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WD external drive receiving power but not working

Q: WD external drive receiving power but not working

I gave my external hard drive to a friend but his laptop didn't recognize it. after getting it back, I connected it to my laptop but it didn't show up in disk management at all. the drive is receiving power since the light is on. I felt the drive upon connecting to laptop and noticed it tries multiple times to rotate the magnetic disk but in the end it come to a stop and nothing after that. I think my friend's laptop somehow damaged my drive since I'm sure it's a hardware problem.
So, I was wondering maybe any of you guys have an idea how to fix it if possible otherwise, I'd like to know if I can recover the data without spending for the experts?

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Preferred Solution: WD external drive receiving power but not working

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: WD external drive receiving power but not working

Hey armmzd. Sure sounds like a drive gone bad, and assuming you know it was good when you gave it to him,maybe it was dropped,etc. All I can suggest is going to the drive manufacturer's site and see if they have a drive diagnostic tool you can try.
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Hi I went to the lab to work on a digital photo project today and my external hard drive won t turn on It is a Coltech and says quot drive external power!!! has HELP! hard no My quot Hard Drive Enclosure quot on it It s one of the ones that has a USB and a power cord to plug into an outlet and an on off switch to turn on the power So I plugged it in put the USB into the iMAC I m using turned on the switch and it won t turn on no power at all normally it makes little noises when it turns on but nothing I checked all the connections both ends of the power cord and USB I tried it in another iMac I tried plugging a desk lamp into the wall to see if it was the electrical outlet everything HELP! My external hard drive has no power!!! was fine HELP my project is due on tuesday and all my HELP! My external hard drive has no power!!! photos and work are on my external hard drive Thanks Kaitlyn nbsp

A:HELP! My external hard drive has no power!!!

It might just be the power adapter or the enclosure that has died. You might be able to remove the hard drive from the enclosure and either install it internally in a computer or put it into a new enclosure. Most computer places sell enclosures if you need it in a hurry. Hopefully its not the hard drive inside the enclosure that has failed, in which case you hopefully have the all-important backups of your data.
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My hard drive will not power on. Tried using different power cord. But still will not power on. What are my options to access my data in the hd.
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Can anybody Help Me !!

I have set up a Server type machine on a HP Touchsmart running Vista

I have purchased a Seagate 2TB Expansion Drive with its own power source

I desperately want to know how this external drive can be seen by other devices on the network

I have other external drives with their own power supply and non of them can be accessed by other computers on the network....Is there a trick to these devices!!!

I have external hard drives with NO power supply just USB connection and I can access them from any computer on the network and any media device on the network

I'm not very technical and would like to know if its just the type of device and I should be buying usb connected hard drives for music and movies

A:External Expansion Drive with own power supply

You need a router that has a USB connection. Then you can connect the external storage to the network. That is only for a USB drive though. Do you have one of those passport drives with a battery?
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My Sister inherited a used Panasonic Toughbook with an external CD Drive. However the donor did not include the power supply adapter for the drive. She wishes to replace it and need my advice on the volatage that it uses. The kicker here is that there is no brand name on the drive.

At the bottom of the unit where the warning Notes are, there is a
"Read the User manual notation with an open book logo with an "I" on the right page of the book" I'm right in assuming it be an Iomega Product.

I need to know what voltage to set any adpter I might use, after all I don't want to fry the thing. Please help !!!!

A:Power Supply Voltage for External CD Drive

12 Volts would be a good guess .. but finding one with the correct connector/polarity might be tricky.

Might be just as cheap to replace the whole ODD external or a new enclosure.
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I have looked around and around. I'm completely stumped.

I have a Lite-On external dvd combo burner. On the rear of the drive is the power connection, usb2.0 and l/r audio rca out jacks (red/white). Above where you connect the power cord is also a toggle on/off switch. During a move, this toggle snapped off. In the off position. I got to the card and the toggle switch is soldered to the card. No way to get in there (easily at least).

I haven't been able to find a replacement card and I'm reluctant to jam a paperclip (or whatever) in there wiggling it around and scratching up the card.

Any suggestions?

A:Power supply to external optical drive

Why not just short the switch with solder and unplug it to turn it off?
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Hi A month ago i bought a brand new GB USB external hard drive octupus link saphire case for my Dell inspiron laptop I ve been using it as a media storage music and as a back up I travel frequently and i don t take the drive with me consequently i have to unplug it and plug it from the laptop frequently i hadn not not working, GB usb 2.0 was before External working 250 drive recognized, t had any trouble until yesterday when I plug it in and altought there is that the laptop makes when some hardware is plugged in and altough it appears on the safely remove hardware icon I cannot see it in windows explorer and in device manager it appears under the drives but i cannot manage to open the files I tried the Filerecovery software but it did not work as it does not read the drive as plugged I ve read a lot on your threads but my External drive was already partitioned and working perfectly Any help is profoundly appreciated Many thanks Pablo nbsp

A:2.0 usb 250 GB External drive not working, not recognized, was working before

one more thing

I forgot to mention that the operating system is Win XP, and that I tried to look up for the device under run (diskmgmt.msc) and it didn't show up ( the external hard drive wasn't present)
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I recently bought a new computer, the hard drive only had 320 gb of storage though, so I upgraded to a 1TB hard drive and made the old hard drive into an external.

The first time I plugged it in, it crashed my computer, so I cleaned it using disk part. Now my computer wont open it at all. It doesnt show up on "my computer" or on other computers either. Its simply inaccessible.

So what can I do?

A:Old hard drive isnt working as an external drive

Have you looked in Disk Management?
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OK, quick question. If an external optical drive (DVD writer) has no power button, would it be OK to just leave it on? Do optical drives go into some sort of sleep mode if its not accessing a disc? Does it continue to drain electricity if left on and idle?

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Hi all,

I was wondering if I would be doing harm to my drive by ejecting and unplugging while there is still power to the drive.

Is it basically the same as not ejecting?

In XP my drive would power off in Windows 7 it does not.

A:USB External Drive doesn't power off when safely ejecting

Do you get the pop-up saying it's safe to disconnect the drive? If you do I wouldn't worry about it.
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I have an Intel D946GZIS mother board ,Core 2 duo-1.86 GHZ processor.,400 W power suply,SATA Seagate-160 GB.

The external HDD is Seagate Barracuda-160 GB IDE.

Off late Ive been getting errors stating that there is a power surge on USB when I connect the external IDE HDD and all the USB slots are dead until the PC is restarted inspite of my HDD having an external power source.Why does this happen?

When I disable 2.0 in BIOS there is no such problem.But the USB connection is very slow.What could be the cause of the problem.What is the solution?

A:External IDE drive with power supply connected via USB 2.0 freezes PC .why?

If the External is faulty you could wind up with probs with the system itself. I would stop trying to force something into a system that may well have a current problem and see if I couldn't test it after I purchased a new usb wire for the thing at the very least.
Your External could very well be bad. Jazz
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Got a Lenovo PC with Windows 7, when I tried to plug in my Hitachi external hard drive, it killed power to the PC immediately. I unplugged the HD, and power immediately came back on. This happens with any USB port, front or back. Tried switching cables, same result. The hard drive has an external power source, so it shouldn't be drawing too much power from the PC.

To make matters worse, after playing around with different ports, the mouse no longer works. When I plug it in, the light on the bottom flashes briefly, and that's it. I tried a different mouse. This time the light stays on but it still doesn't work. Did a system restore, no luck. Any thoughts, anybody? I'll be honest, I got nothin' on this one.

A:External hard drive kills power, also mice

Hi facetaco and Welcome to TSF,

I'm going on a wild guess that the external harddrive is Bus-powered? (No extra power adapter)

If you plug a harddrive in that doesn't have an external power source, the power unit of your laptop might not have enough power to keep all hardware running. This is most likely the cause of the issue. One other possible reason is faulty USB ports;

Can you plug other USB medias into the PC without it shutting down, like USB sticks?
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Hi all,

I was wondering if I would be doing harm to my drive by ejecting and unplugging while there is still power to the drive.

Is it basically the same as not ejecting?

In XP my drive would power off in Windows 7 it does not.

A:USB External Drive doesn't power off when safely ejecting

I use this setting to prevent any problems.

Dev Mgr> Disc Drives> right click on drive> policies.

Hope this helps.
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Hello: I have a Fantom 2tb external usb drive (MDC2000) made up of two 1tb drives in a radid 0 configuration. When they powerup which the blue light turns on but the drives will not spin. The drives when removed from the case will each spin using another external usb box. Any thoughts?

