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HELLO setup guest user on laptop but cannot how to enable internet

Q: HELLO setup guest user on laptop but cannot how to enable internet

hi im fairly new to windows 7 home premium i set up a guest user area so that my kids & other than myself can use the labtop and wont distrub my files on my user area the problem is is that the internet has been disabled in the guest user area when the internet is clicked on its says " guest users not granted acess" which makes it useless because no one can get online how can i enable the internet brouser in the guest user area ive tried several times and ways with no succcess thank you all in advance

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Preferred Solution: HELLO setup guest user on laptop but cannot how to enable internet

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: HELLO setup guest user on laptop but cannot how to enable internet

Hello wil, Welcome to Sevenforums!

May I suggest disabling the 'guest account' and just creating a standard limited user account and naming it 'guest'? It will then function as you would like it to. There are many things that you can do to limit what users can do on the limited user accounts, so if you have any questions, feel free to ask them here.

Hope I've answered your question
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I have a fresh install of win8 and there is no guest account at logon.
I've tried creating a one and it says that it already exists.
I've install win8 on my daughters computer as an upgrade to win7 and she has the guest account.
I can't find anywhere to enable it on mine. I assume I will need to alter something in the registry?

A:How do you enable the guest account?

The quickest way to enable the Guest account is via Control panel/User Accounts/Manage another account. You can also right click on 'Computer' under Metro, select manage from the task bar, then select Local Users and Groups/Users/Guest - Uncheck the account disabled box.

Guest Account - Turn On or Off - Windows 7 Forums

Out of interest, why use the Guest account, why not create a separate account?
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Hey guys I need help modifying my network internet setup at my house and guesthouse This is how my current setup looks like Main house has the DSL dynamic IP modem connected to a Netgear WGR wireless G router DHCP laptop connects via wireless to that and a cat wire going from one of the ports to the guesthouse bedroom in wall plug and connected to it is a Dlink Dir- wireless n router I have computers connected to the router wirelessly With guest between and house Network/internet setup my the house this setup my Internet connection is inconsistent in the guesthouse And recently I bought a Denon AVR- Audio receiver in the living room that needs to be connected to the internet via Ethernet wire and I don t have access to that Network/internet setup between my house and the guest house Let me give you more info on the Distance between the farthest point of the guesthouse Network/internet setup between my house and the guest house and the position of the modem and wireless router is in the main house It s about - ft walls in between and of the walls would Network/internet setup between my house and the guest house be the outside stucco walls I need suggestions on how to do this the right way My Denon audio receiver is the only equipment that need to connect to the Internet via Ethernet cable and I don t have access to that Thank you in advance Raffi nbsp

A:Network/internet setup between my house and the guest house

First off, get stability from Main to Guest by using wired access. If this is not stable,
then the wireless will not be either. Update the Netgear WGR614 firmware.

Wireless will bog down when it is encrypted, but you need that to avoid your neighbors
from getting access to your systems.

Which location (Main/Guest) has the worse reliability issue?
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Hi Guys One of our staff to User Solved: Account - User Deleted Guest - File Type Changing PC has a problem the scenarios Specs Alias Names -Company Name Contoso -Staff PC under Domain Alpha -PC Name Contoso -PC -Local Users are administrators and john Solved: Changing User Account Type - User to Guest - File Deleted -User profiles gt operations contoso domain gt john local gt administrator local -MS Outlook connected to email protected Thursday IT remove uninstall chat messengers blocked linkedin facebook twitter youtube change User Account Type Local Staff John Doe from User to Guest I change the type from User Accounts gt Properties gt Group Membership gt Others gt Guest shutdown the system Friday turn on the PC and staff asks for the correct username provides the username Contoso -PC john staff login to his local account using his password Saturday staff called and his desktop files are gone and document files are gone IT check the Users folder there are particular folders john and john contoso -pc both folders empty outlook not connected account is totally FRESh IT check on webmail under Domain Alpha not working the usual password webmail contoso com owa after an hour the usual password works IT tried to connect MS outlook using email protected not working saying quot outlook pst is not offline file quot PROBLEM files are gone Totally FRESh account I don t know what happen guys please help the FIles are gone Hoping your best solution THanks nbsp

A:Solved: Changing User Account Type - User to Guest - File Deleted
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Hi, we recently purchased a group of PCs with Windows 10 installed at our institution. We would like to configure the PCs to have a guest account and when a user logs off the account his or her files would be deleted (much like the guest account of a Mac), is there a way to do it?

If this is not possible, is there a way to configure the PCs so they are for public use? (such as limit access with files deletion upon logging off)

A:How to enable guest account with file delete upon exit?

Many libraries use DeepFreeze, however, I'm not sure if that will be something you want. Short of enabling Guest account on boot/startup and disabling Guest account on Restart or Shutdown -- I have no idea.
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Hi All - I remotely mange 2 laptops (via teamviewer) for both sets of my grandparents, they are complete beginners and need defense not just against the usual virus and malware threats but also against random button pressing - eg - if they press the airplane mode button by accident then their internet is down and I can no longer fix it without actually being there.

I have set them up with the same security config I have (Bitdefender Total, Malwarebytes anti exploit etc)
Any Ideas on any other compatible "idiot-proofing software"? - I am considering timefreeze or something like it - something that will perform a rollback of any changes on reboot - so in the worst case I can just call them and say "turn it off and on again" and they will at least be back online.
But how well does that work with security software? -Anyone tried it?

A:Security setup for remotely managed laptop for newbie user

Shadow defender for sure

Thanks to @Umbra for this thread, you are awesome
How to set up Shadow Defender for convenience & max protection

Found that thread from Google actually
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Hi, I have two user accounts used by my wife and myself and Microsoft Security Essentials (MSE) works fine on both user accounts. Very occasionally our daughters visit and use our pc. They use the Guest account. I just happened to log into the Guest account and got a pop up message saying that Microsoft Security Client User Interface has stopped working. When I closed the message I noticed that the MSE icon was missing from the Notification Area. When I tried to open MSE from the Start Menu I just got the pop up message again and MSE would not open.

I would add that I have no other anti-virus software running on my pc apart from MSE.

I would appreciate any help that anyone could give me
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Hello, please i need help.
I have done installation of windows xp sp3 on a guest virtual machine and i have problem with networking.
On my host machine (windows 8.1 ) i have 1 static ip and i can't have anotherone.
So from this ip i have to share network to guest machine.
The guest machine tries to get ip from dhcp but it can't. When i give it manual ip address (the ip from host computer) it works ok but i have to turn off host's network card because they cant have tha same ip address.
any help?

A:Host setup does not allow IP to be assigned to guest

Originally Posted by Kyro

Hello, please i need help.
I have done installation of windows xp sp3 on a guest virtual machine and i have problem with networking.
On my host machine (windows 8.1 ) i have 1 static ip and i can't have anotherone.
So from this ip i have to share network to guest machine.
The guest machine tries to get ip from dhcp but it can't. When i give it manual ip address (the ip from host computer) it works ok but i have to turn off host's network card because they cant have tha same ip address.
any help?

Hi Kyro, welcome to the Eight Forums.

If your host setup does not allow an IP to be assigned to guest system, there's nothing that I know which would let you to connect it to the network keeping host's connection active. For example using enhanced session mode (which allows to connect external USB devices for instance modem) does not work with XP guests.

I will ask mods to move this question as its own thread in this Virtualization section, let's hope we will find you a solution or workaround.

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I have the guest account usable so that when guests come into our home they can use the computer, programs, internet, etc without being able to access our files.

Only for some reason, the guest account will not allow access to any of the programs - which defeats the purpose of having a guest account. Whenever, I try to open a program some sort of access denied message opens up. Word97 is one of the most frustrating as that is the one most used. But it is the same problem with all programs - not just Microsoft. I tried turning the guest off and back on. I discovered the answer to another problem while trying to solve this one. I have had the C drive as a shared file and an unshared file.

Any suggestions greatly appreciated.
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Our internet goes from:

Comcast modem to a
Dlink DIR-655
To computers or through a switchbox to other parts of the house
In the basement, is another switch box, and off that switchbox is,
Belkin 85c Wireless router, that we use as an access point
Works well but it says it has the ability to have a guest login, that will allow visitors to get to the internet, but are blocked from our LAN.

I've spent hours trying to set the guest login up, the access point can be seen by a computer/etc, but when they connect, they cannot get to the internet.

the windows 7 computers try to set up an unidentified public network.

I'm sure there is something very simple I am missing, but I've got close to 20 hours invested in it, and need to protect my network.

the Windows 7 notebook said that it could not connect with a "homegroup".

A:Belkin 85c wireless router, used as an access point. Guest setup?

