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Colours patchy, (like 16-bit or 256)

Q: Colours patchy, (like 16-bit or 256)

Hi everyone Colours patchy, or (like 256) 16-bit this is my first post on Colours patchy, (like 16-bit or 256) sevenforums Was on vistax Colours patchy, (like 16-bit or 256) and switched to Win just about a week back The switch from Vista to was pretty easy unlike XP to Vista Now for my problem I was using a D-sub VGA cable to connect my graphics card to my display BIG Geforce GT to Bravia KLV- V A The cable was cheap and of poor quality I guess it had interference issues If they are of relevence i will post it later But now i changed to a DVI-D Dual Link - HDMI cable The Colours patchy, (like 16-bit or 256) problems i had with the other cable are gone But now the colour gradients are not displayed properly Its like how you would see it in a -bit or colours display A patch of one shade then a patch of the next and not a gradual change It is not as noticable as mode but it is noticable Even on the login screen it can be observed What could be wrong I would be grateful for any help Thank you Adding some details Eg The blue on either side of this page has horizontal patches in the area that the gradation occurs My resolution x colour depth -bit Refresh rate Hz NVIDIA drivers downloaded just a week back I'm uploading two pictures The first desktop is just a simulation ie i saved the picture in colours just to show an exaggerated example of my problem The second i created a new black image and used a gradient tool I can see diagonal patches but im not sure if others will see it

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Preferred Solution: Colours patchy, (like 16-bit or 256)

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Colours patchy, (like 16-bit or 256)

Is my problem that difficult or am i violating any forum rules?
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Hi I just bought GeForce GTX and I m having trouble with colours Especially the blue on black and red on black are really blurry and bleedy and all the colours seem generally flat I have a quot LG Full Hd display with mini-HDMI - HDMI What I ve tried -Old display adapter GTS with new display Works like a charm -Another display quot LCD DVI-DVI with the GTX Works like a charm -VGA-VGA Works with this combo but brings the bad quality of analog signal -DVI-HDMI mini-HDMI-hdmi another port no success -Fixing the colours from NVIDIA control panel and my HDTV settings -Colour mode is set to bit -Changing resolution refresh rates no success -Uninstalling drivers sweeping with driver sweeper Reinstalling Installing old drivers As far as I can tell this issue has something with the signal that is sent from my graphics card to my display I read about a similar problem here and apparently it is a signal issue The signal is set to RGB in the NVIDIA Control Panel But the tricks found here didn t work for flat colours & Blurry, bleeding me I m getting desperate here all questions Blurry, bleeding & flat colours and answers are more than welcome nbsp

A:Blurry, bleeding & flat colours

Sorry, but that screenshot you posted looks nice and crisp to me - red on black and blue on black look just fine - no bleeding at all in your irc window. I've gotta assume it has something to do with the way your display is receiving/interpreting the signal. Did you follow the recommendations in that second link you posted? Have you tried changing your refresh rate? What happens at a lower resolution?
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Hi I'm using a MSI GX630 and I tried turning it on a few times yesterday and it wouldn't even show me the logo or anything at all to be honest. Then I turned it on once and the screen was a strange colour, a picture of it is attached. Picture taken with a camera phone at night, so it may not be very clear.

MSI GX630:
AMD Athlon X2 QL-62 2.0GHz
nVidia 9600m GT 512MB RAM
250 GB HD
Windows Vista Home Premium SP1

Any help would be appreciated, please.

A:MSI Laptop screen shows strange colours at start up. Help, please?

What does an external monitor show when you connect one? Is it good or does it show the same as the laptop screen?
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Hi my computer has been stuck in 16 colours for bout a month now and when i go into display the 256 colour mode is not available.Can someone tell me if theres a driver or how i get to find out what my driver is nd in 640x400 size only a very distresses lady.

A:Why Do I Only Have 16 Colours Plz Help Me!


hi thnks but i dont know what make my graphics card is to get the necessry driver and i havent chnged or had my comp repaired so can any one else help its relly bugging me!
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recently my graphics card seems to be having problems, because when ever i run a game and actually start playing the game freezes and crashes, wit those weird out colours spreading accros the screen. any ideas would help?

system specs:

amd athlon 64bit 3000+
512mb ram
256mb ati radeon 9550
80gb seagate barracuda

Edit: Please use proper thread titles from now on. Thanks.

A:Games freeze and crash with weird colours on screen.

Do the weird color patterns disappear after you quit the game you were trying to play? How do you manage to get rid of the weird colors spreading across the screen?

Make sure you have the latest Radeon Catalyst driver for your graphics card.

Here are the newest drivers for your video card for Windows XP Pro/Home:

Click on the "Installation Instructions" on that page if you need them.

Make sure you uninstall the previous ones first. Keep us posted!
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A little while ago my computer decided to start up in 16 colours and in 640x480 resolution. Whenever I try to change it back it says it has to restart before the new settings can take place, but when it restarts its exactly the same.Ive tried clicking the "apply new color settings withiout restarting" tab in advanced display properties but it makes no difference whatsoever.Ive got windows ME.Can anyone help?

A:Cant change resolution or no. of colours

Try changing one thing at a time. Change the colors to 16-bit then restart. upon reboot, change the resolution & if it asks, reboot again. That should work unless you're constantly rebooting in safe mode.
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the other day i was havin problems with my monitor losing signal. seem to have sorted that by reinstalling my driver for gainward geforce fx5600 ultra and believe it or not increasing the refresh rate on my monitor. now its crashing out on 3d games. it starts ok then all the graphics go to mostly dark colours with vivid red yellow and green bits! does this sound like a driver issue? when i run dxdiag everything checks out ok and the spinning cube has no stupid colours like the games do. Any ideas guys and gals? cheers

A:Wierd Colours!!!!

Are you overclocking? Sounds like a heat issue to me....
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I have a Voodoo3 3000 on a Win98 system and for some reason it is resetting itself to 16 colours and a low resolution every time i turn my computer on.
If I go to Settings and set it to 16 bit and 1024*768 it says the computer must restart for the changes to take effect, but then resets back to 16 colours after reset!!

Any advice??

A:Video Card Resetting Itself to 16 Colours!!

Try re-installing the video drivers, and if that doesn't work take a look in device manager to check for any hardware problems.
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I don t up colours. Messed know if I posted this in the right section I don t even know if this is the kind of forum to ask this sort of thing I m new here But I d like some help I have this game on my pc RollerCoaster Tycoon It s meant for XP but I could perfectly play it on Windows But when I installed new hardware because I needed OpenGL for something the colours turned weird and it got unplayable I ve only had it happen in this game and only since I changed the graphics card I ve tried opening it in compatibility Messed up colours. mode with colours et cetera I have a feeling it may actually be in colours while it shouldn t be Messed up colours. but I honestly don t know This is what SysInfo said if that could be of Messed up colours. any help Code Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version OS Version Microsoft Windows Enterprise N Service Pack bit Processor Intel R Core TM CPU GHz Intel Family Model Stepping Processor Count RAM Mb Graphics Card BB Capture Driver Mb Hard Drives C Total - MB Free - MB D Total - MB Free - MB Motherboard Intel Corporation DG SS Antivirus AVG AntiVirus Free Edition Updated and Enabled And here is a picture of the problem nbsp

A:Messed up colours.

