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Q: Video Card Upgrade Advice

So, I recently decided I was going to upgrade my video card. Mostly because I have noticed a huge difference between my friends Skyrim game quality than my own. I am thinking of getting this card...​​
My system specs are pretty much the same as when I bought it.
Its a HP pavilion a6319fh PC. Everything is the same with the exception of my graphics card and power supply. My current graphics card is the ATI Radeon 4600 series. ​
My big questions are:
Will this card work with my machine?
Will this card run Skyrim on Ultra settings in vanilla?
Will this card be able to support possible heavy scripting and modding?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks for any help

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Preferred Solution: Video Card Upgrade Advice

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Video Card Upgrade Advice

Sure but a 500W power supply is recommended for a GTX 760. You may need to check the size of your power supply, as it is likely to need upgrading before replacing the GPU.

This is what to expect for Skyrim on a GTX 760. - GeForce GTX 760 2GB - Skyrim Performance
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Hey I Need To Know If This Video Card And My Motherboard are compatiable If Anyone Has Video on Advice Upgrade Card Any Suggestions On A Better Video Card That Is Compatiable Please Post Them Also I m On A Limited Budget So Nothing Too Expensive Please If This Is The Wrong Forum For This Request I Apologize This Suited It The Best As Far As I Could Tell I m Primarily Using This For Games Fable Swat Vampire The Masquerade Bloodlines Morrowind Etc As Well As Movies I m Currently Using The On-board Video I ll Check This Forum Regularly so If You Need Any Extra Info Please Advice on Video Card Upgrade Ask Oh Yeah I m Using WIndows XP Pro SP OK Enough Babbling Here Are The Specs For The Card And Board M NCG SOCKET A Processor AMD Athlon XP Athlon Duron and Sempron processors MHz front side bus Chipset NVIDIA nForce IGP MCP Memory x -pin DDR memory modules Maximum GB total system memory Dual Channel DDR For dual channel -bit performance at least modules must be installed Slots x AGP x x PCI x CNR IDE x EIDE devices Ultra DMA I O x Parallel x serial x VGA x PS mouse x PS keyboard x Game Port x Speak-out x Line-in x Mic -in x Floppy x Front USB x Rear USB x Front audio header x IrDA header x CD In header x S PDIF Out header Cable Optional x TV-Out header Cable Optional x Chassis intrusion header x WOL header Video GeForce MX Audio Realtek ALC -Channel AC CODEC LAN MCP NVIDIA MAC Realtek RTL BL PHY Hardware Monitor CPU System Fan Speed System Voltage CPU Temperature Vcore V V V System Temperature Optional Size Micro ATX Form Factor cm x cm W x L in x in W x L Model Brand eVGA Model -A -N -LX Interface Interface AGP X Chipset Chipset Manufacturer NVIDIA GPU GeForce FX Core clock MHz PixelPipelines Memory Memory Clock MHz effective Memory Size MB Memory Interface -bit Memory Type DDR D API DirectX DirectX OpenGL OpenGL Ports D-SUB DVI TV-Out S-Video Out VIVO No General Tuner None RAMDAC MHz Max Resolution x SLI Supported No Cooler With Fan Operating Systems Supported Windows XP XP x MCE System Requirements Minimum of a Watt power supply Minimum recommended power supply with Volt current rating of Amps Features Vista Ready Yes Features CineFX Engine Intellisample Technology Packaging Package Contents -A -N -LX Driver Disk S-Video Cable DVI to VGA D-sub Adapter Thanks In Advance nbsp

A:Advice on Video Card Upgrade

You didnt state what CPU you have... but with Socket A AMDs (which I still use one) there is only so fast you can go. The latest AGP card would not do so well compared to an AMD64.... with that said:

Look here:

Look at #2 - 6600GT would be the best for $90 or 6800XT or ATI 1600Pros (in that order) - the 7300gt may comepare a bit with the 6600GT, but if a game is really using such abilities - it may already be too much for the CPU...

All is under $100.
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Good Morning All I am getting ready to upgrade via a clean install from xp prof vista capable bit bit capable to windows using the bit disk I have cleaned house of unnecessary and non compatible software by running the windows upgrade advisor report for bit and bit I am on green with windows to install the windows bit version I have procratinated because I had never flashed the bios on this computer So I did my chipset and necessary driver updates before flashing my bios on upgrade advice video card Tried to update the driver for my nVidia GeForce LE but did not complete so I left it alone and continued on to the successful flash of the bios Hooorah Now I am ready to do my os change but keep thinking about this outdated driver for the video car only update My question to you experts is System info Dell Dimension E motherboard by dell DM intel pent d cpu GHz xp prof vista capable have gig of ram showing running new bios If I upgrade the video card should I stay with nVidia GeForce higher version and if so or not what is the compaible upgrade for me including make Intel NVidia etc and should I do this upgrade before or after os system change over Thank You Report Edit Quote Reply baja View Public ProfileSend a private message to baja Find all posts by baja Find threads started by baja Add baja to Your Contacts nbsp
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After having some Video Card problems i'm thinking of upgrading to a better model.
My system is....

Intel Pentium 4 CPU 2.6 GHz
1.5 GB Ram
Gigabyte GA-8ISXT-FS Motherboard
Radeon 9200 128MB DDR VIVO

Would like to throw out a question to you guys for advice on a medium priced replacement Video Card for my system??
thx jack

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Okay I recently built my computer and at the time didn t have a whole lot of extra money so I went with a Geforce MX type card that had MBof DDR Sometime after I found a ATI Radeon with MB of SDram and tv out for about the same price as my first Video advice. card upgrade card SO I picked it up because I wanted a card with TV out the problem I soon discovered is that My new card is painfully slower than my old one I figured they would be about the same SO anayway now Video card upgrade advice. I want to upgrade to a new card thats faster and still have TV out I don t want to spend anything more than and would like to spend less than and maybe some time in the future buy a REAL nice one Any suggestions before I learn my lesson by wasteing my money again What specs should i be looking at when buying a new card the Radeon I have I am completly unimpressed Video card upgrade advice. with I can t even use the Windows XP plus screen savers without them being jumpy When I trird to play Medal of Honor Allied Assault and dungeon Siege I had so much slowdown and jumpiness they weren t worth playing nbsp

A:Video card upgrade advice.


I put in a nvidia gforce2mx/mx400 64 mb ddr and tv out. I payed $85.00 for it. I have had no video problems with it at all. It is XP supported.

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I’m trying to make a video card upgrade decision and I may be at the complete PC upgrade point, but I wanted to get your advice.

My current machine is a P4 3.0 GHz w/hyper-threading, 1 gig DDR2 RAM, and ATI 9600 128mb 4xAGP Video card. One downside – it’s in a Gateway E-400 case so the motherboard etc. is proprietary.

The games I run on it are Half Life 2, Company of Heroes, FarCry and Civ IV. I was looking at upgrading to one of the following cards – Nvidia 6800XT, Nvidia 7600GS or an ATI 1650Pro.

The price range for these cards is about $120 total. Should I get a noticeable improvement or should I save the money and put it towards a new machine down the road. These games all run pretty well although the graphics are probably reduced to medium settings in most cases.

Thanks for the advice.

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Hi, I'm new here and I'm pretty bad with hardware stuff. I need to upgrade my 3-year-old+ Nvidea GeForce4 64MB PCI card, but I want to keep it pretty cheap if I can (I may add a new PC in 7-18 months anyway). I found what APPEARS to be a great deal on an ATI RADEON 9800, the only problem I see is that it is manufactured by SAPPHIRE, not ATI (I am told that this is bad). Has anyone used a sapphire card, or have any input in general?

Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.

A:Video card upgrade - advice wanted

Sapphire is a good manufacturer. I have a 9600 Pro Atlantis in one of my machines (won it through this site, as a matter-of-fact :approve: ). No issues....been rock-solid for me. Keep in mind that if you're current system is only capable of supporting 4X AGP, that is all you'll see from your card, even if it IS 8X. Not a noticeable difference though. Your memory size and speed is going to be your biggest push.

BTW, in hindsight....:wave: Welcome To TechSpot! with your first post. Hope you get the info you need here.
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Well here goes the first post My old rig has been running pretty well for a while now I m not quite ready to drop the money for a new MB and CPU quite yet but I think I want to up my video card I m also thinking of dropping some money into a new LCD flat-screen and a new case Right now I ve got CPU AMD Athlon upgrade advice requested Video card MB Gigabyte GA-K U M D Mem x Kingmax MPXC D KT -FHA DDR-SDRAM Video NVIDIA GeForce Ti PSU I think it s a w not sure though I ve got IDE HDs and a DVDRW I m in the market range of - for a new video card and would like it to carry over when I get a new MB CPU I was looking for some input and advice on a nice compatible video card and would be happy to listen to any other advice on the system as well Thanks a lot I ve learned a lot already from just browsing This forum is a rockin nbsp

A:Video card upgrade advice requested

Im guessing you are still agp like my system. Im really really considering this:

I think its the best card for peeps with agp. The reviews give it good remarks as it seems to be very OC' able eventhough it already is OC'd from BFG. you can get pretty close or over 500mhz core clock with this. Im really considering it. my ati 9800 pro just didnt stand up to the new mideval II total war demo.

My other thought would be the ati side which is the X800 GTO, you can unlock the extra pipelines to get from 12 to 16 although the 7800GS already has 16 available. Plus the X800 seems to be cheaper.

Both these cards are in the $100-$200 range and considering directx 10 is coming, i would recommend anyone abstain from spending $$$ on an outdated agp system
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I want to upgrade my video card. My current card is Nvidia GeForce 2 MX 200. I don't want or need anything too fancy - my kids play video games from time to time, such as "Battle for Middle Earth", and their latest games are starting to be too much for my current card.

What are the main things I need to look for? All I know is that I need to get an AGP 4x, 1.5V card and I'd like about 256 MB Ram. I found a card for about $50 that seems to fit the bill - Radeon 9250 256 MB 128-bit DDR AGP 4x/8x (from Newegg). Is that a reasonable card? Are there any pitfalls that I should be aware of? Thanks in advance for your advice.

A:Advice on video card upgrade: Radeon 9250?

If the card says its X4, x8 then it wont work in your pc. You need one that is x2, x4.
Had the same prob with my old motherboard so i upgraded it.

