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enable bluetooth in my laptop without using the keyboard

Q: enable bluetooth in my laptop without using the keyboard

help me pls.
my laptop keyboard broke down a while ago, as of now, i don't have extra money for me to be able to replace it. now im using USB keyboard only, since my current keyboard doesn't have a fn key in it, i can't open the shortcut for the bluetooth using the keyboard.

1. is there any other way to open/enable it without using the keyboard?
2. i also can't see the BLUETOOTH device in the Device Manager, is that normal?

**i can use my bluetooth before my laptop broke down. and i saw in another forum that if you cant enable the bluetooth physically, the windows will not detect it but the forum is abt windows tablet so im not sure if it also applies with laptops.

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Preferred Solution: enable bluetooth in my laptop without using the keyboard

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: enable bluetooth in my laptop without using the keyboard

Hi see if the method here helps Set up a Bluetooth enabled device
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Can I enable bluetooth connections on this laptop, and if so, how do I do it?  I would like to connect to a bluetooth external speaker.  Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks.

A:How to enable bluetooth on my Pavilion laptop 17-e137cl

Hi, Sorry, it does not have builtin Bluetooth in the first place as shown: Option: You can use USB-BT dongle, which is similar to the following one Regards.
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My bluetooth stopped working in my ASUS Q302LA. Bluetooth doesn't even show in the Settings>Devices in Win 10. In Device Manager, under Microsoft LE Enumerator, Properties, it states "Device cannot start, Code 10." I clean installed win10 and am getting the same result, which leads me to think it is a BIOS problem. Any ideas.
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Port?g? R700-184
Part Number : PT311E-02Y01JEN


Can anyone tell me how to toggle wireless on/off using an external keyboard for the R700 whilst it is on it's docking station?

We only seem to be able to toggle wireless using the built in keyboard (Fn + F8) key.

Also, is there anyway that wireless can be set to off as default at boot up? Is this something that can be done through the BIOS or perhaps by tweaking a registry key?

Grateful for any assistance.


A:Enable/disable wireless whilst Laptop is docked (External Keyboard)

may seem like a silly question, but why can't you simply use the laptops keyboard????? or is it just a niggly type issue that you'd rather use external one?

unfortunatley the R700 doesnt have a hardware switch for the wireless so its purely mapped to the Fn key which is a toshiba function, so an external k/b is unlikely to be able to replicate it

you can always disable the wireless through W7 network and sharing centre -> change adaptor settings, so few clicks with the mouse or even shortcut it to taskbar/start menu for easy access.
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I just set up win 8 on my computer and was going thru the process of connecting my bluetooth mouse and my bluetooth keyboard. My mouse connected automatically, no problems. When I went to connect my keyboard I got the usual prompt asking you to enter the code, but the code was not accepted no matter how many times I tried. I know for a fact that this keyboard works, because it works fine on my Win 7 OS on the same computer. Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated
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Hey guys im not one how post on these much just needing a little help with a head beater!

I have a customer xps M2010 it has windows 7 32-bit 4gbs of ram

Im currently running windows updates too SP1

So im not sure if Its ever connected its keyboard with windows 7 installed befor i got to this machine.

Iv installed the bluetooth drivers from the dell site and ran the patch update but once i reboot the system the Bluetooth is not showing in device manager! I'v tried running the drivers as Admin but now change and iv also tried about 3 Keyboard on the system.

Has any one had this issue before?

Iv had another one that did this some while back and i couldent rember how to get it to stick. but i was able to type in the Bluetooth pairing numbers and it stayed.
Any help is much appreciated!

A:XPS M2010 Bluetooth- Keyboard sync issue - bluetooth

OK so new up date.

iv gotten the keyboard to sync on post. so im able to use the keyboard in the bios and boot options Etc.

Now when i get into windows the system isn't pick up the keyboard. iv reinstalled the drivers and tried to install the patch but the system can find the blue tooth chip.

so now i know its able to connect but windows, im trying to get to the Bluetooth setting but i was unable to fine it in control panel when i did a search, any ideas on what i should do next.
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I have a message on my hp laptop that the IR port on my computer is not enabled. How do I enable the IR port in XP? I would love to be able to sync my Palm wirelessly. Would be great!


A:Bluetooth/IR in XP: How to Enable?

Silly question, but is there a switch on your laptop to switch the IR on and off? Have a look.

Forgive me if this seems insulting, but when I've tried to sort out wireless issues on laptops before, the problem tends to be that the person hasn't got the switch set to "On".
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Hello everyone, I would like some help on the following. My laptop keyboard is not working and I am using an external keyboard instead. However I would like to enable Bluetooth using Fn+F12 and I can not do that. I have tried with Fn+F12 from the Windows Virtual Keyboard, but it doesn't work. Do you have any suggestions please? Thank you very much for your time people!!!

A:Enable Bluetooth

Hi and welcome to TSF please see this from MS Set up a Bluetooth enabled device should be the same for win 7
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I tried to enable bluetooth support services (winXP SP2, windows media center edition 2005), but I get a 1053 error. I'm trying to install MS optical desktop with bluetooth.
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I have a Dell Latitude E6410 laptop running W7 64 bit Pro, 8 Gig Memory. Would goning to a Bluetooth keyboard and a Bluetooth mouse create problems, or should I just stay with the wired connections? The keyboard and the mouse as of this time would be my only bluetooth devices. It does have the internal Bluetooth.
Thanks in Advance


A:Solved: Bluetooth keyboard and a Bluetooth mouse

no it shouldn't you just want lack of cords?? if you have a set in mind post a link to it and we might be able to advise whether its good purchase or not
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I recently purchased an asus f5gl laptop running vista OS and just now have needed to use bluetooth, but have found out that it has been disabled in system information. i would like to know how to enable bluetooth in BIOS or where ever i can?
does anybody have any ideas, any help is greatly appreciated.

A:how to enable bluetooth in BIOS

please do not start new posts for the same problem
continue here
this thread now closed
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According to the specifications of the HP 15-ay026nd, it has bluetooth. When I want to enable bluetooth in settings, I can't find it. Even when I type bluetooth in the taskbar, the laptop sends me to wireless devices, but there I can't see (or change) any bluetooh settings. Who could help me?
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where in the BIOS do I enable bluetooth? I have uninstalled and reinstalled the drivers and still no luck.

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Can anyone please tell me how to enable Bluetooth on my Dell Inspiron 1720? I've been to the Dell Support site but found it useless.

I have the Bluebooth icon in Control Panel but it won't open so what's going on?

