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Q: user.domain.000

I have about users in two different domains One is AD and the other is NT domain There is one user user.domain.000 who can log in to his computer with the correct domain account and password for the NT domain This allows him to log in but gets the wrong user profile Looking into this I have found that there are two profiles on the computer with the same name user domain amp user domain All attempts to move or delete the user domain folder result in the recreation when that user logs in again I have found where I can modify the registry to point to the profile desired when this user logs on but am weary of making this change because it can cause other apps to fail based on how they are configured when installed I am looking for any kind of suggestions on how to go about fixing this issue of mine Any thoughts or suggestions on what to look for as to why this would happen would also be appreciated Oh yeah the computer is running Win k and it user.domain.000 is in the NT domain There are no other users in this domain that are having this problem at least not yet It does have an antivirus app running that is up to date and ran last night with no issues Thanks in advance for any help nbsp
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Preferred Solution: user.domain.000

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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I bought a R9 270X by XFX. My current specs are:

CPU: AMD A10 7800k (Standard Clock Speeds, Graphics Disabled)
RAM: 4GB (2 sticks, both working)
Motherboard: FM2, Gigabyte
PSU: 500 watt 80+ Cert Silver
HDD: 500GB WD Blue

So the issue is that the R9 card consistenly crashes out of all games no matter if I uninstall the drivers or reinstall them. I have tried removing the drivers through catalyst control center and through application based tools (DisplayDriverUninstaller). Once I uninstall and reinstall, it works, until the computer is restarted and then rinse and repeat.

Is this the card saying it is dying? If so it is a weird way of graphics card dying.
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I am playing around with Server 2012. If I want to have a laptop configured for "at office use" with option to go on site, what would be the best way to do that in order to retain access to shared locations on server that is "at office"?

Should I create a standard windows account unrelated to my domain controller, and have them VPN regardless if they are in office or on site? Or is there a way to have a laptop configured for domain use, where it will still be functional (local computer use) on site outside of the office, even without internet connection (I know you can's VPN without it).


A:Best way to set up local and remote user with Server 2012

Well this is kind of interesting. You can in fact use a domain laptop away from the local network as long as you have logged into int once on the domain so it can cache your password for future log ins. Now comes to the more difficult part of your question's. Accessing files remotely while not online, you can set up what is called offline files. Offline files will give you acess to your files away from domain network. So if you choose to do offline files any changes made to the file while away from the domain controller where you shares are set up will have to be synced once back on the domain network. So if you make changes to lets say docA while off domain network, once you get back to domain network you will have to sync offline files to the server to update any changes you have made. This set up would not require offsite network but can bring problems when syncing once you reconnect on domain. But now lets say you have the same shares and now you have multiple individials with the same access to the shares. Say you make changes to docA and the other person makes changes to docA while offiste. Once you both reconnect and sync to server you could have issues with data such as duplicate information or doc merging. VPN would be the best option for sure....
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I bought a ADSL Modem D-Link 2730U

We are connecting to the Modem via Laptop, PC, Phone,... at the same time.

I want to know how can I monitor network(Receive/Send) for each user who connected to the Modem.

Can I do such thing?
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I have joined a computer (PC1) to a domain control server (2008), and user able to login using their domain user account - although recently I have found out that even though the computer (PC1) do not connect to a server, user still able to access using their domain account.
Is there a way for me to restrict domain account user from accessing the computer (PC1) if they are disconnected from server?
Hope my explanation make sense to you guyz.

Thank in advance

A:Prevening domain user from accessing Computer

Lots to be considered. Joining a domain is intended to give the company admin configuration control of all the company users.
This is normal, expected and even proper for the company to do this.

restrict domain account userClick to expand...

hmm; only the company admin should be able to do this and almost always it is done using some scripts, NOT by loggin into your PC. So - - who is accessing your PC remotely, the admin - - how do you know this occurs?

PCs joined to a domain usually get a replacement for PC Login - - the network form and that creates a link to the domain controller.
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I finally found out why my wireless keyboard didn't work as I mentioned in another thread several months back.
Evidently the USB wifi thingy was in a USB port that didn't work. When I was going thru this thread
I removed it thinking it might be the unknown device.
Anyhow, I've been trying to find the manual for my wireless KB & can't find it.
I'm not sure which number(s) I need. MS PART NO. X820309-001
Serial number or Product ID? Here it is


A:MS Keyboard user manual help

Well, I went here & despite the fact its default language is English, the downloads are in any language BUT.
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I have networked PCs before many times successfully so this is not my first time trying to network PCs in a home environment Though I m wondering if Windows is part of the problem I would have thought that for sure until one of the name credentials bad password? user with unknown even correct failure: or "Logon new laptops running W would not connect to any of the other three PCs Laptops running W Yet these other three W PCs Laptops CAN connect to this laptop Then it gets a little more "Logon failure: unknown user name or bad password? even with correct credentials interesting this same laptop that couldn t connect to those three W PCs Laptops CAN connect to a Windows desktop and a XP Laptop and those two can also connect back to it without issue It s almost like my network is divided in half and only half can talk to each other But then when I thought it couldn t get any more interesting I realized the first three W PCs Laptops can talk to the others it s just that the others W Laptop W Desktop XP Laptop can t talk back to them without getting the error quot Logon failure unknown user name or bad password even though the username and password are correct I don t fully understand this error because on the surface it s just WRONG My username and password are correct but it appears something somewhere is interfering or hijacking the authentication process Three of the computers laptops are brand new just purchased last week and setup this week The HostPC is also fairly new just purchased last month I am not using a HomeGroup and have removed all computers that were part of a HomeGroup I have enabled file sharing and network discovery and enabled Use user accounts and passwords to connect to other computers on all PCs I have DSL and am using the wireless modem provided by my ISP which has router functionality built into it It is a Sagemcom Model F ST N All computers are connected wirelessly Time is correct on all PCs I cannot use Group Policy since they re all Standard or Home edition DHCP is enabled and all computers are on the same subnet using the x range of ip addresses The six computers are as follows I figured this may make is easier to visualize the layout HostPC HP Desktop W PC Name DrsBlend U N DrsBlend p w not showing my real password PC HP Laptop W PC Name DrsBlend- U N DrsBlend P W PC HP Laptop W PC Name DrsBlend- U N DrsBlend P W PC HP Laptop W PC Name DrsBlend- U N DrsBlend P W PC HP Desktop W SP PC Name DrsBlend- U N DrsBlend P W PC Dell Laptop XP SP PC Name DrsBlend- U N DrsBlend P W Every PC stated above has the same user name and password and is logged-in with the username DrsBlend and the password The quot Logon failure unknown user name or bad password happens when trying to access HostPC PC or PC from PC PC or PC The HostPC can see and connect to all the PCs but only PC and PC can talk back or access the HostPC It s like the HostPC and PC and PC are in their own little clique and can talk back and forth to each other Those three PCs can also talk to PC PC and PC as well but PC PC and PC cannot talk back to them HostPC PC PC Profile corruption I would have entertained that thought but the fact the first three PCs can access and talk to one another kind of defeats that idea and the fact the PCs were just recently setup Firewall Disabled and disabled TrendMicro with no change With them on off the first three PCs can still talk to each other and the rest of the PCs Anyone have any additional suggestions nbsp

A:"Logon failure: unknown user name or bad password” even with correct credentials

I experienced a similar problem when I was trying to network my 8.1 machine the host network. As you say the host PC can see and connect to all of the machines, but not the other way around. Not sure if it is the same in your situation but I found that Microsoft's idea of network sharing on the Windows 8 class of OS differs greatly from previous OS's in that you can connect to it from an external host, but when trying to do the other way around it doesn't "see" the PC in question due to differing network sharing protocols included in the OS.

Anyone feel free to correct me if I am wrong, I am speaking only from what happened with my network.
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I have a Dell Inspiron 2200 still running XP that has an administrator account, as well as a guest account (where the important docs I need are stored). It has a faulty DC jack, and I plan on having it recycled due to the fact the repair would cost more than the computer is worth. If I remove the hard drive and put it in a USB housing, would I be able to access the info stored under the guest account without any problems?

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I issue An logins with user have a former company PC Earlier I was attempting to remove the company An issue with user logins domain from it so that I didn t have to An issue with user logins log in as the previous user every time just to get to the desktop So I changed the computer name right click my computer properties computer name I then clicked on Network ID and set to this computer is for An issue with user logins home use and then it went wrong I restarted the computer as instructed and tried to log on as the user as before but it is telling me the password is incorrect The username is correct and so is the password It s clear that whatever I did with the Network ID has caused this I have logged on as administrator but need to access the other user due to the saved files on there etc Can someone help me revert back access that user account from admin Is there a way to completely detach the PC from the previous domain so that it is like a normal home PC with no log in Thank You nbsp

A:An issue with user logins

Administrator account has permission to access files from other users. Just go to the C:/Users section or whatever.
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Hello there, this is my first post here and I do appreciate if someone can help me in this scenario.

