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Disabling WIN10 Upgrade for WIN7 64 bit

Q: Disabling WIN10 Upgrade for WIN7 64 bit

I have a friend with WIN7 64 bit just like me. He received a message about upgrading to WIN10. He clicked on the X at the top right. It downloaded the update but he did not install it. It keeps asking about installing the upgrade.
What can he do to remove the WIN10 upgrade download?

What can we do to permanently remove any request to upgrade. Neither of us are computer gurus. We need a step by step simple procedure to stop any updates or requests for WIN10.

We have no desire for WIN10. Thanks, Bob.

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Preferred Solution: Disabling WIN10 Upgrade for WIN7 64 bit

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Disabling WIN10 Upgrade for WIN7 64 bit

The simplest way is to use a tool that automates the change of settings required to prevent the forced downgrade to Windows 10. Download the Never10 utility and it will disable the Win10 download. Extensive documentation and explanations are on its site.
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I bought this in Nov, 2012, Win7 SP1. I would like to update to Win10, but I'm not sure the Broadcom WLAN driver will work in Win10. The adapter version is 5.60.350.6 (3/22/2010), BCMWL664.SYS. I don't want to update only to find I have no internet or network access.

A:Can I upgrade h8-1230 from Win7 to Win10?

Greetings, Win 7 upgrades to Win 10 can be problematic with no easy way back to Win 7 unless you have a good image and bootable rescue media. The safest way to upgrade is to clone your existing Win 7 install to a second HDD or SSD. Connect only the cloned HDD to your PC to do the upgrade. Carefully read this entire article by Ed Bott to learn what needs to be done, and the time invested, if you have to rebuild Windows 7.  Win 10 may have the correct WLAN driver as well as all other drivers needed to run correctly or the upgrade could choke. You still have the original Win 7 install on the first HDD and can move on with your computing life. Cheers!
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I bought this in Nov, 2012, Win7 SP1. I would like to update to Win10, but I'm not sure the Broadcom WLAN driver will work in Win10. The adapter version is 5.60.350.6 (3/22/2010), BCMWL664.SYS. I don't want to update only to find I have no internet or network access.
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Hallo all.

I have some problem with updating Windows7 Home Premium 64bit OEM to Win10.

The problem:
I Tray to upgrade and got some error code: C0000022, windows restarting in 88% and nothing. Then i tray to fix the problem with MicrosoftFixit50123. Restart pc and tray again and got the same error, after that I tray update troubleshooting with WUD.diagcab and got another error:0x80070057
I also tray sfc /scannow and also have corrupted file.
Can someone help me, I don`t know what to do...

A:Win7 to win10 upgrade error.

I putt also CBS and CheckSUR. Maybe someone can help...
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The machine nbsp HP Compaq Elite SFF PC nbsp nbsp Serial number CZC BRProduct number XL AVIntel R Core TM i - CPU GHzWindows Professional -bit Service Pack nbsp Fully updated nbsp The problem nbsp I have the icon in the notification area urging me to upgrade to Win When I click it I get Processor not supported Win7 from Win10: supported" Trying upgrade to to not "CPU with no other details Thanks MS Trying to upgrade from Win7 to Win10: "CPU not supported" nbsp Theory There was a bug in the upgrade nootification nbsp According to nbsp http answers microsoft com en-us windows forum windows -win upgrade cpu-not-supported fa d - nbsp The initial release of the Microsoft tool that checks system upgrade compatibility had some issues and was replaced on A fix was released that will show under optional updates that you need to download and install from Windows Update if not installed automatically nbsp Microsoft is currently moving the fix to recommended in WU nbsp This fix was kb I have checked and this fix is installed nbsp Theory Some CPU features required by Win are turned off in the BIOS nbsp According tohttp www techienews co uk fix-cpu-not-compatible-with-windows- -error nbsp you need to ensure that your CPU supports PAE NX and SSE instruction sets nbsp According to nbsp http www cpu-world com CPUs Core i Intel-Core i - CM html nbsp all of these CPU requirements are supported by the CPU nbsp So I ran CPU-Z and it shows that - SSE is supported- no mention of PAE or NX nbsp I have looked in the BIOS and can find no mention of any processor features I have upgraded the BIOS to the latest version nbsp J v nbsp I have also activated Intel Management Engine BIOS extension v and ME v nbsp These appear to permit the BIOS settings to be managed remotely but I have no idea how nbsp Despite several hours of Googling I can find no way to access or change the BIOS options for the CPU nbsp I am now totally stuck

A:Trying to upgrade from Win7 to Win10: "CPU not supported"

Hi: I have the 8200 Elite CMT (i7-2600, BIOS J01, v2.28) and had no issues upgrading to W10. I would suggest you upgrade from the link below and see if it bypasses the hardware check. You can try the upgrade now, or make an installation disk or flash drive via the media creation tool. The disk/flash drive does not check compatibility.
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Post WIndows 10 upgrade - all is well except my DVD drive, HP DVD-RAM GH40, is not detected by the OS now. The secondary ROM drive is noted and functioning.Each, though, is accounted for in the BIOS but Device Manager is helpless. It doesn't know it's there and new hardware searches can't find it.How can I get it back online?

A:Win7 to Win10 Upgrade - DVD drive now missing

Hi: See if one of the resolution steps below resolve the problem.  Try each one as applicable.
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To MS Engineers;

Hi there. I'm not sure who to address this to but hope you read it anyways;

I have a Dell Inspiron 1535 Studio, Intel Dual core WIN7, just upgraded to WIN10.
After the upgrade, My Counterstrike game wouldn't play like it used to. The game lags, very slow. The display shows every movement, together with the sound, as if it's a slo-mo frame-by-frame photo shoot. That's the best description I can come up with.
I'm not a technical guy so I thought I should ask, if there's any way around this? Make the game playable (smooth..) again.

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I'm trying to help my father upgrade his computer from win7 to win10, but service pack 1 in windows update keeps failing. I tried downloading and running the separate application for installing the service pack, but that fails as well. I even found another microsoft application that claims that it can prepare your system to accept the service pack 1, but that fails as well. (Despite all this, windows runs normally in all other respects that I have noticed). So it looks like updating to windows 10 using windows update is not going to happen.

My plan now is to use the media creation tool to download the .iso, burn that to a disk, and boot to it. Will that allow me to install windows 10, or is it still going to insist that I need service pack 1?

If that won't work, are there any other methods I could use?


A:Win7 to Win10 upgrade without service pack 1

You don't need service pack 1 to upgrade to Windows 10 using a DVD, USB flash drive or ISO file. It is only required to get it to show up in Windows update. The alternative method is a clean install:
Clean Install Windows 10 Directly without having to Upgrade First - Windows 10 Forums
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HP Laptop (2005 ish) had vista installed, I slapped win 7 pro 64 on it (forget if upgrade or fresh)
Then I tried win 10 on it.

So then I flattened the drive put win 7 back on and windows update caused me problems. Also the Blue tooth driver wouldnt work. hmmph

tried to win10 upgrade it again online.

2x attempts... hangs at 99% on the install portion. (left it going overnight)

Can't figure out whats the issue. Guess I'll try a fresh install from a iso or something.

This laptop is my 'tv server/storage' HP DV6 pavillion (1134)

1. I know it can work...
2. I know it doesnt work....

I know it must be me...

Stay tuned... I have caddies ssd's and 2 laptops and a desktop. hehe and a usb key from toshiba with a win 10 full factory reinstall ...for a toshiba not a

might load a driver for my bong compiler. :

A:Win7-Win10 upgrade - install hangs at 99%

I find Win10 buggy and takes up a lot of disk space on my 32 gbs.capacity Acer One 10 laptop.

Always updating whenver I try to close or reboot my laptop.

I would stick with Windows 7 and not upgrade it.
It more reliable and easier to use.
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The free upgrade to win 10 pro failed several times.  I checked the web for problems and as a result uninstalled malwarebytes, antivirus, some drivers and some Lenovo stuff that popped up.  Finally the upgrade using the Media tool was successful.  Win 10 pro is now working on the T420.  However, only the Lenovo Companion is installed.  I bought a Yoga with Win10 pro and it came with Lenovo Companion, Settings and Account.  I have been trying to find a way on the Lenovo site to download the Settings and Account programs, but no luck.  Any suggestions?  (Probably a simple solution and I am just missing something obvious....)
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I wanted to let the H8-1240T owners to know that my upgrade from 64-bit Windows 7 Pro to 64-bit Windows 10  Pro went very smoothly last week (June 21, 2016). I had difficulty finding reports about the upgrade so I thought I would add info here. Hope this is helpful. Of course periferals needed to have updated drivers (ie; mouse, printer, scanner) but all are optimal again. I have 10GB of RAM on this computer. Also, Win10 has a lot of new Apps that need to be turned off if you are not using which helps optimize performance. System is running VERY well with Win10. I recommend the upgrade for those who - like myself - have waited til the last minute. Remember, you only have until the end of July 2016 to get Win10 for free. Good luck!
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I've received conflicting info on this point so I thought I would ask the experts here Will the Windows quot free quot upgrade follow any redirects I have added to my Win Home Premium installation When I Will upgrade Win10 follow install redirects? Win7 installed Win on my GB SSD I used an XML script to relocate the Profiles Directory and Program Data folders from my SSD to my hard drive This Will Win10 upgrade install follow Win7 redirects? saved space on the SSD and simplified future program installs since they followed these redirections However I am concerned that the Win upgrade may not do so Thoughts On a related note I also use OneDrive for multiple users -- a different login for each Windows user account I understand that Win is tightly integrated with OneDrive but is limited to accessing one login Must I use just a single OneDrive login across the entire machine i e all Windows user accounts Or does each account get to login to its own storage on OneDrive Thanks in advance for any enlightenment

A:Will Win10 upgrade install follow Win7 redirects?

Originally Posted by RiverCityTen

I've received conflicting info on this point, so I thought I would ask the experts here:
Will the Windows 10 "free" upgrade follow any redirects I have added to my Win7 Home Premium installation?

When I installed Win7 on my 250GB SSD, I used an XML script to relocate the Profiles Directory and Program Data folders from my SSD to my hard drive. This saved space on the SSD and simplified future program installs, since they followed these redirections. However, I am concerned that the Win10 upgrade may not do so. Thoughts?

On a related note, I also use OneDrive for multiple users -- a different login for each Windows user account. I understand that Win10 is tightly integrated with OneDrive, but is limited to accessing one login.
Must I use just a single OneDrive login across the entire machine (i.e., all Windows user accounts)? Or does each account get to login to its own storage on OneDrive?

Thanks, in advance, for any enlightenment.

Hi and welcome to Tenforums.

