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Cooling pad problem

Q: Cooling pad problem

Does a cooling pad work on a laptop that doesn't have vents on the bottom?
I have an HP Probook 455 G1 and the cooling pad doesn't seem to work at all.
Thank you.
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Preferred Solution: Cooling pad problem

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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My cooler does not work and I get the message quot Warning A problem with the cooling system has been detected Please turn off the computer immediately and return it for service quot After that the cpu gets ridiculous slow My laptop is a toshiba -S I can t take the laptop to a service repair cause here in Brasil we can t trust been the system cooling Warning: with A has problem problem detected.
cooling in such services My cooler is not running not I think It is damaged I opened the laptop and lubrificate it but it doesnt work I think the problem can be - just the cooler I will order a cooler as soon as I discover a place on the internet where I could order OEM parts - the cooler and the processor as the processor is very Warning: A problem with the cooling system has been detected.
cooling problem slow It may have damaged the processor My processor is a P Mobile ghz And I dont know where to get a new processor Anybody know - or the worst of all The motherboard function which triggers the cooler was damaged If this happened I think I lost my laptop Can anybody help me on this dMy mail is quot valentinojr hotmail com quot nbsp

A:Warning: A problem with the cooling system has been detected. cooling problem

OEM Laptop parts?...

OEM laptopparts?... Good luck call the builder of the system and get a new one even off warrenty they will often ship the parts free if it is just a fan. I would run the lappy opened for a few seconds to see in the fan is running, DONOT think about putting one finger on the system when it is like this and don't move till you turn the system off cotton shirt and denem is a good thing to ware when doing this to reduce the static charge grab the power cable and hold it a second or two then turn the system off holding the cable, ot dispell static and the human body cannot feel static charges less then 3000 volts and at 30 you can kill parts in your computer... on some systems even less then 30 v will kill it. As far as the temp reader when you replace the fan on most laptops the reader is build into the fan so if it was the reader then that will be fixxed if the problem continues they I would E Bay the system for parts and start looking at new systems... As far as Intel build Laptops go get a Dell or a Toshiba if you want some real Power for you money gen and AMD Rig from Aser... I like their Farrie Line as they have evrything you will need in a laptop and they will handle some real crazy newer games... there is a few Asers that will handle HL2 and Doom3 not at max setting but it will run better then some towers that are playing the games... Just rember that with Dell you are doning to pay for the better inhouse tech support then you will if you buy something from HP were most of the call tech work is contracted out to a Quebec Canadian ferm where they speak French first and English second, if you are lucky you will get a Western Canadian brack where they Speak English. 90% of all Dell calls go to their Western Canadian Centers and soon to be all of their calls as they are closing up shop in India and going with the higher costs of Tech help in the Canadian and U.S. market. Dell Call centers in the U.S. are for customer out side the U.S. and the Canadian ones are for people out side of Canada as that is how most call centers work. Sony makes some good systems aswell but you will pay alot mor then even Dell and tech help is not that good.
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Hello,Yesterday the cooling fan 90b broke inside my laptop.  I heard a low noise like a CD was spinning incorrectly and than my computer overheated and shut down.  Upon restart I got the 90b error message.  Can anyone please point me in the direction of a guide on how to replace my 90b fan, and a place where I can buy a replacement part?  Thank you very much, ThomasBrodsky

A:Cooling fan 90b error message and malfunctioning cooling fan...

Dear Thomas, 90b Error message occurs when there is firmware or a Hardware issue with the fan. Please install the following update on the Notebook. It is the bios update, most likely to fix if its a firmware issue. However, if the issue persists, kindly contact our support center.we will be happy to help you fix it. Cheers!

I am an HP employee
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I ve got a Gateway GR with GB Ram and GB Problem CPU Cooling Fan or Hard Drive space spread across HD s Since i got the thing in it has been loud So loud in fact that i have to shut it down CPU Fan or Cooling Problem to go to sleep It has also overheated but up until recently this has only been CPU Fan or Cooling Problem an intermittent occurrence and i thought nothing of it When i opened the CPU case last week after the computer overheating I found that the fan was caked with dust and wouldn t move I cleaned it and it now works fine but the sluggishness and overheating continue If i need a fan what kind size should i get Couldn t find the type of fans on my machine listed anywhere I purchased one but it was the wrong size so i have to return it the fan that was caked with dust was the one BELOW the power supply There are three fans on this machine one below the power supply one attached the back of the case and the third on the back panel of the computer attached to the power supply - this seems to be the one making all the noise I ve clocked the temperature of the system to be on average between - degrees but it also goes higher this is according to a freeware program i downloaded - this program warns me when it goes above which is frequently The CPU usage in Windows Task Manager is often at or near The computer is sluggish and while it never actually freezes it goes slow enough that you might consider it frozen What should i do next I ve already increased the page file and placed it on a non system drive I ve left a small page file on the system drive as well increased the hard drive space RAM I ve disabled all of the Windows non-essential services and that didn t help the processes that usually cause the high CPU usage are in this order wuauclt exe svchost exe itunes firefox In addition MS Office Automatic Update fails to update all Office Software every time I ve since disabled wuauclt exe since it wasn t working anyway and it kept using all the system resources I have had McAfee Virus Scan Registry Mechanic Fit-It Utilities Lavasoft Adaware TrendMicro Housecall iolo System Mechanic all optimize my system at one point or another to try and curb the high CPU usage Nothing works Also I ve run Ad Removal Software and VirusScan software There is nothing foreign on my machine Also I added that silver gel stuff to both the bottom of the fan and the top of the CPU thin layer Didn t seem to help Can anyone help me with My problem or Figuring out what fan to buy Thanks a lot I m almost out of ideas and the machine is out of warranty so Gateway was NO help Last night I updated both the Audio and Video drivers but that didn t help either nbsp

A:CPU Fan or Cooling Problem

Here are the specs on your machine;

The processor is a Pentium 4 model 530. This is a socket 775 processor so you would need a socket 775 cooler IF GATEWAY DID NOT MODIFY THE CPU COOLER.
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Hello A few years back I had bought a dollar video card I don t quite remember the name but just a couple months ago it basicly overheated and I guess burnt some components I knew it was going to happen considering it started running and continued to run at degrees So with that one fryed I figured it was a bad card and bought a new one and shiped my old one off to get repaired The new card I bought is EVGA E-GEFORCE GTS MHZ MB GHZ GDDR Dual DVI-I HDTV Out HDCP DIRECTX It just came days ago and I bought compressed air with it I cleaned out my case did some cable managing Now this card idles at - C degrees and runs at - C I figure this isn t right so im coming here in hopes of help My case is pretty big to fit this problem? Cooling monster card P I have case fan and another in the back The back pushes out air while the case Cooling problem? one pushes in air The case fan is fairly new year but the back fan was there since I bought the case years Any help is appericated thanks nbsp

A:Cooling problem?

You probably need to get some more fans in there to get better circulation. It may help to have one on the side. You can also get fans that go into the slots, so you could put it above or below the card and that would probably also help.
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I have a AMD Athlon 64 3800+ and I do do believe its a FoxCon board. The way I have the fans setup one in the front drawing air into the case, one at the rear blowing out of the case and processor fan blowing onto the heatsink ( which is the way it was setup at the factory). And I running at 140 F adn I just bought this computer 6 days ago. The fans in the front and rear are both 80mm. I thank You in advance for your help.
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Hi there I have recently bought a GTX and I 260 Problem GTX Cooling have had quite alot of bother with it I haven t overclocked it and don t intend to but it keeps overheating Currently I have x mm fans superglued to the side of the card blowing air directly into the GPUs own fan I also have a mm case fan at the rear of my case and a mm at the front of my case If I keep my case open the card reaches degrees when fully loaded This seems to be spiking at that temperature though and doesn t appear to be anything consistant It runs when idle at degrees the general temperature when loaded is around degrees Im not sure what else to do to cool it other than to put a house fan aiming directly into my case and just to leave the GTX 260 Cooling Problem case open Really I would much prefer to have my case closed Is there anyway to change the fan speed on the GPU itself i e to make it faster Can I change it in the BIOS somehow Or is there any program that will allow me to manipulate fan speeds on the GPU Any other ideas on what I can do to make the GPU colder Thanks in advance nbsp

A:GTX 260 Cooling Problem

See if you can find and install a 3rd party cooler on the card
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Hi,How to resolve this should I change any hardware to this Notebook?

