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Owner of PC but no admin access Windows 7

Q: Owner of PC but no admin access Windows 7


I am the owner of my pc and the user I am logged into is only able to read/execute. I've tried several ways of regaining back Admin but have always been prompt with the message 'Access denied'. I've noticed the box is ticked for 'Account is disabled' for admin account but I can't untick it because I'm logged into a user with minimum privileges and therefore stuck at 'Access denied'.

Is there another way around this issue such that I'm able to regain back my admin privileges?

Thanks in advance!

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Preferred Solution: Owner of PC but no admin access Windows 7

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Owner of PC but no admin access Windows 7

Try going back to your other thread with this problem. Those methods suggested should still work.

How does this problem keep happening to you?
You must be doing something to make this happen.

Standard user unable to access Administrator rights
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I'm new to Windows 7.

I'm still trying to master the file permissions.. I need some help and I'd appreciate it if someone could help me out.

I have a folder with mp3s (created with my old Windows XP system). I've included this mp3s folder in the "my music" library and then I inspected the folder and took ownership of it together with everything it contains (following instructions I found on the Net).

Nevertheless, when I'm trying to delete or move a file I get the message that I need to provide administrator permission! But I thought I am both administrator and owner...

Also, when listen to the songs with WinAmp, it seems I cannon save any song data. I get: Cannot save metadata: Error opening file.

I suppose, it's an aspect of the very same problem.

What am I missing?


A:I need admin permission to delete/move file (but I'm both admin/owner)

Take a look on the properties of the folder see if you have an unblock button . If you do click on it .
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First off I wasn't sure where the best place to post this would be since UAC is supposed to be a owner, Access Denied" with as "File admin, Even and !!UAC!! permission security feature !!UAC!! "File Access Denied" Even with admin, as owner, and permission of windows I figured the security section would be best My apologies if I posted this in the wrong section OK to the problem Trying to simply copy paste a game dll file from a folder on a virtual iso drive to a folder on my main drive I get the error window titled quot File !!UAC!! "File Access Denied" Even with admin, as owner, and permission Access Denied quot with the following quot You need permission to perform this action You require permission from Everyone to make changes to this file quot Strange thing is this I also have this same dll file in another folder on my main drive but I get the same message with the permission requirement coming from my own user name Like in the title of my post I have taken ownership of all folders files in question am using the only admin account on this machine and have given my username quot full control quot permissions over said files folders Also for troubleshooting purposes I have disabled UAC completely and still get the error message One !!UAC!! "File Access Denied" Even with admin, as owner, and permission thing I will add that just came to mind which may of some help When I had installed win on this machine I was married and had user account that my wife and i used We split up and she had the computer for a while She changed the computers name and changed the username s When I got it back from her I re-changed the computer name and also the username s to different ones I hope all of this information is useful and thank all in advance for any help extended in my direction FIN

A:!!UAC!! "File Access Denied" Even with admin, as owner, and permission

Best thing to do is a "clean" re-installation.... if the computer is your's now.
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Have just migrated sic quot down graded ? + PC + user need Users Single Owner why do I Admin quot from XP to Win I am on Win training wheels Single user PC why do I need Admin + Owner + Users ? and I still fall of As a single user PC the new quot Administrator quot quot Owner quot etc is driving me insane In the process Single user PC why do I need Admin + Owner + Users ? of trying to get a grasp on Win and its foibles I am getting more frstrated with Win My four other WinXp PRO machines are just a dream to use Thay are all standalone PCs -- stable and they let me quot in quot My Toshiba laptop came with Win Home preloaded Is there such a thing as a single user install If so would I have to buy a Win Disc I am seriously thinking of buying a full retail version of Win so that when if my XP machines fall over I wont have the agony of Win because hopefully I will be familiar with Win tweaks As a Autocad programmer I mostly work in VBA and scripts I think I am developing a crush on Linux and we haven't even met I would appreciate any informative help

A:Single user PC why do I need Admin + Owner + Users ?

I can appreciate your frustration, Russell. The learning curve from XP to 7 can be kinda steep. One of the issues many people first have is the increased security offered by Windows 7. As you said in your post about your XP machines, "They are all standalone PCs -- stable and they let me "in"." That was one of XP's major problems ... lots of malware was able to get in as well as the authorized user(s).

When a new 7 computer is first set up, the initial account created is an administrator account so you can make required changes to the computer (like choosing language of choice, setting computer time zone, etc.) So there always has to be at least one administrator account on a 7 machine.

But to add to the confusion, this is an "unelevated" administrator account. In other words, there are some tasks (such as running a system file checker scan [sfc /scannow] from a command prompt), that cannot be done without jumping through one more hoop. If you open a command prompt in 7 (either by typing cmd in the start menu search box or using the long way start > all programs > accessories > command prompt) you have to right-click the command prompt icon and select "Run as administrator". It's just another security feature to make it more difficult for malware to get in.

A lot of people who are the only ones using the computer leave things as is ... running with that administrator account. Nothing wrong with that if you're careful and know what sites you're visiting, what email attachments you're opening, etc. But for an extra degree of security many people operate as a standard user just because it does make it more difficult for malware to get in. This tutorial goes into more detail about the various account types.

User Account Type - Change

As far as obtaining a Windows 7 installation disk, you could check out Step 4 in this tutorial (doing a repair install of Windows 7.)

Repair Install

You could download the ISO file for your version of Windows 7, save it to desktop, then burn it to a DVD. If you ever did a repair install or a clean install, just use the Product Key on your Toshiba laptop to re-activate with Microsoft. Hope some of this helps and doesn't make things even more confusing.
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icacls C:\ /grant administrators:F /T /C

So would this set folders permissions and junk so the wandering folders permissions,ect get fixed.
Is there anyway you can just turn off security/permissions,ect so you will not get owner/permissions issues anymore?

Yes I did turned off UAC since it dose not let me load programs at start up in admin mode.

A:icacls to reset everything(sec/owner/premision) to admin.

The easiest way is to just grant "everyone" full control over the whole hard disk, so bye bye security and anyone/anything will never get an "access denied" error.
However, I think It's a VERY bad idea. That does the trick, but I would suggest AGAINST using it.

There is also a trick that lets you run elevated programs at startup, even with UAC enabled. First you can use this tutorial to create a shortcut to the program: Elevated Program Shortcut - Create for Standard User
Then place that shortcut under the startup folder of start menu.
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I recently purchased a used computer, created an account for myself, but am unable to remove the former user's account. In control panel under user accounts or manage accounts, the former account does not display so I can't delete. Under windows explorer the former account displays and I can work in either account, but want to have only one account on pc for security reasons. Thanks in advance.

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I purchased a new desktop operating on Windows Vista Now since I do all my computing from home I On Any Computer? Change From Owner's Password Access Computer Can Owner have had little need of my very basic laptop The laptop is a panasonic toughbook pc that is still operating on windows I purchased it Feb I lent it to Can Owner Change Access Password On Owner's Computer From Any Computer? someone that has been a friend for about and a half years I lent it to friend because friend stressed the need of a computer NOW but offered to purchase it in increments LATER when financial situations could afford it Friend kept contact more frequently than usual to learn all of my laptop s operations After awhile friend s cell phone number changed and a variety of people are consistently saying that friend is never there at friend s known residence Finally some young child at friend s residence maybe a cousin or nephew told me that friend has moved Now I have no contact with friend Friend seems to have run off with my laptop for FREE and won t respond to e-mails I ve never had this much trouble contacting friend WHAT I WOULD LIKE TO KNOW IS Is there any way that I can CHANGE MY ACCESS PASSWORD ON MY LAPTOP FROM MY DESKTOP to better the chances of getting in contact with friend I have all the information on the laptop from the company that I purchased it from can obtain any information that I don t have from the company that has my information on laptop purchase and I created the original access password myself so I know what it is but I also gave it to friend Is there ANY WAY possible that an access password can be changed in this way I will even go as far as to purchase software for this purpose if it can t be done any other way Is there any software that can assist me I would rather try this way first before I consider pressing charges PLEASE HELP

A:Can Owner Change Access Password On Owner's Computer From Any Computer?

What you seek is prohibited on BleepingComputer. We do not assist is cracking, hackig, or otherwise circumventing security measures on any computer.No subject matter will be allowed whose purpose is to defeat existing copyright or security measures. If a user persists and/or the activity is obviously illegal the staff reserves the right to remove such content and/or ban the user.Source= RulesDo to the nature of the topic this Topic is Closed.
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Hi everyone Here is my latest Vista woe s Dell Inspiron gbRAM gb HDD Core duo T GHz Vista Home Prem - auto update AvastHome Windows Defender AVGAntispyware RUBotted Threatfire Some background I have profiles on the machine Admin which is my original Admin account I've used it to install apps etc Basic which is my everyday non-admin profile that I use for just about everything New Admin files Admin can't App Admin - Permissions Problems / Install UAC, Public / access which is a new admin account I created for trouble shooting but it has the same problems that the original one has There are basic issues I'll use one particular instance as an example but it's not the only instance AND it's an intermittent issue - sometimes problem happens sometimes it doesn't Ten minutes after this instance I downloaded and installed an app and it ran fine In my Basic profile I downloaded Skype and saved the file to my Public Downloads folder I right-clicked quot run as administrator quot Problems - Admin Permissions / App Install / UAC, Admin can't access Public files to try and install Problems - Admin Permissions / App Install / UAC, Admin can't access Public files and got this error Windows cannot access the specified device path or file You may not have the appropriate permissions to access the item I tried just clicking it to run it without quot run as administrator quot and got the same error I did some searching on the error and found some postings elsewhere but most were very old and in WinXP instead of Vista but I tried investigating the things mentioned in those posts - I ran the AVG scan and removal tool for the Gaelicum A virus - it didn't find anything - I checked the properties of the file and it did not say anything about coming from another computer and needing to be unblocked - I logged out of my Basic profile and logged into my Admin profile and all the same problems happened - I logged into my New Admin profile and all the same things happened In my New Admin profile I copied the file from the Public Downloads folder and tried pasting it into my New Admin's own Downloads folder and got this error Destination Folder Access Denied You'll need to provide administrator permission to copy this file NOTE This happened IN MY ADMIN PROFILE Click quot Continue quot and get this message User Account Control Windows needs your permission to continue If you started this action continue File Operation Microsoft Windows AD - - - - B BDB E Click quot continue quot and the installer begins It runs a while and then I get this message the dialog box says its a message from Skype but I've gotten similar messages from other software I've tried to install Cannot write the installation package on the disk Please make sue that you have the necessary disk space available There are GB available on this disk This is not a new problem so I can't think to associate it with any particular software change and so 'restoring' to an earlier time isn't helpful because it's not tied to any particular time that I can identify I haven't changed hardware AND the associated issue at least I think it's associated is that sometimes installing apps in one profile doesn't flow thru to the other profiles and I can't find any rhyme or reason to that - I've had this happen whether I install the apps while in my Admin account while in my Basic account and using quot run as administrator quot to install or whether I'm in my Admin account and using quot run as administrator quot EVEN THOUGH I'm IN MY ADMIN account because some apps seem to require that kind of thing Then the icons for that app won't show up in different profiles' start menus I can't even search for the apps - have to sometimes dig into C xx to find an executable to create a shortcut Sometimes then trying to run the app and I'm talking about something basic like maybe a PDF viewer or something like that it says I need administrator permissions to run it I'm so tired of all this Can someone please help me I'm ... Read more

A:Problems - Admin Permissions / App Install / UAC, Admin can't access Public files

Helloooooo??? Anybody out there?

