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Struggling getting Bluetooth to work with phone/tablet/at all

Q: Struggling getting Bluetooth to work with phone/tablet/at all

Hi I am really struggling with Bluetooth on Win x Ultimate on a laptop I have a cheap CSR USB dongle which came with CSR Bluetooth drivers I phone/tablet/at Struggling with work getting all to Bluetooth did manage to get most of Struggling getting Bluetooth to work with phone/tablet/at all it working at one point but I always had a device manager error I cannot use the supplied drivers as the install fails with an invalid call to some -bit dll If I just plug the device in it shows up in device manager as a CSR bluetooth device but nothing works and I don't get an icon in the system tray If I then go into device manager and change the driver to the Generic Bluetooth Adaptor I was largely able to get it working with a single Device Manager Error I was able to pair with my Nokia X - Advent Tegra note Android another phone and a car ODBC diagnostic dongle Months later now I decided to try the Toshiba Stack to see if it could clear the error but I could not get it to work at all I think I have fully uninstalled the drivers and cleared out all remaining entries in device manager I've reinstalled the Generic Bluetooth Adaptor but I can only get it to pair with my phone by repeatedly disconnecting the dongle Once paired and while it is loading the drivers it disconnects and will not reconnect until I re-pair the devices The Nokia icon in the Control Panel has a yellow exclamation mark When I right-click on Nokia icon gt Connect Using gt Access Point I see the laptop on the phone until the laptop times out with a connection failed message The laptop could not see the Note at all until I started this article I have paired it now but it has found only one out of drivers the remote control one I have no idea what I can try now I know the phone can maintain a connection but is not doing so any more Any advice would be appreciated Also if I have posted to the wrong section I apologise and am happy to have the thread moved TIA Nick

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Preferred Solution: Struggling getting Bluetooth to work with phone/tablet/at all

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Struggling getting Bluetooth to work with phone/tablet/at all

Hello Nick and welcome sorry for the wait now mate some system specs are really needed here because without them we are working in the dark. Plus because we are working with Blu tooth which I personally find a PITA to work with specs are more important.
System Info - See Your System Specs
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Not sure if this is the right subforum I contacted Samsung and they were no help I sent them a reply but in the mean time I am trying here My message to them is as follows I'm having trouble using Bluetooth in Windows Ultimate bit with my S When I go to the My Computer icon and try to open my phone it won't let me I can play music etc just can't access the files on the phone through Bluetooth I see in device manager on my laptop that there are two drivers missing for Other Bluetooth phone computer and on full to Getting my work Devices Bluetooth Peripheral Device I have the following hardware IDs BTHENUM da f- abd- d d- c - af c a VID amp Getting full Bluetooth to work on my phone and computer PID amp BTHENUM da f- abd- d d- c - af c a LOCALMFG amp f BTHENUM d -d b- f - -b f ba ec VID Getting full Bluetooth to work on my phone and computer amp PID amp BTHENUM d -d b- f - -b f ba ec LOCALMFG amp f My Bluetooth adapter is USB and it is a BCM Bluetooth What I'm trying to do is read the files on my phone in my computer with Bluetooth See attached images TIA Edit- I should mention that I installed a very large Bluetooth driver package from HP for the Broadcom Bluetooth USB adapter I have hoping that would fix the problem No joy Getting full Bluetooth to work on my phone and computer
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One of my friend in India purchased "HCL ME Sync 1.0 (U3) Tablet (WiFi, 3G via Dongle) by HCL" online . It says in many places that it supports Bluetooth but when I saw this I couldn't find any option for the bluetooth and don't know how to turn it on. Is there any one who has purchased it and help me out to turn the bluetooth on or how can we transfer files with some other bluetooth device. Even I couldn't find much good information on internet.

A:Hcl Me U3 tablet says file sharing with Bluetooth but don't know how to turn on the bluetooth ?

I don't see it listed in the spec sheet, nor the user guide.

On both of my android 4.2 devices, Bluetooth is listed after Wi-fi in Settings. I would think it's the same w/ android 4.1. It's possible the tablet doesn't have bluetooth.
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i have a dell inspiron it came with windows vista promptly i upgraded to XP iv installed SP at startup and just recently installed SP iv heard conflict on the topic of this model having bluetooth when i enter setup i have bluetooth to via bluetooth phone connect trying SP3 Bluetooth? XP in the wireless category but in device manager control XP SP3 Bluetooth? trying to connect phone via bluetooth panel and hardware list there is no bluetooth link or option i did a search of all files and folder and found a setup but it says im missing a DFU image when i read up on it i was told to reinstall the driver s and to no avail the only bluetooth onboard option for this model is a dell wireless bluetooth internal EDR the specs for this model are here http www dell com us en home noteb new cto expanded specs for the other two 's http en wikipedia org wiki Dell In Inspiron i have downloaded windowssync but it cant find the onboard bluetooth in my wireless setting the option for XP SP3 Bluetooth? trying to connect phone via bluetooth bluetooth is there my computer just cant seem to find the onboard bluetooth any suggestions
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I have had lots of trouble getting my microphone to work I have the same problem with different microphones Basically I go to test it in to work get to microphone driver - Soundmax my struggling windows or with the similar program that comes with soundmax and it Soundmax driver - struggling to get my microphone to work won t work Often I ll fiddle around with settings for a Soundmax driver - struggling to get my microphone to work while and get it to eventually work Now I actually have a lot of trouble pinpointing the fix because it seems to come with something I had already tried Anyway I fixed it again today and the thing that made it work was ticking the box by front panel microphone in the advanced options of the microphone in the record section So that s fine it works I come back a few hours later literally I haven t changed one thing in my sound settings anywhere and the microphone has decided not to work again This happens every time I get the mic to work - I come back to use it again and it is broken again So today I went to check front panel mic is selected TBH I can t remember whether it was or not In any case that didn t fix it So I m back at square one This is really very odd and in my eyes inexplicable It s also driving me crazy Thanks for your help P s I ve updated the driver several times to no avail I ve also updated the chipset driver I understand that s somehow related to sound EDIT I ve also had a slight problem with distortion with some music and in-game sounds EDIT I should also state that the driver for the soundcard came with the mobo ASUS - check my profile for exact type and therefore I presume it s a built-in soundcard But I have no idea who made the soundcard or what type it is - I ve just been installing the sound driver for my mobo on the ASUS support site EDIT OK I just found a thread from a guy with the same make of mobo and the soundmax driver he had a very similar problem Somebody found the following fix I FIXED IT The fix if you haven t bought a new sound card is to go to C Program Files Analog Devices SoundMAX and run ATIrem exe This will remove all the soundmax files Then put in the ASUS cd and run the quot Add New Hardware Wizard quot It ll find the sound controller and then you just have to reinstall it Once it s reinstalled go to ctrl panel gt sound devices gt voice gt volume and make sure mic is checked with the volume up Then click properties playback and okay Click file then advanced properties if it isn t already checked Then click the advanced button under microphone and make sure mic select isn t checked I checked it first then unchecked it VOILA the mic SHOULD work The thing is I do not have ATIrem exe So I m stumped Perhaps I have it but under a different name no idea really The only other things it could be are Devsetup exe and AEEnable exe But so far that hasn t done the trick In fact trying to open them does nothing one brings up a black box for a split second but that s it Perhaps that was the case with ATIrem exe but running them doesn t remove the soundmax files SIGH nbsp

A:Soundmax driver - struggling to get my microphone to work

Right I've done a google for ATIrem.exe (several people have had a similar problem - and often the above fix is quoted) and read through all the results. Basically if they didn't have ATIrem.exe (presumably it was on an earlier driver) then they couldn't find a way to fix it. I'm coming to the conclusion that this ASUS built-in sound card is unable to support microphones and that I need to go and buy a 'proper' sound card. The thing that really bugs me is that I can sometimes get it to work. My problem is similar to the person (for whomthe above fix was found) or at least someone in the same thread in that I could get it to work but once the computer was turned off or went into standby it would cease working. Well I actually don't think my PC goes into standby (that's when it ceases to have a screensaver and instead is just a black screen right?).

Anyhoo it's fairly unlikely that someone will know a fix, seen as so many have tried and failed to fix the problems of others in the same predicament. Looks like I'll have to go to the shop I bought the PC from and see if they'll get me a proper soundcard . TBH I doubt they'll believe the mic doesnt work tho, I'll have to take the PC in - again!

