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Setting up a small home/business network

Q: Setting up a small home/business network

A colleague at work would like to set up either a SHN or a SBN. What is the best way to go about this? Would it be best to be safe to be cloud based? What equipment is needed etc...?

This will take some discussing, so please ask any questions you need. The intention would be for two/three people to access the information on the network initially. A printer will be shared on the network, allowing scan to email. Laptops would be used to access the network from external sites, this is why I'm thinking of going the cloud based route, so they can log on and access the server from anywhere in the world...

Any help/guidance is appreciated.
Thank You!

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Preferred Solution: Setting up a small home/business network

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Setting up a small home/business network

Yes, you can consider the Cloud as a solution for access, BUT . . .
it also brings with it issues like:

You should start reading about these issues before committing to this solution.

One alternative would be a NAS device connected to your router. Putting your modem, router and NAS on a UPS power system would allow (with proper configuration) external access and you have total control, of all of the issues above.
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I'm trying to help my friend set up his network for his business.

Currently he has 6 PC's connected to a switch. One of the PC's is setup as a server and all are connected to a homegroup. This has worked for him for 18 months.

The problem with this is all the computers are standalone and the user accounts are specific to each PC.

I'd like to set it up properly with network logins (?!) So users can login to any of the PC's.

How do I do this?

Thanks in advance


A:Setting up a small business network...

You may need "Windows Server Essentials" (Small Business Server) set up.

for info.

Then create "roaming user profiles" if you want to get the same desktop etc on all machines you login or a regular profile just to login.
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Hey guys, I'm new to this forum and just want your opinion on equipment for a small network. Let me know what you think (if you want).

This is going to be for a small network including 5-8 computers and a server.

Server: Dell PowerEdge SC440
Storage: WD MyBook World Edition - 1 TB
Switch: Dell PowerConnect 2716
Computers: Dell Vostro 400 Mini Tower 2.33 GHz 2GB Ram 250GB HD

I also want to be able to host a website on the server.

Opinions and Suggestions Welcome. I am not totally set on anything.

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I business network setting small up the for a ve been asked to set up the network for a small business that is switching from a more traditional POS system to Square to take and process orders -- a high volume small bakery in an urban location I am going in tomorrow almost entirely blind All I setting up the network for a small business know is that they are switching to Square they ve been having trouble with their WiFi network and they are probably going to need me to assess their firewall situation If the rules of this forum preclude people from helping me with this job directly I would be very grateful for some advice on how to best prepare myself to handle a job of this nature I will be given a lot leeway to take my time and make a reasonable number of mistakes think of it as analogous to a parent hiring their child to do a job ad therefore not holding them to the strict accountability of a professional but I want to do a good setting up the network for a small business job regardless If you need any more information from me I d be more than happy to provide it nbsp

A:setting up the network for a small business

Who is asking you to do this? Is this purely a business transaction where you're getting paid or is it something like a friend/family member asking?
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I have an office with 4 computers and I would like to setup a WIRELESS network. Every single pc should be able and have access to the others and the other way around. Everyone should also be able to edit, delete, copy and so on, those files, what means having (read and write access). Does 1 computer has to act as a server or doesn't it matter?

Does anyone have a "really" step-by-step guide or URL how to do so? And what kind of hardware will I need?

PS: all 4 machines run on WinXP

Thanks in advance

A:Solved: Setting up a small business wireless network

There is no step by step on developing your network besides doing prefferences. You are the only one who can decide if there will be a "server" or not.

The most obvious question is - are all 4 PC's going to be on at all times? If the answer is no then your going to want to make one the server and the others be clients connecting in. If you never think there will be a time a file is needed but a PC is turned off that may house the files then you can keep it all seperate.

The next question is data backup do you want to worry about having to backup data on all 4 Pc's or do you want ot backup all data in one location - Of course there are software solutions out there that will back up over the lan if the PC in question is turned off it won't be backed up.

As far as - And what kind of hardware will I need? you will need a wireless card in each PC and then one wireless access point or wireless router depending on the distance between all the PC's you may need some range extenders or some directional antennas but this sounds like its all fairly close to each other.
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I'm trying so setup a wireless network via:

Start - All Programs - Accessories - Communications - Wireless Newtork Setup Wizard

and follow all the instructions. When it asks me to use the flashdrive and use it on any computer i want to add to the network and do so, the other computer (laptop) after agreeing to add the pc to the current network, I get the error message:
"The wizard cannot create a wireless network, either because a wireless network adapter is not installed or because software for the wireless adapter is not installed"

The laptop is not connected wireless but via ethernet. Could this cause the problem?

The Laptop runs XP Pro and the desktop Windows XP Media Center Edition Version 2002 Service Pack 2

Has anyone a step-by-step solution how to go from here and still get it going/working?

Thanks a lot

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Well basically our main computer is on vista My computer is on xp Before everything was working fine internet was working on both computers But my computer a up small home Setting network has had a lot of problems recently so I used Setting up a small home network the operating system disc to delete everything on my computer taking it back to how it would have been when i first bought it Now I cannot access the internet on my xp computer We remember before using a networking wizard to tell the vista computer that my computer existed I cannot use this wizard on my computer because quot some hardware is not installed quot but we have no idea what this could be - and we can't even find the same wizard on vista or anything that would allow us to connect the two Both computer also have the same workgroup name So what do I do to properly connect these computers together as the cables are in place and the workgroup name is the same Thanks

A:Setting up a small home network

meh nobody answered yet

basically just telling me how to add an xp computer to my vista's computers workgroup would help a bunch
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I am attempting to printer small home and setting network up set up a home network I have done this before a number of times this time oooooooo setting up small home network and printer I ran the wizard in xp on setting up small home network and printer computers then tried to connect a shared printer no good I get on to internet ok on each pc but setting up small home network and printer I cannot ping around them as it should be I have just installed a new board and cpu and changed isp all within days It is a netgear dg g modem router it is slow but working I have had your help before with printer and network problems I am exasperated trying to fix this Microsoft Windows XP Version C Copyright - Microsoft Corp C Documents and Settings joe gt ping Pinging with bytes of data Request timed out Request timed out Request timed out Request timed out Ping statistics for Packets Sent Received Lost loss C Documents and Settings joe gt ping Pinging with bytes of data Reply from bytes time lt ms TTL Reply from bytes time lt ms TTL Reply from bytes time lt ms TTL Reply from bytes time lt ms TTL Ping statistics for Packets Sent Received Lost loss Approximate round trip times in milli-seconds Minimum ms Maximum ms Average ms C Documents and Settings joe gt ipconfig Windows IP Configuration Ethernet adapter Local Area Connection Connection-specific DNS Suffix IP Address Subnet Mask Default Gateway C Documents and Settings joe gt Microsoft Windows XP Version C Copyright - Microsoft Corp C Documents and Settings Dean gt ping Pinging with bytes of data Request timed out Request timed out Request timed out Request timed out Ping statistics for Packets Sent Received Lost loss C Documents and Settings Dean gt ping Pinging with bytes of data Request timed out Reply from bytes time lt ms TTL Reply from bytes time lt ms TTL Reply from bytes time lt ms TTL Ping statistics for Packets Sent Received Lost loss Approximate round trip times in milli-seconds Minimum ms Maximum ms Average ms C Documents and Settings Dean gt ipconfig Windows IP Configuration Ethernet adapter Local Area Connection Connection-specific DNS Suffix IP Address Subnet Mask Default Gateway Ethernet adapter Wireless Network Connection Connection-specific DNS Suffix IP Address Subnet Mask Default Gateway C Documents and Settings Dean gt Microsoft Windows XP Version C Copyright - Microsoft Corp C Documents and Settings ann gt ping Pinging with bytes of data Request timed out Request timed out Request timed out Request timed out Ping statistics for Packets Sent Received Lost loss C Documents and Settings ann gt ping Pinging with bytes of data Request timed out Request timed out Request timed out Request timed out Ping statistics for Packets Sent Received Lost loss C Documents and Settings ann gt ipconfig Windows IP Configuration Ethernet adapter Local Area Connection Connection-specific DNS Suffix IP Address Subnet Mask Default Gateway C Documents and Settings ann gt nbsp

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We have a small business with a main office and several employees working in different cities. Our main office has 7 networked computers with a server. We have an additional 5 employees working from other locations. We've been straggling along with logmein and go2mypc, but know we are long past due for a more secure and efficient system. Remote employees would need to be able to access files on our server and inventory software from the main office network.

I would appreciate advice regarding what type of VPN we should look at and if it's possible for me to set it up myself. From the reading I've done, it looks to me like we need a SSL VPN or a PPTP, is this correct? Should I buy a device or can we do this just with software?

Thank you!

A:Need advice about setting-up a VPN for our small business

My advice is to get a firewall which has the ability to do SSL VPNs.

You're right about looking towards SSL VPNs. SSL VPNs provide so much more flexibility than the old traditional client dependent DES/3DES, AES/AES128/AES192/AES256. While there are some places which still require this, most people have converted over to using SSL VPNs. SSL VPNs gives you the option of going client-less or full client. In the client-less mode, the end user doesn't need to have install privileges on their remote PC. Nor does the end user need to have a full client running to access the SSL VPN. The user connects in to a web page, authenticates, and then is presented a desktop of services/resources/applications for which the user has permissions to access. The SSL VPN appliance acts as a proxy. In the full client mode, the user must have privileges to download and install the client or the client must already be installed. This provides the most flexibility in terms of accessing the central network as the full client places the remote PC on the central network. The amount of access can still be controlled with access rules placed on a per user basis.

I've been using VPNs for a long time. I've skipped over the PPTP technology and gone to 3DES, then AES 256, and now SSL VPNs. My first VPN appliance was a Netgear FVS318 which I have moved on to now using a SonicWall Aventail SRA virtual appliance and a Cisco ASA 5505. My current edge firewall is a SonicWall TZ215 which also have SSL VPN capability but I haven't bothered to set it up on this box. The advantage of having a firewall with SSL VPN capabilities is that it keeps your configuration simple. This one box does all your routing, firewall, and VPN services. You don't have to mess with port forward/access rules to send external traffic to a separate device.

With the SonicWall Aventail, I have a mobile client on my smart phone which allows me to access my home network securely and my laptops which I take on the go have the PC client loaded. I still use the Cisco ASA version for specific access to a management subnet I have set up. Although I have configured the Aventail to now have access to the management subnet which it didn't when I first set it up, I sitll keep the ASA going as a backup connection.

I also like using SSL VPNs because the network traffic looks so innocuous that many public hot spots won't block this traffic where as regular VPN traffic sticks out like a sore thumb.
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Is there anyone who has experience of WSUS and would help me to get it set up?

many thanks in advance

A:Help setting up WSUS on windows small business server 2003

wsus requires ISS v. 6.0 or better to successfully install, but there are other prerequisites listed here:

how many clients does this server have? does it run exchange?
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due to the fact that we are a small business firm and don't have a server OS I'd like to create a network drive folder tree for Lawyers, Secretaries etc. with different access rights and so on.