Many thanks & Best Regards,HuaMin
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I seem to have a cooling problem with my computer but don't know where to begin troubleshooting this. The following are the specs on my computer.

Operating System: Windows XP Professional Service Pack 2 (build 2600)
Processor: 1.60 gigahertz AMD Athlon XP
Slot 'DIMM 1' has 256 MB
Slot 'DIMM 2' has 256 MB

The problem: Under normal conditions I can open XP, get on line for about 20 minutes, then I get a blue screen telling me the comptuer is going to shut down and it starts dumping memory. The reason I think this is a cooling problem is that last night I pulled the side cover and set a small portable fan blowing onto the processor and this makes the problem go away completely.

The computer has a case fan, a power source fan and a processor fan, all of which are working so this makes no sense to me. Any ideas on what the problem might be?
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When my computer running a game, the processor temperature were like 65-70 Celcius. Is that way too hot?
I am using:
Intel i7 860
CPU Fan: 700-900RPM

A:Big CPU cooling problem

For the stock fan, that can be attributed to a stock cooler, and bad case flow, but it should be lower preferably.
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My wifes computer is a Dell Dimension 4550. Yesterday we noticed her cooling fan constantly runs and does not shut off. I have tried going into bios to check temp inside computer and option is not there in bios to do so. I opened computer up and cleaned it really well and it does not seem hot inside at all. Could someone give me some ideas. It has two fans inside. A real big one and small one and they both seem to be constantly running. Is this a problem we should worry about. Help and thanks so much.

A:Cooling Fan Problem

The fans should always be running in order to keep a constant flow of air going through your case. If those fans stop, you will run into cooling problems.

It is normal that they are always on.
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Okay - I don t know where else to turn What s my problem and how do I fix it Short version If I leave the side of the case on the help and problem, I need a I cooling boy think do I have machine after about minutes it completely shuts down without warning If I take the side cover off the machine it stays on for a long time at least several hours Long version I have an Asus A SLI-Premium board amd x - It WAS in a stock Antec case no added fans I haven t had a single problem untill about weeks ago I had a problem where I couldn t boot up the machine and using a power supply tester narrowed it down to what I though was the mb Sent it off for warranty work Just got it back and had the same problem - no boot action even when the green led on the mb lights up i dont even know if asus did anything SO thinking it still might be the ps i bought an Antec Neo ps and sure enough the computer would boot up i installed it in the case and started the machine i also just installed a thermaltake big typhoon with artic silver not minutes after I think I have a cooling problem, and boy do I need help i turned on the I think I have a cooling problem, and boy do I need help computer it shut itself off without warning i tried monitoring the cpu temp and it stayed very cool all this is under idle load So I bought an extra case fan mm and installed it in the front bezel thinking that this would work No deal Then I thought well maybe the case is not compatible with this big ps so I bought an Antec p case mm fans stock with a separate ps cooling channel I think I have a cooling problem, and boy do I need help and installed the stock amd heatsink again using artic silver This time it stayed on about minutes before it also shut down I tried upping the mm fan speeds from low all the way to high No dice - shutdown after minute shorter time b c of residual heating I m guessing Right now I ve got the side off and it s been running about minutes I may let it run all night running memtest I m at my wits end I ve dropped more than I cared to fix this problem I don t want to run with the side off the case I m not overclocking I just want this thing to be fixed What s going on with this Did I maybe not put enough thermal grease on the cpu before installing the heatsink What do I do Any help is greatly appreciated nbsp

A:I think I have a cooling problem, and boy do I need help

I've been messing around system cooling for a long time. Which is why I'm quite active in the cooling section of this forum.

I can't really tell if its a cooling problem, although your removal of the side panel does suggest it somewhat. Usually removing the side panel doesn't really help things unless you have a big fan blowing into the case.

What happens after the computer shuts itself off? Overheating problems tend to be the restart kind, not rebooting if I'm right. And it'll just keep on restarting (since its already hot), shouldn't need to wait till windows load up to do that.

If its an overheating problem, there's a few possibilities:
1. You didn't apply the AS5 properly. Farfetched, especially if you had followed the instructions.

2. Your PSU is overheating. Again, farfetched even if you had hidden your comp under the table with little/no breathing space because the PSU you mentioned is a pretty good one (I'm thinking of getting a small wattage one soon).

3. Your chipset is overheating. Yet again, farfetched. You are not doing any overclocking, and the motherboard's standard heatsink (and fan if there's one) should suffice. Assuming you didn't do anything to it of course.

4. You didn't plug in the fan for the cpu/gpu/etc. Its a simple problem then. Doesn't really explain why it'll run for so long though.

If you're really sure its an overheating problem, when it shuts down, just quickly open the cover and stick your hand on all the heatsinks you can find, and your HDD. Be careful you don't touch what you're not supposed to (live wires aren't too friendly) or you unplug something. Just shutdown and stick your hand into the various parts before doing it for good, making sure you don't hit anything when you go in.

If something is really hot (it'll hurt somewhat) then its an overheating issue. Fix it.

What I think could be the case is that there's something wrong with the OS/drivers or something. I don't know much about it if thats the problem.

And don't fret, all that money you spent are on stuff you can always reuse on new machines (I'm sure people who spend money on watercooling systems migrate those systems. Unless they have alot of disposable income that is. Come to think of it, they would have if they bought a watercooling system and a computer thats worthy of one....)
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may be dumb but here goes...

is the cooling fan on my computer supposed to run all the time when the computer is on? it used to kick on and off but now stays on the entire time the pc is on. is there somewhere you can adjust this setting...maybe it was changed accidentally or something?

dell dimension 4100, 1gig pent.III, win ME,

A:cooling fan problem?

The fans in any PCs I've dealt with stay on all of the time. I guess it's possible that some newer ones may have some sort of thermostatic control to turn the fan on and off but I've never seen them. Maybe someone else will have something to add but in the meantime, the fan running constantly is not a problem.

BTW, if I were you I'd just call Dell and ask if it's normal. You should have a free 24/7 800 tech support number if I'm not mistaken.
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I have a Pavilion G7 that is a couple years old. I was playing a game on it when the system shut down. I tried to turn it on and the system said that there was an error with cooling fan (90B). I tried cleaning it without Luck. Please help

A:Pavilion G7 Cooling fan problem

Likely needs to be replaced. Can we have the exact model?
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Ok i ve been having a few crashes in certain games recently mainly Thief but anyway what i done eventually after exhausting every possible possibility was took the card out to give it a good clean Actually the dust build up wasn t too bad but i noticed the xtx problem cooling x1950 gpu was absolutley CAKED in thermal paste I mean it was literally oozing out all over the place I thought immediately this is not good and cleaned it with alcohol before aplying thinly x1950 xtx cooling problem this time some Akasa ak Ok put it back together and certainly seen a big improvement in both the crashes and temps However i didn t stop here i reasoned that the memory chips could also be in a similar state so i removed the mem heatsink and unknown to me on the chips was this kind of thermal pads blue Anyway stupidly i applied some thermal paste on top and underneath the pads hoping for the same kind of improvement i had seen with the gpu Unfortunetly after i had setup again i was getting even more frequent crashes than before to the extent where gaming isn t really possible I pulled it again and tried to get all the therman paste from the pads but it was so tricky to get it off of them there must be loads left So anyway i m now left with a card that s giving me high temps and frequent crashes So my question is does anyone know where i could get some of the same kind of pads or another cooling solution altogether perhaps I know there s many third party hsf s for ATI cards but aren t these just for the gpu It s the memory chips that seem to be the problem now so any ideas at all would be great Cheers Max nbsp

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I installed the Corsair COOL water cooling kit.By recently I mean, around January. When I installed it, it was quiet, started up smooth, and performaned great. Now I have a problem, a serious one. When I start my computer, the pump starts, but no water goes into it. It sucks the water leading into it, but it seems not enough is pushed back into the resevoir. I wonder, what could be causing this?
my system looks much like this.

