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Front USB ports not working, but rear USB ports work…

Q: Front USB ports not working, but rear USB ports work…

This is a brand new custom built PC for web browsing for a motel lobby.

Win7 Home Premium
AMD A4-3300 Llano
MSI A55M-P33 FM1
Rosewill FBM-02 MicroATX Mini Tower

Running latest BIOS and latest drivers downloaded directly from manufacturer's website.

I tried switching between all 3 internal headers and none of them would detect the flash drive.

If I plug the drive in the rear ports it detects right away leading me to suspect the case's ports might be defective but I don't have another USB 2.0 card lying around to confirm.

Based on this info does it seem likely that the front ports themselves are faulty?

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Preferred Solution: Front USB ports not working, but rear USB ports work…

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Front USB ports not working, but rear USB ports work…

You might check to see if the case end of the USB cables are properly plugged into the front panel holding the headers. Some board need more than one brand of USB drivers, Renesas, NEC, etc.
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Vista Ultimate -bit ASUS Rampage Formula motherboard USB mouse and keyboard connected in back ports Two things Back ports working, partially ethernet) working front ports stopped (USB, happened Avira antivirus warned me of some threats which I either ignored or deleted Windows Update Back ports (USB, ethernet) stopped working, front ports partially working had some updates ready although I m not sure if it updated I turned off my PC for a couple of hours turned it back on and realized that my USB keyboard was not working on the password screen I eventually unplugged it from the back and plugged it into the front where it worked However my USB mouse did not work when plugged into the second front port nor did it work when plugged into the front port in which the keyboard worked I accessed System Restore using my keyboard and restored to one day previously When it finished both keyboard and mouse worked although I got a pop-up message alerting me that the quot drivers for your device could not be installed quot When I clicked quot OK quot the mouse stopped working again I have checked BIOS and both mouse and keyboard are recognized so it does not appear to be a hardware issue nbsp
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hey guys,

i use a couple of speakers which is plugged to the rear speaker port, I'm using windows 8 pro atm and i cant access my front panel audio port to connect my hp, so can some one suggest me an app to control the audio ports which will allow me to plug my speakers and headphone and just to make 1 audio output,

reply fast thanks

A:Front and Rear panel audio ports control

That Motherboard number of G41d3b in your System Specs indicates a Biostar board [which should have been included]. Have you checked the maker's site for any software they might have that will do that?
G41D3B :: Motherboard :: BIOSTAR
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Hi all,

Got a Asrock B75 PRO3-M mobo. Just installed a new SSD with Win 7 64bit on my PC, and reinstalled everything from scratch. However, just realized the two rear USB3.0 ports won't work no matter what I tried thus far. No response from plugging in USB mouse & keyboard or any USB stick or HDD. No flashing no nothing. All the other USB 2.0 ports are working though. And it was also working before I changed over the SSD! I did install the Intel USB 3.0 driver & all the drivers listed in the link below: Pro3-M/?cat=Downlo...

Ran out of ideas what to try. Please help! Thanks!

P/S My mobo only has two rear USB 3.0 ports, the rest are all 2.0 ports AFAIK

A:Rear USB 3.0 ports not working

Have you carried out physical checks, i.e. opened up the case and checked to see if the ports are actually connected to the motherboard? It's not outwith the bounds of possibility that something got bumped when you were installing the SSD.

I did install the Intel USB 3.0 driver & all the drivers listed in the link below:Click to expand...

Did you install these before or after you were having issues? If the former, try finding a good restore point and restoring from there.
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And it happens only when I boot the computer up and find that neither my keyboard or mouse are working then I plug them into front avaialable usb ports and they work fine And then If I try to uninstall universal bus controllers by device manager then my keyboard mouse stops working obviously then I shutdown via power button plug keyboard mouse again back to rear usb ports and they start working till few days I'm on windows x with latest updates and all latest drivers etc The funny thing is this problem is with me since last years or so and I changed Power supplies since then and luckily one motherboard changed mouses and keyboard Hard disk stop sometimes USB Ports working... All rear too So what's the problem even if they are plugged in rear ports I get quot USB Disconnection quot sound sometimes I'm sick with this issue now thinking about buying a bluetooth keyboard mouse but there are other things that needed to be plug in into rear ports or should I go for an internal USB PCI card Check My system specs Please

A:All rear USB Ports sometimes stop working...

What about your Power Options, power saving plan. Maybe set too aggressive ?
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My new motherboard's USB 3.0 ports do not work. Its a new FM2 socket motherboard:

I'm ok with computers, but... In my 'Device Manager' (see attachment under "other devices") it says there is no drivers installed.

I cant find any 3.0 drivers at ASRock's website
ASRock > FM2A75M-DGS

A:Motherboard's rear USB 3.0 ports not working

What is that ASRock XFast USB Utility ver:3.02.30? Have you tried that?

I am not liking ASrocks idea of the "All-In-One" driver package. And it is for just this reason. What if you want to install or change just one of the drivers? You might try installing that package again if the above utility is not the one. Maybe it will give you options.

Also check carefully through the UEFI BIOS setup settings. Look for anything related to USB3. Maybe you need to enable something there.
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My microsoft usb mouse and keyboard suddenly do not work properly anymore Whenever I plug them into the rear ports they disconnect and freeze computer remains running It sometimes requires a reboot for it to work again This is really weird and frustrating as I can run my Keyboard ports. in some for doesn't work reason rear other devices out of the back perfectly like my mic and usb drive Changes since problems started developing -Large Amount of Windows Update -Cleaned computer with Keyboard for some reason doesn't work in rear ports. compressed air Allowed it to dry just in case of condensation -Installed new secondary hard drive -Installed new Nvidia graphics card -Updated Utorrent and installed conduit by accident Deleted it -Removed files with malwarebytes Most likely false positives with safe torrents I downloaded Things I tried -Different usb ports in the back -Updating Drivers -Disabling and enabling keyboard and mouse settings -Disabling usb sleep thing in power control -sfc scannow in command prompt came back without Keyboard for some reason doesn't work in rear ports. errors -Disabling HID drivers in device manager Errors Event The performance strings in the Performance registry value is corrupted when process Performance extension counter provider The BaseIndex value from the Performance registry is the first DWORD in the Data section LastCounter value is the second DWORD in the Data section and LastHelp value is the third DWORD in the Data section Event Unloading the performance counter strings for service WmiApRpl WmiApRpl failed The first DWORD in the Data section contains the error code

A:Keyboard for some reason doesn't work in rear ports.

try and do a system restore to before any of these problems occurred. Start, programs, accessories, system tools, system restore; then pick a date and time at which you know the system was working fine with the rear ports. IF that doesnt work; then you might try and see if there are any updated drivers for your usb hub controller(s).
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My front USB ports no longer work. The back continue to work but the front have both been out for some time. Also, the power button near them gives us problems at times. The card readers (4) all work & they are in the same area. Any ideas of what could be wrong?

A:Front USB ports no longer work

What computer you got?
Vista version?
Drivers up to date?

there could be lots wrong so please specifiy
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Ok so I have a Xion Green and Black case, has two Front USB ports(Which were upside down,easily fixed) and a front audio port, a headphone and mic jack. Well it's all plugged in right, but it's 100% not working... any ideas?

A:Front Audio ports won't work...

if you recently made a fresh OS install,

1. install the sound driver (comes with the mainboard CD)
2. go to BIOS & enable your onboard sound.
3. please get a windows update.
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Well in short, one of the usb ports on the front of my computer broke (the insides are all bent and stuff) so naturally it doesnt work. But all 4 other usb ports on the front dont work either! This is a major inconvinience, since now to charge my iphone, I need to loop the thing around a back usb port and run the PC on my desk so it reaches. How do I get this thing back up and running with the minimal amount of explosions? (That means no fancy re-wiring mumbo jumbo)

A:Front USB ports wont work?

Those USB ports normally come in block. So the broken one probably short circuits the other front ports.
Best option would be, to replace the complete block.I wouldn't want to bother you with removing wires from the damaged port.

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Hey guys,

(1) Just put together a new computer with Win7 and ASUS M2N68-AM SE2 motherboard
(2) USB ports in the back work fine (iPod, iPad, etc.), but the ones in the front don't work
(3) When plugging in a device in the front USB, it says "Installing Device..." and then "Device couldn't be properly installed"
(4) But strangely a USB flash drive works fine in the front USB
(5) Also, USB hubs don't work. They act just like my front USB ports.

This is so bizarre but it's actually causing me some problems because I recently broke an arm and cannot reach the back of the computer to plug in an USB device.

Would greatly appreciate your help guys!


A:USB ports in Front don't work, but the ones in the back do?!

Do you have all Win 7 updates installed? Recent ones included USB drivers.

