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Problem with video output

Q: Problem with video output

Here are my specs Motherboard GIGABYTE G Sniper H CPU Intel Core i - K Devil s Canyon Processor GHz GT s Hard Drive Western Digital Blue WD EZEX Video card SAPPHIRE Vapor-X VXL RAM HyperX FURY GB -Pin DDR SDRAM DDR Desktop Memory Problem video output with Model HX C F x This is sort of a complicated issue I will try my best to guide you through what is happening I started with all of my devices connected including my video card and sound card When the HDMI was connected to the video card the motherboard logo would appear for a split second and disappear to be replaced with a black screen The black screen does not go away and the BIOS menus cannot be accessed I then tried removing the video and sound cards and connecting the HDMI directly to the motherboard Problem with video output The BIOS menu started up and I was able to install my OS and motherboard drivers There are no issues when the computer is RESTARTED but when it is shut down as it needs to be to install the video card sound card there is no video output at all Connecting HDMI to the video card gives the same issue as before I have been able to get video output by using the jumpers although this only works sometimes and I would really prefer not to need to do this every time I start my computer So far I have been able to install my sound hard with this method but the video card is tough Please help nbsp

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Preferred Solution: Problem with video output

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Problem with video output

I should mention that the jumpers I mentioned are used only to reset the BIOS, I apologize for any confusion. Basically, resetting the BIOS allows for video output sometimes.
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The DVI output on my computer stop working.  I am using two monitors, one on DVI, the other VGA.  System does not detect two displays.  Has the DVI been deactivated by something that might have happened when Windows 10 was updating?  I've shecked cables and monitors so it must be motherboard of OS related.  Any suggestions. Mike
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The DVI output on the IPM87-MP motherboard in my desktop appears to have decided to stop working.  I've tested the same monitor with an alternate cable and that's not the problem.  I've also tested another monitor on this output and it won't work either. So I've concluded the output must be faulty. Are there any tests I can run or anything else I can do that might confirm the failure and/or ressurrect this output.  I'm currently running two monitors on this computer-one on DVI and the other on VGA outputs. Or am I looking at installing a separate video card? Mike
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Hy guys, I'm so in trouble for 3 days now with the following issue: I'm trying to make my TV the second display in order to see movies on big screen and I connected my notebook with the TV through a 4 pin- 4 pin S-Video cable. But nothing happens when I pres fn+F4. In my Display Properties my computer doesn't recognize the second display. Could it be due to the fact that my laptop output is 7 pin? I also downloaded Intel 945GM Display Driver hoping in some miracle but nothing happened. The TV is OK because it worked when another laptop was connected. I mention that I have a HP Compaq nc6320. Could it be a bug of this particular model? What do I do? please help!
Thank you!
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It s a pretty standard issue from what I m reading however my search results are not yielding any solutions I will try to be as brief as possible Rain Storm gt Lightning gt Computer no turn on gt New PSU gt No turnon gt New Mobo gt No turnon smell from new PSU and hot to the touch cables problem output video Tiresome gt Put in old Tiresome video output problem PSU gt computer turn on gt but no video output And I know Tiresome video output problem the computer is working because I m getting to the windows login screen after letting it boot fully and I can log in to windows with no visuals hear my harddrive think it out as all my tasks load I ve tried resetting the MOBO battery I ve tried moving the RAM around in the slots and different configurations I ve tried a different PCI-E slot I ve tried reseating the Vid card I ve made sure it has power to the video card I ve made sure that the motherboard doesn t have on-board What do next Thanks for your help guys nbsp

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Following on from problems I've had in this thread:

I'm doing a fresh install of windows xp pro, when its gets near the end and the PC restarts its telling the monitor to go into sleep mode so I cant see whats happening or use it, moving the mouse, pressing keys etc makes no difference.

Anyone know what I can do?
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Hi as the subject says i suppose i set everything up turned the PC on but it doesn t turn the monitor on from power saving mode When i turn it on the blue light is on for about seconds then goes back into power saving mode OC BFG - 8800GT No boot/video output problem The gfx card BFG 8800GT OC problem - No boot/video output is running as the fan can be heard at The monitor is using the VGA input with a DVI-D option I have read of people with the same problem but no solution comes up Also the machine gt isn t booting up as the busy light isn t flashing and no noise when it would be entering Vista I have a Arctic Cooling W PSU so it can t be gt the power I am using the Packard Bell PT - A Motherboard so it s in a PCI-E x slot don t know if its or but it shouldn t matter Any ideas i would be hugely grateful thanks alot nbsp

A:BFG 8800GT OC problem - No boot/video output

Try another video card, or enable on-board video to test the system
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Hi, I have bought a Acer aspire 8920 recently...
i have realtek audio

I am having problems with sound, conflicts with sound from multiple programs.
wasnt a problem with winXP.

Example, I run winamp to listen to music and then watch a clip on youtube.
there is no sound from the clip. But when I close winamp i get sound from youtube clip.
this also happens the other way around.
also happens when i have veoh tv on and watch youtube clips.
also if i run zoom player installed from cccp codec pack and winamp
also if i run an emulator for games and watch a clip.

please help. thanks in advance
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Ok so my problem is that after my CPU was somehow reaching degrees on games and around idle I thought that the video output was simply dying to prevent the CPU from melting So I bought a new case and just upgraded CoolerMaster Scout upgrading from the CoolerMaster Elite I think it Problem Dying/Case PC Fan Video New Output Build was So even after this my CPU is now running at a nice ish temp of degrees on load I currently have problems The New PC Build Video Output Dying/Case Fan Problem problem of my video output just going dead is still there after checking MB temp GFX card temps and CPU temps so I have no idea what is causing it to keep doing this With my new case I have one connector left which is a pin power one for one of my fans in the case the only problem is that it is a pin in which you are supposed to put a pin into as in that one has the holes in but I have nothing to put into them All other ones are the opposite of that and I have plugged all those in If anyone has any help it would be much appreciated If you need any more info please ask Specs HD ATi MB E Ghz Ghz Arctic Cooler Forgot name but reviews say it's good so P GB Corsair Mhz P Q SE CoolerMaster Scout Arctic Thermal Paste Forgot name again All drivers installed XP SP bit W CoolerMaster PSU Even after a reinstall and re driver ing it is still the same EDIT By the way this never used to happen even with my old sh ty case

A:New PC Build Video Output Dying/Case Fan Problem

By the way this happens after around 30-60 mins of solid gameplay, it will NEVER happen unless I am playing some kind of modern 3D game.
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In our office we are having a unique problem We Video Remote Interesting Connection Desktop Output Problem: w/ have a machine in the office dedicated to running powerpoints on a LCD in the lobby It's somewhat of an information board We want no keyboard or other monitor hooked up to this machine Instead we would like Interesting Problem: Remote Desktop Connection w/ Video Output to be able to connect to it remotely log in and Start Stop Change information We tried remote assistance but the machine has to stay logged Interesting Problem: Remote Desktop Connection w/ Video Output on We tried Remote Desktop connection but we can't seem to get the video to output to the machine's monitor The LCD it just displays a message saying it's locked We want to be able to remotely log in and have the machines video be displayed live not ust to our monitor but the machine's monitor Can't use any third-party software like LogMeIn or anyplace control We are running Windows XP SP although we could revert to SP if need be The graphics card in the machine is a Nvidia GeForce
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I have an S-Video port on my computer and I am going to run it to my 46" Projection TV.

What I want to know is how to switch b/t S-Video out and the VGA out so I can switch between my monitor and TV - is there a keyboard combination I have to hit (like on a function key on a laptop)?

I will only be viewing video files on my TV (so it won't be too often that I use the S-Video out port).

I remember doing this a while back, but it seems like I had to do a restart and unhook my VGA connection to get the S-Video feed to work - there must be an easier way.

Thanks ALL!!!