I'd really appreciate any help you can offer me.

[UPDATE] incidentally, since writing this I have been able to install a couple of other small apps (but have also run into the same problem on a couple of others).

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Hello All I'm delighted No to accounts change /Cannot Admin admin user account existing Access to have found you and after a long day of trying to help myself i am now requiring your much appreciated assistance please I'm not a techy person at all and am hoping someone can help Last week my husband purchased a new hp laptop which No Admin Access /Cannot change existing user accounts to admin account came with Windows On setup i used my No Admin Access /Cannot change existing user accounts to admin account microsoft account to login with a pin the account was setup as administrator No Admin Access /Cannot change existing user accounts to admin account thinking i could change things later About days later i added a standard user account for my husband with a microsoft account login with pin I wanted to make his the administrator account but thought i had better change mine to a standard account first My mistake Now i cannot change anything i have tried to use the cmd prompt to run as administrator - it asks for administrator permission and does not allow me to enter a password or yes I have tried all suggestions to enable the hidden windows account but all ask for the same permission I have tried to go to setup recovery troubleshoot advanced option system restore - it requests an administrator password and when i entered what i thought is mine it does not work Feeling a little Does anybody know anyway i can go back in time to start again or how do i access administrator rights as i really need to add programs etc Thank you for any help given
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Ive stumbled across a problem that has been causing me grief for a few days now, every time I try to access my hard drive (C disk) it says, access is denied. Also, i cant edit permissions because I've lost admin rights. Ive tried many things including unlocking the system admin, this lets me access a few extra things like being able to use the sfc command in cmd, however, it doesn't allow me to access the C disk or change permission because it also has lost admin rights? I fear that this is a bad problem and I don't know how it happened. I have tried restoring to a previous date and that doesn't work either.

Any help and/or advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Shimin4tor

A:[SOLVED] Access denied to C disk and lost admin rights to system admin account

Hi and welcome to TSF so you have tried win 7 hidden admin Enable the (Hidden) Administrator Account on Windows 7 or Vista
have you installed or downloaded anything in the recent past
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I can open windows in safe mode bot in normal mode I get no desktop and error message
The message I get is
Documentsand settings\owner\desktop is not accessible
cannot run pconfig

Anyone with help
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Hey guys,

I need your help on this one

My friend got a laptop it was a gift from her aunt. However, the only account we can access is a guest account. There's an admin account but her aunt cannot remember the password.

Problem: My friend cannot install games and other software because laptop asks for admin pass whenever she tries to do that

We tried safemode - it asked for admin pass
Control Panel - only guest account is visible
Tried command prompt - need admin pass too
Computer Management (lusrmgr.msc) - admin is not showing up

Any suggestion on how to edit the current admin password, setup a new admin profile or any trick to bypass the admin?

A:Windows 7 Admin Access Help

Hi we do not give help with bypassing password protection please see the forum rules
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i now own my cousins laptop and his user account is still set as the admin. my account is set as a standard user. i am unable to do ANYTHING without my cousins password since the regular admin account is hidden/disabled. any ideas on what i should do? there are no other user accounts with admin rights.

A:no admin access on windows 7

Go to Control Panel>User Accounts, select your account to change the Account type to Administrator. This will require the existing Admin's password so he will need to cooperate which he should if he sold you the laptop. User Account Type - Change

From your new Admin account you can delete the old owner's account when ready, although I'd put his files on the desktop when prompted until he is sure he has everything he needs.

If not you can enable the Hidden Admin Account from the Recovery Environment in order to change the Account type.Built-in Administrator - Enable from WinRE

If I were you I would start fresh and do a Clean Reinstall - Factory OEM Windows 7 which will result in a perfect install for as long as you stick with the steps, tools and methods in the tutorial.
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Hi guys when my pc gets to the first screen where you choose your account my admin account has changed from my name to 'Other user' and when I click on it it asks for a username and password. Also trying to access files from the admin account when it prompts me with a password I enter it and the dialogue box goes away as if it has accepted the password but does not let me access the files. Any help appreciated thanks.
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when I try deleting certain files it says "you must have permission of Geinita/DSMaster" even logged onto this account. it's the only one on my omputer. I had to set myself to owner but got that squared away, it wanted to even deny me admin privlages. anyone have an similar problem?
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I have a huge problem. I've been trying to download a resource pack for a program and it says
'you don't have write privileges to directory

But when I check in the Properties it says I'm the Owner.
I REALLY need to get this downloaded and have no idea what to do. Now I've been trying to delete the folder and start all over again, and of course I can't do that either.

can someone please help???

A:I don't have access to a file even though I'm the owner

Welcome to Windows Seven Forums.

Before you try to open the download, right-click it and choose Run As Administrator then comply with any UAC prompt.

Failing that, you could try using the built-in Administrator account and try to open the file from there.

Built-in Administrator Account - Enable or Disable
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i had a problem with my computer which forced me to do a system restore but without deleteing the files and when i logged on i could no longer gain access to my files as the computer created a new account, and the computer will not allow it to acces my old account i can acces all the others on there but not this one.

also it is not password protected.

any help would be greatfull

A:Cannot Access Owner Account On PC

You may need to take ownership of the files to be able to access them.
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my system crashed and I have mounted the xp hardrive in another windows system. I want to access the files in the owner directory but it won't give me access. I thought if you mounted the hard drive in another system, you will be able to access any data on the non-booted drive since the registry from the original system was not controlling it. I guess not.

Does anyone know how to regain access to directories that I'm guessing is because the rights were assigned on the old system?

A:cannot access owner directory

Did you ever get a response to this? I have the same problem.
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Hello there. I have migrated my data to an SSD from HDD with Intel picture copy software. I had and HDD Gateway DX4860 before and now I am on HP Pavilion 550-126. The new computer comes with HDD, but I have switched to the SSD. Everything was working fine until I have start playing with IE and suddenly the system start asking me for a password to login when the computer was waking up from a no usage state. I have tried to avoid that and played a little with the Admin settings. Now the situation got progressively worse, since I can no longer get Administrative access to anything and every time I encounter that issue the pop dialog is telling me that origins are on the HDD. I do not have the original PC anymore.

Can anybody suggest a solution to that case or perhaps something I can work with.?

Thank you in advance.
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I was a former contractor to T-Mobile Corporate in Seattle (Domain GSM1900).
I own my PC however they did not uninstall their security when I left.
I would like to upgrade this PC to Windows 10. I need Admin access.
Can you help? The last time I was at T-Mobile was October 2014.

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A friend's PC died on them and I'm trying to recover their pictures from the hard drive. I have a USB hard drive adapter connected to my computer and I can browse the hard drive. However, when I try to open the Owner folder, which is where everything is, I get an error saying that access is denied. Is there a way around this so I can copy the pictures?


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After having my computer repaired I was cleaning files off I didn't need and moved all files from the owner account which now denies any kind of access so therefore I cannot download certain software.
Can anyone tell me how to regain access to this account?

A:Can not gain access to owner account.

What files and folders did you remove?

