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Documents Library in Windows 7 no longer working ( Music + pictures +

Q: Documents Library in Windows 7 no longer working ( Music + pictures +


i have an issues with my library file

my library its looking like this and i cant open it !!!!

and there is no " users " folder in the c:

can any one help me please


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Preferred Solution: Documents Library in Windows 7 no longer working ( Music + pictures +

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Documents Library in Windows 7 no longer working ( Music + pictures +

If this just started in the last few days, do a System Restore to a date before you had the problem.
System Restore
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I am trying to help someone who has an HP laptop with Win i processor GB RAM bit Click on any of the Libraries and you see this message Documents library-ms is no longer working I searched this forum and found a post that references the Microsoft fix item below A web search found a number of posts including http www winhelponline com blog fix-error-library-ms-is-no-longer-working-windows- http answers microsoft com en-us -working e c - - e - a-ae aa c working is no longer Documents.library-ms b http www techsupportforum com for cess-libraries-library-ms-problem- html These posts are generally consistent in Documents.library-ms is no longer working their instructions a delete existing libraries restore default libraries - OR b just restore default libraries However there are a number of responses to those instructions some say that they work others say they don t work The rd forum listed above claims that quot this can be caused by the file association for Library-ms files being corrupted quot and to download and run Libraryfix Win zip no link provided All of which is a little confusing and not inclined to inspire confidence with the recommended solution So does anyone on this forum have any experience with this problem If so have you tried the Microsoft fix If so does it work Thanks for your help nbsp
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This has just happenened,have no idea why,can i replace the library thanks

A:Pictures library no longer working

refer to this thread.
"" is no longer working
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Hi i have Windows 8 Pro

I found this link but it's still not fixed. Does someone have a solution to this.
Fix Error "Documents.library-ms is no longer working" in Windows 7 - The Winhelponline Blog
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I had the Pictures library no longer working error happen yesterday, it's still the same today.
Is there an 'easy-to-follow' cure for this, as I'm puzzled as to where my imported pictures will go when I next transfer pics from my digital camera? .

Thanks in advance,

** EDIT, it's 7022 - stupid me **

A:7022 Pictures.library-ms is no longer working error message.

Hello Bob,

Welcome to the Seven Forums.

Have you tried a restore point to before this problem started? Did you download some pics and now they're gone missing?

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My libraries file, Documents, Music, Pictures, Videos had developed a problem.

When I click on Pictures, the picture folders appear, but immediately below, my document files appear as folders also.

If I delete a document file in the pictures file, the document also deletes in the documents file.

If I try to move the document file from the picture file to the document file, a window says its an Identical sub folder and won't go any further.

How can I remove the folder list of documents from the picture file without destroying those documents in the document file?

I think that this problem developed as I loaded an ArcSoft program to read slides into my computer.



A:Documents Library also Appears in Pictures Library

Hello Jimbow, and welcome to Seven Forums.

If it's just been added to your Pictures library by mistake, then you should be able to use the tutorial below to remove it from the library without deleting the actual folder.

Library - Remove a Included Folder

Hope this helps,
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i'm currently in charge of the IT support of a school, and the error message
«"Documents.library-ms" is no longer working » appeared on student account whenever they want to reach ther windows library directories.

I found something to solve this issue : delete libraries, then restor it. But this methode work only for accounts one by one, and they are more than 700!

So I want to solve this issues in a programmatic way, i found some tools like ShLib an SlUtil but it doesn't work

If someone already had this kind of problème, i'll be pleased to know how it gone!
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Hello. Let me start off with saying I know next to nothing about computers but googled my problem and was lead to this site. I received this message while trying to access my picture library.
"pictures.library-ms" is no longer working. This library can be safely deleted from your computer. Folders that have been included will not be affected.

Can anyone help me fix this problem?

A:"pictures.library-ms" is no longer working

Might try this out.

Libraries - Restore Default
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Nevermind. Edit: answer already here.

Difference: corruption of my library was caused by clicking Apply then OK too quickly on the "Picture Properties" window (Start > Right click "Pictures" > Properties), causing the library to be updated twice simultaneously.

Actually the fix I linked above does NOT solve my specific problem. The repair install suggested therein is apparently the only fix.

A:"" is no longer working

When clicking on "Pictures" in the Start Menu, I receive:

When doing "right click > Properties" on "Pictures", I receive:

I'm not fixing to try the repair install because I'll be purchasing Windows 7 soon anyways, but I certainly won't be making this mistake twice, since there is apparently no fix (at least that I can find).
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My computer is a bit like the car turn either of them on and expect it to do its 'thing' but when it doesn't stuck My windows library is not working nightmare Anyway I've researched how to delete and then reinstall programme sorry if my jargon aint with it What I cannot understand is why this library facility has so many awful reviews on the forum who are slatting this facility and how it eventually clogs up memory with duplicated files Then there are others they proclaim if you take the time to learn and understand how to use it it will transform your searching experience What confuses me more is that there are many attempting to disable or totally eradicate it from the computer There is a quot registry hack quot website for windows which Library 8 no working is longer Windows disables the library I'd appreciate anyone's thoughts on this matter AND also If anyone would feel temptation towards disabling it completely If Windows 8 Library is no longer working these people don't want the library to work is there a reason why they do not just leave it as mine is now Whenever I save a word doc it warns me library not working but the files stores elsewhere no problem Maybe I shouldn't bother repairing or perhaps that affects the overall performance I'd be grateful for any thoughts

A:Windows 8 Library is no longer working

Learn to use Libraries. They can make it real easy to have a single place to access similar data spread across multiple folders/partitions/hard drives. Entries in libraries are nothing more than pointers to the real location of data. They take up almost no space at all so there is no reason to ever delete them except for when you no longer want to access something that way, then just right click on the entry and select Remove entry from library.

Likewise, when you want to add an entry, right click on it and select Include in Library then pick the library you want it included in or create a new library.

For instance, I have 3 library entries under Documents, my personal documents folder, my wife's personal documents folder and My Documents which is the root of the above two and has all the stuff that is not specific to either of us.
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Using Win 8 and Office 2010. All of a sudden all of my libraries went away. When I click on any library. (Documents, Music, Pictures). I get an error message in a box. It says:
"Documents.library-ms" is no longer
This library can be safely deleted from
your computer. Folders that have been
included will not be affected.

All the folders are gone. I was working with a letter in MS Word. Help, what did I do and What do I do next to retrieve everything?? There is nothing in my Recycle Bin.
Thanx for your help,

A:Documents.library-ms" is no longer

The MS library (never got used to the pronunciation or spelling of that word, surely it should be LIBERY, no?) Anyhooo... its really just a link to your local profile. Though I don't specifically know what has happened, it is entirely possible that the link is 'broken' but the actual files still remain in the appropriate location.

For Example

My libraries will appear to be directly in my 'Jimscreechy' folder on my desktop or in the 'Libraries' folder in my windows explorer. In actual fact this is just a link to the real location which is C:\users\jimscreeechy\my music

So firstly navigate to C:\users\'your computer ID'\music... which judging from your member name I am going to equate to c:\users\eddie460\my music

if you navigate to this location and find your files, sing halleluyah and recreate the links by right-clicking the libraries icon and selecting new, then navigating to the location of your choice (music for example) where you want to reinstate the library. You can also create NEW libraries like (Reviews, Avenging Angels, Top secret stuff ) in this manner... if you choose.