I used the coolant that came from corsair, but maybe I had too much water in the mixture. Could it be:
*I need to add anti-algea formula/liquit
*Anti-Corosion formula/liquid

Any help would make my day even better than it started off with, since I got a free frapiccino because they made it on accident.

I can be reached on AIM by my screen name Uberdude2000.

A:water cooling problem

Good Morning WhiteHat.exe, I have never heard of that problem happening!
So your pump is functioning normally but no flow is occurring?
Is the pump located below the level of the reservoir?

Do all components appear proper, no kinked hoses etc.
Nothing can go wrong!!

I wouldn't expect the pump to have to lift a head of pressure to operate, surely it is below the fluid level and permanently primed.

If this were the case and all was well there is however a remote possibility your cooling solution has gelled or has turned to Jelly in one area.

If this were the case you would need to take your machine outside and carefully drain the system and possibly need to flush it.

I thought that fluid was simple corrosion inhibited vehicle radiator fluid. (LOL!)

Cheers, qldit.
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Hello I just completed building my new system which entails the following Gigabyte GA- X15 ? . . SCSI HDD . problem or cooling IDX mobo P a GHz Northwood MB PC SDRAM ATI All-In-Wonder Radeon MB Matrox G DualHead DVI PCI MB Creative SB Audigy MP Adaptec SCSI Controller Card Belkin F U USB Controller Card D-Link DGE- T Gigabit Ethernet US Robotics k Performance Pro Modem Seagate GB X - LP SCSI X15 HDD cooling problem or . . . ? SCSI HDD Toshiba xDVD-ROM Plextor x x a CD-WR IBM GB GXP In one of two removable IDE HDD racks OS is WinMe My computer case is a Cheiftec DX- BLD just like the Antec case with a HighPower w P capable power supply The two rear s and front bottom mm fans are intakes as well as one at the top SCSI X15 HDD cooling problem or . . . ? of the side door I SCSI X15 HDD cooling problem or . . . ? have the front top and a mm on the side door as well as the PSU as exhaust fans The X is in the HDD case with the front top fan to suck out the hot air from the HDD The pin LVD SCSI cable is nicely quot ribbon-gami quot ed from the starting point PCI slot to the HDD since i have a window by the way the over the PCI slots and top center on the side door are on the window Now to my problem yesterday I was running the computer all day and had to restart a few times with no problem Later that night I was Jedi Knight Demo and the system froze so I rebooted and came up to the BSOD stating that C could not be written too and to restart By the way the SCSI is the boot drive After restarting the Adaptec could not see the HDD and subsequently could not boot into windows After this I turned off the machine and had a meal after which I returned to work on it I turned on the computer and the SCSI controller was then able to see the HDD and boot nicely into WinME However I let the system run for a little while and decided to test the situation again by restarting and on the restart the SCSI controller could not see the HDD I stopped playing with it after this and went to bed It was late This morning I turn on the computer and SCSI controller can see the HDD and everything works fine I restarted it emidiately and the SCSI controller did see the HDD and it proceeded to load into WinMe I then shut down the computer so I could post this message to get some feedback about what could be happening Thinking about this situation it seems to me that there are different possiblities that I can think of The power to the HDD is fluctiuating the HDD is having cooling problems the LVD SCSI cable is somehow messing things up the Adaptec SCSI card itself is somehow messing things up I don t believe it is because the HDD power connector is split between the SCSI HDD and the CPU fan and if the power was fluctiuating the I believe the fans rpm would fluctuate as well and I have not noticed this effect I also don t believe it is the Adaptec SCSI controller card because it was bought retail and I have been using they system for short periods of time since I installed the SCSI HDD and it has worked flawlessly So I m left with the LVD SCSI cable which I do not have a spare to test and that I have curved and manipulated to make it get to where it is going as well as look nice and neat but I did not put any hard paper folds in And the HDD with the cooling or lack of cooling I did the math on the CFM in and out of the case and the way the fans are setup now it shows a slight high pressure in the case I ve heard that slight negitive pressure is preferred however this is as close as I was able to get it without totally redoing the wireing and such Well thats all I can think of sitting here right now I appreciate everyones help nbsp

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i use to play blur, but after playing this game for 10 minutes game starts to slow down and freezing. I think it is due to laptop cooling problem. Can anyone tell me what is the problem and how to fix it?
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Ok im getting my q6600 tomorrow,(and yes i know penryn is coming out soon,but o well), i am going to buy a new cooler for it and was wondering if i should just order the thermalrite ultra 120 extreme off newegg and have to wate, or if i should go out to frys and posibbly by the asus silent night cooler, or artic square.? Is the Thermalrite extream, that much better? or could i just use one of those other 2? Ive read some reviews of the silent night and it seems good, i just need your opinion. I dont belive i will be overclocking alot, mabey from 2.4 to 2.6 ghz.

A:Intel Q6600 cooling problem

There is another cooler on the market that you didn't mention. It's called Tuniq made by Sunbeam. The Tuniq 120 tower cooler runs cooler than the other coolers in the tests I've seen. I think it's worth looking into.
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yesterday I noticed that about every other restart my CPU idle temp would shoot up about 25c. After checking for trapped air and such, I turned to the radiators. I broke out the BK 5500 and had a look

so far so good
This one is actually taken from inside the rad looking out ( that's a light fixture on the ceiling.

guess what the blue thing is? that is a protect plug for the inlet/outlets. I went back and looked in the radiator box and had the correct amount, so it apparently got pushed in at the factory. it does a great job of restricting flow though
While I had it apart i installed a second pump.

Before the plug broke loose and started messing with things i installed some sensors and was running :

Delta temp: idle/load 18c
Rad out/CPU block out 3c
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Hi there,
From the moment I bought Dell Inspirion N5-7359-N2-02, The cooling fun is noisy in a way like if it is brushing against casing or something. I thought it is in the fan itself, but the replacement did not solve the problem. 
Here is a recording of the sound it makes. It is not as it is supposed to be, right?
Sound recording stored on my OneDrive:!AiBpHFT35pZQlOtWfoE5ecv0e8bbCg
Do you have any suggestion how to make it stop being so loud?
Thanks a lot!Jaromir
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OK, I have an older model Sony Vaio, and I just reformatted the hard drive. The operating system that came with the computer is Windows ME, but I upgraded to Windows XP Professional. My problem is that the cooling fan won't shut off. Now I had installed XP Professional a couple of years ago (before reformatting, obviously) and had the same problem, but got a prompt from my computer to download a driver, which I did and it worked perfectly (fan turned off and on just like it should). This time - no prompt and no clue as to what I downloaded before. If anyone has a clue as to what it is - HELP, PLEASE...

A:Solved: Problem with cooling fan running constantly

want2know said:

OK, I have an older model Sony Vaio, and I just reformatted the hard drive. The operating system that came with the computer is Windows ME, but I upgraded to Windows XP Professional. My problem is that the cooling fan won't shut off. Now I had installed XP Professional a couple of years ago (before reformatting, obviously) and had the same problem, but got a prompt from my computer to download a driver, which I did and it worked perfectly (fan turned off and on just like it should). This time - no prompt and no clue as to what I downloaded before. If anyone has a clue as to what it is - HELP, PLEASE...Click to expand...

Which cooling fan? CPU? Power supply? Other? I have never known the CPU fan of the power supply fan to shut off unless it was failure.

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Pls help Toshiba Qosmio G cooling system problem Last week I bought notebook Toshiba Qosmio G - and the first day I got it it was very slow and I m getting this error message every minutes or so Warning A problem with the cooling system has been detected Please turn off the computer immediately and return it for service I bought it in another country and I can t go back just for the service and servicer in my country doesn t know what s causing the problem When that message pops up the processor slows down by and everything works so ridiculously slowly that I can barely get anything done Then ever minutes or so it seems like the fan tries to spin but can t gives up after a few seconds and tries again Did anyone Qosmio G20 Toshiba cooling problem system have the same problem here Is there any advice you could give me And is there any software application that could force the Toshiba Qosmio G20 cooling system problem cpu fan on or Toshiba Qosmio G20 cooling system problem that could monitor is wheather the fan is on and check the fan speed What is the max temperature of notebook cpu that can be Processor is Pentium M Centrino GhZ with GB RAM nbsp

A:Toshiba Qosmio G20 cooling system problem

hi there

hi there I got the very same problem with my qosmio G10. did you manage to fix the probl? if you did please tell me how to fix it!!
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Hi Guys,
I have TOSHIBA Settelite A45 S151 and i am getting this warning "A problem with the cooling system has been detected."
My machine becomes very slow. I check some theads to find out whats going on. Most of them says it may be heat sink or fan. But my fan is working and I cleaned my heat sink properly but still it is giving me the same problem.
Does anyone know what could be the problem?

