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SSD hard drive do i use Sata as IDE or AHCI in Bios

Q: SSD hard drive do i use Sata as IDE or AHCI in Bios

Hi Guys I have just fitted a SSD SSD as IDE i AHCI or hard Sata use do Bios in drive drive in my computer windows bit system when I installed windows onto the new SSD I just unplugged my old hard drive and fitted the SSD and just installed windows and all worked ok But after the SSD hard drive do i use Sata as IDE or AHCI in Bios new install was working I was told I needed to make SSD hard drive do i use Sata as IDE or AHCI in Bios a change in the BIOS to alter the settings from treat Sata as IDE to treat Sata as AHCI I did this and all was ok with the new drive the installation worked and the new drive is running ok But now I have since SSD hard drive do i use Sata as IDE or AHCI in Bios read that I should have made the bios change before installing windows nad should not be done after the install So do I need to reinstall windows with the bios changes to treat sata as AHCI before I install or will it work ok it seems to be ok but im not sure now I was also under the impression that I could still have my old hard drive fitted and just select the hard drive I wanted to boot from as the computer started I wanted to do this so I could still has access to all my old stuff if I needed it But now my old hard drive will not boot until I change the Bios back to treat Sata as IDE so is this not going to work or will I have to change the bios each time I need access to my old drive Also I have an Asus P T SE motherboard so can I plug the SSD into any Sata port or is it better to plug it into number if so how do I find which one is number one

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Preferred Solution: SSD hard drive do i use Sata as IDE or AHCI in Bios

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: SSD hard drive do i use Sata as IDE or AHCI in Bios

See this tutorial: AHCI : Enable in Windows 7 / Vista
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So after I did change to SATA AHCI mode in the BIOS, the main boot hard drive shows as a removable device in system tray. So how do I fix this issue, and I did follow the instructions in the Microsoft Knowledge Base article 922976, and is found right here;

A:after change to SATA AHCI mode in BIOS, the main boot hard drive shows as removable

There is nothing to fix, SATA drives are hot pluggable so that is all perfectly normal.
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So after I changed to SATA AHCI mode in the BIOS the main boot internal hard drive shows as a removable device in system tray So how do I fix this issue and I did follow the instructions in the Microsoft Knowledge Base article http support microsoft com kb to enable the sata driver first before I changed the BIOS setting However in the Vista on the same hard drive in the same removable shows SATA BIOS drive AHCI to in after mode the change computer after change to SATA AHCI mode in BIOS the drive shows removable with the same SATA AHCI fix done to enable the needed drivers the internal hard drive does not show in the system tray as removable So possibly if I install the Intel Matrix Storage Manager from their site for this ASUS P QL Pro motherboard with a Intel P express chip set known as ICH then after a re-boot it may no longer show as removable This computer is a store built desktop that has only one GB SATA hard drive installed I had it set in the IDE compatible mode so that I could mult-boot with XP Vista and Ubuntu Linux

A:after change to SATA AHCI mode in BIOS the drive shows removable

That's not an issue at all, and it's perfectly normal. AHCI offers, on some boards, hot swap capabilities. It's nothing to worry about.
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So I'm setting up a M N pro asus mobo for windows delima I just took RAID compatiblity SATA, drive AHCI, Hard out my XP sata drive and Installed a new drive for bit I set SATA, AHCI, RAID Hard drive compatiblity it up for ahci because I want to set it up for raid I read where if you set a drive up for raid it has to be an ahci drive at least on this mobo Is that correct or am I misunderstanding something Not a problem for that OK now I have a few programs on the XP drive that will not work on Win GO Figure I would like to set up with a drive swap bay so when I want to use those programs I can shut down and swap drives and reboot Problem is I dont have the XP drive set up in ahci mode My bios now is set to ahci for the win drive I read where if you boot a sata drive that is not set up ahci with the bios set to ahci it will zap the OS Can I convert the xp drive without jacking it up to ahci I definately don't want to go into BIOS when I swap drives to much hasel delima I updated the bios on the board to the newest asus offers for this board a week ago for my install I was still running XP bit when I did this and had no issue everything was fine My ehternet on the mobo died saturday and I put in a new nic card and now when I boot in XP it tells me I have to reactivate the XP OS which is OEM in three days because of significant mobo changes This happened after I installed the new nic Wow if that is a significant change whatever billy G Iv'e been using this computer for years and never had that issue I put in a new sound card a year ago and never got a warning Since the Xp is an OEM I sure don't want to buy a new license for an OS that they don't even support any more and I don't know if I will but I am afraid if i try to reactivate it and don't want to pay will the os shut down I'm not going to use it on the internet any more just for local don't care about antivirus or anything else I'm using now and it's working great I love it ZZ

A:SATA, AHCI, RAID Hard drive compatiblity

Reactivation shouldn't cause a problem or $$. Follow the steps provided and all should be well.
Keep us posted
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I ve been informed that my first problem is that I didn t install AHCI along with Window during the Windows installation However I did find a registry tweak which enabled it Once the drive. SATA not 7 Windows recognizing AHCI hard a tweak was uh tweaked I rebooted enabled all the AHCI options in the BIOS that I could and when Windows came up again it installed the controllers drivers and upon another reboot I should have been good to go However I have an external hard drive connected via SATA cable to the SATA inputs on the back of my mobo and the PC won t recognize that it is even connected Windows 7 not recognizing a SATA AHCI hard drive. If I connect it via USB it works just fine but I want Windows 7 not recognizing a SATA AHCI hard drive. to get the benefits of the SATA connection Any ideas on why my PC won t recognize this drive when it s connected to the SATA port One other thing during POST if I have the external drive powered on and connected via SATA there is a message that a TB Hitachi drive is found if it is off I get no such message so the computer sees it during post but not once the OS loads nbsp

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does anyone know if it's possible to change the hard drive mode from SATA to AHCI (or even IDE) in the BIOS ?

I can see the hard drive in the BIOS but I am unable to select it to make changes as it's "greyed-out".

I have installed the latest BIOS but that has not made any difference.
Many thanks.

A:Equium L40 - Can I Change Hard Drive Mode from SATA to AHCI?

I don?t have this notebook model but usually SATA controller mode options in BIOS are either AHCI or compatibility.
I presume it is set to AHCI.

Your notebook has SATA HDD so I don?t understand why do you want to change anything. Using AHCI mode HDD can run with ?full speed?.
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When I turn on my Dell XPS 410 I can't get by a screen that says:

Serial ATA AHCI BIOS Version iSrc 1.02.22 07062006
Copyright © 2003-2006 Intel Corporation
**this version supports only hard disk and CDROM drives**

Controller bus#00, device#1f, function#02: 02 ports, 02 devices
Port--00: hard disk, wdc wd2500js-75ncb3
(this drive is controlled by the RAID BIOS)
Port--01: CDROM, nec DVD+/-rw nd--3650A
AHCI BIOS installed
Intel® matrix storage manager option rom v6.0.0.1022 ICH8R
Copyright© 2003-2006 intel corporation. All rights reserved.

I have no idea what to do. Please help.

Thank you


Can you boot into safe mode?

Any onscreen error messages?

The lines you list...are from the BIOS, which is part of the normal boot process.

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I have a Notebook HP ELITEBOOK 820 G2 and i want to change the HDD option! SATA TO AHCI but i do not find these option.Please, somebody can help me. The version of the BIOS is  N75 Ver. 01.04


It is already set to ahci and could not be changed to anything other than that. What makes you think it is other than ahci?
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Hi guys whenever I boot up my Gigabyte X48-DS4 I always get this BIOs screen that says like "SATA AHCI BIOs iSRC v1.07 Intel corporation blah blah" (something of that nature) that takes like 10 seconds to detect all my devices (My Harddrive and HDDVD/Bluray drive)

Is there anyway I can get rid of this screen, or shorten the time the computer stays on it? It really prolongs boot up time.

If needed: I have a Gigabyte X48-DS4 with a 750GB 7200.11 Seagate Barracuda harddrive.
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Hello I have a Dell with Intel Pentium IV Ghz Chipset Intel X Express Memory Controller X I O Controller Intel FR I O Controller Hub ICH R Running Windows XP Home SP I have PATA drives DVD-ROM and DVD Writer and I have SATA Drives One SATA drive has my Windows XP Home OS and all of my system drivers programs etc The other SATA drives are for storage MP files photos movies etc All of my SATA and PATA drives are in working order I removed my original hard drive with the original OS and replaced it with a larger SATA drive This was a new hard drive and it Choose "AHCI" Operation Cannot BIOS/SATA Help! in was in working order I had issues installing the Windows XP OS onto the new drive so I went to a quot professional quot Long story but I wasn t happy with the job performed and I won t go back to him for any fixes So now I have my computer back the OS is running fine but only the DVD PATA drives and the hard drive with the OS are recognized Everything is connected and I did some Googling a dangerous thing admittedly and then I jumped into BIOS Instead of the quot RAID Autodetect - AHCI quot option the quot Combination quot AHCI amp ATA option was selected I know my computer previously had the AHCI option selected so I switched it back I made sure that SATA drive was the first option on boot-up I made sure that all of the drives were quot turned on quot recognized in BIOS -- Help! Cannot Choose "AHCI" in BIOS/SATA Operation I was feeling pretty good Help! Cannot Choose "AHCI" in BIOS/SATA Operation Then I rebooted I didn t get the Blue Screen of Help! Cannot Choose "AHCI" in BIOS/SATA Operation Death but I did get the quot Apologies Windows did not start successfully A recent hardware or software change might have caused quot message I tried safe mode last known good configuration -- nothing worked The only thing that works is if I go back into BIOS and change the SATA Configuration back to Combination my SATA drives are not recognized or to quot RAID ONLY quot which recognizes one of my extra SATA drives but not the other one Based on that dangerous Googling I think that if I can successfully get SATA Configuration to accept AHCI and reboot I should be OK with all three SATA drives and the two DVD drives to be recognized And life will be good again I ve read of other folks having issues because of missing AHCI drivers That might be the case with me I quot can t quot go through a process that reinstalls Windows XP from scratch -- the quot professional quot lost my reinstall disks and I have so many problems getting and installing drivers from Dell Can anyone help me out I ve never had anything but good luck with BleepingComputer so I m hoping to keep my luck running Thanks in advance JC

A:Help! Cannot Choose "AHCI" in BIOS/SATA Operation

I "can't" go through a process that reinstalls Windows XP from scratch -- the "professional" lost my reinstall disks and I have so many problems getting and installing drivers from Dell.I can't understand whyAs long as you registered it and you're the owner, they're free
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W BG CGE had BIOS and RAID AHCI) Option (RAID gone SATA or after BIOS W540 up... with two Samsung EVO TB working fine under Windows - x Did a by lenovo update tool recommended BIOS Update with the bios update manager to Update ran fine After Rebooting and loading defaults disabling Intel Rapid Start Changing BIOS boot option to legacy first I W540 SATA Option (RAID or AHCI) gone after BIOS up... recognized SATA Option AHCI or RAID in BIOS is gone At boot Intel Matrix Storage Configuration doesnot appear anymore where you can build RAID etc nbsp Boot then brings up message missing operating system nbsp Downgrade to BIOS impossible due to ISO File on www lenovo com support is not W540 SATA Option (RAID or AHCI) gone after BIOS up... system compatible message Lenovo Group Limited - Invalid system disk Replace te disk and then W540 SATA Option (RAID or AHCI) gone after BIOS up... press any key The link to the ISO File version at the bottom of this page links a non bootable ISO imagehttp support lenovo com en US downloads detail page DocID DS Also the downgrade to BIOS version found here http www notebook-driver com detail thinkpad-driver-id- doesnot work CD also messages Lenovo Group Limited - Invalid system disk - Replace nbsp Rewriting BIOS version GNET WW doesnot work says BIOS update not necessary nbsp Embedded Controller Version GMHT WW ME Firmware Version nbsp Anyone has a suggestion what to try next Anybody has a hint how to get back my RAID controller thanks and have fun Solved Go to Solution

A:W540 SATA Option (RAID or AHCI) gone after BIOS up...