I have sometimes seen in the past, problems with relocated user directories. You can try the upgrade, and if it fails, set the pointers back to default (you don't have to actually move the data).

Each user account can have an MS login. Or, you can have local accounts, and only sign into MS apps as required. That's what I do.

Since you have a W7 machine, you might want to read this post:

Windows 10 - Upgrade Installation - Page 16 - Windows 10 Forums

Good luck.
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I tried to upgrade my Tecra R840-16V (Part Number PT429E-05M00KGE) form windows 7 64bit pro to windows 10 pro thru windows update. When the the upgrade procedure finished everything looked ok but after a while the system froze (even the mouse). I did a reboot in my system via power button, the system worked well for about 1 hour and froze again. I did a reboot via power button once again and I had the same problem after while. I did a system restore back in windows 7 and everything works ok without any freeze at all.
Is it a known problem? Is there any solution or suggestion to upgrade my system without problems in windows 10 pro?

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I have upgraded home computers laptops and desktops to WIN since launch and have been part of the Windows Insider program HP Win10 820... 10 from Upgrade 64bit- Elite to Windows Win7 On for months - identifying problems with NVIDIA drivers and the like All family computers have Windows 10 64bit- Upgrade from Win7 to Win10 On HP Elite 820... upgraded with minimal fuss apart from HP Elite SFF - core i vpro nbsp Be aware that this PC passes all hardware diagnostics and has new hard drive and compatible memory and works without error on Win Home - motherboard and processor are out of the box two weeks ago The PC has been reset to Win since nbsp After install there were many blue screens including - nbsp Memory management errorsBad pool header errorMultiple Frequent internet requests probably from microsoft OneDrive based storage nbsp I understand that this machine has not been tested as part of a compatibility check by HP Microsoft nbsp My question is - Will there be updates to the HP Driver Support site in the near future to include Windows bit drivers for relevant machines Or links included for Intel Chipset drivers when available for Win Solved View Solution

A:Windows 10 64bit- Upgrade from Win7 to Win10 On HP Elite 820...

Anytime. Glad to have been of assistance. Maybe try again before the free period expires. It is possible they will have worked out some bugs and release more updates to W10. Who could even be the onboard Intel W10 graphics driver that is buggy. I've had my 8200 Elite run XP Pro x64, Vista Business, W7 Pro, W8.1 Pro and now W10 Pro working perfectly on each OS.
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TRIED TO UPGRADE WITH WIN media creation USB drive and attempt during upgrade win7 win10 pavilion Dm1 from crashed after two days shut her down as she seemed stuck Been trying to revive her for the last Dm1 pavilion crashed during win10 upgrade attempt from win7 two days and currently hdd no longer recognized in bios last time I saw drive c with meg of something Gb drive was during the chkdsk I ran in the win repair mode from the Dm1 pavilion crashed during win10 upgrade attempt from win7 media creation tool I had to 'unlock' or dismount the Volume and all opened handles would thereafter be invalid Whatever that means nbsp now I can only boot from the USB port As in bios there is no boot device found hard disk test in bios says hard disk not exist now I think I need Dm1 pavilion crashed during win10 upgrade attempt from win7 to get a win boot file on USB to get her going again maybe if so where nbsp also when I tried to download win from MS NEEDED the product key but label is worn and have been guessing at missing obliterated chars nbsp Needless to say right about now I have some choice words for bill gates with his win that my notebook is verified to be able to run nbsp any suggestions are welcome Btw have tried every suggestion from the HP support website nbsp thanks nbsp
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I have a system with an i7-3930k and Win7 retail license. I will be building a new i7-6700k system and will be reusing the SSD, HDD, graphics card and my Windows license. I ultimately want the new system to be Win10.

Should I do the OS upgrade first, or build the new system first and migrate my settings under Windows 7, then do the OS upgrade?

A:Upgrade Win7 to Win10 Before or After Migration to New System Build

Activate Windows 7 on the new system first and then upgrade that to Windows 10. If you upgrade to Windows 10 on the old system, when you replace the motherboard, Windows 10 will deactivate itself when it detects the new motherboard and you would likely have to put a Windows 7 install on it temporarily to regain activation.
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My desktop is an older eMachine 1360G with Acer motherboard with 8 GB ram. I had upgraded it from 7 to 10 in July with the 500GB hard drive that was in the machine at that time. I had downloaded Win10 to a thumb drive and used it to do the upgrade. Then the drive died and it sat at a tech's worktable for a couple of weeks. When I got it back it had a new 1TB drive in it, but with the Win7 that originally came with the machine. I still have the thumb drive with the Win10 install on it.
So my question is - Can I use that thumb drive to do the free upgrade or am I frozen out of free Win10?

A:Can still use Win10 thumb drive to upgrade from Win7 after July 29?

Might want to chat online with a MS rep and see what your options are.
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I just did a fresh install of Win7 Ultimate SP1 on my PC, since the previous install was all crooked and had problems with viruses.
Now, I would like to keep Win7 just as a temporary tool, since all I want to get is the Win10 Upgrade tool and get the new release.
Since I don't want to install all 230+ Updates before getting the Upgrader (GWX), I'd like to ask which updates I mandatorily have to install in order to get the Upgrader. Microsoft's page regarding the update (KB3035583) does not tell me that I need some updates beforehand.

Any Ideas?

A:Which updates to install on fresh Win7 to get Win10 Upgrade tool?

You still need at least all the Security updates
See this thread for the listing of ones related to the Win 10 upgrade offer
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Wondering if anyone can tell me if there is a way to verify that my Win7 PC has digital entitlement for Win10.
I have cloned my hard drive onto another hard drive, as the original is making noises, and it might be time to end its life.
I upgraded to Win10 on the original hard drive, then rolled it back to Win7. That meant that i could upgrade to Win10 again at a later time.
Then I cloned the hard drive.
I can see that Win7 is activated on the new HDD, but i want to know if it has the digital entitlement to upgrade to Win10, or whether that would have been lost in the cloning process (or whether the change in hardware will prevent an upgrade - which I doubt).
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Trying to upgrade my wife's PC via windows update. so far failed about 10 times with different errors. Latest it downloaded everything, completed the install, rebooted shows the x% complete screen, rebooted, briefly showed the Win10 icon and the small circle of white dots, rebooted and back at win7

Error log just says

Installation Failure: Windows failed to install the following update with error 0xe06d7363: Upgrade to Windows 10 Pro, version 1511, 10586.



[ Name]

[ Guid]








[ SystemTime]




[ ProcessID]

[ ThreadID]




[ UserID]



Upgrade to Windows 10 Pro, version 1511, 10586



Anti virus is just Windows Security.

Any suggestions appreciated


A:Upgrade from Win7 Pro to Win10 Failed Error code 0xe06d7363

1) Start your computer and log on as an administrator.
2) Click the Start button then select All Programs, Accessories, System Tools, and then click System Restore.
3) In the new window, select "Restore my computer to an earlier time" option and then click Next.
4) Select the most recent system restore point from the "On this list, click a restore point" list, and then click Next.
5) Click Next on the confirmation window.
6) Restarts the computer when the restoration is finished.
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I'm posting this to Win7 to - Warm Boot Win10 Fail ANOTHER from OPTION caused Upgrade anyone that's Win10 Upgrade from Win7 caused Warm Boot to Fail - ANOTHER OPTION having issues with Win10 Upgrade from Win7 caused Warm Boot to Fail - ANOTHER OPTION the Win Warm Boot functionality I recently did an in-place upgrade of WIN Pro to WIN After getting everything setup I noticed that Warm Boots would hang - for me this means selecting Windows key Power Restart My hang condition was the computer began power down operations - cut display driver so screen went blank but the system would never actually reset you couldn't hear any fan changes or normal sounds of shutdown going on Only option was press Reset button or hold Power Button till shutdown occurred I pulled my hair out and Google'd the world on all kinds of BIOS issues Advanced Power Management and driver Win10 Upgrade from Win7 caused Warm Boot to Fail - ANOTHER OPTION updates NOTHING FIXES THE PROBLEM I stumbled across the Shift Restart option for getting into WIN 's new Safe Mode Other Diagnostic restart options So I tried a quot Warm Reboot quot using Shift Restart This means Windows key Power Restart with the Shift key held down Once in the quot Safe Mode quot selection window - I did nothing else but select Exit to Windows which restarts the computer Guess What - It resarted quot normally quot just like it used to with WIN For some people there's something going on between the WIN code base UEFI BIOS or selected options for Power Management that hangs the system on Warm Boot - not sure what it is But this method gives me the ability to now Restart my machine consistently - which is important for me when I remote logging in and need to restart i e I can't push the buttons

A:Win10 Upgrade from Win7 caused Warm Boot to Fail - ANOTHER OPTION

Hi and welcome to SevenForums,
Interesting most issues are from windows 10's fast start features which is the first thing I would disable in 10 and in the machines bios for good measure
I've never heard of warm boot :/
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My disk contains 5 partitions:
part1 = ntfs-win10 free upgrade of win home premium (primary)
Part2 = ntfs-win7 home premium (primary)
Part3 = ext3-Extended (logical)
Part4 = ext3-LM rafaela (extended)
Part5 = swap (extended)
This setup worked good.

Part2 win7 got buggered, and reinstalled (nvidia chip-set melt down during win7 boot). The MB was replaced.

I can no longer get to win10 boot Part1. Booting to Part1 or Part2 results to booting the newly installed win7. Rafaela boot did not change: still working.

How can I reclaim my win10 boot? I can't upgrade for free anymore so I'm hoping there's a way to work with what's there.

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Anyone have any experience with this? I'm not planning on upgrading anytime soon, but today I spent some time running my Win7/8 keys through a clean install of Win10 in a VM (well, first one clean, the others I used the "Change Product Key" function in Win10, which did return succesful activations).

Does this work for enabling their use in future installs of Win10? Requiring a call due to hardware change is acceptable too

A:"Flagging" Win7/8 keys for Win10 upgrade via VM

Try installing another Win10 in another VM and see if it auto activates.
Don't use a key when you install.
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Hello i bought Pc from 1 guy.
its care who is that guys...
but my question is
if i can upgrade to windows 10 without purchasing them, or buying key
i started PC and microsoft quested me if i want to upgrade because my win7 is old
or something...

A:Can i upgrade from WIN7 to WIN10 "for free" ?

Hi Welcome to Windows Central! Give this a look. I have no experience with this, so you're on your own!
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I'm trying to find out for certain if I can keep win7 as my OS from now on and not have to worry about Microsoft forcing an upgrade to win10. My reasons for not moving to win10 are irrelevant to the question.

No matter how I word the question on google all of the answers are biased toward what I need to do to upgrade to win10. I figured someone here might have some insight.

I'd appreciate any feedback...