A:Fantom 2TB USB external drive configured with RAID 0 cannot power up

"Any thoughts?"...
Yes the MDC2000's power supply has failed, blue lights or no blue lights
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I have a 3.5" external hard drive that requires a (round) 5-pin power supply adapter. I lost the original, and bought a new one from an electronics manufacturer. The plug fits the slot, but I am not getting power to the drive and no signal is reaching the PC.

Without buying another power supply (the one I bought was hard to find - I had to go online and find a parts supplier, and I don't want to return it until I know what the problem is), how do I check to confirm whether the external drive is working, or that the external power supply and the drive are properly connected?

A:checking external hard drive power supply

IMO it would be much easier to just buy another enclosure and pull your drive out of the one you are using now. Install it in the new enclosure; good to go.
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I purchased a Silicon Power Rugged Armor A80 external hard drive to back up my computer & I can't get it to work. When I try to back up MY Documents, it scans the files, then the window says "wrong input" & "access denied". I have been trying to get help from Silicon Power customer service, but they haven't been able to shed any light on my problem. I'm running Windows 7 Professional & have Norton Internet Security. Could there be some kind of incompatibility with my OS or Norton that's preventing access to the files? This is very frustrating & I am very uncomfortable not having my files backed up.

A:Silicon Power external hard drive will not back up files

Hello and Welcome -Since you are putting the files onto a clean new external hard drive, make sure all browsers are closed and Disable your Norton while you do it.Some Norton programs often see simple things as a threat, and can at times refuse you permission to do what you want -Worth a try -
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Whats up guys,
We have bunch of our employee's as Power Users (group) and just recently one needed to formatt their external harddrives but was given an error "Don't Have Sufficent Rights To Perform This Action".

Instead of moving those users into another group "admin" or so.

How can I allow Power Users to be able to perform this action? (gpedit.msc?)

Thanks in advance!

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I added a 120 gig Western Digital USB external drive and used Acronis to create a backup of my hard drive. I then used Windows XP to remove it as a USB device so I could power it off. Now, when I power it back on it is not recognized by XP and does not appear on My Computer or on Disk Management (where I originally formatted it for NTFS). All I get is a sound like a single "KERPLONK" when I power it on.

A:XP will not recognize external hard drive (E) after removal and power back on

Wait, when you say you "removed it" where did you remove it from? From Safely Remove Hardware or from Device Manager?

The "KERPLONK" sound is a good sign - it means that Windows it at least recognizing that something is being plugged into the USB port. Have you tried running the Add New Hardware wizard in Control Panel?
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Hi There My first post here and I promise I ll stick around and try help out others rather than simply disappear if and when someone s helped me out My question concerns a Maxtor LS GB external hard drive I bought recently Naiively I assumed that it would get all its power Power Hard Drive International 3000LS External - Sources Maxtor Using from the USB cable and therefore I d be able to use it in both the Maxtor 3000LS External Hard Drive - Using International Power Sources UK where I am based now and the US where I will be based soon However when it arrived I realised that it needed an external power source Serves me right for not reading the spec properly I guess Anyway the power pack that it comes with splits in two i e the big chunky bit with the wire leading to the hard drive and the wire that leads to the mains The hard drive came with two mains leads A UK compatible lead and a mainland European lead Now my query is assuming that I could get hold of a US compatible mains lead would plugging it into the chunky bit a Not have enough power to do anything b Frazzle the components c Cause a rift in the space-time continuum I confess I didn t pay much attention in physics class and so am a bit baffled by volts amps ohms current and other flavours of electrickery so if anyone - preferably someone with knowledge of the hardware - could give any advice then I d be really grateful Many thanks Andy nbsp

A:Maxtor 3000LS External Hard Drive - Using International Power Sources

Look at the specs on the power supply. It may be a universal supply, many of them are nowadays. I just checked a camera and a USB 2.0 hard disk supply, both state 100V to 240V 50/60Hz, so they'll run either in Europe or the US.
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It turns on and allows me to insert a CD as normal, with the green light like its reading the disc but then nothing appears on my computer? I tried unplugging and restarting but can't get it to work. Any help is appreciated, thanks

A:External CD Drive Not Working?


When you plug it in does it show up in Windows Device Manager and listed as working?
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I have an older hard drive that i am working with. I have it plugged in. it comes up. recognizes its usb, i looked in device manager under disk drives and it shows up fujitsu 01005677 usb device, along with the base hard drive.

but if i go to disk management thinking the drive needs to be reassigned a letter because it was previously taken from a desktop. nothing is there. nor does it show up in my computer.

all windows updates are up to do.

not sure what to do and need to get the information off.

Thank you

A:USB external drive not working help

Try this next. See How to Cleanup and Remove old USB Storage Drivers
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Hello everyone !

I have what seems to be a similar problem to the guy a few posts down.

My external maxtor HDD is not working. That is, it doesnt work on my laptop. But it works fine on my stationary CPU. I use XP, so it shouldnt need a driver. When I try to install it, the CPU finds it and shows it with a yellow questionmark icon. But in the end I can't get it to work, neither on USB nor Firewire...

Any help would be much appreciated,


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Hi there-
Here's whats up:

1. WinXP
2. Maxtor 120GB external HD
3. ST Labs USB 2.0 PCMCIA card

I recently installed WinXP SP2, and now when I plug the external HD into the USB card it freezes up. I started & stopped running SP2 install becasue I ran out of memory (stupid partion sizes!). NOW, when I plug the drive into the card, turn it on...the whole thing freezes.

Any help!?!?!?

Dr Rosenrosen

A:Help! External USB 2.0 drive not working...

I did resinstall the entire SP2...
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i have simpletech 160gb external drive

i cannot access my external drive,i can see the drive but i cannot access it i dont want to format because lots of important file are in it.

when i check it from disk management right click the drive E: then on the property windows i choose tools clik the check now boton. it gives me error

The disk check could not be performed because Windows cannot access the disk.

can some one help me to fix my external drive.

Thanks in advance

A:external drive not working

Hello Kenjie,

Welcome to Vista Forums.

Can you see the drive in Windows Explorer? If yes, then do you get any warning message when you click on it?
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I just got a port. it reads that i have the dvd drive but will not play or even list any files when i put in any dvd. please help.laptop is dell latitude with win xp


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I have a friend who has a USB external hard drive. This hard drive no
longer works when you plug the USB drive into any PC. You get error 10 on
every PC the drive is plugged into. Can anyone recommend a website/company
that can restore the data on a damaged USB external hard drive that does
not cost thousands of dollars? Any help would be appreciated.
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New HP Pavilion x 2 windows 10 laptop (64 bit) will not operate external usb dvd drive. When the drive is connected it will show up on  the file explorer and disk management but when cd put into the drive it disappears from both and the cd will not play or be displayed to open files.  The dvd drive works perfectly on my PC running windows 7 (64bit). Any help appreciated.
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I have an problematic Iomega GB USB connection powered external drive - model LPHD-UP P N The referenced external drive has a Win backup made with the Win backup application When I tried to open the drive I first get a pop-up telling me that I must format the drive before I can use it When I go to properties for non Help drive working with external the drive it Help with non working external drive shows used and unused space In desperation I tried to run format but got a message telling me that windows is unable to complete the format I also get a messaged that the location I is not accessible - data error cyclic redundancy check When I go to Control panel Computer Management - Disk management it shows the Iomega I drive GB and reports it as a Healthy Primary Partition confusing me even more Is this drive now a paper weight or is there any hope for restoring accessing the drive contents Any suggestions or comments would be appreciated Frank

A:Help with non working external drive

Does not sound good. Cyclic redundancy check usually means that the drive is toast.
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Hey all, looking for a little help with a Maxtor USB drive (Model 3200).

I haven't used this drive in a few years since upgrading to a Tb drive, but wanted to use it for work.

Running WinXP pro, when I connect the drive it shows up in the device manager correctly. And I can access the properties of the drive in device mngr.

The drive does not show up in "My Computer".

Thought it just needed a format/drive letter change, right...

Went to Admin Features/ Storage Mngr and the drive does not show up in the drive list.

I believe that the drive was formatted FAT not NTFS.

Tried an old version of Partition Magic, no good either,

You think the drive is shot?
Is it possible the file table is corrupt?

Thanks guys, you've helped through some stuff in the past hoping I could salvage this thing.

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I have a 1TB WD external drive that i was still using until last week when it failed to open. It shows in My Computer as a drive letter J but it doesn't show the usual capacity and free space. Disk management detects it though. Then opening the drive gives me the message that the drive needs to be reformatted before it can be used. I don't want to loose the 900GB files I have in it so I tried some recovery programs like Wondershare but it only recovered 10GB of my files. I'm not really techie so please help me. Thank you so much.

