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'Documents and Settings' and 'My Documents' query

Q: 'Documents and Settings' and 'My Documents' query

My girlfriend logs on with her user name Mary at the and and query Documents' 'My 'Documents Settings' XP Pro welcome screen Hers is the only user name shown In Control Panel Windows Accounts she is listed as the only user In Windows Explorer C Documents and Settings there are four folders All Users Config msi empty Default User Ex-husband s name it used to be his computer so somehow he is still around All the user data of my girlfriend is actually saved in folder four Also a At the top of the Windows Explorer tree the My Documents folder points to Ex-husband s My Documents folder b Later in the tree there is another folder called Mary s Documents which also points to Ex-husband s My Documents folder and contains the same files So my questions are 'Documents and Settings' and 'My Documents' query Can I 'Documents and Settings' and 'My Documents' query safely change folder four to my girlfriend s name Should can this be done in Windows Explorer or somewhere else Can should I delete the folder called Mary s Documents which simply reproduces the files in Ex-husband s My Documents Can I safely delete the folders All Users and Default User which do not contain my girlfriend s user data Can I safely delete the empty Config msi folder I would like to keep the My Documents folder which shows at the top of the folder tree as it is convenient for my girlfriend to find 'Documents and Settings' and 'My Documents' query I hope this makes sense Any suggestions much appreciated Swish nbsp

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Preferred Solution: 'Documents and Settings' and 'My Documents' query

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: 'Documents and Settings' and 'My Documents' query

1) I wouldn't, but it can probably be's hard to redirect those stupid Windows links. You could create your own shortcut to "Mary's Documents", copy the contents of the ex-husband's folder to the Mary's documents, then you should be able to delete it.

2) For safety's sake I wouldn't, but you could give it a shot... (or do what I said above)

3)No, they are default folders that WIndows uses for some mysterious purposes.

4)Definitely not!

5)Go to to find a registry hack which will let you delete the My Documents folders. Then add the new shortcut above.

Remember, if you delete something you shouldn't have, you can restore it from the recycling bin!:grinthumb
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Hi, if anyone could help me with this, it would be great!

All of a sudden when I try to open my C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Documents folder, it says "access denied"

running xp home sp2.

any suggestions?

oh, I did a google for solutions and various pages often suggested I turn off simple file sharing, but the option is non existant under my file/view menu...

A:Access Denied to C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Documents

It sounds to me as though the administrator has made that directory path private. Are you the admin, and if so, are you logged into a user account with admin rights? If all else fails, reboot and log into the Administrator account and go to the control panel/users and change your preferred account status. While you're there, unlock the problem path to allow all users to view.

Good Luck!
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I am running Windows 7 on my notebook, as the owner and admin.....
I try to access this folder, and I fact it appears as a shortcut rather than a folder...i have run antivirus, and malware, found nothing....
tried to change the security....all users has rights to it, the admin does not and cannot be changed....any ideas?

A:C:\Documents and Settings\all users\documents DENIED!!!

It looks like one of the junction points that provides some backwards compatibility and which shows when unhiding files in Control Panel>Folder Options>View. There is no Documents and Settings folder in Win7, except as a junction point.

Read more about junction points here:

In Win7 Documents is under All Users>[User Name]>Documents. Perhaps you should hide Hidden and System Files again to see only the WIn7 folders you need.
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I logged into Windows and found that all of my user settings had been changed back to default. All the files that were in My Documents had been moved to Documents and Settings in C. I moved them back to My Documents and changed my settings back to the way I had them before. While surfing the internet a few minutes later, the system became unresponsive. I restarted the computer and logged in, but now I find that My Documents has completely disappeared. I can't even find my files in Documents and Settings. I had about 35 GB of music, so I hope I didn't just lose it all. Please help!
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Hi all, this is my first thread here. May be a little n00bish but here goes.

Ive dealt with almost every problem Ive had with my comp but this one has me stumped. I just tried to install a program and cant because the C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Documents folder denies me access. I have administrator rights and all that guff and it annoys me horribly the thought I dont have access everywhere on my computer. Ive been though the folder properties and attributes, and cant change much at all. I dont ever remember not having access to this folder before.

Please help...