A:I want to use win7 "forever" and never upgrade to win10

Well I don't see why not as long as you don't download and install win-10 preparation updates :/
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I have repeatedly encountered Win10 Envy 860-1... to 10240 14393 Win10 Failed Upgrade From on a failures in trying to upgrade Win from version to the current version I used Upgrade From Win10 10240 to Win10 14393 Failed on Envy 860-1... the Windows Upgrade exe program - failed I used the MediaCreationTool to download the iso and create a bootable DVD for upgrade - failed Created virtual drive for the iso to upgrade - failed The normal Windows Update function appears to work properly - I get windows and other updates on the usual time basis The relevant files for diagnosing what went wrong seem to be A The WINDOWS BT Sources Panther setupact logB The WINDOWS BT Sources Panther setuperr logC There are also small files with these same names in the WINDOWS WS Sources Panther folder i e another setupact log and setuperr log Here is the file WINDOWS BT Sources Panther setupact log - - Info SP CSetupPlatform Initialize Setup log starts - - Info SP Host system information VM NOFirmware type UEFIManufacturer HPModel - stBIOS name A BIOS version A BIOS release date Total memory Number of physical CPUs Number of logical CPUs Processor manufacturer GenuineIntelProcessor name Intel R Core TM i - CPU GHzProcessor caption Intel Family Model Stepping Processor architecture x Processor Upgrade From Win10 10240 to Win10 14393 Failed on Envy 860-1... clock - - Info SPVerifyFootprint Starting verification of footprint section Footprint Basic - - Info SPVerifyFootprint Could not find footprint file C Windows WS Sources reagent admx - - Info SPVerifyFootprint The requested footprint Upgrade From Win10 10240 to Win10 14393 Failed on Envy 860-1... is not present - - Warning SPGetFootprintCapabilities Footprint Footprint Basic incomplete the platform capability will not be available - - Info SPGenerateCopyListFromConfigFile Didn't find file list in C Windows WS Sources setupplatform cfg section Footprint Servicing x - - Info SPVerifyFootprint Starting verification of footprint section Footprint Servicing - - Info SPVerifyFootprint Could not find footprint file C Windows WS Sources compatprovider dll - - Info SPVerifyFootprint The requested footprint is not present - - Warning SPGetFootprintCapabilities Footprint Footprint Servicing incomplete the platform capability will not be available - - Info SPGenerateCopyListFromConfigFile Didn't find file list in C Windows WS Sources setupplatform cfg section Footprint ICB x - - Info SPVerifyFootprint Starting verification of footprint section Footprint ICB - - Info SPVerifyFootprint Could not find footprint file C Windows WS Sources cmi migxml dll - - Info SPVerifyFootprint The requested footprint is not present - - Warning SPGetFootprintCapabilities Footprint Footprint ICB incomplete the platform capability will not be available - - Info SPGenerateCopyListFromConfigFile Didn't find file list in C Windows WS Sources setupplatform cfg section Footprint Migration x - - Info SPVerifyFootprint Starting verification of footprint section Footprint Migration - - Info SPVerifyFootprint Could not find footprint file C Windows WS Sources cmi migxml dll - - Info SPVerifyFootprint The requested footprint is not present - - Warning SPGetFootprintCapabilities Footprint Footprint Migration incomplete the platform capability will not be available - - Info Initializing diagnostics helper data file NULL - - Info No existing diagnostics data - - Info Key CollectTrace is not available - - Warning SP CSetupPlatform Initialize Failed to initialize tracing - - Info There is already a running setup user mode etw session - - Info VDS available - - Info Key CollectTrace is not available - - Info SP Attempting to resurrect a new system from C Windows BT Sources - - Error SP CSetupPlatform ResurrectNewSystem Cannot resurrect new system Win Exception C Windows BT Sources NewSystem dat The system cannot find the file specified x thiscall UnBCL FileStream FileStream const class UnBCL tring enum UnBCL FileMode enum UnBCL FileAccess enum UnBC... Read more
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Hello all Is it now still impossible to disable updates on Win on a wired connection for Windows Home OR Windows Pro The reason I am asking is because our internet at our workplace which I manage does not have a very high bandwidth connection and several W machines downloading updates at the same time will choke the connection A search yields nothing but maybe some of you more savvy H ers may have done the impossible As of right now I have a few W PRO machines that I can set to disable updates by turning off automatic updates in the group policy editor Unfortunately on a test unit running the anniversary update turning off automatic updates in the group policy editor no longer seems to work My only current option seems to be running an un-updated version of Win Pro and disabling automatic updates before the thing updates itself to the anniversary edition We have some computer units coming in that come bundled with Windows Home -- don t want to waste money upgrading to PRO just for this purpose As of right now getting my hands on older copies of Windows is not an option as is running Linux for some of these machines we already run Ubuntu on most of our machines here at work Thank you for any inputs nbsp
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I'm so frustrated by Windows constantly changing the default printer and changing the setting that allows it to do so but I admit whilst I've experience in scheduling disabling Schedule/.bat for Win10 printer management template tasks and running basic bat files the solution offered over at BeepingComputer is a bit out of my league I would've amended the vbs script offered however I'm not certain Schedule/.bat template for disabling Win10 printer management the UNC path it uses is predicated upon would work - it is a network printer - but I installed using its IP and navigating to the registry path it contains there is no Code like in his example just the printer name So to sum up I'm asking if anyone could possible provide a template instructions on how I'd achieve the solution offered at the link above - that is to schedule a task that runs a bat to check to see if the Default Printer is set to my preferred printer and if not change it back it seems a ridiculous thing to have to ask but there we are Thanks in advance

A:Schedule/.bat template for disabling Win10 printer management

Go to Search or Press the Windows key +R and type the printers name or the computer that is hosting it(eg)
\\PrinterName or it's IP address (eg) \\ and press enter. This will open the shared file, Right click the printer and choose Connect. This will install the network printer on the computer you are using.
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I received the free win 10 upgrade from an invitation to reserve the upgrade. The other day, a Ransomware hit me, and though I believe I may have immediately tracked & deleted all affected files I could find, I hardly believe I could be so skilled as to be successful.

I had this happen last year, and ended up formatting the unit, and reloading Win 7. I don't want to have to go back to 7, but how do I get another Win 10? Is there a key I need to find & save? A free site that I can get a copy on a flash drive to load from? Any help would be appreciated. I have no clue how to proceed since it's an online download, and once formatted, the unit won't be able to get online without the OS


A:I have Win10 from upgrade, must reformat PC. How do I get Win10 again?

you can download the newest build of windows 10 >

boot from the setup media - remove every partition (wipe) the HDD

and clean install widows 10

since you already had win7 and windows 10 on that PC - if asked for product key - just skip that screen
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My pc specs win7 dual boot +BSOD managemen win7/win10 wont "memory boot to anymore asus z -p motherboard intel i cpu bequiet w psu gig corsair vengeance ram samsung evo gig ssd win pro bit drive sandisk ultra II ssd gig ssd win drive dual boot win7/win10 wont boot to win7 anymore +BSOD "memory managemen x crucial gig bx ssd data drives i recently dual boot win7/win10 wont boot to win7 anymore +BSOD "memory managemen rebuilt this into a new case and it had been working fine Mainly using the win os but more recently using the win os more and more The way it has been working is that win is the default boot and I have to hit the delete key on startup to select win to boot from today I was on win but needed to reboot to Upon doing so I hit this message Secure Boot Violation The system found unauthorized changes on the firmware operating system or UEFI drivers It then gave me the option to boot to win as it is the next boot option on the list Win is now giving me the blue screen quot memory management error quot although I have been able to get into win after some more rebooting I ran SFC scanner and it told me that there were some problems that it cannot fix Everything is unplugged apart from mouse keyboard hdmi to screen and ethernet cable Unplugging the win drive from the mobo and switching the win drive to another port has not helped Has my ssd failed has win done an update that has caused this problem It did update today in fact the first error message I got was after win shut down and when I booted into it again it installed some updates before launching thanks for any help
Relevancy 55.04%

I have 2 netbooks with windows7 starter edition on them, I reently purchased an upgrade family pack from Ebay and mistakenly didn't releaze it was software to upgrade from Windows Vista to Windows7 Home Premium edition. Before I break the seal, I was wondering if this would work, can I use this upgrade software(Vista to Windows7 Home Premium), to upgrade my windows7 starter edition to full Home Premium or will it not work correctly.
I appreciate any help offered.

A:Upgrade Win7 starter using win7 upgrade software for Vista?

Hello there, wil.

There's no problem at all. follow this tutorial and you'll be able to install them without problems.

Clean Install Windows 7

EDIT: sorry, is this one:

Clean Install with a Upgrade Windows 7 Version

Although you may need an external USB DVD-Drive or installing your Windows 7 from a USB

USB Windows 7 Installation Key Drive - Create

And that'll be it
Relevancy 54.18%

I am not sure if I have win 8.1 pro or win 8.1Says 8.1 pro in mscinfo but doesnt allow me to install win 8.1 pro features. Anyway that is not the issue I am writing about. Issue is , I had my laptop crashed 1 month after I installed Win 10. it required HD replacement by HP, at which stage I was told not to ugrade to win 10 as my laptop will not handle it. My Question is:free upgrade to wn 10 ends soon.what happens when my OS will no longer be supported by MSWhat is actually the problem that causes HP notebooks to crash? Is there a feature in win 10 that can be turned off to avoid causing the crash?Atleast we can keep up with the updates!! Need some help to understand what the actual issue is and if there has been some workaround found by now.SD
Relevancy 53.75%

1. I did use AdvCleaner, Zemana, Malwarebytes, Combofix several times. My problem apperars even every shows cleen comp.
2. Probably wmiprvse and svhost are cause or important part of cause.
I have 4 core 8 cpu machine. When I give him ( wmiprvse and svhost ) only 1 processor I can work on my comp.
But: webrowsers are slow down, and if I start video (Youtube) it stuck - even reset comp.
3. When I unplug ethernet cable or switch off network card, comp working fine.
Problem was in windows 7.
Then I upgrade to windows 10 problem still appear
Then I unplug card and plug new WiFi card for 10 minutes computer working fine with Firefox browser. Then I launch Chrome. For 1-2 minutes my monitors blink - like changing resolution time - and finnally comp slows down.
I'm using comodo firewall and antivir...
ps in win 10 task manager shows normal CPU using. I cant see "show everyone process" button like on win7.
What to do?