A:Switch b/t VGA Monitor output and S-Video Output

Depending on the card, I am personally better versed with ATI, but I know my Nvidia also, you can set up a dual display and set the S video to play all movies at full screen, and through the control disable the TV when not in use.
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Hello i am an owner of a Dell inspiron 3542 i7 with 840m. I have a question that the tech support in Greece couldn't solve. When i plug the hdmi on my laptop and i connect it to a screen if the screen is bigger then 19' then everything is messed up. The colors the resolution everything. I noticed that the hdmi is connected to the integrated graphics card which powers the display of the laptop of course and has and output of 1300sth resolution. So when i connect it my laptop with an external monitor i cant see anything right from resolution or colors side.Is this normal? there is nothing wrong with graphics card the discrete and the integrated are perfectly working i cant just get passed this issue though..
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I'm trying to upload my Sony dcr-trv19 camera mini-dv tapes using "Video 2 PC" with no success. I've tried S-video to S-video, yellow to yellow, and yellow to yellow, white, red without success. I get an MPG file but when I play it there is no video or audio. Please advise.

A:Sony video-cam, video 2 pc, no video or audio output

There should be a Firewire (otherwise called IEEE 1394 or DV Link) port on the camera, it looks like a mini USB port. Using a Firewire cable, connect this port to the Firewire port on your laptop or PC. If your PC has no Firewire port, you can add one by buying a PCI Firewire card.
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Okay, here's what I want to do. I want to send video output to a Plasma in my family room and also have output to the computer monitor in the adjacent office. I have the option of using either VGA or DVI to either monitor, so I can use a video card that has dual VGA/DVI outputs. Or, I can buy a separate PCI video card. Right now I have an ATI All-in-Wonder 7500.

Am I better off to get a new video card with dual monitor output or have two separate video cards. If the former, what video cards do you recommend? I know I've seen recommendations for the 9600 Pro, which seems to have dropped significantly in price? I'd like to stay with ATI as I've always used that.

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Is there are any video splitter , preferebly free which keeps the output video size same as original video size. I have tried some but in the end, they convert/re-encoding the splitted video and the output video becomes large. If anyone knows a video splitter as I stated, please advise.
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So I recently decided to update my graphics for the new Battlefront and got a pop up from Catalyst Control asking if I wanted to activate some super high setting for my Toshiba BV B quot tv I foolishly clicked okay and now my tv won t display any video I m not sure where to go to turn that setting off but I can get back my video by plugging in a DVI output at the same time I just use this extra monitor for when stuff breaks cause the BIOS options don t show on HDMI output - right now it s allowing the TV to display the picture but if I remove that cable the video goes again I HDMI update No after video driver on video output m guessing it s a different video profile when they re No video output on HDMI after video driver update both plugged in from when they aren t or something No video output on HDMI after video driver update and I don t know how to make changes to just the TV when both are plugged in for me to be able to see Any help would be much appreciated Kind regards Nick Extra info AMD Radeon HD gb card Windows Ultimate bit TV Resolution when DVI plugged in x -bit hz - Generic PnP Monitor If you need any No video output on HDMI after video driver update further info about my setup just let me know and I ll try to provide it asap nbsp
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I have a Laptop (Specs up to date on Profile), which I want to connect to a Phillips CRT Television.
The connection between the two is a THREE cord chain. Beginning with the Laptop's (7 Pin - S-Video output) and ending with the TV's (4 Pin S-Video input), The 3 cords go like this: [1] [2] [3]

[7pin>>Yellow Female Composite] >>> [DOUBLED ENDED Yellow Male Composite] >>> [Yellow Female Composite>>4pin]

Is this configuration even possible, and if so, how does one enable the graphics card to send out the signal?

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Specs Asus M A -CM AMD Phenom x Processor gigs DDR PC memory Video PCI-Express Palit Nvidia GeForce GT gb Sonic OS Windows XP Pro SP Power Supply w Avg Temp c No Video through S-Video output in windows I have just upgraded my MB and Video Card on a computer I use as an arcade machine I need the output to go to a Television through S-Video through No in Video XP S-Video windows output The problem is odd because I can see the bios loading and even No Video through S-Video output in windows XP the quot Loading Windows XP Loading bar across the screen on the TV but once Windows starts No Video through S-Video output in windows XP the screen goes blank Steps taken in preinstall I removed all the display drivers prior to installing new hardware and after the install started the computer with monitor and installed the new Nvidia drivers Trouble shooting steps and results Pre I tried to verify the No Video through S-Video output in windows XP TV connection but the Nvidia Control Panel will not find my S-Video TV connection only the VGA is found I connected the TV and restarted but the TV could still not be found in the Display properties or the NVidia Control Panel I Connected the VGA connection while the screen was blank on S-Video output Result The screen DID display on the VGA connection Loaded windows into Safe Mode While loading drivers before safe mode comes up it hangs at gagp kx sys but continues to load after a while The display shows on the television in safe mode Additional information After doing a bit of research I found out that the gagp kx sys is a Via AGP driver Could this be the source of my problem I no longer am using AGP maybe windows is also loading my old AGP and trying to display to the AGP slot that is no longer there I Went into the BIOS and made sure that the PCI express card was the default card used Result none When loading windows regularly it still could not display to the S-Video connection on the monitor My questions are as follows Does windows need to still load the gagp kx sys file when using PCI-E Is there a way to verify that all AGP drivers are removed even though none display in Hardware Manager or Dxdiag Any other help would be appreciated Thanks nbsp

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Hi all,I was messing around with the bios settings this morning and changed my video settings from peg/pci to a different setting and now I have NO video output therefor I can't see the bios screen to change it back.  For reference I am running a thinkcentre 3664-a21 desktop.  At first when I would reboot I would hear the sound like Windows was still loading in the background but now I don't even hear that so who knows what I've done.  is there any way to do a reset with having a totally black screen? im trying to avoid taking apart the computer if at all possible.
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today i built my new PC output no video All the components with exception to one of the HDDs are brand new Asus M N-E SLi Motherboard corsair MHz RAM gb WD HDD XFX gt AMD so anyway i assembled it all no video output and when i plugged my screen in and turned it on there was no signal i was hoping to install windows xp but as there is no signal i cant I have tried using another screen The motherboard does not have a standard VGA output which is odd so i cant try booting w o the GPU as there would be no way of telling if it was working or not Should i buy an adaptor for the VGA port that the MB has or is there something else inheretnly wrong with my system i have tried using both DVI ports on the GPU and neither of my screens which both work perfectly and so do the DVI adaptors i am using and still no signal I tried moving the RAM to the other slots to see if that made any difference as i have had a similar problem when there was no boot because the RAM was not detected Any help would be greatly appreciated I cant think what the problem is as i have tried all to solve all the things i think that could be the problem thanks in advance nbsp

A:no video output

First test: power off, take out the RAM and reboot. You should get a string of beeps. If yes, this tells us that the m/board is OK and that everything you have connected to it is (probably) OK. Power off.
If no beeps, disconnect everything and take out the RAM and all cards.
Disconnect all front panel connectors except the speaker if there is one.
Reboot - string of beeps is good; no beeps not so good. Power off
Now remove the motherboard and reconnect the PSU conenctors. Connect the speaker if external. Short the front panel power button conenctor with a small screwdrive - beeps are good, no beeps means the board us U/S
If you get beeps, power off and reassemble making sure you do not have more metal support pegs than there are holes in the board as otherwise they can short the board out. Put back one piece at a time, checking for a single beep after each item is fitted. If they stop, you have a problem component. Tell us.
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My parents have a Gateway that they ve been using since It s worked fine until now and all I ve added to it was a PCI video card PNY Nvidia FX The problem arose when the computer was booted and all that was displayed was the monitors sort of box for changing the brightness contrast ect I have connected this monitor to my laptop and used it as a display to test it it works fine I ve also tested other monitors on the video No output computer still no output I ve moved the connectors to the second vga output and to the original onboard video still nothing I cannot remember if No video output I disabled the onboard video when I installed the video card I ve even tried removing the video card and connecting to the onboard with still no luck I can t figure out what to do Is there a way to reset the BIOS back to its default settings without a display Thank you all help No video output is appreciated nbsp

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I hooked up my s-video to the tv. It is showing up on the tv but the video I am trying to play is not showing up on it. Does anyone know what am i doing wrong? Please help thanx.

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when i open my CPU theres no video output the try repluging in video card but still no video output please help

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I have the ATI Radeon X700 Pro AGP graphics card. It has a VGA, DVI, and S-Video output on it. Right now I am using and adapter to go from S-Video to a regular yellow video cable to go to my TV. The problem is, the text is extremely hard to read on the TV.

