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Creative Web Cam NX Pro End Of Life Experiments

Q: Creative Web Cam NX Pro End Of Life Experiments

Hello I have been experimenting with the Creative Web Cam NX Pro a product listed as having reached quot end of life quot I felt that this obsolete camera merits continued discussion as a great many were made are available very cheaply on Ebay etc and because at least Some versions of the bit version of Windows as well as several older Linux distros will still work with the NX Pro despite the quot XP Only quot driver First the good news After acquiring three of these cameras Pro Cam Web Life Of Creative Experiments NX End for cheap on Ebay I installed two of them on professionally refurbished model year H-P DC computers that I acquired from NewEgg Creative Web Cam NX Pro End Of Life Experiments com The computers were used quot off-lease quot units supplied with the professional refurbisher s Creative Web Cam NX Pro End Of Life Experiments version of Windows bit operating system but they had been originally built for Windows XP I chose to try an install from the original disk than came with the camera but you Creative Web Cam NX Pro End Of Life Experiments can also Google for a file named quot wcnx pcdrv exe quot it is the last driver Creative released for it There is also an earlier driver circulating that works fine quot WCNP PCDrv US quot and an app pack with driver WCC PCApp US quot Try pasting these file names into Google to get right to the downloads The installation was not smooth it threw up many extra dialog boxes and repeatedly asked for permission to continue Some of the dialog was hidden by the old style Creative install screen and could only be brought up by waving the mouse cursor around near the bottom of the screen However I did find them and clicked yes OK as needed The software also tried to install a badly outdated version of Adobe Reader that I aborted The abort did not stop the rest of the install Also in my case I had the camera plugged in before installing They tell you not to do that but I got away with it When it was over I clicked the Creative web cam monitor applet and the NX Pro camera and it s microphone were working I installed the latest Skype software and Skype found the camera and mike Good to go Now the bad news I also tested an install on a year old Dell Dimension laptop that was loaded with the BIT version of Windows DON T DO IT Unless of course you know exactly what you are doing In my case it damaged Windows enough that I had to roll back windows to a previous restore point Had that not worked I would have had to pull my files off of the machine and reinstall Windows Doable but time consuming So if you have some basic computer ability are sure you have bit Windows and know how to rescue your files in a worst case situation I use a live linux disk and an empty USB drive then go for it and keep those adequate web cams out of the landfill Good Luck and enjoy your experimenting nbsp
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Preferred Solution: Creative Web Cam NX Pro End Of Life Experiments

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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Smartphone manufactures have focused in bringing innovative features to the phone and adding the same yearly basis. Why someone does not focus in increasing the battery life in smartphone.

Looks like served with all different cuisine of food on a table, but don't have hands to eat it!
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I have been have issues with my cable modem suddenly shutting down and then resetting itself. I am thinking it is time to replace the one I have that is at least 7 years old. What is the average life span of a modem?

A:Average life of a cable modem?

Perhaps it's overheating a bit due to dust build-up? I have a DSL modem/router combo and it's pretty warm. Since taking it apart is a bit of a pain, I use compress air & vacuum cleaner on it from time to time.

7 years does sound long, so might be better to replace it and give yourself the peace of mind.
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I've been blowing through graphics cards about every 12 months. Even with my new system it's been the same. I do play a lot of graphic intensity games. Could that be the reason for their early demise? The latest casualty is my GTX 560.

A:The average life of a GPU

A GPU's lifespan is at least 3-5 years. Hell, if you take care of your components it will last as long as you need it to in most cases. The fact that your GPU's are dieing in a year is strange. If this has indeed happened to all of your GPU's it is safe to say that the operating conditions inside your PC may not be too good. Or, you may just be burning them out? Do you SUPER overclock them or something? What sort of operating temps do you usually get?
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My friend leaning towards to have a Droid Razr Maxx recently because she has special favor to Motorola probably first mobile phone she had but I am feeling that Maxx life About Razr & size battery the screen size is a bit of a double About Razr Maxx size & battery life edged sword because she is a BB user now familiar with the Qwerty keyboard The larger screen About Razr Maxx size & battery life creates a fantastic visual experience when browsing but I m guessing she will not used to it She also feel like the larger screen and keyboard along with swype will be easier to About Razr Maxx size & battery life get over the lack I do not know much about this model though I owned a doridX so I wander if it was a bit big and have you gotten used to its size over time And also I heard that its battery life last long and have no idea whether it is true My droidX indeed have an impressive performance before even if I unplugged the phone off the charger at am not to put it back on the charger before I crashed out at night and woken up next day the battery still at about Through one day I kept the wifi was on all day I played an hours worth of home run derby I watched a few you tube videos surfed a little net and I have all my accounts synced up tofacebook myspace yahoo hotmail google and twitter I also have a live wallpaper running In the end I my battery never hit the quot red quot and was a little over hours of battery life before I put it on the charger I recommanded droidX to her but she wants a more recent model nbsp

A:About Razr Maxx size & battery life

Why don't you install a larger memory card?
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Though BB launched for quite long time I just got one last month and this is the second BlackBerry I reached my friend owned a BlackBerry Z Here is my personal feelings increase life? battery To BB10 my of BB focusing on its battery life during a month of usage but probably To increase my BB10 battery life? most users are quite up on it already My BB has been updated will result in a longer battery life but for heavy users like me Coming from the previous note it can no provide enough power Sometimes I unplugged at morning a m and can hardly last till p m only some calls and browsing It last - hours on average with OEM battery but over hours per day with the MPJ mAh extended battery I got from my friend I have tired some apps like Battery Guru and lower setting but not particularly pleased to the result especially some apps doesn t seem to detect when the battery is being charged Like most my previous cell phones I have spend the better part of each day looking for a place to plug it in and top up the charge until the friend owned Z gave his spare MPJ replacement battery to me I never had a car charger and never needed one just believe they are not good for mobile phone so I purchased a corresponding MPJ charger myself To sum up my feeling it is a great BlackBerry bussiness phone as always but If you are a heavy user this is not the phone for you unless you got a powerbank or replacement battery Also I wander if there other ways to increase battery life nbsp

A:To increase my BB10 battery life?

Try lowering your usage and closing background apps. I am not too familiar with BB10 so I cannot help much.
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Hey everyone I have an old laptop with a battery that lasts about h in quot Power Saving quot mode I m going to be stuck next week for about hours at a location with few available public outlets and need to stretch my battery life as much as possible I ve already for battery to Looking life extend ways "techie" done the obvious generic tips of quot defragging the hard drive quot quot dimming the screen quot quot using few no external devices quot quot tweaking my power usage settings quot etc but it s not enough I m looking for some good quot techie quot solutions now like quot underclocking the CPU quot or quot removing the CD drive quot All suggestions are appreciated I d love to try to squeeze another hours out of this battery if possible no I don t have another battery and don t need to buy one just for this one event Thx PS Another idea Removing HDD and booting from USB Flash drive nbsp

A:Looking for "techie" ways to extend battery life

Removing the HDD and booting from a flash drive is probably the worst decision you can make. Flash drives have very slow speeds (even though they are flash memory, they arent fast) and very little capacity. Keep the HDD.

There are only a few more ways to improve battery life other than dimming your screen and adjusting the power usage settings. Under-clocking the CPU is really done by the "power saving" mode.

Try these suggestions:
1) Run this tool:
2) Turn of your network adapter. There is usually a switch on the side of the PC that toggles the network adapter on and off. That will save you a ton of power. Also make sure bluetooth is off. I dont think your older PC will have it, but just make sure.
3) Use this tool to remove any unnecessary processes from start up. This will speed up your computer while also reducing the amount of processes that run (thus reducing CPU and RAM usage).