Check out this

And this

Hope that helps, Rik.
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right now i have a 9500gt and a 1080p monitor. im thinking of getting this Buy the XFX Radeon HD 5670 1GB DDR5 PCIe, DVI & HDM Bundle at

im looking for something around 100$

my question is how much better is the hd5670 vs the 9500gt and is there something better i could get for the same price. my psu is 450 watts btw

A:Need advice on video card upgrade nvidia 9500gt vs radeon hd 5670

Answering your last question first then the answer is a resounding yes! For $100 you can get a much better card but it will all depend on what power supply you have in your case. Make, model, watts and more importantly how many amps are on the 12v rail.

If you don't know then can you get the make and model from the side of the psu. To do that just take side of computer and look for something that resembles the pic below. Its the white label like the one shown.
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My 9 year old has a dell optiplex 755 SFF, he is asking me to upgrade his video card so he can play games like minecraft and some games on steam.
We are on a budget and found this Sapphire radeon 6450 on newegg for $39.99
Will this work in his computer and allow him to play minecraft? steam?;cm_re=6450-_-14-102-933-_-Product&RandomID=1698470702508220150427173530

Thanks in advance
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Hi all I recently reformatted my computer and Need On Video Advice Upgrade. upgraded my memory and video card to try and get some newer games working better Most of Need Advice On Video Upgrade. the games I am playing with are not that new Battlefield Day of Defeat Source Call of Duty and Company Of Heroes I have an AGP slot so that limits me a bit on my video choices I tried a Geforce mb card which should have done the job but I had a lot of performance issues out of it I am thinking that it may have just been a bad card because when I put my old ATI Radeon back in I am running better that I was with the newer card Anyway I have returned the and I am wondering what to try next I really want to make the right choice here so I hope there is someone out there that can give me some good advice Thanks so much for your help here is some of my technical info and some links to of the cards that I am considering My Info P ghz processor on an ASUS P V X-X motherboard running on WINXP home edition gig of PC DDR memory ATI mb video and Creative SBLive bit external audio watt power supply These are the AGP cards that I am torn between Geforce mb http www newegg com Product Product asp N E ATI mb http www newegg com Product Product asp N E Geforce mb http www newegg com Product Product asp N E Ati mb http www newegg com Product Product asp N E Thanks again for your help Monkeyshine

A:Need Advice On Video Upgrade.

Is this issue solved ?
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I have an old Radeon video card card out S-Video basic video on with Advice I used it to extend my desktop to a monitor in my living room where Advice on basic video card with S-Video out I can watch videos more comfortably on my XP machine The machine died and I now have a Windows machine My Radeon video card is pretty useless with it I lost the Radeon CD and I spent several hours yesterday reading excellent posts here about old video cards drivers and how they sometimes can be made to work with Windows For whatever reason mostly my own limited brain I can't get this ancient card to work on the new machine it sends a driver-less signal out the S-Video but completely bypasses my main computer screen now -- I just use the VGA out for my computer monitor sitting next to my computer I've pulled out the Radeon and am back to a single screen for now I don't do gaming via the S-Video out just viewing of FLVs and other computer-compatible video formats The S-Video out and the sound card out goes to a DVD recorder and thus to my TV in my living room I don't need to convert native formats I just play and sometimes DVD record them as is I have a mouse at the living room TV and the extended desktop on the TV is quot off to the right quot of my regular computer monitor desktop Things I drag off to the right of the main monitor show up on the TV and I play them Advice on basic video card with S-Video out on my TV when I'm in there rather than at my computer desk in my study This setup worked great with my old XP machine What basic video card might support my needs now that I have to Advice on basic video card with S-Video out use Windows I have room for a PCI card a x PCI-E card and one x PCI-E card Would prefer to use the built-in power supply my machine uses a NVIDIA nForce MCP P chipset -- the machine is a cheap Compaq CQ F Probably a basic PCI card might be best for me Thanks in advance -- vertex

A:Advice on basic video card with S-Video out

You might as well get the cheapest card you can get then. I would suggest using the 16x PCI-E card slot. Go to and use their guided search to search all 16x graphics cards till you find one with the specs you like.
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I am looking at upgrading my GPU from the Integrated Intel HD Graphics The reason for the upgrade is to hopefully Advice Upgrade Graphics Card increase gaming FPS as I currently only get - FPS on most games with the lowest visual settings enabled I am not going for top of the range I really want to be at around - FPS on a medium nbsp visual setting nbsp The PC is as follows nbsp Manufacturer nbsp HP nbsp Model p uk nbsp Processor Intel Core i CPU nbsp nbsp Ghz nbsp RAM GB nbsp Operating System Windows -bit nbsp Motherboard nbsp Graphics Card Upgrade Advice ms- iona-gl Graphics Card Upgrade Advice e nbsp Power Supply W nbsp nbsp The Graphics Card I have in mind is as follows nbsp EVGA NVIDIA GT Graphics Card MHz GB Bit GDDR HDMI VGA DVI-D PCI-E nbsp This is on Amazon for just under so it's low budget not too out-of-date and shouldn't cause any problems powering it with the W correct nbsp The Motherboard has a PCI-E slot I've never installed a new card before so does it just clip into the Motherboard and recieve power from there or is there anything else I should know about it nbsp Will it give me the gaming boost I'm looking for I understand some games are mainly affected by CPU others by GPU nbsp nbsp Am I correct in saying that RAM only matters if I want to do multiple things at once like play the game stream it watch videos at the same time I would only have the game open nbsp Is there anything else I should know or any reason this card would not be compatible with the PC nbsp If it helps some of the games I'm playing are Spintires Kerbal Space Program and Euro Truck Simulator So nothing major I just want to run them smoothly A recent update of Kerbal Space Program has been causing my PC to crash I'm unsure if this is to do with the game update or if it's due to my specs but anyhow I need to upgrade something to continue gaming nbsp Any help and advice is much appreciated

A:Graphics Card Upgrade Advice

Greetings, Nvidia 700 series graphics cards require UEFI BIOS. You should look at Nvidia's 600 series cards. Check power supply requirements. 300 W power supply may not be sufficient, even using an Nvidia 600 series card. Check card length as well as single slot vs double slot requirements. Check PC dimensions to verify the card will fit in the tower. The 640 does not require additional 12V connections. Cheers!
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Hey for the past year i have been playin a MMORPG called World of warcraft. But recently as i have been wanting to do more and more in the game i have been finding that my current Graphics card Geforce4mx 440 just isnt up to it.
So i am looking for a new graphics card to boost the performance idealy I'd like to start again with a new pc but currently only really have enough money for new graphics card.

Im a complete noob when it comes to computer specs so bare with me lol.
Computer is an emachines 570.
2Ghz Intel Celeron processor
768mb ddr ram

thats all i can find out by myself lol any help would be greatly appraciated

A:Looking to upgrade my graphics card would like some advice :)

Can anyone please help??

Have alos just found some more specs

motherboard manufacturer: Trigem computers, inc

CPU Properties
CPU Type Intel Celeron 4A, 2000 MHz (5 x 400)
CPU Alias Northwood-128
CPU Stepping C1
Original Clock 2000 MHz
L1 Trace Cache 12K Instructions
L1 Data Cache 8 KB
L2 Cache 128 KB (On-Die, ATC, Full-Speed)

CPU Physical Info
Package Type 478 Pin uPGA
Package Size 3.50 cm x 3.50 cm
Transistors 55 million
Process Technology 6M, 0.13 um, CMOS, Cu, Low-K
Die Size 131 mm2
Core Voltage 1.475 - 1.55 V
I/O Voltage 1.475 - 1.55 V
Typical Power 38.7 - 81.9 W (depending on clock speed)
Maximum Power 49 - 100 W (depending on clock speed)

CPU Manufacturer
Company Name Intel Corporation
Product Information

CPU Utilization
CPU #1 6 %

Motherboard Properties
Motherboard ID 31861.EM.0000.D.0209121254
Motherboard Name Unknown

Front Side Bus Properties
Bus Type Intel NetBurst
Bus Width 64-bit
Real Clock 100 MHz (QDR)
Effective Clock 400 MHz
Bandwidth 3200 MB/s

Memory Bus Properties
Bus Width 64-bit
Real Clock 133 MHz (DDR)
Effective Clock 267 MHz
Bandwidth 2133 MB/s

Chipset Bus Properties
Bus Type Intel Hub Interface
Bus Width 8-bit
Real Clock 67 MHz (QDR)
Effective Clock 267 MHz
Bandwidth 267 MB/s

Chipset Properties
Motherboard Chipset Intel Brookdale-G i845G
In-Order Queue Depth 12
CAS Latency 2T
RAS To CAS Delay 3T
RAS Precharge 3T
RAS Active Time 6T

Integrated Graphics Controller
Graphics Controller Type Intel Extreme Graphics
Graphics Controller Status Disabled

AC'97 Audio Controller
Audio Controller Type Intel 82801DB(M) ICH4
Codec Name Avance Logic ALC202(A)
Codec ID 414C4740h

Memory Slots
DRAM Slot #1 256 MB (DDR SDRAM)
DRAM Slot #2 512 MB (DDR SDRAM)

AGP Properties
AGP Version 2.00
AGP Status Enabled
AGP Aperture Size 64 MB
Supported AGP Speeds 1x, 2x, 4x
Current AGP Speed 4x
Fast-Write Supported, Enabled
Side Band Addressing Supported, Disabled

Chipset Manufacturer
Company Name Intel Corporation
Product Information
Driver Download

Sorry if most of this is usless
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My present system:
Mobo -- Biostar U8668-D (latest AGP drivers)
G-face -- AGP 4X/8X
Memory -- 512 :-(
CPU -- Intel Celeron :-(
CPU Speed -- 2.70GHz
PS -- Thermaltake, 430 Watts, 18 Amps.
Vid Card -- ATI Radeon 9200SE :-(

I plan to eventually upgrade my CPU to a Pentium 4 and jack up my RAM to at least a gig, but meanwhile can I upgrade my vid card to an XFX GeForce 7600GT AGP while my lowly Celeron is still in residence? The GT's price is down to $110, but I don't want to humiliate my geriatric CPU.

Thanks for your sagacity!