Did you order your system as RAID model?  W540 does not come with RAID by default.  Lenovo has to license RAID option ROM (costs $) so it is only provided if you order RAID model from Lenovo.  As far I as I know, the only RAID model in Europe is 20BG001Sxx.  And your 20BG001Cxx model came with only 1 disk.  If I am wrong about this, please let me know.
I believe there was a bug in 1.05 that mistakenly enabled RAID on some non-RAID models.  The bug was fixed in 2.05, so unless you really have a RAID model W540, then RAID would become properly disabled on your system.
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Hi everyone I've got a Latitude D820 and I really like it. I'm really interested in getting an SSD to put in this system but I have my doubts. I have been told that SSDs only really like being in ACHI mode but the D820 doesn't have this option in the BIOS. I've also been told that SSDs running in IDE compatibility mode will cause bluescreens and have slow performance.
I did some digging around and discovered that Dell have hidden this option from BIOS setup for the sake of saving time, answering costumer support calls regarding SATA operation and drivers.
So my question is, will Dell be able to release a new BIOS revision with this feature enabled? The D820 is still a capable and i would hate to see it crippled in this way.
Thanks in advance for any replies.

A:Latitude D820 BIOS | SATA AHCI Mode

The answer is that this system is long since end of life - it will not see any further BIOS updates.
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I just bought a wd 320 giga SATA hard drive. I have an asus a7n8x Deluxe motherboard. The SATA/Raid controller is installed or at least the bios says it is. The drive is recognized as the "primary", but it will not put it as the Master hard drive--only says it's the primary later in the bios post. Windows does not recognize it at all. When I try to install Windows XP, it says no hard drive detected, and tells me to hit F3 and Goodby. I have re-flashed the Bios about 2 dozen times with versions 1005 thru 1008 (the latest). I've changed the data cable. Nothing works. Anybody got a great idea i've missed? Would like to have the SATA, but will have to return it if I can't get bios to recognize it.

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some people change ide to ahci in the bios then it worked.

some people put drive on master, hey then it worked
Second PATA hard drive not detected in the BIOS? - Yahoo Answers

some people put drive on cs, hey then it worked
SATA to IDE Adapter, Drive Not Detected in BIOS - Hard Drives - Storage

What do I do to make it work for me?
The yellow led lights up
the sata cable plugged into sata port and tried multiple ports.
Under sata configuration I tried AHCI which caused windows to BSOD
I switched that back to IDE

This Asus p5qc has a PATA DVD drive lugged into MB IDE port
And a sata drive plugged into sata port.
And a sata drive plugged into sata port.

A:sata to ide adapter do not see PATA hard drive in the bios?

Following this guide, i made it so windows boots ok with bios setting to AHCI
AHCI : Enable in Windows 7 / Vista

Still the bios does not show drive with adapter connected.
I have tried 4 HD and a dvd drive.
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I have upgraded from Windows XP Service Pack to Vista on a Toshiba Qosmio G -AVA which has two GB SATA hard drives In Windows XP the drive was seen as one GB hard drive No problem After I installed Vista the second drive is not showing and I can t format it from disk management services because it is not shown The wierd thing is that I am not missing any files but perhaps I had not used any space on the second hard drive therefore I wouldn t be missing any files Also after installing Vista I checked the BIOS and it does not see my second hard drive nor does My Computer but it is there as I have made no hardware changes All I did was upgrade from Windows XP Service Pack to installing Windows Vista I have the latest RAID drivers from Toshiba which was updated after I installed Vista The latest BIOS was installed from Toshiba website BEFORE I upgraded and it WAS listed in the BIOS I ve read the many threads on second ATA Not Vist SATA Hard Recognizing 2nd BIOS Drive AND hard drives but no one mentions that their BIOS does not recognize the drive as well as Vista How do I fix this problem Any help at all would be greatly appreciated Thanks email protected nbsp

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I have a Dell Dimension XPS 720. My PC has two sata hard drives and one IDE hard drive. When I boot the PC tells me that it doesn't detect any hard drive in sata 3. Then it asks me to press F1 to continue. But, when I get into my OS which is Vista Ultimate, I check 'My Computers' and my second hard drive appears. And sata hard drive works fine.

I've gone into BIOS. Each SATA port also lists the model number of the sata hard drive, but the sata drive I'm having problems with isn't listed and yes the hard drive sata port is set to 'ON'.

I should also note that I never used to have problems with this hard drive in the past. It used to show up on the BIOS drive list.

I need help fixing this problem.

A:Dell XPS PC BIOS does not detect my sata hard drive, but the Vista OS does?

If the drive is "seen" by the OS, it has to be detected by the bios. Swap the SATA drives and see if the bios now "sees" the former phantom drive
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Hi can someone please help me After leaving my com for around days i opened up mutiple programs and in the mean time was unrar-ing a file in the middle of the process my computer freezed and i had to manual press the reset button on the computer after i restart windows XP find computer Bios cant SATA hard crash after drive when to a grey progress bar something like scandisk i guessed but i am not sure since it has no writing and i naver Bios cant find hard drive SATA after computer crash seen it b on XP but it got stuck so i Bios cant find hard drive SATA after computer crash pressed restart again this time it went to the grey progress bar too and then start to load windows up normally but then Bios cant find hard drive SATA after computer crash u took ages and nothing was moving so i restarted my computer once more in the middle of loading and then my bios just got stuck at decting my drive so i restarted it and then same thing happens so i waited this time and after around mins or so there was none dected and the message quot CMOS checksum error - Defaults loaded quot F to continue I pressed F and it loads up my on board network and restarts the computer after a few times it no longer shows quot CMOS checksum error - Defaults loaded quot just a min wait and said none detected and restarts the computer with out letting me boot with cd or a drive and the hard drive can be detected when i took my harddrive off it would let me boot with cd a drive without it auto restarting my hard drive is SATA Barracuda Gbytes model ST AS my mother board is MSI K N Neo Ms- v X ATX Mainboard NVIDIA nForce Ultra Chipset Platform windows XP SP i tried resetting bios and i ensured that the cables r secure is there anyway to fix this problem or some how extract the files from the hard drive if need more info plz ask away THANKS nbsp

A:Bios cant find hard drive SATA after computer crash

Could you clear up a couple of things. Your title implies that BIOS does not see the SATA drive, but later you say it can be detected (typo?). Is the SATA drive plugged into the motherboard or into a connector card? You reset CMOS by moving the jumper or removing the battery? Your system may have crashed for a reason. If the drive is not detected in BIOS and connections and cables are OK it could be the drive.
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Recently I decided to upgrade my hard disk storage space so I bought a Maxtor DiamondMax Plus GB SATA hard disk drive Upon installing the recognized hard after SATA Drive installing in CD/DVD BIOS disk not drive I entered the Bios and went into quot Intergrated Peripherals quot section and set the BIOS to recognize P-ATA S-ATA drives When I reboot the new Maxtor drive shows up in Windows Explorer and functions normally Also in Windows Explorer my CD DVD drive appears However when CD/DVD Drive not recognized in BIOS after installing SATA hard disk I put a CD/DVD Drive not recognized in BIOS after installing SATA hard disk cd in the drive and click on the drive in Explorer I get the message to quot Insert a disc into drive F quot The drive will not read the disc When I went into Device Manager the CD DVD drive shows up and says that it is functioning properly Strange So I rebooted and reset the BIOS to the setup defaults ie P-ATA Drive Only and when the computer boots up now the CD DVD drive functions normally but the Maxtor drive is now not recognized I understandObviously the Maxtor drive is not recognized because the BIOS is set for P-ATA drive only but why when the BIOS is set for P-ATA S-ATA is the CD DVD drive not recognized My computer specs are as follows Processsor Intel Pentium C GHz pin FSB Motherboard MSI i G ATX Bios AMI Bios RAM DDR SDRAM GB MB x PC Video nVidia GeForce FX MB AGP Sound CREATIVE SoundBlaster Audigy ZS Platinum Pro Hard Disk GB Ultra ATA HDD rpm Hard Disk Maxtor DiamondMax Plus GB SATA OS Windows XP PRo nbsp

A:CD/DVD Drive not recognized in BIOS after installing SATA hard disk

No one going to take a stab at this one. Please, I need some help here. Any advice would be appreciated
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I just changed my disk setup from SATA HDD Primary OS Disk x SATA HDD Backup Disks in RAID TO SATA SSD Primary OS Disk SATA HDD Backup Disk No RAID Windows Start RAID/AHCI at SATA BSOD setting BIOS Switching causes Everything worked great no problem So since I don't have a RAID array anymore I decided that I could change my BIOS setting to AHCI instead of RAID I have a Gigabyte GA-P -DS R v mobo These are my steps Settings gt Integrated Peripherals gt quot SATA RAID AHCI Mode quot RAID -- gt Changed this setting to AHCI Reboot Windows Start screen shows up but as the color orbs are spinning into focus BSOD and immediate restart Repeated reboot several times same outcome Next Switching BIOS SATA RAID/AHCI setting causes BSOD at Windows Start Step Launch BIOS settings Integrated Peripherals gt quot Onboard SATA IDE Ctrl Mode quot RAID -- gt Changed this setting to AHCI Reboot Windows Start screen shows up but as the color orbs are spinning into focus BSOD and immediate restart Repeated reboot several times same outcome Switch both settings back to RAID reboot and Windows starts up just fine no issues What am I missing Why can't I set it to AHCI mode without BSODs

A:Switching BIOS SATA RAID/AHCI setting causes BSOD at Windows Start

This is a hard one. As I'm sure you know, there should be no difference (to Windows) for RAID vs AHCI. It is normally the same driver, and the same registry setting.

So here is my WAG: maybe you need to have all 3 hard drives connected to break the RAID and change to AHCI.

Once completed, you would then remove the extra drive. Hopefully you have not formatted or changed that drive at all.
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My current system is running Win7 with SATA configured as AHCI.
I have an old desktop running WinXP but with SATA configured as IDE.

May I ask : Is it safe (in terms of data reliability) to plug the old WinVista HD in the current system for retrieving data files ?

