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PCI or Pciex4 controller cards for sata II to sata III for 6GB/s ssd

Q: PCI or Pciex4 controller cards for sata II to sata III for 6GB/s ssd

I've installed a ssd capable of 6GB/s on my sata II board and was wondering, if there were controller cards that could be used with one of the two slots mentioned to get the full 6GB/s speed from the ssd if so, any recommendations would be appreciated. Thanks!

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Preferred Solution: PCI or Pciex4 controller cards for sata II to sata III for 6GB/s ssd

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: PCI or Pciex4 controller cards for sata II to sata III for 6GB/s ssd

I've had experience with only one card (LSI 9211-8i, way overkill for your purposes) but, based on my experience with that card, to be able to boot from them (not all cards can be booted from), you would have to install the card during the installation of Win 7. Also, cards have their own BIOS that have to be loaded in addition to the OS and the MOBO's BIOS or UEFI so you probably wouldn't gain much, if anything, in boot time (more likely, overall boot time will be longer, as with my HBA card). You may gain faster program loading, though.
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I've been looking around lately trying to find a good Serial ATA Controller card for my system because the onboard one is broken/nVidia. I have two SATA devices that will utilize the card so I need two internal ports and PCI-E x1 bus to support SATA-II 3.0Gb/s speeds. The problem is, the PCI-E x1 slots are only 2.5Gb/s so I'm just wondering if the controller card is going to bottleneck transfer speeds. I figure buying a SATA controller rather than a new motherboard would be far more practical so I would appreciate any help or suggestions. Thanks in advance!

A:SATA Controller Cards

EXCellR8 said:

... I need two internal ports and PCI-E x1 bus to support SATA-II 3.0Gb/s speeds. The problem is, the PCI-E x1 slots are only 2.5Gb/s so I'm just wondering if the controller card is going to bottleneck transfer speedsClick to expand...

IMO, you'll never see the difference between 2.5gb/s and 3.0gb/s
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I have ?work Solved: cards SATA Controller Will a motherboard with two SATA ports I m using one port for a Combo drive I was thinking of creating a RAID array However I need the one SATA port for the Combo drive since it doesn t work with IDE So I thought of adding a PCI SATA controller card for additional SATA ports I contacted my motherboard manufacturer about this They informed me that I cannot do this They say the MB bios rom does not have space to add another SATA controller I can accept this However if this is true Solved: Will SATA Controller cards ?work of my Solved: Will SATA Controller cards ?work MB why do the PCI SATA controller cards continue to sell The cards tell you which OS to use Solved: Will SATA Controller cards ?work but not the MB s I was of the impression that PCI cards were like standalone devices that would work with almost any MB that has PCI slots Am I wrong Evidently I am Anyone know about this restriction Any way to overcome it nbsp

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I have a DIY box with an Asus P5K-E mobo that provides SATA II ports. I upgraded to a pair of Samsung 850 EVO ssds and naturally got a great speed boost. Now I am getting greedy and thinking about doubling my gains with a SATA III controller card. I have been reading online and I am seeing indications that I may not get much if any speed boost that way. Would those of you experienced with doing what I am contemplating please chime in and tell me if you achieved improvement and if so what card did you use? I am running Windows 10 Pro and Windows 10 Home, one on each ssd, no RAID is involved.
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I Can't Install a sata hard disk with a PCI sata controller card.?
My mb is MSI KT4V with AMD athlon 1800.My bios is AMI.
There is no option in my mb for a sata hard disk so i brought the sata pci cotroller card.
In post it shows the raid in my pci slot but cant detect my hard disk. It is a Segate 7200 rpm 160 gb hard disk.My sata pci controller card come with a driver cd but i cant install its driver in dos mode. and i think its for the windows version.
How can i install the single sata drive in my comp.
please help me...

A:Can't Install Sata Hard disk With PCI SATA controller card

Probably some fakeraid BS..
You have to enter the RAID BIOS and configure the drive as a RAID0 array or something similar. If it doesn't detect the drive in the RAID BIOS either, look over all your cables. Make sure you have power to the hard drive and suchlike.
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Hello Got II Card or via Controller SATA PCIe SATA II a question and I do not know the answer nor can I find SATA II or SATA II via PCIe Controller Card it The mainboard on my setup is a BIOSTAR TA GX M I currently have GB DDR PC memory sets of X GB Matched Sets that I am upgrading to GB of DDR PC memory sets of X GB Matched Sets as I am getting ready to install Win Pro bit and I wanted the extra memory This board has SATA II slots limited to Gb s As I have an external drive that I use for storage TB and it SATA II or SATA II via PCIe Controller Card is almost full with my wav music files from my digitized LP s I got a Speed Dragon PCI Express Combo Card so that I can use eSATA function on the drive instead of USB to connect to the computer eSATA being faster than USB V The card says the PCIe is limited to Gb s but I have read where the SATA II ports even though listed as Gb s operate at a much lesser speed I know I need to upgrade my mainboard cpu memory to current standards but I can t do that right now It will be about a year before I can upgrade the MB CPU Mem This controller card is in the PCIe slot one of - PCI Express Gen X and not only does it have the eSATA port but there is also a SATA II port on it as well I am getting a SSD that is SATA III Samsung EVO for the new OS and am wondering if I should hook it up to the SATA II port on the PCIe controller card to use the PCIe slot instead of hooking the SSD to one of the SATA II ports on the mainboard Four of the ports are already in use TB HDD TB HHD GB HHD and my Pioneer BD-R BDXL Blu Ray Read Write I know that I will never be able to take full advantage of the EVO unless I upgrade but that will come in time So the question is will I get better performance putting the EVO SSD on the controller card or one of the mainboard SATA II ports Either way I realize that I will be limited to SATA II speeds but what would be the best option to use I guess that I can try both ways to see what will give me the fastest R W speeds but if I do this what is a good freeware program that I can use to measure the capabilities of the SATA II ports vs the SATA II port on the PCIe card Motherboard BIOSTAR TA GX M Rev CPU AMD Phenom II X Processor Ghz Memory X GB Corsair XMS will be upgraded to GB GSK F - CL D- GBPQ X X GB HDD Seagate Barracuda TB SATA SATA slot Seagate Barracuda TB SATA SATA slot Seagate Barracuda GB SATA SATA slot SAMSUNG MZ- TE BW EVO GB SATA slot FDD can you believe it Graphics NVIDIA Foxconn GeForce GT CD ROM Pioneer BD-R Blu Ray SATA slot Light Scribe DVD IDE Primary Other E-SATA to SATA controller card for an external Hitachi FD TB HDD M Audio Audiophile Rev A currently removed for installation of Win BIOS DEAB BST nbsp

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Perhaps not a question for sevenforums but I'd figure you guys would either have the answer or be able to direct me to the answer I purchased a Silicon SiI SATA Raid Controller purely to have extra SATA ports which I am using to connect to my case's external drive bays I have flashed the bios of the controller and updated the driver to put it in quot Base quot mode so it is not using RAID I did extensive research on this and it appears that I have this part right Controller? SATA on SATA-II Drive Raid For now I am trying to connect a WD BEVT quot SATA-II hard drive to one of these ports and am having some difficulty I can see the drive but when I try to format the drive in Windows or a command prompt using the windows recovery DVD it hangs I am wondering if this is a compatibility issue with a SATA-II drive on a SATA-I controller however most of the forums I have read state that if there is a compatibility SATA-II Drive on SATA Raid Controller? issue the controller won't even recognize the drive I searched around to see if there was a way to force the HDD SATA-II Drive on SATA Raid Controller? to SATA but the jumpers on this drive are for SSC and RPS Is there a way to fix this or do I need a drive that is capable of forcing SATA-I speeds Perhaps even a controller capable of at least SATA-II since that is the minimum of all new HDDs

A:SATA-II Drive on SATA Raid Controller?

SATA II drives are typically not backwards compatible with SATA I ports, especially on add-in cards UNLESS they have what is called "autospeed negotiation". This determines the max speed of the drive and tells it to compensate if it's too high (use SATA 1 vs 2). Unless there is a jumper on your drive, which it doesn't sound like there is, then the add-in card does not have autospeed negotiation. This is taken from Problems encountered installing SATA 3.0 Gb/s hard drives on SATA 1.5 Gb/s controllers.

I suggest finding an addin card that supports SATA II like this card: - Rosewill RC-211 Silicon Image 2 port SATA II PCI Express Host Controller Card(RAID 0/1/JBOD)
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My MB supports only SATA 2 but in my city, the HDD SATA 3 is more cheap than SATA 2. If I buy the HDD SATA 3 it will work with my MB SATA 2 controller?

A:HDD SATA 3 (6.0Gb/s) works with SATA 2 (3.0Gb/s) controller???

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I recently bought Lenovo Y410 notebook and it came with windows vista home premium. As i want to install WinXP in my notebook, i tried with the WinXP CD available with me. But it didnt work, so i tried slipstreaming using nlite when i came to know that intel ich8m sata 3 port SATA Storage controller 2828 is the name of my SATA controller. But even then i am not able to install winXP. After copying all the installation files, the installation process doesnt move forward after rebooting. I am not getting the blue screen, but booting is not happening even after all the installation files are copied.

In short, i just want to install winXP on my laptop.
Inorder to try the AHCI disabling option, i checked in the advanced tab of bios, but such an option was not at all available there.
Pls help.
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At the moment Mix Controller? Sata Sata Raid Nforce Disks Can Non-raid 4 The And On You my system is set up with a bootable disk SATA RAID array via the SIL ports I am trying to FIRSTLY add a new SATA hard disk to the Nforce SATA Can You Mix Non-raid And Raid Sata Disks On The Nforce 4 Sata Controller? ports as a non-raid drive which I Can You Mix Non-raid And Raid Sata Disks On The Nforce 4 Sata Controller? want to make the system s BOOT disk and make the existing RAID array non-bootable SECONDLY add new SATA drives in a RAID array via the NFORCE chip I have added the non-raid HD to the nforce sata ports and set the appropriate BIOS RAID setting for the single HD to disabled This has enabled me to migrate boot files etc onto the new disk I cannot however get the system to boot from this new non-RAID hard disk as it does not appear under the BIOS Hard disk boot Can You Mix Non-raid And Raid Sata Disks On The Nforce 4 Sata Controller? setting - instead it boots with the Sil SATA RAID array The only way to get the new hard disk onto the Hard disk boot list in the BIOS is to disable the BIOS IDE SATA RAID setting completely If I do this however it will not allow me to add a further RAID array to the nVRAID controller SO IS WHAT I WANT TO DO POSSIBLE PLEASE HELP Thanks very much Steven Hardware k nxp-sli with nf and SIL controllers GT graphics XP mce nbsp
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Can anyone recommend a good PCI controller to use for 1 internal and 1 external SATA drives (would like SATA II if possible)?