A:enable bluetooth in Vista

hi the info should be in the manual
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how can i enable my bluetooth(pavilion dm1)

A:how can i enable my bluetooth.pavilion dm1

how can i enable my bluetooth.pavilion dm1?i want to use bluetooth speaker pls help me..thanks
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I have a Sony Vaio with a switch on the front that turns WIRELESS on/off. Whenever I turn the switch 'off', I get a pop-up box that says something like 'Alert: Wireless has been turned off'. The pop-up also had an option to turn off this notification. I turned off this notification a week ago but now i would like to turn it back on. I have been looking at a lot of settings on my computer but I don't know how to turn it back on.

Does any one know how to turn the notification back on?

Thanks in advance.

A:How to Re-enable Wifi/Bluetooth off notifcation

Hello and Welcome to 7Forums!

Try Right-Clicking the Taskbar>Properties >Customize(button)> And select the notification from there!
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I have an HP Pavillion dv6t -2000. At one point I was able to use bluetooth. I had a hard time setting it up and I think it was when I eventually went into the setup menu before windows launched and enabled bluetooth device that it worked. Now it doesn't appear to have ANY options for me to configure my computer. There are boot options and an option to reset to default. I've tried both. Also, when I go to system information my bluetooth ID is blank. When windows launches in my wireless assistance there is no bluetooth to enable. I have also tried to download bluetooth drivers both from broadcom and from HP, but both tell me I must first enable my bluetooth device --- which is nowhere to be found. Please help. - Lexi
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I go into bluetooth options,
I try and tell it to add a device, it says it is enabling Bluetooth. But then nothing at all happens. The message dissappears and it still says bluetooth disabled.
I upgraded the OS to

Any suggestions on how to fix this??
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I want to transfer some files from my BlackBerry phone to my PC via Bluetooth. I've read that in Windows 7 the Bluetooth option is supposed to be in the control panel somewhere, but I didn't see anything. Anyone knows where it is and how to enable it?


A:Where is the Bluetooth option in Windows 7 and how to enable it?

Look in 'services' ... type services.msc in the start search box.
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Win 7 allowed this, but I can't figure out how in Win 10. I want Win 10 to "trust" my Galaxy S5 and automatically receive and save files sent by the phone. I send multiple files, usually photos, and having to go through all the manual steps for each picture is not working for me. I have Googled this and searched forums to no avail. Anyone know how to do this?


A:Enable Win 10 to receive bluetooth files without confirmation?

Hello and welcome to the forum

Have you enabled "Allow remote devices to browse, send and receive pictures, music and other files" in your Windows Bluetooth settings?
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I can't seem to locate in control panel how to enable the bluetooth. I restored my laptop to factory a few weeks ago and haven't been able to use bluetooth since. Thank you
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Hey guys,

So i spent the entire day trying to figure out why my Bluetooth installed fine but after one restart it disappeared and it wouldn't come back. I finally figured it out that the FN+F2 (wireless/bluetooth switches) is what enables/disabled it HAHAHAHAHA.

default (after startup): WiFi on / BT off
first time: WiFi on / BT ON yay~!
second time: WiFi off / BT on
third time: WiFi off / BT off

and repeat.

I hope this helps people with their bluetooth issues =)

Windows 8 was able to install all my Function Keys so I'm going to assume this will be the case for others. Good luck
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My Laptop Model : HP Pavilion 15-ab267cl  My Sony Bluetooth Head Set model:  Sony mdr-zx330bt I am not able to connect my bluetooth Headset to the Laptop. IN bletooth devices it's not detecting my headset

A:laptop Bluetooth is no detecting my sony bluetooth headset -...

Hi, You have to allow your Sony is discoverable. How ? Please check its manual. Normally it MUST have a blue button to press. Regards.
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Hi all, I'm new to sevenforums, so I'm sorry if this is not the right place for this question. Basically, I just got a new laptop and started doing a little gaming (KOTOR and Battlefront II), the only problem is those games use awsd to move and the touchpad to look around and I can't use the touchpad while using the keyboard. Is there any way to enable touchpad use while using the keyboard? And an external mouse would do no good as I have no where to put it.


A:How do I enable my touchpad while using my keyboard?

There is a option in the touchpad settings called "palm check" that disables touchpad input while typing. Disable it, and you should be all set.
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Is There a Keyboard Shortcut to enable going to the next page of a website so I don't have to use the mouse. I don't mean using the right-click forward & back menu.......

Thanks bunches...

A:Is There a Keyboard Shortcut to enable.......

Here is a site that lists the internet explorer keybord commands. this helps!
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Windows Vista Home Premium

I have followed the steps to enable Hebrew keyboard input, but it won't show in either the taskbar or on the desktop.

And shift-alt has no effect, so presumably it's not enabled.

I have shut down and restarted my Presario laptop.

Thanks for any help or advice you can give,


A:Can't enable Hebrew keyboard input

Hi it looks like you going in the right direction please check the info here Add keyboard languages to XP, Vista, and Windows 7
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So I plugged a mac keyboard into my pc laptop and now ....

Some of the keys in my laptop keyboard work and some end up typing something completely different than what they are.

Anyone know how to fix this? I googled for a solution and couldn't find any results

A:Solved: Plugged a keyboard into my laptop. Now my laptop keyboard doesn't work
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What is the hotkey to enable / disable the zoom on my Microsoft Multimedia keyboard. Once in a while, I lost the function. To get it back, I need to set it in the driver application


A:Microsoft MUltimedia Keyboard: How to enable the zoom

You can run the Intelitype software to redo the settings. It will update/refresh it for you.
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I like to do maths exercises from online portal; so i keep my exercise book on the palmrest of my laptop and practise. But it presses keys and touchpad clicks. I use a external mouse to scroll the web page.

So I need a small utility which will allow me to disable/enable the built-in keyboard and touchpad only, with a mouse click.

Is there anything that can suffice my need?

I'm using dell inspiron 7537 with win8.1.
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I'm using a dual monitor (you can see the configuration on the #1 attached image.)

I'm not always using the second (not main screen) screen and I wonder if there is a keyboard shortcut to disable (set mode as seen at #2 attached image) or re-enable (as seen at #1 attached image) the 2th screen.

If there is not built-in keyboard shortcut but it's possible to create it - I'd like to learn how to do so.

Thanks you very much :-)

p.s. As I try to improve my english .. Could you please tell me if the message was easy to understand or hard? thanks again

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Hi everyone. I'm very new here. I just got my Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro i7 8GB last month. And I'm wondering if it's possible for the keyboard to be enabled while in tablet mode. Since I wanna make it as my external keyboard and I'm gonna use an external monitor for bigger screen through MicroHDMI-HDMI connection. Please let me know how to do it. I hope someone can help me here. Thank you

A:Yoga 2 Pro: Enable keyboard in tablet mode

Follow this post: Once we figure out what program fixes his issue, you just got to uninstall the program in question.
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I would like to know how I can enable the physical keyboard in my convertible laptop using the tablet mode? I am not referring to the onscreen keyboard, but the actual physical keyboard, which is normally disabled in the tablet mode.
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Anyone know how to re-check the box FLMOFFICE4DMOUSE in msconfig if it has been unchecked and the mouse does not then work?

