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New laptop, new wireless mouse, small gaming problem

Q: New laptop, new wireless mouse, small gaming problem

As the title says, I'm on a brand new laptop (Yay Christmas) and I, just today, got a new HP wireless mouse. I've got it set up in the left hand configuration for Windows, but when I start up a game (Terraria, Minecraft, League of Legends, etc.) it switches to the right hand config. I've tried switching it back and forth, rebooting the mouse, etc., all to no avail. Any assistance would be amazing.

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Preferred Solution: New laptop, new wireless mouse, small gaming problem

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: New laptop, new wireless mouse, small gaming problem

You may need to open the microsoft mouse thing in your start menu
untick the 'enable program-specific settings' box.

Then try running your games
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Hey do you guys think about this gaming laptop? Is small for gaming? - It's a pretty fast gaming laptop but only 14 inches ?

What do you guys thing about this GIGABYTE P34WV3-CF2?

Link: Gigabyte P34WV3-CF2: 14-Inch Gaming Laptop Review


A:Is this gaming laptop too small?

Mostly depends on your needs, really. You can always hook up an external monitor if the 14" screen isn't big enough.
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So I have a pretty decent laptop the specs are i nvidia geforce m GB ram GHZ Recently I have formatted my PC and installed a new windows on it after that my laptop is having crazy lag and don't ask me why The problems that occur on my laptop are - When I wake my PC up from sleep mode after hours not issues gaming) laptop (startup and Small after mins or Small laptop issues (startup and gaming) even hours it begins to lag for like minutes long I can't open any programs for mins but I can move my mouse and press the start button and so Also when I open my laptop my pc automatic wakes up and that's normal but after hours in sleep mode I have to press the standby button to wake my PC up from sleep mode - The second problem is when I used to game before the formatting it used to run the game smooth on high quality and background programs open on FPS now after the formatting the FPS drops to even in the worst quality mode with all the programs closed What is this and how can I fix this Thank you

A:Small laptop issues (startup and gaming)

Well? Can anyone help?
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I got a nice big gift card for X-mas and want to get a new keyboard/mouse combo. I was wondering if there is any problems with wireless keyboards/mice and gaming. I play shooters/RPG/RTS/Simulations, pretty much all genre. Does anyone know of any good ones to get??

A:Wireless keyboard/mouse and gaming...

My advice, get one with a rechargeable mouse, there is nothing worse than your mouse not working because the batteries have died, other than that, I doubt you'll notice a difference between wired and wireless as long as you have the only set in the house.
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I just baught a Logitech Cordles Click! Plus mouse and while it works good for surfing the web and doing everything else, it's kinda a bit inaccurate and just a hair slow to respond when im playing warcraft III. is there anyone using a wireless mouse that works great in gaming? especialy in WCIII. thanks for the response,id like to get alot of opinions on this one,i dont wanna have to take five mice back to the store to get one that doesn't suck.

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I was wondering if anyone had heard of a fix this problem. After installing the software for an Xbox wireless gaming receiver, I attach the device as instructed. When I do, my Logitech G7 mouse freezes up until I reboot. I have seen others with this problem on Logitech's forums, but I have yet to see any fixes. Microsoft's support has been no help so far. I assume the issue is driver related, as others with different system setups also have the problem, but I don't know if it is a Logitech driver, or Microsoft...or whether a fix even exists for this problem. Thanks for the help!

A:Xbox 360 Wireless Gaming Receiver locks up Logitech G7 mouse

Iv found that if i boot up with just the Xbox360 Receiver plugged in then when its light is on plug in the logitech mouse then it all works fine...
just remember to unplug the mouse if you reboot...... it sux but it works
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I just recieved the brand new Logitech Wireless Gaming Mouse G today from Newegg I am running Windows Pro bit and it is working except for the fact that I can not see it in Setpoint to configure buttons and etc I would assume its so new that the latest software doesn't support it seeing how I was unable to register it because it wasn't on the device listing Does anyone have any insight on this Hopefully and update comes soon so I can actually use the currently useless buttons One small unrelated issue that logitech should fix on the site is when you are searching for mice the g will appear if you have it set to show only unifying devices I stumbled across Gaming Logitech Mouse Wireless recognized New 6.15 not G700 in Setpoint this mouse looking for mice that use the unifying reciever It popped up and I didnt check twice Not a huge problem just more dongle plugged in It did have me scratching my head for a few minutes when trying to install it though
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Not too detrimental to problem. mouse Small my computer but it's awfully annoying My mouse cursor will all on it's own move Small mouse problem. to the right It will either jolt there Small mouse problem. or just disappear but almost every second of the day it is semi hidden in the right side of the screen all I can see is Small mouse problem. the black line of the very left of the cursor When I try to move it away from the right side of the screen it fights me and keeps jumping back into it's hiding spot I can move it any direction it just always want back to the right Occasionally it will pop to the left for a millisecond like it can't make up it's mind but it then goes back to quot normal quot by going to the right It's probably good to also mention that it only does this when the mouse is plugged in I've cleaned it but could it be a problem with the mouse or do I have to reformat my computer due to a unfixable virus This has been happening for a few months now Any help would be appreciated

A:Small mouse problem.

Seriously? No one has ever encountered this problem before? Do I need to elaborate? What other info would you need?
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Not too detrimental to my computer but it s awfully annoying My mouse mouse Small problem. cursor will all on it s own move to the Small mouse problem. right It will either jolt there or just disappear but almost every second of the day it is semi hidden in the right side of the screen all I can see is the black line of the very left of the cursor When I try to move it away from the right side of the screen it fights me and keeps jumping back into it s hiding spot I can move it any direction it just always want back to the Small mouse problem. right Occasionally it will Small mouse problem. pop to the left for a millisecond like it can t make up it s mind but it then goes back to quot normal quot by going to the right It s probably good to also mention that it only does this when the mouse is plugged in I ve cleaned it but could it be a problem with the mouse or do I have to reformat my computer due to a unfixable virus This has been happening for a few months now Any help would be appreciated nbsp

A:Small mouse problem.

Have you tried a different rat? Sometimes this will fix that flaky rat.

In the Control Panel, select Mouse and the Pointer Options tab. Uncheck “Enhance pointer precision” and the problem may go away
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I'm looking to buy a wired mouse to play games and general stuff on my laptop.

Any ideas on what I should buy.

Thanks in advance.

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How r ya?

I bought a new razor gaming mouse and for some reason it will not work, any ideas?

I removed my old mouse, plugged in the new one in a USB port and almost nothing, the only button that works is left click.
I managed to install the CD that came with the mouse using the keyboard but still nothing. Restarted the computer and still nothing. The lights on the side of the mouse that I think should light up red dont light up at all

Is it fooked??

running xp


A:new gaming mouse problem

1. plug the mouse connection in the mouse port instead of the USB.
2. check ur mouse on any of ur friends' computer. if it still shows problems, then its probably "fooked". then get it replaced.
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I have been working on my laptop this morning. After a one-hour break, when I came back to work, my wireless mouse and my wireless keyboard were no longer working on my laptop Pavilion 6g. I check the Parameters, and these two accessories appear to be undetected by the laptop. The operating system of  my laptop is Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit).
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Whenever I use the left-click it highlights, drags, and clicks on things when i barely touch it. the slightest touch makes it click things and its driving me nuts! how do i fix this?
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I have purchased a Roccat Kone XTD Gaming mouse last night and I am having some problems installing the drivers for it. (Alien FX)
When I am about to start the installation, the setup program freezes as in it does not allow me to advance with the installation. It makes a Windows sound every time I try clicking Next or anywhere else on the window as if something else was open from the same program, however there was nothing. I have tried running it multiple times, I tried restarting my pc, I also tried a custom installation but that resulted into the same problem shortly after.
I have a Lenovo Y500 Laptop, with Windows 10 64bit OS.
Here are two screenshots of the program on the point where I am unable to continue;
Is there a solution for this? Does this happen often? Hopefully someone can help me. :)
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Hey guys,

I got this mouse for Chrsitmas and love it. However about 2 weeks ago it started acting up. Basically it freezes for like 10-15 sec every couple minutes. I plugged another mouse in my USB port just to make sure it wasn't bad and it worked fine. I cleaned the batteries just to make sure there wasn't any connection problems. I have updated drivers, no spyware or viruses.
No idea what is wrong, aside from a hardware problem.

A:Problem with Logitech G7 Cordless Gaming Mouse

Have you tried another set of batteries?
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Hi, I'm having problems with my mouse and video games. (PC). Please watch this video and I will be thankful. Basically my mouse skips and IDK why...

