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pavilon g6 2132tx supports 8gb ram or not

Q: pavilon g6 2132tx supports 8gb ram or not

is hp pavilon g6 2132tx supports 8gb ram 4gb per slot
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Preferred Solution: pavilon g6 2132tx supports 8gb ram or not

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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Corsair is well known for its PC components spanning a range of categories -- from memory to cases, power supplies, cooling and more. But this year it's trying something new with Bulldog, a barebones, console-like Mini-ITX box that's designed for...

Read more

A:Corsair goes for the living room with Bulldog PC kit, supports liquid cooling and high-end hardware

The case looks downright awful too me. I wouldn't have that thing displayed in my lounge.
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I have a 27 inch LED monitor which I bought for less then a year ago, I have always been playing at 1920x1080 on it with my laptop , it is the highest available option,

I have lately been wondering if there is any way to check if it can support 2,560x1,440?

I don't have the packaging or name of the model left so I have been unable to check this that way,

I assume since the 2,560x1,440 isn't available in the graphic options that means it max supports 1920x1080?

I can imagine a 2,560x1,440 monitor is quite expensive? any models you can recommend for a fair price?



A:27 inch monitor that supports 2,560x1,440?

Obzoleet said:


I have a 27 inch LED monitor which I bought for less then a year ago, I have always been playing at 1920x1080 on it with my laptop , it is the highest available option,

I have lately been wondering if there is any way to check if it can support 2,560x1,440?

I don't have the packaging or name of the model left so I have been unable to check this that way,

I assume since the 2,560x1,440 isn't available in the graphic options that means it max supports 1920x1080?

I can imagine a 2,560x1,440 monitor is quite expensive? any models you can recommend for a fair price?


ObzoleetClick to expand...

Yes, the monitor will not support 2560x1440p if its highest output is shows to be 1080p, you have to specifically buy a monitor like this one that supports 2560 resolution.
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Hi Guys !

I have intel dual core @2.0 GHz processor.I am upgrading my system.For now im going to replace the mobo and RAM.I am going to buy G.Skill RipjawsX (2x4 GB) RAM.So I wanted to know will my system support it.I know the mobo im going to buy will support it.

Thanks in Advance !

A:Does Intel Dual Core processors supports 1600MHz RAM?

t3chn0vamp said:

So I wanted to know will my system support it.I know the mobo im going to buy will support it.Click to expand...

Thats all you need to know, the CPU is irrelevant for selecting memory. The CPU never has dictated the type of memory used. The motherboard either supports the memory or it doesn't.
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Hi my name is Alberto,
I would like to know if this mother board (Gigabyte GA-M61PME-S2P) support this processor ( AMD Athlon II X2 250 a 3.0GHz - 45nm, socket AM3) this processor is AM3. but in the mother board specification its says that support AM3. But i'm not sure is this one is include on the compatibilities processor list.

Please confirm if somebody has made this configuration or somebody help me to find out whether works or not.

All the best.

A:Gigabyte GA-M61PME-S2P will supports AMD Athlon II X2 250 a 3.0GHz - 45nm, socket AM3

I'm guessing you saw it's on the CPU support list for that motherboard. It should work as long as the BIOS version is F3 or more recent. What's the actual problem?
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I am wanting a new pc and i have found one. The main reason i want one is because i record HD footage of my xbox and my current pc makes it impossible to edit and work with,

Im not good with all this techincal stuff so ill copy n past some info see what you think

CPU: IntelŪ PentiumŪ Dual Core E5300 / 2x2.6Ghz

Audio, Video and Networking
* IntelŪ Graphics Media Accelerator 3100
* Pixel Shader 2.0, DirectX 9.0
* Max. shared memory 384MB

2x 1Gb DDR2 667Mhz Strips

You think that these would allow me to edit and play around with HD footage at 1080i?

i can currently playback HD footage ok its just editing it, which is basically impossible as it is incredibly jerky.

i edit footage in Sony Vegas. Thankyou

A:Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 3100 Supports HD?

We have not found the ASRock motherboard to be very reliable, nor have very good performance... spend $25 to $40 more, and get a Gigabyte, Intel, Asus, Biostar, EVGA, Elitegroup, MSI or other board known for reliability, and you might be happy a lot longer.
Some of the Gigabyte boards that are six months on the shelf at Directron, ZipZoomFly, Frys, PCMall, or New Egg are great boards that have had significant price reductions to clear storage space for the hot new models.
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I have a ELITE PT800CE-A motherboard with a Pentium IV 2.4A
1) Can I upgrade the motherboard to a Core 2 DUO?
2) Do I need special changes in the operating system, or just change the processor and ready to work?
Thanks in advance.

A:Does ELITE PT800CE-A supports Core 2 Duo?

No, your motherboard does not support Core 2 Duo's. It is socket 478, and Core 2's are socket LGA 775.

If you did upgrade only your processor, you would not need to make any changes in the operating system. If you upgrade the processor and motherboard though, you will most likely have to reinstall your operating system.
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Who else is really happy about SLI finally supporting multiple monitors? At least in 2D mode anyway...

A:SLI Supports Dual Screens

ehh, im not crazy about it, but its a good thing. Can you run 4 monitors now? I'm buying 2 4870x2's soon so not extremely concerned about it at this moment.
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hello, I'm looking for some advice or suggestions about choosing an and motherboard that will support nvidia sli and ddr2 memory

Any help or suggestions would be very much appreciated!

A:Best AMD motherboard that supports SLI

pingpongmury said:

hello, I'm looking for some advice or suggestions about choosing an and motherboard that will support nvidia sli and ddr2 memory

Any help or suggestions would be very much appreciated!Click to expand...

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My Box config

AMD athlon 64bit 2800+

ASUS K8-VX Mother board

want to upgrade to 500 gigs or if possible to 1tb Sata HDD

Problem is
1) Mother board is old done almost 3 years
2) I don't know what version of SATA will be supported
Please advise

Thanks in advance for your answers


A:Need to upgrade to SATA Not sure if it is sata or sata II which my mobo supports

I don't know why, but everytime I go to asus, they're hving site maintenance
Anyway see if you can click on Specifications there
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hey guys im basically buying a new mobo for my pc and was looking at this one : (Socket 775) PCI-Express DDR3 Motherboard

what i cudnt find was that if it supported SATA II because i have 2 samsung SSD 32GB which are SATA II and wanted to put them in Raid 0. If this motherboard cant do that do you guys have any suggestions on which one to go for.

Here is the other specs of my pc:

CPU - Intel E9450
GPU - 280 GTX
PSU - 1000w OCZ EliteXstream
Case - Zalman LQ1000
RAM -DDR3 OCZ Reaper X 2x2 (4GB)
HD - 1TB Westen Digital And 2 Samsung 32GB SSD SATA II (which i want in Raid 0!!)

Any suggestions will be very helpful as i need to place the order today!!

thanks again i know u guys will help me out.

A:Motherboard Supports SATA II & Raid 0 for SSD

So what did you get?
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i was 64 about supports 7? how monitors... Xp reading on wikipedia i know everyone hates it but shut up lol and it says xp Xp supports 64 monitors... how about 7? supports up to monitors that being Xp supports 64 monitors... how about 7? said mine barely supports two because it is a heap of junk but lets say i had a real computer for example id go all out on quad core gb barrier on xp vista is not an option until MS has something better and of course some sweet video cards my question is how would one go about using montiors i know this is completely unnessisary but i could see this helping with programs like maya or photoshop i would need at least video cards im assuming figureing the big monitor would be dual link use dvi plugs whatever the term is im looking for and the other cards would be for the rest does nvidia support this notice nvidia lol it would have to be an indepentant span if that makes any since meaning the desktop will span over all monitors but when clicked a window will go full screen only to the monitor its on nbsp

A:Xp supports 64 monitors... how about 7?

