive (FREE) until that space is reclaimed and overwritten it merely deletes SECURE erase of a HDD drive (FREE) the file entry from the directory so unscrupulous people could access some of your data If a Disk has been contaminated with a Virus this is also a good way to ensure it's GONE too I always do this procedure if I'm giving away an old computer of I acquire some used HDD's you never know what might be on them I also do this if I'm installing re-installing Windows from scratch -so I'm sure that the Windows disk is clean -- nothing lurking in the MBP partition table areas of the disk You need access to a Linux system either as a Host or even as a VM - works fine -- or even simply boot up one of the LIVE distros available anywhere so you don't even need to install anything and boot from a USB now simply use this simple command dd if dev zero of dev sda bs k conv notrunc if is the INPUT file I- in this case simply a Null hex of is your output disk in this case dev sda you can use the command df which will list your disks or even FDISK -l similar to the Windows command To check just type dd if dev sda hexdump -C grep Most windows users could easily handle this I'm sure -- pity Windows doesn't AFAIK have this type of command in it to erase completely a Disk Merely doing quot CLEAN create partition primary and reformatting it won't erase a disk completely - some of these data recovery systems can even recover data from a newly formatted partition If this type of approach scares you - then you could look for some Windows freebie rd party software -- but I'm beginning to get a bit paranoid about some rd party software that's making the rounds these days especially with things like HDD utilities --often it's not the utility itself but the download sites - which confuse people as to where the download is have toolbars other helpers adware trialware etc I regard myself as a fairly experienced use and I regularly find some sites really hard to get the proper download from --nearly loaded wrong software more than once - so using an OS IMO is the safest way BTW you can also CLONE a complete disk with this too -- although it takes a while as it's a byte to byte copy -- and if target disk is larger than source disk you'll have to re-size partition with a partition manager such as GPARTED usually standard in the Linux Live systems -dd if dev sda of dev sdb bs k conv notrunc noerror Actually that's all Clonezilla is anyway - just a GUI wrapped around the DD command While there are some useful commands in the windows command shell it seems that it's getting ever harder to find and use them -- it would be nice if things like the Power shell had some sort of decent documentation -- or even brief documentation like the Linux Man command Perhaps in the general dumbing down of the system these days Ms doesn't want people to know that there IS even a command line any more Cheers jimbo
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I have read that the normal drive erase is not a good idea for SSD's. I have also read that most SSD manufacturers should have a utility that will allow you to force it to flush deleted data. Does anyone know if this is available thru Lenovo. The SSD controller is a Jmicron but I did not see any utilities on their website.
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I've tried changing boot priority multiple times to have my CD/DVD drive boot first & the SSD second & 3rd disabled.

But it doesn't ever seem to save the settings and does NOT boot from the CD/DVD and instead goes directly to the SSD, either my Ubuntu or my Win7 SSD, whichever one I happen to have hooked up at the time.

Anyone know what the problem & solution is? This is getting very frustrating, I've been trying to do this for a couple weeks now and just no luck. I've tried multiple Secure Erase DVDs, one made through Samsung Magician & one made manually with an iso burner, both gave me same results regardless of SSD Ubuntu/Win7

A:Trying to Secure Erase SSD, bios won't boot from CD/DVD drive?

Hello, GreyWizard in BIOS are you sure you saved the changes? It would help if we knew your system specs.

Please fill out your System Specs

Your System Specs will help us to help you, and doing it in this manner will make them available to all helpers in every post and keep us from hunting for them. We ask that you fill them out in as much detail as possible including Desktop or Laptop, Model number if it is an OEM computer and all components with the Manufacturer and Model number if possible.
If you will go to your last post and click the 'System Specs' in the bottom left of the post, you will find a link to update your system specs. Please fill those out in as much detail as possible, making sure to click save at the bottom of the page. If you would like to know what we would like, you can click 'My System Specs' at the bottom left of this post to see mine. If you do not know what your components are, this will help you accomplish this task. System Info - See Your System Specs

Most computers have a one time boot menu key. Every Motherboard is different. Some will tell you what it is on the loading screen. It tells the computer which drive to boot from this one time without changing the boot order in BIOS. If we knew which Motherboard you have it may help us to tell you which key it is.

Usually when it boots fron the CD drive, it will ask to push any button to boot from the DVD. You have to be quick as you only have a few seconds or it will boot from the hard drive.

Maybe some of that may help.
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CCleaner 3.0 adds secure drive erase tool.

The latest 3.0 release of CCleaner is a major upgrade and adds native support for 64-bit systems and a new Drive Wiper tool that can be used to securely erase the contents of free space on a specified drive the new option can be accessed via the Tools section. Users can select one ore more drives and the tool will remove sensitive information by overwriting the area of the drive on which the data is stored, one or more times, using special algorithms, from a single overwrite to 3, 7 or 35 passes. Other improvements include better support for Internet Explorer 9 and Google's Chrome web browser, additional cleaning support options for HTML5 database storage and a new intelligent cookie keeping feature.Click to expand...

-- Tom

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I have read that the normal drive erase is not a good idea for SSD's. I have also read that most SSD manufacturers should have a utility that will allow you to force it to flush deleted data. Does anyone know if this is available thru Lenovo. The SSD controller is a Jmicron but I did not see any utilities on their website.
Mod's Edit: System model added to front of Subject line to improve visibility / clarity.
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I use pretty often Acronis - recovery.
Do i have to secure erase the SSD from time to time ? Would that help ?
Thank you

A:secure erase SSD

Help with what? What are you trying to do?
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How do you do a secure erase on a ssd and will this remove everything?.

A:Secure erase on a ssd

On an Intel SSD, it's done through the Intel Toolbox.

Or look here:

Software to erase SSD

But you don't need Secure Erase to wipe the drive.
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I have a samsung SSD and a PNY SSD that I installed on my laptop. I get an error and fix complete when I boot up windows 10. I was told I should do a secure erase and reinstall windows 10. I have tired using samsung magician and make bootable USB but nothing happens. My Samsung SSD is my main drive c:/ with windows 10 on it. Any ideas or suggestions?
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hi -
anyone familiar with HDDerase/ secure erase?

i downloaded it but it seems to only go up as high as windows 98.

does that mean i have to have windows 98 on my computer and can't have windows 7?

tried to run it - it listed 4 options to choose from, none of which made any sense, ran it 2x but it did not work.

i heard that this is one of the only erase tools that gets to the HPA area and hidden/ bad sector areas, whereas dban is great but does not touch those areas, at least the HPA and possibly the DCO.

simply, if anyone knows where i can find a download that will work with windows 7 that would be great.


A:HDDerase/ secure erase

Just briefly googling on HPA and DCO, it doesn't appear that Windows can touch those places. And the BIOS uses the HPA. I wouldn't want to wipe those areas. And normal Wnidows user data is not stored in those places, and the chief concern about wiping data off drives is to ensure that user data is erased.
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Is it recommended to use the Secure Erase, often ? Once in 2 months ?
Before i do the Fw update, should i Secure Erase ?
And last question : i want to make a fresh install of Windows 7, today. Should i use Secure Erase before that, or not ?

