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Hi there Tech Forum thanks in advance for your help - I have a question about a LAN and stuff There is a modem and a wireless router with LAN ports In one of them there is conected also a switch Network LAN Question with LAN ports - Some weird things have been going on I always get a wireless connection so LAN Network Question no problem there Issues appear with the wired network On one hand I had many times an unidentified network a x x x ip and no LAN Network Question network Nothing changed in configuration on my box or the router and got to connect at MB s while if connected through wi fi I got LAN Network Question more than MB s From a moment on again unidentified network and no signal in the adapter a yellow light would blink quick So now after touching the cable and a little bit of despair not driven to the computer by the way I have a full conection by lan and by wi fi both at a good speed AND weird for me a green light on and the same yellow blinking - So main questions are - What does the green light ON not blinking means - Could there be a difference due to the cable manipulation - Is there a gost inside my router D Thanks a bunch to all of you I try my best to understand computers so now I am happy with the connection but curious on the rest - Regards nbsp

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Preferred Solution: LAN Network Question

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: LAN Network Question

How new are these devices? Are you using new 'patch' cables? Is DHCP running on only one of the devices? Seems weird that "touching the cable" caused a change.

1. The LEDs differ, but usually one signifies a connection [on/off] and the second signifies activity [blinking]
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Let me start off by saying that I am not a IT specialist but I consider myself pretty knowledgable I live in a co-op apartment with about a dozen or so tenants some who I not know but we all share the same isp provider we re all connected through single router I am the designated net admin Due to a previous occurance in which our network was compromised and our service was shut off someone downloaded illegal material said computer activity Network network question security suspicious was turned into a bot because of which said material I took it upon myself with Network security question suspicious network activity the landlords approval to block all known file sharing p p applications and their relative ports Normal non file sharing activity was not affected Recently few new tenants moved in and I noticed a decrease in the networks overall throughput The filters that I have setup are functioning and the routers log indicates that a user is trying to connect to something Each time its blocked it the user switches ports ranging from the low s up to The routers logs only go up to pages each page logging events and those pages get filled up within a minute Within those logs are intermittent out of ever or so indications of torrent use ports - I am aware that most torrent applications now will use a varying array of ports I just want to confirm that what this user is doing is probably ffilesharing and not anything else It is because everying in the apartment is connected through single IP address that I am wary of this I don t have strong feeling for or against filesharing but I don t want the entire co-op to get into legal troubles because of just person Comments are most welcome nbsp

A:Network security question suspicious network activity

Yep, that sounds like P2P.

What kind of a router is it? If it's Cisco, may be able to drop with NBAR.
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I just wanted to know if I could do the following with no problem or if you cannot do it this way There is a windows computer upstairs with DSL There is a Just Question a I Solved: use can hub it- with a question if Network modem--then a router---the windows Solved: Network Question if I can use a hub with it- Just a question computer I think he has the windows computer upstairs hooked into the router and then another line in the router running downstairs to a windows XP SP computer they both work fine Here is my question He wants to add a third computer downstairs so can it be like THe modem then router then the windows computer upstairs hooked into the router Now is it possible to then plug like a four port hub into the router and have the line running downstairs and then take the windows xp that is already down there and plug it into the hub and then the new computer plug it into the hub and they would all have the dsl just like the two of them do now I guess I am asking can you plug the one compute upstairs into the router and then run a cable downstairs into a hub and plug the other two computers into the hub and they will all get DSL or do you have to plug the upstairs computer into the router like now and then plug two morre lines into the router and run them both downstairs and run one to each computer And as long as everything is going throught the router no matter which way it is done do you have to run anything special to get the DSL on all Some step by step instructions would be nice but I really want to know if the hub thing will work the way I am describing it Thanks nbsp

A:Solved: Network Question if I can use a hub with it- Just a question
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I have machines both on the net through a router and dsl modem My machine is SATA based and has a gb SATA HDD attached so with the dvd I have IDE spot open I put my GB IDE HDD there up xp question network set So the quot kids computer quot has IDE slots I have a DVD and quot main HDD quot running on that machine My question is can I place my other IDE HDD in the kids pc and have them blocked from xp network set up question all but the admin account on that pc me And is there a way to make those HDDs usable from my main machine I hate switching out HDD when I want a file family movie etc from the quot extra quot HDD I dont have enough data to justify buying a big SATA drive I have all the space I need I just want eisier access to it I can put nd NIC cards in each machine and use a crossover cable if it will help I custom built both machines I just did not see the HDD issue when I built the new my machine Any questions about either pc or the network can be answered I also have a XBOX and PS on the network Everything is running good ATM I hope it is not more bother than it is worth If I have to buy a program Ill just get a big SATA drive and dump everything there Thank you in advanced

A:xp network set up question

You probably could just link the two computers with a crossover cable and make the files on the two HDDs on the other computer. I'm not sure about blocking the two drives from everyone but the admin though, I've never done that before.
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The Equipment x desktop - vista x x laptop - XP pro x wireless notebook adaptors x WRT N V The Design A wireless network card is connected to the Internet A second internal wireless card is connected to a wireless router The Router is wired to the desktop Network -Possible ics question See picture Network question -Possible ics for a better explanation The Goal To connect the desktop to the internet using the wireless router as a access point via Internet connection Network question -Possible ics sharing ICS This is a temp fix because i need to do a windows vista x update in order to acquire needed drivers The Problem ICS requires the host to have the IP address of The routers firmware has assigned the gateway to be Resolved - By electing to not use the Automatic DHCP config and selecting Static you can change the default gateway to whatever you want The routers firmware does not support bridging The desktop has a PCI wireless card installed yet the drivers can only be found through Microsoft update The card is a dlink dwl- V e Dlink does not offer x support Alternative solutions Use ICS via crossover cable PROS - Cheap fix CONS I gain a cable I really won t ever use again and part of the goal is to use extra hardware from around the house Buy a wireless nic for the desktop PROS - Move to wireless N and gain a new toy CONS - There isn t any need for wireless N The router was a gift or I would not of went with Linksys Use a jump drive to install a driver update utility that supports x windows PROS - I don t have to buy anything CONS - Not as much fun not to mention I doubt I can find a tool of this nature that supports vista much less vista x Switch to vista x PROS - More support from manufacturers CONS - Vista x doesn t perform well Doesn t utilize my systems bit hardware QUESTIONS Does anyone see a solution using the hardware I already have or am I SOL Also does anyone have any other ideas as an alternative solution nbsp

A:Network question -Possible ics

Look into DD-WRT 3rd party firmware for this router, because the standard router doesn't support a bridge mode configuration.
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If someone on the same network as you uses p2p software will they end up forcefully sharing their files to you or you to them? Even though you do not have p2p software.

Will malware be force shared between the two?

A:question about someone using p2p on the same network as you

Quote: Originally Posted by junjun

If someone on the same network as you uses p2p software will they end up forcefully sharing their files to you or you to them? Even though you do not have p2p software....


Quote: Originally Posted by junjun

...Will malware be force shared between the two?

Malicious files can get on the computer that is using P2P and then those files can look for ways to get onto other computers on the network. The same is true for computers on the internet... since the internet is a network.

P2P software is a very generic term. Not all P2P software is used for file sharing.
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i recently set up a network on my windows XP when i first created it it was fine my other computers could find it.

But ever since i created it and restarted my computer it takes ages for it to appear on my other computers like 30mins. I play about creating folders and it seems to show up after a little while. but if i leave it it doesnt show up.

any ideas? am i doing something wrong?

thanks mark

A:Network question

I had this same problem at work, i don't know if it's the same problem cause you are having but here's what I did, maybe it will help you, it did for me.

Basically, after pulling my hair out not being able to fix it with configuring on the fly, I removed all the networking stuff (not uninstalling, just stuff like "workgroup names" etc.). So now nothing was networked anymore.

Then I double checked all the names of the computers. Once I had everything checked, I created a new workgroup on the "main" computer. (doesn't really matter I think, just pick the "main" comp as the one you're going to start from or is acting as the main server).

I then used the network wizard to find and add the other 4 computers. Strange, and this may happen to you too, but one out of the four comps still did not find the "main" comp. So, I just ran the networking wizard on that comp and now everything works fine.

It seemed like the solution was to make sure all the comps were under the same WORKGROUP name. Multiple workgroups (as we had in the beginnnig, don't know who did that) seemed to be causing problems. Fairly easy fix really.