You probably could do this with multiple graphics cards but I don't think you'd need two connectors for the big screen, not as far as I know anyway.

I also don't know how you'd get a motherboard that you could fit 4 graphics cards to You can get the new nForce mobos with 3 ports for SLI but other than that I don't know I don't know the exact ins and outs of SLI but from what I can tell, you plug a monitor into the top card and the other one(s) lend their processing power and memory to the top one.
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Alright, I have a Dimension C521, it's not the normal one, it's the slim one.
Could anyone help me and tell me what my mobo supports? Thanks.

Click the pic for a bigger view.


A:Need help determining what my mobo supports (got pics)

what device are you planning to add?
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My laptop - Toshiba A135-s2276 (released in feb 2007)
Is it possible to determine for certain if my laptop supports dual-channel memory??

Currently it has 512mb and am thinking of adding another 512 (if it supports dual channel)

other users of the same laptop reported that cpu-z doesn't show any indication of dual-channel.
Any way to be certain of this? Its a new laptop so i am hoping its supports dual-channel.

A:how to determine if laptop supports dual-channel memory

Your laptop can be upgraded to upto 2 gigs of ram. However, it doesn`t support dual channel memory operation.

If you need further info, you can phone Toshiba on 800-457-7777.

Regards Howard
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Hi, i bought a computer form someone on criagslist. I checked the CPU-z and it says maximum supported video card is 4xagp and its agp version 2.0. Will this computer be able to support a agp 4/8x card? or just agp 2/4x cards?

Information on my motherboard (from cpuz)


Northbridge Intel i850 rev. A2
Southbridge Intel 82801BA (ICH2) rev. 04
Graphic Interface AGP
AGP Revision 2.0
AGP Transfer Rate 4x
AGP SBA not supported, not enabled
Memory Type RDRAM
Memory Size 1024 MBytes
Memory Frequency 398.8 MHz (1:1)
Total CAS# (tRDRAM) 10
Row To Column (tRCD) 9

A:New computer, do not know if it supports AGP 4/8x

AGP 2.0 is a 1.5V AGP slot capable of 4x,2x and 1x speeds.

AGP 3.0 is keyed like a 1.5V AGP 2.0 slot, but it only uses 0.8V of power. It supports 8X, 4X, 2X and 1X speeds.

Rule #1: Speeds are backwards compatible

AGP Speeds are required to be backwards compatible. This means that an 8X video card MUST be able to run at 4x, 2x, or 1x speeds. However, this does NOT necessarily mean that your 8X card will run on a 4x slot.

Signalling Voltage incompatibility
Because speeds must be backwards compatible, Signalling Voltage is where incompatibilities arise. Basically:

All 8x cards are 0.8v AGP 3.0 spec
8x cards will fit in 1.5V slots, and can tolerate the voltage, but will NOT run properly
4x cards can be either 1.5V or 0.8V
2x and 1x cards are either 3.3V or 1.5V

Except in the case of the 8X cards, using the wrong voltage card with the wrong motherboard can result in damage in card and board
If you install a card of incompatible voltages with the motherboard's specs, the card will NOT run

The connectors on AGP video cards are keyed in such a way that you can only install equipment that have compatible Voltage keyed connectors. Normally the key of the card determines its signal voltage. AGP 1.0 and AGP 2.0 cards using a 1.5V key will signal at 1.5 volts. However, AGP 3.0 devices can tolerate 1.5V - they won't be destroyed, they just might not work properly.

The bottomline is that your 8X video card can theoretically be safely TESTED in any 1.5V motherboard for compatibility. But if you know for a fact that your board only runs 1.5V AGP 2.0 spec and your 8X AGP 3.0 card runs only 0.8v spec, then the two should NOT be compatible one another. At the very least it will be unstable, if it runs at all. However, we've had a lot of users tell us that their AGP 8x cards work on 4x only motherboards. This is likely due to the fact that some AGP8X video cards are in fact universal 1.5V capable AGP3.0 cards that can run on either 1.5V or 0.8V (remember, AGP speeds are backwards compatible, only voltage incompatibilies cause problems). The other possibility
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what is the cheapest video card that supports directx9.0c and is t&l capable?

A:what is the cheapest video card that supports directx9.0c and is t&l capable?

That will depend on where in to world you are and the type of graphics slot you have!!
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I have an Nvidia GeForce FX 5200 128 MB DDRAM /128 bit and i'm interested if my videocard does support USWC. In bios my motherboard has in the chip information section Video Memory cache mode were i can set the following settings: UC -uncacheable
USWC -ucacheable speculative write combining

The USWC leads to an improvement of the display speed by caching the display data.

Many thanks......

A:Does my videocard supports USWC??

"This is yet another BIOS feature with a misleading name. It does not cache the video memory or even graphics data (such data is uncacheable anyway). This BIOS feature allows you to control the USWC (Uncached Speculative Write Combining) write combine buffers.

When set to USWC, the write combine buffers will accumulate and combine partial or smaller graphics writes from the processor and write them to the graphics card as burst writes. When set to UC, the write combine buffers will be disabled. All graphics writes from the processor will be written to the graphics card directly.

It is highly recommended that you set this feature to USWC for improved graphics and processor performance. However, if you are using an older graphics card, it may not be compatible with this feature. Enabling this feature with such graphics cards will cause a host of problems like graphics artifacts, system crashes and even the inability to boot up properly. If you face such problems, you should set this BIOS feature to UC immediately."

Basically; try it & see if it benefits you. The benefits of BIOS settings such as this however tend to be minimal in most instances.
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Feels ignorant to ask this, but...
I have bought a new computer, which is supposed to support dual monitors.
The video card in the system is an ASUS a9250.

It does have two outputs--one analog and one digital. I plugged my second monitor into the digital output. But in WinXP's Control Panel, I can't make the second monitor be a genuine "dual" monitor -- the second monitor simply displays exactly the same thing that's on the first monitor.

So... my first, basic question before I explore other possibilities: Does the ASUS a9250 indeed support DUAL (not just "two") monitors?

Thanks much.

A:ASUS a9250 supports dual monitors?

to rectify the oroblem, go into display properties. select the settings tab. you should see two rectangles somether in the middle of the window, labeled 1 and 2. select monitor 2 and check the box' extend my windows desktop onto this monitor.' once you hit apply or ok, the second monitor will stop copying the first one and can operate independently of the other.
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Hey all,

Will an Intel Dual Core 2 CPU work on any mo/bo that supports 1066MHz FSB? I know the 775 socket is cool, but there are a lot of good motherboards out there that list the CPUs they support and (being pre-conroe) they don't list Dual Core 2 - yet they still support 1066MHz on the FSB.

I believe it would work, but just hoping for others' input

A:Will a conroe CPU work on any mo/bo that supports 1066MHz FSB?

Some will work, some won't. The only way to be sure is if the manufacturer says they officially support it. Conroe requires specific power and voltage systems that not all boards can support.
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Ok Ive noticed something new to me I dont know how long its been out but its pretty Gaming DDR2 Mobo supports Computer considering a Building that new to me DDR Ive not really seen any AMD Mobos that support DDR so Im assuming its exclusivly Intel So I want to know this Im building a gaming computer that Im wanting to last me at least the next couple of years with the only upgrading Ill have to do be that of putting in up to GB of ram which is the most the Mobo Im currently looking at supports putting in a New Video Card and Overclocking my Processor Mobo http www newegg com Product Product asp Item N E Processor http www newegg com Product Product asp Item N E In that Im putting GB of PC Ram and a GT Video card So what Building a Gaming Computer considering Mobo that supports DDR2 I want to know though would it be a better idea to go out and get an Intel Mobo that supports DDR Im going AMD cause from Building a Gaming Computer considering Mobo that supports DDR2 what everyones telling me is that AMD is better for gaming than Intel and their processors look pretty solid ontop of that but with Intel I can get a faster clock speed than what I can get with AMD But I want to know this IS there any REAL diffrence between AMD and Intel What makes one better than the other and would it be a better idea to go Intel and get a Mobo that supports DDR or stay AMD or if theres a good Mobo out there for AMD that supports DDR nbsp

A:Building a Gaming Computer considering Mobo that supports DDR2

I think your choices are right on. Even with DDR2 Intel still gets dominated by AMD in the gaming arena.