EDIT: (Kudos to you if you got this far) I found this description of a codec on soundmax's own website. You only really need to read the bold type:

Based on the highly praised AD1980, the AD1985 is ADI's latest and greatest 6-channel audio CODEC. Not only does it include all of the AD1980 features, but, when combined with SoundMAX4 XL, it will deliver intelligent peripheral detection and configuration features better known as AudioESP. Exclusive only with the AD1985 and SoundMAX 4 XL, AudioESP advanced jack-sensing and enumeration eliminates a common problem audio users face - the inability to get audio in or out of their PCs because of mismatched audio peripherals (speakers, headphones, mono and stereo array microphones) and I/O jacks. In addition, the SoundMAX 4 XL software suite offers users one-click control of the complete audio subsystem through a new and easy-to-use GUI. This combination greatly mitigates the risks associated with shipping 6-channel integrated audio CODECs down on motherboards and helps significantly in reducing end-user support calls, product returns, and the total cost of ownership of the audio subsystem.

I've absolutely no idea whether this codec would fix my problem, it seems you have to pay for it in any case (or it's not available). I'm having a search around for it though. Although once again the need for a codec is not consistent with the fact that I am sometimes able to get the damn thing to work! *sob*
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Just wondered if anybody could help me with a quick question, i have my windows phone synced with my windows 10 tablet which is great, my only issue is that when i receive a Facebook messenger notification on my tablet, it first shows it as received from the phone and then again a few seconds later the messenger app on the tablet shows the same banner message, same sound - so i basically get it twice on the tablet for some reason and i don't really want that to be happening. does anybody know how I can keep getting phone notifications on the tablet but stop the repeating Facebook messages?
Thanks in advance.
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All my apps say is needs attention, and can't get them to work. My login email address and password don't work, it's a nightmare. .what can I do?
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Hello -
Just bought a tablet and ashamedly did not think to ensure Bluetooth capability. Trying to get an external keyboard for it, but it's a 'limited edition' (lol) of a Coby Kyros and I have not been able to find an adapter to connect 'hard-line' external keyboard to tablet. Thus, I thought maybe I could somehow install Bluetooth on the tablet...impossible?


A:Adding Bluetooth to Tablet

There are small (smaller even than the small network devices) USB BT plug-ins that will work just like one that is built-in. If you get one small enough, it also is almost invisible so that it can stay plugged in all the time and not get broken off or damaged when transporting the laptop.
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Microsoft and Apple will need to find something soon ; Google Project Glass is the thing peoples will look for ....

Google's Project Glass: You ain't seen nothin' yet | Cutting Edge - CNET News
Project Glass: One day... - YouTube

A:Google is coming with something way more cool than a phone and tablet

Yes, I saw that the other day.

Looks like it might be very popular if they can get it working the way they want.
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I currently have an android phone 8 PC email Tablet sync - Windows - Phone and use gsyncit to sync my tasks and calendar with Google calendar and tasks I then have gmail pulling emails and leaving them on my web site host's email server via POP This works fairly well but is the email part is kind of clumsy and I can spend lots of time sorting emails in gmail that are already all sorted Windows 8 PC - Tablet - Phone email sync on my PC's outlook My dream is to have a mini-outlook on a Windows phone and Windows tablet that stays in sync with my Outlook on my PC and vise versa via the skydrive cloud service - no more messing with re-filtering email deleting garbage emails I already deleted on my PC Things on my new W phone and tablet would mirror my PC right down to the filtering rules and folders The hub of most of my work is currently Outlook My thinking is the new Windows phone and tablet with Outlook and Windows PC would give me super productivity no matter where I am at and what device I am using I have been doing a lot of reading on Office Windows and understand it syncs documents across devices but I can't find much about simple automatic email sync So I guess my question is will there be a common Win Outlook app that will allow my to keep in sync across Win devices or will I still be stuck in my sync hodgepodge world of Outlook syncing on outlook com instead of gmail

A:Windows 8 PC - Tablet - Phone email sync

Hopefully MS will shed some light on Outlook integration during the Windows 8 Phone event on Wednesday. I can't seem to find anything online about this. If there is no cross device Outlook integration with auto syncing, the only plus to a windows 8 phone would be Zune Pass integration. I love Zune pass.
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Hey Recently I've been having some issues with lag regarding open pages I use firefox but even chrome and opera is the same issues tablet,old pc, fine? phone is Internet yet I'll be using facebook twitch youtube as examples Whenever I try to open these there is quite abit of delay before opening the page Speedtest even lags opening yet shows low ping and mbps which is what I expected on wireless However when I try to open the exact same pages on the same type of browser on my phone tablet old PC using wireless the pages do open instantly and do not delay I've tried a complete history cache cookie wipe yet the issue persists Youtube videos are a hit or miss where I can either play it or forever be unable to play it I'm not sure if that is relevant but this issue is the same for my Internet issues yet tablet,old pc, phone is fine? other pc but not of the mobiles My PC has been always placed in the same place but this lag appeared out of nowhere so I'm thinking of a possible infection because the issue is odd Internet issues yet tablet,old pc, phone is fine? and limited to just this PC rather than the internet which the other mobiles pc use Thank you for any advice posted

A:Internet issues yet tablet,old pc, phone is fine?

Please download Junkware Removal Tool and save it on your desktop.
Shut down your anti-virus, anti-spyware, and firewall software now to avoid potential conflicts.
Run the tool by double-clicking it. If you are using Windows Vista or Windows 7, right-click it and select Run as administrator.
The tool will open and start scanning your system.
Please be patient as this can take a while to complete depending on your system's specifications.
On completion, a log is saved to your desktop and will automatically open.
Please attach the JRT log.

Please download AdwCleaner by Xplode onto your desktop.Close all open programs and internet browsers.
Double click on adwcleaner.exe to run the tool.
Click on Scan button.
When the scan has finished click on Clean button.
Your computer will be rebooted automatically. A text file will open after the restart.
Please post the contents of that logfile with your next reply.
You can find the logfile at C:\AdwCleaner[S1].txt as well.

Please download MINITOOLBOX and run it.
Checkmark following boxes:
Flush DNS
Reset FF proxy Settings
Reset Ie Proxy Settings
Report IE Proxy Settings
Report FF Proxy Settings
List content of Hosts
List IP configuration
List Winsock Entries
List last 10 Event Viewer log
List Installed Programs
List Users, Partitions and Memory size
List Devices (problems only)
Click Go and post the result.
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Hi there
On an HTC phone there is an option to use this as an Internet pass through (or I suppose a "Virtual Router").

I'm late to the world of smartphones etc so this might seem like a stupid question - but I would like to connect a PC and / or a tablet at times via the phone's Internet Connection (since it's paid for !!).

Any Ideas anyone -- phone is an HTC using the Android OS.


A:Htc phone as Internet pass through to connect W8 laptop / Tablet

You will need to install the native Windows driver for your phone, I'm guessing. Depending on what model you have will affect what drivers you will need to download. They can usually be found on the manufacturer's website.

Then you need to enable USB tethering from the phone (found under WiFi settings). Check these articles:
How to tether your HTC EVO 4G -- for free - Computerworld Blogs

Get USB Tethering on HTC HD7

Then you need to set it up as whatever kind of network you prefer. It will usually show up as a LAN adapter.

