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I want install Bluetooth driver for HP pavilion g6

Q: I want install Bluetooth driver for HP pavilion g6

My HP Pavilion g6 laptop does not have bluetooth. Operating system is windows 8.1 Pro -64 bit. Can you suggest the ways to download bluetooth soft ware driver

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Preferred Solution: I want install Bluetooth driver for HP pavilion g6

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: I want install Bluetooth driver for HP pavilion g6

SMR. What is the model number of your WiFi??? To better help you we would need the exact model number or product number of your laptop/desktop??? REO
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I need the driver for the bluetooth for my laptop pavilion dv5  1116 em.I have the problem of bluetooth peripheral device, For windows 7 professional 32 bit. Thank you
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Before I upgraded my laptop to Windows 10, I had the Windows 8.1 operating system. With this there was a bluetooth driver installed already. Except now my laptop seems to be missing a bluetooth driver and I can't find one I can install from the HP website or even on the AMD website. Does anyone know where I can get a bluetooth driver for my laptop?
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In November I upgraded from Windows to Windows bit My Bluetooth devices were working properly Driver 10 Bluetooth for Notebook Windows Pavilion Last week I did a complete hard disk reformat and reinstallation of Windows nbsp Now I cannot connect any of my Bluetooth devices In Device Manager it says the two Bluetooth devices Generic Bluetooth Adapter and nbsp Microsoft Bluetooth Enumerator are working properly The drivers are both dated June version nbsp Microsoft nbsp When I try to connect it shows Your PC is searching for and can be discovered by Bluetooth devices but none of my devices Microsoft Bluetooth Notebook Mouse and several Apple iDevices show up I have of course enabled discovery on the devices nbsp Is there a driver I need I know this can work since everything was OK after I upgraded to Windows before the full reinstallation Also I followed the same procedures on my HP Pavilion destop HPE- t and Buetooth works fine there nbsp Any help would Windows 10 Bluetooth Driver for Pavilion Notebook be greatly appreciated nbsp

A:Windows 10 Bluetooth Driver for Pavilion Notebook

Hi: The only suggestion I can offer would be to try the W10 BT driver directly from Broadcom. It would be the 3rd file listed.
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hey i just restored my computer a few months ago and i noticed my bluetooth wont open. the bluetooth fcc id is QDS-BRCM1051,, i got that from hitting f11 and scrolling down in the boot menu. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling my drivers no luck. Im pretty sure they are giving me the wrong driver though when i went to device manager it says under bluetooth Broadcom 20702 Bluetooth 4.0 Adapter im kinda at a loss of time lately to be searching the internet for hours thanks for the help...
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Dear all, I bought a HP Pavilion 15-au090tx, then I format and install Ubuntu 14.04 on it.However, in the Ubuntu, the Bluetooth seem become very weak, it cannot detect a device which is around 3 meter away from my laptop. Is it driver problem?Is there any full functioning driver of this bluetooth for Ubuntu?

A:Bluetooth Driver for Ubuntu on HP Pavilion 15-au090tx

hi , According to this unit specification , I see that this model supports the Broadcom Bluetooth Driver and Intel Bluetooth Driver . So , Could you confirm which one is installed in the unit ?   //Click on Kudos and Accept as Solution if my reply was helpful and answered your question// I am an HP employee!! r-K
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Just updated to Windows 10, from Windows 7, through Free Upgrade Program Prompt. HP Pavilion g4-2191se Notebook PC[personal information removed]Product Number: B6X40EA#ABVWindows 10 Home 64-bit  All hardware drivers work fine.Regretfully, the Ralink Bluetooth does not work. Searched the forums, here, Mediatec Ralink website, and even used both HP Support Assistant, and HP identify my product online tool, No driver for Ralink Bluetooth that is compatible with Windows 10. Tried downloading the driver for Windows 7, and run it in Compatibility Mode with Windows 7, no luck!Tried all the tricks listed, here on the forum, also no luck. Has anyone found a solution for this issue?Please do not advise me to roll back to Windows 7, as I like Windows 10. Thank you

A:Ralink Bluetooth Driver - HP Pavilion g4 Notebook PC

Hi: Did you try the W10 Ralink BT driver? Version:11.0.761.0 Rev.A(18 Jun 2015)Operating System(s):Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit) Microsoft Windows 10 (32-bit)
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i cant enable bluetooth on my laptop pavilion dv6t-7000 running windows 10-64biti try automatic update driver and update windows but nothing change.can anyone help me to solve that

A:driver bluetooth for pavilion dv6t-7000 win 10

Hi: What model wireless network adapter does your notebook have? Most likely the bluetooth radio on the wireless adapter is not compatible with W10, but let me know the model, and I will see if there is a W10 driver that may work. If you don't know what model wireless adapter your notebook has, go to the device manager, click to expand the Network Adapters device category, and there you will find the name and model number of the wireless network adapter.
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not sure if in right place but if not someone can tell me where the question should be.

Got a virus, got technician to re install Windows Vista Home Premium

All seems to work except my Bluetooth, it's missing from device manager, found software download on laptop maker's website and downloaded the zip file, unzipped but when I try to install it says preparing to install then I get a message that says no device found.

Any help much appreciated

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hello guys,
in my toshiba satelite C660-A048 there is no bluetooth option and device,
how to setup bluetooth driver on it ?
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My HP notebook was recently reinstalled with Window 7 Professional 64bit. Now it won't share files with my Samsung galaxy S5 via bluetooth (and vice versa). When pairing the 2, Windows states "device driver software not successfully installed".

Windows support suggests the problem is with my device (phone) and I should download the driver directly from the manufacturer's website. I tried sharing to a friend's phone (S3 mini), with whome I'd successfully bluetoothed files prior to Windows reinstallation = same problem persisted as with my phone, which indicates to me that the problem lies with Windows.

Can someone please help a girl out?

A:Bluetooth devices' driver won't install

Hello and welcome MissAB have you installed any software for the Samsung?? if not this may help

I cannot guarantee this will work because I recently installed Samsung software for my small Galaxy Ace and it was not all I expected it to be.
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Guys,i have problem install Bluetooth driver.B4 this,(in XP),i x have any problem install the driver without bluetooth device.but now,it say must enable device to install.can some1 give me advice how to install it successfully without enable device?

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Hi there I've just purchased this Thinkpad T from a retailer and it has install driver won't Bluetooth - T420 been okay so T420 - Bluetooth driver won't install far BUT my bluetooth isn't working I've gone to the Lenovo support page and downloaded the drivers but they T420 - Bluetooth driver won't install won't install And when I look in the device manager there is no entry for Bluetooth To make matters curious I was able to have bluetooth scan for devices in Windows but it never found any devices And yes the devices were turned on so they should have been found and paired by the computer but that did not happen The devices have been paired with my other laptop so I know it's not them I vaguely remember having an issue like this with my Dell and I was able to download a different driver and that settled it But the two drivers available for my Thinkpad do not install Is there a way to contact Lenovo via chat or have them remotely access my computer nbsp Any one have any suggestions

