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Will DDR3 1666 slot work with older DDR3 1333 mem stick? (laptop)

Q: Will DDR3 1666 slot work with older DDR3 1333 mem stick? (laptop)

Hello my old laptop Acer aspire 7551g had 4gb DDR3 1333.

The new one is Lenovo G500s with DDR3 1single 1666 so i have one slot left.

So DDR3 1333 + DDR3 1666 will work or not?

The goal is to have 8gb ram so i can cheak if Watch Dogs still lag when driving (i know one stupid game not worth it?)

What i want to know is is it safe to try?

So thank you for answears.

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Preferred Solution: Will DDR3 1666 slot work with older DDR3 1333 mem stick? (laptop)

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Will DDR3 1666 slot work with older DDR3 1333 mem stick? (laptop)

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I wanted to upgrade my RAM with a 4GB stick running instead of old 2 GB DDR3 stick

bought a new ram for my Gigabyte GA-G41M-Combo motherboard, when i plug my 4gb ram the pc doesnt boot
This 4GB DDR3 RAM Kingston Technology Company - Kingston Memory Search - Search Results for: KVR13N9S8/4

It says in my motherboard specifications on Gigabyte's website tht my motherboard "Support for DDR3 1333(O.C.)/1066/800 MHz memory modules"

how am i supposed to make this RAM work on my motherboard

Please Help Me

A:how to make DDR3-1333 DDR3 4 GB work on my Gigabyte G41-M Combo mobo?

I'm afraid that RAM is not supported, I downloaded the Memory Support List from: (and attached)

GIGABYTE - Motherboard - Socket 775 - GA-G41M-Combo (rev. 2.0)

Also, you are better off getting 2 sticks, since:
Your motherboard:

Features Dual channel memory architecture, best to use two sticks to take advantage of the Dual channel, should be identical RAM sticks.
Multi-channel memory architecture - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
That motherboard supports very few 4 gig sticks at all and fact you have to overclock to handle 1333, I would just buy one step lower: 2 * 2 gig 1066 sticks.
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Will this ram : see the link
Transcend DDR3-1333 DDR3 4 GB PC RAM (JM1333KLN-4G)

will work on my mothrboard? Gigabyte G41-Combo Rev 1.3 with 2.80 Ghz Core2Duo Processor?
Please help me.

A:Is DDR3-1333 DDR3 4 GB will work on my G41 Combo?

Quote: Originally Posted by mastertushar

Will this ram : see the link
Transcend DDR3-1333 DDR3 4 GB PC RAM (JM1333KLN-4G)

will work on my mothrboard? Gigabyte G41-Combo Rev 1.3 with 2.80 Ghz Core2Duo Processor?
Please help me.

Is that a G41M-Combo Rev 1.3?

If so, it supports both DDR2 and DDR3.

But you cannot mix DDR2 and DDR3. All RAM must be one or the other.

The specific RAM you mentioned is not listed on the qualified RAM list, but that doesn't mean it won't work.

From the Gigabyte web site for the G41M-Combo Rev 3:


2 x 1.5V DDR3 DIMM sockets supporting up to 8 GB of system memory (Note 1)
Dual channel memory architecture
Support for DDR3 1333(O.C.)/1066/800 MHz memory modules


2 x 1.8V DDR2 DIMM sockets supporting up to 8 GB of system memory (Note 1)
Dual channel memory architecture
Support for DDR2 1066(O.C.)/800/667 MHz memory modules

(Note: Mixed mode, populating DDR2 and DDR3 memory modules simulta- neously is not supported. Go to GIGABYTE's website for the latest supported memory speeds and memory modules.)
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Hello Friendsi have Lenovo ThinkCentre M58p 7188RT1it have 4 GB (DDR3 1067 MHz) RAM Installed, i bought a new 4 GB RAM (DDR3 1333 MHz)when i tried to install it, the PC started Beepingi updated it's Bios through BIOS update (Flash from operating system version)but still unable to install the new RAM in it.kindly HelpRegards ...
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Alright newegg just informed me that I won the following memory in a Facebook contest: Crucial Ballistix 4GB (2 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1600 with heat spreaders and built in thermal sensor

The wording on the contest is vague, so I'm not sure if I'm getting 4 or 8GB of it. Right now, I have 6 GB of Crucial DDR3 1333 RAM in my comp. I was just wondering how much performance, if any, I would lose by replacing it with the RAM that I won (assuming they only send me 4GB).

A:4 GB of DDR3 1600 or 6GB of DDR3 1333?

It depends what your doing with it. If your not doing anything memory intensive then probably hardly any, 4GB is about the sweet spot with Win 7, and the access speed on that RAM is quicker
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Why Kingston KCP313NS8/4 (un-buffered non-ECC DDR3 SDRAM  4GB PC3-10600 (DDR3 1333 MHz) DIMM) not work in my PC.Memory specs are find by serial number (CZC0115W7M)BIOS is upgraded
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This is my first RAM upgrade. Would putting in 16gigs over 8gigs really give me any performance advantages? Am I required to use DDR3-1333 or can I use another?If I am required to use 1333 do any brands giver better performance over another? Can I mix and match any DDR3 rated at 1333. Im including a link to the specs on my PC. This entire question might seem ridiculous considering the link states DDR3-1333 but I dont really kn0w to much about this and would just like a definitive answer on weather or not I can put one of the faster ones in it. I appreciate any help, have a great day.

Page 13 lists RAM info, I have the MT model with the i-5 2400 CPU in it..
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I have the following sys config below, my bios says that everything is running at the 1333mhz speed (mem, fsb, etc.) but it doesn't seem to be much faster then a similar DDR2 system I have running DDR2 533, similar mobo quad 6700. The computer is fast, but is there something I am missing? Id there an app that would tell me in windows TRULY how fast the mem was operating at?

Also, does having 4gb (2x2gb modules) run slower in 32 bit XP Pro then putting 3GB in?

Thanks, all the specs on my sys are above under sys specs
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ok right now i have 6GB of DDR3 PC3-10600/ 1333 but i am thinking of going to DDR3 PC3 12800 1600, will i noticed a difference or will it be so small its not worth upgrading.????


A:will ddr3 1600 run better then 1333

Quote: Originally Posted by Monster212

ok right now i have 6GB of DDR3 PC3-10600/ 1333 but i am thinking of going to DDR3 PC3 12800 1600, will i noticed a difference or will it be so small its not worth upgrading.????


Hi there,
You already asked here:
DDR3 PC3 12800 or DDR3 PC3-10600

But looks if you do so, it will overclock slightly your Ram.
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putting together an mobo handling 8GB ddr3 1333 & using max ram 8GB, duo core 2 E8400 3.0GHz 64bit chip, and installing win7 HPrem 64bit. was wondering about how large of a power supply unit i should be considering?

Sometimes all of the ram will prob be used w/ vid editing and other times just regular 2-3 applications open.

Any input greatly appreciated

A:PS unit ~ how many watts for 8GB ddr3 1333 ?

Hiyya and welcome firejolt. Mate the CPU and RAM are fairly small drains on your system you need to look at hard drives GPU's Opto drives and there are some fairly good calculating tools out there - just enter in what you have and they will do a rough calc for you.

Bear in mind when you look at PSU's the quoted watts are not what you should be looking at on the side of any PSU there is a quote fr the 12v rail/s those are the figures that are important.

