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Documents Library also Appears in Pictures Library

Q: Documents Library also Appears in Pictures Library

My libraries file, Documents, Music, Pictures, Videos had developed a problem.

When I click on Pictures, the picture folders appear, but immediately below, my document files appear as folders also.

If I delete a document file in the pictures file, the document also deletes in the documents file.

If I try to move the document file from the picture file to the document file, a window says its an Identical sub folder and won't go any further.

How can I remove the folder list of documents from the picture file without destroying those documents in the document file?

I think that this problem developed as I loaded an ArcSoft program to read slides into my computer.



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Preferred Solution: Documents Library also Appears in Pictures Library

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Documents Library also Appears in Pictures Library

Hello Jimbow, and welcome to Seven Forums.

If it's just been added to your Pictures library by mistake, then you should be able to use the tutorial below to remove it from the library without deleting the actual folder.

Library - Remove a Included Folder

Hope this helps,
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i have an issues with my library file

my library its looking like this and i cant open it !!!!

and there is no " users " folder in the c:

can any one help me please


A:Documents Library in Windows 7 no longer working ( Music + pictures +

If this just started in the last few days, do a System Restore to a date before you had the problem.
System Restore
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EDIT This issue has been solved Hi there This problem is slowly driving me crazy and I d appreciate anyone s insights My default Pictures library has somehow become a permanent clone of my Videos library It s not that it s a copy of Videos it s that both libraries have merged into the same entity The quot Pictures library-ms quot file literally does not exist Windows is using one file and one set of options yet displaying it as if there were two libraries And it stubbornly refuses to acknowledge that quot Pictures quot can or should exist If I delete one of the quot Videos quot both links remain visible until I refresh the Explorer window which makes them both disappear If I try to delete one and then the other Windows says it Library My Videos Solved: My Pictures Library Ate can t find the file which makes sense since the individual quot Videos library-ms Solved: My Videos Library Ate My Pictures Library quot file is already gone If I delete all of my libraries and then select quot Restore default libraries quot both duplicates reappear as before No quot Pictures library-ms quot is ever created I can manually create a new library called quot Pictures quot but it doesn t Solved: My Videos Library Ate My Pictures Library affect the presence of the duplicate Videos and other applications such as Windows Media Player do not recognize it as the official Pictures library WMP only shows images in the Videos folders and if I select quot Manage Pictures library quot from the WMP navigation pane it opens the options for the Videos library Strangest of all is this if I delete all libraries and don t restore them manually a quot Videos quot library will automatically reappear at some point no more than hours later I can delete it when this happens but it will continue to reappear at regular intervals I ve tried editing the registry to completely disable the Libraries feature as seen here and then reenable it using the factory defaults but this doesn t make a difference Since that patch completely removes the default libraries properties from the registry I have to conclude that Windows stores additional library data elsewhere but I haven t had any luck finding it I would really appreciate any suggestions nbsp

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Hi. I have a large collection of photos which are stored in my pictures library. I have found they also appear in my videos library. I am sure I have never copied them across. The 2 libraries seem to be identical.

Any ideas what might have happened ?

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Ok, I need some help..

I know that the documents library is a "library" and when I save anything there it really saves the file to the default location(my documents).

I teach a basic PC course usage course to seniors and some of the PCs are now listing the "My Documents" and the "Public" folders above their respective files when they click on "documents". In the past all the files have been there but never a separation by folder in the listing. There are 8 computers in the LAb and 4 show the "my Documents" and Public location in the listing....

How can I get this back to where they only see the whole list of files without the folder separation in the listing...

Thanks for any help, this is confusing them...


A:Viewing the documents library displays my documents folder

Hello John, and welcome to Seven Forums.

It sounds like the default Arrange by, Sort by, or Group by folder view of the "Documents" library has been changed. You might see if doing what's in the yellow TIP box at the top of the tutorial below to click on Clear changes in the "Arrange by" (on toolbar) drop down menu may help.

File and Folder Arrangement - Group by - Sort by - Arrange by

Hope this helps,
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The Picture It! Library and Digital Image Library do not display temporary files. By ignoring temporary files, the Library can remain clean and uncluttered. An issue has been identified where some software marks photos as temporary files when they are acquired from the camera. This patch enables the Library to view these temporary files.

The software currently known to mark new files as temporary is Canon Utilities ZoomBrowser version

System Requirements
Supported Operating Systems: Windows 2000, Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows XP

Multimedia PC with Pentium 500 MHz or higher processor
128 MB of RAM



A:Picture It! Library/Digital Image Library: View Temporary Files Patch: Aug 26
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I used the file explorer on desktop to move a bunch of pictures off an external backup drive and into the pictures folder within my pictures library. They now show up under the pictures library in desktop. But the Metro Pictures app insists that there are no pictures in my pictures library. Any suggestions?

A:Pictures metro app not detecting pictures in my library

reinstall pics app
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A year ago I created a custom Library and have been using it successfully until the beginning of this week The library's folder location is similar to the following C Users USERNAME FOLDERX Now when I open the Library it shows a listing Library! in Conundrum: By Custom Missing Library Folders' is 'Arrange of all of the files found within all of the folders in that library that is imagine a book separated by chapters folders and now all of the pages are scattered files in one cardboard box On the top right of this Library window I have the following quot Arrange by quot options -Date modified -Tag -Type -Name ---- -Clear Changes On the quot working quot libraries such as 'Documents ' there is a quot Arrange Library Conundrum: 'Arrange By Folders' is Missing in Custom Library! by Folder quot option which is what I am attempting to have the custom Library emulate I have deleted the custom Library and tried to reestablish it but the same issue persists I cannot sort the Library Conundrum: 'Arrange By Folders' is Missing in Custom Library! Library by folder rendering it useless Is there anyway to have the quot Arrange by Folder quot option reappear Did I accidentally switch some setting or is this due to a Windows Update Thank you

A:Library Conundrum: 'Arrange By Folders' is Missing in Custom Library!

Did you create a new library with the same name or a different name? When you go to Libraries, and you right click and select properties on Documents, do the attributes match what you find when you right click and select properties on your new library?
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I have had to re-install Win 7 and in the documents library I have folders showing that didn't the first install.  It appears to be various docs from my documents that are duplicated and are duplicated as I add new ones.  I don't care for this and assume there is a setting causing this.  Can someone advise how to remove it?

A:Documents Library

As it states, there are two locations in that folder.  What do you mean by that you reinstalled the OS?  What software did you use?
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I am in the process of deploying windows 7 throughout my school. Documents,Music & Videos, are all redirected, which is working absolutely fine.The only problem i have is the the " 2 locations link ".Does anyone know how i can hide or remove the "2 locations link"

A:Documents Library

If it is not possible to hide or remove the " 2 locations link ". Is there a way to stop users from adding or removing the default save location ?
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Being a fairly new user to Windows 7, I managed to somehow delete/lose my original 'Documents' folder in the Library. When I finally recovered, the folder levels were not the same, and I ended up with the setup as shown on the attached. My question is this: can I eliminate one of the levels so I don't have to do so many clicks to get down to my folder where the actual documents are stored?

Unfortunately, I do not have a backup that will get me back to where I was before.

Also, how can I change the default save level? Curently, my files are saved at the top level 'Documents' folder.


A:Documents Library

Hello Lindaw, and welcome to Seven Forums.

