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How do I upgrade to a new mobo

Q: How do I upgrade to a new mobo

Hi I want to boost my PC and I have a old Asus Motherboard.I was planning to upgrade to a Biostar Motherboard but am nor sure.Will the new PSU work on my old mobo?

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Preferred Solution: How do I upgrade to a new mobo

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: How do I upgrade to a new mobo

Shatarupa said:

Hi I want to boost my PC and I have a old Asus Motherboard.I was planning to upgrade to a Biostar Motherboard but am nor sure.Will the new PSU work on my old mobo?Click to expand...

There are more concerns you should look at first, for starters is the socket type the same or do you plan on getting a new CPU along with it. Plus in my book, going from an Asus to a Biostar would be a down grade, why don't you post your specs and we can give you some assistance on upgrading your machine as just swapping boards would not change much if anything.

But to answer your question, Yes the PSU will still work.
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I'm upgrading a computer and I'm having difficulties with loading. I am replacing just the mother board, processor chip, and the ram chip. I am re-using the hard drives, cd/dvd drives, and everything else.

I've upgraded from:
an AMD chip to a P4 3.0e w/ HT
an unknown AMD mobo to a DFI PS85-BL ver B1 mobo

I will be using 512 mb ddr 400 pc3200 kingston ram

I already called DFI and they said that I need to unistall the system drivers. Of course, I tried uninstalling all device drivers and then shut down and rebuilt computer. When I booted, the computer asked for safe mode or boot normally. No matter what I select, it automatically reboots.

Any ideas, instructions, or definite fixes?

A:Upgrade Issues. Upgrading from AMD mobo to P4 mobo.

Watching over Gotham City...hey it's dark out here

Why Do u Wanna Upgrade to Pentuim 4
Just Asking
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Hello everyone, looking for a new CPU and Motherboard in the $250-$300 range.
I'm an extensive gamer, but also use my computer for school work.
I am currently running:
3.2 gHz Intel Pentium 4 540
2 Gig DDR2 RAM
9800GT 1024Mb
Onboard Sound

Right now I'm just looking for a few answers. I am running a fast single core processor, would a dual core or quad core processor, which are slower, benefit me in game? Would spending $250-$300 be worth it, or would I need to spend more before I see performance improvements?

Thank you for your help.

A:Looking for a new CPU/Mobo upgrade

You could go with something like this...

ram( if needed)
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I need an expert opinion on a 775 mobo.

Here are the specs (all the hardware listed is already purchased)

P4 651 3.4ghz
1gb Buffalo ddr2-4200 sdram 533mhz d2u533b
nvidia 7900gs 256mb PCI-E
Sony CD and DVD combo Drives
Hitachi 80gb 7200rpm HD
420W Antec PSU

I bought this hardware to go with my computer, long story short, It didn't work with my system. Now I'm to the point where just want a Mobo and case. Don't care about features and "bling-bling" just as long as it works.

So can someone point me towards a good budget Mobo? Preferably micro ATX.


has anyone had experience with the Foxconn 945GZ7MC-RS2H Mobo?
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I want to upgrade my Dad's Fujitsu 450Mhz Pentium (Slot 1) to something around 1Ghz. He wants to spend under 100.

I've looked at CPU upgrade kits for around 70 which seem simple to install. But would it be better to upgrade the whole motherboard along with a new CPU?

Would the old existing hardware still work after the new motherboard is installed?

All advice welcomed!

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Ok Pc wouldn t start last week so I took it into the repair Mobo / / Upgrade Psu CPU guy Repair guy just phoned and said that it looks like a power surge destroyed the PSU and took out the Motherboard at the same time So I told him I ll take my Pc home and look at doing an upgrade Psu / Mobo / CPU Upgrade over the next couple of weeks buy the parts and bring it back to him to install it Ok so what I m looking at the moment is buying a gigabyte s GA-Ep T-UD LR core Motherboard for Au and A Quad core Q cpu AU I need Psu / Mobo / CPU Upgrade to do this as cheap as possible and to me this looks Psu / Mobo / CPU Upgrade like a good solution as everything else is working and should fit in my new motherboard If anyone can see any problems with this or a cheaper solution or even if I should get a newer motherboard memory CPU ect then let me know The only thing I don t like is that I can t run multiple Graphics cards on this motherboard which now seems to make the New Antec watts psu look like overkill If I go with this solution I will need in the future to get Windows I have xp pro now so I can run more and faster memory in the Motherboard But even with a quad core cpu I should be able to run FSX fairly well anyway hopefully Ok I have just noticed that My old MHZ ram is DDR that s not going to run in the new mobo is it Any suggetstions welcome Uly nbsp

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if i wanted to get a new mobo and cpu for a computer what would i need to do? do i need to uninstall the mobo before i switch them? help me as to what I need to do.


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mobo upgrade HELP

ok.. ive looked every where and i cant find the thread .. but i know its here somewhere!

its about when upgrading your motherboard and how to keep windows valid or something like that ?

cheers for your help

A:mobo upgrade

Is this the thread you seek?

Regards Howard
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Hi everyone after a mobo/GFX Looking upgrade to summer of being absolutely skint void of money and coming close Looking to upgrade mobo/GFX to annihalating my PC I ve decided now that I have some money to upgrade I m on a students budget so not looking to spend too much but I m wanting to get a decent enough system upgraded from my last with a case that will provide sufficient enough cooling with a view of pawning my old system off on my father who is still running one of those PC s that has a mouse and wheel included with the PSU don t worry my system still functions and is more than enough for what he d use it for anyway I just wanted to get some advice see if the system I ve put together is considered enough MOBO https www novatech co uk novatech specpage html MBB- G GFX https www novatech co uk novatech specpage html GW- and possibly CASE https www novatech co uk novatech specpage html CM-SCOUT Currently using a HIPER WATT BLACK PSU with a few HDDs so they won t be an issue I don t think As I said I m on a budget have got a pretty good system at the moment but think that rather than buying my dad a new computer would be worth upgrading my own and giving him my current system AMD Athlon X Dual Core ghz Thanks for your time nbsp

A:Looking to upgrade mobo/GFX

I'd recommend that you go with the AMD Phenom II X3 720 processor instead of the Athlon II X4 620 with this motherboard. Also, the Radeon HD 4870 (1GB) would be a better choice for a gfx card.

As for the case, I personally like the Antec 900 case better. You can find it here. (However, case is a matter of personal tastes.)
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Your advice please:Am running WIN98SE (after formatting, partitioning). HD is only 8.4GB, but after 3 years of hard use still have roughly 5GB free. ( Am a software junky but store most appys on CDRs and ZIPs.
I am not a gamer. Computer is Packard Bell multimedia, AMD-K6-2,3DNOW,model 955. I've changed CDROM to 52X and installed a good burner(both less than 6 months ago). All in all, (using DSL), am well pleased with system. However, I've been thinking of upgrading by changing to maybe 40GB HD, and new MOBO. I can get the ASUS A7V133 raid mobo w/VIAKT133A chipset w/Socket A interface, AND 1.2GB AMD Athlon processor for $169 + tax. Will I also have to upgrade power supply( don't have specs on present one)? Your thoughts please. Thanks, again.

A:MOBO/HD Upgrade

Old adage . . ."If it ain't broke, don't fix it!"

More than likely, the K6 is using 2 or 4 clock dimms, or possibly 66 MHZ dimms. Your new board will require new memory, as your existing RAM will be too slow.

You will more than likely need a new powewr supply as Athlones like to suck the juise. Recommended minimum is 250 - 300 Watts. An additional fan or 2 for the hot Athlones would also be necessary.

If your also asking on whether or not you should go for the upgrade, I will only ask you this . . .

Do you need it?
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Mobo upgrade, I'm so miserable

I currently have a Dell Dimension 3000 and I realize it sucks nutz. No AGP or nothin, just PCI. 1 year ago I knew nothing of graphics cards and I used my Christmas money to buy a Graphics card. The problem was that I bought an NVIDIA GeForce 7300 GPU based Graphics card and went home finding out that I needed a PCI-express slot. So I returned it the next day and asked the Best Buy dude to give me that best PCI Bus based Graphics card, I got a crappy GeForce 6200. So now I'm know a bunch about Graphics cards and there slots and thinking of upgrading my motherboard. But I don't think there's a mobo that could fit the case. Bottom line:
Can I upgrade?
If I can, what's the best to upgrade?

WinXP home
512 physical ram
Intel Pentium 4 2.79Ghz
256mb nvidia geforce 6200 gpu graphics card


A:Mobo upgrade

There's currently a similar thread up on upgrading computers...

Your case is slightly different tho, but there's a good list of 478 mobos with PCIe x16.

The thread is here...

... but the mobo that was recommended by vnf4ultra is here:

The GeForce 7300 is considered a pretty low end card, so the other issues discussed probably would not be a problem for you.

It'd help if you'd list the specs in your computer at the moment. The specs I can dig from google shows that a good RAM upgrade is desperately needed. 256mb is just not adequate today.
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i have a :
845ebg2 intel 2.4
2*256 mb pc-2100 memory
bfg 6800 gt oc 256 mb video card (new part)
audio card: audigy 2
win xp sp1 as is (never figured out which proccessed are neccesery and which not)

ok, heres the thing, if i play on high levels (not the highest) i get choppines , now the old cpu isnt hellping of course but what i am asking is what difference will upgrading the memory from 512mb to 1gb or above do, will it help?

something i noticed in games is that of all things its the audio that preceeds the coppines, like the annoying orders in bf2 or the characters talking in half life : episode one.

will memory help alot or will it be an insignificant change.? what else can i do?

by the way: please no "just upgrade you cheap basterd...."

A:Old mobo-what can i upgrade?

The memmory will help alot, but that processor is your second bottleneck, but it's really not a bad system.

So to answer you're question yea, having more ram (up to 1gb) will help.

Make sure though it is the same brand and speed for compatibility.

By the way, if you know, how fast is the harddrive? That two could be you worst enemy and most people don't think twice about it (if once).
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I currently have an ASUS P3B-F Mobo, 466 MHz Celeron CPU, and 128 MB PC-100 RAM. This setup has sufficed for many years.

Now, I'm into digital photography. I want to manipulate and print pics. My system above is quite slow.

Should I upgrade to a faster CPU (can go to P3 1.0 GHz), and more RAM or should I purchase another MOBO, CPU, and RAM?

Cost vs. performance is an issue.

What is the most performance gain that I can get with the least cost?

Thank you for your assistance!

A:Upgrade or new MOBO?

get upgraded cpu,mobo, ram combo.
most people doung video editing are using 1.5-3.0 processors and love them
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I have been thinking about this for a little while. I'm running a pretty low-end machine now-a-days, it was a star a while back, but technology is changing so rapidly that I have no desire to shell out money by the buckets, to keep up. However, it's become a problem when I decide to play a new game that looks really good, only to find out, it sucks on my computer. So, the big question, upgrade or not to upgrade?

I currently have a Foxconn mobo, with a 1.85 GHz CPU, running 2.5GB DDR (Yes, DDR not DDR2) RAM. Nvidia GeForce 6200 AGP gfx card.

Upgrade Gfx card, or my whole Mobo? If anyone has any cheap but performance upgrades they can share with me, I'm happy to listen, as is, buying a new mobo, would cause me to buy new RAM, and a new gfx card, probably would upgrade CPU as well... Any pointers?

A:Mobo, to upgrade or not?

Look others may say your Mobo can do this or you just need to do that, or buy this one thing.

But you are best to buy the entire new computer box (with everything in it, including Windows key)
Then sell the old one, and recover some costs in doing so.

So therefore your Title would say, help me to purchase a new computer. To run these games or this certain program, or whatever that you want it to do
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does ne one if it is possible to upgrade my current mobo to this one? ASROCK L775 PT880-ULTRA S/L DDR1 ,DDR2, AGP and PCI-E. all the info on my computer specs is in dropdown, plz help if not enough info on here tell me and i'll fix, i rlly need help, if this cnat work plz im up for suggestion, can replace video card and ram easily just worried about drives, psu and maybe cpu but it comes with one so..

A:Mobo upgrade help

Is your P-4 2.4 GHZ a slot 775?
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When should I upgrade my motherboard?

ASUS M4A785TD-V EVO AMD 7850G Socket AM3 MB

Silverstone Strider ST50F ATX 500W PSU

Seagate 500GB Serial ATA HD 7200/16MB/SATA-3G
AMD Phenom II X4 955 Black Edition AM3
Corsair XMS3 2GB PC10666 DDR3 Dual Channel 1333MHz
Biostar Radeon HD 4670 512MB DDR3 PCIe, HDMI

Should I wait until I want to upgrade the cpu?

