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My laptop doesn't turn on after Sleep. Must Force reboot to ...

Q: My laptop doesn't turn on after Sleep. Must Force reboot to ...

Hello, whenever I shut the lid of my laptop, it goes to sleep mode. After a while, when I open it back up it would turn on normally, but most of the times, it would just not even turn on.The keyboard lights can be turned on and the power button is on during that moment. Is there anything I can do to fix this problem?
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Preferred Solution: My laptop doesn't turn on after Sleep. Must Force reboot to ...

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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I recently got a new laptop Samsung Chronos Z A-A and it all worked fine for the first days until it performed an automatic windows update Windows The laptop starts up to the first startup screen the one saying Samsung and F for setup och F for recovery The screen will thereafter become black screen still on but displaying the color black with a blinking underline in the left top corner Nothing else will start happening and it won t won't Reboot eject. without CD?/Force start- Laptop to DVD startup completely I am really annoyed since this is a completely new Laptop won't start- Reboot without CD?/Force DVD to eject. laptop The store won't fix the problem and the warranty doesn't include software failures even though the failing software was preinstalled and I haven't been messing around with it I ve googled the problem and the best solution seems to completely reboot the laptop to it s orginal settings and software I have done a complete restoring by pressing F and choosing a full restoration to the date when I first used the laptop before all the problems I have done this several times and the restoration process was succesful according the laptop but the problem still remains A restoring CD was included with the laptop However The problem is that I ve already a DVD in the laptop that I can t eject due to the software problems I can think of possible solutions and therefore my following questions But please let me know if you know of any other sollutions How to force the DVD to eject Is it possible to manually force the DVD to eject so I can put in the Restore CD There s no button to manually eject the DVD on the laptop The delete button are suppose to be used to eject the DVD but it s not working I assume it s beacsue the software isn t working correctly Any solutions involving right clicking on the DVD drive in My documents or anything similar is ofcourse not possible since the laptop won t startup completely Is there any way to reboot the laptop without the CD Is it possible to copy the CD to a USB memory or anything similar and reboot that way Or is it possible to connect the failing laptop with anouther computer and run the reboot that way What would be the best approach Thank you I would deeply apreciate any help that you could offer

A:Laptop won't start- Reboot without CD?/Force DVD to eject.

To eject a cd/dvd on the samsung chronos press Fn and top row delete button, it has arrow head and bar in blue.
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My mom left her HP laptop on while she was not using it. When she came back it had gone to sleep. She said that she tried to move the curser to wake it up but it would not. then she held to power button until it turned of. After that it would not turn back on and the light that is usaly on when the Laptop is pluged in is no longer light. Because of this I think the battery might have completely died. Does any one else have an other theory?

A:Laptop want turn on after force shut off

What is the model number of the HP laptop?

Sounds like a hardware or accessory issue, definitely.


Try this:

1.) Remove the battery from the laptop
2.) Remove the adapter from the laptop DC jack.
3.) Press the power button several times.
4.) Next, hold the power button down and count to 5 slowly.

5.) Now, plug the adapter in with-OUT the battery.
6.) If that doesn't work, attach the battery and unplug the adapter.
7.) If still no-go, plug in the adapter and try again.


See if that helps. If not, you have a bigger issue that may need physical inspection.
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Hi there I ve been having some issues with Vista on my computer lately so before I forget here is the info from this site s SysInfo application Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version OS Version Microsoft Windows Vista amp Home Premium Service Pack bit Processor Intel R Core TM Duo CPU T GHz Intel Always this when to Doesn't Vista occurs Have Sleep: Reboot Family Vista Doesn't Always Sleep: Have to Reboot when this occurs Model Stepping Processor Count RAM Mb Graphics Card NVIDIA GeForce M G Mb Hard Drives C Total - MB Free - MB Motherboard alienware Antivirus None Please do not comment on this Here s the problem I ve been having Sometimes when I attempt to have my laptop sleep either by going into the shutdown menu or closing the lid the computer does not actually sleep it simply shuts of the display and leaves everything else running I m not sure it is actually shutting off the display since after this occurs I am unable to get the display to show anything unless I turn the computer off This problem does not happen of the time it probably only happens once every or times The problem does not occur if I simply let the computer run until it goes into sleep mode which isn t helpful if I want to go to sleep myself since the lights on my laptop are so excessively bright which is ironically the only time this problem ever occurs I have tried a few solutions such as setting the multimedia options to allow the computer to sleep which thank you oh so very much vista was set to prevent the computer from sleeping I ve tried unplugging the laptop after the problem occurs to see if it will go into sleep mode properly but this does nothing but cause my battery to run out while I m asleep I ve tried using the shutdown menu to put it into sleep which failed miserably Right now I m trying a work-around solution I went into power mode and set it so that my laptop won t do anything different if I close the lid while the power cord is in I ll just have to make sure the light doesn t keep me up Thanks for reading I look forward to your advice druindo nbsp

A:Vista Doesn't Always Sleep: Have to Reboot when this occurs

OS Version: Microsoft® Windows Vista™ Home Premium, Service Pack 1, 64 bitClick to expand...

Not to get off the subject here, but is there a reason why you haven't upgraded Windows Vista to SP2 which was released in May 2009?

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This doesn't happen all the time but it stopped a while ago but started again recently. When I look at the screen really close I can see the log in screen but there is no back light. The computer still runs so I can plug it into another monitor and switch screen settings and restart it from there.

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium, Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: AMD Phenom(tm) II N930 Quad-Core Processor, AMD64 Family 16 Model 5 Stepping 3
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 4094 Mb
Graphics Card: AMD Radeon HD 6500M/5600/5700 Series, 1024 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 476837 MB, Free - 10842 MB; E: Total - 99 MB, Free - 61 MB;
Motherboard: Acer, Aspire 7551
Antivirus: Microsoft Security Essentials, Updated and Enabled

A:Screen doesn't turn on after sleep

looks like the back light has gone and needs replacing
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This is my info from speccy Operating System Windows Pro -bit CPU Intel Core i GHz C Haswell nm Technology RAM GB Dual-Channel DDR MHz - - - Motherboard ASRock H Performance CPUSocket C Graphics BenQ GL x Hz MB ATI AMD Radeon R Series Gigabyte C Storage GB Samsung up that when show drive on/ I reboot have a external doesn't I turn SSD EVO GB SSD I have a external drive that doesn't show up when I turn on/ reboot C GB Seagate ST DM - YN SATA C GB Seagate Expansion Desk I have a external drive that doesn't show up when I turn on/ reboot SCSI Disk Device USB SATA C GB Western Digital WD Ext HDD USB Device USB SATA C THE DRIVE BELOW GB Seagate GoFlex Desk USB Device USB SATA C THE DRIVE ABOVE Optical Drives PIONEER DVD-RW DVR- Audio Realtek High I have a external drive that doesn't show up when I turn on/ reboot Definition Audio GB Seagate GoFlex Desk USB Device USB SATA C This drive here is the drive that never shows when I reboot or turn on pc If I unplug and plug back in after pc is on its good to go Any ideas I had it on a usb usb card where the other drives are and then swapped it to the mobo usb port But again no difference I am at a loss any help would be excellent cheers
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Hello I would like to ask a question about my desktop here After upgrading to Windows I noticed that there has been a problem with my display It doesn't happen everytime but randomly when the computer is idle for minutes and the screen is automatically turned off it won't turn back on anymore Normally I will doesn't Display from automatic wake up turn sleep just move the mouse and the display will turn back on again However when the problem happens no matter what I do moving the mouse typing in the keyboard it won't turn back on I even tried to press the shutdown button thinking that the computer is just sleeping and it will wake up again however it doesn't do anything The only thing that works is the restart button I've tried every way to try and Display doesn't wake up from automatic turn sleep stop the problem uninstalling the graphic drivers and reinstall the latest beta drivers uninstall the drivers again and install the WHQL drivers installing monitor drivers checking out the power options and making sure that the computer isn't set to sleep after a timeout period Nothing works the problem will still randomly happen again after the desktop turns off the display monitor My graphic card is Sapphire Radeon R does anyone have any solution to this problem of mine Help is greatly appreciated I'm very tired of this happening suddenly I do not want to lose my data from restarting the computer
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Hi Everybody,My laptop no longer will turn on and was wondering if anyone had this experience in the past.With all my materials on it, I hesistate to ship it out for 3 weeks.Please advise.

A:Flex 2: stuck in sleep/battery led doesn't turn on

I have the same problem. The laptop is a week old, worked fine. Now the battery light on the side comes on when plugged in, but it won't start.
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Hello TSG My girlfriend is having a few difficulties with her GB Buffalo External Hard Drive As of this morning her Laptop hasn t been able to turn on if the HDD is plugged in and turn HDD Solved: if HDD Laptop doesn't plugg Doesn't - is EXT EXT BSOD's on recognise if she plugs the HDD in while turned on the Laptop doesn t recognise it and Blue Screens after a few minutes She hasn t had the Hard Drive long coming up to a year now and her Laptop is a Fujitsu Siemens with Windows OS She says she doesn t want to reformat though it sounds more of a power issue to me if possible as she has a lot of photographs and work on there she doesn t wish to loose If anyone has any idea what s wrong please let us know Thanks a lot EDIT - I just advised her to try plugging the EXT HDD into another plug socket and low and behold it works again She said however that when she plugged it in blue sparks flickered Solved: Laptop doesn't recognise EXT HDD BSOD's - Doesn't turn on if EXT HDD is plugg at Solved: Laptop doesn't recognise EXT HDD BSOD's - Doesn't turn on if EXT HDD is plugg the socket for a few seconds which really doesn t sound good Any idea if it s the HDD s plug itself going or is it Solved: Laptop doesn't recognise EXT HDD BSOD's - Doesn't turn on if EXT HDD is plugg the sockets in her room lt gt Cheers nbsp

A:Solved: Laptop doesn't recognise EXT HDD BSOD's - Doesn't turn on if EXT HDD is plugg

Can you try the external drive on another PC as a test
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I have a dell inspiron n it has the following specs years since purchse core i GB b of RAM nvidia gt graphics card gb dedicated Windows bit GB HDD The laptop was or screen booting turn beeps no doesn't on, Laptop boot, sounds doesn't are heard error working fine yesterday and when i went to sleep i properly turned it off without any errors occurring Today when i turned it on - -the power button turns on -the three support buttons on the top Laptop doesn't boot, screen doesn't turn on, no error beeps or booting sounds are heard right corner of the laptop flash -i can see battery and power notification lights but the hard drive light doesn t blink or turn on -i can hear and in fact glimpse the fan working -the screen shows nothing it isn t a black screen because that would imply that the screen still turns on but the screen remains off nbsp -I hear no error beeps or any kind of booting sounds -I should also probably mention that recently the AC adapter of the laptop wasn t working properly and i had part of its main connecting wires replaced while keeping the circuit board or main work board intact and it worked fine after that but i am guessing the repair may have something to do with this new issue I have tried the hard reset or flea power method hoping it would solve the problem but it hasn t work even after multiple attempts The laptop is no longer under warranty and if the issue is dire and i suspect it is i would have to send the computer to a dell support nbsp and repair center and i have nbsp heard maintenance and repair costs may be as much as the laptop s price depending on the nature of the fault nbsp But at this moment i have no idea what the fault is nbsp Please suggest any faults that may cause such a situation and a suitable course of action for a solution

A:Laptop doesn't boot, screen doesn't turn on, no error beeps or booting sounds are heard

This fixed my problem with my Lenovo. Thanks so much!
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So I really need my computer because I have a paper due Monday. lol

Okay, so my computer turns on, but all you hear is the fan blow (it seems to blow faster and the air is not warm or hot). The screen is completely black, and when I hook it up to another monitor, it is blank just like my laptop.

Another thing is that only the bluetooth light and the sleep light turns on. Nothing else turns on.
This is a picture of the buttons.

I really don't know where to put this, so feel free to move it.

A:MSI A6200 - Model MS- 1681 Screen doesn't turn on - Blue sleep light on
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The problem is that when I close the lid on my laptop, the screen goes black, and that's it. The fan is still running, all the lights are on. The thing is, when I turn off wifi, the laptop sleeps fine, with the power light turning orange and pulsating, and the fan off.

