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W10 Recognizes My External SATA II Drive As SATA I - Why ?

Q: W10 Recognizes My External SATA II Drive As SATA I - Why ?

I solved a similar problem in Win 7 by uninstalling an Advanced "6G" Storage Controller and letting Windows install its generic driver but I have no idea what to do in Win 10 because of the dumbed down way everything behind the scenes is displayed, which appears not to have anything remotely resembling such a thing.
Anyone else having similar issues? Or am I doomed with my now-almost-extinct 2009 Alienware machine?

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Preferred Solution: W10 Recognizes My External SATA II Drive As SATA I - Why ?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: W10 Recognizes My External SATA II Drive As SATA I - Why ?

Originally Posted by Ex_Brit

I solved a similar problem in Win 7 by uninstalling an Advanced "6G" Storage Controller and letting Windows install its generic driver but I have no idea what to do in Win 10 because of the dumbed down way everything behind the scenes is displayed, which appears not to have anything remotely resembling such a thing.
Anyone else having similar issues? Or am I doomed with my now-almost-extinct 2009 Alienware machine?

A few questions come to mind: is the drive plugged into a eSATA port on the computer and its cable rated as SATA II? Or is it in an External USB drive case that is plugged into a USB 2.0 port or maybe a USB 3.0 port?
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I'm looking at a Sabrent EC-UEIS7 Hard Drive Enclosure - 3.5" IDE/SATA to USB 2.0, eSATA in order to use one of my now internal Sata drives as an 'external' backup device.

If I turn the external power off on the back of the external Sata enclosure with my extra old Sata connected in it...will that drive then be safe from any virus/malware attacks from within my system (or online) even if the external enclosure Sata cable is still connected to the main PC?

I'm assuming if I have the power switch switched off on this external enclosure with my Sata drive...then nothing can read/write to the Sata drive in this external case ?


A:Safety of internal 3.5 Sata IDE in external Sata case for backups

Yes, that is correct. The HDD must have power and data to function in any capacity.

If there is no power going to any drive then they can not read or write anything even if the data cable is attached.
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I want to transfer data from my hard drive in my laptop (Lenovo Y480) to a hard drive in my desktop. the cables for the sata adapter do not fit the hard drive from the laptop. Is there a different form for a 2.5 hard drive and a 3.5 hard drive?

A:sata to usb adapter cable dosen't fit sata hard drive in laptop?

Does the drive have an adapter need to remove to expose the SATA conenctors? I don;t see anything about the Y480 not having a standard SATA drive and laptop and desktop SATA connectors are the same.

Maybe post pictures of both the drive and your SATA cables.
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Dear forum members, I've recently bought a new SANDISK Ultra II 240GB Sata 6gb disc, but after I ran a hardware info utility, it says that is connected only to 3gb (SATA II) mode. Is my Thinkcentre m71e equipped with SATA III or not?

Go to Solution.

A:Bought a SATA III SANDISK SSD Disc but recognizes ...

Download the Hardware Maintenance manual for your specific model and model number.   Look for the system board connector page to answer your question about the SATA ports. 
Update:   I looked up the specs for your system.   It uses the Intel H61 chipset, which has 4 Sata II ports.  Sorry.
 A low-profile PCIe x1, 2 port Sata III card may work, but there are many caveats, the biggest being whether it will be recognized by the BIOS, especially for the Boot disk.
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Hi i m of SATA onto Drive Problems Windows recognized. XP SATA Installation not HD. new to this site but very familiar with technology i built this machine myself im currently running off my old HD but i want to reinstall windows onto my new SATA hardrive GB this one is an IDE The BIOS and Nvidia Raid config recognize the drive but the Installation Problems of Windows XP onto SATA HD. SATA Drive not recognized. windows installation does not I was reading this thread on this site that i foudn from google http forums techguy org hardware -bios-windows-do-not-recognize html because he has the same MB as myself but different hard drives I am currently in the process of trying what he did but i do not have a floppy drive I only have a CD drive and a GB floppy drive i m going to try these routes first for the configuartion software but if not im going to see if i can find one laying around IF i cant find one and the CD flash drive don t work is there another way to try the methods described in the previous web link Hard Drives are Western Digital Caviar nbsp

A:Installation Problems of Windows XP onto SATA HD. SATA Drive not recognized.

Most newerBIOS allow an Alternate method for SATA . . Go into the bios and check the "Sata Operation" setting, change it to "Raid Autodetect/ATA if it is not already. Now try to install XP ( Verbage will vary by manufacturer )
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The time has come for me to wipe the hard drive and re-install Windows following a recent to SATA Disk 3 Drive Hard Upgrading from SATA disastrous download that's effectively knocked out my Internet Explorer and Upgrading Hard Disk from SATA to SATA 3 Drive rendered Internet browsing difficult My system has since become unstable and progressively slow and unfortunately for some reason I am unable to Restore to any previous installation As I have loads of files I want to access I've decided get a new Hard Disk and run the original H drive if possible from a SATA drive Docking Station So essentially I would like to know if my Dell DXC will run and support a new Seagate Tb SATA rpm Barracuda My BIOS is Ver dated I have opened the CPU to see Upgrading Hard Disk from SATA to SATA 3 Drive that the current drive connectors appear similar to those Upgrading Hard Disk from SATA to SATA 3 Drive on the SATA Docking Station and think my old drive will fit it However it's now occurred to me that its possible the newSATA drive may not be compatible with my BIOS or Motherboard Any help or comments please Incidentally I have most of my most useful files backed up on an external drive so all hopefully is not lost

A:Upgrading Hard Disk from SATA to SATA 3 Drive

You need a SATA3 port to connect a SATA3 HDD to be fully compatible.
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I have 2 IDE HDs installed and added SATA drive lately. SATA runs in IDE mode in CMOS. Problem is, even though SATA drive is recognized by BIOS, Disk Manager, Norton Ghost & System Works, it doesn't show in My Computer, causing problems with saving and opening files. Tried a couple of tricks (changing the drive letter,disconnecting & reconnecting the drive, reformatting etc. ) nothing seems to work. I use this SATA drive for storage and for now I have to drag the files down there manually.
I don't know if it's of any importance, but I have nVidia GeForce graphics card onboard.
Has anyone encountered this kind of a problem ?
Thanks Carl
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I'm wanting to upgrade to a better mainboard. I don't know much about SATA, but I've been using a SATA I hard drive very successfully through a pci controller card.

My question: If I get a new motherboard with SATA II headers, will it readily accept my SATA I hard drive? I can see how the reverse might not work, that is, not being able to connect a SATA II hard drive in a SATA I header, but maybe I'm wrong on that...?

A:Will SATA II mobo headers accept SATA I drive?

Yes, sata 3gb/s ports(commonly called sata II), are designed to be backward compatible. I'm using a sata I hd on my sata 3gb/s port on my chaintech vnf4/ultra, so yeah, it works.
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I ve been searching around for a way to turn off my external e-SATA e-SATA turn How to external off drive? drive instead of having to shut down my computer every time In my search I read in another forum one member who suggested quot With my Win installation I went to the JMicron site and downloaded the appropriate How to turn off external e-SATA drive? driver installer package executed it and it found the controller and installed the drivers The eSATA controller now shows up on Device Manager as How to turn off external e-SATA drive? a JMicron JMB X Controller under quot Storage Controllers quot and performs hotswap properly automatically recognizing any eSATA disks that are plugged in or removed quot Well I installed the JMicron file just like he said and now I see it in Device Manager but I m still no closer to figuring out how to shut down my external e-SATA drive I m curious how this controller performs hot-swap I haven t been able to figure it out I also took the advice of someone else on another forum and used Disk Management to turn my external drive into a Dynamic Drive I m not sure if this was a good idea or not because now the drive runs all the time and is very warm to the touch Before I did this the drive didn t run constantly Now I have no idea how to undo it Unfortunately this didn t enable me to make it unpluggable either So my question is how do I enable this external drive to appear in the taskbar so I can shut it down I thought the JMicron thing would do it but so far I haven t been able to figure out how Thanks nbsp

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I am considering using an external SATA drive for my system as a backup.
Any pros or cons for going external that I should consider and for the enclosure any models/makes that would be good buys based on quality and reliability.

