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Hardware or Software fault? re Nvidia Geforce Go 7600

Q: Hardware or Software fault? re Nvidia Geforce Go 7600

Hi there I've installed Windows Ultimate bit on a HP Pavilion Laptop model dv eu by backing up my work and formatting the HDD The issue I am having is that I cannot seem to get the Nvidia Graphics driver to work I downloaded the most recent driver for the Nvidia Geforce Go from Nvidia site and I get the blue screen so I have now uninstalled the driver and gone back to standard VGA I have also searched this forum and I came across the following thread which assisted Geforce fault? Hardware 7600 re Software Go or Nvidia me in the past with a Sony Vaio laptop NVIDIA Driver - Convert from Desktop to Mobile Laptop I followed the instructions outlined but I still get a blue screen on this HP laptop I also get red green vertical lines on the boot Hardware or Software fault? re Nvidia Geforce Go 7600 screen but it goes away when the quot Starting quot graphic appears with the windows logo I can still log into windows using the Standard VGA driver which windows installs but I would like to get the Nvidia driver to work I think there is a physical problem with the Graphics card but then why am I able to login to Windows Can anyone advise please Thanks in advance

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Preferred Solution: Hardware or Software fault? re Nvidia Geforce Go 7600

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Hardware or Software fault? re Nvidia Geforce Go 7600

I have a dv9720us and it has the Geforce 7150M/nforce 630M graphics using version 179.67 for windows Vista 64 bit drivers, because the Windows 7 64 bit are beta.
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hello!I have been trying to get the drivers for NVidia GeForce 7600 GT graphic card but i cant find anything....anyone know where to get them?

A:NVidia GeForce 7600 GT drivers

Try here Windows Vista 64-bit
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So i was playing world of warcraft for a while this morning.. about an hour and the game freezes and soon u have a BSOD. (0x116) (nvlddmkm.sys)

I looked it up online and its caused by the graphics card driver.

I restored my comp but that did no good. BSOD came soon after the "starting windows" screen

So i reinstalled Windows 7 and tried installing nVidia drivers from windows update (i know i shouldnt do this), manufacturer website (but they only had for windows vista) and finally from the nvidia site (there was only a 179.48 beta driver available)

after installing that beta driver i have the same problem at the boot screen. and i cant find a previous stable version.

I use a hp dv9267ea laptop with an nvidia geforce go 7600 and its been running fine for the last 3 years playing WOW occasionally for a month or 2 every 6 months.

Any help?

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Downloaded Runes of Magic And i cant play it becase of the lag U guys think i can maybe twink my Driver to run better? im going to buy a new card on monday = /
When I scroll on some sites its slow as hell to..... =(

A:Nvidia Geforce 7600 GS Tweaking?

Hello there mate.

Some people havused the old volt mod on these cards, and have had amazing results.

Here is a link to one forum where people have done it and had great results.

However be warned that you could crap out your card, so be careful.

But above all else, have FUN
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Hi. I built a new computer and the Sims 2 keeps crashes and restarts. Can some one help me. I have:

ASUS p5n32-e sli plus
Intel core 2 6300
1022mb ram
2 Nvidia GeForce 7600gt sli 256mb (pci-e)
SoundMAX hd audio card
DirectX 9.0c

I can play Doom 3, Call of Duty 2, Quake 4 all on high. I just can't play Sims 2. I have the lastest drivers.

Do I need a better card.

A:can't play sims 2 on a Nvidia GeForce 7600 GT

If you can play those other games without crashes or problems, it's quite possible you have another problem... likely northbridge or cpu temp/voltage issue. Sims 2 is more cpu & memory intensive than most games.

I'd start by downloading and running Asus's Probe II software and let this run on the desktop while trying Sims 2. This will allow you to monitor your CPU temp, voltages and system ambient temps. With good cooling, neither temp should ever go over 50C.. with ambient temps >50C may be a sign of an overheating Northbridge (occasional problem on that series motherboard, but easy to fix).

Lastly, does this problem occur when you run single-card vs. SLI? This would be the next test to see if it's a profile/NVIDIA driver problem with SLI + Sims 2. If it works fine in single-card mode, you should report this issue on the NV forums in hopes of a fix in drivers.
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NVIDIA GeForce 7600 GS

I must tell everyone that I successfully installed an “optional” Windows Update on 08/14/07 entitled “NVIDIA Driver Update for NVIDIA GeForce 7600 GS” and it made quite a difference to my Television viewing through the Windows Media Center. The colors are much more alive and I’m very pleased. I’m sure it improved the overall performance of my graphics, monitor etc.

Anyone using this particular graphics card SHOULD consider this update.

Windows Vista Home Premium
64-bit Operating System
I.E. 7 (32-bit and 64-bit)
Gateway FX510S
Intel(R) Pentium® D 950 CPU 3.40GHz
800 MHz FSB, 2x2MB cache non-HT EM64T
Intel (Watsonville 2) 975x Motherboard
BIOS WT97510J.15A.2039.2006.0825.0358
600-Watt power supply
4093 MB RAM
NVIDIA GeForce 7600 GS Graphics Card
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Okay i just bought the card has SLI WDM PCI-E and Memory along with gigs of ram quot CPU Intel Pentium CPU GHz GHz - Load Hard disk C Free GB Used GB Total GB Memory Free MB Used MB Total MB question 7600 GS Quick Nvidia GeForce quot no idea why it says MB when it should be MB it also registers on My Computer properties as GB but anyways thats another question wondering why im not getting the full GB aswell as if Quick Nvidia GeForce 7600 GS question im ready for the vista upgrade wether i will get any lag or video will start to get choppy waiting for the DX card from nvidia sometime later this year with DDR so this is a temp card i hear theres a lot of issues on vista and not really worth it but im up for a change just need a person who has been there and not some guy who read a lot about it over the winter my card was created by PNY they say their cards are Windows vista ready seriese and up

A:Quick Nvidia GeForce 7600 GS question

i use this card on vista with no problems
xp not recognising ram over 2g is normal
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Hello guys I've been using Windows x since the beta GT nvidia geforce problem 7600 drivers releases and my dual monitor configuration has been working great until yesterday However I'm now unable to use any monitor while using the MS nvidia geforce gt driver It's as if it's always recognizing the driver and it ends up blinking both screens turning on off and that means I can't use the PC Looking at the even viewer I see several messages that say something like this Driver Management concluded the process to install driver monitor inf amd ff d fea b monitor inf for Device Instance ID DISPLAY ACR B amp FF amp amp UID with the following status x I've ended up removing the nvidia driver and I'm now using the default one which comes with windows in practice this will let me work with only one monitor Has anyone faced this problem Any tips on how to solve it It seems to be related with the driver but I don't know how to fix it thanks and regards luis
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Hello everyone,

I am upgraded my Hp Pavilion dv9235nr notebook pc from vista to windows 7. I have a legit copy of windows 7 32 bit version. I noticed my laptop is using a generic windows graphic driver, so I attempted to update the driver to the official nvidia driver for Geforce Go 7600. After i install it and restart the laptop, it bsod right after the windows 7 logo appears. Then I have to repair windows to get it booting up again.
Attached is the BSOD dump file and required info. I hope you all can help me out.

Thanks in advance and Happy Holidays,

A:BSOD when I install driver to Nvidia Geforce Go 7600

First, you may want to update your BIOS: WinFlash for HP Notebook System BIOS (for Notebooks with Intel Processors) - Microsoft Windows Based HP Pavilion dv9235nr Notebook PC - HP Customer Care (United States - English)

Also, it is recommended to download and install the display card driver from your vendor rather than from the graphics card manufacturer with notebook PCs. You can download NVIDIA GeForce Series Video Driver HP Pavilion dv9235nr Notebook PC - HP Customer Care (United States - English) and install using the steps in Drivers - Install Vista Drivers on Windows 7.
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i got this update through windows update and i already using my lasted nvidia driver 266.58 so what is this .....

nVidia - Display, Other hardware - NVIDIA GeForce 9500 GT

Release DATE 3/31/2011 (published)

Update type: Optional

nVidia Display, Other hardware software update released in February, 2011

A:nVidia - Display, Other hardware - NVIDIA GeForce 9500 GT

Quote: Originally Posted by Overson

i got this update through windows update and i already using my lasted nvidia driver 266.58 so what is this .....

nVidia - Display, Other hardware - NVIDIA GeForce 9500 GT

Release DATE 3/31/2011 (published)

Update type: Optional

nVidia Display, Other hardware software update released in February, 2011

Hello Overson, welcome to the forum

Windows update does not necessarily install the newest drivers . If you are having no problems with the driver 266.58 then I would stay with that one
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My current Specs

Motherboard: Gigabyte MA74GMT-S2 (AM3 Socket, AMD Ready)
Processor: AMD Phenom II X4 3.4GHz 965
RAM: 4 GB Ram
Operating System: Windows XP Home Edition

I have an external graphics card (Plug-In)
Which is Nvidia Geforce Gt240 the PNY Edition.

I put the disc in to install it and it says there is no software for my current hardware or operating system.
Is it possible to get the graphics card working on my current specs, if so, then How?

A:Nvidia Geforce GT240 PNY Hardware Error

try to download and install
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Recently I took delivery of a new PC Intel Pentium quot LGA Prescott quot GHz FSB with HT Technology Asus P AD Premium X LGA Motherboard Western is - or hardware Serious software it problem fault a ? Digital Caviar Special Edition GB JB ATA- MB Cache AOpen H A Super Tower W Serious problem - is it a hardware fault or software ? PSU Corsair MB DDR XMS - Pro Windows XP Pro already owned Everything was going fine until I connected to the net for the first time and got a virus that made the pc keep restarting itself and freezing up the net As a result of this I decided to reformat the hard drive and start from scratch nothing unusual there yes but as I had never reformatted before I by mistake tried to reinstall Windows via desktop instead of reformatting the hard drive first and that is where the problems began when I tried to reformat the hard drive like i should have done in the first place my pc kept refusing saying that there were programs already running the virus I guess Now when I try and install Windows via boot up it comes up with the following error message every time that I try and install Windows via boot up stop x b xf c xc x x This also happens if I change over hard drives so it can t be a hard drive problem BIOS update has also been installed so that is running normally So is it a a faulty XP disc b a problem with the motheboard c a system virus I need to know as it simply won t let me install Windows even after reformat or switching drives nbsp

A:Serious problem - is it a hardware fault or software ?

Sounds like the computer is not booting of the CD. You need to go into the BIOS setup when the computer first turns on, usually press F2 or DEL, and find the Boot Order. Make sure the Boot Order has the CD-ROM in the sequence before the hard drive. Then save and exit. Now when the computer starts with the XP CD in the drive it should come up and ask you to press any key to boot off the CD which is what you want to do. Then follow the onscreen instructions. You will probably want to do a new/clean install of XP so you will want to format the drive when asked.

Here's some installation guides:
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I ve been really suffering and cursing my laptop When I attach an external monitor under + fault this atikmdag I covered - am software or is hardware? warranty? it will work fine - for a while And then it will just crash If I don t yank out the external monitor cable in time - I see the dreaded bluescreen of atikmdag fault - is this software or hardware? + am I covered under warranty? death Today the same thing happened - but I noticed in the bubble from system tray mention atikmdag I googled and it atikmdag fault - is this software or hardware? + am I covered under warranty? seems I am not alone - atikmdag fault - is this software or hardware? + am I covered under warranty? there are millions and billions of people suffering from the same problem The thing is tooo much information I couldn t figure out head or tail of what exactly the cause and solution was Many links say that it could be based on a zillion different thing and to each of these there are different solutions Firstly is it hardware or software Secondly can I make a claim against my warranty I have a Dell laptop and am years into a year warranty - so I m still covered I would add I have updated the latest graphics driver from Dell - doesn t solve problem And also I thought I d mention I rebuild my laptop every days and make sure all Windows and Virus updates are in place - so it ALWAYS is a fresh new laptop - just mentioning this to dismiss the fact that it could be a Windows problem Any replies would be great Thanks OM nbsp

A:atikmdag fault - is this software or hardware? + am I covered under warranty?