I can suggest other options, I just need your OS. If it is Windows 7, it is easy too, if it is XP, I cant really help there since I forgot the OS.
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Friends I bought a brand new Creative SBS A speakers and Creative Sound blaster VX Before installing card I checked the speakers with On board stereo audio It was working fine except mode not enabled But after installing Creative SB VX PCI I am not able listen to any sound at all properly Audio is played with lot of crackling and popping sound Even a ding sound is played as d i n g My system config below Core Duo E - GHz GB RAM Win XP Professional SP D GCNL - Intel Motherboard Creative Sound blaster VX PCI Model SB Product link I could not post link you can find it with google easily by searching quot creative sound blaster vx quot As I Problem Blaster Creative VX 5.1 Sound with checked with system requirements for the product it matches with my PC configuration I did not Problem with Creative Sound Blaster 5.1 VX find any issues Problem with Creative Sound Blaster 5.1 VX reported against this product and I wonder about that Hope I stated my problem clearly Experts help is much appreciated and thanks in advance nbsp

A:Problem with Creative Sound Blaster 5.1 VX

Enter the BIOS and disable the onboard sound device. Uninstall any onboard sound driver you find in Add and Remove Programs (in Control Panel). Install the Creative sound driver and see if that fixes your problem.
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Symptom When gaming with my buddies they are always complaining that my mic is way to low What I have Creative HS- Headset Plug and Play USB How I have set up so that voice chat comes through my ears and everything else goes through the speakers I use a program called Trillian with a Skype add-on What I tried Turning the mic volume up to the max in Trillian Turning the mic volume up to the max in the properties of the device Sound-Recording-Microphone Turning headset HS-720 problem) (mic Creative volume Automatic Gain Control off and putting everything up Turning AGC on Turned Listening off Switched to dvd quality Switched to cd quality Allow applications to take control skype in this case Googled for drivers but no luck at all Tried pushing it closer to my face then my friends complain of breathing noises which is quiet Additional Information I am running Windows bit Pro I have BT Infinity Internet Mbps Down Mbps Up The headset is plugged into a standard USB slot I have had Creative HS-720 headset (mic volume problem) this problem since I had the mic but never got around to trying to fix it until now Question How can I amplify my mic s volume for better use nbsp

A:Creative HS-720 headset (mic volume problem)


Does anyone have any suggestions?
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Hi guys, I have a Problem, I bought a Creative A520 a while ago, And It was woeking fine. And then all of a sudden, Sub woofer makes a noise that sounds like a Plastic bottle Crunching up; So I turn bass down and it seemed alright. And then it started being Intermittent, and randomly working while I listen to music (The bass is turned right down)

Techy Details :

Laptop I use is a Lenovo R61 with Linux running on it.

A:Creative A520 subwoofer problems

Either the speaker or the amp inside the box is probably broken or breaking. I'd check the surround and see if it's cracked or separated from the cone.
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I recently purchased an Asus N56V Series laptop. The laptop has impressive specs, including an i7 Core and a Nvidia GT 635M graphics adaptor, so I can understand it having a below average battery life. However, I am only getting 1 to 2 hours of battery life on it, even when I am not running processor and graphic intensive programs. Product review indicate that will battery life for this laptop is below average, the battery should still last 4 hours under normal conditions.

Is there any reason why my battery life is so limited? Has anyone else had similar problems with this model of laptop?

Thanks for the help.

A:Surprisingly short battery life on new laptop

Are WiFi enabled or Bluetooth? Unless absolutely required, disable.

Also look thru the Control Panel for Power Options and be sure to reduce usage for the Battery Choices.
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This is a werid issue I am running windows home bit I have sound issue Creative card a creative xfi titanium fatality pro sound card I just bought a new headset turtle beach Creative sound card issue dx before I always used usb headsets so this was never an issue me and my friends use ventrilo to chat while gaming the headset works but when loud music or loud game sounds are played it broadcasts them to my friends in ventrilo this happens even when my mic is muted so it has to be coming from my sound card also if im listening to music on low volume it plays the music behind my voice while I talk even though its not loud enough to be picked up from the mic I ve tried messing with the settings to the sound card but I cannot figure out why it keep broadcasting loud sounds I have all the newest drivers does anyone have any idea what could be causing this nbsp

A:Creative sound card issue

In your Ventrilo config, can you change the device that is selected as sound input device? E.g. select explicitly to use your microphone and not some "default" microphone device?
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im in the market for a speaker system for my computer and I found the Creative A520 for a good price

link below:

im just wondering are they any good as in quality cos there is only one review on the site and any other speakers that are good and not to expensive

A:Are the Creative A520 speakers worth getting?

I would say they are average. briefly listened to the 2.1 version one sometime ago. but if you can get them very cheap, just go for it... with proper placement 5.1 is going to be huge upgrade compared to identical 2.1 in gaming and movies.
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I would like to build a new pc but I haven't the time to do all the research that I did last time in order to put together a well-suited I thought I'd lean and glean here.

I am mainly building it to run Creative Suite for PS, ID and AI. Mirrored storage a must. I'm not sure who is winning the Intel vs AMD battle so enlighten me. Any and all suggestions welcome!

Also, can you recommend a good set-up for a new laptop for the same purpose as well?

I do not game at all...okay once in a blue moon...but not a necessity!



A:Need suggestions for a new PC build (Creative Suite-ready)

Most important thing, what's your budget?
Also is this a new system from scratch or do you have any parts which you are looking to reuse?
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Hey guys need a bit of help on my creative x-fi titanium I with my problem Creative X-Fi Very Titanium weird ve been using my creative soundcard and I ve come to realized that there is a repetitive problem that I don t really know how to solve My setup is as follows I ve connected my headset and microphone directly to the port of the card while my speakers are connected Very weird problem with my Creative X-Fi Titanium to the front headphones port of the computer Sometimes my headset is able to register or rather when I test with my creative console for left and right it s rather distinct However after playing for awhile it just becomes mono sound That means that when I do the test when it tests for quot left quot I hear it in my right too I have no idea Very weird problem with my Creative X-Fi Titanium why it s not working as follows Using my headset with my external USB soundcard my headset can register left and right distinctly Please help shed some light for Very weird problem with my Creative X-Fi Titanium me on this issue My setup Windows -Bit Pro Creative X-Fi Titanium D CMSS off Crystillzer off EAX off EQ off Core i Processor ASUS HD GFX GB RAM Thanks very much for any input nbsp

A:Very weird problem with my Creative X-Fi Titanium

Sorry but I can't seem to find an edit button. Anyway I've a correction to make, my front I/O port for the speakers is actually my onboard ASUS P7P55D-E mobo soundcard. So the headphones are the only ones going into the X-Fi soundcard. I've always switched between headphones and speakers by changing the default device on my windows.
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I have a creative sound blaster vx 5.1 card and creative T 6100 speakers.. For some reason the rear speakers dont work while playing 5.1 channel content.. It works only when eax is enabled in the creative control panel.. I dnt want to turn on eax. Pls help me find a solution

A:Creative Sound Blaster... help?

It might be slightly different for whichever OS you're using (XP or 7) but there should be an "Audio Control Panel" inside the main system control panel; In the Audio Control Panel change the "Speaker Configuration" to 5.1.

That should solve the problem.
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I need a sound card, but I can't make up my mind.
I've seen alot of threads about The Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi Titanium vs the Asus Xonar DX. I want one of these two soundcards, but every Thread is about 50/50, one forum is a big fan of the Xonar and the other a big fan of the X-fi. So I still have no clue what soundcard I should take. I need a soundcard that is good for gaming. So which one should I take or is there a better one in that price range?
I would be very thankful if you can help me out.

Best regards,

A:The Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi Titanium or the Asus Xonar DX?

I'd get the Xonar.
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All of us want to prolong our battery s life But without question every battery has a natural course of aging After used for a long time the battery get weak This life prolong battery's to How your is cannot be eliminated but we can prolong this aging course by using suitable method Usually if you want to prolong your battery s life you How to prolong your battery's life must pay attention to steps in using battery Store battery Put your batteries in a cool and dry place when you store it Do not charge your lithum batteries too full before storage After using the laptop battery please clean up the metal terminals with a soft dry clean cloth Before storage you should confirm your is not fully depleted If empty charge for about minutes Usually a lithium-ion battery should be stored at about state-of-charge The suitable storage temperature for batteries is around C Please notice this weak batteries charge faster and remain on ready indicator longer than strong ones Also it only be used for a short time So do not buy a used battery even if it is very cheap because used battery usually means weak battery Charge battery Most battery can be fully charged in about hours so do not leave a battery in a charger for a long time When you prepare to charge How to prolong your battery's life your battery make sure the temperature How to prolong your battery's life is around the room temperature Especially need to pay attention is avoid over-charging and over-discharging Do not charged to higher voltages than its threshold voltage as it would become unsafe Prepare a new battery for replacement if your battery get weak over time Please notice this It is not very distinct to reduce the charge time by increasing the charge current Maintain battery Rechargeable batteries do not break suddenly but slowly get powerless over time Right regular battery maintenance is necessary Most battery can be fully charged in about hours so do not leave a battery in a charger for a long time Use soft and dry cloth to clean your battery after using it Store it in a cool and dry place The suitable temperature is about C Do not charge your battery before fully discharged Usually a lithium-ion battery should be stored at about state-of-charge because laptop battery s self discharge can break the battery in the storage If possible reduce the times of using the battery Please take out the battery from your machine when it is not being used In the end I hope you can take better care of your batteries You need them for your daily life nbsp

A:How to prolong your battery's life

Where did you get this information? Some of it I'd agree with, others I don't. It also reads like a post you copy pasted into lots of places around the internet - however a quick googling didn't return anything.

1.Store battery :
Put your batteries in a cool and dry place when you store it.
Yes, that is generally good practice for lots of things.

Do not charge your lithum batteries too full before storage.
Ok, no prob here either, although saying that doing so can decrease overall capacity of the battery would have made it a better statement.

After using the laptop battery ,please clean up the metal terminals with a soft dry clean cloth.
So, I should take the battery out of my laptop every time I've used the laptop while not plugged in. This is not practical on some laptops and ultrabooks, nor does it seem necessary since I have never seen a corroded laptop battery.