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Enterprise N, Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 CPU 6300 @ 1.86GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 15 Stepping 6
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 4029 Mb
Graphics Card: BB Capture Driver, 1 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 76214 MB, Free - 6511 MB; D: Total - 76316 MB, Free - 7660 MB;
Motherboard: Intel Corporation, DG965SS
Antivirus: AVG AntiVirus Free Edition 2015, Updated and Enabled

I reposted your TSGSIU log because it can't be seen in its entirety in the manner that you posted it.


Before we can address your graphics issue, we need to address something else.

The Intel DG965SS motherboard in your computer was introduced in August 2006 and was designed for Windows XP.

Its Intel 965 chipset/graphics is not designed for Windows 7.

When was Windows 7 64-bit installed in your computer, and how was it obtained?

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Hi everyone.
Excuse if my english is not good, but am sure you will understand me.
I want to use my Philips 37PFL5604D/12 TV as PC monitor via HDMI, but sometimes its just happens to get unnormal picture. The colours are like on the added picture
Its just happens periodically and immediately. Lets say on each 10 minutes. This TV works fine as TV.
No matter whether i use HDMI1 or HDMI2. My video card is Sapphire HD7950, properly installed driver in Windows 8.1. The cable is fine. On my another TV 32" again Philips have no that problem, again with this cable and this comuter. The TV driver is the latest version, we updated him yesterday. The only one way to resolve for a few minutes the problem is to change HDMI1 to HDMI2 and again to change HDMI1 with the remote control, and get normal image for a while.

A:Strange colours using Philips 37" TV as PC monitor

I found solution and will write him, to be helpfull for the others.
The problem is in the AMD CCC setting from YCbCr 4:4:4 colour (default) set to RGB 4:4:4. This problem is not only with this Philips. It looks many on Radeon HD GPU-s and Philips TV-s does the same bad colour via HDMI,
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Hi all was directed here by Microsoft Community Hope I've come to the right place Bar Inactive Active colours & changing Title themselves? by At my work we use Windows professional but are working from servers I think our setup is Workspace Manager Anyhow we have no rights whatsoever to customize anything so that we all have the exact same setup This is all nbsp set by the IT dept nbsp nbsp Recently I got a new machine and since Active & Inactive Title Bar colours changing by themselves? then my inactive and active title bars have gone weird nbsp Don't really care about the colour however they are so dark you can't read the text This isn't apparent in any area of windows Only in of the programs I use and it isn't the title bars that are the problem it's the selected and unselected rows Our IT dept can't figure it out nbsp It's not the programs because they don't have the facility to customise So every morning I have to go to Personalize gt Window Color gt Advanced appearance Settings and change the Active amp Inactive Title Bar colours which fixes it nbsp IT have allowed me to access nbsp it But when I log back in the next day it goes back to the stupid colours It's driving me nuts It's not even the windows Default colours Also if I log in to another computer it is not affected Does any one know how to fix this Please
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Browsers have the option to sometimes see differing colours in the address bar based on the security level presumably of the URL.

Documentation on what all the colors represent has been impossible to find.

I have searched everywhere and have not been able to find anywhere a legend for these colors. The best I've been able to find is a webpage referring to IE9 that mentions the colors red white yellow and green and what they represent.

But there are many other colors i.e. blue, orange etc that I see as well.

And I don't use IE anyway (currently use Pale Moon).

Where can I find what all the colors mean?

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I am using a ASROCK Z Video Patchy Display? have and I Random BSD Pro Intel Socket with an Intel Core i K GB of I have Random BSD and Patchy Video Display? DDR RAM ADATA GB SSD My brother wanted me to test his GPU NVIDIA GeForce TI and this is when my system started to go hay wire I Tested my PSU That passed my system tester I then used my MOBO Tester no error codes to be worried about I am just questioning either the RAM or the CPU I am now using Intel's onboard GPU and is now doing the same thing as before It has crashed Windows Pro like almost once a day now It crashes with the white lines going across the screen distorting the display When I power cycle it comes back normal and I can use it The day I took out the NVIDIA TI I had my system crashed with a tone of beeps Stupid me never listened to the beeps code and it started fine after I cleared CMOS by removing the BIOS Battery I still had those lines show up I thought it was a virus as my system was running slower than normal and had a BSD with Security Check Error Message The next boot up I had an issue with a MemCheck Error But these BSD where with the GPU and not Onboard Since I took it out I haven't had any BSD My brother has that same NVIDIA GeForce TI Gard in his computer and it works fine and no errors Just wondering why I have to reset the BIOS to defaults every once in a while too I will be running my Memory tester as well to see if it may be bad RAM But something isn't running right My Power Source is a battery backup power supply and every once in a while it shows in windows that the battery is charging as my Power Strip has the USB Cable that connects to the computer and will shut down the computer if it lost power Perhaps this could be what wrong with it too One other question is there a software to test the SSD Performance Perhaps this could be the cause too

A:I have Random BSD and Patchy Video Display?

Please provide this information so we can provide a complete analysis (from the Pinned Topic at the top of the forum):
Should you have problems with the perfmon report, please disregard it (I don't use it very much anyway).
Should the app lock up for more than 15 minutes while searching for Network information (it does this in my copy of W10), go ahead and kill the app. 
Then navigate to the Documents folder and zip up the 18 reports in the SysnativeFileCollectionApp folder - then upload that with your next post.
If that doesn't work, then you can try this new app (from a friend of mine):
When done a Notepad document will open with the name of the file and it's location.
By default it'll be a .zip file located on your Desktop
Simply upload the .zip file with your next post and we'll move on from there.
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Hi everyone.

After the latest update Microsoft have finally allowed different coloured title bars, however, inactive (out of focus) windows now automatically revert to a white title bar colour. I've been searching everywhere and found no way of changing this. Adjusting the registry values under HKEY_CURRENT_USER/Control Panel/Colors seem to have no impact on the inactive window colours.

Anyone got any ideas?

A:Title Bar Colours

Aerolite Theme - Install in Windows 10 - Windows 10 Forums
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G'day everyone

I'm using the Aerolite theme. I would like to have a distinct difference in colour between active and inactive windows (i.e. the window border and the window bar). In Windows 7 I was able to set the active window colour to blue and the inactive windows' colour to grey (similar to Windows Classic). Is there a way to do that in Windows 10? Simply having a darker and a lighter shade of the same colour won't be good enough -- I'd like to have two distinct colours.


A:Different window bar colours for active and inactive windows?

The aerolite themes are High Contrast. Many colors have conflicts with taskbar icons and live tiles. I think that why they removed these features. The colors can be changes with different theme files. I am building a mess full of themes to occupy my time these days. My latest was MDolphins and turned out pretty good.
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Everything was fine until i switched to another hdd just to check it. on that hdd the screen was screwed up, so i went to my older one because i was planning to have them both plugged in and use the second one for storage. When i went back to my old one the screen was exatly the same as on the other hdd, i tried screen resolution changing, system restore, cleartype, calibrating the colours but nothing changed. Runnin w7 on a gt220.
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chrome is running with a blue line underneath but steam has a yellow line and it's half highlighted yellow but it's not downloading or running anything and it's been like that for the past 10 minutes

so what do the colours mean and why is the steam one like that?


A:what do the colours mean on taskbar apps

Originally Posted by cxztiel

chrome is running with a blue line underneath but steam has a yellow line and it's half highlighted yellow but it's not downloading or running anything and it's been like that for the past 10 minutes

so what do the colours mean and why is the steam one like that?


Hi @cxztiel
Welcome to!