The ATI driver that is being blamed in the error pop up is for your graphics card but it could mean that your card is failing.

When you say "I rebuild my laptop every 30 days" what exactly do you do and what software are you using.

Windows and all Anti Virus software can be set to automatically update so you should not need to check either of them.

Follow this to post a few of the latest minidumps from the BSOD's so they can be analysed.

First locate your minidump files, they are usually found by clicking on your C: drive, in windows explorer, then click on Windows to view the contents. If your operating system is installed under a different drive letter then look there. They should be stored under a file called minidump.The files will have a .dmp extension.
Zip up at least 6 of the most recent files into one zip folder and save on your desktop (if there are less then just zip up what you have).
Below the reply box click on Go Advanced. Then scroll down until you see a button, Manage Attachments. Click on that and a popup-window opens.
Click on the Browse button, find the zip folder you made earlier and doubleclick on it.
Now click on the Upload button in the popup. When done, click on the Close this window button.
Enter your message-text, then click on Submit Message.Click to expand...
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i just bought an nvidia Ge force 9400 gt and tried installing the drivers and i get an error message that says
(the nvidia setup program has detected that one or more Microsoft hardware installation wizards are active. do you want to continue with setup? click yes to minimize setup until you complete or cancel the other installation wizard(s). click no to exit setup.)
the installation wizard is trying to automatically install the hardware but if i go into control panel/administrative tools/plug and play and disable plug and play like i was told, the program says that there is no available graphics adapter but the original error message telling me other installation programs are running is gone. how am i supposed to install these drivers if windows is trying to install them with another program? How can i disable hardware install wizard so that it doesnt disable the graphics adapter PLEASE HELP!

A:Windows hardware installation manager overrides my Nvidia Geforce 9400 GT install

Follow these steps to install your new graphics card:

1. Download the latest drivers for your card. Clean all old video drivers from your system. You may use Driver Sweeper if you wish.
2. Shut your PC down and put the new GPU in the motherboard slot.
3. Start up the system and change your primary graphics adapter in BIOS to PCI-E (assuming you have a PCI-E card) or PCI / AGP.
4. After logging in to Windows just close the Hardware Installation Wizard when it comes up. Double click on the drivers you downloaded and it should be installed without any issues.
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in advance sorry for my bad english im from holland ok so i built my own pc weeks ago got everything working well etc etc BUT when i installed service pack i got some sirious issues with my video drivers card im still not to sure what it is But im certain its not a buggy card like a lot of other GT problem is whenever i reboot my pc all nvidia drivers are gone and my pc is working on some sort of crappy windows vga driver i can solve the problem by installing forceware drivers and then reboot my pc after the reboot everything is normal aggain but same stuff happens when i reboot aggain gotta do the whole procedure aggain ive tried a lot of stuff reinstalling windows xp trying a lot of nvidia drivers but the problem is still there and always happens right after i install service pack if u guys got ANNY suggestion about this problem i would be greatfull ps i dont overclock so that cant be it thx already PC specs Asus a n sli deluxe Asus geforce GT AMD san diego Corsair Dual channel mb -mhz Samsung spinpoint GB sata software/hardware? Bad Geforce 7900 II nbsp

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hi guys I have a Gateway laptop model MT While using it yesterday it suddenly crashed It would not even start So I reinstalled Windows Vista After that I went online to Gateway website and found all the software Nvidia for go 6100 install driver geforce can't driver software for my laptop model I installed all of them successfully except the driver software for the graphics card My laptop has Nvidia Geforce Go graphics card When I try to install the driver for it I get an error message saying quot Software did not find any hardware compatible with it quot After this the setup process comes to an end Immediately after this I get another message quot This software might not have installed properly quot with two options quot Run the program with the recommended settings quot and quot This can't install driver software for Nvidia geforce go 6100 program installed properly quot I clicked on running thr program with the recommended settings and again I got a error message saying quot This software is only for Windows Vista This computer does not have Windows Vista quot I would be very grateful if any of u could tell can't install driver software for Nvidia geforce go 6100 me how to install the graphics can't install driver software for Nvidia geforce go 6100 card driver software When I looked up in the internet I found out that Nvidia go is integrated into the motherboard When I looked in my Device Manager I could not even see the Nvidia graphics card and only saw quot Standard VGA card quot So even Windows Vista hasn t been able to find it Please someone help me to install the driver nbsp

A:can't install driver software for Nvidia geforce go 6100

The NVIDIA site doesn't appear to list a driver for the NVIDIA GeForce Go 6100.


Go here to download the chipset and VGA drivers.

Download and save them, then close all open windows first, then install the chipset driver first, then restart, then install the VGA driver second, then restart again.

Note: Make sure to select the correct version of Vista before you download the drivers.

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Hey i have a question regarding mobile graphics card. i was looking at two different laptops <>



one is equipped with a NVIDIA GeForce 9300M GS and the other with a NVIDIA GeForce 9400M.

I found on notebookcheck that the 9400m is ranked higher than the 9300m, but the 9400 is an integrated card, and that the 9300m has dedicated memory! i am confused because i always believed that a dedicated card will be better than integrated so i am very confused!!!

please comment if you can clear this up for me! thanks much


A:Solved: NVIDIA GeForce 9300M GS vs. NVIDIA GeForce 9400M

please help!!!!!!!!
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I've had my GTX for awhile now and recently within the past couple of months I get these random crashes when I'm watching a video or playing a game How it happens Everything will just freeze then un-freeze I do not get a BSOD If I'm watching a video on a media player or on Youtube it will just go black and I'll have to restart it Hardware? or Crashes: Card Video Nvidia Software With Nvidia Video Card Crashes: Software or Hardware? games it will freeze bring me back to Windows show the error in the bottom right Display driver stopped responding and has recovered and the game will still be running but minimized I can then click on the game and continue playing until it happens again I've tried manually updating the drivers by uninstalling removing leftovers in safemode with Driver Sweeper then installing the latest driver No help I've also tried editing the registry entry by adding the quot TdrDelay quot line in the GraphicsDrivers directory and setting the value to At first I set the value to and it just amplified the problem Setting it to calmed the problem down A LOT but it will still freeze and when it does the entire computer freezes and I have to restart the rig Also all temps are going to F C on the gpu running Furmark I would really just like to narrow this down to a hardware or software problem so I can have an idea as to where to go next any help is greatly appreciated please let me know if you need any other information -jb Rig AMD BE Asus M A T Deluxe GTX w PSU Win Ult x Error Message Description A problem with your video hardware caused Windows to stop working correctly Problem signature Problem Event Name LiveKernelEvent OS Version Locale ID Extra information about the problem BCCode BCP FFFFFA E E BCP FFFFF F BCP BCP OS Version Service Pack Product Bucket ID X x DxgKdxFailed IMAGE nvlddmkm sys Server information cfcdadbd- ff - fd-a f- f e e e

A:Nvidia Video Card Crashes: Software or Hardware?

STOP 0x117 is very similar to STOP 0x116 - and here's the link for troubleshooting it: STOP 0x116: VIDEO_TDR_ERROR troubleshooting

You've updated the drivers, you've tested w/Furmark. Have you checked to ensure that the card is getting enough power, that it's fan is working, and that the cooler is clear of dust/obstructions?

If you've done all that, then the next step is to try another video card. If you don't have one, see if you can borrow one. Worst case, purchase one at a place that will allow you to return it for a full refund.
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I recently installed the geforce 7600 GS ..but icons are blurry and web page pictures look blocky. the card is working can I fix this?

A:geforce 7600 gs

I think you need to change your resolution through display in control panel.
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When i start my computer my graphics card starts out like hot but not really hot when i start playing games is it because my fan has a lot of dirt in it and its heating up my computer or do i need a water cooler that bad?

A:Geforce 7600 GT

clean out your system. also you might want to get some more fans in your system.
Yes most graphics cards run bloody hot especially when running games
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hey ive been having some SERIOUS problems with my graphic card I am writing this in safe mode now well now to the problem i got a geforce GS for AGP slots and i got some wierd blue dots all over my screen and it wont dissapear even thoose i got all the AGP Help GeForce GS with 7600 updates including direct Help with GeForce 7600 GS AGP X This is my setup CPU GHz AMD athlon tm processor RAM GB power supply unfortonally i couldnt find any info on my power supply on the Help with GeForce 7600 GS AGP side of it but lets just assume that its compatible with the card since this video card HAVE worked before service pack Service pack I guess thats about it and i will upload a picture and my card have worked just fine before with wow and cod but now it just freezes my computer and i get blue dots everywere When i start my computer in normal mode it gets SLOW AS HELL i cant even open the start menu without having to wait for like minutes PLEASE HELP ME TYVM IN ADVANCE http img imageshack us img png nbsp

A:Help with GeForce 7600 GS AGP

A quick look through Google seems to indicate that you graphics card is probably dying.
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Ok im thinking of buying a laptop with a nvidia geforce go 7600, im just wondering about its preformance. would it be able to play games like hl2 or doom 3 at decent frame rate?

A:GeForce Go 7600

Laptops aren't great for gaming. There's always heat issues and the laptops that are good for gaming cost a lot and are usually heavier and bigger with lower battery life.

The mobile version of the 7600 won't be as fast the as the desktop. You'll still be able to play the games you want but not as well as on a desktop with similar model hardware. Look at some benchmarks for the Geforce 7600 and see how it plays the games you want. You may even find a review for the Go 7600 and maybe even the laptop you are looking at.
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Monitor only displays on the analog connection nothing when digital is connected!! Is this fixable or should it be replaced? Should I upgrade or is this card a good one? Thanks

Intel DG965WH Board
Pentium 3.4

A:Geforce 7600 GS question

"Monitor only displays on the analog connection nothing when digital is connected!!"

There are two different types of DVI cable (different connectors at each end) and if you use the wrong one you may get no signal to the monitor. For example, your graphics card may have a different type of DVI port than your monitor has so be sure you use the correct cable to suit your equipment:
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I've waited a while before upgrading my computer and I wanted to get a geforce 7600 cause I figured it was the best bang for the buck. Pricewatch showed monarchcomputer as the cheapest place, but they have several versions of the geforce 7600, and I don't know which one be the best deal. One geforce 7600 gs has 512mb, but its cheaper than the gt model. Is there a noticable difference between the gs and gt?

My computer specs are:

Dell Dimension 9150
Pentium D 820 2.8ghz dual core
1.5GB of RAM
Windows XP

A:Difference between geforce 7600 gs and gt?

The GT is faster, by a fair margin:
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I have an issue with my pc wasn't exactly sure where to post but here it goes.
my cpu jumps to 100% when I do normal actions like refreshing a page starting windows media player etc, and when running a bit more visually based programs this gets pretty annoying.
Since my pc meets the requirements for win 7 32 bit (2GB RAM DDR2,processor: dual core 2ghz), I suspected my graphic card currently I'm using Nvidia Geforce 7600 GT.
I just wanted to find out if graph card is good enough before I start posting in general help.
Thanks in advance

A:win 7/ geforce 7600 GT comaptability?