This one is reasonably good eXtreme Power Supply Calculator
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okay i just build my first computer about - weeks ago and it all seems to work fine but i have a couple of questions and concerns st when the name of the ram i bought says DDR PC doesn t that mean its supposed to be MHz per stick or both sticks 10666)Ram is be. fast should My as Solved: New it as (PC3 1333 not More. DDR3 + together equal up Solved: My New DDR3 1333 (PC3 10666)Ram is not as fast as it should be. + More. to mhz im thinking its supposed to be Mhz per stick and mine is mhz AND i have to overclock it just to get the Mhz WHY is it this slow i want it to go the normal mhz i am not an extreme overclocker and i am really not very good at it at all but i can get into the bios and change the voltage and all that stuff so how to get it running at its normal speed oh and YES my mobo says it supports ram up to DDR but i decided Solved: My New DDR3 1333 (PC3 10666)Ram is not as fast as it should be. + More. to get the so i wont have to problems and here i am Here is the link to the ram i bought from newegg http www newegg com Product Product aspx Item N E and also i have a question about my graphics card on amd overdrive and cpuid it says to engine and memory frequencies are and when on newegg it says the memory is and i really don t know what the engine is but im guessing its the core why is it this slow if it even is slow and im not just clueless Here is a link on newegg of the graphics card i bought http www newegg com Product Product aspx Item N E and here is a link to the motherboard i bought http www newegg com Product Product aspx Item N E and Here is a link to some screenshots i took of amd overdrive showing the specs of my ram and graphics card http s photobucket com albums t cocohead Sorry if i put to much info or something but i really want to get my mind straight Thanks for the help nbsp

A:Solved: My New DDR3 1333 (PC3 10666)Ram is not as fast as it should be. + More.

It's supposed to run at 667 MHz. DDR RAM. Double Data Rate Random Access Memory. Active twice a cycle. The effective frequency is double the actual frequency.
IMO, you really intentionally bought troubles for no reason. DDR3 RAM does NOT give any performance increase for anything below i7 CPUs, is hard to confirm compatible before buying, and you bought a low-end motherboard anyways, just... Eh.

The graphics card idles at lower frequency than the advertised one to save power, run something that uses the card, for example a game (not the best choice), or Furmark stability test, it will get to the 750/870 or whatever it's supposed to be.
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Hi There,

I decided to upgrade my pc by adding a new kingston 2G DDR3 1033 kit .. I Bought it and placed it in the same slot color with the old one (kingston 2g DDR3 1033) .. when i turned on the pc it just gave a black screen without any beeps .. i removed the new one, it worked well .. i changed the clock freq. from the bios from AUTO To 667 and 553 and aslo they didnt work .. BUT when i changed the freq. to 400 .. the new kit worked well with the old one

This is my pc spes. without the new ram installed

With the 2 rams installed it Reads 400 MHZ

What should i do ?! Is the New kit is bad ?

Note the old one Model is KVR1333D3N9/2G
and the new one is KVR1333D3S8N9/2G

A:New kingston DDR3 1333 running at only 800 bus speed..

Load bios defaults and try again? Its just ram, your system wont be faster because of it running at 667 vs 400mhz, it will be faster because it has more memory installed.
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Looking for at least 2x4gb sodimm ram upgrade. Can I go to 8gb or 16gb max? Can I use any PC3 12800 or does it have to be low density/2RX8? Crucial recommends  CT5643818 2x4gb kit . Looks like high density.  Or am I better off with PC3 10600S similar to my current 2x2gb?

Go to Solution.

A:M58P 7479 RAM Upgrade to 8GB PC3 12800 DDR3 1333

I'd go with what Crucial and Kingston recommends for your specific system model.
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Hello, thank you for taking the time to look at my post.
Will this RAM

4GB DDR3 PC8500 PC3-8500 1066MHz 4GB SODIMM LAPTOP RAM* | eBay

work in this laptop?

Satellite C50-A-1JM - Toshiba

Or does it have to be this RAM?

Kingston ValueRAM 4GB (1x4GB) DDR3L 1600MHz 204-pin SODIMM For Intel Mini NUC PC | eBay
Thank you in advace for your responce.

A:Will DDR3 work in a DDR3L laptop?

The "L" indicates low voltage (1.35V compared to 1.5V). Also likely means that the regular DDR3 won't work as according to Intel the CPU in that laptop,

ARK | Intel? Celeron? Processor N2820 (1M Cache, up to 2.39 GHz)

only supports DDR3L.
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will there be any danger or risk doing so ?

A:Using ddr3 ram on ddr3l slot

Hi: Most likely the DDR3 memory either won't work, or you will get a BIOS message reporting you are using the wrong voltage memory and to replace it with the right memory. I don't think you will wreck the PC, but can't say for sure. But I can tell you, it isn't a good idea.
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Hi, as the title says my motherboard is a bit old which is ASRock G41C-S and its maximum support of RAM front side bus is 1333MHz, so i'm running 4GB of ram with two different modules one is A-Data 2GB DDR3 1333MHz and another is Apacer 2GB DDR3 1333MHz and i've ran them together for a year without any issues at all but i found that my PC wasn't running at full speed compared to other PC's with the same specifications so i'm planning to buy Kingston HyperX Blu 1600MHz running at 1.65V and now i don't know if my mobo will accept this kind of memory to run it stable without any issues. So please give me an answer and thank you so much in advance

A:Would RAM DDR3 1600MHz 1.65v run on 1333MHz 1.5V slot ?

If it's 1333mhz, then that's as fast as it will run. 1600mhzetc will only run @ 1333mhz with your board.
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It came with a DDR4 RAM. I want to add a RAM in the 2nd slot. I contacted the tech support and they said that I can install DDR3 RAM in the additional slot. But the shop from where I bought advised me not to do so. Notebook : HP Pavilion AU-084tx.
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Hi all,

Just wanted to post this for anyone experiencing boot issues with the ASROCK H61-VG4.

Celeron G1620(P0) Ivy Bridge 2.7GHz (1155 IVYBRIDGE / CHIPSET)
RAM 4GB 1333MHz
1TB Samsung spinpoint F3

On completion of build
- computer would boot and then shut down after around 5 secs.
- could not get into the bios as computer would shut down prior.

solution / fix
installed 1600MHz RAM and computer booted with no issues.

(I usually use gigabyte mobos so never experienced this before.)

Manual states, "Memory - supports DDR3 1600/1333/1066 non-ECC memory (DDR3 1600 with Intel Ivy Bridge CPU, DDR3 1333 with intel Sandy Bridge CPU)

Anyone else had this type of issue with specific CPU to RAM MHz match to get a board to boot?

A:Asrock h61-vg4 (ivy bridge & ddr3 1600 / sandy bridge & ddr 1333)

By "boot", do you mean POST? Did you get any beeps? Perhaps the 1333 module(s) is bad or the wrong voltage.
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ok right now i have 6gb of DDR3 PC3-10600 if i was to switch it out for 6gb of DDR3 PC3 12800 will i noticed a difference or will it still be there same in performance...

A:DDR3 PC3 12800 or DDR3 PC3-10600

Hi Monster212

According to the manufacturer's website specs on your motherboard (MSI Global ? Mainboard - P55M-GD41), your computer should support the faster RAM (when overclocked apparently), and therefore theoretically should acquire faster performance in the 5 - 10% range..

Hope that helps!
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My PC already had 4GB DDR3 Ram. Here are its specifications taken from CPUZ

Today I ordered another RAM of 4GB so that my PC will have a total of 8GB RAM.

I wanted to confirm whether my new Ram which I'm buying would be compatible with my old RAM considering the difference in their frequency as shown in the images.

A:New DDR3 RAM compatibility with old DDR3

Possibly if you don't plan on using the old stick
You'd have to post the Mainboard section and google the mother board model to see what is compatible with it.
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I think the answer to that is yes....right? In fact it is DDR3 Unbuffered ECC Memory - so that is the exact type that I must upgrade right? Thanks

A:If my RAM is DDR3 can I ONLY upgrade to DDR3?

Correct, only DDR3 RAM can be used, any other type won't fit the slots anyway. If you have ECC ram now, you may be able to use non-ECC.
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Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-EX58-UD3R Rev: 1.0
CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7 CPU 920 @ 2.67GHz
Memory: Kingston DDR3 4096MB PC10666 1333MHz
OS Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate (64-bit) 6.1.7601.17727 (Win7 RTM)

I bought 1 module Kingston DDR3 4096MB PC10666 1333MHz to run at 1066Mhz. Motherboard has 4 slots, I installed memory into the DDR3_1, so 3 another slots were empty. Bios auto detects the frequency of memory as 1066 (maximum frequency supported by my CPU), timings are 7-7-7-20, voltage is 1.5V. When I run my Windows 7 x64, the system works extremely slow, the memory isn't detected properly, indicator of RAM displays the load of 98-99%, all usb devices (including my mouse and keyboard) don't work at all. There are no viruses in the system, no unnecessary processes in task manager, the Win 7 works correctly with other Kingston memory modules.

