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audio driver lagging when listen music , video and play game

Q: audio driver lagging when listen music , video and play game

hello eceryone
OS : windows 7 ultimate 32bit

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Preferred Solution: audio driver lagging when listen music , video and play game

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: audio driver lagging when listen music , video and play game

I'm not sure your post will get much attention without some details. Try describing the problem in excruciating detail with many examples.
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So this randomly started happening a couple weeks ago and my roommate has been having problems play ANY music! Vista Audio Can't with Driver the exact same problem When I try to play any type of media whether it be a movie in windows media player or music in itunes nothing works Usually with Windows media player I get an error message after the video plays for a second but when I try to play a song in itunes nothing happens It shows the track title and the play button changes to pause but the track never progresses it s Audio Driver problems with Vista Can't play ANY music! always Audio Driver problems with Vista Can't play ANY music! stuck on I figured it had something to do with audio drivers so I went to the control panel click on hardware and sound and right Audio Driver problems with Vista Can't play ANY music! when I clicked sound again I got a message saying an audio device is not working properly and prompts me to close it Once I click ok and stop whatever device it is everything suddenly works again and I can play movies and music I tried downloaded the newest realtek drivers but it didn t help at all and only made things worse I re-installed the default drivers the computer came with but I m still having the same problem And to make matters worse right now I can t play any music but when I go to the sound section in the control panel I m not getting the usual pop-up that fixes the problem nbsp

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Hi Guys need some advice, what free be media would you recomend ie: realplayer or quick time or?? Thanks again for any help

A:Want to listen to some audio stuff music ect

You know Windows Vista comes with Windows Media Player 11, right? It should have everything you need. file formats are you trying to play?User Info Page Biography for full specs.
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greets all i have an issue with my sound i have tested sound under audio properties and left and right speakers work fine the drivers are all up to date but working from cannot audio music or sound get files video play i can get sound upon start up and windows default sounds and i also get sound with no probs from various online websites e g fb games BUT windows media player windows will not play any of my media files getting error for every file- audio of video and ive also uninstalled and reinstalled to attempt to get it running normally and vlc player will sound working but cannot play music or get audio from video files not play sound for any audio file or video file either i havent tried other media players as of yet so my speakers and drivers seem fine and upto date but i just cant get any media players to play sound for video or audio files ive tried flac mp mp and wma files my default audio software is conexant smartaudio hd im running windows home premium- sound working but cannot play music or get audio from video files bit it appears i only have sp under my computer properties tho not sure if upgrading this would resolve the issue any advice would be most welcome

A:sound working but cannot play music or get audio from video files

ok.. looking at the microsoft service pack updates i find that there seems to be only a sp1 for windows 7..? also as an addition there are no question marks showing in device manager either
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Hi everyone I was just playing counter strike when suddenly out of nowhere my fps dropped down to like I thought quot whatever it might play? Suddenly game try every lagging I to in be a random lagspike happens sometimes quot It has always been at and only sometimes drops to - but now since this quot whatever lagspike quot it just hasn't gone up from fps and sometimes drops back down to or which makes my game totally unplayable I then decided to check other games to see if its only cs but no other games all of a sudden lag like hell also I have no idea what to do one moment i was playing Suddenly lagging in every game I try to play? constant fps and now i can't get over fps I checked graphic driver updates there were no updates I tried restarting my computer multiple times no change Then I Suddenly lagging in every game I try to play? tried updating java since one of the games i tried playing needed it still nothing I monitored my cpu and motherboard temperatures they were all fine Windows is performing a little slower but not significantly My cpu used to be at like load to load when i was playing games and chrome was open in the background but now it's at like - but they're the same apps running but now suddenly they take more cpu than before that lagspike occured Could someone please help me and explain howcome one second I'm playing sooo smoothly with fps and now my computer can't even hit over Thanks

A:Suddenly lagging in every game I try to play?

looks like i figured it out, it's weird but it looks like i started lagging because the powerplan of my laptop was on energy saver because i had taken it with me and the battery of it wasn't that good. Now i plugged it back in and change powerplan to high performance and it works perfectly again.
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I use an intel pentium(R) processor. most of the games I play on the computer tend to lag. Do you have any sloutions to my problems?
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heres the side note on the game below

Note on Windows XP Compatibility for this title: The MIDI music option slows the game engine down considerably on Windows XP. It's recommended to use the CD-DA (full CD sound) music option so that the game plays at a normal speed.

is there any way i can set it up to keep the engine from slowing and not use the cd da,its a pretty old windows game and im sick of hearing my cd rom drive spin.its a cheap and therefor a loud one

thx for the help
should this have gone in the win xp section instead of the gaming section?

A:midi music option slows game engine down(slow game play) in windows xp
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I run Windows XP with P4 2.0 GHz and 256 of RAM, but when ever i play games online for a short time, my computer freezes. Also, when i play songs for say an hour or even less, the computer freezes. I don't know what is the problem. This happens at least twince in a day.

The other disgusting problem is that, at times, the computer goes off unceremonously whiles working. This also happens at least once in a day.

Buddies, i really need help to solve this problem.

A:My Computer Freezes when i play game online or play music

Sounds like a build up of heat, the most common cause of 'freezing' try running with the case side off and see if there is improvement, if there is you need to add more cooling, making sure your current fans are working properly and are clear of fluff and muck can improve cooling performance dramatically especially the CPU fan and heatsink.
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The music plays fine but every now n then it lags for like 3 seconds. Have done full windows reinstall. Songs were purchsed from iTunes. Also lags when listing on website streaming. I think its something to do with my hardware but i am not sure what is going on. I was going to run linux and see if it does this, but i have wireless internet and i couldnt figure out nidswrapper. It didnt used to do this, this comp is custom built 4 yrs ago. there is no sound card it is built in to the mobo.

Any suggessions?

A:Music/audio lagging

Hi vcbc707, and welcome to TSF.

System specs please.
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I've had this problem for about - months now my laptop acer aspire with windows vista will not play dvd's or music game cd's some of which I used to use regularly mainly games but it read the installation cd I got with a printer a couple of months back without any problems so I don't understand what's going on When I put a cd dvd in the dvd drive I can hear it trying to read the disc but nothing happens discs are clean and if i click on the dvd drive icon in my computer it just says quot please insert a disc in drive E quot I tried today to scan the drive with avast and got this message scan was completed with an error error the device is not ready I hope you guys can help fix this I don't really know what info about my laptop would be usefull to you but if you let me know and I will post again music/game cd's can't dvd's play or what I have Thank you

A:can't play dvd's or music/game cd's

You cannot optical disk drive, you can only scan the media that the component has/reflects.Hence, the error.You may want to try this is a somewhat standard attempt to resolve optical drive is a registry edit.Prior to beginning such, you need to back up your registry.ERUNT Registry Backup Tool - Louis
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Title says it all. I haven't installed or done anything different. The mouse lags, video and audio skips every second. It's constant, like literally every second. Never more, never less. It's not random skipping. I have had this laptop for 3 years. It works perfectly. This isn't RAM related. I have a gig of RAM and like I said it ran perfect before...any help on what is causing this would be appreciated.

A:Computer Mouse, Video, And Music Lagging Or Skipping

And also, I just did a complete reinstall of windows. So it's not a virus, etc..
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I havev brought a HP Pavilion Entertainment PC dv Intel I Ram Gdual hard dr G each nbsp nbsp Whenever I tried to play a dvd movie the playback in the first minutes is okay and then it becomes choppy and lagging and eventually it is impossible to watch it at all nbsp Is there anyway I can fix this problem Thank you nbsp This laptop is less than Ideal from the date I had purchased it till now I had encounter problems one after another first it was the blue screen crashes on a regular basis then after the Bios upgrade now I have trouble with the dvd play back nbsp The video playback is choppied and lagging I had tried every sugguestion according to their website solve problem nbsp but still it is not working video and is play back lagging choppy properly nbsp This supposed to be a Entertainment PC and I can't even play a lousy dvd let alone anything else nbsp HP used to have good video play back is choppy and lagging quality computer products but this laptop experience I had endure put a serious doubt in my future purchased of HP product nbsp nbsp Solved View Solution

A:video play back is choppy and lagging

Thanks for the information. I know that the graphics driver you are using now creates the same problem with my Blu-ray movies.The movie would freeze while the audio would keep going and at times the whole thing would crash.  This solved my problem  Also, try using Windows Media Player, if you are not already doing so, but I believe the new driver I gave you is the key.
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First, I wanted to listen to a clip on Amazon and I clicked "listen" for Windows Media Player and then another time for Real Player, since I have BOTH. All it would do was save it to my computer (entitled "hurl") and then I couldn't open it. It didn't even give the option of opening it--that was "grayed out."

Also, is there ANYwhere that I can just download a song without taking out a bank loan or giving them my firstborn? I went to Yahoo radio, too, and went through the sign-in procedure and then it wouldn't complete. The button just did nothing. I don't plan to do a lot of downloading music. I just want to get a song occasionally.

Any help will be appreciated.

A:Solved: Listen to music clips or download music

Here is a link to free radio stations in the UK (I don't know where you are based)
Scroll down to the player that you use.
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What will happen is I ll open up Firefox go to Facebook most common and then attempt to go to one of my applications As soon as the application play to game crash try I a Firefox music online. whenever and IE or page is IE and Firefox crash whenever I try to play a game or music online. fully loaded you can IE and Firefox crash whenever I try to play a game or music online. t click anywhere on that screen without Firefox or Internet Explorer telling me the program is not responding The whole window then whites out and I have to close it This happens with Slacker com pandora com NetFlix com basically any site that I use for media or entertainment I can open my emails just fine as long as IE and Firefox crash whenever I try to play a game or music online. I don t ask it to open a media file sent from someone Both Internet Explorer and Firefox are up to date I run various cleaners to remove spyware and malware I ve changed the security settings on both browsers and nadda No matter what I do they still freeze I m close to saving all my documents and starting over with this laptop Does anyone know if there is a solution to this problem Or even WHY my BRAND NEW DELL LAPTOP is doing this I can t use my laptop for any of the things I normally do online I need HELP Thanks for anyone s help

A:IE and Firefox crash whenever I try to play a game or music online.

