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Group Policy Applies Policy EXCEPT for 1 Setting!

Q: Group Policy Applies Policy EXCEPT for 1 Setting!

Hi all!

Windows 7 Pro 32 bit on a domain

I've NEVER seen this before and I cant figure it out.

I have a group policy set on an OU named LAPTOPS. The policy gets applied, however the User Config\Windows Setting\Scripts\Logon DOES NOT. When you run the GPRESULTS on the laptop, I see the policy settings being applied EXCEPT for the LOGON script. Its not there. I dont see any errors and cant figure out why Windows would ignore this one setting in the policy but apply the rest. I've tried deleting and recreating the policy but that does not work. Also made sure I did a GPUPDATE /FORCE

Thanks in advance!

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Preferred Solution: Group Policy Applies Policy EXCEPT for 1 Setting!

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Group Policy Applies Policy EXCEPT for 1 Setting!

Is a policy enforced on a domain or site level?
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How can I setup multiple monitor in Eyefinity?

My Card is Sapphire Dual-X R9 270x 2GB I Have 2
Connections are I have 2 Monitors connected on 1 Card then 1 Monitor for the other
All of it are in DVI
Problem is in Eyefinity I don't know how to setup for it to be only one whole desktop

A:Setting Up Multiple Monitor with 2 Graphics Card in Eyefinity

I would check this thread out:
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Okay so I am starting this thread here seeing as how Clock and A10-6800K AMD Motherboard Wrong Setting Voltages Speeds the topic of the old one no longer applies to this situation I jumped ahead of myself trying to overclock this CPU which made me question the frequencies and voltages which are supposed to be set automatically by the motherboard I am having a tough time understanding all this I will post links to the exact AMD A10-6800K Motherboard Setting Wrong Voltages and Clock Speeds parts I am AMD A10-6800K Motherboard Setting Wrong Voltages and Clock Speeds using so whoever is keen enough to try to help will know what we re dealing with Motherboard MSI A X-G Gaming CPU AMD A - K Richland GHz Turbo Black Edition RAM Mushkin Enhanced Blackline DDR MHz PC V CPU-Z Screenshots After doing some AMD A10-6800K Motherboard Setting Wrong Voltages and Clock Speeds reading in regards to overclocking I have found out some details which are totally incorrect in my case For starters the FSB to DRAM Frequency Ratio from what I read is supposed to be some reported slightly higher ratios or something similar but CPUZ is showing which sounds absurd Also it s reporting the RAM as PC - at MHz and voltage at I haev Intel XMP enabled on the motherboard and the motherboard reports memory speed in BIOS at DDR- MHz Can someone analyze the above shot and information and clue me in as to what is wrong and what needs to be done I would really appreciate it because I am baffled I have no clue what the CPU-NB frequency and voltages are for so I don t want to mess with something I don t know anything about Anyway any and all help is much appreciated as always nbsp

A:AMD A10-6800K Motherboard Setting Wrong Voltages and Clock Speeds

Go into the BIOS and change the DRAM voltage to 1.60 or 1.65V and set the timing as u see XMP-2132
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This call for help is apply to any one could provide help about the jmb363 jumpers setting combination to make the 2 internal sata and 2 external e-sata work at the same time , THANK YOU
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Quick question and I believe the answer is NO. If you have a PC with one drive where OS is already running and configured, can you add another identical drive and configure RAID 1 without having to reinstall or reformat anything?


A:Setting up RAID 1 on already running OS drive

Hey there, pioneerx01!

Unfortunately, you can't convert a single drive into a RAID array without data loss. At least one sector will be overwritten, which will cause problems because the file system and partition information will not be correct anymore. This will lead to a lot of annoying notifications and very unpleasant problems.
However, I believe there's a chance to create RAID arrays while keeping the data but I'd strongly advise against it.
The best way to deal with this is the safe way - back up your data and properly create the RAID 1 array.

Hope this helps.
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OK I am trying to set up a 6 monitor eyefinity setup using two r9 290x GPU. I want to cross fire the GPU s and then plug 3 of the monitors into 3 of the 4 ports that are on the GPU and then plug the other 3 in via a port hub utilizing the last plug in on the gpu. My knowledge is limited so I have questions regarding this method. For one would this even work? 2. Would I be able to max out most games using this method? 3. Is there an easier way to do this?

A:Setting up a 6 monitor gaming rig

Scooby Dude said:

OK I am trying to set up a 6 monitor eyefinity setup using two r9 290x GPU. I want to cross fire the GPU s and then plug 3 of the monitors into 3 of the 4 ports that are on the GPU and then plug the other 3 in via a port hub utilizing the last plug in on the gpu. My knowledge is limited so I have questions regarding this method. For one would this even work? 2. Would I be able to max out most games using this method? 3. Is there an easier way to do this?Click to expand...

Let me put it this way, it can work as stated on AMD's website using a multi DP output hub.

To answer the second question though is a no you would not most likely be able to max out most games in this methodology. You will probably be able to run a game like Tomb Raider for instance at high settings but maxing out with 6 displays is pushing it.

The easiest way to do this is the only way...Basically buy the 3 way DP hub, hook up your monitors with adapters to whatever output method your choosing, then hookup the rest.
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Im on looking for Motorola Surfboard Cable Modem Model SB5101 from this list







Which one of these models will access my modem to open up a port for u Torrent?
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A colleague at work would like to set up either a SHN or a SBN. What is the best way to go about this? Would it be best to be safe to be cloud based? What equipment is needed etc...?

This will take some discussing, so please ask any questions you need. The intention would be for two/three people to access the information on the network initially. A printer will be shared on the network, allowing scan to email. Laptops would be used to access the network from external sites, this is why I'm thinking of going the cloud based route, so they can log on and access the server from anywhere in the world...

Any help/guidance is appreciated.
Thank You!

A:Setting up a small home/business network

Yes, you can consider the Cloud as a solution for access, BUT . . .
it also brings with it issues like:

You should start reading about these issues before committing to this solution.

One alternative would be a NAS device connected to your router. Putting your modem, router and NAS on a UPS power system would allow (with proper configuration) external access and you have total control, of all of the issues above.
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I am pretty much a novice with regards to networking. We recently built a new house and have wired it with cat 5e wire. I want to share my windstream internet connection over the network as well as be able to share files and use a drobo storage unit. I have a windstream router an a gigabit network switch. Will connecting a direct wire from the modem to the switch allow all the computers to gain access to the internet.

A:Setting Up a Gigabit Network

Correct - - everything attach to the router or a switch hung off of it will be "in the same subnet" as there is only one router. Wifi and wired will look the same to all users and everyone can "play" at the same time
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Hello all,

I need help to set up fans because I'm new with this. My motherboard is Biostar a780l3l and has a SYS_FAN1. Do I put one fan there? Do I need just one fan or more? My case has 3 spots to put fans on, 2 on the side and one from behind.
Or do I put one fan in the motherboard and other 2 in the PSU?
If I only need one fan do I put it in the motherboard or PSU?
I'll upload my dxdiag just in case.

A:Help with setting up Fans

It does not really matter how or where you hook fans up unless you want to be able to control the speeds via the motherboard or if the fans have built in fan controllers (Like switches on them for high and low).

The only spot you definintly need hooked up (Unless your using a fan controller) is the CPU fan one since im assuming your not using a fan controller. IMO, you should hook up to the motherboard because the system will decide on fan speeds for you.
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I need QoS setting help Need to a set router help Need help to set a router QoS setting in order to set QoS settings for an specific application It s an online game which I have ports protocols server ip s and any other information about it but I dunno how to work with my old router I found a page named IP QoS in my Router config menu bu t I dunno how t o work with it I will explain the fields and entries so you may have an idea Options I can choose are seprated by IP QoS Entries in this table are used to assign the precedence for each incoming packet based on specified policy Config Procedure set traffic rule assign the precedence or add marker for different stream IP QoS disable Need help to set a router QoS setting enable QoS Policy stream based p based DSCP based Schedule Mode strict prior WFQ Add QoS Rule Src IP ENTRY BOX Src Mask ENTRY BOX Dest IP ENTRY BOX Dest Mask ENTRY BOX Src Port ENTRY BOX Dest Port ENTRY BOX Protocol TCP UDP ICMP Phy Port LAN LAN LAN LAN WLAN WLAN-VAP WLAN-VAP WLAN-VAP WLAN-VAP set priority p Lowest p p p Highest insert or modify QoS mark Markable so If I mark it these options will appear IP Precedence IP ToS Normal Service Minimize Cost Maximize Reliability Maximize Throughput Minimize Delay p nbsp

A:Need help to set a router QoS setting

I found that when I set the QoS policy, to 802.1p based or DSCP based some other settings will appear
802.1p Set

this page is used to config 802.1p priority. 802.1p rule list
For each row I can choose any of its following choices

802.1p rule list:

0---> p3(lowest) p2 p1 p0(highest)
1 ---> p3(lowest) p2 p1 p0(highest)
2 ---> p3(lowest) p2 p1 p0(highest)
3 ---> p3(lowest) p2 p1 p0(highest)
4 ---> p3(lowest) p2 p1 p0(highest)
5 ---> p3(lowest) p2 p1 p0(highest)
6 ---> p3(lowest) p2 p1 p0(highest)
7 ---> p3(lowest) p2 p1 p0(highest)


this page is used to config dscp priority.