My secondary operation system Win XP x86 detects 3.5Gb of this module and works ok.

How can I solve this problem?

A:My Win 7 x64 doesn't work correctly with DDR3

What memory did you have in there originally. the mobo should recognize this RAM, but I don't know if it is in the supported list:

Looks like your BIOS (F11) is up to date, so that shouldn't be a problem

have you tried the RAM in different slots?

I would also suggest resetting your BIOS Settings to default, but I am not sure about it...
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Just a quick question that came up in my head while I was reading the chapter about RAM in my hardware book... assuming that I'm building a gaming computer for myself with an i7 CPU and x58 chipset, what would give me better overall performance.... installing 4 memory modules of 2GB each and running on dual-channel mode or installing 3 memory modules of 2GB each and running on triple-channel mode?
thank you

A:8GB DDR3 (dual-channel) x 6GB DDR3 (triple-channel) Which is better?

Depends a lot on how much RAM your applications need. Triple channel is slightly faster, but if you. Err. Run two instances of Crysis, then you might need 8 GiB so the other solution is 'better'.
My vote goes for 3x2...
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I had to put my DDR3 memory in for warranty due to errors and I don't have memory for my main PC and I am just wondering my old PC has DDR2 memory and I was just wondering if the would work in my Gigabyte X58A-UD3R board which has DDR3 slots?

Also I was wondering can Windows 7 64bit run will less than 4GB of memory (2GB to be exact)? Because I know that if you have over 4GB of memory u need 64bit to enable all of it, but with less will it work?

A:Solved: DDR2 work in DDR3 slots?

I don't think you can because DDR2 and DDR3 uses different slow configuration. I think ddr2 has the little cut out in the middle and ddr3 has it slight forward but i'm not totally sure
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Can I run 1600mhz ram on a mb which is supported 1333mhz (my config MSI-760gm P21-FX 1gb asus amd radeon 5450 gfx card And 4gb rm of 600mhz.

A:Can 1600mhz ddr3 ram will work on mb which is supported at 1333mhz?

1600 MHz RAM should down-clock to 1333MHz just fine, but I will not make guaranties. It usually works perfect, but there is always the possibility of incompatibilities.

The GPU memory and frequency is independent and irrelevant for this topic.
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I don't know if this is covered in one of the stickies at the top, but I wanted to know if I can safely install 8GB RAM cards on my laptop? I'm not sure if this would overclock my system or not but i'm trying to just upgrade it generally so that it runs smoother with my DAW (FLstudio and Ableton) and my DJ software (Traktor pro S4). I'm looking into getting an SSD also. Any help would be much appreciated.

A:Solved: 8GB DDR3 RAM for my VAIO VPCF115FM. Will it work?

According to this document: the maximum supported memory is in fact 8GB so you are good, depending on what you have in there now, you will need either one or two sticks of DDR3 4gb 1333Mhz. The SSD is a great upgrade, as far as which one you should get, it depends on how much you are willing to spend. If you keep all of the media on the system drive, it is going to cost you $$$$
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I have a HP dv7-1285dx(Windows 7 64bit) laptop that has 6 gb ddr2 ram in it installed factory. I was considering getting maybe ddr3 (2)4GBs sticks to put in. I mostly use my laptop for video watching(twice, youtube) and ofcourse games.

Is it worth the upgrade?

Why all of a sudden does ram seem to be so expensive?

Any help/advice is appreciated.

A:Laptop ram ddr2 vs ddr3

If you want upgrade your memory. You will have to stay with DDR2.. Your laptop will not support DDR3.
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I cant see anything in my bios related to ram, so I got this from CPU-Z.

it says that the 6GB DDr3 in my laptop is running at 675 MHz. Maybe its just me, but I didnt think DDR3 was supposed to run that slowly. it concerns my because im using a Liano APU and fast memory is a big deal. I was thinking of upgrading to 8GB and was just wondering if it was maybe a motherboard limitation (which would suck) or its somehow just slow ram..any thoughts on this?

A:Laptop DDR3 only running at 675 MHz

DDR stands for Double Data Rate so you need to multiply that by 2.
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ok memory reader card is duo slot? need it help even pro in i laptop possible? stick SD i was bored and got some homebrew for my ds but i needed some files off my psp memory stick and couldnt be bothered to charge memory stick pro duo in laptop SD card reader slot? it is even possible? i need help it as its dead and i cant find the charger so i thauhgt quot ill try it in my laptop sd card slot reader quot and after a some moments later bang autorun pops up with the memory stick icon on it all the files are accessable aswell now my question is HOW DID THIS WORK i looked in the slot and the pins are much to big spaces to fit all the pins on the card everyone know theres a size difference between sd and memorystick how did it work i didnt think there were duel sd and memory stick readers all the usb ones if seen have seperate slots this is memory stick pro duo in laptop SD card reader slot? it is even possible? i need help bugging me as it shouldnt that and i have to get it in just the right place to get it to work it doesnt seem to fit snug in the slot any idea on how the hell this is working thanks nbsp memory stick pro duo in laptop SD card reader slot? it is even possible? i need help

A:memory stick pro duo in laptop SD card reader slot? it is even possible? i need help
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I have MSI K8N S939 mother board, can i install a graphic card with DDR3 ?



Yes you can as long as the card fits into the motherboard properly and your power supply has the proper connectors
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Hey guys i currently have a gaming rig but only 4GB of ram in there Clocked at 7
ive just ordered 8GB of exactly the same ram for a good price will this effectivley make a difference to performance in any way shape or form ?

A:8GB DDR3 CL7 Ram

For gaming, probably not enough that you would even notice. You also have to remember that most games are still only 32 bit and as such, unless they are large address aware or 64 bit they are limited to 2 GB total address space,

Memory Limits for Windows Releases (Windows)
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ok i've been browsing around the net looking for my next upgrade component and ddr3 ram has been knawing at me, i want to get it but am looking for some feedback from others who have it or have used it to let me know if it is worth it i am looking at getting
OCZ 4GB (2x 2GB) DDR3 PC3-10666 Reaper HPC Edition Dual Channel Kit Memory
my motherboard supports this so i guess it's just a case of getting warm and fuzzy feedback from people who might recommend it before i shell out 150 quid for it, as i could get the ddr2 1066 ram instead if the warm and fuzzy feeling isn't there.

thanks in advance for any replies!!!

A:to ddr3 or not

You will only see the difference when running benchmarks, just save your money for your next big upgrade.
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While browsing the specs on several motherboards I'm considering, I noticed in the RAM specs, that some listed 1600MHz DDR3 (over clocking). What does the parenthetical note mean? Does it mean that this speed of RAM is only needed if the rig is over clocked?

I also noticed that one board listed ECC or non-ECC in the specs. I'm sure that ECC is more it worth it?

A:Ddr3 ram

Quote: Originally Posted by seekermeister

While browsing the specs on several motherboards I'm considering, I noticed in the RAM specs, that some listed 1600MHz DDR3 (over clocking). What does the parenthetical note mean? Does it mean that this speed of RAM is only needed if the rig is over clocked?

When you overclock your system there are several ways of doing it. One is to increase the speed of the Bus, meaning it's a synchronous overclock. This means that all the devices controlled by the Bus speed are going to run faster than they were intended to, including the RAM. If your RAM was barely fast enough to keep up at the regular clock speed it would likely give you errors when running at a higher speed. One way to solve this is to buy RAM rated faster than necessary. When you overclock the Bus the RAM has no trouble keeping up.

This also avoids the possible downside of an asynchronous overclock, one where CPU end of the Bus gets boosted but the rest of the system stays at stock speed.

I also noticed that one board listed ECC or non-ECC in the specs. I'm sure that ECC is more it worth it?

