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USB Bluetooth Dongle Not Able to Add (See) BT Device

Q: USB Bluetooth Dongle Not Able to Add (See) BT Device

Just received this USB Bluetooth dongle from ebay purchase The standard Windows driver appears to have installed according Devices and Printers view see image From the Bluetooth system tray icon to Show Bluetooth Devices window when I try to add a device with my Jabra BT headset in pairing mode the device cannot be found The Options tab in my Bluetooth Settings dialog is shown in an image below PROBLEM QUESTION How do I get my bluetooth device detected with my Add Not Able BT Dongle Device Bluetooth (See) to USB working new USB dongle in Windows POSSIBILITIES Most USB Bluetooth Dongle Not Able to Add (See) BT Device likely possibility getting Bluetooth to work in Windows is a huge time-consuming effort Bluetooth services may not be started There is no installed software or obvious Control Panel module that points to Bluetooth In Vista one has to find quot Bluetooth Places quot by typing in the Start- gt Run box to find it ASUS does not even install bluetooth a sign of where technology is going There is probably something similar in getting BT to work with Win The dongle does not work with a standard Windows driver and requires a special driver However it is clear that the seller did not offer any special driver software and anyway the Devices and Printers view clearly shows a device with a working driver Somewhat related to item the dongle may still not work even though it can install the driver For example the radio transmitter might not work What is likelihood of that OTHER INFORMATION The functioning ability to pair of the Jabra headset was re-tested in my old PC HP dv t running -bit Vista with built-in bluetooth and found to work I was going to try to look for another bluetooth device to test but when this occurred it should not have been necessary The PC is a ASUS G Sx which was purchased with wireless capability but not with bluetooth hence the purchase of the dongle

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Preferred Solution: USB Bluetooth Dongle Not Able to Add (See) BT Device

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: USB Bluetooth Dongle Not Able to Add (See) BT Device

Go to the manufacturer's website and get an updated driver for your device from there.

Check 'Allow bluetooth devices to find this computer' in BT settings.
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Hello I am having a repeat issue with a MediaLink Bluetooth adapter recently purchased I purchased one as a gift for another and they had this same issue but I was able to get it resolved for them and cannot remember how I did it The problem was when plugging the dongle XP bluetooth dongle. USB auto Windows not detect device will or / 7 into any of multiple ports windows doesn t even flinch Device doesn t light up simply nothing happens Completely undetected I have tried it on an HP Elite desktop with Windows Ultimate and a Dell Vostro Laptop with Windows 7 or XP will not auto detect USB bluetooth device / dongle. XP on it I remember one part of the solution was to not use the included CD drivers from the company or the ones available from their site as per their own instructions it was suggested I use Broadcom s direct driver download utility which I did But this is useless if the device is undetectable to begin with it s as good as dead to the computer I also disabled my anti-virus momentarily wondering if Windows 7 or XP will not auto detect USB bluetooth device / dongle. it could be the culprit as it usually is I have searched around and found no solution any ideas nbsp

A:Windows 7 or XP will not auto detect USB bluetooth device / dongle.
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Hi all this is my first post/question so bear with me if it hurts the rules

Ok now i bought this usb dongle today and installed it successfully on windows 8 for 4 hrs trying to make it connect my android phone to the pc using bluetooth but in vain. It worked one time but went of in an instant.
plz give me my fix. The drivers all have been installed correctly, and i have tried reinstalling with all the drivers available but it nvr worked plz give me a solution asap.

Sri Vardhan

A:Bluetooth Dongle Not Detecting Bluetooth Mobile

Hi Sri, Welcome to 8 forums.
On windows type "msconfig" in search field at the start menu and open MSconfig. Go to the Services Tab and search for services related to Bluetooth. If any of them are unchecked they will not load on Windows start so make sure you have checked them.

Keep us posted.
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I recently purchased these 2 items. Hoping for a headset for my phone and my pc. - Kinivo BTH220 Black Bluetooth Stereo Headphone – Supports Wireless Music Streaming and Hands-Free Ca - Mini Bluetooth USB 2.0 Micro Adapter Dongle

It worked perfect with my Andriod, but the Dongle does not seem to want connect with the headset. It seems the Dongle was not made to work with Windows 7 64bit. The bluetooth dongle will recognize the headset when I try to sync them, but will not actually let them connect for any audio. Here's a pic of the error.

I've tried reconnecting it multiple times. Been searching online for the past few hours for drivers and programs to get it to work, but no such luck. Any help will be appreciated.

A:Bluetooth headset + bluetooth Dongle help

Welcome to SevenForums.

Next, I suggest you check this site for compatibility and certication of your products.

Next time, I recommend checking before purchase.
Windows 7 Compatibility: Software Programs & Hardware Devices: Find Updates, Drivers, & Downloads
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Please advise me what to look in a dongle to get the right/best one for my laptop.

HP ENVY dv7-7230us
W8 64bit
Quad-core AMD
6GB HDDR3 Memory
750 GB SATA Hard drive

Sorry folks, until just moments ago I never heard of Bluetooth dongle, didn't know Bluetooth can be external device. Nice to know they are so cheap on eBay. that all I need to make this bluetoothless notebook Bluetooth capable ? .

A:Bluetooth dongle

Mainly, be sure it will work with Win8. Here is one. Google on "windows 8 bluetooth dongle."
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can anyone help me set up my dongle to receive pictures from my mobile to my pc. I have intel core 2 duo with vista business. Thanks

A:Bluetooth dongle

Look for some Bluetooth install software for your dongle and computer. You computer must have a setup and pairing program and a profile for your phone to computer connection.

Most dongles will come with a CD to install such.
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I need a Bluetooth dongle... but it has to work with usb 1.0 (maybe 1.1). The laptop it will be used on is a hp Presario c751nr. I saw most are usb 2.0 but I've heard 2.0 is also usable in 1.0.

A:what bluetooth dongle should I buy?

Most are backward compatible. If you want to be sure just look at the specs for the one you want to buy.

USB 1.0? Are you sure about that? According to this it is USB 2.0 Compaq Presario C751NR Specs - CNET
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I just got a USB BlueTooth Dongle for my laptop, and my Acer Aspire 5720z's Launch Manager doesn't detect it, how do I get it to detect it?

A:BlueTooth Dongle?

My Laptop has come "Bluetooth Ready" but the bluetooth button on my laptop doesn't turn it on or off.
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just purchased a belkin dongle, upgraded driver to vistas from their website. computer continues to indicate "no local bluetooth device found". configurations have been reviewed and altered so computer will recognize dongle. when dongle is initially plugged in to USB, it lights up and then stops. Please advise. Thank you in advance for your time and efforts.

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hi, this is the first time im on this forum and i had a problem with my new bluetooth dongle.
well, when i bought it it camed with its own software. i herd in some forums that when a bluetooth divice is connected to a computer and u have sp2 there would be a bluetooth icon on control panel and a my bluetooth place icon in my computer. but i have sp2 but i dont have does icons. and also my mrouter does not find the bluetooth devise. so the only way i can use my bluetooth is with its own software , (which is useless to me).
does any one know how i can fix this problem?

A:bluetooth dongle

There will be no blutooth icon if Windows doesn't know you have a blutooth thingie installed. You need the drivers for your dongle. Try ones from the manufacturer's website instead of the outdated ones you have on the CD.
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hi there

this is my first time here so apologies in advance for sounding dim lol...

im running an advent 4489 with n270 processor using windows xp sp2 ... dont know if you need any more info than that...sorry

iv got a bluetooth dongle which i am trying to use but my system is saying there are no bluetooth drivers installed even tho the toshiba stack shows... im not very computerish when it comes to the technical stuff but iv tried...for hours..... lol

if anyone could help me find a way of sending my photos from my phones bluetooth to the bluetooth dongle that is currently attached and showing a green light on my laptop id be very greatful...

many thanks for reading and kind regards

kellie xx
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I have recently been given a blue-tooth dongle by a friend, but he didn't give me no driver disk. He said it wasn't needed as its plug an play.