My guess is blue is your accent color and the yellow is something loading in Steam and may have gotten hung up. A guess though.
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hey guys I've been having a problem when playing world of Warcraft and my computer will randomly freeze and the screen will go blank and be a random colour purple green blue etc.. If anyone could help that would be brilliant
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I upgraded my laptop to Windows 8.1 yesterday. Does it remain the case about which I have read so much that the Start screen icon box colours that Microsoft imposed in this version cannot be changed to one's own choice?
I have seven boxes under the group heading, 'OpenOffice'; three are in orange, four are in standard colour, blue in my case. There is no logic to it.
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System Specs:

HP/Compaq 8710p laptop
Windows XP SP3
Kaspersky Internet Security

Symptoms over past few months:

After using computer for many hours (8+) performance drastically degrades and the screen display eventually becomes patchy with text and graphics missing. At this point the computer is no longer functional and must be Shut Down. Sometimes a forced power off is required as it won't shut down normally.

After re-boot the computer is back to normal but the problem is consistent.

I occassionally get the "Blue Screen of Death" with reference to "nv4_disp.dll". This has happened approximately once every 3 months over the past year. Eventually I re-installed the Display driver but this hasn't changed the situation.

I have run Malwarebyte's Anti-malware and Kaspersky Anti-virus scans regularly.

Any ideas you have to help resolve this issue would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!


A:Performance degradation & video display becomes patchy

Have you noticed the machine getting hot when the graphics errors occur? Download Speedfan (free app) and monitor your CPU and more importantly your GPU temperatures. Check your temps with the operating temps on the chip manufacturers site. If yours are getting too hot it would explain the slow performance and graphics errors.

To resolve first check your fan is running properly and the fan and heatsink are clean from dust/hair. Also consider cleaning off the old thermal paste and applying a high quality paste to the chips.

What is the BSOD error code?
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I got a new monitor and everything is fine except that my fill and font colours aren't working in either excell or outlook.
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I have performed every common adviced movements to "return" my icons as transparent, but I cannot. My desk is fixed on a web bassis and I think that is the original trouble. How to get the desk back to normal? Many thanks and greetings

A:Hard to remove icons' back colours

#Right-click My Computer.
#Choose Properties.
#Click the Advanced tab in the resulting dialog.
#Click the Settings button in the Performance panel.
#Click the Visual Effects tab in the resulting dialog.
#Check the box beside 'Use drop down shadows for icon labels on the desktop'.
#Click OK, OK.

If this still doesn't work, right-click on the desktop >
point to Arrange Icons By >
and make sure that "Lock Web Items on Desktop" is un-checked.
If you have Desktop settings set to "Lock Desktop Items" you can't remove the background color.

It can be checked here too,
Right click on desktop / Properties / Desktop Tab /
Customize Desktop button / Web Tab
and take the check out of "Lock Desktop Items"
Ok / Ok

Also, if you have ever right clicked on an item and clicked
"Set as desktop item..." then this may be the problem. You need to make
sure that they are not selected.
Do this by right-clicking on the desktop >
Display / Desktop tab / then selecting "Customize Desktop".
Click on the Web tab and make sure none are selected.

PC Magazine: XP Desktop Icon Labels Lose Transparency
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when ever i turn my laptop on colours rise up the screen and thats all i can see i cant go into f8 or do anyting, anyone got any advice?

A:Colours rise my laptop screen when is turned on and does nothing else

What kind of colours? If it's lines of colour across the screen, then the computer is probably fine, but the screen is broken or the cable to the screen is loose.
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Sometimes when i play movie's it shows in random pink and green ect . . . what could cause this?

A:Wrong colours in Windows media player

Probably overlay problem. If it's all your videos, check in the advanced settings for your graphics card. Some have messed up default values. Sometimes it's a bad colorspace renderer (the last step - your YUV, YVU, YUY2, etc... renderer is buggy and doesn't render properly - sometimes a digital camera driver will replace the default one in Windows) - in that case you may see this only with videos encoded in a certain codec. Lastly but not least it could be a corrupt video (this is especially true if you're seeing this in a single video regardless of what player you use).
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Well Where to begin A week ago my computer started acting strange When I run World Of Warcraft Dawn Of War Soulstorm or even Effects Lab Pro or Vision Lab Pro Adobe Premiere it freezes and i have to restart it But when it restarts it continues acting normal Three days ago it froze and i restarted it but I noticed something strange While it was booting the colors were messed up Some letters on the screen were pink and there were weird stripes all over the screen It got as far as the windows logo and then the monitor turned off But XP After weird Monitor colours Logo, Black Windows Goes it wasn't just the monitor it also froze since there was no startup sound It works in Safe mode VGA mode but not in debugging mode I am writing from safe mode with networking now When i go in VGA Monitor Goes Black After Windows XP Logo, colours weird mode I try to change my resolution but it goes black and freezes again Currently the resolution is x This is my old computer and it's a Intel Pentium D dual-core Graphic card Nvidia GT monitor is Dell LCD and it's maximum resolution is x I'm only fourteen so I probably screwed up something myself P My parents are currently in another country so I cant ask my dad for help This is what I tried and it did not work I tried typing msconfig in safemode and setting STARTUP on disable all and rebooting it It still turns of the monitor and freezes I tried uninstalling my Graphic Card driver and updating it with NVidias newest one still doesn't work Does anyone have any alternatives I can try

A:Monitor Goes Black After Windows XP Logo, colours weird

If you have another monitor around that you can use, hook it up to your PC and see if it works. That'll tell you if it's a problem with the monitor or the computer. Although since you're also having boot issues, that may not help
How much RAM do you have in that system?
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Does anyone know why my colours have suddenly disappeared from not only web sites but also spreadsheets etc on my computer.
My OS is windows xp
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I am new to this forum and hope that some one here can help me out. I am running Internet explorer on my laptop and have no colours on the web pages. Everything is just white backgrounds with black fonts. Most of the tabs and other buttons that need to be clicked on to move around the web sites are missing too. I have been thru the whole help section that is in the computer. I have tried to change the colour settings in tool button in IE and I have tried an external monitor on the laptop with the same problem. Any help or ideas would be most appreciated. My operating system is XP home and I have tried to update to IE7 but that not help and had to put it back to IE6 so my parents can use it (they don't like change).


A:No Colours

Just reinstall operating system that is registry corruption for internet explorer due to some kind of virus or spyware..

Dhaval Soni
Dell Technical Support.


Originally Posted by thewombat

I am new to this forum and hope that some one here can help me out. I am running Internet explorer on my laptop and have no colours on the web pages. Everything is just white backgrounds with black fonts. Most of the tabs and other buttons that need to be clicked on to move around the web sites are missing too. I have been thru the whole help section that is in the computer. I have tried to change the colour settings in tool button in IE and I have tried an external monitor on the laptop with the same problem. Any help or ideas would be most appreciated. My operating system is XP home and I have tried to update to IE7 but that not help and had to put it back to IE6 so my parents can use it (they don't like change).

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Ok, so I got on the computer, started up the Internet, and noticed the backgrounds weren't working. The text colours (like active links etc.) and normal images were working, but not any colours. Same with folders on the Desktop. So I tried to fix it, on the main Desktop I right clicked and went to properties, and changed the modified theme to Windows XP. Before I did that, the Folders looked something like this...
Picture of Folder

And after they looked like...
Picture of Folder Fixed

However, the Internet still looks like this...
Picture of Internet

So on Internet Explorer I went to Tools>Internet Options>General>Acessibility> And all the checkboxes were unchecked. So now no colours are working and I don't know what to do, does anybody have an idea?