Before storage, you should confirm your is not fully depleted. If empty, charge for about 30 minutes . Usually a lithium-ion battery should be stored at about 40% state-of-charge.
I've seen 50% thrown around, but I'll accept 40%.

The suitable storage temperature for batteries is around 15°C
Ok. Haven't heard this, but I suppose it makes sense.

Please notice this: weak batteries charge faster and remain on 'ready' indicator longer than strong ones. Also it only be used for a short time.So do not buy a used battery even if it is very cheap because used battery usually means weak battery.
This is confusing. Should define "weak". What does "remain on 'ready' indicator longer than strong ones" mean? Why would this happen? There are programs like BatteryCare for Windows and Coconut Battery for OS X that you could use to get information on a used battery before purchasing. Its possible with those tools to make an informed decision on whether or not the battery is worth the price. Simply dismissing the possibility of purchasing a used battery is lazy.

2.Charge battery :
Most battery can be fully charged in about 3 hours so do not leave a battery in a charger for a long time.
Are we still talking about laptop lithium batteries? They are intelligently charged based on circuitry in the battery pack to charge without overcharging, leaving in longer will not damage. A majority of battery chargers for NiCD, NiMH, and NiZn sold in the last 5+ years are also smart chargers and would stop charging once they sense a (typically) 0.01V decrease. Basically overcharging isn't a problem today.

When you prepare to charge your battery ,make sure the temperature is around the room temperature.
Makes sense.

Especially need to pay attention is avoid over-charging and over-discharging.
See above.

Do not charged to higher voltages than its threshold voltage ,as it would become unsafe.
As I said above, things are charged on smart chargers now, this isn't going to happen. It seems that starting with your #2 section you are mixing up laptop batteries and regular rechargable batteries like you use in a flashlight.

Prepare a new battery for replacement if your battery get weak over time.
Ok. Or you could just continue to use it, laptop batteries are expensive. If someone needed to get 5+ hours and now they can't, then of course they'll buy a replacement, don't think they need to be told to do so.

Please notice this: It is not very distinct to reduce the charge time by increasing the charge current .
What? Again, possibly talking about other types of batteries than lithium laptop batteries, but even at that I think you used a wrong word or two.

3.Maintain battery :
Rechargeable batteries do not break suddenly but slowly get powerless over time.
All? NiZn batteries have been known to "break" suddenly and not be able to be recharged. Lead Acid batteries in cars often start a car just fine, then the next attempt at... Read more
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I had my laptop on, and took a break with out shutting it down. When I came back it would not boot up. The symptoms are, both power LEDs are on, no video, it does cycle the CD on as if trying to boot, but will not boot from the CD. Is it possible that the mother board is not dead?


A:HP G60 laptop died - signs of life?

One of the infamous HP motherboards... Hopefully you still have warranty on it
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I have made exhaustive enquiries with Creative Support ans Shop, trying to find a PCIe card that will give me all the bells and whistlles that I had under Windows XP, with my Creative SB X-Fi Extreme Audio card.
This card with its updated drivers, does not like Win 7.64 bit at all. It crackles and spits like fat on a fire.
I have repeatedly supplied my card's serial number to Creative, but the advice I have received still leaves me unsure of which product to replace my existing card with.
That is where you folks come in, has anyone had similar problems upgrading from XP to Win 7. Better still has anyone had problems with Creative SB X-Fi running on Win 7?
I'm so cheesed off I'm ready to go and just throw some money at the problem, but I'd really like to know in which direction to throw it!!

A:Creative X-Fi and Windows 7 64-bit

Have you tried the beta drivers mentioned here ?

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There is no sound in my computer now.When I try to install the sound drivers ....
It is showing an error message like this:
"Setup could not detect any Sound Blaster Audio card on your system.

Please ensure that your Sound Blaster hardware is properly installed before running this setup program.

Setup will now exit. "

what to do now in order to make the speakers work?

my speaker model is creative inspirem5300........5.1 speakers.........

please help me from this problem.............

A:Creative sound card problem

I have the same problem with my old Creative Live card. I can't find the original CD and using what I downloaded comes up with the same response yours does. Thing is I had this running on my system before I changed the board.
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I bought a brand spanking new gigabyte a75m ud2h motherboard as well as a processor for the FM1 slot (came as a bundle). I hooked it all up but for some reason i'm not getting ANY reaction when i turn the computer on, no fans no light on the motherboard nothing. When i plug the power back into my old motherboard it starts up just fine. So the power switch is fine, the power source (650W) is fine...not sure why my machine is not starting up with the brand spanking new mobo & processor =( Any suggestions? I have tried putting the power button pin in every slot on the F-board, cannot get any reaction from my tower.

A:Brand new motherboard upgrade, computer showing no signs of life

First suggestion, check that you aren't shorting out the board by having any screw mounting the motherboard contacting the case. I'd even suggest taking it out of the case and testing just on a desk/table, away from any sources of static electricity. If that makes no difference it could be that the motherboard is DOA (Dead on arrival). There are many products that slip through quality control procedures of manufacturers and turn up at people's homes in a non working state. If the testing outside of the case doesn't give any positive results it might be time to contact the retailer for RMA/sending them back the faulty part.
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My Speakers is Creative i-Trigue 3400. I have no sound coming out of the speakers but when I plug my earphones into the wired volume control everything with sound is running perfectly.


A:Creative i-Trigue 3400 sound issue

What are your computer's specs? Make, model, etc...
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I am in a very bad situation here, my USB which has all my work in for University seems to be faulty. When I connect my SanDisk USB, it shows the orange light for one second then that is it. It's suppose to show all the time... I tried different computers but problem persists

I am extremely worried.. can this be rectified at all?

A:Does my USB have life? Light shows only for a second

The Sandisk is most likely bad...
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HP d4650y Pavillion with XP(32).

SB0670 X-Fi Soundcard.

Problems - USB speakers not recognized regularly, headphones would not work.

Soultions - Switch to SB X-FI or Creative Speakers in your sound and audio devices defualt devices to alternate between headphones and speakers.

Driver Downloads- (USB Speakers) ( Browser/EQ )

Hope this helps.
If you would like to read how it went ,read below.

A:Creative N400 SoundBlaster X-Fi problem

Sounds like you may have some drivers missing. Take a look in Device Manager and see if there are any yellow warnings next to the list of hardware devices.
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I am upgrading my sound card. The one I mentioned in the subject line has has a microphone input, a headphone out and four RCA jacks. Where should I plug in my Klipsch ProMedia 2.1 speakers?

A:Where is the line out connection on the Creative Labs 70SB127000002 Sound Blaster XFi

If you don't feel like finding the manual, just play an mp3 or video in your favorite media player, and try out the plugs till you hear sound.
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I recently bought a sound blaster 5.1 VX...................while the computer tries to install the drivers for it the BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH appears....................I checked for some posts n replies but no clues.................i downloaded the latest drivers compatible with windows 7 (which I use) the same problem comes again...................plz do reply.

System Config: Windows 7
2 gb Ram
Core 2 Duo

A:Sound Blaster 5.1 vx, Sound Card, Creative Sound Blaster 5.1 VX

It might be a conflict with your onboard sound (if you have some)?

I know this can happen because i have a Sound blaster 5.1 myself, and it likes to throw a BSOD now and again with my onboard Realtek audio.
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I have a creative inspire 4.1 (4400W) sound blaster.It makes a cracking sound when i increase its volume.Which capacitors or ICs or transistors need to be replaced? Tell me the values of the capacitors or the name of the IC i have to change.

A:My Creative Inspire 4.1 makes cracking sound

If you get a crackling sound when you turn the volume control up or down, but it's fine as long as you don't touch the control, then it's likely the fault is in the volume control. If you can get the speakers apart, you can read the value of it, it's normally printed in black on the edge of the control. (Something like 100k Log). You can buy a replacement and fit it if you are confident with soldering. But a free method, that may fix it, is to turn off the PC, turn the volume control all the way from full left, to full right, many times, 100 times or so. You might find that the crackling has gone or is very much less. You could also spray some switch cleaner into the control, if there is a gap near where the wires are soldered on. If you decide to change the control for a new one, take a close up photo first, or draw the connections, to save time and grief later on. Hope that helps.
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so boxing day is coming up and i have recently realized ive been bottle necking my shure srh840's and my z-2300's. im looking at the Creative Labs X-Fi Xtreme Gamer Fatality Sound Card and the Asus Xonar DX 7.1 Channel PCI Express Sound Card. WHICH IS better? i play games and listen to a lot of music.
any help would be appreciated.
thank you in advance.