I plugged the device into my comp an it was detected by windows.
But then it said it couldn't be installed as it didn't have no drivers in windows.
So i do really need a driver disk.
I have looked on the web an cant find any thing.
Also i don't even know the make of the device. All i have is Blue-tooth V.1.2 Class 2 USB dongle.
When windows detects the device it is named as Siw.

I have checked the
an done a google search but I'm not getting much luck.

Does any body know where i can get the drivers for this device??
All help would be appreciated.
Many thanks
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I bought a Creative D-100 wireless speaker about a year ago. It connects via Bluetooth and worked fine (at first) with my Desktop PC, using a Medialink USB dongle. However, after a few months, it no longer connects to the speaker. When I open Bluetooth Control, I see the Creative D-100, but when I click on "Connect," it acts as if it wants to connect, but after a second or two, tells me I am disconnected. I re-paired the speaker, but still, no connection.

A friend, on a recommendation from me, bought a D-100, but was unable to connect from the start. I also bought one as a gift that can't connect to the recipient's PC. All three USB dongles were from a different manufacturer. However, in each case, Windows 7 was the OS.

The speaker connects effortlessly to my Google tablet with built-in Bluetooth. My diagnostic skills are exhausted. Does anyone have any suggestions?


A:Bluetooth dongle vs. Win 7

I'm bumping this back to the top of the pile in the hopes someone can help me.

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I have a USB Bluetooth Dongle that I used to use in Vista and XP where it was USB Dongle Bluetooth simply plug and play Then all I had to do was go to Control Panel and there would USB Bluetooth Dongle be a Bluetooth icon where I can add other Bluetooth devices But after plugging it in Windows there's no such icon when I go into Control Panel USB Bluetooth Dongle When I first plugged it in Windows automatically and successfully installed the drivers for it But since there's no way or at least that I know off of how to add a device to my computer on Windows I tried searching for my computer on my mobile phone so that I can add it in my devices But my mobile phone can't find my computer How do I add other Bluetooth devices to my Windows system I even tried going into services msc and setting Bluetooth Support Service to Automatic and starting it but I'm still not able to add my mobile phone to my computer Any help would be much appreciated EDIT Nevermind I just simply typed in Bluetooth in the search pane on the start menu and there was an option to add USB Bluetooth Dongle a device LOL

A:USB Bluetooth Dongle

Hi Flava0ne,

That was quick! Glad you got it figured out When you get a chance, could you please mark this thread 'Solved' as explained here? Thanks!

Windows Outreach Team
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Hi Problem-Bluetooth Dongle Not working I have a Lenovo-Q -Vista bit Home Premium-Desktop I wanted to connect my pc to my Mobile What I did In my mobile Phone Android -Enabled Bluetooth from settings Made it on Now it says quot -Name of mobile- is visible to nearby devices while bluetooth settings is open quot Bluetooth icon has come in the mobile Bought a cheap-Non-branded Made in China-Bluetooth USB Dongle from ebay and plugged into my PC Red LED lighted up in the Dongle No driver software was provided Bluetooth Reg Dongle Drivers installed automatically Microsoft generic bluetooth drivers Bluetooth icon came up in Notifications area Lower right hand corner Under Device manager-Bluetooth driver got installed and entries cameup Generic Bluetooth radio and Bluetooth Dongle Reg Microsoft Bluetooth Bluetooth Dongle Reg Enumerator Also under Network Adapters Bluetooth entries has come up Bluetooth Dongle Reg All are showing quot The device is working properly quot under their properties When I tried to add device My mobile to my pc thru Bluetooth it is not showing up No errors anywhere My PC is also not shown in my mobile Now What I did Uninstalled drivers under device manager Rebooted PC installed drivers automatically No improvements Got another dongle from my friend for half-a-day It is working in his home with his Desktop which has Windows XP The same thing happens with that in my PC though I have installed Windows -Evalution edition in another partition in my PC Same thing there also Error Under Bluetooth settings- gt options tab- gt Discovery- gt If I ticked quot Allow bluetooth devices to find this computer quot PC says quot An Error occured while windows was saving your settings The Bluetooth device might be unplugged quot When I don't have a driver software Do I have any other options to make this dongle up Any response will be appreciated Thanks R Balaji

A:Bluetooth Dongle Reg

Forgot to mention.
1)My friend's dongle is also non-branded made-in-china with no drivers.
2)I have re-installed my OS-Vista and tried also.
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Is there anybody who knows about a Bluetooth key that would be fully recognized and accepted in Win 7 64 bits among the ones we find on the market ? The one I have, a very tiny dongle sold without driver is not correctly seen in device manager...

Thank you

A:bluetooth USB dongle

Although I have not tested it in Win 7 x64, the Azio BTD-V201 has a Win 7 x64 driver.

It works perfectly in Win 7 x86.
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Hi i have been trying to make my new usb bluetooth dongle to work on my dell inspiron laptop for some time now and i ended up making it worse by trying to fix it my self I bluetooth Malfunctioned dongle usb am running multiboot windows xp and windows RTM I first put in the usb dongle and it installed drivers but it would not pick up any other Malfunctioned usb bluetooth dongle bluetooth Malfunctioned usb bluetooth dongle devices and even when Malfunctioned usb bluetooth dongle i set it in the settings to make my pc discoverable my phone could not discover it I have read online and tried a few sollutions including making sure that the bluetooth service is enabled and it is I then found a sollution were someone said that windows vista drivers should work i installed them and it looks like my bluetooth dongle has malfunctioned and now i cannot make it install the drivers it is always saying quot unknown device quot if i try to update the drivers it says quot cannot find a better match for your unknown device quot If possible could someone give me some ideas on how i can fix the malfunction error and also if possible a way to make it discover devices Also i tried the broadcom bluetooth downloader software which auto-configs bluetooth devices but it freezes at quot connect your bluetooth device quot but it is connected Thanks for all the help nbsp
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hi can anyone help me, everytime i connect my bluetooth dongle to pc to transfer ringtones and stuff, it works fine its only when i connect to internet, that i get a message saying aol has detected improvement to you conection. is there anything i can do to stop this happening thanks
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I just found my old bluetooth dongle. On my computer, I have no software on it, since it was lost quite long ago. When I try to use it, I go to control panel, add hardware, then I get an error, saying:

Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems. (Code 43)

Does anyone know what the problem is? Maybe if I need to install the actual software (Don't know what brand it is. Don't even say on it. ), or maybe install some drivers?

Thanks a lot.

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Hi guys,

I'm trying to figure out the best way to transfer all audio wirelessly (as if there was a cable connected to line out) and hook up a wireless mouse.

Seems like the cheapest way to do both things is through bluetooth. Price aside, I'm afraid streaming all audio from my computer via wifi would slow down my internet connection.

Problem is my computer (VAIO vpceb1m1e) doesn't have bluetooth. It has 4 USB ports. If possible I would like to use only one USB dongle (nano) for both things.

Is it even possible to use a same Bluetooth USB dongle for audio streaming and mouse control, both working fine?

Any system you recommend?

Thanks a lot

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Everybody discusses their problems, but there is very little info about a Blurtooth Dongle that works without problems in Windows 7 (32-bit in my case.)

I live in South Africa and it looks like it could be years before there are any on the shelves here, so I have to import myself, and trying to find one is a mission.

A:Has anybody got ANY Bluetooth Dongle to work?

I have a CSR Bluetooth Dongle that works fine for me, although i didnt buy it, and the dongle itself lacks identification. Windows 7 Ultimate x64 btw.
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Hi there I have a Panda dongle purchased on Amazon As per some comments I found I allowed Windows to install the driver for it as people were stating that the manufacturer was instructing against using the drivers included with the dongle Windows stated that the driver was installed successfully I now have a BT icon in the toolbar and there's no errors being reported in the device manager The issue I have is that when I go to quot Devices and Printers quot or quot Bluetooth Personal Area Network Devices quot the location bar shows scanning veeeeeeeerrrrrryyy slowly to then just stays blank It looks like the process never ends I never see my BT headphones that I've turned on for the discovery process I'm sure that the dongle is operable because in my Debian install on the same machine I'm able to connect to my BT devices without issue It just seems to be an issue in my Win install Could someone help me troubleshoot this issue I'd love to be able to use my BT headphones Thanks for your time

A:Problems using bluetooth dongle

You could try reinstalling the driver in compatability mode.

