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NVIDIA drivers - Vista drivers or 7 drivers?

Q: NVIDIA drivers - Vista drivers or 7 drivers?

Which version should I use for the NVIDIA drivers, the Vista version or the 7 version?

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Preferred Solution: NVIDIA drivers - Vista drivers or 7 drivers?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: NVIDIA drivers - Vista drivers or 7 drivers?

Download the windows 7 drivers from nvidia's website, not from Windows update assuming you have win7 installed somewhere as you state your running vistain your profile.
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hi, can somebody tell me that drivers for AGP cards with ref to nvidia available on nvidia's own website are better to use or ones available on 3rd party websites are betters. For instance now a days the latest version of driver available on nvidia's website is 81.98, however, on some other sites e.g, latest version of driver i.e later version then 81.98 is available for nvidia cards. So my question is: is it better to go with the one available on nvidia's own site or the other one????

thnx :grinthumb

A:Are nvidia's own website drivers better or third party drivers???

I only use the WHQL drivers on Nvidia's site. Newer versions may just be beta versions or modified (hacked) drivers.
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Hi, I need help with crashing due to kernel drivers. This problem started on Windows 8, and I upgraded to Windows 10, and is still crashing. I have done many things to attempt to fix this problem, such as using DDR to uninstall drivers, rolling back old drivers etc., and none of this has worked. I have gone into event manager and the one thing that seems to always occur is:"The driver \Driver\WudfRd failed to load for the device ROOT\WPD\0000." at startup. While I am experienced with computers, I have no idea how to fix this. So if anybody knows how to fix this, can you please tell me? Also, if anyone needs pictures of the crashed scree, debug info, etc. I will gladly provide it. Thanks!

A:Kernel Drivers Crashing for all NVIDIA drivers with GTX 745

Out of curiosity, what driver version are you running?
Also, try going to Nvidia Control Panel -> 3D Settings -> Manage 3D settings -> Power Management Mode, set it to High Performance not Adaptive and see if that helps
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Hello. I have a MSI NF750-G55 motherboard which came with Nvidia sound drivers. Windows update even provided an update for the nvidia drivers once I connected to the internet.

However, I also know that there are Realtek sound drivers. Will my system be more stable if I just install the nvidia drivers or should I install the realtek HD drivers too? Or would having 2 sound drivers cause freezes?

I appreciate any advice. So far all my sound works great so that isn't an issue, and I don't really care about having the realtek audio manager.

A:Nvidia sound drivers, realtek drivers, or both?

Basically, if it isn't broke, don't fix it.

The sound is a Realtek chip on the motherboard, thus the Realtek would be the first choice, but if other supplied drivers work and you have all functions there is no need for additional drivers. The Microsoft drivers are actually Realtek drivers (but Microsoft can be several versions behind due to their validation process).
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Well i got nvidia evga 8800 gts 320 mb i went to and got the newest drivers which are and i went to evga and seen they have 158.45 should i go there and download theres or stick with these?

A:Question about nvidia drivers and evga drivers

Why not try both... I doubt that it makes a lick of difference. The first one that dosn't give you the blue screen of death is the one to use.
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Hello World I have been having trouble with my computer Earlier this week i reinstalled my XP partition on a XP Ubuntu dual booting system The audio would clip and the computer would ultimately freeze Now to trouble shoot Drivers = Freezing M2n-e Drivers + Nvidia Ccc Ati the problem i started googling and heard it might be my PSU which was deffective so i got a new one it works M2n-e Nvidia Drivers + Ati Ccc Drivers = Freezing great computer s now a quiet happy camper However windows is not Now by installing and uninstalling drivers one by one I have found out that the trouble with my windows environment is that the new ATi card s drivers are craptastique or are clashing with my Nvidia drivers M2n-e Nvidia Drivers + Ati Ccc Drivers = Freezing for the built in stuff of my M N-E motherboard I do not have these problems in my Ubuntu environment which further strengthens my belief that it s a Windows driver issue That would also explain my system event error is Dcom failing Well that you all for the help in advance Ellypho

A:M2n-e Nvidia Drivers + Ati Ccc Drivers = Freezing

Hello world!

I have solved my own problem.
The solution?
Instead off the bulky CCC drivers i just got the minimalistic drivers and so to enable my secoundary screen i just had to use the winedows system

Thanks anyways
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i dont kno if i should get an omega driver. i have the latest nvidia driver and i dont have any problems with it, but if the omega drivers are better then il get that. are they? also if i do download and install the omega drivers, do i have to uninstall my nvidia drivers? my video card is not the only thing that uses my nvidia drivers. my mother board also uses the nvidia drivers. its a nvidia nforce 61x0 MCP. so do i have to uninstall my nvidia drivers? should i even get the omega drivers? please help.

A:omega drivers or nvidia drivers?

The enemy of good, is better.
Wait until you are no longer happy with what you have. Don't get caught up in buying the latest thing just to have the latest product in a good review.
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Question: should i install nforce drivers from nvidia web site or just stick with win 7 64bit drivers.
I got this pc from a friend it already had win 7 64 bit on it but i didnt see any nforce drivers in the unistall section.I did however install the latest graghicsw drivers.
System is running smooth just wanted to get the best performance possible.
Also speccy say's i have a nforce 720a mobo and nvidia's say's it's a 710a,whats up with that,,,,anyway thanks for any advice.....

A:nvidia nforce drivers better than win 7 64 bit drivers!!


If it's running smoothly.... let it be. (If it's not broke, don't fix it)
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I have a GTS250 made by EVGA. When I installed windows 7, it knew it automatically.

I would prefer to leave it alone, but I am I missing out? Will it perform better with the Drivers from EVGA?

A:Win7 drivers or NVidia drivers?

Do things seem sluggish? Are you having any problems? Anything unstable or acting up? If you answered no, I'd leave things alone.
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I had to reinstall windows Vista Business on an Acer Aspire AX1200-U1640A 2GB install went well but when I tried to set up my internet, wireless did not show, I called my internet provider we tried to set it up as broadband but that didn't work either. It seems I do not have the drivers for the Ethernet Controller and other things listed under other devices see pictures in attached document. Since I do not have the internet on that computer, I downloaded the Ethernet driver from Acer to a jump drive but I cannot get it to work. Please advise for all "other devices" with the same problem. Oh, yes the Ethernet cord is plugged in and my laptop has wifi. Thanks

A:[SOLVED] Windows Vista reinstall other devices locked, no drivers cannot load drivers

Hi go to acer support page and download and install the chipset driver then try the lan driver
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I Downloaded The Latest Nvidia Drivers From The Official Site.

When I Tried To Install Them, Black Screen Appeared And The Installation Could Not Be Completed. I Had To Press The Reset Button In Order To Run Windows Again.

My System:

Asus Striker
Geforce 8800 Gts
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New nVidia drivers for Vista:
This is Version 175.70

Vista x32

Vista x64

This helped my with Fps in games as AoC (age of Conan) and WOW (world of Warcraft), from 15 to 84 Fps some times up to 128 Fps in AOC and from 38 to 60 Fps in WOW.

A:Vista nVidia Drivers!!!

1) Those are Beta drivers.

2) there are a newer versions: (these are Beta drivers also!!!)

ForceWare 175.80 Vista (32-bit) download from

ForceWare 175.80 Vista (64-bit) download from

More info here:
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I've just updated my Acer Notebook to Windows 7. I've installed all the drivers that Acer supplies for Windows 7.

But what about the drivers that are not supplied? Should I install the ones that Acer supplies for Vista or stick with the 'pre-installed' drivers by Windows 7 ... Everything seems to work with the pre-installed ones.

And how do I check wether or not the Intel Turbo Memory is working correctly?

A:Windows 7-drivers or Vista-drivers by Acer

I can only reply to the first question. If it ain't broke don't fix it. Is what I'd suggest. On the second we'll have to have someone more familiar with intel turbo memory. Try Google I did and found a lot of interesting articles on turbo memory. You can draw your own conclusions as to it's effectiveness. Fabe
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I use Win7 64-bit RC 7100.
I have got GF8600GT. Can I safely use Vista 64-bit nVidia drivers?

The reason I don't want nVidia drivers for Win7 is this:
How to REALLY set lower screen resolution?