A:1TB WD External Drive Not Working

Hi there
1) Unplug the device
2) switch off the computer.
3) re-boot computer with device NOT plugged in
4) plug in device ( preferably on a different USB slot).

If device fails to be recognized go to control panel==>administrative tools===>computer management===>storage disk management. This can sometimes happen too.

If you see a disk without a drive letter right mouse click and you can assign it a letter via a dropdown. Device should then be recognized

If you are STILL getting problems with the HDD try to see if it will work on another machine. If it really fails again then I think your drive is ready for a one way trip to the trash can.

You've got one last trick also -- try running a CHKDISK on the device at the next re-boot and see if the system can find / fix errors.

Drives don't fail very often but they can and do -- so it's always sensible to have backup whether it's an OS or data -- and if it's 900 GB of music / video that's a LOT of re-ripping etc !!!!.

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So i just bought a seagate 500 gb hard drive with an enclosure for my hp compaq nw8440 laptop running Windows Vista. It seems to work fine except i have to unplug it when it is booting up or else it will give me a black screen and act as if it is working right before i get to the screen where it is loading vista. What can i do to fix this problem? thanks!

A:External Hard Drive not working right

Check your BIOS settings and set the boot order to HDD as the first priority.
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I have an old External Hard drive I forget when I got it but it was working just fine up until about four hours ago. It's a Western Digital Hard drive I forget exactly how big it is. The files on the drive won't open it is not showing in anything but the disk management this is what it looks like. It's letting me eject the drive safely but it won't let me see anything on the drive.
I have no idea what to do I am afraid of deleting anything on the drive and I am afraid I may have already done that by accident. It had a lot of things I didn't want lost on it. Any help on this would be appreciated. it 2 in the morning where I am right now I'm going to go to bed and I'll to see if anyone's answered me in the morning. Thank for any help I can get.

A:External Hard drive is not working

sad here....this is what it is showing me when I plug it into a windows vista computer
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Hi all,

My Samsung m3 portable hard drive has started beeping when I plug it in and isn't being recognized. The blue light is still coming on though. I'm struggling to open the case too to get inside it.

Any thoughts on whether it's totally broken much appreciated!!


A:External Hard Drive not working

Well the only way to really tell is to extract it from the housing and connect it directly, however if it is still under warranty you should contact the manufacturer first because cracking open the case will surely void it.
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before i posted joined I searched these forums pretty good for similar problems and didnt come across any help trying to avoid getting taking to the cleaners not Hard working Drive External by a cpu store so here goes i have a tb simpletech hitachi external hard drive w VERY valuable info on it A few months ago i got External Hard Drive not working a really nasty rootkit malware virus on my cpu that couldnt be deleted and had to do a External Hard Drive not working new install External Hard Drive not working and maybe it was a coincidence but also at the same time my ipod hd got messed up and my external hard drive also stopped working The exhd would never show in my computer and would just connect and disconnect itself within sec and never show up i tried everything i removed the exhd from it s enclosure and used a sata adapter cable to no avail after checking forums internet everybody said the exhd was shot and to cut my losses Long story short i gave the exhd to a friend of a friend and idk what they did or used but they got the exhd to read and fixed it he said it wouldnt read because it had a bunch of malware on it preventing it from connecting to the cpu so he cleaned the exhd and it was working again keep in mind he was using my sata adapter cable so i take it home to transfer the files so i can be done with this one being too eager I wanted to put a few songs on my ipod and didnt have my sata cable on me so I used the old simpletech enclosure to boot it up and now it s messed up all over again i no longer live in the same area of the friend or have his number so i have no way to get the guy to fix it again my question is does anybody have any idea of how he could of fixed it he had a regular cpu didnt solder or re-wire anything is there any alternate cable hardware he could have used beside a sata cable that could brute force read the exhd can you run a pc command that would force read the exhd also is it possible that the virus could linger in the sata connector of the original enclosure how can you remove a virus from a exhd if it s not recognizing nothing is wrong with my usb ports and it wasnt reading on any other cpu s as well ive seen ton s of people with problems with the simpletech hitachi i think a lot of these problems can be fixed as long as you didnt physically damage or alter it and if you had a virus during the time it messed up if you had a pc you most likely did hopefully you guys can help me narrow down some options of how in the heck my exhd was fixed the first time so i can try those options nbsp

A:External Hard Drive not working

you could try using a sata to usb connection. i doubt connecting the hdd to the original casing re infected the hdd. I wonder if it is a problem with the connections in the casing?
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yesterday my nephew dropped my external hard drive from my computer desk. it fell on a carpet floor but it was on when he dropped it so i got scared and removed it and turned it off. today i plugged it in to y laptop so i could listen to some music i had in there but it it wouldnt show it in my computer or automatically play it like it used to. i had a lot of music and more importantly i had some folders that contained files i archived from my small business. is there anything i an do to fix it without losing the data it has or is it no longer usable

A:external hard drive not working

You're best bet is to take it to a recovery pro, though that costs thousands since they must have a cleanroom and move the platters to another hard drive. Software probably won't work. How much is your data on that worth to you?
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My external hard drive recently became unreadable. I've had it for a few years now and it worked fine up until now.

When I plug it in, it makes a clicking sound for a few seconds and then stops.

Here is what I see under Disk Management:

If I choose to initialize it (2nd image below), will this delete everything on the hard drive? If yes, I don't want to do this because I have important data on there.

What are my options for recovering my data?
Sorry for the long images in the post - I tried using a different image file hosting service but the URL was blocked for some reason.

A:External hard drive not working... please help

Quote: Originally Posted by datetimestamp


My external hard drive recently became unreadable. I've had it for a few years now and it worked fine up until now.

When I plug it in, it makes a clicking sound for a few seconds and then stops.

Here is what I see under Disk Management:

If I choose to initialize it (2nd image below), will this delete everything on the hard drive? If yes, I don't want to do this because I have important data on there.

What are my options for recovering my data?

Sorry for the long images in the post - I tried using a different image file hosting service but the URL was blocked for some reason.


Most often the clicking is one sign of a failing harddrive. SpinRite is an excellent tool, but isn't cheap. So, depending on the importance of the data, it may or may not be worth making the investment.

Visit the following link for more detailed information;

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So I working? drive External not Hard have a Western Digital JB It used to work fine but recently it s randomly just stopped working I ve had this problem many times and sometimes after a while I just take it out and plug it back in and it ll work again then stop working again later I External Hard drive not working? ve tried reinstalling drivers etc tried restarting obviously and trying it in different computers doesn t work there either It can t be broken though as it starts working again at points It s showing up in device manager as quot WD JB External USB Device quot but not in My Computer etc In the device manager if I right click gt properties gt volumes gt populate it says Status Not initialized I ve got a fair bit of data on this drive but it s not nearly full up so I m not sure what the problem is and I m not sure what to do External Hard drive not working? Any suggestions Windows XP Media Center Edition SP Packard Bell computer Don t know motherboard brand or how to find that out nbsp
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First time posting something here so sorry if I forget to post something. I have a Asus Notebook K60IJ Series Model and my OS is Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit. Recently my boyfriend gave me his WD external hard drive because he didn't need it anymore. I tried plugging it in on my laptop and nothing comes up. No pop-up, sound or notice. I tried plugging it in all my USB ports and nothing. I already checked my USB ports to see if any are corrupt and they are all working. It did work on my friend's laptop though. Is there anything I can do to get it working on mine?

A:WD External Hard Drive not working

What's the exact model of your hard drive?

Try putting your computer into safe mode and see if it works then. Also, if it came with some sort of driver CD, try installing the drivers using the CD. Windows Vista and 7 should be able to pull drivers right off most devices you plug in, but if you have the CD, try it anyway. Might help.
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I have a Western Digital external Hard drive that belongs to a friend. I was using it to edit a video that was saved in his HD. i've used it on my computer once before and began to copy the files into my computer but had to stop because of time. the device was removed properly. However now, my computer won't recognize the HD. I've tried the port and other devices i have work and i've tried the usb cord with another HD and that worked fine as well. I've also tried plugging in the HD to 4 other computers and none of them seem to be recognizing it. Physical damage seems unlikely as the hard drive has not been removed from my table. Also it does turn on when the power cord is plugged into an outlet. What could be the problem and are there any suggestions to fixing it?

A:WD external hard drive not working.

