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An issue with user logins

Q: An issue with user logins

I issue An logins with user have a former company PC Earlier I was attempting to remove the company An issue with user logins domain from it so that I didn t have to An issue with user logins log in as the previous user every time just to get to the desktop So I changed the computer name right click my computer properties computer name I then clicked on Network ID and set to this computer is for An issue with user logins home use and then it went wrong I restarted the computer as instructed and tried to log on as the user as before but it is telling me the password is incorrect The username is correct and so is the password It s clear that whatever I did with the Network ID has caused this I have logged on as administrator but need to access the other user due to the saved files on there etc Can someone help me revert back access that user account from admin Is there a way to completely detach the PC from the previous domain so that it is like a normal home PC with no log in Thank You nbsp

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Preferred Solution: An issue with user logins

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: An issue with user logins

Administrator account has permission to access files from other users. Just go to the C:/Users section or whatever.
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I have a computer that I do not want any other user to be able to login into the computer. We created a user login with limited access, but if someone else logs in with their username, then the system will be able to access the internet and we want to limit the amount of access. If I can figure a way to make sure only a few logins can work on this machine, then I can prevent others from using their logins and access the internet.

Windows 2000 Pro workstation on a Windows 2000 server domain.


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I am using WIN XP and I want to divide my HDD space up for another user I can add him as a user but when he logs in and goes to D drive he can t install anything without the administrator password What I want it to do if possible is make it act like it s separate computers where I log in and go to C drive and he logs in and it takes him directly to D drive with NO access to my C drive But he has rights to install whatever he wants on his part of the drive with out administrator password Because when he installs something incorrectly or downloads something it affects all my things and I end up reformatting about every two weeks and losing alot of things Not to mention the time it takes to re do everything And also if possible where I can access BOTH C and D drives but he can only access D Is this a dual boot situation Can WIN XP be instaled on both partitions without interfering with one another or changing the settings of each other in otherwords will they run independent of each other Any help will be appreciated nbsp

A:2 separate user logins.....

Yes, you can install multiple copies of windows xp on the same computer. I don't know about hard drive access in windows xp though. Maybe its about the quotas in NTFS or the administrative rules... etc. Perhaps someone else may answer that question.
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How do I setup remote login that would allow 3 or 4 people to login to the same computer.

Each person would have their own Windows User Account name, with different privileges.

I don't know what software could do this. Could I please have some recommendations? The computer being connected to would be Windows 7, and there is no special network equipment besides a consumer router.

This is a very small business and keeping costs under control is important. Thank You for any help you can provide.

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If it is possible to reconfigure WinXP (home or Pro) so there is only a single user, the "all-powerful" one, how is that done? I am the only real user, and my new machine has very little stuff on it, all replacable. I see that XP has the "Administrator" or "Owner" mode, which surely resembles what I intend to have as the sole and single subset of the OS. It also has "default user", and perhaps others, which were present when purchased. I have not created nor configured any of those modes or users.

So the basic questions are:
Is it acceptable to remove all those other "modes", leaving only the "Admin" mode?

If so, then may that mode be renamed?

Recognizing references to hacker-protection, are there other factors to consider?

Blessed Be;

A:XP - Single-user. Remove other logins?

Default User should have the administrative powers. You should be able to remove the other users, and then, if you get a welcome screen and you don't want it, you can change the way you log on under "users" in the Control Panel. Be careful not to delete all users with Admin priveleges!
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suddenly, my desktop files gone, my document files gone, and when I try to login it shows something like "you are logged in temporarily". But I notice that I can find my desktop files and my document files in C:/users/myuseraccountname

What could be the problem with this?

A:my user account in windows 7 logins temporarily

Error message: "The User Profile Service failed the logon. User profile cannot be loaded”, when logging on to Windows 7 or Windows Vista
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I have noticed that when a user logon's on to a computer which has symantec antivirus v 10.1.4 installed using the managed setup from the server.

For some reason the scan starts automatically in the background. How does one stop that scan?

As it really slows down the users computer.


A:Automatic Scan starts when user logins into the computer

I don't know how to stop it (other than using Task Manager to kill the process) but suggest to change the option to start it. My guess is that there is an option set to always scan on boot or to always scan whenever updates have been installed (which seems to average more than once a day).
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Hi there,
So we got a project to upgrade dragon software on 300 devices that are used fairly frequently. What i would like is a way to prevent users from logging in during this install. I did setup couple custom messages in this reg key but ultimately wondering if
anyone has any ideas on how to prevent them from logging in until software has patched?

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Does "Reset this PC" -> "Keep my files" remove all user accounts and logins?
or should I use "Remove Everything" to remove user accounts and logins?

A:Does "Reset this PC" remove all user accounts and logins?

NO, it did not
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On build I noticed a new Desktop Icon 'desktop' - solid yellow icon No need for that on the desktop so I put it in the Recycle Bin and to my amazement a popup appeared - quot This folder is too big to recycle do you want to permanently delete it quot after it compiled the size IF were to go ahead and do this - the Desktop clears out of folders a blank Desktop On build I noticed a new Desktop Icon 'my user name' I had no reason to go directly to that folder in C Users so I put it in the Recycle Bin and to my amazement it started to compile the size after that the popup would have appeared - quot This folder is too big to recycle do you Icon - Issue 10586 leads User User DELETION Folder deleted to want to permanently delete it quot IF were to 10586 Issue - User Icon deleted leads to User Folder DELETION go ahead and do this - the ENTIRE CURRENT USER FOLDER would be GONE I'm now running rs release - - which quot fixed it quot by requiring Administrator approval to 10586 Issue - User Icon deleted leads to User Folder DELETION continue Why is any Desktop Icon once deleted deleting any other file but itself System Restore wouldn't do any good for that GB of videos gone

A:10586 Issue - User Icon deleted leads to User Folder DELETION

Have not seen that on mine. Are you sure that no third party utility placed that icon, along with maybe third party Internet Security software.
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Hi all We are having a real issue with local profiles user profile service on our domain Our staff accounts are using local profiles When a staff member changes their password something is happening to their profiles on the machines that their local profile is stored When they try to login the machine is getting stuck at quot Please wait for the user profile service quot It never continues we have left for mins or more and profiles, hanging issue service Big profile and user user's changing :( password local with it doesn't continue We are currently having to use delprof to remove their profiles from ALL machines they have previously logged into which is a lot of hassle nbsp We first noticed this issue when we upgraded our workstations from windows to windows nbsp I was hoping that upgrading to windows would fix the issue but sadly it doesn't This is causing us major hassle on our domain It only affects people with Big issue with user's local profiles, changing password and hanging user profile service :( local profiles our students use mandatory profiles and they are not affected Our DCs are R nbsp I have trawled google but cannot find any information on this At our yearly microsoft meeting i asked our regional account manager and he couldn't believe the issue He had never heard anything like this before From the event log the only thing i can see is that it is not finishing the load of the user profile nbsp Under user profile service events it shows this Event Recieved user logon notification on session Event Registry file C Users USERNAME ntuser dat is loaded at HKU S- - - - - - - Event Logon type Regular nbsp Local profile location C Users USERNAME nbsp Profile type Regular Event Registry file C Users USERNAME AppData Local Microsoft Windows UsrClass dat is loaded at HKU S- - - - - - - Classes Event This is where it get stucks But then it does not show the final step Event should be Finished processing user logon notification on session No other events are logged We hadn't changed any GPOs before the upgrade to windows Any help would be greatly welcome
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Typing this super quick. As I'm sure, the stupid popup will appear again. When trying to access any websites, a message comes up. It isn't an error message or the "unresponsive script" message. It is different. It has lots of code on it. Probably the url of what it's trying to access. This would normally happen in the background, and the user shouldn't see it.
I googled part of the message, and it mentioned something about a user agent...whatever that is. I just want the message(s) to stop popping up! Any help is much appreciated.
Here is a screenshot of what I'm seeing:

A:Firefox Issue - Constant popup - User agent issue?

User agent info is identifying information about your browser, system, and region plus a unique identifier that your browser sends to websites it visits. I would try resetting your browser if you don't have settings you are worried about losing by doing that.
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Is it possible to make FF log me in with auto login feature? It was fine with previous FFs but this newest version is not agreeable to auto log in.

A:ff and logins

Hey Jaineycakes

I haven't tried this add-on, but it claims it is what you need. Try it & see if you like it.
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Everytime i go to any site i have to login even though i have the box checked to remember me. Is my pc mad at me or did i accidentally reset one of my do-hickey ma-jiggies somewhere along the line? can ayone help?

A:need help with logins

May I know which browser you are using? And if you are using the latest version of it?
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This morning when I turned on my computer I got a message something like "The User profile service failed the logon." There were no other options so I had to put my computer in safe mode. In the windows help it suggested creating a new user account and copying my stuff but whenever I tried to click "Manage another account" nothing happened. I tried everything I could think of until out of desperation I went into "Configure advanced user profile properties" and deleted the account. After this I was able to click on "Manage another account," both of these are in "User Accounts" from the control panel. I copied most of my stuff but I still lost some things like all my firefox bookmarks. My main concern is why this happened so it doesn't happen again. Any ideas what caused this?