A:T420 - Bluetooth driver won't install

It sounds like you probably have a model that doesn't have a bluetooth modem.  It was an option on that model, although it can be added later.  I say "probably" because you can also look in the BIOS under security/I-O acess.  If Bluetooth is disabled there, it will look like there is no card.
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Hello all I'm so desperate for help with this problem I've been trying for hours to get Bluetooth installed on my laptop but nothing is working -I have a Dell Vostro with Windows bit Home Premium -Bluetooth is enabled in the BIOS I have the most recent BIOS available for my system -I have a Bluetooth light which is off above my keyboard next to the sound controls I can't figure out how to get it turned on -I own multiple Bluetooth devices mouse iphone all of which work on my other computer which is a Dell Inspiron with Windows -When I first got this computer I seem to remember having a Bluetooth icon in my system tray But after reinstalling Windows I never saw it again -I DO NOT have a Bluetooth button on my keyboard to enable or disable it -I DO NOT have the Bluetooth icon in my find will install that Cannot Bluetooth driver system tray -My Device Manager DOES NOT detect any Bluetooth drivers installed on my laptop -When I search for wireless devices to add Windows DOES NOT detect anything I have tried installing the Bluetooth drivers from the Dell website using my Service Tag the warantee is expired but I still have access to all my drivers to find the correct drivers Cannot find Bluetooth driver that will install None of them work After extracting it attempts Cannot find Bluetooth driver that will install to install and I get the error quot No bluetooth device was detected Please make sure that your bluetooth device is plugged in properly quot I then attempted to install the drivers that came with the computer on CD It also doesn't work After extracting it attempts to install and I get the error quot No bluetooth device was detected Please make sure that your bluetooth device is plugged in properly quot I obviously cannot contact Dell for any support as Cannot find Bluetooth driver that will install my warantee is expired Can anyone help me please

A:Cannot find Bluetooth driver that will install

Windows doesn't need the device driver installed for it to DETECT a plug and play device. If the device isn't being detected it meansDisabled in BIOS
It's turned off or disconnected
The device hardware has failed
You've already checked 1) and 2). Which probably means 3) device failure

See the instructions HERE to view "non-present" devices. (The Fixit may not work for you but the manual instructions are the same). After it's done and you view hidden devices, does your bluetooth show up with semi-transparent icon?
If yes, means BT was detected and drivers installed once upon a time, but Windows doesn't detect a BT device now

/* EDIT */
And if not there when non-present set and you view hidden devices means eitherNo such device was ever detected (so no driver installed either), or
Device no longer detected and you've un-installed its device driver
Note you see non-present when a device is no longer detected BUT it's driver is still installed
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Hi all,

As the title suggests. I am having to re-install the Bluetooth drive every time I start or re-boot the laptop. My laptop is a Fujitsu A531.

Thanks guys.

A:Why do I have to install my Bluetooth driver on every re-boot?

Welcome to SevenForums

When did this start happining?

Did you install any drivers or antivirus software?

Do you have a restore point back before this started happening?

You might want to contact Fujitsu

Thanks Fabe
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Hi I install Bluetooth Driver DW1830 Unable to tried many different method of installing the driver but no avail nbsp This is the error log Original command line quot C Users diyus Downloads Communications Application PMW WN A EXE quot DUP Framework EXE Version DUP Release PMW A Initializing framework logo png User Command attended DUP Capabilities Value x FFFFF DUP Vendor Software Version Local System Model Compatible with this Package Yes Local System OS Version OS Compatible with this Package Yes Local System OS Language EN Language Compatible with this Package Yes Extraction-miniunz Unable to install DW1830 Bluetooth Driver path C PROGRA dell drivers COMMUN miniunz exe Extraction-arguments -x C Users diyus DOWNLO COMMUN EXE -o -d C PROGRA dell drivers COMMUN Extraction-GetExitCode Identified Behavior attended Temporary payload log file name C ProgramData dell drivers Communications Application PMW WN A DUP tmp Translated Command Line Setup exe quot vLOGFILE quot C ProgramData dell drivers Communications Application PMW WN A DUP tmp quot quot Path C ProgramData dell drivers Communications Application PMW WN A Identified Behavior attended Append Vendor Software Log C ProgramData dell drivers Communications Application PMW WN A DUP tmp --- Start of Vendor Software Log --- ASCII payload log file detected lt INFO gt Setup exe - Begin Install - Monday May lt INFO gt lt INFO gt Run exe C Users diyus AppData Local Temp BTW MondayMay AM Win setup exe sub f quot c programdata dell drivers communications application pmw wn a dup tmp quot quot vLOGFILE quot C ProgramData dell drivers Communications Application PMW lt INFO gt Setup exe - Begin Install - Monday May lt INFO gt lt INFO gt bit OS Language id user UI lang system lang lt INFO gt Setup dir C Users diyus AppData Local Temp BTW MondayMay AM Media dir C Users diyus AppData Local Temp BTW MondayMay AM Win lt INFO gt InstallWithoutDevice lt INFO gt Installed product lt INFO gt UninstallPrevious lt INFO gt Upgrade lt ERROR gt EnableRadio - failed to load BtwRSupport dll lt INFO gt Check lt INFO gt Dev plugged in USB VID A C amp PID lt INFO gt InstallBrcmDeviceInf Signed lt ERROR gt EnableRadio - failed to load BtwRSupport dll lt INFO gt InstallBrcmDeviceInf returned lt INFO gt InstallBrcmDeviceInf returned lt INFO gt UpgradeWin kAndXP lt INFO gt TerminateProcessesByName Start lt INFO gt TerminateProcessesByName End lt INFO gt InstallNewSoftware C Users diyus AppData Local Temp BTW MondayMay AM Win lt INFO gt install code lt INFO gt InstallCondition ok lt INFO gt Run exe C Users diyus AppData Local Temp BTW MondayMay AM Win inst exe s L w v quot qn REINSTALLMODE vomus REINSTALL ALL BTW MINOR UPGRADE BTW SETUPEXE COMMANDLINESILENT MSIRESTARTMANAGERCONTROL quot DisableShutdown quot MSIRMSHUTDOWN REBOOT Re lt INFO gt gt gt gt gt BEGIN INSTALLTION Monday May lt lt lt lt lt lt lt lt lt lt lt lt lt lt lt INFO gt ------------------BTINS SetProductName----------------------- lt INFO gt Product Name WIDCOMM Bluetooth Software lt INFO gt Publisher Name Broadcom Corporation lt INFO gt ------------------BTINS SetInstallerProperties----------------------- lt INFO gt BTINS ReadIniFile lt INFO gt ParseIniFile C Users diyus AppData Local Temp BTW MondayMay AM Custom CustomEn ctm lt INFO gt INSTALLDIR C Program Files WIDCOMM Bluetooth Software lt INFO gt DEVICENAME DESKTOP- TN lt INFO gt DEVICETYPE lt INFO gt BTW MINOR UPGRADE lt INFO gt COM PORT lt INFO gt NUM COM PORTS lt INFO gt CUSTOMER DATA lt INFO gt Publisher URL www Dell com lt INFO gt Support URL Support Dell com lt INFO gt Install BTW Profile Pack lt INFO gt Install BTW Profile Pack lt INFO gt BTWVERSION property set lt INFO gt Show device install dlg YES lt INFO gt Remove prev device during install YES lt INFO gt BTW MINOR UPGRADE lt INFO gt ------------------BTINS ConfigureForLotusNotes----------------------- lt INFO gt BTINS ConfigureForLotusNotes START lt INFO gt BTINS ConfigureForLotusNotes Lotus Notes is not installed lt INFO gt BTIN... Read more
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Talking about the Broadcom Bluetooth installer at - Home.
Everything works fine until the Instalshield process. Fails, saying "Device not plugged in" for Bluetooth Peripheral Device and Multimedia Audio Controller. Bluetooth Radios and Human Interface Devices are OK.
Do you think my Bluetooth adapter is possibly just too old? It is a Belkin F8T012. - Home doesn't offer support.