I have a DC running Windows server 2008 Standard in the HQ, I have a remote location connected to it through a VPN, some times the connection drops, and this prevent the remote location computers to log in, stops sharing, because there is no authentication from the DC anymore, so users must wait until the connection come alive again, I have a server in the remote location running windows server 2003, with some applications installed on.

what I want to do is to promote this 2003 server to be additional domain to help when the connection to the DC down.

my question is:
is it possible to promote windows server 2003 to be additional domain in server 2008 environment ? and if it is possible - how to do so?

thanks ...
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I have a Windows 7 computer wired into my home network. It has a printer attached to it that I have set to share. I have a windows 7 laptop and an XP laptop. Both 7 machines can see open the shared drives on the XP machine but when I try to access the shared drives of either 7 machine from any of the other machines I am asked to give a User ID and a password. This is a private Home network. I have no passwords set up on any of the machines. I'm trying to set up the printer on the two laptops and I can't access it without the User ID Password window popping up. Does anyone know what the problem is?

A:Home Network asking for user ID and password

This is all normal operation for print/file sharing. If you really want sharing without using passwords (imo a security risk), then you need to google for "anonymous sharing"
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I have a HP Laserjet 4000n PCL6 that is connected to a windows XP in a virtual setting on the domain network. I believe it has a static IP address (because it doesn't have the typical 192.168.100...) number. When I try to add the printer to the local environment in windows 7, I go to the control panel, add a printer, I choose network the printer or a printer attached to another computer, it shows the printer name, and then I choose connect to this printer, but it says I'm missing the .inf file. Anyone know how I can get this working on the windows 7 side?

A:Networking a printer on a domain

.inf file contains the driver information. In the settings on the XP, you can go into printer sharing settings. Maybe you can enable 'hold additional driver files for download' or something. I don't know, I do this via Server 2008 R2 (no idea why you aren't either).
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So we have a server at one of the places I work that is a domain controller and DNS server website domain server controller pointing DNS to of instead address as well as an smtp server The domain is named companyname com The website is you guessed it companyname com Now why they set this up like this I don t know but because they have every now DNS server pointing to domain controller instead of website address and then the DNS server decides to point companyname com to the domain controller and ignore the fact that I have a www Host A record pointing to the web server s external IP address and a record saying DNS server pointing to domain controller instead of website address that DNS server pointing to domain controller instead of website address companyname com should also point to the web server s address The problem seems to stem from that when the server reboots for updates it of course forces the DNS server records to update and it puts an entry in there that contradicts my static records with the domain controller s local address in for companyname com Can I force it NOT to put a certain entry in there or rather not update a certain entry that it has in there Or can I force it to treat my static records as primary I m fairly new to this as I ve not dealt with this issue before and I m out of ideas nbsp

A:DNS server pointing to domain controller instead of website address

Hmm; for the External DNS accessible to the web

create a CNAME for
create another for
each pointing to unique IP addresses
this dns ONLY supports publicly available services; NOTHING internal

the Domain Controller should have a SEPARATE DNS, internal to the LAN, not accessible to the Web.
Internal users configured to -> internal DNS which performs recursive lookup to your ISP's DNS.
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I?ve never had to set the BIOS password, but the kids are growing up and I need to lock access to my PC.

My Bios has two Password Options: Supervisor and User.

The Supervisor password was accepted, and before I attempt to change the BIOS settings, the Supervisor password is asked for.

Then I set the user password.

However, when I boot up the PC, I am not asked for any password and windows loads as usual.

What am I missing?

The BIOS is Award Software International, Inc. F4 HI 07/03/2007

A:Unable to set BIOS user password

Do you have the option mentioned below?

Setting a BIOS Password

Now you'll want to set your system to ask for that password every time it boots, so select the BIOS FEATURES SETUP option, to see a menu something like this:

Fairly obviously, it's the Password Check option we're interested in, so select it and change the setting to ALWAYS.

etc....Click to expand...
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My server is a domain controller thus i cannot add users with admin rights and so i cannot use lusrmgr.msc to add or change... i've added the user i want =active directory>users> and added the user and set it to admin..but when loged onto does not have the admin rights... learned that this was becuiase it was a domain controller

A:Add users to domain controller server

Correct, the DC admin has the keys to the kingdom and can create a user-id with/without admin privs.

Unless the admin is your very best friend, I would expect exactly what you are reporting.
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Hey guys every time i restart my laptop it wipes all the user profiles, leaves one and wipes all the custom settings on that profile. I have no idea and any help would be greatly appreciated

Thanks again

A:User profiles deleted on start up

This might be caused by a virus or other malware infection, a corrupt hard drive or Windows itself is corrupt... Can you do a destructive laptop restore? This is a way that the laptop is put back just like it was when you turned it on when you first bought it
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In our network we have many remote sites. We are currently all WinXP Pro but are starting to transition to Windows 7 (64-bit) when we cycle PCs out.

We have been using RealVNC for years instead of RDP because RealVNC allows shared control of the PC between you and the local user (ie: "Show me what you are talking about"). I've tried Tight (which leaves lots remnants after uninstalling), Real (simply does not work unless you buy the Enterprise version, for ~800 computers that just isn't going to work) and Ultra (works, but randomly resets its options and closes down once you log out of a profile).

Is there a way to allow shared control during RDP? If not, is there another VNC-ish program I can try (freeware) that's as reliable as RealVNC has been under XP?
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Hello everybody, I have a home network with about 3 computer connected. I am using a laptop and when ever I use the net view command in cmd, I can only view my laptop. Why can't I see the other 2 computer?

All the computer have Win. 7 Home Premium Installed. Is there a way to send messages to those computers within the network, without the use of 3rd party applications... Perhaps by cmd?

I know you can, but I am unsure how.

A:Net view/net user


C:\Documents and Settings\Jeff>net view $SYSTEM_NAME
Shared resources at $SYSTEM_NAME

Share name Type Used as Comment
Italy-1 Disk
Italy-2 Disk
RealEstate Disk
SharedDocs Disk
The command completed successfully.

C:\Documents and Settings\Jeff>net view emac
Shared resources at emac

Mac OS X

Share name Type Used as Comment
homes Disk User Home Directories
i860 Print Canon i860
jeff Disk User Home Directories
MP470 series Print Canon MP470 series
The command completed successfully.
It should be clear that NET VIEW SYSTEM is dependent upon getting Print/File Sharing working correctly.

C:\Documents and Settings\Jeff>[B]net user jeff[/B]
User name Jeff
Full Name Jeff
Comment primary user(LUA)
User's comment
Country code 000 (System Default)
Account active Yes
Account expires Never

blah blah ...

Workstations allowed All
Logon script
User profile
Home directory
Last logon 9/2/2011 10:55 AM

Logon hours allowed All

Local Group Memberships *Users
Global Group memberships *None
The command completed successfully.

Would appear to be Policy settings for the user
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Okay here is the story My laptop has a ton of valuable information on it recently my Norton protection ran out and was unable to renew it Well somebody hacked my system and now I have a ton of viruses trojans and malware So I was still able to use my Copy to drive external profile user entire hard PC for internet usage and my music still played in Windows Media Player So all in all my laptop still worked Now today I go to turn on my laptop and it will not boot up at all I can t even system restore or repair it with windows repair However I do need to back up my files and since my hard drive is what is wrong in the first place I think it might be better instead of copying the entire hard drive to my terabyte external hard drive if it would make more sense just to copy my entire user profile onto my external I am wondering if this is possible i have heard of LiveCD s and Parted Magic from this forum But I am wondering if I can just back up all of my files that way If I can back up all of my files like that I might save money instead of taking to a repairman and just fix it myself So is it possible to copy and back-up the entire user profile of a laptop that will not boot up to an external hard drive Basically I want to copy the entire contents of my User Profile on Vista onto an external drive so I can use my reboot CD to reboot my laptop without losing any of my files and folders or Copy entire user profile to external hard drive anything for that Copy entire user profile to external hard drive matter I figure the best way to do that would be to copy the user profile so all the contents of that profile would go onto my external Then I reboot my computer and put Copy entire user profile to external hard drive the User Profile back on Simple nbsp

A:Copy entire user profile to external hard drive

Have you tried a repair install? If that is possible that will leave your files intact.. It is a good idea to back on a regular basis anyway.

The other possibility is connecting your hard drive as a slave drive on another pc.

If the repair install is not possible there are a number of ways using boot cd's to access your data.

Here is one solution that is free and should do what you want
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There are some Japanese flash game websites on a domain called I can access some but not others, getting a timeout error.

I can't get to and . I can get to and . I've pinged all four and get very similar results - I know 'similar' is not 'exact' but I am not techy enough to read/understand ping results.

A possibly relevant pair of messages I get from pinging via are
- The destination appears to block unwanted UDP packets.
- There appears to be a firewall at <ip address> (hop 1) that blocks unwanted TCP packets.

Both my windows xp and my ubuntu box have the same problem, so it's not a hosts file issue or a system based blocking software. Might be my router?

Thank you...

A:Can't access some websites -- same domain different subdomain

fallinghawks said:

There are some Japanese flash game websites on a domain called I can access some but not others, getting a timeout error.

I can't get to and . I can get to and . I've pinged all four and get very similar results - I know 'similar' is not 'exact' but I am not techy enough to read/understand ping results.

A possibly relevant pair of messages I get from pinging via are
- The destination appears to block unwanted UDP packets.
- There appears to be a firewall at <ip address> (hop 1) that blocks unwanted TCP packets.

Both my windows xp and my ubuntu box have the same problem, so it's not a hosts file issue or a system based blocking software. Might be my router?

Thank you...Click to expand...

Might I ask what browser you are using? Using my Google Chrome, I can access &
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I have a Dell Windows Small Business Server WIN k SBS that has been running smoothly for nearly years I also have a NAS device that is on the network and is set up as workgroup device Up until last week I could browse under My Network Places-Entire Network-Microsoft Windows Network and it would list both my Domain Controller network and also the workgroup Now it only shows my Domain Controller network HOWEVER - if I do a manual search on My Network Places for the workgroup it finds have invisible become Workgroups All Win2k SBS Network Domain on it and I can access it and all of its resources The workgroup name then appears in the tree but if I click on the All Workgroups have become invisible on Win2k SBS Domain Network workgroup name I get quot Workgroup is not accessible The list of servers for this workgroup is not currently available quot Thus it seems that the workgroups are fully functional just invisible All Workgroups have become invisible on Win2k SBS Domain Network I have done the following PRIOR to having this problem Installed Microsoft All Workgroups have become invisible on Win2k SBS Domain Network iSCSI Initiator on the Server then uninstalled it couldn t get it to work right New IPSEC errors have since appeared in Event Viewer on server bootup - Event Type Error Event Source IPSEC Event Category None Event ID Date Time PM User N A Computer SERVER Description Unable to allocate required resources Initialization failed Data T b c Event Type Error Event Source Service Control Manager Event Category None Event ID Date Time PM User N A Computer SERVER Description The following boot-start or system-start driver s failed to load IPSEC However according to Services IPSEC is actually running It appears the errors occurred after I uninstalled the iSCSI Initiator based on the System event log I checked a multitude of settings on the server see winhlp com wxnet htm Everything appears to be correct The Server is the master browser all the required services are running INCLUDING IPSEC etc nbsp
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I have a lynksis wrt400n wireless router. I noticed today that there is a user named 'scotty-PC' in my network.

I do have it password protected.

I'm thinking the easiest way would be to shut off the wireless if that is possible. My wife and I are both hardwired into the router anyways.

How do I go about shutting off the wireless signal from the router?

Thank you in advance!

A:Need help with unknown user in my network

use your browser to reconfig the router - - use the IP address as a URL
login: leave user name empty, password is admin
(obviously this needs to be changed too - - read on)

the Users Guide is here

Option one would be to DISABLE the radio - - read thru to find that

Option two would be to use WiFi Mac Filtering; -- pg 14
This option will allows ONLY defined systems access, so set a dummy, like the MAC
address of your wired NIC

Before you quit, DISABLE remote management on port 8080
and CHANGE that admin password
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I ll try to shorten this some I was having some problems that I determined were either caused by the hard drive corrupted WinXP Media Version or my RAM I ran MEM Test user paste Can't switch copy can't and and it failed so I replaced the RAM with one G Can't switch user can't copy and paste stick That solved several issues I still had an issue with switching users I had the computer set up for users with myself as the admin My partition is that what it s called works just fine but if I log into one of the other three it will not allow shutdown restart log off or change user It forces me to do a hard shutdown I decided that my OS may be corrupted so I took the opportunity to install a bigger faster HD and installed WinXP Pro The problem did not go away This doesn t make sense to me What else could cause this I also have a new problem Sometimes the copy and paste feature will just quit working It seems to copy but then the Paste will not quot light up quot when I right click in the program I want to use Could this be driver related nbsp

A:Can't switch user can't copy and paste

It's possible that the group policy is keeping the regular users from doing things like log off, or shutdown. You may want to check what the settings are or put all those users into a single group and give them the proper permissions to do whatever you want.
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I am trying to set up company laptops to the domain I get the error Computer Name Changes A domain controller for the domain rege local could not be contacted Ensure that the domain name is typed correctly If the name is correct see details for troubleshooting does Domain see Laptop not information Details Note this is intended for a network administrator lt snip gt The error was quot DNS name does not exist quot error code x b RCODE Name Error The query was for the SRV record for the Ldap tcp dc msdcs rege local Laptop does not see Domain Common causes of this error include the following -The DNS SRV is not registered int he DNS One of more of the following zones do not include delegation to its child zone rege local local the root zone Facts I can Ping the server I can use the internet which is managed by the server I enabled NETBios The ipconfig of the laptop looks Laptop does not see Domain right to me This is an issue on laptops all laptops I mirrored months ago but now have to set up for the domain of the office These are all TRUECRYPTed laptops and work fine save for I can not set them up for the domain The other laptops not mirrored work fine see the domain and are happy These too are TRUECRYPTed laptops nbsp

A:Laptop does not see Domain

Self Bump.

When I ipconfig/all these quirky laptops Primary DNS suffix is blank -- I assume that is cause its not seeing the domain. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

A bit about my agency. We are a non-profit Mental Health Housing and Support agency. I am very stingy with my limited budget and try to use boards and forums before I call in the real egghead. (I am A+ and Network certified but don't claim to know everything)
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What is the difference between the words network, work group and domain?

A:What is a "domain"?

From Microsoft:

Workgroups compared with domains

A domain is a group of accounts and network resources that share a common directory database and set of security policies, and might have security relationships with other domains. A workgroup is a more basic grouping, intended only to help users find objects such as printers and shared folders within that group. Domains are the recommended choice for all networks except very small ones with few users.

In a workgroup, users might have to remember multiple passwords, one for each network resource. (In addition, different users can use different passwords for each resource.) In a domain, passwords and permissions are simpler to keep track of, because a domain has a single, centralized database of user accounts, permissions, and other network details. The information in this database is replicated automatically among domain controllers. You determine which servers are domain controllers and which are simply members of the domain. You can determine these roles not only during Setup but afterward.

Domains, and the Active Directory directory system of which they are a part, provide many options for making resources easily available to users while maintaining good monitoring and security. For more information, see Active Directory.
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We just setup a wireless network using a home wireless router. However no one can login to there domain account, probably because you need to login to Windows and enter the password to connect to the wireless network. What's the best way to resolve this problem?

A:How to login to a domain through wireless Internet?

That question has multiple issues.

1) at home, we seldomly use a DOMAIN; we use workgroups. An XP/Home system can only use the workgroup. Unless you have a Windows Server 2000,2003, or 2008 - -
you can only use workgroups.

2) the computer WiFi connects to your WiFi router, not a domain NOR a workgroup.
Connecting to the router should be possible using the Wireless Network Setup tool in the Controls. (it needs the service Wireless Zero Configuration to be running).
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can you create a domain for at home for use with vista basic and windows 7 ultimate

A:Home domain

Home systems normally use WORKGROUPS, and not a Domain - - a real Domain Controller(DC) requires a Windows Server {2000, 2003, 2008}, another system to run it and lots of $$$$

Most of us never need a DC - - why do you think you need a Domain?
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Ok so I work in a small office and I have a networked printer that takes user numbers for passwords to print. This way we can keep track of print jobs and charge the employees accordingly. This user # is setup thru printer preferences. Normally only one user # is required for each computer as each employee has their own computer. Well there are two open computers at my office that anyone can use, these two have their own user #'s.


What i'd like to do is set it up so these open computers prompt for a user number before being able to print instead of having a user # saved under the preferences. Is this possible?

Relevant information:

Computers - Windows Xp Pro sp3
Server - Windows server 2003
Printer - Sharp Mx-6200N

Thank for any help regarding this situation.

A:Prompting for user # on a network printer

hmm; this is a commercial Charge Back process. Home users would hardly ever need or want
something like this.
I would think you would find such options in the software you are using to capture the user#,
likely on your Domain Controller ...
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What software to use, user friendly. Take *.avi movie covert and burn it so it will play on a dvd with a splash screen (menu) title to play movie and title(2) to include a small video clip of myself including a a message.

Was trying to use DeVeDe but I am having trouble with title 2 being authoritative with my video and both titles go straight to the movie. DeveDe is for Ubuntu but let me know of software for ubuntu or windows xp

A:User friendly video to dvd with menu

Rather use a windows xp app anyways and I am sure, much more. ubuntu machine not as powerful for decoding videos, or this devede program, audio came out of sync and still had the title allocation issue. I really want to get my video message in the dvd menu.

thanks !
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Hi all,

Well the message was not clear, but here is the problem I am having.

I own a Acer Aspire 5920G and I accidentally spilled water onto it, was not a lot and thankfully my laptop lived. However, there is only one slight problem. My Keyboard is malfunctioning, as it is typing random stuff and doing random things. Not like a backdoor. It goes like "eeeeewwwwwwwwwwwwwxxxxxffffggggghhhhh" it somtimes backspaces and does random inputs. I don't know what's going on and I hope someone here can help me solve this problem.

*Note I think it's a problem within the computer because the keys are not sticky and I can still type but not with all the kets.*

A:Help! Keyboard Inputting into Laptop without User!


laptop keyboards are delicate at the best of times, any liquid spilt into it will dry and cause this issue,

you can use an external keyboard and see if it does this, you will have to remove the keyboard from the laptop, this is usually done by removing some screws and then undoing the ribbon connector from the board, or by unclipping the keyboard from the housing and disconnecting the ribbon cable.

keyboard go for about 15 on ebay dependant on who is selling it, dont try and repair it you will be wasting your time.

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Hi all,

Well the message was not clear, but here is the problem I am having.

I own a Acer Aspire 5920G and I accidentally spilled water onto it, was not a lot and thankfully my laptop lived. However, there is only one slight problem. My Keyboard is malfunctioning, as it is typing random stuff and doing random things. Not like a backdoor. It goes like "eeeeewwwwwwwwwwwwwxxxxxffffggggghhhhh" it somtimes backspaces and does random inputs. I don't know what's going on and I hope someone here can help me solve this problem.

*Note I think it's a problem within the computer because the keys are not sticky and I can still type but not with all the kets.*

A:Help! Keyboard Inputting into Laptop without User!

Probably your notebook's keyboard shorted out when you spilled water on it.

I would advise you to leave your notebook alone for few days to dry out completely and see if the shorting sorts itself out. Otherwise, you may end up having to replace the keyboard; for which you'll be better off consulting an technician.
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Hi I tried to search before I posted my below thread I found below relevant threads but I could not extract the proper answer for my question http serverfault com questions sharing-a-network-attached-scanner http for users share CLX-6210FX scanner MFP Samsung domain Colour laser www askmehelpdesk com scanners Samsung Colour laser MFP CLX-6210FX share scanner for domain users share-scanner-network- html http superuser com questions any-way-to-share-the-scanner-of-a-multi-function-printer http www experts-exchange com Hardware Peripherals Scanners Q html Today I have installed a Samsung Colour laser MFP CLX- FX on an Active directory win I shared this printer and ticked option List in the directory I have got no problem for the domains users to install the printer On the server I have got this utility please see below snapshot that help me to scan if I want to scan http i tinypic com r eclh jpg Now how can I share the scanner means how can a domain user scan a document from his her PC directly because he she does not have the utility above installed on his her PC What I had done in past with Samsung Colour laser MFP CLX-6210FX share scanner for domain users HP all in one I forgot the model I installed a software from the HP CD on each client PC he she would be able to scan from his her PC I but it was not AD environment it was normal LAN between multiple XP Do I need to do same thing with Samsung to be able to scan Do I need to install the software for Samsung on each client PC win XP Sp to accomplish this task My second question setting of the printer is in Grayscale how can I let one not all of them user domain to be able to print in a colour beside back and white Thanks nbsp
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Hi I have setup a VPN connection between buildings using draytek routers a draytek vigor at the main site with profiles for the other buildings to dial in the server is at the main site at the other buildings I have draytek vigor routers which are setup to dial out to the main router So the Domain connection VPN LAN to LAN is setup and i can now type and browse the server from the other sites after messing with firewall etc but the main question is Is there any way I can setup a pc from one of the other buildings to log onto the domain VPN Domain connection asif it was actually in the building i e when the computer starts up I log onto the domain as a user instead of locally and then browsing the files Sorry if there is anything missing other details The server is at the main site server R sbs all other computers are on Windows XP Pro SP the buildings are within mile of eachother not that that has any impact the main site is ip range the nd site is ip range and the rd is Thanks in advance Joe nbsp
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Exactly what do we mean when we hear/use the term "Domain Controller"? What sort of services run Exactly what do we mean when we hear/use the term "Domain Controller"? What sort of services run on the server that is designated as the Domain Controller? Is this the server on which DHCP and DNS and maybe some other services also run? What are the minimum specs for a Domain Controller server for say 30 - 50 users and would the standard version of Windows 2003 be sufficient for this?

Can we have more than 1 servers in an organization but only 1 of those designated as the domain controller? And last question: Can we have MS-Exchange running on the domain controller?

I know I have asked many questions in 1 post but will be grateful for a reply.


A:Trying to understand a Domain Controller

Let me google that for you:

Google is your friend
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A user has been using her laptop for several years and uses Outlook for her POP3 email.
When we installed a server and joined her laptop to the domain she was unable to see her email without logging out of the server and logging back into her local account.
How do I let her domain profile be the same as her local profile?

A:User loses access to outlook email after being joined to domain

You can't, it's considered as a different user. Just take the settings from Outlook and import them into the other account name.
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Ive got an Acer 7250g and it was working fine until today.When i turn it on i get "User profile service failed the logon" i cant sign in or do anything-help please.

A:User profile service failed the logon

Welcome to Techspot
If you haven't already done so, this may be a grat place to start and get the 'feel' of this forum,
The following link may help solve your login problem,
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Our school is moving from a Workgroup setup to a Domain (Active Directory.) I'm having a problem though. When I set up new users all of their local settings disappear. So now I'm looking for an easy way to migrate User Profiles from the Local User to the new active directory user. I know microsoft has the Active Directory Migration Tool but is that truly the BEST way to do it?? The guide is like 100000 pages long so I'm not even sure if I want to go that route. Thanks in advance guys.
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hi all i'm new here so be patient and gentle pls.

my question is can i read a report or log file that will tell me how long users have been logged into my server. i run sbs2003 and have some users on remote access via vpn, does the monitoring on the system allow me to view log in times for each user and how long they are logged in.
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Hello; I was hoping someone could help me clear things out for me. I would like to add a domain to act as a backup domain controller in case PDC fails. I have read that I would have to add another domain since there is no BDC in win2003. So after I add a domain to an existing forest how does the fail over works? The second domain controller will be at a remote site. Is there a change I have to make in the router to broadcast or simply point to this new DC from DNS?

thanks for your help.
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I've had a couple of complaints from a user where I work who cannot login wirelessly using their laptop. They can however logon fine if they plugin an ethernet cable. Once they have logged in, they can use the wireless connection just fine.

What might cause this? I'm struggling to troubleshoot it.


A:User cannot logon wirelessly

You must be in a Domain/Networked login environment as WiFi vs wired networking is not germane to user login otherwise.

I think you're in a catch-22; you need the network to login but need login to access the network.

Fix the GPO policy for WiFi users to allow local login to the machine.
This will give the ability to then MAP drives to the infrastructure using the WiFi connection.
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i was wondering how to get rid of user accounts.the computer im about to get has 3 accounts hogin up the drive so i went into safe mode and change the pass cus i couldnt find how to delete them and that didnt work either.plz help and i thank you all for your previous help that i will be needing.

A:How to delete user accounts

Click Start
Click Control Panel
In Control Panel Window click User Accounts
In the user accounts window click the account that you want to delete
Click delete the account.
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I've got about 15 users who need to be migrated from an old domain to a new domain (company acquisition) on their existing laptops. They want to keep all the normal stuff, My Documents, Desktop, Favorites... but they will be changing email servers.

I've been told to use the Windows File and Settings Transfer Wizard, but I can't get it to work effectively, if at all. Is this the correct tool to accomplish the migration, or is there something else I should be doing?

Thanks all,

A:Migrating to new domain (Profile migration)

I don't think so. The Profile Migration tool moves a users documents/settings from
one client system to another client system.

The Email settings are there too, but you're moving too much; you only need to edit the settings.

In a Domain Controller / Exchange Srvr environment, you may need to move the
server-side user data, but I'm not sure that the Migration tool addresses that at all.
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Hi I have a domain local and about xp machines on the domain Everything was working fine for years and all of a sudden we have or machines that log onto the domain but after about or minutes they literally hang You can t do anything The only thing that works is going XP on hangs logs ok but then domain to to system restore through safe mode However after a XP logs on ok to domain but then hangs day or so the whole thing happens again No matter how far you go back into the history of the restore points No changes have been made whatsoever the other odd machines are working just fine but these are a mistery One girl claimed that it happened after she installed a java update but all the others have updated as well not just her All machines are up to date with their windows updates I just can t get my head around this one Any ideas One of the machines have been restored back to factory settings and it the problem re-occurred within a few days The others I haven t bothered restoring yet Server is SBS with SQL but no exchange running on it I only has user data which is quite small and a SQL database that points to a snap server Snap server is working fine thousands of files are retrieved from it nearly instantly that is how fast the network is We have a sonicwall with antispam and antivirus we also have another anti virus at network level Everything has been scanned Help Thanks GlitzyGirl nbsp

A:XP logs on ok to domain but then hangs


They hang while logging on to the domain or do they hang when logged on and at desktop,

if you log on as a local machine does it still hang.

Are the disks in good condition, do they use the same type of NIC.

I did a google on XP hangs joining domain and got a lot of hits on the query maybe one of them relates to your issue.

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Im in an office where by we are around 10-20 users on the not the network administrator, but i would like to know a way i would block a user from downloading because it really slows us down ...any advice?

A:How to stop a user from downloading on a LAN

yes, well i think go to and figure ur self threw its really easy
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I am having problems remotley administering my domain. I am using a vista computer to administer my domain remotely. When I try to open the domain users and computers appalet I get the message that says " naming information can not be located ...". I know that DNS is running (maybe not correctly) and that my computer logged on to the domain. DNS is the only thing that I can think as the problem. I can log onto OWA by typing in the ip address but I can not use the admin tools. Please help

Thank You

A:Can not connect to the server 2003 domain from the vista client

Well, how about fixing the DNS? Without working DNS, you can pretty much forget about doing anything with AD.
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Hi guys,
i would like your opinions on which brand of routers do you think is the best and most user-friendly to use. By user-friendly i mean that it is easy to configure and there are sufficient step-by-step instructions on the manual to help you set up a successful connection.

I have been using a Planet XRT-401C and i highly advise you NOT to use it. There's simply insufficient instructions given on the manual on how to configure it. I also keep having connection issues (limited connectivity) when connecting 2 of my PCs using this router.

Looking forward to hearing your opinions!

A:The best and most user-friendly router to use?

Cisco is the best, but expensive
Netgear is very easy.
LinkSys and DLink are relatively easy and offer more downloads and install help online than most others.
Consider the LinkSys WRT330N, or the DLink Router which includes wireless, which is a dream to setup.
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We have a new user that has returned, she is at a remote location, so she logs on via Terminal Services. If we log into the Terminal Server as her from the home office we cannot access the network program, and she cannot from her remote location, either. If we log on as her on one of the computers here at the home office, we can access the program just fine. If we log into the Terminal Server as ourself, we can open the program. We just tried deleting the user and recreating it, and there was no change. Anyone have any suggestions?

A:New User on Terminal Services cannot open network program

What is your network, and who is your provider?
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Well, I brought my laptop into class (I'm in a Network+ class which I started a month ago. I already have my A+) and I joined the domain there. I join it but I had to leave before I had the chance to disjoin there so I get home and I try to disjoin and I get an error message stating "The specified module could not be found." I'm probably just making some stupid mistake. I have a Dell Inspiron 1501 with Windows XP SP2. Thanks in advance for the help.

A:Having trouble disjoining a domain

If this is a wireless network you need to remove the profile. Go to Control Panel > Network connections > local area connection: wireless connection #? > view wireless networks.
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I have an HP 4050 printer, that is a local printer on a station, and one of my other computers that prints to that printer, their tray 3 says Not Available. Can someone please tell me how I can fix that, so they can print to the 3rd tray. I know I have recently done this on another computer for a Network HP 4050 printer, but I don't remember what I did, I just kind of happened upon the fix. Thanks.

A:HP4050 shared printer, one user cannot see tray 3

If each user has access rights, have you clicked in the advanced tab under properties and made sure tray 3 IS available?
You have to do this on each users setup.
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I am a great example of how a little learning is a dangerous thing After a disasterous Acer laptop purchase boooo I inherited a custom build Czech desktop I live abroad After dealing with a particularly nasty virus I decided to attempt a little clean-up Notice to s Don t do this For the last three days I have been researching how I managed to remove the sound from the machine My User Idiocy? Driver? of Lack - Audio Card? research shows Lack of Audio - Driver? Card? User Idiocy? that I am not alone but a hundred tech websites later and countless downloads later I am ready to eat my humble pie and admit I need professional help I run Windows Professional Aida reports I have nothing under Multimedia- gt Windows Audio PCI device is Intel BA M ICH AC Audio Controller B- My device manager insists that Windows has found new hardware and would like to update Multimedia Audio Controller but can never find any hardware to do the deed The device manager also indicates the yellow exclamation point over the controller as well as a question mark icon for the PCI device Now I know I have a sound card because I had sound before I attempted this disaster Removing the cover of the CPU yielded nothing certain I have downloaded Belarc Aida and DriverScan among others to isolate the information I need I m still clueless Now you see how dangerous I am Please stop me before I do something even worse As a night time addict to old-time radio streams this silence is killing me Sadly and soundlessly yours Lucien Holmes Hluboka nad Vltavou Czech Republic nbsp

A:Lack of Audio - Driver? Card? User Idiocy?

You don't have a sound card, you need the driver for your on-board audio.
Look here:

By reading this link you may be better off buying a sound card:
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I have over 50 computers most which are under a workgroup with access to the internet. This is becoming a problem as more computers are being added to the workgroup. Thus, I decided to implement all PCs into one domain. I ordered some books/videos to help me plan this out. Meanwhile, as I wait for these to arrive, I was hoping you knowledgeable and experienced users here at TechSpot could help me. I have purchased Windows Server 2000 & an Exchange Server.

Primary Goals

1. Access any computer on the network via Remote Desktop Connection
2. Perform remote installations across the network using RIS (Remote Installation Services)
3. Perhaps use SysPrep (Is there a better method?) to clone computers already setup with all programs installed.

A:Creating a Domain

You will have to implement Active Directory and setup users/passwords and optionally groups. When you install Windows server you will be asked what role you want the server to take and at this point is where you set up your domain. You can also promote it later if you decide to make it a stand alone server. You dont need a domain to do the things you mentioned.. As for the remote access look at, it free/cheap and works great.. For the remote installations there are a number of products that do that.. As for the cloning of computers that would work if you have all the same hardware.. I would recommend Acronis True Image.. Domains offer greatly increased security and if thats what you need, great..
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I have replaced an NT primary domain controller with a server I still have an Nt server as an application server and NT server 4 Domain in accessing 2003 a as a Backup Domain Controller It has been running fine until I add a new user that was never in the old domain Any new users that get added cannot authenticate to the NT server All the previous users were already in the accessing NT 4 server in a 2003 Domain BDC when I change over I cannot figure out why I can authenticate as Administrator and any old users I have sp a loaded someone said this would help and have even added the new users to the Domain Admin group but still nothing I cannot upgrade the Nt server as the application is an ERP system that is run throughout the company and I am told will not be supported in anything other than the NT environment If I add users on the NT first it updates the PDC just fine but I still can t access the shares Any Ideas Rdb nbsp

A:accessing NT 4 server in a 2003 Domain

Try demoting the NT4 server so it is no longer a DC and integrating it through DNS into your network.

Because your NT4 server is PDC, there is alot to do in order to keep the NT4 server as a DC and integrate it into a Server 2003 Schema AD network.
It is really not worth doing to be honest! Your NT4 server should run fine as a server, but not as a DC within your Server 2003 environment.
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Ive had Bt wireless broadband for quite some time now and ive recently been meaning to create a website on my hobbies etc. Ive heard that in some packages BT provide free web hosting space and a domain in some.

Is this true?

Thanks in advance.

A:Do i get free web hosting space and domain with bt broadband?

You should find the answers to your questions HERE.

Regards Howard
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I have installed server 2003 on a small network and created a domain that is the same as the public domain name (ie the companies website).

This is now causing a problem because when i type in the public address (for example it is trying to resolve it locally - because the local domain name is also

Does anyone know if there is a way to get round this problem?

Many thanks in advance


A:problem with the local network having the same domain name as the public network

add 'local.' to the internal domain or change it altogether.

Your public domain should not have any connection into your private infrastructure,
but you may have references from private->public; not very common.
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Someone please help!

I volunteer at a local school and over this past summer we installed a new server changing from Novell to Windows. All seemed to go well for the first few months, but recently the systems have started to display the standard domain not found message. This is a random thing. You can log in 100 times and it might happen 20 or 25 times. Immediately after it happens you can try to log in again and chances are you will get in. But maybe not. It might take you 5 or 6 attempts.

This problem is not limited to any one system.

This problem never occurs for administrator, only student logins.

I can't give all students admin rights.

Did we miss a setting?


A:domain not found message

The domain or the connection is simply too busy, or too poorly designed. Can't you chose a couple of alternate sites?.
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Here is the found connect account Windows domain cannot (2003) to not back story I am at a school with a NT domain server We bought a new SP server We have two IP ranges Our old configuration had static IP address with DNS servers located at the Windows cannot connect to domain (2003) account not found district that was referenced in the TCP IP properties I set up the new server with roles It has an Active Directory It is a DHCP server I have machines The DHCP has a superscope with scopes within the superscope Each scope has a range of IP address and the exceptions for the server printers et cetera It also is a DNS server that quot listens to all IP addresses quot instead of listen to the quot following IP addresses quot However on the listen to the following IP addresses I put in it s own IP address The DNS server also has forwarders to the district DNS servers The last role is as a File Share I have connected about computers just fine Everything is working good however I am now getting sporadic computers that can t log on I get this message Windows cannot connect to the domain either because the domain controller is down or otherwise unavailable or because your computer account was not found Please try again later Click to expand The computers are still on the server If I re-add the client machine to the domain everything is fine--for now This has been happening to xp machines It has happened times now and I am worried about a continual problem or a major problem around the corner Are there any ideas on what is causing this I have read up a little bit about SID problems but I am not that literate yet I am wondering if I set something up wrong failed to set something up or if there is an entirely different reason Could it be because the computers are still on the NT directory I have not taken off the NT active directory yet or added the NT server to the server I also have an independent server for the library and a server for a special ed room and program No one at the district can help I am out of ideas I am getting really worried that I did something wrong I can t fix I am not an expert I am in the very beginning stages of my MCSA training nbsp

A:Windows cannot connect to domain (2003) account not found

I would look at the network before you look at the OS, when it happens see if you can ping the server by name and IP, also look in the event viewer of the machine and see if there is anything showing up in there.

