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Multiple Printers on WiFi Network

Q: Multiple Printers on WiFi Network

I have searched and cannot find any similar (Active) thread.

I need to set-up Multiple Printers (minimum 2: might be 3) on a WiFi Network. The main two are HP 1220c Inkjet: old but A3 Format full color with photo level resolution: and a Dell 1320C, Laser Color, Network ready.

My first obvious solution was a multi-port WiFi print Server.

Only Trouble is most of these seem to be designed for Multifunction printers only.

Furthermore, I cannot seem to source a Print Server! All seem to be discontinued.

My wireless base is a Belkin ADSL Modem-Router: which has 4 RJ45 LAN ports.

So I'm thinking of trying hard-wiring a mini 4 port USB NAS/Print Server direct to the Belkin Modem-Router.

The NAS-Print Server uses TCP/IP, WSD, UPnP and Bonjour, Protocols: and the Router, ISP, PPPoE, PPPoA, 1483 Bridged Dynamic/Fixed IP, 1483 Routed and LAN: CSMA/CD, TCP/IP, UDP, DHCP.

Any ideas/comments please?



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Preferred Solution: Multiple Printers on WiFi Network

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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I have a large number of Brother PJ- printers that users connect laptops to Even though they are all exact same model the laptops are creating multiple model of multiple Connecting queues the printers same create brand new local Connecting multiple printers of the same model create multiple queues print queue for each individual printer I suspect Brother Connecting multiple printers of the same model create multiple queues has implemented the serial number capability within the USB spec The laptops are ending up with a large number of print queues on them all labeled copy copy etc which is confusing the end users Nerds understand what they are and how to pick the correct Connecting multiple printers of the same model create multiple queues one for the printer that's currently connected but must of my users aren't nerds Brother has a support document on this issue I have connected multiple printers of the same model to one PC but can only print from one of the machines Brother But it simply describes how to choose the correct print queue not how to prevent multiple queues from being created in the first place The printers are working great otherwise but I'd really like to find a way to configure Windows Professional -bit to have just one print queue regardless of which PJ- it happens to be connected to Any ideas
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Hello using the Microsoft Windows Software Development Kit v SDK i compiled the WirelessHostedNetwork Example I use the adapters multiple wlanapi.dll HostedNetwork WLAN network WIFI / native | | physical Native Wifi Functions in wlanapi dll As in the wireless Hosted Network Example described I open a quot WlanOpenHandle quot initialize with quot WlanHostedNetworkInitSettings quot wlanapi.dll / native WIFI | HostedNetwork | multiple physical WLAN network adapters set the SSID name quot SetConnectionSettings quot and the password with quot SetSecondaryKey quot With quot WirelessHostednetworkStartUsing quot and quot WlanHostedNetworkStopUsing quot i can Start wlanapi.dll / native WIFI | HostedNetwork | multiple physical WLAN network adapters Stop the Virtual wlanapi.dll / native WIFI | HostedNetwork | multiple physical WLAN network adapters AcessPoint In the Network and Sharing Center there is allways a quot Microsoft Virtual WiFi Miniport Adapter quot created However we have the scenario that the computer has more then only one physical WLAN network adapter installed Therefore we want to assign a certain physical wireless network card to the WirelessHostedNetwork Using the quot WlanEnumInterfaces quot function it is possible to enumerate all physical wireless network cards and its GUID on the computer However it has not possible to assign a certain wireless network card to the wlanHandle I got after quot WlanOpenHandle quot It is also required to configure the IP address range of the WirelessHostedNetwork By default this is set always to XXX nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp Thanks a lot
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hi,i would like to connect two wireless printers through a Dlink router-modem, but can operate only one printer at a time and the other printer is no longer viewed by pc ..can operate this configuration ?:Printer laserjet pro 125nw M + printer Designjet T120 + modem-router wifi on 64bit Windows 10.thanks in advance and sorry for my poor english
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This may be a silly question. When working from home, my wife connects to her office through a dedicated VPN (I don't know if it's Citrix or what). She also has a great deal of trouble printing to our wi-fi printer.On my laptop, I use a VPN for basic security/anonymity, and I do NOT have a problem connecting to our wi-fi printer.I always presumed that the Wi-Fi printer was inside a private ring created by my router, and the VPN only impacted connections LEAVING the router. I am guessing this isn't true, based on my wife's experience.Some insight would be helpful.

A:VPNs and WiFi Printers

Quick  answer.  Normally a WiFi Printer is part of your local network and not directly exposed to the Internet.However, The printer can get to the Internet. Many modern printers do indeed have a way to let a remote user to use the network printer.Sorry, I don't fully understand how they do this. I think it is a new practice.Maybe you will need to get some help from your VPN company.Here is a link that might help some. the HP All-in-One Printer Remote app, you can print documents and photos, check the status of your printer, and perform maintenance tasks. You can also order original HP printing supplies and get help from HP support.  Some features might not be available with all printer models.This is often used with smartphones and tablets to send a document home.EDIT: Forgot to mention, some HP printers can have an e-mail address.,158110.0.html
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I have two USB printers that I am trying to print to wirelessly from my Laptop.

Both printers are hooked into my HP Desktop computer running Vista 64bit.
My internet is Frontier DSL running through a Netgear router.
I have a Toshiba laptop running Windows 7 Professional.

From my desktop (Vista), I've set both printers to 'Share' but when I search for them in the Networking menu on my laptop (Windows 7), it can't seem to find them.

Is what I am trying to do feasible and am I missing something?

Thanks in advance.

A:Using home wifi for USB printers

What you are trying to do is definitely feasible, and quite common. Here are some things to look at. Can your laptop see other shared resources, such as folders, on the desktop?

1. Both computers should be in the same workgroup. Control Panel -> System -> Advanced System Properties -> Computer Name (this is the Windows 7 location, Vista should be in a similar location). If your laptop is used at work on an office network then you may want to check with your IT dept before making a change on the laptop.

2. The host computer (Desktop running Vista) needs to be sharing the printers (which you said that you did already). It also needs to have any firewall allowing printer sharing so that other computers can "see" the printers.

3. After the printers are shared, and accessible, to your network then your network needs to allow the two computers to talk to each other. Most likely your network is using the DSL Modem/Router as the central connection point. Check to see if there is a Router setting that may be blocking the communication.

4. The printer drivers/software needs to be installed on the laptop, and needs to be able to handle a network connection to a printer shared on another computer. If the driver is limited to only a local USB connection to the printer then you may be out of luck on this.

I wish you good luck with this.
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I have had a problem for a "Printers Missing and Network in Printers Faxes" while now and can t figure it Missing Network Printers in "Printers and Faxes" out My main computer which has my printers installed on it now does not show any printers However I can see them under quot View Workgroup Computers quot as they are shared network printers My problem is that I cannot install any printers nor can I see any in the Printers and Faxes I can print and they show up under printers to select from programs but because I can t see them I am having trouble updating programs like Adobe Adobe fails making a reference to the printers I checked the print spooler under Services and it is running I have stopped and restarted it but the quot Printer and Faxes quot screen is still blank I have no viruses and have scanned for them with Norton Trend Micro and even ran Hijackthis I tried using a Windows print spooler cleaner but that barfed and would not work I tried to add printers via the Microsoft Windows Network and I was told that I did not have administraive priv to do it This makes no sens since I am the admin on my local computer and no settings have changed to cause this type of error message Any suggestions Brendan nbsp

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I have two printers both connected by USB One is a Lexmark Mono Laser and the other is a Canon colour Ink Jet Multiple printers I do not want to set either of them as the default The Lexmark will be used for B amp W printing of letter heads and envelopes Ideally I want to set the Lexmark up twice so version one can Multiple printers be set to print the Multiple printers normal stuff and version two to do just the envelopes I can then rename them as Letters and Envelopes respectively then with a simple click I can choose to print whatever is required Problem as is at the moment the Canon is picking up the settings of the Lexmark The Lexmark is set for duplex and the Canon should be single sided but no it picks up the duplex signal from the Lexmark Ergo it takes ages to set each printer up before I can actually print Is there any way windows X can sort this or is there an aftermarket Printer Controller available or do I have to find another OS altogether Being years old I do have difficulty with technical jargon so please be gentle with me

A:Multiple printers

Hello Jackhandle Welcome to the Ten Forums!

One suggestion that could prove useful for you there would be turning the Cannon model off when going to print envelopes so none of that type of print job is accessed by the wrong printer. The Cannon printer wouldn't see any of that type of print job in it's cache which basically is remembering what print job was left remaining.

