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Dell media experience DVD burning

Q: Dell media experience DVD burning

Hi. I'm stuck and can't seem to get help from the companies I buy from. Yea! Anyway, I am hoping someone out there can help me. I have Dell Media Experience. And, I installed an external HP DVD burner. I have the codecs I need downloaded. However, when the media experience is almost completed, it gives an "Unknown Error" message and won't finish the burn. Any ideas on this? I have searched and searched, but no answer and Dell, nor HP are any help. I am guessing the problem is the software, and not the HP burner. Dunno?????
Thanks for any ideas! Am

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Preferred Solution: Dell media experience DVD burning

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Dell media experience DVD burning

Bad optical drive. Currently the highest failure rate of any desktop computer component. Just because it is new does not mean it is working properly. Also look at all other parameters
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Does anyone know much about this software that came installed on my Dell 4600 desktop? It automatically launches whenever I put a DVD in the drive... which would be fine, but I think it's a pretty crappy software (no time displays, for example) and would rather just use Windows Media Player to watch DVDs. However, even after I go to My Computer, right-click D: DVD DRIVE, and choose properties, then choose WMP to run when a DVD movie is put in the drive, it STILL launches Dell Media Experience. Is this normal? I don't need WMP to be the default, but I'd at least like to choose which program is launched to watch a DVD...

The Dell Media Experience just seems like a half-baked kindergarten version of a media software and I do not like it one bit. My four year old laptop has a much better DVD viewer installed on it.

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Hello Friends, my machine is Dell Dimension 9150 with XP Home SP3 and Dell Media Wxperience installed, among various other programs.
My problem is that I can not play music stored on my computer, in Dell Media Experience.I can play this music in Windows Media Player.I can also play movies, with sound, stored in computer in Dell Media Experience, But when i try to play music, I keep getting error message.
I have already uninstalled and reinstalled Dell media Exp. several times but to no availI hope that some kind soul would like to help me.Thanks

A:Problem with Dell Media Experience

heres my suggestion. if u really dont need dell media experience i would just remove it entirely from your add/remove programs. i have had a dell dimension 2400 and a 4600 and both times i removed it as it was an annoying piece of junk.hope this helps u. my guess is somehow it may have gotten corrupted along the sure your computer will work fine without it. mine did.
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Normally when I go to add/remove programs, I just click on change/remove and it's even easy enough for me to follow the uninstall instructions.

But with Dell Media Experience, I'm having a bit of trouble. I click on uninstall, then some installshield wizard loads, and then there's a pop-up that says clicking OK will remove the program.

I click OK, then it says something about power-saving settings. It says "When I press the power button on my computer:" then there is a drop down menu that shows Shut Down, Ask Me What To Do, Do Nothing, Hibernate, and Stand By.

Which do I choose and why is it asking me that?

A:Having trouble uninstalling Dell Media Experience

I also tried downloading an update for it, but the update is prompting me to do the same. Thinking maybe the update would make the uninstall a bit easier, I was told that anyway.
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I re installed dell media experience. when i try to view dvd error message appears: Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation.

Can you tell me what this means and how to fix it.

O.S Windows xp home sp3
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Do you know how to install Dell Media Experience software I have a Inspiron computer and I use this software to play DVDs Recently I downloaded a Super Reinstalling Dell default Media Experience DVD sofware package which is superior in graphics etc but is limited in the type of DVDs it can play I am afraid now that it has LOCKED my DVD player to play only DVDs from a single region Reinstalling default Dell Media Experience code I would like to return to the Dell Media Experience software and hopefully thiis will UNlock my DVD player Do you know from where I can re-install the Dell Media Experience program a CD the internet or someplace else Please help Peter RJ PS Prior to this I have sought the advice of Dell Technical Assistance but I have not gotten a satisfactory answer from them At first they said that I can get the Dell Media Experience software from a complimentary Dell Media Experience CD that comes with every Inspiron then they said it s actually on a complimentary CD called quot Dell Utilities and Applications quot then they said I can download the software from the dell website but when I go to the download section and login it is not listed and finally they say I have to buy the software direct me to the sales dept which upon hearing what I am requesting directs me back to technical assistance An extremely frustrating experience nbsp

A:Reinstalling default Dell Media Experience

found some info for you. check the forum at dell here.

how to reinstall here.
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Hi Friends my machine is Dell Dimension with windows xp Home SP Among other software Dell Media Experience an application for playing dvd cd nusic files stored on hard disk etc came bundled with it I understand that this Dell Media experience is actually a Sonic application I can play movies stored on my computer or movie cd s and dvd s without experiencing any audio problem but I cannot play any music cd or music files stored on my compute playing in experience Dell music files media problem through this application though I can play the same in windows media player whenever I try to Play problem playing music files in Dell media experience music in Dell Media Experience I get the following error message - quot DMXApp Method AdjustPosition in type MyMusic Plugin VisualisationPanefrom assembly MyMusic Version Culture Neutral PublicKey Token null does not have an implementation I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling Dell Media Experience several times but to no avail I understand that my message has become quite lengthy but it was necessary in order to give full idea of my problem I sincerely hope that somebody on this forum will be able to help me Thanks nbsp
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I have always been a Dell My Experience big fan of Dell s business class laptops and even more so of their pro support nbsp They have always been wonderful nbsp As a small business owner who works in the computer field my laptop in my main tool and it essential to servicing my clients and operating my company My Dell Experience nbsp As a result My Dell Experience I have always depended on the reliability of Dell products and support and they had never let me down in almost years Until this month nbsp Maybe it was just bound to happen or maybe Dell is just not what it used to be nbsp I am not sure I am in need of replacing an aging Dell laptop and ordered a top of the line Precision laptop with all the bell s and whistles nbsp A very expensive machine nbsp A sales rep was very helpful in assisting me with my order and it arrived fairly quickly nbsp I was pleased Until that is I turned it on and the Windows OS was corrupted upon setup nbsp I tried to use the Windows functionality to start the setup over several times but the same issue each time nbsp I suppose I should have just returned the machine then and there for a full refund and ordered a new one nbsp However I figured no bug deal I would just call support and have them re-image it nbsp I had not installed anything on it yet so no big deal and a corrupt copy can happen nbsp So they mailed me a box with return label and I mailed them the laptop nbsp A few days later I got the laptop back and the issue was resolved nbsp However now the system no longer had RAID configured as ordered nbsp So once again I should have just returned the machine for a full refund and started over nbsp However I again agreed to let Dell fix it nbsp No big deal as I still had not loaded any applications or data on the machine nbsp So again they sent me a box and I mailed them the unit back nbsp A few days later I got the unit back However not the unit has Windows installed and is setup for a Dell Support User upon startup nbsp I once again call Dell nbsp They provide me with instruction to upgrade it to Windows nbsp I refuse nbsp If i order a brand new car and it does not come with doors on it it is not acceptable to me for the dealer to had me the doors and nbsp step by step instructions on how to install them myself nbsp So I offer to sent the computer back to Dell and let them try to fix it again nbsp However at this point I expect some compensation If not for me trouble then at least for consideration that at this point I still do not have the system I ordered and my expensive warranty and support I paid for is clocking away nbsp Dell indicates that they cannot do that and to return it and reorder So now we initiate a return but too much time has passed nbsp Dell reps have assured me I will still get a full refund but that it has to go through some process to get returned nbsp I have not been waiting a week to get an RMA to return it with no resolution in site If someone from Dell is listening CAN SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME WITH THIS NIGHTMARE nbsp I seem to be stuck in limbo For other Dell customers is Dell just not the company it used to be or is this just an aberration nbsp I need to determine who I am going to use as my vendor going forward
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I've been trying to find information on if/how cassettes can be made into MP3 files on my computer (Vista Home Premium). I've seen mention of freeware called AUDACITY, and a $17.00 product called MEDIA DIGITIZER. I'm usually quite hesitant about freeware (unless I learn about it HERE that is.) But, I'm not confident about other vendors either.