Hmm; I cant find "Belkin 85c Wireless router" on the Belkin Support site - -
Are you sure of that make/model number?
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How do I get VM Player to boot from either the bootable guest OS setup cd OR the bootable guest os ISO instead of from a network boot When I start the newly-created Virtual Machine the process proceeds directly to network boot it doesn t even wait for F When I figured out how to slow down the boot process I used bios setup to give the CD top priority and the network boot the lowest priority Next I activated to boot bootable VM OS VMWare setup How the Solved: ISO? to cd Player - I get or do boot from guest menu and always chose CD-ROM I tried setting devices as follows CD IDE both checked on and capture ISO Ethernet Solved: VMWare - How do I get VM Player to boot from the bootable guest OS setup cd or ISO? in all possible combinations of connected not connected and bridged NAT and host-only Current view is Console appliance is greyed out Network service boot will not work Solved: VMWare - How do I get VM Player to boot from the bootable guest OS setup cd or ISO? in my environment and is useless for me When it fails - as it always will - it tells me quot Operating System Not Found quot What is going on Am I missing the secret handshake or holy incantation nbsp

A:Solved: VMWare - How do I get VM Player to boot from the bootable guest OS setup cd or ISO?
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When i try to set up a guest or user account when the person tries to access them it sayes profile service failed logon
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can i restrict the guest user to install new software & deleting my data

A:restrict guest user

From Microsoft:
What is a guest account?

A guest account is an account for users who don't have a permanent account on your computer or domain. It allows people to use your computer without having access to your personal files. People using the guest account can't install software or hardware, change settings, or create a password.

You have to turn on the guest account before it can be used.
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Hello all I went into log admin Am in somehow Guest can't User and now control userpasswords under quot Run quot and checked to not have users sign in or unchecked the box Now Windows XP loads automatically and when I noticed I couldn't download or Am somehow now Guest User and can't log in admin do anything I went to user accounts in the Control Panel and there is only ONE USER me as Owner but with limited access where did the other users go Why did it take away my admin access Now when I try to Log off and back in again it lists user as Administrator and asks for the password and when I type in the one and only password I've ever put in the computer it denies access I've even left it blank I can't access the quot forgotten password quot disk in my A drive because I can't start in Safe mode all I get is an endless loop of the computer coming back to the F screen and asking me what mode I'd like to boot in now what do I do Please help

A:Am somehow now Guest User and can't log in admin

You could try cracking the password.

Windows 2000 and XP passwords are stored in a file called SAM (Security Accounts Manager). It's located in the windows\system32\config directory. Passwords are encrypted and stored within SAM as a password hash. Passwords look something like this: 8F J7 F3 GK S3 lL O4 E1 G9. To figure out your lost password, you have to extract the encrypted hash from SAM and crack it.

If no one else has any ideas that are less drastic I'll let them post before giving in-depth instructions on cracking your password.
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When I recently setup a new computer, I somehow created a Guest user account which contains a number of files and installed programs, etc. I've tried to access the Guest to see what's in there but can't so I turned it off. What is the GA for? Does a Guest account take up space like my regular Ellen one? It is possible to copy what's in the GA to Ellen's and then delete GA? Working user accounts is so confusing.
I'm the only one who uses the computer and everything is backed up to external drives (Acronis, Macrium, EaseUS, etc.). Thanks for your help. ellenc

A:Guest user account

Hello Ellen,

A guest account is an account for users who don't have a permanent account on your computer or domain. It allows people to use your computer without having access to your personal files. People using the guest account can't install software or hardware, change settings, or create a password.

Guest Account - Turn On or Off

Since you don't plan on using the guest account and have turned it off, you can delete its "C:\Users\Guest" profile folder to gain back the bit of space it takes,
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yesterday i was uninstalling a load of problams, and my computer needed a restart.

when it came back on i pressed my fingerprint scanner, and it said somthing like "unknown user"
i tried logging in with the name and password, but when it logged on there was nothing on my desktop, and the background was totaly different...

then i realised, it wasnt my user!!!
a virus has locked down my account and made another account with the exact same name and password..

this user is a guest user.

i cant make users, i cant deleat users, i cant acess my actual documents, i cant deleat files, i cant install programs, i cant open system restore, i cant do anything!!!


also when i search in google it redirects the result to

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Hi This is my first post so apologies if I am in the wrong area My father uses my mum s notebook PC which has only ever had her account on it no password Suddenly well about a month ago but suddenly then a Guest account has appeared on the log-in screen and my mum s original account is locked with a password that no-one knows there never was a password my mum died years ago so I m pretty sure she didn t do it I can t see how he could do it by accident even though he is an idiot and her certainly wouldn t know how to do it on purpose Any ideas on getting around this Anyone know how it happened In other similar posts people have suggested using HijackThis Win - New HJT user log guest 7 account to get a system log so I will add New guest user account - Win 7 HJT log that to the end of the post - but please any ideas or advice is most welcome --- Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v Scan saved at on Platform Windows SP WinNT MSIE Internet Explorer v Boot mode Normal Running processes C Windows system taskhost exe C Windows system Dwm exe C Windows Explorer EXE C Program Files Synaptics SynTP SynTPEnh exe C Program Files ATI Technologies ATI ACE Core-Static MOM exe C Program Files Sony ISB Utility ISBMgr exe C Program Files Sony PMB PMBVolumeWatcher exe C Program Files WIDCOMM Bluetooth Software BTTray exe C Program Files ATI Technologies ATI ACE Core-Static CCC exe C Program Files Internet Explorer iexplore exe C Program Files Internet Explorer iexplore exe C Windows system Macromed Flash FlashUtil ActiveX exe C Program Files Sony VAIO Care listener exe C Program Files Sony VAIO Smart Network VSNClient exe C Program Files Internet Explorer iexplore exe C Users Guest AppData Local Microsoft Windows Temporary Internet Files Content IE GMK KG HijackThis exe R - HKCU Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Default Page URL http vaioportal sony eu R - HKCU Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Search Page http go microsoft com fwlink LinkId R - HKCU Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Start Page https www google co uk gws rd ssl R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Default Page URL http go microsoft com fwlink p LinkId R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Default Search URL http go microsoft com fwlink LinkId R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Search Page http go microsoft com fwlink LinkId R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Start Page http go microsoft com fwlink p LinkId R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Search SearchAssistant R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Search CustomizeSearch R - HKCU Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Toolbar LinksFolderName O - BHO AcroIEHelperStub - DF C-E AD- -A -FA C EBDC - C Program Files Common Files Adobe Acrobat ActiveX AcroIEHelperShim dll O - BHO Norton Identity Protection - ADB E- AFF- - AA - DAC DFA - C Program Files Norton Engine coIEPlg dll O - BHO Norton Vulnerability Protection - D EC - AAE- -AEEE-F F C - C Program Files Norton Engine IPS IPSBHO DLL O - BHO Windows Live ID Sign-in Helper - D - C - ABF- ECC- C - C Program Files Common Files Microsoft Shared Windows Live WindowsLiveLogin dll O - BHO URLRedirectionBHO - B F A - E - -BA - B E FF - C PROGRA MIF BA Office URLREDIR DLL O - BHO Bing Bar Helper - d ce e -f a- - e- dc f c f - C Program Files Microsoft BingBar BingExt dll O - BHO Java tm Plug-In SSV Helper - DBC -A - b-BC - C C C A - C Program Files Java jre bin jp ssv dll O - Toolbar Norton Toolbar - FEBEFE - B - - D -FFB D B CA - C Program Files Norton Engine coIEPlg dll O - Toolbar Bing Bar - dcb -df - - - fa b f - quot C Program Files Microsoft BingBar BingExt dll quot file missing O - HKLM Run RtHDVCpl C Program Files Realtek Audio HDA RtHDVCpl exe -s O - HKLM Run StartCCC quot C Program Files ATI Technologies ATI ACE Core-Static CLIStart exe quot MSRun O - HKLM Run SynTPEnh ProgramFiles Synaptics SynTP SynTPEnh exe O - HKLM Run ISBMgr exe quot C Program Files Sony ISB Utility ISBMgr exe... Read more

A:New guest user account - Win 7 HJT log

Hi and welcome.
As this is now your fathers notebook pc and he has the right to make any changes that he chooses - he is the one that you need to ask on how to access any account, that is contains.
It is also against the forum rules to help with password related issues.
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My folders and files in C:/users/myname/ can be viewed and accessed from the Guest user account. How do I stop this?

A:Files in my user account can be accessed from guest user account in VISTA
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Hello, recently my laptop has been acting strange. I cannot switch my guest account status away from administrator. When I try to, it proceeds like its going to, then nothing happens. Also I cannot create or delete any user account, or turn off my guest account at all. When in my user account, when trying to turn off guest account or create a new account or delete an account, windows prompts me to enter a password for the guest admin account, in which I never created a password for my guest account, and I cannot create one to solve this problem. Please help!!

Idris Abdul-Latif

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I have wireless access when logged in as the admin user account but when in the guest user account the wireless in unavailable.  How do I turn it on? I get no wireless icon in the task bar either.
Windows 8
HP 2000 Laptop

A:guest user wireless is unavailable

The user account could be corrupt, try creating another user account and see if this resolves this.
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I have a Windows7 home premium Toshiba laptop (SP 1) that I recently acquired from a used laptop shop. I requested that an administrator user account with a password and a Guest User account be set up so that our kids can use the guest account without downloading anything from the internet.
The problem is that our Administrator account has an internet connection and access, but not so on the Guest. The laptop shop guy is not familiar with how the guest account works (????) so I am on my own, unless someone here can help.
I can connect with our home internet system using the Administrator account then switch user to the guest account and attempt to browse (firefox), but it says my machine is not connected to a server, even though less than a minute earlier on the Administrator account, I was connected.

Can someone give me any direction on this to resolve?