A:SSD OCZ Vertex 2 / Secure Erase


No, there is no need to do a secure erase - simple choose the format option when you do a fresh install of Windows.

To maximise the life of your SSD, you should avoid a regular secure erase - there is no need for it at all. It holds no benefit for any installation, and just shortens the life span of the SSD.

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do I have to take my SSDs out of RAID0 to do a secure erase?

A:question RE: secure erase


By secure erase, do you mean a format/scrub? I dont think its strictly required, but I would break the RAID and do each disk seperately.

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Hi, I downloaded the latest OCZ bootup toolbox and upgraded the firmware to version 2.25 for my Vertex 3 Max iops and then shut down and ran the toolbox again. I then tried to secure erase the ssd in order to reinstall windows but get the message that secure erase failed, internal error. Can anyone help me with this???

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I'm looking for Secure Erase software & Software that will remove all temp files within all browsers and everywhere on my computer. Any recommendations? I have heard that goverment earse it the highest this true?


A:Secure Erase software needed?

Hello badspell,

If you like, the free program CCleaner can do all of that for you. Here's what the Secure Deletion settings in CCleaner look like for you to set how you like.

Hope this helps.
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After Erase / Additional Information Wipe Secure you have copied out or made back-ups of the data you need to save to external media and want to do a complete wipe secure Additional Secure Erase / Wipe Information erase of the entire Hard Disk Drive Solid State Drive have a look at Step One of the Optimize tutorial below then boot the Windows installation media to start the Windows installation process Whether you use diskpart to run either the clean all command to completely wipe a HDD SSD or just the clean command to remove the format configuration data and don't use diskpart to create at least a single partition to do the installation to letting the Windows installer do the format the new Windows System Reserved partition will be automatically issued if you want to make your own decision whether this partition is added study these two options below If you do not want to create the new Windows quot System Reserved quot partition use the outline in Step Two to create format and mark Active a single GB partition to do the installation to If you do want to create the quot System Reserved quot partition use the outline in Step Two to create format and mark Active the System Reserved partition and then create and format the GB partition to do the installation to Either way running the clean all then creating and formatting the partition s using diskpart will get you the best possible space to do a clean install of Windows to you can always extend the Windows partition to include the remaining unallocated space on the HDD SSD or create additional Primary partitions or an Extended partition after the installation completes if you choose SSD HDD Optimize for Windows Reinstallation DISKPART At PC Startup Do a Clean Install with a Upgrade Windows Version

A:Additional Secure Erase / Wipe Information

Need help reinstalling my windows 7 back on computer w/o my disk
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Hello : Is it good practice to secure erase a samsung ssd before a clean install of win 7 ? Or just let Windows do its thing ?

A:secure erase a samsung ssd before clean install ?

You will have the option during the Windows install to reformat the hard drive. That option will erase any previous data on the drive.

But, a new drive doesn't have to be "erased".
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This one has been in the works for a while and I just got it finished, though it may need some fine-tuning; if anyone has some ideas, please post at the tutorial, thanks!

Secure Erase / Wipe : Definition and Methods

A:Secure Erase / Wipe : Definition and Methods - Tutorial

Hello everyone.

I figered to move this over here for a while so people that don't frequent the installation sub-forum would see it and know it exists.
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rootkit has infected of my desktops when i reformat i go to reinstall os and as soon as install starts command prompt opens and closes very very fast it takes control of pc admin and registry ive tried everything and dont know how to clean my systems if someone can help i may need to also clean other desktop once this one is clean survives formats erase virus secure and rootkit and also need to know how i can wipe other drives without reinfecting pc Scan rootkit virus survives secure erase and formats result of Farbar Recovery Scan Tool FRST x Version - - Ran by Taco administrator on DESKTOP-R FQ BA - rootkit virus survives secure erase and formats - Running from C Users Taco Downloads Loaded Profiles Taco Available Profiles defaultuser amp Taco Platform Windows Pro Version X Language English United States Internet Explorer Version Default browser Chrome Boot Mode Normal Tutorial for Farbar Recovery Scan Tool http www geekstogo com forum topic -frst-tutorial-how-to-use-farbar-recovery-scan-tool Processes Whitelisted If an entry is included in the fixlist the process will be closed The file will not be moved Microsoft Corporation C Program Files Windows Defender MsMpEng exe Microsoft Corporation C Program Files Windows Defender NisSrv exe Microsoft Corporation C Windows System wuapihost exe Microsoft Corporation C Windows WinSxS amd microsoft-windows-servicingstack bf ad e none e f a a ad TiWorker exe Microsoft Corporation C Program Files Windows Defender MpCmdRun exe Google Inc C Program Files x Google Chrome Application chrome exe Google Inc C Program Files x Google Chrome Application chrome exe Google Inc C Program Files x Google Chrome Application chrome exe Google Inc C Program Files x Google Chrome Application chrome exe Google Inc C Program Files x Google Chrome Application chrome exe Microsoft Corporation C Windows System msiexec exe Registry Whitelisted If an entry is included in the fixlist the registry item will be restored to default or removed The file will not be moved HKLM Run MouseDriver gt C Windows system TiltWheelMouse exe - - Pixart Imaging Inc Internet Whitelisted If an item is included in the fixlist if it is a registry item it will be removed or restored to default Tcpip Parameters DhcpNameServer Tcpip Interfaces a c f-d - -ae - e ceee c DhcpNameServer Internet Explorer FireFox FF Plugin-x tools google com Google Update version - gt C Program Files x Google Update npGoogleUpdate dll - - Google Inc FF Plugin-x tools google com Google Update version - gt C Program Files x Google Update npGoogleUpdate dll - - Google Inc Chrome CHR Profile C Users Taco AppData Local Google Chrome User Data Default - - CHR Extension Google Slides - C Users Taco AppData Local Google Chrome User Data Default Extensions aapocclcgogkmnckokdopfmhonfmgoek - - CHR Extension Google Docs - C Users Taco AppData Local Google Chrome User Data Default Extensions aohghmighlieiainnegkcijnfilokake - - CHR Extension Google Drive - C Users Taco AppData Local Google Chrome User Data Default Extensions apdfllckaahabafndbhieahigkjlhalf - - CHR Extension YouTube - C Users Taco AppData Local Google Chrome User Data Default Extensions blpcfgokakmgnkcojhhkbfbldkacnbeo - - CHR Extension Google Sheets - C Users Taco AppData Local Google Chrome User Data Default Extensions felcaaldnbdncclmgdcncolpebgiejap - - CHR Extension Google Docs Offline - C Users Taco AppData Local Google Chrome User Data Default Extensions ghbmnnjooekpmoecnnnilnnbdlolhkhi - - CHR Extension Chrome Web Store Payments - C Users Taco AppData Local Google Chrome User Data Default Extensions nmmhkkegccagdldgiimedpiccmgmieda - - CHR Extension Gmail - C Users Taco AppData Local Google Chrome User Data Default Extensions pjkljhegncpnkpknbcohdijeoejaedia - - CHR Extension Chrome Media Router - C Users Taco AppData Local Google Chrome User Data Default Extensions pkedcjkdefgpdelpbcmbmeomcjbeemfm - - Services Whitelisted If an entry is included in the fixlist it will be removed from the regis... Read more
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I want to reinstall windows from an image. I want to do this because I re-installed windows on a new samsung 830 256gb ssd but I didn't use secure erase before doing so. After the install my random write speed went down to 330ish MB\s when i was at 400 MB\s before. My current win 7 install is optimized and works fine; only my random write speeds have decreased and it's bugging me lol. Do you think a secure erase and reinstall would improve my write speed? or am I just being obsessive lol.