If on the other hand you navigate to where your files should be and there is nothing there! Well, you may need to look at restoring from backup (if you have one) or undeleting from the recycle bin (if you haven't emptied it) or (as a last resort) reclaiming files with a restore program (shaky if you've been using the PC for any length of time since the loss of the link)

ER... hope this helps.
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Using longer no [SOLVED] Documents.library-ms" is Win and Office All of my libraries have become unusable When I click on the [SOLVED] Documents.library-ms" is no longer File Explorer icon in the Quick [SOLVED] Documents.library-ms" is no longer Launch Toolbar of the Desk Top I get four icons representing Library s Music Pictures and Videos When I click on LIBRARY I get error message LIBRARY library-ms quot is no longer working This library can be safely deleted from your computer Folders that have [SOLVED] Documents.library-ms" is no longer been included will not be affected I get a similar error message if i click on any of the others In addition my DOCUMENTS Library is missing I am able to view and recall items in Documents all of which are Word items by creating a new word document clicking on RECENT This gives me all of my documents How do I restore the ability to click on the File Explorer icon and then Documents to see and use all my Word documents and files I asked this question previously and received a solution from JIMSCREECHY He suggested that I navigate to C users my computer ID any library and right-clicking the libraries icon and selecting new then navigating to the location of your choice music for example where you want to reinstate the library When I right click on Library or any other item I do not have a NEW option If I highlight Library and right click in the field I am given the NEW option Clicking on it creates a new Library Similarly doing the same to PICTURES VIDEOS or MUSIC also creates a NEW LIBRARY Today I did a system restore to a point before this all happened and it did no good Everything is still not working As you can see I need some help please Thanks eddie

A:[SOLVED] Documents.library-ms" is no longer

Click on File Explorer Icon, the Libraries window opens, Right click Libraries on the Left side and choose Restore Default Libraries.
If that doesn't work, Your profile may be corrupted.
Try creating a new user with Admin rights, log out of the current user profile and login as the new user. Fix a corrupted user profile - Windows Help
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Hi. I just observed that if you install a software, sometimes they will create a "My Folder" (If you install DivX, you get a My Videos, if you install MS Visio, you get a My Shapes folder.) When you log onto a different user account and browsed all your way to a different user account directory, you'll notice that the My will all be changed into the name of the user account that owns it.
So much a background. My question is does anybody knows how to create a "My" folder manually?

A:My Documents, My Pictures, My Music

Set the folder read only (must be done using the attrib command in a Command Prompt)
Create a desktop.ini file in the folder. Use the one in My Documents as a guide.
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I have a Lenovo w thinkpad running windows vista All my problems begin when I tried to uninstall an internet filtering program called Optenet The only Gone Music, All Pictures) Files(Documents, problem is it required a password to uninstall that All Files(Documents, Music, Pictures) Gone I had long since forgotten so I tried to get around this by using a All Files(Documents, Music, Pictures) Gone program called revo uninstaller After I did this my internet was really slow and buggy so I tried restarting my computer The internet completely stopped working after it booted back up I tried using a system restore but for some reason no restore points could be found I know that there where system restore points just a few weeks earlier The built in restore function in in revo uninstaller didnt seem to do anything either Next I used a program called Free Window Registry Repair thinking that that might be the problem but it only made things worse I started getting error messages on startup that SSDP discovery was not working and something about TMP not working right I unfortunately dont remember the exact message Also explorer would stop working alot when I started it up and in general my whole computer began running very slow At this point I used norton antivirus to scan my computer for viruses but that did not turn up anything Finally I used the restore feature of Free Window Registry Repair and restarted my computer When it turned back on my background was the default one my computer started with the only icons were recycling bin my computer and revo uninstaller The windows sidebar which I had disabled was back up and all of my files were gone At this point my main priority is to get my files back If there is a way to get my computer working again that would be nice too but I dont want to do anything that might make it impossible to get my files back Thank you for any help I really am at a loss on what to do next

A:All Files(Documents, Music, Pictures) Gone

Do you have any other computers available to you? You can run Recuva on a flash drive or the like, and see if that nets you anything? Since installing things would overwrite previous files.
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Hell all. Here is my problem. You see how in the Start Menu you have My Documents, My Music and My Picture. What I want to do is to link those 3 icons to go into the My Docs, My Music and My Picture that I have in my external Hardrive instead of the default place.

I hope you guys understand this. Any way I can do this?

A:Solved: Change My Documents, My Pictures, My Music...

If you clidk Start, then right-click My Documents, and select Properties, then click the "Move" button, you get an opportunity to select another location to store your documents from a small Explorer window. Expand My Computer (click the "+" sign) and you should see your external drive. Select that drive, and then click the "Make New Folder" button, and name the new folder whatever you like (or select an existing folder if it suits your needs). My Music and My Pictures will tag along for the ride automatically.
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I'd like to delete My Pictures and My Music folders within My Documents. Though whenever I do, the My Pictures and My Music icons on the Start Menu will not open.

It's redundancy not to my liking to have My Pictures and My Music folders within My Documents folder, and to have My Pictures and My Music icons on the Start Menu; which lead to the same folders.

Is there a way to delete My Pictures and My Music folders within My Documents folder, while still retaining their Start Menu functionality?

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I hope someone can help me as I am not the most technical user of a PC So if a solution is posted please make it easy Here is my issue I bought a new PC with Windows and I probably set up stuff wrong at the start I set up my wife and daughters as Administrators like me but I thought that they would not be able to see my Documents or Pictures or Music as my Profile has a password But they were able to see all my Music Documents and Pictures Previously in Windows XP all our PC Hiding Documents/Music/Pictures Users Other from stuff was separate and they didn't see any of my files Thinking all I had to do was make them Standard Users and this would rectify the issue but obviously it didn't I have left them at Standard Users hoping for a solution from you people here on this Forum So I am asking is there Hiding Documents/Music/Pictures from Other PC Users a way on Windows to have my stuff Private for me and for no one to see it Thanks Gary

A:Hiding Documents/Music/Pictures from Other PC Users

Just go to your User name folder as shown in the picture, my name is blocked out in Blue' right click a library folder then choose "Share With" then choose "Stop Sharing" for any particular Library folder that you don't want to share.

You need to do this because in Windows 8/8.1 the Users folder is shared by default so that people don't get confused on how to share the Users folders, sharing of the Username folder was not enabled with Windows 7.
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From what I read Vista won't allow these folders to just be deleted. In fact, it recreates them when you do delete them.

But is there some way to "officially" get rid of those folders?
I am sure it is a surprise to MS but I don't use any of the three I mentioned.

I understand you can move them but that isn't what I want. If not get rid of them completely, can they "officially" be renamed? Seems like this might mix up the Junction Points function though?

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My Documents, pictures and music are not working.

However, I can see them in the thumbnail at the bottom bar. They just don't launch. I can't access them.

This maybe because I was trying to make an old game called Master of Orion 2 work.

Master of Orion II - Anyone got it to work correctly?

I created a batch file that might be responsible for this to disable explorer and a task kil as below:

6. Go to C:\Windows\SysWOW64. Copy dplayx.dll, and rename the copy to dplay.dll.
7. Create a batch file and copy the lines below into it:

TASKKILL /F /IM "explorer.exe"
cd C:\"Program Files (x86)"\Microprose\Orion2
start /w C:\"Program Files (x86)"\Microprose\Orion2\Orion95.exe
start C:\Windows\explorer.exe

How do I undo this and have access to document, pictures and music folders?

Any help appreciated.

A:Documents, Pictures and Music not showing (task kill)?