A:Very Odd User Issue
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Please Help We are experiencing the same virus hijack issue I have downloaded all the software listed and am preparing to follow the same directions I am unable to find CleanUp and am wondering where I could find this and if the listed directions are User Issue Same Different still valid Sincerely Eric - Support VSE Hijack This Log Logfile of HijackThis v Scan saved at PM on Platform Windows XP SP WinNT MSIE Internet Explorer v SP Running processes C WINDOWS System smss exe C WINDOWS system winlogon exe C WINDOWS Same Issue Different User system services exe C WINDOWS system lsass exe C WINDOWS system Ati evxx exe C WINDOWS system svchost exe C WINDOWS System svchost exe C WINDOWS system spoolsv exe C Program Files Common Files Symantec Shared ccEvtMgr exe C Program Files Common Files Microsoft Shared VS DEBUG MDM EXE c program files mirra mirra watchdog exe C Program Files Norton AntiVirus navapsvc exe c program files mirra mirra service exe C Program Files Common Same Issue Different User Files Symantec Shared Security Center SymWSC exe C WINDOWS system Ati evxx exe C WINDOWS Explorer EXE C WINDOWS system nvctrl exe C WINDOWS BCMSMMSG exe C Program Files ATI Technologies ATI Control Panel atiptaxx exe C Program Files Viewpoint Viewpoint Manager ViewMgr exe C Program Files QuickTime qttask exe C Program Files iTunes iTunesHelper exe C Program Files Common Files Symantec Shared ccApp exe C Program Files Java jre bin jusched exe C Program Files iPod bin iPodService exe C WINDOWS system tbctray exe C Program Files Messenger msmsgs exe C WINDOWS system ctfmon exe C Program Files Mirra Mirra Client exe C Program Files HiJackThis HijackThis exe O - BHO Nothing - da d- e e- fd -a d -b c e - C WINDOWS system hpB AB tmp file missing O - HKLM Run BCMSMMSG BCMSMMSG exe O - HKLM Run ATIPTA C Program Files ATI Technologies ATI Control Panel atiptaxx exe O - HKLM Run ViewMgr C Program Files Viewpoint Viewpoint Manager ViewMgr exe O - HKLM Run QuickTime Task quot C Program Files QuickTime qttask exe quot -atboottime O - HKLM Run iTunesHelper C Program Files iTunes iTunesHelper exe O - HKLM Run ccApp quot C Program Files Common Files Symantec Shared ccApp exe quot O - HKLM Run ccRegVfy quot C Program Files Common Files Symantec Shared ccRegVfy exe quot O - HKLM Run Symantec NetDriver Monitor C PROGRA SYMNET SNDMon exe Consumer O - HKLM Run SunJavaUpdateSched C Program Files Java jre bin jusched exe O - HKLM Run TraySantaCruz C WINDOWS system tbctray exe O - HKLM RunOnce DELDIR EXE quot C DOCUME Gary LOCALS Temp DELDIR EXE quot quot C Program Files McAfee McAfee Shared Components Guardian quot O - HKCU Run MSMSGS quot C Program Files Messenger msmsgs exe quot background O - HKCU Run ctfmon exe C WINDOWS system ctfmon exe O - Global Startup Mirra lnk C Program Files Mirra Mirra Client exe O - Extra context menu item E amp xport to Microsoft Excel - res C PROGRA MICROS OFFICE EXCEL EXE O - Extra button no name - B E C - FCB- CF-AAA - C - C Program Files Java jre bin npjpi dll O - Extra Tools menuitem Sun Java Console - B E C - FCB- CF-AAA - C - C Program Files Java jre bin npjpi dll O - Extra button Research - B - CC- C -B BE- C C A - C PROGRA MICROS OFFICE REFIEBAR DLL O - Extra button AIM - AC E - - d -BC D- B D A DE - C Program Files AIM aim exe O - Extra button Messenger - FB F -F - d -BB E- C F - C Program Files Messenger msmsgs exe O - Extra Tools menuitem Windows Messenger - FB F -F - d -BB E- C F - C Program Files Messenger msmsgs exe O - DPF B C - - - - DFBD F IWinAmpActiveX Class - http cdn digitalcity com radio ampx ampx en dl cab O - DPF FA C -B E - D -A - B D IWinAmpActiveX Class - http cdn digitalcity com media dalaillama ampx cab O - DPF FE BD - EE- A B-AA E- C F E E IWinAmpActiveX Class - http pdl stream aol com downloads aol unagi ampx en dl cab O - Protocol msnim - A - C - - F- E F - quot C PROGRA MSNMES msgrapp dll quot file missing O - Winlogon Notify WRNotifier - WRLogonNTF dll file missing O - Service Ati HotKey Poller - U... Read more

A:Same Issue Different User

I have split you off into a thread of your own.

Please download SmitfraudFix (by S!Ri)
Extract the content (a folder named SmitfraudFix) to your Desktop.

Open the SmitfraudFix folder and double-click smitfraudfix.cmd
Select option #1 - Search by typing 1 and press "Enter"; a text file will appear, which lists infected files (if present).
Please copy/paste the content of that report into your next reply.

Note : process.exe is detected by some antivirus programs (AntiVir, Dr.Web, Kaspersky) as a "RiskTool"; it is not a virus, but a program used to stop system processes. Antivirus programs cannot distinguish between "good" and "malicious" use of such programs, therefore they may alert the user.
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Lately i have noticed it sometimes takes minutes to log in to games like Diablo 2 and World of Warcraft. I do have cable so this is very confusing. I just got AVG free edition and am wondering if thats the problem...plz help

A:sluggish logins


Are you still getting this problem? If so, lets take a look at a log first:

go to , and download 'Hijack This!'.
Unzip, doubleclick HijackThis.exe, and hit "Scan".

When the scan is finished, the "Scan" button will change into a "Save Log" button.
Press that, save the log somewhere, and please copy & paste its contents to the forum.

It will possibly show other issues deserving our attention, but most of what it lists will be harmless or even required, so do NOT fix anything yet.
Someone here will be happy to help you analyze the results.
Also, it may be just that many are logging in, as it may be peak times when you're on.


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Hi all Heres one for you I basically cleaned my system using Clean Cache on Saturday morning along with the delete option on IE Yes IE not a typo lol Logged into a couple of forums and posted as normal Came onto it today to find im not logged in on any of the forums Sometimes when this happens i click refresh and it shows me as logged in why is this Although today i think i browsed a couple of pages and i was still logged out me been the silly person i Logins? Cookies and am Cookies and Logins? never clicked refresh I used clean cache and again deleted using IE to make sure it was clean and logged in again I restarted and went to one site to find i was logged out again yet a refresh this time managed to load up with me logged in So the jist of it is why do i keep getting logged out when i log in Then sometimes when i click refresh it shows me as logged in again By the way if i delete everything Cookies and Logins? and click refresh it will always show me as logged out Cheers

A:Cookies and Logins?

Nevermind all, i think ive sorted it. Thanks for reading anyway.
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When the Win 10 login page opens, my picture is there, but below it it says (approximately) "wrong password". In the lower left corner of the login screen two small boxes appear, one with just my name and a second one containing "myname at" (my Microsoft account). When I click on the second box, the space below my picture changes to ask for my PIN, and when I enter that, Windows proceeds to open.
How can I get rid of the false login? I can't find any location where I see two users, or where I can change anything.
P.S. Anyone know how I can get a screenshot of the login screen? I have all sorts of screenshot capability once Windows opens, but nothing evident when just the login screen is open. Thanks for your help.

A:Two logins -one wrong

You could try going to netplwiz and toggle on and off the Users must enter a user name and password to use this computer setting a few times (pressing OK in between) as described in option 1 here Sign in User Account Automatically at Windows 10 Startup - Windows 10 Forums
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hi guys last night i was lurking on a few of my trusted forums and talking to a friend on MSN everything was fine till suddenly Zone Alarms popped an alert up and asked if i wanted to allow ID exe to access my computer it said this was the first time it had asked so i said no Immediately i lost all my automatic logins to all my favourite sites ok i managed to do them all again once i remembered all my passwords my to logins? happened What but half an hour later the same What happened to my logins? thing happened and i had to re enter the logins for the second time I ve scanned with every tool i have and i ve got a lot everything came up clean my hijack this log looks the same as it did a month ago when you guys gave me a clean bill of health but i m concerned why i lost my logins especially when i found that ID exe is a trojan good thing i didn t let it in can anybody give me some idea of what happened thank you nbsp
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Is it possible to limit logins to 1 at a time. right now students can log as many different places as they want all over the school. We run a Win2k network

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I think there FTP Possible Logins - Malware is malware on my laptop - Windows XP Service Pack When I use FTP to access my website malware spreads and infects all of the index files I have done the following Uninstalled FTP - Filezilla Scanned with Avast Malwarebytes Spy Bot Search and Destroy Ad-Aware and TDSS Killer Nothing has been found Installed CuteFTP - logged into website and a couple of hours later site was infected again Uninstalled CuteFTP I have removed the malware from the website and changed all of the logins but think my laptop is still compromised in someway and I m hesitant to reinstall ftp In msconfig Startup I did find an entry for auv which is in Local Settings Application Data auv exe I can t locate the file in the folder Possible Malware - FTP Logins and I have unhidden system files I have removed the entry from startup but can t find any information on what this might be Otherwise the computer isn t running slow and nothing else seems out of the ordinary Thank you for your assistance

A:Possible Malware - FTP Logins

Can you post the logs from Malwarebytes and TDSSKiller?
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Mozilla had some updates that I downloaded and ever since whenever I got to a new site a window pops up that says: The site wants to modify an existing cookie. It has options to "show details" "allow" "allow for session" and "deny" It asks anywhere from once to five times. It's really annoying, what should I do?

Also, I haven't been able to login to myspace or facebook, I enter all the info and push "enter" and it just clears the lines.

Thanks in advance!

A:cookies and logins

Sounds like you may have some nasties on board, or it may just be a cookies issue.