A:Graphics Card Upgrade Advice, Please

Celerons aren't that bad. Gat the card you want and enjoy it. You won't be humiliating anyone. Get the best deal you can on your video card. Remember though: if you plan on a big time upgrade (meaning that you are going to make some BIG steps) you may want to start with a motherboard that can use some of the newer and much better components. I would take a look at an EVGA 650i mobo. There are so many things you can add..(one by one), this would have you on your way to the building of a more modern and great machine! I suggest that you look at Intel CPU'S that are "last year's" because you can get a fast dual or quad core processor (overclockable with that 650i motherboard) and then really get right with a graphics card. Maybe one of EVGA (lifetime warranty) grahics processors like a 7900 or a 7950. Memory is going down in price with everything else: look at 2 or 4 gigs of 800mhz... (DDR2). Eventualy get yourself a SATA hardisk. I would hate to see you get stuck in that world of "agp slots" and stuff that's just getting left behind, not competitive, not gameable, etc. Look ahead to speed and clarirty! You won't be sorry. Good Luck.
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windows xp professional 5.01.2600 service pack 2
motherboard ? unspecified k8upgrade-nf3
chipset nvidia nforce3 250
amd semperon [email protected] mhz
512mb (1x512 ddr-sdram)
nvidia corp geforce fx 5200 [nv34.3]
maxtor 82gb
I'd like help finding out wether my graphics card is agp or pci so i can upgrade.
hopefully there is enough information for you above.
any help would be very much apprieciated.

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I'm on the brink Some upgrade? Graphics card with advice new of buying a new gpu been playing Assassin's creed with my HD and its chewing it apart low fps etc strangely though every other AC I played as well as other games like crysis played at high settings on my ati Anyways to my questions I don't want to spend loads so I've found a GTX new for but haven't' purchased it yet though And there's also ebay but used 's don't go for much cheaper there Q - This is a stock model how does it compare to the oc versions Am I right to believe that the oc'd versions will only give me a few extra fps and probably not worth it for the extra price I'll pay And surely I can oc myself If I even need to Q - GTX is an older card albeit still powerful it compares roughly to a Some advice with new Graphics card upgrade? new GTX various benchmarking sites A GTX is at cheapest is spending an extra gonna give me any advantages over a i Some advice with new Graphics card upgrade? e better and more updated support future proofing Also I should note that I am an architecture student and do a lot of d modelling graphics presentation animation on ds MAX Rhino Sketchup photoshop and I've heard the GTX 's architecture perform better for this kind of stuff compared to the new and models I know about quadros too but I'm not spending that much lol Also this is why I'm going Nvidia this time they have better support for ds max as I have been told but correct me if I am wrong current specs i OC ghz ati HD gb PSU Corsair w GB RAM PCIE slots are also this should still be fine for newer generation gpus Thanks any help is appreciated and merry christmas

A:Some advice with new Graphics card upgrade?

You'll get a lot of opinions and facts with your question, so here are mine. A GTX 580 is a very capable card, but is also several generations old. A 700's version is newer and will be supported longer than the 500 cards. Just that part is worth a few extra pounds to me. As far as the modeling part, I know nothing about it. Also to consider is that Nvidia is 'supposed' to come out with the new 800 cards in the next couple of months. If you can wait, I would wait and see what they have to offer. Also, whatever you decide, be sure and check the PSU requirements and make sure you have ample PSU support. I recommend staying about 30-50% higher than their minimum recomendations. That will allow the PSU to run cooler, last longer and allow for future upgrades. And always buy a quality brand. Never try to save money on a PSU. Stay with Seasonic, Corsair, Antec or XFX. Modular if your budget allows.
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Hello. I don't know much about computers hardware-wise. I'm looking to put WoW on the highest level graphics-wise, and am aware that most of that game relies on the CPU and RAM. But regarding the video card, I'm not sure on what I'll need in relation to my specs. Budget=relatively expensive.


I'm not settling for less, I plan to replace the 3gb with 4 2gb sticks (8). Will I need another motherboard for this video card?:

Any advice will be appreciated. I'm very new in the upgrading realm.
Would I be able to put that graphics card in my system as it is?
Is there anything else I should be putting in my computer?

A:Video card advice

Would I be able to put that graphics card in my system as it is?Click to expand...

The card is 10.5 inches long. Measure the space you have inside the case and see.

The card also needs two 6 pin PCI-E connectors. The card comes with an adapter for one of them so your power supply needs to have the other one already unless you have enough spare molex connectors to fit another adapter (that you'll have to buy separately). For that card Newegg's site says it needs a minimum of a 650W power supply so you might need to upgrade depending on what you already have.
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Thinking it's about time to upgrade from onboard video to a video card. Not looking for anything hardcore since I'm not really a gamer or anything. Besides free demos that my 7yold and I play sometimes, we haven't ventured into the world of hardcore gaming like half life 2, etc.

Was thinking of getting something with 128mb. Always had onboard graphics on all my systems, so this is all new to me. I guess my main question is...are there compatibility issues that I need to look out for? My motherboard is listed below. I'm very curious to see the difference in quality between my onboard video and a 128mb graphics card can provide.


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i have a comp like

HP Elite HPE-270f PC Intel® Core i7-930 Processor 8GB Ram,1TB Hard Drive, Bluray Reader,Windows 7
i plan to buy a video card for it , so between gtx260 and GT9500 which one u guys suggest ? with GT9500 can i go max setting in Battle Field Bad Company 2 ?
Or any other good video card u guys can tell .Thanks .

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I want to buy an LCD monitor, but I'm reading that their displays are much better using DVI--which my video card does not have. My problem is that I don't know which card will fit my motherboard (Gigabyte GA-6VXC7-4X(-P) (1 ISA, 5 PCI, 1 AGP, 1 AMR, 3 DIMM); chipset is VIA VT82C694X Apollo Pro 133A. I've noticed that many of the video cards require Win 2000 or XP and are not compatible with Windows 98SE, which is what I have--and some descriptions of cards don't mention which Windows programs they're compatible with.
The video card I have now is an Xpert 2000 with 3D Accelerator ATI Rage 128 4X. My computer was built for me--has 60 GB HD, 768 MB RAM. I don't know much about video cards, so if you have any ideas, I'd sure appreciate it.
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Hi, I'm planning to upgrade my video card but I can't spend that much money right now so I'm looking for a less than a 100 dollars video card. What I saw within this range of money is the ATI RADEON 9200, 9250 256 MB and Nvidia FX 5200 256 MB, my current specs are:

RAM 1 GB PC2700

I know it's not gonna be the best card for that money but at least I want to be able to play Sims 2, NFSU2, HL2 with no frame rate problems and stuff, cause right now I can play those games but it's too slow, I want them to be playable at least.
Thanks in advance!

A:Need advice on new video card

For about $100 (give or take $10-20) you can find a decent radeon 9600 or a geforce 5600.

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I have a Gateway gt4024 and only use it for surfing the net. My question is does the video card support or is it capable of running dual monitors. I would like to add another monitor. I would like to not buy another video card but maybe that would be a better choice. Any help is greatly appreciated.


A:video card advice

If I'm not mistaken, that should be a ATI RADEON X300.

I did run into this...
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I m shopping for a new video card and was wondering if I could get some advice I don t know much about video cards and when Card Video Advice i look at all the different brands and models I get confused I d Video Card Advice like to know what features make one card better than another and what features would be best for me based on my using habbits please don t name specific cards as I will make my Video Card Advice own decision based on my budget I like to play video games such as quake and Nascar I also design my own graphics for my website digitally edit my photography and watch DVD s You needn t mention DVD decorder as a feature because I already know I ll need the card to have that Plus my mother board has a x AGP slot that I will be using when I buy my card That brings up another question I have I ve notcied that there are cards out there for x AGP slots I plan to in the near future get a new comptuer which will probably have a x AGP slot on it Can I purchese a x card and have it work in a x slot I know if it worked it would only work at x s so I can put that in a new comptuer when I get it Any help you can give me would be much appreciated nbsp

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Hi, any help would be appreciated.
I have just started online gaming, namely MOHAA, and am wondering if the occasional stutter in gameplay is experienced by most online gamers.
Am considering a new card, presently have a Radeon 7000 series 64 mB.
I need to keep it sub 100$, so nothing too fancy. Would a 128 MB card liven things up any, and if so any suggestions as to which one?
I am amazed at how many cards there are, and the different specs have me completely confused.
Game play is pretty good now, but sometimes it does stagger a bit. Worth a new card?
I have a 1.4 P4, 512 Ram, 20 Gb free space on HD, High speed internet...
Thanks in advance for any advice

A:Video Card advice

Thanks for the advice, Rick, you're right, it is a 423 pin board. Basis your post, I think I'm wise not to add a card to this board, but save my pennies and upgrade as you suggested. Cheers,
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I currently own a HP m8430f desktop with the following specs:

Operating System: Windows Vista? Home Premium
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Quad CPU Q6600 @ 2.40GHz (4 CPUs), ~2.4GHz
Memory: 4094MB RAM
Motherboard: Asustek Computer INC. Model: Benicia 1.01
CPU Speed: 1600mhz

It currently has a 8500 GT 512mb video card and I'm looking to upgrade. I know I'll need a new power supply as its only 300W so I'm looking to spend around $250. If someone could recommend a video card and power supply that would fit into my computer and be a big upgrade I would appreciate it. I wanted to be able to run Champions Online pretty well, but as I've seen from the beta my current graphics card can't handle that game. Thanks in advance to anyone that can help.

A:Need advice on a video card

I recommend this card and this PSU as your best choices IMO.
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Im looking at building a new PC and going from AGP to PCI-E.

I am either looking at the Saphire x1600xt 256MB or a 7600GT. Ive compared several models of each and they seem to be pretty similar however there is a $50 price variation, the 1600 being the cheaper at $130, the 7600GT is about $180.

Is there a major variation between these cards??

also, who is a good brand to go through with the 7600?? ive used an MSI FX5700 for the past 3years so im i bit out of the loop on computer maker info.

I might also set the cards up in crossfire or SLI, respectivley, in the future. I dont really want to spend more the $200 since Ive got to buy everything else new as well in the switch.


A:New video card Advice please

There have been some issues in the past with the x1600's, you can google to find the specifics. The 7600's are pretty nice cards and XFX is a good brand.
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Hi peeps,

I currently run a XFX Geforce FX5600 256MB card.

I bought this card a while back when i was building my fist computer build. I was trying to build a gameing rig on a low budget and saw this card for a reasonable price.

After the build, and while playing games, I felt i was decieved by the 256mb and flashy packaging of this card. I have found it to be lacking and I cant really put any of the newer games settings above low or medium low.

Now i am ready to shop around again for a new card to try to handle my games, such as BF2 and so on. I should tell you that it must be an AGP card becuase my MB does not have PCI-E capabilities.

My budget for this upgrade is around $150, give or take within reason.

thx for any help you can give.