ECC memory is used mostly in servers. Unless something has changed (or I'm just flat-out wrong ) it actually runs a tad slower than non-ECC RAM, mainly because it needs an extra step to check the data passing through it before it gives it the okey-dokey. Unless you have a specific reason for it, ECC is unnecessary.
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Hello everyone,
My desktop's specification is at

Accordingly, I am using a 400 MHz DDR2 RAM. I researched on my mainboard and found out that my mainboard support a 667 or 800 DDR2 RAM at
I am about to attach a new RAM.
I wonder whether I can have a 667 or 800 DDR2 RAM on my mainboard or not.
Thank you very much.

A:Should I buy a DDR3 ram?

Go here and allow the Crucial System Scanner to load and run.

After it finishes and it displays a report, copy-and-paste the link to that webpage here so we can go there and view it.


You didn't provide images of the "Mainboard" and "Memory" tabs, but it appears that your computer is currently using DDR2 PC2-6400(DDR2-800) RAM modules.

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Q: Ddr3

Can i install ddr 3 ram into an ASUS P5N-E SLI?

If not can i install 1066Mhz DDR2.

And Finally Kingston or corsair?

Im running Windows 7 ultimate 64bit


That motherboard supports DDR2 533/667/800.

Have you considered OCZ ram? That is a good brand as well.
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Q: Ddr3

Hai, Forum

I have a question and trying to answer please help

What is compatiable motherboards for DDR3 and cost of it
Is DDR3 is available in the market, kindly quote the price


2GB DDR3 for around $400...

Nvidia has DDR3 motherboards

More info:
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hello guys im a bit confused about my ddr3 ram is it possible to upgrade my ram to 6 giga ram.. i have a lenovo g550 and it has 2 ddr3 memory one is one gig and other is two gig... i would like to upgrade it remove the one gig ram and replace it with 4gig ram but i dont know if the 4gig new memory will not conflict with my old 2 giga... how can i know that i would not conflict.. heres my ram specs (2048 MB DDR3-SDRAM (1067 MHz)) what would be the best type of 4 giga ram that will not conflict with it...! thanks.. have a nice day....

A:ddr3 ram help

I'd suggest going to one of the major RAM suppliers like Crucial. You can plug your computer info into their "memory advisor tool" and it will tell you exactly what your computer is capable of handling. Generally speaking it's usually better to not mix and match but to get matched pairs of RAM (2x2GB, 2x4GB, etc.) Once you know what your computer can handle and the exact memory specifications, you can shop around for the lowest prices. Just as an example, a few days ago Newegg had 8GB DDR3 RAM (2x4GB) for under $50.

RAM Memory Upgrade: Dell, Mac, Apple, HP, Compaq. USB drives, SSD at
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I recently found out that my laptop supports DDR3. I installed Hwinfo and was exploring the features of the program(Great Program!) and noticed that my Motherboard supports DDR3. Im thinking about upgrading from DDR2 to DDR3, but my question is where can I buy DDR3?
DDR3 Frequency Support 400MHz (DDR3-800)
FSB Frequency Support 200MHz (800 QDR)
Max Render Core 400MHz
If you need more information please ask

A:Where can I get DDR3?

It support both DDR2 & DDR3?

With DDR3, it really will only be a benefit if you can get DDR3 1333 or higher.

In the 800/1066 range, DDR2 will perform better due to lower latencies.

But to answer your question, any online retailers such as Newegg, Tigerdirect.
Sometimes stores such as Bestbuy carry some.
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Quote New DDR DIMMs from Super Talent Boast VLP Design Offer green memory alternative There's is an ongoing effort in the computer hardware industry to provide customers with new energy-efficient products that can deliver performance without taking a major toll on the energy bill A number of companies have recently unveiled such solutions which fall in a new category of products also known as green On that note memory maker Super Talent Technology has recently announced the debut of a new line of green DDR modules that have been designed to use less PCB material and less packaging material compared to the company's standard DDR DIMMs More DDR3 about memory Our goal with these green DDR DIMMs is to More about DDR3 memory offer a greener memory choice for regular desktops that uses less raw materials produces less industrial waste and consumes less fuel to transport with absolutely no tradeoffs in functionality More about DDR3 memory or price explained Super Talent Director of More about DDR3 memory Marketing Joe James When multiplied by the hundreds of thousands of memory modules we produce monthly this can have an enormous environmental impact The new VLP very low profile DDR memory modules have been designed for new desktop computer systems and will be available alongside the company's previously released VLP solutions for servers The modules are expected to become available in GB and GB capacities and are mm tall as opposed to regular ones which are only mm This design feature is said to make the memory modules 'greener' the company says According to Super Talent the first green and MHz GB and GB DIMMs are expected to begin shipping in September Unfortunately the company did not provide any specific details regarding the pricing of these new modules but we should know more when they come to market Considering their green features these modules should make for an ideal choice for a future HTPC system based on the latest platforms from Intel or AMD Source Quote Corsair's New GB and GB DDR Kits Ready for Intel's Core i and Core i Designed to support Intel's next-generation Lynnfield processors Corsair one of the world's leading vendors of high-performance memory solutions has recently announced the introduction of a couple of new memory products specifically designed to deliver support to the upcoming Intel P platform and the next-generation Core i and Core i processors These new memory modules have been made available in capacities of GB and GB kits enabling support for Intel's next generation of desktop processors In addition for increased performance these new modules have been equipped with the company's proprietary DHX cooling technology with the new American Racing Blue fins and highlights Windows early adopters and other power users have recently been demanding GB and GB performance memory solutions to optimize their computing experience stated John Beekley vice president of Technical Marketing at Corsair These GB and GB configurations will allow these advanced users to get the most out of their high performance rigs particularly if they often switch between demanding tasks like gaming and video production According to the Fremont California-based memory maker the new memory kits have been made available in both dual-channel and triple channel configurations enabling support for all of Intel's high-performance platforms The dual-channel configuration part number CMD GX M A C is designed with four matched GB modules optimized for the upcoming P motherboards some of which have already started to make their debut The CMD GX M A C triple-channel configuration has been designed with matched GB modules for high-end X platforms Both memory sets have been certified for Intel' XMP profiles and boast MHz speeds and CAS latency settings of - - - Unfortunately the memory vendor hasn't revealed any details regarding the availability and pricing of its new DDR memory kits However we have a strong feeling that they will be made availab... Read more

A:More about DDR3 memory

You know I love the quality of Corsair products and I won't buy anything except Corsair power supplies but the ram they have is such a rip off. Dominator ram is great except for the price really. When you compare the Dominator line to the Reaper line from OCZ you are getting the same thing for much less from OCZ.

If Corsair lowered the price to something more competitive I might consider buying from them but as it stands I will stick with OCZ for ram.
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Would 4GB of DDR3 be the same as having 8GB of DDR2?

Which would you rather have?

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I was wondering which DDR3 Ram would be better for AMD phenom II. My motherboard is a Gigabyte 890FXA-UD5 and i would like to know if i should keep using Corsair avenger or buy Kingston hyperX or GSkill for better performance and better overclocking performance. I don't know which one will work better or has specifically been made for AMD processors

A:Buying new DDR3

Anything listed in the Memory Support List for your motherboard will be worth purchasing. I'd stick to 1600MHz RAM though, but the choice is yours.
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This might not be in the correct section After a series of disasters I have just upgraded my system I haven't adjusted my system specs info yet so you can still see my previous setup info My new system AMD AM x Phenom II T GB of DDR My new setup seems smoother overall although Firefox seems to take longer to shutdown I noticed something disappointing strange after refreshing DDR3 DDR2 WEI vs - my WEI score GB of DDR - GB of DDR - I was under the impression that DDR was faster than DDR was faster than I'm sure that my old system was using the default settings i e no overclocking Is the WEI memory score actually based on capacity speed and type Do I need to adjust my WEI - DDR2 vs DDR3 BIOS settings Also when I run System Information Tool XP SP CPU Power - W W CPU Power - W According to AMD it is rated at W AMD Phenom WEI - DDR2 vs DDR3 All other values e g voltages and temperatures seem to be basically the same The temperatures seem to be basically the same in Ubuntu as well

A:WEI - DDR2 vs DDR3

It is faster, but you've halved the memory amount. Double to 8GB and it will shoot up to 7.8 or so.
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this isn't a problem, but I'm wondering what the diffrence is between DDR3 memory and GDDR3 memory when used in graphics cards. I know that the 'g' denotes 'graphics', but both types are used in graphics cards.. so what gives??


