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Library Conundrum: 'Arrange By Folders' is Missing in Custom Library!

Q: Library Conundrum: 'Arrange By Folders' is Missing in Custom Library!

A year ago I created a custom Library and have been using it successfully until the beginning of this week The library's folder location is similar to the following C Users USERNAME FOLDERX Now when I open the Library it shows a listing Library! in Conundrum: By Custom Missing Library Folders' is 'Arrange of all of the files found within all of the folders in that library that is imagine a book separated by chapters folders and now all of the pages are scattered files in one cardboard box On the top right of this Library window I have the following quot Arrange by quot options -Date modified -Tag -Type -Name ---- -Clear Changes On the quot working quot libraries such as 'Documents ' there is a quot Arrange Library Conundrum: 'Arrange By Folders' is Missing in Custom Library! by Folder quot option which is what I am attempting to have the custom Library emulate I have deleted the custom Library and tried to reestablish it but the same issue persists I cannot sort the Library Conundrum: 'Arrange By Folders' is Missing in Custom Library! Library by folder rendering it useless Is there anyway to have the quot Arrange by Folder quot option reappear Did I accidentally switch some setting or is this due to a Windows Update Thank you

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Preferred Solution: Library Conundrum: 'Arrange By Folders' is Missing in Custom Library!

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Library Conundrum: 'Arrange By Folders' is Missing in Custom Library!

Did you create a new library with the same name or a different name? When you go to Libraries, and you right click and select properties on Documents, do the attributes match what you find when you right click and select properties on your new library?
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For some reason if I go to the libraries where is has Documents, Music, Pictures and Video I cannot open anything it just says LIBRARY-MS File. I can access the folders if I click on computer, C drive, users etc. I have tried deleting the -MS files right clicking on Libraries and clicking Restore Default Libraries I have also tried making a new user account, adding folder to libraries, even reinstalled Windows 8. Any suggestions?

A:cannot access Library folders keep getting LIBRARY-MS File

Did you first set up a Homegroup with the other machines in your network?

I don't believe the Library folders will function unless a Homegroup has been set up.

The Homegroup trouble shooting guide will show you how to fix most Homegroup related problems.

Ultimate Troubleshooting Guide for Windows 7 HomeGroup Connection Issues
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For some reason if I go to the libraries where is has Documents, Music, Pictures and Video I cannot open anything it just says LIBRARY-MS File. I can access the folders if I click on computer, C drive, users etc. I have tried deleting the -MS files right clicking on Libraries and clicking Restore Default Libraries I have also tried making a new user account, adding folder to libraries, even reinstalled Windows 8. Any suggestions?

A:cannot access Library folders keep getting LIBRARY-MS File

Did you first set up a Homegroup with the other machines in your network?

I don't believe the Library folders will function unless a Homegroup has been set up.

The Homegroup trouble shooting guide will show you how to fix most Homegroup related problems.

Ultimate Troubleshooting Guide for Windows 7 HomeGroup Connection Issues
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I created a new library and included four folders in it. The library is there but all the folders have gone missing. I looked in every folder in all other libraries and searched with Windows Explorer using the folder names but to no avail. How else can I try to find these folders?

Thank you,

A:How can I find folders missing from a library

Hello Melita,

Are the folders still included in the library?

Library - Include a Folder

Are the folders still at their original locations as well?
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My Documents library was very well organized, containing many folders. Today I clicked on my Documents library, and discovered that all of my folders HAD DISAPPEARED, and all of the folders' contents are now floating loose in my document's library. I now have over 28,000 different files in my documents library with no organization whatsoever. (Interestingly, I also have a few zipped folders that weren't tampered with.) Also, my computer has been very VERY slow, making some of my programs unusable. (Microsoft Word, in particular). My McAfee virus software is running and up to date. Also, when I click on my documents folder through my C drive instead of going through my documents library, my folders are all intact the way they are supposed to be. I have NEVER seen anything like this before. Ever seen this before? Can it be fixed?
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I used a software and extended my disk C the other day and apparently some settings are set back to default or somehow changed. It's been so long since my computer had any problems so I can't remember how to customize everything anymore...
So I use to have the pictures library to be arranged by month and I remember that the folders are grouped by year also. Like at the top it shows the year and then the pictures are arranged by month. Now it's set to "arrange by month" too but the years are not shown. Does anyone know how I can get the old look back? Thanks!

A:Pictures Library arrange by month looks weird

Hello Rose,

I think this may get you back there. If not, then play with the different settings to see if another may be it.
Set View -> Arrange by to Folder
Set View -> Group by to (None) if available
Now, set View -> Arrange by to Month.

Now, set View -> Arrange by to Day.

Hope this helps,
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I have a directory of about a photos each with a varying number of descriptive tags keywords assigned to them If you are serious Pictures by Arrange groups, Tag, Unspecified Library about managing many pictures tags are indispensable It allows you to search and sort all photos in many Arrange by Tag, Unspecified groups, Pictures Library simple and complex ways I have been very successful in managing this collection in a Vista computer using Windows Explorer View tab Stackby Tags I recently Arrange by Tag, Unspecified groups, Pictures Library copied this collection to my new Windows computer and found the Stack Arrange by Tag, Unspecified groups, Pictures Library by now Arrange by is only functional in Libraries This has added some inconvenience But more importantly it appears that the Pictures Library only seems to recognize a maximum of eleven tags per photo Because of this limitation I now realize that when I try to find photos for certain tags they cannot be found Secondly several of the Tag icon groups scattered throughout the whole set of these groups have had their valid name replaced by the word Unspecified These tag groups represent real tag groups but when I click on one of these groups labeled Unspecified I see the few photos that had no tags assigned to them I added tags to all of these photos but the Unspecified labels remained and it still takes me to the same screen but now saying no files found Further I have deleted most of the photos that had more than eleven tags and all of the Unspecified tag group labels were corrected Of course now missing the photos that I had deleted to test this problem My question is Is there a way to increase the maximum number of descriptive tags that the Pictures Library will recognize I realize there are other programs like Photo Gallery that have facilities to manage photos with tags but Pictures Library could provide just an additional valuable perspective on managing photos the other programs don t have
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I'm using the 'Arrange By' selection box in the Pictures Library. When I use the 'Arrange By' selection to arrange my pictures by date (in descending order) I get about 2 years of pictures grouped by day and the remainder by month. Arranging 'by month' does not work at all. This happens for all the folders I have in the Pictures library. Has anybody a suggestion on why this is teh case? Thanks for your help.

A:Pictures Library Arrange By Date gives results by Day and by Month

Make sure that under the pictures folder (c\users\ your username \pictures) properties, under customize make sure the folder is optimized for pictures.

Also right click some of your pictures and make sure the data and time stamp is correct. Meta data could be wrong messing everything up. Right click picture-properties-details.
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I have found that if you arrange the order of the libraries in my case each for documents - Library save order, by, default location display arrange/sort pictures video music via move up down right-click Library - display order, arrange/sort by, default save location when pulling up LOCATIONS link it changes the way it shows in the left-hand library quot tree quot gt view But it seems that you need to sort by library name to get my D library to show at the TOP Additionally I'm confused by the default save location If I do a quot save as quot of a pic on a webpage when the save applet file opens it defaults to C Users Jim and NOT the D Libraries Pictures as has been set by me as default As well some times the pulldown for save file TYPE has ONLY bmp shown I can't save a jpg I haven't figured out the pattern as to why this occurs but I usually have to close all IE and Windows Explorer windows and retry to get jpg as an option

A:Library - display order, arrange/sort by, default save location

Can anyone figure out why my default save location is not honored (in this example for PICTURES). Whenever the "save" applet comes up, it's pointing to C:\users\Jim\iTunes\album?cache (can't recall last node name). It never did this before.
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The Picture It! Library and Digital Image Library do not display temporary files. By ignoring temporary files, the Library can remain clean and uncluttered. An issue has been identified where some software marks photos as temporary files when they are acquired from the camera. This patch enables the Library to view these temporary files.

