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Q: Logitech Optical Gaming Mouse MX518

Greetings I am presently using a Logitech Logitech Optical Gaming Mouse MX518 Trackball mouse It has a cable and is connected to one of my computer's USB ports I started using it when my cordless Trackball suddenly quot died quot It just froze in the middle of my monitor and every attempt to revive it failed Googling for a solution only led me to see that I wasn't the only one experiencing this tragedy The Logitech forum is literally full of complains concerning the Trackball So after looking at many online reviews on mouses I have decided to purchase the Logitech Optical Gaming Mouse MX Even though I am only an occasional gamer the reviews on this mouse are so good that I have decided to buy it I bought it online at a good price and it will be delivered tomorrow Here is what pc users have to said about the MX on newegg com Newegg com - Logitech MX Buttons x Wheel USB Wired Optical dpi Gaming Mouse I am curious as to what type of mouse some of you are using It's funny how very little is written in pc forums concerning a mouse It's a small piece of hardware but it plays a huge role in the daily operation of your computer but especially I think in gaming For example last week when my cordless Logitech Optical Gaming Mouse MX518 Trackball died I couldn't immediately find this one and until I found it I couldn't use my computer

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Preferred Solution: Logitech Optical Gaming Mouse MX518

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Logitech Optical Gaming Mouse MX518

I have a Genius Traveler 515, Sucks big time... i'm really picky with mice!

Used to have a Laser BenQ that lasted me 2yrs. awesome feeling, awesome precision. this P.o.S. is not precise at all.. i'm looking for a Razer or a Logitech but the prices here are way too high

Even though i don't game too much.. i do like a precise mouse, preferrably a laser one i realized not so long ago that the mouse pad helps you a lot, too. but then, again, the prices here are too high
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Hi all, jsut bought a new Logitech MX518 "gaming grade" mouse from Best Buy and even on the lowest dpi (400) the thing jitters all over the screen, even when I'm not touching it.

I'll look over at my monitor and see the mouse jsut spazzing out. I checked to make sure there is no lint over the optics; it is clear. I'm using a Dell mouse pad which is clean.... this mouse defective? Is it a setting? Any ideas?

A:logitech mx518 MOUSE has the JITTERS

First thing I would try is a new mouse....take it back.
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I have a Logitech MX518 mouse, using with Vista Home Premium. I downloaded and installed the 64-bit driver (setpoint), and set the hotkeys on the mouse to numpad 7-8. In firefox, the new key assignments work fine- if I hit the mouse buttons while in a text box or something (search bar, whatever) I get the correct key assignment. But when I open up a full-screen game (WCIII: Frozen Throne), it fails to operate- with or without numlock on, tried with game detection on and off (when set to on, it is set to keep all settings and assignments). But in-game, the new key assignments do nothing! I didn't have this problem with the same mouse and setup on xp. All the settings look the same, and I think I have the right driver, since it works in in everything EXCEPT full screen games. help?
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i just purchased an logitech bj optical mouse i plugged it in to the port which is exactly the same as the one i have been using with my standard microsoft mouse i am using windows as an logitech optical mouse operating system anyway logitech optical mouse the message comes on that windows does not detect a mouse i called logitech dowloaded something they told me to do and still nothing it does not light up i hooked the new mouse up to another computer and it worked just fine So my question is what do i have to logitech optical mouse do to get this thing to work I plugged the old mouse back in and it works fine did not even have to reboot Please help me div class messageTextEndMarker nbsp div blockquote article div div class messageMeta ToggleTriggerAnchor div class privateControls span class item muted span class authorEnd a href members tompalushock class username author dir auto tompalushock a span a href threads logitech-optical-mouse title Permalink class datePermalink span class DateTime title Feb at AM Feb span a span div div class publicControls a href threads logitech-optical-mouse title Permalink class item muted postNumber hashPermalink OverlayTrigger data-href posts permalink a div div div id likes-post- div div li class message div class messageUserInfo itemscope itemscope itemtype http data-vocabulary org Person div class messageUserBlock div class avatarHolder span class helper span a class avatar Av m data-avatarhtml true img src styles default xenforo avatars avatar m png width height alt a div h class userText Sponsor h span class arrow span span span div div div class messageInfo primaryContent div class messageContent article blockquote class messageText ugc baseHtml ins class adsbygoogle style display inline-block width px height px data-ad-client ca-pub- data-ad-slot ins blockquote article div div li li li id post- class message data-author bassetman div class messageUserInfo itemscope itemscope itemtype http data-vocabulary org Person div class messageUserBlock div class avatarHolder span class helper span a href members bassetman class avatar Av m data-avatarhtml true img src data avatars m jpg width height alt bassetman a div h class userText a href members bassetman class username dir auto itemprop name bassetman a em class userTitle itemprop title Moderator - Gone but never forgotten em h div class extraUserInfo dl class pairsJustified dt Joined dt dd Jun dd dl dl class pairsJustified dt Messages dt dd a href search member user id class concealed rel nofollow a dd dl div span class arrow span span span div div div class messageInfo primaryContent div class messageContent article blockquote class messageText SelectQuoteContainer ugc baseHtml Is this a USB device on an older computer br Sometimes they need a certain amt of power that an older sys may not be able to supply br br I had that problem with a logitech netcam br br John div class messageTextEndMarker nbsp div blockquote article div div class messageMeta ToggleTriggerAnchor div class privateControls span class item muted span class authorEnd a href members bassetman class username author dir auto bassetman a span a href threads logitech-optical-mouse post- title Permalink class datePermalink span class DateTime title Feb at AM Feb span a span div div class publicControls a href threads logitech-optical-mouse post- title Permalink class item muted postNumber hashPermalink OverlayTrigger data-href posts permalink a div div div id likes-post- div div li li id post- class message data-author n gun div class messageUserInfo itemscope itemscope itemtype http data-vocabulary org Person div class messageUserBlock div class avatarHolder span class helper span a href members n gun class avatar Av m data-avatarhtml true img src data image png base iVBORw KGgoAAAANSUhEUgAAAGAAAABgCAYAAADimHc AAAFg lEQVR u dWXPaVhiGXwkhgcFgsDGLzWZsHMfjNEs bX zf IvetvOZJpk sSxgwGzy y WSR lcYHuVMvCATzPXc jHSWB zsKY PtxMQC OnISABJIAgASSAIAEkgCABJIAgASSAIAEkgCABJIAgASSAIAEkgCA... Read more
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My mouse tends to stick and requires to be lifted off my desk.

What is the best surface e.g. colour/material etc on which to use an optical mouse



A:Logitech Optical Mouse

Plain cloth surface (for eg. velvet) will suit fine. Colour doesn't matter.
Just curious, isn't usage of mouse pad is widely common? Or else, you can even use daily newspaper I guess, will sure be better than desk surface in my opinion.
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I have a Logitech optical wheel mouse that previously was installed and working fine on an IBM PIII Windows se system I tried to move it to use it on an IBM Netvista GHz RAM running Windows XP and I can t get the computer to recognize the mouse at all The mouse will work as either a USB or Ps plug in but the Netvista won t recognize it in either plug in form I ve used thumb drives in the USB port so I know it that works and I ve used a ball mouse with the Ps plug so I know that works The Lenovo website offers a driver package for what they call quot Scrollpoint optical wheel mouse quot because some of these computers originally came with that mouse from the factory but I m hesitant to try this because mine is a Logitech Mouse Logitech Problem Optical not Scrollpoint By the way I kept the driver CDROM that came with the Logitech and have indeed run Logitech Optical Mouse Problem it on the Netvista and that didn t make any difference either Anybody out there have any thoughts or experience on this type of problem that might help Skigeezer nbsp

A:Logitech Optical Mouse Problem

If you go to Device Manager do you see any error condition with the mouse? Do you see another mouse that's not connected listed? Have you been to Logitech's site and looked for a new driver for that model that's XP rated?