If any were system files or folders then your account may be toast!
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I was asked by my helper to transfer this topic to this forum from the Windows forum I cannot access any admin or control functions on my Windows Cannot any admin computer in 7 access functions daughter's Toshiba laptop I cannot Cannot access any admin functions in Windows 7 computer uninstall programs since I get the message that there are no programs installed on this computer I cannot delete anything or empty the Recycle bin When I click on the Start button there are no programs listed When I attempt to access Cannot access any admin functions in Windows 7 computer any other functions in Control Panel I get the message that the Class is not Registered or Program for that function not found The other unusual issue is that I'm using almost GB of RAM and I haven't opened any programs yet intentionally I've downloaded and run these programs and posted their logs to the Windows forum Screen Security Check MiniToolBox AdwCleaner Junkware Removal Tool and Malwarebytes Anti-malware Free There does not appear to be any change in the performance of the computer after doing this I'm at a loss what to do Any help is appreciated DDS Ver - - - NTFS AMD Internet Explorer Run by Liz at on - - Running Processes Pseudo HJT Report uStart Page hxxp www google com ig redirectdomain brand TSND amp bmod TSND uDefault Page URL hxxp www google com ig redirectdomain brand TSND amp bmod TSND uProxyOverride lt local gt local mWinlogon Userinit userinit exe BHO MSS Identifier E A AD- D - EB- D D- EF A - BHO Adobe PDF Link Helper DF C-E AD- -A -FA C EBDC - C Program Files x Common Files Adobe Acrobat ActiveX AcroIEHelperShim dll BHO AVG Do Not Track EEF-CB F- F-AFEB-D E A B BA - C Program Files x AVG AVG avgdtiex dll BHO C C A-E - b - D - CECB - lt orphaned gt BHO Windows Live Sign-in Helper D - C - ABF- ECC- C - C Program Files x Common Files Microsoft Shared Windows Live WindowsLiveLogin dll BHO AA ED - DD- d - -CF F - lt orphaned gt BHO Java Plug-In SSV Helper DBC -A - b-BC - C C C A - C Program Files x Java jre bin jp ssv dll BHO TOSHIBA Media Controller Plug-in F C -EFFA- d -B - B B B - C Program Files x TOSHIBA TOSHIBA Media Controller Plug-in TOSHIBAMediaControllerIE dll TB Google Toolbar C B - - D - B - A CD F - C Program Files x Google Google Toolbar GoogleToolbar dll TB Google Toolbar C B - - d - B - A CD F - C Program Files x Google Google Toolbar GoogleToolbar dll uRun Desktop Software C Program Files x Common Files SupportSoft bin bcont exe ini C Program Files x ComcastUI Desktop Software uinstaller ini fromrun starthidden uRun MobileDocuments C Program Files x Common Files Apple Internet Services ubd exe mRun ToshibaServiceStation C Program Files x TOSHIBA TOSHIBA Service Station ToshibaServiceStation exe hide mRun AVG TRAY C Program Files x AVG AVG avgtray exe mRun SunJavaUpdateSched C Program Files x Common Files Java Java Update jusched exe mRun APSDaemon C Program Files x Common Files Apple Apple Application Support APSDaemon exe mRun QuickTime Task C Program Files x QuickTime QTTask exe -atboottime mRun iTunesHelper C Program Files x iTunes iTunesHelper exe mPolicies-Explorer NoActiveDesktop dword mPolicies-Explorer NoActiveDesktopChanges dword mPolicies-System ConsentPromptBehaviorAdmin dword mPolicies-System ConsentPromptBehaviorUser dword mPolicies-System EnableUIADesktopToggle dword IE E amp xport to Microsoft Excel - C PROGRA MICROS Office EXCEL EXE IE C - CB - a-A C -D FCDDC D - F B - A - F - DB-E F AEC - C Program Files x Windows Live Writer WriterBrowserExtension dll IE A- - f c- - EE C C - E -E D - - C-F F E C - C Program Files x Microsoft Office Office ONBttnIE dll IE BCFFE -A DA- B - - ECBFC D - BCFFE -A DA- B - - ECBFC D - C Program Files x AVG AVG avgdtiex dll IE B - CC- C -B BE- C C A - FF E -CC A- E E-BF B- E D INFO HKCU has more than listed domains If you wish to scan all of them select the 'Force scan all domains' option INFO HKLM has more than listed domains If you wish to scan all of them select the 'Force scan all ... Read more

A:Cannot access any admin functions in Windows 7 computer

Hello, Welcome to BleepingComputer.I'm nasdaq and will be helping you.If you can please print this topic it will make it easier for you to follow the instructions and complete all of the necessary steps.===Following steps involve registry editing. Please create new restore point before proceeding!!!How to:XP - and Seven - 8 - this program to your - Windows Repair and launch the Repair_Windows.exe fileClick on Start repairs tab-click on Start check mark following options only.Reset Registry PermissionsReset File PermissionsRegister System FilesRepair WMIRepair Windows FirewallRepair Internet ExplorerRepair MDAC & MS JetRepair Hosts FileRemove Policies Set By InfectionsRepair IconsRepair Winsock & DNS CacheRemove Temp FilesRepair Proxy SettingsUnhide Non System FilesRepair Windows UpdatesRepair CD/DVD Missing/Not WorkingCheckmark Restart System When Finished optionclick the Start buttonSystem should restart after repairIf not please do it.===Download the correct version of this tool for your operating system.Farbar Recovery Scan Tool (64 bit)Farbar Recovery Scan Tool (32 bit)and save it to a folder on your computer's Desktop.Double-click to run it. When the tool opens click Yes to disclaimer.Press Scan button.It will make a log (FRST.txt) in the same directory the tool is run. Please copy and paste it to your reply.The first time the tool is run, it makes also another log (Addition.txt). Please attach it to your reply.===
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This picture shows how my name has been changed in User Accounts and in regedit, as displayed by running winver, but yet all my files are still found at C:\Users\Owner.
When I go to C:\Users, the Owner folder is locked and cannot be renamed even though my account type is administrator, as seen here.
How do I really change the name from Owner to a name of my choosing?
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I've been trying to remove all my sims 3 games cause they aren't working they are saying version but my computer tells me i have insufficient access please contact system administrator, I'm the only one that uses this computer and I am the administrator Ive been trying to uninstall it for weeks now and have tried force uninstall programs as well can anyone please help me?

A:cant uninstall programs says need admin access but i am the admin

Did you try the free version of Revo Uninstaller?
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I have a Dell laptop where and Unrecognized Windows is Windows Password Admin to Unable Access I changed the password back in February Just to be clear the password screen I am referring to Windows Admin Password is Unrecognized and Unable to Access Windows is the screen which follows the black screen with the Dell logo that is colored and has a square image which can be replaced Windows Admin Password is Unrecognized and Unable to Access Windows by the admin next to the spot to input the admin password to unlock windows the computer I was able to successfully login to the computer with the new password several times after the change Unfortunately around the same time I created the new password a person I trusted at the time knew the new password when I changed Windows Admin Password is Unrecognized and Unable to Access Windows it Shortly thereafter the situation with that person turned badly and we cut ties with her We suspect because it happened right before that person left she changed the password out of spite Since then we have been unable to gain access to that laptop The laptop runs on Windows or not entirely sure operating system We have an Asus that has an option to recover or reset the password through various means an email code phone text message code etc as a safe-guard However the Dell only has the option to reset the password by inserting a flash drive We tried this and did not have any luck I am desperate to gain access to the Dell laptop as it has valuable photos and important documents on it Please PLEASE help me with this

A:Windows Admin Password is Unrecognized and Unable to Access Windows

I should also mention, we do not have the Windows installation cd. We have four mischievous children and there is no telling what happened to that disk.
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I purchased my HP from a big computer store with Vista home installed on it It was an out of the box sale I thought I could avoid a wait for the to new by Change owner/administrator held owner references all previous comptuer I wanted The company Change all references held by previous owner/administrator to new owner that sold it to me was listed as the administrator The old owner took off their password before I took possession of the computer I purchased I followed instructions on how to put on a password to start the computer However there are dozens of fiels named after the previous administrator I tried to find out how to change the administrator globally to my name There is still an administrator account name and it appears the previous administrator is still above my permission status - even though i am the computer owner don't think I am the ultimate administrator yet I read that not being able to use screen print was a result of not being the administrator I can't make the screen print work either I assume some members have dealt with these matters before I would greatly appreciate anyone directing me to some good quot how to fix quot information Thank you and boy do I miss XP

A:Change all references held by previous owner/administrator to new owner

Hi gerevent and welcome to the forums

See if you can solve your problems with the aid of the following Tutorial (and the links within).

Administrator Account
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Hi my cousin has been living with us and Settings\Owner Denied C:\Documents and Access using the family computer for a while now and keeps installing random C:\Documents and Settings\Owner Access Denied freeware programs from the internet at will Needless to say the performance went down considerably to the point C:\Documents and Settings\Owner Access Denied where no one wanted to use it so I decided to remove a bunch of them using the remove software tool I came to one quot C:\Documents and Settings\Owner Access Denied Samsung Media Studio quot which when I tried to uninstall it said it could not access specific files because they were located in the C Documents and Settings Owner file and I did not have access to it I was in the original admin account set up on the computer from day I restarted in safe mode and tried to just access this file but was denied access Tried again using the Administrator account found in safe mode but same thing again I can not even explore this file We previously had a problem with the sound drivers on my machine where there would be no sound produced at all I finally discovered they had been deleted or replaced now that same problem has returned after a portion of the program noted above s files had been removed so I m starting to wonder if he has let this third party program manage the sound drivers or if it has done something malicious to the System I m at a loss I found a few threads related to this but nothing directly and nothing that remedied my problem so any help at all here would be much appreciated Thank you nbsp

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hi everyone again I recently installed Treesize software on my computer it is a quick way to see what user/owner. to main Access denied is using most space Access denied to main user/owner. on your hard drives I am impressed with it Access denied to main user/owner. There are users on my computer all password protected I am main user administrator owner my wife is an administrator also my daughter is an administrator and my son has a limited account The Treesize came up with access denied to my wife's account and son's account My daughter's amp my account were shown on Treesize I opened C drive selected Documents and Settings same thing happened Access denied to both those accounts I also learnt from Treesize amp from Documents amp Settings that I have besides above mentioned accounts a seperate administrator account a seperate owner account a guest account amp an all users account I cannot delete the surplus accounts Access denied How odd In control panel only our accounts and guest account shown which is off A year ago I had a repair done on my computer would the shop have made extra accounts I realise you should only have administrator per computer but found that this was too limited for my wife amp daughter to use hence administrators Anyone got any ideas on this problem Regards tech no

A:Access denied to main user/owner.

jkust replace "SAM" file in folder C:\windows\system32\config with the one "SAM" at c:\windows\repair folder. Now restart the PC and all the passwords are gone...
Just try and do inform me if it works or not...

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Im trying to open a quickbooks file on my new windows 8 computer. Nobody has used this computer, its about 3 hours out of the box, Im the only user but for some reason I need to provide administrative access to open a quickbooks file. Or to do anything really. I am marked as the admin on users accounts and settings. I have tried take ownership to no avail. This is infuriating that I cant use my own computer... Thanks ahead for the help guys.

A:Quickbooks 2014 and Windows 8 in general no admin access

Yes you do have to do that. It is to protect the OS from the software and end user. Blame it mainly on Intuit for the issue, not Microsoft. You may want to check out the Intuit forums to see if anyone else has the same issue that you are having.
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My friend recently bought a new Windows 8 laptop which she set up in her name and therefore has a passworded Admin account. I also partitioned the HD so that the smaller portion (C) contains the OS and the larger portion (D) is for all her files.

Since I am only using the laptop temporarily my passworded 'standard' user account is located in (C) and cannot be viewed by anybody else, however, I can view my friend's files which are now being stored in 'D'.

Is there a way to protect the files in the 'D' partition in the same manner as if all accounts were on one drive and password protected?