A:100% cpu win7 win10

Hello, Welcome to BleepingComputer.I'm nasdaq and will be helping you.If you can please print this topic it will make it easier for you to follow the instructions and complete all of the necessary steps in the order listed.===Download the version of this tool for your operating system.Farbar Recovery Scan Tool (64 bit)Farbar Recovery Scan Tool (32 bit)and save it to a folder on your computer's Desktop.Double-click to run it. When the tool opens click Yes to disclaimer.Press Scan button.It will make a log (FRST.txt) in the same directory the tool is run. Please copy and paste it to your reply.The first time the tool is run, it makes also another log (Addition.txt). Please attach it to your reply.How to attach a file to your reply:In the Reply section in the bottom of the topic Click the "more reply Options" button.Attach the file.Select the "Choose a File" navigate to the location of the File.Click the file you wish to Attach.Click the Add reply button.===Wait for further instructions.
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hi guys i tried to disable the ipv6 using the reg edit and all and i restarted my pc but when i check the local network are connection and properties the ipv6 is still checked . am i doing somthing wrong ? i unchecked it , but i am not sure if it is disabled now . Will appreciate help thanks.

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I am going to upgrade my current OS and am wondering which direction to go My current system is Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version OS Version Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition Service Pack bit Processor AMD Athlon tm Dual-Core Processor x Family Model Stepping Processor Count RAM Mb Graphics Card ATI Radeon X X X Series Mb Hard Drives C Total - MB Free - MB D Total - MB to or Win7 Win10? Solved: XP Free - MB E Total - MB Free - MB F Total - MB Free - MB G Total Solved: XP to Win7 or Win10? - MB Free - MB H Total - MB Free - MB I Total - MB Free - MB J Total - MB Free - MB Motherboard ASUSTeK Computer INC M N -SLI DELUXE I am not sure if I have expansion slots or room for more RAM We use the cpu for basic home usage plus some streaming netflix etc and home-office applications not too much gaming but I would like to have that option in the future As you can see I have partitioned the HDD into separate drives for organizing purposes as a result of someone s advice I don t want to break the bank for this upgrade if at all possible Thanks in advance for your help nbsp

Relevancy 52.89%

Hey HardForum I m still running my rig from early see sig and had planned on upgrading near the end of I admit I haven t given much thought to which version of Windows to run except that I had no intention of running Windows But I heard Win10? Computer - Win7 or New that Kaby Lake motherboards might somehow not allow Windows to run Is that accurate And honestly I m a little concerned with running Windows in terms of it New Computer - Win7 or Win10? being compatible I ve still got one or two programs that I have to run on Windows XP on my old machine I see reviews of games on Steam that express excitement at which games run well on Windows So in short in terms of older software and games how much of a headache would I get from Windows instead of New Computer - Win7 or Win10? Windows The software I can run on old laptops but if I build a new rig which would be used perhaps for gaming I don t want to suddenly cut down the library of games I can run by half by picking Windows instead of Windows Cheers nbsp

A:New Computer - Win7 or Win10?

I haven't heard that it won't actually allow Windows 7 to run. It's just that they're not going to continue pushing microcode updates and supporting new processor features on older versions of Windows. They also won't provide tech support if you can't get it to work, etc. People have blown Microsoft's statement on the matter out of proportion... I mean, it's not like they're still updating MS-DOS or older versions of Windows, but they still work on new computers (albeit in a limited way due to lack of available drivers). There's a possibility that you wouldn't be able to use some newer motherboard features, but that's about it.

That said, I would actually go with Windows 10 for gaming because it's going to support DirectX12, and you're probably going to start seeing games take advantage of it by December. It won't be backported to older versions of Windows. That's really your biggest limitation right there.

I've been able to get every game that worked on Windows 7 to work on Windows 10 with enough tweaking and playing with compatibility settings. There are a few that won't run on anything past XP, but that's generally because they don't play nice with the WOW64 subsystem (and even these usually work on 32-bit versions of 7 and 10). I mean, maybe I've been really lucky, but I haven't encountered a lot of games that just won't work at all on Windows 10 that did work on Windows 7. For instance, I have Morrowind working on my Surface Book with Windows 10... and that's a pretty old game. I had trouble getting MGXE to work, but I just had to install DirectX 9, set a compatibility mode, and restart. Now it runs in perfect 3:2 resolution at 1200x800.

The main reason to keep Windows 7 is because of Windows Media Center and Windows Movie Maker. They've cut out a lot of multimedia stuff without offering a good replacement, so if you need any of those features, they're good reasons to stick with Windows 7.

I think if you're really concerned, you could probably find a way to dual-boot until you're satisfied that Windows 10 can do everything you need. Or just keep your Windows 7 machine around for a while.
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I apologize if this is in the wrong forum. I don't want to use Win10 but may have to buy a new PC (can't upgrade XP to Win7 on current machine - memory at max and not enough for Win 7). Can Win 10 be pulled off of a new machine and replaced with Win 7? Or is there something that will prevent Win 7 from running on it (would be a Dell Inspiron, most likely).


A:Replace Win10 with Win7

If it has secure boot enabled it may stop it you would have to disable it. If you put 7 on it will start downloading win 10 you also need to be sure you can get drivers for 7 before you do it. Give 10 ago before you jump ship you can set to work mostly like 7
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When i navigate to settings>Recovery>Go back to Win 7, I click the "Get Started" button but nothing opens or occurs at all. I am the only account on the PC with full admin rights. Attached is a screenshot of my user list

A:Cannot Go back to Win7 from Win10

Hi there

Oh Dear

Why don't some people EVER LISTEN to sensible advice on these Forums

Why on earth didn't you IMAGE you W7 system before doing any upgrades etc --things like MACRIUM are FREE.

90% of problems could be solved if people only too regular backpps.

\this advice must have been given AD NAUSEAM by loads of people on the forums.

If only you had an image -- ouldtake you around 30 mins max to restore back to W7.

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OK so i have installed Win on a low-end laptop and since many many people claimed that Win is crappy compared to Win let me compared Win to Win i will even use Win Ultimate vs Win Home this will be a real-time comparison made like Average Joe would please don t mention about Win10, than Win7 (in progress) really? better privacy it is not the purpose here Installation Win win both OS are in the latest ISO from USB using Rufus Win Win7 better than Win10, really? (in progress) the installation was properly made nothing special there Win same as Win did customized setting etc Then there the first expected fail of Win it doesn t have the proper drivers for my machine which was released during the Win era So basically i ended up with no network so i can t have Windows Updates I was expected it so i have them downloaded prior to the installation but Average Joe won t think of it and if he doesn t have another PC under hands he is done Post Installation no winner Win user account creation is classic nothing to complain here Win MS push you to use a MS account for various purposes but a local account is permitted so here nothing to complain too Windows Updates Win win when i install an OS the first thing i do is Windows Update to get latest compatible drivers and security fixes Win Windows update hang and download nothing if i didn t have a network traffic monitoring tool i could wait for hours so i started wasting my time looking for fixes and finally find one here Windows - Windows Updates hanging and not downloading Win clicked quot check updates after less than a minute all are displayed downloaded installed without issues I heard that some users had problems with it and some updates smashed their system but i did dozen of Win installs and never get one If you worry you can force Win to download only fixes and not drivers So for now im still downloading updates for Win so let it finish before moving to the next part nbsp

A:Win7 better than Win10, really? (in progress)

For sure from my experience Windows 10 runs so smooth here it is in front of Windows 7.
Relevancy 52.89%

So the primary issue is this: My motherboard is old enough that there are no windows 10 drivers for it.

I did get everything running smoothly at one point, but have no clue how, and now it honestly seems easier to downgrade to 7, where drivers exist and so on.

How do I do this? Primarily, how do I do it without losing all my data?
Relevancy 52.89%

I am on a Dell Pentium Win home sb I decided to install Win but when I click upgrade it will look like it is downloading but then goes to the Win quot update quot menu I ran what updates it had but when it finished there was no Win After a reboot I clicked quot UPGRADE'' again and the same thing went to Win quot update quot menu and showed a whole bunch of new win7 installing over win10 ones available that didn't show before downloaded them and same thing no Win anywhere so thought it was time to ask the experts A few months ago I downloaded Win with no problems I did not like it installing win10 over win7 so brought win back with no problems now see they have made the start page like win that was the thing I did not installing win10 over win7 like so know they will stop supporting Win soon thought it was time to upgrade Any help with this will be greatly appreciated Hefs
Relevancy 52.89%

Anyone exploring the possibilities of moving from Win7 to Win10 upon release.
Anyone with experience with Win10 can share insights for Win7 users - probably
done before, but haven't seen much lately (mainly just Win8 to Win10).


A:Win7 to Win10 Possibilities?

Have you been following the discussions on sister site Windows 10 forums ?

Windows 10 Forums
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I installed Windows 10 on my travel touchscreen laptop because it has Windows 8.1.
It works OK but my desktop will stay Windows 7 as long as I can.
I feel Win7 is very stable and for most regular users it works well.
How about you?
Will you stay with Win7 and not upgrade?
Relevancy 52.89%

I have 4 PCs; I was able to upgrade 3, but the fourth one the desktop I couldn't upgrade it.
I followed all the workarounds and solution were offered I downloaded the Windows Creation Tool
and still cannot update.
If I upgrade through Windows Update then it stops at ( Check your PC before upgrading )
and if I run it through the Windows tool it doesn't run at all !!
What should I do?

A:Upgrading from win7 to win10

any hope to fix this issue
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A LAN has two win pro pcs a new win Home laptop replacing an older machine and other laptops The two win pro pcs and access pcs pc lan on to from win10 win7 the new win laptop form a development access to win10 pc from win7 pcs on lan system for database app webapp software and must be able to create amp write files to most any access to win10 pc from win7 pcs on lan folder on any of the three machines anytime Essentially we must be able to treat these three machines as if they were just one machine with several drives run by multiple instances of an admin user That's how we work I can hear the corporate intakes of breath For this request lose that mindset we're a family not a corporation When the win laptop was configured and introduced to the network a few weeks ago we managed to persuade it---against its corporate wishes---to allow such access without authentication requests Now the win instance has updated itself and since then both win pcs encounter username amp password requests on attempting to access the win laptop's drive c That stops us cold Worse when the username amp password are entered we meet a further Orwellian requirement for a password for the drive on win machine from which the request was made How do we defeat these ludicrous requirements

A:access to win10 pc from win7 pcs on lan

You might think Microsoft would respect user settings. No such luck.

In the new win10 laptop I'd turned off password protected sharing in "Network and Select Properties". The Windows 10 update turned it back on!

So to fix this:

Right click on Network and select Properties.
Click on Change advanced sharing settings at left.
Click the down arrow next to All Networks at the bottom.
Select Turn off password protected sharing.
Click the Save changes button.