You might try here:,en?osid=1&file=
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Sometimes when my mouse clicks... nothing happens! Although the button IS sticky, I can tell when a "click" goes through by the feel and sound of the mouse. Recently, some clicks just don't do anything (this is terrible for online gaming). My right mouse button works fine however. Strangely, my clicks will sometime "catch up" with eachother, executing commands at a delayed rate. I have plenty of RAM (512mb) and plenty of HD space. I have a 1.8ghz proc. Any Ideas what the problem may be? I posted this already, but the post dissapeared after the forum went down.


A:Logitech Optical mouse... problems!

I believe that there are 2 things that might help you .
1. make sure that you are running the lastest "MouseWare" from logitech.
2. If the mouse if on a USB hub try and plug it directly into the mobo.
As a side note, i would open the mouse and make sure that there are no "foreign matters " inside that might cause a un normal operation of the buttons.
Quick question . Did all this start to happen "out of the blue" or did you had this problems from the very first moment when you pluged in the mouse ?
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Dude has anyone seen the new MX518 thats comin in april ah man its so slick. I looked it on logitech's site and puts my MX510 to shame.

A:Logitech MX518

I want that MX1000 mouse. One of these days...
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I am running XP Home edition and I have just bought a logitech pilot optical mouse - it is plugged into my ps2 port. I downloaded the current driver and set up everything ok. The problem is that the mouse pointer jumps all round the screen every now and again. I have seen that this can be a problem when using it as USB.
Could the mouse be influenced by external factors (the computer desk is very close (2ft) to the fuseboard and electricity meter)

A:Solved: Logitech Optical mouse jumping

What kinda mouse pad are you using?

Could the mouse be influenced by external factors
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Could be.. There's a PC in our warehouse that has this problem due to it's proximity to a ham radio antenna.
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Hi I purchsed working.. wheel optical Mouse 700 MX not Logitech a new Mouse today the MX Optical rechargable Can be seen here HERE Now a normal mouse with a wheel will allow you to roll the wheel to flick up and down your web and text etc Ive assigned my buttons and wheel to Universal and Auto scoll etc and the Wheel still MX 700 Logitech optical Mouse wheel not working.. doesnt work Ive got it connected to the USB I tried the PS port and still no Joy Ive updated with the latest drivers and still the wheel wont allow me to scroll I also allowed to use Office or something like that If I press the wheel button in yes I can but you should be able to roll it and move your page up and down Im using Windows XP home Now If I cant get it to work after re porting here then I shall have to take it back At Euros something like this should work like a Dream but it doesnt I need the wheel as it is a very important part of my gaming Please HELP as I need this on the road Thx in advance Visit me FFR nbsp

A:MX 700 Logitech optical Mouse wheel not working..

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I have discovered an interesting problem. A Coca Cola night light(Liquid, filled with glitter, sort of a lava lamp effect.)plugged into the same outlet as computer, when turned on interferes with cordless mouse. My mouse seemed to, for no reason, began to work intermittently, the pointer skipping around the screen sometimes not moving at all. Tried many things, nothing helped, until I turned off night light, problem solved. Logitech LX7 Cordless Optical Mouse. FYI

A:Logitech Cordless Optical Mouse Interference

Hi, that is a strange problem, but this could be the cause, u say that when connected in the same outlet with the pc, (right?) if u connect it in other, it doesnt do it? Ok may that lamp, has EMF that go through the electric cables, which then affect the whole pc and not only the mouse?try connecting a ups or any stabilizer to the Pc, and connect it again.
If it fails, then throw it out of the window or into the bin.

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Just got a Logitech Duel Optical MouseMan Wheel and I m having some weird issues with it I m stumped Let me tell you what s going on first then I ll tell you what I ve tried I put the mouse in and I noticed the curser was just acting strange didn t feel right I talked to some people and was told to download the newest drivers off of Logitech s website I did that I noticed was that the X and Y axis of the mouse don t seem to be running at the same speed I turned acceleration off I do a lot of gaming and I need my mouse to work so I can pull optical wheel man Logitech mouse Duel it back down while recoiling but it almost feels like a ball mouse that s gotten dirty and won t bull down fast enough very weird So I got the new drivers looked for some sort of calibration settings but I haven t been able to find any Any help would be greaty appreciated nbsp

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I've just received my nice new Logitech mouse to replace my faulty Micro$oft Intellimouse 3.0 Explorer.

I've made a very good choice as this mouse is a lot more ergonomic that the old one which was too bulky for the hand.

It's the first mouse to use dual optical lasers and i noticed straight away how more precise the mouse pointer on the screen was moving.

All i need now is the Everglide Giganta mouse and wrist pad and i'll be happy with the better ergonomics of using the mouse and reducing RSI symptoms.

Would I recommend this mouse? YES :grinthumb

A:Logitech MouseMan Dual Optical Mouse

Glad it was a good choice.
I would have liked one of those myself apart from the fact I wanted a cordless mouse. The logitech cordless optical is the same shape and I find it very comfortable. I don't know if they will release a dual optical cordless mouse... I would think that such a mouse would devour batteries rather than nibble them
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After giving up with the intellimouse 3.0 I am now considering these two

The G500 has more features but its a laser mouse and I have heard optical (MX518) is better for gaming

anyone got any experience of these two mice?

A:Logitech G500 vs MX518?

I've been using the Logitech MX 518 for about a month now. It's been a huge upgrade over the ordinary Logitech USB mouse I used before. It's very responsive and has very good tracking.
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I saw where someone had almost the exact same problem as I do in a previous post only they had a Sony optical mouse and mine is a Logitech I didn t find an answer there so I decided to post a new thread I know this is long but please bear with me About a year ago I was given a brand new Logitech Mini Optical Mouse as a gift from a friend According to the box my system met all the system mouse Optical Logitech detecting Solved: not requirements It came with a USB extension and a CD My friend wasn t sure if I had a USB port or not so he dug up a Solved: system not detecting Logitech Optical mouse PS converter it did not Solved: system not detecting Logitech Optical mouse come with one just in case I needed Solved: system not detecting Logitech Optical mouse it I actually tried to use it that way first but it did not work so since I did have a USB port I just plugged it in there I am almost positive that I didn t even have to use the CD to upload anything it just started working It worked great for about two months Then one day I rebooted my computer and it didn t detech my mouse I rebooted a couple more times and it still didn t work so I finally figured out that if I started up with the old PS manual mouse then un plug it and plug in the optical mouse it would work fine until I had to reboot If I rebooted with the optical mouse plugged in it would not detect it So I had to boot up with the manual mouse and then switch to the optical mouse EVERY SINGLE TIME I have an older tower cpu that is underneath my desk and this is very awkward and tedeous to do Not to mention that I was about to ruin the little teeth on the manual mouses PS connector with all of the plugging in and out So I decided to do some more detective work I pulled out the CD that came with the optical mouse and installed everything that was on it but it didn t do any good I even went to Logitech s website and read up on it and tried a few different things including trying to find other drivers but was totally unsuccessful and as a matter of fact whatever I did made it worse because it got to where it would never detect the optical mouse at all no matter what I did So I finally gave up out of extreme frustration and put the optical mouse away and I have been using the manual mouse ever since then But I would really like to get the optical mouse to work again because it was soooo much nicer to use Oh and I even took the optical mouse to a friend s house and he plugged it into his computer to see if the mouse was working okay and it worked beautifully so I know it isn t the mouse If it wasn t for the fact that it did actually work for two months on my system I would be certain that it was impossible But I know it is possible so if anyone out there has any ideas about this I would really appreciate hearing them Thanks for reading all the way through this Marcy nbsp

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Hi, I installed a new optical mouse and keyboard and it was working great for 2 months. Then all of a sudden they both stopped at the same time. I tried replacing the batteries and then I connected them to another computer and they worked fine. I switched USB ports. Still the same on my PC. Ive searched high and low for some answers. Does anyone have any ideas? I am running XP. Thank you for your time.

