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6 Computers; 3 Modem/routers; One Network Printer

Q: 6 Computers; 3 Modem/routers; One Network Printer

I have 6 computers in a small office.
There are 3 DSL modems which feeds 2 computers each. These are also 4-port wireless routers.
The OS's are VISTA and XP.
I want them all to be able to print to one network printer but I'm not sure how to set it up

Ethernet Switch?

Im also not good at understanding the whole DHCP server and router configurations

please help.
Thank You7

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Preferred Solution: 6 Computers; 3 Modem/routers; One Network Printer

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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I have a problem that comes with a long story so sorry i have cable internet which is set up inside my house the cable modem is connecet to a Two see routers cant on wireless network Solved: computers wireless router via a ethernet cable to the wan port This is then connected to a wireless access router via port one of wr to the wan port of wr this is set up in an office about mts away from wr on wr i have disabled the wireless as this caused many problems an connected an access point as advised by dlink wr also has two other computers Solved: Two wireless routers cant see computers on network connected to it including an exchange server these are connected to the wr ports All computers can connect to the internet via Solved: Two wireless routers cant see computers on network the access point or wr or wr without an issue All computers in the area of wr and the access point can see all computers on the network but when anything is connected to wr they cannot see the exchange server or any computers on the network lan settings as advised by dlink wr wr I am at my witts end nbsp

A:Solved: Two wireless routers cant see computers on network

Here's the recipe for connecting two routers to accomplish what you are trying to do.

Connecting two SOHO broadband routers together.

Configure the IP address of the secondary router to be in the same subnet as the primary router, but out of the range of the DHCP server in the primary router. For instance DHCP server addresses through, I'd assign the secondary router as it's IP address.

Note: Do this first, as you will have to reboot the computer to connect to the router again for the remaining changes.

Disable the DHCP server in the secondary router.

Setup the wireless section just the way you would if it was the primary router, channels, encryption, etc.

Connect from the primary router's LAN port to one of the LAN ports on the secondary router. If there is no uplink port and neither of the routers have auto-sensing ports, use a cross-over cable. Leave the WAN port unconnected!

This procedure bypasses the routing function (NAT layer) and configures the router as a switch (or wireless access point for wireless routers).
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Today I decided to move my modem-router over the phone cables box. After plenty of holes and plenty of UTP cable I got +2-2.5Mbit and I'm pretty happy about it.
There is however a small problem however.

In the position of the modem-router I installed a router and now I see no network (with the IP 192.168.1.x) from the network 192.168.0.x

Check the image to see more details

What's wrong the IP? I have definitely something wrong! Does any subnet need changing? Do I have to change the IP address of the modem-router that ends on the switch?

A:Setting up 2 modem-routers and 1 router, cannot see 2nd network

The second router needs to be configured as a WAP if you want them all to see each other.
Connecting two (or more) SOHO broadband routers together.

Note: The "primary" router can be an actual router, a software gateway like Microsoft Internet Connection Sharing, or a server connection that has the capability to supply more than one IP address using DHCP server capability. No changes are made to the primary "router" configuration.

Configure the IP address of the secondary router(s) to be in the same subnet as the primary router, but out of the range of the DHCP server in the primary router. For instance DHCP server addresses through, I'd assign the secondary router as it's IP address, for another router, etc.

Note: Do this first, as you will have to reboot the computer to connect to the router again for the remaining changes.

Disable the DHCP server in the secondary router.

Setup the wireless section just the way you would if it was the primary router, channels, encryption, etc.

Connect from the primary router's LAN port to one of the LAN ports on the secondary router. If there is no uplink port and neither of the routers have auto-sensing ports, use a cross-over cable. Leave the WAN port unconnected!

This procedure bypasses the routing function (NAT layer) and configures the router as a switch (or wireless access point for wireless routers).

For reference, here's a link to a Typical example config using a Netgear router
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Not a big deal ..i hope , but i have recently noticed in Exploring my Drive that when i click on "Network" 
Alway`s  shown is my Modem Router listed as Tplink TD - W8960N which is what i run - so thats fine.
Yet sometimes,  i notice not always another listed as TD - W8968 which i never have owned or used.
I have updated Firmware , changed password for access and Wireless Key etc on the TD - W8960N.
The other still shows up occasionally { the TD - W8968 } , and why i dont know ? should i be worried that someone is compromising my Modem/Router.

A:Network Infrastucture - Shows 2 Modem Routers ?

lease download MiniToolBox  , save it to your desktop and run it.
 Checkmark the following checkboxes:  List last 10 Event Viewer log  List Installed Programs  List Users, Partitions and Memory size.
 Click Go and paste the content into your next post.
 Also...please Publish a Snapshot using Speccy - , taking care to post the link of the snapshot in your next post. 
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I m trying to setup networking printing between two different routers I have a Linksys BEFSR on and that s serving a WRT G on I ve set the WRT G to serve my Routers) (2 Network Printer wireless network and a wired computer on the range It also has a NAS solution there On the range there s two printers which are HP Color LaserJet n and a HP DeskJet plotter They are both statically assigned to avoid any conflicts and DHCP problems The problem starts with any computer on the range They cannot print to the printer Now this does not have a natively assigned network port It s being served by a Iomega USB Print Server and that s available through the browser at the address I can ping the print server and it responds I have to use a driver to set the printer up and when I m connected to the range I can print fine The minute I switch to the wireless and disconnect the range I can no longer print I can still however ping Network Printer (2 Routers) the IP address I m fairly technical but Network Printer (2 Routers) this is stumping me Is it a setting somewhere that will let me print My network should be setup correctly nbsp

A:Network Printer (2 Routers)

"The minute I switch to the wireless and disconnect the 1.100 range I can no longer print. I can still however ping the IP address."

This statement is confusing. What do you mean by "disconnect"? Like you have a pc on both subnets at the same time?

Can you ping from the .1.x network to the .3.x network?

You wouldn't have this issue if you had setup the WRT54G as a wireless switch not as a router. Everyone would be in the same subnet which is what your issue is about; not all being in the same subnet.
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I was told that I can use a wireless router to connect 2 computers to a single printer & also connect both computers to the internet via a single cable & modem. How would I do that? I think I understand the internet part. I need a cable from the modem to the router and then two cables from the router, with one going to each computer. Is that correct? If not, please enlighten me.

Then what about the printer? How would the connections be configured so that either computer can print with the one printer?


A:How Do I Connect 2 Computers to 1 Printer & One Internet Cable Modem?

You can either connect the printer to one of the machines and share it, or buy a print server so that the printer is independent of either machine. The only downside of connecting it to one computer is that you'll need that machine to be on to print (obviously).

What you described with cables all around doesn't require a wireless router, though a wireless router will do the job, as they also have wired ports.
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I suspect the reason I have been unsuccessful in my attempts to install this printer on a host pc in a separate room of our lab is that two routers are involved and each is connected to a unique LAN wall port. I attempted to accomplish installation by printer name and IP address but, no luck. I need access to the printer by three more host computers (i.e., coupled to instrumentation). Can anyone here offer assistance?

Please relocate if necessary. I thought this issue to be best described as a network rather than hardware thread.

A:Network Printer Behind Two Routers - Need Assistance to Install

WHat Printer is it make and model please.
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I have three home desktop computers all with windows 7 ultimate and connected to internet by ethernet cable via a Dlink n router DIR 628.

I know I can connect a printer installed to one computer and then sharing it through Windows 7's homegroup sharing. But I guess the printer can't be shared if the computer its plugged to is not ON.

The Dlink router has a usb slot at the back. Can I share the Printer on the home network thru the routers usb slot?. The printer has no ethernet port.

A:Solved: Can I connect a Printer to home network thru routers usb slot?

support site for that dlink - with manual - click on "support resources"
The USB appears to be available only to setup wireless settings - so NO you cant use for printer - But you can buy print servers which will connect to the LAN connection - USB print server HUB - belkin make 2 one for just lan and one for wireless - but there others available
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My stepfather who lives next door to me has a windows xp desktop and a actiontech modem with dynamic routing turned on for up to 4 computers on a dsl connection. I ran a cat 5 cable out of one of the ports and ran it to my house next door... about 175 feet roughly. I can get online next door. I am attempting to get all of the computers on the same network so we can share various resources and drives. All of the computers are apart of the same network, and I have double checked spelling... I have disabled all the firewalls, both on the machines and in the routers. If anyone can think of a step I might be missing, please let me know.

Thanks in advance!

A:Mulitple routers, computers on diferent routers can't see one another.
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1 modem
1 Belkin N600 router
1 Linksys E1200 router running DD-WRT

Currently, Belkin router is connected to modem. Belkin's ip is
Linksys router's IP is and its WAN port is connected to Belkin's LAN port.. internet is working fine however my PC can only access the GUi of the Belkin router since it is conected to the LAN port of the Belkin Router. I also want my PC to access the Linksys GUI without having to plug my PC's cable to the linksys..

How do i go about doing this?