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I'm in need of help!! I've been searching for a solution to this for the last 3 hours n I'm just tired now...

What I'm trying to figure out is why, when I switch user profiles, the profile I'm leaving disconnects from the internet... If anyone can help me I would GREATLY appreciate it!! I'm sure it's probably something stupidly simple but I just can't figure it out...

I am using an Intel PRO/Wireless 3945ABG Network Connection in an Inspiron E1705 using WinXP Pro w/SP2... if you need any more information I'll provide it...

Thanks for anyone's time put into this...

A:Internet Connection between 2 user profiles...

instead of loging out you can try "fast user switching" (windows + L)
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I am hoping to setup a laptop to log onto a domain using a dialup connecting (actually a 3g card) but im not sure how to go about it, will the domain controller itself need a public ip to make this possible? Or can I setup some sort of port forwarding arrangement to make it work?

A:logging onto a server2003 domain using dialup connection

You will need VPN access through their firewall (username/password) or if they are port forwarding 1723 straight to the DC you will need only a local username/password on the Network.

You need to have this sorted before creating a PPTP connection. Dial-up shouldn't be a problem, just a little slower than usual.

1. Obtain username/password for VPN connection
2. Obtain Public Ip address or host name ( for where you are trying to connect to
3. Create a PPTP connection or install 3rd party application to connect once you are on the internet.

Good luck! :grinthumb
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Hi This is my first post here so im not sure if this is in the right place novice user... computer Advice for Ive come to this site alot whenever ive experienced any pc difficulties and thus far it has proven to be very helpful particularly the forums Anyway onto my question First things first im a novice with pcs i dont really Advice for novice computer user... understand much about them only the very basics and selective areas of which I have a dell dimension pc which at first i thought was a pretty good computer untill i got the sims and other newer pc games then i found out that it was far from the best for playing more hardware demanding games At first i figured id just upgrade the graphics card to the best available for PCI slots but the more research i did the more obvious it became that this might not be enough and that especially given how fast the dell dim has aged it might be a wiser decision to get a new motherboard too As ive mentioned im not really pc-savvy and some of this stuff will be way over my head So if anybody could give me in lamans terms any advice on what to do i want to definitly upgrade my pcs graphics card also anybody know a good PCI slot graphics card to use with games such as the sims but im sure about upgrading my motherboard Any help or suggestions on the matter would be really appreciated nbsp

A:Advice for novice computer user...

if you are wanting to play graphically demanding games a PCI video card is a waste of money. If you decide to upgrade your going to need a new mobo AND a copy of Windows XP. your dell disk will not install windows on a non dell mobo.

download and run SIW it will tell you what MOtherboard, ram, and video card you presently have. list it here and we can assist you in what your best options are. to expand...
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i need to get into the administrator account on this laptop.

i barely know any information about this computer.
i am on a limited account.

it is a dell inspiron 1100.
& i am using windows xp pro.

obviously, i need to get the password for the administrator account.

i would really apprececiate some help on this matter.
please & thanks.

A:I need into my administrator user account but don't have the password.

Ask the administrator.
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I have a a few computers for my small business, and I find it a pain that when one computer password expires I have to repeat the process on every computer on my network. This is because they are all part of the same workgroup instead of a domain. If possible I would like to switch them over to a domain but I don't have any servers on location. Can this be done using ann online service? Any suggestions besides other than actually buyiing a server.

Thanks for any input you can provide.

A:How to setup and joing domain


I know that you've asked for replies which would not involve a server, but that would mean that you would get no replies. It's the nature of Windows domains to require a Domain Controller (DC). This requires a server. An ultra cheap workstation would suffice for an NT 4.0 domain. An Active Directory domain will require Windows 2000/2003 and a more powerful computer. Sorry.

Optionally, you could change the workstation policies to disable password expiry.

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hello there i have a Laptop With a D-Link WIFI PCMIA Card and the laptop has no Lan card installed so my only way to connect to my Router is via loging onto my local account on the Laptops harddrive but i want to make my home network to every computer has to logon over the network but everytime i try to on the laptop it cannot connect as the WIFI connection to the router is not connected but when i use a LAN cable on any of the other PC's it works fine.

I have searched for a few hours and found no solution so any help would be greatly appreciated.

All The systems have XP Pro with Service pack 2

Relevancy 28.81%

I am in network (in a workgroup without a domain and without a server) of about 10 computers and of late security has become an issue. I was thinking of installing a network server to manage access to network resources, do i need a domain or the workgroup without a domain can be managed using the active directory in windows server?

A:Workgroup or Domain, which is best?

You need to set up a domain for central management.. Mind you, you can use Samba and a free operating system to set up a NT style domain for free.

How is security an issue? All your users have the same username? Or everyone knows the admin password?
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Hi All,

how does one go about setting the storage capacity limit allocations for several individual users on an external USB (250GB) HD that can be accesss through a network?



A:How to set multiple user storage capacity limits on ext USB HD?

Is this connected to a server or just a standalone NAS device?
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I am running WinXP pro SP2, and don't have the option to join a domain. I think there is something wrong in the group policy, but I can't find the problem. For Internet I am on a T1 thanks to my University. I shouldn't have any internet as far as I know because I'm not on the domain. I also can't use (although I think this is not so bad) windows firewall. Everything is in grey and the setting is turned off. I have been having problems ever since I reformatted and did a clean install of Windows.

A:unable to join a domain

everything where is grey?? under system properties what? why not post a screenshot of all the related info for your pc and then we can take a look...
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Needing help on figuring out how to use my Creative PC-CAM 350. Any help given would be great. Thanks...

A:User guide info needed....

Any more infomation? Just want to use it? Give up some more details about what has been attempted and what has failed. What are your system specs?
Generally too much information is still not enough

:wave:Welcome to TechSpot:wave:
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Would someone reccomend a reasonably cheap water cooling system that would also connect to my graphics card aswell as my cpu.

I dont know much and have never used water cooling before, dont get me wrong i know a lot about pc's but i have never really looked at water cooling.

The only requirements i have are:

1. Its pretty much silent

2. Its compatible with my VGA and CPU

Cpu = 3400+ Amd64 (754 SKT)

Vga = Gainward 6800GT 2ns

Any help would be billiant, and any advice as im new to water cooling.



A:Water cooling advice, fist time user...

i personally don't know much about water cooling but a good place for info is check it out..
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I just got a 250gb SATA maxtor maxline III. I know with SATA you have to put drivers on a floppy and install them when you go to install windows, i could not find any drivers for the hard drive and i was wondering if i have to get the driver for the MoBo's raid chip instead?

A:First Time SATA100 user

You do not have to have drivers for the HDD but the actual SATA chipset that is on your motherboard.

you should have gotten a floppy disk with your motherboard that had the drivers on it.
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I have 2 PC's Running XP Pro Connected to router by Ethernet Cable and 1 Wireless Laptop running XP media edition.
Using a Linksys WRV54G Wireless Router with 4 Ports.

I wanted to setup 1 of the PC's as a makeshift Server and the other 2 as Clients and create a Domain on it. But I am stuck on how to do this.

Need any help/ideas on how to do this or to know if it is even possible

A:Can a Domain be setup on Win XP Pro and how to do it?

To set up a domain you need a server version OS.
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I've tried deleting all other accounts, other than my own, and making all new ones and I still cannot get the internet to work on any of the other accounts. I don't know whether the DNS isn't working right or what? I am using XP and could use and appreciate any help i could get. Thanks, Jeremy
Relevancy 27.95%

Main Office:
40 PCs running Windows XP Pro SP2.
Server is MS SBS 2003
VPN appliance = Sonicwall SOHO-3

Remote office:
10 PCs running Windows XP Pro SP2
VPN appliance = Sonicwall SOHO-3

This network is currently changing from P2P to a domain environment. VPN is running well and can see P2P resources on both sides of tunnel. Server has been installed and PCs within the Main office join up fine.

My only problem is that I cannot get remote PCs to join the domain through the tunnel. I suspect (hope) that this may simply be a DNS issue. I'm thinking of distributing a HOSTS file to these 10 PCs. Would this be a good way to proceed? If so, I dont have much experience creating records in the HOSTS file, so anyone who can give me some direction on how to create the record correctly would be appreciated.