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So, I got this mouse about a month in with Vista, becasue my five year old laser mouse is dying. This new mouse worked great for a fre months, and with in the last three/four months, doesn't respond at all. I have attempted to uninstall the driver than reinstall, and this doesn't help. I've tried install with out the UAC on(just trying), and still nothing. My old PS/2 mouse is very hard to use, I would greatly appreciate any help here.
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This is going to sound really pathetic folks but having had to clean out a load of dust and dirt from my Logitech optical mouse I now find there is a small sprung object over The wheel is back OK and the mouse even works but there is a quot thingy quot over It is about inch long with a small hook at each end and a couple of loops in the middle When you use the wheel itself it just doesn t feel optical mouse Logitech mouse that Logitech mouse optical mouse it has the correct tension and therefore I am assuming that the small object should be attached to it in some way It did not spring off when I first opened the mouse and in fact I didn t notice it until I was re-assembling It just sat there in the bottom of the mouse on the right hand side Does anyone know of a diagram of the inside of an optical mouse showing where this object should be used I know it doesn t cost very much to buy a new one but it is a question of honour now finding out where it should be placed Know what I mean SS nbsp
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I am sorry if this is not allow, I was so excited when I saw this that I had to post it here... you can scold me later

The price is $49.95 with a $30.00 Mail in Rebate + FREE shipping. Heck, even if you are to lazy to fill out the paperwork and send it in, you are still paying a good price for it.

I had to pull the pin because my G7 is acting up big time on almost all the games as of late.

LTG9LASER | G9 Laser Mouse |

I gotta ask the biggest and dumbest question of all times... Would I be able to plug in both my Mices and use them separately? I mean, use the G7 for my Wife and the Vista OS and the new G9 for Windows 7 and my games? of course they would both be plug to the same PC.

A:Logitech G9 Gaming Mouse... $20.00 w/MiR

I dont know the answer to your question, but I have a G9 and absolutley LOVE it! You will not be sorry that you bought it.

I paid $65.99 CDN, which was $100 off. Same kind of smoking deal you found!
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http www overclockers com tips I bought this mouse a few months ago when I came upon this guide I was quick to open up my mouse and I noticed that there was Logitech Mx510 gaming mouse no weight in it Is this normal I have the blue later version and maybe one of the changes was Logitech Mx510 gaming mouse taking out the weight although I don t think they would do that Is it possible I got a mouse that was already opened and repackaged Also when I opened it up a tiny little spring came out I figured it was no big deal and when I put it back together I noticed that when I move the scroll wheel it doesn t make any sound and it glides along which is awesome highly reccomended Just saying I don t have any complaints about that Last but not least I m running on basic MS drivers not mouseware I have enhanced mouse precision on on highest speed and sometimes when I try and move the mouse it will studder backwards in the opposite direction that I m moving it Is this reverse acceleration How can it be fixed It can be very annoying when I m gaming or doing anything else nbsp
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I have a Gigabyte GM-Force M7 optical gaming mouse that occasionally has a mind of it's own. About every 5 minutes or so while gaming (never in any other context) it begins to move on it's own and the right/left buttons sometimes go off. This usually lasts for about 10 to 15 seconds (or until I unplug it). The computer I'm using is Acer Aspire V5-572PG. So far I have tried:

- Unplugging the mouse and plugging it back in.
- Using a different USB port.
- Using a different mouse (also optical; works fine on another windows 8 computer).
- Re-installing the driver.

Probably unrelated but my webcam also doesn't work despite re-installing the driver. I may have to reset my computer to factory default at this rate.

A:Optical mouse wigs out while gaming - any advice?

If it's working in "normal" programs I would suspect the game it gives troubles. What kind of mouse pad are you using ? I found out that ordinary piece of cardboard of natural color works best despite all those fancy-shmancy mouse pads.
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Win XP pro x64. My logitech mouse does not work in safe mode. It seems safe mode only accept the standard mouse. Is there a way to make my mouse works in safe mode without having to switch to the standard mouse?
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I've not found much information while conducting a search here on LogiTech Drivers. From what I understand LogiTech isn't creating drivers for Windows 7 Beta, should I just use the Vista versions despite getting a Compatiability Message?

A:LogiTech, G5 Gaming Mouse & Wave Keyboard

Yes. Vista drivers work on Windows 7. There should be no fear at all.
Also, if you want to help the drivers, install it in compatibility mode :
Right click on the install file, then properties.
Then, click on "Compatibility" tab then check "Run in compatibility" mode and select Windows Vista SP1
Click OK.
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Hey guys,

I got this mouse for Chrsitmas and love it. However about 2 weeks ago it started acting up. Basically it freezes for like 10-15 sec every couple minutes. I plugged another mouse in my USB port just to make sure it wasn't bad and it worked fine. I cleaned the batteries just to make sure there wasn't any connection problems. I have updated drivers, no spyware or viruses.
No idea what is wrong, aside from a hardware problem.

A:Problem with Logitech G7 Cordless Gaming Mouse

Have you tried another set of batteries?
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I was wondering if anyone had heard of a fix this problem. After installing the software for an Xbox wireless gaming receiver, I attach the device as instructed. When I do, my Logitech G7 mouse freezes up until I reboot. I have seen others with this problem on Logitech's forums, but I have yet to see any fixes. Microsoft's support has been no help so far. I assume the issue is driver related, as others with different system setups also have the problem, but I don't know if it is a Logitech driver, or Microsoft...or whether a fix even exists for this problem. Thanks for the help!

A:Xbox 360 Wireless Gaming Receiver locks up Logitech G7 mouse

Iv found that if i boot up with just the Xbox360 Receiver plugged in then when its light is on plug in the logitech mouse then it all works fine...
just remember to unplug the mouse if you reboot...... it sux but it works
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I just recieved the brand new Logitech Wireless Gaming Mouse G today from Newegg I am running Windows Pro bit and it is working except for the fact that I can not see it in Setpoint to configure buttons and etc I would assume its so new that the latest software doesn't support it seeing how I was unable to register it because it wasn't on the device listing Does anyone have any insight on this Hopefully and update comes soon so I can actually use the currently useless buttons One small unrelated issue that logitech should fix on the site is when you are searching for mice the g will appear if you have it set to show only unifying devices I stumbled across Gaming Logitech Mouse Wireless recognized New 6.15 not G700 in Setpoint this mouse looking for mice that use the unifying reciever It popped up and I didnt check twice Not a huge problem just more dongle plugged in It did have me scratching my head for a few minutes when trying to install it though
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My mouse is on , but the pointer will not move

I had it working fine yesterday , then I switched it from the front USB port to the rear one. Now it won't detect it. I have rebooted , tried a PS/2 connector , checked bios , and can't find the problem. I plugged in another mouse and it works fine. I would go ahead and give up on it , but it was working fine up inill I was changing which USB port it was in.

Any other suggestions would be very appreciated , I have to wait till tomorrow so I can call Logitech Tech support.

A:Mx518 Mouse Problems

Is it showing up in the Device manager?

If so, right click on it, and UNINSTALL it. Reboot and the O/s should find it again and hopefully it'll work this time!
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Hello there!

I recently, about 2 weeks ago, got the same problem Aolish described in a post 2 years ago.(Can't link because I don't have 5posts yet)

The scroll wheel has it own life and scrolls by itself, mostly down but also up sometimes.