During the normal everyday color printing you would leave the Lexmark lazer printer turned off instead. In fact you would turn each printer off so that would be unavailable in between print jobs. You might have to adjust settings as far as which is set as the default however while Windows usually will prompt for which printer to use or provide the option to choose when two or more are present.
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I have two Multiple printers printers both connected by USB One is a Lexmark Mono Laser and the other is a Canon colour Ink Jet I do not want to set either of them as the default The Lexmark will Multiple printers be used for B amp W Multiple printers printing of letter heads and envelopes Ideally I want to set the Lexmark up twice so version one can be set to print the normal stuff and version two to do just the envelopes I can then rename them as Letters and Envelopes respectively then with a simple click I can choose to print whatever is required Problem as is at the moment the Canon is picking up the settings of the Lexmark The Lexmark is set for duplex and the Canon should be single sided but no it picks up the duplex signal from the Lexmark Ergo it Multiple printers takes ages to set each printer up before I can actually print Is there any way windows X can sort this or is there an aftermarket Printer Controller available or do I have to find another OS altogether Being years old I do have difficulty with technical jargon so please be gentle with me

A:Multiple printers

Hello Jackhandle Welcome to the Ten Forums!

One suggestion that could prove useful for you there would be turning the Cannon model off when going to print envelopes so none of that type of print job is accessed by the wrong printer. The Cannon printer wouldn't see any of that type of print job in it's cache which basically is remembering what print job was left remaining.

During the normal everyday color printing you would leave the Lexmark lazer printer turned off instead. In fact you would turn each printer off so that would be unavailable in between print jobs. You might have to adjust settings as far as which is set as the default however while Windows usually will prompt for which printer to use or provide the option to choose when two or more are present.
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My friend continually has a problem with her HP C4280 printer. She gets an error message and must reinstall the software in order to print. She then accumulates "printer copy 1" and "printer copy 2" etc. Then she always has to select the latest "copy" to be able to print. Needless to say, this is a pain! What ideas can you offer to help? I uninstalled the software and downloaded it from hp. I don't know if the problem will persist, but in the meantime, any help will be appreciated!
PS She is using Vista.

A:multiple printers??

One thing to note is that if she's using Windows Vista, it acts strange with printers. Don't turn off or unplug the printer when the computer is on, vista won't recognize it. Shut down the computer, then turn on the printer, then start the computer again.
If that's not the issue, then this is what I would try. First thing to do is unplug the printer from the computer and reset it back to factory defaults. HP's website says to do the following: said:

1) Press the On button and turn off the HP All-in-One.
2) Unplug the power cord from the wall outlet.
3) Unplug the power cord from the back of the HP All-in-One.
4) Wait for 20 seconds.
5) Plug the power cord back into the HP All-in-One.
6) Plug the power cord into the wall outlet.
7) Turn on the HP All-in-One by pressing the On button.
Click to expand...

Then click the start button and select printers and faxes. Right-click on each printer listed and click delete. Make sure that if she still uses any of them that she has the installation disks before she deletes them all. If she only uses her current one, then it's not a big deal. The reason I advise you to do this is because those old drivers can cause problems, especially if the old ones are also HP printers.
Now put the installation CD in the drive and it should automatically pop up a window and have the option to uninstall. Click on it, UNinstall. It'll probably ask you to restart your computer, go ahead and do that. (Despite what I said at the beginning of the post, HP printers generally don't install well if you plug in the printer, then run the installation, so leave the printer off and unplugged until the installation program tells you to.) Now just re-install the installation disk and you should be good to go.

At first glance, this problem sounds like a driver conflict or turning it off with Vista still on. If it's neither, then I'm not really sure what to do.
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Hello everyone and thanks in advance I have a unique situation I run IT for a large ambulance company I have about laptops used for PT care When an ambuance transports a PT they have to leave a copy of the PCR Pt care report Every hospital has a printer its literally just a printer in a room with Printers Multiple a usb cable going to it Each Multiple Printers laptop has to be able to connect to about different printers at different facilites My problem is its never as easy as just plug and play I'm constantly having driver conflicts sometimes the printers will work sometimes the printer is not recognized and throws driver errors Sometimes when a crew plugs into a printer that has other options it will try to download fax drivers and install duplicate drivers It's literally a shot at printing I just need to brainstorm here and figure out if there is reliable easier way to manage all of these print drivers and make sure these computers always recoginze the printer and print when connected via usb I would love if these facilities were set up for TCP IP printing but USB is the only option Thanks guys

A:Multiple Printers

Just a thought. Instead of trying to print to multiple different printers with different laptops, uninstall any printer driver currently on the computers. Install a PDF printer like Bull-zip PDF printer that can print a PDF file from any application that can print to a physical printer. The ambulance prints the PCR to a PDF file and copies it to a USB flash drive. The hospital takes the flash drive and prints the PDF using their computer/printer then returns the flash drive to the ambulance personnel. Not sure if the flash drive scenario would pose a security risk though.
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I recently bought a new HP Slimline machine with Windows Vista installed I had an old Star Micronics SP parallel receipt Multiple printers printer I needed to use with it so I purchased a USB-to-Parallel cable and installed the printer as a Generic Text Printer It worked fine for a month until I decided to add a new printer to the system I bought Multiple printers a Samsung ML- Laser printer installed the Vista drivers from the CD that came with it hooked it up and it started working just fine However after that the Star Micronics printer stopped working I attempted deleting it and reinstalling it de-installing the Samsung but whatever I try the old parallel printer shows up as quot Offline quot Any attempt to print to it causes a windows error bubble to appear and the job gets queued up Forcing it etc does not work I did not move the cables from their original USB ports though after the problem happened I did move them around to see if that solved the problem It didn t Any ideas nbsp
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I am trying to connect 5 Epson R2880 printers to one computer (Win7 pro).
These are USB only - no Ethernet.

What is the best way to do this?

My purpose to to set them all as shared, connect a wireless router and share those 5 printers with 20 other laptops in a classroom.

My intention was to install all 5 - with unique names and just share them. Easy - -or so I *THOUGHT!*

BUT only one printer will install. When I plug in additional printers - nothing happens since the drivers were installed for the first printer.

How do I get Win7 to "see" the others and uniquely address the USB port that it is plugged into.

Worse yet, I only have 2 USB ports on the laptop, so I need to use a hub.

Thanks for ideas.

A:Multiple USB Printers of Same Model

A belated welcome to the Seven Forums.

I too would like to know the answer to this - so I subscribed to the thread when you first posted. I don't have any way to test my theory, but my guess is that printers 2 thru x would have to be set up manually - creating a USB printer port for each one. If you find a solution, please post it. Thx
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I have a need to install about 50 printers on multiple Windows 2000 or XP computers. They are all network printers and would be set up with individual IP address ports. By just having this many printers installed on a PC, will this affect overall performance of Windows? Can the installation of this many printers be automated in some way to make it easier to set up each PC? Does anyone know of a third party solution or utility that could be installed to manage this high number of printers?

Thanks in advance!

A:Installing multiple printers

It's a little pricey ($100 or so), but it's well worth the investment. Check out this link:

Basically you install all 50 (gasp!!) printers on one machine, then run this PrintMig utility in "backup" mode, and save the file to either a USB Thumbdrive or a network share, then go to each of the other PC's and run PrintMig in "restore" mode, and point it to the file you created before.
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Old version of pcanywhere 11.xx

We have 2 printers that we print to. The host pc is set up and it works fine. The printers on the remote pc use a switch box to seperate the jobs. (one laser and one dot matrix)

We now have two identical laser printers (different names) using the workstation usb ports thus eliminating the need for the switch box.

Is there a way to print to each laser without using the switch box? Right now, on the host machine there is the one pcanywhere port that always prints to the same printer. How do I tell it which one to use?

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My son has a printer connected to printers multiple ecting conn his PC and it is shared and installed on my PC I use it to print CD DVD labels because it was the only one that had a CD DVD tray However he's gotten sick on me continually walking into his room to load and unload DVDs He has an EPSON iP He uses this for conn ecting multiple printers homework etc So I pulled out my old conn ecting multiple printers Epson Photo Stylus R out of retirement which also has a CD tray I had lost the tray when I moved house and bought the iP to replace it then I found the DVD tray months later When I connect the R to my computer via USB it takes the USB port that the iP printer used and the applications still think they are connected to the iP but print to the R instead I tried uninstalling both printers disconnecting the one attached to my computer and rebooting then installing again I tried with the R first then went back to the restore point I created without either printer and tried in the reverse order I also has a canon mx connected via ethernet How can I have both the iP and R running and Epson's CD Labelprint able to select which printer I want to print to I tried to add a USB Port in the printer configuration but it said quot path not correct quot thanks Tanya

A:conn ecting multiple printers

Well, it seems the answer, in the absence of any ideas from anyone here, was spend more money. Buy another canon printer and don't mix brands on the same network.

I purchased another iP4850 and the problems were solved. I could select either printer from the application, I could see and print to any printer from any PC.
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Can you configure a print queue to service more than one printer in NT server? If so, what steps need to be performed?
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How do I do that? I have one set up. Is there a peice of hardware I need to get so I have multiple printer ports?