Have you run an anti adware/spyware and anti virus program?
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I am unable to save usernames amp passwords in My Yahoo My Google MSN even though I check the save box Firefox is set to open with My Can't save logins Home Page My Yahoo but opens to Yahoo where I must sign in Can you see where the problem is Logfile of HijackThis Can't save logins v Scan saved at PM on Platform Windows XP SP WinNT MSIE Internet Explorer v Running processes C WINDOWS System smss exe C WINDOWS system winlogon exe C WINDOWS system services exe C WINDOWS system lsass exe C WINDOWS system svchost exe C WINDOWS System svchost exe C Program Files Intel Wireless Bin EvtEng exe C Program Files Intel Wireless Bin S EvMon exe C Program Files Intel Wireless Bin WLKeeper exe C Program Files Intel Wireless Bin ZcfgSvc exe C WINDOWS Explorer EXE C WINDOWS system spoolsv exe C Program Files Adobe Photoshop Elements PhotoshopElementsFileAgent exe C WINDOWS System aniServ exe C PROGRA Grisoft AVG avgamsvr exe C PROGRA Grisoft AVG avgupsvc exe C WINDOWS eHome ehRecvr exe C WINDOWS eHome ehSched exe C WINDOWS system nvsvc exe C Program Files Adobe Photoshop Elements PhotoshopElementsDeviceConnect exe C Program Files Intel Wireless Bin RegSrvc exe C WINDOWS system svchost exe C PROGRA Grisoft AVG avgfwsrv exe C WINDOWS system dllhost exe C WINDOWS system dlcccoms exe Can't save logins C WINDOWS system ctfmon exe C Can't save logins WINDOWS ehome ehtray exe C Program Files Java j re bin jusched exe C WINDOWS system rundll exe C Program Files Apoint Apoint exe C WINDOWS eHome ehmsas exe C Program Files Intel Wireless Bin ifrmewrk exe C Program Files Apoint Apntex exe C Program Files Common Files InstallShield UpdateService issch exe C PROGRA Grisoft AVG avgcc exe C PROGRA MUSICM MUSICM MMDiag exe C PROGRA Grisoft AVG avgemc exe C Program Files Dell Photo AIO Printer dlccmon exe C Program Files CyberLink PowerDVD DVDLauncher exe C Program Files MUSICMATCH Musicmatch Jukebox mim exe C Program Files Dell Support DSAgnt exe C Program Files Spybot - Search amp Destroy TeaTimer exe C Program Files Digital Line Detect DLG exe C WINDOWS System spool DRIVERS W X DLCCserv exe c program files common files installshield updateservice isuspm exe C Program Files Common Files InstallShield UpdateService agent exe C Program Files Belkin Belkin Wireless Utility wcu exe C Program Files Mozilla Firefox firefox exe C Program Files Hijackthis HijackThis exe R - HKCU Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Default Page URL http www dell me com myway R - HKCU Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Search Bar http mysearch myway com jsp dellsidebar jsp p DE R - HKCU Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Start Page http www dell me com myway R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Default Page URL http go microsoft com fwlink LinkId R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Default Search URL http go microsoft com fwlink LinkId R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Search Page http go microsoft com fwlink LinkId R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Start Page http go microsoft com fwlink LinkId R - URLSearchHook no name - D F -B FE- -BF - AB D D - no file O - BHO AcroIEHlprObj Class - E F-C D - D -B D- B D BE B - C Program Files Adobe Acrobat ActiveX AcroIEHelper dll O - BHO ShopSafe Browser Helper Object - F B - - D -A - A FE C - C WINDOWS system BhoSSafe dll O - BHO WCNetMon Class - BE C -DAD - da - D- A B - C Program Files blcorp WCCSC WCPStop wcpstop dll O - BHO no name - D F -B FE- -BF - AB D D - no file O - BHO no name - - F - D - - D F - C PROGRA SPYBOT SDHelper dll O - BHO no name - CA D E- - CF- E - - no file O - HKLM Run ehTray C WINDOWS ehome ehtray exe O - HKLM Run NvCplDaemon RUNDLL EXE C WINDOWS system NvCpl dll NvStartup O - HKLM Run nwiz nwiz exe installquiet O - HKLM Run SunJavaUpdateSched C Program Files Java j re bin jusched exe O - HKLM Run Apoint C Program Files Apoint Apoint exe O - HKLM Run IntelWireless C Program Files Intel Wireless Bin ifrmewrk exe tf Intel PROSet Wireless O... Read more

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Hi, this is my first post. It's good to be here.

Let me start out by saying I followed MS' advice here:;en-us;307545

Everything went well and I am now logged in as Owner. Unfortunately, the other accounts on this computer no longer exist; however, their files are in tact in Documents and Settings. Is there a pain-free way I can recover the logins and keep my profiles?

If you need any more info just ask. Thank you.


A:HELP! Deleted logins

create the accounts again and then
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Hello, my web works and I get into all the pages, but when it comes to logging into anything I get a 404 page not found deal at sites such as and whent trying to log into my accts. This happens in aol browser and IE brwoser.

I understand this is a sort of a general question, but any help from anyone inteligent in the subject would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

A:Web logins do not work?

bump, any help please?
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Hi logins Unwanted First time here But I m ready to pull my hair out - Was paying for McAfee premium service and one day - Unwanted logins weeks ago machine was freezing McAfee was supposed to call me withing minutes They still have not called - Used a company I m not going to mention that had all nd and rd level support outsourced I know a little about the computers They did show me that my machins in my tiny Unwanted logins network were infected with a Trojan and I a crap load of Malware on it I also paid for months of tech support They did clean the machines ANd they are both runnin faster But I don t believe it is protected I m not getting too much support from them Unwanted logins They keep telling me they are not on the machine - I m beginning to think it is these idiots that are sigining onto my machine When I run NETSTAT alone or with -a or -an commands I see IP address s Established This is when nothing else is running on my machine ANd the machine is running slower - I disabled the Administrator ID to see what would happen and they manually wrote in the Administrator desktop ini file quot This is Dirty quot I disabled the Fax and Telephony service - Now I see a service called MpKsl ff has been started in system even viewer - I run Microsofts Malware and Security Scanner and Microsoft Essentials Virus Scan once a week Any suggestions I don t want to screw up my machine Thanks Carol and RIck Any words of wisdom is appreciated

A:Unwanted logins

Hello and welcome.. we neeed a deeper look to know exactly what is going on.. Please re-post.Please go here....Preparation Guide ,do steps 6-9.Create a DDS log and post it in the new topic explained in step 9 which is here Virus, Trojan, Spyware, and Malware Removal Logs and not in this topic,thanks.If GMER won't run (it may not on a 64 bit system) skip it and move on.Let me know if that went well.
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Hi all I have a desktop multiplier (actually a few installed now) from Ncomputing. Part of getting it to work properly has been to have 4 different windows user accounts (user1, user2 etc). The initial login is Netware then of course the windows login. My question is , is there a way to limit user1 to only one login and user2 to only one login etc? (reg hack maybe). This is needed so firefox, office etc work properly (meaning if two students both login as user1 things break).

Thanks in advance.
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In Windows XP is there some way to see a record of logins on the computer in the last month?

A:Record of logins?

UsrLnx said:

In Windows XP is there some way to see a record of logins on the computer in the last month?Click to expand...

Well i Googled and found this. I have never tried it.

Windows 2000/XP: Keeping a record of Windows user login attempts
Much more common in our labs are standalone (not part of a domain) Windows 2000 and Windows XP computers. The procedure for these computers (based on "Help and Support Center" from Windows XP):
Log on as an administrator
Click Start, click Run, type mmc /a (note the space between mmc and /a), and then click OK.
On the File menu, click Add/Remove Snap-in, and then click Add.
Under Snap-in, click Group Policy, and then click Add.
In Select Group Policy Object, click Local Computer, click Finish, click Close, and then click OK.
At this point, you might want to save this console for further use. Note you can add multiple snap-in and manage multiple computers from this console. I find it rather useful myself.
On the left hand side, navigate to Local Computer Policy > Computer Configuration > Windows Settings > Security Settings > Local Policies > Audit Policy
On the right hand side, double-click "Audit Logon Events"
Check the boxes for Success and Failure, click OK
You can close the Microsoft Management Console, though you might want to snoop through the other possible settings first.
Note that if your computer is part of a domain, the settings for the domain take precedence over those for the local computer, so you won't be able to set this yourself -- discuss it with your friendly domain administrator
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We have a problem that we'd like to keep in-house and by that I mean not involving the network admin at this point and what this problem is where we have employees that are claiming hours worked when we know that that person wasn't actually working. Is ther a way in XP to read logs or install a program that would allow us to see when these users are logging onto their machines. I have admin rights to these machines if that helps. I really don't want to get anyone in trouble so I don't want to involve the network admin but I'm not sure of another way to do this.

Thank you
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Hi guys and gals,

I've been running my Asus laptop for 2 and a half years now and because of what Im like (i get bored of looking at the same thing all the time) im looking at downloading some of the different interfaces for XP i.e. the different login screens and themes.

I just wondered what people thought about it on here. Obviously I dont want to slow the system down nor do i want to download anything that can do damage. So I just wondered whether people think its worth doing? and if so, wheres best to do it from? I found some quite nice looking themes by just google searching for "Xp themes"



A:XP Logins/Themes

Go to Control Panel > Display > Themes

If you want to download other themes from Microsoft, then just find an offical theme, download it, and open the exe. It will install automatically.

If you want to use aftermarket theme, you will probably need to patch up "uxtheme.dll" which is explained how to do here. After you patch the file, you can find lots of themes at places like or

There are also programs you can use like WindowBlinds or LiteStep, but they cost money.
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I'm not good with computers, and recently I got a new laptop. I've let a few of my friends on it when I'm around, not necessarily paying attention, and one of them must have messed with it. Before, whenever I opened it it came out of sleep mode into a login screen, so that only I could get on it. Now, Whenever I open it or even restart it, it goes right to my desktop, no password required. I messed around in the control panel trying to find the problem, I created a new password and on my power options it even says a password requirement is on, so I don't know what the problem is. How can I get my laptop to start forcing logins again?