A:Advice for new video card

I can recomend this as I got one for a friend and it playes BF2 very nice.

I would also saay at the top off your range would be this one
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I have a gateway with a intel celeron processor at 2.76 Giga Hertz. and 760 Mb of RAM i just bought a Nvidia Geforce FX5500 PCI Video Card. Will it work to run Medal of honor Pacific Assualt and GTA San Andreas

A:Need Some Advice With Video Card

Hello, kevinhurst07, and welcome to Techspot :wave:

Please take a look at the following threads to make your experience here as enjoyable as possible

Message for all newcomers

SNGX1275's Guide to making a good post/thread

The Techspot FAQ

If you could take a minute to fill in some of your profile information that would be helpful to all members of the forum
Knowing someone's location in the world can be extremely helpful, even if you just put a country.

Also remember to post any problems or questions that you have in the appropriate forums

With regards to your question, to go the System Requirements Lab (with the card installed) and see what it says, it has a massive list of games. If your games aren't on the list then let me know
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I m sorry if this sounds a little in-coherent but i m in class as I type this I m looking to upgrade my grahpics card the reason for this is simple enough the most recent update of TOR and skyrim have to run on low grahpics to function at all now up to this point i ve been running games on high and medium fallout new vegas on medium fallout on high spore on high ect I m a video card new for advice little a well aware that fallout and spore are older and thus don t take as many resources as say skyrim But I really don t like to play these games on such low graphics anywho i m a a little advice for a new video card little lost on which video card on what to get Currently I have an ATI radeon series in my sole PCI x slot can I buy a regular PCI vid card and get it to share resources with my current card and even get a third monitor giong but thats not the main purpose or should I just skip a little advice for a new video card that step and just buy a new-er card If so i m not sure on what card to get nbsp

Relevancy 61.49%

This pc is a socket A AMD 3000+ Barton cpu on a ABIT AN7 nForce2 mb with AGP 4x/8x.

My gForce 6600gt just bit the dust.

I need help deciding on a video card and would like your opinions/options on what would be the best card to get for around 100 bucks.


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I just bought the game FEAR and my video card is very outdated, so I want to upgrade. I have a P4 2.66ghz and 1gb of ram. I have been looking at the GeForce 6600 and 6800. If anyone could recommend a good video card for me to play this game and Battlefield 2 I would appreciate it. I wanted to spend betweeen 100 and 150 dollars but if I absolutely have to I could jump to 200. I want to be able to play FEAR and pretty good settings and have smooth gameplay with no lagging. If anyone needs more information let me know how to find it and I will post it here. Thanks again.

A:New video card, need advice

I have a 6600 and it runs FEAR fine, but if I were buying a card today I would spring for the 6800 at least. Of course, a 7800 would be the best, but it's way over your budget right now.
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I currently play World of Warcraft with the following system specs:

AMD AthlonTM 64 X2 Dual-Core Processor 4600+
• 2.4GHz, 512KB+512KB L2 Cache, 2000MHz System Bus

Standard memory 2048MB
Memory type DDR2-SDRAM

nVIDIA GeForce 6200 LE 128 MB Video Card
I am looking to get a ASUS EN8400GS SILENT/HTP/256M nVidia 8400GS Chipset 256MB DDR2 Dual Display PCI-Express Graphics Card. I am just wondering how much this will improve my framerates, and if it's actually worth the upgrade. Right now I run the game on lowest settings and I get between 25-35 FPS in wide open areas and 25-45 FPS in tighter areas.

Are my framerates going to improve dramatically enough that I can turn the game settings up and get a base of 55-60 FPS or not?

Any advice or help you have is greatly appreciated.

Relevancy 61.49%

I'm looking for a semi-decent card that'll maybe run some new games on medium-ish settings (bf2, oblivion etc). PCI or AGP for now as I have yet to crack it open and see what I have.

What is the lowest range i'm gonna get with that performance and how much is it gonna cost?

Thank you.

A:I need advice on a video card

SAPPHIRE 100131 Radeon X800GTO 256MB 256-bit GDDR3

it should do the trick
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Hello I bought my last awful video card through the advice of this site and I am hoping for some more help This time I Video under 250$ card advice, have some dollars though I d like to keep it under or so I have a HP Paviliona n with a AMD Athlon when I go to hardware it says it s a which makes sense because Video card advice, under 250$ they don t seem to make a gig of RAM and a mediocre AtTI Radeon XPRESS integrated graphics I can run Half-Life Far Cry and Doom all fine though I have to really tune down Doom s graphics and it still goes somewhat slow but I want to be able to set the settings rather high and get a steady FPS and not have to worry about having a slow computer for a year or so I earned this money shoveling snow in Detroit so I d be very grateful if you could help me make an intelligent purchase I have alot of links from looking on Newegg but I will wait to see if anyone has any suggestions A few questions what makes a card good I am not a total moron but I was wondering what does it mean if it has MB of memory but memory a memory interface of bit And core clock speed there were cards with or so core clock and memory clock speed or so What exactly do I want in a card in terms of specs Thank you very much I could go past but I would have to save a while and I d rather get some guitar equipment http www newegg com Product Product asp Item N E http www newegg com Product Product asp Item N E http www newegg com Product Product asp Item N E nbsp

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Hi all I m new here and just have a quick question I would really appreciate any feedback I m looking for a new video card I am mainly wanting to play WoW or Civilization IV I just got my new comp yesterday and found out that the graphics card sucks and won t play either one because it lacks HW Transform amp Lighting so now I have to find one that does It needs to be PCI Express I would like to get something for or under Here s what I m running Alienware Intel Pentium D Processor w Dual Core technology Ghz Mhz FSB GB Serial ATA Gb s RPM w NCQ amp MB cache GB on card! video need advice dual channel ddr sdram at mhz If you need to know anything else let me know Also is it hard to install The only thing we ever installed before was a dvd burner need advice on video card! and some memory is it any harder than that thanks in advance nbsp

A:need advice on video card!

Here is a pretty good card for your budget and will play all of you games:

Installation is pretty simple. Open case, remove the metal tab covering PCIe slot on the back of the case, insert card, connect power cord, and close the case. You will need to make sure that your power supply will handle the extra demand that the card will require. Pop open you case and see how many watts it is rated at (not the max watts, the average watts) and how many amps are on the 12v line(s).
Relevancy 61.49%

So I currently have a system with an M2N-SLI Deluxe Mobo and an Nvidia 7900 GT/GTO Video card. 3gb RAM (will be 4 soon). Dual Core Processor. I am looking to upgrade and could use some advice since I am not up to date with all the latest in video card techonology.

1. Is this MOBO PCIe 2.0 compatible? I am pretty sure that I have found that the 2.0 cards are typically backward compatible, but I am not sure.

2. What card would one recommend I upgrade to on this system?


A:Video Card Advice

We'll need to know your power supply model. That'll pretty much determine what you can use.
These are good cards: or (the GTX260 is the better deal, much more performance, and that's a pretty low price for it, even without considering the included game. Still, the XFX card has lifetime warranty...)
For power supply, one of these would be good to have with these cards. or or
The last one is just to future-proof, for the time you'll upgrade your mobo and CPU.
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I am planning on upgrading to a BFG Tech GeForce FX 5900. My question is this; is the 5900 Ultra 256mb RAM worth the extra $200 price tag or would I be fine with just 128MB?
I plan on playing all the newest games and at full detail level, and at least 1280x1024, etc....will the extra RAM even be used on these new releases..such as Doom III, HL2, Max Payne 2.....and whatever else is on the horizon

I plan on getting something today after work...I'm in an upgrade mood and SOMEHOW, I have the cash to spend! any advice would be greatly appreciated....

A:Which Video Card, advice please?

Well from what I've readf the getting the 256mb will help you in future games...but if I was buying the card, i'd stick with the 128mb version...$200 isnt worth it to me...
Relevancy 61.49%

I've narrowed down my choices to the Radeon® X1600 PRO 512MB PCI Express® or the Radeon® X800 XL DVD Edition 256MB PCI Express®, and am having difficulty choosing which card I should put in my new pentium D mainboard.
I don't want to worry about SLI, the prices are about the same for me, I mostly play WoW and probably will be getting stuff like elder scrolls IV, and i'm chiefly concerned with future performance, anybody have any suggestions?

A:Need some advice on a new video card

maybe these charts will give you a better idea where your going.
Relevancy 61.49%

I'm going to assume that the 550 Ti is better, but I'd like to know to be sure. These are the two I'm choosing between. The 550 is also cheaper and it seems better so it would be great to know that it really is better. - EVGA SuperClocked 01G-P3-1463-KR GeForce GTX 560 (Fermi) 1GB 256-bit GDDR5 PCI Express 2.0 x16 HDCP Ready SLI Support Video Card - EVGA 01G-P3-1556-KR GeForce GTX 550 Ti (Fermi) FPB 1GB 192-bit GDDR5 PCI Express 2.0 x16 HDCP Ready SLI Support Video Card

A:Advice on video card

The 550 Ti is a good card for the money .. but the 560 is a better card.
PassMark - GeForce GTX 550 Ti - Price performance comparison

I'd get a Radeon HD 6790 .. it's about same price as the 550 ti, but performs better.
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Looking to purchase a new video card for an
AMD K6 455
384 mem
12 g hd

Have APG and PCI slot available.

What would you recommend???


Relevancy 61.49%

This is my first time doing this.
I have a motherboard(P4VXASD2/P4VXASD2+), and I would like to know which video card is best with this system.
I also need to know what memory is best to use. About 1 gb.
I already have an 80 gb maxtor hardrive, and a memorex cd-rom drive.
This is for battlefield2 and such...

Thanks to anyone who replies....

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Hi all!
My husband needs a new(er) video card (his won't play Oblivion).
He offered me a deal, I get a new video card, he'll take my current one.

I need advice on what video card to get, hopefully a newer & better one than I already have. Catch is- AGP. Mine can play all the latest games (so far), so the new one would have to be a better card, otherwise he can buy the new card for his system.

My specs are in my signature. I prefer ATI, but I am willing to go Nvidia if it will be a decent improvement. I definitely do not want another All-In-Wonder card, since ATI's catalyst & MMC software just do not like to play nice together.

So if you would, give me your opinions for a better video card, and tell me why.

Thanks for the help!!