Reason I ask is because I am wondering if there is a conflict somewhere, so I am wondering about unchecking the box to see if it is any better, but need to know how to re-check it using the keyboard in case the mouse doesn't then work.

Using Windows 98SE and Fairie Optical mouse. In the programs running (when I do Ctrl-Alt-Del) there is a Mouse 32a. In Control Panel - System, the mouse is shown simply as PS/2, so am wondering if the FLMOFFICE4DMOUSE is doing anything or if it can safely be disabled.

A:Solved: How do I enable startup items via keyboard

Taking mouse software out of msconfig should not make the mouse fail to work. That doesn't remove the driver only from startup and there are native drivers for mouse anyway. I never install any mouse software myself.
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I have a Satellite Pro L50B and I cannot get the keyboard light to come on. Can someone tell me how to do this please. This model was $1600 surely it has a backing light. Fn - Y doesnt do anything.

Also I cannot workout how to turn the webcam on...????

A:Cannot enable Keyboard light on my Satellite Pro L50B

Check please BIOS settings. Under advanced > system configuration you can find option to enable/disable webcam. Check please if your webcam is enabled properly.

There you can also find option “Keyboard Backlight Control Mode”. ry please to change these settings in BIOS directly.

By the way: do you use original preinstalled OS that you got with your notebook?
Do other FN keys work properly?
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I have a problem with my retro-lighting keyboard.
Since when I've have change my OS windows 8 to 8.1, I can't use this keyboard feature.
Have you any ideas?

Thanks :)

A:Satellite U940-11X and Win8.1 - cannot enable keyboard illumination

The keyboard illumination can be enabled and disabled within the BIOS.
Did you already check if illumination is enabled in BIOS? If not do that!

Furthermore it will be interesting how the Win 8.1 system update has been done.
Did you follow the step by step recommendation by Toshiba? Did you update all the Toshiba drivers and tools to Win 8.1 version?

The illumination can be disabled and enabled using Fn + Z combination but this will work only if all Toshiba software would be installed and updated too!
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I dont know whether or not this is a hardware problem or just an error but I am having some problems with the hotkeys on my keyboard. Whenever I restart the computer the hotkeys go away until i access the keyboard in the control panel. Is there a way to fix this problem?

A:Bluetooth keyboard


You may not have the hotkeys to start when you boot the pc up. Which kind of keyboard are you using? I know its a Blutooth, I mean the make and model number


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I have a Microsoft Bluetooth Mouse and Keyboard which i have been using on my xp system for about years I really like it so i have transferred Keyboard Bluetooth it to my new HP Bluetooth Keyboard desktop computer which is running vista home premium bit I downloaded and installed all the correct bit drivers Bluetooth Keyboard and got everything up and running no problem Now the keyboard seems to quot go to sleep quot and can take - seconds which seems like an eternity to wake up The mouse is Bluetooth Keyboard fine so what happens is i hit a key on the keyboard or move the mouse which quot wakes up quot the computer so apparently the keyboard is not entirely disconnected then i click on whatever i need to do then wait for the keyboard to respond before i can do any typing Once it finally responds it is fine I m thinking it must be a bluetooth setting but i can t find anything that might be related to the problem nbsp

A:Bluetooth Keyboard

Does no one have an answer or a comment on this? Lack of any response is disappointing.
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Hi guy's,

I bought my self a Bluetooth keyboard to use and I went and checked windows software for the Bluetooth and downloaded it but it still cannot find it.
My question is. Don't I have to have some in my USB so that the keyboard will work. I only have the board nothing other than that.
If I have to buy the Bluetooth the USB bit so it will work???

A:Bluetooth keyboard

Hello John, Welcome to SevenForums

Unless your system has a built in BlueTooth Radio, (Check the specs on your Motherboard, It may be there but need activating), you will need to purchase a BLueTooth USB adaptor.

One bit of advice I would give is that there are many low quality BT Dongles out there - If you want to avoid problems down the line, go for one of the known makes
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Has anyone heard of the Logitech 5500 keyboard not allowing the save and exit changes in Bios? I can get into Bios and go through everything but when I want to save and exit the selection of Yes or No hangs up and then I have yo do a hard boot. The bios is set for USB and works in every other aspect of regular use. There is one issue and that is when it reboots I get to the initial select op- sys from main drive with Vista or Second drive that had Vista but I formatted that drive to sinply use it as a back up and in work for stuff. It is very puzzling. I no longer have a USB keyboard but I did try a serial one and that allowed me the option to do everything but the save and exit function in Bios. Any ideas?

A:Bluetooth keyboard

Guess nobody but me has this problem. LOL
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Anyone with an HP keyboard that has hot keys and volume contol feature may have run into this.

I have an HP 8550C Paviion with a keyboard where I can enable the hotkeys. ( keys on the keyboard that I can set up to link to websites directly from the keyboard). This also activates the volume control knob.( located on the keyboard)

Everytime I re-boot my computer , this feature is disabled and I have to re-enable the feature under control panel/keyboard. Everything will again works fine until the next re-boot

I checked my startup and the keyboard manager is selected at start-up.

Running win98 and I have downloaded the HP keyboard upgrade thinking bthis would solve the problem , but it hasn't.

Any ideas?

A:HP Pavillion Keyboard Resets ( enable hotkeys feature) after each start-up
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I have a bluetooth keyboard and mouse (both Apple) that connect to Win 7 and I've gotten to work just fine.

The problem is this:

After a while they don't work anymore and I have to pull my Bluetooth USB adapter from the computer and replug it back in. I think this happens after the peripherals go to "sleep" but I cant be sure.

I think the USB adapter is made by "Wireless Link Systems" and I know the batteries are good in the devices.

Any ideas?


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I have a Dell XPS M2010 running Windows XP Professional. On my keyboard, the Fn key is not working. I've tried restarting the computer.

Any ideas?
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What are the dimensions of the Acer bluetooth keyboard (NP.KBD11.012) for the Iconia W3-810 and W4-820?

Go to Solution.

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Every time I try to pair my Bluetooth keyboard in Windows 8.1, I get the error "That didn't work", with the subtext "Try again, and make sure your keyboard is still discoverable."

Given the uselessness of the error message, I don't even know where to start troubleshooting. Any ideas?

