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Odd effect when opening / closing programs

Q: Odd effect when opening / closing programs

Hi All First post so apologies if this has been covered before I did have a quick search but nothing came up I am the unnoficial I T guy where I work so people tend to come to me with issues when they opening / closing when Odd programs effect first happen A guy who works from home brought his laptop in today as he was having issues printing We have the same printer here so I hooked Odd effect when opening / closing programs it up as he would do and got rid of his problem a print job stuck in the queue he's not too computer literate He has just called me and says that now he is back at home his Odd effect when opening / closing programs printer works fine but when opening or closing programs it goes in what he describes as 'slow motion' He likened it to the same effect as when you switch on the trail for the mouse pointer I haven't done anything which would affect things to my knowledge as i didn t install any updates drivers software etc Has anyone got any ideas Many Thanks in advance James

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Preferred Solution: Odd effect when opening / closing programs

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Odd effect when opening / closing programs

Welcome Jim
Possibly a clean boot will help dignose.
How to troubleshoot a problem by performing a clean boot in Windows Vista or in Windows 7
Does not sound like a problem caused by anything that you did.
Many times extraneous information helps to confuse rather than help.
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I just solved my own problem and thought others might benefit since I could not find the solution using internet search My Realtek HD Audio manager seemed to be creating an echo on my quot Line In quot HD Audio Realtek "line from effect) (if in" echo it Removing output sound not a is audio signal I had already set the environment and equalizer sound effects options to lt None gt but the echo persisted I found the problem seems that I was essentially duplicating the Removing "line in" echo from Realtek HD Audio output (if it is not a sound effect) Line In audio stream The first quot source quot I found was the HD Audio manager You can open the manager and view the Line In tab - mine had a non-zero playback volume the slider was NOT all the way to Removing "line in" echo from Realtek HD Audio output (if it is not a sound effect) the left for zero playback If you want Removing "line in" echo from Realtek HD Audio output (if it is not a sound effect) output from the HD Manager that makes sense I also found out a second Line In quot source quot It was in the Line In properties settings where I had checked off the option to quot Listen to this device quot When I disabled that the echo disappeared To view this Line In properties tab right-click on the speaker icon in the notification area then select Recording Devices yes quot Recording quot Then the tab will display in a window with the title Sound You should see the Line In device in the list Right-click on this item and select Properties The Line In properties window pops up Then select the Listen tab UNselect Listen to this device The echo should disappear if you re experiencing my problem I hope this helps someone I m just trying to help the community from which I ve received so much help grinthumb nbsp

A:Removing "line in" echo from Realtek HD Audio output (if it is not a sound effect)

Two same signals

You're doing the right thing... getting rid of the other input signal.
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I ll try slow respond are Programs to to explain this the best I can A computer that I have not the one listed in any Programs are slow to respond of my sigs is having a little issue Programs are slow to respond Sometimes Programs are slow to respond when I turn on the computer I will open up a program the program will open but it s like it opens in slow motion as the program opens you see it slowly go into its open state You actually see it opening I know you can always somewhat see a program open but this is like it is in slow motion It does this for all the programs that I open and close This will actually go away later or sometimes if I restart it When I go into the bios the bios is very choppy It is an ASRock board and when I contacted them they said to reset the bios When I did it helped but now it is doing it again I have reset the bios again and it helped again the other day but now it is doing it again Does this sound like a bios problem Does anyone seem to know I don t know how else I could explain what is happening It is an ASRock Z Pro AMD XFX Vid card GSkill ripjaws memory Xeon E - V Corsair TX PSU Windows Pro nbsp

A:Programs are slow to respond

Slower response indicates the issue of bad memory allocation which is related with multitasking.
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Hey guys. So the other night I was on my computer when lightning struck and I actually got shocked from my mouse and my computer shut off. After checking things out it looks like my monitor is busted and my mouse is shot. I used another monitor and turned my computer on and everything seems to work, even played BF3 for a little. My question is I heard that a lightning strike might not have an immediate effect but sometimes it effects the life of your electronics. Can this happen to my computer and is there a way for me to check to see if any components were affected aside from basic functionality?

A:Lightning strike and effect on components

boagz57 said:

My question is I heard that a lightning strike might not have an immediate effect but sometimes it effects the life of your electronics.Click to expand...

Personally I think that is false, but I have no way to prove it. Sounds too much like someone is hard up to find an event to blame, for components coincidentally kicking the bucket.
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Normally, 99.999% of the time I just shut it down completely but I'd like to know what "sleep" means?
Does that mean if I do so, upon opening the lid it'll be where I left it at?
I notice in Control Panel>Power Options>System Settings whether its on battery or plugged in , it shows sleep.

A:Choose What closing the lid does?

I recommend sleeping the laptop if you are gonna use it after you close it within the next few hours. Otherwise shut it down.
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So, I recently bought an Asus UX31a running windows 8(in may) and it was working perfectly until a couple months ago. The only browser that works is internet explorer, which is disgusting (I miss Google Chrome) and several programs such as Adobe reader, Google drive, steam and visual studio either lag for about 5 mins each whenever I want to use them (or click something in them), or I have to close them with the task manager because they aren't responding...(This includes when I want to open pdf documents in internet explorer.

I've run several virus checks with ESET smart security which hasn't ever found any viruses...

It would be a great help if anybody could help me find what the problem is.

A:Multiple programs are stopping to work, also, I don't appear to have had or ever have a virus.

Try using a new Windows Restore point. This may not work because of "it was working perfectly until a couple months ago"... It is most likely caused from a stubborn malware infection other than a virus
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Hey everyone,

So I am using Windows 7 and I have been trying to open my Sound options under my Control Panel to no avail.

When I click on the "Sound" text, my Control Panel box slightly fades as if a window is going to open but no such window ever does. 5-10 minutes later, the sound controls will finally pop up. It is experiencing some kind of heavy delay.

I have been told it may be a driver issue but my drivers are relatively new (3-4 weeks old).

Let me know if you guys have any solutions.


A:Sound Control Opening With Heavy Delay

Hmm, could be a bug with the new drivers.

Try un-installing all audio devices and then re-install.
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Hello, I'm David, and I am having problems with packet loss. I usually use internet to watch videos, play some games and what not, but recently I started experiencing lags. I googled it up, and then tried to see if my pc had packet loss (pinged -t). I had a 6% packet loss. Then I tried it on my other pc (it is connected to the same router and is half a meter away from other one). It had 0% packed loss. Then I remembered that recently I downloaded some programs and stuff on the pc with the packet loss. Could it be the cause of my packet loss? Thank you to all who at least read my delema.

A:Internet packed loss. (Could it be a programs fault?)

What Router brand and model are you using?
Are you connected wired or wireless?
Are you connected 100mbps or 1.0 Gbps.
Have you upgraded the firmware on the router lately?
Also have you upgraded the drivers on the PCs network cards?
Have you ever power cycled the power on the router or modem?
Any switches connected to the router? If so, try a different port.
Have you tried a different port on the router?

Packet loss in a router means the router started degrading on the ports side.
Device could be overheating or just have duff ports (bad)
In your case you can also.

1. Backup config settings in the Router
2. Do a Factory Reset will wipe all prior settings out
3. Restore Backup config settings in the Router

If all was tried you should consider replacing the router only as option though.
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Hi Everyone As you can see by the title I m having a few strange issues At random points during the day my mouse moves and sometimes right clicks system volume mutes itself and turns itself down and lastly the DVD drive randomly opens them immediately closes a couple times a day First thought was quot Someone is playing a prank on me quot because it s my work computer and has various shadowing remote control tools on it like UltraVNC and Teamviewer however stopping these services did nothing Then I thought it might be a virus or hacking tool system runs Sophos anti-virus and the computer is behind a pretty powerful corporate firewall nonetheless I ran MalwareBytes HijackThis and Spybot Search amp Destroy and they found nothing I ve also tried replacing the mouse and keyboard just in case but still nothing Is anyone able to help shed some light on DVD Opening Mousing Volume By Themselves Muting and Moving, Drive these issues Not particularly keen to reformat my work machine and put myself out of action for a few hours Cheers David nbsp

A:Mousing Moving, Volume Muting and DVD Drive Opening By Themselves

Any updates on this?
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I did some general maintenance on a friend's computer: -

Ran Ccleaner
Removed old out of date antivirus installed new one, updated it, ran it and removed 1 threat
Turned off startup programs
Adjusted appearance for best performance

Didn't do anything major and nothing I wouldn't normally do.

Her computer runs a lot better now but has chipmunk audio problem I'm going to take a look but I'm thinking: -

Direct X
Settings in realtek (or equiv.)

Is there anything else I should be looking out for?

A:Windows XP Chipmunk audio all programs and Windows sounds

Are there any yellow exclamation points in the device manager
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I have made a mistake in my computer and I do not know what I did or where I did it to create the screen to become black when I go to a second screen. I can open a website fine, but when I go to a second page it comes up black with only very light grey printing. Can someone walk me through changing this back from black to a more readable color?
Oh, I forgot to tell that I have Windows 7 on this laptop.