I've opend my mouse, cleaned it, removed the wheel and cleaned it etc. But the problem is still there.

I wonder if you (Aolish) managed to fix the problem with your MX518. If you did, I'd really appreciate if you could tell me how you did.
Because this problem is really annoying.

If anyone else had the same problem, or know how to fix this problem, feel free to post anything that can for help. All help is really appreciated.

But if it's not fixable, I'll have to start looking for a new mouse.

Thx in advance, fikapaus.

A:Mouse Wheel Problem with MX518

Have you tried another mouse?
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Hi there! I've recently been given a Logitech F710 gaming controller for my computer (a Samsung 305E on Windows 7 - I'm not 100% computer literate so let me know if you need any other specs). Most games work fine - I played Batman: Arkham Origins without any problems. However, many older games, such as Assassin's Creed and Mass Effect, I learned, require me to create a profile using the Logitech Gaming Software.

I downloaded this software from the official site. However, the Logitech Gaming Software does not recognize the controller, even when the Connection Utility also provided on the Logitech website does.

I am not really sure what to do. I have removed and re-downloaded Logitech Gaming Software, but I still cannot do anything with it. I would really appreciate any help, thank you very much.
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When i try to play games on my new mouse it keeps jumping up every time i try to move the cursor down. this only happens in games
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I have had this Dual Optical Logitech problem for quite a while and after numerous returns Logitech Dual Optical and exchanges to the store of purchase and many calls to Logitech Dual Optical tech suport at logitech I still have the same problem What is happening is the cursor keeps on diving down to the start menu icon while i m navigating in the browser I will be furiously clicking away when all of a sudden i have opened the star menu or if i have a few url s sitting below in the taskbar the curser will finds its way there and open one of them Another example would be when i m gaming When lets say im running while looking straight ahead all of a sudden i will be looking at my feet while spinning out of control These situations do not happen all the time but enough to find it exremely annoying Logitech refuse to acknowledge a problem and say they have never heard of this before I have downloaded all available drivers and patches Any thoughts here would be really appreciated Win xp home Athlon xp gb hdd Asus a v e mobo ddr Sound Audigy Platinum Sony cd rom cdu Sony cd rw crx Sony dvd rom ddu nbsp

A:Logitech Dual Optical

Sounds more like a virus or a trojan problem, go here and run this scan,
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I just purchased a Logitech wireless optical mouse and installed it and it works fine. But, I am used to my old mouse settings where the cursor didn't respond so quickly and dart across the screen. I've gone into mouse settings >motion, and have the slider for mouse speed set at the slowest possible, is there anyway to alter it? and make it slower? Thanks

A:Logitech Wireless Optical Speed

wakerider01 said:

I just purchased a Logitech wireless optical mouse and installed it and it works fine. But, I am used to my old mouse settings where the cursor didn't respond so quickly and dart across the screen. I've gone into mouse settings >motion, and have the slider for mouse speed set at the slowest possible, is there anyway to alter it? and make it slower? ThanksClick to expand...

Nope. you will get used to it though. I had the same thing happen to me but it took a few days to get used to it
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Yesterday my mouse stopped working It didnt move on the screen at all I restarted nothing changed ps to usb nothing The red laser light under the mouse is blinking very fast but is barely visible its very dim When I Cordless Logitech MouseMan *boom* Optical press the Connect button under the mouse the laser light blinks normally for a couple of sec during wich the mose moves by itself on the screen to the left by a couple centimeters in a Logitech Cordless MouseMan Optical *boom* choppy way moves stops moves etc and the left right click buttons work after those couple of seconds it stops responding completely and the laser light starts flashing very fast again and again its barely Logitech Cordless MouseMan Optical *boom* visible mouse logitech cordless mouseman optical I tried replacing the batteries with both rechargeable and alcalines but again nothing there Tried both connect buttons on mouse and receiver and then again nothing My receiver is at the same spot for about months now so I dont think its because of some interferences with other stuff Anyone has an idea nbsp

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I got an optical mouse with a scroll wheel for Christmas last year and the scroll wheel won't work on anything (IE, Compuserve, Netscape).
It has no brand name anywhere on the mouse so I can't look for a new driver. It came from Office Depot and it has no disk/CD. When I plugged it in it did not load anything else and I tried Add/Remove Hardware, but it didn't find anything new. Is there anything else I can do?


Stephen (I'm Stumped ))

**My problem has been solved now. Thanks to Jedi Master!**

A:[Solved] Optical mouse's scroll wheel won't work ne where; no brand name on the mouse
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With my old computer and mouse I used to be able to use the middle button for various tasks susch as opening a link in another tab rotating the camera in games etc Logitech Mouse HID-compliant - Cordless issue middle button mouse and i have got very used to this I recently purchased a Dell XPS One and am using the mouse which came with it which according Logitech HID-compliant Cordless Mouse - middle mouse button issue to Device Manager is the Logitech HID Compliant Cordless Mouse I am running Vista Home Premium x and i am unable to use the middle button for this Instead in firefox it is a sort of zoom function Yesterday it started working - i don t know why - but today it has failed again and is back to the zoom function If i hold down the CTRL button and left click this is the same as middle button should be so is there any way i can swap these functions around I don t know if this is a problem with the mouse or with vista or with me not finding some setting If it helps my mouse driver is version which i think is up to date nbsp

A:Logitech HID-compliant Cordless Mouse - middle mouse button issue

Have you gone to Mouse in the Vista Control Panel and see what choices you are given there to manage the mouse?

What does it say the mouse is if you look at the bottom of the mouse itself? Is there a model number?

If its a Logitech Mouse you may be able to install the Logitech SetPoint software to add extra functionality or programing options: javascript:downloadSW();
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Hey all I just Logitech wireless mouse left - button crazy mouse installed Windows earlier today The install went fine until right near the end I had to click 'next' to a question which I had already done a few times but this time the tab was not responding I tried again and again then finally just hovered over the tab and pressed enter on my keyboard which did the trick Now that the OS is up and running everything is working fine but I just have one problem My left mouse button is doubling up as a 'back' button So if I am in a folder and want to double click a new folder or even if I just left click on empty space it will take me backwards Logitech wireless mouse - crazy left mouse button one folder A nightmare in internet explorer aswell For the time being Ive switched the two buttons around so I have an action button but no right click on the left mouse button now anymore Ive tried installing the original drivers and in compatibility for Vista but nothing seems to fix the problem Anybody have any suggestions Id be real grateful to hear them Cheers Oh and the mouse is a Logitech LX wireless Thanks Mikes

A:Logitech wireless mouse - crazy left mouse button

Have you tried the mouse on a different machine?
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Hi I m really hoping someone here can help me My logitech corded optical mouse was working pretty well but it was a little slow so I decided to switch it out with a microsoft comfort optical mouse I XP, freeze! microsoft Mouse to from logitech switched mouse have another machine and both mice seem Mouse freeze! XP, switched from logitech to microsoft mouse to work perfectly there But on Mouse freeze! XP, switched from logitech to microsoft mouse my main machine they both lock up after a few minutes and the only thing that fixes it is rebooting I was highly suspecting it was a conflict between logitech and microsoft software at first I tried this http support microsoft com kb several times to clear the registry and start fresh But each time I ended up having to use system restore after I can clear everything out and then the USB hub is detected when I reboot but the mouse is not I check device manager and it says it has an HID compliant mouse and the mouse lights up like it has power but won t move at all Does anyone have any ideas Is there any more information I could give that would be helpful to troubleshoot Thanks so much Airmide nbsp
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Hi, My daughters Computer is a Dell Dimension 2400 and has a mechanical mouse that is really a pain to use. I have a spare Optical mouse but it has a different Plug in than the mechanical. The Mechanical mouse has a round plug, the Optical mouse has a long rectangle conection. Will the optical mouse work?

