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Affordable Building to Building Wirelss for Small Network

Q: Affordable Building to Building Wirelss for Small Network

I am the Pastor of a small church in Texas I recently purchased a laptop to replace my desktop and plan on passing down my desktop to our treasurer I just purchased a D-Link Extreme N Gigabit router and have networked the computers to the DSL We recently purchased an all in one print copy unit that has wireless capabilities that I would also like to incorprate into the network with the DSL and Other Computer We have our main Church building where my office is located however the copier and treasurers office are in our youth building behind the church When I m sitting at my desk I can sometimes get a low signal strength connection with the printer on the printers quot network quot Wirelss Affordable for Network Building Small Building to in the other building With my Laptop I get great signal strength from the quot DSL Network quot just Affordable Building to Building Wirelss for Small Network outside the building The meter is around bars and stays - mbps As soon as I step in the door the signal is lost it s a metal building The copier room is the first room inside the door and the next room is the Treasurers office The room right above both is my Teen Classroom for Wednesday Night bible studies These three rooms are really the only place in the building i m needing to reach signal Currently in both machines I have one Intel A B G card and the other just is labled USB B G Card Would changing these cards to N enable me to pick up the signal inside the building Is there a cheap meathod of bridging from building to building This is all coming out of my pocket mostly for my benifit so I am not sticking the church with the debt Any information you can provide would be much appreciated I have been working with and on computers since age but I have just never had much dealings with networking and I am especially new to Wireless nbsp

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Preferred Solution: Affordable Building to Building Wirelss for Small Network

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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Hello everyone. I want some help with building a gaming computer in the $800 dollar range. I have checked on and I have found some deals but they are not quite cheap enough and I know that there are better ones out there. What I am looking for is a computer that is a decent gaming computer. Not top of the line, but it should have room for upgrading when I get more money. What I am looking for is an AMD 64 processor and a PCI-Express graphics card. Please help me... :hotbounce

P.S. Also, if you can give a link with a cheap but good monitor ...flat screen is fine I don't need flat panel.


A:Help building an affordable gaming computer

I used the Chaintech Vnf4ultra nforce 4 ultra motherboard($90), a 939 3000+ ($150)cpu, 1gb corsair value select($80), pci-e 6600gt($160), antec 1650b ($65)case, and a tagan 480w psu($90)(wouldn't need this, the 1650b has a good psu that runs the system, I wanted more power for overclocking). I like it it's a nice system, for pretty cheap.
Total $635
+ a dvd burner ($50)
+ a hd ($85)
+ floppy ($10)
+key/mouse ($30)
+ monitor ($vaires)
=$810 w/o monitor.
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what would you guys recommend for a 4 computer network?

I want everyone saveing all their important stuff to a very realiable, fast server that's basically safe from any data loss.

my budget is $700.00


A:building a small data server

$700 is a little cheap for a server thats:

very realiable, fast server that's basically safe from any data lossClick to expand...

Esp.the word fast.

Heres my two cents:
*Get two SATA 160GB drives and mirror them in RAID0
*Get a mobo with SATA Raid0 built in so you dont have to spend $100 on a SATA Raid card
*Depending on how much it all costs, try to get a Xeon or Opteron ( which keep in mind will need a Xeon/Opteron mobo)
*Get 1GB of RAM, but show us what you plan on getting, becasue theres cheap 1GB sticks, and expensive 1GB sticks. The expensive 1GB sticks are more expensive for a good reason, and you want that good reaosn.

I think $700 is pretty low for a server.. thing is with a server, you need things like 2 hard drives in raid, if the mobo doesnt have raid a raid pci card is $100, a second hard drive costs more moeny. Your going to want a large amount of ram that costs more. Your going to want a cpu more cache, hence Xeon etc, which wil also cost more.

Your also going to need a hard firewall (a router with a firewall built into it), and norton AV running 24/7.
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Hi guys server office Building small a I m tech man at my family business and Building a small office server currently we have two office with two computers each - life is easy just network the weaker to the strong and let her be file server We re moving and combining offices so I ll be looking after computers and so believe we ll be needing a server It ll just be a local server for centralised file storage printing etc and holding back ups Aside from tech specs I Building a small office server m wondering what OS would be best All the computers are running Windows one is vista but that will probably be replaced shortly for another machine I m wondering if I can run the server on Windows or if I should use a Windows Server OS I have no knowledge of Linux and would like to stick with Windows for this I m thinking I ll have server wired to router then as much as possible I d like the computers also wired into the router - but if that s no possible do you think using wireless would be practical for this We re a letting agency so most of the files we re playing with are documents and photos so nothing really over mb in a single file Any and all advice regarding the running of the server is appreciated Regarding tech specs I m thinking along the lines of the following i Haswell so no need for GPU - Probably a unless more power is needed gb - gb DDR RAM mhz do I need proper ECC RAM We re not running demanding server applications databases etc Its pretty much just a local file server x TB HDD in RAID PSU Mobo etc determined by price not really an issue I m coming at the build from a gaming pedigree hence the i - are Xeon CPU s significantly different better for this work Many thanks for reading and any advice nbsp

A:Building a small office server

I'd almost suggest you buy a small pre-built and purpose built server from Dell, HP, or Lenovo.

Or since it's just for files, maybe just get a professional grade NAS with RAID-5 like a Synology unit.

Backups can be done to USB hard drives that can, and should be rotated, offsite for safe keeping.

Also if you go wired with 5 computers, a server, and possibly network printers I'd be looking at using a small 8 or 16 port Gigabit switch and using the router only as the gateway for the internet and for the wireless.
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i have 3 computers and want to buy a server computer so the 3 computers can run the same program where all 3 share the same data form the program and when one computer saves something new in the data base of the program all 3 computers show the update.

what equipment do i need and how do i do it

A:need help building a small business server

The equipment is secondary to the capability of the application in question. You have to have a multi-user application for something like this to work. Why don't we start with the name of the application you're going to be using?
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I have two floor concrete block building with one extra room that has 2 tanks and about 1 meter x 1meter free area. In this area. I want to build 6 meter tower that is going to have 7 APs and might add more. The APs are 6 ubiquiti nanostation and Rocket M2 AP with 120 degree sector antenna(AP directed to different locations). I might also build 12 meter tower from the second floor if more area required for the base of the tower.

What I want videos or pictures for idea for a good tower that easy to climb and change or fix APs.

A:building WiFi tower in roof of 2 floor building

no body has ideas for Wifi tower on a building
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I have a 64gb ssd that i have laying around.  I know its a little overkill, but i figured it would make use of it.  Here are the other parts I was thinking of purchasing.  Let me know everyone's thoughts.   Thanks

A:Building a pfSense Firewall for small office

What are you thinking for the network cards? (I think you need two if my memory serves me)
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I just noticed this recently after I had to reinstall Windows xp home When Page building building and file and.. I start a game everything runs fine until I load a map then the performance slowly gets worse and worse My cpu is dedicating all the cycles to swapping stuff to Page file building and building and.. the page file I suppose I monitored task manager while the game was running in the background and the page file just gets bigger and bigger until the game crashes The game ran quite nicely until I recently when I reinstalled Windows Windows is up to date with SP and everything I took a few screenshots the first one is while the game is still going and I think it just crashed The second being after the game closed and the page file returns to normal You can see the definite decline on the page file history --- PC Specs - Ghz processor mb ram Windows Xp Home gig hard drive mb Nvidia GeForce MX Runs the game fine

A:Page file building and building and..

Welcome to TSF....

It could be the game that is causing this problem, what is th ename of the game?
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Heya Guys,

Ive got some problems.

I need to build a new network enviroment round my work.

What I want to accomplish is this:

An Enviroment with 2 servers that are sync'd and that both servers got a NAT (Raid 6) and a NAT for a back up.

I want two servers because when server 1 braking down server 2 still running and my clients still can connect to them (thats why they're sync'd)

Im planning to run two servers on Hyper-V (because i need to apply many servers to them).

Ive already got two Hyper-V servers standing over here.

But the problem is that ive got just a little idea about how I whant to accomplish this.

Got any of you guys experience with this?

Sorry if its not understandable, ask me and ill give you answers!

thanks in advance,


A:New Network building

You really need to hire a company to come in and do this for you. Especially if you're dealing with customer which are probably vital to your company's survival.

If you are gonig to tackle this yourself, be prepared for a long stressful road where you'll probably be spending many many hours getting this all sorted correctly. Based on what I'm seeing in your post, I don't see enough background/expertise to pull this off.
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Well I m currently studying basic networking in school and the teacher gave us a question like this I m a bit confused on how to do this can someone give me adivce or clue or an example on how this should be set out I kinda have no A Building Network??? where else to turn too since most Building A Network??? of my friends are not taking this class yet I m ahead of them well anyway here is what it says You are to build a company network from the following specifications and rules Company size Number of Sites Sites are comprised of large buildings medium buildings and small buildings You have a single corporate domain use any name you prefer Since you have a single domain computers at alternate sites can support most all server failures At each Building A Network??? site Domain Controllers WINS Servers DNS Servers DHCP Servers and File and Print Servers are maintained All of these servers must be present at every site regardless of size At the largest sites only additional servers are also present These servers are Media Web and Remote Access The cost for each server is Your server rules are Domain controllers can only support users and must always have a backup at the site they are supporting The all follow the N Microsoft rule N means that whatever Building A Network??? the number of Domain Controllers required plus one additional WINS Servers support users per computer DNS Servers support users per computer DHCP Servers support users per computer Domain Controllers support users per computer Media Servers people as a whole must support all corporate users in total Web Servers must support both corporate user and Internet users totaling Individually they support users Files and Print Server support users per computer Remote Access Server supports per computer and there are only remote users The company has a desire to reduce the total number of servers by combing some server services on their servers Rules for combining services DNS DHCP WINS and File and Print Services can be combined in any combination Domain Controllers can combine DNS and WINS only Remote Access Servers can have WINS and DHCP only Web Servers can have WINS or DHCP BUT NOT BOTH Media Servers cannot have any other services Special RULE when you combine a service the number of users supported is reduced by Example DNS and WINS Servers would be and respectively The new combined server would support DNS and WINS Clients What you must deliver to me on paper is A list of each site with the number of people you have chosen List each of the servers and the services running Also list the number of users that individually is supporting for each service The cost savings obtained by combining servers versus the cost to provide each server service independently nbsp

A:Building A Network???