A:Broadcom Bluetooth driver install failed

I wonder if you ever got any help. - When I download the latest Windows 7 Bluetooth package from Broadcom Widcomm whatever. It stops at the install and says, "an older version of this software has been discovered. Please remove it, then return to this installation. I tried that, and removed everything I could find remotely associated with bluetooth, but get the same message.

Looks like nobody cares on either end. - Guess I have to buy a dongle! - The headset, picks up the bluetooth on my TV, the bluetooth in my (2 year old) car even! - Some kind of range war between Sony and Broadcomm perhaps?

Or is it that you're not buying anything so we wont help you. Which seems to be the new norm in dealing with Sony.

Out of warranty? -1st 15 mins support free, and they know how to stretch that out. Then it's credit card time.

It's not even a warranty issue. This is something that should work. I just never had any use for bluetooth on my Vaio before.

Most frustrating
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unable to install bluetooth driver in my hp imprint core i3 15be005tu its operating system is window7 64bit.during installation showing a message that realtec bluetooth is not installed plz plug in bluetooth device.

A:unable to install bluetooth driver in hp 15be005tu

Hi, Do you use Realtek RTL8723BE Bluetooth Driver or something else ? And the wirless card driver must be Realtek RTL8723BE/RTL8188EE 802.11b/g/n Wireless LAN Drivers Regards.
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I clean installed Windows 10 yesterday. Downloaded the latest drivers from Lenovo. However, I'm unable to install it. Neither my Device Manager is showing Bluetooth. This is the error that I receive when trying to install the driver - This is what my Device Manager shows -  I'm unable to understand why no Bluetooth hardware is showing or as to why the driver won't install. Please help.

A:Unable to install bluetooth driver on Windows 10 (...

Welcome MIMOrulz
You may need to enable the bluetooth hardware in the Windows 10 Action Center before you could see the bluetooth device in the Device Manager and to install the Bluetooth Driver.
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I was asked to re install windows 8 on a laptop. It's a Dell Inspiron 15 ( 3521 ).

It installed all the drivers except the wifi + Bluetooth driver.

The laptop cannot connect to wifi straight after installing windows 8.

When I run the exe, it gets to the end of the installation it asks for the user to switch on the Bluetooth or wireless switch ( It was one if them, I forgot which one ).

I look all over the laptop and cannot find anything that resembles a switch. I looked at the FN keys and there is no shortcut for it or anything.

I looked to see if it's under settings in windows 8 but the wifi screen says " no devices ".

The laptop has a cheap build.

Any advice would be really appreciated. Thanks in advance.

A:Wifi + Bluetooth driver won't install on dell.

Hi Welcome to Seven Forums ... Have you got the QuickSet Application Installed ? If not Please Install it then using your Function Keys try to enable the Wireless/ Bluetooth Device by pressing FN+F2 or F3 before you Install the Driver ...
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i just got a dell n5110 laptop which has windows 7 ultimate 64 bit. i downloaded bluetooth driver R292449 from dell's official website, now when i try to run the setup it gives the message "Activate Bluetooth using wireless switch " although i did turn it on with Fn+F2 key.
can you please help me out?

A:unable to install N5110 bluetooth driver

Have you tried getting help on the Dell Community forum? They have a section just for Laptop issues.
Home - Dell Community

I see several Bluetooth drivers listed on the N5110 drivers download but not the driver number you list?
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I have a problem connecting my laptop and phone thru bluetooth..I gt a msg that my bluetooth peripheral device driver is missing..I tried some of d answers frm dis site bt none lap is HP 610 and phone is nokia..i can send files frm my lap to phone bt nt vice versa..Pls help..

A:How do I install Bluetooth peripheral device driver?

Have you tried downloading the drivers off of HP's website ? Which Nokia phone are you trying to connect? Try downloading this driver
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Hello, I'm using a dell latitude E6500, S/N: GK5S0M1 my problem is that during the installation of the Bluetooth driver it asks me to turn my wireless switch(sides.of PC) I do and there is no accept to next option, I need the Bluetooth to tether my windows 8 Nokia Lumia 531Thank you<p></p>

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Hi I'm used to solve my computer issues on my own but today I can't For some days I cannot use the Bluetooth anymore on my laptop Furthermore the bluetooth driver has disappeared since I tried to reinstall it and I can't get it HS Bluetooth install AR3012 Atheros + 4.0 Can't Qualcomm driver back Before After In normal use I can see in the Device Manager panel the qualcomm driver AR and the Bluetooth Network card in quot Network and Share Center quot There is now no more qualcomm driver in device manager nor BT card available I've downloaded the AR driver from there and I tried to install using both normal method and running in compatibility mode The installation runs well asks me to restart the computer but there is no improvment at all I've tried many things None worked So I can't get the AR Bluetooth driver Can't install Qualcomm Atheros AR3012 Bluetooth 4.0 + HS driver back and Can't install Qualcomm Atheros AR3012 Bluetooth 4.0 + HS driver I have no more way to do this Of course I can't get Bluetooth anymore elsewhere not in settings nor in Network settings I hope you'll be able to help me I am tired of spending hours on this
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I have problem in connecting WiFi in laptop...then I came to knw dat wireless driver is not installed in my lap...I want to know how to install it...I also have additional prob dat wen I connect my lap thro Bluetooth tethering it shows dat Bluetooth network connection doesn't have valid ip to resolve these both...plz help me guys

A:how to install wireless driver and problem with Bluetooth tethering

closing duplicate, please do not start duplicate threads for the same issue. Original thread is at


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I have problem in connecting WiFi in laptop...then I came to knw dat wireless driver is not installed in my lap...I want to know how to install it...I also have additional prob dat wen I connect my lap thro Bluetooth tethering it shows dat Bluetooth network connection doesn't have valid ip to resolve these both...plz help me guys

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Hoping you may help me:

After acquiring a laptop - Samsung 350V5C-S05 - I've ran into troubles with the Update functions.
The computer fails to install the bluetooth driver (even through SW Update, non-Windows update software) even after several tries during several weeks.

Using SW Update, I get an error type "-10".
Windows Update displays error code 70080005.
I've tried manually downloading the correct driver and installing it and it doesn't work.
What could I do?

Also, I've been noticing issues on the Internet where websites appear all messed up, with text all over the page and squashed into the left side of the screen. Clearing the cache solves the issue, but I have to do it everyday. What's going on? Should I open a new thread for this or as anyone bumped into this issue?

Thanks in advance.
Francisco (Portugal)

A:Fail to install Qualcomm Atheros Bluetooth Driver

Here's another thread regarding the Atheros Bluetooth (I think)...
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Hoping for some assistance Intel Bluetooth Driver is not functioning well when deploying the driver as an app via MDT Task Sequence.   I am running into issue when using MDT Lite Touch 2013. Even though I have been able to import this driver as an app the outcome is still not good. I imported it as an appI am using silent syntax "InstMultiPkg.exe" /silentThis installs as a mandatory application for model 840 G3.I can verify the install is successful from my MDT log with return code 0. Once 840 G3 does final restart, i log on, i verify in Device Manager and it says "Generic Bluetooth Adapter". I am not sure what I am missing. I am not sure if there is some dependency of installing some other HP application though I have tried this manually and it works just fine. 

A:840G3 Intel Bluetooth Driver - Silent Install - MDT - Not Wo...