1. I get only 30ish FPS with a quad core 2.4GHz, 8GB RAM but I have integrated graphics, is it solely because of my integrated? (6550D, 4GB)

2. Radeon 6950 vs. 6970, is it JUST a FIRMWARE change, and will I be able to basically make a 6950 a 6970?

3. THE MOST IMPORTANT ONE: My mouse isn't a gaming mouse, it's just one that came with the comp, first when I'm like aiming, it's really inacurate because it seems like it skips some locations on the X-AXIS (and Y-AXIS) of the game...

A:Gaming mouse problem -- skipping points on the X/Y axis...?

Have you checked your DPI settings? Are you sure it's not due to lag?
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I wonder a wireless mouse, which can used with both pc and laptop, just get down to this Microsoft Arc Wireless Laser Mouse, see the pics, will it feel good with my hands?

A:Wireless mouse for my pc and laptop!

From the way it looks, you'll have to keep your hands on it fully to use it.
Not the way I do like I'll rest my hand on my mouse pad and use 1 or 2 fingers for the buttons.
Since you took the time to post this, I'll assume you want to like it.
So go ahead and try it, it might be worth it.
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I bought a new wireless internet keyboard and laser mouse yesterday but when i install the software in the computer only the wireless keyboard works but not the wireless laser mouse.....when I install software I leave the other mouse in to control you think it is because of that...but if I dont leave the other mouse in how am I going to control things to install software....Could Somebody Please help
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I m going to the store today to try to find a wireless mouse for my laptop for gaming There doesn t seem to be any ports on my laptop compatible with the wireless mouse I currently have I have a Logitech wireless mouse not sure of exact model know ? my I How laptop mouse a do is if compatible for wireless it does not have a USB signal device It has green and pink circular connectors which How do I know if my laptop is compatible for a wireless mouse ? I used for my desktop comp along with the wireless keyboard I m thinking maybe I have some kind of Bluetooth in my laptop and How do I know if my laptop is compatible for a wireless mouse ? there may be a wireless mouse I can purchase that is compatible with my laptop s Bluetooth But my question is how do I find out if my laptop even has this so that I know what to look for at the store It s a new laptop an HP Entertainment PC with Vista So I don t see why it would be impossible to connect a wireless mouse to it Thanks in advance to anyone kind enough to help me out nbsp

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I'm looking for a good full sized wireless mouse for my laptop (which dosn't have blue-tooth). Any recommendations?

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After using it without problems for over a year, my wireless mouse stopped working on my laptop a few weeks ago. I changed the batteries, still nothing. I figured it was time for a new mouse so I bought one today, installed it, checked for updated drivers, etc. Still nothing. My computer is showing that the device is installed correctly, not sure what to do next. Windows 7, Toshiba laptop. I disconnected the mosue, uninstalled the drivers, rebooted the computer and reconnected the mouse. Drivers reinstalled automatically but mouse still won't work. Any ideas?

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Ok, so here is my issue.
I have a logitech M325 wireless mouse that has worked perfectly fine for a while....until all of the sudden it stopped responding. So I replaced batteries (which did nothing), then went ahead and got a new mouse. When I plugged that one in, there was no response either . So I got my friends wireless mouse (which has been working fine on his computer) and plugged it into mine, which, no surprise, didn't work. When I gave him his mouse back, he was shocked to find that it no longer worked on his computer either!! I am a PC gamer and could really use some help!!

A:No kind of wireless mouse works on my laptop!

To help us help you,please use the TSG System Info tool to let Tech's know the specs of your computer: Copy and paste the results here in your thread. You can use the TSG Info to fill in your computer information in your user profile as well.

Also, if its a brand name system like an Acer,Dell or HP, please post the exact model of the system.
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hi i need help connecting the wireless mouse bluetooth to my laptop and i cant fig it out

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I have a HP Pavilion TX 2000. About 2 months ago my wireless mouse stopped working. I changed out the batteries and it still doesn't work.

I also tried another wireless mouse, and still nothing.

One mouse is a Tagrus and the other is an HP, if that makes any difference.

Any ideas on how I can fix this?

A:Wireless mouse stopped working on laptop

Can you find a wired mouse to try as a test, or even a usb flash drive to make sure your usb ports are working?
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Hi everyone I just bought a wireless lap top mouse on Ebay and I am starting to regret that I did The package does not have a model or name but after some search I found that it was made by Tonzo Industrial Co Ltd It appears to me and this is just a guys but I believe this company is no longer in business as their site is down and the contact email is a hotmail Tonzo Optical Mouse Wireless Laptop address I m not going to email a hotmail Tonzo Wireless Optical Laptop Mouse address I am including a link so that you can see what it looks like http tonzo en busytrade com products info Wireless Optical Mouse html Here s the problem - simply put - it doesn t work It worked at first and then suddenly it would no longer move the cursor I have done everything I could find in trouble shooting of other wireless mice Including holding the button underneath the mouse holding Tonzo Wireless Optical Laptop Mouse the button on the receiver holding them both at the same time to sync them Checking properties in Device Manager plug and play Rebooting etc etc The batteries are fine Sometimes I can get it to move and inch and then it will stop again Tonzo Wireless Optical Laptop Mouse I have taken the batteries out as well and reinstalled them I ve also tried several different surfaces with it I don t want to spend the money to send it back as it was cheap in the first place I think I might just buy a non wireless mouse for this laptop This is too much pain for a company computer Thanks for any help in advance nbsp
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Yes/No, look at the pic. Notice the much larger receiver compared to USB dongle size. I mean does it totally defeat the purpose? Or I could forsay just use the mouse just for home and use the touchpad when im out?

Which is the best suited for laptops.

Wireless laptop mouse
Laptop mouse with pull out cord

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Hi I m new here and I really need some help lag laptop keyboard lag touch mouse Wireless pad and and with my laptop I have a Dell Inspiron running Windows XP Media Center Edition I ve had the laptop for almost years and recently I ve been having problems with my wireless mouse the laptop s keyboard and touch Wireless mouse lag and laptop keyboard and touch pad lag pad Recently since last Tuesday whenever I use my laptop s keyboard it lags very badly It sometimes doesn t pick up letters and to type anything without missing letters I have to hold down a letter for a few seconds Also my laptop s touch pad lags very badly as well And lastly Wireless mouse lag and laptop keyboard and touch pad lag my wireless mouse lags nowhere near as bad as the touch pad a Wireless mouse lag and laptop keyboard and touch pad lag short pause every - seconds but it s enough to be annoying but the wireless keyboard is absolutely fine I ve already done a few things I ve checked to see if any processes are using a lot of the CPU none are there s no unusual processes running either I ran a virus scan and it found nothing I ran chkdsk p and r neither found anything and I replaced the ntoskrnl exe file in my system folder I was randomly getting errors saying that it was corrupt or missing when I turned on my laptop but I think that fixed it I ve also plugged in a wired mouse in to my laptop and got the same lag as the wireless one Can anyone help me with this I really need help Thanks nbsp

A:Wireless mouse lag and laptop keyboard and touch pad lag

Can't anyone help me?

Here's a little update.
The lag with the wireless mouse is gone, but the lag with everything else is still there.
I had to repair my windows install because I was randomly getting an error at start up saying that windows couldn't start because the ntoskrnl.exe file was missing or corrupted. Then it would only come up with a screen asking if I wanted to start safe mode, start windows normally, etc.
It came up with the ntoskrnl.exe error came up again after the repair, but it can start up now.
Please, someone help.
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What Bastille security researcher Marc Newlin discovered was this If you can send out a wireless signal that pretends to be a wireless mouse most wireless USB dongles will happily latch onto it -- no questions asked Then you can have that fake wireless mouse pretend to be a wireless keyboard -- and start controlling someone else's computer With a laptop and a cheap wireless USB antenna called a Crazyradio your hack wireless a compromise This laptop Use could mouse? $15 Newlin found he could do that from up to meters away Of course you can't easily see someone's laptop screen from that far out but that doesn't mean the hack isn't dangerous A sequence of keyboard shortcuts is enough Use a wireless mouse? This $15 hack could compromise your laptop to wipe a hard drive -- or open a browser navigate to a website download malware and install it on a computer Many of the dongles that come with mice and keyboards from Logitech Microsoft Amazon Dell HP Lenovo and Gigabyte are at risk Here's a list Use a wireless mouse? This $15 hack could compromise your laptop of the affected devices that Bastille has found so far Use a wireless mouse This hack could compromise your laptop - CNET

A:Use a wireless mouse? This $15 hack could compromise your laptop

Great, my keyboard and mouse are vulnerable. Thankfully UAC with password prevents serious attacks.
An attacker could remotely download malware, but without admin rights and scripting, he can not do much.
I have seen some strange behaviour lately, a browser started by itself and other things like it, maybe it is related.

