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Q: Change Laptop Keyboard

Hi all,

I was wondering if it is possible or particularily unadvisable to change my laptop keyboard to one by a different manufacturer?

I've recently got a new laptop (Acer Aspire 5742G) and all is grand, except for the fact that I can't stand having a keyboard with a numpad. The arrow keys are too small and the Fn + whatever keys are all in places I don't like.

This isn't a big problem or anything, I'm just curious to know if anyone has done it.


P.S I know I cant just buy an external keyboard. I'm talking about replacing the internal keyboard the laptop has on it

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Preferred Solution: Change Laptop Keyboard

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Change Laptop Keyboard

Hi stubbyhs, I'm afraid you will find all laptop keyboards are like that, I don't know what would happen if you tried a standard size usb keyboard plugged in ait works with a mouse so possible I suppose never tried it
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Any advice would be helpful? I have a Toshiba Satellite and ordered a new keyboard. I've never cracked open a laptop before and I'm a bit nervous about it.

A:Anyone ever change a laptop keyboard?


I think you'll find what you need here:

Take care!
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Hi guys, Something really strange started happening two days ago. Out of the blue the following keys stopped working: GHBackspaceWindows [email protected]' The laptop is a couple of years old and a bit dusty, so I took it to the local shop to get the keyboard replaced and cleaned. Seemed to be working fine when I left the shop. Then, a little while ago the space key and P stopped. Five minutes later they started working again but ctrl stopped and N is temperamental. I haven't spilt anything on it or knocked it. Any ideas what's going on?
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So I plugged a mac keyboard into my pc laptop and now ....

Some of the keys in my laptop keyboard work and some end up typing something completely different than what they are.

Anyone know how to fix this? I googled for a solution and couldn't find any results

A:Solved: Plugged a keyboard into my laptop. Now my laptop keyboard doesn't work
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I am looking at buying the 15-bn070wm laptop that walmart carries with the realtree design. The laptop does not come with a backlit keyboard and I was curious if there is a way that I could purchase a ugraded backlit keyboard and install it I know some models have the backlight connector under the keyboard but they just do not come with them installed? If so what model keyboard should I purchase and would the laptop follow the HP pavilion 15 series disassembly steps?

A:X0S19UA-Change keyboard to backlit keyboard

Hi, It is much better and cheaper to buy this option now because backlit keyboard alone won't work, you need a motherboard which have ports for you to connect those lights. Buy this option now may cost you say $50, replace it later may cost you ten times or more and in many cases not-workable. Regards.
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Hi all. I have already posted this once here. The topic had quite a few views and not a single reply. I'm giving this another try, as the problem persists and is not getting any better.

The keyboard on my Aurora m9700 is having some strange issues. I cannot figure if it is software or hardware related, either. At random intervals, the keyboard will cease function. But when I go into standby, then come out of standby the problem seems to be magically fixed! In fact, the problem just happened right after I finished typing the last sentence. I checked event manager, nothing changed. I had to go into standby and come out of it...

So please, is there anyone on here that can help me out? I have reformatted the computer since this started happening and nothing has changed, so I do not know what could possibly be causing this!

A:Weird keyboard laptop issue. Keyboard randomly stops functioning until I standby.

Just going to keep bumping this until I get a reply, or bet banned. Every thread has some form of reply...maybe I smell or something?
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I am using windows 8.1.
1. Go to Control Panel -> Keyboard -> Tab HardwareIn list Devices is null.
2. Go to Control Panel -> Mouse -> Tab Hardware
In list Devices is null.
How to fix this error.
Thank you!
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Hey guys!

I recently got a Casio keyboard, with a new MIDI cable.

I'm a music artist and I'm totally new with this 'keyboard-to-computer-via-MIDI' stuff.

I don't know how to connect my Casio Keyboard to my computer with a MIDI cable. I've mostly been using Mixcraft's music library, but I want to start something new with my new keyboard.

Can someone PLEASE tell me how I can connect my keyboard to my laptop via MIDI?

I've looked at other forum posts and contacted a few music artists..........they had nothing.

Please help!

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I had a problem with my laptop not Several laptop keyboard working keyboard - keys on problem not which is certain key on my keyboard is not functioning The weird is it happened without a reason because Several keys on laptop keyboard not working - not keyboard problem after I shutdown doing my work when I turn it on again I discovered my quot s quot quot d quot quot g quot quot h quot quot quot quot m quot quot left shift quot quot caps lock quot and quot quot key did not work at all I try taking the key off cleaning underneath but nothing seems to be working After that I try to use usb keyboard and it seems the key can be entered So I thought my hardware is the problem than I replace into the new one but still having the same problem I already waste my money buying new keyboard Does any one happen to know what sort of problem this is and how I would go about fixing it Is it related to the registry My laptop is Acer aspire G ram GB processor i GHz I hope someone can help me to solve this problem nbsp
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I want keyboard laptop all-in-one I into trackpad my and want turn keyboard an and mouse to to remove the monitor basically gut it and turn the keyboard and trackpad of my laptop into a keyboard with built-in mouse for my desktop It s an old laptop that I was I want to turn my laptop keyboard and trackpad into an all-in-one keyboard and mouse thinking about throwing away anyway so I might as well turn it into something useful look at attachment I want be able to connect that to my desktop with USB and be able to use I want to turn my laptop keyboard and trackpad into an all-in-one keyboard and mouse it as both keyboard and mouse have both I want to turn my laptop keyboard and trackpad into an all-in-one keyboard and mouse the keyboard and trackpad work My desktop is right next to my bed so I sometimes swing the monitor around and put the keyboard and mouse on the bed But it s damn hard to use a mouse when you have bedsheets and blankets and other stuff that s soft as a surface Also I can t have any compatibility problems it needs to work with all systems in my house that I may want to connect it to Mac OS Windows XP Vista and Linux Ubuntu and Fedora nbsp

A:I want to turn my laptop keyboard and trackpad into an all-in-one keyboard and mouse

would anyone happen to know, and can give me a step-by-step?
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I have a Dell M Laptop that has New different function like keys laptop (: Help! keyboard has old keyboard? layout, served me quite well for several years I just replaced the keyboard the other day and everything is working fine except that the new keyboard has a slightly different layout than the old keyboard did For example with the new keyboard all the F F F etc keys have function secondaries on them like multimedia brightness antennae toggle and so on My old keyboard New laptop keyboard has different layout, keys function like old keyboard? Help! (: didnt have most of these and so when I attempt to use them on the new New laptop keyboard has different layout, keys function like old keyboard? Help! (: keyboard they simply do not work In fact when I use function keys as if I still had my old keyboard installed the functions work which means it is the software interpretation of the keys that I need to change Does anybody know how I can fix this so that the keys of the new keyboard and functions match what the keys New laptop keyboard has different layout, keys function like old keyboard? Help! (: actually say Another thing to add is that some of the new function keys on the new laptop such as antennae toggle were not on my last keyboard at all because they are softkeys on the case of my computer and I am not sure a function like that would be able to be added to the keyboard mapping at all but I m not sure Also I would prefer to not install third party software to accomplish this even if it means I need to delve into the registry manually Can anybody help nbsp