Thank you,


P.S. I don't get any e-mail notifications from this forum.

A:Vista 64-bit nVidia drivers in Windows7 ?

You can use the NVidia 1.85 WHQL drivers for Win7 x64, found here.

To subscribe to a thread, change your UserCP settings under;

Settings & Options > Messaging & Notification > Default Thread Subscription Mode
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NVIDIA has released the following updated drivers for use with Windows Vista RTM.

Release Highlights:
- Beta driver for NVIDIA SLI? support for GeForce 8800 GTX/GTS GPUs
- This driver supports the following features:
o Single GPU support
+ DirectX 9 support for GeForce 6/7/8 series GPUs
+ DirectX 10 support for GeForce 8800 GPUs
+ OpenGL support for GeForce 6/7/8 series GPUs
o NVIDIA SLI support
+ DirectX 9 support for GeForce 8800 GPUs
+ OpenGL support for GeForce 8800 GPUs
- DirectX 9 and OpenGL NVIDIA SLI support for GeForce 6 and 7 series GPUs and DirectX 10 NVIDIA SLI support for GeForce 8800 GPUs will be available in a future driver
- If you would like to be notified of upcoming drivers for Windows Vista, please subscribe to the newsletter
- Please read the release notes for more information on product support, feature limitations, and known compatibility issues

View: Products Supported
Download: ForceWare Release 100.59 for Vista (32-bit)
Download: ForceWare Release 100.59 for Vista (64-bit)

A:Nvidia ForceWare 100.59 Vista RTM Drivers Available

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Hi, I can`t install my video card drivers !!! what are recommended Drivers for my video card !!!
ThanX for your help !!!

A:>>> Nvidia fx5200 Vista Drivers <<<

there are beta drivers for vista. scroll down to the bottom of this page where it says "Download drviers" then choose your FX series for 32bit or 64 bit Vista
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nVidia GO VISTA x x and XP x drivers for notebooks with NVIDIA GeForce Go NVIDIA GeForce drivers nVidia Vista/XP [new] for [new] notebooks Go M NVIDIA GeForce Go NVIDIA GeForce Go M NVIDIA GeForce Go NVIDIA GeForce Go M NVIDIA GeForce Go NVIDIA GeForce Go NVIDIA GeForce Go NVIDIA GeForce Go NVIDIA GeForce FX Go NVIDIA GeForce FX Go M NVIDIA GeForce FX Go MB NVIDIA GeForce FX Go NVIDIA GeForce FX Go x NVIDIA GeForce FX Go NVIDIA GeForce FX Go NVIDIA GeForce FX Go NVIDIA GeForce Go NVIDIA GeForce Go NVIDIA GeForce Go NVIDIA GeForce Go NVIDIA GeForce Go TE TE NVIDIA GeForce Go GT NVIDIA GeForce Go NVIDIA GeForce Go [new] nVidia drivers for notebooks Vista/XP [new] Ultra NVIDIA GeForce Go NVIDIA GeForce Go NVIDIA GeForce Go NVIDIA GeForce Go NVIDIA GeForce Go NVIDIA GeForce Go NVIDIA GeForce Go GT NVIDIA GeForce Go NVIDIA GeForce Go NVIDIA GeForce Go GTX NVIDIA GeForce Go SE NVIDIA GeForce Go GS NVIDIA GeForce Go GTX NVIDIA [new] nVidia drivers for notebooks Vista/XP [new] GeForce Go GTX NVIDIA GeForce M G NVIDIA GeForce M GS NVIDIA GeForce M GT NVIDIA GeForce M GS NVIDIA GeForce M GT NVIDIA GeForce M GTS NVIDIA GeForce M GT NVIDIA GeForce M GTS NVIDIA GeForce M GTX NVIDIA GeForce M GS NVIDIA GeForce M G NVIDIA GeForce M GS NVIDIA GeForce M GS NVIDIA GeForce M G NVIDIA GeForce M GS NVIDIA GeForce M GS NVIDIA GeForce M GT NVIDIA GeForce M GT NVIDIA GeForce M GS GT NVIDIA GeForce M GTS - tested on this card NVIDIA GeForce M GT NVIDIA GeForce M GTS NVIDIA GeForce M GTX NVIDIA NV M NVIDIA NV M Pro NVIDIA NV GLM NVIDIA NV GLM Pro NVIDIA NV M Pro NVIDIA NV MAP NVIDIA G GL NVIDIA G M-X NVIDIA NB P-GE NVIDIA G -ES NVIDIA Quadro Go NVIDIA Quadro MXR EX NVIDIA Quadro GoGL NVIDIA Quadro GoGL NVIDIA Quadro NVS M NVIDIA Quadro NVS M NVIDIA Quadro NVS M NVIDIA Quadro NVS M NVIDIA Quadro NVS M NVIDIA Quadro NVS M NVIDIA Quadro NVS M NVIDIA Quadro NVS M NVIDIA Quadro NVS M NVIDIA Quadro FX M NVIDIA Quadro FX M NVIDIA Quadro FX M NVIDIA Quadro FX M NVIDIA Quadro FX M NVIDIA Quadro FX M NVIDIA Quadro FX M NVIDIA Quadro FX Go NVIDIA Quadro FX Go NVIDIA Quadro FX Go NVIDIA Quadro FX M NVIDIA Quadro FX M NVIDIA Quadro FX M NVIDIA Quadro FX M NVIDIA Quadro FX M NVIDIA Quadro FX M VISTA x --- gt RapidShare Easy Filehosting VISTA x --- gt RapidShare Easy Filehosting XP x --- gt RapidShare Easy Filehosting New nVidia for notebooks amp PCs Windows XP Download driver Windows Vista amp Win bit Download driver Windows Vista amp Win bit Download driver When you open a new window click on Download driver

A:[new] nVidia drivers for notebooks Vista/XP [new]

New drivers 190.40
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I downloaded latest nvidia drivers(195.62), my graphic card is GeForce 9650m GT, and after installation and reboot vista crashes after 15-30 sec (screen freeze, then black screen and automatic reboot), so i had to run vista in safe mode and change back drivers to previous. Any way to solve this problem?

A:Vista crash with nvidia drivers

Hello Shini,
If it is a problem with the driver design, then no, theres nothing you can do, except wait for a new one.
You could try and re-install the driver, use a driver cleaner before you install the new driver.
Start the PC in safe mode, use the cleaner and re-install the driver.
Give this a try and post your results, good luck.

Guru3D - Driver Sweeper
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I get a BSOD on my MSI K8NGM2-L machine . Here is what MS Dump file and solution tell me. It is the Nvida Sata driver and is is fixed in SP1 and I should install it.
Problem is that it is installed and I even updated the NForce drivers that was put out a month ago or so. Fresh install of OS not upgrade.
Any tips? Bad ram? 98% of the time it will come out with a BSOD wink32.sys or "Memory was incorrectly released" (Something like that)

A:Nvidia Sata Drivers,Vista SP! and BSOD

Hi Yaco and Welcome to the Forums!

If you have the BSOD code I can lookup the Microsoft database for the cause, however you dont need the nforce drivers as Vista runs better without them from my experience..

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Good morning everyone I set up Vista -bit on a new drive dual-booting with XP on my main gaming pc last night After it installed it automatically downloaded drivers for my gtx- Issue Vista Ultimate Nvidia and drivers x64 with however these were old drivers I uninstalled them through the control panel booted into safe mode and ran Driver Sweeper got from guru d I had heard this program worked well with Vista Once I rebooted back into normal Issue with Nvidia drivers and Vista Ultimate x64 mode I installed Vista drivers Issue with Nvidia drivers and Vista Ultimate x64 However after they installed and rebooted I noticed that I could no longer set Aero to work I ran the quot Vista Experience quot or whatever it is called option from the Computer properties and it scored my video card performance at Obviously something is amiss with my drivers However when I went back to the Vista version of add remove drivers I don't see Nvidia drivers listed Clicking on the properties of my video card in the Device Manager lists the proper driver number however This is my first time really using Vista so I'm confused Did I do something wrong when I tried to update my drivers How the heck can I uninstall and reinstall the drivers to get them to work now if I don't see an uninstall option

A:Issue with Nvidia drivers and Vista Ultimate x64

Uninstall driver, reboot and install this one

GeForce Release 175

reboot again after install and that should sort out your problem.
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I'm having this really weird problem.