Thank you Microsoft. Not.
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I had been backing up my Win10 system with the above to an external USB3 drive which I don't power power up all the time. All of a sudden File History and WinBackup (using the allowed control panel Win7 backup and restore) stopped functioning because the "external drive had not been used in a long time". I corrected File History by changing the parameters as MS advised but the backup function no longer works. Is this fixable? My PC is an HP i5, 8G, 256 SSD, running Win10 Pro 64. Acronis backed up fine to "My Backups" on the external drive, but I would like to continue with the Win7 program.
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A while ago I installed Win7 games on Win10 using msgames_win8_x64.msi as mentioned in thread Hearts and Solitaire Games in Windows 10 - Windows 10 Forums I wondered if this was legal but did it anyway. Installing the TH2 update removed the games. I installed them again, but this is starting to bother my conscience. Does Microsoft consider these games "pirated" or "unauthorized"? If not, why did the maintenance delete them?

A:Win7 games on Win10

This is simply to do with the way the TH2 update is implemented. It's virtually a new Windows installation, and creates a Windows.old folder. Because your games are presumably installed within folders which are part of the OS, I would expect they have been left behind in the Windows.old folder and not copied across.

As a side note, it has been found that some user installed programs (just a very few) have been uninstalled by the update, where MS has deemed these are incompatible.

Just reinstall them if you wish.
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Hi I have three computers in my house that I want on a homegroup to share docs and printers. Two are on Windows 10 and one is on Windows 7. They are all on the same network. I'm having a devil of a time getting them to share stuff. Help!!!!! Thanks in advance.
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Finally took the plunge and got a 3 pack Win7 Home.

I've done searches in google and on the forums and everything points me to Local Policy (which I have done for years with XPPro), which Home doesn't have.

I read about Parental control, problem is, I need to disable my wife/in laws from installing apps and from what I read that doesn't really prevent them from installing apps anyways.

Is there anyway to do it in Home edition? Not really concerned with wife/in laws as much as I am with kids. Although they only have access to Miniclip and handful of other sites, some of these apps/links/download/installs can get nasty.

Sorry for a newb question.

Also I've been using ProCon for Mozilla site control with WinXP Pro. Should I stick with that or does Win7 offer anything new as far as website access. I simply need to define which sites kids can access.


A:Disabling App Installs with Win7 Home

Quote: Originally Posted by chaos

Finally took the plunge and got a 3 pack Win7 Home.

I've done searches in google and on the forums and everything points me to Local Policy (which I have done for years with XPPro), which Home doesn't have.

I read about Parental control, problem is, I need to disable my wife/in laws from installing apps and from what I read that doesn't really prevent them from installing apps anyways.

Is there anyway to do it in Home edition? Not really concerned with wife/in laws as much as I am with kids. Although they only have access to Miniclip and handful of other sites, some of these apps/links/download/installs can get nasty.

Sorry for a newb question.

Also I've been using ProCon for Mozilla site control with WinXP Pro. Should I stick with that or does Win7 offer anything new as far as website access. I simply need to define which sites kids can access.


The best way to prevent others from installing applications is to setup seperate user accounts. your must be an "Administrator" account with a password, and that of your wife should be a "Limited" account, for which a password is no necessary.

Then, turn up UAC to it's maximum level (always a good idea this, even if you only have one user account). With UAC at it's maximum, whenever your wife is logs in with her user account, and then attempts to install software, she will be prompted for a password, which will be your user name and password.

No third-party software is required, as the facility is built-in to Windows 7 using the above technique...
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Hi Guys,

I never had any problem disabling Task Scheduler service in XP Pro.

It seems to me that this option is not available in win 7
All settings are dimmed. I cannot reset it from Automatic to Disabled.

How that can be done? My account has Admin rights (only one account here)

I must try this because there are enormous number of sceduled tasks. I don't need any of them. Most of them are from preinstalled Applications by Asus, but there are some MS stuff as well, that I don't want to use anyway

Thanks in advance for ideas

A:Disabling Task Scheduler in win7

Type task scheduler in search. When you see it, right click and run as administrator. Then right pane, disable. This disables individual service, not the task scheduler.
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Win7-Home -> Win7-Pro-Upgrade -> Win8-Pro-Upgrade -> Win8.1

Yes I had to go through that litany of upgrades to get to Win8.1 and I then installed a bunch of software on top. Then I wanted to use the Windows Hyper-V so I could get Ubuntu running also but it turns out that my Intel CPU Core 2 Duo will not support Hyper-V.

So I bought a new motherboard and CPU with the 1155 socket which should support Hyper-V.

So is there someway to shortcut this litany of of disk-in disk-out over and over and over upgrade chain that took me three days to get through? I would be willing to pay for the Windows 8 non-upgrade key for $199 but when I called the Microsoft store they said it was "OUT OF STOCK" what ever the frig that means and they couldn't sell me one. Can't get it online either.

A:Win7-Home -> Win7-Pro-Upgrade -> Win8-Pro-Upgrade -> 8.1

Newegg has a non-upgrade OEM disc you can use @ Microsoft Windows 8 64-bit (Full Version) I hope that's what you are looking for.

If you need the Windows 8 Professional instead (OEM): Microsoft Windows 8 Professional 64-bit (Full Version)
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This has to be the least important problem with the AU, but ...

Shortly after installing Win10 I installed the old W7 solitaire package using the procedure in
Hearts and Solitaire Games in Windows 10 - Windows 10 Forums.
It has been working fine for a a year or so.

Today I installed the AU on an old PC I use for testing. I noticed that the games I had pinned to Start were not there. I looked in one of the game folders and found that the .exe file was gone. (That is so bizarre that I'm not going to swear it's correct.) I uninstalled and reinstalled the games. Everything looks fine but the games won't execute ... or more likely start and immediately end.

Is this the end of the Win7 games, or is there a simple fix?
Relevancy 52.46%


Last time I checked Win10 it was only possible to postpone installing certain Win updates that W10 found, nothing more. Is it EVER going to be possible on W10 to do as in W7 ... namely install only the Win updates that the user wishes to install? If yes - how?

Thank you! : )

A:Selective Win10 Updates (as in Win7)

That is a recurring issue already brought forward to MS.
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As per title.

I've upgraded my Win7Pro to Win10 Professional a few months ago. I want to install Win7 back for testing purposes. I still have my Win7 activation key.

What's going to happen after the testing when I'll install Win10 again? Will it be activated or will I have to pay?

A:What happens with my Win10 license if I go back to Win7 for a day?

Hi, your PC should automatically activate if you reinstall Win 10. Once activated, your right to Win 10 is held on MS's activation servers against your hardware.

I suggest you do the following to save a lot of time:
a. Create a disk image using e.g. Macrium reflect (free) + its boot medium + external storage (Use 'Windows Backup'). You can then restore your PC exactly as was with Win10 in under an hour. (Everyone should use disk imaging routinely anyway- strongly recommended here).
b. Reinstall Win 7 and do what you need to
c. Create an image of that so you can restore Win 7 any time you wish in under an hour.
d. Restore your image of Win 10.

Note: you will need to be careful about partitions on your disk - best to delete the Win 10 ones then install Win 7, then delete Win 7 ones and restore Win 10.
Relevancy 52.46%

I heard all the problems with win10 so want to set up win 7 on separate partition. I have the win 10 recovery disk that came with the pc and need to know if I just change to win 7 only could I later use the disk to return pc to win10?
Relevancy 52.46%

My Grandson can't get Windows 7 back & hates Windows 10. He is into gaming & says none of his games work right on Win 10. His games won't play really at all the have problems with FPS and lots of errors when the game starts up.

I hope that somebody can help me with this.
Many thanks,

A:Can I go back to Win7 after the first month of Win10

If it's within 30 days, you can go back to your Win 7 license. If it's over 30 days, I think you're stuck with Win 10.

What is the problem that you're having going back to Win 7? In as much detail as possible, please.
Relevancy 52.46%

Is it still possible to upgrade to Windows 10 for free ?

A:Upgrading Win7 to Win10 for free ?

hi the free period is over so no not that I know of
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i just bought a 2nd hand HP 8200 series pc.
they originally shipped them win7 pro license.
the guy i bought it from upgraded it to win10 pro (activated).
there is a few reasons i want to go back.
anyway i noticed that win10 had this option to Roll Back from Win10 to Win7.
i'm not sure how he updated it, because there is no
back up image anywhere on the hard drive.(the win 10 app explained)
i tried some 3rd party software, same result.
so if i cant do it without a clean install of a win 7 image,
my question is then ,can i somehow extract the license/activation/serial
from the harddrive & then activate a win7 image i downloaded from the net?

A:i want to Roll Back from Win10 to Win7

Unfortunately, on a computer upgraded to Windows 10 you only have 30 days to revert. If the computer is an OEM then you cannot legally download an iso from the web. If you do find one then you would need to activate via phone. HP does provide Recovery Disks at a nominal cost. You would need to contact HP.
If the Recovery Partition is intact, you may be able to revert to a WIndows 7 factory state by tapping a key during boot to bring up the Recovery Wizard. When you open Disk Management do you see a Recovery Partition approx 15GB in size. Edit: I noticed you posted you could not see a recovery image. Nothing in Disk Management? For HP tap F11 at boot. This will bring up the Recovery Manager. Any personal data currently on the computer needs to be backed up first.
Edit: Unfortunately, your key is gone but you should be able to use the key on the COA sticker but as I said, there is no legal place to download a Windows 7 iso file if it OEM.
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I would describe my Win7 system as 95% healthy, not 100%, but it runs more or less as I want it to.
But now I'm going to upgrade to Win10, while I still can for free, before the June 29 deadline..
In preparation for this, I just created a disk image of my Win7 system, just in case things go horribly wrong on the upgrade.
Is it advisable to go to the trouble to repair Win7 (at which point I could create a 2nd disk image for safekeeping), before upgrading to Win10?
Or will Win10 just install in pristine condition, even though Win7 ISN'T in pristine condition?

A:Should I repair Win7 before upgrading to Win10?

What exactly do you mean by "not 100%,"...?
Relevancy 52.46%

I was able to install Win 7(64bit) on a new ssd, with 8 non-functioning  items listed in device manager.    HP support for this model only lists win 10 drivers.    Question:   where can I obtain suitable drivers?