It appears that you manually added a copy of your C:\Users\(user-name)\Documents folder into the Documents library instead of using the method in the tutorial below to include it. You should be able to delete the one you added, then include that folder instead to have it back to default.

Library - Include a Folder

Hope this helps,
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I have my photos under the users folder under my name and then my pictures.  With them stored there they are not shown in the Libraries pictures folders.  I know it would be duplication but is there a way to have them put in both locations or target the Libraries picture folder to the other one?  Hope this makes sense.  Thanks.

A:My pictures in Library Win 7

Easiest to just add the current photo location to the Library.
Right click the Pictures library
Select Properties
Press the Include a folder button
Navigate to the location your pictures are stored
Press the Include folder
Adjust where it appears it the Library by left clicking and dragging
If you want it to be the default save location highlight the location and press the Set save location button.
Press the OK button
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As you can see in the library there's videos and such but no "pictures"
how can I fix this?

A:No pictures in library

Hello Alphlax

Libraries - Restore Default - Windows 7 Help Forums
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Try to create new library.
Get "Unable to create the file "New" Access is denied.

"Unable to create the file 'New Library.library-ms' File System error (16389)

The error 16389 (0x4005) is a trucation of a E_FAIL error (0x80004005)."

New library commands raise an error 16389 when "Prevent users from adding files to the root of their Users Files folder" policy is enabled | Microsoft Connect
"Unable to create the file 'New Library.library-ms' File System error (16389)

The error 16389 (0x4005) is a trucation of a E_FAIL error (0x80004005)."
Recently transferred files from C:\Users\Ray to E:\My Documents.--used MS move command, thought it would transfer references, apparently not.

What should I do to be able to create a new library?

A:Unable to create the file "New

Run "cmd". Type "SFC /scannow" (without quotes), hit enter.
Also check the event viewer for errors related to "16389".
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I am using windows and have all my itunes on an external home network drive. Everything is all set up and all new files are written to the drive. The problem is that if I add music from a cd to the library it is only recognized by the computer that I did it on and not recognised by the other computer. How do I make both computers recognize all content in the library?

Thanks, Joe

A:Solved: library on external drive using 2 computers I can't see all the library

No takers eh! I guess there are not many itunes users here?
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My Personal Documents is in my D drive in a file D/name/my documents. When I try to include this in the Library I get the following :

Documents :

sub folder My Documents :

Both contain the same folders and files of 'My documents " in D/name/my documents .

Why is this? ie Why are the same folders/files showing first as subfolders of Documents and then again as subfolders of My documents ?

Can I have them show up only once .

Same thing happens in Music


A:Library contains 2 locations in documents

I'm not sure exactly what you are trying to correct, but look at this tutorial and it might give you some hints on how to setup your files. Library - Include a Folder
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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version OS Version Microsoft Windows Home Premium Service Pack bit Processor AMD Athlon tm II X Processor AMD Family Model Stepping Processor Count RAM Mb Library a Problem Help! is Documents Graphics Card NVIDIA GeForce SE nForce Mb Hard Drives C Total - MB Free - MB D Total - MB Free - MB Motherboard PEGATRON CORPORATION A C Antivirus Sunbelt VIPRE Updated and Enabled I accidently created a problem that I Help! Documents Library is a Problem can t resolve Help! Documents Library is a Problem as I don t know this Windows OS very well In Help! Documents Library is a Problem dragging and dropping files into My Document I did something which took that Document Library icon and files and positioned them in a place I can t locate So I haven t been able to get it back in it s proper form I created a folder folder called Documents under the Library heading then found the icon and files called My Documents C with some sub folders Now the partial path for files located in My Documents c is Documents My Documents file name How can I fix the problem I wondered if a system restore then a restore the selected data from my external drive would correct this Thank you nbsp

A:Help! Documents Library is a Problem

Here's a link on how to Restore Default Libraries, maybe that will help.

Look at the related tutorials at the bottom of that page as well for more about libraries in Win7.
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So Yesterday I Tried To Open My Document Library To Access A School Report I Double Clicked On The Library And It Wouldn't Open So I Went To The Navagation Pane And Clicked And Nothing, Luckily MY Doucuments Still Open So I Was Still Able To Access My Report But It Bothers Me That The Library Dosn't Open

A:My Documents Library Won't Open

Quote: Originally Posted by Adrianx

So Yesterday I Tried To Open My Document Library To Access A School Report I Double Clicked On The Library And It Wouldn't Open So I Went To The Navagation Pane And Clicked And Nothing, Luckily MY Doucuments Still Open So I Was Still Able To Access My Report But It Bothers Me That The Library Dosn't Open

Right-click on "Documents" in "Libraries" section of Windows Explorer, then select "Properties". Does you normal "My Documents" folder show in the list?

If not, then use Windows Explorer to navigate to your "My Documents" folder, and go into it. Then click Include in library and select "Documents" from the drop-down menu:
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Can't figure this out. Went to my desktop and tried to look at for a picture. Got this instead...

Applies to pictures, video, documents, music, everything. It is all still there...I am so confused. Seems like there was an update recently.

A:Documents Library disappeared

Hello a2cpc, and welcome to Eight Forums.

In File Explorer, go ahead and delete any library that you are getting this error with. Do not worry, this will not delete the contents in the library, it will only remove the corrupted library. Afterwards, use the tutorial below to restore all default libraries to see if it may be able to fix this for you.

Library-ms is no longer working - Fix in Windows 7 and 8

Hope this helps,
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I Library MESS is My a Documents did a Windows Update Yesterday and usually I don t notice any significant changes however this time there is a major one I open Windows Explorer Libraries gt Documents gt My Documents and it shows EVERYTHING Beforehand it would only show the folder contents with sub-folders when I went to quot My Documents quot that way so it was nice and neat However My Documents Library is a MESS now that it shows everything including the contents of subfolders including some software logs which means there are THOUSANDS of files and as such the folder is now useless Simple solution would be for me to navigate there My Documents Library is a MESS normally by going C Users UserName Documents My Documents however if there is a way to fix the Library that would be cool As I stated I have a workaround and the folder contents are not changed so all is not lost I really want the new features I paid for in Windows to work though so if there is a way to exclude these folders or get it back to NOT displaying sub folder contents through the LIBRARY that would be awesome

A:My Documents Library is a MESS

Hi bigalexe,

It sounds like your "Arrange by" settings were changed. Try right-clicking in an empty area, highlighting Arrange by, and clicking "Folder". Please let me know if that's at all helpful.


Windows Outreach Team
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Win7 appears to put the same files in both the: Libraries/ documents/ my documents and also in: c/my documents

Are these in fact duplicate copies taking 2x the disk space or is this some sort of reflection of one or the other? Can I move and delete the files from the :c/my documents to the :Libraries/ documents/ my documents? Or will changing one automatically change the other?

I want to "clean up" the explore tree and get rid of the duplicate entries. I'm new to Win7 from using XP and not a real computer geek.

Thanks for any input!

A:Why are My Documents files in both Library and C?

Stop! Libraries are not an actual location! They are nothing but a window, a view, into the folders you link to that library. There is no duplicate content.
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My "Documents" Library is showing up as greyed out in the Library's folder and I have no idea why. Anyone have an idea?