Well, some sort of damage seems evident. I'd try a new cable, but I suspect something has died in the controller or drive.
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I have a Elements WD2500C035 external Hard Drive.
It worked with my old XP computer which has since died.
I got a new Lenovo Windows 8 pc and it will not run.
Says it cannot find the driver to run.
Is there somewhere I can find the needed driver for this?
I cannot find the old cd for it.
It has a lot of picture of my deceased daughter on it and
I am pretty desperate to recover them from it.
Thank you for any help!

A:External Hard Drive not working....
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Hi guys, I have a Buffalo HD-LB3 3TB external harddrive. My main goal is to get it to work with my xbox 360. I was able to get it to work on my blueray player but it is not found by my Xbox. I have formatted it to Fat32 and I have partitioned it into two pieces, 1.8 TB and 1.1 TB. Still nothing is working. Please help me, thank you for your time!

A:External drive not working after format

Did you check it for bad sectors/ use a full format?
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Would like to recover the data on this hard drive. When I plug it in (usb) it powers on, it tries to spin for a second, then stops for a few seconds, then tries again, this repeats and then every minute or so sounds like it is actually in a full spin mode, but only for a couple of seconds then goes back to trying to spin for a second, and the cycle continues. Is there any way I can try to repair this on my own? Or a way to recover the data? Thanks. Joan

A:external hard drive not working

Sometimes my computer will show the hard drive, sometimes it doesn't, sometimes it will say I need to format the HD, sometimes it doesn't.
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I have two PC s in my household one in the living room and the other in the kitchen Over the past two or three weeks my living room PC has been giving me trouble Whenever I receiving PC's seem power. Two they're not like turned it on the system would power on but it would not boot For some reason I got this urge to press the button on the CD drive and when I did the Two PC's seem like they're not receiving power. system booted and ran perfectly fine Well I went to turn the PC on last night and it wouldn t power up I made sure it was plugged in and tried again but it still stayed off So I decided to pop the system open to see if I could find the problem As soon as I opened the case I noticed that the Molex cable that was usually plugged into the CD drive was just hanging loose so I connected it I doubted that this was the problem but I tried powering Two PC's seem like they're not receiving power. the system anyway Didn t work I opened it again and checked every wire and cable to make sure they were all plugged in and they were At this point I thought something might of came loose so I took out each component and then reassembled everything So after taking everything out of the case dusting it and putting everything back I was sure it Two PC's seem like they're not receiving power. would work It didn t I repeated the process a few times thinking that I messed up somewhere but nothing worked So I turned on the kitchen PC figuring that I could find something online This was around am so I decided that I d do it when I woke up I dragged the kitchen PC into the living room and hooked it up I pressed the power button but it suddenly wouldn t start up It was having the same problem as the other PC I thought that the PSU in the first PC could have been dead so I did the paper clip test and it seemed to run fine I have no idea why the second one won t start up and I couldn t find anything online Anyone have any idea what s wrong with either of the PC s The living room PC is more important so here is the link to it off of HP s site hopefully it has enough info on it I ll find a link to the other one later http h www hp com ewfrf wc prodinfoCategory lc en amp dlc en amp cc us amp product amp lang en I have a stick of DDR Ram Smart Modular Technologies in the system and up until a year ago I had an ATI Radeon Pro mb video card installed I didn t upgrade the fan or PSU and I believe they re were kind of insufficient because the card died and we had to get it repaired - times Thanks and sorry for the long read nbsp

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I have an external hard drive that has stopped working.

It is actually an internal hard drive in an external enclosure. Here are the details:

Seagate Barracuda 7200.8 400 GB. Model # ST3400632A. Adaptec enclosure. I believe that it is about 4 years old.

The hard drive does not seem to be working at all. When it worked, you could hear it spinning and the enclosure would get warm. Neither occurs now. Further, the indicator light on the enclosure flashes from blue to purple.

I am less concerned about it working again as I had already planned to buy a bigger hard drive. But, at minimum, I need to get the data off of it.

Any suggestions?

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My maxtor 250gb external hard drive isn't working.
When i plug it into my computer the light turns on and it makes the sound in the attached file (Had to be .zip because it wouldn't let me attach .amr). It is fairly quiet so you may need to turn your speakers up. I just need a quick fix to get some files.

Thanks for any help
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I have a WD 3,5 Hard drive and I bought I case so I could make it external.

However, when I connect it to my laptop, running on Vista Home Premium x64 SP2 it does not work.

The drive is seen by Vista (it shows up in the Disk Management section in Computer Management) but it does not show up in
My Computer. In Disk Management it appears Disk 1, Dynamic, Invalid, with a red downwards arrow .
As I have all my info there a soluyion that requires a format is not an option.

What can I do to make the drive accesible on my laptop?


A:External Hard Drive not working on Vista

Try the following. In Disk Managment, right click on where it says Disk1 and Initialize. Then right click on the right side (next to where it says Disk1) and say Format (best in NTFS) and assign a drive letter. See whether that works.
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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version OS Version Microsoft Windows XP Professional Service Pack bit Processor Intel R Core TM Duo CPU E GHz x Family Model Stepping Processor Count RAM Mb Graphics Card ATI Radeon HD PRO Mb Hard Drives C Total - MB Free - MB Motherboard Dell Inc RY Antivirus Microsoft Security Essentials Updated Yes On-Demand Scanner Enabled ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ I have an external hard drive connected to my computer which stopped working last night all of a sudden I just started hearing this ticking sound like a clock and realized it was my external hard drive so I shut down my computer and everything and waited til this morning to Solved: External Drive working not HELP! Hard deal with it So I started up my computer and ext hd and then Solved: External Hard Drive not working HELP! it started the ticking sound again and I cannot see it when I go to My Computer I unplugged the ext hd and plugged it back in to see if I could see it but I cannot Is there any way possible to get all the files off of it Here s the model I have Maxtor Personal Storage Capacity GB The only other numbers on there are a S N and EDA So let me know if I need to put those here as well nbsp

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Hi to all I tend to work from Maxtor my external drive so that my work is automatically backed up although I also back up to disc Solved: from external Working hard drive every so often as a precaution I use Windows XP Pro and MS Office Suite K Professional and have suddenly developed the following problem I was creating a folder for one of my DVDs which included photos and Solved: Working from external hard drive text One of the photos hadn t been printed although it was sitting there on my document I decided to delete the photo and reinsert it but then Word encountered a problem and had to close This happened each time I opened Solved: Working from external hard drive this particular document I then copied this file to the C-Drive and I was able to manipulate the photo and print it off without a problem I then copied this file back to Maxtor and it was OK and didn t close Word this time I had this incident last year and removed and reinstalled the Office Suite but I can t remember if this resolved the issue or not because I then had to format my hard drive thinking that this would cure all Thing is I now have the same problem again It only seems to be when I work from my external drive Please has anyone any ideas The file contained KB Many thanks Morny nbsp

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Ok ive read all the previous threads in many places This is a description of my problem I just got setup my external hard drive I put much stuff on my drive and then disconnected it Later today I did connect it it made the usb connected sound i checked my stopped Hard External working. drive device manager and it says my USB device under Disk Drives It External Hard drive stopped working. does NOT show up under my computer I External Hard drive stopped working. have already uninstalled the driver and reinstalled it by A manually hitting reinstall and B restarting my computer with the driver uninstalled STILL nothing It does NOT show up under disk management under computer management under admin tools It has had the same problem in every other computer i have connected it to I cannot reformat because it does not detect correctly In Device manager it says the device is working properly help i just got this drive today and would really like all the stuff i backed up nbsp

A:External Hard drive stopped working.

Take the hard drive out of the encloosure and connect it directly to the (S)ATA interface in your computer.
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I have a Noontec Sunlite External HDD drive and it was working fine until the other day. I have Windows 7 on the PC and Windows 7 Starter on my laptop, and on each one, when I plug the usb connected to the external into the computer it does not get recognised in any way. It doesn't even make that noise that says a usb has been recognised. It's not in windows explorer and it's not in the device manager. Can someone help?

A:External Hard Drive no longer working

Sounds like the drive has failed. This could be due to the circuitry in the enclosure or the hard drive itself.

To diagnose this, remove the hard drive from the enclosure and hook it up to the internal wiring in a desktop PC. Alternatively buy a USB Hard Drive Adapter (about €10 from Ebay), this will allow you to connect it to any PC by USB. Then see if you can access it.
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My Maxtor Onetouch II external drive is 1.5 years old. All of a sudden two days ago it stopped working. The drive used to show up as F in my computer. When I go to Disk Management in Windows XP, the drive is called Disk 1 and lists the drive as unavailable. Under system in control panel I do see the drive. In other words, the computer seems to see the drive, but does not give it a drive letter. What would do this and how can I fix the problem?