A:Warning: A problem with the cooling system has been detected

Really you already took apart your notebook and cleaned the CPU heatsink and the cooling fan and you still have this problem? Well the slow down means the mobo is sensing high temperature of the CPU and automatically clocking it down to reduce heat. So maybe you have sensor problem, mobo problem or the CPU heatsink has come loose from the CPU.

Maybe time to taken it in for service.

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I ve bought an Apevia Explorer case recently and liked the way it looked It s pretty nice for a steel case with a side window to look in In the front you have placements for two fans here that isn t included there s a flaw here i ll tell it later on the side windowed panel there s an airduct on the top there s an mmfan exhaust and on the rear you can choose between mm or mm which i prefer fan I m using this case with my new and first Cause i bought it for the first time for myself mobo Asus M A -T I started things off pretty good that is until it problem Cooling case with Explorer Apevia hit Cooling problem with Apevia Explorer case me that the temps on my cpu started to reach degrees celcius I just like things cooler then degr celc I already placed a mm in the rear from ThermalTake Thunderblade in the rear In the front i placed apevia s stock mm fan that sat in the rear so it can help cool the HDD But there s a bit off a problem here as that mm has a problem pulling air through the case s steel grill and on top of that it has to pull air from the front bottom of the case and even the bottom of the case already touches the ground no clearance Oh and it even looks as if it works like a vacuum cleaner cause it collects a lot of dust I want to place a second fan from TT Thunderblade mm in the front I won t be able to post pictures yet After a day or two maybe But i need some advise on what to do in the front please nbsp

A:Cooling problem with Apevia Explorer case


Which direction did you place the fans? Are all going into the PC? Is the top one blowing out? Is your power supply a single or a dual fan model?

I think I found your case on Newegg:

What I would likely start with, depending on the location of the case, is on the back 120mm pulling air in and only the 80 mm on top blowing air out. My PSUs are usually dual fan. If my case is in an area where it is close to a wall then I don't want the exhaust air being brought back into the case so I would have the 120mm on back blowing out and the 80 mm on top blowing out as well.

If it doesn't get as cool as you'd like I recommend you look at a different/better fan/heatsink for you CPU. I also saw once someone used some semi-thick plastic to create isolation pockets for the components. He realized that the heat from the video card should be isolated and ducted out without touching the CPU because it will heat the video card. I haven't found the link but it looked cool and and it was effective. I'll try to find it again later.

Good luck,

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Hi nbsp nbsp I have a VN - G and I have a problem with it When I start to play a game the cooling fans become really loud it starts to spin in really high speed and FPS problem, VN7-791G-77WX cooling issue FPS is really low while the fans are so loud For example during the normal condition VN7-791G-77WX FPS problem, cooling issue it runs CS GO - FPS fans working but not annoyingly loud and there is times when the fans are really really loud and in game I have - FPS I checked the temperatures This is VN7-791G-77WX FPS problem, cooling issue when the fans are really loud an I have - FPS nbsp This is when it actually works as it VN7-791G-77WX FPS problem, cooling issue shouldIf I change the video setting in games nothing happens even in GTA V when I have this problem I have - FPS on Ultra setting and on Low setting too Tried Cooling Boost and did not help Every driver is the latest Every game uses the M nbsp Spoiler Highlight to read Config Windows Pro bit nbsp Intel Core i - HQ GHz CPU GB DDR RAM TB HDD GB SSHDnVidia GeForce GTX MConfig Windows Pro bit nbsp Intel Core i - HQ GHz CPU GB DDR RAM TB HDD GB SSHDnVidia GeForce GTX MThanks for the advices in advance nbsp
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I have bought a Satellite S50 - B 15U laptop and have installed Windows 10 - it seems to be running ok but the above message appears regularly instructing a return for repairs. I can hear the fans running up and down although the pc health monitor window does not reflect this but shows the cpu temperature at about 45%.

Does this really need to go back or is there a setting somewhere or firmware update??
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The cooling fan on my Dell Inspiron 4000 laptop (2 months out of warranty!) doesn't work. Ordered replacement fan from Dell, had it installed locally; still didn't work. With Dell Tech support on the phone I ran the diagnostics program - fan came on during the diagnostic test but error message shows it running at slower than expected rmp's (about half speed). Fan runs as long as diagnostic program is running; as soon exit diagnostics fan stops. Dell couldn't explain reason other than possible motherboard problem. Is there any way to get the fan to run (i.e. software control, etc.) Already updated BIOS as part of fix attempt - that did not help. Am running Windows Me. Current using an external fan blowing on computer to keep it cool, but that renders it useless as a portable. Thanks for any help you can give.

A:cooling fan problem Dell Inspiron laptop

The fan will be controlled by on-board sensors. If this circuitry is damaged, then that could cause the problem.

Possibly the diagnostics forces the fan on anyway, so thats why it will run then.

Since it runs poorly even then, it does suggest motherboard damage. At only 2 months out of warranty I would be having serious discussions with Dell about replacement, and if the device is really "fit for purpose" if it only lasts that long.
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Hi, I have a laptop about a year ago. And for 5 months I was a problem with the fans. Go out and the following message appears:

Warning: A Problem with the cooling system has-been detected. Please turn off the computer Immediately, and return it for service.

The strange thing is that the first time that happened stopped working a week, then one month and finally stopped working until 3 months he has now not start.
I have even the implied warranty of the product but I have not thought about sending it because it practically need every week for classes. I can use it perfectly but if I perform actions that require higher performance like playing games or upload multiple videos at once begins to warm up, get the message and if continuous eventually shut down.
What should I do and how I can fix the problem?

Sorry if I do not understand very well. I do not speak English.

A:Satellite L50D-B-15Z Problem with the cooling system

There may be dust stuck in the heat sink.
blow the dust out through the vent using compressed air.
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Hi Folks
I have a Toshiba Laptop i3 64 bit

Yesterday got a warning message saying a problem with the cooling system has been detected . Please turn off the computer immediately and return it for service.

I am using my other laptop to post this thread.

From what I can see, I think Toshiba has always had this problem around.

The laptop is under the 1st year warranty. So I will return for repair.

Trouble is, I have seen horrendous reports of the repairer wiping the hard disk and things like that.

Can anybody advise me on what the real problem is, so I can make sure they do the job properly.

The obvious thing for me, is the fan needs replacing and maybe a clean out for dust etc.

The machine was purchased 5 months ago.

Thanks for any help.

A:A problem with the cooling system has been detected - Toshiba Laptop

Just got in touch with Toshiba and they instructed me to blast the dust out using the airspray can, which I did and everything is fine now. So I found the answer. They recommend you do this about every 4 months.
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What do you think is best Fan Cooling Or Water Cooling????????

A:Fan Cooling Vs Water Cooling

Air cooling because i believe that water cooling is a pain to deal with. just have some extra fans, and your good to go.
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This is strange and infuriating. It seems that after doing up dates on windows, intel driver, nvidia around July and August 2014 my cooling fan will only work if each day I uninstall a win update and restart. Thats the simple version.

A:Win 8.1 and cooling fan

Updates do not affect hardware. The fact that you reboot is enough to jolt it into working. This is a problem with the fan itself and may need to be replaced. Check to see if the fan is clean and clear of obstructions.
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I need instructions on how to replace my T23 thinkpad cooling fan. I keep getting fan error on boot and is overheatting as well. Any info is much appreciated. Cheers, Lary

A:T23 Cooling Fan

Opening up a laptop can be quite fun. Try doing a search for a "workshop or service manual .pdf" Its a lot easier when you know which screws and pieces to undo first.
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Q: Cooling

Hi all

I need some help. I need to know do I need more fans? The cooling that I already have is CPU Heat-Sink/Stock Cooler (Fan), GPU Heat-Sink/Stock Cooler (MSI Fan), and obviously the PSU Fan. My case has heaps of ventilation holes on the back and on the side and front and three places for case fans. Two 120mm and one 80mm.