Zog, I know nothing about Windows 7. What I do know is that sometimes computer security programs can cause weird and wacky issues. With that in mind I'll throw this out for you to consider:

Your laptop is new. Did it come with security software? If so, did you install it or have you installed a different program?
What firewall/antivirus are you using? You might want to experiment with turning an installed firewall (turn on the one included with Windows first) to see what will happen.
This is a total shot in the dark, but sometimes shots in the dark hit the target.
If it works, great. If not, someone with a knowledge of your OS may have some suggestions for you.
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I had a window phone but now I have a android phone and I want to transfer my music I have saved on my windows phone.
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Hi I am helping my parents troubleshoot their computers and very is Computers audio/video sluggish lagging My feeling is that they are both infected with the same virus trojan but I can find it or figure out what is going on The each have identical laptops and both are experience identical problems Both are running Avast and both systems are not turning up any discovered viruses or trojans during scans I am on the verge of completely refronting both of their laptops and am really hoping I can avoid having to do that I suspected that maybe they were both infected with poweliks but the below FRST shows at least I think so that neither are infected with that trojan Symptoms After a clean reboot within to hours both systems begin to get very sluggish both audio and video starts to skip and lag both mice bounce around like crazy around Computers very sluggish and audio/video is lagging the screen when trying to move the point I had my Dad run FRST on his computer below are the results FRST Scan results FRST txt Scan result of Farbar Recovery Scan Tool FRST txt x Version - - Ran by Preston administrator on PRESTON-HP on - - Running from C Users Preston Favorites Downloads Loaded Profiles Preston Available profiles Preston Platform Windows Home Premium Service Pack X Computers very sluggish and audio/video is lagging OS Language English United States Internet Explorer Version Default browser FF Boot Mode Normal Tutorial for Farbar Recovery Scan Tool http www geekstogo com forum topic -frst-tutorial-how-to-use-farbar-recovery-scan-tool Processes Whitelisted If an entry is included in the fixlist the process will be closed The file will not be moved C Windows agent x exe HP C Program Files x HP SimplePass TrueSuiteService exe IDT Inc C Program Files IDT WDM stacsv exe DisplayLink Corp C Program Files DisplayLink Computers very sluggish and audio/video is lagging Core Software DisplayLinkManager exe DisplayLink Corp C Program Files DisplayLink Core Software DisplayLinkUserAgent exe Avast Software s r o C Program Files AVAST Software Avast AvastSvc exe Avast Software s r o C Program Files AVAST Software Avast afwServ exe Carbonite Inc www carbonite com C Program Files Carbonite Carbonite Backup CarboniteService exe Garmin Ltd or its subsidiaries C Program Files x Garmin Core Update Service Garmin Cartography MapUpdate CoreService exe Hewlett-Packard Company C Program Files x HP Common HPSupportSolutionsFrameworkService exe Intel Corporation C Program Files x Intel Services IPT jhi service exe Microsoft Corp C Program Files Common Files Microsoft Shared Windows Live WLIDSVC EXE Microsoft Corp C Program Files Common Files Microsoft Shared Windows Live WLIDSVCM EXE Intel Corporation C Program Files x Intel Intel reg Rapid Storage Technology IAStorDataMgrSvc exe Intel Corporation C Program Files x Intel Intel reg Management Engine Components LMS LMS exe Intel Corporation C Program Files x Intel Intel reg Management Engine Components UNS UNS exe Microsoft Corporation C Windows System LogonUI exe HP C Program Files x HP SimplePass TouchControl exe DisplayLink Corp C Program Files DisplayLink Core Software DisplayLinkUI exe HP C Program Files x HP SimplePass BioMonitor exe Intel Corporation C Windows System hkcmd exe Intel Corporation C Windows System igfxpers exe Synaptics Incorporated C Program Files Synaptics SynTP SynTPEnh exe IDT Inc C Program Files IDT WDM sttray exe Garmin Ltd or its subsidiaries C Program Files x Garmin Express Tray ExpressTray exe Team Corporation C Program Files x Team Corporation Sync Sync exe Microsoft Corporation C Program Files Windows Sidebar sidebar exe Hewlett-Packard Company C Program Files x Hewlett-Packard HP QuickWeb hpqwutils exe Hewlett-Packard Development Company L P C Program Files x Hewlett-Packard HP On Screen Display HPOSD exe Synaptics Incorporated C Program Files Synaptics SynTP SynTPHelper exe Hewlett-Packard Development Company L P C Program Files x Hewlett-Packard HP Quick Launch HPMSGSVC exe He... Read more

A:Computers very sluggish and audio/video is lagging

You need to start a topic in the Virus, Trojan, Spyware, and Malware Removal Logs forum.
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The members of the Malware Response Team who respond to these topics are constantly inundated do to the high volume of requests for help in this forum.   For this reason it may take a couple of days before a Team member may be able to get to your topic.  
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I just got a new laptop and HP tech support has not been able to solve my problem so I am turning to you guys The audio and video has a glitching lagging effect when I am connect to the internet via WLAN card But it is not the internet itself because the connected video to and when Internet lagging Audio whether I am watching listening to something over the internet or watching a DVD from the dvd Audio and video lagging when connected to the Internet drive or listening to something from an outside source USB stick --as long as ther is an internet connection running in the background I have this problem About every seconds staticy noise and slight lagging in the video occur and lasts for about - seconds This will continue for as long as I am trying Audio and video lagging when connected to the Internet to watch or listen to something and being connected to the internet However as soon as I turn off the wireless adapter with a switch on the front of the laptop or by manual disconnecting the problem goes away instantly I have downloaded all the latest drivers for the soundcard WiFi adapter and the video card Still having the problem I am wondering if it is a hardware conflict or if there is a program conflict when connected to the internet I have no idea Sound Altec Lansing speakers Conexant High Definition Smart Audio Video NVIDIA GeForce M nForce M Network adapters Broadcom AG a b g draft-n WiFi adapter NVIDIA nForce Networking Controller Thanks for the help nbsp

A:Audio and video lagging when connected to the Internet

If you are running Vista, make sure you update it to SP1
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Ever since I sluggish lagging computer, audio/video installed Webroots SpySweeper my computer has been running much slower than usual - even after I uninstalled the program and all its remanents from my registry The worst part however is media Ever since then any audio and video does not play properly on the computer - it just lags and plays very choppily My sluggish computer, lagging audio/video computer has tested free of any spyware adware malware as well as any viruses Almost nothing is set to start up with my computer and the registry is cleaned As well Opera is the only sluggish computer, lagging audio/video web browser I ever use and I do not have my windows set to automatic update What could be causing this problem What should I do thanks for everyone s suggestions This is my hijackthis logfile Logfile of HijackThis v Scan saved at PM on Platform Windows XP SP WinNT MSIE Internet Explorer v SP Running processes C WINDOWS System smss exe C WINDOWS system winlogon exe C WINDOWS system services exe C WINDOWS system lsass exe C WINDOWS system Ati evxx exe C WINDOWS system svchost exe C WINDOWS System svchost exe C WINDOWS system spoolsv exe C WINDOWS system acs exe C WINDOWS system Ati evxx exe C WINDOWS Explorer EXE C WINDOWS system DVDRAMSV exe C WINDOWS system svchost exe C WINDOWS system TODDSrv exe C Program Files ATI Technologies ATI Control Panel atiptaxx exe C Program Files TOSHIBA E-KEY CeEKey exe C Program Files TOSHIBA TOSHIBA Direct Disc Writer ddwmon exe C Program Files TOSHIBA Touch and Launch PadExe exe C Program Files TOSHIBA TOSHIBA Zooming Utility SmoothView exe C WINDOWS system TPSMain exe C WINDOWS AGRSMMSG exe C Program Files MessengerPlus MsgPlus exe C Program Files Java jre bin jusched exe C Program Files TOSHIBA TOSCDSPD toscdspd exe C WINDOWS system ctfmon exe C Program Files MSN Messenger msnmsgr exe C WINDOWS system RAMASST exe C WINDOWS system TPSBattM exe C WINDOWS system wscntfy exe C WINDOWS System svchost exe C Program Files Opera Opera exe C Program Files Hijackthis HijackThis exe O - BHO AcroIEHlprObj Class - E F-C D - D -B D- B D BE B - C Program Files Adobe Acrobat ActiveX AcroIEHelper dll O - BHO SSVHelper Class - BB-D F - C-B EB-D DAF D D - C Program Files Java jre bin ssv dll O - HKLM Run ATIPTA quot C Program Files ATI Technologies ATI Control Panel atiptaxx exe quot O - HKLM Run Alcmtr ALCMTR EXE O - HKLM Run CeEKEY quot C Program Files TOSHIBA E-KEY CeEKey exe quot O - HKLM Run DDWMon quot C Program Files TOSHIBA TOSHIBA Direct Disc Writer ddwmon exe quot O - HKLM Run PadTouch quot C Program Files TOSHIBA Touch and Launch PadExe exe quot O - HKLM Run SmoothView quot C Program Files TOSHIBA TOSHIBA Zooming Utility SmoothView exe quot O - HKLM Run HWSetup quot C Program Files TOSHIBA TOSHIBA Applet HWSetup exe quot hwSetUP O - HKLM Run TPSMain TPSMain exe O - HKLM Run AGRSMMSG AGRSMMSG exe O - HKLM Run Tweak UI RUNDLL EXE TWEAKUI CPL TweakMeUp O - HKLM Run LogonStudio quot C Program Files WinCustomize LogonStudio logonstudio exe quot RANDOM O - HKLM Run MessengerPlus quot C Program Files MessengerPlus MsgPlus exe quot O - HKLM Run SunJavaUpdateSched quot C Program Files Java jre bin jusched exe quot O - HKLM Run CFSServ exe CFSServ exe -NoClient O - HKCU Run TOSCDSPD quot C Program Files TOSHIBA TOSCDSPD toscdspd exe quot O - HKCU Run ctfmon exe C WINDOWS system ctfmon exe O - HKCU Run MessengerPlus quot C Program Files MessengerPlus MsgPlus exe quot WinStart O - Global Startup RAMASST lnk C WINDOWS system RAMASST exe O - Extra context menu item E amp xport to Microsoft Excel - res C PROGRA MICROS Office EXCEL EXE O - Extra button no name - B E C - FCB- CF-AAA - C - C Program Files Java jre bin ssv dll O - Extra Tools menuitem Sun Java Console - B E C - FCB- CF-AAA - C - C Program Files Java jre bin ssv dll O - Extra button Spyware Doctor - D D A- - D -A A - C B E E - C PROGRA SPYWAR tools iesdpb dll file missing O - Extra button Research - B - CC- C -B BE- C C A - C PROGRA MICROS OF... Read more

A:sluggish computer, lagging audio/video

Try what I posted here yesterday: She had one of the two Stardock applications you have and solved her problem.
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I downloaded a couple of music video's using my 'Veoh' Plug-In but when I tried to play the vid's I was met with the message 'The file type "flv" requires Adobe Flash 8 or greater to play this video. Please install the flash player and restart Veoh TV'. Now, the thing is I already HAVE Adobe Flash 8.1 (which I upgraded to recently) and also another flv player. But just in case I went to Adobe and Installed a newer version which for some reason didn't overwrite the older version. I've never had this problem before and it's strange that at the first time of asking, my new version of Adobe Flash fails. Anyone any ideas ?
Could 8.1 be for Windows Vista only ? I have Windows XP Home.

A:Music Video's Won't Play

if you are on windows xp home the latest version of adobe flash player is 9. check your add/remove programs and see if its even listed. if it is it will say adobe flash player etc active x 2.33 mb. if its not listed u dont have it. try this go to and look under software. scroll down and look for adobe flash player 9 active x stand alone version download. install it then check your add/remove and it should say adobe flash player 9 active x size 3.04 mb. if it then does u should be good to go.
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Please help!! OK,  i bought a dash cam a few weeks ago and when  i wanted to upload the videos on to my notebook but the problem was the type of video it recorded couldnt be seen on my notebook since it didnt support the video format. So i went on youtube to see how i could change the format and i saw a few videos that claimed to have work with a video transcoder (Handbrake) and now i cant watch any videos or play any music on my notebook. i can only see videos from online for example youtube. please help!!

A:cant play music or video!!

Hi, Please write down the format your camcoder uses as well,Nevertheless, if all you want to do is view the camcoder files on your notebook and the format isn't supported, go for a 3rd party app known as VLC media player as it has all the codecs pre-installed.install it and start going through your videos.Good luck & please reply if it didn't work!