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My situation and needs Two Need Card Video Please Advice identical desktop towers DELL Optiplex m with Ghz Intel core duo processors and GB RAM We do not do games We use our computers for photo image editing and manipulation Some of our image editing programs overwhelm the Need Video Card Advice Please integrated graphics and crash the program Some months ago I installed an EVGA invidia GEForce GT GB GDDR in one of these units while this addition cured most of the problems with the image programs Need Video Card Advice Please it has caused countless headaches due to instability and random screen blackouts my screen never blacked out with the integrated graphics EVGA has been zero help in this matter Please don't turn this thread into a video card troubleshooting scenario as I have already been there and did all of that That being said I am overwhelmed when trying to select a video card for the other computer I have no idea what the various GDDR DDR etc mean and what bearing those designations have on the performance of the card Also how much quot GB quot is plenty for my needs The cards I can afford usually have GB and at most GB what is the significance of these amounts The invidia card that I already have has three monitor ports VGA DVI and HDMI and as far as I can understand is capable of supporting three monitors I would like at least two monitor ports preferably both of them DVI and even better if there were three I can maybe afford Please recommend some STABLE trouble-free video card choices that will handle these intensive image editing programs and have at least two DVI ports I want something that I can just pop in and it work and work well for a long time this has definitely not been the experience I have had with the GTForce Thanks for reading and all help will be appreciated On Edit I also do not understand this quot bit quot business i e -bit -bit -bit etc I think my invidia card is -bit the card described below that I am looking at is -bit I have no idea what would be the difference I have found Gigabyte AMD Radeon R DDR - GB with three monitor ports DVI VGA and HDMI would this be a good choice for my computer and my needs
Relevancy 61.49%

Need video card advice


My 7300GT cooked and I am looking for something to replace it with. I want better but not anything crazy.

I have found 3 used cards and I am wondering what the best deal is. Any help would be appreciated.

1) Nvidea Geforce 8800 GTS OC 640 Mb PCIe - $90.00

2) ATI HD3650 512 Mb DDR2 PCIe - $40.00

3) XFX Geforce 7600 GT xxx edition PCIe with Zalman cooling - $50.00

I have a Thermaltake TR2 - 430 W PSU 12v - 18A
2Gb PC5300 DDR2 ram
Gigabyte GA-P35-DS3L mother board with 1 PCIe slot
Intel core 2 duo E4400 processor

the most graphics intensive game played right now is Combat Arms.



A:Video card advice

performance wise door number one is vastly superior, especially if you want to play any modern titles.
just my opinion here,but, im sure of the wisdom of buying a 'used' gfx card. you have no idea if the previous owner clocked the **** out of it and ran it at 100C in a poorly ventilated case. the $100 crop of new cards has impressive performance, and an in tact warranty!

like this:
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Hi, I have attached an image of my computer info. Most newer games are not playable on it so I want to get a better Video Card. When considering my computer specs can anyone offer advice on what I need? Is there something else I should buy to go along with a new card? What should I be looking for [specs] when shopping around for one? Someone suggested a 9500GT. Any other opinions?
I can't spend lots of money.
Thank you.

A:Need advice on new video card!

Well, without money, you can't do much to play newer games. Im not sure how much 9500 gt costs, but that card should be enough to run newer games. You can try to buy used gpu for less money.
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A:Need video card help/advice

It's an integrated graphics card, so it won't run any of those games you mentioned.

And it'd help if you posted your system specs. Use a program like SIW or Everest Home Edition (Google for them) to get information about your PC and post it all here.
Also, open up your case and post all the information on the PSU (Power Supply Unit) sticker. This is what a PSU sticker typically looks like.
Relevancy 61.49%

Field Value Motherboard card Video advice Properties Motherboard ID -KM - - A LVE BC- Motherboard Name ECS L VMM Front Side Bus Properties Bus Type DEC Alpha EV Bus Width -bit Real Clock MHz DDR Effective Clock MHz Bandwidth MB s Memory Bus Properties Bus Type DDR SDRAM Bus Width -bit Real Clock MHz DDR Effective Clock MHz Bandwidth MB s Chipset Bus Properties Bus Type VIA V-Link Bus Width -bit Real Clock MHz QDR Effective Clock MHz Bandwidth MB s Motherboard Physical Info CPU Sockets Slots Expansion Slots PCI AGP CNR RAM Slots DIMM Integrated Devices Audio Video Form Factor Micro ATX Motherboard Size mm x mm Motherboard Chipset KM Motherboard Manufacturer Company Name Elitegroup Computer Systems Product Information http www ecs com tw ECSWeb Products ProductList aspx CategoryID amp MenuID amp LanID BIOS Video card advice Download http www ecs com tw ECSWeb Downloads Category Download aspx Categoryid Hello I need advice for Video Card upgrading on my computer above is the Specs of my Motherboard THANK YOU I really don t know if I have AGP X or AGP x slot nbsp

A:Video card advice

Doesn't matter AGP 4X or 8X... Pick an AGP card that fits your budget, and for your gaming needs
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I am fixing an old IBM Aptiva to be a backup computer in case my computer has to be repaired. It has onboard video which is not working too well. I brought it to a shop and I have been offered a choice of the following cards:

1 3DFX Voodoo 2000 16MB 3Dvideo Retail Box with
drivers PCI $45
1 Creative Riva TNT 16MB Retail with drivers PCI $45
1 S3 Savage 32MB PCI $55

24 hour warranty.

Inventory changes and they will not hold cards.

May please have some advice as to which video card to pick??

Thanks very much!!!


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Hi all,

I have an older PC that only supports 1x AGP. I currently have a Riva TNT2 16MB video card but want to upgrade to at least 32MB.

Any suggestions on the best 1x AGP cards out there for the money?

Thanks for the help!

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A friend of mine has a dell 2400 (fairly new Dec. 2003) and he wants to get half-life 2, but it has on-board video. He bought a video card before he realized he didn't have an AGP slot, Fortunately he didn't open it.
Now he asked me to help him find a replacement, i told him he can either get a new motherboard (which voids the warranty) or get a PCI video card (which might not be good enough), I'm leaning toward getting a new video card, which leads to my question.

What's a PCI card on the market that can handle HL2?

Relevancy 61.49%

After several years with my PC, I figure it's time to upgrade my video card (currently a 32MB PCI ATI card) so I can run Flight Simulator properly. I have an Asus CUV4X motherboard which supports AGP 4x. Are there any video cards I should avoid on this motherboard?

Jay in Toronto

Relevancy 61.49%

My friend put $110 in my bank acct to order him a video card. I paid $176.32 for this one, , in Oct last year and now it is $99.99. It has not quite lived up to my expectations--WoW sometimes lags down to 10-15 FPS--but he dosen't play WoW, so it could be a good card for him. This one, is the highest rated one in the $75-$100 range.

Which of these is better? Is there another I'm missing that is better still? It has to be under $110 total with shipping.

Relevancy 61.06%


I am considering upgrading my mom's older XP system to Windows 7. Here's what it is:

ASRock P4i65G motherboard

Pentium 4 3.00 GHz
1.49 GB RAM
Samsung B2030 20" LCD Monitor

The only problem I foresee with this upgrade is with the video. The onboard video on this motherboard does not jive with aero. I want to spend as little money as necessary to make this system aero compatible. I know very little about graphics cards. I've got one AGP slot and 3 PCI slots.

Could someone please recommend to me an inexpensive graphics card that will handle aero graphics without a struggle?

Also, if you think for any reason that I should stick with XP considering these specs (will 7 be sluggish on this system?) - let me know.

Thank you.

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mainboard is a P5Q-PRO from Asus. Also, 2*3.0 ghz duo core intels, 8gb ddr2 800mhz ram, 530w pwr supply and radeon hd 4850 gfx card.
I need to replace graphics card on my machine as it overheats and is quite crap for games. It is quite an old system, however works quite well as a work PC and occasional streaming and light gaming.
So, any recommendations?


-if I buy a gfx card that has gddr5, will that work OK on my machine?
-would it be wise to buy a high end gfx card for my machine, like a gtx 960?
-do high end gfx cards suck out more power and mainboard ram?

Although, I don't think I really need a high end one, mid range would do. As my system is circa 6 years old and potentially it could all fall apart soon!


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Hi, I have an alien Ware computer, can't remember exact model, but it's one of the big ones, so lots of room for upgrades. It's getting a bit old now, it's got, 6gb of ram, i7 930 2.8ghz processor and amd radeon hd 5500 1gb graphics card. I don't want to spend much on it, as it's just not used much, but I just wanted to ask if it's worth upgrading to gtx 970 4gb graphics card. What I mean is, will the rest of the computer be able to keep up with it, or is it pointless when processor and ram aren't very high? Cheers
Relevancy 61.06%

I need to upgrade my Video card... I am currently running a GeForce 4MX AGP8X. My IBM A50p desktop has a 230W power supply. My monitor is a Dell 2005 FPW 2005FPW 20.1 inch LCD. I am thinking about something like a ATI Radeon 9550. Will my current power supply handle this? I am not a heavy Gamer but want to run Madden NFL and Tiger Woods PGA.
Relevancy 61.06%


Here's my current specs:
AMD Athlon 64 X2 5400+ @ 2.8Ghz
WinFast 6150M2MA (Socket AM2 )
3.00 GB Single-Channel DDR2
ATI Radeon HD 5450
156GB ExcelStor HDD
330W Seasonic PSU
Raidmax Sagitta case

Would a new AT Radeon HD 6870 work in this computer at the moment? I was wondering if I had the correct connections really since the computer is quite old, still using IDE connections.

A:Computer upgrade advice for new graphics card

I'm sure you would need a much larger PSU to run that card, here's the specs.

AMD Radeon
Relevancy 60.63%

Hi Everyone!

I want to upgrade my video card from nvida geforce 210 to NVIDIA 8800gtx or GTS 250...I want to know which whill be better based on my computer specs below:

BOARD : acer f672cr
CPU : intel e4300 (core2duo 1.8ghz)
RAM: 2gb
PowerSuppy: 500W

A:Need advice upgrading video card

Joseph Bryan said:

I want to upgrade my video card from nvida geforce 210 to NVIDIA 8800gtx or GTS 250Click to expand...

A newer card than the 2xx series would serve you better and require less power. Is there no way you could get a GTX 650 or one generation older GTX 550?
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Someone decided we have a need for dual displays. Some of our existing displays have VGA and some have DVI. Computers (2G w/ .5G - .75G RAM) have PCI and AGP ports. So I’m looking for a decent card(s) to handle normal office work related display for one and live security camera feed for the other. Ideas?