DSCP tag: (ENTRY BOX) (0-63)
Transmit Prior: p3(lowest) p2 p1 p0(highest)
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I just moved to an area where high speed internet is unavailable I ve been using my phone and tethering the data for internet so far which was been working fine However I have been wanted to use my wireless printer without having to go to the room it is in and plugging into it directly I m pretty good with computers but networking somtimes gets me Setting network an up offline wireless pretty confused What I want to do is have a wireless network that I can use to connect to my printer which supports wifi printing but that network doesn t need to Setting up an offline wireless network be online since my only source of internet is my phone I thought I could just set up a network like normal but not supply it with internet but unfortunetly when I connect to this network even though I am still connected to my other quot network quot I can t use the internet Is there any way to solve this problem Hopefully I am Setting up an offline wireless network clear and someone will understand my problem Let me know if you have any other questions and I ll do my best to answer them Thanks nbsp

A:Setting up an offline wireless network

Before you leap into using your cell as an Internet connection,
make sure you understand the charges for DATA for your cell phone provider - -
it can be 100s of dollars per hour!
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My fullscreen monitor died and I had to buy a monitor new on trouble resolution Having setting widescreen new monitor which unfortunately ended up being a widescreen because it s all that s available now Having trouble setting resolution on new widescreen monitor Now I m having trouble setting the resolution on it The resolution I ve been using on my fullscreen monitor was x and the way things looked at this res was PERFECT for me The resolution itself looks OK on the widescreen apart from all objects appearing stretched since that resolution is really for a fullscreen ratio Having trouble setting resolution on new widescreen monitor So I increased the resolution but no Having trouble setting resolution on new widescreen monitor matter which setting I choose everything looks somewhat blurry This goes for pretty much all the ones available x x x x x x x It s not until I get to the absolute highest resolution x where things appear sharp and also in porportion Unfortunately everything on the screen is waaaaay too small I know I can increase the size of icons fonts etc but everything else appears too small too like images functions inside software etc So I set the resolution back to x where everything appears in the size I like them and I was going to change the screen size on the monitors OSD settings shrinking the screen horizontally which I imagined would give me accurate porportions I don t mind that I would get two black bars on the sides if that is what it takes but when I try the OSD system ironically skips over the size position settings go figure the highlight just literally just jumps from Brightness down to Color settings all the ones having to do with screen size and position are greyed out So please can someone help me out I want - Things to appear in their accurate porportions - Be the same size as they are in x resolution That goes for EVERYTHING not just fonts and icons for example I want movies to play in that resolution I want pictures to be displayed that large when I open them and so on if the only way to do this on a widescreen monitor is by having black bars on the sides then so be it just tell me how I can get to those settings since they re not selectable on my new Dell monitor Please try to stick to helping me on what my dilemma is not ask quot why do you want to do that quot etc This is the resolution I am used to and I can t work as efficiently in this horrible x setting when everything is so tiny I would really appriciate any tips Thanks for reading nbsp

A:Having trouble setting resolution on new widescreen monitor

Hmm; focus on getting the SYSTEM to display correctly first and then fuss with videos last.

My laptop is running at 1366-768 (recommended) for my wide screen display. I would presume your list of resolutions shown do not include 1366-768 (that's dependent upon the video driver + the monitor), so first attempt to get an updated driver for your video adaptor.
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Interesting question: I'm a PC tech that often provides on-site service. Sometimes I need to hook up two PC's at once but the customer only has one monitor.

I have a portable 7" digital TV. Very handy. It sure would be great if I could bring it with me on jobs and hook a PC up to it. Using an adapter, I can plug a VGA cable into the 1/4" "Video In" plug on the side, but the resolution is only 480x234 and I don't think Windows can support such a low resolution natively.

Anyone know of a way I can make this idea work?

A:Setting a custom res for tiny monitor?

I have tried it before with a monitor in a vehicle...same idea like yours. no success.
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Hey all, been a while since I last built a system, and never done one with an SSD.

I'm assuming the SSD is basically my C drive where I will install the OS, plus any games I want to run quickly, then everything else on my D drive (just a regular HDD).

Sound about right?

A:First time setting up an SSD drive

Right. and don't forget to turn off some things like defragmentation, indexing and prefetch in windows. those are designed for hdd.
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Hello, I think I'm experiencing a NAT networking problem, as most games I play complain that my NAT is moderate, or sometimes strict. I've researched this and found out it may be a Double NAT problem.

I've also researched two solutions for this: Disable NAT and DCHP on either the modem or router, or set up a PPPoE connection between the two. Can someone tell me which one is the easiest to do and how to do it?

Router: Linksys E3200 w/ Cisco

Modem: Motorola SB5102

Other Info: This IS a broadband connection, and I believe it is a DSL or Cable setup. I also know how to access the router settings, and how to disable NAT and DCHP. However, I do not know how to connect to the modem (I do know the default IP for it) and don't know how to perform a PPPoE connection, as this would be my first time.

A:Setting up a PPPoE connection between router & modem

PPPoE is for DSL connections... Go to the router and modem websites and download the instructions from there. It will explain how to connect and access the router
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There was a TV commercial I saw recently where a man used a phone to take a group picture. The phone took a number of pictures in rapid succession and displayed all the different faces for each person in the group. The user was able to pick the best pose for each person and paste it into the group picture.
I was wondering if anyone knew the brand and model of the phone...also is there any software that would perform the same function on a windows computer?

A:Cut and paste faces on group photos

I cannot help in, for the device ur looking for but for the software, I can be of some help.
The software ur looking for is precisely, "adobe photoshop". With it, u can edit almost upto the minutest details of a photograph. Be it group photos of individual ones. You can download it from the link:
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I have a 16gb (4x4gb) kit of GSKill Ripjaws Z arriving tomorrow and need to enter the timings manually for them to work properly on my P9X79 Pro motherboard. How do I go about doing this?

The kit is rated for 1.50v at 9-9-9-24. Do I have to enter correct BCLCK and CPU ratio values, as well? Pretty much everything is on auto default right now with my DDR3 1333 RAM kit.

I've attached a snapshot. I'm not sure it'll help, but then this is just about all I know of the BIOS. I'm a total noob and haven't done much exploration. Here's some info on the RAM kit:

Can anyone out there please help me?


A:Help setting RAM timings on mobo

Under "memory frequency" you should see a list of speeds you can select, these correspond to the various FSB/RAM ratios. Pick the one that's suitable for your RAM. If you scroll down you should see the DRAM voltage and timings, just type in the values.

Not sure about SB-E but for SB the BCLK doesn't budge... not even by a few Mhz so you're better off leaving that alone at 100Mhz and using the CPU multiplier to overclock that 3930K. So to run your RAM at its rated 1600Mhz your FSB/RAM ratio would be 1:16.
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hey all,

I've decided on upgrading to a water cooling system for my CPU, and two GPU's (most probably a set of 680's), curently have two 560 Ti's, and a i5-2500k CPU

I'm not sure a dual loop is the best solution or a single loop with two radiators and a decent pump. EKWB have some pretty decent stuff so I'll be getting most components from them.
I've done a quick picture of the setup I was thinking of for a single loop. I'll be setting it up in either a Corsair 800d or 650d case, with the 800d obviously having different radiators.

Anyone know if this is a good way to go for a setup like this?


A:Help needed setting up a water cooling loop

You need a pump with a good amount of head pressure for a single loop of this kind.

Oh and larger rad for gpus pls. Other than that this setup is fine.
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Hi All I have a got a very simple query for the experts here as I am not much into networking field My requirement - Personal web server - some laptops PC I have a router modem that terminates my internet connection and my webserver is connected to it and I network up home a Setting want to use my PCs but don t want to directly connect them to the router ports as there are only ports So I am planning to use a port switch for a LAN among my PCs i e I want to connect the switch to the router Setting up a home network and want to connect all the PCs to the switch I am planning to use a gigabit switch so that my lan network is fast and would use Cat cables or would cat e would be ok for me I reuire good transfer rate among the PCs I just want to know in simple steps what all key configuration I would have to do to setup such a network or if there are any tutorial or site for details about this would be good for me Any suggestions would be gr as I have been trying to get some info about this on net and found this forum useful Cheers Hungry Mind nbsp

A:Setting up a home network

trival buddy.


modem=====router-----Web Server
| | | |
(x) PC systems

To ensure all PCs see the webserver at the same address (regardless of the boot sequence),
give the webserver a static IP address.
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Hi all!
I need advice on the easiest setup for our new home in Fla.
Cable company in Comcast and phone is AT&T.

We will have cable for the TV's and use the phone line for a DSL connection, because it's alot cheaper.

Keep in mind this is a weekend vacation home.

I currently have a laptop, but I will be purchasing a I-Pad because we only really use the web for casual browsing, downloading boarding passes for airlines and making restuarant and golf reservations.

I would like to do wi-fi. I am a total noob at this wi-fi stuff. I'd like to be able to use the I-pad anywhere in/outside the house rather than hard wiring it, like my current computer.

So....what do you all suggest?
thanks in advance for any help!!!

A:Setting up for a new home..

Your phone company can help you with this... You need a Wireless DSL router, that's all, and follow the setup instructions
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my fan speed is not displayed in BIOS
and i cannot my save my configurations
my motherboard is DG33TL Intel Motherboard

A:About BIOS setting

have u tried pressing F10 to save it?
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Hello all I ve got a couple more disks on order now and plan to RAID identical Samsung TB Spinpoint F s in RAID Mirror rather than continually worry about data backups But having been looking at my options I m not sure if a more secure idea would be RAID Having had a clean up on the disk I m now using about GB of its capacity and its mainly documents pictures home regarding up RAID I'm after of it a and advice bit please setting movies and other stuff I do not want to risk losing due to disk failure Currently I m only backing up the most sentimental of files onto DVD D L s and its costing me a fortune in discs haha My new build will be using a Asus M A L LE AM motherboard with x SATA II ports My motherboard manual states my motherboard supports I'm after a bit of advice regarding RAID and setting it up please RAID and JBOD I have the following disks to use x GB Kingston SSD for Windows x TB Samsung Spinpoint F to use as a data disk for software installs and games in W x TB Samsung Spinpoint F for documents pictures data etc x WD Blue GB For Linux - Will be replacing with a SSD shortly x SATA DVD R W drive The user manual suggests I should install and use the web browser control panel for managing my RAID devices just the x Spinpoint F s but I m not sure its necessary So I have a few questions I need clarification on please Is the AMD RAIDxpert utility that runs in the web browser really neccessary or a good idea to use I plan to install my OS s to non-RAID SSD s W and linux on sep disks so do I still need to set the SATA controller in BIOS to RAID Will the on-board RAID function on my new motherboard actually be a good idea or is a dedicated RAID card wiser I plan to use the two RAID disks as NTFS so I can access them in Linux and W I presume this will work fine given that they re RAID Is there anything I need to be aware of given that I m new to RAID devices I presume all of my data will need moving to another disk in order to setup RAID and initialise it Just to clarify the x Spinpoint F s will be the only RAID disks and are purely for storage and not for either OS installation or any software they would need to have installed If it is recommended I use a RAID card I have spare PCI and PCI-Ex x slots but would appreciate recommendations that don t cost an absolute fortune as I wouldn t know what to choose if I m honest Thanks in advice guys and girls Leeky P S I ve uploaded the AMD RAIDxpert user manual here PDF in case anyone needs to read it nbsp
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I have windows 7 starter. I have Realtek High Definition Audio. When I try to set it up my Mic and messed up. Now it does not show I have the ability to set up mic. It erased my mic abilities. How can I change this? All I did is put it to disable mic. Now it will not allow to enable it. Because when I unplug the mic/headset it screached through my speaker.