Thanks in advanced.


run "RealTemps" program and see what your core temps are. Free program.

Heat is the biggest killer, so why not add the extra fans. if you can add more intake fans and create some positive air pressure you will keep the inside of the chassis cleaner and do a lot for overall cooling.
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Q: Cooling

Is ther any kind of software that will help cool my computer? I have a ATI 9800 XT and when i put it on overdrive it heats up to much and displays funny colors in games.


funny you should ask...

fred langa - talks about that in his newsletter:

and it's also part of a larger article he did last month at
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I'm thinking about buying the lian li PC-50 chassi but because of the sideway mounted psu I'll need a cpu cooler that's not too high.

So I thought about this CoolJag JAC322C

But it says it's made for 1U-servers, does this matter?

A:CPU cooling in PC-50

1U is referring to the height of the rackmount case. 1U is shorter than 2U which is shorter than 4U, et cetera. A heatsink designed for a 1U case would be low-profile, in which case if it can properly be mounted to your motherboard it may be what you are looking for.

I have a few cases that have a side mounted PSU, and sometimes it is a pain finding a heatsink that will adequately cool the CPU yet still fit properly inside the case. For a while I had a volcano 6 with a slimmer fan (A coolermaster fan that was about a third of the height of the v6 fan) cooling an overclocked thunderbird... my lord was it an inferno in there, average CPU core temp hovered around 75 C.
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So im buildin a new desktop....1st 1 ever attempted, this is my set up, all this will be in an antec 900 case w/ 120mm fans x 3 and 1 220mm). The question is should i grab some ram coolers or is the plenty of air???

Western Digital Caviar SE WD3200AAJS 320GB 7200 RPM SATA 3.0Gb/s Hard Drive x 2

EVGA 512-P3-N973-TR GeForce 9800 GT 512MB 256-bit GDDR3 PCI Express 2.0 x16 HDCP Ready SLI Supported Video Card - x 2

APEVIA ATX-AS600W-BL 600W ATX12V / EPS12V SLI Ready Power Supply -

Koutech IO-RCM620 USB 2.0 3.5"/5.25" Card Reader - Retail

GIGABYTE GA-EX58-UD5 LGA 1366 Intel X58 ATX Intel Motherboard - Retail

Intel Core i7 920 Nehalem 2.66GHz LGA 1366 130W Quad-Core Processor Model BX80601920 - Retail

Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium SP1 64-bit for System Builders - OEM

Thermaltake V1 Max-Performance CPU Cooler with Massive 110mm Blue LED Full-Range Variable Speed Fan CL-P0401
Any advise or constructive critisim is appreciated..

A:Ram cooling

why would you need ram coolers.
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I am about to purchase the new Abit IT7 board and run a P4 1.8a processor. I am so used to P3's that I haven't kept up with the best cooling options for the P4. I am not planning on overclocking. Looking for stability in my computer... What are the best options for heatsink/fans for the Pentium 4 that will work well with the IT7 board? Thanks,

A:P4 Cooling?

HSF's don't seem to be a critical a componet on a P4, as opposed to an Athy.

Here's my Cooling Resources:
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What would be a good cooler for an AMD XP 2100 (266 FSB) (overclocking)???

MSI K7N2 Delta-ILSR mobo
GeForce 4 4200 Ti 64
512 DDR 333

A:cpu cooling?

There are some good tips / recommendations at this site on components and hardware in every conceivable category of computing : COOLERS

Be sure to read and if necessary post in their forums also.

Then if you still need more information read at these sites :

Its worth it to take your time and familiarise yourself with what others have done and what performance gain they got or problems they experienced.
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Hi Cossie1 here
I have an Everex Step Note Laptop VA 4100M.
The cooling fan started to make noise and then
it stop working; can it be repaired or do need a
new fan?

A:Cooling Fan

Sounds like the bearing might have gone perhaps doubt you will get it repaired it would cost more than a new one even if you could so a new one is needed in my opinion ....
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I am upgrading my PC (new case, power supply, cooling), but I need help figuring out a good cpu cooling option. First off, I'm a noob when it comes to pc modding, but I gotta start somewhere.

My CPU is a AMD Athlon 7850 Dual-Core 2.8 ghz (

I've been looking at some cpu fans and whatnot on newegg, but I don't know if they are compatible or not. I don't wanna buy some stuff, it not work properly, then i'll start smashing stuff etc etc.

TL;DR - Can someone lists a couple of good cpu cooling options for my cpu.

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Q: Cooling

I have a problem with cooling - AMD 2400+ running at 50*C with the case side off.

I want to install some case fans - and I was recommended to have a intake at the front and extraction at the back. The only problem with intake at the front is my compooter is on the floor and it'll suck in a load of dust and stuff.

However, if I have intake at the back then it'll suck in all the air thats been extracted by the psu fan above it.

Should I just have intake at the bottom front with a filter?

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I have an AMD Athlon 1300 Mhz and an 4500 rpm cooler.In these 3-4 days i had problems with my system, it always resets it self and i don't know why.i've monitored my cooler speed and it's always indicating around 4500 rpm but my processor is still getting warmer at about 62 Celssius, and if I run applications and games wich requires an significant amount of processor schedule my system restarts instantly and my processor is warming up to 69 Celssius. I don't know why because since i have it i didn't run into this kind of problem.Thanks.........

A:It is the Cooling Fan?

Cooling fans are very inexpensive, running $10 to $25. You might want to try a different heatsink & fan combination, with thermal past, too. 69c is just too risky a temperature.
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Q: cooling

Im tring to get my case cool and im just not having any luck, well first im trying to get my cpu fan rpm up, it only runs at 1100 and i would like it to run a little higher, but speedfan would not detect any of my fans including my cpu fan, is their any programs out there that would do the trick


Have you read your manual regarding thermal fan control? You should be able to set your fan to run full speed in the bios.
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I have Phenom II X4 965 i really need to keep my pcu cooler what would people recommend ? .

Relevancy 32.25%

I'm getting ready to order the rest of my pc stuff. This will be my first comp. I'm pretty stoked! I was just wondering if CPU cooling will be necessary? This is what I have for cooling already.

Three 80mm fans with air flow up to 32.11 CFM
One 120mm fan with air flow up to 77.26 CFM

All of which are the Rosewill RFA series.

My case is the X-ventilator by Xoxode.
It has a huge vent on the front for massive air flow. This is where I mounted my 120mm fan.

A:CPU Cooling

You will certainly need direct CPU cooling like a heatsink and attached fan or some other direct cooling solution.
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I have just bought a pre-owned Core 2 Quad 6600. It came with a Scythe Ninja HS 7 Fan, but with the wrong mounting plate for a 775 CPU. In addition, It would be far too large for my mobo. I have a stock Intel HS & fan from a previous retail box, which was for a Core2 duo 6400. I intend to fit my new build in a Coolermaster Centurion case, with 4 fans. Would the 6400 HS & fan be OK for the Quad 6600?

Any advice appreciated, thanks.

A:CPU Cooling

I think it should be okay, but be sure to use artic silver 5 as TIM.
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Hello-new to the forum and heres my question-should a cpu cooling fan pull air away
from or toward the cpu?I think I may have installed it in reverse.Thanks in advance,Harvey.

A:cooling fan

The processor fans blows TOWARD the processor.
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Hi all,
As the thread title suggests i am looking for a cooling pad for my laptop. the only specifications i have are that it must fit a 14.1inch machine, be fairly inexpensive and work effectively. What would you guys recommend?

A:Cooling Pad

The new Apple has a Pad about that size, you could try there, the inexpensive bit might be a problem.
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What is the best cooling pad that I could get?
Sorry if this isn't the right thread to post in

A:Cooling Pad?