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Tried to connect my smartphone (and my camera) to my laptop (built-in bluetooth) automatically, OK.
Enabled my new PC bluetooth dongle csr4.0 in Windows 7 and tried to connect.
Scanning - Confirm xxxxxx (random? 6 digit number) is used (msg on both sides)- OK - scanning - "wrong pincode or password".
Dongle installed succesfully on W7 Ultimate.

Why the dual verification of these numbers?
What am I doing wrong?

A:Problem with bluetooth dongle

Hi there It is only usually four numbers .. Have never seen six before .. How ever try 1234
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My Acer didn't come with bluetooth built in because I didn't need it at the time so I bought a 'dongle' from Broadcom Kensington WIDDCOMM whatever it's called I put the CD in and all the drivers are not signed After overwriting all of the install options I get Installation Failed So I check out their website and download their installer file which downloads a Dongle Dribble Bluetooth meg installation driver package into a temp directory automatically launches the installer which gives the error message quot Installation Failed quot nothing more then promptly deletes the temp file so you have to re-download the meg file each time you try to install I've been in contact with Broadcom's tech support I wish they spoke English who only tell me to Get a new Cd or update MS drivers for the device amp Re-download the driver install file I've tried MS driver update even let the dongle-hardware-install look up drivers on the web I've downloaded the driver package from Acer com which turns out is the EXACT same file from Broadcom's website Bluetooth I'm out of options aside from taking it back and Hoping that the next one I buy doesn't have the same problem Any ideas

A:Bluetooth Dongle Dribble

Ok, since nobody else wants to comment on this, I guess I'll have to put in my Other 2 cents.

According to this post, (you'll have to scroll all the way down, but it's a good read) ALL Kensington Products will NOT support Vista x64.

Buyer Beware!

Mine is going BACK!
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Hi all Can problem. dongle Bluetooth anyone offer any advice poss I m trying to install a bluetooth USB dongle and half way through the process to be precise i get the following message quot The controller does not have enough bandwidth available for the Generic Bluetooth Radio which has requested of the bandwidth quot Below this message is a list of devices and the amount of bandwidth that each are using that I ve listed below It Bluetooth dongle problem. also tells you to click quot refresh to obtain updated bandwidth information Standard Enhanced PCI to USB Host Contr System Reserved Standard Open HCD USB host controller Speed Touch ASDL Modem Bluetooth dongle problem. Then below this is the following quot recommendation quot quot Move this device Bluetooth dongle problem. to a controller that has more available bandwidth or to free bandwidth close the programmes using the devices on the currant controller If the programmes cannot be found unplug one or more devices quot A windows error message also appears but does not stay on screen long enough to be read I m just able to read quot windows strongly recommends quot before the message goes off screen Would really appreciate any advice nbsp

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i recently bought a bluetooth dongle from a local market.
the bluetooth dongle is Made In China.(No Company!)
and written on the back cover is .

..v2.0 compliant..
..symbol rate 3Mbps..
..supports Voice Data..

It works fine on a PC with WinXP/32-bit i am not able to use it in my Windows 7/ 64 Bit.
It setects the device at random USB ports and once the drivers were installed correctly but the Bluetooth Peripheral Device was not installed.
Once it also added my Mobile Phone through Bluetooth but file transfer was happening. Now, it wont detect the device at some USB ports and just installs it as a CSR bluettoth device..
It does not detect my any Bluetooth Device.

Please Help!
or my 100 rs goes to drain!

A:Bluetooth Dongle Frustration

Not all Bluetooth's are compatible with Win 7.
Some (most) of the cheap no-name brand generic devices are total complete garbage.
Save yourself the hassle spend a little more and buy name branded stuff.
Make sure it is Win 7 compatible.
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I Have Problem With Bluetooth Driiver. I Can't Connect My Galaxy S II Because I Not Have A Driver On My Computer.

Where Can I Download It ?

I'm Not Use For Connect Game Controller But I Use Bluetooth For Connect My Phone & Moblie Bluetooth Because I Don't Need Microphone

A:Bluetooth USB Dongle 2.0 Driver

Hi Gunniz
please visit the following site and try the answers given there :

Unable to connect Samsung Galaxy S2 using bluetooth with Windows 7 - Microsoft Answers

Good luck
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i have just got a bluetooth dongle which came with bluesoleil but it says it is in evaluation mode and is unregistered. it will only let me transfer 5MB at a time. how do i get over this problem. thanks gazbag

A:Solved: bluetooth dongle

Register the program...
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i bought a bluetooth dongle for my laptop recently. it is working very well with my nokia 6680 smartphone; i can transfer images etc easily.
but i have a question. when i tried to pair the adaptor with my smartphone the smartphone showed the message "unable to pair the device", but the transfer goes smoothly. this is a bit confusing.
any explanation would be appreciated.
thanks in advance.
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i want to get a bluetooth dongle but dont know much about them. what is the differance between class1 & class2? also i have seen V1.1 & V2.0 is it similar to usb 2.0? many thanks gary

A:Solved: bluetooth dongle

Bluetooth (BT) classes:
Class 1, has a range of about 300 ft, it is the highest power (~100mw)
(but since it uses about 40 times more power than Class 2, it is not too often used)
Class 2, has a range of about 30 ft, it is the most commonly used (~2.5mw)
Class 3, has a range of about 3 ft, it is the lowest power (~1mw).
(The power used by Class 1 is only about 40% less than Class 2, and perhaps is not really worth the power savings in lieu of the much shorter range.)

As for the version numbers, you need to find out if they are talking about either the USB interface for the dongle, or the BT version.

Dongles referring to the USB interface speed USB v1.x is 12MBps (Millions of bits per second). Since BT data rate is somewhat limited to under 1Mbps, the older, and slower v1.1 USB speed of 12Mbps is much more than adequate.

There is a new BT version just now being introduced, it is usually called BT v1.2, or in some places v2 (thus the confusion with the USB version numbers). This is about 3 times faster than the common BT v1 (there is a v1.0 - seldom used, and v1.1, both are the same speed, just some connection improvements)
The new BT v1.2 uses less power than needed for the same power Class in BT v1.1
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I have just acquired a usb bluetooth dongle. I never recieved any driver with the unit. It works with Bluesoleil but this program is just too demanding. (hog) I am running XP exclusively on 5 computers. Is there a simple driver or free program that will get me up and running? I was hoping to run Windows Streets and Trips on my Acer Aspire 3680 laptop or on Acer Atom.

Any help would be gratly appreciated.

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I want to add Bluetooth to my Lenovo Thinkpad T530 and can either buy a card or a dongle. Dongle is cheaper and far less of a hassle to install so am thinking it's a no-brainer to choose the dongle over the card. Am I wrong so should instead buy the card because it will function better and is worth the extra cost and hassle in the long run? Thanks.