Is there anything I can do to make things easier to read on the TV?

A:Video output to a tv

I have the same problem. Actually my old computer had video out, as well as my new pc I built two months ago. On both computers, even with my radeon x800 gto pci express video card I use now I see a reduction in video quality using the tv out feature. I read somewhere that most tv's are specifically designed to show moving pictures rather than static images, making small text hard to read. Newer lcd and plasma tv's may be an exception. The only thing you can do to improve your picture quality is to use the s-video cord and not an adapter "This is supposing you have a tv that supports s-video". I have heard that there is a noticeable difference in quality if you do this although I never got around to trying it. Another thing you can do is see if you can tweak the tv sharpness, and make sure the refresh rate is set good for your tv and also try to increase the flicker reduction. Your ati installation disc should have given you the ability to adjust these things, do remember though that this will only help to a point.
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Hi All,

I am running an IBM 6850-10u Intellistation M Pro:

Xeon 1.5 GHz (256 KB), 256MB RAM, 40GB 7.2 EIDE, Matrox Millennium G450

I brought it over from North America to Europe and now I can't get the video to come up on the monitor. I don't get anything, including a start-up screen, the monitor appears to stay in power saver mode. I know that the video card is good (Matrox Millennium AGP), and I have also tried a ATI Radeon 256 PCI video card, but it dosen't change the situation.

Would power be an issue? The Power Supply is self converting, 120 - 240V, but I'm not sure on the Power in France. All fans start, power to floppy, CD, and Hard Disk.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Any more info needed I will get back as soon as possible.


A:No Video Output

I'm sure it's a power problem. Is there a red switch on the back of the power supply? If so, move it from the 115v to the 240v. If not, you may have to replace the existing one that will allow switching.

Also check all components are firmly seated.
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I have MGI Video Wave III on my computer. I hooked up my digital video camera and did some editing. Now I want to transfer the new movie from the computer back to my camera and I can't get it to happen. Do I need another connection besides the IEEE 1394 cable?
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Hello everyone I am having a real difficulty upgrading my old desktop computer No Video :( Output There is no screen output I have bought a second hand quot working quot ASUS M N-NVM S It is an OEM board that has come from No Video Output :( a Packard Bell I-Media lt ----- That is the motherboard I have I have installed it into a case and then fitted one of these CPU s I then fitted GB MHz RAM just as a test because I knew that RAM works as No Video Output :( it is what is in my other computer now as I type I plugged in my screen into the onboard vga slot and turned it on and nothing happened All the fans on the case and CPU started spinning but there were no beeps or no video on the screen I then thought that maybe the onboard graphics had been turned off as it was from someones old gaming machine so I installed a known working Nvidia GT GB and turned the PC on Still there was nothing I am now completely confused and don t know what else to try I tried turning it on without RAM CPU and Graphics card to see if I got any beeps but nothing happened Any help with this would be greatly appreciated Thanking in advance Jack-O-Bytes nbsp

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MY friend gave me his computer because it stoped giving any video output. THe thing is that it functions oddly because yesterday i switched the hard drive and the computer worked fine and today it doesn't. I thought it might be the video card but i cant try it on my pc because it comes with the motherboard of his pc. I am really confused i have no idea what to do. Please somebody help it will be greatly appreciated.

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Dell 4400 Dimension
Operating System loads, but no video output. I disconnected the hard drives and was able to boot from a live linux cd, open a terminal, start other programs blind, including shuting it down from the terminal. I swaped video cards, checked the power supply, and other connectors with a multitester, and everyting came back great! The computer beeps 3 times during startup, and shows a blank screen on the monitor, like no one's home.

Can anyone help?????

A:No Video Output

Three beeps means no video card is detected.

If you successfully used your video card in another PC and the same card fails to produce output on the faulty PC, then perhaps the PCI/AGP/PCI-E slot or the circuitry on the motherboard is bad, if I understand your situation correctly, which I'm not sure I do.
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I thought it would be as simple as connecting an s-video cable from the graphics card to my tv but i cannot get the signal on the tv, what gives? furthermore, please forgive my ignorance, but i thought that maybe i needed to enable a device. so from the manage devices i selected from a drop down menu; to enable the analog tv device and search for a driver on the web. i then got a "bluescreen" which shutdown my system repeatedly untill the device was disabled! i am guessing this is a terrible conceptual error. Can somene set me straight?

A:s-video output to tv

Hi bhardini.You need to configure both the television's video input and your computers video output to work together.Start by making sure your television video input is set to use the svideo connection on the correct channel (video1, video2, etc) via the setup menu on the tv itself. Your manual should tell you how to do this. You must also know the resolutions your tv is capable of displaying and set your computers video s output resolution accordingly or you will get nothing on the screen as well. Finally, you'll need to make sure your computers video card\system is configured to actually use the tv as a monitor.If all this sounds confusing (it's usually very simple), please post make and model of tv and video card you're using.You didn't give us much to go on.
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Last week, my 430 watt power supply started going bad (started to smell a burning smell)
So, I picked up a 450 watt replacment power supply.
I try out the new power supply; I now have no video output at all, and no power is routed to the keyboard from the motherboard. The computer itself turns on, runs fine, the p35 neo2 MOBO on-board diagnostic lights signal that everything is fine on the mobo.
I plugged back in another power supply. Same problem.
Any help/suggestions?

A:Video output

Are you running on-board video or do you have a video card plugged in to the motherboard? It is highly possible that the motherboard has been damaged even though all the lights are "normal"...
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I have the good fortune of being given several movies on vcd. They play perfectly on my pc , but will not play at all when I try to fire them to my tv.

My graphics card is a geforce2mx , which the amnual says "this card supports only playing pc game on tv out and there will be no output when playing dvd"

Is this it ? can I update the driver or is it a new card? Any help appreciated


A:s-video output help please

Which version of NVIDIA's Detonator drivers are you using? If you are using edited ones that came with your computer from your manufacturer, they could have methods to prevent copyrighted material being sent out via tv-out. Try updating to the latest drivers from NVIDIA . I have also experienced problems like this, updating the drivers seemed to do the trick. Good Luck and welcome to TechSpot :grinthumb !
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Hi No video output Guys I am hoping you all can help me to troubleshoot an issue I have two systems here One is an IBM rebuild that I am afraid to open up because the case would break Literally Looking for a new case for it The other is a home built system that I got No video output about two years ago Thursday evening I turned on the first system to look at it s specs It was brought to me wiht a modem issue so I wanted to see if it even had a modem installed As soon as I turned it on I got something like an quot Ann Clist quot error which No video output I have never seen before and another error telling me that the system was too unstable and would shut down I haven t had any video output since then The other system had been put away for about a year due to not having a monitor for it I finally got another monitor and plugged her in She seemed happy Turned her back off and set her up Turned her on the next day to do my defrag and such No video output On this system I traded out the video cards as well as the RAM and it still did not work There were no beeps coming from the motherboard at all I can hear everything spinning up and running such as fans and hard drive I have tried different monitors and these montiors do work with other systems The outlets are giving enough power as I have had other systems plugged in and they work It shouldn t be a power supply issue as I plug the monitors directly into the power strips and not the back of the systems I am really hoping iti s not a system board issue but don t know what it could be at this point Does anyone have any suggestions Ayla nbsp

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I recently just purchased:
Gigabyte P55A-UD3 Motherboard
Intel Core i5-650 Clarkdale 3.2GHz
Corsair XMS3 4GB (2 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR3
Using my old:
Nvidia 8600GT
550W PSU.

When I start up my computer I get one short beep, in the manual says normal start up noise. But I get no video output from my computer. Have tried different cables, and monitor. Recently purchased a new Geforce 9400 GT thinking my video card was shot. But still no video output.

Thank you for your help.

A:No video output

have you tried seating the graphics card in the other PCIe slot?
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I have an S-video output port on my computer and I can't seem to get it to work with the tv. There doesn't look like there is anything in the display settings to change to allow this. Anybody have any ideas? Thanks.