There are quite a few good ones. - Logisys Computer Dual 140mm fan aluminum laptop cooling pad Model NP8

That one appears to be well made for the money.
I like the groved venting actually lets air keep moving around it.
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Hey everyone had a CPU fan cooling question for y all ok I have an Acer with a pent Ghz processor MB mem about weeks ago the PC kept shutting down without warning at random times I traced it back to the cooling fan on the CPU when i opened the case and turned it on the fan wasn t spinning I bought a new fan but this one was made for a Pent it s the same size as the one i had so i bought it and gave it a try and it worked great for weeks and then it too stopped working PC shutdown So i ordered a cooling fan amp heatsink for a Pentium online When i installed the pent fan i didn t change the heatsink cause it wouldn t fit When i receive the new fan i plan on changing the heatsink as well as the fan Here s the question Whats causing these fans to quit on me should i buy a case fan as well or do you think it was because the fan i bought wasn t compatible with the p- heatsink Just wanna make sure i get it CPU cooling fan right this time thanx nbsp CPU cooling fan

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Hello, im looking to overclock my Pentium D 820 because I heard they are great overclockers due to their resistance to heat. So I need a good aftermarket cooling system. My Cpu runs around 50C and defualt so I would expect to not see it go above 60C after overclocking. The main problem is I dunno what Cooler will work with my setup. Here are two I was thinking of: ,

PS my mobo is an ASUS P5LD2

A:Cooling the D 820

Bump... Please someone reply
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My AMD am w is setting around C doing nothing I d like to drop that I CPU and PSU Cooling kicked CPU Cooling and PSU fans up a notch I think It s because of poor case design An Antec P- b I m just a home user so nothing to big or fancy Any hints or tips about a new heat sink CPU Cooling and PSU and fan Also need a PSU for year old -k box One the above replaced Last time I booted it smelled like the toaster was hung up but it ran Now I don t want to try it No SATA drives in it but I think I can find enought jumpers here to make a new PSU work Also if MoBo is shot I still like the case for the next build I paid for the Antec w in new one Really don t care to spend that much on old one now Because Idiot that I am If something goes south with new PSU then I ll be building another one NO no no not yet Thanks for any tips suggestions bb nbsp

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Over the CPU in my computer is a small plastic fan which I suppose prevents the
CPU from overheating.
What I would like to know :

a) Is this fan supposed to turn all the time when the computer is switched on ?
b) Or only when the CPU is in action ?
c) Or only when the CPU overheats ?

I just opened my computer,switched it on and noticed that it is not moving.Does this indicate
troubles ?

A:CPU cooling

Your fan should be active at all times when the pc is switched on - its purpose is to ensure that the CPU is cooled to a workable temperature.

You need to address this problem.

Is there a smell of burning / melted plastic in the case?

Try the connection to ensure that the power is getting to the fan from the power supply.

Interesting article here:
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i need some ideas to cool my amd xp2000, i have the case off and its not funny how hot it runs, 56 idle, 61-62 under load

Relevancy 32.25%

I was looking around some tech store and saw all these cooling things.
Is cooling and temp a big problem? I just have whatever fan came with the case4. Should I get something else?

A:CPU Cooling

Nowadays its a big deal...but if you've been running your system for awhile without any hickups, you don't need to worry about it. Although its never a bad idea to keep your case clear of dust and kept in a ventilated place.
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So a friend gave me a call saying that when his computer boots up it says "a cooling fan is not working properly and may cause problems", no error code. The computer he says gets hot and shuts down. I am assuming bad cooling fan however I have never had that message just a computer over heat. So could the fan be bad or is it the connection which the fan that plus in went bad? Just would hate to tell him to buy a new fan when there is more wrong then then the fan. Thanks for any input.

A:Possible bad cooling fan?

Since the system is indicating a bad fan and it is overheating, something in the hardware (fan, connection) is amiss.

It would be hard to diagnose without looking at the computer. I would suspect the fan, however.
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Question about how my cooling seems, that it is adequately cooling well enough.

Back in the late winter i installed a Arctic Freezer 13 Cooler Heatsink. I used Arctic Silver 5 to mount it.

Avid room temp now are a bit warmer then in winter. I just wanted to check it again so i ran IntelBurn Test V2.54.
Ran it first on standard, then i ran it on high with a time to run at 5.

This is what it looked like during the test. No higher then 60-64c during the test, although fluctuated below it at times to 54-55c.
Second capture #2 shows about 4-5 min. after to see how well it is cooling after test.

Just want to know that it seems to be doing good and cooling o.k.

Relevancy 32.25%

hey, i was just wondering if it would be beneficial for me to to remove my waterblock and replace the thermal paste.? iv had it on for over a year now with the paste that came with it and i now have some atctic silver 5 paste and cleaner, would i get better heat dissipation etc if i do this.?


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Hi, since I'm thinking of overclocking my CPU for better performance, I thought, "Well instead of overheating my motherboard and destroying a 600 dollar laptop, why not get a cooling fan?" So I went out looking for one. I found this:
Cooler Master NotePal X3 - Gaming Laptop Cooling Pad with 200mm Blue LED FanWill it work with my 17.3 inch laptop? Please help! If not, can you find me a cheap cooling pad that provides maximum cooling so my laptop wont overheat? Thanks!

A:Cooling Fan Help

Originally Posted by MCPlayer18

Hi, since I'm thinking of overclocking my CPU for better performance, I thought, "Well instead of overheating my motherboard and destroying a 600 dollar laptop, why not get a cooling fan?" So I went out looking for one. I found this:
Cooler Master NotePal X3 - Gaming Laptop Cooling Pad with 200mm Blue LED Fan

Will it work with my 17.3 inch laptop? Please help! If not, can you find me a cheap cooling pad that provides maximum cooling so my laptop wont overheat? Thanks!

It should work and help somewhat but don't expect miracles eh. They work of USB port so battery time will suffer. It's most important to keep insides of laptop clean and not put it on any soft surfaces that may cover cooling grills underneath.
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My System is running hot and the cooling fan rarely kicks on. Sometimes the system goes down on its own from being too hot (my guess). We let it cool and have to reboot power and all is well for a long while. This shutdown especially happens while playing downloaded games, but has happened other times. I have noticed another computer we have hooked up temporarily at our home runs very cool, I would like to know what I should buy and if it could be self-installed.

HP Pavilion 04 P8564A-ABA 752n 70000RE101IMPER
Windows XP Home Edition Service Pack 1 (build 2600)
2.00 gigahertz Intel Pentium 4
8 kilobyte primary memory cache
512 kilobyte secondary memory cache

I would appreciate any suggestions on this matter.

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I am upgrading the PUNY PSU Dell has in this case, along with a new Radeon HD 5770, but I dont think this case cools very well. Especially after installing hotter internals. Is anyone familiar with this case?
How should I proceed? It only has one 120-40mm front!(and PSU)
Any thoughts?

A:XPS cooling

Could you take a few 'perspective' shots like this: (I've rearranged a little since then, but this gives a good overall idea of a total case layout)

It might give us some ideas about fan placement in that XPS of yours.
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Just picked up my brand new lap top that I just purchased from Best Buy Sunday afternoon. Got it home, turned it on and was greeted by a message telling me that the system detects that a cooling fan isn't working and the laptop shouldn't be run. All of the remedies I see on hetr are for old-used laptops so I'm guessing this is just a lemon and shoukd bbe returned. Anyone else have this on a brand new, just out of the box machine?Thanks!

A:cooling fan

I apologize for the typos...Am posting from a non user friendly phone.
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Q: Cooling

Im thinking about getting an amd 3200+ on a pci-express asus motherboard, along with 420 power supply with a nVIDIA 6600 256MB pci-e card.

If my case comes with 2 fans, would i need any more if i am using this comp for demanding games?

Relevancy 32.25%
Q: Cooling

I Need Some Cooling Ideas For My Computer, withoud adding fans, i have 3 case fans, a tt v7 on my amd xp 2000, and i psu with a fan, i have im my com

2x40 gig hdd's on a raid (both acting as one)
asus a7v333 mobo
amd athlon xp 2000
Thermaltake Volcan 7
dvd burner
dvd rom
Ati/Gexcube Radeon 9600 pro 128mb

my cpu runs like 59-62 basically idle, 62-70 under full load
mobo runs 44-50

any ideas??

fan placements

Relevancy 32.25%

Due to this incredebly hot weather (100 degrees f ambient) i have decided i need a new CPU cooler - especially seeing as i have just started overclocking my graphics card.
currently my CPU reachs nearly 70 decrees c under load and my internal caase temp reachs nearly 50 which is just too hot.
so i was wondering if anyone could recommend me a CPU cooler that will
a) fit a a7n8x-deleux
b) look good
c) be fairly noise-less
d) cool my 2100+ better than the AMD retail fan

i was looking at getting a Coolermaster Heatpipe (my dad has one and his 1800+ stays at about 35 degrees) but i cant seem to find them anywhere - are they out of production?