A:Problem setting up mic

Have you tried to reinstall your audio drivers from the OEM website yet?
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I am trying to set up a wireless network using belkin ASDL modem with wireless G router.

In the configuration stage it tells me that for the computer to properly communicate with the router, the computers networl ''TCP/IP/Ethernet setting needs to be obtain an IP address automatically using DHCP.. Where do I set this?

It also says for PPPoE and PPPoA users: VPI/VCI numbers, user name and password
For fixed IP users: IP address and subnet, IP adress for your ISPS gateway server and DNS. I don't know which one I am, I am on talk talk.

A:Setting up wireless - where do I get following information?

What windows are you using?

Go to run: cmd, and then type ipconfig
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I just setting Need HDD help up external bought Seagate GoFlex TB External HDD When I plugged it it shows Folders Need help setting up external HDD named Seagate amp USB PC Card Adapter It also has Autorun MacInstaller dmg amp Setup icons I have never used such a HDD amp don t know how to set it up This is what I want to do amp you guys can tell me how to go about it I want to make Parttions I want to install Win- in one GB partition back up my data in second GB partition amp put all Multimedia files in rd leftover Partition Can I just delete all the above mentioned files amp folders it came with Do I need them OR can I just cut them out paste it in another main HDD amp then proceed with what I want to do with plain blank TB HDD I know how to Partition amp install Windows- on an internal HDD but never used such an external HDD Please help Thanks nbsp

A:Need help setting up external HDD

Partitions on an external HDD

Hi. The Seagate software already on the drive will ask you to register it with them, you don't have to, of course.
To create the partitions you want, you can use the free version of 'Partition manager' by 'Easus';- see...
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I have two Intel X -M solid state disks GB that I want to stripe and use as my OS drive I have the Asus P T motherboard with ICH R and support for RAID and My problem is I need to clone my OS partition with True Image and copy the volume to the striped drives Here s the catch my OS is already on one of the X s and I will need to use an X -V as a temp boot drive in order to stripe the two drives and still RAID w/ configuration 0 SSDs setting Help be able to use Windows for cloning I also have or other SATA drives that I do NOT want to be configured in RAID So I guess my question is will the striped SSD s take the cloned partition or will I Help setting RAID 0 configuration w/ SSDs encounter issues coming from a single drive I don t have a ton of experience with RAID but I haven t had any problems either but I want to play it safe Any help would be helpful I m sure there is someone on here with much more knowledge on this matter Thanks in advance nbsp

A:Help setting RAID 0 configuration w/ SSDs

EXCellR8 said:

I have two Intel X25-M solid state disks (80GB) that I want to stripe and use as my OS drive.Click to expand...

DON'T - - Even Microsoft does not like that option - - the boot drive should not be Raid-X says MS.
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Hi fellow service unknown status start failed or the Connection to dependency group computer junkies I can see a multitude of difficulties have been overcome by your group effort I hope you ve got another fix up your sleeves My laptop is years old HP COMPAQ C Notebook PC Vista Home Premium purchased with Intel Pentium Dual CPU T Ghz GB RAM bit OS My internet connection is normally T-Mobile USB Internet card Also connect WiFi with built in card Local Disk C NTFS GB Free GB Presario RP Disk D GB Free GB Pc tools spyware doctor w Antivirus Malwarebytes The first indication of a problem began with announcement that new Connection status unknown the dependency service or group failed to start hardware had been found Knowing that I had installed nothing I blocked the new hardware attempt to connect Next day I found I could not reach the internet using T-mobile Among other things Windows Defender and Firewall were not operating I got a message quot Failed to connect to a windows service Windows could not connect to System Event Connection status unknown the dependency service or group failed to start Notification Service This problem prevents limited users from logon on to the system As an administrator user you can review the system Event Log for details about why the service didn t respond quot Of course upon investigating I found I could not open Event Notification log Normally at a time like this I would reach for System Restore But I was informed no restore points were available With help from Brother-in-law Larry and using desktop with the T-mobile connection I was able to get online to find the fix to the problem I started in Safe Mode Clicked start search cmd right click ran as administrator typed quot netsh winsock reset quot enter and restarted Also ran sfc scannow That got rid of that problem Was then able to see Event Notification log But now new error quot Connection status unknown The dependency group failed to start quot I right clicked on that message got option to Diagnose and Repair Got message Network Diagnostics cannot run because Diagnostics Policy service is not running Clicked to open Service Control Manager SCM is in Management Console This opened Local Services which shows full pages of application descriptions status startup type and log on as I found Diagnostic Policy Service Properties set to startup automatic but service status is stopped I clicked start result was Error Access is denied Many other items are in same state When start attempted on some other applications Error was received also Some applications gave Error quot The dependency service or group failed to start I don t know if this is important but After being allowed to view Event Notification Log I looked at Security log which had as earliest date that was days ago Today the earliest date is I noticed several entries throughout from oldest to newest dates the entries were quot Special Logon quot with Special Privileges assigned to new logon On the oldest one it seemed to be given privileges which included among others I can t remember assign Primary token privilege Security Privilege Audit Privilege take ownership privilege TCB privilege load driver privilege backup privilege restore privilege debug privilege system environment privilege and Impersonate Privilege That s it for now bout all I know Send help please Bill Ellison nbsp

A:Connection status unknown the dependency service or group failed to start

Shot in the Dark

Have you tried running MalwareBytes in safe mode? Do you have an antivirus on your computer? Sometimes Virus' know MBAM so you may want to change the name of the program before you run it.

My Computer Lady
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A:Celeron e1200 weird setting changes

I guess yo bios needs upgrading to be able to read you processor speeds.
Try that, but make sure u get the software from the manufacturer's website...
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Hi there.

Need some help as am learning how to fix things.

Am trying to restablish an older computer after its original motherboard had problems. I purchased a 2nd hand board (details below), and am having problems with its display. Fans are spinning, power is working etc, but no visual response. No beeping can be heard.

I havent bothered putting in the hard drive yet, its blank, and unused anyway, and im trying to establish whether the basics will work. E.g. Booting into BIOS options.

The screen does not respond, and I have now tried 3 different screens to double check. The Motherboard has built in graphics, so to test if the built in card is shagged, I plugged a working graphics card in and still nothing.

Any tips?

CPU - AMD Anthlon 64bit
MB - MSI K9NBPM2-FID (contains inbuilt Graphics card)
GC - Geoforce 7600 GT

A:No display when setting up older computer

So you are trying to test your pc in a basic state, to prove the motherboard is stable.
If the m'board has built-in (integrated) graphics, normally a good guide to that, is the blue VGA socket on the board. To be sure the pc is using that output, the usual way is to;
1) Enable integrated graphic option in the BIOS, and;
2) Remove any graphic cards from either AGP or PCI-E slots.
That should force the pc to use the integrated graphics, via the VGA socket.
Hope that helps.
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Hello everyone As some will know I recently did a small upgrade to the computer and moved over to an Asus Maximus Extreme motherboard so I could upgrade to GB DDR RAM At the same time I also replaced my display for an HD one speakers fitted a GTX replaced my keyboard mouse and got a new headset The headset is a Ozone Attack which is just a budget one but seemed worth trying to see if I get on with using one or not gt gt gt It would also be nice to chat to everyone during our Friday Fragfests haha However for some unknown reason the mic just doesn t work ever The speakers work up headset setting mic for problems having I'm absolutely fine though as I ve been using it the last couple of days without an issue Regardless of whether I plug it in the keyboard the speaker front the front panel of the tower or the rear panel of the XFI sound card it just doesn t want to work whatsoever - It doesn t even recognise its been plugged into one of the jacks either Windows detects I'm having problems setting up mic for headset my Microsoft LifeCam absolutely fine and even configures the mic for that as well sorry Fraggers didn t realise it had one til an hour ago and it works fine but I don t get anything from this one I ve tested it on two laptops and they re both worked fine and the mic works as it should on them but it just refuses to even do anything on my PC Any ideas on how to troubleshoot the problem as its doing my head in now Below is the current view for Sounds gt gt Recording menu I'm having problems setting up mic for headset - I ve added the locations they refer to as well and I ve tried all of them - Its just not quot sensing quot when the mic is plugged in for some reason I m at a loss tbh so any help would be gratefully recieved nbsp

A:I'm having problems setting up mic for headset

Hi, that is a dead mic..
May be because it disconnected its self or u some how stretched to its limits without know...
so just get youself a new set...
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My internet was working fine, i thought it was the cat5 cable came loose but no cause i can connect on the network and transfer files and what things.. my other computer connects to the internet just fine..

I use firefox and my proxy settings were changed, so under configure proxies to access the internet, i checked No proxy, since that is the default option when i don't use a proxy but after clicking ok, ok and restarting

Nothing changed and now I don't know what to do to restore the connection.

A:Internet not working and I've tried to reset original no proxy setting

I'm going to have this moved to the Storage and Networking forum where your previous thread was posted.
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Ok so his power turned off randomly in his house because of some faulty kitchen appliance.

His computer started in safe mode and he thought it was broken so he started messing with services/startup.

Now he has no internet because in the network connections folder it says windows can't display any adapters and he doesn't know what he's done.

His internet in the house is still working because he has access on his blackberry it's just purely the access on his computer.

I'm nowhere near him and I'm on W7 not XP like he is and I can't really fix his problem but I was wondering if anyone had any ideas about what he might have done?

In services I told him to check that Network Connections 'Netman' service was on but don't know what else to say.

Thanks for any help you can provide guys!

A:Friend's Internet failed - possible setting in Windows?

Try System Restore to a point before the power problem. If that doesn't help, try uninstalling the old LAN/NIC driver through Add or Remove Programs and installing a fresh new one.
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May i know the following hardware can functioning well?

Motherboard: Asus P7H55-M
CPU : Intel Pentium Core i3 540
graphic card: ATI HD5450
PSU : Elite360 (400W)
RAM : 2 GB of DDR3

A:Setting up a new PC

The mobo, CPU, and graphics card should all work well together.