Smart Un

A:Guest User Account Problem

Log into your administrator account and go to Control Panel/User Accounts create a new Standard users account, set the Parental Controls for this account. Test the account by logging out and logging into the new account.
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Hello everyone, i have bought a new laptop and i want to make a guest account with very limited access to it, i want guest user to be only able to use limited programs like internet explorer, yahoo messenger and skype etc.... the rest like start menu, right click and taskbar should all be disabled, can someone show how to do all this? thanks a lot

A:guest user limited access

Hello Yakutpura, and welcome to Eight Forums.

If you like, you might consider creating a standard user account and using Family Safety on it to restrict the account.

The tutorials below can help show you more on Family Safety to see if that may work for you for this.

Family Safety - Setup and Use in Windows 8How to Set and Manage Family Safety Web Filtering in Windows 8How to Set and Manage Family Safety Time Limits in Windows 8How to Set and Manage Family Safety Windows Store and Game Restrictions in Windows 8How to Set and Manage Family Safety App Restrictions in Windows 8How to View Activity Reports of Users with Family Safety in Windows 8How to Send and View Requests with Family Safety in Windows 8
Hope this helps,
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Hi all I have a bandwidth sharing issue on my wifes XP Pro computer that she sometimes shares with her daughter my stepdaughter Stepdaughter uses a guest account only She chews through a massive amount of bandwidth each month youtube limewire watchmovies etc even when she has been asked nicely and not so nicely to reduce her usage etc I have a WRT G v running Tomato and have already QoS'd her laptop significantly which is why she is using her mothers computer And yes user bandwidth limit guest for only XP I know that this is a person issue rather than an IT issue However I need to find a way to throttle the bandwidth available to the guest account ONLY I don't want to affect her mothers account I have spent hours on Google and have looked through heaps of threads here too I am the only IT savvy admin on the system and am happy to install software to do the throttling Any advice on software that will allow me to limit one user account only on the XP Pro machine greatly appreciated Thanks Will

A:limit bandwidth for XP guest user only

Im not sure if any of these will accomplish what you want but here is a darn fine list of parental controls.
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I have a big trouble with user account.

I have just got windows 8 and trying to create another account in my laptop.

*1 user local created, and Guest account actived. ( Everything is ok)
*when i connect with a new user account or Guest, windows connect and deconnect automatically.
Could you explain me why ? and how to fix it ?

Thank u so much.
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when i click on the user account i see two lines of text and then it goes back to the logon screen could you help me please.

A:can't access user or guest account.

You seem have trouble with userinit.exe from C:\Windows\System32 - the file is corrupted or you have wrong value about it in HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon

Two ways: easy & defficult

1.Easy:Boot DVD Vista

Choose language>>repair computer>>system restore

2.Difficult: boot DVD Vista,replace correct userinit.exe in C:\Windows\System32 independly the file exist or not,load hive SOFTWARE from C:\Windows\System32\config as i.e REM_SOFTWARE (see this thread Can't Delete Registry Key from post 17 how edit registry remotly from DVD Vista) and check you have in key HKLM\REM_SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon this value



If not - fix it
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I should be able to, shouldn't I? When I go to control panel > user accounts > and click on Guest, which is already off, the only option shown is "turn the guest account on".
If I click " ? using the guest account" in the Learn About box, an error message popup appears saying "automation server can't create object"
And if I click on the OK in the error message, a new window opens up with the Address showing the Internet Explorer blue e and the words "about:blank"
I go to View > Source in the toolbar and Notepad opens up and all that is written is " <HTML></HTML> "

Something sketchy going on here?! Any advice would really be appreciated, thanks!

A:Can't Delete Guest User Account

You can not delete the guest account thats why there is an option to turn it off or on.
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I am not really getting any help with this anywhere. Here is the link to show what I am up to: Turn off Guest account W8 - Geeks to Go Forums

Its gotta be something simpler than this.

A:Guest User Account - Suicidal

Hello ding dong, and welcome to Eight Forums.

The Guest account will always be displayed in the "User Accounts" window. If you notice, it says that it is turned off, so you should no longer be seeing the Guest account on your sign in screen.

Are you still seeing the Guest account on your sign in screen or Start screen user menu?
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First thank you to all the people here to help users on a daily basis with no reward but the satisfaction that their accumulated knowledge is being used and tested and proved worthy You are all geniuses genieii genii errr smart folk AND normaly i would count myself amont you but this one has me beat heres the long and short of it Windows machine has several folders shared on a WORKGROUP peer network with permissions set EVERYONE Guest Share user Enumeration full access in share level and ntfs file permisisons this includes guest before winXP Some folders only have READ LIST access for GUEST All users both guest and users that authenticate as a local user on the win k box can use fully qualified UNC paths to access any of the shares such as Win kComp SHAREFOLDER and it works fine they can access the contents of the folder Guest users Guest user Share Enumeration while able to use the UNC path Guest user Share Enumeration cannot quot browse quot the network This means they cannot quot net view Win kComp quot to get a list of Guest user Share Enumeration shares they cant use network neighborhood or computers near me to get a list of shares all they get is an error commonly reffering to having the wrong permissions even though UNC PATHS WORK FOR GUEST This just started happening a couple weeks ago for apparently no reason i have checked for any change in software but cant come up with anything it worked PERFECTLY until it didnt and now it doesnt According to the event log auditing user logins guest account LOGS IN OK but just never gets a list of shares Code Event Type Success Audit Event Source Security Event Category Logon Logoff Event ID Date Time PM User CHANGEDFORSECURITY Guest Computer CHANGEDFORSECURITY Description Successful Network Logon User Name Guest Domain CHANGEDFORSECURITY Logon ID x x Logon Type Logon Process NtLmSsp Authentication Package NTLM Workstation Name XBOX in this case you can see it is an XBOX running the xbmc media center that is attempting the login but its the exact same for other k and XP computers on this network Please help i just want to be able to browse my k file server like i used to be able to and get a list of shares instead of always having to use full unc paths like i said it worked fine until a few weeks ago and then it just stopped no warning no software installed unisntalled no changes of any kind except day to day web browing email downloads and normal use I BEG OF YOU I HAVE TRIED EVERYTHING stuff i ve already done checked folders have quot Everyone quot with read share and NTFS permisisons folders also list quot Guests quot group in the share and NTFS permissions computer runs Windows with GUEST account enabled and password blank All computers can ping all the other computers This is not a hardware or firewall issue because sharing works with unc direct links or with authentication but not with quot anonymouse quot guest access TCPIP uninstalled rebooted reinstall rebooted no change Microsoft File and Printer Sharing uninstalled reboot reinstall reboot no change reset Guest password to blank empty renamed Guest and renamed back to Guest removed Guest from GUESTS group and then added back disabled Guest account and then reenabled reboots between each set of actions Doesn t matter if user Guest provides a password or a blank pass when trying to get list of shared folders still fails but either way still works with unc direct links or the stupid windows shortcuts that get made when you type in a path that end up cluttering up your network neighborhood THANKS IN ADVANCE nbsp

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Hi I have such a dilema I need help ASAP I am a dim Turned administrator of the which user was guest wit and I kept getting annoyed that I my laptop which my brother set up had accounts I was initially on the guest account and had to keep entering his password to add programmes etc So I logged into his account and changed the guest account into the administrator account Then I did something silly and made his account into the standard account Then I changed my mind and Turned of guest user which was the administrator thought I'd turn off the guest account and keep just his account as the main one Anyway now Turned of guest user which was the administrator I have turned it off and I am stuck with his account as a standard account and I cant turn the guest account back on as I have realised I left some files on there I needed DOH I have tried to access the guest account files and it says I do not have permission OH MY GOSH USER ERROR Please help me H

A:Turned of guest user which was the administrator

Hi Kungfu Princess

Welcome to Vista Forums.

I'm a little confused (which isn't difficult for me), did you not say that you changed your Guest Account to an Administrator Account so therefore you should have adequate permission to retrieve your files I would of thought.

May I suggest you click onto the Vista Tutorials link at the top of Vista Forums here and go to the User Accounts section which should provide you with the information you will need to rectify your little dilemna.

Kind Regards,

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There is a game I am trying to play and it runs a program called Game Guard which is needed to play it. Game Guard needs to access the system32 folder in order for the game to work, but as I am on a Guest account, it will not work.

Is there anyway (using administrator) to be able to change very specific privileges so that the Guest account is able to access this folder?

I am using Windows XP Home Edition SP2.

This computer is only available to my family so there won't be any problems if this account were to access that folder.

Thanks in advance

A:User Account Privilages - Guest

Try this: Go to start>run and type:

control userpasswords2 press enter, Here you can change your admin settings.
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Hey peps,

Really need your help on this one!

I have no guest accounts on my computer but when I go to log on as me using my credentials (as an administrator) it logs into a 'Guest User Default Account' and I cannot access my main administrators account. I have a different default wallpaper ect.

Please help!

Best Wishes


A:Guest User Default Account

Hello and welcome Rob mate is this a recent thing or has it always been like this?

Some system specs would be real helpful too
System Info - See Your System Specs

Now two things you could do if you have not already are these

Have you also been to User accounts in the Control Panel and opened it and then clicked on Manage another account do that before the other scans see what there is there.
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I have six user accounts on my PC i have a big family but one of them can't login because quot The Group Policy Client service failed to logon Access denied quot error message pops up and we are sure the password is correct Also admin user? my is why guest only the account the guest account does not have a password it just logs in and takes a while to prepare the desktop after it has logged on there's a pop up message that says that the current account is temporary and can't acces any files and the ones created will be deleted once I log off This account is also the admin account and when installing programs a prompt comes up and ask for the password but there is none and all you have to do is press enter and it works as if you had actually input a password Also I cannot create or delete accounts because for some other reason acces is denied I have tried using the command prompt to change the why is my guest account the only admin user? password and tried several other commands but they don't work I have several limitations because of this problem and it seems to keep on getting worst any help is appreciated why is my guest account the only admin user?