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I recently invested in a new pair of the Logitech G15 V2($50CAD) and the Logitech MX518($25CAD) Does anyone have any opinions on these devices and ideas on whether is was a good investment considering the price. With taxes the both of them amounted to around $82 Canadian collars

A:Logitech gaming perpherals

I bought myself the Logitech MX518 last week. So far it feels really good. The build quality is exceptional. The positioning of the buttons is very intuitive. Changing dpi on the fly is a good bonus for FPS gaming.

I have relatively small hands but find the MX518 very comfortable.
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I am running Windows 10 in 4K resolution and I have made adjustments within windows *compensate for the high-resolution yet the LGS software still remains so small that it is extremely difficult to read the text within the UI.
Any advice would be appreciated.
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I just got a logitech extreme pc gaming headset. I used to have a USB headset, but now I have a headset with a pink plug and a black plug. I am not sure where to put them in, some help would be good.

A:Logitech Extreme PC Gaming Headset

***Sorry I forgot to add this but I am running Windows Vista, and have a Creative Labs X-FI XtremeGamer 24-BIT PCI Sound Card.
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Not sure whether this should be here or int he WIndows section Gaming Headset G330 Logitech as it seems to be linked to my OS Anyway I just got the Logitech Gaming Headset G330 Logitech Gaming Headset G for Christmas ps Merry Christmas all It has two speakers and a boom mic The mic and speakers connect on separate Logitech Gaming Headset G330 stereo jacks which can plug into a regular audio port but also come with a USB dongle to integrate them into just one connection mic headphones USB Using the single headphone cable works great from my back panel audio as well as my iPod Didn t try the mic one However when using the USB dongle on MY pc the mic and headphones SUCK But on the Compaq netbook my little brother just got and my mom s Dell it works just fine A half hour on the phone with Logitech has determined that the hardware for the headset is indeed NOT faulty It is a problem with my OS note - by sucks I mean the audio is low garbled staticy has feedback etc Not what you would expect from a dollar headset I tested the mic with Ventrilo and my Realtek AvRack program to record played back in Ventrilo and AvRack also played iTunes music through it and Windows system sounds sound just as bad The headset does NOT come with its own drivers it uses generic USB Audio drivers After some searching I found a usbaudio sys on the internet for XP and replaced mine with that Still no improvement Does anybody have any ideas on what the problem could be My mom said that maybe my Xbox wired headset I use with my pc through the controller has the same problem now but it doesn t I suspect it is because the headset has its own drivers through the controller I think it is a driver issue or possibly a codec issue of some sorts So if anybody has some quick ideas on what to try before oh I don t know around am Eastern Time let me know I will check back here many times before then If not Imma just reinstall Windows lol nbsp

A:Logitech Gaming Headset G330

Nevermind, I am just gonna reinstall now lol.

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Logitech has finally updated the LGS with a Windows 10 driver instead of the renamed 8.1 driver,

Logitech Support: Gaming

New features:

Added support for G633 Artemis Spectrum RGB 7.1 Surround Gaming HeadsetAdded Color Sync feature for G303, G633 and G910Game Mode support added for G910Improved Dolby 7.1 Surround Sound DriverLGS now prompts for system restart on completion of install (needed to enable Dolby update)Added ability to disable device startup effect for the G303, G633 and G910 in Settings
Bug fixes:
G502 buttons visually misaligned in LGSG930 power-off after 15 minutes.LgCoreTemp driver remaining after LGS uninstall
Firmware upgrades:
Added RGB effect synchronization capabilityFixed a tracking issue that could occasionally cause erratic cursor behavior
Enhanced color effect animationsExpanded game mode feature
Fixed a tracking issue that could occasionally cause erratic cursor behavior
New Game Profiles:
Heroes of the StormDragon Age: Inquisition

Still doesn't fix the screen flashing with a G510 keyboard when using the volume scroll wheel.

A:Latest Logitech Gaming Software

Yep, and my G303 arrived today and guess what? It's not detected by LGS!
Found this rather interesting answer:
G303 won't show up in LGS or firmware updater - Logitech Forums

So, they release a driver for Windows 10, but somehow Windows 10 doesn't yet support one the devices for which there are updates in that driver?..
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Hello This has been an extremely frustrating week headset g330 gaming Logitech for me all because of logitech headsets week ago I purchased a logitech clear chat pro usb it just stopped working my OS Windows professional bit just stopped recognizing it After reading many articles on google it would have appeared that this is a wide spread issue that occured with usb headsets made by logitech So I returned it payed some extra cash and purchased a Logitech g gaming Logitech g330 gaming headset head set this one had the pink and green adapters and a usb adapter aswell When I got it home the mic just didn t work I have gone through all the sound settings made sure it was un muted boosted set to default etc I also have tried to use it on other computers with no success yet another mic works on this computer so i doubt it is my hardware Does any body know how to perhaps update the generic windows sound reset it to default I have already updated the realtek sound drives to zero success Thank You Peter nbsp

A:Logitech g330 gaming headset

If it don't work on your pc and other pc then I think the problem is with the mic. Updating Realtek driver may go bad if you chosen the bad driver but as you tested it on another pc then the problem may be with the mic itself. I would recommend you to return it and make the seller test it there.
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Hi there,

I installed Win7 RC 7100 on my gaming rig a couple of months ago. All was well until I got to the Logitech Gaming drivers for my Rumblepad 2 and Force Feedback Racing Wheel. Using Vista x64 drivers my system crashed repeatedly (cant recall exact error message)

The logitech website says that most Vista drivers will not have any issues with Win7, however I am a little apprehensive about reformatting if the problem occurs again.

My questions are:

1. Is anybody else having the same probs?
2. Is there a solution to this?(apart from not installing Win7)

I really liked the the look and feel of Win7 however not being able to use game controllers on my gaming rig sort of defeats the purpose.

Thanks in advance.

A:Windows 7 & Logitech Gaming Drivers

did you install the vista driver in compatibility mode?

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Hey Guys,

I have a logitch G510 gaming keyboard, 18 G-Keys. I want to know where i can find a Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 and 3 profile for them to use them in the game. I have done a google search and turned up nothing. If you cant download them off the net can someone tell me how to make one, I went threw the profiles that are there based on the games on my system and neither of my Call of Duty Games showed up in the profile menu.


A:Logitech G510 Gaming Keyboard G-Key profiles

It should be on the menu. It should scan your computer and pick them up. If you are talking about MW3, I use a very basic one. I can do most everything else with my mouse. If this helps, it is basically the same for all FPS games, with a couple of tweeks, for me.
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I'm using a logitech cordless trackman wheel mouse, latest driver installed. I just downloaded the game console from to play solitare card games on.

when i try to play the games, the mouse slows down considerably while playing, making it difficult to get the mouse to travel across the whole monitor.

I increased the acceleration of the mouse, and it zips along in other apps, but not in this game....

