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HP Pavilion 13 x360 PC just days out of warranty and battery...

Q: HP Pavilion 13 x360 PC just days out of warranty and battery...

Batter Check says 'OK'Plugged in and says 7% available (plugged in, not charging)Battery is not removable.When I unplug chord, kills operation.Been working great up to now.HP Support Battery Check program says "OK"Warranty just ended 3 days ago!!!Help!
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Preferred Solution: HP Pavilion 13 x360 PC just days out of warranty and battery...

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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Good day,Just last night my laptop slipped off the bed when my dog jumped in and the touchscreen now is cracked and won't work. All other features, sound, keyboard, everything else seems to run fine but the screen is cracked and nothing is registering my touch.I still have my warranty on it as I checked online and would like to know what would be my next step. I currently live in the Bahamas and got this laptop as a gift and they brought it from the states. I would really hope that this is a quick fix. Not sure who to go to down here so thanks in advance for the assistance Regards

A:HP Pavilion x360, cracked screen, still have warranty

Eventhough the product is in warranty, this is an induced damage and is not covered as a part of warranty. you can contact the local HP technical support there who will support you their best on a charge basis. The charges would be applicable in US too unless you have an accidental damage protection plan.
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I bought this laptop, new, yesterday.  It charged all night.  The specs say it has a battery life of 11.75 hours.  That is the sole reason I decided to go with this laptop over one with better RAM.  I just turned it on 30 minutes ago and it is 100% charged yet it only has a battery life of 5hr, 26 min.  After 30 minutes of light use, it is 85% charged with 4hr, 3min left.  Is there anything I can do to fix this issue short of returning the computer?
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I am getting error 601 at boot up, and my battery went from working all day one day to less than 10 minutes the next.  Error says battery needs to be replaced - but doesn't give a replacement part number.  After literally HOURS on the HP site I still don't have one.   HELP!  I have an HP Pavilion 13-a113cl x360   notebook and just want the part number or similar that I can use to get a replacement battery.  Ifound the video on how to replace the battery - just not what to replace it with. TIA
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Hello. I recently bought Pavilion x360 11, and on pretty much every review site etc. there was written that the full charge should last for approx. 6 hs of browsing internet. I tested it twice just browsing internet, and not even that much because at the same time i was playing on my PC. Both tests ended up in laptop hibernating after 4-4.5hs. I must say that is rather low battery lifetime, specially for me as I bought it for outside use mostly. Can it be defective battery or maybe upgrade to win 10 would work it out for me ? (asking about win 10 because I've read couple general opinions about how it extended their battery lifetime from i.e. 6.5h to 9h ) Any help would be very appreciated, as I have to make a decision if i want to replace the laptop at store or not.Thanks in advance.
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I have bought HP Pavilion x360 - 13-s102tu_Laptop (HP Part Code: T0Y58PA) with a view that its battery will run at least for 09.00 hrs but I am getting only 4-4.30 hrs back up. Its normal or laptop having the problem? Any suggestion...

A:Battery life of HP Pavilion x360 - 13-s102tu_Laptop

4.5 hours is actually very good. The 9 hours is based on some conditions not likely to be duplicated in the the real world. The best thing you can do to make the battery last longer (runtime) is to turn down the screen brightness and turn off bluetooth and wifi if you are not using them.
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I have bought HP Pavilion x360 - 13-s102tu_Laptop (HP Part Code: T0Y58PA) with a view that its battery will run at least for 09.00 hrs for this particular model as in respecification and review in Flipkart it has been demanded that battery will run at least for 09 hrs but I am getting only 4-4.30 hrs back up in normal use of net surfing by Wifi. without wifi the battery icon showing that 5hrs 24 min remeaning from very begining. I am very disappointed.  Why this is so? The battery having any problem? What to do...
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Hi,So my battery died whilst on Standby overnight, so next morning I plugged it in and resumed to find an erro message saying Recyling Bin corrupted, tried clicking some ok boxes etc but nothing was happening, tried opening menus and other apps, nothing. It seemed locked up. I Cntrl Alt Deleted and got it to shut down. When I started back up it's running ultra slow now and I can't open folders off the desktop - Any ideas? Currently runnin Windows update which is taking forever trying to detect any issues - this is a brand new product too - 2 weeks old and not used it. Should I reformat and start again? Thanks
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Hello ,First I want to say that I tried contacting HP sales in 5pm they said that they are working from 8am to 2 am which is already a warning sign ...I am planning on buying HP Spectre x360 ash silver.I love how it looks and also the performance is really good for the money.My concern is that I have read so many complains of cracked screen from itself ( design flaw or uncalculated pressure on the screen or heating up too much , something is causing the screens to crack ...) Hp hasn't made official statement on this issue and so far I understood that the warranty doesn't cover it.I don't want to spend so much money on something that will break from itself and the warranty won't cover it.Is there someway to include this issue in the warranty before buying the laptop?
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hello,my name is Matan and im from israel,my aunt will be in boston next week and i want to buy this computer from bestbuy my question-best buy sellers told me the warranty for this prosuct is provided by the  manufacturer for 1 yearis this warranty applies in israel?  thank you for you help
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I purchased a HP pavillion desktop PC on 17 Mar 2016, I'm now getting messages saying that the warranty expired on 21 March 2016. Is this right? I was expecting a 1 year warranty. Thanks

A:Warranty expired after 7 days

Hi: The same thing happened to me. You will have to call HP to have the warranty date adjusted.  If you live in the USA/Canada, Call this number and explain the situation.   1 800-474-6836  The customer services rep will send you a link to upload a copy of your invoice or sales receipt showing the purchase date. Once they get that, they will adjust the warranty start and end dates accordingly. I seem to recall they adjusted mine within 3 days of getting the receipt info I scanned to them.
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I bought My Lenovo certified refurbished nbsp U laptop from Amazon and shipped directly from Lenovo weeks after original buyer had bought and returned days to 165 scam...Have wait Warranty it for being defective and Lenovo just put it back in the box and certified and sold again with its original valid Warranty scam...Have to wait 165 days warranty until September nbsp after almost months if dealing online and failing to fix it had to ship it back to US for Warranty scam...Have to wait 165 days repairs before warranty expired on September it has been at the service center since September ticket nbsp nbsp after nbsp they finally admitted it is a defective motherboard but don't have the replacementpart part and have to wait it started with - days to wait and has changed few times last one says - days before they get the Part How can a company sell millions of same model laptop and months after stop production not have the parts what do all the millions of people around the he world that have bought this model and now have problem are supposed to do motherboard is the main part on any laptophow can they not have it and don't try to talk to customer service they act as if you are asking for something free any suggestions or anyone with same problem please contact me atTonyamri msn com nbsp
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Hello all nbsp nbsp I have just recieved the HP Spectre X - DX purchased from nbsp http www adorama com IHPL Q UAR htmland I wanted to ask a few questions Refurbished Warranty Spectre Purchased Cove... x360 HP Recently about what kind of things are covered in the Refurbished day HP warranty nbsp nbsp I nbsp understand it's a used device Recently Purchased Refurbished HP Spectre x360 Warranty Cove... but are any sort of dents scratches covered under the warranty There are a couple scratches on the screen which you can't really notice when the screen's on but when it's off you can easily see them There are a couple knicks on the sides and small dents on the underside Nothing major certainly something I can live with nbsp but I Recently Purchased Refurbished HP Spectre x360 Warranty Cove... was just curious nbsp nbsp I have noticed there seems to be a dead pixel on the screen as well is there anything I can do about that nbsp nbsp And then for some reason the fan is running considerably loud louder than my old dv that have running right next to it I don't know if that's a malfunction in the fan itself or that's just how it runs nbsp nbsp My last question problem that I'm experiencing is with the hinge itself it seems very loose in that whenever I lightly place the laptop on my lap the screen simply falls down it doesn't seem to have any rigidness to it Even when placed on a table for exaple using the touch screen can be quite annoying as it tends to bounce around on my every touch Is there a way I can tighten this nbsp nbsp I figured since I was buying refurbished all the problems would be worked out but it doesn't seem to be that way nbsp Solved View Solution

A:Recently Purchased Refurbished HP Spectre x360 Warranty Cove...

Hi @Aed97? ,Thank you for visiting the HP Forums! A great place where you can find solutions for your issues with help from the community!I came across your post about the Notebook, and wanted to assist you! I would contact the seller as there seems to be an issue with the system. If that does not help, please use the following link to create yourself a case number, then call and it may help speed up the call process:Step 1. Open link: 2. Enter Product number or select to auto detectStep 3. Scroll down to "Still need help? Complete the form to select your contact options"Step 4. Scroll down and click on: HP contact options - click on Get phone numberCase number and phone number appear.They will be happy to assist you immediately. Thanks.
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I wonder if in your country Lenovo guys ask you to wait 45 days for warranty works in service centre.In St.Petersburg, Russia I was asked to wait 45 days cuz spare parts are not available. And it is for really new laptop I just bought.Is it really firm service or home kitchen?I just wanna say Hi for VP in Lenovo company responsible for the customer service  Please let me know your awaiting time. Who give more?

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As soon as I bought the woreless mouse was working well but then without any message it is not being recognized any more. I tried to copy files from a remote Iomega hard disk and at the beginning of the paste it was working well but suddenly stopped there was a message about an error and when I tried to rebegun the task it is not possible any more. Appear that the device is being connected but nothing happens.From a video for other model it was said that I have to reset the computer but I did not find the way in the Spectre x 360 as it seems it is a new model and what was said did not work for my computer.Note that a pendrive is working well to read, copy and save files in the same USB port.Thank you for any help.
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Hello everyone This is my first time posting on these boards and I was hoping someone might be able to give me some tips for troubleshooting an issue that popped up yesterday with my Alienware laptop It is days past it s extended -year warranty and Alienware would only refer me to other services to have it looked at such as a diagnosis for I have been building my own systems for years and years and I m hoping someone out there days Troubleshooting Alienware off (20 3-year Laptop warranty) :( might have some insight into ways i can troubleshoot my laptop so I can hopefully repair it myself and avoid the overpriced quot diagnosis quot fees Here are my specs Aurora m Processor AMD Turion Mobile ML GHz MHz FSB MB L Cache Operating System Office software not included Genuine Windows XP Professional Chassis amp quot WideUXGA x LCD with Clearview Technology - Conspiracy Blue Memory GB Dual Channel DDR SO-DIMM at MHz - x MB System Drive Single Drive Configuration - GB Serial ATA Gb s RPM w NCQ amp amp MB Cache Optical Drive x Dual Layer CD-RW DVD RW w Nero Software Video Graphics Troubleshooting Alienware Laptop (20 days off 3-year warranty) :( Card Dual MB NVidia GeForce Go GS - SLI Enabled Wireless Network Card Internal b g WiFi Card Warranty -Year AlienCare Toll-Free Phone Support w Onsite Service AlienRespawn AlienRespawn v Recovery Kit amp Windows XP Edition What happens is thus When I try to boot up the computer I can hear the fans HDD CD go on but there is nothing on the screen I tried plugging in other monitors to make sure that the onboard monitor hadn t randomly died or that the connection s were loose but I received no video on the additional monitor either When I usually load up the quot power quot button usually glows blue now it blinks orange off and on I don t hear any audio that would signify windows started but since I have a password on my windows log in it might be that it s simply not loading past this point I tried putting in my password to a blank screen and hitting enter but nothing happened My guess is it is either one of my video cards my motherboard or very possibly a HDD issue I m really doubting this last one Does anyone have any idea how I can troubleshoot my issue to help to nail-down what is going on Thank you so so very much for the help -K nbsp

A:Troubleshooting Alienware Laptop (20 days off 3-year warranty) :(
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A year ago this month, June 2015, I PURCHASED a  M3800. I emphasize "purchase" as the laptop wasn't shipped until July 20th.    I have had recurring problems with start up from the get go - Sometimes it would start up, sometimes not.  Often times, removing any USB attachments and/or holding down the power button for 10 seconds resolved it.  While it was on, it worked like a champ. LOVED IT!  By Dec 2015 it died. Contacted Dell support, shipped the M3800 back and within 10 days, received my M3800 with a replacement motherboard.  Well, it's now June 21st, 11 days past my warranty  and guess what? DEAD ... Well, not entirely, the power button LED lights up momentarily when I press it.   I've tried multiple solutions, including removing the battery to eliminate static electricity, and still nothing. Any ideas would be seriously appreciated. Thanks heaps! 