I'm kinda clueless about how to do this, but it appears that it should be do-able, much to my surprise. Does anyone have pros/cons about these products, or another one to recommend to accomplish this?

Thanks in advance!

A:Any Experience With "media Digitizer" Product?

What you should look for is to have the use of a cassette tape player with a line level output (not a speaker output).There is a tutorial here: on microsoft software, but you can substitute alternative audio software, and Audacity certainly would be suitable: detail will be different between the software, but the general procedure is the same.Also, if you wanted to make a normal CD to play in a CD player, you would record the contents of the tape into a stereo 16bit 44.1KHz file (or files for multiple tracks), then burn those tracks to a music CD. (Up to 74 min per CD).
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I am looking for a portable External HD that will work on a Dell Laptop USB 3.
I need for quick transfers of large photo files.

I find in Amazon products purporting transfer rates of over 2GB/sec on a USB 3 port.

I want to know if anyone has experience with Dell Inspiron or Dell XPS Laptop that come with USB 3 capable of transfer rates of 2GB/Sec? & works without any flow?

Or the technique is still in infancy and not like the Apple's thunderbolt?

There are Western Digital,Buffalo,Iomega...
At one time on internet forum discussion telling some of the Buffalo has the Samsung's HD in it [rather than Western Digital] and if one get that would be like lottery win!!
If any of the above will transfer those claimed rates of transfer on a Dell Inspiron or a Dell XPS laptop?
Any body with experience could guide me,
Thanking you

A:Can anyone tell from their experience a USB 3 HD that works on Dell?

u wont get 2GB/sec impossible
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I realize this might not be the place but got to let you guys know about horrible Dell experience I am having Purchased new XPS system even paid for installation Computer came and quot Dell tech quot attempted to set it up and install email and DSL service This turned out to be a hour nightmare Finally got part of it working then computer crashed to dreaded blue screen Dell sent out new mother board and memory sticks twice The techs installed new parts but still saying quot dumping memory quot at the blue screen Tech left the last time saying sorry I cant fix it This computer is days old at this point and has not worked yet He tells me to call and tell them I want experience Dell Horrible it replaced it is in the day window I try to do this one day amp hours on the phone people non of them say they can do this Next day same scenario hours on Horrible Dell experience the phone from one person to another saying they can not help me No one can give me a phone number to ANY one Horrible Dell experience that will help Finally on the rd day of calling I get a lady that says ist needs to be replaced and she would write it up but couldn t guarantee it would be done I have got an exchange numer authorizing the exchange but can NOT get a human to say they will build the new computer and send it out Paid way too much for this computer and it hasnt worked one day If ANYONE has any info how I can get there attention I would appreciate it I hope someone learns from this Horrible Dell experience I know I have now nbsp

A:Horrible Dell experience

Call the credit card company, and put a hold on the charge. Send Dell a registered letter telling them their computer is coming back as soon as they make shipping arrangements.
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Does anyone here know whether the Intel Graphics Media Experience (GMA) 900 is compatible with DX 9.0c or 10?? I read on a not-so-recent article of technicle information on the chipset that it was compatible with DX 9 but i'm not sure whether that includes 9.0c. Any one know??

A:Intel Graphics Media Experience Question

My experience with ANY Intel integrated graphics is that they SUCK big time so if you plan on playing games with it, I would diffently consider buying a actual video card. Intel says that it only supports shader model 2.0 which means that it is only a Directx 9.0 card.
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Has anyone had any experience with a Dell Inspiron Mini its model number is actually In particular how well does it play video on Windows XP say a ripped standard DVD or downloaded video of resolution I have borrowed one from a colleague but it runs a non-optimal version of Ubuntu it came with Vista Basic I would really like some feedback from someone who has one running Windows XP with all the supplied drivers This one s video drivers are very poor and you can t set it to a out Mini Any 12 there experience Inspiron with Dell the native resolution of If I try to play a clip in full screen mode on Totem Movie Player if fails miserably From the reviews I Any experience with a Dell Inspiron Mini 12 out there ve read I m pretty sure that it is quite capable of playing standard video I would just like some reassurance from someone you has tried it out I really like its form factor It is only slightly heavier than my Acer Aspire One with a great screen and keyboard Thanks in advance nbsp
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I have a Dell XPS 15 L502X running windows 8.1 Pro. Dell's official drivers page says the laptop is not tested for windows 10 upgrade (Product Support | Dell US

So is anybody out there who has upgraded to windows 10? Are you facing any driver issues or any other issues? Is there anything else that I should be aware of before proceeding with my upgrade?

A:Dell XPS 15 L502X upgrade experience?

I've upgraded 8 systems to Windows 10. Seven of them Dell desktops and laptops. Some up to 6 years old. Some running Windows 7 Home or Pro, some running Windows 8.1 core.

Windows 7 and 8.1 drivers usually work in Windows 10. If there are any yellow flags in the Device Manager after installing Windows 10, loading a Windows 7 or 8.1 driver from the Dell drivers page for that model fixed it.
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I've been highly considering ordering a dell studio 14z from the outlet that dell has. I'm curious what YOUR experience and opinion is with the quality of their certified refurbished laptops?


A:What's YOUR opinion and experience with dell refurbished laptops?

I've only dealt with one, but it's worked perfectly for 3 years.
Their refurbished stuff has good warranty, and customer service is still good.
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I download all my movies online and convert them to ordinary dvd's. I am getting a 3D tv and I would like to convert my downloaded movies to blu ray format. Do I have to buy a blu ray dvd converter, as in external device, special blu ray blank dvd's and a program that converts movie files to blu ray dvd format, currently using "convertx to dvd". All info appreciated

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Laptop model number : Dell inspiron 1525

OS : Windows XP media center

Problem : When i open this laptop it always open in dell media direct. i tried to exit it from there it just shut down my computer after exiting.

I tried it on internet, i tried both buttons on panel. one is for media direct and other one for regular starting up.

i have tried reseating the cmos battery but did't help.

PLease help what else i can try ..

A:dell inspiron booting in dell media direct, cant go to windows .. please help ??

Take a look at the threads below.
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I have purchase a dvd burner samsung sh-s222a/bebet when my son went to burn a music cd the icon for star burning on media player 10. is hidden I used to burn music before I remove the old burner and purchase this one with nero 8 I have send a message to nero cause on nero it displays a message of insert a blank cd when i have tried diferent types sony and fuji if any body can help like always in this site thanks by the way I am using windows xp service pack 3

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I regularly record streaming media from various Internet radio sites. The files created are .rm (real media) files. Can anyone recommend software that will enable me to burn these file to disc so that I can play them in my home or car cd player?

There is software called Easy CD-DA Extractor 9.0.2 but I don't know if this will handle rm files.

Thanks in advance
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I am running windows which comes with media player It is a toshiba laptop and is only days old I have never on with player Media Help burning 12 had a problem running media player before The problem is when i try to burn cd s it starts running then it stops with an error stating system busy or check that cd burner Help with burning on Media player 12 is connected properly The burner is internal The point where it says this error varies Sometimes it will burn songs and sometimes before the error appears I have tried different brands of discs philips sony sanyo virgin The same issue I also ran the troubleshooter did this about times mostly finds nothing but out of came back that configuration might not be set up correctly I dont know what the proper configuration is nor can i find a place that will tell me I even tried uninstall and re-install twice Any help would be greatly appreciated At the moment I am usin express burn free burner but it stinks Anyone know of a free burner that is actually good Any help would be greatly appreciated Sincerely Jim nbsp

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I tell ya, I feel like a real dope!
13 year old kids can make audio CDs and I can't.
Do the files have to be in .wav format first?
The last time I attempted this the CD was only playable on the computer and my Sony CD walkman.
Can anyone provide me with a comprehensive walkthrough of this or should I go back to transistor radio?