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My Box config

AMD athlon 64bit 2800+

ASUS K8-VX Mother board

want to upgrade to 500 gigs or if possible to 1tb Sata HDD

Problem is
1) Mother board is old done almost 3 years
2) I don't know what version of SATA will be supported
Please advise

Thanks in advance for your answers


A:Need to upgrade to SATA Not sure if it is sata or sata II which my mobo supports

I don't know why, but everytime I go to asus, they're hving site maintenance
Anyway see if you can click on Specifications there
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Hey Guys I ve got two GB HDs in RAID configuration which have been working perfectly They contain all my music movies and personal docs which I ve collected over the years I have only just made this configuration as I was trying to speed my PC up I d recently cloned my C onto a rpm HD and while I was update SATA controller/RAID controller serious Solved: issue doing this I joined the spare HD that resulted to another one I had in the machine in RAID and after a lengthy process of copying files back and forward from laptop drives etc I now had a perfecty working PC with a faster c drive and faster storage area for my non-windows files d in RAID - GB Then last night I get a windows update for a SATA controller I install it thinking nothing of it rebooted the pc and now my RAID drive is not recognised Solved: SATA controller/RAID controller update serious issue It doesn t show up in My Computer or in Computer Management I hoped this was just a driver issue So I went into device manager and looked at all the SATA controller driver properties and there was only one RAID controller with the option to roll back - so I rolled this driver back and it made no difference My RAID drive is not registering with windows When I boot the computer after BIOS is finished doing its thing I get a RAID utility come up Solved: SATA controller/RAID controller update serious issue and it says my RAID configuration is healthy so I m guessing and praying that it s just a driver issue and that it can be Solved: SATA controller/RAID controller update serious issue resolved without me loosing a whole heap of important important to me files Is there anyone out there that can help with this Many thanks in advance c lio Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version OS Version Microsoft Windows Ultimate Service Pack bit Processor Intel R Core TM Quad CPU Q GHz Intel Family Model Stepping Processor Count RAM Mb Graphics Card NVIDIA GeForce GT Mb Hard Drives C Total - MB Free - MB F Total - MB Free - MB Motherboard ASUSTeK Computer INC P N -E SLI PLUS Antivirus Lavasoft Ad-Watch Live Anti-Virus Updated and Enabled nbsp

A:Solved: SATA controller/RAID controller update serious issue


Went into Control Panel, Device Manager, Storage controllers and uninstalled all the entries in there, rebooted and windows reinstalled them all. Now back to my perfect little setup!

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i am looking into sata II cards, and was wondering about the best sata II cards for my needs.

i guess all i really need is something that gives me the fastest/ best performance for 1 sata II drive on my asus p4pe mobo, the 3GB/s....

will anyone of these standard $50 cards do? what should i be looking for?


A:best sata II cards

Will just any sata 2 card work for you? probably not, sata2 cards often have comapitability issues with various motherboards. so you need to research what cards work best with the chipset you have. personally I would go with a quality name brand card for the best performance and compaitability. And that generally means Promise or SIIG. stay away from the bargain, generic, cheap stuff.
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i bought a seagate sata hdd not to long ago and i had a big forum on how i thought it wasnt

working but i later found out that the problem was my motherboard so i am now wondering if

i could just get a sata card to fix this problem i want this drive to be my primary drive.

A:Sata Cards

You can install a controller card. If you want to boot from the card, make sure the one you choose is bootable.

I have had problems in the past with asus boards when you install a raid card. The system does not like to boot unless the onboard controller are disabled. The model was an a8v deluxe. It may or may not apply to your board.
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Please help.
I've been getting this message for about a month. However, after rebooting sometimes once, sometimes several times the computer eventually boots up. After reading multiple posts on similar issues, I went and got a new hard drive. I backed up all the files and was going to reinstall evertyhing from scratch onto this new hard drive. I took the old one out and put in the new one. I get the same message when it tries to boot.
At this point I swapped the drives again (the old one is back in).
I am at a loss.
Am I doing something wrong when I'm installing the new drive? Why am I getting the same message with this new drive?
System specs:
Inspiron 531
AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core 5600+ 2.81 GHz

Thank you.

A:no boot device available sata 0: installed sata 1: installed sata 2: none sata 3: non
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I have an ASUS P P -E Deluxe motherboard with only two SATA ports I PCI about Question 150/300 well) some suggestions SATA cards as (Could use already have sata hard drives one GB Seagate and Question about SATA 150/300 PCI cards (Could use some suggestions as well) another GB and want to add another drive but I don t have any more open ports I have a Promise FastTrak SATA RAID controller card built into the motherboard and I heard from another post that you cannot have two of the same type of SATA card http www techspot com vb all windows t- -SATA-QUESTIONS-onboard-amp-PCI-card html So I have a Question about SATA 150/300 PCI cards (Could use some suggestions as well) few questions about SATA cards If I were to buy a non Promise sata card let say a port SATA card would I still be able to use the two onboard SATA ports or would I need to buy a port non Promise card I could also use some suggestions on SATA cards too I don t plan Question about SATA 150/300 PCI cards (Could use some suggestions as well) on using any RAID features I just want to use SATA hard drives So if anyone can recommend what to buy or what not to buy that would be awesome Thanks in advance -DarnCrazy nbsp

A:Question about SATA 150/300 PCI cards (Could use some suggestions as well)

Uhm.. Your motherboard has a normal SATA controller and a SATA RAID controller, giving you total of 4 SATA ports. The RAID controller is capable of working with non-RAIDed drives too.

Of course both of the controllers work simultaneously. Why would they put two of them on the motherboard if they didn't?
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I want to set up my Dell Dimension 8400 to allow an eSATA 3.0 connection. Will my host controller reject my external drive if it is operating at 3.0 instead of 1.5?

If so, can I reset the controller to accept the 3.0 drive?


A:will my controller allow sata 3.0

SATA is backwards compatible. It will just run at the slower speed. Also I haven't heard of SATA 3.0 only 2.0, but I could be out of the loop.
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Hi I have quite a major problem that is restricting my workflow I hope someone can help My system specifications are as follows - x ASUS M N WS Professional Mainboard x AMD Athlon X AM Dual Core x GB Corsair TwinX XMS Controller... ATA Sata Dominator DDR MHz x MSI GeForce GTX HD MB x GB Seagate Barracuda SATA HDD x Windows Vista Ultimate I am unable to install drivers for the Serial Sata ATA Controller... ATA Controller that is displayed within the Device Manager and my HDD show up as an ST AS SCSI Disk Device Even when I install the recommended driver for the Srial ATA Controller from the Windows Update website it still remains driverless Now whether the following issues are related to this problem or not I am not sure but I Sata ATA Controller... will state them here anyway After a certain period of time my entire system will Sata ATA Controller... freeze and I will have to reset my PC although when I do it does not reset but powers down This is continues if I use the restart command from the Windows Start Menu or automatically restart after the installation of a software package This is extremely annoying Having shelled out for the latest hardware in order to be compatible with Windows Vista and then for this to happen is quite sickening Can anyone help at all Thanks and Kind Regards Gareth

A:Sata ATA Controller...

Try the VIA SATA/RAID controller
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Can I buy a SATA 3 controller for my ASUS P5KPL-AM SE motherboard so I can achieve maximum speed on my Corsair Force 3 SSD? Or would I need to buy a new motherboard for SATA 3?

A:SATA 3 controller

They (control cards) can be easily obtained, I've given you a couple of links to get started.

HP R620 OEM 2 Port SATA III Controller Card (Non-Raid) -

Startech 1x eSATA + 1x SATA 6 Gbps PCI Express SATA Controller Card (PEXSAT31E1) [PEXSAT31E1]=
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looking to add 2 or 4 port don't not need raid
seen some cheap cards out there prefer pci-e can use pci-x
want sata II 3gb/s
installing 2 more dvd burners bought deal on sata optic drives
anyone with experience with the 20 dollar cards or there abouts
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Having problems with a system I built a couple years back for someone it keeps SATA Controller issues failing to boot with a disk read error which temporarily vanishes if you change the SATA port which the boot drive is connected to but always SATA Controller issues re-surfaces a few hours days later It has managed to boot through this error a few times but the disk runs extremely slowly cant even tell you how slowly as opening utilities is difficult Event viewer is full of disk errors but this seems to be a side effect rather then pointing to the cause Specs as follows ASUS P KPL SE C D E GB Seagate Barracuda GB DDR ATI Gpu which I cant remember the model of Started off with a full error check on an occasion it SATA Controller issues was working fine came up clean so combined with the other hints all I can guess at is that there s a problem with the SATA controller I m just a bit skeptical of this though as I had an ASUS P KPL C- based system which previously used the cpu memory from this machine that had very similar problems to this before I upgraded although less severe as I could switch SATA ports and it would run perfectly fine for months Already checked the ASUS updates and there doesnt seem to be anything useful in terms of BIOS updates so am at a bit of a loss unless someone s come across a similar issue before and could point me in the right direction of a solution I find it hard to believe that of my mobo s have had exactly the same issue due to a controller going bad nbsp

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i have a compaq presario 6400nx and i wanted to add a western digital 500gb sata hard drive so i got a pci to sata controller card. when i put the card in it went through and installed all the drives but i don't see my drive anywhere. i can feel it spinning so it is powered up. i am running xp with sp3. any ideas on something else i need to change or why it is not working??

A:Trouble with SATA controller

also i am only using this drive for storage. i have a ide drive that i have windows on. also my computer does not have andy sata ports that is why i had to get the card
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PCI SATA controller be bootable on a Dell and be recognized in windows installation. if there is any suggestion please post me a link or a product that i can buy under $35
its a Dell Dimension 4700C (Slim, Compact)
it does have a PCI but it is used by a phone modem so i can remove it but it needs a SATA controller that is bootable and does not require a driver so windows installation sees it and i do not have a floppy drive in the computer mainly do to its small slim design and there is no way of getting one in there.

just send me links of one that is bootable and can be detected in bios and in Windows installation
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hello out there

just wanted to ask a few things about installing a sata pci card

i was thinking of using sata harddisk and my p4vmm2 is 5 years old i think...

no problems with the ecs board just wanted to improve my drives

so what do i need except for the pci sata card ??

can i boot from the sata drive?

i was thinking of ghosting my ide drives to the sata drive..

any suggestions is very much welcome


A:SATA controller PCI card

Well, getting a sata controller is not a problem. It will usually have its own BIOS that will load when it is plugged in. Just make sure that if you do have any IDE drives plugged in while using the sata controller, turn them off as direct boot devices in the regular bios. This way the sata pci card will pick the new drives. Also make sure that when you install windows to the sata drive, have a floppy disk with the SATA controller drivers on it, and tell windows setup that you want to install additional drivers.
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I've got a HP Pavilion p6210y pc and none of the SATA controllers work ( hard drive tested, won't see SATA cd ROM either). My question is it worth a try installing a PCI Express x 1 card with internal SATA?

