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HP Pavilion DV1000 admin login?

Q: HP Pavilion DV1000 admin login?

Hi all having successfully cleansed said laptop from various nasties thanks in part to Kimsland and Bobbye i have an issue with the admin login Ok when booting up xp is set to fast user switching and the welcome screen login screen with user accounts Administrator is not included in the list So i hit ctrl alt del twice which then brings up the secure login dialog box So i key in Administrator and the Pavilion DV1000 login? HP admin password that i set and it comes up with quot Unable to log you on HP Pavilion DV1000 admin login? because of an account restriction quot WTF is that The only way i can log in as admin is to reboot into safe mode when it presents itself as another user in the welcome screen list giving in total which quite frankly is ridiculous The main reason the lappy was infected was due to uneducated users installing all kinds of crap as their accounts had admin rights I need to restrict them to limited accounts whilst having full access to the admin account without the need to reboot into safe mode I ve google searched for answers but couldn t find any I m looking for a way to solve this issue so with respect please don t come back with workarounds like quot press shift right-click run as kind of suggestions because i m after full access to admin account without rebooting So any help you can offer would be most appreciated thanks nbsp
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Preferred Solution: HP Pavilion DV1000 admin login?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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hey mates,
just got myself a free (loaded) hp pavilion dv1000.
reason it was free is because it won't start, won't accept power in any way, obviously i'll probably use it for parts, but i've seen a few posts about this being a common problem with dv1000s and that soldering the power linkup to the motherboard can correct this problem.
first question, has anyone done this successfully? or know someone that has.
and second question, if not, can anything think of something else that would cause this problem?

base history of the machine: (i don't have its exact specs beyond knowing that the original buyer loves desktop replacement quality laptops) original owner bought it, had problems with it occasionally shutting off without warning (hard shutdown) then eventually it just wouldnt start, no other known problems.

A:HP Pavilion dv1000 won't start
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I have driver problem
- Multimedia Audio Controller
- Video Controller
when upgraded with OS Win 7 32 bit
Please somebody help me to find supported driver
I'm waitin'....

A:[SOLVED] HP Pavilion dv1000 OS Win 7

Type in your specific model # at the HP Site to get your specific drivers for this model. If you have just the Pavillion DV1000 this model shipped with XP and HP does not have supported drivers for this model in Windows 7.
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i reformatted my computer (xp pro)and now i cant get the audio to work to save my life. ive downloaded drivers from the hp website and tried to update drivers. and i just don't know whats wrong. i had to reformat back from sp3 to sp2 if that matters
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Hi - the actual mouse pad on this computer is not working for some reason. I am currently using an external mouse. Do you know how I can get it to work again? When I move my finger around on it the mouse on the screen does not move. If I need to provide more information lease let me know. Windows XP.

A:HP Pavilion dv1000 Mouse Pad Stuck

I admit I am an idiot. In case anyone else ever has this problem, there is a small button above the "touchpad" (I Just learned that is what it is called" that says TOUCHPAD ON. And if there is no light, then it is off. I feel very stupid but maybe someone else will read this and not spend hours trying to figure out what is wrong with their computer.
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HP Pavilion dv Special Edition Laptop XP Home v w SP Pentium M Processor GHz Mhz GB RAM I'd like to get this system back to the excellent condition it was in when I purchased it almost years ago Having briefly returned it to its original owner it came back loaded with bloatware and I suspect malware 7 w/SP3 Laptop Pavilion HP to ?? SE Upgrade Win dv1000 from XP viruses I can also practice on my own equipment worry-free and experience all of the tutorials and steps that were included to assist with my previous post which I uncomfortably marked Solved just a moment ago I tried unsuccessfully to get a screenshot of the results of the Win Upgrade Advisor for this laptop but PrtScrn did not put anything onto the Clipboard for pasting into Paint so I'll summarize the results of the Advisor Win custom install HP Pavilion dv1000 SE Laptop Upgrade to Win 7 from XP w/SP3 ?? required current graphics adapter won't support Win or be supported by Win Outlook Express no longer included HP may be able to provide more info If it's feasible to perform a clean install I'd like to try though first I'd like to run Avira from my thumbdrive and include online ESET and Panda Cloud before anything else Also SFC I was not able to reorder the Boot Order so I could boot from my Avira thumbdrive I'm willing to boost the current RAM to its max if it will help installing running Win I think the max may be GB where now I only have GB But first and foremost can I realistically expect this system to be able to run Win If not I'll go to the next step Thank you sbuxman

A:HP Pavilion dv1000 SE Laptop Upgrade to Win 7 from XP w/SP3 ??

Just re install XP

If you want 7, you`r egonna have to pay for it.

Operating Systems, Microsoft Windows -
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Hello all,

I tried upgrading Windows XP home edition to XP Professional on the pavilion dv1000 and run into some problems. Firstly, the upgrade did not succeed because the installation could not collect the required system information. I guessed that this was due to the drivers. When I tried rebooting into the home edition, I got a file missing error: \windows\system32\config\system.sav. Now I think I know what is happening: the sata controller is the problem.

A few questions:

1) was the sata controller drivers the reason why I could not upgrade to Windows Professional?

2) How can I recover my data ( is the only way by getting an external case and connecting the Sata HDD to it?)

3) How do I install XP without floppy to load the drivers. I am familiar with slipstreaming , however I cannot find the dv1000 sata drivers on the hp site!

Thank you all very much!
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Hi all,

I have a HP Pavilion DV1000.Every time I power the laptop the power light and few other light on the top comes on and it goes off again.
I have tried different power adaptors and still no luck.

Any sugestion please.


A:HP Pavilion DV1000 power lights comes on and then it goes off again

I had a Mobile phone that did that replaced battery and it became fully functioning again. Is there any way to run without battery attached? power source only or could you borrow a battery from someone to check results?
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This is the first time I ve tried this site so I hope I ve got it right I purchased an Hp Pavilion dv in January It s been a great little machine and I have had no complaints up until a few Hp problems Pavilion portal usb dv1000 months ago I use a mdi keyboard at a commercial level and travel around a lor so I use the portals pretty much daily Seems that lately the portals have become loose Firstly Hp Pavilion dv1000 usb portal problems the rear right hand side and then next the front one This pretty much corelates with the frequency of useage of these ports I may be working away on a midi composition and then for what seems like no reason the keyboard will disconnect The same thing happens with my gig external hardrive The problem there is that if I understand it rightly this kind of abrupt disconnect with my hardrive can cause some damage and possible loss of data If only one of the portals was giving me problems then I would take it on the nose and try to work around it but now that the other one has Hp Pavilion dv1000 usb portal problems gone I m beginning to suspect it may be an inherent problem with Hp ports My month warrantee has lapsed now so I basically need to prove to Hp that this is a problem in their portal design and they may come to the party Has anyone else experinced this problem before with Hp Portals Cheers Rob nbsp
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I have tried to reset and press f-8 it sends me back to my profile icon, safe mode does the same and im locked out. i dont have internet acess excet my phone. i dont have a disc because it was purchased used. i need help to fina way in so i change my login and get my photos and music off..looking for backdoors... anything would be greatly appreciated.

A:hp dv1000 windows 7 professional os, locked out of admin account

How could you get locked out of your account? Don't you use the password regularly?

Use the DVD provided to Clean Reinstall - Factory OEM Windows 7 with the licensed version. If under 4gb RAM use 32 bit, otherwise 64 bit.

There is a step there to rescue your files using the DVD or rescue disk.

Stick closely to the steps given and you'll end up with a perfect install, which you can then save as an image so you never have to reinstall again.
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Anyone know how to upgrade the hard drive on an HP Pavilion dv1000 laptop (out of warranty)? I've upgraded desktops but never a laptop before... I don't even know the name of the screws and where to purchase the special screwdriver for starters. I Googled the topic but couldn't find anything useful, and of course HP's not providing easy upgrade instructions...