On our Storage-Workstation I'm able to deny access or free access to folders completely, but if I wanna allow access only for special users, I don't succeed.

I can specify groups and users in Computer management - Local users and groups, but I can't include the computers of our workgroup, I don't see them, only the workstation pc name is given. Can somebody help me?

A:Client-based network for small business with network-drives (without using AD)
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I would like to set up a small business network that has at present only 3 computers. At present there are only 2 requirements, first all must have internet access, and second I want to run an accounting program ( I have already purchased a multi- computer software package) were all three computers can share all the same information. Could someone point me in the right direction? I need type of hardware needed, any additional software, and any other information you think I might need. Thank you!
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Hello everyone,

I have recently started a job where i'm taking over this small business network. The guy who used to work has not left any information for me and now i've to find all about the network myslf. The network is based on Windows Small Business Server 2003 and a symantic backup system, SCO Unix machine (i dunno whats its used for, maybe mail server or web). it has wireless and wired access points everywhere.

I want to design the existing network but i want to find out all information about the DHCP, DNS, workstations, access points and everything. Do you know about a software that would automatically detect it and generate a report?


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There are computers on this network All of the computers are Windows Business Network Small Help XP and they want them upgraded to either Vista or Windows There is one main computer that has access to the full version of a program let s call that program Small Business Network Help On the main computer they have access to time cards hours of employees and things that they don t want other computers to have access to The other computers are connected to that computer and run only a small part of program They can see the calendars for booking appointments and that s all If you shut down the main Small Business Network Help computer all of the other computers shut down If you close the program on that computer all of the program s stop working on the rest of the computers If on the other computers you close the software you have to reboot the main computer in order to open program again How did they do this To my knowledge they have accounts on each computer called admin and user I believe they are all logged under user on the other computers and admin on the main computer But they do not have to log in each time they use the computer Anyway when I upgrade them from XP to Win I am going to lose the way it is all set up now and have to reconfigure it Easiest way to do this nbsp

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I ve WAP business in small network got a new client small business with desktops laptop and some networked printers He WAP in small business network wants a server to support his WAP in small business network growing business I though it d be a standard SBS network patch panel switch done However he wants to go completely wireless In my SBS admin book it states that a WAP needs a switch I ve also read that the WAP should hang off the network with bridging enabled and DHCP disabled Ok I think I m vastly overthinking this I need to buy PCI USB wireless cards for the desktops So one SBS server connected to a switch with a WAP attached Am I correct Does it matter how many ports the switch has I keep thinking in wired terms i e users on a wired network needs a port switch Any advice would be great Incidentally wireless ADSL router is not an option as he s based in a business centre with shared Internet Access P S might add a hardware firewall between server and internet router Any suggestions thoughts nbsp

A:WAP in small business network

IMO, he's out of his mind going completely wireless if he actually is going to have any volume going to/from that server! Wireless connections are MUCH slower transferring files than wired connections. In addition, having multiple wireless connections to a single WAP will be sharing the bandwidth on a contention basis. Add to the fact that 802.11 wireless is half-duplex, and you have a very slow connection!
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I'm hoping for quick help here I'm trying to get a small business network set up so that all computers can read write to and from each other there are computers on the network are running Win Pro are running Win Home network business Small Premium My problem is this All computers can see each other on the network but joining them in the same homegroup isn't Small business network working not all the computers can see the Small business network homegroup Currently I have and all joined on the homegroup but Small business network cant seem to join the group It wants to create a new homegroup I haven't tried joining yet this time around Even the computers that are on teh same homegroup dont recognise that they are all on the homegroup currently thinks its alone in the homegroup thinks that is on the homegroup with it and thinks its alone with on the group I've tried making all computers leave the group and starting over a couple of times with more or less the same result all of the computers show up under Network but they are never all in the same homegroup and the ones that are show only a selection of the others that are in it I know this sounds really confusing and it is Hopefully someone can follow along to this point to help me I've tried the network and homegroup trouble shooting but it doesn't seem to help anything I should also say that I'm in Australia and its currently am on Monday and I was hoping to have this all working by when people are going to come in and need to use it But I don't hold much hope for that at this point I've been building installing Windows and other programs since Saturday morning and might not be thinking clearly at the moment Any help at all would really be appreciated

A:Small business network

Quote: Originally Posted by KarlLabrada

I'm hoping for quick help here!
I'm trying to get a small business network set up, so that all computers can read/write to and from each other.

there are 05 computers on the network,
01, 02 are running Win7 Pro
03, 04, 05 are running Win7 Home Premium.

My problem is this. All computers can see each other on the network, but joining them in the same homegroup isn't working.
not all the computers can see the homegroup. Currently I have 01, 02 and 03 all joined on the homegroup, but 04 cant seem to join the group. It wants to create a new homegroup. I haven't tried joining 05 yet (this time around).

Even the computers that are on teh same homegroup dont recognise that they are all on the homegroup. 01 currently thinks its alone in the homegroup, 02 thinks that 01 is on the homegroup with it, and 03 thinks its alone with 01 on the group.

I've tried making all computers leave the group, and starting over a couple of times, with more or less the same result: all of the computers show up under Network, but they are never all in the same homegroup, and the ones that are show only a selection of the others that are in it.

I know this sounds really confusing, and it is. Hopefully someone can follow along to this point to help me!

I've tried the network and homegroup trouble shooting, but it doesn't seem to help anything.

I should also say that I'm in Australia, and its currently 01:43am on Monday, and I was hoping to have this all working by 9:00 when people are going to come in and need to use it. But I don't hold much hope for that at this point. I've been building, installing Windows and other programs since Saturday morning, and might not be thinking clearly at the moment.

Any help at all would really be appreciated!

Its been a while since I configured my five systems, but let me see if I can help.

First, I didn't set them in a Homegroup, I set them as in a Workgroup. (Homegroups need IPv6, and it is still a bit dicy in Windows 7.)

I set them all in the same Workgroup by going to Control Panel (set to view small icons) System -> Advanced System Settings -> System Name. There change the Workgroup name to be the same for all computers.

In Network and Sharing -> Advanced Sharing Options click the top option for all but the bottom two. Turn off Password Protected Sharing and under Homegroup Connections set "Use User Accounts and Passwords to connect to other computers."

On the systems, set up the shared folders and permissions you need.

Give it a shot, and let us know if that helps.
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Hi. My simple question is how do i set up a wireless network (to share files and programs) between a desktop and a laptop both running windows Vista??? I have tried the numerous network options Vista provides, but neither computer will recognize that each other exists. Yet they are both connected to the internet through the same wireless router.

I would appreciate your help. Thank you.

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Hello I work for a small business of five computers We have a wireless network for internet traffic and a wired network for file sharing The wireless network works great for using the internet but we are having trouble with the wired network The issue is being able to communicate with all of the computers on the wired network The ability to speak Network Trouble Small Business with all of the computers on the network is hit or miss Generally computer A can speak with computer B C and D but D can only speak with A All Small Business Network Trouble of the letters Small Business Network Trouble are interchangeable the computers are inconsistent in their ability to speak with Small Business Network Trouble each other Our network is a Mbit circular set up at least I think it would be called a circular or ring setup To be clear all of our computers are linked by switches with no defined master computer So computer A is connected to a switch that connects to computers B and C and the first switch connects to a second switch that connects more computers There are no more than two switches between computers Computers on the network are mostly Windows XP based but we also have one Vista box and one Windows box I don t know if this will help but might as well throw it out there Thanks in advance Emmet Microsoft Windows Version Copyright c Microsoft Corporation All rights reserved C Users gt ipconfig all Windows IP Configuration Host Name Conference-PC Primary Dns Suffix Node Type Hybrid IP Routing Enabled No WINS Proxy Enabled No Wireless LAN adapter Wireless Network Connection Connection-specific DNS Suffix Description NETGEAR WNA Wireless-N USB Adapte r Physical Address E - -F - - - DHCP Enabled Yes Autoconfiguration Enabled Yes Link-local IPv Address fe e fa cf Preferred IPv Address Preferred Subnet Mask Lease Obtained Friday June AM Lease Expires Saturday June AM Default Gateway DHCP Server DHCPv IAID DHCPv Client DUID - - - - -D - - A-F - F- - B- F- DNS Servers NetBIOS over Tcpip Enabled Ethernet adapter Local Area Connection Connection-specific DNS Suffix Description Intel R V Gigabit Network Connectio n Physical Address F - F- - - -AA DHCP Enabled Yes Autoconfiguration Enabled Yes Link-local IPv Address fe d e ee e a Preferred Autoconfiguration IPv Address Preferred Subnet Mask Default Gateway DHCPv IAID DHCPv Client DUID - - - - -D - - A-F - F- - B- F- DNS Servers fec ffff fec ffff fec ffff NetBIOS over Tcpip Enabled Tunnel adapter isatap A F - C - B- D -D F B CE Media State Media disconnected Connection-specific DNS Suffix Description Microsoft ISATAP Adapter Physical Address - - - - - - -E DHCP Enabled No Autoconfiguration Enabled Yes Tunnel adapter isatap C E- - -A -DD D C Media State Media disconnected Connection-specific DNS Suffix Description Microsoft ISATAP Adapter Physical Address - - - - - - -E DHCP Enabled No Autoconfiguration Enabled Yes Tunnel adapter Teredo Tunneling Pseudo-Interface Media State Media disconnected Connection-specific DNS Suffix Description Teredo Tunneling Pseudo-Interface Physical Address - - - - - - -E DHCP Enabled No Autoconfiguration Enabled Yes nbsp

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It s been some time since I ve had a class in Solved: Business Small Network IT but I seem to remember studying some outdated definition of the word quot workstation quot as a input output station networked to a larger more powerful aplication server of sorts I m trying to create a network for business purposes in my home and want to keep a reasonable budget However each user s workstation - users tops will be running a large amount of graphics in four different applications I know the graphics cards will have to be top of the line at each desk but my question is simple Does it sound like a viable option to have a very powerful quot application server quot budget for this machine with users situated throughout the office or Solved: Small Business Network should I just get seperate machines for each user and keep a Solved: Small Business Network more traditional network environment Also is it possible to just quot beef up quot the graphics card on the apps server and run all graphics from there Keep in mind the network will eventually expand Solved: Small Business Network to include a few more users Any thoughts - anyone nbsp

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Hello I m involved in setting up a new office for a business that s just starting out and I need some advice I have some computer experience but not a whole lot in networking and security We just have people that will be working in the office and we need a way to store backup share files on the network as well as a way to access them remotely if need be Our internet service trying small up business to network set Newbie is going to be providing us with a static IP I was thinking that we could use Newbie trying to set up small business network an NAS with RAID attached to the router which is in turn connected to the cable modem but I m not sure if this is secure Do we need some type of hardware firewall in between the cable modem and the router to protect us from the outside We don t have a lot of money as we are just starting the business so inexpensive solutions that work well and aren t too difficult to implement are ideal even if they have less features Any recommendations Thanks nbsp