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!!
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Hello I'm a new user to Windows and I've managed to figure out Firewall Gaming Windows Logitech & Software everything except for one very annoying issue with Windows Fireall Logitech Gaming Software When I have Windows firewall enabled my Logitech G keyboard won't work The media controls will work but the keyboard itself won't work I can't type amp macro keys won't work I can see amp open the Logitech software via my notifications area Logitech Gaming Software & Windows Firewall amp the software does start automatically each time I start Logitech Gaming Software & Windows Firewall Windows I've Logitech Gaming Software & Windows Firewall gone into device manager already and made sure that it wasn't just the computer forcing the keyboard to sleep I'm hoping someone has had this problem before I have LCore exe added to quot allow programs to communicate quot section I have the following inbound rules setup Windows Firewall set these up itself amp I have no outbound rules Code Logitech Gaming Framework All Yes Allow No C program files logitech gaming software lcore exe Any Any UDP Any Any Any Any Logitech Gaming Framework All Yes Allow No C program files logitech gaming software lcore exe Any Any TCP Any Any Any Any Logitech Gaming Framework All Yes Allow No C program files logitech gaming software lcore exe Any Any TCP Any Any Any Any Logitech Gaming Software All Yes Allow No C Program Files Logitech Gaming Software LCore exe Any Local subnet TCP Any Any Any Any Logitech Gaming Software All Yes Allow No C Program Files Logitech Gaming Software LCore exe Any Local subnet UDP Any Any Any

A:Logitech Gaming Software & Windows Firewall

It might be a Logitech app for the screen display. I recall that there was an app that checked news and things. If that can't access the 'net, perhaps it's causing your keyboard not to work. It's a long shot and it never happened with my G15, but what happens if you prevent that app from running?

Sorry, but that's the only thing that I can think of at the moment.

I will say that it is a very unusual problem.
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So I built a new win system that was fantastic working great I have an idea I m going to use my G keyboard with it Logitechs site says install the latest gaming software to use it from http support logitech com en us software lgs where it says right on their website that it s windows ready So now after bsod s and reboots and an attempted uninstall - but it wasn t v. my 100% 10 WIN Logitech install 8.76.155 Gaming destroyed Software in my add remove Logitech Gaming Software v. 8.76.155 100% destroyed my WIN 10 install So i reinstalled and it appears on the add remove list and then it BSOD s every time I try to uninstall and then I start getting weird BS with IRQ errors and what not So I then get a windows didn t boot properly and now All off my Asus ROG software is no longer installed and my ethernet isn t even installed Ugggh INFURIATING because now that I check it seems that there are massive known issues with the software nbsp
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Greetings A long lasting issue that is preventing me from using the Edge Browser is my love for my Logitech G Wireless Gaming Mouse which requires Metro Software Logitech Apps Gaming recognizing and the Logitech Gaming Software for Profile switching functionality Unlike the Logitech Options Software being mainly used for Office oriented Mice the Logitech Gaming Software does not recognize Metro Apps like the Edge Browser Groove Music Player etc which is kind of a problem in my daily use ESPECIALLY with the Browser as the same button Logitech Gaming Software and recognizing Metro Apps I Logitech Gaming Software and recognizing Metro Apps normally use for closing an App or Program is bound to closing Tabs when browsing the Web - Obviously not working if the Software doesn't recognize the Browser I'm using is not a default App Program thus instead of just closing a Tab it tries closing the entire App Program but with multiple Tabs open triggers a Confirmation Box about closing all Tabs with only the option to ALWAYS closing all Tabs and no NEVER option I'm writhing in agony Months ago and another Months before that I contacted Logitech about this and they were like quot We're looking into this quot but nothing has happened so far - Really disappointed So Question to the Windows Community Does anyone know of a DIY Solution for the LGS to recognize Metro Apps Normally I'd ask again at the Logitech quot Forums quot but since they've revamped them into some kind of weird Board not resembling any kind of Support Forum at all I don't feel like even bothering anymore gt gt
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Is there a way the images captured by an optical mouse be sent via USB and saved in any format?

It's my understanding that the captured images are processed and then the movement data only sent to the USB port. Is there a way I can tweak this?

Little experiment I thought I'd try out

A:Optical Mouse as Cam

That would be aaaaaa negative. Optical mice do not capture images, they just have a sensor that detects reflected light back to a sensor.

How would you use a mouse as a camera?
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I bought one of the optical trackballs mouses made by MS and have found it to be less that usable. It will call up a website that I had visited some time ago on it's own. It will start highlighting text for no known reason. I know it is this piece of junk since I can go to the old trackball and this does not happen. Any ideas or fixes.

A:Optical Mouse

Sounds like you got a bad mouse. Go back where you got it and exchange it.

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LarryCore begs for money

Vote for the best Tech Support site every day: VOTE for!
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Bought an optical mouse, connected to USB and loaded s/w. It lights up but does not move pointer. If I replug old ball mouse it works. What must I do to get Windoes 98 to "see" the new mouse ?
Many thanks.

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All of a sudden my Logitech LX3 optical mouse has become inop....the (red)laser turns on when I start the computer (XP Professional) but it only lasts a few seconds. The curser is dead, and only by reinstalling the old "roller"type mouse can I move the curser.
I tried to reinstall the software, but that is a little awkward without a mouse.. ::

A:optical mouse

Hi there, since this isn't a tip or trick, I've moved you to the correct forum, hardware
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I've tried everything logical!

but I cant get my PS2 Optical Mouse to work on XP.

It's supposed to be compatable, so no drivers or software came with it.

Any ideas?

A:XP & PS2 Optical Mouse

My first idea is that you need to give more information. Like the name brand and model of the optical mouse. Is it wireless ? Is it new ? Did it EVER work ?

If it did, what happened just before it went bad ?

Was there an "old" mouse? Did you uninstall that mouse's drivers ?

Does the optical mouse work on another computer ? Does another mouse work on your (main) computer ?

Does a conflict show in the Device Manager ?
Does the device show up in Device Manager ?

Is it plugged in ?
Is it plugged into the PS2 port, and not the keyboard port?

Does it need batteries and if not are they still good ?

What do you mean by "can't get it to work". Is it completely dead, or do you have partial function?

Does your BIOS have a switch to enable/disable a PS2 mouse and did you make sure it is enabled ?

Does your Motherboard have a jumper to enable/disable a PS2 mouse and is it enabled?

What's the history of your system ? Is it new or used? Have you owned it for a long time or did you just get it ?

My second idea is that you should first let go of the notion that WinXP has anything to do with your malfunctioning optical mouse. Unless you have some red-haired ******* step-child of an optical mouse manufactured by some highly isolated cult located off the Fiji Islands, and imported by Boolong-Bang tribe for distribution in the United States, chances are that your XP and your mouse are just fine, and that the problem is more in the realm of "You".
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Just purchase a Sony optical mouse for my laptop. It is usb/ps2. When I plug the mouse into ps2 it works fine until I reboot? I startup with the original mechanical mouse unplug it, and plug in the new optical mouse and it works fine. Then I reboot with the optical in place and It does not work? I would like to use the ps2 socket because of the limited number of usb ports on the laptop, one. I do have a usb hub, hate to tie up. Thanks.

Relevancy 54.61%

Just bought a optical mouse from walmart with driver disk and setup utility. I used the setup.exe and install the browse mouse utility which apeared in the tray. The mouse goes nuts. The pointer jumps all over the place and opens everything. I uninstalled it and removed all mouse's from my device manager. Then click add/remove hardware and install the ps/2 driver off the driver disk and it worked fine? Then when I restart the laptop it plug and play installs the original ps/2 driver and the mouse acts up again? Thanks for the help.

A:Optical Mouse

I would check the website of the manufacturer for any updates for driver. It sounds like the wrong driver or a faulty driver came with it.
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I have a issue with my mouse i have a Microsoft optical mouse, the thing is it all works and all but when i boot the system, it wont boot up until i hit delete, and it mentions that either i dont have a mouse present or something else i kinda forgotten at this point, i just think its too bizzare but its only been with this mouse as i can recall, what could cause such a thing, how can the computer say it isnt present or installed when it is and it works just the delete issue

any suggestion would be appreciated it thanks

A:Optical mouse

Try another mouse. It may have a fault.
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I purchased an optical mouse 6 months ago and just now it started flashing erratically and I could no longer control the cursor. I have just fitted an 80Gb SATA hard drive and a RAID controller card. Could it be anything to do with that or is it just that optical mice 'wear out' after a while?