A:New laptop keyboard has different layout, keys function like old keyboard? Help! (:

You might try holding the 'fn' key while you tap the fnumber key.
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Hey I am pretty desperate usb does fine not keyboard but keyboard works work with laptop now as I recently got a new Lenovo z laptop keyboard does not work but works fine with usb keyboard ideapad laptop which i think its months old only All of the sudden one day the shift laptop keyboard does not work but works fine with usb keyboard key started to automatically been pressed down as if its like its being 'possessed' in simple terms and it happened at random times After much forums some say hold shift key down for secs or x amount of secs disable sticky keys filter keys bounce keys or even continue press shift keys continuously etc etc Did all those disabled sticky keys bounch keys filter keys and now whenever i on my comp the shift key will automatically be pressed down so i have to hold the shift key for like - secs to disable it than it works fine and no more occurence However a new problem occurs now certain keys on the laptop is not working like the right shift key when the right shift key is pressed down none of the letters are being capital or none of the symbols are showing BUT the left shift key does the job Than the left shift key could not caps the letter z t y m and a few more but it works prefectly fine with other keys Now i am pretty sure its not a keyboard malfunction because without pressing caps all the keys are fine but only these certain keys wont be caps when the left shift key is pressed So i decided to use an external keyboard and everything works out fine right shift key is working left shift key caps those letters which could not be caps on the laptop So what is the problem actually and how to solve it is it a keyboard driver or software problem or hardware problem Novice here Ps now i know you guys would say send in for warranty but I'm now in Australia and unfortunately i bought this machine in malaysia and my international waranty wont work cause my model is not sold in Australia yea bloody stupid for calling international warranty thanks and hope you guys could somehow help out

A:laptop keyboard does not work but works fine with usb keyboard

The fact that a USB keyboard works fine when your built in one doesn't, proves that it is the keyboard itself (or connectors) that is damaged/defective, otherwise, if it were a software problem, the external keyboard would do the same.
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Hi, I do a lot of typing at night time and the click of my keyoard's keys can be quite noticeable when there is pure silence. I have a Logitech K520 which isn't so loud but I would really love a keyboard that has the same type of keys as my Samsung laptop which are practically silent. Most laptops I've tried have similar keyboards in that the key doesn't travel far at all and there is no 'clicky' sounds either.

I have no idea what I would search for as I don't know what the style of keyboard is called. There are various names on the market, 'soft touch', 'quiet touch', 'low profile' etc etc but nothing that specifically identifies a laptop style.

I would just like a wireless laptop keyboard basically, even if it's the same size as a laptop keyboard but preferrably full sized.

Thanks very much for any advice

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Everything was working fine. Suddenly, when I typed on the usb keyboard, nothing happened. So I put it in a different usb port on the laptop, and it still didn't work. So I tried the laptop's own keyboard and still nothing. I'm not sure what is going on. 
I tried deleting the keyboard driver from Device Manager but that did nothing. I tried searching for this problem but all the results seem to not apply to this specifically. 
Any help would be appreciated. 
Also... I'm a n00b that knows very little about computers so bear with me

A:Laptop won't recognize keyboard OR external usb keyboard

When you deleted the keyboard driver for the laptop...did you reboot after doing so?
Does your BIOS call for USB  boot via USB device?
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Hi folks I've had success on this forum before and I'm hoping someone with more knowledge of IT than me can Cannot and in laptop to keyboard on-screen unresponsive keyboard ? W7 log no suggest Cannot log in to W7 laptop ? unresponsive keyboard and no on-screen keyboard a workaround solution Cannot log in to W7 laptop ? unresponsive keyboard and no on-screen keyboard to an issue I currently have with a Windows Home Premium laptop This is an old laptop that I only use from time to time but it still has a number of files and photos on it that I don't have saved elsewhere Last time I used the laptop it was acting as if the Ctrl key was being pressed every - seconds which made the keyboard difficult to use because it triggered shortcuts as I tried to type Ctrl O Ctrl S etc Because I don't use the laptop as my main machine I decided that I'd uninstall the keyboard driver from within the Control Panel and just use the on-screen keyboard going forward Following this I powered the machine on a couple of days ago and panicked when I discovered that I couldn't get the Ease of Access dialog box to display on the login screen to allow me to enable the on-screen keyboard It doesn't produce any kind of error it simply does nothing when the button located in the left-hand corner is clicked At this point I was still hopeful that I could get around the issue by connecting a standard USB keyboard but this is also completely unresponsive although it does appear to be getting power from the laptop because the Caps Lock indicator light is lit I've tried a few alternatives connecting the keyboard before powering up during the start up process and also at the log in screen Additionally in the hope that it would automatically install a driver in the background and eventually allow the keyboard to function I left the machine running for about minutes but still nothing So just to confirm the machine has only a single user account set up on it which is password protected I can't proceed past the log in screen at all the laptop's default keyboard is unresponsive Ease of Access OSK dialog box will not display and the standard USB keyboard I have here doesn't appear to be helping either I also considered trying the above in safe mode before realising that I couldn't even do that without a keyboard unless there's another way of accessing this that I'm not aware of Any ideas - Thanks

A:Cannot log in to W7 laptop – unresponsive keyboard and no on-screen keyboard

If you are just interested in recovering your data to save elsewhere you could purchase an external enclosure for about $8.00 at Newegg, remove the HDD from the laptop and install it in the external enclosure.  You can then attach it to another computer via a USB cable (which comes with the enclosure) and access your data to recover what you want.
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I have a HP vt6200 Omnibook laptop with German Keyboard. Recently my internal harddisk crashed and I replaced with a new IDE disk. I installed Windows XP (English US) afresh. Also installed the necessary drivers downloaded from HP site. Now the german keyboard is not working. It types multiple characters & behaves erratically. When I connect an external US English Keyboard, it works perfect. I tried changing the language/keyboard settings. It didn’t work.

I donot want to use German anymore on that laptop. All I want to use is only English. Now I am unable to use the laptop keyboard at all. Pls help !
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My grandmother was in the middle of typing an email. When she hit the shift key to make a capital letter, a box about sticky keys came up, and now neither keyboard will work. She has restarted the computer, unplugged/re-plugged in the auxilary keyboard, (before, even with the auxilary keyboard plugged in, she could still use the laptop keyboard), pressing the scroll lock key didn't do anyting either.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance!
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Hi, I have an old Time laptop (so getting any drivers/chipsets will be a pain) that I'm using as a Home Theatre PC under my TV. I can wake up from standby with its power button, but not from its keyboard. Also, I can't do this using my Microsoft Wireless Desktop Keyboard, connected via USB (laptop doesn't have any PS2 ports).

I want to be albe to keep the laptop lid closed at all times and placed above my VCR, so having to open it every time I want to wake from standby is not ideal.

I've looked at all the APM properties for m/board and keyb but nothing. The BIOS says nothing about power management either.

Running Win XP SP2

Any suggestions? Thanks.

A:Laptop can't wake-up from Standby with own keyboard or USB keyboard


Were u able to do that before? Are u sure that your laptop is set to standby and not to sleep/hibernate mode?
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My keyboard is currently using a U.S. key config I think, this is resulting in different characters appearing than is on the keys. The " and @ symbols arent on the keys they that have them printed on them.

