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Next nVidia series? (GTX 380?)

Q: Next nVidia series? (GTX 380?)


I'm waiting on the next nVidia series of cards, (GTX 380?) as my 8800GTX is still ok for the minute.

Does anyone know when the next release is? I'm guessing around July?...

Just intrigued, because I want to make a monster PC in the summer!

Cheers guys,


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Preferred Solution: Next nVidia series? (GTX 380?)

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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Is the nVidia 4200 ti series older than the nVidia FX series?
I am pretty sure the nVidia 4200 ti series is older than the nVidia FX series, but am not certain. Thanks in advance for any responses.

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here you guys go have fun chatting it up for awhile.

A:Nvidia 8900 series? NVIDIA ONLY!!! R U HAPPY

I cant chat it up if you dont leave sufficient information, so far all I have is a name.
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hi im new to these forums and this website i need to buy a new video card preferably in the series but i dont kno which one to get i would like to kno the price of some good series cards and i would also like to kno if my motherboard can handle these video cards here are my pc specs PC SPECS Dell Dimesion E CPU Amd Athlon Ghz RAM GB DDR PC - MB sticks Video Card Nvidia Geforce LE Monitor Dell quot LCD maximum resolution x im not planning on buying a new monitor so if this effects wat 8 geforce series nvidia type of video card i need let me kno if u need nvidia geforce 8 series more info let me kno and il tell u im not really good with computers Again i would prefer video cards in nvidia geforce 8 series the series but if they have series video cards that are better cheaper and my mother board can handle then let me kno i would prefer not to go above nbsp

A:nvidia geforce 8 series

doest MB have an PCIeX16 slot?
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installed this yesterday in cpu and vista x64 home premieum didnt detect it.. the odd thing was i put install cd in and it gave me this error message no xfx product found go online for the latest driver.. that didnt work i downloaded the latest driver for vista x64 and when it oipened it said it wouldnt run because that card wasn't found...i checked my device manager and it showed no display adapter like before when my radeon graphics card was in.. i had my monitor plugged in to it i had a pic albeit not crystal clear but yet windows didnt detect it.. i also went into the bios to make sure that pci express was checked.. i know it was installed properly wondering what the deal is... would really like to get a better graphics card in with cuda aceleration...

A:nvidia geforce 210 series

can you fill out your system specs? then we can help you a little better.
also did you try a bio's update?
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hi guys
today i have heard that the nvidia gtx and 9 series have a cooling and temp's problem and he(the seller) told me that these cards performance are great but they have a temp problem,and the reviews or nvidia wont write this problem,and that nvidia produced this card before it's time because ati has produced the hd 4890 with it's great performance ,he told me to ask the users of these cards,and i want to buy a new gtx 295 graphic card
so guys who use nvidia gtx or 9 series,is that right?
please post your comments and thoughts about these products
and thank you

A:Nvidia gtx and 9 series problem

lol, I own one, no temp issues, it operates at about 55-65C with the stock cooler, make sure you download something like evga precision and you can control the fan speed yourself. I'm currently using a dangerden water block for it to keep temps down for my over clocks.
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Nvidia are re-branding all the mid-range 9 series cards to a GT100 series for OEM.

More information here | Nvidia quietly launches GeForce 100-series GPUs

Personally, I think it would have been better to use the GT200 chip and just bring out mid-range cards with that.
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i've been reading through various forums online and people tend to be saying that the nvidia 9000 series is going to be coming out in nov/dec time frame, but google doesn't pull up ****. i was wanting to know where people are getting this information from cuz i want to buy an 8800gtx (mainly to max out crysis), but that would be stupid cuz crysis has been pushed back till nov and if that's when 9000 series is out, then eff that, i'll get a 9000 series then.

can anyone give me a link giving dates on nvidia 9000 series?
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I just tested an Nvidia 9300 GS card with a Intel Corei3 HD 2000 graphics system. Here is the windows experience index scores I got :

Nvidia 9300 GS :
Base Score 3.9

- Processor : 7.1
- Memory : 7.5
- Graphics : 3.9
- Gaming Graphics : 5.1
- Hard Disk : 5.9

Intel HD 2000 :
Base Score : 5.2

- Processor : 7.1
- Memory : 5.9
- Graphics : 5.2
- Gaming Graphics : 5.8
- Hard Disk : 5.9

My questions are :

When using Intel HD graphics, it reduces the score of my Ram! How is that possible? It checks the speed of the ram. Not the size (i think). Intel graphics take some of the ram space but how can that effect the speed?

From both of them, what will be the good choice?

A:Nvidia 9 series or Intel HD 2000?

I'm pretty sure the Wei takes into account the amount of available ram in addition to the speed which would account for the reduction in the wei.

Also upon checking passmark it would appear that the Intel HD graphics does out perform the 9300 gs although I would need which i3 processor you have to confirm

i3 G3D rating is 200+
9300 GS G3D rating 138.

out of the two I guess you should stick with the integrated graphics since it is better unless you need the extra Ram that is uses
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Has anyone seen or read anything about the Win 7/Vista drivers for Nvidia 7 series not working properly?

I have a thread over in General where we were trying to determine the cause of a graphics glitch where once Win 7 x32 was booted the screen would glitch out to where it looked like multi-colored ladders with jumbled colors all across the screen.

After running several tests and trying different things, I'm fairly certain its a problem with the nvidia 7 series drivers themselves and win 7 x32.

Trying a clean install to x64 and the drivers for the 7 series for it to see if that changes anything.

Any confirmations or disaffirmations regarding these drivers would be appreciated.

A:Nvidia 7 Series + Win 7 x32 driver issues?

I run a 7900 GT in my wife's desktop with Ultimate x64. No problems like you mention using the 190.38 WHQL drivers.
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It all started when i installed the second card Its a Gigabyte GTX gbram and the one i had in already is a EVGA GTX SuperClocked also gbram They are suppose to be the same I had alot of problems with the monitor not wanting to turn on so after switching the cards around about times it suddendly works The EVGA card is on top windows recognize that i am running SLI Suddendly i get audio problems I hear after SLi Series Nvidia problems running of weird static comming from the speakers i have no idea where that comes from It starts basically a few seconds after i turn on the computer so its before it even enters windows I also get a red flashing light at my RAM for a few secs then Series of problems after running Nvidia SLi a flashing red light at the PCI-E ports and then one further down i dont know what is for The weird static persists even after i pulled the other card out Series of problems after running Nvidia SLi so i am only running Suddendly my computers bios also reset so it showed that the year was and windows could not update because of it Series of problems after running Nvidia SLi What could be causing this I have not hooked up SLi before I have a w powersupply so i know it can handle but but the wires going out of my PSU some are threaded with some fabric and says PCI-E Are those the ones i am supposed to use for the cards I did that and it changed nothing I know this post might seem like i am rambling but im having so many problems with my computer that i dont even know how to explain them I am extremly frustrated and have just reinstalled windows The clock was still but i sorted that out The static persist tho

A:Series of problems after running Nvidia SLi


The clock was still 2002

This would be an indication that your CMOS battery needs to be changed.
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Has anyone else heard about the fact that almost all of nVidia's 8- and 9-series mobile and desktop GPUs are defective? A simple Google search will bring up many reports, some as recent as August 4. I have a 9500M GS in my laptop and am very concerned about this ...
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I'm just about ready to upgrade my video card from a NVidia 6600 with 256MB Memory to a NVidia 8800GTS (BFG-OC) with 640MB Memory. But before I do that; is there any credible information about the G81 aka 8900 Series chip?

I would hate to buy a nice new 8800GTS to find out a week later that the 8900GTS is released.

A:Is the NVidia 8900 Series still coming?
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ATI is going to gain market share with the 5000 series cards. Nvidia can't let this happen. I assume they know this. The 300 series card have to be coming soon. I have been waiting for them since I have never used an ATI card, however I am thinking of getting a 5850. Does anyone know how long we have to wait for the 300 series cards? Thanks.

A:When are Nvidia 300 series card coming?

[xbit] no Fermi/GT300 til Q1 2010

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So, i am mainly wondering if the 9800 series cards coming out will work with my Abit Fatality AN9 32X motherboard. Also if anyone knows if the AN9 32X is even Vista and DX10 capable? So, based on my specs listed by my name, can i run vista and DX10 if i just get a new 9800gtx, and leave the rest the same.

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Hello people of the internets,

I'm looking to add some newer parts to my PC soon, such as a new MoBo (Gigabyte GA-990FXA-UD3), CPU (AMD FX-8350), Case (NZXT Phantom 410) and PSU (SeaSonic S12II). In addition, I'm on the fence about a new GPU. The new Kepler cards seem quite fast, but I want to know if configuring my current card (EVGA GTX 560 DS SSC) in an SLI configuration would be worth it or should I still stick with it until the later Keplers (700 series).

For further info, see my current system spec. And this PC is used for everything from word processing to gaming.

A:nVidia GeForce GTX 500 Series SLI Advice

Quote: Originally Posted by Sporkalypse

Hello people of the internets,

I'm looking to add some newer parts to my PC soon, such as a new MoBo (Gigabyte GA-990FXA-UD3), CPU (AMD FX-8350), Case (NZXT Phantom 410) and PSU (SeaSonic S12II). In addition, I'm on the fence about a new GPU. The new Kepler cards seem quite fast, but I want to know if configuring my current card (EVGA GTX 560 DS SSC) in an SLI configuration would be worth it or should I still stick with it until the later Keplers (700 series).

For further info, see my current system spec. And this PC is used for everything from word processing to gaming.