Use this guide if you're interested in using WiFi and a tether at the same time:
Network Adapters - Using Multiple Programs and Network Adapters
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I need access to a App that's only available on Android ice cream 4.3 or better or iPhone. yet another app not for windows phone users ;( I'm wondering if I get a cheap 7" android tablet with wifi , if I turn my winphone in to a hotspot can I get the best of both platforms (windows mobile, android ) on current data plan?
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Privacy advocates are warning federal authorities of a new threat that uses inaudible high-frequency sounds to surreptitiously track a person's online behavior across a range of devices that and link Beware TV, PC inaudible tablet, to phone, use your sound ads of including phones TVs tablets and computers The ultrasonic pitches are embedded into TV commercials or are played when a user encounters an ad displayed in Beware of ads that use inaudible sound to link your phone, TV, tablet, and PC a computer browser While the sound can't be heard by the human ear nearby tablets and smartphones can detect it When they do browser cookies can now pair a single user to multiple devices and keep track of what TV commercials the person sees how long the person watches the ads and whether the person acts on the ads by doing a Web search or buying a product Cross-device tracking raises important privacy concerns the Center for Democracy and Technology wrote in recently filed comments to Beware of ads that use inaudible sound to link your phone, TV, tablet, and PC the Beware of ads that use inaudible sound to link your phone, TV, tablet, and PC Federal Trade Commission The FTC has scheduled a workshop on Monday to discuss the technology Often people use as many as five connected devices throughout a given day a phone computer tablet wearable health device and an RFID-enabled access fob Until now there hasn't been an easy way to track activity on one and tie it to another As a person goes about her business her activity on each device generates different data streams about her preferences and behavior that are siloed in these devices and services that mediate them CDT officials wrote Cross-device tracking allows marketers to combine these streams by linking them to the same individual enhancing the granularity of what they know about that person The officials said that companies with names including SilverPush Drawbridge and Flurry are working on ways to pair a given user to specific devices Adobe is developing similar technologies Without a doubt the most concerning of the companies the CDT mentioned is San Francisco-based SilverPush Cross-device tracking can also be performed through the use of ultrasonic inaudible sound beacons Compared to probabilistic tracking through browser fingerprinting the use of audio beacons is a more accurate way to track users across devices The industry leader of cross-device tracking using audio beacons is SilverPush When a user encounters a SilverPush advertiser on the web the advertiser drops a cookie on the computer while also playing an ultrasonic audio through the use of the speakers on the computer or device The inaudible code is recognized and received on the other smart device by the software development kit installed on it SilverPush also embeds audio beacon signals into TV commercials which are picked up silently by an app installed on a device unknown to the user The audio beacon enables companies like SilverPush to know which ads the user saw how long the user watched the ad before changing the channel which kind of smart devices the individual uses along with other information that adds to the profile of each user that is linked across devices The user is unaware of the audio beacon but if a smart device has an app on it that uses the SilverPush software development kit the software on the app will be listening for the audio beacon and once the beacon is detected devices are immediately recognized as being used by the same individual SilverPush states that the company is not listening in the background to all of the noises occurring in proximity to the device The only factor that hinders the receipt of an audio beacon by a device is distance and there is no way for the user to opt-out of this form of cross-device tracking SilverPush s company policy is to not divulge the names of the apps the technology is embedded meaning that users have no knowledge of which apps are using this technology and no... Read more

A:Beware of ads that use inaudible sound to link your phone, TV, tablet, and PC

I have the answer for that - my TV set is used to play recorded media only - it isn't plugged into the aerial jack.
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I have an Irulu Walkenbook with Windows 10/32. Neat little tablet so far, but I purchased a blue tooth speaker that works fine our Ipods and Ipad. When I start to pair on the Irulu everything looks fine. I'm shown that I am connected and the speaker is listed in the blue tooth settings page and in the Device manager. I have tried up dating drivers, but pretty much all still show 2006 as the date.

Anyone have any ideas? They would surely be appreciated.

Thank you.
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Anyone else encountered and solved this problem? I upgraded about 2.5 weeks ago and have looked everywhere for a solution. I finally got the wireless radio settings to apear when I press Fn+F5 but no bluetooth option exists. Today when I decided I had wasted enough time and tried to go back to Windows 7, it won't let me even though I still have Windows.old and it is whin the 30 day window. I feel stuck. I like Windows 10 but not having bluetooth makes me wish I would have left well enough alone and stayed with Windows 7. Anyone have a fix for either of these problems?
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i have my I phone connected to the laptop via bluetooth, but it wont transfer pics any ideas
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Hi, I have a windows 7. I have found the bluetooth in my computer, it says "fsquirt" aswell. When I open the file, it says send files or recieve files. So if i click on Send Files, it says " select where to send your files" with a large box under it which i cannot type in. If i press recieve files, it says " windows was unable to transfer some files, an address incompatible with the requested protocol was used.

So i dont know how to fix this!?! Help please? I'm trying to send videos from my phone to my computer via bluetooth!

A:(Bluetooth on computer) I've got bluetooth but it wont work! HELP!
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Does anyone know if it is possible to bond a bluetooth headset with both a PC and cell phone at the same time? I have a jabra b250 that I want to use on my laptop as a output only for sounds coming from my laptop application, but I also want to use it with my cellphone. Problem is, I have to re-bond it every time I want to switch.
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okay the stats nokia n-gage qd iogear usb bluetooth adapter win xp pro sp on abit an mobo amd xp ddr ram mac os x on g i need bluetooth to bluetooth and usb nokia phone link to the phone and the usb bluetooth and nokia phone sw is win only installed the bluetooth as per usb bluetooth and nokia phone the instrutions but when i plugged the thing in the ms drivers were used not the iogear went into the hardware manager and didi driver update and pointed to the install cd to get it to use the iogear drivers when i search for the phone after a while win tells me that there usb bluetooth and nokia phone is no adaptor but the phone saw the pc uninstalled the iogear sw and used the ms drivers when search for phone it tells meafter a while that there are not bluetooth devices near by but the phone does see the pc plugged it into my mac and the os x bluetooth drivers see it and work the mac sees the phone and the phone sees the mac and i can transfer pics between the two so the adaptor works just fine what do i need to do to get win xp to see and use this thing i need it because the nokia sw is pc only and i hate the onboard ringtones and i have a custom one i want on it HELP HELP HELP PLEASE thanks
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Is there one standard blue tooth that can work with most all cell phones?

If not, what is the best out there, where do you get them, and what price did you pay?


A:What is the best bluetooth to get for a cell phone?


I assume you mean a Blue tooth Headset, if so prices will vary from how they look to who makes them and how long you get on things like standby time and talk time, i was bought a plantronics one by the kids for xmas and it works great and lasts for a long time and it was about 20.

If however you want to pose with a designer model then expect to pay upto 100 for one.

Ask around the people you know who have one and see what they say.

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im wondering if it would be possible to beam internet to my phone from my vista computer using bluetooth?

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I have a Dell XPS M1330, the bluetooth drivers of which were detected automatically by Windows Update during installation of Win 7 (Dell Truemobile 355 Module + EDR along with Microsoft Bluetooth Enumerator).

In XP, there was an option of 'My Bluetooth Places' from where I could connect using 'Obex File Transfer' to my Sony Ericsson W890i, and could use it like any other drive for transfer of files to and from it.

Is this not possible under Windows 7? How do I explore my phone via bluetooth?


A:Help with Bluetooth Phone Explore

In Network and Change adapter settings (left hand pane). right-click Bluetooth Network connection, then View Bluetooth Network Devices...

If your devices are set to visible then W7 should detect it.
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hello all.

Ive been having trouble with my bluetooth connection. Whenever i attempt to double click my phone icon in the devices menu to view its bluetooth connection options, i get a message saying:

"an error occurred when initializing this operation. Try restarting your computer and/or the Bluetooth device. "

so, what i see so far:

-the phone successfully pairs with my computer
-each device can see each other

but they cannot interact.

the phone however will connect and interact with other bluetooth devices.

ive double checked many times, my drivers are all there and up to date.
(also used driver genius to check this)

also, whenever i start my computer, i always get the message: "ERROR: unable to start bluetooth stack service"

any ideas what's going on here?


my system specs:

dell studio 1555
windows 7 ultimate 64 bit, build 7600

phone: verizon samsung intensity

A:need help connecting pc to phone via bluetooth

Sounds like an error with the bluetooth stack and or drivers... check Dells website for the latest versions.