A:Opening second page comes up black

Are you talking about an external monitor connected to the laptop?
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My wife has an Evo app Yahoo Mail Shift photos w/ Opening 1.3.8 and 1.3.6 Evo on shift and recently it stopped opening photos that are attached to emails sent Opening photos on Evo Shift w/ Yahoo Mail app 1.3.6 and 1.3.8 to her Yahoo acct She has the Yahoo Mail app and she s experiencing the problem on and It s supposed to work like this Opening photos on Evo Shift w/ Yahoo Mail app 1.3.6 and 1.3.8 You tap on the attachment and it opens up another small screen that says quot loading quot and it counts up and then obviously when it reaches the photo opens Her phone does this You tap on the attachment and the quot loading quot screen immediately closes and nothing happens What I ve tried I ve tried uninstalling the app multiple times by going to Settings gt Applications gt Manage Applications Clearing the data by going to Settings gt Applications gt Manage Applications gt Clear Data Reinstalling the app new from the Market I have tried it from my Evo D and it works fine Next step for me is to try doing a hard reset on the phone and taking it back to factory but I thought I d reach out to see if anybody had any other ideas other than what I ve tried Thanks nbsp
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Hi all,

I have been checking some stats of my computer to run some of the new games, and to my surprise I have found that although 4 x 1024mb sticks have been installed in the computer only 3338mb's show up. I am using Win XP. I was expecting for 4gb to be present.

So is there a windows program that will allow me to test each ram stick without me having to go in to the computer pulling them out individually?

Thanks in advance.

A:Programs to check bad mem sticks?

Because XP is a 32-bit operating system it can only recognize and utilize 3.25 gigs of RAM. It takes a 64-bit operating system lo to recognize and utilize a full 4 gigs of memory or more.
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The warranty on my computer is about to go and I ve been having so many issues with it that it s not worth even trying to call customer support to try to get them to fix it I had to programs lose Want don't computer to want upgrade, replace the motherboard and power supply like months ago for the THIRD time I even put in a new heatsink and cooling fans this time and I m having the same issues all over Want computer upgrade, don't want to lose programs again If I Want computer upgrade, don't want to lose programs build a new computer is there a way that I can just transfer Want computer upgrade, don't want to lose programs the hard drive so I keep my system intact I have all my files backed up on external drives but there s a few programs and software plugins that I can t get again Somewhere in moving I ve moved like three times in the last year I ve lost the discs and can t afford to re-buy the software and I need them for audio and computer graphics work nbsp

A:Want computer upgrade, don't want to lose programs

When booting for the first time your old HDD on a new system, try booting in Safe Mode first. Most of the time this will work, then boot in normal mode.
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I have a ati Radeon HD 4650 AGP card and i have the latest driver but its not reading out the temperature(it always says 0 Celsius). So i was wondering if anyone knows any good programs that tell you your graphics card temperature? I have Everest Home Edition which gives the temperature of my cpu, and motherboard but not my gpu. Any help would be appreciated, thanks

A:Video card temp programs


Try gpu-z. Lightweight utility with all the information you need on your gpu.
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I've had a problem for a while but it's starting to bug me now. If I'm watching a DVD on my pc, or if I play a game and I move the camera too fast it has the tendency to blur slightly. It is a sort of rainbow effect which is around light areas for instance a torch beam on a wall, the edges, where it fades from bright to dark would have a sort of rainbow effect on it. Additionally when it happens in DVDs it sort of makes it momenterily blurry. I did have some videos to upload but the forum wont let me so hopefully after a few replies I can!

Thank you for viewing and thank you in advance for any info!

Live long and prosper

A:Rainbow effect and slight blurring on videos

What are your computers complete system specs? Make, and model would be nice
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I have a Dell Latitude D620. I opened the case in order to clean the fan and change heat sink compound. Now, after turning laptop on, it shows the light for a couple of seconds and then turns itself off. CPU or fan don't even start running. Does anyone know what could be the problem? Did I disconnect something by mistake? Thanks in advance.

A:Laptop won't boot after opening the case

Re-trace your steps there is something you have missed. Otherwise clear the CMOS or remove the backup battery for 30 seconds. DELL has some sort of fail safe on their hardware.
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Finally, I found Dell's site on how to open the top cover of my XPS M2010. I forgot who wanted to know how to open the top but here it is. Look for the 2 slots on the back side of the computer. You will need a small flat screw drive. Follow the instruction in the Dell support ... XPS M2010 Service Manual
There are topics you can find in this manual about this computer. Just click what you want to know.

I hope this help.

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The computer specs Packard Bell iMedia P GHz Stock Cooler Asus P S -VM GB DDR RAM one stick is DDR the other is DDR the stick was added recently but the problem was occuring before that BFG GS MB GB IDE HDD IDE DVD-RW XP Home SP The for won't used XP Programs not if open hours on computer problem This is a family machine Programs won't open on XP if computer not used for hours its turned on first thing and turned off at night If we turn it on in the morning and go to use it in the late afternoon after not being used for a few hours if we click on a desktop shortcut to load a program it won t load The computer is responsive Programs won't open on XP if computer not used for hours it just won t load any programs If we restart the machine it works fine As far as we can remember this just Programs won't open on XP if computer not used for hours happened all of a sudden a couple of months back with no change we ve done causing it I ve had a look and I can t see any restore points for the or weeks when this problem started Things we ve done Virus scan with Virgin Media Security and Stinger no viruses Attempted System Restore no points to go back to around the time this started happening Any ideas I can t think of much without reinstalling which realistically isn t feasible at the moment nbsp

A:Programs won't open on XP if computer not used for hours

turn off hibernate.
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Ever since setting up broadband at home from randomly? certain drop connection Can programs to seemingly Internet cause time to time on a daily basis the internet Can certain programs cause Internet connection to drop seemingly randomly? connection would cut out for no more than seconds We have three computers connected to the wireless here and when these random cut outs occur we are all still connected to the router Local only Can certain programs cause Internet connection to drop seemingly randomly? At first I put this problem down to just a bad choice of ISP but then one of the house-mates went away for a week and during that time we experianced no internet cut outs at all I had my laptop on for at least days in a row non-stop monitoring drops and there were none As soon as our rd housemate returned home we started having these drops again So my question is what are the possible reasons for these cut outs Could it simply be down to using more bandwidth when the of us are all connected or are there any known perhaps malicious programs that may cause such occurances We have an unlimited internet package but I am pretty sure it is something to do with this rd pc as at times when one of the other are not functioning we stil have the drops nbsp
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Programs do not use much RAM? [SOLVED]

My programs do not use as much ram as i would like them to. For example Mafia 2 when running only uses 800Mb out of 4gb ( around 2400 available.) It is also the case for allmost every memory-intensive program, i am running in 32 bit. would switching to x64 help? or is there a software or tweak available to help ? Any advice is much appreciated.

A:Programs do not use much RAM?

You cna download a program called "Cleanmem" that will go throught he programs in the taskmanager and work out what programs are not currently being used and reduce the memory usage that they are using and INCREASE the memeory for programs that are running but to be honest if you are not seeing a lag in your program it should be fine.

If you have 2400Mb of memory availabel and its only using 800Mb then the program only requires that memory to run properly. As long as you have free memeory then if the program requires more emmeory if will use it.

Cleanmem is a free program.
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greetings, yesterday when i try to remove a program in my laptop i notice a black color space in between my add/remove items and wonder what this mean, its just so annoying cause i need to scroll down longer just to find my program i want to remove

please explain what is that black thing, any advice or comments is much appreciated
hope its not something serious , my laptop is working accordingly except with that black thing..........

A:Black add or remove programs

Have you installed all the current Windows updates, including any graphics or other hardware updates?
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Hello All,
I have two printers that I like to dedicate one of them to print a form that I have in form of PDF, ow can i make that my only printer that would print that one page all the time.
thank you very much .
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i am building a new computer and i have a a small laptop that i am using for my school work.
But i want to copy all of the con-tense of my laptops hard drive onto a SATA hard drive.

I am looking for a program that will copy all of its con tense onto another hard drive with no problems. so all i do is shove the SATA hard drive into my PC and i will have complete duplicate of my laptop, both fully functional

Is there any program that can do this for me?
Please post a link of a program that can do this in a reply

Please Reply ASAP

Sorry is you do not understand, im not good with my english

A:Is there programs that copies your whole hard drive

You could obviously have your personal files on the PC, but you'd never be able to (without much headache!) run the OS on your pc thats been installed on your laptop.

You would have the same files to begin with, but without copying them backwards and forwards nonstop you really couldn't keep the files the same.

A much better idea if you need the files available on your PC and laptop is to purchase a external drive, and move all your personal files onto that - That way you just plug it into whatever computer your using and you have them to hand.

I got around the problem myself by using a 1GB drive in my PC, and and allowing my laptops access to this drive, so regardless of which laptop I use, or the PC I'm always using the most up to date documents. I chose this because keeping them all updated across several computers turned into a nightmare in the end. This solution suits me much better.
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Hi I bought a new laptop and it has a problem i discovered I cannot return games/programs in crashes screen 3d powerful laptop full at a the laptop as it already past the returning date days The problem is discovered last week after i installed lots of games My laptop crashes at full screen mode on any games i installed At first I blamed the game but after installing lots of games and tried every single one of them age of empires medieval tw COD black and white red alert etc After 3d games/programs crashes at full screen in a powerful laptop this I also tried to use some d programs like the ones built with the latest Nvidia SDK with Direct 3d games/programs crashes at full screen in a powerful laptop d and still crashes The crash to be specific is almost a crash to desktop CTD BUT weirdly it loads itself back and then loops again more like alt tabing when ur in game it s not sticky keys However the d programs like the one in NVIDIA 3d games/programs crashes at full screen in a powerful laptop doesn t alt tabs it s a complete crash and the windows will then try to resolve it which fails It s a bit powerful laptop and here are my specs Windows Home Prem bit Core duo t ghz gb ram ddr gb Nvidia Geforce gt m Supported by PhysX but Games requires DirectX so I installed it Would it clash I dont think so coz you can turn off the physX gpu and i tried that tb HDD Now the things that I have tried are Update install my video card driver chipset and was going to update my BIOS which is the latest so that s why i did not Installed the directX SDK and even tried the Direct x c I even clean up my system by reinstalling windows and everything I don t think it is a compatibility issues as I ve played these games on a different laptop with the exact same system my first laptop before I exchange it for it is has a faulty keyboard and same windows As you can see I am getting bad luck from where I bought my laptop Yes it is a refurbished laptop from a big name retail store I already contacted the Manufacturer and they couldn t help me because it involves third party software However I told them that I highly believe it is a hardware issue and the sick bastards replied with ask for advice from your local technician Wth I well try to settle a score with them tomorrow but for now I want your expertises nbsp