I hope this helps. This fixed us constantly having to "remap" network drives, slow responses and "one way only" problems we were having.
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i have 4 computers in my home network. does each computer need to have the hard disks running in order too see it from other computers? this is how it is on my system. seems like you should be able to access each computer even if its in standby.

A:network question

The computers will have to be turned on and running a operating system for other computers to see it on a network.
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How can I determine the range of IP addresses?

For example:
The range of... is -

But I need to find out how exactly to determine that range via mathmatics?

A:Network+ question

You can do the math or get a subnet calculator which is easiest.

You can get a free downloadable calculator at

Or if you wanna learn how

Or you can find tutorials at (after you create a login).
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I have 2 computers. One runs on Windows 2000 Server and other on Windows ME. Now I only have 1 cable modem and no hub, but what I do have is an extra NIC. I was wondering if there is a way that I can put 2 NIC's into the Windows 2000 comp, connect the cable from modem to NIC #1, and then connect the Windows ME comp to NIC #2? I know I would have to use a proxy server because 2 comps can't have the same Ip address.

So if anyone out there can help me out..or tell me that Im crazy and this would never work, I would really appreciate it!

Thanks, this forum rules!

A:network question.

It will work,

What you will have to do, is buy a crossover cable to connect the two computers together and either setup Internet Connection Sharing on the Windows 2000 Computer, or set up with proxy software.
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i followed directions to setup a vpn network from my remote notebook to my server..
when i click onto the connect icon to connect to my server it appears to be connected.. the message i receive it that it is connected..
i check the status of the network, the packet count is changing both
send and receive..
my problem is i cannot see the display screen from the server.
what did i miss on the setup..
i am running windows xp pro on both systems, all virus programs and firewalls are temporarly disabled..
the system has no errors on the connection...
i would appreciate any help on this problem

A:vpn network question

Please list you VPN specs. make, model, software?
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Hi, I'm running Vista for the first time and have a question about Network access. I'm currently connected to Local and Internet. Is this right?

A:Network question

Sounds right to me.
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I was wondering if anyone could answer me this. Will i get gigabit speeds on my network if everything except the router is gigabit?

I have gigabit NIC?s,gigabit switch and cat 7 cables, but my isp has sent me their "new" hardware for use with their internet connection,but the switch in this combined modem/router/ 4 port switch is only fast ethernet.

My question is, will i obtain gigabit speeds on everything connected to my own gigabit switch,if i use their router/modem thingy? Or should i disable both switch/firewall and DHCP in my isp hardware,and connect my own gigabit router?

As far i i can gather the isp hardware can work solely as a modem and router to the internet leaving my internal network using my gigabit switch,am i correct in this asumption?

A:Network question


Installing the new Router shouldnt make a difference on your internal network providing that your not using the routers built in switch to connect other PCs. All PC's want to be connected to your Gigabit swicth as well as the router.

Even if you install a gigabit router you are limited by the speed of your ISP's network which is very unlikely to be gigabit.
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Ive got a laptop, and a desktop, and a linksys router.

I just ran the network setup wizard on both machines..
I can access the laptop via the desktop with no problems.
But when I try to access the desktop via the lap top, I get an error.

It says \\(name) is not accessable You might not have permission to use this network resource, contact the administrator of the server to find out if you have access..

Loggin failure, user restriction, possible reasons are blank passwords, etc..

(name) is the name of my desktop computer in the setup wizard

is there something I need to turn on, on xp to let the laptop access the shared file folders on the desktop? or did I set up the network wrong? Thanks.

A:new network question

What os are you running on the two platforms : Is Windows simple file sharing turned on in any one of the machines.
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I'm busy adding a NAS to my network - no trouble so far. When I view the Network Map, I can see my two PC's (one connects wirelessly) and my router. The NAS, however, is shown as "cannot be placed in the map" (see image below).

What prevents a discovered device from being placed in the map, and how can I remedy this if possible?


A:Network Map Question

Did it prompt for network catagorization? Ie: Work/Public/home?

Network map uses LLTD for mapping, if your NAS device doesn't support LLTD it won't show up.
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A friend has purchased a laptop and is able to connect wirelessly with his desktop which is upstairs, only when he is in one room in his house which is directly below the room where the router is. He would like to be able to connect in another room which is further away. He has asked me, if he was to move the router downstairs nearer to the desired room, would this solve the problem. I don't wish to tell him it will do the trick until I know for sure. If someone could advise me I would be most grateful.

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I have a wireless Linksys MIMO router that I have setup an encrypted network with (WPA2). In the router configuration page I setup a 16 digit network key to be used to access my secure network. I have WindowsXP set up to connect to my network automatically. I checked the network key within My Network properties and it shows eight asterisks rather than what I would expect to see, which should be 16 asterisks. I have even re-entered the 16 digit network key and confirm network key. It stills shows 8 asterisks. Is this just a default showing or has someone gained access to my network and created a default key? Any help would be appreciated or am I being paranoid?



A:Network Key Question

From what i remember, it only shows 8 *'s but in fact you typed in 16 characters.
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I generally don't look into the inner workings of my computer, so yes i'm quite unfamilar with whether or not this occurrence is normal or not, I thought i'd take a screen shot of what i've always thought to be suspicious, I just never really did anything about it, until now.

So basically my computer is half the time connected to Network 2, and then from there it goes to the internet. The other half of the time it's only connected to network 2(see above screen shot), yet somehow i'm still recieving internet. I guess my question would be, is this normal?

Btw i'm running on Vista on a 2wire modem.

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First, thank you in advance for your comments and suggestions...

Is there any advantage to managing a home network on a seperate pc that is dedicated to only manage my modem, router, voip, adapters? Right now I'm using my family desktop workstation to manage the devices. The desktop is used for everything else too including word processing, email, etc. It's also the only PC that is wired to the router. All other 10 devices are connected wireless (excluding voip). I would also wire this box if it makes any sense.

I have some older boxes sitting around.
Thought i would ask the question before getting rid of them.
Or am I just having another senior moment?

Thank you,

BigDog in Texas

A:Home network question

How much "managing" do you do?
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I open ResourceMonitor/Perfrmance/Network and i see there my ''tool.exe''

sent bytes
received bytes
total bytes

i sent 4,471 bytes and i receive 450,800 bytes
when i first open the tab i see higher values i sent 8,600 bytes and i receive 740,000 bytes but after 3-4-5-10 seconds all values decrease why?which are the true values ?
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We have a router at home that's connected to a broadband Internet connection and it connects two Windows XP Professional computers including mine. Is it possible to access the files/folders/etc. of my computer through the 2nd computer (mine is "1st" supposedly)? Whenever I click on the other computer's "name" on my Network folder, there's a pop-up and it asks for a password. If my computer is clicked on (vice versa) in the 2nd computer, does it do the same thing? If so, how can I block access to my computer from the other computers connected to me via router/network? It's a bit urgent so any info/help would be great. Thank you!!!

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Hi, I have a question. I have a wireless internet network and connection at home that works properly and allows me to connect to the internet just fine. However, at the library or other hotspots, I can connect to the wireless network just fine, yet can't connect to the internet and when trying to browse, it'll just say that the page can't be displayed. Any idea what the problem is or what settings I should change?

A:Wireless Network Question

That's not a whole lot of info to go on.

Guess #1: You have set a static IP configuration in your wireless TCP/IP Properties, and you haven't yet lucked into a free hotspot with the same Gateway address. If so, one thing you can do is set the TCP/IP properties to 'obtain IP auto' and 'obtain DNS auto' and set your static configuration on the Alternate Configuration tab.

Guess #2: You have configured a 3rd party firewall to allow communication with your home LAN (at least the router) but with nothing else. If so, uninstall it or configure it to allow access to whatever free hotspots to which you desire to connect.
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first off sorry if this in the wrong place this is my first time posting here although I've used this site plenty of times before to solve many problems - Stop network throttlingWindows Vista limits network transfers when you're playing multimedia files to stop your music or video skipping Great idea but it can reduce performance on some high-speed network connections To fix this go to HKEY LOCAL MACHINE SOFTWARE Microsoft Windows NT CurrentVersion Multimedia SystemProfile and create a new DWORD value called NetworkThrottlingIndexValue Set this to values between one and is the default higher values mean less throttling or FFFFFFFF to disable throttling completely - I respect this site much more than the site I found that on so what is your stance on this note my upload downloads speeds are already quite low so anything that might speed that up helps http www speedtest net result png and I have windows media player going all the time huge playlist

A:[question] network throttling?