Right now I just plan to upgrade the gpu to a GTX 550 ti and add more RAM for gaming.

A:When to upgrade Mobo?

People normally upgrade the motherboard when they want to upgrade their CPU, so I'd wait for that.

If you just want to upgrade your graphics card and RAM, you should keep your current motherboard.
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I apologize in advance as I m sure this topic has Upgrade OS Mobo....keep been discussed elsewhere I have already read MANY threads on the topic but still have a few Upgrade Mobo....keep OS questions I have an HP Media Center PC that was purchased new in It has a Pentium D- I recently upgraded the Video card Radeon HD PSU from W to W and RAM from to GB only usable The fps jumped from - to - SWEET But startup is still really slow itunes takes - sec to get started and many applications become unstable when running parallel with others I am considering buying a new tower i - compatible Mobo and new DDR RAM I may instead buy a lesser upgrade package that will allow me to Utilize my current DDR RAM Either way I have no interest in purchasing windows I would like to keep XP running after the hardware changes I have read about many different ways to accomplish this but the more I read the more conflicting opinions I find Many posts recommend doing a repair install This appears at least I think to keep your settings and files intact which I do not need Question Can I upgrade the mobo cpu and still utilize the original XP OS license I Do NOT need to keep any data currently on the HDD all important personal files are backed up I would actually prefer starting from scratch over keeping anything currently on the drive I Do NOT have a retail XP disc I have only the partition labeled D and the back-up recovery discs that the machine recommended I make Question Does the fact that the OS is quot media center edition quot create complications with the new Mobo CPU The TV tuner coax tv-in Radio antenna etc is on a seperate card rather than internal on the mobo I really dont care if this card is reinstalled or not on the new Mobo I never use it Question Does the fact that I may be switching from Socket to socket create additional complications nbsp

A:Upgrade Mobo....keep OS

"Question #1: Can I upgrade the mobo/cpu and still utilize the original XP OS/license
*I Do NOT need to keep any data currently on the HDD, all important personal files are backed up
*I would actually prefer starting from scratch over keeping anything currently on the drive
*I Do NOT have a retail XP disc, I have only the partition labeled D: ... and the back-up/recovery discs that the machine recommended I make."
1.) Unfortunately, the answer is most likely NO. When you make a change to a computer such as: a new motherboard, Windows considers this as a "new computer", and the verification process for the serial key is needed to activate Windows (in my experience). BUT, it's usually no problem because the computer is pretty much the same so Microsoft will authenticate the key after the installation.

The fact that you will install a new mobo and cpu etc; means that Microsoft could consider it a "new computer" instead of an upgrade. (especially if you are considering buying a new tower, etc)

Legally, you'll probably need to purchase another copy of XP, but you should contact Microsoft to be 100% sure.


2.) No, Media Center Edition is really not a problem as far as CPU/mobo, it's just different features are included in the Operating System such as Windows Media Center, which wasn't included with some other versions of XP. The compatibility will be just fine.
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Trying to do an XP upgrade from Win98. I do the compatability test and it will not let me continue to install the upgrade because it says my video card and MoBo are not compatible..

It's an older system..

I have a Nvidia geforce II MX 100/200 video card, I am running it on a AMD k6 400 processor

My MoBo is an Asus socket 7 with an Ali 1541 chipset. I have all of the appropriate Ali drivers.

I have just under 300 meg of ram.

If anyone can help with a fix or patch or whatever, I would appreciate it greatly.. Thanks..

A:XP upgrade and MOBO

This comes straight from the Windows catalog on Microsoft's website.

Microsoft's Windows Catalog

Your CPU is not compatible with XP.
Also looks like MoBo is incompatible.
The VidCard should be compatible.

And unfortunately, as far as I know, there are no patches or fixes to work with. Only option is to upgrade the hardware.

If anyone knows of anything, please feel free to correct me.
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I have two HDD, Master( original boot disk) and slave (clone of Master) and I am moving the slave to a new rig with a new MoBo, CPU, etc. The whole works is new and I need to know if Windows XP will boot from the slave, which will be the master in the new system without having to reinstall my OS. I have an extra, new copy of Windows Xp so I could reformat the slave and run a clean install if I had to, but I need to know before I remove the slave from the old rig. I have heard of people having MAJOR problems after upgrading with win Xp and I just need to know if I should avoid the drama and start from scratch or can I do this without Bill Gates crashing my system because he thinks I am pirating his precious XP.

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I currently have an ASUS P3B-F Mobo, 466 MHz Celeron CPU, and 128 MB PC-100 RAM. This setup has sufficed for many years.

Now, I'm into digital photography. I want to manipulate and print pics. My system above is quite slow.

Should I upgrade to a faster CPU (can go to P3 1.0 GHz), and more RAM or should I purchase another MOBO, CPU, and RAM?

Cost vs. performance is an issue.

What is the most performance gain that I can get with the least cost?

Thank you for your assistance!

A:Graphics: Upgrade or New MOBO?

You could do all of what you mentioned!
Butt one way (inexpensive) to start with maybe to upgrade your Memory!
128 is fairly low (IMHO) for graphics. I use 512 Meg and still lock up occasionally on an AMD 450.

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Hello My PSU died and and mobo, upgrade memory PSU, CPU instead of just replacing it I thought I should just upgrade everything My current build ASUS P N-T Deluxe GSkill GB PSU, mobo, CPU and memory upgrade X GB DDR X-Fi sound blaster X evga GeForce GTS MB GGDR SLI PSU, mobo, CPU and memory upgrade and Intel Core Quad Q Kentsfield Ghz Socket I plan on keeping the two GeForce PSU, mobo, CPU and memory upgrade GTS for now and the soundcard Here is what I am thinking I want to spend around I plan on playing some PC games current setup is great with source engine doing a little video editing and using Adobe Creative Suite Here is what I came up with that is essentially AMD vs Intel http pcpartpicker com user computerpain saved qbXJ P vs http pcpartpicker com user computerpain saved fFt TW I am leaning Intel because the higher end processors are supposed to be better than AMDs from what I read Am I missing a CPU I should consider in terms of price and performance Any other components I should swap out I appreciate the help nbsp

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I looked through the installation questions and didn?t see this one.
I currently have Windows 7 64 (3 pack upgrade) installed on a dual core pc. I am upgrading to a quad core cpu and moving my dual core to my basement pc. My question is when I install the new cpu & mobo on my unit upstairs (with all existing drives in place) will Windows 7 have an issue with it? Will it see the new board & cpu and try use one of my 2 remaining licenses. I do want to put Windows 7 on my basement pc, but not just yet. I know in the past sometimes when I upgraded my hardware in XP it would force me to call Microsoft for a new key. Has anyone dealt with this yet?

A:Upgrade CPU & MOBO in Windows 7

I strongly suspect it will ask you to reactivate it, but if you put in your existing key, that should work. No need to use up another license key, your current one is still good.

If it gives you any trouble, give Microsoft a call: Microsoft Volume Licensing - Activation Centers
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Recently I ve been contemplating upgrading my PC for two reasons for the sake of upgrading and having some newer technolgy for hopefully better performance i ve been having a weird issue with turing my computer on Elaborating on reason When my computer is off MoBo Upgrade Vid or card? whether its been off for awhile or if I had just turned it off and I turn it back on one of things happen It cuts on and everything is great As soon as power comes on i get endless bios beeps fast continuous beeps and repeats until i cut it off No Display I hit the power button everything comes on but I never hear a bios beep and Upgrade MoBo or Vid card? i have Upgrade MoBo or Vid card? no display And it will stay like that until I cut it off and back on Each time i cut it off and back on one of those things will happen More commonly is the rd Now I d like to save myself some money so what my question boils down to is this I play MMORPGS which as usual require some decent hardware Currently I m just playing Second Life and just want better performance So is it necessary to buy a new MoBo and of course the memory i d have to get with a core duo and PCI-E slots and a PCI-E vid card Or just buy a newer and better AGP vid card and some more RAM for my current MoBo Would it be worth it in the long run Right now i m running the following GIGABYTE GA- IP Intel P chipset LGA Pentium AGP ATI RADEON MB MB PC Dual Channel DDR RAM nbsp

A:Upgrade MoBo or Vid card?

i would get a new mobo and what ever you need, sounds like your old pc is on its last leg. it would suck to buy a new kick *** video card just to have your system crash a day/week/month after you bought it.good luck, have fun!!!
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I currently have a Q6600 processor with 4 Gig DDR 2 Ram.

I want to upgrade my Mobo and processor but still keep the DDR 2. I also have Win 7 so I will do a reinstall at 64 Bit.

Any ideas what Processor and Mobo I should get? I'm in the Uk, and have about 300 to spend. Any help would be great

A:Processor and Mobo upgrade

What motherboard do you currently have? A little hard to suggest anything when we don't know what you are currently using

What else do you have in the system, this will also have an impact on your choice of motherboard (although only marginally).

What speed is your DDR2 RAM?
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Hi I have an old emachine i am looking into replacing the faulty mobo to keep as a back up to upgrade/replacement Mobo ? my newer system - i was planning just to reinstall XP using the original manufacturers disc but i ve read Mobo upgrade/replacement ? this might prove difficult to authenticate with microsoft Is this absolutely the case despite the mobo needing to be replaced or might i get a break if i only install a similar model brand If so can anyone please recommend any mobo s The original is - Intel Desktop Board D GGC Chipset ATI Radion Xpress i PCI slot Being an old mobo it seems pretty unlikely to find a direct replacement - so looks most probable that i will need to find an upgrade - the question is -is there any chance an ugrade might get accepted by reinstall of XP can i still find a mobo with the same similar chipset or just go for a generally better more modern mobo pcu as i will have to invest in another OS Also - as this is only intended as a backup i intended keeping as much of the old set up as possible to keep cost down so reusing things like the recently purchased x mb DDR RAM mhz - will i have to forget that or can i get a mobo cpu compatible to this RAM Any advice recommendations appreciated nbsp

A:Mobo upgrade/replacement ?

Sorry , should have said the system has-
P4 processor , 3.06 Ghz /533 FSB
2 Gb DDR2 RAM (533)
Seagate Barracuda 120 gb HDD ST 3120213A ( 7200)
ATI Radion Xpress 200
New Corsair 400w PSU
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I upgraded to Jetway dap mobo with ath K CPU mb DDR hang after xp mobo upgrade pc Memory tested OK Runs OK in Safe Command Mode But hangs in normal boot up at longest seconds after desktop is loaded reverted to old mobo to get event logs for System and application and hope that someone who understands these logs can give me a clue what xp hang after mobo upgrade is going wrong each log was repeated many times and one of each is shown regards Sam LOGS Event Type Error Event Source VSS Event Category None Event ID Date Time User N A Computer DSM-QI AQL UUCC Description Volume Shadow Copy Service error Unexpected error calling routine CoCreateInstance hr x For more information see Help and Support Center at http go microsoft com fwlink events asp Data WRTWRTIC WRTWRTIC Event Type Error Event Source EventSystem Event Category Event ID Date Time User N A Computer DSM-QI AQL UUCC Description The COM Event System detected a bad return code during its internal processing HRESULT was C from line of d nt qxp com com x src events tier eventsystemobj cpp Please contact Microsoft Product Support Services to report this error For more information see Help and Support Center at http go microsoft com fwlink events asp Event Type Error Event Source ESENT Event Category General Event ID Date Time User N A Computer DSM-QI AQL UUCC Description wuauclt An attempt to delete the file quot C C SoftwareDistribution DataStore Logs tmp edb quot failed with system error x quot The file or directory is corrupted and unreadable quot The delete file operation will fail with error - xfffffc For more information see Help and Support Center at http go microsoft com fwlink events asp Event Type Error Event Source ESENT Event Category Logging Recovery Event ID Date Time User N A Computer DSM-QI AQL UUCC Description wuauclt Unable to write a shadowed header for file C C SoftwareDistribution DataStore Logs tmp edb Error - For more information see Help and Support Center at http go microsoft com fwlink events asp Event Type Error Event Source ESENT Event Category General Event ID Date Time User N A Computer DSM-QI AQL UUCC Description wuauclt An attempt to open the file quot C C SoftwareDistribution DataStore Logs tmp edb quot for read write access failed with system error x quot The file or directory is corrupted and unreadable quot The open file operation will fail with error - xfffffc For more information see Help and Support Center at http go microsoft com fwlink events asp Event Type Error Event Source ESENT Event Category General Event ID Date Time User N A Computer DSM-QI AQL UUCC Description wuauclt An attempt to open the file quot C C SoftwareDistribution DataStore Logs tmp edb quot for read write access failed with system error x quot The file or directory is corrupted and unreadable quot The open file operation will fail with error - xfffffc For more information see Help and Support Center at http go microsoft com fwlink events asp Event Type Error Event Source ParVdm Event Category None Event ID Date Time User N A Computer DSM-QI AQL UUCC Description Unable to get device object pointer for port object For more information see Help and Support Center at http go microsoft com fwlink events asp Data V c

A:xp hang after mobo upgrade

Since your hardware has changed, XP no longer recognizes it. XP is expecting your old motherboard. You need to boot from the XP CD and do a repair install. Google for XP repair install for more information.
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Hey, I'm trying to upgrade my Dell dimension 2400 with a 2.8 Ghz Pentium 4 processor, 512 MB, 40 GB; and getting a mother board with PCI express slots for gaming as well as one that will support at least a gig of ram. I want to keep processor though. Help is great!