GDDR3 is a different type of DDR. It was designed specifically for high performance graphics cards. A gDDR3 version of a graphics card would be the better of the two.

More info:
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If you had a choice, DDR2 or DDR3 and why? Trying to figure this out for my new computer.

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I am getting to the stage with my desktop that it is painfully slow and are thinking off upgrading ram as a quick fix. This is just to get it through the next year without me throwing it out the window. However, I would be wondering with RAM the sort of questions: how much, which type is the most bang for your buck and would be looking for recommendations for individual products. Note: My price range is around $200.
Appreciate the help!!!

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I have a compaq cq y desktop with windows bit operating system it came with gb ddr ram but have usable I 1.75 help Please ddr3 ram 6gb only installed I bought a gb ddr stick to use in the second Please help I have 6gb ddr3 ram but only 1.75 usable slot It shows up in the system as gb ram installed only usable and I cant figure Please help I have 6gb ddr3 ram but only 1.75 usable out why I have tried switching slots that didn't work Please help I have 6gb ddr3 ram but only 1.75 usable I checked msconfig and the full memory box is not checked so I checked it restarted and unchecked and restarted again still nothing In the bios setting it shows up as full memory gb but only shows the gb slot as installed I have no setting for memory remapping Someone told me its my operating system so I did a reset to factory settings still nothing I was also told that I cant use gb with gb ram sticks that I should have a matching pair but I have not tried that yet I read that I should do a bios update but I can't find one anywhere on hp website or anywhere else for that matter Someone please help update today I did a wipe and clean install of windows still same issue Please help

A:Please help I have 6gb ddr3 ram but only 1.75 usable

jmike7707, if you are sure it's win7 x64 it should be able to take up to 16gb. go on line google search the model number like I just did and HP has all of the guides on there for how to do it and you may need to change a setting in the BIOS. Find out what version BIOS you have because it states in there what version can take how much
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I have now 3 GBDDR3 but i would like to get 3 GB more. If i do that, i install Windows 7 x64.
In this case, could i disable the swap ? Is that a good idea ?

A:SSD / Swap / 3 GB DDR3

Dont disable the swap, if your SSD is short in space, create a 2GB min/max fixed SF.
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I would like to upgrade from 2GBs of 667Mhz DDR2 to 4GBs of 1066Mhz RAM, DDR2 or DDR3.
My mobo supports both DDR2 and DDR3 sticks (different slots) - does it matter what type I choose?

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Hi all,

I currently have 3Gb of DDR2 memory, in 2 slots (1x 1GB, 1x 2GB) - however i wanted to increase this to 4GB or even 6GB. Basically i was wondering if the following factors would affect my choice:

1-Is there a limit of how much RAM i can have in my motherboard?
2-Can i cross between DDR3 and DDR2 memory in the two slots, or do i have to keep the same type in each? - (and also, whats the difference between the two)

Thank You

A:Can I use DDR2 and DDR3 RAM together?

If your motherboard currently supports DDR2, then you can only add DDR2. They're not slot compatible.

Which motherboard do you have? Most modern motherboards should support 4 to 8GB of RAM.
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Hi All,

I was just on the Intel site looking at the i7-950 CPU i have already ordered and in its memory specs, it says 800/1066. What does this mean to someone like me who has ordered ddr3-1333 conforming to the MB specs?

I wasn't aware to look at the CPU memory support, does this mean with this CPU, I must use 1066 ddr3 or will 1333 be OK?

From Intel, Specs for memory for i7-950:

Attachment 95866

What does this mean??? Do I need to go with 1066 in order to achieve triple channel?

Thnx in advance,

A:i7-950 ddr3 ram specs, ...Please Help

It's OK, although your system may not default to DDR3 1333. Manually adjusting the RAM settings in the Bios should get you there. What motherboard are you considering?

I am using DDR3 1600 with my I7-920, although I've had to adjust the BIOS settings to get it to play properly. Intel doesn't officially support six DDR3 1600 with its X58 chipset and I& CPUs, but I got it to work by backing off the timings a little.
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I wanted to know is 2GB of DDR3 ram faster than 4GB of ddr2 ram as i was trying to decide if it was worth going from 4GB ddr2 to 2GB of ddr3 as ithought it would still be faster even though it is 2GB less.

A:DDR2 vs DDR3

The difference will be negligible in games and every day use. You're better off sticking with the 4GB of DDR2 especially if you're only going to be getting 2GB of DDR3.
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Hello all,
Think I know the answer to this...but I have the option of running my DELL using:

4 GB 1066 MHz Dual DDR3


8 GB 667 MHz Dual DDR2

I'm currently running the first.

My Windows Experience Index, for what it's worth, gives me a 5.9 in the RAM category (and the HD category) but 6.8 - 6.9 in the others (processor, graphics, gaming graphics).

Thanks in advance.

A:8 GB DDR2 vs. 4 GB DDR3

Hi sjcecran and welcome to SF!
Four words for you: stay where you are!
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I built this rig 9 months ago, now that Iv had windows 7 for a while I want to add 4 more gigs to this beast. From what I can tell ram is just as much as it was. Anyone have any cheap suggestions for some ddr3 1600 2x 2gig?

A:DDR3 RAM still as much as it was 9 months ago?

They're all over the place at newegg and similar sites.
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I'm contemplating upgrading my computer piece by piece since I don't have money for a full overhaul right now. I definitly want to get a new intel core duo 2, probably the E6750 processor model. I also want to go for a P35 chipset motherboard (i dont care for the brand, as long as its a decent one e.g. gigabyte intel asus etc).

My problem is that i am not sure whether i should spend the extra money to go for DDR3 as of this moment or should I wait and buy a board that has DDR2 support and go for DDR3 way later like the next upgrade (which I can just upgrade the motherboard if i ahve to).
what are your opinions?
thanks, adam

A:go for DDR2 or DDR3?

If you are a serious gamer, go for ddr3 for the best performance
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In early I built a rig based on an Intel DX BT mobo that required DDR memory Bought the board from Tiger Direct in a package that included gigs of non-compatible RAM Got that ironed out Had the board replaced by Intel once when it would not recognize the graphics card I ran it with a RAID array for a while but was constantly rebuilding the array Broke down the RAID array and it is still glitchy Goes int repetitive reboot mode Clearing the CMOS will usually correct that Long story short I am giving up on the board So I start looking for boards that would allow me to use my Q What DDR3? to happened CPU and DDR Dram There are not many What happened to DDR3? mobos I could find that support the DDR I did find an What happened to DDR3? MSI X C board that will accept the DDR What happened to DDR was it just abandoned Does anyone have any experience with this board and MSI in general Any other recomendations for boards that meet my criteria I want a working machine to try Windows nbsp

A:What happened to DDR3?

When it comes to DDR3 I believe if you get DDR3-1066 you won't notice much of a preformance increase over DDR2-1066 if I remember correctly. I'm not too keen on Intel Board/Processors/Chipsets ect,ect...