A:Creative vs Asus

i think you'll be happy with either card... the Xonar series is one of the best X-Fi alternatives other than the supreme FX cards. i have a X-Fi titanium and it's great for gaming, but i've also used Xonar cards in a few customer builds and they too sound fantastic. i guess it boils down to features and software. creative cards typically ship with a lot of bloatware, which doesn't need to be installed, but there is some decent control software in there as well. both cards will sound great with either games or music when connected to a good sound system.
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Hi all I get sound when starting i-tunes and windows apps but when it comes to internet I get nothing at all. What can be the problem? Please help

A:I have Creative i-Trigue 3400 I need help with sound

No sound in webpages

Try this. If you get sound from programs on your PC's hard drive, such as Media player, but not in web pages, then go into Internet Explorer, (or whatever you use), Tools, Internet options, Advanced tab, drag the scroll bar down to the Multimedia heading, and tick the box 'play sounds in web pages'.
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I recently picked up a pair of the tactic 3D alpha's yesterday as soon as I saw them on sale in Canada. They're great considering the $50 price tag and superb positional sound. My question is. Would upgrading to the Tactic 3D sigma which sports 50mm instead of 40mm driver units make any difference? I play a lot of CoD, L4D2, Crysis and pretty much any FPS game. But I also use them for listening to music on my smartphone/ipod and they're a tad quiet. I'm willing to pay for the Sigma's but what would the improvements be over the 40mm version.

Relevancy 30.53%

Hey all

I just downloaded Half-life 2 and it seems that everytime I load it up, it rotates the screen 90 degrees counter-clockwise. I've tried restarting, and even rotating my own screen 90 clockwise in order to compensate but it doesn't seem to work!

Is this a problem with my video card or maybe something in the game? I've never even heard of this happening before. :S

I'm running it on my laptop:
HP 6730b
2.26GHz Dual Core
Intel 4 series chipset family video card

(I did notice that on start up the game warns me it has not heard of my video card. However the game seems to run alright, albeit its rotation)


A:Screen rotates when I start Half-Life 2!

If you haven't already, install the most recent graphics driver. See if that helps. Go here: Intel
Relevancy 32.68%

I have been examining my soundblaster 2 ZS and noticed the cable connection on the right side of the card. Can anyone tell me what cable will connect to this receptical and what it is used for? Appreciate any help/ Thanks

A:Creative SoundBlaster Audigy 2 ZS

you're probably looking at the header for the front panel on the case or the CD-R drive connection
Relevancy 30.1%

I am about to install an ATI HD 5770 in my computer, and I am thinking about getting some games. I hear a lot of talk about games like Crysis heavily taxing graphics cards and what not.

If I play games like Crysis all the time (with as high settings as my card can handle), will that significantly change the lifespan or alter the card's performance at all?

A:Does a high quality game (Crysis) shorten the life of a GPU?

If I said yes, would you limit your game playing to Solotaire and Minesweeper ?

These cards are built for gaming.
So long as you have adequate chassis cooling and clean power delivery the card should not be significantly affected by intensive gaming. All cards fail eventually but normal gaming conditions should not significantly impact on it's lifespan, at least not until it has endured a few years of use.
Relevancy 31.82%

I need a new gaming headset. Money is NOT an issue when it comes to this decision. But I have a choice between 2 headsets. The steelseries siberia V2 or creative soundblaster arena headsets. I am an avid gamer and ue my mic very frequently. But I also listen to my ipod and the soundblasters use a usb integrated soundcard instead of 3.5mm jacks. Which do you think would be better for me. I do game alot more than I listen to music. What is the better choice in terms of features and quality.
Relevancy 30.53%

Hi, i am doing a college assignment on mobile computing and was after a few ideas of mobile computing in everyday life that we use.

A:Examples of Mobile Computing in Everyday life?

If you are talking about mobile computing as in embedded devices:
Mobile phones
GPS/Sat nav
MP3 Players
You mean that sort of thing?
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I have a creative inspire p and was playing music not plugs p8500, inspire box centre working Creative through my computer all very nice quite loud i might add though and then all of a sudden there was an accute silence from my speakers but the bass was still pulsing I have tested my speakers they re fine I haven t touched any of my controls or Creative inspire p8500, centre box plugs not working setup so that s fine I have even plugged in another sound system into my computer and that works perfectly too I have unscrewed the sub centre box and had a look to see if I had fried anything but again to my dismay the whole thing looks tiptop the fuse hasn t blown I m at a loss really because all I can determine is that the ports that Creative inspire p8500, centre box plugs not working I plug the speakers into has some how malfunctioned and won t now transmit to the speakers I have tried other speakers with the same result - don t work Has anyone else had this problem Can anyone assist with a way to correct the problem Any help would be great PS the speakers were working fine for about - years nbsp
Relevancy 29.67%

Hey everyone,

My laptop (i'm not sure the make or model matters) suddenly died, it was working fine one minute, left the room for around 30 seconds, came back and has seemingly has no power. The machine has been running purely off the power adapter because there is no battery. There's no lights on, indicating an electrical connection; it's completely dead. I used a phase tester to confirm a good power adapter, so the problem seems to be with the computer. I don't think the electrical input socket (?) is at fault cos it's not loose.

Does anyone have any suggestions? Maybe it has something to do with that internal coin-shaped battery?

I'd really appreciate any help because i'm completely at a loss as to what i should do next...


A:ZE4500 Laptop Suddenly died, lights out, no sign of life, boo

Could be a dry joint on power connector, underside motherboard try wiggling to see if you get some response, coin battery is only to retain CMOS information.
Relevancy 28.38%

I'm working on husband's pc, it is an HP Media Ctr. set up. Pavilion 4100e. We had to do a System Restore when pc was over run with virus/trojan infections. SR resulted in some lost Driver/Controller files, including ethernet and sound card. I have recovered all Driver/Controller files-- and everything is working except for sound.

I have uninstalled Creative Audigy Audio Processor (through Device Manager) and reinstalled (through Found New Hardware). I have run dxdiag, only to find "device cannot start" under problem devices/sound card.

Any suggestions on how to get this to work again? I cannot use System Restore to go back to when it was working, because that would take me back to all the virus/trojan infections and nothing was working.

Any help would be appreciated~



A:No sound/Sound card not found-- Creative Audigy error

what OS does it have
Relevancy 32.25%

In the Creative Audio Console under EAX, are there Advanced EQ settings? Thanks

A:Question for anyone with a Creative X-Fi card and Win 7 or Vista

I don't have the console installed but it should be the same as with XP... I'm using the X-Fi titanium.
Relevancy 31.39%

I did installed vista ultimate.I installed sound driver.But my problem is only 4 speaker is working .CENTRAL / SUB is not working.i configured Intel audio studio and tested but didnt work.Please give ur suggestions.THnaks in advance..

Mother board : INtel D945GCL

O.S : vista ultimate 32 bit

Speaker : creative inspire 5.1

driver version: IDT high definition audio codec

A:Sound problem in creative 5.1 inspire after fresh installation of Vista

can you please run a Dxdiag report?

1) Press on the "Windows Vista" button normally found at the bottom left hand corner of the screen

2) Select "Start Search"

3) Type "dxdiag" in the box and press the return/enter button on your key board.

4) Select the "Save All Information". Sometimes, you will be asked if you wish to check if the drivers are "digitally signed". Should this message appear, choose "Yes"

5) Save the file to a place on your machine where you can easily locate it again e.g. your desktop.

6) Attach the file in your next reply.
Relevancy 32.25%

Hello there I am currently trying to figure out how to set up my system so that I can use my PCI Sound Card Creative X-Fi Gamer and my USB Headset Logitech G at the same time What I m trying to do is use my headset for games and then use my speakers for music and movies without having to switch default audio device everytime I am running Windows Vista Ultimate by the way I have figured out how to pick what audio device to use in programs such as Ventrilo and World of Warcraft but I couldn t find Creative Usage? (G35) Simultaneous USB Headset and X-Fi this option in some of the other games I play USB Headset (G35) and Creative X-Fi Simultaneous Usage? such as Counter Strike USB Headset (G35) and Creative X-Fi Simultaneous Usage? Source I usually use Windows Media Player to play back movies and music and I didn t thoroughly check it s options but in the logical places I couldn t find the option to choose the sound card I wanted it to use On a side note I have FL Studio installed and I use the ASIO control panel to switch between my headset and speakers when I am creating music but I can never keep the options on that to stay the same way every time I reset my computer I just want a solution so that I can permanently setup my games and ventrilo to play through my usb headset and my music and movies to play through my PCI soundcard to my speakers Any help would be much appreciated Thank you nbsp

A:USB Headset (G35) and Creative X-Fi Simultaneous Usage?

so is it you want games and ventrilo to be on your usb headphone, while music and movie in speakers? i assume the music and movie can be played in WMP11 or MPC alone, to make it all-in-one solution (codec pack).

