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How to set up a folder to sync 24/7.

Q: How to set up a folder to sync 24/7.

Short and Simple, I want my iTunes folder to be synchronized 24/7 with my external hardrive. How do I do it? Can I do it through windows 7?

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Preferred Solution: How to set up a folder to sync 24/7.

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: How to set up a folder to sync 24/7.

FreeFileSync | Download FreeFileSync software for free at

This worked perfect...
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Acer has added a new monitor to their gaming-focused lineup, the amazing looking XR341CK. This 34-inch 21:9 UltraWide QHD (3440 x 1440 pixels @ 75Hz) IPS monitor comes with a curved display in a zero frame design, which Acer says...

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A:Acer reveals 34-inch curved QHD FreeSync and G-Sync monitors

This type of monitor is the best way to channel the power of your GTX 980 Ti, which inherited its anti-aliasing power from the many generations before it, as opposed to having it choke on the 4K pixel-mania in chase for almost the same effect, at the expense of the dropped FPS.
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My ext.HDD don't show content of one of folders. It's not hidden! It start playing movies inserted in it when I try to play this folder with VLC player, but that is all what I'm able to do with it. I tried to check disk for errors bot none was found, have anyone idea what could be wrong? Thanks in advance Michal

A:Files in one folder on Ext.HDD don't show - not hidden

And we should play 20 questions as to WHICH directory??
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AMD has provided an update on the state of their FreeSync technology, confirming that monitors supporting the adaptive sync technology are now available in select locations in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. It's expected that FreeSync monitors will hit...

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A:FreeSync monitors now available, and they're cheaper than G-Sync equivalents

I don't see why? Freesync changes your monitor big time! I mean just look at the on/off freesync from the picture at the front.

Atleast with gsync your monitor doesnt need to actually change.
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Nvidia's G-Sync technology is currently available on a handful of displays but the cost of entry isn't cheap. That's because the current crop of monitors require custom hardware to work their gaming magic - a requirement that soon won't be...

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A:Nvidia G-Sync technology is coming to laptops, no custom hardware required

LOL the G-Sync module was only ever used to verify 100% that someone was using a Nvidia GPU. What a bunch of crooks...
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Can someone explain what is monitor sync polarity?

A:Sync polarity

OMG - - old VGA term as I recall.
CRT displays (Cathode Ray Tube aka TV style) could sync on one of the R,G,B colors. Later developments centered up on syncing on the Green.

"Polarity" in this context is specifically WHICH color is used as the sync (btw, we're referring to the horizontal sync).

Thousand pardons if senility has obscured the facts :sigh:
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I K ghz crossfire gig windows Hi all I have been having this very strange problem with vsync for sometime now and only recently discovered that it was something to do with v sync itself I think This is what I recorded Basically in some games not all I get what is shown in the video Now the thing is I found while I was playing around is that if I disable v sync totally this stuttering tearing seems to go away by quite a lot in Strange Sync tearing V causing microstutter/screen games The fps goes to I think cod is fixed to that and it smooths out a lot but its still a little jittery and not perfectly smooth This is also the case with bad company I never had Strange V Sync causing microstutter/screen tearing in games a problem with Strange V Sync causing microstutter/screen tearing in games any game up until about years ago when this started happening unexplainably Another strange thing about this is that it only seems to Strange V Sync causing microstutter/screen tearing in games occour ONLINE Single player has non of this at fps If I use a controller to move there is no stutter tearing I had the same issue with battlefield but for some reason I cured it by limiting the fps to and its smooth as butter I have tried this with some of the other games but it does not work To add to the strangeness this also happends on a completely different PC I built a while back And led me to believe it was an internet problem I ran many tests all to come back clear I even changed providers again as I say it only happends on some games not all games affected BF Bad company All Call of Dutys Crysis and a few more games not affected counter srike global offensive rising storm red orchestra war thunder bf with fps cap Things I have tried lots and lots of different drivers Disabled crossfire upgraded mobo cpu and ram tried different monitors tried taking my pc round a friends house still happend switching from hdmi to vga to dvi reformated windows and the list goes on If anyone has any ideas about this please let me know nbsp
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I have been trying to find an elegant solution to play synchronized music throughout my house on my two computers. My first attempt involved a WinAmp plugin called SyncBoss, which worked OK but the audio skipped occasionally and it required me to use WinAmp as my media player (I like to use iTunes).

After searching around a bit more I stumbled upon what sounded like a much smoother and more versatile solution which uses Logitech Media Server and Softsqueeze (see After much research and trial-and-error I can't figure out how to configure this software to sync my two computers together over my wireless network.

Has anyone used Squeezebox software to sync audio between two computers? Any help is greatly appreciated.

A:Sync Audio Between Two PC's

You have two computers and you want to play the exact same songs at the exact same time, from both? Why?
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I am not familiar with quick sync so any info for me would sure help. I have looked at some video on it but still would like a little insight. First I would have to have a CPU that supports it I know. But would I need it? I would have discrete card AMD 7790 in the machine in question. What will quick sync help me out with? These machines will be mainly used for video editing. Thanks.

A:Quick sync and CPU's

Quicksync helps to greatly reduce rendering times in video editing suites. The E3 has it if I am not mistaken. I dont recommend the 7790 for a video editing machine. The memory bus is slow, and thus, not good for video editing. I would recommend a 2GB GTX 650Ti boost edition or 2GB GTX 660 or 2GB AMD 7850.
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I have two SanDisk flash drives (8 & 32 GB) and a 32 GB SanDisk Micro SD card and, as of yesterday, the folder icons have changed to shortcut icons that refer to "C:\WINDOWS\system32\cmd.exe F/c "start %cd%\sony.exe && %windir%\explorer %cd%\Extras". 'Extras' is just one of the folders on my 8GB flash drive. My files are still on all of my devices, but I cannot access them. After seeing the C prompt statement, I figured I am way out of my league. What do I need to do to restore my folder icons and directly access my files again?

My thanks in advance for your help.

T Smith

A:Folder icons changed to shortcuts

The files have been corrupted, so I don't think they will be recoverable. Always use SD flash drives for temporary storage, and back up important files also on a DVD or on a second standard hard drive
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am new to over-clocking and would rather not do it anytime some as my system seems to be performing well for all my applications and games ( crysis warhead, dirt 3, etc )

what I need to know is if the following is acceptable or not, in terms of core temperatures, CPU usage and everything we see on the screenshot...

Thank You
(system switched on for 2 hours straight, only the browser is running while I take the screen shot)

A:Is it in sync?

To begin with, I wouldn't advice overclocking a PC unnecessarily. OCing is a last-ditch effort to keep a machine alive. If it can run Crysis at 45 FPS+, OCing for a few FPS and making the system unstable (NTM voiding warranty) is just not worth it.
Secondly, it's not very clear whether you want opinion in OCing it or are asking if the OCed temps are good. Because whether temps are good or not depends on ambient temps. It's summer where you are, so if the ambient temps are 33`C, those aren't exactly admirable.
To help with them, here are some guides.
Stress it with IntelBurnTest and let me know how high the temps go.

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I have a HP DV6-6128ca. I just recently discovered an issue I have never noticed before, the two halves of my screen are not in sync. I notice it the most when I am watching a video, and the camera pans or has a lot of movement, straight down the center of my screen (doesn't matter where the video is) you can see the two halves out of sync, it looks like when you're playing games and do not have vertical sync on. I have tried to uninstall Spyder, MacType, and all of my video card drivers, I am just at a loss now. I have the AMD Radeon 6600M and 6700M Series
and AMD Radeon HD 6520G
drivers installed.

A:One half of screen is out of sync

Can anyone help me out at all? In any way?
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Ok so, i was using a Radeon Hd 4670 512 and whenever i turned on my pc, it would show me the bios and everything, sometime even go into the windows loading screen, and then the monitor (which is a samsung lcd 22") would go out of sync (show the analog digital thingy at the top left).

So i switched that gpu with a radeon hd 4550, and it worked fine the entire day yesterday, so i left the pc on during the night. when i woke up, the monitor was out of sync. Is this an electricity problem? what is this?


A:Monitor goes out of sync

"what is this?"...

It may be an indication of the samsung lcd 22 beginning to fail. Try another monitor, to make sure that it is the Samsung. LCD's do go bad
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Ok, I am about to setup a server used for file syncing and an online db (like SQLite or something?) anyway, I also wanna have Fedora running on it..

