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Colours patchy, (like 16-bit or 256)

Q: Colours patchy, (like 16-bit or 256)

Hi everyone Colours patchy, or (like 256) 16-bit this is my first post on Colours patchy, (like 16-bit or 256) sevenforums Was on vistax Colours patchy, (like 16-bit or 256) and switched to Win just about a week back The switch from Vista to was pretty easy unlike XP to Vista Now for my problem I was using a D-sub VGA cable to connect my graphics card to my display BIG Geforce GT to Bravia KLV- V A The cable was cheap and of poor quality I guess it had interference issues If they are of relevence i will post it later But now i changed to a DVI-D Dual Link - HDMI cable The Colours patchy, (like 16-bit or 256) problems i had with the other cable are gone But now the colour gradients are not displayed properly Its like how you would see it in a -bit or colours display A patch of one shade then a patch of the next and not a gradual change It is not as noticable as mode but it is noticable Even on the login screen it can be observed What could be wrong I would be grateful for any help Thank you Adding some details Eg The blue on either side of this page has horizontal patches in the area that the gradation occurs My resolution x colour depth -bit Refresh rate Hz NVIDIA drivers downloaded just a week back I'm uploading two pictures The first desktop is just a simulation ie i saved the picture in colours just to show an exaggerated example of my problem The second i created a new black image and used a gradient tool I can see diagonal patches but im not sure if others will see it

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Preferred Solution: Colours patchy, (like 16-bit or 256)

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Colours patchy, (like 16-bit or 256)

Is my problem that difficult or am i violating any forum rules?
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Hi there What I mean by a patchy internet is I could disconnect from the internet for like mins and then come back on this could happen like times in a hour or times Now my household is a medium to heavy user s of the internet Me I rely on a good internet as I play poker for a living and also I like to play the PS so it s frustrating when the internet becomes patchy We have like devices that will use the modem most of them connect through wireless No one really streams anything or downloads music movies etc etc We recently changed ISP when we was with Patchy Internet our old ISP we never had any major problems like this We are also using the same router that we bought any help would be great Thanks in advance If you Patchy Internet have a question about anything post and I will get back to you as soon as I know the answer nbsp

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I'm sure a lot of people have this problem, and it's seriously killing me.

I don't normally notice it, but any time a game is loading or a song or video is just stops. I know this is likely due to a short screwup in my connection.

What I don't know is why my internet bounces offline, then back on or how to fix it. I'm hoping I just need to put filters on all my phone jacks, which will be done shortly.

Please help, as I have run out of reliable sources.

I also have a wireless router, if that makes a difference.

A:Patchy connection

If you are using DSL and don't have filters on ALL the phone equipment EXCEPT the DSL modem, that's an obvious first step!
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I am using a ASROCK Z Video Patchy Display? have and I Random BSD Pro Intel Socket with an Intel Core i K GB of I have Random BSD and Patchy Video Display? DDR RAM ADATA GB SSD My brother wanted me to test his GPU NVIDIA GeForce TI and this is when my system started to go hay wire I Tested my PSU That passed my system tester I then used my MOBO Tester no error codes to be worried about I am just questioning either the RAM or the CPU I am now using Intel's onboard GPU and is now doing the same thing as before It has crashed Windows Pro like almost once a day now It crashes with the white lines going across the screen distorting the display When I power cycle it comes back normal and I can use it The day I took out the NVIDIA TI I had my system crashed with a tone of beeps Stupid me never listened to the beeps code and it started fine after I cleared CMOS by removing the BIOS Battery I still had those lines show up I thought it was a virus as my system was running slower than normal and had a BSD with Security Check Error Message The next boot up I had an issue with a MemCheck Error But these BSD where with the GPU and not Onboard Since I took it out I haven't had any BSD My brother has that same NVIDIA GeForce TI Gard in his computer and it works fine and no errors Just wondering why I have to reset the BIOS to defaults every once in a while too I will be running my Memory tester as well to see if it may be bad RAM But something isn't running right My Power Source is a battery backup power supply and every once in a while it shows in windows that the battery is charging as my Power Strip has the USB Cable that connects to the computer and will shut down the computer if it lost power Perhaps this could be what wrong with it too One other question is there a software to test the SSD Performance Perhaps this could be the cause too

A:I have Random BSD and Patchy Video Display?

Please provide this information so we can provide a complete analysis (from the Pinned Topic at the top of the forum):
Should you have problems with the perfmon report, please disregard it (I don't use it very much anyway).
Should the app lock up for more than 15 minutes while searching for Network information (it does this in my copy of W10), go ahead and kill the app. 
Then navigate to the Documents folder and zip up the 18 reports in the SysnativeFileCollectionApp folder - then upload that with your next post.
If that doesn't work, then you can try this new app (from a friend of mine):
When done a Notepad document will open with the name of the file and it's location.
By default it'll be a .zip file located on your Desktop
Simply upload the .zip file with your next post and we'll move on from there.
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Hi I ve got an issue with connecting this PC via my wireless router to the internet It is a patchy issue that works at times and at others gives the messages quot Windows can t communicate with the device or resource Primary DNS Server quot and quot DNS server not responding quot I ve followed the three - issue Win with 7, DNS patchy server communicate can't steps recommended here Method does after some time seem to enable the Win 7, can't communicate with DNS server - patchy issue internet to connect but it seems to last a short while then revert to the error messages posted above This DNS error also happens on every startup and regularly thereafter I ve tried disabling firewalls antivirus etc and running malwarebytes spotbot ccleaner avast and adaware scans to no avail On occasion Win 7, can't communicate with DNS server - patchy issue when using the windows troubleshoot problems on the network toolbar it resets my network adapter and tells me the problem is solved Alternate times I do this it just provides the DNS server error above Due to the tempramental nature of this I ve been unable to resolve it completely but all other devices have no issues with connecting via the router so it s definitely a problem with this machine I have attached my ipconfig all file My system info is Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version OS Version Microsoft Windows Home Premium Service Pack bit Processor Intel R Core TM i - K CPU GHz Intel Family Model Stepping Processor Count RAM Mb Graphics Card NVIDIA GeForce GTX - Mb Hard Drives C Total - MB Free - MB D Total - MB Free - MB Motherboard ASUSTeK COMPUTER INC P Z -V PRO Antivirus ZoneAlarm Antivirus Disabled All help gratefully appreciated Apologies if I ve missed anything important Edit I ve tried powering down the router modem and PC for a while then restarting it all but it didn t help I am also unable to start my PC in safe mode as the video driver doesn t run so the monitor goes black - this may be a limiting factor in my investigation nbsp

A:Win 7, can't communicate with DNS server - patchy issue

we will go over old ground i'm afraid here

1) you have zonealarm, as a virus product do you also have the firewall - make sure you remove all firewalls an use the removal tools - give us a list of what has ever been on the pc and we can give the tools address