A:C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Documents

The software I am trying to install is genuine. Bought it today. Is a game called fear. What its trying to do is create a profile folder in the C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Documents folder I believe but cant because of this access problem.
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I am running contents Documents Settings Missing Documents and Folder missing + Vista Home Basic I first noticed this afternoon Documents contents missing + Settings and Documents Folder Missing that my quot Documents quot folder was empty I searched all locations Documents contents missing + Settings and Documents Folder Missing and all I found was a shortcut to one of the missing files It gave me the following error The item that this shortcut refers to has been changed or moved so this shortcut Documents contents missing + Settings and Documents Folder Missing will no longer work properly Do you want to remove the shortcut I did a system restore to the recommended restore point On reboot some folders and files had appeared in quot Documents quot but many were still missing I tried another system restore to an earlier date but upon reboot had a message stating the restore was not successfull and no files or settings had been changed I had a look for my quot Documents and Settings quot folder but couldn t find it I chose options to show hidden files and prtected system files I turned of the sharing wizard option also I searched again for quot Documents and Settings quot and it appeared in the search window on clicking I got the error Documents and Settings refers to a location that is unavailable It could be on a hard drive on this computer or on a network Check that the disk is properly inserted and that you are connected to the internet or your network and then try again If it still cannot be located the information might have been moved to a different location I went my computer gt C to locate the folder but all I could find was a shortcut to the folder although it wasn t showing up as a shortcut in the search facility I had another look in quot Documents quot and several shortcuts had appeared quot My Music quot quot My Videos quot quot My Pictures quot I also noticed quite a few other new files and shortcuts under User Of note quot my documents quot I tried to click on quot my documents quot and got this error mydocuments is not accessable Access is denied Same error for all other shortcuts I disabled AUC and security alerts then I used an Unlock program and managed to gain full control of the file The contents were an exact copy of the current state of the quot Documents quot folder still minus the missing files Next I ran file scavenger data recovery software and was unable to locate any of the missing files though I did spot a folder quot Documents quot which I successfully restored Once restored it showed the path to be Unknown AppData Roaming Microsoft Windows SendTo Documents It is a MyDocs Drop Targert folder with the extension mydocs I have been unable to open it as I do not know which programme I need to use I also downloaded Microsoft Automated Troubleshooter which gave me the following report File and Folder TroubleshooterPublisher details Issues found Icons randomly change to different iconsIcons randomly change to different icons Some icons in My Computer in Windows Explorer on the desktop or on the Quick Launch bar change randomly This behavior occurs if the icon cache is not updated correctly Not fixed Rebuild the icon cacheSucceeded You cannot use keyboard shortcuts to select more than one item in Windows Explorer after you install certain applications on a Windows Vista-based computerYou cannot use keyboard shortcuts to select more than one item in Windows Explorer after you install certain applications on a Windows Vista-based computer On a Windows Vista-based computer you cannot use keyboard shortcuts to select more than one item in Windows Explorer For example you cannot use the CTRL A keyboard shortcut to select all the items in a Windows Explorer window Also you cannot select multiple items in a Windows Explorer window by holding the SHIFT key or the CTRL key while you click the items This problem occurs because certain applications add a key to the registry The key prevents you from selecting multi... Read more
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C:/Documents and Settings/Uses(My Username)/Local Settings/Temp/browserview-1d31630.htm

This file, and all the files with the name 'browserview-xxxxxx(number).htm are needed, mine got corrupted and I accidentally deleted them.

Can someone post these files?

A:C:/Documents and Settings/Uses(My Username)/Local Settings/Temp/browserview-1d31630.h
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i cant get rid of the files in C:\Documents and Settings\owner\Local Settings\Temp\Temporary Internet Files\Content.IE5....NOTHING ive tried has worked....any information on how i can get rid of them would be GREAT!!

A:C:\Documents and Settings\owner\Local Settings\Temp\Temporary Internet Files\Content.

Hi Welcome to TSG!!

If you log on as administrator you should be able to delete everything in the C:\Documents and Settings\owner\Local Settings\Temp\Temporary Internet Files\Content.IE5 folder.

If you sign in as "owner" you should be able to remove everything except index.dat if you close all of your browser windows.
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This has been bugging me for a while it pops up whenever I start the computer. I don't know to much about how to do things so please have some patients with me. If you can help me than I might just love you forever.

A:Error loading C:\Documents and Settings\ Network Service\ Local Settings\ Application Data\ hrcopul.dll

Have you run any scans for infections? I Googled hrcopul.dll, and everything that I found points to a infection.
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When I started up it says Win.ini corrupt. Then it starts
up as a new user losing track of Favorites and Start Menu
and Desktop Icons, Display and Folder attributes. Under
Documents and Settings it has added Dave.U5R2D5 in
addition to Dave which still has all the information. I tried
switching the 2 Filenames to get back to what it used to be but
gave an error message and didn't do it and started another new file.
Is there some way to use the old Dave file?