I've done this and feel NO difference at all
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Hi, I have a wireless modem router, the routers ports only do 10/100, my idea is to set up like the diagram, will doing it this way allow my pc/ps3/xbox/and any other PC's on the wired network to transfer data (mostly music and films) at gigabit speeds or will all data still go through the router limiting the speed? the laptops will connect via wireless to the router.

Thanks in advance.

A:Network layout question??

As long as they are hooked to the gigabit switch you will get full speed from pc to xbox and ps3. Any traffic going threw the slow router will be limited (wireless client to wired PC).
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I m trying to design the network for a class lab environment and I m in over my head I need an isolated VLAN for each student team Each VLAN would contain identical configurations with an identical set of VMs occupying the same IP range in each VLAN But I also want each team to have access to a common subnet with a common file share shared hardware equipment Network question routing etc I thought we could insert a router probably implemented Network routing question in a VM between each VLAN and the common subnet That would let the students reach from their VLAN to the common subnet But routing back from the common Network routing question subnet to the individual VLANs would be a problem since all VLANs use the same IP range Would it be Network routing question possible to have each VLAN s router map via NAT or whatever the VLAN s IPs into a different range so the common subnet sees a different IP range for each VLAN For example common subnet is on Each VLAN is on From each VLAN you can access your own IPs at and through the router the common subnet on Now let s say the router maps VLAN X into X so from the common subnet you can reach VLAN at etc Even better if we could have one router VM with VNICs with VNIC on the common subnet and on each of the VLANs doing the kind of IP mapping described above Does that make sense Is it possible Or is there a better answer Thanks Gary nbsp

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My desktop is currently connected to the internet, is it possible for me to get a wi-fi usb adapter for my desktop and connect to my friends wireless access point also? that way, having 2 internet connections and getting better transfer rates.

A:Dual Network Question

Well, you won't get better transfer rates. Any given transfer will only come across one of the links. You'll also normally use the one that your default gateway points to anyway.
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Alright, I have a question about wireless cards, I have some old ones that only recognize wep security but my router uses wpa2 is there anyway I can connect to the router using these cards?

A:Question about network cards

No. It's like trying to put DDR2 memory into a laptop that only takes SDRAM. You have to set the router to WEP to use the cards. I had the same problem with my old laptop. WEP card =WEP security. I got a new laptop now and can use WEP,WPA,or WPA2 security.
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M y son bought a Network New Solved: question laptop recently and it gave me the thought of getting one too My wife and I are going on and I do spend a lot of time on my computer in my computer room away from her Solved: New Network question in the living room I am going to set up a network and buy a laptop so I can do my thing in the living room Solved: New Network question Also there are many things I like to show her on the computer but it is not comfortable for two of us in front of the computer in my computer room I have Xp on the Dell Dimension desktop and its all the home computer I need One of my hopes is that I can send some of the videos I record with my Dell Solved: New Network question to the laptop which will have Vista Home Premium My desktop has Media Center and the Laptops have Media Center but I wonder if they are compatible I know I can expect answers on Techguy but I am curious about this although its not critical that I can do this but it would be nice Any suggestions on a router Many thanks for all the help in the past CarrollM nbsp

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Hey everyone I m new here and am looking for a bit of expert advice on setting up my new network I recently remodeled my home and installed wired ethernet ports all around the house about in total They are all running to my closet on a shelf where I will have all the Question Network New Home networking stuff located I have Comcast Cable as an ISP my dl is around Mbps and my ul is around Mbps The cable modem is plugged into a Linksys WRT G which has wired devices and the rest being broadcasted wirelessly Here s a list of the devices using the router in the house - Desktop Computers gigabit capable - Laptop Computers using wireless-g -HP Printer can be wired or wireless -TiVo Box wireless-g - Xbox Consoles is currently wired other is using wireless-g -HD Cable Box -iPod Touch Now this New Home Network Question is where I need help I need to make sure that all the Ethernet ports in the house will be able to access the network and the internet I need to have a network fast enough to stream media throughout the house and share internet connection amongst devices without hogging the bandwidth Also on the side from what I hear my connection speed is very strong but the Xbox doesn t reflect that sometimes in-game mostly while hosting games on Xbox Live I need to New Home Network Question make sure that the Xbox is getting the fastest speed possible from the internet with the best ping connection possible If I need to set something up to prioritize the console s connection over other devices I will be glad to I set up a DMZ already on the router for the Xbox to make sure it isn t blocking New Home Network Question any ports but it doesn t look like it affects connection strength Should I be having trouble hosting games with players on the opposite coast with a speed connection usually only up to players I am open to buying new equipment like routers and port switches I am also open to tweaking device or router settings to get the best performance I mainly just need to know how to set up the network so we are getting the full speed from the internet connection while still allowing plenty of bandwidth for other devices in the network except if prioritizing the Xbox connection I d greatly appreciate any help or links to resources or tips Thanks in advance nbsp

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Hello I have a small question regarding how network mapping in Vista works I have an HP Laptop with Vista Home Premium installed and have a network between that unit and his old computer running XP SP to transfer his personal files The laptop is being delivered to him at his base in California he s in the Marines I have the LLTDR installed on his XP machine and both computers can see each other across the network For now I have his Norton Security software disabled and password sharing disabled so that I can transfer the information until I have a better understanding of how file sharing permissions etc work in Vista Both computers can see each other s shares however I noticed a peculiar quirk with the network map after installing the LLTDR on the XP machine His laptop s icon is clickable while the Vista Map Network Question other machine shows its own icon but it isn t clickable I m sorry if this is a dumb question but I m wondering why it s set up like that Shouldn Vista Network Map Question t it work like browsing workgroup computers did under XP where you can double click each computer icon to acess Vista Network Map Question them Otherwise I have to manually type XPmachine not really a hassle but I m just curious as to why it s like this to access the other computer and browse its shared contents Is there another setting I have to configure or is this like some sort of glitch Thanks in advance for any help you can provide PS Both computers are running under the same workgroup quot Network quot nbsp
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networking 2 xp pro machines.

Installed new NIC in both (Sitecom LN-020), and connected using shop bought crossover cable between the two.

both cards read as successfully installed, both NIC's have only one LED marked "LNK/ACT"

Niether card's led lights up, both machines recognise the card, but claim that a network connection is unplugged. At the moment I'm gravitating towards the cable being a problem, but I won't know untill tomorrow.

In the meantime I'm hoping people could list off some possibilities for me as to what the problem could be.


A:Quickie network question

You might need to run the Network Setup Wizard on both PC's to get them to work properly.
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Sorry for the vague topic title, but this a hard question to put into a few words. I don't even know how to begin to find the answer to this using a google search.

Is it possible to connect to a network through a computer that is connected to a network wirelessly using to a cable to the computer that is that is wireless?

Here's the story. I have a computer downstairs, have my cable modem and wireless router downstairs also. I have a computer upstairs that has a wireless card and is connected to the network wirelessly. The upstairs computer has a vacant wired ethernet port. Would it somehow be possible to connect another computer or game console to the network by connecting to the wireless computer using an ethernet cable?

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Hi all

i know this is not related to win7, but i just wanna know if i can have 2 Domain Controllers with different names, on the same network without they know each other on the network ?

like a test system ?

we have our running DC1 - and i want to add another DCT with another name for Test.
but on the same network so i can use our RDS on DC1 to connect to DCT ?