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Hey XP SATA external does not drive recognize all At the moment I am using a very old pc don t ask The mobo is an Intel D GGC It is very slow tho maxed out on RAM but it works I have a hard drive salvaged from a previous pc which I had working via SATA cables usb I decided to buy a caddy shoved hdd in and upon connecting it light comes on disk hums get the usual quot ding dong quot sound and quot found new drive drive ready to be used quot comes up However XP does not recognize external SATA drive the drive doesn t show up under My Computer nor in Disk Management I can find it as a mass storage device under usb in Device Manager tho I have uninstalled and reinstalled it checked with Tweak XP does not recognize external SATA drive UI and all possible drive combinations are ticked scanned for hardware changes I should say this is a powered quot SATA enclosure The drive has my entire music collection on it and is gb I really could do with your help before it and pc fly through the window Many thanks nbsp

A:XP does not recognize external SATA drive

install Tweak UI and then...

click on My Computer, Drives,and check marking Drive F.
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I recently bought a Seagate SATA GB hard drive Veris by Antec MX- HDD Enclosure with USB connection but I am having problems connecting to my Windows XP SP The computer recognizes to some extent that it has been connected it shows up in Computer Management gt Devices gt USB Mass Storage Device and Computer Management gt Disk Management but it does not show up in My Computer and I cannot save any data on it I have seen people on other threads with the same problem and the answer is usually that it needs to be partitioned However I was under the impression that partitioning a device made drive: external SATA partitions? it very reliant on the operating system or vice versa Rather than having these gigs as a quot second hard drive quot as I ve seen others call it I d rather have it as quot Removable Storage quot - like a big clunky USB flash drive I want to be able to remove it and use it on other computers whenever I need to just like I can with my more compact -inch flash drives If possible I would also love to figure out how to make it work on a Macbook I had been hoping that it was as simple as SATA external drive: partitions? having compatible files I ll only be putting mp jpg gif and possibly mpg files on this drive but I m sure it s not that easy Thank you so much nbsp

A:SATA external drive: partitions?

Not quite that easy. Different OS's have different file system reading abilities and differing file systems, regardless of the file types.

There are programs available for Windows that allows it to read Mac file systems. Probably vice versa as well.

Partitioning is required before any drive can be used by any operating system. Without the "invisible lines' that file systems and partitions create on a drive, there is no way for the operating system to locate the contents of the drive.

You'll need to make some decision. FAT32 is probably the most compatible file system in use, but it is not universal for all OS's.

These sites give some info on cross-platform drive solutions:
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I have an old EIDE Seagate drive I would like to use as an external USB backup. I have an external USB connector for the Seagate drive. If I connect the Seagate drive via USB, will the drive work without causing data loss to the internal SATA drives? Thank you in advance for your replies.

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With XP MCE SP2 using a Western Digital SATA hard drive in a external enclosure, which has both USB and eSATA connections, can the sata connection plug be hot swapped just like USB, or do I need to turn off the external drive first, then disconnect it?

A:e-sata with external hard drive

Everything I've read and heard says its hot-swappable just like USB but if you have the time, its prudent to power down if you're moving the hard drive in the least because you could bump something or jostle it enough to cause some damage in its most vulnerable state. Even the USB drives get the safely remove hardware option that probably should be ahered to but few do I suspect.
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I have just bought a SATA external drive and can't get it to work I have standard ATA system will that be my problem, the computer has Windows XP version 3 installed please help

A:Solved: Sata External Drive

Not if you are using a USB connection.

However according to the standard specification a USB connection point at the computer can supply a maximum of 0.5 Amp which is not enough for many older 2.5" laptop size hard disk, let alone the desktop size 3.5" hard disk.

You need an external power supply or use a twin head USB cable (by hooking to 2 USB port to get 1 Amp current supply).
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I ve done a good deal of reading through forums already and have yet to arrive at a solution Here s what I ve got so far I have drives used for data storage in addition to my boot drive That means I have separate physical drives all SATA I was using Kingwin s mobile hdd rack so that the data storage drives were hotswappable After running into the problem I skipped the Kingwin setup and connected directly to the MB and still experienced the same problem I noticed the following errors in teh event log ID - Source LDM -- INTERNAL Error - The disk group contains no valid configuration copies ID - Source dmboot -- Failed to auto-import disk group Cory-c bd de bDg All volumes in the disk group are not available ID - Source UISata -- The device Device Scsi UlSata did not respond within the timeout period I do not see the drives listed in windows explorer but I do see them listed in Device Mgr and Disk Management Under DiskMgmt the drive is listed as Disk Dynamic Offline and I tried to quot Reactivate quot it but it configuration recognizes no XP SATA my longer difficulties... drives 2 Disc gives me an error The operation did not Disc configuration difficulties... XP no longer recognizes my 2 SATA drives complete Check the System Event Log for more info I think that s what I ve been able to put together so far Here are my system specs MB Asus P C -e Processor Pentium Ghz GB RAM WinXP Pro v SP The drives in question are WD AACS I did find this thread that looked pretty accurate but I don t have the knowledge enough to be doing a lot of trial and error here nbsp

A:Disc configuration difficulties... XP no longer recognizes my 2 SATA drives

Patiently waiting....
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My wife's computer has an EIDE drive installed. It will not take an internal SATA but can I use an external SATA drive via an USB port?

A:Solved: External SATA Drive Recognized

Yes. The machine sees just USB.
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I have an older 30 GB SATA drive (FAT format) that I use for backups via USB. It works fine when I connect it to my Mac. When I connect it to my XP SP2 computer, device manager shows it's there without any conflict, yet I have no way to access it - there is no icon under My Computer for it.

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Hi I've googled and ownership able change sata to Not external on drive tried many methods to fix this over the last two hours but nothing so far as worked I have Not able to change ownership on external sata drive an old hard drive with data on it from my old Windows XP Professional computer attached to a usb port on a converter Win claims it cannot display the owner if I try to take permission it says permission Not able to change ownership on external sata drive denied If I take down the UAC the hard drive no longer appears in My Computer I have tried to go in as the administrator account specifically it keeps giving me access denied I tried using the administrator account in normal mode and using the command line 'take owner' command and it says access denied I tried going into administrator safe mode but again the external hard drive won't show up Shortly I am planning on reformatting the current C drive and putting on Windows Xp Pro bit Win and Ubuntu Should I just wait till do that and hope it will miraculously identify it if I take control of it with Xp Pro I'm really hoping this isn't going to indicate problems sharing files between the two operating systems on the same hard drive Any thoughts on this would also be appreciated Other info I'm using Windows Home Premium Bit There are two internal hard drives currently The external hard drive keeps showing up as drive Q for some reason Thanks ahead of time for your help

A:Not able to change ownership on external sata drive

Try this.

Plug in your USB drive, go to Device Manager and uninstall it.

Plug out the drive, reboot and then plug in the device. Let Windows 7 install the driver.
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I bought a SATA drive and seperate external enclosure, but I've been unable to get XP to recognise as a drive. The enclosure is USB 2, into my USB 1 port. When connected I get the "safely remove hardware" icon, but no recognition of a drive in My Computer, Computer Managementc. I've tried it with an ATA drive, the enclosure works fine, and I've tried the SATA drive in another PC, again no problems. Partition Magic won't start up, saying I have a "Bad Partition Table"(!) The only things I can think of are

1. I have no SATA on my laptop and
2. it might be a dodgy SATA cable (although I think that's unlikely)

Any suggestions? I am at a complete loss as to what to do! Thanks in advance!!

A:External SATA drive not recognised as harddrive

TomMcLaren said:

1. I have no SATA on my laptop andClick to expand...

I`m thinking you might need a PCMCIA card like this - but not necessarily that particular one.
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I have a Gb SATA drive which was purchased about months ago I ve been trying to use it as an external USB drive on Windows XP Pro SP using two different makes of SATA USB enclosure The drive connects OK and shows up as an SATA 2.0 enclosures in external USB drive Problems with external drive but as soon Problems with SATA drive in external USB 2.0 enclosures as I attempt to copy any data onto it I get problems either Explorer hangs or I get quot delayed write failure quot This happens within minutes of initiating the file copy I ve tried copying different folders and files and I ve tried it on different machines different motherboard makes but all running XP SP In each Problems with SATA drive in external USB 2.0 enclosures case I connected the drive to one of the rear USB ports i e not to an external hub I tried this with two different brands of USB SATA enclosure and got exactly the same result In both cases the enclosures were independently powered by DC power adapters I then installed the drive internally into one of the machines to check that it wasn t faulty It installed fine and I was able to copy huge numbers of files to it without any problems so it looks as if the drive is OK I also left it running there all day without any problems I just purchased a Lacie Gb external USB drive and this works perfectly well with all of the PC s that failed my tests with the other drive enclosures Is there any reason why specific SATA drives may be unsuitable for use in external USB enclosures nbsp

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everything seems to be installed correctly but the device is not listed anywhere on my pc. i had a friend remotely access my pc to see what was going on and not even he knows. computer says its functioning properly but its lying to me i cant access it at all. the driver disk that came with the external case was a mini disk and the computer wont read it. regardless its working correctly but not found
please help

A:Sata To Usb External Hard Drive Not Working

There's many things that can cause this problem. But the most likely problem is that the hard drive is dead.

Other problems could be:
- the case is broken/defective
- the computer does not recognize the device
- the computer has assigned the wrong drive letter to the hard drive

Does the drive show in Disk Management? If not, then I'd highly suspect that the drive is dead. You'll have to reinstall the drive in a computer and then run a bootable diagnostic to test it.
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I woukd like to install a SATA hard drive using an external drive housing. They make a connector for the data cabe that attaches into a slot on the backside of the computer and to the motherboard via a short cable. Where can I find something for the power cable? My wish is not to use USB for it. Make it a stand alone external drive that will show up like any other attached drive. Does someone make a kit to accomplish this action? Thanks DonS

A:How to install an external SATA hard drive.