Dell - Drivers and Downloads
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Hi I'm new to these forums hope some one can advise I have just installed the new RC version of Win and getting to grips with it and along the way discovering which software or existing applications will run on with the new OS so far not that many problems and Win has & Nokia 8GB phone. N95 7, Win Bluetooth XP mode virtulisation a very good application but something to be wary of IMO My problem lays with my Nokia N gb phone There are no more firmware updates for my phone but I use the Nokia software to make back ups of my Win 7, Bluetooth & Nokia N95 8GB phone. phone contents to my PC again no problems under Windows XP home or under Win I have the most recent Nokia software but am running into problems under Win my Belkin bluetooth dongle and my phone can no longer find each other What I do get sometimes is a window informing me some Bluetooth peripheral is missing or can't be found basically there are some drivers missing but I'm not sure if it's in the nokia software updater or Win iIf I try to update drivers I can't boxes are greyed out The next issue and I guess connected to the above and a lot more troublesome for me is I use my phone a lot as a camera and upload my pictures using a Belkin Bluetooth dongle never had a problem until today I can not get the phone to recognise or connect to the dongle or vice versa under WIN I cannot transfer a photo from my phone to my PC using Bluetooth the phone informs me of a failed connection The dongle firmware has been updated Not a problem I thought I'll install and run the original dongle software and the original Nokia PC suite software in Win XP mode which is XP pro nothing doing I'm running in to the same brick wall and problem This has surprised me a bit as everything worked great under my old OS XP Home I have looked at the Nokia forums no joy although there does appear to be issues Where does the problem lay can I get my Nokia phone bluetooth to run under WIN or in XP mode

A:Win 7, Bluetooth & Nokia N95 8GB phone.

Try this,

Go to Control panel/Administrative Tools/Service
Then find "Bluetooth Support Service" and then change start-up type from Manual to Automatic.
Restart pc and then see if Win7 find your phone.
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I would like to use my Huawei G300 Ascend Android smartphone to get internet access for my laptop when I'm not within range of a WiFi hotspot. Preferably I would like to do this wirelessly (via Bluetooth or WiFi).
I have successfully (I thhink) paired my phone with my PC, but I don't understand how to set up a connection with my phone so it will act as a wide area broadband modem.
If I go to Control Panel, Hardware and Sound, Devices and Printers I can asee my phone under devices. It looks sort of greyed out. If I right click on it and select Properties, and then select the Services tab, no services are shown (see attachment).
A related question: is it bettwer to connect to the phone using Bluetooth, or using the phone's "personal hotspot" feature? Why?
Thanks - Rowan

A:Using bluetooth phone as modem

Set your phone up as a "hotspot" then on your wireless connections on your laptop you will see the name of your phone as a wireless connection ... connect to this which will then give you internet access, make sure your phone provider doesn't charge you extra for "tethering"
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I am trying to send some files to my laptop from my hp. It's kinda annoying to keep pressing allow. There is 3 box wrote (For the current request only) , (For the next : choose for 5 mins,10 mins, 30 mins or 1 hour),and also (Always allow this device access to my computer's Image Push service). I tried to choose the third choice, but it came out with the problem wrote : "This connections is not secure. Non-secure connections cannot be permanently authorized." I'm tired with keep pressing allow, so how do I solve this problem?

A:How to always allow my phone to access bluetooth?

Isn't their a setting on your phone to make bluetooth stay on all the time?
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I'm trying to hook up an lg l55c pphone to a bluetooth dongle bcm92046dg-cl1rom and I can't get iit to function properly but it had worked in win 7. Does anyone have any ideas?
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My UMX Android U671C (Jellybean) is connected in bluetooth with my laptop,
which is a Dell INSPIRON 7010.

The both have great bluetooth support and can always send files and communicate and play music and whatnot, but my real question is..

This may sound kind of, i dunno, noobish,
but am i able to use the camera on my Android phone as a webcam for my computer?
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As I understand it I should be able to link my new Win touch screen notebook Asus X e with my Android cel phone Moto Droid X so that I can quickly and easily exchange photos and files - I think I should be able to see the entire contents of one device on the other Anyway I've successfully set up my Bluetooth 'found' my cel phone paired it to my PC and & Phone Bluetooth Cell made the connection I can 'see' the phone on the computer Win says it's working correctly but I can't see anything on the phone on my PC nor the other way round I watched a simple 'how to' on Youtube and it showed a desktop icon for the phone and when they clicked on that it showed every folder on the phone and you could search through the phone on your desktop and request any file you liked to be transferred I don't have that icon nor can I figure out how to create it I found the shared folders but they are empty probably because I can't figure out how to transfer anything from PC to phone or the other way TIA for any tips - Obviously I'm overlooking something simple as usual Don

A:Bluetooth & Cell Phone

I have a different Android phone than your's .
With that said when your phone is paired with the computer you can transfer file's between each other but to look threw all the folders and stuff on the phone with your computer you will need some software on the phone , with that said I use a program called Webkey for Android it works with the browser on your computer but I think you have to have your phone rooted to use it, there are other app's on the Google play store that do the same thing

Oh to transfer file's with no app . On your computer right click on a file that you want on the phone and pick "send to" and one of the options will be "send to bluetooth" (or something looking similar to that) and on your phone long press on the file you want send to the computer and something similar will come up . It's been a while since I have had to do that I can't think of the name right now. As long as you are paired this should work
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I've connected my phone to my laptop via bluetooth but i want to know what i can do with this feature

A:What can you do when you connect your phone and laptop via Bluetooth?

transfer files.... everything else depends on the bluetooth stack on the laptop.....
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Okay so my friend's using TELUS for his cell phone service, but I'm using Rogers. He said he's limited on using the Bluetooth because TELUS & Rogers both "locked" it so you can't transfer certain files like Ring Tones - and I overheard some people saying because of this lock, TELUS cannot recieve any media files from a Roger's bluetooth & vice-versa.

If this is true (which I hope it isn't - I haven't had time to meet up with that friend to test), is there any way to unlock it? I'd love to share some pictures & ringtones w/ my friends. And put in some custom wallpaper on my phone too.

A:Unlocking Bluetooth on Cell phone

What phone do you have?
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HelloI cannot transfer files from my phone to my laptop via bluetooth. I have the latest drivers installed.How do I fix this?
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Since the last W10 phone update, my phone rarely connects to the car, it used to do so without any intervention. I now have to press the power button, but not swipe the screen up for it to connect.
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I have a Rocketfish micro bluetooth adapter RF-MRBTAD in a USB port on my PC Both my wife and pairing phone PC error Bluetooth and between I have the same flip phone LG Fluid AN- Both phones were pairing to the PC back in the spring and some photo's were sent from the phones to the PC Win Home Premium bit A couple of days ago while loading the boat on the trailer my phone fell out and into the water After retrieving it wasn't working too good Got a new one same model from CSpire I'm in south MS Now I can't get the new phone to pair with PC I keep the bluetooth adapter turned off when not in use After turning it on and powering on the bluetooth on Bluetooth pairing error between phone and PC the phone making the phone visible the PC cannot find it Doing a search for devices Bluetooth pairing error between phone and PC from the phone does find the PC but when I try to pair the phone to the PC all I get is an error msg saying quot the device pairing failed quot My wife's phone will still pair just fine and send photos to Bluetooth pairing error between phone and PC the PC I'm kind of at a loss about what to do now

A:Bluetooth pairing error between phone and PC

If anything i would try deleting the old phone from the devices list and re-adding it; letting windows search for it and see if it works that way. It it doesnt; then there could be a glitch with either the bluetooth adapter or with the new phone itself you got(as much as i hate to say that; yes it can happen especially in this day and age). So give that a shot and see what happens.
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I have a Motorola Razr V3 and i want to use it as a dial-up modem for my computer via bluetooth. What I am trying to avoid is using Cingular's data plan, which costs money. Instead, I'd like to be able to use the dial-up access that I already have. (where you actually dial a phone number and put in username/password to get online) I'm aware that this uses minutes, but not on the weekend it doesn't I have tried to do this before, and get an error "no carrier" even though it appears my phone is dialing the appropriate number. I have att/cingular if it matters.
If anybody can help me do this, I would really appreciate it.

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I just bought a Samsung A437 phone and an Azio Bluetooth dongle. According to the phone's manual, I should be able to connect to the phone to download photos, but the Bluetooth software can't detect the phone. Any ideas?