Although I work for HP Inc -The views and opinions I post here are of my own.If my post helped you out, give me the Thumbs up, i deserve #HPExpertDay
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I have a Xvid file that opens in Windows Media Player and I want it to open as a video file.

Any ideas to change media type to video and not audio

A:Video Play As Music

Hello Ljohn,

Welcome to Forum. You didn't say whether you have the codec pack or not. You need to install codecs in order to play the Xvid files. The Vista Codec pack you can download from, or the KLite Codec from K-Lite Codec Pack - Download

Hope it will help. Cheers...
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Hi I know that there have been 10) out freezing, Audio lagging and cutting and Video (Windows alot of posts about this issue but I have tried everything When I stream hd videos on youtube netflix or play any video Audio and Video freezing, lagging and cutting out (Windows 10) games my audio and sometimes video Audio and Video freezing, lagging and cutting out (Windows 10) freeeze for sec and it happens around every seconds in addition sometimes the mouse also lags too and seems like the computer is about to freeze This happened today after my computer got a blue screen of death Kernel Security Failed Check I have clean installed my graphic drivers updated bios firmwear check updated my sound card Audio and Video freezing, lagging and cutting out (Windows 10) realtek audio device I have tried everything but nothing seems to be working I was wondering if I am forced to rma the laptop or would this issue be solved with a clean install or even better a fix that wouldnt cause me to do either of these things In addition I have noticed that my graphics card had a big decrase in performance specifically prior to today my card was getting fps solid on CSGO and LOL but now it only gets around fps In addition I ran sfc scannow for my harddrive and it said that Windows Resource Protection did not find any violations Thank you for your help Alex
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Hello I have an extremely annoying problem with my computer About days ago while I was updating with apparent Commercials and (Audio source? no play only) Music my quot Adobe Flashplayer quot I noticed some music coming from my speakers I searched everywhere for its source but could not find anything I decided to ignore the problem and eventually it Music and Commercials (Audio only) play with no apparent source? went away When I came back later to my computer many commercials and music were playing over eachother and I decided I would have to find out what was going on Countless times I searched for what this may be on Google but no answers have helped guide me I hope I ve given you enough info about the problem so I will now post the logs that you requested- ------------------------------------------------------ quot SysInfo quot System Information Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version OS Version Microsoft Windows Home Premium Service Pack bit Processor Intel R Core TM i CPU GHz Intel Family Model Stepping Processor Count RAM Mb Graphics Card Intel R HD Graphics - Mb Hard Drives C Total - MB Free - MB Motherboard ASUSTeK Computer INC CG Antivirus PC Cleaner Pro Updated Yes On-Demand Scanner Disabled ------------------------------------------------------ quot Hijack This quot Log Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v Scan saved at PM on Platform Windows SP WinNT MSIE Internet Explorer v Boot mode Normal Running processes C Users George AppData Local Google Update GoogleUpdate exe C Users George AppData Local Programs Google MusicManager MusicManager exe C Program Files x Free Ride Games GPlayer exe C Program Files x Spybot - Search amp Destroy TeaTimer exe C Program Files x iTunes iTunesHelper exe C Windows SysWOW rundll exe C Program Files x NETGEAR WNDA v WNDA v exe C Program Files x Microsoft Office Office ONENOTEM EXE C Program Files x Internet Explorer iexplore exe C Program Files x Internet Explorer iexplore exe C Program Files x Internet Explorer iexplore exe C Users George AppData Local Microsoft Windows Temporary Internet Files Content IE KDCYIDMV HijackThis exe R - HKCU Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Search Bar Preserve R - HKCU Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Search Page http go microsoft com fwlink LinkId R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Default Page URL http go microsoft com fwlink LinkId R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Default Search URL http go microsoft com fwlink LinkId R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Search Page http go microsoft com fwlink LinkId R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Start Page http go microsoft com fwlink LinkId R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Search SearchAssistant R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Search CustomizeSearch R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Local Page C Windows SysWOW blank htm R - HKCU Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Toolbar LinksFolderName R - URLSearchHook FCToolbarURLSearchHook Class - d e - - bb - -c f - C Program Files x Shopping Causes Shopping Plugin Helper dll R - URLSearchHook no name - - no file R - URLSearchHook uTorrentControl Toolbar - b - - a a- e - ee e - C Program Files x uTorrentControl prxtbuTo dll F - REG system ini UserInit userinit exe O - BHO Spybot-S amp D IE Protection - - F - D - - D F - C PROGRA SPYBOT SDHelper dll O - BHO dTPodcastBHO - FDF-F A - B D- D -CDF CFD - C Program Files x Common Files doubleTwist IEPodcastPlugin dll O - BHO uTorrentControl - b - - a a- e - ee e - C Program Files x uTorrentControl prxtbuTo dll O - BHO Windows Live ID Sign-in Helper - D - C - ABF- ECC- C - C Program Files x Common Files Microsoft Shared Windows Live WindowsLiveLogin dll O - BHO Windows Live Messenger Companion Helper - FDDE B- F- -AB F- CBEFF - C Program Files x Windows Live Companion companioncore dll O - BHO Bing Bar Helper - d ce e -f a- - e- dc f c f - quot C Program Files x Microsoft BingBar BingExt dll quot fi... Read more
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All I ever get is this message whenever I load a page

Video never even shows up on the page. I can't figure out how to solve this problem...

A:Firefox will not play video or music on this PC

One thing that is likely to be messed up is your drver. You may need to manually go through and check each driver for updates. By "may need to" I mean you should do it first. IF you have no QuickTime driver, which is unlikely because Firefox is pretty good about getting updates on time, try to get the driver through Mozilla. You also should check to see if only this page is corrupt, or if you can play no QuickTime videos, old or new (try to find a page that will play QuickTime videos, then check the date of the last update. Ifthe date is old, you just need to update the driver.). If it is only that page, try to update your drivers. This is most likely it.

Please let me know if this works. Also let me know if it doesn't play videos even with Windoes media Player.
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So I recording Help for game audio? Play Let's m doing a Let s Play on Amnesia The Dark Descent I want to record both in-game audio and my voice from my USB Logitech G headset mic I m using Bandicam I do not have Stereo-Mix in my recording options I m running Windows XP and my soundcard is Realtek HD I ve tried messing around with Virtual Audio Cable but I either am Help for Let's Play recording game audio? doing it wrong or it doesn t work for what I want This is pretty frustrating because Let s Plays are so much better quality when in-game audio is clear My current setup is to just set my speakers as default playback and lay my headset on my desk and record from the game audio from my speakers with my headset mic and just record myself speaking with the same mic This is an okay set-up but not what I want It s very limited What I ve tried - updating Realtek drivers - using Virtual Audio Cable - messing with XSplit didn t really know what to do with it - messing with Realtek HD Audio Manager s mixer - using FRAPS but since I m running XP FRAPS doesn t have the record External Output option - recording my voice in audacity and my gameplay audio in Bandicam didn t work game audio won t record w Bandicam for some reason I suspect it s the Stereo-Mix problem I ve read that Realtek doesn t support Stereo-Mix at all anymore If that s true what should I do Buy a new soundcard If so what should I buy I m not bad with computers but I m not proficient by any means I would greatly appreciate any help at all with this I m limited with money and my computer probably couldn t handle upgrading to Win or Vista keep that in mind Thanks in advance - SWARM nbsp

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HUGE PROBLEM ok theres a few first of all none of my DVDs will play on my laptop the drive recognizes its a DVD but it reads the disc as data i think i can FORCE playback sometimes but if it has foreign languages or menus it ll start up in the middle of the movie at the same time i also had trouble with my audio no matter what program i use to play them what format they are in or what bitrate they are recorded in it will have an audio error like a skip r smear during playback and it will happen intermittenly but at least once per song usually audio at errors Constant all. play in music wont DVDs to times ive cleaned up the registry the best i could and installed some patches but it STILL doesnt fix it its so bad that i wud rather dump all my mp s on my GIG and buy a new laptop and put them on it this all started around months ago and microsoft tech is useless SUMBODY HELP ME nbsp

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Hi there I am having some trouble with some of my DVD RW discs right now Because I ripped some of my audio CD's using my Windows Media Player and then I burned my DVD RW disc to my SonicRecord Now burning sofware And this software came with my computer And it's been working for me a long time But right now I am having major problems with my DVD RW discs because I put all of my music onto my disc So I put this DVD RW disc into my CD Burner drive And by the way just to let you know that my CD Burner CD DVD+RW doesn't audio play Burner disc for music My drive is the DVD Rewritable type of burner My CD Burner drive doesn't play DVD+RW disc for audio music drive So I put in this DVD RW with all of my music on it and my computer started to crash and freeze My CD Burner drive doesn't play DVD+RW disc for audio music on me Man this gets so annoying and frustrating when this happens And also my CD burner light was My CD Burner drive doesn't play DVD+RW disc for audio music flashing green along with my hard drive light at the same time And I have like no idea why it was doing this for For my computer I have a Dell Dimension with XP Home Edition So do you know why that this is happening to me for You know what I'm thinking I am probably thinking that DVD RW discs are only made for putting DVD's on them only But not music So that is probably the reason why my computer keeps crashing on me for no reason So instead I should be using just a plain CD-RW or CD-R But I am using these DVD RW discs because they last for about hours more then just the CD-RW discs do But that's not really good though for me Oh well So do you know if there's any way to fix this problem that I am having with my DVD RW discs This mostly only happens when I put music on it like Mp 's or WMA's from my Windows media Player Well anyway so let me know on how to fix this problem so that my discs work fine again and do not crash my computer at all Then I will be happy again that's for sure And don't forget to get back to me as soon as possible So thank you very much now And I will be waiting for my response from you very soon

A:My CD Burner drive doesn't play DVD+RW disc for audio music

DVD+RW discs are a little tricky to work with. After recording to an RW you must Finalize the disc in the recording software. If you do not Finalize the disc, then the disc will not read. Also, there are only so many uses for an RW. You can only Erase (Format) the disc so many times before they stop working well. I suggest to always use -R discs. They are one time use only, but much easier to work with. Are you putting your music on discs to back them up or do you have a DVD player that plays Data discs? Or are you making a DVD Audio disc? If you are just backing up, why not consider a USB HDD?
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First thank you for taking your time to help me much appreciated Sorry this info is limited but not sure what other info will be significant For the past - months maybe my HP Laptop Vista plays random audio clips This happens when I am using programs or doing nothing I am always connected to the net via wireless so not sure if it happens when I / Ads Files Computer / Play Music Audio Clips Random On am Random Audio Files / Ads / Music Clips Play On Computer not connected The clips last anywhere from seconds to one minute and usually sound like they are cut off in the middle when they stop Sometimes the clips are choppy sounding as if there is not enough memory to play the audio clip I have heard quot Hi this is Howie Mandel quot last night I heard a minute long weight loss ad and this morning I heard a partial ad for the new quot Stepbrothers quot movie In the past I believe I heard hip hop music clips as well When this happens I have used Task Manager to see what s running and nothing appears in the Applications tab and nothing unusual in the Processes tab although I wouldn t know what to look for there anyhow I usually keep my speakers on mute to prevent hearing these ads but we I am watching a movie or listening to news or music these clips are as loud and I have to just stop what I am listening to and wait for these clips to end Sometimes I hear none in a day and sometimes five or more I use Trend Micro and Windows Defender and no virus has been detected I do download a lot using Azereus and Limewire but other than that usually stick to the same known websites and never click on any unknown emails or ads Any help is appreciated I am ready to do a complete dump and start from scratch with my computer but I thought I d try here first as that is my last resort Thank you Renee