I guess I can just get any server and install what I want + make it do what I want it to do, but what server(s) and/or system specs should I be specifically looking at for doing those things better than other servers?

A:File sync + online DB buying advice

Depends. Do you actually need a server?

Are we talking about a dedicated server in a datacenter, or are you building a server at home/work and using it connected to the internet there?

You need to tell us what you want to do with the server. If its a dedicated server, what do you plan to do with it? Monthly bandwidth, unique visitor numbers, number of sites, etc.

For homeserver, again, what is your intended usage. Your current post is far too vague to give any realistic answer.
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Hey So this started a few days ago out of the blue i didnt install anything game of out digital in analog, (shows Monitor the sync when thing) goes or change anything i fired up batman arkham city on my pc i played that Monitor goes out of sync (shows the analog, digital thing) when in game game before on my pc this was routine and when going ingame monitor went black and gave me that Analog Digital thing at the upper left corner then it ll play that Hardware unplugged sound im on a xp Screen will stay black and go to sleep mode I ran dmark same thing happened Now i m getting no artifacts no tears no weird visual glitches games will even let me go ingame and play for about minutes before the screen shuts down computer will run fine d is great videos run great gpu Monitor goes out of sync (shows the analog, digital thing) when in game temps are between to on idle to on full throttle i was thinking of dust bunnies or dirt in general inside my gpu s heatsink and around my gpu i was gonna open the heatsink but the screws are really tight and i only have one of those handle-less drivers http creamyg hugelaser com Projects CES Log Photo Log CES Log Thin Screwdriver jpg What do i do can t afford a new gpu now nbsp

A:Monitor goes out of sync (shows the analog, digital thing) when in game

Ok, i opened up the heatsink, it was pretty dirty, so i cleaned everything up.
I reinstalled the GPU on its usual port, and it wouldn't give me an image. So i set it on another port, and voila, image. i doubt it fixed my problem though.

I'm gonna report later if it goes out of sync again
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hi guys, im having issues with this error file and folder. im trying to transfer files to WD essential storage using wdtv live n router netgear dg834g. but recently the past week im starting to get these error message which states "error copying file or folder" cannot copy ... the specified network name is no longer available. never had any problems for a year n just started about a week ago. i have rebooted router , wdtv , storage to no avail. any ideas.

A:Error copying file or folder

Maybe the WD essential storage device is failing or needs a formatting restore
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As I saw today, my mobile phones folders are converted in to shortcuts, i tried to change shortcut directory, but it didn't work either, also, i noticed, that the real files where hidden, and that shortcuts, which where made itself somehow, opened through CMD. I need any solution, what to do, also, i lost some of my import photos, and the PC is not mine, it's public domain and there's admin privilegies set up. Any solutions?
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I need a pocket sized address book that can sync with WinXP. Any other tasks the device can do are a plus (and might help me choose). What device has a good address book that could be seen as a Rolodex replacement? Most things like this I've found seem to only be compatible with Windows 200 or older. I don't want my phone loaded up with my work contacts but I want that info easy to access. The most important thing would be the ability to look up the business name and find the names of the people there and other notes about them and the business. Any suggestions?
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Title pretty much says it all. I am a student and do a lot of work on my desktop. However, I take my laptop to school with me and would like it to transfer(sync) everything for me. I was thinking about writing a .bat file to do this for me, but it's been a long time since I've done any serious programming. Both computers are running windows 7 and connected via wireless network. I have a home group setup and I have not deeply looked through the sharing settings.

A:Wondering how to sync my documents from my desktop to laptop automatically

Checkout DropBox as a possible solution

> It's freeware. First 2GB storage is free (and if i recall reasonably priced after that)
> It'll both sync files between computers AND keep a copy on an available server should you need them from elsewhere

Make sure you use a PRIVATE Dropbox folder
> Files are kept on DropBox servers. PRIVATE folders should only be accessible by yourself with secure login but personally, i still don't put my "confidential" files on any public server just being "cyber" cautious
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Hi to everyone........

Big favor, I need help. My external HD is recognized, but no folder....need for school. Anyone, please help me out


A:External HDD is recognized but there's no folder

Hi Pam and welcome to TechSpot.

What kind of external HD are we talking about? Brand and model would help along with the type of interface, assume it's probably Usb2 but still need to know for sure. When you say it is recognized does this mean you can see it in Windows Explorer and if so, does it have a drive letter assigned to it? That should be enough to get things started.
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My buddy has a Sylvania mp3 model# smpk8854b. He came to me because when he plugs it in, it his computer can't even recognize that it's plugged in, he said he has tried on 3 other computers. So here I am with the same issue, my computer is uptodate on everything I can think of and it still wont do anything. I googled around and this problem seems to be happening alot, but with little variations, I downloaded the virtual CD that was suppose to come with it and as far as I can tell its junk as well, apparantly, a mp3 player that came out 2 years ago uses win98 material.

Anyway, any and all help is welcomed and I thanks in advance, theres a free dinner in it for me if I can get it working! lol

A:Major Sylvania sync issues


Been trying some more and havn't been able to come to any conclusion
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Hello everyone I m a total computer nub and really don t know very much about hardware and what to do when things break but I am able to follow instructions so I m really hoping that someone here can help me as I m so upset about what s no sync and now error graphics! Transport Hyper flood happened I play WoW it s the only game I play and I used to play on a laptop yesterday I bought a brand new desktop PC specifically for playing WoW I was told that spec-wise this computer was total overkill and would have no problems whatsoever running it Between yesterday morning and pm today I have probably ayed for Hyper Transport flood sync error and now no graphics! about hours and the Hyper Transport flood sync error and now no graphics! PC was shut down overnight I played for hour today and all of a sudden my screen flickered black and the PC restarted needless to say I was shocked Upon restarting it showed an error quot Hyper transport flood error press f to resume quot so I pressed f and it booted up as normal so I thought no more of it and hoped it was a once time occurance I proceeded to reopen wow but as soon as I double clicked the icon the PC restarted again and presented me with the exact same error message This time though when it restarted and I pressed f my screen went black and said quot no signal quot as though my monitor had become unplugged or something So I checked all the connections Hyper Transport flood sync error and now no graphics! which were all fine tried restarting the computer but the screen will not come back on I have plugged into the integrated graphics port to write this and all is working fine but as soon as I plug into the card I get the quot no signal quot message So far I have tried completely restoring the PC to factory settings uninstalled reinstalling the graphics drivers and disabling the onboard graphics in the BIOS which gave me a POST of long beep and short beeps I have also tried an old nvidia graphics card which does work but not properly I guess it is not compatible with windows as even after installed nvidias drivers it still did not display properly Does it sound like the graphics card is completely dead I m pretty sure that s what it is but would like a second opinion as I am so upset that the computer is only a day old and the graphics card has already broken and I think its quite strange that it was working perfectly until I got that strange error Thank you so much in advance to anyone who can offer some advice Specs ADVENT CBE CENTURION Black Edition AMD Phenom II X Ghz CPU stock up to Ghz in automated accelerated turbo overclocked mode - Foxconn AMD chip motherboard - GB DDRII RAM x GB Mhz - Watercooled CPU - for better noise reduction - Gigabyte AMD HD GB gaming graphics card with twin dual link DVI HDMI DisplayLink - GB HDD - WINDOWS HOME PREMIUM nbsp

A:Hyper Transport flood sync error and now no graphics!

I'd take it back to the shop if they claim 'no problems whatsoever'. HT link flood errors seem to be caused usually by too low voltage/current on CPU/memory, so it could mean insufficient (read: low quality) PSU.
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Hello. I have a folder share on my Windows 7 computer and I was trying to access it with a Windows XP Home computer in the house. However, I kept getting an "Access Denied" error whenever I tried to write to the folder. How can I fix this?

Also, sometimes when accessing .zip files and .exe fines from one XP Home computer to another XP Home computer, I get a "Unspecified security risk" and "Access denied" error respectively. How do I fix this?

A:Access Denied error when trying access Windows 7 folder from Windows XP

multiple levels of controls here

the XP needs the LLTP service from SP3 to be able to share w/ win7

there are two layers of access for share resources:

the network access
the NTFS access
The simplest solution is to use Simple Sharing and share via the All Users\Shared Documents\ directory. The Admin can set Allow Modifications (or not as needed),
which create the NTFS perms for the <Everyone> group.