We don't normally do homework assignments, what are you going to learn that way? If you really have no idea, then maybe you weren't ready for this assignment.
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I am trying to build a network, part for experience and part for fun.
I have set up a computer with windows server 2003 to be a domain controller, DHCP server and DNS Server.
I also have three users or workstations running 2000 professional, all connected to a gigabyte switch.
So far I have managed to configure everything correctly exceptfor a pinter.
I have a HP laserjet 2100 which has no network so I attached a Jet Direct 300x printserver or I think that's what it is.
I am have trouble figuring out how to add this printer to my network so
it may be shared by all three users.
Can anyone give me some advice.


A:Building a network

The print server should get an IP address from the DHCP Server. If not you may have to reset it. Then download the HP network printer install wizard (easiest way for a noob) and it shoudl detect and setup everything. Just run the software on each system. Or you can use the server as a print server but I dont see a point in that. Don't over complicate things.
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I am planning on building a computer to be used as a server.

CPU: AMD Sempron 2.2GHz
HD: 2 x 1TB Western Digital Caviar Green
Graphics: 256mb 8400GT
Network Card: Linksys 1gbps

I have a few questions.

1) Is the setup above good for a server?
2) What software will I need to run a server?
3) I am going to have ethernet plugs all around the house can I run the internet though the server and into the computers I have plugged in around the house?

Thanking in advanced


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In the next couple months I'm ditching the dish and fiber will be rolled in Normally this would be an easy task but the house we moved into two years ago is setup a little differently So currently All utilities run Building Help Home Network my to our pole barn and then Help Building my Home Network to our house we have service from ATT but it is the size of a network cable It goes from the External Box to an Office in the Barn where I would like to place an older wireless router Buffalo N running DD WRT Then On the same Outlet box their is a line that goes to the house its at least ft long its blue cable and not labeled I said this would be easy right Ignore this new discovery Edit So currently All utilities run to our pole barn and then to our house we have service from ATT phone it hooks up to to Cat e cables in the box one runs to the office in the pole barn one runs to the house I hope and is at least ft long I'd like to place an older wireless router Buffalo N running DD WRT in the Pole Barn And still run service to the house I assume I need another piece of hardware in the barn That cable comes into the basement and then their are a bunch of other cables at this location and an a simple looking piece of hardware that says quot Telecom Distribution Module x quot all wide ports It seems that the Cat e was used to run telephone in the house I assume I need a switch Here The lines run throughout the house some are the wider ports some are smaller phone type ports I'm not sure why their is the difference is phone service was the only thing being run I'd like to use at least one of these lines to Put a new router ASUS RT-AC U open to suggestions for the house that will run all the home wireless traffic I'd also like to use the other network lines in the house to run TV's and such so I'll have to check every wall jack and see how its hooked up and correct it if its wrong Never done my own Cat cable but it can't be too hard I don't know if this is the best setup or if it would even work well and would love to hear value minded quality hardware options I think I'm going to have to spend the next month trying to figure out if the house is wired the way I think it is Nothing is labeled except an outlet with two network connections that say quot H quot and quot O quot and one outlet in the house with two connections that say quot H quot and quot O quot or maybe is says quot D quot Thanks for any help in advance

A:Help Building my Home Network

Welcome to the forum. Until you can find out if you have the internet in the house and barn and what the cables are for we are stuck so if you have a service you need to stick a laptop ont the end of these cables and see what happens the smaller one try a phone
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Background Information As you will recall from the Project Introduction three accountants who typically operate separate businesses out of their respective homes have decided to join forces for the upcoming income tax season They have already rented a Building Solved: network Help A small office space and made an appointment with the local telephone company to have an Internet connection installed They have contracted with you to design and implement Solved: Building A network Help a computer network for the office New Information The accountants have advised you of the following They don t have much starting capital and are not going to be able to spend a lot of money to implement Solved: Building A network Help the technology in the office space They have already purchased three Linksys N wireless routers for you to use in the build They are very concerned about the security of their customer s information They want to be sure that each of the office areas have the same level of connectivity Each accountant s office area has one desktop computer system a laser printer with Ethernet capability and several different mobile devices Cell Phones Tablets Etc Your Task Use Microsoft Visio to create a network diagram for the Accounting Office The Visio document needs to include the following elements A single connection from the Internet to a supplied DSL Cable Modem from the ISP which has open ports for connectivity Three wireless routers connected to the switch each router containing its Segment Name IP Subnet Mask and Default Gateway Addresses In each network segment be sure to include One desktop computer connected to the appropriate wireless router DHCP Scope Subnet Mask and Default Gateway Addresses One laser printer connected to the appropriate wireless router Static IP Address not included within the DHCP Scope Subnet Mask Default Gateway Addresses All devices in the drawing are connected using connectors which are connected at both ends to the images Additionally the connector lines do not overlap nbsp

A:Solved: Building A network Help

I think I have got this figured out! Finally
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I have a 4g home system from verizon in my house with a wireless roughter all works. Are printers are on the network. I have run a cat5 underground eithernet cable to a poll barn that is about 200 feet from my house. (the house network will not reach that far). My wife wants her barn to be wi fi (she does not want to plug in to the wall of the barn. I was told I need a Hub. but i am not sure what i need.
The idea is she could print to the printer in the house or in the barn so i want all to be on one network.
any help would be appreciated

A:trying to add a building to our home network

Hi aligi308, and welcome to TSG.

If the wireless router in your home includes at least one open LAN port you should be able to plug the cable from the pole barn into it. Assuming you have electrical power in the pole barn, use a wireless router, with LAN ports, configured as a switch. Here is a link to a TSG library article on how how to configure the primary router in the house and secondary router in the barn:
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I want to run the main LAN throught my linksys 5 port switch, but at the same time, I need to branch off from the lan and prove an internet connection to my moms Wireless router.

Any ideas? I know I will require a crossover cable, this I know, but connections and any port settings I need to know would help.

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Ok I am trying to hook up 3 wireless routers in my home . The first is a cisco 3000 that in my office that runs from modem though a powerline av LAN adapter . Now the other 2 modems are both linksys wrt54g routers I am going to hook up in the master bedroom and the family room through more LAN adapters . My problem is I have to much running on the cisco 3000 wireless signal I want to spread the signal and hook the tvs and blurays up with cat5 cables with out running them across the house plus take those extra devices off wireless signal for faster downloading.

A:Building home Network

Sounds like a good plan provided the powerline adapters work well (they don't always).
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Alright I am trying to set up a wireless network between a desktop Help a please? Problems building network! and a laptop I never thought it would be this hard I am just using the regular Windows XP networking wizard to do it because we only want it to share a printer and maybe some music files Both the desktop and the laptop have Problems building a network! Help please? Windows XP and the wireless works great The desktop is the base station I Problems building a network! Help please? suppose it s called with everything attached too it I can get the desktop to recognize the laptop on the network but not do anything with it it requests an admin user and password which I have no idea what they could be and the laptop just sees it s self So what I am asking is how do I use the Network Wizard to set up my WLAN which is what we want but I don t even know if thats what I m doing or is there some kind of shareware or something I can use to connect my two computers Any help would really be appreciated thank you nbsp

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Hello i m CuriousRuben i m from Portugal and this is going to be my first post on Tech Support Guy so i hope it s ok I have ADSL internet at home and its connected to my dad s desktop network first my home Building which runs Windows Vista I want to Building my first home network share it ONLY with my laptop which use XP I started out by searching the web for ways like bluetooth cell phones multiple IP addresses just to cover my bases but in the end it just took me to what i was expecting to build a home network After a bit of reading i was about to analise between wireless and wired when i discovered power line networking This is when confusion started because it left me unsure if there are other ways of networking that are better than wired wireless solutions I dont even know if there is a way better than networking at all Should i not worry and move on with wired wireless or is there something i missed Also please dont meantion crossover cables because i already ruled them out Thank you for your answers nbsp

A:Building my first home network

I hate firefox.....!!!!!!!!!! Just wrote a long post for you there and lost it!! Anyway...I'm not writing it all out again.

Forget about power line networking. It is very slow and the least secure. It is the cheapest and simplest however.
You best bet is to get a wireless router and YES you do need a network for what you want.
If you don't want a router or cables all over the place there is an alternative.
It is called ICS If you can live with your Dad's PC being on all the time (only when you want internet access) then this maybe an option. Basically your Dad's PC acts as the network and router for you. His PC probably has a network card on it so you connect your PC to your Dad's with a crossover cable (I know you said don't mention them but you can always buy one!) and enable ICS on his PC (see links). This will then work for you.

With the ADSL connection to your Dad's PC is this done via a USB connection? If it isn't and it is using the network card then you won't be able to do the above because the network card is in use. If the ADSL modem has a USB port try connecting it up to your Dad's PC on that instead. This will free the NIC (network card) for ICS.

Also take a look at this article on my blog. It covers the basics of a IP adddreses and networking. It is just the right amount of information for you to build and troubleshoot a home network Set up a home network
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I want to build an image for our business tech department. I have a 40 gig pc that i'd like to use as my image. How do I upload this image to other computers?

A:Building an image for the network

You could use take two from Roxio's Ezcd creator to back up the image to CD's then use it's boot disk to restore the image on the other machines. Or you could use any imaging software and use a network boot disk such as...

to start the remote machine and run the restore operation across the network... It even mentions useing ghost peer-to-peer/multicast, using Packet driver interface.
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Let me start this with this info ....... we do virus removal and have never run into this before..........
The laptop - E-machine E527 / Win 7 [ 32bit ]....... severely infected ....... unable to get on the internet or actually function ..... SOP ..... remove hard drive - mount in server and clean
Re-installed hard drive and restarted machine ....... unit see the network and other computers and can even print to a remote printer.
It will not go online.....IE 11 or Google was the original items.... added firefox and safari ....still will not go on line ..... 
Went to the MS site and tried all of their ideas ...... :-(
Of course the customer does not have any reload disks ... so .... maybe someone here has an idea.
If this is in the wrong area .... I apologize ahead of time ;-)

A:Can access the network in the building and see other computers but.....

I assume you've checked to see if you're getting ans ip address?
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In few months I will start building my new house, and would like to evaluate all possible options for good home network.
What I want to have is one HTPC in my living room, which will mostly be used for playing HD material. On the same floor there will be one room for main more powerful PC. 1-2 laptops and wireless mobile phones will also be used.