A:Write speed decreased after reinstall of Win 7 without secure erase.

Try to Logoff your PC and just stay it idle for 4-5 hours so the Garbage Collection will work. Then try to benchmark it before and after Garbage Collection mode. See the difference.
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Product Name: HP Probook 4530s
Operating System: Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit)
I have HP probook 4530s ci5

having hard disk drive (HDD) of 750 GB.

Hard disk is of Hitachi (HTS727575A9E364)

I need to pass my notebook to someone for some days, so I needed to make sure my data is permanently gone.

I can use the disk sanitizer or secure erase option present in the BIOS. But I am not sure how much time it will take?

Can anybody please tell me what time disk-sanitizer option and secure erase will take for one pass?

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What happens if you secure erase ssd to remove all data but don?t quick format before installing widows 7 ? Will widows 7 format the drive during installation ?

A:Secure erase ssd but don’t quick format before installing windows 7

I've never done a secure erase, but you don't need a secure erase to wipe a drive.

You can delete and make partitions as you see fit as part of the install, during the install.

Windows formats partitions as needed to complete the installation. I don't think you specifically ever have to ask it to format anything.
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I have horrible virus I cannot get rid off I've been trying to remove it for about a month And I'm about to throw my computer in the trash erase, and reformats secure returns windows after Virus reinstalls I reinstalled windows about eight freaking times And every single time the hacker returns He is logging onto my origin account and I'm aware every time he logs in Origin tells me he logged on from another computer I don't Virus returns after secure erase, reformats and windows reinstalls understand where this virus is hiding that it can return after I secure erased my SSD drive I also tried to unplug my SSD and instead tried to use a tb hard drive but the virus still returned I've tried flashing my bios but that also did not help It's not possible that I am re infecting myself because I am doing a complete and total refresh from start with none of my saved data Not using a USB Virus returns after secure erase, reformats and windows reinstalls I've been reformatting windows over and over to try and remove the virus Let me explain my last reformat and re install I saw that the hacker logged onto my origin account so I turned off my PC I unplugged it from the internet I opened it up and unplugged my tb HDD then I loaded up parted magic though bios and used it to secure erase my SSD I left my HDD totally disconnected this time but it was also formatted with dban I installed windows on my secure erased SSD with the PC disconnected from the Internet Then I used the CD from the manufacturer to install my local area network I plugged in the PC to the Internet and started doing windows updates The only programs I installed were my graphics drivers from Nvdia Firefox winrar AVG and Origin I used origin to change my password Then went to bed I've just woken up and the hacker is already on my origin account Please tell how this is even possible or I will have to buy a new computer

A:Virus returns after secure erase, reformats and windows reinstalls

 I just did a scan with GMER just after logging onto origin and this is what it showed.
 GMER 2.1.19163 -
Rootkit scan 2013-11-05 05:06:08
Windows 6.1.7601 Service Pack 1 x64 \Device\Harddisk0\DR0 -> \Device\Ide\IdeDeviceP2T0L0-4 M4-CT128M4SSD2 rev.000F 119.24GB
Running: p36j21dm.exe; Driver: C:\Users\Avolate\AppData\Local\Temp\ugdiqfod.sys
---- User code sections - GMER 2.1 ----
.text  C:\Program Files (x86)\Origin\Origin.exe[2944] C:\Windows\syswow64\USER32.dll!SetWindowPos               00000000763f8e4e 5 bytes JMP 000000016e663340
.text  C:\Program Files (x86)\Origin\Origin.exe[2944] C:\Windows\syswow64\USER32.dll!ShowWindow                 0000000076400dfb 5 bytes JMP 000000016e6632d0
.text  C:\Program Files (x86)\Origin\Origin.exe[2944] C:\Windows\syswow64\USER32.dll!SetFocus                   0000000076402175 5 bytes JMP 000000016e663320
.text  C:\Program Files (x86)\Origin\Origin.exe[2944] C:\Windows\syswow64\USER32.dll!SetActiveWindow            0000000076403208 5 bytes JMP 000000016e663390
.text  C:\Program Files (x86)\Origin\Origin.exe[2944] C:\Windows\syswow64\USER32.dll!BringWindowToTop           0000000076407b3b 5 bytes JMP 000000016e663230
.text  C:\Program Files (x86)\Origin\Origin.exe[2944] C:\Windows\syswow64\USER32.dll!SetForegroundWindow        000000007641f170 5 bytes JMP 000000016e663200
.text  C:\Program Files (x86)\Origin\Origin.exe[2944] C:\Windows\syswow64\USER32.dll!SwitchToThisWindow         00000000764390fc 5 bytes JMP 000000016e663260
.text  C:\Program Files (x86)\Origin\Origin.exe[2944] C:\Windows\syswow64\USER32.dll!ShowWindowAsync            0000000076457d97 5 bytes JMP 000000016e663280
.text  C:\Program Files (x86)\Origin\Origin.exe[2944] C:\Windows\syswow64\ole32.dll!DoDragDrop                  00000000766fa827 5 bytes JMP 000000016e6631e0
.text  C:\Program Files (x86)\Origin\Origin.exe[2944] C:\Windows\syswow64\PSAPI.DLL!GetModuleInformation + 69   0000000076391465 2 bytes [39, 76]
.text  C:\Program Files (x86)\Origin\Origin.exe[2944] C:\Windows\syswow64\PSAPI.DLL!GetModuleInformation + 155  00000000763914bb 2 bytes [39, 76]
.text  ...                                                                                                      * 2
---- EOF - GMER 2.1 ----
 A scan with aswmbr showed nothing.
 This is its log:
aswMBR version Copyright© 2011 AVAST Software
Run date: 2013-11-05 05:11:43
05:11:43.424    OS Version: Windows x64 6.1.7601 Service Pack 1
05:11:43.424    Number of processors: 4 586 0x2A07
05:11:43.425    ComputerName: AVOLATE-PC  UserName: Avolate
05:11:43.568    Initialize success
05:11:55.254    AVAST engine defs: 13110403
05:12:01.316  ... Read more
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I have a Samsung Gb - I have secured erased it before I loaded windows from my HDD so I could do it from windows when I opened Samsung Magician stupid name for useless program it said there were a firmware update so I updated it rebooted etc - now I went to secure erase as I want too completely SSD - Solved: "Frozen in can is State" Erase?? Secure not reinstall windows due to issues and I can not as it says quot drive is in a frozen Solved: SSD is in "Frozen State" - can not Secure Erase?? state quot - ive done it before from this HDD so it seems the update has screwed it or changed it the drive works but i cant secure erase it heres what ive tried unpluggin the Sata cable as per its instructions no joy unpluggin the Sata cable turning on loading windows THEN pluggin it in nothing happens no drive appears there appears to be no quot hot swap quot options in the BIOS of my Gigabyte H M-D H motherboard killing power to the PC and rebooting no joy created a USB version to run at boot mixed results it said the same thing quot drive is frozen - unplug sata cable for seconds then plug back in quot and run it by typing seguio exe - so I did that but typing the instruction done nothing so I reboot and this time it went further to erase it but it stopped saying FATAL ERROR - so I reboot and tried again and it said the drive was frozen again this has to be the stupidest thing ive experienced I can not quot UNFREEZE quot the drive following samsungs instructions ive read that freezing the drive is done by the OS at boot so how is it detected as frozen without the OS running I just dont understand it - this only happened after updating to latest firmware - so now I can not do a clean install can anyone help with this please thanks nbsp