What is your budget for a new GPU?
In my opinion, go for a new Kepler GPU (GTX 600 series)
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Hi Guys!
I was just wondering as i would like to switch back from vista to xp and install the DX10 hack as the improvement in performance would be epic. But, heres the problem, Last time i Used xp with my 8600GT i came to find that the scaling was messed up in widescreen resolusion causing the screen to "scroll" i am here to ask, is this problem sorted? if not does anybody know a way of fixing the problem? as i realy want to play games without vista crushing my CPU and RAM

,Any help would be apreiciated,

Regards Daniel Taylor
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I have looked through the web searching for solutions for my horrible graphic card driver for quite a while now. The problems with it is when I start up my PC, my screen will turn black and then function. But it will keep again and again until my computer enters BSOD . Some suggested that you turn up the amount of electricity going to your graphic card, back date it, and much more too. I tried quite a few pf them already but sadly I couldn't do it or it just doesn't work. Currently, my Nvidia's version is I would like a solution that's really simple but at the same time able to solve this problem. Thanks!

A:Nvidia GeForce 210 Series Driver Problems.

I'm running a GT220 in my desktop PC, its a PCIe card using the Nvidia 320.49 drivers in Windows 7 64 bit. No problems that I am aware off.
I got them from Nvidia, Drivers - Download NVIDIA Drivers
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I know there will always be something bigger better and faster coming out on the market but when I originally built my desktop I chose a Mid-tower because I didn't want a Series vs. Nvidia Of New Graphic The Cards 9800's The High-tower due to the size etc but I do The New Series Of Nvidia Graphic Cards vs. The 9800's dislike the mid-tower because it leaves about an inch of space for air flow from the intake fan to the output fan due to its size I recently got back from school so I have yet to set-up my desktop but The New Series Of Nvidia Graphic Cards vs. The 9800's I put in it a EVGA Nvidia GX graphics card which was the new and best and this was only a year ago now I haven't really been following new cards and such for a while but can anyone give me a summary of what has happened since the GX I know some are now equipped with DDR but what else about them is making them the new and better series Would there be any advantage to upgrading to a or series Thanks -Lollies

A:The New Series Of Nvidia Graphic Cards vs. The 9800's

Their are always advantages, 2 series pending on the exact model.Newer manufacturing techniques, power consummation, more memory, faster memory, higher memory interface (bit). 4 Series DX11, 2 DVi and 1 hdmi out multi monitor support, and the afore mentioned. It would really depend on what you mainly use your card for. Since the card you have is a pretty good one to start with. JMO Fabe
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I recently updated my G - from windows update Running Windows XP after 7600 Go nVidia 10/43 G30-175 Qosmio Series Code which i began receiving a quot Code quot on my nVidia Go Series chipset Since this has happened i Qosmio G30-175 nVidia Go Series 7600 Code 10/43 have tried rolling back the graphics driver When it first happened which when it rebooted it was running fine and i subsequently shut down the system When i booted up again the next day i had the same Code issue I tried to use a system restore but to no avail I decided to uninstall the graphics drivers and install the ones for winXP from the Toshiba drivers and all i got was Blue Screen of Death after getting it to boot in safemode i uninstalled the driver and installed nVidia reccommended driver Beta release for winXP i also tried some older nVidia drivers i found for the Go and the result remained the same quot Code quot Can not start device I have read a lot of blog about this for the and Series which generally say their are quot Issues quot with the drivers and to use the windows update nVidia drivers I tried this and still no change Not having the original disks for the notebook i decided to take it upon myself and upgrade the RAM from the x mb sticks to x Gb DDR Notebook RAM the system booted fine and i decided to install windows as from what i read this was the best option For the series desktop cards after finding quot NO quot blog about the Go series After installing win the chipset began to work fine that is until windows update and once again the same thing quot Code windows has reported errors and the device has stopped quot I have tried the Windows Drivers from Toshiba support once again BSOD i have tried reinstalling the windows update nVidia drivers and also drivers from nVidia website beta release for Windows Vista none of which are working I have been trying to fix this now for days and not one glimmer of hope It is possible that the chipset has failed however i believe it is a software malfunction it is too coincidental that when i update windows i get a chipset failure Any help is good help Thanks for listening

A:Qosmio G30-175 nVidia Go Series 7600 Code 10/43


What is the BSOD STOP Code?

We may be able to pinpoint the problem using the STOP code.

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I start my computer and it gets a message that says I have to install new drivers for my Nvidia
graphics card, and I have not gotten new one, but none of my games work anymore, so I go to the Nvidia website and download the driver. But when I try to install it, it says I am not runnig vista
32 bit and then it closes, but I am running vista 32!
help plz.

A:Nvidia 6 series driver install problem

Click on the start menu, click All Programs, then click Windows Update. Once that opens, click Check for updates on the left side. Once that finishes, click View available updates and look for your graphics card, check the box next to it, and click Install.
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I've been looking into purchasing a new Nvidia GPU that supports DX11.

I have an EVGA motherboard, however, the GPU does not have to be from that subsidiary company. I was looking between the 460 and the 470, and couldnt decide whether or not the extra hundred bucks for the 470 would be worth it or not. I will not be using 3D vision, so count that out.

I didn't want to get the 480 since thats around 500 bucks.

What are your opinions? I will be playing games such as Crysis 2 when that comes out, Battlefield BC2, Medal of Honor, Dirt 2, Metro 2033, Mafia II, etc.

My system specs are as follows:
EVGA P55V 120-LF-E651-TR Intel chipset motherboard
Intel i7-860 Quad CPU @ 2.8ghz
OCZ Gold 4GB 240-Pin DDR3 1333mz PC3 10666 (OCZ3G1333LV4G63581470)
as of now i have the EVGA nvidia ge-force 9800 gtx GPU
and my PSU is an LSP Ultra 750w ATX.

A:I don't know which graphics card to purchase (Nvidia 400 series)

460 is far more useful.
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Here is a chart listing the specs of all the upcoming series GPUs From Left to Right here are the columns First Column Card Name Second Column Core Memory speed Third Column Memory Type Fourth Column Memory Bus Fifth Column Memory Size Sixth Column Number of Unified Shaders Seventh Column Manufacturing Process eg nm nm Eighth Column MSRP Interesting to note that the GT GS are STILL on a -bit memory bus And the chart is mysteriously missing the rumored Ultra spec Nvidia 8000 series chart I guess it s been renamed the GT and the old GT has become the GS And despite the low number of unified shaders only the GT looks like it could be a real bang for the buck card ala GT It just seems kind of neat that the core clock of the GT will be faster than the current top of the Nvidia 8000 series spec chart line GTX stickout And the memory speed is ungodly for a budget card Whoops I guess I d better credit the site I got this from http www ocworkbench com articles DX -graphics-cards g htm So what do you guys think nbsp
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This place looks fairly active so I thought I d try it out and I hope everyone can help me out I ve been planning to buy a new gaming PC -- series? I for build should PC gaming 600 First wait Nvidia for years and now I m finally ready to start buying parts Here is what I was planning on buying Tower HAF CPU Intel i k HD graphics MOBO LGA Z USB type motherboard really don t know which one to get RAM x GB preferably with a heatspreader on don t know what to get DVD Standard dvd burner don t know which one to get Powersupply plus bronze gold certified and has enough wattage for SLI in the future HDD TB RPM don t have a specific one in mind OS Windows GPU Now the thing is with the series around the corner I m wondering if I should hold off my build and wait for it I m willing to wait and just buy my tower DVD HDD and OS while I wait because these don t really require any special compatability Otherwise I was looking at a GeForce GTX Then when the series comes out I will First gaming PC build -- should I wait for Nvidia 600 series? figure out what MOBO RAM CPU PSU etc I will need for them although I m sure the i k will suffice nbsp

A:First gaming PC build -- should I wait for Nvidia 600 series?

As you have already found ou, there will always be another "best" or another want... Get it now... Build it now, then use what you learn to design a better one, and sell this build to a friend. Don't wait... or you will wait for a new SSD... or a new Windows 8, or a new Super Duper...
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i want to disable the iGPU (NVidia) completly and just use the AMD GPU only. Because i have problems with some games and things like that.
But i dont found the option in the Tohsiba BIOS or UEFI.

Please help me.

best regards
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--Graphics card: Nvidia 9600 gt-- I decided to update my drivers after having sound issues on a some games. After uninstalling my drivers I tried downloading Nvidia's 9 series driver. The installation wizard says it cannot detect the necessary hardware. Can someone please shed some light on this?

A:Solved: Difficulties with Nvidia 9 series drivers

try reinstalling the drivers from the disk provided and then update it
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Dear Anyone

This is a common problem with Sony and Nvidia where I cannot install the driver to make the graphics card work.

I installed windows 7 ultimate 32 bit and have tried all the suggestions I can find to install the display driver with no luck.

I have tried modifying the installation file with the mobility modder program, changing the INF file and trying the latest driver from NVIDIA all with absolutely no luck.