hence, i think it'd be easier, if you set everything default to your USB headset, except for WMP11, which is to speakers. rather than set everything to speakers, and configure all your games 1by1 to usb headset.
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Hey guys I ve been combing the X-Fi Help Fatal1ty Sound Blaster Creative internet searching for an answer to this problem maybe you guys could help So let me first explain what I m trying to do Well it s simple I m trying to record Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi Fatal1ty Help Audio at kHz bit Stereo sound y know the usual format So my problem is that Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi Fatal1ty Help when I have my card set to quot Audio Creation Mode quot the inputs and volumes all work perfectly fine but when I start to record from my quot Line In quot the signal from that input mutes The Soundcard still records the audio from the signal but I can not hear it which proves to make recording on time with other samples very very difficult My first instinct was to set the card to quot Game quot or quot Entertainment quot mode The problem here is is that when I record all same settings the volume will not exceed - dB before overdriving the signal I can monitor the signal when I record in this mode but I can t get accurate or even sufficient decibels for recording I ve tried using the bit-matched setting and that just makes the problem worse for the fact that it just mutes all sounds going into the card and won t let me record I m sure that this has to do with signal routing through the card but I have little to no idea how to go about doing that if anyone has any ideas that would be greatly appreciated Thanks nbsp

A:Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi Fatal1ty Help

Hope this helps

just click the "go to next page" for continuation.
you might find solutions in page 2 & 3.
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I just recently purchased a new laptop, and would like to know some steps to help my battery life span lasts longer. My last laptop battery life span wasn't long and it was only months before it wouldn't last longer than 15 min unplugged. I'm unsure if letting it stay on battery, or leaving it plugged in charging for many hours hurts or helps my total life span of my battery. I would like to hopefully have my battery life span lasts a long time so I don't have to purchase those nice inflated $200 replacement batteries from HP. Any tips are appreciated, thanks.

A:Battery life span

you can always go into the control panel and change the power management settings.
Relevancy 32.25%

So i restored my system last night cleaned everything off Creative Inspire no audio... 4.1 4400 Now i hook Creative Inspire 4.1 4400 no audio... up my speaker system and i am getting no audio coming through at all i know my sound card is operating because i plugged in a pair of headphones to the jack and Creative Inspire 4.1 4400 no audio... i could hear audio through those Also when i click the speakers on with the volume control i can hear the click in the spearks like usual when they turn on however Creative Inspire 4.1 4400 no audio... no matter how high i turn it up i get absolutly nothing My first concern is do i NEED to install the drivers for them stupid question maybe but sometimes you never know I do remeber having some EAX type program driver on my computer before the wipe so i think that might have soemthing to do with it My problem here is i lbought these a long time ago and i cant find the disk for the life of me which is odd because i never throw those things out So if anyone has any idea if it truely is the driver situation maybe i could get some info on where and how to go about getting these required drives either online i have looked everywhere i could think of and havent found anything Creatives autodetect thing on their site could not detect the hardware saying it is not connected or if they are capable of sending out driver disks i ahve emailed their customer service and i am waiting figured i could get maybe a quicker response here The only other thing i could think of is some wire or electronic problem although i dont see why it would be that since they wroked fine before the system restore Well yeah thats about it tryed to be specific any and all help is appreciated thanks nbsp

A:Creative Inspire 4.1 4400 no audio...

you need drivers for your shoundcard, but not for speakers. check ALL of your volumes, because sometimes the extra sliders can be turned down. you should also make sure the card is set as your default sound playback device, btw.
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Hello all,

I have recently received Half-Life 2 and Half-Life 2: Episode One as a gift on Steam. Installation was completed successfully, but once I ran each game, the graphics were deformed and odd. (I have included two screen captures).

My graphics card is an ATI Radeon HD 4650, 1 Gig of RAM.
I've tried updating the drivers, and they're all up to date.
I don't think the card is fried, it seems to work with everything else.

As you can see from the shots, parts are missing from G-man's face, and Barney is.. well..


- A

A:Half-Life 2 unsolved graphics issue

I would suggest to first take the Graphics card out of the loop by installing a new one or by running the game on a different machine to verify that the game does not have damaged files. Are you running this off of a disk? you may consider a faulty or damaged disc drive. A more far fetched idea that I wouldnt consider at this point until weeding out the other ideas is, power supply. Verify proper voltage to the video card. Are you over clocking for gaming?
Relevancy 31.82%

As Mentioned in my post about a Creative Sound Blaster Value 1024 WDM sound card, i got a Creative Labs Sound Blaster X-Fi XtremeGamer to replace it. Everything worked fine until I found out about a new driver that came out just an hour ago for the card, I installed it. Ever since, my subwoofer hasn't done anything and my sound doesn't work properly. Everything is working fine according to Windows. And no, I didn't download the XP Driver.

Anyone know why this is? I even rolled back to my previous driver, nothing worked.

A:Creative Labs Sound Blaster X-Fi XtremeGamer - No bass

Oh by the way, as a side question, does your resolution HAVE to be 600x800 on older TV's when using a tv as a monitor? I have a tv that's 3 years old and I can't fit 600x800 resolution on the screen at all. And my video card isn't capable of going any lower.
Relevancy 27.52%

Hello all!

I just installed a Creative Sound Blaster: Value 1024 (WDM) from 2001, I know it's quite old, but it's the only one I have available to me.

After I installed it, it worked temporarily until I rebooted to finish the driver installation. After that, I've had no sound at all, and I need my sound for my games.

My computer specs are as follows:

Processor: Pentium IV AMD Athlon XP 2100+ ~2.1GHz
Video: NVIDIA GeForce5 FX 5200, 256MB Onboard RAM - Overclocked to 325 MB.
Sound: Creative Sound Blaster: Value 1024 (WDM)
MoBo: VIA KM266
Memory: 1GB 210MHz DDR RAM - 1 Stick
Hard drives: (2), 50.4GB SATA (7200RPM); 111.4GB SATA (7200RPM)
OS: Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition SP3

Thanks for any help you can offer!

A:No Sound: Creative Sound Blaster: Value 1024 (WDM)

Get into the device manager and "roll back" the sound driver to the time before you installed the non-working driver... or remove the sound driver and reboot your computer and see if the driver is automatically reinstalled and working
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I recently upgraded my old pc.

Ill be passing it down to my younger brother to replace his overheating xbox 360.
It will run the newer games at low quality settings. (eg grid, fear 2), My question is is there anything i can replace in this old dog to get a bit more of a kick out of her? I think the gpu is bottlenecked by the cpu after a hefty overclock with only1 fps increase.

I would prefer to replace as little as possible, but will spend a little more if the results would be worth it.

Any help or advice would be great !

Rough specs.

Intel Pentium 4 northwood. 2.66 ghz socket 478
1 gb of ram
Nvidia 512 mb 7600 gs AGP
Mainboard Model 0804h (0x134 - 0x22080)
80 gig hd
Dvd rw

Ive also included a cpuid file. For those more technicaly minded than myself

Thanks in advance.

A:Old PC new life?

AGP Transfer Rate 4xClick to expand...

No nothing to update
Possibly the Harddrive if it seems sluggish, ie big games on small harddrive don't mix real well

Still a good basic computer for a younger brother
Relevancy 31.82%

I just installed a creative 5.1 channel soundblaster soundcard. The problem is that when I connect it up to my 5.1 sound system, the subwoofer is not working. Everything else is working, including the centre speaker which uses the same jack as the subwoofer.

Here are the details:
Sound card: Creative SoundBlaster 5.1 It has 4 jacks, 3 is for output (Front, Rear, Centre/Sub) and the other one is for line in and microphone.

Sound System: iBall booster 5.1

i have checked all the connection

I tested the speakers with a 5.1 dvd player. Everything is working, including the subwoofer.

I dont know why the subwoofer is not working when I connect it to the sound card.

A:Creative 5.1 sound blaster card not working

Download and install the latest drivers for your card from Creative's website
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Hi I have a Creative X-Fi Gamer I m using it to try amp record myself playing guitar using GuitarFX If I just use the Creative Console Console problem "What GuitarFX setting & Creative mega-feedback U Hear" 3 launcher Launcher s quot Microphone quot setting Creative Console launcher "What U Hear" setting & GuitarFX 3 mega-feedback problem combined with GuitarFX everything is fine the effects in GuitarFX sound how they should but if I select quot What U Hear quot In the Creative Console Launcher I get far to much sound coming through my speakers most of the time some preset effects settings in GuitarFX are usable but most are wrecked the sound bars in guitarFX go off the scale it s like mega feedback Just a constant screech or drone amp doing anything on the guitar makes no difference I ve even tried it without my guitar plugged into the PC amp the same thing happens I m using the Creative Console Launcher s record function to record some guitar all I m interested in is some way for me to record the effects GuitarFX creates for my guitar as I hear them through my speakers when I have the Creative Console Launcher s setting in the quot Microphone quot position ie GuitarFX sounding as it should I d rather find some way to record the guitar onto my PC rather than go through the hassle of plugging something into speakers jack to record it there Thanks in advance for any replies nbsp

A:Creative Console launcher "What U Hear" setting & GuitarFX 3 mega-feedback problem