A:HP Pavilion dv1000 hard drive upgrade - how to?

simple. clone the current contents of your drive to your new hd - use a usb to ide adapter. use a clone tool like acronos. Some new drives have kits.

then remove the caddy containing your old hd from your laptop. you may have to unscrew it from your system.

carefully slide the caddy out. if there is a pin adapter on the end of the HD remove it, you will need it on the new drive. If not, don't worry about it.

unscrew the hd from the caddy, remove and replace it with the new one.
put the pin adaper on the new hd if applicable.
slide the caddy back in, screw it in and reboot! simple too easy!
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Please send me a link for hp pavilion dv1000 wireless adapter  hp pavilion dv1000windows 7 32-bit I can't find any compatible wireless adapters in the internet,And it says unknown for my current wireless adapter driver and i have wireless router,My laptop has wireless adapter until Sunday, my driver for wireless adapter and bluetooth was deleted and i cant install proper and compatible drivers for my laptop  since it isn't supported by hp
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Hello this will be long so I'll get straight to the HP Laptop DV1000 Multiple Errors Pavilion point I have an hp pavilion dv laptop running windows ultimate bit This has worked perfectly until yesterday I was running disk defragmentor when power went out restarted laptop ran for a bit then keyboard and mouse stopped responding Restarted laptop keyboard and mouse work in bios and windows safe mode beyond that nothing Reinstalled windows keyboard and mouse working installed audio driver conexant aclink audio immediatly keyboard and mouse freeze When I restart laptop in safemode and disable audio driver which worked perfectly before keyboard and mouse work Another thing I have tried booting ubuntu live cd and slax live cd keyboard and mouse work during setup but stop working once operating system i e linux starts running I have tried everything formatting hard drive and reinstalling windows updating drivers nothing works and the system is acing strangley wont even instal vga display drivers Thanks sorry for many typhos

A:HP Pavilion DV1000 Laptop Multiple Errors

Hello wizzar, welcome to the forum

When you have a problem like this over multiple operating systems, it suggests a hardware failure, was your laptop connected to the mains supply when the power went out?
It may help if you were to post a snip Device manager and ensure that your chipset drivers are installed.
When I look for drivers for your laptop I do not find any Windows 7 drivers, what drivers are you using? and if they are the Vista drivers are you installing them in Compatibility Mode
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I need to either change a guest log in (kid's access) to
adminstrator, or a way to reveal or change the password
for the Admin profile. Thanks for your help.
I tried this already: Run: cmd net user guest *
I tried to rest the guest password this way but
it didn't work - I'm thinking it is because I am not
logged on as admin in the first place. What do I do now?

A:change guest login to admin or figure out admin password

you cant change an admins pw from a guest all

only way to change the admin pw is to boot to safe mode and enter the sys admin account or use a hacking program iso which you can find easily but use at your own risk....
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Hi from my research I saw this is the best place to ask these types of question Any help is appreciated policy Group admin. cannot admin error; as login Here is the gist of Group policy error; admin cannot login as admin. my issues Windows I had just Group policy error; admin cannot login as admin. finished downloading a file from our Google drive directory it was for some anti virus Right after the anti virus installed Windows froze up and an error popped up It stated Windows had crashed or something along those lines I had to unplug the cord Once rebooting I noticed it was taking incredibly long The screen went to yellow showing signs of loading then to black I could move my mouse here After this happened the login screen appeared Everything was very slow I tried to right click and noticed it freezing up After it finally loaded the login screen I entered in my pin but it took over minutes then went to black After other tries to boot I had very mixed signals Sometimes it made it to the login other times just a black screen On one occasion I got this error The Group Policy Client Service Failed The Sign-in The Universal Unique Identifier UUID Type Is Not Supported Sadly this is for the admin account I have no idea where to go from here and have a lot invested file and program wise and thus time wise into this set up for work Any ideas where to go I cannot access system restore or anything as it won't let me log in Any help is appreciated Edit title shouldn't say admin at the end Meaning I cannot log in to the admin or any other profile;-admin-cannot-login-as-admin/
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I'm using Windows 7 Pro. I have remove the login pw in my user account now I do not need to do the login and able to use the computer right away. But I found I am using the computer as a user not administrator. How can I skip the login screen and go straight into desktop as administrator. How can I do that? thanks

A:Windows 7 Pro login as admin but no need to have login screen

Hello Smash, and welcome to Seven Forums.

I'm a bit confused with your conflicting statements.

You say that " I do not need to do the login and able to use the computer right away.", but then ask "How can I skip the login screen and go straight into desktop..."?

Just to be certain, do you have to log on or not?Log On Automatically at Startup
Are you asking how to log on to the built-in Administrator account to have full access and control?

Hope this may help for now,
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please help i have a problem with loging into my admin account when i try to it says User profile Service service login failed to load or somthing like that im currently using a standard login account and when i try and change settings to my admin through a standard login account it asks for a password i type in my admin password and nothing happens i went into safe mode then accessed my admin account Cannot into login my admin Get in start i typed msconfig then clicked on selective start up then clicked to clear the option load start up items then clicked on service tab and clicked to select all microsoft services and then clicked disable Cannot Get into my admin login then ok and restart then did the same thing only clicking to check half of the remaining boxes in msconfig in services then repeated it untill there was one left and its still doing the same thing same message pops up when i try to log into my account i dont know if this matters but i have a windows starter

A:Cannot Get into my admin login

Hello Katariana, and welcome to Seven Forums.

The tutorial below can help show you how to fix this user profile error. Please let me know if you have any questions about it. I'll be happy to help.

The User Profile Service failed the logon. User profile cannot be loaded. - Vista Forums
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We have some users who have been given administrative privileges on local machine. One user in particular, for her job, is downloading several programs that she needs to do her job. The ones set up with Install Shield install nicely. The ones install using .msi require me to go to her machine, log in as me, and install them. The network admin is out of town, could be reached and could adjust her user account in AD if it were absolutely necessary. But is it? Is there something that can be done in either the registry or somewhere on the local machine to let her install .msi installations?

A:msi needs admin login?

Are you sure they were given local admin rights & not power user rights?
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We have 3 computers all running Xp, just did a buncha windows updates.
Now when I turn on my pc I get the Amin login screen, I do not need to type in a passwod, I just hit enter or login and it's fine.
I never uses to have this screen start up, now I do though. There's only the 'admin' profile to choose, no others, I even tried disabling my 'guest' profile but this made no difference.
It's not the end of the world, but just like to avoid this extra step, any ideas?

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After having to format one of my hard drives and reinstalling WindowsXP, when I boot it has me select a person to login....but I'm the only person there. Is there a way to disable it, so I just go to desktop, and don't have to hit enter by my name each time?


A:Login Admin.

Run "control userpasswords2"
Then uncheck Users must enter a password...
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Hi everyone I have a problem with my windows xp home system The thing is that I recently created a new admin account and deleted the old one from windows while deleting the old account the pc froze up and i had to restart it VERY BIG BAD NEWS as admin? the?! What login Thing is everything was fine Till i checked windows accesories start programs accesories almost every windows services programs where gone i used norton sys works win doctor and many other tweak and checer programs and nothing comes up on them and in fact none of the lost files is essential I still have the important ones like sys restore and others The bad things came up when i try to do things like removing programs from autostart msconfig since windows deny my request and says i should login as an admin but i dont even have a guest account Please if anyone can help me with any ideas login as admin? What the?! that do not include reinstalling windows or formatting my pc its a sony VAIO and windows can only be ejecutable in the machine CD s and it automatically formatts the pc I will be grateful Thanks in Advance and excuse my engrish its not my mother tongue nbsp

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OK I'm an idiot I was settingup my mothers laptop becuase she ones again got a virus on it So I was putting parental controls so she couldn't use is as an admin i mad her a standard user I thought i'd be nice and hide the adminn acct by disabling the administrator via cmd exe quot net user administrator active no quot Now I want to install some additional programs and I cannot enable the administrator login because the UAC settings do not allow me to turn the admin ON In the command prompt it says quot type administrator password and then click Yes quot but when login admin help I type the password the quot Yes quot button remains gray and I cannot click it so it does not allow me to login as admin so I'm stuck only able to login as a user but not the admin I know my admin password butI still can't log in as the admin Please help Amal BKA

A:admin login help

Quote: Originally Posted by nesamoh

OK I'm an idiot.....
I was settingup my mothers laptop becuase she ones again got a virus on it. So I was putting parental controls so she couldn't use is as an admin. i mad her a standard user.... I thought i'd be nice and hide the adminn acct. by
disabling the administrator via cmd.exe "net user administrator /active:no". Now I want to install some additional programs and I cannot enable the administrator login because the UAC settings do not allow me to turn the admin ON. In the command prompt, it says "type administrator password and then click Yes." but when I type the password the "Yes" button remains gray and I cannot click it, so it does not allow me to login as admin, so I'm stuck only able to login as a user, but not the admin. I know my admin password butI still can't log in as the admin...
Please help,



can you boot into safe mide?