A:Newbie trying to set up small business network

The Static IP will go to the router... what modem will be provided?
Edit: gah!... i saw your username and now I have Elmo's Song in my head....
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Hello all I m planning a small Network Questions Small Business network for a small business I have a wireless router and a wired router I want to share the network connection between all computers in the office The DSL goes into the wireless router and the signal is sent out over the office via wireless I want to keep the DSL modem and wireless router where they are but I was wondering if I would be able to connect a switch or router via ethernet from the wireless Small Business Network Questions router which would make it possible to share my internet connection to Small Business Network Questions the computers in the office If that s possible is it better to get a switch for this or another router I know that a router includes firewall Small Business Network Questions and a switch simply sends the data between computers but if I have firewall on the wireless router that gets the data from the internet do I need to get another router or will a switch work fine Sorry if this is confusing - I m trying to improve the lack of infrastructure in this office and I want to make sure this will be a long term good solution Also all three desktops will be connected via Gigabit ethernet but a printer only connects at Does that mean all of my computers will only be able to transfer data at mbps Thanks in advance nbsp

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This is probably a trouble! business network Small really easy configuration problem with the IP settings in small business server or something but I hope someone can help I work at a local doctors surgery and was asked by the boss to upgrade the LAN and WAN with a new router modem that had wireless being the only one in the office with an computer knowledge BEFORE The network consists of computers run on small business server and Small business network trouble! on windows XP Originally the network was running off a D-Link port router modem with a LAN cable running from the D-link to a port hub don t ask why as only the computers running small business server were plugged into it Anyway the original network was configured I m assuming using small business server I have Small business network trouble! only worked on home networks using XP or lower The gateway the network is using is AFTER My boss asked me to change the D-Link router modem to one with wireless capabilities I got a DSL-G T as he was sick of the cables running everywhere I unplugged everything changed the router modem over to the new wireless one installed wireless cards in all the computers that would need a wireless connection of them and run the software and plugged everthing in PROBLEM All went well except the problem is when I try and run the DSL- Ts set-up wizard I can t access the in the browser to do so on any of the computers I figure that if the network was originally configured in small business server on a gateway of then i need to change the routers gateway to access the D-Link set-up wizard on each computer Is this correct And how do I go about it as I have no knowledge of small business server Finally will I have to perform any other steps nbsp

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I use MS Word a lot. Whenever I want to do anything with my saved Word items, I click on Documents, click on my Word item I want and it opens up. Since I upgraded to Office Home and Student 2010, when I click on the Word item I want, a window opens up and asks me what program I want to use to open it up, 'Notepad' or 'Wordpad'. I want neither. I just want it to open up like it did before I upgraded. Any solutions?

Thank you,
Frederick J. Garver

A:Upgrading to Office Home and Student 2010 from XP Small Business 2002

Hello Frederick and welcome to Seven Forums.

You may have to change the default program that opens Word documents. See if this tutorial helps.

Open With - Change Default Program
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Hi All I have recently started up a graphics agency I am fairly knowledgeable with computers so I was able to build the three machines that we currently use They are all pretty powerful machines to handle the very heavy graphics work that we do The issue at the moment is centralized storage I need to find a way to bring all of our footage logos elements project files etc into a Speed Network Business for Optimal Small common place that we can all access and work from I believe this would be a server or NAS While I have decent knowledge on building computers I am not so familiar with setting up a network I have done a lot of research and what it seems like I should set up an SMB network with a high-end NAS that can handle our workload But Is there such a setup that wouldn t slow down our working speeds Is this my best approach Would a high end desktop NAS do the trick One of my biggest questions when it comes to NAS is do I need to go GbE Would Optimal Small Business Network for Speed that be enough to allow multiple workstations to read and write to this centralized location without losing speed Would a simple Gigabit Ethernet work just as well Any help would be much appreciated nbsp

A:Optimal Small Business Network for Speed

There are quite a few things you need to take into consideration when figuring out a NAS setup. What is the size of the data you're pushing over the network? How often? What's the maximum amount of simultaneous connections and data transmission the NAS will see? Will the I/O to the NAS be majority reads, writes, or a combination of both? How much data do you need to retain? Will you be doing work on the NAS or is it just a repository? What's your budget?

10 Gig is definitely coming down in price to the point where it does bear serious consideration. But 1 Gig is still plenty adequate and useful in many applications especially in a SMB environment. Depending on the NAS, you can use techniques such as LAGs/Etherchannel/Channel Bonding to increase the overall bandwidth the NAS can accept or transmit. If the NAS can support it, you can use jumbo frames to increase the amount of data you can pack into a single Ethernet frame to increase performance. Jumbo frames are used extensively in iSCSI applications.

You'll find the typical bottle neck is not the actual network fabric but at the NAS being the number of spindles (hard drives) and the type of hard drives...SAS, SATA, 7200 RPM, 10k RPM, 15k RPM, SSD, spinning disk, RAID type, etc. In addition, you need to check to see if your workstations have NICs connected to the proper bus to take advantage of the available network bandwidth especially with 10 Gig.
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Okay I am currently interning for a small it company and my boss had asked me to find a way to do the following He bought us a new server so we could play around with it This is the task that he assigned me and my co-worker First to install W k which we were able to do successfully Second install VMware small business network a do build i from scratch???? How Server on it with a copy of W K This is where we are at right now He wants us to build a Small business server so we could start hosting exchange on it and become network admin for his business He gave us the server so we could go on the virtual machine and start adding users and How do i build a small business network from scratch???? make it similar to what he does with his clients now However I do not know how to do any of these He said he wanted us to make our server separate from the company network Semething about static ip and then have us remotely connect to it like how he does it with his clients NO IDEA Someone please help me or ask me questions so i could research more on this or help me ask the right questions so i can get this started Where we do start We couldnt give the server its own ip address and separate it from the business network so it doesn t intefere with clients nbsp

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I am planning a small business network, here is what I have setup so far:

there are currently 4 workstations and possibly another one will be installed.
I have decided on a xeon server with 2gb memory, windows server 2003 small business adition - as I will be installing exchange server as well.

I am getting a checkpoint hardware firewall for security.

Now I have come to the antivirus and I was wondering if anyone has a recomendation for the type of antivirus software I should install, and does it need to be installed on the server as well as the workstations??

A:small business network - advice needed!

You neglected to state that the site does/doesn't need Internet access.
You should study the concepts of a DMZ and how to isolate your business
servers from EVERYONE -- including the LAN users -- and setting up rules to
ensure access to it ONLY arrives via the LAN segment and not the PUBLIC or DMZ segments.

We're talking 3 router/firewalls and at least two LAN segments.

Properly isolated (which includes no email clients or web browsers on the server),
the server will have extremely low exposure for intrusions -- it will basically
become a file and application server without logged-in users.
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Hello All I look after our companys modest IT system We have a SBS installed with web exchange with approximately wired desktop workstations a few copiers and several mobile devices connected to our wifi The majority of mobile users are connected to a secondary guest wifi with bandwidth limitation and isolation For about of the time we Small Business Network Latency Issue - have no issues with our web connectivity it s far from speedy standard ADSL approx mb downstream but there s no apparent slowdown The rest of the time we get encounter issues accessing the web Pages load but extremely slowly During the latency I run a ping from my workstation to the web and notice anything from ms to over ms latency However if i ping directly from the Draytek Vigor router to the web i get a standard response of approx - ms latency This in my eyes would point to an internal network issue As the latency occurs i ve been through the Small Business Network - Latency Issue whole rack unplugging each node until the latency dropped The latency only dropped after disconnecting the sbserver from the network I ve scanned all machines for malware but the issue is still occurring I d like a fresh point of view from some of you clever people any ideas or similar experiences you may have had Our IT consultancy has been incredibly uninterested in assisting with this issue Many thanks in advance nbsp

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Example of my problems:

I changed sharing settings on the hard drive of computer 1 to allow sharing with computer 2.

I set up a Network Place for C (hard drive) from computer 1 ON computer 2.

I tried to save a file from computer 2 onto the C drive on computer 1.

It didn't work.

What could I be doing wrong?

I made another post with more details titled File Sharing on Small Networks or something like that.

A:I Need Help With Sharing Files On Small Business Network

Hi .Did you set up a home begin with?Did you set up the drives/partitions that you want to share with the other respective system?How to Set Up a Small Network with Windows XP Home Edition (PART 1) - Louis
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I am looking for small network? Any business upgrading suggestions a for hardware suggestions to upgrade our network at work Is there Any suggestions for upgrading a small business network? a business grade router that will give us reliable wired and wireless connections for up to about users Any suggestions for upgrading a small business network? and visitors while still keeping guest WiFi users and a security DVR isolated from devices Any suggestions for upgrading a small business network? on the internal wired and wireless LANs If not any suggestions for combining two or three pieces of hardware to get what we need Right now we have A cable modem configured in bridge mode and using a static public IP address A Base-T LAN port on the modem connects to the WAN port of Router A D-link SOHO wireless router One Base-T LAN port on Router connects to the Base-T LAN port of a security DVR inside the building The DVR has a static IP address and Router has port forwarding configured to allow Internet access to the DVR A second Base-T LAN port on Router connects to the Base-T WAN port of Router Also a D-link SOHO wireless router Router has a static private IP address on its WAN port and Router has that address set for DMZ One Base-T LAN port on Router connects to a Base-T LAN port on a port unmanaged switch All office desktop computers networked printers and our server connect to this port switch The LAN ports on the two routers are on different non-overlapping ranges of private IP addresses The wireless access point in Router uses WPA encryption with a short passphrase This is used for Internet access for visitors and by employees to use with their personal laptops notebooks e-book readers and smart phones The wireless access point in Router uses WPA encryption with a long complex passphrase This is used by those in the office that are using a company approved laptop or notebook and need to access to the printers and the server There are desktop computers three printers and one server connected to the LAN port of Router At any given time two or three wireless devices may be connected to Router At any given time there may be four to ten wireless connections to Router This has worked fairly well for a few years Now we are getting into a situation where Router will occasionally stop passing all wired and wireless traffic and there is no access to its web based admin pages The only way to resolve the situation is to power cycle Router This has started to happen several times a week sometimes a few times in one day On rare occasions Router will do the same thing We like the idea of the double router configuration because it allows access to the DVR from both the internal LAN and from the Internet while still isolating the visitor WiFi and DVR from the in house LAN We have concerns about the DVR getting hacked http www forbes com sites andygre amera-systems-vulnerable-to-hacker-hijacking and wish to make it extremely difficult nothing is impossible for someone to use a hacked DVR to launch an attack on the server and in house computers nbsp