A:Upgrade Dell MoBo

You'd need a micro atx socket 478 board with pci-express x16 then. They've been made but are hard to find. It'd be a lot easier to find one with agp...
I replaced my 2300's board with a gigabyte 8IG1000MK, which has agp, and it's a decent board. Asus also makes some nice boards with agp that are matx and socket 478. I belive it was Asrock who made the one board with pci-e, socket 478, and micro atx form factor that I've seen, but not 100% sure.

Edit: here it is.
But it has limitations on which pci-e cards it supports since it's a "fake" pci-express slot.
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I'm currently looking for a mobo to replace my MS-6378X-L. The main reason for the upgrade is an AGP slot (I have a Radeon 9200 128mb AGP 8X laying around). My goal is to find a mobo compatible to my current CPU + Memory. Money is very tight right now so I can't afford new RAM ect. but I love FPS games!

Current setup:

AMD Athlon XP 1700+ (OC'D 2000+)
PC-133 SDRAM 512MB (OC'D 150)

Any links or suggestions will be much appreciated!

A:Low Budget Mobo UpGrade

Where in the world are you?

Its no good us giving you links unless we know what currency you wish to use!
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Please answer if you can.
I have a Slot 1 DFI P2XLX Mobo with a Intel 440lx agp chipset.

I recently purchased a Super Sloket 3 converter and I was wondering what the max P3 I could use effieciently would be.

The specs for the boards BUS frequency are: The External BUS Clock frequency is controlled by a software setting in the "Chipset Features Setup" screen in the BIOS Setup Utility. The current BIOS version supports frequency settings of 60/66/68/75/83MHz.
It has up to a 5x multiplier

Does this limit me to a 400mhz chip or could I upgrade the bios to support a higher BUS frequency?

A:Mobo Chip Upgrade

First of all ,the P3 doesn't use the Super Socket 3 .It uses Socket 370.You could see if DFI has any update for your BIOS.It may help to support higher bus speeds and clock multipliers.As of now ,your mobo can support only 83 Mhz.*5=415 Mhz. Processors.
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Hi Id like to start by saying my knowledge of PC's software hardware etc is very limited and big words do confuse me My issue is that my current PC is quite old and dated and I want to upgrade it however I New + upgrade possible? 8 mobo windows cant afford a complete new build all at once I want to upgrade my mother board firstly however currently Im running OEM Windows Home Edition and if I have my facts straight I wont be able to just upgrade my mobo without installing a new version of windows New mobo + windows 8 upgrade possible? I would also like to upgrade to windows ideally by purchasing the upgrade DVD Is it possible New mobo + windows 8 upgrade possible? to do both and New mobo + windows 8 upgrade possible? if so how My assumption is if I upgrade to windows before I change the mobo I cant change the mobo without a new version of windows as it will be tied to the old mobo And if I change the mobo first I cant run the upgrade DVD properly Hopefully Im wrong and its a really simple process any and all advice appreciated Thanks in advance

A:New mobo + windows 8 upgrade possible?

First off, depending on how old the motherboard your replacing is, you may end up having parts that are not compatible with your new motherboard. You may be doing yourself a disservice trying to buy a motherboard to fit those older parts as well. You can build pretty cheaply gathering part from for a new build, if you looked into it already you might already be aware of that.

As far as the OS goes. If you don't have a retail copy of Windows that can be installed into your new build and then upgraded to Windows 8, then you might be better off just installing something like Ubuntu while you wait on the release of Windows 8. Then pickup an OEM version of Windows 8 that you could do a full install with.
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I recently had a new mobo combo installed in my desktop. Now everytime I start the system(after shut-down), I have to change the clock settings for Win XP Home. Any ideas what may cause this? Could the cmos battery on the mobo possibly be weak?
* System Summary *

Processor: AMD Sempron(tm) Processor 3000+ 1.8 GHz
Math Support: Present
BIOS: VIAK8M - 42302e31 Phoenix - AwardBIOS v6.00PG Phoenix - AwardBIOS v6.00PG, 10/1
Bus Type: PCI, ISA, USB
Ports: 1 Parallel, 2 Serial
Memory: 447 MB (50% Utilized)
Floppy Disks: 1.44 MB
Hard Disks: 37.31 GB
Multimedia: Sound, CD-ROM
Video: 1024 x 768 in 32-Bit Color, VIA/S3G UniChrome Pro IGP Ver. 6.14
Motherboard: K8M800-M7A

< Operating System >
Windows: 5.1 (Build 2600) XP Home Edition (upgraded from Win98)

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I ve been here several times for various problems so this was the first place I could think of when I have a problem I currently have Windows XP Pro SP Ghz Dual Core Gb ram It s a P o S system I cobbled together about a year ago Unfortunately the mobo does not have an AGP PCI-E slots only regular mobo? GFX get card, I the a Should upgrade or new PCI I had a Geforce fx PCI GFX card in there but it crapped out on me a few days ago So Should I upgrade the GFX card, or get a new mobo? now I m stuck with the onboard My question is should I just pick up a new PCI GFX card or first upgrade the mobo to include PCI-E If anyone has any suggestions on some good cheap PCI cards that d be great It s housed in a business slim Compaq case so in order for me to have a PCI card in there that s normal size I have to leave the top off I d be more than happy to supply more information if people want to recommend GFX Mobo suggestions I m not made of money it s kinda tight so the cheaper the better As far as games are concerned I don t play much mainly World of Warcraft so I m not looking for SLI or anything such The more graphic options I can turn on the better EDIT Here s some more information I thought I should provide It s an HP dc sff business desktop Intel GV Motherboard it has an open spot for AGP just no slot Watt PS yuck I can get a generic PS and case no problem Can anyone recommend me Should I upgrade the GFX card, or get a new mobo? a good mobo GFX combo or even just a good GFX card for PCI Should I upgrade the GFX card, or get a new mobo? nbsp

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I saved a Gateway G6-350 from the landfill and on Earth Day no less!
This is a Micro ATX P2 system and I want to modernize it. The back panel seems to punched out for a specific MoBo, not like the other cases I have that accept numerous kinds of back panels with an adapter plate.
Ant suggestions or possabilities with this case or should I gut it and sell the parts on ebay.

A:Gateway G6-350 MObO Upgrade Q

part it on ebay. You could use the case, but micro ATX are a pain to build.
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Hi everyone.
I was happily using Windows 7 with a Sandy Bridge mobo/CPU and everything was pretty stable.

I decided to upgrade to a Haswell mobo/CPU (Gigabyte GA-H87-D3H + Intel Core i5 4670K) and since, my setup has been very unstable.

I've reinstalled Windows 7 and I had a lot of BSOD.

I've since installed a fresh copy of Windows 8 Pro and it hasn't been better.

I've ran MemTest and Windows Memory Diagnostic, but found no errors. (Corsair CMZ16GX3M4A1600C9 Vengeance 16GB 4X4GB)

Using WhoCrashed, I've noticed that the culprit seems to be : ntkrnlmp.exe
The error is often : IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL

Now I'm trying without my discrete GPU (PowerColor AX6850 1GBD5-DH Radeon HD 6850)... I'll update on my situation.

Also, I've been having problems with USB3... but that has been well documented already...

Thanks for reading and helping.

A:3-4 BSOD every day since mobo upgrade

Sometimes a 4x4 memory confiuration requires a slight voltage increase due to the combined 4 module power drain. However, before I would even think about doing that, since your error messages point to (possibly) a memory issue, I would recommend that you try running with just two modules to see if that fixes your errors. If not, I would remove the first two and try the second two. Good luck.
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I built my first computer last summer, here are the specs

Microsoft Windows XP Pro SP1
Suse Linux 10
MGE/XG Sidewinder Case
MGE 550w PSU
Intel Celeron D 2.93ghz CPU
MSI P4MAM2-V Series Mobo
Western Digital Caviar 120GB HDD
ATI Radeon 9550 (256)
Santa Cruise Turtle Beach Sound
Dell Data Fax Modem
Logitech MX5000 Desktop
Dell 19'' Trinitron Monitor

I am looking to replace my current ATX motherboard with something that will better suit my needs. I've been looking and the best one I found was this.

I want something with:
Socket 478
8x AGP
2DDR Slots, 4 would be a plus
5 or more PCI slots
The rest is pretty much optional, want to spend somewhere around $75 or less. Is the above mobo any good? Do y'all have any suggestions for me, any help is appreciated.


A:Need help selecting an upgrade mobo.

I would suggest an Abit IS7. The E2 version (2 DDR slots, no IEEE1394) goes for only $68 at Newegg. I have one of those running on my son's PC for 3 years now with no problems. But I bought the full version with 4 DDR slots and 1394.
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Good Morning All Recently upgraded my upgrade? on mobo Advice RAM and tried to overclock my CPU OCing the CPU Q didn't seem to be a problem but the RAM Corsair Advice on mobo upgrade? x Advice on mobo upgrade? GB TWIN X - C DF won't run at Advice on mobo upgrade? at all on my mobo I just get BSODs I've turned the RAM down to and this gives me one BSOD and then boots and runs ok I've got the Q at I'm not happy with this so I've decided I need a mobo upgrade plus a better case I don't need that just deserve it lol My local PC guru recommends the Asus P Q Pro currently got P N-E SLI and I can afford that along with a Coolermaster Cosmos S I've looked at the P Q Deluxe and it doesn't really seem worth the half as much again I'd have to pay I'm happy with my current GPU BFG GTS OC although I might go for a top end ATI when they come down in price But basically the P Q Pro seems to have what I need and is supoosed to be a wicked overclocker Does anyone have any experience with this board I notice it only has phase power rather than Not really sure what that means but is it a problem I'd be glad of any comments advice Think I'd better buy this quick before my credit card becomes a piece of plastic lol Best wishes to all John

A:Advice on mobo upgrade?

I've got 8 gigs of the same ram running at 1066 on my P5Q Deluxe, don't see why 4 wouldn't run just fine for you on the P5Q Pro.

That's one of the reasons I got the Asus board. I'm not an Asus fanboy, but I read they will will often run all ram slots at faster than 800 where other boards don't, and so far it hasn't disappointed me.

Whatever you do however, don't install their crappy software. It doesn't like x64 much.

I like the Cosmos S, wish I'd gotten that instead of the 1000 at times, thought the 1000 is a lot quieter. I'm going to see if I can snag the mobo tray from the S and put it in my 1000, as I've stumbled into beta testing a lot of CPU coolers lately and it's a pain in the ass to take the mobo out all the time. I think the S has a cutout so you don't have to remove the mobo. Maybe I can convince them to send me one
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Hello (A64 Which X800) +mobo or upgrade I ve decided to upgrade this machine as it is becoming a bit dated The only problem is I don t know what to upgrade I am on a limited budget and thus can not afford to Which upgrade (A64 +mobo or X800) upgrade both cpu amp mobo along with the video card First the three alternatives I m looking at A and msi K Neo Platinum Socket A and MSI K T Neo Fir Socket An X based card list is what I d call a stop-gap upgrade as it won t be a very big upgrade from my nor one which I d expect to last very long It ll neither have Socket nor PEG Which upgrade (A64 +mobo or X800) which would be nice to have But it is cheap and I could get it faster is a bit more future-proof with Socket and a better cpu It won t have PEG but as I can not afford both this and a new video card I can live with that besides mobo s are cheap compared to cpu s will accomplish what I d really like as I ll be able to turn AA back on in BF running AA at is not working in that game and is around the same price and are the ones which are the most tempting is cheaper and thus won t affect my budget too much And a few Q s As I m using Win k will I see any effect of going -bit I know there is a -bit version of XP coming but I d prefer to stick to Win k Will and how will it work Also do you agree with my choices for motherboard in and or do you have other suggestions I am mostly drawn to Which upgrade (A64 +mobo or X800) for now and then picking up an X based card when it drops some more in price Posted this in Other Hardware as it s both Video and Cpu chipset Comments nbsp

A:Which upgrade (A64 +mobo or X800)

I too vote for a Socket-754 / 3000+ upgrade for now. Once VGA cards start leaving AGP, it'll make thos cards even cheaper.