The software currently known to mark new files as temporary is Canon Utilities ZoomBrowser version

System Requirements
Supported Operating Systems: Windows 2000, Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows XP

Multimedia PC with Pentium 500 MHz or higher processor
128 MB of RAM



A:Picture It! Library/Digital Image Library: View Temporary Files Patch: Aug 26
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Hi all,

I've been trying to find a way to add my own icons to libraries that I make. I have tried navigating to:

And after right clicking the Library I made, I don't get an option to change the icon. Is there any way to do this? It would just be easier to tell the difference between user-created libraries if the icons could be changed, instead of only using the one default icon provided.

I've tried searching through the tutorials section, and looked through the first five pages or so of results that came up from a search here on the forums, and haven't been able to find the info I'm looking for.

Thanks for any help!

A:How to add a custom icon to a custom library?

Wasn't able to find the answer on here, but did find it here:

Libraries Icons - Change

Thought I'd share for anyone else that wants to try it.
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Simple. I want to put my Downloads Library on the start menu as a link eg. under Documents, Pictures, Music. I know if you go to the customize menu you can select Downloads but that is the folder from User.

A:Custom Library in Start Menu

Hello DevourDarkness,

Sorry, but that is not possible in Windows 7. However you can use the tutorial below to enable pinning folders to the Start Menu, then press and hold Shift and right click on the Documents Library and click on Pin to Start Menu.

Hope this helps,
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Try to create new library.
Get "Unable to create the file "New" Access is denied.

"Unable to create the file 'New Library.library-ms' File System error (16389)

The error 16389 (0x4005) is a trucation of a E_FAIL error (0x80004005)."

New library commands raise an error 16389 when "Prevent users from adding files to the root of their Users Files folder" policy is enabled | Microsoft Connect
"Unable to create the file 'New Library.library-ms' File System error (16389)

The error 16389 (0x4005) is a trucation of a E_FAIL error (0x80004005)."
Recently transferred files from C:\Users\Ray to E:\My Documents.--used MS move command, thought it would transfer references, apparently not.

What should I do to be able to create a new library?

A:Unable to create the file "New

Run "cmd". Type "SFC /scannow" (without quotes), hit enter.
Also check the event viewer for errors related to "16389".
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I am using windows and have all my itunes on an external home network drive. Everything is all set up and all new files are written to the drive. The problem is that if I add music from a cd to the library it is only recognized by the computer that I did it on and not recognised by the other computer. How do I make both computers recognize all content in the library?

Thanks, Joe

A:Solved: library on external drive using 2 computers I can't see all the library

No takers eh! I guess there are not many itunes users here?
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Hello, I have added a custom folder to my Username folder, and I would like it to appear on the start menu alongside Videos, documents etc.
Any links, walkthroughs etc appreciated. A quick search revealed nothing at
Seven Forums about this. . .
Despite the brevity of this post I'm quite adept with Windows and software in general, I'll look up any words used that I do not know...

A:Add Custom Folder/Library to the Start Menu

You can't add custom folders to the right side of the start menu, only the left side.

You can however set your User folder to open as a menu instead of a link and it will expand out and you can get to your custom folder that way. One extra step but that's about alll you can do.

Start Menu - Customize
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I just did a recovery on my laptop to get the "arrange by" command to work on my Windows 7 pictures library. When I had loaded the discs and the "new" Windows 7 was loaded the command worked fine - once I loaded the HP downloads the command did not work (libraries stuck in Folder command ). Need help to figure this out ! Thanks for the help.
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Hello I have created a library called integrate I view? Question: Can "Arrange the by Library Folder" quot America quot and put folders into it quot East quot Library Question: Can I integrate the "Arrange by Folder" view? quot West quot quot North quot and quot South quot Each of these regional folders real folders not libraries contains a separate folder for each state in that region Thus the quot West quot folder contains folders called quot California quot quot Oregon quot etc Lastly each state folder contains all types of files pertaining to the specific state When I open the quot America quot library I would like to see an integrated and alphabetized listing of ALL the state folders quot Alabama quot quot Alaska quot quot Arkansas quot etc However when I configure the library to sort by folder it sorts the state folders by name but only WITHIN their respective regions That's not my vision I'm looking for an integrated A-to-Z list of all the folders across all the regions Alternatively if I select the quot Sort by name quot option then all the state folders disappear and they are replaced by a very long list of all the component files -- it's an integrated alphabetized list good but of files bad not the state folders that contain them Can anyone suggest a clever tweak to move me closer to my vision Thanks Jay

A:Library Question: Can I integrate the "Arrange by Folder" view?

possibly you could arrange them manually,
this tutorial here will allow you to move the folders around to suit you preference
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I have Musicmatch Jukebox I used to have and I have a saved library ddf file in my external hard drive After getting the library is now not saving to any ddf file that I know of I have searched all my drives for all ddf files and produced nothing My original ddf file I saved all the time when adding new music has been the same mb since i upgraded to the ddf file isn t getting any bigger I have tried deleting mmjb from my entire computer and going to MMJB option save or to library 10: new No library the C directory and physically deleting musicmatch When I download a fresh copy I still cant save or create a new library In MMJB 10: No option to save library or new library addition it still pulls up all my music which is stored in my external hard drive Even if I turn my external hard drive off mmjb still brings up all the music of course it wont play because the hard drive is turned off but somehow mmjb knows my current library so is it storing it in a file which is not a ddf file There is no option to quot new library quot or quot save library quot Someone help me nbsp

A:MMJB 10: No option to save library or new library

It might be that the file is hidden and windows cannot see it. Go to My Computer, then Tools > Folder Options > View > select shown hidden files and folders.

Also it could be that it's not using the DDF file anymore and using a different one. Maybe M4U or something similar.
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My libraries file, Documents, Music, Pictures, Videos had developed a problem.

When I click on Pictures, the picture folders appear, but immediately below, my document files appear as folders also.

If I delete a document file in the pictures file, the document also deletes in the documents file.

If I try to move the document file from the picture file to the document file, a window says its an Identical sub folder and won't go any further.

How can I remove the folder list of documents from the picture file without destroying those documents in the document file?

I think that this problem developed as I loaded an ArcSoft program to read slides into my computer.



A:Documents Library also Appears in Pictures Library

Hello Jimbow, and welcome to Seven Forums.

If it's just been added to your Pictures library by mistake, then you should be able to use the tutorial below to remove it from the library without deleting the actual folder.

Library - Remove a Included Folder

Hope this helps,
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Apologies if I'm on the wrong board but hoping for advice on rebuilding my iTunes library without library.xml rebuilding library on iTunes Advice without or .itl? a full library xml or itl I'm on Windows bit iTunes My tech skills are poor and after a corrupted library event I just reinstalled itunes and then added my itunes folder from my C drive in itunes File gt Add Folder To Library However not all the songs on the HD were added to my iTunes library i e for many albums random tracks were missing when viewed in iTunes the original xml and itl files were corrupted and I didn't try to use them for this I can go to Advice on rebuilding iTunes library without library.xml or .itl? the iTunes folder on the C drive and right-click to Open those missing files with iTunes After they have been played like that then they are visible in the library in itunes but doing that with every individual missing track is incredibly time-consuming I've just bought a new PC and want to port my whole library over to the new machine Is there any way of moving all the files to the new machine via external HD and then rebuilding the library without gaps even if the library xml and itl files from the old machine have gaps Any suggestions would be really appreciated or somewhere else to go to find help Many thanks
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We have a GPO setting "Prevent users from adding files to the root of their Users Files folder" as we do not want users to be able to add files to their Roaming User Profile.