A:why is my guest account the only admin user?

Which version of Windows 7?

I don't think the Guest account can have administrator rights, be an administrator. The actual Administrator account is hidden by default. You need at least one User set with administrative rights, shows as Administrator but others can be Standard users.
User accounts: FAQ - Windows Help
The number of Users allowed appears to be limited only by the amount of space available on the HDD.
user accounts: How many user accounts can I create? - Microsoft Community
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Lenovo G550
Windows 7 Professional
3 GB Ram

I enabled the "Guest" user for my son to use when he visits, but when he tries to log on as "Guest" the message: "The User Profile Service service failed the login" appears.

I disabled Guest and re-enabled, but still the same message.

I created a user name just for him as a standard user, but when he logs on as "Joe", the same thing happens. I created 2-3 other accounts, all standard users, but can't log on to any of them.

I have no trouble logging on as myself (administrator).

After searching the forums I find similar issues in Vista, but not for Windows 7, and the registry entries seem to be different in Vista and I don't want to try the fixes in Windows 7.

Any suggestions?

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Hey guys I have a quick networking question!

I have my desktop and laptop right, I used to share files. Not sure why it asks me for a "Guest" password now. Not sure why this happened.

Cliff Notes
- They both have the same Network Name "WORKGROUP".
- I have "Use Simple File Sharing (Recommended)" ON, with both PC's.
- I tried enabling the Guest account but it didn't help.
- I have "Share this folder on Network" and "Allow Ntwk users to change files" on my shared folders checked.

Thank for anyone who can take the time to tell me anything that may help/

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I am trying to help my father with his Vista computer he lives miles away so I will relay all suggestions and gather resulting feedback He has dial-up access to the internet and his download speeds plummeted after his new computer had been up and running for about month it took over two minutes to load his only user treats Guest as Computer home page and many page requests simply died without completion I had him do PING tests and his results were about ms to www yahoo ocm versus my ms on a fast connection so I Computer treats only user as Guest didn't think raw speed was too bad My research on Vista and its autotuning features led me to suggest that we should try turning off the TCP autotuning feature and set all TCP related parameters by hand like XP would do I used the TCP Optimizer program from DSL Reports and optimized for dial-up and all parameters seemed resaonable I then tried to turn off the Vista Autotuning feature We went to a command com box and entered netsh int tcp set global autotuninglevel disable on the command line I found the command line on a web posting of what others had used My father had to enter it repeatedly due to typos etc and Windows came back each time with bad format or file not found error messages Finally one of the commands generated a message like quot insufficient elevation quot which I took to mean administrator rights He is the only user of the machine and is administrator Having run into this type of Windows distinction between administrator and quot super administrator quot I had him do a boot to safe mode with command prompt We then entered netsh int tcp set global autotuninglevel disable and it still failed I then had him enter a simple set global autotuninglevel disable and it seemed to take - the command line came back without any error messages We then rebooted and found the following problems An error message saying quot c windows system config systemprofile desktop refers to a loacation that is unavailable If location is on internet or network please reconnect quot All his desktop icons are gone except for basic icons from default installation of windows My computer recycle bin etc I am sure this is related to problem When he goes to Windows explorer and looks at hard drive Documents and Setting and tries to look at a file he gets an access violation box and can't see it As I said - he is only user of machine and is administrator status I am guessing the computer is treating him as a guest - don't know why Attempted Fixes We tried to fix the problem by going back to Safe Mode - Command Line and typing set global autotuning normal The set command took but still No fix We also tried system restore to a point two days before all this happened - no fix We went to Recycle Bin to look for deleted c windows system config systemprofile desktop There was nothing there At this point since the computer thinks he is a guest we went into safemode and looked in recycle bin there Not found The interesting thing is that to get into safe mode he has to enter his password and now the computer knows who he is and all the desktop icons are there So in safe mode he is known and in regular operation it doesn't know him He does have password set up on normal operation and has to enter hs pw each time yet it stall treats him as a guest So I am guessing there is a pointer associated with his user account that is corrupted and not pointing at the system location correctly Alternatively his user info Username pw is corrupted in regular mode only and he is allowed in as a guest but user data is stored elsewhere for safemode operation Suggestions My dad is He is a reasonably good sport but this is stressing him I really would like to make it all work again Thanks dbish

A:Computer treats only user as Guest

He needs to open the command prompt by right clicking it and then selecting
Run as Administrator. This will elevate to the correct level.( Vista has a higher administartor level than just administrator.) The Command prompt window will have "Administrator Command Prompt" as it's heading.
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Is it possible to create guest user account with temporarily user directory? Iv noticed, that there is a bug, that creates in registry HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\ProfileList key with .bak extension. Iv tried to manipulate with - create new key with the same user key and with .bak extension, after first login it works, but after next log in new created key in registry with .bak extension disappear and the account is not temporarily anymore. Is there other way to create temporarily account?

A:Windows 10 temporarily guest user

Why the bother ?
Why not just create a standard user account with or without password ?

Perhaps I am missing something ?
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The folders show they are "not shared", but the Guest and all new users i create still have access to all drives and folders. I'm sure its something simple, but I'm missing it. Help?

A:Guest User has full folder access

They should not have access to anyone elses "User Name" directory.

Are you saying they do?

To prevent a common user without administrative rights from accessing a directory you would have to deny "users" those rights under the properties > security tab of the directory.

Careful you don't lock yourself out -- you should see a separate permissions authority for Administrators -- which you should be to carry out this change.

I would not deny access to the entire C drive. Just specific folders that you might not want accessed.
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I use Windows XP pro on a FAT32
I've activated guest account in 'users' to limit access to my files. But guests can still access my documents through start button>my computer>*drive
I can not make any folder private because I'm not using NTFS formatting.

My question: is there a way to hide the start button itself in guest account only, without hiding it in my account as admin? I want to limit a guest's access to only the icons I leave for him on the desktop.

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when I had win7 rc build 7100 on my system, it had a hidden feature of guest mode of user account. (this guest mode gets activated with the standard user account. it had similar feature as of Deepfreeze application)

but now when I upgraded my win7 to build 7229 then I noticed that this guest mode of user account has been discontinued.

why this feature of guest mode has been discontinued?

A:why guest mode of user account discontinued?

Quote: Originally Posted by bodmas

when I had win7 rc build 7100 on my system, it had a hidden feature of guest mode of user account. (this guest mode gets activated with the standard user account. it had similar feature as of Deepfreeze application)

but now when I upgraded my win7 to build 7229 then I noticed that this guest mode of user account has been discontinued.

why this feature of guest mode has been discontinued?

Guest mode has not been discontinued. If you go to start>control panel>user accounts guest mode is there and probaly off. If you are in admin mode you can click on guest and enable it

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Dear people of the Tenforums I could use your advice On Saturday I decided to give new Windows Admin from User Guest Account reduced to it picked Home Edition by itself a try Previous version was Windows After a flawless install I have seen that something on my C partition is using a lot of disk space It was Windows old file which I have successfully deleted by using Disk Cleanup But last night I see Windows old has reappeared back which is quite a surprise so I wanted to delete it again But now UAC blocks my every effort because User Account quot doesn't have Administrator User Account reduced from Admin to Guest permission quot The Yes button User Account reduced from Admin to Guest in the UAC is greyed out I can only click No which leaves me where I was The Account is User Account reduced from Admin to Guest reduced to what appears to be Guest Naturally I ended up more or less completely cut off from making any serious alteration to anything I can't delete folders of importance change account status back to Admin nothing I can only use the computer Another issue is that my otherwise empty D partition has files one of them is named quot WindowsImageBackup quot they together take more than G of hard disk space As a Guest it's impossible to open or access them to see what's in them let alone delete them Does anyone know what they are I know that Win is supposed to delete Windows old by itself after days I hope quot WindowsImageBackup quot too but is there any way for me to solve the issue of account status - to return to Admin - and do it by myself alone as soon as possible It all seems like some bug or something it's quite frustrating and I tried to do a Repair Install but as a Guest you're pretty much stuck

A:User Account reduced from Admin to Guest

Hello and welcome to the Forums!

I suggest you try to enable the built in administrator account, log out and then back into the new admin account and then see if you can change your user account back to being an administrator account.

Here are the tutorials you will need to do this:

Administrator account - Enable or Disable in Windows 10

Account Type - Change in Windows 10

Notice that there are several options for doing each change - you may need to try more than one before you find the one that works for you.

Hope this helps!

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I am constantly getting a login window for a guest user appearing. The window has keys in the top left coner and show like it has an option to change user names but wont allow it. I searched my computer and have found one text file under C:temp that has the same string of characters in it. As follows:

11/23/08 15:21:51 CommandLine: hponicifs01.exe -a -h HP06E77C -nbtname %-nbtname% -share memory_card
11/23/08 15:21:52 Update hosts file with NetBIOS name "HP00215A06E77C" and IP address "".
11/23/08 15:21:53 Mapped network drive (Z: => \\HP00215A06E77C\memory_card) successfully.
11/23/08 15:21:53 hponicifs returning with exit code 0x0.