A:Burning Cds / Media Player

What are you using to burn the CDs. Most CD burning utilities should already do this for you (such as Windows Media Player or Easy CD Creator)
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Hi all, I just purchased my first DVD R/W, and I don't know anything about the media that's available out there, like who is good, who to stay away from, can you please help me out here.

On another note, I purchased Nero suite 6.0, downloaded DVD Shrink, and when I receive the Nero I will download the update that's available for it. My question any of you have any tips/suggestions for a newbe burner?

I appreciate your help. dc3

A:Dvd Media And Burning Questions

I created sevearl drink coaster while burning my first cds. When making a bootable or:autorun" disk be sure NOT to put them inside of a folder on the cd. This is true for .iso images also. Windows cannot see inside of the folder to boot. So the boot or autorun files need to be the first think on the disk.
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So I have a Media Center that plays music CDs. It was bought at around year 2000 (or maybe a bit earlier).

My questions:

1. What format to use? Will it play mp3?
2. What is an optimal quality of mp3 to be listened good?
3. I grab music from YouTube... which site to use to convert it to mp3?
...SnipMp3 isn't offering quality better than 64kb/sec. Some other sites offer slightly more (confused). Also, most of these sites are overloaded with commercials and popups.

Note: my Media Center made by Pioneer.

Thanks in advance,
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i have just upgraded my media player to 10 on xp. does anyone know if i can make an mp3 with this or do i need to buy more software. if so what is recommended


A:xp media player 10 and MP3 burning

Click tools then options then click on the "Rip Music" tab.

In the drop down menu under "format" click MP3.

Let 'er Rip
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hi- hope someone can help.i recorded some tv shows and now i want to burn/save them on dvd . the question is ?? - the dvd should hold 2 hours but when i try to add (2) one hour shows it tells me that i am over the limit . it's setup to record only 1 exact hour so i am not over the limit.i'm sure this can be done - - is there a way to reduce the size of file ?? any ideas ??Moderator Edit: Moved topic to more appropriate forum. ~ Animal

A:Burning Dvd's From Xp Media Center

Can you rightclick the file propperties and advise which type of file it is?
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I have a Dell Mentor Media re-installation USB directly from Dell that I got brand new. Its telling me its used and cannot be used by me to reinstall Windows. Anyway to fix it?
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I have recorded a number of shows and movies using Vista media center but am having problems burning them to DVDs. When I look at the file size of a 2-3 hr movie, the file size is somewhere between 6Gb-8Gb. Since the capacity of my DVDs are only 4.7Gb, I can only assume that most movie DVDs are using some type of compression software that decompresses the file as it plays. My question is, what type of software do I need to allow me to burn these files to a DVD so I still have them without using up all of my hard drive storage space. Any help would be sooooo appreciated.


A:Burning DVDs with Media Center

Use an encoding software like Virtual Dub or TMPGENC to get the file size down.Then you can burn them on DVDs.
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Hi everyone,

I have a wmv file that I want to burn to a CD-R.

My question is, is there a way to also burn the windows media player onto the CD with the file so that the file automoatically plays in windows media player, in case the people I want to give it to don't have the player installed?

(I know you can package to CD in powerpoint so that powerpoint viewer is included on the CD etc - is there a way to do it or software which can do this?)

If not then I can just but a copy of the setup program on the disk which they can install if need be, but I don't know how high a level of computer literacy they have so I won't to make it as easy as possible if I can!

Thanks for any help!

A:Burning Windows Media Player to CD-R

If they have Windows, they have media player. Many programs will play wmv files (Like Winamp), so this shouldn't be an issue in any but the most extreme cases.
You could include a link to Medial Player, or download it (Or Winamp) and include the install files on the CD, but this would be serious overkill.
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I have been using Windows Media Player for burning CDs and so far it seems to be going fine.

Do you think WMP is a good CD burner or do you preffer another?


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I have XP with Sonic Digital Media Center. I can copy CDs. Tried to copy a DVD and inserted a blank DVD - kept throwing it back out. My system says CD-R and DVD-R. Noticed the DVD I'm trying to copy is a DVD+R. Could that be the reason. In other words, my system will only copy CD-R and DVD-Rs, right. Anyway around this?
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My Windows Media Player 11 does not recognized either of my CD burning drives.. D & E.. After I hit the Burn Tab, --- says to attach a burner and restart player..... Normally I use Roxio, and it works fine....

A:Media Player 11 & Burning Problem

Roxio is a good burning program, I would use that exclusively. WMP is a decent media player, but the burning part of it has never worked that well and is not worth the trouble.
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I have a NEC DVDRW ND3550A

I want to know if anyone tried burning different brand names on this buner and what speed they are getting. The fastest media I tried was Fuji DVDs and got 12x.

please respond soon.

A:burning with different dvd blabk media on a NEC burner

Try Verbatim 16X.
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I want to copy all my MP3S, Real audio files etc. to a CD so I can load them back onto my computer if I ever lose them.

I have Nero but for some reason it won't let me burn real player files with ram attachment onto a disc. So I'm looking for a program which can burn all media types mpeg, mp3 real audio etc.

I'm looking for one which comes with a free trial as well.

If anyone can help please post.

A:CD Burning software ( covering all media)!!

I wonder if you have set Nero to write an "Audio CD" instead of a "DATA CD" . Audio CD is recorded like a music CD, and only certain types of music files are compatable.
However, if you change the setting to DATA CD, then any type of file can be written (unless corrupted in some way that Nero rejects)
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When I try to burn recorded TV shows to a video DVD I get "SBEserver has stopped working" followed by "Media Center Extensibility Host has stopped working." I have uninstalled all other DVD related software (i.e. Pinnacle, Roxio, etc.) yet this still continues. It used to work...

A:Media Center crashes when burning

Hi Welcome.
You may find this of interest:-
sbeServer has stopped working error when I try to burn saved TV to a - Microsoft Answers
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I have a BenQ DW a DVD RW drive which recently stopped burning can t do it through media recognizes DVD but burning stopped RW XP professional or through burning software Shows up in explorer as DVD RW recognizes media but stopped burning quot DVD CD-RW Drive quot but when I pull files over it says either to insert a disk if none is in it or if a blank disk is in it I get an error that says quot J not accessible incorrect function quot My NTI burning software just says quot no supported drive detected quot I can however use it as a regular DVD or CD drive and view files I have done the steps below which have not corrected the problem but I did verify that it is something with my system and not the burner Any other DVD RW recognizes media but stopped burning ideas of what I might check would be appreciated Thanks Nancy STEPS TAKEN DVD RW recognizes media but stopped burning ALREADY Firmware Update B LY then tried B MY Removed from device manager and rebooted Checked IDE controller made sure it was set to DMA and not PIO Check ASPI Layer Have tried then switched back Tested on another system Worked Tested another working burner on this system Didn t work nbsp

A:DVD RW recognizes media but stopped burning

Is DirectCD installed or whatever that Roxio RW program is called? If there is anything in the taskbar (or otherwise) that may be related to CD/RW stuff, uninstall it, delete the cd drive in the device manager (preferably in safe mode in case you have more than one driver laying around) reboot and see if you still have the problem.
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here is what happen .i do have the burning list on the right end side .now my cd is in .but when i clik [start burn] my cd is poping out .why .