I believe you're referring to an eSATA port on the back of your computer. Generally speaking, external 3.5" drives have an external power supply that gets plugged into the wall while 2.5" drive enclosures are usually USB powered. I can't recall seeing a 2.5" drive with eSATA for the data connection and USB for power but they might exist.

Here are some examples of 3.5" disk enclosures with eSATA that have external AC power supplies: Computer Hardware, Hard Drives, Hard Drive Enclosures, Yes, 3.5", USB & eSATA -
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Does anyone know where I can find an external SATA hard drive case with SATA internal connection and USB and SATA external and if possible, firewire external connection. I have a SATA hard drive and would like to make it portable but would like to keep the SATA speeds when possible.


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I've connected a spare 2.5" sata optical drive in an enclosure to my Vista desktop via a sata cable direct to the motherboard. Power is from a 5v power connector on the
power supply.

Vista recognizes the drive, the device manager shows OK, however when I attempt to perform read or write functions from several different applications, I get errors after about 80% of the process is completed.

I've tried different disks, applications, etc. No success.

Am I missing something that needs to be set in Vista??????

A:External Optical Drive-Sata Connected

Hello and welcome, i was reading in a magazine , about how Sata cables are sometimes faulty. Do you have another cable to swap out with ?
Is Your SATA Cable Slowing Down Your Data Transfers? Max PC Investigates
Posted 11/15/2011 at 1:04pm | by Gordon Mah Ung

Read more here : Search | Maximum PC
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With a external hard drive enclosure for Serial ATA hard drives, are there available IDE adapters for both power and data ? This is to allow me to connect a PATA IDE drive to this sata enclosure, or is that not even possible, ? thanks.

A:SATA to IDE adapters for external drive enclosures?

just buy and IDE enclosure
get something like this - some even come with a power supply

edit: seeing as your in the USA, have a look at NewEgg
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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version OS Version Microsoft Windows Home Premium Service Pack bit Processor Intel R Pentium R CPU G GHz Intel Family Model Stepping Processor Count RAM Mb drive HDD SATA internal Connecting external as Graphics Card Intel R HD Graphics Mb Hard Drives C Total - MB Free - MB Motherboard Dell Inc XFWHV Antivirus AVG AntiVirus Free Edition Updated and Enabled I am trying Connecting internal SATA HDD as external drive to connect an internal SATA HDD as an external drive for use as a backup medium for my system To connect the HDD I am using a cable-set consisting of a power-adapter a cable adapter quot long -pin to SATA power fitting two-sided femaile receptacle and ribbon-cable data fitting with a shielded UBS cable attached quot ribbon-cable With no power on I connect the power-adapter and assorted cables and adapters to V AC power and to a USB port of my computer and to the SATA HDD Everything seems to fit mechanically I apply power to the computer and to the assembled SATA HDD components The computer starts normally but I do not notice any vibration stirring whirring of the SATA HDD Also when the computer is full booted and I look at My Computer with Windows Explorer I find that it does not recognize the presence of anything at a USB port particularly not my SATA HDD I have tried fully booting the computer and connecting the HDD to the USB port afterwards as I might a memory stick but it is not recognized and perhaps more significantly the HDD s motor cannot be heard nor felt What do I know I know that the power-adapter works I know that when I connect another internal HDD which is an IDE type using just the power-adapter and the shielded multi-receptacle USB cable all works well The only connection differences with the SATA drive are the need to use the short -pin adapter cable and the short ribbon cable What is the problem anyone nbsp

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I just purchased a new Sata Blu-ray writer and an external E-sata/usb enclosure. I have hooked it up to my HP laptop via my laptops dedicated E-sata port. Blu-ray movies play just fine, but the laptop produces no sound through its speakers when I use the E-Sata Blu-ray drive. The speakers work fine playing music and DVD's. What can be wrong?

A:E-sata external Blu-Ray drive - no sound on Laptop

Welcome to SF. I'm sorry for the issue and really have no idea why other than have you completely gone though the menu options for audio in the BluRay disk? Could for some reason it be defaulting to a mute or silent mode? Also many BluRays come with out of date firmware have you checked to make sure your up to date there as well?
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Just been handed a Conceptronic CHD3SU external USB sata drive with no power supply and no rear panel.

Anyone know what the voltage is for the external power supply ? (It's printed on the rear panel)


A:Solved: Voltage for external USB sata drive?

It needs 12V @1.5 Amps according to the users manual:
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ok my friend has a device to be able to use a IDE internal drive externally
via the usb port i was wondering would something like that be able to be found for a sata drive. The case i have only has 2 slots for sata and it came with a dvd lite scribe burner and a HD both sata but I unhooked the burner for now so i can use my other sata drive that already had my apps and music,movies on it from another pc. the cd burner that is hooked up is a reg ide I dont know what the name of the device he is using or if it even has a name but its pretty neat has a power cord for it and you put the hard drive in it well slide it in and he hooks the internal drive to the usb port thru it.

A:SATA hard drive external adapter

This one.

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May be a bios problem

recently tried windows media center - which fired up by installing something which turned out to be on my ext sata drive.

now drive is write protected.

can't unlock it

will not accept any changes to security to drive - because it is write protected.

my login has administrator privilege
one suggestion has been to use partition program to reset write protection but not destroy data

it seems that the bios may have a glitch which may have locked it up


A:write protected external sata drive

It sounds like you pressed the wrong button when booting your computer which changed the properties of the drive.

There's a few solutions I've found on the web:
Reset CMOS to optimal settings.
Open Regedit and navigate to:
If there is a WriteProtect key (REG_DWORD) then
1 = Write Protect On
0 = Write Protect Off
1. Go to the disk properties page.
2. Select the 'Hardware' tab.
3. In the 'All disk drives' list, select the name of the external device.
4. Click the 'Properties' button.
5. Select the 'Policies' tab.
6. Under 'Write caching and Safe Removal', select 'Optimize for performance'.

Good luck
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Hi all.

I am looking for a new external backup drive. I wish to connect it via a SATA cable and I have the necessary interfaces on the mobo and even rear plates with SATA connectors. I was wondering if anybody had any recommendations for a good external drive that would connect in this way. Looking for 200-400Gb of storage.

Need something faster than USB2!

Many thanks for any suggestions - the ones I have seen so far 'appear' to be SATA drives connected via USB interfaces - if that makes sense.


A:Recommendation for an External SATA (connected) drive - non USB
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New build...installed XP Pro and used F6 to install proper drivers from Mobo CD...How can I tell if it's running at SATA 2 speed...3 Gig xfer rate...all device manager says is

A:How can I tell if my SATA drive is running at SATA 2 speed?
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Perhaps not a question for sevenforums but I'd figure you guys would either have the answer or be able to direct me to the answer I purchased a Silicon SiI SATA Raid Controller purely to have extra SATA ports which I am using to connect to my case's external drive bays I have flashed the bios of the controller and updated the driver to put it in quot Base quot mode so it is not using RAID I did extensive research on this and it appears that I have this part right Controller? SATA on SATA-II Drive Raid For now I am trying to connect a WD BEVT quot SATA-II hard drive to one of these ports and am having some difficulty I can see the drive but when I try to format the drive in Windows or a command prompt using the windows recovery DVD it hangs I am wondering if this is a compatibility issue with a SATA-II drive on a SATA-I controller however most of the forums I have read state that if there is a compatibility SATA-II Drive on SATA Raid Controller? issue the controller won't even recognize the drive I searched around to see if there was a way to force the HDD SATA-II Drive on SATA Raid Controller? to SATA but the jumpers on this drive are for SSC and RPS Is there a way to fix this or do I need a drive that is capable of forcing SATA-I speeds Perhaps even a controller capable of at least SATA-II since that is the minimum of all new HDDs

A:SATA-II Drive on SATA Raid Controller?

SATA II drives are typically not backwards compatible with SATA I ports, especially on add-in cards UNLESS they have what is called "autospeed negotiation". This determines the max speed of the drive and tells it to compensate if it's too high (use SATA 1 vs 2). Unless there is a jumper on your drive, which it doesn't sound like there is, then the add-in card does not have autospeed negotiation. This is taken from Problems encountered installing SATA 3.0 Gb/s hard drives on SATA 1.5 Gb/s controllers.

I suggest finding an addin card that supports SATA II like this card: - Rosewill RC-211 Silicon Image 2 port SATA II PCI Express Host Controller Card(RAID 0/1/JBOD)
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The power went out while doing a Windows 10 update. I purchased a USB to SATA connector, connected it to another Windows 10 PC's USB port. The external hard drive that I removed from my other PC is not showing in Windows File Manager.

A:Unable to see External Hard Drive using USB - SATA Connector

Hello JohnRoss1969 Welcome to the Ten Forums!

