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Cable Speed Issue

Q: Cable Speed Issue

I am using a D-Link DIR-655 router on a Windows Home Server network.

When I connect the WHS to a cable upstairs (short cable) I get Gigabit connection speed, however when I put the server downstairs (10 metre cable), I only get 100 Mb LAN speed.

The only difference is the CAT-5e cable and length.

Do I need a shielded CAT-5e or a CAT-6 cable.

The WHS box needs to be downstairs.

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Preferred Solution: Cable Speed Issue

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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Recently I had to test my cable modem by directly plugging the output cable of the modem to a computer. The problem is that I have 3 computers: One desktop and two laptops. All three computers are running Windows 7, 64 bit and service pack 1. The three computer models are: (1) Dell Vostro, (2) Levovo Ideacentre and (3) Sony Vaio. All computers are less than a year old. When I cpnnect the cable modem RJ45 cable to the Vostro the browser works great. However, when I connect the same cable into either the Ideacentre or the Vaio the browser does not see the signal. Therefore a signal is coming out of the modem (as demonstrated by the Vostro) but I can't figure out why the other two computers don't see the signal? I checked the computer configurations in the command mode but that did not help much. Any ideas?

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Ok here's the deal I live in an apartment complex that has an agreement with a local fly-by-night cable provider called Reflex cable its not even really cable Consequently I cannot get any other my up Possible connection? to speed cable form of cable in here i really Possible to speed up my cable connection? wanted Time-Warner The bandwidth speed is absolutely horrible here A recent test last night showed I was getting a communications speed of only kb sec and a MB file took minutes to download This is NOT acceptable for a mo price I'm basically paying cable prices for a near dialup connection I've called them several times to complain about the poor speed but they won't do anything about it So today I reset the modem and redid the bandwidth test and got kb sec which is better but still nowhere's near the kb sec that the cable company advertises BTW its not even really a cable connection All of the buildings inside my apartment complex all have satellite dishes on the roof My question is is there anything I can do to speed up my cable connection Programs Applications Registry settings And please no day trial programs I need something permanent please EDIT forgot to mention I am running a Toshiba PCX cable modem on XP OS MB DDR GHz P MB GeForce FX Foxconn A MB I don't know if those are helpful or not just figured I would post the specs

A:Possible to speed up my cable connection?

Well ... you could put on some all black clothing, and disconnect the other dishes, then drop everyone else off of yours.


CHeck your contract - did they specify speeds or anything else. A simple report to the BBB may be in order.
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Hey guys My brother just bought himself a new PC Speed Slow Cable and I am helping him get everything ready for use I already installed all the software Office and AVG Free NVIDIA Firewall already installed anti- malware programs Ccleaner Microsoft Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool Ad-Aware SE Spybot S amp D Microsoft Windows Defender and Spyware Blaster and updated all the drivers Here are the specs Windows XP Professional Service Pack completely updated AMD Athlon MHz x Motherboard Chipset nVIDIA nForce AMD Hammer System Memory MB PC DDR Slow Cable Speed SDRAM Network Adapter NVIDIA nForce Networking Controller - Packet Scheduler Miniport xxx xxx xxx xxx The PC connects to the internet via a Motorola SB SURFboard Cable Modem ISP Amnet amnet co cr with an advertised speed of kbps I already followed the suggested settings in Optimizing Measuring the quot Speed quot of Internet Connection ezlan net and dowloaded TCPOptimizer to maximize the connection's potential however TCPOptmizer and CableNut which I later installed both failed to raise the Tcp RWIN value of I have used all the speed tests available and they all fell under the to kbps range I have used these two programs before and succesfully optmized the connection for MY 'puter Windows XP Professional with SP Intel Pentium III with MB of RAM using the exact same Motorola Cable Modem and the same ISP with identical advertised speed of kbps and I always get speeds of kbps If anything his computer should at least match my speed AMD Athlon cable speed Broadband Test

A:Slow Cable Speed

Don't use the nVidia firewall you get with the nForce4, don't even install it or enable it. It is buggy as hell and can cause no end of trouble. They've been working to fix 'em but I wouldn't trust it.
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I have found that whenever my i download a file, my cable speed is usually around only 65 kbs per sec. I have us cable and i use a Realtek family fast ethernet.

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i pay for a cable modem speed of 512 kbs... the modem test on my isp site gives me a speed of 61300 cps... would somebody please convert this for test number for me to soooo confused..... is kbs the same as kbps... thanks in advanced..

A:cable modem speed

you divide 61300 by 1024 , wich is one K , or you can divide by 1000 and come close . I belive that ,KBS , is the same as , KBPS , Kilo Byts per Second .
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i have road runner and my line speed is 1073.72 Kbps and 131.6Kbytes. i did a modem test and the results said healthy connection and rwin was 64240. some friends on the same cable system report speeds of 1500 to 2500 Kbps. after downloading tweaks into their registry. their earlier speeds were about 600 Kbps. my question is should i try to tweak mine also to get a higher speed or just leave it alone as everyone says to do. thanks, franco

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Anybody know where i can buy a 50 Ft. High Speed USB 2.0 Cable at...???

A:Where can i get a 50 ft. high Speed USB 2.0 Cable

You can't. About 15 feet is the longest you'll likely find. You'll have to get some form of repeater in there, like a hub or maybe even a string of these would work: but I wouldn't trust 3-4 of those in a row.

I'm sure there is a better way for what you are trying to do, perhaps if you told us someone could suggest something better.
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I just got a new pc, and the cable speed has gone thru the roof. I use to go to this site to give me an idea of my connection speed, it use to hover around 85 to 114 on a good day, now it's 296, what's going on. I'm not complaining, just puzzled. This is faster than at work with a T1 line, running Win2K on both. New pc is as follows:

Asus A7n8x-E deluxe
AMD XP2500+ Barton/512 cache/333 fsb
2 PC2700 256, 512 total
MSI FX5200
Maxtor 40gig
Sony 52x24x52CD-RW
Win2000 pro

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I need a USB A B Type Full Speed 2.0 cable for my Brother printer and would like to know if the cable is the same that I ordered from Amazon Belkin Hi-Speed USB 2.0 Cable (10 Feet) if this is the right USB Cable for my printer?

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Hello. I'm staying at a dorm in Flordia, and noticed that the internet speed around the place is slow at many points. I was wondering if it is possible to speed up the connection by getting a different modem, or if it is out of our hands.

The modems that they hand out is a Toshiba PCX2600.

A:Slow cable speed in College

I suspect the speed issues are simply too many P2P services running on the network. From all the requests we get from students on "locked-down" campus networks to bypass the restrictions, that would be my guess.
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Yamaha CDRW 8424E CD Writer
W2K Pro.

The question is, at the moment it is connected with a 40 conductor cable and the Intel App Accelerator Utility is showing that the current transfer mode is DMA MW-2.

My HDs are on 80 conductor cable and are showing transfer mode UDMA-4.

If I put the CDRW on 80 conductor will it speed it up?

A:Can I speed up my CD Writer with 80 conductor cable?

No, the writer is udma mode 2, faster cable won't help
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I request thread-transplanting if this is in the wrong place, but I've got a system that had been screamin'-fast, but lately Internet Explorer has ground to a steam-age dialup-caliber crawl.

The version of IE I'm using is 8.0.7601.17514;

System info:

Gateway SX2800-01, Mfg date 06-19-09
Windows 7 Home Premium SP1
Intel Core 2 Quad CPU Q2800 @ 2.33GHz 2.34 GHz
Installed memory (RAM): 4.00 GB
System type: 64-bit Operating System

What I'm experiencing are just enormous waits between virtually every action I take within IE. I've done the cache-clean, the ATF clean, the Malwarebytes and SuperAntiSpyware scans, and Secunia PSI says all my programs are up to snuff, so I suspect Foul Play. 8^|



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We are taking the plunge - and finally switching over from dial-up to high speed cable. My question is where can I find a "free" firewall? I have heard that when you have a high speed connection, you are more susceptible to hackers getting into your computer because you are connected all the time.

What would you suggest and will I notice anything different using my computer. I am running Windows XP-Home on a Dell Laptop - Inspiron 2500.

Thank you.


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hi.i have cable internet in my hom epc.
whn i connect to the internet the message popup on notification aera i s100 mb/s .
but when i download any file from internet the download speed is only 7 kb/s.
and upload speed is also bad.
my college has the same internet conncetioin which i am using but its is having the speed of about 50kb/s .i am not even able to get 50 kb/second .

can anyone help me how to slove it????
thanks to everyone who atleast read this.
thank you


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I am confused as to which Firewall is the best (free version). We are switching over to high speed access tomorrow and want to download one. I have heard that Sygate is good and now a friend of ours says he uses ZoneLabs.

Any suggestions?

A:Firewall for HIgh Speed Cable

Both are good. I think Zone Alarm is more user friendly.
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I have Comcast Cable A few months ago I started having VOIP problems no dial-tone or not able to hear person on the other end About a month ago I started testing the internet speeds and found out I was only getting k at certain periods of the day It usually happens after pm but to 200k cable speed drops I haven cable speed drops to 200k t been able to nail down an exact pattern The proper speed is - k and it tests that way about of the time The upload speed is always k no matter what that cable speed drops to 200k might explain why people on the other end of the phone can hear ME I ve called Comcast several times They run tests and tell me everything looks fine on their end and that my speeds are quite good At first they gave me a laundry-list of things to do like scanning for viruses etc but nothing worked Finally Comcast offered to send a technician out but they charge if it s the customer s fault That s why I m here trying to get some help Right now I have a wireless router and a voip adapter connected to the modem However I ve tested the speed with just the modem alone and the speed is still slow I ve quot power-cycled quot re-booted and all that stuff MANY times I have antivirus and a firewall and I even get these same exact speed issues with Linux so it doesn t appear to be virus or firewall-related I cleared out temporary internet files and I think I reset my IP these are all things Comcast told me to do Nothing I ve tried has helped I did a line test because that seems to be a common request http www dslreports com testhistory cf This computer is a dual-boot XP and Linux nbsp

A:cable speed drops to 200k

Time to call Comcast again, it appears to be their problem!

Run the line quality test a couple more times, I'd like to see more than one result. Keep the printouts of this for the Comcast boys.
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Heres whats up. About 2 weeks ago my cable internet started slowing way down. At first i had it connected to a modem and into a wireless router, but i thought that was the problem so i got rid of the router, but its still ridiculous slow. I mean its taking like 3 hours to download 45 mbs of stuff. Please help me!!! I know nothing about networking so.....

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I have four computers that are connected at any given time to the home network. I believe have two issues here.