A:Random Audio Files / Ads / Music Clips Play On Computer

Hello let's run one more scan...Run as administrator...Please download Malwarebytes Anti-Malware and save it to your desktop.alternate download link 1alternate download link 2Make sure you are connected to the Internet.Double-click on mbam-setup.exe to install the application.When the installation begins, follow the prompts and do not make any changes to default settings.When installation has finished, make sure you leave both of these checked:Update Malwarebytes' Anti-MalwareLaunch Malwarebytes' Anti-MalwareThen click Finish.MBAM will automatically start and you will be asked to update the program before performing a scan. If an update is found, the program will automatically update itself. Press the OK button to close that box and continue. If you encounter any problems while downloading the updates, manually download them from here and just double-click on mbam-rules.exe to install.On the Scanner tab:Make sure the "Perform Quick Scan" option is selected.Then click on the Scan button.If asked to select the drives to scan, leave all the drives selected and click on the Start Scan button. The scan will begin and "Scan in progress" will show at the top. It may take some time to complete so please be patient.When the scan is finished, a message box will say "The scan completed successfully. Click 'Show Results' to display all objects found".Click OK to close the message box and continue with the removal process.Back at the main Scanner screen, click on the Show Results button to see a list of any malware that was found.Make sure that everything is checked, and click Remove Selected.When removal is completed, a log report will open in Notepad.The log is automatically saved and can be viewed by clicking the Logs tab in MBAM.Copy and paste the contents of that report in your next reply and exit MBAM.Note: If MBAM encounters a file that is difficult to remove, you may be asked to reboot your computer so it can proceed with the disinfection process. Reagardless if prompted to restart the computer or not, please do so immediately. Failure to reboot normally (not into safe mode) will prevent MBAM from removing all the malware.
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Hi, I have a pretty old computer running Windows 98 SE. A while ago I had to reinstall the OS and everything was working fine after that. Now, the user cannot open any file attachments that have music or video. We've tried Realplayer and Windows Media 7.1 and 9. I've tried uninstalling all of them and reinstalling all of them and I can't get anything to play. Cannot play a CD from them either. I even installed a different program called Quintessential and it does the same thing. All of the above mentioned programs open just fine, see the music or video file and then go to "connecting" or "opening" and lock the entire system up. Please help, this is driving me crazy! Like I said, its an old system, but it's been working with the exact same specs for years.

HP Vectra VL 800
Windows 98 Se
128 mb RAM

A:cannot play any type of video or music file

well, you said that u formated your computer, most likely u need the codecs to play video files. does it play ANY sounds? maybe ur drivers on the computer need to installed or upgraded. maybe when u formated it u moved ur computer around and unpluged a cable. if all eles fails get VLC media player (works without codecs)
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So this one is pretty weird for me I ve never had any issues like this before but I think it has to do with having all my drivers up to date I was having this problem for a long time where I couldn t run games for too long because eventually the whole screen would get all glitchy and the last second of sound would repeat itself over and over until the monitor went Issue: Driver won't Games won't play/Video play into power saving mode I tried reinstalling drivers installing different graphic drivers like NGO and Omega which I had before Nothing worked Well just recently my friend showed me this program driver cleaner pro and he said it helped him with his driver issues So Driver Issue: Games won't play/Video won't play I followed the directions uninstalled my drivers cleared everything with the program in safe mode restarted and reinstalled the drivers Voila all my games work with no issues at all except for Counter-Strike Then I tried to watch a movie It plays fine I can hear the sound fine but the video doesn t play Even when I tried to record a video with fraps of one of my emulators which has worked before it didn t show video on playback So I restarted my computer now all my games don t work except Diablo Starcraft and CS However now I can watch movies with no problem at all These past couple of weeks I ve been having to go through the whole process of using driver cleaner pro and installing Omega drivers again everytime my computer needed to reboot When I go to play CS Source it will get to the splash screen right before the menu pops up and crashes to desktop No error or anything When I try to play my nintendo emulator a graphics error pops up saying quot Direct D failed to initialize Error code C D DERR INVALIDCALL quot Yet my SNES emulator works perfectly I ve come a long way from thinking I had an overheating issue cpu runs at around c- c when the A C isn t on to a BIOS issue and now I m thinking it s a video mode issue What tips me on this is that CS can run ONLY in software mode when I can run all my other games however when I can only watch video I can play in opengl which is what it has always run in VLC runs in opengl as well So I ve finally resorted to posting on a forum to seek some helpful answers Thanks DXDIAGNOSIS System Model A N X-X BIOS Phoenix - AwardBIOS v PG Processor AMD Athlon XP MMX Dnow Ghz Memory G RAM DirectX Version c Display Device ATI RADEON XT BRAVO No problems in dxdiag nbsp
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Good afternoon I was refer here from other forum and hopefully you can help me I try to listen to an few music files I have on me :( let music listen to Won't my computer and for some reason my music program won t load It says program is not responding I have not had any problems b Here is some info I use Music Match Jukebox MMJ and Won't let me listen to music :( Windows Media player WMP When I click on an MMJ file in my music folder the hour glasses comes up but it doesn t do anything I try going to MMJ from my programs menu and the hour glasses comes up and doesn t do anything On the WMP I click on one of my music files but it will play about seconds and it will then pop up and say program not responding I also trying open an MMJ file in WMP and it Won't let me listen to music :( does the same thing I Won't let me listen to music :( put an CD in and it open up WMP and when I clicked any where in the WMP area and blank white box comes up and says program not responding but it keeps playing the same note over and over I have done several scans and stuff and nothing has been found I have Windows XP If you need more info please let me know Thanks for your help in this matter Thanks for all your help on this matter nbsp

A:Won't let me listen to music :(

First reinstall the programs that don't respond.Also tell us what type of soundfile you want to play e.g. mp3, wav or other types..
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i want to play video game in my PC can i play like contra ,mario etc in my PC?

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hi i am from morrocco

i want play video game and i face this probleme he say i need card video
look this photos

hp df530 Sff
intel pentieum 4
ram 984 mb
approx total memory n/a

please help me and sorry for my bad english

A:Please Help me .. i cant play video game

Can you tell us your whole Computer Specs?
Download This:
and post a picture of it
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This problem just started today earlier today my video and music were playing just fine But i noticed Realplayer that i recently upgraded to system. or Music play Hang Video my Attempts to was Attempts to play Video or Music Hang my system. a bit slower than So i uninstalled it and downloaded realplayer I also uninstalled two quot Safety bar quot programs i didnt recongize After i installed realplayer everything seemed to go bad I tried streaming some videos off the internet and it would hang the system My Attempts to play Video or Music Hang my system. mouse would still move but i couldn't click anything I could bring up my start menu with ctrl esc but i couldn't click anything or even shut down the computer So i had to a hard reset If i don't play music or video or stream them my pc runs just fine System Info Windows XP Home Edition Service Pack build Realtek AC' Audio Intel R G GL GE PE GV Graphics Controller Display adapter Steps I've taken I quot ve run ad-aware free edition a few times on my computer i thought maybe it was spyware related No new viruses came up I also went to windows com to install windows media player it requested I download the Microsoft Genuine Advantage plugin in my firefox browser which i did If anyone could shed some light on what possibly happened and how i can fix it i'd appreciate any insights p s i ran the belarc Advisor program and it gave a big list of specifics about my computer i didn't know if i should include it all or not So i just added the info about audio and video If more is needed i can post it Or the whole thing if need be
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my cd/dvd drive is strange...

when i am installing a game or just running something other than music from the drive, it makes all my videos laggy, only seems to happen when i play DVDs though, and on that note, when i try and watch a DVD i cant watch it for the same reason.

comp is an emachines w3107 with stock DVD/CD drive, not sure of the actual type of drive, all setup are still EIDE not SATA (old comp) 1.8ghz
BFG Nvidia 8500GT GPU card and 1Gb of ram.

anyone have any suggestions on a fix? or is it possible hardware problems?

A:CD/DVD drive makes video/music play SLOW

May be a codec problem, try googling for k-lite codec pack, or coles
codecs, free download. This will give you the ability to view different
file types such as mpeg's dvd's etc.....
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What would be something to check, if you can listen to cds but not music online. Whether we open windows media player, or browse to a favorite radio station's site to listen live, we can't listen. There are no errors, it connects, buffers and looks to be playing, but there's no sound. The speakers are on and work, because we can stop and listen to a cd. I don't see any mute that is on.

Anyone have any ideas??



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Alright well let me start by saying I m not a complete newb but I m also not an expert My problem is that when I play any PC game I have drawing problems To start when I play World of Warcraft I get flicers and whats looks like fractured drawing glitches that blink all around the screen Sometimes it runs without alot problems Game With any Car PC Problems play! I Video in Sometimes it runs with a bunch and if it does with a bunch then it eventually freezes up and crashes However With Elder Scrolls Problems With Video Car in any PC Game I play! IV Oblivion the screen flickers Problems With Video Car in any PC Game I play! a lil with pieces but not alot but it will just go black all the sudden I still have menus and some text alright but the rest of the screen is black If I press ESC I still get teh menu and stuff Its jsut weird I ve tried alota things to fix this I have updated drivers and what not and done my dxdiag I just dont know where to look anymore I could use any ideas please Thanx nbsp

A:Problems With Video Car in any PC Game I play!

Hello and welcome to Techspot.

What you`re describing is know as graphics artifacts.

Check your graphics card isn`t overheating.

The easiest way to do this, is to open your case and aim a deskfan at your graphics card. If the artifacts then diminish, it`s a sign of overheating.

If with the fan blowing there`s no change, then it may be that your graphics card ram is bad.

Also, make sure your card isn`t full of dust.

Regards Howard :wave: :wave:
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my pc had just been formatted and wat happen is everytime (almost) when i play game and watch video. cpu usage is 100% and system and explorer sumtimes take up 20%. i wonder y this happen..

1. sure no virus
2. ram is 1.256 G
3. i have my driver installed.
4. no other problem.
5 when start no lag, but after about 5 minutes. it does.

hope someone to help me. thank you very much..

A:video watching and game play lag!

If your CPU usage is 100%, open up Task Manager and switch to the Processes tab. You can tell it to sort by CPU usage, keep an eye on it and see what's causing the spike.
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I am having problems with my computer, in fact my old laptop had the same problem with the same video files, any 1080p video files I may have on my computer will have a problem where the audio will stop for 3 - 5 seconds while the video continues to play, if I play-through the whole video with the audio stopping, the video ends before the audio, but if I skip to the end of the video at any point in the playback, the audio is in sync. I'm wondering if it is a Windows 7 related bug because the computers with the problem all run Windows 7. I could only find things on the internet regarding video websites like Youtube and such but I couldn't find anything with files on the computer. If those same videos I have problems with are uploaded to a video hosting website, they play just find without skipping on the website, even when my Internet slows around 6PM.