Thank you.
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Today I upgraded my 64 bit Vista Ultimate to 32 bit Seven Ultimate (retail). I did it by using the DVD to boot up and do a custom install as it wouldn't do a standard upgrade cos of the 32 bit/64 bit clash.

Anyway, it worked smoothly up until I go to my external hard drive to look at some old photos. I plug it in and it gets recognised, but then I get told that it needs formatting before it can be used. No way am I doing that!

I check the hard drive on another machine running XP and the drive is fine.

Any idea what's going on?

Perhaps I should just format the C drive and do a completely clean re-install of Seven?



A:Working external drive - Windows 7 wants to format it!!

I'm no expert, but maybe you could just backup all your photos and stuff onto another computer and then let windows 7 "format" it, while you keep all of your data on your XP machine. I'm pretty sure somebody can come up with a better idea than that though.
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hello everyone it seems i have yet another hardware problem sigh i bought an external Hard drive This One and its been working fine for about - - months i really dont remeber all of a sudden the other day it just stopped working i plug it in and the little blue light turns on like always for all about seconds then shuts off i can Hard External Drive Solved: working not still hear Solved: External Hard Drive not working the hard drive spinning when i connect it to windows nothing shows up on my computer the blue light is off even though its usually on but the hard drive is still spinning also if i plug it in my windows kinda freezes it wont open anything till i disconnect it also i put my ear to it and it sounds horrible i hope to god im wrong but it sounds like its scraping on something and it doesn t sound the same so any ideas anyone EDIT also it makes a clicking noise btw if my HDD is broken can i recover my data i dont even want all of of it but only about GB and its all in one folder too if that helps nbsp

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my laptop s hard drive recently blew out so i decided to put an operating system linux unbuntu cuz it was free on my tb toshiba external hard drive when i gave it to my buddy to do this he ended up partitioning it and now it only reads that its mb when i plug it in and the only data on it is something called grub i think he external tobisha not working drive hard was trying to partition the space for ubuntu anyway now my tb hard drive only reads mb this is obviously fixable bc u cant tobisha external hard drive not working erase space also i had gb worth of dataon this hard drive movies music etc all my stuff and he said he erased it accidentily so i asked him to restore it cuz he didnt empty the trash and he said he couldnt find it WTF HELP anyway if anyone understands this tobisha external hard drive not working PLEASE help i have lt removed reference to illegal software gt but have no idea what to do w it nbsp

A:tobisha external hard drive not working

When you delete something from external HDD it won't go to Trash, at least on Windows.

If that data was really important for you, I would probably advice for professional data recovery services. If you are feeling somewhat brave and adventurous, you can try to recover those files your self. Search for data recovery software, read reviews and pick one (free or commercial). I had some success with Recover My Files. But that's just me, I'm sure there a lot of decent options out there, just do some research.
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Hi For the last months I ve been using a working not drive hard suddenly External Western Digital external hard drive that was given to me by a friend I don t know exactly what model my hard drive is or where to find that information Up until External hard drive suddenly not working yesterday it had been working flawlessly but now it seems to have malfunctioned Normally when I plug the USB cable into the computer the drive quot G quot shows up in quot My Computer External hard drive suddenly not working quot within a couple of minutes Now however after plugging in the cable the drive never shows up I googled for help on this issue and most of the resources I found told me to look for the drive in the quot Device Manager quot or in quot Computer Management gt External hard drive suddenly not working Disk Management quot but it doesn t show up in either of those places so I m not sure what I should do I ve tried unplugging it and plugging it back in and also restarting my computer but neither of those things helped I also tried using a different USB cable and that didn t solve my problem either The USB port that I plugged the cable into is functional both my mouse and my laptop fan work when I plug them into that port However when I plug the harddrive into that port I don t hear the quot ding quot sound that I usually hear when other devices like a flash drive are plugged in The harddrive also seems to be properly plugged into my power strip as there the green light on the harddrive is still lit up I m currently using Windows Vista Any help would be greatly appreciated --Anthony nbsp

A:External hard drive suddenly not working

The external hard drive could be failing, or there could be corruption (partition table etc...) It's possible that data recovery software can recover the files that are currently on the drive. Since the drive can't be detected at all in Windows, that may be your only option.

By the way, it's possible that the drive itself is still intact, but could have corruption of some type causing the drive not to be detected (for example; a corrupt partition table). In that situation, data recovery to backup the data is needed, then a re-format of the drive should return it to proper working condition.
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I recently purchased a hotway hd usb enclosure and installed a 2.5" 500gb western digital drive to it. the drive is recognized in device manager and that it is working properly,but when i open my computer it's not there, i have another external drive which shows up when i switch it on so there is no reason why this one shouldn't work; the drive powers up alright and i can feel the drive working.
There is a 5v DC socket next to the usb port but no dc transformer was supplied with the enclosure so i don't know if i need to buy one
Any help would be appreciated

A:Solved: External hard drive not working

if you goto
control panel
admin tools
computer management
disk management
can you see if there and is it formatted ?
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I have an external hard drive that has stopped working......

The hard drive is a laptop hard drive that has a small attachment on it so I can plug a usb in to it, this small attachment has a light on, green usually means it's working normally.....

When I plug the hard drive in to the USB, the stays constant amber and i can hear the drive spinning, the drive spins for around 10 seconds then stops then does the same again, after a few attempts at this the drive then doesn't spin at all and the light stays constant green but the drive isn't showing on the laptop.

Any suggestions?

Many Thanks


A:External Hard Drive Stopped Working.....

Test on another PC. If it's not recognized on both PC's, I'd suspect a faulty HDD or the cable/adapter.
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Hello Yesterday my Fantom External TB Hard Drive fell in between the window and desk landing on the computer cables After the fall it started making a clicking noise which is repeated over and over then stops After which the device is only detected as quot Fantom USB Device quot and not a Hard Drive I know I will need to send the device Drive Not Fantom External Hard Working in for repair or a replacement I would like help with recovering the data before Fantom External Hard Drive Not Working sending it in if you can help My computer specs are as follow Computer Specs HP-Compaq Model SR F AMD Athlon Dual Core Processor a GHz Memory RAM GB System Type -bit OS OS Vista Home Premium External HD Specs Fantom Drives Model GF EU TB USB SATA I ve read up on a few solutions and would like help with choosing the correct one to use if its possible The data recovery companies charge more than the device is worth and if there s a way I could recover my life from this hard drive that would be totally awesome nbsp

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My external drive is not working properly on vista anymore.
The device is recognised. I can see it the the device manager.
However if I try to open My Computer, windows explorer crashes, disk management too until I unplug the device.
Tried on another Vista machine. Same thing.
Tried on 2 others Xp machines. No problem!
so far I tried on my Vista :
- Uninstall/reinstall driver
- Reinstalled all usb-root-hub
- Deleted the infcache file
and sometimes after unplugging the device, vista says that the drive needs to be formated !?

any ideas would be appreciated
Thanks in advance.
Vista business SP1
External hard drive of 400Gb USB 2 NTFS (no partition) plugged to main power.

A:[SOLVED] External drive not working on Vista

Hi. . .

Did you try to run chkdsk on it - either in Vista or XP?

Vista -
START | type cmd.exe into the start search box | right-click on cmd.exe above under programs | run as admin | type the following (I will use drive g: here ) -

chkdsk g: /r

Also - did you install any drivers for some type of back-up software for the ext HDD - or did you just Plug-n-Play?

Regards. . .


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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft® Windows Vista™ Home Premium, Service Pack 2, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU T6400 @ 2.00GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 23 Stepping 10
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 4026 Mb
Graphics Card: Mobile Intel(R) 4 Series Express Chipset Family, 1821 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 147500 MB, Free - 32092 MB; D: Total - 138751 MB, Free - 114415 MB;
Motherboard: Acer, Aspire 6935
Antivirus: Microsoft Security Essentials, Updated and Enabled

I have a Liteon Model eTAU208 DVD/CD rewritable Drive. When I try to run a dvd/cd it spins for awhile and then stops. Nothing appears on my screen. In talking to Liteon they say they just use Microsoft's universal drives and offered no help. I suspect that the drives that are loading when I plug in the driver are 32 bit rather than 64. Does anyone have a suggestion.