EDIT: Thankfully Logitech provide firmware update, so users do not have to buy a new device like with other brands.
But it is a bit complicated, they say to simply update it, but it does not work, the firmware update button is greyed out.

Logitech Response to Unifying Receiver Research Fi... - Logitech Forums

You have to download and install Unifying Software.

Unifying Software - Logitech Support

Then download the firmware update and run it (I put it into the same folder).
(C:\Program Files\Common Files\LogiShrd\Unifying)

Run the firmware (it shows nothing), then select Update Firmware on the receiver and you are done.

Credit goes to: Re: "MOUSEJACK" Is the new firmware available yet... - Logitech Forums
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Our mini-size wireless Microsoft Mouse has been in use with our laptop for six months or longer with no issues other than an occasional battery change. Last night it stopped working all together, despite a laptop reboot, et al. I ended up plugging in my Microsoft optical wired mouse from my office PC and that is working fine.

Just to check, I plugged the receiver for the wireless mouse into my PC and the lil' bugger is working fine there, but still won't work on the laptop.

Does this make any sense to anyone?

The laptop is running via a Netgear wireless network card, the machine is running fine for the most part, I see nothing out of sorts on a HijackThis scan, the Avira antivirus scans have been clean, and yet the wireless mouse won't work on the laptop but will on the desktop PC.

Any ideas would be appreciated!

A:Solved: Wireless Mouse won't work on laptop, but does on PC?

my idea is that after time files can corrupt and so a file in your drivers for it may have corrupted what i reccomend is plug both the mouse's in and use ur wired one to go to device manager look under mice and other pointing devices remove that driver and remove both mice then plug in the receiver again and it should auto re install the driver. this may work or it may not depends if its something more indepth. as to it working on ur pc when u plugged it in it installed the drivers new so it would work but if the drivers are corrupt on your laptop then it wouldent.
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I've done the same steps people keep giving me over and over again, I can not get this to work and the only choice I have in the "Update Driver Software - Unknown Device" screen is "XBOX 360 Controller For Windows" does anybody know how I can get the other options to show up?

Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit It has worked before on this computer with this method, I'm not to sure why it's not working now.

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I have read many threads on this, but I cant seem to get my laptop to wake using the wireless kboard/mouse. I have a HP pavilion dv4 with windows 7 x32, and a logitech LX710 Kboard/mouse. I am beginning to think that I will not be able to wake on this laptop.

Allow this device to turn on computer is greyed out in device manager. I have accessed the bios, but did not see anything that looked like it pertained to this issue. I am far from a computer expert, so any help is greatly appreciated. thanks!

A:Can't wake laptop from sleep with wireless Kboard/mouse

Try Using a standard usb keyboard & mouse. If they work then yes, wireless is your problem.
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Ive tried to set up the mouse as the instructions advise but it just wont connect. There is no illumination on either the mouse or the dongle when the blue connect button is pushed or pushed and held in for 15 seconds.

A:X3000 Red Wireless mouse wont connect to any laptop

Hi, Please check the battery first Regards.
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Yesterday after restarting my PC to finish updates from Windows and installations from Autodesk and MATLab my keyboard touch pad and wireless mouse stopped working After checking the drivers I found that the keyboard and mouse drivers had a code So I did a system restore before all the updates Did nothing for the drivers I tried uninstalling updating the drivers didn't work Then I used CCleaner to clean up registry errors No changes Next I went into the registry and deleted the UpperFilter values for the keyboard and mouse drivers Code was gone for HID keyboard driver and the HID mouse driver But now the ps keyboard driver and the synaptics smbus driver now had a code After removing and reconnecting my wireless mouse's usb I noticed that fixed drivers come and go with it so I tried to find the drivers for the mouse to try a manual reinstall do... and Keyboard, Wireless Touchscreen TouchPad, Mouse Laptop for my mouse Couldn't find them Logitech's website was of no help So I got Laptop Keyboard, TouchPad, Touchscreen and Wireless Mouse do... Driver Booster to help me The program Laptop Keyboard, TouchPad, Touchscreen and Wireless Mouse do... said my PC had a lot of outdated drivers so I decided to let the program update them all in hopes it would fix both the code and let my mouse work again And that's how the touchscreen stopped responding Driver Booster had paused while downloading the driver for the Bluetooth as Windows Defenders stopped it When I tried to allow the download I notice my only method of interacting with my PC had failed I force shut down the PC in hopes that the problem would be fixed Didn't work So now I cannot use the touchscreen wireless mouse touch pad nor keyboard As far as I can tell everything else is fine I bought a new mouse in hopes it might be able to connect today it also failed to work So if anyone knows another way to input commands I would be very grateful I have taken my laptop partial apart before to clean out dust so if there's a way to fix this by taking the hard drive out please let me know I do not mind losing files While I would be sad over a few things most are backed up elsewhere If there is no way at all to do this myself advice about where to go to for repairs and estimated cost would be nice

A:Laptop Keyboard, TouchPad, Touchscreen and Wireless Mouse do...

UPDATE:Okay, I found that there was a way to force the PC into recovery mode without any buttons.I took out the battery, forced a shut down, and unplugged the power cord when I turned it on. After replugging the power and powering up, it went into recovery.Touchscreen and keyboard worked in recovery mode, was too excited to test TouchPad and mice.Anyways, I'm resetting the PC now. Hopefully this fixes it all.I'm somewhat leary of doing updates, however. Reading around online, some had this issue for their keyboards and mice due to Windows 10 hybrid shutdown and fast startup. I'm going to try to turn that off, update everything, and hope that fixes everything.Will update status later.Hope anyone having similar issues find this useful.
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I was just thinking this Ive been using wireless laptop mice for my laptop for months and sure its great not having suited for better a opposed mouse as wireless? wired a to Is laptop to drag the cord Is a wired mouse better suited for a laptop as opposed to wireless? around or it pulling your mouse down the desk But its alot more work than a simple laptop mouse with say a retractable pull out cord You Is a wired mouse better suited for a laptop as opposed to wireless? have to worry about the batteries for one and your mouse all of a sudden becomes parts - the mouse itself and the USB receiver Then you have to worry about interference and whether the mouse glides well enough on certain table tops when commuting with the laptop I just got a mini laptop mouse with a charger and it came with it and AAA NiMH batteries but im contemplating if its even worth the money and maybe just go back to the standard wired mouse For laptop a wired mouse Is a wired mouse better suited for a laptop as opposed to wireless? just untangle and plug in simple as that Wireless mouse you have to plug in the USB dongle turn the mouse on put mouse pad under neath etc nbsp

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Q: I have a drive named \\?\Volume{b6a3f0...
In General - Asked by SeshPerrier3 answers
12:56:13 3/11/15
A:I have a drive named \\?\Volume{b6a3f0...
In General - Asked by SeshPerrier3 answers
12:56:13 3/11/15
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Hi there I have a Labtec Wireless Desktop Keyboard Mouse Combo Now I know it says quot Desktop quot in its name for a reason but I d like to use this combo for my laptop if it s possible The combo comes with a Ghz wireless receiver PS Port a wireless keyboard and a wireless mouse I connected the wireless Keyboard/Mouse laptop Solved: Connecting Wireless to Combo receiver to my desktop which is very close to my laptop Then I connected my mouse and keyboard with the receiver On the receiver there is a light called quot Act quot Whenever I press any key on keyboard or click my mouse that light blinks Solved: Connecting Wireless Keyboard/Mouse Combo to laptop so we know the combo is connected to the receiver however both keyboard or mouse don t work I have Windows on laptop and Windows XP on desktop if that helps Also my Desktop is very close to where I usually use my laptop so frequency range shouldn t be a problem right Is there additional steps to be taken next I know you can use PS to USB wire but is there any other way Thanks for reading and I will await your answers nbsp

A:Solved: Connecting Wireless Keyboard/Mouse Combo to laptop

In response to your report to have this thread closed; We don't close threads that are solved, however you can mark the thread solved yourself using Thread Tools located above the first post in the thread and if you wish to help others you may have the same problem, you can also post as to what the solution to the problem was.