A:Documents Library Greyed Out

Did it ever show up?
You may want to restore your system back to when it was working.
Might want to give this a go....System Files - SFC Command - Vista Forums
and see if you have a bug lurking. IMHO
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I am not loving windows eight. Slow, clutzy and when I couldn't retrieve any documents after installing scansnap software, I uninstalled all the new software, that didn't help, I tried to restore the computer to an earlier date and it wouldn't restore, said a file was missing. One thing that seems to have an impact is that it initiated a homegroup that wasn't there before. I can't delete or uninstall it and I have no need for it. Any suggestions welcomed.

A:Can't access documents in library

sfc /scannow

SFC /SCANNOW Command - Run in Windows 8
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Upon upgrading Vista Ultimate 64 to Windows 7 Ultimate 64, the Documents Library in my installation of Win 7 is non-functional. Selecting Documents from the Start Menu does not open a window. Opening my personal Library from the Start Menu and clicking on Documents does nothing. Currently, I'm resorting to navigating through Computer --> Local Disk --> Users --> my name --> My Documents to access my documents.

Has anyone else encountered this bug and/or have any ideas how to fix it?

A:Documents Library Not Functioning

Hi dsopocy and welcome to the forum!

Please try clicking on Start then right-click your Login Name and select "Restore Default Libraries"

Let us know how it turns out
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I have one file that does not show up in the Documents Library. When I am using my notebook and look at the Documents Library, I can see all the files stored in Documents on my Desktop, which is where the files actually reside. There is one specific file thay does not show up. However I can see that file if I navigate to Users/UserName/Documents. Any ideas? I checked to make sure that file didn't have any permissions restrictions.


A:One file not in Documents Library

Quote: Originally Posted by sobershea

I have one file that does not show up in the Documents Library. When I am using my notebook and look at the Documents Library, I can see all the files stored in Documents on my Desktop, which is where the files actually reside. There is one specific file thay does not show up. However I can see that file if I navigate to Users/UserName/Documents. Any ideas? I checked to make sure that file didn't have any permissions restrictions.



Is there something special about the file or folder? what is its name and where is it located?

Ken J
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I can't access my documents library.
I can access and view the files but can't copy or move or delete something in it.
My games are also dead and not saves to documents.
GTA V, GTA IV, GTA SA not saves to it.
Tells check your storage device.
Windows says that I require administrator permissions even though I am the administrator.
I never done any file permission change.
Please help...................
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well me being the idiot I am I decided it would be a good idea to change the locations that are included in the Documents library so I completely changed the view.

The default locations are

I changed that so I would have more libraries so this is what I got, and I'd like to know how I get it back to what it used to look like (see below)

A:Documents Library Question

Quote: Originally Posted by MitchellEve


well me being the idiot I am I decided it would be a good idea to change the locations that are included in the Documents library so I completely changed the view.

The default locations are

I changed that so I would have more libraries so this is what I got, and I'd like to know how I get it back to what it used to look like (see below)

Attachment 36575

Hi and welcome

there are a couple of ways. do you have the win 7 dvd?
If you have a backup to restore is the easiest, then a repair install, then if nec. a re-install.

Im sure there is a way to simply move them back but I dont know it. someone probably does.

Hope this helps

Ken J
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All of my pictures and documents are in a documents library but I'm not able to move or view. It's a slow process doing copy and paste. Any suggestions?
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When posting a listing in craigslist, when asked to browse to find the photos I want to include, they are not listed in my Pictures Library. In fact, only about 23 files of photos are listed. Yet when I get into my Pictures Library when not in craigslist or any other web site, there are over 200 files! Why the difference, and how can I get access to those photos when in craigslist to include them in my listing? Note that this is a reposting on craigslist and I was able to find those exact same photos before.
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In the Pictures Library I can view some pictures, but for others I get only black boxes. All those pictures show perfectly in Photo Viewer and in Explorer. Any thoughts ??

A:Pictures Library with problems

I've got no idea, but are all the pictures the same file type, bmp, .jpg, .jpeg, size etc. Maybe it just doesn't like some file types.
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I have a very strange problem:
I am using Windows Media Player 11 under Windows Xp Pro SP1 with all the needed updates.
I can import (add) videos and songs to my libray but strangely it doesn't want to add pictures. (plain jpegs)
I tried both methods: by monitoring my grafix folder, and via drag and dropping my files. Nothing happens. 0 added files...
First I thought, there are to many files, but also with single files or very small quantities (10) nothing happens.
It's a shame, I'm using WMP11 to stream stuff to my PS3, now I can't stream my pictures because WMP won't import them in its library.

Did anyone have the same problem, can anyone shed light on this strange mystery.

Thanx a lot for helping me out!

A:WMP 11 won't import pictures to Library

Hi dateacha, and welcome to TSF.

Some of us are on SP3 now. I would not advise you to go that far but, you have to get SP2. Not having it is leaving your computer open to all kind of problems. Microsoft updates has more of an effect on your system than you would think. Its imperitive that you get these updates asap.

Do that and tell me if you have the same problems.
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where can I find the windows 7 pictures library manual

A:pictures library manual

Here are some resources,
Understanding win-7 library system,
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When I first started using the Pictures library it would only take pictures I pasted in the library and would sort them under a date heading . How can I get the Pictures library to 1.) to take only pictures I paste in.
2.) to file under the date taken on picture
with a date heading.
3.) to store these pictures in an external
I have tried many "fixes" with no problem resolution. Desperate - need help. Thanks for the help.
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We have a GPO setting "Prevent users from adding files to the root of their Users Files folder" as we do not want users to be able to add files to their Roaming User Profile.

This GPO causes an error when a New Library is attempted to be created.

Because of the error we would like to Remove the "New Library" button from the toolbar which appears when the Library item is selected in the navigation pane.

The following article is great, however I cannot find a reference to the "New Library" button.

Windows Explorer Toolbar Buttons - Customize

Could any customisation wizkids offer any advice please?

Many Thanks

A:Remove New Library Button in from Library Toolbar

Hello Lee,

Doing step 7 in the tutorial below to remove "New -> Library" from the context menu will not remove the "New Library" toolbar button, but it will also effectively disable it. It may be a good workaround for you.

New Context Menu - Remove & Restore Default Menu Items

Hope this helps,
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Apologies if I'm on the wrong board but hoping for advice on rebuilding my iTunes library without library.xml rebuilding library on iTunes Advice without or .itl? a full library xml or itl I'm on Windows bit iTunes My tech skills are poor and after a corrupted library event I just reinstalled itunes and then added my itunes folder from my C drive in itunes File gt Add Folder To Library However not all the songs on the HD were added to my iTunes library i e for many albums random tracks were missing when viewed in iTunes the original xml and itl files were corrupted and I didn't try to use them for this I can go to Advice on rebuilding iTunes library without library.xml or .itl? the iTunes folder on the C drive and right-click to Open those missing files with iTunes After they have been played like that then they are visible in the library in itunes but doing that with every individual missing track is incredibly time-consuming I've just bought a new PC and want to port my whole library over to the new machine Is there any way of moving all the files to the new machine via external HD and then rebuilding the library without gaps even if the library xml and itl files from the old machine have gaps Any suggestions would be really appreciated or somewhere else to go to find help Many thanks
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For some reason if I go to the libraries where is has Documents, Music, Pictures and Video I cannot open anything it just says LIBRARY-MS File. I can access the folders if I click on computer, C drive, users etc. I have tried deleting the -MS files right clicking on Libraries and clicking Restore Default Libraries I have also tried making a new user account, adding folder to libraries, even reinstalled Windows 8. Any suggestions?