A:Lost settings, New user made in Documents and Settings

Hiya asd123321.

It sounds like you`ve re-installed the system from CD over the top of an existing system, giving you a fresh `Dave`. Have you recently run a repair or indeed, done a clean install ?

As a work-around, can you take the documents & favourites from the old `Dave` and put them in the new `Dave` so at least you`re back up and running again.

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Unfortunately I lost many,many files from My Documents, probably about 100. Fortunately I had just installed Carbonite a few days before.

So now, when I click on My Documents, I get this long list of files I deleted. How can I copy all the correct files back from Carbonite to my regular Documents?

A:Solved: Need to copy Carbonite files back to my regular Documents Documents

You have flagged this being solved, were you able to restore your files?
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I ve experienced this problem twice in Office Or in Solved: 2010 Documents Open Folder My Can't Save Documents the past week Here is my current problem New Windows computer Moved Office install from old computer to new computer Copied all documents to new computer by installing the old drive in the new computer NTFS to NTFS When trying to open any DOC DOCX XLS XLSX Solved: Office 2010 Can't Open Or Save Documents in My Documents Folder PPT or PPTX files that are stored in the Documents folder I get permission errors Word will open an RTF file Solved: Office 2010 Can't Open Or Save Documents in My Documents Folder just fine If I try to use any Office programs to save a file to the Documents folder I also get permission errors I can move the file to the Desktop and work with it just fine I can then move it back to the Documents folder Here are the errors when trying to open files Word - Word cannot open the document user does not have access privileges Excel - C Users xxxxxx Documents Book xlsx could not be found Powerpoint - The path or file name for C Users xxxxxx Documents Presentation pptx is invalid When I try to use one of these programs to save to the Documents folder I get the following error You don t have permission to save in this location I tried copying the files two different ways to eliminate any lingering NTFS permissions I used a linux box to copy from the old drive to EXT then to a linux formatted FAT drive I plugged this FAT drive into the Windows machine and moved the files over but got the same errors Next I copied the files from the old drive to a FAT drive using another Windows box Then I tool the FAT drive back to the new computer and copied the files to the Documents folder I received the same errors Last week I had the same problem with slightly different circumstances A Windows computer had a failed hard drive We installed a new drive and copied the data to the new drive We tried all the same methods of copying with no luck Finally we wiped the computer clean and reinstalled Windows When we copied the data over the last time we used the linux box to copy all the data to the FAT drive and then plugged that drive into the computer I don t want to reinstall Windows on a brand new machine What is going wrong nbsp

A:Solved: Office 2010 Can't Open Or Save Documents in My Documents Folder
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Using windows explorer to do all of this Not realizing how this file system works she deleted all files in Documents because many dupe files made it look like they were accidentally copied there multi times On realizing what she had done I promptly restored the recycle bin hoping everything would return to normal but all files went into the My Documents folder while the pro hppro win7 swapped; Documents My Documents got x64, dtpc and Documents folder ended up with a bunch of mostly empty folders originally from Documents and My Documents got swapped; win7 pro x64, hppro dtpc My Documents Normally all you see in the Documents folder are documents but in My Documents there may be sub-folders as well as files After the gyrations there were folders in the right pane of explorer under Documents and only files in Documents and My Documents got swapped; win7 pro x64, hppro dtpc the right pane under My Documents as if Documents and My Documents got swapped around To make it more confusing rt clk on My Documents properties showed the number of files plus folders But no folders show up in either explorer pane I copied everything from the two folders to another folder for safety then tried restoring the Documents and My Documents got swapped; win7 pro x64, hppro dtpc two folders The result was to have only files in My Documents and folders in Documents as before so no help No backups either oye Any help will be gratefully accepted tom
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Ok, I need some help..

I know that the documents library is a "library" and when I save anything there it really saves the file to the default location(my documents).

I teach a basic PC course usage course to seniors and some of the PCs are now listing the "My Documents" and the "Public" folders above their respective files when they click on "documents". In the past all the files have been there but never a separation by folder in the listing. There are 8 computers in the LAb and 4 show the "my Documents" and Public location in the listing....

How can I get this back to where they only see the whole list of files without the folder separation in the listing...

Thanks for any help, this is confusing them...