If you have the win 7 dvd you can boot from it to doo a reapir install.

You dont by chance have a backuo we can restore from?
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Hi everyone,

My computer was logging into the administrator account automatically when the computer started. To fix this problem, I typed "net user administrator activate:no" into the command prompt.

When I started the computer again, a little window popped up saying that it could not log in and to make sure the domain and password were correct. When I hit OK, it continued to the welcome screen and the administrator account was not there.

Perfect... until I went to find out where the admin account had disappeared to. I booted the computer into safe mode (the little message came up again and I clicked OK) and clicked on the admin account. Then it asked for the password...

I tried "admin" and the two other passwords that I had previously used. None worked. What could the password possibly be?

A:Admin login

You set the Admin password when you install windows, but you can leave it blank. So maybe the password is just blank

i'd just use to create a boot disk to make a new password
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My computer is not even a year old It is well protected by virus spyware ad - aware spam pop up mal-ware scanners even an optimizer Recently I just had added a standard account for my husband It worked for about a week He then reported to me But Login Admin Cant To Anything that he would sign in the windows screen will pop up then the screen will show as Logging Off then go back to the main screen that lists all the account I tried to fix it by doing a system restore but it only worked for that period But once I restarted the computer it was back to the way it has been We also decided maybe just opening the guest account amp he would use it but the guest does the same thing What I tried System Restore - as far as possible Back Up amp Restore - Don t have a disk with enough storage space Delete amp Re Create User Account nbsp

A:Cant Login To Anything But Admin

Perhaps there is spyware doing it. Try booting in to safe mode with networking and running a malwarebytes scan.
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Is there any way to eliminate having to click on the "Admin" box or the "Switch User" box in order for Windows to finally start? I'm sorry but I just hate to have to make a click or keystroke for no useful purpose.

BTW, I stumbled across the way to turn off the User Account Control and that's a great improvement. The machine is a new Laptop running Vista Home Premium.


A:Admin box at login

Are you saying you want to bypass the login page and go directly to your desk top?
If so, select the start orb and type
RUN in the search box and hit enter
Then type "Control Userpasswords2" without the quotes
Then select your user name and THEN
uncheck the box that says "Users must enter a user name..."
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I have forgotten the Admin password to my HP Pavilion DV4 , it throws up a code "key 40159854" can any one help?

A:I have forgot to. The admin password for my HP Pavilion it t...

@Weeksg? Please enter:     55831290 Regards.
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HiI lost my admin password of HP PC pavilion dv6 can you help me please ?system Disabled is 56727949thank  you

A:lost my admin password hp pavilion dv6

@bob142? Please enter:     49685389 Regards.
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hp 6000 pro microtower. windows 7 pro...

I can log in as standard user, but cant install programs. probably cause I'm not admin?

cant recall admin login. how to fix? how do I get admin access again?

would running the HP recovery manager fix this? give me admin access again? please advise. thanks.

A:cant remember admin login.

If you can't remember your password then don't set one up.

You can run HP System Recovery which on modern HP's has a minimal Recovery without all of the corrupting bloatware and duplicate utilities that have better versions built into Win7.

However to get the very best performance I would do what most tech enthusiasts do and Clean Reinstall - Factory OEM Windows 7. Everything you need is in the blue link.
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Dell Vostro 1400
Not sure what version  of XP PRO ( friend installed years ago, doesnt have disc anymore so thats NOT an option)
I Can no longer use hotspots on work network...dusting off old personal PC
Havent used in at least 2 years b/c I used work computer...
Can't remenber bleepin password!!!
Tried to remember
tried F8, Safe mode but admin option won't show up
Typed in admin and left password blank
Work comp won't let me run/burn password recovery/chang (I was really hoping for this one)
Tried cont, alt, delete twice at welcome screen (assuming screen is black with windows symbol)
I've looked at many many forums in the last 24 hrs. Is there anything I can do in safe mode with command prompt....anything...Not a professional tech obviously but I'm comfortable trying anything.       
HELP! Really don't want to pay money to recover it...who does?

A:TRIED EVERYTHING! Cannot access admin login

Typed in admin and left password blank

Administrator not admin. Unless that's what you meant.

Tried cont, alt, delete twice at welcome screen (assuming screen is black with windows symbol)

Screen is not black with Windows logo. That's when it's in the boot process. The welcome screen looks like this...
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Per a new software's instructions, I have to log in to Win10 as an admin before installing. I went in to a command line to activate or enable the "Administrator" account. But, when I restart the computer, there is no "Administrator" login option. I can only login under my family account name. How can I login as Administrator when there is no option to select it?


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Hi all. So I got a virus and had to restore/recover my pc. When it finished it prompted me for logon. I chose "HP Administration" Somehow i should have chosen "Administrator" since my restore left my docs and my music, portfolio etc on the pc without deleting it. So now I cant acces my files. If i go to C/docs and settings I see folders for the new account "HP Admin" and also "Admin" I can get into the "Admin" and then "My Docs" folder but cant get into anything beyond that. Like my pics, portfolio, music etc... When i try and switch users the only options I have are "HP Admin" the new one with no access, and "Guest". How do I delete the new admin login and get back into my old admin login.

Thanks in advance.

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I had some problems when I upgraded my workstations to sp5, in fact I had to reinstall NT on a few machines.
Before I had NTFSDOS.
Basically there is a machine that I managed to recover, but it no longer allows domain adimins to login.
Well it does but once logged in the screen just sits and never loads the desktop.
I have looked at profiles but the domain admin profiles are roaming anyway, but I still deleted them locally.
I want to upgrade to sp6 to see if it will fix it but can't due to certain programs being used.

A:{Resolved} - Admin login


It sounds like the account does not have write access to the Hard Drive, or to the Winnt directory.

Can you log onto the machine at all? Can you log in as the LOCAL administrator?

If so, then log in, and right click on the Hard disk drives and go to properties. In the properties tab, go to the Security tab, and click on the bottom button called "Take Ownership". Take ownership of all files and directories (there will be an error when it tries to take ownership of open files like pagefile.sys, just tell it to continue).

Then go to the permissions tab and make sure Everyone has Full Control to the drive.

Then open up User Manager and add the domain Admin group to the Local Admin group. Then log off and log back on again.

If you can not log in AT ALL, with ANY account, then you might need to use NTFSdos to get the data off the disk and re-install.


Reuel Miller
Windows NT Moderator (yes, that does make me biased )

[email protected]


Every morning is the dawn of a new error...
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My friend fixed my laptop for me and now it's stuck with 'admin' login - no other option. when i click to change password it says I have no drive. PLEASE HELP! 


kborella Sorry, but forum policy prevents us from telling you how to bypass the Admin login to get into your PC. At this point, you need to take the PC back to your "friend" , have them disable the default Admin login, and if they can not restore your original login, create a new one for you, using a default password (like "password"), which you then change to a real password when you get it back home and login to it again. Good Luck========================================================================I am a volunteer and I do not work for, nor do I represent, HP.---------------------------------------------------------------Please click "Accept As Solution" on the post that solves your issue to help others find the solution.Please click the Thumbs-Up symbol on the left of the Reply button to say thanks fopr my help.========================================================================
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This is a friends pc. It boots up to administrator login. Starts to load settings and then logs off again. Does the same thing in safe mode. It is Windows xp Pro. I can't get into windows. any ideas other than just a reload? or repair?