A:3d games/programs crashes at full screen in a powerful laptop

make sure all vents and fan intakes are not blocked, download and run HWMonitor and run a game and tell use all the min and max temps
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http www techspot com vb topic not Internet others connect, but can will Explorer-based programs html Internet Explorer-based programs will not connect, but others can This thread shows my computer is completely clean of any malware or viruses Certain applications that use the same Internet Explorer-based programs will not connect, but others can ports I guess or something of that sort Internet Explorer-based programs will not connect, but others can as Internet Explorer cannot connect Some of my internet applications work some don t For instance World of warcraft cannot connect and it uses the same ports as internet explorer I can use firefox and a lot of other applications but when I try to use internet explorer Which I never do I just want to play WoW It comes up with quot Cannot find Make sure the path or internet address is correct quot It won t load any page you try to connect to giving you the same error message every time The same thing happens when I try to launch WoW It says the same message except with the launcher page link as the one that it can t connect to I type it into my firefox browser and it worked fine so that shows that my router is not blocking their servers This is very annoying and I would love to get it fixed Thanks EDIT It happens with ANY game that loads a page through internet explorer And LAN Settings are all unchecked for Proxy and I ve tried resetting it multiple times both with no effect nbsp

A:Internet Explorer-based programs will not connect, but others can

Bump. I want this to get fixed veryyyy badly.
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I have a toshiba hard disk that used to work properly and now I can't open it. whenever I try to open it a DOS window opens and I get the following error message:

the ntvdm cpu has encountered an illegal instruction

What should I do?

A:Error opening hard disk

"whenever I try to open it a DOS window opens and I get the following error message:
the ntvdm cpu has encountered an illegal instruction"

Please clarify how you try to open it? what your OS? and if you go to windows command prompt and manually try to go to that HDD (e.g. d:\ and press enter) ...... does it work?
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Im using uTorrent and i got the error saying that my port was closed. I tried opening a port on my Belkin wireless N router. Model number is F5D8233-4v3. I check the port that I tried to open on these two sites but it says that its closed:

I have the firewall turned off and also used the virtual server tool and added an inbound port and a private port with the same port number. No luck though. Any help would be appreciate.

A:Belkin Router Opening Ports

See for help.
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This has happened to me quite a few times now. I have downloaded and run Regenie and Spybot and it keeps coming up with Mirar but says it cannot remove them.
I am attaching a HJT log. I would much appreciate some help with this as I have no idea what else to do.
Thanks all

A:Talking playing through headset, no programs running

Read this:
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I have a game downloaded from Big Fish Games which I ve been playing for the past year However now when I try to open the game I get this error code quot Executable path is not writable If you launched the application directly Trouble opening game from the CD please run the installer Trouble opening game to install the application quot The game is called Ricochet Recharged one of my favorite games I contacted Big Fish and they told me Trouble opening game I might need new drivers Here s the information that got from my error report Hi Linda Thank you for providing the report After analyzing the report I saw that the video driver was last updated on An outdated video driver may be the cause of trouble you ve encountered To resolve this I would recommend visiting the computer s manufacturer website below to get the most recent update by contacting their technical customer support To make the process of locating your driver update easier I ve listed the details of your system and video card below System Model product Inspiron s Operating System Windows Vista Home Basic Driver- Graphics Video Radeon X X Series Afterwards uninstall and reinstall the game restart your computer to initialize any updates and then create a new profile to start a new game I ve provided a link below with detailed instructions on how to uninstall reinstall a game If you re still having problems with the game after doing these updates please let me know Click to expand I have installed and uninstalled this game so many times but keep getting the error message Can anyone help me on this Is there another driver I should be installing Any help would be appreciated Linda nbsp

A:Trouble opening game

if the game has worked for a year without any problems before i want to say that it's not video driver related. however, games are updated from time to time which can yield compatibility issues. i would still think that the drivers are fine though. the actual error message itself states that the path in which the game's files are stored is not accessible, meaning the computer can't run it. since you're on Vista, I would try disabling UAC and then see what happens when you go to run the game. you may need to modify the application's security permissions or run it under another account.
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I have a Dell Inspiron 1318.

When I try to open programs, they will either not open at all or they will have a spot in the taskbar but there is no window open.

For example, itunes will not open at all.
I suspect a virus, so I've downloaded some programs from my other laptop (CCleaner as one) and when I open setup, the program will be in the taskbar but there is no window open, so it won't install.

Any suggestions?

Edit: When I turn it on, it will go past the Dell loading screen and then the screen will turn black for a very, very long time, then it will get past it and turn on.

There was also a time where something similar to the "welcome screen" (of vista) would show up but it would be gray/black.

It also takes a very long time to get into safemode.

A:Some Programs Won't Open

Can you boot to Safe Mode?
If so, install and run MalwareBytes or other antispyware, and antivirus software in Safe Mode. Many will not run, but some will do a good job.
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That monitors your server and network activities? thank you if anyone could recommend me some.

A:Best anti-virus programs that monitors servers?

McAfee Anti-virus Security is the best one. It monitors the websites and you can block certain websites too, you can also choose whether to perform full scans or quick scans. It quarantines and tracks cookies & it also prevent hacking from all around the world
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I have a Gateway p- fx laptop with vista up Right programs menu on click keep popping some option and keep having this problem with a right click menu pop up Right click menu option keep popping up on some programs on programs like winamp opera and hardware configuration On certain Right click menu option keep popping up on some programs programs a right click menu will pop up non stop and i cant use the program at all The laptop keyboard doesnt work after I spilt coke on the keyboard so I use a usb keyboard After that it started having this popup menu Right click menu option keep popping up on some programs or key mapping issues with emulators For some emulator programs it will automatically map a button called AppKey and i cant configure buttons with a usb to psx converted joypad on them This also happened on other programs that i used but probably forgot about them and deleted them I tried looking up everything i could to disable a right click menu or appkey but couldnt find anything Tried deleting a window key registry all i could find looking up appkey disabling in vista Tried disabling the touchpad I don t think its any kind of virus or spyware i never detect anything i had pictures of what happens but i need more posts so i cant show them nbsp
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my DVD-R/CD-RW drive is not being recognized in my recording programs and media player. If I right click the
drive itself, it shows that it is working fine and that windows recognize it as a recording drive. However,
neither Media Player nor Nero recognizes that there is a drive. Nero keeps trying to create images, not burn a CD / DVD.
It worked fine in the past.

A:DVD-R/CD-RW drive is not being recognized in my recording programs

reload driver..

I would reload the driver for the dvd writer; that driver could be corrupted.
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I bought a new computer and did not realize I was not buying Word, etc - just a 30 day trial or some such thing. So I need to know how to move my programs from my old computer to my new one. My daughter moved all my files but now I have a KVM switch (or something like that) hooked up so I can go from one computer to the other when I need to use a program that is on the old one but not the new one. That doesn't look so great having two towers side by side, so I want to reduce to just the new one but cannot until all the programs I have installed on this one are moved to the new one. help!

A:Transferring programs from one hard drive to another

For most programs that are complicated like Office you can't. When things get installed a bunch of registry entries are made making simple copying of programs over impossible. You should be allowed to re-install Office to the new computer though (legally even) if you promise to remove it from your old one. If you have the student version, you can legally have that on up to 3 computers at once I believe.

If you are only a casual user of all the Microsoft Office programs and don't have or are for whatever reason unable to install (don't have disks ect) to the new computer, you could get OpenOffice and use that. It is mostly compatible with MS Office (can open and save to MS Office files), and is free. Available at
Relevancy 20.64%

So I was trying to help my brother out with his laptop which is really slow. The thing is, he's got two disks, the C: and the D: and the C: is only for Windows files while the D: is only used for programs and other files.
My brother (Who doesn't know much about PC's) has installed every program on the C: Drive so now it has only got 2,66 Gb left out of 35,0 Gb. I was thinking of moving the installed programs from the C: drive to the D: drive, is this possible without corrupting any files?
I tried to Ctrl+X one folder, but I got a message which told me that the program might stop working correctly.

A:Moving programs to another drive

First, you almost certainly don't have 2 HDDs on a laptop. "C" & "D" are just partitions of the same drive. If "C:/" @ 35GBs is almost full, no wonder the laptop is slow, since more than likely there are too many programs running at startup. There is also the possibility of "malware" infections, which are notorious for making machines run very slow.

If you want to put some programs on the "D/" drive, you must uninstall them, and reinstall to the new location. Programs have "DLL"s and system registry entries that are file paths of their own, and just moving a program folder breaks these links.

My best advice is to uninstall those that you are not using, and run "msconfig" Start > Run > "msconfig" (without the quotes). There are also "startup managers" available that can guide you & do this for you . "Spybot SD16" is an anti-spyware program that has a startup manager in it's tools section. I always install it for that as much as the security aspect.

You can download this from "Safer-networking";
Relevancy 24.08%


need help! My dvd-rom would not open.. when I press the open button, light is blinking but wont open. I already tried to use my spare dvd rom, also it did not open. Same as the first one. Also tried to change IDEs still not opening. What should I do?