A:Sata controller dead?

Is the controller turned on in the BIOS?
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Since my current computers are older and do not have any Sata ports on them I was looking to get a good cheap (and perferably non-raid) controller card, PCI only.

So I was wondering if any of you out there had an suggestions for some. Money is somewhat of a factor as well...

Any help is always greatly appreciated
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In our SBS we have a SATA controller card to manage 6 hard drives. The 2 SATA connectors on the motherboard are open. I recently bought a external drive dock that came with an internal/external connection to be plugged into the motherboard. When doing this and connecting the dock to the computer it would not recognize it. With the drivers not being an issue, is it possible that the motherboard SATA connections are void after adding in the controller card? I haven't been able to restart to check if they are disabled in BIOS, but wouldn't think they would have been.

A:SATA controller card

1. what make and model of Sata controller is it? What model Server is it?

2. Most Sata controllers are not hot pluggable, you must shut down the server, turn on the external drive then start the server, a pain I know, but most consumer Sata controller cards do not support hot plug or hot swap.

3, Consult the user manual for the card.

4. There will be a bios utility during post for the Sata card, this is what you will use to configure an additional drive.

5. It will be a layered bios, in other words there may be more than one bios that posts, the motherboard bios will post first, then any add in cards that have a bios will post, depending on what slot the card is in the order of the add in card post sequence, each bios post will should show you what keystrokes to use to enter them.

5. If you are not experienced with this advanced hardware, I suggest you get a consult before doing anything, you could destroy the raid array experimenting with settings and lose all your data.
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hey guys, is there a way to known if the serial ata controller on my motherboard is defective?

cause since 3 days now, my system is totally freezing while i'm burning or transfering file from one hard drive to another...

I ran Western Digital diagnostic's extended test on all my 3 hard drives, and they are OK.

My serial ata cable are fine also.

So the only thing i have in mind is that my sata controlelr on the motherboard is scrap.

my motherboard is a DFI lanparty ut nf4 ultra-d

my OS is windows xp pro with sp2

is there a program that will bench/test the serial controller ont he motherboard ?

or is there a visible way by looking at the board to see if it's defect or not?

tanks in advance

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So anyways, i want to flash my xbox 360 and i need to know which SATA controller out of this list is the right one,

and which port shall i plug my SATA cable (goes to the xbox) into

UMM my motherboard is an Asus M3N78

help is REALLY appreciated.
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I am using a PCI interface SWEEX FD000050 card with the SIL3112ACT144 chipset.
This card is discontinued.
Need working SWEEX FD000050 cards against cash.
Please advise of other SATA controller cards with this chipset.


A:SATA Controller Card

Instead of doing that, just get a mainstream card like a promise or highpoint card. You can install the card and driver; once installed you can move your existing install to the promise/highpoint card. No need for a reinstall.

At least you will always be able to get one of these cards. I have been using both promise and highpoint cards in builds for years without ever seeing one fail.
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My external hard drives are SATA III, but they connect via a SATA II controller card, to my SATA II motherboard. I'm wondering if the hard drives would perform much better if they were connected via a SATA III controller card to the same SATA II motherboard? A card such as this one"

A:SATA III Controller Card

I have an ASUS U3S6 that my C300 ran off (past tense because flashing the BIOS made it un-bootable) Read speeds were def higher on the card but I gotta say, overall, I can't tell any difference now I'm running it off a SATA 2 port.
EDIT: I posted some benches here (SATA 2) Show us your SSD performance
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I had a question about these controller cards. I wish to purchase one of the newest burners and it is only available with a SATA interface now currently until I can afford a better one my computer doesn't have SATA on it.

Is it possible to use one of these cards to attach the burner to it or is it only for hard drives?

This may seem like an odd question but I ahve been out of the loop on the computing world for a bit.

Thanks in advance for any help

A:SATA Controller Card

SATA is SATA... no difference between hard drives or optical drives, or any other SATA devices
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Which Sata Controller should I connect my SSD to? I will have the OS installed on it.

My GA EX58 UD4P has two sata controllers, one in the ICH10R that controls six sata ports and another sata controller, the Gigabyte SATA2, on a separate chip that controls two more sata ports.

I have two other HDDs, one internal 80GB sata and one 500GB sata in a docking enclosure that is not always connected.

My mind say that I should have the SSD on a controller alone and the other two on the other controller but what do my mind know.

A:Which Sata Controller Should I Connect SSD To

Connect it to SATA_0 on the ICH10R
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I bought a Syba 4-port PCI SATA controller card to control a single Seagate 500GB hard drive with. The card does NOT wish to work well with the OS, hence the pc will not fire up at times. I got the card to function ONCE to show the drive, but now I got nothing. Any recommendations for a decent FUNCTIONAL PCI SATA controller card? Inquiring minds want to know...

A:SATA Controller Recommendations

Rosewill RC-209-EX works fine for me. Gives you the choice of 4 internal SATA ports, or 2 internal and 2 eSATA ports. I'm currently running a 500GB eSATA drive and a SATA BluRay drive off of it.
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I put together a cheap build for my father It worked for about a month and then we couldnt boot into Windows after testing ram hard drives and attempting to re-install different versions of windows We had noticed that BIOS was detecting the SATA hard drives in the right spot but the blue-ray player was being detected in the wrong port and the DVD-player wasn t even showing up at all We came to the controller SATA problems conclusion that it was a defective board and that we should buy a new one After buying the same board the BIOS read the SATA correctly until we tried installing windows and got the same error massages as before telling us it was a NTFS problem We checked the SATA controller problems BIOS and the same exact problem was appearing Why could this be happening Is there an incompatibility between hardware on the board or is it like this for all of this board specs motherboard - MSI A-G CPU - AMD FX- GHz Quad-Core RAM- GB Corsair Vengeance HDD - Seagate Barracuda TB RPM Video Card - MSI Radeon R GB Blu-Ray - LG WH NS nbsp

A:SATA controller problems

Win8 installs it's uefi bootloader and that sometimes causes devices to appear in a different order than what you expect.

I never build with msi boards however I would make the following bios/uefi changes;
1 If you are going to install win8, then have secure boot enabled. If you are going to install win7, then I usually turn it OFF.
2 As I said I never use msi boards and the manual does not show an option to config ports to both ahci and ide as an asus or gigabyte board allows. So set them to ahci mode [if you do have an option to set ports 5&6 to ide mode, do so]
3 Connect your hd to ports 1&2. Connect sata optical drives to ports 5&6
4 Save settings and restart. Boot with whatever install disk you choose and install windows.
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First of all sorry if i'm thick, i'm not exactly "in the know" when it comes to more techinical computer problems....... I have recently bought a 300g sata hd and a sata controller card. I am trying to set this up using windows xp on my original hd as it won't recognise the new hardware at all in bios. When windows loads up it recognises the new hardware (SATA card) and installs the drivers but will not recognise the new hd. There is a "Silicon Image SATA Controllers" icon in my control panel but when I click onto that there are no available controllers. I have tried uninstalling/reinstalling the drivers but the problem persists. I have dl a flash update for the bios but as it wont recognise the card this is useless at the moment..... Anyone with half a clue please let me know.........

Many thanks in advance

A:SATA PCI Controller problems

What you need to do is click on your start button, then click on the run, and type diskmgmt.msc. Then locate your new hard drive and right click on it and partition it then right click on it again and format it.
Once that is done it should show up in Windows and work perfectly well.
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I have installed a Tekram TR- SATA Host Adapter which is nightmare SATA Controller connected to a SATA TB HDD My problem is that now a screen shows up before windows boot thats says Code SiI A SATARaid BIOS Version Copyright C - Silicon Image Inc Press lt Ctrl S gt or F to enter RAID utility Primary Channel ST AS It sits at that screen It will not do anything even it i hit lt Ctrl S gt or F I also cannot get into my Mobo BIOS because this screen overrides them The only way to get passed it is to unplug the harddrive and then it flashes a screen that says Code SiI A SATARaid BIOS Version Copyright C - Silicon Image Inc Press lt Ctrl S gt or F to enter RAID utility Primary Channel Not Found Secondary Channel Not Found And then continues to boot windows I have tried altering the jumper settings on my HDD as well as numerous changes via setup when the HDD is unplugged But whenever the HDD SATA Controller nightmare is plugged in It sits at that screen and does SATA Controller nightmare not respond to any keystrokes Any help nbsp

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...for function and any defective processing?



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Hi I have a really convoluted problem which I think boils down to me having lost the control sector in my HDD after a format I think I ll explain the sorry chain of events I have x Maxtor L and an ASUS A N-SLI Premium I had an install of Vista on the machine which was not working out for me - went to XP but that install messed up due to the disc not all data wrote Went for an install of K I had lying around just to get something on there and in formatting the disk for this k install I think I lost something Originally the OS setup screen looked like this Cartitional NTFS xxxxxxMB xxxxxxMB Unpartitioned Space MB Dartitional NTFS xxxxxxMB xxxxxxMB Unpartitioned Space MB The k format I did for the failed k install was NTFS to NTFS Vista to k stylee I guess but when looking at the HDDs in the OS setup after the k instal format I Not sure need controller, etc... SATA if chipset, then got this Cartitional unknown xxxxxxMB xxxxxxMB Dartitional NTFS xxxxxxMB xxxxxxMB Unpartitioned Space MB I d lost the first unpartitioned space on C and it s saying unknown as the file structure Long story short - the k install didn t work I Not sure if need SATA controller, chipset, etc... got a better copy of XP but when trying to install this after selecting the disk C and copying the install files - after the reboot a message comes up A disk read error occured So I have no o s on there and the HD seems unusable Have I broken my HDD Or do I need to sort the MBR Mobo what Please please please help I am totally stuck Rgds nbsp

A:Not sure if need SATA controller, chipset, etc...

The 6L30050 is a Sata, therefore you don't need the F6 driver.

Beside it never hurts to try.

Plus I runs A8N-SLI SE, so you can try your luck on the cd.

Try look for the IDE driver and it is should be there.