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i need someone to tell me how to erase the entire c drive, i know its bad to do, but i whant to do it, can someone tell me

right clicking c and pressing format doesnt work, and opening cmd and typing format c doesnt work

please help me

A:erase c drive

The best way to completely erase the C: Drive is to use a free utility program called "Darik's Boot n' Nuke."

This program will wipe the Drive entirely back to RAW format, ready for a 'clean' installation of the O/S.

You will never be able to format the C Drive whilst in Windows?, as it is protected ffrom that occuring. Formats and the can only be done before the system enters into Windows?

Darik's Boot N' Nuke. (Click the coloured link.)
One final piece of advise...Read the Instructions for Boot n' Nuke first!
Post back with the results.

Kind Regards,
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hello, guys

im wondering how to erase every thin in my f drive. Because my f drive has alot of junk i want to erase everythin inside it!!!!

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How Can I Erase EVERYTHING On My C Drive?

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While I'm at it do I properly erase my slave drive? It is my old drive and I would like to use it for back-ups, but need to clean it out first. I'm using XP -- Thanks.

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is there a way to erase some of the hard drive?

A:erase the hard drive

There's Eraser.You can use it to erase individual files/folders, unused harddrive space, or the whole harddrive.Eraser is an advanced security tool (for Windows), which allows you to completely remove sensitive data from your hard drive by overwriting it several times with carefully selected patterns. Works with Windows  95, 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP and DOS.Eraser is FREE software and its source code is released under GNU General Public License.
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I have problems with my computer's audio/video/games/mouse skipping. A technitian said to erase my hard drive and reload xp. How do I do that?

A:Erase My Hard Drive

Hi mike5426!

Reloading an OS isnt as difficult as it used to be. In order to reload xp the first thing that you will need to do is go into your bios. Different systems have different keystrokes to get into the bios. Since i dont know your system i can only guess what it is?

You can try the delete key, f2, f10

When you power up the system try hitting one of these keys several times and see if it goes into your bios. If not shutdown and try another. Some systems tell you what key to hit on the bootscreen to get into your bios. So that will make things easier.

As for what you need to do in bios. Windows xp needs to boot from the cdrom drive in order to install windows xp. While your in the bios look through there and find where your able to change the boot sequence. Change it so the cdrom is the first boot device. Once you have completed that save and exit. Oh almost forgot before exiting make sure your xp cd is in the drive. When the computer reboots it say something in regards to atapi emulation. Hit any key to continue. This will allow it to boot from the cdrom. If you dont hit a key it will boot normally after it times out. Once windows xp setup is installed and you go through some normal selections. You will want to delete the windows xp partition and create a new one. Follow the prompts and when it wants to format the partition select either fat 32 or ntfs. Unless you use ntfs i would default to fat 32. Just click on the recommended format not the quick one and windows will format the drive and reinstall windows. It's easier than it looks.

If you have any other questions regarding how to get into your bios post back.....otherwise good luck
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iam runnin' out of memory 4.5 gb's... i want to erase everything i have in my comp... i want to recover all my memory...... i want to leave my computer like new......... like when i first baught it......

thanks....... any help will be appreciated:grinthumb


Welcome to TechSpot.

You are probably running out of harddisk space, not memory.
With current HD-prices so low, you should buy a 80GB or 120GB HD with 8MB cache-memory. Look at

Clean part of your HD by rightclicking InternetExplorer on the Desktop, select Propereties, then in the middle of the screen that comes up, select first Delete Files, then Delete Cookies.
Click OK when done.
Now in Explorer, browse to your Temp file and delete everything in there. That should give you a good start.

Then go to "user cp" at the top of this page, and fill in your PC-data.
Check back with the results here when you have done the above.
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My computer is being retired and I don't want any info to get into the hands of the unscrupulous. Are there any ways to erase the hard drive with free ware?

A:is there a way to erase my hard drive

Any number of ways.One popular choice (out of many): Darik's Boot And Nuke Hard Drive Disk Wipe and Data Clearing -
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Hi,I am trying to erase the hard drive of my Toshiba in order to recycle it.I have downloaded DBAN to a cd,and the file is in 'my computer'.adobe reader says it can not read it.Can anyone help thanks?

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I have a company laptop I am selling. I need to erase the hard drive first.
But, I do not have the boot disk, I do not have a cd rom drive, I do not have an a: drive. All of the erase programs seem to require a floppy or the original software cd rom.

How can I erase either using a USB drive or go thru Windows XP?

Its a Dell laptop with XP Professional.

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Does anyone know a good program to remove all data from a hard drive. I need something that is compatible for USB drives and boots from CD-rom. I have a large quantity of drives that need to be completely erased and I need verification that the erase was successful and no data remains on the drive.

A:Hard Drive Erase

Use Windows Format

You can Format all partitions in My Computer,except C:
The Windows OS partition.Just like a floppy format.
Are you sure theres nothing you want to keep,like pictures ?
Otherwise why do you have partitions ?
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i want to erase the hard drive on my old computer before putting it in the garbage,

i know there is supposed to be a website where i can download something to erase everything completely from the hard drive,

does anybody know what that website is ?

thanks very much,


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I am replacing my 6 year old (windows-7) and I would like clean out the hard drive. Any suggestions for a good "eraser" program? Thank you. Pahapoika.

A:Erase my hard drive

As in you plan to give it away, sell it, or throw it out? If so use something like DBAN:
It can securely erase the entire drive for you.