So, *IF* you have network access (you can see the shared folder and it's contents),
then the NTFS permissions are the controlling factor.

IF not, the the network access is in control and you need to figure out Simple Sharing vs not-so-simple and those requirements
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running XP sp3 on both desktop and netbook. Zone Alarm firewall is on both machines, but has been configured to allow access each way.

I am using freefilesync and am trying to sync a folder and it's content (about 200mb) over my home network from the desktop PC to an SDHC card in the netbook card reader.

Whenever I run the sync it get an error message:

windows error message 5 access is denied.

I have googled, but don't know enough to separate what I need from the search results.

I have been able to copy and paste the folder and it's contents directly from the desktop to the netbook sdhc card, and appear to have read and write access each way.

Any help appreciated.

Many Thanks


A:File sync over network to SDHC card

On the machine with the card, if you open My Computer, how does the SDHC card appear
or does it show up at all?
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Hi all Help needed please I am running windows x triple dual sync view problems HDMI core amd gig ddr and ati gfx I have been running a dual view setup without problems HDMI dual view sync problems using hdmi to my onkyo amp and which is outputting to my quot hitachi lcd screen I tried drag a game onto the lcd screen and i got a no sync message come up the screen and a black screen Now whenever i plug the hdmi cable in to the gfx card and reboot it displays the bios setup but as soon as it goes to windows it loses sync with the lcd and switches the main desktop screen off I have uninstalled reinstalled various ati drivers at least three times and used driver sweeper to be sure it was cleaned up If i plug the hdmi from the pc straight to the lcd screen everything is fine i have tried different hdmi cables and used other hdmi ports on the reciever and as i say HDMI dual view sync problems it works when not in windows thanks in advance nbsp
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While logged in as administrator, I copied a share folder to my local computer. I've manage to delete all the contents within the folder but can't delete the folder itself. The error I get when I right-click and select delet is :

Cannot delete: Access is denied. Make sure the disk is not full or write-protected and that the files is not currently in use.

When I try to delete the folder for command prompt using RD /S I get the error:

Access is denied

When I go into properties, there is no SECURITY tab but only GENERAL & CUSTOMIZE. Also the folder attributes are 'read-only' but of course Windows won't let me change that either.

Can someone show how to delete this folder?

Thank you

A:Can't delete folder

Have you tried Unlocker ?
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ok, so i have several movies in .avi format, and when played, on any media player, there is a sync problem. the sound comes before the video by about 4-6 seconds. this happens all throughout video. how do i fix this?

A:Audio sync problem with AVI

Did you try VLC? It should use its own codecs instead of system wide ones. It is most likely a codec issue and if VLC plays it fine you probably need to update the codec for whatever format the .avis contain.
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hello guys im about to give u a problem that i have for almost weeks and share 7 with printer folder windows Problem in now recently in my office we upgraded from XP to win everything was fine before until win come to the scene so we have pc that act as main pc to save all document and data and we share that folder to other PCs in the office it work Problem with share folder and printer in windows 7 fine for like - days then Problem with share folder and printer in windows 7 i cant access the shared folder anymore and have to reconnecting the other PCs to the main pc again here is what i did - connect the PCs to main PC via pc name and mapped drive - use static ip on all PCs some more info - main pc use windows the other using windows XP - all PCs use F-secure v anti virus yup i suspecting win and Fsecure has something to do with this problem - all PCs joined domain but already use admin password to connect before and work for - days without asking password everytime we want to access share folder any help is welcome thanks in advance edit printer also suffer the same fate as PCs nbsp

A:Problem with share folder and printer in windows 7

ermm..i guess there is no solution for this one...
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Hi apologies if this is in the wrong forum cant seem to find one that fits Right here s the background so you understand My new company has just given me a nice smart samsung omnipro PDA This has been setup sync Active contacts of sets 2 to sync with the works exchange Active sync 2 sets of contacts server via GPRS and download my mail contacts etc etc However i am still with my old company for the next few days and on their exchange server i have stored in my contacts about years worth of phone numbers of pretty much everyone i have needed to speak to Now im not leavng the old company as such the of them have partnered up so i need the phone numbers of about of them I access my exchange for the old company through Outlook using a secure HTTPS connection this means that i can see and edit my contacts mail etc etc i can only access my new company via an web based version of outlook Ok here s the problem having setup a partnership with my laptop via active sync it sees my outlook account and the PDA shows both the laptop account and the work account But if i sync to outlook on my laptop and thus get my old works contacts then when i try to change it to also then get my new company contacts via the GPRS connection activesync deletes the existing contacts In other words i cant sync both sets of contacts as doing one deletes the other I am sure there is an answer to this but i cant seem to find it nbsp
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Hi guys,

noob here hope someone can help me..

i physically took out my hard drive from my desktop computer and connected it to a HDD dock to transfer data to my laptop.

when i put the hard drive back inside my desktop computer, C:\ and D:\ appears as a folder instead and cannot open when i double click. i have to right click and click open for it to work.

so i did a format on D:\ because there's no data in it originally and now it's back to the original D:\ hard disk icon and works fine when i double click it. but i have alot of valuable info in C:\ that's too large to transfer anywhere else to format.

does anyone know a way to restore the C:\ icon back to the original hard drive icon and double click works without wiping out the data?

A:Local disk drive C:\ appearing as a folder!

read this post there may

read this post there may be some similar problems / fixes for you.....don't forget to use the Micro soft USB disconnect tool before unplugging any devices
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yesterday I tryed to open a folder on my external hdd I received the error message that the folder couldn't be accessed becouse it was corrupted.
I am arfraid this might have have happend when I unplugged my hdd without using save remove, but I'm not sure this is what caused it.

Does anyone know howe i might recover the files in the folder. because it was al large (about 300 GB) and important folder.
I use windows XP, and it is a NTFS drive.


A:Corrupted folder on external hdd

Try running CHKDISK (check disk) on the external drive
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Every time I turn the computer on, I can see the shared folders that are my two other computers. The problem is, when I close the lid of the laptop and reopen it, I can no longer see the shared folders. Even if I hit refresh multiple times, the folders don't appear until I restart. It is really annoying and frustrating. Please help!!

A:Windows 7 - folder sharing problem

After Standby or Hibernation, you've lost the connection(s) to the other shares

If you have two systems with one share each, then use the command prompt or RUN to access:\\system#1\sharename#1
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I have my iPod touch, Outlook and my one computer synced perfectly.

Now I want to sync my ipod to my second computer so Outlook and iTunes are exactly the same.

When I hook up the ipod to the second computer (under the Summary tab "Manually checked) I have a "Sync" option. But when I click on "Info" tab and check sync Contacts, etc I get an "Apply" button instead of "Sync".

Want to make sure I don't make any changes to the iPod.

What should I do to sync to the second computer?

A:Sync iPod Touch to second computer

Found this any comments.
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Im having some problems sharing certain files to the network here on our office. The thing is when i try to share a folder it cant be spotted or viewed by anyone. I guess i dont share the folder properly. Its not only rightclicking on the folder and ticking in the share folder bars i presume? What else needs to be done?

A:Problems setting up folder on shared network

There's several variables the can come into play but let's just start here
1) Make sure all the computers are in the same workgroup
2) Make sure all the computers can "see" each other in "Windows Networking" (i.e. they are all "visible")

See this post
> Do step 1 to confirm each computer's workgroup
> Then jump to Testing Network Visibility
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I have a customers computer I am about to do a reformat on. Naturally I need to back up mainly their pictures, but preferrably the entire 'my documents' folder. What I am running into is an error box saying 'cannot copy'. I am thinking there is some sort of protection on the drive, but am unaware of how to find this out. Any suggestions?

A:Unable to copy folder from hard drive

Which version of Windows are you running? And what exactly is the error message.

It might just be a matter of access permissions. Are you logged on to an account with Admin rights?

You can try
1) Taking ownership of accounts/modifying permissions (see here)
2) Or just boot into Knoppix (an alternate operating system) and then copy the files See How to recover your folders/files when Windows won?t boot
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My laptop window is window vista. I had turn all the sharing option without need to insert any password, but i just can see the sharing folder but cannot acess in the folder to see the files inside the folder. I connect my laptop with my friend's laptop with window xp via router. Some more the workgroup name of mine and my friend is the same....So, please let me know where i am gone wrong...Thank a lot.

