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No sound device

Q: No sound device

Hi I was wondering can anybody help with the sound on my computer please as we have had none for about 3 weeks now thanks

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Preferred Solution: No sound device

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: No sound device

Please make sure ALL connections are snug. What OS are you using? XP,W7,W8 ?
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I can cast music to my Sony Bravia XBR 65x850b tv.
However when I have it as a a duplicate display sound I get on the speakers primary display does not come from the speakers on the TV.

On the device manager the TV shows as a media device.
However, the TV does not appear under sound.
Alll that shows under sound is
Digital audio (S/PDIF). Digital audio is set as default

How can I have any sound on my PC desktop also come through my TV?

Do I disconnect my Speakers and have the sound come through my Samsung monitor?

What additional info might the list need to help solve this?
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I am on son's Clevo laptop and they tell me they have not had sound for a very long time.

I check, download and install latest drivers from the Clevo website, but still no sound.

I have deleted all device drivers and allowed Windows to rediscover the drivers again - everything went well but found a PCI device that could not find drivers for so put the yellow Exclamation Mark - but still no Audio Device.

I checked the BIOS, there is no option to turn on/off the sound so I presume audio is turned on as everything is integrated, but still the Sounds and Audio Device Properties says that there are No Audio Devices. So either the device is faulty or there is some other way of being able to get the computer to recognise the Audio Devices.

If there is any suggestion(s) it would be greatly appreciated.


A:Onboard sound but 'No Audio Device' in device properties

Sometimes kids overdrive the audio chips until they overheat and burn out. If burned out, it will not detect.
Might be time to disable the onboard sound and install an external sound card and software.
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Alright, so here's the scoop. I recently formatted my computer into xp and updated it to sp3, but in the programs (aida64 among them) I was using to search for drivers it said that my sound device was outdated (Soundmax High Definition audio integrated device I think) and so I installed Soundmax's latest driver/ program. Yet that made the sound scratchy or added a fuzz to the sound that wasn't there before. I tried going back to a restore point but that didn't work so I disabled the device in Device Manager. Now the device doesn't even appear in the Manager, even after re installing the chipset and the program. Does this warrant a belarc report to be solved?
Any help would be much appreciated and thank you for your time.

Unfortunately the duke of flukes wasn't lucky this time.

A:Sound device disabled, now gone from device Manager

Try running Everest and have it create a report and then attach that to your next post.

Download link is available in my signature.

Is this an OEM computer or custom built? If OEM - Make & Model would be helpful.
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Its bit complicated.
I have 5 year old Compaq Pressario V3611AU notebook with AMD Atholon X2 TK-55 processor. Was using Windows XP and everything working fine. Recently I upgraded RAM to 2GB & processor was changed to AMD Turion(tm) X2 TL-60 2.00Ghz. I installed windows 7 and everything worked fine for a week with no issues.
Recently when switched on it showed red cross on volume device. When I checked in device manager the sound video & Game controller has disappeared.

I checked most of the site but unable to install the exact driver.

Even I tried to add with Legacy Drivers in Device Manager but failed to install the correct driver.Even I re installed my Windows 7 but same issue. When I click on Volume device to fix the issue end up with Hardware Changes has been effected.

Please help me whether it is an issue with Sound Card or with driver.

A:Missing Sound Video & Game Controller in Device Manager, no sound

Just download Realtek High Definition Audio Codec (Windows Vista / Windows 7 32-bit) - Reviews and free Realtek High Definition Audio Codec (Windows Vista / Windows 7 32-bit) downloads at CNET I hope its help..
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I've had this problem since windows vista, in windows xp i could record my line in perfectly, without any problems, but now, even if i enabled Stereo mix(tried mono also) it won't make any sound when i try playing some music.

Anyony that can help me with this?

Also, as stated in the title, i'm using an USB sound card device.

A:Can't record my line in sound, using USB sound device and windows 7

Hi Coolman12 and welcome to the forum!

I did some digging regarding your Zalman ZM-RSSC, unfortunately zalman never released vista driver support for it. If you were able to make it work for Vista, you're chances to make it work for Windows 7, that pretty much tells you that you're out of luck

But there's probably one thing you might be able to do to make it work. Please try the Windows 7 Driver solution. It could be worth a shot.

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Hey there, i had vista on my laptop, i formatted and installed XP, went to the Sony website got the Audio Codec driver for my Model which is VGN-CR22G installed the driver, rebooted and Sound in Control panel is still greyed out! Windows Audio is Enabled

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My wife s system has no sound I did an upgrade install of XP pro hoping that might take care of it to no avail The card shows up in the device manager as working properly but in the sounds applet in control panel it says no sound device is installed sound shows device card no up in Sound manager I have tried delting the cards and reinstalling from scratch I ve tried installing a different card none of those things work I have spent many unhappy hours trying to make the thing function again The system is running XP SP AMD athlon Gigabyte GA VT L gig memory Onboard sound or Soud Blaster Audagy sp The system I am using now is the same configuration and it has never had a problem I should say that her sound worked until a browser hijack got through Once I cleaned it up the sound was gone Having systems set up the same way I thought would make troubleshooting esier Nope I have all the same services running as her box and I have sound I m out of ideas short of a reformat and reload She teaches school and has a TON of little programs that would require me to spend all my free time fo the next month reloading her box I am out of ideas Dennis nbsp
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Hello there! So.. I'm in a pickle with my machine and Windows 7 after this latest update. On startup I get an error from MMDevApi.dll saying that it might not run on Windows or... something else. This also occurs anytime a program tries to use the sound card ie. WoW, Yahoo IM, Live IM, SL, etc. I've updated my sound card drivers to the newest ones. I still get an error that says the device is detected when going to "Sound Devices" in the control panel.

Trying to adjust the sounds themselves leads me to the Windows Audio thing... which won't start even from the component list.

Sound Card is a SB Audigy SE

A:No sound, no sound device detected, drives installed?

I have a similar fault with SB Xtreem Music - downloading the latest driver (2.18.0013) sems to corrupt Windows Audio file and it also prevents me from accessing the Control Panel, do you have this fault? otherwise sound is ok.
[email protected]
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I have an hp pavilion dv6700 notebook and I can not get the wired lan to identify any networks. In addition, I am getting the little speaker icon with a red x that says no audio output device is installed. So you would think that you should just reinstall the drivers but there is nothing listed in the device manager and there is not even a tab for gaming and sound controllers. I have tried to install the drivers but get the error that the media device for these drivers is not present. The network adapter appears in the device manager and I have reinstalled the drivers many times and in different ways but to no avail. What kind of problem could this be and what else can I do? Did I mention that I have recovered to the factory state and still get these errors? I would think that this has something to do with windows update...

A:No sound device in device manager, no lan

Hve you made any changes in the BIOS that could account for the missing devices?
Different BIOS versions have differing ways to enable and disable hardware.
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I ve been using a used PCI Sound Blaster for about a week and found that no Replaced sound working, but sound device everything it was slowing down my system and providing same sound quality as the on-board sound C-Media AC I have added the Sound Blaster after i Replaced sound device everything working, but no sound formatted the computer I uninstall Creative tech from add remove programs removed sound blaster from device manager and removed creative registry folder When i Replaced sound device everything working, but no sound removed all sound blaster drivers the sound Replaced sound device everything working, but no sound was still working I turned off the computer then i removed the sound card I went to my motherboard page and got the sound drivers on their website and it is the correct drivers cause i used it before I rebooted and the on-board sound drivers show up in device manager and it says its working properly I have done the following I tried all three sound ports with three different devices and none of them produced sound I loaded a system restore point to when my sound was working and it didn t work still Windows Audio services is started automatically My on-board sound card is listed in sound and devices properties Volume is turned on max and nothing is muted My on-board sound card is the only playback device listed I showed all hidden devices in device manager and there is no yellow or red mark in sound video and game controllers On-Board sound card is enabled in bios I have the latest Directx although i installed it when i had the Sound Blaster I reinstalled the C-Media drivers several times I think this problem is caused by old sound drivers from sound blaster not being deleted properly When i was deleting my Sound Blaster drivers i went to Creative s website and found how to uninstall their drivers but one of the steps asks to put the sound blaster CD in and run CTZAPXX EXE But my CD does not have that file and some of the folders it asks for maybe because this Sound Blaster is really old My Motherboard is Asrock P VM and my on-board sound device is C-Media AC nbsp
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Ok last night I switch off the pc with no problems No installs or anything that day Today I switch on and the sound has gone mental all I get is white noise hissing at max volume level I have done the following to see if I could find the problem checked all connections removed the driver and re-installed the driver a few times updated the driver - was already at most recent replaced speakers with Device sound - Like C-Media Sound no CM6501 old set - still only loud C-Media CM6501 Like Sound Device - no sound hissing at max C-Media CM6501 Like Sound Device - no sound volume checked bios - all enabled C-Media CM6501 Like Sound Device - no sound system restore - no change I even tried the front audio sockets - no change No conflicts in Device manager The sound card is an onboard card Cmedia on an asus board Board ASUSTeK Computer INC M N-SLI XX C-Media CM Like Sound Device Driver version I m thinking it is a software fault but apart from re-installing the drivers I m not sure how to resolve this at all Can anyone help please nbsp

A:C-Media CM6501 Like Sound Device - no sound

It may be time to install a simple low cost PCI sound card. When you do this, be sure to turn off the failed onboard sound in the motherboards bios
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Hi to all.