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In all previous versions of Windows, I had been able to setup multiple logical printers. Each logical printer would have different specifications such as color draft, color photo, B&W draft, B&W Quality, etc. That way I could select a printer based on what I wanted to do, rather than having to change specifications each time I wanted to do something different.
I would simply add a new printer for each specification I wanted. Windows 10 is not letting me do this. How do I do it?
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Hey Folks,

Using W7-Ultimate 64 on an Acer 4530 laptop. This is a personal machine and is not networked except via wifi to my router, and via BT to a single printer. I leave the printer and BT off unless I have to print something, as I don't print daily.

Problem: When I go to print a Word doc (for example) there are multiple instances of printers named like this:

Canon Printer
Canon Printer (Copy 1)
Canon Printer (Copy 2)

Many times I have gone into Printer & Devices and removed all instances of the Copies, making the "Canon Printer" entry the only one, and set as default... but the next time I go to print (which might be a week later), I have multiple instances again.

My question is: How can I stop W7 from creating copies of my printer profile?

Thanks for any help.

A:Stop W7 From Creating Multiple Printers?

That usually happens with network printers when the port changes, or local printers, when they are moved to another USB port. I've never used Bluetooth to connect a printer (I avoid BT on my computers), so I can't say for sure, but it sounds like that's what's happening. Something in the BT settings is changing, making your computer think it is a new printer.
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As the title suggests, I need to find a way to print a single document to 2 printers simultaneously. Printer pooling won't work because the printers have different drivers. Any suggestions on how I might do this.

Thanks in advance.

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I had a printer, a scanner and a zip drive connected to my PC and everything was working fine. I just purchased a HP Deskjet 1220C and because I needed to use it right away disconnected everything and connected the HP. Now I want to reconnect everything else back and I don't remember how it was connected before or how to connect it now and add the printer. I also have a data switch box for the 2 printers. Can someone please help me? I don't know anything about parallel and serial ports or USBs.
Compag 4910
Windows 95

HP Deskjet 1220C Printer
Epson Stylus Color 600 Printer
Iomega Zip 100
Belkin Data Switch F1b024-E
Mustek III EP Plus Scanner

Thank you

A:Connecting multiple printers, scanner and zip

Plug the Zip drive directly into the computer to avoid loss of data.

Daisy chained out from the computer:
Zip Drive, Scanner, Printer-at the end of the line.
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Sorry, but I honestly don't know if this should go here, the Microsoft Office threads, networking threads, or where, but here goes.

I am looking for a way to send a free text document (can be word, PDF, Notepad, whatever I can type a message on) to multiple network printers that are located off site. It would be even better if I could set up groups based on those printers and send it to certain ones or define which ones I want to send to in the list.

Anyone offer any help on this?

A:Sending document to multiple printers

Can't be done since all applications I know of will only allow you select one printer at any one time when you want to print.
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I am having a problem printing with Windows Vista Home Premium -bit This is a new install with problems Printing printers multiple fully updated on a new computer I have tried multiple printers and the same problem occurs The drivers install fine and the printer shows up fine When trying to print a test page the print job goes to the printer queue but it never prints The first printer I tried was an HP Photosmart which had this problem Then I bought a Canon MX and the same problem occurs I have seen other people with this problem but no one has a solution For example see Hp Photosmart won't print I have tried all of the normal things uninstalling installing updating drivers deleting reinstalling the printer etc I've started restarted the print spooling service I've also tried setting the printers to bypass the spooler I went through both HP and Canon's tech support with no results It is not a communication issue because the Canon scans fine In addition on both printers you can perform maintenance functions e g head cleaning and those work fine The printers work fine on a different Windows XP computer There is clearly something in Vista that is preventing these jobs from being printed However there are no error messages and there are no related entries in Event Viewer Does anyone have any idea what might be going on here Thanks
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I have a wireless network in my home, and would like to know if there is a way I can add my 3 printers to the network without buying any other equipment.?
I have 1 pc connected to the wireless modem, and all other pc's are wireless.
I live in a very small town, and many people don't know much of pc's, and trying to get someone to come to my home, will be costly since they will be coming from at least 50 + miles.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
thanks in advance.

A:Wireless networking with multiple printers

Even though it appears you're having the same problem, please start a new thread when you have a new issue. It's very difficult to keep two problems straight and who's working on what in a single thread. I've created a new thread for your issue here. Thanks for your cooperation.
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Problem: 500 XP machines, 550 Users, 20 Printers, in a building the sizes of 4 football fields. Users are on a standerd desktop, (for the most part). Roaming profiles are in use, (for the most part). Users will move from one machine to another. Using Roaming profile, you can keep thier drives mapped, however, when they print, they need to print to the closest printer.

Question, How do you get the machine to use the closest network printer with roaming profiles?

Thank you
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Does anyone know if this could possibly be a virus? A lot of printers on our network recently started printing out blabber for about 7-10 lines then spitting the pages out. On both Mac and Windows side. Any ideas?

A:Could this be a virus? Multiple printers printing out junk...


It may be but as this is a network are you running a firewall? The reason I say is that some trojans are noted to do things, like open CDRom drive doors, etc, so maybe a trojan.

Go here and download Startup Log

Run it, let the DOS window close then copy/paste the log file here.

Also, go here and do an online scan


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I have Windows 10 Pro and use my notebook between home and office.  I have identical HP 8600 officejet printers at each location.  In Windows 8, there used to be a selection to choose what would be the default printer to use depending on which network was connected at the time. Because the printers are identical, I am having difficulty (occasionally) connecting to the 'home' network printer. Is that old tool available anywhere, or is there an HP fix? Mark
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Hi Let me set up the scenario We have multiple printers lets call them Printer Printer one multiple Adding Group Preferences setting Policy printers as default - and (problem) Printer and Printer nbsp All of these have to be deployed to Group Policy Preferences - Adding multiple printers and setting one as default (problem) our devices and Printer needs to be set as default GPP seems like it should do the trick so I configure the above four printers ensuring that Printer is set as default in the settings Upon logging in by a test user i see that all four printers have correctly mapped but a random one is set as default seemingly ignoring the tick box directing otherwise I know that if I run a gpupdate the printers will sort themselves out and Printer will be the default nbsp I also know that logging off and back on will have the same effect nbsp But as these users will not necessarily be logging into the same device each time I would prefer a scenario whereby the right printer is mapped at first logon So my questions are as follows Is there a configuration of GPP Printers that would allow this to happen at first logon Can i get gpupdate to run silently via a scheduled task Can No be done simply without need for additional script files software installs Thanks Dean
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When I click on Network the next window shows all of the computers but does not show the network printers.
At the top of the Network window there is a "Grayed Out" option to "View Printers".

How do you make that active?
or is there something else I should do?

A:Network printers do not show up in Network

What computers/OS's are on your network? Have you set up or joined a HomeGroup? Do your other computers have network discovery turned on, and are they set for file and printer sharing? All accessed through Control Panel > Network and Sharing Center > Change advanced sharing settings.
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I have a HP 3600 connected to the network. I sent jobs to print and although the printing status is "printing", it never prints them. On the printer, it says it is ready. I turn the printer off and then on and it prints the documents. What is the problem??



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I've been trying to add a network printer, with no success. I have a 10/100 switch, all my computers and printers are plugged into it. I have a mostly Mac network, and they all work fine with respect to file & printer sharing. I'm setting up a couple PCs with WinXP Home, and I can't detect the printers that are plugged into the network. When I go to the 'Add a Printer' wizard, I can't detect any network printers; I can only see the 2 other PC boxes on the network. I then tried the "local printer" option, where I can set up a TCP/IP port to talk to a printer. The problem here is that I don't know the printer's IP address. How can I determine it? (The printer is an HP LaserJet 5M.)

A:Network printers

Does it have a JetDirect card in it? I thought 5M's were parallel printers.
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Any help would be appreciated on this one I have only one network printer that is Network Printers a color laser jet I currently have two domains one is NT and the other is Active Directory The laser jet is currently on the NT side and I would like to keep it there My dilemma is that I want to publish this printer in active directory so all users in that domain have a printer to use They currently still have access to the NT side and is how they get access to the printer now using their NT domain credentials Is there a way to publish this printer in active directory without having the prompt come up for network id Network Printers info when trying to connect to the printer from the active directory side I have already published the printer in active directory with no problem but when any of the users tries to add Network Printers this printer by searching the directory they are still prompted for network id info from the NT side where this printer resides I m not even sure this is possible without joining the printer to the active directory domain Again any help would be appreciated Thanks in advance nbsp
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Hi All,

I have a printer issue with several printers in office, in order ro print using the printers I must keep the print button order to print, has anyone any ideas to why this is happening.


A:network printers

Well, with no information about the network or the printers, it's pretty hard to say.
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We have around 80 odd network printers at work. They have already been configured to the print server and all work.
Most of the printers are not physically labelled.

If a user says that they want to print to a printer that is not labelled.

The only information that I can get from the printer is the IP address by printing the configuration.

Is there any easy way of finding out what the name of the network printer is from the IP address? Other than going on the server searching the printers to find the port that matches the IP address.