For the mobo though, I think you should consider getting one with UBS 3.0 built in to speed up doing quick USB backups and other USB functrions.

The HD5450 is a good HTPC card for its price range and is recommended at that price here:
But note its poor performance for gaming - even for light gaming. What are your intended uses?

The power supply I could find little about, but know it is not a strong brand. Power supplies are not a place to scrimp on a system - keep in mind that it is the electricity powering the whole system - like buying a nice car with a great style, a nice interior, good drive train and handling, then skimping on the engine.

400 watt is more than enough to power your system and allow for a little expansion later - but not a real serious gaming video card. This Antec Basiq BP430 430W at $30 after rebate would be acceptable:

Although the Antec Earthwatts Green 430w at $45 after rebate would be better:

Both will still allow only a limited video card upgrade later. They will allow a step up to a decent mainstream gaming card but not a powerful gaming card. To keep that option open you need to move up to a 500w or greater PSU.

For only a little more, $50 after rebate and $6 shipping, you could get this excellent 500w PSU:
CORSAIR Builder Series CMPSU-500CX 500W

For the memory, you need to identify the make and model to receive a review of it. Some DDR3 will work in your system and some will not.
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Ok i searched the entire forums and didnt see anything at all related to Windows HomeGroups which is quite shocking Anyways My main pc is window ultimate Bit My laptop is windows home Premium Bit Both pc and laptop are in a home network The main pc has created the Home group Main windows firewall turned off also set to configure and work around AVG Firewall A trouble shoot option that didnt Group problem Home 7 Windows work Main Laptop windows firewall turned off also set to configure and work around AVG Firewall A trouble shoot Windows 7 Home Group problem option that didnt work When i go to home group in controle Windows 7 Home Group problem panel i only see quot Creat Home Group quot It tells me there isnt a home group on the network but there is Were using one modem router and its wireless On the laptop i turned the local ethernet connection off Disabled it since it s not in use and it was suggested to turn it off Both are set to automaticly configer ip address How do i joine my laptop to the homegroup Iv looked everyware and nothing seems to help nbsp

A:Windows 7 Home Group problem

Ok, im a little confused why this topic was moved but ok.

Has anyone got any solutions to my problem?
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Ok in nutshell.. 4 computers on same workgroup, all running windows 7. A neighbor is connected on network as well, but I do not want the neighbor to see any of the files on the other 4 computers without preventing them from internet access. In addition, the 4 computers are part of a business and require file and print sharing. I'm a little confused as well- I thought that being on a separate workgroup would prevent neighbor from seeing the files, but for whatever reason they are showing up in network. What are some solutions? Many Thanks!

A:Setting up access restrictions for computers on same network

Make it where you have to use a user name and password to get into the shared folders. if you dont know how to do this, go to Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\HomeGroup, click Advanced sharing settings and turn off Public Folder Sharing and turn on Password Protected Sharing. do this on all 4 of your computers that are part of the business.
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Ok so i just bought setting on help wireless printer Need network up a samsung clx fw printer and i wanna add it to my network I have a router and a quot Main Computer quot and then i have laptops All computers have the printer drivers installed Currently i can wirelessly print everything from my laptops and the way my printer is setup currently is that it is connected to Need help setting up wireless printer on network the router via ethernet cable Therefore it is connected in infrastructure wireless mode if im not wrong The thing is that i wanna connect the printer to the router wirelessly because of the fact that ill move my printer to another room in the future To clarify laptops have windows and the other laptop and computer have xp Please don t ask tell me to set up using Ad Hoc because then i have to switch between networks just to print which seems stupid to me So far i have tried because its just so hard to get a printer connected wirelessly so please help accordingly thanks nbsp

A:Need help setting up wireless printer on network

ad-hoc is NOT the approach so you are find :wave:

WiFi printers can be difficult - - you need the manual to do the setup.

From one of your EXISTING WiFi connections, you can get the SSID, Channel, and passphrase.

Typically, I've seen this done entirely from the printer end and the controls it offers
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I want to take my old computers Hard Drive and attach it to my new computer. Im curious as to how i should go about doing that. ive already gotten it off of my old computer. and im pretty sure i can figure out how to get it attached to my new computer. but im not sure how to set up the BIOS, slave/master thingy, and what im supposed to do with the jumper settings. any help will be greatly appreciated. o and my Hard Drive is an Enhanced IDE (called an EIDE right?)

A:Setting up second IDE hard drive

No need to mess with the BIOS, just the jumper.
Tell us more about the hardware (SATA, PATA).
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Hello there I was kind of messing around with the video card today and before this I could turn the computer on easily with the graphics card inside it mind you it never worked into Motherboard to on setting computer Inability video turn after card but it turned on and I never took it off so I don t know abou that Yesterday I took off the video card for god knows Inability to turn on computer after setting video card into Motherboard why and put it back in I checked everything and it was all plugged in the video card locked in place and I plugged the power into it Tried turning on the computer and for no reason I could find the computer would not turn on I proceeded to take the video card off and it suddenly worked Did I mess up the video card somehow in the process I can t find anything that I did Inability to turn on computer after setting video card into Motherboard wrong P S I installed the video card drivers from their site thinking it would make the video card work and of course it didn t now I have an enlarged screen I know it Is probably the drivers doing this and I have to just uninstall them but how do I go about doing that P P S Computer isn t connected to the internet even though my phone can get it via wi-fi any help on that Sorry for the extra two questions much thanks nbsp
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Tower pc connected to my tv Laptop connected to a CRT monitor but no outputs for any other display options and the display on the laptop is bad only see part of it so I set the display to just display the monitor and not the laptop screen connected with a mouse and my WD TB HD Question here is the tower takes up alot of power and my dad wants the tower to be off at some time this help KVM with up me switch, please, inside setting further explanation during the day KVM switch, help me with setting this up please, further explanation inside so I use the laptop to do my downloading and keep it on all night instead and use the tower which is connected to my TV to watch my movies tv shows I want my laptop and pc connected together so I just use one mouse and the one keyboard what is a good affordable KVM switch Also is there a way to also since the laptop only has a pin and once it is connected to a KVM switch to watch my movies tv on the tv with the pc tower off nbsp

A:KVM switch, help me with setting this up please, further explanation inside

Also I run a wireless mouse, usb and a keyboard that still uses whatever you call that plug but it is not USB.
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Hi everyone,

Today I was asked to setup a small network for a classroom. I need to network 4 computers and share a single printer. They also need Internet access (this is where it gets tricky for me).

I was thinking a simple switch would do the job (sharing the printer and networking the machines), but what about the Internet? A single UTP cable coming from another classroom brings the Internet here (this cable is connected to a 48-port switch, which is connected to a 2 wire modem/router provided by the ISP).

So do you think I could just use that cable, connect it to the switch and configure it to share the Internet? I hope I explained this good enough

Thanks =)

A:Setting up a wired sub-LAN

let's try to get a map of what you have:

isp --- modem/router---48port.switch-->classrooms
and one of the 48 comes to you, right?

you have ONE port on the switch, but need four systems to share it. That will require your
modem/router to support more that 48 connections, ie the DHCP service it provides needs more that 48 addresses.

The for-sure solution is to take

this will isolate your classroom from the other 47 connections but still allow Internet connectivity.

Attach your printer to ONE of your four systems and use Print/File Sharing for your class use. (the other classrooms will not see you at all.)
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Hey there Last night my system froze amp when I rebooted I got this message quot Please re-setting CPU re-setting in Please frequency CMOS CPU frequency in CMOS quot I went into BIOS and made sure defaults were loaded then booted again At the Windows XP Please re-setting CPU frequency in CMOS welcome screen I got an odd window with only a warning icon and the quot yes quot or quot no quot buttons no text in the box Trying both yes amp no Please re-setting CPU frequency in CMOS upon different boot cycles I am able to get to my desktop and access programs normally for a few minutes however the computer still freezes regardless of clicking quot yes quot or quot no quot Not overclocked AMD fx socket in an ECS KN Extreme mobo I pulled the CMOS battery and replaced it with a new one I pulled a RAM to see if that would work nothing I tried setting the Halt option in BIOS to quot No errors quot didn t work The default CPU freq in BIOS is now set to and Vcor to Normal I am at a loss here and need help Thank you in advance nbsp

A:Please re-setting CPU frequency in CMOS

Any clue in the system logs if you have checked them? Also check if CPU may be overheating?

I remember there was a utility to check AMD CPU's stability but i forgot its name :/ and search has not turned out something of significance.

However, you can try AMD's official overdrive utility's Advanced stability tests to ensure that your CPU runs smoothly
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Hi I m CPU/AGP/DIMM setting running little confused circles at the moment on one hand I sent Gigabyte a note asking if my MB would support a yes it s old P MHz CPU and they said quot Thank you for your kindly mail and CPU/AGP/DIMM setting inquiry About the issue you mentioned according to the specification it can only support MHz FSB CPU/AGP/DIMM setting processor It does not support MHz quot OK approve Then when I go to their site amp download my system specification sheet down near the bottom it says CPU AGP DIMM setting CPU FSB Multiplier Vcore Voltage adjustable via BIOS AGP Voltage Clock adjustable via BIOS DIMM Voltage Clock adjustable via BIOS I have a GA- GE Pro MB yes I told you already OLD CPU currently P GHz Wanting to upgrade CPU price difference between P GHz amp P GHz with a larger BUS KB verses M only AUS Please Help I m not to worried about BIOS Flashing as MB has quot DUAL BIOS quot nbsp

A:CPU/AGP/DIMM setting

My apology, what was your question again?
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Let me explain up 360s Setting ICS xbox with my situation I have verizon fios which comes with an actiontec router I connect my laptop wirelessly to the router and use ics to connect xbox to it But now I got another so im trying to connect my laptop to the wireless router use ics Setting up xbox 360s with ICS to connect my laptop s lan port to another router and then connect the s to the lan ports of that router Im not entirely sure how to assign all the ip addresses but i will list the ones that i have so far The wireless router My laptops wireless adapter My laptops lan adapter I set the lan router to is that correct And i set it to have dhcp with the range of - Now can i just connect my laptop s ethernet port to the internet port of Setting up xbox 360s with ICS the lan router and then connect the s to it with dhcp enabled Any help on this would be much appreciated Thanks nbsp
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I bought a set of Jamo A 102 5.1 speakers thinking that it would set up out of the box. I was unaware that I may need to buy something else to make them operate, but the manual is only pictures, probably to make up for multiple languages. I've tried searching for english manuals and different forums before coming here. The speakers uses the copper speaker wires which isn't included for some reason. The pictures on the manual seems to indicate that the speakers hooks up to some type of AV receiver. If possible, I would like the speakers to also work with my computer as well as my television set. I'm sure there's a way to do this. Is anyone familiar with this?