A:Cant join WS to a domain over Sonicwall SOHO-3 VPN

Does the error message say that the domain controller cannot be located?
If yes, then you have a name resolution issue.
Is the DNS server on the client computers set to point to your DC?
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Hello This may be a bit dumb but i m gonna ask anyway seeing as i dont know what to do next I ve noticed over the last week or so my Wireless Router is being hijacked by another wireless user somewhere nearby thus by User.. Wireless Router being Hijacked other rendering my use of the net inoperative via the logon here in HK we have a logon method until i physically pull the plug It doesn t happen while connected but only if im not on it Looking at other threads i cant seem to find the solution to blocking the other users from my router Linksys I have seen something about MAC numbers but Wireless Router being Hijacked by other User.. is there something im missing here which can prevent these others from grabbing my router I also note that when i unplug my Router to clear the connections i get a message saying there are other networks available one was another Linksys and a com so clearly i am picking up Other s routers as well Im using Firewalls etc but that is clearly not the problem it s how to stop Wireless Router being Hijacked by other User.. others grabbing my router Any suggestions would be helpful Wireless Router being Hijacked by other User.. as this is not exactly the best of situations at present Regards Steve nbsp

A:Wireless Router being Hijacked by other User..

if your router is in proximity with others outside your home someone could very well be tapping into your wireless network(they might not even realize it). do you have wep or wpa security in place? an option to further protect your network is to set up a mac address filtering scheme, providing the router with the mac addresses of all the computers you want to be allowed access.

looking at your dhcp clients table will list the computers connected to your router, btw.

also change that router password, if not done so already.
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Hello All Here is a message from Sweden I have recently received my ADSL modem an Alcatel Speedtouch and have set-it up ok I am surfing from it at the moment I have been trying all weekend to set-up a D-Link router so I can surf wireless through my MAC s airport but have had no luck whatsoever I have enabled both the MAC and the router to receive DHCP automatically but the only IP address my router receives is the address I have powered down the router and disconnected the modem waited mins on Help a PC a for MAC user site??? and then started-up Help for a MAC user on a PC site??? the modem connected to the router and then connected the MAC but still nothing I am currently trying a reverse Help for a MAC user on a PC site??? polarity cable between the modem and the router Help for a MAC user on a PC site??? but the same story just the address Customer service from my IP Glocalnet and from D-Link here in Sweden is awful and I have received no help Is there someone out there who can shed some light and help me solve this problem I would be very grateful and you will help stop my hair going grey Thanks Yossaria nbsp

A:Help for a MAC user on a PC site???

Your router has two IP addresses, local and WAN. Local address of is the typical factory default and it is quite normal.
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I just picked up an IBM P202 Monitor to connect with my father's PC 300PL.

The monitor has 2 video input connections on the rear. It seems that I'm in need of the IBM User Guide for this unit via the FTP site, but I've been unable to locate it. IBM support merely lists FRU parts.

IBM 21" Monitor P202 P/N 655843N

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Reacher

A:Need link to IBM P202 Monitor User guide

Got it now, disregard post

finally found it,
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Hello--I have been having trouble with running my protools 002 on my windows xp. A friend of mine metioned setting up 2 separate user accounts one for Protools---the other for everything else. The plan is to strip down---"tune" (uninstall any unnessesary programs from the protools account, in hopes to help it run smoother--The problem is...When I uninstall programs in the control panel,
it uninstalls it from both user accounts. Is there a way to run each user account separately? Please help!!
Thank you for your time!!
[email protected]
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Dear all:
My best friend just had his car broken in, and his laptop was stolen. Now that thief uses his laptop to go on internet, and my friend's AIM and MSN automatically logs on.

My question is, is there a way to trace the connection from MSN or AIM based on IP address? Is it peer to peer? Anyone? Please help...


A:Is MSN or AIM chatting messenger user IP traceable??????

It is peer to peer if you do file transfers, voice and video chats. Otherwise the IP is untraceable.
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I'm using Windows 2000 Server (as a PDC and the only domain controller) on my network. I have Windows NT, Windows 2000 and Windows XP Pro clients.

When I log on to the domain with a XP client all the network shares (and printers) work OK for a certain amount of time (I don't know exactly how long 2min-5min) but after that they stop working. If I try to connect to a network share I get this error message:

The system detected a possible compromise in security. Please ensure that you can contact the server that authenticated you.

If I log out and then log in again, everything works again. I don't have any problems with NT and 2000 clients and the domain server itself is available all the time.

Any ideas? Thx in advance,


A:Can't connect windows xp profesional to domain

when that happens can you ping the server?
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I just purchased a 6800 GT from PNY i was wondering how they are as a manufacturer and if anyone had any issues with them. If anyone has a video card preferrebly 6800GT from PNY i would like to get your review on it. THanks for your time.

A:User review PNY 6800GT

damn no one in this forum has ever had a PNY graphics card, I am begining to think that manufacturer is garbage
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Hi i would like a little advice on a site i wanna make for a cousins car wash and bod shop sho it can get more projection but im new to this kind of stuff so i would hope some body could give me a few pointers or some usefull links so i can make an apropiate desicion on what ind of hosting to get and stuff like that.

Thx in advance

A:Need advice on domain hosting

There are plenty of cheap hostings available.
First, you must register your web-name, then find a host.
Try, or to mention a few.

If you want to make a website from scratch, without having much experience, look at e.g. Netobject Fusion
A very easy package, which is available for a 30-day trial.
Stay away from MS Frontpage (too basic) and the likes of Dreamweaver (too expensive).

Alternatively, look at the ready-made templates from
All you need here is an editor like Notepad, and results are stunning
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In case the following info is useful:

Operating System: Win2K Pro with Service Pack 4
Browser: IE 6
ISP: Insight Communications
Modem: Motorola SB5100
Router: Netgear RP 614v2
Ethernet Card: 3COM 3CR990-TX-97

My cable broadband connection keeps on dropping whenever I visit

After I visit this site I cannot surf other pages even if they are on other domains. And the only way I can restore the connection is to reboot the system. releasing and renewing the DHCP using ipconfig /release and /renew does not work.

What could be the reason? In fact I am able to post this message only after rebooting the system after another unsucessful attempt to browse that yahoo subdomain. As long as I do not visit that subdomain everything is fine.

Please advise!

A:why does my broadband connection always drop at a certain domain?

Read all about it here:,9003438~mode=flat~start=40

Change your MTU to 1472 and perhaps a Firmware-update of your Netgear-router should fix it.
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Ok guys this ones a biggie My network the one im looking after today anyway runs Windows Server and has Windows workstations I cannot share resources on the My user Pcs server Windows from cant win2k lists 98 retrieve Windows Pcs because it asks for me to select users to be able to access then comes up with the dialog quot You cannot view the list of users at this time Please try again later quot This happens both when I try to share the Printer or Drive on the local PC or when i try to access the drives or printer from the network Apparently quot This behavior occurs because the Windows -based server returns incomplete information about the number of user and group accounts quot This knowledgebase article has information about it but seems to want me to spend money getting the information from Microsoft Any ideas would be much appreciated Microsoft Support Page ps surely if Windows returns incomplete information thats a product flaw and i should be able to receive the information under the trading standards laws or something like that nbsp

A:My Windows 98 Pcs cant retrieve user lists from win2k server

This problem is supposedly solved from SP2 onwards;EN-US;268896
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i have a problem with a win98 pc connecting to a win2000 server network.

i want to network a printer attached to the win98 pc so all other network pcs can use it.

problem is when i go into access control and change the user-level access control to the appropriate name server (has to be done before i can change the name of the printer and set permisions), it resets on logon to the original server.

i cant find the setting to change it for all groups on the windows2000 server, seems like the obvious places are all correct.

any help would be great thanks

A:Changing Group Domain On Win2000 Server

ah man! I remember that problem! I can't remember what you do!

for what its worth, win9x networking tends to fix itself when you remove all of the important components (client for microsoft networks, TCP/IP, etc) and then add them back in again.
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Hello everyone !
I'm using win98se,Nero 5.5.My Cd-Rom just started to fail burning CDs.The message is'end of user area encountered on this track';this happens with any type of burning:audio or data.I've tried to burn different files&programs...same result.Is anyone so nice to give me a good advice?I've used the above devices for almost 1year without problems.The Cd burner is a Norcent 52x24x52;I used to burn at 4-12x/slowly,I mean/.What shall I do?
Thank you for your kindness