I am currently running a GeForce 9500 GT on vista and have tried upgrading to Windows 7 release candidate 1 from Vista. The problem is, Windows 7 doesn't like the Nvidia drivers I have on my system. So I uninstalled them. Completely. Restarted. Tried the upgrade again, and boom! Still can't upgrade because Nvidia drivers / nview desktop manager (yes, that is what it says).

I have literally restarted my computer 20 times, uninstalling, reinstalling and whateverinstalling. I have no idea what to do in order to upgrade to windows 7. The drivers or my actual hardware is not letting me upgrade.

Has anyone had this problem?
Just looking for some advice...

Frustrated individual,


A:Can't upgrade Vista to Windows 7 bc nVidia drivers

Check under Control Panel>Uninstall a program and see if there is anything from nvidia you can uninstall from there.

Or you could try running the free Driver Sweeper:
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I build a lot of the machines I have for folding email protected stanford and my very first baby is breaking my heart Last Wednesday Windows Update had a non-critical update for nVidia GTX So i downloaded then installed but noticed some screen flicker in animated sections of web pages I started to roll the driver back and that s when I noticed the GTX whereas I actually had forgot that machine has a GTS So Monday night off to the real nVidia download site and pulled the upgrade for my GTS Same screen flicker Vista Premium BAD drivers Home and nVidia Yesterday morning I grapped that first cup of coffee and headed to the PC Vista Home Premium and BAD nVidia drivers in my home office and the screen was black I did the nasty and held in the power button for seconds and restarted the machine I did NOT hear Vista boot up thinking that I would Also I run Network Magic on my router machine bridged Vista Home Premium and BAD nVidia drivers wirelessly network and from another PC I looked at the dead PC and it showed no connectivity to the network Then I noticed there was no light on the USB port expander dongle that hangs from a front of machine port I took the DVI connector up to the onboard DVI port and the only difference was the screen said to check the monitor cable it also comes up with NO signal going to sleep when I turn the power on and off on the monitor alone So I pulled out a foot VGA cable and tried that from the quot LCD HP monitor to the onboard VGA No change Tried another flat screen monitor no change Took all connectors loose and removed the side panel Lot of grey dust back in there completely covering the two round vents But I had two big jobs running over the weekend and checked internal temps on everything with my CUpid utility nothing over degrees centigrade I don t even do any overclocking I just like to keep an eye on things It s an Antec Cooler Master case anyway So what do you think I am looking at here I don t think the CPU is gone I would get something on the screen I don t think it s the PSU cause it s a Watt Rosewill I keep coming back to the drivers and now I don t think I uninstalled the other driverss when updating Could that keep a machine from booting at all Gals and guys whaddya think Is there a key sequence I can hold down while booting to get me to Safe Mode Is there a function key to get me to the setup screen or even DOS Help This is my first born and it s only months old Thanks nbsp

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NVIDIA has released the following Beta drivers for use with Windows Vista RC1 that will enable you to test the basic features and capabilities of the new operating system.
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Howdy! new to the forums!
I just downloaded the latest drivers for nvidia quadro nvs 140m mobile, but when i run the setup, it errors to something of this nature: setup has detected you are not running vista 32 bit and will terminate. However, i am running a legit copy of ultimate 32 bit for certain. Any help?

I do remember seeing a post on these forums after i searched the issue, and im not sure if it was ever resolved. Has this happened to anyone else?

A:Latest Nvidia drivers not recognizing Vista Version

can you give us the make and model of your laptop and we can research the issue?
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You can find these drivers here:

A:Nvidia released LDDM drivers for Windows Vista

These drivers make things so much different! Non-full screen windows are translucent, and the way they fade in and out.... i'm amazed! Still waiting for errors though.....
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I recently did some work on someones computer, and noticed that Vista was asking for the drivers to an Nvidia 6150. Assuming they weren't installed, I downloaded the latest drivers from Nvidia's website and installed them with no problem. And it appeared that the alert box had went away and stopped appearing. Now it's back again. Anybody know why?
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WTF? Can you all believe this? nvidia have disabled fan control for there newest drivers 158,xx i need my fan to spin at 100 or it will over heat can any one suggest a program or a soulution to this oroblem i have alredy tried at tool and riva tuner they dont recognise this new driver dammit!

A:Damn Nvidia ! New Vista Drivers For 8800 fan control disabled!!

Language please.

Have you tried the new 165 drivers? I think they've been released.
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This is more of a post complaining than it is asking for help advice Screen corruption has been a problem with every version of the nVidia driver s I ve used with the possible exception of the default ones Microsoft ships with Vista I ve tried whatever it was just before the s then I tried the s s and now The problem has not gotten any better throughout all of these revisions This is what you see when Vista asks for your permission to do something Notice how the continue drivers r2) Vista suck and 2008 Win to for Server (updated 7 include NVIDIA button isn t even visible initially Now the continue button appears when the mouse is hovered over where you guess the button to be Hardware involved here is a eVGA gs co AGP card The pictures were taken with drivers The corruption isn t usually capturable with print screen although after an quot episode quot with VLC it was and I got a screenie of it shoot me a message if you want to see it but it contains some text that violates the TOS of this board Basically everything is not displaying except the taskbar and a few items I ve drug the mouse over That is what happens if you open an app that drops Vista into Classic mode the app that caused that was Trillian On the right side of that nd pic was my Trillian buddy list AFTER I had minimized it It shows up all NVIDIA drivers for Vista suck (updated to include Win 7 and Server 2008 r2) washed out white in that NVIDIA drivers for Vista suck (updated to include Win 7 and Server 2008 r2) pic because of the horrible lighting conditions for a digital camera shot but in reality it was displaying the buddy list in a somewhat readable format text was clear just parts of the list missing Login screen I don t know what NVIDIA is quot fixing quot in these continually updated drivers I glance over their documented changes when I update them but it seems like they are fixing minor issues and adding features rather than tackling a real problem here There is nothing wrong with the card runs perfect in XP and there are no temperature overheating issues About the only other thing I can think of is a bios issue and I may start slowly looking into that But a quick google search reveals there are tons of people having problems with drivers Edit Added more pictures Edit Added login screen pic Update Flashed to latest motherboard BIOS no difference nbsp

A:NVIDIA drivers for Vista suck (updated to include Win 7 and Server 2008 r2)

Perhaps your trouble is elsewhere. nVidia is universally rated by users (including this forum) as the best for video cards and for drivers. We see no special problems between VISTA and nVidia...
There are always troubles that crop up because video graphics cards are so fragile, but I would not consider a blanket indictment of nVidia as valid.
I would be more likely to consider power supply and memory.
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I came across an issue that I find confusing. Whilst trying to install a software to run a mobile USB flash modem, the software pops this message:

your current device installation settings is configured to prefer drivers from Windows Update over locally installed
drivers. This can cause Unlimited data Manager not to work correctly.

do you want to change the settings to prefer locally installed drivers over Windows Update?

What does it imply if I change my settings to prefer locally installed drivers over windows update drivers?
And can this action be undone and where/how? (I searched my machine but didn't find where this option is)

Thank you for reading

A:Device Installation Settings, windows update drivers VS locally installed drivers

Control Panel (icon view)>System>Advanced System Settings>Hardware Tab>Device Installation Settings

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Hi there I have an HP Pavilion DV dx laptop running a freshly installed windows upgrade from windows Vista Ever since the upgrade my CPU is constantly running at - all the time meaning I cannot do anything on my PC After researching a bit online it could possibly be the driver errors I see in device manager In device manager I see that I have some drivers missing and all attempts to update these have failed and i've seen other users here post the missing drivers and be directed to the fixes Device type Other Devices Manufacturer Unknown Location PCI bus device function PCI VEN B amp DEV amp SUBSYS C unable - find drivers System to drivers Base Device error amp REV PCI VEN B amp DEV amp SUBSYS C PCI VEN B amp DEV amp CC PCI VEN B amp DEV amp CC Device type Other Devices Manufacturer Unknown Location PCI bus device function PCI VEN B amp DEV amp SUBSYS C amp REV PCI VEN B amp DEV amp SUBSYS C PCI VEN B amp DEV amp CC PCI VEN B amp DEV amp CC Device type Other Devices Manufacturer Unknown Location PCI bus device function PCI VEN B amp DEV amp SUBSYS C amp REV PCI VEN B amp DEV amp SUBSYS C PCI VEN B amp DEV amp CC PCI VEN B amp DEV amp CC Device type Other Devices Manufacturer Unknown Location on Intel R ICH M LPC Interface Controller - ACPI ENE ENE So if the updated drivers fix these errors and yet the CPU usage does not go back down Base System Device drivers error - unable to find drivers I may have to try something else I would load pics to this thread but I fear the PC will crash as it has done twice this morning just from opening firefox As a note yes I have rebooted yes I have run a virus scan and yes I have made sure that almost all prgrammes are not running I have loaded up pics of the Base System Device drivers error - unable to find drivers CPU usage and Processes running too Cheers