You may have to use a preamp between the guitar and the PC
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Creative upgraded their Vado pocket camcorder to HD quality
- 8GB built in memory and HDMI connector. Here is the full news

Nothing But Creative: Creative introduces the Vado HD, officially [EXCLUSIVE]

Now - what about suckers who pulled the trigger and bought the non-HD version? I want to trade mine in, damn!
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Hello I have been working on an OKI C printer Last week printers printers and copier printer fax all stopped working no power or anything on the same day What a time I have had trying to get them working One printer was not worth trying to figure out It has been replaced The copier printer fax I think I now have back up on the network and working We ll see for how long The other printer OKI C is a different story Right before OKI Belt and more copier Message Life C5150 it quit the Belt OKI C5150 copier Belt Life Message and more Life sign came on I had an extra belt so OKI C5150 copier Belt Life Message and more replaced it Then it worked Then it stopped had power but no printing Today the Belt Life sign came on again I checked online and think this means that the belt will need to be replaced soon A new belt was put on last week Is this correct Also today I was trying to get this printer back on the network It was plugged into my Linksys router like it was when it quit My main computer had the printer software on it but couldn t find the printer when trying to print So uninstalled the printer software Then reinstalled the printer software Still wouldn t work So decided to try it on just the one individual computer instead of on the network It worked However the printer driver that I had on the computer for C was not the driver that worked Instead the computer automatically loaded on the C n software If trying to print with the C n software it will print fine from the one computer So thought I would try it on the network again When I tried to make it work on the network it kept asking for the IP address I put in the IP address from System And it seemed to work Except it still couldn t find the printer when I tried to print Does anyone have any ideas of something to try Thank you for any help that you can give Maggie nbsp

A:OKI C5150 copier Belt Life Message and more

Hi Maggie,
you haven't said what exactly caused all 3 printers to stop or shut down in the first place... Was it a power failure or power surge? As far as the last printer, it's logic board could be damaged. You could have had a power surge through the network that caused the shutdown of the printers and the coppier
Relevancy 32.25%

Hi all Need some help not speakers all Creative Soundcard working - if poss I ve recently installed a second-hand Creative Audigy SE surround card serial no SB but I cannot get all my speakers working I m running a set of Logitech X- speakers I can get sound out of left amp right front but no rear or centre I ve checked all connections and Creative Soundcard - not all speakers working they are correct and have plugged the speaker jacks into the colour coded inputs on the card I ve also disabled the original on-board sound in the BIOS but no joy The speaker set-up in the control panel is set to and seems to be suggesting that it s the Audigy thats the default device I ve tried to find some new drivers to try that but have had no success so far the only relevant ones I could find on Creative failed when it said I already had a more up to date driver installed suspiciou Any help would be really appreciated as I m starting to lose my hair nbsp

A:Creative Soundcard - not all speakers working


I have the same type of card and I noticed that not all app's factor in the sound settings. One app may use 5.1 but others only use 2 speaker. Nothing you can really do to FORCE the soundcard to run at the 5.1 settings. Sorry
Relevancy 30.96%

I have an old ASus laptop L1400

so its very old but still works albeit very slow and batteries don't charge anymore. I was wondering if anyone can help me at least boost it to optimum levels?

and the dvd drive just conked out.

A:Breathing life into an old laptop

Welcome to techspot

if you could list the specs of the laptop so we can help you better

there are many things you can do to make an old computer faster, the best was would be to upgrade your ram you can use crucial's to tell you what type you need also if you dont have any valuable things that you want to keep you could reinstall your operating system to clean out all the crap
Relevancy 32.68%

Hey all Need a little help with the following query I have a Creative Audigy Value sound card installed in my PC at the moment I have connected the sound card to an old Kenwood amplifier A- X with Pioneer CS- bookshelf speakers I have decided to upgrade the amplifier and speakers On of my friends is selling his Yamaha receiver most probably AX- series I have yet to check it out I will connect to it JBL E floorstanding speakers initially and then build a system gradually My question is what do I need to do to make the amplifier decode the sound I m kind of a novice in these matters and therefore would really appreciate if anyone can guide me through this Right now the only way I know how to connect an amplifier is through an analog line-out output on the sound card By connecting the Yamaha this way will it decode the sound itself or does it require to and Value Audigy amplifier help Creative be connected digitally I am at a loss with this Zeeshan nbsp

A:Creative Audigy Value and amplifier help

This link is about SPDIF on SB Live - it may be the route you need -
Relevancy 32.25%

how can i convert all the song together?
i m using Creative MediaSource 5 Audio Converter,but it only can convert song one by one.


A:Creative MediaSource 5 Audio Converter help

What about using iTunes?
Relevancy 30.96%

I've been looking for a laptop for a while and I've found one I like here- the Compaq CQ-50 100EM. However, I have looked around and cannot find battery life details - does anyone know? Thanks

A:Battery life of Compaq CQ-50

Does going to your Home site and looking up the specs show this (maybe even the Manual)
Try here for that:
Relevancy 32.25%

i bought this webcam over a year ago. since then i've lost the disk & gotten a new computer. well, i'd like to set it back up again, but i can't find the software anywhere. if anyone could point me in the right direction, i'd really appreciate it. here's what came with it:

Bundled Software

Creative PC-CAM Center
Creative WebCam Monitor
ArcSoft® PhotoImpression 4
ArcSoft Multimedia Email
Microsoft® NetMeeting®

A:know where i can download Creative Webcam NX Pro software?

Ummm how bout
Netmeeting at
Relevancy 31.82%

hey new here..
i have this problem wid my speakers..
i have creative M5300 5.1 speakers.i use windows XP(SP2) and my board is Intel P-35.
i had sigmatel audio bundled wid my board.the problem is that my two speakers do not work.when i test them in diagnostic they work perfectly but when i play audio in ne media player the two speakers wont work..please help me wid this problem..
Relevancy 33.11%

Hi people First off all hello I m new Second sorry if this is the wrong place for this but I assumed it would come under quot removable media quot Ok basically I have a Creative Zen Vision:M Zen Creative Vision M gb MP player that has fell apart i e has completely come Creative Zen Vision:M detached from the other half of Creative Zen Vision:M it This has caused the charger section Creative Zen Vision:M to fall out and I can not get it back in and I think the player has pretty much had it to be fair However I know that all of the stuff on there about gb or so of both audio and video is still working fine as I managed to briefly get it back together and saw that everything was working fine Anyway is there anyway of connecting my Zen s hard drive to another hard drive on my computer ideally so that I could transfer all of the data on there and then put it on a replacement Zen at a later date Please be very basic as I have very little clue as to what I am doing when it comes to computers If it helps I am using an XP machine I think Many thanks nbsp
Relevancy 32.25%

when i turn on my mp3 the screen turns white and stays that way but it does turn on any suggestions

A:Creative Zen 4GB (credit card sized)

i dont know if this is the right forum for this question but it sounds like its bricked. call the creative people and ask them. What happens when you hook it up to your computer? you might be able to reset it if you put the battery in backwards and turn it on and off real quick( i fixed my gameboy like that once =p ) but dont leave in in to long or else it might...... POP.
Relevancy 33.11%

I'm going to buy a new soundcard, but I need help choosing which to get.

Either a HT Omega
Creative X-Fi

I'd like a PCI over PCI-E x1 because my PCI-e slot is blocked. Also, I don't like Fatal1ty products very much.

Which is a better product for games? I currently have these headsets.

A:HT Omega or Creative X-Fi

is there something worng with he onboard sound, i say go for the HT Omega. most of the the reviews say its and great sound card and it will satisfy you for years to come
Relevancy 30.96%

Here s the situation A friend gave me her old Gateway m vwn laptop so that I could fix it up for her It originally was loaded with a bunch of spyware adware and viruses and on top of that her sound did not work I thought that formatting it and reinstalling Windows would be the way to go so that s what I did I assumed that the audio issue would be fixed But it isn t Things I ve already done Installed Sigmatel get work life For cannot the I me, of to audio my C-Major audio drivers from Gateway s website Googled for more audio drivers when that one didn t work None worked poked around with settings Realizing that nothing was muted or changed in any significant way I checked Device Manager Nothing was amiss Updated the BIOS Looked For the life of me, I cannot get my audio to work in BIOS to see if onboard sound was disabled it wasn t there wasn t even an option to disable it opened dxdiag and tested the sound there No errors issues Couldn t hear anything Slammed laptop lid closed Using Windows XP Pro SP Worst case scenario is that the onboard sound is just dead But this doesn t make sense to me Windows recognizes it and pretends there s nothing wrong If I uninstall the device Windows recognizes it right away after I scan for hardware changes I can install the driver Things look like they re playing but no sound resonates from the speakers or headphone jack So what do you think Dead speakers But why would the headphone jack also be dead I can t hear anything if I plug in my headphones either Something that s also noteworthy when the computer shuts down I hear a brief pop crackle right before it turns off If that makes sense Oh and I booted to an Ubuntu live CD just because I had it to test if it was just Windows that couldn t detect sound no sound there either I don t know why it would work from the live CD anyway but you never know I guess I m kinda clueless at this point and willing to try anything short of replacing the mobo I ve looked at alternatives if the onboard audio is indeed shot to hell I found a USB audio controller that looks a bit like a flash drive would that be plausible Thanks in advance for any ideas or information nbsp

A:For the life of me, I cannot get my audio to work

Did you install the chipset drivers right afdter the reinstall of the OS?
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Well my girlfriend has a Dell inspiron e1505 and she told me that she has been having a major problem with it for awhile. Her battery will a lot of the time refuse to charge, meaning right when she unplugs it, it shuts off. However, sometimes it will charge, but when it does this it last for an hour and half. But most of the times it does not do this. She has told me she looked up the problem and many people experience this problem and that even if you buy a new battery it still will happen. She has yet to ever replace her battery and i know she has had it for more then a year now. But before i go out and buy a battery for her what do you guys think could be wrong with it?