A:Please help me about sharing folder problem.Thank

I'm not trying to be rude or anything but I can't begin to figure out what you just wrote =/
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Hi I need not Hard Drive Function accessible: Incorrect folder help on an external hard drive problem I m having now I have a Western Digital gb IDE hard drive in an external USB enclosure I set it to CS on the jumpers and it detected the drive and I was able to access all files with some permission issues Then a power Hard Drive folder not accessible: Incorrect Function outage occurred and when I connect to the drive it runs but I can only access certain files and folders Other folders take along while to access then I get this message folder not accessible Incorrect Function see image attached I ve tried connecting the drive to another computer and it opens the folder but it s blank The drive itself indicates that there s about gb stored The folder i m trying to access has about gb of data Also when I Hard Drive folder not accessible: Incorrect Function try to safely remove hardware for this drive it stalls for a long time I ve also tried another smaller gb WD hard drive and it works fine when I connect to the enclosure although it s a blank drive with no data When trying to safely remove it works fine It s strange that the drive was able to be accessed prior to the power outage and now it s not and seems really slow I m running Vista Home Please help Siedog nbsp

A:Hard Drive folder not accessible: Incorrect Function

You may need to Take Ownership of your folder and grant yourself Full Control privileges

See these two links:

Some more excellent help here:

File and Printer Sharing in Windows Vista

Five Windows Vista Tips for Networking and File Sharing
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Well basically Vista XP between sharing Folder/Drive and I ve been reading around the forums about hooking up vista xp together for Folder/Drive sharing between XP and Vista filesharing over the network So far Ive failed miserably I ve went over all the settings that I know in XP and had to look up the others that I didn t know including ALL vista settings I m just wondering if someone has a link to a site that goes over all the vista xp settings or if someone is willing to type it all out note did what like different sites on google said to no avail Trying to transfer the WoW folder GB can t redownload all of that would take like years on KB down from my wired XP desktop to my wireless Vista laptop All firewalls OFF ports are wide open file sharing enabled on each there s a lot more I m sure I m missing a setting somewhere but I can t find it So epically confused nbsp

A:Folder/Drive sharing between XP and Vista

Start with the basics. What are the IP addresses of each machine and can you ping each other?
Try pinging using the IP address and then try pining using the machine name
If you can ping each other try the mapping the network drive though the net use command computer name of the pc with the shared folder i.e. net use \\computer\sharefolder X:
If prompted for a user name and password there is a permissions issue. Set the permissions on the shared folder to everyone and full access. I would do this on the XP machine.

Also check the hosts file for bad entries, something may be blocked

If all you want to do is transfer a file or folder there is always the sneakernet method. But I understand the desire to make it work. So try the above and reply back and we'll take it from there.
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My network has 2 PC's, one of which had XP installed when purchased. The other had Windows 98, and has been recently upgraded to XP. I want to be able to access any file from either machine. On the PC that was upgraded from Win 98, I have set Drive C to be shared. The other PC can access any file, including those in the Program Files folder. It can, for example, run PaintShop Pro across the network, even though it's not installed on that machine.

I have set Drive C on the other PC to be shared, but I cannot access its Program Files folder from the (former) Win 98 PC. I get "Access Denied" messages.

Does anyone know how to allow complete sharing of all files?


A:How do you access "Program Files" folder on a network?

You need to set both share permissions and the file permissions on disk.

No need to specifically share the drives BTW. Windows automatically enables administrative shares in the form of c$ d$ etc.
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my C drive is only an 80G and right now 60G of it is full of apps. I rather like these apps and I don't want to uninstall them. Is it possible to actually move the whole folder to my terabyte and just fix the shortcut paths as needed, or is it more complicated than that?

A:Is it possible to move your entire program files folder to a seperate volume?

Hi BlackScarlet

Yes, it is possible to do that. It's called ghosting. Acronis and Norton Ghost are two of the best programs on the market for doing this. Good luck!

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Like a Flashdrive for example? (And by protect I mean with a secure password.)

A:Is there any way to protect a Folder on a external harddrive

Most externals are formatted as FAT32, so the answer is basically NO.
You can get a PGP tool to protect files and folders.

If you ONLY attach to Windows systems, you might consider

converting the external to NTFS
then changing the NTFS permissions on the folder of concern to allow only your login
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i am in a big fix with my computer hard disk space.
It's capacity is 75 gb.
The windows folder itself is 60 gb
i tried uninstalling windows sp 3 but it didnt work.
i have only 2 gb of free space remaining and i am afraid soon i will be out of free space.
i have downloaded ccleaner and few other softwares that remove pc junk but my hard disk
space is still decreasing.

Please Help !

A:Windows folder out of control

Have you run scans for spyware and viruses?
What is the brand, model, and configuration of the computer
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I have a 40GB external USB hard disk where I backup my files. Now when I am trying to delete any file or folder I get the message

Cannot delete "file name":Access is denied
Make sure the disk is not full or write-protected and that the file is not currently in useClick to expand...

There is also a hidden foler $AVG8.VAULT$ which is unknown to me.

I am using windows xp sp2
thanks for help.

A:Cant delete any file or folder on my external USB Hard Disk

the external has NTFS on it and permissions restrictions.

login to an admin account
plug-in the external HD
dbl-click My Computer
find the external HD->right-click->Security
add <Everyone> to the permissions
then set Full Control on Everyone

click REPLACE permissions and Apply
(will take a few minutes to complete)
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I'm sharing a drive on my network using Vista, but would like to limit some folders in the drive. How do I go about doing that?

Sharing a drive seems to be a little different than sharing a folder. I clicked on the drive that I wanted to share and went into the "Sharing" tab, and then enabled the share. Now all I want to do is limit some folder from being on the network, how do I create a permission to deny access to those folders?

A:Hiding folder in drive share

giyad said:

I'm sharing a drive on my network using Vista, but would like to limit some folders in the drive. How do I go about doing that?

Sharing a drive seems to be a little different than sharing a folder. I clicked on the drive that I wanted to share and went into the "Sharing" tab, and then enabled the share. Now all I want to do is limit some folder from being on the network, how do I create a permission to deny access to those folders?Click to expand...

Sharing a physical drive is a high risk choice; MS suggestions sharing only folders.
This automatically excludes all non-shared folders and enhances your security.
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Im having this problem with one particular drive specifically after i merged two partitions together My original configuration for the machine was my WD Gig that had Windows XP Professional on it and a WD Gig that had Windows Server Eval Edition I had A LOT of crap on both drives and decided i was going to reformat both drives and start clean I got through backing up most of it but then decided that i was just going to make a gig partition on my gig drive that had Server on it So I made the partition dumped all the data that i wanted to keep onto it and Partition a Access with merged denied Magic to folder decided to reformat both drives that had OS s on them When it came to installing the OS s i decided to take a different approcach I put the OS s on there own partitions on just the Gig drive and decided i was going to use the Access denied to a folder merged with Partition Magic gig exclusively for data I loaded back up partition magic onto the XP drive because you cant run it from server Decided that i was going to merge the partitions back it asked me what folder i wanted to put all the data that was on the drive into on the newly merged partition it went all the way through no problems Went to sleep and let it run woke up this morning the drives were merged i had all of my drive back in one but the folder that i moved all the data to is giving me quot Access Denied quot errors i right click on the folder and it tells me Bytes as if nothing is in the folder but if i click onto the properties of the drive it tells me that the drive still has gigs used up so i know the data is there somewhere i just cant get to it I did a thorough scandisk and went to work and it ran still having the same problems I didnt want to really try anything else in fear of losing the rest of the data and not being able to get it back ANY suggestions would be much appreciated nbsp

A:Access denied to a folder merged with Partition Magic

"Access denied" would suggest that you are not using and administrator account or you have denied yourself (administrator) access to the folder.
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I have HD s running Two NTFS internal copying folder" file "Error message XP or and one XP "Error copying file or folder" message FAT external A GB NTFS with about GB of free space A GB NTFS with GB of free space A GB FAT with GB of free space I am getting this error message while trying to transfer a GB Movie from the GB HD to the GB HD saying quot Error copying file or folder There is not enough free disk space quot Obviously there is enough disk space on the target drive for the movie but for XP "Error copying file or folder" message some reason or another it doesn t think so Windows also recognizes that there is the correct amount of space available it only says there isn t when I try to transfer I tested transferring with other files and it works fine its just that file I also tried transferring it to the GB HD and it worked without any problems My questions are Is there something wrong with the file Is it that there isn t enough room in a temporary folder for it to transfer a file that big Is it the fact that they are different file systems Is there something wrong with my HD Or is it something that i m not thinking of Thanks for your help Sorry if this post is in the wrong section I thought it was the most appropriate nbsp

A:XP "Error copying file or folder" message

Thankfully you didn't try "moving" it, sometimes from doing this it vanishes from the source (as wanted) and never gets to the destination (due to out of memory error)

I've seen this myself, it's to do with system resource on your PageFile amount of Ram being used and the CPU coming in trying to process it all.