A:DVD-rom not opening

hi kheb20

On your DVD ROM you should see a very very tiny hole ... stick a pin of some sort into it and the ROM should open. By the way, it might not be opening because it's not receiving enough power from your PSU. Have you experienced any other power issues such as the pc shutting down randomly?

Relevancy 20.21%

I have recently upgraded most of my computer and it is now locking up when I run most programs Its done this while playing WoW Fallout and simply being online with Firefox Strangely enough I haven t had any problems with Freelancer yet Originally I had Foxconn M PMX-S mobo Intel P gb Don t remember the model x gb cosair ddr Radeon x mb hec ACE- UB W psu sata hdd s gb gb dvdr drive ethernet card WInXP o s I didn t have problems with the old build but it was getting old I got the new video card and put it in with no problems on the old build and a week later replaced the rest of the parts I now have Gigabyte EP T-UD LR mobo Intel Core Quad Q GH x gb corsair ddr running up when most Computer freezes when programs Radeon gb Same psu Same hdd s Same dvdr Same ethernet card Same o s I didn t reinstall windows and everything else when i changed mobos but this wasn t a problems for anything in the past Just Computer freezes up when when running most programs uninstalled old drivers installed new ones There shouldn t be any overheating issues either Computer freezes up when when running most programs both the bios and speedfan show it to idle in the c s and under c while loaded Nor did I change any clock timings or voltages in the bios with either build I ve read about other people online putting together very similar pc s and I don t see why this shouldn t also work Is there not getting enough power Should I really ininstall windows Did I get bad parts maybe Is there some kind of program to test to see what could be wrong This whole thing has frustrated me and I would appreciate any help I can get at this point nbsp

A:Computer freezes up when when running most programs

"I didn't reinstall windows and everything else when i changed mobos"...

You have got to be kidding! Back up your important data, format and reinstall your operating system fresh. Install the motherboard drivers, and then update Windows completely and then install all other drivers including the new video card...

Relevancy 23.65%

Okay so I ve had my current laptop for almost three years It s a gateway MX quot GHz Turion X processor GB of RAM blah blah I laptop trouble my opening Having ve been overclocking Having trouble opening my laptop it for about a year now and have noticed that every month the temp on my one core seems to climb while my other core stays cool Example Right now with just this page and MSN open my cores are sitting at C and C So having a TON of experience with desktop computers and their innards I figure I ll pop open Having trouble opening my laptop the laptop clean the HSF out and change the thermal compound to AS Well I took out all the screws and I couldn t get the damn thing open One side omes apart and the other side stays quot locked quot in place I looked for extra screws I missed but am sure there are none Does anyone here have experience opening laptops especially Gateways and know how to get the thing open Thanks for all your help Kyle nbsp

A:Having trouble opening my laptop

I've never opened a gateway, but i have opened a few hp's, an apple, and a dell, and for most of them you need to do a bit of prying to get the casing up. The casing is often locked down by a plastic clip. Insert a thin pocket knife blade, or something similar, into the crack, and slide it along the crack where the two pieces of plastic join. this should pop the little clips apart. Good luck
Relevancy 30.1%

Hi all,
I have a Toshiba Satellite A300-1EI laptop. My question is when I close the screen of the laptop, does the system stop working or is it that the screen simply goes off?
And if I have a task running like virus scan, copying files, or a download scheduler is running, are these tasks stopped or do they still go on even after just closing the screen?
Is this common with laptops of all brands?


A:What does closing the screen actually do?

Lots of excellent info there

But all processes (Virus scan; copying .. etc) will pause, until you open the lid again
Relevancy 23.65%

I have windows xp Professional version 2002 service pack3 on my dell laptop...when going to open some video files..i.e.avi movie hops in and shuts it down stating that it was closing it down to stop damage to my laptop...opening the same files on another p/c problem....any sugestions??have tried to ask microsoft with not much success, reckon this is a better forum...thanks....philthyphil

A:XP shutting down opening avi files

We need the brand and model of your computer, along with configuration and age in order to be of much help to you... Since it is a Dell, we need to know if Inspiron or Latitude, and the Service Tag would be helpful.
Relevancy 20.64%

I have purchased a new laptop. The OS is Windows XP Service Pack2. The laptop I have now has Window XP Service Pack3. I have a couple questions about moving to this new computer.

1) Should I update to Service Pack3 before doing anything else?
2) I have an external hard drive that I use Acronis True Image Home 2009 to back up my hard drive onto. Is there a way to only backup the programs I want to and then move them to the new computer? Or is it better to reinstall these programs from CD's?
3) Also is there anything I haven't thought of that I should do with the new computer before transferring my old applications?

If you need any of the technical information from my new laptop or old laptop please let me know. Thank you in advance for all your help.

A:Re: Copying programs to new computer

1. Yes update to SP3, before doing any extra program install
Actually I removed my Antivirus software (after a full scan first of course) and firewall (let alone standard other programs) before installing SP3

Note: Also do all the further Windows Security updates after SP3 as well

2. It's better to reinstall these programs from CDs (moving programs is possible, but extremely difficult, and certainly never advised to do)
Actually, you really shhould download the most up to date versions of the programs first (if available)

3. Yes. Make a backup image of it first
Actually, you probably received a restore CD, or image on a hidden Disk partition, that'll be fine

By the way, before transferring anything, make sure you have an Antivirus installed (I recommend the free Avira Antivirus
You may want to do a full defrag too, if there are a few gigs of stuff coming over, or to be installed

I think that answers everything
Relevancy 20.21%

Hello I am new and very much a non-techie but I am endeavoring to learn I have an HP Pavilion zd laptop programs won't external DVD recognize Software burner w MS Windows XP Media Center version w Service Pak My internal DVD player has been kaput for some time now To watch DVDs I use an external DVD player burner that is a Pioneer DVR X- The external DVD CD player writer reads anything It plays DVDs Software programs won't recognize external DVD burner using Nero software which came w the player or it can use the Inter Video Win DVD program that came with my computer The external DVD player will burn CDs using iTunes However I want to burn DVDs I used to burn them using Media Center however Media Center only looks for DVDs in my kaput internal writer How can I get it to acknowledge my wonderful external player I have the same problem with Roxio and Record Now two very good programs that used to work when my internal drive actually worked They do not recognize my external player If I can give you more helpful information please let me know I can give you more system specs but I honestly don t know where to get that iformation I thank you for your Software programs won't recognize external DVD burner response nbsp

A:Software programs won't recognize external DVD burner


why not just buy a new internal DVD writer, they only cost a few quid and are easy to fit.
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So one day im on my office computer and do the regular thing browse on Firefox or play a game or two Computer Closes Programs and i turn it off The next morning i try to play some World of Warcraft and in about Computer Closes Programs min in the game i get a Critical error message for World of Warcraft So i decide to go on Firefox and look up the error and about min later i get that windows error that says Firefox encountered a serious problem and the SEND or DON T SEND option I restart my computer and try it again and i get the same error This also goes for any of my games or browsers i try to use which close with a error message in min or my computer just restarts I tried Disk Defragment i tried using windows system restore and my firewall nor my AVG detect a virus Please help me with this problem System Specs Windows XP Home Edition ATI mb AGP MSI Motherboard gig x Kingston RAM Creative Sound Blaster Live -bit sound card gb Maxtor Hard Drive nbsp

A:Computer Closes Programs

I also tried using different Anti-Virus programs also spyware programs like Ad-Aware
Relevancy 33.54%

My question is this The graphics card requirements suggest a power supply with Volt current rating of Amp Amps The power supply specs are showing only as high as amps Is this going to create an issue with the power effect requirements the card? does graphics supply of How (performance) amps power supply not being at the recommend amps Requirements for my graphics card are Minimum of a Watt power supply Minimum recommended power supply with Volt current rating of Amp Amps Minimum Watt for SLI mode system Minimum recommended power supply with Volt current rating of Amp Amps Spefications of my power supply are Brand Antec Model NeoPower Spec Type ATX V Maximum Power W Fans x mm super-silent fan PFC Active Main Connector Pin V Rails PCI-E Connectors x Pin SLI Certified CrossFire Ready Power Good Signal - ms Hold-up Time ms at full load Efficiency Up to V - Full load Typical load Light load V - Full load Typical load Light load Over Voltage Protection V trip point lt V V trip point lt V V trip point lt V Input Voltage - V Input Frequency Range - Hz Input Current A V A V Output V A V A V A V A V A - V A VSB A MTBF gt Hours Approvals UL CUL TUV How does power supply amps effect requirements (performance) of the graphics card? CE FCC CCC CB C-tick Features Connectors x Main connector pin x V P x peripheral x SATA x Floppy x PCI-E I feel as if I ve been a sleep for years not knowing all this stuff - would greatly appreciate any feed back regarding this as I m planning on purchasing a graphics card soon Thank you nbsp

A:How does power supply amps effect requirements (performance) of the graphics card?

Your PSU has a triple +12v rail design so you will use the combined amperage across all three rails. In this case, you have a combined rating of 54amps, which is far more than enough to run the latest video cards. The PSU is also CrossFire and SLI certified so running a single card that requires only 22amps should be a breeze for that power supply. Having an underpowered PSU may produce graphical anomalies or prevent a video card from functioning at all, just to answer your question.
Relevancy 23.65%

Hi im new in here and in need of serious help well im trying to run cmd and regedit and its telling me that a program is using it well heres my HJT log here its very frustrating that i cant get into these things and i tried many anti-spyware programs like Malwarebytes Super professional anti spyware Registry mechanic none fixed this peroblem thx for reading and the time

A:Regedit and cmd prompt not opening

The more programs you use to "clean" a system, the worse it gets. Remove all the cleaners along with Spybot SD, and start over. Your HJT log shows problems, but it doesn't look too serious. Try downloading Avast free Antivirus and Glary free Utilities and run these
Relevancy 19.78%

This has happened to me twice in the past three hours.
I'm aware my dad opened some attachment to an email he shouldn't have.
I cleared all that out via Mcafee/Ad-Aware/Registry Mechanic.