A:burning music using media player

It's not detecting that the proper disk is in the CD drive. Does the drive play CDs properly?
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I enjoy listening to international internet radio. Am taking a X-country trip and would love to burn some for the road.
Is it possible to record Windows media audio preferably to mp3, preferably free


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I tell ya, I feel like a real dope!
13 year old kids can make audio CDs and I can't.
Do the files have to be in .wav format first?
The last time I attempted this the CD was only playable on the computer and my Sony CD walkman.
Can anyone provide me with a comprehensive walkthrough of this or should I go back to transistor radio?


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i burn my "playlists" on regular audio cds, but when I introduce the cd back on the computer the name of the cd (the playlist where it came from) doesn't appear, instead the date when the cd was burned, can I change that from windows media player?? I want to be able to put the name to each cd that is displayed when playing on the computer, could someone tell me if it's possible and/or how?? Thanks

A:cd burning on windows media player

If you are talking about it saying the name at the bottom while it's playing in Windows media. Just before you click burn look at the top of your "play list" it should say Burn Disc. Click on it and Rename it what you like then click burn at the bottom.
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Hey. I'm trying to burn an hour and a half long DVD using Sonic MyDVD Plus. When I play the disc in any player the audio and video aren't synchronized. What I'm trying to burn is a show I recorded using media center(.dvr-ms). I've burnt 30 minute DVD's before with no problem. I was wondering if the problem is my computer, the file type, the discs I'm using, or the program. I'm using Memorex DVD+R Lightscribe discs and Sonic MyDVD Plus. The show is in the default media center file type (.dvr-ms). My computer has 2 gigs of RAM, AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Processor 4600+ . Thanks for any help you can provide.

A:Burning DVDs in Media Center

I had a problem when i tried to use Sonic MyDVD when i had it, i could not burn big files.

Try and use DVD santa, it is a great program to burn video files to DVD

Click here to download trial version

Click here for Home page
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Hello there

I am running MP11 on HP Pavilion Notebook.

I have been able to burn discs before, but lately have not. When I start to burn, it says "writing to disc" but there is no green progress bar. It says complete for the first 3 or four songs and then the burner speeds up and all of a sudden it says all the songs are complete. It then finalizes the disc although I know it hasn't burned all the songs as it has gone too fast. When I try to play the disc or simply explore it, there are no files there.
I downloaded Media Monkey and tried burning there to no avail. Has anyone else had this problem?
BTW, I cannot burn audio discs either.

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Hello Guys,
Need some help...I have just re-installed a brand new Vista Ultimate 32bit..
I installed FABDVD Platinum latest version
I cannot get any recognition of a dvd inserted in my drive...Fabdvd just sits there...
I then installed Cyberlink Power Dvd v7.2 and set my dvd burner as a default...again same problem..even PowerDVD does not recognize and play any retail DVDS.
Can anyone help...I have no other burning software installed...where is the problem?
Thanks for your help.

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I have Movie Maker 1 with my ME Windows. I can save a project from that to Media Player 1 OK, but when I try to burn the video from either program to CD I get the message:

"You do not have permission to open this file (MWWMM)
See the owner of the file or an administrator to open obtain permission"

Can you tell me what this means and how do I do it?


A:Burning a Video from Media Player to CD

Hi there, I think you need to create a movie from the project. Which will be a WMV file, then you'll be able to burn it.

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I have a playlist that plays perfectly.  When I burn it the video hesitates and the player states not responding.  I tried changing the speed but no help.  What else could I try? Actually using windows 7 not 8.
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My Win pro desktop was left on overnight last week and in the AM it would not wake up It was still running but dead I powered off at the switch and restarted nothing No flickers no sound just an occasional red HD active lamp flicker I did this several times with the same result I unplugged everything took the box to The Computer Guy for some diagnostic help and as soon as he powered everything up BOOM the system was alive and Burning recognize apps media won't well That's a head scratcher says I Did you unplug the power cord from the wall says Burning apps won't recognize media he Well no I didn't Isn't OFF off Apparently not Something apparently stays powered when the fans etc are not running and keeping things confused Who knew The next day I went to burn a DVD and some CDs for my old friends The burner was seen by windows and will respond to eject commands but none of my burning apps was able to see any media They just keep Burning apps won't recognize media running in search mode till I kill the program I fumbled around unloading and loading the driver that Windoz says was running and current I did some searches on the intertubes for the problem but nothing matched my situation My next move is to haul it back to The Computer Guy and see what it is that I'm obviously doing wrong ed to add In the shop we didn't even open the case Before I took it in I opened it and powered it up to see if a fan was dead or if there was some where obvious indicating that the smoke had gotten out All seemed as it should be after I cleaned it up a bit with some canned air Canned air what a concept Any thoughts Thanks in advance

A:Burning apps won't recognize media

Please download MiniToolBox  , save it to your desktop and run it.
 Checkmark the following checkboxes:  List last 10 Event Viewer log  List Installed Programs  List Users, Partitions and Memory size.
 Click Go and paste the content into your next post.
 Also...please Publish a Snapshot using Speccy - , taking care to post the link of the snapshot in your next post. 
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My aunt is giving me her laptop PC because she is going on a spiritual journey
and at the convent they will not allow her her own PC.

this computer has had problems, apparently when new it somehow got a "virus" or the OS was just bad,
so a computer expert freind of hers set up a new user account to bypass the bad one and it worked.

the computer a few years later got infected by "firesearch" adware, I deleted it with malwarebytes. (MSE will not work on this comp)

The thing is I want to do a new OS install and I cannot find the original disc. Can I use a 3rd party disc? is it cheaper to
do an OS re install myself or have an expert do it? the computer will NOT go into safemode. If you try it will BSOD.

Windos STOP 0000000EEEEEE An exception has occured 000000EEEE FATAL ERROR 00000EEEEE

A:Windows media Pre-burning Too slow!

But a Windows OS CD, boot to it, format, install. Then install all drivers beginning with the chipset driver. Then install a good anti virus app. Then go to Windows Update and install all updates (except for hardware / driver updates - never get them from Windows update). Then you're good to go.
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i downloaded songs from walmart using wmp and the song sounds ok on the program but after it copies to the cdr it skips and it records at a very low volume can i fix this?also is there a way to covert these wmp. files to a mp3. or wav. file so i can use my cdr program instead of wmp.thanks

A:burning cd from windows media player??

wav files are 4x the size of wmp files.

can your cdr app convert?

you may need 3rd party ripping sw.
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I am trying to burn CD's on Windows Media Player 11 but I keep getting a message telling me to insert a CD when there is already one in the drive.
If I take the CD out and put it in again nothing happens, if I press 'burn' I get the same message again. Any ideas??
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I use XP media center to record TV programs, but when I try to burn them on to DVDs I get the message "Unsupported file type". Is this because the programs are copyright protected?

A:Burning DVDs from XP Media Center

Well, maybe.

However, maybe the file type isn't actually supported. You may need extra software to convert it to a DVD format, depending on which burning program you use.
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I have 10 songs I went to burn to a CD. It converted all but 2 of them. And when I play the CD the only songs that show up to play, are the 2 that skipped the CONVERTING part. Any way to fix this? Thanks!

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Recently my del xps 400 started falling, intermitently(that is a few minutes its perfect, then a few minutes it lags like hell) into lag pits during gaming(any games).
But that is the least of my worries now(altough i sense a connection between the two events)(the second follows):
About yesterday my pc started giving of a foul mettalic smell. i am not sure where it is coming from although i note that of all the parts the likeliest suspect is my GPU(Nvidia 7600 GS), i opened the pc and found it to be very hot and it seemed the smell was concentrated around this "object".
So i opened the temp monitor and it showed that during periods of relative inactivity the temperature og the gpu is in the range between 60 Celcius to 80 C'.
The question is - is that normal temperature levels for an inactive gpu?