The first, all of the computers connect and surf the Internet at very slow speeds. Sometimes it seems like I'm back on Dial-up. My MacBook (which is my main computer I work from) connects to the Internet with an Ethernet cable directly into the DSL box. Even if I turn the other three computers off in the office I still run slow on the Internet. Any thoughts on how to improve this? My DSL provider says its an issue with our setup. Great thanks for the help!

Second, my Mac overall seems to be running very slow. I have over 14GB of available space so I would not think that the computer is in overload.

Any support would be greatly appreciated.

A:Moving at turtle speed - Internal Network issue or DSL issue?

If you have more than one computer, and all exhibit the same symptoms, it's hard to believe they're all bad.
Pick one that doesn't exhibit any other issues and do this:

Register at DSLReports and run their Line Quality Tests. It's best to run this test with a direct wired connection to eliminate any wireless issues from the results. It's useful many times to run this test several times, and we'd like to see each of the results. Post the results link from the top of the test display page for each test run here.

The link to post is near the top of the page and looks like:

If you wish to post this result to a forum, please copy/paste this URL <- sample only, yours will obviously be different!
and your IP will be disguised.

Copy/paste that link here.

Note: You will have to enable PING (ICMP) request response either in your router (if you have one), or in your computer's firewall for direct modem connections. This is very important to get the most important part of the test to run.
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Hey guys This issue is most puzzling to me Since yesterday the internet began to act unsoundly through WiFi As in I never had this problem before There were periods where it was fast enough to play some online games watch Youtube no problem and then it would shut off randomly So since yesterday I have been restarting the modem with only very short term resolutions to the issue I accessed the modem through my web browser and it says the connection is always working fine Despite that I called my ISP and they claimed there was an issue and forwarded it to Deutsche Telekom Since then I did some experimenting and plugged my computer into the modem with the ethernet cable Boom No problem whatsoever It's been top speed and reliable So I'm assuming this is an issue with Windows hopefully you guys can help me out If it helps I downloaded and installed updates for Windows today There are optional ones that I did not download yet but I did is Wifi unstable, top is ethernet speed? cable yet download and install the important ones Wifi is unstable, yet ethernet cable is top speed? no problem I checked the network adapters and they all state quot The best driver for your software is already installed quot Thanks in advance

A:Wifi is unstable, yet ethernet cable is top speed?

You may want to go to the website of the laptop's manufacturer and download the latest driver, and install it. Using the OEM driver, sometimes eliminates the problem.
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First off i have charter mb service and for the past year i ve been happy with their services and their connection to my modem problems high cable with speed internet Recently though the internet has been acting funny At first my internet would completley shut off being only stuck on send and never got to online untill problems with cable high speed internet around pm The problems with cable high speed internet charter guys came over to my house and checked my internet they said they found a coax cable from the outside that was damages so he replaced it the internet worked fine after that for a good days then it started acting up again So since the guys working at charter said that my connection to their main server was excellent i thought maybe it was my modem i went and i bought a new motorola surgboard sb The internet starting working again but this time the modems lights would reset every min of use If it was idle it didn t do this I called charter again and they said that mayber it was my power supply they suggested connecting it to an outlet by itself or an outlet that does not share power with the computer so i did and it started working better now the modem lights would only reset every hour but still it did this so now im stuck at this point Any suggestions I will be extremely gratful for any help in solving this because this gets really anoying when playing games once again thx for the help nbsp

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I have just started to use P2P Networks such as Limewire, Mynapster. Also been using Bit Torrent apps. Azureus, BitComet, Etc. I Have a Cable modem speed of 450kbs. I can only seem to get speeds as high as 50kbs. Even with high seeder values, and good healthy files??.
I have also ran A program for windows XP to Improve TCP/Ip speeds 10 ports to 50 open ports?. Didn't work Also Tryed Netspeed to improve performance, but know such luck!. I have tryed searching high, and low for more Information how to improve this. It seems that I need to find a professional or someone that knows more than me about it.
Please help , Errghhhh . I am also not using a router!!!

A:Cable modem P2P Network speed SLOW ?

If you had read the rules you would know that P2P is not supported here!

If you read the rules, and obey them you can come back in a day!
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I have WIN XP SP2 on a Compaq a1350n. I remember previously seeing directions to change the registry to get better down/up load speeds. Does anyone know a safe tweak?

Thank you,


A:Tweaking (WIN XP) registry for better download speed with cable

Myth, you can't get any more bandwidth than you already have.
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I've got 15 Mbps internet service from the cable company. When just one computer is connected to the modem without the router, the speeds average about 8-9 Mbps. However, when we attach the router to share the internet, speeds drop off significantly, like down to about 1-1.5 Mbps average and max at about 2-3 Mbps (around 3000 KB/s) and that's when one computer is downloading and the other computer is idle. The router says its capable of 54 Mbps and both computers have 10/100 ethernet adapters. Also, I'm using another router as a repeater since we don't have a long enough cable from where the one router hooked into the modem is.

I don't understand how the router is restricting the speeds since me and my roommate share large files (4-5 gigs sometimes) and we can transfer files of that size in like 4-5 minutes.

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Recently i received a letter from rogers saying that there is a new highspeed modem upgrade. It basically upgrades all express user to the new extreme high-speed internet. Supposedly benefits are the 3.0 to 5.0 mps download and 800kb upload. The cap is still set at 60gb per month but if anyone has already gotten the upgrade have you seen and significant improvements?

A:New Rogers High-Speed Cable modem? Yay or Nay.

I am on Rogers high speed express. The difference between extreme and express is this:

The modem you rent(for free) for express is capped by Rogers at 3.0Mbs,

The SAME modem you BUY(for $100 from Rogers) for Extreme is not capped.

Other than that both modems are exactly the same. Motorola Surfboard SB5100.

Both services cost the same except to get the extreme service you must buy your own modem. NOTE: You do NOT have to buy The Rogers modem. You can buy any DOCSIS compliant modem and connect to the Rogers network.

Also, the extreme is on a different network than express, and it apparently gets bogged down quite a bit (p2p file leechers).

If you want a reliable, but slower connection stay with express, if you want blazing speeds, but are prepared for network bottlenecks especially during the mid-late afternoon, then go for extreme
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I have a Belkin wireless modem/router with 3 computers attached. I have ADSL connection with supposedly 1500mbps speed but I am only getting between 900 to 1200 on a good day I have the ordinary telstra phone cable from the output to my modem at present and wondered if I would be wasting my money getting the Belkin High Speed Internet Modem Cable or similar which from their blurb says it speeds up internet bla bla!

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Ok First off I thank you if you are willing to read all this even if you can t help me I really appreciate you taking your time to assist me Well I am going connection. speed good of my It on cable the is my with other computers... Help to type everything that should explain this to you if you have any questions feel free to ask First off I use Optimum Online cable service I started with my main computer and I Help with the speed of my cable connection. It is good on my other computers... got great speeds around KB s Up and Down Then we put in a wireless router linksys to route the connection to my sister s computer and my dad s laptop I have an ethernet wire going from the router to my main computer it is pretty long maybe feet or something Now I used broadbandreports com to check the speed of the connection on all computers Both my dad s computer and sisters were at around KB s Up and Down while the Main computer that everything is hooked up to is at around KB s Help with the speed of my cable connection. It is good on my other computers... Download and still around KB s Upload Now when I used to get the KB s Up and Down speed on this computer I was actually connected directly from the cable modem to the computer through USB I tried to connect a USB wire from the router to my computer in place of the ethernet This caused an old problem on my computer where a message quot explorer has caused and error in lt unknown gt quot No matter what this message keeps coming up So I used system restore I am using WinME and now the computer is working fine again Something with connecting it though the USB isn t working So now I am thinking maybe using a shorter ethernet wire might help Maybe the long wire is what is killing the speed to my main computer I already ruled out that the problem is the modem OR the router since the other computers are still getting good speeds So I guess it is something connecting the router to the main computer I think I am going to try a shorter ethernet wire anyway but I was wondering what you guys thought And if you had any other ideas I am willing to here them Thank you once again for your assistance nbsp

A:Help with the speed of my cable connection. It is good on my other computers...

I'd try a different cable, and also a different port on the broadband router. If neither of these solve the problem, it's either your Ethernet board or a configuration problem. Pretty hard to say without actually seeing it...

The way to debug something like this is to start eliminating variables until you're down to one piece of the jigsaw puzzle.
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Recently my cable modem had died it kept on sparking up almost caught on fire so we had to go and replace it We got a smaller and newer model from the cable company the Speed Downgrade Cable HELP! Upgrade, Modem Motorola SURFBoard Cable Modem Upgrade, Speed Downgrade HELP! SB I soon began to notice my download Cable Modem Upgrade, Speed Downgrade HELP! speeds were extra slow with the new Cable Modem Upgrade, Speed Downgrade HELP! modem before with the big bulky Cable Modem i had better download speeds but it was garbage and kept breaking down Can anyone tell me why and how to fix this I can now notice - kb differences in download speeds Cable Modem SB from RoadRunner Former Cable Modem same brand but older model cant remember Software Version SB - -SCM -NOSH Hardware Version MIB Version II GUI Version DownStream Frequency Hz Signal To Noise Ratio dB Power Level dBmV UpStream Channel ID Frequency Hz Power dBmV Speed test results kilobits per second Communications kilobits per second Storage kilobytes per second MB file download seconds Subjective rating Good nbsp

A:Cable Modem Upgrade, Speed Downgrade HELP!

Can you also post the specs of your old system? This will probably provide a solution.


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If I do a direct connect from my cable modem to my PC my speeds are 1.4Mbps to 2Mbps. But when I hook up my new Belkin router and direct connect the best I get is 750Kbps. (The wireless connection between the router and my computer is just as bad, which is why I started direct-connecting to test everything out.)

This is a NEW Belkin G router with 64bit WEP turned 'on'. (But WEP shouldn't make a difference in my direct-connect speeds, right?)

Any suggestions before I throw this router up on eBay and start over?

A:Cable modem speed drops dramatically when...

Did you reset the router to factory defaults and test it that way with the direct connect? I can't imagine the router having that much effect on wired connections.
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Hi there everyone,

I have cable modem and I would like to know on what software out there that lets me tweak the internet connection so that we can make it more faster then what it is right now? I know that there is a software but I honestly can't remember on the name of it, what I would like to know is can anyone please help me out with this???

Thank you, please e-mail me back with full detailed information on where I can find this software thanks

A:How to speed up my cable modem to make it faster pls help? thanks :)!!!!

Dr. TCP can help, but you really shouldn't mess with it without reading up on exactly what those things you are changing do.

I doubt you see too much difference though unless you are wanting to shave a few ms off ping times in games.
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I recently baught a Netgear 4 port web safe router. I hooked up my laptop to it with an ethernet cable and i download around 600kbs a second. Now when i hooked my desktop up to it i download at about 25kbs a second. I get this speed even when the desktop is the only comp hooked up to the router

Does anyone know how to increases the speed on my desktop to at least get it closer to the speed on the laptop? Anyone know why the destop speed is so much lower and how to increase it. Again i apprecaite any responce and thanks for any replies in advance.