Plus, if this problem insists, you may RMA these hard drives for a free replacement if it is under warranty.
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I purchased this add-on card for my older AMD mhz gb ram box This is the computer with Win on the gb Pata IDE hard Drive I wanted to add a TB Sata drive since the MB does not have sata The card has sata connections USB ports amp IDE connection It add-on PCI Sata I/O Controller Card just plugs into an empty PCI slot For some reason Win does not detect the card amp when I try to install the drivers Win says cannot detect any hardware The card has VIA VT A chipsets Description Power by VIA Chip - SATA Sata PCI I/O Controller add-on Card RAID ATA USB Internal Interface x Serial ATA x ATA External Interface X SATA External Interface X Sata PCI I/O Controller add-on Card USB Port Ports SATA supports RAID and PIO mode Support bit hard disk mode gt MB Please check with Microsoft website for enable bit Mode Support IDE bus Ultra DMA at ATA Mbytes sec PCI burst rate Support maximum PCI bus master data transfer rate of MB sec PCI interrupt sharing and coexists with main board IDE controller Plug and Play Brand New Requirement Support Windows SE ME NT and XP Here is the item on eBay PCI in Card X SATA RAID X IDE ATA X USB - eBay item end time Jan- - PST

A:Sata PCI I/O Controller add-on Card

Quote: Originally Posted by McBlzr

I purchased this add-on card for my older AMD 2400mhz 1gb ram box. This is the computer with Win7 on the 500gb Pata IDE hard Drive. I wanted to add a 1TB Sata drive since the MB does not have sata. The card has 2 sata connections, 4 USB ports, & 1 IDE connection. It just plugs into an empty PCI slot. For some reason Win7 does not detect the card & when I try to install the drivers Win7 says cannot detect any hardware. The card has VIA VT6421A chipsets.

Power by VIA Chip - SATA RAID + ATA133/100 + USB
Internal Interface 1 x Serial ATA 150 + 1 x ATA 133
External Interface 1 X SATA 150
External Interface 4 X USB 2.0 Port
2 Ports SATA supports RAID 1/0 0+1, and PIO mode 4/3/2/1/0
Support 24 bit hard disk mode >147MB (Please check with Microsoft website for enable 24 bit Mode)
Support IDE bus Ultra DMA at ATA 133/100Mbytes/sec PCI burst rate
Support maximum PCI bus master data transfer rate of 266MB/sec.
PCI interrupt sharing and coexists with main board IDE controller
100% Plug and Play
100% Brand New
Requirement Support Windows 95, 98, 98SE, ME, NT4.0, 2000 and XP
Here is the item on eBay

PCI 3 in 1 Card 2X SATA RAID + 1X IDE ATA 133 + 4X USB - eBay (item 160309427900 end time Jan-14-09 10:01:13 PST)

This card works with Vista x86 and x64. Usually you do not need to install drivers, although the drivers are on the CD or here :-
However Vista will not "see" the unformatted hard drive. Maybe this is your problem? Maybe you need to plug in the hard drive?
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Hallo First of all greetings to you all as you can see I m new in here but I do hope that there is someone in SATA Problems PCI controller with here that can help me I have an older computer so when I bought a new hard drive I also bought a PCI controller so I could buy a SATA hard drive My problem is this To Problems with PCI SATA controller transfer files to and from the disk no problem Browsing the HD when I had some files there seemed ok I couldn t notice any problems But when I try to watch a small movie in DivX on that drive my computer freeze so I have to reboot I have tried the same movie file on my other drive and it opens and plays perfect The controller I bought is this http www sunsway com Problems with PCI SATA controller hk products pci-sata html The hard drive I bought is this one http www samsung com Products Har es HardDiskDrive SpinPointTSeries HD LJ asp It s formatted as standard I haven t any partition on it its just on big disk of GB It s a jumper back on the hard drive that in some rare cases have to be used It s a SATA GB s speed limit jumper setting Only for SATA GB s products Well I tried this jumper then my computer freeze right away when I opened my new HD I hope someone can help me out Regards Thomas nbsp

A:Problems with PCI SATA controller

Well, if you had asked beforehand, we would have told you that SiI products are crap

Try updating the card's firmware and download the latest drivers from the internet.
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Hello My machine has both older and newer hardware running win with plenty of ram and processor power What I want to do is add a large gig SATA- hard drive to the mix using a controller card I will want to put winXP on this SATA card II controller drive and use it as a mutlimedia storage drive--mainly storing music files in wave file format I m new to SATA and I understand that SATA II controller card now there is SATA II which if I understand correctly provides an even greater data transfer rate My question is this Will a SATA II controller card accept a SATA hard drive or are we talking about incompatible interfaces I might guess that this would work but would like to know for sure You might be wondering why I wouldn t just get a SATA controller card Well given that computer technology is always being improved upon with new standards on the horizon I just wouldn t want a gig SATA drive to become obsolete too quickly Comparabley-sized SATA II drives are a little pricey so I won t be going there right now At least I d have the appropriate controller card when SATA II becomes the norm Any input about SATA compatibility and any other info on this that you can give me would really be appreciated Thanks Tim nbsp

A:SATA II controller card

SATA150 and SATA300 devices are interchangeable no problem.

Mind you, there is virtually no speed difference between SATA150 and SATA300. The interface speed is meaningless, it is the hard drive itself that dictates the data rates. Plus, there are no desktop drives that can do sustained transfers over 100MB/s, so it will be many years before SATA150 actually becomes a bottleneck (perhaps when we get hybrid hard drives with huge solid state caches).
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I have an HP a n with an ASUS Socket motherboard and Can SATA die? on controller MOBO GB SATA drive running XP The other day our power went out for Can SATA controller on MOBO die? no reason When I restarted the machine it said quot Disk Boot Failure quot After a couple of tries I got it started After that it was harder and harder to get started and now it wont boot at all In the bios it does not even see that a HDD is present Neither does the Windows Recovery Console I put the drive in another machine and XP booted right up from it no problem and all my data was there I put another drive with Vista on it in the machine and it was not recognized at all either I thought it was a BIOS problem After a long story I was able to update the BIOS successfully But it still does not see Can SATA controller on MOBO die? any hard drives Should I try getting a PCI SATA controller or should I just get a new motherboard nbsp

A:Can SATA controller on MOBO die?

Does the BIOS see the drive after you push the reset button or ctrl+alt+del at the error message to reboot? (Do not power off!) Does the HD actually spin up?

Maybe the PSU was damaged so that it can't supply enough power to spin ip the HD? Make sure you have no CDs in drives. Try the HD on another molex connector?

Yes, of course, any component can go bad..
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I'd posted here a while ago about my misadventures with Win attached thread Basically tried to remove a Win Consumer Beta by Where Controller - Driver and Which? SATA installing Win over it SATA Controller Driver - Where and Which? and didn't work I compounded the error by in SATA Controller Driver - Where and Which? a series of missteps essentially wiping the hard drive clean to the point where I get a quot Operation System Not Found quot error when I try to boot I do see the hard drive in Setup F In the attached thread someone was kind enough to tell me that I needed to install new SATA controller drivers so the HDD would be recognized However when I go to the link I was given to an Intel download site I cannot find any Win SATA drivers there I am most likely looking in the wrong place or don't know what to look for Can someone help How can I find which SATA controller driver I am supposed to download and where do I find it System info Dell Inspiron R notebook Fixed HDD ST AS- S MY OLD THREAD Hard drive not detected - bad breakup with Win Consumer Beta

A:SATA Controller Driver - Where and Which?

I do see the hard drive in Setup

If the HDD is showing in setup, no Sata controller driver is needed.

The notebook has two hard drives - one 750GB SATA and a 32GB mSATA.

You need the raid drivers.

IRST acceleration cache

Intel links.
IRST acceleration cache

Dell links:
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Hi, i'm trying to install XP on a SATA HD. I cannot seem to find these proper drivers which i need to let it do its thing. I have the Mobo CD. It is a Asus P4PE.

Any help wouold be great


A:promise controller SATA win XP

we're sorted now don't worry!!!

It was to do with putting the driver files in the root of the floppy and not in the proper winXP directory
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Is WD10JPVX 1 TB HDD compatible for my laptop -- Pavilion notebook 15eoo7-tu  and does my laptop's BIOS and SATA controller can handle this format (WD10JPVX 1 TB HDD).
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I have a Dell E310 I have 2 SATA ports in the board that are used up needed more ports I installed SAta PCI card and as usual windows detects and ask for drivers did that then it restarts eveyrthing good in device manager...

I turned off PC to move my HDD to check to see if card works and windows doesnt detect my HDD its now missing when i goto bios and select RAID controller on I get a waqrning that I might have to reinstall the OS to have raid on which in this case it did that missing NTLDR...

is there any other way besides installing OS and select raid ontroller option if so no big deal i'll do that just so it's all good...

A:SATA controller question for XP pro SP3

When you enable RAID, then the controller by the RAID BIOS and not the main BIOS. So i is clearly normal that the main BIOS wont see the drive. otherwise, you won't be using RAID...

Right click "my computer icon", then manage. In disk management, the new disk (created with the 2 in the array) should be there. Partition, format
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I found the drivers but it said I didnt have a device in my computer..

please help..

Name: Silicon Image SiI 3112 SATARaid Controller
Device ID: PCI\VEN_1095&DEV_3112&SUBSYS_61121095&REV_02\4&3B1D9AB8&0&5840
Driver: C:\WINDOWS\system32\DRIVERS\SI3112r.sys, 1.00.0000.0028 (English), 2/24/2003 14:21:12, 85265 bytes
Driver: C:\WINDOWS\system32\DRIVERS\SiWinAcc.sys, 1.00.0000.0004 (English), 2/12/2003 14:37:48, 9600 bytes
I found that, so I thought I should update now it says i dont have a device on my computer, it's causing freezing in a few games and I need to fix it
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Apologies if this is not correct forum please Installing Controller XP on SATA PCI drive feel free to correct me I have a Dell Dimension that doesn't natively support SATA so Installing XP on PCI SATA Controller drive I bought a Sabrent Silicone Image chipset model SiI -port RAID SATA controller card to support my new Seagate TB drive After much hair pulling and obscenities I got the card to recognize the TB drive in the BIOS by upgrading the BIOS for the controller to Now I'm trying to install Windows XP to this drive and recognize the need to press F to install the drivers for the controller card so that Windows will see the drive and install the OS to that drive Problem is that no driver I can find is recognized during this process I've read numerous websites that recommend using a VIA chipset based controller card which I'm willing to go to instead of this card but I need specifics on which models will support what I'm trying to do here I need for Windows to be installed on this SATA drive which will be on the PCI controller card The controller card cannot be PCI-E either as this older mobo doesn't support that slot Thanks John

A:Installing XP on PCI SATA Controller drive


Try that, are you putting the drivers on a floppy?