A:Can't pair my Bluetooth keyboard


can you please let us know which keyboard are you using? Check in the keyboard settings, if it has the option which you can tick, like "make the hardware discoverable".

Click the Start button, click Control Panel, click Hardware and Sound, and then click Bluetooth Devices.
Select the device that's not working, and then click Remove.
Click Add, press the reset button on the device (or make it discoverable following the manufacturer's instructions), select the My device is set up and ready to be found check box, and then click Next.
If the device is not found, repeat the previous step. When the device is found, select it, and then click Next.
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This is my first Bluetooth keyboard and mouse and although it looks as though it was designed by an art student you are totally fudged if you are left handed because Logitech decided the entire world are right handed It is a well designed keyboard and mouse that cups your hand like a well fitted glove but it has a major flaw Or it's Windows The problem I have is the keyboard keeps disconnecting all the time which is really annoying when you are typing and half the words are not there Windows has Bluetooth already set as standard but I am now wondering if the disconnecting? Bluetooth keeps keyboard problems I am getting is Logitech SetPoint clashing with Windows Bluetooth Bluetooth keyboard keeps disconnecting? Which could be causing the keyboard to disconnect I must be honest I love the keyboard and the mouse is just amazing But the disconnection of the Bluetooth is so irratating you just feel like throwing in the towel and returning back to your wireless keyboard which kept a steady connection It never stopped working you never had to search for your keyboard Bluetooth keyboard keeps disconnecting? via Bluetooth Central Does anybody have an idea what is causing the dissconnection of the keyboard The mouse is fine it's just the keyboard which drops the connection and you have to press the red button on the keyboard and reconnect again it was fine Bluetooth keyboard keeps disconnecting? to start off with then it started disconnecting Any ideas folks

A:Bluetooth keyboard keeps disconnecting?

Hi Jonessie, Welcome to Seven Forums,

Have you installed the latest drivers for you keyboard ??
You can find here Cordless Desktop? MX? 5500 Revolution

Hope that helps
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I have a Microsoft Keyboard Elite for Bluetooth Model 1002 keyboard and Intellimouse Explorer for Bluetooth Model 1001 mouse, which I've used with XP and Vista. I recently completed an upgrade to Windows 7, Home Premium. I've had no luck finding compatible drivers for these devices on the Microsoft web site. Has anyone had any success with these? Thanks!

A:keyboard elite for bluetooth

Goto the Microsoft Hardware website to download the 7.0 drivers. GOOD LUCK, I have the same Mouse and Keyboard installed in Windows 7 Ultimate and have had nothing but problems with my keyboard and dual boot configs.
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What are the dimensions of the Acer bluetooth keyboard (NP.KBD11.012) for the Iconia W3-810 and W4-820?

Go to Solution.

A:Bluetooth Keyboard Dimensions

Hello, Dimensions: 13.8 X 8.5 X 1 inches
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I have a kindle fire hdx 7. I recently purchased the IVSO case and Bluetooth keyboard to accompany it. It has now stopped working. Is it my internet? We have 3 devices constantly connected to the internet, including the kindle. I paired the keyboard with our iPad as well. Now whenever I try to connect it to the kindle, it will not connect! Everything seems fine, and the battery is charged. Is it because it is paired to two different devices? If so, then how do I "unpair" it? I would appreciate any help! Thanks!

A:Bluetooth keyboard. not working

Don't know the kindle but on my Android tablet, I look in settings then bluetooth to pair and unpair.
Mine gives me a set of numbers I need to type in then press enter when I pair it with my tablet.
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Easily the best purchase I made in 14 was a Lenovo tablet for 40 bucks. Love it. But need a real keyboard as I can palm a basketball easily and this touchscreen typing is not meant for hands my size.

Parameters are easy, I got this to lose the laptop as much as possible, so it needs to compact as small as possible. Im a camper and biker, so i needthe space in le backpack.

Price does matter, as I think this can be kept sub 40 USD, maybe 30.

Thats it, other than battery life. Big hands, compact well, price point. And not 2 of 3.

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My old wireless setup finally crapped out so thought I d try Bluetooth with the longer range One thing I didn t know about Bluetooth at least with this particular keyboard and mouse to a small extent is that after a brief period of inactivity it unconnects or deactivates or whatever and to reactive it I have to type a key and then wait for seconds or more for it to come alive Very irritating especially like when I m trying to sign into something or am Bluetooth problems Keyboard working Bluetooth Keyboard problems on something I ve looked in the app and don t see anything where I can turn that off I don t mind replacing the rechargeable batteries more often if I can avoid that deactivating thing Any suggestions or am I just stuck with that Maybe back to quot old fashioned quot wireless At least those were quot always on quot or Bluetooth Keyboard problems whatever you d call it It s a Microsoft mobile keyboard and mouse There was a small install CD that came with them I don t know if the dongle would make any difference Thanks nbsp

A:Bluetooth Keyboard problems

Well, on the hopes there was something in the Bluetooth app that I missed, I went back and took another look.

Not much there, really. But I enabled Bluetooth Network (even tho I only have the BT keyboard and mouse and no other BT devices) and enabled sharing with other BT devices (I guess between the keyboard and mouse and dongle or ?).

None of those seemed particularly applicable when I looked at them before, but
whichever one of those did something, I did a test on the keyboard and at least
yet it hasn't shut off even waiting several minutes.

Actually, would be nice if everything PC / Windows would be that simple!
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Iím having problems getting my Microsoft Bluetooth keyboard and mouse working.
Iíve installed Intellitype and IntelliPoing with no errors.
Iíve added the Keyboard to the Bluetooth devices, the passkey worked fine. But the keyboard just doesnít work. i.e. when I hit the keys, nothing happens.
In my keyboard properties, the wireless keyboard battery level is shown as good (theyíre new batteries).
The only thing that looks odd is that in the Hardware tab (in keyboard properties), it only lists my USB keyboard.
Iíve tried unplugging the USB keyboard and rebooting with just the Bluetooth one on, but no joy at all.

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I got a Microsoft wireless entertainment desktop set that included the entertainment 7000 keyboard and the wireless laser mouse 8000.
My problem is when I run the setup only my mouse will connect to the usb receiver my keyboard fails to connect and I have to cancel the set up.I've tried holding the button down on the back of the keyboard many times and it will start to flash green and red as it's trying to connect but it never does.I've tried replacing the batteries,Changing usb slots and turned off the wireless router(heard it could interfere) And nothing.Anyone have any ideas or am I stuck with a working mouse and useless board..
Btw Im running a clean install of Windows 7 32 bit.

A:Bluetooth Keyboard won't connect

Hi xadianx,

Have you tried updating your Bluetooth driver yet?