Since you seem to change mobos everytime you upgrade your CPU anyways, I don't think it's such a big deal for you to go socket-754 now & eventually get a socket-939 system further down the road.

& even if you don't, you can always get a 3700+ for your socket-754 board. The only downside I see is that 0.09 Athlon64s aren't scheduled to be released for the socket-754 platform. But in any case, they already run quite cool as it is.
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Hey all Now instead of buying a PCI vid card and more memory I m thinking about a new mobo instead since then I could get an AGP card Someone upgrade mobo questions told me I could get something called a a v for about which sounds like a great price But I don t mobo upgrade questions know jack about mobo cards so I have a few questions First do motherboards have to do with RAM Like do certain mobos only accept SDRAM and others DDR And do all mobos come with some sort of integrated graphics My mobo right now has Intel e so if I take it out I guess I won t have a graphics card thing and I probably won t be able to buy a good graphics card until a few months after I get the new mobo Second does anyone know anything about the a v I don t need it to be top-notch just good enough to play Medal of Honor AA and the upcoming Star Wars Galaxies And are there any better mobos that sell for a good price like - U S dollars Thanks in advance for putting up with my stupidity nbsp

A:mobo upgrade questions

New motherboard
Given that you don't have AGP, this would be wise.

Motherboards and certain types of RAM
Yes, certain motherboards only take certain types of RAM. Most nearly any new motherboard you get will take DDR-SDRAM. So your upgrade will involve a new processor, new memory and new mobo all in one.

All motherboards come with integrated graphics
Some do, not all.

The a7v266 is a good enough board, as far as I remember. But you will need a new processor, motherboard and memory. This makes for quite an expensive upgrade but you will notice a big difference. If you are using Windows 2000 or XP you will have to reinstall.
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hi guys

my pc is not as fast as it shoud be running 3d programs music and things slows it down a lot.

its got a 2ghz cpu and 2gb of ram so not really a slow pc i think
the problem is with the mobo as its a cheap one that was fitted
when my ns7 mobo dident work now i am looking to upgrade if you
think it will help i have a
agp gfx card,
DDR 184 PIN PC3200 ram
and socet a cpu
so i need a mobo to work with that any idears??


A:mobo upgrade problems.

Hi there,

What makes you 100% sure it's the mobo?
I would recommend a Asus A7N8X but it would have to be second hand from somewhere - I don't think the main motherboard players are still producing SocA hardware.
Maybe Ebay it. Find one from a recognised manufacturer - Gigabyte, Asus, MSI for example, and then do a review search.
You may want to check memory compatibility too. This is normally lists on the memory makers website or the motherboard makers webiste too.
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Can anyone tell me about this . Do these things really work. From what I read it looks like there has to be a catch.

A:Upgrade P2 350 to 1G without relpacing Mobo???

GO TO ZDNET & READ,8827,377987,00.html

PRO's & CON's

Prequalification is the most important part of the process. Checking Evergreen's Web site, we discovered that the Intel Atlanta motherboard and 440LX chip set in our 266MHz Pentium II Gateway system were unsuitable for the Performa600 upgrade. (Evergreen does say that the Performa600 is for 350MHz or faster systems, but we figured we'd give it a try nonetheless.) Our second choice was a 450MHz NEC system with an Intel Seattle motherboard and a 440BX chip set. It took a call to Evergreen's customer-service line to find out that this system was also unsuitable -- which, quite frankly, we were surprised to hear.

Finally, we went out and bought an MSI BXMaster motherboard with an Award BIOS and 440BX chip set and installed it in the Gateway chassis. Although we had to do some slight BIOS fiddling to get the Performa600 working, it didn't require too much effort. Next, we ran Evergreen's testing software to determine any needed BIOS upgrades and perform rudimentary performance checks. Finally, we tested the Performa600.

And were we ever impressed. The CPUmark 99 score went from 21.2 with the 266MHz Pentium II to 41.8 with the Performa600. That's better than a 97 percent increase in CPU power, and the improvements did not stop there. The 2D-graphics score shot up nearly 66 percent, and overall performance, as measured by Business Winstone 99, jumped almost 36 percent.

Even factoring in the cost of the new motherboard, we were able to turn our dozing 266MHz system into a 600MHz workhorse for less than $400. In our book, that's not bad at all.
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I have a Gateway FX7024 w/a very overclockable Q6600. Can someone recommend a good mobo that hasnt been discontinued?
I am running DDR2 5300 memory that compatibility is a must..

A:Mobo upgrade Q6600

Just a couple of reccomendations of the top of my head:

The Asus P5q Pro and Deluxe are good overclockers. I'm pretty sure they can handle 5300

The Nvidia 750i, 780i boards are pretty popular too.

It also depends on whether you prefer nvidia or ATI, plan to go SLI or crossfire as well.
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hi, can anyone suggest a decent mobo upgrade from this one, pc just died, i will get new psu , cpu looks ok, was a smell of burnt plastic when it went think its mobo myself.
thnx in advance

A:mobo upgrade -ga-7vaxp

GigaByte board? I've still got a GA-7VA running XP. It doesn't have a fan on either chipset but the GA-7VAXP did on one, if I can remember all those years back. If so, was that still running?
You'll have a problem locating a new Socket A motherboard, let alone one compatible with whatever Athlon or Sempron (maybe even Duron?) you use - the mobo's were a bit choosey in those days. Also, you'll probably have PC2700 or PC3200 RAM and you'll have to check that whatever replacement mobo you get will accept what you have got.
If you're using Win 98SE (my favourite still! ) you won't find a current generation mobo with drivers for it - at least, I can't find one for any OS older than Win 2000.
New low-end mobo's and dual core CPU's are really cheap, as is most hardware, so you might consider it worthwhile to build a whole new rig - including the power supply. It's not worth taking a risk with the old PSU if the mobo has blown.
Good luck!
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Hello Here is a quick summary for those who don t want the whole shebang I need suggestions for a good ATX motherboard and CPU that will handle simple games like Roblox and p movie streaming I have a nearly year old desktop computer nothing special at all It is the family desktop so it will not be used for anything other than super light gaming my nephew plays Roblox CPU/Mobo upgrade non for gaming on it surfing and watching movies I bought a BenQ p monitor for my own gaming PC and connected it to both that and this desktop to give the rest of the family a bit of an upgrade I noticed right away that the computer CPU/Mobo upgrade for non gaming already performed slower with this higher resolution It is also running a -bit processor and I have a copy of windows pro bit that I want to put on that machine so I need suggestions for a CPU and mobo that will run me less than buying a new computer from scratch The parts are all good and well maintained I just want to upgrade to bit so that we can take advantage of the free upgrade to windows and possibly even adding more memory in the future if my nephew starts playing higher quality games as he gets older EDIT my only requirement is that the motherboard must be full ATX since I do not want to replace the case Any suggestions are welcome Thank you nbsp

A:CPU/Mobo upgrade for non gaming

WorldFamousWiz said:

EDIT: my only requirement is that the motherboard must be full ATX, since I do not want to replace the case!Click to expand...

If you do indeed have a full ATX case, it will fit mATX as well as miniITX motherboards.

What exactly is your budget?

Newegg has kits anywhere from $100 to $800. -

These are nice kits for around $300
I know you said you didn't want to replace the case but for around 300 this is not a bad deal
You can find lower prices at Tigerdirect with smaller bundles. -
In my opinion don't get a kit with Celeron or Pentium, unless you are planing an upgrade in the future to i5 or i7. Bewarned though that Intel pricing doesn't fall as quickly as one would hope.

As for AMD suggestions, you'll need to speak with someone else. I'm not an AMD follower. I will admit that for the best savings AMD is the way to go. But then performance wise they struggle to compare to Intel, when you match prices. Which is the very reason I advised not to get Celeron or Pentium. The i3 or comparable AMD is the perfect performance level to be. Anyone needing more power will know they need more.
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hey all ya overclockers, in the near feuture i plan to buy a new mobo, cpu. i want to get somthing less expensive maby amd and overclock it. and the ram does any one reccomend a good chip and board for not a lot. my budget is "as low as i can" it need sata 1.5g and ddr ram and an agp{this could be optional if it had onboard video]and at least 1 ide channel[don't think thats hard] atx or microatx form factor any 1 got suggestions??

A:lookin to upgrade mobo

You are on a very tight budget...right?I don't think AMD has to be your choice. There will probably be a lot of opinions on your question. I would get and ECS P4M800PRO-M motherboard. They are an inexpensive but reliable motherboard. Like anything else, maintain all your components well. Keep them cool and not full of dust and fur balls and stuff. It has the Intel 775 CPU socket. This gives you a lot of choices. I would get an Intel 945 or 925 Presler, dual core CPU. The 945 runs @ 3400mhz x2. Each core has 2 MB of cache. It has the hookup for your sata 1.5. It does have an AGP slot. You can run, 400 mhz/533mhz. DDR or DDR2 ram. The front side bus of the Presler processor is 800. The FSB of the board is 1066 (all will work). At Fry's I got the motherboard and cpu bundle(the ones I listed) for about $125. I run 2 Gigs of 533mhz ddr2 with a couple of SATA 1.5's and My Vista program give me a 4.6 performance ratio. XP runs great on it also. I am stepping up to the new Intel QUAD soon but this setup has been very competitive. I run an EVGA 8800 GTS 320mb SC GFX and it games with no hesitations. Good Luck.
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Last night I upgraded the mobo cpu and power supply in one of my mobo woes upgrade computers MSI K N Delta -LSR AMD Athlon XP Trermaltake Purepower W After a little work I got everything up and running except for a few problems that I can t seem to figure out My new cpu mobo upgrade woes should be and was for the couple of days it was in the old mobo running at about GHz i believe However the new mobo sees the cpu as mobo upgrade woes an AMD Athlon Ghz the old mobo a Gigabyte DX saw it mobo upgrade woes as a AMD Athlon XP I believe My Floopy drive doesn t work at all Things I ve done so far A Did a freash install of Windows XP B Installed the drivers that came with the mobo C Installed and patched Norton Personal Firewall D Installed Symantec AV Small Business x Can t patch untill floppy works E Downloaded all critical security and driver updates for Win XP now running SP F Downloaded Firefox PR G Downloaded the current drivers from MSI s website H Downloaded the current bios for the mobo s website but can t install them until the floppy works I Tried using a different power connecter for the Floopy J Tried using both the old and new came with mobo floppy cable to connect to the mobo All help is appreciated I m sure that I left out something important and will try to get you the answers as soon as possible but right now I ve got to get back to work Thanks Antimony nbsp

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I have a standard HP desktop computer Its processor is an AMD I am looking to upgrade either now or soon Since it is a HP it has a generic mobo I tried to find out its name through physical examination and Everest Neither ending with sucess I have read up on processor upgrading and noticed you need to find out if that certain processor works with your mobo As far as I know there is no way I can find that out I know my mobo is a socket My chipset on my mobo is all this info is according to Everest ATI Radeon Xpress AMD Hammer I am looking to eventually upgrade to a AMD FX or so Question is how should I go about doing this seeing as I dont know what the mobo s name is so I cant look up if it is compatible I was thinking maybe getting the processor in-store at a best buy that way if it didnt work then I could easily return it I have more question does your chipset determine what kind of CPU and Mobo questions. upgrade video card you use Example when I first got my video card I got a nvidia oc This card didnt work at all and the integrated graphics performed much better I returned the card as a faulty product I then got a ATI x mb that improved my performance and worked just fine Again CPU upgrade and Mobo questions. I am interested in upgrading CPU upgrade and Mobo questions. to a nvidia gt Again since I have a ATI chipset will an nvidia card work I am thinking maybe that is why the first one wouldnt work Ok hopefully you guys can help me Keep in mind that I have a generic HP desktop computer with a x ati video card Thanks nbsp