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Hi all I m debating whether or not to create a small wired wireless network for the company I work at I m their only tech person and I m a senior in high school with my sights on a college that s fairly far away My primary concern is leaving them with a self-maintaining computer system that requires little to no maintenance Right now there are computers in building A in building B They are all connected to each other via a Linksys wireless router located in building A Right now I come once a month with a USB external hard drive and make an image backup of the computers in building A My goal is to create a network so the computers in building A can be automatically backed up as new information is added so I don t have to come back up myself once a month I would also like it to be possible to store shared - Implimenting Business Feedback? Network Small files if need be and especially share all the printers in the office with one another My idea was to put a Netgear port Implimenting Small Business Network - Feedback? gigabit network switch in building A that takes the DSL connection and shares it with the computers Implimenting Small Business Network - Feedback? in building A We have one network printer in the office so that would be attached as well I would also want to buy a NAS like this one http www tigerdirect com applications SearchTools item-details asp EdpNo amp Sku D - that would house two GB drives that automatically backup the computers in building A as data is changed I would also like to be able to have everyone save files there if they need to collaborate I m presuming Implimenting Small Business Network - Feedback? that the wireless router would have to stay for the two computers in building B it s about yds away from A and there s no existing cable running Looking at this is this worth it or just a waste of money I d like to put a sensible solution into place that would maintain itself and work for the company Does anyone have any thoughts on this plan positive or negative Your feedback is greatly appreciated Thanks in advance Christian nbsp

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Looking at implementing an SBS network for a client All was going well until Found out SBS only supported NIC Client wants all wireless In my SBS Admin book there is advice network Network - business small a Network advice - small business network diagram see attached file Now what I m thinking of doing is using a DIR- Xtreme N Gigabit Router This has a WAN port and LAN ports and has the benefit of being wireless The DSL modem would be hooked up to the D-LINK wireless router The printers it s a small office would be hooked up to the LAN ports on the router as would the SBS server All desktops and laptops would have wireless LAN cards installed and connect to the router to gain access to the server Would this work It s effectively like the other file attached option jpg - this is from HP s SBS setup guide but wireless The only thing I m not yet sure of is if it s just a DSL modem or a modem router client is based in a business centre If the later option jpg attached should do it nbsp

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Hello everyone I ve been tasked with setting Setup Network in small office) business(Doctor's p2p up a p2p Network Setup in small business(Doctor's office) network in a Doctor s office I have thought about client-server setups as well as p p Being p2p Network Setup in small business(Doctor's office) it s only going to be or so computers I figured p p would be the best option p2p Network Setup in small business(Doctor's office) Does anyone with experience in this have guidelines or recommendations I should follow in order to follow HIPPA standards as far as physical security etc goes Next I already built some basic desktops that are more than suitable for the business Any recommendations on OS s They are currently loaded with XP Professional My main concern is the server for electronic health records That s the key in security here and I want to make sure it s done correctly I have already have a SonicWALL sitting around for wireless N This is my first true network setup and I d like to make the transition as smooth as possible for myself and the business Thanks for any help in advance nbsp

A:p2p Network Setup in small business(Doctor's office)


You really need to tread lightly with this and not think this is something you can just learn on the fly. There are serious legal consequences which can hold the Doctor, his practice, and you personally liable if the guidelines under HIPAA are not followed to the letter. You need to find someone with experience in dealing with setting up IT systems under HIPAA guidelines. I personally wouldn't tackle this job myself if I didn't have anyone guiding me through what needs to be done. And this is with past experience setting up and working with classifed government networks.
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I recently purchased an apple airport extreme - the reason i did was because i have read good reviews and the articles talked about how easy it is to set up - plug in and play Well this is my situation I have a Macbook Pro Intel Core Duo laptop with leopard installed I also have a fairly new windows desktop pc All i want is to be able to connect my external hard drive to the airport and have the ability to use that as the main disk for the work side of things for my laptop and also for the PC I would also like to have the ability to transfer files from the PC to the Mac and visa versa I business Apple Airport network with Small Extreme have connected the airport to the broadband Small business network with Apple Airport Extreme router the pc to the airport using a lan cable and plugged in my external HD to the airport using USB the internet works fine but i cant get the external Small business network with Apple Airport Extreme HD working well sometimes its there and sometimes its not i have run the airport utility on the mac and also on the PC and i cant seem to find out the problem Additionally i would like to be able to access the external HD for work I have a HP Officejet G printer connected to my PC - could i share it so i can print from my mac laptop I REALLY NEED HELP AS THIS IS DRIVING ME CRAZY Thank you so much nbsp
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NOTE Wasn t sure if this was right forum to put in since it is dealing with internet connectivity and network issues thought this was best forum I am working on starting my own business through the home for now but in the future I will move out and find an office The type of business I have deals with the need for clients to remotely access one of my computers Small Business Questions Network Startup....Remote I call it the server but its really just a normal pc running win xp pro to work with other clients files Heres what I ve done so far For starters I have a home network already setup Comcast Cable running into computers via a Linksys Router When it came time to buying the quot Server quot computer I decided to buy a Linksys RV VPN Router since it provides good security and possibility to open up a VPN Tunnel It was easy for me to setup the network under the RV Router and everything but now Im to Small Business Startup....Remote Network Questions the point where Small Business Startup....Remote Network Questions I need this other company to access my network remotely and use my quot Server quot computer as if the computer were sitting in front of them The other issue is that I need multiple users to be able to access this quot Server quot computer at one time To start off I have been trying to setup a Remote Desktop connection with them using XP Pro s Remote Desktop capabilities I havnt gotten it to work yet but I believe the next time we try it it should work But then the issue of having multiple users comes into play From what I ve read only user can sign on to my Server computer through Remote Desktop at a time and I need multiple users to do so This is where I was wondering if by opening a VPN Tunnel with this other company if they would even be able to sign onto my Server computer under different logins at the same time using Win XP Pro or can only one at a time do this If only one at a time can do this then what do I need to do to make it so multiple users can do so Do I need to invest in Windows Server Do I need to have an ACTUAL server rather than a computer And if I need a server would it be easier as starting out with a small business to lease a server from a hosting company Would that even work These are the questions I am stuck with and do not know where to go next any help would be very much appreciated nbsp

A:Small Business Startup....Remote Network Questions

You would need a Terminal Server to allow mulitple simultaneous log-ins.

Here is a link to the MS server pricing page.

You would require a server license, a Terminal Server license and a TS Client Access License (CAL) (only available in multiples of 5) for each person logging in.

This is just for starters.

A Small Business Server and some extra workstations may be a cheaper alternative to start out.
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hi there I have Pro network business up using a Setting XP just Setting up a business network using XP Pro the opposite problem to the initiator of this thread I have a home network sharing the internet off an ADSL router This is my current network environment x Main PC to be used as server PC running WinXP Pro x PC s currently sharing ADSL internet connection via the network ports x Shared Lazer Printer and Fax Brother MFC x Shared Bubble Jet Printer HP PSC x ADSL Modem Router ZyXEL IAD P x Network Hub Switch D-Link Fast Ethernet Switch Ok so thats my current setup I am looking to run the main PC as the server that shares the internet connection with the other PC s which will be the slaves so I know i need to allocate static IP s to the other PC s I also want to be able to monitor the other PC s Internet Access etc Mostly because my company deals with sensitive information and we are allowed to monitor MSN IRC Google Talk etc conversations and files transferred which files users have access to what sites are allowed and what sites can be blocked I know I should ideally use WinNT or something on my server pc but i would really like to maintain the XP Pro Please could you give me a step by step guide as to how to set up such a network and what software needs to be installed My networking skills and not very good hence why I am on here Thanks Nick nbsp

A:Setting up a business network using XP Pro

You can turn off the DHCP server on the router and have a server using a server operating system (Not XP, but Windows Server or Linux will be fine) assign IP addresses and act as the DNS server as well as default gateway for the other PCs.
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I'm new to small business network setup. I have my cable modem hooked up to the WAN port of the TP-Link Gigabit router and a cat5e cable hooked up to port 16 on the Netgear Switch. On the Netgear switch setup I set the DHCP mode to "Enable" as I figure the router will handle IP address assignment. I plugged in 3 computers to the Netgear switch and I get internet but if I plug in anymore there is still a red X on the ethernet connection in the taskbar and only the first 3 computers have internet still.

Any ideas or help greatly appreciated. Thank you!
TP-Link TL-R600VPN SafeStream Gigabit Broadband VPN Router
NETGEAR ProSAFE JGS516PE 16-Port Gigabit Rackmount PoE Web Managed (Plus) Switch

A:Small Business network setup wired router/switch help

gawkgawk said:

I'm new to small business network setup. I have my cable modem hooked up to the WAN port of the TP-Link Gigabit router and a cat5e cable hooked up to port 16 on the Netgear Switch. On the Netgear switch setup I set the DHCP mode to "Enable" as I figure the router will handle IP address assignment. I plugged in 3 computers to the Netgear switch and I get internet but if I plug in anymore there is still a red X on the ethernet connection in the taskbar and only the first 3 computers have internet still.

Any ideas or help greatly appreciated. Thank you!
TP-Link TL-R600VPN SafeStream Gigabit Broadband VPN Router
NETGEAR ProSAFE JGS516PE 16-Port Gigabit Rackmount PoE Web Managed (Plus) SwitchClick to expand...

A lot will depend on what is connecting to these devices. If you are only wanting the workstations connect to the internet (I assume no server of any kind) then I would setup the TP-Link as the DHCP server, and let the switch do switching.
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How do i create an installation point to install office over the network and how do i install it to client computers?

I have visited microsoft's website and the procedures don't work!
Maybe i am doing something wrong, i don't know.

Can anyone help?

A:Microsoft Office 2000 Small Business Network installation

You have to have the right version. I can't remember which one(s) will do it, I don't think retail or oem versions will. I think they have to be volume license version. To check if your version will, put the disk in the drive, and go to a command prompt. Change to your cd drive, and type setup /a. This will start the administrative setup if it's available. You can type in the product key once, and it will enter it for each pc you install it on from that location. Works quite well.
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Hello all I need help as usual and I m trying to finally push the GO button on my business and go live After much research I ve come to the conclusion that I m going to start service home for software/hardware web up based a business! Help setting with phone this in my home and evolve from there Basically I m planning on taking helpdesk calls out of my home for a personal business So I d like the following if possible A way of having a number preferably an number where they can call me A call queue of some sort that I can monitor calls and direct them to voicemail in real time A database program that I can use hand in hand with this program so I track and log calls I ve been looking at maybe getting vonage but they use their own router and I have one already Magicjack will not fully give me all the features I need I was thinking of maybe trying some avaya software but I have no idea how that works Any recommendations Help with software/hardware setting up a web based phone service for home business! I m trying to stop making excuses and go live with my business nbsp
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I am thinking about moving to them for both business and home use Ubiquiti Thoughts Small with network devices? Help Networks? Wireless on Business Basically I set up small business networks that need to have wireless capabilities for internal Thoughts on Ubiquiti network devices? Help with Small Business Wireless Networks? management as well as wireless for their customers on a completely different subnet This is important to make sure there these networks are completely separated from each other per the Payment Card Industry Compliance Standards I was planing on just setting up routers on different subnets from the modem their ISP provides Then using APs from there to extend the range of the networks as needed Thoughts on Ubiquiti network devices? Help with Small Business Wireless Networks? Some Thoughts on Ubiquiti network devices? Help with Small Business Wireless Networks? of the APs will be networked via ethernet and some may not be able to have cable drops run due to the old nature of the buildings I imagine there will be lt users on the secure side of the wifi network and - on the guest side Any help and recs here is much appreciated I know just enough to be dangerous I currently have a Ubiquiti Unifi and a M PicoStation for testing Most of our previous work was done with consumer grade Linksys equipment like the e router and we may still incorporate some of this also used a SonicWall here and there Will be using WPA security across the board for the internal company networks For the guests it d be nice to have the wide open guest networks land on a page where they accept liability for browsing and then go the business s website as well I know some devices offer this functionality but that s about it Setting up or perhaps I should say getting a router with w VLAN option is intriguing as well Yes I am fully aware I am all over the place Any help and recs are much appreciated I get lost when talking about radio signals dBm x and x MIMO Mesh networking channel width I know it has to be Mhz and channel frequency I know to use and since they don t overlap Thanks nbsp

A:Thoughts on Ubiquiti network devices? Help with Small Business Wireless Networks?
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Hi all. I have a small office network to set up but im not TOTALLY sure how to go about it! I was hoping to iron out a few points on here.