Relevancy 54.61%

my optical mouse keeps freezing or totally shuts off by itself!! sometimes even if it is on it wont do anything!! if u could help! OS is XP port USB fairly new comp. 2002 it mostly happens during game play but sometimes happen while im doing something less productive!! if u could help plz!!

A:optical mouse help!!!

First make sure the lens area is clean. Sometimes during times of heavy resource use the mouse might freeze. Try this

Start>Settings>Control Panel>System>Performance>Graphics
Do this:
Move the Hardware Acceleration Slider one or two clicks to the left.
OK and reboot.

Also make sure you have latest drivers for your mouse.
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I have an optical mouse which I have plugged into a USB to PS2 converter. The optical light stays lit on my mouse even when the machine is shutdown. I've already flashed the BIOS. Any other suggestions??

Relevancy 54.61%

My optical is being jumpy. I put it on the slowest setting and it's still 3x more sensitive than any setting I've come across, such that I can't even navigate at school. It also jumps around sporadically and fights with me. Smartmove is not on and it is on the slowest setting with no acceleration, and there is no software with it. It's a Logitech cordless optical.

A:Optical Mouse

Try it with Logitech's software/drivers and see how it goes. Go HERE, pick your mouse and your OS and you'll get the latest ones.
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I just got a wireless M$ Optical Mouse and so far I am not impressed. It seems more jumpy than the regular mouse. Is this normal? I will be using the mouse when the pointer dissappears and shows up over the start menu at the bottom of the screen. I had better performance with the wireless mouse I had before. I thought these were supposed to better and smoother. Is this a common issue or did I make a bad choice with the M$ brand mouse, or did I get a lemon. Any thoughts? Thanks.

A:Optical Mouse

The surface you use it on makes a difference. To eliminate the surface, Try it on a clean sheet of printer paper and see if that works smooth.
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Recently my optical mouse will freeze and the only way to get it working again is rebooting the computer. Any ideas as to why it freezes?

A:Optical Mouse

Does the keyboard still work or is Windows locked up? If Windows is locked, it's not a mouse issue. If Windows and the keyboard are still functional, then test the mouse on another PC or test another mouse on that PC.
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I have a logitech G15 gaming keyboard and when ever i shut down my pc or restart it the LCD doesn't work on my keyboard and the probrammable keys don't work anymore. If i go to device manager and remove the HID-Compliant Device i have found to be the one related to my problem then when i scan for hardware changes it finds it installs it and starts working as intended after that. i would like to know how i fix it so i don't have to do this each time i start my pc :S.

also i have tried un-installing / re-installing and also updating the software+hardware and have tried various combos of this and still have no luck . any help would be appreciated :D thanks

A:Logitech g15 gaming keyboard drivers seem to be lost after shutdown/restart

You can try this: How to uninstall hidden devices, drivers, and services - - Some other unnecessary driver may be creating interference.Louis
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Hello! (First post.)
I have the Logitech Precision PC Gaming Headset, and recently it started dropping off sounds from games. When i switch to the speakers, everythings okay. I played with the Windows 7 sound configuration and figured out that it only drops off 1-channel sounds. And to make it weirder, when i take it off my head, it works.

Relevancy 53.75%

Lately I've been having troubles with my Logitech Optical Mouse. It's been locking up on me, I've tried everything and I can't get it to unlock and the batteries aren't dead. Can anyone help?

A:Optical Mouse Lock Up?

Try unplugging it, and plugging it back in. Does the optical light actually turn off?
Relevancy 53.75%

Hi so yesterday, after I plugged my mouse back in after a night of it being unplugged.. it stopped working
2 out of 4 usb ports get the red light to come on but the mouse wont move cursor or click.. its not showing in device manager either and nothing shows any problems in device manager

A:Usb optical mouse not working

Uninstall it from device manager, try again after a reboot.
Relevancy 53.75%

Lately I have been having problems with my Intellimouse wireless
mouse hanging up and the pointer acting sluggish and freezing.
Thinking it could be a driver problem, I uninstalled than reinstalled
it`s software but the problem persists. Battery level is fine and
installing new ones does not help. I recently purchased an 80gb
Maxtor 5000le external hardrive and ran a full backup of my C
drive. Is there some way this could have caused my problem ??
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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Hey everyone.

Starting about last night, my USB Optical Mouse would start freezing for 1-2 seconds randomly. The time increased and eventually it didn't work at all. I put it in another port and it worked fine, and t hen the same thing happened. Eventually I tried all 4 ports at the back and they stopped working on them, however it was working at the first port again for awhile.

However, it is working fine at the front ports; and I am having no problems currently.

I know I should buy a PS/2 mouse, but I would still like to know the problem. Any help?
Relevancy 53.75%

I've got a Compaq Athlon 500 with four USB ports. Only one of them is being used. I have used the "restore" disk and except for the periphrials, the machine is out of the box new. I haven't installed the drivers for the other periprials.

When I plug the transmitter for the mouse into a USB port, the computer won't boot. It hangs on the "Compaq" screen and won't go any farther. I'm not sure how far into loading that is.

Don I need to remove the old serial mouse, first? Do I need to take this thing back? Thanks

Relevancy 53.75%

I have this wireless mouse and my kids have done something with paper work and can't get it to connect the two pieces again. Can someone tell me how to get this working again. Thanks in advance

A:Retail Plus+ Optical Mouse

So its wireless? If so there shoudl be a connect button on the receiver that plugs into the computer and a button on the bottom of the mouse, just press both within a second or so of each other to get then sync'd up. Make sure the batteries aren't dead too.
Relevancy 53.75%

Alright, here's the deal. I have a USB Optical Mouse from Logitech and I run Win XP. Problem: recently, though this has never before, my mouse would stop responding for a moment, the light would go off, and my computer would make that sound win xp makes when you plug in a new hardware. Then it would just work again only to happen again a little while later. This is completely randomly and if I plug the mouse into another port the problem is still there.

A:Optical Mouse Problems

Do you step or sit on the cord to the mouse with your chair often?
Relevancy 53.75%

I just acquired a laptop and want to install a wireless optical mouse. It comes with a receiver that has to be plugged into the laptop and I don't like that feature. Is that a bluetooth receiver? My laptop came with a built in bluetooth so I was wondering if I could use that or do I have to use the receiver that comes with the mouse (I haven't bought it yet). TIA


A:Optical Mouse Question

Some wireless mice use bluetooth, most don't. What mouse were you looking at?
Relevancy 53.75%

Hi. I'm running Windows XP Pro. I just switched to an LCD monitor and since having done so, my optical mouse has started to be uncooperative. When trying to get to the bottom right of the screen the cursor will often not want to go there; it just keeps jumping back to the middle of the screen. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. It's always aggravating.

Any suggestions? The LCD monitor may not have anything to do with it. I also moved and when I set the computer up in my new place I replaced the CRT with an LCD and that is when the problems started.


