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Q: Backlit Keyboard

I'm looking around for backlit keyboards, but I don't want anything too expensive. It would also be nice to have multimedia keys if possible. Also, if there's any good mice as well. I'd just like to look around because I'm thinking about changing mine. I don't have too much to spend so good deals would be nice.

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Preferred Solution: Backlit Keyboard

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Backlit Keyboard

How much are you looking to spend? Do you want a Mechanical keyboard, or a membrane keyboard?
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I just purchased Inspiron 15 7000 7559. Backlit keyboard was working fine untill i updated my BIOS to 1.1.8 and now there in BIOS it is shown as non-baccklit keyboard. Keyboard lits up  on its own sometimes and when pressing keys it goes dark again.

Any idea whats the problem?
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Hi everybody just wondering whether I can replace a non backlit keyboard with the one with and my elitebook has resolution of 1600x900 can I replace it with a full HD resolution? Thanks
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I have a 840 G1 laptop which appears to not have a backlit display.  There is no option in the BIOS for configuring the time delay as there are in others we have. Can I just replace the non-backlit keyboard 730794-xx1 with a backlit one 731179-xx1?Will the option to configure the delay then show in the BIOS?Do I need to do anything else? The service manual does not appear to cover the change as opposed tot he replacement.
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Model K3Z24UA .   I hope it can be upgraded !

A:Can I replace a ( Non-Backlit ) with a backlit keyboard in m...

To use a backlit kbd the motherboard must have the connector to plug it into- usually only highend models have this. Your Maintenance & Service Guide does not show a backlit kbd option.
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Can I Replace a Keyboard(Non-Backlit) with Backlit Keyboard in my HP Pavilion x360 Convertible X0T24PA#ABG

A:Can I Replace a Keyboard(Non-Backlit) with Backlit Keyboard ...

Hi,          Backlit Keyboard is available for only for selected models, you can check this info in Page # 2 in Chapter 1 Also I did check if a keyboard is available with backlit for your model HP Pavilion x360 13-u026tu but couldn't find one for this product. And its lists the keyboard without Backlit only.
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Hello. I recently acquired a (somewhat older) Dell Latitude E6420, and I wanted to replace the keyboard in it with a backlit one. Is this possible, or do backlit keyboards have a special connection that this one might not have?
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Is it possible to upgrade my HP 15-f162dx to a backlit kb?

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A:Non backlit to backlit keyboard

@orion13? Sorry to say but no. Your manual here. REO
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I have recently purchased Inspiron 14" 5459 in India. This comes with a non-backlit keyboard.
Is there a way to get it upgraded to Backlit Keyboard? If yes, can this be done via Dell Support or I'll have to procure the OEM part on my own and replace?


A:Inspiron 5459 Keyboard upgrade to Backlit Keyboard

Have the same laptop and the same question in mind. Let me know if u find a solution to it.
Thanks mate!
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I am looking at buying the 15-bn070wm laptop that walmart carries with the realtree design. The laptop does not come with a backlit keyboard and I was curious if there is a way that I could purchase a ugraded backlit keyboard and install it I know some models have the backlight connector under the keyboard but they just do not come with them installed? If so what model keyboard should I purchase and would the laptop follow the HP pavilion 15 series disassembly steps?

A:X0S19UA-Change keyboard to backlit keyboard

Hi, It is much better and cheaper to buy this option now because backlit keyboard alone won't work, you need a motherboard which have ports for you to connect those lights. Buy this option now may cost you say $50, replace it later may cost you ten times or more and in many cases not-workable. Regards.
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I wanted to do the same as well. Get rid of the normal keyboard and upgrade with a backlit one. I am ready to buy it off market or online as well as my warranty is void. Help will be appreciated, Ignorance will make me sad.
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Hi, I have HP Pavilion 15 n012tx. I am from India & I want to change my non-backlit keyboard to backlit keyboard. Does HP officially provide backlit keyboards for my Laptop? (The white LED one is preferred)

A:Replace Stock keyboard with Backlit Keyboard

Hi talatshaikh29, Officially HP does not provide backlit keyboards for your Laptop
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Hey, recently purchased the HP Pavilion 17 g131na model and have found it has no backlit keyboard.. was just wondering if this is easily upgradeable? and if so how do i go about it without breaking my warrenty?... cheers
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Hello,  I changed the OS on my Envy 15-j007cl to Windows 7 (64bit).  I've gotten everything to work save two issues: 1)  It's missing one driver (Validity Fingerprint Sensor); USB\VID_138A&PID_0050&REV_0060.  I've downloaded the driver from links I've found here, but it still shows as missing.  The fingerprint reader still doesn't work, but I'm not sure if this OS supports the fingeprint reader.  Does anyone know if the fingerprint reader is supported with Win 7? 2)  The keyboard backlighting no longer works.  This is actually more of an issue to me than the fingerprint reader.  Can someone tell me if this is due to a missing driver or something else? Thank you  