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Hello All I have what I hope is a simple problem I have an older rig I built myself using GB IDE hard drives hooked up to A Sil ATA Medley expansion card Single onboard IDE connector was ATA because at the time SATA cards were pretty pricey Now I want to add a new Western Digital SATA WD AAKS Gb Hard drive for additional storage I tried using Western SATA need driver I'm A Stuck! Controller I Digitals software to migrate the boot partition to the new drive which showed up in Windows I'm Stuck! I need A SATA Controller driver just fine but it would not boot to the new drive Bios boot settings were correct I believe I even tried it without the IDE drives hooked up AND it corrupted my original XP build I tried a straight XP install to the new drive but XP won t recognise it without the correct driver installed Intel has what they call an F Floppy disk file for loading the right driver during XP install but the right driver does not seem to be on the disk I would like to do a new load to the WD disk so it s my new boot disk As near as I can tell the motherboard needs The Intel FR SATA AHCI Controller Not the RAID controller which requires at least SATA drives Any suggestions or does anyone have that driver I ve struck out trying to locate it myself I misplaced the original installation disk If anyone has it is there a way you can send me a copy or load it to an ftp site for me to copy Any help would be greatly appreciated Thanks to all nbsp

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Before anyone says ASMedia SATA Firmware? Controller anything this lies in-between Windows and Linux and i am not exactly sure where i should go with this but as it is a driver firmware issue that i most likely will need to fix over with Windows i take this up here Hi guys So i tried installing Ubuntu along with Windows Aside from the typical problems that occur i have the problem that when booting Ubuntu i get an ASMedia SATA Controller Firmware? quot ATA STATUS DRDY quot error After some research the problem seems to be the ASMedia SATA Controllers However the ASMedia SATA Controller Firmware? solution would be that i should move the connected drives from the ASMedia SATA Controller to the Intel ASMedia SATA Controller Firmware? Controller Easier said than done because i was not aware of this issue before until now so i have my SSD Main Drive hooked to the ASMedia SATA Controller which i cannot move because of obvious reasons I have heard that it is possible to flash a new firmware for the ASMedia SATA Controller but i cannot find it I have a quot ASRock Z Extreme quot Motherboard and if anyone could help me i'd appreciate it Oh also i have the ASMedia x SATA Controller And another thing i really don't like GRUB so i would like to add Ubuntu to the Windows Boot Manager Windows Graphical not Command Line like Windows or lower I checked for a way to add Ubuntu to the Windows bootmanager the only one i found was someone saying i need to use BCDEDIT in the cmd but i am not exactly sure how so if someone could help me on that too i would be more than happy Thanks for the help in advance
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I am trying to optimise my machine for Microsoft Flight Simulator X under XP.
FSX uses a lot of data, and I am using a RAID0 array on a SIL4113 PCI card (2 80GB wd drives).
I see that Adaptec and Belkin are marketing PCI-e x1 SATA RAID controllers, which I am thinking of using.

The mobo uses the nvidia 650 chipset, so at the moment FSX data is controlled by the southbridge, passed via northbridge to PCI express and the SLI arrays.

The PCI-e card will, however, be controlled by the northbridge, with its own lane if the manual block diagram is correct. My question is will I get an improved data flow as all the data will be via the northbridge, or will the extra load slow down the graphics cards?

I would very much value you opinion

A:Solved: PCI express SATA controller

OK, you are not going to see any performance increase. While the theoretical speed might be higher, you are limited by the speed of the drives.

Next you do understand that if you change raid cards, you will need to do a reinstall of the os and all apps correct?

In short, it is not worth swapping raid cards unless you had a very poor quality card and were installing something like a promise card.

FWIW if you want to increase performance, go with 2 raptor drives in raid0. That will increase your performance.
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Hello Everyone Well my yr old daughter's been crying for a Win computer for weeks now and so I've put together a computer that I figured should work Can't SIL3114 SATA install on Controller SSD via well enough for her but I can't seem to get past the first steps of the install The mobo's kinda old and not the greatest the Can't install on SSD via SIL3114 SATA Controller builtin SATA only works for Raid so I put in a PCI sata card with the SIL chipset The computer now sees the Can't install on SSD via SIL3114 SATA Controller GB SSD Patriot HD I'm trying to use for her C drive The SSD is a leftover from a different project I thought it'd lend some additional performance to help make up for the ghz cpu When I get into Windows setup though Win does not recognize the drive and none of the drivers that came with the PCI card seem to work I suppose I should have double checked before buying the SATA PCI card to find one that has native Win drivers but I thought the stone age days of needing SATA drivers were over guess I was wrong Anybody have any ideas to help get this install back on track Thanks in advance your help is appreciated

A:Can't install on SSD via SIL3114 SATA Controller

Hmmm, I just found this other thread, could my problem be because my CD/DVD is on a secondary IDE controller while my SSD is on the SATA?

Win7 won't accept F6 RAID drivers at Install

I know that his issue is mostly different, yet the final post with his resolution sounds familiar...
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I heard there are multiple ways to use this controller and id like to be able to use the sata ports like any other sata ports. I plug in a drive and itll show in windows, nothing with RAID or JBOD at all.

Every guide ive found describes how to format drives into raid arrays. I dont want that.

A:Sil3114 sata controller usage?

That's what JBOD is - independent hard drives.
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Hey I've been trying to install Windows XP x on my laptop windows pre-installed for the last few days The problem is that the installation disk doesn't find the HD I'm trying to install to Which is already formatted with a partition for the new OS I know this is an issue with the SATA drive SATA Driver? XP Help controller finding x64 AMD not being supported natively in XP So I went down the route of attempting to find the correct Help finding XP x64 AMD SATA controller Driver? drivers to get the XP installation disk to Help finding XP x64 AMD SATA controller Driver? find my device However I've either found the wrong drivers or there's some further problem that I can't work out If anyone with any experience with a similar issue could give me a hand it'd be much appreciated My reason for downgrading well i'm going to be dual booting is to free up the extra resources used by that aren't by XP Basically XP will run in a quicker better way on my laptop with hopefully less bugs So what I've done so far is - Identify the Motherboard chipset and quot southbridge quot using CPU-ID Chipset AMD G Southbridge AMD SB - Googled them looking for the driver which took me to this page Note if the form isn't filled because of the link it's Chipsets Motherboards then AMD G ATI Radeon HD Graphics which describes my laptop's motherboard and integrated graphics card - Found the relevant driver Here - Extracted the exe installer so I can slipstream the drivers into the XP Install disk and then boot from USB another copy I found the relevant drivers within the install package however it is bundled with a load of other quot utilities quot so i'm unsure of whether or not i hit the mark - Slipstreamed the new driver into the XP Installation disk using nLite then used WinToFlash to put that new installation disk on a USB drive and make it bootable - Booted into the USB and pressed To begin the install At this point the XP installation only finds the USB thumbdrive being used to boot the install disk from It does not find my SATA device I've been stuck running around in circles with the problem for a couple days trying base drivers etc If anyone has gone through attempting to find AMD SATA drivers for their device and could give me any advice or look over this and see if i'm doing anything wrong Or if anyone could point me in any directon i'd be very thankful Cheers Jamey p s Apologies if I don't seem to reply my alerts from this forum are inactive so i have to re-check every now and then

A:Help finding XP x64 AMD SATA controller Driver?

Do yourself a favour and put Windows 7 back on - this does support SATA drives natively.
By reverting to an old operating system you've just created a problem for yourself uneccessarily. Why on earth anyone would want to remove Windows 7 and replace it with XP when clearly the laptop was designed for Windows 7 is just beyond me.

Another thing -- have you checked your laptop maker's website to see if they have XP drivers for that model? If they haven't, you've got even more problems because laptop drivers are almost always custom-made for the manufacturer. You won't find those anywhere else.
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Because I'm short on SATA slots, I would like to be able to connect a SATA harddrive via a controller card, but the ones that I have will make the drive available to the OS, but not to Boot Priority in the BIOS. Actually, the drive doesn't appear in the regular BIOS screens at all, just on the additional RAID screens nor is it listed in the Device Manager, even though it does appear in Disk Management.

I currrently have 3 SATA controllers, beyond the main one that most of my harddrives are connected to...2 SIIG 3132 SoftRaid 5 controller (one of which is onboard), and a VIA VT6421 RAID card. What kind of controller card do I need to make it's harddrives bootable?

A:Bootable SATA Controller Card

You may have to enable a feature in the motherboards BIOS called Interrupt 19, or INT19.
this feature allows Add-on controller cards to be access by the BIOS and booted from.

That is what I needed to do on my older machines with Adaptec SCSI cards and my Promise SATA card.

Interrupt 19 Capture
Common Options : Enabled, Disabled
Quick Review
Interrupt 19 is the software interrupt that handles the boot disk function. It is typically handled by the motherboard BIOS although it can also be handled by the optional boot ROM BIOS in some IDE/SCSI host adaptors. When enabled, this BIOS feature allows the ROM BIOS of these host adaptors to "capture" Interrupt 19 during the boot process so that drives attached to these adaptors can function as bootable disks. In addition, it allows you to gain access to the host adaptor's ROM setup utility, if one is available.
When disabled, the ROM BIOS of these host adaptors will not be able to "capture" Interrupt 19. Therefore, you will not be able to boot operating systems from any bootable disks attached to these host adaptors. Nor will you be able to gain access to their ROM setup utilities.
If you use separate IDE/SCSI host adaptors, you should enable this BIOS feature if you wish to boot from any drive attached to your host adaptors. It will also allow you to gain access to any ROM-based setup utilities.
However, if you are not using any separate IDE/SCSI host adaptors, it's recommended that you disable this BIOS feature.
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Hi Everyone Use Vista HP bit and have an issue which is possibly more hardware than Vista specific so PCs controller to Access SATA native apologies in advance if that s the case Using a DELL XPS which is about three years old and was preloaded with Vista I need to carry out a procedure to flash and spoof my xbox to play DVD back ups of legally acquired games and this involves connecting the xbox DVD drive to my PC etc etc The process requires access to your PCs native SATA controller This sounds like Serbo Croat to me but I understand that this is rarely the case so folk opt to use a specific PCI to SATA card which I have ordered I am also advised to disable the driver if using a VIA card Quite simply can someone advise me Access to PCs native SATA controller Is it likely with my kit and OS that I would have Access to PCs native SATA controller access to the native SATA controller How would I check this I checked Device Manager and hardware for a VIA card but don t seem to have one Is the VIA card and the PCI to SATA card one and the same so wouldn t Access to PCs native SATA controller be there until I Install the latter Apologies if this is a bit off topic but I am genuinely confused and confounded and am struggling to get responses on other forums Many thanks for your time
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Every time i plug a SATA drive into my nvidia sata connection windows boots real slow like seconds when windows finially loads all my programs load really slow too like IE and everything else It also makes my old IDE drive and it s OS run just as slow too i tried doing things such as messing with bios settings wigging on out controller nvidia me sata that people have recommened making sure nfroce drivers was and loading the sata drivers at windows installation but nothing nvidia sata controller wigging out on me has helped now my mobo is a GA-K NS-ULTRA- and has other hot swapable sata connections called silicon nvidia sata controller wigging out on me image satalink The SATA hd seems to work ok on that one even though it gets detected as a Scsi drive and not a sata drive it also seems to hang for seconds between the cd-rom boot prompt and the windows loading screen prolly because it s not exactly meant to have a SATA HD nvidia sata controller wigging out on me hooked up to it unless it s a raid has anyone else seen Nvidia Sata do this before and have any ideas how to fix it nbsp

A:nvidia sata controller wigging out on me

The nvidia sata controller is the only onboard one that is capable of running both raid and non-raid drives at the same time. First enter the bios and make sure you have set the mode you want. If raid is selected, you must enable raid on each sata channel that you want raid to be available.