This GPO causes an error when a New Library is attempted to be created.

Because of the error we would like to Remove the "New Library" button from the toolbar which appears when the Library item is selected in the navigation pane.

The following article is great, however I cannot find a reference to the "New Library" button.

Windows Explorer Toolbar Buttons - Customize

Could any customisation wizkids offer any advice please?

Many Thanks

A:Remove New Library Button in from Library Toolbar

Hello Lee,

Doing step 7 in the tutorial below to remove "New -> Library" from the context menu will not remove the "New Library" toolbar button, but it will also effectively disable it. It may be a good workaround for you.

New Context Menu - Remove & Restore Default Menu Items

Hope this helps,
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I don't know whats going on but if I go to options and click on Monitor Folders and find my folder where all of my music is located.

WMP11 finds all 24002 files but says "0" added when completed. I basically have no library and I'm not able to add the files to the library.

I've restarted my computer, I've deleted the watched folders and added them back without any luck.

A:WMP11 finds my song library but won't add it in the library?

First turn off Monitor Folders and leave WMP open in the library view. To add songs to the library, select the music file folder(s) in Windows Explorer then drag-and-drop them into the WMP window.

If that doesn't work, delete the WMP database and try again.
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EDIT This issue has been solved Hi there This problem is slowly driving me crazy and I d appreciate anyone s insights My default Pictures library has somehow become a permanent clone of my Videos library It s not that it s a copy of Videos it s that both libraries have merged into the same entity The quot Pictures library-ms quot file literally does not exist Windows is using one file and one set of options yet displaying it as if there were two libraries And it stubbornly refuses to acknowledge that quot Pictures quot can or should exist If I delete one of the quot Videos quot both links remain visible until I refresh the Explorer window which makes them both disappear If I try to delete one and then the other Windows says it Library My Videos Solved: My Pictures Library Ate can t find the file which makes sense since the individual quot Videos library-ms Solved: My Videos Library Ate My Pictures Library quot file is already gone If I delete all of my libraries and then select quot Restore default libraries quot both duplicates reappear as before No quot Pictures library-ms quot is ever created I can manually create a new library called quot Pictures quot but it doesn t Solved: My Videos Library Ate My Pictures Library affect the presence of the duplicate Videos and other applications such as Windows Media Player do not recognize it as the official Pictures library WMP only shows images in the Videos folders and if I select quot Manage Pictures library quot from the WMP navigation pane it opens the options for the Videos library Strangest of all is this if I delete all libraries and don t restore them manually a quot Videos quot library will automatically reappear at some point no more than hours later I can delete it when this happens but it will continue to reappear at regular intervals I ve tried editing the registry to completely disable the Libraries feature as seen here and then reenable it using the factory defaults but this doesn t make a difference Since that patch completely removes the default libraries properties from the registry I have to conclude that Windows stores additional library data elsewhere but I haven t had any luck finding it I would really appreciate any suggestions nbsp

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I reinstalled Windows 7 - 64 bits on my husbands computer and ran MS updates that I had downloaded on a DVD. Now I wanted to install IE 11, but I receive a message that some MS updates are needed before install IE 11. I ran ALL the updates, only not Silverlight and .NET Framework. Do I need any of them for IE 11 to install?
Also, I partitioned the HD (drive C for Windows and drive D for data). I remember that on Windows XP I was able to move the library (documents, pictures, etc) folder to drive D, so when I needed to restore the backup of the Windows partition, the data were not lost. How can I do the same with Windows 7?
Thank you for any advice.

A:IE 11 and library folders

I would advise you to go here and download IE for Windows 7 64-bit. This will update the 32- and 64-bit versions of IE on the PC. It will download some updates during the initial installation, but that's fine.

As for changing the location of files to the D:\ drive? Have a read of this page and follow the instructions.
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is it possible to include a map drive folder in the library.thanks

A:library folders

hi,you might find the info needed in this link .
Libraries: frequently asked questions - Microsoft Windows Help
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I'd like to remove the folders from under This PC in the navigation pane. Is there a hack for that yet?

A:8.1 - Remove Library Folders from This PC

Hello xichael,

The tutorial below will help show you how to remove the folders from the "This PC" window. These are not libraries though. Instead they are shortcuts of your user folders.

This PC - Add or Remove "Folders" in Windows 8.1

Hope this helps,
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I am not able to find the process to delete a folder from my Documents library. The Help function says the following, but I can not find the 'library pane', Includes, nor Locations.When you no longer need to monitor a folder in a library, you can remove it. When you remove a folder from a library, the folder and its contents are not deleted from their original location.
In the taskbar, click the Windows Explorer button.
In the navigation pane (the left pane), click the library that you want to remove folders from.
In the library pane (above the file list), next to Includes, click Locations.
In the dialog box that appears, click the folder you want to remove, click Remove, and then click OK.

A:Managing folders in a Library

Hello Thickey, and welcome to Seven Forums.

The tutorial below can help show you how to remove a included folder from a library.

Library - Remove a Included Folder

Hope this helps,
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Hello Both newish HP laptops running well virus malware clean Vista library folders WMP adding 11 to not HP WMP All music stored on portable WMP 11 not adding folders to library HD in folders in Public Music The Public Music folder of this HD is added correctly in WMP Library Add to Library of the folders are added successfully but several are consistently excluded and happen to be folders I have recently added after downloading in Limewire The music files in these folders that have been excluded are playable in WMP by selecting them through Win Explr Q Why are these folders excluded and what can I do to resolve this I have properly deleted WMP WMP 11 not adding folders to library in C User Microsoft Media Player and rebuilt it to the same result at least times I am thinking it WMP 11 not adding folders to library must have something to do with the Folders themselves though when I compare them to all the folders added no problem they seem to be the same I am baffled unless someone programmed WMP to ignore the Bee Gees thank-you in advance for any attempt to help regards Mark nbsp
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Win VHP 32, v 6.0.6002 SP2, build 6002, WMP v 11.0.6002.18111
(2) newish HP laptops, same CS & WMP v.?s, both recently reformated, all working fine.

1. WMP services & processes stopped,
2. Media Player folder removed fr C:\User\....\Local\Microsoft\.
3. Library of 70GB, 4k folders, 27k files stored on ext. HD, consistently after deleting & rebuilding the Library several folders will not be added,
folders, all music with album art.
4. The individual music files do play when selected individualy from Win Explrer.
5. I am only concerned with a audio library.

I am thinking there must be some kind of attribute on the folders but from what I see they are exactly the same.
Help please. I have removed and rebuilt the libraries to the same results at least 10 times getting the same results.

Any help will be responded to and thanks ahead of time for any efforts on my behalf.
Regards, Mark
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I don't know when it happened and I don't know how it happened although I suspect it could be due to the last set of updates I downloaded All I know is that for some reason I cannot access my library folders Double clicking on the folders does absolutely nothing I get no errors of any kind either This is what I've done so far library Cannot open folders to try and fix the problem chkdsk spotfix no bad sectors found dism online cleanup-image restorehealth the component store corruption was repaired whatever that means sfc scannow all files verified successfully Deleted library folders and then reset to default did not work Windows library registry fix did not work None of these worked and I'm at my wits end I can Cannot open library folders still access Cannot open library folders the actual information thank God by going to C Users But I'd still like to be able to use the library function I can't believe something so seemingly simple could be so difficult to fix

A:Cannot open library folders

Might have to do an In-Place Install, how is the hard drive health? I've had to run GWscan about 10 times since I installed Windows 8. I ran it that many times for Windows 7 for 3 years. When 8 blue-screens, sometimes it really messes up the system hard drive.