Tried restarting PC?
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My current aging computer HDDs Splitting My to Documents/Pictures/Music/Videos 2 has an internal GB HDD which is made up mostly of files inside My Documents Splitting My Documents/Pictures/Music/Videos to 2 HDDs My Pictures My Music My Videos folders I just ordered the Microsoft Surface Pro w GB SSD I also ordered an external USB GB SSD so that between the Surface's GB SSD and the external GB SSD I can transfer all my data from my aging computer My question I would like to set up Windows so that the Splitting My Documents/Pictures/Music/Videos to 2 HDDs Surface Pro with its GB SSD will include the OS apps and My Documents folder and that the attached external USB GB SSD will hold the My Pictures My Music My Videos folders If I'm away from home for the day or a few days I will only take the Surface Pro with me and likely leave the external SSD behind because I mostly use the stuff in My Documents So specifically I'd like to know if you think I should set up Windows Splitting My Documents/Pictures/Music/Videos to 2 HDDs with all these folders on the Surface Pro but have the My Pictures My Music My Videos folders be empty except for a LINK to folders on the external SSD which will include the actual content files of these folders or should I actually MOVE those three system folders from the GB SSD onto the external GB drive Thanks so much Mike

A:Splitting My Documents/Pictures/Music/Videos to 2 HDDs

Hello Mike,

I would suggest to install OS to the laptop and keep and the folders in external drive. As you mentioned that you use My Documents mostly, you can copy that folder in your laptop.
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4 some reason i have an extra 2 folders of documents,pictures,videos and music folders and i comes up in my taskbar and i cant delete any of them cause if i do they all get deleted i h8 vista can any 1 help fix this really annying problem cause the only other solution i can think of is to reformat my computer (sigh) and i really dont want to do that i have windoes vista home premium 32bit ty any help would be apreciated

A:problems with documents,pictures,videos and music folders

Welcome to TSF

Can i ask, Have you upgraded from XP recently?

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The normal loading time is about 1-2 seconds. Loading time has been ranging from 2 to 45 seconds from start menu, desktop shortcuts, and Windows Explorer. All other programs load normal speed 1-4 seconds. My Documents, which I use the most often, is the worst. Doesn’t appear to depend on how many programs/windows are open or if I am on the internet. Using AVG Free antivirus-no infections found, except 20 or so level 3 cookie/yieldmanagers when loading Internet Explorer/Firefox. No recent changes to the computer. Only 5% of hard drive being used. Spybot/Adaware/AVG run every couple of days. This has been happening for 17 days, tried several previous system restore points--no effect. Defragged—although XP indicated this unnecessary. I use an APC battery backup. Scan Disk run several days ago--no problems found. This morning working normally for first time since problem began (no action taken)—yesterday loading times varied from 4-35 seconds throughout the day.

A:XP: Erratic Loading Times for My Documents/Pictures/Music/Computer

See if you can find a registry scanner, your registry could suffer from corruption which can also slow the machine down.
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When I first started using the Pictures library it would only take pictures I pasted in the library and would sort them under a date heading . How can I get the Pictures library to 1.) to take only pictures I paste in.
2.) to file under the date taken on picture
with a date heading.
3.) to store these pictures in an external
I have tried many "fixes" with no problem resolution. Desperate - need help. Thanks for the help.
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I just did a recovery on my laptop to get the "arrange by" command to work on my Windows 7 pictures library. When I had loaded the discs and the "new" Windows 7 was loaded the command worked fine - once I loaded the HP downloads the command did not work (libraries stuck in Folder command ). Need help to figure this out ! Thanks for the help.
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I have two computers in a Homegroup. I have been able to share files with no issue between the two - except today I noticed that I get a "Working on it" message and File Explorer hangs when trying to pull up the Pictures library from one of the computers. The other libraries (Videos, documents, etc.) work fine.

I've removed sharing. I've removed the offending computer from the Homegroup.

Neither fixed.

Any ideas?
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Not being that experienced, I'm a little confused w/ the way the Library sorts CDs into genres vs the way I could sort the Music Folders. They don't seem to relate. For example, the Library lists an album under "Rock" that I would like to move to another genre but I cannot figure a way to do this. On the other hand, I know I could play around w/ the folders so that this particular CD is in the right place. However, I'm not sure that if I take the time to organize my Music folders whether this will have any impact on how the Library sorts them.
If you can shed some light on this I'd sure appreciate it.
Thanks, Nick.

A:Solved: Windows media music library vs music folders

Mp3 music files have tags that are kept inside the files themselves. The most common ones are Artist, Album, Track Title, Track Number, Release Year and Genre. When you put a file into the WMP library, the tags are read and stored, along with the file location.

So the tag data is what shows up in the WMP library and you can sort on various fields depending on which version you have. But the files can be put anywhere and named anyway you like. Most people use a certain naming convention like Artist-TrackNumber-Title.

If you want to sort the folders by genre you could do that, but you'll have to do it manually. You can do some manipulating of folders and filenames with tag editors. If you want to give that a try get Mp3Tag.
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Using Win 8 and Office 2010. Just downloaded and installed software, from Microsoft, for MS LifeCam, model VX6000. Installation went well and Cam works. Now when I click on anything in my Library I get a text box, described below. When clicking on Documents I get this notice and cannot get into my documents. However I am able to get to Word files my clicking on to the RECENT command in a word file. Don’t know what has happened, but I sure need some help.
Thanks, eddie460

“Documents, library - ms"
Is no longer working.
This library can be safely deleted
from your computer. Folders
that have been included will not
be affected.

A:Solved: Documents no longer working

Are you able to access the 'Documents' folder in your user subdirectory? (C:\Users\username\Documents)
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Not sure where to post this. This error started a few days ago after a reboot for needed updates. I tried a restore point but it is still happening. When I open Explorer from the desktop, or try to open Photos in Metro I get this error.

"Pictures.Libraries-ms is no longer working. This Library can be safely deleted from your computer. Folders that have been included will not be affected."

I can drill down in explorer to my pictures folder and see my photos but the photo tile on Metro no longer functions when open, it still previews photos as a live tile though.

A:Pictures.Libraries-ms is no longer working

Hello Mohave,

You can delete any library that you get this type of error with, then see if you may be able restore the default libraries to have them work again. You may need to add folders you want back to each library.

Hope this helps,
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I have Vista -bit Premium and have some issues All of my pictures documents and music files are no longer showing in their respective directories The only reason I know they aren t deleted is because the large folder sizes and file number are still correct I am not sure when this started but it MAY be an issue due to use of RegistryBooster awhile ago I hadn t used it in awhile had no problems then but since I ve read online that these programs can cause issues I wonder (Vista) help my and "see" music, pictures me Solved: Please documents, if that was the culprit I ve used system restore but it only goes back to recent two weeks or so not before I used RB if that s the problem I could use RB to restore my registry back to what it was when I last ran it but I don t want to make my problem worse especially if that isn t the problem I ve read random threads at forums on gaining Admin permissions in my folders Solved: Please help me "see" my music, documents, and pictures (Vista) but when I try to change the settings I am told Access is Denied for the very files it is trying to open up for me I think the settings to List Contents ore off but I can t figure out how to gain full access to turn all permissions on they stay grayed out or won t stay checked Please help Thank you nbsp

A:Solved: Please help me "see" my music, documents, and pictures (Vista)
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Hi. I have a large collection of photos which are stored in my pictures library. I have found they also appear in my videos library. I am sure I have never copied them across. The 2 libraries seem to be identical.

Any ideas what might have happened ?

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i can go to file explorer and see all my sub folders created under the pictures library, but any app i use to see the photos, like the photos tile installed with windows 8, it does not show any sub folders at all.. the only way to see photos is to put pictures directly in the my pictures folder with no folders! and then it shows the photos but will not show any sub folders or pictures in them!

any idea how to fix this.. been on phone with microsoft for 2 hours now and they have no clue.

A:windows 8 not seeing sub folders in my pictures library

somebody had this question in another thread and got it solved. maybe you can search for that thread
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The Picture App says no pictures added when I copy and paste into Pictures Library. What am I doing wrong?