Are the board connectors backward?
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Hey guys.

I'm having a rather unusual issue with my USB 3.0 ports (Asmedia) on the front side. The back ones work fine so I'm unsure if it's anything to do with the drivers or even in the BIOS? Could anyone suggest any troubleshooting methods?

CPU-Z validation for specs below.
Speccy information:

A:Front USB 3.0 ports not working?

What does Device Manager show, any issue with USB Controllers?

Make sure the case USB ports wire connector is plugged into the Motherboard. Unplug then plug the connector back in.

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I have a Gigabyte motherboard in a Antec Lanboy case. The case has two front USB ports. The USB ports do not work with most devices. For example if I plug in a USB key or a webcam I get the balloon that says "the device may not be recognized". But if I plug in a keyboard, mouse, or RF receiver, it works. Could it be that the front ports are USB 1.1 or are underpowered? I've read that Gigabyte USB connections are a bit different, but I've checked them before and are as illustrated in the manual By the way, I'm on XP SP2 and the USB connections from the mobo are not a single block - they are individual pins.
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I had to do a system recovery do to many problems, lost a lot. After reinstalling all of my softwear, I tried to plug in my dig. camera and found nothing. I also tried to use my CAD key and got nothing. The USB ports in the back of my computer work fine. My OS is windows XP. Thank you very much; j-vit
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I built my computer November 1st 2007. Ever since then I haven't been able to get the front mic or audio ports to work. My front USB ports work fine though. I just recently started wanting to use them, so I didn't worry much about it until now.

I reinstalled all my audio drivers and chipset drivers, specifically the vista 64-bit ones (thats my OS) included on the motherboard disc. My rear audio works fine. Also, I'm 100% positive that the front audio cable is plugged into the motherboard correctly.

Whenever I plug something into the mic or audio port, it goes in fine, but my computer doesn't detect it.

Computer info:

XFX, Nvidia 650i Ultra motherboard.

Integrated Realtek audio.

Apevia X-Cruiser case (just in case it might be something wrong with the case)

I really appreciate any help!

A:Front Audio And Mic Ports Not Working

Before I look up your front panel connections and your mobo, let me ask you what speakers are you using? Does it have a separate (remote) volume control? Mine has jacks for both on the side
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Hey guys,
its rajkalyan here.
I have an Antec case (not sure of model, will find out)
and an ASUS A7V600 motherboard.
Using ASUS's guide for the USB ports in the front (the little pins had labels)
I put the pins in.
I can plug something in to charge, like an iPod, but I can't access the data on it.
Any help?


A:Antec Front US Ports not working...?

Double check the connectors and make sure they are correct.
The data lines are polarized.
+ needs to be connected to + and - to -.
Make sure the cable you are using is acually a data cable and
not just a charging cable.
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Hi there I recently bought a barebones kit from Tigerdirect It has usb support and the case I have is a cougar mid-tower case Everything has been hooked up correctly as far as I know and yet one of the usb ports on the front of my case does not work The connector that went into the motherboard front on ports USB not 1 working case. from the front of the case it yielded to both the usb port and the standard port as well So only one cable was plugged into the motherboard that I assumes powers both of them USB ports on front case. 1 not working My usb works though I don t get full use out of it because I don t own any devices USB ports on front case. 1 not working to make it useful but the standard port does nothing at all Doesn t even give power I ve tried plugging a phone into it a flash drive a plug n play device Nothing Does anyone know why the port would be working and not the standard one I should also add that all the usb ports on the back of my case work fine too It s just this one single port on the front of the case and I can t figure it out for the life of me nbsp

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   I use my front ports as there isn't enough on the back for two more items, the two front ports stopped working so I can't use them. I just switched to windows 10 and they were working then stopped. How do I go about getting them to work again?  Just tried them again, now they are working.  Thanks, Dave

A:windows 10 - front USB ports don't work, Acer Veri...

Just to clarify, are the USB ports working like they should be?
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   I use my front ports as there isn't enough on the back for two more items, the two front ports stopped working so I can't use them. I just switched to windows 10 and they were working then stopped. How do I go about getting them to work again?  Just tried them again, now they are working.  Thanks, Dave

A:windows 10 - front USB ports don't work, Acer Veri...

Just to clarify, are the USB ports working like they should be?
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Hi I m new here My first time LOL I just upgraded the BIOS on my Intel D GVSR mobo with supposedly the latest drivers I used the Windows express install feature as my machine doesn t have a floppy just CD DVD card readers now ports BIOS, Upgraded readers front USB and work. card don't Help!! and USB After the install and I didn t touch my computer while it was doing this process I noticed my USB mouse not working and none of my card readers worked eithter So I called Long-distance to Intel tech support and went through the whole thing They told me to download the bio file for the mobo so I can restore Upgraded BIOS, now USB ports and front card readers don't work. Help!! my BIOS but I couldn t find the file for the right board so I called them back on a cell phone this time and this time Upgraded BIOS, now USB ports and front card readers don't work. Help!! was told that the above mentioned might not work and to remove the battery from the system wait mins replace the battery and reboot and this would reset the CMOS well I did that and still no USB I called Upgraded BIOS, now USB ports and front card readers don't work. Help!! tech support back and they basically put me through the same procedure again I m very frustrated beyond description What good is a comp if I don t have the USB ports to run printers etc I think my system is screwed Thanks alot INTEL There HAS to be a way to fix this --Thanks Kokopelli nbsp
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I'm learning as I go here so please be gentle I upgraded from Windows Home to Pro and lost all networking capability including Homegroup After trying all suggested solutions on the entire internet I did a Factory Reset I ran all updates until was back factory OS was and up to date The networking issue was resolved but I then realized that I had no use of the USB ports -- which were working fine before the factory reset Still in I attempted all online fixes to no avail I then installed again Still no ports Scoured the internet again and these are the things I can recall that I've tried nbsp - Update controller drivers via device manager using both methods search and choose from computer - Uninstall USB controllers Shut down disconnect power amp battery hold down power for seconds start and several nbsp nbsp nbsp variations of this - Update root hubs- Uninstall root hubs- Manually install new drivers from AMD site including chipset - Enable Legacy Support via ports from not after working 8.1 USB Ho... upgrade (front/left) Bios- Manually install legacy drivers from AMD site because why not note I'm not exactly sure if the legacy drivers installed I don't know USB ports (front/left) not working after upgrade from 8.1 Ho... how to tell except that I chose them manually to update by release date that matched the date on the download package nbsp I should also note that I tried to get Windows Update to install available drivers The yes tick box is checked but when I run Troubleshooter it tells me Update is not configured USB ports (front/left) not working after upgrade from 8.1 Ho... to install drivers No matter how many times I try the box is always yes and Troubleshooter tells me it's set to never install drivers nbsp nbsp I also lost audio control but found the driver somewhere on the HP site Can't remember where nbsp nbsp I did yet another reset but NOT to factory this time --just a nbsp Recovery in and all updates Nothing changed nbsp I've tried different devices in the ports that were all working prior I get nothing and nothing shows in Device USB ports (front/left) not working after upgrade from 8.1 Ho... Manager with of them newer model SanDisk flash drive and Samsung phone but when I connect an year old flash drive I get USB device not recognized and it shows with the yellow exclamation box in Device manager nbsp The controllers nbsp are nbsp AMD USB eXtensible Host Controller - Microsoft Root Hubs USB Root Hub xHCI nbsp I thought I'd give disabling xHCI a shot via Bios but there is no USB access in bios version F nbsp I ran the HP system test thing via Bios and tested the USB ports Results are nbsp USB Port Check FailedFAILURE ID GF X- HU V-XD X A- D B PRODUCT ID D C UA ABA nbsp Help Please Anyone nbsp nbsp

A:USB ports (front/left) not working after upgrade from 8.1 Ho...

Hi @write_on, Thank you for posting at HP Forums. I understand that the USB does not work either with Windows 10 or Windows 8.1. According to the failure ID you gave, it is a USB failure with a code 434. It seems like a hardware failure. Please use the following link to create a case for your issue, and contact HP. If you live outside the US/Canada, please click the link to get the contact information for your region.
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A while ago my front USB ports stopped functioning The controllers still show up in the device manager even after reinstalling them Or at USB Front not ports Solved: anymore. working least I think they do it s one controller to two ports right but whenever I plug in a USB device even ones that previously functioned on these ports nothing happens The LED on my gamepad doesn t Solved: Front USB ports not working anymore. even light up I ve tried scanning for hardware changes The ports came with the case The computer is custom built System specifications Windows XP SP using a custom shell lt -Have tried uninstalling the new shell and putting default shell back to explorer USB devices still did not work on the front ports Asus A N X bundled with nForce sound card AMD Athlon M Processor Two hard drives One Cd Drive One DVD Drive nVidia GeForce Ti Videocard Any ideas are appreciated It s a total pain to have to find my way to the back USB ports all the time Edit Oh Wait Not sure if it actually is detecting three sets of two USB ports the device manager lists the following Universal serial bus controllers Standard Enhanced PCI to USB Host Controller Standard OpenHCD USB Host Controller Standard OpenHCD USB Host Controller USB Root Hub USB Root Hub USB Root Hub Does this mean I have to figure out the enigma that is the front panel of my pc case I hope not nbsp

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There is some problem with my font USB ports. All was fine until yesterday when they stopped working. I havent made any hardware change. Installed windows 8 but that was last week.