Any idea at all


A:Sony AW Series Nvidia Driver problem

do you try a driver sweep first? like driver sweeper? (oh the irony of that name..... haha)
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as the title says...

which do you think is better?

thank you for all response

A:ATI Radeon HD 4800 Series vs Nvidia GTS 250 512MB 2XDVI

there are a lot of cards in the HD4800 series... you can't compare the whole lot to just one GTS

but to make things easier I'd go with a 4850 or 4870 1GB
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I am SERIOUSLY thinking of buying HP TouchSmart Quad series All-In-One desktop with following customized specs http www shopping hp com webapp s ore amp category desktops amp series name q series However I DO NOT like the graphics card GB NVIDIA GeForce GT M - looks like they are putting laptop graphics card into a desktop My question s is All-In-One card 610 series GTX in NVIDIA desktop TouchSmart Quad HP New are Can I replace this card with one of the NVIDIA GTX series graphics card Which one will you recommend I want to put in a New NVIDIA GTX card in HP TouchSmart 610 Quad series All-In-One desktop new New NVIDIA GTX card in HP TouchSmart 610 Quad series All-In-One desktop GTX or any of the following GeForce GTX GeForce GTX GeForce GTX Ti GeForce GTX new GeForce GTX Ti GeForce GTX Will it be a simple SWAP or I need to upgrade PSU as well If I need to replace PSU what will be specifications of the new PSU I do not know what is the rating of the current PSU Do you think it will handle the new GTX card Specs of the desktop Operating system SAVE on Genuine Windows Professional -bit edit Processor Intel R Core New NVIDIA GTX card in HP TouchSmart 610 Quad series All-In-One desktop TM i - quad-core processor with Turbo-Boost up to GHz MB cache edit Memory FREE UPGRADE to GB DDR - MHz SODIMM DIMMs from GB edit Hard drive FREE UPGRADE to TB rpm SATA Gb s hard drive from TB edit Office software No additional office software edit Security software SAVE on Norton Internet Security TM - month edit Graphics card GB NVIDIA GeForce GT M edit Primary optical drive FREE UPGRADE to Blu-Ray writer from Blu-Ray player edit Networking Premium Wireless-N LAN card and Bluetooth R edit Productivity ports -in- memory card reader total USB Beats audio with I O for TV Tuner option edit TV amp entertainment experience TV tuner ATSC-NTSC with PVR remote edit Sound Card Integrated sound edit Keyboard and Mouse HP wireless keyboard and wireless optical mouse edit HDMI Game Console HDMI Game Console HDMI input for discrete graphics edit Your additional options Click edit to modify NOTE These items are in stock and will ship immediately Monitor HP x -inch LED Monitor edit Thanks a LOT nbsp

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PrecisionX download from Guru D com From the link - Not sure if it's only for EVGA cards but I really don't think so It will likely work for any NVIDIA cards in the - series Anything Fermi Software Description This program allows you to fine tune your EVGA graphics card including GPU Clock speed GPU series Overclock Utility NVIDIA PrecisionX 2-600 GeForce for Voltage Memory Clock speed and Fan speed Want to watch what PrecisionX for NVIDIA GeForce 2-600 series Overclock Utility your graphics card is doing in your favorite game Load up the integrated monitoring and see all your graphics card vitals from right inside your game Want to setup a custom Fan Curve Hit the Fan Curve button and set up a custom Fan Slope Compatible with nearly every EVGA graphics card Features GPU and Memory Frequency Clock OffsetPower Target Control GeForce GTX Frame Rate Target ControlGPU Voltage AdjustmentFan Control Fan CurveProfiling system allowing up to profiles with optional hotkeyRobust monitoring allowing ingame system tray and or Logitech LCD monitoringIn game screenshot hotkey supports BMP PNG and JPG formatsMulti-language support English Dutch French Japanese Korean Polish Russian System Requirements Microsoft Windows Vista XPGeForce or series graphics card
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I wanted to know if you can help me out regarding the setup i'm trying to achieve. I have a 8600gts and 9600gt cards running windows 7 64bit i recently bought two more monitors in hopes of giving me more space but for some reason the operating system is not recognizing both video cards at the same time. I downloaded the latest drivers (260.99) and made sure SLI is disabled. My 650 corsair psu is working as both cards are powering up when i go to the device manager i only see the card that is in the primary pcie x16 slot. Below is the link to my current MOBO

GA-N650SLI-DS4 (rev. 1.0) - GIGABYTE - Product - Motherboard - Specification

Thank you for your time in advanced.

A:Setting up 4 Monitors with 8/9 Series Nvidia & Win7 64bit

From having a quick look in the manual for your motherboard I found this,

which says to me that you have to enable SLI mode using the switch module, which should enable the second slot and allow the second card to be seen and used. Just don't use the SLI bridge, not that SLI would work anyway seeing as they are different cards.
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Nvidia Releases Updated Linux Drivers for the Old GeForce and Series Lots of fixes have been implemented in this release Nvidia has updated the 8 Nvidia Releases GeForce Linux Series Old and for Updated Drivers the 9 Legacy branch of the Linux drivers and developers have fixed quite a few issues This is a driver aimed at older hardware so if you just got your shiny and new Titan video card Nvidia Releases Updated Linux Drivers for the Old GeForce 8 and 9 Series this driver will be of no use to you Spoiler Nvidia Changelog - Fixed a bug that caused the X server to crash if an OpenGL application tried to allocate a drawable when GPU-accessible memory is exhausted - Fixed a bug that could cause an Xid error when terminating a video playback application using the overlay presentation queue in VDPAU - Updated nvidia-installer to avoid recursing too deeply into kernel source trees under usr lib modules mirroring an existing restriction on recursion under lib Nvidia Releases Updated Linux Drivers for the Old GeForce 8 and 9 Series modules - Fixed a rare deadlock condition when running applications that use OpenGL in multiple threads on a Quadro GPU - Fixed a kernel memory leak that occurred when looping hardware- accelerated video decoding with VDPAU on Maxwell-based GPUs - Fixed a bug that caused the X server to crash if a RandR output provided by a Sink Output provider was selected as the primary output on X Org xserver and higher - Fixed a bug that caused waiting on X Sync Fence objects in OpenGL to hang indefinitely in some cases - Fixed a bug that prevented OpenGL from properly recovering from hardware errors or sync object waits that had timed out - Updated nvidia-installer to use modprobe when leaving the NVIDIA kernel module loaded after installation instead of insmod or libkmod This allows the kernel module to honor any configuration directives that apply to it in etc modprobe d when it is loaded - Fixed a bug that allowed console messages from the Linux kernel to be drawn over the user interface of nvidia-installer Everyone is looking to get the most advanced driver for their video card but not everyone has the latest video card Nvidia knows this and they provide a separate branch of the Nvidia drivers that are aimed at users with hardware that is no longer produced and that s been retired for a long time Like all things Nvidia-related the drivers are somewhat shrouded in mystery and confusion It s not just a single branch of drivers for old GPUs there are actually several As it stands right now the Nvidia driver is the most advanced for Legacy hardware but it s not the only one It will enable the use of older video cards not for all of them If you have a really ancient one this driver might be too quot new quot for it Nvidia doesn t forget about its customers Most of the legacy drivers usually have just a few changes and improvements so that they won t with new versions of the X server and new Linux kernel Sometimes more important fixes are being implemented and this is just the case with the current version quot Fixed a bug that caused the X server to crash if an OpenGL application tried to allocate a drawable when GPU-accessible memory is exhausted Fixed a bug that could cause an Xid error when terminating a video playback application using the overlay presentation queue in VDPAU quot reads the changelog These are just a couple of the fixes For more details about the Nvidia release make sure that you check the entire changelog below This driver is aimed at the GeForce and series so if you have anything older than this the driver won t work As usual you can download the Nvidia Legacy Linux drivers for the -bit and -bit flavors from Softpedia A version for FreeBSD -bit and -bit and Solaris are also available Click to expand nbsp
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I have a Gigabyte GA-K8NS mb and need to upgrade my video card. I am considering an Nvidia 6800GT video card but not sure if I can even use it.

A:Solved: Can I use the Nvidia 6800 series cards on a socket 754 board?

Yeah you can run it. Just order the card you need, ie PCIE or AGP. I figure you need an AGP card but I ain't sure. Make sure your PSU is up to the task also.
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Nvidia Corp.?s latest beta drivers include support of what can possibly the company?s next-generation graphics processing units (GPUs) made using 28nm process technology. The actual chips are projected to officially emerge next year, but Nvidia may easily be tailoring its software for the new hardware.

The latest unreleased Nvidia ForceWare 285-series drivers contain mentioning of GeForce 610M and GeForce GT 630M graphics adapters for notebooks, according to a news-story by VR-Zone web-site. It is believed that the new GPUs belong to GK100-series chips that are based on the code-named Kepler micro-architecture.

Nvidia said earlier this year that it plans to test-drive its next-generation Kepler graphics processing unit (GPU) this year and introduce the new chips commercially in 2012.

Read More

A:Nvidia Begins to Include GeForce 6-Series Support into Drivers.

Nice, worth while upgrade for many this will be so the other hardware can take advantage and use the full power properly.
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Title says it all. Troubleshoot attempts:Disconnected all AV and HDMI wires from TV and discharged any remains by holding power button. connected everything then returned tv to factory settings and turned off HDMI controls.( did what the username: FrankieViturello said.This is by far the only solution I saw which I thought would have worked/ or understood.Please help me, I just really want to use this bravia as a monitor.
Please remember, I can't open my pc using the Sony Bravia so I can't troubleshoot in there. 
I mean I can't adjust display setting or screen resolutions because it never passes the black screen with "No Signal" sign at the bottom.