A:The Burning XPS 400(dell) machine

i would say that is not a good temperture for your card on a destop system correct??

My alienware labtop with the 7600go runs at about 70c when its fully loaded for long periods of time...

usally labtop runs hotter than desktops not the other way around
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I have this strange problem with my media center. Whenever I try to use the 'burn Video DVD' in the media center, nothing really happens. When I select a recorded program to burn on DVD, the program starts. After a perhaps 1 hour or burning, my DVD writer opens with the new written DVD.
However, when I try to play this new dvd I notice that nothing is written on the DVD? I even takes vista a very long time to recognise the DVD...
Does anybody know why this is happening?

I run Vista 64 on a AMD Athlon 64 (3200) on a MSI K8T Neo motherboard with 2 GB Ram. My DVD writer is a Samsung WriteMaster. I can be a lack of space, because I have 500GB free on my HD.
Anybody an idea?



A:problem burning video DVD in Media Center

go investigate clone dvd at the SlySoft Products | Copy Movie DVDs with AnyDVD and CloneDVD website. not much experience at burning in wmp. other than that check out pinnacle 11, made vista compatible. I guess it depends upon the type of media you are trying to burn.
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I am using WIndows 2000 pro and WMP 9 i have the roxio and nero plugins both giving an error while burning cds. the only time this happens is when i use WMP to erase my cdrws. it will be erasing and say something like dr.watson could attach to the process. the the cd is unusable after that.
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I need help with a problem I have a Dell Dimension using Win and I have Adaptec EZ CD creator software My cd-rw is CED B I downloaded Windows Media Player and then purchased songs through Walmart I downloaded them and they play fine When I try to copy to a cd I get the songlist ready and then try to choose my cd-rom from the device list My only choices are supported portable devices and Roxio w/Windows Media burning CD Player 9 Problem CD burning Problem burning CD w/Windows Media Player 9 If I ask to copy I get the message that The Easy CD Creator burning engine was not found on your system Would you like to download and install it If I choose yes I am taken to a site to purchase version I looked through help and did as instructed I went to options chose the device tab and my D drive is there But it will not show up when I come back to the main page to copy Does anyone have any ideas Thank you Pearl King nbsp
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I recently installed Pinnacle's InstantCopy v. 8 and, during the install, was warned "Installing this program will change some settings and may render other applications useless." (paraphrasing). I agreed and, sure enough, all of my other CD- or DVD-burning app's suddenly would not work, including Nero and Windows Media Player. Nero gave me the error "Drive is in use by another application" and Media Player simply won't recognize my CDRW drive as a recording device. I have managed to restore functionality to Nero by disabling Windows' IMAPI device, but don't know what to do to be able to resume burning CD's with Media Player.
I've uninstalled InstantCopy and this hasn't helped. There must be some registry value or driver modification that I need to reset. Can anybody give me any advice?
Thanks in advance for all responses!
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I recently restored my dell dimension 3000 hd to it's the factory image. I saved all my data/music etc on the second drive I added to the computer.

When I use Windows Media Player to try burning a CD, (function I've done a lot in the past) I get the following message:

Windows Media Player encountered an unknown error. This can occur when another program or operating system component encounters a problem but does not communicate the nature of the problem to the Player.

I get this whether WMP is the only thing running on the machine or if I have several things running.

Can anyone suggest anything for me to check out?

Thanks in advance for any help you can offer


A:Problem with Burning CD from Windows Media player

First thing I'd try is d/ling the latest version of WMP.
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i am having issues burning a cd with windows media player. it will burn and play in the computer but not in the car or portable player. i am using cd-r disks.


A:windows media player cd burning issues

check your CD players' specs - most likely is not suited to playing burnt discs, also make sure you're burning them as audio not data discs.
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Hi, got easy media creator and have a new dvd burner (NEC 2510A).

I go to make a new dvd. My media size is 4.36GB available.

I take a 700MB movie file on my computer that I want to add to the dvd project, and thats ALL.

I add it to the dvd project, and for some reason it shows that its taking up the WHOLE dvd and MORE, (6gb!!!). I have to set quality to "low" just to get it to 2.4GB

Why can't i just add it as the 700MB that it really is and keep it the quality that it is.

I am so frustrated, please someone help ASAP!!

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I have the current version of media player and am trying to burn a cd of my own audio material. I recorded in cubase and followed directions to export - which by default went to .wav [16 bit]. My media player won't allow me to burn the tracks onto disc as it says it can't open the .wav file. Can anyone give me some advice to fix this please?

A:media player won't recognise .wav files for burning

Hi Ceit Alcorn and welcome to TSF

Download and install Cool96. It will do a fabulous job on recording your own stuff and will save as a valid .wav file. You also don't have to rely on media player to do your recording. There are some free burners that will do a very good job of recording your CD's.

You can get Cool96 at this link:

You can find several free burner softwares at this link:

If you need any step by step dirrections on Cool96, just post back.

Best regards,
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My OS is Vista Home Premium.

I've just had a new digital aerial installed and would like to use Media Center to record some TV programs and play them on the TV with my DVD player.

I can record the programs OK but as soon as I try to burn a DVD I get the message 'Media Center Has Stopped Working' when this message has cleared Media Center shuts down and I get a further message saying 'Media Center Extensibility Host has stopped working'

Does anyone have a fix for this please?

A:Media Player stops working when burning DVD

Originally Posted by gemius

My OS is Vista Home Premium.

I've just had a new digital aerial installed and would like to use Media Center to record some TV programs and play them on the TV with my DVD player.

I can record the programs OK but as soon as I try to burn a DVD I get the message 'Media Center Has Stopped Working' when this message has cleared Media Center shuts down and I get a further message saying 'Media Center Extensibility Host has stopped working'

Does anyone have a fix for this please?

you could just use a media center extender, you could also just use the dvr movies that are stored in c:\users\public\recorded tv and put them onto dvd via the windows dvd maker
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im trying to burn music to a cd using media player v. 9. everytime i select muic and tell it to copy, all of the ready to coies on the songs quickly change to copied even if there isn't a disk in the burner. then this message comes up.

The Easy CD Creator burning engine was not found on your system. Would you like to download and install it?