If you just want regular [non-raid] then you can deselect raid in the bios. This grays out the ability to enable raid on each drive.

Now are you using a sata drive as the boot drive or are you using an ide drive for boot?

Have you checked device manager for any yellow marks?
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I have used 3 driver updater tools to find and eliminate driver issues (divermax, driver robot, and driver updater pro) all of which tell me my Intel SATA AHCI Controller is out of date. The file it says I need is called 82801FR SATA AHCI Controller for vista 32 bit sp2. I have tried to install it using the driver programs but have been unsuccessful. I have searched intel's website for the driver and cannot find it.

A:Vista Driver for Sata Controller

Hello and Welcome to TSF,

Go here for Matrix Driver:

Note: After installation of driver, restart computer.
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Hi , i have read on some forums that some sata pci controller cards are not supported by windows seven, so my question is ,
Q- Does anyone know which type or brand of sata pci cotroller card is supported by windows seven?


A:Sata Pci controller card for windows seven

PCI cards? You are aware that these only support legacy SATA-150 standards... so I doubt anyone has built one for a few years now, nevermind making a Windows 7 compliant card!

In short, don't waste your time looking... sorry
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Dear friends,

recently, I have some problems with a new hard disk I bought (SATA). I thought that my mobo had a sata controller but it did not. So, I bought a new PCI card and I connected my hard disk to it. Everything was fine but after a week some errors appeared and when my PC started it showed that it could not recognize the hard disk.
Then I thought it might be the controller and I replaced it with another one (different brand). Again things were fine for 2-3 weeks when sometime - again - during startup, my PC could not recognize the hard disk (showing the same errors).
The status now is that sometimes it recognizes the hard disk and sometimes not. This is very annoying !
Do you have any ideas what might be wrong ? Is it possible the second PCI SATA controller card being defective ?
Thanks in advance for your comments.

A:SATA hard disk controller

Perhaps its your IDE Cable, Check to see that its plugged in securely, (That the cables are out of the way, and not getting hot or stuff).
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Hi I am a newcomer here and I have been searching for answers to my Raid problem but can not find any related answers here nor in other Forums that With Controller Drive PCI XP onto Installing SATA I have been searching In short I am now knocking on doors on people who appear to have knowledge with Raid questions and you are one of them So here I go I am trying to install a Installing XP onto SATA Drive With PCI Controller Gig Seagate SATA drive Installing XP onto SATA Drive With PCI Controller as boot single drive My Motherboard MSI K N G has no SATA connectors so I installed a PCI SATA - IDE Combo Controller Card Promise Fast Track SATA The drivers for this card are installed and recognized in Device Manager Seagate Disk Utility can see the drive gives the ok now comes the problem if I give the Fast Track Utility a assignment like Stripe Windows that is XP Pro SP can see the drive in My Computer and Disk Management as Basic Active Online and Healthy But I can not install XP onto that drive I have the drivers unzipped on a Floppy pressing F then after Installing XP onto SATA Drive With PCI Controller loading some drivers S to install the Raid off the Floppy all this runs smoothly but then when Windows gets ready to install it will tell me Windows can not detect any hard drive If I do the same without setting a Raid assignment Windows will not see the drive at all and the result is the same I have been told that I should be setting up a Single Drive Array but I can not do it all I can do is Stripe or Mirror for Performance for the live of me I can not change that setting to single disk Any advice would be greatly appreciated Regards nbsp

A:Installing XP onto SATA Drive With PCI Controller

u have to have 2 or more drives to set up a RAID array, sounds to me u need a new mother board with SATA slots.
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I have a A N X Deluxe motherboard I have tried all the drivers asus provides for the raid controller and so many others old and new alike Everytime windows does a stop go motion at the load screen Eventually Install XP 3112a on controller with SATA it stops completly and the HD SATA Install on XP with 3112a controller light comes on and stays I ve checked the version of the bios which i just updated And also made sure I had the right controller model I was running windows without ever install the driver but I had been using some other driver and can t find what I did with it All I remember is it was generic It did hurt the performance of the HD by only moving at ms but it worked Does anyone know why the controller and windows would act so It s a WD Raptor G Does anyone know of a generic sata raid controller I m banging my head against the wall I should have been more careful with those generic SATA Install on XP with 3112a controller drivers It took me forever last time to find them Thanks in advance nbsp

A:SATA Install on XP with 3112a controller

Just an update. I believe how I solved this issue was to find a boot up disk that had support for raid. Not sure, but I think that's what I did. I've up dated the MB Bios like I said, and I assume the onboard controller is updated with that for raid? If not how do I flash the bios for the controller?
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I think about upgrade my notebook by buying SSD intead of HDD but i don't know what SATA controller has my notebook Toshiba Satellite P50-A-13C.
SATA 2 or SATA3 ? Please help.


A:What SATA controller has Toshiba Satellite P50-A-13C?


Which SATA controller Satellite P50-A-30 has? SATA 2 or SATA 3?

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I have an MSI K8T Neo2 MS-6702E motherboard with a VIA VT8237 SATA RAID controller. It would be really helpful to know whether or not this controller is supported under Windows 7 x64. If it is, where can I find the driver for it? I have a hard drive and a DVD burner. The DVD drive works if I coax it, but I can't burn. The hard drive refuses to show up at all and is currently being removed and placed in an external USB case.

EDIT: I'm an idiot and just realized there is a separate forum for drivers. Could a mod move this post for me?

A:SATA RAID controller problems

Yes, the VIA VT8237 SATA RAID controller is supported. I used one on a Asus A8V Deluxe and used with a western digital caviler black 640 GB hard drive and put windows 7 on that hard drive. Also this is only a SATA 1 port not a Sata II so you need a jumper placed on your hard drive to tell it to run at Sata 1 speed if it is a Sata II hard drive. I moved the hard drive to the promise raid controler since then. I now have a blu ray burner installed on the via raid controler. Just make sure the bios settings are set up for non raid.
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Hi all,

I have an adaptec sata controller card, which I was contemplating using for running my two raid drives.

I know that there are Vista 64 drivers availiable to download, and so my question is this,

will Vista 64 disk drivers work with Windows 7 Beta build 7000?

I thought i'd ask here first, as it seems silly to reformat and save disc images, reinstall etc, if someone here already knows the answer.

Also, is there a simple way transferring all the user's data and programme data if I wanted to upgrade to a newer build, as obviously backing up the disc image won't work I suppose with a newer build of 7?

many thanks in advance.

A:Adaptec SATA controller Drivers

Well, I believe that in order to be sure for that, you need to find someone who has tested this in particular.

However, in my case , most disk drivers worked across Windows platforms , including XP->Vista, and Vista->W7.

As for backing up, you just copy the user folders (Music, Pictures, Documents etc) to another location. Programs installed will have to be re-installed no matter what.

Hope it helps.
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XP Pro cannot see my 120GB SATA Drive when using a PCI controller!!

I have just bought and connected up a PCI controller card for Serial ATA (2CH). As my motherboard did not have the Serial ATA connection.

I have connected up a 120GB SATA Drive and it all looks good until I get to windows... The drive is listed in Device Manager but I cannot see it in my computer in order to format the drive and start using it!!

Am I missing something stupid here?

Thanks in advance!

Motherboard = Gigabyte GA-7VT600(-L)

Sorry to waste all your time!!

A:XP Pro cannot see my 120GB SATA Drive when using a PCI controller!!

hdd manufacturer should have a utility to format drive or 3rd party software like acronis,paragon
check to make sure your MB bios supports boot from scsi or LS120.
not sure some MB's see pci controlers as scsi.
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Hello. I just bought Seagate SATA 250gb. Conntected it to the computer, installed via hyperion pro latest version 5.20a but now my hdd is recognised as VIA RAID CONTROLLER not as hdd. How can I fix this problem?

Here is a picture
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I purchased a Syba Silicon Image -Port SATA PCI Controller Card Manufacturer Part No SDSATA R about one year ago I installed Windows and installed the SATA drivers fine F S etc using the provided cd Now however I am attempting to re-install windows on the same machine and do not still possess the drivers cd lost it somewhere along the way Below are the steps I took and the error I received Please let me know what I am doing wrong and the correct way to install the driver without the cd that came with it I for controller Allowing card SATA went Here and downloaded the file SIL RAID driver set ver for Windows SE ME NT Allowing for SATA controller card XP I extracted the zip to my desktop different computer opened up the winall folder and copied the files to the root of a blank floppy I ran windows setup on the comp in question using four boot floppies pressing F at the beginning of the first floppy I hit S to specify an additional device entered the disk I had created and selected the second option NT and Error received quot File si r sys Allowing for SATA controller card caused an unexpected error at line in D nt private ntos boot setup oemdisk c quot I remade the windows boot floppies and the SATA driver floppy to make sure the trouble wasn t a bad disk Received the Allowing for SATA controller card same error each time Thanks in advance for your help in letting me know the correct way to install the driver without the original cd I m not sure if I am creating the driver floppy wrong or if there is another issue Uncertain if this is a hardware or software question feel free to move to the appropriate forum if I guessed wrong nbsp

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Hello So here from SATA Booting Card with Controller is the Booting from SATA with Controller Card situation I have recently added a second drive to my system Previously I had a single PATA drive set up and running windows just fine I have now added a SATA drive that is connected via a Silicon Image controller card I have no problems using it as a secondary drive It is visible from within windows and I have full Booting from SATA with Controller Card access to it Here lies the problem I want to use the SATA drive as my primary drive and install windows on it So I disconnected the PATA drive so as not to accidentally overwrite anything on that drive I booted from the windows XP install CD pressed F to install the drivers but when I get to the next step to select where to install windows it says that no drives exist My guess is that my BIOS is not detecting that I have a SATA drive installed using a controller card I m not sure So does anybody have any remedies for this issue nbsp

A:Booting from SATA with Controller Card

Windows has got nothing to dowith BIOS - it uses its own drivers for everything. It is Windows that cannot detect your drive. Maybe you loaded the wrong drivers?
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I've come to the conclusion that my current controller card has gone south, thus I'm looking for a replacement. It is simple to compare cards in terms of their basic specs, but even with cards of the same specs, the prices vary widely.