On my Dell OptiPlex 755 E6550 2.33, I've had intermittent issues with the headphone socket suddenly stopping working for quite some time,sometimes problem is auto detected and fixed, sometimes I download a driver or three to resolve. This time nothing is helping no matter what drivers I've tried. Have Win 7 Ultimate installed with just on-board sound. No sound or audio shows up in device manager? Are 755's fickle with on-board sound or just too many sound drivers installed? Any ideas please.

A:Dell OptiPlex 755 No Audio Output device and no Sound/Audio in Device Manager

There could be multiple hidden audio devices.
* Press windows key + R* Enter cmd, click OK* Type cd\ [press Enter]* Type set devmgr_show_nonpresent_devices=1 [press Enter]* Type devmgmt.msc [press Enter]* Once the Device Manager opens, open Sound and see if you have multiple grey out items. If yes, delete them, then restart the computer and retest
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I am having a problem with the sound on my Dell Inspiron 1501. I am getting no sound. when I click on the volume mixer it says "No Audio Device Is Installed" even though I have a SigmaTel High Definition Audio Codec installed and the drivers up to date. Please help me
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My speakers are working, as I can hear system sounds. But when I use software tht gives off sounds, nothing. I checked Control Panel "sounds" and it says there is "no audio device". Somehow my audio device has been removed r not working. The little speaker icon in task panel bottom right is gone. Any ideas what to try, in order tio get sound back?

Thanks so much,


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I was attempting to get stereo sound (only had mono) on my speakers and from the advice of an online post, installed an extra PnP enumerator, and ended up with no sound at all.

When I go into Device Manager, there are two problem devices: 'Microsoft Kernel Acoustic Echo Canceller' & 'Microsoft Kernel GS Wavetable Synthesizer' -- they both have error code 42 (Windows cannot load the device driver because of a duplicate device running on system). The Sound Card 'Realtek AC'97 Audio' reports that the driver is enabled and functioning properly.

I tried updating to the latest drivers at Realtek to no avail. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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Since I have Bose USB Audio as my sound and audio playback device would I be able to safely uninstall the Creative MediaSource software that I don't even use anymore? I have the SoundBlaster Audigy 2 ZS sound card installed in my system right now but I no longer use the software that accompanied it, would my audio be adversely affected somehow if I uninstalled my sound card's software?
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I have a dell pc dimensionC521 . Windows XP home edition SP2. Sound device Sigma tel.
I've been trying to record some radio programmes so that I can save them for a while on the pc.I have tried audacity and freecorder bt but have not been successfull;have come to the conclusion that it must be a hardware problem as the only possibilities I have for recording are line in, microphone and rearmicrophone. I have discovered that many of my friends are able to record what they hear thro' the speakers. My question is "Is it a hardware problem" and if so is there a feasible solution?
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Hi, everyone, i currently have a laptop
--> Lenovo G460
I wanna to make my sound to play with both laptop internal speakers and additional speakers / headphones which plug to laptop together.
Is there anyway to do it?

System details :-
Windows 7 64-bit

Sound, video and game controllers (device manager) :-
Conexant CX20671 SmartAudio HD
NVIDIA High Definition Audio

Smart Audio Control Panel :-
Audio Driver Version :
HD Audio API Version :
Smart Audio Version :

A:Help with sound device

There are a lot of devices that will plug into the G40 for decent sound. You will need to spend a little money. Many different sound software installs will work. You may want to join some of the four Thinkpad sites for specific advice. Bill Morrow's and the Thinkpads Users Group at [email protected] . You should be able to find either with a gurgle search. Both have large members of experts on specific Thinkpads.
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Hello I have a Dell Inspiron desktop that is just a little bit over device No sound a year old and I am having problems with my sound I had picked up some malware but that has No sound device been resolved and I had sound after No sound device Four days ago I had sound then later in the day the sound was no longe working When I bring up Volume contrl it gives me this message There are no active mixer devices available To install mixer devices go to the controll panel click printer other devices and them click add program However when i do this all that is there is printer which i do not have I have spoken with Microsoft and they have done everything they can and still no sound They ran a dxdiag and it said no sound card available I then contacted Dell and they were of no help I was going to reformate my computer but when i went to do that Dell had sent the wrong operating cd and they are telling me they can not send me one because i have a po box for an address When i look under my sound and sudio devices all the drivers are working properly but it tells me no audio device Under Audio default device there is no playback device no recording device no MIDI playback device I believe that the Plug and Play was deleted from the computer I am not sure if that has anything to do with it or not any help would be greatly appreciated Thanks Rhue Midi nbsp

A:No sound device

This is a relatively common problem. I believe a malware infection is responsible for corrupting the audio settings and/or registry. Simply removing the infected files typically does not resolve the issue. The easiest method to reverse this is to use System Restore or perform a repair installation of the operating system I've dealt with similar issues before and reinstalling drivers usually doesn't fix it either. If you don't have a restore DVD or OEM disk for the OS, you can borrow one from a friend to perform a repair install, just have your product key handy.
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My system plays the XP start sounds when I log into my user John and when I restart or shut down I get the shut down sound Nothing else plays I have soundmax installed Each time I try to get sound to play by using the soundmax wizard I get the message that there is no sound device installed In my hardware device manager shows Sound video and game controllers Audio codecs Legacy Audio Drivers Legacy Video Capture Devices Media Control Devices SounMax Integrated Digital Audio Video CodecsI have an onboard sound connection in which I have a microphone Labtec speakers and an input from a stereo Below is Belarc s profile for my computer Computer Profile Summary Computer Name Sg - Profile Date Sunday January AM Advisor Version x Windows Logon John Click here for Belarc s System Management products for large and small companies Operating System System Model Windows XP Professional Service Pack build Home Built Asus P C -E MB Processor a Main Circuit Board b gigahertz Intel Pentium kilobyte primary memory cache kilobyte secondary memory cache Board ASUSTeK Computer Inc P C -E Rev xxBus Clock megahertzBIOS American Megatrends Inc Drives Memory Modules c d Gigabytes Usable Hard Drive Capacity Gigabytes Hard Drive Free SpaceCD-ROM DriveLITE-ON LTR- B CD-ROM drive quot format removeable media Floppy drive ST A Sound No Device Hard drive GB -- drive s n MT YF D rev SMART Status HealthyST AS Hard drive GB -- drive s n MR VLAQ rev SMART Status HealthyWDC WD AB- CBA Hard drive GB -- drive s n WD-WMAA rev B SMART Status Healthy Megabytes Installed MemorySlot DIMM No Sound Device has MBSlot DIMM has MBSlot DIMM has MBSlot DIMM has MB Local Drive Volumes c NTFS on drive GB GB free d NTFS on drive GB GB free e NTFS on drive GB GB free f NTFS on No Sound Device drive GB GB free Network Drives None detected Users mouse over user name for details Printers local user accounts last logon Admin AM admin Administrator AM admin John PM admin John D AM admin Pam PM admin local system accounts ASPNET never Guest AM HelpAssistant never IUSR JOHNS-DT-SG GB PM IUSR SG - AM IWAM JOHNS-DT-SG GB PM IWAM SG - PM SUPPORT a never Marks a disabled account Marks a locked account Adobe PDF Converter on My Documents pdf Amyuni Document Converter on LPT Bullzip PDF Printer on BULLZIP Canon MP series Printer on CNBJNP E C Epson Stylus COLOR ESC P on LPT HP Color LaserJet PS on qvPDF hp officejet d series on DOT hp officejet d series fax on DOT Microsoft Shared Fax Driver on SHRFAX Microsoft XPS Document Writer on XPSPort Controllers Display Standard floppy disk controllerIntel reg EB Ultra ATA Storage Controllers x Primary IDE Channel Controller x Secondary IDE Channel Controller x RADEON PRO Display adapter RADEON PRO No Sound Device - Secondary Display adapter Samsung SyncMaster Monitor quot vis s n HVLS June Bus Adapters Multimedia Intel reg EB USB Universal Host Controller - D Intel reg EB USB Universal Host Controller - D Intel reg EB USB Universal Host Controller - D Intel reg EB USB Universal Host Controller - DEIntel reg EB USB Enhanced Host Controller - DD SoundMAX Integrated Digital Audio Communications Other Devices Agere Win Modem Net Adapter Intel reg PRO CT Network Connection primary Auto IP Address Gateway Dhcp Server Physical Address E A D AD Networking Dns Servers VIA OHCI Compliant IEEE Host ControllerHID-compliant consumer control deviceHID-compliant device x USB Human Interface Device x hp officejet d scannerIntel PC Camera ProEasy Internet KeyboardHID Keyboard DeviceHID-compliant mouseLogitech-compatible Mouse PS Generic USB HubUSB Composite DeviceUSB Root Hub x Virus Protection Back to Top AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition Version Realtime File Scanning On Lavasoft Ad-Watch Live Anti-Virus Version Realtime File Scanning On Microsoft Security Essentials Version Realtime File Scanning On

A:No Sound Device

Go to Device on SounMax Integrated Digital Audio...uninstall the driver.Reboot.The 3d item listed Here appears to be the correct driver.Louis
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a friend of mine has a little problem, whenever she starts up windows media player it says "no sound device found" please help, dont even know where to start? thank yas!!!