2) have you gone to the manufactures website and updated the driver or actually re-installed the driver

3) quite a few things to try below
a) tcp/ip reset
b) ping tests - please do all three - would you post the following tests when the internet is working OK, and then repeat ALL the tests when the internet disconnects.
Make sure you also indicate on the reply which tests are for what condition.
c) Change DNS servers and see if that resolves the issue
d) Uninstall the driver and re-install
e) Post an xirrus screen shot
f) Have you looked into channel interference - the xirrus screen shot will help with that

TCP/IP stack repair options for use with Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8

For Windows Vista/Windows 7/8
Start> Programs> Accessories> and right click on Command Prompt, select "Run as Administrator" to open a command prompt box (A new dialogue box - black with white font, will appear on the screen ):​
For Windows 8
To open a Cmd Prompt or an Administrator Cmd prompt from the Desktop. Use Win + X and choose Command Prompt or Command Prompt (Admin) from the list.​
In the command prompt window that opens, type the following commands:

Note: Type only the text in bold and red for the following commands.
Reset WINSOCK entries to installation defaults: netsh winsock reset catalog and press enter

Reset IPv4 TCP/IP stack to installation defaults. netsh int ipv4 reset reset.log and press enter

Reset IPv6 TCP/IP stack to installation defaults. netsh int ipv6 reset reset.log and press enter
​ReStart (reboot) the machine.

If you receive the message
The requested operation requires elevation.
Then please open the command prompt as administrator - as requested above
Start> Programs> Accessories> and right click on Command Prompt, select "Run as Administrator" to open a command prompt box (A new dialogue box - black with white font, will appear on screen ):
​Please note and post back - if you receive the following message :-
Access is Denied
This often occurs with windows 8

please post back the results in a reply here - its important we know that these commands have worked correctly and not produced any errors
right click in the command prompt box
select all
control key + C key - to copy
then reply here and
control key + V to paste

Details also here
also the link has a Microsoft Fix it , which will do the above for you


Ping Tests
If you cannot access the internet with this PC, then you will need to paste the results into something like notepad and then copy onto a machine that can access the internet and post the results in a reply here.
Save the file to a USB flash drive or other removable media. Plug it into the working computer with internet access and copy the file and paste here.

If you do not have another PC - do you have a phone connected to the internet - can you photograph the result and post the image in a reply

For Windows 8
To open a Cmd Prompt or an Administrator Cmd prompt from the Desktop. Use Win + X and choose Command Prompt or Command Prompt (Admin) from the list.​
For windows version, XP, Vista, W7
Hold the Windows key and press R

Now type CMD

then press Enter to open a command prompt box (A new dialogue box - black with white font, will appear on screen ): ​
In the command prompt window that opens

Type the following command
Post back the results in a reply here
right click in the co... Read more
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Hi all I have installed a Win Ultimate RTM trial on my pc and connected it to my Internode NakedADSL Ultra net connection It is an Patchy streaming video flash Mbit connection with cat cables and when downloading a Patchy flash video streaming test file from Internode's servers pulls about kB s I have noticed ever since running that youtube and other video streaming sites including facebook collegehumour etc that the buffering is very patchy It does not seem to matter if it is a flash or vimeo or any other kind of video streaming Often times I will be watching a video and the progress bar will catch up with the buffering and simply stop buffering Then when I try to re-watch the video the already buffered material is in the cache and that is all that loads Patchy flash video streaming It does not continue buffering from where it stopped Very annoying I also have a machine with XP which buffers much quicker and with minimal interruptions Can anyone help with this and has anyone noticed the same thing

A:Patchy flash video streaming

Delete and/or wipe your Temporary Internet Files.
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I have a Microsoft Wireless Notebook Laser Mouse 7000 that I am using. Sometimes the cursor just sticks and won't move properly and I can't figure out why. I am trying to use it about 10-12 feet from the tower where the receiver is plugged in. When I use the mouse about 2 feet from the receiver it works fine. I thought this mouse was suppose to cover a 30 foot distance. I also have the router right next to the mouse's wireless receiver and not sure if the 2.4 GHZ Frequency interferes. I have tried new batteries and downloading updated drivers, but had no luck. Any ideas would be appreciated.

A:Microsoft Wireless Mouse with patchy performance!

You have pretty much determined its a distance issue. Distance can vary by the quality of the hardware and any interference within the room. Not too mention it's a notebook mouse, so the primary concern wasn't in achieving great distance.

Is the receiver out in the open?

I know on my computer case, the case extends out beyond the rear USB ports for the receiver and the mouse hardly worked 2 ft away. It worked fine when attached to the front panel of the case, but that wasn't conveinent so I used a USB extension cable to move the receiver under my desk over by the mouse.
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System Specs:

HP/Compaq 8710p laptop
Windows XP SP3
Kaspersky Internet Security

Symptoms over past few months:

After using computer for many hours (8+) performance drastically degrades and the screen display eventually becomes patchy with text and graphics missing. At this point the computer is no longer functional and must be Shut Down. Sometimes a forced power off is required as it won't shut down normally.

After re-boot the computer is back to normal but the problem is consistent.

I occassionally get the "Blue Screen of Death" with reference to "nv4_disp.dll". This has happened approximately once every 3 months over the past year. Eventually I re-installed the Display driver but this hasn't changed the situation.

I have run Malwarebyte's Anti-malware and Kaspersky Anti-virus scans regularly.

Any ideas you have to help resolve this issue would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!


A:Performance degradation & video display becomes patchy

Have you noticed the machine getting hot when the graphics errors occur? Download Speedfan (free app) and monitor your CPU and more importantly your GPU temperatures. Check your temps with the operating temps on the chip manufacturers site. If yours are getting too hot it would explain the slow performance and graphics errors.

To resolve first check your fan is running properly and the fan and heatsink are clean from dust/hair. Also consider cleaning off the old thermal paste and applying a high quality paste to the chips.

What is the BSOD error code?
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I am new to this forum and hope that some one here can help me out. I am running Internet explorer on my laptop and have no colours on the web pages. Everything is just white backgrounds with black fonts. Most of the tabs and other buttons that need to be clicked on to move around the web sites are missing too. I have been thru the whole help section that is in the computer. I have tried to change the colour settings in tool button in IE and I have tried an external monitor on the laptop with the same problem. Any help or ideas would be most appreciated. My operating system is XP home and I have tried to update to IE7 but that not help and had to put it back to IE6 so my parents can use it (they don't like change).


A:No Colours

Just reinstall operating system that is registry corruption for internet explorer due to some kind of virus or spyware..

Dhaval Soni
Dell Technical Support.


Originally Posted by thewombat

I am new to this forum and hope that some one here can help me out. I am running Internet explorer on my laptop and have no colours on the web pages. Everything is just white backgrounds with black fonts. Most of the tabs and other buttons that need to be clicked on to move around the web sites are missing too. I have been thru the whole help section that is in the computer. I have tried to change the colour settings in tool button in IE and I have tried an external monitor on the laptop with the same problem. Any help or ideas would be most appreciated. My operating system is XP home and I have tried to update to IE7 but that not help and had to put it back to IE6 so my parents can use it (they don't like change).