A:Backlit keyboard

 Hi @gruhls, Welcome to the HP Forums! I read your post on the HP Support Forums and wanted to reach out to you. With downgrading your HP ENVY 15-j007cl Notebook you might need to change the BIOS. I recommend to restore the BIOS defaults.You could restore the BIOS with this document selecting the reloading the BIOS default settings. That way it will look at the Hardware installed on the Notebook. You could try the Download here, under the Software-Security, as it is for Windows 7 and should work fine. Please let me know if this information helps you resolve the issue by marking this post as Accept as Solution, this will help others easily find the information they may be looking for.  Also, clicking the Thumbs up below is a great way to say thanks!    Thanks.
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My aspire e5- 575g has a backlit keyboard, but it doesn't turn on, even when i press fn+f9, please help
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Sir, recently  i brought a new laptop 14-ac135tx now i wanted to change my standard keyboard with baclit keyboard can i do that 

A:backlit keyboard

No, sorry none of the keyboards offered in that model series is backlit which means the motherboard has no place to connect a wire to light a backlight and none of the keyboards has the backlight cable/wire in any event. There are quite a few ingenious aftermarket products that will provide a light on the keyboard for night work.
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How do I turn on the backlit keyboard? I am colorblind and I can not see my keyboard keys at night. It's kind of frustrating.
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I have a Lenovo Ideapad P500 and the lights on my keyboard went out except for the num lock and cap lock. I have tried the fn key and the spacebar.
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Can I Replace a Keyboard(Non-Backlit) with Backlit Keyboard in my HP Pavilion 15-ab035tx?
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I dont have a backlit keyboard on my laptop but I was wondering if it was possible put one in?
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Hi guys,My E5 573G didn't come with backlit keyboard, so I was wondering can I install V3 574G keyboard in it, that has backlight? Those two are same keyboard units, so it's basic function will be preserved.Does Acer makes E5 573Gs with backlit keyboards at all?Cheers!

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Hi guys! Do you know if it's compatible any backlit keyboard with my laptop?   

A:Backlit keyboard HP 250 G4

Hi, No option on the list: that means no compatible backlit keyboard because the system/mother board does not have connectors for those lights. Regards.
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Hello community I just bought the new hp envy 13-d099nr and I will like to know if the space bar is the only key not being backlit, because I am having this problem and I am not sure if this is normal or what. The rest of the keys are backlit without any problem. Really appreciate any response. Thanks a lot.

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A:Backlit Keyboard envy 13t

 Hi @cmendoza7139,  Welcome to the HP Support Community! I read your post about your HP ENVY 13-d099nr Notebook and the Back-light concerns. You are correct in your findings, that the space bar does not light up on this Notebook. I hope this answers everything, Please click the Thumbs up and  Accept as Solution if you feel this post has helped you.  Thanks.
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Hi guys,
Sorry to capture the thread a bit but since this one has been active recently:
I am interested to buy the E460, and now the general description (in Dutch: , but also in English: tells me it has backlit keyboard. I also can't select it as an option like I can when I select the T450 for example. However, the (very few) reviews I can find say that it hasn't.
So, does it have a backlit keyboard? 

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A:Does E460 have backlit keyboard?

My understanding is that neither the E460, or any of the E series laptops, have a backlit keyboard.   You have to move to the T series to get that option. Take Care,
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I use the One Link Pro Doc. When i am in doc mode, an icon appears at the center bottom of the screen showing that the backlit keyboard is off. The icon remains on the screen and interferes with my view. How did this get turned on and how can I get it to stop appearing? The only way to turn it off is to open the lid of the laptop and use the adaptive keyboard control to turn on the backlit keyboard, wheich then remains on while the lid is closed. Any way to fix this?
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Hello,  i would like to ask if Lenovo G510 supports backlit keyboard. I have to replace the keyboard as some keys stopped working and i wanted to know if the laptop supports it as I would like to put a backlit keyboard on instead of the usual keyboard.
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Hi,I have an HP Envy 15-j011dx laptop. I've always wanted a backlit keyboard for it, but was always told that it wouldn't be compatable. However, I was told that if my laptop had an empty Keyboard BL socket on the motherboard it would be compatable. I got around to opening it up, and I noticed that my laptop DOES in fact have the Keyboard BL socket open. I'd post a picture, but I don't know how. Here is the keyboard with a backlight that I found:, des this socket mean that my laptop can be upgraded to a backlit keyboard?Thank you,Joe

A:Backlit Keyboard Compatable?