Can anyone tell me how to change it back?

I have windows XP with SP2.


A:change keyboard from us to uk?

Control Panel - Regional and Language - Languages - Text Services and Input Languages - Details - Settings.

Set the default language . Set the keyboard under Installed Services.
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A friend has just taken delivery of a new computer and he is trying to set the computer up for the keyboard to type UK English, it is presently set to American. I know there is a facility to do this as I had the same problem and managed to resolve it, however I cannot remember how it was done, can anyone help. His operating system is Windows Media Centre Edition.

Thank you.


A:How to change keyboard

hello ,

did you try useing the language toolbar ?

you access it by right clicking the taskbar & then selecting (toolbars) then a drop down menu will show

then select language toolbar

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My machine only has the us keyboard installed so there are no other options available when I attempt to change it via the control panel.

A:i want to change from a us to a uk keyboard

Have you looked into the regional settings before changing the keyboard layout?
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I by my HP DV7 in France with a AZERTY keyboard layout. Now I return to my homeland - Portugal and I want to know if it is possible to change my AZERTY keyboard to a QWERTY portuguese layout keyboard? Even that meens to by the keyboard as a spare part. Best regards 

A:Change Keyboard

Hi, Please use part number on page 38 of the first manual on the following link: Manual also shows you how to replace the keyboard on page 65. Regards.
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I have an older keyboard w/o a Windows key. I read somewhere once on how to convert one of the extra ALT keys to serve as a Window key.

Anyone know the answer?

A:Keyboard change

Well, CTRL-ESC is the same thing as the Windows key. That's what I use on keyboards that don't have it.

I suppose you could try doing a keyboard mapping and making one of the ALT keys into a CTRL-ESC macro... I'm not sure how well that would work though.

Get free stuff and help out a poor computer tech
(5/20 new, unlimited, pay to surf site added):
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Hi everyone.
Is it easy or possible to change a ps2 plug on a keyboard to a usb plug?
Does a usb keyboard need a driver?

Cheers Colin

A:keyboard change

You can buy PS2 - USB adaptors for keyboards and mice. However sometimes they seem to be proprietary by manufacturer. I have inthe past had problems with the adapters manufactured by Logitec while trying to use them on other brands of keyboards and mice. As for changing the plug (and keyboard cord) itself youwould be better off buying a new inexpensive usb keyboard for between $15 and $20 US.
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When I press "~" on my keyboard, I want this "≈" symbol to appear instead. Is there a way I can replace the "~" with "≈" ?

A:Is it possible to change keyboard key assignments?


Try this. Might be of some help.
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I have a Dell Inspiron Hybrid desk top computer now updated to Windows10. Before the update, one of the key board hot keys was set to open Internet Explorer. The Windows10 update has altered the setting to Edge. If it is possible, can anyone please tell me how I can alter the setting back to Internet Explorer?

A:How Can I Change My Keyboard Hot Key Function.

You can click the link below for information creating hot keys/short cut keys in windows 10.
Creating Hot Keys in Windows 10
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I have a Logitech keyboard that has a email button on it, many of you are probably aware of these keyboards. The key is pre-programmed for Outlook only, is there any way to change it, so it works with gMail or Hotmail ?

A:Outlook Keyboard Key - Change ?

Quote: Originally Posted by JerometheGiraff

I have a Logitech keyboard that has a email button on it, many of you are probably aware of these keyboards. The key is pre-programmed for Outlook only, is there any way to change it, so it works with gMail or Hotmail ?

Hello JerometheGiraff and welcome to the forums

I don't think this is possible. When pressed, this button will run a macro to execute Outlook. As far as I'm aware, you would need to access the processor in the keyboard to change this macro, and even then, I have no idea how you could change the macro routine.

Do you use Outlook? It would be possible to make it open up something else if you don't use outlook


Edit: This post may sound a little contradicting, but my proposed solution is more of a workaround.
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Im maby planning on buying a german netbook, but it comes with a german keyboard.
How can i chance that keyboard to be standard qwerty again?
(change Z to Y and vice versa)
the netbook comes with windows seven starter, but will upgrade it to home premium.

A:Want to change keyboard buttons

Hi borgqueenx,

It might be possible to physically swap the keys around, although you will need to be careful if you do that. Alternatively, you might be able to overlay stick-on letters to the keys (Letraset) to show the desired letter(s). Another alternative is that you leave the keyboard as it is and just get used to the layout. It is perfectly possible to have Windows 7 in one language, and to have the keyboard set in another.
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Hi I have Change Leyout Keyboard a latop whose keyboard leyout is uk one But Change Keyboard Leyout by mistake when I reinstalled windows xp i choose the Change Keyboard Leyout us layout due to which I have problem typing my password in the startup You know that just for example in uk keyboard leyout when you press shift then quot comes and in us keyboard when you press shift comes My domain login password policy is built in such a way that i must put in the password but due to this problem whenever I type password while I start window I mistakely press quot and it won t allow me to logon Since I have more experience on typing on uk leyout compared to us So I request anyone to please provide me the method to change keyboard leyout from very brginning of startup of windows because I even installed keyboard leyout uk region and setting in control panel it support us leyout on computer startup but only start uk leyout after windows load Thank you

A:Change Keyboard Leyout

Have you tried lgged on as administrator? if you cannot logon as Administrator you will have to contact your system Administrator.
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I have a keyboard with a fixed rainbow color scheme. Is it possible to take out the LED mesh and buy and solder a different colored mesh? I guess my question is, is there an LED mesh that i can buy and shape to my keyboards dimensions, and if there are, what are they called. Thanks!

A:Keyboard LED. Can I change its color?

what model keyboard, and how good are your soldering skills?Personally if it were me, I'd just find a new keyboard that is whatever color I want it to be which is way easier.*Only LED changes/mods I have done were way easier such as changing a HP computer front panel LED colors from a double Green LED for power and hard drive from having the same color, and changing hard drive to getting a Yellow LED instead. As well as I removed the Activity LED and added a extension length of wire to my add on PCI NIC so that I was able to relocate and add a NIC Activity LED in my front panel of my computer so I could see when it was constantly blinking when it shouldnt be to check on whats going on and alert me to a upload or download condition that might be unwanted. And lastly I added a built in 5 port Netgear switch showing from the face front panel of my computer in which I cut the power supply cord to the 12 Volt power supply and soldered the 12V jack for the switch to a male P-connector with a tap to the 12V of the computers internal power supply so make a LAN Party PC in which everyone could connect their CAT 5 cables to the front panel of my rig and up to 4 other people can connect for local Lan parties as well as if more ports are needed for Lan Parties with online gaming 3 other people can get connections with my computer using 1 of the 5 and the connection outboard to internet using the 2nd of 5th connection leaving 3 available.** Lastly all the rainbow colored devices I have been inside have used a group of 3 LEDs for RGB to blend to make all the colors of the rainbow by varying the intensity of the LEDS combining wavelengths. You might just need to do circuit alteration to have a fixed color if thats what you want without replacing the LEDS which are likely the flat surface mount type which can be easily overheated by soldering iron tip and melted. If you want RED, GREEN, or BLUE, you might be able to target the trace that that specific color LED that runs back to the chip, cut that trace and others to the other LEDS, and power only that color LED through a 5 volt redirect through a * 470 ohm resistor, and remove the chip from the equation and make it a fixed color. Keyboard power is likely 5 Volts. Not sure if there will be a resistor in line with the LEDS or not or if the chip itself acted as a lower voltage ( 3 volt ) driver with a 5 volt input or not. *You might need to add a 470 ohm 1/4 watt resistor in series with the circuit to avoid too much voltage overdriving to the LEDS as for 5 volts will be very bright and will cause them to burn out. 3 Volts is right around where LEDS light for a longer life which likely exceeds the life of the keyboard. Additionally you will have to be absolutely sure that the keyboards chip for keyboard functions is not severed on the process as well, so you will need to be able to identify the chips in which hopefully the LED driver is isolated from the keyboard communications to make it easy. There is a risk that you kill your keyboard or if you solder up a short you then plug in the USB connection and short your USB connection of your computer by bringing a shorted out keyboard to the USB port. Just saying there are risks with this modification and I wouldnt do it unless you have some knowledge of what your up against and willing to take on the risks.,157275.0.html
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In windows XP on a laptop, how do I change the settings to an American keyboard from the UK one selected during installation?