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Hi. I have a problem with videos. This is that whenever I play most videos, the colours go screwy and graphica lartifacts appear.

Here is a pic:


Scary, huh? This doesn't seem to affect the sound or anything like that, it's just the video.

This doesn't happen on quicktime files, and sometimes it also works with normal movie types without the screwy colours.

It's really annoying, so I was wondering whether anyone knew the problem with it and how to fix it?


EDIT: Oh, and it happens on all of these videos, not just internet ones.

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Hi my computer has been stuck in 16 colours for bout a month now and when i go into display the 256 colour mode is not available.Can someone tell me if theres a driver or how i get to find out what my driver is nd in 640x400 size only a very distresses lady.

A:Why Do I Only Have 16 Colours Plz Help Me!


hi thnks but i dont know what make my graphics card is to get the necessry driver and i havent chnged or had my comp repaired so can any one else help its relly bugging me!
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I just installed Windows 2000, and now my colour settings are stuck at 16 colours.

Whats going on?

A:16 colours

You need to download and install Video Card drivers . . wrs
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My windows xp starts up fine, but after a few seconds i loose all my screen colours.. exept for some desktop icons, which stay normal untill i move my mouse over them.

i don't have a clue what happened and how i can change this. My monitor is plugged in correct and i don't see a problem in my desktop properties.

all help is highly appreciated!


A:Colours gone

I suggest that you look for an updated driver for your graphics card, and download it and install it in accordance with the instructions on site.

If you do not find one, make sure you have the CD that came with the graphics card and then go to Control Panel > add remove programs > and remove the program for your graphics card. Reboot and reinstall the program from the CD.
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I'm using a temporary monitor which is ancient. It's a philips pro 3cm9609 14". Can't find it listed when I try to use the hardware wizard. Tried to install as standard vga, but each time I reboot Windows detects it as a default monitor. I can't choose a display adapter that works. I keep getting a message that says it will conflict with other hardware if I try. I am stuck in 16 colour-mode, there is no compatible hardware shown in the list in the wizard. I have an intel 810 integrated chipset. Now I am lost and annoyed as I can't run many applications with lack of colour. HELP!!!

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Have a problem on my pc, and I think it may be due to the red colour.

The problem, is that when I'm online, the colour red has a bit of an edge to it, like its slightly ghosting. Checked this by going to Paint and typing a capital i, I.

I compared all the colours, and the red one only gave this problem.

Does anyone know where the colours are stored, so that I can experiment, to see if it is the cause?

If it is, I can't believe I have a brand new video card on its way

Thanks in advance


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firstly thanks for having an interest in my problem, anyhows i recently formatted my c drive and now i have an array of troubles but a major one is that i cant get back to using 256 colours. I only have the option of choosing 2 or 16 colours.Is it something to do with drives or something. there must be an easy answer, thanks!!!!

A:how to get 256 colours

try installing your video drivers for your graphics card, and any other troubles you have you will probably have to reinstall the drivers for that componet, right click on my computer go to Device Manager then look to see if there is any Exclamation points or Red X's on the componet I am assuming you are using Win 98, if there are any you must install the drivers for that componet.

ICQ# 51865388
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Hey in Display settings, how it has the Colours option as: Highest [32bit] Medium [16bit]

Does the colour affect performance? Like if i used Medium 16bit, would i get better game performance?

Also my current Desktop Res is: 1440x900 If i changed it to something like, 1280 ? 1024 would it also help game performance?

Thanks for your time:D

A:[Help] Colours: 32 vs 16

Yes and yes.

Changing both of those values to the lower setting does give better performance (as in better FPS) but you lose quality. Note that you don't have to change the desktop settings at all, most games have their own settings that they force on the system, so change the settings in the in-game graphics menu.

Its a balancing act, between quality and performance, the balance is entirely up to you.

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I have a lenovo ideapad and all of a sudden all the colours on everything from web pages to screen backround are all fuzzy distorted and lack colour has any one any ideas on this ?

A:colours distorted

I am sorry, your screenshot looks perfectly fine to me. I have checked the website itself, it is also fine.

You might be experiencing troubles with video card/video driver.
Or in case of a laptop, the ribbon LCD cable between main part/motherboard and lid/LCD monitor may be the giving this problem.

I would connect some extra monitor to check out image from video card directly.
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Hello there, So recently I have started using one of my old monitors, HP vs15c, and noticed that most of the colors are being flipped. For example,Black = BluePurple = RedWhite = Yellowetc.and the same the other way around I have no clue how to fix this, I have tried adjusting my monitor settings such as changing the hue, saturation, brightness, and have also tried factory reseting it but it still does not work. I have gone into my computer settings and have tried adjusting each and every thing, but have found no luck. My screen has a yellowish hue, when its suppose to be white.Thanks for taking the time to read my question.Best regards.
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My friend has following problem:
Her cat stepped on the keyboard and the colours got inverted.
Turning on magnifier then pressing CTRL+ALT+I fixes it (because it inverts colours already inverted) but if I close magnifier the colours are negative again.
What combo did the cat use???

A:Inverted colours - help!

Try the solution below and untick the option to invert colors if it's ticked.
How to Invert Colors on Windows 7: 7 Steps (with Pictures)
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Hey guys, i have recently been trying to play an old game on my laptop but everytime i go to play it the colours arnt displayed correctly, the game runs properly but it looks like my laptop has taken acid or something just wondering what i can do to fix it.

A:Colours Messed Up

Try compatibility mode....right click the Game shortcut and choose properties...compatibility mode.

What operating system are you using?
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I installed windows 7 on my machine yesterday and it worked great. Today when i turned it on it booted normally but once it reaches the desktop the colours go inverted andd very washed out. If i change from 32 bit to 16 bit it flashed normally for a second and then goes back. Same thing going 16 to 32.
Is my hardware just too weak? (Its a 3 year old laptop)
Please Help!!


A:HELP Wierd Colours!

Intel integrated video? If so right click desktop and select Graphics Properties, click Display Settings, click Power Settings, uncheck Intel Display Power Saving Technology.
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My HP Deskjet 710C printer is printing everything with a rosy hue.
Yellow objects print as off-white. I have replaced the colour cartridge, so it is not dirty.
When I print a colour test page there is no yellow band at all.

A:Print Colours

Either defective cartridge or run out of ink

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All my colours seem opposite ie red is green etc.

Anyone got any ideas. I'm running xp home sp1, samsung dvd-rom sd 616 and s3 graphics prosavageddr, the software I'm running is power dvd.