A:Windows 8 admin/standard user access issues

It's in the NTFS permissions - - ever look / change those?
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I have Windows 7 Home x32 on a laptop and I want to make a admin account and hide it from the user screen, I not only want to hide it but I want to be able to "load it" from the log on screen if I want (no CMD commands on the user accounts to use it) is this possible with 7?

Before on XP I had a hidden admin account and all I had to do was CTRL+ALT+DELETE and it would bring up my account, with windows 7 it doesn't seem to work this way. Now to be 100% clear, I don't want the default admin account (for trouble shooting) all I want is a second admin account that if needed can access user accounts on my laptop from the log-on screen by hitting some combination of keys.

Thank you.

A:Windows 7 Home Admin Account Hidden Access

I found this on another site. I also checked three other Internet references and they pointed to the following. It seems this may help you. However someone with more experience may have some other suggestions. Please read the following:

In order to hide a user account (which also means create a hidden user account) in Windows XP, Vista, or Windows 7, just go to Control Panel User module and create an additional user as usually do (Control Panel -> User Accounts and -> User Accounts in Windows 7 and Windows Vista). If you already have an existing user that wants to be made hidden, invisible or disappeared from Welcome Screen, then go straight to guide below.Run (RegEdit.exe).
Navigate to the following registry key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon\SpecialAccounts\UserList

Note: If SpecialAccounts and UserList is not found, create new sub-key and name them accordingly.
Select UserList, and in the right pane, right click on any blank space, and point to New -> DWORD (32-bit) Value.
Name the new DWORD registry as the exact same name that match the name of the user account to be hidden. For example, if the user ID of the user account is John, the name the registry value as John.
Double click on DWORD , and set the value data to 0 in oder to hide the account from Welcome Screen. Tip: To display the user account on Welcome Screen again so that it’s visible again, delete the registry entry, or set the value data to 1.
Exit Registry Editor.
Log off or restart computer to make the change effective.
Tip: In order to login into Windows using an user account that has made hidden and invisible, just press Ctrl+Alt+Del to bring up Windows Logon dialog, and then type in the user name and password manually.

Hope this is what you were asking about.

Still Learning, Learning Still.

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i want to disable this feature as i found a way to bypass my internet filter but i dnt want to be tempted to bypass it again i put it on myself but is there anyway to disableaccess to it via the registry or anything please help

A:how do i disable access to administrative tools in windows 7 as admin

Quote: Originally Posted by dragonx

i want to disable this feature as i found a way to bypass my internet filter but i dnt want to be tempted to bypass it again i put it on myself but is there anyway to disableaccess to it via the registry or anything please help

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Hi I am using Windows 7 and am a total newbie to computers. This computer I am using at the moment is at an internet cafe.

I changed my password a couple of days ago, but have now forgotten it, now when I boot up the computer it goes straight to the user screen asking for a password to access my desktop. I have tried entering it and then it asks me to reset it using an edisk but I don't have this disk, so cannot access my computer.

Can someone please provide me with simple instructions on how to access my desktop, and how to remove the password request at the start of booting up the computer? I have no idea and am lost on what to do. Can I bypass the login and then remove the password or I have read that I can restore to a certain point, any help will be appreciated

Thanks in advance

A:Forgotten Admin Password Cannot Access Windows Desktop


You can revert the password back again using System Restore from the repair or install disc.
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I save a lot of files as PDFs Recently I saved a financial document to PDF and it seems to be secured somehow It's display to unable Denied Access owner. - current a pdf Adobe complains opening it complaining quot There was an error opening this document Access denied quot Instead of opening it with a right-click I tried starting Access Denied - unable to display current owner. Adobe and selecting the file The message was similar but different - quot You don't have permission to open this file Contact the file owner or an administrator to obtain permission quot I noticed from the file properties that instead of a user owning the file there is a zero value for the owner ID I try to change the owner using the following steps Right click the file and select Properties Select Security tabGet prompted quot To continue you must be an administrative user with permission to view this object's security properties Do you want to continue quot I select Continue - to elevate to admin privilegesI get the Owner tab message quot You do not have permission to view this object's security properties To view its security properties you can try taking ownership of the object To try taking ownership of the object select an account from the last and then click OK quot Also note that under Current owner it reports Unable to display current owner I select my account and press OK or Apply - either one This results in a pop-up dialog from Windows Security that says quot Unable to set new owner on scan pdf Access is denied quot OK is the only option and I am left with the problem I have tried a few things from my utility belt but have not been able to set the owner Suggestions

A:Access Denied - unable to display current owner.

Did you try opening Adobe Reader as administrator and then opening the file?
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I have a problem with my Administrator Accounts in that I cannot access the below although I CAN access them from a Standard User Account???

1 When I try to start Windows Update (START / ALL PROGRAMS / WINDOWS UPDATE)
I get the following: Application not found

2 When I wish to access ANYTHING from the Control Panel (START / CONTROL PANEL / anything in Control Panel) or try to access START / DEVICES AND PRINTERS I get the following: a long string of numbers

3 When I try to get to Default Programs (START / DEFAULT PROGRAMS) I get the following: another long string of numbers.

Did try to attach screen shots but didn't work.

I can however access everything from a STANDARD USER account????

I am running Windows 7 Ultimate N

I would appreciate any assistance as the only assistance on the web is of no use as I have tried the limited suggestions without success and am totally at a loss now!


A:Admin Account Cannot Access Contol Panel or Windows Update

Try this: Set Program Access and Computer Defaults - Enable or Disable

Have you attempted a AV scan?

Hope this helps,

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My motherboard fried possibly because of the fan stopping and I had to get a new one-that motherboard owner's after data change-WindowsXP Pro Unable to access s where the problems began First there was a problem with the administrator password which nobody using the computer put in but my friend got around that and then blue screen and not possible to access the computer which was owner s password protected The message is quot access denied quot My friend made an image of the drive and then tried to reinstall windows do the recovery console but it s not possible The way it is now is that there is user account with the same name that it was owner s name but there is nothing there which was password protected The hard drive had GB of which I ve used about GB and I had Unable to access owner's data after motherboard change-WindowsXP Pro about and some GB left but now it shows that Unable to access owner's data after motherboard change-WindowsXP Pro there is about GB used and about GB free but only about GB is accessible How can I access my harddrive when it denies the user s password which worked fine before the crash and motherboard change I believe that my friend said that there is too many hardware changes and windows doesn t recognize it Any ideas will be appreciated Thank you in advance nbsp

A:Unable to access owner's data after motherboard change-WindowsXP Pro

Boot with your xp cd [cd set as first boot device in the bios] Choose install from the first menu. The next menu will show any previous xp installs and give you the option to repair the install. Choose your original xp install and let it repair for you.

After a repair install you will need to reinstall all updates, service pack 2, etc.

BTW you cannot just change a mb and expect the system to boot. Sometimes it will and sometimes it will not. If proprietary chipset / mb drivers were installed, it will not boot.
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Win xp sp2. My computer crashed and I had to use the recovery disc supplied by the manufacturer. The recovery process erased the HD but offered me the option of backing up which I did. When I try to open the 'owner' folder or any of the users folders it says 'Access denied'. How can I open my owner folder to recover my files. This is only happening with the users folders and not with other folders on the C: drive.

A:Solved: Denied access to c:\documents and settings\owner folder

How to take ownership of a file or folder in Windows XP
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I'd like to transfer the data from my Owner profile to a new profile, but I keep receiving this message while trying to do so: C:\Documents and Settings\Owner is not accessible. Access denied.

I followed the Microsoft Knowledge Base article, so I don't know what's preventing me from accessing the Owner folder.

Note I'm using an administrator account to access the Owner folder.

A:Solved: C:\Documents and Settings\Owner is not accessible. Access denied.

Could be the permissions are set for the Owner account only, and not the Administrators Group.

Right click the C:\Documents and Settings\Owner folder, click Properties, then click the Security tab.
Make sure Administrators is listed -- note the s, and the icon should have two heads, not one.
You must have simple file sharing turned off to see the security tab and for XP Home, boot into safe mode, or install the XP Security tab fix from the link in this post
To turn off simple file sharing:
Control Panel | Folder Options
View tab
Uncheck Use simple file sharing (Recommended) (last item in the list)

You can also take ownership of the folder:
How to take ownership of a file or folder in Windows XP


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I performed a System Recovery. I installed Word and went to access my Owner documents from the Backup File that was created during the Recovery. However, I now get this error message: C:\My Backup-10-01-18 0912AM\Documents and Settings\Owner is not accessible. Access is denied. So I have LOST all of my work. However, I can easily access any and all files under the Guest profile. Can anyone help me figure out what happened to the Owner profile?

thank you!

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Hello Could someone please help me identify some public token ID's on my AMD WIN computer and other systems tablet and smart phones After several internet searches I have not been successful in obtaining owner information for these Issues and viruses access Need owner ID's, remote token help public several identifying are -remote access -shadowing -event listener -webcam access -overriding administrative privileges -over running tasks Need help identifying owner public token ID's, remote access and several viruses -Google redirect -several viruses - FBI Moneypak MSIEXEC exe Skype etc Actions to date Reinstall WIN on computers over the last months issues listed above resume within days Change network Need help identifying owner public token ID's, remote access and several viruses name and password on router Change all Google and internaet account passwords frequently Regularly delete and clean all temp internet files cookies browsing history unrecognized files and optimize Recently ran Combofix Adware Roguekiller TDSSkiller with little benefit run Spyware Malware Reg Cleaner daily Addtional I have found several logs of my computer systems on the internet including Hijack This reports which I did not post Due to security issues I cannot publicly post my logs to this forum but I am happy to provide all info and links privately Thank you Lily

A:Need help identifying owner public token ID's, remote access and several viruses

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Information on A/V control can be found HERE.As I am just a silly little program running on the servers, please do not send me private messages as I do not know how to read and reply to them! Thanks!
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My motherboard fried possibly because of the fan stopping and I had to get a new one-that s where the problems began First there was a problem with the administrator password which nobody using the computer after to change-WindowsXP data Unable Pro access owner's motherboard put in but my friend got around that and then blue screen and not possible to access the computer which was Unable to access owner's data after motherboard change-WindowsXP Pro owner s password protected The message is quot access denied quot My friend made an image of Unable to access owner's data after motherboard change-WindowsXP Pro the drive and then tried to reinstall windows do the recovery console but it s not possible The way it is now is that there is user account with the Unable to access owner's data after motherboard change-WindowsXP Pro same name that it was owner s name but there is nothing there which was password protected The hard drive had GB of which I ve used about GB and I had about and some GB left but now it shows that there is about GB used and about GB free but only about GB is accessible How can I access my harddrive when it denies the user s password which worked fine before the crash and motherboard change I believe that my friend said that there is too many hardware changes and windows doesn t recognize it Any ideas will be appreciated Thank you in advance nbsp

A:Unable to access owner's data after motherboard change-WindowsXP Pro

Boot with your xp cd [cd set as first boot device in the bios] Choose install from the first menu. The next menu will show any previous xp installs and give you the option to repair the install. Choose your original xp install and let it repair for you.