EDIT: I was able to find a reasonable solution to this problem on a different forum. I appreciate anyone's help who were willing to solve this problem.
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I have 2 PCs connected to the router ( Model is SMC 7904WBRA2 ) via Ethernet, would you plz instruct me how to set QoS to give 95% of bandwidth to first one ( ) and 5% to second one ( ) in all type of traffic.
Thanx in advance.
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ive never set one up, could someone tell me what i need ?

A:Need help setting up a LAN connection to play Starcraft

Takes more time, and requires more information and space than we have here. We would need to know a lot about your equipment and configuration.
Suggest you look online with a gurgle search.
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Hello there,
i want to ask why my pc restarts by itself when i run the ati radeon hd 2400 pro agp set up? It happens all the time... I think its the power supply but im not sure. I have already erased the Data from the HDDs and the problem continued...

A:PC restarts while setting up ATI drivers

You could need a new updated computer
AGP is really old now

Note: If you need tech support for your issue, please refer back to this reply: Click:

We were in the Chat & Socialize forum (no tech support in there )
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i have a SAMSUNG LE22B350 how do i set up a anolog audio surroundsound


A:I need help setting up my surround sound

I haven't looked at the system yet, which I'm about to look at, but my question is why not use digital? analog is all good, but with the sampling rates that digital provides now, you can actually get equal or even better sound quality now.
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Im having some problems sharing certain files to the network here on our office. The thing is when i try to share a folder it cant be spotted or viewed by anyone. I guess i dont share the folder properly. Its not only rightclicking on the folder and ticking in the share folder bars i presume? What else needs to be done?

A:Problems setting up folder on shared network

There's several variables the can come into play but let's just start here
1) Make sure all the computers are in the same workgroup
2) Make sure all the computers can "see" each other in "Windows Networking" (i.e. they are all "visible")

See this post
> Do step 1 to confirm each computer's workgroup
> Then jump to Testing Network Visibility
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Yesterday my computer was working fine. Before that I heard a grinding noise once in a long while but it went away. I left my computer on all night and when I woke up it was off. When I turned it on it said there was an error and gave me a black screen with a few options: Restart normally, restart in last known good configuration that worked, safe mode, safe mode with networking and safe more with command prompt. The problem is, no matter what I choose I goes to the windows XP start up screen and, after a second or two, stops and cuts off, restarting and giving me the options all over again. How do I fix this? What is wrong?

A:Computer won't boot up on any setting

You have given us so little information on the computer that we cannot give useful replies.

Howsabout brand, model, age, hard drive brand and age, memory installed, power supply brand and age.

Our basic observation is that your hard drive failed, or that the CPU fan, or power supply has gone to the happy hunting ground.

Please tell us more.
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Hi guys i have just bought a NAS on ebay with the following description right to my next issue now the pc is up and running i want to set up a NAS i bought off ebay it s a Envizage present this Brand new external USB and network attached NAS GB hard drive unit The drive is USB but also supports USB and comes pre-formatted and is ready for immediate use Just plug in turn on and you re done - these really are that simple to use Network set up is also easy with its own web based management application Supports both Static IP and DHCP address allocation Just connect to your router or wireless router and share files instantly on your network Alternatively connect the USB port to a PC and use solely on one machine If you are unsure about setting up the Sky help NAS on broadband up Setting drive on your network call us and we can guide you Setting up NAS on Sky broadband help through step by step Features Provides an instant share of photos videos music and data over your network using the built-in Network Setting up NAS on Sky broadband help Attached Storage NAS Easy configuration using the web based management application - no software required Built-in Samba server- for cross platform transfer amongst different operating systems Built-in NFS server- for native Linux platform Built-in FTP server to provide data transfer over the internet Easy installation support cost is low suitable for home or office networks Can be used as a standard USB device also USB Host enables transfer of files from USB devices such as memory flash drives Specification File Systems Supported FAT NTFS EXT Supports USB and USB USB Host Port Language support for English Arabic Greek Hebrew Thai Russian Chinese But i cannot get past the first stage where you have to go to http NAS it won t work i read somewhere it might because i am using a sky wireless modem sky provide my broadband i do have a spare netgear wireless router any ideas on how i can set all this up nbsp
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I had tried to set affinity for RA1 on my XP. (yes I know, an old game, but still a fav)

Anyway, I set it to 1 cpu thread but now I think I would need to use both core (8600). But when I go into Task Manager - It is always now set to 1 cpu.

If I change this to 2 cpu, going back into the game - it freezes on me.. I cannot set this anymore back to normal dual core mode..

Anyone had this kind of problem before for anything?



A:Setting CPU affinity in XP

What computer do you have that has two CPU's ? What is your motherboard for resetting the BIOS?
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Ok my main router is a wired Linksys BEFSR41 and i have that router sending an ethernet cable upstairs to the wireless router in my room. When i try to access the router the only one I get is the wired one which does not have a wireless menu in order to make a wep key.

Even though I can only access the wired router and not add a WEP key my wireless router is still accessible via wireless. Now I was wondering if there is a way to add a WEP key to my router.

A:Setting up a WEP key

Do you have an overlap in IP addresses with both routers? Personally, I would go with something like the following which handles both wired/wireless networks and will save you from headaches in the future. Linksys Router
I have this setup at home and works great (only mine is wireless-G-, which I'm not too concerned since I don't use wireless too often.
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I have a fibre optic DSL connection and several computers on a home network My wife is not interested in learning how not to avoid malware and principally uses an WXP Home computer but she also does banking on her Apple Mac Mini I would like of Isolating group computers one to isolate the Mac Mini and my linux computer from the wired wifi network that we now use BTW we are out in the countryside and the WiFi is unlikely to be problematic I was thinking about putting a D-Link DI- router behind one of the wired ports on the existing Zyxel P W v wifi router The idea is that wife kids and Isolating one group of computers guests can Isolating one group of computers browse hopefully not getting infected but in any case isolated from the D-Link network behind I can imagine the possiblity a sniffer getting installed on the Zyxel network which might then be able to monitor traffic from to the D-Link network as it passes through the Zyxel Would such a sniffer be able to monitor the Zyxel traffic or is the latter encrypted or otherwise unsniffable as it leaves the D-Link and passes through the Zyxel Alternatively is there a way for the two routers to sit side by side and somehow share the DSL connection without being reachable by the other say if a switch sat in front of the routers don t know if a switch with divide traffic in this way or not So are either of these a good approach and if not why TIA nbsp

A:Isolating one group of computers

Odyssey said:

I have a fibre optic DSL connection and several computers on a home network. My wife is not interested in learning how not to avoid malware and principally uses an WXP Home computer, but she also does banking on her Apple Mac Mini. I would like to isolate the Mac Mini and my linux computer from the wired/wifi network that we now use.Click to expand...

So the isolation is to protect you from possible infections from her? The Mac has
a firewall too and there aren't too many direct attacks on Macs --
but yes you can isolate it from the others

I was thinking about putting a D-Link DI-604 router behind one of the wired ports on the existing Zyxel P330W v2 wifi router. The idea is that wife, kids, and guests can browse, hopefully not getting infected, but in any case 'isolated' (?) from the D-Link network behind.Click to expand...

so it would look like


modem--Zyxel (x.y.1.1)--- wired systemes
+--- (x.y.1.2) DI-604 (x.y.2.1) .... WiFi connections @ x.y.2.*

I can imagine the possiblity a sniffer getting installed on the Zyxel network which might then be able to monitor traffic from/to the D-Link network as it passes through the Zyxel. Would such a sniffer be able to monitor the Zyxel traffic or is the latter encrypted or otherwise unsniffable as it leaves the D-Link and passes through the Zyxel?Click to expand...

Yes a sniffer on the Zyxel will see ALL traffic as it is the highest level router but only see the tcp header info, not the payload of every packet due to encryption

Alternatively, is there a way for the two routers to sit side by side and somehow share the DSL connection without being reachable by the other,Click to expand...

The secret is the Default Gateway. Unless there is a specific route to force
output to a specific subnet, all traffic flows upward thru the Default Gateway.
The Zyxel attached systems will flow ONLY up to the ISP.
The DI-604 attached devices will flow Up to the Zyxel. Any software attempting
to 'probe for other systems' could discover systems attached to it but not see them
as easily as looking for File Shares (which is the only access that could be acquired anyway).

If you FLIP the positions of the router, eg Modem--Di-604--Zyxel, then the WiFi system would never reach the Zyxel systems.

say if a switch sat in front of the routers (don't know if a switch with divide traffic in this way or not)Click to expand...


So, are either of these a good approach and if not, why? TIAClick to expand...

just fine
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Hello i want some help about setting up my ftp server. First of all i've already installed all useful programms (NO-IP, BulletProof server and SmartFTP) and i've made 2 accounts for them (NO-IP, BulletProof server). The problem is when im going to connect with the server from SmartFTP the connection always fails. i put normaly the host name and the username-password in SmartFTP that i took from NO-IP. I think that something going wrong with the BulletProof Server. if anyone knows how i can fix it i would apreciate to help me soon. thank you!!!!!

A:Setting up FTP server with NO-IP, BulletProof Server and SmartFTP

Telnet and FTP are security risks, but I'll defer that for now.

look at all the routing info


your isp gateway (some public ip address)
+ the ISP assigned public address of your modem/router
+ the router's LAN address
+ your system's LAN address

access to your system (regardless of which specific service)

your public modem/router address
a port forward to the system's LAN address
your system's firewall to allow incoming traffic on the required port
and usually an ID+Password to login
the ISP assigned public address of your modem/router is not associated with any DNS,
so you can not be accessed by NAME unless you register with

SO --- how much of that have you completed?
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Hey, my Dad recently purchased a Western Digital Caviar 640gb hard drive in order to boost the storage on his computer (which he needs due to all of the games that I've installed on it over the years ). The motherboard that he is using is an Abit AV8 3rd Eye Motherboard, which supposedly has a maximum transfer rate over SATA of 1.5 gb/s. However, I think that the default transfer rate for the hard drive is 3.0 gb/s, so the computer has not been able to detect the drive.
Is there any way that I could change the transfer rate of the drive to 1.5 gb/s? Maybe I could hook it up to my other computer (which is 3.0 gb/s compatible) and install some drivers that would allow me to control the transfer rate?