What would be the best way to organize this network in terms of storage, downloading etc. Should I use HTPC also as download machine, or maybe I should go for some wireless router with own torrent client, that can download without PC on? Should I put LAN cables through all walls during building phase?
All ideas and recomendations will be highly appreciated.

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I have building network cables quite happily for some time. I use the connectors from Maplin that have a separate "comb" that you put the wires in, then the comb+wires goes into the RJ45 connector.

Unfortunately Maplin have stopped stocking these connectors

I have found that Startech do a similar alternative

but I live in the U.K!

Upon trying to find an alternative it seems that there are connectors for flat,round,solid and stranded cables so am a little lost!

Is there an FAQ of network cables/connectors as I want to build further cables 100% correctly.


David McMahon

A:Building a good network cable

Well, patch cables should be stranded, and for long runs in walls and the like, the cables should be solid conductor. Note that CAT5 and CAT5e connectors are not technically correct for CAT6 cable, since the wire diameter is slightly larger for CAT6 cable. IMO, there is never a place for flat cable with Ethernet, so I'd stick with round cables stranded for short patch cables, and solid core for long runs.

CAT5 Cable Wiring Diagram

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I've installed a LINKSYS wireless-G PCI Adapter in my computer. I've called LINKSYS support 3 times and visited their website for help. This is my problem. The wireless system seems to be installed properly. However, I keep getting the message "Cannot associate with the access point". What should I try?

A:Trying to connect to a wireless network in my building.

you're going to have to set up the client computer by creating a preferred network. fill out all the fields, especially the network ssid, key, and encryption. just right-click on your wireless network connection and select properties. then go to the 'wireless networks' tab and add a preferred network.
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This is my setup internet provided to whole building with connections in every room - gt personal router in my room - gt my PCs Macs amp printer do you know how to set up my computers so that they can share files with each other and print to my network printer but without being susceptible to being accessed from other computers in the building I have my own netgear router But at the moment my shared folders are accessible by everyone in the building so is my printer If I set all the computers to automatically set ip by DHCP they can access the net but everyone in the building can access them and my printer which requires a manual ip doesnt work If I room internal one of how in building? network up set to an a set all the computers to manual addresses e g etc they work with each other the printer works its secure but how to set up an internal network in one room of a building? I can t access the internet Is there a way to for example have my own internal network with manual ip addresses while also being able to connect to the net nbsp

A:how to set up an internal network in one room of a building?

Are you using the router as a router? Unless you are using it as a switch, and optionally as a wireless access point, I do not understand how anybody from the WAN side can access your LAN regardless of whether you use static IP configurations.
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Hi folks,

I only have a dialup connection at my place, to which i connect through my windows 7 laptop. Now I have several devices at home which i need to connect to internet (like: iPhone, Wii, another laptop and desktop).
I have the usual 100mb/S wireless ethernet adapter in my laptop. So what I had in mind is if it is possible to create a wifi connection from my ethernet, and bridge (or sometihng like that) my ethernet to my dialup, so I can see my dialup connection as a wifi network in my iphone e.g.

The problem is that I have no idea how to do that, or if that is possible in Windows XP. I would really appreciate any help around this.


A:Building a wifi network using a dialup connection

Hi, to achieve wifi connectivity you would need some sort of ADSL wireless modem/router, since you have dial-up. What is your type, or router type?
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Hi I am planning to set to my new house a secure network network help! Building secure firewall / Cisco with ASA with Cisco firewall I have practically no experience with firewalls and specially no with ASA programming Still I have quite a clear picture what the system will look like But when I first opened the ADSM screen I was freaked out Building secure network with Cisco ASA firewall / help! about the amount of selections to be made I cannot even figure out where I shoud start from I am Building secure network with Cisco ASA firewall / help! afraid that even thou I am very good with computers it will take years to get understand all this data not to mention of configuring the device At the moment the situation is as follows - Firewall is set as factory default and it cannot not get to internet I can t figure out what is blocking the traffic out Logs does not help - Cable modem router has DHCP NAT and SPI firewall ON - Outside has line link up and IP is DHCP configured but no traffic - s DHCP is now off but tested and working - No VPN tunnels built never built one and don t know how to do it - No extra routes rules profiles policies etc done All is at default auto status So included is a drawing of my problem and desired topology with explanations Anyone willing to help me to configure my firewall well and get the network working I would really appreciate it I think that this should not be a difficult task if one knows what to do nbsp

A:Building secure network with Cisco ASA firewall / help!

You're in over your head at the moment. You really need to do some studying on the ASA/PIX firewalls to get a good background/foundation. I would suggest doing one project at a time and so you can focus and learn the concepts and how to configure it on the ASA.

A good starting point is to buy this book:

Or the guides from Cisco:

There is a learning curve if you've never configured Cisco ASAs before or any business class firewall. This is not going to be your typical Linksys, Netgear, DLink type point and click scenario.

One thing that's going to set you back is that your ASA 5505 has the base license. You will need to upgrade the license to the security plus license to have 3 forwarding interfaces. This is not going to be cheap as the license is $530 from Provantage.
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I'd like to build a network at home. I'd like to have a server to which I can connect my other computers. Do I need a server OS? Or I can use my Windows 2000? What hardware do I need? Do I need two network cards installed on my server?

Could you also please tell me good links (or books) where I can search for some information related to this topic?


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First off I will tell you what my goal is and then what I have tried and any comments or ideas are greatly appreciated At from building building to Networking our church we recently got dsl since I am the tech Networking from building to building guy I got asked to tackle the challenge We are trying to get dsl at our parsonage as well which is aprox yds away This is what I have done From our dsl modem I have hooked up a router for the normal operations in the church Also from this router I have ran cat V to a wireless router next to an exterior wall The wireless N router has a detatchable antenna so I got an ext cable and placed the omni antenna on the ext of the building That antenna didnt seem to have much range so I bought a high gain yagi antenna Now the range is good but the parsonage next door is brick The signal seems to register on the computer but no internet access The internet works fine on the outside I guess brick and wifi dont mix My question is what would you suggest get a second yagi and go into and access point They want wireless in the house Also since it is a different building but has the same phone number would it be possible to have two seperate dsl modems Any help is appreciated Im ok with direct wireless but wireless to wireless and access points I dont have a clue Thanks Shane nbsp

A:Networking from building to building

good work (so far).

recommend you use a LAPTOP to verify the remote connectivity.

First, config the laptop so as to connect to your secondary router (ie: wireless router next to an exterior wall).
To avoid routing complexity; wire your connections like this

notice that the secondary.router connects to the primary using a LAN slot, not the typical WAN connection.
This will allow all systems on your lan (regardless of wired/wifi, or which router they connect to) to use the same ip subnet
(ie all devices will have the first three values of the ip address identical; 192.168.1.x)

To do this, connect a system to the secondary.router (and nothing else connected to it),
access the internal config of the router and disable the DHCP service.
The primary router will then control all IP addresses for the devices.

[a]Either or both routers may use wifi too
TRICK: use different channels, same WPA phrase, and make both SSIDs similar, but unique (ie: parishA vs parishB)

Now reconnect the routers and verify the laptop can connect to the secondary.router when it is in the same room. Now step across the yard (but still outside) and verify you're still connected.
Walk inside and try to get connected again.

They want wireless in the house. Also since it is a different building , but has the same phone number would it be possible to have two seperate dsl modems?Click to expand...


To get WiFi within the house you need another device (an Access Point or a router that supports BRIDGE mode)... like this


dsl.modem==primary.router ---cat5---secondary.router - - - wifi 2 house--Access.Point - - wifi within the building
Use [a] above to segregate the A/P too
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New to forums, great resource, anyway will get to the point. Setting up a wireless networking solution at work to connect two manufacturing facilities (.75km apart at most) together so they can use the same distributed network program (Epicor's Vista if anyone cares). Both sites are a coimbination of wired and wireless, with a a router at each site, and many switches + hubs littered throughout the buildings. My thoughts were two higher end AP's (maybe cisco Aironet) running in bridge mode along with Hyperlink technologies antennas to boost signal ( Any suggestions? Also, can each building still use their own dedicated DSL line to access the internet?


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I have this plan to Server Network Gateway Style Home Building a create a massively complicated home network before Christmas and I Building a Server Gateway Style Home Network would appreciate some input and direction As I have it planned right now the network would allow file sharing over a wireless network between XP Vista and Ubuntu computers The Netgear router WGT v would be connected to a Pentium MB RAM PC which would connect directly to the modem However the P would also function as a media server and MythTV backend In theory the media server would run an install of Ubuntu and allow remote users on trusted computers to access and control their own filespace This would enable everyone in my house to have their own personal music repository The MPEGs encoded by the PVR app should also be Building a Server Gateway Style Home Network available to trusted computers without the frontend setup If I can successfully mod an old Xbox that I have then I should be able to utilize it as a MythTV frontend connected directly to the Netgear router All in all the home network would consist of the P quasi-server an Xbox a Building a Server Gateway Style Home Network Dell laptop with Ubuntu another P with Windows XP Pro Media Center haven t decided yet a custom gaming PC with Vista a modded classic Xbox and several friendly but untrusted laptops What do you think nbsp

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I hardwired our home with Cat wired Solved: network home and wireless Building a in cable to different ethernet wall outlets throughout Solved: Building a wired and wireless network in home the house I would also like to have a wireless router located in a central location to handle any wireless connections we might need Our ISP is provided through the telephone company as a DSL system We currently operate desktop and lap top computers with the expectations of expanding it with or more in the Solved: Building a wired and wireless network in home future I need internet access to all computers and a common shared printer for at least desktop and laptop computers My system contains - Dell Dimension Desktop computer - Dell Dimension Desktop computer - Dell Inspiron E Lap top computer - HP Lap top Business use attached through VPN All running Windows XP -HP Photosmart C All-in-One Printer g and Ethernet ready DSL Modem - Westell Model E - - Rev G - Netgear Range Max Dual Band Wireless N router WNDR - Netgear ProSafe port Gigabit Switch GS I need to know the correct order in which these devices are connected and how I ve been told various and conflicting connection scenarios and need a professional solution so everything works as expected My own personal connection configuration thoughts are Internet to DSL modem DSL modem via ethernet wire to port Gigabit switch Gigabit switch via ethernet wire to wireless router Gigabit switch via ethernet wire to wired computers This in my opinion allows the wired computers to operate at the Mbps speed rather than going through the wireless router first which has a maximum speed of Mbps Is this correct or must the DSL modem connet via ethernet wire to the wireless router first then the router connects to the port Gigabit switch via ethernet wire next Also will the desktop computers need a Netgear Gigabit PCI Adapter GA to achieve a mbps connection OR is the ethernet port on these machines adequate to achieve this connection speed Any Help would be appreciated lachenkey nbsp