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I started off with a system with the following specifications CPU Intel Core Duo E GHz Mobo MSI X Platinum RAM Corsair x GB RAM DDR - Vid Card Gigabyte GV-NX T D-RH GT MB GDDR PSU Corsair HX Series CMPSU- HX W Power Supply OS Win XP SP For the most part the system ran fine and I didn t have any major problems but I use it as a video server PS Media Server and wanted to improve transcoding for source material It worked ok for RAM, upgrade, computer slower After Mobo CPU, is watching but fast forward or rewind wouldn t work well I also wanted to improve video encoding times when converting flv files to other formats I purchased the following equipment CPU AMD FX AM GHz Mobo ASROCK FX Extreme RAM Gx GSKILL F - CL After CPU, RAM, Mobo upgrade, computer is slower D- GBXM Vid Card Same PSU After CPU, RAM, Mobo upgrade, computer is slower Same OS Same In the past I have used repair installations when changing motherboards and I have never had a problem However this time I made an Acronis image of the HDD as backup and tried this technique http arstechnica com gadgets new-motherboard-without-reinstalling-windows Which is basically manually removing all drivers that are specific After CPU, RAM, Mobo upgrade, computer is slower to the old motherboard and CPU rebooting with the new hardware then re-installing the new drivers With a little trial and error and a tool that removes non-present devices from Device Manager I was able to get it to boot up fine and install the new drivers At first I thought everything was fine but it just seemed that the computer would hang while doing things I then had task manager running while using the computer and the CPU load would be almost during these hangs and there was no significant HDD access It was just sitting there I notice this type of behavior the most while using the web browser or installing or uninstalling software Also my internet speed is about M But when I go to any site to test it is reported to be - M now regardless of browser The upload speed is still reported properly Another example is that I was downloading not installing yet updates from windows updates and I tried to play an MP file and it was really choppy So I tried a repair installation of Windows XP and it made no difference I have looked through Device Manager even looking at hidden devices and non-present devices and I have found no problems at all I decided to install a benchmark tool PassMark and the CPU test was less than and it should be over Actually the memory and graphics card benchmarks were much worse as well Only the HDD performance was near what it was suppose to be I have also done a clean install on another HDD and while I didn t run benchmark tests it didn t seem any better Could this be a faulty mother board or CPU nbsp

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Hi all So yeah the title pretty much explains the problem - I upgraded from a Soyo KT- Motherboard with an AMD GHz single-core processor and GB RAM to Boot after CPU/Mobo/RAM loop upgrade XP an Asus M A-VM motherboard with an AMD Athlon X -bit processor with GB RAM quot Sweet quot I thought to myself quot this will make my games look so much better quot And then my system failed to load More specifically it fails after the POST and initial bootup XP Boot loop after CPU/Mobo/RAM upgrade checks I turned off quick booting to make sure the RAM was good That took forever I turned off the IDE channel the boot drive is SATA to remove the possibility of the nd hard drive being fussy - that didn't really do anything What happens is this It tries to boot into windows fails and reboots itself When it gives me the quot something ain't right quot screen if I select safe boot it goes through a list of drivers and system files then asks me specifically if I want to let it load two - SPTD sys and d bus sys - in that order and immediately after quot Mup sys quot Whether I let it load either or both of them or not it blanks right after d bus and reboots I'm slightly irate I'm trying the recovery CD right now but I'm not really optimistic that it'll help - I seem to have bad luck with these things Any other ideas

A:XP Boot loop after CPU/Mobo/RAM upgrade

Changing the motherboard of a hard drive requires you to reinstall whatever OS you have. This is a microsoft OS security feature
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Hi I recently moved to Minnesota, finding my motherboard unscrewed and eventually found out it was broken. I am looking to replace it. It was an Asus P5ND2-SLI Deluxe with a Intel Pentium 4 Dual Core Extreme Edition 3.4ghz. My question is what is a good upgrade for the motherboard? What are the newest and best 775LGA socket supported motherboards, particularly for gaming? I've been looking but have had no luck. Thanks.

A:Mobo Upgrade for 775LGA Intel

This is a great performer:
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I've got an Abit Mobo and I want to upgrade to the latest firmware. They suggest booting to DOS to do this. I am running Win2k and I see no way of booting to DOS. There is no "System Disk" option when I format a floppy. What do I do??

A:Mobo firmware upgrade advice.

Normally I would say use a system disk from a win98 computer but the faq suggest's using a Dr Dos 7x boot disk do I flash the BIOS?
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i was thinking of upgrading my videocard and RAM but i seem to have a problem finding a videocard Heres my specs first Mobo Asus k v Se Deluxe supports socket Cpu Amd Athlon Videocard Geforce gt AGP I wanted to stay with nvidia and i was looking for another AGP card like the but it seems to me that everything has switched to pci-express And as far as the ram goes currently i have mb sticks i was wondering is Mobo It Upgrade (Is and Complete New It?) Worth dual channel the best way to go or ddr I did some research and found these hardware for a complete new build Mobo Cpu Asus A N-SLI NVIDIA Socket ATX Motherboard and an AMD Athlon GHz Processor with Fan VideoCard PNY GeForce GT MB GDDR PCI Express SLI Dual DVI VIVO Video Card with Free Call Duty PC Game RAM Corsair Value Select Dual Channel MB PC DDR MHz Memory What do you think is it worth going to SLI And one more question if i am running the dual channel x mb sticks and i want to upgrade another gig do i have to buy another set of x mb or can i just buy one complete gig sorry for all these questions but ive only had expierence with building computers once so far lol thank you for answering or trying to answer my questions nbsp

A:Mobo and Complete New Upgrade (Is It Worth It?)

Your configuration looks very good. You will have to upgrade with two move 512 sticks if you want to keep dual channel. It is cheaper than a 1 GB stick anyway. SLI doesn't pay off yet. Wait untill you need it in a year. But get what you have there, just get another 7800 later. And make sure you get the same model.
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edit - I started this thread with a problem, it's been solved, now I'm looking for new hardware to upgrade my computer with.
I Got a new AMD 2800+ socket A, I had a 1.1ghz amd athlon, also Socket A

The heatsink and fan was just a complete hassle to get off, amazingly a big hassle, eventually i got it off, stuck in the new processor along with its fan and heatsink.

Turn on the computer.

Everythings all fine and running, lights going off left and right

no beep..

Swtich processors..

no beep.

Take out all the ram in my computer.

no beep.

I'm going to safely assume its my mobo?

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Hi guys I m going nuts here Finally decided to upgrade the mobo in the family computer Hardware all ok but XP Home won t boot far enough to allow me to install the drivers for the new mobo Both old and new boards are MSI- have gone from P to a Phenom Quad but XP continually crashes out with the quot we stopped the system to avoid damage to your computer quot message Tried repairing XP install st half of repair from CD worked ok but after it rebooted - it crashed again and so never got to finish the repair Now every time it boots on the Quad board it crashes even in safe mode So I plugged in the P board on the bench and hooked the hdd Can't upgrade drivers after mobo XP install to it It completed the quot repair quot mucked up more than it fixed and I attempted to remove all the non-standard drivers However the repair itself had already defaulted everything to MS Can't install XP drivers after mobo upgrade drivers rather than the various originals So I swapped the hdd back into the Quad system to try again but still it crashed to quot avoid damage quot I even tried installing the drivers for the Quad board while the os was running on the P board But the install utility wouldn t allow it as the relevant hardware was not present at that time Can anyone suggest how to get the new drivers onto the os so I can boot the system with the new mobo PS I know the hardware is all ok as I have been able to boot linux from a Live CD and from the linux os have been able to read the hdd just fine - as well as make everything else go If I and everyone else didn t have so much work and software invested in the XP os I d be tempted to just switch to linux and leave it at that Thanks in advance Pal nbsp
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I upgraded my motherboard and cpu then tried to boot but windows sever get a couple of seconds in to loading then crashes with 0x00007B. This could be down to driver issue but do not want fresh install, if it was xp I would have just done a reinstall but there is no such option in windows 7. Any suggestion welcome.

A:0x00007B afer mobo upgrade

Quote: Originally Posted by M1cr0

I upgraded my motherboard and cpu then tried to boot but windows sever get a couple of seconds in to loading then crashes with 0x00007B. This could be down to driver issue but do not want fresh install, if it was xp I would have just done a reinstall but there is no such option in windows 7. Any suggestion welcome.

I am afraid we need more information before we can help you.

What screen does it die on? can you boot into safe mode?

Do you have a backup to restore from?

Do you have the win 7 dvd so we could do a repair install

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Hi, for these couple of days when i was playing wc3, i was having alot of screen lag. I have updated all my drives inlcuding video card and proccessor. But im not sure if i upgraded/updated my mobo which is an ASUS. When i went to the site i wasnt sure what to do... Can any 1 help me out here?

Model: ASUS - A7V8X-X
Nvidia Geforce2 Mx/Mx 400
AMD Althon (TM)xp 2000+

A:Unsure Of Mobo Update/upgrade

You have a VIA Chipset (KT400A). I'm assuming you have Windows XP - Version 5.10a. You will need to reinstall the video card drivers after installing these.
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Hello I'm currently running a two year installation of Win Pro mobo upgrade+ssd - Insane maneuver bit installed with AHCI on a i chipset motherboard which i'd like to keep Here's my setup and my battleplan C gb hdd gb full system IDE D gb hdd empty clean IDE Z tb data HDD SATA i moterboard chipset Win Pro Insane maneuver - mobo upgrade+ssd bit updated to the day installed with AHCI on I want to move my installation to a Z motherboard and move my entire system disk on a gb SSD Here's what i plan to do Copy C to D using HDClone drivecopy drive Shrink C to SDD size gb defragged before Install new Drivers for Z mobo Copy C to SDD which will fit perfectly without ajustments or partition tricks Shutdown and pray Remove C D drives Install mobo -Drives on SATA -Plug in evreything Startup BIOS -AHCI ON -Hyperthreading ON -Boot priority Bootmgr bcdfix if needed on bootup Boot Windows With luck i should have my new system running on an SSD with a new mobo and without too many IRQ or such issues I'll have a backup clone before and after the driver updates and i also have IDE to Sata adaptors in case i need to plugin my IDE drives which i'm hoping i won't have to do So what am i forgetting Tips

A:Insane maneuver - mobo upgrade+ssd

Not sure I understand it all, but....

If the current C occupies 60 GB, I certainly wouldn't move it to a 64 GB SSD, unless I could shrink C to maybe 30 first. 60 GB used on a 64 GB drive is way too cramped.

Why copy C to D?
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Ordered 2 sticks of (Crucial) 256 PC2100 DDR RAM and just got them today. First tried to install both together and at the boot screen system stalled on NVRAM check. I've tried putting each of the sticks in my computer one at a time in each slot and it works then.

Is this a mobo issue or are the 2 sticks just incompatible with eachother? I ordered both from crucial so I kind of figured that all would be well, but I guess I was wrong. Tried calling Crucial tech support and the guy I talked to had no idea what to do.

Any ideas? Defective mobo? It's a PC Chips 817, with a athlonxp 1600, 300W power, so I have no idea what could be wrong. Thanks for your help.

(*edited by mod)

A:memory upgrade/mobo issue

Honestly - probably mobo - search for a bios update. Hope there is one.

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My P Willamette Ghz is now years old Gigabyte GA- RX Mobo MB PC RAM GB IBM Hitachi HDD Case/Mobo/CPU/etc. Priorities??? Upgrade w MB Cache Windows XP Home SP Mostly use this system for web surfing and music playback via E-Mu PCI sound card ASIO through J River Media Center--analog output to Hi-Fi receiver My only real complaint is that when web surfing just about any use of CPU causes stutters in playback I m also concerned that this system is becoming obsolete--soon impossible to upgrade at all I would like to be able to use the RAM and the HDDs on the upgraded system at least initially to spread out the expense Eventually I ll go Upgrade Priorities??? Case/Mobo/CPU/etc. to faster RAM and bigger HDDs The existing Mobo will accept a P Northwood up Ghz but still with Upgrade Priorities??? Case/Mobo/CPU/etc. FSB I don t think that makes any sense So that means a new CPU chipset Mobo for openers I ve got two Mobos in mind Gigabye GA PE Pro-G Socket Intel PE chipset or ASUS P P -E Deluxe Socket Intel PE For CPU I m considering the P C Northwood MHz FSB KB L Cache Socket I don t see any problem using the existing ATA HDDs The specs on the two Mobos call for DDR PC RAM Can I temporarily use the existing PC RAM or do I need to buy new RAM from the jump What about power supply Current is W in original Inwin case Any recommendations on alternatives would be appreciated Thanks nbsp

A:Upgrade Priorities??? Case/Mobo/CPU/etc.