AMD will be supporting DDR2 in their next cpu's, the AM2 sockets, due out next spring/summer and most likely DDR3 also. But don't feel the need to wait until then. Buy now. There will be lots of growing pains with the new cpu's and chipsets.
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A friend of mine is looking into buying some Ram for his computer but dosent know what kind of Ram his motherboard supports how could I find out what Type and Speed of Ram as well as maximum ram his motherboard supports, this is also helpful to me as Im in the market for more Ram as well, despite I know Im using 184pin DDR SDRAM PC2700 I do not know the maximum ram capacity for my motherboard all I do know is that my board has 2 ram slots but not how much memory it can support

A:How do I find out what kind of Ram a motherboard supports?

Use system information for windows (SIW) to determine the model and maker of your motherboard. then go to the makers website and look up the spec's on that motherboard.

you can download SIW here..
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I currently have a SMC router running NAT & 128 bit WEP and have started changing my keys every couple of weeks. I've been a little concerned about hackers in the neighborhood lately.

Should I get an new router? If so, which one? I currently have 3 wireless devices on my network. I would also have to get a wireless card for my laptop since the built in wireless doesn't support WPA.

A:Should I upgrade my router to one that supports WPA?

you could do as written. However, you can also save the money and still
secure your system. (btw: nice to see the keys being rotated

To secure the NETWORK,
set your own SSID (ie not the default) and disable broadcasting.
also change the default channel​
To secure your SYSTEMS,
map your MAC addresses to get static addresses in consecutive IP numbers
(eg: ->
then set your firewall to
allow everything on that same ip range
and disallow ->​
Your worst case exposure would be someone 'borrowing' your internet bandwidth.
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I have heard conflicting reports about what chipsets support NCQ....for Intel CPUs do all 945G, 945P and 955 support NCQ or does it depend on whether you have a ICH7 or ICH7R? Does the same apply to 915G, 915P, 925 and ICH6 and ICH6R?


A:Which chipset supports NCQ?

thus far, all boards using a 945 or higher chipset have ncq support.
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Hello All,

I have a 3 year old Dell Dimension 8200. The motherboard only supports AGP 4x. I am currently using a GeForce3 Ti200, 1.8 P4 and 256 PC800 RDRAM. The performance has been good, however I am thinking of doing some upgrades; bigger power supply, second HD and more memory. One question is should I upgrade the Ti200 with a newer card? I have searched the forum and know that an 8x card will work in a 4x slot and that AGP card are faster that PCI. I need your thoughts on if the performance with a newer AGP card will increase enough to be worth the price of the card? Thanks in advance.

One unsure Goober.

A:Should I upgrade my GeForce3 Ti200 if my Mobo only supports 4x?

Card Suggestions.

P.S. If any one has a suggection on a new card please let me know. Thx

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Baffled !!! GF 3 ti 500

i am eager to find out wether the GF 3 Ti 500 specifically a leadtek supports nview or dual view.. If it does i am having trouble accessing this feature. i have the vga connector occupied by a 19" and the DVI occupied by a lcd which has a DVI to VGA adapter.

i would appreciate any assistance


A:GF3 ti 500, supports nview or dual view?

From what I understand iRiKLiAN, ur Ti 500 (or any gf3) will not support dual/nview as it doesn't have 2 ramdacs to output two displays at once.
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Idk why but my system says it runs on dx11 but my card only supports directx9 so which one is my system running on?

A:System says it runs on DX11 but my card only supports DX9

Basically what it is telling you is that you have DX11 installed because it is included in Windows 7. However to take advantage of DX11, you will need to have DX11 capable hardware.
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I am trying to install drivers for an Adaptec AHA-2940 SCSI card.

The adaptec website there is no 64 bit version available, but i have been reading around for solutions with no success.

I need the "Adaptec AIC-7870 PCI SCSI Controller" ... but there is no 64 bit version for that. When i try to install the drivers (there is no installer program, i just need to use the update drivers feature of windows) it says that it is not a 64 bit version so i can't use it.

Is there any solution to my problem?

A:Using x64, SCSI driver only supports x86

Please state your exact Adaptec scsi card info. What is the ID number on the card? Exactly, what card do you have? What is the firmware version currently showing on card. (boot into scsi utility to get some version info) Have you ever changed/upgraded the firmware on this card? When was this card manufactured? What scsi drives are you using? Ultra320 scsi? 160 scsi?

It appears you're trying to make the AIC-7870 PCI SCSI Controller act as an "emulated" drive, for 64 bit, on the 2940. Why?

You are on Win7 now? Was your card running on Vista x64 with x64 drivers? Did you upgrade to Win7 or clean install Win7?

Are you saying x64 drivers you have don't work with Win7?

Did you try this advice & NOT find x64 driver?
"in device manager, select the SCSI adapter, click "Update driver", "Browse my computer for driver software", "let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer", uncheck "show compatible hardware", and select "Adaptec" as Manufacturer and "Adaptec AIC-7870 PCI SCSI Controller (emulated)"

With more info, I may be able to help you.
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I watch this forum and missed any announcement that a new EMET version was released that now supports Windows 10! Now knowing what to search for, I see a few others have posted about it under other threads, but this should have a thread of its own.  Released
on Oct 1st, 2015...
Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit 5.5 Beta
This link mentions EMET 5.5 beta support:
What's new in Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit 5.5 Beta?
- EMET 5.5 beta release includes new functionality and updates, such as:
- Windows 10 compatibility
- Full GPO support for mitigations and Cert pinning functionality
- EAF/EAF+ perf improvements
- Untrusted font mitigation for Windows 10
- Various bug fixes (UI)
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I've been using Diskeeper Professional for years as it's a great defragger, but was just advised by them that version 12 is the last one that will support Vista.
Now only Windows 7 and upwards.

"Microsoft Extended support includes security updates which can break products but no Non-security updates which will often fix these.

Additionally, Extended support does not include consumer software.

We cannot support our new products under such circumstances."

That gives me yet another reason to upgrade this thing to 7, which I can do as I have a spare key for Ultimate.
(The other reason was MS's announcement recently that upgrades to 10 would be free for 7 and 8/8.1 users for a year after 10's release.)

Posting this in case anyone else receives a similar note from their software vendor. Vista's days are definitely numbered it would seem.

This came as quite a surprise to me considering that Windows basic defragmenter is made by them.
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Following the official release of Windows by Microsoft on July Doctor Web wants users to supports 10 Dr.Web Windows 10.0 know that all the Dr Web products in its tenth series for Windows are compatible with the new OS Windows is supported by Dr Web Security Space and Dr Web Anti-virus for Windows and Dr Web Desktop Security Suite including Dr.Web 10.0 supports Windows 10 the version that supports centralised administration which is part of Dr Web Enterprise Security Suite The new OS version is also supported by Dr Web AV-Desk software which facilitates the delivery of the Dr Web Anti-virus service The Dr Web CureIt utility which is available free of charge to home users works under Windows too Users who previously downloaded Dr Web Security Space and wish to use the software under Windows must download it again from Doctor Web s site Once again please note that Windows is supported only by Dr Web products Therefore Doctor Web recommends that all those who use earlier versions of its anti-virus and plan to upgrade to Windows switch to the current tenth version of Dr Web http news drweb com show i amp lng en amp c nbsp

A:Dr.Web 10.0 supports Windows 10

Dr.Web Cure it! is amazing tool i use it when i help with malware removal
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Just wanted to share this moment with you guys. I just became malware hunter for Trend Micro! Woohoo!