The common problem is simply a drive not being seen at first when either replugged back in or moved to a new host machine until it is initialized in the Disk Management tool. This has been a common cause since XP days for any new drive external and even for adding in a new internal drive as well. Solution?

In most cases with an external enclosure and drive in it to be known to be good the quick and easy solution is a fast trip into the Disk Management tool itself to find the volume on the drive that should be seen as an unknown and right click on that to select the Change drive letter option and select a letter not already in use. J or K make for a good pair since flash drives and other internal drive like you dvd and storage drives will grab up the D, E, F, G, H, letters on the spot depending on how many there are. Here two permanent storage/backup drives see S and T used instead while another drive in a fan cooled usb/eSata type enclosure will see either J presently or K. That has "K"(c)onfidential type files stored there like online orders. etc.

If the volume isn't found right away when scrolling the window there you can go up to the menu bar>Action tab and select the Rescan Disks option to refresh the list of partitions/drives. If the size of the partition on the external drive is larger then the C drive then spotting it becomes a simple task. When and if the rescan is needed and the partition does appear you can simply scroll further down the Action tab's menu for the All tasks and use the Change drive letter option there or right click on the volume directly to see a drive letter assigned which will then see the "File Explorer" no longer Windows Explorer icon on the main task bar suddenly appear and start flashing. Your av program will also prompt to scan the new drive found as well.
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The power went out while doing a Windows 10 update. I purchased a USB to SATA connector, connected it to another Windows 10 PC's USB port. The external hard drive that I removed from my other PC is not showing in Windows File Manager.
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I recently purchased a Seagate Momentus hard drive and a Sabrent USB SATA Hard Drive flat docking station to connect via usb to my Dell XPS L x laptop Upon putting the hard drive in the external enclosure and connecting to my laptop via usb my computer is not recognizing this external hard drive in disk management I can see it in device manager and it is listed as quot Jmicron SCSI Disk Device quot I can also see it in devices and printer listed as quot Jmicron quot However it is not recognized or listed in disk management and file explorer I am a novice when it comes to hardware issues as I am more of a software guy but I have tried everything I can find on the net to no avail ie uninstalling and installing the drivers using seagate utilities I cannot also see it in Seagates applications disabling fast startup windows devices and printers troubleshooting etc I suspect maybe incorrectly that this device is showing up as quot Jmicron SCSI disk device quot instead of a SATA drive but that is coming from someone who again does not know alot about the device hardware side I would like to make this external drive a full Win. 10 Not External SATA Hard Recognized Seagate 3.0 Drive USB backup for my windows laptop and any assistance that could be provided would be GREATLY appreciated Thanks for any help you may be
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Hi All,

I just bought me a new SATA 250GB Hard Drive and a external hard drive enclosure. I received the items today and I just realize the hard drive enclosure doesn't build into the way to connect to the SATA 7-pin data connector. All it has is the Parallel ATA 40-pin data connector.

Can anyone recommend any external hard drive enclosure that can connect to SATA connector directly. And there is a main reason why I choose a SATA hard drive.

Thank you so much.

A:Solved: Looking for Sata External Hard Drive Enclosure

Well, I did this GOOGLE Search and turned up a ton of them. Should keep you busy for several days looking through all the links.
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I have some NTFS partition issues a drive sharing issues external hard when SATA when sharing a external SATA hard drive with XP and the Vista Home Premium bit version I have one GB NTFS partition on that drive which is used only for storage also it has Linux installed that are booted from a grub issues when sharing a external SATA hard drive on the XP PC So when I just got a newly built good Intel core dual based computer with issues when sharing a external SATA hard drive Vista and connected that external drive by eSATA all I did was to save some Vista files onto that partition Then when I booted the XP PC and did connect that external drive to it by eSATA when I attempt to open that NTFS partition which is seen as drive D it hung up lots and the mouse froze some but finally opened to access the folders and files Is that issue due to the new and improved Vista NTFS file system not fully compatible with the XP type Would the best solution to this be to just create and format a nd NTFS partition from in Vista and use them separately the first one use only for XP Or do I need to buy a nd external HD nbsp

A:issues when sharing a external SATA hard drive

I think this issue is due to some incompatibility with the Vista boot files, such as the BCD, which is; "boot configuration data", and I also save copies of the 2 main Vista boot loader files; bootmgr and winload.exe. I had used a program called; easyBCD to back up the BCD files to that external hard drive shared with XP. When it did freeze up the XP PC, the CPU did stay near the maximum of 100%, which caused the mouse to barely work. But now I will only connect and use that external SATA hard drive only with the older XP computer.
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I have a sata external hard drive in a Creative I/O USB 2.0 hard drive enclosure case (model:sy-uen-2bk) it will not show up on my laptop Toshiba Satellite L305-S5970 running windows 7 but it will make the sound that it finds it but it will not show up under computer where it lists the drives and the dvdrw drive do I need any drivers for it. Please let me know.

A:Sata External Hard Drive won't show up on windows 7

An external USB drive should require no drivers. They're built in.

Will it show up when connected to another computer?

Does it show up in Disk Management?
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Pentium ghz Windows Vista Ultimate I have a brand new GB WD Internal works SATA drive External but not Solved: WD SATA WD AAKS Its works perfectly fine in the drive bay Healthy Active Primary partition everything seems normal I put it into this SATA Enclosure Windows recognizes the drive when I plug it in like normal but if I go to my computer disk management or if Solved: WD SATA drive works Internal but not External Vista is trying to shut down or start up Vista just hangs As soon as I unplug the drive or turn it off everything goes right back to normal The drive is recognized in safely remove hardware with a drive letter and all and I can even safely remove it The same thing happens in XP though XP does not hang up The drive shows up in disk management as a healthy partition and I can even delete the partition and format it but it will not show up in my computer Same results on another XP computer I have put a Maxtor GB drive in the enclosure and a WD GB and they both worked perfectly Ubuntu seem to see it fine though it said it was a quot read only quot drive ubuntu newbie I ve googled all I could with no luck Could it be jumpers I wouldn t know what to change or how for that matter but the different settings for this drive can be seen here Any help is greatly appreciated nbsp

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Hello, My WS external hard drive mini usb connector fell off.

Iv'e tried to weld It back to the usb adaptar on the external hard drive, but without succssess.
thus Iv'e totly dissconnected the usb adaptar from the hard drive and tried to connect It directly to the pcs motherboard via a SATA connection.
The Drive shows up on my computer as D: and seems to be empty...
From what Iv'e read from the web, WD drives could It be the encrypted, In that case how do I deal with It?
If you know somthing that might help, It'll be great.

Please help the info on this drive Is very important
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I am running Windows 7 Pro. Have a external dual dock connected to a estata port. One of the drives assigned letter K often comes up as E and I have to change as application is looking for K. Another disk in this dock works fine. No problems.
Does anyone know why this might be happening or anyway to prevent?
Seems like when I go to disk management and assign K it should stay that way.

A:External Sata drive will not keep assigned drive letter

Quote: Originally Posted by Terrym

I am running Windows 7 Pro. Have a external dual dock connected to a estata port. One of the drives assigned letter K often comes up as E and I have to change as application is looking for K. Another disk in this dock works fine. No problems.
Does anyone know why this might be happening or anyway to prevent?
Seems like when I go to disk management and assign K it should stay that way.

Try assigning a drive letter a "distance" away from your existing drive letters.

For example, change the dock drive letter to Z and see how you get on with that.
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I recently had problems with my simpletech 500gb hard drive and i talked to the tech guys here and i was advised to get USB 2.0 to IDE/SATA Serial ATA Hard Drive Adapter Cable. But when i connect it, i only see driver recognized on my laptop but i dont actually see the driver folder on my computer. Can someone please help me..Thanks in advance

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Hello I have an external hard drive from my old computer that the screen broke so I ordered a SATA adapter and it installed the hardware,shows up in my devices but nowhere else..I went to the disk management and it only shows the hard drive on the laptop I'm connecting it to.Everything says it's working properly but I can't get it to show up anywhere else to open and get the data off the external hard drive.Any help would be greatly appreciated!Thank you! (Here are some screenshots I took if it will help anyone determine the problem)

A:External SATA hard drive Disk not ready, won't initalize.