A:video files. audio keeps stopping, video continues to play

I am still having this problem
Can someone please help me?
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Hi I ve had this problem for quite some time and I think its about time I tried to sort it out I all work video or files function Play for music doesn't have a Toshiba satellite Laptop running windows XP and the latest WMP is my preferred media player About a year ago I had a Virus on this laptop that wouldn t allow me to connect to the internet A friend took me through the steps in the security and the web part of this board and Play all function doesn't work for music or video files we dealt with the virus Ever since the play all function in windows that appears when you have media files in a folder has not worked When I click play Play all function doesn't work for music or video files all I see the hour glass briefly but then nothing happens If I try to select the files I want to play right click and then play all again nothing happens I don t get any warning or error messages its as if the computer is ignoring my request double clicking on a single file opens it in WMP normally I don t know if it is related but when this happened the quick media buttons on the laptop which allowed me to open WMP play pause stop and select next track also stopped working and still don t Thanks for your help nbsp

A:Play all function doesn't work for music or video files

To fix the file playing issue, try reinstalling WMP.

The buttons need special software installed and running. Try downloading it from Toshiba and reinstalling.
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I get this BSOD when i update my software and windows
I'm with windows 7 service pack 1, toshiba's laptop
suddenly, my laptop usually get BSOD
like play music or video with any other media file, accessing internet, startup, or even make a data with ms. office

i dont even update my windows after i get this BSOD

please help me to fix this problem
thank you

A:BSOD when startup and play music or video with any other media player

Please follow the so we can better assist you.

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Yeah I don t know what happened One day all of the sudden Windows XP created a little X inside a red circle icon inside my tray and keeps bugging me that my computer is infected Not only that but my AVG scan doesn t say anything s wrong Also at random times that my sound is on music or videos I m assuming will play but nothing is open nothing is running I ran HiJackThis after several failed attempts I finally learned I had to change the name because apparently this virus files NOTHING Random with music/video open. desktop play on is shutting Random music/video files play on desktop with NOTHING open. it down immediately and I have the log right here I recognize a few things here but some of the files just seem like random numbers and letters and I don t know if that s good or bad Please Someone take a look at it Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v Scan saved at PM on Platform Windows XP SP WinNT MSIE Internet Explorer v Boot mode Normal Running processes C WINDOWS System smss exe C WINDOWS system winlogon exe C WINDOWS system services exe C WINDOWS system lsass exe C WINDOWS system svchost exe C WINDOWS System svchost exe C WINDOWS system svchost exe C WINDOWS system spoolsv exe C WINDOWS Explorer EXE C WINDOWS system hkcmd exe C WINDOWS system igfxpers exe C WINDOWS system igfxsrvc exe C Program Files Java jre bin jusched exe Random music/video files play on desktop with NOTHING open. C WINDOWS System spool DRIVERS W X E FATIAFA EXE C Program Files Microsoft Office Office GrooveMonitor exe C PROGRA AVG AVG avgtray exe C Program Files Creative Creative ZEN ZEN Media Explorer CTCheck exe C WINDOWS system RUNDLL EXE C WINDOWS system ctfmon exe C Program Files Creative Sync Manager Unicode CTSyncU exe C Documents and Settings Home Local Settings Application Data Google Update GoogleUpdate exe C WINDOWS msb exe C Program Files Windows Media Player WMPNSCFG exe C Documents and Settings Home Local Settings Application Data Google Update GoogleCrashHandler exe C Program Files Common Files Apple Mobile Device Support bin AppleMobileDeviceService exe C PROGRA AVG AVG avgwdsvc exe C Program Files WiFiConnector NintendoWFCReg exe C Program Files Bonjour mDNSResponder exe C WINDOWS system CTsvcCDA exe C WINDOWS System svchost exe C Program Files Java jre bin jqs exe C PROGRA AVG AVG avgrsx exe C WINDOWS system svchost exe C Program Files Viewpoint Common ViewpointService exe C Documents and Settings Home Local Settings Application Data Google Chrome Application chrome exe C Program Files MediaMonkey MediaMonkey exe C Documents and Settings Home Local Settings Application Data Google Chrome Application chrome exe C Documents and Settings Home Desktop Hijack exe R - HKCU Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Default Page URL www google com ig dell hl en amp client dell-usuk amp channel us amp ibd R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Default Page URL http go microsoft com fwlink LinkId R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Search Default Page URL www google com ig dell hl en amp client dell-usuk amp channel us amp ibd R - HKCU Software Microsoft Windows CurrentVersion Internet Settings ProxyOverride local R - Default URLSearchHook is missing O - HKLM Run IgfxTray C WINDOWS system igfxtray exe O - HKLM Run HotKeysCmds C WINDOWS system hkcmd exe O - HKLM Run Persistence C WINDOWS system igfxpers exe O - HKLM Run RTHDCPL RTHDCPL EXE O - HKLM Run Alcmtr ALCMTR EXE O - HKLM Run dscactivate quot C Program Files Dell Support Center gs agent custom dsca exe quot O - HKLM Run SunJavaUpdateSched quot C Program Files Java jre bin jusched exe quot O - HKLM Run EPSON Stylus CX Series C WINDOWS System spool DRIVERS W X E FATIAFA EXE P quot EPSON Stylus CX Series quot O quot USB quot M quot Stylus CX quot O - HKLM Run GrooveMonitor quot C Program Files Microsoft Office Office GrooveMonitor exe quot O - HKLM Run AVG TRAY C PROGRA AVG AVG avgtray exe O - HKLM Run CTCheck C Program Files Creative Creative ZEN ZEN Media Explorer CTChe... Read more

A:Random music/video files play on desktop with NOTHING open.

Hello ShwStppnActr,

Firstly, please go to Start > Control Panel >Add or Remove Programs (Programs and Features if you are a Vista user) and uninstall the following if they exist:

Viewpoint, Viewpoint Manager, Viewpoint Media Player.:

Viewpoint Manager is considered to be foistware. You can go to the link below to read about it.


You may have used Malwarebytes before. If you have, and still have it on your machine, please update and run. Post the scan report back here.

If you do not have Malwarebytes please download from Here

Double Click mbam-setup.exe to install the application.
Make sure a checkmark is placed next to Update Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware and Launch Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware, then click Finish.
If an update is found, it will download and install the latest version.
Once the program has loaded, select "Perform Quick Scan", then click Scan.
The scan may take some time to finish,so please be patient.
When the scan is complete, click OK, then Show Results to view the results.
Make sure that everything is checked, and click Remove Selected.
When disinfection is completed, a log will open in Notepad and you may be prompted to Restart.(See Extra Note)
The log is automatically saved by MBAM and can be viewed by clicking the Logs tab in MBAM.
Copy&Paste the entire report in your next reply.
Extra Note:
If MBAM encounters a file that is difficult to remove, you will be presented with 1 of 2 prompts,click OK to either and let MBAM proceed with the disinfection process,if asked to restart the computer,please do so immediatly.


Download OTL to your desktop.
Double click on the icon to run it. Make sure all other windows are closed and to let it run uninterrupted.
When the window appears, underneath Output at the top change it to Minimal Output.
Under the Standard Registry box change it to All.
Check the boxes beside LOP Check and Purity Check.
Click the Run Scan button. Do not change any settings unless otherwise told to do so. The scan wont take long.
When the scan completes, it will open two notepad windows. OTL.Txt and Extras.Txt. These are saved in the same location as OTL.
Please copy (Edit->Select All, Edit->Copy) the contents of these files, one at a time, and post it with your next reply.

Note: Unless otherwise instructed always post the logs in the forum. If reports don't fit on one post. It might be necessary to break the logs up to get them on the forum. Just use as many posts as you need, that's fine.
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I have the latest version of Windows Media Player (9) but I am now unable to open an music files or video files. Last week I defragged my machine, I'm not sure if this did something. All my video and audio files worked before this. It keeps saying that the file is corrupt. When I click on more information it says:

0xC00D1199: Cannot play the file

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Relevancy 66.22%

Ive done a lot of searching but havent been able to find a solution...

My laptop suddenly will not play video's or music. I use both nero and wmp to play music and videos. When opening a video file in WMP now i get the error "Windows Media Player encountered a problem while playing the file. For additional assistance, click Web Help.

With nero i get "error reading file".

When playing music in iTunes it will load the song but not play it.
Im really stumped. Any solution is greatly appreciated.


A:Vista Ultimate Wont Play Video's Or Music Anymore

Do you have Aim and did you recently up date it?
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The windows media player on my computer stopped working after i fixed my previous problem. (See it Here)
It will not let me open any type of media. I made a video to show exactly what is wrong.

Video is Here:
or Here (when available):
or Download:

A:Solved: Windows Media Player 12- Will not play music or video.

try reinstalling the windows.. the best way..
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Having dredged the internet, I came across this forum amongst the many with questions relating to cd drives working but dvd not etc, but my issue is slightly different, i think.

CDs seem to play ok, and so do DVDs, but I seem to have a problem with my laptop reading a disc with DS games on it that it used to read no problem. The discs can be used in my other half's laptop, so it is clearly a problem with my laptop.

I'd appreciate if anyone could advise where I can start to solve this problem

A:Music and video play on laptop CD/DVD drive but not data files

You need to have the CD/DVD drive replaced. Internal lasers fail in strange ways. The drives are not too expensive and they are easy to replace
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Hello Ill go straigt freezes music use to and PC Firefox but I listen can to my problem Pc Spec AMD athlon gb of ram Nvidia mb Sound card Dont really know Cant check it right now because my pc is frozed Windows xp sp avast installed guess wall So my pc freezes randomly Not completely I ussualy can do things what i PC freezes but I can use Firefox and listen to music opened before the freeze For PC freezes but I can use Firefox and listen to music example use firefox and search internet listen to music But i can t open new things and when i try to open for example My Computer the icon in the middle of the window PC freezes but I can use Firefox and listen to music pops like it s searching something Programs ussualy wont open during the freeze Furthermore can t use ctrl alt del well i can but it wont do anything Right now my desktop froze too Scaned for viruses and such Used avast spybot malewarebytes Every program found something but i guess removed everything Althou avast is blocking new files everyday and i don t understand where are they coming from Btw i booted into safe mode and i had no freeze Well maybe i was on safe mode too short I just anted to tell this What could cause these freezes How can i fix it Sorry for long title nbsp

A:PC freezes but I can use Firefox and listen to music

Several things of note. First it is absolutely essential that you update to Service Pack 3 because come July 10th XP with Service Pack 2 will no longer be supported. You need some serious updating and it may be a central reason you are experiencing issues..

Second, before you do the above there is a very strong possibility you are still infected. Go to our Virus and Malware Removal forum and read the 8 Step sticky. Follow it step by step -- don't skip any of the steps. When you finish post on that forum with the required logs attached.

Third, since you can boot into Safe Mode there is a good chance your issue is driver related, but unless the above isn't attempted you won't be able to diagnose properly.

Fourth, as a side note, you might want to consider another gig of RAM if your motherboard is designed to do so. XP and two gigs is a good combination.

Fifth, you mention both Avira and Avast. Are both of these installed? Please tell us all the security software you have installed and running in real time protection.

Good luck.
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Good Evening everyone
I have a recently re formatted laptop. I can listen to downloaded music ( from backed up files ) BUT I cannot hear anything when on You Tube or when atteptmting to play a DVD, yet I am 100% sure it all worked the night we re formatted this beast. I really need sound, can anyone point me in the right direction. Thanks in anticipation.
Vista Home

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Hey guys, I am going on holiday in early June and am looking for a way to listen to music while I'm in the pool as I plan to spend a lot of time doing so.
The way I can see it is that I have two options:

Buy a waterproof case and waterproof headphones
buy a waterproof MP3 player all-in-one.
Obviously each option has it's flaws - otherwise I wouldn't be there.
Even if I buy a waterproof case how can I be sure that even though there is a waterproof case, where it contacts with waterproof earphones will be waterproof as 'waterproof' to some sellers just means rain-proof.
The problem with the all in ones like the Sony Waterproof Walkman is that they are very expensive for very little space, the 4GB alone being £50 and 8GB is £80.