A:Nvidia GeForce GTX 650 connecting to Sony Bravia R40 series through HDMI problem

Hello there, i also have sony bravia tv, and i connect my pc to tv via hdmi, but i don't have the whole screen, i can't see top, bottom, left and right corners, if you know what i mean, i need to guess where is the start button, and if i change resolution picture gets smaller and still corners are not visible, do i fix that problem with that, or is there a siple solutuion? For your problem you are having i have no idea how to fix it. :/
I have the vga port but its so small screen then, so i want to connect via hdmi and have a good quality picture. Does anybody have any idea what should i do?
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I have a set of HP Z Workstations with E - -V Xeon Cpu's SSD boot drives and varying sizes of memory from - GB Mghz DDR ECC We use Windows Enterprise for these machines with Hyper-V enabled We get regular driver failures from the sets of USB controllers on the machines Mainly and issue for the KB amp Mouse that can only be resolved with a full power down not restart and a power up This happens at least once every - days per machine I had gone through the HP support but Chipset fail Family causes USB Series/C200 Series Enhanced Hyper-V Controller driver Intel(R) to Host they have advised this isn't an issue on their side and I had agreed all along I was just hoping to get some traction by notifying them Anyway after a lengthy trouble shooting session we found that once Hyper-V was enabled the fault arose As it was an Intel chip they I asked them They advised that on Windows the drivers are supplied via windows update and that it was not their issue So how can I get this resolved Not through Hyper-V causes Intel(R) Series/C200 Series Chipset Family USB Enhanced Host Controller driver to fail HP or Intel surely through MS Maybe not Disabling Hyper-V is not desired as I the teams with these PC's are developers and require local visualization Also we have templates ready for Hyper-V I don't really want to remove Hyper-V and use Virtual box or VMWare workstation but I am at wits end with the fault and lack Hyper-V causes Intel(R) Series/C200 Series Chipset Family USB Enhanced Host Controller driver to fail of help from the vendors Please help

A:Hyper-V causes Intel(R) Series/C200 Series Chipset Family USB Enhanced Host Controller driver to fail

I have found a work around for this fault with the USB failure - ENSURE YOU POWER  THE MACHINE OFF - DO NOT RESTART.
Its almost like the restart doesn't initialise the device correct, thus causing a failure.
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I know it s been posted a Needed Price + 7-Series Advice v. in 8-Series: Performance s load of times but I figured I d go ahead and get something straightforward- all the other posts have been in jungle English and haven t included the proviso I m looking for Anyways my situation is that I bought my X GT from Newegg around Christmastime as a present to my ainsel ownself for those not familiar I ve been getting kind of disappointed in it Price v. Performance in 7-Series + 8-Series: Advice Needed recently It underperforms and often crashes on STALKER Shadow of Chernobyl and some more modern games akin to it It also runs hot as Hades I m in the market for a new card I d like to go DX but the late-production DX s series seem to outperform a lot of the more affordable DX offerings series especially at higher resolutions Price v. Performance in 7-Series + 8-Series: Advice Needed due to the -to- bit difference I could splurge and go for an I suppose but it would be a hit to the wallet and I d have to postpone cough quot Aruban Getaway quot So I don t want to pass up on the new line of DX -only Games for Windows Age of Conan Crysis etc that have been hyped to all hell just because I stuck with price and performance instead of currency and novelty I need some help deciding Then again I could always wait until DX becomes the vogue and buy a cheaper but better card then nbsp

A:Price v. Performance in 7-Series + 8-Series: Advice Needed

Keep what you got and see what's comming next. I have a 8600GT as a stopgap until something better comes out. There has been talk of a Nvidia 256bit card to fill the gap between the 8600's and 8800's. I can't fit a 8800 in my case, if I could I would just get the 8800GTS 320mb now. If I were you, wait for the game to upgrade instead of upgrading and waiting for the game. Your X1900GT is no slouch either.
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All nbsp With the new year we start a fresh discussion for members to share their order and fulfillment experiences nbsp We are retiring the nbsp thread nbsp nbsp nbsp Anyone having an active discussion there can find it here nbsp The - tread nbsp can be found here nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp Here are some common points of frequent discussion nbsp How to get a system fast nbsp Buy an in-stock standard configuration from Lenovo or a Lenovo Partner in your area Customized systems take longer Avoid Credit Holds - ensure that BOTH your bill to and ship to addresses are listed with your CC bank before ordering Lenovo will not bill your card until order ships - an authorization Tablet Series X - Shipping edi... 2015 Thread series charge hold to check for available X series Tablet Series Shipping Thread - 2015 edi... balance may show up when order is first placed Estimated ship dates are based on default lead time and can vary from what was displayed on website In the US and Canada Lenovo utilizes UPS for new product shipments Orders may ship before the Estimated Ship Date Orders may enter through Alaska and pass through Louisville KY before traveling on to final address Cancellation requests may take up to days to process Requests to change configuration or other aspects of the order may require the order to be rebooked Lenovo does not accept payment via international credit cards except AMEX We hope you enjoy your new ThinkPad system when it arrives
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I have a Pavilion G6 2000 series, I bought this laptop 2nd hand it has a generic cd/dvd bezel that does not stay on. I have found a G6 1000 bezels but I need to know if it will fit before I purchase a replacement that may or may not fit. Help????
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I want to invest in a SDD to replace my dying westgate harddrive. I've set my mind on Corsair but I want to know the difference between the eXtreme series and the Performance series ( According to the website, X SDDs reads a little bit faster, but the P series writes a little bit faster. The only other thing is that the P series is around £100 cheaper!

So is the X series worth the extra £100?

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hey there

I have a question, what is a better video card to get?
6800 series or the x800 series?

the graphics card that i have in right now just isnt cutting it for me, NVIDIA GeForce FX 5700 I mainly play HL2, CSS and Doom3. I was woundering what card is gonna give me better fps for those games. i have the specs of my comp here (vv) and i wanted to kno what card(s) would run great with the things that i have.

the specs of my comp are:
Video card:NVIDIA GeForce FX 5700
mobo:GA-8IPE1000 (2.0)
processor4 3.0 Ghz (OC'd to 3.4 Ghz at the moment)
PSU: 420 thermaltake ATX 12V
Cooling: prestock (gonna change very soon)
RAM: Genaric PC 3200 mismatched
HD: Maxtor Dimond MAX+9 160GIG

What do u suggest i should get?

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Hi I have some Toshiba Tecra M series but for some reason the laptop no longer works with a battery attached and just get flashing light on the laptop It works fine with power but won't swatch on at all with a fully charge battery I have tried many and it's not the battery I have taken the laptop apart but can t find anything that is wrong So it must be the battery motherboard M10 Toshiba same Tecra the series series A10 asTecra motherboard? and or charge circuit resisters gone on the M Anyway Toshiba Tecra A10 series motherboard the same asTecra M10 series motherboard? I was looking at a motherboard replacement On looking about it appears that Toshiba released a M and a A series They both look about the same to me with the same Toshiba Tecra A10 series motherboard the same asTecra M10 series motherboard? fittings but to be sure can anyone tell me if a A motherboard is the same as the M motherboard Maybe someone who works with these day in day out hopefully will know Just don t want to buy and A if it s not compatible with M case and fittings
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I'm getting really pissed off for the newer games. Some of them requires an Direct X 10 video cards to run it properly. Do you guys think 7900 SLI can run newer games smoothly such as Lost Planet? On my computer I test my system requirements and it failed for recommendations. It says that it requires Dx 10 cards to play smoothly.

A:7 series SLI versus 8 series (No SLI

I'm sure you will loose some of the gee wiz graphics not using a DX10 card but so far most game makers have been making games that use either DX9 or DX10. As far as lost planet is concerned here is whats posted on their official forums as supported vid cards.

The following is a list of video cards that our R&D labs have tested in conjunction with NVIDIA and ATI, and have been confirmed to work.
NVIDIA (DirectX 9)
GeForce 6600
GeForce 7x00 series
GeForce 8x00 series

NVIDIA (DirectX 10, requires Windows Vista)
GeForce 8x00 series

Windows XP 32-bit Driver: ForceWare 162.18 beta (July 5th)
Windows Vista 32-bit Driver: ForceWare 162.22 (July 11th, 2007)
Windows Vista 64-bit Driver: ForceWare 162.22 (July 11th, 2007)

ATI (DirectX 9)
Radeon 1650
Radeon 1800
Radeon 1950

ATI (DirectX 10, requires Windows Vista)
None currently.

For R600 (Radeon HD2900, etc.) cards there is a hot fix from ATI:Click to expand...

the 7900 is showing in that list so it looks like it should work
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I'm hoping to get some info from anyone that has some good stats on these cards I've been outa town for days and wasn't near my freind MY PC over the release of Series... ATI 200 vs GTX 4000 Series the New GTX cards so sadly I didn't get to see all the info and the Benchmarks for it Other than Kingpin's Crazy Vantage Score Other than that I just got home and I'm GTX 200 Series vs ATI 4000 Series... wanting to get the Scoop on these cards I've been reading a little tonight tho Also I'm hoping for some info about the new ATI and they are looking VERY nice and GTX 200 Series vs ATI 4000 Series... looks like ATI might have finally made something that can actually compete with Nvidia this time around Nvidia's had the Enthusiasts Market for a good Year and a half or so IMO but I've read only a little about them from what I've seen they look good but if anyone has some info or links to Info about them then please share I kno most the ATI benchmarks that are out now are not completely trustworth cuz the cards aren't officially here yet But please post some links and info if you can Thanks Also What should I do Buy a cheap or Cheaper used GTS and SLI them or sell mine and SLI GT G 's after price drop becuase of the new series or should I try and hold out and get a or should I get a ATI looks good and now I'm in a Fickle as what I should do I knew what I needed to do until I read about there new release comin now I'm shattered and need to wait for more info I take in a lot before I buy things little OCD I think I'd call it haha or a lot actually ok this is long enough Thanks please post info links

A:GTX 200 Series vs ATI 4000 Series...

If you want 8800GT's, the prices have dropped to about $150 average on newegg which is great considering i got mine for $250. Personally, I'm against SLI, but if you're for it and would have to make a purchase now, go with 2 8800GTS g92 as they're averaging about <$200 (MSI's 8800GTS is on newegg for $177) and they provide some performance over the 8800GT. Since the 9800GTX is basically the same performance as the 8800GTS but more expensive, then forget that.

If you can wait a while to make a purchase, I've heard that the newer 9800GTX+ will have higher stock clocks that will deliver better performance with its newer drivers too, and this card comes out in mid-July. It's supposed to be priced around $230 and it's chip is built on 55nm process. This card sounds attractive, but we'll have to wait for solid reviews of the card first.