A:Change Keyboard Layout.

Google brought up this:

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My keyboard suddenly changed from English UK to English US.

I have tried to change it back in the control panel> regions/languages, but it just reverts to English US every time.

Any ideas please?

Thanks in advance ...Peter

A:Keyboard Language Change

Instead of just changing it, remove the US one entirely. Not sure hoe to do it offhand, mind you.
Should tell you the changes won't come into effect until you reboot, so then you reboot.
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Is there a way to globally change keyboard shortcuts in Windows. For example if I would like to have CTRL+D as copy instead as CTRL+C. So that it would be changed in every application (globally) that uses CTRL+C as copy.

I know of third party software that can do this but I wwant to be able to set it from Windows. Even if it's some registry hack or something. As long as it is possible on a clean install WinXP install.

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Hi, I have a Trust 3200 keyboard and mouse set and there are 4 hotkeys which I never use. Is it possible to change these to more useful short cuts? Also, the sleep button would be more useful as the power button.

The set I have is here:

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Hey, everything types in english except msn. For some reason its using the french setup. How do I change it to english?
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Hi' I have an hp laptop with a british keyboard. the problem is that I need to write in french and other langauges so the e with an accent is impossible to write, the thing that I want to achieve is that according to my computer i still have a british keyboard, but I want it to behave like an international one is this possible?

A:how to change keyboard behaviour

Quote: Originally Posted by Thijzzzzz

Hi' I have an hp laptop with a british keyboard. the problem is that I need to write in french and other langauges so the e with an accent is impossible to write, the thing that I want to achieve is that according to my computer i still have a british keyboard, but I want it to behave like an international one is this possible?

Hello Thijzzzzz,

Try this

It's Control Panel>Region and Language>Keyboards and Languages>Change Keyboards>Add>French
You will probably need to reboot then.

Using the US-International keyboard layout, you can input many oft-used characters easily. Type Alt-E for ?, for example, Alt-N for ? or Alt-Q for ?. Alt-5 inputs the € sign.

Read the Use the US-International Keyboard section

I found a tutorial here in the forums as well

Keyboard Layout
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I have three different keyboard languages that I switch between all the time. For a couple of days I haven't been able to switch keyboard languages in Internet Explorer, it's stuck somehow. It works in all other programs. What can I do?

Thanks for the help!!

A:Can't change keyboard language in IE

The same situation in the LAST VERSION of IE 7. Does somebody know the answer?
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Is it possible in WinXP to change one of the keys on my keyboard? I have a notebook that does not have a ctrl key on the right side of the keyboard and I want to change the Insert key to ctrl. The insert key is where the ctrl should be and I rarely use it. If it is possible to change it, please tell how or point me to a tutorial ont his. Thanks for any help.

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Hey Hey, can anyone tell me if its possible to change the generic Vista keyboards shortcuts?

I'm having problems playing games (WOW in particular) where I hit Alt F4 or Alt TAB and it takes me out of the game, quite frustrating! I know it will most likely be easier to change in game setup but im hoping to be able to disable the Vista shortcuts or at least disable them for this program etc

Thanks Heaps!

A:Need to change keyboard shortcuts

AutoHotkey - Free Mouse and Keyboard Macro Program with Hotkeys and AutoText
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I am trying to change the keyboard on a PC. but it will not let me do it. the O/S is win95

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So all I want to do is simply change the Shift+Alt keyboard shortcut for changing the language to another key combination. I tried searching for a way to do this and came up with multiple "solutions" which, quite frankly, didn't do damn thing.

A:How do I change keyboard shortcuts?

Welcome to Seven Forums Karmakas. I don't think you can just reassign the shortcut per se. You could remap any key, but that changes the function of the remapped key. I believe you could probably accomplish what you wanted with Autohotkey. Something similar to this:

change language hotkey - Support - AutoHotkey Community

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Long story short I'm updating my system so I can begin using it again since its been lying dormant for sometime now Most are things like a newer and bigger case new Change & Mouse Keyboard GTX CD-Rom Drive etc I was waiting to buy Keyboard & Mouse Change a keyboard mouse and screen but NewEgg has off on them right now so I figured I might as well take advantage of it I was going to take a look at BestBuy today and see what they Keyboard & Mouse Change had and the prices but I was wondering what every else would suggest My last keyboard was a Microsoft Media really handy with programmable buttons above F -F The mouse I sold but it was a Logitech G I like the two buttons on the side I could use my thumb with to go forward or back on web pages I would be using this for gaming graphic design and other random stuff So I was just wondering what everyone would suggest I've always been with wired but I've wanted to give wireless a try I keep getting told not to but I don't know the implications Here's what I've found appealing based on reviews Mouse Logitech G Black Buttons x Wheel USB RF Wireless Gaming Mouse Keyboard Logitech - Black Normal Keys USB Wired Ultra-thin Illuminated Keyboard Logitech K Black USB RF Wireless Slim Illuminated Keyboard As always thanks in advance -Lollies

A:Keyboard & Mouse Change

I'm preferential to mechanical keyboards...being they often make more noise and are clicky clackey. From a pure typing standpoint, the tactile feel and the clicks provide a much better typing experience for me. Unfortunately, you won't find these in retail stores to play around with...and unfortunately they get a little pricey. And they usually are no frills...meaning that you won't have extra keys or media controls.

I've also been very happy in the past with my Microsoft Ergonomic 4000 keyboards. However, I lost interest in them because they take up far too much space on my desktop. Now, I prefer a much smaller and compact keyboard.