A:Setting Transfer Rate for an SATA Hard Drive

There might be a small jumper on the SATA drive, that is used to vary the transfer rate
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Ok so i need to set up windows 2003 server edition as a vpn server so someone can connect to it from home or from his work! Does anyone have any advice i have been trying but nothing seems to allow me to get connected!
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I'm trying to overclock my current system but I'm unable to find the multiplier on the BIOS of my P5Q Pro Turbo.

CPU-Z keeps showing I'm running at 2000mhz because my multiplier is x6 and freq is 333Mhz, but the bios shows 3000Mhz.

I would like to know which setting is stable from people who OCed the Q6600, I think 3.0Ghz is fine, but I would like to know if I can go higher and what is the most common setup, increase freq or multiplier?

I'm not so familiar with the setting so I will appreciate all advice, Thanks!

A:Which is the most OC stable setting for Q6600?

Overclocking ability is determined by many things...
hardware installed like, motherboard, memory, power supply and video card. Can you provide more complete computer specs?
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ok here goes to the best of my descriptive powers.

my computer scree is to light, and the graphics are missing. I must have changed something and now I cannot seem to correct it.

its like its missing where to click example if i am on a page i regularly visit i know where
the places are or i guess, if i place the cursor over that invisible point the hand indicates that i can click.

is this making sense? the pages are not vibrant and are blank in places i have a hp 6400
and i am using a usb stick wireless but it does the same thing when wired at work.

thanks please walk me through the steps to correct.

A:Internet web page graphics setting

You might need to reinstall your graphics drivers. These can be found on the HP support site using the model number of the laptop
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Can someone give me some advice on how to set up a basic network using two 2600 routers and a 2900 Cisco switch ? Not as far as commands but do I need to use NAT ? I have Comcast as my ISP. Please help me !

A:Setting up a basic home network with 2 Cisco 2600 Routers and switch

we always need nat.

Most of the time the connections look like

modem----router --- other devices and/or switchs --- still more devices
There are a FEW cases where the modem needs to be set to BRIDGE mode, but
don't go there unless it all fails.

Keep it simple to start with [ modem---router---one system]

see this for testing your ISP connection
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Hello I am trying to set up an ad-hoc wireless internet sharing network I have an ADSL internet connection on my desktop more on that later and want to setting Problem ad-hoc wireless sharing internet up share it with several laptops not at the same time My desktop uses Problem setting up ad-hoc wireless internet sharing Windows XP Professional with SP and has a wireless network adapter There are two laptops I want to eventually connect with one uses Windows XP Home edition and the other is a Mac I am first working on the Windows XP laptop I followed instructions on the Microsoft website and managed to set things up so that the laptops connect with the ad-hoc wireless network set up on my deskptop However the internet does not work in either of the laptops I have enabled my ADSL connection to be shared and the IPs etc are all set to automatic in both my desktop and in the Windows XP laptop What could the issue be There is one thing to note about my internet connection on the desktop It is an ADSL connection but works like and is listed as a dialup connection I think then that my situation is like that of someone with a dialup connection Thank you so much for your help Regards R nbsp

A:Problem setting up ad-hoc wireless internet sharing

If you share the connection from the ADSL card to the wireless NIC card, and then create an ad-hoc network from the wireless NIC card, then theoretically that should work. Try connecting to the laptop from your desktop, and then ping the laptop to see if it's there.
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OS: Xubuntu 9.04

HDD1 WD20Gig - system
HDD2 Seagate20Gig - ext3 filesystem

The Gparted partition tool sees both drives (how I formatted the Seagate) but I just don't know how to setup to use the thing! (Like a windows layout how you can casually go into the drive to store / use files).

Any advice guys?

A:Having trouble setting up a second HDD


Have you assigned the 1st (system) hdd to be a Master-drive, and the second to be cable-select or slave?

If you haven't, take a look at this picture:
Click to Maximize

On top of the drive is a sticker, like the one on the picture, and on the sticker is explained how to insert the 2-pin block to assign a drive to be a Master, slave or cable-select drive.

Make sure the drive with your OS installed on it is assigned Master, and the second drive is assigned either slave or cable-select.

Try that
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Okay, here we go....

I'm setting up 2 hard drives (obviously).
I would like to tie them together, with the first drive being my primary for all my computing needs
...and, with the second drive dedicated to data and data storage and recovery points (if needed)

Each one is 80 gigs

A:Setting up 2 hard drives

I don't see that you have a problem. Can you not just load them both into a single case?

What IS the problem? If it's data, you'll have to remember to save to the second drive. Set each app's save location or physically move the data (by dragging the icons).

Recovery would be harder. After setting recovery dates you would have to copy the user and registry files to the second disk.

Or if you have XP, right click My Computer, select Properties. Select the Tools tab and the backup button. A wizard will start and walk you thru the process.
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hi guys, i have Gskill 8500CL5D 4GBPK DRR2 1066 2GB x 2 CL5-5-5-15

Motherboard: EP45-UD3R rev 1.1
CPU: Intel E8400
OS: WinXp home

my bios says ram is running at 1066

But CPU-Z says this: DRam frequency: 533.3 Mhz FSBRam 5.8

CL5-7-7-20 2T DC Mode: Symmetric

And 3DMark 06 says: my ram Frequency 800.0 MHz

what do you guys think?

A:Is my memory setting ok?

hi Saljr,
there DDR part stands for double data rate. your memory accesses two 533Mhz channels, and i use that term generically, and has the effect of running at 1066mhz 533 x 2 = 1066, as for 3dMark thats just a glitch its reading off the mother board, default setting. so yeah your ram is fine
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I am not setting my game shows a crashed on new Old and monitor computer, resolution nothing sure exactly what forum this fits under but here it is I recently switched monitors with my brother he finally moved his ginormous monitor out of the house So now I have a dinky inch any who yesterday when he was over visiting he went into war which has had its resolution set to x from the old monitor when my new monitor only goes to x So the screen flipped out and hours later of rebooting and aimless clicking it still wasn t displaying properly Very seldom would it show anything its just a black screen today i messed with it for minutes and saw nothing at all I tried hooking up an ancient screen from years ago same results anyone have any ideas I bet if I knew how to blindly get into safe mode It would work When I initially put in the new monitor I set the res to its proper size on the desktop and in world of warcraft not war Heres the wopper now when I start it up hoping it will magically fix itself it makes erent Old resolution setting on a game crashed my computer, and new monitor shows nothing erent noise on boot and judging from my interface screen on my keyboard its not Old resolution setting on a game crashed my computer, and new monitor shows nothing getting into windows Because the little screen on my keyboard will light up when windows is loaded I believe this is due to the hours of my brother trying to get i to work So I dont even know if getting into safe mode will help I am sorry Old resolution setting on a game crashed my computer, and new monitor shows nothing I dont have a dxdiag so ill tell you what I can remember about the computer Windows xp sp nvid video card gig dd ram Plenty of space It has no tempature problems If there is any other specific information I need to give ask and I will see what I can do about getting it nbsp

A:Old resolution setting on a game crashed my computer, and new monitor shows nothing

I'd shut down and reseat the video card, all the monitor swapping may have caused it to become unseated.

After doing that, are you getting anything to display on screen at all (like the POST). If so, you should be about fixed. Just before Windows begins to load start tapping F8, then you'll get the boot menu where most people then go into Safe Mode. Do not go into safe mode, choose VGA mode. Windows will then boot normally, just with a crap resolution. But the correct drivers and everything should be loaded, so then you just set the resolution to what you want and you are fixed.
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hi can u help i'm got a warning !! now system is in safe mode please re-setting cpu frequecy in cmos setup i got to press f1 when strt up pc

A:Re-setting cpu frequency in cmos setup

there should be no reason to set CPU frequency (also known as FSB and multiplier) in your BIOS unless you are an experienced overclocker. (also not recommended.)
You will have to be more descriptive with your problem.
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hi, i am having trouble wth my computer. i don't know much about computer. actually if i want to restart it, it keep showing me "Warning! Now system is in safe mode. Please re-setting CPU frequency in CMOS setup." but if i plug off the power supply cable, and put it back, the warning was gone. but, then if i wanna restart it again, that warning will appear again..
so could anyone help me what should i do with this problem ?

thank you...

A:Warning! Now system is in safe mode. Please re-setting CPU frequency in CMOS setup.

The battery on the motherboard is probably dead. It's a coin-shaped and -sized silver metal lump on your computer's motherboard. Pry it out (make sure the computer is off and make sure you don't break anything) and take it to your local electronics/computer/watch store. They should be able to give you a replacement.
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Ok here is the info run I bought a used OptiPlex desk top I think it is a GX It did not have a Hard Drive in it No CD-Rom No Floppy drive Great monitor key board and Mouse I put in OptiPlex computer Up Dell Used a Setting a gig Sata drive Now that is it How do I get Windows installed The USB port does not pick up on boot I have tried a external CD-Rom and a booting thumb drive Nothing works I have ordered a CD Rom from Dell but is will take or weeks to get Dell Production to ship Setting Up a Used Dell OptiPlex computer it to me Any ideas anyone I just hope the CD-Rom will work I have never seen a connector like the one on this system mother board A few friends told me it is because the CD is a slim line for a laptop and these do not have a normal IDE connectior on the MotherBoard Anyway am I going in the correct direction I Can get to the Bios set-up I have checked everything out to the best of my knowledge I even checked the HDD I added and it comes up as OK in the scan I just did not know if there was any super secret Dell things that were holding me back from installing my Windows and moving on Hey thanks for you time even if you just read thru this mess I posted Oh BladeRunner was my name years ago when BBS s were the thing That was when I knew way more than I should have about software and systems But Lo I got old and my skills got dull I still run across people that remember me but I have forgotten Thanks nbsp

A:Setting Up a Used Dell OptiPlex computer

BladeRunner55 said:

Oh BladeRunner was my name 20 years ago when BBS's were the thing. That was when I knew way more than I should have about software and systems, But Lo I got old and my skills got dull. I still run across people that remember me, but I have forgotten..