A:Can't work logins

Hi and welcome,
It would help if you said operating system are you using.

Relevancy 40.85%

Using MSDE2000. Need a way to list or display all currently logged in users to the SQL database being hosted by MSDE2000. Perhaps a utility program.

An analog would be for Windows server, there's a Resource Kit utility called NetWatch -- it displays all users currently accessing shares from the server. Handy to know who is logged in and accessing the server at any time.

A:SQL Utility For Logins

There is a web based utility that is pretty awesome called SQL Web Data Administrator. It is web based, has it's own web server if you don't have IIS and can manage multiple databases.

I have also seen an ASP script that displays logged in users.
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i have systems on q of them this issue doesn t happen and i have not been able to pin down a setting causing it but when i switch users my mmo program signs off after five minutes or so this doesn t happen on my other machine running vista the HP is on bit though basically when i switch after a few minutes i get logged off and i need to know how to resolve this as my kids will sometimes switch for their own user id this machine listed it works fine Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version fast issue Odd user OS Version Microsoft Odd fast user issue Windows Vista Home Premium Service Pack bit Processor Intel R Pentium R Dual CPU E GHz Intel Family Model Stepping Processor Count RAM Mb Graphics Card NVIDIA GeForce NVIDIA nForce i Mb Hard Drives C Total - MB Free - MB D Total - MB Free - MB Motherboard FOXCONN Napa HP P N ULSL Antivirus Microsoft Security Essentials Odd fast user issue Updated and Enabled nbsp
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Ok so I have been trying to fix a friends computer They wanted me to just get their music pics and documents off of the HDD There was an error on startup so I figured I could just startup Ubuntu and copy the files from there This was not the case the Users folder was completely empty like Accounts User Issue there were no profiles I then proceeded to try in Win and Win neither of which helped I know for a fact that the files still exist but they aren't visible I know because they are still taking up space So I decided to fix the boot problem which I did Now there is another problem When I go to logon I get this error quot The group policy client service failed User Accounts Issue the logon quot I read some stuff online that says that I should activate the hidden admin profile I did User Accounts Issue that and when I log into it it says Your user profile was not loaded correctly You have been logged on with the default profile for the system Please see the event log for details or contact your administrator I have hit a brick wall with this is there some kind of software I can buy to just recover the data

A:User Accounts Issue

Originally Posted by ickna11

Ok so I have been trying to fix a friends computer.
They wanted me to just get their music, pics and documents off of the HDD.
There was an error on startup so I figured I could just startup Ubuntu and copy the files from there.
This was not the case, the Users folder was completely empty like there were no profiles.
I then proceeded to try in Win7 and Win8, neither of which helped.
I know for a fact that the files still exist, but they aren't visible.
I know because they are still taking up space.
So I decided to fix the boot problem, which I did.

Now there is another problem. When I go to logon I get this error: "The group policy client service failed the logon."

I read some stuff online that says that I should activate the hidden admin profile.
I did that and when I log into it it says:

Your user profile was not loaded correctly!
You have been logged on with the default profile for the system. Please see the event log for details or contact your administrator.

I have hit a brick wall with this, is there some kind of software I can buy to just recover the data?

You could take the hard drive out and put it into another desktop with admin account, and use the tutorial here to take control of the folders and files : Context Menu - Take Ownership

Short of losing everything, if the files are hidden then show hidden files and folders from the view tab at the top of any explorer window, also show system folders and files.
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I have issue in User creation ,

In my laptop i have only one user , which is not administrator account.

Windows Vista 32 bit Home Premium.

Now I wanted to create new user with administrative power.

I could not able to achieve this since all the UAC needs admin privilege.

can you Please guide on this .

A:User Creation Issue

In your situation you should be able to use the Real Adminstrator, which is for emergency use only. After you have accomplished your goal, hide the Real Adminstrator, again.
Administrator Account
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My user folder somehow isn't in the user\ folder anymore. It's in my desktop folder and says system folder. I can still access with with C:\users\sawah, but in the navigation pane it's listed by itself. I'm not sure which steps to do to get it back to where it's supposed to be.

Can I backup my stuff and remake it? Can I just copy it back in and delete the one that's moved? Thanks for any help.

Update: If I try to make a new user folder with the same name, it says their already is one.

A:User Folder Issue

I am a little confused, by your post..
This is what I am getting from it..(please correct me if I am wrong)

Your folder with your name is not in the Users folder under the C: drive.. It is on the desktop. But you are able to still access it.

First thing I would check is that is that folder on the desktop a shortcut to your User folder?? (is there a Little arrow by it if there is you can delete it)

I tried coping my User Folder to the Desktop and I am unable to do so.. So my guess is that it is most likely a shortcut...(Check your User folder under C: and see if your User name is there..)

Hope this Helps..and Happy Holidays..
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I also have an user account issue. I have two user accounts, for example Tree and Trick. Tree is my primary user account and acts as the administrator.

The problem is:
The primary user account can't be accessed anymore, it's broken. But the secondary user account is accessable but has no admin right's. How to fix this issue??? I can not fix it with the DVD because it askes for the admin password from the primar user account. But I don't had a password installed on it!

Bottum line >> I can't fix the primary user account with my secondary account because W7 asked for an password I never installed (yes I am really sure!!)

Has anubody a sollution without reinstalling W7??

Thanks in advanced

Meram78 , The freaky Netherlands

A:User account issue

Have you simply tried hitting enter when it asks for a password?

If you did or that doesn't work, repair install is best. There are ways to set a password with Linux-based Live disks, but that could be more troublesome then it's worth.

Repair Install

Very important for security and sharing ability reasons to always set passwords on administrator accounts. If you want Windows to boot up to desktop still without you entering the password, use netplwiz in the start menu search box.
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Hey all, I couldn't find a thread specifically regarding this, sorry if there is already one, a link to it will suffice instead of wasting time answering.

Anyway, I set up a new Thunderbolt iMac with Windows 7 ONLY, and for some reason it is only recognizing one user account. There are 3 in total set up on the machine, and although I know the passwords for each it says the user name or password is incorrect.

I have tried resetting the passwords from the account that works, and it still does the same thing.

I set up exactly the same system on a seperate identical iMac, and it hasn't given me any trouble at all.

I'm really stumped and can't seem to find anything on google about this specific problem...

Really appreciate any help

A:Multiple User Issue

Recreate the other two? Delete them then re add them with the same name if you like. However, they will be different even with the same name.
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Hello folks ok i have a problem regarding admin user accounts on my Vista machine basically i have a program i want to run on a standard user account but the software requires administrator rights to run however i dont want to leave my machine logged into an Administrator account as i do not want any changes to be made on the machine i require when the machine is booted up issue User account it automatically logs into a Standard User account and the program i wish to use also autoruns on this account the machine is only used for this sole purpose to run this specific software and nothing else the machine is left on various sites so i dont want anybody having adminstrator rights allowing major changes to be made i have sorted out User account issue the auto logon and the auto startup for the software but i can only run User account issue the software on an Administrator Account Can anybody advise me on how i can make this work if possible Thanks in advance

A:User account issue

Hello Wireis, and welcome to Vista Forums.

Using the method in the tutorial below to create an elevated shortcut in your built-in Administrator account first that can then be used by a standard user without being prompted by UAC may do what you wanted.

Elevated Program Shortcut - Create for Standard User - Windows 7 Forums

Hope this helps,
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So i did a clean install of XP Pro over XP Home. Problem is that all my old docs and settings are now in the old folder from XP home and XP pro has created a new account that didn't link to my old account folder. The old account folder is C:\Docs and Sets\Owner and i've linked one of my new user accounts to that folder with regedit.

Problem is, the desktop, cookies, favorites folders are all inaccessible except to the user Owner. With the new install I don't have a user owner therefore am unable to even access the folders with any account. I tried creating a new user "owner" but that didn't work either.

How can I remove these restrictions to make those folders public and then I'll be able to just link a new account to that folder without any problems.


A:User Account Issue

The owner account usually goes by administrator, doesn't it? Any time I want my old my documents file say from '98, I just drag and drop them into my new my documents folder.
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@ work we use a combination of Vista & XP pro in a Server 2003 AD environment. While connected to the network, a pc/laptop can have unlimited users logging into it (ex: conference room pc). When outside the network, only the last three users to log in (while connected to the network) are able to actually log on through XP's domain logon screen (Username, Password, Domian).

Is there a registry setting that can increase this user limit?

I have a laptop with (5) users that connect to the internet w/ an EVDO card then VPN back into our network, and I need to be able to have all (5) logon to the computer. Right now only the three most recent to log on while the laptop was connected directly to the companies domain are recognized.

Thanks in advance for any tips and suggestions.

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Hi All I'm hoping someone can help me I have a windows Vista machine at home and I got User issue acct one of those viruses that imitate the MS virus scanning tool I logged off my acct and ran the User acct issue malware tool I have and the virus scanner and cleaned everything up But when I logged back into my user acct I could not open any icons or run any programs it seems that they are not recognizing the exe files as valid I get the error saying there is no program associated with this shortcut But even when I try to run it manually it doesn't work I can go into my other user acct and run all the programs fine So my question is if I can't fix my user acct what do I need to do to create a new one but duplicate what I have now I'm especially concerned about my email files contacts etc I can easily move my important personal files over I'm just really concerned about the mail and other programs I run now Any help if appreciated Let me know if you need more info BTW I do not have a valid restore point to work with I have since created one in case I mess something else up while I try to fix this problem Thanks

A:User acct issue

Hello AFG, and welcome to Vista Forums.