A:end of user area encountered on this track

It could be that your drive is wearing out. Cheap, low-quality drives just don't last long (although I don't know about Norcent's quality). What I'd do is that I'd open the drive, clean the laser lens and add a drop of grease to the axles.
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As was suggested a long time ago I have finally gotten to writing the promised review for my HDD This is my first time reviewing anything like this or anything for that matter rolleyes Anyway I hope you like it Western Digital has been making hard drives for a while now They have always been known for their excellent build quality and superior performance But currently WD makes some of the best hard drives on the market I personally favor them as this is my nd Western Digital and after years the st WD a GB Caviar is working wonderfully Although hard drive reliability is purely subjective everyone has their own experiences on the matter There is no best hard drive manufacturer IMHO but WD currently has the fastest drives out Another factor to consider is that this drive is ATA Since ATA offers no real performance increase as no drive today can give out that speed Western Digital just decided to keep it ATA The drive came packaged in a pretty Western Edition 120GB User Digital HDD Special Review: colorful WD standard box with two big stickers announcing it to be GB and w an MB cache The drive was packaged well with an anti-static bag and bracers to each side of the drive WD also has the good sense to package in an IDE cable mounting screws a manual a quick setup poster and WD s own proprietary Data Lifeguard software Setting itself apart from the fodder the WD JB has an MB cache aside from the regular MB The standard WD BB has only a User Review: Western Digital Special Edition 120GB HDD MB cache Because of this the SE is pretty much the fastest single IDE drive on the market today And at capacities ranging all the way from GB to GB it s also quite roomy In order to allow for more protection to the sensitive controller card Western Digital has also inverted the chip found underneath the drive and placing some soft foam padding in between the bottom and the top of the controller card A sign of true great build quality Western Digital has also claimed the Special Edition series of drives can handle up to G s of non-operating shock and G s of operating shock for ms Although I wouldn t want to test this if I were you For the basics here are some of the manufacturer-supplied specifications of this drive Rotational Speed RPM nominal Buffer Size MB Buffer To Disk Mbits s Max Read Seek Time Average ms Write Seek Time Average ms average Track-To-Track Seek Time ms average Full Stroke Seek ms average Average Latency ms nominal Mode Ultra ATA MB s Mode Ultra ATA MB s Mode Ultra ATA MB s Mode PIO MB s Mode multi-word DMA MB s Cylinders Number of Heads Logical Number of Heads Physical Sectors Per Track Formatted Capacity MB Interface EIDE Actuator Type Rotary Voice Coil Number of Platters Bytes Per Sector User Sectors Per Drive Servo Type Embedded Height English Inches Max Length English Inches Max Width English Inches - inch Weight English Pounds - pounds Operating Shock Read G ms Non-operating Shock G ms Idle Mode dBA average Seek Mode dBA average Seek Mode dBA average Now about partitioning strategies I loosely followed Radified s Partitioning Strategies with the following configuration C Windows XP GB FAT D Swap XP GB FAT E Games GB FAT F Music GB FAT G Free GB FAT K Junk GB NTFS For the nd HDD J Alternative OS GB L Swap GB Now for the benchmarks The testing platform is as showed Athlon XP ASUS A V x MB PC DDR-SDRAM ATi Radeon Pro Sound Blaster Audigy MP Western Digital Special Edition RPM GB HDD Western Digital Caviar RPM GB HDD Seagate Barracuda RPM GB HDD Windows XP Home PCMark Free Build Higher is better HDD Score That s the highest score I ve ever seen for a single drive SiSoftware Sandra Standard Test file size MB Higher is better Drive Index score kbps C - Buffered Read MB s Sequential Read MB s Random Read MB s Buffered Write MB s Sequential Write MB s Random Write MB s Average Access Time ms estimated D - Buffered Read MB s Sequential Read MB s Random Read MB s Buffered Write MB s Sequential Write MB s Random Write MB s Average ... Read more

A:User Review: Western Digital Special Edition 120GB HDD

Excellent Vehementi...

I too have one of these 8mb Cache drives, and am happy with its performance.

Psst - the pictures in the review don't show up
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I'm updating the Soundcard guide at the moment & it would be great if anyone using the latest WDM driver (Or the latest BETA from Turtle Beach or Philips) with the Live! or Acoustic Edge could check the images of their Control Panels against the ones currently in the guide
If the newer Drivers contain updated control panels could you please email a screenshot of the ful control applet. Preferably 24-bit Bitmap in zip/rar format. You can take screenshots by clicking on the control panel & pressing ALT+PRINT SCREEN. Paste that into MS Paint then.

Thanks guys.

A:Acoustic Edge 5.1 & Live! user help needed

I have the Videologic Sonic Fury - it ran fine under WinME (identical to the driver in your article), but the driver choked and died when I installed XP a month or so ago. After a lot of hair pulling and gnashing of teeth I installed the Santa Cruz drivers (21 Mb on a dialup!) version and have been happy ever since. The only difference I've spotted is that the hardware mp3 acceleration option is gone, but that's irrelevant anyway.

Needless to say Videologic upgraded their drivers to be XP-friendly about 3 days later. :rolleyes:
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Hi i have MSI KT266 Pro RU and XP1600, just want to know did u guys unlock it? Mine is unlock and i can run XP1900 at default voltage! Haven't tried to the max yet!

Pls let me know what mtb u use and what temp and hsf u have?
Coz newbie so want to learn fr u guys!

Oh my temp idel is about 42/43 in no aircon room
Full Load - dunno what software to use, may be someone can show me the link, so i can get it!


A:All proud AMD XP user pls come in!

My old setup was an ASUS A7V266 w/ an XP1900+.
Had this cheap-o Vantec heatsink that came with my combo.
I once clocked it up to 3048 MHz. If you want a screenshot of dxdiag I can post it later.
Of course, I didn't leave it on that high. It was running at 59C idle. :dead:
I regularly left it on 1800 something. ran at 49C idle.
What's the exact clock speed? just 133x12? Try boosting thr SB.
That's a pretty good temp you're running. What kind of case cooling and HSF do you have goin?

:wave: Welcome to 3DSpotlight! :wave:
Hope you stick around.
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Hi, quick question about a entry definer/prefix that I've not seen in HJT before. Firstly I've been using HJT for about 4 years and have basic understanding of the each section of a entry means now. But I have to be honest I've never seen a User defined as '?' before, usually it's something like "local service" or "network service". So does anyone know that it means when HJT shows user as (User '?') at the end of a entry line ?

Thank you.

A:Hijackthis (User '?')

HJT is an extremely outdated tool and it's not used anymore to detect computer issues.
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I m "Active Domain Directory shutdown Services local unavailable" PC. Can't trying to remotely shutdown another PC in my home from my Desktop PC My Desktop PC is bit Win Home but I don t think it matters since a Google search shows every version of Windows AFTER XP has this problem I have the Win Preview running on a computer in another room I d like to be able to shut it down remotely from my primary Win computer To do this I run quot shutdown I quot from the command prompt The dialog appears but when I try to quot Browse quot the network for the other PC I get an error message telling me quot Active Directory Domain Services unavailable quot This happens whether I do this from the Win PC or the Win PC so I know it s not a hardware or OS specific thing It also happens if I try to do the same directly from the CLI I don t want to have to setup a Server just to do this one tiny thing Any ideas TIA nbsp

A:Can't shutdown local PC. "Active Directory Domain Services unavailable"

When you say remotely do you mean Remote Desktop? If so, have you tried pressing Ctrl_Alt_End and then clicking on shutdown?
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My year old cousin is a very basic user but I feel she does need some type of reasonably effective firewall She does not know how to deal with windows that pop open and ask free easy to that's for user use Need firewall novice good if something should be allowed In fact most of the things Need good free firewall for novice user that's easy to use that have opened up since I installed Online Armor are things I ve never heard of either So that doesn t make it user friendly at least to me and I d consider myself an intermediate user The only way I have any clue about most of those things is if I recognize the name of an application that I use as part of the name that is being asked about or if it pops up while I m using an application I recently read some posts on this forum regarding firewalls which updated my quot knowledge base quot I had tried Zone Alarm some time ago and found that version whatever was current a couple years ago caused lots of conflicts and was extremely tough to totally uninstall but with help from here finally did get rid of it Lately I d just been using the basic Windows firewall but recently read that it was deficient in a number of areas more risk than I wanted to accept so ventured into trying one of the other recommended ones Tried Online Armor which except for the above noted difficulties seems to be pretty decent once you get thru all the setup stuff and give permission to the apps you use even though there are still quite a number of things asked about that I had little clue about I just don t see how that helps any - in the past I ve blocked things it turned out I needed because I didn t know what they were and no explanations were available at all Then it was difficult to get them unblock because there was no readily apparent way to reverse the blockage and no directions in Help or anything Anyway - even that would be beyond my cousin So are there any worth installing that don t run you around in circles answering all kinds of pop up windows to allow or block Even if they aren t really strong or totally effective something would be better than nothing For her it s got to be something you just click quot install quot and it does the rest Thanks nbsp

A:Need good free firewall for novice user that's easy to use

That's a good question and I too am interested in the answers.

What I typically do is expose the individual's firewall to everything good that must not be blocked (i.e. fill up the exceptions list). Then, I just tell them to hit block on pretty much anything unless you are installing a new program or connecting to a different network for the first time. Also, Adblock Plus for Firefox silently blocks the bad content on most sites before it even reaches the firewall so that has helped to make the whole process more automated.
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So I've been given a new project at my place of work, cloning PCs (Mostly XP, and some Windows 7) and then moving them to a domain. My boss was explaining it to me, as well as work with virtual machines, but my knowledge in this field is limited at best. I was hoping I could get some advice on the matters of virtual machines and cloning PCs, or even a crash course in layman's terms.


Edit: Reading into the post by Phantasm 66 right now on VMs

A:Looking to move employees over to a domain, need help with how to clone PCs

What? You want to join their machines to the domain? That requires no cloning of machines - maybe copying profiles over to the domain profile - but not whole machines.
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As administrator I would like to grant a user use of my roboform and some other apps. How do I do that? I am running Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit.

A:Windows 7 - As administrator how do I grant a user priviledges to use my Roboform?

where did you install 'roboform'? \Program Files\??\??