Anyone, feel free to correct me if I'm wrong. =)

I would suggest you getting a solid DDR2 Board so upgrading to DDR3 can be done when the RAM becomes a bit cheaper. =)

I can help you look for a new Board if you wish but I'm not too sure of what I would be looking for.
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I have a compaq cq y desktop with windows bit operating system it came with gb ddr ram installed I bought a gb ddr stick to use but 6gb ddr3 1.75 have Please only help usable ram I in the second slot It shows up in the system as gb Please help I have 6gb ddr3 ram but only 1.75 usable ram installed only usable and I cant figure out why Please help I have 6gb ddr3 ram but only 1.75 usable I have tried switching slots that didn't work I checked msconfig and the full memory box is Please help I have 6gb ddr3 ram but only 1.75 usable not checked so I checked it restarted and unchecked and restarted again still nothing In the bios setting it shows up as full memory gb but only shows the gb slot as installed I have no setting for memory remapping Someone told me its my operating system so I did a reset to factory settings still nothing I was also told that I cant use gb with gb ram sticks that I should have a matching pair but I have not tried that yet I read that I should do a bios update but I can't find one anywhere on hp website or anywhere else for that matter Someone please help

A:Please help I have 6gb ddr3 ram but only 1.75 usable

jmike7707, if you are sure it's win7 x64 it should be able to take up to 16gb. go on line google search the model number like I just did and HP has all of the guides on there for how to do it and you may need to change a setting in the BIOS. Find out what version BIOS you have because it states in there what version can take how much
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just got cmx6gx3m3a ram which is 3 x 2GB (1stick) and in bios they(both my sticks) only show up as 2gb a piece. reset cmos/bios and check volts (1.64) have i missed something? not sure what i have done wrong.


A:DDR3 RAM in i3 only shows 2GB not 6GB

Make and model of motherboard would help.
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I have a Compaq Presario CQ62-235SA that came with 2GB DDR2 RAM. I want to upgrade the RAM and have done some internet research via the HP website.  I've downloaded the technical and service manual for the CQ62 Notebook where it seems to indicate the Notebook can support up to 8GB DDR3 RAM (see pic). However  elsewhere on HP site I get information it only supports upto 4GB DDR2 RAM.  ( please can you tell what is possible, I wish to upgrade to as much what is possible but don't want to buy RAM I can't use!
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Hello guys For a few months i am trying to chose a new laptop t o replace my old one I was stuck between the Asus N vz Laptop Model ASUS N VZ-S Processor nd Generation Intel Core i - QM Ivy Bridge CPU Speed DDR4 DDR3 or GHz Turbo Boost up to GHz MB Cache Screen Size inch Display x Full HD LED Backlit Memory GB RAM Graphics DDR3 or DDR4 Discrete NVIDIA GT M GPU with GB Memory and NVIDIA Optimus Technology Hard Drive TB Bang amp Olufsen Ice Power Audio System Connectivity USB x HDMI x VGA x Ethernet x Wi-Fi b g n x Bluetooth x DDR3 or DDR4 Multi Card Reader x or the Asus Zenbook U vz CPU Intel Core W Standard Voltage QC i - QM i - QM Operating System Windows Windows Pro Graphics NVIDIA GT M Z-height mm at the front mm at the rear Main DDR3 or DDR4 Memory DDR MHz GB on board Screen nits FHD IPS x Instant on Always resume in seconds USB charger Y I O port x mini VGA port x USB port x HDMI p support x audio jack combo x SD card reader x subwoofer jack x RJ USB Port SSD Generation Up to SATAIII GB SSD support RAID technology BT Bluetooth Battery W hrs Mic Array microphone Keyboard illuminated chiclet keyboard Camera HD p CMOS module Audio Built-in B amp O ICEpower audio system with external subwoofer Now the idea is that the n vz i can't find it anymore the u vz is a bit pricy and the most importent thing DDR is on the way So should i wait for the ddr or should i buy one of the laptops I am mainly using photo editing software such as CS and with loads of plugins Any advices and recommendations are more than welcomed

A:DDR3 or DDR4

They are Both DDR3 and the Bottom one the more Expensive has a SSD but they both do about the same

Just the one with 1tb will just be slower but ultimatly perform the same but if you want to be snappy and on the move the choice would be the 1200 dollar one or you can get the 800 dollar one and replace the 1TB HD for a SSD and use the one TB as a back up and put it in a enclosure

but at that point the cost would be around the same but if you have the money get the 512gb SSD and buy a back up Drive and your set
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I am studying for the comptia A+ exams and I am wondering about how interchangable different speeds of certain types are?

I opened up my PC today and I have DDR3 PC3-10600, so does that mean my memory bus speed is 165MB/s?

Also does that mean I can only install other DDR3 if it is PC3-10600 ?
Or can I install faster or slower? or what?

A:DDR3 Speeds?

DDR3 PC3-12800(DDR3-1600) has a speed of 1600 MHz.

DDR3 PC3-10600(DDR3-1333) has a speed of 1333 MHz.

DDR3 PC3-8500(DDR3-1066) has a speed of 1066 MHz.

The larger the number, the faster the memory speed.

If you mix module speeds in the same computer, they will all run at the speed of the slowest module(s).


What's the brand name and model name and model number of your computer?


Go here and allow the Crucial System Scanner to load and run.

After it finishes scanning and it displays a report, copy-and-paste the link(webpage address) to that report here so we can go there and view it.

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I recently removed a matched pair of OCZ DDR Gb modules from my system and sold them to a friend It was shipped safely in it's original packaging with oodles of padding and arrived without signs of damage They're Mhz RAM modules and all four strips reported exactly as shown below in the screenshot before shipping them off I have anti-static rubber matting for workshop bench tops and the floor area and use a ground connection on the chassis whenever working on internal components These units run happily at DDR3 damaged Mhz on a Gigabyte board in fact and have been stable for over two years at that frequency with no system freezes data corruption or BSOD's Safely received by my friend her teenage son then installed them DDR3 damaged to a base level Asus mainboard in which they DDR3 damaged are specifically listed as compatible But he did so without any precautions against ESD shocks and did not upgrade his board BIOS before fitting them his BIOS was something like three revisions old as compared to the most recent edition His system would not boot with both sticks installed He's running W x Ultimate Edition With one stick installed it would boot However the timings and frequency the board and I'm assured at default BIOS values showed were not as per the screenshot above I got his mother to test the RAM in another board and the module which would not boot on her sons Asus board did boot on her ASRock X Turbo board although she did not run memory diagnostics or test it thoroughly Advising they return it to me I replaced it in the Gigabyte board it had come out of and ran it at Mhz and standard timings but got several freezes and then a handful of BSOD's in the space of a few hours The dump files show the errors were due to the memory I removed the offending stick Everything ran perfectly all timings were identical and as per OCZ specifications I reinserted the offending module and ran Windows memory diagnostics at the harshest level for four cycles taking some five plus hours Multiple errors arose The three decent sticks were removed I then manually set the suspect RAM timings to OCZ defaults in the BIOS The board would not boot Allowing the BIOS to automatically set and optimize the RAM settings with solely the suspect module in place resulted in a successful boot and I got the second screenshot below You will notice the timings are askew and the RAM frequency is off key The system freezes and is unstable Could anyone speculate what has happened to the module behaving as per these readings I believe that her son may have tried running it on an Asus BIOS which was written without compatibility for these OCZ modules and that he could have over-volted the RAM or that static electricity damaged it when it was fitted OCZ no longer make these units If I were to RMA anything it must now be returned to a service centre in Europe at my expense The warranty only covers defects in manufacturing Does anyone know what OCZ are likely to say or whether they could determine why the RAM suddenly failed when fitted to a different board If RMA'd is it likely that OCZ reject it under warranty Has anyone had any experience of the standards of customer service OCZ provide Any advice appreciated For the moment everything's running stable with Gb of RAM onboard

A:DDR3 damaged

have you tryed setting the timming and voltage yourself ? also is there any reason you used slot 3 and not 1?
try setting the timming to ( 9.0 - 9 - 9 - 20 - 27 ) and voltage (1.50) and see what happens. if that don't do it try bumping up the voltage just a little bit and try it again...

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Dear sir/Madam, How can I find out which ram memory I have? Where can I see whether I have DDR3 or DDR3L?  Thank you in advance 


Hi,          Could you mention the product number or the model number of unit you are using to give more information . Use the below link to find the product details
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I'm looking for a good 1333mhz RAM for overclocking.

I'm not looking for the very best possible overclock, and therefore not going for watercooling.

Also, because of the heatsink I'm using for the CPU, I CANNOT have anything other than standard height RAM (Corsair Dominator is out).