No wireless keyboards and mice for me. I cannot be bothered changing out I don't find that the wires really get in the way of anything since I don't move the keyboard and stuff around much.
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..i can not change the language (keyboard) from inside the IE7 beta, internet explorer 7 in data inpute fields..

any solutions?
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I have bought a new computer with Windows 7 Premium Home 64-bit OS pre-installed. I made the mistake of specifying my keyboard type as US during the initial setup. I need to change it to Japanese type. I followed the steps mentioned in the help documentation to select the desired keyboard type after clicking the Change Keyboard button on the Keyboard Settings window. But it did not work. I am unable to enter Japanese text through my keyboard. Kindly help!

A:How can I change the keyboard type


1.) Click your Start Orb
2.) Click Control Panel
3.) In "Category" mode, click "Change Keyboards or other input methods" below Clock, Language, and Region
4.) On the small screen that pops up, click the "Change Keyboards" button
5.) Near the middle-right side of the next screen that pops up, click the "Add" button
6.) Find Japanese, click the "+" sign next to it.
7.) Click the "+" next to "Keyboard" and check the checkbox next to Japanese
8.) Click OK.
9.) On the next screen, change your default input language at the top, and once again, click Ok.
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Is there a way to globally change keyboard shortcuts in Windows. For example if I would like to have CTRL+D as copy instead as CTRL+C. So that it would be changed in every application (globally) that uses CTRL+C as copy.

I know of third party software that can do this but I wwant to be able to set it from Windows. Even if it's some registry hack or something. As long as it is possible on a clean install WinXP install.

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Hello there

I am unable to get my Windows 8.1 installation to use anything but the US keyboard format, despite the fact that all my keyboard and regional settings are UK.

In particular, I go into the "Keyboard" application in Control Panel, and English (United Kingdom) is listed as the first item.

N.B. English (United States) is listed as the 2nd item in this list, and I can't remove it (I remove it from the list, but it is put back in the list when I restart the keyboard application).

Whatever I do, the keyboard layout remains the same - for example, the " and @ keys are the wrong way round.

A:Can't Change to UK Keyboard Format

What have you got here - Language and then options.

Edit - can you do a screen print Screenshots and Files - Upload and Post in Eight Forums and welcome to eightforums
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Hi. I have an Asus X44 laptop which I bought in Bangkok when I was living and working in Thailand a year or so ago. I then moved to Greece for a year - and managed to find some stickers to put over the keys with Greek alphabet (as I needed to write stuff in Greek).

Now I have just got back to the UK and want to change one key function - change the $ (which I hardly ever need) to ₤ sterling (which I do). I do not want to change to a different keyboard configuration using the MS language options, because that will change other keys too - the @ and the " swap round for instance.

I have been Googling this and should be able to edit the registry, without downloading 3rd. party software, but haven't found out how to do this. Anyone able to help? (Or maybe I should just buy a UK keyboard now??!).


A:How to Change $ to ₤ on my keyboard?

martinlest, would this do what you want?

Virtual UK QWERTY Keyboard
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I can not change my keyboard from French Canadian to US. I tried the usual things; pressing CTRL+ALT and using the keyboard icon on the taskbar, and even though it says it is on the US keyboard, it is still French Canadian. Then I removed my other keyboard options from the control panel so it says I only have the US keyboard available, but it is still French Canadian. I have no idea where the apostrophe is on this keyboard, and it is driving me crazy.

A:My keyboard will not change from French Canadian to US.

Uh, how about moving to Canada, and learning to speak French?

Try to run a System Restore to a time prior to when the problem started happening.
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Running xp professional I left my computer on and forgot to push my sequence? keyboard a can a on up cat change boot keyboard drawer in when I came back up my cat was sleeping in my chair my computer screen was in a boot up mode but it had stopped and at the bottom of the screen said rd master hard drive disk error below that it said press F to reset I did that but it just started over and I rebooted and it said the same thing I don't know much about this stuff but I did go into the settings to see if anything looked odd I looked at the device settings and this is what one of the pages said Best Device Priority st Best Device st Floppy Drive nd Best Device CD DVD PM-HL-DT-ST rd Best Device USB Seagate Free Agent Try Other Best Devices No this looked completely wrong to me since I don't even have a floppy drive But also it did not indicate my c drive anywhere at all So I had no idea what to do I came up with the idea of pulling out my restore CD but it would not boot up to it so I went back to the page of Best Device Priority and moved the CD one up to the first Then I got a blue screen saying they were ready to load windows but it asked if I wanted to load windows on my Seagate and I thought this might wipe out all the backup I have on there So I did not do it instead I exited and shut the computer off I have not had any problems with this computer before I run AVG firewall and virus protection I also run c c cleaner and another one which unfortunately I can't remember right now My hard drive has never made any noises just hums I do have some important new pieces of artwork on can a cat on a keyboard change boot up sequence? there and my two under construction websites that I do not think have been backed up yet that I would like to be able to get out of it Do you think it is possible that the cat could have caused the drive to die because of sitting on a keyboard Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated I have an Athlon dual core cpu on a BioStar motherboard Thanks for any insight you might provide is there a way I could hook my laptop to this computer and then perhaps engage the hard drive to get data out

A:can a cat on a keyboard change boot up sequence?

Your hard drive may have failed so you'll need to run the drive manufacturer's diagnostic software from a bootable CD to check that possibility. The links are here:
Hard Drive Diagnostics Tools and Utilities (Storage) - TACKtech Corp.

If you cannot determine the make of drive you can use the Seagate SeaTools for DOS which can test any make. The download is an 'ISO' cd-image which you need to burn to a blank cd-r using nero or something similar which can burn ISO files.
| Seagate
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I need change the keyboard and I don't know how.

Please help me


A:How to change keyboard on Portege R830-1DU?

Check please your first post
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Ok this is very very weird...

after finally getting my new hard drive working properly etc. etc. I was logging into my e-mail account and I realised that the key combination I used to use to get an @ [at] sign had changed.

It went from [shift] + [']

to [shift] + [2]

this is annoying me greatly... is there any simple way I can change it so it fits the writing... apart from swapping the keys around?

A:Solved: Random Keyboard Key Change

Sounds like you have the American layout of the keyboard installed. You can change these settings in Regional and Language Options in the keyboard.

Make sure the Regional Settings are for English(U.K.) and then go to Languages and click Details. Make sure the English(U.K.) keyboard is there or if not add it and remove the other keyboard layout and change that to the default one.
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I'm desperate. I'm having to run my laptop through the tv, which will only recognise one resolution. I'm having to change the res without being able to see a damn thing. Basically, I need the most simple keystrokes to get me through the trial and error process until i find the right res! Did no one foresee this problem? Someone please help before I go mad! I'm running XP SP3.

A:Help - keyboard shortcuts to change display res

FN key and arrow down
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I got myself one L540. I wish to change the keyboard since I desire a backlit keyboard. My current one is a plain preinstalled keyboard. I wish to buy it off ebay, they are available there with the model number of L540 with backlit option. Would this work? Other forum posts says it won't work so why is the symbol there?  Hopefully it works now maybe after some updates??Also, I wish to change the preinstalled screen to a FHD one. I understand it is LCD so I will need to install a LCD. Would any 1080P LCD laptop screen off ebay work when installed?Thanks a lot in advance.
Moderator comment: Model added to subject for clarity.
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hi I'm on windows 8.1, the user my keyboard language exchange connection courtyard and the scroll list appears without problem , but when I connect the scrolling list no longer appears and the icon is rated from the clock is not available , and also in " control panel - language - option" << windows display language unavailable in this edition of windows >> . urgent help please
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Wondered if anyone can help with this issue.