I recently purcahsed a new HPL7780 Printer and wonder if it has anything to do with this or if I have a trojan. This only started two days ago.

A:Login window for guest user appaering

Yes it shows that it has something to do with a HP All in One printer
Are you sharing this printer over a network?
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hi i m using DELL inspiron 1525 window vista home premium, by mistaken i was give admin right to guest user now i m unable to remove the admin from guest neither i m able to give admin right to other standard user, plz help me out i m very much upset.
thank u

A:Remove Administrator rights to guest user?

Hello Riyansh, and welcome to Vista Forums.

Try this tutorial to see if you can change the account type for these accounts back to what you wanted. You will need to have at least one other administrator account though to be able to remove that type from the others.

User Account Type

Hope this helps,
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Hello My computer is only months old it's new OS is Windows Premium Bit I am the only user of the computer meaning no one but myself ever uses it or will ever use it So I do not need or use a password set I just need added a 2 my Do to update plus just PC, User I Windows guest? don't need one There were username accounts one being 'My-PC' with Administrator rights and the other was 'Guest' Standard rights When I turned my computer on it went directly to opening Windows without having to pick a user which is the way I liked it Last night when I shut down there were Windows updates which updated without a problem But now the upgrades created a rd username and called it Administrator with Administrator rights Also removing Administrator rights from original 'My-PC' username And now I have to choose between the usernames 'Administrator' and 'My-PC' every time I reboot or turn the computer on I also tried to give the user 'My-PC' administrator rights in Windows update just added a User to my PC, Do I need 2 plus guest? my Control Panel gt User accounts but it wouldn't allow the Windows update just added a User to my PC, Do I need 2 plus guest? change The same exact thing happened to my Wife's computer I'm sure if I just delete the new Administrator username with Administrator rights or remove it's Admin rights I will be able to add Admin rights back onto my original username But does anyone know if this is going to happen with every update Also could someone help me understand a few things Do I really need usernames 'one with Admin rights' 'one with Standard rights for normal use' and 'a Windows update just added a User to my PC, Do I need 2 plus guest? Guest user account' is this a Microsoft requirement Why couldn't I create a second Admin account is only one allowed per OS Is there a way to skip the boot-up usernames choices so it boots directly into my main account I would appreciate any help answers to my issues Bob
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A:Can I change a guest account to a user acct. for p...

You should be able to use ADMIN Tools and change to another user or you can simply add a password to the guest account also.
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I have Windows 7 loaded onto a MacBook Pro using Parallels. I tried to create a standard account through the User Account Manager. It seemed to create, however, when I try to log on to that particular account, it says that the user account cannot be accessed. I checked for a profile under the account name in the Users/Profile folder, and there is none. I cannot even activate the Guest account. The only account I can get into is the Administrator account. I do not have any passwords on any of the accounts.
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A:Can I change a guest account to a user acct. for p...

You should be able to use ADMIN Tools and change to another user or you can simply add a password to the guest account also.
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I just bought a Windows Home Premium computer and I enabled a Guest account On the Admin account I changed the image of the Guest log in to a picture of my cat which shows up when I m on the Admin account looking at the User Accounts managing accounts and when I m on the page asking about what account I want to log about Guest sharing image & Question user in to however when I m on the Guest account the image which I see whenever I click Start has reverted back to a default image Does anyone know what might be causing this and how to fix it Which moves me on to the second question I can t figure out how to share files I Question about Guest user image & sharing d like to share certain image folders with the Guest account but when I right click and view quot Share With quot I see the option of a closed lock that says Question about Guest user image & sharing Nobody I think this is Winlocker - which I don t recall installing or setting-up as well as Homegroup Read and Homegroup Read Write -- I don t even know who Homegroup IS I just want to share with the other account called Guest -- I have managed to share a folder with the Guest account but it requires me to navigate all the way Question about Guest user image & sharing to the folder to view what s in it through Computer gt Drive C gt Users gt my name gt Pictures gt Backgrounds instead of just being a shared folder that appears in the same place for both the Admin and the Guest Libraries gt Pictures gt Backgrounds Any help would be really appreciated nbsp

A:Question about Guest user image & sharing

The Guest account has very little permissions and does not have sharing capabilities. If you really need to do this, you might try a new account with "Limited" settings.

You may want to set up the "Limited" account as a "Admin" and then change it to Limited after you have made all of the wanted settings.
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Guest account/user and windows reader (pdf)
How to permit the guest account to use the Windows Reader (app for viewing e.g. pdf files)?
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I have an application that will run under all accounts on an XP pro box except Administrator. The application is server.exe, which is part of the 3dsmax Backburner network rendering package. I've installed this application on several other XP pro boxes without difficulty. When I double click on the server.exe, the hourglass briefly flashes, but the app never starts. I've verified that the program is listed as an excepetion to Bitdefender, my virus app, as well as completely disabled BD and Windows defender, to no avail.

I believe this problem is permissions based, obviously I'm not an expert. I've looked at the permissions for the Administrator account, and it is fully authorized. I've also uninstalled and reinstalled both 3ds max and Backburner, with no success. If I create a new user account, server.exe runs normally. The only account it won't run under is Administrator.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

A:Application runs under Guest or User accounts, but not under Administrator

Wow, 127 views at the time of this post and 0 replies. Have I stumped the band? Oh, no

Is this a unique problem?
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I was told to never use the Guest user account as it was not safe to use. I was told that I should open up another standard account without a password.

What have you learned and how good do you feel about the source of this info?

A:Is the Win8 Guest user profile account unsafe to use?

Hello rfharbin, and welcome to Eight Forums.

Actually a standard account has more rights than a guest account, so creating a standard account that's not password protected is a lot more unsecure.

If you want someone to have temporary access to your computer, you can turn on the guest account. People using the guest account can't install software or hardware, change settings, or create a password unlike they could in a standard account.
Guest Account - Turn On or Off - Windows 7 Help Forums
Instead, I would recommend to either create a standard account with a password, or turn off the guest account when it's no longer needed say after your house guest leaves.

Hope this helps some,
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Hi there
I'm using Windows 8.1 Enterprise RTM

At the login screen I see my user ID and a Guest user. Can I hide the guest user at login screen - I only want to see my user.

I DON'T want to boot in bypassing the sign on screen. (Note this is NOT the same as booting direct to desktop !!!).

This is new in Windows 8.1 RTM - I never had this in previous editions of windows.

(Note I really don't want to DISABLE the account - I just don't want to see it at login).


A:At login screen Hide Guest User (Windows 8.1 RTM)

Hello Jimbo,

By default, Windows 8 only shows the last account that signed out at sign in. Normally, you would have to click on the back arrow button to see all accounts at sign in.

Other than disabling the account, the only other way that I know of is to set Windows to require users to enter both a user name (email address for Microsoft accounts) and password at sign in instead of just selecting an account and entering it's password.

Sign in with User Name and Password in Windows 8
Hope this helps.
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I only have one account on my recently installed Windows and accidentally from User type account changed Guest to Admin managed to change the account type from Admin to Guest in User Accounts Now I am not able to run any programs User account type changed from Admin to Guest that require administrator password The popping up window says quot to continue type an administrator password then click yes quot However it does not give me any option to enter the administrator password and the button quot yes quot is disabled see attachment Also at the logon I don't have an option to User account type changed from Admin to Guest choose any other account than the one that used to be admin but is now guest I feel like I entered a loop because now User account type changed from Admin to Guest I am not able to go back to User Accounts to change it back Are there any options for me to change the account type back to Admin It had all worked fine before but I changed my hotmail password recently and was not able to start Windows without entering the password any more so I wanted to adapt the password in User Accounts I did not find that option so left User Accounts must have then accidentally changed the account type still not sure how but since then I am not able to enter it back since I cannot run any programs as administrator Thanks for any help Piotr

A:User account type changed from Admin to Guest

Hello Piotr, and welcome to Eight Forums.

If you like, you could try refreshing Windows 8 to see if it will set you up another administrator account. You may need to do so at boot. Be sure to back up anything that you do not want to lose first though.

Hope this helps,
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I was wondering how I could enable it so on my logon screen the last user logged on shows and for example my brother would have to press other user and type in his username and password
Many thanks,
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I recently moved a hard guest accounts broken on and [SOLVED] user limited icons drive with Windows XP installed into a different computer Windows alerted about the lots of hardware changes thing which required a reactivation That went fine I was able to update the drivers and such However when I go into another account many of the icons in the program files list are invalid I also installed the TuneUp trial to see if it could fix a few things in the registry and the shortcuts it installed to the desktop also show up as broken shortcuts The default browser is Chrome so I had it pinned to the start menu but when I go into another account it has [SOLVED] broken icons on guest and limited user accounts the regular internet icon a green and blue globe and when I click on it Windows says the target does not exist [SOLVED] broken icons on guest and limited user accounts and it is invalid When I try to install Chrome from the limited user account and pin that new icon to the start menu the same thing happens From my account the only administrative account not quot the quot administrator account you would not know anything was wrong

A:[SOLVED] broken icons on guest and limited user accounts

Okay, what you've done is kind of cool, and you are very lucky that it works as well as it does.