I extracted the files and run it as an msi, made an install.cmd with the command. msiexec.exe /i "Intel Bluetooth.msi" REBOOT=REALLYSUPPRESS /qb- Use version 18.1.1508.0538 for our 840 G3 and have it as a package in my customsettings.ini
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Hi all I freshly installed Windows Pro x in an SSD I'm still using Windows x until I can sort out some issues In Windows Device Manager under quot Bluetooth Radios quot I see a single line labeled quot Bluetooth module quot Broadcom driver version In Windows under quot Bluetooth Radios quot I see lines listed quot Bluetooth module quot as with Win Broadcom plus two Microsoft items Bluetooth Enumerator and I forgot the other one Is it fine for the Microsoft and Broadcom driver to coexist or should I keep only one If so which one I tried disabling uninstalling the Microsoft one but it keeps coming back Thanks P D In Windows if I want to turn On Off the Bluetooth Adapter there's a bluetooth icon in system tray that install fresh in issue 8.1 Windows driver Bluetooth I can right click to do this In Windows that same icon also shows in system tray but when I right click on it the option to turn it on off does not show up I guess the only way to do so is Bluetooth driver issue in Windows 8.1 fresh install to go to NEtowrking Change Adapter Settings and disable it from there Weird

A:Bluetooth driver issue in Windows 8.1 fresh install

No there is no problem - just leave them like that. If you have a special key combination (e.g. FN+F2) you can enable/disable like this.
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one day strangly i was unable to connect to my dell bluetooth headset. when, i checked the services for the device, each service was deselected. when trying to select it, it gave me message that "access is denied", although i am using administrator account only.

now, i uninstalled the bluetooth driver using revo uninstaller, but when trying to install it using device manager (set up file is on the hard drive only) it gave me the following message, check the screenshot. trying to install it from dell driver cd, it is stuck at this screenshot, again i have switched on my bluetooth but still, please help me out.
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There is an HP Pavilion a620n, XP SP3 box that refuses to accept the printer driver. I found the driver suite that I wish to install. The program that installs the driver starts up without complications. The installer begins to extract the files and then the installer disappears! BTW, I am connected to the HP Pavilion a620n remotely.

I thought that maybe the firewall or a spyware program was preventing it from installing the printer driver. I temporally turned off Comodo and SuperAntispyware and then tried to install the printer driver. No such luck! The printer driver will not install.

The printer is an HP PSC 1350 All-in-One Printer.

Any suggestions are welcome!
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Laptop s Support Page Broadcom Wireless LAN Driver Ralink b g n WiFi Adapter All three above links have been dead ends and my pleas for help on the official HP Support Forums have collected cyberdust As said my laptop s model number is dv - c nr My laptop s Windows was FUBAR from a computer virus that my sister managed to get on it somehow Driver Not dv6-6c13nr My HP Pavilion Will Install Wireless I said to hell with it and just DBANed the entire hard drive and did a clean install of Windows Everything was able install just fine except for the wireless adapter driver I tried both the Broadcom Wireless LAN Driver and the Ralink b g n WiFi Adapter linked in my PC model s driver page On both of them whenever I click on My HP Pavilion dv6-6c13nr Wireless Driver Will Not Install the downloaded file nothing happens after the file unpacks no installers run I ve tried running it regularly and running it as an administrator I ve also tried running the installers directly from where they were unpacked into the C drive regularly and as an administrator All of the other drivers My HP Pavilion dv6-6c13nr Wireless Driver Will Not Install and software on my PC model s driver page My HP Pavilion dv6-6c13nr Wireless Driver Will Not Install installed just fine aside from the wireless it s the only thing and the most important thing that I can t seem to get to work The version of Windows that shipped with the PC was Windows Home Premium the version that I have and that I installed is Windows Ultimate Are the drivers not Ultimate compatible I ve also considered installing earlier versions of the drivers but I can t find legacy versions anywhere that doesn t look sketchy I would really appreciate some help with this nbsp

A:My HP Pavilion dv6-6c13nr Wireless Driver Will Not Install

the version that I have and that I installed is Windows 7 Ultimate. Click to expand...

did you purchase this W7 and is it genuine - we often see networking issues with NON-Genuine copies of windows

Why did you not just re-install
The version of Windows 7 that shipped with the PC was Windows 7 Home PremiumClick to expand...

W7 Home Prenium

On the PC you will have a CoA label and the Key to use W7 Home Premium
download the ISO from here and create a bootable DVD
and install using the CoA key on the PC
then you have a genuine copy of windows on the PC

once you have done that , see if you still have issues with the wireless drivers

in order to identify which wireless adapter you have - do this
How to identify hardware in Device Manager

right click on the device with a yellow!

from the menu choose
Click on the Details Tab
Under the Property - drop down
Select hardware ids
Right click and select all
Then right click again and select copy
Copy and paste that information here

You should see a code similar to this


please reply with the full code for your device(s)

The portion of the code highlighted in RED is the Vendor ID and the portion highlighted in GREEN is the Device ID. In this example:


Vendor ID = 8086
Device ID = 008A

Post back those two numbers make sure we know which is vendor ID and which is device ID

These codes can be looked up at this site

As an example the link for that database tells us that;
Vendor ID code 8086 is for this vendor - Intel Corporation
Device ID code 008A is for this device - Intel Centrino Wireless-N1030
Unknown Device Identifier enables you to identify the yellow question mark labeled Unknown Devices in Device Manager.

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Hello, Trying to install Windows 7 on a Windows7 laptop from disc and when I try to it says I'm missing drivers?  AMD drivers specifically. Thanks
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Hello I intend to do a clean install of Win Home premium on my HP pavilion dv - dx I will do this by running ISO image off the questions HP driver Laptop CLEAN INSTALL Pavilion desktop which I have already downloaded and extracted I will have everything copied to my external before I HP Pavilion Laptop CLEAN INSTALL driver questions do this I have a recovery partition on my hard drive and I plan on copying the folder quot SwSetup quot and all of its components onto the external before proceeding Do I need all the quot SwSetup quot components or just the quot Drivers quot folder When I proceed with the clean install will my laptop's keyboard and touchpad function so that I may be able to complete the process or will the drivers for them be deleted will the drivers be unusable I have not found much info on this I am doing this because my computer is getting WAY slow and I want to start fresh and WITHOUT the HP bloatware Mainly what I need to know is does windows have drivers for the keyboard and mouse ready to go when doing a clean install from the ISO image Thank you

A:HP Pavilion Laptop CLEAN INSTALL driver questions

Quote: Originally Posted by zoomont


I intend to do a clean install of Win 7 Home premium on my HP pavilion dv4-2045dx. I will do this by running ISO image off the desktop which I have already downloaded and extracted. If this desktop is on the partition you wish to remove to do a clean install you cant do it. If there is a recovery partition you can park it there unless you intend to delete that partition as well.. The easiest (and fastest) way is to put the image un a USB thumb drive. I clean install every three months in under 20 mins.

I will have everything copied to my external before I do this. I have a recovery partition on my hard drive, and I plan on copying the folder "SwSetup" and all of its components onto the external before proceeding. See above. lauch from rxternal media (DVD or USB) by running setup from the ISO not a folder. you should not extract the ISO

1.) Do I need all the "SwSetup" components or just the "Drivers" folder?

2.) When I proceed with the clean install, will my laptop's keyboard and touchpad function so that I may be able to complete the process, or will the drivers for them be deleted / will the drivers be unusable? I have not found much info on this. no worries on the drivers for most HP computers.

I am doing this because my computer is getting WAY slow, and I want to start fresh and WITHOUT the HP bloatware. Mainly what I need to know is, does windows 7 have drivers for the keyboard and mouse ready to go when doing a clean install from the ISO image?

Thank you!

Smart move, every HP (and others) I find gets a scrub to remove the bloatware
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On Windows 8. 1, I had no issues with this speaker. It's a JBL Charge. After upgrading to 10 it worked fine until a reboot when it failed to connect (it pairs, but won't connect, and the speaker doesn't appear as an audio-out option in Sound settings).