A:Advice for new video card purchase

Any dual head AGP card should do fine for those purposes.

These cards are $15 after a rebate and can handle HD video, so more than enough for you.
Relevancy 60.63%

I am currently using an Nvidia GeForce 8800 GTX 768 MB. It was already equipped on the computer when I bought it 2 -3 years ago. Unfortunately, the guy I bought this from, used an Asus Maximus Formula (i), therefore, it can only support Crossfire, not SLI.

My question is, I received a free, sealed ATi Raedon HD 4850 512 MB. Because I'm no longer tech saavy, I'm not sure which is truly better. I do use a lot of computer power for gaming and running my graphic design programs. My current system is maxed out with 4 GB Ram only because I use a 32 bit OS. Which card is better, and should I sell the other?

Thanks for any advice!

A:Decision: Video Card Advice

if it helps, here is more of my comp info:
Intel Core2 Quad CPU 2.4 GHz
ASUS Maximus Formula 1 (Cross-fire Compatible Only)
4 GB Ram
1.25 TB HD
Nvidia GeForce 8800 GTX 768 MB
Relevancy 60.63%

Hello, I ordered a GeForce 3 Ti 500 about a week ago. According to the UPS shipment tracking thing It is supposed to arrive today. I have a new Emachines T1860. Specs: Athlon XP1800, 256 DDR Ram, and Windows XP. Right now I have S3 Savage Pro 64 mb integrated graphics. I just want to know when I get my new card if I should disable the integrated graphics, and if so how do I do that. Also should I install the drivers that come with the card or should I just download the latest drivers, from nvidia? Any advice would be appreciated


Relevancy 60.63%

I was hoping I could get some advice on what video capture card would be right for me. First here are my system specs.

Windows XP
Pent 4
2.6 ghz

I will be using the card primarily for two reasons. To capture video from VHS tapes, and capturing audio from cassette tapes. I am looking to spend around $300.
Oh yaa, it also needs to accept A/V input cables since my VCR doesnt have a S-video line.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks much

Relevancy 60.63%

i have a ASUS P4C800-E Deluxe Motherboard...can someone tell me the best video card i can use?

Relevancy 60.63%

I currently have a nvidia geforce 8600 gts, now that one's burnt out. I have a 9600 or 9500 "not sure" gt on the way. I would just like some advice as to any better or worse differences i might notice. I bought the 8600 quite a few years ago. Is the 9500/9600 gt better?

A:Video card advice and comparison

both 9500 and 9600GT are pretty close in comparison to the 8600GTS. the 9xxx series is of course newer and the 9600GT is faster. 9500GT isn't really a gaming card, but will work fine for games and movies. 9600 is a better gaming card and ships with 512MB to 1GB vRAM.
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I have a Dell Precision Workstation with Dual Xeon Ghz processors GB RAM and an AGP PRO video slot I was running XP Pro on it but with End-of-Life looming AGP Need replacement on card advice Video thought I had better upgrade Need advice on replacement AGP Video card it Upgraded first to Vista Business in-place in order to preserve the environment and then immediately upgraded to Windows Pro installed SP and performed all the updates The problem is with my video card It is an Nvidia Quadro NVS SD driving DVI connections to a pair of iH quot displays at x However I quickly started having BSODs indicating a problem with NV MINI SYS NV MINI SYS Problem signature Problem Event Name BlueScreen OS Version Locale ID Need advice on replacement AGP Video card Additional information about the Need advice on replacement AGP Video card problem BCCode BCP FCEA D BCP BCP BCP OS Version Service Pack Product The current driver that kind of works between BSODs is V which is the W K XP driver I was using before I tried to use the Vista driver V but couldn't get the Dual Monitors at x resolution to work So the question is is there some way to get the Quadro NVS to work or will I have to change to a different board And if change is required what W supported board would be recommended I already tried a Radeon X Pro board that I had in another system but couldn't get it to even display POST Thanks in advance for your help Andy Tabor

A:Need advice on replacement AGP Video card

Any AMD or nVidia AGP card that supports W7 should work. Use Tigerdirect or Newegg to search for one.

Video / Graphics Cards at

Video Cards, Desktop Video Cards -
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I want to upgrade my video cards! And I need some expert advice, so obviously, this is the first place I look for advice.

I'm running an ASUS P5NSLI Mobo - with a - Intel Core 2 Duo 2.3 GHz Processor - 3 GB RAM - 450 Watt PSU- and currently 2x Nvidia 7600 GS cards.

Do I buy:

A) One (1) 8800GTX Card


B) Two (2) 8600GTS cards and run SLI

I dont know the pros / cons of going in either direction. I do have alot of computer knowledge, but I've never had much experience with video cards and the differences between running SLI or just 1 powerful card... I would automatically think of the saying "two heads are better than one..."

Thanks in advance...


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OK, I'm going out to buy a new video card, and I was curious which is preferable (better performance)... getting 2 GeForce 7600 GT 256 MB cards and running them SLI, or getting 1 GeForce 7900 GTX 512 and just running it solo. both setups would be about the same price off Tiger Direct, I just need to know which will run better for high end gaming.

A:Buying new video card...need advice

I do believe SLI.

You might want to look somewhere other then Tigerdirect though, have heard some horror stories.
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I'm planning on getting a new video card, but I'm not sure exactly what will work on my PC, so I have a couple questions. My current card is an ATI 9800 PRO. When I last attempted to install a Nvidia card (I'm not sure of the model) it didn't exactly fit in the case because my hard drive was in the way. Is a newer card typically going to be bigger than what I've got?

Also, is there any way to know for sure if my power supply can handle the new card before I buy it? Finally, does anyone have any good model recommendations? I'm looking to spend about $100-175.

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Looking best buy for the buck. Meaning I don't want cutting edge and I don't want the cheapest.

Just the best buy for the current dollar on an agp nvidia video card. Price range say 100-150 for starts. 128meg of ram should be sufficient.

Looking to use a amd socket A gigabyte or abit nvidia bridge mb.

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My Dell Dimension originally came with a Radeon pro mb -- it bit the dust after about years just out of warranty I replaced it with a Saphire XT mb -- and performance was equivalent It s on it s last leg and is no longer playable in a game setting -- now getting about - fps instead of the typical - fps Full image backup failed to resolve issue -- so no doubt it s the hardware Looks like it might be under warranty -- but I want to replace it before sending it back What to replace with I really just want to slap another card in the AGP slot and boot with it I don t have an available PCI slot anyway So how about http www amazon com ATI-Radeon-X UTF amp coliid IZ MLHSSCGFX amp colid XVAV P YIBXT Looks cheap enough definitely less than the What can I expect from this Or any other suggestions nbsp

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Ok, so my computer is getting pretty old and I am looking to do some upgrading. I am using an Asus A7S333 Mobo with 266Mhz FSB and a 2x,4X AGP slot. Currently I have an Athlon 2100+XP with 768MB of 2700RAM. My video card is a Radeon 9000 64MB.

I'd really like to extend the gamelife of my computer. I can run CS:Source on low-medium detail with a decent ping but that seems to be my limit. So I have 2 questions.

1)What would be my best bet on a video card without my FSB bottlenecking?

2) Would it be worth it to upgrade my CPU to a 2800+ XP?

My budget is limited so I wouldn't be putting any high end cards in. This would be my last update before I bite the bullet and get a new one. Any help would be appreciated.

A:In need of some Video Card Upgrading advice

if i were you i would upgrade the motherboard and not the CPU.
1. Because your motherboard only supports upto 4x AGP and
2. Because if you want to upgrade your CPU, you may need a new mobo to support the CPU. try,prod_id--245630245.html for details on a good motherboard.

If you don't buy a new motherboard then i suggest saving your money, just buy a new graphics card for the time being, like the nVidia GeForce 6600GT for AGP. Use it for a few months then when you buy your whole new pc, you can buy a motherboard with an nForce 3 chipset that supports AGP.
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Hello and help video system card please advice all I have this problem about choosing the right video card for my system To be honest this post is going to video card and system advice please help include more issues than just on a video card so I do apologize but I want a really good system Let me first elaborate a little video card and system advice please help on my current rig AMD athlon Gigahertz CPU ASUS A V Socket A mobo KT A Chipset Inno D Kyro Mb video card Turtle Beach Santa Cruz PCI sound card megs of Visiontek SDRAM Windows SE Well those are the basics video card and system advice please help I forgot to mention I have a inch monitor that is about years old scrapped it from my old emachines computer and a Cd-RW from my emachines as well My problem here is I love gaming especially FPS games I am obcessed with getting awesome frame rates with NO noticable SLOWDOWN any time in a game an example being a common shootout with bots in Unreal Tournament With my current Kyro card its decent For example I only get slowdowns in games like Unreal Tournament Medal Of Honor Allied Assault Aliens versus Predator in the single player mode when I am facing lots of aliens etc Real time strategy games and older FPS like Quake run just fine Don t get me wrong the games are playable but I despise slowdowns Unreal Tournament is notorious for slowing down when I am facing lots of bots The Frames per second arent too bad where its unplayable just around the - range and to my eyes that seems a lot slower than fps I want a video card and system if I need to upgrade my cpu speed ram quality etc that can crank out a minimum FPS in heavy action scenes of at least FPS I want it so that my eyes do not perceive any slowdown at all in the game for that matter I know there is a certain point where the human eye can t distinguish more frames per second Let me add that I don t have to get fps in a game I just want it to be where its a smooth fps all the way thru and to me fps constant is just fine no need for plus Another thing I might add is that I hate aliasing in games With my current video card use application specified anti-aliasing just to keep my fps up I like eye candy It doesn t have to be perfect but I hate the jagged edges with the card i have now Now what exactly is vsync for People have told me to disable it to get better frame rates It seems when I do the graphics look even worse that with it enabled A video card where I can have lots of anti-aliasing enabled x or even x and vsync enabled whatever that is is what I want Money is sort of an issue but if I have to dish out bucks I could easily have it within a month Choices I have been pondering GeForce Ti GeForce Ti GeForce Ti ATI Radeon Considering my cpu speed is only megahertz could this be a chokepoint I have been thinking about upgrading my computer half and half meaning I would only buy a new case powersupply new cpu mobo and vid card and keep my megs of SDRAM inch monitor Cd-Rw my gig Maxtor Hard drive my sound card modem etc All in all what do you all suggest as a video card and cpu mobo combo and type and amount of RAM for a really good gaming system with no slowdown noticable to the human eye Thank you all for your time nbsp

A:video card and system advice please help

I think this article is for you, athlon cpu's with the latest cards that you mention with benchmarks

Personally if I was short cash, the gforce3 ti200 is great, overclocks very well.
Next would be the ti4200 which should be out soon
Next would be the gforce3 ti500

Nix the 4600, no pixel or vertex shaders as the article says.
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i am attempting to repair a computer that shows a black screen when booting up.
the screen started to jump around and act erratic before going black.
1. Motherboard -
2. Graphic interface -
3. Memory -
4. CPU -
5. CPU Speed -
6. Power Supply Make/Model -
7. Watt output/Amperage

1. intel d865 glc
2. agp 3.0 8x
3. 512 mb
4 & 5. not available, i received this computer after the screen went blank. if necessary and can be accessed by inspecting the mb, please advise.
6. inwin powerman model iw-p180b2-0
7. +3.3v & +5v & 12v = 169w (max)

i believe the integrated graphics is malfunctioning. i would like to put a video card in the agp. can anyone advise me on purchasing a card? the computer is used for general use, no intensive stuff.
in my search, i keep running into a psu 300w requirement for a card.
this is a students desktop and a low budget is a concern.
thanks for the help in advance

A:Advice on selecting a video card

I'd suggest getting a psu for the new card. I think just about everyone else will tell you that too. 49.99 with a 15 dollar rebate

this one is nice with the rebate being a +

either should do fine for basic computing and some light gaming.