After a repair install you will need to reinstall all updates, service pack 2, etc.

BTW you cannot just change a mb and expect the system to boot. Sometimes it will and sometimes it will not. If proprietary chipset / mb drivers were installed, it will not boot.
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Can we give the local area connection icon(which will be at the right end of the task bar) complete access to the local user which is not having admin privileges as we give some time and date permissions if required to the local user which is not having admin privileges like that.

Awaiting for the reply.

A:local area connection icon access - non admin user in windows

help me on this please
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I recently bought an Acer AX3810 with Vista 7 Home Premium 64 bit from the widow of my neighbor. I had transferred all his personal files and copied all the photographs to an external hard drive for her then deleted all the files using "Eraser". I cannot seem to be able to delete the previous owner as administrator. His file has a little padlock symbol on it. I changed his name to mine in the "Manage user accounts" but no matter, it is still "him" that is logged on. I created a new account in my name and then changed the status from standard to administrator but he is still "there". I feel like I am being haunted. Any ideas?

A:New owner but cannot remove previous owner as administrator

You could do a clean install: Clean Reinstall - Factory OEM Windows 7
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So, here's what I did.
Fresh install of Windows 7 x64 Pro.
Default initial user is "Benjamin"
created a second user, "Adam"
created a third user, "root"

Next security setup.
I removed administrator privileges from Benjamin.
Adam was created with no administrator privileges.
root was given administrator privileges.

Then I went into the local security policy to deny root from logging into the system locally.

Well, I learned that yes, this prevents root from logging into his account as a desktop user, but I did not expect it to prevent me from temporarily escalating my privileges to administrator while logged in as Benjamin.

I'm used to a Linux environment where it is normal that root can not log in but you can escalate. Is it possible to regain control of my system or do I need to reinstall?

Thanks in advance,

A:How do I unlock admin with no admin access

WinInternals Locksmith or reinstall
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Haha, I don't know what else to call it, but how do you change the owner where it says C:/User/Owner


A:How do I change the owner in C:/user/owner

Hello Nick, and welcome to Vista Forums.

The only way to change the C:\Users\Owner folder name is to create a new administrator account, then delete the old C:\Users\Owner account from within the new account. Be sure to copy the contents that you want to save from the old accounts user folders into the corresponding new account's user folders to restore them to the new account.

Hope this helps,

Is this you to?
User profile
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Hello, I just purchased a new lenovo v570 laptop runing windows 7 home premium.

I scanned an image using my Epson NX 400 usb all-in-one printer. Then I tried to save it to my external USB enclosed sata drive. I haven't had any problem like this before. They said, I didn't have permission. I am running the laptop as an administrator. What other permission do I need? Antivirus and firewall software is all up and funny functional.

A:Scanned Image Using Windows Paint. Asked For Admin. Permission, but I am on Admin.
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The firm in which I work has a Lenovo PC with Windows 10 installed. There are two user profiles on the computer, the admin and another normal account without administration rights. We have only the password of the account without administrator rights.

The network administrator had left the company surprisingly in without giving the administrator password of the PC and we cannot contact him anymore.

Now we want to install another programme and we cannot do this without an administrator account.

I disabled secure boot and have tried to boot the PC with an Linux USB Stick, but it do not boot from the stick.

Any suggestion how I either can reset the password of the administrator account or create an new account with administrator rights.

A:Windows 10 admin password reset or new account with admin rights

Although there may be techniques to recover a lost password it is forum policy that we do not discuss these here - your best bet would be to visit a local security specialist and get them to recover/reset it for you - and a change to the policy for the replacement admin may be a good idea, I always wrote a list of all passwords and stored it with the Managing Director and also in a fireproof safe
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I am Arun Kumar Kushwaha and I have discovered one Big Loophole Security Leak in Microsoft's Windows Operating System worldwide through which we can Access Delete Copy Replace Important Data without Cracking Resetting the Login Password in Windows OS and for this we not need any can windows want user locked login I is access (locked microsoft with password) to Admin/ know account we know OS rd party Software CD DVD Pen drive CMD Script or any other means of hacking Devices tool only through Windows OS we can Access anybodies Computer Around the world and user will never get to know that his her computer has accessed by someone else This is purely Microsoft's Negligence towards user's Around the world I want to know is microsoft know we can access locked windows OS (locked Admin/ user account with login password) U can assume how much serious is this Issue if anybody can steal confidential Important data of Company Govt data or any other Sensitive Personal data of anyone who are using windows OS I have Talked through telephone to MS India regarding this Issue and they told me that there is no loophole in their OS and can't be accessed by anyone without having Login Password or User need to Reset login Password with tool software available also i have mailed to MS Technical support Team and also asked about this issue on Windows worldwide official support forum but not get any meaning full response from them I am asking this message to here coz i want to Spread this issue around the world so every user can secure their Data and also MS can rectify this issue by releasing an OS Update Thanks for reading Your's Truly Arun Kumar Kushwaha
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I've a question about assigning ownership.
I'm logged in as user "Steph".
As Steph, I made a new folder "Documents_Steph".
Because she made the folder, she's owner of this folder.

Then I tried as Steph to assign ownership to a different user "User01".
But then I got the message "Unable to set new owner on.. Access denied"?
Though I thought that when you're owner of a file or folder, you can assign ownership to everyone?
What am I doing wrong?

Thanks in advance!!

Kind regards,

A:Error assigning ownership "Unable to set new owner on.. Access denied"

Quote: Originally Posted by cvdh


I've a question about assigning ownership.
I'm logged in as user "Steph".
As Steph, I made a new folder "Documents_Steph".
Because she made the folder, she's owner of this folder.

Then I tried as Steph to assign ownership to a different user "User01".
But then I got the message "Unable to set new owner on.. Access denied"?
Though I thought that when you're owner of a file or folder, you can assign ownership to everyone?
What am I doing wrong?

Thanks in advance!!
Kind regards,

Taking ownership of a file is a multi step process unless you use the "take ownership" shortcut which does all the work for you.
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Error assigning ownership "Unable to set new owner on.. Access denied" Hi,

I've a question about assigning ownership.
I'm logged in as user "Steph".
As Steph, I made a new folder "Documents_Steph".
Because she made the folder, she's owner of this folder.

Then I tried as Steph to assign ownership to a different user "User01".
But then I got the message "Unable to set new owner on.. Access denied"?
Though I thought that when you're owner of a file or folder, you can assign ownership to everyone?
What am I doing wrong?

Thanks in advance!!

Kind regards,

A:Error assigning ownership "Unable to set new owner on.. Access denied"

Well, you have to run as administrator in order to do that. Make sure the account you're using is an administrator account. Even if it is, run the explorer "as administrator". It will as you for permission, but not for the password - since you're already an administrator. After that it should work. Let us know if it does not.
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not the user name you see when you log on (i know that can be changed in user accounts), but the owner name entered upon initial registration of the os. it shows up as a windows system folder in the explore menu, but cannot be moved or renamed.
any help will be greatly appreciated.... i have faith in the users of this great forum!

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Recently, I installed XP SP1 and what a mess, even with backing up would not reinstall backup. So, I had to do reformatting and reinstalling of everything. My only things that I would like to change is my registry. When I start application is shows only Ron (unknown why) but I would like to change it to read my name. I did backup my registry and changed the Regowner to my name but still did not change things. Especially if I am working with Word and Outlook.


A:Windows XP / Registered Owner

Hi RonB21, try changing the name of your computer. Right click my computer, properties, network ID.
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Over the past two days when I turn on my computer a message displays indicating XP SP3 Windows Lock Owner Out I've been locked out of the computer by another user My computer is at home and is not connected to any other computer I do not have any other users using this computer However when I turn off the computer and then turn it back on in a few seconds the message Windows XP SP3 Owner Lock Out goes away and I can use my computer Does anyone have any idea what could be causing this I have Trend Micro Version as an anti-virus program Recently after Windows did an automatic update on this computer from SP to SP it rendered by Trend Micro Version useless because it does not work with SP found this out by searching the net Therefore I downloaded version But I'm not sure if I could've gotten a virus before I did this This latest lock-out problem has me wondering Any feedback on this would be greatly appreciated
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I would like to delete Windows.old. A helpful youtuber showed me how but I got lost after disabling all inheritance then I brilliantly clicked a few random buttons on my own. What fix does not work? Disk Cleanup! There is no entry for "old windows installations".

Windows.old> Properties> Security> Advanced

Permission Entries
"No groups or users have permission to access this object. However, the owner of this object can assign permissions."

Near bottom of this window:
Add - Remove - View (The latter two buttons greyed out)
Enable Inheritance (button)
[ ] "Replace all child object permission entries with inheritable permission entries from this object" (box not selected)


A:windows.old has no owner, cannot delete

since I dual boot, I usually delete it using linux :-) if you have a linux live disk, you can boot to it then delete windows.old

the following has a couple of ways you can delete windows.old

Windows.old Folder - Delete in Windows 8
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Is there a way to author user/owner vs Windows 7 permanently change the default 'author quot I often post files to the web and Windows 7 user/owner vs author dont really want my personal name there In hindsight I should have created profiles for Dad Mom RJ etc and never used 'conveninent' family member names for user profiles like for example Ralph Sally Robby Admin Guest as those later name show up as authors and are visibile under document properties or meta data - a concern when files are posted to the web I tried some workarounds but they are not that great eg - some apps allow you to hide personal meta data but one does not always remember to use it - some apps dont let you hide meta data or worse unhide them - eg - apps like CutePDF bring them right back when creating a PDF file - some apps strip meta data but again you need to remember to use them snd some only work on images Ideally I'd like to be able for permanent change author and forget about it I don't dare change all occurances of Ralph to Dad as I assume that will mess-up the user profiles Any suggestions Can I create an new profile called Dad and essentially make it a close of what I currently have for Ralph I see many references to a WinEnabler app - all positive but these seem to be older posts also read quot Windows Enabler is broken by some security change on Windows SP

A:Windows 7 user/owner vs author

After some searches , I found the tutorial about changing a user profile name :
User Profile Folder - Change User Account Folder Name

I guess I'm trying to see if there is a solution where I could copy to new one (vs change), so as to:
- preserve my current profile if things go south
- later purge references to the old name from Task Manager, Permissions, the Registry etc ( by deleting the old account once the new account working.