Thanks in advance
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I have two network printers, a HP 1006 that is shared off my Windows Home Server and a Brother 2070N that is shared from another Dell PC running Windows 7. I can print to these shared printers from every other PC attached to my home LAN but the Windows 8 PC. I cannot add drivers but I can "see" both printers when I go to Control Panel and try to add the printers. Anyone else have trouble with printing?

A:Cannot add network printers

Cannot connect to my network-attached printers even though Win8 sees them. I'll hook one up to the Win8 PC via USB and see if that works tonight...
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Hi Guys, Im about to install three network printers, can anyone give me any tips on getting started. ie. do I need to setup an ip address on the printer itself, how do I get the workstations setup to use it?

A:Network Printers

Depends if you have a DHCP server it should assign addresses - if they printers have DHCP client ability - if not you will have to assign them static - outside the range of the DHCP server
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An HP Laserjet 5000 and HP Laserjet COLOR 4700 are setup on a network.
Both print a test page OK. Both print requests from Windows
programs OK (i.e. Word, Notepad). If print request (copy or print)
is issued from DOS commandline (even after net use is issued),
HP 5000 prints request but HP 4700 does not. MS Print Manager
shows requests from both come in and out of print queue but
only the HP 5000 actually prints the request. No errors are
being generated (that are visible). How can this issue be
investigated further to isolate why one printer can not
print a DOS request?

A:Network Printers&DOS

The easy way is using an application like DOSPRN.
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Does anyone know how to make VB 6 print a document to different printers on the network. I have a simple Word document that I want to print to three printers on our network when the application is executed. I just don't know how to print things to the network printer. The printers are set up on the server as \servername\printername. Ideas?
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I have two HP network printers After I install them Printers Network I go to the Control Panel Devices and printers and rename tboth of the printers so that the users will know which HP printer they should use After I reboot the machine In the Settings - gt Devices page the Network Printers secondary printer displays the words quot Network Printers not connected quot However in the Control Panel - gt Devices amp Printers the printer icon is fine I've been able to print from notepad So does Not Connected mean something different in Windows or does that mean that some apps maybe modern apps will not be able to print to my printer Second question that let Windows manage my printer keeps getting turned on and then if anybody prints to the photo printer the next person to sit down at that computer prints a text document on photo paper Is there a way to keep that that default printing to work the way default printers always worked

A:Network Printers

Not connected means exactly that. Since they are network capable printers, you do not have to make any changes or share them from your computer. The router will handle everything. You need to go to each machine and allow them to install the printers from off of the network, with the software that HP has.
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I have two computers both using Windows 7 I also have two printers. I want to use either printer on either computer. There is no other user involved.

A:network printers

what are the make and model of the two printers , can then be connected to a network
if not then you can connect to a PC and share
Use the Homegroup Feature in Windows 7 to Share Printers and Files
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Hi there

This USB Wifi adapter seems to be a MEGA performer --Lovely finally to be able to THINK of getting rid of LAN cables all over the place.

I've no probs with decent HD Movie streaming from a SERVER with one of these (I unplugged the LAN and inserted the USB Wifi adapter into a USB3 slot --note this needs genuine USB3 to work at proper speed). My Home router can deliver 802.11ac so no probs there.

Brilliant piece of kit and NO MORE CABLES !!!!!!. Wifi will soon be able to deliver comparable speeds to LAN especially for HOME networks. !!!

Here's the UK Link but is available in US and Europe. In any case it's delivered (in my case) by Amazon S.A.R.L (Luxembourg) so no tax !!!. even though I ordered from UK web site --they will ship outside UK tax free.

USB-AC56 | Networking | ASUS UK

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When we add printers on our clients PC's we use the Find Printers and then search by Location (Usually will find the printers on our print server). Our print server is Win 2000 and the clients are in XP Pro. For the last month when we attempt our search, the printers no longer appear. We can browse to the network printers to add but we can no longer search by location for the printers. Has anyone else been having problems with this issue?
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Hi I have a HP laseJet and a HP Laserjet M printers connected to our corporative network and their computers sometimes print their works normally and sometime user have to make their print request twice In with printers network Problems this last case sometimes they isn t any network or OS response until the second request and then print oK and sometimes has an error message Error in lt printer path printer name gt en lt XXXX gt Cannot print They are several causes for this error - Not enough memory - If you are printing in a network It s possible because Problems with network printers a bad connection or bad print driver - Network computer cable damaged or network printer cable damaged This error appears in several applications The first case is not possible I try to reinstall printer driver in some computers without success network cables are OK and network connection normally remains during the printing proccess Could you help me please I hope an answer soon We have most of the computers with Windows and both printers are connected to the same Linux Debian server I hope an answer soon Very thanks in advance best wishes nbsp

A:Problems with network printers

...I try to solved this Problem going to the Printer Advanced Properties and by activating a radio button about Printing Directly in The Printer and without using windows print queues (At respect of Method 4 related to the Event ID 45). This prove was succesful in both printers and it works perfect with HPLJ5M but in this case HPLJ4300 cannot scale printing with Word (cannot print in a 90% for example). What could you do to activate this features or to solve printing problems by another way.(the another 3 methods of the msn above page support are useful only if the server is W2k3 also; and our Server works with Debian 3.0 you know). I was found some additional information about printing errors in the Windows Box; that is:

Error 1) Event ID 6161. I can't print the document.. and CODE WIN32 who returns Print Server can change (sometimes is 259, sometimes 1801 or 0). at respect of errors 0 and 259; I can find in microsoft support page URL:

Event ID 6161

This problem occurs because the error that the underlying component reported was overwritten. Therefore, only the last error was reported. For example, the following Win32 error codes may have been reported:


This error code means that the operation completed successfully. You receive this error code when an underlying component such as graphics device interface (GDI) returns a failure but does not set the last error.


This error code means that no more data is available. You may receive this error code if a program or a printer driver component sends an incomplete spool file to the print spooler on the print server. Therefore, the file does not print. Frequently, you can resolve this problem by installing the driver from the operating system CD.

at respect of error 1801 in URL:

Terminal Server Error Messages: 1800 to 1999
Error 1801 The printer name is invalid.

at respect also of Event ID 61XX on explains in

Cause: This problem occurs when you do not specify the full path of the file you are printing to. If a file is specified as filename.prn, the file will be created in the %Systemroot%\System32 folder. Various users will have different rights to this folder. If you print to a file that is located in this folder, you may receive an "ACCESS_DENIED" error message. In this case, if you continue to write jobs to this same file, the spooler continues to try to print the job. This scenario can exhaust page-pooled memory and cause your computer to stop responding.
Error 2) Document can't print for the error process GDI/Driver (Event ID 45)

errors 1 and 2 come together in this order for each printing wrong request nearly ever in computers with w2k3. I setup print drivers in a PC client without succes. What happen? Any Idea to explain the situation and find any solution to my print problems? Thanks
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Is there some way you can map a network priter to an LPT number? Does it still use the setprint command? If so does anyone know what the command line is, it has been a long time since I used it.

A:Mapping Network Printers in W2k

Start, settings, printers, add printer, next, choose local printer (I don't use auto detect), next, pick your port.....
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When i add a network printer on Windows XP Professional it only adds to the current user and i want it to add for all users. The only way i've figured out how to fix this problem is to use my login script (kix) to add the printer but my script is getting full of all the different printer for every machine. Is the anyway to add printer for all users on Windows XP?

A:Adding Network Printers

for network printer just put some IP ADRES in printer setup...

go to some other machine and search the computer name and after that you can c the printer and double click for that...
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I have one Vista and three XP SP2 machines networked as workgroup.

From Show WorkGroup Computers and click one particular computer shows several printers named


But from that machine, Printers and Faxes shows Fax and two real printers, only one of which is shared as LexmarkZ.
I suspect the others are ghosts of printers that were installed and shared (though not with those names) then deleted, but I cannot get rid of them.
This particular machine originally ran Win 98, which may or may not be relevant.

I can't find any documents hanging around waiting to print.

Any suggestions?

A:phantom network printers

No ideas at all?
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For some reason I cannot connect to any network printer with some of my XP pro 64 machines. It a seam to be affecting all the HP models “XW4600” that we have in the office. It does work on others machine we have running XP 64. The error message I am getting is “Operation could not be completed. Either the printer name was type incorrectly, or the specified printer has lost its connection to the server."

The printers are connected to a windows server 2003. The printers are online and are working with all my XP X86 and other of my XP pro 64 machine.
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I would like to get a list of all the printers on my network.
This is the information off of each printer that i would like:
IP, share name, port name, department, and mac address.
Does anyone know of any tool that can do this for me.

A:Finding all printers on a network

So i guess that there is no way of doing this?
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Hi I am working to find a new printer on a network. The new printer has the exact same name as another printer in the network? How do I assign a PC to default to the correct printer. It is a very active office so the trial an error thing sometimes takes a long time and also is frustrating because every time I install a new PC to the network (which is often) I run into the same problem over and over again.

So how to I get the IP Address of the networked printer?
How do I use the IP Address when assigning a new computer?