A:Server question - 2 DC's on same network

I believe so. I thought, with Server 2008 and up, there's no such thing as a PDC (Primary Domain Controller) anymore. I have two servers on my corporate network that act as DCs....both running Active Directory. I was told this was a good idea, in case one server goes down, the other handles AD roles. AD is replicated between the two.
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Ok fellas explain THIS Network router question one Network router question to me The other day my mom got a message from ZoneAlarm indicating it blocked in-bound traffic from some external IP x is the subnet I believe The in-bound traffic was using UDP on port A Google search on quot UDP quot found results Network router question indicating this traffic is mostly likely spam using the Windows Messenger service That subnet originates from China so I m guessing some spammer is trying to send my mom a message Anywho her PC running Network router question Windows XP Home Edition SP is behind a Belkin Wireless G router She has AT amp T Yahoo DSL service She s got the latest version of ZoneAlarm installed The router DOES NOT have any port forwarding available and I haven t configured any quot DMZ quot access to her system in the router at all I ll confirm this again Her system is free of viruses and spyware I ve got AVG free Ad-Aware free Spybot S amp D SuperAntiSpyware free installed and I scan the system weekly and doesn t exhibit any signs of being infected with anything So my question is this how can some machine in China contact her computer which is behind a router that isn t configured to forward unsolicited in-bound traffic to her computer Peace nbsp

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I have a question about whether or not the home network that I have planned will work. Here is the planned setup:

FIOS Router -> 8 port switch

8 port switch:
1) From FIOS Router
2) PC
3) Wireless Router (Used only for WIFI capabilities)
4) Printer
5) Another PC
6) Another PC
7) Out to wall (explained later)
8 ) Spare

Out to wall: This connection goes to the living room where I have multiple devices that require a connection (PS3, TV, etc).

So, my question is that will I be able to put another switch in the living room to take the connection from 7) and further split it among the devices in the living room?

If so, will I be able to see the other computers on the first switch from my PS3 so I can stream from them?

Thank you.

A:Home Network Question

Yes, you can put another switch in the living room to split off the connection to those devices. I would get a wireless access point instead of another router for the Wifi piece.
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Hello All,

I just connected a Netgear wireless router to share my DSL connection with my new laptop. Everything went well, the laptop does pick up the dsl connection and I am able to surf the net.

The question I have is that when I select the wireless network for the laptop it shows the wireless connection as "unsecured". How do I make this wireless connection secure so no one else can use it? Is this something I do through the Netgear software? Both use XP as the OS.

Also, I don't want to share files or anything between the laptop and the desktop just share the internet connection. Is that still considered a network?

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I just set up a wireless router (d-link wbr-2310) at my house.. my laptop is linked to it just fine..but i cannot get my minolta QMS magicolor 2200 to work with the router. I have the printer pluged into the first port in the router but i cannot get the laptop to see it. I am going nuts here trying to configure the system so i can print from the laptop wireless...but for that matter i cant even get the comp to see the printer when it is hard wired via ethernet cable

p.s. am running on vista

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I Extended question network have recently extended my network via a long distance transparent wireless bridge On the other end of the wireless bridge I have Extended network question another router setup as an entirely new network What I am looking to do is to VNC into my computers and login to the router on the extended network from the first network The easiest way for me to explain is via an image I need to setup my router to forward all of the X addresses to the second network Currently it isn t directing me properly which is causing me to be unable to VNC into the second networks computers as well as setup the second router from my PC on network The first router brand model firmware is as follow Cisco-Linksys WRT GL v Edit I forgot to mention in the image the external IP address of the second router is If anyone can point me in the right direction as to how I should go about this please feel free and respond below Thanks ahead of time Techspot is great King nbsp

A:Extended network question

the specifics are make/model dependent but for example on a Netgear RP614
find the Static Routes->Add and you get
Name ___
Destination IP address w.x.y.z
IP Subnet Mask a.b.c.d
Gateway IP address x.x.x.x
metric z​for your setupName whatever
w.x.y.z would be
a.b.c.d would be
x.x.x.x would be
and Leave the metric empty​
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Ok I will try to include as many details as possible to eliminate questions so bear with me and thanks in advance for any help someone might be able to offer I have network question wierd a SIMPLE home network consisting of a PC amp Laptop The PC is harwired to a linksys WRT G wireless router and the laptop is connected wirelessly I have had file wierd network question and print sharing enabled in the network for a long time with no problems A while back I wierd network question began having intermitent problems Within the past few weeks I wierd network question have lost all capability to view files on the PC from my laptop I am running windows XP professional on the PC and xp home on the laptop I have unistalled an reinstalled the network adapters on both computers The laptop has a built in wireless card but I also tried installing a PCMCIA card just to be sure it wasn t the problem I have disabled and enabled file and print sharing on both changed the workgroup and computer names on both Here is where it gets a little strange to me I am able to view files shared on the laptop from my pc but not vice versa Also I can ping the laptop from the pc but when I attempt to ping the pc from the laptop the request repeatedly times out Additionaly linksys has a ping tool built into its configuration software for the router accessed by from interntet explorer If I attempt to ping the pc using this utility from the laptop it times out If I access the linksys ping utility from the pc it has no problem pinging the pc kind of confussing I guess After reinstalling every component of the network from scratch today I was able to restore the file sharing properly to both computers I mapped my network drives and was able to access everything properly while I was working I left the laptop sit and it hybernated when I woke it back up I was back to the same problem again able to ping the laptop and access files from the pc but not from the laptop I am ready to start pulling out hairs and have no idea what else to try maybe a fresh set of ideas would help I took a microsoft networking course two years ago and am fairly knowledgeable I thought so if you have any more technical questions that would help troubleshoot please let me know ANY ideas or tips would be greatly appreciated fyi -I am only running tcp ip on both machines -file and print sharing is set up on both machines -net user guest account active on both machines -Windows ICF is disabled on both machines Thanks to everyone in advance Steve nbsp

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Hello I m new to windows recently bought a laptop for school and I have a question about it regarding my network connections When Network 7 Question Windows I open Control Pannel Network and Internet Network and Sharing Center I Windows 7 Network Question see two Icons under the View your active connections section One is my home s wireless private network which has a name and WPA Encryption it also has a Little house beside it referring to my home network To the right of there it has Access type Internet HomeGroup Joined Connections Wireless Network Connection name My problem question is There is another connection listed under the View your active connections section which is called Unidentified network and says Public Network beneath that There is a little public park bench icon to the left of the name and to the right it says Access type Internet Connections Wireless Network Connection name This seems a little fish-y to me I do not recall seeing this when I had my windows XP desktop about months ago Is this some sort of Windows thing does it list my connection as two seperate active connections or is this a problem with my network all together I have tried to disable the Unidentified network but once I do even my Home network cuts out and does not appear in my active connections section Im stumped and could use your help If any more info is needed to help further answer my problem then let me know Thanks in advance Joe

A:Windows 7 Network Question

This is normal when wireless is detecting a new network. always choose public network that park bench, for places you are visiting. They are usually unencrypted leaving you personal network sharing open to any one who connects to the same network. you don't need to disable any networks, your PC is just storing connections you have used.
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I may be making this too difficult for myself so let me know if their is an easier way to do this Network wireless linksys router connected to internet with PC s connected to it wirelessly Network wireless linksys router running dd-wrt not connected to internet but with PC s connected to it wirelessly I want Complicated Question Network network to access the internet through network but the link between the two networks would be done wirelessly via two cantennas on each end This is a long distance link I have a spare Complicated Network Question Motorola w g that has been flashed with ddwrt generic so it can now be used as a bridge so Im Complicated Network Question thinking I can connect it to one of the lan ports on the linksys on network and use it to connect to network I would like to eventually share files between the two networks but need to get the internet up first As a network topology would this even work I m gonna be totally lost configuring IP addresses so I guess one thing at a time Thanks for your help nbsp

A:Complicated Network Question

And you have one IP? What is your average connection speed? What is your cable modem or DSL modem brand and model? Finally, what sort of equipment will be connected to these devices?

When you get into complicated setups, it is most helpful to always use the same manufacturer for all equipment... When that is not possible, use the same equipment at the next (or distribution) level.

The Motorola is one week link, but attempting to do too much with home LinkSys wireless unit is perhaps another.
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Okay after being tired about the unreliability of wireless i decided to run an ethernet cable from my router to my computer my wireless connection was really messed up up and it usually crawls at terrible speed and disconnects a lot Im running Vista but my laptop keeps connecting automatically to various wireless networks the only way I can get a connection through my cable is by disconnecting from wired a Question network about a network and then plugging the cable Question about a wired network in Is there a way I can make sure my computer is connecting through my ethernet connection every time instead of wireless and also how to properly configure everything for ethernet I was thinking that I could turn off my wireless adapter through device manager however im unsure if this would mess anything else up - also im not sure which it is under network adapters I have Atheros Wireless Network Adater and SiS Ethernet controller If anybody has any ideas how I can set everything up Question about a wired network so my ethernet connection works properly it would be greatly appreciated thanks nbsp

A:Question about a wired network

Just disable the wireless connection, either in Device Manager or in Network Connections, that won't upset anything else.
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I have a Dell Precision 390 and a HP Pavilion the dell is running Windows XP Professional and the HP is running Windows Vista Home Premium.