But now there's random intervals of what sounds like a canadian radio station lasting about 5 minutes.

Here is my HJT scan thingy.
I have no idea what to do with it?

Anything is appreciated, thanks. :]

A:Radio station playing through headset, no programs running

HijackThis v1.99.1Click to expand...

Please un-install your old version of HJT then...

Have a look at:

UPDATED 8-step Viruses/Spyware/Malware Preliminary Removal Instructions
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Afternoon all- After dealing with some unstable issues using Gamespy I have been inspired to try and get the private LAN game back up and running I have been trying over the past year to get other gamers to see my machine but to no avail All we get are time out errors - which has led to a battery of port tests It appears that everything is blocked or filtered I have Opening Port + XP SP3 WRT54G - checked with my ISP and they do not block any ports WRT54G + XP SP3 - Port Opening However no matter what I try - I get the same response a connection refused I am beginning to think this is a SP XP issue as I have tried WRT54G + XP SP3 - Port Opening completely bypassing the router wrt G in safe mode with networking and I get the same messages and game response Here is what I have WRT G Version Updated Firmware to version Windows XP with SP Game trying to plan - Flight Simulator X Ports anticipated by FSX - and I have two workstation running into the router One system non-gaming is hardwired The second system FSX machine uses a wireless adapter D-Link DWL- I don t have any network connection issues as a whole Everything has been running stable and access is fine The wireless adapter is under WEP security What I have tried Verified that all antivirus software is off windows and avast Made gaming computer static IP - On router - set port forwarding to the ranges as noted above for FSX On router - enabled DMZ for On route - unchecked quot Block Anonymous Requests quot Connect directly to modem Safemode networking That s about all I can think of No matter what I try I can not see the ports open I can ping my IP Lost and confused Any help is appreciated Benjamin nbsp

A:WRT54G + XP SP3 - Port Opening

just an update for you... i've seen your post and plan to look into your problem so i will get back to you again.. probably later today.
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I have a Toshiba Satellite X205-SLi1. This morning i turned it on and it took an abnormal amount of time to boot up. I am unable to access any of the "system maintanance" progams (Control Panel, Task Manager etc). Other software programs will open, but then instantly start "Not Responding". The laptop gets stuck on "Logging Off" when attempt to shutdown or restart. I am unable to run my virus software. I tried to run Defrag and Disk Cleanup, neither will run. I am not the smartest person when it comes to computers, so any help anyone can offer will be geatly appreciated.

I am unable to connect to the internet for some reason too. Right Clicking on computer icon on bottom bar and clicking "Connect to a Network" freezes my computer.

A:Programs Not Responding, Task Manager won't open

You probably have a hard drive failing
Relevancy 20.64%

I just moved out from my parents house, and I'm trying to set myself up comfortable. To conserve a bit of space, and for convinience I'd like to hook up another monitor for TV mainly, which could then be consta-showing tv (mediacenter) while the other monitor is showing whatever it is I'm doing on my PC.

I'm not very advanced with computers, so I'd like to know if it's possible to hook up two monitors on one PC and have them display two different programs, mainly TV broadcast off of the mediacenter on the other, and everything else on the other i.e normal desktop work, games etc.

Also, if this is doable, what would I need exactly to make this happen, software, wiring and hardware wise?

it's cable tv, if that matters.

A:One PC, two monitors, two programs

if you want to hook cable TV to your PC you will need a TV tuner card of some sort. If your video card has 2 connections on it you can hook 2 monitor up to it as well and use the extended desktop features in Windows.
Relevancy 35.26%

Hi everyone I have been having a small problem with a physics card that I recently bought and feel that i should look to here for help Current hardware ASUS striker extreme motherboard Intel Q CPU is Physics any card effect having not x Nvidia Gb graphics cards Gb Ram I Physics card is not having any effect cannot find the make one Gb SATA hard disk Arctic power W PSU Supreme FX sound card Windows Vista Premium bit Actual problem I put this PC together myself a few months ago and have never had any problems with it All the games run fine aside from the fact that the physics just doesn t happen I have tried running the physics on the CPU but it shows no difference mostly the game I try to use physics in is UT When I put the card in my D Mark score went up by about and for some reason my windows experience index went up for the graphics The power is obviously getting to the card because the lights always show up on it Also the card shows up in the device manager and passes all of the tests with the Nvidia PhysX control panel but when i try to run the demo game that came with the card it says No AGEIA PhysX hardware detected Please check installation I have tried the card in both PCI slots and have always checked that the power is plugged into it Temperatures I don t think that temperatures are a problem but here they are anyway CPU C idle C under load Both GPUs run at about C at idle or under any load I always run my system with the case cover off because I have no air intake fan I never get any error reports or major crashes during games it is just that the physics doesn t appear in-game Please could someone advise me on what I should do nbsp

A:Physics card is not having any effect

Your choice of a 64-bit version of Vista might be affecting proper operation of the PhysicX card...
Relevancy 20.21%

im trying to install a program on to my computer that i just downloaded but one of my partitions is full so i saved it to my other partition which has 98 gigs left so it downloaded fine but i couldnt get it to install it just said that the drive was full although it has plenty of space on the hard drive.

if anyone could get me an answer i would appreciate it greatly.

btw im using vista ultimate 64, idk if that has anything to do with it

thanx again......

A:Saving and installing programs on different partition

The partition that is full is causing the fault (still)
It probably needs to copy some install files to there, or maybe the PageFile or even temporary files needs to increase.
Therefore the full Partition is the concern

You could start by running CCleaner (a little be more space gone, to install this!)
Or just start cleaning up (deleting/and or moving data out of the full Partition)

Then try the install again (some installs require gigs of free space, it all depends on the program you are installing)
Relevancy 24.08%

I bought a thermaltake w psu the other day and installed it fine It was working absolutely perfectly until I decided to open up PSU by new killed my pc? up opening Have my I my computer and clean Have I killed my new PSU by opening up my pc? some of the dust out a couple of days later In this process I unplugged some of the components in my computer such as the hard drives and dvd drive However after reconnecting everything correctly I reattached the power lead to the psu and Have I killed my new PSU by opening up my pc? pressed the power rocker switch to on and nothing happened On this psu there is an orange standby light that comes on even if the computer is not powered up but this no longer comes on I have tried the paper clip test with this psu but the fan doesnt spin The computer does boot up and work fine with an old psu I have but dont really want to use To me this means the psu has failed but I just dont understand how this could have happened after merely unplugging and reconnecting a couple of components Any insight would be much appreciated thanks nbsp

A:Have I killed my new PSU by opening up my pc?

Yes ben4652, i think your PSU has failed. maybe you should check your manufacturer and your warranty.
Relevancy 35.69%

If i have 512mb ram in one pc and another pc is using 1GB ram and motherboard + processor speeds are same, then what role high RAM pc will play?

Will he give me more faster performance?

A:Ram difference effect on PC

simple answer...yes, the PC with 1gb will run a bit smoother and efficiently.

RAM is an active storage where data is being passed through it, or readily available for use. If your RAM fills up, data must be retrieved from the hard disk, which is slower. Higher RAM allows for greater multi-tasking and can ease some high graphic loads.
Relevancy 20.64%

Hi....I've recently seen a new problem on my XP system. When I click on ANY desktop program, the only thing that opens is the property menu of that application. If I reboot, everything is fine...but I may have to reboot several times a day. I did a complete clean up...registry, antivirus, defender, spybot checking for any problems but that didn't seem to help. Any suggestions? jjwalker007

A:Can't Open Programs

It's usually the right click "Open" command (context menu) missing
But rebooting shouldn't fix that

You did run all AntiVirus/Spyware tests fully?
Relevancy 24.08%

Hi not sure if I am posting in the right forum but here File please help opening goes My computer is taking a long time to open media files - all types I generally use media player classic or occasionally WMP I like the library Recently both apps have been taking a long time over minute to access files All my media files or stored on an NTFS partition on my HD This partition is a general storage partition and has folders that are shared over my home network in it - including the music and video folders I read somewhere can t now find the link that mapping network drives improves retrival times - but I don t know enough to know if this is correct or even if it relates to my problem I would like to know what is slowing the access time to the media File opening help please files on my HD and what I can do about it many thanks in advance Will nbsp

A:File opening help please

How are you handling Virus and other malware protection? Do you regularly use registry cleaners like CCleaner and Glary Utilities?
Relevancy 20.21%

Hello How s everyone doing I find EMachines won't after installing boot programs computer myself faced with a weird problem I purchased a factory refurbished eMachines EMachines computer won't boot after installing programs computer about months ago I only took it out of the box about weeks ago and proceeded to get it to work I haven t had a problem with it until today I EMachines computer won't boot after installing programs installed programs and now EMachines computer won't boot after installing programs the machine won t boot FYI system details are as follows eMachines T AMD Athlon X processor with GB of RAM running Windows Vista Home Premium Edition Today the machine was working perfectly Then I installed Nero Ultra Edition which required a restart No problems Then I installed iTunes with Quicktime and the machine still appeared fine Then I noticed that the optical drive wouldn t eject manually I tried ejecting via software but found that the drive wasn t there It wasn t being recognized by Windows Earlier today I used it without a problem So I shut down the system and tried to turn it back on That s when I hit the big problem It stayed stuck on the eMachines screen black screen with a big quot e quot and the quot Boot Options quot and quot BIOS Setup quot choices I tried pressing F for boot options and F for BIOS to no avail So I turned off the computer and tried again This time I just left it alone for a while It took about minutes but the computer moved on from the eMachines screen on to a black screen saying the following MediaShield ROM BIOS Copyright C NVIDIA Corp Detecting array No matter what I do it won t go any further I tried pressing either F or F immediately after turning the machine on but it doesn t work I tried contacting eMachines support but they won t help me unless I pay their ridiculously high support fees since the computer is out of warranty Does anyone have any suggestions I need to at least be able to boot in safe mode to restore my machine back to what it was before I installed those two programs I have a feeling it may have something to do with Nero rather than iTunes Nero has that virtual drive feature Couldn t that interfere with the boot Thank you all in advance for your help with this problem Best regards Fred Armando nbsp

A:EMachines computer won't boot after installing programs

The hard drive may be bad... If you know how to check it or replace it, good. If you don't have this knowledge, you will have to take it to a repair shop
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Hi guys. Im not sure what to do here. Im using Q9450 cpu, evga 9800gx2 gpu and asus striker ii 790i mobo.