A:M3800 Dead?? Won't Power On - 11 Days AFTER warranty expired

Thank you for writing to us.
Please follow the steps to troubleshooting from below link to isolate the faulty part:
Please private message us the service tag of the system along with your email id.
(Note: please don't mention the service tag or email id on the public forum as it contains your personal information).
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I have HP ENVY ... in warranty but its battery have problem ... battery goes charge and dischrage so fast ... can i replace that battery
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The computer kept giving an error message that something was wrong whenever I tried to wake it up from sleep.I did a restart and a reset with the same results.However, if I remove the battery pack and run on the power supply it operates normally.I do not understand how the battery can affect it this way when, on battery power, the computer came alive enough to give the error message in the first place. Do I need a replacement battery pack?thanks
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I added the battery warranty to my warranty but am not sure what it covers. Does the battery need to literally go dead or does it cover wear and tear where it starts to hold less of a charge? Thanks.

A:Is battery warranty worth it?

I was wondering the same, I believe its a one time sealed battery replacement for any reason (inop, wear & tear)
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hi,my laptop model is dv 2911 tx and it is under warranty so i would like to know whether battery replacement will be covered under warranty or do i have to purchase a new one? Thank you,Ankit

A:Battery replacement under warranty????

It should be, contact HP and ask, they will want you to run a battery test and get a failure code before they will replace it under warranty. USA Any other Country
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my battery recently reported permanent failure, it was under warranty so I contacted Dell support to request a replacement. I've provided all the necessary information and had also ran some diagnostics, the person I was in contact with was happy with all the information provided and informed me that they'll send me a replacement.
Few days later he messaged me the below. I'm not quite sure why they need my whole laptop for this, I'm not really happy to have it collected and kept by them for what I can imagine will be several days if not  weeks. Is this a normal course of action for faulty battery?
"I forgot to tell you that the warranty on the system is Collect and Return, which means we have to collect that system and have that fully diagnosed and checked through our repair team. "

A:Replacement of battery under warranty

It depends on the system you have.  If the battery isn't user-removeable (i.e., it's inside the system rather than easily removed by sliding a latch externally),it's not a user repair and you will need to return the system to the depot for service.
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TPM support in the BIOS avaialble?How to access the Bios? 

A:HP Pavilion x360

Hi EmilLuca, Thank you for visiting the HP Support Forums and Welcome. I have read your thread on your HP Pavilion x360 and you needing to gain access to the BIOS. I do not recommend messing with the BIOS it could brick your system. If upon startup you click F10 and this should get you to the BIOS. Hope this is helpful. Thanks.
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I recently received the HP Pavilion x x360 Pavilion laptop as a gift By the second use it was evident that something was wrong with the touchscreen It will occasionally go berserk and self-activate in which a poltergeist is seemingly tapping my screen incessantly and opening programs windows and files The touch screen animation of little taps across the screen clicks up and down the left side of my entire screen causing the most disturbance when it clicks within the Windows start menu where it clicks open programs etc While this is happening I cannot even control the mousepad as the cursor is incessantly being dragged back to where the touchscreen is being activated In the end I always have to force shut-down and generally I can reuse it for a while maybe like four hours or so before I have to go through the whole cycle again nbsp I have not noticed a pattern yet regarding when it occurs Sometimes it's write when I start the laptop sometimes it's after I've been using it for an hour or so nbsp Tactics I have tried Uninstalling and reinstalling touchscreen driverChecking for updatesRe-Calibrating the touchscreen nbsp Eventually just going into Device Manager and disabling the touchscreen altogether nbsp Here's a video of my HP Touchscreen ghost in action https drive google Pavilion x360 com file d B R-obFJQJotNG YzZkcFpKRjQ view usp sharing
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Hi guys I bought HP Paviion x from Future Shop a month ago At that time I didn't get for Pen 130 x360 Pavilion HP any pen or pen drive software Pen for HP Pavilion 130 x360 So I'm just wondering if it's their mistake or I should buy one If possible I'd like to use one of these pens Lapazz tablet pen stylus pen and a pen for HP tc tablet pc Also I want to use pen pressure for photoshop If I have to buy the pen What pen will fit for my laptop What pen drive do I need to install Do I have to buy both of them can I download a free software from HP website I really need the pen pressure system If I don't need to buy Can I get a digital pen from Futureshop Best Buy I don't know much about Tablet PC and It was first time to buy a laptop by myself Unless Does one of pens on top work on my Pen for HP Pavilion 130 x360 laptop and to use pen pressure I tried to touch the screen with them Only stylus worked Can I use Lapazz tablet pen as a digital pen a stylus

A:Pen for HP Pavilion 130 x360

Unless I'm missing something, this is a touch screen which you use your finger to navigate rather than a mouse.  If you are more comfortable using a mouse you can use a usb type with the laptop.  I personally don't know anyone who uses a stylus on a laptop touch screen.
Just out of curiosity, where did you read that you needed to use a "pressure pen"?
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Hi all, I've recently (October 2016) bought a Pavilion x360 (model 13-0004nl); the internal 5400rpm 1TB disk is extremely slow so would like to upgrade to a SSD disk.I'm not able to find info on this machine and if it can be upgraded to a SSD disk or not, someone have info?Some link to the documentation would be appreciated, thank you in advance. 

A:Pavilion x360 SSD upgrade

Hi, It uses a 2.5" thin HDD, you can upgrade to SSD BUT you need to ask an HP authorized service provider.  Please read a manual called Maintenance and Service Guide on a following link (similar/older machine): Regards.
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Can the HP pavilion x360 13-s120 use an SSD for Windows 10? I have cloned my hard drive to SSD and when I install it says please install an operating system. I have also tried a fresh install of Windows to the SSD and it (and I) cannot find the required drivers. Is there a new BIOS that needs to be installed?  Or is this scenario impossible? I will welcome any suggestions at this point. Thanks
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Hi there,new to forum posting so forgive if in wrong section. Just wondering if HP Pavilion x360 11-u002na has capactive or aes technology, basically I want either a wacom smart 2 in 1 or an adonit pro stylus but not sure if they will work on this device which i'm excited about buying, any ideas please? thanks
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I try to turn on my pc but nothing happens. I pressed down and held the power button but sadly it doesn't work. If anyone know how to solve this, please help.
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The operating system is windows 8.1, I'm unsure of the bit size. The first thing that happened was the screen kept going black, I sent it off and it got fix, was never told what was wrong with it. A few months later it started to freeze up after being on it for a few minutes, I can shut it down and restart it and it does the same thing.
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Searched forums with no luck . Power cord plugged in with white light ,no other lights flashing or blinking . Tryed the hard reset for model with sealed batery (holding power button down) no response. Looking for some model specific answers because standard trobleshooting has been tried and failed . Thanks in advance.
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I wanted to buy a stylus for my HP Pavilion x360 but I don't know what stylus is compatible with my laptop? Model 13-s120nrThanks!
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Hello ! I have choice betwen two models of Pavilion x360 13" : 13-a202nj  13-a201nj The 13-a202nj have a "ssd M.2" and the 13-a201nj have a sata SSHD.  I wanted to know if these two models have the same mother board with a slot M.2 and a slot Sata or if they have two diferents boards one only with M.2 slot and one with only sata slot ?  I also wanted to know if the memory ram is upgradable from 6 to 8 GB ? Thanks !! 

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A:M.2 and Sata on pavilion x360 and ram

Hi,Yes it does have regular SATA slot too.Manual is the same as what I posted in this thread - my first post.Have a great week to you too!RegardsVisruth
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Hi I've read through some other posts but cannot seem to find the definitive answer. Can anyone please advise if they have or recommend an active stylus for HP Pavilion X360 s150sa. Many thanks in advance
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I'm looking to get a stylus for my laptop for taking notes in school, and for just daily use on the touch screen portion of the screen. Woud like to know if anyone else had expierence with stylus' and what the best option for them was. I have the hp pavilion, x360 13" with the i5 processor. Thank you for your feedback.

A:best stylus for hp pavilion x360 13"

Hi, Please check the following discussion: In short, no available stylus supports your requrements. You need an upper class machine such as Envy or Spectre. Regards.
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Hello,Seems that all of the teardown guides I found online are of an older version with the big rubber stoppers. Mine is unfortunately the newer version with the wide u shape stoppers. But ya! I'm trying to install another 4gb of ram and can't figure out how to dissemble it! Help!
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The hard drive failed completly nbsp It belongs to an older couple so they did not create recovery media nbsp I used the support portal and entered the serial number to give me the option to order the correct recovery media for this specific computer nbsp I have done this many times without issue nbsp Following the instructions included leads me to this error The system recovery media does not support this computer media out for Purchased warranty Pavilion of recovery All-in... nbsp You are not able to restore this Purchased recovery media for out of warranty Pavilion All-in... system with Purchased recovery media for out of warranty Pavilion All-in... the media nbsp My question who do I contact to ask what is wrong with the media and if they can send the correct media nbsp nbsp When purchasing it I received an email of confirmation that only gave me links to HP support nbsp When looking at the support information they want to charge me for the call when their media which I just purchased is the problem nbsp I double checked they were provided the correct serials and model numbers by me

A:Purchased recovery media for out of warranty Pavilion All-in...

Brian, I have requested that someone take a look at your request. If HP responds, you will see a Post notice here with specific instructions meant to assist and also keep your private information safe. When you see a Post that helps you,Inspires you, provides fresh insight,Or teaches you something new,Click the "Thumbs Up" on that Post. Fixed / Answered? Click that post Accept as Solution to help others find Answers.
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I just bought my Spectre x360 with Intel i7, RAM 16MB and HD 512GB one week ago and I am seriously thinking to return it because the battery last less than 6 hours also in saver Battery Saver mode running only a web broswer with a video. Furthermore, I tested the battery and it is ok.  Please, any help?, I like the notebook but 6hs is far away of the 14hours as advertised.  Thank you,Guillermo.
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Hi there, I recently purchased a HP Pavilion x360 13-u013na and I would like to purchase a stylus to use with apps such as Wacom Bamboo Paper. Is the HP Active Stylus compatible with my particular laptop model? If not, would a non-active stylus such as the Adonit Jot Pro be suitable? Many thanks, Sophie
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I've had the laptop now for four days The backslash key and for that matter the pipe keys do not work I work in IT and both of these key backslash \ not X360 working Pavilion are bread and butter to what I do Not having them is inconvieient to say the least nbsp I have a UK QWERTY keyboard selected and I'm using UK English language Pavilion X360 backslash \ key not working I've added US English as the language but that makes no difference nbsp I've have seen a post on these forums for a high end HP laptop where HP Pavilion X360 backslash \ key not working apparently suggest these keys are not supported in Windows I know that to be absolute rubbish They worked fine with my Dell which the Pavilion is replacing Why on earth would Microsoft not support the use of a key necessary to type file paths in their operating system Just not credible nbsp I don't think it unreasonable to expect a brand new laptop out of the box to be able to type the characters on the keys provided Usiing a different keyboard as well may provide a work around if it had worked but it's not a solituion you find other keys you want to use like became I am starting to regret spending my cash on an HP nbsp Any practical suggestions will be much appreciated nbsp
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I am looking for detailed instructions on how to upgrade the RAM in the m1-u001dx 11.6" laptop.  I upgraded the hard drive to an SSD variety, but I did not find the memory stick to ugprade the RAM.   The following video and website was helpful for a basic overview, but it appears to be for a different laptop configuration: 

A:HP Pavilion x360 m1-u001dx RAM upgrade

Hi, The manual says Support DDR4?2133 Dual ChannelSupports up to 16?GB maximum on?board system memoryDDR4?2133 Dual Channel Support? 16384 MB (8192 MB 2 pieces)? 12288 MB (8192 MB + 4096 MB)? 8192 MB (4096 MB 2 pieces)? 8192 MB (8192 MB 1)? 6144 MB (2048 MB + 4096 MB)? 4096 MB (4096 MB 1) That means no slots for you to add. Your machine is 001, few other machines from 002 to 099 may have full on-board 16GB Regards.
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I want to ask if the HDMI port of the aforesaid product is of version 2.0 


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A:About the product HP Pavilion x360 - 13-u121tu

Hi, From the guide:    High-definition multimedia interface (HDMI) v.1.4, supporting up to 1080p, 19201080 at 60 Hz Regards.
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Hello everyone.I just bought a Pavilion x360 13-u062na, that comes with a 128gb SSD. I'd want to upgrade to a larger ssd. Reading tech specs, this notebook supports m.2 sdd drive.My question is: do I have to buy a "slim" ssd like this Crucial-MX300-SSD-525-SATA or can I buy a regular 2.5" ssd like this Crucial-MX300-Interno-SATA-525gb? Crucial brand is not essential, I just linked these sdd for example.If both type are compatible, which do you suggest? Which brand has best value for money?Thank everyobdy and sorry for my english.
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Hello! So i've been trying to find a solution to my x360 laptop. Yesterday, while i was typing in microsoft word for some school projects, it suddenly shuts down. I thought it ran out of battery but i perfectly remember it was fully charged! But i did try plugging the AC charger anyway but to no avail, nada... no lights or anything went on. If someone knows a solution, hopefully you can reply. I'm desperate right now and deadlines are next week already so without my laptop i cant do much so, help!!
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Hi,  The auto rotation setting stopped working some time ago and I'm having troubles trying to restore it.Also the keyboard and mouse pad are not automatically locking when the laptop is in tablet mode.  The auto-rotate mode in "Screen resolution" is on.  This message appears when I open the settings bar on the right side of the screen:   Any idea how to change it? The laptop has been fully updated and restarted.  I've already tried all the suggestions from the previous topics.  Any other possible solution? Thank you!

A:auto rotation pavilion 13 x360
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Hi , i have a Hp Pavilion 13.3 " x360 13-s060sa and i want to upgrade the hard drive for an SSD , does anyone know the compatible SSD makes for this notebook. No websites seem to recognise it or have my model on their compatibility list . It must be upgradable since the one up model has an SSD and also other model numbers of the same laptop are supported. Any help and info would be really good, Thank You

A:Hp Pavilion x360 13-s060sa compatible SSD

This laptop has a standard 2.5" drive so any 2.5" SSD will work.
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Hello My laptop doesnt seem to be charging at all even when it is plugged in. The message that I have looked in the power icon says "Plugged in, not charging". I need help to solve this. I bought the laptop in the webstore of HP 8 months ago, so the laptop still have warranty.. By the way, the Product Number is M1W93UA#ABA. Thanks in advance,Alonso.
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Hi experts, just a question: is it possible to upgrade the HP Pavilion x360 11-U002NG to 8 GB RAM?The processor is an INTEL N3710 and should do the work: Another question is, is it possible to upgrade the SATA Hard drive to a SSD drive? I cannot find information about that in the data sheets of this notebook. Thanks in advance, dschajlooh
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whether it is impossible to know what ozhet be a problem in this laptop, it does not want to run, pressing the button activate the fan is started and periodically (every 15 seconds) is stopped and re-started, the screen is black, potential damage to the BIOS, but flash dump the BIOS of this model, I do not found, you can tell where you can find a dump of the BIOS on this model?
Thank you!
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When I am working in Word or OUtlook, as soon as I press ALT, it activates the menu options and I cannot use ALT codes.. Eg: ALT+137 or ALT + 136 Please help!
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I recently just purchased a HP Pavilion x360 11-k101na and on the first day of using it, it restarted by itself twice due to some sort of problem, and it froze once and I couldn't get it to work. I had to hold down to power button to shut it down which I hate doing and upon turning it back on, it just wouldn't. This is only the first day of usage and I'm afriad something is wrong with it. Just wondering if anyone else had these problems or how they can be fixed, or what's even causing them?

A:Pavilion x360 restarting by itself and freezing

If it is brand new and doing this I would call HP Warranty or better yet take it back to where you bought it if you have that option. It is rare, but not impossible to get a laptop with a bad hard drive right out of the box. This will just continue to cause troubles for you.
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Is this model allows RAM upgrade to 8gb and addition of SSD to existing Sata HDD? If possible please give instructions on how to do so and what RAM and SSD model/version would fit in. Thanks
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My  HP Pavilion x360 will only charge when the lid is closed or the computer is in sleep mode. I have tried changing any relevant power settings and have already consulted multiple friends. I'm wondering if there's a hidden setting I have yet to discover The HP assistant check said the battery is OK.  I upgraded from Windows 8.1 to 10 some time ago not sure if there is a link to the problem I saw a thread for the fix for the Windows 8.1 but sure if that will work for Windows 10 tried a few of the videos on you tube  about uninstalling  drivers but they did not help. any clues please

A:Hp pavilion x360 will only charge when the lid is closed or ...

Hi @Odjohnson,  Welcome to the HP Forums!  I noticed your post that your HP Pavilion x360 will only charge when the lid is closed or it is off. I am happy to look into this for you!  Please see the following guides:  Testing and Calibrating the Battery (Windows 10).Battery Does Not Power Notebook or Hold a Charge. If you are able to reach some resolution, please click on Accept Solution. If you appreciate my help, please click on the thumbs up icon. Both icons are below this post. Hope these guides help!
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1.  can 128 GB of m.2 be upgraded in Pavilion x360 13-s128nr ? 2. if yes above, can it take a Samsung 1TB m.2 ?3. I do not see a regular SATA HD slot in mine, can I covert the M.2 connection for  a normal SATA slot?
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HiIs the ram of this laptop upgradeable ie is the onboard ram socketed internally.Hp Pavilion x360 11-k109naP4G19EAThanks tony
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I bought this laptop two days ago and the sound was fine on the first day. Yesterday it was crackling when I watched youtube videos or played games. I have Windows 8.1 and all the drivers are up to date.    Thanks for the help.

A:Crackling sound on Pavilion X360

I'm having the same problem...I took laptop back to the shop and they replaced it but the second laptop is also crackling.Is there a bad batch or is this a kown error?
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My son's says his cooling fan is not working properly. THe computer heats up and shuts off every 30 mins or so.  I want this professionally cleaned or fixed.  Does anyone know how much it would cost HP to do?   Thank you.
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When I try to turn my laptop on, the power button lights up, the fans run for a second, and then ceases. The power light stays on, and a light on the capslock key turns on and off repeatadly. The screen does not turn on at all. I would normally try a hard reset, but it does not have a removable battery. I have tried holding the power button for 15 seconds, but that doesn't do anything different. My laptop isn't included in this list, so I am not sure how else to do a hard reset. Help please! Many thanks

A:HP Pavilion x360 PC 11-n000na will not turn on

I have had no luck finding a hard reset guide for your model. If you are still in warranty I would give HP Support a call.If you live in the US/CA, contact HP info Here. If you live in another part of the world, start here>>Contact HP
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Just purchase the HP Pavilion x360 m3-u003dx it has a 128SSD m.2 i would like to replace it with a  samsung  SSD 850 EVO M.2 500GB MZ-N5E500BW.  I have two question The Samsung SSD 850 EVO M.2 500GB MZ-N5E500BW will this work or is there a better ssd for the X360Price on this is $ 169 What happen to my OS and software the laptop does not have a HD. Only the 128 SSD ? Can i just replace it and the OS and everything is there?  ThanksAny input please

A:Replacing SSD on HP Pavilion x360 m3-u003dx

Hi, From its manual for Storage: Supports M.2 SATASupports optional SATA 2.5?in HDDs (7mm)Single SSD configuration:? M.2 SATA DRAM?less: 128 GBSingle HDD/SSHD configurations:? 1 TB 5400?rpm, 7.2mm? 500 GB 5400?rpm, 7mm SSHD with 8 GB NAND? 500 GB 5400?rpm, 7.2mm No other avaliable options for storage as shown on its manual:    Regards.
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I've had an HP Pavilion x360 for two months now. The other day I tried to connect it to a public wifi network and it wouldn't connect. When I got home, my laptop didn't show any Wi Fi connections available. And my iPhone was connected to the internet and wasn't having any problems. My laptop still isn't showing me any wifi connections even though there are and are working fine with other devices. Please help!!
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Hi, Can I know the max RAM can be supported on HP Pavilion x360 - 13t-s100, thanks. 

A:Maximmum RAM for HP Pavilion x360 - 13t-s100

Please share the link if available.
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My HP Pavilion x360 2 in 1 (brought in February this year) is plugged in but not charging. I can't remove the battery without opening the back panel which I don't want to do. It's plugged directly into  the wall socket with the cable provided with the notebook when it was purchased. Please advise on how to fix the problem. Many thanks

A:HP - Pavilion x360 2 in 1 Plugged in but not Charging

Hello @saxclone, Thank you for visiting the HP Forums! The Forums are a great place where you can find solutions for your issues, with help from the community! I understand that you are having an issue with the notebook not charging, and wanted to assist you! First, try reviewing the following documents, and let me know how it goes:HP Notebook PCs - Battery Does Not Power Notebook or Hold a ChargeHP Notebook PCs - Testing and Calibrating the Battery (Windows 10) Please let me know if this information helps you resolve the issue by marking this post as "Accept as Solution", this will help others easily find the information they may be looking for.  Also, clicking the Thumbs up below is a great way to say thanks! Have a great day!
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I was wondering if the HP Active Stylus Pen is compatible with my laptop model. I have read many different reviews and experiences about the compatibility of this pen for HP convertible notebooks and have only come up with mixed opinions, none of which relate to my model. Please Help, Thank you Paul

A:Active Stylus Pen for HP Pavilion x360

Hi, At this stage, no real active pen / stylus for Pavillion, you have to move up such as Envy or Spectre class machines. Regards.
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Hi folks Upgraded the ram recently from GB to the max GB and now Pavilion upgrade ram x360 11 problem the touchscreen doesn't work Everything else works fine and the machine is much faster than before so at least that part of the operation was a success Double checked all internal connections nothing to note In Device Manager the C HID device is marked as a problem nbsp and it reports that 'this device cannot start Code device returned an invalid HID descriptor' Driver is from but there seems to be no newer version Tried updating uninstalling reinstalling disabling the problem device to no avail I've since updated all nbsp the drivers that have an update available relevant devices or not Pavilion 11 x360 ram upgrade problem Rotation Lock is greyed out and if I do rotate the machine it sometimes gets stuck in portrait mode System info 'Pen and Touch - no pen or touch input is available for this display' I've run out of ideas so I'm hoping that someone here may have a suggestion or two Thanks in advance nbsp

A:Pavilion 11 x360 ram upgrade problem

Try running the hardware device troubleshooter from Microsoft  Five things to try if your touchscreen does not work after an update
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I am trying to find a stylus that is compatible with my touchscreen laptop so i can use it for onenote and things like that. I've tried a few styluses like the surface pen that didnt work and was very unresponsive. My laptop is: HP Pavilion x360 (Model: 13-s060-sa) if anyone knows of or has found a stylus that works with this model i  would be very grateful to know what it is. I was looking at the HP Active Pen but this model wasnt in the compatibility list. Also, does anyone know how to calibrate the screen so it will work better with a stylus?Many thanks!
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I bought my Pavilion x360 from Germany and primarily I use the English language. I managed to change the operating system(Windows) to English, however I am at a loss when it comes to settings because the language is still German, all help related to the laptop is still German! Can anyone help me change this? I dont think its a problem with Microsoft, but with HP laptop language!

A:I need to change language on my HP Pavilion x360

I think you will find the link below helpful.Link:
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I also have a newish pavilion x360. It worked fine for two months but now we have the white light no screen caps lock light blinking problem. From other posts this is quite common. I'm surprised it hasn't been fixed at the factory yet.I need to buy five more notebooks for a small business. The x360 seemed perfect but am now reconsidering. Is there anywhere you can get robustness information for notebooks and laptops?

A:hp pavilion x360 hardware problem

Hi there @nickyrbainbridg,Welcome to the HP Support Forums! It is a great place to find the help you need, both from other users, HP experts and other support personnel. I understand that you are experiencing a blank display and a flashing caps lock LED. I am happy to help you with this. The  flashing LED is a way the system can inform you of an issue preventing the computer from starting properly.The number of flashes in the pattern tell you which part it is that is causing the condition, and depending on what it is gives you an idea of what needs to be done. In actuality the problem is not as common as you believe, although it does happen.  It is the cause that is relevant. Sometimes it is just something that has worked loose inside the system. This could be due to handling, or an accident, it is hard to say. In answer to your question about robustness, it is possible to research that. The types of tests that any device is subjected to depend on the product and normal working conditions it is intended for. When dealing with any electrical device common sense tells us of hazards or things to avoid. In reality, some users still use hardware in ways it was not intended for. The types of specifications you will find are things like operating temperature ranges, battery life and handling, etc. Anyway, back to the flashing LEDs,  please check through this page. It will guide you to the error codes so you can identify the issue. HP Notebook PCs - Computer does not start and the LEDs blink or the computer beeps After that please post what you find, and I will happy to help you with it, or if you prefer, you can always call our technical support at 800-474-6836. If you live outside the US/Canada Region, please click the link below to get the support number for your region.
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I am having the opposite problem then many others. My rotation lock button is greyed out, but rotation is on and i want it off i have tried changing autorotation, enable but it doesn't work. I really hate the screen turning when i lie down on my side. i want to see it normally plz help.

A:Rotation lock for hp pavilion x360

Hi @SwaggerPony, Thank you for visiting the HP Forums!  I have looked into your issue about your HP Pavilion x360 Convertible  and the auto rotate not working correctly. I would make sure all updates have been done on the Notebook first. Restart the Notebook. Here is a link to show you how to configure and disable the screen rotation feature.  In the Device Manager, click the arrow next to Display Adapters. Right-click on Graphics and select Uninstall Driver Software if more than 1 Graphics adapter do 1 at a time.Then restart the Notebook.The Notebook should find and automatically install the updated driver. Please get back to me how this goes. Please click the Thumbs up below to thank me for my efforts!  Thanks
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I just bought this new laptop about 2 months yesterday after shutting it down with the power cable attached,i tried to turn it on again but with no success.the power button lighted up when i pushed it but after few seconds the light went off.the fans,the screen and everything didnt seems to work too.i thought maybe the battery were running low so i left it charging until its full.later when i turn it on again its still the same.pls help me.

A:Hp pavilion x360 wont turn on!

First I would like to ask does the light show up right beside where you charge it(orange when charging white when done charging)? So if we can see if its just a simple problem with your cable, and if it doesnt show a light tell me if the charger works on other laptops.
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I tried to download Deadpool from my xbox video account today, but it would "download" in mere seconds and when I would try to play it, it would give me the error code 0xc00d36c4.Then when I try to stream it, same code.It's frustrating as it streamed yesterday.Please help.
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I recently bought a Pavilion x360 2-in-1 laptop, and I was curious what digital pens and styluses will be compatible with it! Model: m3-u001dx
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I have a faulty 5 month old XPS 13 9350, the laptop is 5 months into a 2 year warranty, the first year is with Dell, the second year is with John Lewis, who we bought it through - we think either the battery has failed, or the motherboard.  The laptop is obviously still under warranty,  If I open the sealed unit to test the battery, and to backup my hard drive will my warranty be voided if I then take it to John Lewis for repair?
I have spoken to John Lewis and they say that if we take it into them, they will send off to Dell for repair and that, due to the Data Protection Act, whatever the problem is with the laptop they will wipe my hard drive??????

A:XPS 13 9350 can I open sealed battery unit under warranty???

Hello!  On most models of computers that Dell sells, they allow you to add or remove parts to suit your needs as long as you do not damage them.  You can find the service manual for your laptop here. As for what John Lewis' policies are I'm not sure as I've never heard of them.  Dell will do testing on the battery and motherboard as well as other components based on your issues when they receive the laptop.
As for data, its always a good idea to back up your hard drive.  There are generic steps that companies take when diagnosing computers and other devices and sometimes that requires reloading the OS and other software components to have a 'clean slate', as such they would wipe your hard drive.
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The battery on my HP Pavillion Laptop will not charge and is likely dead. I have gone through all of the troubleshooting steps including: (1) uninstalling and reinstalling the batterty driver, (2) reverting back to a previous restore point and(3) reinstalling Windows 10.  None of these steps have work so I concluded that the battery is dead. My product is still under warranty but after an hour on this site, I still cannot determine how to get my battery replaced.  Please advise me on where I can request a replacement battery.