Using the EXE download in the tutorial may be able to fix this for you. It will restore all of the default associations for the exe file extension type in Vista.

Default File Type Associations - Restore

Hope this helps,
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My computer had a virus, and I believe AVG cleaned up most of it. However, one of the users (where the virus was installed), cannot connect to the internet. However, another user on the same computer can connect just fine. So I assume the virus changed something in the settings.

I tried doing a system restore. I tried doing a DNS flush. I tried doing a Winsock reset. But nothing seems to help. It looks like it has an IP address, but it just can't get to the internet for some reason. Not only the browser, but other programs as well cannot access the internet with this user.

Any ideas on how to get the internet connection going again? Thanks for any help.

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Hello all

Question for you!

I have an issue with a Dell Optiplex 360 running windows XP sp3

I turn on the PC and when I login the password is accepted but then almost immediately the machine logs me out within a second or two and returns me to the login page.

I tried running repair on XP 3 times thinking there was a file that was corrupted but no joy.
I also tried to start up in safe mode and the same thing happened both to the user account and the Administrator account which hasn't got a password set.
My user account is an administrator account!
Help please!

A:XP User Login issue

Mongo, which version of XP are you using? The reason I ask is because XP home has a hidden admin acct in it that might let you log in and reset the password. I had a case like this last week and it really took alot of time and trouble to fix it. Let me know which XP your running and if I'm able I'll try to help.

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Hey. If anyone can help, I'd really appreciate it! The problem is with a Windows 2000 PC.

I accidentally deleted a username i was currently logged in as. it happened because i was deleting old user names on an office PC. i can log in as administrator and see the user's files under documents and settings/*user*, but those files are only that user's "My Documents". I am mainly concerned with accessing email and ACT! files stored somewhere on the hard drive specifically for that user name. however, i need to do it from the administrator login because the said username is deleted. i tried re-creating the username just through the "Users" tool in the control panel, but that didn't work. any suggestions? PLEASE HELP!!!

A:A Tough User Issue

my question is when you choise to delete these users, did u select the option to delete their files too?
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hi, this is about an HP laptop, Win XP Pro, all updated etc.

There are 2 admin accounts, both are mine, I have all the admin passwords and password to one of the limited accounts. One is named Administrator, other is my name.

One limited acct has no password. Other is private for the babysitter and I don't have her pw.

Problem - every software update I do - eg getting new Adobe Acrobat, update Java, Spybot etc - seems like it does not update any other accounts. Not sure about Windows updates.

Shouldn't I as admin be able to update software on every account? It ends up being a security issue because my antivirus/firewall/spyware/media player is as good as possible on my own account but not the babysitter's or the others. Is there some setting I should change? Does it matter which administrator account I'm logged on to when I try to do an upgrade?

Thank you!

A:user accounts issue

It's probably due to both accounts being Admin. If you change the babysitters to a user account it should update both accounts. You can still delegate what the babysitter has access to but I would change hers to user for situations like this in the future. I maybe wrong but I think this will solve your problem.
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Hello there, i am having a problem when i attempt to log off or switch user. The logon screen takes about 1-2 min to load and then i have to wait another 1-2 min to click on a profile and log in, it is something that is getting extremely frustrating. Could anyone help me out?

A:Log Off/Switch User issue

How many programs start up with your PC?
Press Ctrl+Alt+Delete or Ctrl+Shift+Esc at the same time to bring up the Task Manager.

First right click on the icons in the system tray(or double left click to open)and try to access the "settings", "preferences" or "options" of each of the applications that you don't want to start when the computer boots up. There should be an option labeled "Start upon Windows Startup". Make sure that option is unchecked.
If there is no option, download and install
CodeStuff Starter to manage your startup programs
(if you get the .zip file from the authors site it requires no installation)
Launch the program and uncheck any program that you don't want to load/run at startup.
If you later change your mind, replace the checkmark.
It's very easy to search within the program too!
Right click on an entry > Search Internet > search engines & some sites below.

Identify and disable start-up programs from running.
CastleCops Startup List

Sysinfo Startup Applications List

Bleeping Computer Startup Programs Database

Application Database - Greatis Software

PSDrvcheck Startup Files Database

Task List Programs - AnswersThatWork's famous Database of Windows Task Manager Processes, Windows Startup Items, XP Services, Vista Services, Process List

Some use the System Cofiguration Utility, but I don't!
Start > Run > type: msconfig > Startup tab
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I've been trying off and on to create an additional user account for my fian??e for a while. Each time I create it and log into the account, just after logging in the mouse pointer freezes and the boot seems to be totally frozen. I can CTRL+ALT+DEL and bring up my task manager, and then the pointer works again. When moving that window around, it leaves a trail like ghost imaging. If I hover over the task bar, I get an hourglass. I can't open anything on the desktop. Basically, the profile is pretty useless. I've noticed this same issue with my guest account. My admin and personal account (another admin) works fine. If I try to make a second account either admin or limited, the issue still presents itself. I'm not quite sure why this happens, and so I've come to this forum for answers.

Any help would be appreciated.

A:XP User Accounts Issue

Hello & welcome to Tsf,

how much Ram ? Memory do you have installed in this system

by means of having the dragging gost images normally tends to lead to lack of Ram ? memory

it can also mean that the processor is overly worked / try logging on as the only account in use

also when was the lat time you cleaned th insides of the case / that is if this is not a laptop puter /

with the added feature for having 2 accounts running for when you leave an account running it is stored in memory / this is why i ask about how much ram / memeory is installed
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when i try to use multi user sign in screen it tells me to uninstall rtlgina.dll but wont let me i need some serious help and any assistance would be appreciated

A:user account issue

Go here,
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Is there a reason Vista would freeze now and then in certain user accounts?

I have three user accounts on my pc. Mine, plus two family memebers. The family members accounts have experienced freezing now and then with their accounts but I have not had any freezing with mine.

I should note that they only use their accounts for checking email and surfing the web.

One my account I also use the web/email along with Adobe Elements, Dreamweaver, and Corel PSP X2. No freezing issues here.

The other users are starting to think they repel technology.

A:User Account Issue

Hi billr,

I think these family members would need to take note of exactly what they were doing right before the "freezing". Also, does a particular program stop responding or does Windows as a whole seem to freeze? How do you recover, by ending the program using task manager, shutting down PC etc? Do you use the same email program as they use? I guess i am saying a lot more info is needed before we could even hazzard a guess at what might be wrong!

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Hi I m having trouble with the following scenario I connected a workstations running Windows XP Home to a Server Windows Server I setup a user name on the server we ll say quot jondoe quot At the workstation I changed the existing user account name in control panel to match the server jondoe original user name was quot Owner quot typical for XP Home I also set matching passwords for jondoe on the server and workstation I then rebooted and logged in as jondoe -- Name Help! Issue Change Please XP User on the workstation Normally I d be able to access the server without additional popup windows or quot access denied quot errors if the workstation login password matches the server s login password for a given user HOWEVER this is not the case I either get additional login windows or quot access denied quot From what I can see the login name and or credentials being passed to the server is still quot Owner quot and NOT quot jondoe quot If I setup on the server an quot XP User Name Change Issue -- Please Help! Owner quot account I connect fine But I can t use quot Owner quot XP User Name Change Issue -- Please Help! I have other workstations to connect with quot Owner quot accounts Please help nbsp
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Hi Team,

I hope you can help me on this, as I cannot find a solution elsewhere. A few days ago I start receiving this error message when logging to Vista: "C:\windows\system32\config\systemprofile\[COLOR=#3676a2! important][COLOR=#3676a2! important]Desktop[/COLOR][/COLOR] refers to a location that is unavailable."
Whenever I recieve it, most of the apps did not worked, i.e. Itunes brought a message that I did not have Admin rights.
I tried restoring sytem to several points and times but it did not helped.
The failure is intermitent, meaning that if I reboot several times, in one of those it opens normally and I can work without issues.
Doing some digging/trial&error, I identified this must be related to user account, since if I log off and long again even with the same account it works perfect again.
Hope you can help me. Thanks.
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My Windows Vista home basic system all of a sudden does not bring up all the user icons for us to choose to log in. I have to press Ctrl-Alt-Del, then it would say login failed and presumes we have tried to log on as the first user icon on the left hand side. After that we click on Switch user, then it would bring all the user icon back and look as normal.
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Hi my W laptop is set up the issue/problems User way Microsoft intended which I always find overly complicated with an Administrator me and a User also me No-one else uses this machine just me and I can log in as either me or administrator overly complicated imho Anyway I now have a problem with User issue/problems the User me - web pages are taking forever to load some time-out and don't load and trying to load a nd or rd tab does not happen Adobe reader always a problem no longer works and User issue/problems causes IE to crash and I cannot do a system restore even in safe mode - I User issue/problems just get an error message Checking task manager I see some processes have gone away - conhost exe ETDCtrl exe node exe and unsecapp exe have all disappeared but they don't look to be vital to me Having done various checks e g a registry check sfc scannow a memory check a line speedtest etc etc all were fine but the problem remains Something has got corrupted somewhere but I don't know what However I have found that when I log in as Administrator all is just fine All the processes are there the internet works fine pages and tabs all load fine and my alternative to Adobe reader PDF Exchange works fine too No problems Perfect So what should I do now Should I just log in as Administrator each time from now on and forget about the User What were Microsoft intending for single users - i e is the Administrator User separation necessary Is it safer or better Should I ignore or delete the original User me Should I set up another User and use that Or should I keep trying to fix the original User Would it be safer to have lots of Users all me in case this happens again and I just choose a different log in each time It all seems overly complicated to me but I would really appreciate some guidance here

A:User issue/problems

First of all I would highly recommend using a different browser; Ideally Google Chrome as it is much faster and more secure than IE
Windows Laptops are set up like this so that there is a separation of permissions, When in Administrator mode you can use a lot more functions
on your computer which makes it a lot easier to use, however this comes with the downfall that it can be a lot easier to do something wrong and cause
errors on your computer.
Do you have AntiVirus software installed on your machine?
Do you have strong technical knowledge?
What do you tend to use your computer for ( Gaming, Internet browsing, Work Etc.)
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Hi I'm having trouble with the following scenario I connected a workstations running Windows Please Name Help! Issue User Change XP -- XP Home to a XP User Name Change Issue -- Please Help! Server Windows Server I setup a user name on the server we'll say quot jondoe quot XP User Name Change Issue -- Please Help! At the workstation I changed the existing user XP User Name Change Issue -- Please Help! account name in control panel to match the server jondoe original user name was quot Owner quot typical for XP Home I also set matching passwords for jondoe on the server and workstation I then rebooted and logged in as jondoe on the workstation Normally I'd be able to access the server without additional popup windows or quot access denied quot errors if the workstation login password matches the server's login password for a given user HOWEVER this is not the case I either get additional login windows or quot access denied quot From what I can see the login name and or credentials being passed to the server is still quot Owner quot and NOT quot jondoe quot If I setup on the server an quot Owner quot account I connect fine But I can't use quot Owner quot I have other workstations to connect with quot Owner quot accounts Please help

A:XP User Name Change Issue -- Please Help!