That card is plenty good enough to run Windows 7 and Aero. I'm typing on my work tower at this exact moment that was running a 7600 GT with Windows 7 Pro x64 for almost a year now.
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!! I installed the new drivers for my video card, then restarted. Now the video card isn't even there! I searched the computer to find it, but its gone. It is still in the computer, but it isnt being reconigzed or anything.
I can reinstall it because we do not have the CD. What can i do?
Also, please dont tell me to buy a new video card, as we do not currently have the money to buy a good one.


A:GeForce 7600 GS missing!!

Buy a new video card....

Just kidding. The driver didn't damage it. But where did you get the driver and what version? You should get the drivers from

Then uninstall the drivers currently installed, and try again. If it still doesn't work, go locate their older drivers on and get something from 1-2 years ago. The 7600gs isn't going to be playing the latest games anyways.
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I have a strange problem with my Nvidia Geforce 7600 GS card. Think I've tried everything.. The latest driver, latest direct x and tried adjusting all grafical options, but whatever I do it still looks like this when I'm playing 3d-games

Any suggestions?

Thank for all the help I can get

A:Problems with my new Geforce 7600 GS

Kinda hard to tell from that screenshot, as I am not familiar with the game. I assume those bars are not supposed to be there?

I don't see any pixelation, so I don't think it is an overheat problem, but might as well rule that out first. Open up the case and aim a house fan at the insides. Does that lessen the problem?

Has this card ever worked for you? In other words, is this a sudden new problem, or a problem that has always happened since you popped that card in?

If it is a new problem, then it's likely not a driver issue. Either your video card ram is dying, or your PSU is dying (not giving the graphics card enough power).

If it is a problem that has always happened, then it may be a driver issue. Have you updated your board's chipset drivers as well?
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I have a Geforce 7600 GS card installed in my PC that says its capable of OpenGL 2.0 if I'm not mistaken. I tried to play World of Warcraft one night on GL and it said it couldn't load the GL drivers, install new ones. I did, and it didn't help so I went with DX instead, but now trees and characters and everything were disappearing at random, so I'd much rather play on GL if it's at all possible. ANother game I tried says I don't have the OpenGL drivers (1.5 required), but I think I do... and the DX is doing the same thing. I can play it on GL but it's extremely choppy and just unbearable. Am I supposed to install something for OpenGL or what? I'm good when it comes to DX but OpenGL is a whole new world to me, anything at all is appreciated.

A:Geforce 7600 GS, OpenGL help

I got all this from forums.worldofwarcraft
I've just copied and pasted the relevant ones
Please let me know which one possibly fixed it

I found 81.98 works great displaying videos & DVD's in windows, and running WoW
Uninstall Nvidia display driver through add/remove programs in the control panel.
Make sure to run Driver Cleaner Pro to remove all of the NVIDIA garbage left behind after the uninstall:
Download install the following driver: Geforce 81.98

Set Performance and Quality settings
Antialiasing and Anistropic settings to application controlled

Go to your desktop properties (XP) and then the settings tab, click on advanced then the troubleshoot tab and click off 'Enable Write Combining'.

Turn ON Vertical sync and lower all other video settings in video settings in the game.

I think that the fix lies within the file in the World of Warcraft folder in c:/program files/world of warcraft/ WTF
You can open it with a text editor (wordpad), and then type in...
SET gxApi "opengl"
See if that helps.
If not, try
SET gxApi "direct3d" instead

It seems to be a major problem with all 7600 seriers cards and only in World or Warcraft.
It's a problem with wow imo, not the card.
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will a pny geforce 7600 work in vista?

A:PNY GeForce 7600 and vista?

FrankSinatra said:

will a pny geforce 7600 work in vista?Click to expand...
The README for the latest Nvidia Vista drivers does list GeForce 7600 GS/GT/LE among the supported cards. (See page 19 for the complete list)

Driver download:

A. Woolf
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Ever since I installed Vista, all games lag like crazy on geforce 7600 except for a few. But anyways it seems half the games don't even recognize my driver.

Heres the info for my gfx card.

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Does anyone know the release date of the midrange Geforce 7 series graphics card, which is probably going to be called the 7600? If not, anyone have a ballpark idea?

A:Geforce 7600 release date?

Nope, I don't think there is any scheduled date. You're just going to have to wait.
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So which one do you think is better? Radeon X1650 Pro : or GeForce 7600 GS: ?

Thanks in advance.

A:Radeon X1650 Pro VS GeForce 7600 GS

My choice

I plan on getting the X1650 PRO,but i don't know much about the other one.
I have used ATI since W95 and stay with it.
The best way to get this kind of comparison is with magazine articles.
So try this forum.
Great Magazine.Fantastic annual subscription price.$34.97 CDN.63% off.
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I had to replace my motherboard a couple of days ago and replaced it with the N68C from ASrock.

The problem I am having is that my videocard is no longer out-outputting to the HDMI input on my TV!

The VGA output also on the card is however.

All the correct drivers are installed, the motherboard install was a fresh install. The BIOS settings are enabled for PCI Express.

But still nothing.

Is there anything I can do, or do I need to buy a new video card?

Thanks in advance for any help. Great site.

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Hello all I am very new and i stress this to upgrading and installing new hardware So please be patient if I am missing Monitor not AGP, GeForce responding. 7600 of any information that may seem obvious to yourselves My system runs off XP and currently does not have a seperate graphics card it runs off the in built one GeForce 7600 AGP, Monitor not responding. I am trying to install the GeForce 7600 AGP, Monitor not responding. above graphics card into my computer It requires a seperate power supply which I have connected min requirement W - mine is W I have plugged it in to the AGP slot and connected the power supply when the computer is turned on the monitor displays a no signal message and the card does not seem to power up the in built fan does not spin I would be very gratefull if someone could point out where i m going wrong As I said i m a beginner to this and am baffled as to why it s not working Regard Sam nbsp

Relevancy 63.64%

i have been working with this computer for quite a while and anytime i go to do anything with it, it freezes or goes to the BSOD and i know its the video card but for some reason i cannot find out how to update it or get rid of the error message that pops up. the message says something like "the video card has stopped working and has been fixed" or something along that line. if it does that too many times it goes to Blue screen of death. my computer is a sony vaio VGC-RC310G. running vista and when i turn it on and get it going the screen is so pixelated that i cannot read anything and when i had windows 7 on it i can read everything.
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Hi, everyone! I have bought a new leadtek Geforce 7600 GT AGP yesterday and I have experienced a serious problem. I replaced the old one (FX 5200) and turned on the pc, then the power light of my pc was flashing and fan of cpu kept going on and off (I could smell a bit of burning smell too).Then afterward i couldn't even turn on my pc. By the time i switched back to my old graphic card then everything works fine again. So I wonder if there is a power issue (i'm using a Antec 430 W power supply) or the card is damaged. It really annoys me and hope anyone can help me out. thx

A:leadtek Geforce 7600 GT problem

it's hard to tell from a distance... it might be the power supply, but I personally think it's the card. What you could do is put it in another pc, and see if it works properly there. if it does, you know it's not the card...
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just got this card today , e bay,
after a hell of a lot of reading reviews on entry level shader 3 cards
installed it, downloaded newest drivers in advance from nivida.
windows vista, 32bitt.
1 gigg ram
pent 4 , 3.2 ghz cpu
problem is i get a green hue on desktop , and video, games.
is this a faulty card?tried diff drivers, removed, getting sick now.
se attached screen shots.

A:geforce 7600 pcie 256 mb ddr2

You may have gotten a defective card off of Ebay
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im working on a EVGA GeForce 7600 GS and the cooling fan is got a bad bearing and i have searched and searched for a replacementy for it and it seems they r not out there?!?

seems that it would be a common fix?!?

anybody have any suggestions??

A:cooling fan for a EVGA GeForce 7600 GS

Contact EVGA. If you recently purchased the card within the past 30 days, they should ship you a new fan for your card.If not, you'll have to try and match one up from an older graphics card. This may or may not work. For the time being, take off the case and place a fan as close to your case as possible to keep the temps down. This is only a temp fix, but it will buy you some time to find the correct fan.
There are also graphics card fans that plug into a pci slot specifically designed to cool the card. The run around $$20 US and some work better than the onboard fan.
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hey everyone, my first time here for a obvious reason. i have a small problem with my TV monitor display. when i hook up the pc, it only shows
the display theme. no icons or any other devices are shown. but it shows on the pc monitor just fine. the only thing i am able to do on the TV is change the display themes. it seems like a easy fix, but i just cant figure it out. i am using the NVIDIA GeFroce Go 7600 card and hooked up to an LG 42LB1DRA 42 Inch any help would be great! happy holidays!!
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I have an end user that currently uses a Dell Optiplex 620 PC and is using a new video card, the GeForce 7600GT. She has dual head monitors with the PC spanning across both (Dell 20" FPs, resolution 1600x1200 60 hz). Recently her toolbar has moved over to the right monitor, and the Icons stayed in place on the left monitor. Is there a way to fix it so the toolbar is back on the left side? Perhaps I need to verify the latest driver for that card, but just thought I'd ask to see if there is a menu or setting somewhere to help fix this. Thanks!

A:GeForce 7600 GT Video Card Question

Make sure the task bar isn't lock and then just drag it over with the mouse to the proper monitor.
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Hi all.

Has anybody had a similar problem with the newer geforce drivers where the framerate is fine for 10 seconds, then drops for a few seconds, speeds up again etc etc. you get the picture?

The drivers work fine in XP 32, but when trying different drivers on Vista x64 company of heroes is unpleasant to play.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

A:Geforce 7600, Vista x64 and frame slowdown

I've been using a XFX GeForce 7600 GT XXX, Vista Ultimate x64 and the latest drivers. Company of heroes is running fine for me so far. Same before and after driver update.

Sorry this doesn't really help but just thought I'd give you my perspective.
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i recently was adding music to my phone when my computer turned off. it dosen't happen often but i keep getting a blue screen saying Kernal-impage-data_error and now i have no output from my graphics card.

i have 2gb ram, 2.6 intel celeron d processor, geforce 7600 gs Graphics card and 400 gb Sata Hard drive and am running Windows Xp home edition sp 2.

Can i have some help please?
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256MB ATI Mobility? Radeon® X1400 Vs 256MB NVidia® GeForce? Go 7600

I am getting a new laptop and haven't decided which one should I go for...
Please share your opinion...

A:ATI 1400 Vs NVidia 7600

mephisto_007 said:

256MB ATI Mobility? Radeon® X1400 Vs 256MB NVidia® GeForce? Go 7600

I am getting a new laptop and haven't decided which one should I go for...
Please share your opinion...Click to expand...

I'm not much up to laptops, but the 7600 series is supposed to be rivaling the 1600 series, not the 1400 series. And thus I'd say go for the 7600 Go.
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hi I m new here and sorry if my english is bad making you guys a little difficult to understand me and please forgive me if I post this on wrong section here s my PC specs - Asus P S P Intell Ghz with SIS FX I know it is very ancient and old but I m afraid I couldnt afford to buy a new gadget in the meantime - BIOS AWARD Revision its the latest I d already check on ASUS site except BETA Windows AGP Nvidia 7 7600 GS with one and this beta version is not have much changes with this version so I m not upgrade it - My setting on BIOS Fast write - off aperture size mb AGP x tried x too - RAM VGEN with hynix chipset mb x pcs - GPU Nvidia GS Windows 7 with Nvidia 7600 GS AGP AGP mb DDR mb - PSU watt with AMP on volt I already change this PSU because alot of ppl said that I need a high v AMP PSU to use GS My problem is I Windows 7 with Nvidia 7600 GS AGP just installed Win Home Premium on this PC everything working fine except when I open nvidia control panel the Nvidia picture is artifacting and this happened to my D games too I d already tried to solve this problem for almost a week now and already install all driver for Win and all driver for vista from BETA version I believe to find the right driver for my VGA but every driver listed is not working always have artifact on the D rendering Untill days ago I was thinking maybe if I use XP driver everything will be works fine and after I tried that voila the artifact is gone using forceware x xp bit with modded inf I think I already solved the problem BUT I m not The control panel is gone the AERO effect is gone and now when I play D game seems like my GPU performance is not looks like the windows is not recognize my driver and control panel AERO and everything came back when I uninstall this XP driver back to vista win driver but as you might already know the artifact came back too please help me thanks PS My graphic score is and when Im using vista win driver My graphic score is and when Im using XP driver nbsp

A:Windows 7 with Nvidia 7600 GS AGP

is there any master to help me here please? thanks in advance
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can some one tell me whats the newest drivers for the nvidia 7600 gs i need them asap thanks

A:nvidia 7600 driver help

Windows XP:

There is a later "leaked" version than that, version 94.24 or something, I have it, can't remember where i got it though, but its not on the nvidia website.