Earlier I found a page with the so called fix for this which was to change the advanced power option "Prevent idling to sleep" in "When sharing files" to "Allow computer to sleep." This fixed my problem, but it came back after a while, probably due to going off and on wifi, and plugging and unplugging.

I need to get the laptop to sleep properly even when on wifi and sharing media.

A:Laptop sleep doesn't actually sleep, fan still on.

Make sure that your settings, when closing the lid, are set to Hibernate. This will be a true sleep mode.
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i have a philips freevent x53 laptop its only 6 months old . but it crashed and wont load up . it keeps going on to the screen where you choose safe mood ect . it wont go no further then that . ive tryed rebooting and that doesnt work . i have a reboot disc to but it wont read the disc .
any help ?

A:my laptop wont turn on or reboot

You may need to go into your laptop's BIOS and change the boot order, as soon as you turn your laptop on, look for an option similar to "Press Del to enter Setup".

When you see the option, let the laptop run to the point where it doesn't go any further and reboot it. This time, keep pressing the button you saw earlier - it could be either Del, F2 or any number of keys.

This should load your laptop's BIOS screen. Using the arrow keys on your keyboard, navigate around - being careful not to change any of the options - until you find a section or menu called "Boot Order" or something similar. What you then need to do is fix it so that the CD-ROM drive is above your hard drive in the order, the exact key commands will probably be displayed to you in some kind of help section of the screen.

When you've done this, reboot with the CD in the drive and it should start. If not, try the CD in another computer (just starting up from the CD alone will not do anything to the computer). If it starts and shows a blue "Windows Installation" screen, there's a more serious problem with your laptop.

If this is the case, I would personally recommend sending it back to Philips (or wherver you got it from) and getting it looked at under warranty. Laptop warranties are usually good for a year unless you've dropped it or spilled something on it.

Hope this helps a bit
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I would like to know how to create a task in task scheduler , that'll force the computer into sleep over a running program.

Basically, I have some software that runs in the background called 'WD anywhere backup' and when this software is running it prevents the computer from sleeping.
I need the software to run, I cant disable it, because it backs up my computer to an external hard drive.

But someone told me it might be possible to create a sleep task, but to override this program, or exclude it ?

Many thanks in advance,


A:create sleep task, to force sleep over a program ?

I'm a little confused. If you put the computer to sleep, no programs will run, including the WD backup, unless it wakes the system up.

Do you expect the WD backup to run during sleep?
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My laptop is an MSI Gx660, running windows 7 64bit with 12gb ram.
The laptop is only 1-2months old and My harddisk has very little files with about 205gb free on the C drive.

After using for a long period of time like 6-7hours, I would usually put my laptop into hibernate mode.
When I click hibernate, the screen turns black but even after 20mins the power button including wifi and other lights doesnt go off, which I have to force shutdown by holding the power button. Even sleeping the laptop after 6-7hours does the same issue, unable to go to sleep(indicated by the blinking power button)

The wierd thing is that if I use the laptop for about 2 hours or less, I am able to fully hibernate or sleep, which I tested a few times.
Can anyone help me?

A:Laptop doesnt turn off when going into sleep/hibernate

Check the power options in the control panel (start, power options) are set correctly to what you want the buttons to do - if these are correct, you should get advice from MSI support given how new the laptop is, and why it seems to do it correctly after not much use but doesn't after prolonged use ??.
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Hi HP team. I have problems with my laptop (screen touch) HP Pavilion 13 X360 PC when it falls asleep after not being in use for certain time arround 30minutes. Whether it is connected to power or run on battery, in case it falls to sleep then it cant turn on the screen. The power buttorn remain blinking to show that it is not shut down, but whenever you click keybody buttorns or power buttorn the laptop does not turn on the screen unless I decide to press long the power buttorn to force it shut down and torn on again. Turning off and then on the laptop again, causes me to lose my data by restarting the laptop. Incase I dont force power off, then I will not be able to turn on the screen. Could you please assist me to resolve this problem?
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My Dell Latitute E7440 will frequently have a blank screen after going to sleep. When it happens, I can't use the laptop until I turn it off and on, losing all the programs I have open. Two days ago I got a BSOD 9F when trying to wake it up. I don't know that's wrong with the laptop, running WinDBG on the minidump tells me either ntkrnlmp.sys or igdkmd64.sys caused it but I don't have any detail beyond that. Need someone more knowledgeable than I to help me.

A:BSOD 9F - laptop screen won't turn on after sleep

There appears to 2 independent issues here.

* *
* Bugcheck Analysis *
* *

Use !analyze -v to get detailed debugging information.

BugCheck 3B, {c0000005, fffff88005cac2db, fffff88004308900, 0}

*** WARNING: Unable to verify timestamp for igdkmd64.sys
*** ERROR: Module load completed but symbols could not be loaded for igdkmd64.sys
Probably caused by : igdkmd64.sys ( igdkmd64+1b22db )

Followup: MachineOwner

0: kd> lmvm igdkmd64
start end module name
fffff880`05afa000 fffff880`05f33fe0 igdkmd64 T (no symbols)
Loaded symbol image file: igdkmd64.sys
Image path: igdkmd64.sys
Image name: igdkmd64.sys
Timestamp: Wed May 08 09:45:19 2013 (51899917)
CheckSum: 00442E25
ImageSize: 00439FE0
Translations: 0000.04b0 0000.04e4 0409.04b0 0409.04e4
The Intel video driver is outdated. See if an updated driver exists:

The 0x9 is less clear, but I suspect the issue is the outdated Intel network driver.

* *
* Bugcheck Analysis *
* *

Use !analyze -v to get detailed debugging information.

BugCheck 9F, {4, 258, fffffa80036c6040, fffff80000b9a3d0}

Implicit thread is now fffffa80`036c6040
Probably caused by : ntkrnlmp.exe ( nt!PnpBugcheckPowerTimeout+76 )

Followup: MachineOwner
ffff800`00b9a628 fffffa80`0a868000
fffff800`00b9a630 00000014`00000000
fffff800`00b9a638 00000000`00000000
fffff800`00b9a640 fffffa80`07c01f50
fffff800`00b9a648 fffff880`06087787Unable to load image NETwsw02.sys, Win32 error 0n2
*** WARNING: Unable to verify timestamp for NETwsw02.sys
*** ERROR: Module load completed but symbols could not be loaded for NETwsw02.sys
fffff800`00b9a650 fffffa80`0a47af60
fffff800`00b9a658 fffff880`061e80f8 NETwsw02+0x1650f8
fffff800`00b9a660 fffffa80`0a47af60
fffff800`00b9a668 fffffa80`07bf98b0
fffff800`00b9a670 00000000`00000000
fffff800`00b9a678 fffff880`06087550 NETwsw02+0x4550
fffff800`00b9a680 fffffa80`07bf98b0
fffff800`00b9a688 fffff880`06087787 NETwsw02+0x4787
fffff800`00b9a690 fffffa80`00000000
fffff800`00b9a698 00000000`00000000
fffff800`00b9a6a0 fffffa80`0a47adc0
fffff800`00b9a6a8 fffff880`0609c3a3 NETwsw02+0x193a3
fffff800`00b9a6b0 00000000`00000000
ffff880`06083000 fffff880`063ec000 NETwsw02 T (no symbols)
Loaded symbol image file: NETwsw02.sys
Image path: NETwsw02.sys
Image name: NETwsw02.sys
Timestamp: Fri Jun 28 05:44:36 2013 (51CC9D2C)
CheckSum: 003582CF
ImageSize: 00369000
Translations: 0000.04b0 0000.04e4 0409.04b0 0409.04e4
Update the driver from the same site.

In fact, I strongly recommend updating all Intel based drivers from that location.
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Hi, I have a Toshiba Satellite A665-S5173, this morning I tried to use my laptop, but it didn't power on. I removed the battery and disconnect the adapter then press the power button for 20 secs, but it didn't worked.

When I connect the adapter without the battery and press the power button, the power led glow and fan start to spin but in 30 secs it shuts off. (there is no image on screen).

Please help me!!, Could it be a motherboard issue?

A:My laptop doesn't turn on!!

Hi and Welcome to TSF! - Please do not create two threads on the same topic.

Can you connect to the BIOS?

Do you have your Windows CD?
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I have a HP pavilion dv6000 had some viruses on it and they help me in the spyware forums. after they told me to update windows and i did but when it restarted the laptop never turned back on again. when i hit the power button all the lights flicker really quick and turn right off, the power supply plug on side is blue when its plugged in and the charge says its charging. i tried different memory and battery. anything else i can try? any help would be appreciated

A:Laptop doesn't turn on

You may have to pull out the CMOS battery on the motherboard if it is user replaceable. Try and hold down the power button for 30 seconds with the AC adapter and battery removed... connect the AC adapter and try to power up the laptop
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Okay I've had my laptop for about 5 months and out of no where it doesn't turn on?! What's going on I didn't pay all that money for a "good" brand company to do this. I plug it in and not even the little light near the charger port turns on.

A:My laptop doesn't turn on!!

It is quite possible the AC adapter has gone bad. If you are still under warranty you should open a support case with HP or if you have an amazon account you can get a replacement AC adapter quickly for testing purposes. I am going to guess this answer is not going to make you happy but we are a user to user forum and have no ability to make warranty adjustments. You could also try to find an electronics shop that would test your adapter on a voltage meter to see if it is putting out power.
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HELP!!!  My laptop doesn't turn ON.  Troubleshooting done on electrical plug/outlet...Still doesn't turn ON.  Can't use it.
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I'm not sure what the problem is but a relative asked if I could do anything about their laptop not booting up. It's an emachines E625. They don't have any additional info to tell me. I would've thought it was the charger but the light on it shows that it is on. The charging light on the laptop doesn't come on however. I would guess that it might be some kind of short in the cord that goes to the laptop but the cord has been used with an identical laptop. Not sure what I should do...

A:Laptop doesn't turn on

I have had 2 Dell laptops do this last year. Turned out to be the jack on the back of the laptop.
If they have another laptop they might try switching the batteries to see if the laptop in question will boot from the battery. If it still will not work, then there js a problem with the machine.

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hi all i hope you guys can help i would really appreciate all ideas lately my hp laptop used to overheat and shut down instantly i had to wait roughly - minutes in order to turn it on again however after that the screen used to freeze and the graphics started to look wrong with colourful strips at the start up or after on the desktop now wen i press the on button the lights do come up on the keyboard area but the screen starts of black then the contrasts increases and gradually having a colourful screen but no signs of anything else its like the colourful signal screen we get on tv channels i had thoought it could be the battery because it never lasted long and it had to be plugged in all the time but i guess its more than that i have taken it to pc world but costing to fix S i just want to know the problem and whether its as big as it looks many thanks and turn doesn't on HP laptop look forward to responses nbsp

A:HP laptop doesn't turn on

This could be a few things:

When you say your laptop used to overheat and shut down, was it sat on a table or was it such that the ventilation could have been blocked (by a duvet or blanket on a bed)?

If the fan has stopped, that will cause immediate shut down as the CPU gets to it's max temperature. In turn, this could affect other areas of the motherboard such as graphics (you did not say whether you had onboard graphics card) and it certainly looks like graphics have been affected.

Are you able to check inside (are you confident to open up your laptop)? If so you will be able to see if the fan is working or not, otherwise you will have to listen to see if the fan appears to be working.

In the end, laptops do not like heat which is why it is essential to maintain the ventilation at all times.

PC world and Tech Guys charge the earth for basic laptop or PC repairs and so if you can find a colleague or friend to have a look just to diagnose the fault that will save you some pennies even if you are forced to take it in for repair. Good luck!
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HI.I was trying to install a new Hdd on my HP 15-d038dx but it wont start up, what I mean is when I press the on button it keeps the screen black (no backlight) so it doesn't show BIOS screen, no fan sound, no capslock/numlock light and no power on light. it's like I have never pressed the power on button (I tried to remove the battery and ac power adapter, press the on button for 30 sec. without changes )but when I install the old HDD it starts normally, by the way it starts without HDD tooit just happen when I plug the new HDD ( I tried with a seagate and western digital)
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My HP Laptop went off when it was working, and it didn't turn on then. The power button led glows for few seconds when i try to turn on the laptop,but nothing in the screen,no sounds of cpu fan or booting.