A:plugging old SATA hard disk in AHCI system

Why do you mention the XP machine ?

Yes, it`s safe.
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I bought a ASUS P8H61-M LX Mother board for core i3 processor and a ADATA S510 6GB/s 60GB SSD

currently i have maxtor 250GB Hard disk and BIOS SATA mode is set to IDE.

To get maximum performance should i install windows on SSD ?

which SATA mode should i use in BIOS settings?

A:SATA Mode IDE or AHCI when you have a SSD drive?

Quote: Originally Posted by extremed

To get maximum performance should i install windows on SSD ?

which SATA mode should i use in BIOS settings?


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Is it just plain not possible to boot from a CD/DVD drive that is set in BIOS as SATA/AHCI mode? I can acces the drive & read/write from it, it just won't boot to it. Yes I have CD/DVD drive set as 1st boot drive. I have "Googled" the earth & can't seem to find a straight answer to this. Can anyone enlighten me on this topic?

Thanks, Jim

A:can't boot from cd/dvd sata drive/AHCI mode

The controller settings shouldn't have any affect at all on it's ability to boot. My controllers are always set to AHCI and are left that way.

If you are trying to install Windows, a simple work around would be to use a USB flash drive. I can't remember the last time I've installed Windows from a disc.
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I have the GA-EX58-Extreme Board and have just installed the pre release of Win7 7600 64 bit. Normally i have experience to get the BSOD when in staling with AHCI active in bios so i change to IDE mode. Installation went flawless and also the change to AHCI mode on Intel ICH10R controler went normal. As always i got problem to change the J micron controller to AHCI and of cause i got the BSOD again. I installed the latest R1.17.48.16 driver and tryed again but no luck. Can some tell me what i am doing wrong. ? I have a hardisk and a dvd drive attached to the J micron Sata connection.

A:Intel Sata controler ICH10R AHCI + Jmicron AHCI error

You may not be doing anything wrong...or at least, you're doing the same wrong thing that I am. I've never been able to get that jMicron deleted to work in AHCI mode.

So, I hang the optical drive and the port for the e-SATA connection to the external backup drive off it and run it in IDE mode.
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I did it before on a P5WD2-PREMIUM---see this thread:

but there is no SATA controller listed in the Device Manager under the IDE ATA/ATAPI Controller to update--there was one listed in the P5WD2 I successfully converted.
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Hi bit of a long shot not sure if anyone will be able to help me I remember a good few years back i would always use the latest SATA or matrix RST drivers and would always update them regularly I m pretty sure i have had newer drivers on my laptop in the past than what i have now i cannot find any though every time i try to install any of the above they always say not supported on my 7 10 Help AHCI for Intel series windows SATA Controller Drive with laptop the drivers that are currently installed are Driver Version Date Help with Intel series 7 SATA AHCI Controller Drive for windows 10 They are very old and would like to be able to use any newer ones that would benefit me the rest of my laptop is up to date just not that Even when i run Intel software update utility it finds Help with Intel series 7 SATA AHCI Controller Drive for windows 10 nothing new for it My laptop is Lenovo Edge E I am running windows Bit Pro If anyone can help at all that would be great Regards James
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Hello all nbsp I'm having an issue with the Intel Matrix Storage Mananger driver v nbsp and windows updates I've spent quite some time looking around the net about this issue nbsp nbsp Thinkpad T widescreen intel grapics Windows Ultimate -bitHDD rpm SATA TB ST LM -HN-M MBB - Samsung SpinPoint M nbsp I've Manager SATA T61 AHCI Storage Intel drive... - Matrix broken down the issue to two things nbsp nbsp The size of my HDD TB and these newer drives using mb sectors or something instead of kb one person mentioned if you can confirm this please do so Which this intel matrix storage driver doesn't like apparently so this conflicts with Windows update effectively breaking it My current solution was to use the generic windows ACHI driver which allows windows update to function normally nbsp I've read in places that the solution for them was to update their driver to Intel's newer RST But for this T61 - AHCI SATA Intel Matrix Storage Manager drive... model laptop T there doesn't appear to be a version available that supports this chipset intel ICH M The latest verion that supports it T61 - AHCI SATA Intel Matrix Storage Manager drive... from intel's website has the same issue v nbsp nbsp So my question would be two things nbsp Is there T61 - AHCI SATA Intel Matrix Storage Manager drive... a performance or stability concern with using the standard windows driver Is this intel driver faster better Because if the standard windows driver performs just as well then my problem is solved nbsp I've noticed small high pitched sounds from the HDD off and on Less so with the Intel driver installed it seems although it could just be me or the HDD itself but this could be a side issue The HDD is pretty new Although it would be worth noting that I did make a switch from Compatability mode to AHCI mode after the windows install Which prompted the install of the intel matrix driver All in the name of better performance or stablity nbsp Is there a fix or a suitable driver available to fix this issue I've tried other work arounds besides the driver itself to get windows update working but the only way I've been able to fix windows update was to roll back to the standard driver period nbsp nbsp If there isn't a fix available or a suitable driver release if anyone has any driver modding knowledge or knows what to do instead I'm all ears I've contemplated the idea of installing all my windows updates and then reinstalling the intel driver afterwards but that doesn't seem like a stable solution Solved Go to Solution

A:T61 - AHCI SATA Intel Matrix Storage Manager drive...

*BUMP Does anyone have any idea about what I'm talking about? Perhaps the standard driver is just fine. Link. But for those using SSD's might have problems. eh?
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Dear Experts, 
I am unable to find 'ATA' option in dell optiplex 3040mt. Hence could not deploy Windows 2008 server image on it. In dell 3020 i can deploy the image using ATA mode. Please advise how to enable 'ATA' option in Optiplex 3040 and install windows 2008 server.Thanks!

A:Dell Optiplex 3040 MT - In BIOS there is No option to select 'ATA' for SATA Operation!!! (Unable to deploy Windows 2008 Server Image in AHCI Mode)

Jesse There is no such option in 3040 because ATA mode is no longer supported.  The F6 drivers are REQUIRED for windows 7 or 8 or 10.   XP/VISTA aren't supported at all and will not install.
AHCI is the only option available in Modern Bios and chipsets.  
INTEL RST F6 drivers are REQUIRED for all advanced format 4k sector hard drives. Most all drives
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see second post.

I have a 3TB drive D: for data formatted with GPT.

Had BIOS OnChip SATA Type set as "RAID" "As SATA Type" from back in the day. When I took out the RAID, I forgot to change this to AHCI when I reformatted and got rid of RAID drives!

Changing to "AHCI" "As SATA Type" as shown in image in second post, causes Windows 7 x64 to lose / not see the GPT on my drive D: and it wants to "initialize" it as MBR or GPT-- no way!!

A:cloned C:, installed AHCI drivers, changed BIOS to AHCI, D:'s GPT gone

ok, returning to BIOS and setting back to RAID, as AHCI typeenabled me to view the drive D: again
C: drive seems to be running much more slowly again.
these drives are plugged into the OnChip SATAWith AHCI as SATA typeno drive D:

With RAID as SATA typehave drive D:
but C: definitely dog-tired-slow
I really should not have fiddled with this at 3AM on a Sunday morning!!! Bah, I'm a pro, what could go wrong???

I'm not sure why changing to AHCI causes windows to miss the GPT on the D: drive.
Can I back this GPT up and restore it? Detect it after changing to AHCI? this is my only large drive, I can't back up the entire fricking thing.

The other question this makes me ask is how do I keep my GPT when I move to another motherboard? I don't trust the GPT like I do MBR hm....

edit: changing back again, it does not seem any faster. Doing more reading, it's ok to leave it as RAID because AHCI functions are still available no? So I really shouldn't gain/lose any performance?
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I bought a brand new SSD, installed it in Windows 7, and there is no option in my BIOS for the SATA controller (to switch between IDE and AHCI Mode). How do I determine whether my computer's sata controller is using IDE or AHCI?

I want to make sure that my AHCI controller is enabled and not IDE when using TRIM.

If anyone can look at the picture below and determine whether my computer is default in IDE or AHCI, then I will mark this as Solved.


A:No AHCI option in BIOS, is my computer default in AHCI or IDE?

Run this tool and see what it says,

AS SSD Benchmark 1.7.4739.38088 Download - TechSpot

It will show you what mode it's running in.
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Computer: Dell Dimension 5100. 6 years old.
Current hard drive: SATA 250GB (think it's SATA 1). Dell web site says its ATA-133

Looking to: Replace the hard drive due to faults

Question: Can I fit a SATA 3 hard drive in this computer? Would this just work at SATA 1 speeds because of the old mainboard? Most of the hard drives listed for sale are now SATA 3.

Thanks for any replies.

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Hi, I just want to know what the best mode is, IDE or AHCI, my board has defaulted to IDE so that's what I'm currently using.


A:Hard drive mode: IDE or AHCI?

If it's an SSD then you should change it to AHCI and reinstall Windows. If all of your drives are normal HDDs then it won't make any difference.
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I could really use some from SATA Changing to - needed! AHCI Help SATA RAID help with this I have a HD that I'm moving from one Windows machine to another The new system is a Gateway DX The old was was also a Gateway DX When I put the old drive in the new computer I get the Windows Splash screen the stars begin to appear and it resets I went back to the old machine and noticed the BIOS setting for SATA was set to RAID I changed the new system to RAID it just froze I put a second drive in the new machine and now it boots properly I installed the AHCI Changing from SATA RAID to SATA AHCI - Help needed! drivers changed the registry setting to rebooted the machine and changed the BIOS setting to AHCI from RAID When Windows tries to boot I'm getting the same behavior as before I get the Windows Splash screen the stars begin to appear and it resets This is for Windows BTW Gateway AND Intel have both told me I need to re-install the OS to make this happen I'd rather not do that if AT ALL possible I'd very much appreciate some help with this Thanks so much in advance for any help you can provide

A:Changing from SATA RAID to SATA AHCI - Help needed!

You have a few things happening here, 1st your Win7 is probably an OEM (Originaly came w/the system) andassuck is tiedto the original mobo & can'tbe moved.
2nd, you have 1 sys w/ a core2quad processor, and the other has an I5. This means the mobo & memory are different, you have a different setof drivers so thr=e DX4860 will not boot with the older drivers. Normallythis would take aclean install, but being an OEM version - you would need therecovery discsfromthe DX4860.

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I want to transfer data from my hard drive in my laptop (Lenovo Y480) to a hard drive in my desktop. the cables for the sata adapter do not fit the hard drive from the laptop. Is there a different form for a 2.5 hard drive and a 3.5 hard drive?

A:sata to usb adapter cable dosen't fit sata hard drive in laptop?

Does the drive have an adapter need to remove to expose the SATA conenctors? I don;t see anything about the Y480 not having a standard SATA drive and laptop and desktop SATA connectors are the same.

Maybe post pictures of both the drive and your SATA cables.
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Yesterday my Wife's laptop stopped booting for her so I started to troubleshoot it.

What I've discovered is:

- If the BIOS setting for the hard drive controller is AHCI it will not recognize the drive. (This was the default setting in the BIOS)

- If changed to IDE mode it recognizes the drive but come up with an "No operating system detected" message.