Repair Install Windows 8
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I find this to be so lame I don't exactly get why libraries are so useful but for whatever reason they appear to be what MS wants me to use when working with folders because it's a heckuva lot easier to navigate my library folders in the left-side Windows Explorer navigation pane than it is to drill down to those same folders through Computer Users etc So when I'm working with folders in libraries it is impossible to paste a file into any folder that resides hierarchically under a library folder by right clicking on the folder any to folders paste library Cannot You can only choose cut or copy In order to paste a file into a folder to which you have navigated by going the library route you have Cannot paste to any library folders to actually open the folder and right click somewhere in the white space of Cannot paste to any library folders the open folder This is so lame You can right click and paste into Cannot paste to any library folders any of those same folders as long as you access them by going the Computer router It's the same folder for god's sake What do you guys think about this Is it a bug or some kind of 'feature' of which I am somehow failing to see the benefit

A:Cannot paste to any library folders

I made a "My Desk" folder .. which I then moved to Libraries. When I click on that folder expanded, I can click on the ones that I use the most.
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I would like to add the games library into the main library system that includes: Videos, Music, Documents, Pictures, Podcasts, ect. How could I do this?

A:Is there a way to add games library to main library?

Correct me if I'm wrong because I have really never used the "Games" Interface but I think it's a part of the system as in like not a folder.
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I just joined the forum. I have a query regarding being unable to save into the folders in my libraries. I'm not sure where I should post it. Can someone point me to the right forum please?

Thank you

A:Unable to save to the library folders

Hello there & welcome to SevenForums.

First you could read some pertinent threads & tutorials:
library-set-save-folder ,
File Folder Settings ,
or you could post your query in the general discussion section.
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i can go to file explorer and see all my sub folders created under the pictures library, but any app i use to see the photos, like the photos tile installed with windows 8, it does not show any sub folders at all.. the only way to see photos is to put pictures directly in the my pictures folder with no folders! and then it shows the photos but will not show any sub folders or pictures in them!

any idea how to fix this.. been on phone with microsoft for 2 hours now and they have no clue.

A:windows 8 not seeing sub folders in my pictures library

somebody had this question in another thread and got it solved. maybe you can search for that thread
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I did something to the libraries just now and now the Music and Document folder is a little screwd. Would greatly appreciate some help in changing the view of the 'Documents' to make it look like the 'Pictures' folder. Both 'Library Locations' are exactly the same.

A:How do I change the view of the folders in the Library

Dear cokejam,
The simplest and sure method of undoing the changes which you made to the Libraries,is to go to the "last System restore point".

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Since the last Windows 7 update a day or two ago, the display of folders in my Documents library has changed. The folders are now displayed in one column with dates showing when each folder was created. This makes scrolling necessary to view all the folders. I'd like to change this back to the way it was, in rows of columns (without dates or any other info) so I can see all the folders at once.
I've tried everything I can think of and I've searched this forum with no luck. Any help would be appreciated.

A:How do I restore the display of folders in the Documents library?

Hello Fred,

Setting your folder view settings to Group by -> (None) and view by large or medium icons should sort this for you.

File and Folder Arrangement - Group by - Sort by - Arrange by

Icon Size - Change in Windows Explorer Window
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I've noticed that the music library always shows folders (not files) first when ordering by date (created/modified). In Vista, files can be shown first, which I prefer since I can see my most recent music files. So my question is... is it possible to change this, to display files and then folders (as in Vista)?
Thanks in advance.

Update: it happens in all the libraries, not only in the music one. However in the computer explorer it doesn't, I mean, files appear in the first place.

A:display files before folders in the music library

Hello antoniomc, welcome to Seven Forums!

I haven't experimented with Libraries much so here's the link to the Libraries tutorials until someone can answer your question.

Tutorials - Windows 7 Forums
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Hello all I'm experiencing a strange problem with tripple library folders When I first installed windows I deleted all default library folders and created custom ones all was fine Some point later I decided to create a new library named quot Music quot the same as one of the defaults That's when things started going screwy At first everything appeared normal I had a new folder called quot Music quot in my library and I proceeded to include folders in it After I rebooted though now I can reproduce this just by refreshing the explorer window I noticed that I had quot Music quot folders in my library One had the default library icon the other a music-specific icon I proceeded Weird problem library with folders tripple to troubleshoot Weird problem with tripple library folders the problem Deleting either folder resulted in deleting both Adding a new quot Music quot custom library added both again Restoring the default libraries restored two copies of Music I checked in appdata roaming ms windows libraries and saw that there was only one music library-ms file I then tried creating a new custom library including all files I wanted deleting the music library and then renaming the newly created on to music This resulted in having library files - - I've been googleing but its hard to filter through the results since most are about having double the physical files inside a library folder Any help would be greatly appreciated

A:Weird problem with tripple library folders

System Restore to a point before you started "fiddling."
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When i opened my windows explorer to go to my pictures . there were no folders just 4 boxes that said " pictures.library-ms." ( documents.library-ms. etc ] . i deleted them and tried to restore them but it didnt work . when i go to upload a picture to tumblr it works but not if i want to just upload them to my computer and veiw them .

when i tried to save an image to the computer it wouldnt let me it said : " can not save to this location "

i just got this computer appril 21st . how can i fix this .?

A:Windows explorer library won't let me open any folders .

Welcome to Windows Seven Forums.

Have a look here: Libraries - Restore Default

If that doesn't work, try this: Libraries - Hidden and Empty Fix
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Awhile back I thought I read something online that said it was possible to add an image to the folder icon in your file library I have tried to find a tutorial or info on this but not had much luck Basically I want to know if it is possible to still show the folder icon but it Folders possible? Applying in Library- File is to Images add an image to it I have several hundred folders that each contain documents and images for research on textiles being able to superimpose an image of the textile type for the folder would make it much easier to locate the ones i want than by looking at hundreds of blank folders with textile names as the name doesn't always conjure up what the fabric looks like in my Applying Images to File Folders in Library- is it possible? head Is this even possible I don't want to replace the folder icon with an image I want to put an image on the folder icon Something like this I am using a Toshiba laptop running Windows home premium The only catch to this I'm Applying Images to File Folders in Library- is it possible? not sure about is that my filders appear sideways instead of flat like this which would would render it pointless to place an image on But again am almost positive I read that you could If this is possible any input advice how- to would be hugely appreciated For the record I'm not very tech-terminology savvy so if at all possible please break it down to me in layman's terms Thanks so much

A:Applying Images to File Folders in Library- is it possible?

Here is a great little tutorial | Make *.ico file in 30 seconds
If you're having trouble, just ask .
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I was burning a CD and my i tunes program stopped when I looked up it was blank thousands of songs gone The program was new like I had just downloaded it when i tried to sign in it said my account never existed Anyway to recover all that music I tried to burn a CD just a few minutes ago and it said Disc Burner or Software not found I went to start under computer there is only Local Disc C amp Recovery D my DVD CD Rom drive is gone My Document folder in the Library has disappeared twice in the days or so All my files are gone The sub folder My Docs has C after it now None of the others do Anyway to recover Folders that I put on my Desktop randomly disappear A folder Titled Print keeps popping up on the Desktop I delete Folders CD just ~ & drive, disappeared. Library Desktop HELP it and it comes back It has not HELP ~ CD drive, Library & Desktop Folders just disappeared. re-appeared since this morning Shouldn't I run a program on my external hard drive to see if it's infected I have saved folders on there I need to recover Someone from the Malware Response Team has been assisting me most of the week Today he told me to Post a new Topic it's not Malware Can anyone help me Is it a Hijacker deleting and posting folders i'm not very good with computers Thank You DelFix v - Logfile created at Updated by Xplode Username Me - MINEMINEMINE Operating System Windows bits Removing disinfection tools Deleted C FRST Deleted C AdwCleaner Deleted C Users Donna Downloads FRST-OlderVersion Deleted C Users Donna Downloads AdwCleaner exe Deleted C Users Donna Downloads dds com Deleted C Users Donna Downloads esetsmartinstaller enu exe Deleted C Users Donna Downloads JRT exe Deleted C Users Donna Downloads HijackThis exe Deleted C Users Donna Downloads hijackthis log Deleted C Users Donna Downloads tdsskiller zip Deleted HKLM SOFTWARE AdwCleaner Creating registry backup OK Cleaning system restore Deleted RP Scheduled Checkpoint Deleted RP Installed Windows Media Player Firefox Plugin Deleted RP Removed Product Improvement Study for HP Officejet series Deleted RP Configured Media Suite Deleted RP Removed iTunes New restore point created - EOF -

A:HELP ~ CD drive, Library & Desktop Folders just disappeared.