If you plan to keep it and use it then nothing beyond a simple format during the Windows installation is needed.
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My hard drive is strange, its had mandrake 10, win2k pro, windows advanced server, windows xp pro and home, and freebsd on it. My mission is to get windows xp on it, and leave it at that. I have a toshiba recovery cd that will not load at boot. the mandrake 10 cd will boot and install but thats no help to me. i have killdisk.exe on an A:\ disk. Right now im installing windows 2000 and im gonna try to run killdisk from there so that i can completely erase all traces of data on my harddrive and then do a clean install of windows xp. I dont know why just putting in the killsdisk.exe floppy doesnt work at boot, anyone know whats up?

I have changed some of the text in your post due to poor language skills.

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I am giving my old computer to charity but before that I would like to erase hard drive properly. What is the best and easiest way to do that?

A:How to erase hard drive?
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How do I erase my hard drive completely? I am running windows xp, and I am wondering how I pull a system resotre or something?

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Can anyone suggest to me a way to "CLEAN" a hard drive so that info on it is not recoverable. Is there a good cheap piece of software that will do it?


A:Need to erase a hard drive

Cheap? Get a log or two, get some matches...They melt really easily...Definitly no way to get the data dont have an answer, someone else will though...
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I am anticipating getting a new laptop, and am considering giving my old one to my company. But it has sensitive stuff on it that I want to erase. How do I erase my hard drive completely (Dell Inspiron 2650)?

Thanks -


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We are done with an XP machine and wish to erase the hard drive prior to storage for possible future use or donation.

Is there an easy way to create a CD boot disk that will remove all but the OS and in the absence of that option, remove all?


A:Erase hard drive?

Remove all but the OS? If everything is on one partition then no - you have to manually delete whatever you want (or use one of the methods in this link to securely delete individual files: If you have multiple partitions / drives you can format the non-system partitions (or you can use a 3rd party app to securely delete highly sensitive data if you feel the need ( You can use the same or a similar utility to delete the system partition as well if you so choose.
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I have backed up my files on my old HP a430n OS Windows XP. Have tried Dban and killdisk, neither will boot. Tried to change boot order. Not sure if when I burned killdisk or dban that they are bootable disks. Can anyone help? ANd I am sure I want to clean the disk. Will just be recycling/getting rid of this computer.

A:Erase hard drive

If you don't care about the parts, just remove the hard drive and hit it with a hammer.
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I have two hard drives and I wasnt to erase everything on my C drive except for windows xp...can anyone tell me how to do this?

A:Erase Hard Drive

You can Format it. Which can be done by opening My Computer right click the drive letter and selecting Format.

*** Don't Format it will delete everything. ***

I miss read your message.

You really cannot delete everything except XP. As XP and the applications installed on the driver are interconnected with references.
Relevancy 51.17% do you erase the hard drive on win xp pro sp1 moved all files i needed to other hard drive want tro erase smaller one and put it back again with a fresh install...over installed before a couple of times.
p.s. i dont need to put windows on the other hard drive to keep the files i have on that drive do I!!! thanx


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I want to dispose of my Compaq Presario 6000 with Vista BE, and I would use a DBAN disk to format the hard drive, but I can't get it to boot from the CD or USB drives. Any advice? I would donate it, but the power supply is on its last legs and its horribly slow. Should I recycle it?

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can someone help me out? i bought a computer off a friend awhile back and am now just starting to use it. it is using xp and the problem is that it is password protected and there's no way for me to use it. i was thinking about wiping out the hard drive and reinstalling xp on it but i have no idea of where to start or what to do.

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I want to remove history of usb drive usage from my pc. How it can be done?

A:erase usb drive history

Do you mean erasing all data that was ever on your USB stick?
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how do i erase information on my hard drive?

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I have a relatively new (bought Jun or July 2007) clean 80G hard drive with XP SP2 OS, later. (I installed) Through a few disagreeable machinations the sp2 was removed. (alternatively, a second hard drive was used on the same computer using 98 second edition, ironically works.)
To make a very long story short, I want this (XP) hard drive erased, Partitions and all. I want to start anew, afresh and on a new and different computer using LINUX.
How does one do this?

A:erase xp installed hard drive

which distro of linux? some distros will take care of the partitions and get rid of xp as part of the install if you so choose.
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A friends roomate is giving me there laptop. It is a Toshiba and im prety sure they said it had XP on it.
They said I can have it for free if I remove the hard drive and destroy it OR I can erase it or format it. What are my options if i just want to erase/format I know you cant always remove everything...but i wont tell them that. Or would i be better off just getting a new hard drive?


A:How Can I Erase All Info On A Hard Drive

By all means... keep the hard drive.... that's the golden part of the computer.

Repartition it, then Reformat it.... and you will be good to go.
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I have a computer that just had some issues and it got to the point where I can't boot up in any way or form without getting a registry error 0x00000051. My issues with this are in multiple threads including this recent one,

I just want to erase the entire HD to start over. The problem is I can't get into it to do that so is there a way to take it out of the case and erase it in a different way? My mom has a laptop and I have an extra HD somewhere.

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I know this has to be a dumb question, so I apologize ahead of time.
I am going to sell my PC, and I want to clean my HD. I have read where I can download a program to do this.
My question is that after I clear the HD will my windows 7 still be in tact, and the other programs that originally
came on the pc.

Thanks in advance

A:Solved: Erase Hard Drive

no, the OS will be gone. The drive cleaners return the HD to the factory reset.
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my dad recently reformatted my computer and used windows xp recovey disk to reinstal. everything worked fine other than the hard drive is full. i cant find any of the items to delete them. all of these items were previously on this computer movies, music, games and on.

A:How do I erase items off of my hard drive if its not there

If the drive was really formatted then it shouldn't be full after an install of XP. Is there more than one drive in the system. What size is the boot drive, how many partitions are there?
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I was wondering if anyone knows a good site that could give me step-by-step instructions on how to erase my hard drive and reboot it. I am new at most of this, so it will really need to be step-by-step in English.


A:Erase and reboot my hard drive

Hi mlg6271,

Before we can help you, we need to get a little information.
Which Operating system you plan on installing:
Type of Computer:
Hard drive size:
Ammount of RAM:

If this is a "Brand name" PC, it may come with a restore disk, so that might be the best place to start. Also, don't forget to save your important files before you reformat it.

Paul V
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I am trying to completely erase everything from my hard drive (windows are not installed on that hard drive). So is everything deleted by going to the hard drive and right click -> format? or does this do what a regular win7 format does? I mean to completely erase all hidden files that can be restored and such.

Thanks for your help,

A:FULLY erase a hard drive

Formatting just eliminates directory entries.

If you wish to make the files unrecoverable, the disk must be overwritten. Depending on how securely you wish to do that, it could be written multiple times.

The freeware CCleaner can do that.