The easiest, "magic bullet" solution is to run a "Repair Install" using the XP Installation disk that is "married" to the Product Key of the software installed on the (relocated) Hard Drive. If you are not 100% certain you have the correct disk for that Product Key, do not try this option because if the disk refuses the Product Key, the process will freeze, and you will lose the limited functionality that you have right now. In short, you will go permanently backwards.

First thing to do is identify the motherboard of the new computer, download the drivers (know sometimes as "chipset drivers") and install them. This would be the #1 (most likely) reason why a (I'll call it a...) "migrated installation" would have problems, as the original installation was configured to the original motherboard, it naturally follows that you would need to supply it with the correct drivers for the motherboard it is now being used with.
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Guest account disabled, never been enabled, still I have it on user menu.

How to remove it?


A:How do I remove Guest account from Start Screen user menu?

Turn it off.

Guest Account - Turn On or Off in Windows 8
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On my computer I need to have a guest account. The problem is that other computers on this network connected to the internet via my computer so my computer needs to have static IP address of but when Guest account is logged in my system forgets the static IP address I have set in my other admin account. I am not even sure that LAN is connected when the Guest account logs in.

My admin account is logged in and locked so I suppose all programs and settings there should still be working.

How do I make sure that my ethernet settings are working the same way for guest account too. I am not worried about Guest account being able to access the local network.

A:How to Enforce Static IP address for all user accounts including guest

Devices get IP's not accounts!! is usually a default gateway address not a machine address...unless you've changed you modems configs around? is your LAN Network Address is your Default Gateway Address. would be the 1st available IP assigned by your modem (DHCP)

You say other machines connect through yours to access the net??
Expand on that please.
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My son has got an E-System 1201 laptop, could not access internet, he bought a belkin adapter and installed so he now has been able to connect to my network but cannot access internet, when he tries message says:computer has limited or no connectivity, can anyone help please I dont know very much about computing so it would have to be kept basic .Many Thanks
PS : just remembered the wireless icon light doesnt light up on laptop either, dont know if it helps you knowing that?

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The Guest account appears on the user logon menu on the start screen even though the 'Manage Accounts' screen says that guest account is off I have tried such simple fixes as How menu frm user Start acct Screen (redux) Guest remove turning the guest on How remove Guest acct frm Start Screen user menu (redux) and then back off with and without a reboot in between but it won't go away I found another thread that addresses this but the fix did not work for me because of access problems see below How do I remove Guest account from Start Screen user menu I am just a user so this is surely user error or user ignorance Please take pity and help anyway details below Based on the thread above here is what I tried last On command prompt I entered net user guest Microsoft Windows Version c Microsoft Corporation All rights reserved C Users citronpresse gt net user guest User name Guest Full Name Comment Built-in account How remove Guest acct frm Start Screen user menu (redux) for guest access to the computer d omain User's comment Country region code System Default Account active Yes Account expires Never Password last set PM Password expires Never Password changeable PM Password required No User may change password No Workstations allowed All Logon script User profile Home directory Last logon PM Logon hours allowed All Local Group Memberships Guests Global Group memberships None The command completed successfully On the command prompt I entered net user guest active no C Users citronpresse gt net user guest active no System error has occurred Access is denied I also tried this from C same response Please advise next steps very much appreciated Ellen

A:How remove Guest acct frm Start Screen user menu (redux)

Hello Ellen, and welcome to Eight Forums.

You are using the correct net user guest /active:no command, but you must be logged in as an administrator to be able to do so, and use the command in an "elevated" command prompt.
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Hi all Some Background I'm currently administrator of a couple different groups of computers at a university and I've been looking into changing the layout of the logon screen I've found a lot of information but something that I have wanted from the start has eluded me What I'm trying to and button switch screen logon Trying to with make user guest account do I'd like to set the logon screen or welcome screen I suppose to display only one available account the guest account that I have personalized for professors or students to use not the same as the default Windows guest account I would also like to have the option to switch users at the logon screen preferably Trying to make logon screen with guest account and switch user button with the on-screen button that says switch users which I can't seem to get to display using my methods System Specs All of the PCs I am administrating have some differences Simply put I have a bunch of desktops running Win Pro x and a bunch of NetBooks running Win Starter x What I have tried I've made my attempts on one of the NetBooks thus far since I can carry it around On Win Starter it seems that quot Switch User quot is disabled but I think it is still in the PC because when I tried a Registry Hack that hides all user accounts except the one that was last logged into I had the option to switch users but only when the account I last used had a password The guest account does not and cannot have one Anyway the registry hack I just mentioned involves going to HKEY LOCAL MACHINE SOFTWARE Microsoft WindowsNT CurrentVersion ProfileList and creating a bogus key under the ProfileList key I also tried a similar thing to the above which didn't work I can't remember what it was though I have also tried hiding the default administrative account I made while keeping the other account visible but this results in me not being able to log into that account from the Login screen and the system will automatically login to the guest account because it doesn't have a password Not necessarily a bad thing but I need a way to get into the other account This was done by changing HKEY LOCAL MACHINE SOFTWARE Microsoft WindowsNT CurrentVersion WinLogon SpecialAccounts UserList and adding the account to hide as a bit DWORD Don't hide all of your administrator accounts in this fashion or you'll be screwed FYI The third thing I tried was adding an entry for fast user switching and enabling disabling it in HKEY LOCAL MACHINE SOFTWARE Microsoft Windows CurrentVersion Polcies System and adjusting the quot HideFastUserSwitching quot key This didn't seem to have any effect I also tried various combinations of the above but that didn't get me the outcome I was looking for either This has all been on the netbook but I'm looking for a solution that will work on the NetBooks and the Desktops Closing Statements That's it thanks for any help

A:Trying to make logon screen with guest account and switch user button

Your best bet probably would be do not display any accounts.
Log On with User Name and Password

But your users would have to memorize login. Or you can write a little note right on the Welcome screen wallpaper by editing it in Paint and changing it.
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Hey all I have spent the weekend trying to figure out how to change my account user changed to back account Main type guest, can't change type back to administrator but with no luck I have been running this laptop as my main machine for a few months now with no problems however I realised I had a problem when I wanted to change some networking settings on Friday when the UAC said I needed admin privileges and wouldn't let Main user account type changed to guest, can't change back me enter a password or click quot Yes quot hence not allowing me to go any further I went to control panel gt User accounts and saw my account type has been changed to Guest Now I have thought long and hard and I have not changed or had any need to change my account type to guest nor has anyone else had access to my laptop so I can only assume this has been done in the last week or so during a Windows update I'll tell you what I did to try to resolve this below First of all I tried to enable the hidden administrator account while in my account by running command prompt as admin and then entering net user Administrator active yes but as I don't have admin privileges I couldn't even open the command prompt so I couldn't get any further After reading around the net and this forum I found this thread and gave it a try After restarting the laptop and booting into safe mode I was expecting to see and Administrator account next to my account at the log in screen however there was only the administrator account to choose from so I clicked it and it went through the first time initialisation of the account and then showed me the start menu I then went to run the command prompt as admin and it worked I entered net user Administrator active yes which worked with no problems I then went to the user accounts in control panel to quot Manage other accounts quot but my usual account was nowhere to be found So I thought I'd restart the laptop and see what happens out of safe mode When it restarted I was still only presented with the admin account so I logged in to disable the hidden by entering net user Administrator active no in the command prompt run as admin and then restarted After restarting again I was expecting to see my account but was still presented with only the admin account but when I clicked on it it said it was disabled and I was completely locked out of windows Luckily I created a restore point so I managed to restore my settings and was back at square one After a bit of testing it seems my main user account is being removed when I enter safe mode but do nothing else I have no idea why entering safe mode is removing my account I am at a bit of a loss as I can't seem to activate admin privileges on my account but if i try to fix it I lose my account completely I did find this thread but I can't find the download link for Hiren's boot cd If anyone has any help fixes or advice I'd really appreciate it as I don't really want to restore my laptop to factory Even if I do restore it to factory will this problem happen again Any help would be absolutely great Cheers Mark

A:Main user account type changed to guest, can't change back

You could try option 2 from here Built-in Administrator Account - Enable or Disable in Windows 8

Hirens you can download from here Download Hiren?s BootCD 15.2 | HBCD Fan & Discussion Platform but I'd try the administrator method first

Good luck
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Hey all first post here I noticed some very bizarre behavior with the most recent slew of MS patches from August th Prior to the August th updates Guest users of our lab computers could plug in after Admin 14th a patches. user mount Requires Guest August rights. USB can'n drive a USB drive have XP SP fully patched to July recognize it and it be accessible from Explorer or My Computer After the August updates were applied it now asks from a username and password of an account that has Admin rights This never did this before so I am wondering what the heck is going on Event Viewer shows nothing it s not a Group Policy setting as nothing has changed on the Local Policy I Guest user can'n mount a USB drive after August 14th patches. Requires Admin rights. even disabled it and rebooted plus gpudate force If I give Admin rights to the Guest account it does work but Guest user can'n mount a USB drive after August 14th patches. Requires Admin rights. that is obviously not an option as the machines I m dealing with run with guest rights Anyone got Guest user can'n mount a USB drive after August 14th patches. Requires Admin rights. any insight or clue as to what s going on or how to remedy this other than uninstalling the patches Thanks for any tips and help nbsp

A:Guest user can'n mount a USB drive after August 14th patches. Requires Admin rights.