FYI, the mouse and keyboard work with the computer or laptop that the receiver is connected too.
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Hi first post I can get the exact message in the popup if requested The USB piece has been confirmed to work on two other machines Win Win XP I started looking this some ways back but then put it on the back-burner for maybe a couple years until recently Here's what I remember trying since Removing and USB work wireless is but Laptop won't recognizes piece mouse present, that reinserting the laptop battery Trying different ports Restarting without USB piece then plugging it in Downloading drivers for the mouse quot Microsoft Wireless Mobile Mouse quot which I couldn't do because only Win and Win were offered Running some quot Fixit quot software by Microsoft This might've partly worked It seemed to do nothing at first but I Laptop recognizes that wireless mouse USB piece is present, but won't work reinserted the piece after running the program and for the first time the computer seemed to install the software and the mouse was working for a few minutes then suddenly stopped lol Since then Laptop recognizes that wireless mouse USB piece is present, but won't work I've reinserted it a few times with it working one time I ran Comodo antivirus in the middle of that only possible variable I know of I tried a couple other things too but can't remember Thanks in advance

A:Laptop recognizes that wireless mouse USB piece is present, but won't work


Could you be more specific regarding the Make & Model of the laptop & also the mouse etc..
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Ok, so here is my problem:

I am an active video gamer but I play on a lap top due to college. (If it helps I play WoW.) The laptop is a Dell Inspiron 1150 and about 2-4 years old (I forget). I was wondering if there is a way to increase my Frams per second in game possibly and out of game. In game I have everything set to the lowest settings and yet I still have only 3fps when raiding with 24 other people.

Is there a way to possibly add some hardware to my laptop if nothing else is possible?

A:Problem with Gaming FPS on a Laptop

well, first we sort of need to know what's in it. have you ever added anything to it previously?

how much memory came stock with it? i know if i went to a site it would probably tell me, but sometimes when you buy you can specify how much you want. so it'd be easier if you could tell me directly.

but after we get that out of the way, the answer is fairly plain and expected.

add more memory. more than likely, you have a RAM slot open. and that means you can stick a 1 gigabyte stick in there. and that helps improve frames drastically, and will make everything out of game smoother too.

aside from that, with a laptop, i'm afraid your options are rather limited. once you've upgraded the RAM as much as possible, there's really only a few software programs you can add that might help, or you could fiddle with a few of your hard drive settings.

i assume you don't know much about tweaking your system?
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like many pc gamers i always wanted a quiet high end gaming rig the size of a console system not just for looks but for space i finally came as close as it can small mod gaming case pc my possibly get so figure i d share my mod for others who may want to do the same You can use all components you already have except with this case you ll need a slim dvd drive and my small pc case gaming mod mm fans components silverstone lc home theater case quot H x quot W x quot D at pc-performance com Athlon gb corsair xms ram asus a v mobo gt oc ed with nv silencer cooling mm stealth fans cheap mm mm thick cpu fans used for case circulation used for hard drive cooling cheap connect x power supply used externally maxtor maxline gb sata hard drive pioneer slim dl dvdrw burner at newegg com This is the silverstone lc case which supports full ATX and EATX mobo slim dvd required with propritary psu removed is designed for a weaker home theater system but with some slight modding it supports high end companants quite well the top plate removes easily and is where both slim dvd burner and hard drive resides it also my small pc case gaming mod comes with an AGP riser card with extension if needed and pci riser card but if you use a dual slot card you cannot use any pci slots but i didnt need them anyway if you do use an external usb version any dual slot graphics card works just fine in this case you can also purchase a seperate PCI express riser card and it should fit if pci ex slot is in normal position on mobo if your not sure they make some with ribbon cable so you can maneuver your card just search on google the case also comes with slim dvd adapter side usb ports and sound ports this case is well designed but for max cooling some very slight internal modification will be required which i ll explain later the case comes in silver or black and is very sleek looking http www silverstonetek com products-lc htm Being such a small case cooling is an issue using only mm intake fans nearest to graphics card using default vents and mm fan for exhaust although as you can see from pics you can easily add up to exhaust fans if you drill your own holes in case but i m only using the default vents in latest revision theres a vent above cpu so with this setup the system stays quite cool and i can easily overclock I used the nv silencer for graphics cooling i found that the graphics card is the main heat source in this case and its imperative that exhaust be blown out of the case immediatly so thats why a cooling source like this is needed cuz its vented out of the second back slot otherwise your case temps will be much higher i later threw in a couple of very thin cpu fans facing the exhaust end one near northbridge and one near ram to help circulate the intake air not needed but any better airflow no doubt helps This is size comparison to my old Asus vento case quite a difference especially since the lc is only inches high by wide it fits perfectly under my quot lcd monitor and raises it perfectly to eye level so using it this way gives me much more desktop space plus its about quieter i didnt show it but on that top plate i used a dremel and cut a rectangular hole under where the hard drive sits i then silicone glued a very thin mm x mm thick fan under it to help cool it and it works extremely well i also had to notch a couple spots on plate so my fans could fit right The first thing i did was remove the weak w psu and used my atx psu externally its odd but it works well you can add extensions or solder extensions if you want your psu on the floor which i orginally planned i tried to find a brick psu but they dont make any except for laptops with all wiring in place as you can see theres very little of it but you also cant use floppy drive or other such if you need F sata drivers for installing windows you should first slipstream them using Nlite www nlite org this way you wont likely need a floppy for slim dvd i got the pioneer slot loading dual layer -... Read more

A:my small pc case gaming mod

very nice MOD, the 6800 card with the a4000 must make it kinda toasty in there. Thanks for posting it. I like MOD`d equipment.
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I am running Windows 10 in 4K resolution and I have made adjustments within windows *compensate for the high-resolution yet the LGS software still remains so small that it is extremely difficult to read the text within the UI.
Any advice would be appreciated.
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I Solved: Small Gaming Server run a small very small tiny in fact server for Minecraft on my router There is nothing fancy or complicated about it it is very minimal and doesn t do much but lately the people who play on my server have been complaining of EXTREME lag I tried Solved: Small Gaming Server it out myself and it was nearly impossible to play I did some work on the computer that the server runs on and it seemed to speed up significantly but it is still very lagy This particular computer does not run anything OTHER than the server at one time so it is not a power issue It has run very well before now and has been super efficient otherwise The computer s OS is a Linux distro called Julicloud Solved: Small Gaming Server Any ideas on why I might be getting such slow speed Also yes it is hardwired in and I get around a Mb s download speed at average on my network and specifically on that computer Much thanks nbsp

A:Solved: Small Gaming Server

About the only thing I can think of is that, particularly with games servers, the real indicator of playability will frequently be in the 'upload' bandwidth. This only comes into play in cases where your speeds are Asynchronous. You may have 3Mb/s download, but only 256Kb/s upload and that can be where the bottleneck comes into play.

Also, a lot of games have memory leaks in which used memory isn't properly released when it should be. An occasional re-boot will usually help with those issues.

Pretty much, other than that, you may want to check with the developer, check their forum(s) and see if anyone else if experiencing the same issue.
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I have a macbook OS X 10.4.8 laptop and have bought a Microsoft Optical Mouse 4000 which is compatible with macbook, so it said! I have the CD but when I load it in my laptop it says I have not got the appropriate feature to run the setup.exe. I am baffled. It will run on my PC which is microsoft but i want it on the laptop. Can anyone help. Haven't had the laptop long and am Microsoft literate but new to Apple - have it for digital video editing.


A:Wireless Mouse problem

see if you can download apple drivers for that will prob find that the drivers for apple are not on the disk...better still explore the cd to see if there is no directory containing the apple drivers for the ms mouse...good will need it!!!
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Hi all:
I have been having a weird problem with my Microsoft wireless mouse...I'll be using it fine then all of a sudden I will click on something and a whole area is automatically highlighted (I didn't want to highlight just click on an area). It continues to do this where ever I click until I completely shut down the computer and when it comes back up everything is fine again. I have had the mouse for about 8 months now and have not had any problems until recently. It generally happens in excel, but I have had it happen in word also. I have tried new batteries, tried re-installing, and even turned the receiver updside down as suggested in the literature provided but nothing seems to help.

Any ideas?

A:Wireless mouse problem

Sorry to say, but I dont trust Microsoft Wireless mice. I bought one a long time ago and it worked for 2 months and had the same problem as you are. I say go get a Logitech. They are a little bit more expensive, but Im running on my logitech dual optical (wired cause I dont trust wireless anymore), and have been running on it for 3 years. That and I like the dual optical. I would recommend the MX1000 personally (after using my friends). Sorry to break the bad news. Good luck with shopping. I would recommend going to
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Okay so I recently got a wireless keyboard and mouse The keyboard s working fine but the mouse on other hand I m having all sorts of problems with Sometimes the pointer jumps across the screen and others I can t get Wireless problem mouse it to move at all I don t know Wireless mouse problem what could be wrong Wireless mouse problem I ve only had Wireless mouse problem it for almost a month now There s no dust or anything under the sensor Also I don t know if this has anything to do with it but I never actually installed the software that came with it My CD drive was jammed and I couldn t get it open Regardless though everything was working fine so I didn t really worry about it Anyway I don t know what happened but all of a sudden my CD drive seems to be working fine I ve managed to get it to open on my first attempt at least twice now So I tried to install the software the software that came with it but nothing happened There wasn t any prompt that appear on screen nothing I m assuming that my CD drive is just unable to read discs now nbsp

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I recently purchased a Microsoft Wireless Mouse (scroll wheel included). When I'm browsing around and clicking links, I have to click more than once the get the link to "trigger". Does anyone know if this is a glitch in the product and/or is there something I can do to fix this?