Recently ive been trying to encode video using Convertxtodvd but it always crashed after about 5 mins. I switched to TMPG dvd author and all was fine i could encode my video.

Today i installed Crysis on my pc. It froze after about 10 mins of playing it. Restarted the comp and loaded it up again for it to crash after about 20 mins of playing.

Im not really sure what to do. Not sure if its my hardware or software. Im using vista 32bit but i tried installing windows xp pro and the same freezes occured. I would be grateful for any help! thnx!

A:Frequent freezes using certain programs!

Open up the case and try playing the game. if the system freezes, try replacing or upgrading the power supply
Relevancy 23.65%

I feel a bit guilty as this is my first post and I have to ask for help.
I need to fit a new DVD player in my Vaio.
I can not remove the frame around the key pad. I have found the screws under the key pad, and now the frame remains fixed under the strip where the buttons and the speakers are. I can find no more screws or fixing clips? Only the very ends of this strip seem to move a bit. The metal screen under the key pad seems to be permanently fixed to the strip
As my Vaio breaks down often it is getting too expensive to send it back again.
I would be very thankful for advice.

A:Opening the case on a Vaio VGN-A 317M

I can't find that model number on the Sony Support site. There is a number on one of the LCD display inside hinges... This is the proper model number. Is this a USA model?

Sometimes, there is a single screw accessed from the memory or hard drive bays at the bottom of the laptop, that releases the CD/DVD drive
Relevancy 20.64%

Right well I OC'd my e6300 from the stock 1.86 to 2.45 and I was just looking at temperatures. I got speedfan and HWMonitor they seem to disagree on the temp of my CPU. Speedfan will say its 15 lower than what HWMonitor says it is.

Can anybody tell me which program is accurate or if neither what program is?

But they agree on all the other temperatures, GPU, mobo, HDD, etc

A:CPU Temperature reportting different in different programs.

What does PC Wizard say?
Relevancy 35.69%

Good evening everyone.

I am playing Final Fantasy XI on my laptop and I am getting an FFXI-4001 error, which has been identified as a problem pertaining to my router. Because of my router model, I am being told that to fix this problem, the only way is to turn off the DMZ on my router. I would like to know what DMZ does and what consequences this will have for my laptop and pc using internet through it.

Thank you for your time, have nice day.

A:Need more information on DMZ effect.

DMZ is a setting on a router that is used to expose a single computer directly to the internet, rather than hiding it using NAT etc.

Check for the DMZ setting on your router, and change it to the opposite of whatever it is.
Relevancy 19.78%

I have been working on a (Text/Graphics) Contents Fit Some Programs of Don't in Software Window strangle problem on my wife s Gateway ROG with Windows XP service pack for quite some time Some programs do not fit inside of the windows For example the Epson printer software graphics and text are cut off by the right side Contents of Some Software Programs (Text/Graphics) Don't Fit in Window of the window of which they appear and the user can not see the entirety of Contents of Some Software Programs (Text/Graphics) Don't Fit in Window the contents and hence can not select and click much less see options on what should be the right side of the window SuperAnti-Spyware Free edition also does the same thing Apparently for whatever reason these two software programs display their contents inside a window differently than most other software programs which are not displayed correctly inside their respective windows Contents of Some Software Programs (Text/Graphics) Don't Fit in Window For the record this used not to be a problem I have tried re-installing the Epson printer software the printer works fine I have also tried removing and reinstalling the video device driver software This does not work either It is a ATI Mobility Radeon Advice is greatly appreciated nbsp

A:Contents of Some Software Programs (Text/Graphics) Don't Fit in Window

Could it be that your display resolutions are wrong?

i doubt it has anything to do with your epson software, since it happens with others..

The normal resolution you should keep your monitors at is to the highest supported by both monitor and graphics card. DPI however, can be altered, found under the advanced properties (display properties>Settings>Advanced..) of your graphics card. Try altering that to the Normal setting and see if it makes a difference..

have you also tried getting the latest software updates available for your graphics card and others you have problem with?
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I can't open the Control Panel on my XP computer, so I need to find a way to open the audio control. I know (or I think) it's located on windows/system32 but I don't know the name of it, can someone help me?

A:Need help opening audio control

You need to reinstall the sound driver. What is your computer a desktop or a laptop? What type of sound do you have? On-board sound (motherboard) or a PCI sound card?
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I have a Compaq Presario SR1520NX with a 754 socket. I currently have a AMD sempron 3100+ 1.8GHz processor and was planning on getting an AMD Athlon 64 3400+ 2.4GHz Processor. The problem is that when I run my system under system requirements lab it says that my processor is rated at 3.10 GHz, this throws me off a bit because the requirement for the game would say 2.8GHz and mine would pass since its "rated" at 3.10GHz even though its a 1.8GHz. Now if I were to buy the 2.4GHz one, will it be rated even higher or no? Basically would the one that I want to get run programs and games better then the one I currently have. and if I do change processors will my performance be enhanced by a lot or will I bearly notice it?
Thank you for your time.

A:Which processor will run programs better on my pc.

I believe you will notice a difference.

But you may also need to look at your Ram (How much Ram is installed ?)

As for the game ratings, well MS says windows can run on 128Meg, but would you ?

These minimum requirements are usually below minimum in my view.

You may wish to download System Specs to find out what you have.
Although this does not show your Power Supply maximum rating ( marked inside the case )

Also before doing anything it is advised to download the computers manual, to find out what the maximum size CPU you can put into that computer
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hello ppl i need some help here, recently i upgraded from a AMD 3800+ cpu and biostar Geforce 6100 motherboard and 7300gt DDR2 256mb TO a Intel E6850 core 2 Duo 3.ghz cpu and the motherboard to a ASUS P5N-E SLI and the gfx card to a 8600gt DDR3 256MB, i had to reinstall windows which i did, i reinstalled the motherborads drivers and reinstalled my gfx card drivers but now every program, game, application, internet, crashes to the desktop with a error msg sayin this program had to be ended sorry for the inconveince and so on pls i really need help with this i dont really know much about computers. here are my full new specs.

intel E6850 core 2 Duo 3.ghz cpu
1500mb DDR2 ram
450 watt power supply
P5N-E SLI ASUS motherboard.
8600GT GFX Card 256mb DDR3
windows xp pro sp2

any help will be greatly appreciated.

A:All games and programs crash after new mother board and cpu installed.

did you update the bios and appropriate drivers?
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Ok, I have been looking for ways to add programs to my U3 thumbdrive start menu list. I have tons of programs on the drive, but want to be able to access them from the quickstart U3 application.

I have searched a bit, but found nothing extremely useful. Anyone got any suggestions? Besides go download things from the U3 website :rolleyes:

A:U3 USB Drive...Add Programs To List

You should try the Shourtcut Creator 4U3. Download from
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good day.

Im a graphic artist, and I recently assembled a pc


intel c2d 2.33 conroe( i think)
INNO 3D 76OO GT 512 DDR2

i know i need to add one more memory to make use of dual channel on the motherboard or i can remove the 1 gig.

Programs I usually use.... photoshop, bryce 3d, and planning to use 3d max and sketchup.

i still have a 160 gig ide that i have not yet connected yet that I will use for the scracth disk and files that i will save.

Question is.. is this set enough for me...

should I change the memories to ocz 2 gig kits?
what is the best cooler for the processor..( dont want to use the water things)

should I change the motherboard.

any comment will be appreciated..

Thanks in advance

A:Is my set up Good for my programs

Use 2gigs of RAM (or 2 1 gig sticks and 2 512s for 3gigs in dual channel) if you are using Vista or XP 32bit. Use 4gigs if you are using the 64bit versions of those OSes.

You should be fine with that hardware.
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i have seen alot of gamers using only 1-2 gigs of memory (mostly pc6400).

my question is, how much is enough and how much is just over doing it when it comes to playing games.

A:How does system memory effect gaming?

2GB is pretty much the standard for a game PC. If you only do very light gaming or play older games, 1GB is fine. As cheap as memory is now, 2GB is usually an simple decision.
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i had an error message come up on my new hard drive( lost fat 32 file )or corrupt.i tried repairing and ran windows xp new install but still wouldnt boot i installed it on my second hard drive and got my computer my problem is trying to move files and programs and make my new hard drive the boot drive with operating system without losing anything.