I don't see why there should be problems using your soundcard and your CPU at the same time. Your CPU should have enough processing power, although it is alittle old, but definately enough for web surfing and playing MP3s.

I also do play a little with playback, and I find that its not really recommended to do anything else other than record when you want the best possible quality. I don't do it often, nor do I do it on a professional level, so I'm happy with just recording it and not do anything else.

I tried checking up your m/b, but GA82PE1000 doesn't show up. I assume you're talking about the GA81PE1000Pro-G (Socket 478 Intel 865 PE chipset). Personally I'm using the GA81PE1000 (non Pro-G). Thats together with 2.4ghz Northwood and 1gb DDR400 RAM. And I still find skipping if I record while doing something else. But bear in mind I'm using Audigy2 Platinum, not sure how that fares against yours.

Now back to your question...

I don't think there should be a difference in the Gigabyte or Asus. These 2 brands are pretty good already, Asus being a little more popular.

CPU speed is as high as you're comfortable with getting. I'm still trying to get back with the advances in tech, so I'm not sure if the chips with 1mb cache is supported by your m/b (it should). Worth checking it out.

You can use the PC2100 RAM for the moment, but you're not unlocking the full potential you can unleash with the PC3200 of course. Also, to get the Dual Channel, you'll need similar RAM, so pairing your 512 and your 256 will not enable the Dual Channel RAM.

And yeah, you shouldn't have too much problem with your existing HDD.

You should look into a larger PSU, depending on how modded your case is. I always go for the biggest, that gives me one less problem to deal with no matter what I do (except adding peltiers, real energy hoggers, which I am currently toying with).
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I need to upgrade my HTPC that I also run 24/7 for security cam serving and recording. The newer cams running at higher resolutions are pressing my 5 year old i3 build. So I was wondering what the easiest way to get a new Windows license would be. I can get an OEM copy of Win 7 (needs to be Win 7, not 10, to retain Media Center for TV DVR) along with the new CPU,MoBo and RAM. Then rather than doing a clean install I'd like to drop the new hardware into the existing case with HDs and other accessories, etc. and just go. Could I use the new Windows product key like that? Or would I have to skip the OEM copy, boot up with the new hardware and then pay MS directly for a new license when it pops up the message about new hardware?

A:How best to get new Windows license for CPU and MoBo upgrade?

OEM Windows discs are usually specifically written for the machines they come with. They contain Drivers specific to that hardware. Depending on the disc, if you try to load it on a HDD with different hardware, it will reject it. Also, that would be against the Microsoft EULA.
You can always get a retail copy of Windows 7 from Ebay or Amazon.
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Just a quick question, I upgraded my mobo and windows booted fine first time, should i repair the installation to be safe?
Thanks, chris
(I was getting blue screens with the old mobo, but that was [i think] becuase the mobo was faulty)

A:reinstall windows after mobo upgrade?

Alright matey, i would repair it just to be on the safe side!! What mobo you upgraded to mate?? Sounds like ur old board gave u hassle mate?
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i just upgraded my MOBO to an AsRock MB-970A-G / 3.1

Now I get no system audio whatsoever!

Via my control panel, Realtek Digital Output is checked off.

Previously, I had audio rigged coming from two Gearhead Flat panel speakers, USB powered, and they
worked just fine. They are plugged into an external USB port on the new MOBO.

So, guess I've got some system reconfiguring to do?

A:No System Audio After MOBO Upgrade

Hi what's listed for the default play back device. what if you plug speakers into the green port do you get sound?
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Hello I have a computer with a Via P 1.8 Need a upgrade Socket for 478 a Willamette mobo VM chipset and it BLOWS for doing anything remotely tasking I wanted to Need a mobo upgrade for a Socket 478 Willamette 1.8 upgrade the motherboard to another Socket motherboard that would have a better chipset I don t want to completely rebuild it because it is my grandmother s computer and we just rebuilt another one Went from a Athlon Gigabyte Need a mobo upgrade for a Socket 478 Willamette 1.8 K NSC nForce FX MB GB DDR RAM Windows XP to Need a mobo upgrade for a Socket 478 Willamette 1.8 i - Asus P Z -V LX Sandy Bridge GTS GB GB RAM Windows -bit I m simply looking to improve the performance of that computer without changing everything in there or changing the operating system You guys got any ideas I guess I can take suggestions for a new motherboard processor memory combo that s not Socket but I need IDE and AGP I m really not trying to upgrade the HD and I don t have money to get a new dedicated GPU or PSU But then again if something can be found for around total and have an Intel processor preferred I might listen nbsp

A:Need a mobo upgrade for a Socket 478 Willamette 1.8

As I understand it, if you change the motherboard, you need to reinstall the OS anyway. If you're absolutely desperate not to do that then RAM and CPU upgrades are really the only way you can go, and even that'll be annoying, and probably cost more than investing in new hardware.
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Im replacing my Motherboard and CPU and i dont know how i can find out if the old power supply is right for the new motherboard.

A:Mobo upgrade (Power supply)

welcome to T.S.G samcat.

go to the mobo manufacturers site or do a search for reviews of that board and see if you can get any info on recomended psu`s
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Birthday coming up soon And I want to upgrade the mobo on my machine My current system PSU Thermaltake TR RX W Mobo INTEL D GZIS Processor Intel R Core TM my Help/Advice! - Want Mobo Solved: to upgrade Need CPU GHz Memory RAM GB DDR Mhz Graphics Gainward Solved: Want to upgrade my Mobo - Need Help/Advice! NVIDIA GeForce GTX Primary hard disk Western Digital Caviar Black TB Windows Ultimate RC Bit I have Solved: Want to upgrade my Mobo - Need Help/Advice! always been curious of the Nvidia Mobos and i have been looking in that direction for quiet a while Currently i have my eyes set on EVGA nForce i Ultra SLI Motherboard Im sort of a newbie when it comes to motherboards how good do you find this motherboard is It does support my Cpu although my ram are DDR and the mobo supports DDR that means i have to get new ram right Also I plan to upgrade my CPU later on just not right now does this make it a good Mobo pick In addition ive read nvidia gpu s run better on nvidia mobo is that true If so doesnt this Mobo have a little advantage over others since i own an Nvidia Gpu Im also very unlucky with hardware purchases i know they are updated very frequently believe it or not when i bought my GPU the newer version quot GX quot was released the same week So should i wait abit longer for newer generations to be released cause this mobo is abit old i believe or should i just go ahead and get this one Thanks in Advance Mark nbsp

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My mobo bit the dust, so instead of sending it to cyberpowerpc im buying a brand new different better motherboard, im wondering with the vista disk i got with my pc its a recovery disk if it will Install on my computer, and if it will activate? now i hear its shouldnt in its warranty but if you call microsoft theyll activate it anyway??

now do you actually talk to someone or do you talk to an automated messaging system...

and what number could i call to find out? i havent ordered the new motherboard yet

A:Having to upgrade my Mobo, installing OEM vista?

i seriously doubt the disc will work
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I am considering upgrading my laptop cpu, but I am not sure what CPU upgrades are compatible with my board, and when I try to look I draw a complete blank.

My motherboard is:

Manufacturer Dell Inc.
Model 0YXXJJ
Version A09
Chipset Vendor Intel
Chipset Model Havendale/Clarkdale Host Bridge
Chipset Revision 18
Southbridge Vendor Intel
Southbridge Model HM57
Southbridge Revision 06
Brand Dell Inc.
Version A09
Date 10/19/2010

A:How can you tell what CPU upgrade your laptop mobo can support?


From my experience, I have not seen laptops that the cpu was not soldered onto the mb. But I could be wrong but most laptops require a heck of a lot of tools and experience to take them apart and put in a new cpu.

In the long run, it might be less aggrivation to just buy a new laptop as they are getting cheaper and cheaper.
You might want to let us know why you want to change the cpu?

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This may be a silly question, but I want to ask anyway...

I'm currently running a home-made PC with Win XP, a 1.2Ghz Processor, 512Mb of PC2100 DDR, and dual HDD's (7200 RPM 80Gb Master and a 5600 RPM 20GB Slave) with a Radeon 8500LE video card (128Mb and runs at 250Mhz/250Mhz).

As I am becoming more and more addicted to games as time goes on, I wanted to know if I would better prepared in the future to play cutting edge games (i.e. Deus X, Doom 3, Halo) by upgrading my Mobo/CPU (faster processor, faster FSB, etc.) or by upgrading my video card? My 8500LE seems to doing it for me now, but I would like to see some better frame rates and play at higher resolutions. Lastly I should mention that my mobo will not support anything faster than the 1.2Ghz processor I'm currently running.


A:Video Card vs. Mobo/CPU Upgrade

Your video card is fine, if you really want to, you could throw some better cooling on it and overclock it.

If you had the money, then I would upgrade to a nice new motherboard with a brand new CPU, but if you do, you will most likely have to reinstall Windows.
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After I built my system. opinions for mobo an possible Need upgrade on old new system a couple weeks ago I discovered that I ve grown a taste for it so I want to do something with my old system I have Need opinions on possible mobo upgrade for an old system. a bunch of parts sitting around unused and the only new things Need opinions on possible mobo upgrade for an old system. I would need are a case and mobo which would cost me less than The current specs are Intel SE- BX- Intel Tualatin Celeron MHz PC RAM IBM Deskstar GXP GB ATA Western Digital WD BB GB ATA ATI Radeon mb Netgear FA Fast Ethernet Adapter Creative SoundBlaster Live Value Hitachi DVD-ROM Mitsumi x x CD-RW What I would like to do is change this system and my spare parts into systems The specs would be MSI T Pro VIA Apollo Pro T OR Soyo SY-TISU Intel i EP Intel Tualatin Celeron MHz mb PC OR mb PC RAM Western Digital WD BB GB ATA ATI Radeon mb Linksys TX Network Onboard Sound Mitsumi x x CD-RW and Intel SE- BX- Intel Pentium III MHz PC RAM IBM Deskstar GXP GB ATA Creative TNT mb Netgear FA Fast Ethernet Adapter Creative SoundBlaster Live Value Hitachi DVD-ROM Quadrant Cinemaster DVD Decoder Now the system would still be used for gaming so would I Need opinions on possible mobo upgrade for an old system. notice much of an increase in performance with the new mobo And also which of the mobos and RAM combos would you recommend The system will probably be dual-booted with SE and Linux so I can get a little more familiar and used for the occasional DVD viewing After all that is this a worthwhile quot project quot or am I just extremely bored I appreciate any and all opinions Edit I also plan to overclock the system and the SOYO motherboard is very overclockable Is the celeron unlockable nbsp

A:Need opinions on possible mobo upgrade for an old system.

Nothing Intel makes is unlockable; except for their earlier PIIs I think.
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Good morning I recently ordered an Asus GTX Strix and an i k CPU as well as a water cooling system for the CPU CORSAIR Hydro Series H i My current specs are as follows red text is what is being replaced Mobo i7 Extreme4 4790k? and 3 GTX970 for Gen P67 Upgrade CORSAIR XMS GB x GB -Pin DDR SDRAM Upgrade Extreme4 Gen 3 P67 Mobo for GTX970 and i7 4790k? DDR Upgrade Extreme4 Gen 3 P67 Mobo for GTX970 and i7 4790k? Intel R Core TM i - CPU GHz P Extreme Gen motherboard Corsair W PSU NVIDIA GeForce GTX My rig is not meeting the demands of the newer PC games when I want to run on high ultra high settings with all of the tessellation settings and nicer effects turned on I may upgrade to a faster ram speed as well as increasing the amount of memory to or GB The question I d like to ask is quot Am I limiting the new CPU and GPU a lot by not upgrading the motherboard and also how much bottlenecking will occur quot I have about US left in my budget for a motherboard if it necessary to upgrade I d like to go on and place the order for the parts within the next few days but I can wait and do more research or just ask questions as I am now lazy research and hopefully gain better understanding of this all Thanks very much cheers nbsp

A:Upgrade Extreme4 Gen 3 P67 Mobo for GTX970 and i7 4790k?

Your motherboard is designed for the socket LGA 1155 series of Intel processors. The i7 4790k that you ordered is the newest Intel 4th generation of cpus called Haswell. It is a socket LGA 1150 processor and will not work in your current board as per ASRock specs.

Also, 8 gigs is more than enough for gaming. Unless you are doing video rendering and graphics intensive applications you don't need 12 or 16 gigs of RAM
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I'm currently running this processor and MOBO: - Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 Kentsfield 2.4GHz 2 x 4MB L2 Cache LGA 775 Quad-Core Processor BX80562Q6600 - ASUS P5K EPU LGA 775 Intel P35 ATX Intel Motherboard

It's just not fast enough for me.