A:Base System Device drivers error - unable to find drivers

Have you downloaded the Windows 7 drivers from the HP site.
Link: Software & Driver Downloads HP Pavilion dv7-2185dx Entertainment Notebook PC - HP Customer Care (United States - English)
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Yesterday I had the Windows defender virus on my Desktop computer I read things online and most places were saying to use rKill ComboFix and Malwarebytes So etc. Windows Had no drivers, the Defender audio Network virus. drivers, Now I followed everything and then the virus was removed I believe Less than an hour later a Had the Windows Defender virus. Now no Network drivers, audio drivers, etc. friend of mine went to a website which I believe got me a Had the Windows Defender virus. Now no Network drivers, audio drivers, etc. virus Ever since then when my computer boots up the task bar at the bottom of the screen is grey and plain looks like a task bar from Windows XP maybe it says that my Audio service is not running and I do not even have the bars that show my Wifi signal I'm assuming that I am missing the driver now I do not know if ComboFix is what did this or if I have another virus but I have become so frustrated with this that I figured I would ask for help I'm running a Gateway DX Windows and a wireless internet card If ANY other information is needed then I will be more than happy to give it

A:Had the Windows Defender virus. Now no Network drivers, audio drivers, etc.

Welcome aboard  Since you ran Combofix on your own... Please follow the instructions in THIS GUIDE starting at Step 6. If you cannot complete a step, skip it and continue.Once the proper logs are created, then make a NEW TOPIC and post it HERE. Please include a description of your computer issues, what you have done to resolve them, and a link to this topic.If you can produce at least some of the logs, then please create the new topic and explain what happens when you try to create the log(s) that you couldn't get. If you cannot produce any of the logs, then still post the topic and explain that you followed the Prep. Guide, were unable to create the logs, and describe what happens when you try to create the logs.It would be helpful if you post a note here once you have completed the steps in the guide and have started your topic in malware removal. Good luck and be patient.If HelpBot replies to your topic, PLEASE follow Step One so it will report your topic to the team members.
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To my knowledge, when an OS such as Windows 8.1 is booted, all firmware/bios drivers are replaced by more appropriate OS drivers in the boot drive during start up. I learnt this happens for the latest versions of Windows. Am I right? Do all bios drivers get replaced? Does this happen with the latest versions of OS X as well?

If this is so, then you can discard firmware as suspected of causing problems on a computer that's already booted up. Unless there's a problem that's causing a driver to remain in RAM after boot.

A:Does firmware drivers get completely replaced by OS drivers after boot in OS X and Windows?

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First off, I have Windows XP.

For example, I have an older video card in my system now because I have to send my better card in for warranty repair.

I had upgraded to Direct x 9 and now I want to go back to 8.1. How do I revert or remove Direct x 9?

Also, what is the best way to install video drivers? I heard awhile back you should boot into safe mode or something?


A:What's the BEST way to install video drivers , new Direct X,and remove older drivers?

This method works best for me. First off, I use Norton Ghost 2003 to make an image of my Windows drive. When I make this image, I have already installed WinXP SP1 plus all the latest Windows updates I can get. Also, I have already installed useful and necessary programs like Norton Antivirus 2002, ZoneAlarm Firewall, NoAds, Analog X Cookiewall. I make sure that I don't have any videocard drivers installed. As for Direct X, it's the default one installed when you first install WinXP.

Now that I have the image, I go on and try installing new Direct X versions or new videocard drivers. If something goes wrong and messes up my system or I'm not happy with the performance of the new drivers or Direct X, I use Norton Ghost 2003 to restore my image. By restoring the image, I have everything back--WinXP SP1 + all updates, programs I've installed, etc. The process only takes about 4 minutes compared to reinstalling Windows + all the programs manually (3-5 hours).

With the image backed up to that original point, I try alternative drivers or Direct X files until I find a setting I like.

This is the way I test new Detonator drivers and Direct X files. It's fool-proof and makes me more bold in trying out new stuff.

If you need more background on the benefits of Ghost 2003 and its usage, check out this guide at

Hope that helped.

BTW, if you remember the date that you installed Direct X9.0, you might be able to go back to your 8.1 setting by restoring your system to that point using System Restore found under Start Menu and System Accessories.
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First off, I have Windows XP.

For example, I have an older video card in my system now because I have to send my better card in for warranty repair.

I had upgraded to Direct x 9 and now I want to go back to 8.1. How do I revert or remove Direct x 9?

Also, what is the best way to install video drivers? I heard awhile back you should boot into safe mode or something?


A:What's the BEST way to install video drivers, new Direct X, and remove older drivers?
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Greetings This is a general question for a fresh install of Windows on a computer Let's say we just completed the installation and we open up Device Manager we haven't used Windows Update yet Device Manager shows us that there are - let's say quot quot - devices that do not have drivers installed for them If we visit the computer manufacturers website though they'll have - let's say quot quot Windows Installed OEM - General Website Drivers Question Vs Drivers - different drivers to download If we only install the quot quot drivers for the devices that Windows couldn't find drivers for are we hurting our computing performance by not installing the other quot quot drivers that were available on the manufacturers website This is just good to know in general because I've faced this situation with every install of Windows since I began computing General Question - Windows Installed Drivers Vs OEM Website Drivers with Windows But the reason I'm asking now is because the nincompoops at Acer - despite me entering my serial number - still offer me every possible driver for my model including drivers for hardware that's not in my computer Windows - of course - can't identify the hardware so I'm ready to rip out the last little bit of hair on my head Thanks

A:General Question - Windows Installed Drivers Vs OEM Website Drivers

Some manufacturers offer an utility that helps you identify what stuff you have in the laptop, I think Acer did.
You can also try the hardware-detection program this forum has, this tutorial

Also check the driver version, as some manufacturer list multiple driver versions and you only need the latest (usually, otherwise take the last version that works).

Also, installers of these drivers usually look up the hardware IDs of the hardware and if they don't detect anything that could benefit from them will abort installation. Some instead install anyway and you will have some drivers you won't need, but won't cause any issue as again Win7 knows that they don't match any hardware ID, and will leave them alone.

So, you may have noticed that I am talking of Hardware IDs, that are basically each device's own "calling card" integrated in each device, you can identify the hardware by looking up its hardware ID and then searching it on Google to convert that code into a human-readable device model and brand.

Open device manager, right-click on an unknown device, click on "properties", then go in the "details" tab of its properties panel from Device Manager, click on the drop-down menu and select "Hardware IDs". right-click on the codes you get on the text panel below it and select copy, then search the code on Google to identify the device.
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I contacted SONY and they told me that they did not have the drivers for this Hardware. They told me I needed a WINDOWS driver. My operating system is Windows 98. Help

A:Not Going to Sleep Until Find Drivers..Need Windows Drivers SONY CD-R/RW CRX140E

You already posted this same question in hardware.
Keep it to one thread.
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My MSI motherboard (K9N6SGM-V) currently doesn't have drivers for Windows 7, can I use the Vista drivers? I am just a basic computer user, I don't need support for directx 11, nor do I needs support for new touch screen features.

A:MB has no drivers for Win 7 can I use Vista drivers

Quote: Originally Posted by Dark Lord

My MSI motherboard (K9N6SGM-V) currently doesn't have drivers for Windows 7, can I use the Vista drivers? I am just a basic computer user, I don't need support for directx 11, nor do I needs support for new touch screen features.

Welcome to Seven Forums, Dark Lord.