A:Bluetooth card or dongle

I have always liked the dongles, and the one I had was SO small that it didnt take up any room except a usb port. and i had great range on my bluetooth devices too.
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Hi guys I have a Microsoft bluetooth dongle that came as part of the wireless mouse amp keyboard set When i connect the dongle to my pc it gets installed amp the keyboard and mouse work fine BUT i cannot locate the device for the dongle on my PC In windows XP the dongle appeared as a bluetooth device in control panels Dongle visible Bluetooth not anywhere but i Bluetooth Dongle not visible anywhere can't see this in windows I looked under control panel - gt hardware amp sounds bbut there is no option for bluetooth listed there I checked the devices but it's not there either I want to connect my phone amp a different bluetooth keyboard to my PC and so need to find the bluetooth options in Win As mentioned above the bluetooth dongle is a Micrsoft one and came as part of the Microsoft Entertainment Desktop Keyboard amp Mouse It should pick up other bluetooth devices but i need to figure out where the bluetooth settings are in windows Can anyone Bluetooth Dongle not visible anywhere help Regards Shuja

A:Bluetooth Dongle not visible anywhere

So why can't i see a 'Bluetooth' devices option in control panel in win 7?
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I got a TINY TECH Bluetooth USB Dongle which I have no problem using it on my PC with Win 2000 but when I try to use it on other PC with Win XP, I have problem installing the installion software. Can anyone please help. Thanks in advance.


A:Bluetooth USB Dongle dun work with Win XP

Simple things first, make sure you have software that is compatible with Windows XP, might have to download an update if the product only ships with W2K
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I'm trying to hook up an lg l55c pphone to a bluetooth dongle bcm92046dg-cl1rom and I can't get iit to function properly but it had worked in win 7. Does anyone have any ideas?
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Hey guys,

Just having some problems with my USB bluetooth dongle here.
I plug it into any computer and it will activate a green light on the dongle but its not picked up the computer or any hradware detection wizards on vista or xp.
It just sits there with the light on constantly and as far as I am aware there are not drivers that can be downloaded for it as its all done automatically.
Any ideas??


A:Bluetooth Dongle Problems

I wouldn't be surprised if you have the same one that I got today.
The description of your device, the green led, your problem, they're all very familliar.
I have this one:

I don't know where you got yours, but it should come with drivers. Like you I expected that hardware manager would yell something, which it didn't. It turns out that you really have to install the drivers, otherwise it won't work, trust me on that.

In my case it meant BlueSoleil drivers that came with the product on a mini cdrom, but these drivers suck. Then you have the other issue that some of these dongles have a mac address of 11:11:11:11:11:11, because some suppliers wanted to save money by not getting a proper mac address. The BlueSoleil drivers will whine about that at one point, yell at you that you have illegal drivers and switch the software in evaluation mode (you gotta "love" those Chinese LOL). There are dozens of users complaining about this and for a good reason of course. Btw, I got one of those 11:11... mac addresses, bummer...

I followed the advice of some person and got these Widcomm bluetooth drivers:

After that, everything solved and much better software too, also more stable.
As for the 11:11:... it's very unlikely to run in a problem with that in the future, unless you connect to someone else with the same mac address, again... very unlikely (I spare you the details).

Again, you might have a different dongle, but that's how I solved it.
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is it possible for a multiple bluetooth enabled cellphone connected to a single computer using this device? tnx!

A:USB bluetooth dongle question

It's possible to get them connected, the software for the cellphone will determine what you can do with the multiple phones.
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okay so my motherboard has a built in Bluetooth dongle but since its in the back i don't get such great connection that steady. so i wanna get a dongle that i can put in the front to use. so my question is if i uninstall all the drivers form windows and disable it from the bios. will i have conflict problems with using the dongle.

A:adding a bluetooth dongle

That does not sound right. Your signal should be strong enough - even from the back.
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Hi All I had an older Lenovo Desktop pc running Windows Home Premium and GB of ram with no built in Bluetooth I bought a Medialink Bluetooth Adapter - USB to Bluetooth - Class Smart Ready Adapter with Low Energy Technology This setup worked beautifully No real issues I couldn t figure out Bluetooth PC not old on dongle PC as behaving on Same new I could walk around my whole small apartment and have perfect audio This PC died of Same Bluetooth dongle on new PC not behaving as on old PC a power surge I bought a new PC here I plugged the dongle in and the audio is terrible It will barely let me walk feet before breaking up severely It even breaks up if I put something in the way of the headphones drinking coffee for instance This is extremely annoying when trying to watch a video and then the audio screws up and is then out of sync I figured I would need some drivers so I contacted the dongle s retailer They gave me a link to http www broadcom com support gid I downloaded the Windows bit Installed those and I ve had no real difference audio still cuts out I have also tried using a different USB port I am using a BT keyboard and mouse with no noticeable performance loss I was using the same setup RE BT mouse keyboard and headphones on the dead PC According to the Kinivo the manufacturer of the headphones there are no drivers for the headphones they come from whatever the dongle it is you are using Explanation on their website here Am I missing something stupid and simple here A PC with with much more capabilities can t run the BT dongle the old PC could run Seems silly nbsp
Relevancy 62.78%

HI , i would like to know if there are any drivers / software for my USB Dongle Bluetooth ?

I had this working on XP_SP2 without any problems .. i have a generic bluetooth dongle , any ideas ?

i plug it in ( USB dongle ) and vista asks for the Cd , i pop that in and it installs the drivers , but it doesnt work at all my phone for an example cannot find the bluetooth USB ..
Thanks for any help .
Cheers T

A:Solved: USB Dongle Bluetooth

You need to get with the OEM of the Dongle and get a copy of the Vista driver. Remember that some of these OEM's will try to sell you a new Dongle with a new driver.
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Hi all, first time asking for help on this forum, hope someone can help.

Well, I bought an 2.0 usb bluetooth dongle for my pc. When I plug it in, it does nothing, no bing-bong device sound, no uninstalled device in device manager, nothing.

Pc mobo is kinda old, asus p4p800se, but it has usb 2.0, I have had no other problems with any other device. I know the dongle works because I took it back to the shop and they tested it in front of me on a xp pro machine. I run xp home sp3.

I have tried pretty much everything googling has to offer (driver updates, bt stacks ect), and this is my last resort.

If anyone out there can help, it would be much appreciated, THX

A:usb problem w/bluetooth dongle

Make/model of dongle is needed (by me anyway).
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I have just encountered a problem with my bluetooth dongle (sitecom). It was working Ok until i just tried it tonight. The only thing I have done that may have affected it has been to reset netsh/winsock as my laptop had the bug where windows assigned an incorrect IP address giving the connectivity error when trying to connect to my wireless network. I have googled and found things about microsoft bluetooth stack but nothing i found has worked. I am running xp with sp2

The exact commend i used to reset netsh was -

netsh int ip reset resetlog.txt

Any help would be appreciated
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I need a driver for my bletooth dongle. The driver it is looking for is BCM92035DGROM.

I would appreciate anyone helping me.


A:Bluetooth Dongle Driver

what os? and brand bluetooth
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Help! I've just bought a usb Bluetooth dongle I've installed the driver an plugged in the device but windows or the the software won't recognized the bluetooth dongle. Windows knows that there's a new usb device fitted. Can anyone pls help. :giddy:

A:Can't get my bluetooth dongle to be recognized by my PC!! Pls Help!!!

What version of Windows?
What make and model of dongle?

Does it show up in device manager?
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i have a blue tooth dongle that i bought and plug it in and i keep getting bluetooth peripheral device and it will not work

A:bluetooth dongle not working on windows 7 64 bit

this is the bluetooth dongle that i have
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What Bluetooth dongle works with 64bit Windows 7? Bluetooth version 3.0 would be nice if anyone is making ver. 3.0 yet, I haven't seen any yet.

A:What Bluetooth dongle works with 64bit Win 7

I plugged in an old dongle (don't know what version but it's old) and the drivers installed for it without problems.

I haven't tested it with anything yet but I'm guessing it should work fine.
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My bluetooth dongle isn't working in Windows 7, it worked perfectly fine in vista, in which it worked fine. I can't figure out how to get it working with a driver, I never had a install cd or anything vista and xp ran it fine.
If someone can direct me to find a driver for this it would help greatly. I've tried to install the generic bluetooth driver and that didn't work either.

Please help!