I was leaning towards the i7 because it seems to be the fastest processor for around $300.

But apparently these new intel chips have sandy bridge which is a form of hyper threading.

I'm just trying to figure out if I truly need the processor with hyper threading. I understand it basically turns the 4 cores into 8 virtual cores, but does it apply this speed to all computer programs and functions?

I run 3 monitors and constantly doing multiple things including web design, graphic design etc.

I also plan on maxing my ram at the 32gb the MOBO will allow to help this system run as fast as possible.

A:Need to upgrade processor and MOBO - do I really need hyper threading?

Quote: Originally Posted by JohnnyScience

I understand it basically turns the 4 cores into 8 virtual cores, but does it apply this speed to all computer programs and functions?

Take a look at the performance section here:

Hyper-threading - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

It helps under certain circumstances, but is not a substitute for additional cores. How much it would help in any situation varies, depending on the software involved.
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I have upgraded my processor and motherboard.
But my Windows 7 is nolonger working:
Windows crash+restart itself during the windows 7 logo loading-screen.
Rebooting to safe mode also is not working. Safe mode does not load and it restarts my pc.

Just afterwards I found out about a utility called Sysprep.

Is there a possibility to use this tool to fix my broken windows installation ? If yes tell me how please. If no, please give me other options.

Very much thanks !

A:How to repair my Windows 7 installation after mobo upgrade

You would need to run the SysPrep on the original hardware in order for it to work to SysPrep to move HD to another computer.

The best choice at this point is to Clean Reinstall - Factory OEM Windows 7 which steps are the same for retail as it must be to reactivate Win7 on a new mobo - OEM version lives and dies with the old mobo.

If you want to prepare the old Win7 to boot on the new hardware without having the old hardware you can install to a test partition you shrink using Partition Wizard boot CD, then immediately install Paragon Virtualization Manager (formerly Paragon Adaptive Restore) CD, run it on the old Win7 partition pointing it to the chipset (Sata controller) and LAN drivers and the test install's Windows>System 32>Drivers folder. Once it's adapted, mark the old partition Active and run Startup Repair - Run up to 3 Separate Times to start it, delete the test partition.
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CPU on 533FSB or an my upgrade... = for 800FSB ? Time CPU mobo Northwood gt Prescott Updated Hi guys Currently running P CPU Gigabyte GA-SINXP mobo x MB PC RAM x GB IDE drive running as master OS x GB IDE drives running striped no the IDE RAID controller for data MSI GeForce FX XT vid card Now i ve just managed to score some overtime at work and an even bigger deal i ve managed to convince the missus to let me spend that money from CPU = 800FSB or 533FSB on my mobo ? Time for an upgrade... the overtime on myself it just happens to be almost enough to get me a new CPU i ll worry about the fallout when she works out the shortfall later on lol So my question is this this being a Mhz FSB board but also looking toward the future is an Mhz CPU going to run in this just at a slower rate Any suggestions recommendations etc on what would be good for running on that board are very much welcome keeping in mind that I DO have a relatively limited budget so i ve been looking at chips around the low Ghz range just to give you a ballpark to play in nbsp

A:CPU = 800FSB or 533FSB on my mobo ? Time for an upgrade...

According to this page, it cannot support a 200mhz (800) FSB CPU. You'll have to update the board if you wish to use such a CPU.

Welcome to TechSpot. Hope you enjoy your stay.:wave:
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Hello All,

I have a 3 year old Dell Dimension 8200. The motherboard only supports AGP 4x. I am currently using a GeForce3 Ti200, 1.8 P4 and 256 PC800 RDRAM. The performance has been good, however I am thinking of doing some upgrades; bigger power supply, second HD and more memory. One question is should I upgrade the Ti200 with a newer card? I have searched the forum and know that an 8x card will work in a 4x slot and that AGP card are faster that PCI. I need your thoughts on if the performance with a newer AGP card will increase enough to be worth the price of the card? Thanks in advance.

One unsure Goober.

A:Should I upgrade my GeForce3 Ti200 if my Mobo only supports 4x?

Card Suggestions.

P.S. If any one has a suggection on a new card please let me know. Thx

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Just bought an LCD and a new power supply, system is running great, but im going to ditch this ECS and hopefully go with something like MSI or anything that is decent/good quality.

Can anyone recommend a good Motherboard for the specs found in my signiture? thanks a lot.

A:Almost finished with full upgrade, recommended MOBO?

What about an Abit motherboard? Here's a link:
Any of them should be good. The Fatal1ty board is really nice and so are the ones based on the 955 chipset.
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Okay so almost a year ago now I bought a Compaq from Wal-Mart for Yes I know buying a computer from wal mart Get Upgrade? Working Vista After Oem Mobo/processor is no good and that compaqs are pretty crappy But I did it and that's what I'm working with The computer is a Compaq Presario product number SR WM it came with a P Ghz MB PC- I think RAM a GB HDD and a DVD burner The motherboard is an ECS RC ST-HM The computer came preinstalled with Vista Basic I later used an upgrade copy of Vista Ultimate to ugrade Now comes the fun part I decided Get Vista Oem Working After Mobo/processor Upgrade? to build an HTPC to handle all my media and as I have next to no money I figured my crappy compaq would be an excellent place to start Long story short my quot Compaq quot looks like this now new Antec NSK media style case new Core Duo CPU new ECS GCT-M motherboard new GB x GB Corsair PC- Mhz RAM original GB HDD original DVD burner new TV tuner card So yeah it's pretty much a completely different system the only significant part from the old machine being the hard Get Vista Oem Working After Mobo/processor Upgrade? drive with the OEM windows installation Of course when I attempt to boot Windows won't load Compaq's factory recovery discs refuse to load due to the hardware changes I want to use my windows vista basic oem licencse on the upgraded computer and if I use the old mobo cpu ram to build a new desktop system I'll just install Linux I understand that technically an OEM Windows is good for one mobo only But I've heard rumors that you can get around that stipulation Anyone know how Oh and just in case someone wants to suggest that I simply install Linux and use MythTV on the new build that's what I'm doing right now But I quite simply prefer Windows Media Center so that's what I want MythTV is okay but there are things I don't like about it so I want to use the Vista I paid too much money for to run my media center

A:Get Vista Oem Working After Mobo/processor Upgrade?

But I've heard rumors that you can get around that stipulation. Anyone know how?Were there a way to get around that, we would not be discussing it here, since our guidelines forbid any discussions whose purpose is to defeat any security measures.Compaq's factory recovery discs refuse to load due to the hardware changesOf course. Compaq's disk is looking for a specific combination of hardware, which in turn is tied to a specific bulk license issued to Compaq. If that hardware is not there, then the installer quits. By any chance do you have a copy of XP? You could upgrade to Vista from that. That is your only other option.
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so it appears that my mobo CPU Reinstall MOBO, Replacement W8 Required? Upgrade, is on it's way out according to the manufacturer based on the symptoms i reported and it will need to be replaced the manufacturer will be shipping out a replacement this week same board prior to my mobo problems i had planned to upgrade my processor and memory and have since decided that i'll go ahead and do this once the replacement board arrives so my question is will i have to reinstall windows pro after i install the new hardware or since the mobo will be Replacement MOBO, CPU Upgrade, W8 Reinstall Required? the same will i be fine even with cpu upgrade about years ago with a different pc using windows xp i upgraded to a completely different mobo and cpu and xp booted right up all i had to do was reactivate it that was all didn't have to reinstall xp or any of my other programs iirc i followed some instructions that i found on the net that outlined how to install new hardware Replacement MOBO, CPU Upgrade, W8 Reinstall Required? without having to reinstall windows and other programs worked like a charm anyway it would be great if i didn't have to scour the net for the same type of instructions this time around and that it will be a simple process given i will be using the same mobo albeit a replacement any thoughts

A:Replacement MOBO, CPU Upgrade, W8 Reinstall Required?

I would think that if you are using the same motherboard, things should work the same. However, changing out the CPU and RAM may make a difference.

If Windows 8 runs true to form, the new CPU and RAM should be recognized; however, as we all know, Windows 8/8.1 don't exactly conform.

I'm guessing that you have already checked to be sure that the new CPU and RAM are compatible with the motherboard. If so, then the worst case scenario is that you would have to reinstall . . .

Is this a self-built system or an OEM?

If it's an OEM, I would first install the new mobo and the old CPU and RAM. I'm pretty sure you'd get a boot from there. The reason for this is that if your system is OEM, your product key is embedded and if it becomes necessary to reinstall, you'll need that embedded key.

I use the free version of Belarc Advisor: Belarc - System Management For The Internet Age. Software license management, IT asset management, IT security audits and more. to get MS product keys, and there are some others that have been published here, such as this tutorial: Product Key - Find for Windows 8

Hope this helps.
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Does anyone what aftermarket Motherboards would replace my stock unit (ob4ch) ?

A:New mothboard upgrade, Z400 0b4ch MOBO

If you're going to install a new (or used) motherboard make sure you get one with six memory slots, not 4.  The newer version ("Revision 1") motherboards can run the older processors, and the newer ones that can only run on the updated 6-slot motherboard. You can see the two version's HP Parts number if you google "Z400 spare parts".... this is the one you want, with the later part number: System board (motherboard) - Intel Tylersburg-C2 1S/DDR3, 1333 MHz front side bus, six DIMM memory slots, and one IEEE-1394a (Firewire) port586968-001 Key info is that each HP part has two numbers.... the above is one of the two for that exact same motherboard, and you can search for that" on eBay to find the second.  Or, just look and make sure you have a 6-sloter.  It is quite easy to do a motherboard transplant.   There is a new BIOS for that as of 4/16, by the way.  Make sure to install that too. You can read up in this forum about "Z400 boot block date" to see more about the differences.  That revision 1 Z400 is still excellent......
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I want to upgrade my Supermicro X5DAL-TG2 mobo in order to accommodate a GeForce 7800 video card. I want to salvage as much of my existing system as possible: two Xeon 2.8s, 4x512 MB 180 pin Kingston RAM, Adaptec dual 160 SCSI controller card, NewTek VT card (32 bit PCI). Which dual Xeon board would you recommend?

A:Upgrade a dual Xeon mobo to add PCI Express

as usual... im a MSI lover... so ill recommend you the followin MoBo with its Specs...

12 in (L) x 13 in (W), SSI EEB 3.0 form factor
? 8 DIMMs w/ DDR266 up to 32GB or 8 DIMMs w/ DDR 333 upto 24GB
? 1 PCI; 2 PCI-X(100MHz): 1 PCI-X (133MHz); 2 PCI-E 8X
? SCSI interface Adaptec AIC-7902 Ultra-320; Support Dual channel SCSI Ultra 320; Support Adaptec ZCR (Zero-Channel RAID)
? Dual Gb LAN; On board graphic; MSI server management IPMI 1.5

Remember to check you socket type in order to get the right one...

Regards from Panama
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Hi -
I've got a basic Dell Dimension 4300 that I've had about 5 years. It is now a second computer, but still serves an important purpose for my household. I want to upgrade the mobo so I can have more than 512MB RAM, but I'm afraid of choosing a mobo that won't fit the case or will have the wrong cabling interface. Can anyone suggest a mobo that would work? I'm willing to splurge on a new processor too if necessary, but I don't really want a Celeron. I'd like to be able to have up to 2GB RAM. Needless to say, since I'm upgrading instead of buying new, I want to keep cost to a minimum, although I know a new mobo + RAM will be costly, but still hopefully less $ than a new machine with all the fixin's. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks.