A:Cable Modem Connection Speed Issues

download this utility (DrTCP.exe) from
It checks your internet setup.
Also check your router-setup to see if that desktop-port has been limited in its receiving speed (as compared to your laptop-port)
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Hi Everyone
I wonder if anyone can help me please.
Make HP g56 Laptop
ISP Virgin Media Cable 150 meg connection
Router Virgin Media Superhub
Norton Intternet Security
No other protection is turned on

I have two computers connected to the Hub

My wifes computer fujitsu 4 core runs at the true 150 meg speed with wired ethernet cable (Perfect)

My laptop however runs at half speed with wired ethernet connection. In fact it runs at the same speed as it does when connecting via wireless to the same superhub. about 75 megs.

I have posted an ipconfig image if this is any help.

Kindest Regards

Anthony George

A:HP Laptop running same speed on ethernet cable as Wireless

Hi .... You have to remember it is up to 150mb ... You will not get this speed all the time ..

Have you just got Virgin Installed lately if so it takes some time to settle ...

Also does your Network Adapter support the top speed ? ...
As for wireless and Lan connections they can be the same speed with Virgin ... Though you should be getting more than 75mb at times ....
Virgin Media - Extremely fast broadband speeds
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the bi-directional amplifier improves the speed of my cable modem?yes the same ones for cable tv better reception.i have 512kb.i plan to buy a radioshak amplifier with 7db of power.this improves something,because right now my connection works well.if the amplifier boost my downloads speeds ,well im willing to buy one.thanks for the attention.

A:the bi-directional amplifier improves the speed of my cable modem?

How is your current speed compared to your "quoted" speed? If you're being quoted 3 or 4mbps and only getting 1 or 2; then it's possible this device will improve your speed. Possible.

If you're getting your quoted speed, or quite close to it, you won't get anything more by putting a booster on there.
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I just recently added a cable modem to my computer obviously thinking that it would greatly decrease download times compared to my previous 56k modem. However, whenever I want to use WinMX and I begin downloading a song, the max speed it's ever gone is 15kbps and rarely ever gets over 3kbps while my cable modem's download should be more towards 900 kbps. I've tried limiting the bandwidth of uploading off of my computer as well as connecting to a secondary connection, but the download speed is still the same. With other programs (i.e. Internet Explorer and Kazaa) my cable modem works fine, but with WinMX (the only program I know of to get the high-quality music I like) it runs slow. What can I do to speed up the download speed with WinMX?

A:WinMX download speed slow even with cable modem.

Hiya and welcome

Take a look at this:


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Hello everyone hope all is well I am looking for some clarification on a speed test that I ve done using two Cat e cables and a Cat cable I used speedtest net to see slower in a cable is Cat5e test. then speed Cat7 the downl ad upload speeds using the three cables respectively I was hoping to get faster speeds from the Cat but sadly it did not perform well as I hoped I have Cisco DP router it has four Base-T Ethernet ports It s pretty standard in specs as far I know I used the following cables and tested it three time each and received these results I understand that there are other kinds of tests but keeping it simple and straight forward is what I m doing as far I m know anyways Gray Cat e Cable ft Download Upload mbps mbps mbps mbps mbps mbps Average Speed mbps mbps Yellow Cat e Cable ft Download Upload mbps mbps mbps mbps mbps mbps Average Speed mbps mbps Black Flat Cat E Cable ft mbps mbps mbps mbps mbps mbps Average Speed mbps mbps Comparing to my Gray Cat e using the the Cat means a lost of about in download speed but a gain Cat7 cable is slower then Cat5e in a speed test. of in upload speed I was expecting the Cat Cat7 cable is slower then Cat5e in a speed test. to be faster I don t think there are any issues with the router compatibility issues that may reduce or restrict the speeds or don t allow for the Cat to work at its full potential I was wondering if perhaps the speedtest net was not a sufficient test in determining the speeds between types of cables Any input would help thank you nbsp

A:Cat7 cable is slower then Cat5e in a speed test.

The different ratings for Category cabling (3, 5, 5e, 6, 6a, and 7) has nothing to do with improving Internet speed and won't have an effect on LAN traffic if the spec of the cable exceeds the physical hardware's ability to utilize the full bandwidth potential of the particular cable.

What the ratings mean is the cables ability to carry a certain frequency of signaling which is specified in the various IEEE standards for 10, 100, 1 Gig and 10 Gig copper Ethernet. As an example, Cat 5 and 5e are spec'd to be able to support both 10/100 Mbit and 1 Gig Ethernet at a distance of 100 meters. Cat 6 and 6a are spec'd to support 10/100 Mbit, 1 Gig and 10 Gig Ethernet. Cat 6 will support 10 Gig at about 55 meters and 6a will support 10 Gig at the standard 100 meter spec.

The variation you're seeing in your data above can be a result of numerous external factors. How heavily loaded the Speed Test server is. How loaded your circuit to your ISP is. The network path your ISP chooses to route the session between you and the Speed Test server.
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hi im running windows home premium with gb of ram ghz on a presario CQ notebook i have high speed cable internet through roadrunner i have no viruses nothing at all running accept for the services that normallly run on this computer cpu usage is at zero and everything surfing cable with high speed internet slow Solved: runs fine that is untill i start surfing the internet im only getting mbps Solved: slow surfing with high speed cable internet or even lower at times when i should be getting mbps or more i have run multiple different speed tests through road runner and they basically all conclude that my download speed is mbps or lower sometimes reaching as low as mbps alot of times it will start out at mbps and then dramatically drop to almost nill my upload Solved: slow surfing with high speed cable internet however seems normal and never changes at i have another computer thats a dell with gbs of ram and a faster processor and im getting mbps fast does having a faster processesor and more ram make a difference while surfing the net i have an emachine with only gb of ram and windows xp and its faster then this new presario at surfing the net using this same line its really noticeable just flippin through pages or doing searches i can definitly see the lag i have also tried multiple browsers to see if that was the problem including chrome firefox opera still the same no matter what i do help nbsp

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I just bought a new router the ASUS RT-N56U .

After setting it up getting ISP provided information everything seemed to work fine but i then i done a speedtest with the ethernet cable plugged in and it would start off at 8Mb/s then would instantly drop to less than 0.5 Mb/s Here is a picture of what it looks like I don't know how to fix it because when im on wireless only it works perfectly fine is there anything i can do?

A:Solved: Get huge speed drop on ethernet cable not on wireless!!!

There are a lot a variables. How is your cable made? Is it a store bought cable? Did you make it? Is it run or is it just laying on the floor run from router to PC? A little more info might help but ultimately it might come down to without being there to test the actual cable and NiC we won't be able to know for sure.
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Hi I Solved: Internet Computer I Cable? Has connection, New Hi-Speed have Slow have been having a major issue with my internet I will try to provide as much information as possible First of all -I have cable internet my ISP is Charter -I have Computers Laptop and Desktop And i have an old desktop computer Tech Specs gt Laptop XPS M customized at www dell com than months old -Its OS is Windows Solved: New Computer Has Slow Internet connection, I have Hi-Speed Cable? Vista Home Premium -Processor Intel Core Duo T GHz -RAM Memory GB - bit operating system - GB of Hardrive space Desktop new Studio XPS MT -Its OS is Windows Vista Home Premium -Processor Intel Core i GHz -RAM Memory GB - bit operating system - TB of Hardrive Space GB Desktop old ell Dimension Solved: New Computer Has Slow Internet connection, I have Hi-Speed Cable? -Its OS is Windows XP -Processor N A i am somewhat unable to use the machine at the moment thus we purchased new computers -RAM Memory MB -less than GB of Hardrive Space Both have McAfee Ok so the problem I am able to connect both the laptop and the desktop new to the internet through my modem and what not However during web browsing online gaming even the simplest of games that only require as little as a dial-up connection downloading and updating When im browsing the web Internet Exploror and Mozilla Firefox say that they cannot display the webpage the typical Task manager reads out a Mbps network speed for quot Local Area Connection It also reads out that the state is quot connected quot Under Control Panel in Network and Sharing center it says im am connected However the connection will randomly disconnect then reconnect On my Local Area Connection Status Network and sharing center gt manage network connections gt I get the following IPv Connectivity Internet IPv Connectivity Limited Media State enabled Duration Varies whenever it las disconnected to the current moment Speed Mbps I ve Tried all sorts of things to fix this I have googled it and found that anything i try comes out to do nothing I have done the following -Run network diagnostics on both the laptop and desktop new -Reset adapter and reset the adapter modem by unplugging the power cord for seconds then plugging it back in -Uninstalled McAfee and got AVG on the desktop -Done a few speed tests probably not correctly because i did not really know what to do with the results I am in a CET I Computer Engineering Technology class in high school and I am a sophmore I havn t asked my teacher about this yet but im going to within the week Thanks for any help or reccomendations that you may provide This is such a mind boggling problem nbsp

A:Solved: New Computer Has Slow Internet connection, I have Hi-Speed Cable?
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I think it is.. I love Zonealarm.. the free one.... I tried to install it on my friend's dad's computer but It keeps zapping and bringing me to the Blue Screen Error Message page.. so I have to restart it manually (pulling the plug) I think it's because it's running another firewall....

I think he has Comcast or something like that.. it's Cable.. I don't think it's great because i think it lets other programs enter.. Zonealarm tells me When a program (even a safe one like firefox) wants to enter my computer.. but I don't want to mess with someone eles's computer without asking you experts first........... It was built into his browser....

??? thank you..........

A:Question.. Is zonealarm better than a built in High Speed Cable firewall?

Uninstall ZoneAlarm and see if the blue screen stops occuring. Is your friend's dad running Vista? If so you can go to Control Panel > Security Centre and see if he has another firewall running. Windows XP's Security Center may also list the firewalls in use too, but I dont remember.
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Debating on going wireless or not Have an Asus M A TD EVO that has RTL E PCIe Gigabit LAN controller featuring AI NET So Gigabit Im thinking at least I am wire into my router which puts out high speed and low ping to wireless Standard Ethernet cables supply the data pipeline not sure what the transfer speed is on them If anyone can let me know cable ethernet card wifi speed questions question with and Network that would be great I have been eyeballing the super speed ethernet cables but not sure if it would solve the ping issues I have with desktop being too high and the cost for a ' line Tried finding a wireless card that handles N network and Network speed and ethernet cable questions with wifi card question Ghz for my dual band What is the standard ethernet cable speed Can the standard ethernet cable from router to computer be causing high ping have second computer with ' cable same issue Would it be better to go wireless and forego the wired ethernet cable What wireless card would you recommend

A:Network speed and ethernet cable questions with wifi card question


1- what kind of cable? cat 5, cat5 E, cat 6?