1.Check the HDD cables,if they're well connected to the device.
2.Test this HDD on another computer
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Hey guys im looking to get more hard drive space and was wondering if anyone could help me with the pros and cons of getting and internal drive or an external between sata? and Deciding versus pata internal drive external drive and also the Deciding between external and internal drive pata versus sata? differences between pata and sata drives i use my pc for audio and video apps so i need something big around gb- gb I would use the drive for playing back and recording audio and video so it needs to be as fast as possible ive been looking at the carillon ad- external drive here as far as i can tell the only advantage of external is that it is transportable but they all seem to be more expensive Also my current drive is partitioned into system and audio is it possible to unpartition them into one again without reformatting the drive as i would use my old drive as system and the new drive for audio would this be possible can someone reccomenda drive for me thanks for yout time regards will nbsp

A:Deciding between external and internal drive pata versus sata?

could someone maybe suggest what t0o look for in a hard drive. cheers
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I am educating myself on backing up my disk as an image so that when my laptop drive has a problem I don't spend weeks re-establishing my environment I'm not sure whether my question is related to the OS the laptop or the imaging SW I am considering using Paragon or Macrium freeware as an alternative to the native imaging function Basically I want to image on to an external SATA drive that is in an external Restore interface drive enclosure SATA with in eSATA from enclosure with an eSATA interface If the resident drive becomes corrupted and unbootable can I use the recovery Restore from external SATA drive in enclosure with eSATA interface disk to recover the iamge from the external SATA drive via the eSATA interface I mean recover the image from the external drive and replicate it back onto the resident drive The thread Image your system with free Macrium seems to indicate that recoverability is related to the image backup recovery app and I just wanted to make sure Macrium seems to fit the requirements However postings at Image your system with free Macrium indicate that it isn't quite a clone so it eliminates the option of taking the external SATA drive and dropping it into the laptop if I should want to do that instead of an actual recovery

A:Restore from external SATA drive in enclosure with eSATA interface

You can always clone your HDD...
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I recall couple years earlier gave my daughter an external Sata case with a 3.5 inch sata drive. I had tested the drive and had installed windows 7 on it in a different PC. I told her she can delete anything and start over with it.
So she brings it over, and it is working as expected. So this AM, I swap a PCI network card, reboot PC, and it hangs at the boot splash screen??!!

So start pulling cards, reset the bios, frankly was thinking the mb had just gone bad. So I start pulling connectors, keyboard, no, but the external drive was on and plugged into the USB and that was hanging the PC. I need to tell her to turn off the external drive.

So was their some boot conflict or why was it doing this?

A:30 minutes of angst when PC hung at boot due to external sata drive?

Maybe it was trying to boot from it? And couldn't due to drivers etc being different.
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HI I purchased an adapter on Ebay that was connecting sata external ide Having my w/ to adapter a my mobo drive trouble supposed to allow me to connect my ide hard drive to my sata mobo connectors My mobo has primarily sata Having trouble connecting my ide external drive to my sata mobo w/ a adapter but it has one ide which is already connected Having trouble connecting my ide external drive to my sata mobo w/ a adapter to my ide hard drives I have tried everything I can think of connecing this and that reversing connections nothing workd The instructions I was given were awful and the person I purchased is not helpful in answering questions He hasn t responded Once connected I can t get it to show up in the bios The hard drive is an IDE Seagate gb drive I am connecting to a sata connector on my mobo I already have two other sata devices connected they are two dvdr s My computer specs are listed above in the computer icon The converter I purchased is listed here http cgi ebay com ws eBayISAPI dll ViewItem amp item amp ssPageName STRK MEWNX IT Is there a trick to doing this Thanks nbsp
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I am having a problem with unwanted installations to external hard drive when it seems i have no control over where program or microsoft updates install actually the worst problem was when windows live updates and installations went to external i did not discover this until recently and this explained why i have had to reinstall vista several times i can always unplug the external if necessary but i would rather not i asked western digital why this happens and they and instead drive programs external to hard sata install of internal updates told me that since my internal hard programs and updates install to external hard drive instead of internal sata drive is smaller than external that vista seems to not have solved this installation glitch yet i prefer to use my external as storage for files and backups etc does anyone know how to make my system recognize main drive as the smaller one i hope this is clear enough to merit an answer i have already suffered through a day phone help with tech finally telling me to reinstall vista which i did and it solved several other problems but not the int ext installation issues thank you fran

A:programs and updates install to external hard drive instead of internal sata

I would recommend backing up your data to the external drive. Shutting down. Unplugging the external drive. Reinstalling Vista on a clean setup. Boot up with the DVD and remove the partitions from your internal drive. Shutting down. Turn on and install starting fresh.
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I have hard slowly, to III runs drive USB how speed? test SATA External a couple of different SATA III hard drives inch form factor i have them in an Icy Box USB case i believe they run very slowly far slower than if connected to the normal SATA cables to the MB I don't know if I am expecting too much are there any External SATA III USB hard drive runs slowly, how to test speed? tests I can do to see if there is External SATA III USB hard drive runs slowly, how to test speed? a real issue please OS is Win bit pro and the USB drivers are up to date caveat I damaged a USB header for the front USB ports lead on the MB and snapped a pin So rather than buy a new MB I added a USB PCIe card and ran the front two ports to the card I would MUCH rather use the front ports and I have to admit I have not tried the Icy Box hard drive on a rear USB port yet But I would like to determine if I have been a tight wad and should have just replaced the MB Thanks for reading and for any replies Further my MB does not have an eSATA port would adding a card supporting eSATA give a speed benefit above a correctly functioning USB port

A:External SATA III USB hard drive runs slowly, how to test speed?

Data transfers to USB drives do seem to be slower than transfers to internal drives and I also have slowness with the front USB 2.0 ports. I use this product in my computer:
4-port USB 2.0 High Speed Front-Bay Hub - Black | C2G
Power comes from the PC's power supply and the data cable plugs into a port on the rear.
Haven't gotten a similar product for USB 3.0 ports yet but this page shows several:
With Notebooks now including eSATA ports on some models I'm starting to think about that for my one Desktop that could use such a drive.
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Will my external WD hard drive (used for backups) work with a PC that has internal SATA drives only ?

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My Box config

AMD athlon 64bit 2800+

ASUS K8-VX Mother board

want to upgrade to 500 gigs or if possible to 1tb Sata HDD

Problem is
1) Mother board is old done almost 3 years
2) I don't know what version of SATA will be supported
Please advise

Thanks in advance for your answers


A:Need to upgrade to SATA Not sure if it is sata or sata II which my mobo supports

I don't know why, but everytime I go to asus, they're hving site maintenance
Anyway see if you can click on Specifications there
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Can I hook up a sata II drive to a sata I port or will this not work?

A:Sata II drive to sata I port?

Yes this will work but you will just get SATA I speeds and not SATA II speed. But thats not big problem
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Ok so here s the layout I have windows xp pro installed with non-sata hard drives primary being windows etc and secondary being just storage games music I now have a gb SATA hd So i mount it hook up the sata cable to motherboard hook up sata power cable and boot it up I go to my computer and see nothing So i go to find new hardware and find nothing either I installed scsi component and it showed the things i just installed the scsi component and of course it shows detects the new sata drive So i m thinking it s now under my computer i look there and Help! interlinking! SATA drive non-SATA & it SATA & non-SATA drive interlinking! Help! s not there Now what i m doing is only having this for mass storage SATA & non-SATA drive interlinking! Help! i would even replace the second drive non sata i had for this my BIOS under integrated periph has OnChip SATA enabled and OnChip SATA mode is quot IDE quot the other option is RAID but i only have sata hdd So right now i m thinking that I can t use sata and non-sata hdd s together but i could ve sworn you could I bet i m just doing this wrong oh and one more weird thing i ran everest and went under storage devices it shows drive as EPSON usb storage gb and epson is my printer driver So i uninstalled the printer driver now it just says drive gb TO SUM IT UP I want to run my single sata hdd with my other or both hdd s that are non-sata Is this possible and if so what am I doing wrong it s gigabyte sigma series motherboard sata slots available onboard nbsp

A:SATA & non-SATA drive interlinking! Help!

You have to partition hard drives before they show up in My Computer.

See Disk Management.
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Hi, hopefully should be straight forward enough...

I have just bought one of these space saving Acer Revos which does not come with an Optical drive.

I have a Blu-ray reader (dvd writer) which is SATA, but the Revo only has USB or eSATA.
So... i was wondering what is needed to get this (SATA) drive to work via eSATA or usb?

Is it as simple as a SATA to eSATA cable or will this not give the necessary power to the drive?

Or do i need an eSATA enclosure, and if so what size for an optical drive 5.2?

Cheers for any help.

A:New PC with no optical drive or SATA connection (can i use a SATA drive in it?)

Ya no problem use it. For more details contact us at
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Please help.
I've been getting this message for about a month. However, after rebooting sometimes once, sometimes several times the computer eventually boots up. After reading multiple posts on similar issues, I went and got a new hard drive. I backed up all the files and was going to reinstall evertyhing from scratch onto this new hard drive. I took the old one out and put in the new one. I get the same message when it tries to boot.
At this point I swapped the drives again (the old one is back in).
I am at a loss.
Am I doing something wrong when I'm installing the new drive? Why am I getting the same message with this new drive?
System specs:
Inspiron 531
AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core 5600+ 2.81 GHz

Thank you.

A:no boot device available sata 0: installed sata 1: installed sata 2: none sata 3: non
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Computer: Dell Dimension 5100. 6 years old.
Current hard drive: SATA 250GB (think it's SATA 1). Dell web site says its ATA-133

Looking to: Replace the hard drive due to faults

Question: Can I fit a SATA 3 hard drive in this computer? Would this just work at SATA 1 speeds because of the old mainboard? Most of the hard drives listed for sale are now SATA 3.