In most cases I have run CCleaner first then copied the large file(s) across without fuss.
It's just all the temp files together and Windows thinking that memory is low when it's just the processing of this memory in a temporary location (being %temp% usually)
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How can I put art covers in one folder that are seperate
I have a one folder and Id like the mp3's to have different pictures in that folder so winamp displays them in album art seperetly.
Cause I download the pictures and it shows me Folder.jpg the same pic is for all songs. Id like in that folder lots of pictures and so that winamp recongizes them
1.mp3 same folder same picture I'd like different picture
2.mp3 same folder same picture I'd like different picture
3.mp3 same folder same picture I'd like different picture
Id like those mp3 in the same folder and so that they display each cover seperetly
I don't won't to make new folder just one and so that each mp3 has a dffferent picture in the same folder

A:How can I put art covers in one folder that are seperate

I solved my problem

I solved my problem
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I need help with my U3 Scan Disk drive. Im unable to locate or view the folders in the USB drive. But when i try to scan for virus with Avast the folders and the files in them are being scanned.

Can you help me locate my files on the drive?

A:Folder Not Visible on USB

Control Panel-->Folder Options-->View tab
Tick Show hidden and system files/folders
Apply Ok

Check the drive again
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I m trying to back up some stuff to an external hard drive And there are errors in movies that I have ripped because I either forget to put them back in the case or they get lost some movies and whenever I try to move the video file ripped int a AUDI TS file and a VIDEO TS file I have an error Error copying or file folder box where the title of the window in Error copying file or folder the blue bar says quot Error Copying File or Folder quot and in the window the gray part it Error copying file or folder says quot Cannot copy VTS quot Data error cyclic redundancy check quot And then I click the quot OK quot button and it stops the transfer The VTS is sometimes replaced with whatever file that cannot be transferred or that is causing the problem I used DVDShrink and DVD to back them up I am running Windows XP sp and transferring them onto a GB hard drive Can anyone help me please Thank you nbsp

A:Error copying file or folder

What backup or software or DVD recording software are you using?
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i got big head on the wireless network sharing files, the problem is i can see the files that sharing from my PC, but he cant access to my computer, because is under password protected.
The thing is i didnt set any account with protected password in OS. Beside, i've turned off the window firewall. So pls help me up.
i;m using XP service pack 2

A:LAN sharing folder issue

This tutorial may help:

But I'd also say, try with your (or Windows) firewall off
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my music folder use to arrange my mp3 files in order from oldest to newly added. i must have clicked something because it doesnt anymore. can you tell me how to make it so it will arrange them from when they were added, like it once did?

please & thanks,

A:Music Folder

Open the music folder and then click on the 'Date Modified' tab at the top. You may have to click it one more time to get the latest file on top.
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hi guys i m working on a winxp machine that has users that need access to all the same information i d like to keep things as transparent as possible so windows doesn t really folder MyDocs users the multiple Sharing with appear to function differently than normal i ve Sharing the MyDocs folder with multiple users also read up on changing the target folder for the quot My Documents quot folder my idea is to create a new folder and point both accounts MyDocs folder towards that new folder i understand there may be the occasion where one user will want to use a file that the other user has open but that is a minimal concern i d also like to make is easier to back up the files from both users with a single operation instead of digging through things so the big question is is there any reason that its a bad idea for users on the same Sharing the MyDocs folder with multiple users machine to use the same logical folder as their my documents folder nbsp

A:Sharing the MyDocs folder with multiple users

Your working too hard at the objective. There's a Shared Documents fold that is intended to be shared by everyone.

Under the All Users, there's the \Shared Documents; everyone has read/write/delete
permissions and can copy or create files therein.
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turn my computer on .. everything sounds like its booting up.. but the monitor says nothing but invalid sync and goes away .... not sure what my issue is here ... my vid card is properly snugged into its slot ... so its not that .... i read something about my monitor settings could be the problem ? idk.. confused ... any help would be greatly appreciaited


A:Video problem? invalid sync

You must be A+ Certified... What are your system specs? Try booting into Safe Mode and select "VGA" is you can see anything
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Hi guys Just to get it out of the way I have already searched the forum can't Folder merged with Magic, problem open Partition files/folder. for help and the web and I already found a thread in here explaining what to do write techspot com in front of vb all windows t- -Access-denied-to-a-folder-merged-with-Partition-Magic html i can t post links because i m new here But I can t find the freakin security settings in Partition Magic I ve been looking through them all quot general view disk tools and so on quot but anything saying security I cannot find Is it me or my partition magic that retarded -S I have to admit it s a craked version but it didn t complain about anything when I typed the serial just - quot thanks for using partition magic and Folder problem with Partition Magic, can't open merged files/folder. so on quot When I try to access the merged folder this is what Folder problem with Partition Magic, can't open merged files/folder. comes up F g is not accessible Access denied The same thing a unformattede harddrive would say So is it still a security thing Or is it my partion magic that needs changing Please forgive my newbi-ways p s i m using XP home edition from dell if that helps nbsp

A:Folder problem with Partition Magic, can't open merged files/folder.

Although your issue may be easily resolved

TechSpot cannot help with cracked software - as the cracked software may be faulty itself.
Let alone the legal issues

Thread to be CLOSED
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I recently merged two partitions together using PartitionMagic and for the 2nd partition it moved all the data that was on it into a folder onto my 1st partition like I wanted it to. Except now I can't access the folder at all and windows says the folder contains nothing at all(there was at least 30 gigs of stuff in there). Am I screwed or is there a way to recover this data?

A:Unable to access folder after partition merge

I use Partition Magic a lot on computers, but normally I move the files in Explorer first, actually I didn't know that PM could do this for me. Mind you, from your post I'm glad I always moved files first.

Anyway, you say that "now I can't access the folder at all" can you access the folder in Safe mode ? What actually happens when you do try to open the folder ?
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I don't know what happened. My sound is off sync. The gunshots, foot steps etc is being heard from a different direction then it actually is happening. please help , thanks

A:Counter strike audio off sync

are your speakers on the wrong side?

and if not, check if the program you use to manipulate your sound settings had an invert audio check box?

mine does, it's for people who need to use their speakers backwards due to cord length or special surround sound setup
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Hi We have a network with a server running and all computers using xp pro the office computers need to access a shared folder containing a shared not folder network Can but see computer on frequently used program on one of these computers This folder cannot be stored on the server as the program doesn t work then It is also easier as only one computer needs the frequent program updates I have done this by mapping Can see computer but not shared folder on network a drive to the folder The user of Computer A has left and I changed the username and password on server and computer When I tried to connect using Computer B I was prompted for a username and password to access it and everything was fine But computer C didn t give me this option I disconnected the drive and tried to remap it computer A has the folder computer B can access the folder and program computer C can see the computer but not the folder All computers were recently upgraded from win with fresh install except Computer C which was just upgraded over the top Lazy tech guys couldn t be bothered to reformat I have called in tech guys but they take days to arrive and usually Can see computer but not shared folder on network mess things up Has anyone any ideas on why this is happening Any help would be appreciated Thanks Mel nbsp

A:Can see computer but not shared folder on network

What are you the System Admin or Network Engineer?

Computer C has to be re-formated with a fresh copy of XP. So that would have to be done if the lazy tech didn't do it right the first time.