2-Yes if cheap, old, or not shielded.

3-Not if you are transfering large amounts of data on your internal LAN

4-An 802.11 "N" card
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I am using High 'acquiring Internet Cable Address' Permanently For Speed Network a relative s IMB Thinkpad Permanently 'acquiring Network Address' For High Speed Cable Internet with no Permanently 'acquiring Network Address' For High Speed Cable Internet known problems I got high speed cable internet hooked up on July th I was able to connect fine and did a few virus scans startup changes and removed some programs over the next couple of days The internet was still working fine I had limited connectivity the night before last and my ISP said there were some problems in my area Yesterday after using the computer in the morning everything was fine I rebooted and ever since then my computer is permanently acquiring the network address My i p address and subnet mask shows as all s The IBM manufacturer and ISP said it s probably Permanently 'acquiring Network Address' For High Speed Cable Internet my ethernet card but I wanted to get other opinions before looking into another computer or card I am able to connect to the internet now using dial up What are some things I can do to see if it s actually the card or perhaps the settings on my computer I currently have my wireless adapter disabled because my computer would switch to wireless when the regular adapter wouldn t work I do not have wireless set up and haven t ever used it

A:Permanently 'acquiring Network Address' For High Speed Cable Internet

Try the following fixes:Log on as an administrator, go Start > Run and type: "cmd". In the window that appears type: "netsh winsock reset". When the program is finished, you will receive the message: "Successfully reset the Winsock Catalog. You must restart the machine in order to complete the reset." Close the command box and reboot your computer.Go Start > Run > type: "cmd" In the window that appears type: "ipconfig /flushdns". Close the command box.Go Start > Control Panel > Network Connections. Right click on your default connection, usually Local Area Connection or Dial-up Connection if you are using Dial-up, and and choose Properties. Double-click on the Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) item. Select the radio button that says "Obtain DNS servers automatically". Reboot. Warning: Some Internet Service Providers need specific DNS settings. You need to make sure that you know if such DNS settings are required before you make this change.If that doesn't fix it I would try reinstalling the driver for the ethernet card.
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I recently purchased a Sony Blue Ray Player BDP-S for my parents This is so that they can receive internet and Net Flix on their television When I opened the package for the Blue Ray Player not included was an HDMI cable When my Parents went shopping I asked them to go to the Sony Store and pick up a cable The cable they were told that they needed cost the Player itself only cost The cables are Sony High Speed with Ethernet D world Flat Design ft meter HDMI cable DLC- HE F It was my opinion that this cost was way to high for a HDMI Flat Speed High Cable for Player RAY Sony Blue cable Upon looking for cables on the Flat High Speed HDMI Cable for Sony Blue RAY Player web I found an article saying that as long as the cable met the Standard b that the price should not be any higher then Flat High Speed HDMI Cable for Sony Blue RAY Player I quote from the article here quot HDMI is an ever-evolving standard with new specifications released as and when needed to support new technologies Many people will own HDMI cables which don t support the integrated Ethernet channel or D The latest specification at the time of writing is HDMI b so if you want to future-proof your digital connections as much as possible these are what you should currently be looking to buy Just don t spend more than on an HDMI cable Ever If you do then you ve been robbed quite frankly quot BTW in the article they had this link This means any and all HDMI cables essentially do the same job regardless of cost If the box says an HDMI cable is a then it meets the specifications that all HDMI a cables meet And it doesn t matter whether it costs or even follow the link seriously http www engadget com wireworlds-platinum-starlight-hdmi-cable-is-only- - -better Seriously to be fair the Sony Salesman said that the expensive cables are much firmer connecting don t come loose the wires are soldered and not glued and it is flat wire That the cheaper ones wiggle loose in the store and have to be replaced Therefore the question I am looking to have answered by a TSG expert is which answer is correct Expensive is better or a waste of money Less expensive are not worth the head aches Dear Moderator please excuse me if I have posted to the wrong forum section nbsp

A:Flat High Speed HDMI Cable for Sony Blue RAY Player

Cheap cables work exactly the same over short distances. I've never paid more than $3 for an HDMI cable.

Here's Cnet's write-up.
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Ok so my week old laptop as suddenly became really slow and CPU usage says but when I look most are with or so things with about - so I dunno what is happening Although if I system restore from before Issue Sound Issue Speed and all the Vista service pack updates happened then it is quite a bit Speed Issue and Sound Issue better though still sometimes laggy Also my sound is sometimes messed up and all fuzzy I dunno if this is linked to the speed issue or not All the specs etc Summary Product Name Aspire G Operating System Microsoft Windows Vista amp Home Premium Service Pack Processor AMD Turion tm X Dual-Core Mobile RM- System Memory MB Hard Drive WDC WD BEVT- ZCT SCSI Disk Device GB CD DVD Drive Slimtype BD E DS E S SCSI CdRom Device Video NVIDIA GeForce M GF MG GF MGS NVIDIA GeForce M GF MGS GF MG Audio Realtek High Definition Audio NVIDIA High Definition Audio Network Broadcom NetXtreme Gigabit Ethernet Atheros AR X Wireless Network Adapter HDAUDIO Soft Data Fax Modem with SmartCP UUID A E A EDE B BA E Serial Number LXARG X DD BIOS Version v Battery mAh LI-ION Processor Processor AMD Turion tm X Dual-Core Mobile RM- Cores L Cache Data Cache KB x Execution Trace Cache KB x L Cache KB x Multimedia Video Device Device Name NVIDIA GeForce M GF MG GF MGS Total Available Graphics Memory MB Dedicated Video Memory MB Device Name NVIDIA GeForce M GF MGS GF MG Total Available Graphics Memory MB Dedicated Video Memory MB Audio Device Realtek High Definition Audio NVIDIA High Definition Audio Webcam Device Device Name Acer Crystal Eye webcam Driver Version Memory Current Memory Size MB Memory Type DDR Slot Installed Size MB Slot Installed Size MB nbsp

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I would like to hook a printer into my router. What I need to know is can I buy a cable with the square printer connector on one end and an ethernet connector on the other, or do I need a USB to ethernet adapter of some kind?

A:Cable issue

you need a print server - so make and exact model of the printer
make and exact model of the router

so some routers allow a USB device to connect and may have either a print server, and/or media server and/or storage

OR you can connect to a PC and share
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My netgear router (DG834G) has 4 ethernet ports but the internet slot is a phone line connector so you can connect it directly without using modem. However my ntlworld broadband modem (silver) connects to the socket attatched onto the wall via a thick white screw on wire? so connecting it directly past modem isn't an option.

My modem has an ethernet slot in the back which I could connect an ethernet cable to and into the back of the internet slot on my router but it only has a phone line connection for the internet slot?

What do I do?

A:Router cable issue?

Your router is an ADSL modem and not a broadband router.

You have Broadband... not ADSL, you need to buy a broadband router....

You then take the ethernet lead that goes from the modem to your PC and plug that into the socket on the broadband router.

It sounds to me like you should consider getting in someone who knows the difference between the 2 types of routers and can set it up for you.

Or else your going to be there all day just figuring out which wire goes where.
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I have a Compaq Presario SR5310 desktop I'm trying to help an elderly friend with. His cable modem worked for several years but now MIGHT connect to internet, but when linking to IE7 or 8 or Firefox, won't connect.

He has:

Windows Vista,
Internet connection with Cox Cable high speed modem,
All network devices are working normally,
Cox technician tested the modem in his house and it works 100%,
Cox technician says the problem must be in the computer,
The computer was restored to original factory settings with on-board Recovery program,
Problem still exists.
When I bring the computer to my house and connect to internet with DSL modem, no problems.

What could be allowing DSL modem to work but not cable modem with all else being equal?

Regards and Thanks, Mic

A:Cable Modem Issue

Well...those are two entirely different types of connections.

Does your friend have both cable and DSL?

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Hi, I have a new HP laptop, dv7-6175, about 2 months old and a new Rocketfish HDMI cable, about 1 month old. The cable just stopped working, won't stream Netflix to my Samsung HD tv. I hooked up the cable to my older laptop and it works- streams Netflix to my tv. It had been working previously on my new laptop, but then the picture on the laptop began to flicker off and come back on periodically when we were watching Netflix. Yesterday the computer shut down, and when it was re-booted no more streaming at all! I don't know if the cable is bad or if it's the port on the computer. I am able to do everything else on the computer, internet, etc. Thanks! Any help would be appreciated.

A:HDMI cable issue

I hooked up the cable to my older laptop and it works- streams Netflix to my tv. Click to expand...

its unlikely to be the cable

have you downloaded the latest video driver from the HP support site
if you goto desktop area and right click - personalise - display
you may have some control there for HDMI under advance setting - depends on the video adapter you have on the PC

Device Manager
Start > control Panel {Vista set to classic view}> system > {Vista, device manager on left hand side} {XP hardware Tab, device manager button} >
windows 7
start > control panel> System and Security> Device Manager

Display adapter click on the + > post back the devices listed there

To post a screen shot of the active window, hold the Alt key and press the PrtScn key. Open the Windows PAINT application and Paste the screen shot. You can then use PAINT to trim to suit, and save it as a JPG format file.
To upload it to the forum, open the full reply window and use the Manage Attachments button to upload it here
Full details are here

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Quick outline of network setup Calbe modem into wired DLink DI- router netgear access point into a LAN port one XP box using wired connection one XP box using wireless All PCs have static IP addresses because I needed a static IP addresss for the access point Wired and wireless PCs can get internet traffic no problem I ve set up a Win SE box and I can ping the DLink router plus other networked PCs BUT I CAN T FOR THE LIFE broadband SE cable Issue 98 Win OF ME SET UP IE to browse All attempts give page not found DNS error I can administer the router and access point ok from this SE box Looking at the IE connections setup I can t see what s wrong In the TCP-IP config I have specified a static IP address and a default gateway the wired router In IE LAN connections I ve not specified anything - no automatic Win 98 SE cable broadband Issue detection nothing Can t see why this won t work I can t ping any site e g google com Fear I m missing something probably obvious Any ideas greatly appreciated nbsp

A:Win 98 SE cable broadband Issue

In the TCP-IP config I have specified a static IP address and a default gateway (the wired router).Click to expand...