A:downgrade hp 15-f211wm from win10 to win7

@Paul_Tikkanen? is the usual place to start.
Relevancy 52.46%

I am Factory In Win10 Default Win7 between and in W because I became stuck after an unsuccessful restore from image I know the error code but I am unsure of why it failed I am trying to get back to W and my head is exploding - as it is day External HD works but I can't find my backups pst file from That is one path to recovery In between Win10 and Factory Default Win7 through a recovery of files As I can't find my Outlook data I cannot figure out my next step After I had an image recovery failure on Tuesday I cannot locate that image in my computer or on my external HD I can't see it - hidden or un-hidden Where is the WindowsBackupImage from my C drive When I open Backup amp Restore it shows files and GB of a system image When I woke up my goal was to recover using Restore from Image via vhd file Because I cannot visually eyeball any of the data that should be in multiple folders files I am upset Backups are always sent to HD Backups done daily and images weekly Without having had a HD failure I should have data backups between and Images from and unless the earlier were overwritten I had a lot of room on HD Seagate thinks MS did something with W updates He is sure my data is somewhere So am I How could it be corrupted yet leave an image along with photos texts docs Word PDF pst files MS online support not knowledgeable enough with Seagate's hunch If computer became corrupted it was between installing clean W OS and then resorting to a Win factory default because my computer wouldn't boot I would swear Windows broke my computer This statement by way of explaining that my computer was working fine - no hard drive errors or failures no corruption or viruses - just SafeSear ch which showed up with the factory installation on Wednesday If I restore from Image do I remove everything first I installed Office Outlook Is it possible that I cannot see certain missing folders images files because I don't have W installed I guess the stupidest questions come from the fact that my hard drive didn't fail yet I'm missing PRIMARILY the data that I need to restore Outlook Hence where why how and what Or since my drives didn't fail internally OR externally where is everything If I can restore from Image I should have W If I have to go back earlier than it's better than having Outlook with no calendar contacts settings etc If I can recover data but not OS and software as long as I can take Outlook with me I should be fine Not sure the most successful way to achieve a fully functioning Office Outlook That's why I am here Thank you

A:In between Win10 and Factory Default Win7


I just found the backup image in HD, but Recovery Mode in Win7 won't find it - that I know with certainty as I tried it with a tech on the phone. How do I get this backup image to Win 7 using Advanced Tools?

Thank you.
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hello, i upgraded to win10pro from win7ultimate. After completion, i noticed that office2013 and foxitpdf applications did not launch after clicking on their shortcut or their exe in the respective folders. Neither did associated files open, ie clicking on an excel workbook file, failed to launch the application. Other applications, like an image viewer for example kept working fine.

i reinstalled office and foxitpdf, but same situation. i tried to run the applications as administrator and they launch fine. However, an excel workbook or a word document for example will not open directly, but i need to open them from within the application, which i have to run as admin.

my local account is member of the administrators group, with full rights.

any help/advise appreciated.
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I have an SSD drive in my pc which is running Win Pro I have a second SSD on which I restored a system backup of my first drive using Paragon With the first drive unplugged I upgraded the second SSD drive to Win So now I have two SSDs one with and one with I have them both connected and am booting using the OS selector in the bios I worked with Win for a few days only to have the internet drop out I could find no solution so I booted back to Win During the boot it ran disk checks on all of Why ? Can't boot Win7 dual and I Win10 with my internal HDDs as well as the two SSDs When it booted into Win there was no internet and once again I could find no solution I physically disconnected the Win SSD and hard booted the system three or four times before the internet would come back on At this point I m quite reluctant to re-connect the Win SSD either in a dual boot or stand alone format I have read that many people are dual booting between these Why Can't I dual boot with Win7 and Win10 ? two OS so what could be my problem Thanks for any insight nbsp
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I'm going to have to buy a new computer. It already has Win10 installed. I have the purchased Win7 install disk. Can I install Win7 on the new one and use it (Win7) as the primary boot program? And if so, how should I go about it?

A:Installing Win7 on a Win10 computer

Hello Robert mate you need to let us know what that new machineis because there was a post just recent where a fellow had a 10 installed Lenovo machine which would not support 7. I myself bought an Asus ROG laptop a while back and luckily the downgrade 7 I had them put on worked but only after I had to update the BIOS to enable 7 drivers to be installed.
So lets know what the machine is and we can have a look .

You could possibly Google it yourself for that matter something along the lines of will my ******** abd1123 machine support 7. But it is becoming increasingly difficult to install 7 on 10 machines because of driver issues for example.
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In the unending battle against malware, you can do a lot of things. I'm trying to actively find malware (mostly adware) and trying to disinfect computers.

For that, I use various VM's. But because making snapshots and such can take up a ton of disk space and malware creators continually evolve... I'm doubting what windows OS is best to search & test malware on. What OS would you use and why?

Should I upgrade my VM to Windows10 or not? Should I upgrade it to Win8.1? Or should I leave it at Win7?

Thanks in advance guys.

A:Hunting malware - Win7, 8.1 or Win10?

NekoJonez said:

In the unending battle against malware, you can do a lot of things. I'm trying to actively find malware (mostly adware) and trying to disinfect computers.

For that, I use various VM's. But because making snapshots and such can take up a ton of disk space and malware creators continually evolve... I'm doubting what windows OS is best to search & test malware on. What OS would you use and why?

Should I upgrade my VM to Windows10 or not? Should I upgrade it to Win8.1? Or should I leave it at Win7?

Thanks in advance guys.Click to expand...

Stay at 7, because its more stable then windows 10.
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I have Win7 Ultimate K and Win7 Ultimate KN which I intend to do a clean install of Win10 (within the next 2 days !!)
Does anyone know how Win7 K and KN keys translate to a Window 10 licence ? Can the Win7 K and KN keys be used for the "regular" Win10 - or can they only be used for the "N" version of Win10 ???

I don't mind installing Win10 "N" because you can always download and install the Media Pack that restores media player etc. But I would much rather just install the regular version of Win10 ??

A:How do Win7 K and KN keys translate to Win10

You can only use your product key/license from Windows 7 to upgrade to the same edition of Windows 10. Single Language has to upgrade to Single Language. N has to upgrade to N. KN has to upgrade to KN. Sorry, but you can't cross those barriers.
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I purchased a new in the box HP laptop, HP15-AF113CL from costco.
It comes preloaded with win10, it does not have a touchscreen.
I am not a fan of win10 and purchased a licensed copy of win7 pro from amazon.
The laptop does not allow me to overwrite the win10 with the new win7 pro.
I get a continuous "windows failed to start" error with,
"insert windows install disc and restart
status: 0xc000000f
os could not be loaded because a required file is missing or contains errors."
Any help or guidance would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance.

A:Why does Win10 not allow overwrite by new Win7 disc?

I think the BIOS is blocking it. The reason is probably a possible lack of drivers for Win7.
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I haven't installed Win 10 since it was introduced and from reading and hearing from others who have done it, it seems that there are still some issues that people are facing with this new OS, and I currently only want to install Win 10 so my laptop gets registered at Microsoft.

I am wondering whether it is possible to install Win 10 along with the existing Win 7 on my laptop, can Win 10 be for first time installed without removing the existing one? I have already seen your tutorial on dual installation, but my concern is will the license be registered?

I searched both Google and at your site but didn't found the answer I was looking for, I apologize if It has already been answered.

A:Possible to install Win10 along with Win7 for first time?

Hi.... Welcome to Ten Forum .... What you're asking can't be done without first upgrading to 10. What I would do if I were you I would get a usb external hard drive. I would copy and paste everything you need from your laptop onto the external hard drive, once that is done I would do a Factory Restore of your laptop back to the way it was when you first got it. Afterwards, I would re load all the software and data back again onto the laptop, get all the windows updates. And remove all the garbages that the manufacturer put on your laptop that you don't need . So afterwards you have your self a CLEAN system . Once everything is loaded back again, I would download Macrium Reflect free version ( link below for it ) ... And make a full back up image of your laptop ( The whole drive must be selected ) Once that is done I would upgrade to windows 10. Once its been upgraded check to be sure its activated. Once windows 10 is activated you can either stay with windows 10 or go back to Windows 7. If you go back to 7 you can always go back to 10 whenever you want now, as long as the life of the laptop lives. Personally, I would stay with 10 and afterwards I would reformat the hard drive and do a clean installation of windows 10 . If you decide to do a clean install just make sure you still have your data stuff from your external usb hard drive intact to reload . Remember you can always go back to 7 with the back up image. I would even try to load the backup image unto a free cloud base service for safe keeping. ( You would need to zip the backup image for it )

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I am a computer technician and I work out of my home I probably have a half-dozen already with you have PC Win 8.1 on boot Win7 Dual Win10 or your computers A few Dual boot Win10 with Win7 or Win 8.1 you already have on your PC are running Windows Home Premium one has been set up to dual boot to Windows Pro or Windows XP Pro and one has Windows Pro and Windows Pro another dual boot system I recently took my Dell OptiPlex PC that was running Windows Pro with a GB hard drive and UPDATED it to Windows The update took less than an hour and everything is running fine By updating to Windows Pro means I can no longer use Windows Pro right Wrong After UPDATING to Windows Pro I simply reduced the size of my GB hard drive by GB and made a new partition which I named WIN PRO Then I booted to my Windows Pro DVD and installed the OS onto the GB partition Since I had been running Windows Pro on this system and have a Product Key sticker on the top of the case I was able to activate Windows by simply entering the Product Key When I rebooted the PC I was given the option of using Windows Pro or Windows Pro with Windows Pro as the default OS which means if I did nothing it would boot into Windows Pro Everything works just fine with both Operating Systems Here's by beef with Microsoft on this issue Why should we have to UPGRADE to Windows and lose our already installed Windows which is supported by Microsoft until January Windows is supported until October the End of Extended Support Date The Dell OptiPlex PC is NOT my main computer I have another one running Windows Pro that I have been using for well over a year Doing the Windows UPDATE and reinstalling Windows Pro was a no-brainer for me But what if I did this with my main computer There is a good chance that some of the programs running fine on Windows Pro may not function properly with Windows Microsoft could show it cares about their customers by allowing anyone who wants to run a dual-boot system with their Windows or Windows PC by allowing them to simply install Windows on a different partition on their hard drive or better yet on another hard drive installed in their system It would save their customers a great deal of angst plus give them a safe way to compare the two operating systems without losing any of their data

A:Dual boot Win10 with Win7 or Win 8.1 you already have on your PC

No Offense but you do understand Microsoft is giving a FREE Windows 10 by upgrading, right ? How they like to allow it is all up to them . No one said you can't buy windows 10 and do as you said . But, if you want a free windows 10 ? You can by upgrading from a prior windows 7, 8 and 8.1 OS don't you think you should at least abide to their agreement ? Also, since you used your windows 7 copy twice, once to upgrade to 10 not update but upgrade to 10 legally you can't use the 7 disk and install it again on a different or even on the same hard drive, which is what you just did by installing it on a partition drive .
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I'm trying to beat the MSoft clock that runs out on 7/29 for the free upgrade to Win10. Wouldn't you know it, of all the hiccups I would get is the error saying "Can't update from Win 7 Server, or Enterprise to Win10. See Admin." Well, I AM THE ADMIN!! AAARRGGHH!! So, what's the quickest way to get around this conundrum? I DON'T have 7 days.