What devices are you having problems with?

(Put another way, if you aren't having any problems, you may not need any drivers.)
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My Dell XPS L502x is 14 months old (i7, 8GB, 689GB HDD, HM77, Nvidia 540M GT). I have installed all latest drivers for my laptop from Dell website. But those are still more than 6 months old. When I use Intel Driver update utility, it shows new version of drivers available. Even my nvidia control panel shows new driver available.
Is it Okay to update drivers from intel and nvidia website and replace drivers from Dell. I heard that Dell mods the drivers for thier laptops before supplying to thier users.

A:Should I update my stock Dell Drivers to Intel Drivers.

S"hould you", that is up to you, but the Intel drivers are the best for your computer. If you decide to change your drivers, start with a system restore point.
If you are not having specific problems, you probably will not notice any improvement however.
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I have just upgraded with the following spec Asus A N X Deluxe mobo Athlon XP mobo PCI A7N8X drivers drivers conflict ADSL with Barton Asus GeForce FX Aero mhz DDR DIMM Dual Channel The A7N8X mobo drivers conflict with PCI ADSL drivers problem I have a PCI ADSL Interface Device which runs my internet If I install the drivers for my mobo then I can t fully set up my internet connection hence at the moment I have no A7N8X mobo drivers conflict with PCI ADSL drivers mobo drivers installed Conversely I can have the mobo drivers but no internet The system is running OK but obviously I have no on-board sound multimedia Qfan etc etc In Device Manager I have against the following PCI Ethernet Controller PCI Ethernet Controller PCI Multimedia Audio Device PCI Multimedia Audio Device PCI RAID Controller PCI System Management BUS PCI Universal Serial BUS The above are all sharing IRQ I can offer the following info if it is any use Conexant Access Runner ADSL drivers amp Software is sharing with ASUS V Magic Video adaptor on IRQ B It would seem to me there is a conflict between Conexant and A N X drivers but my knowledge stops here I would appreciate any help at all stepheno nbsp

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Having issues with RAID0 array being detected by Windows7 Ultimate x64 as SCSI. Apparently these drivers are the 'default' drivers that install when the RAID array is initialized. There is no option at this point to install other drivers instead.

Using DeviceManager, there is an option to 'update drivers', and regardless of the method chosen, even selecting the file for a previously-downloaded set of drivers, Windows7 always comes back with a message of "Windows has determined that the best drivers for your system are already installed". Considering that SCSI drivers are the OLDEST ones out there, and actual SCSI devices are becoming rarer and rarer, how is it that these drivers cannot be replaced with more current and more applicable drivers?

Does anyone know of a usable workaround to install non-SCSI drivers to replace the default ones?

Thanks in advance!

A:Replacing SCSI storage drivers with IDE or SATA drivers

If this is for the motherboard listed in your specs, you need to install the AMD RAID driver,

AMD Chipset Drivers

May also want to install the chipset driver while you're at it if you haven't.
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Hello all I'll try to explain my problem Last week I tried to update my ati drivers with the latest I had so far so good My problem is that display drivers ati drivers responding 5870 stop on 10.11 with these drivers I got this message from windows display drivers have stop responding and they've been recoveres or something similar Same happened with drivers I had to roll back to drivers and everything still runs fine I'm a bit sad since my computer is brand new built it in august no overclock nothing strange installed and mostly used for World of Warcraft gaming I like to keep my computer clean and I'm not used to test or stress or overclok it but just to display drivers stop responding on ati 5870 10.11 drivers play my fav game Temperatures are more than fine checked everything My overall system mobo ASUS p deluxe Vs on i giga ram corsair vga ATI Gigabyte HD SSD HD with WIN Pro Raptor HD with only World of Warcraft installed tera HD for storage My system runs fine with these drivers but I'd like to keep it update also for the online game which is constantly updating to newer versions I kindly ask you to give me a solution to this issue of mine that is preventing me from sleeping Thanks a lot Blue

A:display drivers stop responding on ati 5870 10.11 drivers

Quote: Originally Posted by Bluetta

Hello all!
I'll try to explain my problem.
Last week I tried to update my ati 5870 drivers with the latest 10.11. I had 10.9 so far so good.
My problem is that with these drivers I got this message from windows : display drivers have stop responding and they've been recoveres (or something similar).
Same happened with drivers 10.10.
I had to roll back to drivers 10.9 and everything still runs fine.
I'm a bit sad since my computer is brand new (built it in august 2010), no overclock, nothing strange installed, and mostly used for World of Warcraft gaming. I like to keep my computer clean and I'm not used to test or stress or overclok it, but just to play my fav game.

My overall system :
mobo : ASUS p67 deluxe Vs
on i7 920
6 giga ram corsair
vga ATI Gigabyte HD 5870
SSD HD with WIN 7 64 Pro
Raptor HD with only World of Warcraft installed
1 tera HD for storage

My system runs fine with these drivers 10.9, but I'd like to keep it update also for the online game which is constantly updating to newer versions.

I kindly ask you to give me a solution to this issue of mine that is preventing me from sleeping....

Thanks a lot

Blue hi

New drivers are released to fix problems. they arent any faster, or better. Sometimes when they fix one problem they create another so why the urgent need to be on 10.11? Might be slower or not work at all
Ken J
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I am trying to install some widcomm bluetooth drivers but everytime I plug in the usb adapter windows install it's own drivers. I tried manually updating the drivers from device manager but it doesn't allow it.
Is ther a way to stop windows from installing the drivers to begin with?

A:Trying to install widcomm drivers. Getting overrun by windows drivers

First. Do not connect the usb device.

Install the drivers for the device, and only connect the device when either prompted to do so, or after the installation is complete.

Regards Howard
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I recently tried to install a wireless network at work due to tech guys playing games after being hired. SO i install on PC, it locks up and crashes, causing me 2 days of headaches tracking down and installing/repairing windows. I get it going and the tech guys come and install the wireless cards around office.
Then they get to this PC, and does same thing did with me locks up but doesnt crash for them. Its a custom built PC by the way, they play with it a good hour and a half,
then say that I have to deal with it and suggested I first reinstall windows with the PCI reciever thing in, and then try and track down drivers for the mobo.

Anyone ever had an issue like this?its running XP Pro,

A:Drivers wont install, tech guy says MOBO drivers bad

Can you get it going any way at all - preferably in Safe Mode? If it fires up, hit Fuinction 8 and select the option to disable automatic restart on system failure. That should leave a blue screen error message on for long enough to read it. If you can go all the way to Safe Mode or Safe Mode with Networking, see what the Event Viewer has to say in Control Panel>Administrative Tools.
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I tried to install [email protected] on a few Toshiba laptops, but it needs a newer Catalyst driver than the latest available on Toshiba's website (their drivers not being updated since March). This page said that "Some OEM and some laptop vendors modify the Catalyst drivers that ship with their cards" and recommends just downloading from ATI's site. Is there any technical disadvantage or pitfall in doing that if the driver's custom? I'm guessing it would be unsupported by Toshiba, at least.

A:OEM-provided drivers versus vanilla graphics drivers?

Be sure to read the release notes for the driver and make certain that it supports your model. If not, look in the archives and find an older one.

Usually, the standard ATI driver will work on an OEM machine. It's not unusual for the manufacturer's site to post only the driver they shipped with the machine. But you can always roll back if it does not work as desired (an option in Device Manager).
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Alright, here's the deal.
? Windows Vista Ultimate 32-bit, with SP2 RC.
? nVidia Gforce 9600 GT

Never had problems updating the drivers to their latest versions (downloaded from until I de-installed Spybot (that crappy anti-spyware thing).

After that, everytime I try to install (after a deinstallation) or update the current drivers nothing happens. Install runs fine, copies files, reboots and voila... same drivers as before.

The only drivers that actually I was able to install were the 178.13 via the internal Windows Update. That's it. If I don't install them, the VGA card is shown as "vgasave" in the Device Manager.

I'm quite fed up with this and planning to reinstall Vista, but backuping everything up is going to be a real hassle, that's why I'm trying to find out a possible solution to this beforehand.

Any suggestions?.
Thanks in advance!