A:Optical Mouse problem

Hello theolddog, I agree with with your mouse. I don't like LCD monitors either. Your mouse was cruising on your CRT and having a blast but now you have got it running through the mud. I wouldn't want to work either. LCD monitors IMHO are pretty when nothing is moving on the screen but just move your testy mouse around on the screen and watch that tracer follow behind. Your Old CRT never did that. My only advice is to put your CRT back on your system(if it works) and take the LCD back and get your your money, and wait for the LCD's to improve. But remember this is just my humble opinion.
Relevancy 53.75%

Hello im using the mouse that came with my pc 3 years ago its a standard dell optictal mouse and it always cuts out / flickers and i have to replug it . it sometimes freezes even though its not flickering ther red light is on 

A:Optical Mouse Probelms

Does it work properly in safe mode or does it do the same thing?
Relevancy 53.75%

Siiggghhhh Alright for months now I have been having this problem I ve tried everything I can think of Alright heres whats been USB Mouse/MSGSRV32 Optical happening About months ago all of the sudden my mouse just turned off I would just casually be browsing USB Optical Mouse/MSGSRV32 the web or playing games and my mouse would just start blinking on USB Optical Mouse/MSGSRV32 and off and about a minute later it would just shut off completely I didn t click anything or mess with the setting Then the whole computer would sieze up I have to hit Ctrl alt delete God bless you little friend and after about seconds the task manager window pops up I see quot Msgsrv Not Responding quot Well I end task and my computer starts to work again Everything but the mouse It just sits there Lifeless This happens every time I start up my computer My mouse works for about minutes minutes If I am lucky I ve tried everything to stop this but nothing seems to work USB Optical Mouse/MSGSRV32 I found a virus on my computer named quot do exe quot which I deleted but that didn t solve anything Somebody HELP Computer Specs Dell Dimension Windows ME MB RDRAM Microsoft Optical Wired Mouse Already Tried -Updating Norton Scanning -Using Norton Ghost to take my computer back to be like the day we got it -Updating Drivers -Reinstalling Windows Another theory is this all started with the game quot Command and Conquer Renegade quot I installed it years ago and it made my computers sound screw up and lag so bad I redid the whole Hard Drive This all started around the time I reinstalled C amp C Renegade probably not the best Idea The game is uninstalled and the CD is now destroyed nbsp

A:USB Optical Mouse/MSGSRV32

check for a short in the wires.

Also, did you update the correct driver?

You may also want to turn the option off that automatically shuts down the USB. I am pretty sure it is in the device manager under USB.
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I am having problems with my intellimouse optical explorer. It keeps freezing and I`m getting the usp ding dong sound when it happens

Any ideas whats happening?

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What is really the best surface for an optical mouse? And please let's not talk commercially available mouse pads.. let's talk things you find around your house.
I have seen so much conflicting information.. some people say white is good, some people say go black... some people say just use a white piece of letter paper, and many people respond that it doesn't work.

I had a lightly finished solid oak desk and the mouse worked beautifully right on it.. it was like a dream! hehe. But for space/shape reasons (unfortunately as beautiful as that wood was in the desk, everything else about it was pretty bad), I've moved to a particle laminate reddy brown dealie and the mouse goes nuts on it. I think maybe it's something to do with the roughness of the surface and the slight reflectivity could be confusing it?

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am using a laptop that is running windows ten both mice were working ok even though the lappy is ten years old and came with windows 7
received the free 10 when offered and no troubles until Friday when I lost a file and attempted a system restore which did not work.
I then went to settings and tried suggestion in there regarding another way .I ran that and now I have another version of 10 with nothing , completely bare , have persevered with it and found it ok --works great---EXCEPT--a few things are missing --the worst is the mice both not working (BUGGA)--only the pad
windows 10 has not got the driver for either and I cant find where I can get a windows 7 one that will let me download to install.
any suggestions on how to get a download of the drivers to install would be very helpful
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I use a Dell USB Optical Mouse, M/N M-UVDEL1, with my Dimension 4700.The mousedoesn't seem to be working right. I can't find a CD for the mousethat came with the system, and when I check the Dell site for drivers in the Mouse and Keyboard section,it doesn't list any (for either Mouse or Keyboard). How should I find the driver for the mouse, or alternatively, how do I improve, or repair, the mouse behavior? Thanks.Larry

A:USB Optical Mouse Drivers???

You shouldn't need any drivers for a plain-old 3 button mouse. Windows should handle it fine with the built in drivers. I would try the mouse on another system. It could be broken.(I got a Dell optical mouse from another system, plugged it into this one and it worked fine without any drivers)Peter
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Yesterday I came home from work and noticed my optical mouse was moving a bit more slowly. I've since increased the speed in control panel and it seems fine again. But should I have needed to do that? Also ... I've noticed that if I move it very quickly it cannot keep up and just dies in the mddle of the screen.

A:Optical Mouse slow down


The same thing has happened to me with optical mice. I guess they too have a limited life.
I will tell you and it is true that I had not one but three optical mice break down in a matter of weeks. I put them aside to test them and when I did they were all broken. I realized that I had in fact .... Three Blind Mice (sorry)
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It stops moving as I'm moving the cursor across the screen, it will automatically highlight text without left clicking, I'll get the scrolling icon when I'm browsing a webpage(using FF) as if I had pressed down on the scrolling wheel.

Any ideas as to why would really be appreciated.

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I just bought a new Sweex wired optical mouse. It came with no CD. I plugged it into the usb and it came to life, however it does not respond to movement. The red light flashes and all of the buttons work, but no matter what surface I have the mouse on it does not respond. Please help!

A:Optical mouse not responding, please help :3


C'mon, I know its not too interesting but I'd really like some help.
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have tried to uninstall drivers but the damned thing keeps coming back

using XP Home with SP2

currently having to use a Tiny roller ball mouse, non usb.

usb optical mouse I have is a Dell mx310

have and would still like to use my Logitech cordless trackball

anyone suggest how I can either to install on PC?

see attached pics for error's (pics in order that they appear as mouse is plugged in)

A:USB Optical Mouse Problem

try searching your mouse here,en
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Hey ppl,I have a Logitech USB optical mouse sitting on a MOUSEPAD.I was wondering if doing that hinders the optical mouse from performing to its full capability(the optics technology).
Like mouse refresh rate and stuff.For games like Counterstrike.

Input? Or should I just leave the mouse on the smooth wooden table surface?

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My optical mouse model "RF 3D Wheel Optical Mouse" has become 'sticky' over the last week. I,ve had it for over a year, have tried updating the drivers, but nothing seems to help!
Anyone got any ideas. I work from home and this is driving me crackers (to go with the cheese, for the mouse).
Happy New Year (almost) Everyone.

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I have a Logitech MX500 Wireless opitcal mouse on Windows Vista, and it is skipping across my screen and the left click doesn't work always, I've had this mouse with no problems for like 3 years. I plugged in some generic 2-button Logitech optical mouse and it was working fine.

Why is my mouse not working? Could it be the weather, it is 95F and very humid?

A:Optical Mouse Problems

I had the same problem with an optical mouse
moving on it's own and jumping around the screen.
Just turned out the mouse was bad.
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Does an optical mouse cause an appreciable power drain when used on a motebook computer when running on battery power? If it does what type of mouse is recommended?

A:Optical mouse for laptop

Any mouse you get will consume power. Logic would suggest that a standard mouse would use less power, but I could be wrong.

A wireless/optical may use less power from the laptop because it would have it's own battery.

If you want the battery to last as long as possible use the built in mouse. I find when I travel it's inconvient for me to bring an external mouse anyway. But I have wireless/optical mouse at home and its amazing. And it comes with a dock to recharge the batteries. It's made by Memorex.
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My cousin bought me this optical mouse from microsoft, and it had been working fine until a few days ago. Every once in awhile, the laser inside the mouse just shuts off and my mouse stops responding. In order to fix the problem, all I do is go to the back of the computer, unplug/replug the USB connector, and WinXP detects the mouse, and it starts working again. However, doing this 5-7 times a day is really getting on my nerves.

Anyone know how to fix this problem?

A:optical mouse problem

Doesn't the optical mouse have batteries?
Just a thought.....
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I have a Dell Inspiron laptop, brand new, that since yesterday won't recognize the Dell optical mouse. It gives an "error 43". I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the driver without success. I got on Dell on-line tech support and their guy worked on it for over an hour and 3 reboots without success. What is going on? We plugged the mouse in when we took it out of the box and it worked for over a week just fine.

A:USB Optical mouse error 43

Have you tried another one? These things do break down and die sometimes...