A:Wireless mouse problem

Sorry to say it is probably a glitch in the product. I bought one myself and had exactly the same problem, tried all the usual adjustments but it didn't work.
Went back to my Logitech cordless instead - problem cured.

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Hi anybody, hope you can help.

I am running Windows Vista and I have a cordless mouse which requires a little gadget into slot a USB port.

My screensaver does not work when this little gadget is plugged in.

Is there a fix for this problem please.

Hope to hear from you soon.


Brian Stickland

A:Wireless Mouse Problem

Hello Brian,

These two links to Microsoft may help you out:

1. The screen saver does not start after you install a wireless pointing device

2. The screen saver does not work when you use a Microsoft wireless pointing device on a Windows Vista-based computer

You may also check to see if there is a new driver version for your mouse here to. If there is, then install it to see if that helps.

Hope this helps,
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Just bougt a wireless infared mouse and it is not working. It is being recognized under the devices manager list along with my other mouse and says it is working properly. I am running Xp and it is not suppose to require any additional driver. It is a USB but also has the adapter for the original mouse port. I have tried both and still it is not working. The batteries are installed and it is lighting up on the mouse and the rf receiver so I am puzzled. It is a generic one that came with no instructions but here is the link where I bought it .................
any ideas?

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I'm having a super annoying problem with my gaming notebook. when i go into almost any game and have it set to full 1900 by 1200 with high detail and stuff every couple seconds my screen goes white with some lines in it for like half a second, almost like the LCD's FFC cables were half connected. It makes it virtually impossible to play a game. I have a full replacement warrenty with Memory express. But i just wanted to see if maybe it was a driver issue or not. I used the original restore discs when i installed vista last. The video card is a ati Radeon HD 2600. This is really annoying as i bought it for a gaming laptop and i can't even game cause i get white screens all the time.

Asus g2k-a1
2.3ghz duo core amd
2gb ram
Ati radeon HD 2600 vid card
17" 1900 by 1200 LCD

Thanks any help would be appreciated!

A:Video problem on Asus G2k-a1 gaming laptop

BUmp, sorry for bumping but i really need to know a simple question on if its a driver issue or not
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My new Acer Aspire 5738G laptop keyboard doesnt function at all when trying to play certain games, for example stalker:shadow of Chernobyl and Gothic 3 and yet it works fine for newer games like stalker:clear sky and torchlight. Im running vista sp2 on it at the moment and am wondering whether i should look for new drivers or something

A:Vista laptop keyboard gaming problem


Originally Posted by roflusuk

My new Acer Aspire 5738G laptop keyboard doesnt function at all when trying to play certain games, for example stalker:shadow of Chernobyl and Gothic 3 and yet it works fine for newer games like stalker:clear sky and torchlight. Im running vista sp2 on it at the moment and am wondering whether i should look for new drivers or something

If it is new I would do a complete windows update and also install any optional updates that may be available to see if that fixes the problem!! It might actually fix the problem!!!
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Hi all, I got a new laptop today and font in both chrome and mozzila firefox are way too tiny. My current resolution is 1920x1080, and if I change it to anything less it becomes way lass sharp, and, of course, doesn't fit the screen, and I can't work on that. I have a Windows 10, if that matters. Since this was quite an expensive laptop for me and I use it for work throughout the day, I don't want to constantly have to enlarge the font size with Ctrl and + but I need a permanent solution. Is there any? Thanks in advance for any help, for I'm getting quite desperate! p.s. I don't either like the layout when I change the font size in the settings of the browser itself    

A:Browsers have too small font on the new HP Pavilion Gaming

Hi Zinky first let me welcome you to HP support forums where we try our best to help people to resolve computer issues. As you posted your font is too small 1080p on the laptop follow the steps below as i provide that will enlarge font sizes. 1. Go to start button click on all apps find Windows System folder and open Control Panel 2. Click on Appearance and Personalization 3. Click on Make text and other items smaller or larger. 4. Configure your settings from that if it still too small you got to magnify it by chrome by 100% to 110 or 120% If this resolved your issue please drop a kudos point and accept the solution to your problem.  Kind Regards Uways Khan  

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I have a Pentium III computer with Win originally installed that I recently upgraded to WinME A few years back I attached an Acer AirKey Wireless Keyboard w mouse model WIL- U When I first installed it I used the keyboard only and kept a trackball mouse I had been using attached to the mouse PS port Everything has worked beautifully but recently I decided to uninstall the trackball mouse and use the mouse that is integrated onto the wireless keyboard As per manuf instructions I uninstalled trackball software turned off my computer plugged wireless mouse problem... Keyboard Wireless w/mouse cord into PS port turned computer back on and waited for computer to completely boot The computer keeps getting hung up on the OS opening Wireless Keyboard w/mouse problem... page I tried turning off computer and installing the old two button mouse that originally came with the computer to be sure it wasn t the PS Wireless Keyboard w/mouse problem... port and the computer booted up just Wireless Keyboard w/mouse problem... fine I also looked in Device Manager to be sure there were no conflicts and there wasn t Would really appreciate any suggestions as to what the problem could be nbsp
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Hi, I bought a mercer mini wireless optical mouse for my acer aspire laptop. was working great until I was working in close proximity with another acer laptop with the same wireless optical mouse. (Not sure if this caused the problem??) Now both mice work for a few minutes & then they freeze. Both laptops have windows xp running. The red light at the bottom of mice still burn while frozen. Please help otherwise I'm returning to supplier

Thanks Karools

A:problem with wireless optical mouse

Welcome to the Forum!

Is this an RF mouse or an IR mouse?

If RF, were the 2 meese on the same Channel Freq?

Are they STILL being operated in proximity of eachother?

Can't imagine that they should have affected one another to prevent operation when NOT close to eachother.
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I have a Microsoft optical wireless mouse using a USB port, but since I started using a USB G3 dongle to access the web it has become very jerky, at times almost impossible to use, I presume there is some interference from the G3 dongle ? .. is there a solution .. ?


A:Wireless mouse, G3 dongle problem.

Panic over, the problem was interference from a nearby power supply unit .. doh

Thanks to all who read ..

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I am using a microsoft wireless mouse on a laptop running Windows XP. If the mouse has be inactive for 2-3 minutes, the pointer will not repond until the mouse buttons and/or wheel are depressed.

Does anyone have a fix?


A:Wireless Mouse - Intermittent Problem

Has it always done this?

Have you tried new batteries?

Are there drivers for the mouse that let you customize how long it can be idle before going to sleep?
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Could anyone possibley find me the drivers for MS wireless keyboard and mouse 700 v2.0. Win7 seems not able to locate them for some very peculiar reason however if i could find them myself i'm sure i could solve my issue. Not being lazy, i've honestly looked just about everywhere and can't locate these models which btw come together in a pack without however a driver disc. Thanks so much, Max.

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Hi there,
I am using a HP Pavilion dv9000. Windows Vista with SP1 32 bit Home intertainment OS. Two GB ram and 250 GB hard drive. I have a Logitech wireless mouse running on Set point 4.0a2 software. I hope that's all the information required.
Some time ago I made a setting change to my mouse that caused any window that is not fully maximized to minimize if the mouse pointer is moved away from the window. I have found this to be very frustrating. Now I can't remember where I made the change. I have looked everywhere. Can anybody help me with this?
I would be very great full.
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I purchased a wireless keyboard and mouse and I love it. Here's the problem. When I leave the computer and come back later, my screen saver isn't working. Is this normal? Is there a fix? I'm running ME. Thanks

A:Wireless keyboard and mouse problem

whats the setting on the screen saver
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My computer started acting up - when I move the mouse down, the cursor moves up. Movement side to side is correct. I have an optical wireless mouse.

To make a long story short, after trying a vairety of things (rebooting, reinstalling mouse, doing some troubleshooting with video card), I replaced the battery in the mouse and that fixed it.