 If you have any remaining data you don't want to lose, back it up, then restore to factory settings using the instructions in your user guide.
 When you've gotten your system back like you want it, I urge you to get yourself an external hard drive and a good 3rd party backup program. You can set it up to do everything automagically at the time and frequency of your choice. 1 TB external hard drives are about $60 these days and a really good FREE backup program is the Easeus Todo Backup Free.  That can save you a lot of time and frustration the next time something like this happens. Sooner or later it happens to all computers for one reason or another.
 Good luck.
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When I click on This PC, I see the Folders section, then the Devices and Drives.

Is there any way to add another folder to the Folders section?

I'd like to add my Dropbox folder here or a shortcut here so it's easily accessible from This Pc and from in software when trying to save a file.

Any ideas?

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So I have library that has 4 folders in it. When I click library is shows all the items in each folder in tree view when I want them all minimized. Want to look like when you click on the locations link at the top once inside library it shows the folder themselves. Any way of doing this?
Also is there a way to export a library? Just the locations it refers to not the actual files themselves? Make it easier setting up pc again in future. kinda like you can copy a bunch of shortcuts to software you might instal later then past them where you want but do this for library.

A:Library - show folders minimized by default

Quote: Originally Posted by Torrentula81

So I have library that has 4 folders in it. When I click library is shows all the items in each folder in tree view when I want them all minimized. Want to look like when you click on the locations link at the top once inside library it shows the folder themselves. Any way of doing this?

Always double-click the horizontal header bar of each Location before closing the window. This is the only way I know of to do this. After a while, it will become so automatic that you won't even have to think about it.

Quote: Originally Posted by Torrentula81

Also is there a way to export a library? Just the locations it refers to not the actual files themselves? Make it easier setting up pc again in future. kinda like you can copy a bunch of shortcuts to software you might instal later then past them where you want but do this for library.

Windows Easy Transfer does this by telling it to save your Windows Settings.
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Hello all I am the lucky guy that keeps track of my home network My problem is my yo daughter has done something to her Vista Home Premium Media Center I had set up her VMC with the registry adjustment to show quot Gallery quot I got it working correctly and she could watch movies I login to her system now a couple months later to check things today from Remote Desktop and the quot DVD Library quot option is missing I did notice quot Netflix quot being shown now though I didn't do that I checked the add remove programs nothing I figured I would Library Missing DVD just reset the VMC library but when I went to the Setup portion of Media Center the option is missing I am an IT guy of years by career so I am not just any user However this one has me stumped I searched Google to no avail Any one got any ideas Thank you Disgruntled IT dad grrrrr

A:DVD Library Missing

You are probably way out of my league in this being a professional IT man and I hope I am not giving stupid ideas, I just hate to see not even a reply to try to help you out yet. Which must mean you are definitely "S-O-L" as you are treading uncharted waters.
Is the registry key still set at "Gallery"? If you run a program like "Registry Mechanic" or whatever on a scheduled basis, could it see that as a registry error and reset the key? Or if you had to do a Windows repair/reinstall, does that change all keys back to their default?
If you have a server computer hosting the movies, did you go into explorer to see if her computer still even has proper permissions to access the movie directory? Maybe if WMC doesn't find anything to display under that heading, it won't even show the heading.
As far as the setup option missing goes, could that be a part of Windows Security that doesn't show do to account/access permissions. If you temporarily make her account an administrator, then restart, does it show up? Or even easier, If does it show up when logged in as a current administrator.
Do you have another computer running a similar setup that works to compare the registries with for any other changes? If this seem like it might help you and you don't have another computer, I will post screen shots of my registry for you.
If nothing else and it seems like your alone in this, maybe it would be quicker to back up her system and then restore a backup that is functional and migrate her recent files over from the newest backup.
Please do share when you get this figured out. I have a WHS computer hosting Media Center PC's so I may run into a very similar problem in the future.
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I have to manually refresh to show that a file is deleted. As far as I'm aware, this only happens in the picture and music library. Any way to fix this?

A:Library folders won't show file deletion until I refresh

Have tried to find something that would fix this problem (not having it myself), but have run into that thing we call a "Wall." Really not sure what it would take at this point.

Something you might do is to run a Malware program to determine if that could be the problem. Or, go to "System Restore" then go back to point that this problem didn't exist, and restore to that point to see if that will fix the problem (remember if you use System Restore you may have to reinstall some of your apps). Good Luck . . .
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I have a new Dell computer XPS running Windows Professional I have an old Western Digital My Book external drive to a folders Windows drives Problem external library moving 7 from USB and a new one USB The old drive has Problem moving folders from external drives to a Windows 7 library a cloned Acronis version of my old computer on it The new computer had a little trouble finding the old drive but eventually did so and no trouble finding the new drive I was able to copy the folders I wanted from the old external drive to the new one but not from either the old or the new into a Library I created for stuff from my old computer Of course I can link the folders to Problem moving folders from external drives to a Windows 7 library the Library but not actually copy them to it- which is what I had planned to have old and new data in one place reserving the new external drive for clones or backup When I attempt Problem moving folders from external drives to a Windows 7 library to either drag the folder or do a copy I get the red circle with a line through it Any suggestions for what is going on

A:Problem moving folders from external drives to a Windows 7 library

Hello bmanning, and welcome to Seven Forums.

As a test, see if you will be able to drag them to your desktop first, then move them to where you like afterwards. Windows 7 has built-in security that prevents anything from being copied from an external source directly into a system folder. It has to be to a user folder (ex: desktop) first, then from the user folder to a system location.

Hope this helps,
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I'm having difficulty adding MP3 files from other folders to the Media Player library. When I choose "add to Library..." in Media Player, it scans for digital files and finds lots of them, but nothing gets added to the library. If I click on one of the digital files in another folder, Media Player will play the file, but I can't add it to the library. What's up?

A:Can't add digital files in other folders to the Windows Media Player library

Try and send the files to your music folder.Right click the file you want open drag and drop into music folder.This will automatically send them to windows media player library.
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Hey everyone. I'm trying to get PHP (4.3.4, not the beta version) to work with PWS on Win98 SE. However, whenever I try putting the "<?phpinfo();?>" tag into the document and test, I get the message:

One of the library files needed to run this application cannot be found.Click to expand...

I have reinstalled PHP but still it doesn't work. Has anyone got any ideas? Thanks in advance.

A:PHP and PWS - Library File Missing

Doesn't it give you a path where it looked for it when it generated the error?
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My computer has low memory, so I was cleaning out old files, and finally, freeing space with the control panel function that compresses files etc.I restarted my computer, and iTunes opened with this message:I know I didn't delete any parts of the iTunes program, or my library. I'm not sure what caused this! Can I just restore my library using Yamipod?
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Hi' I copied a 26gb library from my classic 30gb ipod onto a folder on my new computer,(win7-64-Bit) the transfer took 90 minutes.
when I open the folder it's empty!! however if I right click the folder's property's
It informs a library of 5056 songs in 53 folders. all help in finding them very welcome.