A:No Pictures in Windows Picture Library

You are talking about the "metro photos" app right?
Check your pictures properties. Right click on pictures.
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EDIT This issue has been solved Hi there This problem is slowly driving me crazy and I d appreciate anyone s insights My default Pictures library has somehow become a permanent clone of my Videos library It s not that it s a copy of Videos it s that both libraries have merged into the same entity The quot Pictures library-ms quot file literally does not exist Windows is using one file and one set of options yet displaying it as if there were two libraries And it stubbornly refuses to acknowledge that quot Pictures quot can or should exist If I delete one of the quot Videos quot both links remain visible until I refresh the Explorer window which makes them both disappear If I try to delete one and then the other Windows says it Library My Videos Solved: My Pictures Library Ate can t find the file which makes sense since the individual quot Videos library-ms Solved: My Videos Library Ate My Pictures Library quot file is already gone If I delete all of my libraries and then select quot Restore default libraries quot both duplicates reappear as before No quot Pictures library-ms quot is ever created I can manually create a new library called quot Pictures quot but it doesn t Solved: My Videos Library Ate My Pictures Library affect the presence of the duplicate Videos and other applications such as Windows Media Player do not recognize it as the official Pictures library WMP only shows images in the Videos folders and if I select quot Manage Pictures library quot from the WMP navigation pane it opens the options for the Videos library Strangest of all is this if I delete all libraries and don t restore them manually a quot Videos quot library will automatically reappear at some point no more than hours later I can delete it when this happens but it will continue to reappear at regular intervals I ve tried editing the registry to completely disable the Libraries feature as seen here and then reenable it using the factory defaults but this doesn t make a difference Since that patch completely removes the default libraries properties from the registry I have to conclude that Windows stores additional library data elsewhere but I haven t had any luck finding it I would really appreciate any suggestions nbsp

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I would like to know if there is any possible way that if I had to click on my Windows Explorer icon that it would open up my Documents library folder directly so as that I have immediate access to these folders. If not how would I be able to then create a shortcut for myself that would open this folder.

With many thanks

A:Windows Explorer to open Documents Library

Quote: Originally Posted by davpet

I would like to know if there is any possible way that if I had to click on my Windows Explorer icon that it would open up my Documents library folder directly so as that I have immediate access to these folders. If not how would I be able to then create a shortcut for myself that would open this folder.

With many thanks


Hi and welcome
Navigate to the folder you want to open. Right click>crate shortcut>drag to desktop. May require either run as admin, or take ownership. Bith have instructions in the tutorial section

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Im having a problem with Windows 7 RC1. I have all my music on an external drive that i keep plugged into my computer. i added the music folder on my external to the music library in windows 7. whenever i open windows media player it always has to reload my music, which takes a few minutes. Im wondering if there is a way to make it not have to reload the music and just remember where it is.

A:Windows 7 not saving my music library

**** it im using iTunes
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Ok, I need some help..

I know that the documents library is a "library" and when I save anything there it really saves the file to the default location(my documents).

I teach a basic PC course usage course to seniors and some of the PCs are now listing the "My Documents" and the "Public" folders above their respective files when they click on "documents". In the past all the files have been there but never a separation by folder in the listing. There are 8 computers in the LAb and 4 show the "my Documents" and Public location in the listing....

How can I get this back to where they only see the whole list of files without the folder separation in the listing...

Thanks for any help, this is confusing them...


A:Viewing the documents library displays my documents folder

Hello John, and welcome to Seven Forums.

It sounds like the default Arrange by, Sort by, or Group by folder view of the "Documents" library has been changed. You might see if doing what's in the yellow TIP box at the top of the tutorial below to click on Clear changes in the "Arrange by" (on toolbar) drop down menu may help.

File and Folder Arrangement - Group by - Sort by - Arrange by

Hope this helps,
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Hi there,

I'm looking for some help please. I have just uninstalled Microsoft Office Home & Student 2007 as I prefer the Microsoft Office Professional Edition 2003. I have no problems with Access, Outlook, Word, etc. but my Excel documents in the Documents Library will not open. I get the message "C:\Users\Name\Documents\Name\doc.xls - This action is only valid for products that are currently installed". However, if I open Microsoft Excel 2003 and open the documents from there, there is no problem but I want to be able to view my documents and open them from the Documents Library. Please help. Thanks a lot.

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I have computers all running W Home Premium all set up identically One has recently lost track of My Documents in the Windows Explorer Library and doesn't offer a solution to restoring it The actual content of My Documents is on a DNS- network drive In years of experience nothing like Windows to Library My Refuses Explorer include Documents this has been a problem so nothing to see there The Library shows Documents with the quot expansion arrow quot If I try to expand that the arrow goes away but nothing happens If I click on Documents I get the messages quot Documents is Empty quot quot No folders have been include Windows Explorer Library Refuses to include My Documents in the library quot If I click on the Include a folder button navigate to the folder on the network drive and try to add it I get a message quot This network location can't be included because it is not indexed quot The other three computers are pretty sure it is or at least that it doesn't matter I have searched through the Registry for a clue but there are so many references to My Documents that I have no idea what to look for there I would appreciate any ideas other than reloading Windows Is there a way to just reload Windows Explorer or perhaps copy it from another of the working computers I suspect it is a Registry problem so a simple copy is probably off the table Some additional notes System Restore is not promising since I have no idea when it may have occurred and only two quot critical updates quot are listed as restore points for some reason I know there have been others since I created several myself But the space allocated for restore points is only at gB out of gB allocated so I don't understand that unless a Windows update deleted all previous restore points Besides that I am sure I have been chasing a solution since before the dates on those To make it worse this is the computer my wife uses She is an experienced user but not a quot computer-type quot It is always possible that she did something to cause the problem but I expect it is the result of a glitch of some sort not a keyboard error I want My Documents to appear as a library so she doesn't have to expand the view of the network drive with the risk that she might move or delete something there by accident
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Hello Guys I'm having various problems with my Playlists on my computer with a recent fresh install of Windows pro I put all my albums into playlists and I use the playlists to select which music to play this is because I have lots of individual tracks etc everything works as it should do in desktop Windows Media Player When I open the Metro music app in Windows my playlist are all over the place App 8 Media Music Library frustrations! Windows sometimes there's too many sometimes too few Windows 8 Music App Media Library frustrations! sometimes they play and sometimes they don't some are duplicated and some are missing etc etc Windows 8 Music App Media Library frustrations! All my Music and playlists are stored in the My Music library as it default too I had about too many playlists and some were duplicated twice so tonight I bit the bullet and I deleted all the Playlists from Metro Music player I then imported my playlists using a right click there is now the correct amount of playlists but some are named incorrectly For example say I have a play list called Abba - Gold Music app now calls it Abba - Gold if I attempt to rename it to Abba - Gold it tells me quot That one's there already try a different name quot This only affects some playlists it seems as though the one's with a bracket and a number after the playlist with the same name already exist but it is not shown I also edited a playlist in WMP desktop tonight and I had to use the import playlist feature again to update the playlist in the Music app and now that playlist has a number next to it as well Does anyone know where the playlists for the music app are stored I'd like to find out and delete everything and start again I'm going from loving Windows to hating it because when I get to a stage where I'm happy with everything then something goes wrong or changes I've spent weeks solid trying to get everything to work as it should and I'm losing patience Thank for your help Tony

A:Windows 8 Music App Media Library frustrations!

This is not an audio problem (this forum section) but more a customization issue.

I'm using my Win 7 system right now and I see C:\Users\myname\Music as one location. Also C:\Users\Public\Music as another. Look in those locations.
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i none of my music will play in windows media player. my audio files are mp3 and wma.

anyone else have any problems like this???

the music will show up in my library but it wont play. it plays with winamp but not wmp

A:windows media player and my music library

Hi TwoTabs, welcome to the forums, install this codecs and will play almost anything. - Windows 8 Codecs - WMP12 Codecs
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I have loaded over 1,000 songs from CD's into the Media Library and it worked great. Now, the Library comes up completely blank without even listing Arist, Genre, Playlists, etc. The files are still on the computer and will play one by one. However, the media player will not search for files or read the CD player. Any thoughts out there? This is version 9 running on XP Pro.

A:Windows Media Player - Library and Search no longer work

Hi Bantha
Here is and article you might be interested in.,2000048590,20268189,00.htm From what I understand version 9 is very hard to uninstall. If you absolutely have to have a Microsoft product and you do find a way to uninstall version 9 then go back to 8.0.
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I used the file explorer on desktop to move a bunch of pictures off an external backup drive and into the pictures folder within my pictures library. They now show up under the pictures library in desktop. But the Metro Pictures app insists that there are no pictures in my pictures library. Any suggestions?