A:Solved: Building a wired and wireless network in home

Either way will work. HOWEVER, I would suggest putting the router between the modem and the switch simply because it will enhance your network security. Your router will then act as a gateway and help keep your data secure from prying eyes. Then connect all your internal wired devices to the switch and use the wireless only for wireless devices. Your internal network will still operate at the speed of your switch internally, but all internet will only go as fast as permitted by your ISP. Which, being DSL, is not likely to be much faster than about 3 Mbps, YMMV.
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alright here s the deal guys i m wanting to build a file server that i can use to share media over my network i ve already got some parts and am looking into doing something really for server my suggestions. home need network building file a nice for this application here s what i ve got so far Intel building a file server for my home network need suggestions. Pentium D Intel D PSN motherboard gb of samsung PC x and here s what i d like to setup i can get gb WD SATA drives for from my company s supplier and a gb SATA drive as a storage drive i d like to run RAID with the s and building a file server for my home network need suggestions. install windows server enterprise edition and use the gb HD for the media do you guys think that this is a practical setup for what i want to use it for the total build cost will be really cost friendly my brother gave me the board processor and i got the RAM for bucks all i d need is a case hard drives and building a file server for my home network need suggestions. a cheap video card prob a PCIe nbsp

A:building a file server for my home network need suggestions.

Looks like your off to a good start although that CPU is far more powerfull than what you need for a file server.(my server only has a Pentium 3 800mhz and runs fine with 5 comps on it.)Unless your using fiber.If you have 100mbps lan a 300mhz CPU will do fine. Any way sence it was given to you it's not like you overpaid for that excess power and eventualy network speeds may make a CPU like that necessary so you shouldn't have to upgrade for a while. I personally recomend Linux over windows for a server due to the increased stability and security.I also recomend a tape drive for backing up your data.
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I am building a new house right now and really would like it wired for ethernet so that I can network my computers. Ethernet is Cat5e right? Anyways, how does it work when you have a wired network? Is it like that a separate wire much go each separate location while they all meet at one location where the router is? I mainly just want to share dsl/cable connections. So, basically what is a simple way I could explain to my electricians to wire my rooms and house for ethernet. Thanks

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OK, I have a case picked out, I just need to fill it.

I have no clue how to set this up so it would really help me out if you will tell me what will fit, here is what I know it needs.

A way to hardwire atleast 4 computer lines to it
A way to add computers wirelessly
A way to give all 4 computers cable from my modem
(The first 2 are currently set up with a linksys router, can I still use this?)
1 Terabyte of storage
Fast, if its slower than the network i currently have, its not worth it

And thats really it.

Any suggestions on how to get this to work the most cost effective way? I really want to keep this under or around $750


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Let me just begin by saying that I am rather 'computer illeriterate ' but with a network... apartment building's wireless to connecting my Problems little guidance I usually do fairly well Here's the story I have been living in an aparment building in Philadelphia for the past Problems connecting to my apartment building's wireless network... year Over that time I have connected my HP Pavilion desktop to the Problems connecting to my apartment building's wireless network... building's wireless network via a Linksys Dual-Ban Wireless-N USB Network Adapter It has worked well and I have had relatively few complaints other than the fact that the network is a bit slow I recently purchased a new laptop HP Pavilion dv with Windows Home Premium OS and I can't seem to connect it to the same wireless network It prompts me to enter a user name password and logon domain I know the password but I was never given a user name or a logon domain nor did I ever need it with the Problems connecting to my apartment building's wireless network... Linksys adapter - the password alone always worked still does when I installed the adapter on the laptop So I can connect the laptop to the network if I use the Linksys Adapter but not by just using the laptop's built in wireless networking anyone have any ideas why or any suggestions as to what I could do to correct this I'd really prefer to not use the Linksys Adapter on my laptop Thanks in advance

A:Problems connecting to my apartment building's wireless network...

Originally Posted by DaNNo71886

Let me just begin by saying that I am rather 'computer illeriterate,' but with a little guidance, I usually do fairly well...

Here's the story:

I have been living in an aparment building in Philadelphia for the past year. Over that time, I have connected my HP Pavilion desktop to the building's wireless network via a Linksys Dual-Ban Wireless-N USB Network Adapter. It has worked well, and I have had relatively few complaints (other than the fact that the network is a bit slow).

I recently purchased a new laptop (HP Pavilion dv3 with Windows Home Premium OS) and I can't seem to connect it to the same wireless network. It prompts me to enter a user name, password, and logon domain. I know the password, but I was never given a user name or a logon domain, nor did I ever need it with the Linksys adapter - the password alone always worked (still does when I installed the adapter on the laptop).

So... I can connect the laptop to the network if I use the Linksys Adapter, but not by just using the laptop's built in wireless networking... anyone have any ideas why or any suggestions as to what I could do to correct this? I'd really prefer to not use the Linksys Adapter on my laptop...

Thanks in advance!

What encryption protocol does the building use? Do you have a homegroup, or workgroup setup? what different between the built-in and the Linksys?

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Hi again Guys, I was wondering if there is some Free or Affordable software for my small window cleaning company. I need to be able to invoice with my company logo and info so I don't have to buy invoices from a print shop. Also something that I can use for the basic things like, filing, appts, customer info, job start and end dates. Just the basics. Oh yes (easy to use for computer dummy) thank You, Joe

A:Solved: Software for invoicing and things for small company...Free or affordable
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my computer is hooked up to the internet through a linksys wireless router, through a card. what is the best way to set up the network so that it doesnt have a weak signal and lose connection? sometimes it has excellent signal and others it wont connect or have weak signal.

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So we are thinking about ordering of these and I want to get but affordable.. HTPC very design, Affordable help some may need some opinions if you guys would be so willing to take a few minutes of your time Affordable HTPC design, very affordable.. but may need some help to pick out something you see as poor or incompatible EDIT This is only referred to as HTPC design because of the case In no other sense is this meant Affordable HTPC design, very affordable.. but may need some help to be a Home Theater PC Please note CD drives were left out purposely Requirements for these systems Affordable HTPC design, very affordable.. but may need some help are Dual core CPU or better GB DDR or better SATA HDD All crammed into a desktop case or HTPC NOT a mini tower So here at the parts listed on tigerdirect compusa CASE XION XON- P-Black Micro ATX ITX Computer Case - Micro ATX W PSU USB mm Fan -in- Card-reader Black Case can be interchanged with another small form factor case with PSU or around the same price combination MOTHERBOARD MSI G M-P Socket G Motherboard - Micro ATX Socket LGA Intel G Chipset MHz DDR SATA Gb s Intel GMA X -CH Audio Fast Ethernet LAN Picked for because one stick of GB DDR memory is compatible vs two sticks of GB DDR - Slightly cheaper RAM Centon R SO GB Memory - SODIMM DDR MHz PC - This would be the one stick of GB DDR memory then CPU Intel Core Duo E Processor BX E - GHz MB Cache MHz FSB Wolfdale- M Dual-Core Retail Socket Cheapest Core Duo listed HDD Seagate ST AS Barracuda Hard Drive - quot RPM SATA G GB MB Cache Size doesnt really matter needs have XP installed Possibly Win or Win in the far future VLK of XP here at the business PSU Included with case CDrom Not required cloning hdds nbsp

A:Affordable HTPC design, very affordable.. but may need some help

44 views and no replies.. guess that means it's good and nobody can criticize this PC?
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I would like to set up a small wireless/wired network at home. I want to network my desktop, laptop and a printer.

What I have:
1. Desktop: Running Windows XP SP2
2. Laptop: Running Windows Vista Ultimate
3: Printer: HP Officejet L7590
Router: Linksys Wireless G Router (Model: WRT54GS)

The printer has networking capability. It has a built in ethernet adapter.

I would like to setup the network so I can access the computers from each other and be able to access the printer wirelessly. IS this possible with this setup?

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Hi I have a Netcomm Wireless Router and a D-Link Airplus Xtreme USB adaptor I am having trouble with the internet connection as it keeps disconnecting I have searched on your website and found some answers suggesting that I change the channel I have tried channel and Auto but the internet keeps disconnecting My ISP just tells me that it is a problem with my wireless router and they can t help me I have never had this problem before and it Wirelss I've Network Please help! tried - disconnecting everything but keeps only started when we moved Wirelss Network keeps disconnecting but I've tried everything - Please help! house months ago We didn t have security enabled before and when I first started getting kicked off I went to www and enabled WPA security When I go to network connections I have noticed that there are other wireless internet connections quot available quot One is security enabled and the other isn t This is why I enabled it on my pc I am now stumped as to what to do to fix my internet connection problems I have been trying to download some video s from the net but it keeps timing out which I think is because the internet keeps disconnecting Please help nbsp

A:Wirelss Network keeps disconnecting but I've tried everything - Please help!
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hi,weneva i try connect to a wireless network from my pc,after i enter the wap key i get a message that say the password should be 8-bits or 64 charecters,wat shud i change,thanks 4 ur help

A:wirelss network log in problem

Are you using WPA or WEP for the wireless network?
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I need some help trying to understand this situation I have Basically I just set up a new network in my small optical shop to share an Optical POS software Optizone - www ezzone net I decided to go wireless to not deal with cables Basically the Wirelss Sharing on Slow Network software is meant to be shared by putting it on the server computer All the computers that will be Slow Sharing on Wirelss Network using it have to have it installed too but you just paste a shortcut of the exe file from the server computer folder to run it It s a real simple share setup Anyway so I set everything up the server computer wired to the router one client computer wired to the router and other client computers - wireless by the way the router is a Netgear WGR v I have the router encrypted WEP When one client runs the program everything is fine the program runs smooth As soon as a second client runs the program so when more than one client has the program open the program has a delay of - seconds when saving a file The program has patient screens where you add or edit a new file and put in the info and then hit save so the delay is from when you hit save to the point when it actually saves and you can move on This happens regardless of whether the client is wired or wireless I connected my laptop wired so that i can have to wired clients and it did the same thing if two wired clients had the program open It also did the same thing if i had to instances of the program open on one client I ve tried everything with settings and even bought and tried a different linksys wireless router Ive removed the encryption and I ve tried messing with all the settings i could think of But still this problem persists Finally as a last test I tried to share the software through a linksys workgroup port switch i have The program ran normally with no delays with two clients running it The problem isn t simply the slower speed mpbs of wireless because when one wireless client runs the program there are no delays And plus when two wired clients run it through the wireless router it slows down Another thing is that when the program is open on the server computer it has no affect towards this issue and doesn t cause a delay to the system - this is only happening with the clients So it appears the problem lies more in the Wireless router itself Does anyone have any insight on this Is there a solution for me to keep the system wireless or am i just going to have to run the wires and get a non-wireless router nbsp