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have AMD T-Bird 1.4 GHz with 256DDR on Asus A7M266 motherboard. Using ATI all in Wonder PCI card PCI. Could not get video out to monitor. To verify wasn't defective card took working 3dfx Voodo card out of another machine and still no output. Put ATI card in another machine and verified it was working. Have tried cards in different PCI slots - still no video output. Get nothing but black screen when computer initializes. How do you proceed to diagnose? Last resort would be to purchase AGP card and see what happens. Would appreciate any suggestions.

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I have an s-video output on my video card, but at the moment there is no signal coming from it. How do I switch? it on ?????
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Hello all I posted the following thread here about two weeks Video Output No ago and I have a new question If the on-board video is bad would it make sense to try a PCI video card mahoopes Member with posts Join Date Dec Location Delaware Experience Intermediate -Dec- PM No video output Hi I am helping a friend with a Gateway GT running No Video Output Windows XP Media Center It has no video output at all The hard drive is working and I can view its files via a USB IDE bridge so I know it has power I have reseated the IDE cable and tried different jumper settings to no avail I have tried two monitor cables One possible clue the fan turns on and runs loudly as soon as the PC is powered up Is there anything else I can try before concluding that it is totaled with a No Video Output bad motherboard or something Many thanks Register for free to hide this ad Elvandil Moderator with posts Join Date Aug Location Vermont Experience quot Been through the mill quot -Dec- PM Graphics card mahoopes Member with posts Join Date Dec Location Delaware Experience Intermediate -Dec- PM No video Thanks for your suggestion I do not see a video card and from the motherboard documentation I believe the video is onboard There is a matchbox-sized plastic device lugged into the MOBO next to the monitor port but I don t think I know how to test it The only relevant equipment I have I think is a basic multi-meter Thanks so much for your thoughts nbsp

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Hi, I am helping a friend with a 2006 Gateway GT 2555 running Windows XP Media Center. It has no video output at all. The hard drive is working, and I can view its files via a USB/IDE bridge so I know it has power. I have reseated the IDE cable and tried different jumper settings, to no avail. I have tried two monitor cables. One possible clue: the fan turns on and runs loudly as soon as the PC is powered up. Is there anything else I can try before concluding that it is totaled with a bad motherboard or something? Many thanks.

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Hello I just got a new TV. TV has two HDMI cables. I want to connec it to my PC to watch videos.

Can I get a DVI to HDMI cable like so:
Will this output both video and sound. My GPU has VGA, Svideo and DVI outputs.

A:Output video from PC to TV

I got a cable like that with my 28" monitor & it does video only, NO sound
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Using Toshiba C660D, recently I upgraded to W10, but due to several problems I re-installed W7 from scratch (used recovery media from Toshiba), so is genuine. . Before I upgraded to W10 when I put my computer on TV display I got a ribbon type selection bar on my screen to select video output, when pressing fn and F5 navigated, with arrow keys . Now after re-install I get an on screen display of function keys and an on screen display of video output options navigable only by use of touchpad/cursor and left click button.
Any idea how to return to ribbon type selection bar. I just prefer this method.
Thank you Rayal49
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i have a computer upstairs and a tv in the living room. is it possible to somehow stream the video output from my computer to the tv? i know d-link has a wireless media player but that can only stream video and music... does anyone if it's possible?

A:stream video output

I think you need to directly connect it. But it's going to be pretty much impossible to use unless you have long mouse and keyboard cords Wireless keyboards and mouse are not that strong.
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Hey im getting into PC's building. My friend gave me a older computer he had lying around (without a CPU or heatsink). Just wanted to know if i could assess the bios without having the CPU in the motherboard. It does have a GPU built on the motherboard. It powers on and all the components start working but still doesn't output. Didn't know if there was a trick I didn't know about.
Thanks for your time.

A:Can my motherboard output video without its cpu

I wouldn't think that it would, but I'm not an expert at this.
I"d suggest asking over in the Internal Hardware forums:
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I purchased the parts below to build a computer After hooking everything no New video output has computer up it seems to turn on and stay on but there is no video output I have swapped to a different video card New computer has no video output with the same result I confirmed that I have the pin connector and both pin connectors on the motherboard and on the video card I made sure the power connectors were listed there The second video card I tried did not require extra power connectors I have the ram in channels A and A leaving B and B empty There is a single power indicator on the motherboard and when connected to power it lights green There are no system beeps or anything when it starts up but it doesn t seem to power down or reboot or anything I took one stick of ram out of A and now it gives long beeps when starting up but still no video output Intel DP SG Motherboard - Intel P Express Socket DDR MHz Audio CrossFire PCI Express x SATA RAID eSATA USB Firewire S PDIF Gigabit LAN XION Power Real W ATX Power Supply Two Crucial GB PC - MHz DDR SODIMM Laptop Memory Upgrade - Non-ECC XFX HD AZWFC Radeon HD Video Card - MB GDDR PCI Express x CrossFireX Ready Dual Link Dual DVI HDTV HP HPDVD I Multiformat DVD Writer - DVD R X DVD-R X DVD RW X DVD-RW X DVD-RAM X SATA Lightscribe Intel Core Quad Q Processor BX Q - GHz MB Cache MHz FSB Yorkfield Quad-Core Retail Socket Processor with Fan Four Hitachi OS Deskstar IDK K Internal Hard Drive - TB RPM MB SATA- G nbsp

A:New computer has no video output

Two Crucial 2GB PC3-8500 1066MHz DDR3 SODIMM Laptop Memory Upgrade - Non-ECCClick to expand...

Why "laptop memory upgrade"?

Anyway, go through this if you have time:
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I recently bought a new LCD flat screen for my old Dell, but the video card only comes with VGA output. I'm looking for a basic video card with DVI output to improve the display which looks a bit crappy. I don't really want to spend more than 50. I don't do much gaming - just the occasional Civilisation IV which is a bit jerky at present so would be nice if it was a bit smoother.

Attached are screengrabs of my specs except for the power supply - there's nothing printed on the unit. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


A:Video card with DVI output Radeon 9250 128Mb PCI graphics card.htm

It is PCI, so it will be compatible because idk if you have AGP (I think you do) and it is low end, so you wont need to invest in a power supply. Verto GeForce 6 6200/PCI 256MB DD.htm
Is way better, but more money, and it will run on your PSU probably.
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Hi I just recently built a custom PC with the following parts ASRock M A DE AM AMD build in output No new video ATX AMD Motherboard XFX HD- X-ZNF Radeon HD GB -bit DDR No video output in new build PCI Express x HDCP Ready CrossFireX Support Video Card COOLER MASTER Elite RS- -PSAR-J W ATX V V Power Supply AMD Athlon II X Rana GHz Socket AM W Triple-Core Desktop Processor ADX WFGMBOX G SKILL GB x GB No video output in new build -Pin DDR SDRAM DDR PC Dual Channel Kit Desktop Memory Model F - CL D- GBNT Western Digital Caviar Blue WD AAJS GB RPM SATA Gb s quot Internal Hard Drive -Bare Drive Hanns G HZ HPB Black quot ms HDMI Widescreen LCD Monitor SAMSUNG CD DVD Burner Black SATA Model SH-S C - OEM Rosewill CHALLENGER Black Gaming ATX Mid Tower Computer Case comes with Three Fans- x Front Blue LED mm Fan x Top mm I assembled everything I have had experience building PC s in the past no problems So upon boot I get an error message on my monitor saying quot No input detected quot The monitor is connected via HDMI to the graphics card All of the case fans and LED s are running The cpu fan and the graphics card fan is running The optical drive opens and closes no problem So here are the things i try Connect monitor to another pc via VGA works fine Switch graphics card to another PC with bigger PSU connect via DVI no problems I have no idea what could be wrong Please help Let me know if you need some more info Could it be a CMOS issue nbsp

A:No video output in new build

You have to go into windows via dvi and use your control panel settings. W/E the equivilent for nvidia control panel is for ati and specifically designate hdmi to be used. My brother had to use a different monitor all together to do this process. Using the dvi monitor kind of as the "host," while booting into windows then plugging up his new monitor via hdmi. Place correct settings then restart. Hope this helps.
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Problems with Windows Update and ATI Radeon HD Driver Updates A Windows Update wouldn't download don't have the output - No Video BSOD update since there BSOD - No Video output is no video output - I'm on another computer It was KB and quot Bear quot on BSOD - No Video output this forum posted that he wasn't downloading it because of troubles it caused with playig video files The answer on the forum was to update the graphics card drivers so I went to ATI's website and there were BSOD - No Video output - updates dated I downloaded one of them and rebooted the computer When it restarted IE froze trying to regsiter the update on an ATI website After that the screen went black I kill-switched it and restarted it The BIOS screen appeared and the Windows logo as well then I never got the Windows Welcome screen instead the screen went black It repeated I started the computer in Safe Mode and rolled back the driver for the Graphics card I restarted and the screen went black I restarted in Safe Mode and all the desktop icons were gone - I got a black screen with only the words quot Safe Mode quot visible HELP What should I do

A:BSOD - No Video output

I started in Nomal Windows mode - got the bios screen and the starting windows screen - then the screen went black but I can see the white cursor. I pushed the power button to turn it off.