@joede44? What type of keyboard are you using???  " US, UK, French etc." I just need that info to give you the correct part number for the keyboard. REO
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The backlit on my keyboard does not work.  How do you turn on the backlit feature?
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Is it possible to customize my standard laptop backlit keyboard like gaming keyboards have?
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Anybody know? Ditto for NUM LOCK on at boot, please. Thx for any helpful advice!

A:how to set backlit keyboard always on (bright) wh...

Hi chazz101s , 
Welcome to the Community Forums. 
If you are planning on Booting with numlock turned on , this discussion can offer you options:
Press Win + R and type in RegeditNavigate to HKEY_USERS\Default\Control Panel\KeyboardRight click on the "InitialKeyboardIndicators", select Modify and changeValue data to 2. 
With the backlit keyboard control to ON bright , this may not be possible as per this discussion:
I don't think it is as simple as editing a value. The toggle of backlight/thinklight seems to be in the very low-level keyboard routines, that are almost certainly in the BIOS code itself. That would mean that the current state is either not saved anywhere, or saved in the CMOS.
Hope this help answer your query. 
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Hello everybody, just purchased a Z50-70 and am pleased so far.However, the A**zon product specifications stated it would have a backlit keyboard (bought the 59424714). Up to now I have not been able to switch it on (Fn+space doesn't work) and/ or find any settings for it. Can anybody help? Thanks in advance!

A:Z50-70 backlit keyboard not working

Make sure all drivers are installed and up to date, also check bios settings just to double check everything is ok in there.

Lenovo y510p - Intel Quad-core 4th gen i7-4700MQ @3.40Ghz - 16GB RAM - 1TB HDD 8GB SSD - 1080p FHD - Nvidia 755m SLI
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Since I upgraded to Windows 10 the backlit keyboard does not automatically turn off when the notebook is not being used for an exteded period of time (for example at night when all lights in the room are off).  As I recall under Windows 7 Ultimate this worked properly.

A:Backlit Keyboard in Windows 10

Stan7520 wrote:Since I upgraded to Windows 10 the backlit keyboard does not automatically turn off when the notebook is not being used for an exteded period of time (for example at night when all lights in the room are off).  As I recall under Windows 7 Ultimate this worked properly.Nothing much that can be done here. Did you reload the drivers from Win7 into Win10 to see if the control function returns? If not then this would mean you can't use Win10 properly on your system and need to revert back to Windows 7.
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hi guys,first of all sorry for my bad english, i was wondering : can i update my non backlit keyboard in to a backlit one? i found a backlit keyboard for  Lenovo IdeaPad Z500 Z500A Z500G that seems exactly the same as mine. My model has a flat suitable for backlighting the keyboard?Can i buy the keyboard of the IdeaPad z500  and use it on my laptop. Thanks for helping me
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Greetings! I have an ASPIRE V5-573 laptop. I intend to replace my original non-backlit keyboard to a backlit one. As i know to make that on the motherboard must be an another connector near the basic socket. Would be is it in the red sqare on the picture?  Thank you for your answering. Nico.
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I have HP ENVY x360 - 15-u437clserial number: 5CD6082QWJwindows 10 x64 When I click f5 nothing happens . The rest of the function keys are working properly.  Factory reset Does not help what is the problem?
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Only 3 lights on backlit keyboard are working: Volume on/off, wifi on/off, and backlighting button on/off. Is there a way to troubleshoot software and hardware issues related to this problem? Or does this require replacing the keyboard all together. The keyboard is in mint condition so very frustrating
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I want to know if I can upgrade my keyboard to a backlit keyboard or not for my HP Pavilion 15 N208TX.