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Just to Using CU500 phone a modem as bluetooth a get it out of the way I have embedded Bluetooth in my laptop working Using a CU500 phone as a bluetooth modem fine and Windows pairs with the CU and detects its modem fine It can dial the magic number but it gives the generic Error quot A connection to the remote computer could not be established quot I ve managed to get this same connection working in Ubuntu-- thanks to this page s pppd settings and dial-up script -- but Windows of course uses a completely different scripting syntax so I can t re-use that My phone s Cingular-branded which obviously is AT amp T now but I found these first so I entered these in Windows Dial-up connection user name email protected password cingular But since I get an Error if I just try dialing with those credentials I have to tell it I want the APN quot wap cingular quot somehow too I think checking the quot Run script quot option under the Security tab in the Dial-up connection s Properties is my best bet but I don t know how to write one Just in case that website goes down or anything my version of his script I use on Linux is this Modem init ATZ Selection of the PDP Context eg here you choose which of the data connections set on the phone you want to use The parameters are CID protocol IP or PPP APN If your provider gives you a string use that one with the right CID OK AT CGDCONT quot IP quot quot wap cingular quot QoS requirements requested and minimum acceptable OK AT CGQREQ OK AT CGQMIN quot Dial string quot is the CID OK ATD TIMEOUT CONNECTClick to expand I considered I might try porting this script into Windows format but I m having trouble finding a good resource explaining this scp scripting syntax I m not even sure they re comparable since Windows apparently dials the number itself before launching the script whereas in Linux the script apparently does the dialing nbsp
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So I have a Lenovo Z480 and just installed Windows 10 on it. I used to have Win7 earlier and i'm still using the same drivers. I tried Connecting my Samsung Galaxy S4 to it via Bluetooth and It woudnt even detect it. It detects other laptops around it though.
My phone also doesn't seem to detect the laptop but detects others.

Any ideas? Please help.


A:Can't connect Phone to Windows 10 Bluetooth

My Galaxy S5 is detected properly
does Windows 10 detect other devices?
you checked in bluetooth settings on galaxy s4 that it can be find by other devices?
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Hey, I recently received a Sony Erricson T610, and a Bluetooth dongle to use with my PC. I have paired the devices and used many of the features available, such as sharing pictures and themes, I have also taken advantage of floAt's Mobile Agent. I recently downloaded an app which would allow you to connect to MSN Messenger using my phone. But I was wondering if it was possible to connect my phone to the Internet using my Bluetooth dongle, so I would not have to use T-Mobile's Internet connection, which can be VERY expensive on PAYG. If anyone has any information on possible ways to do this, or if it is not possible, could you please reply to this article, would be much appreciated.
Thanks in advance,
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I have a sony erickson z500a cell phone that I'm trying to get themes and ringtones on. I contacted them and they said I could send it by inrared (not on my laptop) or by bluetooth. My Computer has "My Bluetooth Devices" so I'm assuming my laptop is bluetooth ready.

So what do I need to get so I can send the themes from my laptop to my cell through Bluetooth? Something to conect to the phone OR do I need something for the latop itself?

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I hope I have the right forum here I have a Dell Inspiron that I recently clean installed windows vista on after getting a bad Trojan Horse Since the clean install I've been unable to send pictures from my phone via bluetooth to my computer I was able to do this before the Phone Cell Bluetooth and Vista clean install I have quot allow bluetooth devices to connect Vista and Cell Phone Bluetooth to this computer quot checked as well as quot allow bluetooth devices to find this computer quot My phone also shows up in my devices under network and sharing bluetooth I have everything set up My phone is paired with my computer Vista and Cell Phone Bluetooth but when I try to send a picture from phone to comp via bluetooth I get the message on my phone quot transfer failed quot I also have NIS on this laptop and connect through a wireless router The only difference from before the clean install as far as the router is concerned is that I now have the router secured using WPA- I have no idea if that would effect bluetooth at all but I would assume not Any ideas
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I'm trying to connect my PC and my Asus Zenfone 2 with Bluetooth. When I use the "add a device" wizard on Windows 8.1, my mobile phone is detected, but when I try to add it I get: "Windows doesn't have a network profile for this device".

Also, when I try to detect my computer with my mobile phone, its not detected.

I'm using a Trust USB 2.0 dongle Bluetooth adapter (the little one you insert on the usb port) that came with a keyboard and mouse Bluetooth set that I used. Could that dongle be designed only for the bluetooth keyboard and mouse set?

A:I cannot connect my phone to my PC (Windows 8.1) with Bluetooth

The Bluetooth device seems fine as it already detected your keyboard and mouse. However, your phone seems not supported with the current Bluetooth device and you might need to take another look.
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On my Vista 64 bit laptop I'm able to browse files on my Motorola Hint using Bluetooth 2.1 However on my Win7 Home Premium 32 bit netbook, I don't have that option. Both are using Widcomm Bluetooth software and both are Bluetooth 2.1.

Notice the difference in operating systems from the attachments.

I suspect it has something to do with the fact that Widcomm/Broadcom don't have any updated Windows 7 drivers.

Has anyone been able to successfully browse files from their phone using the Widcomm/Broadcom Bluetooth stack? Is there another Bluetooth stack that works better?

Much Thanx

A:Browse files on phone using Bluetooth

Quote: Originally Posted by dtgVA

Has anyone been able to successfully browse files from their phone using the Widcomm/Broadcom Bluetooth stack?

I have yes...
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I am a very tired desperate woman about to lose my job over this Nothing I ve found on the web seems to be related to the hack rootkit that s become a private little hell for me I stay up half the night trying to laptop bluetooth phone Hacker/rootkit via to figure it out and then go into work in the morning with my work unfinished because my only home computer Hacker/rootkit via bluetooth phone to laptop laptop is messed up I want to say If this sounds like a hack with physical access to my laptop it isn t I live alone no one has access to my phone or laptop and they re always with me LAPTOP I ve been going through this since April It started when my Acer Aspire netbook Win Starter I ll call this quot Laptop picked up a remote hacker root kit There were other things too booting up was a daily adventure My laptop screen resolution changed to one for a large desktop monitor I lost all administrative power to a remote nameless domain controller on and on My efforts to quot takeown quot and disable larger screen monitor resulted in that laptop being disabled LAPTOP I have to have a laptop for work I bought another one using money that I should have paid bills with - you knew I didn t have money or I wouldn t have been using an Acer to begin with right In spite of following the letter to the rule disabled remote access file sharing all those initial vulnerablities that Win is preloaded with Spent my last on Norton Antivirus which was the second thing I did when I finally felt like I was locked down enough to risk an internet connection the first was MS Updates of course Laptop was infected within the first day I assumed it was something in the MS Office Excel documents that I need for work and had to download via email ANDROID PHONE Then my phone which had a great battery began to drain within an hour or so Android TMobile Comet The settings had been changed to quot roaming quot and some kind of quot extended Blue Tooth search quot I m sorry I can t remember the exact name of that original Bluetooth thing was Anyway I could not shut off Not even with hard reset It also had a voice recorder installed that could not be shut off and in the logs these recordings were being streamed to a remote quot Private Network quot I d had this phone for a year knew every setting on it The recorder a second camera the extended Bluetooth - none of these were on ever on my phone until then ANDROID PHONE When I tried to disable the recorder the phone stopped recognizing my T-Mobile SIM card You can guess the solution they offered me a the T-Mobile store was can t you They wanted me to buy a new phone I had to Galaxy Samsung II or quot Phone Took laptop in to a computer repair place and they recommended removing the mother board and doing a low reformat I disabled the internet adapters and took it home planning to lock all the settings down before I connected to the internet This was great it was amazing to see a laptop that functioned normally It lasted about hours - and then without ever connecting to the internet - the rootkit hacker reinstalled How I decided it had to be the repair shop the must have reinstalled original drivers containing script Because I could see when the script tasks for the remote domain had reinstalled in the event logs They insisted they didn t LAPTOP Now it s July I still haven t caught up with the unpaid June bills I have disabled laptops disabled phone and another phone that s streaming audio video to a remote hacker And - I m going to lose my job because I can t do my work without a laptop On a borrowed credit card I buy a laptop I bring it home I disable the adapters and begin securing the default remote access settings and I get an error message that the connection to the remote server is lost My phone is sitting on the couch beside me and I realize that the thing that made me notice it is that the backlight came back on I check the settings Bluetooth which I had disabled is now on and it s been reset to quot Bluetooth... Read more

A:Hacker/rootkit via bluetooth phone to laptop

Update on my little nightmare:
I updated the Windows security downloads, knowing that anything I do like this can be the begining
of the end of another laptop

I checked the Windows updates and the "location" column shows them installed on other drives.
Drives with names like:

I should say - I have no drives or anything else hooked to this sad little laptop.
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im just now finaly getting around to checking into bluetooth for my comp,mainly because i just got a bluetooth enabled razr phone and gotta play with/mod/ and hack the hell outta it (i have the usb cable for that part of it though) but i wanted to know about a good,moderately priced class 1 usb dongle that i can be asured works well with the phone. so if ya got one you like, please tell me the brand and all that great stuff so i can check it out. THX