Solutions Tried:

I tried removing AC supply,and battery and tried holding the power button for 30 seconds and put everything back in. But this doesn't help me either. I also tried with different RAM stick and slot,which doesn't work.

When i plug the AC adapter in, I noticed that the corresponding indicator in the cpu doesn't glow. Anyway i can't either work with the battery.

Please help me out if you can!

A:HP Laptop doesn't turn on :/

Seems like the video card is defective. You may need to repair it.
Have you tried using a different power adaptor?
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i've got an acer aspire 5735z laptop about two and half years old :runing windows vista,intel pentuim dual-core processor T3400 .It was working fine last night ,wake up this morning trying to turn it on :lights are on for about 10 /15 sec ,the fan as well turn for the same time ,then it turns off on it's own .tried to take the battery out and pluged in :same problem .kept pressing the turn on button for 30 sec(with the battery in and out) same thing happen .take the fan out and cleared thaught it maybe full of dust but it wasn't .i've took the hdd out and put it back as well as the two memories but still with the same problem ,any idea please ? many thanks to any suggestions

A:Laptop doesn't turn on

Sorry tgo learn of your woes... Unfortunately, Acer laptops are like all the rest... if you didn't get one with a long warranty. time to get a new one... But the hard drive "should" be recoverable.
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I got this problem since last month. My laptop which is 5 years old stopped working all of the sudden last month. When I try to turn it on, the battery, hd and cpu lights turn on for less than 2 seconds and then it shuts off. The screen doesn't even turn on. I'm guessing the motherboard is fried but I'm not sure... Any suggestions?

A:Laptop doesn't turn on

Buy a new one. Sorry to say a 5 year old laptop is almost worthless. Getting the data off it shoudl be no problem if thats your concern.
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Unsure as to whether to post this here or in the hardware section but since this might be a software problem I figured I d try here first I have a Dell Laptop's not turn does mode drive off sleep hard l x which has an Laptop's sleep mode does not turn off hard drive SSD for the OS and some programs and a normal HDD for generic storage needs A few months ago a strange and annoying problem started occurring in that whenever I put the laptop into sleep mode either by closing the lid or by choosing it from the start menu times out of it will begin going into sleep mode the screen will go black turn off etc but the mechanical storage HDD will not spin down and turn off locking the laptop into this neither on nor off limbo state When this happens the only things I can do are hold the power Laptop's sleep mode does not turn off hard drive button to force shut down remove the battery or let the battery run dry The next time I power the laptop on I ll be greeted with the quot you didn t turn your computer off properly quot screen I figured this was a problem with the HDD itself as it was a few years old and was giving me other warning signs that it was on the way out such as labored clicking and grinding noises when made to do extensive data transfers So I saved a bit of money bought a new HDD even a different manufacturer to the original a Western Digital instead of seagate copied my data to it installed it only to discover that the problem STILL exists sleep mode is still unusable to me I can imagine that reinstalling windows will probably solve my issue however since it s currently loaded up with software I need going into my last semester of college I d rather try and avoid that if possible I ve already tried searching for a solution to this to no avail either my google-fu is just not up to scratch or I might literally be the only person with this issue Thanks in advance and hey as a bonus if you can solve the issue you might be an actual wizard EDIT Can t use signatures yet so heres my specs OS Version Microsoft Windows Home Premium Service Pack bit Processor Intel R Core TM i - QM CPU GHz Intel Family Model Stepping Processor Count RAM Mb Graphics Card NVIDIA GeForce GT M - MB Hard Drives C Total - MB Free - MB E Total - MB Free - MB H Total - MB Free - MB Motherboard Dell Inc XN K Antivirus ESET NOD Antivirus Updated and Enabled nbsp

A:Laptop's sleep mode does not turn off hard drive

go to the Dell support site and complete an online diagnostic, then check for driver / bios updates for your laptop.
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I put my laptop on sleep mode. I later then try to on it . However, it has no reaction. I tried to power off it by holding onto the Power button, but it couldnt off.I then took the batt off, the power button is off, i then try to on it again. But it does not work. Though the adapter is working.( lights seen) . I could not on it. I tried the method given on youtube . Still not working. Any advice can you give me ?

A:Hp Envy Laptop (touchscreen) Sleep mode but cant turn on. I ...

Send me via email will be good too
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Hi I Have Hp Pavilion dv - us and recently I notice that windows shuts off but my computer stays on the fan hard disc and lights stay on also if I put my computer to sleep it wont wake up i have to hold the power button off for seconds and restart the off shuts laptop go off or but Windows sleep. to turn wont computer I uninstalled all programs that are not necessary and also uninstalled my virus protector I did run the disc cleaner fixed the registry and ran a virus check and malware and no problems there I also did a tune up check that comes loaded with my Hp system and found no problems I already disabled all the usb controllers video card sound card network card and still no luck also on safe mode Windows shuts off but laptop wont turn off or go to sleep. the computer wont shut off I also ran msconfig and disabled all start-up programs and services and no luck still I uninstalled all the windows updates also and still have same problem any help I will take thanks

A:Windows shuts off but laptop wont turn off or go to sleep.

When my Laptop would hang like that usually it was my WiFi showed as disabled in Device Manager. I set it to Enabled and all was back to normal.
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I'm using laptop ASUS X43U and VGA ATI Radeon HD 6310M. My BSOD usually appear when i make my laptop sleep for 15 - 20 minutes. Then after turn on, first black windows with only cursor appear and then BSOD started. I just saw atikmpag.sys and time calculated until 100 then restart and after restart i got information "Your Windows is not shutdown normally. There is 3 option : 1. Start Windows normally. 2 and 3 i forgot but i see there is option "Safe Mode". Any solution what happen with my laptop ? For information i always use this laptop for 3 hours. Every 3 hours i make sleep 15 minutes and use this laptop 3 - 6 hours. I guess i must update driver VGA but when i go web AMD and i choose software Automatically and Detect and use it, that software didn't download which right driver VGA for me.

A:BSOD happen every turn on my laptop from sleep 15 - 30 minutes

Hi Nobodies.

This is not an usual situation of a BSOD. I have never seen a stop 0x116 upon wake-up. Though display crash at wake-up is most common, but it comes with a different bugcheck code. Whereas a stop 0x116 is theoretically a display failure, not a wake-up failure.

It also appears from the supplied data that your computer ASUS K43U is having AMD Radeon HD 6310, which is an integrated graphics chip in the AMD E-350 APU processor, not having any dedicated memory.

When the integrated processor graphics fails, it is not a good sign.

Is the computer hot? Report us the heat of the computer after a couple of hours of your normal usage. Upload a screenshot of the summery tab of Speccy. Alternatively, you can publish a Speccy snapshot too: Speccy - Publish Snapshot of your System Specs .

Follow the "Automatically Detect and Install" option in Download Drivers, update the version of the display driver.

Let us know the results.
* I requested essenbe to have a look at the issue, too.

* *
* Bugcheck Analysis *
* *

Use !analyze -v to get detailed debugging information.

BugCheck 116, {fffffa8004e694e0, fffff88003f3de5c, 0, 2}

Unable to load image \SystemRoot\system32\DRIVERS\atikmpag.sys, Win32 error 0n2
*** WARNING: Unable to verify timestamp for atikmpag.sys
*** ERROR: Module load completed but symbols could not be loaded for atikmpag.sys
Probably caused by : atikmpag.sys ( atikmpag+ae5c )

Followup: MachineOwner

0: kd> !analyze -v
* *
* Bugcheck Analysis *
* *

Attempt to reset the display driver and recover from timeout failed.
Arg1: fffffa8004e694e0, Optional pointer to internal TDR recovery context (TDR_RECOVERY_CONTEXT).
Arg2: fffff88003f3de5c, The pointer into responsible device driver module (e.g. owner tag).
Arg3: 0000000000000000, Optional error code (NTSTATUS) of the last failed operation.
Arg4: 0000000000000002, Optional internal context dependent data.

Debugging Details:
fffff880`03f3de5c 4883ec28 sub rsp,28h






ANALYSIS_VERSION: 6.3.9600.16384 (debuggers(dbg).130821-1623) amd64fre

fffff880`023659c8 fffff880`11ce5140 : 00000000`00000116 fffffa80`04e694e0 fffff880`03f3de5c 00000000`00000000 : nt!KeBugCheckEx
fffff880`023659d0 fffff880`11ce4e4a : fffff880`03f3de5c fffffa80`04e694e0 fffffa80`0644dd50 fffffa80`05aee410 : dxgkrnl!TdrBugcheckOnTimeout+0xec
fffff880`02365a10 fffff880`11d8bf13 : fffffa80`04e694e0 00000000`00000000 fffffa80`0644dd50 fffffa80`05aee410 : dxgkrnl!TdrIsRecoveryRequired+0x1a2
fffff880`02365a40 fffff880`11db5cf1 : 00000000`ffffffff 00000000`000df4ac 00000000`00000000 00000000`00000002 : dxgmms1!VidSchiReportHwHang+0x40b
fffff880`02365b20 fffff880`11db4437 : 00000000`00000102 00000000`00000000 00000000`000df4ac 00000000`00000000 : dxgmms1!VidSchiCheckHwProgress+0x71
fffff880`02365b50 fffff880`11d872d2 : ffffffff`ff676980 fffffa80`05aee410 00000000`00000000 00000000`00000000 : dxgmms1!VidSchiWaitForSchedulerEvents+0x1fb
fffff880`02365bf0 f... Read more
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Hi I sleep doesn't or Laptop hibernate have a Dell Inspiron R running Windows my laptop does not go to sleep or hibernate each time I close the lid or press the power button it seems that it forcefully shut down or go to sleep hibernate and then shuts down immediately quot the shut down screen does not appear quot When i start the laptop opening the lid pressing the button it starts as if it were properly shut down I am aware of the options that I can adjust for sleep hibernate or shut down when the lid is closed the power button pressed the problem also exists when giving a quot Sleep hibernate quot order from the start menu I have tried several suggested solutions on the web I have updated the Bios quot whatever that does quot and several other drivers I have tried running a quot PowerCfg -energy quot test on the command prompt quot several people mentioned that by using this test the Laptop doesn't sleep or hibernate found a driver that is requesting the computer to not sleep but i found no such errors i ran a few tests on Dell com to check for any Laptop doesn't sleep or hibernate problems but Laptop doesn't sleep or hibernate everything seems OK also when the laptop is sitting idle for a while and it goes automatically for sleep it does not wake up by moving mouse clicking on the power button I have to shut it down by holding the power button then press it again to turn it on as I remember the problem first appeared after updating the windows from to please help and thanks in advance nbsp

A:Laptop doesn't sleep or hibernate

Try updating the BIOS:

Some DELLs come with there own power management software, that might be interfering...

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I have a Dell Studio running Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit, and the laptop doesn't sleep when I close the lid, except I double-checked my settings in the control panel and it's supposed to sleep.

I've had the computer for over 6 months now and the problem first started yesterday, right after I installed the latest Windows updates. When I close the lid, the computer doesn't sleep, but even when I open the lid, nothing appears on the monitor. It's still black and unresponsive, although the power button isn't blinking, so I know it's still awake.

A:Laptop doesn't sleep when lid is closed

Hello ieatlikeawolf, Welcome to the Forum.

Could you answer a few questions?
Does the laptop go into sleep mode if you choose Sleep from the start menu?
Have you tried doing a System Restore to a point before you installed the updates?
Did you install Update KB976902 at the same time as other updates?
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Hi, I'm having problems when my laptop goes to sleep, I'm not sure what happens but when my battery is low, it goes to sleep but doesn't wake up even if I plug the charger in. The only way I can get this fix is to restart it by shutting it down through the power button.

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Hello people !

As the title suggests, I'm having difficulties bringing up to life my laptop. I know for sure its in sleep mode, as I accidently pressed the "hibernate" option from the Start-shutdown menu of Windows 7.

In the previous times this happened, unplugging and then inserting the power supply cable fixed the issue.
But now, nothing works. Not the unplugging, not the constant pressing on the power button. Nothing.

I've read other threads that suggest updating the display driver, disabling the "hibernate" option and other solutions that must have the PC ONLINE (obviously this isn't my case).


A:LG LS55 laptop with Win 7 doesn't come up from sleep

Welcome to the forum dildror. I'm assuming the laptop will not wake at all now? Here are a few things to try.

Remove all batteries, wait a few minutes, and then replace the batteries.

Try pressing and holding the PC?s power button for five seconds or more while it is plugged in to AC.

You said you accidentally pressed the Hibernate key? Try pressing or holding that key again, it may reset it.

A Guy
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About a week ago I noticed my laptop stopped going into sleep mode when I closed the lid. It just stays on. I checked the power settings, and they are set to sleep when the lid closes, in fact, I can manually put it into sleep mode myself and close the lid and it stays sleeping fine, however, it doesn't go to sleep when you close the lid anymore.

Never experienced any issue like this with the laptop before. It is an HP Pavilion dv3 running windows 7.

I check some online forums and tried of few of things including a system restore but nothing has worked for me yet.

Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you!

A:Laptop Doesn't Sleep When Lid Closes

From reading, there might be a magnet in the bezel surrounding the screen that senses when the lid is closed. Something happened to the magnet (slight misalignment?) and the laptop can no longer sense that the lid is closed.
I have no idea the strength of the magnet nor where it is located. Perhaps someone on the HP forum who has disassembled a Pavilion laptop might be able to help.
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Hi All
This is my first time on any forum so forgive me if I have gone to the wrong place. I have had the common problem of broken hinges on my L50 B. I have replaced both hinges and to all intent and purpose ever thing went well, i.e. the lid opens and closes great now. I have however done something wrong, the laptop now doesn't sleep when I close the lid. I have checked all the power settings and the advanced settings and they are set to sleep when lid is closed. Has anyone any idea what I may have done wrong. Can anyone tell me what the motherboard connection of the lid sensor switch looks like? Any help gratefully received.
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NOTICE I m not very tech savvy so if I m missing any information please be nice I ve been getting a reoccurring black screen problem where i ll push the power button get the battery power and wifi lights to switch on but a black screen It ll take at most tries to turn on the laptop and for a while the problem gone but recently I ve had to deal with it again My laptop is attached to a cooling fan which is then connected to peripherals like my mouse a wacom tablet and a kraken headset When turning it on my cooling fan starts whirring however my peripheral s external lights do not turn on Specs Operating System Windows Home Premium -bit SP CPU Intel Core i QM GHz Ivy Bridge nm Technology RAM GB Dual-Channel DDR MHz Motherboard TOSHIBA Portable PC U E Graphics Generic PnP Monitor email protected Intel HD Graphics Toshiba MB NVIDIA GeForce GT M Toshiba Storage GB TOSHIBA MQ ABD SATA nbsp

A:Toshiba laptop doesn't turn on, on the first try.

Do you have the same start up problem if the laptop's battery is removed first ?

EDIT : perhaps you can't remove the battery easily, what model Toshiba laptop is it ?
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my laptop was opened and suddenly the screen goes black and laptop shuts down .. when i try to turn it on .. the led lights for 1 second and turns dark when i blug the charger or battery .. when i blug the charger and the battery together the led lights as the battery is charging .. so the problem isn't in the battery or charger .. when i'm trying to open it sometimes after the led goes down with while it gives me 3 beeps .. so i want to know what happened and possible cases for it and what is the mean of the 3 beeps and what i can do ? .. my laptop is dell inspiron 3542 core-i7

A:My laptop doesn't turn on .. with 3 beeps

Three beeps means a mainboard failure - if you're under warranty, call Dell and they'll replace the board.  If the system is out of warranty, you're looking at $300 or so for a board+CPU (one unit, not  separable) plus another $100 or more in labor to have the board replaced.
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my hp pavilion laptop doesn't turn on. i took it to some local technician and after some observation they suggested that it is the motherboard that had failed. the laptop itself keeps showing the light on the power button, the light on the ac adapter, and a light on the caps lock button. what could really be the problem?
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Laptop has stopped working. I get 2 beeps when the laptop powers on and according to the beep errors its something to do with Ram or Memory. Both the ram and memory seem to work but the laptop won't power on. Anyone else experienced this before?

A:Dell Laptop doesn't turn on!

Thanks for the info. I guess the mainboard is bad then, which is a shame!
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My laptop has recently stopped working properly and I can't find a fix. When I press the power button I hear everything whirling but the screen doesn't show up. I tried all of the suggested things like a hard reset and plugging it into a monitor but nothing has worked and I have no idea what to do now.

A:Laptop screen doesn't turn on

Hi there @Gleed,  Welcome to the HP Support Forums! I read your post and wanted to reach out to you to let you know that I will do my absolute best to help you get the display on your HP Pavilion 17-e067cl Notebook PC to come back on.  When we have come to a resolution, please share what worked for you with others by marking that post as an Accepted Solution. Note: please make sure that the AC adapter cable is not plugged into a power strip, surge protector, or secondary power source. It should be directly into a wall outlet. Please note remove any and all USB devices. Disconnect all non-essential devices, as these could cause some issues. You had mentioned that the computer is on, but the display remains blank. Please take a look at the Computer Starts but Screen Remains Blank document. If the notebook screen remains black or blank, and there are no error messages on the screen, then the troubleshooting provided should help determine if this blank screen is caused by a problem with the display.  The troubleshooting Black Screen Displays with No Error Messages During Startup or Boot document has more specific detailed steps to be able to perform the hard reset and see if you can get an external display to work. Could you please follow these steps again using this document.  If you look at the screen very closely, can you see anything faintly in the background?Did you happen to try removing dust from the cooling areas in a notebook?If you were to turn on the computer, and press the f8 key, does the BIOS menu display on the Notebook?  If you require further assistance, I would be more than happy to continue to help you. Please just re-post with detailed results of the troubleshooting and any other information you think may help me to assist you better. If you would like to show your appreciation for my efforts today, please take a second to click the Thumbs Up button below.  Have a great day!
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Help, I was trying to reset my system as it was feeling very bogged down, (keep in mind this was my first time doing this) so I went to updates and security and reset it and made sure anything vital would still be there. Then I come back and when I go to turn on my laptop there is nothing. I tried hard reseting it but it didn't respond at all. The charging led doesn't even come on anymore. Can anybody please help me? Thanks.
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Hi everyone not sure if ive posted in the right area so sorry beforehand I have an acer aspire g laptop and a couple days ago it started beeping and turned off I turned it on again and everything seemed fine I used it again fine the next day and turned it off Then needed to use it again so tried turning it on again all the lights and stuff turned on but the screen was blank I checked to make sure where the light of my screen had gone or doesn't My properly to laptop seem on turn anything but it wasnt that The laptop doesn't seem to turn on fully as in it seems its half powered up or something i say this because it doesnt seem as though the fan is on and it seems as if its just in hibernation or something Also when i try to turn it off instead of usually having to hold down the power button one simple press turns it off I removed the battery and power My laptop doesn't seem to turn on properly cord and held the power button for seconds then put everything back together and tried it again and still the same thing happened It just doesn't seem to turn off What ive had to do wierdly enough is charge it up a little for about minutes and then let it die on its own and then plug in my charger and then it usually turns on and works fine When i did manage to get My laptop doesn't seem to turn on properly it to work i used avast did a full system scan and ran a boot time scan as well as a malicious software scan all of which showed nothing wrong So i thought the laptop was fine but again when i turned it off when trying to turn it on again it seems to not turn on properly and it also seems to be heating up a bit more too Im not really sure what to do ive tried to include as much detail as possible i appreciate any help given thank you

A:My laptop doesn't seem to turn on properly

and im currently using it now
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My laptop refuses to turn on. Let me describe the problem.So once I press the power button, the power light turns on for half a second and makes a small noise before going back off. It keeps repeating the same thing over and over till I disconnect the battery. I initially thought this was happening because the battery was drained, so I connected it to the power adapter and I let it charge all the way but the problem still persists. The screen doesn't turn on, so I can't see any error code. I don't know if the small noise is some kind of error code or something else.I last used the laptop yesterday and i believe I shut it down after using it. It doesn't seem to work today. I don't know what the problem might be.Help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks you!

A:Pavilion 15 Laptop doesn't turn on

Were you able to charge the battery up to the point where the led changed color to white, which indicates a full charge? If you remove the battery and connect the power adapter, does the notebook boot to the login screen when you press the power button?
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Hey all I certainly hope back Standby/Sleep Issue turn - Laptop XP Won't on Windows someone can help Laptop Standby/Sleep Issue Windows XP - Won't turn back on me with my issue I have searched and searched and have continuously run in circles trying to get this resolved I have a Dell M Laptop with XP Pro and a couple of months ago an interesting problem arose Whenever the laptop goes into sleep standby it will not come back on Here is an example of what happens I close the laptop lid Laptop goes into standby sleep I re-open the lid and press a key to turn it on Laptop lights up as if trying to load back up HD and Fan make noise Then it stops HD and Fan stop The only way for the laptop to come back on is to hold down the power button for several seconds and turn it back on Please understand that the laptop IS on when I attempt Laptop Standby/Sleep Issue Windows XP - Won't turn back on this it just can t seem to get out of standby Here is what I have done so far to try to resolve this issue but with no luck I have rolled back drivers Reinstalled drivers Cleaned all traces of Laptop Standby/Sleep Issue Windows XP - Won't turn back on drivers and reinstalled them all over again I have checked my boot ini file for conflicts I have fiddled around with the power settings and hibernation settings I have done nearly all I can short of a reformat but since this is a work laptop with a lot of valuable information that is a LAST resort I hope someone can help me Thanks in advance nbsp

A:Laptop Standby/Sleep Issue Windows XP - Won't turn back on


Am I the only one experiencing this?
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My DV7 laptop either won't come up after sleep mode or sometimes takes 3 or 4 minutes to wake up from sleep mode.  Also the bootup has become very slow - acts like it pauses during bootup and then resumes.  Am running windows 10 and all updates are current.  I have read in some forum posts that there could be a small magnetic switch by the power button that could get stuck and cause the problem.  Have also read that heat from video card could be softening or melting the solder on the system board.  Not sure what I should do to fix this problem.  Have tried all solutions offered on Any other suggestions / solutions out there? Thank you. 

A:dv7 Laptop either slow to come up after sleep mode or doesn'...

Hi, Here is the list of the things that you should try to make the computer fast. ?Make sure the Bios is updated?Turn off Startup ProgramsWhen you install a program in Windows, it may add a small program that runs when Windows starts. After installing a lot of software, your boot up process could become slow. If there are programs you don?t use much, they probably don?t need to start every time Windows does.?Disable the Indexing Service in WindowsThe Search Indexing service in Windows scans through the files and folders on your system and records information about them in an index file to speed up the search process. However, this also consumes resources on your system and can slow it down. If you don?t do a lot of searching through files and folders, you can turn off the indexing service to free up some resources and speed up your computer.Open the Start menu and enter ?services.msc? (without the quotes) in the search box. Press Enter or click on the services.msc link when it displays.? In the right pane on the Services dialog box, scroll down until you find the Windows Search service. Right-click on it and select Properties from the popup menu.? The Windows Search Properties dialog box displays. Select Disabled from the Startup type drop-down list. Click OK to accept the change and close the dialog box.You are returned to the Services dialog box. Select Exit from the File menu to close it. Reboot your computer to finalize the change. ? Reduce the Delay of the Start Menu DisplayBy default, there is a delay before the Start menu and its submenus display. If you want to make the Start menu open faster, you can change a key in the registry to accomplish this.Open the Start menu and enter ?regedit.msc? (without the quotes) in the search box. Press Enter or click on the regedit.msc link when it displays.If the User Account Control dialog box displays, click Yes to continue.NOTE: You may not see this dialog box, depending on your User Account Control settings.In the tree in the left pane of the Registry Editor, navigate to the HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop key. In the right pane, scroll down until you find the MenuShowDelay data value. Right-click on the name and select Modify from the popup menu.? In the Value data edit box on the Edit String dialog box, enter a new value between 0 and 4000. This indicates how many milliseconds it takes for the Start menu and any submenus to display. We don?t recommend you use 0 as the value. It might make it hard to navigate through the menus. Click OK to accept your change.Select Exit from the File menu to close the Registry Editor. Reboot your computer to apply the change. ? Change the Number of Recent Items Shown on the Windows 7 Start MenuIf you have a lot of recent documents displaying in the Recent Items menu on the Start menu, it can slow down access to the menu. It is a quick and easy task to change the number of items that display on the Recent Items menu.Delete Unnecessary Items from the Send To MenuSome programs may add items to the Send To menu when you install them. If so, your Send To menu may become slow to access. However, you can easily customize the Send To menu in Windows and remove items you don?t use or even disable the Send To menu completely.? Limit the Number of Items in Each FolderIf you have lots of files in a single folder, it can slow down Explorer. It?s best to create multiple folders and spread out the files among the folders.Hope it helps..

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My laptop with Win Pro x has two issues with power states which are not working correcttly They are -the laptop does not shut down completely either by navigating to the power down option on the settings charm bar or by pressing the power button on the laptop I set it to shut down instead of sleeping as default The computers apparently starts powering down but the power led never switches off and the cooler keeps spinning It won't turn off until I press and hold the power button or the battery drains up Of course the same applies to hybernating the OS saves the content of RAM and starts shutting down but nor down up shut laptop sleep from doesn't wakes never completely shuts down Ditto with quot fast boot quot enabled it doesn't matter if it's on or off the laptop still doesn't power down -if the laptop sleeps it simply won't wake up The monitor turns off and you'd laptop doesn't shut down nor wakes up from sleep expect to press a keyboard key or move or click a mouse button to awaken it but nothing happens Again all I can do is holding the physical power button to force a shutdown or wait until the battery is drained When the laptop keeps stuck in sleeping mode I notice that after some instants the Num Lock led keeps lit and won't turn off even if I press the key What do you think might be happening is it some issue with ACPI or power states What do you suggest to fix those issues Thanks in advance Info OS Windows Pro x CPU core i - U GPU AMD Radeon HD M
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Hi I wonder if anyone can help I have a Fujitsu Siemens Amilo Li which I've had for just over a year It's a great laptop but recently I've had something weird start happening Whenever I close the lid the laptop doesn't go into sleep mode anymore However when I re-open the lid it does go to sleep If I don't notice this or forget to re-open the lid the laptop gets really hot and I'm worried that this may cause problems in the future Additionally the laptop also seems to sometimes randomly wake while the lid is shut sleep close, I lid when lid but the does on re-open doesn't Laptop I only use it wirelessly and have checked that none of the power saving options Laptop doesn't sleep on lid close, but does when I re-open the lid have been changed I don't know if this was triggered by an update or not as I hadn't used the laptop for a few months so there were a lot of updates to install once I started to use it again My setup is Fujitsu Siemens Amilo Li Vista Home Premium bit SP If it was just not going into sleep when closing the lid I'd expect it to be a Laptop doesn't sleep on lid close, but does when I re-open the lid broken switch but it's the fact that it then sleeps when I open the lid that has me stumped Thanks in advance hope someone can help me fix this
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I have an Acer Emachines E Laptop I have Windows Ultimate bit OS installed Recently I reformatted my system installing Windows on it Since then I am having problem with sleep mode I cannot recover from sleep mode even after pressing boot button Pressing enter taping or moving fingers on mouse When I press enter in the sleep mode the system starts and blue light also starts blinking But there is no display whatsoever Every time I have to hard boot my system by holding boot button for a while and then rebooting I can set it to not go into from doesn't sleep mode! Laptop recover sleep or hibernation but thats not a solution just a temporary remedy I googled this problem but none of the solutions worked Searched through windows seven forums but didn t found Laptop doesn't recover from sleep mode! anything Any help on this issue would be appreciated Thanks a lot I searched this forum and have already gone through this related post and changed power settings accordingly but it did not fix the issue http www bleepingcomputer com forums topic Laptop doesn't recover from sleep mode! html Here is my Microsoft Diagnostic Tool generated report Diagnostic Laptop doesn't recover from sleep mode! Report ----------------------------------------- Windows Validation Data-- Validation Code Cached Online Validation Code N A hr xc f Windows Product Key - -GJY -VJBQ -HYRR Windows Product Key Hash W nm F UPXrCkY xUhXb g Windows Product ID -OEM- - Windows Product ID Type Windows License Type OEM SLP Windows OS version ID C D -C C- E -AA C- EFB Is Admin Yes TestCab x LegitcheckControl ActiveX N A hr x Signed By N A hr x Product Name Windows Ultimate Architecture x Build lab win gdr - TTS Error Validation Diagnostic Resolution Status N A Vista WgaER Data-- ThreatID s N A hr x Version N A hr x Windows XP Notifications Data-- Cached Result N A hr x File Exists No Version N A hr x WgaTray exe Signed By N A hr x WgaLogon dll Signed By N A hr x OGA Notifications Data-- Cached Result N A hr x Version N A hr x OGAExec exe Signed By N A hr x OGAAddin dll Signed By N A hr x OGA Data-- Office Status N A OGA Version N A x Signed By N A hr x Office Diagnostics D FF - - D FF - - D FF - - D FF - - D FF - - D FF - - D FF - - D FF - - Browser Data-- Proxy settings N A User Agent Mozilla compatible MSIE Win Default Browser C Program Files Mozilla Firefox firefox exe Download signed ActiveX controls Prompt Download unsigned ActiveX controls Disabled Run ActiveX controls and plug-ins Allowed Initialize and script ActiveX controls not marked as safe Disabled Allow scripting of Internet Explorer Webbrowser control Disabled Active scripting Allowed Script ActiveX controls marked as safe for scripting Allowed File Scan Data-- File Mismatch C Windows system wat watadminsvc exe Hr x File Mismatch C Windows system wat npwatweb dll Hr x File Mismatch C Windows system wat watux exe Hr x File Mismatch C Windows system wat watweb dll Hr x Other data-- Office Details lt GenuineResults gt lt MachineData gt lt UGUID gt C D -C C- E -AA C- EFB lt UGUID gt lt Version gt lt Version gt lt OS gt lt OS gt lt Architecture gt x lt Architecture gt lt PKey gt - - - -HYRR lt PKey gt lt PID gt -OEM- - lt PID gt lt PIDType gt lt PIDType gt lt SID gt S- - - - - - lt SID gt lt SYSTEM gt lt Manufacturer gt eMachines lt Manufacturer gt lt Model gt eMachines E lt Model gt lt SYSTEM gt lt BIOS gt lt Manufacturer gt eMachines lt Manufacturer gt lt Version gt V lt Version gt lt SMBIOSVersion major quot quot minor quot quot gt lt Date gt lt Date gt lt BIOS gt lt HWID gt FDBB E lt HWID gt lt UserLCID gt lt UserLCID gt lt SystemLCID gt lt SystemLCID gt lt TimeZone gt India Standard Time GMT lt TimeZone gt lt iJoin gt lt iJoin gt lt SBID gt lt stat gt lt stat gt lt msppid gt lt msppid gt lt name gt lt name gt lt model gt lt model gt lt SBID gt lt OEM gt lt OEMID gt ACRSYS lt OEMID gt lt OEMTableID gt ACRPRDCT lt OEMTableID gt lt OEM gt lt GANotification gt lt MachineData gt lt S... Read more
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Hi so I have an Acer Aspire LMi and for as long as I ve had it it has been susceptible to overheating easily and crashing Normally this is resolved by manually cutting the power and everything is fine and dandy Now my sister was on the laptop and shut Laptop turn will on/screen doesn't work not it down normally and the next time I came to turn it Laptop will not turn on/screen doesn't work on the green light on the power button came on and I could hear some fans whirring inside and the CD drive was spinning basically everything one would expect for a normal boot up except there was nothing on the screen No faint images and the same happened when I attached a monitor and attempted to switch between screens I have tried many solution so far such as opening up the laptop to see if the screen has come loose and checking RAM processor etc Laptop will not turn on/screen doesn't work however everything seems to be fine and all connected Was hoping for any possible ideas as to how to resolve my problem or whether it is more likely to be a component failure due to the overheating mentioned Sorry for the long windedness I am just trying to be as specific as possible to save answering all the basic questions over and over Thanks for any help Matt nbsp

A:Laptop will not turn on/screen doesn't work

If you see normal views on the external screen, you likely have burned out your LCD Screen inverter. You should be able to find replacements online, but you need experience installing inverters. There are about 18 screws to remove since you must disassemble the top half of the case, and remove the screen to access the inverter socket which is at the bottom of the screen. Usually you can get an inverter for $15, but there are almost no two alike so be sure you have the correct one.
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I had been having battery trouble before but the laptop was working fine. The power and other lights on the keyboard light up for a second then it shuts down with a single beep. Then doesn't respond to pressing the power button for a few seconds. I have installed a new battery so that's probably not an issue anymore.

A:Laptop won't start, screen doesn't turn on

This should help:
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Hello, My notebook DV6 7320el was overheating so I opened the computer and cleaned it (I didn't changed the thermal paste).I put it back together and as soon as I plugged the power in it turned on.  The power, wireless and charging leds are turned on but the computer doesn't boot at all and the screen remains black.  I opened it again to check if I didn't plug a cable correctly but it all seems fine.What should I do now? Which components I might have connected incorrectly?
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weeks ago the hinges on my Acer Aspire E - broke completely and i tried to fix them however one nbsp screw was stuck and I had to apply pressure which nbsp broke a small part on the top case near the power button The broken part was just plastic so I dont think i destroyed anything After fixing the hinges I reassembled the laptop but it didn't turn on at all However it did turn on with the battery so I knew the problem was with the dc jack - one cord was cut I had to buy a (dc on motherboard) turn Laptop doesn't jack, new one nbsp which I nbsp got today but the laptop still doesnt turn on This time even with the battery which is weird cause it did turn on with the battery and I havent touched the laptop since that time Also I changed the thermal paste today- dont know if that matters nbsp By the way since I have acer laptops and they use the same charger to test nbsp the broken laptop nbsp I take the charger from the good one and after that the charger doesnt work on the good one too I have nbsp to completely unplug it - times until it works again

A:Laptop doesn't turn on (dc jack, motherboard)

It sounds like something is shorted out in the motherboard and when you plugged in the good charger, you were shorting that out too. If there is now something wrong with the charger and you use it on the good laptop, you stand a chance of destroying it's motherboard too.
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I'm having a common issue I would say. Last time I used my laptop was this afternoon to watch a short clip on youtube, I turned it off right after and I remember it was at 17%, although I have the power button to shut down right away. A few hours ago, I decided to turn it and and surprised I noticed it didn't turn on. I tried to plug my A/C adapter to charge it a couple of minute but the lightning light didn't even show up. I've google'd around and found a way to hard reset it ( Remove the battery/adapter/ hold the power button 30 sec) no success still. I'm wondering if it's either the adapter or the battery is dead, as I don't have any spare of both right now is there a way to confirm it?


A:Laptop doesn't turn on/charge anymore


There's usually a small light on the power adaptor... is it on? If not, it's probably dead. Try another main lead.
If the light is on, remove the battery from the laptop and connect the power adaptor. Does the laptop turn on?
If not, try the reset again.
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I am using a Dell Inspiron 1501 and I spilled coke in it like a month ago, I have already replaced my laptop but have tried turning it on and it does a 1-3-1-3 beep code. I tried looking up solutions but I'm really not sure what to do. Any solutions to this problem will help. This is what I've found

1-3-1-3 22h Test 8742 Keyboard Controller Troubleshoot the keyboard. Troubleshoot the keyboard controller. Troubleshoot the motherboard.

1-3-1-3 A20 gate failure.

I'm not really sure what they mean or what I can do in this situation. Any help is appreciated.

I have been able to turn it on a couple of weeks ago after about 100 tries or so (lol) so is there anyway I can just turn it on only this once. I'm only trying to turn it on to retrieve some old files.

A:Laptop screen doesn't turn on but beeps

I am inclined to say that too long has gone by for an adequate fix. Normally, following spillages, you need to remove the battery, HDD, keyboard, RAM (pretty much all of it), wipe up what you can, and then leave to dry for 24hours (more if possible).

I'm afraid the damage may have already been done, BUT, may still be worth a try. Remove all components that you can (a quick search online should help you with your particular model), in particular those mentioned above (remember to use an anti-static wristband and mat when working with components). Clean up any sticky coke and dust, etc. then LEAVE everything to dry. Who knows, you might get a working laptop from this.

However, if you're not that bothered and just want the files from your HDD, invest in a HDD usb dock. They're relatively inexpensive and allow you to connect your bare HDD to your computer via an external docking station. Just make sure you take the battery out of your old laptop before trying to remove the HDD (again, make sure you have some antistatic equipment to do this).

Good luck
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weeks ago the hinges on my Acer Aspire E Laptop motherboard) jack, doesn't on turn (dc - broke completely and i tried to fix them however one nbsp screw was stuck and I had to apply pressure which nbsp broke a small part on the top case near the power button The broken part was just plastic so I dont think i destroyed anything After fixing the hinges I Laptop doesn't turn on (dc jack, motherboard) reassembled the laptop but it didn't turn on at all However it did turn on with the battery so I knew the problem was with the dc jack - one cord was cut I had to buy a new one nbsp which I nbsp got today but the laptop still doesnt turn on This time even with the battery which is weird cause it did turn on with the battery and I havent touched the laptop since that time Also I changed the thermal paste today- dont know if that matters nbsp By the way since I have acer laptops and they use the same charger to test nbsp the broken laptop nbsp I take the charger from the good one and after that the charger doesnt work on the good one too I have nbsp to completely unplug it - times until it works again

A:Laptop doesn't turn on (dc jack, motherboard)

It sounds like something is shorted out in the motherboard and when you plugged in the good charger, you were shorting that out too. If there is now something wrong with the charger and you use it on the good laptop, you stand a chance of destroying it's motherboard too.
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Ever since I did something with my drivers things have been going haywire Here's a list of a few things that I have had issues with sometimes when i'm using a speech application like skype or discord sounds on my desktop are picked up through my mic even though i'm using a headset my computer's automatic maintenance starts up at the most random times and it never seems to end and whenever I shutdown hibernate or put my computer to sleep my screen powers off but my fan power button light and mouse lighting are still on the fan is running as well but it's at a slower and quieter speed All my drivers are updated and so is my BIOS My guess is that the BIOS update may have caused things to go haywire in my computer Can anyone please hibernate, doesn't Laptop and shutdown. sleep, fully help me solve this issue I have to resort to pressing the power button to make my computer turn off or go to sleep nbsp
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This problem has been going on already for about a month as far as I can recall The laptop turns on but the display is totally empty and Windows does not start at all This happens frequently after hibernation sleep What I do usually is I just turn the laptop off and turn it on again and the OS starts successfully but now it takes more than twice and it may be dangerous already to do such The laptop is still under warranty and I have it checked already at the store where I bought it The tech person did a few tweaks in the power settings It did work but after a little less than hrs the problem came back I am working as an architectural intern and most of the programs I use are heavy D drafting and D modeling softwares e g Autocad Sketchup and Lumion as well as Adobe Photoshop I use Sketchup very often Just mentioning this as it may have some bearing to the problem Thank you very much

A:Laptop turns on but doesn't load OS after hibernation/sleep

Hi, Welcome to SF.

I found this post from our member gergrocker. This might help.

Quote: Originally Posted by gregrocker

Sleep issues are almost always caused by the display driver so I would start by updating it, or trying another. Driver Install - Device Manager

You can troubleshoot Sleep and Hibernate by setting them to 1 and 2 minutes in Power Options. Use Balanced Plan. Then work through these Sleep Mode Problems - Vista Forums.

If this is still the factory preinstalled WIn7 then that is a corrupt install which causes many of these problems, which is why most tech enthusiasts will not run it but choose to Clean Reinstall - Factory OEM Windows 7

At the minimum I'd Clean Up Factory Bloatware

If that doesn't help then work through these Troubleshooting Steps for Windows 7
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i disconnect the HDMI cable from my Asus laptop and put the laptop on sleep ....and when i want to resume the screen goes blue or black if i do it immediately
it happens every time i have to cut out the power and turn it on so that it works again.
Can anyone help me?
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Hello I have an older Dell Laptop studio and the other day when I was using it the monitor picture filled with static and then the monitor went completely black nbsp Now when I turn it on it sounds like the computer starts up fine but the monitor is black So get an external monitor easily solution right -- wrong nbsp Unfortunately when I hooked my laptop up to a separate monitor the monitor which works fine did not display any images nbsp Again I have had this laptop for a few years nbsp I do notice that you have to be easy opening and shutting the laptop nbsp This has been the case for a few years though so I am not sure if something finally gave I m not the most computer savvy so sorry if I wasn t more detailed any ideas what s wrong or how I can fix this nbsp I d rather not bring it somewhere to get fixed

A:Dell Laptop Starts, but Monitor Doesn't Turn on

You'll probably get a better response if you re-post this in the Laptop forum and mention the version of Windows, too. (This is the Desktop forum.)
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Laptop would not shut down. Hit power button and turned it off. Next morning would not turn on only would give a faint light for a second then click off. Repeatedly tried to turn it on but it does the same then.

A:Laptop doesn't turn on just has a faint light and clicks off...

Hello, Thank you for posting in the HP Support forum. Welcome onboard! I am sorry for the issues you experience with your HP computer. Please, review these 2 HP official articles about such issues you experience now. Follow the appropriate steps that fit your case to attempt to fix the issue:>> If you did try everything but nothing helped, I am afraid you will need to bring your computer (or ship it) to service - HP Authorized service center. If the computer is still under warranty, you will need to notify HP support first. If you are not sure where such a center is located, please contact HP support for assistance in finding one. Here is more info: >>>>>> Let me know how it goes.
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Hi everyone,Ever since I've updated my laptop to windows 10 its has 2 problems that I can't seem to fix.1. When I turn my laptop off via start>power>shutdown its seems to shut down but my power light stays on and the fans keep spinning. Then to turn it off completely I have to keep my finger on the power button to turn it off properly.2. When my laptop go's into standby mode it will not wake up so I am forced to do a hard reset.Is there anyway around this issue and if so how can I get this sorted out.Kind regardsAmir
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I was working fine with my lap, then i hibernate it as i ever do it, and go take a shower...

I return, take my lap and head for school... When i arrived there, i try to turn on my lap, and it doesn't turn on anymore...

When i press the power button, the power LED turn on and stays, batt 1 and 2 flashes, but that's all... It doesn't start anything, neither show SONY on screen or turns on the HDD...

I have followed the steps on Sony support site, but it doesn't work =(

Do you guys have any ideas?

Thank you!

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Hi I tried to search for Laptop irregular internal sound doesn't on; turn a similar problem in the forum but I could not find anything the laptop is a compaq Presario my brother bought it like years ago when I press the power button which I need to apply some force to it and Laptop doesn't turn on; irregular internal sound press it firmly the laptop does not turn on anymore the only thing that happens when I press the power botton is that the green light of the Laptop doesn't turn on; irregular internal sound ac adapter from the computer turns off and I can hear a fast paced quot tic tic tic quot sound inside the laptop and stops only when I disconect the ac adapter ither Laptop doesn't turn on; irregular internal sound from the laptop or the power socket the only power source I have is the ac adapter which is not the original one that came with the laptop but it has the same specifications I hope someone can help me and know what the problem is and if it can be fixed or what many thanks nbsp

A:Laptop doesn't turn on; irregular internal sound

I would try replacing the power supply first. If you are sure the power supply is good then it could be a short on the notebook motherboard, or just the on/off button could have gone bad.
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My Dell Studio laptop broke a little over a year ago when the need the button! My Seriously replacing help power doesn't laptop turn after on jumper cable for the power on it snapped Until that happened it was working normal and perfectly fine This wasn t a huge deal to me since I was able to recover all of my data that I needed from it and I have my desktop that I can use so I never really got around to fixing it until now so it hasn t been used in over a year I just replaced My laptop doesn't turn on after replacing the power button! Seriously need help the power button and it isn t turning on I also noticed that after I plug in the DC adapter without the battery inserted the white LED light by the jack briefly lights up for about a second then the LED turns off After plugging in the DC adapter with the battery inserted the white LED lights up then the orange LED lights up instead then the LED turns off Nobody should ever be this upset and frustrated and I seriously need help on what I should do I m really hoping that it s something that s going to be costly expensive Please help nbsp
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I usually lower the laptop lid when i want to put it into sleep mode; after the windows 10 update, this stopped working. I tried putting it into sleep mode from the start menue. This causes the screen to become black, but power to remain on ( I can see this from a steady light from the power button whereas sleep would have a flashing power button). The laptop's fan also increases in speed. When I try to wake the laptop, nothing happenes; I have tried to use ctrl+alt+delete, however this also does not work. I am ususally forced to resort to a manual shut down via holding the power button for a few second and restarting the laptop. I have tried updating the display adapters, restarted the laptop, and still no result. Does anyone know why this is happenning and how I can fix it?

A:Laptop doesn't wake after sleep mode after Windows 10 update

I was having the Exact Same Issue. The reason I decided to go back to windows 8 was because since upgrading to Windows 10, when my computer goes into sleep mode, I cannot wake it up. I have to press and hold the power button to shut it done and restart. Even if I close my laptop, and reopen the lid, it wont start back up and I have to press and hold the power button and shut it down and restart.  After trying to restore my HP Envy Laptop from Windows 10 to Windows 8, it got stuck in a Repair PC Loop and I could not even access the desktop, I tried the restore option to an earlier date and that failed and all the repair options also failed. The last option I had was to do a full PC Refresh, and that one worked. It took about an hour but no data was lost, and only a few of my downloaded apps were removed. An html url was left on the desktop that showed a list of all the apps that were removed. So all I did was download those back and now im back up and running Windows 8.
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A couple of days ago my laptop started powering off suddenly One second it s on and the next no hard drive activity no screen no nothing This happens in an instant and without warning no blue screen Starting yesterday the problem got worse doesn't powers suddenly laptop Mysterious turn off on / - problem After the power cut out I would have Mysterious laptop problem - powers off suddenly / doesn't turn on trouble starting the computer up again Sometimes it worked sometimes it didn t When it did work I sometimes got as far as the Windows login screen When I hit a key to begin typing my password or swiped my finger on the fingerprint scanner the power cut out Today it seems to have gotten even worse Sometimes the startup process doesn t even get as far as the Windows login A couple of times today I pushed Power got the the Windows Startup Error screen selected to resume Windows as normal and bam Power s off Now this gets even more mysterious Sometimes I push the power button after one of these instances and nothing happens Sometimes I push the power button and the power light comes on and then the fan but no hard drive activity Dead Sometimes the computer won t start up at all unless I remove the battery pull the plug wait a few seconds and then try again Even stranger I have the computer on right now It s been on for hours and it s working fine I m afraid to turn it off or put it to sleep because I know it might not start up again If you are thinking overheating is the source of the problem as of right now after being on for hours each of my two processors is running at deg C and deg C which I don t think is very hot I ve been using computers for years and I ve never seen anything like this Any and all advice would be greatly appreciated Thank you Specs Sony Vaio VGN-Z US CTO Core Duo P GHz GB DDR GB RPM HDD MB nVidia M GS GPU quot x Windows Ultimate nbsp

A:Mysterious laptop problem - powers off suddenly / doesn't turn on

You say it works when you take the battery out, do you have the AC adapter plugged in, if so it sounds like a battery problem get someone to check your battery out.
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So I recently noticed that when I close the lid completely, the monitor doesn't turn off, I can still see light coming from the gap. I've done a fresh install of windows xp recently, but I didn't notice whether it was from the start, or did I do something to fault it.

I have a Dell inspiron 1520. Well worth noting here that when I choose standy when lid is closed it works, so that means the lever mechanism works. That's why I put this in the software section.

Don't know what else to add. Help would be appreciated. Thanks

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A couple of days ago my laptop started powering off suddenly One second it s on and the next no hard drive activity no screen no nothing This happens in an instant and without warning no blue screen Starting yesterday the problem got worse After the power cut out I would have trouble starting the computer up again Sometimes it worked sometimes it didn t When it did work I sometimes got as far as the Windows login screen When I hit a key to begin typing Mysterious Turn Powers Suddenly Doesn't - Laptop / Problem Off On my password or swiped my finger on the fingerprint scanner the power cut out Today it seems to have gotten even worse Sometimes Mysterious Laptop Problem - Powers Off Suddenly / Doesn't Turn On the startup process doesn t even get as far as the Windows login A couple of times today I pushed Power got the the Windows Startup Error screen selected to resume Windows as normal and bam Power s off Now this gets even more mysterious Sometimes I push the power button after one of these instances and nothing happens Sometimes I push the power button and the power light comes on and then the fan but no hard drive activity Dead Sometimes the computer won t start up at all unless I remove the battery pull the plug wait a few seconds and then try again Even stranger I have the computer on right now It s been on for hours and it s working fine I m afraid to turn it off or put it to sleep because I know it might not start up again If you are Mysterious Laptop Problem - Powers Off Suddenly / Doesn't Turn On thinking overheating is the source of the problem as of right now after being on for hours each of my two processors is running at deg C and deg C which I don t think is very hot I ve been using computers for years and I ve never seen anything like this Any and all advice would be greatly appreciated Thank you Specs Sony Vaio VGN-Z US CTO Core Duo P GHz GB DDR GB RPM HDD MB nVidia M GS GPU quot x Windows Ultimate nbsp
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It turns on but the screen doesnt The backlight is not broken because when turn Asus and laptop screen it freezes on when randomly G73 doesn't does it does turn on randomly everything works Pushing down on the screen works but only as long as I m Asus G73 laptop screen doesn't turn on and randomly freezes when it does holding it really So I ve come to the conclusion that the lcd cable has loosened somehow or there is a problem with the program that starts the computer I ve only had the laptop for about months and the problems started about month after buying it And when it does turn on it randomly freezes Asus G73 laptop screen doesn't turn on and randomly freezes when it does I have no clue why I m no computer expert and I ve only built a single computer I have already ran defrag and c disk cleanup ran Norton and turned off unnecessary programs The vents are not obstructed and I ve already done what I think is a hard reset Removing the battery holding the power button for seconds and then putting everything back together I m about to throw the thing out the window and I cannot afford any parts to replace or take it to any computer repair shop I only make about a week nbsp

A:Asus G73 laptop screen doesn't turn on and randomly freezes when it does

Was able to turn it on

Its in safe mode right now and I'm checking the event log 8,894 errors. They are 7023, 7031, 7034, 10010, 14329, 6008, 55, and 8003. The 7000 event ID all occur when im trying to turn my laptop on.
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I purchased my HP Compaq p laptop from Purdue University in May of A little after that it was stolen from me Thankfully I had it LoJack secured and they were able to recover it in London When I got my computer back however the Windows XP that it had come pre-installed with was replaced with Windows Ultimate x I never had an issue with it for two years until now It seems like my computer overheats more often then it should especially if it is on my lap or the fan is covered at all This may be normal but even more annoying than that is whenever it shuts down from an overheat or it goes in to sleep mode or I ever have to manually shut it down it gets to the Windows loading screen where the colors come in from the sides then freezes flashes the BSOD and then reboots When I try to run the Repair it take about half an hour then says Repair couldn't fix the flash auto-reboot and overheat/sleep/reboot On BSOD computer Anyone have any ideas

A:On overheat/sleep/reboot BSOD flash and auto-reboot

The BSOD blames netw5v64.sys (Intel? Wireless WiFi Link Adapter Driver)
Update it
Intel? Driver Update Utility or

* *
* Bugcheck Analysis *
* *

Use !analyze -v to get detailed debugging information.

BugCheck 9F, {3, fffffa80026f4a20, fffff8000427c518, fffffa8001ad3310}

*** WARNING: Unable to verify timestamp for netw5v64.sys
*** ERROR: Module load completed but symbols could not be loaded for netw5v64.sys
Probably caused by : netw5v64.sys

A driver is causing an inconsistent power state.
Arg1: 0000000000000003, A device object has been blocking an Irp for too long a time
Arg2: fffffa80026f4a20, Physical Device Object of the stack
Arg3: fffff8000427c518, Functional Device Object of the stack
Arg4: fffffa8001ad3310, The blocked IRP

Debugging Details:

IRP_ADDRESS: fffffa8001ad3310

DEVICE_OBJECT: fffffa8003854050

DRIVER_OBJECT: fffffa800385fce0

IMAGE_NAME: netw5v64.sys


MODULE_NAME: netw5v64

FAULTING_MODULE: fffff880058b5000 netw5v64






LAST_CONTROL_TRANSFER: from fffff80002cf9273 to fffff80002c8a740

fffff800`0427c4c8 fffff800`02cf9273 : 00000000`0000009f 00000000`00000003 fffffa80`026f4a20 fffff800`0427c518 : nt!KeBugCheckEx
fffff800`0427c4d0 fffff800`02c9629e : fffff800`0427c600 fffff800`0427c600 00000000`00000002 00000000`00000000 : nt! ?? ::FNODOBFM::`string'+0x292b0
fffff800`0427c570 fffff800`02c95dd6 : fffffa80`0651cc68 fffffa80`0651cc68 00000000`00000000 00000000`00000000 : nt!KiProcessTimerDpcTable+0x66
fffff800`0427c5e0 fffff800`02c964be : 0000021e`2d6d2253 fffff800`0427cc58 00000000`00e3c4c7 fffff800`02e08b68 : nt!KiProcessExpiredTimerList+0xc6
fffff800`0427cc30 fffff800`02c95cb7 : 00000069`d2a831c3 00000069`00e3c4c7 00000069`d2a831c7 00000000`000000c7 : nt!KiTimerExpiration+0x1be
fffff800`0427ccd0 fffff800`02c92eea : fffff800`02e04e80 fffff800`02e12c40 00000000`00000002 fffff880`00000000 : nt!KiRetireDpcList+0x277
fffff800`0427cd80 00000000`00000000 : fffff800`0427d000 fffff800`04277000 fffff800`0427cd40 00000000`00000000 : nt!KiIdleLoop+0x5a


FAILURE_BUCKET_ID: X64_0x9F_IMAGE_netw5v64.sys

BUCKET_ID: X64_0x9F_IMAGE_netw5v64.sys

Followup: MachineOwner
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I have a 550 watt PSU I got with my case. I want to use it to power some 12VDC lights that will go around my computer. However when I plug it in and turn on the switch in the back of the unit, it does not turn on. So apparently its waiting from a signal from the mobo that is not connected for it to turn on. Well how do I force it to turn on?

A:How do I force a PSU to turn on?

You need to consider two issues. The signal to turn on part is simple. However, there are issues about the loading on the voltage rails and keeping the PSU on and not ruining it. Here is a link that tells about both issues:
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I found a fix for a problem I have had using the knowledge on this Forum but it reviled a problem When I make the change to HKEY LOCAL MACHINE HARDWARE DESCRIPTION System BIOS it does not remain once the system is rebooted I need revert reboot? to after How not Force Registry To these quot BaseBoardManufacturer quot quot XXXXXX How to Force Registry To not revert after reboot? quot quot SystemManufacturer quot quot XXXXXX quot to be permanently changed to quot How to Force Registry To not revert after reboot? BaseBoardManufacturer quot quot TOSHIBA quot quot BIOSVendor quot quot TOSHIBA quot I have used regedt to deny the system to change delete the information in the BIOS navigation folder of the registry but for some reason windows like to ignore the How to Force Registry To not revert after reboot? restrictions I set on it As described here How do I do this I have a Toshiba Satellite P -ST The manual is here I upgraded to GB Ram and I have Windows Ultimate Installed I Have Linux Ubuntu Installed as a duel boot I use Ubuntu for my main OS I am in college nd semester as a computer and network technician so I will be able to understand a technical answer If there is a dos command line method that would be a more preferred as i wont have to mess around with the frustrating fail of the windows GUI

A:How to Force Registry To not revert after reboot?

What are the values that it's detecting and putting in those fields? My guess is the hardware detection is finding something different than a Toshiba provided OS would detect and is changing it to what it finds.
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Hi there Sometimes if I bring a new Linux server machine up online and take down an old one some Windows machines cannot see the new machine but still list old computers in the Network mapping Is there a command to FORCE a rescan of Network computers without REBOOTING the windows machine I've waited mins and Network still shows OLD server and not the new one The Linux new server sees ALL the Windows machines once the SAMBA service starts and can access THEIR shares example Network a Force reboot remapping without of -- new server is GYLFI-EXT has Movies etc streaming data Old Server GYLFI Windows only sees OLD server New Server sees Windows and can access its shares Nothing running on the Windows machine currently so I can't see what's stopping it getting the new machine I'm trying to stream my movies to it -- works fine when I can SEE the server A Windows reboot fixes this stuff but I shouldn't have to Force remapping of Network without a reboot do it Cheers jimbo

A:Force remapping of Network without a reboot

Don't know if you solved this already but.. what worked for me was an admin command prompt running
ipconfig /release

ipconfig /renew
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At bedtime, I put on some earphones connected by a long wire to my laptop and listen to audio.

I'd like the laptop to force go to sleep no matter what within say 25 minutes. Hopefully by then I will be asleep and don't want to move.

How do you do this?

Can it also be done on windows 7?

A:How set timer force sleep no matter what

You could change this script to set a count down timer instead of sleeping right away:

This forum can help:
Index page ? AHKScript

AutoHotkey is a free scripting Language for Windows. It's great for small utilities like this.
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I have all options for automatic sleep off that I can find, and every 10-20 minutes, I suffer the force sleep. It always stops what I'm doing, and I have to shake my mouse. I'm using windows 8.1, also. Does anyone know how to fix this?

A:Automatic force sleep every 10-20 minutes!

What response do you get to powercfg /a from a Elevated Command Prompt?

Also, you have these set?
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Is there any way to schedule a monitor to turn itself off automatically, even if there are background processes preventing the usual power management to do that?

Thanks in advance,


A:force turn off monitor automatically

aptx, Welcome to Seven Forums.

I hope this screenshot can help you.
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This began about 5 days ago. System ran well until then. Had performed several updates (Windows Security, Citrix, Lenovo Utilities, etc) within iin a day or so, noticed system getting slower and slower to the point where it was so painful I had to reboot, occasionally by forcing power off. Shutdown, when successful, takes forever, too. This degradation takes several hours. Once I reboot, I have a few hours of productivity.

At around the same time, the fingerprint reader stopped working. Coincidence?

I have done a system restore (several). I tried a Safe OS boot and the same degradation happened. I've tried shutting off all system tray items. NG. Shutting off services (without reboot). With shutting off items, I did get a slight increase in performance for a few minutes but none seemed to help significantly.

Did what (limited) troubleshooting I could, but I think I'm chasing shadows.

Help (please).

A:System grows slower over several hours, then I have to (force) reboot

Three observations from going through the .nfo:
1) six items repeatedly failed to download in WindowsUpdate.log,
2) many entries in WindowsErrorReporting; not sure why performance hit is only noticed within the last week,
3) acsvc.exe is the Access Connections Main Service and is part of ThinkPad Access Connections suite. It is installed on Lenovo Thinkpad laptops. This "process" is reason for the many entries since 2/14/2013.

A visit to the WindowsUpdate panel (Administrative Tools) may track down those six items in #1.

A visit to the EventViewer panel (Administrative Tools) may track down the cause of avsvc.exe's failure.

The little engine that could run and did. A lot of processes and services loaded; some of them active behind the scenes in this Thinkpad.
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Hi all I also have this Monitor Turn Or To Setting Force On? Command To posted over at the MS Windows XP newsgroups but not much luck there so far Not an urgent problem by any means just an academic question loose end to tie up I have two scheduled tasks for power management purposes One to have wizmo force the computer to standby at pm the other Command Or Setting To Force Monitor To Turn On? to start Internet Explorer at am to wake the computer from standby Both tasks work fine but upon wakeup the monitor doesn t turn on I have to move the mouse to wake up the monitor Obviously since I have to move the mouse anyway this isn t really a problem at all It s more of a discussion question exercise in Windows management Is there a command I can run at the command line to force the monitor to turn on That way I could put the IE startup and the monitor turn-on command in a batch file and run that at Command Or Setting To Force Monitor To Turn On? If not is there some setting somewhere that will ensure the monitor wakes up when the computer does One person at the XP newsgroups suggested scheduling another task after the IE start computer wakeup task such as a command line ping to localhost I did try this but no luck the monitor still refused to turn on when I ran the ping cmd file as a scheduled task Any other ideas are welcome Thanks

A:Command Or Setting To Force Monitor To Turn On?