ATI... I don't like them, so I'm sorry but I can't tell you anything about them.
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Any Idea or ETA for Lenovo Ideapad Y Series W/ New Nvidia Gtx 10 Series ( 1060 / 1070 / 1080 ) ? or New Intel i7 7th Gen Processors??
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will the 9 series make the $220 8800gts drop to something like $100 or will it still be $200?

A:Will the 9 series cards make the 8 series cards cheaper?

eventually, and then the 10 series will do the same to the 9 series, rinse and repeat. basically as long as its one of the fastest cards the gts will be expensive, when it becomes obsolete (relatively) its price will drop.

from the question i assume you are looking to upgrade, if you want to only spend $100 then i'd say your best bet is an OCed 7600 GT, lotsa bang for your buck, i can run FEAR with pretty high settings with just one of them.
but really, what are you looking for?
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O Here's my nbsp dillema nbsp nbsp My HP NVIDIA card HP p n - rev M in my HP Model f Windows Ultimate machine failed nbsp nbsp I replaced it with an ASUS NVIDIA GeForce GT card p n - asus p n C H that came from a spare HP Replaced HP 8500... NVIDIA failed NVIDIA ASUS card GeForce with Pavillion Model a y Vista machine I had on hand nbsp The initial VID Graphics card failure and susequent replacement caused much havock with Windows and some other stuff ie not booting loading Windows etc and after Replaced failed HP NVIDIA card with ASUS NVIDIA GeForce 8500... much effort I was able to get everything loading amp working reasonable well again nbsp nbsp But the problem I'm still nbsp having is with the old drivers removing them and all their remnants and loading the new drivers for the ASUS NVIDIA card that is now in my machine nbsp I've tried normal uninstalls nbsp as well as nbsp the GURU D com DDU Replaced failed HP NVIDIA card with ASUS NVIDIA GeForce 8500... uninstall nbsp I think and it appeares that all the old NVIDIA drvers and other software has been uninstalled Replaced failed HP NVIDIA card with ASUS NVIDIA GeForce 8500... nbsp because I can not find any of it in the normal locations nbsp nbsp But I am still unable to install the NVIDIA GT drivers for the ASUS card from the NVIDIA site or even the NVIDIA drivers software updates that Windows Update has detected and suggested in Windows updates nbsp The insalls start out fine but soon fail to complete nbsp Evidently I and my brother who was in my machine remotely for a good hours because he is an IT Computer tech and is ten times more knowledgable than I on this are missing something very obscure or embarassingly simple in nbsp our efforts to solve this nbsp nbsp Someone please tell us where we are going wrong nbsp nbsp Thanks

A:Replaced failed HP NVIDIA card with ASUS NVIDIA GeForce 8500...

Mermiatwd, welcome to the forum. I suggest that you try Revo Uninstaller free version to see if it solves you problem.  I use the Advanced option.  It removes the program from the HDD and the remnants from the BIOS.  I have used it for years with great success with removing those difficult to remove programs. Please click the Thumbs up + button if I have helped you and click Accept as Solution if your problem is solved.
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I'm not a gamer, but rather an enthusiastic net surfer and would like my present graphics card to be as fast as easily possible. To do this, it has been suggested that I update my card's driver with downloading/installing Nvidia's latest driver (285.62 WHQL, Win7 64-bit...4G RAM, Firefox 9). Would this be the the right thing to do?

A:Driver update for NVIDIA GeForce 7100 / NVIDIA nForce 630i?

If you are not having problems, I would not go looking for trouble
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I have a Laptop about months old now It s a Samsung RF Windows Home Premium bit Intel Core i QM Ghz DDR Successfu Has Display Responding 540M - Stopped Driver Crashing? - Nvidia "Nvidia and Mb Ram Nvidia M GB My problem is whenever I try to view a Nvidia 540M - Crashing? - "Nvidia Display Driver Has Stopped Responding and Successfu photo it would lag opening and once its opened I d see blue pixel fragments all over my screen Previously I tried to Re-install Nvidia 540M - Crashing? - "Nvidia Display Driver Has Stopped Responding and Successfu the latest driver That didn t work I uninstalled it and removed the registries and what not that didn t work So I m now on a newly formatted Laptop and opening the Default images the Windows provides gives me these errors Before I formatted I was getting these Errors - quot Nvidia Display Driver Has Stopped Responding and Successfully Recovered quot I ve read this link and I ve done some of what they ve said as I stated above I don t have anything installed other then Starcraft which is being Optimized right now - and that s it I Nvidia 540M - Crashing? - "Nvidia Display Driver Has Stopped Responding and Successfu had Photoshop CS installed on my previous Installation of Windows and when this problem Occured Photoshop had trouble as well So does anyone know what I can do I really don t want to send the Laptop off I d like to see if I can fix it myself first If not then I ll send it in Any help would be appreciated I ve attaced an image showing what these blue pixel blocks look like with the Driver Displaying stopped responding I forgot to add I was getting the same Blue pixel things and a lot more when I would open up Starcraft The game would freeze and I would have to either Alt- F or Ctrl Alt Delete gt Task Manager to Force Quit the game So Im expecting the same thing to happen with the newly installed Stacraft nbsp
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Been looking for a good gaming card for 140-160$, these seem to be the 2 contendors, what do you guys think ?

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Hi all I have a XPS from nbsp My son wanted to upgrade his GPU he has a Erazer www inet se lenovo-erazer-x -gtx- which has a Nvidia GTX Ti like this one www notebookcheck net NVIDIA-GeForce-GTX- -Ti-Desktop-Graphics-Card html So I thought it was the perfect time to take his Ti and upgrade both PC s at the same time I took my GPU out of (manufacturer GTX works XPS perfect NVIDIA) GeForce Ti with NVIDIA 750 8300 the XPS and inserted the TI Nothing happened The PC did not recognize the card Then I started to read all types of discussions problems adventures and what not about this PC and a GPU upgrade Man I was about to do a BIOS flashing without even knowing what that meant I have to admit that it has been very interesting days and I have learnt a XPS 8300 works perfect with NVIDIA GeForce GTX 750 Ti (manufacturer NVIDIA) lot and then Then I found the simpliest video with the simplest explanation on how to do proceed I tried it and completely succeeded in about minutes plus minutes of downloading a driver So here is the link to the video The video is in Spanish but these are the SO LOGICAL steps www youtube com watch I added two steps on my own and then followed the video My step Turn on the PC and unistall the stock GPU from the device manager Turn of the computer The video explanation starts in second Disconnect the power for security reasons Open the case and extract the GPU you currently have he does not show this in the video Check that at least you have W The XPS has a W power supply so it is completely enough Insert the card in the PCI where you had the stock card Close the case Connect all cables Turn on the system you will notice that the screen does not look very good It is vecause we are not finished Proceed to Go to the official NVIDIA website and download GeforceExperience www geforce com geforce-experience nbsp nbsp or watch this video for details English nbsp www youtube com watch nbsp Once Geforce Experience is downloaded it will start a scan on your system detect your card and automatically download and install the correct drivers I believe it will ask you to re-start the system Re-start and there you are Now you have NVIDIA GeForce TI in your DELL XPS I hope this was helpful Nachrider
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I wont be able to upgrade windows 10 , my video card is not compatible...

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i got this update through windows update and i already using my lasted nvidia driver 266.58 so what is this .....

nVidia - Display, Other hardware - NVIDIA GeForce 9500 GT

Release DATE 3/31/2011 (published)

Update type: Optional

nVidia Display, Other hardware software update released in February, 2011

A:nVidia - Display, Other hardware - NVIDIA GeForce 9500 GT

Quote: Originally Posted by Overson

i got this update through windows update and i already using my lasted nvidia driver 266.58 so what is this .....

nVidia - Display, Other hardware - NVIDIA GeForce 9500 GT

Release DATE 3/31/2011 (published)

Update type: Optional

nVidia Display, Other hardware software update released in February, 2011

Hello Overson, welcome to the forum

Windows update does not necessarily install the newest drivers . If you are having no problems with the driver 266.58 then I would stay with that one
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So I just bought this laptop, and I installed windows 7, and it should have Intel HD Graphics 5500 + nVidia Geforce 920M 1GB. However, I cant find nVidia Geforce, and when I try to install driver, it says that driver cant find the hardware. Also, when I open device manager, I do not have nVidia under Display adapters section, only Intel HD Graphics 5500. Anyone knows whats up here? I have seen many solutions that involve changing .inf files but I cant even see the nVidia so that does not work for me.

Untitled.jpg ?230 KB
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I have this windows update as optional,

nVidia - Display, Other hardware - NVIDIA GeForce 9200
Download size: 152.6 MB

running windows 7 - do i need it? it seems rather big at 152.6mb

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I've searched the Net from top to bottom to find some UniVBE drivers that support the nVidia Vanta chipset and I've turned out blank. Does such a thing exist? Like, I can't play Contructor, that's why I'm asking

Someone said that I can find UniVBE drivers for nVidia cards at, but I searched almost every link there and haven't found it.

A:UniVBE for nVidia Vanta (and other nVidia video cards)

advantis I have the same problem. I've looked everywhere but the drivers either have different series numbers (like 1630 or 2311) and I have a (supposedly the last 4 digits are the key).

Just read a long post from 12/01 and that guy didn't have any luck eithr.

They're telling us to live with what we have or ... get a new video card.

gah. But: you mighat want to read this post:
Drivers padutch All Other Software 28 198 12-09-2001 05:29 PM
by padutch
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Okay, in my Windows Update, this 'optional' update is forever on there, waiting for me to install it. Well, when I do try to install it, it just ends up failing with error code 80070103 (Unknown error). Is this update necessary for regular use or do I need it, despite it being labeled optional. Oh, and why does it fail continually?