A:Missing library files

Hello there. Maybe your files are hidden,so you can't see them on Windows. To see them,follow this:
Open Computer and in left side you'll see a menu.

Click on Organise and then Folder and Search Options.

A window called Folder Options will pop up.

There click on View tab,and select Show hidden files,folders and drives.
After that Apply and Ok.
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In the HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Media Center\Settings\DvdSettings section of the registry, I changed the ShowGallery key from "Play" to "Gallery" to change the Play DVD option to DVD Library. The action worked, and everything was working properly. At some point, the DVD Library option disappeared and I haven't figured out how to restore it. I am using Vista Home Premium SP1. Unfortunately, I don't recall whether the DVD Library option disappeared with the installation of SP1. Does anyone have any ideas how I can get the DVD Library (or Play DVD) option back?
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Hi A large number of files has disappeared from my computer and I can't find them anywhere I have a folder within the Pictures library entitled quot To be printed quot - it's where I dump all my photos from my phone initially before I sort through them to decide what to keep I had around files in this folder mostly JPEGS and a couple of MOV files Missing files from pictures library A few weeks ago I added new photos to this folder The next time I looked in the Missing files from pictures library folder it was acting strangely The new photos didn't appear to be there and only the or so old files were there The files are arranged by day When I clicked arrange by folder however the new photos appeared and the other disappeared - when arranged by day the folder told me I had items in the folder and when I clicked arrange by folder I was told I had files in the folder I shut the computer down and the next time I logged on the folder only had the new files and there was no sign of the or so older files no matter what I arrange the folder by I've searched the whole computer for JPEG and MOV files and there is no sign anywhere Any ideas I've hit a brick wall and can't think of anything else - the missing files are holiday pics and videos of my kids and I'd be gutted to lose them Thanks Steve

A:Missing files from pictures library

Did you try opening a command prompt to that folder and doing dir command? As Groucho would say "This is the most ridiculous thing I eva' hoid." I don't recall hearing quite this problem ever.
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I accidentally moved or deleted a folder in 'Documents Library'. The only one there is 'My Stationary'.

A:Missing folder in 'Documents Library'.

Check in your Recycling bin.
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Hello all,

This has been bugging me for some time so hopefully somebody can help me. In my Libraries folder in Windows 7 it has Documents, Pictures and Music. It does not have a videos library though. If somebody can help me with getting my videos folder then that would be brilliant. I have done a print screen. If you need any more details then I am happy to provide them.

Thank you,

A:Video library folder missing from libraries

Hello Andy, and welcome to Seven Forums.

This may be able to help restore the Videos library for you.

Libraries - Restore Default
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Hi everyone I am having a problem when I go into IE to check my msn hotmail a message comes up and freezes about every 30 secs. (one of the library files needed to run this application can not be found UNICOWS.DLL) I was told that my Primary master hard drive disk Smart status bad. Well this is where I am stuck I tried to load unicows but no luck, I dont know what to do please help so I can check my 5000.00 messages.Thank you so much for your time.oh my system is a 98/me if that matters.

A:ie Library file needed (UNICOWS.DLL)missing 98/me

Hello and Welcome to TSF

Go to start and click run. type in "%programfiles%\MSN Messenger" right click on msnmsgr and click properties. Click on the compatibility tab and make sure everything is unchecked.

If that doesnt work uninstall MSN Messenger and reinstall.
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As the topic says, the library extension on my document explorer is missing, in fact it is replaced by adminstrator. What am I missing eh?
Running Win x64

A:Library extension on my document explorer is missing.

Earlier this had a topic in the MRL forum (malware) which you stated you had self-resolved.  It's possible that you erred in your earlier determinatio...but let's take a look, assuming that there are no malware issues.
Please download MiniToolBox  , save it to your desktop and run it.
 Checkmark the following checkboxes:  List last 10 Event Viewer log  List Installed Programs  List Users, Partitions and Memory size.
 Click Go and paste the content into your next post.
 Also...please Publish a Snapshot using Speccy - , taking care to post the link of the snapshot in your next post. 
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When I run a scan with Norton WinDoctor I see this message everytime. The key HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\CLSID\{BEEDEB31-5B44-46eb-A004-2675DD094E2F}\TypeLib for this object points to the missing type library HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\TypeLib\{9A8F3979-D2DD-4b4a-949E-B70CCE2DC4AA}. This subkey can be deleted for this object, But when I delete it it is there the next time I scan. Need some HELP!!!!
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Hi and thanks for this great forum I've can't Library seen (non but be Missing Default) Folder. It exists tried sorting this problem but haven't seen an answer specific for my problem I created a library called quot Utilities Missing (non Default) Library Folder. It exists but can't be seen quot for my portable utilities that I use regularly It is there but it is no longer visible and I can't recreate it from Windows Explorer When I try to recreate it I get the message quot Do you want to rename New Library folder to Utilities There is already a folder with the Missing (non Default) Library Folder. It exists but can't be seen same name in this location I tried restoring default folders Libraries gt gt gt Right Click Restore Default Libraries as well but of course nothing happened When I go to C Users Daffyd AppData Roaming Microsoft Windows Libraries the Utilities library is not visible and can't be recreated as I get the same message as above But I can create a regular Utilities file folder but needless to say it doesn't show up in the Windows Explorer Libraries I already have folders visible Control Panel gt gt Missing (non Default) Library Folder. It exists but can't be seen gt Folder Options gt gt gt Show all Folders Control Panel gt gt gt Folder Options gt gt gt View gt gt Show hidden files folders and drives I'm at a loss Suggestions Thanks for taking the time to read my post

A:Missing (non Default) Library Folder. It exists but can't be seen

Hello daffyd, and welcome to Seven Forums.

You might see if using an option in the tutorial below may be able to help. It will set the attributes of all libraries to not be hidden.

Libraries - Hidden and Empty Fix
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Strange problem I am having with the Computer Management MMC snap-in. If I look at the tree pane (to the left) the item "Task Scheduler Library" has no icon next to it.

I tried rebuilding the icon cache as per other threads with similar problems... no effect.

Anyone else have an idea?


A:Win 7 Task Scheduler Library has missing icon

Mine doesn't have one there either. Perhaps a bug or whatnot.
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My problem is maybe a little complicated I want to move my iTunes library to an external hard drive Unfortunately I tried to move it without following the proper instructions from Mac I moved the music files iTunes Music folder to the external hard drive and deleted the folder and music files from my computer after the move Then I went to iTunes preferences to change the location of iTunes Media to the external Then I checked it and iTunes couldn t play couldn t find any of the files of course I moved everything back changed the preferences still couldn t find the songs so I re-created my library and playlists following the instructions from Apple support Now most of my music is back in iTunes but not all Some of it it said it couldn t find I m not sure of all of the music it can t find I know some of it from memory All of the files are in the iTunes Music folder I (iTunes some library iTunes Solved: Library Help find songs) can't assume and I so want to added the files it couldn t find but not duplicate everything I have in my library already Then move my files to the external properly How do I do this Bonus question None of my I iphone applications are in my iTunes I m afraid to connect my phone now as I fear I will lose the applications and Solved: iTunes Library Help (iTunes library can't find some songs) the info in those apps How should I handle this Sorry for the long explanation Thanks for your patience nbsp

A:Solved: iTunes Library Help (iTunes library can't find some songs)
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I recently purchased a used Netgear NIC for my wireless network and tried to install it today. After loading the installation disk, turning off the PC and inserting the card I reconnected the power cord and rebooted the computer. The instructions said that after a short delay the Found New Hardware wizard would appear and the software could be installed and configured. Instead I got the message:

The procedure entry point [email protected]@@[email protected] could not be located in the dynamic link library athcfg11.dll

I have a very rudimentary idea of what the dynamic link library is but no idea at all what the message really means or what to do about it. Where would I get this file and how would I install it in the dynamic link library?