I connect my Logitech Gamepad, the LED switches on but it doesnt show up in the control panel, works when connected to the rear USB port.

Please help..

A:Front USB ports suddenly stopped working

You might have to open up your case, trace back the cable, and re-plug it. It could be detached, or the USB controller on the front ports could be fried somehow too.
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Hi guys,

My NEW PC's two front USB 2.0 ports suddenly don't work. It was OK when i first installed Win 8 on it, but since window update, the front ones just don't work anymore. I couldn't charge my phone using USB & the external HHD just keep flashing & beeping (no power source apparently upon googling). What happened? I didn't think i changed anything? Why suddenly stop working then? How can i troubleshoot? Would hate to bring the whole PC down to the local shop due to such minor issue. Appreciate your input. Thanks!

A:front USB 2.0 ports suddenly stop working

since it happened right after an update lets try to bring the computer back in time when it did work, please follow this guide:
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Hey everyone I am trying to fix an HP Slimline s5-1224. The front USB ports are not working. When I tried downloading the Texas Instruments USB Controller Driver and tried running it , I got an error about how its the wrong operating system or something of that nature. I am not sure if drivers are the issue with this problem or if its a hardware issue but either way I am trying to find out. The fact that the driver wont install is kind of wierd, can it be because its for Windows 7? I couldnt find any drivers for Windows 10 for this particular desktop. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks 

A:Front USB Ports not working on HP Slimline s5-1224

Check within Device Drivers for any flagged items.  Check that the USB cable from those ports is still plugged into the motherboard.
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I noticed these past few days that my front USB 3.0 ports are not working. Whenever I plug a USB 2.0 flash drive into the front ports, the activity light on the flash drive itself does not turn on.

I did clean all old Windows updates using disk cleanup which may have caused the problem.

So far, I uninstalled the USB driver and tried to reinstall the software with no success.
I have attached a picture of a screenshot after the driver installation failed.
Thank you

A:Front USB ports not working, driver problem

Just a couple of questions, how did you reinstall the drivers? Through Device Manager or running from the motherboard disc utility? And did you have any USB devices plugged in when installed it?
Usually if you run the software from the motherboard disc and choose drivers you'll get a list of drivers with check boxes next to them, and any that aren't installed will be unchecked. Those would be the ones you need. The ASMedia XHCI controller is the driver for your mid board header which controls the front USB 3.0 ports and that look as if it's installed fine, so I'd run that motherboard utility and see what it shows up.
Also could you post a screenshot of Device Manager with the USB controllers section expanded.

For what it's worth I have a very similar set up in my back up rig (A10-5800k on an ASUS F2A85-V Pro) and have never got the front USB 3.0 ports working on the BitFenix front panel I added. Not saying we won't get yours working, just that you're certainly not alone with this issue.
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I have had this computer for over a year, when I initially got it I noticed the two audio ports on the front of the tower were not working. I double checked to see if it was plugged in on the mother board in the right spot, it was. I decided to just leave it before anything else broke, but after a year I love my computer less and am willing to take the risk .

When I plug it into speakers into the front audio jacks (There are two) Realtek HD Audio does not give the message "A Jack Has Been Plugged In". The back ports work fine for the record.


Windows XP SP3

Motherboard: MSI 975X Platinum PowerUp Edition

Realtek HD Audio Manager:
Driver Version
Audio Codec ALC888.

If you need any other information please let me know as soon as possible.

Thanks in advance!

A:Solved: Front Panel Audio Ports Not Working

Well I got it working after much forum searching!

"Had same problem but problem isn't the chip.
In Realtec Audio Manager, if you hover over the pink and green icons for the front panel you'll probably see they're both set up for speakers or headphones.
To solve you first need to unplug the microphone.
Then click on the 'folder' icon, which is just to the right of where it says 'ANALOG'.
Then make sure you enable fron't panel jack detection and enable the auto pop-up dialog.
Then plug the mic in, and when the pop-up asks tell it that you've plugged in the Mic.
Suggest you disable the front panel detection and the auto pop-up afterwards as it's a right pain.
You can get a similar end result if you use the 'Connector Retasking' facility - just right click on the pink or green socket icon.
Hope this helps someone.
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I have had my hard drive reformatted recently and installed Windows from Windows XP All the drivers and hardware are currently working fine However my Audio Panel Not Working [SOLVED] Front Ports front panel audio ports mic and speaker have stopped functioning The front panel ports used to function smoothly in my previous setup The audio driver installed previously was Realtek HD Audio Driver and the OS was Windows XP Currently I have a generic 'High Definition Audio Device' driver provided by Microsoft Is it possible that the front panels have stopped working due to the absence of the Realtek Driver I read in numerous articles that the front panel [SOLVED] Front Panel Audio Ports Not Working ports could be enabled through the Realted HD Audio Manager Is this true Can the problem be solved simply by installing new driver and software or do I have to explore the unknown for me realms of computer hardware Any help [SOLVED] Front Panel Audio Ports Not Working is appreciated D Also sorry for not posting specific information in this post but I do not know precisely what information is needed If the need arises I will be happy to provide them Thanks in advance

A:[SOLVED] Front Panel Audio Ports Not Working

Has anyone else experienced this type of issue? Does anyone know of the solution?

I'd really appreciate any help! :)
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We have a Prodesk 600 SFF and the USB3.0 ports on the front panel turn on and off repeatedly whenever we plug in any USB3.0 USB sticks or harddrives.  (i.e. - the device comes ready and then not ready and then ready again and then not ready all within a matter of seconds).   If we plug those devices into the USB2.0 ports there is no problem.  If we plug USB2.0 devices into the 3.0 ports, no problem.  We have this happening with both Windows 10 and Windows 7.  I've gone to the support site but do not see any drivers related to USB ports(other than USB keyboards/mice).  I've considered a bios upgrade but the box is already at L01 V02.57.  Has anyone else seen and solved this problem or does anyone have any suggestions on how to fix this problem?  Thanks.
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We have a Prodesk 600 SFF and the USB3.0 ports on the front panel turn on and off repeatedly whenever we plug in any USB3.0 USB sticks or harddrives.  (i.e. - the device comes ready and then not ready and then ready again and then not ready all within a matter of seconds).   If we plug those devices into the USB2.0 ports there is no problem.  If we plug USB2.0 devices into the 3.0 ports, no problem.  We have this happening with both Windows 10 and Windows 7.  I've gone to the support site but do not see any drivers related to USB ports(other than USB keyboards/mice).  I've considered a bios upgrade but the box is already at L01 V02.57.  Has anyone else seen and solved this problem or does anyone have any suggestions on how to fix this problem?  Thanks.
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Today i just bought some ear phones, with a connected mouth piece. Problem is that my two front ports are dodgy for the microphone and headphones. So if i put the jacks from my headset into the back, i have to take out my speaker input.. Is there any way i can have the speakers in, and the headset and revert back to each without going at the back and changing them? Any help appreciated

A:Headset not working, front ports not working

First, its possible inside your computer case, there is just a loose cable that is causing the problem with the front jacks on your computer. Check inside, right behind where the earphone jack is for a cord running to somewhere on your motherboard or Sound card.

If that dosn't work,
Do you have a CD/DVD player with a earphone jack and have you tried that?
Assuming its the port that is bad itself and not just loose, you could check in at radio shack, bestbuy, or for a cord that splits the output. If you get lucky you might find one with a chanel select that will allow you to swap which recieves the output.
The other option, from radio shack I got a Bluetooth USB adapter for $20 and a good pair of BT earphones, again purchased online for cheap (I recommend samsung BT500 earphones).

Another alternative, my speakers have a earphone jack in them as well (the computer speakers, as well as the reciever I currently have my sound card plugged into).

If you have a quality home theater set up, for $80 on new egg you can pick up a good soundcard with optical, Coax, and AV out which you plug into your home entertainment center that again will allow you to use headphones.
Good Luck
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I have an EVGA 750i SLI FTW motherboard and recently (after moving the motherboard to a different case) there is no sound coming from the rear ports. When I connect headphones to the front, the sound works. Is it a sound card problem (I'm using the integrated card)? It's not a big deal, I can just pick up one for 20-30 bucks but I just want to know the problem beforehand. Thanks in advance.