I restarted in Safe Mode - I re-installed the graphics card driver I had previoulsy rolled back - the desktop icons reamined visible this time - I restarted - it froze on the Shutting Down . . . screen in Safe Mode - I pushe dteh power button to restart it.

On restart - bios screen appeared - it froze for two minutes on the Starting Windows screen - then Black SOD - I can see the white cursor - nothing else.
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Recently my monitor started displaying images that were blackened and the colors were more vivid actually they looked like neon versions of output is correct not video the colors video output is not correct bright and neon My husband thought he smelled something burning in the monitor so we disconnected it bought a new one and installed the driver and it works but the images are still quot neon quot colors and there are like lines going across horizontally wherever there is a form displayed and discoloring of colors in these lines We played around with the brightness and contrast settings but that did not help Could the problem have anything to do with the video card Can the video card go bad and affect the monitor s images displayed I do not know the brand of video card or monitor etc I can get that info but also when my husband took the cover off the CPU there was a lot of dust in there And he thinks the main fan is not working This is the nd fan he installed on the CPU in years I do know that the AMD is the harddrive or motherboard and the O S in Windows XP It was all of a sudden that the display blackened and the neon color effect started to occur Have not recently changed any display settings or anything I am not savvy with putting the hardware together on desktop pc I really only know about using software and so forth Any suggestions would be helpful but so long as not too technical Thanks Sue nbsp

A:video output is not correct

First, have him reseat the video card (if it's in a slot and not on-board) just to be on the safe side. It could very well be a bad card......especially if there was heat build-up inside. If you can get us some more system specs, that would help.

And welcome with your first post to the TS Forums. :grinthumb
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I have a dell e5500 latitude with Windows 7 and i can't figured out to use the s-video output

A:Solved: s-video output

Connect it to the s-video of a TV.
I think you may have to reboot .. Before the computer will recognize that a TV is connected.
In Windows 7 .. also try pressing the Windows Key and P.

And Welcome to the TSG Forum.
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I recently got a new TV and I attempted to connect my computer to it using an s-video cable. Everything worked out fine, but the picture on the tv is extremely grainy. I can't even read what most things say from about 2 feet back. Does anybody know what's wrong? Thanks in advance,


A:s-video output problems

What kind of video card do you have? Have you looked through the display settings for anything that could be to blame?
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I have a desktop running windows 7 x64 with a PCIe ATI 3850 graphics card. I want to hook up the component out (I have the dongle connected) to an infocus projector.
When the PC boots I see the bios data displayed by the projector but when Windows loads I lose the display. Windows detects it as a generic non-pnp monitor. I can't figure out how to get it to turn on the component output. I have catalyst 10.10 installed.


A:Component video output

Really would help if you gave us more info.
Model# of the projector etc...
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MB ASUS P6T DELUXE V2 1366 X58 RTL mobo
2x VGA EVGA | 896-P3-1171-AR GTX 275 R

CPU INTEL|CORE I7 920 2.66G 45N
MEM 2Gx2|OCZ OCZ3P16004GK R x2

and obviously a hard drive and cd drive

anyways i turn it on and everything boots fans are all on hdd turns on cd drive works etc but no video. i just built it yesterday and ive tried everything. ive isolated the vid cards, (using one at a time), ive used my vid cards on another computer (it works) i really dont know what else to do. anybody have any ideas?

A:Help new computer won't output video

Always install the OS with minimal hardware. Use the closest PCIe video socket nearest the CPU... What Operating System did you install?
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Hey everyone I have just video output Solved: No had a problem with my desktop computer Basically I was playing on Yuris Revenge classic command and conquer game I was playing and Solved: No video output the screen flashed black for about seconds then came back on I then tabbed Solved: No video output out of the game to the desktop and that worked I then went to go back into the game and the screen just went black and the monitor went into quot No Signal quot mode I tried to get back to the desktop but it wasn t having any of it I held the power button and now when I turn it on I get Solved: No video output nothing at all It doesn t even display the BIOS or the boot sequence My computer specs are CPU - AMD Athlon x Maybe slightly overclocked but to a max of Ghz Motherboard - Foxconn A VMX RAM - Gb Crucial Graphics Card - Sapphire Nvidia GT Gb DDR Hard Drive - Western Digital Caviar Black Gb Any help with this would be great Thanking in advance Jack nbsp

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Hey everyone,
So, i've got this really old Tv, and i want to use it as a media center, with a PC. The tv only has 2 scart sockets, so i've got a scart to female RCA adapter, and at the other end ive got a svideo output, with a 3.5mm sound output that goes into 3 prong RCA. The cable is capable of transfering data both directions.
But the Tv doesn't show anything on the AV channel from the PC. Is the TV actually capable of doing what i need it to?

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For the longest time, I was able to use an S-Video cord to use my television as a monitor for my laptop. I just tried doing it again, but I get nothing whenever I try connecting the cord.

On my Sony Vaio computer, you have to press Fn + F7 to switch between displays. Whenever I do this, nothing pops up.

I believe the problem has to do with my services on my laptop. I used an online services tweaking guide to disable unneeded services, trying to speed up my computer. I believe one of the services was a service that would allow my computer to be hooked up to an external display.

Does anyone know which service is responsible for allowing a connection to an external display?

A:How to enable S-Video output?

As a general rule, you shouldn't be disabling services unless you know exactly what they do and you know that it won't harm your system. You should reset the services you stopped to their defaults for as many as you can remember where they were. Particularly make sure that antivirus services are running, otherwise your computer is wide open for anything to get in.

As for the service, looking in my services list I don't see anything that screams "I'm the service that allows multiple monitors!" so it may take a bit of looking... You should most definitely make sure that Plug and Play is set to "Automatic" (the computer doesn't recognize when anything is plugged in that wasn't when it was started) and that it's started.
You shouldn't be able to disable Plug and Play, as Windows offers no way to disable it.
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I have recently finished my PC build and turned it on for the first time. The fans came on, LED lights, the CD drive works, the lights on the mobo for the ram lit up but I am not getting any output for my monitors. I tried a few different on VGA and HDMI and no output at all. The mobo is a GIGABYTE GA-Z68X-UD3H-B3 with a corsair TX750 watt psu, an i7 2600k and a gtx 570 also from gigabyte.

Any suggestions? I would prefer not to pull everything out but I'll obviously do what I have to. Thanks.

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I have an s-video output on my video card, but at the moment there is no signal coming from it. How do I switch? it on ?????
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How do I get video output from my new Spectre D2 - there is no indication if either of the USB C ports can output either HDMI or VGA via a convertor. I give lectures as part of my job so I need to be able to connect to projectors of various kinds
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Im looking into converting my old tapes to DVD. So i need to conect my VHS to my laptop.

My laptop has an S-Video port but is this for input or output?

It may seem a stupid question but S-Video isnt commonly used in the UK, this is the first time ive ever needed to think about using it.