A:opposite Colours on my DVD

I am not familar with Power DVD, but some multi-media viewing & editing software has features allowing you to switch or swap RGB to GBR, RGB to GRB, etc.

I would start by cheking the special features & options.

Sorry, I can't be of more help.
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What exactly are PMS colours? I have a selection of numbers (618, 605, 5865), which are PMS colours apparently, but I'd like to see what they look like?

Is there someone in Adobe PhotoShop that I can enter those to see what colour they represent?


A:Solved: PMS Colours - What Are They?

Pantone Matching System

Use Google, and US spelling of:

PMS colors photoshop in the search window

To get more info that you need...
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When working with Print work, often people refer to Pantone Colours. In Photoshop I know that you can click the colour box and you can fill in your CMYK colours, (or RGB for web) and then there is the button there that says 'Color Libraries'. When clicking it it will bring up a drop down menu where you can choose your colour code, or use the slider. BUT if I get told a specific pantone code, and want to type it in, where do you type it?? It even says on there to type it in but I can't figure out WHERE??

Someone PLEASE help me out. thanks so much.

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I need to know how to change the colour of anything I highlight in a dialogue box. For some reason it has become a fluorescent green instead of the pale blue it used to be.
can someone point me in the right direction ?
thanks in advance.

A:highlight colours

where exactly are we talking here. on the forum dialogue box, in word ?
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I'm running Win XP on a dell machine... will get specs...

512Mb RAM,
2.8GHz pentium of some sort,
nVidia GeForce 5200

Anywho, in media player10 i get strange colours whenever i try to watch videos. Also, when i try to watch DVDs with....PowerDVD, they also have strange colours. Sorry if i can't describe it better, i can see they're wrong, but being colourblind kinda makes much more difficult...

A:Funny colours in MP

sounds like a problem with the video codecs. try updating the software, hope that helps
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can someone help me as to how can i change the colours of the bars/areas marked by the red oval in the pic

[/URL] [/IMG]

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Ok, so I got on the computer, started up the Internet, and noticed the backgrounds weren't working. The text colours (like active links etc.) and normal images were working, but not any colours. Same with folders on the Desktop. So I tried to fix it, on the main Desktop I right clicked and went to properties, and changed the modified theme to Windows XP. Before I did that, the Folders looked something like this...
Picture of Folder
And after they looked like...
Picture of Folder Fixed

However, the Internet still looks like this...
Picture of Internet
So on Internet Explorer I went to Tools>Internet Options>General>Acessibility> And all the checkboxes were unchecked. So now no colours are working and I don't know what to do, does anybody have an idea?

A:Background Colours

Posted to move to Windows XP area.
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I don't know what happened. The computer was all fine, then when i booted it up earlier it only had 16 colours. I changed the display settings and the wallpaper was fine but the rest were still in 16. Then the next time I booted up, its 16 colours 640*480 and it will not change to anything else but 2 colours. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the drivers but it didn't work.
When I booted up after uninstalling as was suggested on other threads- it installed the standard PCI graphics adapter- i don't know if this is what it had before, and I can't seem to fine my motherboards? drivers-- would this work. its a Targa screen- and i went to the site and was lost.

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I wonder if anyone can help me? Using an HP Deskjet 710C, which is now printing only pink and black. I have replaced both cartridges but this has not solved the problem. Any ideas?

A:Printer colours

Are you using genuine ink or compatibles?
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My husband s puter has been doing some strange things with colours Program s aren t proper and neither are any windows that are opened I ve checked his Display settings and I don t see anything wrong I tried matching them with mine but he has a Dell and Colours Weird I have a Compaq so we both have settings that the other doesn t I tried changing his Theme to see if it was that but it wasn t To see what I mean click here http www geocities com gentsbabe Temp Colours html In some cases it doesn t really matter but if you looked at the link you can see this is a problem concerning Spybot the only way to know what you re clicking on is to match up the little pictures in the right pane to the one s in the left I checked in his Device Manager and it shows no problems I m guessing it may have to do with his Graphics Card but since I have no real knowledge Weird Colours of messing with that sort of aspect in a puter I m not touching anything without advice His spec s Windows XP Home Edition SP Dell Dimension DIM Intel R Pentium R CPU GHz GHz MB of RAM Any advice would be greatly appreciated nbsp

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Hello techies hope you can help colours to back XP going keeps 16 with my a problem that I failed to solve earlier Thanks in advance for any responses Dell Optiplex GB RAM Intel Series Internal Chipset Problem - Only showing colours -bit Very temporary Workaround - Go to Device Manager and delete XP keeps going back to 16 colours one of the Intel Series Internal Chipset entries it s listed twice Reboot PC and it s ok back to -bit colour When you log in you can see the hardware being detected again But - When you reboot again it s back to colours It seems like it s picking XP keeps going back to 16 colours up a bad driver when you see the hardware being re-detected How can I make sure that the bad driver is completely removed from the PC so XP keeps going back to 16 colours it doesn t keep going back to colours I downloaded the Intel chipset driver from the Dell downloads site using the tag number so driver would be correct Had a couple of attempts at installing it but still colours nbsp

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using the tv out (s-video) on me gf4 4600 to output onto a toshiba widescreen. after a while i get the funky green and pink blobs normally associated with sticking a big magnet next to the tube. when i turn the output from the pc off, the screen goes back to normal. then goes weird again as soon as i output to the tv.

any ideas why?? an explanation would be nice if you could!!
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The pictures in My Documents and my personal file have become barley discernable with the colours totally wrong. I was playing with the properties selection on my desktop screen and was changing the colours on the Apperance tab on the Display Properties drop down screen. When I went back to My Pictures I found the colours all. How can I restore the correct colours? Is there some default button I can use?

A:Improper colours

It sounds like you have just set the color display to 16 colors. Go back into the display properties and set the colors to 256 or High color (16 bit)
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i started the threat when i had a problem with my pc not starting.

dont no what the problem was but i took screws out, played about, dusted part and my computer swithed on!!!

ive got my resolution now on 1152 x 864 which seems ok.

one problem i seem to be having is the colours. i have 4 options.

16 Colours
256 Colours
High Colour (16 bit)
True Colour (32 bit)

i currently have it on true colour (32 bit) but the colours seem a little wierd and dont look right.

can anyone help me sort this problem out it will be appreciated?


A:[SOLVED] Colours

sorted it, my pc just needed to be restarted to make the changes
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When accesing a web page my monitor doesnt display all the colours on the site. headings are bordered with orange but couldn't see it without changing monitors, i'm using a tft.

any suggestions?

A:Invisible colours

My guess is that you have the colour depth setting for the original one set incorrectly. Try going into Monitor setup from the Control panel and see how many colours it is displaying. Increase it.
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Hi, I have a NFREN NF-1500MA monitor and have had since i first got my computer a couple of years ago. Recently, after about 20 mins of being on it has started to flash blank different colours and then just keeps interchanging between colours. None of the content on the screen is visible. To check my graphics card, I tried it with my old CRT and it was fine.