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Got a Acer laptop with Windows 7 for Christmas and previous had a computer with Windows XP. I had a external hard drive that when ever I connect to the computer it is automatically detected and will come up in My Computer. I went to connect my external drive last night and nothing as happened apart from whenever I connected the computer made a noise that something had been connected but there is nothing in My Computer. Any ideas what is wrong

A:External hard drive not working with Windows 7

Type 'Partition' into Windows Search, then your external hard drive should show as 'Disk 1'? Right click that and click 'Change letter and drive'. Change it to say D:/ and hopefully it should show in Windows Explorer.
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everything seems to be installed correctly but the device is not listed anywhere on my pc. i had a friend remotely access my pc to see what was going on and not even he knows. computer says its functioning properly but its lying to me i cant access it at all. the driver disk that came with the external case was a mini disk and the computer wont read it. regardless its working correctly but not found
please help

A:Sata To Usb External Hard Drive Not Working

There's many things that can cause this problem. But the most likely problem is that the hard drive is dead.

Other problems could be:
- the case is broken/defective
- the computer does not recognize the device
- the computer has assigned the wrong drive letter to the hard drive

Does the drive show in Disk Management? If not, then I'd highly suspect that the drive is dead. You'll have to reinstall the drive in a computer and then run a bootable diagnostic to test it.
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Hey there guys! I hope I'm not breaking any rules or anything by asking this.

I have some video_TS files on my external drive and when it is plugged into my normal computer I just click on the 'Video_TS' file and it plays though all the files with menus etc. But when the external drive is plugged into the laptop the first 'Video_TS' is not there and there are a lot more files in the folder and the buttons on the movie menus don't work. I also have to play through each file, it doesn't do it automatically. Any idea on why this is and what I can to do fix it/


A:Video_TS files not working on external drive

what operating system are you refering to on comp and lappy? same? different?
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hi my seagate external hard drive and my and hard working stick external not 8.1 win usb drive USB kingston usb stick suddenly stopped working on my win notebook i have been using them both for months without any problems and they still work perfectly fine on other windows and vista computers My notebooks hardware should be fine because my samsung galaxy s connected to my win notebook USB external hard drive and usb stick win 8.1 not working via usb as media device works i suspect this sudden change of behavior is related to currently released windows updates which got installed some days ago - but i am not sure i also found some people experiencing similar usb storage device related problems since last week and or last windows updates on the web for example here and here more detailed description of problem when i connect the external hard drive to my notebook via usb it gets powered up it starts spinning but shortly after that gets powered off shut down when i connect my usb stick its led does not start to light or flash blinking both are showing up in the device manager folder quot Other devices quot with yellow exclamation mark as quot Desktop quot which is the hd and quot DT Rubber quot the stick the hardwareIDs are USB VID BC amp PID amp REV hd and USB VID amp PID E amp REV stick UPDATE i uninstalled all recent windows updates including the ones dating back to date published now my usb hd and stick are working again so i really think that one of this updates is responsible i'll try to determine which one is it exactly and post it here when i find out thx for your time

A:USB external hard drive and usb stick win 8.1 not working


i installed all the updates including the most recent ones again except following one:

November 2014 update rollup for Windows RT 8.1, Windows 8.1, and Windows Server 2012 R2

this is a 800 MB optional, not important update. in the update description there are some mentions about USB stuff. as my usb hd and stick are now working perfectly fine (with all updates installed except this one) i am going to assume that this update really caused the problem.

i mark this as solved
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I have a CD DVD Blu-ray player that I pulled from my old laptop so I could use it in my current laptop which does not have an optical drive I purchased a SATA cable to connect it to my new laptop via USB but most times I plug it in it does not work By this I mean I got it to burn audio files on a from Working Optical External Drive Old Laptop Not DVD-R thought it was a CD-R but have not got it to work since then with DVDs or CDs behaves the same It does show up as drive D but when I click on it it does not do anything It consistently freezes Windows Media Player on startup of the program and causes PowerISO to freeze upon selecting quot Burn quot When I go to Disk Management it just perpetually External Optical Drive from Old Laptop Not Working reads loading virtual drives or something All I am trying to do is burn my grandpa a CD of MP s from an album I bought Guns N' Roses Greatest Hits Any help is much appreciated please let me know if you need more information Here is what I know about the player It s from a Toshiba laptop I don't remember what model The player model on the sticker says UJ and it says the power supply is DC V if that could be the issue Here is the SATA cable I purchased Amazon com USB to Pin Slimline Slim SATA II Laptop CD DVD Drive Adapter Cable Computers Accessories
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I am in quite a situation. I have a Toshiba external hard drive that I bought a couple years ago, but had hardly used until the last couple months. Well today it suddenly stopped working and I have tons of important stuff on it. Is there any way possible I can retrieve all of the stuff on it? I usually use it with my Gateway Laptop that runs Windows XP Home and have never had trouble with it before. I hope someone can help me at least get the stuff off of it.

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I have used this hard drive without issues since the day I 1tb working External not Drive Hard Seagate bought it Nov All the sudden days ago I unplugged Seagate External Hard Drive 1tb not working it from my laptop and when I returned home and plugged it back in my computer flashed a screen saying the drive was not formatted I contacted Seagate and followed their steps However I am still getting nothing The drive is showing up under my computer but only as a local disk not as an expansion drive as it did before the drive also shows up under my device manager but once again if I try to do anything my computer will lock up Whenever I try to access it my computer will lock up When shutting down my computer it will continue to stay on the windows is shutting down screen until I unplug the drive from the USB It is not emitting any funny noises I am not sure what to do there is too much information on the drive for my computer to hold if I tried to do a data recovery It is just strange that it would work fine and then a few hours later give me all kinds of issues If anyone can help I would greatly appreciate it I am operating with a Dell studio gb with windows ultimate nbsp
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Hi guys!! I have an external hard disk where I used to keep all my Important data for backup. A couple of times my PC restarted and now wen I plug the same drive again it does not show. It shows USB mass storage device icon in the taskbar but even wen I go to manage it says device not ready. Is it a prblm with my Hard disk or my PC? I tried opening the case of the HDD bt it ws all gud there!! And also wen I plug it in and Hold it in my hand I think the hard disk does not rotate as it shud. Plz help.

A:External USB hard disk drive not working!!

put the drive to your ear when you connect it/turn it on and post what you hear..
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Maxtor 750 gig external drive has suddenly stopped working. Green light is lit, but nothing comes up on *My Computer* or my monitor. Can anyone help ?
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PLEASE HELP Okay so i have an external hard drive western digital almost exactly a year old i was tagging playing organizing some music when things went really weird I wasn't able to access certain files files and folder were undeletable because they were not there according to the hard drive I was having write permission issues with tagging so i quot took ownership quot of drive External Longer No Hard Working! [urgent] the folder i was trying to edit i have no idea if that is what did it or not but after unplugging and replugging my external it no longer shows up in explorer I get the device disconnected connected sound when i unplug connect it and there are no unusual sounds coming from the device This device has a lot of important information on External Hard drive No Longer Working! [urgent] it that is only partially backed up Pictures Music School Work Documents i tried plugging it into my laptop running linux but nothing at all happens i tried plugging it into my laptop running windows it quot installed quot the device but like my PC i External Hard drive No Longer Working! [urgent] only get the alert sounds upon plugging and unplugging i am really hoping that it isnt the device's hardware that is the problem and that i somehow changed permissions and made it hidden i know this is a longshot but i could really use some help i went to look in Disk Management a second time and this time i am getting an alert quot You must initialize a disk before Logical Disk Manager can access it quot It is quot Disk quot and it wants me to pick MBR or GPT partition style Chose GPT but then it just said the device was unavailable
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Hey everyone I could REALLY use some help here I have a Maxtor External Drive OneTouch I keep all of my photography and files and everything important for work on it Well literally like an hour ago my cat decided it was time to knock it off my desk along with a ton of other stuff and the drive fell about feet I wouldn t say it was a hard hit since it fell working Drive fall! Help! a after 4) External not Please OneTouch (Maxtor on top of some other stuff But it WAS turned on at the time when it fell I m so mad that this happened and of course it s my fault for walking away from it But the point is it won t show up on my computer when plugged in It External Drive not working after a fall! Please Help! (Maxtor OneTouch 4) still turns on and I can hear that the drive tries to turn on spin but instead it just makes a quick beeping sound and does nothing Also my windows normally notifies me whenever a device or drive is being used External Drive not working after a fall! Please Help! (Maxtor OneTouch 4) turned on by making a notification sound when anything is plugged into the USB -- this isn t happening anymore either Is there anyway to save my external drive These files are extremely important to my work so I need all the help I can get in recovering them If an external drive isn t working does that mean all the data is gone Or is it just the machine that isn t running I don t really know anything about how the inside of an external drive works can the data be removed and put into another working external drive Should I take it into a computer shop Please help nbsp

A:External Drive not working after a fall! Please Help! (Maxtor OneTouch 4)
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hi all!

im awful at computer stuff and my hard drive has just stopped being recognized. my computer is saying it needs to be formatted. i have had it since Jan and it has EVERY picture, piece of uni work and also music on it.