A:Updating nVidia drivers / nVidia Geforde 9600 GT

since you plan to reinstall windows, it cant hurt to try this first:

Guru3D - Driver Sweeper (Setup) download from
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Hi all,

I want to update the drivers for my GTX260 graphics card.
I downloaded the appropriate driver for my OS, Vista Home premium 64 bit (OEM):
Driver: 182.06_geforce_winvista_64bit_english_whgl.
But when I try to run the driver application I get the following error:

"The version of this file is not compatible with the version of Windows you're running.Check your computer's system information to see wether you need an x86(32-bit) or x64 (64-bit) version of the program, and then contact your software publisher".

I have the same problem with 64bit NVidia networkcontrollers.

Is this a known problem or am I doing something wrong?



System: Intel Core2 Quad Q9550 2.83GHz, 8GB RAM, Geforce GTX260, Asus P5N-D (nForce 750ichipset)
Windows Vista Home Premium 64 bit SP1 (OEM)

A:Unable to install 64bit NVidia drivers on Vista 64bit

I was just wondering if this could be just an installer problem.
The filesize of 182.06_geforce_winvista_64bit_english_whql is just 22kb.
I noticed on another site (64bit and x64) they have a download of the same driver that is a 100 MB.

Is anyone familiar with Can I safely download the NVidia drivers
from there?

And do I really need to install 64bit versions of the driver or can I just as well install the 32 bit version of the same driver (even though my OS is 64 bit) ???

Any help would be much appreciated!

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Hello Experts,

I lost drivers CD, and now I need to Install Audio drivers, I have pentium 4 mother board, and below is the device instance ID of my machine.


Please suggest to find the right audio drivers for my desktop.

Best Regards,

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Just in the process of reinstalling my Win7 OS. I have an ATI Radeon HD5750 Graphics Card and when Windows was installing I noticed that it installed drivers for the graphic card. In my previous install I had the Catalyst Control Centre installed but never ever used it for anything that I know of. So my question is, do I need to install the CCC package from the ATI site or are the windows installed drivers just as good. On a similar tack without starting a new thread. Do I need to reinstall the chipset drivers for my Gigabyte MA770T-UD3 Motherboard or are they still installed?.

A:Windows 7 drivers or ATI graphic card drivers?.

If you have an ATI graphics card/chip...some say that you don't need to install CCC.
I have a history of ATI cards/chipsets and I always install the full package because the card/chip works properly and I don't care about the fact that I don't ever use CCC.
Any drivers installed by Windows by default will work...but for optimum use of the graphics function, you probably need to install the drivers provided by the system or motherboard manufacturer.
Anytime an O/S is reinstalled...all previous system files are flushed.  Of course, a clean install fllushes everything.
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i cant play games which require 1gb graphic card,when i bought my laptop they said there is 2gb graphic card in this laptop c and c++ programs are not working
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Just a little help for anyone wanting to find their latest Driver's;

Windows 7 Drivers | Windows 7

A:Drivers info page; links to your drivers

Thanks HannibalUK.
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I have upgraded to Windows 10. But I need drivers for graphics, audio and etc. When I visit it's site, I see a number of drivers listed. How should I select appropriate drivers to install in my notebook.Hp15-ac042tu Intel core i3 windows10 64bit
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Recently I have decided to update the USB drivers on my MSI Z PC MATE motherboard as it turned out that they weren't installed and because I bought a USB memory stick When I just got this motherboard I didn't install them as after doing so I got a BSOD and had to do a system restore Now that I've seen updating PC drivers? startup USB drivers on after delayed that a newer version is available I decided to update along side my BIOS and other drivers The updates went find with no problems and the USB ports are working great USB drivers delayed on PC startup after updating drivers? However every time I start up my PC there's like a second delay before I can use anything connected to the USB ports which is rather annoying as some of my programs rely on some of the USB devices to be connected at startup so I have USB drivers delayed on PC startup after updating drivers? to configure them one by one manually after startup What has also happened is that the desktop icon positions aren't saving and nor is the position size of windows I'm thinking that it may have also been something to do with the registry as I cleaned it with CCleaner not a good idea it broke my Chrome updates a while ago Can anyone please help I'm really out of options and this is really annoying me So far I tried to make it so that all of the USB related services are run automatically on startup I tried restoring the old registry Perhaps there's a way to fix it Any help is appreciated
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Hey guys Its InferneX, I've recently changed one of my PC to Windows 8 and I'm already having a huge issue installing a printer I bought a new printer

Cannon Pixma MG3100 though whenever I try to install the drivers and all the other program from the disk I get this problem that shows?

Now I've already restarted the PC and I still get the same problem.
I tried installing it without the printer on the PC, now also there's another thing I don't get, which is when i plug in the printer to the USB the computer does recognizes it.
Now please could someone help me solve this issue please thank you for your time.

A:My printer Drivers wont install: MP Drivers?? please help

Did you check printer site for updated drivers?
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i didn't have a stereo mix anymore when i reinstalled windows.
so i went to install some realtek sound drivers.
for some ridiculous reason the realtek sound drivers break my lan internet drivers.
i have to reinstall my lan internet drivers everytime i boot up now, which is really annoying.

anybody got a solution to this?

A:realtek sound drivers break my lan drivers.

Can you tell us what make and model computer you have?

What operating system do you have?
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I am re formatting my mom's computer again and due to unforeseen circumstances i have lost my back-up hard drive with all my drivers on it and i am having issues finding what i need. I have ran cpu-z to find out all the information about her computer. It's an IBM intel p4 with windows xp pro on it. i can gather whatever other information is needed to assist me in finding the drivers i am just unsure exactly what i need to provide so if u ask me i shall be able to provide. Thank you

i went into the device manager and under my ethernet driver this is what it says:

A:Need Ethernet drivers, audio and video drivers

easiest thing is to google any numbers you can find on your motherboard, this will identify the make and model and will (well should unless its an obscure cheap make) provide a link to the drivers on the makers website.

Once you find the drivers remember to back them up to a dvd or a CD and label them up.
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Hi all.
I'm trying to reinstall Intel MB drivers on my HTPC computer, after a power breakdown at home:
The computer shutdown abruptly of course, and when I reopened it, I noticed that I can't use my USB keyboard or any other USb devices.

By checking Device Manager I saw that all USB devices had the yellow exclamation mark on them. Snapshot:
Tried to reinstall my mb's chipset drivers but it wouldn't install. I get an error when it wants to install USB drivers. Weird stuff:

What would you suggest me to do before I waste two hours of my life to reinstall windows?

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Drivers page not working - no drivers show up for g40-80 for me. Can anyone check? Tried in two different computers. Just bought this computer and I can't get drivers to install my hardware after I replaced my hd for a ssd one.
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Hi folks!

There is a site out there that tests your system and tells you which drivers are bad and which are good (outdated and current). Can someong post the link to that site as I have forgotten to bookmark the site and would like to get back to it.

Thanks so much and may God bless,

A:Drivers site that test which drivers are outdated...

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I am writing this on a Windows based Samsung Netbook with an Device Laptop Drivers no network for with drivers... Intel Device Drivers for Laptop with no network drivers... Atom inside and the Starter edition of Win However I also recently acquired an Acer Laptop - E - which came with Windows After downloading and trying Win for a week or so I decided to try Linux - can't even remember which version - Ubuntu I think though neither went well so let's gloss over that Anyway I bought a copy of Windoze bit online for the Acer and installed that but now my system tells me that I don't have a genuine version and I've missing drivers - and because I have no wi-fi I can't Device Drivers for Laptop with no network drivers... download them directly Ethernet controller Network Controller PCI simple Controller SM Bus Controller USB Controller And to make matters more complex the Acer is a bit version Oh and I've already tried downloading them from Acer and other System setup sites with downloader s w But they all seem to drive me nuts with ads and viruses Answers on a post-card please

A:Device Drivers for Laptop with no network drivers...

all of the relevant drivers can be downloaded from the acer website for your laptop.

you can gain access to the internet from the acer by plugging an ethernet cable in directly from your router/modem.

only download from trusted sources, and when it comes to drivers only download from the vendor. just go onto the acer website, click support or downloads. and fill out the form. making sure you choose win 7 64bit as well as the correct model of laptop.
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Whats the recommended installation procedure for installing drivers for specific hardware from a developers site or using the windows 7 default drivers?