A:nVidia - Network - NVIDIA nForce Networking Controller

Hi Kazuto
I usually go with the 'if it ain't broke don't fix it' theory when downloading optional updates. If all is working well, I usually find that optional updates are more trouble than help..
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Alright, here's the deal.
? Windows Vista Ultimate 32-bit, with SP2 RC.
? nVidia Gforce 9600 GT

Never had problems updating the drivers to their latest versions (downloaded from until I de-installed Spybot (that crappy anti-spyware thing).

After that, everytime I try to install (after a deinstallation) or update the current drivers nothing happens. Install runs fine, copies files, reboots and voila... same drivers as before.

The only drivers that actually I was able to install were the 178.13 via the internal Windows Update. That's it. If I don't install them, the VGA card is shown as "vgasave" in the Device Manager.

I'm quite fed up with this and planning to reinstall Vista, but backuping everything up is going to be a real hassle, that's why I'm trying to find out a possible solution to this beforehand.

Any suggestions?.
Thanks in advance!

A:Updating nVidia drivers / nVidia Geforde 9600 GT

since you plan to reinstall windows, it cant hurt to try this first:

Guru3D - Driver Sweeper (Setup) download from
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I have a problem on my pc.. It appears on my nba 2k12.. when i use print screen and transfer to the paint.. it appears an image of black screen (black screen of death).. does anyone who can fix it? as easy as 123?.. and also I'm looking for Nvidia OpenGL software I think that is the problem.. also my nvidia appears a message like this: "NVIDIA Control Panel Application, 3.9.731.0 has stopped working" need help guyz.. thank you and god bless.

A:Need Help: Nvidia OpenGL! Black Screen! NVIDIA!

Click Properties on the game exe/icon, then on the compatibility tab check: Disable desktop composition then restart the game. It disables the win7 aero theme when you run the game which will allow you to capture your screen.
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I`ve got an Nvidia 7600GT card which will be upgraded to a 7900GTO next week. Do I have to remove the existing Nvidia drivers before installing?

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I've read Quadro's are stable and highly recommended for CAD, etc workstations (not for gaming) and gaming cards are obviously better for gaming. I am looking to setup two separate dual output video cards in a new machine. It will be used primarily for streaming real time financial info/web surfing (no CAD nor any 3D modeling) with a secondary use of gaming (not important for me to run top games at top resolutions-average is fine). Should I look at getting Quadros or game cards. I am leaning toward the game cards like Nvidia 8600GT, etc as they are lower price and seems like if they can run games fast/no problem-why wouldn't they easily be able to handle business applications? Quadros seem to cost more and can mainly only be used for business apps?

A:Nvidia Quadro vs Nvidia gaming cards

Quadros are for Digital Content Creation and CAD purposes mainly. For you, a pair of 8600GTs would be fine.
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I have a Geforce 8200 installed in my computer but everytime i try to update my drivers to the newest 8200 drivers. it installed Geforce 9200 drivers...
i call nvidia and they said that 9200 is the same as 8200 and the drivers will work flawless with my 8200...
well they are totally wrong. with the 9200 installed, my HDMI screen flickers all the time then if i had the 8200 drivers in....
but here is the catch...since i updated i can't remember that driver i had installed that worked...
whenever i got to the nvidia site to get a 8200 driver
they send me to the 9200 driver page.
just want to know where i can get reliable 8200 drivers and if anyone knows a good 8200 driver that was the best out of the batch of them
i know i have have high hopes
but got to ask somewhere.

A:Nvidia 8200 Drivers /Nvidia 9200

If you go to the File Hippo site you will find lots of past version Nvidia drivers but you might be up against it if you can't remember the driver version you want. Trial and error maybe the only way to go.
If you do decide to try different versions I'd be using driver sweeper between installing.
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Okay I hooked my old Nvidia MX440SE Nvidia = 6600GT??? computer again since it s a decent machine and I don t want it to waste away in the closet anymore It s a P with mb ram Windows XP CDRW GB HD GB HD SB Live sound card D-Link ethernet card Floppy drive and a W PSU Nvidia MX440SE = Nvidia 6600GT??? It was running a crappy old Nvidia MX AGP Well I wanted to upgrade the video card cheap be able to play RtCW with higher fps and actually be able to run Doom nothing Nvidia MX440SE = Nvidia 6600GT??? special Wasn t looking to run anything new so I got a GT which I looked around and saw was decent for what I wanted So first time I booted it up I had vertical black white bars lines on the screen I thought great faulty card Then I realized it required a w power supply and I only had a w So I disconnected the CDRW to see Nvidia MX440SE = Nvidia 6600GT??? if power was the issue and sure enough the bars dissapeared Just to make sure it got all it needed that I could give I also disconnected the gb hd and the floppy drive pretty much put the machine on just what it needed to run I run a fx se that requires a w on another w system and it s fine so I figure the shortage is okay with all the extras gone Anyway so now with it installed and working fine I loaded up RtCW to test it out see how much it improved Well the fps is the same with both cards apparently as low as in some locations of the game and as high as in others Averaging around - throughout I noticed no change at all in game play between the two either I looked at benchmarks for these cards before I bought the GT and well there should be a difference So could the w shortage cause this or is my old machine killing the card Could the card be bad even though it doesn t seem to be causing problems I mean if this is how it s going to stay I m just going to return it as my old card did just as good and didn t suck all my power nbsp

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I am thinking of getting a new graphics card for x-mas. I currently have a Geforce 8600 GT and i was looking at this GT 220.

Which is better? i think the 220 is but i just wanted some expert confirmation.

GT 220: (scroll down past the 210)

8600 GT: (The right Column)

A:NVIDIA GT 220 VS Nvidia GeForce 8600 GT

Why bother? If you want to upgrade from an 8600GT - you need to buy a card that has a noticable difference.

For example... the 9500/9400GTs are also pretty much re-badged 8600s. Think of the 220 as a smaller and cheaper to make version of the 8600GT with blu-ray decoding abilities. Its more like a bit better version of the 8600GTs.... that costs $65~95.

An ATI 4670 is about $60~95. Heres a nice one at $80:

But for real big speed bumps - look at ATI 4800s/5700s or at least a GTX 260... or even the GT250 (which is a 9800GT which is a 8800GT - UGH! )
These cards are about $ 120~200.

Your power supply will also be important too. Do you know your brand and model number?

Also your computers own performance.
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Himy computer has a video card Nvidia  GTX 660 I would upgrade it with the new Video Card Nvidia GTX 1060. Is it possible?The serial number is CZC3038TMM. I've buyed it the 8 july 2014.Thanks for your time to spend.SincerelyPaolo Capici
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I have a Netgear DG834GT wireless router which works fine with my PCs which have G series network adapters. But with my laptop with an N series network adapter the signal disconnected every 20 seconds then reconnected; this was only a problem using it at home – everywhere else it connected well. I solved this by using a G series PCMCIA when at home. So far so good.

Now my wife has been given a work laptop which has the same problem. She can’t use a PCMCIA because the laptop has been set to stop her installing the software. So… should we get an N series router? Is there any reason it wouldn’t let us both work PCMCIA-free? And if we should go ahead, any advice on what specs I should get or avoid?

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So Dell made a really terrible 15 Series power 15 Can a board power board? a with Inspiron Dell Dell I Series Inspiron 5000 replace 7000 decision nbsp They have a transparent strip in the power button for an LED light to indicate if the power is on nbsp A power indicator is a given in any laptop no matter how cheap it is nbsp However Dell in all of it Can I replace a Dell Inspiron 15 5000 Series power board with a Dell Inspiron 15 7000 Series power board? s genius decided to not include an LED bulb on laptops up to the Inspiron Series despite leaving a transparent slot for it nbsp Seriously what happened to this brand nbsp Do children make these laptops now I want to fix this as my laptop is no longer returnable and a power indicator is absolutely necessary nbsp So the only thing I can think of is replacing it with one from the Series somehow Can I replace a Dell Inspiron 15 5000 Series power board with a Dell Inspiron 15 7000 Series power board? with some help probably This is a Dell Inspiron nbsp I also have an Inspiron nbsp Not sure which exact model I should get the part for Are they compatible Is there an easier way Like how Fn H turns on the hard drive indicator Thanks

A:Can I replace a Dell Inspiron 15 5000 Series power board with a Dell Inspiron 15 7000 Series power board?

The systems use different case and mainboard designs -- and may even be made by different companies.  The answer in all likelihood is no.
I don't think Apple has produced a Macbook with a power indicator -- the PC vendors are playing follow Apple.
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Hey i have a question regarding mobile graphics card. i was looking at two different laptops <>



one is equipped with a NVIDIA GeForce 9300M GS and the other with a NVIDIA GeForce 9400M.

I found on notebookcheck that the 9400m is ranked higher than the 9300m, but the 9400 is an integrated card, and that the 9300m has dedicated memory! i am confused because i always believed that a dedicated card will be better than integrated so i am very confused!!!

please comment if you can clear this up for me! thanks much


A:Solved: NVIDIA GeForce 9300M GS vs. NVIDIA GeForce 9400M

please help!!!!!!!!
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i want to get 1 of these cards but i dont know wich 1 to get . can i get some help on wich 1 is the better card. iam just looking for a low price 128MB card

Rosewill nVIDIA GeForce FX5200 Video Card, 128MB DDR, 64-bit, DVI/TV-Out, 8X AGP, Model "RW5200-128D3
XFX nVIDIA GeForce FX5200 Video Card, 128MB DDR, TV-Out, 8X AGP, Model "PVT34KNT"

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hi people my miss has only gone and brought a eee pc series asus with out even telling me she fort she was getting a bargin for second hand wot a fool she is ive got it in front of me now and they installed windows xp on b they sold her it ive done a driver scan and theres updates that need to done series eee pc i havent eee pc series got a clue if its a clone copy or anything i was thinking eee pc series would it be best if i just did a clean installation of windows xp boot from usb witch i havent got a clue how to do or shall i just let it update its self PLEASE HELP she brought this for my year old daughter for Christmas aswell ive told her to get the money back but she wont THANKS IN ADVANCE GUYS and another thing is i have no usb eee pc series cd drive to attach to it to boot windows from it all boots up fine its just all these update what need doing nbsp

A:eee pc series

If it currently has Windows XP SP2 installed, you need to install the SP3 upgrade before you do a custom scan at Windows Update/Microsoft Update.