- If the hard drive is installed in a second lap top it works fine.

- If another hard drive is installed it works fine in AHCI mode.

Only the combination of the original hard drive and the original lap top wont work.

Am I missing something?


A:AHCI mode stopped reconizing Hard Drive

You may want to see if any bios updates are available for it.
IDE mode will never see the AHCI data it can be reformatted in ide mode and then have windows installed on it.

Here is a thought though.
completely power down the laptop remove the battery and everything.
Let it sit for an hour or so like that.
Plug everything back in and give it another try in ahci mode.
This only has a small chance of working but it's worth trying.
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I have 2 IDE HDs installed and added SATA drive lately. SATA runs in IDE mode in CMOS. Problem is, even though SATA drive is recognized by BIOS, Disk Manager, Norton Ghost & System Works, it doesn't show in My Computer, causing problems with saving and opening files. Tried a couple of tricks (changing the drive letter,disconnecting & reconnecting the drive, reformatting etc. ) nothing seems to work. I use this SATA drive for storage and for now I have to drag the files down there manually.
I don't know if it's of any importance, but I have nVidia GeForce graphics card onboard.
Has anyone encountered this kind of a problem ?
Thanks Carl
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The time has come for me to wipe the hard drive and re-install Windows following a recent to SATA Disk 3 Drive Hard Upgrading from SATA disastrous download that's effectively knocked out my Internet Explorer and Upgrading Hard Disk from SATA to SATA 3 Drive rendered Internet browsing difficult My system has since become unstable and progressively slow and unfortunately for some reason I am unable to Restore to any previous installation As I have loads of files I want to access I've decided get a new Hard Disk and run the original H drive if possible from a SATA drive Docking Station So essentially I would like to know if my Dell DXC will run and support a new Seagate Tb SATA rpm Barracuda My BIOS is Ver dated I have opened the CPU to see Upgrading Hard Disk from SATA to SATA 3 Drive that the current drive connectors appear similar to those Upgrading Hard Disk from SATA to SATA 3 Drive on the SATA Docking Station and think my old drive will fit it However it's now occurred to me that its possible the newSATA drive may not be compatible with my BIOS or Motherboard Any help or comments please Incidentally I have most of my most useful files backed up on an external drive so all hopefully is not lost

A:Upgrading Hard Disk from SATA to SATA 3 Drive

You need a SATA3 port to connect a SATA3 HDD to be fully compatible.
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hi everybody I have a dell studio my hard disk got corrupted a month ago and tried different software could not make it to work so decided to after enabled hard on Solved: bootsector drive No AHCI internal buy another Solved: No bootsector on internal hard drive after AHCI enabled HD my new hard drive is used bought in ebay and SMART shows health also tested on dell diagnosetic utility and all tests passed So here comes my problem the very first time when i poped new used HD into the laptop and started it showed me the above error no bootsector on internal hard drive and gave me options F retry F setup F dell diganose utility I ignored it as you all know a HD without system files partion or windows would do exactly the same and i went ahead and somehow sorted windows vista to install When setup expanded files it restarted and when dell logo and flash screen passed where it was supposed to boot from C it gave me this error again but the vista disk was still there i thought let the cd take care of it as the HD may not have been used after couple formating and wiping So thought it s normal all installation went normal finally restarted again with same error above Now if i put windows cd or whatever bootable madia i can get to my windows if i dont hit any key but first it will show the above error and then it will boot other media even i can access to windows by pressing F retry after message appears and it will boot successfully fast and flawlessly but windows cant find boot section by its own Installed vista and windows four times but same symptoms NOTE gt gt gt gt It will only occure when I enable AHCI mode installed on ATA mode doesnt require me to do anything and will successfully go to boot from bios my bios setup is in correct order and also reseted couple of times reseated hard drive one time also i installed sata drive driver downloaded from dell site and loaded with usb everytime when i installed So what could be the problem Am i missing something prior or after installation I have completely lost my mind with this problem tried hours of searching in forums nobody else has got same problem as mine the error is same but symptoms are different PLEASE HELP i have tried to attach a test results but dont know if this site excepts html nbsp

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I have a motherboard Asus p5k se/epu( intel p35 board). I felt that my sata drive emulated in IDE mode... So i want to fully utilize the sata drive in xp.

Therefore I follow the method provided by other forum's member.

But the problem is that my bios setting only have one option that allowed me to select.. which is IDE mode ONLY!!! Where is the AHCI mode ?

Or any of you have your own standard way to enable AHCI mode? teach me please...?
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hi i tried earlier to access my laptop's hdd using hiren's boot cd but it would not recognize the hdd existence , further googling showed that i need to switch sata mode to ide than rather ahci in bios , despite that forums report this method to be effective it did not change anything in my case , i think its most probably poor compatibility of bios with ide mode , it is actually intel's phoenix bios and the laptop is lenovo and the hdd is hybrid (part ssd and part hdd) so probably it wont work on any lesser mode than ahci , so anybody know of any alternative to hiren's that can access disks of such nature ?
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hi everybody I have a dell studio my hard disk got corrupted a month ago and tried different software could not make it to work so decided to buy another HD hard boot drive AHCI enabled internal No on while installation sector my new hard drive is used bought in ebay and SMART shows health also tested on dell diagnosetic utility and all tests passed So here comes my problem the very first time when i poped new used HD into the laptop and started it No boot sector on internal hard drive while AHCI enabled installation showed me the above error ''no bootsector on internal hard drive'' and gave No boot sector on internal hard drive while AHCI enabled installation me options F retry F setup F dell diganose utility I ignored it as you all know a HD without system files partion or No boot sector on internal hard drive while AHCI enabled installation windows would do exactly the same and i went ahead and somehow sorted windows vista to install When setup expanded files it restarted and when dell logo and flash screen passed where it was supposed to boot from C it gave me this error again but the vista disk was still there i thought let the cd take care of it as the HD may not have been used after couple formating and wiping So thought it s normal all installation went normal finally restarted again with same error above Now if i put windows cd or whatever bootable madia i can get to my windows if i dont hit any key but first it will show the above error and then it will boot other media even i can access to windows by pressing F ''retry'' after message appears and it will boot successfully fast and flawlessly but windows cant find boot section by its own Installed vista and windows four times but same symptoms NOTE gt gt gt gt It will only occure when I enable AHCI mode installed on ATA mode doesnt require me to do anything and will successfully go to boot from bios my bios setup is in correct order and also reseted couple of times reseated hard drive one time also i installed sata drive driver downloaded from dell site and loaded with usb everytime when i installed So what could be the problem Am i missing something prior or after installation I have completely lost my mind with this problem tried hours of searching in forums nobody else has got same problem as mine the error is same but symptoms are different PLEASE HELP

A:No boot sector on internal hard drive while AHCI enabled installation

When AHCI mode is enabled, is the first boot device changed? it's as if it's trying to read from say a USB stick or memory card slot first, then moving on to the next boot device of Hard disk or Optical when that has failed.
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I apologize ahead of time if this won't BIOS sata hard recognize ANY drives belongs more in the Hardware thread I m not sure if this is related to my OS Vista Ultimate or not I ve had SATA drives running smoothly on my system for quite some time Out of nowhere yesterday my PC kept booting from the DVD-ROM drive so I went into the BIOS setup only to see that none of my SATA drives were even listed where they normally would be It BIOS won't recognize ANY sata hard drives simply lists the location then says quot None quot where it should list the drives manufacturer name eg ST AS I go into the setup section for each drive location and hit quot Enter quot on the quot Auto-Detect HDD quot option A BIOS won't recognize ANY sata hard drives small dialog pops-up for about - seconds saying it is BIOS won't recognize ANY sata hard drives detecting the drive but returns no values for all the drive attributes - just zeros I ve followed others advice and stripped everything out but my boot drive but the BIOS still doesn t detect it I ve booted from my Vista installation disc and troubleshot from there but even that won t recognize that I have a HDD attached to the PC And yes I ve already verified - via attaching my boot drive to another computer - that the drive will load obviously as a slave and show all the files contained on it I m suspecting I may have a faulty mobo but that s a guess at best If anyone can help me troubleshoot this issue I would greatly appreciate it I will provide further details gladly if needed Thanks in advance nbsp

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I have a brand new Foxconn A7GM-S 2.0 motherboad which seems to be unable to recognize my two SATA hard disks. I have ensured that the power connectors and SATA cables are snug, and have tried each pair of the six SATA slots on the motherboard. I also don't hear either hard disk powering up upon boot.

This board is a replacement for my older motherboard, which died rather suddenly. Both hard disks were connected to the old motherboard at the time of its failure, which leads me to wonder if the disks are damaged beyond repair. Do motherboard failures generally affect connected hard disks? Or is my new motherboard defective?

CPU = AMD Athlon 64 X2 5050e
Motherboard = Foxconn A7GM-S 2.0 (BIOS version 8.00.14)
RAM = 2 x 2 GB GSkill DDR2-6400
HDD1 = Seagate Barracuda (160 GB)
HDD2 = Western Digital Caviar (80 GB)

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I have a Targa Ultra AN I had blue screen of hard not BIOS detecting SATA drives death I had to backup stuff from the drive so i disconnected it and used a USB Universal Drive to back up it to my onto my laptop Now the problem i have here is when I try to installed XP or Windows it does not find the hard drives It displays Unkown Disk lt There is no disk in this drive gt Things i have tired BIOS not detecting SATA hard drives disable the SATA in the BIOS and still does not detect any of my hard drives re-enable it and it still can t find it When I go to Standard CMOS Features it can not detect any hard drives It detects it then it doesn t detect it It comes and goes everytime They don t have any jumpers on them it came like that It should be IDE Master and IDE Slave I know some people are buying USB Floppy disk I really don t want to buy anything else due to Christmas coming up Any ideas to get my PC going nbsp
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Recently bought Athlon64 3200+, Gigabyte K8NF-9 F11, 1GB RAM & 250GB SATA seagate hard disk. The problem here is that the BIOS (Award Modular BIOS v6.00PG) recognizes the harddisk to be only 130GB. Does Gigabyte K8NF-9 supports SATA 250GB hard disk or its's something I've done wrong? Pls help me out here. Thanks.

A:BIOS can't recognize 250GB SATA hard disk

I had a similar problem, I thought it may apply to you.

When I first installed my XP Pro on my system with a new Seagate 250 GB HDD, XP created the C: drive at 125 GB, basically cutting the disc space in half. The rest was just unformatted.

Go to "disc management", and you might find your missing 120 GB in unformatted space.
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A friend of mine has asked me to transfer some music and picture files from his old IDE hard Drive in a HP Pavillion System, to his new SATA hard drive in his new Dell System, it sounds like it should be a fairly simple process, but my question is, what is the best way to just copy these files and not the entire hard disk?