Edit: (Windows Media Player cannot play the file because there is a problem with your sound device. There may not be a sound device installed on your ocomputer, it may be in use by another program, or it may not be functioning properly.) Is what exactly it says

A:No Sound Device

Check the Device Manager (assuming Windows XP, right click My Computer > Properties > Hardware > Device Manager) for any yellow ! next to anything, usually under Multimedia or Sound, Video and Game Controllers.
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Hey, I just re-installed Windows XP (downgrade from Vista) and I have no sound... I have my headset plugged into the jack in the back and I've also tried the front jacks but it gives me a message saying that there is no audio device.

I've seen many forum posts about this problem all over the web but they're mostly outdated, and mostly from when Service Pack 2 was the latest. I have all 3 Service Packs and everything else works great on the PC. Any possible fixes?

Thanks in advance

PS: I have Windows Audio Enabled and Started in services and I have Plug and Play fully functioning

EDIT: Not sure if it means anything but I have a yellow ! next to one of my audio things in Device Manager, if that is an issue what is the fix? :) thanks

A:No sound device available

Your computer was made for Vista and thus is not XP Compatible. I tried to do the same with my laptop and well... it's embarrassing. I have like 12 yellow markers. Unless that's a wireless computer your internet probably isn't working either.

You either need to look up your model number for XP versions of your computers drivers for sound/ethernet and it looks like an SM Bus Controller (no idea what that is, don't really care). Or, you need to un-downgrade back to Vista.

Or you can always get a teddy... that made me feel better. Then I downloaded Ubuntu.
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I have win.98, when try to install xp pro it says my sound device may not work, an it did not, the new sound device is unsighned,I dont know if that helps you or not. thankyou

A:sound device

Please don't start duplicate threads for the same problem. Your original is below. This is closed as a dup
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Hello , hope someone out there will help me solve this problem , this is what i get now when i want to play music on my Laptop - SAMSUNG NX10.Microsoft windows XP.

" Windows Media Player cannot play the file because there is a problem with your sound device. There might not be a sound device installed on your computer, it might be in use by another program, or it might not be functioning properly "

i thought i had to do with the speakers so i bought a new set of earphones , i am still haveing the same problem.

I pray someone will help tell me what to do to solve this problem.


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I have a soundblaster sound card in my computer.. But the problem is that I rebooted my computer, and now I it won't reconize that soundcard. But then I tried another Pci slot and now some audio controller message comes up, and I can't seem to Install that audio controller because I'm not sure were to fine that particular device or driver installation... I need hlp cause this has been bothering me for some time. And another thing, I already went to the " soundblasters" website and all of there driver updates don't work, I tried at least 5 of the same download from diffrent sites. It installs but then again, nothing happens.. I have soundblaster model ct4750 pci card.

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Hi guys, hope you can help. I clearing out programs to free up some disk space and it looks like I've inadvertently deleted the sound device - oops! Any ideas how I can get it back or can u point me in the direction of a free download.

Merci bucket

A:Sound Device

your motherboard should have come with a "motherboard utilities disk" insert this and reinstall the sound drivers.

Be carefull what you delete in future


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everyone I am at my wits end I hope somebody sound no device can no sound device help me My computer details are the end When I try to play a file from my music library I get a message that says Windows media cannot play the file because there is a problem with your sound device There might not be a sound device on your computer or it might be in use by another programme or it might not be functioning properly This all started when I had to perform a non destructive reinstallation of windows after picking up a virus Win Tiny abk The stange thing is I get music to play when I play pinball but no sounds of the ball hitting things I have tried all the trouble shooting advice in windows including updating drivers rolling them back reinstalling them after uninstalling them I ve been in PC BIOS its at automatic enabled and started In sounds and audio devices uder volume it says no audio device yet in all the troubleshooting tips it tells me the devices are working properly and under audio tab sound playback it says default device no playback device also I m not able to acess the dropdown menu I also tried Open Device Manager open Control Panel System Hardware Device Manager Click VIEW SHOW HIDDEN DEVICES Find the ISAPNP Read Data Port device on the SYSTEM DEVICES list Right click the ISAPNP Read Data Port device and select quot Update Driver quot Select quot NO NOT THIS TIME then select Install from a list or specific location quot Select quot Don t search I will choose the driver to install quot Unselect quot SHOW COMPATIBLE HARDWARE quot Select STANDARD SYSTEM DEVICES under Manufacturer Under MODEL scroll down until you see quot Plug and Play Software Device Enumerator Select this item and select quot Next quot You will receive some frightening error message that you should disregard Complete the installation of the driver You will see your device list magically change before your eyes The other PNP devices will mysteriously become enabled and active If not restart the PC This didn t work in fact it destablised my computer and I think I managed to undue it I was given most of this advice by a computer whiz kid friend as I m not so technical but I m a quick learner I know I reformat windows having done it before but I hate giving in to a problem COME ON CYBERSPACE DO YOUR STUFF Thanks Bill Available only for Windows XP Pro and Virus Protection Up-to-date Microsoft Security Updates Up-to-date -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Computer Profile Summary Computer Name Your-x r nx pju in WORKGROUP Profile Date January Advisor Version v Windows Logon Owner Click here for Belarc s System Management products for large and small companies Operating System System Model Windows XP Home Edition Service Pack build HP Pavilion DA A-ABU e RE XENO System Serial Number CZ GB Enclosure Type Desktop Processor a Main Circuit Board b gigahertz Intel Pentium kilobyte primary memory cache kilobyte secondary memory cache Board MICRO-STAR INTERNATIONAL CO LTD MS- Bus Clock megahertz BIOS Phoenix Technologies LTD Drives Memory Modules c d Gigabytes Usable Hard Drive Capacity Gigabytes Hard Drive Free Space HP DVD Writer j CD-ROM drive SAMSUNG DVD-ROM SD- F CD-ROM drive quot format removeable media Floppy drive eUSB Compact Flash USB Device Hard drive -- drive eUSB SD-MS-SM USB Device Hard drive -- drive HP Photosmart USB Device Hard drive -- drive WDC WD BB- CAA Hard drive GB -- drive s n WD-WMA E rev W SMART Status Healthy Megabytes Installed Memory Slot A has MB Slot A is Empty Local Drive Volumes c NTFS on drive GB GB free d FAT on drive GB MB free Network Drives None detected Users mouse over user name for details Printers local user accounts last logon Administrator admin Owner admin local system accounts Guest never HelpAssistant never SUPPORT a never SUPPORT fddfa never Marks a disabled account Marks a locked account HP Photosmart Series on USB Controllers Display Standard floppy disk controller Intel r D... Read more
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hey guyz i installed a windows xp home to windowz xp pro and my sound dont work when i go to the volume controll it sayz no mixer device are installed so if anyone can help me pleaze let me know thankxzzzzzzzz

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Hi to all

ok heres my problem i recently reinstalled my Xp and i saved all my drivers first so i could put them back in after.. however my computer now says i have no sound device and it seems i never saved the driver for it.. is that the problem?? and how do i fix it?

A:Help with sound device?????

Download and run Everest Home (it is free):

Once you download it, click on it and let it install and then run it from the icon on your desktop and then click on 'Computer' then on 'Summary', then go to the VERY top of the screen and click on 'report', then 'quick report-summary' and then 'plain text' and save it then go to C:/programs/lavalys and open that folder then open Everest Home sub-folder and then reports sub-folder and click on the report.