I hope that Trend Micro's customers will be secured even better.

And special thanks to Ryan Neil D. Soliven! He is one great guy! Trend Micro has one of the best live chat supports I have ever seen - quick, informative, and very pleasant. My problem was resolved in minutes.

A:Trend Micro has one of the best live chat supports I have ever seen

If I could +10 rep you I would. Congrats. Glad to see that someone is looking at Trend Micro.
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My system(Lenovo Laptop) supports both NX and PAE features , i have confirmed it by using the Coreinfo.exe. But my windows 10 updates fails with the error "your pc does not support NX" .There is no option to enable/disable this feature in bios in my Lenovo laptop.

Actually earlier my windows 10 update was making some progress before i delete my dual boot Ubuntu and deleting the partition.It suddenly stopped after deleting the Ubuntu and freeing the partition used by the Ubuntu, i know it does not make sense but the upgrade immediately stopped working after this.

I need some help/inputs on this, thanks.
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Hello as SOLUTO isn't supported on W10 does anybody have a suggested alternative?
I run AVG security and M Bytes but I felt comfortable using Soluto along side these and found it useful on W7.


A:SOLUTO no lomger supports W10

Do you mean this How to speed up PC boot time to speed up boot? If it is you should find 10 is much faster than 7 anyway but you can disable unwanted startup programs through task manager....

I tried looking into their site but it was a bit vague - I don't think you'd want the crash handler at all, remote access you can do through teamviewer...

Which feature(s) was it you wanted?
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Hello as SOLUTO isn't supported on W10 does anybody have a suggested alternative?
I run AVG security and M Bytes but I felt comfortable using Soluto along side these and found it useful on W7.


A:SOLUTO no longer supports W10

Do you mean this How to speed up PC boot time to speed up boot? If it is you should find 10 is much faster than 7 anyway but you can disable unwanted startup programs through task manager....

I tried looking into their site but it was a bit vague - I don't think you'd want the crash handler at all, remote access you can do through teamviewer...

Which feature(s) was it you wanted?
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Ever wonder about 64-bit \ 32-bit - and what that means for you ? I'll bet you have...

Here is an article that covers what you need to know in an easily understood format:

How Windows 64-bit Supports 32-bit Applications

Source: Gizmo's Freeware

TIP - After studying-up, explore the site and check out the freeware reviews.

A:How Windows 64-bit Supports 32-bit Applications

Hi hjlbx with regards to antivirus software, are there limitations on all x 32 bit applications, and that's why the likes of Emsisoft and ESET produce a native x 64 bit application? I don't understand, when I downloaded Microsoft Business 365 it recommended the x 32 bit as the x 64 bit had limitations?
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Hi there,
I am currently testing the working of Microsoft Advanced Threat Analytics. I have two virtual machines running windows server 2016 TP4. One VM for ATA Center, Second for Gateway. All the prerequisite steps are configured and port mirroring is working fine.
When i try to install Center setup the message come that " The specified Program requires newer version of windows"

I want to know that does Microsoft ATA supports windows server 2016?
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Using Acer Chromebook 15.6screen  Chrome Remote Desktop no longer functions properly after Chrome OS updated to V 46. Version 46.0.2490.71 (64-bit)Platform 7390.59.0 (Official Build) stable-channel auron_yunaFirmware Google_Auron_yuna.6301.59.8  Steps to reproduce the problem:1. Enable Chrome Remote Desktop on any target endpoint2. Launch Chrome Remote Desktop app3. Connect to endpoint4. Connection is made but remote display is blank What is the expected behavior?Expect to see the desktop of the remote endpoint.  The specifics for this Acer Chromebook is as follows: AcerŪ CB3-531-C4A5 Chromebook.   What is Acer Tech Support's advice and position on this problem?   

Go to Solution.

A:Chromebook 15.6 no longer supports Chrome Remote D...

The issue is fixed with the latest release of the chrome remote desktop extension version 47.0.2526.27 release on 10/22/2015. This link opens the web store to the new version: I simply uninstalled my Chrome Remote Desk app and then installed the new version of the app (don't have to wait for a new version of the Operating System). I am able to access all of my remote machines perfectly again.

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I am in need of a new system board for a Z600 but want to know which version would work with the 56xx series of Xeon dual processors? There's 460840-001, 460840-002 and 460840-003. The one that came with the machine was 460840-003 / REV AE, but it died so I got a replacement 460840-001 / REV 0D, however, I can't get the computer to post. So I'm looking for which board and Revision I need to make it work? Thanks. Would this one work?

A:HP Z600 System board / Motherboard that supports x5670 proce...

The Z600 460840-003 supports both the 55xx and 56xx Xeon processors.  As you discovered, the 460840-001 only supports the 55xx Xeons.  I am not sure about the 460840-002, but there are other threads in this forum where some have tried the varioius -00x Z600 versions. 

I am an HP Employee.My opinions are my own, and do not express those of HP.
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Hey, I bought a Toshiba Satellite Z830-10w. It is a fine ultrabook.
I wonder if the motherboard supports more than 6 Gb ddr ram.

Have some here tried with an 8 Gb RAM block Regand flemming

A:Satellite Z830 - I wonder if the motherboard supports more than 6GB memory

>I wonder if the motherboard supports more than 6 Gb ddr ram.

The chipset is responsible for the RAM
So you have to know if the chipset would support the 6GB RAM,.

The Z830-10w supports the Mobile Intel(R) HM65 Express Chipset and it should support 8GB RAM

From my knowledge the unit is equipped with one 2GB internal RAM which is NOT removable.
You can upgrade ONLY one slot?
So one slot can handle 4GB RAM and in such case the 6GB RAM are supported.
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Tecra R840-10T (PT429E-00M007EP)
Can anyone tell me if the DVD drive is IDE or SATA? I'm assuming SATA but i'd like to know without a phillips drive and none of the specs pages i found mentions it.

A:Tecra R840-10T: What interface supports ODD

Maybe i'm wrong, i spotted "IDE" in some device properties. Different caddy then.
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I'm trying to set two HP Compaq LA2405wg monitors on my Qosmio X70-B-10T, one via HDMI and the other via VGA.

The monitors run @ 1920x1200.
Unfortunately, whilst the HDMI screen comes out okay, the screen connected via VGA only goes up to 1920x1080.

Is there a way to fix this?

My old Satellite Pro L870 managed both screens like this just fine.

A:Qosmio X70-B-10T - VGA output supports only 1920x1080

The notebook supports two GPUs.
Internal Intel HD Graphics 4600External AMD Radeon R9 M265X
What GPU is in use and what GPU controls the both monitors?

If you use the ATI GPU you could check the CCC (catalyst) settings.
Catalyst Control Center → MonitorProperties → Attributes
and here change MonitorAttributes to:
uncheck the option “Use Extended Display Identification Data (EDID) or driver defaults”

Then you could set Maximum resolution to: 1920x1200 at 60 Hz
After that restart Catalyst, set 1920x1200 then it should work.

If it will not work change also
CCC → DisplayOptions → from “Detect…” to “Use manual detection only" ( i must click the Detect Displays button) and on the same page
For diplays of limites resolution capabilities → List all possible modes ( including panning modes)
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Hey guys This time I'm on a friend's Pavilon G series laptop Lately whenever we put it to sleep mode and want to wake it up it screen. blue Pavilon laptop HP series G usually goes into a blue screen This time however I was just playing world of tanks with my stunning fps I hate laptops SO MUCH when it decided to blue screen on me I have absolutely no idea what's causing it and why the sleep mode shenanigans started but you good gentlemen might I've attached the blue-screen minidump from minutes ago so you smarter ones had something to go on Basic information Windows Windows basic mode not aero GB of RAM Phenom II N Dual-core processor Ghz Download - - dmp from Sendspace com - send big files the easy way lt The minidump file around KB More detail Since that copypasted post from that another board where people didn't lift a finger to help me it happened twice I just accepted a gmail voice chat from my dad and looked away HP Pavilon G series laptop blue screen. for a second then when I looked back blue screen Just now I was HP Pavilon G series laptop blue screen. on the loading screen for C amp C Generals a OO game I don't think a nearly ten year old game would tax a dual core cpu bad enough that it had to blue screen to get out of working or gmail chat even It happens once a day on average and I have absolutely no idea what the friggen hell is causing it I suspect the laptop has an internal component that's on its' way out but hey I'm not the expert here I have some more minidump files if you want to see them Necessary information System Windows Bit Processor Dual Core AMD II Phenom N Ghz no overclocking RAM GB Exact type of machine Undeterminable does not say on sticker on bottom ADDENDUM I remembered something I forgot to mention After the quot more recent quot blue screens it would throw me unto the safety screen before booting into windows You know quot start in safe mode quot etc etc Well at that point the laptop takes no input Not up not down not enter nothing I have to turn it off and turn it back on again for it to take any of my inputs I'm posting from it right now actually

A:HP Pavilon G series laptop blue screen.

NOTE: Please provide the following information for a more detailed response:

While waiting for a reply:

I suggest starting all troubleshooting with the following diagnostic tests (located at this link: Hardware Diagnostics ). They'll save you a lot of time and heartache if there is a hardware failure, and you'll have the disks on hand in case you need them in the future:


H/W Diagnostics:
Please start by running these bootable hardware diagnostics:
Memory Diagnostics (read the details at the link)
Hard Drive Diagnostics (read the details at the link) - Test ALL of the hard drives.

Also, please run one of these free, independent online malware scans to ensure that your current protection hasn't been compromised: Free Online AntiMalware Resources (read the details at the link)
There are also free, bootable antivirus disks at this link: Free Online AntiMalware Resources - Bootable Disks

The BSOD is a STOP 0x124.
This is most likely a hardware error - which includes:
- overclocking
- compatibility issues
- low-level driver problems
- malware

Daemon Tools (and Alcohol % software) are known to cause BSOD's on Win7 systems due to the sptd.sys driver.
Please uninstall the program, then use the following free tool to ensure that the troublesome sptd.sys driver is removed from your system (pick the 32 or 64 bit system depending on your system's configuration): DuplexSecure - FAQ

I believe that you have Comodo installed on your system. Try uninstalling it to see if that helps.

AMD OverDrive (AODDriver2.sys) is either a stand-alone application, or a component of the AMD VISION Engine Control Center. This driver is known to cause BSOD's on some Win7 systems.


Please uninstall all ATI stuff from Control Panel...Programs...Uninstall a program
Then, download and install a fresh copy of the ATI drivers from Global Provider of Innovative Graphics, Processors and Media Solutions | AMD
Then use the ATI uninstall manager to uninstall the Catalyst Control Center (CCC).

If the device (AODDriver or AODDriver4.01) remains a problem in perfmon /report, open Device Manager, select the "View" item.
Then select "Show hidden devices" and scroll down to the Non-Plug and Play Drivers section.
Locate the AODDriver entry, right click on it and select "Uninstall". Reboot for changes to take affect.

If overclocking, please stop. Remove the overclock and return the system to stock/standard values while we're troubleshooting. Once the system is stable again, feel free to resume the overclocking.

Further info on BSOD error messages available at:

The following info is just FYI, I've already addressed the issues that I saw in the above paragraphs:
- Create a System Restore Point prior to doing any of this. DO NOT mess with the drivers themselves - leave the Windows\System32\drivers directory alone unless we specifically direct you to it!
- Please either update the older drivers from the device manufacturer's website - or uninstall them from your system. Reference links are included below.
- DO NOT use Windows Update or the Update Drivers function of Device Manager.
- Please feel free to post back about any drivers that you are having difficulty locating.
- Windows Update exceptions may be noted below for Windows drivers.


amd_sata.sys Thu Jun 16 15:07:44 2011 (4DFA5480)
ew_jubusenum.sys Tue Jul 27 03:26:32 2010 (4C4E8A28)
amd_xata.sys Thu Jun 16 15:07:47 2011 (4DFA5483)
amdxata.sys Fri Mar 19 12:18:18 2010 (4BA3A3CA)
dtsoftbus01.sys Mon Oct 17 08:12:30 2011 (4E9C1BAE)
AtiPcie64.sys Wed Mar 10 09:33:45 2010 (4B97ADC9)
aswTdi.SYS Tue Sep 06 16:36:39 2011 (4E668457)
aswMonFlt.sys Tue Sep 06 16:36:29 2011 (4E66844D)
as... Read more
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I have a computer I built in 2010 running Windows 7 (64 bit currently, but I bought retail Windows 7 so I have the 32 bit disc as well if it matters), and am wanting to dual boot XP for some older games I have that won't run properly in DosBox. Is there a program or website like Systemrequirementslab that'll tell you if your hardware will run on Windows XP? I'd like to know first off if I'll be fine doing it, and secondly would like to get drivers ready, since I'll have to manually install everything on XP.


A:How to tell if your hardware supports XP

Hi have you checked the motherboard makers site to see if drivers for xp are available for your model motherboard.
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I want to use the WinXP SP2 Professional Install CD to partition, format and install WinXP SP2 in 320G hard drive. I'm using IBM T60 and already update the BIOS. My questions is that this WinXP SP2 supports 320G hard driver?

I ever used this XP to partition a 200G hard drive. But this winxp only found more than 100G spaces and missed the rest of spaces. However if I use the Windows Vista Install CD, then it can find all of the spaces on the 200G hard drive. Therefore I doubt that WinXP SP2 Professional Install CD doesn't support more than 200G hard disk.

A:WinXP SP2 supports 320G Hard drive?

If SP2 is slipstreamed into the CD, it should detect the whole size. XP without any SP can't see beyond 128GB.

If in doubt, look at the files on the CD. You should have a file named win51ip.SP2 if SP2 is slipstreamed.
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I have an application (Motu ethno instrument) that requires OpenGL 2.0 to run.
However my graphics card (VIA/SG3 UniChrome IGP) doesn't support this (and it doesn't seem like there's a new driver for it that does).

Is there anything I can do?

THe program isn't very graphical intensive - its not a game, shouldn't have any 3-d etc. But without OpenGL 2 it won't display in the first place (hence is there is an option to disable the use of OpenGL I can't access it).

My card is integrated with the motherboard (of a laptop) and can't replace it, is there an alternative to get the program to work?



(Sorry, didn't notice there was a fraphics card forum until after I'd posted this)
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So I'm working on a Dell XPS which is quite a beauty It's got an Intel R Core Quad CPU at a whopping GHz and a nothing to sneeze at GB of RAM It's running the -bit Version of Powerful OS. supports machine shotty Windows Vista SP Now that that's out of the way I should let you know that I fail at MS I've always used a Linux computer This happens to be my dads and the hardware looks nice smells nice works nice but the Operating System is still crap Here's the list of issues - Opening pdf's locks up Vista Solved- Uninstalled Adobe Installed Foxit Reader -MS Office won't open Solved- Installed OpenOffice -Taskmanager won't open Issues- Taskmngr exe or whatever it is is missing I can't find a place to throw it in the system file again - It's god AWFUL slow Issues- It's not a 'nix box My Powerful machine supports shotty OS. dad's not computer literate he thinks he Powerful machine supports shotty OS. is but in all honesty he's not And I haven't used a Microsoft Product since they still had Windows I need the above issues solved he's not running too much in the background it's just taking Vista way to long to get up off the couch and start moving Are there any sort of tips that will make Vista move quicker you know slim it down a bit Cut out things that aren't needed I mean the potential of the hardware almost makes me cry when I see what it's actually doing

A:Powerful machine supports shotty OS.

Is the machine under warranty? If so, then get Dell to fix it. Your methods of repair are a bit odd - replacing a program instead of fixing it is not the way to go. The fact that things don't work indicate a deeper problem than just one isolated piece of software. Get any data off the machine (to a CD or USB drive) and run Dell's recovery software to get the machine back to it's original state.

That said, Dell are not renowned for doing a good job of installing software and I would be formatting the drive and reinstalling all the software. There is obviously corruption somewhere and a reinstall will fix it.

While not perfect, Vista is a vast improvement on anything Windows that came before. It's easy to use and quite robust.
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Few days ago sometimes in boot I got this info:

Some times it shows and sometimes don't show.
How can I solve?
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Could you please inform me whether combofix suppots Windows Vista?


A:Does Combofix Supports In Windows Vista

It doesn't at this time.
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I'm not very good with computers, so if it's a stupid question please forgive me!
Anyway, my windows XP laptop's graphic card is ati-radeon7000, and I was wondering if it can be updated (without having to buy a new graphics card, because I'm broke). So I downloaded the ati radeon9250, and both 7000 and 9250 are from the version 6.11. So can it be done?

A:Can A Graphics Card That Supports Ati Radeon7000, Support Ati Radeon9250? (since Both Are From The 6.11 Version?)

What you are downloading and installing is the drivers for ATI video cards. A driver is basically software that tells a piece of hardware how to work. It has basic and advanced instructions telling it how to perform certain functions. ATI video cards all use the same driver, so really what you are doing is just updating the software that tells your video card how to work.
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Update It seems like the test is now for HTML So when you go on well web HTML5? How your the browser supports does test! Take [Test] the website it redirects you to HTML Test com Found that little website when browsing g today since there was a thread on it and I found it pretty interesting The results are clearly presented and grouped together and the whole report is quite easy to understand You can also compare [Test] How well does your web browser supports HTML5? Take the test! your web browsers to other ones and see how to obtain the points you are missing Post your results below in a screenshot if you can instructions on how to take a screenshot under Windows are posted at the end of this thread Here's mine running the latest version of Google Chrome -bits on Windows Professional -bits Here's the website https html test comHow to take a screenshot using the Snipping ToolFollow the instructions below to take a screenshot using Windows' Snipping Tool Press on the Win Key R to open the Run box Enter SnippingTool and press on Enter The Snipping Tool will open asking you to choose the area to take in the screenshot Left click on the area where you want to start the screenshot keep it and drag the cursor across the screen Once done release the left button to take the screenshot In the editing window click on the File menu then Save As Save the screenshot in a folder that you can access easily Once done attach that screenshot to your next reply

A:[Test] How well does your web browser supports HTML5? Take the test!

Chrome on Debian Linux 64bit also gets 523, whereas my preferred Iceweasel (Firefox for Debian) only scores 446.
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Having just finished learning about Internet privacy, tracking, cookies, filter bubbling and whatnot, and about the merits of DuckDuckGo, ixquick and its sister site StartPage, I'm determined to move away from privacy-invasive email services like Gmail, Yahoo! and Hotmail.A quick search on DuckDuckGo brings up several choices, none of which I'm familiar with, so I'd like to ask for your suggestions. A few of the results I got:Hushmail - Free Email with Privacy (WOT okay)Private Email | Basic Account from (WOT okay)Free anonymous email and private email, private label email (WOT okay) :// Free, Secure & Private Email (no WOT rating) - - secure email (WOT okay)Westie Mail - Private, Free Email (WOT okay)And several more.I really want something that takes privacy seriously like those search engines I mentioned. Can anyone steer me in the right direction? Thanks!

A:Free email that supports privacy?

Install Firefox, download from: This is the link where you can select your own language version from. Then install these add-ons:Adblock PlusBetterPrivacyDisconnect MeQuickJS (More of a safety tool than privacy, enables you to enable/disable Javascript on the fly). LastPass Password ManagerFlagfoxHide My Ass! Web ProxyTrashmail (Create disposable email addresses)After you install Firefox, do the following. In the location bar where you normally type in a web address (URL), type: about:config and hit Enter. In the filter at the top, type: keyword.URL When you see the warning message, click: "OK, I promise I'll be careful" to proceed further. Double click keyword.URL, delete the current entry and replace it with this: This will change the default search engine to Google Indonesia and disable "Google Instant".I've tried most other search engines including the ones you mentioned, but they're not up to Google's standard unfortunately. Also, I use Google Maps a lot, so I need access to it most days. But the add-on I mentioned called "Adblock Plus" will block Google Adsense ads, you won't have to contend with those.
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Hey guys I have a couple of OGM files containing dual audio. I would like to put them on DVDs so I can watch it somewhere besides my small computer screen. However so far I haven't been able to find a program that can burn OGM to DVD. I need a program that can take one of the audio streams and use that and the video stream and create a DVD-Video that can be played in any standard DVD player.
Does anyone know of any such program? Or of any solution to my problem?

A:Dvd Burning Software That Supports Ogm

DVD-TOOL.COM has a free 30 day trial for a program that touts that is will convert OGM files to DVD, you can check it out here.
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Im having trouble finding an email client that fully supports gmail. I have multiple filters and folers in gmail. I tried Opera Mail but it wouldn't synch and recognize my filters and folders on the gmail account.

A:email client that fully supports gmail filters

Worth a look
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Does "Malwarebites" support the win ME OS ?


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I have recently purchased a game for my Windows XP Home Edition. Everything installed fine until I attempted to run the game. It say that I need to have a graphics card that supports shader model 3 and then closes the game.
My adapter type is: ATI Radeon X300/X550/X1050 Series

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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I just purchased a Sound Blaster Audigy SE, and i dont think Battlefield 2 is recognizing my card. Anyone know how?

I heard that BF2 only supports X-FI sound cards, is this true?

this is wat i have.
I play COD2 and it sounds good.
I play CSS and it sounds diff, but good.

But bf2? i have no idea. its the same.
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I installed Genie Timeline Pro 2 (free for 30 days) in order to test it. So far, everything is great (it did take 4 days to do the initial backup of 1.5 TB). The incrementals are barely noticeable.

I set it up so that it backs up directly to my Drobo Pro which is connected via SCSI on my router. The backup works great but, when I tried the "Restore" from a generated CD which boots a modified Windows, I can't see the Drobo Pro...

Therefore Genie Timeline is kind of useless to me for disaster recovery (full system recovery) right now .

Anyone knows if I can load up some drivers to be able to at least read from my Drobo Pro when booting up with the CD?

Thanks in advance,


A:Genie Timeline 2 Pro - Supports Restore From Drobo Pro through SCSI?

Drobo firmware update may help:
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A friend of mine and I are needing to do some collaborative work using a piece of software I have installed on my computer and I would like to share my Windows XP desktop (with my PC's audio also being transferred) to him over the web in such a way that also allows us both to use my PC at the same time. What are some good programs out there that can do this?
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I need a movie maker program similar to windows movie makers, but it needs to accept MP4
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I tried to open a large file(rar) - 3.14GB

and when it got to 95% it stopped and i got this message:
"only NTFS file system supports files larger"

Thanks in advance.

A:only NTFS file system supports files larger


Is your System formatted in Fat32??

Go Start>>My Computer>>right click on the main Hard drive Usually C
and choose properties and it will tell you what your File System is.
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Does anyone know what drive sizes are supported by Drive Image 2002 Powerquest? What's the maximum drivesize recommended?
Is it possible to use this program in combination with SATA drives?

Symantec bought the company and now it's impossible to find the documentation on

Anyone has experience with this application?

Any help is greatly appreciated

A:Drive Image 2002 Powerquest supports which drive sizes?

The manual doesn't say but I found the DI 2002 FAQ which does say:

Is there a limitation on the size of hard disks I can image with Drive Image 2002?
Drive Image 2002 does not have a limitation on the size of hard disks it can image.Click to expand...

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do you practically have to download something to support different movie formats?
or is there a place you can look and see if supported?

A:how do you know what type of files your computer supports?

WIndows Explorer>tools>folder options>file types. I think this is what you are asking about.
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i cant seem to play these types with Windows Media Player 11 (nor could i with 9 as well)

do i need to DL codecs, or get another Player?
thank you

A:What Media Player Supports such Files as...

Get VLC. Plays almost any video file there is
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I have a couple of Microsoft Intellimouse mice that are old enough that the buttons Basic programmable that supports mouse scroll wheel? are getting flakey The installed driver was version which is very out of date but that wasn t an issue until I decided to buy a replacement mouse The only feature of the Intellimouse driver that I m interested in is the ability to reprogram the scroll wheel button function to send a double-click I replaced one of the flaky mice with a new very plain vanilla Microsoft mouse assuming that the Basic mouse that supports programmable scroll wheel? driver I already had would still support the Basic mouse that supports programmable scroll wheel? scroll wheel customization Apparently it doesn t at least not for the cheap mouse I bought So I installed the latest version of the Intellimouse driver that I could find ver Didn t work either but on the advise of the driver help file I backed down one version to version The driver offers support for about different Microsoft mice including a couple of choices that would seem to be a match for the mouse I have But none of them gives me the scroll wheel programmability that I had with the old mouse driver combination That is the driver offers the function but the function doesn t work with the new mouse I really don t want to go out and pay - each for a couple of fancy multi-button mice The one I bought for would be perfectly fine if I could get the scroll wheel double click function to work Part of my problem is that I don t still have the packaging the mouse came in and the only identifying mark on it is quot Microsoft quot So I can t be sure I m selecting the correct driver option although I ve tried all of them that look at all reasonable I m tempted to believe the thing is a counterfit knock-off So I guess I m looking for suggestions for a reasonably cost effective alternative I know I can suck it up and pay for something that has buttons and jazzy features I don t want but for the price of two of them I probably could buy a Kindle Fire or some such toy nbsp

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Just a little 30 secs question,

I wanna build my pc, and i've come up with
Gigabyte GA-880GM-UD2H

which is my mothrboard, gosh, big letters,
anyway, the motherboard supports
1800+ ram, does that mean i can put a 1333
ram in there and it will work?

thanks a lot folks


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Hi, my sister has a Vaio RB40 (pretty old computer) with Windows 7 and it uses an Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 900. High resolution videos are lagging and moving windows around doesn't look smooth. From looking up the computer specs I don't think it has a separate video card so I'm planning on ordering a cheap one which will hopefully fix the problems.

The Intel site says that the GMA 900 "supports up to 128MB of video memory; system memory is allocated where it is needed dynamically." but the cheapest video cards today all have more that 128MB of memory. Would it be okay to use 256MB or greater PCI-express card (though I'm guessing only 128MB of that could be used)?

A:Intel GMA 900 supports 128MB, can I use >=256MB video cards?

It will be fine, the 256MB is actually on the Video card. When you fit the card it will take over from the built-in GMA900 video which will be disabled.
This will free up any system ram the GMA900 was using.
Depending on the particular card you may be able to let it use some extra system ram to improve it's performance.
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Any recommendations on PCI video cards that support 1920 x 1080 resolution? Got a 22 inch full HD 1080p monitor but have an older machine (only has PCI slots). Running Windows XP.


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I just bought a Dell inch Widescreen LCD Monitor with a resolution of X I have a ASUS A S-X mother board with a AMD Athlon X Socket CPU GB RAM PCI slots unused PCIe X slot unused watt power supply My current video card is a Trident Dimage Blade D Adapter It will only support a resolution currently set at X Hz I want to upgrade to a better video card that supports the resolution my monitor specs state I dont play games I do edit my digital Supports Card Wide What Dells Video LCD Screen 1366X768 photos sometimes but mostly just do internet surfing I don t want to spend much over I thought any card that supported X resolution would work but a seller on eBay had a card like that and he stated it would not What Video Card Supports Dells 1366X768 Wide Screen LCD work for wide screen i e ratio monitors so I am confused what a video card needs to have to be compatible with a wide screen monitor Regards Doug nbsp

A:What Video Card Supports Dells 1366X768 Wide Screen LCD

This will do what you need and not overload your power supply.
Also might check the dell website to see if there are drivers
available for the monitor.
Probably not needed though.
It is an OEM card,so you may need to download the drivers from the nvidia site.
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I would like to know if there is any motheboards that can support:
4 ATI Radeon HD5870 in Crossfire
Atleast 12gb Ram high speed (preferably up to 128gb of ram support)
Core i7-975 Extreme Edition


A:IS there any mother board that supports this?

No one?
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i was recommended to buy a GIGABYTE GA-MA790X-UD4P motherboard, and when i checked thier memory support list i saw that it is very limited.

i want to buy the CORSAIR TW2X4096-8500C5DF kit, (2x2024)and on their list they say they support the kit with 2x1024, but they dont have any reference for 2024 modules.

should i assume it does support it?

what should i do?

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systems specs:

Processor: Intel pentium D 820 (smithfield)
Package: socket 775 LGA
technology: 90nm

SPECIFICATION: Intel pentium D CPU 2.80 ghz

Motherboard Manufacturer: ECS
Model name: Asterope 2
Chipset: ATI RS400/RC400/RC410
Southbridge: ATI SB400

Graphic card: Nvidia Geforce 8800 gt (1gb)
thank you very much.

A:Can my motherboard supports INTEL core 2 DUO

Supports the following processors:
Pentium D 900 series Dual Core (Presler)
Pentium D 800 series Dual Core (Smithfield)
Pentium 4 500 (Prescott)
Pentium 4 600 (Prescott)
Celeron D (Prescott)
Celeron D (Cedar Mill)
(extract from HP site that was the first google hit when searching for ECS asterope 2)
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I'm planning to buy a new wide-screen monitor for my PC that runs naively at 1680x1050 screen resolution.

The problem is that when I check display settings, I see that the max resolution available is 1280x1024 (my current monitor's native resolution). Would plugging in the new monitor automatically expand the resolution options, or is there something I need to do first?

I'm on Vista using NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GT

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I found that ASROCK 939Dual-SATA2 is a good motherboard that has an APG slot
and dual core, but i looked in google and no place has it.

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How would I know if my Processor supports SSE2 or SSE3...or both?