Both computers are sat next to each other and I have one monitor. One is connected VGA and one DVI.

My question is, Is it possible to connect these 2 computers in a way that they will share things like Ram CPU HDD? So basically run them like one computer with as little change-money involved as possible.

Please ask any questions you need to help me out fully.

Thanks in advance

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I have my laptop connected to my wireless router working fine I bought a wireless usb adapter for another pc in my house hoping i Network Wireless Set-up question could connect to the router or the laptop and use the internet on my pc I set-up the ssid wep and network key on the usb adapter on my pc but i cannot connect to the router or the laptop to use the net on the pc From the pc it finds the ssid but only sends data out and receives no data My IP address on the laptop is Subnet mask is DG is On PC is gets random ip addresses subnet mask s and DG s I set it up manually to be the same as the laptop but it would not connect Can I wireless connect to the laptop Wireless Network Set-up question from my pc if the wireless adapter in the laptop is already connected to the router Do i need to connect another wireless adapter to the laptop and then I can connect from my pc to the laptop and surf net on my pc Thanks Nick nbsp

A:Wireless Network Set-up question

You should be able to connect to the router.

Download and install the latest firmware for your router. Download and install the latest drivers for your USB wireless adapter.

If you are using software that came with the adapter, use the WIndows wireless fuctionality instead and vice versa,

Disable all wireless security and try again. If it works without encryption, then try playing around with different encryption methods. WEP is more compatible than WPA.
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In "My Network Places" it used to say the computers are local. The way I DO want it.
I only connect one computer at a time to the internet independently.

Now it says in "Network locations" The Internet.
I don't remember when it changed or why.

I just wonder if some virus, trojan or what altered. Also in TaskManager, there is nothing under USERS, where it used to say my name.

any help-idea is appreciated.

A:network only at home question

I believe this is strictly a cosmetic issue. I've seen this before, and there was some simple fix that escapes me at the moment.
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I open ResourceMonitor/Perfrmance/Network and i see there my ''tool.exe''

sent bytes
received bytes
total bytes

i sent 4,471 bytes and i receive 450,800 bytes
when i first open the tab i see higher values i sent 8,600 bytes and i receive 740,000 bytes but after 3-4-5-10 seconds all values decrease why?which are the true values ?
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First off, I am not sure if this is where this post goes. This seems to be the best thread since my question sort of falls in the security side of things.

OK, say I have a network setup at my house. Someone brings over a laptop and plugs it into my network. Would it be possible to tell what program they are running on their computer from one of my computers without accessing their computer? Say, the program requires HTTPS port to remain open and the program runs non-stop while the computer is plugged in. Is there a way to figure out what program they are running or what website they are connecting to is?

A:Network Traffic Question.

Yes and no. If their computer has a firewall (and you don't have access to their computer), you cannot tell what programs they are running. That's one of the purposes of firewalls.

However, once they leave their computer, you can detect this.

One way is to put a sniffer on your network. That will tell you what traffic is passing by. Although there are plenty of free sniffers out there, very few will put your network card in promiscuous mode (the mode it needs to be in to see their traffic).

Second, try checking your router. Many keep logs of all the connections they make.

Third, install a proxy server. That way, all web traffic would have to hit the proxy in order to get out to the Internet. That way, you can see everything.

Finally, you could install a DNS server on your network and point everyone to it using whatever DHCP server you use. All requests for web traffic would then be routed through your DNS server which would cache the responses. I use one to speed up web browsing (my ISPs DNS servers are not that great), but you could use it to check traffic through the cache if you wanted to.

FYI: Most businesses use option 3.

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I have my wireless g network set up for 3 different computers at home. One is a laptop connected through the wirless, another desktop in the upper level connected through ethernet cables to the router/modem (D-link), and a third desktop in the basement of the house connected through a wireless pci card.

I was wondering if it's possible to connect through the desktop downsairs via ethernet or crossover cables to give something else an internet connection? I have Xbox360 and an older laptop with no built in wireless(but has an ethernet card). I'd like to be able to connect these in the basement without having to run hundreds of feet of ethernet through my house or spend much $$$ on wireless adapters.

Any ideas would be greatly apreciated.

A:Wireless network question(s)

Yes. Connect the Xbox and 2 PCs to an ethernet switch and enable Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) on the desktop's wireless connection.
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Ok, here is the question, I dont know if im in the right area though. I have 2 older homemade computers running windows xp home and a new one running win 7. The old computers can share with each other via my network places and also the ps3 and my led tv can as well, but on my win 7 pc i can only stream where on the other xp computer can copy the files from the video/picture folder from one pc to the other. Is there a way to do that with win 7 from the xp pc? I want to get all the videos/pictures from my xp pc to my win 7 pc. I tried the windows easy transfer WET thing but the old computer will not connect to the new one. It will just saying trying to connect. Please any help would be greatly appreciated.

A:Question about Network Sharing

You have to use the same name on all three computers, such as Workgroup. Windows 7 'Homegroup' will only work between two (or more) Windows 7 computers.
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I have Comcast as my ISP and use their modem for cable TV internet and phone service I have a Netgear router with wired connections to two Dell Win desktop pcs and a wireless connection to fi basic question help with wi network Need a Win laptop I recently installed Need help with basic network wi fi question a small app called quot Who is on my wifi quot and on running its scan it detects my pc my daughters pc the router and the laptop I guess I lack Need help with basic network wi fi question fundamental knowledge of wifi networks and am confused by the scan findings When I first installed my Dell pc it automatically detected the router and connected wirelessly I later was informed that better download speeds would result if I used an ethernet wired connection to the Netgear router Some time later my daughter installed her new Dell pc and I connected it to the router with an ethernet wired connection So both desktop pcs now have wired ethernet connections Here is my dumb novice question if the two desktop pcs have wired ethernet connections why is the quot Who is on my wifi quot Need help with basic network wi fi question scan showing them to be wifi devices Is it possible that the two desktop pcs are somehow still connecting to the internet wirelessly despite the fact that they have wired ethernet connections Any insights would be appreciated Frank

A:Need help with basic network wi fi question

Hi.. I think the term WiFi is not really indicating wireless, I have a Netgear router and I can pull up the connected devices.. and that is all that is needed In My Opinion.
So, just because some application says they are connected, does not necessarily mean they are wireless..
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Ok I'm ready to network both computers now.

For the Cat5 ethernet cable, that connects from the router to the first and second computer, do I need one called Cat5 patch cable or crossover cable? Or does it make a difference?


A:Network Cable Question

A patch or straight thru cable is what you need. A cross over cable is mainly used for directly connecting between two computers.
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Before buying my Win7 machine I had a very simple home network set up with two Win2K computers and an XP computer (which I've since removed). After some weird problems that seem to happen by themselves and then correct themselves, I managed to get the Win7 to connect to the router (wired) and thus to the network. However, although the two Win2K computers (both wireless) can see the Win7 computer and it's shared files and folders, they can't actually access them. When they try, the no-access box comes up. The Win7 computer, on the other hand, can access the shared stuff on the two other computers. I tried setting up User accounts on the Win7 for the other two computers, but it didn't work. What is it I'm not doing, or doing wrong?

By the way, I turned off the Homegroup stuff because it seemed to be interfering instead of helping.

A:Simple (hopefully) network question

Have you enabled file sharing on the Windows 7?

Short description for Windows 7 file sharing:

Go into the Network and Sharing Center from the Control Panel or from the Network icon in the Notification Area. Your network must be designated 'Home' (or 'Work'). Click on Change advanced sharing settings. In the Home or Work section you can configure File and printer sharing, Public folder sharing, and Password protected sharing.

You must uninstall or properly configure any non-windows firewall (security suite).
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Hello everyone I m new so I figured I would start off with a doozey I have a dilemma that I hope someone can Enterprise question network help me out with some info I just started a new job as systems admin and upon learning their network I discovered that for some reason they have two sets of IPs running their network They use a x x and x x with a subnet of No one there seems to have the foggiest idea why they are running like this and it is just a mess Some servers are on one some on the other ect Enterprise network question ect So my first plan is to get them a new set of IPs and get the whole thing running on one set Unfortunately I have never had to do this before and don t really know where to start Do I just go to the ISP and ask them for a new set then reconfigure the network We have approx in house and about field users We have one remote office users that I haven t decided on whether they will be VPNd in as an office or what I am going to do with them Ultimately I will have the field users VPN in but right now they just check their mail via LN webmail I have been doing some web searching but I m not having much luck Can anyone point me in the right direction or send me a link with some info Thank you very much nbsp

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Hey i just bought a new network card and while going through the properties of it in device manager i noticed something that my old network card didnt have.
Under the advanced tab i noticed some things that you could change and i was wondering what they mean...
Included in this post is a screenshot of the properties of my NIC under device manager...i was wondering if anyone could help me by explaining what they mean and if by changing any of these values whether or not it would increase my transmission speed (download speed)..