A:Backlit Keyboard for N208TX

Hi @sr5060il,Thanks for becoming a member of the HP Support Forums. I understand you are have question about keyboard upgrades. I will be glad to help you. Per page 51 of the Maintenance and Service Guide, there is no black light keyboard available for this unit. Please keep me informed of how things went. If you require further assistance, let me know and I will gladly do all I can to help you.Please let me know if this resolves the issue by marking this post as "Accept as Solution".To simply say thanks, click the Thumbs up below!  Thanks.
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I have a new E15 with backlit keyboard. I chose this model for that feature as I like to write in dim to no lighting. The backliting is off unless I hit a key first and then it only stays lit while using the keyboard.  I often pause to read my writing and ponder the next bit so by the time I'm ready to type again they keys are dark.Is there a registry hack that will allow me to extend the time before it turns off the lighting? Even one minute would be a great improvement. I've been through the power management settings and the BIOS. Nothing there.
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 Hello there!  The problem is that, I think My Envy 13's keyboard backlit is not bright enough.  First photo is normal one, and one that in last photo is my Envy. And it's so dark that I can not see any backlight during the day time.  Dose everyother Envy 13 has poor keyboard backlit like mine? Should I visit HP service center?   

A:Is my keyboard backlit normal??

Looks about right. The backlight is not supposed to be something you could use as a flashlight it just sets off the keys so you can see them on a dark airplane.
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Hi, I have just purchased a Pavilion 15-AB112AU and i love it in everyway except i was wondering if it has the ability to replace the exisiting keyboard with a backlit one?
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I have recently bought a T460s ThinkPad and I would like to know if its keyboard is backlit. I tried to turn it on using Fn+Space Bar but it did not work. The user guide merely says that backlit keyboards are present on selected models. My model number is 20fa000qbr. Thanks!

A:T460s - How do I know if my keyboard is backlit?

Does your space bar have a small white cartoon of a lamp on its left edge? That would indicate an illuminated keyboard. If not it probably is not.
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Hello, I think for upgrade of the keyboard, but I want to know is it possible to upgrade it with backlit keyboard? My machine is Pavilion 15-p253nu, W7x64.  Many thanks in advance!
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I just have a quick and simple question. Does anyone know of a store or website that sells backlit laptop keyboards (I have an Inspiron 1520)? Thanks in advance.

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So I got a great deal on a slighlty used X250, but after using it for a bit realized it did not come with the backlit keyboard.  My spacebar does not have the little light symbol on it and obviously FN + Space Bar does nothing.  My impression was that the X250 backlit keyboard came standard on all X250's regardless of configuration.  Any ideas?

A:X250 without Backlit keyboard?

Hi and welcome, GunnderIf you purchased laptop in the Lenovo Canada on-line store or similar, backlight keyboard should be an only one option for x250. I don't see another options, in any case.Models with fixed configuration (i.e.not CTO) might have different type of keyboards, depending on the laptop model.
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I have a 8770-w and one of my keys has become unresponsive. Is it possible to upgrade keyboard with a backlit keyboard.
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Hi, I recently bought a probook 450 g3 and want to try and change the backlit keyboard duration settings. ive tried finding the settings in teh bios and operating system with no luck. ive also found some drivers for it but none of the drivers are compatible with windows 10. Any help would be greatly appreciated. -Eric

A:Probook 450 G3 Backlit Keyboard

Eric121 wrote:Hi, I recently bought a probook 450 g3 and want to try and change the backlit keyboard duration settings. ive tried finding the settings in teh bios and operating system with no luck. ive also found some drivers for it but none of the drivers are compatible with windows 10. Any help would be greatly appreciated. -EricYou only have this option is the board has it built in or change the board to a compatible version board that has this feature. So you have to look at the Service manual to verify if yours has this option or not.
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I bought a IdeaPad P500 nontouch screen. I thought it had a backlite keyboard. I tried Fn + Spacebar and I also installed a new driver from the lenovo support. I'm not even 100% sure this laptop has a backlit, but all the others on youtube. I've also read that sometimes the intel driver stops the backlite from working.  Any help?

A:P500 Backlit Keyboard

Is there a icon on your spacebar-key?There should be a icon on it.Press Fn + Spacebar at the same time. And hold it.Let me know if you see the icon. If you see it it's possible that the cable for the backlit keyboard is detached which is why it is not working.But you might want to wait and see what Official Support will say. I don't believe you need drivers for a backlit keyboard since I can use it in the BIOS.
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I ordered a computer with a backlit keyboard, but when it arrived, there seems to be no backlight option! As you can see, it clearly states the keyboard should be backlit. However, I see no option to turn on the backlight. It is not on the f5 key, f12 key, or the space bar.
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Inspiron 17R SE (7720): Is it possible to manually enable/disable the backlit keyboard ? Is it possible to program it via software driver ?