Thanks a lot

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Don t know 2 share need to modem & assistance DSL network computers if this is even possible but assume it can be done I ve had two computers networked at home for a while both WinXP Home using a crossover cable between the two and a couple of Netgear cards I was using dial-up modem and this setup allowed both computers to share the single dialup connection so could both be on-line simultaneously on dialup modem as well as swap files need assistance to network 2 computers & share DSL modem and share the single need assistance to network 2 computers & share DSL modem slave printer on the primary computer Well I ve finally got DSL which is sure nice but I can t seem to get everything the way I want it I installed a second network card and connected the DSL modem and I ve got the DSL functioning just fine However I can t seem to get the two computers talking to each other no matter what I do In fact when I try to use the XP network setup wizard it seems to destroy my network settings for the DSL modem I get errors from the crossover network card saying something like quot can t resolve IP address quot or something similar Is it possible to have network card connected to the DSL modem to get out to the internet and a nd card connected via crossover cable to a nd computer and allow internet connection sharing printer sharing file sharing etc Can someone tell me how to proceed I am not an experienced computer person but have some small experience in setting up my original home network stuff Thanks in advance for any help stampede nbsp

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Hi everyone This is always my favorite place to ask the really obscure at least I think so questions and get excellent answers so here s another one for you My father recently got a new modem and router for his home network All the computers on the network can access the internet just fine yay but they can t see each other or the printers being shared boo Can anyone help Here s the relevant information Modem Comcast Business IP Gateway Model SMC Router Linksys Model wrt n We ve tried the usual unplugging resetting of each to no avail His computer is sparkling clean from malware so that s an unlikely cause Another oddity is that he can access the router administration area through all computers that are connected wirelessly but not through the one computer hardwired to it Trying to go to results in a standard quot Page cannot be found quot error This problem just started happening after he got the new modem installed The router was modem router printers and computers network on see after or new Can't Solved: bought a few months ago and the modem just a few weeks ago It seems strange that the modem would cause such a problem but I m not the expert here That s why I have you folks Any help is greatly appreciated nbsp

A:Solved: Can't see computers or printers on network after new modem and router

I can't imagine how the modem enters into this, but that particular "modem" is a router as well, perhaps that's part of the issue?

On that machine that can't access the router's control panel, I suspect it's a firewall issue. Try booting in Safe Mode with Networking and see if you have better success.

Let's go with the basics first for the file/print sharing issues.
Turn off any firewalls for debugging. If the firewall is the problem, you'll have to configure it to allow access to "trusted zone" addresses. Note that some firewalls must be completely uninstalled to stop them from affecting your networking.

Hold the Windows key and press R, then type CMD to open a command prompt.

In the command prompt window that opens, type type the following commands:

PING each remote computer by IP address, and if successful, PING by name. Open a command prompt as described above and type.

PING <ip address>
PING <computer name>

<ip address> - is the x.x.x.x IP address
<computer name> - is the computer name

A failure to PING is almost always a firewall configuration issue. Any failure to PING needs to be corrected before you go any farther.

Note: You can obtain the IP address and computer name of a computer by opening a command prompt (DOS window) and typing IPCONFIG /ALL. This should work for any Windows version. The IPCONFIG /ALL display will provide a wealth of useful information for debugging your network connection.

Check your Services are Started on all PCs:

COM+ Event System (for WZC issues)
Computer Browser
DHCP Client
DNS Client
Network Connections
Network Location Awareness
Remote Procedure Call (RPC)
TCP/IP Netbios helper
Wireless Zero Configuration (XP wireless configurations)
WLAN AutoConfig (Vista wireless configurations)

Note: You can check the services in Control Panel, Administrative Tools, Services.

All of these services should be started, and their startup type should be automatic.

If a service is not running, open it's properties and check the dependencies. Check each of the dependencies and see which one is preventing the service from running. Checking the event log is also a good idea here, there may be clues to what is failing.
All computers should be in the same workgroup for computer browsing to function properly. File & Print Sharing has to be enabled on any computer you wish to share files or printers from. You also need to actually share the resource in question from My Computer, right click on the drive/printer/folder, and select sharing.

If you encounter difficulties accessing computers that are visible in Network Places (Network and Sharing Center in Vista), make sure the computer being accessed has an account with the same name/password as the system connecting to it uses to login. NOTE: Vista's default is to require a password on the account to enable file/print sharing.

While the default NetBIOS setting is correct for normal network configurations, it's possible for it to be altered, and it costs nothing to make sure it's correct. NETBIOS over TCP/IP must be enabled for normal network browsing. You can open a command prompt as described above and type the following command: nbtstat -n. This will display the status of NetBIOS or indicate it's not configured.
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I have a new computer and printer and would like to be able to run the printer from any of the computers in the house. How can I set it up to do this please? My computer is setup to be a wireless on broadband interenet. If anyone knows I would be very grateful. Thanks Dedee

A:How can I network my printer to other computers

PC World Set Up Your Home Network, Windows 7 Edition
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We use a HP932c printer as our network printer but no other computers on our network can see it. Everything is set for sharing on Windows 7 and on the other computers which are running XP and Vista. Anyone have a clue why I cannot get the other computers to see the network printer. Also Windows 7's network map doesn't see any of the other computers on our network. When our dual boot computer(Vista/Windows 7) is in Vista mode all is fine but when I boot into Windows 7 it doen't see the other computers and visa versa..

A:Printer and Network not seen by other computers

If the printer is physically connected to the 7 machine (as how I understand it, could be wrong), you should install the drivers for XP and Vista to it.

You can right click on the printer itself after going to it in control panel | devices and printers. Choose printer properties. Then sharing. At the bottom will be a box to hit for additional drivers. There is also a sharing tab with a check box to share the printer (or not, depending if it's checked or not) and a place to type a share name for it.

As far as the Win7 network map not seeing other computers on the network:

1) Are they all named exactly the same for Workgroup?
2) Start | in search box type services.msc
Is the computer browser service up and running?
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A small network computers-only Network 98 printer see can't computer the of the of computers XP Pros Mac windows SE The network has modem to router to switch to computers there is a network printer all the computers can see it except the windows computer The wierd thing is the always used to be able to see but now all of a sudden it won t work all the computers are sharing with each other Network of computers-only the 98 computer can't see the printer and the can share files etc but not the printer I tried everything Network of computers-only the 98 computer can't see the printer but like I said all of a sudden the printer shows up but is greyed out when you try to print with it error box comes up and in red letters Network of computers-only the 98 computer can't see the printer says the printer need attention says need to check cables all cables are ok like I said it work before I tried deleteing it and then do the add printer again nothing It keeps saying its off line but you click the off line so it would be online and try to use it and it still says the printer is off line but when it says that the other computers print fine I am stumped do not no what else to try nbsp

A:Network of computers-only the 98 computer can't see the printer

It would help a bunch if you were specific about the printer make/model, and how it's connected to the network. Is this a shared printer, or an Ethernet capable unit?
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Hi! I have a 20 computers running windows xp home amd I have a HP laserjet 1000 printer connected wia USB at one of those computers. I also have a 24 ports Netgear switch that I use to network the computers.

I am trying to share the printer over the network, but the sharing does not work with more than 5 computers at the time. I know that the network is wired properly. Pinging with large packets from each computer on the network to the computer wit the printer returns steady response, but, when are more than 5 computers connected to the switch, I cannot add the shared printer. Any ideas? Thanks.

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I have a desktop computer running windows xp, it is wired to my router. I am trying to network it together with my laptop that is running windows 7 and connects wirelessly.

Any help is appreciated.

A:Network 2 Computers for printer sharing

If both PCs have internet access through the same router they are networked. For printer sharing you can see Set Up Your Home Network, Windows 7 Edition and/or ...

The following will set up a Microsoft Workgroup for File and Printer Sharing assuming the PCs are already networked via router, ad-hoc wireless or Ethernet (directly or using switch or hub).

In Network and Dial-up Connections (Win 2k Pro) or Network Connections (XP) right click on your connection and select &#8216;Properties.&#8217; If not already there, install or add a check mark for &#8220;Client for Microsoft Networks, &#8220;File and Printer sharing &#8230;&#8221; and &#8220;Internet Protocol (TCP/IP).&#8221;

Right click on My Computer, select Properties, and on the Computer Name tab make sure you have a unique computer name and the workgroup name that you want to use for all computers. Change if necessary.

Restart the PC.

You must uninstall or properly configure any non-Windows firewalls (security suites) on each machine.

If using the XP SP3 firewall: Control Panel &#8211; Windows Firewall &#8211; on the General tab it should be &#8220;On&#8221; and on the Exceptions tab &#8220;File and Printer Sharing&#8221; should be selected. (When using this PC on a public network set it to &#8220;No Exceptions.&#8221

The Shared Documents folder is automatically shared. Any other folders or printers you want to share, just right click on them and sharing ... . When sharing a printer, accept the offer to load other drivers if your other PCs have different Operating System(s).

When you first go into My Network Places there will be nothing there. The first time you click on 'View Workgroup computers' will probably result in great disappointment. It takes awhile (up to 15 minutes) before all the computers in the workgroup get up-to-date and accurate lists of the other computers. Often you can speed up this process via Search for other computers.

When computers show up in My Network Places, double click on one to see its shares. If that includes a printer, you can right click on the printer to connect to it.

Short description for Windows 7 file sharing:

Go into the Network and Sharing Center from the Control Panel or from the Network icon in the Notification Area. Your network must be designated 'Home' (or 'Work'). Click on Change advanced sharing settings. In the Home or Work section you can configure File and printer sharing, Public folder sharing, and Password protected sharing.

You must uninstall or properly configure any non-windows firewall (security suite).
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I have a home network with several computers (2 laptops via WiFi, one ethernet-connected desktop) with internet via DSL, distributed with a Netgear WGR614 v.8. How do I set the system up to allow printing from any computer to a printer connected to one of the other computers? Should it matter what computer the printer is connected to? The Netgear manual is impenetrable on this issue for me.