Have you setup your DNS in your TCP-IP Configuration. Without DNS you can't resolve URLs. Check your routers WAn configuration for its DNS and hten input these into your Win98's DNS settings within the TCP-IP config section.
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Hello out there I m new so I apologize and thank you in advance I am having a problem with my ethernet cables I have a cable modem with a blue ft ethernet cable that I use with my laptop I can plug unplug issue cable Ethernet this cable with no problem what-so-ever don t have to restart anything there is almost no interruption between connections however I just recently purchased a white ft cable says network patch cable-if that matters that I can t seem to get to work I have done everything I can think of to make this cable work but everytime I plug it in- nothing happens I have tried restarting the modem restarting my computer even put my ip address in myself says invalid ip when I Ethernet cable issue try to connect if it says anything at all but nothing happens However I just took it to my bf s house tonight he has dsl and the cable worked perfectly for him What can I do to make it work I was considering buying one of those female-female jack connectors to see if plugging the blue cable into the white cable would do anything Help Thank you in advance to anyone who happens to see this nbsp

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Ok SO i have built a CAT straight thorugh cable well actually its cables both the Cable CAT5 Issue same length about feet give or take a few inches I used top quality cable I know its good I pinched it from work and finished the ends with the standard RJ plug both securely fitted So whats the problem Well the cable is to link my Broadband router upstairs to the Cable CAT5 Cable Issue Modem situated downstairs and it doesnt work I mean the first cable I built I thought fair enough might be a faulty build so I built a second one now you why i said it was cables and that one same length etc doesnt work I have tested both the cables with a CAT pulse tester and both cables test all pins fine on a constant check At the moment I am using a shorter cable length say about ft long and all is OK thing is the cable modem is in a place that looks unslightly hence the longer cable so it can go with the TV Video equipment SO here s what happens I plug in the cable to Router and Modem Router doesnt show a light on the port then it does then it doesnt etc etc So i plugged the cable into my laptop and then into the Lan socket of the router same thing the light goes on and off and the laptop shows quot Acquiring network address quot then quot Network cable unplugged then quot Acquiring network address quot etc etc etc So next step was to put a Hub in line so the cable ends in a Hub same thing hub light comes on then goes off then comes on etc etc I am so at a loss im under the M limit for CAT the cable tests fine with a test tool all I can think of is that there is insufficient power across the cable to maintain a constant signal when supplied from a Hub or Router Ideas appreciated nbsp

A:CAT5 Cable Issue

Sounds like the cables are too long!! Try making one cable as short as you possibly can to do the job then fit a new plug on it!!
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I live in a college dorm and my internet used to work fine until I used my friend's ethernet jack in his dorm. He uses a "switch" that allows more ethernet jacks to be plugged in and I think this messed up my Local Area Connection somehow. Now when I try using the ethernet jack in my room it says "Network cable unplugged" even though I know it is plugged in and i working. The internet works fine if I plug it in my friend's jack though. Anyone know what I can do to fix this? This happened before and I messed around with the Speed & Duplex Settings and it worked... but now when I try that it doesn't work anymore!

A:Network Cable Unplugged Issue

We had that the other day in the office. Turned out to be a network card problem. Put another network card in (costs about Ģ9) and everything worked again.
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Hello All I am having a weird problem with my internet connection lately I have a Motorola Surfboard cable modem which was Cable Interesting Issue Modem working fine for the last one year connected to a dlink router From the Interesting Cable Modem Issue last two Interesting Cable Modem Issue days I wasn t getting internet with my router but I get everything when I connect the ethernet cable from the modem directly to my Mac I thought the router had some issues and replaced it with a Belkin router But I still face the same issue Then I re-connected the ethernet cable from the modem directly to my PC now And I can t get the internet unless the cable guy refreshes it or I do a manual reset Everytime I change computers connected directly to the internet I had to refresh I thought the modem is at Interesting Cable Modem Issue fault and replaced it with a Scientific Atlanta modem and I still face the same issue Everything works with my Mac but nothing works with the PC unless I reset the modem One thing I noticed is that Mac amp PC both get a invalid IP the first time I connect but some how with in sec Mac is able to refresh itself with a valid IP I called the cable guys and they tired for hrs and left it to my own fate Please Help Thanks In Advance nbsp

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In my home office I have printers connected to my main PC with foot cables since forever Works great Keep in mind the USB spec for cable length is meters feet max Longer cables than that could result in poor signal timing Now I want to reorganize my office and will want to move the PC even further away from the printers I bought some cheap foot extension USB Advice issue. wanted. A USB cable cables dumb cables - not extenders just to test to see if the printers will work They do Print scan fax - all good Just one small problem every time I start the PC Windows now 'discovers' A USB cable issue. Advice wanted. the quot new hardware quot There is the familiar bloop-boop sound twice when I reach the desktop If I am fast with the mouse I can get into Devices amp Printers and see that the printers are being discovered Obviously the signal timing issue on the extended USB cable is to blame I can live with this small problem But I have questions Is there some long term problem I could be headed for if I set up this way Is there some way to increase the amount of time that Windows reacts to the USB printer connections registry edit I could also buy some foot gauge USB cables to increase the signal response but those are bucks a piece I'll live with a minor annoyance for

A:A USB cable issue. Advice wanted.

Add a USB hub between the cables.
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Hi there -- I purchased an Airlink USB Data Transfer Cable in order to transfer data from my old XP PC to my Issue Cable Transfer Data new Vista PC I installed the included software onto the old PC and plugged the cable in to both computers however my old PC does not detect the connection I called the Airlink support and they advised me to download the driver from their website which I did I then tried Data Transfer Cable Issue to Data Transfer Cable Issue re-install the driver saved to my desktop however my computer seems to be unable to install the driver I called Airlink support again and they simply told me that I d have to return the data transfer cable and try a different dtc that was compatible with my computer Is this the right fix for this issue or will I simply run into the same problem with a different brand dtc I don t know why my PC wouldn t be compatible with this particular dtc is this a common problem Any advice is greatly appreciated nbsp
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My husband has a Cybertron gaming computer.  It just recently started having issues with the video card.  It kept saying that he needed to check it.  Sometimes the screen with shake and then he would not be able to view what he is searching on.
Last night, he restarted his computer and it kept rebooting saying "no signal input, check video cable"  So I manually turned it off.  Can anyone tell me what may be the issue and how to fix the problem?

A:Video Cable/Card issue

Does this problem persist in Safe Mode?
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Recently I have switched to a local Cable TV Internet Broadband Issue Cable Security ISP TV Service These guys do not provide any modem inside the house Cable TV ISP Broadband Security Issue Their modem is located outside from where various branched-out wired lan connections are provided to customers Thus I have a direct lan cable into my computer's Cable TV ISP Broadband Security Issue lan port Now the problem is when I go to My Computer - gt Networks I can see a bunch of unknown computers who are of course the other consumers and may be an admin https drive google iew usp sharing I was worried if any of those computers could actually access my files So I tried to access theirs from my side I was surprised to see that any computer without a windows password could easily be accessed For example jack-Pc C was showing shared drives on that PC Those with windows password could not be accessed though Just to make things clear this has nothing to do with internet connection Whether the internet is on or off just the lan cable plugged in shows all these computers If I turn off network discovery all the computers vanish google tells me that network admins can access files inspite of network discover file sharing settings If I run 'net share' in command prompt it shows all my drives have admin share So I am afraid that the admin of this stupid network who could be the isp guys can actually access my files Well I googled how to turn admin share off tryu regedit and applied that but I have the following questions in mind Can a network admin access my files and folders without knowing my windows login credentials If i disable admin share thru regedit can he still access my files I have noticed putting a router in between the lan cable and my computer makes these computers vanish So can my personal router serve as a security shield in this case Just to add unlike in corporate scenarios where network admin has all rights and the user doesn't have admin rights here I have complete admin rights on my machine I am just afraid if the n w admin of this network also shares the same privilege another point My antivirus is warning me of duplicate ips when I am connected to this network https drive google iew usp sharing ps These guys are no tech guru so I am not afraid of someone brute forcing my password Just want to prevent easy regular access t my private files due to my ignorance

A:Cable TV ISP Broadband Security Issue

I am pretty much sure you can use a router in between that LAN and your computer. Perhaps something with wireless and 4-ports as well if you have a phone/tablet/laptop another PC etc.

This way the routers outer port will get IP from cable company with Internet IP. And your computer will get a local IP, hence separating the networks. And should be able to keep the average Joe out of your network.

Until you get a router, make sure your internet connection is configured as public.

What kind of internet connection did you have before, maybe your old device is compatible and up to the task? If not make sure the router you get is compatible (usually cable routers are different than adsl routers etc - different authentication methods). Ask around or perhaps a local forum for your ISP.

Examle: Linksys Wireless Routers - WRT, Wireless-AC and Smart Wi-Fi there are many brands for routers, not necessarily Linksys.

Regarding your concern: No that admin doesn't have any credentials on your local machine and can't access. But it is not a good practice to expose yourself like that. Not having a password ofcourse is a security issue.

Hope this is clear.
Relevancy 43.86% left half of my screen slightly grays and can only be remedied by pulling the left half forward and holding (as seen in picture). If you leave it alone for a while, the screen will totally gray out or go white-gray over time. Sometimes the screen can be positioned to work, but often not..Note that when hooked to an external monitor, the monitor does not show these problems and displays the desktop withno problems (Cursor moves fine and everything).I feel like the issue is the screen but it displays perfect picture at these certain angles...Could it be the display cable?
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I am running Windows Vista Home basic and I am haveing a problem.
What im trying to do is to basicaly use my TV as a monitor and i cant seem to get the settings working im very new to vista

I pluged My Svideo cable into my laptop and the "Yellow Adaptor"(as in the red yellow and whte cable) into the yellow video port on my tv in the same way id hook up a console and all i get is a blank screen on my TV I dont know what else im suposto do to Watch movies on my tv

I havent touched any of the settings on my laptop so if someone could walk me through it that would be great


A:Svideo Cable Issue with laptop

Hi, daisuke2, and welcome to the forums.

If you check your laptop's user guide, you'll find the exact procedure, but most laptops have a special key combination on the keyboard to allow the external port to be enabled. On many laptops, especially Dells, I have seen the combination being the Fn key (usually located in the bottom left hand corner) and the F4 or F5 key (If you look carefully, usually in an off color, like purple, or green, or gray, you'll see a couple of icons that look like a monitor (and one looks smaller than the other) separated by a / - that is the correct Fx key to use with the Fn key.

Also, for future reference, you have to remember that when you ask a question, you need to be *very8 specific and include all information possible - for example, I don't know if you're running Vista 64bit or 32bit (not really important), and I don't know if you've ever used an external video display device with your laptop or not, and *most important* I have no idea what your laptop model number is - because with the model number I could download your manual from the manufacturer website and tell you exactly what page to look on to find what I am talking about.