So far I've replaced the monitor cable and after reading other posts I've recently had an attack of spyware so I'm in the process of updating my driver now.

I just wondered if anyone had heard of this problem before or knows anything about it?


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I have had to re-install everything back onto my old computer, after it had, had its hard drive formatted.
However i couldnt find any recovery discs for it, but i still had one from another p.c.
My problem now, is that the monitor only gives the choice of colour settings of either 2 colours or 16.
How can I get a higher amount?

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I just bought a new computer and a new monitor Using Geforce GTS graphics card LG L WTQ-BF monitor HELP!! weird LCD colours Windows LCD weird colours HELP!! Vista home premium New DVI cable and power cable The monitor works fine for min or so drivers everything are installed properly After that the colors become messed up Half the task bar will be grey lines desktop background image will seem to have satuation Restarting computer wont help Normally when I start up my computer its a black background with white wordings on the boot screen But now its greyish-with lines of light blue with white wordings with cyan shadows something like that its hard to describe I connected my old CRT monitor and it worked fine So i thought it was the monitor problem i brought it back to the shop Surprisingly it worked fine there He told me it might be cable problem so i bought a new and went home At home i connected it back and I thought it was working normally again Few hours later the problem came back exactly the same situation Can anyone out there help me nbsp
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When connecting the mic and headphone socket to the mobo, what do the colours represent?

Need mic and headphone L + R

A:Sound colours

for most sound card

Pink = Mic In
Blue = Line-In - usually stereo
Green = front Speakers Headphones - again stereo
Orange = Center Speaker and Subwoofer
Black = Rear Surround Speakers (5.1, 7.1 systems)
Grey = Mid Surround Speakers (7.1 systems)
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So I just managed colours? Why all of BLUE possible to knock myself out of the forum two times in a row while posting Third try I worked a while to get my Welcoming Loginscreen of Win into bordeaux last summer since it didn t do sanddunes or old parchment-yellow and now with the update to it is blue again If there is Why BLUE of all possible colours? one Why BLUE of all possible colours? colour on this wide world I definitively do not wish to see on my laptop even if - and especially only as a blotchy pop-up-screen it is - guess which one - Right BLUE I used the SignInBackgroundChanger but that didn t work even after restart Mind I do not make a big fuss about the crude flag in my transparent sanddune-coloured task-bar being tasteless crude white changing into blue it is though It is the offish cold colours that are supposed to welcome me - They certainly turn me off on turning on the laptop What happened to all the warm and lively earthy and fiery colours - Or even better where is my photograph of autumnleaves that should welcome me instead What must I do to change that blue screen and the grey person nbsp

A:Why BLUE of all possible colours?

Please see screenshots
You cannot make a background on the log-in screen that is a complete wallpaper
However you can change the background colour from Blue and you can of course add your account picture
I am sure you know but the lock screen as AGAINST THE LOG IN SCREEN - can be changed to whole screen picture of your choice
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I Have a parker bell pc on switching on this morning, everything was in working order and then the screen went fuzzy with colours jumping all over the screen and froze, i switched it off and started again, same thing occured.
Started a computer repair, and have a message saying (windows cannot repair this computer automatically....Tried to do a boot by pressing F8 and on the screen it shows boot menu removable, hard disk,cd rom and something else that i cant make out, i thought when F8 was pressed it gave u an option to go into a safe mode !!!!!, Please can someone help me with these problems thanx.

A:Screen colours

start-run msconfig click on the boot.ini tab and under boot options and select /safeboot.
F5 maybe
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Hello i just purchased a new laptop it is the HP Envy -as na quot and upon starting it up all looked fine until i started viewing websites i usually do and the colours of most things look different White looks cream purple looks pink and it generally has a washed out look to it except for very intense bright colours It seems too yellow warm coloured I have tried calibrating it changing its hue and saturation checkings its graphics card is up to date but nothing has worked Im now so worried that this is just what its screen looks like due to an artical i found from about what would have been an old Envy model HP saying that colours would look different on it to other screens Surely this has been fixed by now and if not are laptops New colours off you should be warned before purchase I am devastated as i spent alot on this laptop for me anyway and i need it for college doing digital art well if it cant show colours correctly its useless to New laptops colours are off me The thing is if its not a fault PC world wont take it back according to their terms and conditions as i bought it in store Please does anyone know anything about this sort of problem or maybe even this laptop and what its display is usually like Or if it actually is a genuine fault so i can return it Thank you for your help,158346.0.html
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I don t up colours. Messed know if I posted this in the right section I don t even know if this is the kind of forum to ask this sort of thing I m new here But I d like some help I have this game on my pc RollerCoaster Tycoon It s meant for XP but I could perfectly play it on Windows But when I installed new hardware because I needed OpenGL for something the colours turned weird and it got unplayable I ve only had it happen in this game and only since I changed the graphics card I ve tried opening it in compatibility Messed up colours. mode with colours et cetera I have a feeling it may actually be in colours while it shouldn t be Messed up colours. but I honestly don t know This is what SysInfo said if that could be of Messed up colours. any help Code Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version OS Version Microsoft Windows Enterprise N Service Pack bit Processor Intel R Core TM CPU GHz Intel Family Model Stepping Processor Count RAM Mb Graphics Card BB Capture Driver Mb Hard Drives C Total - MB Free - MB D Total - MB Free - MB Motherboard Intel Corporation DG SS Antivirus AVG AntiVirus Free Edition Updated and Enabled And here is a picture of the problem nbsp

A:Messed up colours.

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Enterprise N, Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 CPU 6300 @ 1.86GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 15 Stepping 6
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 4029 Mb
Graphics Card: BB Capture Driver, 1 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 76214 MB, Free - 6511 MB; D: Total - 76316 MB, Free - 7660 MB;
Motherboard: Intel Corporation, DG965SS
Antivirus: AVG AntiVirus Free Edition 2015, Updated and Enabled

I reposted your TSGSIU log because it can't be seen in its entirety in the manner that you posted it.


Before we can address your graphics issue, we need to address something else.

The Intel DG965SS motherboard in your computer was introduced in August 2006 and was designed for Windows XP.

Its Intel 965 chipset/graphics is not designed for Windows 7.

When was Windows 7 64-bit installed in your computer, and how was it obtained?

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the other day i was havin problems with my monitor losing signal. seem to have sorted that by reinstalling my driver for gainward geforce fx5600 ultra and believe it or not increasing the refresh rate on my monitor. now its crashing out on 3d games. it starts ok then all the graphics go to mostly dark colours with vivid red yellow and green bits! does this sound like a driver issue? when i run dxdiag everything checks out ok and the spinning cube has no stupid colours like the games do. Any ideas guys and gals? cheers

A:Wierd Colours!!!!