The Bluetooth wizard in PC Settings says "Driver error" next to the speaker icon.

Poking around in device manager, I see this error:

"This device cannot start. (Code 10)
{Conflicting Address Range}
The specified address range conflicts with the address space."

The only references I find to this error online are for different (and quite old) version of windows, and seem unrelated to Bluetooth.

I can't even look at the "resources" tab for help because it appears to have vanished in Windows 10!

Is anyone else experiencing this?

A:Bluetooth speaker driver install fails, device manager error code 10

Did you find a solution? I'm having same problem.
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Does anyone knows whether the Acer Aspire 5253-BZ661 laptop has a built-in bluetooth device in it? Reading from articles on the internet, I don't see any information regarding this laptop's particular model having a built-in bluetooth device in it but has a bluetooth driver and suite ready for the download at the acer main site.

A:Bluetooth driver for Acer Aspire 5253-BZ661 but no bluetooth hardware?

May be a option on some models.
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Is this notebook (HP Pavilion 15-n287cl TouchSmart Notebook) bluetooth enabled?  I see a "radio" section in my settings, but cannot connect a bluetooth headset. Thank you!

A:bluetooth AND HP Pavilion

Hi: Below is the link to the product specs page for your notebook. It does not come with built in bluetooth networking, or that feature would have been listed along with the 1x1 802.11b/g/n WLAN wireless connectivity specification. The parts list for your notebook indicates that it comes with a Realtek RTL8188EE 802.11bg/n 1x1 WiFi adapter That model wireless network adapter is not a combination wireless/bluetooth card.
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Hi folks, I've got a Pavilion dv6-3138tx, product number QC331PA#ABG. I can't work out how to enable bluetooth - I'm not sure if there was an update to my machine recently, but there's no longer a bluetooth option in my system tray. I can see the device in BIOS so it's definitley there. I've had bluetooth working on this laptop before, connected to wireless headphones, and I'd like to set it up again. Windows update is all up to date, and I can see an 'unknown device' in device manager but apparently no drivers available... any ideas?

A:Bluetooth not available on Pavilion dv6-3138tx

#HPExpertDayThe deice icon might be disabled from system tray but would be available on the device.cick on start and type 'control panel'. Choose control panel and you would see bluetooth icon there. if not then click on 'Devices and Printer' and find the icon there.You can install Network Manager for your device from dervers page:
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Hi I have problem Pavilion Bluetooth HP dv6 a fairly new HP Pavilion dv laptop and HP Pavilion dv6 Bluetooth problem my Bluetooth adapter was working fine up until HP Pavilion dv6 Bluetooth problem two days ago where it just stopped working altogether The system still says it is working except one thing usually when I restart the computer or turn the wireless adapter off and on a notification dialog box pops up saying something like quot Starting Bluetooth adapter quot but that stopped happening as well EDIT My Wi-Fi is still fully functional if anybody is wondering The Bluetooth adapter still works on Ubuntu as far as I can tell so that is another reason why I believe this is a driver OS problem I have searched this forum and the HP forums as well and have found no solution so far Here is some technical information that I think might be useful Primary OS Windows Professional x Wireless Adapter Broadcom GN b g n x Wi-Fi Adapter Other installed OS Ubuntu Desktop LTS - Virtual partition If there is any other information that anyone needs be sure to tell me because I haven t had a problem like this before Please help nbsp

A:HP Pavilion dv6 Bluetooth problem

Hey, Did you install the correct driver for your Bluetooth? and also can you check the firewall? maybe the firewall block it.
and also what kind of anti virus did you using?

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I have recently bought brand new hp pavilion dv6 laptop. I haven't use the bluetooth feature till today when I needed to transfer a file from laptop to my mobile. But it didn't work nor is it showing in the 'discoverable' section in my mobile. I have checked everything but to no avail. The laptop does recognise the mobile device but does not connect/pair with it.

Any ideas ?
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This computer is great. Everything runs perfectly and makes it easy to adjust to windows 10. The only problem I have is that I have no Bluetooth radio in the computer but there is a Bluetooth function on the software. I need to know if there is a Bluetooth radio for this device to install or if there a software to install to fix this issue.

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A:Hp Pavilion 15-f337wm Bluetooth

@JGrimm93? These are the 2 with the part number. Ralink RT3290LE 802.11 bgn 11 Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.0 combo adapter690020-001  Broadcom BCM43142 802.11 bgn 1x1 Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.0 HMC combination WLAN adapter753076-001 If you do order one make sure you use the HP part number. Your manual here. REO
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Pavilion dm1 XL303AV Windows 7 Home Premium What is the Bluetooth key? Where can I find it?

A:How can I find the Bluetooth key of the HP Pavilion dm1 to m...

Hi, Are you talking about the password or passphrase to pair 2 BT devices ? Well, only you know. Regards.
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how can i enable my bluetooth(pavilion dm1)

A:how can i enable my bluetooth.pavilion dm1

how can i enable my bluetooth.pavilion dm1?i want to use bluetooth speaker pls help me..thanks
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hello.I updated my laptop from win 7 to win 10 home. Bluetooth was working fine when i updated with "keep everything" option. But when i  did a clean install of win 10 again, my pc is not detecting bluetooth devices. now only 2 drives are there in device manager for bluetooth. i.e Generic bluetooth adapter and ms bluetooth enumerator. Bluetooth icon is visible in notification pannel and i'm able to turn it on/off. But my pc is not able to pair with bluetooth devices,  it doesn't show the list of nearby bluetooth devices itself. i just see the scearcing process in the screen.pls help a.s.ap. I'm not able to transfer file though bluetooth.
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Hello everyone, i just formatted my hp pavilion g6 laptop and i installed all the drivers and everything , but , before i format it , i was able to use Bluetooth in it's all features ( sorry for bad English ) however , i could manage my mobile phone files , use the laptop as a headset , and make calls and other stuff in laptop via Bluetooth , but now after i formatted it , i can't do it anymore :( and when i connect my mobile all drivers start to installing and become ready to use unless one driver which is ((bluetooth peripheral device)) it says not found . i tried to download it from update driver software in device manager and windows update but i couldn't and i can't use the features that i said before i can send or receive files only ..what should i do ???

A:Bluetooth problem in my hp pavilion laptop>>

oh and by the way i have win7 ultimate version.
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I can't find a bluetooth driver that will work on my laptop with window 8 pro. I have downloaded HP Bluetooth drivers but after I try to install them, a screen pops up an states their are compatibility problems. Does anyone know of a driver for bluetooth that will work on this pc?. Thanks for any help with this.
Ray Riley
I have a hp pavion dv7 wq644ua#aba
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Okay, Im having a few issues here, I just got a refresh of windows 10 and I don't have bluetooth, Although the last windows 10 I had, it had bluetooth as a settingI have realtek internet, I tried the realtek bluetooth drivers but it's not working
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Hello,  I can't find Bluetooth on my HP pavilion Pavilion 17-e148ca. I had it on windows 8.1, but after update it's gone.      shows bluetooth in wireless Connectivity. I found no bluetooth in Device Manager.Does HP support 17-e148ca for windows 10, or it is time to renew my laptop?  