A:Background Colours

images have been moved or deleted
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Every time I get on my computer my screen is always a really light pink. My start menu is purple. There is no green at all. Can you please help?

A:Problem with display colours

Try adjusting the color settings on your monitor and if it has it, auto image adjust which should restore color properly.

Please, maybe next time, think about how your post is going to look to others and the thread title should be informative but brief. To some, it may appear you are shouting here. Please think in future.
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Not urgent, I'm just curious about the meanings of filenames in different coloured fonts in an explorer or my documents window. I don't have any problems, but I've noticed this on a computer where I volunteer and a friend rang to say he was having problems importing picture file into MS Word when the filename was a different colour

A:font colours in Explorer

Hi Denis,

What type of file was it? Often times, encrypted or compressed files on an NTFS file system will appear in blue.

You can stop Explorer from displaying these files in color by following these steps in Explorer.

Tools > Folder Options... > View tab > Uncheck Show encrypted or compressed NTFS files in color at the bottom.
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Hi all, as above really. I have just installed service pack 2 and when I bootup, I get a message saying the res and colour settings are set to low and click here if you want windows to adjust them. I click the balloon and nothing happens. If i use control panel, it will not let me change it from 640 x 480 and the colour options only have 'Lowest (4 bit)' to select from.

Any ideas?

Thank you!

A:Upgraded to SP2, now res and colours settings set to low

Try reinstalling your video drivers.

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Hi, I'm having a problem with Windows Media Player. Basically, all of the colours have turned into a shade of purple (think black and white, but with purple and light purple). I'm not getting this problem with Quicktime however, and naturally Microsoft's tech support is rubbish. I tried their solution of changing video acceleration and turning off overlays, and while it did work, as soon as I unpaused the video, it turned purple again.

Er, tech stuff is an nVidia 7600 GS and a Realtek sound card. If any more infomation is needed, just ask and I'll give it if I can (not that tech-savvy, so don't count on too much).

Thanks in advance.

A:Media Player colours all purple [RESOLVED]

Hi MadJack, welcome to TSF

Does this happen with all video formats? Fullscreen or in a window? Have you tried reinstalling WMP?

Have you tried installing a codec pack like K-Lite or XP Codec Pack?

Which graphics driver version do you have installed?

Any recent hardware upgrades, multimedia software installations, or program updates?
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Hi all!

so a lot of my videos have weird colours like that, but only recently. a lot of them used to play with normal colours. what's wrong?

A:Odd colours in video playback

Possible codec corruption. Looks pretty weird.

I'd suggest downloading a codec pack, and overwiting the current ones. Better yet find out what codec it uses (should be in 'properties' of the file) and reload only that codec.

I use the 'Nimo' codec pack. Search for it on Google.
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Plz help me, one day I was streaming a music video and noticed the colours were strange, I thought it was just the one video stream so I tried another, the same outcome, I thought maybe it was the website so I played a video offline and I still get strange colours no matter what player Im using wether it be winamp, windows media, power dvd,nvdvd ANYTHING it playbacks in strange colour. The only player that does not playback in strange colours is the quicktime player.

PS Ive tried to take a screenshot for you to see what Im talking about but my pc wont let me. It takes a screenshot of the playback but if i close the player the pic dissapears.

A:Windows XP ALL my video playback even streamed is weird colours

let me guess you have a nvidia graphic card right?
you should leave your specs of the machine, so the guys can help you! ;)
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Hey Everyone,

Does anyone know how to make the icon's text background on the desktop go back to transparent?

In Win XP, usually the text has no box around it, as shown in the image below! However, I was playin around with the backgrounds, and the Desktop Icons all changed and they now have a "Highlight Box" around them. I can change the colours, but does anyone know how to take that box away again to make it transparent?



A:Desktop Icon Colours

Sorry, I forgot to post the icon pic!:D
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I continue to struggle on with almost minimal hardware requirements and don't often have any issues, I don't do gaming or anything really resource intensive.

I decided that my screenshots are a bit boring and thought I may be able to change them.

Like the title bar/border in the screenshots here;

It seems that the only way I can change these colours is if I change to Windows Classic view. Not possible, as far as I can see, in Windows 7 themes.

Anyone know if there's a workaround please?

A:[SOLVED] Hardware doesn't support Aero so can't change colours

Hi Dave

I can not see the images you are referring too. I get a message 'Access denied"

Can you post a screenshot of way you would like the views here? also post your current view.

Are you trying to turn on Aero?
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My wife has to use a high contrast desktop setting. This invariably causes the printer to print wrongly (as things appear on the screen and not as they should be). I've tried searching for a solution but I simply can't get the search engines to understand my question! Is there a solution?

A:Colours print wrongly when using high contrast desktop

Hi you need to list the printer make and model before anyone can offer a suggestion since they can have some differences in their set up for printing.
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I'm trying to convert my Windows theme to the "High Contrast Black" theme and am changing the colours and fonts and I'm having trouble finding the title of a font in the menu to change its colour to match the rest. (see image below).

As you can see in the second image the text below the title text is black and I want to change it to white (same as the title) but I cant find it listed in the menu.

Does anyone know where to find it?

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I am getting text/words highlighted in yellow and blue other colours and I don't know why.
How do I stop it

A:words are highlighted in to diasble

We need more infomation.

Where does this happen? What type are you highlighting?
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Hey in Display settings, how it has the Colours option as: Highest [32bit] Medium [16bit]

Does the colour affect performance? Like if i used Medium 16bit, would i get better game performance?

Also my current Desktop Res is: 1440x900 If i changed it to something like, 1280 ? 1024 would it also help game performance?

Thanks for your time:D

A:[Help] Colours: 32 vs 16

Yes and yes.

Changing both of those values to the lower setting does give better performance (as in better FPS) but you lose quality. Note that you don't have to change the desktop settings at all, most games have their own settings that they force on the system, so change the settings in the in-game graphics menu.

Its a balancing act, between quality and performance, the balance is entirely up to you.

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I have a Dell M6300 (Nvidia Quaddro FX1600M) laptop connected to a HP w24o8h monitor. The colors are very hot and I do not know how to configure the display settings correctly. Can anyone help? Cheers
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I have what I consider a major issue.,
For some websites I have a white background when I know it's meant to be coloured., Also menus that have drop downs are always just text that gets muddled into the main page instead of having coloured backgrounds and borders.. It is not an issue on ALL sites but a large majority of the sites I visit.. I have been told that I'm having trouble reading style sheets.

As an example here is the way one particular site SHOULD look and here is the way it looks for me

PLEASE help me!!!

I am running on Win2k with Sp4. And the problem is occuring in both Mozilla Firefox AND IE..
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Hi Problem Colour red showing as Black My screen was working fine until I replaced the Male to M SVGA VGA to a longer one then the screen resolution went funny like really zoomed in so i changed it back to the old one and now it s kinda lost Funny colours!! screen it s colour I know Funny screen colours!! it s not the monitor or connections because we ve tested on another computer I think it s just down Funny screen colours!! to the computer graphics card So could anyone please give me some advice on what the problem could be I dont think a wire could affect the screen outcome Ive uninstalled and reinstalled new drivers and once the nvidia driver was uninstalled and i restarted the pc the screen colour was still showing as greeny The startup words which are normally white show up as greenish If you want pictures ask me and ill Funny screen colours!! camera some Thanks Below is suppost to be a white background but its displayed as greenish

A:Funny screen colours!!