Have you tried setting the Guest up as Power Users? For the USB drive are you talking about thumb drives or flash drives? I ended up changing the drive letter (after plugging the flash into the USB) to X (you could use whichever letter you don't currently use) because students and teachers were having problems accessing their thumb drives. This solved the problem for us.
Good luck!
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How to enable hardware virtualization in Aptio Setup Utility?
I am not able to enable it in BIOS.
I want this because while installing Androin 4.4 in Virtualbox it is giving some error.

I have also uploaded Speccy CPU configuration which states that virtulization is supported and few pics of my BIOS.

A:How to enable hardware virtualization in Aptio Setup Utili


Most important question: What is the error? We're not all-knowing here.
It might not be VT-x related at all, Android should be x86 in a VM and expect it to act weird.

Check the Virtualbox forums for specific details.
But a bit more on the VT issue:
I got a pc (here Medion) with Aptio as well. Problem is that I have AMD cpu on this one so the comparison won't help much.
Here the BIOS reports virtualization is on, I think. If your pc is new this year/last year, than VT-x should normally be on by default.

BUT: here Speccy says virtualization is disabled as well! Be careful, it might be a false warning. I can use virtualization in Virtualbox: the tab is enabled and I don't get any errors/warnings. So VT is ON even if Spaccy says it isn't. Check multiple sources to make sure.

Actually a good place to look is the VM log: Vbox.log in the VM folder: I see in my case AMD-V is used so virtualization is enabled.

00:00:03.677075 HM: Using AMD-V implementation 2.0!

In your case for Intel you should search for VT-X because it will report it ON or OFF.
Sorry, I'm not on my Intel machine at the moment but the previous lines should tell you what you need.

Good luck.

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My box is centos 7.1 x64 as guest virtualbox on windows 10 x64 as host.

I could not connect with internet at cenots. At host windows' AVG internet security blocks guest centos' internet.
When I uninstall AVG's firewall, guest centos' internet works well.

[[email protected]t ~]# ifconfig
enp0s3: flags=4163<UP,BROADCAST,RUNNING,MULTICAST> mtu 1500
inet netmask broadcast
inet6 fe80::a00:27ff:fe82:c1d8 prefixlen 64 scopeid 0x20<link>
ether 08:00:27:82:c1:d8 txqueuelen 1000 (Ethernet)
RX packets 0 bytes 0 (0.0 B)
RX errors 0 dropped 0 overruns 0 frame 0
TX packets 94 bytes 5814 (5.6 KiB)
TX errors 0 dropped 0 overruns 0 carrier 0 collisions 0
lo: flags=73<UP,LOOPBACK,RUNNING> mtu 65536
inet netmask
inet6 ::1 prefixlen 128 scopeid 0x10<host>
loop txqueuelen 0 (Local Loopback)
RX packets 353 bytes 35527 (34.6 KiB)
RX errors 0 dropped 0 overruns 0 frame 0
TX packets 353 bytes 35527 (34.6 KiB)
TX errors 0 dropped 0 overruns 0 carrier 0 collisions 0

systemctl stop firewalld
systemctl stop iptables
systemctl stop iptables6

3. Selinux
[[email protected] ~]# sestatus
SELinux status: disabled
Any helpful coments would be appreciated.
Thanks in advance.

A:AVG internet security blocks guest centos' internet

So.. this is a question for AVG then?
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Me and my girlfriend have a laptop we share both accounts are Admin accounts how do I start services under her account and not global both I want Avira one services for do the I to How user other? run enable not Anti-Virus to start under her credentials and not mine now initially I How do I enable services to run for one user not the other? searched online and found how to edit the service logon Tab so it started for her - which worked initially but meant I couldnt call on start the service without changing it back to global - after doing just that and changing back to her account it no longer worked - to get the program to How do I enable services to run for one user not the other? work meant How do I enable services to run for one user not the other? dropping the main tray app into startup folder for her and doing the afore mentioned tweak on service logon tab for two services related to the app but that no longer works for some reason the services dont start - also i would like to be able to call on and start the service myself should I wish too when I wish to use Avira Guard - i even tried dropping shortcut to the exe files that are the services into her startup folder but this does not work can anyone help with this will changing her account to standard help at all thanks nbsp

A:How do I enable services to run for one user not the other?

Relevancy 51.17%


Computer in AD, Windows 7

I need to display two user name (domain users) on logon screen.

Off cause i enabled "display last user name", but i see only one - last.

Can i do it?

Relevancy 50.31%

Hi. I am using Windows Developer Preview. It appears to lack the user tile on the taskbar. Is there a way to re-enable it?

A:Would I be able to enable the user tile on the taskbar?

Hello MD,

This can enable it again for you.

Taskbar UserTile Alpha 7.1 by ~AngelWZR on deviantART
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I have a WinXP/Home SP1 system from a client that I have tried everything to repair. (The son downloaded KaZaa and dad hit the roof. He went into Add/Remove programs and starting deleting anything he didn't recognize, and he knows next to nothing about computers). I've cleaned virus's, adware, applied Windows Updates, the whole 9 yards but I have not been able to get around a problem accessing the CD drive.

Before doing a reformat of the hard drive and reinstall I tried to lay down WinXP on top of itself. Worked OK so far. Now I would like to recover/enable anything existing that I can. I can see the folders for users that existed before are still there but my desktop is blank.

Is there a way I can reinstate the desktops and/or the user accounts?

Relevancy 50.31%

I am using XP Pro (Corporate edition I believe) and wish to enable fast user switching. However, whenever I go into the options to do so, it automatically changes back after I push apply settings. I have turned offline files off. Any help? Thanks.

A:I cannot enable fast user switching.

It may be a network client or service that's installed. For instance at work I use Novell, so all pc's have the Novell client installed, which blocks Windows from using the welcome screen and the fast user switching.

do you really need it? past experience is that you end up with several people left logged on, and a pc that's running quite a bit slower as a result...
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I have modified the registry so that HideFastUserSwitching = 0
Makes no difference.
I need this button back.  No one but me can log onto this computer.
Thank you.

A:Cannot Enable Switch User Button

You do not mention what Operating System you have installed. At the link below is a link that shows instructions for enabling/disabling Fast User Switching in the registry.
Enabling/Disabling Fast User Switching
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uhuh too long a title, can't help it.
I'm using IE8 and am on XP sp2.
I was wondering if there is anyway to make a certain website to use a user css file in IE, the emphasis being on certain websites.
IE has the option of using user css files for displaying websites, but i wanna know if it pertains to all websites opened in IE or specific websites that you chose, and if it's the latter then how do you chose those websites?


A:how do i enable a user css file on certain websites?

I think the user CSS file that you talk about affects all websites. If you want only one website to be affected you will have to install a add-on I think.

IE7Pro (works with IE8) or GreaseMonkey should work. You can look at userscripts made by other persons to find out how it works.
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hello there
as you know in windows 8 there is no administrator account enabled by default!and it have to be enabled manually!
is there any way to enable this account without administrator power?is there any application to do that while system startup?anything like Hiren's boot cd?!

A:how to enable administrator with user permissions

Hello Saeed, and welcome to Eight Forums.

When you setup Windows, you setup an administrator account by default. This is not the same as the built-in elevated "Administrator" account.

Are you not able to sign in to your administrator account that you setup during Windows Setup?

Built-in Administrator Account - Enable or Disable in Windows 8
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I have a Toshiba laptop with Windows 7 OP and gave it to a employee for work. He didn't pass a licensing test and couldnt be hired. The employee disabled the switch user option and I cant log onto the computer now. He has disappeared and cannot be contacted. How do I enable the switch user option again.

Relevancy 50.31%


I need a script/batch file that I can click to quickly

enable/disable a user.

How can I do this?

A:Script to disable/enable a user

A one-liner bat file can do that pretty easy. This will do the trick:

To enable a user:

net user username /active:yes
To disable it:

net user username /active:no
Where username is the username to enable/disable.
This requires administrator permission to succeed.

Some reference can be found here:
Enable or Disable user account from command line (CMD)
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As we all know Windows 10 is a technical preview right now. Most of us are using it in Virtual Machines, but we cannot set our resolutions past 1024x768 which kills the preview experience for us.
So that said. How are we going to make Guest additions work on Windows 10 right now for Virtualbox? Any ideas?

A:Virtualbox Guest Additions in Windows 10 Guest Operating System

1024x768 is a pretty big resolution (at least more than enough to read text). However, I suggest you to post at the official forums for further improvement of Windows 10 Preview (its compatibility)
Relevancy 50.31%

Hi all,

I was looking at the event viewer and noticed that there are multiple "logoff" events - event id 4634 - associated with the guest accolunt on my computer. The guest account is disabled. There is no associated "logon" event with matching event id although there are numerous SYSTEM logon events and one rather curious "anonymous user" logon event.

I am concerned that this may suggest a trojan but have no other symptons or issues to concern me other than these entries.

Can anyone shed any light?

A:Vista Pro. Multiple Guest logoff events with guest account off

ANONYMOUS LOGONs are routine events on Windows networks.
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Hi, I messed up.