This will open it in a text editor (probably Notepad) and then use your mouse to highlight ALL the debug stuff at the bottom of the report and delete it and then save that file again and then copy and paste it to here.
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Hi, I have a Compaq Presario Notebook CQ61-214TU. I bought a PC Health Advisor Programme and ran the scan and it told me I had out of date drivers, so I downloaded the updates and now my computer is telling me that I have no sound device installed and I have no sound at all. How do I fix this problem?? Thanks

A:No Sound Device

Try to see if you can Rollback the Sound Device drivers to it's previous state (Go to Control Panel, System, Device Manager and Double-click on your Sound Device, Driver Tab, and choose Rollback Driver.

PS: You have to be very very carefull with these types of programs, they don't often hit or even get near the 100% mark for finding the exact drivers for your machine. Sometimes doing it the Old fashionned way i.e. going out and finding your own drivers by doing research is the best way.
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ok i just wanna be able to listen to music and i got this computer used from my uncle. every time i try to play music or record something it says I can't because my computer has no sound device... what the bleep?

A:no sound device? help me!

a few things about your computer would help us to kjnow to help you out here. Like make and model, or Motherboard, CPU, Ram, OS, Sound Card, etc...
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hello i do hope you can help me i am getting an message that says:Windows Media Player cannot play the file because there is a problem with your sound device. There may not be a sound device installed on your computer, it may be in use by another program, or it may not be functioning properly. how do i fix this?

A:Sound device

sofustrated said:

hello i do hope you can help me i am getting an message that says:Windows Media Player cannot play the file because there is a problem with your sound device. There may not be a sound device installed on your computer, it may be in use by another program, or it may not be functioning properly. how do i fix this?Click to expand...
Start off in Control Panel>Sounds and Audio Devices>Hardware to see if there's a device installed. Do you hear the Windows walk-on music when you boot up?
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I am using Windows Xp SP3 and under control panel there is "Sound and audio device". When I open it and go to sound, there is no option for adding sounds to my Windows Live Messenger, onlt Windows Messenger which doesn't work in my Windows Live Messenger. How can I get this option into the sond and audio device sound option?
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Hello to you all, i am very happy to be on here,
maybe someone can help me, I have a laptop running xp, i wanted to update the drivers so i used 'drivermagic' it was a bad mistake to make, it has made things worse, when it updated the sound driver it downloaded this version which made the original driver vanish and in its place installed a driver which wont work! would anybody be able to tell me where i might replace the original driver, for some reason system restore was switched off, so i can't restore to an earlier point, this is now all a big mess, mentions of op. system re-install was suggested! but surely not! , i have been foolish i now know.
yours hopefully mr madras.

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IM trying to make my computer a recording studio what sound card would i need to do this im talking like plugging a guitar or drum set into a computer and recording it through my computer give me as many links as possible but my price range max is 200 dollars
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Ok so I had Vista up until yesterday when I reformatted my computer and loading XP on it Device. HELP!!! Sound No Everything is working fine except now I have no sound There is no volume icon in the task bar and in the quot Sounds and Audio Devices quot it says quot No Audio Device quot I have No Sound Device. HELP!!! an integrated sound card but I m not sure what it is and I have tried downloading countless drivers to get this to work In my device manager I have PCI Device SM Bus Controller and Ethernet Controller all under quot Other Devices quot with no drivers to match don t know if these would conflict with my sound And in the device manager it shows quot Legacy Drivers quot under my Sound tab I have gone through the bias and made sure my audio was enabled so that is not the issue I called my company No Sound Device. HELP!!! s tech support and they couldn t offer any help except loading Vista again which I would rather not do Some info on my Lenovo computer to help OS Name Microsoft Windows XP Professional Version Service Pack Build OS Manufacturer Microsoft Corporation System Name GERALD System Manufacturer LENOVO System Model A System Type X -based PC Processor x Family Model Stepping AuthenticAMD Mhz Processor x Family Model Stepping AuthenticAMD Mhz BIOS Version Date LENOVO NKT AUS SMBIOS Version Windows Directory C WINDOWS System Directory C WINDOWS system Boot Device Device HarddiskVolume Locale United States Hardware Abstraction Layer Version quot xpsp sp rtm - quot User Name GERALD jOe Time Zone Pacific Daylight Time Total Physical Memory MB Available Physical Memory MB Total Virtual Memory GB Available Virtual Memory GB Page File Space GB Page File C pagefile sys Also got a GeForce graphics Airlink MIMO wireless card Ask for more cpu information and you shall receive Any help would be appreciated Thanks nbsp

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hey thanks for checkin this out...

ok so i have a big problem. y sound does not work at all.
ive uninstalled the sound driver i had which was from intel and i do ot know how to re-install it. the sound options from control panel are just grey and say "no sound device".

many thanks

A:No Sound Device

You need to re-install from the discs which came with the pc or if you don't have the disc, you'll need to download the drivers. If you don't have a sound card and are using the motherboard's built in sound device, the drivers will be on the motherboard disc.
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I just formatted my hard drive and reinstalled Windows XP, and for some reason my computer now says I have no sound device. I have no idea what to do. Help. anyone?

A:No Sound Device

Is it built in audio or a sound card? you need the driver for it . Either from the card mfg's site or the motherboard / computer mfg. site
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ok i have tried everything i can think of and still no sound. just installed windows xp so cant use system restore.nothing is muted and when you go to sound and audio devices then volume all the stuff is blurred out.please help me get my sound back.

A:no sound device

Huh? I have no idea what you said but I would suggest updating your drivers for the sound card.
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i just re installed windows xp on my computer and now i got no sound devices

im not sure of all the specs of the computer cause it was built...

if any one would be willing to help me in finding out the problem i would be grateful

thanks in advance

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I think I inadvertently uninstalled my sound card/device. I googled and found this site and followed some instructions and got the same outcome.
How can I get my sound back can you give me instructions, or do I have to get someone to look at the computer for me.

It's XP when I try to play music I get

Windows Media cannot play the file because there is a problem with your sound device. There might not be a sound device installed on your computer, it might be in use by another program or it might not be functioning properly

thanks in anticipation

A:Sound device

drivers are missing.but you need to know which soundcard you have.If you don't know the name of your Sound card, go to Start> Run> type in "dxdiag" without quotes. Now go to the Sound Tab and any sound hardware installed is listed.then jump on the net,go to manufacturers website and get new drivers (you should find them in"support" or "downloads"
if you cant do this tell me what machine you have, with serial number and i'll find them for you.
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I clicked Control Panel I double clicked Sound and Audio Devices Sound and Audio Devices Properties dialog box showed up Under the volume tab it is shown quot No Audio Device quot Audio tab and Voice Tab were completely disabled I installed CMI C DX PCI Audio Device I device sound no tried to play music in WMP but an error no sound device displayed Windows Media Player cannot play the file because there is a problem with your sound device There may not be a sound device installed on your computer it may be in use by another program or it may not be functioning properly I clicked more information and saw this error xC D BA Cannot play the file PopUp no sound device cursor hand color green text-decoration underline idGlossary cursor hand color green text-decoration underline xC D BA Cannot play the file Windows Media Player cannot play the file because there is a problem with your sound device such as a sound card or sound controller You may encounter this error message for one of the following reasons Your sound device is in use by another program Quit other programs that may be using your sound device and then try to play the file again Your sound device is not functioning properly To troubleshoot the problem see the Sound Troubleshooter in Windows Help or refer to your sound device s documentation You do not have a sound device installed on your computer Install a sound device and then try to play the file again Error ID xC D BA Condition ID x I also checked in the device manager The audio device I installed was enabled and working properly I checked again the Sound and Audio Device under the Control Panel And still it showed that there was no audio device installed Any input from you guys are very much welcome Thank you nbsp

A:no sound device

first go to and search for

driver genious

download them and install updates.
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I was trying to delete some unneccesary programs yesterday and i deleted sound blaster because i didnt know what it was and now my computer says that i have no sound device. i have no idea what to do. HELP!!!!!!!!1

A:No Sound Device???

Hi and welcome.

Try a system restore point.

Also, the next time you don't know what something is for, DO NOT DELETE IT
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Can some one help me, I have been having this problem for over a month. When I try to play songs from Windows Media Player an orange line will go over the songs saying the file cannot play. Then when I go to to Volume Control a message alerts me saying the No sound device was found. this happened before but the volume came back in but now it haven't

A:My Sound Device

Hello have a look in control panel/ system/hardware / device manager and see if there are any yellow marks please
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I know this was speaked about a lot, but i was searching and found no solutions. My problem is: After i reformated my hard-drive and installed windows and everything else again, in control panel, it says that there is No audio device. When first i got this PC, there was attached intel cd for my motherboard, i installed all drivers and everything were working. This time, i installed all drivers from same CD but it dosent work. My motherboard is Intel DG33BU, Audio output is made by foxconn, but generaly it is Realtek.