I erase defective drives with an 8 pound sledge hammer.
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I purchased some music on amazon and was burning to disk. When finished, I discovered the disk was blank. Afterwards, I could not burn any files or erase any disks, with the drive. Tried on another computer and same problem with that one. Can't burn any files or erase disks. Only read. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling the drive on each computer with no luck. Tried system restore on both computers and no luck. Next step is repair install of operating systems on both computers, to try and get control of drives back. Has anyone faced this problem before?

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I've been racking my brain on this problem for a while now and figured I'd throw to How drive a data won't mount? on that erase this situation out to the crowd to see what kind of ingenious answers I could get to this problem I have a failed hard drive that I'd like to send back to get replaced but obviously want all my data wiped first The problem is that the drive has failed so miserably that it won't even mount to any system in order to perform any sort of wiping I've connected it to my system directly via a USB to IDE adapter and via an eSATA adapter in both Windows and Linux to no avail Sometimes it will show How to erase data on a drive that won't mount? up in the Device Manager under Hard Drives but that's as far as it gets How to erase data on a drive that won't mount? - it's never assigned a letter and doesn't show up in Disk Manager It doesn't show up in Ubuntu when I perform an How to erase data on a drive that won't mount? fdisk either so I can't perform a DD This is a bit of a catch as the hard drive has failed to the point where it can't be read but I'm not sure what measures are going to be employed to attempt to validate and read the data at the manufacturer when they test it for failure If the drive all of a sudden starts working there is too much personal data on there for me to just hope doesn't turn up Any ideas other than mounting another similar drive's controller to it

A:How to erase data on a drive that won't mount?

For me, if there's that much personal data on it, I wouldn't send it back at all but instead just buy a knew drive. Then to insure that the hard drive wont fall into the wrong hands and attempt to recover the data, I take a sledge hammer to them. Then dispose of the mess properly. POM as we call it....peace of mind....
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Ok...I give up...I need help, PLEASE!

I inherited a computer with WindowsME and Windows 2000 running on it simutaneously. Since I don't have any of the the orignal Windows disks, I can't use the install disks to do a clean reinstall. At this point I'm thinking of just erasing the whole c:\ drive and running XP.

What is the quickest and easiest way to remove all of my current data (w/o having to buy expensive software), and then reinstalling Windows 2000 or XP?

Thanks for any help.

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Hi. I have Windows Vista Premium. My E: Drive is/was used as my backup drive. Virus/Trojan scanners keeps finding trojans, etc. in my E: drive. I'd like to just wipe that drive clean. It says I can't format the drive however because it is already in use. This even happens in safe mode. I've already created an external backup with a DVD RW disc, and am planning to just keep using that as my backup. I feel it is safer that way. I will still create some backups on my E: drive though. Does anyone know of a way that I can format the drive successfully? Should I just go into the E: drive and manually delete everything?

Thanks, Brad

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I am trying to figure out how to completely erase a hard drive so that no data can be recovered. What is the easiest and most secure way to do this? Is there any software out there for this, or is it better to just format it multiple times? Thanks

Oh, btw, the hard drive I am trying to erase is my iPod. I used it to backup some files, so I would like to completely erase the hard drive before giving it away. If I format the drive, will the iPod still be able to run? Do I need to transfer firmware/os? Thanks

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If I right click on the C drive and choose to format will it erase all of my data including the operating system? or will it wipe data blocks to free up space? I'm a little confused on the terminology. Thanks.

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Hi. My E: Drive is/was used as my backup drive. Virus/Trojan scanners keeps finding trojans, etc. in my E: drive. I'd like to just wipe that drive clean. It says I can't format the drive however because it is already in use. This even happens in safe mode. I've already created an external backup with a DVD RW disc, and am planning to just keep using that as my backup. I feel it is safer that way. I will still create some backups on my E: drive though. Does anyone know of a way that I can format the drive successfully? Should I just go into the E: drive and manually delete everything?

Thanks, Brad

A:Can't format (erase) my backup E: drive

it may be your mbr is on the drive
clear it with dban
if it is on the drive and you find you cannot boot into vista afterwards
boot from the vista dvd to the install screen and down the bottom left click on the repair
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Apologies if I've posted in wrong area or if this has been covered to death but I can't find it!
I have a Dell Inspiron 1012 notebook running windows 7 starter. The computer contains sensitive material which I need to completely and permanently erase so that even if the notebook is professionally examined, it can't be recovered. Before anyone assumes, it's not porn or any dodgy images!
I've been researching shredding software but it's a minefield, can anyone help?
Also, if the software is downloaded, the HD completely erased, will there be a trace on the HD of the date, time etc... And programme which deleted it?
Would I need to reinstall windows after the HD has been erased?

Thanks in advance


A:How to permanently erase a hard drive?


It depends on what you want to be left with, and the effort you want to go to. Do you want:

1. A completely blank HDD with absolutely zero information on it (incl. no Windows Starter?, or
2. Windows Starter still on the HDD, but all other securely data deleted?

If you want option 1, then use DBAN:

Make sure you physically disconnect all other HDD's (incl. USB drives) with the exception of the one that holds DBAN and the disk to be wiped

If you want option 2, then:
1. Delete all sensitive information as you normally would, and empty the Recycle bin, and
2. Securely wipe the deleted data using the Windows CIPHER command
Cipher Command - Overwrite Deleted Data in Windows

Its highly doubtful the data would be recoverable - the more passes you run, the exponentially harder it becomes to retrieve any data. Some select government and security agencies do have the ability to overcome even this wipe, but even then it would take many, many, many hours/days/weeks to do this. It would have to be worth their while, and something tells me you probably aren't harbouring any state secrets, so you aren't worth the effort
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I am operating WindowsXP and I want to know the best way to Completely Erase My Hard Drive.
Can anyone give me some advice in doing this procedure?


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Am giving my old computer to charity. I need suggestions on program to use to erase the hard drive -it needs to be a program that wipes completely but is very easy to use and understand for a beginner.

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Can I use Dariks boot and nuke to erase hard drive and then use vista recovery disc to reinstall vista. I ran the recovery disc yesterday, because I have had viruses, but I have since had two BSOD

A:Solved: Erase Hard Drive

Not sure, there still could be a hidden partition on your system that it uses for the recovery. I would check with your computer manufacturer.
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I have some computers that I am either going to recycle or donate depending on the specs.
I need a program to erase the hard drive before I do so. I really do not want to reformat the ones I donate.
Any suggestions?



A:Program to erase hard drive

Boot and nuke
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Does anyone know of an excellent program that you can save to a floppy that will erase your hard drive clean? And that it cannot be recoverable? I need this ASAP.

A:Boot-Erase Hard Drive

There is a program called dban, idk if they have it for boot floppy but they do have a bootable cd with it. You can find the full ISO (large file, may take time to download on slow internet, must be burnt to cd) @
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I can't format or erase the files on my hard drive. Most of the files are still there, just empty.
In DOS command, I enter the format command and verify. The prompt returns shortly but nothing changes.
Why can't I wipe the drive clean and start from scratch????