Does anyone have experience in the matter, anything they can recommend, preferably I'd like to use my phone in a case for my 32GB MicroSD card, but whatever works I guess.

Cheers guys.

A:How can I listen to music whilst swimming?

:big grin: My wife JUST purchase a waterproofed iPad Shuffle from

website is very descriptive and the device is AS Advertised - - she's very happy with it
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OS Windows XP Pro. I copied music from an old computer and pasted it on the new computer for my son. As long as the flash drive is inserted, he can listen to the music. (Even though the flash drive is empty.) When the flash drive is removed and he tries to listen to the music it is prompting him to connect to the internet, and he has no internet. We took the flash drive to my house with 3 albums on it, they showed up with the same prompt to connect to the internet, even with the flash drive inserted. What might we be doing wrong? The files are "wma" files.

Thanks, Peggy

A:Can't listen to music from flash drive

Internet Explorer /Tools /Internet Options / Connections

Make sure you select 'Never dial a connection' and Apply

In Windows Media Player
select Now Playing at the top, close and open again.

Sometimes if you have clicked on Media Guide, I've found it seems
to stick there, (until you select as above) and tries to open the Internet.

But the new computer should not be accessing the flash drive if the music
has been copied over. Clicking on any WMA file (standard windows media file)
should open Windows Media Player.

In the Player open Tools / Options / File Types and put a tick in each box.

Just trying the obvious for the moment.
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My android cellphone can successfully connect to Nokia Hands-free A19. (means handsfree is OK)
Later I Unpair it from cellphone and try to pair it to PC to try to listen to PC music via handsfree.
Windows 7 can not find handsfree!
PC Bluetooth can pair with other bluetooth device successfully! (PC is OK)

I guess may be different in protocols?
any Idea? can anybody help?

A:How to listen to PC music via cellphone handsfree?

Does the desktop have Bluetooth capability? Most desktops do not have that, the capability (hardware) must be added.
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Whenever I watch an internet video I don't hear sound, voice or music. What is not tuned on? Using IE9 browser.

A:I can't hear music when I try to listen to an internetCD

sounds like a flash player issue ,

try install the latest version and let us know how you get on.

Adobe Flash Player - Downloads
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hey, how do I get my sony z1 to play music on my bluetooth headset?
its all synced and works great when im making calls but when I put on music it just comes out of the speakers
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just want to listen to my music library without any commercials or issues

A:i want to listen to my library of music unempeded

Hi, you haven't mentioned what phone you are using or the OS.
On my Lumia 930 running Win10 mobile, I use the 'Groove Music' app, then go to 'Songs' and 'Shuffle all'.
This then plays my music library (without commercials or issues).
If you need additional help or have more questions or details to share, please join the site so you can reply in this thread. See this link for instructions on how to join Windows Central.
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Help, I downloaded this demo video from and when I opened the zip file, the demo wouldn't play. I think it is because the the video name ended in " "I tried opening it with Windows Media Player 9, but I got an error. Can somebody help me? Thanks!

A:Video Game Demo doesn't play

Either install Apple Quicktime or Quicktime Alternative. The alternative is smaller and allows you to play .mov files in Windows Media Player as well as th save streaming .mov web presentations.

Get Quicktime Alternative here:
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Hi guys

I bought my laptop 4 months ago. It works with AMD Turion 64
Recently, I bought Fifa 2006, but it did not work with my system.
In the" technical support" it says that the minimum requirement of the display memory is 32, but I have 16.

My video card details is:

Name: SiS M760/760GX
Manufacturer: SiS
Chip Type : SiS 760 Rev 00
DAC Type: Internal
Approx. Total Memory: 32 MB
Current Display Mode: 1280 x 800 (32 bit) (60Hz)
What can I do to play that game? Can I develop or change my video card?


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I want to play Age of Mythology Extended Edition on my HP Elitebook 2730p laptop. When I use to figure out if my laptop can handle it, it says this:

Video Card Minimum: DirectX 10 (Intel Integrated HD Graphics 3000, ATI Radeon X1950, NVIDIA GeForce 8600 GT) You Have: Mobile Intel(R) 4 Series Express Chipset Family Upgrade Suggested
Click here for the latest Video Card drivers.
Features: Minimum attributes of your Video Card

....................................Required............You Have
Pixel Shader version ...... 4.0................. 4.0
Vertex Shader version ... ... Read more

A:Can I increase dedicated video RAM to play this game?

I dont believe dedicated video ram can be upgraded without putting a different card in; as dedicated video ram is just that; dedicated to graphics.
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Dear forumers A usual setup for me is that I play some PC Game and my girlfriend watches some movie I have a GT a Samsung Syncmaster BW and a Samsung LCD to a dualview game a video + how - play watch TV with analog connection available So what i would like to achieve now I had been doing for the past year no problem before i reinstalled windows I was able to play WoW or CIV IV or whatever PC game full screen dualview - how to play a game + watch a video on my monitor while I was able to watch a avi or whatever video file on the TV simultaneously Since I had reinstalled win I can t do the same after I start the movie and then i start the PC game the movie dualview - how to play a game + watch a video either freezes or the tv screen goes dualview - how to play a game + watch a video blank then if I shut down the pc game the movie continues I have the exact same hardver setup now as before same videocard monitor LCD TV I suspect the problem comes from either the driver or some wrong setup issue because these are the only things that changed after the winreinstall Any ideas guys Do I need some specific driver Should I retry some year old ones Should I get some appllication to help me btw what I want the simultanous pc game video is it even officially possible pls help me ms GF is killing me nbsp

A:dualview - how to play a game + watch a video

I've finally got it everyone!!!
I managed to do it with vlc mediaplayer 0.8.6
go to settings, Video, check the advanced settings checkbox on the lower right, go on to outgoing modules subsetting and there from videooutgoing module choose OpenGL video output!
with these i can watch a movie on the tv and play on the monitor no problem at all!
(i guess the key is to get the player to not play using directx or direct3d but with opengl, so if you can get a player to do this, it might work with other players as well)
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I can't play a racing game called grid because..the game installed succesfully but whenever I start it it new windows pups up saing that it can't run because the video card doesn't support shape3.0

A:Solved: Can't play a game because of Video card, what to do?

You either need a new card or a new computer.
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Hello all,

This is my first post. Hopefully someone can help me. I have done this many times before on this same computer but for some reason today, no matter how many times I have tried, it will not cooperate. I have two videos and an audio file I am trying to copy from a flash drive to my desktop. These videos will play from the flash drive directly using windows media player. However, when I copy the files to my desktop they will not play. The message of file not found comes up. I have restarted my computer and tries many different flash drives and like I said, this is the first day that this process has not worked. I need some help because I am stumped and the forums on the Microsoft site do not help.

Thank you,
Relevancy 65.36%

Hello all,

This is my first post. Hopefully someone can help me. I have done this many times before on this same computer but for some reason today, no matter how many times I have tried, it will not cooperate. I have two videos and an audio file I am trying to copy from a flash drive to my desktop. These videos will play from the flash drive directly using windows media player. However, when I copy the files to my desktop they will not play. The message of file not found comes up. I have restarted my computer and tries many different flash drives and like I said, this is the first day that this process has not worked. I need some help because I am stumped and the forums on the Microsoft site do not help.

Thank you,
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Why is it everytime i put on music and i am talking to a friend my friend can here music but not much talking. isen't thre anything i can do so i can talk and listen to music at th same time without th other person hearing it

A:I want to be able to talk via skype and listen to music at the same time.

What are you using to talk to your friend?
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I like to listen to music but I don't want to miss text, mail or call alerts, my WP immediately mutes all alerts. I've looked for settings to change this but can't seem to find any. Not sure which model it is (is a work phone and we call it the guvnor) but It's the net version of the old 1520, like a phablet.
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Hey, I recently installed my old game Warcraft III.

When i get to about the menu the game freezes for about 20-30 seconds. The screen then changes to the smallest possible resolution and loses most colour. (Colours turn all foggy and blobbery.)

I then get the follow dialogue box:
"The igxprd32 display driver has stopped working normally. Save your work and reboot the system to restore full display bleepionality. The next time you reboot the machine a dialog will be displayed giving you a chance to upload data about this failure to Microsoft."

I THINK i remember this happening for another game awhile back too but i can't remember. To fix the problem i just restart and it restores, but how can i prevent this from happening so i can play!?

I have a Mobile Intel 965 Express Chipset Family, which i am pretty sure is up-to-date.
PS i have even tried running the game in window mode.

A:igxprd32 display driver crash when trying to play game!

Please perform the following, so that we can get the exact specs of your computer. This will better assist us in helping you more.Publish a Snapshot using SpeccyThe below is for those who cannot get onlinePlease take caution when attaching a text file to your post if you cannot copy/paste the link to your post, you will need to edit it to make sure that your Windows Key is not present.
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I purchased a computer back in from CyberPower PC before I knew how to built them myself It s been running practically flawless since purchase up until recently The problem occurring could definitely be due to age but thought I should throw it up on here for some assistance Over the past couple days my computer has been randomly turning itself off during game play like the system has been unplugged About three times in Aion and once so far in Bad Company I thought it was due to overheating or dust or whatnot - so I ve cleaned up all the dust internally and set it up on a table leaflet so that it isn t sitting on carpet anymore After I gave it a thorough cleaning it worked perfect for about a day and a half and just recently went out on me again After it goes out it won t allow me to attempt to boot it back up for at least minutes Could this be due to overheating still I have never had an overheating issue or due to my psu going bad or getting old Also was concerned about my cpu chip and if it was overheating I also made sure driver s were updated all around had been having some graphical errors and everything seems to work perfect At one point I had SLI d cards in my computer but one of them seems to have burnt out My computer will no longer recognize it and if I make it the top card in my mobo it will blue screen with graphical errors so I removed it Been working off at video during game Computer play turning random fine since it s been removed Compy stats listed below Running Windows Vista -bit Coolermaster Cosmos Sport Case EVGA NForce I mobo Intel Quad Core Q Thermaltake Big Typhoon VX VR GB PC DDR x Computer turning off at random during video game play EVGA GeForce GT GB x PCI-E used to be two now only have one GB Sata-II RPM mb black Sony x DVD RW Apevia Warlock Series w PSU Any suggestions would be extremely helpful It s driving me insane nbsp

A:Computer turning off at random during video game play

Eh...why don't you check your temperatures?
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I am getting BSOD all time when i watching video or play on steam
attach file zip with dump file.

A:BSOD When i watch video or play game on steam

Hello, Sukuruji and welcome to the forums. I will try to help you. Could you possibly give any more information on your problem. Also, please tell me if you have installed any new hardware or software just before this started. This is what I am getting from your dump files.