Thanks for any replies.

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i can't get my puter to read the data on an external hard drive. wants me to format it even though it recognizes the drive letter i gave it when i did format it. don't want to lose the 100+ gigs of data i have on this drive.

A:my computer recognizes the drive letter but not the data on external hard drive

Does the external drive work on another machine?

Also, while the drive is still connected, can you go into Device Manager (right-click My Computer, click on 'Manage...', click on 'Device Manager') to check for any yellow exclamation marks or red crosses next to anything in there?
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I just recently recieved this GB in eSATA External rpm Hard Drive http www buy com prod Value Drive ml prodInfoSec and I plugged it directly into my free SATA port new Problem external Hardrive recognizing external SATA on my mobo I then followed the directions to format but after going to gt Rightclick My Computer gt Manage gt Disk Management the drive is not showing up at all I double checked to make sure the power was going Problem recognizing new external SATA external Hardrive to the hardrive and double checked both ports to make sure everything was plugged in Could anyone please help me figure out what I am doing wrong This external hard drive already came in a enclosure with a seal The only thing I can think of is Problem recognizing new external SATA external Hardrive that it may also be set to be a Master but I didn t want to crack the enclosure which would void the warranty without knowing what to do Below are links to the specs of my computer and mobo http support dell com support edocs systems dim en sm techov htm wp http support dell com support edocs systems dim en sm specs htm wp nbsp

A:Problem recognizing new external SATA external Hardrive

A sata drive has no master/slave jumper so that wouldn't be a factor in it not working. I believe you still have to load sata drivers to make the drive work. If the drive didn't come with them then you could probably download them form the manufacturer's website.
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This call for help is apply to any one could provide help about the jmb363 jumpers setting combination to make the 2 internal sata and 2 external e-sata work at the same time , THANK YOU
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Yesterday I had a PC technician around to see why my PC was not booting-up properly and also to change my SSD to a larger SSD. As I am visually challenged I cannot do hardware upgrades etc, so I got a Techie guy in.

We used Zinstall HDD by-the-way and I would highly recommend this application for such a job plus, it is extremely fast.

Anyway, while he was diagnosing my boot-up issue he discovered I had a malfunctioning network card; while removing this, he noticed all the SATA settings were set to SATA 2.

When he reset these to SATA 3, the PC would not start-up! When he set them again to SATA 2 there was no problem and it worked fine?

Can anyone illuminate me on this please?

Thanks for any/all imput

A:SATA 3 not working on Asus P6X58D-E motherboard with SATA III support

Many people have had issues with the Marvell controller on that MB.
You may want to live with SATA 3g/s. Easiest path, no real difference except for benchmarks, and no chance of data loss.
But in case you're not satisfied with that, here's something to look at.

AHCI-mode on Marvell 9128 controller in Windows 7 Ultimate x64


[Solved] ASUS P6x58D-E, Win 7 (64) Marvell AT 91xx - Asus - Motherboards-Memory
A fellow name Jaquith seems to know what's up.

Bottom line is you need the right drivers.
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I read an article stating there?s very little difference between SATA cables. So I tried it for myself.

This screenshot shows the slight differences in speed; likely most of you already knew this. In testing, an 11GB file transferred in 10 seconds using either cable. Vid link shows detail of test for those interested. May not want to toss old cables.

A:FYI Only - Discovered only slight diff betw SATA-1 vs. SATA-3 cables

I have noticed the same. MaximumPC magazine did an exhaustive test and came to the same conclusion, a SATA cable is a SATA cable. SATA III cables have a (sometimes annoying) latch on them.
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this is an ASUS X83V notebook - Setting the SATA operation to 'compatible' mode at installation, Win8 CP installed fine, no hitches. Switched BIOS to Enhanced/full mode and it fails.

I recall this sort of problem from XP installs where tricks were needed to support SATA, but I do not recall this on Seven. Will Win 8 not detect the right controller, fetch the right driver? Do I need to manually force-install, reboot, reselect enhanced mode, and go from there?


A:Are SATA issues like Vista?? Can't operate in full SATA mode

Is this so-called "enhanced" mode switching the storage over to AHCI mode? If so, you have to edit the registry first before being able to do that.
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I Can't Install a sata hard disk with a PCI sata controller card.?
My mb is MSI KT4V with AMD athlon 1800.My bios is AMI.
There is no option in my mb for a sata hard disk so i brought the sata pci cotroller card.
In post it shows the raid in my pci slot but cant detect my hard disk. It is a Segate 7200 rpm 160 gb hard disk.My sata pci controller card come with a driver cd but i cant install its driver in dos mode. and i think its for the windows version.
How can i install the single sata drive in my comp.
please help me...

A:Can't Install Sata Hard disk With PCI SATA controller card

Probably some fakeraid BS..
You have to enter the RAID BIOS and configure the drive as a RAID0 array or something similar. If it doesn't detect the drive in the RAID BIOS either, look over all your cables. Make sure you have power to the hard drive and suchlike.
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So i found an old sata hardrive that was stored for about 2 years.
While the computer was on, i tried to plugged the Hardrive in the SATA power connector cable, as soon as i plugged it in the power connector there was smoke coming from the connection and my computer immediately shutdown.

Can someone explain what happened? I though you could connect devices while the computer was on without any issues?
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I recently formatted my 1TB Seagate External HDD to FAT32 to backup and redo my PS3. I reformatted it on my Windows 8 laptop easy peasy, but my windows 7 desktop will not recognize it as a drive with a letter to access it. If I uninstall the drive in device manager it will reinstall, be recognized as a general drive and in that small instance it is accessible, but then it gets fully installed and is recognized as BUP Slim BK. It doesn't see any info for the drive or even know that there is a valid partition on it.
Any help to get this drive working again is much appreciated.

A:PC recognizes External HDD. No drive letter assigned.

If THIS is your drive and Seagate software governs it...I'd say that the software for the drive may need to be installed/reinstalled.
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So then after I installed windows xp pro, I plugged in my 40g PATA IDE drive, and it would always select that as my master hard drive, as we know, my "should be master" drive is a 160g SATA drive. Any suggestions on how to have my 40g drive as slave, and my 160g drive as my master? My computer specs are listed in my signature. Thanks.

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Hi Hoping you can help Not sure if this is a hard Samsung SATA 500g SATA Madel HD501 LJ drive problem OR a mobo problem Bios Info Version Pentium R Duo Core CPU E s GHz Motherboard ASUS P Q SE Samsung SATA Madel HD LJ g I kept receiving Activation PopUps and MicroSoft set me up with a custom reload when no activation numbers showed Having the OldWindows before and not liking the set SATA Samsung SATA Madel HD501 LJ 500g up SATA Samsung SATA Madel HD501 LJ 500g I decided to wipe the Sata and start fresh Spotmau is a program that I have used many times when I would like a harddrive cleaned -always thinking that a cleaned disc would be better than just writing over the top of the old Thing is I ve only ever used Spotmau in XP with No problems - Not Vista I used an old computer just freshly loaded with XP and wiped the data and formatted the drive Not only did it wipe the hard drive but when I went to load Vista I found No Bios Receiving one long beep and short beeps I clearded the COSMOS and the Bios returned But when I went to SATA Samsung SATA Madel HD501 LJ 500g load Vista it looks like the Drivers for SATA have been wiped as well I changed the Bios Boot loading around - cd drives - SATA Hardrive - No difference The message that I received - I did not write it down - but it mentioned No SATA Drives and asked for a floppy I have the floppy BUT no floppy drive I tried the mother board disc with No success I downloaded the SATA drives from the internet but when trying to reload Vista it doesn t seem to register them Thinking that the drives would be on the MoBo disc seems to say that it s not the SATA drives it relly wants The message I m receiving now when trying to load Visata is quot Windows cannot be installed to the hard disk space The partion contains one or more dynamic volumes that are not supported for installation quot I formatted the disc again - just incase - No luck When starting with just the Motherboard disc I receive the message quot Welcome to ASUS Motherboard Make A Disc Fort DOS Menu That s ALL I get from the MoBo disc And when trying to load The Vista OS I get to just after adding my activation code for the th time and it asks for the drivers Go through all the drivers on the disc as well as the MoBo disc and try the downloaded sata drives ALL again and the only message I get is quot Windows cannot be installed to the hard disk space The partion contains one or more dynamic volumes that are not supported for installation quot Any ideas I m just about pulling my hair out Hope to hera from you soon Thanks heaps Louise nbsp

A:SATA Samsung SATA Madel HD501 LJ 500g

Can't anyone help?
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What i'm wanting to do is with the side off my computer hook up a hard drive to sata 2 or sata 3 to see data on hard drive without rebooting computer. 
i use to be able to do this on a 780 but i upgraded to this 9010 and can't get it to do what i use to do on 780.
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I wanted to know if there is a way to connect a SATA hardrive to an older motherboard that has no SATA connection

A:Adapter to connect SATA HD to motherboard with no SATA connection?