The comapny I work for has a requirement that the # symbol be at the end of all user login passwords. On one terminal however, when you get to the login screen, entering "password#" returns a password eror, while "password?" lets you in.

First thing I did was to check regional settings and keyboard layout were all set to UK, not US, then reset the password on the server to make sure the # symbol and not the ? symbol was being used.

After both of these I still need to add the ? symbol, however as soon as you login to windows, in any input screen the symbols are on the correct keys, it's only pre-login that they seem to have switched.
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I'm desperate. I'm having to run my laptop through the tv, which will only recognise one resolution. I'm having to change the res without being able to see a damn thing. Basically, I need the most simple keystrokes to get me through the trial and error process until i find the right res! Did no one foresee this problem? Someone please help before I in mad!

A:Help - keyboard shortcuts to change display res

Basically, you can create a batch file to change the resolution. After the file is created, you should create a shortcut to that file > then right click on the shortcut > click on the Shortcut tab > and then in Shortcut Key, hit the hotkey that you want.

I'm looking into how to create a batch file now.
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All of a sudden my computer has started acting weird, for example the down arrow key automatically goes to the end of the page instead of scrolling, when i type v it goes to the URL and microsoft word will not let me type a capital b without the grammar check coming up, i don't remember accidentally hitting something but i would like to know how i can get this back to normal.... any answers are welcome

A:How do i change unwanted keyboard shortcuts?

Welcome to the Seven Forums.

Please open the on-screen keyboard and test those same things using it.

Go to Start and type in on-screen into the field named Search programs and files
(take note: there is a hyphen between on and screen)

Let us know how it goes.
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Hi I  wanted to fix or change hp envy m7-k010dx keyboard as I split tea last month.Right now I am using external keyboard. I wanted to replace the keyboard or fix it. I'm not sure where to buy this - I didnt find on google so posting here.Is this keyboard comes with a bulk or we can disassemble only keyboard.  Thanks BoB
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niedernsill Junior Member with posts THREAD STARTER Join Date Feb Experience Intermediate -Mar- PM Solved i want to change character on my keyboard I use the german language keyboard under windows XP but on the numeric keyboard what is the decimal point in english comes through as a comma on screen in my accounting program and excell this is a bother I would like to be able to change this one key to output the decimal point or automatically load the english keyboard whenever the program is called via the desktop used to be able to do this in DOS days and i have tried a batch file but XP does not recognise the dos keyb command I could use the language bar or control panel but there should be a way to change it automatically or just to change the single character on the keyboard Thanks for any help Triple Rob Moderator with posts Join Date Dec Location Canada Experience Advanced -Mar- PM I don t know if this will do the trick for you http webpages charter net krumsick ------------------------------------- I want to change one of the keys in the numeric keypad to a colon I have tried the program 1 my Solved: on want i to character Re: change keyboard you recommended and will not allow a change to any characters that use shift anything Semicolon works but not colon Please help thanks --------------------------------- nbsp

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And the volume changing thing doesn't appear on the center of the screen like it use to...???

A:I can't change the sound from my keyboard anymore...

Re-install the keyboard driver. You would want to download the latest one from the manufacturer's site. See if that helps.
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I really liked the alt shift and its the one i've been using for YEARS... now they changed it to win key + spacebar

Is it possible to change it back?

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I have a Dell (4 years old) running Windows XP with SP3 that came with a wireless mouse and keyboard. I have always hated them and wish to switch to an optical mouse and a USB wired keyboard.

The following is how I thought I would do this:
Shut down the computer then unplug the USB mouse/keyboard receiver device from the back of the computer, then plug-in the optical mouse and plug in the USB wired keyboard and then turn the computer back on.

I'm thinking the computer will see these new devices upon boot-up and install the needed drivers.

These steps sound like what you techs would do?

Any suggestions appreciated.

A:Solved: mouse/keyboard change?

Nope, that should be it. As long as you buy pretty standard stuff (and wired is most definitely going to be standard) you should be able to get out there pretty cheap as well.

For what it's worth, I as well am still in the wired park. Wireless is nice, but when the batteries start going, I tend to lose my patience.
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I realised that the spectre keyboard is designed differently from other laptop that I used.  I used Microsoft Excel for my work. When I press F2 in the excel, the formula of the affected will be highligted. Now in the spectre, when I press F2, its to adjust the brightness. To activate the excel shortcut, I would need to click fn and F2 together.  This is totally opposite in most laptop keyboard that I have used where clicking FN and F2 together is to adjust the brightness or other FN-F keys is to adjust different settings.  How can I change the setting so that when I press F2 in the Excel, it will show the formula or even F5 to refresh? while when I click other FN-F keys  it will be to adjusting such as brightness, sound and display.  

A:Change Spectre keyboard settings

I am experiencing a similar problem and frustration....also with the arrow/page kets. So it seems that all of these keeys have reversed funcitionality. Very anoying. Please will someone from HP respond. Even to say that is is intended like that....then I can stop looking for a solution.
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I use the german language keyboard under windows XP, but on the numeric keyboard, what is the decimal point in english comes through as a comma on screen. in my accounting program and excell this is a bother.
I would like to be able to change this one key to output the decimal point, or automatically load the english keyboard whenever the program is called via the desktop

used to be able to do this in DOS days, and i have tried a batch file, but XP does not recognise the dos keyb command.

I could use the language bar, or control panel, but there should be a way to change it automatically, or just to change the single character on the keyboard

Thanks for any help

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Hello all..

okay this may sound dumb, but in the last few days, my standard keyboard a Logitech UV-90 (great board with tons of extra buttons etc - that I never use LOL) has an issue sometimes.

the question mark (?) is above the forward slash (/) and when I try to put a question mark at the end of a sentence, for some strange reason at times, it instead gives me a capital E witha french accent mark on it - the question mark is working properly right now so I can't even show that.

is this a win 7 issue? I ask only in that after 9 years with XP, and many diff keyboards, I've never ever had this happen...



PS if you can point me at an answer (google couldn't) I'd be pleased!

A:Keyboard Issue - keys change in win 7?'s a SHIFT + Ctrl button issue...somehow the Ctrl button "sticks" ... sigh... ???? ????? work fine now tho..
my apologies here it myownself!

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I know that the only built in color is red, but I was wondering if it would be possible to maybe replace the lights under the keyboard with multi-colored ones?  I don't want to open up my laptop untill I know for sure that I can do this.

A:Is it possible to change the keyboard back light c...

The keyboard and backlit are one whole unit. Unless some company makes a keyboard replacement for the Y50 with a different color, I don't think you can.

I'm a Lenovo advocate, part of the Lenovo INsiders program. #LenovoIN. I don't work for Lenovo.
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I've messed around and changed everything to my liking but I cant find anything pertaining to this, If possible I'd prefer not to have to directly input anything into the registry (I'd imagine there'd be a lot to change and navigation is terrible in there lol).