since its v 9 it looks for roxio burning engine. i would burn through a different buning engine like nero but im trying to burn puretracks downloaded songs and the copyright says that the songs can only be burned through roxio in media player.
ive tried installing v 5 of roxio but it doesn't work. i have no idea what else to try.
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No actual forum for WIndows Media Player Windows Problems Player 10 Burning Media so here is where it s going Ok i have burning problems with MP Well it won t at all It copies plays fine but Error message when try Windows Media Player 10 Burning Problems to burn quot Windows Media Player has encounted an unknown error This can occur when another operating system or program component encounters a problem but does not communicate the nature of the problem to the player quot That is the message that comes up instantly after clicking quot BURN quot I click on quot MORE INFORMATION quot this comes up quot COOD CD quot Error ID oxcood cd Condition ID x I Click on quot WEB HELP quot and this came up quot We are investigation the cause of this error We will post more information when it becomes Windows Media Player 10 Burning Problems available quot Whatever this error is it s only recent not that i use Windows Media Player to burn with but it had worked before I always use Nero but i burnt a CD with Nero but cut off the start of the first song then the second song starts on the first track then the track changes about secs in the song and the rest of the songs did the same no other CD did that
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I am assuming my problem is a software one I am using XP Pro on a Dell Dimension PC My problem is that for some reason when I Burning Issue Windows Media Player CD burn a CD using Window Media Player version it says it is burning each track fills as usual pending burning finalizing etc However it does it very quickly indeed Once complete it will only play on my PC no other household CD player will play it only one track comes up and it will not play at all It reads CD s fine and plays them I tried a program called Microsoft Fixit Center but all it says is that this drive will not record CD s quot Well I know that However I also have my daughters old version of iTunes she left on my Windows Media Player CD Burning Issue PC This works fine burns the CD and it will play on any machine Which is what makes me think it is a software problem The CD DVD drive is external a Phillips SPD l connected via USB which I have had a few years and seems to work in all other respects but for some reason suddenly has this strange problem Any ideas anyone Just to add it is not a DRM problem it is true of any music I try to burn be it commercial or created by myself
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I am engaged at the moment in transferring some tape cassette recordings on problem burning Player Ver.11 Windows Media to CD I am using the Acoustica Spin it Again and am converting Windows Media Player Ver.11 burning problem the recordings to wav files where they appear on the Windows Media Player library listing showing title and track timings My problem is that although I am able to make successful copies every time on the Acoustica software sometimes the resultant wav files when they appear in the Windows library listing show titles but are minus the track timings These library listing when selected play back perfectly on the media player but when dragged across to the Create a Burn List fail to burn and appear with a red error mark x next to them To date I have transferred around forty cassettes successfully but have five that no matter what format they are converted to persist in appearing in the library without timings and therefore cannot be burned on to a CD I am using Vista Home Premium with the Windows player and the Spin Windows Media Player Ver.11 burning problem It Again ver software Any help will be appreciated nbsp
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I downloaded the new Windows Media 11, and it worked for a while, when I burned music to CDs, but now, I'm getting a message, "insert blank cd". I keep putting in new ones, and getting the same message. How do I fix?
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so when i burn a cd on itunes, it burns, and finalizes, but when i go to play the cd its saying that it's blank still. When i try to burn a cd on windows media player, it just says that an error has occured and shuts down the burning.....PLEASE HELP

A:problems burning a cd with windows media and itunes

Try ImgBurn
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I have windows media player 10 hear lately when I attempt to burn cds from my playlist. I get a message that says no cd or dvd burner has been detected. I have installed windows media player 11 and rolled back to 10 and uninstalled and reinstalled 10. I get the same message I am able to burn images in my roxio se perfectly. Can someone help me?
Thank you[/SIZE]

A:windows media player burning problems

I have same or similar prob with WMP11. Not sure when it first occurred, as I havent tried a burn till today. I have two drives. Tried with both drives and different new discs.

Insert a blank disk and

Explorer pops up showing disc is recognized.
WMP switches from 'No Disc' to 'Unknown' over on LHS under Library
'Insert a blank CD' (IABCD) stays just above the burn list.
I close the Explorer window just in case. Now I drag some titles over. IABCD is replaced momentarily by 'Calculating...' and then back to IABCD.

I then click on 'Start Burn' The CD tray opens, 'Insert Media' message box appears ...

now I am in a loop.

If I click on Cancel, WMP just goes back to square one (flashes up Burn Complete, despite tray being open) then goes inactive and waiting for user interaction.
If instead I push the disc back in, Explorer comes up showing the disc and WMP remains with the Insert Media message box (until I click cancel again, when 'Burn Complete' shows down in bottom bar).

Just to be clear, no burning happens!
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I have used windows media player to rip and burn music MP- and data disk for about a year and all has worked just fine I havnt changed anything on my computer I ripped about songs to mp from several musi cds They all played fine from my computer hardrive I started the burn process to make the mp disk It said an error had ocurred no explanation of the error I tried to complete the burn process problem 11 using burning windows player media several times receiving the same error I received the same error when I tried to burn some family pictures to a cd I have burned many mp disk and also burned pictures to disk usinging windows media player with no problem By the way I can burn a regular wav cd just fine I have tried diffrent brands burning problem using windows media player 11 of media I have uninstalled the player and reinstalled it per instruction from the microsoft website I have checed the microsoft knowledge base to no avail My cd rom and cd burner both work fine I have tried other software I would love to get my windows media player to work correctly Thanks for the help Earl nbsp
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Hi all, my first post here.I'm trying to use Sonic DigitalMedia LE v7 to import a movie before burning to disk. I've been getting the following error on import:Could not make a thumbnail. Make sure you have the appropriate decoder installed. -47010.I originally thought it was caused by incorrect/broken codecs. I've now installed a bundle of new codecs, and have tested them - none are broken.The main (largest file) still throws the same error - however, the smaller files with no substance, give a new error that says:The duration of the movie is less than 5 seconds and cannot be imported This I understand. Their is 1 file than runs for 2 mins, I can run this successfully (but no sound?) Finally, I've noticed the main file shows a % size of 209.1% when selected, I have -109.1% remaining - whats that all about?Any experience here greatly appreciated.
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Good morning! Having an issue with CD burning... I attempted to burn an audio CD using Windows Media Player v. 11. The playlist loaded as usual and appeared to burn without a problem; the only abnormal thing was it burned incredibly quickly and the burn line in the disc was markedly lighter than usual. The CD plays with no problems on my PC, but when I attempt to play it in a regular CD player, I get no sound. The disc is playing because the counter is advancing.

All the media in WMP plays/accesses without a problem, and I haven't received any error messages. The last project I burned successfully (yesterday) was a photo slideshow, and I was able to rip music from a CD this morning just before the problems began. Since then, I can't play CDs in WMP and also am having issues accessing the program itself.

A:CD Burning Issues - Windows Media Player

The WMP burning software isn't very good, especially when trying to burn Audio CD's.

Try CDBurnerXP, a good freeware burning program. When you burn an Audio CD make sure you finalize the disc.

For the other problems with WMP, try reinstalling it.
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just a few days ago I tried to burn a CD. when I try it tells me to connect aburning device and restart the program, however my burner is internal and there is no connecting it. I later discovered that it wont recognize that I even put a CD in. I've burned and ripped cd's in the past with no problems. I have Vista home premium with a 64X2 processor if that helps. Also about 2 years ago I got a insignia mp3 player. for a good 6 months it worked fine with my computer. then it started telling me that my computer didn't recognize the device and it wont sync up. I thaught it may be the mp3 player itself but it synced up with my friends computer just fine. I've since learned to live without syncing but no burning or ripping come on! any help would be greatly appreciated.

A:media player not burning,ripping, or syncing

is this a prebuilt computer???

if this is what model??
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i have been happily just windows player burning!!? stopped media burning and burning away my cds for some time i have been getting dowload music and i have imported music into the windows media player via cds a few days ago i downloaded some audio material i had paid for and it is licenced to be burned to cd after some password hitches the downloaded music was played in window media audio file format i then attempted to burn cds from this licenced download and windows told me that quot you have an error with your system and i don t know what it is quot well windows media player just stopped burning!!? it does t say it quite like that but according to the microsoft help centre it calls it an unclassified error Now i find though i do not know if it is related to point that every single wma file in the windows media library cannot be burned to a conventional cd i have quite a library of files and now i cannot make cds out of any of them what is going on To solve the problem i have downloaded all available updates from microsoft for windows media player i have also downloaded an attempted to use freeware cd burning programs other than windows media player i am prevented from using them because i am being told that the windows media audio files are not appropriately licenced i have antvir software for viruses and that is updated daily i use the windows firewall and i am signed up for automatic updates from windows i also run spybot regularly lastly i have tried lowering the burn speed for cd burning i have spent more money than i would like to own up to my partner on music downloads so can anyone help me out of this tricky spot and let me burn my just rewards joe nbsp
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Can't burn Audio or Music CD in Windows Media 10

The program does not recognize that I have inserted blank CD's. I have 2 drives, both enabled to burn. The first is a CyberDrive CW058D, the second is an LG GSA-4163B. I've tried updating drivers and visiting both manufacturer sites, but can't find any newer drivers than what I have.