Relevancy 50.31%

Hello i am looking to tottaly erase the hardrive on a emachines computer of mine but i dont mean completely erase i want to be able to keep the operating system on it (windows XP home editionw/sp2) i dont have the reinstallation disk for the OS so i have no clue what to do. i need a program or something that will erase all data but keep the OS full functional -Like a system recovery-(which i never created back ups for) if any one cAN HELP PLZ DONT HEZITATE TO TO TYPE SOO.. Lol

A:Hard drive erase but OS stay!!!!

not possible I'm afraid. The program you need is the very OS you're seeking to keep. Maybe you can get a copy from emachines?
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I have a friend with a 6gig hard drive in his computer. Its supposed to be running Windows NT. Apparently is was in an office enviroment and has a password that he cannot obtain.

Trying to format and fdisk has not worked. Is there a way to totally reformat the drive. We do not want any of the info on it just a clean hard drive.


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I have an X1 Carbon, CT01WW.  In the bios I set a password for the SSD.  I have forgotten the password, but I can still access the laptop with a fingerprint scan.  I would like to reset the password.   I had a moderator tell me the Drive Erase utitlity would not reset the password, I will just have to remember it.   But this install notes for the Drive Erase Utility state that a drive password is reset. Will this utility reset the drive password in the bios? Thanks  

Go to Solution.

A:Drive Erase Utility for the Resetting the Cryptogr...

The utility will attempt to set a temporary password to execute the command. With a password already in place, it won't be able to continue. You'll need to know the current password and remove it to invoke the ATA Secure Erase command.
Having a password on your SSD protects it both from data loss via theft and inadvertent erasure. It's an industry-standard feature, for better or worse.
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A buggy drive management tool erased my SECOND (not boot) hard drive's MBR and replaced it with a completely bogus and useless GPT.
My actual partitions should be intact, and I am optimistic that partition recovery tools would be able to find them and restore the original partition table. However, they won't work, as long as the drive is identified as a GPT disk.
How can I erase all traces of GPT so I my recovery tools can rebuild an MBR?
I have MBRWiz, but I am shy about using it, and I have no experience with it, and I fear for my data.

A:How to erase 2nd drive's bogus GPT, and restore origional MBR?

I just recently had this issue but with a portable USB HDD that was formatted using WIN XP.

What I did was use my WIN XP to remove all the data from the drive and then followed this post:

How to delete GPT Protective Partition - Paul Gu|blog

Worked like a treat, but this may not be quite the same situation as yours and as that post says, you will lose all the DATA from the drive.
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Hey Got this GB SD which serves my son's Android phone Now for some reason this SD is divided to two DRIVES not partitions drives a GB drive and to Need a SD erase on drives card my drive/unite a GB drive The phone treats the GB drive as its first and default drive Now I want to reformat the SD in a way it'll include a single GB drive Then Need to erase a drive/unite drives on my SD card I can repartition it the way I like Problem is that I couldn't find a single tool which does that Whenever I try partitioning the SD with any of these tools it detects separate drives on which it can perform any partitioning function but all within the drive itself No tool offered the option to erase a drive or merge drives I could also do with a tool that turns the SD blank or return it to its factory settings I have tried Windows Need to erase a drive/unite drives on my SD card tools with card readers or with the SD inserted in my phone MSC mode without any luck Also tried some Android tools no help either Would appreciate any help here Cheers D

A:Need to erase a drive/unite drives on my SD card

Wecome to SevenForums Digdis,

I had never before put my thoughts into partitioning SD Cards ( he!) and wasn't even aware of it so to say. Can of course be excused since I never had an Android phone - moved to my first Windows 8 Nokia Lumia 520 Smartphone only recently.

Anyway I think you can try MiniTools Partition Wizard Home Edition 8.1.1 to delete the partitions ( whether you call those partitions or drives it is all the same) and recreate partitions (drives) of your choice. Free download Magic Partition Manager Software, partition magic alternative, free partition magic, partition magic Windows 7 and server partition software - Partition Wizard Online

SD partitions can be managed with the partition manager Partition Wizard.

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I want to get rid of all software, files, etc., and get a fresh load of XP, etc. Start from scratch to free up as much memory as possible and get the computer operating faster.

I have an older HP Pavillion with XP. How do I start?

A:How do I erase hard drive and do a fresh load of XP?

Do you want to completely wipe the HDD and reinstall Windows with the XP cd? There are freeware utilities that will wipe the HDD clean. Just Google "Wipe HDD".

Since you have an older HP, you probably have a recovery partition on the HDD. By using System Recovery, you will bring the computer back to the way it was when it was new.

To use System Recovery go to Start>>All Programs>>Hewlett Packard>>Hp Pavilion PC Tools>>HP PC System Recovery and follow the instructions.
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I intend to sell my computer soon but before doing so I'd like to clear the hard drive and remove all Windows and Drive Erase Reinstall Hard my personal data I've done a bit of research on the topic and found a few programs DBAN Eraser that seem to do this I'm not exactly sure which program is best though or what exactly they do I would also like to reinstall Windows after erasing the hard drive However my copy of Windows is an upgrade from the computer's original OS Windows Vista The computer didn't come with any system recovery or OS install disks so I'm not sure how to boot and install and OS after erasing everything Will I be able to just put in the Windows upgrade disk and install it I can't imagine it could be that simple but who knows I do kind of remember a quot clean install option quot when I upgraded - would that be the same as clearing the hard drive and reinstalling Thanks

A:Erase Hard Drive and Reinstall Windows

Hello and welcome to the boards.

You are making a good choice by removing all personal data from the hard drive. I'm sure any program will do this just fine. As for how they work, the erase the drive, then go back two or three more times to make sure they got everything on the drive. It is much more thorough then simply reformatting. As for installing Windows 7 again, there is a tutorial here on how to make a disc that you can install a fresh copy of any version of 7 from. There is also a tutorial on this site (don't have the link handy at the moment) that might be a little clearer if the first tutorial is confusing at all.

If you have anymore questions, feel free to ask.
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i want to delete all of the data on my hard drive (microsoft windows XP professional version 2002 service pack3 HP intel(R) celeron(R) CPU 550 @ 2.00GHz 1.99GHz, 1.99 GB of RAM physical address extension) that stuff in brackets makes no sense to me but i did what my friend told me and it sed that stuff if you can tell me how to erase my hard drive it would be a big help thanks!!

Relevancy 49.88%

This is supposedly what happened to my computer. Is there some way to prevent this or find out early enough to prevent drive erasure?

Relevancy 49.88%

Yeah....I get the message "Contains a page file"

I went into safe mode and it wont format, not even in Disk Management. It won't let me erase or make a new partition. I believe it's virus locked, and I would love to wipe it and use it as backup. System restore is not enabled on this drive...and I am trying to figure a way to wipe both partitions and make it simple one 40gig, but the virus keeps setting off my virus programs, and won't let me erase the drive.