I would plug in my old cable and see if it goes back to normal. Try going to a older restore point, one before you starting changing things. Try this; right click on desktop and select personalize at the bottom of drop down. Look to the bottom of the screen and desktop back ground and pick a color.
Have you installed or updated any thing around the time of this problem?
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ok...for almost a week,my vista laptop's acting weird!!! 1 minute its fine then the next sec ,the screen is filled with colourful lines (which are fast moving) and

then after sometime ,it goes blank or else i switch it off!But sometimes,if i restart it also,the screen goes strange and gets divided into parts. It's like somone

multiplied the screen into 10!! I might be doing something random at the time-surfing net,checking mail,listening to songs!! i didnt add any new software

recently .. every day i'm running my AVG antivirus and it comes out clean...i tried system no effect!!

helpppppppppppp HELPPPPP appreciated


I would start by reinstalling your video driver
What is the make and model of the laptop?
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How can the pale grey text displayed on many web pages be changed to black?  It lacks contrast on a less than white background and is hard on the eyes.
Help appreciated,
Thanks, John.

A:Changing webpage text colours in IEx 11

The text colors are controlled by the web pages themselves, where the author has intentionally used pale grey text.

There may be an addon for IE that allows you to locally change the css style sheet to override the font colors. I don't use IE, but I don't think it includes that feature by default.
What I do on pages like that is I press CTRL-A to select all of the text, which sometimes changes the color of the text and the background of the lines to make it easier to read - obviously a very stop-gap solution.
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Hope to win the price of some help Recent previous posting hsan t receive anything OS Version Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition Service Pack bit Processor Intel reg Atom CPU N GHz x Family Model Stepping changing colours 9 Firefox troubles severe Processor Count RAM Mb Graphics Card Mobile Intel reg Express Chipset Firefox 9 severe troubles changing colours Family Mb Hard Drives C Total - MB Free - MB Motherboard Hewlett-Packard Antivirus avast Antivirus Updated Yes On-Demand Scanner Enabled When one tries to change Firefox fonts colours unclicking quot allow pages to choose their own Firefox 9 severe troubles changing colours colours quot it triggers a general structure failure as rupture of Gmail impossible to use it Google s black bar appearence incomplete pages loading etc Recently it costed to me an uninstalling deleting everything and a clean installing of a completely new Firefox because either me or kind people who tried to help me couldn t guess what has happend because I didn t realize the concomitancy of the change in tools gt content gt colours with the beginning of failure that was progressive Now inmediately I realized the problem and restored back the mentioned setting and trouble disappeared But how is it possible that I cannot change colours at my leisure Specially when Firefox doesn t have by default any colur change for visited pages Is it a Firefox bug Many thanks and kind cheers

A:Firefox 9 severe troubles changing colours

Is it a Firefox add-on? The latest version might not yet be compatible as many add-ons are yet to be updated.
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I have recently purchased a computer and the resolution will no go above 16 colours and i am unable to do some vital functions that i bought the computer for. the littl card thing says
Hyundai Korea 01
HYM4V 33100

Please help, Thanks. Big petey

I forgot to mention that the computer is a Dell Optiplex SFF 150. Thanks again

A:Video Adapter? My Resolution Will Not Go Above 16 Colours. Help Please!

to BC peter1234.Little card thing? I'm trying to search the Dell support site but they don't even list an Optiplex SFF150. I can't help you without better info.Look in Device Manager and see if there is a problem reported with your display adaptor.
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Unsure if this is correct place for this, but here I go.
I wish to create a timetable using Excel (Not Works).
It will consist of several columns and several rows.
I want to highlight selected rows to be printed in a colour other
than black. How do I achieve this please?
In Win95, using Works, it was possible.
In WinXP, using Works, it is not.

Of course being Signor El Thicko, I hope you can educate me.
Many thanks.

A:Selecting Lines Or Columns In Excel To Be Printed Different Colours

Hi Tiger25
In the upper right hand corner of excel's toolbar you should see a "Bucket" and an "A".
They should have colors underneath them and a drop down arrow next to them.
Highlight a row or column. Change the background color of the row or column with the "Bucket" and the text color with the "A".
You can do this ahead of time so that any text entered in the future automatically changes to the color you want. (use the drop down arrow to select different colors)
Is that what you mean?
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Hi I m currently writing a macro part of which necessitates a different fill colour being assigned to each cell in a range - from B to the last cell in column B where there is corresponding data in column C This could potentially be up to cells in any single worksheet one month s Arrivals so different colours but will more likely be somewhere between and I found some code that randomly applies the fill colours and modified it as follows Dim r As Byte g As Byte b As Byte Dim iRow As Integer iCol As Integer Dim iRows As Integer iCols As Integer fill VBA and modify copy cell Solved: colours Excel Dim rng As Solved: Excel VBA copy cell fill colours and modify Range rngFill As Range Dim strMsg As String Dim iIcon As Integer strTitle As String Dim EOP as Integer EOP Cells Rows Count quot C quot End xlUp Row On Error GoTo ErrorHandler iRows EOP- iCols Set rng Range quot B quot For iCol To iCols For iRow To iRows r WorksheetFunction RandBetween g WorksheetFunction RandBetween b WorksheetFunction RandBetween Set rngFill rng Offset iRow iCol With rngFill Interior Pattern xlSolid PatternColorIndex xlAutomatic Color RGB r g b End With Next iRow Next iColClick to expand This works pretty well but there s always the chance of very similar colours appearing consecutively which I could do with avoiding As mentioned these colours are for Arrivals I also need to apply colours for Estimated Arrivals in column A These should be lighter shades of their counterparts in column B In other words if cell B is filled with a bright green colour I need A to be be a paler green colour maybe lighter I can copy the range and paste in column A but don t know how to then modify the fill colours by degrees or otherwise reduce their brightness It may be that this is not possible or there s a better way to go about this It may be that I need to set static colours but obviously I d rather not hard-code in colour refs or if there s no way to take a colour and make it paler Any advices Cheers nbsp

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Some time ago my Epsom SX printer stopped taking instructions from my Crazy in Word Colours MS MS WORD application The result was a freeze on printing anything I re-installed MS Office but no difference I installed OFFICE and everything was ok I could not print anything from the web either I changed the printer for a wireless version Epson SX and everything worked perfectly Now that has stopped printing anything sent from MS WORD In addition about two months ago I noticed that if MS WORD was in use anything involving colour was distorted The effect is moire-like and bizarre I would suspect the app but am puzzled by the fix with a new printer and the sudden and unexpected latest developement When the app is chosen all the tiles on the desktop are highlighted Crazy Colours in MS Word and the desk top Crazy Colours in MS Word colour regime goes to a light green As for the Crazy Colours in MS Word colour problem I just make sure I exit MS WORD before carrying on It struck me that my Graphics card might be playing up but why only with MS WORD being used MS Excel does not affect the printing or the colours As I was expecting to upgrade my system hardware and OS back in September because of a faulty Grapphics card I temporarily fitted a cheap GeForce GT to tide me over I have yet to start that project due to house move Any answers nbsp
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I am using Windows 98, Excel 2003.

We have 22 charts (pie and horizonltal and vertical bar charts) but the default colurs do not go with the corporate style of the reports that they need to go into.

Is there any way of changing the colour pallette ?

A:Excel Charts - Changing the default colours

Yes, open the Excel workbook that you want to modify, go to TOOLS then OPTIONS and select the COLOR tab , select a color beside Chart fills then click on Modify. Repeat with each color that you want to modify.
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When using the autofilter in excel, the column that is filtered has a blue arrow. I have a friend who is colour blind and finds it difficult to distinguish black from dark blue. Is there any way to change the colour of the arrow?