As Im sure you'll ask for the details; here is the current setup:

4 computers running XP pro, networked together as a workgroup.

I am planning to install a server and create a domain.

The part where I am getting stuck is the email.

Basically, they all need email access, now Im wondering should I just set everyone up with outlook, or should I setup exchange server? - is exchange swerver useful in this situation or not?

If anyone could give me some help I would greatly appreciate it.


A:Help setting up a small office network

Truthfully in your situation I would just set up outlook and forget exchange. It will save you money and resources.
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Hi. I have a small office network to set up for database but i dont know much about it.. im more on peer to peer network ( sharing files and printers from workgroups).

here is the current setup:

8 computers running MS XP pro media center edition. with internet connected in a wireless with 4 port router.

Planning to setup:

Install a server and create a domain which will connect the 8 workstations

I would like it to run only on Desktop server (Pentium 4 3.4 ghz, 1g memory, 250 sata hdisk, Mboard Built in lan, vidcard, sound).

which is better OS MS SBS 2003 or MS Win server 2003 standard edition SP1. if you can teach me a step by step setup how to create domain and connect workstations easy.

If anyone could give me some help I would greatly appreciate it. tnanks

A:Setting up a small office network

maybe better to use apache
most addon's free
and or make a linux server box if you can handle linux
apache is on the disc

my server now runs apache ,linux
are you going to have website to??
if not just need to go to SBS
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i have 3 computers one laptop 2 desktops all located in different areas of the office. i would like to share files between the three. i have tried using microsoft wizard to setup a network but am having difficulty with it. all three computers show up in the workgroup but i can not access any folders no permission i guess. i have tried turning off firewalls on all computers but still cant access. any help woul;d be greatly appreciated.

operating systemsfor all comp.-- xp

A:Setting up a small office network

Do you have File and Printer Sharing Enabled?
Do you have any folders shared?

Are the computer XP home or Pro and what service pack?
Do you have the same usernames and passwords on each machine?
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I have lenovo h desktop running pro and a dell laptop running pro I have a seagate blackarmor nas as well as a netgear srxn wireless vpn firewall router My first issue is setting up homegroup I can create one on any pc and see it to join on the other but when i enter the password it tells me I have a network problem I can ping each pc's ip address from the others I have checked all the typical fixes ipv enabled Need some help with NAS. up help network small office Need setting a please Secondly I need help understanding the network layout and how the NAS plays a role in the mapping When I map the network it shows the pcs all conected to the router and to the internet but it shows the NAS as other devices at Need help setting up small office network with a NAS. the bottom I have mapped a few folders from the NAS to each pc and Need help setting up small office network with a NAS. can see as well as use them but not sure why it is not part of the map Thank you very much for help

A:Need help setting up small office network with a NAS.

what I do with my nas is simply create a desktop shortcut of //
Where is the ip of the nas.

I have mapped it as a drive in the past, but this has always lead to a problem at some point. In xp it once lead to a slew of system errors when the NAS was turned off when the system was booted.
So I've dropped the mapping option for the simple shortcut.
The result is the same anyhow.
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I am setting up a Windows network for a small office It consists of the following Windows Desktop quot The Server quot Brand new PC built from scratch for low power consumption - GB Ram Sempron Ghz - Scanner USB To be determined - Printers USB HP LaserJet - Network Drive space Internal GB hard drive Sharing already set Actiontec PK modem router server hardwired all others wireless Laptops with Win XP Vista and Win All computers have had their workgroup changed to the same name I would like to pull Setting Windows Network up Small on the networking Setting up Small Windows Network experience out there I need a common Setting up Small Windows Network set of steps I can take on the server and each PC to allow every computer to Print to printer attached to the server Read Write access to network drive LOWER IMPORTANCE - Scan over network I will tackle this issue after first two steps Currently some computers can not see the server some computers can see it but can not access drives some can see it and access it There is no rhyme or reason I need some organized approach to fixing this please nbsp

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I am looking to create a small network consisting of 6 or 7 wireless laptops for my business.

I am unfamiliar with networking, and was wondering if anyone would be kind enough to explain the process of configuring these machines. Detailing what hardware i will need to purchase to allow internet access for all computers, with the potential to increase amount of computers, also allowing the computers to talk to each other etc.

I understand this probably sounds like a stupid thread to post but any advise on this matter would be extremely grateful.

Thanks for your co-operation

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I m new to these forums so I ll start off by saying hello and hope you re all well I m not new to networking however I m no expert but it does interest me so I m trying to specialise in this area Right I m in right first getting and network up a company it for Setting time small the process of getting together a plan to redesign the network for the company I work for we re a small scale operation of about computers Here is the current hardware software we have Cisco e Firewall BT Business router manufactured by Wire Setting up a network for small company and getting it right first time A few mid range boxes to act as servers Microsoft Server Standard Microsoft Exchange We plan to use a total of servers a file server domain controller and exchange server I d like to know some example configurations using the above all machines will lie on the same subnet so nothing fancy there One feature in particular I like is the web interface of Server allowing access to email through exchange and remote control of the pc s on the intranet via remote desktop The problem we ve found in the past is with the Firewall now allowing us to directly connect to the computers I hope that this feature will help My knowledge of Cisco configurations is very limited but I m sure this setup can be done securely Help with this would be much appreciated And though I m not a particularly advanced user on this subject be as technical as needed since at the end of the day I need to learn properly nbsp

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I have recently setup a small business network using 4 computers, 2 printers, one Dell switch, one router, one NAS and two wireless router extender (repeaters). I am using DHCP for all devices, with no management control on switch or router. All devices are WIRED, with only the extenders used by members for wireless connections.

Everything worked initially however now the computers periodically lose internet connection (limited) for no apparent reason. When I remove the wireless extenders (we are a small club so during busy times this will get a lot of connections from customers) the the computers gain access to the internet again. The only thing I can think of is the DHCP is somehow confusing the IP addresses allocated on the repeater router. Any ideas anyone?

I could introduced a managed system e.g. allocating IP addresses to each machine however I was hoping to avoid this.

A:Setting up a small local area network

The only thing I can think of is the DHCP is somehow confusing the IP addresses allocated on the repeater router.Click to expand...

If you are telling us that you have multiple Dhcp servers on the network that can certainly give duplicate IP addresses if the address spaces are not unique.
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Hi up setting medical a in help a office in need small network I just started my own office and would like to set u a network in the office I have setup networks mostly wireless at home I woud like to setup a hybrid network office will have one server about desktops printer scanner and one laptop i am setting up asterix pbx need help in setting up a network in a small medical office a friend is helping with that and voip phones have to run wires across rooms would like to have wireless networking for laptop use I have zyxel mimo router and plan to extend it by adding a switch I need a basic idea about how to run wires have to run wires across - rooms my understanding is that i need one cable for each computer So if i have a printer and computer in a room-- i would need to run two cables from two ports---right also need help with which cable to use cat cat e what other equipment do I need thanks appreciate your help much christy nbsp

A:need help in setting up a network in a small medical office

Basically the rule of thumb is one cable per device. I would use cat5e for this type of setup as it will give you room for expansion as cat5e is gigabit ethernet capable (assuming growth is always good instead of re-wiring infrastructure). This is the cable most often used in fast ethernet setups (100MBps).

Also keep in mind that the maximum length you can use for the cabling is 100M or your going to run into some serious issues.

You also need to use different ethernet cable types for the devices. For Example - If you go from Router to a computer, you use straight through. If you go from router to switch, you also use a straight through. The only time you connect devices using a crossover cable, is like devices. Ex - switch to switch, router to router.
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Hi all, my name is Cam and I am currently an undergrad studying electrical engineering. This is my situation:

I have access to cable internet in my dorm room via an ethernet plug on the wall. I plug an ethernet cable in the wall then connect it to my computer and I have the internet, simple enough. I would like to share to share this single connection between two computer at the same time. One of these computers will be running Linux and the other Windows Vista. What is the cheapest and simplest way to set up a small network to accomplish this?

I am very new to anything of this sort, so I have very little background knowledge.

Thank you in advance.

A:Setting up a small wired network in my dorm room...

A broadband router is the easy way. How about a $10 one including shipping?
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Hey all I m in the process of setting up a home-lab using VMWare ESX for a design project and work experience Basically I ll have testing business small for "Home-Lab" infrastructure about virtual machines running Microsoft Server including AD and Exchange I m very inexperienced when it comes to networking so I have a few questions I m "Home-Lab" for small business infrastructure testing running this lab "Home-Lab" for small business infrastructure testing at home so it "Home-Lab" for small business infrastructure testing includes both my quot business quot stuff and family s home network The network setup will be a port router with of those ports going to my family s home computers and the other going to two port switches I have for the lab I ve been told I need to purchase a static public IP from my ISP so that I can set up my external mail web servers My main concern with this is security If people can now access things on my network publicly does that leave the other home computers vulnerable Also if I give certain virtual machines web server mail the static IP how do I make sure it is in my isolated network I guess I just don t understand how to set up the actual network for the lab so just a high level overview would be great I d be happy to do some reading googling I just didn t know what I needed to look for in this case Thanks for your help nbsp
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Hi i am trying to setup my small net in home but all this time i ended up with nothing Basically i just got a adsl with a simple modem and want to share it with the other pcs in the house I have also an old router that has been used in the past to share my old connection cable from ntl last year Now i cant figure out how to setup everything so it works basically it looks like adsl modem usb modem without any rj ports just a usb main pc connected to uplink port on router router pc pcs) help- 4 modem-usb, up 1x4port router, a network setting (1 small adsl pc pc This is it i know its not the best setup but i cant afford at the moment any other hardware and i would really appreaciate if someone could show me how the ip allocation would be for this setup i tried changing the gateways using the dchp from the router help- setting up a small network (1 adsl modem-usb, 1x4port router, 4 pcs) and all types of addressing any help would be really appreaciated thanks nbsp help- setting up a small network (1 adsl modem-usb, 1x4port router, 4 pcs)

A:help- setting up a small network (1 adsl modem-usb, 1x4port router, 4 pcs)

Have a look at the attachment here:
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Hi Guys

Need some advice regards the above

I want to set up a small test server/network to increase my knowledge of
a) planning and building/deploying a network
b) Active directory and applying group policies

Want I want to know if what do I need?