Are you overclocking? Sounds like a heat issue to me....
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Ok, so I got on the computer, started up the Internet, and noticed the backgrounds weren't working. The text colours (like active links etc.) and normal images were working, but not any colours. Same with folders on the Desktop. So I tried to fix it, on the main Desktop I right clicked and went to properties, and changed the modified theme to Windows XP. Before I did that, the Folders looked something like this...
Picture of Folder

And after they looked like...
Picture of Folder Fixed

However, the Internet still looks like this...
Picture of Internet

So on Internet Explorer I went to Tools>Internet Options>General>Acessibility> And all the checkboxes were unchecked. So now no colours are working and I don't know what to do, does anybody have an idea?

A:Background Colours

images have been moved or deleted
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Browsers have the option to sometimes see differing colours in the address bar based on the security level presumably of the URL.

Documentation on what all the colors represent has been impossible to find.

I have searched everywhere and have not been able to find anywhere a legend for these colors. The best I've been able to find is a webpage referring to IE9 that mentions the colors red white yellow and green and what they represent.

But there are many other colors i.e. blue, orange etc that I see as well.

And I don't use IE anyway (currently use Pale Moon).

Where can I find what all the colors mean?

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I have what I consider a major issue.,
For some websites I have a white background when I know it's meant to be coloured., Also menus that have drop downs are always just text that gets muddled into the main page instead of having coloured backgrounds and borders.. It is not an issue on ALL sites but a large majority of the sites I visit.. I have been told that I'm having trouble reading style sheets.

As an example here is the way one particular site SHOULD look and here is the way it looks for me

PLEASE help me!!!

I am running on Win2k with Sp4. And the problem is occuring in both Mozilla Firefox AND IE..
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Hi everyone.

After the latest update Microsoft have finally allowed different coloured title bars, however, inactive (out of focus) windows now automatically revert to a white title bar colour. I've been searching everywhere and found no way of changing this. Adjusting the registry values under HKEY_CURRENT_USER/Control Panel/Colors seem to have no impact on the inactive window colours.

Anyone got any ideas?

A:Title Bar Colours

Aerolite Theme - Install in Windows 10 - Windows 10 Forums
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Does anyone know why my colours have suddenly disappeared from not only web sites but also spreadsheets etc on my computer.
My OS is windows xp
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Can anybody in the whole world tell me how to change some colors in Win7 aeromode?
I want to get rid of that blue color.

Thanks in advance.

A:How to change some colours?

I know some advanced themes change those colors. Check DeviantArt for some.
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The company I work for sets up computers, networking, telephony systems etc for clients.

I want to know if there is a default list of colours for the cables we should use to connect everything up, eg blue for printers, grey for telephones etc...

Im not sure if there is such a list, if we should just make our own default list of colours, but if there is a standard list then it would be helpful!

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When you install Windows 8 there is a time when the new files are being loaded when the whole screen background changes gradually throughout the whole Windows 8 colour spectrum. This can be demonstrated if you run the Clock App "Illuminating Clock" I like this a lot and would like to be able to make the start screen colours change automatically the same way - can this be done?

Is there a way to make an app like "Illuminating Clock" appear as a screen saver and to go back into the background at t a touch of a key or mouse?

A:Start Screen Colours

You might want to check out "Decor8".

Decor8 - Personalize the Windows? 8 Start screen with Decor8?!

With this program you can edit your Start. The first 30 days are free, so you can try it before you buy it.
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WIN XP Sp2, IE 6 and also Firefox 1.5. For some reason all webpages fail to display any colour. It's as if the "Ignore colors specified on webpages" option in Accessibility in Internet options is checked. It isn't. Don't think it has anything to do with that option because I get the same issue with Firefox. I have removed all security software / pop up blocker software, cleared cache & cookies, restored IE defaults, and run scannow sfc to no effect. Am a little reluctant to roll back to a previous date but cannot think of any alternative solution. Any ideas anyone ?

A:Cannot display colours in webpages

Does this include photos & graphics or just text?
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I'm trying to convert my Windows theme to the "High Contrast Black" theme and am changing the colours and fonts and I'm having trouble finding the title of a font in the menu to change its colour to match the rest. (see image below).

As you can see in the second image the text below the title text is black and I want to change it to white (same as the title) but I cant find it listed in the menu.

Does anyone know where to find it?

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Hi Good Peoples,

I am redeveloping my web site and have changed the background colour to gray (8888888). It shows up on my home computer correctly but on the one at work, the background is an olive like colour.

On the offending machine I am running 32 bit colour and and the graphics chip is a GeForce 5100 with 64MB.

Any suggestion on how I can change the colour on the work monitor please. The screen is a Compaq 9500.

Many thanks

A:Colours show differently

unfortunately you may not be able to change this. Each monitor and system displays things a little differrently. Primary colors should display pretty close but colors that are high composites may be quite different between machines. I have seen this many times. Have you only checked this on the 2 computers? I just checked the website on my laptop, the background shows up a medium gray.
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I have a windows Vista os.

I have a simple problem. The black text on vista needs to be blue.

I know you can do it on previous versions of vista, but how do i do it on vista?

Its the text colour in the menu bars, websites ect.



A:Solved: Changing colours

Internet Options, General, Under Appearance: Select Colors. Uncheck Use Windows colors. Select colors you want for each catagory

Internet Options, General, Under Apearance: Select Accessibility. Select Ignore colors specified on webpages.
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am having problems changing the colour of my windows xp taskbar, and the colours of the bars inside a folder.
the problem is when i try to change the colours to the original, using the appearance tab in the display properties, all it shows is windows classic styles, it doesnt show the original xp styles. (see attached print screen), what i want is the original colours of the folders and the task bar that are available when u first install xp.
i had a trojan, spyware and malware problem, when i removed it the colours changed into classic.
so, how do i change it into original, thanks............................

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I just installed a newer video card, and now my screen is constantly changing from how it should be to a yellowish tint, and then back to regular again. It's driving me up the wall. How do I remedy this?

The monitor is plugged in securely.

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I just bought a HP Compaq CQ58 laptop and it came with windows 8 preinstalled. I Tried to get it with windows 7 but this is no longer an option offered by the shops. I installed Classic Shell and now am trying to get the colours on the screen to be darker. I used the windows 8 calibration but to no avail.

The colours are so PASTEL and light that it is impossible for me to work. PLEASE PLEASE HELP!