Thanks for any help that anyone has

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I have heard that if one of the computer on the home network is infected there is a chance that the rest of the computer conected to the network might also be infected. However, I don't exactly understand how that might happen. Could someone explain how that might happen? Because all I know is that people on the same network can access your documents and file if you do not set up your security properly but I don't know how they can infect each other.

A:network security question

Quote: Originally Posted by junjun

I have heard that if one of the computer on the home network is infected there is a chance that the rest of the computer conected to the network might also be infected. However, I don't exactly understand how that might happen. Could someone explain how that might happen? Because all I know is that people on the same network can access your documents and file if you do not set up your security properly but I don't know how they can infect each other.

If they can change a file, then you open that file, you could get infected.

But that is not the most efficient way to infect other computers on a network. The infected computer looks for security flaws on other computers and uses those to gain access. The access might let them run their infected app on the remote computer.

Look at the description of some critical Windows Updates; they state this:

This is a remote code execution vulnerability. An attacker who successfully exploited this vulnerability could take complete control of an affected system remotely.

Some say that there are 100s of these flaws that have not been patched. They are known to those writing/selling exploit kits (software that helps write malware). They don't release/sell all of the exploits at once - because then MS could fix them all at once.
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In trying to solve blue screen of death on my Compaq Evo N800c laptop running Windows XP Pro I was looking for a hardware conflict. Device manager shows everything working fine and all drivers have been updated. I did notice though under Network Adapter there were two listings (1) Compaq WLAN Multiport W200 and (2) Intel PRO/100 VE Network Connect. Do I need both of these running?

A:Network adapter Question

The wireless or the wired network adapter can be disabled.... if you always only connect wirelessly, turn off the Intel Pro, or vice versa. This can be a problem if you loan the computer to someone, or there are other users who use it. I didn't say it would be.....I said it could be
Kids using the computer.... might try drastic things to "fix" it thinking something was wrong or something happened.

It is standard practice to have a wireless adapter and a wired one in today's notebook computers, perhaps if you had more information, we could help you.
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Hello and thank you for your time. I'm wondering if there is a way to force my host operating system to use a specific network card? Here is my story. I recently enabled Hyper-V on my Windows 8.1 desktop. When enabling Hyper-V it created a network switch. This switch is an external switch with access to my host's network card. I also created an internal switch for a different subnet. See the screenshot for a little more details
What I notice is that when I'm browsing to websites on my host OS, it pauses for maybe 10 seconds saying resolving host. The web page then loads as expected. This did not happen prior to Hyper-v. So I'm thinking that maybe traffic is being routed through the Hyper-V switches and back out? Is there a way to verify this, or maybe force the host to use a specific NIC card?
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Hello, I just am wondering a few things and if I will develop problems down the road with my setup.

I have a desktop and a laptop, both on my wireless network.

If both systems use the same, mac address, and IP will there be any issues?

(I only use one at a time)

Though it would make transferring files between eachother hard, since they have the same IP?


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Hi, I am going to map a network drive of one of my folders but I want all users to be able to view it without having to create it on every user :S

Is there any way to do this?

A:Network Drive Question

Quote: Originally Posted by dannycc

Hi, I am going to map a network drive of one of my folders but I want all users to be able to view it without having to create it on every user :S

Is there any way to do this?

No, unfortunately. Each user has to have the drive mapped.
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Hello there. My computer has become infested and i want to reformat it and dual boot winodws and linux. On my network, the router is a linkysys something or other and there is 3 computers on it.

Is there a way that i could transfer all my data on computer #1, not the computer with router just using a network card, to computer #2 , using a network card?

The i could format computer #1 and transfer the data back.

Also computer #2 is now bout to be dual botted with linux, fedora core 4 too be exact, will there any problem of transferting data becuase of the operating systems?

So can you transfer files from windows to linux, vice versa?

Hope someone with knowledge can help me, thanx.

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What happens when your wireless network adapter and wired network card are both enabled on your system, and they are both connected to the same router?

Will any problems arise? I currently experienced no problems for the past 3 days but is this bad?, when 2 network cards are both on at the same time?

A:Network card question please

Provided the both have different ip's then it shouldn'd be a problem.
Why do you want to connect them to the same router tho???
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I'm thinking of setting up a wireless network in my home. I already have a wired router. Question: Would I be better off (financially and ease of configuration) going with just a new wireless router, or purchasing a wireless access point and plugging into my existing system? Any input would be appreciated. The computers involved are running Win98 and WinXP>

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A:newbie asking network question...

Why would you even Post this item????
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Hi Guys,
I have a linksys Wireless-n router WRT300N.
I am using a sify connection with LAN. A friend form my LAN and i use software called RADMIN for remote administration.
The day i started using my Wireless router, he is not able to log into my PC but i am able to log into his PC.
I have ip address of and his ip address is
When connected with router my PC gets an Ip address of
following are the settings on my router.

I tried to disable all the security options but it was of no use.
The default port for RADMIN is 4899 TCP. Plz help!!

A:Wireless Network Question!

You need to open ports for that Remote Admin to work correctly. It should tell you which ports. I don't use that software anymore, since you got it free with XP Pro Remote Desktop works much better..

Btw nice Pictures, more users should follow your lead
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Hello I m trying to complete a wire network installation at my home with three desktop computers XP Network Home Question all running XP Home Cisco DSL modem and a Linksys router The problem is When I go to My Network Places at XP Home Network Question any one computer I can only see ONE other computers shared folder When I am at computer A for example I should be able to see TWO shared folders I should see a Shared Folder for computer B and one for computer C But I can only see ONE other Shared Folder IF I am at Computer C I can only see computer A s Shared Folder If I m at computer B I can only see computer C s Shared Folder etc What I have done so far Tested continuity on Ethernet connections good Ran ipconfig on all computers and recorded IP data in Internet Protocal properties DNS Servers are filled in Network card drivers are up to date McAfee VC ver under XP Home Network Question Manage Network enabled admin rights to all computers With windows firewall on and off ran Network Wizard on all three computers Selecting This computer connects to the Internet directly or through a network hub Other computers on my network also connect to the Internet directly or through a hub Network name is the same on all computers Turn on file and printer sharing is selected Opened Explore and found Shared Documents on all computers and enabled sharing and selected Share this folder on the network Allow network users to change my files There is no Permissions tab in XP Home Help and Support Center Use TOOLS to view your computer information and diagnose problems Selected Network Diagnosis Scan Passed All three computers successfully share one printer So again why can I not see the two other computers Shared Folders on any one of the networked computers Thanks so much for the help nbsp

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I've got a second older pc that I want to access from my new one, how do I go about setting this up??

I don't want or need this older one to access the net, just use it for backing up important docs etc.


A:newbie asking network question...

Rather than buying a router and connecting both PCs to it, you can connect both PCs together using a crossover cable.

Standard ethernet cables (cables that you plug from your PC into a router) are not crossovers and therefore won't work.

After buying the cable:

First you need to make the folders you want to transfer available. Right click on a you will want to transfer files from, click on Sharing and Security, and follow the instructions to make the folder shared.

Plug both ends of the cable into both PCs. Then, on the PC you want to transfer from, open 'Network Connections' from the Control Panel. Right click on the Local Area Connection icon and click on 'Status'. Then click on the 'Support' Tab.

This will display the I.P address of the PC.

On the PC you want to transfer from, click 'Start' then 'Run...'

In the box, type: \\<the I.P address>\
Where <the I.P address> is the number you got from the other PC's Network Connection details.

This will open up a window containing the other computer's shared items, which will show any folders you shared. You can also share printers and they would be displayed here too.

Open the folders as if it were a disk drive, and copy the files across to your local hard drive.