A:Inspiron 17R SE - Backlit Keyboard

Welcome to the Community. The F6 key is  - Keyboard back light on/off and brightness control.
If you are using the Function keys. Press < Fn >< F6 > once to turn on the keyboard back light. Press < Fn >< F6 > second time to decrease the brightness of the keyboard back light and pressing < Fn >< F6 > for the third time turns off the keyboard back light.
Thank you.
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Just curious to know (if anyone has checked this), how much battery is consumed when having the keyboard backlit vs. having the backlight turned off. Does it cut down the total usage time per charge by just a few minutes?
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When I ordered my notebook I didn't select the backlit keyboard. I would like to upgrade to a backlit keyboard. Is it possible even thogh it wasn't preinstalled?
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Hi All,

I bought my Inspiron 15 3542 back in November and would like to replace the existing keyboard with a backlit one. I think the part number is G7P48. My question is if the laptop didn't come with this feature, will this replacement work?


A:Inspiron 15 3542 backlit keyboard

Hi Nick,
Dell Inspiron 15 3542 is shipped with only Chiclet style keyboard you will not find any compatible backlit keyboard for this system.
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hello all , my hp envy m6 laptop has the backlight icon on the f5 button but pressing it does nothing. the backlight does not come on. This is a new unit with windows 8 installed.Do i need drivers or what?...i havnt made any software changes on the computer since i got it.
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I have the S50-B-15P model with Windows 10 installed. I never checked if the backlit keyboard worked on Windows 8.1, as soon as I got it I upgraded to Windows 10.

I have installed all the drivers from the Toshiba Windows 10 upgrade page however as before the keyboard works just not backlit!
I opened the eco utility software and checked for the keyboard backlit settings under eco mode however it does not exist and no setting exists in the BIOS either.The keyboard does have the symbol to enable the backlit function on the Z key however pressing FN + Z does nothing.

Does anybody have any ideas on how to fix this? Does the keyboard even have this function or is it faulty?

Thanks, Craig

A:Satellite S50-B-15P backlit keyboard not working

I have the same problem as its with you
my laptop is Satellite S50T-B1391 which is new just 4 days I check every thing like you Fn+Z is not working the bios is new version and nothing is there also nothing about backlit in eco utility app

I check it in win 8.1 before upgrading and win 10 all have the same problem
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Hi all

I Just bought a Dell Inspiron 7000 gaming laptop (7559 I think) but the backlit keyboard isn't working.
I tried to hit fn - ->, fn f10 fn f7
I also tried to activate the backlit via Bios but there is no such option.

Can you help me how to activate this.?

A:Unable to detect the backlit keyboard

When you first turn on the system, the backlight will flash on for a brief time.  If you don't see that either:
1. The system doesn't have a backlit keyboard (they're not standard on all models),
2.  The backlight is bad.
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Is there any possibility to setup time when backlit will be automaticly turned off while the keyboard is not used? Now when I turn on keyboard backlit it is turned on even after few minutes when display is turned off. Every laptop I used with backlit keyboard had such a feature and im quite confused that yoga doesn't turn off backlit automatickly:/

A:Yoga 2 Pro backlit keyboard auto off

Sadly, not available for Yoga 2 Pro.
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Good day, I am trying to configure the laptop so that everytime it powers up, or comes back from sleep, the backlit keyboard is off.current behavior is always on and I have to manually press Fn + F9i could not find any settings in the Bios to do so?my laptop is VN7-571G-7309 (Aspite V15 Nitro)
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I bought the Z500 for the backlit keyboard but it's never been backlit and I've since learned that's an add-on option for the Z500 (and the guy at MicroCenter def didn't tell me that was an additional option).  How do I know whether my keyboard has the backlit feature? 

A:Backlit keyboard option on Z500?

Hi dustbunnycapers , 
Welcome to the Community Forums. 
There are variant models for Z500 that has optional backlit keyboards. 
To check externally , there is a backlit icon on the spacebar to indicate FN + spacebar to turn on/off.
Would you have the machine number on the sticker or to check it from parts lookup page.
Machine numbers indicate the variants and the part number of the keyboard if it have that features . 
Compare the keyboard part number with the FRU list from the hardware manual (page 106-110). 
Finally checking under the hood. (physically checking)
There would be 2 cables under the keyboard going to the motherboard , additional cable is to power up the backlight similar to this.
Update us as soon as convenient .
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I have a Vostro 3559 and I am pretty happy with it. I would like to -though- replace the keyboard with a backlit keyboard. Some suppliers on the internet say I need to check and not all 3559 are suitable for a backlit keyboard. When I remove the non-backlit keyboard I see a connector for the keyboard flat cable and next to it a 4 pin flat cable connector that is labeled as "B_BL1" (or something similar). I see that a flat cable on a backlit keyboard is also 4 pins. Does this mean I can upgrade the 3559 with a backlit keyboard.
Are there any people with experience with this issue?
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I have a Satellite Pro T130 which I have difficulty using in the dark or poor light. Does it have a backlit keyboard option? If so how do I turn it on?