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So I have just had to swap my motherboard after a power surge got hold of my last one Now my graphics cards are randomly putting green dots all over some web pages amp programs I ve seen blue and red ones too on the odd occasion I do remember having a similar issue with just one monitor a while back and as far as I can remember I just kept fiddling with the cables That isn t working this time though is it just a case of upgrading drivers because of the new mobo Also I ve chosen not to put my crossfire cables on simply because I was Screens mobo got after dots upgrade green not using crossfire any more a little silly but would that contribute Thanks Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version OS Version Microsoft Windows Ultimate Service Pack bit Processor Intel R Core TM i - K CPU GHz Intel Family Model Stepping Screens got green dots after mobo upgrade Processor Count RAM Mb Graphics Card ATI Radeon HD Series Mb Hard Drives C Total - MB Free - MB F Total - MB Free - MB H Total - MB Free - Screens got green dots after mobo upgrade MB I Total - MB Free - MB Motherboard ASUSTeK COMPUTER INC P Z -V Antivirus ESET Smart Security Not Updated Click to expand nbsp

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Hi all PC was starting to struggle a bit with my quite old processor now AMD Athlon XP so I decided to upgrade I have bought an AMD Athlon CPU and FoxConn WinFast NF K AC-RS- MOBO I have just in loop stuck boot Processor upgrade and - MOBO installed it all and it all powers up ok single beep all IDE drives are detected my RAID drive isn't being detected but that's the least of my worries I was running Windows XP Pro on my C drive in HDD- - it is still set up the same Now it will go through the boot up motions but as soon as you get to the Windows MOBO and Processor upgrade - stuck in boot loop XP logo after the 'Verifying DMI Pool Data' line within a second it reboots It will do this continually if left alone I have tried booting in safe mode debug mode last good known configuration but it will just reboot everytime Now is this to be expected considering I've just changed the mobo and cpu and I will just have to re-install XP or should the upgrade not have affected my windows partition and it is a problem Obviously would prefer not to re-install XP due to the vast amount of programs I already have installed and setup how I like them Cheers everyone Mark

A:MOBO and Processor upgrade - stuck in boot loop

hi mark,

what u can try is to reinstall win xp. Boot from cd and when u get to screen to install xp will check to see if you have a previous installation of win xp and ask you what you want to should have 3 options once which asks do you want to repair . if you repair the windows folder will be deleted but all your programs etc will be left not continue with the above if you havn't the repair option... when you change m/b procesor etc... drivers for m/b are different hence the reboot.... hopefully this helps. remember carry out the steps as if you were installing the operating system for the 1st time.

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For reasons I don t understand I had K8V problem! MOBO: ASUS De BIOS-upgrade SE Luxe problems installing and activating the feature quot Cool n Quiet quot - also it appeared now and then difficult to enter the BIOS setup to enter the necessary adjustments of this feature I then decided to upgrade to the new BIOS sd Rom First I did it by means of the flash method - it failed but then I tried it the old fashoned way by means of AFUDOS Apparently It went fine and I was asked to do the usual reboot When doing that I end up in the quot American Megatrends quot splash screen saying CMOS Checksum bad Press F to run Setup Press F to load default values and continue however to press neither of the ASUS K8V SE De Luxe MOBO: BIOS-upgrade problem! two gives no result whatsoever How should one reset the BIOS - quot delete quot is without effect also when normally trying to enter the BIOS setup function The manual does not say anything in this regard There is probably a combinations of letters that can reset the BIOS Also I would be pleased to know how others manage to upgrade the BIOS without these problems MB details Socket VIA K T DDR ASUS Athlon Thanks for any piece of advice Oeksen nbsp
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O.K short and sweet. OEM pc MOBO died, replaced MOBO, windows having trouble booting (expected). attempting repair with no results but FAIL. I am noobish, so I ask, what can I use to help the repair process? PS: I upgraded my OS out of the box From win 7 home premium OEM install, to Win7 Ultimate x64 via disk. I also have win 7 premium (full) on disk from another PC i installed it too, if that would help. I would do a clean install, but I can't lose any of my photos and data. Any suggestions?

A:Windows 7 repair with new MOBO old HDD? is upgrade disk usable?

The Product Key from the Win 7 premium full disk that is installed on another disk can't be used to install to the PC with the failed mobo, might be able to use that disk to repair the OEM install.

Are all of your disks burned? Or purchased? Or ?

What disks have you used to attempt a repair? Burned disks? OEM disks? Retail? Ultimate?
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So let me see I upgraded my system to an MSI FXA-GD with GSkill Ripjaws X gb in x gb sticks that came packaged together so presuming they matched them F - CD - GXM that GSkill says is compatible with the MSI board Though the bios only sees it as when set to auto No luck unsetting auto and setting the values to what is listed from GSkill still BSOD errors almost daily and total system freezes that last several minutes that happen every few hours So I can safely assume upgrade memory after BSOD - etc system freezes - / mobo that isn't the issue or it's one symptom of a bigger issue Already did a chkdsk boot up scan of the primary hdd and no errors where found Did a boot up MemTest test in one pass no errors Since I am getting one of two BSOD errors Kernel InPage Data Error and a Stop x F error I am pasting the requisite zip file and hope someone can point to what might be the problem I already reinstalled Windows twice once after the upgrades and one a week later already that was about a clean install in both cases as one can do I formatted the partition Windows is installed on before reinstalling Windows didn't fix the problem Oh The dmp files in the archive are old one is from the th the other from the th even though according to Control Panel - gt System - gt Advanced Settings - gt Startup amp Recovery shows it is set to create a dump file and to not restart automatically Help Update While waiting I started a surface scan of the data hdd for good measure I went into file explorer right clicked on the drive properties tools scan disk BSOD after mobo / memory upgrade - system freezes - etc with the surface scan check marked Mid way though explorer exe started to eat more and more memory until it was eating over gbs system lag insued and then another two today BSOD this being a Kernel Inpage Data Error Stop x A Oddly enough it froze at quot Initializing Disk for Crash Dump quot waited a good min or so with no change in status so the new upload will have the same old dump files but the rest should hopefully be updated

A:BSOD after mobo / memory upgrade - system freezes - etc

Hello BelGarion mate the one thing you mentioned re the RAM only showing up as 1333MHz now if the new board is anything like my Asus Ivy Bridge one the EUFI BIOS has 1333MHz as a default speed for the RAM and it has to be clocked up if you want any speed out of the RAM - mine is fully clocked to 2400MHz.

Now have you got any new dump files at all??
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hey guys,
Hope there is someone who is able to help me.

i have a k7vat Lucky Star mobo.
BIOS is award modular v6.00PGN

i need to update it because it sees only 136 GB out of 320 GB of my new hard disk!!

i have xp pro sp2 and it sees the full 320 GBs (in disk management), but when i boot my pc in the bios screen it shows: 136 GB
"you could say where is the problem?? your xp sees it all..."
yes but when i try to create a new partition (whatever type), i cant access it.
so 90% it's bios limitation.

please help me.
i cant find the site of lucky star...

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HP a1100y [CTO] / XPsp2

Looking to upgrade my processor (just a notch or two, not spending a fortune) and wanna be sure this fella will fly. Looks okay to me, but I'm stupid, and would like another opinion...

Intel Celeron D 336 Prescott
Socket 775 LGA / 2.8GHz / 533MHz
L2 cache Size: 256KB
L2 cache Speed: 2.53GHz

Intel Pentium 4 650
Socket 775 LGA / 3.6GHz / 800MHz
L2 cache Size: 2MB
L2 cache Speed: 3.4GHz

According to HP's a1100y page:
* Socket: 775
* Supports the following processors
o Pentium 4 600 series
o Pentium 4 with HT
o Celeron D

Whaduhya think? There's a deal on these buggers right now - so I can afford it.

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Hi I am building up to building a PC for the first time As a practice run I was planning on doing a mobo CPU upgrade to my current PC I plan to order an Asus P T C i E with an Intel P w FSB What I am wondering is whether my current case and power supply is worth keeping or not It case/power worth / saving? upgrade MOBO is the case that came with my Compaq Persario US model P series It has a watt power supply MOBO upgrade / case/power worth saving? and one rear case fan My main concern was if I do not plan to overclock would this be a sufficient number of fans for this mobo CPU Or is it really just worth it to spend some cash for a new case power supply MOBO upgrade / case/power worth saving? Current Rigg Compaq Persairo MOBO upgrade / case/power worth saving? US OS Wnk GB Intel Mobo modified by Compaq megs of PC PNY Geforce Ti megs PNY gig Harddrive Western Digitall AB DVD-rom OEM CDR OEM Accton Network card EN D Series nbsp

A:MOBO upgrade / case/power worth saving?

I mixed up my mobos on that one. I should have put Intel Motherboard D850EMV2 for the upgrade. The ASUS board would have been if I was looking to overclock but on this particular machine it is not even a consideration.
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Gateway FX E the items with the will be replaced Processor Intel Core i - Processor GHz with Turbo Boost Technology up to GHz Operating System - Genuine Windows Home Premium -bit Memory - GB DDR Dual-Channel MHz Memory x MB Memory Capacity - DDR Slots Total Slots Available Hard Drive - TB SATA hard drive Green Product - variable RPM Video - ATI Radeon HD Graphics card with GB of Memory Optical Drive - X DVD -R RW SuperMulti Drive Power Supply - W Power Supply Available Expansion Slots Available - PCI-E x - PCI-E x - PCI Dimensions Box quot H x quot W x quot D or mm H x mm W cards? Radeon mobo allow and crossfire? will use psu this to me 5770 upgrade video 2 x mm D Dimensions System quot H x quot W x quot D or mm H x mm W x mm D External Ports USB Front Rear HDMI PS DVI Audio High Definition Headphone Jack High Definition Microphone Jack Media Card Reader Multi-in-One Digital Media will this psu and mobo upgrade allow me to use crossfire? 2 Radeon 5770 video cards? Card Reader with PhotoFrame Button Motherboard Systemboard with Intel H Express Chipset the items with the will be replaced and i will be adding a ATI Radeon HD with GB Memory for a Crossfire configuration unless you see a problem with that my proposed replacement mother board is the Gigabyte LGA SATA ATI CrossFireX ATX Motherboard GA-X A-UD R found at http www amazon com gp product B CSTFY ref olp product details ie UTF amp me amp seller the proposed replacement for the power supply is a Lifetime Series Pro W Psu found at http www amazon com Lifetime-Series-Pro- W-Psu dp B WJCZ tag klnprk- my question to you is will these upgrades even be compatible with my computer will it work will it over heat basically any input you can add will be very highly appreciated thank you for your time nbsp

A:will this psu and mobo upgrade allow me to use crossfire? 2 Radeon 5770 video cards?

PSU made by Who? Looks like junk!

I would get a good Antec, Thermaltake, OCZ, or Corsair of about the same wattage.
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Hello, I've updated my tech specs on my comp so clicking the computer icon next to my name will give you all the stats for my pc. Now, on to the main point: I'm looking to upgrade my current AMD Athlon 64 X2 4000+ processor to an AMD Athlon 64 X2 6000+ processor and I've been told that to upgrade processors you need to update your BIOS before installing the new CPU.

If that is the case, (A) where would I go to get any updates for a M2N68-LA motherboard and (B) can anyone tell me if that'll make it work for sure?

Also I'd would appreciate any tips for changing out my processor as this will be my first time doing so. Thank you for any help

A:Solved: How do I update BIOS for my mobo? Needed to upgrade processor?
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Good evening everyone Been a long time lurker of MoBo - Restart/Shutdown Upgrade Post Cannot Windows Issues the and forums was a member of the forums back in the day Anyway I have me a fun little problem that is making me lose hair and I am hopeful someone here can help I had a Gigabyte motherboard that died and was replaced under warranty The replacement was a Z -HD which was a slight upgrade on the one that I had before because they didn't Post MoBo Upgrade Windows Issues - Cannot Restart/Shutdown have any replacements for my version While I was awaiting replacement I had an Asus motherboard as a loan from the shop Once the new permanent board was installed I have had no end of issues with my Windows PC I am unable to shutdown or restart the PC the blue spinning screen lasts ages then the screen goes black but the fan and lights remain onI am unable to install windows updates suspect this is due to the above I cannot install new NVidea Post MoBo Upgrade Windows Issues - Cannot Restart/Shutdown drivers as the installer hangs on quot Installing Drivers quot Scanning for hardware changes in device manager is eternal These are the things that I have tried SFC Scannow Returns a single issue of OpenCL dll being corrupt so basically a non-issue as this is normal Disabling the Intel MEIUninstalling the Intel MEI so that it will install the version it wantsRebooting to Safe Mode Curiously there are no issues in Safe Mode Post MoBo Upgrade Windows Issues - Cannot Restart/Shutdown though Windows Installer won't run so I cannot test the driver installBooting to Ubuntu Everything works normallyManually updating the Intel MEI and Chipset Device Software Former has no effect on driver latter hangsRun MalwareBytes in Safe ModeRun Windows DefenderRun Spybot S amp DRun Intel Driver Utility program Only identified the Chipset Device Software as being out of date Based on all of the above I believe the core issue is I have some incorrect hardware drivers but I have no idea how to identify which ones may be causing the problems The only software change bar game patches that occurred between the old and new MoBo's was a windows update that installed something for the Asus motherboard While I can go the whole PC Reset route I desperately do not want to Anyone got any ideas