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A:Bluetooth on HP Pavilion 17-e148ca windows 10

Hi: According to the parts list for your notebook it comes with a Ralink RT3290LE 802.11b/g/n 1x1 WiFi and Bluetooth 4.0 combination adapter. Did you try the W10 Ralink bluetooth driver? This package contains the driver installation package for the Mediatek/Ralink Bluetooth in the supported notebook models running a supported operating system.
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Hello guys, I want to update my computer to have a Bluetooth 4.0 connection, i've tryed some PCI-e boards but It was not compatible...Do you know any PCI-e board wifi and Bluetooth 4.0 that is compatible with Pavilion G6? Thank you

A:Wifi and Bluetooth module for Pavilion G6

Need exact model and the big question is whether it is in the "whitelist" era. Generally anything with a 4th gen Intel Core or newer is past the whitelist and you can install any wireless or wifi-bluetooth card of the same form factor as long as you have at least 2 antennae which I believe the G6 models do.
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Hello After Paul Tikkanen helped me about my WIFI I thought my HP Pavilion p su-J T EA OS Windows has no more problems but there are still few problems It seems like bluetooth Pavilion HP Bluetooth problem p000su 15 wont find any devices or be found by other bluetooth devices The BT icon is on my tray I can turn it on off or try to search for devices but cant find any even if i have - turned on around him I was reading here to find some solution and saw that someone have the same problem as me http h www hp com t Wireless-Internet-Home-Networking Bluetooth-not-working-Wifi-works-Fine and the guy who helped him gave him a proper driver and it worked for him So can anyone help me to find that driver because I cannot find it by myself nbsp In device manager under Bluetooth i have drivers installed by Microsoft from lol nbsp Generic Bluetooth Adapter USB HP Pavilion 15 p000su Bluetooth problem VID BDA amp PID B amp REV nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp HP Pavilion 15 p000su Bluetooth problem nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp USB VID BDA amp PID B Microsoft Bluetooth Enumerator BTH MS BTHBRB Microsoft Bluetooth LE Enumerator BTH MS BTHLE I also saw theres a not installed driver PCI Device PCI VEN EC amp DEV amp SUBSYS C amp REV HP Pavilion 15 p000su Bluetooth problem PCI VEN EC amp DEV amp SUBSYS CPCI VEN EC amp DEV amp CC FF PCI VEN EC amp DEV amp CC FF I hope someone can help me again nbsp nbsp Solved View Solution

A:HP Pavilion 15 p000su Bluetooth problem

Hi: You need this BT driver... For the card reader (5229), download and install the first driver on the list...
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hi there  i have hp pavilion 15 notebook pc 26-a6f20450gr1 but the bluetooth and the usb doest work and i tried every driver i found in the main website of hp but it still didnt work so can you blease help me?? btw i am using win 7 32bit

A:hp pavilion 15 notebook pc 26-a6f20450gr1 bluetooth and usb

Hi: The model number that you provided for your notebook is not correct. Please see this guide for how to find the model number/product number for your notebook.
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I'm using hp pavilion dm4.
and after all the internet search i'm unable to use my bluetooth under the OS windows 8.1 X64.
can anybody help me out to find the driver or some other way to get my bluetooth activated.
at the same time i'm confidentialy able to use my wifi no problem in it but in
settings>devices bluetooth doesn't exist...
Help me out please!!!!!!!!!!

A:Unable to use bluetooth transfer in hp pavilion dm4

Well your DM4 was built for Windows 7, so it depends if HP wrote Bluetooth drivers that will work under Windows 8. A quick check of HP's support site, shows that they have updated software for the DM4 series.

Software & driver downloads HP Pavilion dm4-3055dx Entertainment Notebook PC | HP? Support

There is a Bluetooth driver under networking.

The only other thing is to check the Device Manager and see if the Bluetooth is even recognized. If it isn't listed (could be listed as a generic unknown device if the driver isn't installed), you may have a hardware problem.

Check all that and install the driver. If it is still not listed in the Device Manager, go buy a $14 Bluetooth 4.0 usb device. Asus has a great one on Amazon. It should work great and will be more up current standards since it is 4.0.
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I'm trying to use a bluetooth speaker with my  HP Pavilion g7-2275dx Notebook PC but I'm not sure if I have the ablility to to do that? I Have the ralink bluetooth stack and and an atheros bluetooth driver but I'm not sure how to use them. Also, I sometimes stumble onto a page that has a 'bluetooth switch' but it'snot highlighted and I can't turn it on. Can someone tell me where where that screen is and how I can use Bluetooth with my pc? I can't plug outboard speakers into the jack because it's damaged and doesn't connect because someone accidentally kicked the speaker cable and damaged the the jack. Thanks

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A:Does my HP Pavilion g7-2275dx Notebook PC have bluetooth cap...

Hi: Below is the link to the product specs page for your notebook. It does not come with built in bluetooth networking, or that feature would have been listed along with the 1x1 802.11b/g/n WLAN Wireless Connectivity specification. The easiest thing you can do would be to purchase an external USB bluetooth adapter. You can also try and replace the internal wireless card with one listed in the service manual for your notebook that is also a combination wireless/bluetooth card. The card must be listed in the service manual and it must have the HP part number on it or it won't work. Because your notebook has an AMD processor, you cannot install any Intel wireless cards if any are listed in the manual.
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I have not been able to get my USB flash drives to workMy mouse works so I assume that my bluetooth is workingAnd my tiny fix me stick usb drive works so I assume it would be a USB drive I have installed all HP updates including the recent UEFI where I dont see the option to boot from a USB flash drive well anyways it does not do it anyways not is the drive recognized I have checked every USB driver for updated bluetooth pc and ... hp 15 pavilion notebook Re: 26-a6f20450gr1 drivers uninstalled and reinstalled drivers checked HP Windows update and nbsp the original manufacturer for updated driversI have checked the power on the hub as recommended on one HP article and did get a Re: hp pavilion 15 notebook pc 26-a6f20450gr1 bluetooth and ... devmgr xml missing error out of thatI ran sfc scannow assume the slash is in there my keyboard has went french on meBy the way my friend as the identical model of computer and all the same identical problems and missing files are happening on her computerThe only difference is that I am in the insiders program and her computer is on the regular Windows build which we have not had problems with till this and I am beginning to wonder whether it has to do with the UEFI recent updates question mark nbsp nbsp
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Bluetooth is nowhere to be seen in W10, to which I upgraded recently. Ran a Driver Talent, but it did not show Bluetooth either.
Downloaded and installed INTEL Proset for Bluetooth for w 10. Not showing anywhere.
I wish to use AKG Y45BT wireless headphones.
any suggestions, please?
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Product #: QN557AA#ABA; [personal information removed]

A:I have an HP Pavilion desktop: h8-1010; can I add bluetooth ...

Hi: You can easily add a USB bluetooth adapter. I bought this one for my HP desktop PC...
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i purchased a hp bluetooth mouse x4000b but cannot connect to my hp pavilion g series laptop, even after downloading the bluetooth drivers for the laptop & drivers for the mouse.  how do i go about this please. thanks.

A:how to connect hp bluetooth mouse x4000b to hp pavilion g se...

Hi, The first question you should ask yourself:  What is my HP g6 and does it support Bluetooth ? Now, I don't know what is your g6 therefore I can't answer your second question. All I know is many HP g6 laptops don't support Bluetooth and users can use USB Bluetooth dongle/adapter as an option. Before going out to buy an adapter, now, what is your g6 ? Please use the following instructions to find out:    Regards.
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Please Is HP Pavilion 15-b137tu Sleekbook having a bluetooth adapter?I want to know so I will stop waisting my time searching for bluetooth drivers. I'll be very much grateful if i get a response as soon as possible. 

A:Is HP Pavilion 15-b137tu notebook having a bluetooth adapter...

@eawuah What is the model number of your WiFi card. REO
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I'm not able to find the bluetooth setting in my laptop, please help! 