A:cannot access Library folders keep getting LIBRARY-MS File

Did you first set up a Homegroup with the other machines in your network?

I don't believe the Library folders will function unless a Homegroup has been set up.

The Homegroup trouble shooting guide will show you how to fix most Homegroup related problems.

Ultimate Troubleshooting Guide for Windows 7 HomeGroup Connection Issues
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For some reason if I go to the libraries where is has Documents, Music, Pictures and Video I cannot open anything it just says LIBRARY-MS File. I can access the folders if I click on computer, C drive, users etc. I have tried deleting the -MS files right clicking on Libraries and clicking Restore Default Libraries I have also tried making a new user account, adding folder to libraries, even reinstalled Windows 8. Any suggestions?

A:cannot access Library folders keep getting LIBRARY-MS File

Did you first set up a Homegroup with the other machines in your network?

I don't believe the Library folders will function unless a Homegroup has been set up.

The Homegroup trouble shooting guide will show you how to fix most Homegroup related problems.

Ultimate Troubleshooting Guide for Windows 7 HomeGroup Connection Issues
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I have Musicmatch Jukebox I used to have and I have a saved library ddf file in my external hard drive After getting the library is now not saving to any ddf file that I know of I have searched all my drives for all ddf files and produced nothing My original ddf file I saved all the time when adding new music has been the same mb since i upgraded to the ddf file isn t getting any bigger I have tried deleting mmjb from my entire computer and going to MMJB option save or to library 10: new No library the C directory and physically deleting musicmatch When I download a fresh copy I still cant save or create a new library In MMJB 10: No option to save library or new library addition it still pulls up all my music which is stored in my external hard drive Even if I turn my external hard drive off mmjb still brings up all the music of course it wont play because the hard drive is turned off but somehow mmjb knows my current library so is it storing it in a file which is not a ddf file There is no option to quot new library quot or quot save library quot Someone help me nbsp

A:MMJB 10: No option to save library or new library

It might be that the file is hidden and windows cannot see it. Go to My Computer, then Tools > Folder Options > View > select shown hidden files and folders.

Also it could be that it's not using the DDF file anymore and using a different one. Maybe M4U or something similar.
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I don't know whats going on but if I go to options and click on Monitor Folders and find my folder where all of my music is located.

WMP11 finds all 24002 files but says "0" added when completed. I basically have no library and I'm not able to add the files to the library.

I've restarted my computer, I've deleted the watched folders and added them back without any luck.

A:WMP11 finds my song library but won't add it in the library?

First turn off Monitor Folders and leave WMP open in the library view. To add songs to the library, select the music file folder(s) in Windows Explorer then drag-and-drop them into the WMP window.

If that doesn't work, delete the WMP database and try again.
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I accidentally moved or deleted a folder in 'Documents Library'. The only one there is 'My Stationary'.

A:Missing folder in 'Documents Library'.

Check in your Recycling bin.
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I'm new to 7. I can't transfer any files to this empty folder - Library/Documents. I created a new folder called 'Docs' in Library' to see if that would work and the system won't allow me to place any files there either. It seems like I'm not allowed access, but I'm the owner .

Can anyone help me with this?

A:System won't allow any files in Library/Documents

Run this:

SFC /SCANNOW Command - System File Checker
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Using Win 8 and Office 2010. All of a sudden all of my libraries went away. When I click on any library. (Documents, Music, Pictures). I get an error message in a box. It says:
"Documents.library-ms" is no longer
This library can be safely deleted from
your computer. Folders that have been
included will not be affected.

All the folders are gone. I was working with a letter in MS Word. Help, what did I do and What do I do next to retrieve everything?? There is nothing in my Recycle Bin.
Thanx for your help,

A:Documents.library-ms" is no longer

The MS library (never got used to the pronunciation or spelling of that word, surely it should be LIBERY, no?) Anyhooo... its really just a link to your local profile. Though I don't specifically know what has happened, it is entirely possible that the link is 'broken' but the actual files still remain in the appropriate location.

For Example

My libraries will appear to be directly in my 'Jimscreechy' folder on my desktop or in the 'Libraries' folder in my windows explorer. In actual fact this is just a link to the real location which is C:\users\jimscreeechy\my music

So firstly navigate to C:\users\'your computer ID'\music... which judging from your member name I am going to equate to c:\users\eddie460\my music

if you navigate to this location and find your files, sing halleluyah and recreate the links by right-clicking the libraries icon and selecting new, then navigating to the location of your choice (music for example) where you want to reinstate the library. You can also create NEW libraries like (Reviews, Avenging Angels, Top secret stuff ) in this manner... if you choose.

If on the other hand you navigate to where your files should be and there is nothing there! Well, you may need to look at restoring from backup (if you have one) or undeleting from the recycle bin (if you haven't emptied it) or (as a last resort) reclaiming files with a restore program (shaky if you've been using the PC for any length of time since the loss of the link)

ER... hope this helps.
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I wished to make a new Documents Library for this year Opened my user name and personal folder then clicked on Library lost data Documents New Library It said it needed a Folder but there is no option for a New Folder and so I clicked on a file in my current Documents Library The entire Documents Library copied into the New Library which is not what I wanted I re-named the New Library with Documents Library data lost label To Delete and clicked Delete to send it to the Recycle Bin Instead it deleted all the data in BOTH the new To Delete folder Library and my current Documents Documents Library data lost Library ALL data lost WHAT HAPPENED Windows Help and Support says in Libraries frequently asked questions that if you delete a library or Documents Library data lost items in a library then the library itself is moved to the Recycle Bin The files and folders that were accessible in the library are stored elsewhere and therefore aren t deleted Not so I lost all my data The Recycle Bin is a nice safety measure but it didn t work in this case I had a week old backup to use for restore but still lost a week of data How can I prevent this from happening again What happened How can I make a new Library for each year especially since there is no New Folder option to click on Maybe it would be safer to just store my files in a folder on the desktop I need to store data elsewhere to avoid this again Can I delete copied data and files in the Recycle Bin without losing that same data in my Libraries I m using Windows nbsp

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Hey Folks,

My DVD burner is not working, so I need to take my files to a Cyber Cafe to back them up on DVDs and CDs.
The thing is I have a huge library of books mostly in pdf format on my PC, and I add and edit the library quite often. I need a way to backup my library to DVDs by syncing with them.

Now, since I cannot directly backup or sync them to DVDs from my PC since my burner is not working, I need another way. Borrowing an external USB DVD-Burner is not an option and I tried that. The only option is to backup or sync to folders on a USB FlashDrive and then burn it somewhere else.

So does anyone have any idea how do I backup or sync in this case?