A:Need a bluetooth dongle for linking with v3 razr phone

I think you'd be ok with just about anything really. Head to a electronic stores and pick one up there fore cheap. If you don't like it, return it. Most stores here in the states have decent return policies with items like that.
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Using Lenovo thinkpad r61 and Windows XP. Bluetooth peripheral works great with mouse & keyboard. It used to work great to send & receive files from Samsung Sync SGH A707C. Now, when I try to send or receive a file from phone to laptop, I get a message: file transfer not successful, an address incompatible with the requested protocol was used. My cell phone is recognized as a bluetooth device & I've been thru the set-up several times. What could I be missing here? There just doesn't seem to be a connection. Thanks for any help!
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i would like to transfer files to and from my laptop and my cell phone,

i have an acer laptop which has bluetooth enabled but when i click on the bluetooth icon in 'my computer' i get an error message saying that 'the bluetooth device is not found' despite the phones bluetooth being on.

i know the phones bluetooth works because i have sent and received files from a friends fone without any problems....

why doesnt the laptop recognise the device?
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I just a Bluetooth adapter, my 1st PC that has Bluetooth, and i was just wondering how do you send files from my phone to the PC.

The only way i can get it to work is if i right click on the Bluetooth logo at the bottom and click receive file. In my opinion it takes forever to send more than 1 file by doing that all the time. Is there another way... If i don't click revive file my phone can not find the PC.

I have a Sony Ericsson C903

A:How to transfer from Bluetooth file from phone to Windows 7

I am sorry if I do not appear to address your question per se, but personally I find that simply connecting your phone to your PC by a USB cable (usually provided by the phone manufacturer; definitely came with my Sony Ericsson) is way simpler and faster than setting up Bluetooth.
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I?m trying to connect my Samsung Galaxy S III to my new Asus LX302L via bluetooth.
Both have bluetooth vers. 4 and I have successfully connected other units to my phone earlier but now it doesn't work.

I can "see" both units and they are linked together via password but that's it.
After I linked them together, the status information on the computer says "Not connectet" for the phone. The same information is the phone saying about the computer.
All drivers are up to date.

I want to use my phone as a remote using "Unified remote" and I also want to play music via the phone out to the computer speakers. This I have been able to do with my old computer (windows 7) but now it doesn't work.

What should I do?

Best regards,

A:Connect phone to computer via bluetooth - problem

Hi falkenow And Welcome To Eight Forums,
First Thing we have to check is see if the "Bluetooth Support Service" is running and set to "Automatic" by going to services.msc in the search.
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I hope somebody could enlighten me what the problem might be with my bluetooth communication. I have an x64 Business Edition of Vista on my ThinkPad x61 and my mobile phone is Nokia N95.

When I attempt to connect the two via bluetooth, vista attempts to install a bluetooth driver but fails to do so and claims it cannot find one, even as I allow it to browse automatically for it.

Is it possible that the problem is caused by the fact that Nokia hasn't released a 64-bit compatible driver (I'm guessing here)?

Another guess: Could the integrated ThinkVantage software (IBM) have an interfering effect?

I've downloaded every update available for a)Vista, b)PC Suite(Nokia software, c)ThinkVantage and d)Firmware for my mobile.

Thank you.


A:Bluetooth Driver for Nokia mobile phone

Hi Helgi make sure you are using the latest version of Nokia PC Suite if your computer can not then find and install the driver tell it to look in C:\Windows\System32
I am on Vista Ultima X64 and this worked for me hope it helps you

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has anyone out there tryed ULTIMATE BLUETOOTH MOBILE PHONE SPY SOFTWARE ?this program seems to be a hunk o junk itolda friend ofmi8ne that i would look into it as bast as i could and to the best of my ability it seems to be a hustle it is so nondescriptive as to how to install use all of that if any one has thetime it surley would help to have confirmation from somone other than me. i thank you in advance for your time and consideration.

A:Ultimate Bluetooth Mobile Phone Spy Software?

Bluetooth Spy Software


Here at Cellular Software Express we sell the best bluetooth spy software on the planet. Infact we specialize in it. Our bluetooth Spy Software work with blackberrys and comes with instruction on how to install the software in to your blackberry and any other device.

We are top in the google search so all you have to do is type in CellularSoftwareExpress just like you see it
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My photos on old phone nokia710 and can I Bluetooth them to my new phone lumia550, I have tried but nothing happened.

A:Why can't I Bluetooth my photos from my old phone nokia710 to my new Microsoft 550

Hi and welcome to windows central.
Do you have an access to computer or laptop ? you can copy the pictures to any of those devices and then move them to your new phone. :)
If you need additional help or want to reply to this thread , learn how to join windows central.
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I connect my phone to my laptop (windows 8) and initially it pairs just fine. Both my computer and phone say it is paired. After about 15 seconds my computer shows it as disconnected but my phone still says paired. When I try to send a picture from my phone to my laptop it obviously fails, even when I try to send it right away. I updated all the bluetooth drivers and I am still getting the same problem

A:Phone keeps disconnection from bluetooth on lenovo y510p

Either your computer is shutting down that connection after 15 min's or it is your phone. It helps to know what OS the phone is running and which mfg & model of phone you are using.
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Hi! Does anyone know if there are any bluetooth padlocks that works for Windows phone?
I see there are many bluetooth padlocks out there for ios and android but it does not say specific that it works for wp
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I have bought a Belkin Bluetooth Adaptater which works with a Widcomm/Broadcom driver.
The driver name is "Broadcom 2046 Bluetooth 2.1 USB UHE Dongle" version, the software is WIDCOMM Bluetooth Software version

So, I paired my phone with my eeepc (Win7 Pro) but when I double click on my device, I only see this proprieties but no the window "Bluetooth Phone Operations" (this one : )

Therefore, I can't use all functionalities like sync, audio,...

Everybody knows how fix this problem and display this window ?

Thanks in advance for your answers !

A:Trouble with the window Bluetooth Phone Operations

Welcome to Seven forums maxime115. Is your phone compatible with a computer? Some are not even though equipped with Blutooth.
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Please i don t know wat s wrong with my windows ultimate i have been enjoying it peacefully sorry if i opened this thread in the wrong section the board is so wide so i just felt if i might get some help cause i got this wonderful site on google so i normally use my nokia n to connect to the internet via external bluetooth but some few days ago a friend gave me a usb mouse nd i installed it in the same port where the usb bluetooth was installed but surprisingly after using it nd inserting my usb bluetooth back The problem started nd dis have happened to me once when i was using win basic nd i formatted Problem with USB the Bluetooth of connecting my use external phone n70 my pc but i don t wanna do dat anymore i want to find the solution to the problem surprisingly my nokiapc suite no longer Problem connecting my n70 phone with the use of external USB Bluetooth see my modem i now have to remove the modem from the pc Uninstall the bluetooth from device manager nd even deleted the pairing with my fone then inserted back the bluetooth During installation of the bluetooth the blueetooth peripheral device wasn t installed successfully But it s normal nd my modem worked like that before then after installation i now tried to add my n device via the bluetooth But my modem isn t detected after the adding Please i really need some help cos am messed up ryt nw Pls if u need money to help me out Indicate Thanx sobs nbsp
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I'm trying to pair my LG-VX800 with my Lenovo T60p. On the phone, I can detect the computer but when I go to pair them, I am asked for a passcode and I don't know what that is. Is the passcode for the laptop or for the phone? Thanks

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I am unable to connect my phone to my laptop via bluetooth. I also have made both the devices visible,but still no one could recognise the other one. Even i have tried this with my dad's phone, but i faced the same problem.
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how do i connect a cell phone with bluetooth to a laptop with bluetooth?

A:how do i connect a bluetooth cell phone to laptops?

What OS? In windows you simply set your cell phone to discoverable in the bluetooth settings and then in your bluetooth places you discover devices. It should walk you through the pairing process from there.
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My Bluetooth phone device is set up on my laptop. (VISTA operating system). As soon as I try to transfer a MP3 music file from the computer to the phone I get the pop up window
My Bluetooth Device - Server Error
Both devices are in discovery mode. I removed the phone and added it several times, but it did not correct the problem
What is causing this?