A:Home network: How to make my printer accessible from other computers

Hi Zaphod81007 and welcome to TSG. Assuming all computers are running some version of MS-Windows, It should not matter which computer has the printer connected to it in order to be able to print from the other two computer. You would need to make sure that the computer hosting the printer is always on when you want to print from the other computers. It is a matter of first enabling sharing of the printer on the host computer and then adding the printer on the other two computers. The exact procedures will depend on which versions of Windows is running on each computer and any firewall software on the host computer.
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I am running a peer-to-peer LAN Vanish from Wizard" Network Install Network Using Places Printer Computers My "HP of Win XP Pro SP boxes Over of them in a particular workgroup All static IP addresses All machines have File and Print Sharing set up and Windows Firewall turned off I have used quot HP Install Network Printer Wizard quot to install a couple of HP s Computers Using "HP Install Network Printer Wizard" Vanish from My Network Places and Computers Using "HP Install Network Printer Wizard" Vanish from My Network Places a HP d printer each of which have JetDirect N cards installed But my problem isn t with the installation and use of the printers In fact this software works fine and everyone prints happily Here s the catch all machines using HP Install Network Printer Wizard mysteriously disappear from My Network Places no matter what machine I use to look at My Network Places after minutes If I reboot one of them it s back for about minutes then gone Now they re pingable and in fact you can find them using the Search button But they re not visible and to my staff this is a major obstacle I have boxes without the HP wizard and they re visible on My Network Places Using a couple different boxes as guinea pigs I can affirm that deleting the printers uninstalling HP Install Network Printer Wizard and eliminating references to it in the registry does not reverse the situation and fix the problem Ugh I can also affirm that disabling our Kaspersky Anti-Virus does not solve the quot vanishing quot problem A call to HP Support and subsequent discussion with their reps yielded no help although they did get a good chuckle out of it nbsp

A:Computers Using "HP Install Network Printer Wizard" Vanish from My Network Places

OK there is a catch here you know how the printers after 20 min of no using them is going in stand by mode ... for some reason the network card is going in standby mode for the printer also if you try to print over the network you gonna see that the printer is going back visible.
Solution: There was a option in Network Monitor Devices for don't going on that "standby mode" check and see if this will help you.
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hardware: linksys router, toshiba satellite laptop w/ wireless centrino, a sony vaio desktop pc, and a dell all in one printer wired to the desktop pc. both computers use xp sp2

Our goal: we do have internet connection wirelessly through the router to the laptop. We want the laptop and the desktop pc to communicate, share files, and share a network essentially.

Problem? well...yes, the laptop connects to an access point, our router. we have zero communication and sharing happening between the two computers.

what we have tried:

network connection wizard, wirelss network connection wizard, turned on printer/file sharing on both computers, checked ip addresses and gateways...all seems good there. in "network places" neither computer "sees" or recognizes the other.

we're early learners, so the more step by step the tips, the better...thanks so much!

A:Solved: any tips? network computers not sharing no printer

Run the Network Setup wizard (found in Control Panel of XP). Tell it each of your computers connects to the internet via "residential gateway" and that you want to enable file and printer sharing. Create a disk at the end only if you have a Windows PC other than XP or 2k Pro or Vista.

Windows XP firewall (if SP2) will be properly configured by the wizard. You must uninstall or properly configure any 3rd party firewalls on each machine. Unique computer names and same workgroup, of course.

The Shared Documents folder is automatically shared. Any other folders (or drives) or printers you want to share, just right click on them and sharing ... . When sharing a printer, accept the offer to load other drivers if your other PCs have different Operating System(s).

When you first go into My Network Places there will be nothing there. The first time you click on 'View Workgroup computers' will probably result in great disappointment. It takes awhile (20 minutes or so) before all the computers in the workgroup get up-to-date and accurate lists of the other computers. Often you can speed up this process via Search for other computers.

When computers show up in My Network Places, double click on one to see its shares. If that includes a printer, you can right click on the printer to connect to it.
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I have a PC that has to connect to a server through a modem for security reasons.
While it is connected to the modem, a screen needs to be printed.
The printer that is being used is connected to the local network.
While connected to the modem, attempting to print gives the error "The RPC server is unavailable."

Windows XP Professional SP3
Printer server is Windows Server 2008
Modem is old 56k modem connected by serial port (don't think that matters)

What I've tried:
I have tried modifying the routing table to force connections to the subnet that the computer and printer are hosted on.
route -p add MASK METRIC 40 IF 0x2
ip for the PC is, ip for the printer is, IF 0x2 is the integrated NIC
The RPC service is running, and I have also started the RPC locator

Any suggestions what I should do next?

A:Unable to print to network printer while connected to modem

These are correct

ip for the PC is,
ip for the printer is, IF 0x2
but this is not

route -p add MASK
and should not be necessary at all, if the PC gateway is on 10.1.61.x

Instead, get the output of ROUTE PRINT and post that
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This is more of a general networking question (I think) but I'll give it a shot here anyway.

I have 2 wireless routers/switches in my house. I have a router downstairs and one upstairs

My setup is currently like this
HTPC (media center pc)
I use the printer on the downstairs computer to print everything, and this used to work fine until I installed a new router upstairs. My old setup was that upstairs I had a wireless router, and a separate switch, and the router was feed internet through the switch. Now that I installed a router/switch combo, I cant see any computers except for whats directly connected to the upstairs router.

How can I solve this so that I can again see computers on the other router?

A:2 routers, cant see computers on other router

I have a question, How did you connect the 2 routers too each other?
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I have a wireless broad band connection, from the router, I connect my PCs through network switches. In one of the offices, the wireless signal is weak and I have decided to use another wifi router; the signal is excellent, but I need to connect on the other computers.

One router is and the other so how do I link Pc to

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I have 2 linksys routers wired together, the first with DHCP enabled, the 2nd disabled, the first at the 2nd at I am trying to get a windows xp computer to have internet access via 2nd routers wifi not cable connected but am having problems with it. It keeps trying to "acquire the network address" assumingly because it cant get its ip address although its configured to do so automatically. I was unable to get internet through the first router on this computer but since adding the 2nd (DHCP disabled mind you) I am able to receive good signal. What do I need to do to get this xps internet working? Im sure im just not doing something with the tcp/ip address setting but Im not sure what. Help Please!

A:2 Routers & 5 computers working, 1 computer not

Given the info you provided, when you have two routers on the same subnet one should be configured as an access point, two routers should not work when on the same network like that. When you configure one as an access point it will still be on the network but will have all routing capabilities disabled. I assume that the reason for the two linksys routers is to extend wireless range?
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So I have several computers behinds a Connecting outside behind to computers multiple the routers from Linksys router I would like to access each computer through the outside by adding another name as a network prefix Let s say each computer would be designated as Mouse Cat and Dog Take SSH for example I would want to SSH into one computer using port by means of ssh email protected and the other by ssh email protected I know I could just use different ports for Connecting to multiple computers behind routers from the outside ssh and have them be forwarded to the different computers with the router and achieve the same effect but I was wondering how I would Connecting to multiple computers behind routers from the outside do it this other way How would this setup work Does it use a DNS server I know I can access different machines on my school this way but I was curious on how this is actually implemented and if I could do it on my home network You don t have to give me specific details just a general direction into what I can research Thanks so much nbsp

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I am trying to connect, with permission, to my neighbor's wifi. I intend to use a Quad-4 transmitting antenna in the focal point of a parabola at his place and an additional quad-4 antenna on a parabola as receive at my house. 14 db gain should cross 1000 feet. My question is: what connections must I use at each site? My computer automatically connects to any available wifi. He will purchase a router, (Any recommendations)? to add another wifi ready laptop in another room in his house. I want to send his router wifi to my house. Will we need routers in each house? Head scratcher?...Easy?
Thanks guys...keep up the good work.

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My roommate just bought himself a wireless-N Linksys router for his laptop, but it's hooked up to my desktop because that's where the modem is also hooked up to. I also have a 5-port Linksys network hub hooked to my desktop as well.

In order to have my own secure connection, is there a way to use his router or do I need to add another wireless router to the equation? I'm only using the WIFI for my Ipod Touch.

Thanks for any help that comes my way!

A:Two routers, a hub, and a modem?

The hub are you calling hub as it might be a switch? What does it say on the front of the unit.

So do you have a hub, 2x routers and the modem correct?

First router would be DHCP - connected to your modem
Second router would be DHCP disabled and used as AP (wireless access point)
Connected from the First router via hard-wired cable to the second router.
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We have our modem in the basement along with a LinkSyS router. The modem is plugged into the router and my dad ran a line to my bedroom as well as the three other computers in the house. I know when we first got the router we had trouble setting it up because of PPPoE. I have another router... also a LinkSyS and I wanted to know if I could hook it up in my bedroom. I have two computers and an XBox360 that I would hook up to it.

Now... do I plug the line that comes into my bedroom into the "Uplink" port and press the button in to turn port 1 into the uplink or should I just plug the line into the "Internet" port?

What settings do I have to change? Can anyone tell me exactly?

A:One modem, two routers.

You have to use one of the LAN ports. Uplink or normal depends. Just see which one gives you a link light.

In the bedroom router's settings disable DHCP and make sure that the LAN IP of the router doesn't conflic with the LAN IP of the basement router.
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Hi, I need some help figuring out how to do this, I have one single router (ASUS RT-N66U) and one mulitumodem (ZyXEL P218). The multimodem is connected to my fiber net modem and is the wireless network we use, but is there possible to connect the ASUS router to the modem and use that also as a wireless network at the same time? Reason for this is that the wireless signal from the multimodem isn't strong enough to reach downstairs, so I want the ASUS router to be downstairs and work as a wireless network. If this is possible, how do I proceed? Thanks in advance!