Thanks so much in advance. Without this forum I wouldn't have a job!!!!

A:2 printers on the the network with the same name how to assign?

just go to the server via the run command from whichever desktop you are mapping from, and add the correct printer from there.
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I came into work today and found that I can t print to three of my five network printers two Oki printers and one HP In fact I cannot even ping their IP addresses I get quot Request timed out quot or quot printers won't my print Some network of Destination host unreachable quot One of the printers that I can t ping is my main printer and I verified its IP address using the printer s built-in menu it prints out a page with the network status I re-installed that main printer s drivers using the manufacturer s CD The program says that the drivers installed correctly but I still cannot print This printer normally has a static IP address I used the printer s Some of my network printers won't print menu to obtain an automatic IP address and it came back with which I think means that the printer can t communicate with my router The HP printer is wireless The other four printers are plugged into a -port hub The two wired non-working Oki printers are showing green status light as well as amber light at the point where the ethernet cable is plugged in I m out of ideas so any assistance you could offer would be helpful Could this be a new year s bug nbsp

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I have a 2k3 server based network that has several shared printers (not network printers). I need a way for multiple users to be able to connect to and use the printers.

Originally, i setup the printers under a domain admin account and found that when other users log onto the machines they don't have the printer. A shared printers only connected per user? not per machine?

Is there a way to create a GPO that will connect a shared printer and make it the default? I am pretty sure you can do it with a vb script but i would prefer not doing it that way.

Thanks all

A:GPO to connect network printers

A shared printers only connected per user? not per machine?Click to expand...

In my experience it has always been a printer shows up on all profiles.

Also the only ways I know to add printers are through WSH, printui.dll, and other third party apps. Never heard of a simple GPO that installs a printer.
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I have a pc running Ubuntu and netbook running xp home I have set up a network between them but it doesn t seem to be working right Ubuntu can acess the files on xp but then asks for a password to open them but i didn t set up a password so don t know what that is I ve tried my log on passwords for ubuntu and xp but neither worked It would be good to get the file sharing working but what I really want to be able to do is print from the netbook I have a printer connect to the pc via usb The pc is then connected to my router modem by an ethernet printers and sharing Network cable The netbook connects to it wirelessly I have been told it is possible to share Network sharing and printers the printer through the router Network sharing and printers modem but the network wizard in xp says it can t find the printer even if type in it s actual address on the network Although the netbook is allowing me to share files and they show up on the pc I can t see my shared files on the pc from the netbook there is no network icon nbsp
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I have a question... i was browsing through group policy and noticed that there is an option to define a website where users can click to add network printers... i was wondering how to setup that page so when they click on the pritner name it adds it to their computer?

Any help would be great!

A:Adding Network Printers

Never noticed that group policy. Where is it located?
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Hi We have many stations in our company and our OS is WINNT We use Microsoft The situation is this One of my users here has many network printers hooked up to her station as well as a local printer which is just not reliable for large jobs so the dafault is the Optra W we have Optra S T E E etc which is a server printer When she clicks the print icon it should go to the default sometimes it sends the job to the Optra S or locally to the Optra K When jobs get sent to the Optra K they rarely actually print out When she has an email open and goes to File NOT network printers to printing gt gt Print gt gt the NOT printing to network printers local printer is the only option she has We are at the point we are copying pasting emails to word where she actually has the option to choose her printers all are available in Word and then we just hope it prints at the Optra W like it should Does any of this make any sense We have rebooted uninstalled reinstalled local and network printers and the local is soon to be uninstalled for good Sorry for the rambling I hope someone has an idea for me -Diggz nbsp

A:NOT printing to network printers

Sorry, but before I can suggest answers I have a few questions.

You say your OS is NT4, but then say "we use Microsoft 2000". MS 2000 what? Office?

The user with multiple printers "hooked up" to her PC; how are they hooked up, through an external print server box? Also are they set up as a printer pool (as they are similar models), which would explain why output comes from various actual printers.

What email program is she using?
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I have a Windows computer that Can't Printers Find on Network can only see one of the Lanier copiers on our network I pinged of our Laniers on the network but only one is coming up I have no issues on our other computers which are the same models and imaged the same it only happens Can't Find Printers on Network on this one computer Can't Find Printers on Network I have connected it to other ports but nothing changes I turned off the firewall on the computer in case that was blocking it but that changed nothing I have also checked the Laniers to be sure they where not blocking any IPs I have searched the internet for any similar issues but can t seem to find anything quite like this yet I have also discussed this with my IT Manager but he can t come up with a reason for this ether So I thought perhaps someone here could give me some suggestions or ideas of what might be going on Thank you for your assistance PV nbsp

A:Can't Find Printers on Network

Are you using a print server or are the printers just plugged in as individual devices and configured manually? Can you provide the IP and Subnet for the PC and the printers it cannot connect to?
Also please run tracert from both this PC and one that can connect see if there are any differences (of course there will be, but the overall path is what we are looking for)
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We have recently updated our four work computers to windows Mine shows none of the network computers or printers under network Under printers it shows one of our four printers but says driver unavailable and the spooler is not working I can get onto two of the other computers using a link under my quick access and not network showing printers bar which was set up on our previous windows so it can go to these computers but they are not showing up on the network I have googled network and printers not showing some of these questions and tried control panel administrative tools services to turn on UPnP Device host to automatic but it wont start and comes up with Error The dependancy service or group failed to start Similar for SSDP discovery and Print spooler Under change advanced sharing options I pick 'turn on network discovery' but it wont stay on keeps going back off I may be able to find a way to get onto the printers I need but would ideally like everything to show up properly under network Any help would be appreciated Lynley

A:network and printers not showing

Are you using a Microsoft account to logon to your computers? If so your problem is probably user name related. Under Win 10 with Microsoft Account logon your email address associated with the Microsoft Account is your user name. You would need to change you Network User Permissions Usernames to the email address used for your Microsoft Account.
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I have five computers on a home network with a router. All computers are wireless to a single printer. I bought a small wireless printer for my daughter, loaded the software, established a connection and made the new printer default on her computer. All other printers were knocked off the original printer. Any ideas? Thanks.

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Can someone educate me on how network printers work in Windows Is there only one way of setting these up or several ways Do I have to have a driver for the specific printer on the client Why can't the material be sent to the server in some device independent format Postscript and converted to printer commands on the server Do I have to have a driver for the specific printer on the server If the driver is on and Printers Network Drivers the client presumably it's talking directly to the printer using the server only as a means of communication using the printer's own command codes so I don't see why the server needs a driver Under what circumstances can or can't the client download the driver from the server What happens if the client and server are running different versions of Windows either an older version on the client or an older version on the server What happens if the client is running -bit and the server -bit or vice versa What happens if there Network Printers and Drivers is no driver available for the newer version of Windows which might be the client or the server because Network Printers and Drivers the printer is quite old Many thanks - Rowan

A:Network Printers and Drivers

These Microsoft articles may help.

Install a printer on a home network
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When I woke up my laptop this morning It is normally powered on most of the time XP Network disappeared printers on professional I discovered that none of my network printers were available They have disappeared from quot Printers and Faxes quot and the only Network printers disappeared on XP professional remaining entries are quot Microsoft One Note quot and quot Microsoft XPS Document writer quot which I have never seen before Here are the details on the machine Lenovo T P Ghz dual core with G of ram and G HD OS is WIndows XP Pro version service pack Printers are both HP models c n-s and A that are in use by Network printers disappeared on XP professional others on the network No one else reports any problems printing No hardware changes have been made to my machine no network changes have occurred same old router etc and no new software other than routine updates as found by update manager All other network functions appear to work fine Here is what I have tried Control panel shows that the drivers for both printers are installed I tried quot add a printer quot from control panel It does not report any network attached printers Tried to ping ip address of both printers both pings worked fine Tried to access the printers via Firefox using their ip addresses Can get to both printers and make them print out a test pattern from their web menu Downloaded driver from HP for one of the printers Installation proceeded normally and the install program found the printer with the correct ip address but final configuration fails to complete reporting the printer is not connected Have tried this several times with same result each time I also tried to restore to a checkpoint - all of the checkpoints fail with quot incomplete quot message Tried to look at event logs but the system log was corrupt Tried Lenovo quot rejuvenate quot utility which completes but makes no changes to anything At this point it seems I can neither restore from a checkpoint nor re-install the printers Does anyone out there have any thoughts on what I could try next
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I am using a wireless Dell laptop and have no problem on the work network. I've mapped to many shared out drives on the network but for some reason cannot connect to any of the shared printers. Anyone know why?


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Good day to all!!
I am new here. I trying to look for a solution for when one or more printers in the network stop printing, it could only be solved if you stop the print spooler and cancel all jobs and restart the spooler.
But this problem occurs now and then which really annoyed everyone because of delay and reprinting. Pls. help.!!
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I have recently added a few Vista workstations and laptops on my Windows Server 2003 network.