A:Need help transfer files an programs to another harddrive

Hi j frank l, and Welcome.

To access technical support you will need to go to HERE and post your question again (you could just copy your original message) into the appropriate forum for your problem.

This forum is for introductions only as stated above:

Do NOT post your Computer Questions/Problems in this ForumClick to expand...

Your technical questions will then be responded to.
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Is there any way of checking what agp slot/s you have (4x 8x 16x) or what pci slots you have without opening the case and actually seeing them. I was thinking it may be possible by looking at device manager or dxdiag but I don't know where to look.

A:Checking your slots (agp or pci) without opening the case.

Not device manager. Download one of the system monitoring applications. I just looked at my "Everest" Ultimate edition program and it tells you the make and model of your motherboard. Then go to Google and do a search. It's good to take off the side once in a while to check for dust and junk Also to get a look at things while it runs.
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Hi guys...
I just plugged my Onkyo 6.1 Channel (S-680) to my computer. I connected the receiver to the Digital Out port of my motherboard (Intel 915GV Chipset-Asus PTGD1 - LA). It uses the Realtek ALC880 drivers. Whenever I open Sound Effect Manager and do the Speaker Test, sound comes only from my front speakers. The rears/centre/sub all light up but no sound is played. However, while running games/music/films I get sound from all my speakers (though not very satisfactory and not real surround sound). Can anyone please help me with this?

Also, I can't open Realtek HD Audio Manager (RTHDCPL.exe). Only RTLCPL.exe (Sound Effect Manager) works. When I click on RTHDCPL.exe nothing happens. Please do help out.


A:No Sound From Surround/Centre/Subwoofer In Realtek Sound Effect Manager Test

try this:

1) try to go to the settings of your sound effect manager & there are selections there for 2.0, or what ever you may find that corresponds to your speaker channel.

2) if nothing corresponds to the given selections,try to download the latest audio driver from your motherboard's manufacturer website.

3) otherwise,you need to plug-in a sound card that has the feature to play with 6.1 channel audio.

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right, ive posted threads about this a few times yet no help. perhaps its too hard for you guys but il try you.

basically, my computer doesn't connect to any programs....

msn, remote assistance, updates

NOTHING except IE and limewire.

It gets error messages for 'no internet connection' etc.
I dont kno what the **** to do.... can anyone help ive had this for about a year now, and I kind of want msn and other programs to work..

and btw, dont say do a virus scan, coz my AV (mcafee) hasnt been updated since 06 lol. due to no internet connection

HELP will be much appericated

A:internet programs not working (proper problem)

well ... a description of the network devices and system would certainly help.

meanwhile; try looking at this
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I need to clean the keys of my labtop. I think wine got spilled on it, and all my keys get stuck. How do I open the labtop to get in there to clean the keys? I have a hp pavilion zv6000. Any ideas? or a diagram?


A:Opening a Labtop

-=Go here to download the HP service manual:

-=Pages 107-117 detail the instructions for removal of the keyboard.

-=Page 75 has part numbers for replacement keyboards, if you want to just replace it.

-=Here is a link to an online store where you can buy the keyboard. It's not the lowest price, but it's a reliable vendor.

-=If you want to look for more price and store options, hit and search for the product number for the appropriate keyboard. For the US version it is 383664-001.

PS: *whistles* that's a long process just to remove a keyboard... Have fun and be careful. Oh, and remember that you may be voiding your warranty.
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I was wondering if anyone can help me with a problem im having Its strange because I keep getting write errors when I try to burn cd s with nero and alcohol I try burning like cds and I get the same thing I cant figure out whats wrong because my programs Other with Write Nero error 7 and drive can read cds just fine and the brand i use for the cds ive been using for a while now It s like on day it just stopped working Well i saved the log if it helps Here it is Windows XP IA WinAspi File Wnaspi dll Ver size bytes created PM ahead WinASPI File C Program Files Nero Nero Write error with Nero 7 and Other programs Core Wnaspi dll Ver size bytes created PM NT-SPTI used Nero Version Internal Version Recorder lt MAT A UJ- D gt Version - HA TA - Adapter driver lt IDE gt HA Drive buffer kB Bus Type default - gt ATAPI detected CD-ROM lt MAT A UJ- D gt Version - HA TA - Adapter driver lt IDE gt HA Scsi-Device-Map DiskPeripheral FUJITSU MHU AT atapi Port ID DMA On CdRomPeripheral MAT A UJ- D atapi Port ID DMA On CDRom-Device-Map MAT A UJ- D D CDRom AutoRun Excluded drive IDs WriteBufferSize Byte BUFE Physical memory MB kB Free physical memory MB kB Memory in use Uncached PFiles x Use Inquiry Global Bus Type default Check supported media Disabled CD-ROM ISO PM Text File SCSIPTICommands cpp Line LockMCN - completed sucessfully for IOCTL STORAGE MCN CONTROL PM Text File Isodoc cpp Line Iso document burn settings ------------------------------------------ Determine maximum speed FALSE Simulate FALSE Write TRUE Finalize CD FALSE Multisession TRUE Multisession type Start multisession Burning mode DAO Mode ISO Level Max of char Character set ISO Joliet TRUE Allow pathdepth more than directories TRUE Allow more than characters in path TRUE Write ISO file extensions TRUE PM Text File Burncd cpp Line MAT A UJ- D Buffer underrun protection activated PM ISO GEN - File Geniso cpp Line First writeable address x PM Text File Burncd cpp Line Turn on Disc-At-Once using CD-R RW media PM Text File DlgWaitCD cpp Line Last possible write address on media Last address to be written PM Text File DlgWaitCD cpp Line Write in overburning mode NO enabled CD PM Text File DlgWaitCD cpp Line Recorder MAT A UJ- D CDR code OSJ entry from Ritek Co ATIP Data Special Info hex C F LI F B LO Additional Info hex invalid invalid invalid PM Text File DlgWaitCD cpp Line gt gt gt Protocol of DlgWaitCD activities lt lt lt PM Text File ThreadedTransferInterface cpp Line Setup items after recorder preparation TRM DATA MODE indices index not provided original disc pos relocatable disc pos for caching writing not required required - gt TRM DATA MODE config wanted index blocks length blocks D MAT A UJ- D -------------------------------------------------------------- PM Text File ThreadedTransferInterface cpp Line Prepare D MAT A UJ- D for write in CUE-sheet-DAO DAO infos MCN quot quot TOCType x Session Closed disc not fixated Tracks to Idx Idx Next Trk TRM DATA MODE x FilePos ISRC quot quot DAO layout Start Track Idx CtrlAdr Size NWA RecDep - lead-in x x - x - x x x lead-out x x PM Text File SCSIPTICommands cpp Line SPTILockVolume - completed successfully for FCTL LOCK VOLUME PM Phase File dlgbrnst cpp Line Caching of files started PM Text File Burncd cpp Line Cache writing successful PM Phase File dlgbrnst cpp Line Caching of files completed PM Phase File dlgbrnst cpp Line Burn process started at x KB s PM Text File ThreadedTransferInterface cpp Line Verifying disc position of item relocatable disc pos no patch infos orig at write at PM Text File MMC cpp Line StartDAO CD-Text - Off PM Text File MMC cpp Line Set BUFE Buffer underrun protection - gt ON PM Text File MMC cpp Line CueData Len aa PM Text File Cdrdrv cpp Line - D MAT A UJ- D Queue again later PM SPTI - File SCSIPassThrough cpp Line CdRom SCSIStatus x WinError NeroError - Sense Key x KEY MEDIUM ERROR Sense Code x C Sense Qual x CDB Data x A Sense Area xF D A B C Buffer x cb ec Len x x C A E B C D C x C C A E ED A x B FA B A B... Read more

A:Write error with Nero 7 and Other programs

How old is the burner?
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I am having a problem. I want to know if it is possible to put windows on my small USB seagate 120G hard drive. I want to put Auto Cad and Photoshop on it an use it at other computers that don't have that software. I don't have money for a laptop at the moment. Hopefully someone can help me. I am a complete ***** at things like this.

A:Using programs from an External Hard Drive

It may be possible, but I doubt it... have never seen it work reliably, although I have seen a lot of good techs try... maybe the latest Windows versions will work.
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Hello I have lots of problems with my hard disks CHKDSK finds errors in the values every the and stop that can't installed Hard +programs games disk Crc-errors working be that time in my hard disks even after running a CHKDSK f Also I can t install games from CD DVD s because there comes always quot read error in file x quot or quot unpack error in file x quot or a quot CRC-error occured quot Also corrupt program files almost any program might stop working this happens every day It can be Skype WMP RealPlayer Itunes Mozilla Firefox You name it Even WIN XP self complains about many problems at least once a week I have SP latest updates use a Antivirus firewall and Ad-Aware some other similar programs can t find any problems I had a Samsung harddisk P GB which had these problems then a bought another one because I thought it was broken a WDC hard disk and installed Win XP to that instead but the problems still occured like before What should I do are there any good diagnostic programs Please help me I can t stand the situation anymore With regards a novice My system is Intel C D E Corsair PC DDR Hard disk Crc-errors +programs that stop working and games that can't be installed MB Samsung Spinpoint P GB WDC GB Nec DVD-burner AD NorthQ - Bulk W Gigabyte DS- Powercolor Radeon x Pro EE Hard disk Crc-errors +programs that stop working and games that can't be installed MB Win Xp Home Cooler Master Mystique Viewsonic VA MS Wireless Laser desktop nbsp

A:Hard disk Crc-errors +programs that stop working and games that can't be installed

Sounds like a bad connection.

sellomies said:

I have lots of problems with my hard disks...