A:Dell Inspiron e1505 battery life

The battery !
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Hi there Recently my psu broke down the fan that kept it cool became faulty and stopped spinning In your life PSU! back into Breath an attempt to prevent me splashing out the cash on a new PSU i decided to fiddle about with it What i did was disconnect the PSU from my computer and opened up the casing after making sure the Breath life back into your PSU! fan connection had not dislodged i looked at the fan itself After pushing it around i noticed that it was a little stiff I decided to reconnect the PSU and gave it a little push when the computer was on Be careful if you decided to do this The fan appeared to want to spin but the stiffness told it not to After grabbing some in lubrication oil which is used to decrease friction in machines and engines I placed a small amount of the oil around the nut at the back of the Fan which is hidden by a small piece of rubber i manually turned the fan to let the oil get deeper into the fan To my delight the fan spun on its own when connected back to the computer and hasnt stopped spinning once since This was two weeks back I ve decided to share this with you on techspot as a short term method to breathing life back into your PSU However i don t reccomend this if the PSU is still in warranty as i m sure this voids all claims to the warranty If you decide to do this to your apparantly broken PSU be careful and dont fiddle about with the insides of your PSU when attached to a turned on computer nbsp

A:Breath life back into your PSU!

hey serc...

I'm speechless.... i don't know if thats a good or bad thing

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I have a 7.1 surround setup using Creative's T7900 speaker system and a Creative Audigy 2 Platinum ZS card. The cable hooking into subwoofer/amplifier has the usual connectors (orange/black/green/grey) but only three run to the card, the grey being terminated. This setup is unique to Creative apparently. Their top-of-the-range Gigaworks 7.1 system uses the same 4/3 setup.
I have a second rig which connects to the same speaker system , with a Creative Extreme-Music card which only provides 5.1 surround. 7.1 is supported but needs the fourth grey connector to activate the side speakers. I've tried to contact Creative about this and failed & there's nothing on their website. Does anyone have a solution? Is there a 4/4 cable available to replace the 4/3 which would work with both cards?

A:Creative Surround Sound Problem

Ok you have told us about your cards, now what about your computer?
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A family member of mine wants to have Google Earth available on a very compact PC/PDA for when he goes on trips to very remote areas. He will not have internet access when he's there. Is this possible?

A:Creative Solution Needed


Google Earth needs to contact the Google Earth servers to display anything
Without the Internet plugged in, nothing will show.

You can confirm this by disconnecting the Internet from your computer, and try running Google Earth
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my toshiba laptop was dead, the powerlight came on, the hard-disk was spinning but the screen remained blank.
I tried everthing , stripping it completely, trying a new ram and narrowed the problem to the motherboard or the cpu. i.e I can conclude that the problem is with the the mobo or the cpu.
This was a month ago.

Today I switched on again and voila! it worked, the bios loaded! I had removed the hard-disk, so switched it off, attached the HD and started it up again.. this time it didn't work. And hasn't since. I have again stripped it down , but it still doesn't work.
CAn anyone plzzzzz exlplain what is going here?? I mean it started , that means nothings fried, right??


btw the fan spins for exactly 5 seconds before turning off.

A:Dead laptop came back to life, now dead again

there is something like a "hardware reset" available on many laptops.
- try to plug out everything except cpu and memory
- remove the battery and do not attach the power supply
- open the lid and hold the power on button for like 20 seconds
- plug everything back in and try to boot
that worked for me for some compaq and dell laptops which did act like yours

my two cents...
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Okay so here's a challenge, I need to find a laptop that can last about 6 hours or better on a battery for around 700$ - 1000$...
It only needs to be able to do word/email/internet type things... something semi-decent for a normal person that doesn't do anything that requires powerful components...
I myself have never seen such a thing exist... so I'm asking everyone here...

A:Laptop with 6 hr or better battery life?

Here's the best answer. Buy two batteries
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I'm pretty sure a lot of people don't know. Hear ya go:

How do you post it in the download drivers section on the main page?

A:New Creative driver released, X-fi 2.15.0006

gamerex said:

I'm pretty sure a lot of people don't know. Hear ya go:

How do you post it in the download drivers section on the main page?Click to expand...

You still having the issues in your specs?
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Hi all!

I am having a strange problem with the sound card , and I need some technical help

The sound card of my PC is a Creative Sound Blaster Live! Value 1024 (that I bought in the end of 2001). So, it?s not a new device?

Anyways, I never had any trouble with it? Recently, I have changed my pc so i have fixed the card into new pc..when iam trying to install the software the speaker
selection is limited to 2.1 and 4.1 speakers. i even tried changing in Audio HQ and
i dont see any option for 5.1 speakers other than this i have even downloaded new version of software still the same problem is repeated .........

so, I would like some opinions about what can be happening?

Any information / hint will be very appreciated!

Thanks in advance for any help !

A:Specific problem with my Creative Sound Blaster Live! Value. Any hint?

If you right click the little task bar speaker icon and then click 'adjust audio properties' and then click 'speaker settings' 'advanced' and then click the 'v' at 'speaker setiup', do you get the option?
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Hi every body
I buy my Xfi xtreme gamer yesterday
I download last 32 bit driver from
afther installation i cant hear nice sound from rear speaker when i watch in dvice manager i can see this version for my sound card
DRIVER DATE : 10/25/2007
Is this corect or not? and what should i do for get nice sound from rear speaker?

S.P : i see this message from my dxdiag

Notes : The file ctaud2k.sys is not digitally signed, which means that it has not been tested by Microsoft's Windows Hardware Quality Labs (WHQL). You may be able to get a WHQL logo'd driver from the hardware manufacturer.

Plz help me

A:Problem With Creative Xfi Xtreme Gamer

your current driver may not be compatible with your system as it says ctaud2k.sys is not digitally signed.

go back to your hardware's manufacturer website & download the driver compatible
for winXP version.

when you download the driver,be specific with the model of your sound
hardware as you haven't mentioned your sound hardware specifications.

if your not sure what xfi product that you have,please attach the dxdiag
report to your next post.
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I´m trying to figure out how to make my laptop LiIon battery last longer. I´ve been searching the internet, but the information is very varied. Some say it´s best NOT to discharge the battery completely, others say I should use the 40%-80% range, and again others say I should charge and discharge the battery completely on regular basis. Why are there so many different suggestions?

A:Laptop battery life

What you really ought to consider is a multi-cell battery for a laptop.
Some are only three cell, others are four or six sells. When I switched to a 9-cell battery for My Thinkpad T-60, my world changed for the better.
As for your question, most actual tests show it is best to totally discharge the battery periodically, then recharge it. Otherwise you run into problems of battery "memory" where it has a difficult time creating a full charge after a period of partial charges.
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Computer Specs intel pe neo pentium ghz ok so computer creative on my detection Sound Blaster No of 5.1 i buy a new sound card Sound Blaster creative today and i installed it in a pci slot I turned on the computer and it doesn t detect it even if i go in to my control panel gt device manager I then try a different slot and it still doesn t detect it i then goto my bios and disable onboard audio AC but the sound blaster still didn t get detected I thought my sound card could be broken so I took this sound card and installed it on to my No detection of Sound Blaster 5.1 creative on my computer bro s computer which is an AMD Athlon ghz Thunder bird and the sound blaster gets detected What s wrong with my computer Why can t it be detected Is it the mother board cause if it is then wouldn t ALL pci slots not work When i switched the slots for the sound card i switched it to a slot where it DID work with my network card was inserted before I doubt my mother board is broken physically but i DO think it has to do with my bios Help please nbsp

A:No detection of Sound Blaster 5.1 creative on my computer

Plug and play not working

Please go to Start the run, type in exactly:

Maximize the services window, that opens
Scroll down to "Plug and Play"
Confirm it is set for Automatic, and started
If it is exit out
If it isn't, double click on it, and change the Startup to automatic, then restart (for the new PCI card to be detected).

Also, confirm that you are an Administrator account
Got to Control Panel and select User Accounts.