A:Sound issues: back ports not working, front (headphone) port works

the front ports are most-likely canceling out the rear ports, unless you've dealt with a similar setup that worked fine.
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Hello everyone I have been having a tough couple of days trying to figure this one out. Maybe someone out there can help-I recently bought a biostrar TA780G M2+ mobo everything hooked up and works fie except one thing-the rear usb ports do not work. The ethernet port right above the usb ports works but the usb do not. I have tried everything, installing and downloading drivers and updating bios-clearing cmos and reinstalling drivers-there is nothing coming out of those ports they are dead. Is there something I may have missed or am doing wrong?

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I have problem that just crept up, my rear usb ports are malfunctioning. when I plug my mouse in the light underneath it comes on, but the mouse is not operational. The keyboards numlock light doesn't even go on.

My front ports are working now, but this is greatly inconveniencing me because, my scanner, printer, and headphones were plugged into there and now I have access to neither.

This started as soon as I plugged my phone into the front usb port as I have done over a thousand times with multiple phones even of dubious origin with no such a result.

Please help.

A:Rear usb ports non responsive

Open Device Manager and expand the Universal Serial Bus controllers section, are there any entreis with a next to them?
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A few days ago I installed a USB card to be precise this one -Port USB SuperSpeed PCI-E Controller Card - Free as USB ports 3.0 to USB refuse ports work 3.0 Shipping USB 3.0 ports refuse to work as USB 3.0 ports - DealExtreme It uses the very common NEC PD USB controller I installed the required drivers for Windows and the card worked fine for the first day or so but not since Whenever I plug in a USB external hard drive I get a false quot This device can perform faster quot message as if I had plugged the drive in a USB port The external drive I am using is a Western Digital MyBook Essential It is definitely a USB drive and came with the required USB cable While the USB card was working I got full-speed transfers to the limit of the hard drive's ability about - MB s Now I can only get USB speeds - MB s Windows insists I have the drive plugged into a USB port even though it is plugged directly into the USB card Things I tried so far -rebooting and complete power cycle No difference -plugging the drive into one port or the other Also no difference -Looked in Device manager No help there either The controller is recognized as a USB device is using the proper NEC drivers Other info that may be important -No overclocking settings in use -I made sure the cable was plugged in all the way It's in as far as it can go but the ports will still only act like USB ports This is very frustrating How do I fix it I might as well throw the card away if it is only going to act as a USB device

A:USB 3.0 ports refuse to work as USB 3.0 ports

Go to device manager and go the props of those usb ports.
Click uninstall, now they will disappear.
Now install your drivers again, which came with the card
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I've been having this issue with Windows for about a week now which NONE of the back panel/front panel connectors (speakers, microphone) are being recognized by Realtek audio manager. The only audio input/outputs that are showing are the optical.
Troubling shooting steps I've tried (none worked):

COMPLETELY uninstall all Realtek drivers/reinstallTried using windows driversReinstall Windows 10Upgraded chipset driversfc /scannow
I called EVGA and asked for RMA but then I booted into a Ubuntu OS and all the ports work FINE. It must be a problem with windows 10.
Can you think of any other troubling shooting step I can try to fix this annoying issue? Thanks!
Screenshot of playback devices:

Screenshot of Realtek HD Audio Manager:

After looking in Device Manager under Audio inputs and outputs, I don't see any speaker/microphone listings, only the optical crap:

A:Rear audio ports always show as “Not plugged in”

I've fixed the issue my self. Somehow "Disable front panel jack detection" in the Realtek settings made all my other ports work again.
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I don't get it. I plugged my external drive into a USB port in the back and all the PC could tell me was that it didn't recognize the device. I couldn't see anything in the drive and it would only sometimes show up in my list of drives.

Plugging it into the front USB slot worked like a charm.

Are there configurations for getting the USB slots on the back of my computer to recognize things like that? Have I disabled some Windows service that you guys know of that handles this problem?

(Compaq Presario on Win XP Service pack 1, newly recovered partition).

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Got an old Acer Aspire 5100 and the usb ports have stopped working, if I attach a PCMCIA card in the side how can I attach the power cable which has a usb connection? Any help appreciated thanx.

A:No USB ports working will PCMCIA card work without em ?

Are you using something like this? A PCMCIA card with two USB ports?

Example of product StarTech CBUSB22 2 Port CardBus Laptop USB 2.0 PC Card Adapter -
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Hello I recently put together a new computer and in the process of of installing the USB connector Working - Front USB Device not Device" Ports "Unknown in Manager from the front of my GX case I Front USB Ports not Working - "Unknown Device" in Device Manager either bent numerous pins on the motherboard USB header or the motherboard shipped that way and I inadvertently made matters worse Anyway that header on the motherboard is without a doubt unusable Since I don't really need the USB functionality I bought a USB - gt adapter cable connected one end to the connector on the front of the case and the other end into the USB header on the motherboard Unfortunately when Windows boots and I plug a device into the front ports of the case Windows detects the front USB ports as Unknown Device within Device Manager yet says the driver is successfully installed I've already downloaded the most current Intel chipset drivers for my motherboard deleted and reinstalled all USB drivers and all rear USB connections are working perfectly fine - it's just the two front ports that are connected from the case to the USB ports via the adapter cable I've tried both USB headers on the motherboard and I've tried plugging in several devices to the front USB ports and this problem still persists I've ensured Front USB Ports not Working - "Unknown Device" in Device Manager the connection inside the case is solid yet I cannot get Windows to recognize the front USB ports However I have confirmed that power is being sent to the front ports because it charges my phone when I connect it to the front USB ports via micro USB connection As a result I'm inclined to think this is a Front USB Ports not Working - "Unknown Device" in Device Manager driver issue rather than a hardware issue Any ideas

A:Front USB Ports not Working - "Unknown Device" in Device Manager

If your motherboard has a 1x pcie slot you can get a card like this...
Some motherboards it's a tight fit because of the video card taking up space. In that case you can relocate the above card with this...
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Hey guys, brand new kid here. Fairly computer literate but not a whiz by any means. I had to do a Windows XP System Recovery on my HP desktop PC a few weeks ago and since then my USB 2.0 ports haven't been themselves.

Before when I used my Kingston 4gb SDHC card in my front USB 2.0 ports (as they're labeled) it worked at full speed with no problems. After the System Recovery, when I plug in the card it gives me a message saying "This device could perform faster if it were plugged into a High Speed USB 2.0 Port." The problem is, my Device Manager lists a high speed port and hub on my computer, but I get the same message on all the ports on my computer. I tried updating the drivers and uninstalling and reinstalling them but to no avail.

Is there any way to fix this?

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Hello Thank for working but or not USB KB and work mouse Wifi ports for iPhone you lovely people for being helpful You all deserve very good karma A few months ago my wireless adaptor started USB ports not working for iPhone or Wifi but work for KB and mouse sporadically not working and I USB ports not working for iPhone or Wifi but work for KB and mouse would unplug and replug and it would work Finally it stopped working altogether When I plug it in it says at the bottom right Installing drivers for a few sec then says drivers could not be installed But I already had the drivers I also notice it will say quot Linksys Wireless Adapter quot Number I only have one Side note the lights on the adapter do come on I downloaded the drivers for the Linksys USB wireless adaptor and tried to install them but it said they were already current I tried another wireless adapter and got the same error I tried starting the PC in safe mode and the problem persisted I then noticed that my iPhone wouldn't charge either and it gave the same error message about drivers None of the USB ports are working for the wireless adapter or the iPhone However the keyboard and mouse are working ok in some of the ports After starting it in safe mode and running all the antivirus and spyware scans I have as well as an optimizer program it actually started working for a little while but soon stopped again Another thing I tried was shutting down unplugging all ports letting it sit for a few minutes and starting it up again That worked once but hasn't worked several other times I have tried researching this problem and only gave myself a headache I could really use the advice of some people who know this stuff well Thank you very much and have a good day

A:USB ports not working for iPhone or Wifi but work for KB and mouse

Hello and welcome Lonangus mate some sytem specs would be really helpful if we are to help out
System Info - See Your System Specs

Now the problem at first glance looks to be with the USB ports so hence we need to know the specs so that we can check for drivers etc.