I never would have thought a weak battery would manifest itself in that way - thought that might be of interest to you all.


wireless usb mouse wireless keyboards buy wireless router

A:Strange Problem with Wireless Mouse

A weak or bad battery will DEFINITELY cause problems. I use rechargeable nickle metal hydride batteries and keep four of them in my wall charger at all times.
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I have a HP Presario C laptop OS Win Home problem a I have keyboard with a mouse and wireless bit I have been running a wireless Ihome full keyboard with side number pad and mouse for a I have a problem with a wireless keyboard and mouse little under a year The wireless keyboard and mouse did worked fine Then one day the wireless mouse stopped working The wireless keyboard keep on working I though the mouse died So I was running an other wireless mouse mouse only and the laptop's built in keyboard until I got my next pay check Today I got a new same model wireless keyboard and mouse combo This new keyboard and mouse are doing the same thing The keyboard works but the mouse doesn't work I unplugged the USB receiver and plugged the USB receiver into a dif laptop and both the keyboard and mouse work in the other laptop Why is the wireless mouse that is pared up with the wireless keyboard not working in the Presario C laptop I need to fix this asap There are certain prog's that won't run without the extended keyboard and number pad How do I fix this There must be a cliche somewere in the operating system Steve

A:I have a problem with a wireless keyboard and mouse

Hi Steve,
open device manager, do you have any marked with either a small black down arrow or an !
if so post a screenshot.

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I just purchased a Logitech M505 Wireless Laser mouse. My computer is an i7 Core machine with Windows 7 64-bit Home Premium. Inserting the USB receiver plug caused the normal driver install process which was successful. However, no mouse action at all. I've tried different USB slots to no avail. My Microsoft laptop wireless mouse works fine, from all the same USB slots. The M505 does work on another computer running in the house (laptop with Windows 7 64-bit Professional).
Don't believe it's the mouse itself. I originally bought the M705 model and took it back when I couldn't get it to work, thinking it was defective (the same conclusion reached by Logitech Tecnical Support). They were out of stock for the M705 so I replaced it with the M505, only to get the same result.

A:Logitech Wireless Mouse Problem

If you haven't already I would install the latest Logitech software/driver for it. If its a Logitech Unifying Receiver installing the unifying software may help you get it connected and working. I have a Logitech Wireless Trackball M570 that uses a Unifying Receiver. I was pleasantly surprised to see that it actually worked while installing Windows 7. Even so I installed the latest unifying software anyway. Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit.
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Hi Guys!

I just brought a Logitech Combo of Wireless Keyboard Mouse and installed the same. The problem is that even if I switch off the Computer, the lazer in the mouse is on. This means that the mouse is always active and the same must be happening with the Keyboard also. Now, this would drain off the batteries very soon. Is there a way to switch off the Mouse and Keyboard when not in use.

Please dont say to take off the batteries as this would be the dumbest idea. BTW, how long will my battery last if my computer is on all 24 hrs.

Thank you.

A:Wireless Keyboard Mouse Problem?

Chances are very good that it shuts down automatically after some period of time and re-activates when you touch it. That battery will last quite a while. But I need to replace my mouse battery fairly often (which is why I use rechargeables) but the kb battery has lasted more than a year.
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I have a Logitech MX 610 wireless laser mouse and it has worked very well for me for over a year but it's been bugging the crap out of me lately. When I drag and drop things it basically acts as if I have let go of the left button when I haven't, which makes it drop items into incorrect folders and stuff. The same goes for highlighting things and using scroll bars. When I highlight something and I'm scrolling it will just stop highlighting and start highlighting again when I haven't moved my finger off of the button. It doesn't sound like a big deal buts it gotten to be a nuisance. Also, the pad thing on my laptop can perform all of these tasks without a problem, so I guess it has something to do with the mouse. Does anyone know what could cause this? Thanks in advance.
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I have recently started using an MS Standard Wireless Optical Mouse.
It works OK apart from one small problem. If I leave the PC at the Windows XP logon screen and the monitor turns off (as per the Power options) when the monitor is reactivated the insertion point has disappeared and cannot be made to reappear (eg. by clicking in the password area) so I cannot enter my or other users passwords to login again.

Windows XP Home Edition SP1
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I purchased a Microsoft wireless desktop 700 a few weeks back. After installing Windows 7 64 bit, I had some trouble getting the wireless desktop started. However, I got it working after a few restarts.

For a few weeks the hardware worked just fine. since yesterday (i.e. 20-Jun-10) the wireless mouse is not working properly. The problem is:

1. The left click does not work
2. The right click works
3. the movement of the mouse is detected by windows

This happened after I got a message saying the drivers did not work properly. I don't understand what went wrong.

Anyway, I tried looking for the necessary drivers for this hardware on windows 7. I am not able to find the same online. The wireless set did not come with any CDs.

Please help. I have a legal copy of Windows 7. Do I need to reinstall the drivers from this. Can someone please guide me as I am a rookie.


A:Problem with Microsoft Wireless Mouse 700

Try uninstalling the drivers in Device Manager. Then reboot, and let Windows automatically install drivers.

Can you test the mouse on another machine? That way, we can confirm it is not a hardware problem.
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Hi , does anyone knows how to fix a wireless optical mouse with USB into a PC.
I have tried a few times and the system even says unable to find the driver and somehow tried a few ways then manage to solve the driver problem but the cursor appears but no movement when I move the mouse.
Can someone tell me what are the steps needed to use correctly and must I pull out the old mouse cable or leave it.
I am using PIII with wins 2000,the stupid wireless mouse did not come with a manual.


A:Wireless optical mouse USB problem

do you have any other hardware or anything near your computer putting out radio waves also have you tried to put the cable for teh reciever in a different usb slot and is there enough power to the device through the usb port
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My co-worker just got a new machine a couple of weeks ago. It's a Dell Precision T3500 workstation with the following specs:

- two dual-core Xeon W3530 processors
- 12 GB 1066 MHz RAM
- Windows 7 Professional 64-bit
- 320 GB 7200 rpm WD HDD
- nVIDIA Quadro FX580 512MB graphics card

The system came with a basic mouse, but the mouse being used is one that was already in place, a Microsoft Wireless Optical Mouse 2.0. The problem is that many times several button clicks are required just to register a single click on the screen. My co-worker is getting pretty annoyed with it. I don't see any drivers for this mouse on the MS website or the Dell website, but you'd think Win7 would already have the correct drivers for this mouse, which worked fine on the previous laptop with Win XP Pro 32-bit.

A:Problem with MS Wireless Optical Mouse 2.0

Quote: Originally Posted by PatrickGSR94

My co-worker just got a new machine a couple of weeks ago. It's a Dell Precision T3500 workstation with the following specs:

- two dual-core Xeon W3530 processors
- 12 GB 1066 MHz RAM
- Windows 7 Professional 64-bit
- 320 GB 7200 rpm WD HDD
- nVIDIA Quadro FX580 512MB graphics card

The system came with a basic mouse, but the mouse being used is one that was already in place, a Microsoft Wireless Optical Mouse 2.0. The problem is that many times several button clicks are required just to register a single click on the screen. My co-worker is getting pretty annoyed with it. I don't see any drivers for this mouse on the MS website or the Dell website, but you'd think Win7 would already have the correct drivers for this mouse, which worked fine on the previous laptop with Win XP Pro 32-bit.

Probably the correct driver but the sensitivity may need to be adjusted in the mouse settings. You can check the driver by typing device manager in search and looking at the mouse tab. If it is listed and doesn't have a yellow triangle on it, it is working.

Let us know if you need help

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I note that a common subject here is the problem of USB wireless mice not being recognized by computers. For what it's worth the following is my experience. This evening my 3 year old Logitech wireless mouse just stopped working, abruptly, and I started getting repeated messages of an unknown USB device even with nothing attached. I tried the mouse on two other worked fine. I tried a system restore from yesterday with no results. I followed the advice offered on other threads to delete USB ports and go. Still weird behavior. I noted that one person with a similar problem turned off notebook and removed and reinstalled battery...whalla! It works. The mouse now functions and no more strange messages. I have Vista Home Premium 64 bit on a Sony Vaio notebook.

A:Fixed USB wireless Mouse not Recognized Problem

I too have a Logitech Wireless mouse and it caused no end of probs till I found that the battery connection seems very touchy. It would either stop working or get very vague in its movement. I changed batteries and it would be Ok for a while and then start playing up. I realised the new battery couldn't have lost its power in such a short time so I removed the cover and took the battery out and then reinserted it. Worked great, so now if it happens I just take off the cover and push down on the battery and again it works.
I also used the Force command in the registry, so on reflection maybe that is working as well.
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Hello everyone

i bought a hp wireless optical mouse 2.4ghz yesterday

it is not connecting even though it is plugged in with new batteries


plz help me


A:hp wireless optical mouse 2.4ghz problem

Sometimes getting them to connect the first time is a major pain, just keep touching the little connect button on the mouse and the receiver (if there is one on the receiver)
I would make sure they are as close to each other as you can manage while trying to get the initial connect response.
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Hi All,

I have a strange problem with a new Pixxo wireless keyboard and mouse. When I first turn on the computer, the keyboard works to enter bios and move around. But when Vista starts, the keyboard and mouse do not connect. Pressing connect buttons, turning off and on don't seem to help. But when I unplug the receiver from the usb port, wait a few seconds, and then plug it back in, everything works fine.