A:Bluetooth Dongle not working in Windows 7

what kind of bluetooth dongle is it?
a search for bluetooth dongles states that there are at least 50 different types from different manufactures, and probably none of them use the same driver.
tye any text that you see on the dongle here, and we can try to find the right driver.
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I have a bluetooth keyboard which I planned on using but I unfortunately forgot to bring the USB dongle along so I'm unable to use it due to not knowing how to. Still, I do have a bluetooth dongle that connects bluetooth devices to it like mobiles so would this be any use?

A:Have a bluetooth keyboard but missing the USB dongle

If they are all the standard BT4.0, then it should work.
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Hi !

Problem is that the white BT mouse is not working with BT usb dongle.
- It is working with laptop where BT is intregrated.

That other mouse (speedlink) is working fine with that BT usb dongle.

Mouse seems to be fine and, usb dongle works too but why it doesn't work together ?
Any ideas?


A:Bluetooth optical mouse / BT usb dongle

Well, it seems I don't get any help from here...
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My girlfriend has a no-name bluetooth usb dongle (she bought it some time ago since her laptop came without the bluetooth integrated and she needs it to access stuff on her cellphone). It worked perfectly on her Windows 7 machine until recently. Now, by looking into the Device manager this is what we see:
And now when she connects the dongle to the USB port it does't work. I've tested it: I connected the dongle to my old XP machine and there it worked fine - and instantly. So the thing itself is OK.

I tried uninstalling the devices from her computer but when they reinstall it says that the driver installation was unsuccessful. I also tried seraching for the driver by the Hardware ID but found nothing that would work.

Do you guys have any idea how to fix this?

Thank you!

A:Bluetooth USB dongle stopped working

This almost sounds like its a hardware related glitch withe the dongle; especially if it wont install the drivers successfully
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i have a desktop PC and a laptop , both have a bluetooth , and both have a windows 7, the disktop has a home premium 64x , and the laptop has a 32x ultimate , and i need to make a network that allow me to share Internet access in booth PCs , and files too , could you help me ???????

A:establishing a PAN network using bluetooth dongle

This link should help you to set that up. I havn't tried this myself but it looks fairly simple.

Connect to a Bluetooth personal area network (PAN)
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Is it possible to use Bluetooth Dongle plugged into usb windows xp pc playing mp3s using vlc player to a wireless Bluetooth speaker?


A:Bluetooth Dongle playing mp3s from pc

Sure. It just needs to support the Bluetooth driver and software needs to output the sound to that Bluetooth device.
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i just bought nokia bh-503 headset, and i have a bluetooth dongle in my pc, i tried to find bluetooth devices from that dongle, but it cant find the headset.

-headset is on
-dongle drivers are installed
-already connected headset to my phone, works fine
-connected my bluetooth to my phone, file transfer, success.

help me pls!

A:Bluetooth Dongle can't detect my headset

Try this in order. Make sure that the bluetooth is turned off, prepare your bluetooth menu for the new device then turn on the headphones. Hold the power button until you get the blue light. After doing that start the device discovery. Now pair the headphone. Restart the device and see if it works.

A Guy
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I need to install driver for Bluetooth Dongle.

The seller which I bought it from said I need to download Blue Soleil Software. - /driver/
and click bluetoothnew.rar

I downloaded the file and this is what it display.

So how is the proper way to install the driver for Windows Xp?

Which exe or msi file do I double click on to install proper driver for Windows Xp so my Bluetooth Dongle device will be recognzied on my p.c. and will work?

Do I install the software before I plugin the Bluetooth Dongle to usb port to my p.c. or plugin usb dongle, then install the software ?

What about if I wish to install driver for Windows 7. Do I install it the same way ?


A:Installing driver for Bluetooth Dongle

Setup_.exe is what I would try first. That should open a setup wizard to install a driver.

Yes, it will be the same way for Windows 7.
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hi i tried to install a bluetooth dongle..

and when i insert the cd it says i might not have the appropriate
permission to continue with the installation.(i'm the administrator).and after that a couple
of errors pop up on the screen..

the dongle is a blue soleil (ivt2.6.0.8)

A:Solved: installing bluetooth dongle.

Load the drivers FIRST then plug in the doggle, windows should then find the drivers and install them
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So I just got a razr in the mail today and I also have a USB bluetooth dongle, now, the windos bluetooth drivers detect the phone okay, and want to use it as a modom, I can also transfer files back and forth between the phone. When I install the software with the phone called "Mobile Phone Tools" it will connect to the phone okay via usb, but when I unhook the usb cord and try to connect the phone over bluetooth it can't find it. I remember back when I had a sony ericsson t616 phone with bluetooth I had the same kind of problem, but i had to tell the software to connect over usb, even if it was a bluetooth connection, and that made it work. I'm not sure if this can somehow be done with the razr, any ideas?

A:Bluetooth Dongle with Motorola Razr

Anybody have any ideas?
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Hello My Bluetooth feature doesn't work any more in C P B t -browser I see an empty page and be may usb drivers of dongle lost bluetooth my smartphone is not visible now settings properties enabling detection apply gives an error 'error in b t service' and 'the b t app is not connected probably' but drivers of bluetooth usb dongle may be lost the b t usb dongle is actually plugged in and the blue led is on but I cannot see if the software connection is working The B t general driver in C P says 'working correctly' RFMD IVT - - this latest driver was an update DriverMax But previously the dongle was surely visible also in C P B t-radio's there was Microsoft enumerator driver and Silicon Wave Wireless Adpter driver now there is nothing visible about this usb dongle so these specific dongle drivers are gone may be It's a B t Tiny usb adapter of Digitus plug and forget How can I get this b t usb dongle working again drivers of bluetooth usb dongle may be lost in the first place

A:drivers of bluetooth usb dongle may be lost

This is ok now, after some manipulations, trials and errors with broadcom-, anycomwidcomm- and microsoft bluetooth's and b.t. drivers it's working again.
In c.p. I have like before 1 post bluetooth-radio's (microsoft bluetooth enumerator + silicon wave wireless bluetooth adapter) and under network-adapters I have again 2 b.t. items also (b.t. pan #2 + b.t. rfcomm tdi #2) and the drivers are silicon wave wireless adapter 6.1.6002.18457 and sst boxone dongle also may be important, are installed successfully. The b.t. wizard for sending files to the smartphone works fine, receiving does not work yet, but this is a fault probably in the smartphone itself (samsung star s5230) that for some reason still sees an old computername (no more in use after windows reinstall), this is visible with search directly from the smartphone, but is does receive files. Ok, solved for the pc part at least.
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I have HP 15-r074tu Notebook PC of serial no. - CND4339Q5B does not show any sim when connected through a micromax 3G usb dongle. It shows No Device every time but the same dongle and sim card works on other PC. Also, the bluetooth driver is not working even when updated version of the bluetooth driver was downloaded.
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Hi all

I have just bought a new laptop with Windows 7 and wanted to use my bluetooth adapter, its says on it ADVENT Bluetooth V2.0 EDR

I have lost the cd to put the software on it, anyone know where i can get this from?

long shot i know !!


A:Long Shot -Advent Bluetooth dongle

It looks like your adapter probably uses the toshiba bluetooth stack.
Try the trial download and see if it activates with your adapter.
If not,you would either have to buy the software or get another adapter.
Probably cheaper to get another adapter on ebay.
If you get another adapter,get one that is EDR 2.1.

Here is some info.
Download links at the bottom of the page.
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Hi I am using a class bluetooth dongle unkown manufacturer with the toshiba bluetooth stack V Premium and a bluetooth headset The specs for the dongle are Bluetooth V USB compatible with V I have a strange problem when changing the USB the dongle is plugged into If I change the dongle to another USB port searching for 7 dongle Bluetooth USB problem port Windows devices fails Bluetooth dongle Windows 7 USB port problem I have tried uninstalling the stack and of course deleting the device from the bluetooth manager window Also strangely when I plug the dongle into a USB extension on the same port it doesnt work either When I put the dongle back into the same USB port it works fine as usual I want to change the USB port Bluetooth dongle Windows 7 USB port problem so that I can get better reception as its plugged in at the back at the moment Also I want to use the usb extension for the same reason to bring Bluetooth dongle Windows 7 USB port problem it out above the desk Weirdly though as I say it doesnt work with the extension just a regular cable with USB male on one end and female on the other to plug the dongle into Is this something to do with voltage drop down a cable And regarding the changing of the usb ports is this something to do with the bluetooth ports being installed on that USB port only I dont know exactly how bluetooth ports work so how they get installed etc Thanks very much for any help

A:Bluetooth dongle Windows 7 USB port problem

UPDATE: Folowed instructions for deleting registry keys fr bluetooth here, Troubleshoot failures in detecting new Bluetooth mouse or keyboard. then reinstall.