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One of the office computers never had a password for the administrator account, and it was the only account ever used by everyone. We set a password and created a limited user account. Now when the admin account is attempted to be logged into the message: "C:\windows\system32\ incorrect paramaters" appears. However the limited account will login fine. When the system is started in safe mode, the admin account can be logged into.
I expect that a malware/trojen/whatever may be the culprit. Prior to the issue, Spybot removed 526 problems, but 25 needed a reboot before Spybot could remove them. I ran hijack this and saved the log before any "cleaning" of the system began. Where do I begin to correct this?

A:Admin accounts won't login

Do you use the Welcome Screen or a Logon Box.

If it's the welcome screen, press Ctrl + Alt + Del twice at the Welcome Screen. You should be able to enter the username and password there.

I'd create a second admin account in safe mode if I were you, since you said it lets you logon there.
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My PC has one user and on startup I want to log in to the user not to the administrator. Please help! Thank you.

A:login to user not admin

Welcome to TSG....

Actually you are logging in as a user but with full admin rights. If you boot in safe mode you should see several accounts administrator, your account you open on boot up and guest which is the limited account.

If yo want to go into Windows as guest then you can setup the computer for that but it will limit you to that account and its limited capabilities just go to user accounts in control panel and turn it on so you can use it.
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hi all,
i have a msi wind notebook with vista and i can't access my account because it says the password is incorrect (altough i'm pretty sure it's not anyway). i know we can set the admin account to be shown on the login screen but it requires access to the computer .. is there a way to get access to it directly from the login screen ...

please i need your help ...

A:Can't access the admin login

Originally Posted by Calen

hi all,
i have a msi wind notebook with vista and i can't access my account because it says the password is incorrect (altough i'm pretty sure it's not anyway). i know we can set the admin account to be shown on the login screen but it requires access to the computer .. is there a way to get access to it directly from the login screen ...

please i need your help ...

if you can get to a CMD prompt ( hit F8 while booting ) type in:
net user administrator /active:yes
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HP Pavilion dv7 with windows 10 at log in request to enter administrator password or power on password, disable code 69394915. Help please Thanks

View Solution.

A:Issue with HP Pavilion dv7 admin password request

@perezal12? Enter    76092331 Regards, DP-K
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Dear HP Support nbsp Yesterday I decided to HP Pavilion password Boot/Admin 15-p042nd upgrade my HP Pavilion 15-p042nd Boot/Admin password OS from W Pro to W Pro Everything went flawlessly as far as I could tell Now I looked up the driver section for my device Pavilion -p HP Pavilion 15-p042nd Boot/Admin password nd and I noticed there was a new BIOS update So here's where I messed up nbsp After installing the new BIOS update F Rev A I don't know if this is important I decided to get rid of my BIOS password because it started to feel more like a nuisance Every time my notebook rebooted from some update while I slept for example I'd wake up to the notebook basically overheating not going past the admin boot password screen nbsp So I did something I guess was pretty stupid I entered the current power on password hit enter for the new and the enter for the confirmation The settings were saved I hit F and rebooted nbsp Now There is no way to just hit enter when it prompts me for the power on admin password It does however warns me that the system is locked and presents a different value every time In my case it's characters I guess it's hex but I'm not really sure what's an o and nbsp what's a nbsp nbsp Is there any way at all aside from physically attempting to clear the BIOS to retrieve the default password I guess it's gone back to default since the old one doesn't work nbsp Please please help me out here I'm soooo screwed if this thing is now a deadweight I need it for school nbsp Regards Wizardius

A:HP Pavilion 15-p042nd Boot/Admin password

Hey guys, I think I already fixed it with windows key + B (found that hidden in the manuals for my notebook). I had the recovery partition installed, so I think this did the job! Even if it didn't, I already saw you have no generators for the newest BIOS versions yet. So I'll just bide my time I guess. Thanks anyways! Regards,Wizardius
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Hey guys here's the deal I upgraded my OS a few months ago to bit with new components etc I kept all of the old system files and folders JUST for if it went wrong Admin Login? Access on Denied now ive sorted them all out the old system files and adobe is locked for some reason I keep trying to change all of the administration but it just jumps straight back to before but hey im in no hurry to change it its only gb of useless copies Its just niggling at me and i would like to get it sorted Access Denied on Admin Login? if theres any other way ie changing the admin account so i can change - everything- as I'm not exactly new with computers been studying them for years Thanks a lot for the assistance in advance guys Looking forward to some suggestions - Also a little off topic if anyones got enough time to add some wisdom to the thread ive just bought a super duper cooler for my CPU as when i run on normal settings on a game I play LotrO the manufacturers fan goes mad and it really gets my goat making a loud whirring sound would I be able to run on High-Ultra with a duel core amd athlon with that fan I have quot Arctic Cooling Freezer Pro Socket CPU Cooler quot it wouldnt make any sound as its made for being quiet and cool very well i suppose the only sign of the strain is artifacts in-game Thanks again

A:Access Denied on Admin Login?

You should right-click the folder, go to properties, click the Security tab, click the Advanced button, click the Owner tab, and then click the edit button. Select your account from the list, click to check the box labeled "Replace owner on subcontainers and objects", and then click the OK button to apply permissions. Exit out of the properties dialog, and (unless you also need to add yourself full control to the permissions on the properties / security tab) you should now be able to delete the folder.
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Is there a way in Windows 2000 to either synchronize your login to the network and the pc or to have the pc login save your last login name? Everytime I have a user login and restart the user name goes back to administrator. I dont really care for the users to know that is even an option. Please help....

Relevancy 50.74%

I keep getting a beep sound every time i log in the admin section - also is there anyway to log in just once as i am used to XP & new to Vista.

Thanks in advanced

Relevancy 50.74%

Hello everyone,
I recently was given a laptop to fix up by my brother in law that seems to be infected with a nasty troublesome Trojan.

Anyways I cannot login to his username with the password he has provided me with and he has some documents that he would like me to backup if possible.

So, I was wondering if their is a way to get into the hidden admin account within the login screen, I hate how Microsoft disabled the feature of hitting Ctrl+Alt+Del to get into the admin account. So I was just wondering if their was another way to get in, I've already tried Safe Mode and the hidden Admin account doesn't pop up. If you can get back to me ASAP with a fix, that would be great!

Thank you,

A:How do I login to the hidden Admin account?

You can indeed log in with the hidden admin account if you boot into safe mode (it is automatically enabled), but of course you'll need to know the password. If it isn't enabled, then are we sure the account is still even there? The only other real option is to boot it offline from a bootable DVD or USB key that can read NTFS volumes and copy the files that way.
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Okay this is for a friend I ve tried everything I ve been able to find and since she got the computer second-hand Let me start at the beginning This is her Christmas present that her mom bought for her at some auction It s a decent system almost as powerful as my own to account to due login Can't Admin password That being said the Can't login to Admin account due to password person who sold it neglected to mention that the administrator account that allows you to do ANYTHING has a password on it Not only that but they also neglected to give a password recovery or reset disc with the computer As it stands here s what we ve tried thus far Tried using a program known as Ophcrack on a USB drive but for whatever reason it won t work without administrator approval Yeah that had me scratching my head too Tried to clean out the machine and do a fresh install from the boot menu After almost a week you get desperate Those were the two most feasible ones I could find on the web but after that I have no clue how to do this I ve loved XP for as long as I can remember so I m not particularly schooled in Vista Just a quick note in case you weren t able to infer it the PC in question is running Vista If anyone at all knows how we can get around this password issue please this is driving her crazy and being her boyfriend it s driving me crazy as well gt lt Thank all of you for your time and Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays I was taught to be polite o o nbsp

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I am using Windows 7 in my Laptop. Suddenly I can not login to my Laptop due to forget administration password. I know one way and that is setup new windows 7 once again. But I don't want to do that. I heard that have huge password recovery softs but not sure which one will effective!!!