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I recently purchaed a new PC running Vista Home Permuim bit I ve been trying to connect this PC to an existing wireless network but with no luck The wireless card is working properly as is the modem router Vista s automated network setup can identify that the wireless access point exists and the correct SSID name but when connecting to it it gives up a message quot wireless connection taking longer than usual quot and eventually it will connect to an quot unidentified network quot but can not acutally access the LAN or the internet The PC will pick up an IP address assigned by the router but it can not ping the router nor is it aware of other PC s on the network all running XP Signal strength is good to very good I have tried the following with no success All Vista s unhelpful suggestions such as moving the PC closer to the access point and restarting the PCI wireless card Changing the security settings of the network and even de-securing it entirely Changing all of Vista s secutiry settings such as turning off the firewall Setting the IP address manually to a suitable address within the DHCP servers s scope and changing the addresses handed out by the DHCP Server Has anyone had similar problems with Vista and can Woes Vista Network Wirelss anyone shed some light Vista Wirelss Network Woes on what Vista Wirelss Network Woes might be the cause of this inabillity to connect nbsp

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Hello everyone, I have a laptop computer that I want to hook up to a router but I don't want to have to keep the ethernet cable plugged into my laptop. Is there a way to set this up where I can set up the router and then use the laptop connected wirelessly to the router? In a nutshell...I don't want to have to keep the ethernet cable plugged into the laptop. Thanks in advance for everyones help!!

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I have a new sony vaio c series with windows media I work on a boat and we have many computers hooked up to our secure wireless network under the boats name The network shows up in available networks but when I click on wirelss vaio Soy network C problems it Soy vaio C wirelss network problems it doesnt even ask for the network key it searches for network type the says that it cant find the network When I go in to Soy vaio C wirelss network problems properties and try to enter the network key it doesnt seem to stay in the memory I enter the key click out click on to the network and the same thing happens When I go back into properties the network key I entered is no longer there If i go into wireless network wizard then into print settings it shows up with the network name key etc It says that it is an open wep although my boss says it is a shared wep I have windows firewall and norton firewall turned off all the other computers had no problem hooking up to our network thanks in advance for any input nbsp

A:Soy vaio C wirelss network problems

"norton firewall turned off" means that you'll get random blocking; it has to be properly configured for desired access or uninstalled. But I don't think that's causing the current problem.

Are you using the adapter's utility or Windows XP's WZC to manage the connection? And are you sure that the other one is not running? If both are running, they may well be conflicting 'cause they don't play nice together.
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I am using an IBM thinkpad with Windows XP Professional. When using the internet I get the following warning:
Wireless network connection
Speed: 11.0 Mbps
Signal Strength: Very low
Status: Limited or not connectivity
When I click on repair, I get the following message: Windows could not finish repairing the problem because the following action cannot be completed: renewing your IP address. For assistance, contact the person who manages your network.

I am a single user at home with no manager.
Regarding strength: I'm getting 1 out of 5 bars.
How do I repair the IP problem and get 5 bars?

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well - I'm a relative newbie at this stuff and trid to search posts and folow fixes but to no avai. I have a basic home network system with cable ISP. The router is a Dl-615 and its hard connected to my desktop. Everything works fine on the desktop BUT the laptop suddenly will not connect wirelessly.

When I tyr to "repair" the wireless network connection on the laptop it returns:

"Windows could not finish repairing the problem because the following action cannot be completed - Renewing your IP address" Then it says that I have to contact the person who manages my network - Unfortuanetly that's me! And I'm not at all good at this tuff.

Any guidnace would be very welcome.

Jack (desparate in Portland)

A:help! wirelss network problem - no connectivity

if you have secruity enanbled on your router - switch it off

you may just need to change channels use 1,6 or 11 - as it may be interfernce
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Hi I plan on buying parts and building my own PC and before I begin I wanted are Building okay? these PC, a to make sure everything will work together fine First off the motherboard is a Foxconn A -P- EKRS Socket T LGA Intel P ATX Intel Motherboard The type is a Pentium Prescott Celeron D The bus speed is and has HT technology It takes DDR http www newegg com Product Product asp item N E The processor is a intel Pentium J Prescott MHz FSB MB L Cache LGA Processor Its speed is GHz http www newegg com Product Product asp item N E I ve decided to try and get pqi GB x MB -Pin DDR SDRAM Unbuffered DDR PC Dual Channel Kit System Memory http www newegg com Product Product asp item N E I d like to get the Sky Hawk Eagle Tech ATX-GM SC ATX V EPS V AMD ATX-GES W Power Supply with the Standby mode where you can listen to a CD VCD DVD without entering the operating system l Building a PC, are these okay? Sounds neat eh Im debating whether or not I should get this PSU or something for dollars less http www newegg com Product Product asp item N E Im looking to get a LCD monitor but Im kind of weary about the dead pixels Should I just pass this up and get a CRT I ll be running Windows XP Professional on this So can you guys find any reason for this NOT to work I can t find anything although this is my first time actually building a full PC I just want to be sure everything will be a go Any suggestions to a better yet cheaper or about the same price product sure is welcome Thanks for the help nbsp

A:Building a PC, are these okay?

These parts seem fine to me but the power supply seems a bit insane
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Hello forum, thanks for reading. I am about to build my first pc. Im trying to get some computer certs
and jump into the IT field so i figure experience is best teacher right? I am pretty sure the processor
i want is Intel Core i7-3930K Sandy Bridge-E. i think ill wait for the chips after ivy, to get something
newer. Basically id like advice on what components to use with this processor. I was thinkin of the
ASUS RIVE for mobo, not sure though and pretty new to all this. I will build it a piece at a time over
the next few months so money is no issue really. For a top notch awesome rig for gaming and media
mainly, what would you guys recommend as far as mobo/ram/graphics and video....any input is VERY
appreciated. thanks forum.

A:Building my first pc

I would just like to say that going one piece at a time is a very bad idea. Anyone who has built multiple PC's would say the same. If one part is bad, you may not know until it is too late to return it and you could be out a couple hundred dollars, or euros, or pounds... but that aside, you will want to have everything at once because you will need to be able to test all the parts at one time, as long as you buy the CPU, RAM, motherboard, and power supply together (and possibly a video card), you will be able to test those important parts. It is things like the case and other peripherals such as hard drives and optical drives that could be bough separately as long as you can test them or they have a good warranty.
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Hi! My computer broke a couple of months ago and i think that there is no sense in repairing a 2 year old pc that, honestly, sucks. I am going to build a new system, so...

Cpu : i don't know which one should i take, i3 2100 or athlon x3 460
Gpu : i'll probably go with the nvidia gts 450 1gb gddr5
Hdd : at least 1 tb
Ram : kingston 4gb ddr3
Psu : something good that will be able to power this system
Case : i have no idea, but it has to be cheap, because my budget isn't very big.
Budget: 400-500 bucks

I need help with chosing a good psu, case and cpu for this system. Also if you think i should change some of the components i listed here, please say so. Thanks!

A:Need help with building a new pc

well firstly a 1tb hard drive will cost you over $100 at the moment, due to the flooding in Thailand.

Psu a 500w should be fine, but a 650w might offer a small amount of future proofing.
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I am relitively new to building pc's but im very good at putting them together and taking them apart, i want to build my own and want the budget price to be from 700-1000 $, im thinking i want AMD Compatible this pc is going to be a gaming pc mainly. i have my Case picked out as well as my monitor, i have an idea of what mother board i want but still iffy

Proccessor(you can get me to sway my opinion, aka not final and open to debate)
anyways i use newegg so try sticking to the website, any feed back would be greatly appreciated.

A:Building a PC

Take a look at the combo offers at,,,,, and others.
They frequently bundle the cpu with decent motherboards at very low prices leaving you a better budget for video card and memory.
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I'm thinking about building a new PC.

Here are the parts I'm looking at:

Would these all be compatible?


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I'm finally building my NAS with 15 4tb drives. I have an two Intel HBAs that give me 16 sata data ports so I'm covered there. My power supply is more then powerful but only has 6 sata power (a bunch of molex power but I need them for the fans). I'm at a lost as to how to power all the hard drives. Any suggestions?

A:Building an NAS

Perhaps you could use splitters.
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Hey I have one question(or more, I dont know). Will this components be compatible if not recommend me something else, it cant be costing more than the price I type! This is what I was thinking to build! One more question- can you recommend me a not to expensive cooling fan (for processor) which I can OverClock a little bit with!? Please the fan must be from AMAZON!

Here are the specs:
Chassis: Cooler Master HAF ATX Mid Tower Case 922 - 89$

Motherboard: Asus P9X79 DELUXE Intel X79 So.2011 Quad Channel DDR3 ATX Retail - 380

Processor: Intel Core i7 3820 4x 3.60GHz So.2011 WOF ? 310$

GPU: 3072MB PowerColor Radeon HD 7950 ? 430$

RAM: Corsair 16GB XMS3 (2x 8GB) DDR3 1600Mhz - 110$

PSU: CORSAIR Enthusiast Series TX750 -105$

Optical Drive: Asus 24xDVD-RW Serial ATA Internal OEM Drive ? 22$

Total: 1448$

A:Building a pc - NEED HELP

If you don't need a case quite that big, I can't recommend the HAF912 it's cheaper.

Cooler Master also makes a Hyper 212 Evo, I think, that should allow you plenty of OC'ing headroom. I have two of the Hyper 212+ models, and they are quiet and perform very well....and are very cheap.

Samsung optical drives work very well and are just as cheap. I'm not a big Asus guy, so maybe that's just an opinion.
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here is a link i think some people will be interested in.