Windows Vista:

Once again, there is a later version than that, and i think it is actually on the nvidia website, but only a beta version
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I have tried everything I can think of from flashing the bios to reinstalling my OS and updating all the drivers. Here is the problem I have an ASUS P5S800-VM mobo socket 775 running a 3.2Ghz dual core processor. 1 Processor hyper threading. I bought a 7600 gs video card to replace my old 6200gt. When I play any games now I get lines and screwed up grophics all through the game. I have a 450W PSU and 2 gigs of ram in it. Everything looks good but still the same thing. Thought it was a bad GPU so exchanged the card no help. Any suggestions?

A:nvidia 7600 gs problems


I can only think of updating the graphics driver.
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Hi, I have a 7600 GS OC, and i noticed that i have a s-video adaptor that have Component color cable at the end. i know that i can plus those to a TV but, i want to know if i can plug my xbox 360 in this and play on my computer screen. anyone know something about this ? ( i guess that if i can plug it in a tv, it's an output, but maybe it's an input at the same time ? )

A:Nvidia 7600 GS OC : s-video

Most video cards only support Video-out not Video-in. You would have to find out if your video card manufacturer has chosen, likely not, to include Video in.
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Anyone have it working with Windows 10 with Duo Core processor?
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I have Dual 7600 GS's SLI and i was able to play Rome: Total War for a while, then installed fans onto my case then i was getting flickering on the game, so i un-installed the fans to see if they were causing the problem but i'm still getting the flicker after the fans are out... any ideas? Oh and it's only on Rome: Total War, everything else runs fine...

A:Nvidia 7600 GS problem

Try taking out one of your SLI cards and see if the problem still persists. If it does, you found your problem. There was a similar problem with Company of Heroes until Relic released an early patch to address the problem with running the game is SLI.
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Ok Here Goes I Recently Bought another XFX Geforce GT XXX Edition to go along with my Identical Ive been doing alot of research lately on Overclocking since Ive never tried it myself Which led me to this I noticed that the Core Speed of my New Card was at At first I thought it was just the performance boost from the cards being in SLI Then tonight I XFX Geforce GT crazy Edition Clock 7600 XXX speed! Took out my older card which was sitting in XFX Geforce 7600 GT XXX Edition crazy Clock speed! the secondary PCI-E slot While I have my newer in the primary Set SLI to off and checked the Speeds Its still the same My new card sits at while my older one is at I read up that theres a model called Fatal ty by XFX that at stock is also but this card isn t a Fatal ty model The Heatsink fan seems XFX Geforce 7600 GT XXX Edition crazy Clock speed! to be of a little bit XFX Geforce 7600 GT XXX Edition crazy Clock speed! of a newer model and the box that it came in is Identicle to my older one The box also states that the core clock speed is suppose to be Which Boggles my mind I scanned it with Everst Ultimate Edition and I Found there are Distinct Differences Between the two a it has a newer Bios b the faster clock speed c the pixel and texel fill rates are different heres the results Older card New Card I was thinking about copying the newer bios to the older card but Im not sure if thats such a good idea so I was hoping for some feedback it just seems weird that it would have such a difference in clock speeds for the same card Thanks alot JuggaloGilley nbsp
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I currently have a GeForce 9800 GT graphics card in my home PC, which has an Asus M4A77D motherboard. I bought the card to replace a GeForce 7600 GT a couple of years ago when rebuilding the PC, and I still have the 7600.

I'm wondering (a) whether I can run the two cards together, and (b) whether it is worth doing so, in terms of overall GPU performance; a quick check online indicates that the M4A77D has 1 x PCIe x16, 2 x PCIe x1, and 3 x PCII slots, and that the 7600 uses a PCI Express slot. I'm fairly sure the 9800 is currently in the PCIe x16 slot.

So, to sum up (and assuming everything I've said is correct), can I run the 7600 in one of the two PCIe x1 slots alongside the 9800, and will it give any noticeable performance improvements? (FWIW, I play shooters such as HL2, Fallout 3, etc.)

Thanks for reading!

A:Solved: Running GeForce 9800 GT and 7600 GT cards together

That graphics card wouldn't fit into the PCI-E x1 slot. You would need another x16 slot and even then they wouldn't work together to provide a video output.

There are some people out there that I think have managed to make them become dedicated Physx cards with a lot of messing about with drivers but that would still require another x16 slot as well im afraid.
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For those of you running Windows 7 either 32-bit or 64-bit on an HP Touchsmart IQ775 with a GeForce Go 7600, please visit - Downloads for the correct driver update.

I had an issue with an outdated driver. When Windows Update had their most up-to-date drivers installed, it installed an older version instead of the latest one.

This cleared up all of my problems and I'm sure it will help you with yours.

Just as a precaution, I'd check to see if you have this folder before updating though (just incase!)

C:\nVidia Forceware\XTreme-G 175.63 Mobile Vista 32bit
OR (depending on your bit)
C:\nVidia Forceware\XTreme-G 175.63 Mobile Vista 64bit

after installing the update you should then have...
C:\nVidia Forceware\XTreme-G 190.62m Vista Win 7 32bit
OR (depending on your bit)
C:\nVidia Forceware\XTreme-G 190.62m Vista Win 7 64bit

A:HP Touchsmart IQ775 GeForce Go 7600 Driver Update

I am looking for more windows 7 32bit drivers for my IQ775 Touchsmart PC. I need webcam and side controls drivers. Can anyone please help?

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hi all i recently purchased a Geforce 7600 GS 256mb ddr2 video card i checked all the system and hardware requirements needed to run the video card and all seems fine until i tried fitting the video card into the mother board using the same slot i always use for video cards, the video card seems to not fit properly into the slot it fits in but still a bit loosem, unlike my other video cards. After fitting i turned on the PC i see the fan moving but nothing comes up on the screen someone please help !!. also if people thinks its the power supply its not it says it requires a 350w power pack and i do have one.

A:Problem installing Geforce 7600 GS video card

Is your motherboard PCI-e or AGP? What's the card (PCI-e or AGP)?
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Hey all I am not tech wiz but can upgrade I play some games use Photoshop cs a cad program I am upgrading a video card some were under pretty much decided to go with GeForce series but it open to which one So here is my system Intel Essex Pentium - GHz MHz MEM DDR MB PC MX R Maxtor -GB M GPP Hard Disk Drive Watt Power suppy View Sonic quot flat screen single DVI avaible Maxtor -GB M GPP Hard Disk Drive HLDS DVD-RAM card new series,,,,, Geting 7600 video GeForce a -R -RW CD-RW Rambo Geting a new video card GeForce 7600 series,,,,, Drive R MB NVIDIA GeForce MX old one in use now Computer is a Gateway about years old yeah I know time to buy a new one Just got a new laptop I want to upgrade this one for now So here ia what I need to know with a watt power supply what size of video card when thinking in watts Will a watt video card be pushing the limit or should I go with some thing around watts My thought was to go with watts but shoot I dont know sirden nbsp

A:Geting a new video card GeForce 7600 series,,,,,

When you use a top quality video graphics card, it is wise to improve your cooling system, any move up to 450 watt power supply, or more, and be sure you have more than adequate amounts of memory.
Most of the time, a 300 watt power supply will work fine, but when it fails, it can ruin the video graphics card and other components.
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I have an HP m7780n. It came with a 7600 GT, and I was thinking about getting this card:

However, according to this: you need power supply of 350 watts. I opened up my pc to figure out the wattage, but there was no sticker. I can't find it online, but I saw in a review of my pc someone said that the power supply is "inadequate" for using better graphics cards.

Also, comparing the specs on nvidia link above to those of the 7600 GT, it seems the memory bandwidth is smaller.

So my questions are: does it make sense to get that card, can my computer use it, and do I need to upgrade something else in my computer?


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O Here's my nbsp dillema nbsp nbsp My HP NVIDIA card HP p n - rev M in my HP Model f Windows Ultimate machine failed nbsp nbsp I replaced it with an ASUS NVIDIA GeForce GT card p n - asus p n C H that came from a spare HP Replaced HP 8500... NVIDIA failed NVIDIA ASUS card GeForce with Pavillion Model a y Vista machine I had on hand nbsp The initial VID Graphics card failure and susequent replacement caused much havock with Windows and some other stuff ie not booting loading Windows etc and after Replaced failed HP NVIDIA card with ASUS NVIDIA GeForce 8500... much effort I was able to get everything loading amp working reasonable well again nbsp nbsp But the problem I'm still nbsp having is with the old drivers removing them and all their remnants and loading the new drivers for the ASUS NVIDIA card that is now in my machine nbsp I've tried normal uninstalls nbsp as well as nbsp the GURU D com DDU Replaced failed HP NVIDIA card with ASUS NVIDIA GeForce 8500... uninstall nbsp I think and it appeares that all the old NVIDIA drvers and other software has been uninstalled Replaced failed HP NVIDIA card with ASUS NVIDIA GeForce 8500... nbsp because I can not find any of it in the normal locations nbsp nbsp But I am still unable to install the NVIDIA GT drivers for the ASUS card from the NVIDIA site or even the NVIDIA drivers software updates that Windows Update has detected and suggested in Windows updates nbsp The insalls start out fine but soon fail to complete nbsp Evidently I and my brother who was in my machine remotely for a good hours because he is an IT Computer tech and is ten times more knowledgable than I on this are missing something very obscure or embarassingly simple in nbsp our efforts to solve this nbsp nbsp Someone please tell us where we are going wrong nbsp nbsp Thanks

A:Replaced failed HP NVIDIA card with ASUS NVIDIA GeForce 8500...

Mermiatwd, welcome to the forum. I suggest that you try Revo Uninstaller free version to see if it solves you problem.  I use the Advanced option.  It removes the program from the HDD and the remnants from the BIOS.  I have used it for years with great success with removing those difficult to remove programs. Please click the Thumbs up + button if I have helped you and click Accept as Solution if your problem is solved.
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I'm not a gamer, but rather an enthusiastic net surfer and would like my present graphics card to be as fast as easily possible. To do this, it has been suggested that I update my card's driver with downloading/installing Nvidia's latest driver (285.62 WHQL, Win7 64-bit...4G RAM, Firefox 9). Would this be the the right thing to do?

A:Driver update for NVIDIA GeForce 7100 / NVIDIA nForce 630i?