A:How to login after forgetting admin password

User Account - Reset Password in Windows 7
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Have a domain system that is set via Group Policy to have the domain set for the default "log in to" option. Works well on all machines but one. When typing in "Administrator" in the "Log me in to:" field, I get as far as "Administrat" and when I type the "o" in Administrator it automatically switches the "Log me in to" from the set default doamin name to the Local PC name. Wierd.

Assume it has something to do with it recognizing the user Administrator and guessing wrongly that I must want Local access.

So my only option is to manually type the domain name in username field "domain\uAdminsitrator". Any thoguhts?

A:Stange login behavior for Admin

I'm hoping someone posts and responds to this with a solution, but I'm doubt there is one. In our experience, W7 always scans the local accounts before going to the domain to look for accounts, meaning it'll probably always do this.
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Pls could someone help me, i have my admin account and a seperate user account for the kids, but recently i tried to login to my admin account and it says user service account failed to load and will not let me log in, i can't use system restore from the kids account as it asks for my admin password which is correct but error comes up that it can't find it. iv tried searching this error and other windows 7 customers have had the same problem, but how can i fix it if i cannot log in as i need my files etc from my own account and have no control from the kids account. I do not have the windows instalation disc as my laptop didn't come with one, it was already installed but i do have 3 disc which i created when i got the laptop.

A:Pls help admin login failed to load

Brink made this handy Tutorial for Vista and it applies to Windows 7 and should be of great assist to you. The User Profile Service failed the logon. User profile cannot be loaded. - Vista Forums

Welcome to the Seven Forums
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My brother cant remember his login password therefore we can't make any changes on his machine.  he doesnt have a recovery disk..any way around this?  please advise.
Relevancy 50.74%

ok hear the deal i cant get past this windows domain login screen i got theis computer from a local university and im trying to log in with out reinstaling the OS is there any way or can i recover the passwird and username fro admin bye hooking the drive up to my other laptop as a external drive ive done this before to recover files but i do not know were the file theat would have the local admin password and user name would be any help would be much apreciated.

A:cant login to domain no admin pass available

You need to take this up with whomever is the Admin/IT rep for that domain, IMO.

It is against forum rules to attempt to help someone to circumvent security implementations on a system. BIOS passwords are such.

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After the use of a cleaning program I can only log into Windows 7 in safe mode, normal log in ends with an error message. I tried system restore, new installation of Windows and creation of new user profiles, which all failed. The 'cleaner' also deleted many save game data and game configurations. This happened about a month ago, yet since a few days the guest account is also affected: now both work only in safe mode.
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Domain users dont have permission to install windows updates and i dont want to login on each pc from admin and install updates. how can i install win updates from user login?


A:install updates without admin login

I would say best advice would be to consult with your IT Dept who set up the domains...
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this is my first ever forum post, i'm not the brightest knife in the crayon box, but ill try my best.

So i got a new router recently and my PC won't connect to the admin interface via ethernet, all the other devices is able to, hell even my phone. I tried the "netsh int ip reset resettcpip.txt" command, but to no avail.
I have no idea how to proceed.

I don't know if this is relevant but, our previous router had some trouble (only two devices could be connected at a time) and someone i knew changed the IP to

Any help would be appreciated, thank you.

Hawei router
IP/Defalt getaway:
Subnet mask:
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Well I have a problem, my keyboard stops working at the admin. login ( can't type my password in ). I can use temp. user, but have no access to windows security to fix what sounds to me like a virus or some crap. I don't have a start up disc for this machine. Anyone want to suggest ideas I can try?

A:keyboard only inop at admin. login

Is it a USB keyboard? Do you have access to a PS2 keyboard to try temporary?
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I'm the administrator for my company but was not around when the original IT here setup the account settings and whatnot The issue I'm having is with the UAC For most users whenever they try to install a file add a printer or make and kind of setting changes the UAC pops up and prompts for a password But as I work with more employees I'm noticing that some of their accounts won't for users admin prompting not UAC login certain give UAC not prompting certain users for admin login me the option to enter my login and thus not able to make appropriate changes to their computers It doesn't seem to have a real pattern as to who it is affecting e g it's happening to newly created users as well as long time employees I feel it prudent to say that I've got no official training in this field and am self taught That isn't to say I won't be able to answer followup questions or elaborate on the issue Thanks for any help advice you can give

A:UAC not prompting certain users for admin login

Is that happening on an individual machine that many people share (under their own account each) or across many computers for each one? Are they using domain accounts or locally defined users?
A few things to check beforehand would be, that UAC is really enabled where the problem happens and that the users are really standard without admin rights.
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Hi, is it possible to log into an XP machine connected to my network, using my network admin password?

My XP machine is configured to show the list of users at login, but is there a way to login a different way, a shortcut key perhaps?

I have admin access to my XP machine so could just as easily change the way users log in (so that they have to type in their username and password), I'm just curious to know if I can log in as a network admin from the 'users' login screen. I'm sure I can, I've seen it done before (maybe by holding down a key at startup or something) but I can't remember how.

Does anyone have any ideas?

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Ever since my first attempt to convert Win7 to 10, I can't write or delete anything in My Documents, getting message must be administrator. (My personal login is as administrator.) This even happened in Win 7 when I reverted back for a while. Error message asks if I want to save in My Documents instead, and then allows it (outside of my desired sub-directory). However, cannot delete files.
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I lost the pic/user when you first start your pc when using multiple user in one pc and lost the main admin user is there anyway i can retreive it?

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My Aunts machine is windows xp. Router Huawei HG532f. I open the address bar and type in as instructed. I get a cant access error. I have turned of windows firewall. She didnt get a cd driver so I assume its plug and play. Please help
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is there any way to get into my xp admin account it just keeps saying ive forgot my password ? help please

A:cant login to win xp admin password forgot

thanks in advance if u can help mr on this
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Hi my nephew brought me his laptop that no longer allows him to login to it. Every time we tried to login in to the admin it says "the Group Policy Client service failed the logon" and its the only account on it. Since its a hp mini I don't know how to restore windows with my disc. I couldn't think of any way to solve this problem. It also displays " HP quick web files missing or corrupt. Please reinstall HP Quick Web from Primary operating system.

Any help will be much appreciated

A:HP mini 210 Login Admin Error

Down near the bottom of this page is a link to download and install HP QuickWeb
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I have added these lines to the users login script:

Echo **** Update AVG ****

How do I get AVGSetup.bat to run with admin privileges? At the moment when it runs on a user PC (Windows XP), it asks for the admin password (lines in avgsetup.bat call .exe files), which I don't want to give out obviously.

Any suggestions?

A:Running File As Admin At Login

Try this: How to Run a BAT File Upon Windows XP Start |
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I got this laptop from a friend but the admin login in the safe mode has a password. is there any way to go past that password or to reset it. i would like to use that account to clean out some stubborn spyware. is there any way that i can get the password for that account? i know that normally there is no password for it but on this computer it is password protected.

A:Safe Mode Admin login

Ask the friend. We can't help with passwords.
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tried to login on my notebook but was asked for a password, never had enabled a bios or power on password. So I tried a couple of ones I use but none worked ! Now it says system disabled code 92111722. What did I do and can you help me fix this so I can get into my bios.  Any help you can provide will be greatly appreciated! Thanx,Slowtoker

A:pavilion touches 15-n216us, asks for admin password, now sys...

@slowtoker? Enter:    23879304 Regards, DP-K
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HP PAVILION AB-063CL Locked with BIOS ADMINISTRATOR PASSWORD. Message after 3 attempts states: SYSTEM DISABLEDA [6087979E] How can I disable this? Thank you!

View Solution.