A:Building a PC

Thank you... another useful file for the technician's library.
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this is my first build so any input is appreciated:
mother board: intel d915pbll socket 775
cpu: intel p4 640 3.2ghz 800mhz fsb 2mb cache
ram: pc2-4200 ddr2 533mhz
hard drive: 200 gb sata 7200 rpm
not sure on a graphics or sound card yet, this board seems to have good sound capibilities already

A:building a pc

jeffstang said:

this is my first build so any input is appreciated:
mother board: intel d915pbll socket 775
cpu: intel p4 640 3.2ghz 800mhz fsb 2mb cache
ram: pc2-4200 ddr2 533mhz
hard drive: 200 gb sata 7200 rpm
not sure on a graphics or sound card yet, this board seems to have good sound capibilities alreadyClick to expand...

Just make sure that you throw that stock heatsink/fan from Intel as far away as you can throw it! It is useless cooling the cpu. I have the same CPU. It's in my sig. Also when you do get a decent heatsink/fan make sure you use Artic Silver 5. Google it to find instructions on application. Other than that "Build On" and have fun.
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Hey Looking at these parts- hard drive gig http www newegg com Product Product aspx Need PC building a help Item N E motherboard - lga chipset http www newegg com Product Product aspx Item N E heatsync cooler http www newegg com Product Product aspx Item N E gig ram http www newegg com Product Product aspx Item N E video card http www newegg com Product Product aspx Item N E sound card maybe not needed http www newegg com Product Product Need help building a PC aspx Item N E floppy drive - http www newegg com Product Product aspx Item N E I was wondering what types of cables I will need to hook all this stuff together what type s of thermal glue if there are any obvious no-no glitches I m not seeing and how big of a power supply I was hoping to start with Windows XP and move to Vista when it s been out a bit longer Any help is appreciated Also I was trying to keep this sub but a bit over is OK I will get the OS software free so that isn t a problem although I was wondering if I should take the hit in order to get gigs of ram in there or if the gigs will be sufficiently even with the processor Thanks for your time nbsp

A:Need help building a PC

It will include all the cables you will need. I would say get at least a 500 W PSU..Antec is a very good brand.

You will be fine with 2 gigs of ram..A better upgrade would be the 8800GTS to a 8800gtx.

Also Intel E6600 is a good processor.
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Hello, I have all of the parts picked out and everything but I just want to make sure that all of this will work properly together. Thank you for any help that you give! Here are the parts that I have picked out:

XFX PVT84JYAJG GeForce 8600GT 512MB 128-bit GDDR2 PCI Express x16 SLI Supported Video Card - Retail

APEVIA ATX-CW500WP4 ATX 500W Power Supply - Retail

Kingston HyperX 2GB (2 x 1GB) 240-Pin DDR2 SDRAM DDR2 1066 (PC2 8500) Dual Channel Kit Desktop Memory Model KHX8500D2K2/2G - Retail

GIGABYTE GA-P35-DS3L LGA 775 Intel P35 ATX All Solid Capacitor Intel Motherboard - Retail

Intel Core 2 Duo E4500 Allendale 2.2GHz LGA 775 65W Dual-Core Processor Model BX80557E4500 - Retail

Rosewill RCX-Z775-LX 92mm Ball CPU Cooler - Retail

A:Building a new PC

It looks like everything is great. You didn't include your HD choice. The only thing I would check on is the compatibility of your SLI video card with your motherboard. I don't know much about SLI but after reading the Nvidia website it looks like you might not be able to use the SLI features with out a mother board that supports it. Again I want you to know that I don't know much about SLI but this is what I have read. Do some more research and let us know!!! Good luck.
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Emachines T System Specs Type of system Desktops Servers Bus Architecture PCI AGP Hard Drive Bus EIDE Native OS Windows XP Home CPU Type GHz Intel Pentium Memory Specs Standard Memory MB removable Maximum Memory GB Memory Expansion sockets Memory Comments PC PC SDRAM Modules It has a CD RW and a DVD drive Something From Building Old Something New The graphics card is a nVidia TNT mb It also has a gb hard drive Thats my old comkputer It got fried Building Something New From Something Old so i assume it took out the motherboard and power supply I have to spend on a new system and i could use parts from my old one maybe the cd r w dvd drive and hard drive So i would need a new motherboard cpu power supply maybe case more ram definately and maybe a graphics card if there isn t built in graphics I prety much want the most for the money with it being upgradeable in the future Any help is very much appreciated nbsp
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Hey everyone, Can you guys please provide me with your expert advise as far as, what components, mobos, processor, video card, etc... i should buy to build a fast pc.....My price limit is $1100.00 provide me with your best advise please.........i want to get AMD processor....thanks alot :knock:

A:Help building a CPU

I'd recommend you read a little bit around these forums. Theres lots of discussions on the best of this and that for what prices.

Besides that, you don't say anything about what you will use this PC for. Designing a "fast" pc on a $1100 budget can be highly speculative. I can sell you a computer that runs calc.exe really fast for that much money. Oh, perhaps you have a pocket calculator which would make this machine unnecessary...
Relevancy 59.77%

I m new PSU OK? PC... Building to the PC building scene Not much cash Plan to build system with the following specs CPU AMD Athlon X RAM Building PC... PSU OK? G DDR - MoBo ASUS Building PC... PSU OK? M N-MX SE HDD G Maxtor SATA Integrated graphics to start with ASUS PCI WL- G WiFi card Case Shaw Xtreme- This all comes to a total cost of AU mainly because I already have a monitor external DVD Burner keyboard and mouse I will eventually add a quot LCD nVidia GT an extra G of RAM and a DVD burner bringing the total to My question is about the PSU It is a W generic I have run this system through various online PSU calculators and it apparently only draws only - W from the PSU even with the extra components I have heard various horror stories about generic PSUs so will a W-rated generic run this system I will probably eventually upgrade it to a W generic which it seems is equivalent to a good W nbsp

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Hey everyone I am in the process of building a new computer for the first time and I have a couple of questions First these are the specifications of the computer -Case Antec Quiet P Black Watt Power Supply Seasonic -Motherboard eVGA nForce i SLI -Processor Intel Core Duo E GHz FSB MB L -RAM OCZ GB DDR - x GB -Hard Drive Raptor SATA RPM GB -Video Card EVGA GeForce GT MB -DVD player Sony Blu-Ray RW -Floppy Drive -Cooling Arctic Cooling Freezer Pro -OS Vista Here are my questions I was wondering if I should replace one of the fans with the Arctic Cooling fan or just add the arctic cooling fan to the build The Antec p PC new Building a comes with built in mm fans Also the E came with a fan should I just use all the fans that I Building a new PC have now a total of I was thinking about switching the WD Raptor RPM with a SCSI RPM drive what do you think Also I don t know much about SCSI so will it be compatible with this build Will I need any extra drive cables or should all the parts come with the necessary cables Finally if anyone has any experience building an Antec P do you have any advice for me Should I start by installing the lower chamber first THANKS IN ADVANCE nbsp

A:Building a new PC

Im not to sure abou all of your q's but what i do know according to your specifications, is that at 15,000 RPM , that is a hot hard drive. Im not too sure how well that does with heat, i just reccommedn you leaving good spaces inbetween the HD to give it a good cool.

The fans you have now, should do well (although i dont know much about that stuff.) but with the core 2 duo, that also means less heat as compared to a higher clock rate speed CPU.

Why do u want such fast HD? Gaming?

I didnt know they made 160gb raptors, i tought they only went up to 74gb.
AND 15000 hds exhist? wow. what is the average seek time?

What I know is that Raptors get pretty hot at 10K RPM. So leave good gaps to give it a good cool. Try to organizeyour cables the best possible way. Maybe hide them on the back hatch holding your MOBO. Thats what i did.

Now I dont have all the answers to your Qs. But Im guessing that your fans should do well. Also make sure to clean or check periodically for dust.

Higher RPM means more heat.
But the lower clock speeds of c2D MEANS ;LESS HEAT ALSO.

Just make sure the HD gets good ventilation and isnt obstructed ( in my case My VID CARD is big so it blocks some air, so i had to turn my side fan window arround to turn the fan arround.)

If it gets good ventilation , i think youl get good cooling whith what u have.

Why do u want such high RPM? Gaming? Y dont u give a try to that RAID type that allows for alternating hd WRITING.
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heres what im ordering. PSU Case -Antec 300 HD -Samsung 1TB Optical drive LiteOn DVD-RW Motherboard Gigabyte GA-H67 CPU i5 2300 RAM 4GB Corsair GPU

Can anyone recommend cheaper parts that are equal or better for less money as its costing quite alot ?

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I am looking for some assistance.

I have a couple of old Dell PC's running windows 98, and also a newer one running windows XP.

I have gutted one of the cases and I plan to install my hardrive which has XP on, however I want to purchase a new Motherboard and reasonably quick processor.

Can anyone recommend any components that I should purchase. I have a low budget unfortunately


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Hi I ve decided to build a gaming PC This is my first time so I was hoping to get some advice on wich parts i should buy I ve already made a list of parts Chasis Thermaltake VM W Z Armor A Gaming Mid-Tower Case CPU Intel Core i - CPU Cooler Ultra U - X-Wind mm CPU Cooler RAM Corsair CMP GX M A C Dominator Dual Channel MB Mhz Videocard GeForce GTX Ti Motherboard Gigabyte Z A-D H-B Intel Z Motherboard Power Supply OCZ OCZ SXS StealthXStream W Power Supply Hard drive Seagate ST AS Barracuda Hard Drive DVDburner Sony Optiarc AD- S- B x DVDRW Drive UBS Cardreader Ultra MD quot Port USB and Card Reader PC a Building Total cost around Am I Building a PC missing some parts Is this a good choice for a gamer with a budget of wich parts should i trade in for more expensive one s Do I really need a ram cooler or a sound card I am also worried about the size of my CPU cooler will it get in the way of my ram nbsp

A:Building a PC

maybe use an arctic freezer 13 or an arctic freezer 7 pro rev.2
you dont need a sound card or
ram cooler since your not overclocking, else the i7 2600k is the better option, but still no ram cooler is required
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I am trying to replace an old 533Mhz motherboard with AMD A6 and put newer one. What steps do i need to take before installing a new motherboard and what are the problems that i will encounter ?

A:Building a new PC.