You can always use one of these PCI SATA adapter cards:

A computer as old as you're describing will likely have an old type standard PCI slot, and NOT a PCI-E (PCI express). be certain to verify which slot you have, before you make a purchase. These are two entirely different interfaces, which are not interchangeable.
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Hey guys,

I just purchased a samsung sata dvdrom - this is an upgrade from my old failing IDE drive. My motherboard (an Asus A8V Deluxe) has 2 sata connectors, and another 2 raid sata connectors - the 2 regular connectors are being used up by HDD's...

The question is, can I use one of the Raid Sata's for the dvdrom? (I've tried this already with no luck, I'm wondering if there are any bios settings that'll help with this?)

If this isn't possible, can I plug the hdd's into the raid sata's and not use the raid functionality?

Thanks for your help, I look forward to replies!

A:[SOLVED] Sata vs Raid Sata? DVDRom not recognized

No the raid sata port need a raid driver and won't work with optical drives, you would be able to use the non-boot hard drive on it however and put the DVD drive on the standard sata port. Unless you already have the hard drives in a raid config.
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The mother board is an ASUS P5Q? I know the adapter is working because I can hook the cable that comes from the case to another sata slot shut down turn the enclosure on and boot and I have a third hard drive. But that is not how I would like to do it. If the mother board would recognize the enclosure it would give me an icon in the tray to shut it off and I would not have to reboot to back up something.

Thank u for any help
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Ok just got finished building my new compy and I am trying to get Xp OS to install I get past the add additional drivers Nvidia Raid recognizing nor Raid not SATA SATA is install single xp hd Class Dr and Nvidia NForce Storage Controller and get xp install is not recognizing SATA Raid nor single SATA hd them to install but when I get to install Xp now quot press enter quot part it comes back saying that it cannot detect a hd and must quit set up I am working on Gigabyte S-series Am mobo GA-M SLI-S ver and using two Hitachi Deskstar hds Gbs ea in a Raid gbs-s SATA This is my first Raid and second Sata install Now onto to what I have done I have followed the manual explicitly ie I followed the steps listed to first enter the system Bios and enabled the Raid controller then saved and went into the Raid bios to create the Raid saved and went back to system bios to select the Raid to a boot device and saved Now as I said Xp is not recognizing the hds and refuses to finish installing I have also tried not undoing everything and just installing without the Raid using just the Nvidia Raid Class Driver that is supposedly required w wo A Raid with the same results I have now redid the Raid array I noticed that when I went into my bios that it also does not seem to recognizing it When I go into Advanced bios settings under Hard Disk Priority it lists the Raid SCSI- Nvidia Stripe Gbs Bootable addins cards However under Standard it is not listed see below IDE channel M drive dvd drive IDE channel S drive cd rw Drive A Floppy Drive B None Also the start up scream where it reads all the drives as its booting up It does not show them either I do not think that this was the case when I first started this journey infact I am almost positive that I saw them listed before either that or I could have been having delusions due to compy stress unfortunately the floppy drive I had was defective so I have been messing around trying to get the Raid drivers on the floppy to install all day yesterday I finally was able to isolate the prob to the floppy drive and replaced temporarily with a working one but I am afraid that my problem might be based on the Bios not seeing my hard drives however since this is my first Raid I am not sure if it should be listed in the Standard CMOS under Drives or not Would clearing my CMOS on the mobo work shortening my pins and then unshortening Help P S the Bios is by mediashield ROM BIOS Thanks to all responses in advance nbsp

A:xp install is not recognizing SATA Raid nor single SATA hd

hmm, strange - have you formatted your hard drives already? Do you have Win XP with SP2 - SP2 is needed to recognize large hard drives.
I don't know how complicated it would be but if all else fails maybe undo the raid configuration format your hard drives (if they are not already) then do the raid thing. I am a beginner so these thougths/ideas might be irrelevant.
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Even though the following is a question I do welcome opinions on what the right answer is to my situation I have an IDE type motherboard The motherboard model number is SV M See http www newegg on (SATA work IDE) Motherboard Solved: Will Sata to Bridgeboard IDE com Product Product aspx Item N E Date accessed - - PM I am not sure but I believe my motherboard was made in Is there a way I can connect a Terabyte Sata Hard Drive to my SV M motherboard I have heard of a Sata Bridgeboard SATA to IDE I have not used one before A matter of fact I have only seen the Youtube Video below How to connect SATA devices in a PATA IDE only PC system https www youtube com watch v BwRClahcUCI Date accessed - - PM They even sell this bridgeboard SATA to IDE online Kingwin SATA to IDE Bridge Board ADP- http www amazon com Kingwin-SATA-Bridge-Board-ADP- dp B SZDOM Solved: Will Sata Bridgeboard (SATA to IDE) work on IDE Motherboard Date accessed - - PM The bridgeboard above above has a out of stars However I am not sure if this bridgeboard would be compatible with my motherboard If there is a better bridge board SATA to IDE that you know of please let me know Do you think the Bridgeboard SATA to IDE would work with the SV M motherboard nbsp

A:Solved: Will Sata Bridgeboard (SATA to IDE) work on IDE Motherboard

They sometimes work and sometimes they don't. To make things worse your motherboard is really old and uses a VIA chipset which had a lot of compatibility issues.

You may want to look into a PCI SATA Controller card instead if you need to use this dinosaur: 600022728
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I have a DIY box with an Asus P5K-E mobo that provides SATA II ports. I upgraded to a pair of Samsung 850 EVO ssds and naturally got a great speed boost. Now I am getting greedy and thinking about doubling my gains with a SATA III controller card. I have been reading online and I am seeing indications that I may not get much if any speed boost that way. Would those of you experienced with doing what I am contemplating please chime in and tell me if you achieved improvement and if so what card did you use? I am running Windows 10 Pro and Windows 10 Home, one on each ssd, no RAID is involved.
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I have two separate instances of Win running on two separate IDE hard drives both Win 's restored from same exact backup image The one on the hard drive comected to the SATA port via an adaptor runs fine but the Ide/SATA IDE two MB port via IDE and on SATA OS Hard Drives: adaptor, one on the IDE connection motherboard's only one does not respond properly when a manual shutdown is initiated Instead of shutting down the PC it goes OS on two IDE Hard Drives: SATA port via Ide/SATA adaptor, and MB IDE into sleep mode This does not happen if OS on two IDE Hard Drives: SATA port via Ide/SATA adaptor, and MB IDE an application my backup software for instance is set to perform a shutdown after completing it's job Only affecting manual shutdowns but all of them So I am wondering if Win is lacking an IDE driver of some kind and if there is a way to deternine this Seems strange to me that while both hard drives are IDE quot underneath the hood quot that the one connected throgh an adaptor is more easily being recognized by Win and curious if there is an easy fix
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I could really use some from SATA Changing to - needed! AHCI Help SATA RAID help with this I have a HD that I'm moving from one Windows machine to another The new system is a Gateway DX The old was was also a Gateway DX When I put the old drive in the new computer I get the Windows Splash screen the stars begin to appear and it resets I went back to the old machine and noticed the BIOS setting for SATA was set to RAID I changed the new system to RAID it just froze I put a second drive in the new machine and now it boots properly I installed the AHCI Changing from SATA RAID to SATA AHCI - Help needed! drivers changed the registry setting to rebooted the machine and changed the BIOS setting to AHCI from RAID When Windows tries to boot I'm getting the same behavior as before I get the Windows Splash screen the stars begin to appear and it resets This is for Windows BTW Gateway AND Intel have both told me I need to re-install the OS to make this happen I'd rather not do that if AT ALL possible I'd very much appreciate some help with this Thanks so much in advance for any help you can provide

A:Changing from SATA RAID to SATA AHCI - Help needed!

You have a few things happening here, 1st your Win7 is probably an OEM (Originaly came w/the system) andassuck is tiedto the original mobo & can'tbe moved.
2nd, you have 1 sys w/ a core2quad processor, and the other has an I5. This means the mobo & memory are different, you have a different setof drivers so thr=e DX4860 will not boot with the older drivers. Normallythis would take aclean install, but being an OEM version - you would need therecovery discsfromthe DX4860.

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Ok, so I have an external hard drive that I use for both of my computers. We store albums, videos, photos, etc. on it. However, neither computer recognizes the hard drive anymore. It is connected through a USB cable and is a LACIE. It won't even show up in My Computer. I have tried restarting both computers, unplugging the drive for thirty seconds and plugging it back in, but none of this has worked. If someone can help, it would be greatly appreciated.

A:My computer no longer recognizes my external hard drive

kasmsod said:

Ok, so I have an external hard drive that I use for both of my computers. We store albums, videos, photos, etc. on it. However, neither computer recognizes the hard drive anymore. It is connected through a USB cable and is a LACIE. It won't even show up in My Computer. I have tried restarting both computers, unplugging the drive for thirty seconds and plugging it back in, but none of this has worked. If someone can help, it would be greatly appreciated.Click to expand...