A:NIC won't install - missing file in dynamic link library

It is probably present. It may exist in the wrong version. Search and see if it is there.
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Only empty folders show up when using the metros photos app when my pictures library includes a WHS homegroup shared folder. Photos app reports "We couldn't find any photos in here"

I can browse to the folders using file manager and open a single picture in Photos but I cannot then get to the next or previous picture in the folder.
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receive message to download Library localzer. but don know how computer runs slow and keyboard response slow

A:Library localizer file missing (Windows Vista)

localizer.dll is not installed with Windows Vista. It's installed with one of these third-party applications from Auslogics: Auslogics BoostSpeed, Auslogics Disk Defrag Professional and Auslogics Registry CleanerI suggest you uninstall any of the above. They could account for your computer running slower than it should. You do not need any of them because Windows has all those tasks built in already, except for a registry cleaner which is uneccessary and unsafe.
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My Windows Media Player 9 Music Library settings will not automatically update media information for files which were copied from CD's. These CD's were copied over several months but the missing media data i.e. '01 Track 1' is intact. I have done this successfully in the past with no issues.

I added the correct folder for monitoring with the following settings in Tools - Options - Media Library:
Update files by retrieving missing information from internet.
Only add missing information.
Find media information for music copied with another program.

I restarted the computer and started the browser before opening WMP9 and waited several hours for it to update with no changes appearing. I tried this with both Explorer and Firefox.

There is no menu item to force media information updates.

Is reinstalling WMP9 the best option at this point?
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I created this post to help people searching for solutions to Windows Error Messages:

Visual C++ Redistributable Library Missing
Application has failed to start because its side-by-side configuration is incorrect
Application Failed to Start
Dependent Assembly Missing
Activation context generation failed
so as to help find this post when using a search engine

Some background: Many Windows apps are built using Visual C++ libraries. The tricky part is that there are many different "versions" of "assemblies" of the C++ libraries in both 32-bit and 64-bit architecture "flavors". So the trick is tracking down the right flavor of the right assembly and version of the C++ library you need.

For further help, see this thread (in general) and this post and this post (in particular) for solutions

For how to look through your Application Event Log for application event messages click here
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In Windows 7 the folder structure allows you to make "Other Libraries" under the "Library" folder structure. But these other Libraries that you make under the "Libray" folder structure do NOT appear in Windows Media Player 12 in Windows 7?

There is a category labeled "Other Libraries" in Windows Media Player but it only seems to list other media programs like my Rhapsody account when I am playing it. Otherwise nothing appears under the Media Player Library category "Other Libraries".

Is there a way to make Windows Media Libraries other than the basic ones of Music, Videos, Pictures, Recorded TV and Other Media and to get them to appear in Windows Media Player? - To get them to appear under "Other Libraries" in Windows Media Player?

Anyone know how this can be done? Thanks.


A:In Windows 7 can Windows Media Player recognize "Other Libraires" that you make under "Library" folders?

Not sure what you're asking ... what other type of file/folder do you want to open with WMP?
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HELP!! I got tired of all the clutter in the "Documents" section of the Libraries. I created a new Library for my client files. I included a folder and many sub-folders from deep within the Documents library. It is working properly, the files and folders are now available in the new Library.

GREAT, BUT!!! Now every file (even I.E. favorites) that was in the Documents library is listed removed from their folders. This is over 13,000 files! In the "Documents" Library there is still "My Documents" file (I came from XP), and the files and folders are properly displayed there.

How do I get the Documents file to not show me every file I have removed from their folders?

A:Files in "Documents" Library removed from folders

Hello and welcome to the Forum. Where did all this "clutter" come from. Are they files that you transferred from another PC?
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Not being that experienced, I'm a little confused w/ the way the Library sorts CDs into genres vs the way I could sort the Music Folders. They don't seem to relate. For example, the Library lists an album under "Rock" that I would like to move to another genre but I cannot figure a way to do this. On the other hand, I know I could play around w/ the folders so that this particular CD is in the right place. However, I'm not sure that if I take the time to organize my Music folders whether this will have any impact on how the Library sorts them.
If you can shed some light on this I'd sure appreciate it.
Thanks, Nick.

A:Solved: Windows media music library vs music folders

Mp3 music files have tags that are kept inside the files themselves. The most common ones are Artist, Album, Track Title, Track Number, Release Year and Genre. When you put a file into the WMP library, the tags are read and stored, along with the file location.

So the tag data is what shows up in the WMP library and you can sort on various fields depending on which version you have. But the files can be put anywhere and named anyway you like. Most people use a certain naming convention like Artist-TrackNumber-Title.

If you want to sort the folders by genre you could do that, but you'll have to do it manually. You can do some manipulating of folders and filenames with tag editors. If you want to give that a try get Mp3Tag.
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After the first time Windows 8.1's video library offers to pick folders, then it doesn't anymore. Why?
How do I add more folders to it?

Thx in advance!

A:How do I open more video folders in my video library?

Right click on an empty space in the opened Video window, new then click Folder.
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Hi. I have a large collection of photos which are stored in my pictures library. I have found they also appear in my videos library. I am sure I have never copied them across. The 2 libraries seem to be identical.

Any ideas what might have happened ?

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For no apparent reason, the function "include in library" in Windows Explorer (right click on a folder to include it in a library) is not longer there. It used to be. But now when I right click on a folder in Windows Explorer, it's simply not there anymore. Does anybody know how to restore it?
Or alternatively: does anybody know how to add music files to Playlists in Windows Mediaplayer without having to use libraries (like in previous versions of Windows)?

A:"Include in library" option suddenly missing from Windows Explorer

Include in library - Add or Remove from Context Menu
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Every time I make a new library the icon is the same general one. If I set the lib type to one of the specific ones the icon stays the same. If I open the lib in notepad I can verify that the iconReference xml tag is missing. What can I do to fix this? I have just run a scan for corrupted windows files which came up clean.


A:Every new library is missing "iconReference"

Take a look thru this -

NOTE: If this is a new Library that you have created, then the line will not be there and you will need to add the <iconReference>"path to icon w/file extension"</iconReference> line directly under the <isLibraryPinned>-1</isLibraryPinned> line entry.

Libraries Icons - Change
Libraries Icon - Change Default Icon
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I'm still a little unclear on exactly how I managed to accomplish this feat Just did a clean install of Pro and was relocating my User lt directory gt s to their respective drives as I have done numerous times with I had just pointed Music 2nd now is library a "Music" library "Download" to the drive where my GB collection resides My next "Download" library is now a 2nd "Music" library quot move quot was with Downloads As I started the process I remember seeing an extra message about moving all the files to the new location It was going on am so I just accepted it Next thing I knew I had two quot Music quot directories One has the usual blue musical note while the other has a blue downward pointing arrow most often reserved for Downloads However if I delete a file in one it is deleted in both directories Quite depressing all in all My attempts to restore it to its original state have failed I have seen several similar posts at this and other forum s but none are exactly like what I have done I don't know if I could try running a repair or if I'm either just going to have to live with this or reinstall the whole shooting match So I'm hoping someone can help me un-fubar my directory Thanks MD

A:"Download" library is now a 2nd "Music" library

User Folders - Restore Default Location - Windows 7 Help Forums I've done a similar error in the past. I just restored the default locations, and unchecked the box asking to move the files. Then cleaned up the folder contents, and moved them again.
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I have numerous situations where I have many folders inside a fold..

Recently I clicked something on one of these and now the items show as shown below:

As you can see the internal folders are arranged across the screen with NO details.

The way I want it to show is shown below:

How do I change the way it is shown in the first arrangement to the way it is shown in the second arrangement?

Thank you.