A custom scan will probably display over 100 post-SP3 high priority updates.

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Hey everyone. I currently have a GTX 580 and I want to upgrade that. I was going to get a GTX 770 but I'm now considering waiting for the GTX 800 series. Is it worth waiting for the 800's and when do you think it will be released?

A:GTX 800 series?

Well supposedly it's coming next year, but since crystal balls don't exist who knows exactly when, maybe in Q1 maybe not, maybe way longer,or if they'll be delayed even further, or how good they'll really be, or if they'll have bugs, or how much they'll cost. If anyone really knows at this point they are not likely allowed to disclose details beyond what I'm sure you've searched on Google otherwise they'd lose their job; and even what may be known now may change as changes and delays happen all the time.

In the end, it's up to you, if you need a new or better card now, buy now, if you want to wait there will always be another generation or series in the works, if the wait is confirmed to be short then sometimes waiting a bit is not a big deal, when the wait is longer waiting may not make sense.
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I know.......another question about which gfx card...blah blah blah.....
Sorry guys, but I just have to ask...
I have my eye on a 'Gainward GeForce 4 PowerPack Ultra 750 128mb 8x xp Golden Sample TI-4800SE' which I can get reasonably cheap £88 (UK)
Is this a good choice (am currently using a GF3 Ti200 64MB) or should I look to a mid range GF FX 5 series, or even a Radeon in the same sort of price range.........trying to get the best for as little as possible, shortage of cash...
I like to play UT2003/C&C General/Mohaa + Spearhead and a few others.
Using XP Pro-Abit KR7A-512MB DDR.
I would be very grateful for your thoughts/opinions...........even if you just say "use Google !!!" etc.......................

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Hope someone can offer some insight. I see where many, if not all the brands, Asus, MSI, etc. have guys asking for vBIOS updates in various forums to solve problems with display. What is the general incompatibility issue? Any light that can be shed is appreciated

A:AMD R Series GPU's

EClyde said:

Hope someone can offer some insight. I see where many, if not all the brands, Asus, MSI, etc. have guys asking for vBIOS updates in various forums to solve problems with display. What is the general incompatibility issue? Any light that can be shed is appreciatedClick to expand...

It depends on what you are referring to, there is not real issues with the R series GPU's in terms of display output. Most of the associated problems people are having involve a few things:

Some of the 4k monitors (The AOC for instance) use a very odd way to refresh which caused the display to flicker on the R9 series GPU's which was resolved in a recent patch.

Some high refresh displays using DP

and some others

However I would not worry, most of the problems if any are fixed via patches and catalyst revisions. If the manufacturer has to update something like the this its normally involves something like with their own software or certain things in environments not working together properly. I would not worry, I have done nothing to my PowerColor R9 290X trio and they all work great.
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The CD-ROM of my Mainboard can't be read by windows 7.
What can i do?

My mainboard is ASUS P45 and the CD-ROM is P5Q Series

A:P5Q Series

You could go to the motherboard web site and download whatever you need. What exactly are you needing that Windows 7 can't read?
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Hey guys,

Hope you're all well, been a while since I was posting. However hope you can help me here.

I recently purchased a new ATI R9 200 series. However when outputting through HDMI the speakers make a 'clicking' sound. It's not rhythmic or in time with anything on the screen. I have the latest drivers installed.

Anyone have any ideas?



A:ATI R9 200 Series

Try adjusting volume settings. I had a similar thing with my R9 285
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I GOt a think pad I series of ebay for because it was good for parts may be fixable i want to start rebuilding laptops its IBM model - CPU pentium MMX Speed unknown Ram Unknown suspected switched for a mb ram chip i had not quite sure if its in the right place Hard Drive UNknown dont pad series. I think care at the moment my goal is to get it to boot a linux live boot cd screen think pad I series. Size inch Optical drive CD rom possibly RW power adapter None used one i had laying around Those are from ebay listing except for things in brackets But to the problem at hand i thought ill try and put in mb ram throw in a linux live boot cd that only needs mb but when clicking power button i see nothing on screen just black my first thought because i could hear stuff was maybe the screen is dissconected but im not sure tell me if theres anything i need or if i need to open up and look around nbsp

A:think pad I series.

a quick look at the rams the 2 original were 32mb and 64mb but does anyone know what to doo?
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My HP PSC 700 Series All-in-one printer shows "HP printer disconnected". I have uninstalled and re-installed software, but it doesn't help. Does anyone know if there is a FIX for this problem?

A:hp psc 700 Series All-In-One

That so called software, Isit packaged with the printer?
If not, maybe u have the wrong drivers installed or the drivers aren't up-to-date?

Hope that Helps~
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I've had my P50 for a while now, and I keep coming back to the Lenovo website from time to time, looking at various accessories that I think I'd like to pick up.  However, Lenovo still doesn't list the P-Series in their drop-down menues when trying to tell them which machine you have. Are we supposed to just tell them we have W-Series, and hope we're not asking for a Docking Station, that won't be compatible between the P and W series systems? Does anyone else find it odd, that Lenovo is "hiding" things about the P-Series laptops? Thanks for the input!
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Hi all, I don't know if it is even possible anymore, but back in the day of the T40, the expresscard slot (or PC card slot?  I don't know what the difference is, if any) could hold many things, including a GPU.  (I even remember discussion of this back when the T510 was new.)  What can the modern Expresscard slot hold?  Can it still effectively mount a GPU?  A card reader isn't necessary with the SD slot underneath it. What do you guys use it for on you laptops (preferably P series, but any would do.) Thanks.

-----------IBM T40: XP PRO SP3, 14.1" 4:3 display, 512MB DDR RAM, 40GB HDD, ThinkLight, DVD.Lenovo Ideacentre H215: AMD Athlon II X2 215, 500GB HDD, 4GB DDR3 RAM, 64-bit Win7, AMD 760G.
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I am having a problem with this printer.
The program works well except when i wont to print from the web it will only print two thirds of the page [from left to right] I reistalled it several times.if i go to IE -file-print preview most pages will print 2/3 of the pagein color others will print full page background all in white rearanged text.
Is it the program,setting is it me or is it garbage Tks

A:ph 1500 all in one series-help

check your ink levels or maybe your IE is your headache. Try to reinstall your IE.
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Hi All My first post to the forum Today I'm experiencing repeated blues screens i hope someone can help Thanks Here's the Minitoolbox BSODs of 124 Series log ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- MiniToolBox by Farbar Version - Series of 124 BSODs - Ran by Karl administrator on - - at Running from Series of 124 BSODs C Users Karl Downloads Microsoft Windows Ultimate Service Pack X Model G GX Manufacturer ASUSTeK Computer INC Boot Mode Normal Event log errors Application errors Error PM Source WinMgmt User Description root CIMV SELECT FROM InstanceModificationEvent WITHIN WHERE TargetInstance ISA Win Processor AND TargetInstance LoadPercentage gt x Error PM Source Application Error User Description Faulting application name FBAgent exe version time stamp x a f Faulting module name FBAgent exe version time stamp x a f Exception code xc Fault offset x c c Faulting process id x Faulting application start time xFBAgent exe Faulting application path FBAgent exe Faulting module path FBAgent exe Report Id FBAgent exe Error PM Source WinMgmt User Description root CIMV SELECT FROM InstanceModificationEvent WITHIN WHERE TargetInstance ISA Win Processor AND TargetInstance LoadPercentage gt x Error PM Source Series of 124 BSODs Application Error User Description Faulting application name FBAgent exe version time stamp x a f Faulting module name FBAgent exe version time stamp x a f Exception code xc Fault offset x c c Faulting process id x dc Faulting application start time xFBAgent exe Faulting application path FBAgent exe Faulting module path FBAgent exe Report Id FBAgent exe Error PM Source WinMgmt User Description root CIMV SELECT FROM InstanceModificationEvent WITHIN WHERE TargetInstance ISA Win Processor AND TargetInstance LoadPercentage gt x Error PM Source Application Error User Description Faulting application name FBAgent exe version time stamp x a f Faulting module name FBAgent exe version time stamp x a f Exception code xc Fault offset x c c Faulting process id x b Faulting application start time xFBAgent exe Faulting application path FBAgent exe Faulting module path FBAgent exe Report Id FBAgent exe Error PM Source Application Error User Description Faulting application name IEXPLORE EXE version time stamp x c Faulting module name ntdll dll version time stamp x e Exception code xc Fault offset x cc Faulting process id x c Faulting application start time xIEXPLORE EXE Faulting application path IEXPLORE EXE Faulting module path IEXPLORE EXE Report Id IEXPLORE EXE Error PM Source WinMgmt User Description root CIMV SELECT FROM InstanceModificationEvent WITHIN WHERE TargetInstance ISA Win Processor AND TargetInstance LoadPercentage gt x Error PM Source Application Error User Description Faulting application name FBAgent exe version time stamp x a f Faulting module name ntdll dll version time stamp x e bfa Exception code xc Fault offset x bfc Faulting process id x Faulting application start time xFBAgent exe Faulting application path FBAgent exe Faulting module path FBAgent exe Report Id FBAgent exe Error PM Source WinMgmt User Description root CIMV SELECT FROM InstanceModificationEvent WITHIN WHERE TargetInstance ISA Win Processor AND TargetInstance LoadPercentage gt x System errors Error PM Source Service Control Manager User Description The AFBAgent service terminated unexpectedly It has done this time s Error PM Source Microsoft-Windows-WHEA-Logger User NT AUTHORITY Description A fatal hardware error has occurred Reported by component Processor Core Error Source Error Type Processor ID The details view of this entry contains further information Error PM Source Microsoft-Windows-WHEA-Logger User NT AUTHORITY Description A fatal hardware error has occurred Reported by component Processor Core Error Source Error Type Processor ID The details view of this entry contains further information Error PM Source Microsoft-Windows-WHEA-Logger User NT AUTHORITY Desc... Read more

A:Series of 124 BSODs

Hello KCBluesman and Welcome to this Bleeping website!
Just as a test, boot into Safe Mode and run the computer for a couple of hours. Let me know if your crashes stop, or do they continue. If you don't know how to access Safe Mode, your user's manual will tell you. If you don't have one, SM is usually accessed by tapping one of the F-Keys (try F8 or F11 first) on boot. If you can run in SM without crashes, reboot and try Safe Mode with Networking (that will enable internet connection). Let me know the results of each.
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Does anybody know anything?

release dates?


i have looked everywhere, cant find anything.

all i can find is what prices to expect.....