I was doing some spring cleaning on my laptop and was using Add/Remove Programs to get rid of some things, but I guess I got a little "delete happy" and got rid of a needed program to access the internet. My computer recognizes the router but when I open Firefox or IE it comes up with an Untitled page. Not even the classic "Page Could Not Be Found" message shows up. I tried searching for some answers but my problem doesn't seem to be too common. I do not have my Windows XP install disc on me at the moment which is why I'm wondering if there was a technical fix I could try before completely restarting this thing.

Thanks for any help.

PS: I'm using my iTouch as the primary internet medium right now so you can imagine my frustration.

A:Cannot access internet with laptop (Add/Remove Programs user-based error)
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XNA Game Studio Express will be available for free to anyone with a Windows XP-based PC, and will provide them with what's described as "Microsoft's next-generation platform for game development." Users will be able to build, test and share their games on Xbox 360, as well as access a wealth of materials to help speed the game development progress.
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dear sir ,
kindly help me to enable devicemanager access throught Limited user account in winxp,my printer frequently disable ,coz usb automaticaly gonna disable in my acc ,thn i need to log in to administrator acc for enabling USB device ,kindly sent how i can access device manager in my limited acc

thnx in advance,............

A:Enable Device manger in Limited user acc


Any user account can be used to enter the Device Manager. However, only members of the Administrators group can make changes to the devices.
Relevancy 49.88%

I'm in the midst of reconfiguring IE Enterprise mode for a customer Here's the current state There is a site list at http ieem internal domain production xmlThe site list is readable by all users and contains the correct current list of sites and rendering modes maintained by the Site Manager tool Active Group Policy settings Computer Configuration gt Policies gt Administrative Templates gt Windows Components gt Internet Explorer gt Use the Mode: not disable Enable let user Enterprise but do Enterprise Mode IE website list Enabled Location nbsp http ieem internal domain production xmlUser Configuration gt Policies gt Administrative Templates gt Windows Components gt Internet Explorer gt Use the Enterprise Mode IE website list Enabled Location nbsp http ieem internal domain production xml If I browse to a site in the Site List Enterprise Mode: Enable but do not let user disable Enterprise Mode is not enabled If Enterprise Mode: Enable but do not let user disable I now set EITHER of these policy settings Computer Configuration gt Policies gt Administrative Templates gt Windows Components gt Internet Explorer gt Let users turn on and use Enterprise Mode from the Tools Menu Enabled ORUser Configuration gt Policies gt Administrative Templates gt Windows Components gt Internet Explorer gt Let users turn on and use Enterprise Mode from the Tools Menu Enabled the user is still not forced into Enterprise Mode However they can turn on Enterprise Mode manually and the site list appears to apply correctly as long as they turn it on on a page where it's supposed to be on - otherwise they get Enterprise mode enabled for whatever URL they were viewing when they turn EM on in addition to the site list We do not want users to be able to change the settings for Enterprise Mode We only want the site list to apply consistently to all users We cannot find any setting for quot Force users to use Enterprise Mode quot or similar We also do not believe Microsoft would create this without a way to enforce the policy to on - an organisation of users isn't a problem an organisation of can't afford the helpdesk calls to enable this manually I therefore believe I am missing something but I cannot see what Suggestions and questions welcomed -- David Rawling E djr at pdconsec dot net
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One of the user in the network can not enable or disable his local area network connection. Every time he connects his laptop after undocking it, it asks him for administrator credentials. Its a vista machine in a domain environment. User is added to the poweruser group but still can not make changes to the connection. Other users dont need to punch in admin password when they hookup to the docking station/network.

Any suggestions? thanks

A:user cannot enable/disable network connection (LAN)

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Sorry for my bad english...

This is my problem :
I have a HP Probook 5310m with Win 7 Pro 32 bits.
I've been using it for 6 months without a problem.

Yesterday, when i tried to connect (after hibernation), my password was rejected. I tried to make a second and third attempt with ware : same. I know my password, it's the same as the password of network access of my company. After that, the user was locked!
-> I don't know why my password was rejected, really don't!

Unfortunately, i did'nt enabled the Administrator account!
So now : i really don't know how to fix this huge problem (for me)!

HP told me to swith off the CMOS battery, but i'm really not sure this is a good solution.

Anybody has an idea?

Many Thanks


A:User locked - No Admin enable - How may i fix this stuff?

If this is a company owned PC, contact your company's IT pro. If it's your windows user account login password, clearing the CMOS won't do any good. It may just make things worse.
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Help! I let my cousin use my laptop and now I don't even see my account anymore! All that's left is guest account..which wont let me connect to the INTERNET plus I can't even get into PC settings! How do I make a new account using only the stupid guest account that I'm stuck with and no internet what so ever?! Please help I need to get this fixed as soon as possible!

A:Only have guest account on windows 8 laptop!!

You can try a refresh and it may come back. Next time do not let your cousin touch your stuff.
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Hi all I'm specific LAN user/enable wireless only Disable for connection setting up a computer for public access to a local site repository There are two accounts admin account running a virtual machine as server for the local site I need access to LAN through wired ethernet in this account Disable LAN connection for specific user/enable wireless only public account the account for the users to navigate the repository I need to disable the LAN access and just enable internet access through the public wireless interface I thought I could just disable ethernet card for the public account on the Group policies but I Disable LAN connection for specific user/enable wireless only didn't find out the way to do it I've created a group policy for the public account but under quot user configuration - gt administrative templates - gt network - gt network connections quot I only see options for enable disable LAN properties settings etc and not LAN access itself --- gt Is it possible to disbable hardware for specifc users In that case I could just disable the wired card driver for public user Thanks in advance

A:Disable LAN connection for specific user/enable wireless only

Ok, I go again (trying to do my best in english!) :

-There are two interfaces in the network:
a- LAN-> access through wired connection. Only for enabled MACs on the router
b- Public access to internet -> through wireless connection. For everyone.

-I cannot use router rules (for instance blocking MAC address, time settings, etc.) as far as I need both connections enabled at the same time, any time: wired for admin account and wireless for standard user account. Both users could use the computer at any time.

-I know I can set up preferred connections, but what I actually want is to prevent any way for the standard user to get connected to the LAN.

-On Group policies I've already disabled access to network settings and IE options for the standard user.

I appreciate any help (and really need it). Thanks!!
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Okay so i dont have access to any administrator accounts due to the fact that our admin forgot his password and the rest of us are standard users. So can we enable it as a standard user to use the admin account in safe mode?

A:Can you enable the built in adminstator account as a standard user?

To run the command net user Administrator active:yes in Command Prompt, you must first type net user Administrator followed by the name of an Administrative account and the password. Try it with one of your accounts but I can't see it working. To bring up the Command Prompt, use the Windows key and R together.

If that won't work, you'll need to reinstall Windows 7.
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Dear all,

I need a help regarding allowing standard user to save file in C:/ drive.
We bought a HRM system that will save the report in C as PDF file.
Can somebody guide how may I possible to do it?


A:Enable standard user to save file in C drive

Do you have any problem saving the report in C: ?

You can do it normally as you would in any folder,just when it prompts for administrator permission,click Yes.
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Is there an easy way for me to change the logon option setting to Ctrl-Alt-Del? In W2K there was an easy checkbox setting in users from the control panel. And upgrading to WXP kept that setting. With WinXP preinstalled in a notebook, the logon screen comes up immediately from power up. I would like to require the intermediate step of manually pressing Ctrl-Alt-Del keys before the logon screen appears. I'm willing to reinstall W2K first and then reinstalling WXP as I also want to replace the existing notebook hdd with another larger capacity drive if I cannot find an acceptable answer soon.

A:XP user logon option setting to enable Ctrl-Alt-Del
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Hi all,

I was trying to enable IE11x64 bit browser in windows 8.1x64 bit ent for domain users and i was unable to enable it.
below are the steps i followed to enable IE11x64 bit for domain users:
step 1:

step 2:
It will be 64bit, only when this feature is checked, otherwise IE will still use a 32bit process.
closed the borwser and opend the browser again but i checked in process.exe

Tabs are displayed in 32 bit.

can anybody help me with this issue.
i want 64 bit tabs to be opened instead of 32 bit
Relevancy 49.45%

I have already tried through the User Control Panel.
Screenshot of error is here

The program causing it is needed for my DLINK wireless card. I just upgraded this machine from 512 MB of RAM to 2 GB, if that matters.

I will not install the program, as if I do, the wireless card (and internet access) ceases to function.

Please help me re-enable it!

A:Welcome Screen and Fast User Switching disabled. How to re-enable?
suggests that it's a known issue. The D-Link card probably installs its own login module which overtakes the Microsoft one (msgina.dll = Microsoft Graphical Identification and Authentication) (there was a similar case with some Intel adapters).
The post was about a month ago, so I'd check with D-Link on a regular basis to see if they've released a patch or an updated driver.

other ideas:
perhaps uninstall everything D-Link related, then reinstall, but during installation pick manual installation (if there is such a step), then install just the driver - don't install the utility.
Relevancy 49.02%

I have established a 'Guest' user account on my new PC (Windows XP Media Center edition) for use of the babysitter or anyone else staying so they can browse the web and check emails etc. I cannot set up an Internet connection for it. It works OK as long as I leave my broadband connection running, but will will not establish a connection from booting up. I can not set up a connection from 'Internet options' on the connections tab when in the 'Guest account' as is says 'not logged on as administrator'. Please keep any instructions 'simple' 'cos I'm not that good!


A:'GUEST' internet account

A possible solution: