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Memory Timings 10-10-10-27

Q: Memory Timings 10-10-10-27

So, memory timings: 10-10-10-27.

Is that crap?

Edit: Is 9-9-9-24 better? I'm under the impression that the smaller the number the faster the ram.

I'm currently using this memory, it says the timings are 10-10-10-27. I looked in my bios and the timings were set to 9-9-9-24 so I changed them to match the RAM.

Is that recommended or should I have left it?

That's the wrong memory I linked to, I have this. My timings actually are 9-9-9-24. I'm trying to find my command mode, does anyone know what it is for this memory?
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Preferred Solution: Memory Timings 10-10-10-27

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

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what are some good low memory timings? currently mine are at 7,3,3 stable. and its DDR 3200 at DDR 2700 speed.
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Ok, so i find myself pondering things in a rather unorthodox method about memory. when performing an overclock on the system memory it is sometimes required to sacrifice some latency in favor of a bit more bandwidth. using that same logical scale but in reverse i come to a hypothesis of underclocking in the interest of reduced latency. take DDR2 for example, great bandwidth but latency sucks on it. so what happens when you take DDR2 thats way too fast and clock it down to "normal" speeds with the benefit of latency closer to what regular DDR runs. so i ask anyone more technically knowledgeable than myself if this is sound thinking or is there something else at play that would negate this mechanic?
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I've never really checked to see where the memory timings are displayed in my BIOS/CPU-Z, I changed some "memory timings" options in my BIOS to"5, 5, 5, 15, and Auto, and now CPU-Z is showing this under memory:

Am I correct in assuming that those are the "5-5-5-15" values that are advertised for my RAM? Also, shouldn't the DRAM MHz be closer to 1066MHz since this is 1066MHz RAM?

A:Memory Timings?

That is showing you what you have set it to not what is advertised and your RAM is DDR2 so multiply the figure by 2 and that is your actual speed 1048.2Mhz, it should be set in your bios at 533.
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hi all hope some one can help ok lol here goes i have an abit kd -a motherboard amd athlon geforce fx ultra graphics card gig maxtor mb cache hard drive ocz pc rev timing ive been unable to boot under ddr only ddr ive cleared cmos several times an to no avail under ddr an cpu timings memory it boots an before windows comes up i get a blue screen driver IRQL-not-less-or-equal or it will have some numbers eg x e x xf afea x so i thought id check somethig an downloaded AIADA an under DMI pool says its not guaranteed by booting under the ddr dmi pool is successful boot under ddr dmi pool screen area was fragmented but booted anyway but onboard lan didnt work an was just acting quirky so i redid bios under optimized defaults it wouldnt read my cpu correctly saying only mhz so i went to soft menu an cpu was there hit enter anyway rebooted this time got a correct reading an got a blue screen tried again an now cpu reads correctly but the memory is memory timings an cpu read DDR it may the motherboard has a glitch also after the blue screen i thought id do a repair from the disk made it as far as checking system harware an no further im using the computer right nowunder my computer it shows cpu correctly i used the AIDA memory test an it comes back lower performance level than pc i think ive covered most of it hope some can help ty also ther are no error reporting problems or yellow flags under any hardware anywhere everthing seems to be clean no conflicts anywhere nbsp

A:memory timings an cpu

What are your bus settings as far as multiplier when you try to run the FSB at 200? Is this memory sertified to run on this particular board or do they say throw anything in there>
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i am using DDR2 corsair 667 RAM. i just want to know one thing..

when running cpu-z, the memory tab says :

frequency 267 MHz

What does this means? is this correct for this particular RAM? I thought if running on single channel I should get 333MHz


A:CPU-Z timings at memory tab

Are all your memory modules identical? Sometimes you get this when the modules are different.
Is your CPUID or CPU-Z up to date? On earlier versions the frequency meant that level or higher.
There is not much performance difference you can detect in that 66 mhz
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I have been playing around with my machine again. I have my memory set at 2 2 2 6 and raised my fsb to 333. I have this clocked to a 2600+ at 166x12.5. The machine is hauling it, I mean fast. Not much raise in clock speed so I am really not understanding where this speed boost came from. I went from 2004 mhz to 2088 mhz so the speed increase I am seeing must be from the FSB and memory timings. I was googling for timings when the timings of 2 2 2 6 were mentioned. The writer also said that only decent ram would boot at those settings. I took a chance, my ram is decent but from 2 different makers.
The temps are really doing well but I would like to test the settings for stability. Anyone know of a program that will check this out for me? Any better timing suggestions? The worst that could happen is a cmos reset.

A:Memory timings??

Set this to run all night. If it finds no memory errors, you're fine.

Use this to test all your hardware: (Bootable floppy) (Bootable CD)

OC, huh? If we don't see you around, we'll know what happened.
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Hey guys,

I currently have [ame=]this memory[/ame] and have been running it for 2 months already. Now i have the timings in my bios set to auto. How can i set it to the specific timing for the memory?
There are so many settings at memory like Tras Cas and stuff..


A:Memory timings

It should be in the correct order in the BIOS. Just have them written down and double check. the 5-5-5-18 should be in order.

I like to set my timings manually just so when I overclock...the RAM stays at the correct timings. (unless I'm overclocking the RAM)

Your board may or may not let you change these settings. I have seen OEM boards that really don't leave much room for adjustment. This is the reason I got my EP45-UD3P. I love that board. mmmmmmmmm
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Hello dudes,

I've one question here about memory timings. What do you suggest what memory timings should I set?

Here's a screenshot about my current memory timings:

{ }


A:Memory timings

It all depends on what ram you are using!!!!!!!
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ive got the twinx pack of corsair xms 2x512 pc3200. the timings are supposed to run at 2 3 3 6, but they are running at 2.5 3 3 8. when i change them to the timings they are supposed to run at all my games crash like they did before. also, when i run CPUz only one of the sticks runs on the 2 3 3 6 timings. i got an error when playing half life 2 that says the memory could nto be read so i looked up the problem and it says that this problem happends a lot with nforce2 boards. how can i fix this so that both sticks run at the same timings?

A:my memory timings

try updating your motherboard's bios to the latest version, as this frequently solves memory glitches like the one you're experiencing.
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Hello, I currently have a 512MB Crucial PC3200 stick of ram this isnt really enough for most games. So i was wondering if someone would help me out on upgrading my memory.

These are my options:

1. Buy another stick of 512MB Crucial (CL=3). 38

2. Buy two sticks of the above ram giving me 1.5GB of ram in total. 76

3. Buy a set of Corsair TWINX Platinum (CL=2.5 ((on amd's)) and take out the crucail giving me 1GB. 85

Also my motherboard is 754 so no dual channel for me

Cheers for any help.


A:Memory timings or memory size?

Go for option 1 and see how much improvement you get. That will still leave option 2 available if you think you'll get still more improvement.
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I built a machine for my GF..

Its using a Biostar p4m900m4 motherboard..

The processor is a P4 2.4 512 cache processor, I think its a northwood but im not sure nor do I know the fsb that the processor runs at..

Im using Kingston valueram DDR2-800

Problem is that the machine is running pretty slow, im guessing it might have something to do with the settings for the memory..

What should the bios settings be for the fsb, memory timings, dram clock, ect, ect..
Any other possible settings that might be wrong that I can fix?

A:Memory timings, fsb, ect question


Usually, the memory timings (if set to Auto) will be preset on boot up.
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i have been overclocking my system for the past month or so, but that only leads to heat and instability. i want to try something new - i have read that lowering you ram timings increases bandwidth, so o ned some help on what to set to what value. my system spec are

athlon 64 3500+ venice core w/ zalman copper cooler
Asus A8V mobo
2 gigs mushkin redline memory with the 3-3-2-8 timings @2.6v

in the bios i have a menu that looks like this:

MCT Timing Mode

by default, they all are set to auto. could some one please help me with this, for i have no clue on how to proceed.

A:setting memory timings

Do not overclock in the first place, you won't gain much in overall performance even if you get the system stable again. Your system is trying to tell you something by being unstable in the first place
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Hey everyone,
I just wanted to know how to change the memory timings on my VNF4 Ultra motherboard.

I have a pair of OCZ Dual Channel 1GB sticks that are supposed to run at 2-2-2-5 timings, but I'm not sure if they are.

Please help me.

A:Changing memory timings.

I guess I'd be as good as any to answer your question.

Go into the bios by pressing "del" at boot up. Go to "frequency and voltage" section. Go to "dram configuration," and then go to "timing mode" and set it to manual instead of auto. You can then adjust your cas, tras, trcd, and trp values.

Here's a pic as well, click for full view.
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I had a question about my memory timings. I don't know much about them, and my research on the net hasn't helped me any.

Basically I wonder why the listing in my BIOS for the individual timings (tCL, tRCD, etc.) are different from the 'Current Memory Setting' of 5-5-5-15. I have PC5300 DDR2. Can I increase the timings to get better performance? I don't want to mess with them and fry something. Thanks.

Here is my BIOS settings:

Current Memory Speed 667 Mhz
Current Memory Setting 5-5-5-15
Memory Frequency 667 Mhz
tCL.......... 4
tRCD....... 5
tRF......... 5

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Hey gang I got two new sticks of OCZ Ram for Christmas and I stuck them in and my mobo picked them up without a hitch but I had forgotten than the old memory I had isntalled was in Memory BIOS Timings a tiny bit over clocked So the manual settings remained the same for the new ram I d like to run the Memory Timings in BIOS new ram at it s factory settings of - - - but in the bios I m Memory Timings in BIOS not completely sure where to put those numbers I had a buddy help me out the first time around but he s home on vacation now so I m looking to you this time I think the numbers that are in parentheses are what I should have ASUS A N-SLI Premium mobo Memory timings are something like this CAS Latency Tras Trcd Trp Trc Trfc Trwt Twr T T Let me know if you need anymore information Im headed to bed and won t be back online till tomorrow sometime so do your best until then Thanks in advance nbsp

A:Memory Timings in BIOS

check this thread, I think it`s what you need. If not, then post at the OCZ forums, get the right answers the first time around from the guys who made the sticks.
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Just a quick question on memory timings. If I am bringing my FSB speed from 1066 to 1333mhz, and not linking memory frequency, can I still use the default timing values for my RAM? It looks like my BIOS sets them to 5-5-5-15 (2T) by default with 4GB installed, at least that's what CPU-Z reads. I don't want to start overclocking my RAM, just the FSB speed, so if anyone could help me out that would be great.

A:Memory Timings on Unlinked FSB

You can still use your default timings that are recommended by the ram manufacturer. As long as the ram speed and fsb of the cpu isnt linked it shouldnt be a problem
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After 4 years with this computer, I finally made timing adjustments to my DRAM per various websites comments relating to the PC2100 RAM. My question is, if any one of the timings is too low or too high, what is the worst case scenario that I can experience with the operation of my computer? As of this writing, it has been 2 hours since the adjustments and nothing so far. I am not a gamer so how can I test if there has been any improvement to my system by making these changes? Thanks.

A:DRAM Memory timings

You can corrupt data irretrievably by running outside the ram's ability. I always set mem settings with memtest86. You can dl if you don't have it, and boot from memtest and it will show you a memory bandwidth score, as well as check for errors.
What I do is nudge the settings, note the error-free mem score via a complete pass, and see if tightening up the timings causes a better score or any errors. You might find the memory score tapers off with reduced timing or increased fsb before you get errors, so be aware of that. What you want is best score with no errors. I try for 6/2/2/2 in most every case. I leave it run overnight to vett any system destined for use as a server, but one error free pass through memtest is enough for me on other systems such as game boxes.

You can also dl ultimatebootcd and make a bootable cd, it has memtest included. It's my single fav utility for diagnostics, having many memory and drive utes and so on.
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Hi Guys Been getting BSOD s on my Vista rig and managed to narrow it down to the memory This is the memory that I have in there at the mo all DDR Memory Timings Problem PC x GB Geil CAS - - - - V x GB G Skill CAS - - - - V I thought I would whack in the second set that I got off a mate once he upped his and this was fine with memtest and Prime I was geting BSODs when playing Bluray films but they were alwasy different error codes Anyway I decided to take out one type and was able to play fine I then swapped them over and the other lot tested fine The only Memory Timings Problem thing I can think of is they dont play well together I already had to ramp up the voltage when I got the g skill the original pair as it would even POST so this is at V What do you reckon any chance I can get these to work together Regards Paul nbsp

A:Memory Timings Problem

Try setting the Geils' timings to 5-5-5-15, without the G.Skills in, then put them in.
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i have a p4c800-e deluxe motherboard,
p4 3.0ghz 800fsb
2x512ddr400 corsair xms ll with supposed timings 2-3-2-6-1T
asus 9800 xt
seagate 160gig s-ata hd
430w ps

however in sandra benchmarking tool it displays as 2.5-3-2-6
i heard if i tighten this i could get better cpu score in aquakmark03.. anyone know if there's problems putting these timings on with this setup?

also if it's safe how would i do it

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Hello My PC has been experiencing a number of random freezes for nearly a year now I Timings? Correct Memory have yet to come to a successful conclusion as to why they keep coming They are entirely erratic and random however the freezes occur of the time when I cold boot my PC in the morning I Correct Memory Timings? ve been doing Correct Memory Timings? some reading and came across some topics stating that random Windows freezes may be due to incorrect memory timings If so how can I check for this My motherboard s QVL doesn t list my RAM so I cannot determine this immediately The RAM I am using is below http www newegg com Product Product aspx Item N E My PC specs Windows Ult bit Gigabyte GA-UD H Correct Memory Timings? AMD Phenom II X T GB Seagate HDD Dynex Watt Power Supply My current memory timings are set to - - - - in the BIOS Command rate WAS T but CPU-Z reported my RAM was T so I changed it I read that having a lower command rate increases the chances of system instability but at this point I have nothing to loose Are these correct Would the memory timings truly pose a problem Thanks for any input you can provide nbsp

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I currently have 3 gigs pc3200 on vista ultimate

DIMM1: Samsung M3 68L2923CUN-CCC-1GB
DIMM2: Kingston K @512mb ddr400
DIMM3: Samsung M3 68L2923CUN-CCC-1GB
DIMM4: Kingston K @512mb ddr400

The default CL for the crucial/samsung's are 2.5 and the default for the kingstons are 2.0
Memory Timings
CAS Latency (CL) 2.5T
RAS To CAS Delay (tRCD) 3T
RAS Precharge (tRP) 3T
RAS Active Time (tRAS) 5T
Refresh Period (tREF) 7.8 us

Thats the best i can get before it wont post.

Im trying to get to 2-2-2-6 or 2-2-3-6 or the best timings available

both running @ ddr400.Would running them at 266 or 320 allow me to reach those numbers i want or what do i need to do to achieve this thanks for any of your help..
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Ok, Got some new RAM today, Installed and started to play with the settings

Anyway, I have basic Overclocking knowleage That covers CPUs and Graphic cards, But on RAM im abit stuck

So What is the better settings to have my RAM on:

876Mhz 6-6-6-18-26 2T 2.45v
680Mhz 3-3-3-10-15 1T 2.1v

So is Frenqancy or timings better to have?

The RAM is OCZ Titanium DDR2 PC2 6400, On a MSI K9N Sli Platinum

Thanks In advance

*Edit* Was abit drunk last night Results day yes I did overclock and Set the timings Sober first, anyway got the 800mhz frenquancy wrong

A:Memory Timings Vs Frequancy

Well the 876Mhz timings are a bit bad....Also, the 2.45V is a bit high. So I'd recommend the 680Mhz timings. Anyways, you won't notice too much difference. I have modified my timings from 5-5-5-15 2T to 4-4-4-12 2T, and I didn't notice any difference....
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Just curious if lower is supposed to always be better for each setting. Also, when people talk about memory timings, what order do they list them in? Because my motherboard goes CAS, TRCD, TRAS, TRP but i have a feeling that most people list the TRAS last since its always higher than the others.

So anyway, i can get mine down to 2-3-5-3 but i've noticed that its actually a bit faster when i go 2-3-6-3. Why do some people have a relatively high number in there sometimes even with high quality ram? I often see a 9 or an 11.

A:Memory timings. Is lower ALWAYS better?

Ive never seen 9 or 11.

Also, the only reason why I can think 2-3-4-3 is slower then 2-3-6-3, is maybe your ram cant run at those latencys at its full speed, so it lowers the actual speed of the ram, allowing lower latencys.
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I wish to check if my memory timings/voltages are default on my mobo.

My mainboard is 680i and have 4gb Xtreem PC2-6400.

Using the program CPU-Z the timings are 5-5-5-18
Voltages is 1.8.

But looking at the front packaging of the memory sticks it says CL:4-4-4-10 (2.0-2.1V)

Should I be changing these settings in BIOS?

Any help appreciated.

A:Memory Timings/Voltages

I think you can safely change the settings to the ones which are supported by the memory
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I have an E6300 and 2GB of OCZ PC-6400 800MHz memory.

CPU-Z tells me the memory is running at 400.0Mhz and 5 CL

FSB is at 266.7 and DRAM at 400

Are these set to what they should be? If not what should they be set to for maximum performance and how?
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Hi i read alot things like quot memory timings of quot and such like i have a fair idea what they memory timings mystery a vast are mean response times or something the lower the number the better but how can i find out what mine are and also how can i if possible change play sensibly around with them A smaller additional point my memory is x mb kingston ddr and x mb samsung ddr but after memory check it says quot memory runs at single channel quot both blocks are in the same color-coded slots of each bank in orange and the other in orange the two blue ones empty and i can find nothing in the bios to help either Why cant i get it to run in dual channel i tried combinations of banks but to no avail the two blocks are both ddr so why the problem Ive got a p ghz and a gigabyte ga- ipe mobo - the new variety with hyperthreading all help is much appreciated thats why i recommend this board to everyone with a pc problem cheers nbsp

A:memory timings are a vast mystery

Well before you go burning down the nearest PC shop, does your motherboard/CPU support dual-channel memory ? Just so you know, there are no SDRAM motherboards that support dual-channel configuration. It has only appeared (as far as I know) with RDRAM & later on with DDR Ram.

As for timings just as you said, the general rule is the lower the better. You'd need to play around with them by changing them one at a time by no more then 1 each time & then test your system with different stress tests & see if it is still stable.

Generaly, if you set the BIOS to set the timings via the SPD, it will set the timings for which the memory module has been tested & validated. When you have different modules of different brands, the system will more then likely default to the slowest timings of the modules. You can always set them manualy to make sure one of the modules isn't over-stressed by running timings it's not supposed to be running.
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So as we all know RAM is getting cheap so I thought I would get myself 8gb of Ram.

This is where the Fun stops.

Installed RAM and then found it works. YAY But only at 1333 not the 1600 its ment to be at. So I went into the Bios and Changed too 1600, NOTHING. NO POST.

Had to reset eveything and all.

Went back in and done the Timings to the 9,9,9,24 as it said on the pack. NOTHING.

I have been on the G:Skill site and someone gave a this is what you do, So I did it again nothing.

So am I right in saying that I will be overclocking my CPU when I change things like the FSB and Timings?

Bios is this: .

Here is CPU-Z:

Mother board is Here.

A:New Memory New Timings, New Speed, NOT Happening.

more than likely you will have to up your ram voltage to 1.65v in order to get it at 1600.....most are the same way, 1.5v will do fine for 1333 but most of the older ram not being marketed for SandyBridge cpu will need the 1.65V to see 1600, give that a try with the 9-9-9-24 timings and see how it goes
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This quoted from the AMD website and you can visit this LINK for the full article Useful for both beginers and intermediates alike RAS - Row Address Strobe or Row Address Select CAS - Column Address Strobe or Column Address Select tRAS - Active to precharge delay this is the delay between the precharge and activation of a row tRCD - RAS to CAS Delay the time required between RAS and CAS access tCL - or CL CAS Latency tRP - RAS CAS latency other and memory explained timings Precharge the time required to switch from one row to the next row for example switch internal memory banks tCLK ClocK the length of a clock cycle Command Rate - the delay between Chip Select CS or when an IC is selected and the time commands can be issued to the IC Latency - The time from when a request is made to when it is answered the total time required before data can be written to or read from the memory Some of the above terms are more important to system stability and performance than others However to understand the whole it is important to understand the role of each of these settings signals CAS latency and other memory timings explained Therefore the numbers - - - -T refer to CL-tRCD-tRP-tRAS-Command Rate and are measured in clock cycles tRAS Memory architecture is like a spreadsheet with row upon row and column upon column with each row being one bank For the CPU to access memory it first must determine which row or bank in the memory is to be accessed and then activate that row with the RAS signal Once activated the row can be accessed CAS latency and other memory timings explained over and over until the data is exhausted This is why tRAS has little effect on overall system performance but could impact system stability if set incorrectly tRCD tRCD is the delay from the time a row is activated to when the cell or column is activated via the CAS signal and data can be written to or read from a memory cell When memory is accessed sequentially the row is already active and tRCD will not have much impact However if memory is not accessed in a linear fashion the current active row must be deactivated and then a new row selected activated In such an example low tRCD s can improve performance However like any other memory timing putting this too low for the module can cause in instability CAS Latency Certainly one of the most important timings is the CAS Latency which is also the one most people understand Since data is often accessed sequentially same row the CPU need only select the next column in the row to get the next piece of data In other words CAS Latency is the delay between the CAS signal and the availability of valid data on the data pins DQ The latency between column accesses CAS then plays an important role in the performance of the memory The lower the latency the better the performance However the memory modules must be able to support low-latency settings tRP tRP is the time required to terminate one row access and begin the next row access tRP might also be seen as the delay required between deactivating the current row and selecting the next row So in conjunction with tRCD the time required or clock cycles required to switch banks or rows and select the next cell for reading writing or refreshing is a combination of tRP and tRCD tRAS tRAS is the time required before or delay needed between the active and precharge commands In other words how long the memory must wait before the next memory access can begin tCLK This is simply the clock used for the memory Note that because frequency is t if memory were running at Mhz the timing of the memory would be Mhz or nS Command Rate The Command Rate is the time needed between the chip select signal and when commands can be issued to the RAM module IC Typically these are either clock or This covers much of the basic settings for memory and how they work As mentioned earlier it is important to understand what timings your memory will support Refer to your memory vendor s website or datasheets f... Read more
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i have an intel core 2 e4400 2.0ghz proccesor, 3 (1)gig sticks of ram and an intel dg965wh board

I was recently trying to manually set memory timings and set the cas latency to three, originally five but later changed to four with no ill affects.
Restarted the computer and heard three beeps meaning a memory error, computer never loaded not even bios, then reset the bios by removing the battery. same issue, still hear the beep codes nothing loading

A:memory timings set to low, computer wont load

Just how did you change the memory timings? I checked the manual for that board and it says "No changeable options" under memory settings in the bios.

Have you tried to clear cmos with the clear jumper? If not, follow this procedure.
1 Unplug the pw cord from the pw supply
2 Hit the ON button 1-2 times [this removes any residual charge from the pw supply caps]
3 Clear cmos with the clear jumper for a min of 30sec
4 Replace jumper to keep position
5 Reinstall pw cord and pw ON system
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Hey guys,

I've been having a very annoying problem lately: my computer keeps on freezing, very randomly (after taking back from sleep mode, when just on the internet, when just writing something in word, really randomly!). So I read somewhere that the default BIOS settings for some memory do not produce a stable computer. They said that you had to check the QVL list from Asus to find the right timings and speed, but there is no Patriot memory on the Asus QVL list, so I was wondering if anyone knows which timings I should set?? The memory is ddr3 12800 with default timings of 9-9-9-24 (but I've tried this already, didn't work.. Sometimes you have to set the timings lower than the default for your RAm Asus recommends for for example OCZ memory which is on the QVL list).

Thanks for reading through all this..



A:Windows 7 random freezes: memory timings

Quote: Originally Posted by Amplid

Hey guys,

I've been having a very annoying problem lately: my computer keeps on freezing, very randomly (after taking back from sleep mode, when just on the internet, when just writing something in word, really randomly!). So I read somewhere that the default BIOS settings for some memory do not produce a stable computer. They said that you had to check the QVL list from Asus to find the right timings and speed, but there is no Patriot memory on the Asus QVL list, so I was wondering if anyone knows which timings I should set?? The memory is ddr3 12800 with default timings of 9-9-9-24 (but I've tried this already, didn't work.. Sometimes you have to set the timings lower than the default for your RAm Asus recommends for for example OCZ memory which is on the QVL list).

Thanks for reading through all this..



Is the patriot memory compatible with the mobo? Have you checked?
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I am wondering if there is anything I can do with my memory timings to increase speed. Please help as I just can't get the grasp of memory timings.

My system is a QuadCore Q6600 with an Intel DG33TL motherboard w/ 3GB of DDR2 800 PC2 6400 memory.

I have two different brands of ram, but same type:

Here are three snapshots of my BIOS:

This is my main BIOS screen.

This is my memory configuration screen.

This is my options for my memory frequency.

Basically my question is this: is this the best setting? Why are there two different sets of memory timings; it says current memory setting is 5-5-5-18, but then says 4-4-4-12 under memory frequency? Are these different numbers? I can adjust my memory timings, should I do this?

Thanks in advance!

A:Don't understand memory timings (includes pics)

Well, if you actually can adjust your memory timings which I greatly doubt, you should set them as low as possible. You should propably leave you memory freq to 800 MHz if you're not going to OC your CPU. If you are going to OC, you propably should set the mem freq to 667, link CPU and mem, and start OCing.
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I have 2x2gb memory sticks running dual channel.i had 2gb and bought another 2 gb a couple of months later from the same shop.All the specs are the same apart from the Supported Module Timing at 533.3 MHz.
One stick has 7-7-7-20 and the other is 8-8-8-20.
Could this be causing freezing on start up and bsods?
I have an asrock n68c-s ucc and im using ddr3 Memory Speed: 666.7 MHz (PC3-10600)
and im using HWINFO32 for my info.
Also i have never been able to overclock this,even from new.could that be because of the timings?

A:Are these memory timings causing crashes and bsod?

This might help. Match ram means matched. Ram to work properly need to be match. Different speed ram and different settings is not matched.
First thing you have to know what you mother board requires and then what your cpu requires.
ASRock > N68C-S UCC
*DDR3 and DDR2 are supported separately.

**DDR3 memory is only supported by installing AM3 CPU.

***Due to the operating system limitation, the actual memory size may be less than 4GB for the reservation for system usage under Windows? 32-bit OS. For Windows? 64-bit OS with 64-bit CPU, there is no such limitation.

****Support with AM3 / AM2+ CPU.
AMD Athlon II X4 640 Processor Specifications & Features
You can do a little Google Home Work and find more information.
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Ok SO I have two sticks of DDR400 Kingston ValueRAM

Serial # KVR400X64C3A/512
My motherboard is a Foxconn 661FXMR-ES.

I sometimes get random crashes when playing games that use large amounts of memory. I then did windows memory diagnostic. It found hundreds of errors in the "ERAND" test. I tested each stick by itself and both had hundreds of errors. If I remember correctly they seemed to be in ranges.

Someone suggested to me memory timings could be a culprit of htese errors and that the sticks were probably fine.

I could get them replaced for free by Kingston but don't want to go through the wait.

How do I find what memory timings are correct for this motherboard? Right now they are set by SPD,


A:Memory Timings question with a Foxconn 661FXMR-ES Motherboard

I'd use memtest to check the ram, best to let it run overnight from a floppy.
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I was just wondering does anyone know how to use the gigabytes X58A-UD3R's bios to adjust memory timings? when i started up my computer (that i just built) the memory (OCZ 6GB (3x2GB) DDR3 PC3-12800 Gold 8-8-8-24 - was only running at 1066MHz and the timings were 7-7-7-16. So does anyone know with the bios how to change them to the correct ones listed? I believe you do it in the MB Intelligent Tweeker menu.

A:Gigabyte x58a-ud3r - bios and memory timings

anyone? even for any other of the new gigabyte motherboards? because im pretty sure the bios is pretty similar across all of them (the newer ones anyway)
Relevancy 60.2%

hey guys amp gals If interested I have started working on a small macro that will calculate your optimal TRD performace level value for your system If you don t know what that means then you probably don t need this tool If some people will find this helpful I will create it won t take me long Now I have a few questions of my own on memory timings Which other timings besides TRD have the most effect on performance memory bandwidth I believe TRD has the largest effect but I m not sure For DDR memory well its but downgraded it to b c of stability issues I am getting about MB S read speed If I put in another stick to make dual channel will this bandwidth go up and by about how much What is the easiest way to determine the bottleneck between CPU video card and MEMORY Is there a small program to do this or certain calculations I can use Thanks techguy nbsp
Relevancy 59.34%

I just finished building my computer first time. and started it up and for some reason in the post screen it displays the speed of the ram as only 1066MHz (or something around that) when the kit i have is 1600MHz - OCZ 6GB (3x2GB) 1600MHz Gold 8-8-8-24 tested at 1.65V. It has the right amount of memory listed but not the speed.

do i have to change it manually somewhere? because i changed my memory timings and the ram voltage (from 1.5 to 1.64 -had to do 1.64 as 1.65 wasn't listed) to the correct ones in the MIT (MB intelligent tweeker), as the ones in bios were listed like 7-7-7-16. should i have kept them at theses lower speeds and lower voltage? or would they cause problems being quite low at the lower voltage?

so does anyone know what is going up with the speed listing and timings i should use.

A:Solved: new pc booted up displays memory lower speed + timings

i fixed the memory multiplier and it now is running at 1600Hhz was it ok to do that?
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I have noticed that my RAM's clock speed is being changed on its own and wondering why this is happening since I have manually set the timings/speed & voltage in bios, my RAM is suppose to run at 9,9,9,24 @ 1600mhz, that is what it is set in bios also but looking in speccy & cpu-z the timings is showed as 7,9,9,24 @ 1600mhz. Could it have anything to do that I have overclocked my CPU? its running at 4Ghz 20x200 BLCK. And I am sorry if this have been asked already had no idea what search words to use

A:RAM timings changes on its on

Best way to find out if it is due to overclocking is to reset your BIOS to default settings and then adjust your RAM to see if it stays the same. It may also be due to the CMOS having a problem, in which case you should reset the BIOS to default settings to clear the CMOS.

Note, if you are running multiple hard disks in the machine using a RAID controller, clearing the CMOS will reset the controller resulting in loss of data. Backup your files and create a system image before clearing the CMOS if you have a RAID setup.

If you are unsure whether you are running a RAID configuration, do the following steps.Click Start Menu
Right Click My Computer/Computer
Click Manage
Click Device Manager from the list on the left
Expand Disk Drives and check for RAID manufacturers (use Google or ask us by typing in manufacturers listed in your Disk Drives list)

Alternatively:Login as an adminstrative user.
Click Start Menu
Click Control Panel
Click Hardware and Sound
Click Device Manager (the last link under Devices and Printers)
Expand Disk Drives and check for RAID manufacturers (use Google or ask us by typing in manufacturers listed in your Disk Drives list)
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Does Ram timing matter when buying Ram ? I have 2 Sticks already but would like to add 2 more , but they don't make the same sticks i got anymore. I can get some like them but the timing is diff. so does that matter?

A:RAM timings?

It can matter but it may not, it really depends on the system. If you're talking about mixing PC6400 CAS 7 with PC6400 CAS 6 then it probably won't matter. The system will normally run at whatever the slower ram is. Even mixing different speeds can be okay in some cases.

Some motherboards can be picky about the RAM and mixing ram so it may not always work.
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I went into my BIOS to change my RAM timings, but it wasn't as simple as I thought.

What exactly do I change to get 2-3-3-6?

Thanks for your help, guyZ!111

A:RAM Timings..

See here:
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I just ran some benchmarks on my computer and found out that something was amiss with my CPU benching. looked around I saw that my DDR3 1600 RAM is running at 1333 with a CAS timing of 9 yes that sucks as this ram is rated to run 1600MHz @ 7 clocks.

so I tryed setting the clocks to what the specks thats its suppose to run at and crash "overclocking failed press F1 to enter setup" tried 1600 with auto timings started it up and checked timings CAS = 11 WTF! Also tried 9 clocks CRASH lol
heres what the ram is

mobo is a asus m4a79t with a 955BE cpu
any help would be appreciated, Thanks
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I have been working with a new Vista build for a month now and it is stable.

Back to the point when I first set it up, the motherboard/bios picked up the ram timings as
5-5-5-18 automatically

The memory is rated at 5-5-5-12

Should I change it to what the ram was advertised at?

A:ram timings

You can try if you really want to but unless you are having stability issues it's not really worth doing. Are you trying to max out the performance of the machine?
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Hi, I've got 2 1600MHZ Patriot Sticks, The latest 4GB 2x2gb pc3-12800 1600mhz sticks I installed are running at a slower timing as my other 2 sticks at the minute. Do these need to be overclocked?

or underclocked rather?, (So they all can run at 1333, or 1600mhz even)
any experiance

A:RAM Timings

Sorry, you can't OC specific RAM slots. All the RAM wil default to the lowest "speed" of the RAM installed. Unless you install two more 1600MHz sticks, it will all run at 1066MHz. Also you could remove the two 1066MHz modules and get your 1600MHz at stock speed.
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I just built a computer and cant find the mem timings in the bios. The motherboard is the gigabyte p35-ds3l and the ram is 2gb of mushkin pc6400 800mhz. I found where to set the ram speed in mhz but cant find how to set the timings which should be 4-4-4-12.

Relevancy 42.14%

I am hoping someone out there can help as I ve run out of patience I recently finished buiiding my new computer made of P GHZ FSB not overclocked yet with Zalman cooler GB Kingmax PC in DDR match pair of Mb MIS PE Mobo the new prescott enabled one Lite -on x- DVD R amp Lite DVD CD RW combo drive WD raptor k GB HD Samsung GB HD Enermax w power supply Wave master case The problem I have is at post the RAM check doesn t complete when the RAM is set to SPD enabled As I was replacing an old computer I was Ram timings able to check the RAM out in it and at its SPD setting the RAM had no problems However for some reason when I disable the SPD RAM timings and change them even after saving the changes the BIOS on occasions returns to SPD enabled which stops the computer completing the Ram timings POST I eventually get access to the BIOS after the computer starts and re starts and have to reset the RAM timings The SPD timings are which Kingmax state is correct any ideas why the SPD timings are too tightly spaced or why the BIOS returns the timings to SPD settings Any help greatly appreciated One other thing when it does run the CPU temp is C and the system is C any ideas what a good value is for this processor is nbsp

A:Ram timings

Have you checked to see if the RAM is compatible with your motherboard? Check MSI's and Kingmax's site. There isn't much support for RAM over PC3200 yet and that may be an issue.
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I have been experiencing random BSODs. My memory could have been the culprit. I've run memtest for 10+ hours and no issues so its not faulty.

While snooping around the BIOS, however, I noticed that the CAS timings were 9-9-9-24 instead of the 9-9-9-20 mentioned on the website. Should I change them manually or leave it be?

Also, the RAM frequency is set to AUTO. The "target frequency" listed in the BIOS is 1333mhz but memtest reported frequencies of 667mhz. Do I change anything? Could these settings potentially be the cause of my problems?

A:RAM Timings

If timings were to be causing issues, it would be more likely to happen @ 9-9-9-20 than 9-9-9-24.

The 24 is a looser timing.

You can try it, and memtest again to be sure its stable. The increase in performance will be minimal at best and you'd likely never notice it.

I can not recall off hand how Memtest reports frequency, but what does CPUZ say?

Remember DDR = Double Data Rate.
So a frequency of 667 * 2 (Double rate) is an effective 1334 mhz, just as the bios reports.

So it would be normal for 1333 RAM to be reported by some applications as 667.
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So I have upgraded my notebook with 8GB of ram, but it seems like its more laggy than it was, I am wondering how can I adjust RAM timings, in BIOS however I was not able to find that option even under advanced bios settings, can anyone asisst please?
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hello all, i just completed my first build and used corsair ram with a 7-7-7-20 latency. in cpu-z it says i have a 8-8-8-20 latency. whats up with that?
second question, per my hardware in my profile, would i benefit greatly to build a raid 0?

A:ram timings

Can't advise on the Raid setup, but you'll have to manually set your Ram timings in BIOS. Look in the AI Tweaker section for DRAM Timing settings. You can just set the 1st 4 to 7-7-7-20 , leave the rest on auto. A Guy
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Hello guys, I'm experiencing a problem with my RAM. I had Hynix 4 GB DDR3 1333 MHz CL9 and it worked fine. Recently I got Cruical 8 GB DDR3 1600 Mhz CL13 and decided to put it in another slot to see if it works. I managed to boot and computer worked fine for couple of minutes and it froze. This happened all the time, so I had to restart it manualy. I went to BIOS and tried changing some of RAM timing values, and managed to make system stable by setting RAM multiplier to 1066 MHz instead of 1333 MHz but now my memory has frequency of only 1066 MHz. Can you tell me is there any possibility to have stable system on 1333 Mhz by changing certain values?

My specs are:
Intel Celeron G1620
Biostar H61MGV3

With these settings I have stable system:
These are timings of Hynix 4 GB 1333 MHz RAM:
These are timings of Crucial 8 GB 1600 MHz RAM:

Thank you in advance
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I was given a 2 gig stick that has higher timings than the 2 1-gig sticks I currently have installed and I'm wondering whether it is better to have 4-gigs (3.5 or so really with Vista 32b) with higher timings, 7-7-7-20...or have less, but faster, ram with lower timings.... 5-5-5-15.

My board allows me to have dual channels if I install the two 1-gig sticks in the 0 & 3 slots and have an equal amount of the two in slot 2. So, if I add this 2-gig stick I'll still have dual channel memory but not as fast.

I'm tending to think that Vista would like the extra 1.5-gigs more than having the better timings.

What say you?

A:Better? Low Timings or More Ram?

more ram, timings are only important if you dont actually plan on pulling extra help from your hdd eventually, this is the case for most people.
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So currently i have my Q6600 overclocked to 3.52Ghz.ram is at 933Ghz with these timings..all stable.

Should i go for a lower ram speed but try and lower the timings? and wouldi get better performance with lower timings over higher ram speed?

My ram is OCZ Vista Gold series PC6400 (2X2Gb sticks)


A:Adjust ram timings?

What FSB and CPU multi are using?

390*9 or close to?

If so, going with a 1:1 ratio will put you at 780Mhz RAM speed.
But you should be able to get 5-5-5-15 Timings.

Looks as if your RAM is Rated at
800MHz DDR2
CL 5-5-5-18
So this may be the best route.

Quickest way to compare is run a quick memory assesment. CMD Prompt and type : winsat mem
Youll get a general idea of the bandwidth.

TBH, there will likely be no noticeable real world difference.
Only in a benchmark.

But I also understand the desire to tweak and get the most you can

Try both settings and see what your system likes the best with the things you do the most often.
Every setup has a different "happy spot"
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ok im a newbie at this RAM stuff so fill me in what is cas latency and what r the timings i kno that the lower they r the better but im building a new rig and i am gettin a gig of ocz performance cas lantency 3 timings 3-3-3-7 and im usin this rig for gaming and i want great performance what the heck does this stuff mean and do i need better?

A:what is CAS latency and timings

CAS is an acronym for column address strobe, or sometimes column address select, both referring to the column of the physical memory location in an array of capacitors (a grid comprised of columns and rows) used in dynamic random access memory modules. Latency refers to the amount of time, or lag, that is experienced in traversing a system. Taken together, the CAS Latency (CL) refers to the length of time, in clock cycles, it takes for a request sent from the memory controller to read a memory location and send it to the module's output pins.

Data is stored in individual memory cells, each uniquely identified by a memory bank, row, and column reference. In accessing DRAM, controllers first select a memory bank, then a row location (using the RAS, row address strobe), then a column location (using the CAS). Because the column selection is the last step before requesting to read the data from the physical location of the memory cell, the CAS Latency measures the number of clock cycles between the time the request for data is sent to the actual memory location and the time the data is transmitted out from the module.

When selecting a RAM card the lower the CAS latency rating the better your system will perform. Current DDR2 RAM should have a CAS latency of about four, or optimally three.Click to expand...

Standard DDR CAS Latency should these days be 3, 2.5 or even 2 if possible, instead of the 4 or 3 that the article states for DDR2. Of course, that does largely depend on whether you'll see any benefit to it - it depends on how you use your PC.

In simple terms, it's the number of clock cycles it takes for the memory to respond when it's told to do something. A CAS Latency of 3 means that the memory responds to requests after 3 clock cycles.

Now I'm not an overclocker so I may well be wrong, but as far as I'm aware, the CAS Latency is something that isnot really all that alterable without buying memory with a lower CAS Latency.
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I'm thinking of gettin a 2GB kit of RAM, but I am not sure whether it will work along with my current 1GB RAM installed, as I don't know whether the timings will match.

Could someone help me please?

This is the RAM I want, with 5-5-5-15 timings Kingston 2GB (1x2GB) DDR2 PC2-5300C5 667MHz Single Channel Memory Module [KVR667D2N5/2G] Memory DDR2 - PC2-5300

This is a screenshot of the timings for my current RAM, but I don't know which one to look at

A:Question about RAM timings

Ram has to match perfectly, especially with frequency. Most buy all, at one time, and discard the old.
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Honestly, there isn't much to say, just check the Speccy Screenshot below:

The stick in Slot #3 seems to be from a different model. Which is what I think is causing my timing to be so screwed up. I mean seriously, 5-15-14-63 thats rubbish!

What's going on here fellas?

A:RAM Timings Issue

Have you tried to swap slots for that Corsair Dimm n?3 ?

That might confirm one of you ram stick is bad or the slot damaged?
Relevancy 41.71%

I'm just wondering what an ideal DDR2 RAM timing setting would be with my computer. Currently I'm running them at 4-4-4-12.

Thanks, Alex.

A:DDR2 RAM timings?

just go with what it says on the sticker; use the corresponding voltage too. if the modules don't have stickers just use the by SPD option or Auto setting in BIOS. there is no ideal settings, memory kits differ by brand and speed.
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CPU-Z and also Everest are reading that my OCZ DDR - MHZ CL Platinum is actually running at cl is that possible is the reading misinterpreted Since everest reads my ram is XTC memory which it isn t right now im going to test to see if Sandra and then PCwizard but if i see that it runs at cl what can I do about it there are options at my bios for chaning the CL Motherboard - Gigabyte G PDS rev thanks in advance edit in almost misadvertised?!! RAM HELP! timings of all the program I see a RAM timings misadvertised?!! HELP! chart that says something like MHZCL MHZCL MHZCL why do they false advertise then if this is true EDIT ok found a way to enable more options in my bios now I can change all the RAM settings now my question is if its advertised at cl mhz is it safe to do - - - mhz instead of the present - - - and should I up it by v or more or just let the bios automatically increase voltages according to overclocks it has an Auto option for voltages thanks edit question that has nothing to do with this if up my fsb to and lower my multiplier to keeping the same exact MHZ - will that count as overclocking and break my warranty nbsp

A:RAM timings misadvertised?!! HELP!

Got my answer, thanks anyway.

(I needed to open the bios, up the voltages by 0.3 to 2.1V and up the now 5-5-5-15 to 4-4-4-12, and it works perfectly)
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I have a set of 2 1GB sticks of OCZ Reaper HPC DDR2 800 PC2 6400 at 4-4-4-15 in my computer, currently... I want to add more memory for when I get Windows 7 (wanting a total of 6 gigs), but I can't find RAM of identical specs, OCZ Reaper or otherwise, and all the DDR2 Reaper I can find (different timing) is special order... So, I'm likely going to end up buying some RAM from another company. I'm looking at some G-Skill with 4-4-4-12... Should I have any issues if I go with this choice, or should I be looking to get RAM of the same timing, or go with all new RAM to be safe?


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Hi all Overclocking to Ram blame????? timings is a new thing to me and am not sure Ram timings to blame????? how to do it Especially in the Ram department My comp was pre-built by me and a friend he knew most of the overclocking side of things but now he has gone Orginally the system had x gb geil one and was of course overclocked and running alot faster i recently added another x gb of Geil one and the system keeped crashing and trying to re-boot take it out and it was fine I recently discovered that the first ram was GOW and the added ram was GOS and that the timings was messing things up I then discovered that the only way to get the new ram in was to go into the Bios and turn off CPC to disable the original rams overclock I have used the program CPU and the ram timings are way out of each other Is there a way of changing this so that they are both running at the same timings in the overclocked way Could also the timings be messing up my games as they sometimes freeze and boot me out of them I do have all the settings up on maximum but surely the VGA should cope with this with ease Thanks for your time any help with this is much appreciated Caren nbsp

A:Ram timings to blame?????

cme21 said:

Hi all,
Overclocking is a new thing to me and am not sure how to do it.....Especially in the Ram department..........

My comp was pre-built by me and a friend, he knew most of the overclocking side of things, but now he has gone.
Orginally the system had 2x512gb (geil one) and was of course overclocked and running alot faster, i recently added another 2x512gb of Geil one, and the system keeped crashing and trying to re-boot, take it out and it was fine.
I recently discovered that the first ram was GOW and the added ram was GOS, and that the timings was messing things up.
I then discovered that the only way to get the new ram in was to go into the Bios and turn off CPC to disable the original rams overclock?
I have used the program CPU 1.36 and the ram timings are way out of each other.
Is there a way of changing this so that they are both running at the same timings in the overclocked way???
Could also the timings be messing up my games as they sometimes freeze and boot me out of them
I do have all the settings up on maximum, but surely the VGA should cope with this with ease??

Thanks for your time , any help with this is much appreciated

CarenClick to expand...

Are all the sticks now identical?

The VGA gets stroppy with both the FSB and the voltage. I'm not following you when you say I do have all the settings up on maximum
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I have two processors A and B connected directly by Ethernet B happens to be a DSP but A is a PC running either UDP timings Strange W or XP - the o s makes no apparent Strange UDP timings difference to the behaviour The only other thing running on the PC is WireShark B writes N UDP packets with bytes of data to A B then reads one such packet from A A is doing the corresponding thing This is all repeated many times All packets are well formed correct checksums etc and the expected data are transferred With N so alternating reads and writes looking at the traffic with WireShark running on A I see the interval in us between packets being read and sent as typically Do these figures seem reasonable Would you expect the Strange UDP timings write to take ten times longer than the read Assuming this behaviour is an artefact of buffering in Windows is - us an expected time for a round trip one KB packet in KB packet out With N the write still takes about us but the reads take It appears that the more consecutive reads I do the closer the time between the data appearing becomes around - us Changing the value of N has no consistent effect on the typical time of about us to see the write going out This suggests that buffering is not responsible for the large differences between reads and writes The very strange thing is that quite often the write takes of the order of ms The overall effect of the large and huge write times is to reduce the throughput of the system considerably Measurements on the DSP show that processing reads and writes always takes the expected very short time Are there any tricks to getting consistent performance or is this just the way things work under Windows nbsp
Relevancy 41.71%

I have a problem with my PC2100 SDRAM.
The FSB is overclocked from 133Mhz to 145Mhz (multiplier locked :-( )
The RAM Bus should be at 145Mhz. Instead, it is at 108.75Mhz.
The default timings for 133Mhz are 2.5-3-3-6.
At first, the timings somehow got to 2.5-3-3-7, and the BIOS settings indicated it was 2.5-3-3-6.
After a restart, and verifying the BIOS settings, the timings were correct; but the default timings for one DIMM mysteriously changed to 2.5-3-9-6.
Any ideas what happened?

A:RAM Timings Problem!

Update: The timings seem to be fine, but the memory bus speed is still 108.75Mhz instead of 145Mhz.

P.S.:I also would like to know what PLL does ASUS P4B533 have (for ClockGen)
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Ok, so I bought this ram, and not sure what do make of the timings

2GB Dual CH
Platinum Edition

I take it the '5-4-4' is the timings..........I am just asking for an opinion of whether this is "exceptional/good/average/crap/OMFG sad"


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Good evening I recently purchased the game Starcraft but timings? Hardware I can play it for no more than minutes before my PC crashes The crash - the screen seems to flicker black and seems to flash in black triangles for a while the mouse pointer goes fuzzy the sound freezes Hardware timings? and everything locks up The only way out is to press the reset button on my PC On one occasion is went to a BSOD but usually it is as I described I don t think it is an overheating problem as I monitored my temps and the GPU seems to be at approx C just before a crash which I think is ok the CPU is less than C I also ran a memory diagnostics test which found no errors In my event log I saw this Hardware timings? message which is just before a crash- The description for Event ID from source nvlddmkm cannot be found Either the component that raises this event is not installed on your local computer or the installation is corrupted You can install or repair the component on the local computer If the event originated on another computer the display information had to be saved with the event The following information was included with the event Device Video CMDre c ff fe The game developer support exhausted all their usual software troubleshooting steps and asked that I submit my full log from a program called CPU-Z They said that it looked like there were some inconsistencies in my hardware timings but they were pretty vague I don t really know what they mean or how to resolve this My specs- Intel Core Duo E GHZ factory overclocked to GHz- oddly sometimes it boots up at GHz and other times at GHz strange Mainboard - ASUS P N-D ACPI BIOS revision Graphics - Nvidia GeForce GTX RAM - GB x Corsair DDR PC - MHz I know my Nvidia driver is up to date Any help would be much appreciated This crash doesn t occur in any other more demanding games although it did happen once in World of Warcraft funnily enough a game by the same developer nbsp

A:Hardware timings?

"factory overclocked to 4.0GHz"...
What exactly do you mean by this? When you over-clock the CPU, everything attached is over-clocked too. Set the CPU to it's nominal 3GHz and see if the game(s) still crash
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Hi. I need some help with setting my ram timings.
My ram is here:
The default settings it was set on was 800mhz and it runs stable, but it says it supports 1000mhz and when I changed the timings to 5-5-5-15 2.1V , then the computer gets into this endless reboot cycle. When I press the power button after changing the timings, it comes on for about 3 seconds then turns off, and turns back on, etc. It does this about 5-10 times and then finally starts up Windows. Once Windows starts the computer seems stable enough but this is obviously causing a problem with rebooting and I'm wondering how I can make the system more stable with these settings.
Thanks for any help.

A:Ram timings problem

Your mobo and other factors with your system also play a big part with "over clocking" your RAM. Try pulling the setting back a little and try the RAM at 825mhz and see if runs stable then bump it up to 850mhz and so on.
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Hey dudes (and dudettes),

I'm contemplating adding another 2gb (2x1gb) kits to my setup. At the moment, i'm running only 2gb (2x1gb) Patriot Extreme rams on 4-4-4-12 and i was thinking of buying some OCZ rams at 4-4-4-15.

My issue is whether i'll run any problems clocking the OCZ to 4-4-4-12 or should i fork out extra 4 AUD for Corsairs at 4-4-4-12?

A:Issues with Ram 4-4-4-15 timings to 4-4-4-12?

Hi Hamsteyr ,
always a good idea to match the ram you currently have installed. they probably would work together, but you also have to consider that mismatched ram will not let it operate in dual channel fork out another 4 AUD lol

oh yes, i assume you are running XP 32 bit, remember that if you add another 2gb to your system, its only going to let you use another .75-1.25 gb as usable 'working' memory.
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Two DDR2 sticks:
OCZ PC2-4200 Enhanced Bandwidth labeled for 3-2-2-8
PDP Patriot PDC22G4200+ chips labeled for 3-2-2-4

Both chips are marketed to run at DDR2-533, but obviously can be overclocked. My question is which chip would be better? When clocked for DDR2-667, does it increase the bandwidth for the chip from the DDR2-533 rating of 4.2GB/s? Would it be better to just go with a DD2-667 'labeled' stick like the OCZ w/ 4-4-4-8 and bandwidth of 5.4GB/s??

Hopefully someone here knows something about overclocking or maybe could make an educated conclusion by these reviews:
OCZ PC2-4200 EB
PDP PC2-4200 Patriot

Is it possible to just use similar tests from each review like the Sandra 2004 Standard Buffered Memory Test at 667 speeds??

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I want to get some more ram and was looking at some high end ram for gaming and possibly overclocking and am looking for info about the following.

Out of Kingston, OCZ and Corsair, who would you say do the best performance ram?

What would be better, 1 stick of 1Gb or 2 sticks of 512Mb?

and When it comes to timings, i understand that the lower the CAS the better, but what do the other numbers mean eg CL 2.5-4-4-8.

Thnx in advance forany help.


A:A few questions about RAM and timings

I would say that Corsair would be the best of the 3 brands of RAM you listed.
Mushkin also makes very good RAM. But like any other product, these RAM makers offer different types of RAM w/ different levels of performance. So if you're looking for the best RAM, get at least the PC3500 or faster rated RAM that can run at CAS2.

Now as to whether or not to get 1 or 2 sticks of RAM, 2 matching sticks is always better if your mobo supports dual channel mode for your memory.
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My ram is rated at 8-8-8-24 at 1.65v but my bios sets it automatically to 9-9-9-24.
Will keeping it at automatic bios settings cause system instability? Also my motherboard only supports 1.5v RAM instead of the 1.65v I have. Can this also cause system instability?
My motherboard is a MSI H55M-E23 and my ram is Crucial Ballistix 8-8-8-24 1.65v 1600mhz
Edit:I also have run memtest86 for 17 passes and it showed 0 errors.

A:Should I manually set RAM timings?

Is the RAM also being clocked at 1333? That's what I've seen in the past few motherboards I've used. Setting the BIOS to use the XMP or manual settings were required to get higher frequencies.

For my own system, I set the frequency, timings, and voltage manually to the manufacturer's recommended values. (Sometimes, I've had to back off the timings a little when using four DIMMs on a dual-channel system.)
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According to Vista's Experiance index, my RAM is the slowest part, scoring only a 5.0 (everythings else got a 5.9). This was suprising, as I did get quality RAM which is supposed to operated at a good speed (800Mhz). According to the manufacturer, the RAM's timings are supposed to be 5-4-4-15

However, open viewing some RAM information from CPU-Z, I am led to believe that I am not getting all the speed that I should, however, I don't understand RAM timings such, so I could be wrong. Here is some screenshots

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Hi I put together my first home-built computer last week and have been experiencing some intermittent system crashes leading to BSOD and the error message 'Pagefault In Nonpage Area' After looking through forums etc I realised that this may be due to my RAM timings which I hadn't thought to set in the BIOS I have now BSOD Timings RAM & changed these but wondered if this was the cause of the problem I have also run HD tests chkdsk amp Windows Memory Diagnostic extended neither of which found any errors on the memory drive Is there any way to tell whether the RAM timings were the cause of the problem for sure The crashes I BSOD & RAM Timings had were seemingly random so I don't know how to test if this has fixed the issue or was just something else I have attached the dump files the crashes created in this post using the BSOD Dump amp System File Collection BSOD & RAM Timings App along with a System Health Report Hopefully someone can help me out with this Thank you Alex

A:BSOD & RAM Timings

Also, my system is;

AMD Phenom II X4 3.4GHz Quad Core
Gigabyte GA-880GA-UD3H
4x A-DATA AX3U1333GB2G8-2G RAM
Sapphire Radeon 6870
Samsung Spinpoint F3 1Tb Hard Drive
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Hey peeps,

In a pickle here.

I cannot figure out, or find anything about, setting timings on RAM.

Now this is what OCZ say about mine - (OCZ DDR3 PC3-16000 Reaper Low-Voltage Triple Channel OCZ Technology)

But as you can see, thats to set speed at 2000mhz, i want to run at 1600mhz for the moment and those timings seem a bit loose for that.

SO..... What is the best way to work out, any eqautions or what not?

Any help greatly appreciated


A:Work out RAM timings

Hi Luckystar, Have a look at this Memory Timings Explained It may give you a better understanding
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I have just installed a new set of 4 x 8GB G Skill TridentX 2400 CL10 memory sticks.
The sticks will only run at 2133mhz 10-10-12-31 no matter what XMP i choose or what numbers I manually enter in bios. And no, they will not run stable with those timings Guessing it must be a motherboard/bios problem?

Asrock Z77 Pro4 Bios version 1.80
I5 2500K [email protected]
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Someone recently told me my clock settings are off. I must admit this is not my area so I thought I would ask on the board. Please see the attached JPEG and give me your two cents. I want to run it on normal recomended settings.

Im running:

Asus a7n8x-Delux
Athlon XP 2600
1GB 3200
Geforce 6600 GT


A:Overclocking, timings

I do not really see a problem. If you are referring to it showing 332 instead of 333, that is nothing to worry about. Do you have a 200 / 400 fsb cpu or do you have a 166 / 333 fsb cpu?
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help ddr2 timings

running ddr2 1066 gskill 4 gigs (f2-8500cl5d-4gbpk)

cpu p4 3.0 ht (overclocked to just under 3.6 as this fails)

win 7 ultimate media center edition

motherboard biostar g31-m4

voltages all maxed in bios

I beleive all I get is +.3

overclocked with setfsb

memory will be adjusted with mem set (unless a perfered program is avalible)

A:ddr2 timings overclocking

looked into more will have to use spd tool to change timings

can i do it on 2.1 volts

current timings 5-5-5-15-52-2t
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I have a 16gb (4x4gb) kit of GSKill Ripjaws Z arriving tomorrow and need to enter the timings manually for them to work properly on my P9X79 Pro motherboard. How do I go about doing this?

The kit is rated for 1.50v at 9-9-9-24. Do I have to enter correct BCLCK and CPU ratio values, as well? Pretty much everything is on auto default right now with my DDR3 1333 RAM kit.

I've attached a snapshot. I'm not sure it'll help, but then this is just about all I know of the BIOS. I'm a total noob and haven't done much exploration. Here's some info on the RAM kit:

Can anyone out there please help me?


A:Help setting RAM timings on mobo

Under "memory frequency" you should see a list of speeds you can select, these correspond to the various FSB/RAM ratios. Pick the one that's suitable for your RAM. If you scroll down you should see the DRAM voltage and timings, just type in the values.

Not sure about SB-E but for SB the BCLK doesn't budge... not even by a few Mhz so you're better off leaving that alone at 100Mhz and using the CPU multiplier to overclock that 3930K. So to run your RAM at its rated 1600Mhz your FSB/RAM ratio would be 1:16.
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Last night I installed Ram on in my PC I upgraded to this Everything booted up fine sexy and smooth Well I ran CPu-Z Won't Ram boot Timings. changing after to check the timings make sure everything was set up proper I was showing some weird timings Like - - - So I went into BIOS changed my cycles to - - - As my BIOS didn t have an option for the last number the trc I think that was Well according to the product page they are timed at - - - I didn t think this would cause THAT BIG of an issue Well I saved settings rebooted the computer and now it wont start PC sounds fine no beep tones runs smooth like any other time But monitor won t kick on I know there is nothing wrong with the monitor or the video card Just like it wouldn t turn on when my fat fingers couldn t couldn t push the ram in all the way and I thought it was My question is how can I go about fixing this I droped about on this system not more then a month ago Won't boot after changing Ram Timings. I ll be damned if I can t get it working again lol I thought maybe I would need to flash BIOS but I don t know how to do this Won't boot after changing Ram Timings. More information about the system It s a MSI K A Platinum MOBO running with Phoenix Award BIOS If any other information is needed just ask I ll give as much as I can Thanks in advance nbsp

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hi all

my very 1st thread and a simple one ....
but i want to extend the timing of my laptop so that is doesn't shut down even while i am not using the system . the main purpose is to keep the downloading on( torrent download ) .
I have seen this feature in control panel in other OS but i am not able to locate the same in windows 7 .
Pls suggest .

Thanks ,

A:extend shut down timings

G'day,,, you can still reach Power Options via Control Panel - you may need to play with Viewing options to see the icon. But in the Windows 7 search, just type power... and it'll find Power Options. Then from there, you can set different Power Plans.
Hope that helps somewhat...
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I recently got a new Acer Aspire ES - It has a GB RAM module installed by Acer having CL i e - - timings in its specs and working as CL in this laptop I am going to upgrade by installing an GB module and I am thinking of getting a slight performance increase by installing a module with CL i e - - timings There is no way to set the latency manually in the BIOS So in RAM Aspire timings ES1-131 Acer my question is if I RAM timings in Acer Aspire ES1-131 buy a RAM module with CL and install it in my Acer Aspire ES - will it start at CL i e taking CAS latency from the RAM module's SPD chip or will it still start at CL At the moment I have no CL module at hand to install it temporarily and check If the latter then it would make no sense for me to buy a more expensive module able to work at CL I asked Acer's reps here in Ukraine but they said they do not have have this sort of information
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I've built a computer for the first time and I'm not sure about a few things.. First of all my memory frequency is only clocked at 266.7mhz. Isn't that really low considering I have dual DDR2 800 (PC2 6400) sticks? Also is my timing good on it or should I modify it in anyway? Thanks for the help!

A:Are my timings/cpu bus speed correct?

Since you haven't posted any information about your system in your profile, you could at least help us & do it here.
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Peace and Love everyone I was playing around in my BIOS the other day and noticed that my DDR was only running at MHz even though I had it set to run at I used to have a Phenom but when I built a rig for a friend he bought a Phenom II Overclock Tighten or Timings? and just traded it to me as payment for building the computer I had to update the BIOS to run this AM cpu but it worked like a charm Then I noticed on the support page that DDR is only supported with AM CPUs You win some you Overclock or Tighten Timings? lose some eh Here s where I m not sure what to do I know that the can be overclocked like there s no tomorrow and with this crazy blower fan I got a hold of it runs at about C through MSI-Dual Core Center I know that I could overclock my processor a little and I could get my RAM speed back up However since the RAM is running at lower speeds I was thinking I could probably tighten my timings and also get a performance boost But I m not sure which would be worth it A few other notes I OC d my old CPU to to get the RAM speeds up It worked and was stable I ve never played with RAM timings at all so I wouldn t know where to start AMD Phenom II X GHz Black Edition MSI K A Platinum Motherboard OCZ Reaper GB x GB DDR PC OCZ GameXStream W PS MSI GeForce GT N GT M OC Barracuda GB ASUS X DVD R DVD Burner with LightScribe nbsp

A:Overclock or Tighten Timings?

I would cast my vote for the overclock instead of tighter timings, you get a more fluent performance flow (ugh, such bad choice of words. I mean, smaller steps, timings will need to be adjusted in one millisecond out of 5, whereas with RAM clocks, you're playing with big numbers and have many options on how to work it out)
Also playing with timings requires a lot of knowledge on what they do, I once tried to get to understand every value that you can (and tbh, need to) adjust in BIOS, but hours of google searching didn't even give a vague hint of most values' meanings, not to talk about actually understanding them and thus being able to make them adapt to other values well.
Plus, I'm pretty sure getting your frequency up will in the end give you better results than even a perfect timing setup on its own.

Just be sure to top the CPU out with the RAM at 400/800 MHz before going into the RAM tweaking. Be ready to get down to NorthBridge voltage tweaking too if you want to max both the RAM and the CPU.
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DIMM1: 32MX64G-26B 256 MB PC2100 DDR SDRAM (2.5-3-3-6 @ 133 MHz) (2.0-2-2-5 @ 100 MHz)
DIMM2: Micron Tech. 16VDDT6464AG-265G4 512 MB PC2100 DDR SDRAM (2.5-3-3-6 @ 133 MHz) (2.0-2-2-5 @ 100 MHz)
DIMM3: Micron Tech. 16VDDT6464AG-265G4 512 MB PC2100 DDR SDRAM (2.5-3-3-6 @ 133 MHz) (2.0-2-2-5 @ 100 MHz)

This is your motherboard timings.
Memory Timings 2-2-3-6 (CL-RCD-RP-RAS)

My RAM is getting on a bit now but i sent a everest hardware report to tech support on a game, and they got back to me saying that my RAM timing doenst match that of my Motherboard, i was wondering what does the timing effect? has my RAM been under performing or over performing? im not too sure what these timings do... help is much appriciated

A:RAM and Motherboard Timings Question...

What is this? you are using too old memory sticks. Considering the low latency DDR400 PC3200.

Your specs is way low for any games.
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i recently added another kingston hyperx 512mb memory module to my original one and found out (using cpuz) they are running at different CAS timings? one is apparently at 2.0 at 200mhz and the other is apparently 2.5 at 200mhz? is this right? if its not what do you recommend i change?


AMD Athlon 3400+ Newcastle core
1gb Hyper X
80gb Sata
9700pro 128mb
MSI Neo3 Gold (nforce4)

A:Kingston HyperX ram timings.

Change the slowest module to the faster one, unless the board is specifically requiring the slower one.
But if you are having no problems otherwise, do not change a thing. This sort of a latency problem is not really a problem on most boards.
Some games and graphics programs will require memory in matched sets to be fully utilized, but if you don't get error messages, do not worry about it.
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Nice article on DDR RAM Timmings

I found this pretty informative article on DDR Ram timmings over at THG....
Thought I'd post a link for those and their never-ending quest for knowledge...


A:Nice article on DDR RAM Timings

edited for content
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Hi Guys

I bought some Geil Ultra DDR2 2.0GB PC6400 Dual Channel memory kit (2 x 1GB) 800MHz (4-4-4-12) +Aluminium heat spreader a while ago for my computer build

troubles are:

1) When i booot nothing comes on the screen and then i have to boot it up again this then works and the screen comes on. I have tried moving the memory and all seems fine.

2) As from user reviews on the product the memory is meant to run at 4-4-4-12 but is actually running at 5-5-5-23 how do i fix this to get the correct timings?

I have 3GB of the same memory, here is the link

Thanks for your help


A:How to change ram to get the correct timings

if any more information is needed just ask.

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Put in new dual channel kits of GB of Kingston HyperX KHX D B K G maxed at GB Kingston Specs Everything looks right in PC Wizard CPU-Z except for tRAS timing Per Kingston specs at MHz which it s at timings at v should be - - - not - - - timings shows be - RAM 18 tRAS_should New OK except look 15 The SPDs are programmed to JEDEC standard latency MHz timing of - - - at V Each -pin DIMM New RAM timings look OK except tRAS_should be 15 - shows 18 uses gold contact fingers and requires V Click to expand v is the spec on this mobo amp was the voltage of the OEM RAM however their specs were - - - This is an HP OEM Asus board w no clock settings in BIOS I m not sure why everything looks OK except the tRAS timing PC Wizard General Information DIMM BANK MB - DIMM DIMM BANK MB - DIMM DIMM BANK MB - DIMM DIMM BANK MB - DIMM Information SPD EEPROM DIMM Manufacturer Kingston Part Number G-UDIMM Serial Number CF Type DDR -SDRAM PC - MHz - DDR - Format Regular UDIMM x Size MB ranks banks Module Buffered No Module Registered No Module SLi Ready EPP No Width -bit Error Correction Capability No Max Burst Length Refresh Reduced x Self Refresh s Voltage SSTL v Prefetch Buffer -bit Manufacture Week of Supported Frequencies MHz MHz MHz CAS Latency tCL clocks MHz clocks MHz clocks MHz RAS to CAS tRCD clocks MHz clocks MHz clocks MHz RAS Precharge tRP clocks MHz clocks MHz clocks MHz Cycle Time tRAS clocks MHz clocks MHz clocks MHz Min TRC clocks MHz clocks MHz clocks MHz Click to expand nbsp
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Am using a HP a f with DDR GB MHz RAM and I am overclocking my CPU but when I overclock my CPU it overclocks my RAM as well I am increasing the FSB clock When I am using my computer when it is overclocked windows restarts after displaying quot page fault in nonpaged area quot I am assuming this is a problem with the RAM My current memory clock is MHz when overclocked I wanted a6500f Solved: for timings RAM HP to change my timings so I can still overclock my CPU and run my RAM at its normal frequency The current timings are tRAS tRWT tRCD tRP tRC tWR tRDRD tRRD tWRWR Please tell me what I need to change these timings to so I can maintain system stability Oh if it matters I am using Solved: RAM timings for HP a6500f nTune and my OS is Windows Developer Solved: RAM timings for HP a6500f Preview Another thing If there is another way for me to overclock my CPU not increasing FSB clock that would be great as well Also if there is a way to change your CPU multiplier in nTune then that would solve this whole problem nbsp

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why when I package a slideshow to cd are the sound timings different from the actual slideshow? The music is finishing 3 or 4 slides before the end of the show. I have saved all changes beforehand.

A:powerpoint slideshow timings


Here's a link to an excellent PPT resource (huge FAQ).


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Hello all, I have some crucial "cl3" memory and i was wondering if all memory labeled cl3 has the same timings.



A:Quick Question About CL3 Timings

Not necessarily. All cas 3 memory has a cas value of 3, but they could be 3-3-3-8, 3-4-4-8, etc. The lower the better, 3 isn't very good for cas.
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Well I ended up RAM Voltage, vs. timings ssd questions and buying a new laptop check specs It only has GB of RAM timings vs. Voltage, and ssd questions RAM and has some strange timings Now since this laptop has an APU CPU GPU in one die the GPU can greatly benifit from faster RAM timings So shopping around on amazon I found this Amazon com Samsung Electronics Extreme Low Voltage nm SODIMM Dual Channel Kit DDR PC -Pin DDR SO-DIMM MV- T G D US RAM timings vs. Voltage, and ssd questions Electronics and Amazon com Corsair Vengeance GB x GB DDR MHz PC Laptop Memory CMSX GX M A C Computers amp Accessories Now the Corsair has better timings - - - but the Samsung has - - - Also the Samsung is volts and is RAM timings vs. Voltage, and ssd questions made using a nm process So which one should I buy Also this laptop has a chip set that supports SATA and is using AHCI so any recommendations out there for a ssd gb would be preferred also it has to be reliable as I do work with large video files CAD and some virtual machines

A:RAM timings vs. Voltage, and ssd questions

That's normal. CPU-z only shows half of what you should expect because it looks at the ram's clock speed, not the DDR3 ram bank's clock speed (which is double that of the ram chips on it as DDR3 stands for "double data rate 3").
Double of 800 Mhz is 1600 mhz, which is the actual DDR3 speed the banks run at. And it is the speed expected from ram marked as PC 12800.

The difference between those rams linked is that the latter uses far less volts, thus less power and heat and longer battery life (theoretically anyway), and this comes at the price of slightly worse performance, as in the timings for ram banks of the same capacity, lower is better/faster.
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I've made a powerpoint presentation and have recorded narration using the specified feature. Whilst narrating I clicked the mouse to move on certain parts, however, the timings havent saved when I asked them to and now the aniumations are just spread over the length of the narration... any ideas on how to rectify it?
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In a poor attempt to OC my RAM, I tightened the timings and increased the voltage. When I saved and exited the BIOS, my computer wouldn't start up, and instead, I got a long, drawn-out, repeating beep. To try and fix this, I reinstalled my old RAM sticks. Nothing went wrong in the sense that I didn't get any beeping or funky sounds from my computer, but the monitor wasn't getting any signal from the computer. It read, "NO INPUT SIGNAL". My computer set up is:

P4 2.8 ghz with HT
Biostar P4TSV mobo
2 x 1 gig Corsair XMS PC3200 (Old ones were stock)
Phoenix BIOS

Is there any way to restore the default RAM timings or am I in trouble?

A:Tightened RAM timings and now my computer won't start

Try resetting your cmos. If you didn't fry the ram, it should boot up.

How to reset cmos depends on your motherboard. Check your user's manual to see if you have "cmos jumpers". If not, then you have to find the cmos battery and remove it from your motherboard for a few hours.

Good luck!
Relevancy 40.85% I install my new ram, and I'm all very happy. A hour or two later I decide to run a benchmark on my ram. The benchmark says that my 16Gb of ram is only processing about 12Gb a second, when other benchmarks on the internet say Gb will do 20+ Gb/s. I open cpu-z, and pop over to the memory section, and I am greeted with this:

Somewhat worrying, although I assume that corsair would replace it considering their vengeance ram has a lifetime guarantee...but can anyone give a suggestion to what on Earth is happening here?

A:Something very wrong with Corsair Vengance Timings

I may be missing something, but what don't you like about that screenshot?