Im desperate to try and fix it!

Please someone help!


A:IOMEGA external hard drive has just stopped working

Have you tried the drive in another computer?
Do you have any other external drives or USB devices and do they work ok?
What OS are you running?

I would definitely recommend taking the drive to a shop or tech to have a look, if you aren't familiar with data recovery.

The problem could be a corrupt partition table, or other data related - not physical, problem. A reformat will "fix" your drive, but you will lose data. In situations like these, taking the drive to an experienced person will be the best option to avoid making matters "worse", and as a worse case scenario, data recovery software should get your most if not all of your data back.

Most likely, the integrity of the drive has been affected, but the drive itself still holds the data.
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I'm using Windows 7 Home Premium on a laptop with a Maxtor 320 GB external hard drive that I use for a back up, everything worked fine 2 days ago, this morning when I plug in the external hard drive my computer is telling me that the drive needs to be formatted before I can use it, when I try to open the drive in My Computer it tells me the "file or directory is corrupted or unreadable" I used Restore and that didn't fix anything, I'm a beginner and I'm lost trying to fix this problem, any ideas or suggestions will be appreciated - thanks


A:maxtor external hard drive stopped working

rolemac, Welcome to SF. Please right click on drive and select properties and then tools select error - checking and tell us what it finds.
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Hi, I have a Dynamode R-ADSL-C4 router, maxtor external hard drive, printer and 4 computers. I want to know can all 4 computer use the external hard drive and printer the same time, ( thinks it's called net working). If so where do i start is it in the setting of the router or the computers settings. I run windows xp pro on all computers. What problems can i come accross if one picks up a virus based problem, would it infect all the computer or external hard drive. Thanks for your time ,,,,, doj ,,,,
P.S should i move this to networking threads??
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Hello Could someone please help me Drive External Hard stoped Solved: working I have an GB Toshiba external hard drive I had it now for months and was working just fine but it stoped working days ago I usually transfer files from my laptop to my computer so when I need it to do so days ago I unplugged the mouse USB-cable had a usb-hub before worked for one day then stoped yet another problem and Solved: External Hard Drive stoped working plugged the HD USB-cable a red Solved: External Hard Drive stoped working light was one and that was it I couldn t see the green light on nor the folder popping-up the HD G-drive wasn t recognized in quot My Computer quot either I restarted my laptop Solved: External Hard Drive stoped working twice and shut it down once still not working chaned the ports and USB-cable nothing I tried it in my computer this time and it also stoped working there Also tried plugging it to my brother s computer it recognized it at first but then it didn t kept doing that for a few seconds till it didn t recognize it at all I googled around and it seems that by uninstalling the device driver will do the trick the thing is I dunno which one I should remove I kept looking for one that has the name Toshiba in it I viewied the hidden devices but with no luck I did this while having the HD unplugged because when I plugged it so that I can atleast see it s name in device manger system manger won t open at all I checked around this forum and it seems that quot fix for missing usb ports by JohnWill quot solution might do it but since I have my mouse and modem plugged into a USB port I hesitate to follow the instructions as I don t know how to get them working again Any help would be greatly appreciated nbsp

A:Solved: External Hard Drive stoped working


Please feel free to lock this thread, I have already manged to get my files back by using these 2 softwares.

Stellar Phoenix FAT & NTFS
File Scavenger
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My External Hard Drive is not operational when plugged into my computer. The computer detects it as a device but not as a hard drive. I am unable to access it.

This problem has occurred previously. I was suggested to update Windows.

Would appreciate assistance.

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate, 32 bit
Processor: AMD Athlon Dual-Core QL-60, x64 Family 17 Model 3 Stepping 1
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 1790 Mb
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce 8200M G, 256 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 50869 MB, Free - 33085 MB; D: Total - 50869 MB, Free - 6355 MB; E: Total - 50877 MB, Free - 47193 MB;
Motherboard: Wistron, 360A
Antivirus: Microsoft Security Essentials, Updated and Enabled

A:External Hard (WD Passport 0740) drive not working.

Is the drive listed in Device Manager? Is the drive listed in Drive Manager? ...and if so, what is the drive status.

Test the drive on another computer.

Most common cause is hardware failure, typically the external enclosure USB controller board or the drive has become corrupted (several possible causes).

If the drive works on another computer, then you have a PC issue. But most likely, the drive also won't work on another computer, in which case, you have a drive issue as noted above.
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Hey everyone I ve officially got THE worst luck with technology EVER Today my Western Digital GB External HDD has stopped working One minute it s working fine - the next its completely unresponsive I deleted suddenly External hard working drive stopped a music folder off the hard drive that wouldnt play and I dont know if that s been the cause of it to become External hard drive suddenly stopped working unstable When I plug it in via USB I can feel the disk spinning inside and loading but the windows sound does not play About - minutes later I get the sound but it does not appear under Hard Disk Drives on My Computer When I External hard drive suddenly stopped working try to go into device manager it crashes windows explorer After a couple of attempts the name is now quot Local Disk I and not even Elements After about - minutes of being plugged in the drive clicks and won t do anything else I REALLY need some of the work off the hard drive - It s External hard drive suddenly stopped working so important to my second year at university Any help you can give me I will be eternally grateful Call me a but I usually back up my work via dropbox anyway but theres some bits I didnt back up yet and it s so important I get them I ve looked at getting a universal drive adaptor but i ve heard about data recovery software but there seem to be so many out there - If my hard drive isnt completely screwed could someone reccomend me one or give me some advice Thanks in advance nbsp

A:External hard drive suddenly stopped working

have you tried unplugging the drive power adapter for a minute and plugging it back in?
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This is a recent problem. I have a Toshiba Canvio external drive, not SSD. It's got Bitlocker, so when I turn my PC on or awake from sleep, I have to enter a password to access the drive. Now, if I restart my PC, it works fine. Recently though, when I awaken from sleep, I'll click on the drive to enter the password, and Windows does this eternal loading thing. The address bar in Explorer has that green progress bar moving along, but it never finishes. If I unplug the drive and plug it back in, I can enter the password and access the drive, but after a while it'll start doing to eternal loading thing again. I doesn't seem like it would be the drive; the drive doesn't know whether the PC is freshly restarted or coming back from sleep.

A:External Bitlocker drive not working properly after sleep.

I think it may be an explorer problem. I had the problem with the drive again today after awaking my PC, and tried restarting the explorer process. The explorer UI (windows, task bar, start menu, etc.) is gone, but it won't restart and won't go away when I click "end task"
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I am new to this site, but I really need help. I have an external hard drive with tons and tons of important things on it. It was running fine and I went to plug it in last night and there is a blinking red light. It is a 3.5'' HDD enclosure. Can someone please tell me what has happened and also how I can fix it or retrieve the data. BTW... there is a green light on as well, but it doesn't blink, I am assuming that light just means it is on


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I have an external hard drive - ClickFree 527B3, 500GB. It doesn't have warranty. Whenever I try to write files to it it will stop working, and show up as empty, after 16GB have been written. I reformatted it and the same thing happened. I tried creating two (primary) NTFS partitions and only one worked in Disk Managment. Is there any hope for this drive?

A:External Hard Drive stops working after 16GB

Your ClickFree is a speciality product used to automatically backup the content of the PC to which it is plugged in. We may not know how it is configured to achieve that goal.

In general,

You may have to stick to the procedures laid down for the device on how to format it through ClickFree interface and how to use it.

I also understand you have a Master Reset facility that will reset the drive to factory defaults.

If all these do not resolve your problem you may have to take up the matter with the Tech Support for ClickFree.

You may also check Clickfree and Kooboodle Forums on some troubleshooting tips and other discussions.