A:WARRANTY REPAIR FOR DEAD BATTERY - Cant find instructions on...

Hi, What is your machine ? Please use the following instructions to find out the model/product of your machine:
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Product Name: HPVI04 Notebook batteryUsed in Laptop: HP ENVY 14 Notebook PCBattery life: 15 months Issue:  The battery(HPVI05 NOTEBOOK Battery) stopped working only 14months after purchase. Tried to buy the product online but this product is one of the worst product with 100s of poor reviews and helpless customer service facing the same problem. The customer service is equally bad with hours of waiting time and no solution. Tried to point out the poor feedback given to product but seems Team HP does not bother. Please Help P.S: #product details  #poorcustomerreview
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how can I perform a system check on a built-in (not the external one!!) battery on T450s model? is there a way to get a replacement if I have an excessiv performance loss? The battery is in use for a bit more than one year and I have a 3 year warranty on it.Regardsmarco991
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My new HP Envy x360 is supposed to have a battery life of 9 hours, but it doesn't. When it is fully charged at 100% the time displayed is 4 hours and 30 minutes. That is no where near the full battery life. What is wrong with my battery?

A:HP Envy x360 Battery concern

Granted it does grow from there but the most it has ever grown to is 6 hours and 30 min
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The battery life on the Spectre x360 that I got two months ago is absolutely dissapointing. Running the default installation of Windows, I'm lucky to get 3.5 hours of battery life using the HP Recommended powerplan while browsing the internet on a stable WiFi network. I have been working with this computer for two months now and after two hours I have to plug it in. Is there anything that I can do to fix this issue or would my best bet be to contact HP directly? I bought this laptop solely based off of the claims that it could get up to 12 hours on battery and the fact that I'm lucky to see a third of that is upsetting.
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1. any software or way to get my battery of x360 spectre back to normal again? previously it's like 10 hours online, now it's only like 6 hours online usage.2. any stylus pen I can use or buy n ship to my country to use with this x360 spectre laptop? Indonesian support did a bad job with no reply to me.. help?
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My x360 QHD Spectre has a low battery life in the beginning it has a 7 hour life with medium brightness then it's like 4:30 hours with Battery Saver on mode and I already removed bloatware and I only watch movies on it but when I game it's 2:30 hours (Fan gets loud and laptop gets hot) I'm pretty sure the battery life should be 10 hours
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Hi!  I am also having concerns about my laptop's battery life. It would probably run for a max 5 hours out of the claimed 12 hours battery life. I don't have any applications - besides Microsoft programs and iTunes (NO GAMES). I don't overcharge my laptop, so once it reaches 100%, I unplug straight away. Any solutions out there to improve battery performance?Thanks so much in advance! Sam
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I recently bought my Spectre x360 and overall I am very happy with my purchase. However, I am a bit concerned with battery life. For my version (i7 processor and UHD screen) I am only achieving about 5 hours usage from each charge. I had expected nearer 9 hours from the adverts for the model. Reading messages from other users I seem to find that to achieve nearer 9 hours i should lower screen brightness to about 50%. Surely the main reason for buying a notebook with a UHD-4K screen is for the display to be bright especially when watching videos (Nertflix, iPlayer etc).Any suggestions about improving battery life please
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I bought the Spectre x360 to replace my HP Envy.  The promised 12+ hours of battery life have resulted in only 4 hours.  VERY disappointing since, I've chosen to buy this product over MAC which delivers 10 hours.  I have checked the forum and there is no solution to this and has been going on for at least a year.  Why is HP not delivering?  I spent $1400 for something that was promised and not delivered.  Can anyone help?  Can I send this back and get a refund? I can't find help anywhere.  LK
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This morning I woke up to discover that my HP Spectre x360 does not sit flat on a desk anymore. It appears that the whole underside of the laptop has adopted a convex curvature, and the center of it contacts the desk below. My guess is that the battery is going bad and has expanded. Anyone else having this issue? Is there anything that can be done to fix this?
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I already spoke to my mobile provider and that is not the issue.  I am not able to connect my laptop to my hot spot on my iphone 6 plus phone.  I can connect to the internet from my home wifi but not through the phone.  I tried to update the device manager on the blue tooth rebooted my laptop but it still isn't working.  I am using Windows 10 and desperately need your help as this limits my ability to use this laptop outside of my home. Thanks

A:Help connecting hot spot from iphone to HP Pavilion x360

To connect your iPhone to your computer to convert the data, you must first download and install the iTunes software on your computer.or:connect your iPhone to your computer via Wifi using Air Transfer.Note: To use this feature, your iPhone and your computer must be connected to a network and the Internet. Step 1: You launch the app Air Transfer to the item and select Wi-Fi.Step 2: On the Air Transfer iPhone screen has been opened and an address appeared iPStep 3: Enter the IP address appears on the iPhone screen to the web browser on your computer and start sharing files by: Share notes by adding the Add Memo, add the website address in the Add web site or other files by dragging and dropping the boxes drag & drop files here.Step 4: Check your files on your iPhone and share via computer, iPhone got off quicklySo over here we guide you how to connect your iPhone to your computer via Wifi using Air Transfer, in addition to this application are available on the tool you can see all the files you've shared without using other applications. Ok, You try to see...----------------------------------------Visitors  me: vach tam kinh
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Hi I currently bought this computer and was looking for a stylus pen that was compatible with it.  I dont want to spend money on a pen that wont work right on my computer. Can someone please help! Thank you! yguti3

A:HP Pavilion x360 m3 convertible stylus pen compatibility

Hi, Pavilion x360 is a lower class machine, moving up to Envy class or top class Spectre machine you should be able to find a proper active stylus. Regards.