EDIT - if the cooler supports up to 2800+ that would be even better (a friend is offering me a 2800+ for 50 when he gets his Athlon 64 but that might be 6 months)
Relevancy 32.25%

I have a Toshiba Satellite L875D-S7332 laptop that has what I think is a dead cooling fan. I've used compressed air to blow out the vents, and I still get the little message that says "System Warning: Warning: A problem with the Cooling System has been detected. Please turn off your computer immediately and return it for service."

I've been looking at replacements fans, but have seen ones that say look at your to see which or even that there is a 4 pin and a 3 pin one. Is there any way to know which one I should buy without taking it apart and viewing said fan?

Also does anyone have schematics for replacing this or links to manuals/Videos, etc?


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Q: Cooling

I have a desktop PC in my room, which for some reasons (it's a server) must run 24hours a day NON-STOP. I've bought a new 400W power source and it has a very noisy (ball bearing, brushless, constant speed) high-speed FAN, which bothers me even when I'm not asleep. I need advice on how I could modify the electronical part of the fan so that the loudest noise it makes will be only the sound of the flowing air.
Thanks in advance!

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Q: Cooling

Hi, I recently bought a new PC to replace my crappy old one... But I seem to have some cooling issues..
When I am just using the internet, email, IM..etc..The temps are fine..But when I exit a game, such as BF2 or Halo 2..etc.. The CPU Temp is around 165 F!! That is pretty alarming to me and I open speedfan and set all the fans to 100%...But then I notice that Fan2 and Fan3 are running at 0 RPM..So I pop open the case and I notice that there is only one air-intake fan at the front of the PC. ( see the attached pic..excuse the resolution...couldnt get my camera to work properly)

It looks like there is one air intake fan that is blown across the CPU heatsink and then to the back of the PC. Would I see a difference in temps if I install a fan in the back?

Relevancy 32.25%
Q: Cooling

I'm thinking of doing a custom build:
i5 760 (2.8 GHz quad) with coolermaster hyper212+ cooler
ATI graphics card (no idea what yet)
Reasonable 4GB kingston RAM
gigabyte p55-usb3
2 500GB sata HDDs, might add in SSD (3.5") later

I am wondering what kind of case I would need (I plan to Overclock)
It comes down to (I need a gamers case to OC, not to game):
Antec 200 ($61)
This one is cheap, but only has a top 140mm and rear 120mm
Antec 600 ($104)
This one has a 200mm on the top and a 120 on the back
Antec 902 ($121)
This is the same as before, except it also has 2 front 120mm adjustable speed HDD fans.

I was wondering:
a) how much would the front HDD fans affect the CPU temperature?
b) how much would a bigger top fan affect the CPU temperature?
And obviously, what would you buy in my position and why

Also, what are "tricool" and "twocool" fans?


Turns out OCZ vertex II SSDs (3.5") come in a minimum of 90GB so it'd be a 2.5" if that makes a difference
Relevancy 32.25%

While running an AMD 3400-64, temperature with a Speeze cooler {aluminum} and generic paste was 49 C. Upgrading to a Thermaltake {copper} and using Artic Silver 5 thermal paste resulted in 48 C. I was expecting a much larger drop as I know of similar setups that run in the 30's . Air flow is good and room temperature is 68-72 F. I know that this is well within acceptable limits but now I am curious. Thanks

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Q: cooling

how much coolent should i put in my wc-202 liquid cooling system
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Q: Cooling

I had a little problem with overheating so I added another fan to my computer. This seems to work well but I was wondering how you would go about a do-it-yourself water cooling system. Has anyone here made one themselves? How hard is it? How anti-leak is it? Are there any websites that tutorial about this?


Do you really want to add liquid to a system that "seems to be running well"? Most users that cool their CPU with water are the serious enthusiast type with a good amount of experience, who use their machine for intense gaming or cpu demanding apps. If you can keep your machine within acceptable range using air, I say do it. If you must mess with your cpu's heatsink/fan in any way, most veterans will tell you about the importance of the heat transfer medium (heatsink grease, pad, etc.), and following the directions of the manufacturer's medium TO A "T". All the air or water in the world won't help you if you disrupt the proper transfer of heat between the cpu's top surface and it's heatsink. Another forum contributer might be able to tell you exactly what good temps might be, if you shared more of your system details.
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I've had my computer for over a year now and suddenly today i was watching a video when it lagged and then all of a sudden the screen went black. I turned it off and upon turning on again, I got the error "bios detected a problem with the cooling fan 902, press enter to shut down" I have the lastest bios as far as I know and iv tried blowing into the slots with compressed air but nothing works.

A:Cooling Fan 902


Your BIOS will automatically shut-down your PC if it detects that it is overheating - in your case, it sounds like the graphics card fan, or other fan, has died which is why your laptop shutdown.

Please check this link for possible solutions:

Is it still under guarantee?

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Hey I m running these specs Q Ghz GeForce GT mb OCed a tiny bit GB OCZ PC RAM Asus P KC Motherboard W Corsair PSU x mm fan x help VGA please cooling mm fans I m running Oblivion on medium settings on my quot inch widescreen monitor with a resolution of x I thought these specs would be enough to run Oblivion smoothly but it s quite choppy My graphics card is reaching temps of about c and I m having to put VGA cooling help please the fan on max RPM to cool it down I saw the Arctic Cooling Accelero S Rev VGA Cooler but I ve never used a graphics card cooler and I ve read that the thermal pads they provide for the GPU RAM are not very good and can fall off etc Basically my questions are -Is cooling the reason why I m getting choppy gameplay is there anything else I should do first -Is this the cooler what I should be getting do I need anything else for it and will it fit in my fairly small Coolermaster Elite case Thanks I m happy to provide any more info etc if required Any help greatly appreciated nbsp

A:VGA cooling help please

I also have an 8800GT and I just use RivaTuner to bring up the fan speed to cool it. The 8800GT stock fan is defaulted at 29% speed when you first buy it. You shouldn't worry too much about the relatively high temperature, because the 8800GT chipset has a high heat tolerance level. I keep my fan at 50% idle, and 80% load, and it never goes above 65C.

Upon purchasing my 8800GT, I also considered getting the AC Accelero S1. It is a good quality passive VGA cooler with a low price and has great reviews all over the web. Many users have reported using that product and having the RAM-sinks stay on. The trick to getting the RAM-sinks to stay on with the stock adhesive is to thoroughly clean the surfaces of the RAM chips, and to apply enough pressure for a long enough duration. Be aware though that the Accelero S1 does not come with MOSFET heatsinks for the 8800GT (even though Arctic Cooling claims they are not needed).
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Well, I need some help with my CPU cooling.
while I am running a game, the temperature of the processor rise up to 62-66C, normally the temperature was 27-31C, is there something wrong with my cool down system? my heat sink are around 750-800 RPM.

A:CPU cooling, need help!

66c for a cpu isnt bad but it can be better. if you tell us what model your cpu is then we can help you more
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I'm using an hp pavilion dv3-2310ea notebook pc. I've noticed my temperatures rising a lot when i play high gfx games so i think a cooling pad would be best. Which pad would be the best for the laptop i'm using?

A:What Cooling Pad Should I Get?

I have noticed and used two different types. There is one for my wife's macbook: Thermapak - Heatshift Cooler for 15" Apple® MacBook® - White - HS15C
I have noticed that it draws heat away, but does not do well over long periods of time.

And then there is the type with fans. I got at Walmart that was inexpensive, and I would advise against this since it was very uneffective.

If you get one, expect to spend some money and read reviews for it.