Hope this helps

Kind Regards

Support Team


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I was asked this question in class and I Configuration Network Question m not sure if I gave the right answer or not Company with max different locations Head Office and Store House Each location has a static IP address Each location has max PCs in the internal network Locations need to be able to connect via VPN thus have the same Sub Net I m thinking IP Class B SN giving me IPs SN to work with just in case all locations connect to one location at the same time Q is this SN a good choice For the internal network at each location Internet Router Public IP Static Private IP SN Firewall with NIC Router facing NIC IP SN GW LAN facing NIC IP SN GW Hub Switch Data Server IP SN GW File Server IP SN GW Switch Switches PC PC PC Etc IP adds x SN GW Q Is this the right configuration If not what should I change Q Recommended OS for Firewall Server and Server Q Recommended hardware for Routers Switches Appreciate you taking the time to help me out nbsp
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I recently moved houses and am currently setting up our network. I'm using a new router but I gave it all the same configuration as my last router (SSID, Security Type, & WPA Key). However when I connect to my network, Windows says it's connected to SECURE_HOME 3 instead of just SECURE_HOME, and I am getting all sorts of connectivity problems. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

A:Duplicate Network Question.

remove all the wireless profiles and reconnect - maje sure you know the wireless password key

How to remove Wireless Profiles

How to remove Wireless Profiles - for Vista and Windows 7
- Vista/Windows7:
- delete the wireless profiles
Start> control Panel> classic view> network and sharing center> manage wireless networks

Delete the profiles
you will then have to enter the wireless security key for any networks you connect to - so make sure you know the correct password , and not using an incorrect password at all

How to remove Wireless Profiles - for XP
- XP
- delete the preferred networks
start> control panel> network connections> right click on the wireless connection> listed wireless networks tab in the preferred network list click on each one and - remove button

you will then have to enter the wireless security key for any networks you connect to - so make sure you know the correct password , and not using an incorrect password at all

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So, I just got back to college, and it has about 3000 students and a T3 (ds3) network.

I've been trying to play some video games, but the network seems to go bad after about a minute of play. This happens every time. I start out in game at about 100ms ping, and then it goes up to around 1000. Is there anything I can do to my registry (possibly editing Winsock or Lanman keys)?

Or would the only way to fix this be on the network server's end?

I know the network technically should be able to let these games play because when I download files, they usually run at 300kb/s, and I've even had rates of up to 1.2mb/s

Any response is appreciated.

A:College Network Question

Hi and welcome. I'm sure it's the college limiting the bandwith. And unfortunately, we can't help you get around that limitation. Check with them
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My desktop PC is being fixed and I am using my laptop on my home cable connection right now with it being connected through the network jack in the back. With my desktop pc whenever I download something I get between 350-450kb/sec and with my laptop I am receiving 5-20kb/sec. and the connection isn't that stable with the performacne fading after I use it for a few minutes and then I have to restart the modem and sometimes the laptop to get back on. My question is if I were to get a USB/Network adapter so I can plug the internet connection through the USB port would this solve my problem or at the very least improve my speed.

The laptop is a Sony Vaio w/ a 2.0ghz P4 processor with 256MB RAM.


A:Question about USB Network Adapter.

What version of windows are you using on the laptop?
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Network question -- I cannot "see" another computer on the network. It knows the laptop name [from the new computer] but it is applying it to windows media. The laptop knows the new computer's name but it can't open it or "see" anything about it. Both machines are working off the same wireless network. Both are discoverable. Neither [yes, I know] has a firewall turned on.

Is there some special trick or is this just Vista fun?

A:64 bit newbie - network question

Same subnet
Same workgroup
Same user and password on both computers

Reboot and login

Make sure your shares use that user account.
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I have a question about learning network security. If I setup 2 PC's (or 3 or 4; whatever) on a network, one an NT server, the other a "hacking box" to try different exploits against the NT server, would that be a very accurate simulation of how it would work on the Internet? Would the things that I can/cannot do to that server over a private little LAN be a true representation of what could/couldn't be done over the Internet if the server were actually out on the Internet? I'm talking about pinging, port scanning, attempting intrusion, etc. Someone told me it would be pretty accurate, but I just don't know. I'm of the belief that to defend against attackers you need to know what they do. Any help with this question and any other insight into this topic would be most helpful. Thank you.

A:Network security question...


Yes, it is a good way to protect yourself. I am assuming that the one running NT will have a firewall installed. If not, then it can still be more interesting. There are many exploits out there for NT so maybe setting them up would be a starting point.
The only thing I will say is that some people may see this as a way to hack other systems on the web so that is why some security people get a lot of jabs about what they do.

Learn about ports, what they do and what vulnerabilities they have. Learn about firewalls, as well as encryption. The best is PGP as this is excellent. Another way to learn about Security is to have a go at Honeypots. These are a great rescource for an administrator but not for the attacker.


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Hello and thank you for taking the time to read and consider my question. I am computer functional but not computer literate. I am currently trying to solve a problem I face - we have Verizon Fios (an Actiontech wireless modem) it has a limited range in our home. I have purchased and we currently use a belkin g plus mimo wireless router with a long connection cord that extends the signal slightly, however I would like to move this to the middle of our home and cover the other side of the house. Moving the modem connection is not an option at this point. My question: Is it possible to wirelessly connect the Belkin to the Actiontech and there by disseminate the signal from the Belkin? Please remember I am not computer literate so plain terms would be greatly appreciated.

A:Wireless Network Question

From my knowledge, No you can't connect them together via wireless. The only way to do this is to connect them via cable and have one router acting as a client and one acting as a server.

This means that the Server will be directly connected to the internet and allows clients to connect to it and broadcast a wireless network etc.

The client router is like a slave to the server. It's assigned an IP and is treated like a computer by the server. However to do this you must configure your router to act as a client, Many routers do not support this. I suggest reading your routers manuals and deciding if either support this feature.

I hope I was of some help to you
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Hi guys currently i have NTL Chorus broadband that is coming in to a black motorola box that i cannot access this then goes into my netgear wireless router i have laptops connecting question... General network to the wireless router and i also have server box cabled into the same netgear wireless router the server runs dhcp active directory and is an ftp and file server what i plan to do is this I want to run winroute firewall on my server to act as a firewall for all network traffic monitor and cap all lan traffic on my network what i believe there should be nics on my server for inbound traffic lan and for outbound traffic internet the server with winroute should be the last device connected to the black NTL General network question... motorola device what i am having a problem doing how do i get the internet traffic from the black box into my server and the rest of my lan there is no point General network question... connecting the netgear to the black box and server to the netgear as all wireless clients will bypass the firewall and will then fail to be monitored im looking for any clues or ideas to guide me to the best configuration to accomplish this task thanks ahead PK nbsp

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hi i was wondering how to network 2 computers but no router, i was thinking using the desktop as a server and the laptop connecting to it if possible wirelessly, the laptop has a wifi card installed already do i just need one for the desktop? how would i set it up? thanks

A:Question on how to network 2 computers

Do a wired connection if both PCs have NICs

If both computers have NICs, buy a crossover cable and connect them directly. I do not know if you can wirelessly connect two PCs without a wireless router, but I doubt it.
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I am going threw the process of converting our two desktop pc's to N-wireless. So far in my research I've figured out that we are going to need a wireless network adapter compatible with N-wireless; which is the only wireless connection our internet provider offers, and I am not looking to switch providers.

My question is will my PC be able to run N-wirless? I have checked Device Manager then Network adapters and have 2 Network adapters first is 1394 Net Adapters which has Driver Version: 5.1.2535.0 second Network adapter is Intel(R) PRO/100 VE Network Connection which has Driver Version:

Further more am i reading to much into the situation, or is it as simple as much laptop owners would suggest?

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I have a laptop that can connect wirelessly to the modem where I work, at a library. There is also a "network cable" plugged into the side of my laptop- the kind that looks like a phone plug only a little wider...that one is connected to the old server, I plug in to print and to look at the old "winnebago" system.
My question, is it safe to unplug and plug back in that cable with the laptop on? Someone said I could damage something but i've done it a million times without a problem...have I just been lucky?

A:Please Help/ Network Cable Question

No that one is safe...... well obviously not if you are actively using the connection as you may corrupt files, but that connection is designed for hot swapping.
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Hello...i have a Netgear wgr614 v5. My dad has it set up so that the internet connection is disabled after do i extend it?