I am wondering what that opitmiser program is you have got too as I distrust anything that promises better performance when it can be done with help from this forums members without risking downloading a ton of crappy software.
One thing you can do straight away in safe mode if necessary are these < if necessary use the options /f and /r in Option2

But specs please.
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I have a ga-8knxp mobo and am trying to wrap my head around a custom computer that was just given to me. The front usb ports were loose and when I opened the casing to fix them I found that they weren't even plugged in. I found a spot on the mobo fusb 1 and fusb 2. Is this where they go? If it is what is the order of the pin connectors?
My usb wire is as follows 5v1,d-1,d+1,gnd1,5v2,d-2,d+2,gnd2,gnd(this wire has two wires under one pin connector). Any will be greatly appreciated!

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I have not been able to get the front USB 2.0 ports to work on my box. I've tried moving the jumpers for USB on the motherboard from OOx to xOO as the MOB book suggested but still nothing. The rear ports work fine.
Any ideas? Thanks

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I am having problems with my front two usb ports. I have them connected tp the motherboard. When I try to connect something to them I get nothing. Just wondering if it could be a driver issue?

A:Front USB ports

Check, double check and triple check, that you have connected your front usb ports correctly to your mobo. Your mobo manual will have details of the correct connections.

It`s definitely not a driver issue.

Regards Howard
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What are the requirements to use this USB front bay connector? What type of motherboard would (or could) work with this type of USB....ummmmm.......whatever, but anyway, would this be compatible with current motherboards. My motherboard model is the Gigabyte GA-K8NSC-939.

A:USB Front Bay Ports

you need to find the connecting cable between your motherboard and the front USB slots. Quite often these are already included when you buy a new mobo.
These are also available in a well assorted PC shop or online
If your case has the slots, quite often the cables are attached already and need only to be connected to your mobo headers.

Your mobo has 2 spare USB headers
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A week ago or so a problem started when I booted up my windows 8 acer desktop and once it got to the log in screen the mouse and keyboard wouldn't work... Although I got that fixed somehow and it didn't happen again... until now. I've tried everything I can think of but it doesn't fix it. Please I need help fast


A:My USB ports aren't working past boot on my acer windows 8... HELP PLEASE... I NEED TO DO WORK

Can anyone help? Please I need to do work
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They don't work. I can't remember a time when they did work. The only ports that work on my system are the two ports in the back that are connected via PCI. I have an MSI Mainboard 865GM2. Help would be appreciated.
Edit/Delete Message

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all i have open is the small 3 inch front access panels on my pent III dell do they make./and where do i get a front usb 2 port for this ?? i have back ones but i don't want to move the computer everytime i need it and i don't want a port on top of my desk........anyone ??

A:do they make front usb 2 ports ??

Sure do make 'em. Just about any computer store should have an assortment. You can also get a USB Hub which doesn't go inside the PC. It will give you 2,4,6... howerver many you decide on, extra USB ports in a small box smaller than a bar of soap. It plugs into one of your exsisting ports and sits where ever to want it. And pretty cheap too. A four port HUB at Walmart is around 20 bucks. CompUSA,BestBuy and all them places have them too. Just ask for a basic USB hub.Good luck.
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Hello. I have 3 usb ports on the front of my computer, 2 as part of the case (connected to usb2.0 port on my mobo) and 1 part of a media card reader (also connected to a usb2.0 port on the mobo).

When i put the computer together in april, all 3 usb ports as well as the media card slots we working. One day the card ports stopped working and i was told on these forums to make the notepad file fix.reg and uninstall all usb drivers and such. it worked. back in june, again the ports stopped working (no drive letters in My Computer) and now the usb ports arent working either. I came here and was told to do the same thing (fex.reg). This time it didnt work. Ive updated my mobo drivers, updated windows and did the fix.reg thing 2 more times, but my front usb ports still arent showing up.

any suggestions?

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I have two front USB ports, and when I insert the usb flash drive in this ports the notifyer tells me that there are more fast ports inthe pc, Yes the two other ports in the back of the pc case are faster. Can I make the front ports fast too?

I dont know if I was clear.

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I have a MSI MOBO running XP,
for at least a couple years the front USB ports have worked fine,
I use them for a printer , camera, Cell phone, external HD's
I have not been inside the comp
Now out of now where they are dead...well sorta,
They dont reconize anything I plug into them,
However, the LED on the EXternal harddrive does still light up when plugged in yet it like all other things plugged in doesnt work not reconized,
I built the comp but in many ways I am a novice,
Can something overpower a USB port and blow it out?
The rear ports built into the mobo still work,
So what do you guys think is wrong with my front ports?
Many thanks for help,

A:Front USB Ports died...Please Help!

Front USB panels aren't the most well-designed part of any computer. Chances are you just wiggled something loose, just regular wear and tear. Might I suggest grabbing a USB hub? They make a few models that take up two rear ports and provide four on the end of a line - I usually have mine sitting on top of my case.
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I recently change my motherboard. since then front usb ports are not working. I searched them in device manager but there are only 4 usb root hub are desplaying which are of backside. front side ports are not showing in device manager. I open cabinate and desconnect and reconnect cable into front usb ports. but its still not working. is there wrong connection on motherboard ? plz help.

A:Front usb ports not appearing

Check the manual again against how you have plugged the front panel ports into the header, the old motherboard and the new one are most likely not the same as how the front panel ports on the old one are.
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I just built my computer but I have a problem... what's wrote on my case's front USB audio wire is not what's wrote on my mobo manual. I'll try to show you how it is the best I can :
Here's what it says in my mobo manual :
(o = pin)
Ground - Front panel sense - MIC_JD - N/C - LINE2_JD
__o____________o___________o___ (no pin)__ o

MIC2 in_L - MIC2 in_R - LINE2 out_R - Front I/O sense - LINE2 out_L
___o__________o_________ o_____________o_____________o

Here's the front audio wire I have in my case :
-Return R
-Return L
-Spkout R
-Spkout L

If you don't understand my representation or need more infos plz just ask!

The first person who can help me resolve this problem will earn my admiration, gratitude, etc...

A:Front audio ports -> HELP!

BTW : My mobo is a ChainTech V915P Zenith and my case is a Diablo ATX Mid-Tower Case with 450Watt Power Supply, Front Neon Lights, Front USB and Audio Ports.
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I have 2 USB Ports in the front of my PC tower which are not activated. When I plug-in my digital camera, a message appears that the PC does not recognize this USB port. Why would they bother to include 2 USB ports that don't work? My friend says that I need to activate these 2 USB ports by activating the driver but I don't know how to do this. I use Windows XP Pro and my PC was previously owned but works fine otherwise. The rear USB Ports are already used and the camera cable wouldn't reach that far anyway. Can somebody help?

A:Activating Front USB Ports ?

They are probably not connected. Check to see if there is even a cable going to them.
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Heres the deal. I have an HP Pavalion XE735. I got a new case (Aspire X-Dreamer II). The new case has an option of front USB. Where do the cables plug into on my motherboard so that I can use the front USB ports? I see a spot on my motherboard that reads "USB", but the plugs have don't fit....Like there are too many holes in the plug, and not enough spokes for the motherboard to plug into it Any help would be appreciated.

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The two USB ports (2.0) on front of subject computer will not accept USB cables. Have to use ports in the back. Should not all ports accept the USB cable?

A:USB 2.0 ports on front of Inspiron 660

The two USB ports (2.0) on front of subject computer will not accept USB cables. Have to use ports in the back. Should not all ports accept the USB cable?
Yes, the front USB ports should accept all USB Type A connectors.
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I have an Ultra Wizard case, which is about 2 months old. Installed a new mobo last week, and front USB ports worked fine. 2 days ago, they quit. Tried an open header on the mobo, no luck. Have not changed any BIOS settings. How to tell if it's case sockets, cable, mobo? It just started out of the blue, and I don't know how to troubleshoot further. Thanks? :suspiciou

A:front USB ports take dive

plug in your device and reboot. then go to the device manager and look for yellow or red icons and go from there
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Hey all new to forums just got a new a pc of course shipping has destroyed it So i can live with the front end pieces snapping off, i can even live with the clear side the lights up being cracked, however the front usb circuit board for the front usb ports has come loose and i want to fix this it annoys me not being able to use the front ports any suggestions on what i could do to rig it to hold in place so i can plug things in and not have it pushed in?


A:Help with stabalizing front usb ports

I would first get it replaced as it is still under didn't pay for a smashed up PC.

But two pack epoxy resin would hold them (don't get any in where you plug the USB in)
sell it in any major hardware store
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Hello everybody

I got this problem with the front usb ports. Sometimes they work fine, other times if I plug something in the front usb port, all of my usb ports on the motherboard (even the ones on the back) just freeze and stop working. My computer is not frozen (windows key works) but everything that is plugged into a usb port stops working. The only way to revive the usb ports is resetting the cmos. Nothing else helps. I dont think its because of the device that I plug in, since sometimes they work fine, other times the usb ports go nuts.