A:Backlit keyboard for Satellite Pro T130

Hi buddy,

I have checked the specifications of Satellite Pro T130 on official Toshiba website and it seems this model isn?t equipped with backlit keyboard and as far as all T130 models using a standard half gloss keyboard.

So I think you must life without this feature on T130 ;)
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Hi all,i have an aspire Aspire V3-371-5149 bought in italy.  the keyboard have the european, (uk) layout.  the keyboard installed doens't have the backlit i have found on ebay (  this keyboard fully compatible with my model.  the question is:  my laptop support backlit keyboard??  Please tell me yes
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Hello, I bought the Thinkpad P50 about a month ago and I got all that I needed on it, except I forgot to check the box to get it with the backlit keyboard. I have already bought the backlit keyboard from an online store (part #: 00PA288), but I just want to make sure that there is no issue with me installing it on my Thinkpad P50. That is, the hardware/software is fully compatible with the backlit keyboard even if it did not originally come with it? Thanks,Tony.
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Hi,How can I Turning a Backlit Keyboard On or Off?Thanks.

A:HP Elitebook 840 g3 Turning a Backlit Keyboard On or Off

See page 17 in the following manualchrome-extension://oemmndcbldboiebfnladdacbdfmadadm/ For my current HP Spectre 13 product loan,  I just tap the key which is described in the manual. Make sure that action keys is turned on in the BIOS, Otherwise you will have to hold down the Fn key to use the special key for the keyboard backight.
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Hi all, I just purchased a new yoga 710 15 inch laptop. Is there any other way to turn off the backlit keyboard other than Fn+spacebar? Anytime I turn on the laptop, the backlight turns on and will not turn off with those keystrokes. It is only a minor nuisance to have the backlight always on, but I would of course love to be able to turn it off in order to save battery. Is there anything else I can do, or is this just a defective machine? If it is defective, do you all think it's worth sending it in to fix the defect? I can't decide so I'd appreciate opinions, but hopefully there is some way that the keyboard can be turned off.
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Hey all, Does my new 2015 laptop have a keyboard backlight? tried the F5 key and the Fn+spacebar trick, got nothing. Thank youse!

A:HP 13s102ns laptop keyboard backlit or not?

Hi, No, it does not have backlit keyboard: It only has normal  Full-size island-style keyboard keyboard. And you can't upgrade. Regards.
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I just received my new XPS 13 9350 and the backlit keyboard never worked.. the only light i can see is from the caps lock...
I've no idea whether this is a hardware problem or just some driver problem...
I've tried the BIOS setting but nothing changed. And the Windows Mobility Center didn't show anything about keyboard backlight..

A:xps 13 9350 keyboard backlit not working...

Thank you for writing to us! You can use the F6 key combination to enable or disable backlight.

Hoping this helps!
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I have an R14 convertible. I would like to have the backlit keyboard on by default and not have to press Fn + F10 every time the computer comes out of sleep or hibernate because it's often too dark in the room to find these keys, which defeats the purpose of having a backlit keyboard. Most computers' keyboards have the backlit on by default including your newer R15. There must be a registry setting for this. It's okay if it goes off after a number of seconds of non-use, and then press any key, but I would like it to be on at wake-up or logon by default. Thanks.
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Anyone know if there is a hack program for making the backlit keyboard do patterns or something? Flash/blink?

Y50-70 i7-4720HQ - 16GB Ram - 1TB HDD Win 8.1 - 4GB-860 GTX
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I had bought some HPs for my staff and they have gray keyboard lettering I cant get on with so I thought I'd buy another Tosh. Chose the U500-18T and nasty surprise - gray lettering.

Then I find it is supposed to have backlit kb. The UK version has the same design of kb as rest of world but no backlight - result unreadable below anything but a well lit room. They haven't even bothered to put white lettering on. Cheap or what. So I called Tosh to buy a new kb and they were quite contrite.
So I have ordered a replacement kb from the US. I'm quite happy with US layout. Question is - will it work?
Is the fn-Z key still going to work. Is the kb even going to work? Can anyone help?