If you are not having problems, I would not go looking for trouble
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Is the XFX GeForce GS MB GDDR SLI PCI Express Dual DVI HDTV Video Card good enough to run counter strike source for my computer or should i get a better one So far this is what I have for my computer AMD Athlon X GHz Dual Core Processor with x KB L cache x KB L cache and MHz Hypertransport Bus NForce chipset with AM socket Integrated NVIDIA GeForce GPU Integrated HDA Azalia AC Audio Audio PureVideo strike Nvdia Is GS run Geforce source.... 7600 good to counter NVIDIA MediaShield RAID support requires second hard drive GB DDR at MHz DIMMs GB EIDE Hard Drive RPM x CD-RW DVD reads and burns CD and reads DVDs Integrated Ethernet I was wondering if i get the geforce GS will it meet the requirments for my computer Is Nvdia Geforce 7600 GS good to run counter strike source.... to install it and work well Does the geforce have high quality for counter strike source and other high def games I need a graphics card to play CSS cause my geforce is really bad n it lags my Is Nvdia Geforce 7600 GS good to run counter strike source.... computer Do any of you have any suggestions on what I should do or what graphic card I should get to make my computer not lag when i play CSS or Half Life Is the processor that I have right now good enough to run CSS and other games with high def quality graphics and can my computer install the video card Please Help nbsp

A:Is Nvdia Geforce 7600 GS good to run counter strike source....

ooh yeah. i reckon thats very good. compared to mine anyway. why dont you consider the 7600GT instead, it a very good card and doesnt cost that much expensive.
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Hi all I have a XPS from nbsp My son wanted to upgrade his GPU he has a Erazer www inet se lenovo-erazer-x -gtx- which has a Nvidia GTX Ti like this one www notebookcheck net NVIDIA-GeForce-GTX- -Ti-Desktop-Graphics-Card html So I thought it was the perfect time to take his Ti and upgrade both PC s at the same time I took my GPU out of (manufacturer GTX works XPS perfect NVIDIA) GeForce Ti with NVIDIA 750 8300 the XPS and inserted the TI Nothing happened The PC did not recognize the card Then I started to read all types of discussions problems adventures and what not about this PC and a GPU upgrade Man I was about to do a BIOS flashing without even knowing what that meant I have to admit that it has been very interesting days and I have learnt a XPS 8300 works perfect with NVIDIA GeForce GTX 750 Ti (manufacturer NVIDIA) lot and then Then I found the simpliest video with the simplest explanation on how to do proceed I tried it and completely succeeded in about minutes plus minutes of downloading a driver So here is the link to the video The video is in Spanish but these are the SO LOGICAL steps www youtube com watch I added two steps on my own and then followed the video My step Turn on the PC and unistall the stock GPU from the device manager Turn of the computer The video explanation starts in second Disconnect the power for security reasons Open the case and extract the GPU you currently have he does not show this in the video Check that at least you have W The XPS has a W power supply so it is completely enough Insert the card in the PCI where you had the stock card Close the case Connect all cables Turn on the system you will notice that the screen does not look very good It is vecause we are not finished Proceed to Go to the official NVIDIA website and download GeforceExperience www geforce com geforce-experience nbsp nbsp or watch this video for details English nbsp www youtube com watch nbsp Once Geforce Experience is downloaded it will start a scan on your system detect your card and automatically download and install the correct drivers I believe it will ask you to re-start the system Re-start and there you are Now you have NVIDIA GeForce TI in your DELL XPS I hope this was helpful Nachrider
Relevancy 60.63%

I recently updated my G - from windows update Running Windows XP after 7600 Go nVidia 10/43 G30-175 Qosmio Series Code which i began receiving a quot Code quot on my nVidia Go Series chipset Since this has happened i Qosmio G30-175 nVidia Go Series 7600 Code 10/43 have tried rolling back the graphics driver When it first happened which when it rebooted it was running fine and i subsequently shut down the system When i booted up again the next day i had the same Code issue I tried to use a system restore but to no avail I decided to uninstall the graphics drivers and install the ones for winXP from the Toshiba drivers and all i got was Blue Screen of Death after getting it to boot in safemode i uninstalled the driver and installed nVidia reccommended driver Beta release for winXP i also tried some older nVidia drivers i found for the Go and the result remained the same quot Code quot Can not start device I have read a lot of blog about this for the and Series which generally say their are quot Issues quot with the drivers and to use the windows update nVidia drivers I tried this and still no change Not having the original disks for the notebook i decided to take it upon myself and upgrade the RAM from the x mb sticks to x Gb DDR Notebook RAM the system booted fine and i decided to install windows as from what i read this was the best option For the series desktop cards after finding quot NO quot blog about the Go series After installing win the chipset began to work fine that is until windows update and once again the same thing quot Code windows has reported errors and the device has stopped quot I have tried the Windows Drivers from Toshiba support once again BSOD i have tried reinstalling the windows update nVidia drivers and also drivers from nVidia website beta release for Windows Vista none of which are working I have been trying to fix this now for days and not one glimmer of hope It is possible that the chipset has failed however i believe it is a software malfunction it is too coincidental that when i update windows i get a chipset failure Any help is good help Thanks for listening

A:Qosmio G30-175 nVidia Go Series 7600 Code 10/43


What is the BSOD STOP Code?

We may be able to pinpoint the problem using the STOP code.

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Dear all,

I have had problems with my video card (nvidia 7600)

I have had a verry loud noise in vista
I have turned off desktop compisition and areo in vista and still the noise

When i turn my computer i have to:
1 unplug the power plug from my PSU,
2 put it back in
3 wait 1 - 2 secs then turn on my computer for the screen to work

I dont have any bent pins,
replaced cable

dont know what else to do

A:Nvidia 7600 gt Graphics card Noise

What kind of noise? It's probably a fan bearing - most likely a failing fan. Not uncommon for it to die at a certain age. Consider replacing the cooling fan with an aftermarket one or purchasing a new graphics card.
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i have a huge problem when i play new games that need good graphic. when i set the graphic settings on what i used to have, the color of moving objects such as npc's, trees, and such things, floats into each other and stretches over the entire screen. my graphic has always been good until the problem recently appeared, i don't know the reason. my spec is:

graphic card:nvidia gforce 7600 gs 256 mb ddr2 sli dual-core
motherboard:asus m2n32-sli deluxe acpi bios revision 0603
memory: 2 gb
cpu:amd athlon 64 3200+ 2.01 ghz

A:nvidia gforce 7600 gs graphic problem

Update your drivers.
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Does anyone know if there is an issue with NVIDIA s series graphics cards and WMV-HD video playback I am having a problem where no matter what I do update drivers re-install the card whatever WMV-HD content still plays back rather choppy It wouldn 7600 choppy WMVHD playback - NVIDIA t confuse me so much except for my computers got a gig processor NVIDIA 7600 - WMVHD choppy playback gigs of RAM and this mb video card My laptop has only a processor of RAM and crappy onboard video and plays WMV-HD files JUST FINE Holy crap is there something I just am missing entirely The box this card comes in even specifies how GREAT this thing is for WMV-HD video I know this is an issue a few others have because googling the problem has lead me to other forums where people have posted this same issue with the or similar series and WMVHD files yet there has been no answers to their posts Please let me know if anybody knows anything about this Thanks so much guys YOU ROCK ------------------------------------------------------------------------- added also I should note that this particular card is an XFX GT AGP Dual DVI card specifically in case that helps nbsp
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Hello everyone Up to months ago I was using an old MB Matrox Millenium PCI graphics card in my TwinTech AGP8x BOOT GeForce PROBLEM 512MB SYSTEM 7600 system and I thought it was time to upgrade I thus bought this inexpensive Nvidia-based Graphics TwinTech GeForce MB AGP x card since I installed TwinTech GeForce 7600 512MB AGP8x SYSTEM BOOT PROBLEM in it my PC I started having the following problem of the times I try to boot before the POST routines come up the BIOS beeps the error code quot No Graphics Card Present quot with the screen not even displaying the Graphic card s message Serial number Graphics BIOS etc The other of the times I try to boot my system see the Windows XP boot screen with the scrolling lights and just before I see the Blue Logon Screen of Windows XP the screen either goes blank with some HD activity OR the system hangs the mouse pointer stops responding This case scenario happens of the times I manage to get past the pre-POST error codes In order to reboot the system without the chance to fall into scenarion i press the reset button on the tower case I have tried modifying EVERY possible BIOS setting and this QDI has many options to fiddle with but no difference There can be a whole month where I can boot out of ten times successfully and there can be days in a row where I can boot without ANY problem i e no pre-POST beeps and no hanging in the Windows logon screen I should note the following Hardware configuration QDI Platinix AL Motherboard x AGP Support the Graphics card is an x but I can t see why it shouldn t downclock to x GB RAM GB HD USB PCI Card No USB Devices attached Apart from the power drawn from the PCI slot which is most probably the cause of the problem because the QDI is an old motherboard and I am not very sure whether the PCI slots can deliver the extra power to the card the card is directly connected with an additional connector to my PSU which is a CHIEFTECH HPC - with W total capacity and the following characteristics V A V A V A MAX W for these three supplies - V A W - V A W VSB A W I do not have any other graphics card installed The PCI slots are occupied by a SoundBlaster Audigy a USB expansion slot but with no USB Devices plugged in and an Ethernet Network card Software Configuration Windows XP SP with all the MS updates NVidia Control Panel latest version NVidia Forceware US Edition From the looks of it it is a hardware issue since the card is sometime not recognised by the BIOS If you can help me towards the PSU sufficiency then it is most probably an inadequate old motherboard Many thanks nbsp

A:TwinTech GeForce 7600 512MB AGP8x SYSTEM BOOT PROBLEM

Hi, and welcome to techspot! Try moving the pci devices as far away from the agp card as possible. Also, try taking the card out and blowing in the agp slot in case there is dust in there.
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Hi, Im thinking about buying a new graphic card and found a card i liked named ASUS GeForce 9400 GT. On the website where they sell it its located under the tab Nvidia, yet if I check out Nvidias prducts page their 9400 GT looks completely different from this one. Then I check out ASUS page and there I find it. So what's the difference between ASUS and Nvidia, why do their cards have the same name, and why does the website im buying it from put the ASUS card under Nvidia products????

A:Difference between ASUS GeForce and Nvidia GeForce???

Nvidia designs and makes the GeForce line of graphics chips. Other manufacturers such as Asus, evga, BFX, PNY and others then use the Nvidia chips in their graphics card designs.
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I have an older machine I use for backup Dell OptiPlex fairly well appointed with an on-the-motherboard graphics adapter Intel I think running one monitor and a plug-in nVidia based adapter running two monitors I was running Linux on it until January when I joined the 8800GT 9500GT and GeForce GeForce nVidia Windows Insider Program and installed Win At first the two nVidia-driven monitors would not work at all but in a few months they started working after an update download from Microsoft I was a quot fast track quot Insider All was well until February when both nVidia monitors quit working and my WiFi card went dead I tried a number of things but no no avail I got the nVidia-based monitors when I directly downloaded a driver from the manufacturer but after that when the first Microsoft update was downloaded the nVidia-driven screens went blank I really need three monitors for the work I do I tried all sorts of things including a hard disk wipe and complete reload nVidia GeForce 8800GT and GeForce 9500GT of Win No success I just ran out of time to experiment with it after a few weeks I'm now very concerned about my main machine It's an older custom-built machine with an Intel Core Q processor and two graphics nVidia GeForce 8800GT and GeForce 9500GT cards a GeForce GT and GeForce GT driving four monitors I really can't screw up on my Win to upgrade and loose this machine because of bad device drives forced on me by Microsoft QUESTION Does anyone have success with the GT and or GT
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I have this windows update as optional,

nVidia - Display, Other hardware - NVIDIA GeForce 9200
Download size: 152.6 MB

running windows 7 - do i need it? it seems rather big at 152.6mb

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I wont be able to upgrade windows 10 , my video card is not compatible...