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Hi. I have a virus infected sata hard drive with windows 7 on it. It has the win 7 anti virus 2012 on it, and it's a cybercriminal virus. I have lots of files I want to transfer to the new sata drive. I already have windows 7 installed on the new drive. How do I get the files from the bad drive to the new one? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

A:How do I transfer files from bad sata hard drive to new hard drive

You could make your own external HD, & than copy/paste over.
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Hi, I was wondering if it was possible to clone a SATA hard drive with Windows XP to a USB hard drive, and rather or not if Windows XP would work well on the USB hard drive after it was cloned from the SATA hard drive. The USB hard drive would be the only hard drive used after the SATA hard drive with Windows XP was cloned to the USB hard drive.

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Hi I did some upgrading on my computer Here are the details I had dual SATA 2nd drive BIOS seeing SATA not drives BIOS not seeing 2nd SATA drive both gig with XP home I removed both drives replaced with two Hitachi SATA drives TB each and installed Win But my BIOS will only see one of the drives I have successfully installed Win on that drive and I can boot with it But I get a boot error - quot no drive found in SATA port quot x quot - the port BIOS not seeing 2nd SATA drive with the nd drive If I select quot continue quot BIOS not seeing 2nd SATA drive it will boot into Win successfully but without the nd drive Here are some things I have tried I have removed the nd drive and replaced with either of my old drives and Win will boot and see both drives Also if I replace with both old drives it boots just fine still as an XP machine I have moved to different SATA ports - same problem I have tried different SATA cables - it s not the cables I created a bootable disc from Hitachi s HD support page But as I get the quot not found quot error before the disc boots it still will only see the first working drive Not sure what else to try I m beginning to think I have a bad hard drive Keep in mind both Hitachi drives are the same model number I hope my details of the problem here make sense Ideas Thanks very much in advance nbsp

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I had a power failure and after the event my XP pc wouldn't boot. The bios loads but message reads "no bios installed" and "No drive for Fasttrack file". I used the Maxtor utility and it can't detect the drive either. I thought Sata was the way to go but now I'm not sure. Please help if you have any suggestions. I think the drive got fried but I sure hope not. Thanks, m3guitar

A:Sata Drive Undetected By Bios

Well, you need to determine if the drive or the MB controller took the hit, it appears that one of them didn't survive the power adventure. Have you tried plugging the SATA drive into the other MB SATA port? Does the drive spin up when you apply power?
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Hey guys!

I recently brought a new harddrive to replace my old drive as a primary one(it died), problem was that it was a sata drive, my a7n8x doesnt include sata(only the deluxe version does) so i had to invested in a sata PC adapter card that slots into a PCI slot. The drive is working perfectly, i've partitioned it to prepare it for a OS installation. Problem is, when installing windows it doesnt even recognise the harddrive. I checked the bios and the harddrive doesnt exist there either since the only way the bios detects harddrives is through IDE. I;ve been looking for a driver that could remedy this, but nothing is helping.
Its particularly important since my other harddrive(which is currently running windows) needs to be formatted because partition magic believes there are huge issues in how its configured.
Any info would help!

Thanks in advance!

A:sata drive recognition on bios

Ok, you will not see a sata drive connected to a controller card in the system bios. You WILL see the sata drive in the card bios.
You need to load the driver for the card via the F6 prompt during the first part of setup. You should have received a driver disk with the card. If you did not, you can download the driver from whoever made the card; ie promise, highpoint, etc.

Next you never partition and format the driver prior to installing xp/win2k/vista; all partitioning and formatting is done from setup. You are just asking for a problem using something like partition magic to format a drive for you.
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Hey there I'm using a brand new PC with Windows Professional bit My motherboard is the Asus P X D Premium Motherboard My problem is this My brand spankin' new PC uses a fresh g Western Digital SATA drive This drive is plugged into the SATA port The OS is installed on this drive After conducting the installation and checking that everything is hunky-dory I decide to pop in my quot older quot months g western digital SATA drive I have it not BIOS 2nd detecting drive SATA placed in the SATA port This older drive came from an older PC that used Windows XP Admittedly I am very new to this sort of maneuver I sort of assumed that BIOS not detecting 2nd SATA drive the BIOS would just detect the second drive and that I could just transfer over all my old data regardless of the OS that was on it And yes I have tried several of the other SATA ports just in case SATA was malfunctioning My question is this Why isn't the BIOS detecting this older drive How can I cause it to detect so that I can have both drives at my disposal Any and all help will be greatly appreciated -Alex

A:BIOS not detecting 2nd SATA drive


You have tried using the working SATA cable on the non-working drive?
And vice versa?
Make sure that all the plugs are plugged in firmly especially power.
Make sure that the drive does spin up when you turn the computer on.
If you have access to another PC check if the drive can be read on a different machine.
This sounds like it could be an error in how the BIOS is set to detect the drives, but as always it pays to check the simple things first.

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I have 2 drives connected to my computer, an IDE and a SATA. They both work fine from within Windows but I was just wondering why only the IDE drive shows up in the BIOS?

A:SATA drive not showing in BIOS

Check jumpers on the unit, drivers, or maybe (hopefully not) may be defective?
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Which of these three Bios settings should I be using for a SATA drive?
1.) 4P(IDE)+2S(IDE)
2.) 4P(IDE)+2S(RAID)
3.) 4P(IDE)+2S(AHCI)

See screenshot of these BIOS settings here,

A:Which of these three Bios settings should I be using for a SATA drive?

depends on the OS that you are booting to.
1 or 2 for xp and 3 for vista.
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Hi I have had some trouble with my Maxtor drive seems to be a pretty common problem which I am replacing with a WD GB drive The Maxtor drive also GB failed with a Block Unrecoverable data error however the second a bios Drive... Configuring by seen SATA not Bios still was able to see it and provide the Brand and ID I was also able to run the Dell Diagnostics on it I d like to see if I can get any data off the old drive because of course I don t have any good backups I know stupid and all too common The new drive was added and plugged into the SATA position the old maxtor is plugged into the SATA position The machine recognizes the new WD drive I ve installed XP and am adding the rest of my programs so far so good My question is on the secondary slave drive It is no longer recognized in the Bios When I reboot I get an Configuring a second SATA Drive... not seen by bios error and have to press F The system then boots When I enter the Bios it shows the new western digital in SATA but doesn t show a drive Configuring a second SATA Drive... not seen by bios in SATA Is there anything else I need to do to get the secondary drive recognized Can you think of anything that might help I m not really a hardware person so it is quite possible I m missing something very obvious I m also interested in advice to get the data back if I can access the drive I have heard a utility by runtime called GetDataBack Configuring a second SATA Drive... not seen by bios might work as well as booting with Knoppix which I ve heard may succeed in cases like these where windows XP fails Any help in getting the system to recognize the maxtor as a secondary drive or guidance on data recovery would be GREATLY appreciated Thanks Blue nbsp

A:Configuring a second SATA Drive... not seen by bios

SATA drive data recovery

Try NTFS Dos, I used it to recover files on a Maxtor SATA HDD with error 7..
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My motherboard is an ASUS A V X Until now I have been using a GB Seagate IDE HDD as my master drive however I now own a GB SATA What i am trying to do is make my GB Seagate a slave for backup purposes and use my new SATA WD JD as a master and boot drive I have managed to make Windows Win XP Prof acknowledge both hard drives and am able to access the GB SATA in the OS which tells me the cabling is fine and it is getting power Windows however is irrelevant as I am going to format both drives as soon as I have solved this problem I am holding off though as I don t want to format unless i am going to be unable to make my GB SATA my boot drive upon reinstallation of the OS My BIOS is recognising the GB Seagate as my slave but it will not acknowledge the SATA SATA recognising is BIOS drive my not new drive at all and is still booting from the slave I don BIOS is not recognising my new SATA drive t know if it is relevant but i updated my bios only yesterday How can I make my BIOS recognise both drives have it make my GB IDE a slave and my GB SATA a master AND then boot from it Hypothetically If i had bought both these hard drives brand new without any OS on them installed both of them and connected them up as a slave and master on my factory default ASUS A V X BIOS is not recognising my new SATA drive would i still have this problem If so how would I fix it because once I ve formatted both drives that will pretty much be my situation nbsp

A:BIOS is not recognising my new SATA drive

I have a IDE slave and SATA master on my Gigabyte MoBo, and it doesnt mention anywhere the SATA drive - never has even since before I sintalled the IDE slave HDD.

AS long as you have the BIOS settings setup so that the raid controller is on, you should be fine. You wont be able to change the boot order tho - it will just boot the SATA first if it is the master drive.

I am pretty sure it is just a weird setup for the SATA drives, although i see no reason as to why they cannot be listed in the bios.

For me, the SATA hdd is booted post bios when the raid controller is turned on.

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Hello, my computer had locked up not to long ago so I had to give it a hard reboot. However, now it doesn't seem to recognize my main hard drive. I have 2 sata hard drives plugged in and it only recognizes my other one. If i set the option for "Configure SATA as" to RAID in bios, it shows it in the boot list but then throws a BSOD with error code 0x0000007b. Also it seems the same BSOD error happens when I set it as AHCI. Both hard drives recognized but BSOD thrown.When it has "Configure SATA as" IDE it only shows the other hard drive. Any ideas?

My System is:

ASUS P5E LGA 775 Intel X38 ATX
Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 Kentsfield 2.4GHz LGA 775
Seagate Barracuda 7200.11 ST31000340AS 1TB 7200 RPM SATA 3.0Gb/s Hard Drive
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I errantly switched the BIOS setting from Raid-AHCI to IEDI while attempting to allow my system to recognize a newly installed SSD nbsp The plan was to clone my HDD to the SSD as the boot Won't BIOS to from and No Boot Acc... RAID-AHCI IDE BIOS Change drive but it wasn't seen in windows nbsp Initially was able to see it in the BIOS settings nbsp Long story short I switched from Raid-AHCI to IEDI and have not been able to boot the PC BIOS Change from RAID-AHCI to IDE Won't Boot and No BIOS Acc... since nbsp On boot the pc turns on and the fans for the power supply and NVIDIA cards spin but there is nothing visual taking place on the monitor It's BIOS Change from RAID-AHCI to IDE Won't Boot and No BIOS Acc... as if the devices are getting power but the motherboard doesn't know they are there nbsp Tried clearing the CMOS unplugged took out CMOS battery held reset button and that didn't seem to make a difference nbsp There is supposed to be a recovery jumper on the MB E but the pins seem to be missing on my motherboard so that's not an option nbsp I'm pretty sure that BIOS Change from RAID-AHCI to IDE Won't Boot and No BIOS Acc... if I can get the MB back to Raid-AHCI mode it should respond for me again nbsp Unfortunately without access to the BIOS on boot I have no idea how to do that nbsp Any and all suggestions are welcome nbsp Thanks in advance
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Hi guys
I was told by a friend that changing the sata settings in the bios from ide to ahci can help improve performance so i did.Windows loaded installed the drivers and asked for a reboot which i did all fine. Stupidly it was only then that i decided to look into it and apparently your suppose to change the reg key HKLM/system/currentcontrolset/services/Msahci value to 0 before you enable it in the bios otherwise its BSOD time. Well my laptop loaded the drivers and boots up fine however the value in that reg key is 3 not 0.
Question is should i change it as your suppose to or leave it alone

A:sata ide or ahci

Hello Danny,

Yeah, I would go ahead and change it to 0 and restart the computer to help make sure that it's using AHCI.