Does anyone know?
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I have installed Windows bit on a new motherboard using a Logitech K keyboard After using the system for a few weeks I have decide to put on a better keyboard After swapping keyboards the system runs fine until I reboot At that time Windows starts up as if it has never run before giving the quot Hi quot and quot Adding applications quot messages and then going to the normal tiles screen but it can find no applications Rebooting give the same results If I change the keyboard back and Win all loses change 8.1 keyboard applications on reboot everything comes up fine I have tried different keyboards different Microsoft and Dell with the same results As far as I can tell Windows only works with the keyboard that was used to install it and can never be changed Does anyone have a suggestion Win 8.1 loses all applications on keyboard change on where to Win 8.1 loses all applications on keyboard change look for a solution The only software running was Start to actually make Win useful but I removed that and confirm that the problem still existed without it

A:Win 8.1 loses all applications on keyboard change

I doubt this but I saw it with a battery driver lenovo provided on my notebook when I upgraded to pro, did any of those key boards install a driver? I had installed a driver for my battery power management and it broke the reboot process, once I removed it reboot went to normal. Also when doing updates have you seen any hardware updates slip through?
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I've broke the space bar on my keyboard and want to change the mapping so I can use another key instead (currently the \ key). I'm using a programme called 'Keystroke Converter' but the lisence runs out soon - any freeware suggestions?

A:Solved: Change keyboard mapping?

Bought new key and glued it in - solved
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I need to use a lot of greek letters alpha beta ect on a regular basis along change How can keyboard/numberpad I mapping? with modifications of these It is a pain to have to use the numpad codes every time when working with many of my formulas I need to put in multiple codes for the same character due to recurring accents bars ect so I would like to map them directly to my keyboard to make things easier I have looked into some programs such as SharpKeys and KeyTweak but as far as How can I change keyboard/numberpad mapping? I can tell they only let me move one key to another not add entirely new characters Windows has the Microsoft Keyboard Layout Creator which so far has been the best alternative I can map anything I want to any key but it does not seem to allow me to edit the numberpad I can't really get rid of any functions of any other keys so I need to map to previously quot unmapped quot locations Originally I wanted to use control x for example control a alpha but because most software has so many keyboard shortcuts this has been rendered more or less impossible to practically use The number pad seems to be the logical choice but the windows editor does not allow me to change my numberpad Is there any way around this or some other program I can't find If I could get this sorted it could change how work is conducted across my entire university

A:How can I change keyboard/numberpad mapping?

Since no one replied, I googled your request and this is all that came up.

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How do I change the sleep button on my keyboard to restart instead of sleep.
Checked a bunch of how2's on google but nothing works for me.
Any fixes ?
I have a desktop shortcut to restart and a 3 key keyboard shortcut but I would like the one button keyboard shortcut.

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I find the new Windows 8 File Explorer keyboard shortcuts quite infuriating. I've been using keyboard shortcuts for my entire life and have gotten used to the Window XP/7 type of shortcuts. Is there a way to change File Explorer or its shortcuts to behave like Windows 7?

For example, in Win 7, i'd do: Alt-F (File), W (neW) , F (folder) for a new folder (or a text file). This is now under the Home tab (how does that make any sense?!?). Additionally, even if i use Alt-H, W, i can only choose Folder or Shortcut, but not any other files, such as Text.

Who thought these changes were better? Not only does this not make sense (file tab is NOT for files), but it changes keyboard shortcut styles that were in use for decades! This kind of change should be optional for the end user. Rant over.

A:How to change File Explorer keyboard shortcuts?

I wonder if Classic Shell restores the older explorer keyboard shortcuts?
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Hello all,

I installed a Toshiba TV as a second monitor not too long ago and since then (or it might be a malware problem, but I'm thinking not). I have had problems as described in the title.

If I reboot my machine I can use the offending keyboard combinations for a short while before doing it eventually moves/resizes the windows around again. The machine will resize windows to various sizes but it seems pre-defined for different apps. Like for my browser it will resize to take up both 36" screens.

Not sure what to make of it. The one big combination that I can always count on to screw things up is the Ctrl+C shortcut. I believe it's been happening since I got the 2nd monitor hooked up with the VGA card.

Anyone seen this before? I can pinpoint what the issue might be. thanks!


win vista x64
hp desktop / 2.6 ghz dual core INTEL
keyboard = DYNEX
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Hi All,

I want to know using VB6 , Win 2000 or XP, how can I change the keyboard layout of another running

application / process.

With warm regards,


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Hi , my son has just changed the layout of his keyboard by mistake! He was typing quickly and he's not sure which keys he hit but now he can't type using the querty keyboard, he says the keys just come up with different signs when he types. I'm sorry I can't be more specific, but he is IM me from his ship on his phone! Any ideas would be great?

A:Change keyboard layout in Windows 7 problem

Ask him to press and hold key combination "windows + Fn" for a second.
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Hi all,

Today I started up my laptop to make my homework. So I tried to enter an "a with umlaut"(SHIFT+' then a) but it would not work.
So I checked my keyboard input settings and it is looking like in the attachments.

Does anyone know how I could fix this?

A:Cannot change my keyboard layout, blank list

It should download the Keyboard Layout you choose, until then it will be blank. Hit "Add Language" and this will pop up:

Language - Add or Remove in Windows 8

Then it will download the language pack and keyboard layout. Until then, it won't reside on your PC, they don't keep the languages you are not using on hand anymore.
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This is a stupid but frustrating problem! I have a Gateway Millenium keyboard. Up until a few days ago, all was well, but suddenly, the decimal point key in the number pad is remapped to run the function "default email application" (like the hotkey button at the top of the keyboard. I rely on this numpad a lot, so I really need to remap this. I'm guessing there is a layout in the registry??

What I've tried...
Using the Millenium keyboard function mapping (only allows you to remap the special keys at the top)
Uninstalling and reinstalling the keyboard (no new driver available)

Any help????

A:Keyboard Key Remapped Do I Change It Back?

Here's a freeware app that let's you remap any/all of your keys. KeyTweak
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Every so often I get this problem where my keyboard mouse functions change -With the keyboard it's usually a randomly and mouse My keyboard functions change SHIFT lock not CAPS lock that is every button that I hit expresses a character My keyboard and mouse functions randomly change or function like as if I was holding down SHIFT -With the mouse there are several problems Left clicking quot sticks quot so any field where you can select text or draw a My keyboard and mouse functions randomly change selection box will have that happen when I move the mouse around after clicking somewhere in the field Left clicking any link or bookmark causes it to open in a new page to be loaded The scroll wheel function changes to forward and back rather than scrolling up and down The right mouse button does it's own tricks but I can't remember it exactly This has happened with two different sets of keyboards mice operating with different drivers The only solution is to restart unplugging doesn't solve the trick I cannot recall exactly what I may have installed around the time the problem showed up unfortunately So what's the deal exactly Anyone experienced this

A:My keyboard and mouse functions randomly change

My suggestion would be to check your system for any malware, spyware and adware that might be lingering around, which can cause such problems your are experiencing. Next would be to make sure your system is completely updated with MS updates, all hardware drivers from the respected vendors/manufactures, and then all software. A BIOS update is worth looking at as well. Then check your keyboard/mouse settings for any changes. The only other two options left are kind of drastic, which are a system restore and a complete re-install of the OS.
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Hope you and family are fine.