First, the problem with simply changing the local username on an XP PC is that this doesn't change the references to named folders in C:\Documents and Settings so you'll still be saving files to folders named with the previous username.

The right way to set up your environment would be to ADD your XP PC to your Server 2003 domain (i.e. create a computer account). Likewise, you should add a domain USER account on your server. In this scenario, you should be able to login to the DOMAIN rather than to a user account configured on your local PC.

Simply synching the usernames and passwords on both the server and workstation(s) only works if you're setting up a "Workgroup" environment - which is similar to setting up home networking between multiple XP or Vista clients on the same home network.

- John
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Hi there i recently made a second user account on my PC and set it to admin access But when Issue Account User i went to try and delete my old user account It wouldnt let me Here's what happened I go to control panel than try to open quot User Accounts quot Where you can modify other accounts delete them When i did that i received an error as this here's an image to it Now i ran this thing suggested to me Combofix since i always have Virtumonde and it looks like it made that error go away But now when i open Users Account it's just a blank page All i want is to beable to delete my old user account but it will not allow me However on the other user account i am trying to delete it does allow me to access users account without any issues As you can guess by now User Account Issue i User Account Issue have alot of issues with my computer Mainly because of downloading this which i now scan before i do or open Anyways all that for another topic yay here's the log if needed User Account Issue from combofix Code ComboFix - - - Har - - - NTFSx Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition GMT - Running from c documents and settings Har Desktop ComboFix exe Other Deletions c windows system xwcmpruf dll ---- Previous Run ------- c windows log c windows dllhost exe c windows IE Error Log txt c windows system A R Pi exe c windows system A R Pi exe a a c windows system ampygd dll c windows system anybvlkt dll c windows system arsscbut ini c windows system avgrohnr dll c windows system azyjnf dll c windows system belink dll c windows system bqbjip dll c windows system bszip dll c windows system bxtpcrvx ini c windows system byqqhx dll c windows system cbXPfGyv dll c windows system cgqzrq dll c windows system chxeoycr dll c windows system comlbcqw ini c windows system cpcfjdey dll c windows system dhyrrd dll c windows system dkavuglm dll c windows system dpujfknr ini c windows system dpuoke dll c windows system duowud dll c windows system ebbrxlga dll c windows system efpsteou dll c windows system eleklp dll c windows system feastxht dll c windows system fhbrijur ini c windows system fhkbthhw ini c windows system flrbimgo dll c windows system fnsuhb dll c windows system getfn dll c windows system google exe c windows system gqehjs dll c windows system gqxrqimm dll c windows system gside exe c windows system havskqrs dll c windows system hbygxntx dll c windows system hemarjdj dll c windows system heoqjlss dll c windows system hljijcrv dll c windows system hvckuwrl dll c windows system hwilxhrw dll c windows system hyxhctkj dll c windows system idnatoyi ini c windows system ifsdntvx dll c windows system igmnui dll c windows system igtendvu dll c windows system ipnnampg dll c windows system ipvsjpik dll c windows system jcrwdxyx dll c windows system jgqlgwnb dll c windows system jrmmfcjn ini c windows system jsne fidgf dll c windows system kedqei dll c windows system KerndDrv dll c windows system kgnrpknp ini c windows system kipjsvpi ini c windows system kpfmropf dll c windows system kuavcw dll c windows system lelnwwpo ini c windows system lrwukcvh ini c windows system ltlbzj dll c windows system mcrh tmp c windows system meutxw dll c windows system mlJYpNfG dll c windows system mUCdLRqr ini c windows system mUCdLRqr ini c windows system mygmix dll c windows system ncueeauw dll c windows system nkbfpl dll c windows system nqsvgupq ini c windows system nwnmyplw dll c windows system oirsehfy dll c windows system pcbcrntp dll c windows system prunnet exe c windows system ptnrcbcp ini c windows system qbmgef dll c windows system qbpnqbcw dll c windows system qgykhcsi dll c windows system qjgqcwxk dll c windows system qosivvcu dll c windows system rcddatxr dll c windows system rdyjna dll c windows system rligjh dll c windows system rqRLdCUm dll c windows system rswnw p exe c windows system rujirbhf dll c windows system rwbubnbr dll c windows system rxtaddcr ini c windows system saksnclozairztd dll c windows system sdhifypw ini c windows system sehrgkrt dll c ... Read more

A:User Account Issue

Hi Se?n, welcome to TSF...

If you suspect a malware infection, please read the following thread:

You could also try running the system file checker or maybe even system restore as that may help.
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I'm pretty familiar with fixing PCs and I have come across a problem I can't seem to get by. This computer is running Vista Home and it was completely bogged down with viruses/spyware. i've gotten rid of all them, but it started always relaoding the last known working configuration on every restart. I shut down system restore so I could finish the cleaning without having to reload all the cleaning programs every time. When I start it tells me the user profile cannot load and a temporary profile has been loaded. I followed all the advice in this thread:

The User Profile Service failed the logon. User profile cannot be loaded. - Vista Forums

When I did this, the user profile wouldn't load at all, so I went into safe mode and changed it back to the original configuration (put the .bak back where it was). Now I'm back at square one. Any ideas?

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I screwed up Big Here is what happened Last week I get a call I work on a helpdesk from a user that is reporting she is missing files from her My Documents folder Having seen a similar profile issue please help User - call a while back where somehow a user s ProfileImagePath in HKEY LOCAL MACHINE SOFTWARE Microsoft Windows NT CurrentVersion ProfileList lt SID gt was pointed to a folder besides C Documents and Settings lt username gt I took a look I found entries on HKEY LOCAL MACHINE SOFTWARE Microsoft Windows NT CurrentVersion ProfileList with the same User profile issue - please help SID but one ended in bak I see that the bak version of the ProfileImagePath key is pointing at C D amp S lt her username gt and the non-bak entry is pointing at C D amp S temp With her signed in the My Documents folder is also currently pointing at the temp folder instead of her username folder Her files are intact but her profile is just pointing at the wrong place I decide to try what I think at the time is a clever fix - I will switch the values from the ProfileImagePath keys so that when she reboots and signs back in her My Documents will point to the folder with her correct files Mistake obviously is not immediately copying her files to a network share something we try to hammer into everyone s head as much as possible Mistake is trying to fix from the registry st instead of trying simpler fixes Anyway I make the change and have her reboot In the registry the bak entry is now gone Her My Docs still points to C D amp S temp AND here s the real kicker the C D amp S lt her username gt folder is gone completely Aside from the obvious like pointing out I should never have touched the registry in the first place is there anything I can do to get her files back Side question - If her true profile never got pointed back at the correct folder why would XP delete the C D amp S lt her username gt folder when she rebooted and signed back in nbsp

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Hi, Can I have Multiple Logins on Win2K3 like on XP?

A:Multiple Logins on Win2k3

Yes, but you will have to type the various names in the UserName field you wont get the graphical click on the UserName login that you do in XP.
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Hi all,
I have a particularly troublesome department management who blatantly disregards company policy regarding using other employee's logins, especially when it comes to hiring new staff.
Whilst I can throw the security guidelines at her, does the breach anything more meaningful, such as the Data Privacy Act?
Many thanks,
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I went on a downloading spree this week. I went from 51% free space to 39%. I think i installed somekind of virus. Yesterday i went to my fantasy site and my password didnt work. Today i went to yahoo mail and it didnt work. i think i got somekind of backdoor virus or something like that. I tried three seperate accounts for yahoo mail. All of them didnt work. I'm scared.