A:ATI HD 5000 series

Haven't heard anything... probably because ATI doesn't plan on releasing new GPUs anytime soon.
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We just had another thunderstorm here. I couldn't turn on the PC when I got home 'cuz of
it. My pc, like me, is allergic to voltage spikes. I develop severe allergic reactions to hi voltage/amperage.

I have a half a dozen of the $5 surge suppressors layin' around here. I've seen some that go for $205, with protection guarantee, and am wonderin' if the $5 SS'ers, plugged in, IN SERIES, will give the same degree of protection???

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So about 3months ago my laptop broke so i wonder what if i tripy investing on upgrading my hp 3400 pro (desktop) than repairing my laptop.... So i was wondering... Can i insert a video card on my hp desktop? I dont know if its integrated or not but plsss i really need help and im really a noob
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Hello I got my Len ovo c series all in one computer back in may went to turn it on, no screen CD ROM works good ,fan was running nothing horrible just black screen keyboard had no light mouse had a light. Any troubleshoot suggestions? I think I should still be under manufacturers warranty.

A:Lenovo c series please help

Try unplugging the machine, and holding the power button for 30 seconds to clear the CMOS. Then, plug it back in and see if it'll work. If not, try to continously press F11 and F12 during boot up. If that doesn't work, you may need to contact Lenovo support because it seems like the display may be defective since fans and CD ROM is running. for support chat and phone.   

I'm a Lenovo advocate, part of the Lenovo INsiders program. I'm a volunteer; I don't work for Lenovo.
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I am running Windows 7 build 7000, and I am having trouble trying to get my video card to work. The card is an ATI 7000 series VE PCI. It is recognized only as a standard VGA adaptor. Are there any known drivers out there. I tried importing my XP driver, but it failed to work as well.

A:ATI 7000 series VE

Quote: Originally Posted by nightmare

I am running Windows 7 build 7000, and I am having trouble trying to get my video card to work. The card is an ATI 7000 series VE PCI. It is recognized only as a standard VGA adaptor. Are there any known drivers out there. I tried importing my XP driver, but it failed to work as well.

Welcome to the Se7en Forums

Since many things in Vista are compatible with Windows 7, I did a search for a vista driver for your video card and came up empty. If any of our resident gurus know of a trick or two for this, feel free to contribute.
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IBM THINPAD SERIES TYPE PENTIUM WINDOWS ND EDITION sometimes opens fine st time more often you get when switch laptop on you just get no-where with irriatating messages error then it lists these numbers at the bottom offers ok or cancel neither of which get you to anyway pressing cancel series thinkpad ibm 600 lists those numbers again with NO options to exit or cancel etc ibm thinkpad 600 series amp no mouse mouse is on st screen mentioned doesn t respond to ctrl alt delete at this stage have to switch off manually if you slect the ok instead of cancel at the error prompt the st screen which comes up after switch on it gives you a date check screen amp time etc amp only ok or cancel at bottom if you select ok it re-boots then offers yet another screen still no thsi one says off with an arrow pointing towards word on to which I assumed it is asking me to switch off then on again no mouse here either if you switch off then on again THIS DOES ENTER OK how do I stop this silly error sequence prior to screen by the way no probs running windows I don t think it is the o s when you st switch on top left screen says ok with directly below words ibm top rt amp thinkpad bottom left but even if you shut windows down correctly it brings the error messages above sometimes with just but other times with all numbers listed amp sometimes the beneath the error messgae you are offered test or re-start test gets me now-where either apprs to do all sorts internal checks then nothing gets me to re-start just brings another message lists only then red equals sign crossed-out ok white arrow pointing to ibm manual presume means look in book which I haven t got no mouse at this stage It does respond to ctrl alt del brings error message again Finally if you ever reach the screen it only takes up say a of whole laptop tft I know to go into settings of display amp move slider but it doesn t allow you to move slider Colour is set to the only other choice being colours b w hope you can spare time to help regards TIM nbsp

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Hi I'm not entirely sure what the root of the problem is here so excuse me if I post this in the wrong section I recently built myself a rig with the help of pcmech com guys Specs are windows home premium -bit intel i - cpu diamond Asus p p d mobo corsair w psu x gb corsair ddr ram intel gb ssd WD black gb hdd The series of problems is explained in detail in this thread problems start at post Cliff's notes on the bugs problems that lead me to where I am now - wasn't sure when to switch as suggested my config from sata to ahci and did so in the bios during the first reboot of the windows install From what I was told I should have done it before the install of the OS - after installing the OS the PC wouldn't get past the 'loading windows' screen until problems rig with of new Series I detached the secondary drive and formatted it after a proper boot-up - installed several programs firefox games etc - pc crashed during assassin's creed showing a BSoD error that was too quick for me to read take a photo Series of problems with new rig of On reboot it would give me the option Series of problems with new rig of starting windows normally would only crash reboot or repairing windows which would give me this BSoD Uploaded with ImageShack us - for whatever reason one time the system repair seemed to work giving me this error report on boot-up Quote Problem signature Problem Event Name BlueScreen OS Version Locale ID Additional information about the problem BCCode b BCP BCP BCP BCP OS Version Service Pack Product Files that help describe the problem C Windows Minidump - - dmp C Users Taylor AppData Local Temp WER- - sysdata xml Read our privacy statement online http go microsoft com fwlink link amp clcid x If the online privacy statement is not available please read our privacy statement offline C Windows system en-US erofflps txt - I was then told it could be a memory module problem and to test them with memtest For a good reboots after that I tried running memtest from a CD at boot and it would run the first 'test bar' up to in a matter of seconds then crash and reboot again If I would try to run my PC normally it would seem to boot up fine get past the welcome screen then would simply show a black screen with my mouse cursor which was moveable Opening task manager didn't work clicking didn't work etc - I tried putting the ram in different combos of ram slots just to see if it would change anything it wouldn't load properly after a bunch of tries until I got it into what I think was the same config I originally had - Now the PC often boots to a screen saying I should repair windows start it normally and starting normally never works I repaired was brought to my desktop which gave me errors about improper shut-downs etc and my ATI driver and Catalyst Control Centre were crashing constantly so I had to reinstall them Everything seemed fine last night but this morning I got another BSoD crash that was too quick to see and had to repair again As you can probably tell I'm a pretty big noob just trying to provide as much information as possible Anything else needed just let me know Any and all help very much appreciated really want to get my rig on it's feet again Thanks for reading

A:Series of problems with new rig

Hi and welcome to TSF 0x1a error code is related to memory management which could indicate a ram problem,the next 0x6b Bug Check 0x6B: PROCESS1_INITIALIZATION_FAILED
The PROCESS1_INITIALIZATION_FAILED bug check has a value of 0x0000006B. This bug check indicates that the initialization of the Microsoft Windows operating system failed.

The following parameters appear on the blue screen.

Parameter Description
1 The NT status code that caused the failure
2 Reserved
3 Reserved
4 Reserved

Any part of the disk subsystem can cause the PROCESS1_INITIALIZATION_FAILED bug check, including bad disks, bad or incorrect cables, mixing different ATA-type devices on the same chain, or drives that are not available becuase of hardware regeneration.

This bug check can also be caused by a missing file from the boot partition or by a driver file that a user accidentally disabled in the Drivers tab.
If you can get to your desktop please try to follow the instructions here and attach to your next post
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Right, I had been debating with myself whether or not I'm going to get one of these monsters, when I discovered that I'll need to upgrade my power supply. Having asked around a bit, I was told I'd be wanting in upwards of 650W, which sounds like an awful lot. I don't want to have matched the cost of my new graphics card in electricity bills within the year, afterall.

But imagine my suprise when I read in a review that the GTS version (which I was considering) only requires 400W, while the GTX requires 450. Can anyone sort this out for me once and for all? What are the actual power requirements?

A:GeForce 8 series

It depends a lot on the amps on the 12V rail.

Appearing at
As far as power requirements go, the GeForce 8800GTS will require a minimum 400 watt power supply (with 12V current rating of 26A). The GeForce 8800GTX will require a minimum 450 watt power supply (with 12V current rating of 30A) and you can double those numbers when you start talking about SLI.Click to expand...

Personally, I'd use at least a 500 or 550 watt power supply for the 8800GTS and GTX, respectively; but you may be able to get away with what the article says. It also depends on hard drives, etc. With graphics monsters like that, too, I'd use only power supplies from a select few vendors, such as Corsair, PC Power & Cooling, SeaSonic, Antec, Enermax, or FSP. That's about all I can think of for now.