Any suggestions?

A:Best DDR3 for overclocking

Corsair with the smallest heat-sinks you can deal with
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Hi there, I need help from you guys. Just to be sure.I have HP pavilion dv7 6135dx. Origanal RAM memory here is 8GB (2x4GB). I would like to upgrade RAM on 16 GB (2x8GB).My question is: can I upgrade wtih DDR3L memory or have to be DDR3 like manufactury?? I know what is difference between those two memory ( voltage), but i wanna be sure because on specification says DDR3. Which one is better choice: Amazon (DDR3L): or Kingston website (DDR3): Thank you. Dejan
Relevancy 75.25%

Is there such a motherboard that supports all three?

I'm building a new PC that needs to be future proof!


Relevancy 75.25%

What is the exact difference apart from physical one?
In terms of gaming does it matter?
Does it matter if you're looking to change parts of the PC such as graphics card / processor?

Relevancy 75.25%

Which one is faster,stronger,better?(especially for high end gaming and HD blue ray movies)

CORSAIR DOMINATOR TWIN2X4096-8500C5DF DDR2 4GB (2X2GB) PC2-8500 (1066MHZ) CL5 DUAL CHANNEL KIT Timings: 5-5-5-15 (CAS, tRCD, tRP, tRAS)
CORSAIR TR3X3G1600C8D DHX DDR3 3GB (3X1GB) PC3-12800 (1600MHZ) TRIPLE CHANNEL KIT Timings: 9-9-9-24 (CAS, tRCD, tRP, tRAS)

My CPU is Q6600

A:DDR2 CL5 vs DDR3 CL8

DDR2 provides the best value for the buck. Having said that... if you are installing a high end CPU, DDR3 is best for you!
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I am wanting to upgrade/add memory to my laptop and I am in confusion as to all the different types of compatible memory available.

My system requires: DDR3 PC3-12800 ? CL=11 ? Unbuffered ? NON-ECC ? DDR3-1600 ? 1.35V

You'd think that the above specifics are just that; specific. Why so many different cards available? Why the vast difference in price for a card with the same specs? What's the difference in all of them?

Does it come down to the more $$ the more you're getting even though they appear "the same"?

Thanks in advance.

A:DDR3 question

Memory is like most things there are only a few manufacturers for the chips on the board and a whole bunch of builders, just stay within the specs of your MB (204 pin DDR3 1.35V). I always go with lifetime warranty, same mem chips in all slots, equal timings and lower CL and buy all the GB affordable. Crucial, Kingston, PNY, and Wintec are good choices. Be careful to compare the specifications they are generally the same, check the manufacturers website for better details. More $$ only gets more capacity and speed, unless it is a OC/Gaming rig them it gets more complicated and expensive. Hope this helps.
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I was going to upgrad my ddr2 memory to some 800Mhz, but i see that DDR3 ram is out. I was also going to upgrade my mobo in the near future and was wondering when DDR3 SLI mobo's will be out and if I should wait to purchase my RAM. And also is there going to be a new nvidia chipset soon? Please help if anyone knows anything. Thanks

A:DDR3 Question

The ASUS P5KC and P5K3 support ddr3 ram. It is too expensive to justify the performance gain to date. (From what I read).
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need help on some good timings on overclocking ddr3 2gb Ram

ty in advance

A:Overclocking DDR3 2GB RAM

Can you provide a little more information? Which motherboard, CPU and memory do you have?

Here's a guide to get you started:,2845,2368074,00.asp
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hi, i was wondering if i had ddr3 tripple channel ram, can i use it on a ddr3 dual channel motherboard, is it backwards compadible with dual and tripple channel motherboards?

A:Solved: ddr3 ram

Yes, the RAM is the same. You could also use three sticks of RAM from two dual channel ram kits on a triple channel motherboard.
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I just purchased a Acer Aspire Desktop Computer but it only comes with 2 sticks of DDR3 2Gb Ram memory and I need 8Gb of DDR3 Ram. It does not have to slots to add more memory but I was told that all I have to do is purchase 2 sticks of 4Gb and replace the 2 sticks of 2Gb DDR3 Ram. Does anyone know where I might buy these online that will not kill my budget? Thanks

Relevancy 75.25%

guys help me out,....which one should i buy?

512mb "DDR3" GT 240
1gb HD4670?

also should i change my power supply for any of these cards?
mine is a 450w power supply..

A:GT 240 512 DDR3 or HD 4670 1GB?

What is your current setup? CPU, motherboard, ram, ect.
I would go for the GT 240. The 4670 is a bit dated despite being a good card.

I would say even if you don't get one of those videocards you should still upgrade your powersupply. You don't cheap out on a PSU. If it dies it can take your whole computer with it.
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Could someone please explain to me the difference between ddr2 and ddr3 ram. I've heard many different explanations and am still confused. My understanding is that the grooves that slot into the mobo (where the brass contacts are) is simply at different positions on the ram modules and the module will only fit into the mobo if it is supported. Am I correct?

A:DDR2 vs DDR3

Yes the DDR2 modules and the DDR3 modules both have 240 pins. The keyways are in different locations so you can only install DDR3 modules in a DDR3 motherboard. DDR's highest speed is 400MHz. DDR2's highest speed is 800MHz. DDR3 highest speed is 1000MHz
Relevancy 75.25%

I have now 3 GB DDR3 ( triple channel ) and i wanna upgrade to 6 GB.
Please tell me if is okay to get 3 gb more, like this :
1 x 2 GB and 1 x 1 GB
Would that affect triple channel ?
If i go this way, i will have 4 x 1 GB and 1 x 2 GB , 6 in total.

A:3 GB DDR3 / upgrade

That not the way I would do it. To my memory that motherboard has 6 ram slots. To get 6 gigs of triple channel I would install 2 more 1 gig matching ram.
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is it best to run ddr3 dual or tri or does it not make any diffrence

thank you

A:ddr3 memory

Originally Posted by kev s148

is it best to run ddr3 dual or tri or does it not make any diffrence

thank you

There's a significant difference in bandwidth with tri-channel memory. Go for it
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actually i want to know, does windows xp support DDR3 Ram? and i heard from someone that windows xp cant recognise more than 2 Gb ram. It is true?
if i install 3GB ram will not it work in windows xp?

A:support xp with DDR3

hello, yes windows XP can support DDR3 ram but it matters if your motherboard supports DDR3 ram not your operating system, this computer right now is running xp with ddr3 ram and the ram limit for XP is roughly 3GB, depending on your system it can range from 2.75GB to 3GB, if u have a 64 bit version of windows XP it can support up to 128GB of ram or to the cap of your motherboard supports
what type of cpu, motherboard, video card, do u have? if u have a video card that has dedicated memory it might suck up some of your ram so it might show lower then what u put in there
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Hello ?

Will this gpu support on my system :

Pentium Dual Core Processor
Pci_e x16 2.0
MSI Motherboard
But note my ram is ddr2 and gpu is DDR3' so will it support on my system :thumbup::thumbup:

A:Hd 6670 2 gb ddr3

Yes it will. What is on a video card has zero relation to what is on the motherboard.
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my brother has a new mobo but it only supports ddr3 and he want to use the ddr2 is it possible?

A:is there a ddr2 to ddr3 converter?

Hi chilloh

Originally Posted by chilloh

my brother has a new mobo but it only supports ddr3 and he want to use the ddr2 is it possible?

it only supports ddr3 - You just answered your own question!

Sorry but you will have very bad results if you try!

Later Ted
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A:8GB Dual Channel DDR3 RAM for $100 AUD?

Just one point before going on, Windows 7 32 bit will only support 4 GB of RAM and only about 3.25 GB of that is useable. If you want to use more, you will need Windows 64 bit.

What model motherboard do you have?