A:Virus infecting my logins

go to , and download 'Hijack This!'.
Unzip it and make sure it is unzipped & placed into it's own folder, not a temporary folder. Then doubleclick the Hijackthis.exe.
Click the "Scan" button, when the scan is finished the scan button will become "Save Log" click that and save the log.
Go to where you saved the log and click on "Edit > Select All" then click on "Edit > Copy" then Paste the log back here in a reply.
It will possibly show issues deserving our attention, but most of what it lists will be harmless or even required,
so do NOT fix anything yet.
Someone here will be happy to help you analyze the results.
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Hello I have been on this case since January of this year I did receive some help earlier on this site and the guy was very helpful At the time I thought perhaps my bf had something to do with all of this but he has since then convinced me that he doesn t Although well you know Anyway to try to make a short story of the whole thing I have had remote connections made to my computer that I was able to detect from the windows security files I have found files that looked Router Annonymous Logins like they belonged to a Linux program on my computer Have seen physical changes in files as well as compromises in password protected accounts etc etc I have reformatted my PC probably or times over the eight months I went out two days ago and bought a new Annonymous Router Logins hard drive Annonymous Router Logins thinking that would help I immediately password protected my bios as well as my hard drive and my power up and log on before ever connecting to the internet I was feeling pretty good about what I had done Thinking maybe I had out witted them WRONG I have recently taken up packet monitoring with Wireshark While on the phone yesterday I literally watched the packets roll in while someone logged on to my network quot anonymously quot From the information the packets stated they appeared to log on with an email address as their password and proceeded to set up file sharing Then I something about entering passive mode then a bunch of quot macro media quot files etc etc WOW I thought so that is how its done After I get over my rant on the phone about it I notice that my hard wire connection has come away from my laptop My wireless is on and I have a error message on the screen from Wireshark So I m thinking how could they get to my PC if my stuff is all protected A key logger wouldn t work as it was a new hard drive and I never connected to internet So I turn off my wireless and try to hard wire to the router and quot no mas quot Just like the last time I locked my hard drive down I thought maybe it was just a glitch last time however it worked before the quot anonymous log in quot and min later no connection My wireless connection works like a champ Another thing to note is my ip address is static Not by my design I noticed about months ago that I always have the same ip address and then realized recently that isn t normal and why it isn t I called my isp and they told me that there wasn t much they can do about it Hard to believe but that is what they said I m not sure how long it has been like this I also notice a print server connected to us that our quot router logs quot will state that it is rejecting yet I will see in other areas that it is connected Not sure what to make of that You can literally see the server when you put your courser over your wireless icon in the available connections That is a recent thing as far as it s visibility in the connections Also this could be normal seems unlikely but when I do a trace route on my bf s quot rooted quot G phone and our home ip address they originate from the same ip which is obviously we have some dynamic dns action going on at the casa I don t know about his phone I also found our ip address in this weird link to some guys virtual website Not sure what all that means maybe you can help me out with that topic quot BigWax Dyndns quot topic quot Bigwax dyndns quot http bigwax dyndns org asp aspbrowsedir BrowseDir asp ForFileOnly NotEmpty amp CurrDrive c amp CurrFileFilter All amp FileSpec C WINDOWS system Logfiles W SVC ex log amp FileFilter All topic topic In closing I am well versed in internet security In case I wasn t I paid a guy to physically come to my home and check my system many months back I still knew something wasn t right when the same day my ipv tunnels were right back Did I mention he found a vnc viewer on my bf s computer He swears he doesn t know where it came from On the other hand he doesn t have the password to the router etc etc or should I say etc inside jo... Read more

A:Annonymous Router Logins

Can you perform the following:

go to start then run and type in cmd hit enter and in the big black box type in netstat -ano and post the output here.

I want to see if you have port 80 open on your computer.
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Hi, Im having problem with user accounts, Everytime i start my system the user accounts are not shown on logon screen it directly logins into administrator account i have to log off everytime and login as my user account' i have 2 user accounts on my PC.
Once i logoff manually from administrator i can login to any user account but when windows start it directly opens the Administrator account without showing and accounts on logon screen.
PLzzzzz help.

A:Directly logins to administrator

Check the "user accounts" setting by clicking START then CONTROL PANEL then USER ACCOUNTS. Sounds like you have the option to auto login set on the administrators account.
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Hi I have a laptop that was Vista and was upgraded to win professional I added users to it one for the domain at Win logins not accept 7 Laptop will work for use with cisco vpn client and one to log on the computer with no intention of connection to the domain at work one is DOMAIN USERNAME and the other is COMPUTERNAME USERNAME They both have the same password These have been typed over and over and they get one of errors everytime quot There are currently no logon servers available ro Win 7 Laptop will not accept logins service the logon request quot or quot The username or password is incorrect quot This person is offsite and has used the computer for several months logging in and no password changes I have had him try them over and over reboot etc nothing seem to work I had him try a back door user and password I put on there and Win 7 Laptop will not accept logins no luck with that either Win 7 Laptop will not accept logins Note he had a disc in the cd drive at some point so i had him take it out reboot and try again It did not help I cannot do anything because we cannot even get into windows Please send any ideas Thank you

A:Win 7 Laptop will not accept logins

I tried to delete this topic, but I do not see that option.

The user used a different shift key and it worked. Sometimes it is the simplest things! Apparently one of the shift keys stopped working on the laptop.

Thank you!
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Hey all,

I work at a school and since all the staff came back yesterday, we have had multiple complaints about not being able to log in on the computers still running XP. The simple solution seems to be changing the PC to workgroup, resetting, and changing back to the school domain, but once this happens the person loses all their personalised folders and outlook settings.

Is there another way to solve this?

Appreciate any / all help. Thanks.

A:XP Forgetting Domain Logins

They are not lost. They are under a profile not being used is all.
Look under documents and settings.
You will see username.domainname
Figure out which is the new profile and which is the old.
Copy the contents of the old to the new are you are back to before the workgroup change.

Did someone delete the computers out of Active Directory?
Next time this happens confirm the computer exists in AD before doing anything.
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I received an email today that said it was from Facebook warning me that quot Your Facebook account was recently logged into from a computer mobile device or other location you ve never used before For your protection we ve temporarily locked your Facebook Strange Logins? account until you can review this activity and make sure no one is using your Strange Facebook Logins? account without your permission quot Yeah I know never click on an email link like that I d actually forgotten about it till I went to actually look at my FB from a link in my Favorites and it told me the same thing and forced me to re-log in After authenticating me I changed my password and it showed me that I d logged in from Irvine CA Nope not me So I m a reasonably adept computer user actually been in the business for about years I still thought I might post some logs and get a second opinion The only other thing I can add that might be pertinent is that my Torrent updated and added that quot Conduit Engine quot toolbar without me noticing it right away I actually use Chrome and never saw it till I was checking out some other stuff It s removed as far as I know as is Torrent Was nice while that lasted TCPView logs attached thanks for any pointers

A:Strange Facebook Logins?

You should probably enable the new 'https' secured browsing feature for Facebook - if you play social games they will be blocked if you use the new feature.
Make sure you dont have any strange Apps on your FB page, most problems in FB are from apps an the malware within an there are some good ones floating around waiting to steal accounts.
There is a good page up Facecrooks plus the FB Security page that offer a lot of helpful articles.
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My sisters laptop has been having problems accessing webpages that require login/passwords as well as applications that access the internet like AIM. She is running Windows Vista on her laptop with the newest IE available. I dont know too much of the extent of the problem except that every time she goes to check her facebook or log on hotmail she types in her username/password and hits enter/login/go or w/e and it gives her a "page cannot be displayed" error. I will taking a look into it later today but it seems odd because she can access other webpages like google and search thing and go on hulu and such but as soon as a login comes up she needs to enter, then the above problem happens. Any ideas as to why this is? Thanks!

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Hi, I'm not sure if this is the right forum for this query but....we had an virus issue with our pc recently and had to get it essentially wiped and rebuilt. My pc isn't accessed by anyone else so I always had email / social networking sites etc with automatic login. Since the pc was rebuilt the pc ignores instructions to save the password. Any suggestions as to how I can sort this? Many thanks.

A:web logins wont store on my pc

Which browser are you using?Make Internet Explorer Prompt You To Save Passwords After Being DisabledUsername and password not remembered in Firefox
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i try to get on the computer everyday, but when i do it would even show me the user account page, i try resetting the cimputer and everything, so i start it in safe mode, im in it right now, its the only way i can get on but yea i get a message that says wrong username and password or something, can someone help me?

A:Solved: logins all screwed up

i think i got it fixed, i made another password and it works now but it totally skips over the other users and logs me on?
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When I go to websites, it will not let me access member areas to some sites or login pages. This includes a vitamin site,, membership services, and hotmail account. Its not my connection because it works on my wireless laptop connected to the same router. I also reset my web-settings, and nothing happened. I also put the option to accept all cookies, on low security, but still no luck.
Any help...please?
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When I log in to Bleepingcomputer I ask it to remember me and yet when I restart my computer and I return to the site it doesn't remember me.
The same goes for Hotmail where I check off for it to remember my email address and it doesn't.
Can anyone explain to me what is going on and how I can fix it?

Thanks for all your help,
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I have downloaded an app, on my login/account, but my son wants to play it too. Is there are away of sharing this download over the 2 logins?

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This sounds like a really silly question, but I was asked this by a client, and I amazed myself that I didn't know the answer...

I have a Windows XP SP2 machine, on a 2003 domain, and I want to know who has logged into it, and when. In other words, a log of logons.

My first thought was the Event Logs, but I can't see anything there that tells me what I want.

Is there a simple "built-in" (i.e. no additional programs) way to tell this? Also, to be useful for me in this case, it must work to tell me what *already* happened (i.e. no steps required to enable the logging), otherwise I won't be able to see the login that happened last week.

Thanks in advance.

Jon Heese

A:Where are computer logins logged?

One more thing: I know a bit about auditing, and I would imagine that it would do what I need, but that's something that's not enabled by default, so I'm kind limited in that sense...

Jon Heese
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ok, so everything was going perfectly until my PC crashed. now every time i go to a website that requires a log, like this one, i need to re-type my username/password. this is annoying. even when i tick the 'stay logged in' box, it stll requires me to type my details in. how can i keep it the way it was before?


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I have a Dell Demension 8250 with XP. When I click on my user Icon the system starts to login and then logs out. I tried to login in SafeMode and the same thing happen with the Admin account.

I tried to restore, but I get an error that says, "Keyboard failure Strike the F1 key to continue, F2 to run the setup utility.

I have no idea what to even try....