Also I can't install games from CD/DVD's...

Also corrupt program files...Click to expand...

From these three factors, my first suspicion is that you have I/O issues. Your drives are probably fine.

If the HD and the CD are on the same IDE cable (assuming these are IDE, you didn't say), I'd check the cable for breaks/burns or just for a bad connection (cable detaching from connector, or not plugged in tightly to the MoBo).

Check your connections... ESPECIALLY to the CD. Any software that was installed from that drive might not have installed properly, and half of your trouble may just be your hard drives reading badly written data.
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I am a tech for a company that deals in point of sale software for cafeterias Recently and inexplicably one of our districts had systems in two locations that would go black screen Monitor light is on all power settings are set to never and only a reboot brings the system back on I appears as if the problem only Programs on blank Screen goes different OS, systems, occurs during operation of the sales software I made sure all updates and patches were applied The district has several cafeterias but only two are having the problem The software is MSSQL based I would normally think this would be strictly in the software except that we just got a call from another district having the same problem But they are using a different sales software Older windows version different hardware Screen goes blank on different systems, OS, Programs but exact same problem None are hooked into Screen goes blank on different systems, OS, Programs the internet and each are servers with one or more slave systems Specs below District Celeron meg ddr integrated p m a video winxp pro sp MSSQL District Celeron meg integrated SIS video Win se nbsp

A:Screen goes blank on different systems, OS, Programs

Hello! Welcome to TechSpot!

Delicate situation!
Being the one common thing in both districts is "integrated video"
I would suggest a search for the latest chipset drivers.
It may be as simple as a bad api call not being handled.

Are these touch screens?
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I apologise if this is an inane question, but it's driving me mad!!!
I have recently acquired an external hard drive with the intention of transfering my vast collection of music on to it. I want to transfer Windows Media player to it as well. I have had no problem in moving My Music file to the external drive. However, I cannot seem to copy the whole progam of Windows Media Player on to it, only a shortcut button. I want to ensure that all my music is stored on the external hard drive and in order to play it I think I need the windows media player or simialr on there to. Is this correct? if it is how do I do it???

Thank you

A:Copying programs from laptop tp external hard drive

You only need to move your music files onto the external drive.

You cant move media player as it is part of windows, if you have a library of music in media player then at the moment it will have its location stored as the original place that your files are, if you then move the files you will have to recreate the library and point it to the new storage area (your external drive).

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I need to monitor my computer to insure it will not over heat. I have 2 fans in there but it still seems hot. I want some type of software or hardware i can get that will keep me in check of how hot my computer gets so i know when to take action. I want something like a gauge to maintain communication with the temperature.

A:Temperature Programs or Hardware??

try speed fan or Hmonitor.......
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Every time I try opening a video file I get the msg "explorer.exe has generated problems and willl be closed" something along those lines.

I tried searching for solutions but got no luck, any ideas on what I can do to solve the problem?

A:problem opening video files...


This is an old,old, problem,unfortunately.

The brief explanation is that Windows tries to create thumbnail previews
of videos,but crashes for some unknown reason.

The brief solution is to go to go to :

Start/Run/and paste in - regsvr32 /u shmedia.dll then click OK.

That turns off previews.More solutions HERE
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How would you clean the insides of a dvd-drive without being able to open the cover(not talking about the tray..)

My xbox360 has a broken dvd drive .. it can't read media anymore. I don't want to open it up because it'll void my warranty. I'm just trying to see if I can fix it before the UPS guys arrive and I send it in for repairs.

A:Cleaning a dvd drive without opening it

If its not reading a disc, chances are pretty good that it need to be replaced! Besides it is under warranty, why you worried about fixing it yourself?
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can we split ddr2 memory to be use better in some programs>?

and what it is virtual memory, and what is for, and to have better virtual memory what to do?

A:can we split ddr2 memory to be use better in some programs>?

AngelOfLighT said:

can we split ddr2 memory to be use better in some programs>?

and what it is virtual memory, and what is for, and to have better virtual memory what to do?Click to expand...

Hi there. I'm not quite sure what you are asking in your first question.

Virtual memory is exactly that, its not actual RAM memory (DDR & DDR2 etc) it is a section of your harddisk that your OS will use as make-shift memory when you have insufficient RAM memory. This in turn means that it is slower and doesn't perform as well as normal memory, due to your harddisk being much slower write/read than RAM memory.

So, in conclusion, RAM memory > virtual memory, however if you don't have enough RAM memory then you can edit how much virtual memory you would like to have (at least in windows you can, although not sure about Vista).
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i wanted to know that as the title suggests i want to know of the precautions to be taken while opening the case

A:What precautions to be taken while opening the case

Don't pinch your fingers Use a little common sence and don't bang around inside the case to hard... Why are you opening the case. To clean the insides?
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im really not happy about this for about months only a few of my programs have connected will internet Some to connect the not programs to the internet My IE and Limewire appear to be the only programs connecting my msn live or any other versions ive tried to install dont work it comes up with error Some programs will not connect to the internet codes which ive solved but it still doesnt work im now using meebo which is a ive tired to download firefox that never connected to the internet going on hotmail doesnt work either it just says page cannot be displayed but it works on all the other computers ive been on My avg didnt update neither does my mcafee it tells me to check for updates then i do and it says internet problems retry it still doesnt work nothing will update its completely screwed ive gathered that it might be something to do with my protocool maybe i looked in my msconfig services and HTTP SSL has been stopped ive ticked and restarted it but its still stopped ive got a belkins g - mbps connecting to a wireless netgear router from a mac adress what the hell do i do ppl plz help me regards fr ddi dead nbsp

A:Some programs will not connect to the internet

and if its a virus. then how can i get rid of it coz i cant update mcafee, lol. my friend sent me AVG7.5 updates but it only found a few trojans. not what im looking for. plz help?
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The firefox internet will not open when i click on the icon. it also goes for all of the other progams on my computer, they wont open.

The only working programs are the yahoo messenger and ares which i used to get on the internet with.Other pragrms like my winamp, realplayer, and a few games i downloaded that go online will not open.

A:my computer cant not use any of my programs

I would check for virus/spyware. Go to a computer that has a CD-R drive and burn a cd with some antispyware programs and/or antivirus. I would recommend This takes care of spyware and trojans which you might have. Maybe you should think of reformatting your pc
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Hi everyone. I have just finished upgrading my old computer with an intel pentium 3 600mhz cpu. The upgrade went ok but when i try to use internet explorer, windows live messeger or any other web based application the program will just crash with a message saying "This program has encounted a problem and needs to close". It never use to do this with my old celeron. Could this be a problem with the cpu? or do i just simply need to reinstall windows?

Any suggestions on what may be wrong with it would be awsome.

By the way when i turn on my computer the bios says it is a 600EBMHZ what ever that means.

A:Programs crash after cpu upgrade

You may just wanna try reinstalling windows. Sometimes the OS does weird things when you replace the CPU, even though in theory it shouldn't make a difference.
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Hello I Blanket" American effect Crash, 3D Games "Native am having a problem with D games specifically Warcraft III and Age of Mythology I ve been playing 3D Games Crash, "Native American Blanket" effect a lot of DotA lately warcraft mod and decided to revisit AoM so I ve only had this problem with those two games It would probably happen with any other D game if I tried them Anyhow with Warcraft I could be minutes into a game and maybe the game would freeze and immediately the colors bleed vertically and create this sort of quot navajo blanket quot effect not sure how to explain it I don t know if there is a technical term for that but with AoM it happens within the first minutes every time I am getting frustrated because I am trying to LAN with my friend I hope it is not a hardware problem or a sign of my video card starting to puke My laptop is a Gateway about two years old has an AMD Athlon ATI Radeon X Mobility MB XP Pro Gig Ram nbsp

A:3D Games Crash, "Native American Blanket" effect

So apparently nobody has had this problem?
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I recently bought a new Vista PC and the Internet works but only for browsing (IE7). If I attempt to run a program that connects to the Internet such as PokerStars, MSN, LimeWire, Azureus, Online games etc it will time out with a connection problem.

At first I thought it was a Firewall problem so I disabled the Windows Firewall but still have had no luck.

I am using an ADSL router (U.S. Robotics) and if I plug the same connection into my old PC these programs work fine.

If anyone has any ideas I would appreciate it.

Thanks Manners

A:Connection problem via programs

How did you disable the firewall? Simply turning it off, doesn't actually do that. You also need to go into the advanced area and uncheck you ethernet connection from the list of firewalled connections
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Hi all...
I was wondering if restarting my computer effects it. Like should i limit the amount of times i restart it. So will it eventually ware out my CPU or computer in anyway?

Thanx 4 ur info!

A:Does constant restarting effect your CPU?

Hi rross48,

Restarting your computer should have no ill effects on your computer or CPU.

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Hi all,
I opened my dimension 4400 and installed a PCI adapter; tonight I
tried to open my husand's dimension and when I push the button on the top of the tower the bottom part of the tower is able to push out but the top
seems to be stuck. Should I be pushing another tab? Do these buttons get stuck? I'm afraid to pull too hard and break the plastic at the top. Am I missing something? Any tips?

A:Opening the Dimension 4400

Can you unscrew the sides of the case off?
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Hi i am doing a job for a freind what i am trying to do is this well first i setup his server "which is windows 2003" at his work location and all the computers are able to connect to the server. He has gotten a new location down the street and set up 4 pcs there how can i get it so that they can use the server as if the server was there in other words how can they join the network with out being there.

A:use programs in my server from another location

Depends on length of cable or connection... and what kind of connection pulls them all together> Information is available in the documentation that came with your Windows 2003.