Additional info: In device manager it says, that there are no PCI-device drivers.

A:No Sound Device

Download Drivers.
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No sound in speakers, no volumen icon in Task Bar and no Audio Device in Control Panel.

A:Sound Device

what's the model # and maker for your sound card?

how does device manager look?
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Hey guys new to this forum and I have a problem I reinstalled a copy of Windows XP yesterday and I discovered that there was no sound device so I downloaded the realtek ac driver but it still comes up as no sound device whether I restart the computer or not When I click on the hardware tab I click on realtek device and near the bottom it says quot Device status This device cannot start code quot Click to expand When I was installing the realtek ac audio setup a window popped up saying The software you are installing for this hardware RealTek AC Has not passed windows logo testing to vertify its compatibility with windows xpClick to expand Also another problem I don t know the motherboard name for this computer I downloaded everest to see the details of the motherboard but the name came up as unknown The machine is Emachines I hope someone can help thanks nbsp

A:No sound device!

Get the sound driver from - eMachines Product Support and Downloads -
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Well it all started back in July when my computer crashed It randomly went had no but.. device, I sound in to DOS mode and the screen was black with all this weird writing months later I had no sound device, but.. I finally got my computer fixed I was lucky enough for I had no sound device, but.. the computer guy to be able to transfer all my things onto a new harddrive which I think is what he put in the computer Before my computer crashed I had sound and everything but after I got my computer back I have no sound now I ve tried everything to fix it And I finally got the yellow to go away since I downloaded Realtek Audio But when I open the Volume controller I can t configure the sound of my PC speakers cos its grey So I can t move anything Does anyone know what I should do I have my sound device back on but I can t get the sound to come out of my speakers My speakers are inside my monitor nbsp

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I recently reinstalled windows XP onto my computer, and now I cannot get the speakers to function.

When I try to play a music file, I get the message:
Windows Media Player cannot play the file because there is a problem with your sound device. There might not be a sound device installed on your computer, it might be in use by another program, or it might not be functioning properly.Click to expand...

and when I go into Sounds & Audio Devices in the Control panel, it says no audio device is found. I also tried going into add hardware but an audio device is not found there either. I tried downloading the driver from this link and it was only the speaker test... not a way to get it to function. Can somebody please help me out?

Thank you!

A:No Sound Device

What make/model of Dell do you have? Do you know name of the driver required?
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i have a slight problem here. a little while ago i believe i changed my driver(?) to standard PC ( so that I could use a program not compatable with windows xp? ) and now my sound does not work. i also don't have the installation discs, and i don't have a verifiable windows because i had a computer repair guy uninstall/reinstall my entire computer using his own discs so i seemingly can't reinstall my sound drivers. any help would be greatly appreciated

A:no sound device

If you check device manager do you get any "!" under the audio tree? If you do then try right clicking the main driver and click uninstall. Then reboot the pc and allow windows to install the drivers. If that does not work, try to run system restore to go back to when the drivers worked properly.
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when I tried to play music in my computer shows that I don't have a sound device

A:no sound device

Check the Device Manager (Control Panel classic view) - is there a sound card listed? If so, check Windows Update by going to Control Panel - System icon - click Windows Update - click View update history - if Win updates installed a new sound driver, return to the Device Manager - double click Sound, video and game controllers - double click the sound card - click the driver tab - Roll Back Driver.
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After recently reinstalling XP I found I have no sound, after a friend sent an attachment that required sound. I have checked the "sounds and audio devices" and under the volume tab it tells me I have no audio device. All the codecs etc seem to be functional. I have the sound scheme on windows default but when I click on the windows icon it shows "none". When trying to use W M Player an error notice saying I have no sound card or it isn't working , shows. I had no trouble with sound prior to the reinstallation. Can anybody help.

A:no sound device

Lets do some basic troubleshooting. Go to device manager and see if the sound device is recognised. If not then you need make sure the OS finds the sound device. If its a separate PCI sound card, try opening the computer and make sure the PCI card is placed firmly in the slot. After you restart your device manager should have it in the list.
If your device manager has the device in the list, but with a yellow exclamation mark, right click on the device and uninstall it. Related to sound there could be couple of other devices. Uninstall everything and try restarting the system. This time it should install the drivers correctly or else your try installing the drivers from the cd of PCI sound device.
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DELL Omniplex GX270 XP Pro (Inherited)Didn't come with speakers so I Hooked up Boston Digital BA735 speakers to Audio Jack, thinking I would have sound. Used them in my DELL Dimension 4400, XP Home speakers worked ok. Ctl Panel Shows No Audio. Everything Grayed out. Boot shows new hardware detected Audio Controller, but wizard can't install. Realtech download driver Install results in Blue screen. Dell Download driver Install cannot find component and must quit. Does this Mean I have to buy a PCI Audio card, & plug into that vs the existing Audio Jack ?

A:No Sound Device

Which Dell and Realtech drivers did you use? Can you provide a link to them? If the drivers will not install a PCI card would be a suitable workaround, but I would save that as a last resort unless you don't mind spending the $$$.

Does your computer show any devices with a yellow exclamation mark in Device Manager? And if so, what code does it have for an error if you double-click it? You can get to device manager by right-clicking on My Computer, choose Properties, click the Hardware tab, and click the button for Device Manager.
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Hello i know my title says intermediant with computers because i am only 15 years old and im pretty good with them .............but anyways this sounds like a "begginer" questoin

Suddenly my computer says "No Sound device" when i try opening Windows Media Player and i no longer have any sound on my computer i had this problem before and a friend of my father came and fixed the problem he put some sort of program on here called "AV rack" im not sure if that is the program he used to make the sound come back or not but it was on there when he finished and i had not deleted it at all........if anyone could give me a simple step by step way to bring the sound back it would be greatly appreaciated

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Hi I m having problems with the sound on my computer My speakers are working properly but my computer has no sound Under Sound Speech and Audio Devices under volume I have no Audio Device Please NO sound device!! help! I try to run the NO sound device!! Please help! sound recorder and it says Another application is recording audio Stop recording with this other application and then try to record with Sound Recorder again --- I have a built in sound card and the computer recently had a new motherboard installed I m pretty good at working computers but I m not so NO sound device!! Please help! good at how NO sound device!! Please help! the inside of my computer works Please if anyone could help that would be great Here is my computer profile summary from Belarc Advisor I don t know if it s needed but just in case Thanks Operating System System Model Windows XP Home Edition Service Pack build Gateway Processor gigahertz Intel Celeron D kilobyte primary memory cache kilobyte secondary memory cache Main Circuit Board Board Intel Corporation D GAG AAC - Serial Number BQAG Bus Clock megahertz BIOS Intel Corp AG J A Drives Gigabytes Usable Hard Drive Capacity Gigabytes Hard Drive Free Space LITE-ON COMBO LTC- H CD-ROM drive quot format removeable media Floppy drive WDC WD EB- DJF Hard drive GB -- drive Memory Modules Megabytes Installed Memory Slot J H has MB serial number xF AA Slot J H is Empty Slot J J is Empty Slot J J is Empty Local Drive Volumes c NTFS on drive GB GB free Network Drives None detected Users mouse over user name for details local user accounts last logon ERIC PM admin Guest PM MADISON PM admin local system accounts Administrator never admin ASPNET never HelpAssistant never SUPPORT a never DISABLED Marks a disabled account LOCKED OUT Marks a locked account Printers hp psc series on USB Microsoft XPS Document Writer on XPS Controlers Standard floppy disk controller Intel R FB Ultra ATA Storage Controllers - Intel R FB FBM Ultra ATA Storage Controllers - F Primary IDE Channel Controller x Secondary IDE Channel Controller Display None Detected Bus Adapters ntel R FB FBM USB Universal Host Controller - Intel R FB FBM USB Universal Host Controller - Intel R FB FBM USB Universal Host Controller - A Intel R FB FBM USB Universal Host Controller - B Intel R FB FBM USB Enhanced Host Controller - C Multimedia Unimodem Half-Duplex Audio Device Communications Kbps Internal Modem Net Adapter USB Cable Modem primary Auto IP Address Gateway Dhcp Server Physical Address E C AA C Networking Dns Servers Other Devices OHCI Compliant IEEE Host Controller hp psc series Standard -Key or Microsoft Natural PS Keyboard Microsoft PS Mouse USB Composite Device USB Printing Support USB Root Hub x psc DOT PRINT Virus Protection McAfee VirusScan Version Realtime File Scanning On All required security hotfixes using the Microsoft Security Bulletin Summary have been installed Software Versions mouse over for details click for location Back to Top Adobe Reader Version Arobas Music - Guitar Pro Version Banner Blue Software Incorporated - Microsoft Organization Chart Version Belarc Inc - Advisor Version x Cinematronics - D Pinball Version Full Tilt Poker Version Hewlett-Packard - ICE Version Hewlett-Packard Co - hp digital imaging - hp all-in-one series Version Hewlett-Packard Co - hp digital imaging - hp all-in-one series Version Hewlett-Packard Company - HP Memories Disc Creator Software Version Hewlett-Packard hpotdd Version HP PML Version Hpi Prnt Application Version LimeWire Version McAfee Integrated Security Platform Version McAfee Personal Firewall Version McAfee Proxy Version McAfee SecurityCenter Version McAfee SecurityCenter Version McAfee SiteAdvisor Version McAfee SiteAdvisor Version McAfee VirusScan API Version McAfee VirusScan Version McAfee Inc - VSCORE x Microsoft r Windows Script Host Version Microsoft Corporation - Clip Gallery for Windows Version Microsoft Corporation - Internet Explorer Version Microsoft Corporation - Messenger Ve... Read more