A:Two routers on same modem

You can use the Asus as an Access Point, it seems to have the mode as talked about in this article:

You would connect the Asus to a LAN port on the ZyXEL router.
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My WAN connection (ADSL2+) goes into a Draytek Vigor 2800VG, which is a combo ADSL modem - Firewall - Router - Print Server - Wireless Access Point. It's gateway IP address is There are a number of computers and other equipment connected wirelessly to it, with IP addresses starting from Another unit that is connected by LAN to the Draytek is an Apple Time Capsule and its IP address is The Time Capsule is not in bridge mode. Wirelessly, a MacBook Pro and an iPhone are connected to the Time Capsule, with IP addresses starting from How could I see shared folders on the computers connected to the Drayyek from the MacBook Pro? I can ping the Draytek ( but if I try to ping I get request timed out? Thank you.

A:Solved: How to Share Files on Computers Connected to Different Routers?
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I have a dsl modem which is connected to one router, then the cat5s go to two computers with no problem, but when I take another cat 5 and put it into another router i cannot get internet on those computers. Am I not able to rout after i have routed?? if that makes any sense.

A:Problem with DSL modem and two routers

Let me specify. I had a 4 port 2wire dsl modem, it fried today. the 4 port went to 3 lines. two lines in one office to two computers and one line to another office to a router. all lines have internet connection right now, but when I try to put the line to the second office into a router to connect three other computer and a shared printer I have no connection. I dont know if I am able to rout a routed line. please help, or should I go out and buy a 4 port modem
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so i have a a600 cricket usb modem, repeat not a tower modem its a usb one. none seems to get that and then i get confused. so heres the question im pretty much clueless with computers. . i bought a router so i can play my xbox and playstation live but its saying something about a dns the ip address gets found but not the dns or watever and the tech guy from the company that we called said its not any ideas on what to do. cause obvisably i dont have the money to be spending 200 plus on a fancy router. any other routers that go with a A600 cricket modem


i bought a router so i can play my xbox and playstation live Click to expand...

whats the make an model of the router you purchased

Is this the cricket modem,2817,2343675,00.asp
maual here

this is the type of router you need to get to be compatable with the USB modem
you will see on the list that it is compatable with a
Cricket USB Calcomp a600

Also check your plan with the cell company you may find you are limited to a maximum monthly usage and often when they say unlimited there is a fair usage policy that may kick.
Not sure how games will work over a slow cell network
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Hi I am in a office complex My office has a Linksys router and computer which is connected via ethernet cables to DVR for recording surveillance cameras I connect to the second office s router a D-link you dsl routers 1 hook 2 Can modem to and go out to the internet on his DSL via a wireless d-link usb What I want to do Can you hook 2 routers to 1 dsl modem is view cameras from my home But I have been told that before I can portforward the router connected to the DVR Can you hook 2 routers to 1 dsl modem has to have access to the net I can t run a cable from his router to mine Is there any way for my router to access his modem and get on line He willingly lets me hook up to his DSL via the wireless USB d-link but I can t run a cable to his router I have been told that I can t portforward through the usb wireless that the actual DVR router has to have access out I really don t know much about portforwarding except what I have read--no practical knowledge Can anyone offer a solution Thanks nbsp

A:Can you hook 2 routers to 1 dsl modem

Just leave one router connected the the modem and connect the two routers together. There should be on-line instructions available on just how to do this
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My G-Ma wants to extend her internet to her mobile home located approximately 100ft from her house, uses Qwest DSL, and has 2 wireless modem/routers from Qwest (the Motorola 3347 is from me). I want to know if there is a way to pick up the signal and extend it through my Motorola modem...? The reason for doing this is that the signal in the mobile home is too weak to even connect to through a wireless adapter, only getting like 2% signal strength... Hope you can help! BTW, I don't have instant access to the site, nor would it be acceptable to really practice, so anything posted is in theory until I can draw a conclusion from it...

Thx Ahead of Time!


A:Bridging 2 modem/routers

I think she's looking for a signal booster or a daisy chain of small wireless units sited along the route. At my old house, I could access my wireless network a hundred yards awy in one direction but not in any other, espite the maximum supposedly being only fifty so she may get away with one little transceiver along the way.
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A couple of days ago my wireless network suddenly went down. At first I assumed it must be a problem with the router (an old Netgear MR814) since it's so old, but now I've tried it with a different one (an apple Air Port Express) and that doesn't work either.

I have a Motorola SB5101 Surfboard cable modem, and used a wired connection there's no problem - I've tried it with two different laptops & the both recognize the connection.

Any ideas what might be happening here?


A:Modem works but routers won't

So I am to assume it is only wireless problems. Try finding a firmware upgrade for the modem and router.
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Hello I have what I consider a very basic understanding of networking I work for an IT solutions provider and a restaurant chain which we support needs to fix a PCI compliance issue The network at the location was put in place a year ago with little documentation My goal is to move a DVR device for CCTV system away from the PoS machine because the DVR requires a port open which is not good for PCI compliance if both are behind same router I apologize for ignorance or lack of any details you might need to help me if there s some info I need to dig up I d be happy + to How modem routers multiple use bridged to find it I m in a rough spot trying to fix this This is how they are set up They How to use bridged modem + multiple routers have a bridged modem which is the first thing that the DSL line comes into My impression is that the proper way to use multiple routers with a bridged modem is to have a quot main router quot which will be the director if you will All the other routers should then plug into that main router as opposed to having multiple routers plugged into a bridged modem I ve confirmed that for whatever reason TWO Linksys Firewall Routers are plugged into this bridged modem which is a Netopia Again I apologize but I don t have the model numbers This brings me to my first couple of questions If two routers are plugged into the same bridged modem how would they behave Wouldn t they be fighting for control to be the quot main router quot Is it possible to set up two routers to connect to the same modem if some advanced configuration is made I actually would like to AVOID using a main router with the other routers connected to that if possible One of the routers has desktop PC and a Point of Sale system connected to it Router A if you will the other has some IP phones connected to it Router B Router B always times out when I try to access the console and I ve been told that in order to fix that I need to reset the router The problem is I can t afford to lose all those settings because I don t know how the company who installed IP phones configured that one The reason I mention this is to further stress that I don t want to have to reconfigure the existing routers However even though it times out when I try to access console it will assign me an IP properly I don t know what that really means I made sure to double check the gateway IP for that router is correctly typed into web browser At the moment the routers seem to be somehow working fine even though they are both plugged into a single bridged modem What I would like to do is add a third router that will only have the DVR device plugged into it My guess is that since Router B does have connectivity it gives me an IP and I can connect to internet when plugged into it I should set up this third router Router C plugged into router B and go ahead to configure Router C however is necessary for the DVR to function correct Give Router C a different gateway than the others forward the port that the DVR needs etc Is this a viable solution Some of my concern is that I m getting mixed messages from AT amp T technicians I have talked to Supposedly when there are routers connected to a bridge at least one of them need to have the PPPoE Username Password johndoe att net entered on it In a situation like this does router A and B BOTH need to have PPPoE user pass entered What about Router C Since router C is plugged into router B does that eliminate the need to enter PPPoE info Is it possible to only use the routers in static mode as opposed to PPPoE with user pass For example I just enter the primary and secondary DNS which the ISP uses give all the devices a WAN IP using the block of fixed IPs the ISP gives us Will that eliminate the need to use PPPoE mode with user pass And finally my last question would be In getting this DVR set up on Router C should I just go ahead to connect it to Router B and try using Router C in static mode with all the right numbers or go ahead to use the... Read more

A:How to use bridged modem + multiple routers

One thing I noticed from reading your post was that the problem you are trying to solve (not having the port opened to the DVR on the same network as the PoS) would not be solved by placing router C behind router B. You would still have to open the port on router B to allow it to pass to router C. Wouldn't this be the same as opening the port in router B to allow it to pass to the DVR (if the DVR was connected to router B)?

As far as the issues with AT&T, you can only program the IP addresses that they assign to you in the routers. They should be able to tell you how many IP addresses are assigned to your customer. If you have a router behind another router, only the one connected to the modem would have an IP address from the ISP.
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Hi all,

I'm having a strange issue. I have 2 D-Link routers. One is a DIR-655 and one is a DI-524. The 655 is connected to the cable modem, and I can access the wireless and internet fine on it. I ran a cable from the 655 to the 524, turned off DHCP on the 524, but nothing works. I was able to access the router control panel on the 524 briefly, however it stopped working when I changed the router IP to from I tried hitting the router reset button with a pin, however now I still can't get connected to the control panel with a wired connection from my laptop and with the WAN cable unplugged.

So I'm stuck and I don't know what to do. Any help would be greatly appreciated. My goal is to have 2 wireless access points that connect to the internet.


A:Solved: Help setting up 2 routers with 1 modem

remove the router from any device and power
connect just a PC by cable to the router
power up
and then hold the factory reset button
Hold for about 10 seconds and then release. the router will reboot

now see if you can loginto the router
Log into the web based configuration by typing in the IP Address of the router (default: in your web browser. The username is admin (all lowercase) and the password is blank (nothing).Click to expand...

now to connect two routers together follow this

Connecting two (or more) SOHO broadband routers together

Connecting two (or more) SOHO broadband routers together
From a John Will Post

Note: The "primary" router can be an actual router, a software gateway like Microsoft Internet Connection Sharing, or a server connection that has the capability to supply more than one IP address using DHCP server capability. No changes are made to the primary "router" configuration.

Configure the IP address of the secondary router(s) to be in the same subnet as the primary router, but out of the range of the DHCP server in the primary router. For instance DHCP server addresses through, I'd assign the secondary router as it's IP address, for another router, etc.