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so I decided to video Solved: output no build my own gaming computer I got all the parts and checked to see that they were all compatible in the Solved: no video output motherboard manual the motherboard has power as indicated by a LED and when i press power it all lights up and the fans start up and the HDD cd rom spin up and it looks to be fine except that the monitor does not receive an input signal its not the monitor because i have checked it with another computer the only thing i don t have is an operating system but even without that at least the bios should come up right can anyone help please I ve put a lot of time effort and money into this and i don t want it to go to waist here s a list of the hardware CPU- i - K LGA by intel GPU- nvidia GEFORCE GT GB DDR by GIGABYTE motherboard- P B -M CSM by ASUS power supply- W mm ball bearing fan by LOGISYS RAM- KHX C D P K G gb kit by kingston-hyper x HDD- TB if more info is needed i can most likely find it for you thanks nbsp

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Hey all,

I decided that i wanted to try out my videoout so that i could watch movies from my pc to my tv. I know it can be done as i did it a few years back when i first got my video card, but now it appears as though it doesnt work. My videocard is a geforce 3 ti200 made my gainward. The tv thing shows up in the driver settings, and when i click it, my monitor goes back (as its sending the signal only to the tv) and nothing appears on the tv. Any ideas would be of help. Thanks.
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Hi in this post I showed the parts for my new build and got some help in terms of a new power supply which I bought and installed It seems to work fine and the no new output build on video machine powers up But I get no video output at all When I power the machine up the led s on the keyboard light up so I think that is being recognized I believe the graphics card is seated properly I believe the ram is installed properly but I could no video output on new build be wrong The power is connected to the graphics card I ll try some other connectors to make sure When I power the macnine up the cpu and case fans start spinning the fan on the graphic card spins I do not get any beep codes which leads me no video output on new build to believe the ram is ok I did not make any changes to jumper settings on the mobo when I installed it I left everything at the default value I have plugged the monitor into both of the graphics card input and the plug on the mobo itself the monitor works for another machine any ideas thanks bp nbsp

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Hi I recieved my new computer today and everything worked fine but when I got home from work I tried to run World of Warcraft and all of a sudden my XFX stopped outputting any video I ve tried turning off the PSU for a while unplugging my USB-devices and connecting my quot Samsung LCD TV with a HDMI-DVI cable The TV 5870 My output video won't won t show any video either I m not so sure that my keyboard and mouse were being powered up either But as I mentioned My 5870 won't output video I unplugged the USB-devices and it s a few hours ago so I can t say for sure Here are my hardware I m running Windows bit Home Premium by the way - Chieftec Super Series W - ASUS Crosshair My 5870 won't output video IV Formula My 5870 won't output video - AMD Phenom II X T Black Edition - CoolIT Systems ECO A L C CPU Cooler - Kingston DDR HyperX MHz GB CL - - - x - XFX Radeon HD GB My Samsung quot LCD Monitor is connected to the GPU with a DVI cable - Sony NEC Optiarc AD- S - Samsung SpinPoint F TB SATA MB RPM x - Corsair SSD Performance P I managed to boot the pc with one memory module only but I haven t been able to get anything up on my monitor for the last two or so hours I have no idea what to do Will try to provide more information on request nbsp

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I have an IBM X41 tablet with no s-video out. Is there ANYTHING I can do to add s-video out to my laptop?

I'm aware that VGA->S-Video cables are a complete scam, but is there something I can do with PCMCIA or USB?


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I hope someone can help.

There is no signal from the onboard vga port. I've swapped power supply, changed ram, disconnected all peripherals H/D and drives, checked H/D, monitor, all are ok. When the ram is removed the pc beeps as expected.
What i would like to know is there any way to check the vga port like with a voltmeter? and would simply installing a new vga card solve the problem or do i need to change the mobo?


A:Onboard video no output

Easiest way is to find or borrow another video card to try or test.
Our shop has repaired over 8000 computers without seeing a failed VGA port... but I am sure it will happen sometime.
In our experience, the video card is among the most failure prone of all computer components. Some fail in six months, while others may last 6 years, but they all fail sooner or later... and unpredictably.
If your computer is in otherwise decent shape, it is likely time to replace the card, remove the old driver or remove the vga device in Device Manager, then install the new one.
Be sure you have a decent power supply... Quality is more important than power output, but I would look for one in the 450 - 600 watt range
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hi, i have got a motherboard( not sure what kind it is) and basically i have no video output from it. i have tried resetting the BIOS several times and used 2 monitors(one of which i know definitely works)

what might be up? what would i do?

much help would be appreciated, please if you can help then reply because sorry to sound over-exaggerating but it is quite urgent.

many thanks


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Hi everyone I recently purchased all new parts from Newegg to get a new computer set up specs as follows Intel Core Duo E Conroe GHz LGA Processor ASUS P W DH DELUXE WIFI-AP LGA Intel X ATX Intel Motherboard SAPPHIRE L Radeon X XT MB GDDR PCI Express x VIVO HDCP Video Card LIAN LI HPC- -A C ATX V Version W Power Supply CORSAIR XMS GB x GB -Pin DDR SDRAM DDR PC Dual Channel Kit Desktop Memory Atech Flash Computer Video Output - No New PRO- U BLACK -in- USB Internal External Card Reader LG X DVD R Super-Multi DVD Burner With X DVD-RAM Write Black IDE ARCTIC COOLING Freezer Pro CPU Cooler WD GB SATA Harddrive U S Robotics USR PCI Wireless MAXg Mbps New Computer - No Video Output PCI Adapter I got everything into the computer everything all hooked up turned the computer on and no video output I tried multiple times still nothing my monitor was on but would tell me quot No Input Signal quot I read a bunch of things online where other people stated the same problem with this motherboard so I figured that was the problem and RMA returned it I then got an ABIT AW D-MAX LGA Intel X ATX Intel Motherboard and rehooked all parts up and tried with this setup but again no video output I haven t heard beeps coming from the computer speaker I took my video card out and tried it in my roommates computer and it worked fine I tried my roommates video card in my new motherboard since I know his works fine in his computer but no video from that one either I unplugged cd drive harddrive and memory from motherboard and no beeps from motherboard but still no video output then I tried to unplug the processor to see if I could at least get it to POST and hit BIOS if nothing else but the computer beeped wildly at me and auto-shutdown I have run out of ideas any help would be greatly appreciated nbsp

A:New Computer - No Video Output

Just to touch this base, did you connect the auxilliary power connectors on the motherboard? On the Abit board besides the usual 24 pin connector, there are two others, an 8 pin and a 4 pin molex.
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PC Asus CG the old motherboard that won't output video motherboard it came with didn t output any video-nor through the computer s graphics card Nvidia GT or the onboard video I just ordered a new motherboard That s not outputting video either here s a list of quot motherboard won't output video symptoms quot details was using HDMI VGA dual output for a quot HP monitor and a Vizio TV tested both the monitor and tv with different computers-worked tested the new mobo with a completely different monitor-no luck Computer boots up and the restarts no beeping I tried removing the RAM but it doesn t make a sound acknowledge anything tried pulling mobo battery for seconds didn t change normally computer would shut down if power button is hit soon after turning on This doesn t happen I have to hold it down for - seconds for it to shut down tried a different power supply If anyone has any advice I would really really appreciate it nbsp

A:motherboard won't output video

OEM PC's (ie: Dell, HP, etc.) require a power supply upgrade for addon video card usage. Size will depend upon your hardware specs. Min size would be 550W. And quality is more important than size. Corsair or Seasonic.

The reboots would seem to indicate a power issue (ie: low power output).
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I am trying to assemble a computer from used parts. It has an AL-440 LX motherboard with a Pentium II 266 MHz CPU. After assembling, when I turn it on I can hear it booting up but there is no video output. Then after it finishes booting the floppy drive makes a clicking sound and the light on the floppy drive stays on. I have tried swapping out everything (cpu, floppy drive, video card, hard drive, memory, etc) but nothing makes any difference.
Anyone know what would cause this?

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i have an asrock p43de motherboard brand new from newegg. i installed an intel celeron 1.6ghz dual core socket 775 processor with 1gb ddr2 ram. everything is compatable. i install an ati rage varx-8p graphics card in it. i have tested everything in a different working system and it work perfectly. but i set it up in the new mobo and it starts with all lights and fans but i get no video output. no post or anything. any ideas?