A:MP3files won't transfer from computer to Bluetooth phone device

Did it ever work?

The phone must support the service to upload files.
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i get this on it (one of the drivers isnt available or cant be installed)

one is a cheap 1 poundland thing that works on my mates headphones, the other is a Sitecom one that wasnt cheap when I bought it... I would like to sync without wires and my Sony Xperia Miro doesnt support WiFi syncing for some daft reason...
any help is greatly appreciated

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I have been trying to send music to my phone, via wifi, bluetooth cannot be display and cannot send. Please find solution for me.Thanks.
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Hello guys,

i am having problem with my blackberry cellphone, i am using vista business 32bit.
the problem is when i do bluetooth setup it detacts my cellphone and i can see the installation is successfull, but i cannot send anything via bluetooth to my cellphone, as soon as i start the process the driver installation window comes up and ask me for drivers, and i also can see two icons Bluetooth Peripheral devices under other devices, for which system ask for drivers.

please guys if you have any clue would you help me out with this issue, i want to use great tools came with my new system like bluetooth.

oh bythe way i am using HP Pavillion dv6000 laptop with webcam and bluetooth.

Thanks in advance.
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I'm trying to get my phone to work with my bluetooth. There is no problem getting the laptop to find the phone, but then I get a screen with a code on it (see below attachments).

My question is, how do I manually enter the code? I know what it is for the phone, but I can't seem to figure out how to get vista to allow me to enter it. Selecting any of the option on the screen cap I included below fail, and none of them allow me to manually enter a code.


Vista Home Premium
ASUS M50vm-B1 Laptop
LG Rumor 2 Mobile Phone
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Got my new notebook with Bluetooth... got my LG phone with Verizon service talking to the notebook... but when I try to do dial-up networking I get a message on the phone's screen that says it doesn't support dial-up networking.

Any way to hack around this?
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I have a Kinamax Class 1 USB dongle, which i purchased from Tiger Direct

I'm trying to connect it to my motorola bluetooth enabled V551 phone, with service from cingular. I've connected this phone to an apple laptop and been able to transfer my audio, video, and pic files. The device came with IVT Bluesoleil software. I tried connecting my phone to the computer with the Find Me feature on the phone while searching for devices in the program, but it will not find my phone. I upgraded the software from the site, but still no results. Can anyone give me some advice here?

A:Kinamax Bluetooth Device - Can't find my cell phone?

do i need a new program or something?
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Hi all I am hoping someone can help me I am trying to put a program with some JAR and TAR files on my phone I have connected my phone which is an LG env to my laptop with windows via bluetooth It connects fine and I can even send pictures files from my laptop to my phone but when I try to transfer a JAR file I am getting different error messages First I Help Cell from Phone, files transfer Trying Bluetooth to to via Need Laptop click on send to phone from my laptop then I attach the file and click on the LG phone and it says copying but then says quot request could not be honored quot So then I clicked on Trying to transfer files via Bluetooth from Laptop to Cell Phone, Need Help the phone and then choose a folder like music or pictures and I got the message quot incorrect permission quot Can anyone tell me what I need to do to fix this are some phones just not compatible with the JAR files Do I need to change the Trying to transfer files via Bluetooth from Laptop to Cell Phone, Need Help JAR files to a different type of file It is a java enabled phone so I dont see why it wont work Anyway I appreciate any advice if any of you have any Thanks Jennifer
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I could transfer photos from my mobile to my laptop running windows 8.1 by selecting "share" then Bluetooth on my phone. I updated my laptop on 29th July to Windows 10 and have been testing the upgrade to ensure I can accomplish all I wish.
When attempting the same process the following message appears on my phone "The device you're trying to send to doesn't support sharing over Bluetooth"
No settings were changed on my phone and only the upgrade was performed on my laptop. I can still transfer both photos and videos from my laptop to my mobile by selecting "send" and "Bluetooth Device". There are various workarounds but they all take more time. Thank you in anticipation of assistance
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Alright guys, I have just refreshed my pc because I was having numerous problems with it and it turned out to be a bad stick of RAM. However, now I am having software issues. Whenever I try to make a call on the desktop version of skype, the program crashes. Whenever I try to open HP support assistant, the program crashes. When i am using the metro app version of skype I get a weird artifacting type problem on any of the buttons. I have this same problem in internet explorer and on Netflix. Netflix will not play on Chrome. It will play on IE, but with the button artifacting problems. My computer will not pair via bluetooth with my phone. What would be your recommended course of action? I don't know where to begin. I have tried updating drivers and the like but it has not helped.

Thank you

A:Bluetooth won't work, skype won't work, ntflix won;t work

Microsoft zune won't work either. It crashes when trying to set up.
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Acer aspire's Bluetooth doesn't work since I bought it I've installed drivers too but it doesn't work what should I do.
In its specs it has Bluetooth . But there is no Bluetooth device found in device manager how to repair this.
Please HELP!!

A:acer aspire 4738' s bluetooth doesn't work but wifi work?

Hi ... Welcome to Seven Forums ... What is the Model Number of your Laptop ? ...

Did you buy the Laptop from new ? ...
Did you mean Windows 7 x86 ?...
If your System Specs are correct you have 4 GB of ram ? ...
If that is the case your Windows should be 64 Bit ...
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I have just backed up and restored the content from an old 6121 Nokia to a new phone thats the same make and model. However the saved paired devices (bluetooth connections to other phones) from the old phone have not transferred over to the new one.

How am I able to transfer them over, without going to every cellphone user and pair up again?
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I have the jawbone era bluetooth headset, which I love. I use it to connect to my laptop and droid charge. In my office however, we have Allworx IP phones with no bluetooth capabilities. This is annoying because I do not want to buy a whole other headset just for my office. Ideally, I want any way to link my bluetooth headset to the allworx IP phone like I can with my cell phone and laptop.

Is there a dongle or adapter which can plug into an RJ45 / Ethernet jack on one end, and transmit a bluetooth signal on the other? I'm no guru on the subject but a product like that would be perfect if its possible. Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks.
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I have an older desktop PC with a Windows Vista OS. I'm thinking of purchasing a Tablet but I'm not sure it will work because I use a modem. I was told that Tablets come with a wireless internet card but will the tablet work if I'm not using a wireless connection? What will I need to do or what will I need to purchase to make it work? Sorry, but I'm not up-to-date on the latest technology.

A:Will Tablet work with a modem?

Depends on the definition of "works", But i am assuming you mean connecting to the internet. The answer is no.

All internet connctions at home use a modem, What kind of internet do you have? Cable company, Phone cable always on, or actual dial-up like old school style?

If its high speed, its quite possible your provider has a modem/wireless router you can trade your old one in for free.

If itsa skretchy modem type, I'm not sure what you can do, other than use free hot spots.
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My mother recently acquired a tablet so that she can write Chinese on the computer. (She doesn't like using pinyin or any alternatives that I've tried to make her use)

We currently own a Windows Vista Home Premium (32-bit) desktop which was purchased in New Zealand.

She purchased the tablet in China, and it worked on various computers in China.

However, after installing the software successfully on the New Zealand computer, the software is unable to recognise characters that my mother inputs into the computer.

How do I tackle this problem? Thank you.

Note: The tablet is by the company 'Uniscom', if that makes any difference.

A:Chinese tablet does not work

Run windows update from the control panel.
Check the optional updates and install the language pack that you need.
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Can you help me ??
SWF dsnt work in my win 8 dev pre Tablet....
How to solve it??

A:SWF dsnt work in my win 8 dev pre Tablet....

Originally Posted by sahid

Can you help me ??
SWF dsnt work in my win 8 dev pre Tablet....
How to solve it??


System specs?
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I am trying to connect my new Lumia 435 Windows phone to my Windows 8.1 Tablet PC via the cable supplied with the phone. It is clearly connecting as the phone is charged from the USB port. The phone is supposed to appear as a USB external device, like a USB Flash Drive.  However, I cannot get the PC to detect the phone so I cannot transfer data between the two devices.When connected with the USB cable the phone does not appear anywhere: in Devices, Portable Devices, Windows Explorer. The 'transfer my data' app says it cannot transfer.I have read the Microsoft articles on connecting and syncing with USB / Bluetooth. I cannot find any solution to my problem. Can someone help with this?Clayto2

A:Cannot connect Windows Phone to Windows Tablet with USB cable

Have you tried this way start up blue tooth on the computer, then activate it on the phone and let them run on your computer/phone it should say pairing then a pin number should come up on both once that number comes up just press on both as save. you should find then that they are paired on mine it does not show up in devices.let me know please if that works,151768.0.html
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Why wont my Win8 phone come up on my Win8 tablet's Desktop in File Explorer by a USB connection. It did once, but no more. Any suggestions welcome. Thank you!