I would really appreciate any advice you can give =)

P.S. I guess I can use the usb ports on the back...but it really bothers me to know whats wrong with the front ones.

Thank you.

A:Something wrong with my front usb ports. Help please

Do you know how many watts your PSU is? The voltage might be getting too low when you have too many things plugged in that draw power form USB. Are the same devices in them all the time?

A powered usb hub might be a solution.

Do you ever get an error along the lines of "USB controller does not have enough bandwith" or "USB has filled memory allocation" or anything like that?
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I want to buy this motherboard but I am unsure if it will hook up to my case with front audio and front USB ports. Is there a way to tell?

This is my case:

A:Front Audio and USB Ports

most likely it will if the mobo is recent. but the best thing would be to find the manual for the mobo online aand check there.
my mobo is 2 yrs old and it came with extra usb connectors, so im guessing that now it would be standard to have them on all the recent ones.
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hi all, how can i install usb ports to the front of my pc?

i was thinking of putting in a 3.5" bay with usb ports and maybe a card reader. however, i cannot see anywhere to connect this up to the Mobo. the second usb terminal has no connector. The first is already taken for the rear.
i have seen a pci card for usb ports with one internal port. could the front bay be connected to this?
surely this must be straight foward?

any advice is welcome, thanks in advance

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Hello everyone.

The USB Ports on the front panel of my desktop connect to my motherboard using a wire. Now thats all fine and dandy but I do not know which to plug it into.

The pin layout for the following (which match with the USB's cord) is this.

. . . . .
. . . .

Now I have 3 of those that are USB types. Except one says 'USB78', another says 'USB910' and the last says 'USB1112'.

Anyone have any clue which this goes to? :s

A:Front Panel USB Ports

Here ye go: Directron Tutorial

Want another?
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Hey, my headset was working fine in Windows XP but ever since I upgraded to Windows 7 it hasn't worked, I've tried pretty much every setting in the Realtek command center, updating drivers and so on but nothing seems to work, all I can record is static noise

Any chance someone can help me out here.

A:Mic not working in front or rear panel.

Any chance your using an ASUS board?
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I have a Asus P4C800-E Deluxe i875P P4 800FSB Skt478 DDR ATX Motherboard w/Audio, Gigabit LAN, RAID/Serial ATA Retail (Prescott Ready) ... I need to know how to install the front USB ports ... Do I need a special card for this I don't see anything in the motherboard manual. The last computer I had also had this front USB but the crack head who built it didn't hook it up .... and these ports would come in so very handy.
.... also there is a speaker inside of my case with a 4 slot connector do I hook this up to the speaker 4 slot on the mother board?

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I have been avoiding this issue for awhile. I want to connect the wires into my motherboard that would make my front audio ports work. There is a head phones port and a microphone port. My motherboard is ABIT IS-7. The legend of how to connect the wires are different from the case so I don't know how to.

Here are the wires that came with the case. They are labeled:
L In
L Out
Mic In

R In
R Out
Mic In

I am guessing that the L In is the headphones port because it is on the left side of the motherboard, so the right side would be the microphone.

I am completely lost. I hope someone can help. I'll post an image of the legend that is in the manual of ABIT IS-7.

Can someone tell me which one goes with which? I would really be helpful.


A:Need Help with Front Audio Ports (Mobo)

Can anyone help? Please.
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I have a TC M700 and can't seem to find the drivers for the front USB 3.0 ports on the tower chassis. I have installed all the chipset drivers I could find. Anyone out there had this issue? Running Windows 10 Enterprise 64 bit Thanks!
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I recently plugged in my Logitech Headset into my front USB port(s) and the headphones did not operate. All other devices such as an MP3 player and camera did. I tried the rear USB ports (not sound card) and the headphones worked fine. It is only the front and only the headphones. Device manager showed no faults with anything. I have made no changes to software or hardware. One time they worked, the next they didn't. Any ideas?
Windows XP pro
Pentium 4, 3.2 GHz
Sound blaster x-fi
Lots of RAM

A:Front USB ports inoperative to headphones

It maybe that you have too much demand on the usb ports. The front ports are lower powered than the rear ports. Disconnect some usb devices, printer etc and try again.
If still no success, check the power settings on the usb in device manager and see what is available to the front ports and is the device recognised in device manager when connected to the front port.
Open that port and check on the power tab.. Also check on power management to see if windows is allowed to turn power off to that.
Then if still no luck see this
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Basically I recently installed a quot USB hub that has USB ports and USB which are not connected Ever since I connected the USB ports to the motherboard the computer will not sleep properly or shutdown completely It USB keep from Front power-off ports/hub computer causes the video card fan to continue spinning very slowly as well as trickle power to the fans and the PSU LEDs also stay on This happens with sleep hibernate and shutdown Front USB ports/hub keep computer from power-off so it's clearly not software related If I want to fully shut the computer down I must Front USB ports/hub keep computer from power-off hit the switch on the PSU or else it will continue doing what I said above The reason I'm so concerned about this is I don't want the low voltage power to burn out my hardware Why and or what is causing this to happen Why would the USB ports do this They are no different than my case's ports P S This does this if nothing is connected the ports regardless Any help is greatly appreciated
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ok I have finally found out why my 2 front usb ports are not working.. dumb dumbs at the store didnt hook them up.. now I get the joys of figuring them out.. I roughly know where they go but not in what order.. I have a K9N6SGM-V MOTHERBOARD.. I have included pictures but I could not get the focus really good.. and the 2 wires i have have four things.. GND1 ( BLACK), VCC1 (RED) , DATA-1(WHITE), DATA +1(GREEN ).. The second set is just the same but labelled #2's. i have attatched my crappy pictures lol.. if anyone can make anysense out of them and help me figure out where they go.. i would be greatly appreciative.


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Any device I hook into The 2 usb ports I have located in the FRONT of my machine will not work at all but if I connect them to the BACK of the machine they work fine, I am talking about connecting a JOYSTICK and SCANNER to the FRONT, I have my KEYBOARD and PRINTER hooked into the ports in the BACK, I am running Windows ME on a Compaq Presario 7000t-7EL, if I take out any one of those devices and place it in the back of my machine they run fine.

A:Front Usb Ports On Compaq Presario

I had a Compaq with a Game port in the front under a flip down cover. There were no USBs on the back. If the USB ports are up around were your mouse and keyboard are pluged in then the USB ports are built into the mother board. My front Usb ports worked fine until I opened the case to put some RAM in. The USB ports were hooked up with a small connector on the Motherboard and I must have bumped the connector, so I took the cover off and read on the Motherboard at a 2 or 3 pin hook up can't remember, (USB) I then pluged it back in and they worked fine. Of course my USB ports worked from the begining and quit when I opened the cover and knocked the wire off. If you have never taken the cover off, then I would think you might have a problem in your USB hub. Do you see listings for your USBs in Device manager? On the Computer I am using to write you, it has 4 USB ports and they are listed in the Device Manager. I would check there first before I took the cover off. Marturo
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Hello all

I purchased a used Dell Dimension 3000 , Windows XP , Intel Pentium 4 2.8 G, I have 6 USB ports 4 in back and 2 in front, the front ones are either not working or limited, i can get a USB stick to work but wont
connect my Iphone, the four in the back are utilized already

Any suggestions

Thank you

A:Front USB ports limited power

The Dell Dimension 3000 desktop was introduced on or about September 2004, so it's well over 10 years old.

It's worth less than $100.00, so I'm surprised that you purchased it and that it wasn't donated to you.

Considering how old it is, its front USB ports may be damaged, but it may also be something else.


Open the Device Manager window, then expand the Universal Serial Bus Controllers entry.

Double-click each of the USB Root Hub entries to open its properties window.

Select the "Power Management" tab, then uncheck the command to turn off the device to save power, then click OK.

After you're all done, close the Device Manager window.

See if that helps.

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hey everyone

i have just purchased a new case and it has its own usb ports on the front of it. the ting is that i dont have a manual for my motherboard so i dont know what location the usb pins connect to the motherboard .Could anyone suggest anything?

Motherboard: compaq 07D0h
Computer Compaq presario 6254ea with amd athlon xp

thank you

A:connecting front usb ports to motherboard???