I was thinkning I need 2 desktops,
1 to run server 2003 and AD
1 to act as a Domain Controller (does this need to be server 2003 as well?)

A swith or Hub
3-4 PC's to join to the Network/Domain as Test PC's

The PC's won't accessing be the Internet or be in a live enviroment so I don't need a Firewall

I have all of the above already

Have I missed anything


A:Solved: Setting up a Small Test Network/Domain on Server 2003

well, by default if a server is a domain controller then it has active directory installed. So yes BOTH servers will be server 2003. In an enviroment that small, only 1 dc is required
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My new DELL T1700 computer has Windows 7 Professional, SP1

In setting up a network workgroup at home with three other computers, it gives me a choice between a business or home network:
* "This computer is part of a business network. I use it to connect to other computers at work."
* "This is a home computer, it is not part of a business network."

The options are located in: [computer] [properties] [advanced system settings] [computer name] [network ID]

I select "home" but upon restarting the setting goes back to "business". What effect does this setting have, as I am having trouble connecting to this computer from the other three. (It rejects a user name and password: stan and stan.) It can access files on the other 3 computers.

What effect does the choice of business vs home have?
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Hello All Here's a question for all you network savvy guys and gals My wife has a home based photography business Her studio is located on our property Currently photography for and home remote business Network access her network consists of her PC a Motorola DSL Modem Router from ATT and an external USB HD She would like to be able to access her photos that are at her studio from home say on a laptop but I am unsure the best method for this She needs to be able to access these images in such a way that she can post-process them in program such as Photoshop at home and then save the image so that it updates that file in her studio when shes completed the post editing So basically it's like being able to edit images in places while keeping the original files and the saved processed images in one central location I don't know if this means NAS something in the cloud or simply remote accessing the PC through Windows Or perhaps some other method Network and remote access for home photography business that I don't know about I consider myself to be decently informed when it comes to computer stuff but I want to Network and remote access for home photography business get this right the first time around so I figured it best to gain insight from those who are more skilled than I before moving forward I would appreciate anyone and everyone's help

A:Network and remote access for home photography business

Welcome to Seven Forums,

A NAS would be a doable option to access, modify and save all the files. I use them at work/home and works well.

A remote access would also do, if she would like to remote control her computer. You may try Team Viewer, the Free version I use this myself for personal stuff.
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#1 asrock k7se8xe , xp pro , amd athlon xp 2800 , 400 w power supply .Spybot, adaware norton anti virus, definitions up to date , zone alarm firewall etc ,.. PC boots right up to desktop screen , a black box with blue edges appears on the outside edge it says " windows system 32\cmd.exe " inside it says " documents and settings joe/ shutdown-T- 00 - s- f " .it then reboots . I pressed pause/break to try to read fault and it did not cut out . I closed the box with ' x ' the pc runs ok after that. If you turn it off it is with fault when it boots up --cuts out .I had loaded spyware doctor earlier . I uninstalled it -- same . I ran virus scan, spyware dr , i ran trojan hunter . Other pc is similar same black box etc ---what's next

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I have set up 2 home computers running Windows XP to share a DSL connection through my router. The way it's set up now, one computer is the host computer and the other computer connects to the internet through that one.

I don't know much about networking, but do I have to have one computer connecting to the internet through the other one, or can they both just share a connection through the router (I guess that would mean both as clients)? I'm just worried about the shared connection being slow.

Thanks for any help.

A:small home network

they should both be connected to the router and then you share the broadband - what connection speed do you have- I have uptoo 5 PC's/Laptops connected to my router on a 1MB broadband connection - and unless lots of downloads - surfing is fine
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Good afternoon everyone I have business Creating small network a for the "right" been asked by a small business owner my uncle to offer my recommendations on upgrading their office technology including network equipment PCs and peripherals in anticipation of a new software application they are buying to automate a number of business functions I am looking for recommendations because some of these items fall outside my comfort zone My background In a former life I was a PC Desktop support guy but I have been out of that doing management consulting for years now Background on the company computer users at the company Not heavy on technology but looking leverage technology more than what they have now email peer to peer network Currently use POP email through their ISP Creating the "right" network for a small business and are having no issues complaints Use Quickbooks Pro for accounting with multiple users The new software package mentioned above is network capable For reference www specialtysoft com POS version Users are NOT technical so I need a relatively simple self-managing solution They currently just have standard DSL service and web hosting from their ISP no static IPs etc Technology goals Wireless network for laptop clients wired network for desktops and server if needed Enable remote access to allow owner and others to work from home Would need access to files email Quickbooks and the new SW package mentioned Enable Mobile email Data backed up regularly without having to worry about it need peace of mind Based on my knowledge of their business they are not looking to do the following Exchange POP from ISP seems to be fine Host their own website again using ISP is fine As stated in the title of my post I am looking for the quot right quot solution here One that is not too complex that they end up failing but one that is powerful enough to enable the above listed goals My biggest question is how to best enable remote access I have started looking very briefly at MS Small Business Server While this will definitely get the job done I wonder if it is quot too much quot I feel some level of a server is necessary to enable file sharing print sharing application sharing etc Perhaps using only a subset of Small Biz Server is the way to go If anyone has recommendations or available web resources that could help me put together the right configuration for them I would greatly appreciate it I am also looking for recommendations for the following Wired Wireless router to support - clients Middle-class all in one color printer thinking - range Quality Server and Desktop PCs Dell seems to make garbage these days Thanks in advance for any responses on this -Carson nbsp

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Hi guys,

I've been trying for a while now, to connect 3 of my computers in a small home network. As far I understand all I have to do is have a wireless router.. and then put all 3 computers under the same workgroup, then they should be able to see each other. I do have a trend micro firewall, which I put under the profile small home network.

Anyone know why I can't see my other computers...? or a way to get more information of why I can't see them?


A:trying to setup a small home network.

As long as they are all in the same LAN you will be able to connect to each other. Ensure Network Discovery is enabled.

Use the same username and password on each computer and it will save you the trouble of re-authenticating.
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Hello I have had a wireless network system set up at Home Small questions... Network home for about five years I did not set it up myself I normally am the go to person at our house for computers but I was in the Small Home Network questions... hospital when our new computer was delivered and a friend installed the network and set it up So not even being here when it was done I don t really know how it all works etc It has been very kind to me and allows me to ignore it basically lol I have a wireless home network using two laptops a Dell laptop and a MacBook using Comcast Cable At the moment I am having no problems with running either computer but I am getting ready to buy a new computer and want to make sure I don t introduce a problem Anything to look out for Secondly we have a printer that we use by docking the laptops to it to print and would really love to print wirelessly What needs to happen Old printer works fine We might be considering switching though to a new one that scans and copies as well Surfboard Cable Modem SB Dell True Mobile HP Deskjet Thanks for any comments or experiences you can share adam nbsp

A:Small Home Network questions...

Shouldn't be any issues, you have a pretty standard networking rig there. You can pick up a wireless print server to connect the printer wirelessly. If the printer can be close to the router, then I'd probably go for the wired print server, easier to get working, and more reliable as well.
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Hi there I have an issue with a network i have setup in my home The network has my PC a Laptop and a cable modem all connecting to a com port switch via ethernet I have had the network set up correctly and working however the other day we where clearing out some rooms in the house and temporarily took the network apart only to find it not home network with small Problem working Problem with small home network correctly when we put it back together What happens is the cable modem Problem with small home network posts to the switch the switch then posts to only of the computers and the one that it posts to depends on which PC is turned on first I contacted my ISP they said everything was fine however the guy on customer support said that he was reading the NIC card on my PC the one which had the internet at that time as the primary controller of the connection or something like that which seems odd considering i thought there would be some sort of reference to my switch from his side and not my MAC address on my pc He also said it wasnt an ISP issue and to contact the switch vendor which i did only to find out that customer service by com is massivly dissapointing and i couldnt understand the person on the other side who was located somewhere in the middle east apparently eventually they told me that im not under warrenty because days had passed so im not entilted to technical support So im pretty screwed and need some help here Ive tried resetting everything countless times putting only the switch on the cable modem leaving it for mins then connecting the pcs but its just the same result - one of the PC s gets a limited or no connectivity light when i check the connection its sent around packets and recieved in a space of minutes I dont think it has anything to do with cables being bad since like i said one of the pcs gets a connection totally fine while the other suffers also it might be worth knowing ive had this problem before though it magically worked itself out which may or may not indicate that the switch is working fine aswell Any information you think can help would be a great help since im really screwed without this network thanks nbsp

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Hi there.

I have a home network with 2 pc's connected to each other via a router.

Both machines are Vista and in the network and sharing centre, I have all of the file sharing, printer sharing etc turned on. The password sharing is turned off.

They are both part of the same workgroup.

When I view the computers on the network, they can see each other, but if I try to access any of the folders on the other machine, it is asking for a username and password.

So, in order for me to be able to print to the shared printer shared from pc 1, on pc 2, I have to enter the username and password to access pc 1.

Is there any way around this?
Thanks in advance,


A:Problem with small home network


When you get prompted for the username/password you should get a check box labeled 'Remember my password', which should sort this out for you for next time. If not post back here and I'll see what I can do.

Hope this helps.


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I have two computers in my home office connected to each other via a 4port hub. They do not have internet access. Both machines are running XP. I have run the network wizard setup on both yet I still cannot get the machines to see each other. I have checked the names of the computers and the workgroups and they seem okay. I have also checked the leads and the connections.
Am I missing something blindingly obvious or does anyone have any other suggestions please.
Many Thanks.

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Hi All I ve been struggling to solve a calendaring contacts email problem for a while now My wife and I both work from home with frequent visits out We have an office space each with networked PCs We constantly need access to network 200x on Exchange home small update and read eachothers diaries as we also juggle childcare Outlook seems to Exchange 200x on small home network be the most suitable solution but it wont share the pst file and therefore we d need to run on Exchange This of course would have the added benefit of us being able to update wherever we are with internet access via exchange web server Outlook seems ideal as it hosts multipe calendars which can be viewed or not using check-boxes - which would suit us really well I m fairly confident under the hood and I have a couple of spare machines a PIII and a PIV and wondered if hosting exchange in-house would be a solution Obvious issues would be buying the program - I ve seen non-OEM copies of Exchange with CALs boxed on ebay for Wil run the Outlook front end But then new versions seem to run into the thousands Will my PIV Dell PowerEdge be up for the job Is it a set-and-forget solution or is there constant tinkering involved I have thought of the hosted exchange idea but wondered if utilising my spare machines would be more cost effective Help and suggestions would be most appreciated Kind Regards Red nbsp

A:Exchange 200x on small home network

ShareO program would help

I suggest you to use ShareO program which will help you to share MS Outlook data like: emails, calendars, contacts, tasks, etc. Just because you do not need any server, it is cost effective solution for about ~$35 per user.