A:Pictures metro app not detecting pictures in my library

reinstall pics app
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Every time I turn off windows media player and open it back up the music disappeared. It doesn't auto scan the folder. I have to take out a file and put it back in to get it to re-add it, then it adds everything else again. This is really
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Hi I recently migrated to Windows My music collection stumbled along the way and I had to re-fetch artwork for a few albums in WMP I also Xbox album No art library or in music Music! set it up in iTunes My default app for MP s is WMP As you can see below artwork only appears when in the folder view which somewhat defeats the purpose of libraries in the first place I'd prefer to No album art in music library or Xbox Music! sort them by artist with album art displayed without a folder as it should and as it did in Windows Art appears in folder view but not artist or album view On a related note I recently added many new MP s to my collection When I opened Xbox Music for the first time afterwards it seemed to be downloading art to add it to my older albums all of which have art Then the process was somehow interrupted I believe I closed the app Then when I opened it again none of them had art I would very much appreciate your help

A:No album art in music library or Xbox Music!

Help please?
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This is my first post. I just installed Windows 7 and one thing is really annoying me. How do I shut off the feature that asks me to take ownership of every individual folder in my music files from my external drive before I can open them and add them to my media player library? I just want to add them the way I used to in XP or better yet just drag and drop the main folder into media player.

A:How do I add music files from external drive to media player library using windows 7?

This information should do the trick.You will basically take possession of the entire drive all at once instead of files\folders on at a time.I realize it says XP in the title but it should work for Win7 too.
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OS: Windows XP Home
Dell Inspiron Desktop
Windows XP was not able to load so I did a repair. Everything went smooth with the repair and now able to log in.

However I am not able to retrieve any of my documents or pictures.When I got to open up my pictures I do see all the folders that my pics were in but when I double click on the folder it is empty. Same goes when I am trying to open up a word document. Also unable to print.

I know there has to be another post about this somewhere on this site but i was unable to find it. If someone could point me into the right direction I would appreciate it.Thank you.

A:Windows Repair-Missing Documents and Pictures

Anyone have any suggestions?
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Every time I try to import music to my library, I get a loading pop-up that says "working" as if the music is importing, then the box disappears and nothing happens (Drag and drop music to library). If I try to use the add to library feature within wmp, I add the folder I want and no files are imported, nothing happens, not even a "working" pop-up as compared to the other method I tried. No music is currently in my library at all. I can still listen to music if I open the files but obviously this is much less convenient than using the library.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance.

A:Windows Media Player (version 11.2.6001.7000) won't import music to library.

Are all your files from iTunes? If so they may all be in the .m4a format which is incompatible with media player.
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I have four computers running ?identical? (obviously not) configurations of 32-bit Windows 7 Home Premium. All W7 updates are applied to each. I have all my dynamic data on a local network on a D-Link DNS-323 in a folder named My Documents.

Here?s the ?obviously not? problem. On one, I cannot install My Documents in the Library\Documents folder. If I click on Documents I get the message ?Documents is empty? ?No folders have been included in the library?. If I continue by clicking on ?Include a folder? and then select My Documents, I get a message ?This network location can?t be included because it is not indexed?.

Three computers included it without a hitch. This one refuses. Has anyone an idea of what is going on, or where to look?

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I have four computers running ?identical? (obviously not) configurations of 32-bit Windows 7 Home Premium. All W7 updates are applied to each. I have all my dynamic data on a local network on a D-Link DNS-323 in a folder named My Documents.

Here?s the ?obviously not? problem. On one, I cannot install My Documents in the Library\Documents folder. If I click on Documents I get the message ?Documents is empty? ?No folders have been included in the library?. If I continue by clicking on ?Include a folder? and then select My Documents, I get a message ?This network location can?t be included because it is not indexed?.

Three computers included it without a hitch. This one refuses. Has anyone an idea of what is going on, or where to look?

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Today, I was looking for an Excel file and encountered the following issue:

If I go to Libraries\Documents\Property Files\1105 Dart, I can't see the file I need. However, I can see it if I go to
C:\Users\Sales\Documents\Property Files\1105 Dart

I have 156 files in "Documents" and 153 files in "My Documents". Any idea how to correct this? My documents may have gotten 'out of control' after I started using Bit Torrent Sync to sync the documents folder between my desktop and laptop.

Thanks for your help!
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Why do I keep getting this error message that there are no pictures in .......................Pictures Library. Have I done something wrong I have done Computer/My pictures/Select All/Manager/Slide show - I get the slide show until I sign out then the next time I switch on I get the error message. This has happened the last couple of days and never had this prob before. I am still on Windows 8 not Windows 8.1. Can anyone help please -
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Hi Ive been having problems since I did something with msconfig The default display pictures on my user Display Gone Pictures Shared Documents Windows and Empty accounts are gone E g Skateboarder and Rubber Ducky They just became the chess pieces picture but then again when I try to change them all I can select from are my own pictures the default ones are gone Also quot Shared Documents quot became quot Documents quot When I try to open it I can only find subfolders such as quot My Music quot which are empty every single file I saved there is gone I think they are deleted from the hard drive now Because I noticed the space has increased by a few gigabytes without uninstalliung anything This relates to my first thread but I decided to post it again now Windows Display Pictures Gone and Shared Documents Empty with a different description as I wasn t convinced with the replies I got maybe because of the fairly long info I provided I would appreciate it if anyone could suggest how to make everything back to normal Thanks djwe nbsp

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I was playing music from WMP and all of a sudden it stopped playing. I went back over to restart the music and there was nothing in my library. I went to My Music folder and there's nothing there.... check My Pictures same thing. I've been all over the internet for a couple hours and haven't found anything that references this same problem.

I ran a search for *.mp and all of my music files are still in the My Music folder. I right clicked on one of them went to properties and the check box for hidden is NOT checked.

I'm running several anti virus checks right now, if anyone has any idea on what this is please let me know.

A:All Music and Pictures missing from My Music / My Pictures

Welcome to TSG.
If the files are still there after a search, you probably have a virus,
Did you also check your sound card if it still works?
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When going to my documents and trying to open an existing doc it either opens a series of never before seen pics just randoms from internet or says i have to download a different type of program to open the file or trys to open in a file system not meant to open in, didnt used to do this dont know why or what happend to them?? Plz help

A:windows 7, when opening my documents my files no longer open correctly

Try using Shift-Right click and use Open With ..

See if it behaves correctly
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i noticed that after updating to build 10547 i cant play music and minise the app anymore. this but happened a while ago back on windows 8 and it just went away i think but its very annoying, i have to use vlc to listen to music now and i like groove music

A:Windows 10 Groove music no longer allows playing minimized

Originally Posted by xdarkmario

i noticed that after updating to build 10547 i cant play music and minise the app anymore. this but happened a while ago back on windows 8 and it just went away i think but its very annoying, i have to use vlc to listen to music now and i like groove mucic

That bug will most likely get fixed in the Build that's about to drop within the next few days, (we hope!)
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So I upgraded to Windows 10 and reverted back to Windows 7. And now my pinned / recent documents aren't showing on the taskbar icons.

For example, I have Excel on the taskbar icons. Before the upgrade, I was able to view recently opened documents and even pinned them to the icons which I can view by simple right clicking the icons on the taskbar.

How do I get this back?