AHCI : Enable in Windows 7 / Vista

Also look in your Device Manager to make sure that it's show as a AHCI controller like below.

Hope this helps,
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Does the iMac G5 (2005 iSight model) motherboard have an Advanced Host Controller Interface compatible SATA interface?
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I just built a new computer using an Asus P4P800-E mobo and a 2.8 P4. I installed XP PRO on it when it was just the SATA drive and everything worked fine. I added two ATA drives on the IDE primary and a DVD drive and a zip drive on the secondary IDE. I went into the BIOS and set it to boot from the SATA drive but now I'm getting a BIOS checksum error at boot.

Any ideas on what might be wrong ?
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I'm switching over from IDE to Sata Western Digital Model WD2500AAJS on my HP A620N with a ASUS A7V8Z-LA Motherboard.

I'm going to use the Sata drive as the drive for my O/S and other programs, rather than as a data storage.

I have no other hd connected at this time.

I have both the power cable plugged in and the data cable plugged into the Sata 1 port on the motherboard.

I'm having trouble getting the Bios to see that I've installed the Sata drive.

I'm not sure how to change the Bios so it knows the Sata drive is there.

Any ideas? Thanks in advance!


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In my bios I see that the setting was set in the ACHI mode.?

Award Software Bios-
Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium , Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: AMD Phenom(tm) II X4 965 Processor, AMD64 Family 16 Model 4 Stepping 3
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 8188 Mb
Graphics Card: ATI Radeon HD 4300/4500 Series , 512 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 238368 MB, Free - 192442 MB; D: Total - 238467 MB, Free - 238370 MB; E: Total - 95385 MB, Free - 89351 MB; F: Total - 95385 MB, Free - 95293 MB; G: Total - 476937 MB, Free - 318811 MB; H: Total - 953867 MB, Free - 379385 MB;
Motherboard: Gigabyte Technology Co., Ltd., GA-MA785GM-US2H, x.x,
Antivirus: Microsoft Security Essentials, Updated and Enable

A:Solved: Bios setting for sata drive

Im guessing its in that mode because you have windows 7 in the computer and a SATA drive. vista and windows 7 are set for ACHI. to run windows xp the setting is usually SATA,ATA,IDE, or compatability.if theres another reason why maybe someone will be along with a better answer.most brand new computers at least laptops now have SATA drives and no longer use IDE drives.
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Hi All I have searched and tried several different things that are suggested to fix this problem but can't figure it out I'm simply trying to add a extra storage drive to my HTPC and when I install the drive it's recognized in the bios but when I start up windows it says it's installing new hardware then comes up with the error quot sata Bios but see's drive doesn't? windows Hardware drivers could not be installed for your device quot or something along that line and the drive shows up in device managers unknown devices with a yellow mark I have tried two sperate drives a TB WD Blue and a TB Seagate both are Sata g drives and my Motherboard is a Gigabyte GA- GPA-UD H that has sata ports Here's what I've tried As I said seperate drives both reacted this same Tried different sata cables Tried going into disk management to make the disk usable BUT it is Bios see's sata drive but windows doesn't? not listed there I used a Linux based quot recovery tools quot cd to boot the system which BTW sees the drive just fine to use the Seagate drive utility to partition the drive and format it NTFS I also read here to try uninstalling the drive controllers in the device manager and reboot and let windows set them back up Obviously None of this has worked and I'm at the Bios see's sata drive but windows doesn't? end of my wits here lol Any suggestions that you all can give me would be VERY appreciated Thanks

A:Bios see's sata drive but windows doesn't?

Hmmm..... no suggestions?
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the only wat to launch windows from a cold start is to use ctrl+alt+del and then it boots up.
When starting it up from a cold start up the bios does not see the hdd but after using ctrl+alt+del and booting into windows and then resart windows but not powering it down and then go into the bios it sees it. This issue is only when I completly power down and start up

A:hp slimeline bios does not recognize sata drive

Typically the result of the drive aging and not spinning up fast enough upon power on. Not likely on an HP, but some BIOS versions allow a boot delay to be set to account for this type of drive issue.
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System = Dell Inspiron 531

Had issue with boot drive, so replaced and re-loaded Windows Vista OS.

Decided to add original drive to grab some data; so installed the old drive in Sata Port 2. The drive did not work -- I thot is might be a bad SATA cable, so started switching things around.

Net is -- drive works fine if new boot drive is in SATA port 0; and prior hard drive is plugged in SATA port 1 (where CD had been plugged). Copied data, etc.

So -- knew I needed to ENABLE SATA Port 2 in BIOS -- but when I go there -- those items are 'Greyed out' and not selectable.

KEY QUESTION - Is there some other change that has to be made to enable SATA ports in BIOS? I went in Device Manager -- found the 'controller' entry -- but nothing seemed out of place there.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

Regards, HisRocker

A:Adding 2nd SATA Drive -- Can't Enable in BIOS?

Under Integrated Peripherals in the BIOS are the SATA ports greyed out even if there is a device plugged into one of them? I wish your manual would show illustrations of the BIOS pages but they don't.
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In my motherboard's site http www gigabyte us products product-page aspx pid dl go to choose your OS and choose windows bit if you want to see which drivers are available for my motherboard I have some SATA RAID AHCI drivers to download Just had clean install of windows bit So nbsp st one is Intel Rapid Storage Technology Intel rapid storage works better with Raid setup And if you use AHCI you don't need intel RST I also want to know what is the difference between RAID and AHCI setup nd Intel SATA Preinstall driver nbsp What does this RAID/AHCI SATA driver do It changes from Microsoft ahci sata driver to SATA RAID/AHCI intel ahci sata driver What is the difference between the two Which one is better I also know that it is SATA RAID/AHCI better to install this driver before OS rd Microsoft NET framework I have to install this one right I need it right and last another version of Intel Rapid Storage Technology So SATA RAID/AHCI i want to have a healthy gaming pc with maximum reliability and good performance I have Samsung SSD evo gb and want to keep it as emty as possible and fast So all i want to know is if i need these drivers Will i see performance increase What does each of these drivers exactly do What is the difference between the versions of Intel rapid Storage So all i want is to get informed and have a detailed answer Help would be greatly appreciated Also my motherboard is coming with AHCI mode right out of the box Sorry if this ''question'' is posted in the wrong category
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Hi guys,

I just built my computer and am going through the bios. Should I configure sata as IDE or AHCI?

This is the computer that I am building for video production:

Asus P6T Deluxe V2
Corsair Core i7 XMS3 12GB
5 Samsung 1 TB Spinpoint 7200 RPM
Antec Nine Hundred Two Black Steel ATX Mid Tower Computer Case
Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit

Now I want to use 1 of the Hard drives as my boot drive. And I want to set the other 4 hd's to raid 0.

Thank you!


A:Configure Sata as IDe or AHCI?

I would only use AHCI if you want hot swappable hard drives connected to your internal SATA ports (not your eSATA ports located on the I/O panel). If you do want hot swappable then you'll need to install this registry edit before you make the change in the BIOS.
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 I have a Pavilion dv6 laptop. The default drive configuration is RAID. I recently upgraded to an SSD, and after reading from the Internet and using Samsung's software, I found that AHCI is better than RAID for single SSDs. How do I change this?

A:Switch from SATA to AHCI

Hi: That can't be done. As long as you install the latest Intel RST driver from your notebook's support page, or get it from Intel, TRIM support is enabled in RAID mode since your notebook has a mobile Intel series 7 chipset. You may find this discussion if interest to you, as your notebook is in the same status...
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I have a simple problem here... I know some people knows the solution..

Can we put all ahci or sata driver in windows xp? So that every laptop that support ahci or sata we can install direct xp without changing from sata/ahci to ide...

Because my problem here some bios not have option for changing ahci/sata to ide... I must to configure always the windows xp to put a driver for ahci or sata...

I hope some people share there solution.. Or if they have the windows xp with all ahci/sata driver support can you share it?

Thanks in advance...

And sorry for my english...

A:about ahci or sata drivers...

and welcome to the Forum

You can slipstream the sata drivers on the XP CD, follow the instructions in this guide :
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Hello Looking for some help I obviously didn't do enough homework Hope this post is in the right place I have installed Windows Pro on a small new ASUS Intel H based mini PC Everything appears to be working fine I had quot quot in the device manager that went after doing Windows Update The issue is the disk is showing IDE I did not set it to AHCI in BIOS It is a SATA SSD Drive I've done a lot of searching here and elsewhere and found various registry change fixes But they are different This one IDE to Windows ~ SATA/AHCI 8 Pro AHCI Goto HKEY LOCAL MACHINE SYSTEM CurrentControlSet Services storahci StartOverride Windows 8 Pro ~ SATA/AHCI Change the DWORD value from to Reboot and change your SATA controller to AHCI in BIOS You will boot into Windows with AHCI drivers quot will it prompt for drivers which drivers or are they already in Windows quot quot Also are there SATA Drivers and AHCI Drivers or is one in the same quot Then this one To Enable AHCI In Windows Run the Registry Editor regedit exe Navigate to Registry Key HKEY LOCAL MACHINE System CurrentControlSet Services Msahci Set the quot Start quot value to zero Navigate to Registry Key HKEY LOCAL MACHINE System CurrentControlSet Services Pciide Set the quot Start quot value to zero Shut down Start up again but before Windows boots go into the BIOS configuration screens and change the disk mode to quot AHCI quot Save the new BIOS configuration and restart so that Windows boots When Windows starts it will detect the change load the AHCI disk drivers and do one more reboot to start up with them Problem I don't have the KEY HKEY LOCAL MACHINE System CurrentControlSet Services Msahci Finally I found this Error message occurs after you change the SATA mode of the boot drive but it's for Win Also I don't have the KEY HKEY LOCAL MACHINE System CurrentControlSet Services Msahci Any help on this would be really appreciated BTW I missed out on the VISTA amp Win releases So it's all new to me I have a Win XP Pro machine now built a new PC with Win Pro Sorry for the long post Also I think I have learned more about Windows on here in a couple of days than any where else Thanks Dave

A:Windows 8 Pro ~ SATA/AHCI

The issue is the disk is showing IDE.? I did not set it to AHCI in BIOS, It is a SATA SSD Drive.

It should have been set to AHCI for the install. Rather than try to fix that after the fact, I would suggest a clean install as my preferred method of handling this issue. However, there have been some with reported success in changing the mode from IDE to AHCI after the fact but there also have been may reported failures as well. I say go for the clean install.

Clean Install with Windows 8 Upgrade
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I'm trying to install Windows 7 on a new HDD but I keep getting "No drivers...". As a result I can't see the HDD from the installation screen. Can anyone assist with this please? Thanks.