Often, the higher priced cards seem to emphasize their performance, but this is something that I don't know how to evaluate. How does one choose a card for the best combination of quality and performance, without wasting money on a brand name?

A:External 2 Port SATA III Controller

Seekermeister, i have been considering one too. What I do is go to a place like Newegg and read all the reviews. It depends on what you want to do with it. I just need 2 or 3 extra ports. I don't care about raid. I've seen some that have low reviews, because they can't get top performance from raid, but if used as a single drives they work well. For me, that's all I care about. It seems if you want to run raid, a good card will cost some extra money.
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I ve been searching through the forums and have found a few situations similar to mine but not quite I ve tried a few of the suggestions I ve seen that are applicable but thus far they HDD to through mobo IDE SATA IDE PCI card controller haven t helped Here s what s up I am and always have been running XP home I was running IDE HDD to SATA mobo through PCI IDE controller card a Dell Dimension I had a Gb IDE IDE HDD to SATA mobo through PCI IDE controller card hard drive in it being used as a secondary storage device It worked fine I upgraded to the system I have detailed in my profile It s boot drive is the new Seagate and works fine In the Dell I formatted the Maxtor completely and then connected it to my new comp via the PCI IDE controller card I have installed BIOS recognizes the Maxtor correctly according to my user s manual and what I ve found actually looking I can t do absolutely anything to configure my IDE storage through the BIOS because it does everything automatically XP does not see the drive in any capacity from My Computer to Disk Management The Maxtor is on the slave connector of the IDE cable and it s jumpers are set to slave The PCI IDE controller card is functioning properly I still have the original Maxtor installation CD and floppy The floppy says to pop it in the drive along with the CD and reboot I have done this and the Maxtor software doesn t recognize that a Maxtor is in there I don t need to recover any data the Maxtor is formatted and has never had an operating system on it I just want XP to recognize the space Finally this is what comes up regarding the Maxtor when I IDE HDD to SATA mobo through PCI IDE controller card boot up Drive Number Maxtor MB Set lt gt Maxtor MB Hit F to enter RAID configuration I have entered the RAID configuration and done what I needed to to delete the set because I don t want to get into RAID however obviously it hasn t done anything because the drive is still in a set Deleting the set or defining a new one is the only option that the RAID configuration will allow me to go into I m at a complete loss here Any help would be appreciated nbsp

A:IDE HDD to SATA mobo through PCI IDE controller card

Never mind; I got it worked out.

Long story about RAID controllers and poorly labeled/missing drivers!
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I can't find any information in the user manual which kind of internal disk controller the A210-103 has: IDE or SATA.

A:Satellite A210-103: hdd controller IDE or SATA?

I found out that it's a IDE controller. No chance to change the hdd into a ssd.
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Hi everyone, really hope you guys can help. Have an Advent 5312 laptop here with a fried hdd. The owner has bought a Fujitsu MHZ2160BH drive for it and has asked me to install xp on it. Have never had to integrate for sata before and i cannot find the appropriate driver for this hdd. To be honest i have probably already saw the driver i need but as i don't know what i'm looking for i'm stuck. I have nlite and have used before so i really just need to be directed to the correct driver and maybe a little guidance if you think necessary. I am really a noob at this so if anyone has any advice please try not to lose me in the details. My thanks and respect for any help you can offer.

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Dear all,
Please help solve my dilemma with the above driver that windows 7 advisor says is incompatable.
I am running XP Home in 32 bit mode.
All the posts i have checked out in many forums don't give a clear answer..#
Do i need a new motherboard or are there drivers available so i can instal windows 7
Many Many thanks

A:Promise winXp sata (tm) IDE Controller

Via does not provide any Windows 7 SATA/RAID drivers for the VT8237. You could try using Vista drivers found here:

VIA Drivers Download - VIA Technologies, Inc.

Step 1 - Microsoft Windows
Step 2 - Windows Vista (32 or 64 bit, depending on which version of 7 you are installing)
Step 3 - IDE, RAID & SATA
Step 4 - VT8237 Integrated Serial ATA RAID controller

Make sure to follow the directions to create a driver disk. You'll probably need it when you attempt to install Windows 7, as your controller will probably not be discovered, which will prevent Windows from finding any hard drives.

I have no idea if this will work.
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My HP p f went black and would not boot up When I tured it on I instantly got the following error quot Reboot and Select proper Boot device or Insert Boot Media in selected Boot device and press enter quot I falsely assumed that my hard drive bit the dust I buy a new hard drive and oem windows but same thing Long story short I figured out that the motherboards sata controller went to heaven I bought a pci-e sata controller installed it and conected my new HD and DVD to it Same error code I then swaped to the old HD and I see the following for about seconds PCIE x Gps Bus Dev Mode PassThru AHCI Port Disk Name S SATA WDC WD EZEX- Y A S SATA HP DVD-RAM GH L The next screen I see is Windows failed to start A recent hardware or software change might be the Cause To fix the problem Insert your Windows installation disc and restart your computer Chose your language settings and the click quot NEXT quot Click quot repair quot your computer quot If you do not have this disc contact your system administrator or computer manufacturer for assistance Status xc f Info The boot selection failed because a required device is inaccessible When I press enter I am back to the quot Reboot and select quot error When I turn on the computer using f I see that my BIOS does not detect either device Do I need to change Bios settings or HP Pavillion p f OS is Windows Motherboard is a M N -LA violet nbsp
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HiI got M91p Desktop (ThinkCentre) - Type 7033D55my SATA Controller Mode needs to be set to AHCI in system BIOS but BIOS is protected by passwordAny solutions?
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Can any one suggest what Sata card i need to add extra hard drives to my system I am running Windows 7 Ultimate 64 Bit


A:I want to add a Sata Controller card to my system

for the M2N-MX SE, You will need a PCI type.
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Hello Nice place here My problem is as follows I have a SSD 3 from boot controller SATA external No flawless AHCI installation of Windows Home on Samsung EVO SSD plugged to SATA native port controller at my motherboard Gigabyte GA-E AUM-DS H GeForce chipset F BIOS Everything works just fine What happened next Bought and installed a Chinese external SATA PCIe x controller card based on ASM chip PCI Express Ports SATA Card PCIe to Dual SATA GB s III Adapter ASM eBay Plugged the aforementioned SSD to the card Loaded BIOS optimized defaults At startup the SATA controller BIOS ROM initializes the SSD correctly PC freezes at the 'Verifying DMI pool data ' screen and nothing happens next I No SSD boot from external SATA 3 controller tried various options in BIOS with no success Boot drive order is correct SCSI Samsung EVO SSD first boot drive hard disk No SSD boot from external SATA 3 controller Also tried different SATA cables just to be sure this link is OK Also tried to plug the SSD to the second SATA port on card When I move the SSD back to the motherboard native SATA port controller - Windows boots with no issues Do you have any clue is this a Hardware based problem compatibility issue between SATA card and the motherboard Problem with BIOS I have the latest one F Problem with Windows MBR Other not listed problem Thank you very much in advance I appreciate any help

A:No SSD boot from external SATA 3 controller

I am guessing you are doing this for sata3 speed only , but you may not get those speeds if the 2nd PCIe slot does not support PCIe 2.0, which means the Onboard is just as fast.

there is some good PCIe Speed stuff in the top part of this review.

SSD Interface Comparison: PCI Express vs SATA

it seems you MB has only one PCIe 2.0 slot for the graphics card ( or it's poorly documented)

GIGABYTE - Motherboard - Socket 775 - GA-E7AUM-DS2H (rev. 1.0)
did you research this or buy on impulse ?

Did you boot to Windows with card still plugged in and SSD on OnBoard Port , or is that a no go too?

Probably no#1 a nvidia vs Asmedia issue , since you aren't in windows yet it is not a driver issue , some of these cards state they may not work on Computers from before 2010 ie yours , see newegg product description below about the Bios not seeing the Ports on the Card.

Though you would need to install the Drivers in Windows BEFORE attaching the SSD to it , other wise it is likely to BSOD crash I think .
( so put SSD in onboard port , install drivers in Windows ,reboot swap sata cable to Asmedia Port if possible)

see here , and in the Reviews
SYBA SY-PEX40039 Plug-in Card SATA III Controller Card -

good info here....
Single review: SYBA SY-PEX40039 Plug-in Card SATA III Controller Card -
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why windows vista dont install his own drivers for the marvell controller sata on the intel d975xbx2. windows vista sp1 dont seems so support the sata hardwares that need driver to work (generally). could be that the windows vista sp2 will offer a large improved support for the veraity of sata hardware?
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How do I set SATA controller to operate in AHCI mode onDell Inspiron 537MT ? I'm getting ready to add a 120 GB SSD & use MiniTool Partition Wizard to Migrate Windows 10 OS to SSD If SATA controller is in AHCI mode then I think I can migrate to the SSD as planned, but if SATA controller is not in AHCI mode I don't know what to do!! I'm doing this for a friend & I'm also documenting on my website so anyone else can have info to add a SSD & extend the life of older computer to save $$here's my web address any info will be greatly appreciated
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I am working on a HP Pavilion Elite e y with a Pegasus M N -LA I believe its Solved: Dead controller SATA replacement a violet It contains the Nvidia chipset I have read on multiple forums that this chipset runs HOT around C and the I O controllers are failing Not detecting any drives Solved: Dead SATA controller replacement at all The guy brought it to me saying it was freezing up and not responding Solved: Dead SATA controller replacement i fired it up and it halted soon after win loaded seemed like it was over heating so i checked the temps with my hand trying to feel where all the heat was comming from Sure enough the chipset was too hot to touch i put a fan on it and solved the issue with the heat and the system halting but at times it got unresponsive for short periods then after a restart it did not detect a drive since i checked everything and i am convinced the chip ran too hot too long i was too late installing the fan there are similar posts on HP forums The machine boots off of USB this tells me that the system is fine with the exception of the I O Sata controller My question is If i install a PCIe Sata Controller can i boot fromn it and use it where the other has failed I called a few friends at a PC shop and he said it had to be a bootable controller I have done this with the old ATA IDEs just to add extra drives but i wasnt sure that it would work on a newer system In my research i have found that some contrllers say quot Host controller quot and some dont is this just a label thing or do i need a special controller I know i have to disable the chip in the bios Will it work Sorry for the rant i have seen mixed reviews and forum posts so i figured i would ask here and get my own answer nbsp