Is changing the profile name (vs copy) the only option??
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Given as a gift, found password once, by luck, never wrote it down. It works .Windows 10 recently installed, gave it to me to learn windows 10 before I install it on my own computer. Have the original product number, key, etc. if that would help.First time on Discussion Boards and any help would be greatly appreciated. SJB

A:given an old HP Vostro 200 upgrated to windows 10 , owner ca...

Very to the message boards and apologize for incorrect questions or process.Someone kindly answered my problem by trying some input numbers that did not work. I wanted to say thank you but cant find original listing ( ? ). Thanks again for the one who gave me the numbers, but still can't get reset password. Any other ideas would obviously help me immensely...sjb358
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I use BitLocker with AD integration on a 2003 sp2 Domain Controller. The
BitLocker Recovery Passwords and TPM Owner Passwords are stored successfully
in the AD. I installed BitLocker Recovery Password Viewer for Active
Directory to read the Recovery Passwords stored in the AD.
If I try to change the TPM Owner PW on my windows 7 machine, I have to enter the
Owner Password or point to a
TPM Password File. Because my Owner PW is stored in AD I don't have
this information. What is the process to change the TPM Owner Password on my
windows 7 when I only have the TPM Owner Password stored in AD?

A:How to recover TPM owner password from AD on windows 7

We save TPM owner password as hash in AD if you had set the GPO to backup the TPM Owner Password.
I have written a Blog on this which will help you.
How to use Hash of TPM from AD to reset your TPM password
 Regards, Manoj Sehgal
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I have Windows 10 Pro Retail (Upgraded from Win 7 Pro Retail) currently installed in desktop I wish to sell.
The issue is that the buyer is not interested in purchasing the OS so I will be removing the SSD it is currently installed on.

What is the best way to transfer my ownership of the OS? Windows 10 does not appear to have a serial key as was the case with Win 7?

Any advice is greatly appreciated.


A:Windows 10 Pro Transfer to new machine/owner

Digital entitlement assumes the upgrade key's EULA - The generic Win10 key being retail is a mere convenience.

Retail remains retail (transferable)
OEM remains OEM (non-transferable)

PS: That means you can pop your SSD into a new machine and activate it with Win 7 Retail.
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Getting a new computer and husband will get this one. How do I go about changing the sign in so it has no 'connection' with my new one. I want him to have his own Microsoft account. Would switching to Local Account and then back to Microsoft Account let me accomplish this?

A:Upgraded Windows 10 computer going to new owner

Ya you could do that, what I would do is switch back to a Local account. Then make a new local account for your husband. Switch to that account, and then delete your former local account, but do it from the new account. Make sure you save your files old account files to the new desktop.

Remember that creating a new account brings up the Settings tile to New Users. Maker sure you add strictly a Local account with no phone number or MS account - You can create the MS account later. Don't even bother with a password, this is just for a quick setup.

Once you are logged into the new account, and before you switch make sure you assign Administrator access to it in Control Panel (Manage Another Account, Change Account Type of the new account to Admin) or else you won't be able to manage the old account.

Then Log Into the new, manage the old, delete it with the option to save all of your user data to a desktop folder. Easy Peasy.
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I am using my desktop as a guest and cannot get on as administrator. I may have done something silly to make this happen, messing about with account perms and such when I got my MCITP book... Can use the computer a s a guest but I can't use Restore Point, can't use Run as Administrator, SpyBot has found issues I can't deal with without Admin access and neither can I do a back up before a wipe and reload. I have tried net user * from cmd and also OphCrack-which did find my guest password, but also said Admin account was Disabled. This problem was discovered when I tried remoteing in from my laptop. I have "something" in my D drive but doesn't look big enough for a recovery partition (9.8G).

Any ideas???

A:Admin access not available, Win 7 Pro.

See here, see if that helps: Built-in Administrator - Enable from WinRE
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I am the only user on my home computer but when I try to modify a file it tells me I do not have permission, see admin. If I am the only user why don't I have permission ....who else is there? How do I log in as admin. to have permission? My system boots with no login, it goes directly to windows.

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Please help whoever can I think I have a virus I can t get into task manager it keeps telling me that task manager has been disabled by my administrator but I am the administrator Avast kept coming up saying it found adware displaying this C DOCUME DENNIS LOCALS Temp bx dxv dat Win Adware-gen Adw I kept putting it into the virus chest as Avast suggested but it kept finding it again I ran Avast anitbirus check and it found the Win adware plus a trojan It is not coming up with warnings anymore but I still can t get into any admin settings Here is my Hijack this log Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v Scan saved at PM on Platform Windows XP SP WinNT MSIE Internet Explorer v Boot mode Normal Running processes C WINDOWS System smss exe C WINDOWS system winlogon exe C WINDOWS system services exe C WINDOWS system lsass exe C WINDOWS system svchost exe C WINDOWS System svchost exe C Program Files Lavasoft Ad-Aware aawservice exe C Program Files Alwil Software Avast aswUpdSv exe C Program Files Alwil Software Avast ashServ exe C WINDOWS system dla tfswctrl exe C WINDOWS system spoolsv exe C WINDOWS system hkcmd exe C WINDOWS system igfxpers exe C Program Files HP HP Software Update HPWuSchd exe C Program Files Hewlett-Packard PhotoSmart Photo Imaging Hpi Monitor exe C PROGRA ALWILS Avast ashDisp exe C Program Files Java jre bin please help! admin. access, NO jusched NO admin. access, please help! exe C Program Files COMODO Firewall cfp exe C WINDOWS system ctfmon exe C Program Files Spybot - Search amp Destroy TeaTimer exe C Program Files Common Files Channel Weather Wizard TrueWeather exe C Program Files HP Digital Imaging bin hpqtra exe C Program Files COMODO Firewall cmdagent exe C Program Files Webshots webshots scr C Program Files Common Files LightScribe LSSrvc exe C Program Files Common Files Microsoft Shared VS Debug mdm exe C WINDOWS system HPZipm exe C Program Files twc medicsp bin sprtsvc exe C WINDOWS system svchost exe C Program Files HP Digital Imaging bin hpqimzone exe C Program Files HP Digital Imaging bin hpqSTE exe C Program Files Alwil Software Avast ashMaiSv exe C Program Files Alwil Software Avast ashWebSv exe C WINDOWS system wuauclt exe C WINDOWS explorer exe C Program Files Internet Explorer iexplore exe C Program Files Trend Micro HijackThis HijackThis exe R - HKCU Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Default Page URL http www dell me com myway R - HKCU Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Start Page http cm my yahoo com R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Default Page URL http go microsoft com fwlink LinkId R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Default Search URL http go microsoft com fwlink LinkId R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main SearchAssistant http www seekerbar com ie aspx tb id R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Search Page http go microsoft com fwlink LinkId R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Start Page http go microsoft com fwlink LinkId R - HKCU Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Search SearchAssistant about blank R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Search SearchAssistant http www seekerbar com ie aspx tb id R - HKCU Software Microsoft Internet Explorer SearchURL Default http us rd yahoo com customize ycomp defaults su http www yahoo com R - HKCU Software Microsoft Internet Connection Wizard ShellNext http www dell me com myway R - HKCU Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Window Title Road Runner High Speed Online R - URLSearchHook Yahoo Toolbar - EF BD -C FB- D - F- D F - no file O - BHO Yahoo Toolbar Helper - D -C F - EFB- B - ECA - no file O - BHO Adobe PDF Reader Link Helper - E F-C D - D -B D- B D BE B - C Program Files Common Files Adobe Acrobat ActiveX AcroIEHelper dll O - BHO Spybot-S amp D IE Protection - - F - D - - D F - C PROGRA SPYBOT SDHelper dll O - BHO SSVHelper Class - BB-D F - C-B EB-D DAF D D - C Program Files Java jre bin ssv dll O - HKLM Run dla C WINDOWS system dla tfswctrl ex... Read more

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Hy guys Today I installed anywhere. can't Admin access to New Windows bit Version Now that all installation has completed i wanted to access to my computer network center Control panel and stuff like that But I had very confusing problem with it It says Error quot Windows cannot access the specified device path or file You may not have the appropriate permission to access the item quot How is this possible that i dont have permission - - I search on google but i didnt find anything useful In User managment i think it says this account is in administrators group I can't access anywhere exept Internet and few programs MAde some error pictures too http www upload ee image png http Admin can't access to anywhere. www upload ee image png If i try to go My computer or control panel it says both errors If i try to go usual my documents it says only Explorer error If program like Admin can't access to anywhere. skype asks permission to do something or connect to internet It asks Admin permission and i can give this to it I'd be very glad if someone anwsers me with solution quickly Admin can't access to anywhere. Thanks Intsu PS Bad english

A:Admin can't access to anywhere.

The first thing I would do is create another administrator account, yours may be corrupt.

If that fails, right click CMD and select "Run as administrator" and run sfc /scannow it will try to fix corrupt system files.
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there is a shared folder. it was created by user A and he shared it with some 8 users. now he is transfered to another department. so he should not be able to access this shared folder but since it is shared with him he can.

how to i remove him from shared folder as he is shown as owner ?

should i just take owner ship of the folder in advanced NTFS permisions and then be able to remove it ?
my concern is that i do not want to disturb the rest of the permissions ?

A:windows 7 removing the owner from shared folder

You should be using user groups in a domain setting.