A:Can't find Bluetooth in HP Pavilion TouchSmart Notebook

Hi, Your macine pnly has Realtek RTL8188EE 802.11bg/n 1x1 WiFi adapter, it does NOT have Bluetooth:    (Please keep or bookmark above link for future references). Option: you can use an adapter which is similar to Regards.
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Hello! Notebook model Pavilion x360 13-a151n k1w98ea#acbI have downgrade to Win7 x64, allmost all device are indetificated in Windows Device manager, except only ACPI\ACPI000E also I can't to connect bluetooth mouse Logitech M557 (it works fine under Win8)I have only Generic bluetooth adapter and MS Bluetooth enumiratorI have tried about 5 different versions of drivers of different manufactures from Intel and Broadcom but none succedd. Please help at least identificate which manufacturer bluetooth I need to install drivers. Thank you for help!

A:HP Pavilion x360 - 13-a151nr bluetooth problems

Hi: What model wireless netowork adapter does your notebook have? You install the corresponding model bluetooth driver for the model wireless network adapter your notebook has. I doubt you will get the ACPI\ACPI000E device to install on W7. I have zipped up and attached the driver for it, but most of the time it won't install. You have to manually install it by browsing to the driver folder from the device in the device manager.

 ?7 KB
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well a few months ago i bought an HP Laptop Pavilion dv laptop including hp problem pavilion...!! bluetooth, when i first started it it didn t have any bluetooth so i figured it doesn t have but then a friend of mine bought the same computer and he has bluetooth the wierd thing is when i had a problem and i did a software windows restore the driver of the bluetooth appeared in the device manager but it tells me that there is no bluetooth device anyway i recently formated the computer and the driver didn t appear again now today i was lookin arround in my start menu then i went to the driver restore of hp anyway wt i found is the driver of quot HP Integrated Module with Bluetooth wireless technology quot so i ll explain in a simple way i have the software and driver for bluetooth but i can t seem to find it plzzzzzzz help coz i need bluetooth Thx Anyway nbsp

A:problem including bluetooth, laptop hp pavilion...!!

What bluetooth devices do you have that will be utilized with this laptop? What install discs do you have for these devices? Have you tried to connect them?
What relevant devices show up in the Device Manager?
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I have installed windows 7 64 bit in my pavilion g6 -2204si laptop but the PCI DEVICE ,ENTERNET CONTROLLER,BLUETOOTH CONTROLLER and USB CONTROLLER it is not functioning i cant find the drivers please help

A:pavilion g6 -2204si for windows 7-64bit PCI,BLUETOOTH,USB,E...

Dear Customer, Please download all the required drivers from the below link: In case you require further assistance Post back with Hardware ID of the unknown device from the device manager for exact device drivers information.   Hope this helps, for any further queries reply to the post and feel free to join us again  **Click the White Thumbs Up Button on the right to say Thanks**Make it easier for other people to find solutions by marking a Reply 'Accept as Solution' if it solves your problem. Thank You,GBL84I am not an HP Employee
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Can I enable bluetooth connections on this laptop, and if so, how do I do it?  I would like to connect to a bluetooth external speaker.  Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks.

A:How to enable bluetooth on my Pavilion laptop 17-e137cl

Hi, Sorry, it does not have builtin Bluetooth in the first place as shown: Option: You can use USB-BT dongle, which is similar to the following one Regards.
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Can you help me ?  I'm trying to conect my Pavilion 23 to my Bose Bluetooth speaker? 
I cant find where to turn on the bluetooth settings . 

Thanking you in advance , 

Rachel Machuca
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First problem:
For a couple of day my computer has been running a little hotter than usual, with the cpu being used at 25% when I am doing barely nothing. Lately now it also has been bluescreening me with the driver power state failure label
and some more but my picture cut the rest off.

I don't know what driver is the issue and what to do

Second problem:
I was looking through my drivers and trying to update them with device manger, but oddly whenever I try to update a driver my computer tries to update my bluetooth driver. When that happens the driver isn't found on my computer and gives me an error msg.

Thank you.

A:Driver power state failure & Bluetooth driver is missing

New update: I figured out how to update drivers separately, and I updated Realtek PCIE CardReader, synaptics ps/2 port touchpad, Mirosoft virtual WiFi miniport adapter #1 & 2, virtualbox host-only ethernet adapter,
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my laptop bluetooth isn`t working as i try to search for devices and it wouldn`t find any devices ana when i try to open the settings it don`t open and i think this is the problem

here is a screenshot from the device manger

and i cant locate the driver on hp site

A:Bluetooth Perhpheral Device Problem in HP Pavilion dv3-4070ee

i found the solution

I was having the same issues as listed above, also using windows 7. Everything would install but I could not access settings for the blue tooth dongle, What I did to fix this was entered the services settings (windows search - services -) and check everything that says bluetooth. also change all settings to automatic.

Good Luck.
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Hi!I tried to reinstall the drivers for wireless, but it seems that the device manager recognizes that the notebook has bluetooth (Ralink_RT3290), however, it does not function. Can you please help?Thank you!
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i cant find driver for my Broadcom Bluetooth...kindly help me.. thankful to you... Hardware ID isUSB\VID_0A5C&PID_216C&REV_0112 Regards.. 

A:Driver for Broadcom Bluetooth Driver (BCM 43142AO

Hi: You need this driver... This package contains the Broadcom Bluetooth driver for supported notebook models that are running a supported operating system. Broadcom Bluetooth Driver is required to enable Broadcom Bluetooth devices. File name: sp68373.exe
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My Bluetooth Driver and Copy Driver is not installed. Any suggestion??

A:Bluetooth driver and Copy driver not installed

Hi Faiz
did you visit this site?:

Acer Support: Downloads & Support Documents - Notebook / Aspire / Aspire 4736Z

Good luck
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i cannot find any drivers for bluetooth controller and pci device

A:bluetooth controller driver and pci device driver for hp 15 ...

 Hi, PCI: Bluetooth If they do not work, attach the Hardware IDs, check: How to easily find drivers for Unknown Devices in Windows
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Is it possible to upgrade wifi single band card originally installed on my laptop to dual band for picking up 5G. If YES, what the model?Thanks.
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My HP Pavilion 500-205t was destroyed by a lightning strike. The HD is o.k. I have purchased an HP Pavilion 500-490 because the specs were very close.  I  want to use my 205t HD. Both computers are Core i3-4130, have 1 TB 7200 SATA 6G 3.5 HDs, same OS (Windows 7 Pro 64). My question is:  can I swap them out, or do I need to get an external HD enclosure and copy the 205t to the 490? If I need the external HD enclosure, looks like aluminum would be best, but would like recommendation for one which would hold my HD.
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I purchased this product with dos operating system. I have installed windows 7-32 bit. I need driver for bluetooth and webcam sothat i can use my laptop.

A:Webcame driver & bluetooth driver

Hi: You need this W7 32 bit bluetooth driver... This package contains the Broadcom Bluetooth driver and software for supported models that are running a supported operating system. Broadcom Bluetooth 4.0 Driver is required to enable Broadcom Bluetooth 4.0 devices and is compatible with Broadcom Bluetooth 3.0 and earlier versions. Did you install the W7 32 bit graphics driver?  If not, you need the first one on the list.  Install and restart the PC. Then you need this webcam software... This package contains the CyberLink YouCam Software for the supported notebook models and operating systems. CyberLink YouCam is a webcam application that enables users to capture images and video from a web camera and apply visual effects to captured images and video.
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I am using HP-15-D103 TX model, but its been 2 years i am unable to transfer any file through bluetooth, so could u please tell me how to fix it.