A:Solved: Filter arrow colours

I don't think it's possible, but maybe this will help:
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Hi everyone, irritating problem is bugging a friend.

In Word 2003 sometimes the colors used when tracking changes by author seem to be random. The default would seem to be Red, Blue, and so on, but he seems to get a sludgy orange and then gray as the next color, which makes it harder to spot changes in long documents as they don't stand out as much. I can send him a document I've created with tracked changes in red, and they come out as another color on his PC. Have tried forcing all changes to be a particular color (e.g. red) and then resetting ... with limited success.

Does anyone know if this is a bug or if there is a workaround? This site suggests the former when it says that Word "likes to be creative"!!!
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Is it possible to use an IF (or other) formula to copy coloured patterns (or "fill colours") from one cell to another - e.g. If cell A1 has a yellow fill colour, give b2 a yellow fill colour also... ?

If so, could someone enlighten me please..?

Using MS Excel 2000 (9.0).

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When I try to add fill,line or font colours to items in PowerPoint, my chosen colours do not appear on the text etc. How can I rectify this ?

A:Colours not working in PowerPoint

Are you highlighting the text first?
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Basically what I want to do is colour code my records according to their numerical values (within a continuous form in Access 2000) e.g. If I was colour coding my records by using my clients D.O.B I could do something like this:-

Over 80 = "Red"
70-80 = "Orange"
50-60 = "Yellow"
30-40 = "Pink"
20-30 = "Green"
Below 20 "Blue"

How Do I Do This????
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Hey guys, i have recently been trying to play an old game on my laptop but everytime i go to play it the colours arnt displayed correctly, the game runs properly but it looks like my laptop has taken acid or something just wondering what i can do to fix it.

A:Colours Messed Up

Try compatibility mode....right click the Game shortcut and choose properties...compatibility mode.

What operating system are you using?
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Hey So here s the gist of things When playing Modern Warfare or Counter Strike Source the game will freeze the display will go crazy There are weird colors everywhere and dots and lines a blip of the sound repeats and the machine becomes completely unresponsive The only way to get back to normal is to hard reboot the machine Here are some photos from my phone http img loldepot com d cea db c da jpeg Freezing, Unresponsive Odd Sound Colours, Games Repeating, http img loldepot com f d a jpeg http img loldepot com b e c f jpeg http img loldepot com ba dde e f d ad jpeg Here are my system specs generally Motherboard Asus Crosshair CPU AMD Athlon x RAM GB DDR PC- Video Card EVGA GT Click to expand Here is my dxdiag I ve also added it as an attachment http rapidshare com files DxDiag txt html I have uninstalled reinstalled video card drivers reformatted If it s any use I Games Freezing, Odd Colours, Sound Repeating, Unresponsive was also getting the quot nv disp quot error quite often for about days Then it seemed to disappear didn t see that problem for a bit then this started I Games Freezing, Odd Colours, Sound Repeating, Unresponsive reformatted after the th time it happened tried it again and it is still happening Thanks in advance nbsp

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Hi I programs! displayed differently Colours between have been having some colour issues since resetting my laptop to its factory settings When I view an image in the folder view the preview pane displays the true colour of that image I have compared it to print-outs and on other computer screens But if I open that same image in Adobe Lightroom to edit it it has a very different Colours displayed differently between programs! colour yellow hue more saturated Not good as I am a semi pro photographer and it makes editing Colours displayed differently between programs! in Lr virtually impossible at the moment When I open the Colours displayed differently between programs! image in Windows Photo Viewer the colour displayed is the same yellow-hued image as in Lightroom but when opened in the Windows quot Photos quot the colours are the same as when viewed in the folder preview pane ie the correct colours Then there s the internet the same image uploaded to different websites is displayed differently between the sites On some sites facebook redbubble etc it is displaying the yellow-hued image whereas on other sites my own wix com website for example the correct colours are displayed As you can imagine this is quite an issue for me as it means I can never be sure of the final colours of an edited image except when viewing it in the file preview pane Anyone got any suggestions Any help would be hugely appreciated Thanks Robbie nbsp
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I am considering purchasing a new laptop with Windows XP Home Edition however have no experience with this operating system as have had Windows 98 for years.
I use an essential marine navigation program which requires 256 colour screen which is easy to set with 98.
Is this possible with XP also and how is this done?

A:changing number of screen colours


You would right click on the Icon for that program and choose Properties and then Compatibility tab and choose to Run this Program in 256 Colors
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I'm on 640x480 16 colour mode. I can't alter it because the screen I get up is too big to show the buttons at the bottom. I think I need 256 colours. I have gone into safe mode but nothing seems clickable. Driving me mad. Win98SE.

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My HP Deskjet 710C printer is printing everything with a rosy hue.
Yellow objects print as off-white. I have replaced the colour cartridge, so it is not dirty.
When I print a colour test page there is no yellow band at all.

A:Print Colours

Either defective cartridge or run out of ink

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I seriously hope someone can help me here.

I've had Photoshop CS4 for about a year now, and all of a sudden when I go to choose a Foreground or Background color, it always comes up with black.

I'm trying to design a website comp, so as I'm sure you can imagine this is really frustrating.

If anyone can offer any suggestions, I'd be so greatful

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows XP Professional, Service Pack 3, 32 bit
Processor: Intel Pentium III Xeon processor, x86 Family 6 Model 23 Stepping 10
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 3327 Mb
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce 8600 GT, 512 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 145000 MB, Free - 66436 MB; D: Total - 331928 MB, Free - 270945 MB;
Motherboard: ASUSTeK Computer INC., P5K SE/EPU, Rev 1.xx, MS1C87BLUS01681
Antivirus: AVG Anti-Virus Free, Updated: Yes, On-Demand Scanner: Enabled

A:Unable to set Foreground and Background colours in Photoshop CS4

Reset the preferences file.
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Hi I run a small retail website and we recently had a new logo created I attempted to tweak the colour colours Graphics issue- desperate! of the lettering myself to try some slight variations I Graphics colours issue- desperate! used Photoshop version I know its old but still should be ok right I got the colour to just how I wanted it and uploaded it onto the test page of the website and it comes out a bright almost neon green rather than the soft green it appears as in photoshop I also viewed the tweaked logo in ACDsee whch I use for general editing and it looks fine there too I called my web designer to ask him what the colour looks like on his screens He says it looks like a soft green almost dull as I want it I can not figure out why I am not seeing the logo in the correct colour when I view it on my browser but it looks fine in my photo editors I have viewed it with both firefox and windows and its the same If the problem was my screen wouldnt I see the wonky colour in the photo editiors as well as in the browser Any help greatfully appreciated nbsp

A:Graphics colours issue- desperate!

Just a guess but...the color you tweaked to may not be web safe/compatible.

Is your web designer looking at it in a browser window or in an editor?
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I have a logo file that uses a blue background (C: 100, M: 100, Y: 25, K: 80) and I've been asked to pass on to a print-house the Pantone colour reference for it, but have no idea how to find that out. I have the original file as an '.eps', but nothing that I can see in Adobe Illustrator CS4 is telling me what the Pantone reference is for that colour.

Can anyone provide any advice?

A:Solved: Working Out Pantone Colours From CMYK?