I'd go with the ati card personally, but not sure which you'd prefer.
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Well, this is my problem, I've got a HP Pavilion XT938, I've just bought Generals and it will not install, Unfortunately I have no agp slot on my mobo. so i'm going to have to get a video card with a pci interface, I know the pci cards are not as good as the agp cards. I've been looking at the GeForce4 mx-440se to install, My main question is:1)My mobo. has integrated graphics built in and i was told that I would have to go into the bios and delete my on-screen graphics, I have no idea how to do this.2)The video card I'm looking at comes with 64megs. of ddr ram while my mobo. carries sdram, will this cause a conflict. I would appreciate any advice anyone can give on these two issues.

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I do not use my desktop for gaming. I want to use Windows 7 dual monitor capability to connect via HDMI to a home theater AV receiver and HDTV in another room. So am looking for a PCI-E x16 video card with HDMI output.

The GeForce GT 220 is inexpensive and seems to have what I need. But I don't mind spending for a premium card, I just don't want to spend unnecessarily on capability built for PC gaming.

Here are some of my questions:
Does more memory (e.g. 1GB vs. 512MB) help for HD video viewing? Or does memory just matter for gaming?
Is GDDR memory a better choice than DDR2 memory for HD video viewing? What about GDDR2 vs. GDDR3 vs. GDDR5?
What other video card features are important for HD video viewing?
Any suggestions for a specific card?

A:Seeking video card advice

Quote: Originally Posted by dru37

I do not use my desktop for gaming. I want to use Windows 7 dual monitor capability to connect via HDMI to a home theater AV receiver and HDTV in another room. So am looking for a PCI-E x16 video card with HDMI output.

The GeForce GT 220 is inexpensive and seems to have what I need. But I don't mind spending for a premium card, I just don't want to spend unnecessarily on capability built for PC gaming.

Here are some of my questions:
Does more memory (e.g. 1GB vs. 512MB) help for HD video viewing? Or does memory just matter for gaming?
Is GDDR memory a better choice than DDR2 memory for HD video viewing? What about GDDR2 vs. GDDR3 vs. GDDR5?
What other video card features are important for HD video viewing?
Any suggestions for a specific card?

1. You need memory for everything, not just for games. If you have more, your computer is faster. It doesnt directly link to Multimedia or gaming.
2. The numbers (ddr2 vs ddr3) are the key here. So, gddr5 is faster than gddr4, which is faster than gddr3. The G in the GDDR is i think a newer technology, thus faster. There is no gddr4 or 5 RAM, but they are used in Graphics cards. Usually, if you play games you need faster memory, but for just watching videos, the size is enough. You should get a 1gb card, with say, gddr3 memory, with HDMI & DVI.
3. I mentioned that above, you need Graphics RAM. 1gb should be good.
4. My card, the 9400 GS or even a 9600 or 9800 would be good for you.
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Hello, I am new here. But I noticed the amount of help you guys give to others in need. So I am here with questions on what video card I should get. I am looking for a better video card that can actually play some decent games, such as Orange Box or Counter Strike Source.

Dell Inspiron 531, Model 0RY206
AMD Athlon 64 x2 Dual Core Processor 3800+ (2.0GHz)
NVidia GeForce 6150SE nForce430 281 MB video card
1680x1050 display (32 bit) (60Hz)
2009.4 MHz

My budget is under 100 dollars. I'm not a hardcore gamer, but I would like to at least play something good on this computer.

I was looking at these, but I am not sure if they're compatible with my computer.

eVGA e-GeForce 6200 256MB DDR PCI Graphics Card-256-P1-N399-LX

MSI NX8500GT-TD256E GeForce 8500 GT 256MB 128-bit GDDR2 PCI Express x16 SLI Supported Video Card

A:Upgrading Video Card, need advice

Anything above and including a 6600/6800GT should run Orange Box just fine. I'm guessing you have at least one available PCI express x16 slot available on your motherboard. If so, I would highly recommend a XFX 8600GT which can be purchased for well under $100. If you want to spend a little more, you could go with a 8800GT. Both cards will give you great performance in Source powered games and future releases. You could also go with a 9 series card, a 9600GT runs from `$120-150.


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A few months back I posted about a broken heatsink fan from my video card an Asus PCI-E Nvidia GeForce GT I ve come across to what it looks like a bargain An Nvidia GeForce GT MB DDR There are a few things that worry me though This is a link to the card This new card only has one DVI port the other is VGA From what I gather and this is Card Video on purchase Advice not from research but from quot word of mouth Advice on Video Card purchase quot Asus is a quality manufacturer whereas I haven t heard of ECS Elite Group From what I can see on the pic the card doesn t seem to have a heatsink I don t even know if this is a bad thing On the context of the country I live in Mexico the price of this card is really a bargain About I am however worried that things will backfire just because I tried to save some bucks I m not really that Advice on Video Card purchase knowledgeable when it comes to video cards Too many companies manufacturing the same cards Help appreciated as always Thanks EDIT This is a picture of my current video card I hope you can see where I m coming from because this new card I m looking to buy looks substantially different Particularly because of the lack of a heatsink I guess where I m getting at is this doesn t better hardware need to have better heat-dissipating mechanisms This new card seems to have a very standard and smaller fan and no heatsink nbsp

A:Advice on Video Card purchase

Ive checked the images for the ECS 9400GT and am sure the HS & fan although small will be adequate on this spec of card.

However it is unlikely to perform as well or better than your ASUS.

A quick search shows you can pick up a VGA cooler for $10 or less.

Just do a quick search for vga cooler on ebay or google...

If your happy with the ASUS this is your best option
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HI everybody I am trying to help a friend of mine well more of a client actually as I am a hairdresser She has an HP Pavillion N and her son bought her a copy of Civilization IV It seems her onboard video will not Solved: advice card video play the game She has a X AGP slot but of course I am also worried about the PSU handling an AGP upgrade I have been reading and figure that and please correct me if I am wrong most X cards should clock down Here is a list of the requirements for the game MINIMUM Windows XP with SP or higher Intel Pentium or AMD Athlon CPU with at least GHZ MB RAM MB graphics card with Hardware T amp L GeForce Radeon or better DirectX compatible soundcard Solved: video card advice DVD-ROM drive GB free hard disk space RECOMMENDED Windows XP with SP or higher Intel Pentium or AMD Athlon CPU with at least GHz MB RAM MB graphics card with DirectX support Solved: video card advice pixel- and vertex shaders DirectX compatible soundcard DVD-ROM drive GB free hard disk space Here is a page with the agp cards I have readily available in my area I also have at home an AIW AGP which I use for troubleshooting friends computers so I hate to give it up but will if it will work better than any on the page below http www ncix com products index php minorcatid amp subminorcatid Thanks so much for your time and trouble Linda nbsp

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I believe i'll be building a new box here in about a month so I've been spec'ing things out I currently use an ATI X Pro Although its lasted this long ive had weird card advice. Need video gaming some issue and bugs out of it and I would sort of prefer to go back to Nvidia But i've heard that the only cards working with Direct X Need some gaming video card advice. are ATI for right now I havnt kept up with hardware for some time so i dont even know whos quot winning quot right now with the best cards out I was looking at this card Newegg com - EVGA G-P - -TR GeForce GTS GB -bit GDDR PCI Express x HDCP Ready SLI Supported Video Card - Desktop Graphics Video Cards It looks alright and I think it will meet my needs I plan to game with it moderately but i dont need the absolute best Just needs to run current games and be enjoyable without struggling to do so Any suggestions that fall in a similar price point as the link posted

A:Need some gaming video card advice. - ASUS EAH4870 DK/HTDI/1GD5 Radeon HD 4870 Dark Knight 1GB 256-bit GDDR5 PCI Express 2.0 x16 HDCP Ready CrossFire Supported Video Card - Desktop Graphics / Video Cards

That one looks much better, similar price, and is 10.1 in stead of just 10.

I cant find any directx 10.1 Nvidia cards that are 256bit and the 256bit directx11 ATI cards are near 400$. Maybe I'll have to stick with ATI.
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Hello My system is a Compaq w Win Athlon CPU MB pc sdram and a Diamond Stealth III S MB AGP video card I can get the same card now w MB memory for For reference sake at Advice on Update Card Video the time this card was on the market circa the somewhat better competitive card had Advice on Video Card Update Nvidia s TNT chip I m investigating upgrading the video card looking to spend about but I m flexible At this price it seems to be GeForce territory My question has to do with which is more important getting the lower end video processor i e GF MX with MB memory or an upper end processor i e GF GTS Visiontek model with MB My Mobo is AGP compliant but only supports x transfer rate so I m trying to get the most out of an upgrade that my system can fully take advantage of Also most deals on cards are OEM which i take to mean a bare card only What do I do for drivers Download for manufactures web site Thanks for any advice nbsp

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What would be a better relatively inexpensive video card for the following two PC'a:

Nvidia GeForce 8200 which is on board my ASUS M3N78-VM mainboard. I'd like to upgrade mine for a better V.Card if it is worth it. (see system description below)
I now have win7 64bit OS on my PC

System 2:

AMD 3000+ Win XP 2gb DDR ram; e-GeForce 7300 GS DDR2 256mb video card

I do a little online gaming (LOL) but not too much. The rest, watching Netflix the reception isn't that great, better on my sons PS3; Online surfing and the occasional work in Autocad 2D.