Pixxo tech support had me check power management options on the USB root hub entries in device manager, but that didn't seem to be the problem.

Any suggestions?


A:Weird wireless keyboard and mouse problem

First new does not mean that it works. Try it with another computer and try another keyboard with your current computer. The results will be self explanatory
If that does not lead to a solution. Go to search type device manager and make sure that the driver is up to date and no yellow warning markers near it.
Try to test with a clean boot procedure
How to troubleshoot a problem by performing a clean boot in Windows Vista or in Windows 7
Follow this MS bulletin
Troubleshoot response failures in wireless keyboard or mouse
Troubleshoot a wireless mouse that does not function correctly
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Wife got ya new laptop and since September when we have bought 2 sets of wireless keyboards and mice. Due to kids etc she now has two worthless wireless mouse and keyboard sets due to broken transceivers.

I know there has to be a way to get the transceivers, but microsoft is zero help, basically they just tell you to buy a new wireless mouse and keyboard. Anyone know of a way to get new transceivers?

Model numbers on both are the same:

Microsoft 2.4ghz tranceiver v.6.0
Model 1364

Because of them both being the same that brings up my next question, if I get replacements how can I be sure they will work with the keyboard and mouse?

I figure someone out there has had this issue and been able to solve the delema.


A:Tranceiver problem with wireless mouse and keyboard

Not to sure myself but I would look on ebay to see if maybe you can find something cheap.
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Yesterday I purchased a new wireless internet keyboard and optical mouse package from the brand quot micro INNOVATIONS quot Model KB W This is the first time I New Keyboard Optical Wireless Mouse Problem and ever got wireless keyboard and mouse so I was a bit puzzled when I first saw the receiver Anyways I turned off my computer unplugged the cables of my old keyboard and ball mouse Than I saw the strange cables of my new New Wireless Keyboard and Optical Mouse Problem keyboard and mouse which apparently designed to connect the keyboard and mouse port together which is than connected to the receiver So I connect the new keyboard and mouse together and into my computer I put in some batteries into the new keyboard and mouse I turned on the computer and nothings working Can t move mouse can t even Ctrl Alt Del Double checked the cables to see if they re secure and tight Done Checked if batteries are positioned correctly Done I even see the red light from my optical mouse I refer to the manual which gives me instructions in case it doesn t connect right away Install batteries in the mouse properly Install the batteries in the keyboard properly Turn off the PC New Wireless Keyboard and Optical Mouse Problem and connect the receiver Turn on the PC and press the button on the receiver Press the button underneath the keyboard leg Press the button on the receiver again Press the button underneath the mouse Install the software They gave me a CD Now I followed every single one of the steps to every last letter and step is just patronizing since I can t even get onto my desktop to install the software I don t think it s the keyboard or mouse that s broken but maybe something to do with compatibility That confuses me since I meet the system requirements of quot Windows XP quot I ve run out of options Someone please help me Thanks for taking your time to read through my detailed problem nbsp

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Hi All,

I'm trying to help a friend install a Logitech MX610 on his Acer Travelmate 4060 laptop without any success.
We've tried every USB port on the computer, and tried installing all of the software which came with the CD included in the box. After running the Hardware Wizard, Windows XP Pro says that it can't install the device.
We've spent time on the phone with Logitech tech support, and they say that it's a defective device, and are sending us a new mouse; however, when I plug the unit into my brand new desktop PC, it starts working immediately.

Just wondering if anybody has had any similar experiences, or have any tips.

Thanks a lot in advance.


A:Logitech Wireless Mouse Installation Problem


Does this PC have all the windows updates??

Try disabling the touch pad in Device Manager and then try.
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I have a IHome (I am not sure if it is wireless or infrared). It has a little device that plugs into a USB port. Anyways The mouse and the keyboard both run on 2, each, AAA battery's. The 2 AAA battery's in the keyboard last a real long time but the 2 battery's in the mouse I have to change quite often. A brand new AAA battery mesures 1.8 volts in my battery tester. But when the battery voltage in each battery is down to 1.5 volts (still well in the green good zone) the mouse movement gets jurky, sluggish and the aerrow lags behind the mouse. Why does this mouse use so much juce up?


A:a problem with a wireless combo keyboard and mouse

At the mouse, don't you have a button to synchronize sender and receiver?
I use to have this problem. It was solved by placing the receiver close to the mouse.
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I am using windows XP and I bought a new wireless mouse. Microsoft wireless notebook 6000. It works great, I like the new features but when I have it plugged in my screen saver and power saver options do not function. I have tried to turn the mouse over or remove it from the room so there is no movement possible but the screen save still will not come up. I replace my old mouse which is an optical mouse and no problem screen saver works fine. I really like the new mouse but I need my screen saver any thoughts?

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I have a IHome (I am not sure if it is wireless or infrared). It has a little device that plugs into a USB port. Anyways The mouse and the keyboard both run on 2, each, AAA battery's. The 2 AAA battery's in the keyboard last a real long time but the 2 battery's in the mouse I have to change quite often. A brand new AAA battery mesures 1.8 volts in my battery tester. But when the battery voltage in each battery is down to 1.5 volts (still well in the green good zone) the mouse movement gets jurky, sluggish and the aerrow lags behind the mouse. Why does this mouse use so much juce up?

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Hi all, I have a minor concern about my HP Pavilion Gaming 15-ak113na laptop. It's running absolutely fine, with no hitches or crashes, but I do have a query about a sound coming from my machine. It seems I'm getting a very slight buzzing/screeching sound when I'm running various tasks on my computer. An example is even moving the mouse around and scrolling, the buzzing seems to change tone. It sounds as though my laptop has it's very own processing sound? Any ideas as to what this is and what you could suggest to be the cause? - Is it something I should be concerned about? The performance of my laptop seems fine. Many thanks,  David
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Hi there gyz, i have hp compaq dc7600 small factor form with x86 processor with speed of 3.0GHZ(2CPUs). i am using a pci vga device that came with the pc. that is intel(r)82945G Express Chipset Family. but it is no good for heavy gamez requiring pixel shaders or HW TnL. SO WHAT CARD SHOULD I BUY AND OF WHAt MEMORY SO It is most compatible and runs heavy gamez????
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I built a computer for a friend installed Vista Ultimate and everything runs great He went and bought a Kensington wireless mouse amp keyboard combo and hooked it up That ran great too Well he Problem Keyboard Mouse Kensington & Wireless in Vista decided to install the software that came with this package and pushed through the quot these drivers are not for Vista blah blah quot and continuted anyway Well after he restarted his Wireless Kensington Mouse & Keyboard Problem in Vista computer BOOM no keyboard our mouse works So he calls me tells me what he did and I say well do a Vista restore to yesterday and you ll be good don t install that software again Well guess what he can t use the keyboard or mouse at all Long story short we tried connecting a few more mice and keyboards to the machine none of them will work and everytime one is plugged in Vista says where you normall see quot Updating hardware quot messages in the bottom right Driver not installed properly and that s it Everytime you connect any keyboard or mouse The ports work just fine cause if I go into BIOS they keyboard works no problem I probably wrote all this to answer my own question but I was wondering if anyone else had any ideas besides running the Vista CD and doing a restore from it I hate doing restores because of losing some system updates and settings since the last good quot working condition quot But if I have to I have to Just wondering if anyone has a better idea than that Again please note No keyboard or mouse will work in Vista I ve tried even in safemode nothing will work or install The computer is running just fine but the input of keyboards and mice will not work Thanks in advance nbsp

A:Wireless Kensington Mouse & Keyboard Problem in Vista

Bump! Having the same problem on my other machine!
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Hey, I recently bought a Wireless Laser Mouse 6000 v2, and when I put the install CD in, it says it is not compatible with my version of windows which is Windows 7. So I went online to look for the software on Microsofts website, and I found it. So everything installed ok, and the mouse was working. Only problem is whenever I try to open the Control Panel for the mouse, to change my buttons or something, nothing happens. It shows a loading cursor and than stops. I've tried reinstalling the program, and I dunno whats wrong. Thanks.

A:Problem with Intellipoint Wireless Laser Mouse 6000 v2.0

why isn't anyone replying?
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I am using a Microsoft Wireless Notebook Optical Mouse 4000 under Windows 7 on an Acer Aspire 1644. When it is connected the screen saver will not kick in, but works ok without the mouse connected. Is their a fix for this.