From PS Help:
"To simulate a PANTONE solid color in CMYK, use the PANTONE Solid to Process Guide, which displays a visual comparison of 1,089 solid PANTONE colors beside the closest process color match."
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I'm typing this in red as an example of my problem. If I tried to do this in a Word document on my computer (which is new, but don't hold that against it), this is what would happen. And vice versa. Other colours are the opposite of what they should be as well, probably all of them, I haven't tested them all. I cannot think of a way to solve this problem. Can you help? It is not a printer problem.
Thank you.

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When working with Print work, often people refer to Pantone Colours. In Photoshop I know that you can click the colour box and you can fill in your CMYK colours, (or RGB for web) and then there is the button there that says 'Color Libraries'. When clicking it it will bring up a drop down menu where you can choose your colour code, or use the slider. BUT if I get told a specific pantone code, and want to type it in, where do you type it?? It even says on there to type it in but I can't figure out WHERE??

Someone PLEASE help me out. thanks so much.

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What exactly are PMS colours? I have a selection of numbers (618, 605, 5865), which are PMS colours apparently, but I'd like to see what they look like?

Is there someone in Adobe PhotoShop that I can enter those to see what colour they represent?


A:Solved: PMS Colours - What Are They?

Pantone Matching System

Use Google, and US spelling of:

PMS colors photoshop in the search window

To get more info that you need...
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All my colours seem opposite ie red is green etc.

Anyone got any ideas. I'm running xp home sp1, samsung dvd-rom sd 616 and s3 graphics prosavageddr, the software I'm running is power dvd.



A:opposite Colours on my DVD

I am not familar with Power DVD, but some multi-media viewing & editing software has features allowing you to switch or swap RGB to GBR, RGB to GRB, etc.

I would start by cheking the special features & options.

Sorry, I can't be of more help.
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Right I have a ATi Radeon 4350HD graphics card, plugged in to my LG 37" HD TV via HDMi to HDMi connection. I have the resolution set native for the tv (1920x1080) and the TV set to PC mode and on 1:1 Pixels so it's perfect in that respect.

The text is crisp and everything looks fantastic HOWEVER when it comes to colour gradients it all goes a bit pair shaped. Eg. The colours don't blend it just looks very liney and blocky and doesn't look correct at all.

I have the latest drivers, the latest Catalyst software and have tried altering every setting and still to no avail.

Help appreciated!

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When I'm receiving live-stream video the sound is OK.
The problem is, that I get the video in neg. colours...
My OS is Windows XP.
On my notebook (Windows Vista)everything works perfect.
What can I do to fix this ?

Kind regards,


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Why is it that when i download some video clips (mainly films etc) i cannot actually view them and other times I can. All i get on screen are lots of twisting and spinning psycadelic colours. I can however hear it.

I have no problem with music files they play ok.

Relevancy 37.84%

When playing DivX videos either from WMP or DivX Player the colours are WEIRD Skin colour is greeny and the sea is redish etc All the colours are kind of inverted Playing videos taken on my digital camera not divx work fine I have tried reverting back to an DivX Colours all playing when wrong older version of DivX I m running an old Time laptop recently given to me for free about GHz Win XP SP but now updated to SP I have managed to fiddle with the colour settings within WMP to get it roughly OK Hue at zero Saturation at full Brightness and contrast as slightly below half-way but I can t seem to get WMP to remember these settings the next time I play a video Also even if I do manage Colours all wrong when playing DivX to save these settings I don t want the hassle of having to switch back and forth between settings as I go between DivX and non-DivX movies So I would like a solution that doesn t involve changing colour settings if possible Any suggestions Thanks nbsp
Relevancy 38.27%

For some reason in nearly every video player I use the colour controls are greyed out, like in WinDVD, PowerDVD, VLC, etc etc. I am sure I could use them at once upon a time in the past. Any ideas why this is ?

A:Can't change brightness/colours in XP ?

re-install the video driver...I think that may help !
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I'm running Win XP on a dell machine... will get specs...

512Mb RAM,
2.8GHz pentium of some sort,
nVidia GeForce 5200

Anywho, in media player10 i get strange colours whenever i try to watch videos. Also, when i try to watch DVDs with....PowerDVD, they also have strange colours. Sorry if i can't describe it better, i can see they're wrong, but being colourblind kinda makes much more difficult...

A:Funny colours in MP

sounds like a problem with the video codecs. try updating the software, hope that helps
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Hi. I have a problem with videos. This is that whenever I play most videos, the colours go screwy and graphica lartifacts appear.

Here is a pic:


Scary, huh? This doesn't seem to affect the sound or anything like that, it's just the video.

This doesn't happen on quicktime files, and sometimes it also works with normal movie types without the screwy colours.

It's really annoying, so I was wondering whether anyone knew the problem with it and how to fix it?


EDIT: Oh, and it happens on all of these videos, not just internet ones.

Relevancy 36.98%

Hey ppl,

I have a problem which i havnt been able to fix myself. Im not computer illiterate and know a bit but i cannot work this one out. Problem is:

Everytime i play a DVD or a video in media player or Power DVD or on the net they all play in a very high contrast! As if all the contrast settings were turned up full and its tickin me off! so all the colours are really screwed and inverted and faded. My pc specs are as follows:

Nvidia Geforce FX 5600XT running 2 x DELL LCD's (near new)
3GHZ HT Pentium IV
2GB Ram
2 x 120gb hdd's

Hope this is enough info. Win XP of course with SP2. Also running very latest nvidia drivers. please let me know if anyone got any ideas. Thanx
Relevancy 37.41%

A couple of weeks ago I left a post here because Windows Media Player was playing the videos stored on my computer with a strange high contrast effect, with the coours being wrong sometimes, and with the colours appearing very saturated and pale at times too.
This was solved by turning off the overlays in the WMP settings.

Now, when I play DVDs I have the same problems (both in WMP and with PowerDVD). In the WMP settings, I've turned off the overlays and done everything in there I can think of, but it still looks the same. DVDs are now virtually unwatchable.. Has anyone got any ideas on how to fix this?

Thanks in advance (again)

Relevancy 36.55%

Hi, I have some movie files on my computer (.wmv) which were all normal before. Now, since today, they're very high contrast and flicker through lots of colours. They're usually quite bright as well (if that makes sense, with the contrast thing). The rest of my display is fine.
I'm going to roll back my display drivers (I updated to the newest nVidia drivers a couple of days ago, and this is the only thing I can think of).
In the meantime, does anyone have any ideas what else this may be due to?

A:Solved: Windows Media Player - High Contrast and wrong colours?

Any new codecs added?

If you haven't done so, try the Advanced overlay options in Display Settings.

Run: dxdiag
to see if all is well there.
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I have a Microsoft Wireless Notebook Laser Mouse 7000 that I am using. Sometimes the cursor just sticks and won't move properly and I can't figure out why. I am trying to use it about 10-12 feet from the tower where the receiver is plugged in. When I use the mouse about 2 feet from the receiver it works fine. I thought this mouse was suppose to cover a 30 foot distance. I also have the router right next to the mouse's wireless receiver and not sure if the 2.4 GHZ Frequency interferes. I have tried new batteries and downloading updated drivers, but had no luck. Any ideas would be appreciated.

A:Microsoft Wireless Mouse with patchy performance!

You have pretty much determined its a distance issue. Distance can vary by the quality of the hardware and any interference within the room. Not too mention it's a notebook mouse, so the primary concern wasn't in achieving great distance.

Is the receiver out in the open?