A:HP Pavilion ab-063cl BIOS Admin Password Lockout

Hi, Your notebook is producing a hexadecimal halt code which is stored in ram as a 'one off' and will be re-calculated after a reboot.  This indicates you have one of the later AMI bios's and unfortunately none of the current code generators will work for this - surprisingly, you can still remove a power on password from the machine by removing the rtc cell ( leave the power board connected ) then hold down the power button for 60 seconds before re-inserting the rtc. The bad news is that the rtc can be on the 'wrong' side of the system board so will require quite a lot of disassembly. Regards, DP-K
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And here is the HijackThis log HELP Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v Scan saved at on Platform Windows Vista SP WinNT MSIE Internet Explorer v Boot mode NormalRunning processes C Windows system Dwm exeC Windows system taskeng exeC Windows Explorer EXEC Program Files Windows Defender MSASCui exeC Program Files DellTPad Apoint exeC Windows System hkcmd for as login - laptop reason crashing Cannot no admin keeps exeC Windows System igfxpers Cannot login as admin - laptop keeps crashing for no reason exeC Program Files Intel Intel Matrix Storage Manager IAAnotif exeC Program Files Microsoft Office Office GrooveMonitor exeC Program Files Visagesoft eXPert Cannot login as admin - laptop keeps crashing for no reason PDF vspdfprsrv exeC Program Files Dell Support Center bin sprtcmd exeC Program Files AVG AVG avgtray exeC Program Files Java jre bin jusched exeC Program Files Adobe Reader Reader reader sl exeC Program Files Sigmatel C-Major Audio WDM sttray exeC Program Files iTunes iTunesHelper exeC Windows ehome ehtray exeC Program Files BBC Alerts BBC Alerts exeC Program Files Dell QuickSet quickset exeC Program Files SetPoint SetPoint exeC Program Files Adobe Media Player Adobe Media Player exeC Program Files DellTPad ApMsgFwd exeC Program Files DellTPad Apntex exeC Program Files DellTPad HidFind exeC Program Files Common Files Logitech khalshared KHALMNPR EXEC Program Files Trend Micro HijackThis HijackThis exeC Windows system SearchFilterHost exeR - HKCU Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Start Page R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Default Page URL http go microsoft com fwlink LinkId R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Default Search URL http go microsoft com fwlink LinkId R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Search Page http go microsoft com fwlink LinkId R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Start Page http go microsoft com fwlink LinkId R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Search SearchAssistant R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Search CustomizeSearch R - HKCU Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Local Page R - HKCU Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Toolbar LinksFolderName R - URLSearchHook AVG Security Toolbar BHO - A BC A - F - -AA - D C - C Program Files AVG AVG Toolbar IEToolbar dllO - Hosts localhostO - BHO AcroIEHelperStub - DF C-E AD- -A -FA C EBDC - C Program Files Common Files Adobe Acrobat ActiveX AcroIEHelperShim dllO - BHO eBay Toolbar Helper - D E - A E- DFB- E-AAB F BD - C Program Files eBay eBay Toolbar eBayTB dllO - BHO myBabylon Toolbar - ea c - cc- c -aa -ec b a e - C Program Files myBabylon tbmyBa dllO - BHO WormRadar com IESiteBlocker NavFilter - CA F - F E- B -A E- E E C C - C Program Files AVG AVG avgssie dllO - BHO Windows Live Family Safety Browser Helper - f ed cd- - a - f -d f d ac - C Program Files Windows Live Family Safety fssbho dllO - BHO Click-to-Call BHO - C C A-E - b - D - CECB - C Program Files Windows Live Messenger wlchtc dllO - BHO Search Helper - EBF - F- bff-A F-B E AAC B - C Program Files Microsoft Search Enhancement Pack Search Helper SEPsearchhelperie dllO - BHO Groove GFS Browser Helper - - C - D -B F - BBC D A E - C Program Files Microsoft Office Office GrooveShellExtensions dllO - BHO Java Plug-In SSV Helper - BB-D F - C-B EB-D DAF D D - C Program Files Java jre bin ssv dllO - BHO Windows Live Sign-in Helper - D - C - ABF- ECC- C - C Program Files Common Files Microsoft Shared Windows Live WindowsLiveLogin dllO - BHO AVG Security Toolbar BHO - A BC A - F - -AA - D C - C Program Files AVG AVG Toolbar IEToolbar dllO - BHO Google Toolbar Helper - AA ED - DD- d - -CF F - C Program Files Google Google Toolbar GoogleToolbar dllO - BHO Google Toolbar Notifier BHO - AF DE - D - -B FA-CE B AD D - C Program Files Google GoogleToolbarNotifier swg dllO - BHO Google Dictionary Compression sdch - C D FE-E D- -BB - C E E C E - C Program Files Google Google Toolbar Component fastsearch B E dllO - BHO ... Read more

A:Cannot login as admin - laptop keeps crashing for no reason

Hello patriciawkenWelcome to BleepingComputer ==========================What current problems are you having?
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My laptop is having windows xp and it has only one login which is also the local administrator. Currently the login is disabled and whenever I try to login I get the message that the login is locked out. I know the password and there is no need to reset the password.

Is there a way I can enable a login which is currently locked out? Please help.

A:Windows XP - How to enable the admin login which is currently locked out

I wasn't aware this was a possiblilty in XP. What is the exact message you are getting? Does this sound familiar >>

And if you boot in Safe Mode and choose the built-in Admin account (not your normal account), can you get in?

Probably everything there is to know about XP passwords can be found here:
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I have an administrator user login account and a standard login account. When I try to login to the administrator, it just hangs and I have to reboot. I can login to my standard account just fine however. What gives?

A:Admin login does not work, hangs. Other logins ok.

Can you log in to the administrator account in safe mode? If so then it may be a startup item that is causing the hang so I would compare the startup items between the administrator account and the standard account.
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hi, how can i change my login name admin. my wife set it up with her name so my documents and games have her name,
winxp sp3
thanks, yank101

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Hello Basically I ve forgotten the admin username and can t login as admin anymore I have a bit of an issue here A friend asked me to help him remove the login screen from his windows XP so that it logs in automatically I found this page http windowsxp mvps org Autologon htm can't admin complicated: and username lost login Somewhat A bit of background his computer seems to say its running on ntfs filesystem and it has a some sort of login program installed - I Somewhat complicated: lost admin username and can't login believe it is this So there is no big blue face-selector login when you boot up - instead it is the small window in which the user must first type Somewhat complicated: lost admin username and can't login his username and then type his password So I followed the instructions at windowsxp mvps org and it seemed to work The user logs in as a non-administator The problem is that all of his settings and desktop etc were in the administrator user Now the big problem in the non-face login I have to type the admin user account name and the password to log in We know the password but we do not remember the admin user account name it is something like Administrator or Admin user but nothing we ve tried works Is there any way to find out the name of the admin user so that we can log in Prefereably appart from tools such as those listed lt link removed gt Thank you nbsp

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I've got a Toshiba Satellite L750D-14R and it will not allow me to access my administrator account, I hadn't changed my password or anything and, the day before I had been on it fine and the next day it was saying that my username or password was incorrect.

I tried to put my password in around about 30 times and it wouldn't accept it so I have had to use the guest account to be able to try and found a solution, every time I log on I try to put in my password and it still says the same thing.

Can someone please help me?

A:Satellite L750D - Cannot login using admin account

Has anyone else access to your notebook? I mean password cannot be changed for no reason.