For example when I install my windows 7 x64 Betas it found and installed the drivers for my chipset and everything fine. However browsing my Motherboard manufactures website I see they Drivers for chipset, audio, and other components I can download.

Would you recommend I stick with Microsoft drivers or use the drivers on the developers site?

A:Developer Drivers Vs Microsoft Built In Drivers?

If there's no seven drivers from mfg, stick with MS's.

If there is seven drivers from mfg, stick with mfg's.

If there's no seven drivers from either MS or MFG throw vista/xp drivers.

That's what I'm doing so far.
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hello everyone, even though i visit this page for a while its my first post... unfortunatlly due to some problems i m having with my pc...
everything seems to work fine, except when i run games...
it crashes with the error of "nvidia driver stoped workiing" something like that, and sometimes i even have to restart the pc...
this is my pc...
i have everything update.. bios, chipset, you name it... from the manufacturar and from nvidia... everything they tell me, nothing works... could please someone givbe me a help...
i ve tryed basiclly all of the nvidia drivers.
one other thing that i notice, is that for example, when i att one file to a mail, its slows down when navigating thru the explorer... almost stops...
please help and sorry for my bad english

A:gpu? nvidia drivers? please help!!!!

Welcome to SF!

Try uninstalling anything nVidia related in Programs and Features.

It sounds like an nVidia program is crashing, not the actual drivers.
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I've experienced system lockups when the system returns from Monitor Off or Sleep states using the new Nvidia 197.13 version GeForce Vga drivers with an Asus/NVidia GeForce 8400 GS video card and Windows 7 x86.

Reverting to the 196.21 version seems to have fixed the problem....

A:FYI... Nvidia VGA drivers 197.13...

The 197.16's work fine for me.
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Hey all: Nvidia has just posted (well at least recently) new forceware (video) and nforce (chipset) drivers for my 7950 video card and 650 sli mobo. The chipset drivers have not been updated since January so this may help those with driver issues.

I have both packages installed and so far no issues. If you run Windows update it will report a new sata controller driver which is dated 7/2/2007. Not sure why it does this, but the driver appears to be the same.

FWIW, sandra benchmarks increased dramatically for my sata 2 seagate drive. Before it would benchmark out no better than a sata 1 drive. Now it holds it own against sata 2 benchmarks. Have not seen any real-world speed increases.

Relevancy 89.44%


Try this link if you're having problems downloading the Vista/Windows 7 file.
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anybody know how to remove nvidia drivers in W7?

changed video cards fron 8800gt to 9800gt and can't remove old drivers. w7 keeps replacing them after reboot.

A:nvidia drivers will not go

ok, all is well...disregard post.

a little more putzing around with driversweeper did it.
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Hi everyone I just installed the newest Nvidia drivers and I also use coolbit's so I can overide the refresh rate's in game's , the newest drivers wont change the refresh rate in a couple of game I play like Tiger woods 2006 and gta sa. So I went back to 81.98 forceware driver's and everything works.

Was wondering if there is a fix for these newer driver's ?

A:Nvidia drivers

Hi Derrick

I dont have a fix for you but it has been my experience with Nvidias drivers that new is not always the best, I only have a geforce fx 5500 card and I am using a driver that is about 18 months old, if I update to newest to the driver, the display is very flickery and not as good,
Relevancy 89.44%


Try this link if you're having problems downloading the Vista/Windows 7 64-bit file.

A:Nvidia 191.07 Drivers Are Out

Thanks, just upgraded!
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Only 6 days ago I installed new drivers and this morning an update ?

A:Nvidia Drivers

Yes they updated to 344.65 on November 10, 2014.
Relevancy 89.44%

New Drivers

Where exactly are the new NVidia drivers and has anyone actually tested the Quincunz anti-alaising and its impact on performance. I have a Visiontek Ti200 o/c'd at 470 mem 205 core. Tried to run Quincunz on Jedi Knight but the performance hit was to much. Well at any rate is someone tests this please let me know. Thanks....

A:New Nvidia Drivers ?

I would say new NVIDIA drivers are at none other than

As for testing them, not me since I don't have any NVIDIA cards.

New Beta 29.42 Detonator Drivers

Are these what you're talking about?
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I just saw over at Majorgeeks that there are new drivers from Nvidia at Warp2Search. Versions 42.01 and 32.20 are available.

Here's the link.

Anyone try these yet? Any gains?

A:New Drivers From Nvidia. Anyone try them yet?

Yep, I installed them and I got a .00429350124389% performance gain in 3DMark.
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Hey guys and thanks in advance. A friend of mine is trying to install my old 7950GT 512mb into his freshly reformatted computer. He has told me that he tried installing the proper nvidia drivers and after restarting it made no difference. He said the windows are still glitchy and the resolution and color bit still stay the same, as if there were no drivers installed. He also said he tried installing the drivers from the EVGA website as well (it was an EVGA card). I didn't have him look in the Device Manager to see if it was in there but I will and update this post. I haven't looked at it myself but figured I'd get some ideas before I do, so I can save some time when it comes. =P

Could the card be dead/dieing? Is it possible for ram/cpu/mobo to cause this to happen?

Thanks again!

A:Nvidia Drivers do nothing

yes the card could be dieing. and yes the mobo could be causing this but more unlikely.
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Hey, I need your help. After I upgraded from XP to Vista, I tried going to Nvidia's website and downloading the drivers for Geforce MX 420, but there is none listed.

Is there any way that I can get the drivers? I know that my graphics card is very old, but I don't have the money to buy a new one and the PC is old as well so new ones probably wouldn't be compatible and I just want to get the drivers downloaded for Windows Vista.

Relevancy 89.44%

Hi, I just have a quick question about graphics card drivers.

When I download and install a new driver, can I delete the old version's folder? Or will that mess up something?


A:Nvidia Drivers

You can, I just let them sit there my self.
But it's not going to hurt anything to get rid of them, I think most people hang on to one or two in case they have problems with the new ones.
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Hello a while ago I downgraded my Sony Vaio VGN-FE E from Vista to XP and had some trouble finding proper drivers but through some forums and websites I managed I had them all stored on my external hard drive in case something for XP Need Drivers Nvidia happened and I Need Nvidia Drivers for XP needed to do it again but sadly it was stolen a while ago and I don t remember what I did and where I managed to find the nvidia drivers because to get it to work I had to find drivers for other models as my Sony model isn t compatible with the Windows XP Now there is this warning popping up that says quot The application or DLL C WINDOWS system NVDESK is not a valid windows image Please check this against your installation disk quot When this happened before all I had to do was uninstall the nvidia drivers and reinstall them again but I don t remember which drivers I need to install because of the lack of compatibility of my Sony VGN-FE E with Windows XP My question is does anyone know which drivers I need to download and where to download them from and possibly how to prevent this from happening again Hope the post wasn t too confusing i m clearly not a computer wizz and have some trouble understanding any of this if you need more information let me know Thanks

A:Need Nvidia Drivers for XP

Hello Welcome to Bleeping Computer,
I will need the version of XP and need to know if it is 32 or 64 bit.

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i tried to update drivers for geforce52oo, when i was installing, windows said that this new driver was not logo testing for xp and not to install, the drivers came from nvidia web site, does anyone feel i run risk of damage if i install reguardless of warning

A:nvidia drivers

The logo testing thing just means Microsoft has tested the software and they're happy with it. Under normal circumstances, software from a reputable vendor like nVidia will work just fine. If it refuses to install, you will have to turn off driver signing. To do this go to Control Panel > System > Hardware > Driving Signing, then choose 'Ignore - Install the software anyway and don't ask for my approval', press okay. Now restart the computer and try the install.

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In Device Manager, I can't find my NVidia GeForce 6150SE.

A:What NVidia drivers do I have?