A:Upgrading From Win7 Enterprise to Win10

Microsoft never offered to upgrade Enterprise for free.
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I went from Windows 7 pro to Win10 pro and i noticed that there is a Windows.old folder on the C drive that is 22gig in size, if im correct that is the windows 7 installation right? can this folder be deleted?

A:Win7 to win10 can i delete this folder?

Windows.old contains your old Windows 7 to allow you to roll back if you choose. Once deleted you cannot roll back.
Here's how to delete it:
Open Admin command pront, copy and paste the following line then run:
%SystemRoot%\System32\Cmd.exe /c Cleanmgr /sageset:65535 & Cleanmgr /sagerun:65535

NOTE: Put a check mark on everything except: Setup logs files, answer Yes when prompt for confirmation
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I'm trying to beat the MSoft clock that runs out on 7/29 for the free upgrade to Win10. Wouldn't you know it, of all the hiccups I would get is the error saying "Can't update from Win 7 Server, or Enterprise to Win10. See Admin." Well, I AM THE ADMIN!! AAARRGGHH!! So, what's the quickest way to get around this conundrum? I DON'T have 7 days.


A:Upgrading From Win7 Entprise to Win10

Microsoft never offered to upgrade Enterprise for free.
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Hardware Alienware x PC Updated from Windows to Windows never reverted back and never made a backup unfortunately The PC came with Windows pre-installed but I imagine after the Windows took over it probably erased Windows files Windows was incredibly buggy and wouldn't let me do certain simple tasks so I decided to clean the drive and restart the PC after many different approaches couldn't do updates or even see update loop setup to Win10 Win7 manager etc so it was my last resort Now I am trying to go through the Windows setup but every time it gets to restarting or quot wait a moment quot the process Win7 to Win10 setup loop just loops and repeats itself It has been stuck on this loop for a long time and I've tried many different approaches I have tried -Unplugging Ethernet Not connecting to WiFi and continuing the installation -Booting from a Win7 to Win10 setup loop USB that I had made into a Windows boot disk -Setting boot priorities differently -Going through the setup around times in a row -Changing the settings after language settings to turn off any extra features -Removing all devices and starting the PC up -Restarting like mad I can't think of anything else Ideally I would want to get through the Windows setup and just install from the USB afterwards but I can't even get onto the desktop to do this I also can't access safe mode or see the Alienware boot screen with the F and F for boot options I'm running out of ideas Win7 to Win10 setup loop now All I can think of is that the hard drive possibly has something wrong with it The PC is a good few years old now and couldn't handle Windows and I'm afraid that it might have rendered the PC useless Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated

A:Win7 to Win10 setup loop

Hi and Welcome to TSF!

Did you ever successfully restore the machine to Windows 7?

If you selected to clean the drive, did you do this through Windows 10? This would have left the Windows 10 OS files on the drive, granted that it completed successfully.

Have you tried to create a bootable Windows 10 USB and boot to it?

Can you not connect to the Alienware BIOS at all? Do you see a splash screen of the logo?
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directx 12 is one thing...
the spy business is another thing....
going back to windows 7 is that a bad thing? will my computer run a little faster? what are the pro/cons of going back to windows 7?
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Win7 has not updated in months, not since I downloaded the free Win10, but never let it install. I would like to update Win7, but each time I try, it tries to install Win10. It lists about 97 updates I need but it always starts with downloading Win10. I don't want to install Win10 at this time. Is there a way to update Win7 without installing Win10?
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Windows Hi-Jack I bought a new AMD a couple of months ago for my wife's use The O S is Win Home Edition SP the same as during Win10 Update Win7 Hi-Jack mine We continually get the unwanted Win free update offer and automatically reject it Well last night during the automatic Windows Update Windows took the matter into their own hands and about pm went ahead and updated the O S on my wife's computer to Win I found out how to reject the installed O S and they said they would re-install the previous version Right And to make matters worse the little message in the Win10 Hi-Jack during Win7 Update lower right hand corner now informs us that we are operating an illegal copy of Win Home Edition I have the original manufacturer's disk and can reinstall the Win Home Edition but we will lose all of those valuable urls plus have to hook-up again with Thunderbird and all the security stuff like Emsisoft This was more than just aggressiveness on the part of MicroSoft it was an unwanted assault What in the world can we do to get back our O S and privacy even from Microsoft

A:Win10 Hi-Jack during Win7 Update

Did the computer come with Windows 7? If so, then you can Activate by Phone, and Microsoft will be able to help you.
As for avoiding the 10 Upgrade, go to Windows Update, and right click the Win 10 Update and Hide it.
You should have a current backup of at least your Personal files, (eg) URL's, Pictures, Music, Documents etc on a USB HDD in case of disaster.
Or once everything is up and smooth you can make an Image file of your C: drive and save it to a USB HDD with Macrium Reflect. If disaster strikes, you boot off of a Macrium Boot CD and choose to Restore Image, browse to your Clone Image file on the external and it will set your computer back to the day it was Imaged
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I'm thinking of upgrading from Windows to Windows but I have a few questions regarding the process and result Essentially my questions revolve around if I should be expecting that all my settings applications and documents remain identical after the upgrade process What sort of changes other Questions Upgrading: -> Win10 Win7 About then a change in the UI and other OS related ness should I be expecting Would I need to reinstall any of my applications I have some older applications where I don't have the install Adobe CS older video games These applications are located across different partitions C is my main D is for games E is for other applications Do my application settings Photoshop games get carried over after upgrading What should i backup and what will get replaced I will be backing up My Documents and fonts Will my Windows settings desktop wallpaper startup list files in recycling bin get carried over to Windows I currently have GB free on my main partition This partition has Windows and my most used applications Will upgrading to Windows replace the files inside my Windows folder Will the Windows folder automatically get deleted Will Windows create a backup copy of my Windows folder so I can revert if needed If so will it be using the space in my main partition What is the application compatibility for Windows like I think the oldest applications I have are from about -ish Will that be fine

A:Questions About Upgrading: Win7 -> Win10

1) Maybe.
2) Mostly.
3) Probably.
4.) If you install 10 as an upgrade, a windows.old directory will be created, allowing you to revert to 7. That is only good for 30 days, though.
5) Varies.

Two recommendations:

1) Don't upgrade to Windows 10 if you have critical applications for which you lack installation media.
2) If you upgrade anyway, image your Windows 7 installation first. (I haven't used it personally, but Macrium Reflect Free is popular.) That will save you a lot of trouble if the upgrade goes wrong. Especially if you have no means of clean installing 7.
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I just reinstalled Win7 Ultimate x64 on a SLIC-enabled Dell laptop (same OS as the OEM installed) by inserting the appropriate VLK when prompted during installation, followed by running slmgr.vbs -ilc with the appropriate digital certificate once initially logged in.

I then upgraded directly to Win10, which came up no problem as 'activated Win10 Pro'.

I then created a USB Windows 10 install media using Microsoft's tool for the purpose.

My question is: If I were now to try installing Windows 10 directly from my newly-created USB win10 install media, without loading Win7 first, would Win10 activate in a similar manner to Win7 using the same VLK as I used for Win7, and the same digital certificate, and the same slmgr.vbs commands?

A:Activation method Win7 v Win10

Once your Win 10 Pro is activated, it is "digital entitled".
You can put away your Win 7 UItimate software. No need of it anymore.

You can use the bootable Win 10 USB you have created to reinstall Win 10 Pro in the same computer any time you want, as often as you want.
Since it is already digital entitled, no product key is required and activation will always be automatic.
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Hi everyone while there seems to be lots of discussion around Win and its phoning-home abilities Windows - Shut down Windows telemetry with Win updating to Win7 Win10 Prevent Win8.1 Spy Disabler I ve found less info on solidly preventing Win and Win from downloading Win updates in the first place I ve just spent a bit of time tightening my system to prevent Win here are the steps I ve taken remove individual Windows Updates responsible for downloading Win delete the hidden folder where Win gets stored C WINDOWS BT re-configuring Windows Updates checking your system with GWX Control Panel Here are the steps in detail I started with the How-To Geek article How to Stop Windows Prevent Win8.1 Win7 updating to Win10 or from Downloading Windows Automatically which links to the software GWX Control Panel and AddictiveTips article What Is The WINDOWS BT Folder On My Hard Drive Win users need to locate and uninstall KB and KB Win users need to uninstall KB and KB Uninstall both updates and reboot Search for the folder WINDOWS BT located on your C drive and delete this hidden folder Open Windows Updates gt Change Settings and make sure Check for updates but let me choose whether to download and install them is selected With this option selected you can monitor your future updates to prevent the updates KB KB KB getting reinstalled see st screenshot Finally I then downloaded GWX Control Panel checked it with Virustotal and ran it Happily it came up with no Win whatsoever see nd screenshot Please note as I uninstalled KB some time ago I didn t have the WINDOWS BT folder I came across the How-to-Geek and AddictiveTips articles and decided I needed to do these extra steps This guide is really just a combined summary of the two articles so Thank You to both Thank You also to the Ultimate Outsider for creating GWX Control Panel Time will tell if these steps are enough Hope this is of use to you nbsp

A:Prevent Win8.1 Win7 updating to Win10


Here is alternative method for W8.1 only.

1. Clean install OS using Media Creation Tool
2. Select "Do NOT download\install Windows updates" option
3. When setting up newly installed Windows, disable "Automatic Windows Updates"
4. When perform very first Windows Updates, hide (right-click on KB) the following updates (NOTE: some KBs shown below are not related to W10 upgrade - search online for KB # to get infos & make list)

NOTE: In configuring Windows Updates you should choose "Download, but let me decide which to install..."
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Howdy Built my own PC a few months back learning DS MAX needed something better than the -year-old happening to Win10 since out Win7 came things Strange vet I'd been using Installed Win Ultimate on it x this is my first -bit PC Everything considering I was mad I had to give up WinXP eventually worked the way I wanted A few weeks back the Win bugs popped up Initially Strange things happening to Win7 since Win10 came out I reserved a copy I later found out it wasn't feasible to dual-boot to try it out and jumped through the hoops to lose it However a couple of weeks ago four updates installed At that point in time my Windows started being flaky First noticed when I went to create a subdirectory Initially it would say quot Could not find this item This is no longer located in lt the create directory gt Verify the item's location and try again quot Selecting TRy again always gets me the new folder but it's irritating It's not a permissions issue this happens whether I'm in something I took ownership of or in my own Documents folder Files and folders that used to be completely accessible either taken or created are now proving inaccessible Example my NORMAL DOT I usually keep in the OFFICE TEMPLATES directory because I'm the only one who uses Word and it's where I can easily track it Suddenly Word can't open it I can recreate my customizations have done so twice but can't save them to that file Major pain Programs that I normally run without a problem now won't I use Process Explorer and I store it in the root of C Windows Suddenly today among other problems it won't run--from anywhere Including two freshly-installed copies one in my Documents directory I don't download an awful lot that's not from a trusted location but I ran a McAfee full scan nothing and a Malwarebytes generic edition scan found a file I downloaded a while back from Cebas--a supplier of D software plugins for those who don't know--that was perfectly safe Ran Silent Runners and found nothing running deeply that I'm not already aware of So it doesn't seem to be a virus or the like A couple of weeks back I experienced all these problems went to the update app found four that had installed in close order and backed them out After rebooting everything appeared back to normal so I figured that must've been it prep work for Win or the like However the problems are back today and I haven't had any updates come down the pike Uninstalled one hotfix from a few days ago but that hasn't solved the problem Anyone ever heard of this kind of random effects affecting a Win install I never used to have these problems with WinXP S Thanks if anyone can think of anything to suggest preferably besides quot reinstall quot 'cause I've put a fair bit of work into customizing this install to be actually usable in spite of being Win Davey homyakchik

A:Strange things happening to Win7 since Win10 came out

Hi and welcome to SevenForums,
The worst I've read is willingly using Mcafee
Without knowing all of the tweaks used to get x-p look going on it might be difficult to figure out what is happening ?