I know on my computer case, the case extends out beyond the rear USB ports for the receiver and the mouse hardly worked 2 ft away. It worked fine when attached to the front panel of the case, but that wasn't conveinent so I used a USB extension cable to move the receiver under my desk over by the mouse.
Relevancy 37.84%

i have a set of male component connectors with audio cables and a set of female component connectors with audio cables but the colours are different on the male side i have red yellow blue green black in that order with no separation for audio cables cable is HDMI to Component from Hong Kong on the female is the normal R G B and the red and white for audio clearly separate from the video cables but i don t know which one goes in which ps i would just keep tying them in different orders but i currently dont have a hdmi output to test it on as my ps got YLOD yesterday and im waiting for a new one i am now starting to component cable HELP: match don't colours think that maybe the male connectors are RGB composite single black audio and as this cable is the cause of my confusion here is the description from the website HDMI Male to RCA RGB Audio Video AV Cable HDMI to RCA Cable support i p p HELP: component cable colours don't match i p HDMI to AV Component Cable with high definition video output Golden plated connectors Thick and flexible PVC jacket with color coded connectors for easy connection Color Black HDMI to RGB Cable Length m Weight g Package content x HDMI to RCA Cable nbsp

A:HELP: component cable colours don't match

These cables don't have HDMI to Component video converters built in so I am afraid it won't work unless the device you are connecting it to has the ability to output component video on a HDMI connector.
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Randomly today, my computer is displaying videos with weird colours, it's like a rainbow effect, and is most present in video's with sun or bright colours, I've attached some photo's to show. When I logged in the blue log on screen on windows XP was like moving, like a bad analogue picture, then it went a lighter blue, then it logged on and displayed my wallpaper, which also has the weird rainbow effect in the lighter areas. EDIT: It's not doing it just on videos on pictures, but on all menu's and the whole computer, I did a system restore to yesterday when it was working fine but this did not solve it, I also messed around with the resolution and screen refresh rate, but nothing has changed, thanks in advance

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Hi and blotchy Looping Recurring - colours Crash sound guys I ve had a problem with this computer since a few months after I got it in September Problems started around January My computer has this rather annoying habit of randomly freezing up The screen freezes any colours on the screen become blotched and distorted any sound that is playing is looped over the previous half a second and the mouse is unmoveable Sometimes after - seconds of this it automatically turns itself off but most of the time I have to do it myself This problem Recurring Crash - Looping sound and blotchy colours occurs at least twice a Recurring Crash - Looping sound and blotchy colours day Sometimes it will happen after the computer has been on for minutes Recurring Crash - Looping sound and blotchy colours sometimes it will happen after hours That said it never seems to crash when its left on its own only when i m manually doing things on it At first I figured it was overheating I also smelt smoke coming from my PSU I have since bought a new PSU which fixed the smokey smell but the problem persists I bought two new fans cleaned all the dust from my gpu fan there was a lot and now its running at around degrees whilst idle but up to when under load CPU peaks around - I tried updating my motherboard bios I though this had fixed it went a day without crashing then it happened again I updated from windows vista to windows completely wiping my hdd didn t fix a thing I ve tried running a memory test discovered no faults My specs are as follows GB RAM Intel Core Quad CPU Q GHz Nvidia GeForce GT mb ASUS P E Motherboard Windows bit If anyone has -any- tips to help me solve this incredibly annoying problem I would love to hear from you nbsp

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Well my monitor used to be very bright earlier today with vivid colours. I turned it off for a couple of minutes when I went to get a drink and when I turned it on all the colours where warm/dull.

I have tried playing with the settings with my monitor but everything is already at max. The monitor I have is a Samsung SyncMaster 226BW and my graphics card is a NVidia 7350 LE.

How can I make my monitor bright again?

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How would I configure the colours on my Epson Stylus Photo R320 Printer to match what is on screen in other words wysiwyg it Any Ideas.

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I reinstalled windows 98 on my Compaq presario 1246, but now I only have 2 and 16 colours available, as well as only 640x480 pixels. Under display Adaptors, I only have Standard PCI Graphics Adapter (VGA). Before I had more colours so why don't I have them anymore? How can I get more colours (ex 256, 32 bit etc)? Does the driver have to be updated? If so, how and where can I get the update?

A:Solved: only 2/16 colours availabe

Don't worry about the ROM update on this page.
Install the rest.
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I have a medion flat pro monitor (model: ), and it has been working fine but I had to reboot my compute this evening and now all the colours look washed out and faded, almost as if they have a bluish/green tinge.

Is this the end of my monitor or am I just being stupid?

Any help would be really appreciated!!!

A:Washed out monitor colours?

It sounds like you may be missing the red input. Do you see any red, or pure white? Unplug your monitor and re-connect. Check the end of the plug. I believe red is on pin 1 of the connector. Make sure no pins are pushed in. There may be one pin missing, pin 10, I think. That's OK. If the cable is removable at the monitor end, reseat that, too. You could also try flexing the cable, especially at the ends. Worst case, it could be your video card.
Good luck!
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When connecting the mic and headphone socket to the mobo, what do the colours represent?

Need mic and headphone L + R

A:Sound colours

for most sound card

Pink = Mic In
Blue = Line-In - usually stereo
Green = front Speakers Headphones - again stereo
Orange = Center Speaker and Subwoofer
Black = Rear Surround Speakers (5.1, 7.1 systems)
Grey = Mid Surround Speakers (7.1 systems)
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My work printer is printing out the wrong colours. I have made sure the cartridges are in the proper slots lol .. they are brand new and actual canon cartridges. When I print out something that say should be yellow it prints out orange and today purple. I have ran the head cleaners, deep cleaning, etc.. tons of time and have wasted alot of ink ( several cartridges) as this has been happening for a while now. After i print out say 6 or so copies it will print out the proper colour. anyone have any ideas what is wrong with this printer?


A:Solved: Canon MP730 Prints wrong colours

Have you checked the print head alignment? If so the print head may be bad and need replacing.
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Hello Since thursday of last week I have being having a perculiar problem I was just using my computer and playing on a online game and the computer froze and the screen turned Screen turns colours Red Screen turns colours I could not do anything on it and had to reboot it I thought this was odd but just continued doing what I was doing An hour or so later it happened again Since then it has happened countless times and my computer cannot even stay on for half an hour without this happeneing and im forced to reboot I was thinking it was my video card I have a Nvidia GeForce but I only bought this four months or so ago and would it really burn out so fast I have virus scanned it and have removed EVERYTHING that is suspicious I have a trojan Win downloader variant Screen turns colours Dont know what that is Does anyone have any suggestions what I should do about this problem because I am just about at the end of my patience with it Thanks alot nbsp

A:Screen turns colours

Do you have an onboard video card that you can switch to to see if the problem replicates? If you do - take the 8600 completely out and attempt to use just the onboard video for a bit, not necessarily for gaming though as it probably will bog you down any how.
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I just bought a new computer and a new monitor Using Geforce GTS graphics card LG L WTQ-BF monitor HELP!! weird LCD colours Windows LCD weird colours HELP!! Vista home premium New DVI cable and power cable The monitor works fine for min or so drivers everything are installed properly After that the colors become messed up Half the task bar will be grey lines desktop background image will seem to have satuation Restarting computer wont help Normally when I start up my computer its a black background with white wordings on the boot screen But now its greyish-with lines of light blue with white wordings with cyan shadows something like that its hard to describe I connected my old CRT monitor and it worked fine So i thought it was the monitor problem i brought it back to the shop Surprisingly it worked fine there He told me it might be cable problem so i bought a new and went home At home i connected it back and I thought it was working normally again Few hours later the problem came back exactly the same situation Can anyone out there help me nbsp