Sounds like your remoting into these Computer A, Computer B and Computer C. Can you go out to their location and see what's going on? If you can't get the techs to do since you have to wait 3 days. Computer C needs to be taken care of.

Each PC A, B, C need to be setup in Active Directory so you can administer them correctly.
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I've just started to use Vision 5 in Nero 8 and am burning a DVT-MS file to make a DVD-Video. Everything is good apart from the sound which appears to be about a second or two behind the video. Has anyone any ideas how to remidy this?

A:Audio video sync

Can we have your systems specs?
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Hi everyone This is my first post here on this community and I am hoping to become an active member in the months ahead I am experiencing a very toughie This a Sharing one's guys! Issue: Folder unique issue that I am hoping someone might have a fresh perspective on it has to do with folder sharing options under the security tab on a local computer We currently swithced over to a domain based network in order to accomodate some heavy duty software that was loaded onto our server This software can only be loaded onto local workstations by pulling the install files from a Deploy folder on the server Once the software is fully installed and the local workstation user needs to open the software it is pulling some data from the server but also needs to access some files from the local computer specifically from the quot Temp quot folder and the quot System quot folder under the WINDOWS folder in Docs and Settings So on the majority of our computers I just right click on the Temp and Sys folder go to the Security tab and add the domain user on to the Groups and Users area without any problems b c the local computer and security settings can see the domain server Well this is where it gets weird I am on this one particular workstation and when I try to go through the same process I am not able to add any domain users to the security group users b c for Folder Sharing Issue: This one's a toughie guys! some reason the workstation is not seeing the domain server - only the local computer - eventhough I am officially logged in and connected to the domain as the domain administrator So if I try to add a user from the domain it tells me it can t find it b c the only location it can access is the local workstation I have tried everything from disconnecting and re-connecting to the domain restarting the computer a number of times deleting the computer name off of the actual server etc - nothing is working Any other suggestions besides re-building the computer nbsp

A:Folder Sharing Issue: This one's a toughie guys!

Welcome to TechSpot!

Are you the admin of that workstation that has the software you need to install on other system on the network? You should use Active Directory and assign that workstation and anyone who has rights the to access the data you need. You could use SMS to push the software down. I rather use AD Managed Software to do it better. Most likely you'll need some scripts to perform these task. If you don't want to do it that way you could again go into active directory assign access rights for tech who has admin rights who could access the system to pull down the software manually for each PC. Again that would take time to do. Most companies use SMS or some deployment tool to install updates an etc..

Can Active Directory under Users and Computer can you see the PC? Yes or No?
Can you ping this PC
As it setup correctly on the domain.
Go to that PC and take it off the domain and put in on a workgroup.
Then when you log back in to the PC add it to the domain.
If it doesn't get added then go into Active Directory and see why?

How many Certifcate Licenses did you get for your server connections? Something else you should get into?
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Q: sync

Are there any mp3 players that will sync up with Windows media player? I've tried to get my Ipod to sync up, but being an Ipod...*&#%! $*@^!!......


i understand where you're coming from, i can't stand itunes personally

as far as i know anything that will plug straight into your usb port will sync with wmp and players by creative might, but i'm not sure. i expect the microsoft zune players will work with it though. however when windows media player syncs with a mobile device it copies the files straight onto it, it doesn't put them in folders or organize them in any way
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Bravo to RealBlackStuff He solved my problem that I Folder denied accessible is access is not ve been struggling with for days I stumbled on this forum just yesterday and I m hooked I want to thank you for your Folder is not accessible access is denied post below because I ve been struggling on how to access the quot owner quot folder in my defective old hard drive with the following error message quot Folder is not accessible access is denied folder is not accessible - access is denied quot Thanks for the remedy you gave below There may be a case of encryption on the old W K disks that you have not yet installed on XP-home Also you will be a different user on XP from W K even if you used the same name You can take ownership of these files as follows Boot XP-home into Safe Mode Press F a few times when starting up as an administrator Now use Explorer to go to the folders etc on your W K-drives right-click them select Properties click the Security tab and click OK if a security message pops Folder is not accessible access is denied up Click Advanced then Owner tab In the Name list select your administrator s name Mark the Replace Owner on subcontainers and objects check box Click OK Yes and OK For taking ownership of files rightclick them Security tab Advanced Owner tab In Name list select Administrator or Admin-group and click OK Click Add and in the quot Enter the object list quot type a user or group account or Administrator Click OK In the group or user name list click the account you want e g Administrator then tick the check boxes for permissions e g Full Control Allow Hope this gets you on your way nbsp

A:Folder is not accessible access is denied

Hi Lexirad,

Thanks for that its always nice to get some positive feedback about the experience people have with the TS forum,

I found that people were having that kind of issue a while back so I made this page up.

How to change the rights in XP or 2K.

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The Size of Priv1 .EDB and HTML on my Exchange 2000 both are making like 15 GB although I don't have a big list of email accounts, its max 50. It 16 GB a week back I run offline defragmentation and used NT Backup. It reduces just 3GBs and today its again on 15GB. Definately if in a week it gained 2GB then in 2 or 3 days my Exchange will be down.

Kindly help me how to reduce the size of these files.

A:MDBData Folder

16GB is the builtin database size limit for Exchange. Don't worry - it will never grow beyond that size.
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I am encountering a bizarre issue synchronizing a Motorola Q to our in-house Exchange server. Topically, everything is working as expected. The problem at hand is, at seemingly random intervals, the Outlook inbox as well as the Q Outlook inbox randomly marks all messages as read; as would be expected, this is creating havoc in matters of scheduling, &c. I have searched all of the Outlook settings, as well as all available Outlook-related options on the Q to no avail. Has anyone had any experience with these phones or any such synchronization issues? Outlook 2003 is completely updated; I am not sure about the version of the Q's firmware, but would assume, considering the phone is new, that it is probably the latest version....

Any ideas?



A:Motorola Q- Outlook 2003 sync issue

Check with technical support for Motorola Q phone... To see if they have any issues like you have described above..
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Regarding Network Drives (Mapped Drives) and Folder Permissions on a Network Domain.

Anyways, I was wondering if anyone knew of how to set it up to where users had permissions to create folders/files, write, and read access, but dont have permissions to rename folders, move, and/or delete them.

If there was anyway to do this and you knew, I would appreciate any help.

Currently, we are running our network with Windows 2003 Server, and we do not have a group policy setup.

A:Folder Permissions on Network Drives?

nkarunatilaka said:

Anyways, I was wondering if anyone knew of how to set it up to where users had permissions to create folders/files, write, and read access, but dont have permissions to rename folders, move, and/or delete them.Click to expand...

Unless update-in-place is implemented, a save (after some edit)
is ususally a delete, create, write sequence and this makes it difficult to
avoid rename/move/delete.

Someone with more XP/Pro or servier 2003 experience might have more insight ...
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i used partition magic to merge 2 partitions and a folder has been created. i cannot delete the folder but i can access it. i have read this thread and followed the instruction but still can't make it. might be something wrong at somewhere.

the error that i got is

Cannot delete System Volume Information: Access is denied.

Make sure the disk is not full or write protected and that the file is nor currently in use.

FYI, i am logging as an administrator since i am the only user of this computer. the folder name is 'merge'.

Properties of this folder:

Administrator : full control
Everyone : read

at the Advance Secutiry Setting for merge
Administrator has full control while Everyone only has several Read options that has been ticked.

A:Cannot delete folder : Access is denied


ok, i've done it. just follow instruction from miscrosoft website.
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Hey, I would like to know if it possible to play audio on two different PCs through LAN and them being sync - like having four speakers instead of two. I don't want Dolby sound or anything like that, just being able two play a song at the same time. I do it manually - select the same songs on both the PCs, and trying to sync them by pressing the Play button at the same time, or in my case a few secs after hitting it on one of my PCs - but its just to hard and time consuming. I tried VLC player but it only streams the audio to the other PC and doesn't play it on the on the PC streaming it. Hope that I didnt confused you all but if I did , don't hesitate to ask any of your queries. :suspiciou

A:Audio Sync on two PC


Why ?

Buy a BIG pair of speakers and a large amplifier, and hope the neighbours dont mind ...

I use a program called VirtualDJ, it allows you to stream from 1 PC to any amount of PC's on a LAN, the only drawback is that the stream is delayed by about 10 seconds, I cant say I have heard of any software that will do this but there might be.