I have a Compaq Presario SR5010NX Desktop PC.
Type - Intel Celeron D 360 / 3.46 GHz Installed Qty - 1 Max processors supported - 1 Processor main features - Intel Execute Disable Bit, Intel Extended Memory 64 Technology
Cache Memory
Type - L2 cache Installed Size - 512 KB Cache Per Processor - 512 KB
Chipset type - Intel 945GC Express Data bus speed - 533 MHz

A:processor supports SSE2 or SSE3?

Download a program called CPU-Z and it will tell you what instruction set it supports.
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I have a question about the Intel DG XBX motherboard The specs say it only supports up to mhz front side bus I recently purchased the Intel E core duo which is the mhz flavor I ended up getting the DG BU board because I read the x chipset would not work with that cpu And yes I know the DG bu is a really crap board but I was limited I read somewhere that 1333mhz? board Intel supports the E will work it s just that it is not supported by intel and that if you install it it your own risk Is there any truth in this or would it be best to get the Abit ip pro I want a good overclocking board and I read that the Intel board supports 1333mhz? Abit board is a superb overclocker I have Intel board supports 1333mhz? never used anything but Asus boards in the past so I am totally lost on the Intel boards Any input would be great and if this question has been answered before I am sorry nbsp Intel board supports 1333mhz?

A:Intel board supports 1333mhz?

According to Intel the DG33BU will support the C2D E6550 if;

The sSpec # for the processor is SLA9X


the board revision is;



The minimum BIOS version is; 0267
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I have a mercury intel 845 GL/GV mainboard. I would like to know that can I have a DDR2 ram on it. or any suggestions how to know the same.

Thanks for all your help

Hemal Jivani
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I just saw a video card at NewEgg that says in its specifications that it supports Direct X 8. Is there a reason I should not install Direct X 9 on a machine using this card?

A:Video card supports Direct X 8; should I avoid Direct X 9?

And while on the subject, what difference does it make to me whether a card supports DX7, 8, 9 or 10?
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i'm trying to get a sim card reader that works with other software other then the software supplied with the card reader.. The one I have now doesn't work with 3rd party software which is basically my intention for it. Anyone know of anything?

A:Help Finding a Sim card Reader which supports 3rd party software

Rayway420 said:


i'm trying to get a sim card reader that works with other software other then the software supplied with the card reader.. The one I have now doesn't work with 3rd party software which is basically my intention for it. Anyone know of anything?Click to expand...

Anyone? Anyone at all? lol
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Field Value Not Details if inside MB IDE/SATA. sure my supports MB of Motherboard Properties Motherboard ID - - - - Not sure if my MB supports IDE/SATA. Details of MB inside -VIA K KM MS EC SERIES Motherboard Name Matsonic MS D E Front Side Bus Properties Bus Type DEC Alpha EV Bus Width -bit Not sure if my MB supports IDE/SATA. Details of MB inside Real Clock MHz DDR Effective Clock MHz Bandwidth MB s Memory Bus Properties Bus Type DDR SDRAM Bus Width -bit Real Clock MHz DDR Effective Clock MHz Bandwidth MB s Chipset Bus Properties Bus Type VIA V-Link Bus Width -bit Real Clock MHz QDR Effective Clock MHz Bandwidth MB s Motherboard Physical Info CPU Sockets Slots Expansion Slots PCI AGP RAM Slots DIMM Integrated Devices Audio Video LAN Form Factor Micro ATX Motherboard Size mm x mm Motherboard Chipset KM Motherboard Manufacturer Company Name Matsonic Inc Product Information http www matsonic com new product intel htm BIOS Download http www matsonic com new download intel htm Click to expand I currently already has hard disks wanting to purchase another one online Firstly its a SATA hard disk so im not sure if my MB supports only IDE or SATA Secondly is there any other compatibility issue apart from IDE SATA Looking for a gb Internal Hard disk Key Features Size inches Capacities GB Speed RPM Interfaces SATA GB s ATA- Seek Time ms Detailed information in a pdf file can be found here http www hitachigst com tech techlib nsf techdocs BA EA DAACCD E C B E file K DS final pdf Please advice nbsp

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I want install a SATA MAXTOR 300GBs cache16MB in an old M/B,
Asus A7N8X-X, sA.
No RAID, just want to increase the capacity of this PC. I have another HD already in, IDE WD 40GB 8MB in which there is the OS(Win XP Pro SP2). Would these 2 discs work properly together?

So, do I just have to buy a Sata Controller PCI card, install it and install its drivers? Would I have any problem?
Would all of the 300GBs(279 in fact) be recognized?

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Hi !

I need some advice, I'd like to connect 2 monitors to one graphic card,
is there any graphic card that supports 2 monitors ?

OBS ! The old type of monitors, not the new flat screen ones !!!

//sorry, never mind, I have found a Dual Monitor Adapter //

A:Graphic card that supports 2 monitors (old type)

Most geForce cards do. My 7600 does, so does my wife's 6200. Before that, my 5500 did. (Make sure you read the back of the box. Some advertise dual monitors, then the other monitor turns out to be a TV. Not what you want.) PS, the DVI cards come with a DVI to VGA connector that will support your monitors.

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how do i know if my computer supports dual channel?

A:how do i know computer supports dual channel

Give us the model of the motherboard and we'll tell you.
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Outside of buying a big drive and seeing if it works, how can you tell of a board supports 48-bit addressing?

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hey all,
i've been searching for a mobo that supports ati's crossfire (similar to nvidias SLI) and i have yet to find one. it doesn't help that im not sure exactly what i'm looking for to figure out if a mobo is compatible , but i do know i want socket 939...but i don't even know if this is available....
any links anyone?

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well i was at the ASUS site, and i clicked the mobo that i am gonna get, and i saw the ram that the mobo supports, and i was looking at the ones under corsair, the 1gig ram, and the model number was *TWINX2048-3200C2*. but the ram i was gonna get has a different model number, *TWINX1024-3200C2* i looked and i couldnt find the exact model that it had on the ASUS website. will my selected ram still work?

well now that i think of it, i thnk they have a typo, its under 1024gigs, but the model number are the 2048gigs

A:really confused if motherboard supports this ram

"TWINX2048-3200C2 is a pair of 1024 MByte DDR SDRAM DIMMs designed for extreme speed.

TWINX matched memory pairs are specifically designed for motherboards using chipsets with dual memory channels. "

This memory kit consists of two CMX512-3200C2 DDR400 CAS-2 memory modules that have been tested together on either an 875P or an nForce2 Ultra dual channel DDR motherboard"
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I'm not sure if my motherboard supports dual channel ram. Can anyone help me. My motherboard is Asus P5LD2 Deluxe.
Any help is appreciated. thanks

A:I don't know if my motherboard supports Dual Channel

Yep, it does
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I bought an internal fax modem of "modem blaster creative model DI5663" it worked very good for internet, but I think it is not suuporting caller id even it says a lot about this on the package

My question is how can I be sure about this.
it says also it is V.92 ready , i did not read the "ready" till i bought it , my other question is it updateable to v92

i checked creative site, no info about this peace

A:does my internal fax card supports caller id

Upgrades to the firmware are here:

However I do not see that model listed.

Also, no mention of Caller ID is made, and my experience is that its dodgy at best with cheap internal modems anyway, even when they state its compatable.

Different countries use different methods of conveying caller ID, what works in one country may not work in another.
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Well i want a vid card atm i have an intel integrated one, I want to know if my computer can support one should i say my mobo.

My friend also said their are two types of video cards thats beside the brands. its like pci or sumthing like that.

Well id like to know if my computer can handle it and stuff before i go out and buy one. I dont want to buy one and then have it like screw me over by not working then i cant return it and all.

PLease help and thanks im hoping i could buy it tonight.

PS. please give me ideas of good vid cards and from where to buy them, I live in Toronto Canada btw.