Windows Outreach Team
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hey fellas, i posted in the networking forum about using my tv as a monitor but its in the other room. if i got a bluetooth keyboard would'nt that work? i am about 20 feet from my computer. thanks fellas.

A:bluetooth keyboard range?


Try Googling: Bluetooth Range

You'll find everything you want to know!
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I am trying to pair my HP keyboard SK-2063 with my HP All-In-One.  But it does not have a connect button and my PC is not recognizing it.  How can I pair it up?  Having the same problem with my mouse.  They came in the box and started working.  I purchased another keyboard and mouse that wound up being defective.  That's why I'm needing to go back.  Any help?
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Have a PC entertainment set up with W-7 Ultimate x64 system. I don't know 'diddly' about bluetooth and was wondering if a bluetooth keyboard would readily function with the system as it is?

A:Bluetooth keyboard compatible with W-7 x64?

Glad to see that I am not the only one that doesn't know...
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My Bluetooth keyboard started spamming the last key pressed. I turned it off, then turned it back on. Now it won't connect. It says "Pairing failed". I've tried restarting the computer, it still isn't working. How can I fix this?

And how can I stop this from happening? This happens very often.
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Hi all, I have an HP Envy X2 detachable PC15, but lately my detachable bluetooth keyboard is not charging, any advice of what could be causing this issue? I have upgraded to windows 10 but it worked fine after the uptdate, the problem appeared recently. Regards,
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I Have a problem with my Anker Ultra Slim Bluetooth Keyboard where it will pair with my computer but wont type at all? I am running windows 10 and am using a bluetooth usb 4.0 adapter. Thx for giving me your time
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i have Lenova B520 all in one computer with bluetooth keyboard and mouse. Every time the computer goes to sleep mode, i have to reconnect the keyboard as it appears disconnected when listed alongside the mouse which is always connected. can anyone assist in resolving this problem
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I ve had a problem recently with my bluetooth keyboard and mouse I recently reformatted my PC and it is since then that I Problem and Keyboard Mouse Bluetooth have had problems The problem is that if I have left my computer on for a while usually hour often after a screensaver has been running in other words I generally can t exit the screensaver and have to press and hold the power button in order to switch the computer off When I switch the computer back on again everything works as normal I am not quite sure what has caused Bluetooth Keyboard and Mouse Problem this but I am almost certain that it is nothing to do with the batteries in my keyboard or mouse I also don t think it is anything to do with the bluetooth adapter because the light on it keeps flashing indicating that it is turned on How can I fix this problem Thanks in advance Below I have listed my system specification System Specification--- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Windows Windows XP Build Service Pack Internet Explorer Memory RAM MB CPU Info Intel R Core TM Quad CPU GHz CPU Speed MHz Sound card Realtek HD Audio output Display Adapters NVIDIA GeForce GT NetMeeting driver RDPDD Chained DD Screen Resolution X - bit Network Network Present Network Adapters NETGEAR WG v Mbps Wireless USB Adapter - Packet Scheduler Miniport Bluetooth Device Personal Area Network VIA Compatable Fast Ethernet Adapter - Packet Scheduler Miniport CD DVD Drives D ASUS DRW- BL F COM Ports COM COM LPT Ports LPT Mouse Button Wheel Mouse Present Hard Disks C GB E GB Hard Disks - Free C GB E GB USB Controllers host controllers Firewire Not Detected PCMCIA Laptops Not Installed Manufacturer American Megatrends Inc Product Make To Be Filled By O E M AC Power Status OnLine BIOS Info AT AT COMPATIBLE A M I - Time Zone GMT Standard Time Battery No Battery Motherboard CoreDual-SATA Modem Nokia Phone Bluetooth Modem nbsp

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I have a Kensington bluetooth adapter that i bought for a wireless tablet Now i found my quot old quot as bluetooth Keyboard no? Microsoft = + Kensington in not used in a month wireless microsoft keyboard and mouse i ahd been looking for and could now use again the original radio busted from a chair So i set it up the mouse fine im accually using it right now But the keyboard everytime i try to connect it it doesnt appear on the screen Keyboard Microsoft Keyboard Elite for BlueTooth Mouse Microsoft intellimouse Explorer for BlueTooth Adapter Kensington BlueTooth with version or something along that number apperantly its new What i dont get is that the mouse and keyboard look the same and came as a set in the same package Please help i really want to get this working thanks in Advance PS I remind you THE MOUSE IS NOT THE PROBLEM ust so you dont over look Kensington bluetooth + Microsoft Keyboard = no? that i dont ened help on that nbsp

A:Kensington bluetooth + Microsoft Keyboard = no?

FWIW, I have a Microsoft wireless keyboard in my closet because it didn't work with the other stuff in my computer room. I stick to a couple of wireless mice nowadays, too many wireless devices all on the same frequency band are a problem.
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I have a Rocketfish Bluetooth wireless keyboard and mouse connected to a Windows Vista Ultimate computer with all latest Microsoft Updates.

Whenever the PC is restarted or goes into Standby Mode, the keyboard seems to lose connection as does the mouse.

Anyone else seen this?
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Dell E6400
Windows 7 x64 7229
Dell Bluetooth 370

I connect up a Bluetooth mouse and keyboard and the mouse works fine but as soon as I hook up a keyboard there is a strange hanging issue.

I will type something on the keyboard and when I go to use the mouse it will take anywhere from 1 to 2 seconds for the mouse to move. The same thing then goes for the keyboard if I go to type something. It will take 1 to 2 seconds for anything to show up on the screen after I go from mouse to keyboard.

A good chunk of the time the keyboard will not work and I have to re-pair it.

Using the latest Bluetooth Vista driver.

A:Bluetooth hangs, keyboard disconnects

For whatever reason without the Dell drivers, the Bluetooth will not even show up in Device Manager.

I was able to find a little newer version and will test that out when I get to my office. Also going to try a different BT mouse. I did notice the newer driver pack helped with some standby issues.
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Let me just say that I'm a newb when it comes to this stuff. I just figured out why W7 wouldn't let me go into dual monitor mode because I was lacking the nvidia driver.

But my problem now is that I have the thin Apple Bluetooth keyboard and it simply won't connect. When I add devices, the keyboard is detected and it says "connecting to device" and stalls. Sometimes it says there was a timeout. Can anyone help me?