No, the 6150 is an onboard graphics "Card", so the driver is part of the chipset. If you look under Chipset, what do you find?
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I recently did a clean install of vista so I had to download all the updates and drivers again. When I run HP Update it tells me there is an Nvidia VGA driver I need to download.. I was pretty sure I already downloaded this. Anyway, I hit download and it ran for a while then it came up with an error saying it could not finish. I went to the Nvidia website looking for the driver and it told me I must download through HP. Went to the HP website and found the driver for my video card, downloaded it, installed it. Now when I run HP update it still says I need to download the Nvidia VGA driver. Does this mean it isnt installed correctly or does HP Update just not recognize it? Thanks in advance

A:Nvidia VGA drivers

I have HP Update on my laptop and have found in to not be a particularly reliable tool. Several times it just stopped downloading or errored out before I gave up on it. I have always ignored "automatic update" recommendations for something as critical as video drivers and downloaded them straight from the manufacturer's website.
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We need an experienced person for this question. We have a DELL Inspiron 8200, XP/Home. Can any of these drivers from Voodoo be used to replace those installed by SP2?

NVIDIA GeForce 4 440 Go (Microsoft Corporation) presently installed by SP2.

[email protected]

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If I install any video driver updates beyond that which WU wants me to have I end up with an inferior 1280 x 1024 resolution and a grey taskbar and everything is squished. I end up with no nVidia control panel and no higher resolution or landscape setting possible.
I've read the release notes for 181.20 and 181.22 beta and they both supposedly support 1680 x 1050 x 32 @ 60hz W/S for my 7600GS card.
So what gives?
I seem to be doomed to be forever stuck with 179.23, not that I suppose it really matters.

A:What Gives With Nvidia's Drivers?

Did you refresh your wei after you installed the drivers
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Hi everyone I just installed the newest Nvidia drivers and I also use coolbit's so I can overide the refresh rate's in game's , the newest drivers wont change the refresh rate in a couple of game I play like Tiger woods 2006 and gta sa. So I went back to 81.98 forceware driver's and everything works.

Was wondering if there is a fix for these newer driver's ?

A:New Nvidia Drivers

Wrong forum. Try a Windows one!
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New driver stopped cod4 telling me i had new hardware installed & revert to optimal settings. Did anyone experience this with the previous drivers or am i the only one?

A:New Nvidia 175.16 drivers

That's normal with some games. The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion does the same thing sometimes.
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I've just installed latest Vista WHQL drivers in the attempt to make it work the TV-OUT mode as on XP.. but no way.

Anyone know how to activate fullscreen video on second monitor?
maybe a register entry?

As for the default W7 online-update drivers, no option.

Any help?
Thanks in advance

* there's a similar thread for ATI, but I guessed I could make a new one for nVidia cards...

BTW as dual boot, Windows 7 really rocks! I can't believe my eyes...
and my old AMD64 too

Thanks guys for this forum!

A:Nvidia Drivers & TV-OUT

I seem to have the same problem...

I've tried the latest Vista WHQL drivers today (181.20) and, prior to that, the NVIDIA drivers available from Windows Update automagically. However...although I can enable the VGA and DVI/HDMI outputs of my 8600GT to one of my TVs, I just can't get the component-out connection working to my second TV (usuallly detected fine and appears as "HDTV" on the NVIDIA control panel). Re-booted into Vista and all is well there, just won't work in Windows 7.

I've also noticed that the Windows 7 machine suffers from the washed-out blacks that I had on Vista with the newer drivers...
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I have tried numerous times in the last few days to update the drivers for nvidia 8600.
Download, then start to install, it says the new drivers are only for 32 bit Vista.
I KNOW I have Vista home premium, 32 bit.
Redownloaded several times to make sure it's the right version, but get the same results.
Anyone else having these problems?
I think the new driver release date is Jan.8 2009, and the software version is 180.20

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well the problem is i can t get some games to run on the xx drivers like doom and quake yet with older x xx drivers i can run them just fine quake closes as if it was a window s problem and doom just shuts down with no error i ve check the console on quake and it seems as if something is wrong with the opengl something or other as it had errors while operating with them it happens with all the xx drivers i ve tried all the way up to with and w o overclocking yet it always works with xx drivers or w e they are idk exactly is anyone else having these problems amd opteron oc gigs corsair -xlpro latency s asus dual pci express mb having a brain fart cant member model the deluxe with heat pipes and no fans on mb evga gt s enermax watt noisetaker thx for ne help recieved nbsp
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Intel MB DH67GD
I7 2600 CPU
8 Gb Ram
Nvidia GTX 750 TI 2Gb (new)

I had the GTX 750 TI installed at the local shop with the Nvidia drivers. The driver package was a year old. I downloaded the newest drivers (340.52 WHQL). I followed the instructions in this forum exactly, Every I dotted and every T crossed. I started the install and received the dreaded driver install failure. Ok, I ran through the whole operation again, same failure. I downloaded another installation guide right from Nvidia. Same thing. Why every time with every Nvidia driver? This is the 3rd time this year. Ok, so now is there any way possible to get this thing installed or is it going back to the shop? As always, any comments or suggestions welcome. Maybe try a safe mode install?
(Whoops I did it again) Dusty

A:Nvidia Drivers (again)

Quote: Originally Posted by DustyV

I downloaded the newest drivers (340.52 WHQL)

I experienced a similar failure with my Gainward GeForce GTX 460 Goes Like Hell by downloading the latest drivers from nVidia, they didn't work.
I had to go back to Gainward and take the latest drivers there (of course aren't the latest nVidia) and they worked well.

I would suggest you not to install the "latest" drivers since you won't gain too much benefits unless you're enrolled in a game race show.
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Hello, first I want to say I do not speak English
I have a big problem on my computer, it only starts in safe mode and vga
Because he is missing the video drivers. Plus this is the problem, I use a very old card nVidia Geforce 4 MX 4000
They say that Windows 7 does not support this board, there are more than two months ago I had this driver. More uninstalled unintentionally
And now I'm chasing these drivers, please someone wanted to publish the link of the drivers, that's all!
I'm from Brazil and I am using a translator a few more English classes that I did. If anyone knows tell me.

A:Help with nVidia Drivers

Drivers - GeForce

Auto-detect your GPU


Run Windows Update again

It might find the correct driver again.
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ARGH!... The new nvidia drivers 190.38 are driveing me batty. I have a HDTV emreson , has limited resilutions but it works fine performence wise, in there recent drivers it seems they washed out 1364 by 768 and it forces me to default a res my tv cant support. is there any way anyone knows to get around this, like being able to tell nvida NO! BAD! you use COMPATIBLE resilution, i cant do anything in safe mode...and i dont want to buy a new moniter.. anyone help me out here?

A:New nvidia drivers >_>

Hello Kelthias,
Have you tried to roll back the driver ?.
Go to Device manager, open Display adapters and right click on your Display Adapter, choose Properties.
There will be a "Roll Back Driver" option that will install the previous driver.
Not the best solution, but it will get you going again.
Hope this helps, good luck and post your results.
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I have a Fujitsu L1010 laptop. The video card is an Intel 4500MHD. I just looked at the startup programs and noticed that there is an Nvidia driver (NVIDIA Compatible Windows Display Driver, Version 174.90). There is also an Nvidia service in the Services section displaying nvvsvc.exe. I was wondering what those were for when I have an Intel 4500MHD and not an Nvidia card.

A:Nvidia Drivers?

The laptop you have has a 9300M GS graphic card built in, Fujitsu L1010 : FUJITSU Australia this site will all so explane about the Intel 4500MHD: Notebookcheck: Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 4500MHD (GMA X4500MHD), 174.90 is nVidia's driver version they are up to 182.XX drivers now.
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Anyone know when the knew Nvidia drivers will be coming out, and what improvments will they be giving to world of gaming and 3D animators? Any Info would be great :giddy:
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Could someone tell me how to delete the new Nvidia drivers (23.11) & replace them with the older 21.83 version. Do I just install the 21.83 & let it copy over the newer ones?
Everyone is saying the newest version is causing probs with 3D type games.

Thank you for helping


A:NVidia drivers help

Are you having a specific problem? I am running the 23.11 with no problems. However, if you still need to change, go to control panel, add remove programs and the uninstall for the drivers should be there. Once uninstalled, reboot and install the older drivers.

Good Luck
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Hi everybody :

I just did a rebuild of my Windows 7 Professional / 32-bit System. I'm trying to find the most update driver for my NVidia GeForce GT 610 card. Question : Do I have to go into BIOS and manually switch the from the onboard video to the card ? I have a Gigabyte GA-Z77-DS3H Motherboard.

A:NVidia Drivers

You should check the bios as most motherboards default to pci-slot if onboard but unfortunately not all.