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Hey everyone I hope everyone is doing fine I've literally rebuilt my entire machine but I Sata IDE Mode AHCI / think I made a mistake before installing Windows I should have gone over the BIOS with a fine tooth comb but I did not The SATA mode is set to IDE instead of AHCI or RAID and now of course I can't switch it to my knowledge without getting a BSOD It means I would have to reinstall the OS over again I have been reading up online and did a search here but didn't find the appropriate thead I have two questions I read on a forum somewhere where an Intel user used a program to change this in Windows Sata Mode AHCI / IDE somehow Is there some kind of Sata Mode AHCI / IDE utility that will allow Sata Mode AHCI / IDE me to switch to AHCI mode without reinstalling Win bit Second question is it worth it to switch over I see the benefits are this AHCI mode brings main advantages Supports NCQ Native Command Queuing allowing SATA drives to accept more than one command at a time and dynamically reorder the commands for maximum efficiency Supports hot plugging of devices Supports staggered spin ups of multiple hard drives at boot time My machine seems kind of slow when accessing data and don't know if this is an issue with the SATA drives being in IDE mode I got some choppiness in some games that's coming from access data tested and that seems weird but could definitely come from SATA drives being in IDE mode I got an MSI R Hawk Video card I'm freaking in love with that thing I have two Hitachi RPM SATA and one Seagate Barracuda RPM SATA drive All three are GB My new machine is ASRock M A DE Mainboard and I successfully unlocked the th core on my AMD Athlon making it a Phenom X and it's running beautifully Ran a stability test and it was perfect RAM is Kingston HyperX CAS running at mhz So my question to AHCI or not Do you think its worth it Have you noticed huge performance gains So now I guess I better update my profile and sorry I haven't been around Me and SevenForums had an email issue Cheers

A:Sata Mode AHCI / IDE

That's weird. I thought Windows 7 handled switching to AHCI mode better than that. Guess it has the same problem as XP.

Anyway, quick answers to a couple of your questions:

1) There is nothing magical about AHCI. About all you will gain is the ability to hot-plug drives. That may be worthwhile if you use an external HDD connected by eSATA. Otherwise, I wouldn't worry about it.

From what I've read, NCQ is only of real benefit in an environment where the disk is being accessed constantly, such as server. Normal desktop users probably won't see any measurable benefit.

The staggered spin-up thing probably doesn't matter either. Maybe it would, if you were running a large RAID (like maybe a 6-disk RAID 10) and had a barely-adequate power supply.

2) Yes, there should be a way to install the AHCI drivers so that Windows 7 doesn't bluescreen on startup. I did it with Windows XP, although it wasn't all that straightforward. I didn't have to reinstall Windows XP, and you shouldn't have to reinstall Windows 7 either.


Just for curiosity, I tried switching my disk controller to IDE mode. Windows 7 booted, but then made me reboot immediately, presumably because it had to install the IDE-mode drivers for the disk controller. On next startup, I re-ran the Windows Experience Index test. My disk score remained exactly the same (5.9) as when I had the disk controller in AHCI mode.

I then restarted, got into the BIOS menu & switched the disk controller back to AHCI mode. On restart, Windows 7 again booted fine.
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I have just finished migrating my win7 o/s to a new SSD.
Everything works fine. No problem booting up.

As a next step I wished to enable AHCI. First I check the two registry entries as described in this tutorial
(page 1) and ensured that both Start entries were 0.

Rebooted and entered BIOS setup program.
Changed the SATA configuration to AHCI.
Checked the Boot order next. It absolutely refused the option to select the SSD (with O/S) as the first boot drive. In fact it does not display that drive anywhere in the boot list.
Only when I go back and change SATA configuration to IDE can I then select the proper boot drive.

Bottom line, no AHCI

Any suggestions?

PS I had first posted this question in the tutorial thread cited above; that is an older thread and got no response. Therefore please forgive this double posting.

A:How to set SATA configuration to AHCI

Which SATA port is the SSD connect to?
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I just bought a new computer that I've assembled, and I've noticed that when I first booted it it warned me that I was running my HDD in IDE mode. So, after installing the OS (Windows 7), I went to BIOS and changed it to AHCI (for one reason: because my previous computer was on AHCI).

My question is: is there a difference between the two? and will switching modes after installing the OS do any harm? my HDD is a western digital "black caviar".

Excuse me if the way I phrased the question sounds weird or vague, but I'm terrible when it comes to hardware knowledge.

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everytime i turn on this new build it says the SATA HDD is running in IDE mode do I want to switch to AHCI mode or stay on IDE now as far as I know it shouldnt be on IDE should it as SATA isnt IDE I just want it on the proper setting it also seems to take a while to POST checking drives the monitor flicks on and off about times and it detects a Samsung DVD drive I have on IDE port temp until i get the SATA DVD tomoz and asks me to press any key then says loading operating system and goes to load windows just doesnt seem right to me other POSTS just say detected memory and drives then goes onto load windows within a few seconds this takes exactly seconds from pressing power button to starting windows logo surely thats not right should only be a few seconds can anyone advise just what settings the mobo should be on with one sata HDD on port and one IDE DVD or - AHCI IDE HDD SATA mode? drive but the DVD is being swapped for a SATA dvd bluray tomorrow thanks nbsp

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Motherboard Intel DG FB http www intel com products motherboard DG FB index htm Hard Drive Seagate GB ST AS http www seagate com ww v index j c fb VgnVCM dd aRCRD amp reqPage Model This was my first computer build I was getting blue sceen B when trying to install XP but when I changed quot Configure SATA as when IDE but boots to AHCI not set SATA quot option from AHCI to IDE it let me install I updated to the latest motherboard bios updated XP with all the windows update installed programs and it works However Intel Desktop Utilities list the hard drive as Model ST AS Max Transfer Mode UDMA ATA Active Transfer Mode UDMA ATA S M A R T Status Enabled Size GB When it is SATA boots when set to IDE but not AHCI supposed to be a Gb s Drive I believe Gb s would be MB s and not MB s The drive configuration menu reads ATA IDE Mode Native Configure SATA as IDE S M A R T Enabled When I change it to Configure SATA as AHCI my computer won t go past the WinXP screen I see the SATA boots when set to IDE but not AHCI logo and the blue status bar starts to move then the screen goes black and starts loading again from the intel motherboard screen the screen you hit F on It will then give me the quot boot safe mode last good configuration normally screen quot Using quot Last good configuration quot my computer starts up but the hard drive is back to IDE mode The other two options send me back to the F screen to start the process over again Also I took the little two plug jumper off the back of the Seagate hard drive No idea what the problem is Any Help appreciated nbsp

A:SATA boots when set to IDE but not AHCI

Try installing the latest chipset drivers from intel's site, then switching to AHCI mode.
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I have just completed a new build using my HDD s from my old computer so I an running Win XP Pro SP -bit before installing Win Home Premium -bit My HDD are configured as IDE in bios and everything works fine If I reset or AHCI HDD IDE - mode? SATA (again) the HDD mode to AHCI I only get the windows splash screen and the system restarts Searching the archives I found the following from crjdriver FWIW I have done some tests running native or standard ide and ahci On an intel p chipset board an amd chipset board and an intel chipset board On each one native ide actually gave better performance in a benchmark Not by much however it was faster with both a raptor drive AND a seagate drive If anything should benefit from ahci it should be the newer seagate SATA HDD - IDE or AHCI mode? (again) however it did not Click to expand Would AHCI provide any performance improvement Do I need the F driver - which one -bit Intel RST Driver Files f f lpy x zip V Thanks nbsp

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Ok, so I got my new hardware for my PC yesterday and got to installing Vista Business x64. I set the BIOS up to make the SATA controller use AHCI. Everything went smooth until the "Completing Installation" step. It just freezes at that part. The hard drive is recognized, partitioned, files are copied and installed, it just doesn't finish.

Once I changed the SATA controller to just "Native IDE" mode, everything went through smooth as can be.

Is this a problem I should worry about? Are there major upsides to having AHCI set in the SATA controller? Is it wise/possible to change the controller after installing the OS?

A:SATA AHCI and Vista

Upon further googling, I have found that most people have this exact same problem when trying to install Vista with AHCI control. Unless someone tells me otherwise, I guess I'll stick with IDE mode.
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Hi Recently I added additional internal HDD WD TB SATA MB Green as a secondary storage The original SATA cable connector is SATA - WD TB SATA - Samsung DVD-RW SATA - Empty SATA - Empty SATA - eSATA connector cable from computer s casing - Empty SATA - eSATA connector Cable from Computer s Casing - Empty I rearranged the cables to SATA - WD TB SATA - WD TB SATA - Empty SATA - Samsung DVD-RW SATA - eSATA connector from computer casing - Empty SATA - eSATA not BIOS Internal SATA detecting optical drive DVD/CD connector from Computer Casing - Empty Once done the motherboard BIOS only detects both the HHD It doesn t detect the DVD-RW anymore BIOS not detecting Internal SATA DVD/CD optical drive Before this both the HDD and DVD-RW was working fine I tried changing the DVD-RW s SATA cable to a new one tried connecting the DVD-RW in other SATA port but still same Note I didn t change any setting in BIOS BIOS Setting In quot Standard CMOS Features quot all IDE Channel - is set to quot AUTO quot hardware detection In quot Integrated Peripherals quot - PCH SATA control mode is always been AHCI - SATA Port - Native Mode is always been Enabled Please help me to solve this problem I want the BIOS and Win to detect the Samsung DVD-RW as well My system CPU Intel i - Ghz MB GA-P A-UD P rev - BIOS Ver F VGA Sapphire Toxic HD G RAM Corsair DDR GB MHz OS Win -bit SP Power Supply W Hard Disk WD TB SATA MB Black WD TB SATA MB Green Optical Drive Samsung X SATA DVD-RW Drive Model SH-S C nbsp

A:BIOS not detecting Internal SATA DVD/CD optical drive

Apart from the detection on the screen, does the drive seem to work normally? If so, I would leave it alone.

If not, the drive has likely failed... it doesn't take much for an optical drive to go bad.

Final test? Does it work in another computer?
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I just built this pc and the Western Digital 160 Sata hard drive isn't recognized in the bios but it will boot from it sometimes. I had to restart it 4-5 times this morning to get it to boot. I'm running winxp, ASUS A7N8X mobo, I had to get a SATA controller card to run this drive. I overlooked that this mobo doesn't have SATA connectors. My mistake and I couldn't return the hard drive because I had already opened the package. I upgraded the bios to no avail and now I'm at a complete loss. Need help. Thanks.