Example: PS doesn't show my pinned or recent items. Excel does.... Word doesn't.
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Please help This is my first post and I am not the most computer savy person so please if my edicit is wrong or more info is need just let me know I have a GatewayGT with Windows Vista and Windows Media Player I use it to listen to music or watch downloaded movies or what not I also use it to stream my digital media to my PS to listen to or watch in my living room Then one day plays longer files Windows music Media no Player it just doesn t play my music files any more It still plays all video files just fine but any time I try to play a music file it says An audio codec is needed Windows Media Player no longer plays music files to play this file To determine if this codec is available to download from the Web click Windows Media Player no longer plays music files Web Help I have the CCCP codec pack installed on my computer and have never had any troubles I updated that pack and tried installing the klite pack as well but those don t seem to help I really don t think it is a codec problem Most of my music on my computer is from c d s though I have some that are downloads Itunes plays my music library just fine but won t stream to the PS Most of the music files are MP s Technical Support Info Windows Media Player Version Operating System Version System Locale en-USService Pack User Locale en-USBuild Lab vistasp gdr - Geo ID United StatesType WorkstationDRM Version Architecture x Indiv Version Processors Media Player Binaries NameVersionNameVersionNameVersionwmp dll wmlaunch exe wmpshell dll wmplayer exe wmpband dll wmpsyncmgr dll wmploc dll wmpcm dll wmpconfig exe wmpps dll mpvis dll wmvcore dll wmpeffects dll wmpdxm dll mf dll Other Binaries NameVersionNameVersionNameVersionmshtml dll NLAapi dll PSAPI DLL dsound dll sensapi dll NSI dll IEFRAME dll schannel dll WS dll URL dll credssp dll WLDAP dll LameACM acm rtutils dll NTMARTA DLL DivXa acm TAPI dll PROPSYS dll l codecp acm NETAPI dll USERENV dll msadp acm rasman dll SETUPAPI dll msgsm acm RASAPI dll MSIMG dll msg acm wmdmps dll WMASF DLL imaadp acm SqmApi dll Secur dll quartz dll PortableDeviceApi dll urlmon dll qcap dll PortableDeviceTypes dll iertutil dll odbcint dll wpdsp dll Normaliz dll COMDLG dll msxml dll WININET dll ODBC dll shdocvw dll SXS DLL MFC dll apphelp dll rsaenh dll kswdmcap ax wship dll jscript dll vidcap ax wshtcpip dll CLBCatQ DLL d d thk dll mswsock dll gdiplus dll d d dll SSDPAPI dll dwmapi dll ksproxy ax WINHTTP dll dbghelp dll devenum dll upnp dll SHELL dll lvcodec dll dhcpcsvc DLL OLEACC dll drmv clt dll WINNSI DLL WINMM dll msnetobj dll DNSAPI dll MSVFW dll windowscodecs dll dhcpcsvc DLL VERSION dll wmerror dll iphlpapi dll OLEAUT dll mfps dll cewmdm dll SHLWAPI dll mlang dll mswmdm dll COMCTL dll msdmo dll FirewallAPI dll ole dll DXVA DLL midimap dll AVRT dll POWRPROF dll MSACM dll uxtheme dll EVR dll msacm drv USP dll WINSTA dll imagehlp dll LPK DLL ATL DLL MSASN dll msvcrt dll wmpnssci dll CRYPT dll MSCTF dll MSVCR dll WINTRUST dll IMM DLL MSOXMLMF DLL ksuser dll GDI dll upnphost dll wdmaud drv USER dll slc dll thumbcache dll RPCRT dll mdnsNSP dll MFPlat DLL ADVAPI dll winrnr dll audioeng dll kernel dll pnrpnsp dll AUDIOSES DLL ntdll dll napinsp dll MMDevApi dll rasadhlp dll SAMLIB dll Audio Codecs TypeNameFormatBinaryVersionACMMicrosoft IMA ADPCM CODEC imaadp acm ACMMicrosoft CCITT G A-Law and u-Law CODEC msg acm ACMMicrosoft GSM Audio CODEC msgsm acm ACMMicrosoft ADPCM CODEC msadp acm ACMFraunhofer IIS MPEG Layer- Codec professional l codecp acm ACMDecode AC and DTS audio ACMDivX - Audio Compressor DivXa acm ACMLAME MP Codec v - LameACM acm ACMMicrosoft PCM Converter LameACM acm Video Codecs TypeNameFormatBinaryVersionICMMicrosoft RLEMRLEmsrle dll ICMMicrosoft Video MSVCmsvidc dll ICMMicrosoft YUVUYVYmsyuv dll ICMIntel IYUV codecIYUViyuv dll ICMLogitech Video I i lvcodec dll ICMToshiba YUV CodecY tsbyuv dll ICMCinepak Codec by Radiuscvidiccvid dll ICM ivx MPEG- Video Codec IV ivxVfWCodec dll ICMx vfw - H MPEG- AVC codecX ICMXvid MPEG- CodecXVID... Read more

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For some reason, the folders "my music", "my pictures", and "my videos" get the error "access is denied" in windows explorer/documents/.
I've checked in properties/security and I have full access to the folders as admin. and as the individual user that I'm logged in as.
We recently upgraded from windows xp pro to vista and had a few problems with our antivirus program. We had been using avira free antivir but it caused a conflict with online armor firewall so we switched to avg free. I ran some virus scans a couple of days ago and adwcleaner found about 8 items, and eset found around 14. This was unusual - when we were running xp and avira we never got this many.
We're running windows vista business on a dell optiplex gx620.
Help appreciated.
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I have Windows 7 Home and when I go to Pictures all my Music files are in there as well.They are, as normal, in Music, which means I have got 14gb of Music files in there twice. This has happened fairly recently and I have not installed any music files since I bought the computer and put them in there about six months ago. I tried deleting them, one folder at a time from Pictures, unfortunately it removed some folders from both Pictures and Music, and others deleted normally. Any suggestions would be gratefully received.

A:Music files appearing on Pictures as well as Music.

Panic over. I stumbled across the answer.
Start/Right click Pictures/Left click Properties/highlight unwanted folders.Left click remove.
I still don't know how it selected Include in the first place.
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This is a minor but annoying issue. I suspect there is an easy answer. I just upgraded from Vista to Windows 7 (thank goodness) and transferred all my personal folders into the Documents library. For some reason, when clicking on Documents on the left of the screen, instead of the body saying Documents Library and then "Includes: 2 locations" as it should, with the folder under it, it says Documents Library and then lists My Documents with the folders under it. I have tried to deposit the folders directly into Documents but get the "target folder is the same" message. Change view just gives me the list versus icon choice. Can I fix this or do I need to live with it this way?
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Being a fairly new user to Windows 7, I managed to somehow delete/lose my original 'Documents' folder in the Library. When I finally recovered, the folder levels were not the same, and I ended up with the setup as shown on the attached. My question is this: can I eliminate one of the levels so I don't have to do so many clicks to get down to my folder where the actual documents are stored?

Unfortunately, I do not have a backup that will get me back to where I was before.

Also, how can I change the default save level? Curently, my files are saved at the top level 'Documents' folder.


A:Documents Library

Hello Lindaw, and welcome to Seven Forums.

It appears that you manually added a copy of your C:\Users\(user-name)\Documents folder into the Documents library instead of using the method in the tutorial below to include it. You should be able to delete the one you added, then include that folder instead to have it back to default.

Library - Include a Folder

Hope this helps,
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I am in the process of deploying windows 7 throughout my school. Documents,Music & Videos, are all redirected, which is working absolutely fine.The only problem i have is the the " 2 locations link ".Does anyone know how i can hide or remove the "2 locations link"

A:Documents Library

If it is not possible to hide or remove the " 2 locations link ". Is there a way to stop users from adding or removing the default save location ?
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I have had to re-install Win 7 and in the documents library I have folders showing that didn't the first install.  It appears to be various docs from my documents that are duplicated and are duplicated as I add new ones.  I don't care for this and assume there is a setting causing this.  Can someone advise how to remove it?

A:Documents Library

As it states, there are two locations in that folder.  What do you mean by that you reinstalled the OS?  What software did you use?
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As you can see in the library there's videos and such but no "pictures"
how can I fix this?

A:No pictures in library

Hello Alphlax

Libraries - Restore Default - Windows 7 Help Forums
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I have my photos under the users folder under my name and then my pictures.  With them stored there they are not shown in the Libraries pictures folders.  I know it would be duplication but is there a way to have them put in both locations or target the Libraries picture folder to the other one?  Hope this makes sense.  Thanks.