A:Video Card advice requested

Just curious...any particular reason why you want to upgrade?
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I Advice Capture Video Card would like to save our families vhs home videos and have been looking for a video capture card It is important that the resolution be very good as x is too small I have read some good things about canopus with exceptional audio video synchronizing Is this a huge issue with the cards If anyone here has some personal experiences with Video Capture Card Advice good bad cards I would appreciate you sharing your opinions with me thank you I do not care about included software so much as the quality of the card if it is internal or external PCI Firewire or USB --- unless that affects quality I am pretty sure my system is up to the task of any card my specs would be - GB DDR RAM MB DDR PCI-E Video ABIT RX Pro- PCIE AMD Athlon Processor OB AC sound would a separate card synch better I think those are the most important specs Thank you everyone Bel nbsp

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Aloha I have a mature circa gateway xl running xp pro with a ati radeon series mb agp video card I ve been getting several error messages blue screen shut downs etc that seem to point to a failing video card replaced once while under warranty Gateway email support weak reviewed my error codes and concurred w my assesement card on the out replace Also I ve turned off the acceleration in the display control panel amp updated my driver from advice replacement card video the ati site after completely uninstalling the old software I ve read multiple forums regarding comparable replacements and it seems that several of the main contenders are the Radeon pro read about noisy fans x pro or GeForce gt video card replacement advice Most of these are available as mb agp to fit my board When I read that stats they all seem to require power of - w my existing power supply is w I do not wish to throw good money at old equipment until I need to replace the whole thing but for now wish to keep this alive spend as little as I need to and maintain the same or close to the same level of quality for my graphic use primarily photoshop amp some video editing Questions Card choice for functionality which of the above or others are recommended Re radeon cards can I expect equal quality from the ati manufacturers e g sapphire vs diamond vs vision tech etc What about the power requirements Are there any compatible decent agp cards dvi monitor that will run on w power Again I don t really want to begin adding piles of new equipment to an old machine Advice amp feedback much appreciated If you need more stats on my machine advise and I ll post if that assists in getting sound feedback Mahalo nbsp

A:video card replacement advice

Decision made....

I found a new 9800 pro agp on ebay for about $60 w/ shipping. I was scrambling since as of a few days ago I only found used replacements or an excessive price. Hopefully case closed.
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Hey guys I am contemplating whether or not it is worth it for me to upgrade my video card I am currently running a single eVGA GTX Mb I remember that it was the plain GTX not Core or anything I got it right after it came out The specs are eVGA GeForce GTX Core Clock MHz Memory Clock MHz Shader Clock MHz Bus Type PCI-E Memory Detail MB DDR Click to expand I need video a new buy to card, Deciding advice whether am using MSI afterburner and have it clocked to the eVGA GTX OC specs my clocks are set at Core Clock Deciding whether to buy a new video card, need advice MHz Memory Clock MHz Shader Clock MHzClick to expand My current system is Dell XPS Mini-Tower Intel Core Quad-Core Q MB L cache GHz FSB Intel X Chipset GB DDR SDRAM MHz DIMMs eVGA GeForce GTX Creative X-Fi Xtreme Music x WD GB SATA Hard Drive RPM RAID Array X DVD - RW Dual-Layer DVD Burner Windows Ultimate bit Dell XPS BTX Tower LG FLATRON W T quot LCD Display x Click to expand Given my current financial state I can only spend on any upgrades I am also pretty satisfied with my case see here The great thing about this case is that my PC is in my bedroom I never turn Deciding whether to buy a new video card, need advice it off and this tower is ultra-quiet The only real noise the tower makes is when the video card fan speeds up under load The bad thing about it is that it s BTX form-factor and I cannot fit a different motherboard in this chassis so if I decided to upgrade components such as the CPU motherboard or faster RAM I would need to get a different case and again my financial situation does not allow me to go into such ventures So i am considering upgrading the only component that really makes sense to upgrade the only concern is whether or not the actual performance difference is significant I tried to compare the benchmark charts TechSpot has for Battlefield Bad Company BFBC found here to the updated video cards GTX benchmarks found here to determine the FPS difference between current-gen video cards to those of my GTX My only problem is determining the DirectX version used in the Battlefield Bad Company benchmarks The new benchmarks state DirectX while the ones under BFBC seem not to have the DirectX version specified I thought I d jump in the forums and share my dilemma with fellow TechSpot readers and get some input and clarification on the matter Any advice is highly appreciated thanks nbsp

A:Deciding whether to buy a new video card, need advice

Hi ElShotte,
Here is a rather comprehensive set of benches that include the gtx 460 and the gtx 260. I am curious what PSU you are using to power that 260 right now.
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I'm new to this community. I needed some advice on what video card to purchase. I'm not much of a gamer so my budget is rather small(aroundRs3000). I've shortlisted a few cards - Nvidia(XFX) 8400gs(costs around Rs1800), 9400gt(512mb, 1gb), 9500gt(1gb).
Ati Radeon(XFX) HD4350(512mb, 1gb), HD4550(1gb), HD4650(512mb, 1gb).
There are other manufacturers as well such as ASUS, MSI to name a few. The ones I'm having difficulty in choosing are 8400gs and Ati HD4350(512mb or 1gb). I read a few posts about Ati HD4350 having overheating issues(something related to not having a fan), some installation issues as well.
My PC specs are: Intel D946GZIS, CORE 2 DUO 2.2 GHz, 2gb RAM.
(Hope I have posted in the right section)

A:Need advice on what video card to purchase

I just signed up on this thing and don't claim to know nothin' about nothin'. I'm not a big gamer either, but I'm big enough fan of one game to start the build hunt. What I've learned is research. Check out and you can compare each card against each other. I compared the 9500 GT (because it's cheap and seems like the best bang for your buck) to other cards of intrest and thought it beat comparative specs across the board, but I don't think its fast enough to play a lot of newer games. It did get great reviews, but the card itself is already 2 years + old.
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I d like some input- Here s what I ve got Intel D GLC motherboard Pro network P ghz MHz fsb level Replacement Video Card Advice? cache kb level cache mb gb x Corsair XMS PC DDR matched pair Sound Blaster Audigy zs sound card GeForce Ti Ultra xp- mb DDR oc-memory email protected core email protected AGP x LiteOn x DVD -R -RW R double layer Writer ReWriter Asus x x x CD-ReWriter Generic A Drive Antec w true blue power supply gb Western Digital Caviar hard drive rpm mb cache OK- I have read quite a few reviews on Video Card Replacement Advice? the ATI X XT all-in-wonder video card mb GDDR AGP x TV-Tuner MHz core speed MHz GDDR memory speed pixel pipelines gb peak memory bandwidth All of the reviews have said quot still one of the fastest D cards none of the shortcomings of previous Video Card Replacement Advice? A-I-W cards quot etc If I replace my video card with the x xt a-i-w will I really see much of a difference I have been content with my GeForce Ti and it hasn t given me any problems but I m ready to move up What kind of graphics speed overall performance improvements will or won t this card give me over my current one All information amp opinions welcome nbsp

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Hi all

I just had my card fry, its an XFX Geforce 8800 Ultra sitting on a Asus P5B mother board (pci-e).

Now i need a card but dont want to spend to much money. What are my options?

I figured i want to spend $100 or less if possible get something with the same performance or slightly better.
I was looking at the ATI 4850 HD and the geforce GT240 but im open to any other suggestions.

I do play games but not hard core since i have the ps3 for that.

A:Need advice buying a video card.

Don't forget about the warranty:

As for a replacement, the GT 240 would be a downgrade, the Radeon HD 4850 or 5750, or a Geforce GTS 250 would be on par or a bit better.
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recently I have wanted to get into video editing and I decided to try out a few different video editing software tools I tried windows movie maker first and it kept skipping when I would preview clips and freezing The same thing is happening with the trial version of adobe s premiere elements trial version For adobe it told me to download the latest video driver that was compatible so i did and it allowed me to see my videos and use it a little bit but it would not be able to keep up and would freeze occasionally Does this have to do with my graphics card This is what I could find of my computers information i typed dxdiag in run System Operating system Windows Home Premium bit Build System Manufacturer TOSHIBA System if I card editing upgrade video for software should Wondering video model Satellite A BIOS InsydeH Version Processor Intel R Core TM i CPU Q GHz CPUs GHz Memory MB RAM DirectX Version DirectX And I guess this is my graphics card Name NVIDIA GeForce M Chip Type Geforce M DAC Type Integrated RAMDAC Approx Total Memory MB Current Display mode x bit Hz If anyone could help me it would be greatly appreciated thank you P s I m not very computer savvy so keep that in mind - nbsp

A:Wondering if I should upgrade video card for video editing software

yes the graphics card seems to be the weak link in your setup, you could try searching for msi afterburner to try to overclock your graphics card but failing that i would upgrade your graphics card
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Hey on to to Dimension Dell card what advice buy Need 4700 a upgrade all My first post and a total newbie so be nice I know this question has been asked before but it was about months ago and I know there have been a few cards that have come out since I m running a Dell Dimension with the following information from CPU-Z Processor Intel Pentium GHz Clock Core Speed MHz Mainboard Manufacturer Model Dell Inc OM Memory Type DDR Memory Size MB but soon Need advice on what card to buy to upgrade a Dell Dimension 4700 to be upgraded to or gigs i Need advice on what card to buy to upgrade a Dell Dimension 4700 hope Memory Channels Dual Graphic Interface PCI-Express x I don t know the make of the power supply right now I m not actually near it at the mo and can t get at the power supply box inside But it s the one that came with it when I bought it so I don t know if that helps Anyway I was looking at the Geforce gt but as I say total newbie Has anyone any suggestions I would like to play all the newest games nothing hugely spectacular but decent enough Hoping to spend around maybe including shipping so that s about - in the US or around - in the UK I m in Ireland btw Any help or advice would be very much appreciated nbsp

A:Need advice on what card to buy to upgrade a Dell Dimension 4700

Ok update, I just looked inside the computer and the sticker on my power supply has this to say:

Output: +12VA 18.0A
+12VB 18.0A
-12V 0.5A

Then it says:

"Max combined output current on +12VA & +12VB outputs is 22A".

So, any ideas?