What brand is the drive?
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Hi all,

I bought a Western Digital MyBook (Essential Edition) about a month or so ago. Set up was easy and I moved all my music to it, and also backed up my photos. I used it quite a few times and then was out of town and did not use it for about two weeks. Today I tried to connect it again, and while it will show that a "external drive detected" and my device manager shows WD as a disk drive which is functioning properly and enabled - I am unable to access it. It does not show up on My computer or when I try the Explore function. I have it connected now and the light is glowing - but I cannot access it!! Please help.
Thanks so much.

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My WD Elements TB USB external hard drive is no longer being recognized by Vista It will not appear in either the system tray or when I click Start gt Computer Below are the specs for my desktop computer Dell Studio XPS MTIntel Core i CPU GHz GB RAMVista Home Premium -bit TB hard driveDual Dell WFP Digital monitorsATI Radeon HD video card MB one card only All my drivers are updated Vista hard no recognizes longer external drive using Microsoft Device Manager When I plug the WD hard drive into my computer nothing happens Vista no longer recognizes external hard drive even if I give it or more minutes to try to find it When I plug this same external hard drive into my Windows laptop it is recognized quickly leading me to believe the hard drive itself is fine I unsuccessfully tried to access this drive on my desktop computer though Computer Management by Start gt R-click Computer gt Manage gt Disk Management There I see Disk which includes my C and D drives but nothing else When I plug the external hard drive into the computer s USB port I hear my computer make the normal ding that accompanies the plugging of an external device Also the external hard drive begins to hum I recently ran CCcleaner and don t know if that was the source of my problem I would try a System Restore but that function has not worked on my computer for a long time Any advice is appreciated Don

A:Vista no longer recognizes external hard drive

Try this, see if it makes a difference: USB DEVICES - How to delete all (resolves some USB problems)
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Before I did my clean install I was able to to this drive on or off and Windows would see it. Now in order for Windows to see the drive I have to turn the drive on and then do a full restart. It then will see the drive even if I shut it off. Then if I want to restart I have to hit the restart button or the PC will not re boot. It is seen in the Bios. So if someone can tell me how to Fix this I will appreciate it. If not I can make it into a USB drive but it will be slower.


A:Help with E-Sata-1 External HD

OK Hardware but some setting in Windows is blocking it (Software)? Does not really matter.
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I have an external "metal Gear Box" case with a 160 gig SATA Seagate drive. The drive won't spin fast enough to allow access to the drive. Any suggestions? Is it the case or the drive?

A:External Sata

"The drive won't spin fast enough"??? It either spins or it doesn't spin.
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I'm looking at picking up a new HD...

My ATA slots are full... I've got one spare SATA, and a number of USB 2.0 ports free...

My question is what is my best option... my concern is reliability... an external would be useful, but friends who've had them have seen them fail, something which I guess is to do with their potential for them being moved around, knocked etc... and I only really want it to run off my Home PC so it seems an unnecessary risk...

My current SATA is actually an ATA converted with an adaptor that came with my Motherboard... but I can actually get a 250GB Maxtor SATA for less than an ATA


A:ATA, SATA, or External HD?

I think your friends don't know what they're talking about. Sure, if you take your external drive, or even your computer, drop it out a second story window, it'll probably fail! If you buy a case with decent cooling, the drive is no more likely to fail in an external case than an internal. You wouldn't pick up your computer and carry it around while it was running, don't do that to the external drive either.

An external drive has a number of attributes that make it very attractive. It's portable, and it isolates the data on it until it's connected and powered on. I use a bunch of USB/Firewire drives for backup, data transport, etc. I also have equipped many customers with them for backup.

Remember, any drive can fail at any time. Also, a virus or worm can wipe out your on-line data in a flash. Having a backup drive that's off-line most of the time is a very attractive option.

Why not buy that cheap SATA drive, and swap out the ATA you have in the system and put it in an external case?
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As the title says, can i fit one of these and install a fresh OS on it like Windows 7 for example or will i be just better adding the HDD to my tower case.
I already have two HDD's in my system with Vista Ultimate 64bit and Vista Home Premium 32bit.
What would i have to do if i fitted another clean HDD to install Windows 7 on it??
I have been tempted to simply unplug the existing HDD's to avoid confusion and reconnect them afterwards but am not sure if this is the correct way of doing it.


A:External SATA HDD

From a former user of Vista and now use Seven. I firmly believe (others will post that Im wrong) that there is no need for both Vista and Seven. It has been said many times in the Seven forum that Seven is Vista under the hood.
Actually the release of Vista was probably a money call. MS wanted money. Vista should not have been released (in my opinion). There were many incompatbilty issues, no big change from XP etc. Seven should have been given free to all Vista owners (my ooinion, again), because Seven was just a, ready for prime time, OS and Vista was not.
In fact, not to admit a mistake, but to be fair. MS offered a pre order sale. All those that bought Seven in July and waited for the release in Oct got the OS for $49.99 as an upgrade version. That is how I got Seven. Bottom line, go with the upgrade version and you will no longer need Vista. We can show you how to upgrade and have a version that is as good as the full retail.
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This could fit in several threads I put it here because I am leaning towards a missing driver that does not show up in Device Manager ASUS P Z V Deluxe Problem External disk not readable Sata nor USB Tried three docks Tried numerous disks Plugged in disks causes win explorer to lock and Disk Management locks up Keep getting Sata USB External and message quot disk needs formatted quot but the process locks up When I remove the disk every thing straigtens out Tried Diskpart and it doesn't see the disk In device manager the ASMedia XHCI controller shows working properly with a External Sata and USB message that says quot Windows did not start a related device driver quot I had to usb hubs that didn't have drivers loaded I was able to get the drivers loaded by booting into disable driver enforcement Have checked the bios usb and controller settings are all enabled Downloaded the latest bios ver and reloaded chip set drivers No help USB ports will read a stick OK no problem But neither external sata or usb ports can handle a disk Snips Device Manager is clean no yellow triangles ASMedia Controller shows message Only one storage controller Attachment

A:External Sata and USB

I found my other disk controllers. I had overlooked them earlier.
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I have a SATA 120Gb HDD in my computer and an External 120GB in a Firewire 400/USB 2 case (which i assume is IDE).

I want to purchase a new 400GB hard drive and put it in my external case and then place the 120Gb in my computer as a secondary harddrive.

I have no idea how to go about doing this (physically) of if the IDE and Sata will work together in my computer (I have heard they will).

Can I please get a step by step on how to change them over? I am assuming that I need another IDE HDD If i want to put it in the case.



P.S. I don't know much about hardware so treat me like i'm dumb.

A:SATA / IDE external HDD help

It would help to know the exact make/model of the motherboard or computer. If you have both SATA and IDE channels on the MB, it's no problem running SATA and IDE together, I'm typing on a machine with a couple of SATA and IDE drives here.

Note that many external cases may have a problem with the 400gig hard disk, I'd make sure that case will handle drives of that capacity before proceeding on this course of action. A new external case should only set you back $30 or so, and you'll be sure it's compatible.
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What is the benefit of having external sata ports on your computer? I can see it if you have an external drive, but that is about it. Are there any other advantages?

A:External Sata

eSATA is much faster than USB for data transfer
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Help! On my old (Windows 2000 pro) machine, the computer (under "My Computer) only recognizes my external USB DVD-R drive (Pioneer DVR-S706) as a CD-Rom Drive! It plays CDs fine, but when I put a DVD in, I only get a "incorrect function" message. The "my computer" doesn't change to a movie title or anything; it just says "CD-ROM."

The weird thing is, it USED to work just fine. I could play movies, burn discs, etc. The only thing I can think of is that something might have happened when I uninstalled Ulead Movie Studio about a month ago (the DVD burning program that came bundled with the drive). I downloaded the latest firmware updates from the pioneer site, but that hasn't really seemed to make much of a difference.

Any suggestions would be most appreciated.


A:Computer only recognizes external DVD drive as CD-Rom drive

Have you connected the drive, uninstalled it in Device Manager, then rebooted to let Windows discover it again?
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I have just bought an external caddy for a SATA hdd to go in USB 2.0. When connected windows XP picks up the drive, but when I go into computer management to format and partition the drive as the instructions say, it fails at about 17%, saying "The format did not complete successfully".

I know the drive is working fine, as when I plug it directly into the computer you can format, partition and copy files to and from it. Anyone with the same problem know how to fix this? Thanks.
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So A few years back I received a 320gb Seagate barracuda (7200.10) drive as a gift but was unable to use it, so it sat on a my shelf for awhile till recently when I purchased an external enclosure (VOX brand). When I hook up the drive I can hear it rev up then stop and make a beep (chirp?) sound and start right back up and do the same thing for about five minutes than it just stops. The drive wont show up under my computer or disk management. After looking around a bit more it sounds like the drive may not be getting enough power...
Any ideas as to what the problem may be? Or am I stuck with a brick?