~~ Dave

A:Satellite Pro U500 - no backlit keyboard in UK

What happened to my question? Did someone delete it?
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Is it possible to have the backlit keyboard turn on as the default?  (Acer Aspire M5)

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A:Backlit keyboard default setting

*bangs head on desk*
So sorry, I misread the unit. 
M5 does have Fn +F9 to turn on and off the backlight on the keyboard.
Regarding having it default to ON: 
I am not aware of a setting that will enable it by default, as it does add additional power draw, and will reduce battery life.
Leaving it as a setting for the user via toggle (Fn +F9) allows everyone to use the setting when they need or want to do so.
Again, sorry about the mix up.

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New to the group, glad to be here. Former long time Mac user now Windows convert.
I have a Lenovo Edge 2 with a Backlit Keyboard, you can turn the keyboard on or off by hitting the fn-spacebar at the sametime, it didn't even come turned on I had to dig online to figure it out. Since my Macs all came with Backlit Keyboards and stayed on all the time this is a new feature to me. Should I leave it on all the time like with the Macs I used to own or is it better to shut it on and off. I know it's a picky a question, but I really love this laptop and hate to see my Backlit feature die. Thanks in advance for your help.

A:Should I Keep My Backlit Keyboard On All The Time Or Shut It On & Off???

Originally Posted by michaelwells40505 Hi,
New to the group, glad to be here. Former long time Mac user now Windows convert.
I have a Lenovo Edge 2 with a Backlit Keyboard, you can turn the keyboard on or off by hitting the fn-spacebar at the sametime, it didn't even come turned on I had to dig online to figure it out. Since my Macs all came with Backlit Keyboards and stayed on all the time this is a new feature to me. Should I leave it on all the time like with the Macs I used to own or is it better to shut it on and off. I know it's a picky a question, but I really love this laptop and hate to see my Backlit feature die. Thanks in advance for your help.
Michael in daytime and well lit rooms, you rather keep it off as that is a waste of battery. In dark areas you can keep them on
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Hi all,a few days ago, presumably after some Lenovo (or Win 10) software update, i noticed that the backlit keyboard had just 3 modes left: off, low and high. The fourth mode, automatic, which was indeed available in the preceding days, was gone.It is no more listed in the Lenovo Settings app, and i cannot anymore choose it neither by using the Lenovo Settings app nor by cycling among backlit modes with fn-space.I add that in the device manager everything is ok, there are no yellow marks so the light sensor should be working properly: in fact, the screen brightness can still be set to automatic.Any idea on what could be done to get back the automatic mode? Maybe there are some regedit entries to be fixed, or something like that?Best regards and thanks in advance.
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For around $500ish?
I found an AUS at Bestbuy, its at 649.99.
Asus - Laptop / IntelŪ PentiumŪ Processor / 15.6" Display / 4GB Memory / 500GB Hard Drive
I liked my old laptop, Inspiron 9300, but I always used it late at night and always wished I had a backlit keyboard.
My main computer has a Core i7950, 6GB Ram, 1TB HDD, yada yada yada, so I don't need much for a laptop. Something to carry around, mess with while I'm on the couch, etc. Would like a decent sized Dell was 17" I beleive, wouldn't want anything tiny.
Thanks and Happy Holidays.

A:Decent Laptop w/ backlit keyboard?

Wireless N
also would be nice, the more I look around, I more I think I'll be spending...
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Just reset Windows 10 after a bad "update". When I reboot my laptop on the Dell Screen and in bios my keyboard is bright as can be.  As soon as it boots into Windows 10 the backlight disappears and won't come back on at all.  I tried the Windows Mobility settings and there is no option for the backlight. I tried the FN + F10 toggle and all of the other toggles possible but none are working.  I updated all of the drivers and still can't get the backlight to come back on.  Any help is appreciated.
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I have a new Dell XPS Linux edition this one and immediately installed Linux Mint on it wiping the Ubuntu which was shipped with the it I am really confident with it only the backlight for the keyboard is not working I have a keyboard working backlit not keyboard DELL XPS light symbol on my F key but when I press it nothing happens All other features and all other media controls media keys screen brightness keys work When clicking the battery icon in the Linux Mint taskbar I see controls one for the keyboard lights brightness and DELL XPS keyboard backlit not working one for the screen brightness When I drag those bars only the screen brightness is working again I also see the settings in nbsp sys class leds dell kbd backlight I think that s the config folder for it The brightness nbsp file in this directory contains quot DELL XPS keyboard backlit not working quot so as I understand this correctly this should theoretically work As I noted before I immediately installed Linux Mint on it so I can t say whether it worked before And this is really the only thing which is not working on the laptop I have obviously checked that my ultrabook has backlights with the product number on its back Do you have some tips so I can get this to work Thanks in advance
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Hi, I have T430S (Model 2356-CL9 Ser/xxxxx) without backlit keyboard and think'ing to install for backlit like on ebay :
KEYBOARD IBM BACKLIT T530 T430 T430s X230 X130e W530 04X1353 0C02034 V130020CS3
Do you think it will work, probably we need some extra plug for this ?
My laptop has stock ThinkLight on top of LCD  (fn+Space works ON/OFF for it well).
Appreicate you help if you can know details.
Or maybe I can get two lights ? :-)
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A:T430S Can I replace keyboard for backlit one ?