Please reply back with any info, from doing this check
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ok with the old psu the hd light kicks on when plugged in to the wall no need to push power switch. no fans, no sound from hd and no bios beeps

installed psu in another computer worked fine
installed psu from another computer no power at all when plugged in or when you push the power switch please help


A:help emachine wont show life

it sounds like the mobo is dead. but you could try uninstalling everything except he processor and then powering up. then repeat the process as you replace one component at a time. if it does not boot after that or show signs of posting at least then I would say your mobo is dead.
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Alright so when I was Stress priming, I fell asleep and let it run over night. When I wake up the Core Temp program says both my cores were at 90c and I have no clue how long they were running like that but the computer was still on, I restarted the comp and the Bios said 205c...which of course is inaccurate but anyway... Now I know heat can shorten the lifespan or damage the processor. I just want to know what you guys think the consequences are short and long term and/or whether I caused damage or not.

The computer is fine now because of changes I made (there wasn't enough thermal paste on it)

BTW I have a Toledo core 3800+ X2 939 socket

A:CPU Life span concern

Well if the BIOS says 205C then I'd say that your sensor is probably malfunctioning. Did it ever display what seemed like a reasonable temp? The Stressing could of potentially damaged it. Maybe try testing temps again when idle and then playing games etc, and then try the stessing and see if the temps look ok, otherwise probably a dud sensor.
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Hi all, really quick question:

I have a 6600gt AGP card and want to upgrade but don't want to change my entire system just yet so gotta stick with AGP (for now). What would be the best choice of AGP cards between £80 - £150?

Thanks in advance

A:Clinging onto AGP for dear life!

Here are a couple of possibilites:
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Hi all as you notice I m new to the forum and I m hoping m4500, Creative help please! 5300 vs Need Inspire to Creative Inspire 5300 vs m4500, Need help please! get help Well I decided to buy a Creative Inspire 5300 vs m4500, Need help please! new Creative speakers and when I went to the computer mall I found the Creative inspire which soon I discovered from the net forums that it s quite old I think so my fear started that I may have problems with these the second thing is that I assume that there are many improvements to the new models other than the old ones years difference is really long I think in other hand there s the m model which is new but it s system only and the inspire is and it s the old version so don t confuse it with the new M I really wanted the system so I need some advice here both technically and wisely the two at the same price b t w since the other is old but unused is there a big different between the Inspire and M technically well I get the almost same performance with old model or I should sacrifice the and buy the M for good and by the way I didn t find the M there so my choice is between the old Inspire and the M Any advice will be welcome and much appreciated HAWK MAN nbsp

A:Creative Inspire 5300 vs m4500, Need help please!

Speakers are speakers... old or not
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Okay this question is a bit of two things - to explain the problem i need to explain this first....

Im a music tech student & i've set up my own MIDI keyboard at home with Micrologic software - problem number 1 is that there is really bad latency going on so....

I was recommended a 'sound blaster live' soundcard to sort it out - i've installed it sucessfully etc - but it has'nt helped at all & my micrologic software doesnt have it listed in its 'drivers' section where you choose what to play the sound through.

So now im super confused with a load of new equipment that does nothing =|

anyone know where im going wrong?

A:Problem with Creative soundblaster live & micrologic

A Midi keyboard is not normally affectd by CAS latency, unless the memory modules are quite different from each other in density, quality, or timings.
The sound blaster live drivers are widely available free by download. How do you load software into this keyboard?
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I installed a creative sound blaster xtreme music in my computer, and shows error code 12, i tried already to disable some things but still not working.

this card has been sent from creative lab, with diferent ROM, because was a incompatibility with nvidia chipset on my motherboard a8n-se sli,

what should i do. i have 3 pci slots empty, audio onboard is off, is impossible that i dont have resources for this sound card.

any help is welcome!


Started having the exact same problem as of today. I plugged out my headphones from my X-Fi xtrememusic to connect speakers. Later as i connected my headphones again they didnt work. I restarted and since then been having the CODE 12 error. I have reinstalled the drivers about 3 times and tried different pci slots. this sucks really bad cause onboard sound is crap
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anyone know a good sound card (Like not over 80$) that will work with my Dell Demension E310 that can run some of the "latest games" (because this term has been way overused in the forums) (I'm speaking especially for games like COD, the Battlefield Series, etc. I have (or am close to getting) a good graphic card but don't really know much about sound cards. My computer only has the Integrated Audio Card on the mobo and i don't know whether i need to update. On a game box i have, it says the "sound card should be DX 9.0c compatible," but, unlike many graphic card reviews, cards on NewEgg and the Creative website don't specify whether its DX compatible. I don't want anything expensive (over 100$) or macho. Just something to get me by. Thanks to all who reply!

A:Buying a new Creative Sound Blaster card

dx has nothing to do with sound, so forget about that
if you really feel like buying a new spu, you can get the Creative X-Fi XtremeMusic for less than 100$
be wary that Vista support isn't so good for it yet (or so I've heard)
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don t know where to post this sry Yah so ever since i borned and got computers they always seems to succkkk major slooww So i decided to custom build one And sure enough after a few months its starts to sys and MY SUX to starting COMPUTER life.. HELP specs im included. hate slow in the following areas Start up When i have explorer internet explorer windows open super bad fps on games if im playing doom it takes forever to turn around or if im playing command and conquer my screen is stuk and fps HELP MY COMPUTER SUX and im starting to hate life.. sys specs included. is down to er when a nuke hits if u havent played these games u still understand its so lame playing liek that well heres my specs to my metal crap System Operating System Windows Xp Professional Processor Intel Core CPU GHz SPUs GHz Memory MB RAM Page File MB used available p s whats page file DirectX Version DirectX c System Number MS- Display Name Diamond S PCI DDR Manufacturer ATI Tech Inc Chip Type Radeon x Approx Total Memory MB Main Driver ati dvag dll Version Extra Info My graphics card is PCI cuz i kept it from my old comp I have a new motherboard that is mostly PCI-e but has PCI so i put HELP MY COMPUTER SUX and im starting to hate life.. sys specs included. this card in that I m also planning on getting a new PCI-E card and more RAM but not for like - months i need help with what i got nbsp

A:HELP MY COMPUTER SUX and im starting to hate life.. sys specs included.

looks good..graphic card and ram would be better...i would say 2 gig ram and something around the nvidia 7600 or over
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Creative stopped support for that soundcard awhile ago ... I recently got the vista driver from asian site ... but it's soooooooo limited and glitchy ... I guess I have to go get myself the FaTaLiTy it's 100$ not that expensive but it's out of stock right now waiting for them to get it back ... In the meantime can any1 tell me how the hell the Audigy Value can become 7.1 with 4 jacks ?!?!?!
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Hello. I just bought a Creative Zen and only one side of the earphones work. Does anyone know how I can fix it, or if the earphones are broke?

A:Creative Zen earphones

I know this may sound dumb, but are you sure they are plugged in all the way to the player? Also, have you got anything else to test them on? Or another set of earphones?
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The game crashes to the desktop then this error pops up.

I have Radeon X850 pro and I have the latest driver. I'm using Windows XP SP2.

Any suggestions? Thanks!

A:Half Life 2 Episode One 'Engine Error'

Try and re-install DirectX 9.0c and then see what heppens .
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I am planning to buy a new creative 5.1 speaker system.
Plz dont recommend me other speakers as they are not availiable in my city.

Which speaker is better :-
1) creative 5.1 m5300
2) creative 5.1 5200

A:Which Creative 5.1 Speaker Is better

I know you said those are the only available, which is very hard to believe, but the specs are very similar the only reason i voted for the m5300 is they are probably slightly newer, you sure there isn't like a staples or anything close to that where you can get a descent logitech setup or anything with more power, 50 watts of total power really isn't work getting 5.1.
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By doing this Creative actually lost its competitive advantage to its competitors by licensing it to others. What do you guys think? its a good or bad move?


A:Auzentech to Develop Sound Card Based on Creative X-Fi(TM) Chipset

bad, and I say that exact with no other reply.
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I saw this on web today:

Apparently Creative decided to support iPods now - and this device looks good.
Found a demo here and thought this is interesting.
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OK- so i have had this creative zen touch for several years now, and never had any problems with it. Then, i plug it into my computer (nothing had changed since the last time) and the computer crashes. The next time i do it, i get my device manager up before hand, and once i plug it in, i see a process using a ton of memory and 99 CPU (which doesn't sound too good). It works fine on my laptop. also the touchpad has been getting all screwy lately, jumping around everywhere. any thoughts? (and ill try to post the name of that process later)

A:Creative Zen Touch is going crazy!!!!!

mayb its just fuked ,if u've have it several years
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I wanted to set the clock on my girlfriends Creative Zen V, I looked the user guide on the cd. But when pushed the Date Separator (or something like this) menu item the software freezed. What should I do now??? How can I restart the software!???? If somebody could help me, I would appreciate it!!!