A:Arrange Items in Folders

Choose the Details option in Windows Explorer
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I have many folders/subfolders in my PFC. Is there a way to sort or arrange these folders in the order I want them in. I've tried dragging them but many times they simply pop back to where they were.
Please reply here and to [email protected]
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I don't want the library there on my desktop. I don't want it there anywhere. I like all my folders laid out in plain sight on the desktop, not shelved on some library shelf.


A:How to get rid of the library?

Hello Kahill, and welcome to Seven Forums.

Libraries let you access and arrange items from one or more folders quickly without moving them from their original location. Libraries themselves don't store your files or folders. Instead, they point to different locations on a hard disk or external drive attached to your computer. This gives you easy access to a category of files no matter where they are stored. For instance, if you have music files on your hard disk and on an external drive, you can access all of your music files from within the "Music" library.

If you are still set on removing them, then this will help show you how to with an easy option to restore them later if you should decide to.

Libraries Desktop Icon - Add or Remove


Libraries Folder - Add or Remove from Navigation Pane

Hope this helps,
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Does anyone know where I can get a good .zip manipulation library? I just need to be able to create a .zip and add files to it, not unzip it. Any help will be appreciated.

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Q: Library


Someone was on my laptop today, and I noticed they had a window opened called Library. It looked like a list of files or something. I would like to know what this is, just to make sure nothing related to the operating system can be corrupted by using this program. Also, how can I access it myself? Thank you.

I am using Vista Home Premium on an Acer Aspire 5920.


HiI noticed they had a window opened called Library. It looked like a list of files or something.There's no program in Vista called Library unless of course you have installed one.There is however a program in Windows to view files and folders. The program is called Windows Explorer.Follow this link to see how to use this program. would like to know what this is, just to make sure nothing related to the operating system can be corrupted by using this program.It is possible to delete files and folders using Windows Explorer. If you are already aware of Windows Explorer and it is not the program you saw then please try to supply further info about this mystery program which will help in its identification.
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Q: Library

I keep getting an error message (McPal.dlls). what is this file used for and how do I correct it?


What is the message? When do you get it? What OS are you running?
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i have PHP 4.3.4 it is supposed to have the gd library installed already. is there a setting that i have to change to enable it? the books i have act as if it should work as soon as i install PHP. i installed coppermine photoalbum and it says that its not installed and i also wrote a script to draw a rectange and i do not get any output. i looked in the php.ini and i found this line


i took out the semi colon and restarted apache and it said the module can not be found. not sure what to do. thanks in advance

A:PHP GD Library

You still need to install GD, which you can download from
Get the Windows ZIP Version and follow the instructions.
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Q: library

a way to re-organize the libraries? I dont like the order they are in right now.


Well, you can create and delete libraries. And you can rearrange them; their layout, in the window. Be more specfic.
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Q: Library

Hi everyone, I am not sure if this is the best section to post it in, but its my first time posting on here...

I have never seen this happen before and I would like to know how to fix it.

When you go into your Libraries folder you will see "Documents, Music, Pictures, and Videos"

When I click "Pictures" I see my pictures folder which is what I only want in there..
But I see 4 categories along with it as drop down menus.

They are "Public Pictures" "My Documents" and "Public Documents" I don't know how those even got there, but I was wondering how to get rid of them..

Any help is greatly appreciated,

Thank you!

Edit: Nevermind... Solved my own problem..


Welcome to Windows Seven Forums.

What was the solution?
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OK this may have already been answered but I am having trouble finding it. I am ok with computers but campared to you guys I suck. OK here is the problem, I have lost all the songs in the library, I need step by step instructions on how to get it back. I can do it myself I just don't know the steps. Please help
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This page and others needs work from Techguy members. Please help.

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Trying to burn a CD, when I click on Library- nothing happens, no folders, no dropdowns, nothing. I've researched the forums and no similar problems found. It will play music but I can't burn any CDs because I can't access the Library that I'm supposed to put my song files into. Thanks in advance for any and all help.

Dell DIM3000
P4 2.8GHz
512 RAM
80G HD

A:No Library in WMP 10

I had what sounds like a similar problem ages ago. If it's the same thing then the solution is in that thread:
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As can be seen from my snip, my folders are not in alphabetical order. Is there a way to do this? I can arrange the files in the folders that way, but they don't time I go back they're in random order again. On my Vista desktop, I can arrange both folders and files in ABC order and they stay that way. Thanks in advance for your assistance.

A:How do you arrange firefox folders in abc order?

Under bookmarks in the menu at the top of Firefox....

Open "show all bookmarks" the left panel.....right click on "book marks menu" "sort by name"........

This should work for you
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Hi, I've been looking for a solution to my problem online and can't seem to find it so I thought I'd post something here.

I have Windows 7 and whenever I open a folder it arranges by order of last accessed. This is a pain because I'm constantly having to re-sort my folders alphabetically so that I can find them. Is there any way I can make my folders always arranged alphabetically?

I've tried the Folder Options>View>Apply to Folders but it doesn't seem to work.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!


A:How do I arrange all folders to always be organized alphabetically?

Hello RB, and welcome to Seven Forums.

You should be able to click on the Name column while in Details view to have the arrow pointing upwards in the Name column to have them Sort by "ascending" alphabetical order.

File and Folder Arrangement - Group by - Sort by - Arrange by

If you like, you can then use the method in the tutorial below to apply this to all folders. They should be by default though.

Folder View - Set a Default for All Folders

Hope this helps,
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There is no auto-arrange check option when right clicking on a folder. Where is the turn off auto-arrange option? I have to be able to manually arrange the folders and not sort by any names, numbers, dates, etc., or group. I need the turn off auto-arrange option.

A:How do I turn off auto-arrange in file folders?

right click on desktop
auto arrange icons
there should be a little symbol next to it just click it and the symbol should go
and your free to mess up your desktop woo
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right now theyre just in there in the order i saved them in. is there a way to arrange them alphabetically?

A:how do i arrange my favorites folders in alphabetical order

Right-Click on the word "Favorites" and select "Sort By Name".
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How can I arrange jpgs within a folder without renaming them FIRST? XP allowed drag and drop to allow MY OWN organization. Windows 7 seems to have replaced that with only auto-arrange options. Am I missing something or is there still some way to organize a slideshow or content-based order?
Still hopeful of the common sense tool from XP.

A:How can I arrange files within folders by content, not numbers

Windows Explorer Auto Arrange - Disable

check out above link.
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Ideally I want ALL of my folders to arrange themselves in alpabetical order by name I ve set folder preferences to view them this way but still have to right-click on the browse window a Name? Arrange PERMANENTLY there solution? by Folders Is How to registry and Arrange Icons By Name but as soon as I close the window and reopen it it arranges all of the folders back to random If setting folder preferences is not the solution I assume that the registry can be edited to let the folders perform this way Another annoyance of XP is working in a folder and wanting to open a file in the folder but the Open option defaults to a completely non-relevant folder If you wouldnt mind providing two solutions is there a way to instruct XP to automatically default to the last folder the application was working in PRESENT Here is an example of what I mean I am working in a folder that is located on the desktop and wish to open How to PERMANENTLY Arrange Folders by Name? Is there a registry solution? a file In the application when I open a file Windows defaults to My Documents where all of the folders are arranged randomly SOLUTION Ideally I want Windows to default Open to the last folder worked in and arrange everything alphabetized by their name Thank you for your help How to PERMANENTLY Arrange Folders by Name? Is there a registry solution? nbsp

A:How to PERMANENTLY Arrange Folders by Name? Is there a registry solution?

Open Windows Explorer, go to your folder, then sort them the way you want.
Then go to "Tools, Folder Options, View tab", and then select the "Apply to Folder" button.
OK out of Folder Options, and then close Explorer. Now, when you open Explorer or from a program the files should be sorted in the manner you set them at.

Each time you start a new session, the programs will default to My Documents.