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Situation In a vehicle we have a Panasonic CF- laptop with Windows XP client docked in the front seat and another MicroATX PC with Windows XP in the trunk server The two computers are connected via CAT- crossover cable yes i m positive it s crossover and have been working fine for the past two months until today with the following settings Client Network - Auto-Negotiate IP Subnet Server Network - Auto-Negotiate IP Subnet PROBLEM Client laptop has received error message crossover strange cable... with help! issue quot lt adaptername gt is unplugged quot help! strange issue with crossover cable... YES the cable is plugged in on both ends and the link lights are active TROUBLESHOOTING Disconnect laptop end and connect to help! strange issue with crossover cable... another laptop and it connects to the server PC fine reconnect Disconnect server end and connect to another laptop and it connects to the client laptop fine Changed adapter priority to under Control Panel - gt Network Connections - gt Advanced Settings Now when you unplug the Ethernet and plug it back in the system tray bubble appears and says quot Connected at Gbps quot for two seconds then says quot lt adaptername gt is unplugged quot This happens every time it s unplugged and plugged back in Same issue with different crossover cables Again this is especially strange because it has been running fine for two months and also connects right away to other computers with no problems We are able to force M bit Full-Duplex however it intermittently disconnects and random times but with intervals of up to a day or two without error Anything anything at all would be greatly appreciated Thank you nbsp

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Am I posting in wrong forum I ll try not to make new threads but I ve been searching for a while now it s hard to browse the pages and I m in hurry because my comp might die any second Do you know any Swedish forum similar to techspot Well I m Swedish I still have a AGP system and the day before yesterday the comp didn t start because it said I haven t connected the Power extension cable I tried over and over again but it was the same I opened the comp and reconnected all cables even if all seemed alright The comp worked another day Yesterday evening it happened again This time in Windows XP Power cable extension issue The screen started to flicker and a warning message said some ATI driver was missing But it was because of the Power extension cable again I reconnected all the cables but the comp still claimed about the Power extension cable over and over again I gaved up and went to bed Hopeless In the morning today I unplugged all extra stuff like sensors Power extension cable issue and leeds for the case and I replaced the cables so there was no other stuff on the same cable Well then the comp didn t start because the CPU was unworkable quot check CPU soft menu quot Ok but I saw nothing wrong in there and PC health looked good But the CPU was still unworkable Back to the CPU soft menu I saw nothing wrong except I knew that I changed it for many months ago because I didn t want it to be overclocked It was set to MHz GHz before and I changed to MHz GHz This time I changed back to MHz GHz And the comp worked again That was weird And now I m Power extension cable issue sitting here trying to make a technical post in english LOL The issue is quite unexpected even it have happend once a long time ago Now I m afraid that my comp will get broken anytime maybe next time I restart it Please tell if you ve had similar problem What do Power extension cable issue you think is broken The power supply the mobo or the AGP card I have no technical data about my computer available but there s a list at the bottom of the page in my Xfire profile Ok I WILL upgrade soon but then I need a functional comp so I can order some new stuff And of course it s in the end of the week rolleyes nbsp

A:Power extension cable issue

might be the monitor

No replies :/
Ok... Actually I've had no problem since I changed the settings in BIOS
and it's very weird. I've still bought a new power supplie, a Hiper 580W.
I'll install it later I hope it's good ...and quiet enough. The first step in
the upgrade process :dead:

Why I couldn't start my comp and why it said the power extension
cable wasn't connected... Here's what I think, even I'm not a pro.
Sometimes I switched off my old Nokia monitor while the comp was
working a long time during defrag, virus scan and more, because I
thought it will decrease the lifetime and because the screensaver
didn't always work as it should. I think something happend to the
BIOS because the monitor wasn't on... ​
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November th AM permalink phufool Junior Member Join Date Nov Posts Network Cable Unplugged Issue I live in a college dorm and my internet used to work fine until I used my friend's ethernet jack in his dorm He uses a quot switch quot that allows more ethernet jacks to be plugged in and I think this messed up my Local Area Connection somehow Now when I try using the ethernet jack in my room it says Issue Cable Unplugged Network quot Network cable unplugged quot even though I know it is plugged in and is working The internet works fine if I plug it in my friend's jack though Anyone know what I can do to fix this This happened before and I messed around with the Network Cable Unplugged Issue Speed amp Duplex Settings and it worked but now when I try that it doesn't work anymore If I change the Duplex Setting to mbs full it detects an unidentified network with limited connectivity but the internet still doesn't work
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My internet has been dropping out on me. It seems to only do this when I use a lot of bandwidth. It will drop when playing an online game, or during an internet download. Any help will be much appriciated.

It accually dropped out again when I posted this message, now I have to wait for my modem to reconnect so I can post this.

A:Cable internet conection issue

"Drop" means what? What kind of a cable modem is it? Do you have any routers? Firewalls?
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I recently have had issues with my chrome browser redirecting my page to other sites. I thought my Windows 7 laptop was infected but after running malwarebyte, emsisoft, panda AV, MS essential, they found nothing significant. I even uninstalled and reinstalled my chrome browser but the issue persisted (whereas firefox seems fine).
Today i decided to give chrome browser another chance but then I got the following redirect/popup -
The page at says
Attention: Time Warner Cable Customer
Read before continuing
It appears that your chrome and chrome (sic) may lack important updates and have pop ads enabled, which puts passwords and data at risks. Please follow these instructions:
Before you use your computer, it is strongly advised to call on 1-844-329-3153 now for immediate PC scan.
1. is my "chrome browser" infected?
2. is my laptop infected?
Any help/suggestion ? Great many thanks.

A:a chrome issue or my cable company's ?

Hi seraphin,
Looks like a general scam pop up rather than an infection. Let's do a few scans for adware just to check
Please download MiniToolBox, save it to your desktop and run it.
Checkmark the following checkboxes:

Click Go and note the saved Result.txt on your desktop, to copy into your reply
Please download AdwCleaner and save to your Desktop.
Right click and "Run as Administrator"
Click on the Scan button.
After the scan has finished, click on the Report button...a logfile will open in Notepad for review.
A copy of all logfiles are saved in the C:\AdwCleaner folder which was created when running the tool, or you can save it to the desktop to be easily found for your reply.
Please let me know if this application removes something you want to keep on your system
Please download Junkware Removal Tool to your desktop.
Shut down your protection software now to avoid potential conflicts.
Right click and "Run as Administrator".
The tool will open and start scanning your system.
On completion a log will open, note the saved JRT.txt on your desktop to copy into your reply
ESET Online scanner
Follow this link or right click and "copy link location", then paste the link into the address bar on your newly opened browser instance
Note: If using Mozilla Firefox you will need to download esetsmartinstaller_enu.exe when prompted then double click on it to install.
Firstly, Accept the Terms and click Start
Click Enable detection of potentially unwanted applications and click Start again.
ESET will then download updates, install and begin scanning your computer. Please be patient as this can take some time.
When the scan completes, click List of found threats. Note: If no malware was found you will not get a list.

Click Export to text file and save the log on your desktop. Then click the Back button.

Check Uninstall application on close and Delete quarantined files, then click the Finish button.

When you click finish the browser will not close but will offer you ESET products. Be aware the scan has actually finished and you need to close the browser window and reboot your computer to complete the process.
Please save the log to your desktop for your reply.
Please run MalwareBytes Anti-Malware again at this stage.
Copy and paste the logs in your reply
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Hey all I began having this issue with my internet and I m hoping for some help I had been using a random wireless network that was open but decided to just order my own internet service That was about two weeks ago and I ve had nothing but issues since At seemingly random times I haven t noticed any rhyme or reason to it an error will appear that says a network cable is unplugged and the internet will go out If I leave Network Unplugged issue. Cable Is it alone it will come back online in a few minutes Network Cable Is Unplugged issue. I have checked about twenty times that the cables are definitely not unplugged If I wiggle the ethernet cord around where it hooks into my computer it will start acquiring a network address again and will be fine sometimes for a day or other times for five minutes I ve tried a different NIC and three different cables with no change I ve tried setting the duplex to mbs full and that didn t help I ve also had the internet provider come out and they gave me a new modem though they said they couldn t find anything wrong with my original I m kinda running out of ideas and this is driving me insane Any help would be greatly appreciated Thanks Danielle nbsp

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I have a mini external hard drive that functions normally for my desktop with it s provided quot cable which has the standard type A male USB cable an of for HD? external Length issue plug on one end and the mini five pin on Length of cable an issue for external HD? the other end Wanting to get a longer cable for being able to locate the external hard drive in a more convenient place I first purchased Length of cable an issue for external HD? a retractable quot cable which was as thin as a string with the same type terminals and then a quot cable with the same terminals and also a cable thickness and insulation the same as that of the supplied hard drive cable The hard drive would not function with either of these new cables even though they were designed for this use connecting electronic devices like camera to computer etc Is the increase in cable length the problem issue or something else Instead of the hard drive files automatically loading as they did with the original cable when using the newly purchased cables I would get a wizard asking if installation software could be searched for on the Internet I also got a taskbar notice that there was a problem loading the new hardware I would appreciate learning what the problem is here if anyone thinks they know why these other and longer cables with the same type terminals aren t working nbsp

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Ran into a bit of a snafu wondering if some kind soul s might take pity and offer a hand I ve had this computer home built for a few years and never had any problems with it I turned on the computer yesterday and the BIOS is showing the incorrect CPU it shows Athlon XP I can t remember what it used to say I think but I m not Windows XP is showing my speed as Ghz which is Mhz less than it Speed Issue CPU used to show as it used to show xGhz I don t know exactly what my CPU is so I don t know what to look for when changing my CPU Speed Issue FSB multiplier and such I used CPU-Z hoping it would give me some clue but it is also telling me I have as an AMD Athlon XP Barton Currently my multipler is set at and my bus speed is Can anyone help me locate my missing Mhz Thanks nbsp
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I am taking a class at my school, and they lent us these older Dell laptops that run at 1.3ghz, have 800mhz fsb, and contain 256mb ddr ram (loaded up bios on the computer to see). What I can't figure out is the fact that whenever I log on using the schools user name, the computer takes a good 30 seconds logging on, and starts out with 100% usage of the cpu, although only has 22 processes. I end around six or seven of them, although the computer speeds up, it is still slow. It could probably use a good defragmenting, though it wouldn't slow down that much, right? Also, the computers are very restricted. I know some bugs with Xp that can remove the administators password, but I won't touch these computers further than I have.

A:Speed issue

Hi cfitzarl,

I don't know if there are 1.3 GHZ CPU's with a 800MHZ FSB. I think those 800MHZ FSB CPU's are Northwood's C (A or B, donīt know ), and Prescotts.
There are 1.3GHZ P4's, with 400MHZ FSB, some P3's with 133FSB, etc.

Regarding the machine, I'd defragment it, but it would take a while. I don't think that you have time to do it.
Also, it could have viruses, and crap like that.