Note: Do this first, as you will have to reboot the computer to connect to the router again for the remaining changes.

Disable the DHCP server in the secondary router.

Setup the wireless section just the way you would if it was the primary router, channels, encryption, etc.

Connect from the primary router's LAN port to one of the LAN ports on the secondary router. If there is no uplink port and neither of the routers have auto-sensing ports, use a cross-over cable. Leave the WAN port unconnected!

This procedure bypasses the routing function (NAT layer) and configures the router as a switch (or wireless access point for wireless routers).

For reference, here's a link to a Typical example config using a Netgear router

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Hi I searched around for an answer but couldn t find one My problem is wont work old with routers modem New that my old router was starting to fail so I decided to upgrade to a Netgear WNR http www comet co uk shopcomet product NETGEAR- N-WIRELESS-CABLE-ROUTER tab specification It worked perfectly wirelessly with great signal and never New routers wont work with old modem cut out unlike my old one which cut out every minutes literally Here is my old one http www dlink com products pid A D-link DI- It never had a good connection So my new router I bought the WNR worked wirelessly but did not work wired as in on the main computer which has the modem connected to it The modem works fine when I connect it straight to the computer but doesn t work when trying to send signals to the new router it seems to only send them to the old one Then I went and bought a cheap router from ebay the listing has ended now but it s here http www belkin com IWCatProductPage process Product Id And that wont work at all wired or wireless I know think the routers are fine because I can connect to the home network but it gives no internet connection Any help This is really puzzling me Oh and the modem we have is one we got from NTL who are now Virgin My only thought is that the modem is incompatible with the new routers But it seemed to work wirelessly with my Netgear but not wired at the same time It s very confusing nbsp

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Do ADSL Modem / Routers need special drivers installed on Windows 7?

I'm asking as I saw this in a product description "Supports operating systems, such as Windows95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP/Vista, Unix, and Mac". Is there any sub-text to that statement, e.g. "but not Windows 7"?

I would connect the router to the PCs using wired Ethernet. If I used wireless connections would any special drivers be needed?

A:Q: ADSL Modem Routers and drivers?

Most routers and modems will work just fine on Windows 7. If you're just using a DSL modem, you may have to log into the modem using PPPoe in order to connect. If you're using a router you may have to use that to connect via PPPoe. Some connections differ though, for example my family's dsl connects straight through the modem like cable connections. My cable connection doesn't require any log in, just a previous cable modem mac address authentication by the server.

You're most likely going to be working with PPPoe as mentioned and if you don't use a router you'll need to log in with the computer.
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I tried a Linksys and a D-Link router to get on the net with my 2 PC's. They didn't work.
Both routers worked with other systems, but when I hooked up to a Bellsouth Westell DSL modem I got nothing with either one. I went to IPconfig, released and renewed, connection is set to obtain IP and DNS automatically. I noticed that when not using the router the IPconfig showed a DNS suffix "" which doesn't appear when using either router, and straight off the modem both machines do fine. Does this have anything to do with the problem? Thanks for viewing.


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I am looking at the latest 802.11ac Modem Routers) which appear mostly to be routers.

Can somebody tell me, the major differences between having a router versus a modem router?

I currently have a 82 G Belkin modem router.

Looking at the 802.11ac standard, I am thinking I may get better speeds.

Does anybody know what might be the best modem router on 802.11ac?

As info.

I have 2 PC's using Belkin adaptors, 2 laptops with in built adaptors, 2 tablets, 4 mobiles in the worst scenario.

I am living in a modern house with *** plaster board walls. 3 bedrooms. I am in the lounge and nearest to the modem router which is right by the phone line.


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I searched the threads but I m not sure I understand how to correctly set up routers off one cable modem I ve posted before about connectivity issues in my house as it is rather large and my office is down a long hallway with a couple of turns In essence my laptop is about - feet away from the modem and router equipment There isn t any suitable location midway between the two spots to add in equipment and I wasn t even sure how to do that Signal strength Setting cable modem one 2 off routers up is definitely an issue Setting up 2 routers off one cable modem at times In fact it s enough that it s pretty common to lose the connection and have to reboot in order to get it back I have another wireless router identical to the one I m currently using Linksys WRTG My thought is that if I could set up the other wireless modem in my office it might make for better signal strength Would that hapen or am I still going to have signal strength issues Because if that s true I was already contemplating buying the newer WRT N Gigabit router If it would help can someone list out the steps necessary to set it up Thanks nbsp

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I have a cable modem which is currently going to a secured linksys router. I can not connect to this router. Is it possible to split a single cable modem link to connect with two seperate linksys routers? Any help you can give me would be greatly appreciated.

A:Two routers to a single cable modem

sure, just give the second router a different IP range (ie: If router #1 is, use on router #2)

Internet <-> Cable Modem <-> Linksys #1 <-> Linksys #2
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Hello everyone I was surfing recently and lost my internet connection Oddly it seemed everything was in order but no internet connectivity A restart of my modem and router did nothing but removing the router and connecting directly to the modem got me back online A little more digging found that the router was not able to obtain DHCP information Assuming my router to be on stoped communicating routers Modem with the fritz I hook up another router and it exhibits the same symptoms The second router was kind enough to state in the configuration that the action timed out while trying to renew DHCP Modem stoped communicating with routers information The first one had no error message and just restarted its self before it went about it s business of not connecting me to the internet So my question would have to be What can cause a cable modem Scientific Atlanta DPC series to communicate brilliantly with my computer but refuse to give any router the time of day I m starting to assume this is something I will have to Modem stoped communicating with routers get my ISP involved in but if I can avoid that I would love to solve this one on my own Thanks Dave nbsp

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Good morning everyone I just joined the forum and really hope someone can assist me Currently I have an older desktop running Win XP and I normally access the internet via DSL I have a modem that s a wired modem router combo which is then hooked up to a New One? & Old Modem Uninstall Before Installing Solved: Routers wireless router I believe my modem might be semi-dead because the power light has turned red and I cannot get onto the web via DSL Don t laugh but right now I m no dial-up and it s quite painful Anyway does anyone know if I need to UNinstall anything before unplugging my modem and wireless router to install a new wireless modem router I wasn t sure if I can say what brand anything is so that s why I ve neglected this One more thing Solved: Uninstall Old Modem & Routers Before Installing New One? I should note I don t believe any software was installed for my old ones I was supposed to type in an IP address in a web browser to access their settings but that s not working either Is it safe to just unplug all my current equipment then go ahead with the new one I do see a CD with my new one which I m supposed to put in before I do anything else with my new one nbsp

A:Solved: Uninstall Old Modem & Routers Before Installing New One?
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I have a frustrating problem regarding wireless routers.

I am a home user that has had to replace 3 routers in the last 4 years. Now I'm wondering whether the cable modem might be causing the problems I've had.

I bought the highly recommended Cisco E1000 on April 4 of this year, and after only two months the same problems have started!

The same problem..router loses connectivity with the internet, requiring unplugging waiting a minute an restarting. Are you finding this has been a common problem?

I thought that buying an expensive router might help, but it hasnít It appers that buying a cheap or expensive router makes no difference.
Is it possible that the cable modem might be causing the routers to fail or needing to be reset?

Any hands on experience or suggestions with this problem would be greatly appreciated!

A:3 routers replaced in 4 years..could the problem be my cable modem??

Well, the symptoms suggest that there is a physical issue, perhaps electrical grounding or a flaw in the modem. I'd certainly start by replacing the modem, since that's the likely suspect here.
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Internetwork to the Internet

I have Router1 a Cisco 2600 and Router2 a Cisco 2600 with both running IOS 12.4.

On Router1 serial interface I have configured:

ip address
no shutdown
clock rate 64000

On Router 1 ethernet interface I have configured:

ip address dhcp
no shutdown

And it has recieved DCHP information from my Charter cable modem router of IP address, gateway, subnet mask.

On Router2 serial interface I have configured:

ip address
no shutdown

I've also configured on Router1:

ip route fastethernet 0/0
ip default-network

I'm able to ping Google from Router1 but not Router2.

Also, I don't see the advertised route in Router2 from show ip route.

A:2 Cisco 2600 Routers 1 Cable modem connection

You need to add a static default route statement to router 2 like you did with router 1. The command would be: ip route . If you add more routing interfaces or subnets, you may want to consider using a dynamic routing protocol between the two routers such as OSPF or EIGRP.
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Hello Im sorry if this question has already been posted i tried searching and couldn t find the answer in this forum I have a question maybe someone can direct me to a tutorial somewhere or to another topic From Computers Do To Connect How Printer Let Several Printer? I This And Router, Print that contains instructions on how to do this well I just got a new router and desktops are connected to it and i have wireless laptops They are all connected to the internet via How Do I Connect Printer To Router, And Let Several Computers Print From This Printer? the router I have also connected my hp How Do I Connect Printer To Router, And Let Several Computers Print From This Printer? office jet printer to my router since it has an ethernet port how do i make it so every computer on my network can print from this one printer the other thing is since its connected to the router directly i dont want to have the printer connected to any computer via usb so can someone please direct me to a tutorial in which all my computers can print from this one printer which is connected to the router via a direct Ethernet cable thank you so much