A:My pictures in Library Win 7

Easiest to just add the current photo location to the Library.
Right click the Pictures library
Select Properties
Press the Include a folder button
Navigate to the location your pictures are stored
Press the Include folder
Adjust where it appears it the Library by left clicking and dragging
If you want it to be the default save location highlight the location and press the Set save location button.
Press the OK button
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Win7 appears to put the same files in both the: Libraries/ documents/ my documents and also in: c/my documents

Are these in fact duplicate copies taking 2x the disk space or is this some sort of reflection of one or the other? Can I move and delete the files from the :c/my documents to the :Libraries/ documents/ my documents? Or will changing one automatically change the other?

I want to "clean up" the explore tree and get rid of the duplicate entries. I'm new to Win7 from using XP and not a real computer geek.

Thanks for any input!

A:Why are My Documents files in both Library and C?

Stop! Libraries are not an actual location! They are nothing but a window, a view, into the folders you link to that library. There is no duplicate content.
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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version OS Version Microsoft Windows Home Premium Service Pack bit Processor AMD Athlon tm II X Processor AMD Family Model Stepping Processor Count RAM Mb Library a Problem Help! is Documents Graphics Card NVIDIA GeForce SE nForce Mb Hard Drives C Total - MB Free - MB D Total - MB Free - MB Motherboard PEGATRON CORPORATION A C Antivirus Sunbelt VIPRE Updated and Enabled I accidently created a problem that I Help! Documents Library is a Problem can t resolve Help! Documents Library is a Problem as I don t know this Windows OS very well In Help! Documents Library is a Problem dragging and dropping files into My Document I did something which took that Document Library icon and files and positioned them in a place I can t locate So I haven t been able to get it back in it s proper form I created a folder folder called Documents under the Library heading then found the icon and files called My Documents C with some sub folders Now the partial path for files located in My Documents c is Documents My Documents file name How can I fix the problem I wondered if a system restore then a restore the selected data from my external drive would correct this Thank you nbsp

A:Help! Documents Library is a Problem

Here's a link on how to Restore Default Libraries, maybe that will help.

Look at the related tutorials at the bottom of that page as well for more about libraries in Win7.
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I Library MESS is My a Documents did a Windows Update Yesterday and usually I don t notice any significant changes however this time there is a major one I open Windows Explorer Libraries gt Documents gt My Documents and it shows EVERYTHING Beforehand it would only show the folder contents with sub-folders when I went to quot My Documents quot that way so it was nice and neat However My Documents Library is a MESS now that it shows everything including the contents of subfolders including some software logs which means there are THOUSANDS of files and as such the folder is now useless Simple solution would be for me to navigate there My Documents Library is a MESS normally by going C Users UserName Documents My Documents however if there is a way to fix the Library that would be cool As I stated I have a workaround and the folder contents are not changed so all is not lost I really want the new features I paid for in Windows to work though so if there is a way to exclude these folders or get it back to NOT displaying sub folder contents through the LIBRARY that would be awesome

A:My Documents Library is a MESS

Hi bigalexe,

It sounds like your "Arrange by" settings were changed. Try right-clicking in an empty area, highlighting Arrange by, and clicking "Folder". Please let me know if that's at all helpful.


Windows Outreach Team
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I am not loving windows eight. Slow, clutzy and when I couldn't retrieve any documents after installing scansnap software, I uninstalled all the new software, that didn't help, I tried to restore the computer to an earlier date and it wouldn't restore, said a file was missing. One thing that seems to have an impact is that it initiated a homegroup that wasn't there before. I can't delete or uninstall it and I have no need for it. Any suggestions welcomed.

A:Can't access documents in library

sfc /scannow

SFC /SCANNOW Command - Run in Windows 8
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Upon upgrading Vista Ultimate 64 to Windows 7 Ultimate 64, the Documents Library in my installation of Win 7 is non-functional. Selecting Documents from the Start Menu does not open a window. Opening my personal Library from the Start Menu and clicking on Documents does nothing. Currently, I'm resorting to navigating through Computer --> Local Disk --> Users --> my name --> My Documents to access my documents.

Has anyone else encountered this bug and/or have any ideas how to fix it?

A:Documents Library Not Functioning

Hi dsopocy and welcome to the forum!

Please try clicking on Start then right-click your Login Name and select "Restore Default Libraries"

Let us know how it turns out
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My Personal Documents is in my D drive in a file D/name/my documents. When I try to include this in the Library I get the following :

Documents :

sub folder My Documents :

Both contain the same folders and files of 'My documents " in D/name/my documents .

Why is this? ie Why are the same folders/files showing first as subfolders of Documents and then again as subfolders of My documents ?

Can I have them show up only once .

Same thing happens in Music


A:Library contains 2 locations in documents

I'm not sure exactly what you are trying to correct, but look at this tutorial and it might give you some hints on how to setup your files. Library - Include a Folder
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Can't figure this out. Went to my desktop and tried to look at for a picture. Got this instead...

Applies to pictures, video, documents, music, everything. It is all still there...I am so confused. Seems like there was an update recently.

A:Documents Library disappeared

Hello a2cpc, and welcome to Eight Forums.

In File Explorer, go ahead and delete any library that you are getting this error with. Do not worry, this will not delete the contents in the library, it will only remove the corrupted library. Afterwards, use the tutorial below to restore all default libraries to see if it may be able to fix this for you.

Library-ms is no longer working - Fix in Windows 7 and 8

Hope this helps,
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All of my pictures and documents are in a documents library but I'm not able to move or view. It's a slow process doing copy and paste. Any suggestions?
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well me being the idiot I am I decided it would be a good idea to change the locations that are included in the Documents library so I completely changed the view.

The default locations are

I changed that so I would have more libraries so this is what I got, and I'd like to know how I get it back to what it used to look like (see below)

A:Documents Library Question

Quote: Originally Posted by MitchellEve


well me being the idiot I am I decided it would be a good idea to change the locations that are included in the Documents library so I completely changed the view.

The default locations are

I changed that so I would have more libraries so this is what I got, and I'd like to know how I get it back to what it used to look like (see below)

Attachment 36575

Hi and welcome

there are a couple of ways. do you have the win 7 dvd?
If you have a backup to restore is the easiest, then a repair install, then if nec. a re-install.

Im sure there is a way to simply move them back but I dont know it. someone probably does.

Hope this helps

Ken J
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I can't access my documents library.
I can access and view the files but can't copy or move or delete something in it.
My games are also dead and not saves to documents.
GTA V, GTA IV, GTA SA not saves to it.
Tells check your storage device.
Windows says that I require administrator permissions even though I am the administrator.
I never done any file permission change.
Please help...................
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My "Documents" Library is showing up as greyed out in the Library's folder and I have no idea why. Anyone have an idea?

A:Documents Library Greyed Out

Did it ever show up?
You may want to restore your system back to when it was working.
Might want to give this a go....System Files - SFC Command - Vista Forums
and see if you have a bug lurking. IMHO
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So Yesterday I Tried To Open My Document Library To Access A School Report I Double Clicked On The Library And It Wouldn't Open So I Went To The Navagation Pane And Clicked And Nothing, Luckily MY Doucuments Still Open So I Was Still Able To Access My Report But It Bothers Me That The Library Dosn't Open

A:My Documents Library Won't Open

Quote: Originally Posted by Adrianx

So Yesterday I Tried To Open My Document Library To Access A School Report I Double Clicked On The Library And It Wouldn't Open So I Went To The Navagation Pane And Clicked And Nothing, Luckily MY Doucuments Still Open So I Was Still Able To Access My Report But It Bothers Me That The Library Dosn't Open

Right-click on "Documents" in "Libraries" section of Windows Explorer, then select "Properties". Does you normal "My Documents" folder show in the list?