No change. Still only works from the USB port round the back.
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I have laptop with Ralink bluetooth adapter and the driver is installed successfully.

I can receive from other mobiles also.

My question is everytime i have to click to accept or to receive, this i dont want.

The files are to be stored in my computer automatically. what should i do for this?


A:Bluetooth dongle software for Ralink adapter

Its the Software design i think so.. You cant change those !!!
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I recently purchased the device in the title, and hooked it up to my Windows 7 x64 PC. However, nothing happened and the driver didn't install. I tried downloading ones from Broadcom and using the Windows Mobile Device Center, but Broadcom's wouldn't find my device and the device center said my device got unplugged. Could I have any help (preferably by Friday)?

A:IO Crest SY-ADA23012 USB Bluetooth 2.0 EDR Dongle Drivers

First question I have to ask is; what is this dongle for?
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im just now finaly getting around to checking into bluetooth for my comp,mainly because i just got a bluetooth enabled razr phone and gotta play with/mod/ and hack the hell outta it (i have the usb cable for that part of it though) but i wanted to know about a good,moderately priced class 1 usb dongle that i can be asured works well with the phone. so if ya got one you like, please tell me the brand and all that great stuff so i can check it out. THX

A:Need a bluetooth dongle for linking with v3 razr phone

I think you'd be ok with just about anything really. Head to a electronic stores and pick one up there fore cheap. If you don't like it, return it. Most stores here in the states have decent return policies with items like that.
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Hi - I have laptops one First one with Windows upgraded from Vista and the other Second One Windows clean install I recently got a Bluetooth Dongle USB MINI BLUETOOTH V EDR DONGLE - a k a CSR Dongle installation in 7 problem Windows Bluetooth Bluetooth USB dongle and tried on both the laptops Here is my problem - On the first computer Vista upgraded to Win it installs as CSR Bluetooth Device under device manager driver file Bluetooth Dongle installation problem in Windows 7 is btcusb Bluetooth Dongle installation problem in Windows 7 sys and it does not work at all Cannot find bluetooth devices nor devices could find by computer On the second computer win clean install NOT an upgrade it installs as Bluetooth Radios Generic Bluetooth Radio amp Microsoft Bluetooth Emulator - driver files are bthport sys BTHUSB SYS fsquirt exe amp bthenum Bluetooth Dongle installation problem in Windows 7 sys and everything works fine What could be the problem in my first computer that stops it from installing the same way as it did on the second and what all things I could do to fix it - Thanks you in advance

A:Bluetooth Dongle installation problem in Windows 7

After much struggle I figured out (thanks to another thread for clues) how to force install the generic BT drivers. Go to device manager - bluetooth - right click - update driver - choose from my hard drive - chick List the available drivers in my drive - choose Generic BT drivers .

It works the same way on my first laptop that is a Vista upgrade to Win 7

Thanks you all who might have looked into it -
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I bought this super cheap generic bluetooth dongle. The reviews gave me the feeling it wouldn't work, but i thought how hard could it possibly be? The reviews were right, it doesn't want to work right out of the box, I get an error code 43, and I'm really not sure what to do. I've tried uninstalling/reinstalling the device and I get the same error. I think it's missing a specific driver but I'm not sure. It's an Excelvan (, a brand you've probably never heard of (until now )

I have it plugged into a USB hub, it flashes red so i know its working... (cant see it here because of the flash)
Device Manager...
right click, Properties...
Driver tab...
clicked Update driver...

My computers' specs are listed below, but it's basically an HP 64-bit laptop.
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Whenever I start my computer with the USB Dongle plugged in, it freezes at the boot screen, not even giving me the option to access the Bios settings. My computer is a Dell Dimension 8300 (I HATE IT) and this problem only started a few days ago. I have tried reinstalling the drivers and everything as well. I am stumped!!!

A:Microsoft Bluetooth USB Dongle Haults Comp

Look in the BIOS and make sure it is set to boot to the H.D.D as first boot device.
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Hey folks I've been looking for about days on forums and Bluetooth Microsoft problem Transceiver v3 (dongle) websites and didn't find a proper answer Hope you can find it I have the Microsoft Wireless Entertainment Desktop set and it comes with a dongle named Transceiver v Everything worked well on Windows Vista both the keyboard and mouse and adding new Bluetooth devices was easy But since I upgraded to Windows I had a lot of problems with the dongle I managed to find a way to add devices enabling the dongle on hardware mode instead of software looked for the quot Services quot window and enabled the Bluetooth function at Automatic etc Like I said now I'm able to find devices in hardware mode But for a unknown reason the searching function do not seem to find either my keyboard or my mouse Let me recap Software mode - Keyboard and mouse work - Microsoft Bluetooth Transceiver v3 (dongle) problem Unable to find new devices Hardware mode - Keyboard and mouse do NOT work - Able to find new devices Is there a way that I can do BOTH I tried IntelliPoint and IntelliType for Windows from Microsoft but it doesn't change anything beside being able to choose between software mode or hardware mode Thank you very much

A:Microsoft Bluetooth Transceiver v3 (dongle) problem

No one had this kind of problem? :-(

I forgot to mention that Windows 7's "Driver Software Installation" recognizes the dongle as a generic USB hud and not as a bluetooth device.
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I have an IVT bluenext BN micro bluetooth adaptor I bought it in on amazon co uk Oct It came with a mini-cd with bluesoleil software I used it successfully for a while but I haven't used it for a few months It still works in my old XP computer but I can't now get it to work on my vista laptop It did work on this laptop before A message - dongle Bluetooth maybe problem? not recognised driver on screen on the bluesoleil window says please insert a Bluetooth device I have turned computer off amp on again taken adaptor out amp put in again Somehow windows is not recognising it I presume it may be a driver problem but Bluetooth dongle not recognised - maybe driver problem? I may be wrong My Dell Vostro Vista laptop has automatic updates Blue soleil is version I uninstalled amp then reinstalled this from the CD that came with the adaptor The adaptor has no buttons on it it's very small the whole thing is less than twice the size of the USB plug itself Could I have removed the driver for it I don't recall doing so In Control Panel Bluetooth Devices has nothing listed If I click quot Allow bluetooth devices to find this computer quot then an error message says quot An error occurred while windows was saving your settings A Bluetooth device might be unplugged quot I've tried lots of things but it still doesn't work Now a message says BlueSoleil Bttray has stopped working A problem caused the program to stop working correctly Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available only one option - Close program and then The procedure entry point FinishParse could not be located in the dynamic link library versit dll I've tried uninstalling other devices in device manager some had exclamation marks amp wouldn't update the drivers when I tried amp deleting some bluetooth entries in registry after backing it up I used USBDeview amp uninstalled lots of unused USB devices listed there As far as I know my laptop doesn't have any integral bluetooth so that's why I bought the dongle And it worked Any other suggestions welcome

A:Bluetooth dongle not recognised - maybe driver problem?

Hi Ricardo, Welcome to Vista Forums. I will try to help you fix your problem with your Bluetooth adapter. Here are some things to try:

1) Check for the device in Device Manager: Click Start, type Device into the search box, click Device Manager in the list of results, Click the plus next to Bluetooth Radios (If present) and see if the dongle shows up without a Yellow Warning sign next to it. If it doesn't show up, or has a warning sign next to it, let me know. If it does read on.