A:How to backup library of documents and burn them elsewhere?

if you have a pretty large library of could buy an external HDD and set it to everytime syn between the books on ur PC and books inside it...
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I am trying to help someone who has an HP laptop with Win i processor GB RAM bit Click on any of the Libraries and you see this message Documents library-ms is no longer working I searched this forum and found a post that references the Microsoft fix item below A web search found a number of posts including http www winhelponline com blog fix-error-library-ms-is-no-longer-working-windows- http answers microsoft com en-us -working e c - - e - a-ae aa c working is no longer Documents.library-ms b http www techsupportforum com for cess-libraries-library-ms-problem- html These posts are generally consistent in Documents.library-ms is no longer working their instructions a delete existing libraries restore default libraries - OR b just restore default libraries However there are a number of responses to those instructions some say that they work others say they don t work The rd forum listed above claims that quot this can be caused by the file association for Library-ms files being corrupted quot and to download and run Libraryfix Win zip no link provided All of which is a little confusing and not inclined to inspire confidence with the recommended solution So does anyone on this forum have any experience with this problem If so have you tried the Microsoft fix If so does it work Thanks for your help nbsp
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All of the libraries in my OS Win7 are locked, solid.
Have tried ways as suggested in Google...but no luck at all.

Do you know why this has happened? (yes I have recently downloaded a program, but am loathe to cancel it, unless necessary)

How can I get my libraries back, both from the desktop and C drive.

Any & all suggestions will be appreciated.
Thank you
Julie B

A:Win7 error Pictures.library-ms.

Could you elaborate on when this started, was it right after you downloaded this program?

What is this program that you downloaded?

What exactly do you mean by Locked?
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This has just happenened,have no idea why,can i replace the library thanks

A:Pictures library no longer working

refer to this thread.
"" is no longer working
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My pictures library on windows 7 keep defaulting to locations, no matter how many times remove the second location. The two library locations are:

My Pictures


I keep removing the Desktop one but it always comes back. I noticed that it always comes back after I import photos from my iPhone to my desktop using Windows Photo Gallery.

I would like to remove the Desktop library location so that it no longer defaults to 2 locations.
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Not sure how to explain this but when I used to open my picture library I would be able to see my pictures. Even in the folders I would be able to see what was in them. Now I just have the same generic image. I have attached pics so maybe I can get some help here

I am not sure if it is related to my Carbonite Backup or not, somehow I don't think so because it just happened recently.

I really would like to get it fixed & was wondering if it might be a system files issue. I have Windows 7 home premium 32 bit. Please let me know if there is any other infor I need to post here . . Thanks much, JoLyn

A:Picture Library Not Showing Pictures

Hello JoLynW, and welcome to Seven Forums.

It appears that your thumbnail previews are disabled. Check each option in the tutorial below to see if one them may be able to enable them again for you.

Thumbnail Previews - Enable or Disable

Hope this helps,
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I just installed Win 7 pro and have it set like I want it. I have 3 hard drives. Two internal and one external. after install I wiped out second internal and external drives clean. Then I tried to do a back up and it failed and in my pictures library it says I have a folder from my external drive that does not exist so I need to delete that folder and the path I guess to make this work.Everything I have tried has not worked.

Thanks Ivan

A:How to delete folder in pictures library.

Library - Remove a Included Folder

or see
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i can go to file explorer and see all my sub folders created under the pictures library, but any app i use to see the photos, like the photos tile installed with windows 8, it does not show any sub folders at all.. the only way to see photos is to put pictures directly in the my pictures folder with no folders! and then it shows the photos but will not show any sub folders or pictures in them!

any idea how to fix this.. been on phone with microsoft for 2 hours now and they have no clue.

A:windows 8 not seeing sub folders in my pictures library

somebody had this question in another thread and got it solved. maybe you can search for that thread
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The Picture App says no pictures added when I copy and paste into Pictures Library. What am I doing wrong?

A:No Pictures in Windows Picture Library

You are talking about the "metro photos" app right?
Check your pictures properties. Right click on pictures.
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Hi A large number of files has disappeared from my computer and I can't find them anywhere I have a folder within the Pictures library entitled quot To be printed quot - it's where I dump all my photos from my phone initially before I sort through them to decide what to keep I had around files in this folder mostly JPEGS and a couple of MOV files Missing files from pictures library A few weeks ago I added new photos to this folder The next time I looked in the Missing files from pictures library folder it was acting strangely The new photos didn't appear to be there and only the or so old files were there The files are arranged by day When I clicked arrange by folder however the new photos appeared and the other disappeared - when arranged by day the folder told me I had items in the folder and when I clicked arrange by folder I was told I had files in the folder I shut the computer down and the next time I logged on the folder only had the new files and there was no sign of the or so older files no matter what I arrange the folder by I've searched the whole computer for JPEG and MOV files and there is no sign anywhere Any ideas I've hit a brick wall and can't think of anything else - the missing files are holiday pics and videos of my kids and I'd be gutted to lose them Thanks Steve

A:Missing files from pictures library

Did you try opening a command prompt to that folder and doing dir command? As Groucho would say "This is the most ridiculous thing I eva' hoid." I don't recall hearing quite this problem ever.
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I HAVE AN UNSPECIFIED FOLDER IN MY PICTURES LIBRARY THAT CONTAINS EVERYTHING THAT COMES IN TO MY COMPUTER. It contains email, documents, pictures and a whole host of items that I haven't asked for. When I delete items from this folder it also removes them from where they should be, inbox, windows photo gallery, and my documents. How can I remove this unspecified folder without losing emails, photos and documents. Can anyone help please? This rouge folder just appeared.

A:Unspecified folder in pictures library

Use a screen capture image to shows the contents and name of this folder.

Screenshots and Files - Upload and Post in Seven Forums
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I have four computers running ?identical? (obviously not) configurations of 32-bit Windows 7 Home Premium. All W7 updates are applied to each. I have all my dynamic data on a local network on a D-Link DNS-323 in a folder named My Documents.

Here?s the ?obviously not? problem. On one, I cannot install My Documents in the Library\Documents folder. If I click on Documents I get the message ?Documents is empty? ?No folders have been included in the library?. If I continue by clicking on ?Include a folder? and then select My Documents, I get a message ?This network location can?t be included because it is not indexed?.

Three computers included it without a hitch. This one refuses. Has anyone an idea of what is going on, or where to look?

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Today, I was looking for an Excel file and encountered the following issue:

If I go to Libraries\Documents\Property Files\1105 Dart, I can't see the file I need. However, I can see it if I go to
C:\Users\Sales\Documents\Property Files\1105 Dart

I have 156 files in "Documents" and 153 files in "My Documents". Any idea how to correct this? My documents may have gotten 'out of control' after I started using Bit Torrent Sync to sync the documents folder between my desktop and laptop.

Thanks for your help!
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I have four computers running ?identical? (obviously not) configurations of 32-bit Windows 7 Home Premium. All W7 updates are applied to each. I have all my dynamic data on a local network on a D-Link DNS-323 in a folder named My Documents.

Here?s the ?obviously not? problem. On one, I cannot install My Documents in the Library\Documents folder. If I click on Documents I get the message ?Documents is empty? ?No folders have been included in the library?. If I continue by clicking on ?Include a folder? and then select My Documents, I get a message ?This network location can?t be included because it is not indexed?.

Three computers included it without a hitch. This one refuses. Has anyone an idea of what is going on, or where to look?