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Windows XP pro has no sound device!!!
A virus destroyed my hard drive so i had to do a total reformat/reinstall.
when I did this, my sound & audio were wiped out and did not come back
as part of the reinstall. all the device manager says is no audio device
sound drivers are listed "unknown"


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I accidentally deleted my sound device from my computer, (Dell Inspiron 530S with service pak 3). Now, no sound, everything else is fine just no sound. I went to " and downloaded the appropriate driver for "Realtek" sound, restarted my computer and still "no sound"! Help!

A:sound device??

You still have to replace your audio codecs hopefully available from Realtek (Dell might help you). The 3rd party providers charge $$$.
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I have no sound. When I double click on my sound icon it says, "The audio device supported by this application is not detected." Please help

A:no sound device

We need to know the make and model of your computer
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I have recently updated my drivers using Driver Checker and now my sound wont work.
In the hardware tab of my sound and audio devices, my Real'tec AC'90 audio driver shows the error:
'this driver cannot start (code 10)'

Help me

A:No sound device?

Roll back the drivers, this might solve your issue.
Go to Control Panel, open Administrative Tools.
Next open Computer Management, then choose Device Manager from the menu on the left side.
Click on Sound, Video, and Game Controllers, highlight your sound device, right click, choose properties.
Within Properties, Driver tab.
Select Roll Back Driver, click OK.

Were you having problems which led you to update the drivers?

(This is for XP. If you use a different OS, there may be something similar)
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I recently recovered from a trojan problem but since then the speakers on my Device Sound No Sony Vaio laptop PCG-F do not work I have opened up the control panel sounds and devices panel On the sounds tab there are no devices the slider for adjusting volume is grayed out On the volume tab again there are no devices On the audio tab there are no devices I don t have the speaker volume icon in the taskbar The Fn F keys don t open up the volume control as they once did I have updated drivers rolled back drivers un-installed and re-installed drivers checked for conflicts No Sound Device for my sound device there was no conflict I have went to Sony com and installed updated drivers and installed them for my device When I open up ControlPanel Performance and Maintenance Device Manager Sound and game controller and right-click on the device click properties underthe properties tab I click on multi-media devices message states that the driver is installed but not turned on I pressed windows R and ran services msc The only audio device listed was windows audio I checked that is was set for automatic and started Re-booted just in case as I have done following almost every step above I have read through several of the topics in this forum to find a solution but to no avail I downloaded some software for system analysis and here is the log Operating System System Model Windows XP Home Edition Service Pack build Sony Corporation PCG-F UC System Serial Number - Enclosure Type Other Processor a Main Circuit Board b megahertz Intel Pentium III kilobyte primary memory cache kilobyte secondary memory cache Board Sony Corporation PCG-F UC Serial Number - BIOS Phoenix Technologies LTD R K Drives Memory Modules c d Gigabytes Usable Hard Drive Capacity Gigabytes Hard Drive Free Space TOSHIBA DVD-ROM SD-C CD-ROM drive quot format removeable media Floppy drive Y-E DATA USB-FDU USB Device Floppy drive FUJITSU MHJ AT Hard drive GB -- drive s n rev D SMART Status Healthy Megabytes Installed Memory Slot J has MB Slot J is Empty Slot J is Empty Local Drive Volumes c FAT on drive GB GB free Network Drives None detected Users mouse over user name for details Printers local user accounts last logon Administrator AM admin Doug AM admin local system accounts ASPNET never Guest never HelpAssistant never SUPPORT a never Marks a disabled account Marks a locked account hp officejet series on USB Controllers Display Standard floppy disk controller Intel reg AB EB PCI Bus Master IDE Controller Primary IDE Channel Controller Secondary IDE Channel Controller NeoMagic MagicGraph XL driver Display adapter Default Monitor Bus Adapters Multimedia Ricoh R RL RB C II R C or Compatible CardBus Controller x Intel reg AB EB PCI to USB Universal Host Controller YAMAHA DS-XG PCI Audio CODEC WDM Communications Other Devices Generic SoftK Modem Net Adapter Wireless-B Notebook Adapter primary Auto IP Address Gateway Dhcp Server Physical Address C CF E Networking Dns Server Sony CXD OHCI i LINK IEEE PCI Host Controller Microsoft AC Adapter Microsoft ACPI-Compliant Control Method Battery x Sony Notebook Control Device Sony Programmable I O Control Device hp officejet series IrDA Fast Infrared Port Standard -Key or Microsoft Natural PS Keyboard PS Compatible Mouse USB Composite Device USB Printing Support USB Root Hub Y-E Data USB Floppy officejet DOT PRINT Virus Protection Back to Top AVG Version Realtime File Scanning On Missing Microsoft Security Hotfixes Back to Top These required security hotfixes using the Microsoft Security Bulletin Summary were not found installed Note CIS benchmarks require that Critical and Important severity security hotfixes must be installed Q - Critical details Q - Important details Q - Important details Q - Important details Q - Important details Q - Important details Q - Important details Q - Critical details Q - Critical details Q - Moderate details Q - Moderate details Q - Moderate details Q - Important details Q - Important details Q - Critical det... Read more

A:No Sound Device

This is an update to my problem...I do have system sounds...If I try and close a window unexpectedly I do get beeps...I have found that I have some kind of conflict going on with Plug and Play system device enumerator...There is an explanation point in a yellow box next to it...clicking on it I get a message that Drivers can't be found for this device...I have tried to update drivers for this device 3 times to no avail...Any ideas outside of paying microsoft $60.00 to try and resolve would be appreciated...
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hey, i recently reinstalled windows xp on my computer after i tried everything to get it to work.. When everything finally came back it said i had no sound device. I tried reinstalling to no avail. help! Please!
i have a p4 3ghz running sp2 on a dell dimension 3000.
Thanks tile4fun

A:no sound device

Did you install the drivers for your computer from the computer manufacturer?

Go to Start > Control Panel > System > Hardware Tab and then click "Device Manager". Any items with yellow !'s or red X's need a driver in order to work.

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it all started off with no sound device alert. so i asked around and got told to get a driver for it so i now have sound max DIA. the program told me to reboot and then it would be complete i did and still no sound at all ive tried 2 sets of speakers!
[ Motherboard ]

Motherboard Properties:
Manufacturer Intel Corporation
Product D845GRG
Version AAA84341-204

thanks in advance!!!!!!!!

A:Help with sound device?

It's possible your sound device is bad. Can you see it in device manager? Are you familar with device manager.
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Everything is grayed out. I can't open any tabs or choose any options or defaults...and my computer is making really LOUD sounds when I open or close any programs. My speakers are plugged correctly and have been using them forever..and now the sound is from the computer...LOUD.
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just rebooted computer from fresh and now have no sound, speakers hooked up and used to work before reboot, by professional? but now it does not detect sound device. what do i do.Edit: Moved topic to the more appropriate forum. ~ Animal

A:No Sound Device

not sure why you think this is the correct place for sound problems, but that aside you may have to re-install the driver for the sound-chip. But you/we need to know what make/model the sound-chip/sound-card is.If you don't know/can't remember, download 'Belarc Advisor' to generate a system info audit and post it on the forum:
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I have just reinstalled media player, but it will not run, I get the following message:
indows Media Player cannot play the file because there is a problem with your sound device. There may not be a sound device installed on your computer, it may be in use by another program, or it may not be functioning properly. Can someone help me w/ this.