Maybe stupid question now but have you created recovery disc? Problem is that without this password you will not be able to install OS using recovery image saved on HDD and in worst case you must reinstall OS using recovery disc.
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After forgot admin password on Windows how to access dell computer If just in order to login Windows there are several ways available Why Because remove reset recover or bypass Windows password can work How to remove Windows admin password The good third-party Windows password recovery tool is the most easiest and fastest way such as Windows Password Genius advanced The effective tool can be used to remove password for Windows Vista etc and reset password for Windows server So remove admin password with it could save time and guarantee result The advanced version is special for Windows with high affection 8 Forgot Login Password? after to How Windows Admin How to bypass Windows admin password nbsp Modify registry can bypass admin password to access computer Click ldquo How to Login Windows 8 after Forgot Admin Password? Win R rdquo to open ldquo How to Login Windows 8 after Forgot Admin Password? Run rdquo dialog input ldquo regedit rdquo command and click ldquo OK rdquo to enter registry setting surface of Windows How to Login Windows 8 after Forgot Admin Password? Modify HKEY LOCAL MACHINE SOFTWARE Microsoft Windows NT Current Version WinlogonRight-click and create a new string value rename value name as AutoAdminlogon Find DefaultUserName set it as the default user name to sign in Windows And create string value DefaultPassword set the value as the password of the default Windows login user How to recover Windows admin password Reset disk is the most appropriate utility for Windows admin password recovery It is usually created before you forgot admin password So on logon screen when you type wrong password a message will prompt you clicking ldquo Reset Password rdquo link to go on Windows password reset

A:How to Login Windows 8 after Forgot Admin Password?

Great idea! I have ever forgot my Windows 8 administrator password and locked out of computer. My boyfriend helped me reset my forgotten Win 8 password and regained access to my locked computer by following this video guide: How to Reset Windows 8 Password?

It is really helpful!
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So I m at work right trying to install adobe reader on my computer and it prompts me when I install for which user to install on Basically it let me login as admin while logged in as a non admin user Well me being a moron clicked the wrong thing I checked quot Always login as this user when installing quot and it was selected as the nonadmin user Well now when I try to install I get an insufficent priveladges error So it no longer prompts me to login as admin How can I reset for login software installing when Prompt admin this or where in the registery is the key that saves it Please help me IT Leader is pissed Keep in mind this is only on the local machine thats why I assume it s in the registry somewhere So What I need is to be prompted to login as admin when installing software for a nonadmin user that is already logged in Hopefully that makes sense Thanks nbsp

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Hello frnds,

I am using windows XP. i am facing a problem.. tht.. i cant open control panel in admin login.. also.. cant change display settings... the message comes at i am not authorised to excess these...

can this b solved vth.. changing some setting.. by goin through "regedit" function...

can any1 help .. plz.. its urgent !!..

Thanks and regards

A:Cant open control panel in Admin login !!

To assist in your problem, we need you to download HijackThis ( Install the program (it will save to C:\Program Files\Trend Micro\HijackThis), run it, and select 'Scan'. Do not fix anything yet, just select 'Save log', and copy the contents of the log to your next post. A security expert will be along to check the log. Please be patient.

If, after 48 hours, you have not received a response, click on the 'Report' button at the bottom of your post, and ask politely to have the post moved to the Malware Removal forum.
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Last week I logged into my XP Profile quot Blazer quot and admin access Can't with Solved: even XP login Help! profile the entire screen was frozen I rebooted and the same thing happened Since I didn t have any money to purchase a new antivirus system I ran the free quot House Call quot after logging into my admin profile Unfortunately it did not find any virus Because my Blazer profile has a ton of important documents Solved: Help! Can't access XP profile even with admin login on it I need a way to access this profile but when I login as admin and click on the Blazer profile in windows explorer it says quot Access is Denied quot I assume Solved: Help! Can't access XP profile even with admin login some virus has attacked my profile and made it inaccessible My question is Is there a way I can access this profile and copy the contents to another profile Is there another free anti virus software on the net that may be able to Solved: Help! Can't access XP profile even with admin login clean and fix this issue Thank you very much for any help I m really stuck on this one nbsp

A:Solved: Help! Can't access XP profile even with admin login

Try taking ownership of the Blazer folder. See this page:
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Hi folks. Last night switched off laptop while downloading codecs for media player as it was trying to download search bars. After switching back on windows couldnt start. Entering safe mode it will only login as user not admin (admin shows blue screen and message about uninstalling recent drivers then crashes back to restart). Tried running safe mode as user, run cmd as admn, type net user administrator /active = yes but get error 5. Blue screen on admin says error 50 (page file error). Help please!

Ps tried f8 + prevent restart (hangs), return to previous config , system restore (need admin status),
Will try and get dump files, bc

A:Only boots in safe mode and cant login as admin to fix

Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) Posting Instructions
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Hi, hopefully someone will be able to point me in the right direction?

This my father's PC (my brothers hand me down).

He previously didn't need to login as a user at all, it would go straight to his desktop (wasn't even aware of any username etc).
I set up as an administrator so that I could change a file name, this worked just fine until we wanted to get to his desktop etc. It then asked for a username & password, whatever I try it doesn't want to work.

There is only one other user account listed as well as the administrator, I've tried logging in with this username with and without passwords set up from within administrator account to no avail.
All his files, desktop etc are there when I explore the hard drive as admin.

Any help would be appreciated?

A:unable to login user, I do have admin access

I don't know if this has a bearing? The account doesn't appear in user profiles? Please see attached.
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Hello I am a Network Administrator at a local school On a certain number of machines when I am logged in as the user and attempt to install software it simply tells me that I need to have administrator privileges and prevents me from installing anything so in other words no administrator login prompt which is what I am looking for - simply type in the password and move forward Now on most PC's this works fine I click to install software the admin login information pops up I type in my administrator login and password it installs and everyone is happy How do I fix this for the machines users that do not prompt me for this local admin question login domain PS I should also add that the PC's are in fact on the domain and local domain admin login question I can log into the administrator login by logging off the user and into the administrator account but i'd like to be able to install software directly from the users profile and not switch to the administrator login which some PC's I can and others it tells me I local domain admin login question need admin privileges

A:local domain admin login question

I bet this is what you are looking for

User Account Control (UAC) - Change Prompt Behavior for Standard Users
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So I m at work admin login Prompt installing for software when right trying to install adobe reader on my computer and it prompts me when I install for which user to install on Basically it let me login as admin while logged in as a non Prompt for admin login when installing software admin user Well me being a moron clicked the wrong thing I checked quot Always login as this user when installing quot and it was selected as the nonadmin user Well now when I try to install I get an insufficent priveladges error So it no longer prompts me to login as Prompt for admin login when installing software admin How can I reset this or where in the registery is the key that saves it Please help me IT Leader is pissed Keep in mind this is only on the local machine thats why I assume it s in the registry somewhere So What I need is to be prompted to login as admin when installing software for a nonadmin user that is already logged in Hopefully that makes sense Thanks nbsp

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I have two computers on an in-home LAN, one running XP Pro, the other Win 7 Pro.
When I log into win7 from XP, I enter the Win7 "Administrator" name and password (none at this time). But the (Compute > Manage >...) "Session" shown on Win7 shows a Guest account being used. Why is this?

(The Administrator account on XP also has no password.)

Are the passwords for network login and local login the same?
If they are separate, how are the passwords and enable/disable controlled for each type?

Lastly, I would like to login from XP with the Admin name and password and actually use the win7 Admin account. What must be done to allow that to happen?

A:Admin login from XP gets Win7 Guest account?

WARNING: Do not change the Administrator password if you used the OS to encrypt files or you will lose access to those files.

Select Start button, enter in search box "Local Security Policy", then select "Security Options", and then "Accounts: Limit local account use of blank passwords to console logon only". Read the "Explain" tab. Do not disable this policy for exposed computers. Rather assign passwords to all non-Guest accounts.

This policy will force a network login to use the Guest account when the login name/account has no password, as was the case in this problem statement. Note that the Guest account was enabled for all tests. To test this policy:
1) Remove the Administrator password on the Win7 system. Then log out and log in again on the Win7 machine.
2) Restart the XP machine. The password on this machine can be blank or not.
3) Right click on the Win7 Computer icon and select Manage > Shared Folders >Sessions; there should be no sessions listed. You may need to use the Refresh button at the top of the pane.
4) On the XP machine, log in as Administrator and via Win Explorer list the network computers on your LAN. Click on the name for the Win7 computer. Yiou should get a logon dialog box. For the user name enter "Administrator", and no password since the Win7 passowrd waas set blank. The logon should be successful.
5) On the Win7 machine, refresh the Sessions list; it should now list the Guest account.
6) Now on the Win7 machine, set a password for the Administrator account, then log out and back in again.
7) Repeat the entire process from step 2. You should again be able to log on from the XP machine, but the Win7 Sessions list should show the Win7 Administrator account being used.
8) Disable the Guest account. Start from Step 2 again, but remove the password from the Win7 Admin account. Log on from the XP machine should fail entirely because of the policy and the disabled Guest account.
9) Repeat step 8 but set a password for the Admin account. You should again be able to log on from the XP machine and get the Admin account on the Win7 machine.
10) You can repeat the above steps with the policy disabled, the Guest account disabled and the Win7 Admin password removed, and log in from the XP machine with a blank password. You should be able to log in and get the Win7 Admin account without a problem. You will also see an ANONYMOUS LOGON session.