ThanksClick to expand...

That's where I came from too, they were the days

Anyway, just wait for the CD or DVD drive to come
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Hi I have a Creative X-Fi Gamer I m using it to try amp record myself playing guitar using GuitarFX If I just use the Creative Console Console problem "What GuitarFX setting & Creative mega-feedback U Hear" 3 launcher Launcher s quot Microphone quot setting Creative Console launcher "What U Hear" setting & GuitarFX 3 mega-feedback problem combined with GuitarFX everything is fine the effects in GuitarFX sound how they should but if I select quot What U Hear quot In the Creative Console Launcher I get far to much sound coming through my speakers most of the time some preset effects settings in GuitarFX are usable but most are wrecked the sound bars in guitarFX go off the scale it s like mega feedback Just a constant screech or drone amp doing anything on the guitar makes no difference I ve even tried it without my guitar plugged into the PC amp the same thing happens I m using the Creative Console Launcher s record function to record some guitar all I m interested in is some way for me to record the effects GuitarFX creates for my guitar as I hear them through my speakers when I have the Creative Console Launcher s setting in the quot Microphone quot position ie GuitarFX sounding as it should I d rather find some way to record the guitar onto my PC rather than go through the hassle of plugging something into speakers jack to record it there Thanks in advance for any replies nbsp

A:Creative Console launcher "What U Hear" setting & GuitarFX 3 mega-feedback problem

You may have to use a preamp between the guitar and the PC
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Hi I have just bought a new Belkin wireless G router F D - wireless internet Help setting up connection a v I have an NTL virgin cable internet connection with an NTL home modem and I am tring to connect to a new macbook laptop I have followed all the instructions and tried everything I can think of but it is still not working The only problem I can see with the setup is that on the belkin wireless router there is meant to be a green light showing when the modem is connected to the router and this is not coming on no matter what Help setting up a wireless internet connection I do One other thing I have noticed is that using the ethernet cable that is supplied with the belkin does not work when using it between the ntl modem and the computer whereas the ethernet cable with the ntl modem does work when connected between the computer and the ntl modem Could this be the problem a faulty cable Thanks in advance for any responses nbsp

A:Help setting up a wireless internet connection

Yes, the green light must be on at all times. You have a bad cable
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I know next to nothing about servers and even less on how to create one I would appreciate it very much if I can have some advice on what to consider and such In our current game project there will be an online multi player section and this is what I must begin working on So setting up a simple server to test against is my first goal The setup only needs capacity for up setting on simple up Need advice server to players at this time I have the alpha version of the server side game app The hardware I have ADSL modem D-link DGL- router laptop wireless stationary PC WinXP home sr Ghz Gb ram stationary PC WinXP home sr Ghz Gb ram the server to be Mbit ADSL connection with approx Mbit actual speed --------------------------- Here are Need advice on setting up simple server some basic Q s Can I keep XP as system on the server machine Will everything on it be quot open quot to the connected users I d prefer if I can keep some apps and files on it because this is also a render machine Can I keep Zonealarm and Avast anti virus on it Do I need any other apps to make it a server besides my server side game app Any advice help Need advice on setting up simple server appreciated nbsp

A:Need advice on setting up simple server

your biggest problem will be the number of concurrent users than can connect to XP,
which is limited to 10
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I am not real savvy to a lot of computer terminology so please take that in consideration with your help.
I have a desktop PC with Windows 2000 hardwired to my HP PSC 2350 Printer and to my almost new Linksys G Broadband WRT 54G2 Router. I have a an HP laptop and a brand new IMAC that I have working fine with the wireless internet connection thru the router. I would like to set up the laptop and the IMAC to be able to file share and printer share thru my router. I was told to run the network share wizard on the Windows 2000 desktop and it would walk me thru it. I tried, but it starts off asking for the location of my network place. I have no idea what to put there but I would appreciate any help to get this working.

By the way, the HP laptop is running Windows XP.

A:Need Help Setting up FIle Sharing Thru Router

is that laptop running XP Home or XP Pro?
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I currently have an older desktop (XP SP3, Sempron 3000+, 1GB RAM, Geforce 6600GT, etc.) and I'm receiving my new laptop (on my system specs) on Monday. I want to enable file-sharing between the two, but I'm something of a novice when it comes LAN's. Part of the reason I want to do this is to expand my knowledge base, so if possible I want to avoid the use of a networking wizard. Most of what I find with Google is either gear toward the computer virgin or toward Computer Science majors. What I am looking for is either: advice here in this thread, a networking site for experienced users, or a downloadable guide. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.

A:Setting up network with Vista, XP, and filesharing

Hi is a good place to start.
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I just bought a pair of 1GB G.Skill RAM modules for my system but I noticed something that doesn't seem right to me. I installed the new sticks and Windows booted fine. However, when I launched CPU-Z my timings were not what they were supposed to be. These sticks are rated at 5-5-5-15 and CPU-Z read 5-5-5-31.

Is this just because they are running in dual channel mode or is the motherboard setting the wrong timings? I have the command rate set at 2T and my FSB/DRAM ratio is 2:3. This just doesn't seem right to me and I'd like to know why this is happening. The RAM is also running on 1.8v opposed to the 2.0v that is displayed on the label with the correct timings. If someone could point me in the right direction that would be great. Thanks in advance.

A:Mobo Setting Incorrect Timings?

I would assume that your motherboard is just setting up slower default values for RAM that doesn't quite have as tight timings and are not made for operation at 2.0v. This is just a precaution, if the bios set the RAM too fast, some RAM might not be able to pull it off and you wouldn't be able to boot up.

I don't think dual channel mode really makes a difference, you can go ahead into your BIOS and set the timings to 5 - 5 - 5 - 15, but you will probably also have to up the voltage too. Note that 1T is faster than 2T.

Its always a good idea to know how to reset your motherboard just in case something bad happens and you can't boot into the BIOS.
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Hi everyone I m new to the board and really needed help with something that is bugging me I recently purchased an HP Pavilion Media Center PC m f desktop I did a few Video in Setting Display Primary BIOS No upgrades on it mainly installing a new power supply and video card I installed the XFX Geforce GTX I downloaded the latest drivers and disabled the Nvidia that was listed in the PC No Primary Video Display Setting in BIOS It came with what I believe was a Nvidia SE card After reboot and when I went into the BIOS to the advanced tab there was no option to select Primary Video Display or the option Plug amp Play OS For some reason I don t have these options I called HP to figure it out with them and after hours on the phone they told me they would have to take it up with AmericanMegatrends or whatever Still haven t heard back from No Primary Video Display Setting in BIOS them I have everything hooked up and the card is working but I know making the PCI-E or whatever the primary and disabling the onboard in the BIOS is generally what to do I m worried it might be slowing down the full potential of the new video card or something I m not the most computer literate person but I know a little I tried to reset the BIOS by taking out the battery etc but nothing I still dont get those options So naturally I figured I would try a forum and see if anyone had any ideas or similar problems Here is a little info about the computer and please let me know if you need any more HP Media Center m f - AMD Quad Core gb ram XFX Geforce GTX Motherboard- ASUS M N -LA Chipset - NVIDIA GeForce MCP PV BIOS - AMI Hopefully you guys can help since Technical Support at HP seems to be puzzled Thanks nbsp

A:No Primary Video Display Setting in BIOS

When these settings do not exist in BIOS, it means that as soon as you plug in an addon card the onboard is automatically disabled.

Very common. No issue.
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Hi, I have a problem with hard disk cache - its 8mb, but due to some kind of wrong system instalation (win XP), system doesnt see cache at all.
Is there any possibillity to set it on in windows, or reinstalation is the only way?

A:Hard Disk Cache setting on

Start->Run, devmgmt.msc

Find your disk under Disk Drives
Rt click, select Properties
Look in the Policies Tab... See it?
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Hi !
I have clocked my CPU a bit higher than stock which resulted in PCIE going a bit higher (104) as well, but it seems no matter what I do I can't set my memory to it's right clock. My memory is a dual channel DDR2-667. For some reason it only shows at 213 and despite setting in BIOS to 333 it still running at 213. What can I do to set it to 333?

Thank you.

A:Memory clocks not setting

Did you solve this?
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I have successfully set up a home network using a crossover cable between two XP SP computers i have successfully set up and used file and printer sharing and played LAN games mainly counter strike anywho i am now Setting Browser a (Firefox) Up for ICS trying to set up ICS so that i can surf the internet on my second computer I have had absolutely no success with the windows network setup wizard and i have therefore decided to setup everything manually for peace of mind Setting Up a Browser (Firefox) for ICS I have a PC which connects directly to the internet with LAN IP and subnet In this computer i have checked the box to enable the dialup connection to be shared with other computers on the network My client to connect to the internet through the server is set to IP and has the same subnet I have set the Default gateway and preferred DNS server on the client to this being the IP of the host computer I have read in other threads that this is guaranteed to make ICS work however i am yet to set up my browser to handle the ICS because without this there can be no surfing I have other proxies For school WLAN in Internet explorer so i am setting up the ICS in Mozilla Firefox I have looked at the proxy settings in the browser and i am frankly quite baffled Can someone please tell me how to set up proxy for LAN in this browser Thanks LMoore nbsp

A:Setting Up a Browser (Firefox) for ICS

Forget that, after setting up all settings and checking them and checking them, and setting the browser to Auto-Detect Proxy, the ICS is working fine.

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Now I ve been on dial-up since I had my own home computer which would be about years now and finally I will be getting wireless and up speed high Setting network cable internet before the year is over I was just wondering what to expect how everything generally gets set up because I honestly can t say I know exactly what I ll be doing I know I ll have to hook the cable line into a modem but from there I m pretty much lost The cable line is about - feet away in the other room which makes me wonder if it d be necessary to get a wireless router and how would I go about setting Setting up high speed and wireless network THAT up Then how do I still get the cable hooked up to the television if it s connected to the modem If anyone would be so kind as to let me in on how this is all going to work that d be great I know computers fairly well so I ll understand explanations but since I ve only been exposed to dial-up personally I m clueless Thanks nbsp

A:Setting up high speed and wireless network

wow, still on dial up all this time?