Anyways, 1.3 GHZ is a little slow for windows XP, so don't expect miracles, especially if they have a normal coppermine Celeron CPU.
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Hello, I have bought this laptop, in the product specification it tells me the ram speed should be ddr3 1600 MhzI have downloaded bios updates, and now the HP Support assistent tells me my ram speed is only 800 Mhz??I went inside bios but it doesn't give me options to change ram speed. 800 Mhz is slow. is there a way to change itback to 1600 or at least 1333 Mhz? Regards

A:Ram Speed Issue

@ginoversace?, welcome to the forum. Your RAM is Double Data Rate (DDR).  Therefore, if you take 800 MHz x 2 you have 1600 MHz. Please click the Thumbs up + button if I have helped you and click Accept as Solution if your problem is solved.
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Hi, i am using a zoom modem. i am connected but the speed is slow. on checking the router status it is showing the downstream speed as 1728 and upstream as 448, but when i run a online speed test it gives a speed of 130kb/s and upload as 377Kb/s.On the router by gateway is showing as and the ip is showing as

On CMD the gateway is and the same ip.

Please suggest what i need to do to get the same speed that is showing on router status.

A:speed issue

hi the problem is resolved it was the problem with the modem i bought a new linksys modem and now i am geting the same spped as showing on the router status, but will any one suggest what may be the issue with the zoom modem.
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I have recently just got Virgin Media 10mb connection (wireless). Me and my friend share this connection, he has a mac i have a pc(laptop). It seems that my friend can get near enough full speed with downloads etc (tested on, my friend got nearly 10mb download speed, however I averaged at 6mb. Another example, my friend downloaded a file from a website, the speed went at about 1.5mb/s, I then downloaded the exact same file directly after his download had finished, my average download speed was 250kb/s.
My wireless card is "intel(r) pro/wireless 3945abg", it is a 54mb/s card so it should be more than capable to get the full 10mb/s that is offered to me. Any help in how to 'de-restrict' my card to obtain the full speed?

Any help is appreciated!

Thanks in advance

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I recently added memory to my Gateway FX 7026 quad core. After I was done with the process, during the post process an error flashed across (too quick to capture unfortunately), but it had to do with a Microsoft Handler of some sort. The net result is that my cpu cooling fan is running constantly at top speed now. I have had the system for 6 months and it has never run like this before.

Any ideas?

A:Fan Speed Issue

Hello Erekosa, welcome to Vista forums!

Seeing that you're having issues with new RAM installed and 'handler' issues; it may be that the 'new' RAM is bad! (it happens)

The best option would be to burn Memtesr86 to a CD and test each stick individually for at least one full pass.

Keep us informed!

Later Ted
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I have a dell demension 3000 ( i know nothing special) The original specs were a 512mb ram and a 2.8ghz p4 and i have upgraded it to 2gb of ram and a ati radeon X1550 256mb graphics card. I just reformatted from xp home to xp pro and i have noticed a sever slow down in the computer before battlefield 2 maps would load within 2 to 3 mins and ran smooth now they take close to 5 and are jitterey in the game and simple task on the computer are all jittery and slow to what could be causeing this. is it xp pro or something else. I have ran virus scan and several disk defrag waht could be wrong.

A:Speed issue

Does that computer come with onboard graphics? And if so did you disable it in the BIOS and or uninstall it in device manager? Was the Pro installed fresh? Have you tried uninstalling then reinstalling the GPU drivers? In the BIOS you'll find a setting that says Init Display First. If you switched from onboard to a graphics card that need to be changed from PCI to AGP or PCI express depending on the systems configuration. The other thing is when the graphics become jerky like that it is often either a GPU unable to handle the applications graphics (like an old card trying to play a new game), or it's a GPU heat issue, but with the heat thing you would probably be getting artifacts (patchy areas that aren't rendering properly) as well.
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I just got 16GB of Corsair Dominator 1866Mhz ram. The computer has automatically set the speed to 1333Mhz. I went into the BIOS [I think it was the Bios] and there was no option to change the Ram speed. ProcessorAMD A8-5500 APU with Radeon(tm) HD Graphics Video CardNVIDIA GeForce GTX 760 RAM6.0 GB Operating SystemMicrosoft Windows 10 (build 10586), 64-bit  HP Pavilion p7-1414 Desktop PC
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HP DL145
2.32ghz x2
2gb RAM
Win7 x64

I am having a strange issue. My wired download speed is .80/mbps while my upload is 8.5/mbps. The connection is FIOS 35/35 and I am having zero issues with any other cpu on the network wired or wireless.

This is a new machine with a fresh install on it. The only 'third party' app is Chrome.

Network setup is follows:
Verizon FIOS ont box > Cisco E1000 Router > Linksys 24port 10/100 switch

This box is plugged into the switch at the end of the chain. I have swapped cables and have tested different machines. Everything else is working fine but not this machine.

Any tips?

A:Speed Issue

Is that the speed that you are seeing when you download a file or is it through a speed test?

Also, if that is the speed while downloading a file but your speed test is fine; Does the download start high then drop down?
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Just got an EVGA GTX570 Superclocked GFX card. Card works like a dream! One thing though. EVGA Precision will now only let me take the fan speed up to 85%. Can anyone tell me why or how to fix the issue? I have completly uninstalled the drivers and then reinstalled them but i can still only acheve 85% fan speed.
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as subject say my internet connection on this computer is only getting half of the speed I should be getting. this has been tested with three different connections, two wifi and the LAN.

Download speeds are slow as well. I have a 20mbps down and 1mbps up. I can achieve about 10mpbs down and 500kbps up.

All other computers on the network are running win 7 pro x86 and have full speed.

Any idea's?

A:speed issue with Win 7 pro x64

Quote: Originally Posted by pctechdude

as subject say my internet connection on this computer is only getting half of the speed I should be getting. this has been tested with three different connections, two wifi and the LAN.

Download speeds are slow as well. I have a 20mbps down and 1mbps up. I can achieve about 10mpbs down and 500kbps up.

All other computers on the network are running win 7 pro x86 and have full speed.

Any idea's?

Could be a bad network driver, configuration issue, bad cable, conflict with another device on wifi, dns, etc

Can you go to start>search>type cmd>right click and run as admin>ipconfig /all

Take a screenshot and upload it to us.

Ken J
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i have the latest BIOS update wich is F36 and i still have the issue from the time i bought this laptop win 8.1 to win 10 all up todate the problem is exisit and every time i upgarding the BIOS software i didnt see the problem has fixed !! the prblem in short that i cant hear the fan loud or maximum speed when i play game when the CPU Tem reach 80c the Fan did not reach the maximum speed (with that said CPU must not reach higher than 70c ) even though my FAN did not work properly )that i heared before every time i tried to update the BIOS ican heare it extreamly load and clear  . please HP this is supper proiority and must be fixed as soon as possible i cant play any game at this moment because of lack of speed in the fan to cool dowen the cpu .
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I live in Brooklyn NY and i having slowly internet connection and unstable connection Time I Connection help issue need Cable with Warner with TWC please help me i'm using MB download which is month and my OS is Windows Ultimate bit here is the tracert Google result below ms ms ms ms ms ms gig- - -nycmnys-rtr nyc rr com ms ms ms tenge- - - - -nyquny -rtr nyc rr com ms ms ms bun -nyquny -rtr nyc rr com ms ms ms ms ms ms ae- - cr I need help with Time Warner Cable Connection issue nyc tbone rr com I need help with Time Warner Cable Connection issue ms I need help with Time Warner Cable Connection issue ms ms ms ms ms ae- - pr dca tbone rr com ms ms ms ms ms ms ms ms ms ms ms ms ms ms ms ms vw-in-f e net it seems there's some problem with my connection i had call TWC many many times and they sent their worker to my home tried to fix it but they were useless if anyone knows how to fix it please help me and thanks if need more info just tell me i will try my best

A:I need help with Time Warner Cable Connection issue

Your IP is a internal IP. So your going through there Proxy server before getting onto the NET. You dont have your OWN IP. For Example I have A ip of [] and it changes every time I restart the PC. I'm unsure to why your SP is doing this but I would ask if its them. and there routing.

Tracing route to []
over a maximum of 30 hops:

1 13 ms 12 ms 18 ms []
2 13 ms 22 ms 25 ms []
3 14 ms 22 ms 10 ms []
4 30 ms 9 ms 12 ms []
5 20 ms 11 ms 17 ms []
6 127 ms 124 ms 130 ms []
7 205 ms 204 ms 192 ms []
8 95 ms 95 ms 119 ms []
9 93 ms 95 ms 97 ms []
10 113 ms 107 ms 107 ms
11 104 ms * 101 ms []
12 97 ms 99 ms 105 ms []
13 105 ms 124 ms 92 ms []

Trace complete.

On another note, Adding Googles DNS to your Network controller may help.
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Right I am trying to build my drive issue power cable Hard first computer yay me and I ran into some problems So far all Hard drive power cable issue the parts that I have I have gotten for free so I wanted to continue that trend for the hard drive I had an old laptop that I am no longer using so I decided to try using its hard drive for my new computer I have an adapter for - inch IDE drives but the power cable that is attached to said adapter has only the red and black wires out of the connectors have wires are the other ones yellow necessary or can they be skipped Also would there be any particular way that I would need to arrange the jumpers on my laptop hard drive and how would I go about doing so thanks for your replies in advance Phlip New comp specs -Asus Tusi-M motherboard given to me by a friend s dad the mobo already had a celeron processor and heatsink attached -- -Watt PSU -Being short on cash I decided that I would use the motherboard s built-in video chipset for the time being upgrade in future - mb RAM - GB laptop hard drive -integrated sound card as a side note anyone got any suggestions on a cheap graphics card Not anything top of the line think - bucks nbsp

A:Hard drive power cable issue

A 2.5 inch drive only uses the red and black as they run on 5v this means they can be plugged into the USB and ran from the 5v on the USB bus, the yellow wires carry the 12v needed for 3.5 inch drives.