The NTFS permissions should be set one time to allow the proper groups access.

When people leave a department, they can be removed from a group.

Using groups avoids repeatedly changing the NTFS permissions.

By the way, a person can be the owner of folders/files and still not have access to them.
You really need someone who is knowledgeable about making NTFS permission changes. You should not be learning on a live system.
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From another thread nbsp nbsp Quote Windows delete folder non-system (I Can't am owner) a Originally Posted by shiggity Right click select quot Properties quot Security tab Click quot Advanced quot Owner tab Change owner to yourself Click quot Edit quot Check quot Replace owner on subcontainers and objects Can't delete a non-system Windows folder (I am owner) quot Click OK I followed these Can't delete a non-system Windows folder (I am owner) instructions exactly It took quite a while to apply the new ownership to everything on the drive and I got quot access denied quot on a few files with odd names like Can't delete a non-system Windows folder (I am owner) system colume information en r figi t When it was all finished I tried to delete an old Windows folder on that drive not my current system folder--I double-checked and it started deleting appeared tp delete a lot of files then it said You require permission from quot user quot to make changes to this profile where quot user quot is the my actual username In other words it's refusing to delete the file on the grounds that I need permission from myself FWIW the file is FXSEXT ecf I check quot do this for all current items found quot and click try again and try again but it just repeats the same error on that file I notice that the folder is read-only I try to remove that attribute grant Admin permission when prompted but it just comes back and says an error occurred applying attributes to the file FSXEXT ecf access is denied I doubt there's anything specil about that file I suspect it's just the first file in the folder Also this folder now shows up with a tiny padlock icon on it This is something I haven't seen before I did check and I am still the owner of this drive and I am able to change attributes of and delete other folders on it I drilled down to individual files I can't delete and verifued that my application of myself as owner of the drive has completed I am owner of these files I need permission from myself to delete them I tried turning off Norton Antivirus Autoprotect because a Google search brought up some similar issues with it but that didn't help Any ideas on how I can get rid of the Windows folders on a drive without erasing the whole drive

A:Can't delete a non-system Windows folder (I am owner)

Hello webgrunt and welcome to Seven Forums.

My usual disclaimer: I'm not an expert at anything.

The .ecf file extension is usually associated with Windows Outlook, or WinFax (an Office add-in file from Symantec, which is the company that makes Norton products), or Microsoft Exchange Server 2007. It's possible that the file you're trying to remove is "currently in use by the operating system" and for safety reasons it can't be removed.

The file path is supposed be:


I guess I'm just curious as to why you want to remove it. Is it causing any problems for your machine? Windows 7 is not like XP or even Vista when it comes to file management. Most of the time it's best to leave well enough alone unless there's a specific issue. But if you're absolutely, positively sure you want to delete the file, you may have to resort to using an elevated command prompt. These tutorials may shed some light on the procedure.

You risk seriously damaging your system so at a minimum I'd recommend creating a restore point, preferably a system image, so you won't be any worse off than you already are.

File - Delete from Command Prompt

Undeletable File - Delete
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I have reinstalled Vista Ultimate several times from the Bit Version to the Bit Version then the Bit again When i switched from the Bit to the Bit not only did i get an Windows Old file but a x also I could Old I Unhappy cant 2 Owner Delete of Folders Windows not delete this Unhappy Owner of 2 Windows Old Folders I cant Delete folder only the contents until I followed the steps to take Ownership of it and Windows Old folders Unhappy Owner of 2 Windows Old Folders I cant Delete The x Folder was deleted but not the Windows Old Folders When i try I get this message Could not find this item This is no longer located in Unhappy Owner of 2 Windows Old Folders I cant Delete C Verify the item's location and try again Anyone got a clue what my next step should be tasks already performed I Open a elevated command prompt and became the administrator I downloaded the Add Take Ownership reg file Clk show system files and folders also Thanks John ASUS SOCKET A NSLI DELUXE AMD ATHLON X DUEL CORE GHz GB RAM Maxtor Sata Hard Drive x Two GB and TB Rocketfish W Power Supply GTX GForce GPU Hauppauge Win TV HVR - Creative SoundBlaster SE Model SBO Vista Ultimate BIT OS

A:Unhappy Owner of 2 Windows Old Folders I cant Delete

Just to clarify. Do you know the files location/path?

If you can navigate to the folders you might be able to boot into a Ubuntu
Live CD and use Ubuntu to delete them while Windows is inactive and has
no hooks in the folders.

This tells how to make your own Live CD:

It's simply Download > Burn to Image > Boot Up

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I cannot access my admin account on my pc. I get as far as the log on screen, enter my password, then the following error message appears: "Your account has been disabled. Please see your system administrator".
I only have 1 account on this machine (the account i cant access!!!). The computer is connected to a network.

Any help would be much appreciated.


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I forgot the password to my admin account, so I have to use the guest account. However, the guest account won't let me change or download things without the admin password. I've tried downloading software to get the password, but it won't let me. Please help, I can't afford to reboot my computer.


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When I try to log in as administrator I get,"your account has been disabled. Please see your system administrator". The user account control window opens but you can only click "no". How do I access the administrator?? This all started after I used recovery discs to get rid of lock up/freezing on start up.

I have a toshiba satellite L505D-GS6000 windows 7.

A:No admin access in win7

Your Admin account cannot be disabled, unless another account has been created with higher authority.
But try this:
Boot the computer, and tap the "F8" key as you are booting.
Select "Safe Mode with networking" from the boot menu.
If you can now log in to windows, with your personal account that holds the administrator access,
open a command window. At the command prompt type net user administrator /active
Log out and log back in as administrator.
With this option, you should now be able to correct the problem through the user accounts. Otherwise, I would suggest you create another account and log in to that. It would be wise to disable the "Global" admin account again, when you have sorted the problem, as it leaves your security a little weaker.
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Hey people I have a similar issue to what was already stated i had two accounts on my computer one mine the admin and second a guest account my housemates some how with out realising what an idiot i was i managed to change my profile from admin to normal user However this is where things get a little different that above cause no longer is my profile shown on the computer When i log on it doesnt give the option to even pick between the two account it only shows the guest account Secondly it doesnt show it in normal xp fashion but shows it with a grey security box such as work profile with only my guest account name present I have tried to manually type other user name and password in but admin functions Can't access it doesnt recognise it i can log in with the guest account but cant change anythign cause it isnt admin it also doestn give the otpion anymore that when logging off to swtich user it just turns off its as though my own profile is no longer present or hidden and i cant find it anymore I have seen it in the computer management area Can't access admin functions under users and groups but because im still under Can't access admin functions the non admin profile cant access it i woudl be greatful for any help or Can't access admin functions advice in this matter nbsp

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I just recently installed windows on my comp and am the only user but when a program freezes and i try and go to the task manager it say access denied by the adminstrator. Like i said i only have one user account and thats mine and when i look at it in the account options it says i'm an admin, also i'm not part of a network or anything. Any ideas??

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Hi Guys,

This is driving me crazy (again!) I am trying to fix my friends laptop as I believe possibly some malware is around. He has set himself up a a standard user which was not the smartest of moves. I cannot run any applications without UAC blocking my every move. When I try to open the command prompt (run) and run as administrator it asks me to contimue, "type an administrator password and then click OK". BUT BUT there is nowhere to type this password and indeed the last time I opened up the hidden admin account I was granted access in through probs....this time nope!! I read somewhere that this could be a high level malware attack which takes control of UAC apart from this the PC "seem" to be operating ok.

Any ideas??

Many Thanks
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Hi guys fairly new to win but I do remember quite fondly and everything else leading up to this leadbelly software Ok first and last bitch My son account access HELP!! admin Cant decided to give my mother his new then PC She has a slow dial up and in the transition of adding her as admin and deleting him the network failed long enough to HELP!! Cant access admin account not allow her admin status to take effect but oddly enough allowing him to be deleted as admin no big deal I thought clueless as to the throttling grip MS has added to to date I have tried everything to resolve this issue but foiled at every turn Problem is the YES button is never highlighted in every event to add an admin password I have followed pretty much most quot solutions quot only to be be mocked at the finish line with no YES button ANY assistance would be welcomed Thanks Rob By the by I have since bought the Princess Bride and myself laptops each with Win and was quite happy until I upgraded to and lost my desktop pic Bizarre goneski and after searching forever found the pix in some obscure folder not of my making What is this dark majic you dabble in Mister Gates

A:HELP!! Cant access admin account

Have you tried to turn on the built in Administrator account?

Built-in Administrator Account - Enable or Disable in Windows 8

You can use this to then make a new Administrator type user.
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confused: I am losing my mind! I have Windows 7 Home Premium on an HP Compaq Presario CQ62 laptop. Now every time i go to install a game, well anything it says i need Administrator privledges to access and denies me. Well i am a damn Administrator for gods sake, this used to belong to my friend, i bought it from him so EVERYTHING that has my name says Darrell before it. I cant get him off of the puter! AAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! Someone please help me? It also constantly messes up my game launchers so all my games are no good and have to be constantly re installed What ones i can play. AND the card games and such that originally come with the computer are gone. No spider solitaire nada nothing. ERRRRRR. Thank you, Laurel

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In Explore, there are several folders with a little black "arrow", and inside those folders, there are many that I cannot open. It says, "Not Accessbile. Access Denied"

I am the one and only user, the admin, so why can't I see what is in those folders? One example is C:\doc & settings\All Users\startup.

I want to see what is in the ll users startup menu, but it won't let me.

To me, this is very odd.

A:Admin cannot access many folders. Why?

Hello Robert,

These are protected operating system files that Vista will not let you change since they are not really folders anyway. They are symbolic links redirecting older programs that still reference these old locations to the newer C:\Users\(user name) folders locations used by Vista now.