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Why do I keep getting this error message that there are no pictures in .......................Pictures Library. Have I done something wrong I have done Computer/My pictures/Select All/Manager/Slide show - I get the slide show until I sign out then the next time I switch on I get the error message. This has happened the last couple of days and never had this prob before. I am still on Windows 8 not Windows 8.1. Can anyone help please -
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Using longer no [SOLVED] Documents.library-ms" is Win and Office All of my libraries have become unusable When I click on the [SOLVED] Documents.library-ms" is no longer File Explorer icon in the Quick [SOLVED] Documents.library-ms" is no longer Launch Toolbar of the Desk Top I get four icons representing Library s Music Pictures and Videos When I click on LIBRARY I get error message LIBRARY library-ms quot is no longer working This library can be safely deleted from your computer Folders that have [SOLVED] Documents.library-ms" is no longer been included will not be affected I get a similar error message if i click on any of the others In addition my DOCUMENTS Library is missing I am able to view and recall items in Documents all of which are Word items by creating a new word document clicking on RECENT This gives me all of my documents How do I restore the ability to click on the File Explorer icon and then Documents to see and use all my Word documents and files I asked this question previously and received a solution from JIMSCREECHY He suggested that I navigate to C users my computer ID any library and right-clicking the libraries icon and selecting new then navigating to the location of your choice music for example where you want to reinstate the library When I right click on Library or any other item I do not have a NEW option If I highlight Library and right click in the field I am given the NEW option Clicking on it creates a new Library Similarly doing the same to PICTURES VIDEOS or MUSIC also creates a NEW LIBRARY Today I did a system restore to a point before this all happened and it did no good Everything is still not working As you can see I need some help please Thanks eddie

A:[SOLVED] Documents.library-ms" is no longer

Click on File Explorer Icon, the Libraries window opens, Right click Libraries on the Left side and choose Restore Default Libraries.
If that doesn't work, Your profile may be corrupted.
Try creating a new user with Admin rights, log out of the current user profile and login as the new user. Fix a corrupted user profile - Windows Help
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I am going through the library to make sure the files it contains are all in the correct folders. I have set Explorer to show full paths, yet when I open the library the file names are still shown as before.

Is there any way the full path can be made imediately visible without need to go to Properties?

It would make the process much quicker.

A:Documents Library: show full paths

Quote: Originally Posted by rundwald

when I open the library the file names are still shown as before.


I'm not sure I understand your question. Can you post an image to show us what you mean by "shown as before"?

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I want to know what its purpose is and if I can move it. Opening it gives me a folder called:
and opening that gives me an empty folder called:

A:In my Documents Library there's a blank microsoft folder.

Hello Advice Pro,

These are folders created by Windows Live Sign-in Assistant.
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Since the last Windows 7 update a day or two ago, the display of folders in my Documents library has changed. The folders are now displayed in one column with dates showing when each folder was created. This makes scrolling necessary to view all the folders. I'd like to change this back to the way it was, in rows of columns (without dates or any other info) so I can see all the folders at once.
I've tried everything I can think of and I've searched this forum with no luck. Any help would be appreciated.

A:How do I restore the display of folders in the Documents library?

Hello Fred,

Setting your folder view settings to Group by -> (None) and view by large or medium icons should sort this for you.

File and Folder Arrangement - Group by - Sort by - Arrange by

Icon Size - Change in Windows Explorer Window
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I would like to know if there is any possible way that if I had to click on my Windows Explorer icon that it would open up my Documents library folder directly so as that I have immediate access to these folders. If not how would I be able to then create a shortcut for myself that would open this folder.

With many thanks

A:Windows Explorer to open Documents Library

Quote: Originally Posted by davpet

I would like to know if there is any possible way that if I had to click on my Windows Explorer icon that it would open up my Documents library folder directly so as that I have immediate access to these folders. If not how would I be able to then create a shortcut for myself that would open this folder.

With many thanks


Hi and welcome
Navigate to the folder you want to open. Right click>crate shortcut>drag to desktop. May require either run as admin, or take ownership. Bith have instructions in the tutorial section

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Operating System nbsp Windows Enterprise -Bit Environment nbsp Windows domain Security nbsp Local Machine admin and domain admin Documents Library is redirected via Group Policy to servername home username Navigating at Documents Top Library Cannot Level Create Folder of to Libraries Documents there Cannot Create Folder at Top Level of Documents Library is no quot New Folder quot button available at that top level of the library nbsp When using File menu gt New gt Folder I get quot Unable to create the folder 'New Folder' nbsp nbsp File system error quot nbsp nbsp Looked that one up using Google er I mean Bing and found articles about it being an old DOS Win issue with the max limit on the root drive nbsp Am familiar with that problem and this ain't it Less than folders at the root level and none more than characters long nbsp From inside an Application if I try to save to my Library Documents folder I cannot save a file to the root level nbsp I get quot To save here you must first include a folder in the Library quot At this point where I am looking to save a file I also cannot type a folder name Cannot Create Folder at Top Level of Documents Library for navigation as I am used to doing Cannot Create Folder at Top Level of Documents Library with previous OS's nbsp So in my address area I have Libraries Documents then I have a subfolder called quot important quot nbsp If I type the word quot Important quot expect the system fo navigate down into that folder nbsp Instead I get quot To save here you must first include a folder in the Library quot If I type quot Important quot I still get the same error Navigating to servername home username I am able to create a New Folder at the top level from a Windows Explorer window or from inside an application such as Word nbsp Mapping a drive letter to servername home username also will allow me to create a New Folder at the top level from a Windows Explorer Window or from inside an application From a command prompt I am able to get to the drive letter and create a new folder nbsp With the drive letter mapped going back to Libraries Documents I am still unable to create a new folder that way nbsp nbsp I read these two threads both of which sort of die off with no real answers nbsp So I've started my own nbsp http social technet microsoft com Forums en-US w itpronetworking thread ea f f- - cf-abb - e b a http social technet microsoft com Forums en w itprosecurity thread ae ce- a b- b- -a dca fd Any Help nbsp nbsp
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A problem has recently cropped up on my Windows 7 machine. When I open the "Documents" library, it does not show the combined view of My Documents and Public Documents. It shows a list of files, but no folders. Not all of my files are shown, just some of them. However, the file names are correctly linked, in that if I delete one, that file is deleted. If I "open file location" from the library, the correct folder opens.

I've included screen captures of the Documents, My Documents, and Public Documents libraries. You'll notice that I have a second hard drive (F where all of my documents are stored.

What happened? How do I fix this?

A:Incorrect File Names in Documents Library

Hi and welcome to SevenForums,
Right click the Libraries listing on the left column and click on Restore default libraries,
See what that does,
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How can I remove the text that appears at the top of all the Library windows?


A:Remove 'Documents Library' from Explorer Window

Hello Billy, and welcome to Seven Forums.

You can turn off the Library Pane to remove it. This will affect all libraries.

Hope this helps,
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Hi i have Windows 8 Pro

I found this link but it's still not fixed. Does someone have a solution to this.
Fix Error "Documents.library-ms is no longer working" in Windows 7 - The Winhelponline Blog
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My Documents library was very well organized, containing many folders. Today I clicked on my Documents library, and discovered that all of my folders HAD DISAPPEARED, and all of the folders' contents are now floating loose in my document's library. I now have over 28,000 different files in my documents library with no organization whatsoever. (Interestingly, I also have a few zipped folders that weren't tampered with.) Also, my computer has been very VERY slow, making some of my programs unusable. (Microsoft Word, in particular). My McAfee virus software is running and up to date. Also, when I click on my documents folder through my C drive instead of going through my documents library, my folders are all intact the way they are supposed to be. I have NEVER seen anything like this before. Ever seen this before? Can it be fixed?
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After removing a Pictures Library location, and subsequently adding it back right away, I cannot arrange by anything other than folder view.