You may also post a screenshot of how your ClickFree shows up in Windows Disk Management. ( Please click on the Show/Hide Console Tree and Show/Hide Action Pane icons on the tool bar of Windows Disk Management screen so that we get a full screen view without any truncation.)
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Hi everyone was hoping I could get some help here I m External stopped with Drive working has Hard windows a pretty advanced user so I External Hard Drive has stopped working with windows ve already done the usual troubleshooting and everything but my problem persists I have a TB external Hard drive that I ve been using for like months I ve never had any problems with it until now It suddenly decided to stop working on windows I ve tried it on around different windows PCs and laptops ranging from XP to windows and it doesnt work on any of them It does however work perfectly well on Ubuntu This has led me to believe that there is either a windows-specific virus on it or something I have opened it up and connect it via SATA cable as well so its not the casing When the hard drive is plugged in the light is on and a new drive Local Disk E shows but it should be called Touro and I can t do anything with the drive if I click on it windows explorer freezes When I open Disk Management it sticks on quot Connecting to Virtual Disk quot something but never ever loads but the second I take the drive out it continues to load and works normally I have scanned the entire drive took a day and found no threats so I am completely stumped Basically I either need someone to tell me the exact problem and a way to fix it without formatting my drive or alternative ways around it Thanks in advance nbsp

A:External Hard Drive has stopped working with windows

What file system does the drive use?
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Hi about a month ago i bought a gb external hard drive from freecom Unfortunately yesterday hard working. not external drive Freecom and beeping it fell off the top of my pc tower and hit the ground It was fine and it was still running fine Now i get home from school and switch it on and it just keeps making a short beep sound and i can feel that the disk isn t spinning up my computer doesn t at know its there I unscrewed the stuff and took off the dumb label saying quot warranty void quot which probably wasnt the best option but i couldn t open it up so i decided to just leave it I basically thought i may be able to see if there is something loose inside but i can t even get inside So have i totally broken this hard drive Have i lost all my music albums and movies What can i do to fix it Can i fix it Thanks for all replies and if you need more information on in then please feel free to ask edit - i probably didn Freecom external hard drive beeping and not working. t make it clear enough that after i dropped it - it was still working Its just after i turned it off and tryed switching it back on it wouldn t work nbsp

A:Freecom external hard drive beeping and not working.

You will have to open the case and make sure the hard drive is still securely attached to the inside interface SATA or IDE connector. If everything looks ok, the drive may be damaged
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Hello everyone!

I have a Acer 5920, and it does NOT charge, turn on or anything, I have check the charger with another laptop and a multimeter and it's fine. Tried another charger on the acer 5920 and still nothing.

I have now taken it apart, and checked the power cable to the motherboard, everything checks out.

I have disconnected the internal jack from the motherboard and tested with a multimeter and it IS receiving power! So now the problem is within the motherboard, or another place...?

Any ideas before I jump and get a new motherboard??

Laptop specs: 2GB RAM, 1.6ghz intel duo processor T5450, 250gb HDD, Vista,
Many thanks!


A:Acer 5920, not receiving power

Is there no sign of life AT ALL ? No lights or noises or display of ANY kind ?

If it doesn't power up with the battery OUT then I think it's time to look for that motherboard.
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A couple of days ago my friend and I decided to trade motherboards We unplugged and unscrewed everything off the board but we soon noticed that our boards wouldn t fit in each others tower properly so we had to plug everything back in After several hours of struggle and confusion we managed to get most of our boards functioning When I turned on my pc it asked me to select a hard drive and I selected one of my hard drives When I logged into my computer a NVIDIA power warning popped up quot Your NVIDIA graphics card is not receiving sufficient power As a result the graphics card has lowered its performance to a level that receiving not Solved: GT power 9600 enough allows continued Solved: 9600 GT not receiving enough power safe operation To remedy the problem ensure that your NVIDIA graphics card has the supplemental power connector attached quot It gave me a box to check in quot In the future do not show me this dialog box quot and two options OK and More Information When I clicked on More Information it says quot Your NVIDIA graphics card must have the supplemental power connector attached or your system may be damaged Please refer to your owner s manual for complete inspection instructions Also the power supply in your computer must be able to provide ample power for this extra connection quot Before I unplugged my motherboard this message never showed up and everything was running fine I m using a W power supply http www newegg com Product Product aspx Item N E and my motherboard is an ASUStek P GC-MX Any help will be appreciated Thank you EDIT I do not believe that this is a power supply problem because the message only appeared after I plugged everything back into the motherboard I even plugged in that wire from the graphics card to the SPDIF Out output nbsp

A:Solved: 9600 GT not receiving enough power

So, you didn't mention whether you actually did replug that "the supplemental power connector" from your power supply to your card. It's a 3x2-pin plug, most probably labeled PCI-E 1/2.
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I purchased a MAxtor 120GB (USB 2.0) external HD a while back to store my files. (WinXP SP1 only 384MB RAM Sony Vaio)However, I have attempted to delete certain folders and/or files. The error I get reads "Cannot delete: Cannot Read From Source File or Disk". Also, it renames the folders to a bunch of really really weird shapes/etc. such as "???fg?m?.~??". I try to rename these and/or delete them and I get the same error as before. These seem to be rather huge files & folders taking up precious space. How can I get rid of these items?

Dr Rosenrosen

A:Receiving Strange Errors When Attempting to Delete From External HD

How is the external drive formatted? You most likely have a bad filesystem there (no wonder with FAT32). Run a disk check on it and hope that things will be fixed.

You should use NTFS for the filesystem and always stop the device before removing it from the system.
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The topic pretty much says it all. One user in our office can send to anyone she wants and receive internal mail, but can't receive external mail. Email tracking says that she is receiving the mail, there are no error messages to her or the senders, and it's not an outlook problem (or not just an outlook problem) because it's not appearing in webmail either. Help?
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Hp pavillio a1210n
windows XP SP2

I just installed a new video card ATI Radeon x1050.
Not that thats installed my cd/dvd rom drive wont boot up any cds or dvds.
The cd pops in just fine but it does the computer does not pick it up.

Any help greatly appreciated.

A:Solved: CD/dvd ROM Drive not working. Power supply?

nvm forgot to plug in the thick wire into the motherboard
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Hello Please be gentle as I am new to the forum and not Hard Working No Drive External Longer Previously Recognized the most well-versed in all things tech The external hard drive that I have been using without a problem for the past year is all of a sudden not being recognized by my computer I restarted twice and each time it recognizes it initially but the moment I try to open a file or copy something onto the drive it shuts down and cannot be recognized again When I restarted again after Previously Recognized External Hard Drive No Longer Working that the hard drive isn Previously Recognized External Hard Drive No Longer Working t recognized at all Autostart doesn t run and nothing appears in My Computer It doesn t appear in the device manager or if it does not under anything recognizable that I would reasonably believe would be linked to this device and I don t see anything happening in the event manager when I plug it in or take it out I have tried it multiple times in all of my USB ports I tested the hard drive on another laptop and it works perfectly--no hitches the files open properly and nothing appears corrupted Please help I am the black widow of electronics but even this is new I am running Windows Vista Home Premium on a Dell Inpsiron My external is a WD Elements SE Portable and I am about to lose my mind Thanks nbsp

A:Previously Recognized External Hard Drive No Longer Working

I had a similar issue with an external drive when another USB device was plugged in. The hard drive worked fine in my desktop or in the laptop with no other USB devices connected but not when another device was plugged in. Probably a power issue or something. Could that be the issue with yours as well?

The other thing is, just in case your hard drive is on the brink, it might be best to back anything important up in that other system that can still read it.
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I am using a iomega prestige external hard drive. I have uses this for years with no problem. All of a sudden it as stopped working. It shows up in the listed devices but is inaccessible. It shows up as drive e in the device management. I have assigned another drive letter but with no success. I have removed and reinstalled with no success. It just will not show up in the my computer part. The drive makes no noise and the light does not flash but is receiving power. When I removed the item it did reinstall again no joy. I am now worrying as I have important data on it. My virus scanner also recognises the device and when I run this it finds nothing to scan. Can anyone help?

A:Iomega Prestige external hard drive stopped working

Use the Disk Manager to view the partition - - there should be some info if you click on the device. If not, the partition damaged.
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Hi My Western Digital external hard drive just stopped working There was no fall or energy issues as far as I know It was perfect until yesterday but today it keeps flashing a white light in front of it very quickly each or seconds Every blinking is accompanied by an intern spinning sound The power button also stopped working and pressing it does nothing and flashing not drive Digital external Western working hard My Mac Western Digital external hard drive not working and flashing Pro won t recognize the hard drive anymore and it doesn t show up on Finder or Disk Utility It looks like the device is frozen I tried changing the usb port changing the outlet and reseting the computer but nothing worked I couldn t check for problems via third part software Western Digital external hard drive not working and flashing or check for firmware or driver updates because I have no access to the device whatsoever as my Mac doesn t show it anywhere I can t remember the model of the hard drive unfortunately I bought it back in It Western Digital external hard drive not working and flashing looks like an older version of the quot My Book Studio quot but instead of just a little dot in the front of it it has an oval lightened shape the one that keeps blinking I am kind of desperate because a lot of my work stuff is there Please help Thanks folks Mac Pro Quad Core Intel Xeon OS Gb Ram TB internal drive TB TB external drive nbsp