Why use a Compaq board in the first place, you could get a better AMD board for $50.The Power Supply that came with the motherboard since they run some non-standard ATX voltages to the board. Anyway, the board should be labeled but if it isn't you will have to do some digging on the internet for the pinouts. USB is pretty universal so look up USB Pinout and you should find something helpful.
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Hello I have an Presario wm Windows XP Home SP machine with USB problems It does not recognize one of the front panel USBs thinks another is a and causes an error to display on the third whenever an device is plugged in there are front USBs one on the front panel s memory card reader card and two others on the front panel audio I O card I ve already enabled reinstalled the latest BIOS turned off USB legacy support in BIOS and I have deleted all the USB root hubs in device manger and rebooted my computer but to no avail Here are some specs for my machine Compaq Presario SR WM Desktop Product number ED AA Introduction date -Aug- Hardware processor AMF Opteron Ghz Socket Chipset ATI Radeon XPress Motherboard Manufacturer ASUS Motherboard Name A AE-LE HP Compaq motherboard name AmberineM-GL on malfunctioning panel USB front ports E Memory Component Attributes Memory Installed GB RAM Maximum allowed GB x GB requires the replacement of the installed MB DIMM USB ports on front panel malfunctioning Speed supported PC MB sec Type pin DDR SDRAM DIMM slots Four Hard drive WD Caviar SE rpm I O ports on the front panel Memory card reader USB interface Supports the following cards Compact Flash I Compact Flash II SmartMedia Memory Stick Memory Stick Pro MultiMediaCard Secure Digital SD Micro Drive XD Picture Card xD extreme digital -in- slot USB One IEEE One USB Two Headphone One Line-in One Microphone One It is only the USB ports on the -in- card and on the Memory card reader that are in question Back USB ports work perfectly Specifically although the Memory Card single USB is physically labeled as a it will not run at that speed Of the two USBs on the -in - one is not recognized at all no response from Windows and the other always causes Windows to state that the USB device connected to the port has malfunctioned This is true no matter what type of working USB device I plug in Thank you for any help or advise nbsp
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After my build, firs build btw, I have front panel mic/headphone ports. Also on my AC powered Altec Lansing speakers there is a headphone port. If I plug in my headphones into speaker port it mutes speaker and sound comes through headphones. When I plug in headphones into front paned ports I get sound through my headphones as well as my external speakers. I've checked in my settings on my VIA HD Audio sound control panel and can't find anything or I'm missing it. Or is there something in the bios that I missed. It's no big deal just annoying that it's not working properly.

A:sound/front panel ports

i have the same situation but when i mute sound still comes out out of headphones. i kinda like it so no complains here
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I bought a computer case with 2 front side usb ports. There are two cables with 3 connectors (one is a 4 wire connector, red-white-green-black, connector two is red-white-green, and connector 3 is just one black wire with a "v" on it) there are two sets of these (usb1 and usb2). Why is there a seperate "v" black wire? and what do the colors represent (+5v, ground etc..) the reason I ask is that the motherboard I bought says it is important that I connect them in the right spot or damage may be done. Thanks in advance for the help.

A:Front side usb ports. what do the wires mean?

You need to check the motherboard manual to ensure you connect to the motherboard properly. Check the manufactuers website for a diagram.
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Hi I installed a combined multi-card reader USB port headphone Can't front use sound set through ports sound port interface Mitsumi VT into my computer about a year ago With a basic Win XP set up I was able to use the front sound ports for Skype etc Somewhere along the line after software upgrades perhaps the front sound ports stopped working and nothing I seem to do will get them working again I ve disconnected and reconnected the unit to the motherboard the sound card is on the motherboard but that make no difference Any suggestions Here are the main specs gigahertz Intel Pentium kilobyte primary memory cache kilobyte secondary memory cache Board Gigabyte Technology Co Ltd I P-D Pro Bus Clock megahertz BIOS Award Software International Inc F Gigabytes Usable Hard Drive Capacity Gigabytes Hard Drive Free Space Mitsumi VT -DevA USB Device Hard drive -- drive Mitsumi VT -DevB USB Device Hard drive -- drive Mitsumi VT -DevD USB Device Hard drive -- drive Mitsumi VT -DevH USB Device Hard drive -- drive WDC WD JD- Can't use headphone set through front sound ports HBB Hard drive GB -- drive s n WD-WCAL rev D SMART Status Healthy Megabytes Installed Memory Windows XP Professional Service Pack build COMPAQ DVD-ROM GD- CD-ROM drive HL-DT-ST DVDRAM GSA- B CD-ROM drive quot format removeable media Floppy drive Can't use headphone set through front sound ports WDC WD JD- HBB Hard drive GB -- drive s n WD-WCAL rev D SMART Status Healthy nVidia WDM A V Crossbar nVidia WDM TVAudio Crossbar nVidia WDM TVTuner nVidia WDM Video Capture universal Realtek High Definition Audio USB Audio Device Controllers Display Standard floppy disk controller Intel R FB Ultra ATA Storage Controllers - Primary IDE Channel Controller Secondary IDE Channel Controller NVIDIA GeForce GT Display adapter Default Monitor Bus Adapters Multimedia Intel R FB FBM USB Universal Host Controller - Intel R FB FBM USB Universal Host Controller - Intel R FB FBM USB Universal Host Controller - A Intel R FB FBM USB Universal Host Controller - B Intel R FB FBM USB Enhanced Host Controller - C NEC PCI to USB Enhanced Host Controller B NEC PCI to USB Open Host Controller x nbsp

A:Can't use headphone set through front sound ports

did u reinstall the sound drivers and teh mitsumi interface?

does the the sound interface wire into both the soundcard and USB? or is it a digital based usb style sound card?
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Hey Guys! I have a copmputer with an Antec p160W case. I was wondering, is it possible for the two front USB ports to go out? Is there a way to replace them if they do? Just to let you know, all of the cords and plugs needed are attached.

A:Case Front USB Ports not Responding

Not possible unless the motherboard is faulty, which is highly unlikely that only the USB headers would die.

What is more likely is the wires aren't properly seated on the USB headers, they are put on incorrectly, or the drivers in the OS are corrupted and need reinstalled.
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I have an MSI PT880 Neo Series motherboard. The board has an attachment for add-in rear USB ports which is connected and functioning fine.

The case has a bunch of cute wires labeled GND, D2+, D2- etc. which I am 'assuming' should be connected somehow to the second USB connector on the motherboard? There is a second set of wires as well for the front audio connectors, and I'm not interested in dealing with those.

I don't want to blow anything up.

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Someone asked me if I was aware of a problem with USB ports on the front panel of Dell Dimension computers. The person wanted to know if there was an issue with shielding of the ports & cables on the USB ports. The person who asked me the question, a novice, said a cable internet person had made the comments.

I am NOT referring to ethernet shielded cable.

I am not aware of such issues. As far as I know, I have never encountered this issue.

Your assistance is awaited.


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I cannot find out how to hook the front microphone input to a Sound Blaster X-fi extreme music sound card. The case is a Xion series gaming case from Xion USA. Creative will not help me out. Instead they offer the platinum edition for 80 dollars more. The only difference is the "convenient I/O drive" that fits in the case.

A:Front case audio ports

According to one reviewer, there is no on-board connector for the case audio cables:

If you are handy with a soldering iron, you might be able to run a home made adapter cable out of the back of the case and plug it into the rear panel mic jack.

Chuck W.
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Hey all I have a really annoying issue with Vista Ultimate SP My in rear panel Microphone or not working front PC specs are as follows Intel Core Quad CPU Q Ghz Nvidia i SLI PCI-E x Geforce GS HD Realtek Audio onboard GB RAM My issue is that I can't get any non-USB microphone to be picked up on any input front or rear panel I have installed the newest Realtek Audio HD drivers and just recently did a fresh install of Vista with SP thinking that that would solve the issue My system is fully up to Microphone not working in front or rear panel date according to Windows Update However though the sound manager realizes when I plug in a microphone there is Microphone not working in front or rear panel absolutely no level of input no matter how much I yell into it I have two separate microphones both working on other computers i e my laptop's Vista install which are not picked up at all I have cross checked and triple checked that the sound settings are all unmuted and corresponding within Realtek's sound manager as well as Vista's This solves nothing There is still no recognition of a working mic I am totally stumped as the microphone used to work on Vista when Microphone not working in front or rear panel I had the automatic HD Audio Driver installed from Microsoft and then suddenly stopped However I have since tried to revert to the old driver but to no avail Any help would be greatly appreciated

A:Microphone not working in front or rear panel

Hi, ezisk, and welcome to the forums.

First off, I moved your post as you posted in the general informational post about the RealTek drivers, which is not really a help thread.