Check it out:
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Some time ago I established a small home network with 2 PC's and Playstation. Playstation now swapped for XBox - with the help of generous people on this forum.

Both PC's run XP Home with all latestest patches. I run Trend Internet security.

When I open Trend and then look into the network that Trend shows, it now (as of about 30 or 4o days ago) shows up the normal PC's etc but also shows up another device which is always on a IP and don't understand the IP or what it may be.

I have security set and also passwords.

I am not sure what this is and have tried blocking but this does not seem to cause any issues or drop it.

Any idea's if this is ok or stranger?



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Alright so here's my scenario - I have a small home network with PCs which small network. home Sharing a permissions on I'll call quot PC quot quot PC quot and quot PC quot - quot Folder X quot is stored Sharing permissions on a small home network. on quot PC quot - I want to have quot Folder X quot accessible from quot PC quot and quot PC quot but NOT accessible from quot PC quot How can I do this I've been trying to get this to work for a little while fiddling with file sharing permissions but I'm a novice when it comes to networking and permissions Does anyone know how this might be done correctly Additionally I'd also like to set it up so that if any additional PCs are added to the network they do not have access to quot Folder X quot by default All PCs are running Windows Ultimate quot PC quot and quot PC quot are bit quot PC quot is bit Using a WRT G Wireless G router

A:Sharing permissions on a small home network.

Right-click on Folder X. An option will appear to "Share With >". Then select the "Specific People" choice. A list of all the users connected to you network will appear. Select who you wish to share with, and don't select anyone else.

Users added to the network (via adding a new PC) will not automatically have access.
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I have created a small home network using broadband router (SMCWGBR14-N) and hooked up 1 desktop pc (wired), 1 network printer (wired) and 1 laptop (wireless). FYI: OS is XP Prof for both computers.
A couple of things are working OK, like: I can go online and print both wired and wireless BUT I am not being able to create a workgroup (example: "HOMENETWORK") where I can share my files/folders/drive with other PC. I tried through "set up a small office network" in My Network Place but
a) when I go to "view workgroup computer" - cannot access.
b) try to share a folder and it is not allowing me - " error message: workgroup not found or not created", something like that !!

What am I doing wrong? Please let me know the step by step procedure.


Sincerely Yours,
- Bertrand.

A:Sharing files/folders in a small home network

1. Make sure everyone is in the same workgroup. (This has nothing to do with file sharing, but it cuts down on broadcasts and makes finding other computers easier.)

2. Make sure any firewalls allow access to your own network. This is not enabled by default. How you do this depends on the firewall.

3. Make sure user accounts are duplicated on all machines. Accounts other than yours do not have to have administrator access, they just should be there. This cuts down on problems with shares.

You should be able to share files and ping other computers by name at this point. My Network Places will eventually be populated, but it can take up to 58 minutes for this to happen. Remember that My Network Places is more like a catalog of what's out there. It has nothing to do with file sharing.

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I have a Vista laptop and two XP desktops networked up here at home. I just reformatted one of the XP desktops and now when I try to access it through either of the other two machines it asks me for a User name and password. I've tried just putting in the User account info that is set on the PC, as that method seems to work with accessing my laptop through either PC but it doesn't seem to work with my desktops. In the past I had this problem and I found a registry tweak that bypassed the whole User info screen. I would like to have an access prompt for user info but if anyone knows the registry answer that would be a nice temporary fix. This is not urgent but I do appreciate any help anyone is willing to offer. Thanks

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I was with intentions of moving my router to the mechanical room and was going to get a phone line from the box where all the connections are and i noticed if i not mistaken that i have cat5 through my house, in that case i was just going to change the phone jacks and have Ethernet and phone through the house and use it as my network
here are the pics

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I have two computers at home. One is a Desktop running WindowsXP and the other is a Laptop running Vista. I want to be able to connect to one from the other. The Desktop is hard wired to the router while the Laptop is running wireless. I have done it a few times using the Network feature on the computer but for some reason it has stopped finding the other computer and now I am unable to connect at all. Any help or is it not really possible due to vista/xp operating systems? Thanks

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I have a new dell inspiron 1525 with vista home basic. I also purchased a netgear wireless router. I have internet access with the router, but i would like to be able to network my laptop with my desktop ( a dell percission 220 workstation with windows xp home), and access my desktop and printer from my laptop and visa versa. i would also like to be able to access my desktop remotely i.e when i am away from home. can i do this, and how? i have made several attempts, following windows instructions, but to no avail. your assistance is greatly appreciated. have a great day!

A:setting up a home network

Go to control panel, internet options, connection, and use the

to setup a network connection wizard.
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Hi ok this might sound like a problem that everyone should know how to do it!


I have a pc running xp pro

I have just bought a new laptop running vista home edition

Im trying to network them both together but just can't! When i plug an RJ45 cable between the both of them the computer recognises it! But i can't find either computer anywhere!

Any help would be great thanks


Relevancy 63.64% I'm going to "network" my home-office. I have 2 pcs (1-xp pro, 1-98se). I went out today for a router. I ask in a previous post, if the routers needed any 'software'. I was told "no". I looked @ a Network Everywhere #NR041-WM for about $40.00. This has software for the router. What do you all think is a good router ?

A:Setting Up A Home Network

Dlink , Linksys or Netgear are all fine.
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I would like to set up a VPN Connection more secure to control my home PC from my laptop PC home Win ultimate bit My laptop Win Vista Business bit Router me with anywhere from network VPN home setting help up to Cisco-Linksys WRT GL Wireless-G Broadband Router ISP DSL Ip home I get from Whatismyipaddress com -XXX-XXX-XXX Hostname I get from Whatismyipaddress com adsl- -XXX-XXX-XXX dsl pltn pacbell net I do not have help me with setting up VPN to home network from anywhere a pubilc static IP address but my home PC is running at with a static IP X I read the Tutorial quot Remote Desktop Connection RDC quot in this forum help me with setting up VPN to home network from anywhere and I went through all the steps However it didn't work I am not sure what's wrong I also tried OpenVPN OpenVPN Server need to be installed on my home PC and OpenVPN client need to be installed in my laptop However for the Acesss Server Software I didn't find the version for Windows then I went through some of the steps here HOWTO It kind of complicated to follow Please help me with setting up a secure remote connection to my home network Thanks

A:help me with setting up VPN to home network from anywhere

Hi, welcome to the forums

You might want to look at the following tutorials:

Virtual Private Network (VPN) - Enable Incoming VPN Connections

Hope they help

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Hi All I have a got a very simple query for the experts here as I am not much into networking field My requirement - Personal web server - some laptops PC I have a router modem that terminates my internet connection and my webserver is connected to it and I network up home a Setting want to use my PCs but don t want to directly connect them to the router ports as there are only ports So I am planning to use a port switch for a LAN among my PCs i e I want to connect the switch to the router Setting up a home network and want to connect all the PCs to the switch I am planning to use a gigabit switch so that my lan network is fast and would use Cat cables or would cat e would be ok for me I reuire good transfer rate among the PCs I just want to know in simple steps what all key configuration I would have to do to setup such a network or if there are any tutorial or site for details about this would be good for me Any suggestions would be gr as I have been trying to get some info about this on net and found this forum useful Cheers Hungry Mind nbsp

A:Setting up a home network

trival buddy.


modem=====router-----Web Server
| | | |
(x) PC systems

To ensure all PCs see the webserver at the same address (regardless of the boot sequence),
give the webserver a static IP address.
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Hi I had the shop where I baught my new pc set up a home network for network??? up a home Setting me and it was working fine for two Setting up a home network??? days Then I did a windows update on the old machine and gone was my network I struggled but manage to set it up again But for some reason all the settings was lost again after I took both computers to a friends house to play but upon setting the two pc s up I saw that the network settings was lost again After that I could not manage to set up the home network again I am using a crossover cable direct between two lan connections Running xp home on one and se on the old machine Why do Setting up a home network??? the home network settings keep getting lost Was it because both had direct internet access Maybe virus I need step by step help on both the machines please new to the whole network settings I only have a dialup internet connection and don t need the old pc to surf the net Thanks nbsp

A:Setting up a home network???


Try setting up a new network.

Run the Home Networking Wizard on your XP machine, then using the XP CD, run it on the Win98SE machine.

Add your Comp names, descriptions and make sure both computers are in the same Workgroup and that the following is installed on both machines:

TCP/IP Protocol
Client software
File and Printing Software

Also install IPX/SPX Protocol (My network has a 98 machines on it and it need that installed)

Also check the network cards are sending and recieving data, check the lights on the cards and the network connection (once you have made them!)

Are they the same network cards and is your crossover cable definatly a crossover cable?

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I am trying to help a friend setup a desktop and laptop for a home network using a wireless router.
Both computers are using Windows 7, what she wants is to share files and printer between them.
My own setup is this way but unfortunately it was done for me, so I am in the dark also.
I have looked in the Tutorial section but was unable to find anything.


A:Setting up a Home Network

In Control Panel Network & Sharing Center
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I was trying to set up a home network. I clicked on show connections and get a message that mshome is not accessible. How can I not have permissions when I am the sole user (and administrator).

A:setting up a home network

One way is with a 3rd party firewall (internet security) not configured for LAN access.

Perhaps another way is to not have file and printer sharing enabled.
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Hi All

Spent several hours attempting to establish a wireless network involving a PC running Windows XP and a laptop running Windows 7. All I keep getting is 'Access Denied' on the laptop; meaning it cannot log onto the PC as the host, although it can see the PC in the network.

What is the solution; is there one? Or do I need to replace XP with Windows 7 on the PC?

Any advice, grealty appreciated.


A:Help with Setting Up Home Network

you might need to explain more what you are trying to attempt. Are you trying to loginto the computer using rdp or just sharing files?
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Our setup at the moment is simple.

Two PC's with XP SP2 and NG WG311 PCI Wireless card.

One NG D834G ADSL Wireless router.

In Net Con we can't see each other.

Ran the Network Setup Wizard using same settings, now I can see myself but my Dad can't see himself - we can't see each other.

I've checked out all the file sharing stuff etc - still the same... surely my Dad should be able to see his own "Shared Docs" folder like me.

Any ideas here?

A:Setting up home network

Your Dad has a 3rd party firewall that needs to be uninstalled or properly configured for LAN access.