Does anyone know why every user that logs on is required to "install" all of the network printers? I would have thought that if I as admin, have already installed them then users should be good to go. Also, is there a way of disabling this feature?

Thanks for any help.

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Aaron Weaver has made a discovery the world could probably do without: He's found a way to spam your printer from the Web.By using a little-known capability found in most Web browsers, Weaver can make a Web page launch a print job on just about any printer on a victim's network. The Web site could print annoying ads on the printer and theoretically issue more dangerous commands, like telling the printer to send a fax, format its hard drive or download new firmware.The rest of the story: Coming Soon: Spam on Your Printer From the Web
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I set up my printer and lost the network password. I'd rather not create a new one, so can I just recover the one I'm using?

A:Can I find my printers network password?

How to find or change your wireless security key
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I have a Win 7 Professional 64-bit user who intermittently loses connection to all of his networked printers. The printers show with the warning symbols and "no connectivity" message when I open Devices and Printers. When I restart the print spooler locally, it has no effect. I have to restart the print spooler on the Win 2003 server and then he gets reconnected to the printers and can print again.

This is a newly installed Win 7 Pro pc that was installed with 4 other identical pcs. The others are not having any issues.

Any help appreciated.

A:Network printers losing connections

After some searching around I found the only listed fix is to disable bidirectional printing, I believe that is referring to the machine with the problem.

Disable Bidirectional on the ports tab of the print properties. The
language monitor for the device is requiring a resource which is only
available to system or admins (this is why the jobs print after restarting
the spooler).

In fact the same problem was fixed many times by disabling bidirectional printing.

SOLUTION that worked for us
SOLUTION: Disable Bi-directional in the printer's properties (if it's on a Print Server, you have to do this on print queue's printer properties).

I thought maybe the printer was sending or expecting some info to or from the queue, so I thought of Bi-Directional printing. I remembered it from back in the mid-90s doing tech support with consumer printers, and figured it couldn't hurt to try it on enterprise network printing.

This has happened to us a few times with random and different HP models.

This has fixed it every time.

Good luck!
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My Dell laptop cannot see any of my printers on my network. I recently installed a new Linksys 160N Router and created a new network on my desktop which runs Windows 7.
These are the three computers I have:
HP Desktop - Windows 7
Dell Inspirion 600m Laptop - Windows XP
Compaq Desktop - Windows NT
Prior to installing the new router, all computers could see each other on the network.
I am a novice. Thanks for any help.

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition, Service Pack 2, 32 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Pentium(R) M processor 1.60GHz, x86 Family 6 Model 13 Stepping 6
Processor Count: 1
RAM: 1023 Mb
Graphics Card: ATI MOBILITY RADEON 9000, 32 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 72794 MB, Free - 48125 MB;
Motherboard: Dell Computer Corporation, 0X8957, , .D1XM981.CN4864358I4849.
Antivirus: Norton 360, Updated: Yes, On-Demand Scanner: Enabled

A:Solved: Laptop can't see network printers

Are all of the desktops on static IP addresses or are they using DHCP? If it is a router you installed the IP addresses are probably not even on the same network.
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Hi there just a little dialog Installing to in you Printers !!!! W8 use -- the have NETWORK reminder -- Installing Installing Printers in W8 -- you have to use the NETWORK dialog !!!! Printers on W isn't intuitive -- the normal method via the control panel will give problems as it always searches for existing devices These of course it won't find if they aren't locally attached to your W machine so you are up that very well known street without the paddle What you need to do is click on Network in Windows explorer Yes Network -- Installing Printers in W8 -- you have to use the NETWORK dialog !!!! I haven't gone Bonkers -- just yet now you'll see on the Menu Installing Printers in W8 -- you have to use the NETWORK dialog !!!! these items on the toolbar File Network and View Click on Network Now you'll see a ribbon containing such items as open Properties etc etc -- then ADD A PRINTER add printers and devices etc etc CHOOSE ADD A PRINTER gt find printer by othe options Then follow the dialog I've got a shared printer on my server with address blackdog epson photo printer but could be an IP address or whatever Then the driver will load from Windows automatically for your W machine and you can print If you look fore the quot classical way quot of doing it you won't find the dialog I think MS should perhaps clear this one up as if you don't know the trick it's not easy to find -- I googled a bit and it wasn't there but I remembered having this problem ages ago when I ist installed the preview edition Cheers jimbo

A:Installing Printers in W8 -- you have to use the NETWORK dialog !!!!

Hmm. Many ways to skin the cat, perhaps, But that is the way I have always done it, though Vista to Windows 8. Alternative , which has (mostly?) worked for me, is to use the standard supplied installation disks.
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Hey everybody I posted this in the Networking forum and them realized it might be more appropriate in IP address printers/Printer Network this one I ve been trying to add a network printer with no success I have a switch all my computers and printers are plugged into it I have a mostly Mac network and they all work fine with respect to file amp printer sharing I m setting up a couple PCs with XP Home and I can t detect the printers that are plugged into the network When I go to the Add a Printer wizard I can t detect any network printers I can only see the other Network printers/Printer IP address PC boxes on the network I then tried the quot local printer quot option where I can set up a TCP IP port to talk to a printer The problem here is that I don t know the printer s IP address How can I determine it The printer is an HP LaserJet M Thanks Alex nbsp

A:Network printers/Printer IP address

Print a Configuration page to find the IP address
Relevancy 49.02%

Hi everyone,
I am using a Windows 2008 R2 domain controller and File Server. Whenever I add a network printer I always make sure the "List in the Directory" (meaning Active Directory) is checked under the sharing tab in the properties of each printer. On Windows XP machines I can go through the add printer wizard and it finds all printers in the domain.

On windows 7 professional clients when I got to Add Printer then select "Add a Network, Wireless, or Bluetooth printer" it does not find any network printers from my file server. I have the file and print sharing enabled on the win7 clients and the File Server.

I'm not sure why Win7 clients (Win 7 pro 64 bit) won't show the list of network printers from that file server. Any ideas?


A:Unable to see network printers in list

I am having this same issue. Did you figure out what the problem was?
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I was having an issue with a local XP Pro (on a SBS 2003 Server) machine and the spoolsv.exe process. It grows over time and was up to 100,000K in the mem usage list.

I deleted all of the printers and rebooted the machine. After the restart and a login, I went back to the printers control panel to add back a network printer, only to find XP had automatically added back every printer I deleted.

Is this controlled thru policy? How to I prevent the the local machine from adding back all of the network printers on the system?

A:XP network Printers Reappear after Delete

Have you unchecked the "Automatically search for network folders and printers" box in Control Panel => Folder Options, VIEW Tab? It's usually the first item in the list. If you have done that already you may want to take a peek in the group policy editor, especially if your using Active Directory.

Start => Run , type gpedit.msc and click administrative templates under computer configuration, the click printers. If your unsure what something does, either ask back here, or google it. Don't mess with much unless your comfortable, and write down the changes you make so you can undo them if needed.
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Can anyone help? I am running out of solutions.
All of a sudden Devices and Printers (D+P) won't open in win 7. In safe mode D+P opens but all printers have yellow triangle next to them.
Can't print from any program.
I am logged onto the network. No other network PCs have this problem.
I have searched forums for other solutions and tried them all including System Restore but even this didn't work. Got error saying run chkdsk for C: drive. Did this but no problems found.
Is there anything else I can try??

Thanks in advance,

A:Win 7 Printers local/network not loading

In these cases System Restore won't work as it is not what it does, and in Safe Mode, no device drivers are loaded so you will see the yellow triangles. Just so we don't waste any time, please list all the solutions you have already tried.
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Hello I was at a job site today working on an HP Inspiron laptop looked to Have Disappeared The All Network: Pc. 8 Office Printers Xp From On be - years old Xp On Office Network: All 8 Printers Have Disappeared From The Pc. running XP Home I did my usual quot tune-up quot process but because the laptop maxes out mb of RAM there was only so much I could do to increase the speed I got a call about an hour later from Xp On Office Network: All 8 Printers Have Disappeared From The Pc. the user sounding very terse and telling me that Xp On Office Network: All 8 Printers Have Disappeared From The Pc. quot all of my printers are gone quot I asked him to clarify and he said that he checked Printers in the Control Panel and none of the printers that are normally there were there anymore He is on a wireless network in his office where I did the work so he connects wirelessly to a few of the printers But even the local printer in his office and the one at home were missing I had him check the print spooler service and try to get it running but he got an error message back saying that quot the print spooler service could not be started on this computer quot I've never experienced this problem before My tune-up's don't come anywhere near the printers I do however go into msconfig and clear out the Startup menu and clear out the quot non microsoft quot services Is it possible that clearing out any of those items would cause ALL of his printers to disappear I also install AVG and that has very rarely caused some quirky stuff to happen I have to call him back in the morning and I have no idea where to even start Any help you guys could offer would be GREATLY appreciated
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I work in Solved: XP with & printers in network 2 Win7 a small print copy shop For some time we Solved: Win7 & XP in network with 2 printers ve had a simple system a single XP machine printing to a couple of printer copiers connected by ethernet cable The XP Solved: Win7 & XP in network with 2 printers often needed several reboots a day a lot of the problem came from having to run too many programmes at once Word Excel Firefox as standard then probably Photoshop Illustrator Quark Then somebody comes in and wants a Publisher file printed or a mB Photoshop file and everything grinds to a halt The work started picking up recently and we decided it was time to invest in a new faster PC a nice Win x with loads of memory and a terabyte of disc space I knew there were networking Solved: Win7 & XP in network with 2 printers issues between win amp XP but I ve always managed to figure things out eventually It s been three weeks The problem really began the day before the new machine was delivered The XP got hit by a really nasty virus No matter how much I cleaned it off it kept coming back Eventually I gave up and reinstalled Windows And lost connection to both printers I did manage to get the new machine connected to the main printer copier so we were still in business while I figured out the rest Internet access has to be via the XP We re on TalkTalk via a Speedtouch modem No drivers available for Win x I ve managed to get the two machines connected and using the shared internet link but it s flaky Every couple of days the Win machine decides it s on two networks not one the Private network I ve set up and another Public network that it seems to pluck out of thin air When this happens I lose internet sharing from the XP though file sharing is still enabled I m hoping I can figure that one out It s the other problem that has me beat I now have two computers two printers all on a cabled ethernet network From any machine I can ping all the others From the two PCs I can quot see quot both printers at least to the point of being able to query their configuration amp setup From the PCs I can print to the main machine a Xerox colour copier printer Can t print to the other a Canon black amp white copier printer Not even a Windows test page Here s how things stand at the moment XP - DHCP disabled IP Win - DHCP enabled auto IP alternate configuration IP Xerox - DHCP disabled IP Canon - DHCP disabled IP I ve tried various combinations starting with DHCP enabled for all machines then DHCP disabled for all machines This is the only setup I ve found which gives internet sharing from XP to Win plus printing to the Xerox So why won t it print to the Canon Any thoughts Sorry this is such a long post but I ve tried to trim out most of the angst nbsp

A:Solved: Win7 & XP in network with 2 printers

If I were you, I would make a couple of investments (all less than $100). Dump the USB modem. Get an ASDL modem with an Ethernet port. Also, purchase a SOHO router (like a Netgear, Linksys, Dlink or Belkin). Just about any one will do. Follow the instructions on setting up the devices. You will find that the router will hand out IP addresses in a specific range. Note that range.

Now you have a DHCP server on your network and you don't need software to connect. (I.e., it doesn't matter what computers you have on your network; everything will work via TCP/IP). Change all of your computer devices to DHCP. Change all of your printers to a static address, but this is important.

Using the range you recorded in an earlier step, manually assign addresses to the printers that are NOT in the range of the router. For example, if the router assigns addresses from to, sent the printers to and 201. Remember that you normally cannot use .1 (the router itself) or 255 (a broadcast IP).

Now, on all you computers, you want to install the printers locally, but assign them to a TCP/IP port. Remember, these are NOT network printers (Microsoft definition), they are local print devices, connected via network.

Using this setup, you don't need to do anything special to the computers, they will work right out of the box. You also don't need any additional drivers and you even have a firewall (of sorts). This setup also has the advantage of not relying on any individual PC or printer. XP failing will have no effect on the Windows 7 machine or vice versa. One or the other doesn't even need to be on.
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We are having an unsuaual problem all of a sudden printing to networked printers from Windows 7 clients.  XP and Vista clients print as usual. Windows 7 clients say the printers are offline.  I'm sure I was able to print from Windows 7 clients last week.

A:Windows 7 Network Printers Offline

First, I would like to confirm how the printer is connected and what the model of the printer is.
Please update the printer driver to latest version first.
If it does not work, I suggest a System Restore:
System Restore
1. Click the Start Button, type "system restore" (without quotations) in the start search box and press enter.
2. Click "Choose a different point" and click next.
3. Check Show more restore points box.
4. Choose a date before this issue happening, and click Next.
5. Click Finish.
If it persists, try removing and reinstalling this printer:
1. Click Start button and choose Devices and Printers.
2. Right click on the network printer and choose Remove printer.
After that, add a printer again.
 Vivian Xing - MSFT
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I have two computers that I want to connect: my laptop and my desktop. Both run windows XP. We have DSL and a wireless hub. The desktop connnects directly to the wireless hub with ethernet and the laptop connects through a wireless network connection. How can I set these computers up to share a printer, using the desktop as the print server?

A:Solved: How to set up a network with shared printers?

This TCP/IP Home Networking and File Sharing Tutorial should get you started.
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My office moved locations. It took a while for me to unload and setup all my computers and printers. I can't find my printers on the network and I printed the config sheet on my HP Laserjet5000N and all the IP addresses were set to all I am guessing that the printers reset themselves when the machine is unplugged for a length of time??? I setup the TCP/IP addresses in the machines menu panel in the old office, but I have been trying to reconfig them now, but I can't get past the screen that says, 'CFG TCP/IP - YES'. I can't go to the part where I actually input the IP address that I want. Can anyone tell me how to get this done? I have to do 2 other HP printers and I am having the same problems.

THanks. Jerold

A:Network Printers Moved - Reset

Oh, I forgot. Do I need to install any jetdirect software or anything on my pc to set this up?
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Hey guys.

I'm having a problem seeing a shared printer over my LAN. It's shared on a box running XP Pro. Sharing is turned on, and the printer has been "shared." Still no luck looking for it from the other PCs in the office. Any advice?

Part two: I've been trying to see the printer from a Mac as well, with no success. I can see the PC workgroup, and the computer sharing the printer, but I can't log in to it. I can log in to the other PCs on the network by entering the "computer name" as the username, and the administrator password. This particular machine, however, won't let me do that. Any ideas?


A:Cross-platform Network printers

Although you likely have a lot of this working, the basics for troubleshooting are:

1. Make sure you have the same IP scheme (e.g. 192.168.0.x).

2. Make sure you have the same Subnet Mask, Gateway, and DNS IP addresses.

3. Make sure you can ping the other computer's IP address. If this fails, just for testing, make sure you turn off XP's as well as any other firewall.

4. Make sure you can ping the other computers by name.

5. Make sure you have the same workgroup name (watch for trailing spaces)

6. For troubleshooting purposes, turn off XP's and completely uninstall any other firewall software. You can always add more complexity after you get it working.

7. With XP, make sure you have the same username and password as the person logging onto the other computers. The default setting for XP Pro is to require a password for network access.

8. More details about how to network XP can be found at:

9. More details about how to troubleshoot TCP/IP networks can be found at:

10. Apply the registry edit to fix the browsing delay from XP to Win9x computers

There continues to be a lot of misinformation about needing NetBEUI or to changing the NetBIOS setting. You can ignore both. Installing NetBEUI to solve a networking problem will just mask a some underlying and potentially important misconfiguration with TCP/IP. The default NetBIOS setting usually works. If browsing is a problem, you might set it to Enabled. But do not Disable it.
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We have some new network printers that have to be installed on the desktop of our users. We cannot asked them to do this using Printers \ Add Printer \ ... because we have more than 50 domain visible and in each domain several servers. I am sure that 75% of the users will get lost in the list.

When I go to the RUN command and execute the command \\SERVERNAME\PRINTERSHARENAME then the system asks me to create the netwerk printer.

When I run the same command in a dos (cmd) window I get an error.

I would like to create a bat file that creates the printers for the users. Does any-one have an idea how I can put what the RUN does with \\SERVER... in a batch file?

All this is on Windows NT 4.0 Servers and Workstations.


One of the ICT Nerds ...

A:Installing Network Printers through bat file

There's no reason the users have to see a list. You simply tell them the path to type in to install the printer. If you know the full path, you don't have to browse to it.
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Bigpond wireless network modem 2 computers 1 hp printer all works well on 1 computer other works well except in excel which claims no printer installed yet word can print ok. help
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Good afternoon everyone Situation Have Win k pc s in our department - these include Student PC Labs and then faculty PC s Everyone will be printing to different printers I am going to set up a print server and want to be able to configure all PC s remotely with the correct network printers This way I can set up the labs to print to the network printers located in the respective labs and faculty will print to a printer in our main office I also do not want to include anything in the logon scripts as we do not use them here Ideally I want each PC set up with the correct network printer no matter who logs on as the lab PC s have numerous different students logging on to them daily I came across the following command line utility rundll printui dll PrintUIEntry With the proper switches I have been able to set up a network printer while logged onto that PC but can not figure out a way to run this command and have it map the network printer on a remote PC Any help is GREATLY appreciated Pete nbsp

A:Setting up network printers on PC's remotely

If you have a print server, go into "add printers" then click on the print server, then click on the printer you want to install for that particular machine.
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In the office we have 3 printers (2 network 1 attached locally to my machine). I can ping all of the printers and no packets are dropped, however I cannot connect to them.

I know the printers arent faulty because all of the other staff have no problems printing.