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Hey Everyone I have been searching around forums for answers and the best option to take I am currently selling used and old PC parts but have come up against a very rude buyer who is wanting a refund for two HDD s that he believe are DOA although they were taken from working tested PC s The two HDD s are SAMSUNG Model HD GJ This is the email I received from him Hi I have just received these two HDD One of these drives fails to be recognized by the BIOS This drive One Will Sata Used Format Not Shown Not In As Drive Bios. Slave, is as dead as they come The second drive fails to be Formatted by Paragon Partition Manager and will not be recognized by Partition Magic at all Both of these drives are dead and can not be used I do expect that you will refund Sata Drive Used As Slave, Not Shown In Bios. One Will Not Format both of these Sata Drive Used As Slave, Not Shown In Bios. One Will Not Format drives as well as the postage cost Rex I have tried to be patient and polite as much as I can but the further Sata Drive Used As Slave, Not Shown In Bios. One Will Not Format emails have been very rude Any idea s on how these problems if they can indeed be fixed would be great Thank you in advance nbsp

A:Sata Drive Used As Slave, Not Shown In Bios. One Will Not Format

You can't use SATA drives as slave, they don't have a Master/Slave relationship like PATA/IDE drives do. So if the buyer is the one that used the slave term, perhaps he's jumpered some of the pins ( RPM SATA 3.0Gb/s 3.5" Hard Drive -Bare Drive ) If he did that, then yes, I could see that the drives may not work as expected.
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Had a SATA drive DELL less than a year old Dell error code told drive bad need a new one Person came to install drive left SATA Bios 8400 Dell settings Drive without installing windowxp Tried to install windows xp said drive not detected Had to call person back they went into the bios and changed the settings to ATA then windows loaded Then when I went to install drivers with Dell disk RAID something or other was detected but when drivers SATA Drive Bios settings Dell 8400 went to install said it wasn t there kind of don t understand what RAID is Questions Should the bios be put back to original settings and then those drivers put in or leave well enought alone since SATA Drive Bios settings Dell 8400 the computer is working OK Is code always fatal I want to get some files from the old hard drive can I add the sata to an existing computer with SATA Drive Bios settings Dell 8400 an IDE using an add in card in efforts to try to get some important files THANKS INFO APPRECIATED nbsp
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Hi guys I'm hoping you can help On Friday I purchased an Intel NUC DN FYKH Installed the correct RAM and HDD and installed windows through USB The system installed the OS and booted normally However when I shutdown the mini-pc and later turned it back on Drive not Intel BIOS in showing NUC SATA DN2820 it would not recognise the SATA drive I assumed something must have gone Intel NUC DN2820 SATA Drive not showing in BIOS wrong so I removed it formatted it in another machine and repeated the process Intel NUC DN2820 SATA Drive not showing in BIOS Eventually I re-installed windows To check I shut down the computer immediately and the same problem occurred The initial startup screen showing F for setup hangs when the drive is plugged in but the bios still shows nothing I tried mounting the drive in an external caddy and connecting it by USB and the computer was able to see it again On Friday I updated to the latest BIOS fy I rolled the BIOS back to fy and tried every update since then without luck I don't think its a hardware fault as a format fixed it until I booted into windows Before I booted into windows I was having a bit of trouble finding the right installer and the drive was showing up fine It seems that it's only once I've booted into windows that the drive vanishes on shutdown I am using a trial copy of Enterprise from MS website Please note I have also posted this question on the Intel forums https communities intel com message but in the past have had quicker and more relevant help from this forum Does anyone have any ideas Max

A:Intel NUC DN2820 SATA Drive not showing in BIOS

Is BIOS set to legacy or UEFI and are you formatting as MBR or GPT? Is strange it won't appear in BIOS though, could be a hardware problem.

Try deleting all partitions and start over.
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I ve been trying for the past hours to get a GB seagate drive to work in my computer I ve downloaded the SATA drivers directly from asus but got to the problem where the viaraid sys couldn t be copied I was able to partition the drive into two parts and almost began install win xp though after the reboot I was stuck in a loop I thought that by getting everything back into place I d now be able to see the drive since it s partitionated but no Like the thread title state I m able to see the hard drive at boot time and in the bios though in the system I have no information on it at all I d like to know what step I should take in order to see my hard drive partitions in my hd list in win xp My current spec are CPU AMD Athlon Motherboard Asus K V-X Primary IDE HD Maxtor Y L GB The drive I m trying to install SATA Seagate GB Operating System Microsoft Windows XP Pro Thanks for your help nbsp

A:Solved: SATA drive detected in BIOS but not visible

Found the answer. The Serial ATA controller was disabled (in the control panel > peripherals > Serial ATA controller)

Drives show up!
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Before all this happen when turn on my pc there's problem when starting windows take long time then appear message quot Checking file system on C The type of the file system is ntfs One of your disks needs to be checked for consistency quot that process if not cancel will quot chkdsk is verifying files stage of quot and if canceled windows & BIOS. proc 2 no C Sata or Then, 1 Detect when install Not D Drive in loading to login when i reboot to re-installing windows there's problem when choosing drive to be system usually people choose drive C as system The problem is drive C or else isn't appear the err msg quot No Not Detect Sata 1 & 2 in BIOS. Then, no Drive C or D when install proc drivers were found Click load driver to provide a mass storage driver for installation quot then i load but still same no driver found After that i try any way from google to solve this but i get nothing - i try to switch the sata cable still not found - i try to switch PIO in bios from auto to - some reference that make me surf at the registry but the setting in registry looking good same with the example in reference this is some pictures http www sevenforums com attachmen jpg http www sevenforums com attachmen jpg http www Not Detect Sata 1 & 2 in BIOS. Then, no Drive C or D when install proc sevenforums com attachmen jpg http www sevenforums com attachmen jpg http www sevenforums com attachmen jpg
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Just migrated/updated my main C: drive to a SSD Seagate 128GB drive....minor issues at first but now running great.

Question is re my system bios. What if any is the correlation between the Sata 'order' in the following:

Bios Main Settings readout ( bios main settings.jpg )
Bios Boot settings/Hard Disk Drive ( bios boot settings.jpg )
Sata ports on MB numbered 1-6

Should these not have the drives listed in the same order in the readouts...? there a way to make MB board Sata1 port the C: drive...Sata2 port drive the Maxtor Drive...etc

Are the MB Sata ports numbering related in any way to what shows up in the two attached bios HDD/SSD bios screens ?


A:Bios settings re new SSD boot drive & MB Sata connectors

Change the cables round to suit.
SATA3G...1 = SSD.
2 to 5 = to suit.
SATA3G...6 = DVD.
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Can anybody talk me through installing a slave drive on my gateway gm5483e motherboard model 945gct-m3 made by elitegroup also known as ECS

A:windows Vista sata hard drive slave drive


It should be as simple as installing a couple of cables. Hopefully you've got a nice flat cable either with the new slave drive, or a spare with the motherboard: it's normally red, but can be other colours, about 1cm wide and 1mm thick. That needs to be plugged in between the drive and one of your SATA slots on the motherboard. They'll normally be black, and unlike most, will have a slight 'L' shape to them. If you get a torch on your motherboard, you should see SATA1 or SATA2 written very close to them. If you've already got a SATA drive, then it should be easy to spot, so just use the second port.

When you start the machine up, go into the BIOS by pressing the appropriate key (it should come up with a screen just after displaying what graphics card you have / testing memory, telling you what key to press - normally F1, F2, F12, Esc or Del),

Then find your way to the 'Boot Order' section (sorry, not sure quite where it'll be for your chipset - but it'll be either on the first screen, or more likely a menu off of it), and make sure that it's still on your CD/Floppy/original drive first and hasn't swapped to your new SATA (it shouldn't have done, but some prefer a SATA drive by default to an IDE).

Any probs or questions, please come back. You'll do fine!

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Dell Dimension about - years old Stock SATA gb hard drive crashed won't Crashed, Hard computer SATA drive recognize ANY Drive got the blue screen all the codes etc Took it to a computer Hard Drive Crashed, computer won't recognize ANY SATA drive place they also said the HD crashed I have bought a replacement gb SATA HD - attached the two inputs to the back one thin and ling one thin and short and Hard Drive Crashed, computer won't recognize ANY SATA drive all I get on boot up is a couple of chirps and the screen says quot Drive and and Not Found Serial ATA SATA- quot and repeats for drives two and three The drive is warm it s being accessed it s humming but I ve also tried a third gb drive same thing I even replaced the original drive back in and the same thing - not even the blue screen and error codes any more Went to F set up set to auto detect all SATA drives sets to on I m computer literate but not a techy or anything Totally lost now Please help emsguy you at aol dot com nbsp
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I have a Dell Vostro 200. It has a hatachi 80 GB harddrive. It has no OS installed. I want to switch it with a 1TB hard Drive. 1st does it matter who the manufacter is? Dell wants WD. I want Seagate. And do I just load the XP Pro disc in and start? Oh, I don't believe it has ever been used. It was supposed to be a vista...yuck!

A:Is it hard to just replace a SATA hard drive?

ynotbme said:

1st does it matter who the manufacter is? Dell wants WD. I want Seagate.Click to expand...

Brand names are irrelevant especially when you are installing your own OS.

ynotbme said:

And do I just load the XP Pro disc in and start?Click to expand...

That would be the idea if you have it set to boot from disk in the system BIOS. The CD/DVD must have first priority over the HDD to boot.
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Hi Is this possible I have tried numerous times on my DVD Windows with Install and 7 Hard Sata IDE ROM Drive Drive PC to install Windows onto my Sata Drive to no avail Yet as soon as I plug in my IDE HD it installs fine I have unplugged all external peripherals USB and internal Card Reader Set my Bios ok as it sees both the Hard Drive and DVD fine Both in the bios and during selection Install Windows 7 with Sata Hard Drive and IDE DVD ROM Drive of hard drive during windows installation Yet when I come to install it it craps out at a random percentage saying cannot read from source or worse yet it crawls so slow through the percentages I really don't think Windows should take hours to get to Yet both the hard drive and dvd are fine and the disc works great on my other PC without the sata drive in I'm pulling my hair out here My motherboard is a Biostar G -M TE with latest bios now what is odd is that I recently updated the BIOS to the latest one so does my problem come from here or was it always going to be a problem on this board Also when I do have win installed on the IDE drive when I plug in ther sata drive inside the whole system goes belly up from freezes when transferring large files to just not seeing the drive Help

A:Install Windows 7 with Sata Hard Drive and IDE DVD ROM Drive

Have you checked out all of our Questions list ?

Questions to use for help with Installation Issues

One of my favorite tips is to pre-format the HD on another computer to the partitions that you want for the new install on the new computer. Sometimes SATA drivers are required during install either from Disc or USB flash drive containing the correct Sata drivers needed.
Also check your Bios setting for AHCI, SATA, IDE.
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I have a Dell Dimension drive XP, hard WD recognized drive with Installing new SATA not MCE that I ordered with a single drive In retrospect I should have ordered it with drives and without MCE but that is another discussion I am wanting to install a new OEM WD Cavier SATA with dual boot operating systems on the same drive but partitioned XP Pro and MCE I have installed the WD drive as the second drive in position and made a partition of GB The drive is Installing new WD SATA hard drive with XP, drive not recognized seen by the system I reboot the system and go into setup disable the Maxtor SATA drive one delivered with system and in position change the Installing new WD SATA hard drive with XP, drive not recognized boot order so it boots from CD save the changes I boot the system with the Win XP Pro CD and in the FDD Installing new WD SATA hard drive with XP, drive not recognized I have WD SATA drivers The system boots I hit F and it looks as though it is reading the SATA controller drivers Needless to say the system doesn t recognize that a hard drive is present Please help If anyone has any ideas or suggestions it would be greatly appreciated nbsp