A:I try to login, but system logins out

Do you have the Dell recovery disks that most likely came with your computer?
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I'm hoping someone can help me with this - I'm a real nontechie.

Yesterday I couldn't get into my hosting site's chat and someone suggested I delete all cookies and clear my browser. This I did, through Internet Tools, and it didn't help - the next suggestion was to use a different browser from IE. But that's not really what I'm asking about.

Since I deleted the cookies and browsing history, every time I want to go onto one of my regular sites I am asked to enter my ID and password, even though I tick the box saying I want to stay signed in.

Obviously I've inadvertently deleted something I shouldn't. Would anyone have an idea what this could be?

Thanks in advance for any comments.

A:[SOLVED] Problem with logins

When you deleted history you also deleted passwords. Set them up again and next time you delete history you'll notice an option to keep the cookies for sites you have set as "Favorites". Do that and you'll be good to go.
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hey whats up recently i and out right Windows and logs logins XP had just installed a program i downloaded limewire and shortly after my computer started to lag a bit there after my kaspersky went off saying i had numerous viruses and i cleaned all the ones i possibly could and deleted the ones i had no other choice with the problem is i set it to automatically delete files and disinfect the files suddenly my windows logged off on its own and i waited for it to boot up and it took me to the login screen but the thing is i had not set my computer for accounts and passwords but it asked me this time i hit ok to log in and it goes says its loading personal settings then it says its sving the settings and upruptly logs me out and im back to the user screen so now im guessing i deleted some system files that are required for booting Windows XP logins and and logs right out now the problem is that i cannot repair the missing files via XP cd but theres where another Windows XP logins and and logs right out problem lies the cd rom drive will not read the CD so im pretty much screwed any solutions to offer nbsp

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Hello again,Thanks for answering my previous post.
I would like to ask about another problem I am having. So far , a couple of web site that I use daily will not allow me to login since I have begun using my new Dell .
One is my banks online site, I tried using IE8 and IE9 and Google Chrome, Firefox, & iGoogle all with different results.
The other is a forum for my website host.
Can you help ?

ps. Admin please move post to correct catagory if necessary.

A:logins won't work on some programs

Quote: Originally Posted by mjbarr3

...all with different results...

Wouldn't that be the same result="can't log in"? Or do some work?
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I have been running 7229 x86 since it came out without any issues. Lately, I have notice some websites ask for my user ID and password when I re-visit them. In the past, I would be remain logged in even if I close & re-open IE8. Anyone notice this issue?

A:IE8 forgets logins at some websites

i have this trouble too. i running 7260 x86
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Hey guys,

I just upgraded to Win 8 yesterday, got all the drivers and all that and was quite happy with where I was. Now I am noticing a bit of slow down. Between the welcome screen and the tiled UI, there is a good 5+ second delay. Anyone know why this would be?

Using a Intel 520 120GB SSD
i7-3610QM processor
16GB @ 1333mhz

A:Win 8 Install on SSD - slow logins

Have you been doing any Windows Updates that involve .Net ? Those binaries have to compile after update and it can take a while to complete.
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Hello guys this is my first post in this forum Well as far as i know in a lan network the router just sends off the received data packets from the any server to all the computers connected to it in the lan and only the computer that is intended to receives gets the packet and other computers ignore it But in the other case if i put my nic in promiscus mode then instead of rejecting all the data packets that were not intended for me i will just take them I think this is what even sniffers do if i am right Then my question is If a computer sends any mode logins in lan Promiscus facebook username and password to facebook server the router will receive the Promiscus mode logins in lan LOGGED IN page from facebook server and send it to all computers in the lan If someone else is sniffing the network using promiscus mode then will they receive my LOGGED IN facebook page and can they see what is inside my profile nbsp

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I have a strange issue with my local user I rebuilt my OS mostly just to clean up my system After I completed the re-install I setup a local user UserX then I joined the system to my home domain So far everything went fine So I changed the name of the default Administrator user for security purposes When I got to work I logged on with my local user UserX I have a laptop that I use as my desktop for both home and work We also have a domain at work but I usually just logon to a local work group and map drives as I need them When I logged on with UserX on to the local machine everything seemed to be running fine until I ran my first download I downloaded a file to my desktop but when I looked at the desktop it wasn t there so I did a little searching on the system and discovered that the downloads were going to the Adminstrator s desktop and not UserX s desktop Opening Tweak UI I modifed the download path to go to UserX s Desktop but now whenever I make a change to the desktop say delete a file I have to do a manual quot refresh quot of the desktop to see the changes Any thought on what would cause this a corrupt profile maybe nbsp
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Firstly my computer automatically logs into admin account even though I have 5 other accounts turned on (Family PC) and even though there is a password on the admin account. Any help here?

A:Minor issue with User Accounts

Check this info - perhaps it has been set that way:

'How to Hide the Logon Script Dialog Box on a Windows Client - Direct Bootup Without Typing Password'
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Dear SirRight now I m using model No. 15-ac103nx. My problem is that when I want to change my user account password it's always said wrong.but when I open the system I put same password that time open. For example my user name is Shamshad Ali and password is [email protected] with the help of this password I open the system but when I lock the system (Windows key+ L) that time also said wrong password so plz help.Thanks& RegardsShamshad Ali+966571265068Saudi Arabia
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Hi all and thank you for any assistance provided I setup my sister-in-law s computer so that I was the administrator and she was a user Recently her user login has been experiencing the following problems - Font not appearing properly in some websites and some newly installed software - Frames not appearing properly on some websites I have attempted to solve the problem by - Setting the browser encoding to auto detect - Checking that the True Type fonts exist in the font folder - Check that the user has access to the font folder - Changed user access to full access of font folder - checked user language settings control panel regional and language settings user Windows XP issue Font in one for - Downloaded a program to clean up the font folder moved additional fonts and ensured necessary fonts are available - Pulled my hair out Font issue in Windows XP for one user Computer set up - Asus eee pc - windows xp - IE and Google Chrome Thanks again for any help Regards John nbsp

A:Font issue in Windows XP for one user

Could you paste the picture of the font and frame not appearing 'normal' is some websites and newly installed software?
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I had recently executed a command into CMD. It was

net user Administrator /active yes

So it activated the Administrator account... and now I want to deactivate it.

My main account still says it's an administrator account, but when I try to change the type to an Administrator account, it doesn't let me. It also won't let me modify the Administrator account type, or deactivate it with CMD (giving me error 5 (access denied)).

I just want to deactivate the account I activated, and any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Hello I just purchased 8 user name Windows - weird issue an Asus g vx Laptop preinstalled win b and it arrived yesterday It was a replacement item from my insurance compnay as my previous laptop was taken when my house was burgled I followed all the procedures required by windows when booting up for the first time It asked for my email account that I assosciate with Microsoft and password so I promptly added the same I used on my old laptop xbox etc Now this Windows 8 user issue - weird name is where the problem is When I logged in for the first time it had my username as Jennygirlie Bloom not my actual name that I entered and the default user folder is also jennygirlie not my name This is extremely irritating and I'm not even sure what the problem is I was able to change the name but it still defaults Windows 8 user issue - weird name all downloads etc to users jennygirlie I'm just wondering what is it Why is it doing it And can I get rid of it This is obviously a major irritation for me as the laptop is brand new and I'm OCD when it comes to things like this

A:Windows 8 user issue - weird name

Hello Riggid,

If you like, you could switch the account to a local account, create a new Microsoft account, change it to be an administrator, sign out, sign in to new account, delete old account.

Hope this helps,
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I have an Adm account (which i'm logged right now) and i can't create any other accounts. I mean, i can create then, but if i log on then from the system startup i just got an "welcome" screen, and nothing happens and i try to log on the other account going into "switch user" i got the User service profile error. Someone can help me?

Thanks in advance.

A:User service profile issue

I think it should be match here:Rob Brooks-Bilson's Blog: Fix for Vista's: The User Profile Service service failed the logon. User profile cannot be loaded

from blog:

My problem boiled down to this. I could log in to vista using my (Admin) account and create as many new users as I wanted to via the User Management tools in the control panel. In the User Management tool, I could see each and every one of the new accounts. When I booted up the system or choose to Switch Users, all of the newly created accounts showed up on the log in screen. However, any attempt to log in using any of those accounts resulted in the same "The User Profile Service service failed the logon. User profile cannot be loaded" error.
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I have an issue where the user will log into their normal profile, but then the computer says, "Preparing your profile..." and when it finished and they are logged in, it's like their profile has been reset.  We restart the system and log-in again and it's back to their normal profile.  After another restart when they log-in their profile has be reset again.  There is no error generated, and nothing other than the "Preparing your profile..." message to set it apart from a normal log-in, other than everything seems to be gone when the log-in is completed.
This has happened with two different Windows 7 machines and an XP machine.
Does anyone know a reason why this would happen?  We are speculating it could be malware related.  We have not ran any scans yet, but we are set to investigate this deeper this afternoon.  We haven't had a chance to look at the logs, either. 

A:User Profile Log-on Issue (Hijack)

Profile corruption is common.
Can these systems boot into safe mode?
Has any user tried to create a new Admin account/user to see if the problem persists?
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Hello, recently i had a computer with a admin user account called fran....she is no longer with us. So this other person decided to take claim to this account and rename it kristina. Im not sure which method she used to change the account name. But now everything that is created in the supposed account name kristina is still showing up as c:/ ....fran .... If i create a new folder on the shows it as belonging to fran. I checked the user account in computer managment and it shows it as being in kristinas i dont know.
This is causing problems with the XP fax console putting a copy of the incoming faxs into a folder on the desktop and then sharing it out. Any ideas for fixing the account renaming issue...or am i going to have to blow it away and start the account all over? Thanks for reading