A:Sound Device

Check in Device Manager

Press Windows Logo key + Pause Break key then Hardware tab then Device Manager button and on the left under Sound Devices can you see any yellow warning signs
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Hi, I seem to have the same problem as everyone with my AC 97 audio-device. i've reinstalled my windows XP and i have no sound. The device manager shows an exclamation mark and says "the device cannot start.(code 10)".
I'd really appreciate any help. Thanks in advance!

here's my belarc analysis:

Operating System
Windows XP Professional Service Pack 2 (build 2600)

Processor a
1.80 gigahertz AMD Pentium 4
128 kilobyte primary memory cache
128 kilobyte secondary memory cache

82.34 Gigabytes Usable Hard Drive Capacity
73.12 Gigabytes Hard Drive Free Space

Optiarc DVD RW AD-5170A [CD-ROM drive]
3.5" format removeable media [Floppy drive]

ExcelStor Technology J880S [Hard drive] (82.34 GB) -- drive 0

System Model
Enclosure Type: Desktop

Main Circuit Board b
Board: SiS-755
Bus Clock: 200 megahertz
BIOS: Phoenix Technologies, LTD 6.00 PG 06/25/2004

Memory Modules c,d
256 Megabytes Installed Memory

Slot 'A0' has 512 MB
Slot 'A1' is Empty

A:No sound device

Hi aniri_dum and welcome to TSF

There is a set of drivers that comes either with the motherboard, or the computer manufacturer that needs to be installed. The audio driver is one of those. Also, make sure the onboard audio is selected in the BIOS.

When you install the right audio driver, the marks should go away in the Device Manager and the audio should work.

Best regards,
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hey guyz i waz having trouble hearing my sound when i go to volume controll there are no mixer devices installed i ont knw how to fix it pleaze help thankxz

A:no sound device

pleazee help guyz comeonnnnn
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Hi I have been working on an issue with my sound card for a couple of days now I have no sound except for the beeping noise on boot on the CP when I got to Sounds and A devices the tabs are all grayed out When i go to system volume control it gives me an error message there are no Sound No Device active mixer devices installed Don t know what else to do but here are the specs of my machine Dell Computer Corporation XPST Asset Tag I Processor a Main Circuit No Sound Device Board b megahertz Intel Pentium III kilobyte primary memory cache kilobyte secondary memory cache Board Intel Corporation SE BX- AA - Serial Number T A C Bus Clock megahertz BIOS Intel Corp S EB X A P Standard floppy disk controller Intel R AB EB PCI Bus Master IDE Controller Primary IDE Channel Controller Secondary IDE Channel Controller ATI Technologies Inc D RAGE PRO AGP X Display adapter EMA eView f Monitor quot vis s n MRJ September Bus Adapters Multimedia Intel R AB EB PCI to USB Universal Host Controller CMI C DX PCI Audio Device Communications Other Devices Com EtherLink XL PCI For Complete PC Management NIC C C-TX Standard -Key or Microsoft Natural PS Keyboard Generic USB Hub USB Root Hub nbsp

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Error ID = 0xC00D11BA, Condition ID = 0x00000000

A:sound device

If you would like help, you will have to give us a little more information.
Luckily my crystal ball isn't as hazy as it usually is.
Go to Start/Run and type devmgmt.msc and press enter. In the Device Manager any devices with yellow marks need to have drivers installed. If you have a name brand computer (HP, Dell etc) Go to the manufacturers support/download drivers site and type in your service tag # or your make and model # and download the Audio driver for your computer and any other drivers you may require in the Device Manager.
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No sound device found in the device manager section....
All greyed out.
Should have a standard onboard sound system somewhere but it`s not registered and no icon in the taskbar.
Trying to set up some headphones ,but need to know how to get the sound thing sorted first!
Is it a trip into bios or ......? if so what exactly am i looking for?
Thanks for your help.

A:No Sound Device!

Thanks to Radarsync i found some drivers,downloaded one of them and there it was all done
Something finally goes MY way!
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I recently had some virus trouble. I have gotten all cleaned up except that now i have no sound. under sound devices, it says there are no sound devices installed. I have a Creative Sound Blaster Audigy, which i reinstalled...yet no luck. also tryed a system restore, that didn't work either.any ideas?

A:No Sound Device?

Completely uninstall all the drivers for the Audigy card, to include the entertainment center and the audio console. Reboot and then try installation again. This should take care of the problem.
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Hi guys, just reinstalled windows 7. everything works great, then I went to paly a file and to my surprise, no sound. Tested speakers on another device, they work. Sound card drivers are working and up to date.

When I play a media file, I can see the sound gage go. So I went in sounds, playback device, and all I see in there is my sound card, no speakers or headphones icon. Thus no sounds from speakers. Tried other headphones/speakers they also dont work on the PC.

First two screenshots are my Device Manager, third one shows my playback devices.. My wife needs this for her business and I am losing sleep over this for days now I tried everything. Any ideas?

A:Windows 7 SOUND, No Speakers in Playback device, thus no sound from speakers

Hi -

What sound card do you have?

Double-click on the HD audio device in Device Manager - what is driver and date?

Usually there is an audio codec/ drivers, e.g., IDT, Realtek, etc... that must be installed.

What are system specs - exact model number from label on back of PC, please.

Regards. . .


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Hi all

Here is todays problem with Vista.

I have an EVGA 780i SLI motherboard. This board has worked great for the last 3-4months or so. The problem arose 2 days ago when all of a sudden I had no sound. The icon in the bottom right of my task bar is a speaker with a red x through it. When I click on it "No audio output device installed"

I reinstalled all the drivers, and a few others I have found on the net (all at seperate times and seperate tries) and nothing works so far. I checked to see if somehow it was disabled in bios. It is not disabled it is on 'automatic'.

There is no sound device line in my device manager at all. I can not figure out the problem SOMEONE PLEASE HELP!!!

A:Vista 64 no sound device

Can you recall any other hardware, software changes you may have made prior to this problem? I am not familiar with this board or BIOS, but do you have an option to enable your on board audio as opposed to the Auto feature? You are using your on board Azalia Audio right?
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I'm not sure what happened....I've been dealing with magicjack and I do remember going to sound and audio devices and making some kind of changes......I'm at the point now that I will not be using magicjack.....How can I get my sound devices working....I hear nothing on my speakers or a cd....I do hear microsoft shut down chime.....Please help me to get my sound devices back so I can hear my speakers through different mediums

A:Solved: No sound device

Try re-installing the sound driver
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I have tried everything but I can't seam to find a fix for my sound device problem. I did a spyware removal , using web root . After the removal the sound was still working , After reboot the problem started. I tells me that there us no sound device found. I tried too reinstall the drivers but it did not help , Also when i play a mp3 on winamp it tells that (Error Code :80070057. Can Anyone help.

A:Sound Device Not Found !!!!!

Download the latest Direct X maybe? Not sure.
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For a while now I have had no sound on my laptop. I have tried numerous things, downloading drivers etc but nothing seems to work. If I try to play music through windows media player I get a message saying: Windows Media Player cannot play the file because there is a problem with your sound device. There might not be a sound device installed on your computer, it might be in use by another program, or it might not be functioning properly.

My computer tells me that I have no audio device.

I also tried downloading an audio device and an error message came up saying: corrupt cabinet file.

Any ideas what I can do?

A:No audio device-No sound at all!

Same Audio Problem

I don't know if its related but I had a ?virus? or whatever where it puts a search tool bar and other junk on your browser. Finally I got rid of that. Now my computer plays no sound, and it says I have no audio or sound device. My windows media player gives an error message saying I dont have a sound device or its not working properly. Does anyone know how to fix this? If so it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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I am running windows 98. I had to format my hard drive and do a clean install. Everything went find, had sound, got the printer, scanner working but at the time windows 98 didn't have my drivers for my video card. I was told that the best thing to do was have a quick peek inside to get the name which I did (very carefully) I didn't touch anything inside closed her back up and plugged everything back in. When I started up I noticed in the start up that there was an error #9 could not find a device sound drivers not loaded. When I got into windows it didn't pick up any sound card. I tried to manually get windows to find it to no avail, its like there is no card in my computer but I know there is. Anyone know what went wrong.


Well, when you say you "didn't touch anything" you may have inadvertently without even knowing it. Try reseating your card and/or changing slots (to see if maybe the slot your sound card occupies went south, it happens).

Just remember, i could be wrong.
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This may sound a bit weird, but i just upgraded from xp home to xp pro, and i had to download all of my drivers. however, my sound device would not take, and didn't work. i will try a second time, but where do i save my audio driver to? Program files?? please help...

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I have a HP Pavilion ZX5000 Laptop with Windows XP. I bought it used without a Sound Device and no restore disk for it. The former owner couldn't get it to work either. I downloaded the one HP has on their website for it but it just makes the computer freeze the moment it tries to make a sound. I don't know if there is a driver I need to get it to work or if that's just the wrong sound device or what. Any suggestions would be appreciated, thanks.