A:Apple Bluetooth Keyboard won't connect

Can you plugin the keyboard and post a screenshot of Device Manager? To get to Device Manager, Hit Start->Type Device Manager->Hit Enter->Take the screenie
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I am using a Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard Apple For PC, Mac and Ipad. Whenever the computer goes to sleep or there is some time elapsed after not using it, then the keyboard does not type for 3-4 sec. I have tried the rocketfish rf-mrbtad and Kensington USB 2.0 for Bluetooth adapter. Is this fixable? MY Original Apple Bluetooth Keyboard starts typing instantly on my MAC. Appreciate any help.
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I installed a MS Bluetooth Wireless Mouse amp Keyboard on my PC It was not as easy as the directions claim Even though the PC has built in Bluetooth I & Wireless Mouse Bluetooth Keyboard still used as was recommended a MS Bluetooth Transceiver in a USB All functions of the mouse and keyboard work However after shutting down and starting back up the scroll on the mouse and the specialty keys on the keyboard don Bluetooth Wireless Mouse & Keyboard t work The only way to fix it is to basically start over I have to uninstall the mouse drivers in Programs I have to uninstall the transceiver drive in some supplemental files found in Bluetooth Then I have to reboot the reinstall all drives There is no place to go and install the transceiver drive you just have to hope the PC does it Sometimes a message comes up saying it failed at installing Eventually when all is installed I have to go to Bluetooth and let it recognize the mouse and keyboard which doesnt always happen even when triggering them to signal the PC My question is Once installed and working what can I do so that it will work when Bluetooth Wireless Mouse & Keyboard I reboot nbsp

A:Bluetooth Wireless Mouse & Keyboard

"My question is: Once installed and working, what can I do so that it will work when I reboot?"

Ditch the bluetooth and go regular wireless mouse/keyboard
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If so, how do you like it? I am thinking about getting one for my iPad.

Microsoft Wedge Mobile Keyboard | Microsoft Hardware

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Hey eveyone. I have a Microsoft MX5000 bluetooth keyboard and mouse combo. Will this work with a KVM switch to controll another computer? I have never used one a wireless/bluetooth mouse keyboard before. Thanks.

A:KVM Switch and Bluetooth Mouse Keyboard


as its blue tooth connection i would have thought that the PC would load drivers to use it, the KVM switch wont be able to load the drivers needed and as such i would think it wouldnt work.

I may be wrong though...
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I see there are now wireless keyboards and mouse that operate in the 1.2Ghz range. What is the difference in the bluetooth vs. the wireless or cordless keyboard mouse's that our there? I was leaning toward bluetooth.
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I recently upgraded by Logitech (MX5000 Mouse and Keyboard set) software which included USB dongle firmware and now when I boot the machine (Dell D620) , the mouse works ok but the machine keeps prompting for new hardware for the kayboard. The logitech software timesout (and so device disappears) before i get the chance to click, browse my computer for drivers.

Two questions really.

1. Can I change vista to look locally before windows update for drivers
2. Can I force vista to realise it has the drivers.

I will probably uninstall the logitech software as the mouse & KB will just work natively anyway.
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SYSTEM SPECS COMPUTER Dell PC with a dual core processor about years old gigs of memory windows professional bit service pack BLUETOOTH SOFTWARE Blue Soleil PRODUCT PAGE----- gt BlueSoleil - Bluetooth Software Bluetooth Driver pairing my my help Trouble bluetooth with keyboard PC.......... please Bluetooth Dongle Trouble pairing my bluetooth keyboard with my PC.......... please help BLUETOOTH EMITTER Zoom PRODUCT PAGE----- gt Zoom Telephonics Bluetooth Products BLUETOOTH KEYBOARD SIIG JK-BT -S PRODUCT PAGE----- gt Wireless Bluetooth Trouble pairing my bluetooth keyboard with my PC.......... please help Mini Keyboard - Wireless Trouble pairing my bluetooth keyboard with my PC.......... please help - Keyboards - IT PRODUCTS ------------------------------------------------------------------- My computer is bluetooth enabled I have been successful in connecting a few bluetooth devices to it For example a I have successfully connected a bluetooth mouse to it and also a bluetooth capable cell phone Now here is where it gets strange The first time that I tried to pair my new bluetooth keyboard it DID work The first night I used it for a couple of hours However the next day it would no longer work The computer DOES recognize that the bluetooth keyboard is there However it will not successfully pair When I attempt to pair it I get a pop up message saying that it is attempting to pair but it never goes through I am fairly familiar with bluetooth technology but I am not an expert Can anyone here please offer any possible solutions Thanks TC

A:Trouble pairing my bluetooth keyboard with my PC.......... please help

Check for driver and BIOs updates.
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I have to work across three PCs for which I use a KVM switch But while I'm on PC or I like to make notes on PC so I use a Bluetooth keyboard and a second monitor which is always on PC This pairing longer no keyboard Bluetooth has been working fine for Bluetooth keyboard no longer pairing weeks PC is Windows Every few days I've had to reconnect the keyboard by going to Bluetooth detecting it and pairing it again Windows gave me a code to type into the keyboard and I was away no problem Since Wednesday rd I've been unable to do this The PC detects the keyboard after a longer Bluetooth keyboard no longer pairing search than before It pairs with the keyboard and says it's connected but the keyboard doesn't work When I return to the Bluetooth screen it's gone from the list of devices I've replaced the keyboard batteries and tested it with my iPad where it works perfectly well So my sequence is type Bluetooth at Windows home pagesearch for devicesthe keyboard is foundclick Pairwait 'Enter the passcode for your keyboard you might need to enter the same passcode into the keyboard'ClickTtry entering a passcode on itcode comes upput it in 'connecting' then 'Bluetooth keyboard connected' graphic shows still searching for devicesafter close Bluetooth Devices window keyboard doesn't workReturn to Bluetooth screswitch keyboard off and on it disappears from devices list Any idea why it would stop working It was fine for about four weeks

A:Bluetooth keyboard no longer pairing

Hi nlamont,

Maybe it's worth to try to plug it to another computer and see if it works there. If it still doesn't respond on the other system then probably it's already busted.
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Hello there, this is my first post on these forums and I hope someone can help.

I was on an online forum last night on my ps3 and was tired of typing in posts using my ps3 controller. It dawned on me that I could pair my bluetooth PC keyboard to the PS3, and I managed to do so with no problems.

However, once I went back to trying to use the keyboard with the PC, it is not being detected. I have tried to reconnect using the "Add device" function in the control panel, but the keyboard isn't being detected at all. I even tried the old "Switch off and back on again" but to no avail.

I hope someone can help, it's probably something really simple but it has me completely stumped. Thanks in advance

A:Dell bluetooth keyboard problems.

Try to reinstall the driver for your bluetooth keyboard.
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Hi,I'm experiencing some issues with the detachable keyboard for my HP Envy x2 15. The keyboard connects to the tablet, through Bluetooth connection, but then disconnects almost IMMEDIATELY - I am unable to use the keyboard. Sometimes the keyboard functions when detached from the tablet but only for a few minutes before it disables itself again.My device is under warranty and protected with an HP Care Pack.