If not, then use Windows Explorer to navigate to your "My Documents" folder, and go into it. Then click Include in library and select "Documents" from the drop-down menu:
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I have one file that does not show up in the Documents Library. When I am using my notebook and look at the Documents Library, I can see all the files stored in Documents on my Desktop, which is where the files actually reside. There is one specific file thay does not show up. However I can see that file if I navigate to Users/UserName/Documents. Any ideas? I checked to make sure that file didn't have any permissions restrictions.


A:One file not in Documents Library

Quote: Originally Posted by sobershea

I have one file that does not show up in the Documents Library. When I am using my notebook and look at the Documents Library, I can see all the files stored in Documents on my Desktop, which is where the files actually reside. There is one specific file thay does not show up. However I can see that file if I navigate to Users/UserName/Documents. Any ideas? I checked to make sure that file didn't have any permissions restrictions.



Is there something special about the file or folder? what is its name and where is it located?

Ken J
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In the Pictures Library I can view some pictures, but for others I get only black boxes. All those pictures show perfectly in Photo Viewer and in Explorer. Any thoughts ??

A:Pictures Library with problems

I've got no idea, but are all the pictures the same file type, bmp, .jpg, .jpeg, size etc. Maybe it just doesn't like some file types.
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I have a very strange problem:
I am using Windows Media Player 11 under Windows Xp Pro SP1 with all the needed updates.
I can import (add) videos and songs to my libray but strangely it doesn't want to add pictures. (plain jpegs)
I tried both methods: by monitoring my grafix folder, and via drag and dropping my files. Nothing happens. 0 added files...
First I thought, there are to many files, but also with single files or very small quantities (10) nothing happens.
It's a shame, I'm using WMP11 to stream stuff to my PS3, now I can't stream my pictures because WMP won't import them in its library.

Did anyone have the same problem, can anyone shed light on this strange mystery.

Thanx a lot for helping me out!

A:WMP 11 won't import pictures to Library

Hi dateacha, and welcome to TSF.

Some of us are on SP3 now. I would not advise you to go that far but, you have to get SP2. Not having it is leaving your computer open to all kind of problems. Microsoft updates has more of an effect on your system than you would think. Its imperitive that you get these updates asap.

Do that and tell me if you have the same problems.
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where can I find the windows 7 pictures library manual

A:pictures library manual

Here are some resources,
Understanding win-7 library system,
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When posting a listing in craigslist, when asked to browse to find the photos I want to include, they are not listed in my Pictures Library. In fact, only about 23 files of photos are listed. Yet when I get into my Pictures Library when not in craigslist or any other web site, there are over 200 files! Why the difference, and how can I get access to those photos when in craigslist to include them in my listing? Note that this is a reposting on craigslist and I was able to find those exact same photos before.
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Just a general question, In music library upper right corner it says folder with a drop down arrow and under the drop down are choices of album,artist,song,genre,rating when clicking on one of those nothing happends. Also when sharing my music alot of my songs are locked. I've tried select all/ share and tried doing them individually, neither work. Any ideas?
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Hey Folks,

My DVD burner is not working, so I need to take my files to a Cyber Cafe to back them up on DVDs and CDs.
The thing is I have a huge library of books mostly in pdf format on my PC, and I add and edit the library quite often. I need a way to backup my library to DVDs by syncing with them.

Now, since I cannot directly backup or sync them to DVDs from my PC since my burner is not working, I need another way. Borrowing an external USB DVD-Burner is not an option and I tried that. The only option is to backup or sync to folders on a USB FlashDrive and then burn it somewhere else.

So does anyone have any idea how do I backup or sync in this case?

A:How to backup library of documents and burn them elsewhere?

if you have a pretty large library of could buy an external HDD and set it to everytime syn between the books on ur PC and books inside it...
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I'm new to 7. I can't transfer any files to this empty folder - Library/Documents. I created a new folder called 'Docs' in Library' to see if that would work and the system won't allow me to place any files there either. It seems like I'm not allowed access, but I'm the owner .

Can anyone help me with this?

A:System won't allow any files in Library/Documents

Run this:

SFC /SCANNOW Command - System File Checker
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I accidentally moved or deleted a folder in 'Documents Library'. The only one there is 'My Stationary'.

A:Missing folder in 'Documents Library'.

Check in your Recycling bin.
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I wished to make a new Documents Library for this year Opened my user name and personal folder then clicked on Library lost data Documents New Library It said it needed a Folder but there is no option for a New Folder and so I clicked on a file in my current Documents Library The entire Documents Library copied into the New Library which is not what I wanted I re-named the New Library with Documents Library data lost label To Delete and clicked Delete to send it to the Recycle Bin Instead it deleted all the data in BOTH the new To Delete folder Library and my current Documents Documents Library data lost Library ALL data lost WHAT HAPPENED Windows Help and Support says in Libraries frequently asked questions that if you delete a library or Documents Library data lost items in a library then the library itself is moved to the Recycle Bin The files and folders that were accessible in the library are stored elsewhere and therefore aren t deleted Not so I lost all my data The Recycle Bin is a nice safety measure but it didn t work in this case I had a week old backup to use for restore but still lost a week of data How can I prevent this from happening again What happened How can I make a new Library for each year especially since there is no New Folder option to click on Maybe it would be safer to just store my files in a folder on the desktop I need to store data elsewhere to avoid this again Can I delete copied data and files in the Recycle Bin without losing that same data in my Libraries I m using Windows nbsp

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Not sure how to explain this but when I used to open my picture library I would be able to see my pictures. Even in the folders I would be able to see what was in them. Now I just have the same generic image. I have attached pics so maybe I can get some help here

I am not sure if it is related to my Carbonite Backup or not, somehow I don't think so because it just happened recently.

I really would like to get it fixed & was wondering if it might be a system files issue. I have Windows 7 home premium 32 bit. Please let me know if there is any other infor I need to post here . . Thanks much, JoLyn

A:Picture Library Not Showing Pictures

Hello JoLynW, and welcome to Seven Forums.

It appears that your thumbnail previews are disabled. Check each option in the tutorial below to see if one them may be able to enable them again for you.

Thumbnail Previews - Enable or Disable

Hope this helps,
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Hi A large number of files has disappeared from my computer and I can't find them anywhere I have a folder within the Pictures library entitled quot To be printed quot - it's where I dump all my photos from my phone initially before I sort through them to decide what to keep I had around files in this folder mostly JPEGS and a couple of MOV files Missing files from pictures library A few weeks ago I added new photos to this folder The next time I looked in the Missing files from pictures library folder it was acting strangely The new photos didn't appear to be there and only the or so old files were there The files are arranged by day When I clicked arrange by folder however the new photos appeared and the other disappeared - when arranged by day the folder told me I had items in the folder and when I clicked arrange by folder I was told I had files in the folder I shut the computer down and the next time I logged on the folder only had the new files and there was no sign of the or so older files no matter what I arrange the folder by I've searched the whole computer for JPEG and MOV files and there is no sign anywhere Any ideas I've hit a brick wall and can't think of anything else - the missing files are holiday pics and videos of my kids and I'd be gutted to lose them Thanks Steve

A:Missing files from pictures library

Did you try opening a command prompt to that folder and doing dir command? As Groucho would say "This is the most ridiculous thing I eva' hoid." I don't recall hearing quite this problem ever.
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My pictures library on windows 7 keep defaulting to locations, no matter how many times remove the second location. The two library locations are:

My Pictures


I keep removing the Desktop one but it always comes back. I noticed that it always comes back after I import photos from my iPhone to my desktop using Windows Photo Gallery.

I would like to remove the Desktop library location so that it no longer defaults to 2 locations.
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All of the libraries in my OS Win7 are locked, solid.
Have tried ways as suggested in Google...but no luck at all.

Do you know why this has happened? (yes I have recently downloaded a program, but am loathe to cancel it, unless necessary)

How can I get my libraries back, both from the desktop and C drive.

Any & all suggestions will be appreciated.
Thank you
Julie B

A:Win7 error Pictures.library-ms.

Could you elaborate on when this started, was it right after you downloaded this program?

What is this program that you downloaded?

What exactly do you mean by Locked?