A:How Do I Connect Printer To Router, And Let Several Computers Print From This Printer?'ll probably need the network drivers installed on each computerdidn't the printer come with a manual?
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Running Windows XP I ve got routers Router R xxx Router R xxx R has one computer directly connected comp and that computer has a printer attached to it R also has a laptop connected wirelessly comp and this laptop is able to print to Solved: 2 Routers same printer? the printer connected to the other computer that is directly connected to R comp Internet file and printer sharing works ---This is Local Area Connection --- R is connected to R with a regular ethernet cable not a cross over R has a computer directly connected to it comp R has a PS connected to it Internet works for both of these devices ---This is Local Area Connection --- My issue is that I want to print from comp to the printer on comp I ve tried using the network setup wizard On computers and you can see the folders and printers that are being shared and also the other computers when viewing workgroup computers This all works Computer however cannot see the other Solved: 2 Routers same printer? computers printers or shared folders When viewing workgroup computers it only Solved: 2 Routers same printer? shows itself Any suggestions nbsp

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Hi I hope this is a good spot to cannot Two routers and access a printer networked come for an answer Thanks in advance for any help At my business we have a server connected to a cisco router I m unsure of the model but I ll find out if necessary The cisco router is not a wireless router but I wanted to have wireless access for Two routers and cannot access a networked printer my phone and tablet and my quot tech guy quot told me I can t replace the existing router but could hook up a wireless router to the cisco one So I ve hooked up a TPLink Router and it works great I have internet connection through it My issue is - I have a printer which I used to be able to access through the network from any computer on the network Now that my printer and computer are connected to the TPLink Router I cannot find my printer on the network from a computer which is not connected to the TPLink Router - my quot tech guy quot won t respond to help me I think I m unclear and maybe this will help Router -- gt Server other computers Printer amp Router Router -- gt Printer amp My computer My computer can access the server and Printer amp Printer Server can access Printer Server cannot access Printer Please Please help It s so inconvenient having to use only Printer for work related stuff nbsp

A:Two routers and cannot access a networked printer

the issue is the wiring. If you took the link from router#1 to the wan side on router #2,
then there is no means to access router#1 resources.

a) use your browser to access router#2 setup (I assume you know how, if not ask).
then disable the DHCP service in this router
also disable the remote management port 8080
save the changes.

b) now take the wire out of the wan slot on router#2 and move it to a lan slot, leaving
router#2 wan empty.

Router#2 will then operate as a switch but still retain the WiFi support. All devices connecting
to it will get IP addresses from router#1 and thus have access to all resources.
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I wanted to know if its possible to share a printer on two different routers with different isps.

One router is a 2wire dsl router, which the printer is connected to now by wireless.

the other router is a linksys router connected to cable internet.

2wire router is current set to addresses

linksys is connected to - addresses.

Do i have to bridge the routers together via ethernet cable?

and if so will i still be able to keep each isp separate on each router?

A:Possible to share printer on two routers with different ISPs?

the issue to be solved is the shared printer can only be on ONE subnet and still be shared. has the printer now and it can be shared by all systems attached to that network.

the subnet can't share anything (files or printers) with systems on

Why the two networks? Joining the routers can be done, but you will need to drop one ISP.
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I ve searched the routers? TW Solved: Atlanta Cable issues old Modem to DCP2100R Scientific talking and posts in forums as best I can but only one thread a year ago showed up and it seemed to miss that it isn t the computer the network card or router per se but something about how the modems may be designed Solved: Modem issues talking to old routers? TW Cable and Scientific Atlanta DCP2100R lately causing issues months ago I had my home LAN and Netgear router all hooked into Time Warner Cable s modem It was an RCA at the time To save dollars I switched to AT amp T DSL Ugh What a mistake DSL sucks big time TW Cable came out with an offer at I could go to high speed cable internet for less dollars so I switched back They brought out Solved: Modem issues talking to old routers? TW Cable and Scientific Atlanta DCP2100R a new modem Scientific Atlanta DCP Solved: Modem issues talking to old routers? TW Cable and Scientific Atlanta DCP2100R R My home LAN config hadn t changed The router worked fine with the AT amp T modem But when TW cable installed their new modem strangeness started I am running on my LAN both PC and Mac desktops and a MacBook Pro laptop Once the new modem went in I can only run one machine at a time and have to recycle the modem if I switch Regardless if it goes through the router or not Tivo is the same If any other machine is hooked in the modem will only recognize one machine Complained to TW They send out a tech who said he has run into the problem and swears it is because the new Scientific Atlanta DCP R modem does not talk with older routers My routers are all at least years old The only solution TW has is to pay outrageous sums for their own router Hmmmm Has anyone else encountered this issue Is the Scientific Atlanta DCP R modem designed or spec d out to only talk to one machine at a time no matter if it is Mac or PC and the router doesn t matter Is Scientific Atlanta s DCP R modem only able to talk to a new quot standard quot with any router s Does anyone have any suggestions Thanks nbsp

A:Solved: Modem issues talking to old routers? TW Cable and Scientific Atlanta DCP2100R
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I want to expand my wireless connectivity at home so that my upstairs of the house and the living room downstairs have a good connectivity to the internet So my cable modem comes with the wireless N router build in Motorola SBG Lets call the cablemodem router as R with IP address of My second router which is a cisco linksysWRT N as R with ip Both are wireless wired router When I connect via routers at two Connecting not home. working Printer R I can browse the internet and go out of the world When I connect via R I can browse the internet and go out of the world I have my printer connected to a print server with and IP When I connect to R I am able to print to the printer When I am connected to R I Connecting two routers at home. Printer not working am not able to print to the printer nor ping R Similarly if I am on R I can ping R IP address BUT if I am on R I CANNOT PING R IP address If I cannot use the printer for R that defeats my purpose of having another router since it cannot communicate from one router to another router It looks to me like a one way traffic R ----XXX ---- gt R R -------------- gt R ---------------- gt R How do I get both router to talk to each other so no matter which router I connect to I can communicate with each other Please help nbsp

A:Connecting two routers at home. Printer not working

Try assigning to R2 and to R1.
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Please responed...

This is what i really hope to set up.
Its really all there..
if someone could tell me what i have to do...

BTW- the routers are both linksys.

The Link---


A:Please Help Answer About My New Network And 2 Wireless Routers in One Network

I know English is not your first language... What is your question? Your link isn't posted properly
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As the topic says, I'm having an issue where a computer on a network cannot see the other computer on the network.  It is able to connect to the internet, and I double-checked based on earlier threads and the network discovery IS ON.  This computer
is able to create a Homegroup and the other computer on the network is able to see the shared folders when it joins the homegroup, but I cannot create a homegroup on the
other computer and have this computer see it to join it.  The other computer sees this computer in Windows Explorer under Network, but as far as the problem computer is concerned, it is the only computer on the network.
Despite this, when I open up the Network Map, it shows both computers, the router, and the modem.
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Hi all I have read so many posts on different forums concerning daisy chaining routers and there seem to be so many opinions out there that my printer sharing routers & Windows chaining Daisy head is spinning so my apologies if this has been asked before but I could really use some Daisy chaining routers & Windows printer sharing help Okay my normal setup is Internet -- gt Cable Modem -- gt Wired Router SMC ABR Router A say WAN port -- gt PC PC PC amp PC on Router A LAN ports Router A default settings are IP Address Subnet Mask not changeable DHCP Server Enabled Start IP End IP I got a good deal on Boxing Day on a Wireless Router TRENDnet TEW- BRP Router B say and thought I d use it to add wireless Daisy chaining routers & Windows printer sharing capabilities to my already quot full quot ports home network so I Daisy chaining routers & Windows printer sharing could use additional laptops around the house without having to be hard-wired to the network Router B default settings are IP Address Subnet Mask changeable DHCP Server Enabled Start IP End IP All ports WAN LAN are Auto-MDIX What I did was disconnect the cable from PC on Router A and plug it into Router B WAN port and reconnect PC to one of the LAN ports on the back of Router B PC and any wirelessly connected laptop can access the Internet through Router B -- gt Router A -- gt Cable Modem -- gt Internet without any problem as can any of the PCs or still connected to Router A Any PC on Router B can log onto Router B or Router A management page without a problem But trying to log onto Router B s management page from a PC on Router A doesn t work This is not a problem in itself however what IS the main problem is that the previously shared Windows printer on PC is no longer accessible from any PC on Router A If anyone knows how to resolve this printer sharing problem I d really appreciate it Thanks in advance nbsp

A:Daisy chaining routers & Windows printer sharing


Seems a bit long winded, for a few pounds/bucks/kroner/yen buy a hub to extend the ports on a router.

Also consider buying a jetdirect printer box, it allows you to share a printer with any PC.

The problem you have with the routers is that you have a different range of IP's on router B to router A, the only other way round it is to see if the routers will act as a bridge, this means that router B will get its IP address via router A and stay in the same IP range.

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My house has DSL net running first through a 20-port switch with internet jacks running all through the house. Plugged into one of the wall jacks is a Linksys wireless router. Printer and file sharing works between all computers connected to the main router, but I haven't been able to use any laptops wirelessly connected to the net for networked printing or filesharing. Is this possible?