A:Solved: Dead SATA controller replacement

Thanks for all the intelligent answers. I solved the problem myself. I installed the PCI sata controller and the machine booted. Had to disable the onboard. Windows detected it though it doesnt pick up any drives. Dont Buy HP or compaq! The HP Pavilion Elite e9000 is a powerful pc but poorly engineered.
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I controller Samsung drive recognize on won't SATA have a Samsung drive won't recognize on SATA controller P ghz Abit IC Max MoBo running on Vista bit home premium It has SATA channels on the southbridge and SATA channels on a Silicon Image MoBo chip and IDE channels My C drive and DVD are on the southbridge SATA amp I have a WD GB drive on SATA SiL chip as well as IDE drives I purchased a Samsung GB SATA drive I formatted through a SATA USB cable and then installed the drive in the SATA connection When I rebooted it got to the Silicon Image Bios Screen hit control-s or f to enter and showed the WD drive and size and then the Samsung drive but it would not show the samsung drive size All it showed was an blinking underscore where the drive size should appear If I tried pressing F or Control-S nothing would happen system appears frozen I removed just the WD drive and the same thing happened again I removed the Samsung drive and installed it through the SATA USB cable I deleted the partition in order to start from scratch I reinstalled the drive on the SATA channel and the same problem appeared So I removed the drive again and installed it through a SATA USB cable System booted this time and Vista found the drive I reinstalled the drive in the SATA channel and rebooted I went into the PC Bios and disabled the RAID option for the controller and the PC booted and recognized the Samsung drive Everything is running fine now but RAID is turned off This is a concern because I have another GB Samsung drive on the way and I want to set-up RAID for those drives For some reason the controller has a problem with Samsung drive with RAID option turned on I m not sure if its because I had mismatched drives on the controller or if it just doesn t like Samsung drives As long as RAID is turned on and the Samsung drive attached I can t even go into the controller BIOS or boot the PC Any ideas on what s happening nbsp

A:Samsung drive won't recognize on SATA controller

There is some sort of compatibility issue, but here is the bad news.

Suggest you go to the Abit site and dowload all the drivers, software, bios updates that you can. The site could go down soon. 478

By the way do you have the latest bios version installed?
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I'm looking for detailed specification of Toshiba Tecra A50 (PT634E-00800JPL).
I need to know what is the version of internal SATA port.
Is this SATA II or SATA III ?

I want to change the hard disk to SSD and buy the most suitable one.

A:Tecra A50 PT634E - Need details about the SATA controller

Install freeware hardware diagnostic software like for example SANDRA Sisoft, Everest Home Edit or HWiNFO32.

Such tools provide you all essential information about the built in parts and the HDD controller.

Please post some feedback? would be interesting to know what SATA controller details would be reported by such tool.
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I just recently received the Precision T5600 Workstation. The original configuration was setup in RAID 1 with 2 SATA drives. I killed the RAID and loaded a single SAS drive in the RAIDs place. When I loaded a Windows 7 installation disk, windows could not see any hard drives. So my question is there a place where I can download the SAS/SATA controller's driver and throw it on a thumb drive to load during the Windows 7 installation process?


A:Precision T5600 SAS/SATA Controller Driver

Looks like Dell's Drivers and Downloads for this system are AWOL after the recent support site redesign.
I pinged my Dell contacts to see if they can get that fixed. Can't guarantee the drivers you want will be offered, but we won't know that until Dell finds them...
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I bought a used computer that was built about months ago but was only used for a few months It worked great for a few days so I wanted to add a sound card and hard drive and now there are problems even when I have removed the sound card and additional hard drive Here's the system information Motherboard Asus P KPL-AM SE controller SATA problem? BSOD Startup, CPU Pentium Dual-Core E Ghz Ram Corsair Twin x - C C XMS DDR mhz Video MSI NX GT T D E OC Edition Hard Disk SeaGate ST AS GB on SATA DVD LG DVDRW Operating System Windows Vista Ultimate x OEM with SP I assume it was the original OS installed on the drive The components I wanted to add were Sound Card M-Audio Audiophile Hard Disk Western Digital WD JB GB on PATA jumper set to cable select I installed the sound card and drivers and it worked fine The hard disk seemed to work fine even before I switched from a to conductor IDE cable There are BIOS setting for disabled compatible or enhanced ATA IDE configuration and selecting SATA PATA only or SATA PATA Other changes activities that might be relevant including troubleshooting I defraged using MyDefrag v and UltimateDefrag I flashed my motherboard BIOS to the latest available release from the manufacturer's website I tried to move the pagefile from the SATA drive to the PATA drive I tried BSOD Startup, SATA controller problem? to uninstall the ICH IDE controller using device manager I tried to ensure no loose connections between the SATA cable and the motherboard or hard disk I tried the other SATA slot Seatools takes a really long time to run the short drive self test on the SATA drive but finishes in a normal amount of time on the PATA drive No problems or warnings indicated Chkdsk detects no problems with the SATA drive Installed several months worth of recommended windows updates Removed all system restore points and disabled it Used NT registry optimizer Used CClean to optimize the registry No infections detected using the online virus scan at bitdefender com No malware detected using MalwareBytes I disabled most of the unnecessary startup items I installed motherboard drivers from the motherboard CD Things I have yet to try Formatting the drive and reinstalling the OS Using any kind of vista repair boot disk or repair install Testing the drive in another system no other system with SATA I can use Testing another drive in the system no other SATA I can use Uninstalling any Windows Updates Looking at any system logs Here are all the signs and symptoms I have noticed First thing I noticed was drastic start stop behavior during web browsing with Chrome I figured my cache or RAM was overloaded or the PATA hard drive pagefile was bottlenecking my performance It would be seconds of freezing alternating with seconds of no freezing I can not always boot normally OR into safe mode I get stop error B xFFwhatever x x x When I can log into my system there are brief moments maybe a minute or more where things are fine and the rest of the time it alternates between several seconds of frozen and not frozen The HDD Led indicator is stuck on lit whenever I look at it but I don't really hear any extra drive activity sound If I log in normally it seems like I can hibernate i think that's what it is and it will power up quickly back into my system I have only received one stop error F besides very regular B during startup Windows does not boot as quickly as it should In safe mode it pauses on the crcsisk sys driver is that cuz it's the last one I have removed the sound card and disconnected the PATA drive and the DVD drive Booting into safe mode works more than it doesn't Booting normally usually doesn't work I'm currently following the steps in BSOD - Posting instructions and I will report the results soon in the next post My feeling is that the SATA drive is fine but maybe there is some issue with the motherboard SATA controller or a Vista driver related to it I don't really know what is the issue here and that is the main information I ... Read more

A:BSOD Startup, SATA controller problem?

M-Audio has had BSOD problems recently on these forums

When adding the PATA drive, did you do anything to affect the booting of the OS?

Moving the pagefile to the PATA drive will slow you down.

Is the ICH7 (Intelо I/O Controller Hub 7) still installed? Have you checked it in Device Manager?

Do you have Service Pack 2 installed?

250 gB on the SATA drive vs 80 gB on the PATA drive - the test should take longer on the larger drive

Do not disable system restore (it's too late now) - it's a backup mechanism for your system state (particularly the registry) and may be needed. Turn System Restore back on and leave it on. Once things are fixed, make a system restore point and keep it.

Do not use registry cleaners/optimizers - there's lot's of articles explaining why. This is my favorite: Although it's written with XP in mind, it also applies to Vista and 7.

What startup items have you disabled?

Motherboard drivers from the CD are usually outdated - please visit the Asus website and obtain the latest drivers for your mobo from there. In particular, ensure that you have a version of the ASACPI.sys driver (a part of the Asus ATK0110 ACPI utility) that's dated 2009 or later.

Once we get the BSOD Posting stuff we'll be able to get more details.

FWIW - we have seen issues with the P5 series of boards from Asus - both with the ASACPI.sys driver and with memory settings/timings. Please check the settings/timings/voltages at both the Asus website and the Corsair website. Once the settings are "set" don't change them - wait and see what happens.

STOP 0xF4:
STOP 0x7B:

The 7B is an Inaccessible Boot Device, while the F4 is a Critical Object Termination. I'd suggest running Startup Repair as the next step:
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I have an older home built computer that only has SATA connectors on it I have my SATA HDD s attached to it there My CD DVD has a IDE connector on it so I have it connected to the IDE plug but unfortunately the drive is failing door won t open on it s own Knowing that I will eventually upgrade the MB Processor and Ram at some point I ordered a new SATA CD DVD drive along with a SiliconImage SIL port Controller Card to see me through until I upgraded the MB I figured I could hook the new CD DVD drive up to the new controller card along with another SATA HDD I had laying around for extra backup storage I plugged the card in restarted and let Windows Update install the drivers After rebooting my bios wants to set up the RAID array of Help SATA Controller installing Card Need PCI Solved: the new card I didn t get this card for the raid array and didn t think I would have to set that factor of it up because Solved: Need Help installing PCI SATA Controller Card I had read feedback from other purchasers stating that they had used the card to add just one extra drive Essentially for the same reason I bought it So how do I need to set this thing up I have both enabled and disabled Raid in my Bios both with no luck Neither the CD DVD drive or the extra SATA HDD show up I m stumped HELP Running W bit nbsp

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I recently bought a SATA host controller card but it is not working Sata recognized controller host card not in my computer I don t think it has anything to do with Sata host controller card not recognized the drivers in windows because when I go into the bios setup it sees everything except the SATA controller and the hard drive I plugged into it I have tried it in four different PCI slots checking connections each time and none of them are working My computer is fairly old so I thought perhaps the card was incompatible with the slots but it s PCI rev and so is the USB port card that I bought at the same time and it s working perfectly I ve run out of ideas and I m not sure what to do next to try fixing the problem Any help would be greatly appreciated The SATA controller card is a Syba sd-sata - ir and my computer is a Compaq Deskpro EN P with a Pentium processor and MB of RAM nbsp

A:Sata host controller card not recognized

You dont give an OS, but if the PC is fairly old, I would guess a specific driver for the card would be needed. Did nothing come with the card ? Have you checked the m/f site?
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The title says it all =P

Today I got a SATA Controller Card and hooked up the new SATA HDDs to the system that already had two IDE HDDs, one of which is the OS drive (System Info Note: 2nd HDD not connected at time of report).

Now the problem is, with the new HDDs active when the PC is turned on, Windows doesn't boot. I'm guessing that for some reason the system is trying to boot from the SATA HDDs. I can get into Windows just fine and check out the drives if I disconnect their power until Windows has booted up. All is working, all is normal.

Fiddling with the boot priorities in the BIOS has yielded no positive results, and I get that same depressing blank screen.

Have you any thoughts? This sure confuses me. Thanks!