However 2.5 inch drives very rarely have jumpers on them (some do and they are tiny little things) this means the PC would only see it as Master, so bear that in mind when adding any other drives especially those that require the master to be set to have a slave or else it wont work properly.
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Recently I have switched to a local Cable TV Internet Service These guys do not provide any modem inside the house Their modem is located outside from where various branched-out wired lan connections are provided to customers Thus I have a direct lan cable into my computer s lan port Now the problem is when I go to My Computer - gt Networks I can see a bunch of unknown computers who are of course the other consumers and may be an admin https drive google TV Solved: ISP Security Cable Broadband Issue iew usp sharing I was worried if any of those computers could actually access my files So I tried to access theirs from my side I was surprised to see that any computer without a windows password could easily be accessed For example jack-Pc C was showing shared drives on that PC Those with windows password could not be accessed though Just to make things clear this has nothing to do with internet connection Solved: Cable TV ISP Broadband Security Issue Whether the internet is on or off just the lan cable plugged in shows all these computers If I turn off network discovery all the computers vanish google tells me that network admins can access files inspite of network discover file sharing settings If I run net share in command prompt it shows all my drives have admin share So I am afraid that the admin of this stupid network who could be the isp guys can actually access my files Well I googled how to turn admin share off tryu regedit and applied that but I have the following questions in mind Can a network admin access my files and folders without knowing my windows login credentials If i disable admin share thru regedit can he still access my files I have noticed putting a router in between the lan cable and my computer makes these computers vanish So can my personal router serve as a security shield in this case Just to add unlike in corporate scenarios where network admin has all rights and the user Solved: Cable TV ISP Broadband Security Issue doesn t have admin rights here I have complete admin rights on my machine I am just afraid if the n w admin of this network also shares the same privilege another point My antivirus is warning me of duplicate ips when I am connected to this network https drive google iew usp sharing ps These guys are no tech guru so I am not afraid of someone brute forcing my password Just want to prevent easy regular access t my private files due to my ignorance nbsp

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When I use wireless I get massive lag issues sometimes it runs smoothly somedays and others its just unplayable A friend who had the same found plugging in his cable straight from the modem solved this I did the same and when the cable is plugged in I can t even connect to game servers The easiest game plugged in, is ok wireless odd is gaming issue when cable Very pc to test this with is arma as you can t even connect without the anti cheat having a connection to you I do get as far as th game lobby and after seconds with the cable connected to my pc I get kicked as it can t connect to the game however an interesting thing is if I pull out the cable and Very odd pc gaming issue when cable is plugged in, wireless is ok activate wireless I get an instant connectik to the game but my ping goes way up I then test this again by disabling wireless and putting in the cable and I lose connection to the game Oddly when I use steam with wireless I get a download rate for games and updates if about kb s but with the cable plugged in I get so it s definantly working it just won t Very odd pc gaming issue when cable is plugged in, wireless is ok let me play games online and normally Internet runs much faster for videos etc while the cable is plugged in My Internet provider which is sky assure me nothing is in place that should be blocking and quite frankly treat me like in dumb as all they want is for me to keep resetting the modem or say perhaps my computer can t play the game I can pay with wireless but just get heavy lag issues I have Very odd pc gaming issue when cable is plugged in, wireless is ok bought a new PC recently and have th same problem I can t run games easily it s just the Internet that is having problems I have also tried disabling my firewall but this doesn t help and yes I know that s not a good idea but its all I could think off Any help would be greatly appreciated thanks nbsp

A:Very odd pc gaming issue when cable is plugged in, wireless is ok

Have you updated to the latest drivers for your ETHERNET card? Whats the make and EXACT model number of that PC you are having problems with? Also whats your OS? 32bit or 64bit? Whats your Routers make and model number? Modem make and model number?
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Last night I had a lightening hit on my Directv that kill both receivers. Also, my PC will no longer recognize my network cable. Both my modem and wireless router are working just fine. I plugged in a new network cable to ensure it was not that. It still indicated network cable unplugged. Just to make sure, i plugged the new cable into my laptop and it recognized it and I was able to connect to the internet. I looked at my network adapters in the device manager and it indicated all is well.

Any suggestion what it might be?



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I just installed a wireless router for a home network in which my computer is linked directly to via network cable and the other computer in my home is using a wireless network card.

Now I'm having an issue with my computer -which is linked by a cable- to the wireless router. I continue to receive a message about my "Local Area Connection" informing me that "A Network Cable is disconnected". This message appears about every 15 seconds (down by my clock) and is nonstop during the period my computer is turned on. It has also become annoying since it is always showing up and disappearing (almost like a blinker that has been left on).

Does anyone have any suggestions as to what it may be?

Just so ya know, this NEVER happened when I was connected using a different router that did not have wireless capabilities.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

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Computer A:
Windows 2000 Pro SP4
no firewall
Static IP address:
Subnet mask:

Computer B:
Windows XP Home SP2
Win XP firewall
Static IP address:
Subnet mask:

Both are on the same workgroup, MSHome

shared folders are on each computer

In network places, "A" can see "B" but "B" cannot see "A"

"A" can ping "B"

"B" pinging "A" results in "request timed out"

"A" can ping itself &

"B" can ping itself &

Same issue with a different cross over cable.

I hope you can help me.


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Hello I have a wired connection "Ethernet". And the problem I have been having lately is not all the time but I will be plugged in surfing the net and or what not and all of the sudden It disconnects out of nowhere. I check the cable modem and the internet is still working the lights are still on etc. So I restart my computer with the ethernet cable still plugged in to the modem and then it comes back? But this is getting old why is it doing that? Is there an issue with my ehternet cable and or hopefully not my internal Ethernet port?

I have Windows 7 Sager laptop NP9130
Also the Wifi is still working so the internet is fine.

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I have an interesting problem Recently I have been network cable unplugged issue Recurring having trouble with one of my computers As a result I have now re-installed windows XP or times since the beginning of the year with the majority of those times being the last months or so Internet connectivity stops working I get a message that a network cable is disconnected I cannot use the internet Strange because it is a dual booting system and my Linux partition has NO TROUBLE connecting After I re-install Windows XP everything Recurring network cable unplugged issue works fine Internet works I can download surf email I then go through the very lengthy time consuming process of re-installing software and registering licenses so the software can work some packages make it impossible to just use a key phrase Sooner or later the internet stops working in XP This happened again recently when I boot to linux it works so I Recurring network cable unplugged issue know it is not the hardware I tried changing the speed and duplex setting from auto to or mb full or half No change no internet connection I have tried removing and re-installing the driver for the network adapter I removed my hard drive and I re-installed XP to a smaller hard drive and yes I can connect again I do NOT want to go through Recurring network cable unplugged issue the process of re-installing software or license rights again Besides it may only fail again in a few days weeks I would like to be able to fix this on my XP installation How do I Find out what is broken and fix it Stop it from breaking again This will no doubt depend on answer to One thing that comes to mind I do not register XP after I install I just activate it over the net This option to register it is it manditory Could this be the cause Asus A V x Asus tek Broadcom integrated controller on motherboard XP home XP service pack I allow all updates to take place as I am notified except I do not allow iIE to be installed normally I use firefox Thanks Alp

A:Recurring network cable unplugged issue

<<I do NOT want to go through the process of re-installing software or license rights again. Besides, it may only fail again in a few days/weeks.
I would like to be able to fix this on my XP installation.>>

My simple answer for that is to clone your Windows install...when all is well. When things go wrong, just restore the clone.

But...Publish a Snapshot using Speccy - and we can take a look at basic things.

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I have a card in my PC for cable so I use my computer to record my favorite shows through Windows Media Center My cable company sent a letter stating that we would be required to have a jumper box for each Cable/Windows Center Issue Media tv which they will provide for free because our cable will only be available through the cable boxes even for basic cable subscribers So after installing the jumper boxes recording my shows has become next to impossible The cable comes into the box and there is a switch on the back of the box similar to the old R F switches that says Channel Channel You switch it to put your TV on and watch TV using the remote provided with this box When I record a show now I have to tell my computer to record channel and pick the shows on channel that line up with what I actually want recorded turn the box to the channel I want to record and wait It almost seems like I am going backwards here with technology Cable/Windows Media Center Issue Is Cable/Windows Media Center Issue there a way around this I can t figure anything out other than what I am doing which sucks because if a show on channel ends there is a pause in the recording which is pretty darn annoying Thanks in advance if anyone has any clue what I can do nbsp

A:Cable/Windows Media Center Issue

What kind of "card" do you have in your PC? Sounds like you have an older TV tuner card, which is obsolete with digital/encrypted digital broadcasting. All you need is new technology, such as this:

Assuming your cable company offers cable card support, you place a cable card into the box above. It can then tune all of the cable channels for which you are paying.
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Ok, I'm stumped by my internet issue. Maybe you can shed some light on it.

Ping is averaging 11000ms, upload 0.01-0.07, download 0.2-0.4
Here's the setup: AT&T modem --> Linksys Router --> 2 simple switches --> computers

What I tried:
1. I plugged in a laptop directly to the modem and speed is back to normal.
2. I swapped out a cat 5 cable between the modem and router and speed was back to normal for a few minutes, then bad again.
3. I swapped out the router with a new one and speed was back to normal for a few minutes, then bad again.

So the router is fine. I don't think it's the switches if everything is working fine for a couple minutes. Also, my wireless is fast and then bad again when I tried swapping stuff out.

Any ideas?

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Hi guys after installing some new RAM i checked CPU-Z to see if all was ok, and it doesn't seem to be.

I bought some Crucial Ballistix 8Gb 1866MHz, however is doesn't seem to be running at 1866 more like 667MHZ.

I have a Gigabyte GA-970A-DS3 and a AMD FX-4100

Is there way i can force the speed on the RAM to 1866?

Any input is greatly appreciated.


A:Memory Speed Issue

CPU-Z reports the clock frequency of the RAM. DDR (DDR2, DDR3) transfer data twice per clock tick, so CPU-Z reports 667MHz for DDR3-1333.

Most motherboards seem to run DDR3-1333 and up at DDR3-1333 by default. To get the higher frequency, you'd either need to set the BIOS to use XMP, or manually set the RAM frequency and timings.
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Welcome and well met Here s my computer laptop specs Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version OS Version Microsoft Windows Home Premium Service Pack bit Processor AMD Athlon tm X Dual Core Speed issue Internet Processor L AMD Family Model Stepping Processor Count RAM Mb Graphics Card ATI Radeon HD Graphics Mb Hard Drives C Total - MB Free - MB Motherboard Acer Aspire Antivirus None I have internet service from excede by wildblue satellite with a cable modem It s supposed to be up to Mbps Average I m getting is around - Mbps according to speedtest net The site also says I m accessing the net from Stanton MI I happen to live just north of Chicago IL Share the internet with my sister who has an older desktop with Windows Internet Speed issue XP on it Last weekend I bought a new router from MicroCenter A Netgear N Wireless Dual Band Gigabit WNDR v Both my laptop and my sister s desktop are plugged in Internet Speed issue to it Hasn t helped from what I can see I use IE for my browser I ve tried Firefox and Chrome and didn t find either of them any faster than this Can anyone tell me why my speed is so bad Is it my desktop Maybe my cat e cable is old My biggest gripe right now is that watching videos STINKS online Also I enjoy playing certain Facebook games like Journeys of Jesus and Disney Ghost of Mystwood They re horribly slow to load Can anyone offer me any suggestions of what could be causing the slow-down Thank you nbsp

A:Internet Speed issue

That is not a bad speed at all. The advertized speed is the maximum, rarely achieved in real situations. The location of your internet connection is where WildBlue's servers connect you to the internet.

Not sure what to say about your video problem except that when I had a 2 mbps connection, I watched YouTube without many delays. A lower quality feed may help.