A:Colours extremely pale

Tried another Theme for windows ? there are also a lot of different ones on the net. If the colors are too light maybe you have the back light too strong. Don't know exactly what it looks like on your computer but there should be adjustment settings at video card control panel.
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Hello Since thursday of last week I have being having a perculiar problem I was just using my computer and playing on a online game and the computer froze and the screen turned Screen turns colours Red Screen turns colours I could not do anything on it and had to reboot it I thought this was odd but just continued doing what I was doing An hour or so later it happened again Since then it has happened countless times and my computer cannot even stay on for half an hour without this happeneing and im forced to reboot I was thinking it was my video card I have a Nvidia GeForce but I only bought this four months or so ago and would it really burn out so fast I have virus scanned it and have removed EVERYTHING that is suspicious I have a trojan Win downloader variant Screen turns colours Dont know what that is Does anyone have any suggestions what I should do about this problem because I am just about at the end of my patience with it Thanks alot nbsp

A:Screen turns colours

Do you have an onboard video card that you can switch to to see if the problem replicates? If you do - take the 8600 completely out and attempt to use just the onboard video for a bit, not necessarily for gaming though as it probably will bog you down any how.
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It doesn't matter what colour depth I run my video card at, the icons, task bar icons and the window icon top left of every window always display in what appears to be 256 colours. Everything else is 16 bit or 32 bit, depending on what depth I have selected to run my video card at.

"Show icon using all possible colours" is checked in display properties. I have tried reinstalling windows to refresh any files that may be corrupt.

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Hey Everyone,

Does anyone know how to make the icon's text background on the desktop go back to transparent?

In Win XP, usually the text has no box around it, as shown in the image below! However, I was playin around with the backgrounds, and the Desktop Icons all changed and they now have a "Highlight Box" around them. I can change the colours, but does anyone know how to take that box away again to make it transparent?



A:Desktop Icon Colours

Sorry, I forgot to post the icon pic!:D
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I have a medion flat pro monitor (model: ), and it has been working fine but I had to reboot my compute this evening and now all the colours look washed out and faded, almost as if they have a bluish/green tinge.

Is this the end of my monitor or am I just being stupid?

Any help would be really appreciated!!!

A:Washed out monitor colours?

It sounds like you may be missing the red input. Do you see any red, or pure white? Unplug your monitor and re-connect. Check the end of the plug. I believe red is on pin 1 of the connector. Make sure no pins are pushed in. There may be one pin missing, pin 10, I think. That's OK. If the cable is removable at the monitor end, reseat that, too. You could also try flexing the cable, especially at the ends. Worst case, it could be your video card.
Good luck!
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Namely blue (in numerous lovely but irritating shades), lime green and neon pink, all of which are garishly flamboyant but irksome. The mouse is still normal colours and what-not. I know this 'cos the working one is a novelty dinosaur of XP default stock, and he is of regular palour. Help, someone! I'm on XP by the way. The login-screen is similarly distressed.


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chrome is running with a blue line underneath but steam has a yellow line and it's half highlighted yellow but it's not downloading or running anything and it's been like that for the past 10 minutes

so what do the colours mean and why is the steam one like that?


A:what do the colours mean on taskbar apps

Originally Posted by cxztiel

chrome is running with a blue line underneath but steam has a yellow line and it's half highlighted yellow but it's not downloading or running anything and it's been like that for the past 10 minutes

so what do the colours mean and why is the steam one like that?


Hi @cxztiel
Welcome to!

My guess is blue is your accent color and the yellow is something loading in Steam and may have gotten hung up. A guess though.
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Unsure if i should have posted here.

My printer a "Canon MP160" seems to be printing out the wrong colours. Reds appear yellow and blacks sort of green. I am 99% sure i have installed the cartridges correctly and have done nozzle cleans and test pages appear to print out fine.

I feel i may have changed something on vista to upset this but do not know wy when or how.

Any vista help for this?


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can some-one help me. When i start up vista (even on boot) the colours change into sort of little squares. they mostly turn black colours into green. If some-one gets back to me and i still havent sorted it i will take a picture.

A:fuzzy different colours all the time

doesn't matter now. i'v run ad-aware and it picked some spyware up. called 'windows'. don't know exactly what it was but it sorted it out.
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Hi  My Name is Peyush Baldewa. I am using HP Pavilion Notebook G series. I brought it from Newyork in 2009. Yesterday suddenly the monitor goes into various stretched colours. Such as pink, Blue, Green. Can i know what is the issue and what would be the cost for repairing it. Please reply asap
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I'm not sure if this is in the right forum or not however the colours on screen don't appear to blending correctly and appear as a zebra effect. This does not affect everything, the bulk of webpages are fine, however some adverts are "zebra'd" and when i stream videos all of these have the same problem. My taskbar along the bottom which should be greyish/black is several different shades of the two at different intervals, my desktop background is the same as are my photos. When i watch downloaded videos they are fine, as are word documents and games.
Any help would be massively appreciated.

A:Zebra effect colours

Sounds like a video card memory issue or the incorrect drivers installed for the video card. Was it working fine at one time?
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I had problems with a couple fonts after I upgraded to XP SP3, so I undid the upgrade and reverted to SP2 (not without a few problems of its own).
I now notice that some of the font names in my FONT folder are mainly blue in colour with a few in black. Amongst the ones in black are those that caused problems in SP3 --- could anyone explain the significance of these colours?


A:Font file name colours

Blue indicates the file is compressed, black is not.
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A little while ago my computer decided to start up in 16 colours and in 640x480 resolution. Whenever I try to change it back it says it has to restart before the new settings can take place, but when it restarts its exactly the same.Ive tried clicking the "apply new color settings withiout restarting" tab in advanced display properties but it makes no difference whatsoever.Ive got windows ME.Can anyone help?

A:Cant change resolution or no. of colours

Try changing one thing at a time. Change the colors to 16-bit then restart. upon reboot, change the resolution & if it asks, reboot again. That should work unless you're constantly rebooting in safe mode.
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My computer monitor seems to have changed colours all of a sudden and I'm wondering how to fix this problem. It was operating fine 10 minutes ago when everything on the screen changed to a blue tinge.

The contrast/brightness, etc monitor buttons don't seem to be doing anything, neither does fiddling with the video card settings. What else could the problem be?

A:Monitor colours changing?

Loose VGA cable. Make sure both ends are secure.
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recently win 98 se was reinstalled on my system and the
doofus who did the job for me screwed something up
because i am only able to access 16 colours. i have the disk with
the drivers but i don't know which one to install. the disk contains the following folders:acrobat, bitware, cirrus, ess, ie40, lucent, and rockwell. if anyone can make sense of this PLEASE HELLLPPP!!!!!

A:16 colours are drivin' me madd

That disk appears to be drivers for a sound card not the video card. Do you know the make and model number of your video card? If not, if it's a name brand PC, what's the make, model# and CPU speed of the PC and then do this,

Start>Settings>ControlPanel>System>DeviceManager. Click on the "+" next to "Display Adapters". What's listed under it?
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How do I change the colour of the green font circled in red?
My OS is windows xp home sp2 and Im using the classic xp high contrast white theme. The green font is part of the theme and I cannot change it through properties>appearance>advanced because its not the 1st or 2nd font colour.