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You guys will probably laugh since I m sure this is going to be the dumbest question ever but I have DSL in my home hooked up to my desktop PC via a modem-thingy real technical huh LOL I recently purchased a Mac Laptop and though I haven t gotten it yet I will want to hook it up to the internet when I do Now my question is can I just hook the laptop into a phone jack Do I have to run a phone line from the modem-thingy through the house to get internet to my laptop or is there an alternative DSL One Two computers, modem Will I have to install the INVIDIA software that comes with the modem or will my computer automatically detect it when I hook it up assuming that I have to hook it to the modem or even if I don t Hopefully this isn t too confusing but if you can t understand what I m talking about here I will try my best to clarify as needed Thanks for the help nbsp

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Hello I have two computers my main one and computers two of modem? off Using one one for backup its an old one My main computer is a new HP pc with Win on it My old pc is a Compaq with XP on it I have been able to use both computers off of one internet connection modem and internet cable splitter but Using two computers off of one modem? I recently got Using two computers off of one modem? a new modem and I cant get my XP to connect to the internet I looked online and it told me to quot update quot the computers ISP address and I followed the instructions it gave but it did not work I still cannot connect to the internet on the XP pc Nothing has changed except for the new modem When I try to connect to the internet the XP gives me error messages like quot unable to connect to the internet check your ISP quot How do I get my XP to use the same modem as my main computer Thanks nbsp
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hi peeps
ok. I have a shared internet connection, and on one of the computers I have a HP laserjet 5p printer(guest). the other computer does not see the printer and I do not know how to set an ip for the printer so that I mite ping it from my host computer. the printer does not display in device manager. and I have run hpjsi_en_v3.06 thinking that would help and it mite have if I had an ip to direct it to. I have file and printer sharing on and have tried shutting off the firewall( windows). no change. stuck please help!

ps. both running xp pro
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We just got a new computer and we connected it to our adsl2 (four ports) + router with a ethernet cable. This computer which is also connected to it works fine but the other doesn't. It shows that it's connected but access to the internet is denied. Help? Both computers are windows xp


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Good morning, Can any provide info on a external device that a DSL internal modem can be placed in to allow 2 computers to use DSL. Also an external device that allows 2 computers to use one keyboard, monitor & mouse.

A:DSL Internal Modem for 2 computers

To use an internal DSL modem with two computers, you need to use Internet Connection Sharing and a crossover cable. An external modem with a router would be much easier to set up.

To use one keyboard, monitor, and mouse with multiple systems, you need a KVM switch. If you use a USB mouse and/or keyboard, you need a USB KVM switch. Otherwise a PS/2 will work.
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I don't know if this is where I ask this, I have two computers and would like to hook both of them to my INTERNET modem, and monitor, is this possible? If so what would I have to buy?

A:Need help with putting two computers on one modem


Originally Posted by Florence

I don't know if this is where I ask this, I have two computers and would like to hook both of them to my INTERNET modem, and monitor, is this possible? If so what would I have to buy?

if its a router/modem, just but a 5-8port switch

if its a dumb modem, buy a router and configure it for the modem...

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I have a sierra wireless compass 597 usb modem through sprint. I have 2 computers one running xp the other vista. I already have a router netgear wpn824v2 that I am using right now to connect a regular modem to the 2 computers. I want to switch to the usb modem and have both computers use the one usb modem. What kind of equipment do I need to get to do this? Thanks.

A:Connecting a usb modem to 2 computers

There are 3G routers that are compatible with that unit, see this article.

You can also do it with ICS on the machine that has the modem connection to share the connection with the other machine.

Take a look at this Microsoft ICS (Internet Connection Sharing tutorial.
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Hey I have a small problem two weeks ago I had installed computers cable modem and two new cable modem and two computers Internet connection in my parents house Everything was ok I have connected my cable modem via cable to my laptop Two days ago my laptop broke down so I connected my desktop via the same cable I reset my cable modem my ISP told me that is only thing I have to do when connecting new computer to cable modem On my laptop I had vista and on my desktop I have xp I don't have network connection on desktop it says I have limited connection It shows IP add I called my ISP help desk and they told me that something is wrong with my computer That is why I brought a new laptop from my work and it had the same problem limited connection with this IP add Is it possible that both computers are broken I mean they are working normally in my sisters house I have done reset of cable modem few times turned on off my network cards on both desktop and laptop and nothing changes If you have any idea what is going on I will be very happy to listen Thanks a lot

A:cable modem and two computers

Go to Start/Run and type inetcpl.cpl and press enter/Connections/LAN Settings. Make sure all the boxes are unchecked. Now go to Start/Run and type ncpa.cpl and press enter. Right click the Local Area connection/Properties scroll down to Internet Protocol (TCP-IP)/Properties. Make sure Obtain an IP Address and DNS Server Address Automatically are both checked. Now go to Start/Run and type CMD and press enter. IN the Command Prompt type ipconfig /release and press enter. the IP Address changes to Now type ipconfig /flushdns and press enter. Now type ipconfig /renew. Now type ipconfig /all. You should have a new IP address try it again.
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okay, my husband has all his computer stuff hooked up and running, trouble is he's always on it. I want to start my own business and need a computer of my very own. We only have one phone line and one modem. So I need to figure out how to hook my computer up to the same modem and phone line. Can you help me?

A:Multiple computers, one modem

may need to add another phoneline or go for a cable modem or dsl especially if you're using the second computer mainly for buisness running 2 computers on one 58 k slows things up a lot more over a phoneline and usually means one cab be connected at a given time plus some companirs only allow a certain amount of time til timer disconnect to allow for other users and you.ll have to wait so many hours before reconnecting
so if you absolutely need 2 or more computers connected sat the same time go for cable or dsl
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I have Comcast triple play internet, phone and tv. I have a Arris TG862G/CT modem that has 4 ethernet ports on it. 1 cable goes from the modem and plugs into my computer. Can I run another cable to one of the other ethernet ports on the modem to another computer?

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I want to connect two computers together with a wireless router. I have a computer with an internet connection via a DSL modem downstairs and want to be able to access the same internet connection on my other computer upstairs. It is not practical to run a CAT cable from one to the other so I will use a wireless router. The computer upstairs doesn't have an ethernet card. I am not sure exactly what I need to do this beside the wireless router. Can anyone help?

Thank you.

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Essentially what I'm trying to do is take the ethernet cable run from my rogers cable modem, unplug it from my pc and plug it into my laptop. They're both running vista, and the modem is a motorola SURFboard.

At the moment when I try the laptop recognizes it as a broadband connection but is unable to connect. Any ideas?

A:Linking two computers to one modem

The modem most likely needs to be power cycled when switching devices.

Unplug cable from PC. Power off the modem. wait 10-30 seconds. power on modem, wait for steady connection indication. connect cable to the 2nd PC.


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Thinking about switching to cable access and what to hook up two computers. One will be in basement the other on the second floor of the house. This house was built in 1913 so no wires have been run but not too afraid to run my own if sig better. But I have no Idea what type a system will be best for me both machines that will be hooked up are xp but there is the possiblity of a 98 laptop also being included but not sure yet. Any suggest on the best cost effective way do do this don't have a lot of cash. Thanks for any suggestions. fyi only need to share internet access not woried about any other sharing.

A:setting up cable modem and two computers

buy yourself a 4 port router...I think you can find them for under 30 bucks..

get yourself some cat5 wire and run the wires...

that is about all you need unless you don't have NIC cards on all the compters
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I have a desktop computer connected to a wireless modem through an ethernet cable. My laptop is connected to the modem using wifi. Is there any way to connect the two computers?
This my network map:

Thanks in advance

A:How to connect two computers via a wifi modem?

Welcome to Seven Forums,

If you wish to have the 2 computers communicate and do files/printer sharing and both computers have Windows 7 (I'm assuming), you may setup a Homegroup.
HomeGroup - Microsoft Windows

Please let us know if this is what you wish to accomplish or not.
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I currently have a 2001 HP, with XP. It runs pretty fairly, a little slow and everynow and then will have a random error. Considering its age, am looking into buying a new one. And in that case, I'd like to move the older computer into my room. Only one problem? I've only got one dsl connection, sprint provided and uses an eartlink base. Modem (660 Series).

Do I need a router to connect the two computers? Theres about 20-25 ft between them? Wireless maybe?

If so? Is there a particular kind that would work better? (Hence connecting XP and Vista?) A brand more trusted...etc?

And info available would be greatly appreciated.


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I have just purchased another computer and wish to link both computers via an ADSL modem router.

Both computers have ethernet ports, as does the router.

One computer has Win. XP Home and the other; Win. 7 Professional.

I would like to be able to share files, and both computers to have an internet connection.

How do I set this up?

Also do I need a KVM for this setup?



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My cable modem an Arris tm402p/na-1716691 allows my desktop to connect to the internet through an ethernet cable with no problems what so ever. However, when I attempt to connect my laptop a Sony Vaio VGN-NS210E through the same ethernet cable is goes to local acess only. Since I have no acess to the internet on the laptop I can't post what the cmd showed, any ideas?

A:Cable modem will not connect other computers

You have to power cycle the modem when you switch computers.
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I am currently building a new computer. If I want to both keep my old computer and my new computer online, what is the best way to accomplish that? Is there a splitter (router?) of some type that I can hook both computers to, and then hook the splitter up to the modem? Is there a performance or reliability hit if I do? Or do I need to somehow network them? Any help or advise is appreciated.

A:2 computers into 1 cable modem question

A router is all you need.
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Ok, I have the internet through a [email protected] Broadband and I want to know how to switch the internet from 1 computer to another. I have a Compaq LAN card in my new computer and I am not quite sure if i installed it right. I mean like the computer configuration and stuff. What all do I need to do to get the AT&T Internet from 1 computer to the other or possibly both at the same time. I have windows 98 second edition. Someone plz help.

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Hey folks I m attempting to configure a secondary router and I keep having to go to a computer that s plugged directly into it and reconfigure it before being able to access the configuration settings Network Two on Routers this on the secondary router Let me give you a brief run-down on the topology here T comes into the Two Routers on this Network house and connects to the primary firewall router a line goes directly from there to a -port switch to which CAT lines are connected One of the lines goes to an office that s some distance away and holds computers vs the originally-planned computer Therefore in that office we have installed the secondary router to handle the traffic of the now computers in there On that secondary router other than turning off DHCP there hasn t been any configuration Then on the two computers that plug directly into the secondary router they re both configured with static IP addresses and no Gateway cause they re merely file-servers that don t need Internet access What I would like Two Routers on this Network to be able to do is remote connect to one of those two and access the secondary router s configuration settings As it stands right now I have to physically go to Two Routers on this Network one of the two computers re-configure it to use the secondary router as its gateway then I can access the secondary router s config nbsp

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So i have router hooked up to dsl line working fine wireless and everything. Now i Have a second router as well which i want to be able to pick the Wi-fi signal of the initial router and let me access the Internet on the second router (the one that i want to pick up the wifi signal) via its ethernet ports to stuff like TV blu-ray console etc.. Is it possible and how do i do it?