The pictures can be sorted within this arrange-by view via a right-click, but no other arrange by options work.

"Clear Changes" keeps arrange by folder, but changes to detail view.

A:Pictures Library Stuck in Folder View

Try right clicking the libraries, and choosing restore default libraries.
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I'm using Windows 7 with Outlook 2003 - received photos in jpeg - cannot save to librairies "my pictures". "My pictures" is not listed in the librairies drop down menu.
The pictures open is Office Picture Manager. Is there way around this?
On my pc running XP, I simply click open, or save as, and the "my pictures" option is listed, I then choose the folder to save in. Cannot do this in Windows 7 directly from Outlook 2003.
I just tried saving a picture from the internet email (hotmail) rather than Outlook 2003 and it works fine. I open the attachment, click on "save" and my librairies are listed. So why can't I do this his directly through Outlook 2003 which is the email I use on a daily basis?

A:Outlook 2003 does not recognize the My Pictures Library

Thats odd, I can save to Libraries/My Pictures (albeit just a test txt file as seen below) using Outlook 2010. Irene will probably have an idea about this - she is good with Outlook.
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I used a software and extended my disk C the other day and apparently some settings are set back to default or somehow changed. It's been so long since my computer had any problems so I can't remember how to customize everything anymore...
So I use to have the pictures library to be arranged by month and I remember that the folders are grouped by year also. Like at the top it shows the year and then the pictures are arranged by month. Now it's set to "arrange by month" too but the years are not shown. Does anyone know how I can get the old look back? Thanks!

A:Pictures Library arrange by month looks weird

Hello Rose,

I think this may get you back there. If not, then play with the different settings to see if another may be it.
Set View -> Arrange by to Folder
Set View -> Group by to (None) if available
Now, set View -> Arrange by to Month.

Now, set View -> Arrange by to Day.

Hope this helps,
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I am trying to share a folder of pictures with my wife who has a std user acct on our home computer. I have copied it from a CD to My Pictures and I see the folder in my pictures library. I've clicked on that icon and I've clicked Share With and I've clicked on homegroup (read) and I've manually entered her user name. The folder in my library shows "shared" at the bottom of the screen.

But when she logs on, that folder does not appear anywhere in her pictures library and unless she has access to my user acct she can't see the pictures.

What am I doing wrong?

A:Solved: why cant i share pictures in my library with my wife

The Share With option is for sharing with - another computer - not an account on the same computer.

For her to see the pictures, copy or move the picturea to the Public Pictures folder in C:\User\Public\Public Pictures where both of you can see them.
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For some time now I have noticed that the "picture/image" on the icons in my libraries are sometimes there and sometimes not there!!??

This is affecting all libraries; music, docs, photos etc. (the same is the case in all of the drives)

When the pictures disappear they are replaced by a vertical shadowed strip (if there is more than one folder within the folder)

I have yet to spot a pattern for when the images are there or not there! But just lately it seems they are not there a lot more!!!!

Any ideas?


A:Library Icon pictures/images keep disappearing

Can you post a screen shot, so we can get a better of the issue.

You can also try to rebuild your Icon Cache folder. First you will need to 'Show Hidden Files and Folders'

To do this press the Windows Key + E (the windows key is near the space bar) > Tools (located in the toolbar) > Folder Options > View > click on 'Show Hidden files, folders, and drives'

Next open Windows Explorer (using the Windows + E keys) if it is closed from the previous instructions.

Go to C:/users/username/AppData/Local now find the file IconCache.db and rename it IconCache.db.old then restart you computer.
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I have a directory of about a photos each with a varying number of descriptive tags keywords assigned to them If you are serious Pictures by Arrange groups, Tag, Unspecified Library about managing many pictures tags are indispensable It allows you to search and sort all photos in many Arrange by Tag, Unspecified groups, Pictures Library simple and complex ways I have been very successful in managing this collection in a Vista computer using Windows Explorer View tab Stackby Tags I recently Arrange by Tag, Unspecified groups, Pictures Library copied this collection to my new Windows computer and found the Stack Arrange by Tag, Unspecified groups, Pictures Library by now Arrange by is only functional in Libraries This has added some inconvenience But more importantly it appears that the Pictures Library only seems to recognize a maximum of eleven tags per photo Because of this limitation I now realize that when I try to find photos for certain tags they cannot be found Secondly several of the Tag icon groups scattered throughout the whole set of these groups have had their valid name replaced by the word Unspecified These tag groups represent real tag groups but when I click on one of these groups labeled Unspecified I see the few photos that had no tags assigned to them I added tags to all of these photos but the Unspecified labels remained and it still takes me to the same screen but now saying no files found Further I have deleted most of the photos that had more than eleven tags and all of the Unspecified tag group labels were corrected Of course now missing the photos that I had deleted to test this problem My question is Is there a way to increase the maximum number of descriptive tags that the Pictures Library will recognize I realize there are other programs like Photo Gallery that have facilities to manage photos with tags but Pictures Library could provide just an additional valuable perspective on managing photos the other programs don t have
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Hi there,

I'm looking for some help please. I have just uninstalled Microsoft Office Home & Student 2007 as I prefer the Microsoft Office Professional Edition 2003. I have no problems with Access, Outlook, Word, etc. but my Excel documents in the Documents Library will not open. I get the message "C:\Users\Name\Documents\Name\doc.xls - This action is only valid for products that are currently installed". However, if I open Microsoft Excel 2003 and open the documents from there, there is no problem but I want to be able to view my documents and open them from the Documents Library. Please help. Thanks a lot.

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I have computers all running W Home Premium all set up identically One has recently lost track of My Documents in the Windows Explorer Library and doesn't offer a solution to restoring it The actual content of My Documents is on a DNS- network drive In years of experience nothing like Windows to Library My Refuses Explorer include Documents this has been a problem so nothing to see there The Library shows Documents with the quot expansion arrow quot If I try to expand that the arrow goes away but nothing happens If I click on Documents I get the messages quot Documents is Empty quot quot No folders have been include Windows Explorer Library Refuses to include My Documents in the library quot If I click on the Include a folder button navigate to the folder on the network drive and try to add it I get a message quot This network location can't be included because it is not indexed quot The other three computers are pretty sure it is or at least that it doesn't matter I have searched through the Registry for a clue but there are so many references to My Documents that I have no idea what to look for there I would appreciate any ideas other than reloading Windows Is there a way to just reload Windows Explorer or perhaps copy it from another of the working computers I suspect it is a Registry problem so a simple copy is probably off the table Some additional notes System Restore is not promising since I have no idea when it may have occurred and only two quot critical updates quot are listed as restore points for some reason I know there have been others since I created several myself But the space allocated for restore points is only at gB out of gB allocated so I don't understand that unless a Windows update deleted all previous restore points Besides that I am sure I have been chasing a solution since before the dates on those To make it worse this is the computer my wife uses She is an experienced user but not a quot computer-type quot It is always possible that she did something to cause the problem but I expect it is the result of a glitch of some sort not a keyboard error I want My Documents to appear as a library so she doesn't have to expand the view of the network drive with the risk that she might move or delete something there by accident
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I'm using the 'Arrange By' selection box in the Pictures Library. When I use the 'Arrange By' selection to arrange my pictures by date (in descending order) I get about 2 years of pictures grouped by day and the remainder by month. Arranging 'by month' does not work at all. This happens for all the folders I have in the Pictures library. Has anybody a suggestion on why this is teh case? Thanks for your help.