I don't have any problems writing data files to these CD's from Windows. I've also been able to burn music and data using Nero.

Windows XP
Version 2002 Service Pack 2

AMD Athalon XP2400+
2 GHz 384 MB RAM

A:Windows Media Player Burning Problems

Have you tried uninstalling WMP 10 and re-installing it.

Go control panel>>Add/Remove programs>>on the left is Add/Remove Windows Components>>find WMP and uninstall it and then re-install it
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Hi,when I burn a cd with media center and there are more tracks than the cd can take how can I set it up so when i put the second cd in it will burn the rest to the tracks.

A:burning with windows vista media center

Hi Pipps, I burn my songs tracks with media player,I make a burn list around 14-16 tracks burn them, remove cd, then insert another blank cd, make another burn list,and burn, i have found if you try to put to many tracks on a cd it doesent play properly, just make sure when you click on the burn you will see a little arrow click on it and it will give you the option, audio cd or data cd if music click audio, good luck and welcome to the forum, patch41.
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Okay this is going to sound SO elementary but apparently Player Media A Cd Question Burning Windows it s NOT because I ve been sitting at my computer for over hours trying to solve it Windows Media Player Burning A Cd Question on my own A friend asked me to burn a CD for her of various songs from other CDs okay easy enough right I ripped the songs from the Windows Media Player Burning A Cd Question CDs everything done thru Media Player to my PC Then I made a playlist and put them in the correct order of how she wanted them burned Hit the burn button CD done and burned Easy enough again right Well guess what Two hours later this is what I have---the software keeps burning the songs in the order of the ORIGINAL TRACK NUMBERS from their respective CDs YIKES Why is it not burning them in the order I specified I read through all the Help documentation w in the program itself and it says it should burn in the order specified Does anyone know why it s not BTW I tried to use my Sony Nero software too and it did the exact same thing Is there anyway to overwrite the track numbers so it won t order that way or what other options do I have Thanks

A:Windows Media Player Burning A Cd Question

You could convert them to mp3's and try removing the track numbers with an ID3 tag editor.Here are some of the free ones I found at SnapFiles:Mp3TagID3 renamerID3-TagITeags on!MP3-Info ExtensionMP3BookHelperThere are more, but this is where I quit looking. Here's the complete list where I found these:Misc. MP3 Tools (Freeware)
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I am beyond frustrated What used to be an easy program to use to burn music has now become a real pain Everytime I go to burn a CD of music on my WMP it says it doesn t recognize that I have a blank CD in and ejects the CD I have made many CD s with WMP in the past but now something has gone wrong and it won t let me burn anything I am using Windows XP I have called Dell to troubleshoot and the DVD CD is working It will burn data CD s and on a rare occassion it will burn a music CD I have looked on many forums and tried many different solutions including reducing the Burning 11 Media Trouble on Windows CD's Player recording speed but nothing works I have Roxio and hate it It doesn t even have a quarter of my downloaded music and is a pain to record CD s on so I would like to stick with WMP if I could All advice would be appreciated nbsp

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I have recently started having problems with Window Media Player, when it comes to burning CD's. It's play's CD's fine and rips fine - but doesn't burn CD's like it used to.

What happens is that it will burn the first track and then closes off the burning session with the Windows warning message stating that it can't burn the files and recommends lowering the write speed or try a different CD brand. Well I have lowered the speed to 1x and tried various brands of CD's, but the problem is still there.

Could the problem be with the actual CD-ROM Drive and not Windows Media Player at all? How can I determine?

My computer is:

Windows XP Service Pack 2
HP Compaq Presario
AMD Sempron Processor
104 GB Total/67.7 Used

Thanks a million

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Problem began after using Nero 5.5 to burn a CD. Don't know what was different becuase I had no prior problems burning before. Suddenly, every time I clicked on an MP3 or tried to access my CD burner, the system would hang. Tried researching the issue through other tech forums. Tried turning off the IMAPI CD Serivce. Still hung. Unistalled and reinstalled Nero, updated WMP from 9 to 10. Tried other pler software. Nothing. Became so frustrated decided to reformat.

Reformatted hard drive and installed the follwing in this order... (XP, Norton Internet Security, Office 2000, Office Updates, XP Service Pack 2, Avant Browser 10, Google Toolbar, Share-aza, and iTunes) Through automatic updates installed all recommended Windows updates.

Any program that accesses an MP3 file or the CD Burner (Iomega 16x10x40) is still hanging the system.

My PC is an AMD Anthalon 2.1 MGHz, AK77-333 Board, 40 GB Maxtor HD, Iomega CD Bruner 16x10x40.
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Hi all Total newbie on this forum only just found it so hello all I'm a moderator for various other non IT-related forums so I've done the pre-requisite searches before asking but can't find anything so here goes I've just done a fresh build of W HESP on my eldest daughter's PC and it simply won't burn anything from Media Center which should of course be 'Centre' but or Windows DVD DVD Media burning Maker Center / issues. maker Burning files directly from explorer to CD or DVD is fine It simply bombs out with img http s kc f k Clipboard jpg img very helpful Was this quot usefulness quot Media Center / DVD Maker burning issues. inherited from Vista An error code would be helpful Event Manager isn't great either I found this thread but that turned out to be a faulty device - the fact that I was able install the OS from the drive and that it will read and write from the OS implies that it's not a hardware issue This is no - was my old machine and it was working just perfectly with W until I yoinked all my documents onto my new one scratch-formatted the HD and re-installed The only software that's been installed apart from the obvious Windows Update files and eight-million reboots is Google Chrome - all other devices were recognised by W so I've not bothered updating anything as yet SysSpecs are Gigabyte GA-K VT P mainboard BIOS rev F GB single stick Kingston DDR memory Maxtor something-or-other Gb HDD SATA primary LG GH NS DVD SATA secondary I've read on MSTechnet that power settings can affect this so I've followed the advice and set the quot Sleep after quot value to quot never quot but that's made no difference Any ideas people Cheers Matt stuck on a train quot somewhere quot south of Petersfield

A:Media Center / DVD Maker burning issues.

Take a look at this
Vista Media Center will not burn DVD of any recorded program - Microsoft Answers
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I know burning CDs is old school. Nobody burns cds anymore. But it's for my old 2005 Hyndai Elantra car that has a 10 disc changer cd player. I want to burn cds for my car. I have used windows media player and even iTunes to burn cds. I really use windows media player to burn cds. I made sure I was burning an audio cd and of course windows media player burns cd as a data cd instead of an audio cd. This is really annoying and frustrating. So now I use Power2go and its great. Power2go isn't free but it's worth the money. Power2go was able to burn cd as audio cd while windows media player could not. I made sure when auto play comes up when I insert cd in computer I click burn audio cd and it still burns as data cd. i don' understand that? BTW I use TDK CD-R discs.

A:Windows Media Player messed up when burning my CDs

How can I make a data cd work in my car cd player or how can I convert a data cd to audio cd?
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Last night I bought a new DellXPS13 and this morning turned it on. It has a plastic smell after booting it up that caused my nose to burn. When I started charging it it had a slight burning smell, never had this experience with other new laptops in the past. Some say this is normal and will stop in a few days and some say I should return it. Any input?

A:New Dell XPS13 burning smell

i would return it - I would not expect a burning smell
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Hi there.

I am using Windows Media Player to burn a playlist to a disc, and when I drag the 79:23 playlist to the burn window, WMP splits it into two playlists, cutting the last track. The empty disc reads at 79:57, and the same playlist fits fine in Real Player. I could just use Real, but it doesn't do volume leveling without a subscription, so I'd prefer WMP.