2) Reinstall the Device Driver and Software: Go to Control Panel, Programs, Programs and Features, select the Bluetooth software from the list and uninstall it. Then insert the disc that came with your dongle and reinstall the software and drivers. If this works, Please tell me, otherwise read on.

3) If your are here and the problem is still not solved, let me know. I am searching for a driver on the internet that will download and saves normally, and that is virus free. I will let you know if I find one.
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I bought a USB dongle from Argos and actually went back to get it replaced in case it was the unit before posting here but my issue persists The instillation instructions provided with the device as well as those of multiple other sources all say to do the - not v2.1 appearing icon USB on dongle CSR Bluetooth help taskbar following plug in the device and the computer will detect and install driver automatically click on bluetooth icon that appears in the bottom right on the taskbar No icon appears on the taskbar and even though on Devices and Printers window it registers the device properly with no errors when trying to go through the settings it does not think the device is plugged in in fact at first nothing even happened when I'd right click on the bluetooth device and click quot Bluetooth properties quot it only started responding after I went to Services and stopped the bluetooth service and restarted it before then nothing would come up at all but still it doesn't realise it's plugged in and nothing is appearing on the taskbar the driver SHOULD be installed okay but nothing is working Do I CSR Bluetooth USB dongle v2.1 help - icon not appearing on taskbar need to install anything or do anything help would be CSR Bluetooth USB dongle v2.1 help - icon not appearing on taskbar very much appreciated I just bought a bluetooth keyboard and would very much like to use it

A:CSR Bluetooth USB dongle v2.1 help - icon not appearing on taskbar

Did you click the little arrow in notification area and see if any icons there?
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I'm curious to know if there is a true plug and play Bluetooth dongle available anywhere. I'm trying to send from my work computer to my Bluetooth headset. The problem I run into is that I'd have to have admin rights to load a program and every Bluetooth dongle I've found so far requires a cd loaded driver. Does anyone know if they make on with a contained driver that doesn't require a disc to upload? My PC does allow that type of driver to be installed (ex thumb drive driver)? Thank you in advance.

A:Is there a TRUE plug and play Bluetooth dongle?

Sorry, we can't help here. If there are restrictions put in place by your office IT against installing software and hardware then you need to go through therm to see if you are allowed to add or do this. We cannot assist in bypassing work restrictions as it can lead to lawsuits or your job termination for breaking work policy.
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I have a belkin wireless bluetooth dongle, model number F8T003 ver.2 but apparently it does not work with Vista. I am baffled as to why it would work on XP but not vista surely there must be a driver to fix this? Belkin website says not supported? but most of their products that say XP work with Vista so why not this?

Any help appreciated as belkin technical support are closed for the weekend.

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Hello, I just got an Asus Bluetooth USB dongle and I went through the installation process, restarted, plugged it in and now I'm getting a Code 38 in the device manager. It told me to remove any Bluetooth software I already installed, I checked for it and there wasn't any.

I have no idea what to do at this point and I really want this to work so I don't have look for another one.

Thanks in advanced.

- Nolan

A:Code 38 with Asus USB-BT400 Bluetooth Dongle

Did you have a BT device before or is there one included (built-in) in your laptop? The code indicates there is a BT driver already in memory. The normal procedure is to remove the old driver then reboot before installing a new device driver, However; Windows will install a generic BT driver when the device is first plugged in so a new driver shouldn't be needed. Post an image of your Hardware Manager with the BT device plugged in and Bluetooth Radios expanded.
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Hello Dongle, Went the on paying price? cheap Bluetooth all I recently bought a USB Bluetooth dongle on eBay from Hong Kong for The packaging was very generic saying Bluetooth and that it is Windows Vista ready and quot supporting profiles Networking Dial-up Fax LAN access and Headset quot Sounds good because I m on Windows Vista right I plugged it in and Vista automatically installed these two drivers listed under quot Unknown quot in Device Manager Generic Bluetooth Radio with blue bluetooth icon Microsoft Bluetooth Enumerator same icon location is listed as Generic Bluetooth Radio and these two listed Went cheap on Bluetooth Dongle, paying the price? under quot Network Adapters quot Bluetooth Device Personal Area Network Bluetooth Device RFCOMM Protocol TDI My problems so far While the bluetooth icon shows up in the taskbar searching on the notebook for my LG Xenon With bluetooth and discoverability on the phone switched on doesn t show the xenon or another phone which Went cheap on Bluetooth Dongle, paying the price? is also in range However searching for devices on my phone shows my notebook but when I try to connect there is no popup on my notebook I assume there should be one asking for a passcode correct This is as far as I ve gotten Do I need to find a different driver on the internet There is definitely no brand listed on the packaging nbsp
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Hi, new to the forums. I just installed Windows 7 and I've gotten most everything to work except for this device. I tried running the installer off the disk and it would not connect to my headset.

Any suggestions?

A:Belkin F8T016 Mini-USB Bluetooth Dongle

You could try running the setup with compatibility mode.
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Hi together I bought a bluetooth dongle from Speedlink quot VIAS Bluetooth USB Adapter quot It implements Bluetooth V EDR but that should be backwards compatible It is working on Windows and on Linux but on Vista devices detect Bluetooth Dongle doesn't (SP2) i have SP Bluetooth Dongle doesn't detect devices (SP2) the pc is unable to detect any devices First of all the cover of the dongle says that it is quot certified for Vista quot Windows actually recognizes it and installes the standard bluetooth drivers The manual confirms that only Microsoft drivers are needed So the drivers are installing with no problems but i can't detect any devices I tried my phone the wiimote all these things work on the other platforms I tried reinstalling the drivers and rebooting a lot of times but it didn't helped I tried writing an e-mail to the manufacturer but there was no response since the th July Under quot services quot the service quot bluetooth support service quot is running I found out that the dongle does not search for devices I observed this on the Windows pc When the dongle searches for devices the LED stays red which is happening on Windows but on Vista the LED is only flashing Has somebody an idea Thank you

A:Bluetooth Dongle doesn't detect devices (SP2)

Hi. I would like to assist you. Please post the device status from device manager as a photo, and the Hardware ID so i can try to find a fix.

If you need to know how to do that, let me know
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Anyone else having problems with USB Bluetooth devices getting lost on startup / reboot. I have a ASUS BT211 dongle that I have to delete the device and reinstall it. Works well otherwise. I had the same problem with a rocketfish dongle under windows7 64.

Windows 8 64
Foxconn H67S
8 gig
ASUS BT211 Bluetooth dongle

A:ASUS Bluetooth dongle gets lost on reboot

Have you tried the W7 64 bit driver driver yet? - ASUS - Networks- ASUS USB-BT211 Mini Bluetooth Dongle

If it wont install normally use compatibility mode for W7 :

To install a driver/program in compatibility mode - right click the setup.exe file - click properties - click compatibility - check run in compatibility with w7 etc - check run as administrator - leave the rest blank. Start setup.exe and install.
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Hi there,

I have tried and tried for months to get this little CSR bluetooth dongle working and its been driving me mad.

This is the unit

Redirect Notice

I get an error code 10 when windows 7 tries to auto install. I have followed multiple tuturials, and forums discussions with no sucess. I cannot find a suitable driver that windows will accept and install and successfully use to run this thing.

All help appreciated


A:CSR mini bluetooth dongle driver for windows 7 64

Welcome to SevenForums:

Have you tried going to device manager and using the update driver tab?

The reason I ask is the two drivers I can find for your device have been removed from all these sites.
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hi there,

i have a lenovo G505 laptop running windows 8.1 and i am having issues trying to install my bluetooth USB adapter,
a belkin F8T017,

i have tried installing the drivers but it doesn't recognise the device during the installation, and when i check device manager it shows as a HID compliant Mouse, i have tried everything i can find on google, tried installing the vista drivers in compatibility mode, and repeatedly uninstalled the device in DM, even tried to update the driver software and pointing to the correct drivers but as the drivers are old it keeps saying the drivers installed are the most up to date (even though they are wrong) it does not recognise it as a bluetooth adapter, and it works in my fiancee's laptop and my desktop which both run win7 ultimate.

i am wondering if anyone on here knows of anything i can try to resolve this?