A:Wireless Notebook Optical Mouse 4000 Problem

If the screensaver will not run with the mouse connected, try looking up the mouses properties in device manager and adjusting its power management properties...
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I bought wireless mouse Trust MI- Rp and SONY VAIO laptop BZ XN on Jan with preinstalled Windows Vista Business SP My OS Unfortunately after plugging USB receiver to notebook driver automatically installed by Vista and mouse work about seconds and then freeze mouse doesn't respond to any movement scrolling and clicking button Please note that mouse s USB receiver is attached to PC battery put in mouse and mouse is turned On red lazer working Also I tried to reinstall driver from mouse CD and then I also downloaded latest driver from manufacture Trust - Wireless Optical Mini Mouse MI- Rp - Trust R Wireless Trust MI-4930Rp mouse driver problem series exe But problem remained After plugging USB receiver on Wireless mouse Trust MI-4930Rp driver problem laptop mouse working about sec and then freeze Please also note that I download and installed all Windows Vista Business SP updates and all VAIO drivers updates for my laptop After all of my actions I also download additional re-pairing tool from the manufacture site Trust - Home - RF DST exe with manual Although in manual I found note that this software not designed for Vista try to install it But it didn't work After that I contacted with manufacture and they recommended to uninstall all mouse driver and reinstall driver from website again - Trust R series exe Then I uninstalled all mouse drivers and installed driver from website But unfortunately it didn't help I found guides on help and Microsoft site how to update driver manually at all USB Human Interface and mouse device manually I successfully updated USB Human Interfaces with original trust s driver but last mouse device doesn t updated When I manually choose driver from quot C Program Files Trust Trust R-Series Mouse UAMOUDRV inf windows returns quot The folder you specified doesn't contain a compatible software driver for your device If the folder contains a driver make sure it is designed to work with Windows for bit systems quot Please help to resolve this issue

A:Wireless mouse Trust MI-4930Rp driver problem

I attached SystemInfo
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I just received an MX keyboard MX mouse combination and installed it on my Vista machine I had previously used a no-name wireless combo that ultimately wore out I installed the latest Logitech drivers made sure batteries were fresh that it was properly connected However the mouse is not behaving properly It acts like a regular roller ball mouse does when the ball is jammed or on the wrong surface--the cursor doesn t track the mouse motions MX600 laser problem mouse wireless Logitech I have to repeatedly swipe the mouse on the pad to Logitech MX600 wireless laser mouse problem just get it to move a little In fact I had to turn my pad over i have a stiff pad designed for laser optical mice to get even lousy responsiveness I ve tried the mouse on soft pads on the table on a piece of white paper to no avail I made sure the BIOS enabled USB mice I quot ve checked control panel settings the logitech utility but nothing there improves the situation Any advice I used my wired mouse to create this note nbsp
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I am currently using Win7 on my Z580. I bought a wireless mouse Logitech M235 which has a unifying receiver(i.e. many device can be paired using the single reciever). when i plug it into my Usb port, driver installation fails and even the windows update cannot find the driver. where can i get the driver?

error.jpg ?44 KB
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I'm using win 7 Pro, SP-1, Dell Vostro 64 bit laptop, a Toshiba Dynadoc and the dynadoc utility_II and a secondary monitor, and a MS wireless Mouse 5000.
The wireless mouse works fine when hooked up to the laptop at home with both laptop and monitor screen viewing well.
The problem is when traveling, unhooking the docking station and only using the wireless mouse with the laptop, the laptop does not recognize the mouse. The wireless sender attached to the laptop shows light indicator activity and the mouse lights up when manually activated, but doesn't recognize the wireless sender and shuts off.
I've tried unloading the dynadock utility program and changing control panel mouse settings. With system check the mouse seems to be recognized, but it doesn't reconnect to computer.
Any ideas ?
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Right I have installed the above keyboard(the mouseis fully functional btw), most of the hotkeys work except the following for some strange reason and I've tried to configure them but to no avail, so can some one help me please:

hotkeys not working: Home/Favourites(WWW), My computer, email & The search key.

I am running windows XP Sp1 btw. IE6 & Microsoft Outlook Express for my e-mails.
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My wife needs to replace her Microsoft Notebook Optical Mouse 3000, model 1049.
This is a smaller than normal, wired USB mouse. It measures approx 3.5" x 2" x 1.5" tall.

I've been looking but can not find a small mouse like this. Wireless, yes.
As with all discontinued stuff you can find these at outrageous prices. Not interested.
Looking for a basic <$20 mouse. 2-button and a scroll wheel. Blue laser would be great, but not a hard requirement.
I can't believe this can be this hard!

Has anyone seen anything that fits the bill?

A:Looking for a small notebook mouse

Have a look at the Link below ....
Mini Mouse M187- Logitech - UK
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my computer and a family members both have farely new HP's running xp.

After installing a new microsoft wireless mouse and keyboard on family member's computer today, when they went to put their computer in standby , it wouldn't stay ...It would go into standby, but after 2 seconds, pop back up.

Came home, and realize my computer is doing the same thing (I just installed the software for my wireless mouse yesterday).

anyone know what the deal may be?

A:[Resolved] system wont stay in standby, new wireless mouse the problem?
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My BT mouse (microsoft presenter mouse 8000) will connect to my laptops built in bluetooth dongle just fine, and it works just fine, but the problem begins when i try to scroll.... The issue is this, I have the scroll wheel set to move one line of text per scroll in the control panel. That works absolutely fine with my touch pad, but my BT mouse it barely moves at all. I have to set it to AT LEAST 25 to get it to work the way i would like it to. So my question is... is there any way to make it so when i pair my BT mouse it automatically changes to 25? or even have a whole different setting when the BT mouse pairs?
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A friend of mine has an old laptop which runs windows it does have USB so I assume its probably the latter version of The laptop actually works quite well for its age and has very few things installed My friend has the following problem When having an external ps mouse installed and attempt to use it Everything goes mad Windows open up start menu is activated Folders open The pattern seems random I looked at it to try and fix it I stopped using the ps mouse when this happened and tried the touch pad but the problem still existed So I rebooted the laptop using start menu had to use keyboard the touch pad works well but as soon as the ps mouse is used it goes crazy again I found that if the ps mouse is physically attached after the laptop has loaded windows it works fine I have run anti problem solve that can mouse A laptop nobody virus scan using latest definitions I ve uninstalled the ps driver and tried removing reinstalling Ive checked msconfig for any weird programs running but there s nothing unusual I ve checked in bios but the bios is limited and doesnt A laptop mouse problem that nobody can solve have ps or inbuilt touchpad setting there I went into control panel and did expect some kind of proprietary software for the touchpad but nothing at all except the bog standard mouse click speed settings from win Anyone know why this problem is ocurring or what i can do to solve it I suspect the ps port is faulty but my pc knowledge is very limited as u can tell nbsp

A:A laptop mouse problem that nobody can solve

Does the mouse work on another computer?
If the port is bad, you could get one of these.
and use his usb port for the mouse.
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I want to attach an external mouse and keyboard to an old laptop Compaq Armada d The laptop has a ps connector at the back marked KB and Mouse The laptop works with an external keyboard or mouse individually but when I try to use one of those convenient Y-connectors also with individually marked connectors for KB and Mouse the external keyboard refuses mouse/kb problem on y-connector laptop to work When I connect JUST the keyboard to its proper connector at the cable and leave the mouse unconnected the keyboard doesn t work either I m pretty sure the splitter cable is still OK and not damaged mouse/kb y-connector problem on laptop since it was purchased and used only about a month ago for use on another-brand laptop Is there another kind of splitter that I should be using for this Compaq laptop I used the splitter adapter on Thinkpad with no problems whatsoever The laptop is roughly years old Currently with W se The laptop manual doesn t give any clue whether using external mouse keyboard simultaneously would NOT work - except to show that the clock and data pinouts for mouse and keyboard use are exactly the same So would this mean that any splitter WON T work nbsp

A:mouse/kb y-connector problem on laptop

Hmm.. Actually Thinkpads and Compaqs should be the ones with similar PS/2 splitters and all the rest fishy.. But yeah, the Y cable is no standard and you should ask some Compaq place what kind of splitter, if at all, you can use.

Did you try restarting the laptop while the splitter is connected?
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I need help finding a mouse that is as small/light as the Radio Shack Gigaware; doesn't have to be wireless. We have very limited choices here in the islands, I've been all over cyberspace but of course, I can't try it out.

I can use my right hand (after suffering a stroke) but after about 20 minutes of constant clicking (as in games) with the logitech ones (several models and $$), it's a dead end for me. The Gigaware is perfect except for battery life. Any help is sincerely appreciated.

Aloha Much,


A:Mouse Help Please..small lightweight laser

You might look at the Gigabyte gaming mouse. It is not small, but has 5 configurable buttons and can switch between 1600DPI and 800DPI. It is wired (no batteries) and works quite well gaming or regular computer use.The best part is it is cheap.