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I am running a video conferencing system that directly feeds video input to outgoing video stream and am having trouble with sharing media without using another program (a screen capture program). I know that video editing programs take direct video (rca) input and convert this to standard digital formats (.avi, .mpeg, divx). Does anyone know a way to take a digital file and run direct s-video or other output without purchasing hardware. If not is there a possability of running a "virtual input" on a Hauppage WinTV card.

I would really like a way around using screen capture. If anyone knows how to solve this your help would be much appreciated.

PS: ignore the other post it seems to have not worked, but this repost is fine

A:media to video output

So basically what you are looking for is a video out right 007 ?
If that is the case you'll need a TV/S-Video/RCA out.
Hauppage TV card "virtual" out can't work since the TV display on monitor is done via software ...
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Is there such thing as a s- video cable splitter so I can output to two seperate screens? I went to radio shack and they said no but I found this: but I'm not sure.

Or this:
But I'm leaning toward this:

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To start off I am not a troubleshooting guru I have built at least computers before and haven t a problem like this until now So i just built a computer here are the specs GIGABYTE GA-P -DS L LGA Intel P ATX All Solid Capacitor Intel Motherboard Intel Core Duo E Conroe GHz M shared L Cache LGA W Dual-Core Processor GIGABYTE D AURORA GZ-FSCA -ANB Black Aluminum ATX Full Tower Computer Case Rosewill Stallion Series Dual Ball Bearing Fan RD N- DB-SL-BK ATX V SSI EPS V W Active PFC Power Supply-SLI Ready Auto Switching - V No Output New Computer, Video UL FCC Kingston GB x GB -Pin DDR SDRAM DDR PC Dual Channel Kit Desktop Memory Seagate Barracuda ST AS GB RPM MB Cache SATA Gb s Hard Drive EVGA -P -N -TX GeForce GT MB -bit GDDR PCI Express x SLI Supported Video Card SAMSUNG Black X DVD R X DVD RW X DVD R DL X DVD-R X DVD-RW X DVD-RAM X DVD-ROM X CD-R X CD-RW X CD-ROM MB Cache PATA New Computer, No Video Output X DVD R DVD Burner with LightScribe When I turn on the computer all the fans and LED lights come on that are supposed to Even the GFX card s fan is on I hear the HDs start up and all But I don t get video output and the DVD Drive is connected but wont open There are no beeps from New Computer, No Video Output the mobo CPU fan that s connected to the mobo runs fine Is the mobo or processor bad Is there a short in the mobo possible nbsp

A:New Computer, No Video Output

ok i'll try and pick up a new PSU. you honestly think that's the problem even when all the fans, lights and HDs are starting up?
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When I turn one of my pc's on its not giving any output to the monitor. I've tried:

2 monitors
different pci slot
tried the graphics card in another pc
firmware updated

The computer seems to be booting up fine, just not giving any output.

Any clues?


A:Solved: No video output

by booting fine do you mean that you can hear the normal Windows Startup sounds and music?

Please post your system specs, To include Make and model System if Big Box, or same info for the following it custom or home built, Mother Board, Processor, Ram, Video Card, Hdd(s), Optical Drive(s), Power Supply Manufacturer Model, Wattage and Amperage on the +12V Rails, OS, and any other peripherals installed on the motherboard.

Sometimes we read that the computer is booting fine except no video output when all that is really happening is some lights and fans are operating and the poster can open and close the optical drives. A lot of times this is a power supply problem however if this is the computer in your specs the Power Supply is one we rarely see causing problems and is a quality brand.
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I was messing around with the bios settings this morning and changed my video settings from peg/pci to a different setting (igp) and now I have NO video output therefor I can't see the bios screen to change it back.  For reference I am running a thinkcentre M70e desktop. At first when I would reboot I would hear the sound like Windows was still loading in the background but now I don't even hear that so who knows what I've done.  is there any way to do a reset while having a totally black screen? i'm trying to avoid taking apart the computer if at all possible.
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Hi I was attempting to use the onboard intel graphics and set the video to igp in bios.Guess what, no video output anywhere ! (not on the GT620 Nvidia card and not on the VGA port of the motherboard). So it looks like a brick, boots but cannot see a thing. Any suggestion on how to get out of this trap ? Note that since I cant see a thing, I cannot get back into the bios to change the parameters back. Thanks.  

Go to Solution.

A:m93p no video output

OK I solved it myself...Get the CD version of the BIOS flash update.Follow the instructions to do the flash update (including moving jumpers around on the motherboard)On first boot after the update, set the video IGD and do not forget to enable multiple monitors.Then both the on board card and the lame GT620 cards will work.The intel 4600 graphics are much better than the GT620.Install the drivers for the interl 4600 on board graphics. A bit scary but with gentle handling it will work. P.S. I cant believe the setup will let you screw up like that with no graphics output available...well it ended well.
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I just aquired a second-hand Gateway 510 CXL desktop w/ Media Center edition 2004. I want to use my TV as the display for watching TV. I have done this with my other MCE computer which is from 2003. I have the VGA output and S-video output set up to display the same images. This is easy for me to set up using the settings tab in the display menu. Unfortunately with the newer computer, there is no option for dual monitors in the settings tab. Question 1 - Is there a way to upgrade display menu to gain this control? Also, when I tried using the S-video output of the MCE 2004 pc, it does not seem to be working. The VGA works fine. Question 2 - Is there a way to activate this output port? Thanks for anyone's ideas.

A:How to activate the S-video output

You activate it via the video card settings. You can find it in the control panel.
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OK by necessity this is going to be somewhat lacking in detail because gathering that detail is difficult because of the symptoms I am attempting repair of my friends system which has decided that it doesn't want to output video in Windows At first I thought the problem was related to the video card so I removed it and plugged the screen directly into the motherboard output The system boots as usual upto the Win logo then the video output disappears same happens in safe mode However when I booted from a linux xubuntu disk the output is fine I can get into the windows repair screen from a win disk I have but it says the OS doesn't match my copy and cannot proceed Could it be that the graphics output drivers for both the onboard and card are corrupt Is it possible to run system restore from inside xubuntu If you need any info [SOLVED] video 7 win output No in I will try to obtain it [SOLVED] No video output in win 7 and thanks in advance for any direction you can offer

A:[SOLVED] No video output in win 7

boot into Setup (Bios) go to Integrated Peripherals. look for Onboard VGA if it is disabled, using your arrow and enter key, Enable it. Save and Exit
Restart the computer and press F8. In the Advanced Boot menu (Safe Mode etc) scroll down first to Last Known Good Configuration see if that works.
If not,then there should be Default VGA boot. This should load the Default VGA driver. At that point your can uninstall any previous Video driver. And then install either the Video driver for that model from the manufacturers support/download drivers site. Or if you intend to reinstall the video driver for the video card download it from that manufacturers support download drivers site.
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My Windows -bit custom-built PC stopped outputting video suddenly video boots output normally. PC, from No I thought it was just the monitor entering power-saving mode but no such luck I tested the monitor by plugging it into my iMac that sits alongside my PC and the monitor works just as it did before The No video output from PC, boots normally. monitor was plugged into my Nvidia GeForce GTS graphics card that has two DVI ports I got desperate and tried swapping ports I knew it wouldn't do anything but I tried anyway I figured the graphics card had died on me and removed the DVI-VGA adaptor connected to my monitor and plugged it into the VGA port on the motherboard It worked and displayed my boot sequence and then the desktop However as I had not used the motherboard's built-in graphics since I bought the card several years ago and had reinstalled windows many times since then it had no drivers So I watched in x as Windows detected the hardware and installed the drivers and then asked me to restart which I did and later found to be a mistake Upon restart the VGA port was doing the same thing as my graphics card not showing anything However I was able to access it through remote desktop and LogMeIn and saw that no hardware errors were detected I then tried using msconfig to restart it in Safe Mode however the screen still doesn't display anything and the LogMeIn software won't run automatically in safe mode I haven't tried remote desktop yet but i'd imagine the results would be the same Sorry for the long post but please has anyone got any ideas suggestions

A:No video output from PC, boots normally.

Did safe mode alwasy work before? safe mode uses "standard VGA" driver and should always work.