A:Bluetooth USB dongle showing as HID compliant mouse

Perhaps there is no win 8.1 driver written for this device? I would search the manufactures website for an updated driver. I know my Asus G75 needed an upgraded Bluetooth driver to work correctly in 8.1

F8T017 Its seems that win 7 win 8 or 8.1 are not listed in the compatibility list
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Hello, I have just recently gotten a GHS2 4.0 Bluetooth Adapter (link to Amazon page GHS2 Bluetooth 4.0 USB Network Adapter Dongle for Windows / Linux / Mac - Plug and Play Dongle Class 2 Transmitter - 32/64 Bit: Computers & Accessories)
Reviews looked good, figured it would be nice to be able to connect headphones without the cables. Got it today...

Not once has it worked. It shows up when I search for a device with my phone, and it can see both my phone, and my headphones. However, upon attempting to connect, I get this
Any help would be appreciated
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Hi everyone.

I'm posting here because I can't get my bluetooth adapter to get detected on my Windows Seven 64 bit. I'm trying to install broadcom, but it keeps saying the device is not detected, preventing me from doing the installation.

I tried the things on this thread: Belkin F8T016 Mini-USB Bluetooth Dongle But it's still undetected in my computer and I'm not sure what to do at this point.
Could someone please help me ? I'm getting really confused...

Thanks by advance.

A:Belkin F8T016 Mini-USB Bluetooth Dongle undetected

Quote: Originally Posted by Lunie

Hi everyone.

I'm posting here because I can't get my bluetooth adapter to get detected on my Windows Seven 64 bit. I'm trying to install broadcom, but it keeps saying the device is not detected, preventing me from doing the installation.

I tried the things on this thread: Belkin F8T016 Mini-USB Bluetooth Dongle But it's still undetected in my computer and I'm not sure what to do at this point.
Could someone please help me ? I'm getting really confused...

Thanks by advance.

Hello Lunie and welcome to the forum
Have you tried using the Vista driver from Belkin?
Make sure the device is not plugged in attempt to install the driver and let us know what happens
Ps if it does not install normally you can also right click on it select properties, compatibility and select install in compatability mode for Vista

I hope this helps
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My Dell N installed Win free update nicely Had some minor quirks but fixed and had to install updated software for HP products Problem arose when during Anniversary update my mouse started connect disconnect Traced it to a bad Win on as 10 Does and turn disk Bluetooth dongle automatically misread wire at the mouse Bought Does Win 10 turn on Bluetooth automatically and misread dongle as disk a new Microsoft wireless mouse Plugged it in-works But--on quot Retarts quot for installation of software and on updates at Restart black screen got message quot unable to find operating Does Win 10 turn on Bluetooth automatically and misread dongle as disk system quot Hard boot-started and loaded flawlessly Tried the quot restart quot from the power icon- quot can't find operating system quot After three days of scouring the net pulled the quot dongle quot out after restart screen opened restarted normally Went into quot Bluetooth controls quot turned off quot Bluetooth quot and tried restart worked normally even with dongle in And the wireless mouse works fine I think having the Bluetooth on and having a Bluetooth transmitter combined to mix up the computers bios Is there a fix for this so I can leave the Bluetooth on for my other devices and still use the wireless mouse For the moment I went out and bought a new quot old school quot wired USB mouse and there are no issues with the Bluetooth on and the wired mouse with quot restarts quot
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Hello . Just a quick question: is it possible to use a wireless Xbox controller adapter as a universal Bluetooth dongle on my PC? I doubt that it will work, but its worth to ask.
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iogear 4.0 in UPS land somewhere. Have samsung shape speakers I hope to connect to. I also have the matching hub. Tells me we need a smart device. The android we have may be the one we can usel I was told (whoops right there) that these speakers should also connect through our pc without the dongle. The app will not download because the pc is not compatible. I kinda figured that. Any suggestions? I'm beginning to feel really tech oblivious! Would like hubby to be happy.
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I have connected the USB Bluetooth Dongle (BCM20702) to the "work computer" and it is detected but not flashing blue like it should be doing at home on my own computer. The wireless earphone "WLE1717" is showing up on my Bluetooth Devices but is still having the "searching flashing light" being shown on it.

I have taken a look at the device in "Bluetooth Devices" and it intermittently shows up as "Trouble Shoot" not the whole time, when I right click it, there is no Bluetooth option and it says "Mouse settings, keyboard settings"

What can I do to make my wireless earphone work?

A:Bluetooth Dongle not flashing and not detecting my Wireless Earphone

Check whether they have the same BT standard.
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I just bought one of these USB Dongles to transfer from my old laptop to my pc. I should get it shortly from ebay. does any one have one of these? i just want to know if you can access the wireless internet from my router or desktop cpu to my old laptop?
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i just bought a plug and play blutooth dongle .
the first time i put it in it installed certain drivers but 2 failed and it said device unplugged.
so i uninstalled the drivers and plugged in the dongle again.
now it installed evrythin fine.
but when i try to add a device it dosent discover my headset or phone.
i made my computer to allow devices to view it from the bluetooth settings, but my phone cant find the pc too.

the light in the dongle is blinking too.
its an enter E-UBTV dongle .

thanks alot in advance for any advice.


A:plug and play bluetooth dongle not detecting devices and not able to f

Try the drivers from Support - they show as 32bit though, no idea if they will work for you.
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Purchased a brand new Asus USB-BT211 bluetooth dongle with the express goal of connecting a wiimote to my new computer. the machine runs Windows 7 x64, the drivers for the dongle install without a problem, and the bluetooth searching mode on the "add a device" screen appears to be running without a hitch.

when i place the wiimote into sync mode (holding down the red button), it never appears to be visible to the computer, and doesn't show up on the add a device screen. When I attempt this procedure with either of my other two laptop computers, (running Windxows Vista x86) using the same dongle, the wiimote syncs without a problem and can be used with other utilities such as glovePIE and JoyToKey and Dolphin.

So, tell me, Why is it that Windows 7 refuses to see the wiimote when i try to make the connection?


A:Bluetooth dongle is installing, properly recognized, can't see devices

My goodness, 101 views and zero replies. I've really stumped everybody haven't I?
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somehow, the integrated bluetooth isn't detecting the device. help?

the laptop is a 2730p and the os is vista business.

A:How do I install an mx5500 mouse to a laptop without using its bluetooth dongle?

Have you installed rechargeable batteries, charged them up, and made sure the mouse is switched on via the small switch on it's underside?
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When I turn on my computer, this comes up:

Invalid Hardware State - A compatible device could not be found while creating default profiles. This application will exit now.

I presume this is related to the Nikkai Bluetooth Dongle I bought today...what can I do to fix it? I'm trying to connect a Wiimote to my computer in order to play Wii games on Dolphin...

A:USB dongle driver device error?

Sorry I'm not familiar with this particular device but I'll start the ball rolling. Did you install the device driver yet?
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In windows 10 mobile, I can go into my bluetooth devices, and 'disconnect' a specific device. In Windows 10, I can only 'remove' the device (which I don't want to do) or turn off BlueTooth altogether.
Does anybody know a way to just disconnect a device? For instance, I want to have my headphones connect to my phone instead of the PC.

A:How to disconnect a bluetooth device without turning off bluetooth.

'Remove device' is probably not the best choice of words they could have used on this! When you close the process (i.e. 'disconnect' your headphones) on your PC, you are performing the same function as what you describe on your phone. You are not actually removing the device, just closing the process. I hope that makes sense!
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Bluetooth icon is there bt when it is clicked, it is just keep searching and dont find any near by device. I updated driver as well as check with many driver availbale for the harware but issue is not getting resolved. Please guide me and suggest me the driver link if any other driver is there.