I personally like and use G-Skill RAM.
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Hey, I have to buy a new mobo. I wanted to ask that should i upgrade my DDr2 Ram to DDr3 ? and buy a mobo thats supports ddr3 ? is it worth it ? The reason that made confused is that the ram that i have (
​ CORSAIR XMS2 CM 2GB-6400/800 BUS XMS XTREME SPEED GAMING MEMORY) and the ram that i may buy ( CORSAIR DDR3 2GB-1333 (P/N: VS2GB1333-D3) VALUE SELECT MEMORY) both have the same price. So my question is that should i go with the board that supports ddr3 or stick with ddr2 ram and buy a ddr2 board ? Should i go for ( ASUS (INTEL) P5G41T-M LX G41-ICH7 1333FSB (LGA775-SND+LAN+VGA DDR3) which has 2 ddr3 slots or the one which costs slightly high [ASUS (INTEL) P5QLD PRO INTEL P43 ICH10 1600FSB (LGA775-SND+LAN DDR2] with 4 ddr2 slots ?
I'll be very glad if you could help me solve my problem.


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well my DDR3 1600 is running @ 667 lol

I could understand 800 because of duel mode but why 667?

speed gets reduced to 800MHz in duel mode but crashes like crazy, so I'm running it @ 667 per DIM!

how is this better than DDR2 800 in any way?

So far I've tried manual volting, and manual clock speed settings.

mobo is a asus AM3 M4A79T supports 16GB @ 1600 MHZ supposedly IDK though

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How much memory would I be able to upgrade my computer to? I have 64-bit Windows 7, shouldn't I be able to put nearly as much as I want? I currently have 6GB RAM, and I'm constantly using all of it, which causes slow-downs for my system. I was looking at 8GB to 16GB of RAM.

Thanks in advance!

A:Upgrading DDR3 RAM With Only 2 Slots

What motherboard do you have?

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right now ddr3 is a lil bit better than ddr2 but its so much higher in prices.

A:when is ddr3 going to lower in price?

Hi Chilloh,

Yeah, for the price vs performance, it just isn't worth getting DDR3 right now. My guess is to give it around a year or so before prices get reasonable. I would check out the DDR2 1600 MHz sticks. They have some reasonable prices.

If you are thinking of getting a new motherboard, see if it will support both DDR3 and DDR2 for future upgrades. You may have to find the DDR3 boards online.

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Hello there My system is a little bit old I have a Q processor socket and or to DDR3? of Another upgrade DDR2 gig Gb ddr at Mhz I would like to add another Gb ddr there I have now gb gb So I will take out that gb and put a gb one to be gb ddr But now come s the tricky part should I buy a gb ddr mhz to have gb or does it worth it to buy a new motherboard Another gig of DDR2 or upgrade to DDR3? that supports ddr and buy me gb ddr at mhz Does it worth financiarlly First option buying a gb ddr mhz - cost U S Second option buying new motherboard that support s ddr gb ddr mhz - -cost around U S I am using my p c just for surfing web gaming nothing hardcore watching movies listening music etc So just a regular user but who like s new games released playing them at a resolution no higher than x In my case will I notice a big difference if I would purchase the ddr nbsp

A:Another gig of DDR2 or upgrade to DDR3?

Unless you are running a 64bit version of Windows you won't be able to address the full 4 gig of memory. That aside, don't believe it's really worth investing in another motherboard for socket 775 as it is coming to the end of it's life cycle. Might want to consider upgrading a core component like your graphics card that could be carried over to your next system.
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We are using custom board on which we are interfacing DDR3 SDRAM modules to our FPGA processor.Our requirement are as followsDDR3 SDRAM module should be single rank or double rank if single rank is not available.The size of the module to be 8GB/16GB/32GB ECC based.Bank group = 2Minimum datawidth of 32-bitsMaximum DDR3/LPDDR3 datawidth of 64-bits + ECCThe module to be RIMM / FBDIMM based.Operating temperature should be industrial grade (-40Deg to +85Deg)I would like to know whether any such DDR3 SDRAM modules are available with HP.
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Has anyone seen any decent 4gb DDR3 modules out yet? if so, please post links... thanks

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I'm in the market for some DDR3 Ram. Currently I have DDR2 2x2GB (

Will upgrading be a significant change? Will I actually notice it?

Here is my current set-up:

Really, I want some advice as to what Ram sticks to get because I see them varying in price.

I am a moderate gamer and use my rig mainly for media purposes.

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I currently am running Windows 7 Ultimate x64 with what used to be 4GB of memory, but my 2GB stick recently went bad. Now I am left with only 2. I game on this computer through Steam, and i was wondering, should I revert back to XP due to the less memory consumption or just move to x32 Windows 7. I'm not entirely sure if I benefit from DX10/11, or do I? Any recommendations, suggestions would be great. Also my computer outputs a "beep beep" through the line out every time my desktop wallpaper changes and I'm wondering, why? Thx


AMD Phenom II X4 955 Deneb 3.2GHz
ECS IC780M-A2 Motherboard
2 Micron DDR3 1GB Memory Modules
Sapphire ATI Radeon HD 5570 1GB Video Card, Dual monitor setup, a 1920x1080 and a 1280x1024
3 Hard Disks
OCZ 600 Watt Modular PSU

A:Gaming With Only 2GB DDR3 Memory, XP or 7

From my point of view i would partition your hard drive install windows xp and use it until you get more memory. The 2gb is kind of low in my opinion. Windows 7 requires at least 1gb and you have 2. Its really up to you though. Hope this helps
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OHPS Got the wrong forum can you transfer to the installation and set up forum please HI I have purchased new WIN Pro Full Retail edition Asus P P PRO REV MB Intel i - K Ghz CPU Corsair GB DDR Memory Corsair CMPSU W PSU Arctic cooling freezer ancillary bits and bobs The above to replace my aging A N-SLI system running XP SP I have two Hard Drives Hard Drive gb partitioned with XP on partition and data on partition MB,CPU,PSU,DDR3, 2 but install XP ready WIN keep new 7, Have well? as Hard Drive gb I have also partitioned as partition WIN OS partition WIN DATA partition General Data Part Have new MB,CPU,PSU,DDR3, WIN 7, ready 2 install but keep XP as well? used and partition as a Backup partition Part used WIN OS and WIN DATA empty When I replace the hardware components I still wish to keep XP running until I am happy with the WIN installation I would like to install WIN on the WIN OS partition Bit obvious that but leave XP on its partition I think I will have to reinstall XP and all other programs or is this not the case as on some posts I have read that sometimes the OS will function after a new MB install Is it practical to install one OS on each HD or best to install on one HD with two partitions say XP on partition and WIN on partition I have read the excellent articles on dual booting but would like to clarify the above questions Regards Trapper

A:Have new MB,CPU,PSU,DDR3, WIN 7, ready 2 install but keep XP as well?

This could work. Your old motherboard is using the nvidia ata drivers in ide mode (most likely) and if you were to attempt to boot your xp install as is, windows would crash with a stop error. If you wanted to keep the same xp install, the easiest thing to try would be enabling msahci and pciide before you swap the hardware over.

Open regedit and navigate to these keys


Set the start values to 0

Check in your bios on your new motherboard to see what mode your sata drives are running in. AHCI or IDE (Ideally you would be running AHCI)
Try booting your xp drive with AHCI. If all goes well then it will sort itself out and install all the correct drivers for the new setup. If not switch your drives from AHCI to IDE in the bios and try again. Then all you have to do is reactivate.

Next set your 300gb drive as the boot drive in your bios and install windows 7 on it. During the install it should detect the other windows drive and add it to the boot menu. If not it's easy to add afterwards with "EasyBCD".
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I have laptop but Puzzled to upgrade my old Desktop pc with a 1GB DDR3 Graphics Card from large number of Variations. Plz define the good option to purchase from on-line store.. I belongs to India. Here are some on-line store which I prefer most

If u find some another on-line store @good deal or SUGGEST SOME GOOD GC CARD plz inform me.
My configs
Processor Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU E7500 @ 2.93GHz
Memory (RAM) 4.00 GB
Graphics Intel(R) Q45/Q43 Express Chip set
OS Win7 pro

A:Want to buy DDR3 Graphics Card

Which mainboard are you using?
Also tell the price at which you want to buy?