Use !analyze -v to get detailed debugging information.
BugCheck 124, {0, fffffa800777f028, ba000000, 52000402}
Probably caused by : GenuineIntel
Followup: MachineOwner


A fatal hardware error has occurred. Parameter 1 identifies the type of error
source that reported the error. Parameter 2 holds the address of the
WHEA_ERROR_RECORD structure that describes the error condition.
Arg1: 0000000000000000, Machine Check Exception
Arg2: fffffa800777f028, Address of the WHEA_ERROR_RECORD structure.
Arg3: 00000000ba000000, High order 32-bits of the MCi_STATUS value.
Arg4: 0000000052000402, Low order 32-bits of the MCi_STATUS value.
Debugging Details:

BUGCHECK_STR: 0x124_GenuineIntel
PROCESS_NAME: steamwebhelper
A stop code 0X124 is a generic hardware error, meaning some piece of hardware has failed or is failing. It can also be a bad driver which is causing a piece of hardware to act as if it is failing.

Have you had any problems with any hardware or drivers? Any information you could give us about the cause would help a lot. We otherwise have to run a series of tests to try and find out which piece of hardware it is. It would be helpful if you could more completely fill in your system specs. We often have to look up components and Manufacturer and Model is necessary to do that. Please also add your PSU and CPU cooler to that.

Please use some software to monitor your GPU and CPU temps for us, and let us know temps when at idle and when under stress. if you don't have that software, I can suggest some if you need me to. Also, please
open an elevated command prompt ( click start, type cmd in the search box, right click on the cmd entry and select run as administrator) in the black box that opens, copy/paste sfc /scannow. If you decide to type it, notice the space between the sfc and the /. It is a system file checker which will scan your system files and attempt to correct any missing or corrupt files. What we want are the results to say windows found no integrity violations. If it says files were found but could not be repaired, close the box, reboot and run it again, after opening the administrative command prompt. You may have to reboot and run it three times for it to repair all system files. If it can't repair them after 3 reboots, let us know.
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Why most of the video game emulator don't have to install to be able to play games while most of the applications have to?
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Playing action video games may help adults improve their eyesight, according to a study released Sunday.

People who used a video-game training program saw improvements in their contrast sensitivity, or the ability to notice subtle differences in shades of gray, according to a study published in the journal Nature Neuroscience. The training could be beneficial to people who have amblyopia--commonly known as lazy eye--and those who have trouble seeing while driving at night, the study said.
"Normally, improving contrast sensitivity means getting glasses or eye surgery--somehow changing the optics of the eye," Daphne Bavelier, professor of brain and cognitive sciences at the University of Rochester, said in a statement. "But we've found that action video games train the brain to process the existing visual information more efficiently, and the improvements last for months after game play stopped."

more:CNET News
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I used to be able to listen to music through a pair of Sony bluetooth headphones on my Wins 7 laptop. However, I am no unable to do so. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the bluetooth drivers with no success, removed and added the device. I followed a number of the steps in this thread : Bluetooth headset pairs but won't connect, not avail as playback devic , specifically the post from 11th Dec 2014 . Computer has been restarted multiple times.

I've attached an image of what I see. I can connect the headphones to the laptop, but can't listen to music. I also cannot set the headphones to default playback.

Atm, I'm listening through an aux cable, but any additional trouble shooting steps would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance
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I m running Windows XP and my default media player is Windows Media Player After I downloaded a video clip properties audio format MPEG only you play file video? video tell me Can no a why would audio, Layer- and played it widows media player opened and at the bottom it says acquiring codec then codec acquired but all I get is sound no video A friend of mine downloaded the same file from the same link and they didn t have any problems but I don Can you tell me why a video file would only play audio, no video? t know what operating system or media player they re using However after I downloaded Media Player Codec Pack the video played back just fine My question is how do I Can you tell me why a video file would only play audio, no video? know if it s a problem with the FILE or with my SYSTEM possibly my media player I wanted to burn the file onto a CD but I d like to know Can you tell me why a video file would only play audio, no video? up front if the file is going to play correctly on my friend s PC or not This is the first time I ve ever encountered this problem and admittedly don t know a great deal about the ins and outs of video files codecs and players Thanks Fred

A:Can you tell me why a video file would only play audio, no video?

You may be not happy with my reply, but I'd dump WMP and start using VLC Player: has all necessary codecs built in.
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Let's keep this simple. I bought spore. My comp isn't old but just doesn't have great specs. It still played the game but a bare minimum graphics, which I'm fine with. Then I find out that there's an update for my graphics card's driver. I install said driver. Now the game won't last two minutes without crashing... Anyone know why the updated version of my driver is worse than the old version?

My graphics card for reference: Intel® 82852/82855 Graphics Controller family (Intel® 852/855 Chipset family)

For whatever reason spore ignored the fact that my graphics card does not meet the minimum requirements and went ahead and played the game anyway. It worked for 3 days straight with no problems until I got the update. Also Dell tells me it is my driver that's causing the problem so I know this doesn't belong in the games section just because it involves spore.


A:Solved: I update my driver to play a game, instead it makes it crash...

Have you uninstalled the new driver?

Have you done a system restore to a data before you installed the driver?

If you are just asking why an updated driver causes a problem when an old one does not, that is often the way it is. When an updated driver is released, it is done to correct problems, support new hardware, etc. When these fixes are implemented to the driver files, they often cause problems with older hardware, games, etc, etc.
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PC gaming starts off smooth for about 5-15 seconds, then slows right down to the point where it becomes almost unplayable and stays like that.

I've got a p4 3ghz
radeon x800 256mb pci-e
1 gig ddr ram
onboard sound

the video drivers are up to date, ive run some checks on the computer and i dont have any malicious software.

ive totally cleaned up my computer in the past and gaming has been smooth, but over time it now appears that everything is nice and slow, its possible i have something hidden in my system that is slowing everything down.

A:[SOLVED] video game play starts smooth then becomes choppy

I dont know if it is of any use but here is my Hijack this log:

Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.2
Scan saved at 8:00:24 AM, on 5/19/2008
Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v7.00 (7.00.6000.16640)
Boot mode: Normal

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Common Files\New Boundary\PrismXL\PRISMXL.SYS
C:\Program Files\Spyware Terminator\sp_rsser.exe
C:\Program Files\Laser Center\Laser Sensor Mouse\Panel.exe
C:\Program Files\Streamload\MediaMax XL\StreamloadService.exe
C:\Program Files\Java\jre1.6.0_03\bin\jusched.exe
C:\Program Files\CA\eTrust Internet Security Suite\caissdt.exe
C:\Program Files\CA\eTrust Internet Security Suite\eTrust PestPatrol Anti-Spyware\PPActiveDetection.exe
C:\Program Files\QuickTime\qttask.exe
C:\Program Files\ATI Technologies\ATI.ACE\Core-Static\MOM.EXE
C:\Program Files\Spyware Terminator\SpywareTerminatorShield.exe
C:\Program Files\Messenger\msmsgs.exe
C:\Program Files\Linksys EasyLink Advisor\LinksysAgent.exe
C:\Program Files\DNA\btdna.exe
C:\Program Files\Canon\CAL\CALMAIN.exe
C:\Program Files\ATI Technologies\ATI.ACE\Core-Static\ccc.exe
C:\Program Files\CA\eTrust Internet Security Suite\eTrust PestPatrol Anti-Spyware\PPV5Updater.exe
C:\Program Files\MSN Messenger\msnmsgr.exe
C:\Program Files\MSN Messenger\usnsvc.exe
C:\Program Files\uTorrent\uTorrent.exe
C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe
C:\Program Files\DAEMON Tools\daemon.exe
C:\Program Files\Trend Micro\HijackThis\HijackThis.exe

R1 - HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main,Default_Page_URL =
R1 - HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main,Default_Search_URL =
O2 - BHO: {e4468cdf-2f92-7c4b-6594-adc6fd744480} - {084447df-6cda-4956-b4c7-29f2fdc8644e} - C:\WINDOWS\system32\bppnjayn.dll (file missing)
O2 - BHO: (no name) - {1CB20BF0-BBAE-40A7-93F4-6435FF3D0411} - C:\PROGRA~1\Crawler\ctbr.dll
O2 - BHO: IESiteBlocker.NavFilter - {3CA2F312-6F6E-4B53-A66E-4E65E497C8C0} - C:\Program Files\AVG\AVG8\avgssie.dll
O2 - BHO: (no name) - {53707962-6F74-2D53-2644-206D7942484F} - C:\PROGRA~1\SPYBOT~1\SDHelper.dll
O2 - BHO: SSVHelper Class - {761497BB-D6F0-462C-B6EB-D4DAF1D92D43} - C:\Program Files\Java\jre1.6.0_03\bin\ssv.dll
O2 - BHO: Windows Live Sign-in Helper - {9030D464-4C02-4ABF-8ECC-5164760863C6} - C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Windows Live\WindowsLiveLogin.dll
O3 - Toolbar: (no name) - {F8AD5AA5-D966-4667-9DAF-2561D68B2012} - (no file)
O3 - Toolbar: Easy-WebPrint - {327C2873-E90D-4c37-AA9D-10AC9BABA46C} - C:\Program Files\Canon\Easy-WebPrint\Toolband.dll
O3 - Toolbar: &Crawler Toolbar - {4B3803EA-5230-4DC3-A7FC-33638F3D3542} - C:\PROGRA~1\Crawler\ctbr.dll
O4 - HKLM\..\Run: [Laser mouse] "C:\Program Files\Laser Center\Laser Sensor Mouse\Panel.exe"
O4 - HKLM\..\Run: [SunJavaUpdateSched] "C:\Program Files\Java\jre1.6.0_03\bin\jusched.exe"
O4 - HKLM\..\Run: [SSBkgdUpdate] "C:\Program Files\Common Files\Scansoft Shared\SSBkgdUpdate\SSBkgdupdate.exe" -Embedding -boot
O4 - HKLM\..\Run: [CaISSDT] "C:\Program Files\CA\eTrust Internet Security Suite\caissdt.exe"
O4 - HKLM\..\Run: [eTrustPPAP] "C:\Program Files\CA\eTrust Internet Security Suite\eTrust PestPatrol Anti-Spyware\PPActiveDetection.exe"
O4 - HKLM\..\Run: [Adobe Reader Speed Launcher] "C:\Program Files\Adobe\Reade... Read more
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Computer Crashes when ever trying to play a full screen video game.
I have tried updating Drivers, .net, Direct X, and Bios. have not fixed issue, i believe it may be hardware.
could i need a new video card or is it another problem?