Hope this helps,
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I have windows 7 and i recently got the moneypk virus. I try to log into any safe mode on the admin side and the computer shuts down i can log into safe mode under my guest user but i dont have admin capabilities i need help in removing the virus without erasing the information on the admin side.. So far i have tried hitmanpro and mse but only on the guest side what can i do*Moderator Edit: Moved topic from Windows 7 to the appropriate forum. ~ Queen-Evie*
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Ok it is day of me trying to fix this problem and I can't seem to find a fix anywhere Here is the problem I have windows bit and after I had a virus crash my hard drive and having to reinstall windows completly last week now I have another problem Everytime I try to Denied I and Access as admin it run run any defrag it say access denied I try to open my C drive and it says there is nothing there or unable to read file It wont let me restore anything run a scan on anything Basiclly any admin things I can't do even though I am the admin have checked and recheck changed peramiters checked all users and nothin When I try and open command promt by right clicking to run as admin I get windows can not access C windows system cmd exe and says there might be and error in the network I click on the diagnose it say there is an error and Access Denied and I run it as admin can't run it I have tried everything I can think of and am ready to throw my computer away I also can't stream movies from netflix anymore something wroong with silverlight I can't scan my recovery D drive either HELP PLEASE I need my computer for school and our lectures are in video's and I can't watch them This all happened after downloading windows live back into my computer so I uninstalled it Now though it wont let me change anything else BOOOO I have had more problems with windows and wish that I never up graded it

A:Access Denied and I run it as admin

Note: If your security software warns about Rkill, ignore & allow the download to continue.
Download RKill by Grinler from Here & save it to your Desktop.
Alternate download links:
FourDouble click Rkill to run it
A command window will open then disappear upon completion, this is normalIf this does not happen... delete the file, then download & use the next link provided
If it does not work, repeat the process & attempt to use one of the remaining links until the tool runs

Do not reboot your machine until asked to do so. If no version of Rkill would run, please let me know
When finished, Notepad will open with a log file, automatically saved at C:\rkill.log
Copy/paste the contents of the rkill.log file in your next reply
Leave Rkill on the Desktop unless instructed otherwise

Note: If you get an alert that Rkill is infected, ignore it. The alert is a fake warning given by rogue software, trying to "protect" itself from being terminated or removed. If you see such a warning, leave the warning on the screen, then run Rkill again. By not closing the warning, this sometimes allows you to bypass the malware's attempt to protect itself, so that Rkill can perform its routine.


Please download Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware and save it to a convenient location.Right click on mbam-setup.exe and select Run as administrator
Before clicking the Finish button, make sure that these 2 boxes are checked (ticked):Update Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware
Launch Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware

Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware will now check for updates. If your firewall prompts, please allow it. If you can't update it, select the Update tab. Under Update Mirror, select one of the websites and click on Check for Updates.
Select the Scanner tab. Click on Perform full scan, then click on Scan.
Leave the default options as it is and click on Start Scan.
When done, you will be prompted. Click OK, then click on Show Results.
Check (tick) all items except items in the C:\System Volume Information folder and click on Remove Selected.
After it has removed the items, Notepad will open. Please post this log in your next reply. You can also find the log in the Logs tab. The bottom most log is the latest.
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hi all,
i have a msi wind notebook with vista and i can't access my account because it says the password is incorrect (altough i'm pretty sure it's not anyway). i know we can set the admin account to be shown on the login screen but it requires access to the computer .. is there a way to get access to it directly from the login screen ...

please i need your help ...

A:Can't access the admin login

Originally Posted by Calen

hi all,
i have a msi wind notebook with vista and i can't access my account because it says the password is incorrect (altough i'm pretty sure it's not anyway). i know we can set the admin account to be shown on the login screen but it requires access to the computer .. is there a way to get access to it directly from the login screen ...

please i need your help ...

if you can get to a CMD prompt ( hit F8 while booting ) type in:
net user administrator /active:yes
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Hi, I've been given a works laptop windows 8 with a user account but need to make changes to settings at will,as the administrator is virtually impossible to get hold of. I was wondering if I managed to hack that account whether it would affect the overall company domain or just the pc.hope you can understand my explanation as I'm no cyber chimp.also is there a way to access admin status without being found out!!

A:Access to admin account on pc

If it's a works machine then no you're out of luck. IT have purposely limited the machine for a reason of security. If you do hack it they will know.
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Hi I ve recently been cleaning up my laptop of old programs however one program which I had uninstalled left behind one folder in my c access Cannot Win 7- as admin folder drive When I Win 7- Cannot access folder as admin try to open it I get quot C Random Software SVN Bin is not accessible Access is denied Win 7- Cannot access folder as admin quot If I go to Properties gt Security gt Advanced It states that quot You do not have permission to view or edit this object s security settings quot If I then go to owner it states that the current owner is Unable to display current owner Attempting to replace the owner with my admin account just give the message Unable to set new owner on bin Access is denied I m not sure what else I can do- I would really like to get rid of the folder I am using the computer s only account admin so I have no idea why I would not have access to it It isn t supposed to be one of those protected core system files or whatever they are Any and all help would be greatly appreciated nbsp

A:Win 7- Cannot access folder as admin


Please follow the link and hopefully it solves the problem .
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Hey ..

When i start up my computer i get the loggon screen.
there is my ADMIN and a guest. when i sign on to my ADMIN i get a full black screen
and cant do anything abut it !! .
The guest account works fine.
So know im on the guest account and i dont know what to do about the black screen.

A:Help! I can't access my Admin accounts

Was anything added or removed from the system before the problem? Can you load your profile in Safe Mode?
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So I had to send my original schoolcomputer in for repairing My very rude I might add IT-staff at school did not include local admin for the temporary computer I did try to ask him for local admin as I Getting access to local admin need to change certain network-settings in order for my update Getting access to local admin my network-drivers When asking the IT-staff for local admin reasoning with the fact that I cannot access the internet properly due to the drivers not being uptodate they simply wrote me off saying that I didn t need it They did however challenge me get local admin claiming that they wouldn t care as long as I didn t cause any harm to the computer I have a normal local user connected to the schooldomain It is still connected to the domain-name after leaving the schoolnetwork where my username is DOMAIN username I am not able to access BIOS do any changes in group policy or system and naturally all the CMD-commands we did at junior high when we were twelve does not work The BIOS is set to automatically boot from the HDD thus any tricks involving iso files and CD USB-drives will not work How should I go about recovering resetting or removing the local administrator password I am using Windows

A:Getting access to local admin

Sorry, you need to get what you want from your school, not a support site.
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I would like to allow the ability for our Information Security Team to access the console, but not be administrators in it (as they don't manage it, and don't know how it was set up, so I don't want them to have the ability to break it).

So far, it looks like there is just one group, the "admin" group.  Is there a way to give them access to only read the alerts, and not modify the configuration?
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Hi there,

I have a Dell laptop running Windows 8. It is 3 months old.

I have lost my admin rights to the computer - I cannot make changes. Therefore, I cannot do a system restore.

I tried booting up in safe mode and turning on the admin rights via command prompt and typing "net user administrator /active:yes". It tell me 'access is denied'. I think it said "error code 5".

It may or may not be coincidence but I had installed Classic Shell a week before this problem occurred.

Thank you for any help. I really don't want to pump more money into a new computer by having it repaired. Cheers!

A:Cannot access Admin settings


1. Type cmd on the start screen, press Ctrl+Shift+Enter. What happens?
2. Type cmd on the start screen, enter whoami /groups >> %userprofile%\desktop\whoami.txt and attach the file.
3. Do you have or can you get a hold of the installation DVD or recovery disk?
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All my files in "My Documents" are locked, and whenever I try to get into them it says "Access is Denied," plus I can't even delete it. I had to do the Windows Complete System Restore a few months ago and ever since then I can't open my personal "My Documents" files anymore. It has been like this for awhile, but I have lived with it, but I have had enough of this folder.

Any Appz I can use to fix this or any hackers that want to help me?

A:Access is Denied? I'm the admin! HELP!
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I have been setting up my new PC for a few days, but I am running into all sorts of folders that I do not have access to (I am the dmin, only on other user). I can't get into My Pictures, I can't get into the User Accounts folders to find my Outlook folder, etc. Can I turn that off?

A:I am the Admin and my access is denied

Hello NootDoot,

I to ran into the same problem with Win7/64-Bit system I bought two months ago.
I turned off the UAC (security section in Control Panel) then you have to reboot. However, it is for your safety. Please investigate what clearances you have set, i.e., who can access what? I turned mine back on after making sure I had all rights. This too is confusing, took me a while. Use the Help section for Security and get your answers there.

I am sure very experienced members of this forum will be posting advice shortly as well.

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I shut the computer down yesterday and today I cannot login to my admin accounts I am stuck on a limited account access Admin can't I accounts my Help! I tried safe mode I rechecked Help! I can't access my Admin accounts my user and passwords over and over I haven't changed them It keeps saying that my user and pass is incorrect even though it was working fine Help! I can't access my Admin accounts yesterday I can't download restore or anything with this Limited Account and I am going insane Please please help Please help This is not a quot icon isn't showing at windows startup quot question For some reason I cannot enable my admin accounts Either of them Online some say that Windows does it automatically sometimes or that updates haven't been recently installed or it could hackers and viruses I really have no idea why this is happening I'm kicked out of my own computer Is it possible that spybot is controlling my access to the Admin accounts for my safety This am I also was getting tons of pop-up error messages about Help! I can't access my Admin accounts a program My pc has been running a bit slower as well ever since I added a limited account onto it

A:Help! I can't access my Admin accounts

Hi and welcome,
Sorry about the delay, just saw the post. No, spybot would not do this. What error messages were you getting? When you boot into safe mode are you able to access the accounts? You are using the correct case for the password? If numbers are used in the password, and you are using the number pad on the right hand side, is the numlock turned on?
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Hi guys,

I need your help, I'm having a bit of trouble with acces to my sister's folder. I want to access to her old folder to get the list of files so I can transfer them to her new folder. When I tried it, I will get this:

Do you know how I can access to her old folder to get the list of files?

Any advise would be much appreciate.

Thanks in advice

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Can't access my admin account. Mistakenly replaced the standard and admin accounts. I tried creating an admin account with gmail adress. Didn't get any email on google account or a password for the account. Now I can't access it and I'm stuck with a standard account. Did anyone have the same/similar problem?

A:Can't access admin account on win 8.1

Hello Mario, and welcome to Eight Forums.

You might see if you may be able to use OPTION TWO in the tutorial below to enable the built-in Administrator account at boot. Afterwards, sign in to it to fix your account.

Built-in Administrator Account - Enable or Disable in Windows 8