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Hey Guys I am trying to burn MP3 files in Windows Media Player 11 (OS - Windows 7) so that I can play in the CD/Audio Player using the CD. When I burn them (around 25 Files), I can see the status goes upto 100% & says completed. But when I open the disc, I can only see one file burnt. I in fact copied every files to the burn list & then clicked burn. I also tried through Windows Explorer (where we can "Burn Disc" option) but then again it is taking me to WinMedia the same issue couple of times. Any help, so that I can burn all files. Hoping to see your reply.

A:Windows Media Player 11 - File burning issue.

If you burned them over to an empty CD, are you sure your CD supports being burnt? And if you burned your files onto it, and only 1 file appeared, could that be a "playlist" containing all the songs? Try playing the CD, and see what happens.

And are you sure you burnt them in the correct format?
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whenever i try to burn a cd on windows media it just shows an red error and does not let me put music on the cd but it does work while synchronizing to samsung phones.
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please help me... i have a problem with my media player crashing and i dont know what to do... it has never did this before and now its becoming a problem... I cant even burn wmas anymore... i usually put 300 songs on one when i do it it starts to convert and when it gets about halfway through the media player closes unexpectedly... can anyone help me?

A:windows media player 11 crashes when burning a data cd

Ive never used the windows media player to burn data cds with.What you might try is transfer the songs a little at a time that you want to burn as a data cd from your documents directly to the cd/dvd drive and see if that works for you.If you have a cd/dvd drive that can read and burn dvds put them on a dvd instead that way you can put a lot more on a dvd than a cd.
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Laptop - HP Pavilion dv9000

Problem - When I burn CDs using Windows Media Player (11.0.6001.7000) they are not recognised in any player. The strange thing is it worked for me until about two weeks ago and now suddenly any CD I make wont play on anything. Windows Media Player does not display any errors when burning either so not sure what the problem is. Any ideas?

*edit* - Just tried with other programs and had the same result, it burned in Real Player without any error message then wont play in any CD player.


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I bought and downloaded some karaoke songs to use in singing at care centers and wanted to burn them. They all play just fine (they're in mp3 format). I couldn't do anything with them on media player 11, so rolled back to 10, which I was more familiar with. It says inspecting on the first song and the rest say 'ready to burn' but then nothing happens from there. What could be wrong and what can I try? Thanks, prisonsinger

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Sorry if this isnt in the right section I bought the new Sony Vaio media center cd center un-userfriendly interface burning Media / problem pc and everything is working fine I was really enjoying media center edition windows until i tried to teach my dad who the pc Media center cd burning problem / un-userfriendly interface actually belongs to how to burn a music cd The Media center cd burning problem / un-userfriendly interface best way for me to explain this problem is Media center cd burning problem / un-userfriendly interface by going through a step by step of what I do to make a CD I insert a blank disc into the drive Media center tells me i have inserted a blank disc and asks me wether i want to make this into a music cd I click yes I now enter the name of the cd i am about to create I name it quot Dance music quot and click ok Now i am alowed to browse my music collection in order to choose which songs i want to add to my cd I click on the quot Albums quot tab navigate to quot Bravo hits quot I now see the songs on the album to the right of the screen i navigate there and see a little check box for me to quot tick quot choose which songs i want on my CD All good so far Yes Here comes the problem I want to PLAY the songs on this album we are still in the same screen as before with the check boxes on the right hand side I cannot play the music i only have the ability to check the songs without hearing them The way around this is by navigating back to the first screen under Albums this is the screen where i have all my ripped albums on display I put my cursor over the quot Bravo hits quot cd and then press the Play button on my remote Now i can hear the songs play Great right NO Because i dont have the ability to quot tick quot choose the songs to add to my new music CD But once again there is a way around that now i just have to click the back button then navigate to quot bravo hits quot again now i can click my quot ok quot button to see the songs again with the check boxes on the right hand side I also see the quot now playing quot animation that bar visualizer thing So i can use the quot Next previos quot buttons on my remote to navigate the cd so i can hear which songs i want to add and then click on quot ok quot to add a quot tick quot to the check box so that they are on my new cd which i am creating In my opinion this is a massive failure Users like my father who would not have thought about this would have been at a COMPLETE loss if they wanted to hear the songs which they wanted to add This could all have been avoided by just making it possible to play the song in the same window as the check boxes Is it just me that has seen this problem Am i the only one who finds this completly un-userfriendly Does any have a solution to my problem Thanks in advance nbsp

A:Media center cd burning problem / un-userfriendly interface

You can either play the songs or rip them. A ripping program is not going to allow you to listen to the songs and a player is not going to let you rip them. All programs work that way. I use Nero Express to create a CD and I use Windows Media Player to listen to them.
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I used to use DVD X Copy and it exclusively wanted to use DVD-R to write to. I've recently switched to Nero Ultra 7 and it only wants to use DVD+R/RW. Why is this? Is it possible to get Nero to accept -R blank media since this is the only kind I have on hand?

A:Why do different burning programs accept different kinds of blank media?
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I m using Windows XP Media Center and I m having problems with burning a message creation burning DVD error Media in Center 2005 video to DVD and some sound picture quality issues I recently made a video from my photos in Windows Movie Maker with music and effects etc I saved it as both creation error message burning DVD in Media Center 2005 a Windows Media Audio creation error message burning DVD in Media Center 2005 Visual file and a DV-AVI file I was able to burn both kinds of files to DVD using XP Media Center I found the quality of the WMV movie was better The DV-AVI movie plays the music at a sped-up rate and skips intermittently and even the picture quality seems inferior Based on this one-time experience I d much prefer to burn my movies from a WMV file The problem For the past couple of days I ve been trying to burn another WMV movie to DVD just as I did before But now part way into creating the DVD I receive a message that there has been an error a quot create failure quot error in burning the DVD and the DVD will not play on my DVD player I do not receive this error when I burn a DVD from a DV-AVI file - but as I said I m pretty disappointed with the results Any idea why I could burn a disk from a WMV file before but not now Alternatively any ideas as to how to improve the quality especially the sound if I burn a disk from a DV-AVI file I d prefer not to invest in any new software right now and really don t want to have to recreate my movie which is minutes long I ve tried restarting my computer and I still get the same error message I m using Maxell DVD R disks I think I have plenty of available memory available physical memory MB available virtual memory GB I d really appreciate any advice Thanks nbsp
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Hello I used to be able to copy both music files from Windows media player and picture files from Kodak easyshare to using Kodak burning Windows a and media Having trouble player! cd Easyshare a cd Now when I try to copy to a disc Kodak gives me an error message saying quot Kodak cannot detect a Having trouble burning a cd using Kodak Easyshare and Windows media player! cd-r drive quot When I try to copy music to a cd usind windows media player I get the following message quot Windows Media Player cannot copy the files to the recordable disc You may encounter this error message for one of the following reasons The CD-R or CD-RW drive is busy Wait for the drive to complete its current operation and then try again The CD-R or CD-RW drive is not compatible Verify that the drive is connected properly and that you have installed the latest device drivers and then try again quot If I click on my computer drive C and then go to a folder where I have my music stored I can click on the songs I want and then copy them to Having trouble burning a cd using Kodak Easyshare and Windows media player! a CD - so that tells me the drive does work It just won t work from the kodak or media player software Regards Jarrett nbsp

A:Having trouble burning a cd using Kodak Easyshare and Windows media player!

If you can "click and copy" to the CD you must be running a UDF program, right?? InCD or Direct CD...or am I miss reading what you mean by "click and copy to the CD??" Disable the UDF program and the burners will record again