Custom Build
Win XP x86 SP3
Mother board: ASUS M4N72-E
CPU: AMD Athalon 64 x2 6400+ 3.2 GHz
Ram: 2, Kingston 1GB DDR2-800MHz PC-6400
Graphics Card: nVidia Geforce 9800 GT, Made by XFX
Power Supply: Cool Max 700Watt

Attached are the mini dump files

A:Computer crashes when ever trying to play a full screen video game

come on people
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Ok I restarted my computer from a fresh boot this morning and when I opened up iTunes to play a song I clicked the play button It then proceeds to keep the song on no audio no nothing No attempt to even start the song Thinking it was an iTunes not audio problem) playing Music/video an (Not error I tried to play something in WMP It did the same thing clicked play and the song stays on Now I tried to play Music/video not playing (Not an audio problem) a video in WMP to see if that worked and it played extremely slowly and laggy with no audio VLC media Music/video not playing (Not an audio problem) player is doing the same thing Some background on my system it doesn t lag I have an i and the hard drive the music and audio Music/video not playing (Not an audio problem) is stored on is extremely fast I also tried moving the music to a different HD on my system and it does the same thing Any help is appreciated I am going to try a system restore nbsp

A:Music/video not playing (Not an audio problem)

A system restore fixed it. Looks like a windows update was installed. Thats the only thing that could have done it. I haven't installed anything for over a week. If you know what might have done it specifically, let me know.
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I have a emachine laptop with windows vista amd this all started when windows was updating two weeks ago my media players would and wont play any video files but it will play the movies as audio files I have had to download vlc media player times so far each time it will work great for a few days then it wont open and all other media players will only play the audio when this happens the cpu looks to be running very hard play not will Video audio but will. and it kinda locks up its getting harder and harder to restart the computer or open the task manager when this happens I have to push the power button more and more times I have been running avg internet super anti spyware and malware bytes they bring up nothing and my system looks clean its just annoying having to download vlc every couple of days not sure what the issue is do I need to download the drivers again if so where do I find them or could it be a hard to find bug Video will not play but audio will. I was going to try re downloading flash but I do not think that s the issue any help would be much appreciated And after downloading vlc all media players work until vlc wont I tried divix but that did not help at all a bit of the opposite divix has been removed nbsp

A:Video will not play but audio will.

Hi, Faults like this are usually down to one or more codec missing.
Some Video/media players do include many codecs, with others you need to download a separate codec pack.

I found a media player that does include most codecs required, you might read the page;
I have used this several times and it worked well for me.
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Hello So I ve had this problem before a year or two ago and at the time I fixed it somehow but don t remember what I did It just recently started again and I m at a loss I have a Toshiba Portege M tablet PC running Windows XP Tablet Edition One day videos just stopped playing whether they be streaming video online or avi files of my own on my computer I can hear the play but does audio won't Video audio but the video box is just a black square I ve tried downloading every codec imaginable and that doesn t fix it including entire packs of codecs But since this isn t player-specific Windows media player real player etc or file-type Video won't play but audio does specific the codec answer woudn t make sense anyway I also have reinstalled my video driver and that doesn t work either Just incase you re curious it s an nVidia FX go that came with the laptop This is sooo frustrating -- can anyone help Thank you --Tanya nbsp

A:Video won't play but audio does

What codec packs have u tried? Tried the K-Lite Mega Codec Pack from here yet? If so, install it again and check all the options in the part where it asks you to select the codecs you want to install. Check everything except the Morgan Stream Switcher or whatever it is. Then try playing the videos again.
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When I launch a video file (.wmv, .avi, .mpg) it will play the audio, but I do not see the video.

Doesn't matter what I use (Real player or windows media player)

It seems somehow the video codecs were removed somehow.

Where can I acclaim these?

I did a google search and found some sites willing to sell you codecs.....But I believe those were more for video recording/encoding rather than just playing.

Running Windows XP. Any help/suggestions available. I've lived with this problem for a few months :)

A:Will play audio, but not video....

Hi Blaine B. !

Go to control panel => sounds and audio devices. Go to the hardware tab, click on video codecs then properties and go to the properties tab in the following window. Tell us about the codecs you see there.
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For some strange reason, whenever I try to watch a DVD on my computer all it does is play the audio when I open a clip and not the video. Any suggestions on how to fix this? Most of the dvds I try won't play the video, some of them do though. I'm pretty sure my codecs are up to date, I have the K-Lite codec pack installed, I think the standard one.

A:video won't play, but audio does

Have you checked the settings on the player program?
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hey guys, i just wanted to know what multiplayer game would be best for me to play while i listen to audiobooks? i guess i need something with minimal text so i don't get confused.

thanks for any help!

A:Best free multiplayer game to listen to audiobooks?

I prefer FTL to be quite easy to play while listening.
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Hello everyone, my name is Andre and I'm having problems with hearing audio in my computer and playing games as well. I've checked just about everything I could possibly do and I can't seem to fix the problem. I've downloaded software that downloads audio and video drivers and still no dice.

I keep getting a Code:10.

Any help on this?
Note: The name of the audio driver is IDT High Definition Audio CODEC.

A:Having problems with my Audio and Game driver

No help on this?
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I can't play the audio and video files in my pc. I tried other media player also but didn't work. Even i can't play the video online. There's no audio and video at screen.

A:I can't play audio and video files

Hi, Did you upgrade your machine ? If yes, what is the pre-installed OS ? Regards.
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I have been able to play mpeg 4 and other videos mostly from kazzza. Recently I can play know of these. I receive the following error message:Windows Media Player Error. No such interface supported. It sent me to microsoft web site . It said no help available Error # 80004002. Can anyone help? thanks

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Hello I don't know where to put this it may be a Vista thing or a Sound card thing I honestly have no cannot files any I video audio or play clue I come here because nothing like this has ever happened on my XP machine My machine having problems is a HP laptop running Vista I'm not sure when it began but as of at least a I cannot play any video or audio files week or so ago I am not able to play video files or audio files Types of video files I've tried include wmv mpg I know I have been I cannot play any video or audio files able to play audio files from this computer in the past I ripped some CD's to it and listened through them on the computer several times Those same tracks no longer play for me I've tried Windows Media Player and Winamp neither program works When I try Winamp nothing happens at all When I use WMP I get this Message quot Windows Media Player encountered a problem while playing the file For additional I cannot play any video or audio files assistance click Web Help quot clicking web help takes me to This page Because of that I thought the problem may be with my sound card I followed the instructions on that page The Device Manager lists Conexant High Definition Audio as my sound controller and it is working properly I uninstalled the driver on that and reinstalled it the computer looked for the driver online and downloaded and installed it so I am assuming it is the correct driver The device appears to be working fine The driver that device is currently using is ver I Downloaded and Installed a so called quot Vista codec Pack quot I found on several sites thinking this was a codec problem but there is no change according to gspot I have the codec's necessary to play these files The computer can play video and audio just fine through youtube but it won't pay files that are on my computer Another error message that comes up mainly for audio files is quot Windows Media Player cannot access the file The file might be in use you might not have access to the computer where the file is stored or your proxy settings might not be correct quot The files is not in use and it is on this computer so access and proxy settings should not be and issue I regularly check for spyware and malicious programs with spybot I just downloaded and ran AVG free antivirus the scan is running right now but I'm not waiting on it So I think that is everything relevant If you can help be out I'd greatly appreciate it

A:I cannot play any video or audio files

Hey Vita, Welcome to TSF.

I still think it could be a codec issue.

Try installing the K-lite codec pack and should that fail, try playing the files with VLC media player (link to it is in my sig)
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As of about a week ago, my pc has stopped playing the audio from DVDs only. It plays all other audio and video (even the DVD's video) but not the DVD audio.

I've re-installed my sound card drivers and i've got the codecs and it still won't work.

Recently, i started messing with a new microphone and the sound settings in control panel so i assume it's something that's happened around then but i cant find anything that seems to be wrong.

Anyone got any ideas?

A:Audio from DVDs won't play, video does.

may be ur DVDs not correct.. try to use other DVD audio
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I'm kind of stumped here. The other day I wasn't able to play video files at all. I haven't done anything out of the ordinary and scanned my computer with AVG and everything is on the up. I tried to open the files with windows media player and GOM player and only get audio. However, when I open the video files with Windows Media Center, they work! I downloaded XP Codec pack and still no progress. I prefer Windows Media Player and GOM over Windows Media Center but I'm sticking to what works right now. Does anybody have any suggestions or ideas? I Have Windows Vista. Thanks in advance.

A:Only audio, no video when I try to play .wmv or .mov files

Download media player classic,it has a bunch of codeks coming with it,or try installing VLC player.
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Hi,I have Windows 7 Home Premium SP1 and there seems to be a problem with my computer's sound recording system.I want to record music off of the Internet,I have Replay Music,recently the program was working,now it decides to quit.I have the Replay Music software program set at Audio Driver,I tried to uninstall and then re-install it,but,nothing wants to work.Can someone please help me out with this? it would be really appreciated!

A:The Realtek Audio Driver stops working,want to record Music

I didn't see anything about this on the Replay web site, but does this software require the "System Mixer" to be available and use that as the source for recording? Usually, the System Mixer (could be called Stereo Mix in some systems) is required to be able to record streaming audio.

Check the Recording Devices in the Control Panel, Sound Panel. The System Mixer should be set as the default playback device. With the system mixer, whatever you hear on the PC speakers can be recorded.
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i recently formatted my pc and installed windows xp pro from then i am not able to hear any sound there is a yellow question mark over the Problem driver/cannot sound audio with any play multimedia audio controller icon i need the driver for my audio device i have Problem with audio driver/cannot play any sound already tried realtek ac its not installing here is my pc info Computer Computer Type ACPI Uniprocessor PC Operating System Microsoft Windows XP Professional OS Service Pack TRIAL VERSION Internet Explorer IE DirectX DirectX c Computer Name - D F F D Logon Domain TRIAL VERSION Date Time - - Motherboard CPU Type Intel Pentium MHz x Motherboard Name IBM A Motherboard Chipset Intel Brookdale-G i G System Memory TRIAL VERSION BIOS Type Phoenix Communication Port Communications Port COM Communication Port Communications Port COM Communication Port ECP Printer Port LPT Display Video Adapter NVIDIA GeForce MX Microsoft Corporation MB D Accelerator nVIDIA GeForce MX Monitor IBM E quot CRT -WLP Multimedia Audio Adapter Analog Devices AD A Intel DB ICH - AC Audio Controller A- Storage IDE Controller Intel R DB Ultra ATA Storage Controller - CB Floppy Drive Floppy disk drive Disk Drive SAMSUNG SP N GB RPM Ultra-ATA Optical Drive MOSER BAER DH- A P SMART Hard Disks Status OK Partitions C NTFS TRIAL VERSION D NTFS MB MB free Total Size TRIAL VERSION Input Keyboard HID Keyboard Device Keyboard Standard -Key or Microsoft Natural PS Keyboard Mouse PS Compatible Mouse Network Primary IP Address TRIAL VERSION Primary MAC Address -E -A - - -E Network Adapter TI USB Remote NDIS Network Device TRIAL VERSION Peripherals USB Controller Intel DB ICH - USB Controller A- USB Controller Intel DB ICH - USB Controller A- USB Controller Intel DB ICH - USB Controller A- USB Controller Intel DB ICH - Enhanced USB Controller A- USB Device TI USB Remote NDIS Network Device USB Device USB Composite Device USB Device USB Human Interface Device USB Device USB Human Interface Device DMI DMI BIOS Vendor IBM DMI BIOS Version KT AUS DMI System Manufacturer IBM DMI System Product A DMI System Version DMI System Serial Number TRIAL VERSION DMI System UUID TRIAL VERSION DMI Motherboard Manufacturer IBM DMI Motherboard Product IBM DMI Motherboard Version DMI Motherboard Serial Number TRIAL VERSION DMI Chassis Manufacturer IBM DMI Chassis Version DMI Chassis Serial Number TRIAL VERSION DMI Chassis Asset Tag TRIAL VERSION DMI Chassis Type thnx in advance PLZ DO MENTION THE SITE FROM WHERE I CAN DOWNLOAD THE DRIVERS nbsp

A:Problem with audio driver/cannot play any sound

You need to install the motherboard drivers which can be download from the motherboard makers website.
(unless you have the cd that came with the motherboard)
Chipset, sound and Lan, make sure you install the chipset drivers first