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Does anyone have a Time computer from around the year 2003. I need to know the factory default settings for my monitor.You get this from the control panel, display,settings,advanced option. Brightness Contrast, Gamma etc taken from the 8 drop down tabs.
thank you
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I've just replaced the colour cartridge in my HP 940c deskjet, and it has stopped printing colours correctly. looks like yellow is missing. It is a genuine HP cartridge, obvioulsy the cartridge is the prime suspect, but does anyone have any other ideas?



A:HP 940c - not printing all colours

Stand the print-head end of the cartridge in warm water for 5 minutes. About 1/2" (10 mm) of water.

If the ink had dried and blocked the cartridge this can often help.

If you replaced the cartridge with a "refilled" one and not a new one, thats not uncommon. Sometimes the refiiled ones just do not work well at all.
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Hi to all KLAMI a newbie to VBA here asking for help I have a piece of code that currently colors an entire row dependent on the last number digit in a certain column It then certain cell change colours VBA in loops and does the same for the entire worksheet if required making rows of the various colors stipulated Can someone please advise how I can change this to let it to continue to do the same but change certain cell colours in VBA ignore non adjacent cells that may contain any one of different colors in the same row i e Black Brown grey and white I would also change certain cell colours in VBA appreciate if someone could help me speed up the existing change certain cell colours in VBA loop if the problem above can not be resolved Here is the code that I use Sub ColourRow Private Sub Worksheet Change ByVal Target As Range CoulorIt Macro Dim rng As Range Dim i As Long Application ScreenUpdating False Set rng Range quot B B quot i Do With rng If Cells i Value quot quot Then Cells i EntireRow Interior ColorIndex ElseIf Cells i Value quot quot Then Cells i EntireRow Interior ColorIndex ElseIf Cells i Value quot quot Then Cells i EntireRow Interior ColorIndex ElseIf Cells i Value quot quot Then Cells i EntireRow Interior ColorIndex ElseIf Cells i Value quot quot Then Cells i EntireRow Interior ColorIndex ElseIf Cells i Value quot quot Then Cells i EntireRow Interior ColorIndex ElseIf Cells i Value quot quot Then Cells i EntireRow Interior ColorIndex ElseIf Cells i Value quot quot Then Cells i EntireRow Interior ColorIndex ElseIf Cells i Value quot quot Then Cells i EntireRow Interior ColorIndex ElseIf Cells i Value quot quot Then Cells i EntireRow Interior ColorIndex Else Cells i EntireRow Interior ColorIndex End If End With i i Loop Until i Application ScreenUpdating True End Sub Thanks to any respondants nbsp

A:change certain cell colours in VBA

Hi Klami,
I think I can help you if you help me understand what you are trying to do.

Your macro colors rows based on the number in the cell, not the last digit. Do you want the code to find the last digit? The formula is right(target, character).

I am not sure what you mean by non adjacent cells. As the code runs to through do you want it to skip a row if the row above it has a color?

I don't know the use of the 'mg' variable. Are you expecting some condition in the range to impact the code?

Is row 100 significant or did you put it in the code to stop the macro? Would you like it to stop at the last entered value in column F? That may save some time if you only have 20 rows- it would stop rather than keep going until 100.

If you take a few minutes and add more about what you are trying to accomplish, I think we can get you the code to do it.

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I reinstalled windows 98 on my Compaq presario 1246, but now I only have 2 and 16 colours available, as well as only 640x480 pixels. Under display Adaptors, I only have Standard PCI Graphics Adapter (VGA). Before I had more colours so why don't I have them anymore? How can I get more colours (ex 256, 32 bit etc)? Does the driver have to be updated? If so, how and where can I get the update?

A:Solved: only 2/16 colours availabe

Don't worry about the ROM update on this page.
Install the rest.
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could someone please tell me the exact balance figures for the default XP desktop background colour which is blue - the hue, sat, lum etc.


A:default desktop colours

right click an empty area on your desktop . select properties .. then click on the desktop tab . then click on the customize desktop button at bottom .. then click restore default .. im not sure this is exactly what you want but let us know ..
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I wanna change the colour of all the folders. Is that possible ?
Actually i could do that with "Rainbow Folders" but i have to change about 300-400 folder,one by one
Is there any program for that ?

A:change folders ( colours )

See if this helps you out,

IcoFX - The Free Icon Editor
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I'm typing this in red as an example of my problem. If I tried to do this in a Word document on my computer (which is new, but don't hold that against it), this is what would happen. And vice versa. Other colours are the opposite of what they should be as well, probably all of them, I haven't tested them all. I cannot think of a way to solve this problem. Can you help? It is not a printer problem.
Thank you.

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I have a Dell M6300 (Nvidia Quaddro FX1600M) laptop connected to a HP w24o8h monitor. The colors are very hot and I do not know how to configure the display settings correctly. Can anyone help? Cheers
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Basically what I want to do is colour code my records according to their numerical values (within a continuous form in Access 2000) e.g. If I was colour coding my records by using my clients D.O.B I could do something like this:-

Over 80 = "Red"
70-80 = "Orange"
50-60 = "Yellow"
30-40 = "Pink"
20-30 = "Green"
Below 20 "Blue"

How Do I Do This????
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When I try to add fill,line or font colours to items in PowerPoint, my chosen colours do not appear on the text etc. How can I rectify this ?

A:Colours not working in PowerPoint

Are you highlighting the text first?
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Hi Problem Colour red showing as Black My screen was working fine until I replaced the Male to M SVGA VGA to a longer one then the screen resolution went funny like really zoomed in so i changed it back to the old one and now it s kinda lost Funny colours!! screen it s colour I know Funny screen colours!! it s not the monitor or connections because we ve tested on another computer I think it s just down Funny screen colours!! to the computer graphics card So could anyone please give me some advice on what the problem could be I dont think a wire could affect the screen outcome Ive uninstalled and reinstalled new drivers and once the nvidia driver was uninstalled and i restarted the pc the screen colour was still showing as greeny The startup words which are normally white show up as greenish If you want pictures ask me and ill Funny screen colours!! camera some Thanks Below is suppost to be a white background but its displayed as greenish

A:Funny screen colours!!

I would plug in my old cable and see if it goes back to normal. Try going to a older restore point, one before you starting changing things. Try this; right click on desktop and select personalize at the bottom of drop down. Look to the bottom of the screen and desktop back ground and pick a color.
Have you installed or updated any thing around the time of this problem?
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ok...for almost a week,my vista laptop's acting weird!!! 1 minute its fine then the next sec ,the screen is filled with colourful lines (which are fast moving) and

then after sometime ,it goes blank or else i switch it off!But sometimes,if i restart it also,the screen goes strange and gets divided into parts. It's like somone

multiplied the screen into 10!! I might be doing something random at the time-surfing net,checking mail,listening to songs!! i didnt add any new software

recently .. every day i'm running my AVG antivirus and it comes out clean...i tried system no effect!!

helpppppppppppp HELPPPPP appreciated


I would start by reinstalling your video driver
What is the make and model of the laptop?