I have tried re-installing drivers, disconnecting the printer and reconnecting it etc. and I just cant find what the problem is!

the 2 network printers are:

Epson PX720WD
Brother 7045N

The laptop is an Alienware with Windows 7 Professional.

Any help is much appreciated as this is a very strange problem!

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Our customer has recently upgraded Windows server from 2003 to 2008.
In new server, we saw that network printer's definition in registry is in the format of 'Printer on Server', while in old server the printer format was mainly '\\Server\Printer' (although the 'Printer on Server' format existed there too).
So due to this change in printer 'format', we need to modify our software to recognize the new format.

Does anyone knows how does windows determines which format to use in printer definition?
Is there a way to switch between formats?

(Note: I refer to printer definition under HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Devices registry key)

Thanks in advance.

A:Network Printers format in registry

I really think you need to post this question elsewhere because most of us are not software developers and have no experience in that area. Please be advised that I am only speaking for myself right now but I'll be delightfully surprised if someone comes forth with the development answer you are looking for. Good luck.
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Last couple of moths we are migrating machines to win7. And the tendency of our company is to put all printers on network (server 2003). But something happens when we install new network printer. After installing new network printer, all the machines on win7 suddenly have lost connection to the all of the printers they have been connected to previously. And our policy is that users have no installing rights and we tend to keep that. Only solution is to go to the user and log on as admin and connect printer again. Did anybody had similar problems and has a solution or knows whats the problem. Thanks

A:Win7 machine + network printers

Yes we did. Sorry to say the solution was to install a new Print Server on Windows Server 2008 R2. All Windows 7 machines and XP machines have no issues with printers or them sticking.

I hope you find another solution. I will keep reviewing this Thread. -WS
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I've searched through the forums and haven't found this topic, so here goes...

I have the AT&T 2Wire 2701HG-B Gateway Router, connected with two laptops which can run either wireless or 10/100. I also have a Dell 3010cn Printer that is network capable currently connected to one laptop and shared. I want to put the printer directly on the network, but cannot get the 2701 to acknowledge the printer. Cables are fine as well as the ethernet card on the printer. Its a system "thing" and I'm just stuck. I'm also cheap because I'm NOT going to pay $99.00 to AT&T for some tech support on their end.

Anyone have any ideas? Thanks in advance!

(the newbie)


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Hi Just did a fresh install of Win on my Laptop but I can t access the printers on my network All the printers are hard wired to my Dell XPS desktop computer My Laptop identify the printers on the network but I can from Access To on Laptop Need Help Network Printers t access any of them Here are a coupe of screen shots from the Laptop Any help would be greatly appreciated Below is the system information for the Need Help To Access Printers on Network from Laptop Laptop ------------------------------------------------ HP G - CL Notebook PC LAPTOP Microsoft Windows Version Copyright c Microsoft Corporation All rights reserved C Users Joyce gt IPCONFIG ALL Windows IP Configuration Host Name HP Laptop Primary Dns Suffix Node Type Hybrid IP Routing Enabled No WINS Proxy Enabled No DNS Suffix Search List home Ethernet adapter Local Area Connection Connection-specific DNS Suffix home Description Realtek RTL E RTL E Family PCI-E Fa st Ethernet NIC NDIS Physical Address - F- -D -D -C DHCP Enabled Yes Autoconfiguration Enabled Yes Link-local IPv Address fe da c b fc d Preferred IPv Address Preferred Subnet Mask Lease Obtained Sunday March PM Lease Expires Monday March PM Default Gateway DHCP Server DHCPv IAID DHCPv Client DUID - - - - E- -FB- D- - F- Need Help To Access Printers on Network from Laptop -D -D -C DNS Servers NetBIOS over Tcpip Enabled Wireless Need Help To Access Printers on Network from Laptop LAN adapter Wireless Network Connection Connection-specific DNS Suffix home Description Atheros AR a g n WiFi Adapter Physical Address - - - D- -C DHCP Enabled Yes Autoconfiguration Enabled Yes Link-local IPv Address fe ac ce fbb afc Preferred IPv Address Preferred Subnet Mask Lease Obtained Sunday March PM Lease Expires Monday March PM Default Gateway DHCP Server DHCPv IAID DHCPv Client DUID - - - - E- -FB- D- - F- -D -D -C DNS Servers NetBIOS over Tcpip Enabled Tunnel adapter isatap home Media State Media disconnected Connection-specific DNS Suffix home Description Microsoft ISATAP Adapter Physical Address - - - - - - -E DHCP Enabled No Autoconfiguration Enabled Yes Tunnel adapter Local Area Connection Connection-specific DNS Suffix Description Teredo Tunneling Pseudo-Interface Physical Address - - - - - - -E DHCP Enabled No Autoconfiguration Enabled Yes IPv Address cf c cd f fef Pref erred Link-local IPv Address fe cd f fef Preferred Default Gateway NetBIOS over Tcpip Disabled ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- OS Name Microsoft Windows Professional Version Service Pack Build Other OS Description Not Available OS Manufacturer Microsoft Corporation System Name HP LAPTOP System Manufacturer Hewlett-Packard System Model HP G Notebook PC System Type x -based PC Processor Intel R Core TM Duo CPU T GHz Mhz Core s Logical Processor s BIOS Version Date Hewlett-Packard F SMBIOS Version Windows Directory C Windows System Directory C Windows system Boot Device Device HarddiskVolume Locale United States Hardware Abstraction Layer Version quot quot User Name HP Laptop Joyce Time Zone Pacific Daylight Time Installed Physical Memory RAM GB Total Physical Memory GB Available Physical Memory GB Total Virtual Memory GB Available Virtual Memory GB Page File Space GB Page File C pagefile sys ------------------------------------------------------ Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version OS Version Microsoft Windows Professional Service Pack bit Processor Intel R Core TM Duo CPU T GHz Intel Family Model Stepping Processor Count RAM Mb Graphics Card Mobile Intel R Express Chipset Family Microsoft Corporation - WDDM Mb Hard Drives C Total - MB Free - MB D Total - MB Free - MB F Total - MB Free - MB Motherboard Wistron C Antivirus Panda Free Antivirus Updated and Enabled xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx nbsp

A:Need Help To Access Printers on Network from Laptop

I would first try using the (latest from HP's web site) installation program for the HP printers.
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Hi everyone,

I would like to know if it is possible to add a printer connected to a computer wired to a wireless router to a wifi laptop. I am using Windows 7 Home Basic

A:Problems with printers on a home network

I don't see why not. Have you tried the Add a printer dialogue in Devices and printers? Of course your laptop must be running.
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Hi I have two Vista PCs that are networked I have two ISPs one cable and one DSL I use cable on PC and DSL on PC The cable modem is just a modem the DSL modem is also a router and I have a separate router two PCs Two on ISPs network, files/printers? and one sharing only but for the network I used to have this set up on Windows XP and if the DSL went down on PC the cable connection kept running on PC My DSL Two PCs and two ISPs on one network, but only sharing files/printers? went down today and while MSN and Google Talk were still working on PC with the cable connection I could not use any of my browsers They automatically went to Two PCs and two ISPs on one network, but only sharing files/printers? the DSL connection error page When I rebooted my PC I couldn't get online at all I'm wondering if my setup is faulty All I want to do is share files printers etc between the two PCs but let each PC have its own internet connection ISP It would be great if a solution would get rid of the extra router because it's old and slows my connection down a bit Is there a better way to do this so that I dont lose my connection completely when only one ISP is down Thanks
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Is there a way to add networked printers at the computer level (e.g. globally across all user accounts that ever log onto the machine)?

As far as I know the only way to add printers is on a per-user basis.

A:Computer-wide adding network printers

Quote: Originally Posted by Firestrider

Is there a way to add networked printers at the computer level (e.g. globally across all user accounts that ever log onto the machine)?

As far as I know the only way to add printers is on a per-user basis.

Simply share the printer on the network....
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Just what the title says. I was doing a search for network printers today, and got a STOP 0xD1 on ndis.sys. Now I get the same STOP every boot. It starts to load the GUI, I get my mouse pointer, then the BSOD happens. Attached are my minidumps, I hope that they help

Thanks guys.

A:Search for network printers, get BSOD every boot now

We need to know more about your BSODs...Download BlueScreenView (in Zip file)No installation required.Unzip downloaded file and double click on BlueScreenView.exe file to run the program and When scanning is done, go to Edit > Select All.Then go to File > Save Selected Items, and save the report as BSOD.txt.Open BSOD.txt in Notepad, copy all content, and paste it into your next reply.Compliments of Broni
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hi forum peeps,

quick question, we are piloting our windows 7 build at our company and we are trying to remove users having local administrator access to their machines.

however we have hit a snag, we cant install printers via the network as a normal user, we need to be logged in as an administrator.

any ideas?!

A:cannot install network printers without administrator access

When it pops up with the UAC prompt, is there a password option? The whole point of UAC is User Account Control.

I will try to replicate this though, and see what I come up with.