A:Bluetooth Driver

Hi: I see that your notebook came with FreeDOS. When you installed the W7 drivers for your notebook, did you also install the Atheros bluetooth driver? If not, you need to. This package contains the driver installation package for the Qualcomm Atheros Bluetooth in the supported notebook models running a supported operating system.
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I installed the drivers that I downloaded from here, but the system still does not identify the bluetooth module.What is the right driver for windows 8 64 bit?

A:driver for Bluetooth 4.0

I found the solution in this discussion.The correct driver for bluetooth module is this.
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when i instal bluetooth driver the message is       all installations completed please Refer to the log file for detail        what should i do please help thanks

A:need bluetooth driver

Hi: Please provide the full model number of your notebook, what operating system you are running, and what model wireless network card your notebook comes with.
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I am using Dell Inspiron 1440 model. I want to download Bluetooth driver  in my 1440 inspiron model.
please send me link for  related to this issue

aniruddha acharya

A:Bluetooth Driver

I'd suggest you enter your service tag number [ or click "Detect Product"] onto link below. By the way, what version is on the system? Windows 10, windows 7.....?
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I want to send a file from my mobile to my pc, but my pc says that there must be a driver.
Does anyone know where I can download that safe and free?
If there is another way, please tell it.


A:No driver for bluetooth

Hi -Please list your computers Make and Model. If it is a Dell there are several links listed, if not it is harder to find these -Thank You -
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hey guys
I can't use my bluetooth
It's an externel usb device

I tried to update it from the internet but I failed
and also the first time I use the device , it works gr8

plz help me

A:Bluetooth driver plz

The link provided didn't load for me. What make and model is it.
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My lap top's blue tooth is not working properly (HP mini - 110).
Re-installed and it is telling that
driver for "Blue tooth peripheral device" missing.
Pls advice.
Krish nampoori

A:Bluetooth driver

Quote: Originally Posted by krishnampoori

My lap top's blue tooth is not working properly (HP mini - 110).
Re-installed and it is telling that
driver for "Blue tooth peripheral device" missing.
Pls advice.
Krish nampoori

You need the correct driver for your system (32bit or 64). Go to the blue tooth device mfr and download and install it

Would help if we knew what hardware you have. (bluetooth)
EDIT:::: sorry look here.

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hi guys i could do with some help please
i recently purchased a cheap bluetooth dongle and although it works on my work pc well it doesnt work on my home computer and it doesnt work as plug nd play as suggested.
i contacted support but they have since gone home.
they asked if i was on service pack 2 which i doubt i am.
every time i put the dongle in it looks for the drivers and i dont have a cd or know a link for it if anyone can help that would be great
this is the dongle i bought

and im using a compaq nc6120 with windows xp

if anyone could send me the link to a driver that will work i would appreciate it

many thanks and regards

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So I recently bought a Bluetooth driver bluetooth dongle on ebay It's the same as this one The first time I plugged it in ASUS k AB laptop Windows ultimate x everything worked fine no problems what so ever But the second time I plugged the dongle in it started to re-install the drivers so I Bluetooth driver thought to myself this can't be right and it wasn't When the installation got to the the point where the Bluetooth Peripheral Device should be installed it found an error and couldn't finish the installation and a message poped-up saying that the installation failed So now I got the bluetooth logo under the notification area but it doesn't work when I try to find bluetooth devices or try to recive send a file I tried the dongle on other computers and it works so it's definetly a problem with my computer and not the dongle Also I need to mention that I didn't get any CD with drivers and I Bluetooth driver don't know the manufactuer of the dongle I also attached a screen of my Device Manager window

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Hello ne6c and welcome to the forum

Is there anything at all written on the dongle that will give a clue as to the make?
Did you get any USB error codes when trying to intall it?
Try this to see if it helps;
if not attempt to uninstall everything Bluetooth restart and attempt to reinstall the driver
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I am new to the forum, hoping I can get some help with this issue...
I have a Dell Laptop, Inspiorn n5010 that is not Bluetooth ready, so I added a USB dongle to make it
bluetooth capable. I have a bluetooth headset, and when I connect everything, the laptop sees
the headset, but says it needs the driver installed. The headset did not come with driver software.
I have looked on the internet for the driver with no luck.
The headset is an Evere T909S

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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Quote: Originally Posted by tsp2224


I am new to the forum, hoping I can get some help with this issue...
I have a Dell Laptop, Inspiorn n5010 that is not Bluetooth ready, so I added a USB dongle to make it
bluetooth capable. I have a bluetooth headset, and when I connect everything, the laptop sees
the headset, but says it needs the driver installed. The headset did not come with driver software.
I have looked on the internet for the driver with no luck.
The headset is an Evere T909S

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Hi tsp2224,

Welcome to Seven forums.

Most of the headsets doesn't require drivers to be installed. However, your bluetooth dongle would need to be installed with compatible driver and software.

Please let us know which USB dongle is it and have you installed the drivers provided along with it. Also, post a screenshot of the device manager so we can check if the drivers were installed properly:

Screenshots and Files - Upload and Post in Seven Forums

If drivers are not installed properly then let me know the hardware id:

Hardware Identification

Kindly update your system specs here by following this.

Keep us posted with the results so we can advise you further.
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Please help me to get the bluetooth driver for my hp 240 g4 notebook pc. After I formated and re-installed with win 7 32-bit, I lost my bluetooth driver. My pc has a Intel PDC 1.9 GHz processor. Please help me to get this driver.

A:help me to get bluetooth driver for my hp 240 g4 pc

Hi: What model wireless network adapter does your notebook have? That determines what bluetooth driver you need to install. If you don't know the model wireless network adapter your notebook has, go to the device manager, click to expand the Network Adapters device category, and there you will find the name and model number of the wireless network adapter.
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i have a dell inspiron N5010 laptop i have downloded its drivers from
dell's support site. some drivers installed correctly but every time i tries
to install the bluetooth driver it shows this mssage like image.
(activate bluetooth using wireless switch).
and i have problem with wifi driver also. its not excepting the wifi driver.
anyone plz help me

A:Help me about bluetooth driver.

Hi aakshat, have you tried ricght clicking on the bluetooth icon in the system tray ? from there you can turn it on or off
if the icon is not in the system tray try this

Control Panel > Network and Sharing Center
Click "Change adapter settings" in the left panel
Find your Bluetooth adapter listed there, right-click on it, and make sure it's enabled.
If it shows that it's Enabled, you can try to riight-click on it again and choose Properties.
There should be a Bluetooth tab on top, click on it.
Click on the "Bluetooth Settings" link in the bottom part of the window.
In the Bluetooth Settings window, click the Options tab, and make sure the box for "Turn off the Bluetooth adapter" is not checked.
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I have Aspire M5-481PT. It had Bluetooth in it. Now i could not find it on device manager. I even tried reinstalling the driver software but that didn't work. So, any solutions for this issue?
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hello sir.i am using windows xp sp2 in my dell laptop.but i am unable to use bluetooth. the error coming says to install bluetooth radio plugin.please help me.
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First of all I've got a 2008 ASUS Windows vista 32bit laptop and I am aware It has a bluetooth device (It is in the control panel and on the front of my laptop it has a bluetooth logo with a light bulb next to it). It never seems to be able to search for bluetooth devices it always says I need to plug my device in. I've heard on some websites I need to download a driver. I have been onto the ASUS website and have downloaded a driver (the link is: ASUSTeK Computer Inc.-Support-) I have installed it and it has told me it is complete. However I still cannot search for bluetooth devices. Does anyone know what I need to do???

Thanks for helping its much appriciated


A:Bluetooth driver

Do you have a bluetooth phone or something you want it to talk to?