Most people simply use classic shell to get the x-p look and call it a day.
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The old Win7 'Window Color and Appearance' has been removed from Windows 8/10.

I have a Win7 disk image, so I have access to the files from it....

I would like to put some of the Win7 64-bit files into a folder on my Win10 64-bit computer, and then run whatever command I need to; so I have this functionality back again.

Does anyone know if there is a way of making this work?
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Hi First time poster here Fairly proficient but no expert by far My question is what did going back to Win from Win do to cause me to have to reactivate The history Win7 0XC004E003 Error from Win10 to going back trying after is it was bought used with Vista as the original op system He upgraded to Win with what appears was an OEM SLP I was able to install Service Pack and all the updates never having any issues No need to activate or validation ever came up for years Error 0XC004E003 after going back to Win7 from trying Win10 After I tried Win and went back to Win two days later everything was fine until days went by Only THEN did the message start to appear Your Windows is not genuine Doing the MGA Diagnostics tool shows it is genuine Microsoft says the key number is blocked now causing the error If I had never tried Win I believe this issue would not have happened at all All these months I never had a activation or validation issue I've read where some others have this issue also after days have gone by after reverting back to Win I'm probably out of luck getting the key unblocked as they say they never do that What happened that caused me to have to re activate What caused Windows to now see it as not genuine And only AFTER days expired Here is the report Diagnostic Report ----------------------------------------- WGA Data-- gt Validation Status Genuine Validation Code Cached Validation Code N A hr xc f Windows Product Key - -X GV-V DCV-P K Windows Product Key Hash aU z fnhnLHmhBm qYZT E s Windows Product ID -OEM- - Windows Product ID Type Windows License Type OEM SLP Windows OS version ID F E CF- D Error 0XC004E003 after going back to Win7 from trying Win10 - DF- Error 0XC004E003 after going back to Win7 from trying Win10 CE - CFAACE B Is Admin Yes TestCab x WGA Version N A hr x Signed By N A hr x Product Name Windows Ultimate Architecture x Build lab win sp gdr - TTS Error Validation Diagnostic Resolution Status N A WgaER Data-- gt ThreatID s N A hr x Version N A hr x WGA Notifications Data-- gt Cached Result N A hr x File Exists No Version N A hr x WgaTray exe Signed By N A hr x WgaLogon dll Signed By N A hr x OGA Notifications Data-- gt Cached Result N A hr x Version N A hr x OGAExec exe Signed By N A hr x OGAAddin dll Signed By N A hr x OGA Data-- gt Office Status N A OGA Version N A x Signed By N A hr x Office Diagnostics D FF - - D FF - - D FF - - D FF - - D FF - - D FF - - D FF - - D FF - - Browser Data-- gt Proxy settings N A User Agent Mozilla compatible MSIE Win Default Browser C Program Files Internet Explorer IEXPLORE exe Download signed ActiveX controls Prompt Download unsigned ActiveX controls Disabled Run ActiveX controls and plug-ins Allowed Initialize and script ActiveX controls not marked as safe Disabled Allow scripting of Internet Explorer Webbrowser control Disabled Active scripting Allowed Script ActiveX controls marked as safe for scripting Allowed File Scan Data-- gt File Mismatch C Windows system wat watadminsvc exe hr x File Mismatch C Windows system wat npwatweb dll hr x File Mismatch C Windows system wat watux exe hr x File Mismatch C Windows system wat watweb dll hr x Other data-- gt Office Details lt GenuineResults gt lt MachineData gt lt UGUID gt F E CF- D - DF- CE - CFAACE B lt UGUID gt lt Version gt lt Version gt lt OS gt lt OS gt lt Architecture gt x lt Architecture gt lt PKey gt - - - -P K lt PKey gt lt PID gt -OEM- - lt PID gt lt PIDType gt lt PIDType gt lt SID gt S- - - - - - lt SID gt lt SYSTEM gt lt Manufacturer gt Hewlett-Packard lt Manufacturer gt lt Model gt HP Pavilion dv RV UA ABA lt Model gt lt SYSTEM gt lt BIOS gt lt Manufacturer gt Hewlett-Packard lt Manufacturer gt lt Version gt F lt Version gt lt SMBIOSVersion major quot quot minor quot quot gt lt Date gt lt Date gt lt BIOS gt lt HWID gt ACF D FE lt HWID gt lt UserLCID gt lt UserLCID gt lt SystemLCID gt lt SystemLCID gt lt TimeZone gt Eastern Standard Time GMT- lt TimeZone gt lt iJoin gt lt iJoin gt lt SBID gt lt stat gt lt ... Read more
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I was wondering how the upgrade to win 10 will work and if i have to ever reinstaill will my windows 7 key work for a reinstall of windows 10

A:Will my win7 key become a win10 key if i decide to update to windows 1

That level of detail is not clear yet for the "free" upgrade.

You can always buy Windows 10 outright and avoid the problem.
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I am trying to solve my upgrading issue without buying Windows 10 Home, but have not succeeded in finding the solution yet. Anyone with experiences or good ideas?

A:Upgrading from win7 Enterprise to Win10 Home


This thread is from June last year but I should think the position remains the same.


Some Windows editions are not eligible for the free Windows 10 upgrade. These include Windows RT/RT 8.1, Windows 7 Enterprise and Windows 8/8.1 Enterprise. The Enterprise editions are geared toward large organizations, which typically have their own licensing agreements with Microsoft.

Which edition of Windows 10 will you get for free? - CNET

Looks like you may be out of luck.
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I upgraded to free win10 with clean installed but old software don't work. So I created dual boot win7 clean installed and put all old software back.

On another PC with win7 and all similar old software I tested to upgrade to win10 and to my surprise all working fine.

Now back to the first PC I want to:

- Upgrade AGAIN win7 to win10.
- When done: are there 2 win10 choices in dual boot?
- If so I want to merge the win10 (clean installed without any old software) into Upgraded Win10: is it possible?
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Running on an Inspiron 1521 with Win7 64-bit Home Premium.  I gave Win10 a week, then rolled it back to the original Win7.  Everything is working EXCEPT I have no network connectivity.  Network center recognizes my home WiFI network, but connection attempts result in "limited connectivity"  (read: no usable connection).  Control Panel - Device Drivers - properties of the various drivers show they are all "operating correctly".
Also working this issue on  They suggest 1) "rollback is not a good idea" and 2) "reinstall device drivers".
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We (me and a fellow worker) have just started using remote desktop to work. I have been using NetSupport Manager for almost 10 years but just switched to Windows 10 on virtual PC at work and discovered that remote desktop performance with UDP is leaving NetSupport Manager in the dust, performance wise.

I have opened the UDP port for my PC and use in UDP mode since Friday. I just cloned the virtual PC for my fellow worker and adjusted his user. I connect to this PC and UDP is enabled. But he is on Windows 7 x64 and he is not able to obtain the UDP enabled.

Yes, he installed the updates for RDP 8.0 and it shows it.
But UDP is still not working.
I tried to update to RDP 8.1 but it says this:
Any idea ? I suggested to upgrade to Windows 10 but I would rather find a solution for Windows 7 since it is supposed to work.
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I need some assistance with this used to do this type of stuff years ago but the mind is not what it used to be I upgraded my laptop Toshiba L to win using the free windows upgrade it upgrade fine no warning or anything about weeks after the upgrade started having problem it wouldn't after to win10 back 30days from Reverting win7 update an windows products couldn't use Edge so I called Microsoft and they did a few Reverting back to win7 from win10 after 30days tests and came back with the conclusion that laptop was not compatible with and I need to contact Toshiba for the new drivers did this and was told they were working on it but that they had so many models that it could Reverting back to win7 from win10 after 30days take to years if ever to get to my model I gave them a mouthful know I was wasting my breath Sorry for the long story but I am still a little peeved about the whole thing I have a windows disk from my old PC can I use these to reinstall windows on my LPtop If yes what do I need to do Do I need to uninstall windows and what information will I need to save Help will be much appreciated

A:Reverting back to win7 from win10 after 30days

You will need to save all of your data as it will be removed.

If your system has a recovery partition, then you can choose to launch the Toshiba recovery mode and restore to Windows 7.
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I have a Win-7 Pro laptop. I have a duplicate of the system drive for backup purposes.
If I were to accept the update to Win 10, would I be able to use Win-7 (restored from the duplicate drive), or would the fact of updating the OS mark my existing Win-7 license invalid (somewhere inside MS' servers), and the system will start barking some time soon that it is not "genuine", etc.?

(Sorry, if this topic exists buried somewhere: I tried to search for it but couldn't find.)

A:Will upgrading to Win10 deactivate Win7 license?

And about 10 minutes after posting this question, I finally found the thread that answers my question:
7 to 10, back to 7, eventually to 10.

Unfortunately, in this forum, it is impossible do delete your own thread.
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Hi all,

I currently have a laptop with Win7 Professional 32bit, I read that it's possible to update it to Win10 without having to format the hard drive, is that correct?
And will it be possible to upgrade to a Win10 64bit version as well?

Kind regards

A:Update from Win7 32bit to Win10 64bit possible?

you should be able to update win7 to win10 w/o losing anything. make an image backup & image recovery cd first justincase. a lot depends on the specs of the laptop.

you need a multi core processor for windows x64 & you should have a fair amount of memory, ie. 4gb.