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Hi, I had a question about the My Network Places on Windows 2000. I want to know how I can add comment to show up when you check entire netwok, and the domain. Right now they each have the computer name, but I would like to know how I can add a comment to display the person who the computer is for. I can't find anythign on the active directory to change or add comments to this column. Does anybody have any ideas? They would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you

A:Computer network question

Try adding something to the Computer Description field on the Computer Name tab.
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Hi Everyone Sorry for the newb question but my knowledge of the ins and outs of networks leaves a bit to be Question Network Home desired I am going to be renting a bedroom townhouse along with my girlfriend and when I toured the townhouse before signing the lease I noticed it was fully wired for phone ethernet and cable In every room there is a wall plate with a cable outlet a phone outlet and a Cat outlet in it The ethernet port is labeled quot Cat quot and the phone jack is labeled quot Phone quot so from where I am standing it could get Home Network Question any easier for me What we are going to do Home Network Question is have the cable modem put in a central room in the townhome then I want to make all of the Cat outlets in the townhouse live but I do not know what I need or how to do this I will say that in the master bedroom there is a panel and in previous houses I have been in the stuff behind the panel controls the cable TV throughout the house So what do I need Home Network Question to do to get all the Cat jacks in the townhome live Is is as simple as running a Cat cable from the modem to a router and then to a Cat jack in one of the rooms or is there more to it than this Thanks everyone nbsp

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You will have to excuse me, I am not up to speed with all the computer lingo.

What I have is :-

Desktop Computer
Laptop with Wireless Card
2mb broadband connection

I want to be able to share the connection if I choose, ie....If desktop is online, enable laptop and vise versa.

I think I know what I need ( Wireless Router, and Wireless card for desktop ). But when I see descriptions of routers, it gives a load of tech jargon.

What router do I need to not hinder the 2mb connection I have? and is there a certain spec of card to do the same?

Many Thanks,

A:Wireless Network Question -- 108mpbs router -- Wireless USB Adapter (if can't use the built-in ports on router)

I would recommend getting a router with atleast a 54Mpbs transfer rate (108Mpbs is faster) depending the speed of your laptop it will only connect as fast as your wireless card is..then I would recommend if possible to use the ethernet port to connect to your desktop as ethernet is much faster than wireless and much more stable. If not possible then you can get a wireless USB device, makes it easier to install/setup than the internal PCI style.

With a router you'll be able to have both laptop and desktop on at the same time..

Hope this helps!
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Is there any way to know who have map your drive onto their computer?

Actually I don't quite understand how map network drive works.

A:question regarding map network drive

Junjun, Map drives is just a techy way of saying that you want to add another drive letter to your system but the drive is really on another machine or server.
What maping does is tell your system that a drive/directory on another computer where you have authorized access is now available as another drive letter. It can be done only if the other user on another machine has the credentials to be able to access a share on your drives. You must specifically share the directory/drive with a userid that the other machines user is authorized.

Hope this explains a bit.

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I have just set u a wireless connection - linksys broadband router. How do i set a security password ?

Thanks !

A:Wireless network question.

whats the model - you need to set up WPA2 (you may only have WEP) if you have it on your model and supported on the devices you want to connect - should be a setting if you logon to your router.
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I'm not a computer expert but I know my way around okay.

I'm trying to set up a wireless ad-hoc network in my home to share internet access with another computer without getting a wireless router. Then connection is only necessary on occasion, not an every day basis.

PC 1 is a HP Pavilion Laptop running windows 7 and uses a 64bit processor
PC 2 is a Dell Vostro laptop running windos xp home and runs on a 32bit system

I was able to set up the ad-hoc on PC 1, PC 2 was able to locate the network and "connect" but PC 2 was unable to access the internet, and i'm unsure of how this connection makes sharing files easy/possible as i've read it should.

Any help is greatly appreciated as i've spent a number of hours googling and tinkering with no luck.

Have I left out any pertinent information?


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First off i would like to thank who ever responds with any reasonable answers Question network setup my on on this situation Question on my network setup Well i decieded to hook my old linksys router up again it is wireless ghz I had it set up before but took it off due to Im the only one useing the service and pretty much noone else uses a wireless device that requires a connection anyway my concern is the password i had used before and never changed it I want to make sure it is the same one i have used on here before i am useing the same pc i set everything up on I just want to make sure i don't have people connecting when they want to when i put everything together all i had to do was click connect and it was on so im assuming my password is still in tact or could someone give me a way to make sure i still have a password or find out if i got one still thanks in advance i hope this isnt to complicated for you all thank you again http www bing com shopping linksys ooster amp FORM CL

A:Question on my network setup

Quote: Originally Posted by Solarstarshines

First off i would like to thank who ever responds with any reasonable answers on this situation

Well i decieded to hook my old linksys router up again it is wireless 2.4 ghz I had it set up before but took it off due to Im the only one useing the service and pretty much noone else uses a wireless device that requires a connection

anyway my concern is the password i had used before and never changed it I want to make sure it is the same one i have used on here before i am useing the same pc i set everything up on

I just want to make sure i don't have people connecting when they want to when i put everything together all i had to do was click connect and it was on

so im assuming my password is still in tact or could someone give me a way to make sure i still have a password or find out if i got one still?

thanks in advance i hope this isnt to complicated for you all thank you again
Linksys Instant Wireless Wireless Signal Booster WSB24 - repeater - product summary - Bing Shopping

When it is connected use you browser to go to, or and if there is a password it will prompt you for it. Even if yours is not intact there may be a generic UID and password from linksys built in try it and let us know the results.
Ken J
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Hi all,

I was wondering what is the best and cheapest way of networking 2 computers with internet connection? I have a SpeedTouch modem so it only has a usb cable going to my current pc and a data cable going to my phoneline. I want the network to be wired. What equipment do I need?

From research i found i needed
x2 Network Cables
x1 Hub

Is this true with my setup and modem??

Thanks alot,


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this should be, I believe, rather easy to accomplish. I would like to have a dialog box appear on boot up on specific pc's in a domain. It's not a necessary thing, but as I support people across the country, it would be nice to have them see upon boot up 'please contact so and so to have software installed' as opposed to emailing them and waiting for them to get back to me when they have time for me to remote in and do the installs that way.

OS's are primarily XP, but a few W7 boxes as well. Servers are currently 2k3 R2, upgrading to 2k8 R2 in a couple months.

Again, not critical, but one of those 'this would be handy to be able to do' sort of thing.



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Attachment 28181 ?
In the enclosed picture is a connection issue I sometimes experience. When I see this, what is it telling me? Between what two points have I lost my connection? And when I see this, what is the best method to correct it? I use Vista HomePremium.

A:Network Connection Question

under where it says customize is there a link status
if so click that then diagnose
If the link is not there click the red x
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We just received our Win2000 server, and now it's time for me to configure it. This is my first try at server/client, so I need a little help. First of all, is it nessacary to use DHCP as a rule? We have 30 IP's available, but only 8 connected systems, so I don't think DHCP would be needed.

Also, regarding DNS, is this still needed for a server that is only going to be offering up files?

Lastly, I've heard many speak of having two NIC's in the same machine. This server came with two installed. How would one make use of the other one?

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I have my desktop and the wife has a laptop, which we are using along with a Netgear router with protected password. My question is, should this setting be turned to on on both computers?

A:Question about network setting win 8.1

It depends on how your network is setup: Private or Public. If Private then you can turn it on.
Open Control Panel -> Network and Sharing Center, You'll see a screen as shown below.
Here's how to set a network private or public:
Network Location - Set to Private or Public in Windows 8
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Hey Im leaving in a few hours to go setup this ladies network Some quick info Desktop PC Windows Laptop Windows XP Pro The wireless router I believe its the DLINK DI- The router which the internet hooksup Question! Network Urgent to from wall Not sure but its a DLINK Alright i went there a week or two ago to try and set it up I hooked it up so on the desktop i could configure the settings on the Urgent Network Question! wireless router I hooked it up and entered its IP address in Internet explorer and firefox I got Urgent Network Question! the login prompt and did EXACTLY what your supposed to do Put admin in the username and left password blank I click ok and the login just pops back up I called DLINK and of course they just read from the script I did everything that it said on Urgent Network Question! their website He said to reset the router which ive tried times and it still just pops backup He then says it must be defective and to return from where she got it Verizon shipped the hardware to her So she calls them and they say theres no way it can be defective Im all out of ideas what should i do Stevo They said its probably defective and to nbsp