First question: Is this going to be standard size ATX or micro-ATX? What size is the case? Micro will not fit in a standard case and vice-versa.
Second: Is my current RAM compatible with the new board/CPU? If so, will it be enough to handle the demand from a new CPU and OS (if that is being considered)?
Third: Graphics card. Unless you are using onboard video and/or the new mobo has it, will your current card be compatible with the new board?
Fourth: Current power supply unit (psu) it adequate for the new component(s)? How old is it? The psu is just as important as any other component.

I'll stop there for now. It would be helpful to know what your current mobo is and the type/amount of RAM. Also the exact model of the mobo you are considering.
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Just wondering if anyone could recommend any good books on building your first PC. I want something which has up to date information on things like connectors and slot types too, as most of the books i've come across are about 5 years old.


A:PC building

I'm sure there's a recent book or two out there on it, but Google has a lot of free information too.
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Right, I've chosen out these:,+S775+?productId=38434,+DDR2,+LGA775+?productId=36989

Are these all compatible? Also, can i put them in this pc:

also, will i need a power supply unit? if so, what watt


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I am considering on building a new PC, i have all the parts chosen but i wanted to see if they are going to be ok, or if anything would be better if they would be changed, if you see what i mean.

This is the Setup i was considering :
Case - Casecom 5288 Black Mid Tower
Power Supply - Corsair 500w CX Extreme
Motherboard - Asus M4N68T-M LE V2
CPU - AMD Athlon II x4 640
RAM - Corsair 4GB (2x2Gb) 1333Mhz
Hard Drive - Western Digital 500Gb Caviar Blue
Disk Drive - LiteOn IHAS122 22x
Graphics Card - Sapphire HD 6670 512MB

Do you think i would need any changes to this? to make it Better/Cheaper.

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Hello I ll be building a mid-end PC and I would like some opinion on the parts I ve chosen with minimal research This machine will mainly be used for programming using Delphi XE and likely future versions and things such as Building PC mid-end converting video file formats in the background It is intended to last quite a few years without falling obsolete and to be reasonably upgradeable if it comes to that I will be running Win -bit So far what I ve got are these CPU Intel Core i - k GHz MB Gigabyte Building mid-end PC GA-Z A-D H-B RAM Corsair XMS x GB DDR lt - do I need Gb or is enough HD WD Caviar Black TB RPM Mb cache Gb s lt - is Gb s actually better than GPU EVGA GeForce GT Fermi Gb PSU Rosewill Stallion Series W ATX V lt - good enough or do I need to cough up more for a Corsair unit Case Antec Illusion Black Steel ATX I already have the monitor keyboard mouse CD-rom and OS Cost is around after shipping which I find satisfactory enough Any input is welcome Even though I feel the parts are fitting for the job and think they re compatible I m far from secure enough in my -very limited- hardware knowledge to just order all this without running it by you guys first Thanks in advance Scud nbsp

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Hey Guys i have a laptop and i really want to record minecraft so bad and i need your help i have a budget of ?500 Thats $810.90 in usa

Im not going to be a huge gamer all i want to do is record minecraft easy on top settings

i Would like a AMD Processor not intel because amd is better for the buck

i would like at least 600watts Gaming PSU

And i would like 6GB of Ram

And i want a decent Graphics Card

Please Comment Some Specs and i will go searching


A:Building a Pc Need Help

Dont Worry About the Monitor or the case (Feel Free to post them if you want ) i`ll sort that stuff out
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Well I have a Dimension 3000 and i have changed everything from top to bottom besides the mobo and cpu.
I have no 1gb ddr ram, 256ddr ATI video card, 250gb harddrive, new Aspire tower. Now i wanna chage mobo. So is my 2.8 Pentium 4 a good processor shoud i keep it and get a good board to oc it? If so what board should i get? I'm not for sure what model processor I have all i know it's a P4 2.8 Socket 478. So help me guys..

A:Building Help

The 2.8 Pent P4 478 socket is a good processor, probably has dual threading technology, but it has been discontinued and you have to find a compatable motherboard with the features you want to be able to use.

There aren't that many still left available with hi line features. Depending on what you want it to do, you may have to search far and wide.

For instance, you will have to find one that is compatable with the RAM you have, and the graphics card. If you want to use the dual threading capability you need one that will be compatable and have enough ram slots. If you want SATA, the motherboard and bios must have it.

Why did you rebuild the Dell instead of just getting another case with a larger power supply, and more expansion capability which you may well need?
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Hello Ladies PC a Building and Building a PC Gentlemen Firstly i hope this is in the correct place if not please move the thread Thanks So the time has come where Ive had my laptop years and it can no longer game on it well it can but its not great low settings on everything So i want to build myself a gaming PC i was going to buy an Alienware one but there is no fun in that I m fairly new to PCs but i have done some homework so I m not too off the bat Anyhow i need your guys advice and discussion on what i need in this day and age to build a decent gaming PC I will not spend a penny more than MAX However i do want a PC that will last a few years and is kind of future proof Anyone with a decent system or crazy ideas is all welcome If you do recommend a product please link it That will be a great help On a last note with all our great brains together and help i will make a donation to the forum to help keep great sites like this alive So without me badgering on let the debate begin nbsp

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I am building a computer for the first time I will detail most of my components here so that your advice can take those into account I have the ABIT AV rd Eye motherboard for the Pin AMD bit processor I have a AMD processor installed and ready to go I have Gig of memory installed I have an Audigy Soundblaster zs soundcard I have an Antec Neopower power help, please. Building supply And I currently have both a Lite-on CD Rom and a Samsung DVD ROM installed Here are a couple of questions I hope one of you can answer On the Neopower power supply there is a wire It uses a pin connector and its purpose is to monitor and help match the case fan speed as needed for conditions and to match it to the fan on the power Building help, please. supply itself It says in the instruction manual to connect it to a pin fan switch on the motherboard excluding the CPU fan switch which of course will be used by the CPU fan My question regarding this is I have several of these pin fan switches on the ABIT motherboard I have one Building help, please. which is sitting alone and says MBfan I have one which says SYSfan and I have Building help, please. two which say AuxFan and AuxFan Now which one would you expect I should hook this wire coming from the power supply to Those of you who are familiar with this power supply will know that you have almost limitless choices about wiring with this unit I am using the fan only cables to power my case fans Now here s another question which I m sure I will figure out on my own anyway but your help or advice will be certainly appreciated Given the two optical drives I have installed Oh wait I forgot I am currently using one Maxtor GB SATA hard drive So take into account that I m using the SATA cable to run this hard drive not either of the IDE cables Okay back to the question Should I use the master slave IDE cable hook it to both optical drives and run it to which of the IDE pins which one the IDE or IDE and which drive would be your master and which would be your slave Or should I run one drive to IDE and the other drive to IDE on individual IDE cables and again which would be your primary master and which would be slave I have more questions before I turn this thing on for the first time but I ll await answers on these questions first I m not scared of it but if I can cut down on unnecessary mistakes it will be a lot smoother startup I m not new to playing around inside a computer but this is the first time I ve purchased a lot of components and put them all together from scratch Although the manuals are helpful in some cases they get a bit too technical when you are simply looking for an either or answer that s easy to understand Thanks for your help Mike nbsp

A:Building help, please.

You can connect the optical drives to either ide channel. DVD burners often like to be the master device on the channel so I would connect the burner as master on ide1 or 2 and connect the cd drive as the slave device.

As to the fan connector, I am not familiar with that ps, however I believe it just for monitoring speed and it should not matter which fan header you use. I would just use aux1.
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What's your opinion on the best performance-to-budget PC build I could buy with $800-$900? ONLY taking into account MOTHERBOARD, CPU, VIDEO CARD, RAM and POWER SUPPLY. NOTHING ELSE, no case, no hdd/ssd, etc. I'm looking to use it for middle to high level video editing and 3d rendering (After Effects, 3Ds Max). All help appreciated!
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hi there so ive gotten sick of my crappy little can i got now and decided to get a better one now that i have a steady income of cash new a building pc im not looking for something too expensive heres what im thinking of right now Case Cooler Master Gladiator W Motherboard Gigabyte GA-P A-UD Power supply included in the case CPU Intel Core i GHz Socket im thinking of overclocking the cpu with or building a new pc more but then i need a better cpu fan any suggestions are welcome as long as theyr not to expensive Grafic card something in the series currently got a and its not good enough thinking of this one Gigabyte GeForce GTX Ti OC HDMI Dual-DVI GB of theese RAM Corsair XMS DDR PC MHz CL x GB not sure if i missed something but let me know if something wont fit with that and so on my budget for this pc is swedish krona so far im up in also this is a gaming pc nbsp

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Hey In months i will be quot trying quot to make my st pc with these components I am buying them from Ebuyer and using some other components eg power supply harddrive and disk New Building PC. Help Any Plz drives from my older pc which is about a year old Intel Pentium GHz Prescott Skt FSB MB Cache--- Ebuyer mb DDR PC MHz Extra Value Ram --- Ebuyer S- BSS Blue Body All Silver Front Atx Case With No PSU--- Abit AI -GURU SKT PE FSB Dual DDR SATA Raid Firewire Sound--- Some mm Internal Case Fans In Black--- O S Windows xp pro corporate not quite sure what to use yet I am using another ram which is same speed and a quot XFX Geforce GT MB quot from my old pc and the other things i said above Are there any tips you might be able to give me on making it and if i should require anything else or get rid of something i have put in wrong I have added the quckfind codes for the website so you can find them easier www ebuyer co uk I will be using it for gaming alot so i need it Building New PC. Any Help Plz cool and fast nbsp

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i was wondering if u think a 14 yr old could build a new pc

A:building a pc (14 yrs old)

he could, i know a guy who just turned 15 yesterday, he knows more than I do about computers and I can build a computer. (i am 18)

If they are a computer boff and enjoy messing around with computers and stuff then yes but I wouldn't advise it...I would say no.. thats my opinion
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I a Building PC am fairly new to computers I just started using Unity d and did somethings on gamemaker I have a emachines EL G- W that a bought from wallmart a few years ago Currently I am still trying to make my money with it using Image-Lines Fruity loop that Building a PC was very costly adobe photoshop CS very costly camtasia Game Maker pro Game maker studio Unity d just got that just cloud I upgraded to win ultimate i also changed the ram to two gb cards but that is about it the Building a PC rest is the same and updated unfortunately money doesnt grow on trees other wise everyone here in hawaii would be rich Could someone give an affordable pc breakdown on a worthy computer of such multi tasking I heard mac was good to get for media although I also heard that win got better features although i dont know much about any of this a long time ago i was introduced to an alianware product and thought it would great to have but my spending limit is at the very most for now this is good machine so i can probably make it by next chrismas help a very new computer enthusiast out nbsp

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I bought a Soyo moBO. It's intel socket 478 pentium based ATi rc350 Micro Atx MOBO. It doesnt support DDR and i was wondering what would be the best p4 processor for this MOBO and what kinda of power supply should i get for this mobo.