Relevancy 49.88%

Hi all i was wondering if anyone has any programs they could recommend to use to wipe a hard drive clean before reinstalling windows 7, I noticed you have this CCleaner 3 link on here CCleaner - If i put that on a disk and started it up as i would to reinstall can that wipe the disk clean?


A:Erase hard drive before clean reinstallation

You first delete the partition and then recreate it on the unallocated space resulting due to the deletion.

The hard drive gets erased the fastest due to this action.
Relevancy 49.88%

what is the easiest and fastest way to format a hard drive with windows 98 installed on it?

A:fastest way to erase/format a hard drive

I use AEFDISK on a bootable CD which lets me delete all partitions from a fast booting comand prompt.
Relevancy 49.88%

my computer crashed and I want to erase some data from the hard drive before giving it to the repair shop. So, I took the hard drive out, put it in an enclosure and connected it to my laptop as an external harddrive. Both computers use Vista. I downloaded Eraser 5.8.7 and proceeded to use it on use it on the files of this HD but it does not work. The program does not tell me why but I sense it has to do with administrator permission. Also, II had a password on the drive.
Can somebody tell me what to do to erase my personal files?

A:Erase files from external hard drive

Let the repair shop install a new hard drive and keep your old drive with you. When you get the repaired computer back, you can retrive your personal data from the old drive to the new drive
Relevancy 49.88%

Lenovo is replacing my failing hd under warranty and I need to return the defective hd I have deleted securely to drive best thinkpad hard How erase my current personal files using spybot s secure shredder and then the How best to securely erase thinkpad hard drive freerase utility when some files proved too large for the spybot s shredder I have summit s hard disk scrubber installed and plan to run it tonight to clear the free space using the heavy scrub overwrite -stage pattern s s and random I had a hard time getting the drive to boot last time but if it will boot again tomorrow I d like to turn off hibernation reboot and then rerun the scrubber That would scrub the hibernation file wouldn t it I also plan to set pagefile to clear at shutdown If I m able to run the scrubber tomorrow after a reboot it would also be in the free space and get the heavy overwrite correct If the drive is still running I was then going to run Darik s Boot And Nuke from a boot cd using the interactive mode so I could skip the hidden service partition and just wipe the main partition I m hoping it won t take days and days to run The thinkpad x tablet s hd is infamous for its slowness The only other hd wipe freeware utility I found was killdisk - the freeware version only does a single pass of s but it might be quicker Are there some temp folders or caches whose files I ought to shred before shutting down the hd in case it totally dies before I can use DB amp N Is there a boot utility that overwrites by folders so I could just overwrite the OS amp program folders since I ll have already overwritten freespace Would the MFT still have the names of my personal files since they ve been deleted

A:How best to securely erase thinkpad hard drive

I am thinking that you can just run the DBAN quick mode, it does not take that long and it should deal with the entire drive. Is there any particular reason you don't want to trash the hidden partition?

Also Lenovo does not go through all your personal data, so you should be ok with just a quick wipe.
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I have cleaned many, many ide hard drives with Stompsoft Drive Washer, but when I try to use it on a sata hd , it will not work. The program boots up , gets menu, but will not go from there. Can anyone tell me what I need to do, please?

A:How to erase a sata hd with Stompsoft Drive Washer

Are you looking to wipe the drive (wipe all data)? Something like Active Kill Disk or Dban will work on any drive and they're free.
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Today my friends little brother plugged my usb drive with important school papers into a messed up port and when I plut the usb into another port it says you need to format the drive when i go to computer>mange>disk management it says RAW is there any way I can recover the files without formatting or something please someone help =]

A:Plugging a USB drive into a USB port made it erase..?

A little program I know might be able to fix the file system (as long as you do not use chkdsk first)...
Testdisk: TestDisk - CGSecurity
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hello i have a sony vaio F11(2010 MODEL).i think to shell it .also as i posted a few days ago the oem recovery partition is corrupted and isn't regognised anymore after upgarding to win 8.1 but i do not care to fix it anymore.i have two quetsions:
1) i want to erase -wipe(i dont know what is the right expression) oem recovery partition to release storage.the recovery partition is unused so it's shame to occupy space.i want a good software to remove-erase-wipe recovery partition.Do you have to propose something?
2)also if i shell laptop i want to erase completely main c drive (with operating system).can you tell me , how and with what program can i do it?

A:erase main c drive and OEM recovery partition

You can delete the OEM recovery partition in Disk Management. Then add the unallocated space to another partition, or just create a blank partition in the free space.
One way to erase everything is to do a clean install. You just delete all partitions during the install and then let Windows create new ones.
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Hi, I used ThinkPad Drive Erase Utility to secure erase my m.2 ssd, but the secure erase failed. Since then I couldn't access my ssd anymore. If I power on the ssd with SSD connected to my T430, hard drive password required.I also installed the m.2 ssd in the ultrabay caddy with adapter and then tried parted magic to secure erase it(insert the ultrabay caddy after booted into parted magic), but faild too. the log shows the ssd was locked.I think the ThinkPad Drive Erase Utility set ATA password on my ssd when started secure earse process but didn't remove it since the secure erase failed.Is there a default password for ThinkPad Drive Erase Utility?Please help to to unlock it. Thanks.

A:ThinkPad Drive Erase Utility bricked my SSD?

In the ultrabay, try active kill disk (free)
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I need to erase my hard drive because I am giving my pc to a friend to borrow for some time. I have alot of financial info. like my credit card numbers and various bill account numbers etc. I want to wipe out everything. I don't know where to start. Has anyone ever heard of freeware called "KILL DISK"? It seems easy enough to use but it says only download and use if you know what you're doing. I have no clue. Is there anything out there free, that will easily erase everything from my hd beyond recovery?

Thanks in advance.
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I have a USB GB Seagate Expansion Portable Drive quot that would be around months old It has stopped working won t mount on my Mac or even start spinning I have resigned myself to the fact that it is buggered but thought I d have a bit of a play with it to see what was wrong and if I can salvage any data I opened the case and it contains a Seagate Momentus GB drive I thought hopefully it is an issue with the SATA-USB interface in the case so I removed the hard drive and put it in a hard drive dock The drive repair erase hard drive Cannot external or now spins up but still doesn t mount In Disk Utility Mac the main drive is listed in black in the list on the left so it is registered by the computer nothing at all was listed when it was Cannot repair or erase external hard drive still in the case but the single volume is greyed out I tried repairing the drive but that failed I tried erasing the drive but that failed quot Cannot unmount disk quot Any suggestions on how to repair this I don t know how to tell the difference between hard drive problems that are Cannot repair or erase external hard drive fixable and ones where you can save yourself a heap of time and just throw it away because it will never work again nbsp

A:Cannot repair or erase external hard drive

Seagate Expansion Portable Drive (2.5") that would be around 12 months old.Click to expand...

I haven't checked, but is there any chance it's still under warranty? Dig up your receipt or record of purchase.