Am not sure if true for all cable, but i can tell you from what i know a "splitter" is connected to the incoming cable to split the data from the TV stuff. so you have a single connector but will end up with two wires.

So you'd have
incoming cable <Splitter> Data only cable <Choices> Computer

where Choices could be

1) just a cable modem, or
2) cable modem to a router , or
3)Combination modem/router device

With just one computer you wouldn't need router for its connection sharing but don't know if needed for other reasons

Also, you should check and see what the cable company will charge you for cable modem monthly rental vs. what it costs to just buy your own of whatever (assuming you know what you need)

e.g. I think RCN was gonna charge $5/month when i first got my cable (their fee since dropped to $3/month). But i bought my own for about $60 or so... like 5 or more years ago.. so good to figure out what works for you
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Alrighty so once again I find myself at a loss with this bloody Vista system When I purchased the computer the company had set in Vista Setting as secondary partition up my gig hard drive with a gig partition intended as a secondary partition I just formatted the entire computer and reinstalled windows including the secondary drive However after this was done the secondary partition is being marked as a primary partition Vista is installed on the larger primary partition and I simply want to assign the smaller portion to be secondary I ve checked around Setting partition as secondary in Vista in Computer Management Setting partition as secondary in Vista and can t seem to find the method in which to do so and until I do so it won t show up as a useable drive Setting partition as secondary in Vista even though it s set to E in my computer the E drive simply doesn t appear I imagine there s a simple way to do this but I can t seem to find it anywhere Thanks Got it working In case anyone reads this looking for answers the way I fixed it was after the initial format while installing windows I went into computer management and instead of straight formatting the drive I deleted the partition so it became unallocated space Once that was done I formatted the drive again it still comes up primary but is now viewable and useable in quot My Computer quot nbsp
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does anyone know the correct pwm value settings for a cpu fan for an amd athlon 5400 64x2 ? i am running an ecs nforce4m-a mobo and had an amd heatpipe cooler and fan on it, but the temps were running around 53 degrees c. i went and purchased a stock amd heatsink and fan and am still running around 53 degrees c.
i have tried all sorts of paste and nothing seems to make any difference.
also, can you tell me what the average temps for an amd 5400 64x2? maybe i am just worried over nothing as i have ran intel processors all my life and this is my first amd.
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Hey I am helping a family member setup a network and need help.

the setup is as follows

Store "A"
Store "B"
"Main office"

He wants to let Store A & B use the main sale software which is located in the Main Office. How can we do this, should I just setup a VPN for both stores so that they can login to the main office or would I need a back-end server. Thanks

A:Setting up branch office need professional ITs

And they are in the same building or contiguous?

I would to with the VPN... unless there are a lot of computers, meaning more than 8
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I have spent full days trying and failing to set up wireless internet on my desktop Dell Dimension E running Windows XP Service pack At the moment I do have a modem in my room that I can use for testing purposes up wireless Trouble internet setting our network name default I am however trying to connect to wireless internet provided by our apartment manager wireless network names Wireless Wireless Wireless so that I can deactivate my own network default I don t have any information about the brand Trouble setting up wireless internet of routers that my apartment is using but I think they are different brands The laptops in the same room Dell Latitude C with external Dlink wireless cardbus adapter Mac with internal wireless card get wireless internet easily from these unencrypted wireless networks but my desktop cannot connect I am using a Netgear WG v wireless USB adapter for my desktop My Netgear utilities software that came with my adapter can also detect these three wireless networks around strength When I try to connect to them on my desktop though Netgear utilities gets as far as saying connected to router but doesn t say connected to internet This occurs regardless of which wireless network that I try to connect to If I use Windows to configure my wireless network instead of the Netgear software it says that I m connected to all of the networks I try but I m still not getting internet So the adapter does detect the wireless networks and Netgear utilities stops at connected to router instead of continuing on to say connected to internet and Windows claims I m connected Two things I ve tried If I use my Netgear wireless adapater and also plug my computer into my modem then I do get internet and it claims that it s connected to a wireless network in this case instead of to default - the network from the hard line Also when I tried using my wireless adapter as well as plugging my computer in via a hard line to my modem that was turned off my ISP turned it off briefly the combination made the Netgear utilities software say connected to wireless internet instead of just connected to router but the internet still didn t work Since the laptops work this seems to be a wireless adapter computer-specific issue I ve used this wireless adapter on this same desktop in the past a year ago in a different city and it worked fine then I called Netgear support and they said they exhausted all the possibilities of what to try to get me connected but failed They said they could replace my Netgear adapter for a fee but since it has worked in the past with my desktop and seems to have Windows thinking I m connected I don t know if that would help the issue I can t get a hold of another desktop adapter to try and don t have another desktop to try this adapter in so those are not troubleshooting options Thank you nbsp

A:Trouble setting up wireless internet

Oh and typically I do disconnect my hard line when I'm troubleshooting with my wireless network, apart from the 2 steps I mentioned above, so my computer does not view the default network as an option. Also, I have upgraded all of my software to the recent versions.
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Hi. I have a crappy old computer that I'm fixing up for my mom. I just have no idea how to set up the fans. I have room for 4 fans, all 80mm. There is one front fan at the bottom, 2 side fans, also pretty low, and a rear fan right below the power supply (the psu goes at the top in this case). Which fans should be intake and which should be exhaust?

A:Need help setting up fans please

Simple. All should be intake except the one below the PSU, which is exhaust.
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Hi, i do have a Linksys ISR, windows 2003 enterprise edition and a Public IP address. I would like to setup an FTp site on the windows 2003 pc using my public IP. I successfully managed to do it over the LAN and both downloads and uploads are fine however when it comes to setting it up over the Internet i terribly misfire. I do not have any experience in setting up a public IP and i do not know how to configure it on the machine so that it's accessible over the internet.
any help will be more than appreciated.

A:Setting up a remote FTP server on windows 2003

I am not an expert on this subject, but have you opened up a specific port on the Linksys router for your remote FTP Client to get into the LAN and be forwarded to the FTP Server? My router requires this for an remote application to get into the network.
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hello everyone... i was just wondering whether i could set different resolutions on different monitors. I found an lcd monitor beside a rubbish bin on the way back from work.. so i assume it was thrown away by its previous owner & decided to bring it back home to test it.... it`s still alive! Did a check online with its model (NPS NPS555 15") & its max resolution was 1024 x 768 & my current monitor (Compaq something-something CRT 17") i`m using was at 1280 x 1024. So.. any help on how to set the resolutions differently? Its not cool anymore because i can`t make it look bigger as if you`re having a big monitor.

A:Setting different resolutions on different monitors on same gfx card

So you are trying to run both monitors at the same time?
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i have a intel xeon quad core processor, and i have built a system for it, the system works fine , boots windows regularly, but when i run cpu intensive programs such as video editing (Vegas 8.0) or photoshop it will start to lag other programs like the internet, and even windows itself, i have never set up windows for a quad core cpu, is there any special tweaking that needs to be done so it can run more efficiently? Better multitasking.

sys specs
intel xeon 3300 2.66ghz per core x4
4gb of ddr2 ram
512mb 8800 gt
currently installed is windows xp 64bit.

what do you guys recommend? im sure these programs cant really be maxing out on the power of this cpu?

i have never really built any systems with quad cores or even dual cores so i am unsure of the steps nessesary to make the cpu compatible with it, tweak it.

thanks in advance, Fang_x

A:Setting up a Xeon server PC

XP 64 bit is picky with it's compatible software and drivers. What motherboard are you using?
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As the title says, I would like to have my computer boot the OS (Windows XP) off of the external drive. I travel between computers quite a bit, and I would really enjoy taking my HDD with me and use that to boot my OS. Is this possible?

Thanks in advance,


I have a 320 GB Seagate FreeAgent external HDD.

A:Setting external HDD as master drive?

Yes and No !

Well, you can install Windows to your external USB Hard Drive (requires the USB Drivers on bootup so forth).

But if you plug it into another computer it won't start it.
Because the Hardware will be totally different
Therefore you'll need to take your computer with you as well (kind of defeating the purpose!)

This is where laptops are good
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I believe LAN is the correct word for it I have a Dell Latitude Connection Network Setting up LAN D and it came with Windows XP Several months back I put Linux on my laptop as a dual boot My friend did pretty much everything and apparently he reinstalled windows Well in the process my LAN Or is Setting up LAN Network Connection it Ethernet connection disappeared I assume I m missing a driver but I don t know anything about which driver or how to install drivers Basically what happened is my Network connections only have Wireless connections and my laptop does recognize when I plus a cord Setting up LAN Network Connection into it for internet The wired connection DOES work in linux Because my university has free WiFi I didn t make a big effort to fix this problem but Setting up LAN Network Connection now that I am home for the summer I have uses for a wired connections truimagz dot com hosting scornic Private NetworkConnections dot jpg Any ideas Just searching the Windows Driver site won t work for me I tried that I don t know the difference between the drivers nbsp

A:Setting up LAN Network Connection

You have to search the Linux sites for the brand and version you installed, or search the website of the brand and model of Ethernet/cable modem you installed to get the correct driver.
There are no Linux drivers for some models of Network or Cable Modems... So you may have to buy a new one that you know has Linux drivers available.
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Thank you for reading this as I've never encounter this before. I have two monitors; a Viewsonic (Max Resolution 1024 x 768) and a 23 inch Apple Cinema (Max Resolution 1920 x 1200). The apple had a little wierd issue for a while so I switched to the Viewsonic and set the resolution to the optimum setting, then somehow the Apple magically fixes itself so I went back and hook it up today, here is where the issue is. I set it to 1920 x 1200 under Properties, but it'd went back to 1024 x 768 after each restart, somehow it's not saving my settings at all. I went to Window Update to see if there's a driver that I need to install, but found nothing. Anyone got any ideas? By the way, I'm using a Quadro FX1100 if that's any help on solving this. Thank you.

A:Monitor went back to old setting after each restart

Just because a new driver didn't show up on Windows Update doesn't mean there isn't one. Go to Nvidia's website for the most recent driver for your card. It's not so much you necessarily need the newest driver but it might be that you are having a problem with your current driver (maybe corrupted or something). So as long as you are reinstalling your graphics driver, might as well get the most recent. Don't forget to go to Add and Remove Programs to uninstall the old driver first.