Short of leaving the monitor on all the time, I don't believe that Windows has this ability. Maybe a driver for the monitor would have this feature (I don't know as I don't use any special monitor drivers)?
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This has happened two days in a row now. I log into my account, then when it gets to my desktop, all it shows is my desktop background picture. There are no applications running and there are no startup icons that I can click on. I have to force a restart on my laptop, and then when it starts up again everything is there.

Dell Inspiron E1405
Wins XP
IE 8

A:No applications running or startup items on desktop have to force a reboot...
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Hi there, I've recently been experiencing a problem with my HP Pavilion laptop (running Vista Home 32bit), every so often the screen will just turn black with some white diagonal lines running across it. It will then not respond to any commands and will force me to reboot and lose anything I was working on, please can anyone help me as I've lost work twice now due to this problem.

Many thanks,


A:Strange black and white lines on screen force reboot

Defective screen. We see lots of them. Failed. Same symptom.
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For some reason, my 'sleep' has stopped working - either from the sleep button, or on the Start button option.
Now it just goes to the user login screen.
Has always worked perefctly until today.
Weird. Any ideas?

A:Sleep doesn't sleep anymore - just goes to login screen


You might want to try the same tutorial as last time Power Options and Sleep Mode Problems - Vista Forums

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I have a bit of a strange issue with my and Fans Computer Turn Doesn't on, on Automatically Lights Some Turn computer Forgive me if I m a little too descriptive but I m not sure which details are relevant and which are not for such a problem First the specs Computer Doesn't Turn on, Fans and Some Lights Turn on Automatically Model eMachines T Operating System Windows XP Service Pack Processor Intel Celeron Computer Doesn't Turn on, Fans and Some Lights Turn on Automatically D Processor GHZ K L Cache MHZ FSB Power Supply Unit Bestec Model ATX- - E REV P Motherboard I can t tell but it appears to be an Intel motherboard by the number of Intel labels on it RAM MB DDR SD originally added GB a couple of months ago Let me know if you need anything else Yesterday I got home from shopping around PM and I tried to start the computer I pushed the power button and nothing happened I checked all of the cords and they were all plugged in Not knowing what else to do I opened up the case to see if there was something obviously wrong The only thing that I noticed other than a bunch of dust was that the power supply unit was still hot I shut the computer down about hours earlier after about minutes of use so it seemed strange that the power supply was still hot I unplugged the computer just in case there was some sort of fire hazard At this point I called a friend who suggested that the problem might be with the motherboard or the power supply unit A few hours later I plugged it back in to try to get it to work As soon as I plugged it in the entire unit suddenly started quot running quot by itself I had not pushed the power button yet All of the fans turned on and the light on the front that turns on if the computer is processing something turned on but it was not as if the computer was processing something If the computer is processing something it flickers and clicks a little This was just a solid light with no quot clicking quot I pushed the power button but it didn t turn blue as it usually does if it turns on In fact nothing changed After about a minute and a half the entire unit shut down again and I was not able to get it to do the same thing again When I tried unplugging it and plugging it in again I could hear the unit try to start up again for a second but it would fail again Last night I opened it up to clean out the dust I figured that could be an issue with overheating despite the fans I basically took it apart and put it back together again to no avail I did find one loose wire in the power supply unit When I plugged it in it would turn on lights and fans but not the computer itself as it did earlier in the day but nothing new happened I noticed that a red light would go on when the computer was quot running quot but it would go off as soon as everything else turned off A similar green light would stay on when the computer was plugged in no matter what I did The power supply unit was no longer hot The entire unit except for the green light would shut down after about a minute This morning I tried to get it to work again and it was doing the same thing as it was last night I bought it about years ago when it was being phased out and I was planning on getting a new computer soon anyway so it s not a big deal if it s too serious I d probably try to fix it if I could do so for under Otherwise I ll probably get a new one I didn t really have anything important that I hadn t backed up on there but I d like to save the hard drive if I could I m a novice when it comes to hardware so I d be a little nervous about replacing major components I ve installed RAM and that s about it until last night So the three big questions What s wrong How can I fix it Is it worth fixing nbsp

A:Computer Doesn't Turn on, Fans and Some Lights Turn on Automatically

I would suspect that the Power Supply Unit (PSU) is going south. If you have a spare one laying around, install it and see if the problem goes away.
You can buy a new,better PSU from Newegg for about $40.00. I have used a Thermaltake 430 watt in one of my machines for some time now and it works well.
You will have to check the size of your PSU to be sure a new one will fit into the eMachine.
Here's the page with that PSU on it. It's the last one on the list.
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I just put together my first computer 6 months ago. It abruply shutdow in the middle of writing a paper for school. I couldn't turn it back on right away. after trying a few times, it turned on. All the fans are working even the fan on the power supply, the motherboards lights are on. My graphic card in on the motherboard. I think it might be my power supply because when I first put it together I didn't plug in the smaller power connection to the motherboard and the same thing is happening, black screen. It's like my computer isn't giving my monitor any feed. I will have more info when I get home. I can't get in to bios or safe mode.
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My laptop, running Windows Ten from a clean install, has issues with the sleep function. About once a day, when I either put the computer to sleep or when it does it on its own, the screen will go black but the computer will not stop running. All the lights are on, the fan and disks keep running. Nothing works to turn the screen back on and my only option becomes to force a shut down.

I've tried tweaking all the power options in various ways, I've tried disabling/enabling hibernation/fast start and I've searched for an answer but I do not have one.

Thank you,

A:Sleep mode=Black screen, computer keeps running, force shut-down.

Still having this issue and can still not find an answer. Any ideas?

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I like to put my computer on sleep so I can just come back to where I left it but the past few days when I put it on sleep the screen would just go black like it was asleep but the computer was still on and running like I didn't put it in sleep Then when In Sleep Mode When Sleep Computer Doesn't I move the mouse to come out of sleep it says quot locking computer quot and goes to my password screen which is what it should do before going to sleep I don't think its in the power settings because I've checked there and played around with the settings I'm not technically challenged so I don't think it's something that simple lol Also my touchpad scroll feature does not work and has not Computer Doesn't Sleep When In Sleep Mode worked for quite some time It comes back when I turn the computer off and on again but I only do that a Computer Doesn't Sleep When In Sleep Mode few times a week I've tried reinstalling the touchpad firmware so that isn't the problem I have a Toshiba Satellite A

A:Computer Doesn't Sleep When In Sleep Mode

Back when I had that problem with my Toshibia Satellite, I had to turn off the Awake on LAN in the bios, because when the network is present it will want to wake up.. Just something to try, im sure other people will have other ideas, and hope one of them will do the trick :)
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Hello I have a microphone that needs the Generic USB Audio driver and it displays it as malfunctioned I heard from some people that it usually does that at first with this kind of mic so I went ahead and tried to use the update driver function I went ahead and into browse drivers unchecked compatible drivers use a driver list? doesn't How to do force I it windows only and looked for the Generic USB audio driver It wasn't where I thought it would be on the manufacturer menu so I looked through them all It wasn't there I tried using the search for driver in x location by grabbing the Generic USB Audio driver file from my windows directory and placing it in a How do I force windows to use a driver it doesn't list? new folder then setting it to look in the new folder Didn't work I've searched quite a little bit How do I force windows to use a driver it doesn't list? for a solution and even asked aforementioned people how to fix it Everything told me to do the first thing I did I tried each step again I tried unplugging the mic then plugging it back in then trying again No luck So now I'm desperate considering my voice is my job and MY computer my workplace Could someone please help me with this I'm even up for directly editing files related to this I'm so desperate

A:How do I force windows to use a driver it doesn't list?

Who manufactured the mic? Have you tried downloading the driver from their site and installing fresh?
You might have to uninstall first in Device manager. It sounds as though you know how to get there since you tried update driver.
I think the generic usb audio driver is dependent on other services - you can check those inside device mgr (or maybe inside services) - look at dependencies and see if those services are running

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Hi safemode reboot, XP work doesn't doesn't xp stopped responding and I decided to power off Was never able to restart after that Normal boot shows the windows initial screen but eventually just restarts safe mode does the same thing whether it s with network XP doesn't reboot, safemode doesn't work command line or plain safe mode Last known good configuration does the same Needed to use a file so decided to remove the HD and re-install to another PC I did have access to the file in question but now I d like to fix the problem The other system uses AVG I started a scan and it detected Cekar d A exe wdfmgr exe and initially ntldr exe Dropper Inor ntdetect hta A hta PSW Generic ABVW ctfmona exe PSW OnlineGames AAFI ctfmonb exe PSW Generic AFYK ctfmond exe PSW OnlineGames ZWT LotusHlp exe and some others but for whatever reason the scan stopped I restarted it and now the AV still finds most of the threats it was seeing before but not Cekar d in the ntldr exe file The system that had the problem was running Win XP Home SP Unfortunately I can t find the manufacturer s recovery CD HD is still in the other PC How should I attack the problem nbsp

A:XP doesn't reboot, safemode doesn't work

Update... Three passes of AVG and all threats were put in vault. Tried to re-install the HD to the initial system but no change... System says it didn't start correctly, that a new software of hardware could be responsible, the suggests to try las known good config, none of the options work, they all perform some tasks then windows reboots and ends up in the same screen.
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Whilst attempting to remove a spyware virus the entire malwares virus no longer seemed to be there but the malicious processes acpiz dll and WINotify dll would lurk in various system processes I tried some program which was 'Startbar' to how to run Windows load, doesn't program cmd.exe/explorer.exe? force supposed to delete that malware but it just seemed to corrupt everything worse I seem to have corrupted whatever program 'Startbar' program doesn't load, how to force Windows to run cmd.exe/explorer.exe? Windows uses to display that start bar Windows loads normally till it gets to the point when startbar should appear where it does nothing alt-tab displays nothing 'Startbar' program doesn't load, how to force Windows to run cmd.exe/explorer.exe? either Only way I 'Startbar' program doesn't load, how to force Windows to run cmd.exe/explorer.exe? can run anything is by booting in Safe Mode with Command Prompt From cmd exe auto-starting I can start explorer exe and then other programs However since it s in Safe Mode I can t start internet which is what I really want to actually be able to research my problems Only way I got internet now is that I tried restoring a System Restore Point it didn t fix the start bar but that loaded non-safe mode windows with a link to the Windows Help Center program from which I could start IE and then browse to the hard disk I can t really have this as the only way to access internet Okay what I most want to know right now is how to make normal non- Safe-mode Windows boot up either explorer exe or cmd exe straight away before it tries to load the startbar I m probably due for a new computer anyway it s kind of old but I want to be able to use internet and access files in the meantime I assume this could be configured in the registry if anyone could tell me what to do I assume that things could be fixed with a Windows reinstall but I don t have the CDs though I have a legal copy of windows I even have the license number stuck on the computer here But I couldn t find the CDs when I moved out of my parents house a year ago and relations aren t too good so it will take a long time to get CDs off them or buy new ones I don t have internet access anywhere but here either so it s really important I have it so I can do stuff like buy nd hand WinXP if needed or buy new computer Also I work from home so no internet really throws a spanner in the works So my main priority is getting access to the file system and internet while working around the lack of startbar so it can tide me over till I can fix it Also I think the program which was supposed to fix the malware was supposed to run at startup but it doesn t Uninstalling it didn t change anything I disabled the only reference to in in the startup section of Spybot Search and Destroy but to no effect I used to use the program RunAlyzer to monitor change startlist since it has far more places in registry but now it crashes every time I try and load it nbsp

A:'Startbar' program doesn't load, how to force Windows to run cmd.exe/explorer.exe?

Try running SFC /Scannow from command line (you will need the XP CD) to reinstall the missing or corrupted Windows files.

Otherwise I suggest I would find a friend and get him to copy the XP CD for you to use (as long as you have your Product ID still, this is legal, you just need the files).
Alternatively, get hold of Vista or a Linux CD.
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I have Windows 7 64-bit installed. I did a fresh install about a month ago and everything was working fine. Then suddenly this week when I try to wake the computer from Sleep the system shows the initial BIOS boot info. as if the computer was started cold. But it wasn't... it was woken from sleep. Has anyone experienced this and, if so, any remedies?

A:Sleep Causes Reboot


Is it possible your computer is actually resuming from hibernate instead?

Perhaps a System Restore will help.

Hope this helps,