Also look to see where the fans are on your computer. You might be blocking the vents if they are on the bottom. you can use a lapboard to raise it up so it gets proper cooling.
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I have an ASUS P8Z68 with an i7 2600k @3.4G
and 2 questions if you can help:

1) My BIOS idle temp reports around 45-50C under low load (or whatever the BIOS is using). The following
Real Temp, SIW, Core Temp, Probe II all report 25-30C at idle.
Intel diagnostics and Real temp give good temperature gaps under load.

Asus FAQs suggest disabling Report/CPU C3 & C6 but it makes little difference.
I find the BIOS reading meaningless - any suggestions?

2) I'm using a stock cooler which gives me 70C (not BIOS temp!) when running a video encode for a couple of hours. This will rise when the days get hotter.
I'm think of getting either
a) Coolmaster Universal Hyper 212
or the more expensive
b) Noctua NH-D14

Should I just buy the Coolmaster?

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When do you have the best results with fan cooling?
With open case or with closed case?
And why?

A:Fan cooling

The computer works best with the side on.

This is because of the airflow from the front fan to the back/side fans.
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Q: Cooling

I whould like some tips, ideas on very quiet & very cheap coolig for CPU and/or power supply.


If your case can support it 80mm fans are always easy and cheap at $3 a pop. Or a 5.25 bay Fan unit. It really depends on your case.
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Q: Cooling

Hallo thar!

Hopefully an easy one. Just got a new mobo and CPU installed. I wanted to put an intake fan in the front of the case for better airflow.

According to the mobo manual there are three fan sockets, CPU_FAN, PWR_FAN and CHA_FAN. The rear exhaust fan is is connected to the Chassis fan socket. With no additional CHA-FAN sockets is it safe to plug and intake fan into the PWR_FAN socket?

Any advice is appreciated.



no the power fan is special and should not have normal case fans plugged into it.
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I bought a new case mobo and proc and im running speed fan to monitor the temp I really dont know alot about cpu cooling Speedfan is telling me im at C and i am thinking is this too hot for a xp im not overclocking it and i dont do alot of gaming this is at an idle My case is open too if i put the side on the temp goes up to C The case itslef has mm fan spots in front and in back right now there is only echaust in the rear I was thinking of putting in new fans Help Cooling intake up front and exhaust in back do i need Cooling Help any special power hookups for that I ve never messed with heatsinks at all but would concider having mine changed if the results were worth the or so so what is my best option getting fans new heatsink the fan spots in the front are under the drive bays i dont even know if they will intake alot of air or not pleaser advise how hard is it to install the fans nbsp

A:Cooling Help

Well you have enough case fans in my opinion. you may want a higher power fan on your heatsink or a better heatsink/fan combo. Depends on what you got. Also a thin layer of good heatsink compound on the core of your CPU. I recommend Arctic Silver Ceramique or Arctic Silver 5. Arctic Silver provides a good how to spread HS compound on their website.

Also, depending on the motherboard, the temps may be off. Different sensors and different BIOSs will give you different readings. My A7N8X with one BIOS gave me readings of 48C at load and the next version of the BIOS showed 60C at load.
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I have an Nvidia Geforce 6600 and want to cool it down. However the products I've seen require screwing a fan and/or heat sink onto the video card which I have no problem with doing. My only consern is: my card has a 4 pin power plug connected to the PSU and the cooling units that have been reviewed as worth buying would all render the jack unreachable should they be installed. I don't have the OEM manual anymore and want to know if this power jack is for the onboard fan or for the gpu? Pretty much, will the card work if I unplug the thing? I haven't attempted to fool around with it yet as I'd like to hear from people who have had experience with it and I really can't afford frying my card. Any feed back would be helpfull.

A:VGA Cooling. Help Please.

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With regards to your problem, you do not want to unplug that cord, it gives the card extra power that the agp/pci-e slot can't give. Look into zalman heatsinks, they work really well and shouldn't block off your plug, although i haven't seen a 6600 but if it's anything like my 6800 you should be ok
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HP Pavilion dv6t-6100 CTO Quad Edition Entertainment Notebook PCModel #: LM720AV what will be the part # for heat cooling fan for this model??
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Just looking to find the best (non-liquid) cooling solution for a socket 478 P4 (3.0Ghz).

Thanks .

A:CPU cooling

Check out the ones from Zalman:

The 7700's and 7000's come very highly rated and I see a few new additions.
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What is the normal cooling fan speed for a laptop.Mine seems to run at about 75% most of the time.Is this normal to run this fast or am I getting close to a major breakdown?

A:Cooling Fan

There is no set standard, especially for laptop coolers. They come in a wide array.

Generally though, the smaller the fan the higher the RPM. On a relatively quiet desktop the CPU fan is gonna spin anywhere between 2500-3500RPM. A smaller fan like those seen on some laptops might spin at about 5000+ RPM.

Yet, laptops also have a wider array of fan controllers than desktops again, its hard to pin down whether or not yours is malfunctioning or working just fine.

As long as you can feel airflow hit your hand, you should be fine. The primary catalyst for overheating on a laptop is usually the heatsink itself. Mostly being dust accumulation which is especially hard on laptops due to the already confined space. Laptops that are several years old also might start having problems due to deteriation of the thermal pad or thermal grease between the heatsink and CPU itself.
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Dear sir,my laptop cooling fan is not working and whenever i on my laptop it is show some notification on my screen display somthong like that (your cooling fan is not working).please tell me solution....that will be help methanks
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Q: Cooling

I Need Some Cooling Ideas For My Computer, withoud adding fans, i have 3 case fans, a tt v7 on my amd xp 2000, and i psu with a fan, i have im my com

2x40 gig hdd's on a raid (both acting as one)
asus a7v333 mobo
amd athlon xp 2000
Thermaltake Volcan 7
dvd burner
dvd rom
Ati/Gexcube Radeon 9600 pro 128mb

my cpu runs like 59-62 basically idle, 62-70 under full load
mobo runs 44-50

any ideas??

fan placements


Clean out all the dust inside the case, and in the fans. Don't put fans where there airflow will be blocked, like in the front of the case, as usually the hard drives and/or IDE cables will get in the way. Get round IDE cables if you can, and position the hard drives where air can get though. Depending on where your case has spots for fans, I would put 2 in the front, and 1 in the back. Or, if your case has a spot in the side for a fan, 1 in the front, 1 side, and 1 rear. Also, the room the computer is in has to be a a low temperature - if the room is like 40C, then your temps will never get below, and probably not anywhere near 40C.

Those are very high temperatures for an AthlonXP 2000... I have an AthlonXP 1800 overclocked to 2.1ghz (2600+), and my temp is 40C under full load...I have a volcano 8, with 1 side fan, and 1 rear fan, both 120mm. Did your heatsink have any type of thermal paste on it, or a thermal pad?

Of course, you could go with watercooling, but that's a bit much, and a lot of work...and you have to really know what you're doing.

Oh, and this should be in the hardware forum, not games.
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For the past two months, I have been investigating methods in getting my CPU to run cooler. My Idle temperature was always at 41 to 43 deg. C. Its an AMD 2100+ Palomino. On this Forum and others, I have asked which HSF was better for my situation and K7 mobo. I was closing in on the Cooler Master Hyper 6+, when I came across two software programs called, CPUIdle and Mother Board Monitor. After reading their specs. I downloaded and installed and configured these two programs for my K7 motherboard. Well, I am here to tell you that my Idle temperature is now sitting at 28 deg. C as I type this Post. For the most part, my Idle temp. is basically around 29 deg. C. Guess what, I stopped looking to get a new HSF. Just wanted to share this with anyone contemplating buying a bigger and better HSF. Have a good day.

A:F.Y.I. Cooling CPU

those programs are software based temp sonsors, not a physical temp probe. They are a nice reference, especially to see if an alternate cooling solution is working effectively. However they are software based, and are not known to be very accurate.

The only true temp guages are physical temp probes (the cost of a quality temp probe would most likely cost more than the CPU that you are trying to keep

As far as your specific temps are concerned, 41C~43C is still a safe temp to run at, especially in an AthlonXP, which run hotter than Athlon64s
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i am totally surprised after having graphics gard 4 gb with 16 gb ram and still my qosmio got shut down due to overheat.

amazing company with new things
same on you guys