A:HP Envy x2 15 Bluetooth Keyboard not working

@Jas_K, Hello and thanks for posting on the HP support forums.  Here is a link that may be of some help to you. It is a link from the forums working with bluetooth issues and Windows 8. bluetooth not working in windows 8 Here is a link to a support article on bluetooth as well. HP PCs - Using Bluetooth Devices (Windows 8) Check the links out and try what they offer.  I do believe though in your case because it is making connection and only holding it for a few moments that means the bluetooth communications system in either the main body or the keyboard is in need or repair or replacement. Try hooking up a bluetooth head set and see if it keeps connected if it does then the keyboards bluetooth module is gone.  If the bluetooth headset or other bluetooth device does not keep connected to the main body then its bluetooth chip is the issue.  Either way you need to send it in. Please call our technical support at 800-474-6836. If you live outside the US/Canada Region, please click the link below to get the support number for your region. Let me know how things go. Thank you again for posting and have a great day.
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I have a bluetooth keyboard which I planned on using but I unfortunately forgot to bring the USB dongle along so I'm unable to use it due to not knowing how to. Still, I do have a bluetooth dongle that connects bluetooth devices to it like mobiles so would this be any use?

A:Have a bluetooth keyboard but missing the USB dongle

If they are all the standard BT4.0, then it should work.
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I just bought a Toshiba Encore tablet and an ebay Bluetooth keyboard as well as an HP x4000b Bluetooth mouse. When connecting them individually and using them they work fine. But when using both the mouse has big lags and keyboard just ends up making long presses randomly. Completely unusable lol. Anybody know what the problem is? I wanted to play league of legends on it so bad xD.
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This is my problem:

I run windows 7 home 64 bit.
I have bought a 3.0 bluetooth keyboard. it says: works with apple windows. Next I bought a bluetooth radiodevice (that tiny usb 2.0-thing)

I plugged in the usb-BT-device. Automatically windows started installing the drivers. successful. and it flashes a light every now and then.

I put in new batteries in the keyboard. pressed the connect button 5 seconds. The keyboard is flashing a blue light.

I went to 'services' to check that bluetooth is enabled. True.

Nothing happens now.
I went to 'add a bluetooth device' under hardware, and it is still busy searching, but nothing happens.

All this I have repeated several times in different orders, but no changes.

Can anyone help me out. What am I missing here? or is something just broke when I bought it. All are new, not second hand.

Thank you.

A:Bluetooth keyboard not found or not working?

Hello and welcome Floris mate soem sytem specs would be handy System Info - See Your System Specs

and just what is the model of the KB?? and did it come with any sofware??
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I have 2 XP Pro OS's on my PC which work fine except every time I switch the
Keyboard Elite for Bluetooth has to be removed and reinstalled for it to
work. The mouse continues to work throughout. The appropriate drivers have
been installed. The KB shows in the devices but is immobilised.
Any ideas how to stop this behaviour?

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I have a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse set that have a few issues. All the fuctions worked in XP but now they dont in Windows 7. They respond faster in Windows 7 than they did in XP which is great but parts don?t work. On the Mouse, the forward and backwards side buttons for IE do not work, along with the scroll button. I can click it and it will allow me to motion through a pages but it won?t do scrolling. With the keyboard I can no longer use the hot keys at the top for volume, calculator, home, etc... Not a big deal but would still like to use them. If you anyone has any ideas let me know.

A:Dell Bluetooth Keyboard and Driver

I had exactly the same problem and unfortunately Dell technical support were no help. As far as I can gather the Bluetooth keyboard and mouse are supplied to Dell by Logitech and the software that enables the higher level functions is called Setpoint. Version 4.80 is compatible with Windows 7 and should make all the keys work. I downloaded it from FileHippo. Good luck!
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Hello nbsp G - LXH-JME B Keyboard Lenovo G70-80 Bluetooth not and working keyboardWindows nbsp I bought Bluetooth keyboard for my laptop G - as I write many and don't really like to sit too close to screen and didn't want to use USB nbsp I chosed Leonovo Bluetooth Keyboard LXH-JME B - it was cheap and from Lenovo so I thought there will be no problems in Lenovo G70-80 and Bluetooth Keyboard not working running But there are some nbsp I have successfully set up everything basing on this video nbsp https support Lenovo G70-80 and Bluetooth Keyboard not working lenovo com pl en videos ht Also installed some drivers with Bluetooth driver mb counted Installed nbsp this too thought that it will help http support lenovo com pl en downloads DS LinkTrack Solr nbsp nbsp My problem is that on list of devices Keyboard icon stay as grayed out not active I can't write anything When I go through device properties Lenovo G70-80 and Bluetooth Keyboard not working or bluetooth settings it appears for like seconds as active but I can't write anything anyway and then it just go nbsp offline back nbsp Battery icon flashes all the time before and after configuration of Bluetooth device so it seems like there is some problem of nbsp inside device but I have no clue nbsp Could you help me nbsp Regards Mateusz
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I'm using Windows 7 Ultimate and I'm trying to install a Microsoft IntelliType Pro keyboard and IntelliPoint mouse. The mouse installed fine and works well, however I'm having trouble with the keyboard. The computer detects it and apparently install it OK. It gives me a code to type in on the keyboard and that works fine. However, when it's done, the keyboard won't work. After a few minutes the icon for it disappears from my Bluetooth Devices folder, leaving only the mouse one.

I've tried reinstalling the drivers and I've tried installing the keyboard on another computer, but I get the same result every time.

Please can someone suggest how to get it working?