Do you see bios screen? Can you hit F8 multiple times and see the Advanced Boot Options ?
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I have been trying to help a output Video mystery friend hook up to a projector to her laptop for a presentation she is giving She has a Sony Vaio laptop and is using an NEC LT projector The presentation is on a DVD When I start up the projector and laptop it accurately projects the laptop screen onto the projection screen But when I play the dvd the area where the dvd is playing on the laptop screen is blank on the projection screen I ve tried using two different dvd playing programs Windows media player and another one and it shows on the laptop screen just fine but not on the projection screen - although the rest of the Windows Media screen show IE the dvd player controls menus etc I hope I ve described this sufficiently Video output mystery to give you an idea of what s happening - I just can t figure out why the DVD output isn t visable I ve looked in quot Help quot and Tools etc and can t find anything that relates Any help would be appreciated Thanks nbsp

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i m using window 7-64bit
having i-5 processor with nvidia geforce 410m gpu.
hw can i use my graphic card for maximum video quality...
plz help..

A:how can i get hd output in my video players..

What format videos are you playing?

For .mp4 .mkv and other HD formats I recommend SPlayer Portable:

Important Note: Only use the Portable Edition, not installed. Also do not associate with video file types. It's better to put a shortcut to SPlayer in the SendTo Folder. Right click the video you want to play and select SPlayer from the SendTo Menu.

The reason for the note is some people, including myself, have noticed if you uninstall SPlayer and had file types associated, it could leave a "hole" in your file type associations. Other than that it's a nice player. Use Portable as noted and you should be ok.

One reason I recommend SPlayer is it will use GPU acceleration on some cards that other players won't. Or if the card has less memory than other players look for.

For more info please be more specific in detailing what you want to do.
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My pc has s video on the video card I hooked it up and even have double monitor now where I can drag windows to each monitor which is so awsome!!!!! but the s video to the tv is blurry but plays things like dvds decent is there anything I can do to clean it up my pc guy said svideo just sucks!!!!

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Hi there hope someone can help

I have an AMD ATHLON 2600+ (333MHX) Instaled on an Asrock K7S8X motherboard with 256 mb 233mhz ddr and a Geforce fx 128mb (AGP) graphics card.
When i turn it on the fans spin theres no beeps and theres no video output from the graphics card.
O.K i thought change the ram instaled 512mb (333mhz) still nothing
O.K Change the graphics card tried another nvidea 128mb and a 32mb pci,again nothing.
O.k maybe the motherboard is shorting on a brass connector on the case,removed everthing to a non metallic surface, Guess what !!!!!!!!

Please someone help me i,ve ran out of ideas

A:MOBO no video output (HELP)

If there was a short, the system wouldn't power up, becasue all the power would end up goign to ground, which automatically turns off the PSU per ATX standards, but, it could be the PSU not putting out enough power, or its flaking on you. If you can, please elaborate the last time the system was in useable condition, and what was done, this is where many problems are solved, but with this info, I'm betting the PSU.
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I am currently using an "E-Machines" Mother board, in a hybrid system. I want to project "Visualizations" on an LCD projector, and still be able to see and control the desktop on my monitor. if i buy a cheap PCI video card (32 meg), can i use the output of that, AND the output of my onboard video at the same time?

I am currently using an onboard sound card, and a (long-black slot) Sound card at the same time, so i guess the video thing should work. has anyone done this before, or know if it will work.


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OK guys need some help here I am trying to fix this PC well a girl friend of mine not my chick but a friend purchased this AOL pc system Of course without consulting me Well I dont know how long she s had it but she called me up the other night telling me it was not working She said it would shut down after PC no output HELP! AOL Video monitor to ther Xp logo appeared To me that sounds like AOL PC no Video output to monitor HELP! a virus off the bat So i ask her to deliver her tower over at my place Days later I hook it up at my home and to my surprise I am not getting anything on my monitor Strange I had this happen before with my dells internal VGA and realized I had to have the monitor connected before I started my pc I also had this problem with another friend I had ran out of option when fixing his pc so I gave up and took it to a shop The guy at the shop told me that the ram was dissconnected causing it to not transfer anything to the Monitor I trusted his knowledge since he did that for a living So I figured this was the problem with this AOL pc I checked all connections and nothing no image My friend said this did not occur before she brought it over and that she was able to get an image The only thing I can do is buy a VGA card and hook it up so I can get to work on this baby Any one had this problem beofore Juan http www techspot com news -aol-unveils-a- -pc-deal html nbsp
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Hi I have just changed the cpu cooler and fan reboot my system and there is no video output to the monitor.

My mobof gigabyte GA-880GMA-UD2H with amd athlon processor in an atx mini tower. Everything seems to power up, I can hear the hard drive but my monitor has no signal? Any ideas?

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I'm trying to install the Sapphire ATI Radeon X1800 XT graphics card, however, when I place it in the PCIe slot, I don't get any video. The card only has two DVI outputs. The mother board is a Gigabyte ga-k8n51gmf-9 with an Nvidia 6100 integrated graphics. I can get a signal with VGA off the on board graphics, and I disable it, then try and install the new card and I don't get any signal from either the card, or the VGA output (Integrated). When I take the card out, I get a signal from the VGA again...

Also, the CMOS battery had to be replaced. I'm wondering what settings need to be changed. Its an Award BIOS F7.

A:No video output with GPU in PCIe slot.

Make sure PCi-E is priority for your gfx. Sometimes the bios can be very fussy.
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A friend gave me a Matsonic MS8308EP mobo and processor after I put it all in a case, when I turn it on the monitor stays black. The cooler on the processor is running though. I tried every video possible, the onboard video, a PCI and AGP card but non seem to work. Could this have to do with not plugging in the connectors (SPK,HDD LED etc) properly because I really do never know which way they go (ground, 5volt etc)

Thanks all for your help.

A:Matsonic MS8308EP no video output

Are you sure it has the correct ram in it? Thats far more likely to cause the problem. If you google the mobo there is plenty of info to be found on it.
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We have an Aspire T desktop with a P CPU When I power on the fan revs up to max and the HD LED flickers but the machine does not provide a video signal and from the sound of the HD Windows is not booting There are no HW beeps signalling an error I swapped out the power supply and tried both the HD and the memory in wont output video no boot- PC another PC wont boot- no video output machine All are fine I also reset the CMOS memory using JUMPER JP I also tried booting without the HD and CD connected to the motherboard but the Acer logo does not appear on the LCD screen which works PC wont boot- no video output fine on another machine I guess there must be a problem with the CMOS corrupted the motherboard or the P Can you help me narrow down the problem without swapping out the P Is there a test point I can use to identify the problem Many thanks Checks no splash screen no BIOS screen no beeps Fans- both rear spining fast LEDS- power on flashes twice HD and CD-ROM LEDs flash CD drive can be opened Reseat- reinserted memory Changed PSU Reset CMOS memory jumper JP nbsp

A:PC wont boot- no video output

Its rarely the CPU, but there's no way to test the board or CPU without swapping in another CPU or testing the CPU somewhere else.

Have you also disconnected al headers such as the audio and USB ports and card reader that are connected inside. Also disconnect all devices connected externally except the monitor. You can even disconnect the front panel LED's and switches and use a screw driver to short the two power switch pins on the motherboard to turn the computer on in case it's a broken switch.
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Hello - does anyone know if there are any ATX motherboards, for Intel or AMD, with integrated video that has dual-output video? For specific reasons, I am trying to avoid a video card add-on, but I want 2 monitors. Price is not a big deal. Thanks.

A:ATX MB with dual output integrated video?

I've seen some with two outputs but one would be VGA and the other DVI. Would that be okay or what do you require?
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I recently put together my first system and am having difficulty getting a video signal out to the monitor. Tried swapping video cards, monitors and adapter plugs, no effect. Seems to me that these items are no longer a potential source of trouble. Any other suggestions?

Motherboard EVGA 122-CK-NF68-A1 N680i SLI R
Graphics: VGA XFX PVT84JUDDD3 8600GT 256 MB R
Power: RAIDMAX RX-630A
CPU: Intel C2Q Q6600
HD: 320 GB Seagate

A:no video output on new system build

Tried replacing the PSU? Raidmax is a well-known maker of low-quality PSUs. Try it in another system and see if it works properly. Also, did you try the video card in another system to see if it works or not?