A:Building a PC

Processors Supported Intel Celeron up to 2.80GHz
Intel Pentium 4 up to 3.40GHz

Cut and paste from spec sheet.

Depending on how many drives, etc. you are going to attach, you'd base the power supply requirements from that. I wouldn't get anything less than 350 myself, and probably more.
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I am looking at puttting together my first pc from scratch. I like to do a lil gaming (mostly DF Black Hawk Down online), internet, mp3 music, and programs like Paint Shop Pro 8.

#1 I am looking at this mobo on ebay:

#2 Any suggestions as towards video cards, sound cards, ect. any opinions would be nice. I do have a GeForce FX 5200 128MB PCI card in this pc and am considering just using it in the new pc.

#3 Any tips or tricks anyone would care to share would be nice.

Thanks and hopefully my first venture into this will be sucessfull.

A:Building my first PC

Opinions?Click to expand...

Don't buy this board.
Here's a few reasons why.
The chipset they use on this board is 3rd on a list of 3 chipset makers.
The first being Nvidia then VIA then SiS, others may say VIA is first but that
doesn't matter because SiS will always be 3rd.

Hers a review of the board (not very flattering).
Motherboard Review

If your looking for a budget board ASROCK is a good maker of budget boards.
They are somehow linked to ASUS boards.
Here's a good price on one from
The board is $5 more but shipping is $10 less.
ASROCK board
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ok so im building a new pc for my parents instead of them buying a p sony from the store now i have a few questions do you think i would be able to build a good p system for well under that price maybe spend about a grand on the system itself and they can buy their own monitor well here is this im looking over some MB new a building pc and processors and i want to know if these will go well together Intel Pentium GHz Northwood K Socket Processor MHz building a new pc Processor Bus OEM Specifications CPU GHz Type Pentium Northwood Cache K BUS Mhz Socket OEM Processor Only Model RK PC D for i can get a yr warranty is it worth it and this Asus Motherboard for Intel P Processors Model P PE-X Retail Specifications Supported CPU Socket for Intel Pentium Celeron Intel Hyper-Threading Technology ready building a new pc Chipset Intel PE Intel ICH FSB MHz RAM x -pin DIMM Sockets support max GB PC PC PC PC IDE x UltraDMA Max Devices Slots x AGP X x PCI Ports xPS xCOM xLPT xUSB xLAN and Audio Ports Onboard Audio ADI AD SoundMAX -channel CODEC Onboard LAN BROADCOM Mbps Ethernet open to some other suggestions ram nbsp

A:building a new pc

Sounds like a great system to me. Under $1,000 is attainable, just take a look:

HARDDRIVE=$100 (80gig)
GRAPHICS=$100 (GeforceMX)

That's $760 bucks, and a system that will rock the house. The Asus motherboard is real nice, I would recommend 512 DDR RAM
Relevancy 59.77%

I am putting PC together and would like some input. The items I am thinking about are below. Can someone let me know if this is good or not. The total cost is $605.00. I am very open to any and all suggestions.

Thank you.

ASUS "A7V880" VIA KT880 Chipset Motherboard

AMD Athlon XP 2700+, 333MHz FSB, 256K Cache

Apacer 184 Pin 512MB DDR PC-2700

Video Card
Chaintech XGI VOLARI V3 Video Card, 128MB DDR, TV-Out+DVI, 8X AGP Model "SLV3-128"

Hard Drive
Maxtor 40GB 7200RPM IDE Hard Drive, Model 6E040L0

CD/DVD Burners
BenQ 16x DVD-/+RW Drive with Software, 2.4X Dual Layer Black Model DW1620
Samsung Black 52X32X52X16 DVD/CD-RW Combo Drive, Model TS-H492A/WBGH

A-Top XBlade Black/Silver Ultimate Gaming Machine With 450W PSU & Side window, Model

Relevancy 59.77%

Hey everyone I was hoping to receive a little help regarding putting a new computer together I m not very experienced in this task so I m a bit hesitant to go at it alone Any tips hints or suggestions would be greatly appreciated I ve posted several components below all located on a Building PC newegg that I believe would be pretty decent please let me know if all of these pieces are indeed compatible and if so if any are considered overpriced at all ASRock Fatal ty FX Professional AM AMD FX SATA Gb s USB ATX AMD Motherboard http www newegg com Product Building a PC Product aspx Item N E AMD FX- Zambezi GHz Socket AM W Eight-Core Desktop Processor FD FRGUBOX http www newegg com Product Product aspx Item N E Building a PC RAIDMAX HYBRID RX- SS W ATX V V EPS V SLI Ready CrossFire Ready Modular Power Supply New Version with Build-in LED Fan On Off Switch http www newegg com Product Product aspx Item N E RAIDMAX SMILODON ATX- WB Black Silver mm SECC Building a PC Steel ATX Mid Tower Foldout MB Computer Case http www newegg com Product Product aspx Item N E Seagate Barracuda ST DM TB RPM MB Cache SATA Gb s quot Internal Hard Drive -Bare Drive http www newegg com Product Product aspx Item N E G SKILL Ripjaws X Series GB x GB -Pin DDR SDRAM DDR PC Desktop Memory Model F - CL Q- GBXL http www newegg com Product Product aspx Item N E EVGA G-P - -KR GeForce GTX Ti Fermi FPB GB -bit GDDR PCI Express x HDCP Ready SLI Support Video Card http www newegg com Product Product aspx Item N E Again thanks in advance for any assistance nbsp

A:Building a PC

Go Intel, e.g. i5-2500K. Only hardcore AMD fanboys will buy the FX-8120.

For the mobo you can get the ASRock Z68 Extreme3 Gen3, costs much less than the AM3+ one you picked.

I wouldn't really cheap out on the PSU, I'd recommend something like the CORSAIR Enthusiast Series TX650 V2 650W instead. It costs quite a bit more but will last you a long time. A good indication of PSU quality is the manufacturer's warranty period, the Corsair is 5 years compared the Raidmax's 2 years.
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Tried building my own PC, much more of an experienced software guy than hardware, and as I expected, I screwed it up.

I'm trying to run:
Intel D875PBZ Motherboard
Intel 3.2 GHz Pentium IV
2xKingston 512mb PC3200 DDR
GeForce 5200 128MB

I've also scavenged two hard drives from my old computer, but I have no idea what they are.

Here's my problem: I get 3 long beeps at startup but nothing on the monitor, it reads from the hard drive for a bit, then nothing until I turn it off. I've tried reseating the RAM as I read that's what the beep code could mean. Any suggestions on what to do next?

A:Need Help with Building PC

try one ram stick at a time.
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I have the motherboard and almost everything on it installed. I cannot fit my graphics card into the case is there something I can do?

A:Really need some help building my first pc

First you can start by listing the exact parts you have with the Exact Manufacturer, Model number and revision if any, including the Case you have.
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i am building a pc , i want to have a dvd/cd burner then the hard drive. the hard drive stores memory and my question is when u go to MY COMPUTER is c & d drive how many hard drives do i need. i need 1 for disks is that all?

A:building a pc

i am building the pc for mostly gaming. Americas Army, Age of Empires...... it is my time building a pc but i am on a tight budget. so far i have looked at
Relevancy 59.77%

About how much would it cost to build a good and fast computer? And as long as you get parts that are compatible, is it hard to build a computer?

A:Building a PC

build a sweet system for around $1000, give or take depending how sweet you wanted it
Relevancy 59.77%

I'm building my first pc, primarily for gaming, which is also being done on a budget <500.
I've put together a few items after alot of web surfing and am wondering if they're compatible together. Not to mention how they would handle TitanQuest. Any useful comments or suggestions would be appreciated.

939Dual-SATA2 66.99
AMD Athlon 64 3000+ Venice 2000MHz 76.00
Radeon 9250 256MB 54.99
Update Kingston 1GB 240-Pin DDR2 83.99
Western Digital Caviar SE WD800JD 80GB 42.99
XION XION II XON-103 Black SECC Steel ATX Mid Tower Computer Case 450W 64.99 - 15 rebate

407.94 - 15 rebate

I'm able to get Windows and a monitor from a friend, is there anything i'm overlooking?

Relevancy 59.77%

Ok I ve finally decided to go ahead and upgrade I have ordered a Shuttle Building it! AK A MB W AMD athlon CPU and a cpu cooling fan for Athlons up to I intend to use my current case which is huge and has plenty of room I also intend to use my existing floppy cd-rom Building it! and Building it! burner as well as zip drive but I am upgrading the hard drive to a G I am also purchasing a new power supply W Antec smartpower Here s the deal I have RAM from my old setup and I believe it s pc SDRAM dimms Mb My new motherboard will support both DDR and SDRAM Actually here s the specs Memory - x -pin DIMM DDR - x -pin DIMM SDRAM - Supports banks up to GB DRAMs Mb x x DRAM technology for register DDR SDRAM module - Supports banks up to GB DRAMs Mb x x DRAM technology for unbuffered SDR SDRAM module Now does this mean I can use my existing RAM in this setup Before answering I should say that I plan to use XP PRO or WIndows Pro as my OS ANother question is can I combine the two RAM types and utilize all four banks or must they all be the same type of RAM This is a little fuzzy to me with this make and model of MB I am not sure about this but if I were to be abloe to do this would my over all RAM SPeed be only as fast as my slowest module If I can t use them in combo then DDR seems the way to go I think I d probably skip the pc crap and just buy a stick at a time as my budget allows of DDR dimms instead I can t help feeling that if I m going to go through all the trouble of a major upgrade I might as well not skimp on the RAM if it is going to make that big of a difference FOr instance how much faster would a stick of DDR be than Mb of PC Sdram Can someone shed some light on this Thanks nbsp

A:Building it!

Your existing RAM will work in that board.
No you can't mix the 2 ram types.