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Ok done a search of my keyboard problem and not found thesame as mine I am using a Sony Vaio inch touch screen all in one pc Model number SVL FGB the keyboard Model isVGP-WKB same Sony Keyboard connecting not Vaio Bluetooth model as the one in the link Sony Vaio Bluetooth Keyboard not connecting below http Sony Vaio Bluetooth Keyboard not connecting www ebay co uk itm UK-Wireless-Keyboard-VGP-WKB -Sony-SVL -series-desktop-p-n- - After five months of use the keyboard space bar was notworking on one side so I rang Sony up and they said to bring it in they sentme a replacement keyboard and I followed the instructions to a tee as toconnecting it to my pc but to no avail Checked that drivers where up to date and theyare so it says Typed in model number to download drivers forthe keyboard just in case windows was lying to me but its saying model is nolonger available from Sony site for both pc and keyboard Checked to see that the blue tooth devices wherelisted on my computer as up till I sent the keyboard away all had been workingas regards to connection - nothing was listed there Went to add a device manually this did notwork despite keyboard been detectable according to instructions Went to check that battery s where charged fullybefore I put them in suggested cause as to why they sometimes don t connect oninstructions put batteries in charger over night till I got a green light as Ihad not used them for a while and tried again still not working The pc still has the bit Windows Home premium OS on it that came with it but soon after I got the PC I deleted most of the Vaiosoftware one at a time to make sure nothing stopped working and used the Bluetoothkeyboard and mouse without a problem since even switching on and off a lot ofthe time and it still re-connected with no problem up till I sent it away I was told they would be totally replacing the keyboard ratherthan replacing the space bar so taking their word for it that it is a differentkeyboard Any ideas or help would be much appreciated nbsp
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Kensington bluetooth keyboard layout " and @ in wrong place on keyboard, set to UK, no luck, set to US, no luck, it is linked into my andriod Cyclone voyager - BT

A:Kensington bluetooth keyboard layout " and @

Try checking again, click here article shows how. Perhaps you didn't remove the tick from the US setting. If multiple languages are enabled, you may press Ctrl + Space on your Bluetooth keyboard to switch between them.
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You know when you pay over hundred ducks for a keyboard you Keyboard Bluetooth Microsoft Problems Elite would think it would be reliable I am hoping that some Microsoft Keyboard Elite Bluetooth Problems one can help I bought this set awhile ago and my problem is every once in awhile my keyboard looses connection I replace batteries I goto add the keyboard and for about sec s it works then I loose connection Microsoft Keyboard Elite Bluetooth Problems and this goes on for awhile in bluetooth devices I click on properties of the keyboard and I click on the tab services and the drivers for keyboard box is un checked I check it and the keyboard works for a maybe a minute or less and then stops again I add the keyboard again through the bluetooth devices section same thing happens again over and over Sometimes it stays for alittle while then says the button for connecting the keyboard has been pushed do you want to disconnect your keyboard I hit no still disconnects Now that part does not happen all time but some times I leave keyboard alone for awhile and use my regular wireless keyboard for a day or two maybe more I go back and install the bluetooth again and it works for weeks maybe even a month Then it stops working again I go through the same routine and nothing Sometimes I get lucky like today it happend and after awhile of installing over and over again it starts working with out a hitch Please can some one help me figure out what the heck is going on OS Vista Premium Video Sli Geforce gtx Powersupply Corsair with amp rail SATA drives of apiece of them are raided for speed not mirrored gig corsiar memory XFX Nforce a Motherboard do not know the version nbsp
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My Bluetooth Dell keyboard just stopped working. My device driver says I have an"Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems. (Code 43)" in the Blue tooth wireless hub.

I searched and could not find any posts specific to my keyboard problem. I have changed batteries, restored to an earlier day, did the troubleshooter, deleted and reinstalled the drivers. Nothing works. I would appreciate any help! Thanks in advance.

Here are my specs: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium , 32 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 CPU 6700 @ 2.66GHz, x64 Family 6 Model 15 Stepping 6
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 3069 Mb
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce 8600 GTS, 256 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 943578 MB, Free - 560122 MB; D: Total - 10239 MB, Free - 4873 MB; M: Total - 476269 MB, Free - 225855 MB;
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 i have bluetooth headphones called Remax RB-T7 i try connecting it to my laptop, it connects but the problem is that the headphones apears to be as wirlesskeyboard and there is no sound at all coming out of it i try connect it to my phone and it run normally can any one help me or guide for what should i do thanks
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Greetings I have a dell inspiron e laptop that I got in June and it came with Vista I recently put Windows Professional on it and things appear to be working better than ever Anyways I got a rocketfish bluetooth keyboard model RF-ABTKB for Christmas and I have been having a rough time with it-- kind of makes pairing keyboard initial bluetooth issue me wonder why I don t just get a different one But it makes a good puzzle for a tech at least When I go to add device Windows begins searching for the keyboard I push the connect button on the back of the keyboard and Windows detects it Then a window comes up that has a number I enter the number and press enter on the bluetooth keyboard and there is bluetooth keyboard initial pairing issue an obvious response as Windows moves on to the next steps and finishes installing it However when I type anything on the keyboard it has no visible effect on the screen The keyboard shows up under devices as quot Rocketfish Bluetooth Keyboard quot If I right click on the keyboard and go to properties then Bluetooth tab it looks like this at first After about bluetooth keyboard initial pairing issue ten seconds the keyboard apparently disconnects and it changes to look like this So if I hit the connect button in the above window I have to enter the numbers again bluetooth keyboard initial pairing issue and it does the same thing over I figure the problem could be with my bluetooth driver My system has a Dell truemobile Bluetooth EDR module built in Trouble is windows installs its own driver that overpowers any other ones I install and when I delete it it reinstalls it again I went into the system drivers folder and deleted the sys files it said it was using but it made them back the next time it detected my bluetooth I guess its unpacking them from somewhere because I don t think I was connected to the internet So I guess any suggestions are welcome especially if someone knows how to stop windows from installing its own drivers or how to force another driver on Thanks in advance nbsp
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I want to connect my iPad 2 with my wireless Keyboard ( White ) via Bluetooth. I bought it online at 1powershop( for its high Reputation) The Keyboard is ok, it works perfect with the mac. The iPad finds the name of the Keyboard, but will not log with it ( i miss the point: Please enter the code. ) Apple support could not solve the problem, probably they call back in a few days.

Has anyone the same problems ? Or does anybody know a solution ? May be, that's a topic for an update, it`s for me not realy dramatic, but a shame.
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I have the keysonic ACK-340BT keyboard with touchpad and left-right buttons, i was using with an acer tablet and win 8. After upgrading to 8.1 the touchpad and buttons stopped working, rest of the keyboard works. tested on another 8.1 machine and same issue.

So something changed from 8 to 8.1 that made the touchpad not working, any idea what?

edit.. it uses the Novel Smart-Touchpad
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I am having issues using both the Bluetooth keyboard and mouse at the same time. Each device works flawlessly when connected separately. When the mouse is connected first the keyboard repeats keys and has a significant latency issue once connected. When
the Keyboard is connected first the mouse will not work once connected.
All bluetooth drivers and device drivers are up to date.
Is there a known issue with running multiple bluetooth devices at the same time? Is there an upgrade I can make to improve bluetooth functionality? Any advice/guidance that you could lend would be greatly appreciated. Please see below for the equipment in
Equipment being utilized:
HP Elitebook 840
Windows 7
Logitech Bluetooth Mouse M557
Logitech Bluetooth Illuminated Keyboard K810

Much thanks,