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is it possible to take my 120 gig passport and sync my 60-some gig music file from my internal 200gig? like i want it to update my passport whenever new music is in there and vice versa.

A:sync software

see ALLWAY SYNC under the Review forum
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Hi guys,

I have a Maxtor DiamondMax 10 200GB internal HDD made external. It is hardly a year old and sometimes I get error message when attempting to copy a DVD5 out of that HDD into the internal HDD on my PC...
The error reads:

Error Copying File or Folder
Cannot Copy VTS_01_1 : Invalid MS-DOS Function.

I dont know what to do

A:Error Copying File or Folder (invalid MS-DOS Function)

That probably means its copyrighted and illegal to copy!!!!
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when i play videos on windows media player, it goes out of sync after the 'commercials/break'. the commercials have been edited out and the show cuts straight back in as if there were no commercials. but it seems to only go out of sync after when the commercial would have been.

It does this little weird distorted pixel thing for about 2 secs after every commercial too, and then carries on but out of sync.

ive been watching these shows for ages but its only recently decided to go all weird.
maybe theres a codec that could sort this out?!

any ideas?

A:Out of sync video

How was the video captured and how where commercials cut out? If captured to tape media first, a lose of "control track" can cause a lose of time code. If this occurs the video and audio may be out of sync when captured on computer. I have seen this when capturing from dvcam tapes that begin to wear out. A "glitch" on the tape causes an interuption to the time code ,when captured on comp. there is a lose of sync. If commercial were cut out via tape pause then record, this can occur. If same video file has played correctly in the passed, the lose of control track may have corrupted the file. Some players are more tolerant than others, maybe try anther player like Divx player. You may also be able to correct this via video editng software.
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A most perplexing problems, Dell has been of no help. New Axim X51V syncs fine on first attempt, but cannot sync after computer has been turned off. Have to uninstalled sync program and reinstall to sync computer with Axim. Have tried disabling firewall, no difference. This Axim is running Mobile 5.0, and the Sync program is ActiveSync 4.1 Everything is configuered correctly according to Dell and Microsoft. Computer is Dell Inspiron 8500, Running Windows Xp that I am using to sync with... Some conditions:
After first sync, Axim shows up on device manager
Am using USB to connect
When checking my "safely remove hardware icon, nothing show up here.
On second attempt to sync, computer doesn't find Axim, I get a balloon that says" Wireless connection is now connected" (that's weird)

Any thoughts would be much appreciated!
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I downloaded a movie tried to convert it to disc to play on tv, found the movie to long for one dvd, so tried to split it, that failed after a couple of attempts, I ended up with aload of vob files in my music folder. When I tried to delete these I found that I couldn't open the folder. I have tried two uninstall programs, they failed to open the folder then froze, I finally tried the search option, found the files, there were over one thousand files, I resigned myself to deleting them one by one, but after deleting half a doz. twice, that froze also. Can anyone please help?

A:locked folder

Open a command window and type: del folder\*.*

When prompted press y to confirm.
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I've set the Shared Documents folder to be shared over a network on computer A, when I go to my Network Places on computer B the folder shows up twice. Documents on Computer A and SharDocuments on Computer A. Can I do something to have it only show one instance? XP-Pro. Thanks.

A:Sharing the Shared Documents folder

I believe that you are looking at two different folders, if you have logged in from Computer B as Administrator on Computer A. One is the My Documents folder and one is the Shared Documents folder. Someone correct me if I'm wrong...
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Hi all I have setup folder redirection to redirect my documents and the desktop from one folder on our win k server to another folder on the same server I have created a security group and placed everyone in that group that I want to have folder redirection I tested files!!! not redirection all Folder redirecting it on my account and it worked fine it redirected my desktop to the new folder and redirected my documents even though Folder redirection not redirecting all files!!! there was nothing in my documents at the time And it deleted the old folders once the new ones were created and everything moved across However when the Folder redirection not redirecting all files!!! group policy tried to move other users my documents to the new location it would only move some of the files and leave all the rest in the old directory and it wouldn t change the path of the my documents to point to the new directory However it would move the desktop icons with no problems at all and delete the old folder The path that I am using to redirect the folders is server usersdocuments USERNAME and server usersdesktops USERNAME And this is applied to a security group call folder redirection I am completely at a loss with this problem and any help would be much appreciated thanks nbsp
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In the process of setting up a 20 computer closed network using a workgroup running xp-pro. All 20 show up in "Workgroup" and I can "click on" each computer and have access to shared folders on all but 3. On these 3, when I "clickon" the computer, a login window appears(which I don't want). I thought I had setup all the machine in the same fashion, but apparently I didn't. Is there a setting, checkbox or something that I'm missing? Thanks.
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I have just noticed that all of my games runs better when vertical sync is enabled in-game. But here's the problem, i also play a game called Lineage 2, but i cant enable Vertical Sync in-game. So is there any way that i can enable for a game that doesent have the Vertical Sync function in-game, like a program or something?


A:Enable Vertical Sync?

If you have an ATI card, right click on the desktop, select Propertes-Advanced-3D
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I m having some problems converting a divx movie that I have into vcd or svcd The audio slowly goes out of sync and I don t quite know enough about this process to figure out why First I tried AVS VideoConverter and it took all night to make it into an SVCD and the sound came out really bad it sounded like when you fastfoward a cd yet without being sped up - just the missing out part So then I tried to just make it a VCD well it came out pretty good except after about minutes you could begin to see audio sync problems and it was unwatchable not long after So I thought well maybe thats caused by the audio stream problems Divx -> sync audio (S)VCD in the divx being vbr rather than cbr So last night I tried another movie going to vcd that had a cbr audio stream Same problem Then I decided I d just try and do Divx -> (S)VCD audio sync problems it the hard way using VirtualDub and DVD SVCD via the instructions on this site http www dvdrhelp com forum userguides php Well I didn t get far in that process I got to where I split my movie into segments and then did as they suggested and opened it up in Winamp and WMP and the audio is out of sync again as it progresses So I have no idea why its doing this After that I decided well I ll just extract the audio as a wav like the guide says when I did the PCM it should have taken care of any sync problems caused by changing from vbr but I don t know enough in virtual dub or anything on how to extract just the video and then put them back together again because I m thinking that is a surefire way to make sure they line up correctly So if any of you know what the problem is and how to fix it or an easier way to deal with divx - gt s vcd conversion that would be helpful to me nbsp

A:Divx -> (S)VCD audio sync problems

yeah... i used to have this problem with my celeron too.. specially with divx movies.. seems the audio or video went faster than the other (gradually).. dunno which 1 tho.. anyhoo.. that problem quickly vanished after i got a P4..dunno if its the soundcard or vid card or cpu.. all i know is that a faster pc made that problem disapear

wish i could be of more help...
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Kinda of a 2part question.

I had a lexmark Z25 printer I uinstalled it but it says deleting in the printers folder, when I try to delete it, it says printer is currently in use. When its not even use even tried to delete it in safe mode no dice.

other problem is 3 users are on the computer they all have admin rights, hooked up a new printer Lexmark X125, on 2 users it will print but on one user it will not print it will just sit there then say document failed. When I go to the printers folder the Z25 print is still showing saying deleting. This has been going on for serveral weeks anybody know a way to fix this with out having to reformat.


A:Lexmark printer wont remove from the printers folder

did u make th enew one your default printer?
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Okay what s the deal here why doesn t CHKDSK even with additional attributes added work in repairing disk file problems I have SATA s added to my system and both are additional storage only at the moment I ll switch over to installing the OS on one later For now however I only want to convert them both to NTFS For some reason they ve both begun to deny my access to certain folders with the system rendering the following error message quot The file link to and convert size SATA to - 160Gb Unable NTFS folder improper invalid or directory is corrupted and unreadable quot The names of some files and folders have become truncated and not all have long path names so I doubt that s it I m at a loss with this one Is there a utility someone could suggest or know of something else I could try I d appreciate it I also own SpinRite - Steve Gibson s awesome HD recovery utility - but I don t think Unable to convert 160Gb SATA to NTFS - invalid link and improper folder size that applies here to this sort of problem Thanks greatly in advance Eis nbsp

A:Unable to convert 160Gb SATA to NTFS - invalid link and improper folder size

is there anything on those hard drives? also, who makes them? seagate has some good software available on their website for adding and formatting hard drives.
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I have two "Window XP Home" computers on a home network. After setting up the network to share internet connection, I decided I could share files and for a time it worked. Now for some reason my computer when I try to get something off the daughters says access denied talk to the admin. I went to hers the other day and while on it I checked the My Network Places and it does not even see the shared folders on mine. Is there a way to fix this??? and How???