On that motherboard, have you verified if you have all the connection correct for using the HD audio with the front / rear panel? I know the rear is automatic, but with the front panel, IIRC there is a specialized place for connecting the mic and speaker out jacks for HD versus non HD....
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I have a Windows Bit machine I built myself in September last year Has been running fine without any problems There are front USB ports Last week I plugged an USB system front Using causing freeze ports to empty USB pen drive into one of the front USB ports and the system froze - nothing worked forcing me to do a hard reset I plugged the drive into my laptop and it worked fine I subsequently plugged a different part full pen drive into the same port and it recognised the drive and everything worked fine That drive has remained in the port This afternoon I connected my Android phone to the nd front Using front USB ports causing system to freeze USB port to charge it something I have done many times before and Using front USB ports causing system to freeze the system froze exactly Using front USB ports causing system to freeze as before forcing a hard reset I left the phone plugged in during the reset and on boot up it is connected still is charging and I am able to access the phone as a removable hard drive as normal Windows reports no problems with the USB drivers All my other system drivers are up to date as are the Android drivers I have rear ports x USB x USB There are a variety of devices plugged in to these - USB mouse USB keyboard x USB external HDD printer USB hub not powered They are all functioning normally Any thoughts suggestions Thanks nbsp
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The motherboard on my acer aspire AX3-100-EF100 was replaced under warranty. My system is running windows 8.1. The usb ports (2x2.0 and 2x3.0) at the front of the computer as well as the media card reader and my built-in bluetooth does not work. I've upgraded the chipset drivers to version 8.981.0.0000. My BIOS version is P11-A3, 2012-11-01. It's almost like the front end of the computer is off. Nothing shows up in device manager and nothing happens when i plug in a flash stick. Did the technician miss a step when installing the new motherboard?

A:Motherboard replaced now front USB ports, media ca...

Front USB ports and Card readers usually have flying leads which connect to headers on the edge of the motherboard.  The fact that your front ports don't even register suggests that they are just not been connected up.  I suggest you turn off the computer, switch off the power at the mains socket but leave the plug still inserted.  This will offer some protection against static electricity when you take the side of the case off.  Now have a grope around inside and see if you can determine if the wires likely to come from the front area by the USB ports are loose.  The connector for a USB lead is usually black or blue and has ten holes with one blanked off.  This ensures correct orientation when connecting to one of the USB motherboard headers.  You may find there are several headers marked USB on the motherboard.  Hopefully there will be distinguishing marks between USB-2 and USB-3  -  your motherboard user manual may indicate which is which.  I'd expect USB-3 to be blue. Hope that helps...
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I just built a new causing USB ports crashes/BSODs Front PC using a Gigabyte A-UD motherboard it's been up and running for about a week now I've since been having an issue when inserting a USB flash drive into the front panel ports Sometimes it causes my D Front USB ports causing crashes/BSODs HDD to crash it resets as though it was just connected Windows is on my C SSD drive and other times I get a BSOD and the machine restarts Front USB ports causing crashes/BSODs This has happened using both front USB ports and with different USB drives - one USB the other USB It doens't happen all the time either only sometimes which is making it difficult to troubleshoot It has yet Front USB ports causing crashes/BSODs to happen when using my external USB hub but as I said it doesn't happen of the time on the front ports either I've used disk management to ensure there is no drive letter conflict which was my original thought before I got any BSODs Here are the full system specs Motherboard Gigabyte A-UD v CPU AMD Phenom II X RAM GB Patriot DDR GPU nVidia GeForce GTX Primary Hard Drive Crucial M GB SSD Secondary Hard Drive x WD Black SATA III TB disks using onboard RAID OS Windows Ultimate -bit Dump files and perfmon results are attached

A:Front USB ports causing crashes/BSODs

What case are you using? I have a Corsair 400R with front panel USB 3 ports. Corsair has had problems with these USB 3 ports on a few different cases and it was a bad USB case panel.

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The motherboard on my acer aspire AX3-100-EF100 was replaced under warranty. My system is running windows 8.1. The usb ports (2x2.0 and 2x3.0) at the front of the computer as well as the media card reader and my built-in bluetooth does not work. I've upgraded the chipset drivers to version 8.981.0.0000. My BIOS version is P11-A3, 2012-11-01. It's almost like the front end of the computer is off. Nothing shows up in device manager and nothing happens when i plug in a flash stick. Did the technician miss a step when installing the new motherboard?

A:Motherboard replaced now front USB ports, media ca...

Front USB ports and Card readers usually have flying leads which connect to headers on the edge of the motherboard.  The fact that your front ports don't even register suggests that they are just not been connected up.  I suggest you turn off the computer, switch off the power at the mains socket but leave the plug still inserted.  This will offer some protection against static electricity when you take the side of the case off.  Now have a grope around inside and see if you can determine if the wires likely to come from the front area by the USB ports are loose.  The connector for a USB lead is usually black or blue and has ten holes with one blanked off.  This ensures correct orientation when connecting to one of the USB motherboard headers.  You may find there are several headers marked USB on the motherboard.  Hopefully there will be distinguishing marks between USB-2 and USB-3  -  your motherboard user manual may indicate which is which.  I'd expect USB-3 to be blue. Hope that helps...
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Hello First of all my specs Motherboard ASUS USB Connecting Front Ports computer Freezes to the M Connecting to Front USB Ports Freezes the computer A r Chassis Fractal Design R Black no window The front USB ports are two USB and two USB There's also Audio In Out but I don't use those My issue Sometimes seemingly randomly when I connect a usb device usually my cell phone - for charging or my headphones to the front usb port my computer freezes I am forced to press the tiny reset button to restart the computer Connecting to Front USB Ports Freezes the computer in order to unfreeze it I have tried several things Changing the port on the motherboard to which the front usb is connected usb usb Uninstalling all the usb-related drivers manually Then downloading and re-installing them manually from ASUS website I even made sure that Windows doesn't automatically install drivers for my computer Changed BIOS settings to enable USB XHCI hand-off I even did a clean install of Windows in case there were some driver-issue that couldn't be uninstalled and even changed the old hard drive to a brand new SSD in the process - no old drivers should be left None of the above has worked I tried googling in case the chassis might be the culprit I found a Linus Tech Tips video on the Fractal Design R saying that the front USB was wired incorrectly They said that customers should contact Fractal Design and have them send a replacement cable I figured this does not apply to my chassis however since mine is R not R Thought I would bring it up nonetheless Re-creating the issue Like I said this issue occurs seemingly randomly So it's difficult to re-create Sometimes I can plug and unplug the headset as many times as I like no matter what port I use and it will work Sometimes it seems to freeze when I'm quot doing something quot like streaming a youtube video My latest find however points towards this happening when BOTH my cell phone and my headset are connected at the same time -Maybe some kind of short circuiting Just a guess If anyone knows how to fix this or have any ideas I would love to hear them Thanks in advance
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I got a custom made PC with USB ports at the front of the comp. They weren't working correctly so I went into the PC to sort it.

I got the top one working correctly, but upon insterting hardware into the bottom USB it just hangs and then crashs.

Can someone give me the order for the wires on the mobo. There are 8, here is the current order.


Anyhelp apprciated.

A:Front USB Ports - Color Order On MoBo


It will really help to know what MoBo you have.
The wires comming from the front panel usb are they just colored or
do they have vcc+ vcc- etc.?
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I'm getting an antec super lan boy case for christmas and I was just wondering if I'll be able to hook up the front audio connectors to my audigy 2 card, It was an OEM version so I don't have a manual and I can't find anything on in the manual on the creative site, does anyone know if it's possible and if so how?



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A:Front audio ports in mono, not stereo

Have you considered the front panel jack is the problem rather than the motherboard? I had a new case with a defective front panel assembly. Corsair sent me a replacement front panel assembly and the problem(s) were fixed.
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Hi All I am receiving a code error on the two usb ports on on Code Error Panel Front ports 43 USB the front panel of Code 43 Error on Front Panel USB ports my desktop These ports show up as unknown devices in my device manager and there is no driver data Code 43 Error on Front Panel USB ports when i try and look at the driver information However when i try to update the drivers through windows automatically it comes back the drivers are up to date I think the files related to these two ports are corrupted but i have been unable to find any way to update them myself There are four usb ports on back of the tower and they all work fine Some various info about my system - HP MT Code 43 Error on Front Panel USB ports tower - Windows Pro bit -No PS hookups the tricky part Various things I have attempted to remedy the problem - reboot - disable enable -uninstall and reboot -update chipset driver -update bios firmware -manually attempting to install driver on single port result is code error -registry cleanup -deleting upper and lower filters in registry The only solution I think I have not tried is uninstalling all the drivers for ALL usb ports and rebooting thus forcing windows to update it all The reason I have not tried this and the twist is because I have NO ps hookups for a mouse and keyboard Are there any solutions I am missing Is there any way to do this without the ps hookups Any tips or advice would be greatly appreciated I have spent way too many hours on this

A:Code 43 Error on Front Panel USB ports

I would say try going into the device manager in the control panel and completely uninstalling the usb root hubs for all devices; then reboot; and try and let windows see if it will re-detect the ports properly reinstall the drivers correctly.