A:Syncing Win8 phone to win8 tablet by USB connection.

Could be a couple of reasons.

Reboot your phone. Sometimes they just won't talk to each other.All USB cables are not equal. If you use the cable that came with your phone, you should have no problem. If you are using a different cable that came with another device, it may or may not work.
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I recently updated to windows 10 but the Bluetooth is not working properly. It doesn't connect to my phone to playing music on my laptop.  I've uninstalled and deleted the driver from device manager and then reinstalled the driver from Dell's official site several times but nothing works. My windows 10 OS is up to date with anniversary update.
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I just got a Samsung Q1. It's great except the tablet pc input handwriting pad doesn't work with word or excel (so, office?) OR on the search part of google. I can easily input URLs with this device and most other input fields allow me to use the writing pad. I used the pad to write this thread. It worked great.

any ideas?

Thank you, AMR5
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I am trying to find the Cortana app for Android devices. " Samsung Galaxy. Is there any other way to get the app
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So today (June 16, 2012) my stylus pen on my laptop has stopped working. I have a IBM ThinkPad Lenovo X41(T?) laptop with a stylus pen. Everything else is okay except for the stylus...

I try to wave it over and drag it on the screen (the screen rotates) and I have no idea how to fix it at all. Do I download something and it will work again? Help! (I do not wish to download things that require money OR disks, for my laptop does not have a CD cartage thing)

Also, if it was a key I pressed on accident (I think I did... oops?), what key on the keyboard will reset it back to normal? Thanks!
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My daughters laptop is a 2-1 so it can fold in half and be a tablet. I recently bought a monitor and mouse so she could use it more like a desktop but when I fold over the laptop into the tablet position, the keyboard stops working.

I had windows 8.1, but upgraded as it was supposed to have a tablet mode that you could toggle that would allow the keyboard to work. I upgraded and it worked for one night, but now the keyboard always stopped working when I put the laptop into the tablet position.
I hit the windows key +A and the tablet icon is greyed out, but no keyboard so I thought it was a laptop issue. I read that there was a toshiba exe file that controlled this functon, but deleting it didn't work either so I am back to thinking it might be something in 10?

Please help.

A:I want my laptop keyboard to work when in tablet position

Originally Posted by ricobico

My daughters laptop is a 2-1 so it can fold in half and be a tablet. I recently bought a monitor and mouse so she could use it more like a desktop but when I fold over the laptop into the tablet position, the keyboard stops working.

I had windows 8.1, but upgraded as it was supposed to have a tablet mode that you could toggle that would allow the keyboard to work. I upgraded and it worked for one night, but now the keyboard always stopped working when I put the laptop into the tablet position.
I hit the windows key +A and the tablet icon is greyed out, but no keyboard so I thought it was a laptop issue. I read that there was a toshiba exe file that controlled this functon, but deleting it didn't work either so I am back to thinking it might be something in 10?

Please help.

The 2-in-1s I've been privileged to look at appeared to have a mechanical switch to turn off the keyboard when it was folded into tablet mode, don't think there's anyway to bypass that without physically disabling it by taking the device apart, could end up destroying it.
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I run XPSP3 and a new Asus motherbd with Core2duo cpu. I also have a PCI card with 2 rs232 9pin ports and a USB to serial adapter. I have not been able to get the Wacom drivers to find the tablet through any of these ports.

The ports show operating ok in the device manager.???? The same goes for the paralel port scanner. The scanner and tablet represent over $600, I can't afford to buy new ones. Is there any way to make them work with the new computer?
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I'm posting on this thread cause i have nowhere else to turn to as there are rarely any active forums on the internet anymore First off i want to buy a cheap Asus Transformer T from an online store as it will enable me to run full exe programs the problem is when this tablet crashes can i just press a button and it will revert back to normal like a android tablet If not if worst comes to worst is there a special recovery usb i can prepare for this tablet or am i stuck buying a microsoft slate surface Second find tablet a & How work? to cheap Online is what are the How to find a cheap tablet & Online work? best and cheap gaphics cards on the market nowadays My IT geek stole all my graphics cards we have a computer lab don't ask making my hardware acceleration cabbabilities non existant meaning i can't play any games on steam The Asus Transformer has a horrible desktop screen because the designer of windows was an idiot is there an application that changes this And last but not least are there places to find online remote jobs Without it i can't fund my hobbies buy parts for my computer lab etc etc If the internet was still an active place i could just hop unto a random forum find a person in duress ask them to pay into my paypal and i'll guide them through teamviewer but that has become extremely difficult I have been to Upwork it seems like they are playing annoying politics posting fake jobs in order to prop up their business there are rarely any mass job postings making you wonder if you will ever get a job when you are fighting with other people Fiverr there are rarely any requests there you have to compete with thousands of other people meaning you have to pay to push your service to the front page Guru seems vacant there are rarely any jobs there a great place to post your projects but not to look for jobs as there is rarely a requests section Jobboy a great place to post projects if you had a budget to begin with I have my own consultancy site but i'm at a loss on how to promote it to get find clients i have spent a lot of money at godaddy hostgator codecanyon and dare i say even bluehost and all my marketing campaigns have been a bust so i'm wondering what i'm doing wrong i have to have a stable website for my patreon page to work in the first place I know you guys are going to say facebook twitter etc but the php scripts i had collected threw me into the twitter facebook seo developer bin yet i didn't get much views for my sites is there something i'm doing wrong do i need a lot of followers on facebook twitter Is there a special google text ad web portal i pay google so that my ad appears during google search I've also thought of doing my day trading again but my account got banned we have some crazy competitors don't ask so i have to earn money again to get another account And last but not least what are some good software for formatting your hardisk when you're installing windows
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I just got a brand new Lenovo Thinkpad Yoga 14 and the touchscreen was working great, but once I installed my Wacom Cintiq 12wx onto the laptop, the touchscreen completely stopped working. It seems like the laptop is confused on whether to use the wacom or the laptop as a tablet and I really want them to both work simultaneously. Has anyone else been able to get their laptop to work with a tablet? Any help would be greatly appreciated since this is the second thinkpad yoga 14 ive gotten since the first one did the same thing and I first assumed it was a computer issue.

A:Getting Thinkpad Yoga 14 to work with Wacom Tablet...

Hi banana74
Welcome to the forums.
Can you please post the full model number of your TP Yoga 14? are you using Windows 10 (64bits)?
I have tried my TP Y 14 with a Wacom Bamboo and I have no problem using both, the touchscreen with the Thinkpad Pen Pro and the Wacom Bamboo with his own pen.
Maybe what we can do first is try to update the Wacom drivers of your Thinkpad Yoga from the Lenovo support site of you model.
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Good day! Has bought this device. Has installed the driver on system win 7 Ultimate 64bit. Tablet it is defined, but doesn't work, the bulb blinks. On systems winXP, Vista all ok working. Help me please

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I use a Fujitsu tablet and chat on MSN often. Recently, I just discovered that my pen is unable to work in MSN for some reason or other. When I click on the pen tab in the chat window, it shows the drawing/writing space. However when I try to write/draw in it, my cursor disappears when I hover my pen over the space. I can't write in it either.

I have tried reinstalling MSN but to no avail. I'm quite sure it is a software problem because my pen works perfectly normal elsewhere.
Would anybody know the cause of this problem and help me out?


Momok =)

A:Tablet Pen cannot work in Windows Live Messenger


Is nobody here able to assist me in anyway? =(

sad Momok
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yesterday i installed windows 10 (from 7). Pen worked fine, but not anymore How to solve this??? . I read about drivers (wacom, lenovo) but have no idea how to solve this problem  (& how and where to install  these drivers....), any advise?

Go to Solution.

A:x201 tablet pen doen't work after installation of ...

removed wacom driver and synaptics driver. restarted and pen works!.