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I connect any second monitor via VGA and extend my desktop, it works for a couple minutes fine, after that it just goes dark and says "no signal".
Not reconnecting or reconfiguring helps, only restarting the whole computer. Tried many monitors, problem the same, no problem at all with laptop main monitor.
Please help me, I would like to use extended desktops.

A:Second monitor on Nvidia 7600 GO goes dark after couple minutes

Brother, I had a similar issue with a different setup, and it ended up being the (vga) cable. Other than that, is your VC overheating....or possibly bad?? That's all I got for you. Good luck!
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I have recently installed Windows 7 Nvidia Evolution based on W7 Build 7600 Ultimate RTM. Before this I have tried many builds of W7 and I found following problems in all the builds:Every now and then I got this error message "Internet Explorer has stopped working"
Everynow and then I got error message "Windows can't register Class"
No Internet Explorer icon on Desktop, I tried to bring it by Tuneup Utilities but failed.
"Recent Places" option is not working during downloading or uploading the files.

I wish to know how many of w7 users are experiencing these problem and also request from tech guys to suggest me some solution.

A:Few Problems with Windows 7 build 7600 Nvidia Evolution

What in the world is "Windows 7 Nvidia Evolution based on W7 Build 7600 Ultimate RTM"
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i am getting a NVIDIA GeForce GT 430 i want to know is it better and by how much

A:geforce 8800gtx vs NVIDIA GeForce GT 430

Sorry to tell you bad news, but the 8800gtx is faster.
take a look at these:
PassMark - GeForce 8800 GTX - Price performance comparison
Is this Good? - -
gt 430:
PassMark - GeForce GT 430 - Price performance comparison
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I am thinking of getting a new graphics card for x-mas. I currently have a Geforce 8600 GT and i was looking at this GT 220.

Which is better? i think the 220 is but i just wanted some expert confirmation.

GT 220: (scroll down past the 210)

8600 GT: (The right Column)

A:NVIDIA GT 220 VS Nvidia GeForce 8600 GT

Why bother? If you want to upgrade from an 8600GT - you need to buy a card that has a noticable difference.

For example... the 9500/9400GTs are also pretty much re-badged 8600s. Think of the 220 as a smaller and cheaper to make version of the 8600GT with blu-ray decoding abilities. Its more like a bit better version of the 8600GTs.... that costs $65~95.

An ATI 4670 is about $60~95. Heres a nice one at $80:

But for real big speed bumps - look at ATI 4800s/5700s or at least a GTX 260... or even the GT250 (which is a 9800GT which is a 8800GT - UGH! )
These cards are about $ 120~200.

Your power supply will also be important too. Do you know your brand and model number?

Also your computers own performance.
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i have a acer aspire x3400g. back to factory default settings. all windows updates.

last time i did a restore nvidia told me the current drivers was 15.46whql or something. but now its saying GeForce 8200P / GeForce 8200P-A-AR is the latest motherboard drivers? what is that anyways. i cant get no search on it. somebody help me. i think since i might have the wrong smbus controller for my chipset that my wifi is dropping with my brand new ae2500 adapter from linksys with a 3200 new router also. thanks in advance.

A:GeForce 8200P / GeForce 8200P-A-AR? nvidia auto update is wrong?

nForce is chip-set, GeForce is graphics. I would say that GeForce 8200P / GeForce 8200P-A-AR is refering to your graphics card not your chip-set.
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Hi there This has been a rough hours I currently have a laptop that I cannot use for gaming or work which is the main reason I need this laptop nbsp for fault... possible HP Envy 850m Pleas... - Geforce GTX 17-K201na I am receiving errors or crashes whenever there is any attempt at accessing the dedicated graphics card either through simply opening the nvidia experience application nbsp HP Envy 17-K201na - Geforce GTX 850m possible fault... Pleas... trying to play a game using after effects cinema d or even trying to use dignostic toolsto test the problem I have tried furmark which crashes the system if the nvidia card is enabled I have realised that if the card is disabled the whole system runs perfecty fine This nbsp should not be the case Please help me if you can I've spent so much money that I don't have to get this laptop and all I have right now is stress nbsp All the bestStephenFor extra context if you feel like reading how I reached this point please read on My laptop was delivered on thursday at pm After hours It began to have errors revolving around TDR Timeout Detection and Recovery of the nvidia driver kernel could not load nvlddmkm sys I rolled the driver back to the factory version with no luck and other installing unistalling and reinstalling I gave up Friday Thinking that all the pre-installed software maybe interfering I decided I would use the HP recovery application to create a fresh install of windows this process crashed halfway through the process which corrupted my whole recovery and left me with no usable OS or way of fixing this as there is no windows licence key on current laptops anymore I couldn't install a new version of windows nbsp I contacted the online customer support team and was asked to test the system integrity All these tests came back perfectly fine After hours of testing pm friday night it was too late to contact the team once more and as a result I would not be able to contact them for days with nbsp basically a bricked laptop I decided to find a solution I was also told that the product code for windows was on the bios and I found out about the nbsp windows media creation tool which can create a boot disk for windows to get my machine up and running nbsp Saturday Having a completely fresh install I hoped this would end well but nope The same error occured when only the OEM version of the nvidia drivers installed which came up with the same kernel error or times froze my computer then crashed the laptop to a blue screen of death dpc watchdog violation I installed the most recent nvidia drivers which thankfully didn't crash to a blue screen but still contained the same kernel errors I have then created a full reinstall of windows and loaded every update and updated driver from HP and installed the OEM drivers once more I crashed to blue screen once again I then again have installed the newest drivers which have been more stable until I for some reason recieved a blue screen I have not seen yet I have the memory dump of this if it is helpful here is the memory dump nbsp Bugcheck Analysis VIDEO TDR FAILURE Attempt to reset the display driver and recover from timeout failed Arguments Arg ffffe a d Optional pointer to internal TDR recovery context TDR RECOVERY CONTEXT Arg fffff The pointer into responsible device driver module e g owner tag Arg Optional error code NTSTATUS of the last failed operation Arg d Optional internal context dependent data Debugging Details ------------------FAULTING IP nvlddmkm b fffff ff e a jmp qword ptr nvlddmkm x a fffff bda DEFAULT BUCKET ID GRAPHICS DRIVER TDR FAULTBUGCHECK STR x PROCESS NAME SystemCURRENT IRQL ANALYSIS VERSION debuggers dbg - amd freSTACK TEXT ffffd d fffff fd eb ffffe a d fffff nt KeBugCheckExffffd d fffff fd c fffff ffffe a d ffffd d f b dxgkrnl TdrBugcheckOnTimeout xecffffd d fffff ea ffffe a d ffffd d f d dxgkrnl TdrIsRecoveryRequired x cffffd d fffff b ffffe b ffffe b ffffe b dxgmms VidSchiReportHwHang x caffffd d fffff ef ffffd ffffe ... Read more

A:HP Envy 17-K201na - Geforce GTX 850m possible fault... Pleas...

Hi Kevin,I'm afraid that your reply was too late.I had a chat with tech support on monday about this situation and had a case number already about this problem. I was then told to communicate with aftersales as this is a serious problem that has happened within the first 30 days of recieving the unit.As of today, I have sent the unit to HP for a replacement as this laptop was considered defective, and should recieve a replacement within 2 working days of HP recieving my laptop.
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I run Windows XP HE and get the blue screen of death and a message that my PHYSICAL memory is dumping to disk. I then see numbers ascending, I just switch off, this is the only way I can escape !

Every time I reboot it checks the disks for errors but gets ALMOST all the way through then HANGS. To overcome this I simply reboot again and it is ok.

I am worried that this DUMPING PHYSICAL MEMORY TO DISK will keep happening. Maybe even when I am away from my pc with disastrous results. It just suddenly happens with no warning. I no longer feel I can just leave my pc on unless I am watching it all the time. Very frustrating with broadband

In addition when I boot up I get an error message that the CPU is unworkable, hitting F1 gets me in ok.

A:Is it a hardware fault or O/S ?

Sounds like you have some serious hardware issues.

The "dumping physical memory to disk" is fine, all its doing is recording to disk a copy of the contents of the memory, for use by a Tech in diagnosing the problem (maybe...)

Its not harmful, its just writing a file.

Sounds like you need some physical hands on Tech Service on the PC though.
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i went and looked up the event id on the web and they said to dowload the latest nvidia driver.... which one??? the event log says that i have an application error 1001 and the description says it is the fault bucket. HELP!

A:nvidia driver for fault bucket?

ms had the latest certified drivers on windows update
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Hi, I just want to ask what is the similarity of NVIDIA GeForce FX 5500 and INNO3D GeForce FX 5500 ?and also their difference ..

thnx ...

A:NVIDIA GeForce FX 5500 and INNO3D GeForce FX 5500 Comparison

They are both the same card... specs can be found here.

Performance will differ via bus type (AGP or PCI) but they are both 5 series nvidia-based cards.
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dropped the lappy and now all i get is the

we appoligise for the inconvience but windows did not start succesfully a recent hardware change might have caused this

then goes on start normally or safe mode etc,

it does not boot in anything

Can you please help
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I sometimes spend a long time diagnosing certain faults on a PC/Laptop. Is it RAM, HDD, Mobo etc etc, until I pin down the exact faulty piece of a computer. I have been looking into diagnostic kits to try and save me some time, They seem to vary in price from £30-£1500. They all claim to be able to diagnose the exact hardware fault of a PC or laptop. My questions are, does anyone have any experience of these kits, if so do they actually work? And can anyone recommend a particular brand/model?
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Sorry for writing a novel as a first post It all started with my PC running slow on the gaming frontier I forked out for a new gig stick of RAM and all was well until my PC had random complete shutdowns Entire power off no warning nothing like oldschool pc shutdowns bam off so I had a look inside the case to see fault locating Need hardware help if there was anything obvious like if I had bumped something but I accidentally hit the voltage switch and blew the PSU Next day I got a new off the shelf Need help locating hardware fault Thermaltake w everything was fine again until I started getting screen garble Big Florescent pink and green lines on a white back ground with an offset square where the mouse was So I tinkered with graphics settings and all but it still continued So next day I bought a new Radeon X Pro I don t have a question I m just bragging lt Kidding Need help locating hardware fault gt I threw in an old Gb HDD at the same time as the Vid card and again all was going well until I started playing UT and the sound goes funkadelic three distinct different tones repeating over and over I shut down the PC at the PSU and Need help locating hardware fault restart but it wont go further than post It comes through with Clockspeed and memory count but wouldn t go further I disconnected the old HDD and it went past post and seems fine The real question is Where could the real fault be and the point of origin What could I have done to the machine could the PSU have spiked other hardware Why would the HDD work fine until put under heavy access Are there likely to be any further faults Has anyone had this happen before nbsp

A:Need help locating hardware fault

1. Where could the real fault be, and the point of origin?: Well you replaced everything apart from the motherboard and RAM so they would be your best bets. Download memtest and test your RAM for a while with it. Not the Windows version but the DOS version. I think it is on Hirens boot CD. Also on the Ultimate boot CD wich you should be able to find through google

2. What could I have done to the machine, could the PSU have spiked other hardware?

Did you insult your computer or look at it **** eyed? It is not likely that the PSU spiked the hardware but it is more possible that the amount of amps that came through the PSU was to much for the rest of the components to handle

3. Why would the HDD work fine until put under heavy access?

Well the harddrive is a mechanical object. The more you push it the harder it works. The harder it works the more likely it is apparent to develop problems but this would only happen with a damaged or extremely old harddrive

4. Are there likely to be any further faults?

Well it is still not working correctly so you still have problems. The fact that that the motherboard beeps is an indication that something is upsetting your BIOS. It is quite possible that the motherboard is damaged. Or at least that your computer is overheating