Or one of these services is not running:
Computer Browser
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hi there I have computers a home up network setting at home that i ve been trying desparately to network together with mixed results What i d like to do is setup the network so that all computers can quot see quot each other setting up a home network share specific folders and printers and most importantly share the internet connection Here s what i have imac running os x pc s running winxp home winxp prof -port wired setting up a home network plus wireless access linksys router printers one of each of the winxp prof comps dialup internet access no dsl or cable where i live the mac and pcs one of the winxp prof and the home are connected to the router via eithernet cable the remaining winxp prof comp connects via wireless i was able to get it so that the printers and folders were accessable from the windows machines but not to share the internet connection using windows ICS I could also see shares on the pcs from the mac but not visa versa nor able to print at this point i basically gave up the winxp prof computers each have a modem and ideally i would like it so that each could connect independently as well as it not making a difference which one was connected to share the internet access BUT if i have to set this whole thing up so that one of the computers acts as the server then so be it anyone have any ideas i ve seen some quot easy quot home networking software packages out there but only for windows machines not win and mac I even tried Network Magic forgoing the mac temporarily but even though i have a compatable router it wasn t able to see it the only monkey wrench in this that i can think of is that a linksys cust serv rep had me change the ip addy of the router to use it with ICS from to thanks Robbie nbsp

A:setting up a home network

If you start from scratch, this should work. Configure ICS on the one machine that has the Internet connection. We'll consider it the "primary" router for this configuration. Your Linksys router will be the "secondary" router for the configuration. Use the following configuration.

Connecting two SOHO broadband routers together.

Configure the IP address of the secondary router to be in the same subnet as the primary router, but out of the range of the DHCP server in the primary router. For instance DHCP server addresses through, I'd assign the secondary router as it's IP address.

Disable the DHCP server in the secondary router.

Setup the wireless section just the way you would if it was the primary router.

Connect from the primary router's LAN port to one of the LAN ports on the secondary router. If there is no uplink port and neither of the routers have auto-sensing ports, use a cross-over cable. Leave the WAN port unconnected!
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I searched but couldn t find So here is my problem OK so I have my cable internet coming into my modem then router setting network help home up then two computers connected to the internet wired from the router Can I connect these help setting up home network two computers together in a network so I can share files back and forth with this configuration If so how if not how can I set it up for this help setting up home network to work So far I have tried this with the setup I tried the network setup wizard and they are part of the same workgroup From this computer my main one I can go into quot help setting up home network my network places quot and it shows my shared folder When I click on quot view workgroup computers quot it shows the two computers on my network with the proper names and all When I try to select one I get the following error Xxx computer name is not accessible You might not have permission to use this network resource Contact the administrator of this server to find out if you have access permissions The network path was not found Click to expand The other computer shows and says the exact same thing I hope this makes sense BTW I have successfully set up the internet on both machines so I know that aspect is working and they obviously recognize eachother as they show up in the folder with the proper names I just can t get into the other computer from the network places folder Any help would be appreciated nbsp

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Hey all, I just recently put together a new desktop for myself to replace my aging laptop. What I'd like to do is set up a small network of some sort as to allow me to get data from my laptop to my new desktop. I've got dual LAN on my desktop and as for the laptop I can use wireless or hardwire through the router, either is fine with me. Also, I supposed, if needed, I could make up a piece of crossover cable if someone told me how to connect the wires. I have a crimper and plenty of spare cat5e cable lying around. Thanks in advance.

A:Setting up a new home network

You should be able to connect both to the router (I'd use wires for ease of configuration), and just set the laptop to automatically obtain it's IP and DNS addresses. Add in the File/Print sharing client, and you should be good to go.
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I have a wireless home network and I have a Buffalo Linkstation Pro NAS connected by wire to my router On the NAS I have a share the contents of which I would like to be accessible NAS home Help as on setting network FTP via ftp from any PC anywhere I am complete FTP Help setting NAS as FTP on home network novice but here s what I have done so far On the NAS s control panel I have allowed ftp support set up access permissions and given an user name password one set for read only and the other for read write I have also allowed ftp on my router s control panel under Port Forwarding I am on static IPs with PlusNET my ISP and I have registered my router s external IP with the DynDNS service so that my IP address can be used as a web address What else do I have to do to access the contents of the NAS via FTP I don t want to have to install any third party software - I want to do it all with Windows Internet Explorer if possible Please help Thanks nbsp

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Ok, so I'm trying to create a network to serve all my media files from my desktop between my laptops.

I have a Linksys WRP400 and as usual linksys tech support is useless... When setting up the router via the wizard, it requests a PIN from me that is supposed to be located on the device or in the documentation, but I can't find it anywhere. So I can't set up my server... Anyone have any suggestions??

A:Setting up a home network

A PIN as in a password?

Ifso, try:
They're sometimes used as the default password, if you haven't changed it...

I'll look into this some more.

EDIT: Hammer Vs. Linksys WRP400
Hammer wins!
PIN is inside... Maybe
Broken Linksys WRP400

An extra note, try looking in the documentation, again, its very easy to overlook things.
The way people and companies are these days, its most likely in 1 font, so you can't read it.
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My son has just got a new PC for Xmas and we are now trying to create a home network Our PC situation is as follows PC - a desktop PC running XP Home with attached printer PC - a desktop PC running XP Pro Both PC s connect to the internet via wireless adapters that connect to a Netgear DG G Wireless Router which is not physically connected to either PC Both PC s have been assigned to the same Workgroup e g OurHome amp the printer has been shared The situation that we need to achieve is that both PC s have access to the shared printer I realise that PC will need to be turned on for PC to use the printer amp that we are able to access certain folders on each others PC We ve tried to create a Home or Small Office Network but are unable to see the other PC from either or connect to the shared printer from PC We re not usually technically challenged but this is causing us a mighty headache Is any able to give us either detailed instructions on how to achieve what we want or even tell Network Setting Up a Home us if its not possible Thanks in advance for any help that can be offered nbsp

A:Setting Up a Home Network

On each machine run the Network Setup Wizard (can be found in Control Panel). Tell it that computer gets internet from "residential gateway," and enable file and printer sharing. Windows XP firewall will be properly configured by the wizard. You must uninstall or properly configure any 3rd party firewalls. Computers must have unique names but same Workgroup.

The Shared Documents folder will be shared automatically. For any other folder you want to share, right click on it and choose 'sharing ...'. You can optionally give write permission.

To share a printer connected to a computer, go to Printers and Faxes, right click on the printer, and choose 'sharing ...'.

When you first go into My Network Places there will be nothing there. The first time you click on 'View Workgroup computers' will probably result in great disappointment. It takes awhile (20 minutes; even hours) before all the computers in the workgroup get up-to-date and accurate lists of the other computers. Often you can speed up this process via Search for other computers, and a few computer restarts.

On computers that want to use a printer that is on a different machine, when you can see the other computer's shares (shared folders and printers) in My Network Places, right click on the printer and choose "connect ...'.

If you get failure at any step (after allowing some lag time as mentioned above), please tell us exactly what failed and what you were attempting at that time.
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hey, i purchased a new PC and i plan to set it up in my pool house which is approx. 100 feet from my main computer with the modem and router. I know i cant use another modem for that my question is what can i use to setup an internet connection for my new PC without slowing the download rate? thanks in advance!

A:Setting up a Home Network...HELP!

Well, a second modem wil not work with the first modem at the same time, unless it is setup by the service provider. The best thing to do is to run CAT5e from the router to the new location.
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Dear All,

I have a query--apart from the Homegroup there any other way via which files can be shared between my Win 7 32-bit laptop & Win 8 64-bit desktop?

I am looking for something like-- upon clicking the PC name in the explorer, a window prompting for password will pop up and then upon entering correct password (may be the PC login password), the shared folders will be accessible?

Am sure Homegroup is the easiest solution out there. But I would like to know the other way too.


A:Need help with setting up home network

You can complete a peer to peer share rather than a homegroup if you wish:

Create a folder that you wish to share then follow this tutorial - File Sharing - "Share with" & "Stop Sharing" in Windows 8

To enable password protected sharing make sure you follow this tutorial - Password Protected Sharing - Turn On or Off in Windows 8

Hope This Helps,
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Getting ready to network (wireless) two desktops for DSL. We have the modem (haven't signed up with BellSouth yet, still using our old dialup provider)and still have to get the Linksys router and wireless reception gadgets for the two computers (pardon my lack of technical terminology). Both computers already have Ethernet cards. One thing I'm thinking might be a problem. Daughter has two desktop towers linked with crossover cable. Where will she plug in the reception card for DSL since the crossover cable is plugged into her network card. Also, will there be a problem setting up the LAN with the wireless router? Will she just have two networks available and me one (name ours LAN1 or something like that).

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I network!! home need setting up help have one computer already and i need help setting up home network!! want need help setting up home network!! to add another one to make a network I want to be able to access the internet and files on computer using computer I have a cable internet connection using a cable modem computer is already set up to the internet and i am running windows xp computer has a ethernet card used to be connected to cable modem but it is running windows se i want set up computer in another room for internet access mainly i started to read about how to set it up but got confused i guess i need to buy some type of router - or a switch - i don t know the difference is that all or do i also need a hub i am looking for the cheapest solution also does interet access on computer rely on computer being on i am hoping that it doesn t if anyone can help me that would be great - i think i am going to run to radio shack to see what they have so any info i get from here first would be a big help first thanks guys jon nbsp

A:need help setting up home network!!

yep you need a router - should be able to cinnect your cable modem output into the cable router and then plug both computers into the router - you may need a combined modem/router - need more details make and models of modem PC etc etc
just depends onhow you are going to get cables around the house.
You may want to get a wireless router and wireless interfaces in your PC - to avoid cables.

is it going to be easy to cable them both to a router
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My server is comcast and I have my router hooked up to my desktop, but I do not know how to set up a network between my desktop and wireless laptop,,, If anyone could help I would greatly appreciate it.



A:Help setting up a home network?

Hi Niteldy, and welcome to TSG

Does your router have built-in WiFi support? If not, the easiest way to add a wireless connection would be to replace the router with one that has both wireless and wired support. You could also add a wireless access point to the existing router.
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Hello again Okay I ve been wanting to do this a while for my parents but want to make sure I do it right correct security ease of use etc I want to set them up with a home network for their computers What we have right now is a linksys router that supplies the internet for all the computers As of right now there are laptops PC and Mac that wirelessly connect to the router for Internet Access as well home a Setting network up as my Playstation that is directly connected to the Router I want to use the One Desktop PC as sort of a File Server so that all computers going in will be able to connect to it to save files and such I want to make sure I do it right since I know that wireless can be very unsecure if not configured properly Right now it s pretty much just a open wireless connection Setting up a home network to where anyone with a wireless card can just access the internet through us That is all the wireless serves us for as of Setting up a home network right now since we don t have any filesharing active or anything The laptops have Windows XP Professional SP on them the Desktop that I want to use as the File server has Windows and the Mac has OS on it Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated Thanks nbsp