A:2 Routers network

I believe you need to configure the 2nd router as a bridge or access point.
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Hey guys,
I have a home network, it serves 2 laptops, 2 desktops. At the moment I currently have a Linksys Wireless B/G router. This is working well but i don't get a very good signal in my office, is their anyway to introduce a Netgear wireless B/G adsl router in to boost the signal?


A:Two routers one network

see if the linksys doesn't have this interface where you can boost the xmit rate

"Go to the Wireless tab, then to Advanced Settings. Find the entry labeled Xmit Power"

Unless you change the firmware on the linksys or either router has the ability to do wireless bridging you can't get two wireless routers to talk to each other wirelessly.

Google WRT and linksys for how to's on the firmware upgrades needed to make a linksys a wireless bridge.

You can always do this:
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I am helping with a small network, maybe 10-12 computers, in very large building.
We have a bt business hub, which has DHCP Enabled (although most computers have manual IP Addresses).
Bt Router is with standard subnet.

We have a 2nd TP-Link router setup but no DHCP on it, assigned to Router. Gateway and DNS set to

Scope of Network on both Routers is identical -

This is due to building size, with TP-Link Router acting as repeater (No Internet setup on Router as this is through BT Router).

The PC's nearest TP-Link identify and connect through TP-Link Router, and most work okay, but 1-2 drop off and can't find Internet Etc (PC's are mix of Win XP & Win 7)

Can i force PC's to look at BT Router rather than TP-Link (Just need TP-Link to be a Wireless Repeater).

Thanks In Advance

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The scenario is: I have a PC running Windows 7 which is wirelessly connected to my Netgear modem-router. I wish to install a security camera outside my house, instead of running a long ethernet cable all the way back into my house from the camera to the Netgear, is it possible that I can connect the camera to another router outside, and then get that second router to communicate with my Netgear inside the house, and thus be able to control my security camera from inside?

Now I know the security camera can be connected to a router, and I can install software to remotely control it, but I'm not sure how I can go about using my Netgear to communicate to a second router. I haven't purchased the second router or the camera yet, but I want to know if it's possible before I do.

A:How do I use two routers in the same network?

Give this a read,
Wireless Bridge - DD-WRT Wiki
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Hi I have about lost all my hair I am trying to follow instructions to the T and I am getting stuck Here is what I am wanting to do We have a BlueRay and TV that uses internet features and the TV has to have a wired and Blueray is cheaper to be 2 Routers, 1 Network wired than getting their wireless adapter anway Instead of buying a switch I still have my old router WRT G V one I am gonna put in living room My new Router is WRT I have the old router set as and 2 Routers, 1 Network the WRT It is setup on the LAN ports on both not WAN Block Anonymous Internet Requests is quot unchecked quot on the old router DHCP is disabled on the old router I can access both routers config pages from the main computer But the laptop that is attached to the old router cannot do anthing no config page nor internet I have manually tried doing an ip gateway in Windows but thats a no go I am at a loss please help Thanks in advance nbsp

A:2 Routers, 1 Network

disable DHCP on the wireless and leave only the Wired router with DHCP.

wire them in this sequence

modem---wired---(lan side)wireless....
any system can be wired to either router and the wired router will control all ip address assignments

the address of the wireless router does not matter as it will do no routing --
it's acting just like a switch.
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can two routers be used in the same network?

A:2 routers 1 network

Yes, you can use as many routers as you want, just remember the network speed will decrease as more computers are added.

Hook up one router to the modem then hook the other routers to it or even in series.

I haven't played much with multiple wireless routers, but we have several wireless routers running at work. I think you just have to make sure the computers within the overlap areas are configured to select one signal.

Also, if you have to run wires a very long distance, you can use routers to boost the signal.
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I have two routers in my house and wish to network computers connected to each router.

I have no problem communicating between computers connected to the same router but not able to see/access the other computers that are connected to the 2nd router.

My two routers are 2wire 2701HG-B (router/modem), and Netgear WGR614 which is plugged into the 2wire router/modem.

Thanks for any help or maybe where to look information.

A:How do I network across two routers??

Connecting two (or more) SOHO broadband routers together.

Note: The "primary" router can be an actual router, a software gateway like Microsoft Internet Connection Sharing, or a server connection that has the capability to supply more than one IP address using DHCP server capability. No changes are made to the primary "router" configuration.

Configure the IP address of the secondary router(s) to be in the same subnet as the primary router, but out of the range of the DHCP server in the primary router. For instance DHCP server addresses through, I'd assign the secondary router as it's IP address, for another router, etc.

Note: Do this first, as you will have to reboot the computer to connect to the router again for the remaining changes.

Disable the DHCP server in the secondary router.

Setup the wireless section just the way you would if it was the primary router, channels, encryption, etc.

Connect from the primary router's LAN port to one of the LAN ports on the secondary router. If there is no uplink port and neither of the routers have auto-sensing ports, use a cross-over cable. Leave the WAN port unconnected!

This procedure bypasses the routing function (NAT layer) and configures the router as a switch (or wireless access point for wireless routers).

For reference, here's a link to a Typical example config using a Netgear router
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I am currently on a T1 connection for my network. I have a server setup with dedicated IPs from the T1. I also connect to the server from my local network. I have recently gotten Comcast Cable for faster speeds for my network, but want to keep the T1 for the server and to server as a backup ISP. I purchased a Dual WAN router, but am having trouble switching over and letting my Server use the T1 while my PCs use the Cable.

So here's what I'm thinking. Can I have my server on its own router looking at only the T1, have all my PCs on the dual WAN router, and have them all see eachother?

Here is a picture to hopefully show how I'm setup now and how I am envisoning this. Any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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Hey Guys been a while since my networking courses.

I have 2 routers 1 upstairs and 1 downstairs right now I have them both on different networks broadcasting different SSIDs. I want to move them both to the same network, instead of one being and I want them all on the network.

My plan is to simply apply the same SSID to both routers and subnet both of them within the network to hand out addresses within their subnet.

Will this allow me to move throughout my house as if it was one network or should I have the second router act as an access point?

What are your thoughts?

A:2 routers 1 network

What is your Internet source(s)? One to each router or are they sharing one line?
If sharing one line, one has to be subservant to the other to function as one address network and if its two lines then even though you might have the same I.P. range they'll still be seperate networks...and confusing.
So for one network, yes, access point and simple switch for one router.
And if its two lines, therefore two networks, you can still communicate to each thru a proxy in the form of a computer with two network cards, one hooked up to each network, and then remote into that computer and network away!
I have two networks, one line, seperated into media and regular/work, so things like NetFlix and network media device playback work a treat without network congestion with the work network. Then I just use a computer with two network cards to transfer, maintain and what not between the two.
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At work we have a T1 line and then we have a cable connection through charter both on the same network. If i know the IP address of the charter modem, and I wanted to tell my NIC to use that instead of the T1 line would I just change the default gateway on my card to that of the modem?

A:Two ISP routers in one network

Yes. Provided both routers are on the same subnet your NIC is on.
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Basically I live in a relatively big house, 2 Computers / 1 Console Downstairs and 3 Computers upstairs.

There is currently a Ethernet cable going upstairs into a computer, can I put that cable into another router and utilize it as a switch to then have 3 cables leading out of that router into the systems upstairs?

any information on this would be greatly appreciated I have been searching around google but nothing looks reliable to me, I have a fairly good knowledge on Hardware / Networking, but still studying.


A:Two routers on network

Put the cable to the upstairs computer into a SWITCH (not a router) and everything will be managed by the original router just fine
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My house is networked and we have a Linksys router in our basement supplying the connections. My father wants wireless upstairs. So if I get another router that supports wireless, how would I configure it to work with the current network? Thanks.

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i have an adsl modem with ethernet ports Network Two On Routers One and it does NOT have WiFi we will call this Router A as Router A has Two Routers On One Network no Wifi i Two Routers On One Network bought another router which has wifi ethernet LAN ports WAN port and it is NOT A MODEM we call this device Router B i have the network setup i set the IP of router A to ran an ethernet cable from it to Router B s WAN port and assigned it IP to access internet and set Router B s local IP to Router A assigns IP xxx whereas Router B assigns xxx to the devices that connect to it so now internet works in any way i connect to any of the routers but file sharing does not work between the two routers for example if i have one pc connected to one router and another pc connected to the other router i cannot share files between them what is the solution to this problem nbsp

A:Two Routers On One Network

i fixed my problem...i was connecting my Router A to Router B's WAN ive connected it to Router B's LAN port and disabled Router B's DHCP so that it only acts as a switch, its now working fine....
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Hi Guys,

I'm using PPPsharlite to share modem internet
access between two Win95 computers on a LAN.
HTTP is the only access provided to the second

I have to grant PPPsharlite server status in ZA,
so does the second computer have a straight
pipeline to the internet (no ZA protection)?

I'm also wondering if ZA will work properly on
the second computer thru a utility like PPPsharlite.

Any experience (or ideas) on a setup like this?

Thanks, Mac