5. Has anyone had this happen before?

I have had all of these problems but not all at once. Now this is a novel
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Hi I have fault or hardware Virus a problem with either a repeating c key or it doesn t work at all i have to opy and paste it all the time I m unsure if it s a virus thing or maybe just a hardware fault but it doesn t happen in safe mode so I m leaning toward the former DDR doesn t seem to run on my laptop i just get a window explaining that it s non invasive et and when that disappears nothing else happens Below are the hijak this amp gmer logs Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v Scan saved at on Platform Windows XP SP WinNT MSIE Internet Explorer v Boot mode Normal Running processes C WINDOWS System smss exe C WINDOWS system winlogon exe C WINDOWS system services exe C WINDOWS system lsass exe C WINDOWS system Virus or hardware fault svchost exe C WINDOWS System svchost exe C WINDOWS system svchost exe C Program Files Intel Wireless Bin EvtEng exe C Program Files Intel Wireless Bin S EvMon exe C Program Files Intel Wireless Bin WLKeeper exe C WINDOWS system spoolsv exe C Program Files Avira AntiVir Desktop sched exe C Program Files Avira AntiVir Desktop avguard exe C Program Files Connect BecHelperService exe C Program Files Java jre bin jqs exe C Program Files Common Files LogiShrd LVMVFM LVPrcSrv exe C Program Files Intel Wireless Virus or hardware fault Bin RegSrvc exe C WINDOWS System SnoopFreeSvc exe C WINDOWS system svchost exe C WINDOWS Explorer EXE C WINDOWS system hkcmd exe C WINDOWS system igfxpers exe C Program Files Intel Wireless bin ZCfgSvc exe C Program Files Intel Wireless Bin ifrmewrk exe C Program Files Avira AntiVir Desktop avgnt exe C WINDOWS SnoopFreeUI exe C WINDOWS System spool DRIVERS W X E S I L EXE C Program Files Zoom CnxDslTb exe C Program Files Logitech Logitech WebCam Software LWS exe C Program Files Common Files Java Java Update jusched exe C WINDOWS system ctfmon exe C Program Files Common Files PPLiveNetwork PPAP exe C Program Files Common Files Logishrd LQCVFX COCIManager exe C Program Files Intel Wireless Bin Dot XCfg exe C Program Files Internet Explorer iexplore exe C Program Files Internet Explorer iexplore exe C Program Files Internet Explorer iexplore exe C Documents and Settings Administrator Desktop HijackThis exe R - HKCU Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Start Page http www google co uk R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Default Page URL http go microsoft com fwlink LinkId R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Default Search URL http go microsoft com fwlink LinkId R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Search Page http go microsoft com fwlink LinkId R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Start Page http go microsoft com fwlink LinkId O - BHO AcroIEHelperStub - DF C-E AD- -A -FA C EBDC - C Program Files Common Files Adobe Acrobat ActiveX AcroIEHelperShim dll O - BHO Google Toolbar Helper - AA ED - DD- d - -CF F - C Program Files Google Google Toolbar GoogleToolbar dll O - BHO Google Toolbar Notifier BHO - AF DE - D - -B FA-CE B AD D - C Program Files Google GoogleToolbarNotifier swg dll O - BHO Ask Toolbar BHO - D C F- A- -A AD- D - C Program Files Ask com GenericAskToolbar dll O - BHO Java tm Plug-In SSV Helper - DBC -A - b-BC - C C C A - C Program Files Java jre bin jp ssv dll O - BHO JQSIEStartDetectorImpl - E E F - CE- C -BC -EABFE F C - C Program Files Java jre lib deploy jqs ie jqs plugin dll O - Toolbar Ask Toolbar - D C F- A- -A AD- D - C Program Files Ask com GenericAskToolbar dll O - Toolbar Google Toolbar - C B - - d - B - A CD F - C Program Files Google Google Toolbar GoogleToolbar dll O - HKLM Run igfxtray C WINDOWS system igfxtray exe O - HKLM Run igfxhkcmd C WINDOWS system hkcmd exe O - HKLM Run igfxpers C WINDOWS system igfxpers exe O - HKLM Run IntelZeroConfig quot C Program Files Intel Wireless bin ZCfgSvc exe quot O - HKLM Run IntelWireless quot C Program Files Intel Wireless Bin ifrmewrk exe quot tf Intel PROSet Wireless O - HKLM Run avgnt quot C Program Files Avira AntiVir Desktop avgnt exe quot min O... Read more

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Hi everyone this Hardware My Fault A PC Help On Need Diagnosing is my first post on techspot so be nice My problem is that i started my pc up earlier today and i was prompted with a bios screen asking if i wanted to boot windows normally safe mode or from last known good configuration I chose last known good configuration My pc then restarted and nothing displayed on the monitor so i turned it off and back on and nothing displayed again Anyways im at the point where no matter how many times i try the display will not show The pc sounds as though it starts up but wont load the bios screen I have tried motherboards switching over all the components thinking it was a faulty motherboard eventhough it had worked the previous day I get Need Help Diagnosing A Hardware Fault On My PC the exact same problem with this motherboard too I have Need Help Diagnosing A Hardware Fault On My PC disconnected all the drives and i still get the same problem My PSU Need Help Diagnosing A Hardware Fault On My PC is an antec w which is only several weeks old so i wouldnt say it was a problem with it not supplying enough power to the motherboard The motherboard does not beep at all either So i have no way of finding out whats wrong with it I have left it unpowered and removed the bios battery several times but no change Also my dvd rom will not open whilst connected to either motherboard it will only open when i remove the IDE cable and run it only with power The computer doesnt even show anything with the dvd drive disconnected either I have also tried reinstalling the ram but if it was the ram then the motherboard would beep right My only guess is that it could be the cpu but the fan powers up and there is no bleeps from the motherboard indicating this I would really appreciate any help that you can give And before you ask all the cables have been connected properly Specs are amd dual core skt ASUS a v-nm and the SE motherboard was the original one gb mhz kingston ram gb SATA seagate HDD Empire DVD Writer Geforce gt Antec w PSU Thanks for reading this by the way and thanks in advance to all the replies Its really frustrating lol Ryan nbsp

A:Need Help Diagnosing A Hardware Fault On My PC

It looks to me that you have done a very thorough job of fault diagnosis and i agree with your conclusion that the fault could well be with the CPU.
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Hello Right now I BSOD: Fault ?? Hardware am trying my best to keep my laptop running while I am posting this thread I have been victimized by relentless blue screens which I suspect is a result of some hardware problem I initially thought this was a Windows and or Virus problem BSOD: Hardware Fault ?? I posted a thread as well http forums techguy org virus-oth -extreme-system-slowdown-blue-screens htm l but I recently formatted and reinstalled Windows but the blue screens keep coming back I am using IBM Thinkpad R a model so pretty old by now It runs Intel Centrino GHz proc GB IDE hard disk it initially came with MB RAM but I upgraded it to GB Windows XP SP Here are the problems I am facing since last one month Extreme system slowdown while running two or MS Office files or Outlook or even two tabs on Google Chrome The mouse pointer tends to get stuck while moving on the screen as if my system is busy even when Task manager shows system usage between to times I face a slowdown I end up with a blue screen it mostly says something like A critical process thread has been stopped to stop further damage and a few error codes are X F X X A F DA X A C C X A CB C though the error codes change every time Also at times I get a blue screen while boot up that says Unmountable Disk and while running Windows I see Unknown Hard Error I showed my laptop to someone and he predicted that the MB RAM was causing the trouble and took it out but it still did not solve the problem The problem occurs instantly if I move my laptop from my desk to another location i e the moment I move it I get a blue screen I did run a memtest and it returned no errors Can anyone please help me figure out what s the problem I am living with it for more than a month now and its frustrating Thanks nbsp

A:BSOD: Hardware Fault ??

If moving it causes that kind of issue - I'd be looking at loose connections. DVD drive connection, AC adapter connections, Hard Drive connections.
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OK the C key on my keyboard seems to have developed a life of its own Sometimes it won't work at all sometimes when typing it repeats amp repeats the only way to stop it is to hit ctrl amp alt at the same time This only happens with the C key If there isn t a text window open then two of the icons on the desktop flash repeatedly one is pdf file one is a powerpoint file Again only way to stop it fault? Malware hardware or seems to be ctrl amp alt at the same Malware or hardware fault? time scanned with Avira nothing shows same with malwarebytes I use both of these regularly DDS wouldn't execute on my laptop I just get a DOS window opening that Malware or hardware fault? reminds me to turn off script blockers what are they tells me it's non invasive won't take longer than minutes and that a log will be produced but then that window disappears and nothing else happens The GMER log seemed togo ok and Malware or hardware fault? is zipped amp attached Did all the above with AV etc disabled

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Okay so in the last couple of weeks about of my Constant fault? - Corruption Hardware downloads will not install or extract due to file corruption Even legitimate downloads from legitimate websites I ve reinstalled windows and formatted the entire hard drive several times and even ran a Constant Corruption - Hardware fault? legitimate copy of XP and Windows and I am still experiencing the same problems Not only this but many of my programs will crash or not even open such as MSN Firefox and others I ve got a Seagate GB Barracuda internal HDD and I ve ran some SeaTools scans and they seem fine I ve also swapped out the SATA cable connecting it to my motherboard The trouble is it is one of those really irritating problems that you can t specify as being one thing because so many things are irritating me I ve Constant Corruption - Hardware fault? got no problems with speeds or anything it has no problem running programs that work just they will crash regularly My hardware is Host Name JOE-PC OS Name Microsoft Windows Ultimate OS Version N A Build OS Manufacturer Microsoft Corporation OS Configuration Standalone Workstation OS Build Type Multiprocessor Free Registered Owner Joe Registered Organization Product ID -OEM- - Original Install Date System Boot Time System Manufacturer Winfast System Model AWRDACPI System Type X -based PC Processor s Processor s Installed x Family Model Stepping AuthenticAMD Mhz BIOS Version Phoenix Technologies LTD W P Windows Directory C Windows System Directory C Windows system Boot Device Device HarddiskVolume System Locale en-gb English United Kingdom Input Locale en-gb English United Kingdom Time Zone UTC Dublin Edinburgh Lisbon London Total Physical Memory MB Available Physical Memory MB Virtual Memory Max Size MB Virtual Memory Available MB Virtual Memory In Use MB Page File Location s C pagefile sys Domain WORKGROUP Logon Server JOE-PC Hotfix s Hotfix s Installed KB KB KB KB KB KB Network Card s NIC s Installed Realtek RTL x Family Fast Ethernet NIC Connection Name Local Area Connection DHCP Enabled Yes DHCP Server IP address es fe a b ab d cd My motherboard http www foxconnchannel com Product Motherboards detail overview aspx id en-us I m running Windows Ultimate bit at the moment I did recently install a GB stick of RAM but with several tools I can confirm that it is exactly the same as the other stick and it is properly inserted and functioning Do i need to update some drivers or something I am honestly clueless nbsp