A:Pictures Library Arrange By Date gives results by Day and by Month

Make sure that under the pictures folder (c\users\ your username \pictures) properties, under customize make sure the folder is optimized for pictures.

Also right click some of your pictures and make sure the data and time stamp is correct. Meta data could be wrong messing everything up. Right click picture-properties-details.
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Only empty folders show up when using the metros photos app when my pictures library includes a WHS homegroup shared folder. Photos app reports "We couldn't find any photos in here"

I can browse to the folders using file manager and open a single picture in Photos but I cannot then get to the next or previous picture in the folder.
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I had the Pictures library no longer working error happen yesterday, it's still the same today.
Is there an 'easy-to-follow' cure for this, as I'm puzzled as to where my imported pictures will go when I next transfer pics from my digital camera? .

Thanks in advance,

** EDIT, it's 7022 - stupid me **

A:7022 Pictures.library-ms is no longer working error message.

Hello Bob,

Welcome to the Seven Forums.

Have you tried a restore point to before this problem started? Did you download some pics and now they're gone missing?

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I would like to add the games library into the main library system that includes: Videos, Music, Documents, Pictures, Podcasts, ect. How could I do this?

A:Is there a way to add games library to main library?

Correct me if I'm wrong because I have really never used the "Games" Interface but I think it's a part of the system as in like not a folder.
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This is a minor but annoying issue. I suspect there is an easy answer. I just upgraded from Vista to Windows 7 (thank goodness) and transferred all my personal folders into the Documents library. For some reason, when clicking on Documents on the left of the screen, instead of the body saying Documents Library and then "Includes: 2 locations" as it should, with the folder under it, it says Documents Library and then lists My Documents with the folders under it. I have tried to deposit the folders directly into Documents but get the "target folder is the same" message. Change view just gives me the list versus icon choice. Can I fix this or do I need to live with it this way?
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My problem is maybe a little complicated I want to move my iTunes library to an external hard drive Unfortunately I tried to move it without following the proper instructions from Mac I moved the music files iTunes Music folder to the external hard drive and deleted the folder and music files from my computer after the move Then I went to iTunes preferences to change the location of iTunes Media to the external Then I checked it and iTunes couldn t play couldn t find any of the files of course I moved everything back changed the preferences still couldn t find the songs so I re-created my library and playlists following the instructions from Apple support Now most of my music is back in iTunes but not all Some of it it said it couldn t find I m not sure of all of the music it can t find I know some of it from memory All of the files are in the iTunes Music folder I (iTunes some library iTunes Solved: Library Help find songs) can't assume and I so want to added the files it couldn t find but not duplicate everything I have in my library already Then move my files to the external properly How do I do this Bonus question None of my I iphone applications are in my iTunes I m afraid to connect my phone now as I fear I will lose the applications and Solved: iTunes Library Help (iTunes library can't find some songs) the info in those apps How should I handle this Sorry for the long explanation Thanks for your patience nbsp

A:Solved: iTunes Library Help (iTunes library can't find some songs)
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I just did a recovery on my laptop to get the "arrange by" command to work on my Windows 7 pictures library. When I had loaded the discs and the "new" Windows 7 was loaded the command worked fine - once I loaded the HP downloads the command did not work (libraries stuck in Folder command ). Need help to figure this out ! Thanks for the help.
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I clicked on "restore settings" in my pictures library mistakenly thinking it would make the changes I made to the navigation pane go back to the way I had it a moment before(like an undo button) but it totally messed up the organization of my photos. They now show as folders even though the view is set to large icons. They are no longer organized by month but by when they were downloaded to my computer. Photos are a high priority for me. I'm sick about it... I read something about a systems restore button in the control panel, but I'm scared. I don't want to wreck anything further.


A:clicked on "restore settings" in my pictures library, oops

Hello, and welcome to Eight Forums.

By default, the Pictures library is:

Arrange by -> FolderView by -> Medium iconsSort by -> Folder pathGroup by -> Folder path

You can adjust these to how you like. You may need to play with it a bit though.

Sort by, Group by, and Arrange by Items in Windows 8 File Explorer

Folder View - Change Icon Size and Layout in File Explorer
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i'm currently in charge of the IT support of a school, and the error message
«"Documents.library-ms" is no longer working » appeared on student account whenever they want to reach ther windows library directories.

I found something to solve this issue : delete libraries, then restor it. But this methode work only for accounts one by one, and they are more than 700!

So I want to solve this issues in a programmatic way, i found some tools like ShLib an SlUtil but it doesn't work

If someone already had this kind of problème, i'll be pleased to know how it gone!
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HELP!! I got tired of all the clutter in the "Documents" section of the Libraries. I created a new Library for my client files. I included a folder and many sub-folders from deep within the Documents library. It is working properly, the files and folders are now available in the new Library.

GREAT, BUT!!! Now every file (even I.E. favorites) that was in the Documents library is listed removed from their folders. This is over 13,000 files! In the "Documents" Library there is still "My Documents" file (I came from XP), and the files and folders are properly displayed there.

How do I get the Documents file to not show me every file I have removed from their folders?

A:Files in "Documents" Library removed from folders

Hello and welcome to the Forum. Where did all this "clutter" come from. Are they files that you transferred from another PC?
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I have two computers in a Homegroup. I have been able to share files with no issue between the two - except today I noticed that I get a "Working on it" message and File Explorer hangs when trying to pull up the Pictures library from one of the computers. The other libraries (Videos, documents, etc.) work fine.

I've removed sharing. I've removed the offending computer from the Homegroup.

Neither fixed.

Any ideas?
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I don't know what I did but my Pictures library now has this "header" which shows me the number of pictures I have. Previously it wasn't there. I want to remove the "header". I'm not sure what it is called and nothing I have tried worked so far.

A:Removing "header" from Pictures Library

Welcome to the Seven Forums
If you have your folder in the Favorites it's not there.
In the Libraries it's there

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Nevermind. Edit: answer already here.

Difference: corruption of my library was caused by clicking Apply then OK too quickly on the "Picture Properties" window (Start > Right click "Pictures" > Properties), causing the library to be updated twice simultaneously.

Actually the fix I linked above does NOT solve my specific problem. The repair install suggested therein is apparently the only fix.

A:"" is no longer working

When clicking on "Pictures" in the Start Menu, I receive:

When doing "right click > Properties" on "Pictures", I receive:

I'm not fixing to try the repair install because I'll be purchasing Windows 7 soon anyways, but I certainly won't be making this mistake twice, since there is apparently no fix (at least that I can find).
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Hello. Let me start off with saying I know next to nothing about computers but googled my problem and was lead to this site. I received this message while trying to access my picture library.
"pictures.library-ms" is no longer working. This library can be safely deleted from your computer. Folders that have been included will not be affected.

Can anyone help me fix this problem?

A:"pictures.library-ms" is no longer working

Might try this out.

Libraries - Restore Default
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I accidentally deleted the entire My Pictures folder from my library. How do I get it back? I was trying to delete an album and it deleted the entire library of pictures. My photos are still in the Windows 8 library just not the My folders library. Any help will be appreciated!

A:I deleted the "My Pictures" folder from my library

Hello jbcarrere. Welcome to Eight Forums.

Open the recycle bin and select what you want to restore if you can.
(assuming they are still there)