No extra plug.  You just swap the keyboard
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Quite simply, my question is this: Which ProBooks on the UK market, if any, have a backlit keyboard? There is seemingly no clarity on this, certainly not in the ProBook specificiation details, it is incredibly frustrating. I believe for the ProBook 455 G3 a backlit keyboard is optional? Does this mean a ProBook laptop can be ordered with a backlit keyboard directly from HP? Which laptops, if any, in the ProBook 450 series have a backlit keyboard? I will not make a purchase until i have clarity on this matter.
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I hate that my laptaps keyboard isn't backlit. Is there a backlit replcement for this?

A:Is the a backlit keyboard for an Acer Aspire E5-77...

There is, however, I highly doubt a standard user would ever want to do this. And you will 100% break your warranty, and quite possibly break your computer trying to replace it. It is your own responcibility if you do it. It is not user friendly to implement. But if you really want to risk everything, you can find the part online, but your risk. If you want, you can wait for a ACE member to answer your question.

First, CALM DOWN and look at my profile picture. Calm? Now post your message. If I helped, a Kudos would be great! Marking as solution will help others as well, thank you!
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Is there a way to enable timeout for keyboard backlight (backlight turns off if you don't press any key for few minutes). Backlight stays on when I enable it by pressing F5 key. Thanks
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hello,after getting tired of not being able to see my keyboard i have finaly seen a solution ,a backlit keyboard . ta da ! does any one know if there is an option or backlit keyboard that will fit my HP pavilion 17-f233nr laptop ? if so i must alo know if there is a plug in for it awaiting its installation ? PN would be very usefull and this has to be plug n play as i am not able to canabalize my new computer . thanks in advance
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Hi, I have T430S (Model 2356-CL9 Ser/PK-0W2E3) without backlit keyboard and think'ing to install for backlit like on ebay :eg.KEYBOARD IBM BACKLIT T530 T430 T430s X230 X130e W530 04X1353 0C02034 V130020CS3 Do you think it will work, probably we need some extra plug for this ?My laptop has stock ThinkLight on top of LCD  (fn+Space works ON/OFF for it well).Appreicate you help if you can know details. Or maybe I can get two lights ? :-) TxMario
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I ordered accientially a T460s without keyboard backlit (german layout) . Is it possible to change the keyboards ? May I perform the change on my own without any affect on my warranty?
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Hi,i want to ask that Does 450 G3 Probook supports Backlit keyboard?if yes so please any one can post link from where to buy.
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Hello, My Product is HP Pavilion 15-p207TX NB PC. I want to know that is it possible to change by keyboard from normal to backlit keyboard..???. If yes what is the cost . And One more thing my laptop is in warranty if I change my keyboard will it effect ..?? Thank you
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I have an R14 convertible. I would like to have the backlit keyboard on by default and not have to press Fn + F10 every time the computer comes out of sleep or hibernate because it's often too dark in the room to find these keys, which defeats the purpose of having a backlit keyboard. Most computers' keyboards have the backlit on by default including your newer R15. There must be a registry setting for this that can be toggled on or off at wake-up. Thanks.
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I have recently replaced my laptop's bezel. Since then backlit is not working even though the settings are correct. Could this issue be due to bezel replacement. If yes, please suggest how to resolve it

A:backlit keyboard not working- XPS 15 L502

I assume that removed both the keyboard and palm rest first to remove the LCD assembly and finally the LCD bezel. I would go back and check the keyboard and make sure that both the keyboard data and back lite cables are connected correctly. The manual doesn't show a back lit keyboard, but on back lit keyboards there are two cables that will need to be connected.