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Hi I m having some issues with my PC and i am not sure what is wrong i have exhausted what knowledge i have to be honest A couple of weeks ago i was using my HDD related, Fault. Hardware maybe not? Unknown Maybe PC same as always and i got a crash i dont remember the exact nature Unknown Hardware Fault. Maybe HDD related, maybe not? now but Unknown Hardware Fault. Maybe HDD related, maybe not? i restarted the PC and when i did i was greeted with a black screen with a flashing cursor when i tried to boot I fiddled around with my hard drive configuration at this point disabling one then the other to see if Unknown Hardware Fault. Maybe HDD related, maybe not? i could get the GRUB loader to appear This didnt work but when i put both drives back in as they were before i could access GRUB again but it would throw up error Makes sense i messed around with the drive positioning so grub would be a bit confused It s from this point that things went really wrong I used a LIVE ubuntu CD to try and repair grub but found that my GB HDD was actually inaccessible due to a bad superblock Further inspection showed that both my HDD s were showing some level of corruption I ran SEATOOLS on both my drives in the hopes that at least an error code would get me an RMA The GB drive passed fine first time The GB drive did not it failed the long test due to some corrupt LBA s that it corrected It has passed the long test twice now without error I decided at this point just to cut my losses reformat the drives and start over This went relatively painlessly and once i was setup in ubuntu i got a reminder that my HDDs were failing This feature is notoriously over sensitive though so i investigated further The GB drive had reallocated sectors that were not present before and the GB drive has pending sector rewrites as well as uncorrectable errors also not present before I have been monitoring the drives since and there has been no increase in damage over the last couple of weeks I assume they both took some damage in the crash but have no idea how My issues now have become more pronounced In windows my mouse will slow down under periods of heavy usage and freeze or lag a lot Sometimes i boot up and my USB devices kb mouse wif dish need to be reconnected before windows will detect them When the mouse is lagging the computer also slows to an absolute crawl and becomes unusable whilst this is occuring Performance in d games has plummeted too my fps jumps widly from the maximum amount i know i should be getting all the way down to around a quarter of its full speed So what has happened My operating systems are both on the GB drive the one i figured had taken the least amount of damage I cant RMA these drives without a seatools code so am stuck with them for a while besides if the manufacturers tool passes them fine then they cant be that damaged right Are all the problems indicitive of hard drive errors I m thinking whatever caused my drives to frazzle in the first place might be responsible here All help appreciated sorry for long post nbsp

A:Unknown Hardware Fault. Maybe HDD related, maybe not?


Tried extracting an archive on the 250GB drive, went at 16MB/s, lagged my computer out like crazy and i had to forcibly close the extraction. Copied the files to my 320GB (copied at full speed btw) and extracted there at 40MB/s with no impact on my PC performance whatsoever.

Seems fairly obvious then that my 250GB is simply screwed? Is there anything i can do here? SMART only shows 34 reallocated sectors out of 36 that were available for remapping leaving 2 spare sectors still, it should not be behaving like this, should it?
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HI THERE i'm really disappointed i got blue screen amp blue screen error several time a day since MONTHS I loaded WINDBG to BSOD FAULT disk SRV.SYS & IN WITH hardware read my last BSOD there were'nt same i mean this is the Code Bugcheck Analysis Use analyze -v to get detailed debugging information BugCheck F fffffa b fffffa b fffff dc d Probably caused by hardware disk Followup MachineOwner --------- kd gt BSOD WITH SRV.SYS & hardware disk IN FAULT analyze -v Bugcheck Analysis CRITICAL OBJECT TERMINATION f A process or thread crucial to BSOD WITH SRV.SYS & hardware disk IN FAULT system operation has unexpectedly exited or been terminated Several processes and threads are necessary for the operation of the system when they are terminated for any reason the system can no longer function Arguments Arg Process Arg fffffa b Terminating object Arg fffffa b Process image file name BSOD WITH SRV.SYS & hardware disk IN FAULT Arg fffff dc d Explanatory message ascii Debugging Details ------------------ PROCESS OBJECT fffffa b IMAGE NAME hardware disk DEBUG FLR IMAGE TIMESTAMP FAULTING MODULE PROCESS NAME csrss exe EXCEPTION RECORD fffff c b -- exr xfffff c b ExceptionAddress e f ExceptionCode c In-page I O error ExceptionFlags NumberParameters Parameter Parameter fefd fd a Parameter c e Inpage operation failed at fefd fd a due to I O error c e EXCEPTION CODE NTSTATUS xc - L CUSTOMER CRASH COUNT DEFAULT BUCKET ID VISTA DRIVER FAULT CURRENT IRQL ERROR CODE NTSTATUS xc - L EXCEPTION PARAMETER EXCEPTION PARAMETER fefd fd a EXCEPTION PARAMETER c e IO ERROR NTSTATUS xc e - Un p riph rique qui n EXCEPTION STR xc c e FAULTING IP a e f BUGCHECK STR xF IOERR C E FOLLOWUP IP a fe fd fd a FOLLOWUP NAME MachineOwner MODULE NAME hardware disk STACK COMMAND kb FAILURE BUCKET ID X xF IOERR C E IMAGE hardware disk BUCKET ID X xF IOERR C E IMAGE hardware disk Followup MachineOwner --------- kd gt analyze -v And the Second Code Bugcheck Analysis Use analyze -v to get detailed debugging information BugCheck A fffff fc f ffffffffc e b fffff eed Probably caused by srv sys srv TerminateServer Followup MachineOwner --------- kd gt analyze -v Bugcheck Analysis KERNEL DATA INPAGE ERROR a The requested page of kernel data could not be read in Typically caused by a bad block in the paging file or disk controller error Also see KERNEL STACK INPAGE ERROR If the error status is xC E xC C xC D or xC it means the disk subsystem has experienced a failure If the error status is xC A then it means the request failed because a filesystem failed to make forward progress Arguments Arg fffff fc f lock type that was held value or PTE address Arg ffffffffc e error status normally i o status code Arg b current process virtual address for lock type or PTE Arg fffff eed virtual address that could not be in-paged or PTE contents if arg is a PTE address Debugging Details ------------------ ERROR CODE NTSTATUS xc e - Un p riph rique qui n DISK HARDWARE ERROR There was error with disk hardware BUGCHECK STR x a c e CUSTOMER CRASH COUNT DEFAULT BUCKET ID VISTA DRIVER FAULT PROCESS NAME System CURRENT IRQL TRAP FRAME fffff bd -- trap xfffff bd NOTE The trap frame does not contain all registers Some register values may be zeroed or incorrect rax ff b rbx rcx fffff a d b rdx fffffa d eb rsi rdi rip fffff eed rsp fffff bd e rbp r r r fffffa d r r r r r iopl nv up ei ng nz ac po cy srv SrvCloseShare fffff eed fff push rbx Resetting default scope LAST CONTROL TRANSFER from fffff afa to fffff a STACK TEXT fffff bd fffff afa a fffff fc f ffffffff c e b nt KeBugCheckEx fffff bd fffff a b fffffa e fffff bd b fffff c fffff b nt FNODOBFM string' x c e fffff bd fffff aa c ffffffff ffffffff nt MiIssueHardFault x b fffff bd f fffff a e fffff a d b fffff a d b nt MmAccessFault x c fffff bd fffff eed fffff f e fffff a fffff a b fffff a d b nt KiPageFault x e fffff bd e fffff f e fffff a fffff a b fffff a d b f srv SrvCloseShare fffff bd f fffff f e fffffa b f df fffff c a f fffffa d ... Read more

A:BSOD WITH SRV.SYS & hardware disk IN FAULT

Oh, you're not dead yet

Hello and welcome to TSF.

At a glance, it looks like you're having some problems with memory management. Please follow the instructions here:
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Just did a system restore, reboot, back to original factory specs for other unrelated issues.

Trying to get Windows up to date.......

System is:

Desktop PC Gateway FX6850-51
Windows 7 Premium 6.1.7600 Build 7600

Keep getting Error Code #80246008 when trying the updates.
It basically seems to hang the minute I hit the install updates button. The little green flashing status thing moves for 1/2sec then stops. Takes 5-10min to return the failed status. Just seems frozen in the meantime.

No Anti-Virus installed yet.
Everything else I've tried so far is working fine (programs, internet, etc).

Really appreciate the help here, as always. I've donated a few times.

A:[SOLVED] Cannot Get Windows7 (6.1.7600 Build 7600) To Windows Update

Hi, go to start, search and type:- cmd right click on the returned cmd.exe and select "run as administrator" at the prompt copy paste the below cmds (in red) pressing enter after each one:-

sc config EventLog start= auto

sc config BITS start= delayed-auto

Restart computer, check for updates, let us know how you get on.
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Hey all!
So, during Christmas, I received an 850 Pro as a gift. After the upgrade, I installed a fresh copy of WIn 7 ULtimate, as well as all the required drivers. I started experiencing BSODs after I put the computer to sleep or wake it up. It does not happen all the time, but 3 out of 5.
Blue Screen Reder shows NVIDIAs drivers to be the cause. Not sure what to do, because I did downgrade to earlier gpu drivers that worked before.
The system was rock solid before the upgrade and fresh install.
The logs are attached, as per instructions.
Really hope someone can help me out, thanks in advance!

A:Random BSODs - started after fresh Win 7. NVIDIA drivers at fault?

Hi There,

You are right about the Nvidia drivers, Uninstall that one for now.

Seeing as this is laptop your best option is to just install what ever driver Microsoft finds through windows update.

It may get offered in the several rounds of updates you are missing as well as SP1,

Host Name: DIODIA-PC
OS Name: Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate
OS Version: 6.1.7600 N/A Build 7600
OS Manufacturer: Microsoft Corporation
OS Configuration: Standalone Workstation
OS Build Type: Multiprocessor Free
Registered Owner: diodia
That should be the first thing you do, get SP1 and all the updates following it.
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Was getting the following error: "Hardware ID Missing, Windows cannot identify the device plugged into the ATA Controller 0"

To date I have carried out the following actions with no success:

1. Removed DVD and re-connected
2. Deleted ATA Controller 0 in Manage Device Manager and rebooted
3. Installed the latest driver and rebooted
4. Removed all motherboard connections and re-connected
5. Purchased replacement DVD drive and replaced

The DVD opens/closes correctly. When I boot into BIOS the DVD is present but listed as this in the Boot Menu:

CD/DVD \S[TKozp)CLD^D_ \S-L>3:H(-(PM)

God only knows what that means, but could be a good clue!!!

If anyone could please help it would be appreciated, many thanks in advance..



Toshiba Satellite P200D-128
Vista 32 Bit
Processor AMD Turion 64x2

A:Hardware ID Missing fault with DVD drive, even when replaced DVD.

Try the following two Fix It tools.

Your CD or DVD drive can't read or write media
Hardware devices are not working or are not detected in Windows
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Hi folks My brother s computer recently bit the dust while he was at work much to my chagrin he leaves it hardware fault of BSODs assumed...? Variety - running almost continuously for no particularly reason Variety of BSODs - hardware fault assumed...? and in trying to fix it I ve uncovered various BSODs which come and go but invariably full XP refuses to load It dies either whilst loading or when you attempt to log in Safe mode boots but only after I already tinkered with a few things The spec is as follows Athlon FX GB RAM Leadtek GT GB Maxtor Asus A V Initially the computer wouldn t boot to XP at all but having disabled all but two of the USB ports underclocked the CPU multiplier to x and unplugged the DVD drive a CD writer remains safe mode now seems largely stable I was able to run a disk defrag but when networking is enabled it BSODs I ve run memtest and it comes up negative for errors I it continuously overnight and apparently no problems Some of the BSODs are NDIS sys nv mini sys USBPORT sys Haven t seen USBPORT sys since disabling most of the usbs and NDIS seems to be the most common cause combined with the added instability of network safe mode could the onboard LAN be at fault Otherwise I m suspicious it might be a PSU problem as this would explain the variety of errors and apparently unfaulty RAM Looking in the BIOS setup the VCORE seems to be fluctuating a little but having never checked before I don t know if this is normal The readings are as follows VCORE V -- gt V V -- gt V V -- gt Any suggestions as to how I might further test anything would be much appreciated Many thanks nbsp