A:Sharing files and folder ?????????????????? Help

maybe this will help

another thing is to make sure the folders are set to allow the network to see them, i did this last night. my comp was able to see the drive but nothung in it, i had to set the setting on each folder to share on the network and that fixed it.
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Wtf? ive just got norton antivirus 2005 and i put it on for a full system scan...i went off and had a mess around on my ps2 and came back dowstairs and its checkin a folder called 'recycler' in c:\, i opened c: and couldnt find it so i put C:\recycler in on run on the start menu. It came up and showed tyhat there was nuthin in the folder but there clearly must be if the folder is over 10gb....the files are not hidden either cuz ive tryed that.

any ideas what its there for?

A:'Recycler' folder in C:\ ????!!!!

The recycler is you recycle bin

Regards Howard :grinthumb
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I have created a folder on a spare machine called users shared it.

In that folders i have put a folder for each user with there name as the
folder as their username.

And created the following script:

Dim objNet, strUserName

Set objNet = CreateObject("Wscript.Network")

strUserName =objNet.UserName

objNet.MapNetworkDrive "N:", "\\server\users\" & strUserName

Saved as a vbs added to all the All Users/Startup so it runs and the drive
appears in My Computer. Perfect!

But i want the my document location to be set to that drive, how would i do
this rather than properties on each My Docs folder on every machine! Is
there a script or anyywhere in gpedit?

All machines including server run xp pro sp2.



- Please use proper thread titles

A:Changing users' MyDocuments folder with a script (Is this possible?)

I think this is what you're trying to do:
If you are on a domain you can do folder redirection through GPO.
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Some friends told me that disabling vsync could help me get more fps in a game, but i dont kno how to disable it. the game is Joint Operations, my vid card is a gigabyte radeon 9200SE 64mb, cpu is amd 2800+ barton

A:Disabling V-Sync

It's covered in our ATI Tweak guide. Disabling it can sometimes give the perception of a smoother frame rate though, can't say I do it myself though either really.
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I have been doing some work at a Library and one of the tasks is setting up Active Directory I have never setup Folder Redirection before but I am literally doing it exactly how everyone has told me to do it and how every page online explains it has to be done yet when a user logs on Redirection Folder Active Directory in from any machine even the AD server itself Folder Redirection does not work Nothing happens at all The main task is to get My Document s for each user to be placed at SERVER user username In the settings I have set the Folder Redirection for SERVER user username Now I am sure that I am setting this up correctly but I think I am missing something else that needs to be done possibly Also another thing is I have created a Visual Basic script which is executed when a user log s on The Folder Redirection in Active Directory script works perfectly when Folder Redirection in Active Directory any user in the Lib Staff group log s on from the AD server itself but not from ANY other computer Including and XP machines Neither execute the script If the script is ran manually from any machine it works completely fine but the script will not execute automatically at logon like it should What am I missing Yes the server has been rebooted nbsp

A:Folder Redirection in Active Directory

Can't help you with the folder redirection :\

As for the logon scrpt, I assume the netlogon share is set up properly and the script placed in the right directory. It may be that running remote vbs scripts is disabled. Try with a simple batch file as the login script to eliminate problems with server-network-client setup.
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I want to back up 'My Documents' which is like 4gigs....and all I have is a CDRW it will take like 6 discs to get it all. What is the easiest way to do this?


A:Backing up a folder using Nero???

Documents are prime food for Winzip or Winrar. Stick your (sub)directories in zip-files, then burn those to CD. Winzip reduces the needed space by up to 60%, depending on the content of the document. Winrar squeezes even more.
So you might be able to burn the lot (in zip-files) on 2-3 discs.
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OK Fellows, I understand this would be a newbie question..... but just want to make sure I'm getting the best performance possible.

I have an MSI KT3 Ultra 2 mobo, Athlon 2200XP CPU and Kingston 512mb 333DDR memory........ I've read in many reviews that the FSB and ram should be SYNC in order to get best performance of both...... How do I do this?, I'm running at standard bios settings!!!...... and don't know if I should clock down the memory?

If the memory is clocked down to run sync with the cpu, will this lower the system gaming performance????

Thanx in advance!!!!

A:Fsb & Ram Sync?????

If you run the memory at 166, it's faster then the FSB which is at 133. So it won't result in any performance gains, but it won't result in a performance loss either ( contrary to the Nforce 1/2 which performs best when the Ram is in sync with the FSB ).

In other words, it's not a problem, & the extra bandwidth can even be used by other devices that happen to run in DMA mode without bothering the CPU.
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Don't tell me to buy a new card..... I know it's old. ;-)
I have newer Tech. but this old thing still produces a playable
Quake2 game in Win '98..... but the W2K driver is not as good.

well the subject says it all - I've got an old Creative 3D blaster
Savage 4, the '98 drivers have a "disable vertical sync" setting
but not the W2K one's - help, this causes VERY crappy frame rates!!!
There must be a reg hack or something.... maybe some other

A:How do I turn off Vert. Sync. in W2K on my Savage 4?

Can you disable it in Quake 2 some way? I've never played Q2 so I'm not too familiar with it's preferences and all that.
Maybe a 3rd party program?
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Like the title says. I load up any mpeg video (except divx) and after about a minute or 2 the audio and the video go out of sync then if I can stand it long enough (another minute or 2) the video glitches and then the audio is synced again fine for another couple minutes. .avi and .asf files don't do this so it has to be something in my mpeg codec but I don't know of a place to get a new codec. Its a pain to have to burn them onto a video cd just to watch without the syncronization problem.

WMP 6.4

A:Odd mpeg video audio sync problem

I had this problem.

I am sorry, but I can't tell you what made it go away, because I honestly don't know. I have been through about 3 motherboards and CPUs since then...

It was something to do with my hard drive being accessed whilst trying to play a movie from there.....
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So I was browsing my email and found a msg that I was chosen to beta test the new MMO Skyforge which I had registered for almost a year ago Excited I followed the directions to download the beta client file and when I ran it I noticed that it was trying to default to an additional disk drive that I had plugged in Insufficient folder to write Permissions to that was from an older rig build the only component that survived a lightning strike It should have defaulted to my C drive but Insufficient Permissions to write to folder instead is trying to install on the older drive which is marked as F drive So I tried to change the location and I got a msg I ve never seen before quot Insufficient permissions to write to folder quot HUH I m logged in and ran the program as administrator and yet windows refuses to allow me to install it Is there a way to fix this UPDATE I decided to try and run a command in cmd prompt as administrator sfc scannow thinking that maybe there might have been corrupted files in my OS Win Ultimate sfc found nothing Still stumped nbsp

A:Insufficient Permissions to write to folder

Right click on the folder, and select properties. Make sure the Read-Only attribute is unchecked/deselected, as it could've been installed as read-only for some odd reason.
From there, open up the Security tab. Scroll through the list of "Group or user names", and look for your Windows log-in name/username.
If you do not find your username there, select Edit... underneath that list, select the Add... button near the middle of the window, and enter in your Windows username, and select OK. Make sure your username is highlighted.

After that, try and set the Permissions to Allow:Full Control. Select OK. If it asks you if you would like to apply settings to sub-folders, then yes apply changes to sub-items.
Let me know if this helped you out.
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I've got office 2010 and for my calender I'm using outlook 2010's
but if I don't start outlook I miss a reminder that I have setup.

Is there anyway to have a calender always running in my task bar
to set appointments & keep an eye on my schedule during the day
instead of always having to start outlook or keep it running.
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I compressed my entire computer files or folder in Zip files but unfortunately the Zip file has corrupted or damaged due to virus interruption. So in such circumstances how to repair corrupt zip files?

A:How To Repair Corrupt Zip Files After Damaged Compressed of Zip Archive Folder?

There's a limit to what and how much damage can be repaired. You can try the free Object Fix Zip, but don't set your hopes too high.