I have installed Urdu keyboard and its working fine. The problem is how to change its font size?

Whatever I type its very small in size.

Any help will be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Tanvir Shah.
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Hi all,
I want to know whether anyone can please tell me how I can change a few of the extra keys which run at the top of the keyboard (Home, Pause Audio, Volume controls, etc..) to do something else such as play the next audio track?

Any Help would be much appreciated.

Oh yeah, the pc is running Windows xp Pro and it is a microsoft natural keyboard if that makes any difference. I have managed to do it using a program (Keystroke Converter) but I want to be able to do it more permanently as I cant afford to pay for this program.


A:Change Function of Keyboard Extra Keys

Try this:

Microsoft Link

You should have got some software with the keyboard.......
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I need to somehow change the keyboard language and regional settings of around 90 computers to english UK - they are currently all set to english US.

I'm not sure what has switched them to US, they only seem to have switched recently.

They are a mixture of 2000 and XP.

I found a bunch of registry entry's with all these settings in, but changing those doesn't actually set it to UK or change the keyboard setting.

I'm on active directory, would a group policy do it?
Just we don't have access to make or assign those, although I could probably ask for it if that would fix it.

Thx a load for any help!
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I have a compaq laptop cq56 which has some hot keys on the left hand side of the keyboard. the only probem is there is no spacing between them and the normal keys so everytime i go to hit tab, i end up hitting the dvd software key and it launches and is causing me great frustration. these keys are specific for these laptop, not windows. so is there anyway to disable or reassign the keys?
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It's really weird. And i really don't know what causes this. Here's the thing. I have ONLY ONE language and only ONE keyboard layout in settings. Few times happens, that i get US layout of keyboard with z y and switched..etc..but ONLY on random application. example i'm using skype and for no apparent reason i get layout switch. but when i go to start and type in search,, there it's normal. same thing happens in some mmorpg games. so in game it's all wrong at random point it switches itself. in windows is normal though. and in word and everyhere..only thing to do is to restart application or game..and it's ok again.

wth? does anyone have any idea?

A:Stupid anyoing keyboard layout change.

For this one (Left Alt + Shift) to change languages sometime also can not use, Because different setting some computer use (`) , (Left Alt + Shift), Ctrl + Shift) . So we have to use shortcuts according to setting as be low:
Control panel ==> Region & Languages==> Keyboard & languages ==> Change keyboard ==> Advanced key setting==>Change key sequence ==>then click on the bottom as you want it to be your shortcut ==> ok
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I have a computer in which there are several accounts other than the one for the administrator.

I would like to allow the guest accounts to change the keyboard language at will.

I would also like standard accounts to make similar changes

Is there any way to do this?

A:How do I allow guest accounts to change the keyboard language?

Please post your question only once.
Your prior question is so closely related that the answer to this question will give all the information that is needed.
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The typical -go to control panel and keyboard language setting- instructions dont work on Home Premium 7 for some unknown reason.

Im at a loss.

The OS seems to be in English, but the keyboard doesnt want to change to Spanish.

Recent reinstall from partition. Legit copy, came with the laptop. Was working before the reinstall OK. Iirc the default interface might have been showing spanish, which might explain why i didnt have this problem before in the keyboard.

I think I was given the option to choose language at reinstall, and that I chose English. But everyone else who-s had problems with interface language never complained about keyboard issues.

A:Keyboard language change in Win7 not working for anyone?

System specs?

and 'Seems to be in English'? It either is or it isn't.

try control panel -> region & language -> Format (english US) & Location
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I have turned on the system beep noise to let me know when I have Caps Lock on or off as it was driving me bonkers finding I had typed several lines then looking over to see it was all in capitols.

This is how I got there ......
All Programs/Accessories/Ease of Access/ Ease of Access Centre Control Panel/All Control Panel Items/Ease of Access Centre/Make the keyboard easier to use/Turn on toggle keys

I would like to ask please if there is any way to change the sound from the standard quiet beep
(I have looked in Sounds but found nothing there)

As always any help or guidance gratefully received
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I have a change hotkey after Keyboard settings Logitech reboot Logitech Y-ST Internet keyboard that works fine it has seven assigned function buttons across the top of the board Search Files E-Mail WWW Mute - and volume but I ve noticed that the one of them WWW keeps giving me the quot Files quot function instead Logitech Keyboard hotkey settings change after reboot of the Internet I ve successfully re-set this several times in the Control Panel so that all works fine but on rebooting the same problem returns as if I d made no correction at all I have Windows XP Home Edition and all other hardware and software works fine Is there something I can activate to permanently set the changes I make Maybe Control Panel keyboard is not the right place to set changes The keyboard came with the PC and doesn t have a separate software CD so I ve unplugged and re-plugged so that it detects and installs the hardware drivers just to make sure they re the right ones but to no avail Everything else on the keyboard works well nbsp

A:Logitech Keyboard hotkey settings change after reboot

By using a bit of lateral thinking, I have found a solution to this baffling problem, though not a cause for it.
When the WWW button opens Files, the path is C:\Windows\Program Files\Internet where there are some files associated with my ISP, not currently in use. By moving this folder into another (Internet Explorer), the WWW button can no longer find the folder it seeks, so its function has apparently reverted to opening the web browser as it should do.
Why it started opening files in the first place is still a mystery.
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Hi you all I'm having a problem here that's driving me crazy The option quot Add keyboard layout quot suddenly is unavailable I'm from Argentina that's my excuse Ultimate layout change Unable x32 keyboard 7 Windows to for bad grammar and my keyboard uses the locale es-es My SO as the thread title says is Windows Ultimate x I recently installed the english language pack from windows update hoping that some keyboards layouts would show up but nothing happened I also tried this I downloaded the lp cab Spanish package and installed it from the command line as administrator Nothing changed The Unable to change keyboard layout Windows 7 Ultimate x32 following are two images from the Region Language section in control panel In the first one in Input Language it says quot Unable to read configuration quot Circled in red The second one shows that when I click in 'Add Input Language' nothing shows up I'm hoping someone could help me on this one I need to do some Unable to change keyboard layout Windows 7 Ultimate x32 reports for college and I can't use the spanish special characters Thanks in advance PS System Unable to change keyboard layout Windows 7 Ultimate x32 Restore is not enabled Matias

A:Unable to change keyboard layout Windows 7 Ultimate x32

Scroll down to "Vista" and see if this works for you:

In Vista, you have to click on Regional and Language Options from the Control Panel. Then you need to click on Keyboards and Languages and then Change Keyboards.

How to Change the Keyboard Language in Windows
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My keyboard layout is Dvorak.
There is only one user on my computer.
It works fine in Windows 8.  But it does not activate until after I sign in to Windows.
For the login screen, I have to type my password in QWERTY.
Is there any way to have Windows 8 change the keyboard layout to Dvorak before login?

A:How to change keyboard layout for login and password in Windows 8?

Open "region" > then on the "administration" tab > click "copy settings" > then check the box "for home screen & new users".