Now you see why this policy should be enabled and the Admin password set non-blank.
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I need to have a login name with a password and admin permissions but don't want to disturb the usual user by forcing a choice of logins where before her PC just opened for her automatically.

I do a bit of support for some U3A folk and want to install Teamviewer on some of their machines to do remote support. To be validated across the network or Internet, I need to have a passworded login and don't want to use their login names (many without passwords!) but only one of my choice or preferably the 'hidden' Administrator account (best for full access).

Is it possible to have access to Administrator (I know how to enable it) and not spread confusion by having it plastered on the login screen?

My current networked PC is not W7, alas, so I can't experiment before going to their home.

A:Admin logon but not interfere with auto login?

You can still tell Windows to automatically log in using a specific account even though there are multiple accounts in the system.

Start > type "userpasswords2" in the search bar.

Uncheck "Users must enter a username..... blah blah". Hit Apply.

It will ask for a username/password that it should automatically log in with.

Continue to set up user names as needed or BETTER YET, set up all the usernames you want THEN do this.
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I have an HP Pavilion M9340f desk top running Vista X64 Service pack 2.

Everything was working fine on Sunday July 11 when computer shut down now when starting computer boots fine to log in screen. When the admin user is selected to log in the screen goes black and all that is seen is the mouse cursor. I have left the computer on this screen for more than an hour to see if the login has slowed. No change after the hour. When logging into a user other than admin, logs in fine, but will not allow any executable file to run. Window live one care does not run, Avast Professional has an error and will not run. Tried to run defogger to start the logging sequence but it will not run just sits their with the working icon showing( more than 20 minutes now.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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When logging in with a user account, I get a request for the administrator password every time (which I deny).
Sadly, I can't make a screenshot, but the info is something like this:

Program name - File Operation
Verified publisher - Microsoft Windows
File origin - Hard drive on this PC

Certificate information:
Certificate purpose : windows hardware driver verification
Issued by : Microsoft Windows Verification PCA

Is this ok to allow? It looks legitimate, but I'm in doubt because
- I think it appeared 1st time while browsing
- I don't see where any hardware change might have come from, except maybe plugging in a phone in the USB


A:Unexpected request for admin password on login

krek, welcome to Sevenforums!

First, make sure all windows updates are installed. This ensures the certificate is actually from microsoft. More than likely, it is a driver trying to be installed for a device, such as the phone you installed. If you are worried, do a full scan with your updated antivirus program. You can check this by unplugging all devices from your computer except for mouse and keyboard and see if it still pops up. But make sure your mouse and keyboard drivers are installed, as it might be for them. You can automatically get device drivers from windows (safe): Device Installation Settings - created by Brink
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The other day I was trying to connect both of my computers to each other over my network that way I could share files and my printer between both pc's After hours of trial amp error I finally got them setup to where I can share files between each pc but I just couldn't get the printer to be networked But that's not why I'm here for help When I was trying all these different things to get my printer to be networked - somehow I screwed up my login permissions for my desktop pc First here's my equipment I have a desktop computer running Win bit OS And my printer is connected directly to my desktop - my printer is a HP Photosmart C series My other computer is a Dell Inspiron Laptop running Win XP SP bit OS Before all of this crap started I had my desktop setup so that when I turned on my computer I wouldn't have to log in or select any kind of user account to use - there always just used to be main account with full admin permissions But now my computer has me logging in under a Guest Account without admin permissions I've tried everything to undo my problem and go back to the way things were but I've had no luck Heck I even went to system restore - hoping that I could just roll back by day - but the pc won't let me Admin Problems - Rights Login my Lost use system restore because it says I don't have admin rights Please help me get rid of this guest account so I can go back to having my Login Problems - Lost my Admin Rights and only account WITH FULL ADMIN RIGHTS lol

A:Login Problems - Lost my Admin Rights

Have you tried booting to a Windows 7 installation CD if you have one? boot to it and on the first or second screen there is a small link at the bottom which says 'Repair my computer' (or similar). Click it and there is a system restore option. Alternatively on that same list of options there will be a Startup repair utility which may rebuild your accounts.

Does the computer log straight into the Guest account or is there a logon screen? If you goto control Panel then user accounts is an admin account listed?
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When trying to boot into safe mode, the machine stops while trying to load agp440.sys

I want to disable the loading of this file in the recovery console, following these instructions:;en-us;324764

Now I am asked for an administrator password. As far as I know, there is no admin password on this machine, but just hitting ENTER does not do the trick.

How do I bypass the password?

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Hi so here's an odd problem I have five computers all running Windows that I log into regularly I have the admin 10 admin Windows login not working as Keyboard when on login This morning I noticed that for one of the computers after having been Keyboard not working on Windows 10 when login as admin logged in for a few minutes the keyboard stopped working but the mouse still ok Keyboard not working on Windows 10 when login as admin Throughout the day the same thing happened for all five computers none of their keyboards are working when logged in as administrator However if logged in as another user keyboard works fine Another odd thing when I keep the key pressed down on the keyboard that does not work it will make tick sound in the speakers and display the letter pressed but only after having pressed it enough to normally have caused the character to be typed repeatedly Also might be important to notice that all this happened on the same day as my computers told me that windows was ready to have its anniversary upgrade I now have anniversary upgrades but no keyboards working Any suggestions to what is causing this and how it can be fixed would be greatly appreciated
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I recently bought The Sims Deluxe Edition, it installed fine, but when I try to run it I get the message "Access Denied: Please Login with Administrator privileges and try again"
I run Windows XP .. I Am logged in with admin privileges..I tried creating a new user with admin privileges also, but it still gives the same message.
Any ideas??

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So I am trying to log into a admin account and keep getting this

A:Windows 8 wont login to admin account

can anyone help with this?
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greetings all.   Have old laptop that wont power up without BIOS password.the disable code is  59487308 can someone help me to recover?thanks.

A:Forgot BIOS admin/poweron password for Pavilion 14-b109wm

Hi, Enter  46585928 Regards, DP-K
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After trying to login 3 times I get the following message:System Disabled77343287 Thank you!

View Solution.

A:Forgot BIOS Admin/PowerOn Password for HP Pavilion TouchSmar...

Hi, Enter  68021809 Regards, DP-K
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Forgot BIOS Admin/PowerOn Password for HP Pavilion TouchSmart 14-b109wm Sleekbook given this code after three times any help 61955577.

A:Forgot BIOS Admin/PowerOn Password for HP Pavilion TouchSmar...

Hi,           Try the below code 74633579
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Have 2 accounts on a PC running XP sp2 for home use; 1 is the admin account and the other is a regular user account. The PC boots directly to the password protected admin account's Window, bypassing the Windows welcome/login screen. As a result, there is now no password protection for the admin account when the PC boots up. However, if the admin account is timed out, Windows shows the welcome screen and requires the admin password to login.

The User Accounts screen in the Control Panel has both Use the Welcome Screen and Use Fast User Switching checked.

Any suggestions as to how this might be fixed? I don't want to loss the password protection on the admin account because my daughter is only 6.

Thanks for any help.

A:Windows XP Boots to Admin Account without Stopping at Login

Go to Start, Run, and type control userpasswords2. Reset the password for the account (use the same password), then restart. See if this solves the problem.