A:Can't Get Sound Device To Work

I'm confused a bit. You bought it without a sound device. So you installed one? Which one?
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A:hello sound device not work

CAPS LOCK IS CRUISE CONTROLL FOR COOL!!! AND EVEN WITH CRUISE CONTROL YOU STILL HAVE TO STEER!!! TRY LOOK ON LAPTOP MAKER WEBSITE URGENTLY FOR DRIVERS! also if you formatted it.... you might need an operating system as well..... just a thought

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I had to reload Windows XP Home Edition into my laptop and after it I seem to have no sound device and cannot play CDs or DVDs or listen to anything .In the 'Sound and Audio Device Properties' under ' Volume' it says "No Audio Device" as in Device Manager >Sound, video and game controllers it has no sound device listed .
Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition, Service Pack 3, 32 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Celeron(R) CPU 2.60GHz, x86 Family 15 Model 2 Stepping 9
Processor Count: 1
RAM: 247 Mb
Graphics Card:
Hard Drives: C: Total - 38146 MB, Free - 29154 MB;
Motherboard: , , ,
Antivirus: avast! Antivirus, Updated: Yes, On-Demand Scanner: Enabled
The laptop had " 16-bit Soundblaster Pro compatible + AC 97 CODEC ,Micro ,Stereo Speakers.
I have no idea how to remedy this.

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When i recently purchased my HP laptop the sound worked fine but soon after my sound completely stopped working. Under the sound devices menu it says there is no sound device connected and when i attempt to play music under windows media player it says again that no sound devices are found. It's and altec lansing sound system and the headphones don't work either. Any ideas?

A:No sound device found

go to system properties the click on the hardware tab make sure its showing up there first if its not then you need to right click on my computer on that same page and tell it to search for hardware changes. then try and update the drivers for that hardware. sometimes they will quit when a update have been installed dont know why that is yet. but another thing you can probably do is if you still have the disks that came with that computer is load the drives disk for that computer and uninstall and reinstall the sound card drivers.
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my sound device was uninstalled. I have just found the driver and install it. But when finishes, it says "The device cannot start(code 10)". What is the problems? Can anyone help me?
Thanks a lot

A:Sound device cannot startٍ


I think Code 10 is when the device is conflicting with another in the system, follow the trouble shooter section in device manager to resolve the issue.

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How do I get a free audio download and/or update my drivers so what I lost in the audio device/sound is restored without having to buy a program?

A:no audio sound/device

Hi robbiefast, and welcome to TSG.

If the audio controller is built into the motherboard, check to see if the computer or motherboard manufacturer has a web site that will allow you to download the latest Vista compatible drivers. It may also have specific instructions on how to use the downloaded files to install the drivers.
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I have a P-III 700Mhz PC with Mercury 810 DSMT Mainboard. I use Win 2000 Proff. OS.My sound drivers diappeared suddenly and no mixer controls are available.Even my hardware for c-media sound is not detected in Hardware configuration wizard.I get an error code 88780078 while accessing Winamp.Plz help me sort out the problem.
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Heyy - I m new here just signed Problem Device Sound up to see if I can get some help on this problem Sound Device Problem I m having Sorry if anyone has asked this before so if you don t mind bear with me My system is a Dell Inspiron - got it several months ago and it s been working perfectly I ve been happy with it until last week The problem s been driving me crazy and I ve done everything I know to try to fix it - just doesn t work My system Dell Inspiron Intel Centrino GHz MB RAM Microsoft Windows XP Pro GB HD MB ATI Mobility Radeon Pro Turbo SigmaTel C-Major Audio not sure if that s the codec driver or sound card itself - sorry This kinda started a week ago - not sure if it s due to something I installed But the only recent things that I ve installed is the Microsoft Beta version of its Antispyware It started off with Sound Device Problem winamp screwing up saying that I ve got no sound driver to play music I reinstall my drivers which are off from Dell - and the music works After using it I d shut my computer down and turn it on say the next day to see the same problem I reinstall driver and it works Next time it would not But sometimes I would start the computer Sound Device Problem and open up winamp to find the music playing - so I never really know when I gotta reinstall my drivers But once Winamp works quicktime may play only video and no sound But sometimes it works perfectly It s just really random Reinstalling my driver seems to fix the problem but it s annoying the way I have to test to see if my sound works then reinstally it EVERYTIME it doesn t It s not just that Windows Media Player doesn t recognize my sound device AT ALL I ve gone to device manager and checked the thing a thousand times and it says there are no hardware conflicts and that the device is working properly I disable and enable my sound driver and try WMP again but it s still not working I head to control panels and check out my sound options which are totally blocked off because even THAT says I ve got no sound device But then at the same time winamp plays music through my laptop s speakers I m not sure if any of these programs will relate to my problem but i ve tried reinstalling the K-Lite Codec Pack as well as some DIVX bundle and my sound drivers and I ve even tried reinstalling WMP Nothing works Winamp detects my sound device and can play music - sometimes When it doesn t i reinstall my sound driver and it works Same with quicktime - but quicktime plays the video without sound doing a better job than winamp playing nothing But WMP is sounds totally dead to me I ve installed several codec packs DIVX XVID all sorts of codecs and nothing works This problem has been seriously driving me nuts for the past week or so I just don t know what to do so please help me if any of you know what s wrong Thanks nbsp

A:Sound Device Problem

A lot of times all these media players tend to fight one another. They all want to be the default player for this that or the other thang. DIVX is a crappy codec known to have compatablity issues. A lot of people use it because it's free including the encoder software, and you can successfully compress video to webable file sizes.

My guess is you've got a couple of apps steppin on each other. I'd suggest removing apps one at a time until you (hopefully) regain stability. I'd start with that M$0ft beta stuff. Beta bad unless you enjoy being a guinea pig.
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I recently re-installed Windows XP. But upon the re-install, the sound device became disabled. Can anyone help me with this? Thank you. Carl

A:Sound Device Disabled in XP

you will probably need to install some drivers

make and model of the pc
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I have had my computer for a couple weeks, but just installed a new operating system --- Windows XP Pro replacing the normal XP version. Before the switch, my speakers worked perfectly, but since all my prior information was wiped, my Windows Media Player can't detect a 'sound device'.

I have triple checked all the wires involved in hooking the speakers up, but I don't know if there's anything I have to re-install etc. My speakers are "harman/kardon", if that makes any difference at all lol.

I'd really appreciate if someone could explain to me what the problem is, and the steps involved in getting my sound back. Thanks so much!


A:'Sound Device' problems

Hi, Corinne, and welcome to Bleeping Computer.

Chances are XP Pro wasn't able to find the drivers for your sound card or device. In order to check the drivers, hold down the Windows key (the one between alt and ctrl) and tap the Pause/Break key. That should bring up your System Properties. Click on the Hardware tab, then on the Device Manager button.

Look for any yellow question marks or exclamation points that may be present, and check to see that your sound device is functional under Sound, Video and Game Controllers. Let us know what you find. If you need a driver, tell us what type of device it is, and if it all looks good, we can try to troubleshoot something else.
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Today I noticed that my sound device is not recognised in my control panel. I have all the drivers working and I have no yellow or red signs on my device manager. I searched a previous thread you had on this forum wich required for me to change a "machine.inf" file but when I tried to add new hardware it didn't give me any option to save information from disk.

My sound device was working properly until I had some problems installing a cd burner plug and play device. In the end I was able to recover and reinstall all the controllers that were missing, (even the audio ones) but in the end I can't get my sound device recognised.

I hope you can help me...I'm getting a little bit desperate here.


A:Sound device not recognised!

Its impossible to diagnose a problem with so little information!?!?!

What motherboard have you got? Is it a built in sound card? What version of windows are you using?
Have you tried installing a driver from the motherboard manufacturers website?
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I looked through the posts and did a search before posting this but I found nothing that helped me I appologise anyway if this has already been asked and answered So my problem is this My sound doesn t work heh When I go to Windows Media Player I get this message I used to get this a few none!) (There is Sound Device Problem months ago but I fixed it one day I went through a lot of work and spent the whole morning trying to figure Sound Device Problem (There is none!) it out Eventually I found a forum that on which someone posted a link to a Microsoft Support taking me directly to what I needed to download to get my audio to work Well I accidentally uninstalled it It was stupid of me yes But now I can t find the support link the person had posted to get it again I m not sure of any more information you might need or if you might even know what I am talking about but any help would really be appreciated I m still working on it Sound Device Problem (There is none!) on my own but I figure you all know your stuff so maybe you could be of some assistance So if anyone could help me out here at all that d be great Thanks Sound Device Problem (There is none!) nbsp

A:Sound Device Problem (There is none!)

strange as life said:

So my problem is this: My sound doesn't work.
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Looks like you have lost your audio drivers somewhere, if it's XP try doing a restore to a point before the fault, if not I usually find that if you go into device manager and remove all audio related items then reboot XP will reinstall the missing parts.