A:Viewing the documents library displays my documents folder

Hello John, and welcome to Seven Forums.

It sounds like the default Arrange by, Sort by, or Group by folder view of the "Documents" library has been changed. You might see if doing what's in the yellow TIP box at the top of the tutorial below to click on Clear changes in the "Arrange by" (on toolbar) drop down menu may help.

File and Folder Arrangement - Group by - Sort by - Arrange by

Hope this helps,
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Hi all I've built another new PC but for the first time I've installed a SSD to hold Win while all my data in theory will be vs. off data My folders Documents - c: drive Documents Relocating to held on my data drive TB Hard Disk I've redirected most of my user folders just fine quot My Documents quot My Music Downloads etc however when I installed my first game on this system it's placing its saved games into quot Documents quot note NOT quot My Documents Documents vs. My Documents - Relocating folders off c: to data drive quot Of course all my google searches throw back results for redirecting quot My Documents quot which is already done So is the quot Documents quot folder stuck in my user folder permanantly Over the course of a year I don't doubt it will get very bloated with saved games screenshots etc so I really don't want it on my SSD drive and want to nip this problem in the bud if possible Basically is this possible to quot fix quot without relocating the entire quot Users quot folder p s Out of interest I tried creating a quot Documents quot folder on my F drive my data disk and it said that it already existed as quot MY Documents quot Annoying

A:Documents vs. My Documents - Relocating folders off c: to data drive

Navigate to the start menu, Right click on Documents and assign a new location, By doing so, If your external HDD fails you will lose all your data.
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Hello, I was downloading something and when I thought it was finished downloading and this screen pops up.

"C:\Documents & Settings\Sherry\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files\Content.IE5\GRG7AN8J\arizup2(1).pdf"
"This action is only valid for products that are currently installed.
<OK> box

I see that this is a .pdf file and i'm not sure how to open these. Can someone give me some really really easy details on how to fix or open [download] this problem.


A:C:\Documents & Settings\Dave\Local!

Install adobe acrobat reader
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I have a drive that had Vista Home Premium on it amp NTFS as the file Folder for and Security Documents Settings Settings system The drive went bad with over K bad sectors Preformed a hard drive recovery After several days I managed to remap all the bad Security Settings for Documents and Settings Folder sectors so that I could read the drive when booting from a XP boot CD or a UBCD cd Now When I view the drives directory structure I can browse most of what is listed except for the Documents amp Settings folder When I try that one I get the message quot Access Denied quot I tried getting into the properties to see if I can change the properties but the Security tab did not show up I am a lot more familiar with XP than Vista Is there an added security feature Vista has on the Documents amp Setting folder that only Vista can open it I tried using a Vista Recovery disk but it was not able to see the partition Also I am not sure if there are any tools on the disk to recover files from a drive that no longer boots windows Any help would be greatly appreciated Thanks Peter

A:Security Settings for Documents and Settings Folder

"Access Denied" is a proper and routine message encountered...when moving a hard drive from one system to another. Only impacts the Docs & Settings files/folders, all other files can be easily accessed.So can the Docs & Settings folders, by taking ownership of the files/folders.Taking Ownership in VistaLouis
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I am laptop user. About 2hr ago, i login to my lappy and discover that my profile is different. My folders on desktop went missing and some of the setting changed. Then i try on my own to solve it but to no avail. Fortunately i come upon my C:\Documents and Settings and discover that strange profile C:\Documents and Settings\TEMP and my original profile C:\Documents and Settings\p0716499 was still there. This imply that my previous setting and files are still in my laptop. However, I cant changed back to the original profile and struck with the temp profile.
Initially i suspect is registry problem so i DL "UPHClean Service" by miscosoft but to no avail. Now currently i suspect it might be the work of a virus. I need help. Thank anyone who help me in advance.

A:User profile path change to user profile path change to C:\Documents and Settings\TEMP :\Documents and Settings...

This morning when i woke up, i discovered a icon named "syminstallstub" on my desktop. I checked online and i believe that it could be a virus. I try to find ways to uninstall it but to no avail I not sure what did my younger brother do to my laptop. I feel that im damn unlucky and encounter 2 problems in a row. Please help me solve my problems.
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I have a 200GB drive with a new install of XP on it. Slaved to this drive is an old 80GB which I want to get files off of.

It tells me I don't have permission to get into Documents and Settings, though. Is there any way to work around this?


SOLVED: Thanks for the help!

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In Documents and Settings I have five profiles: Administrator, All Users WINDOWS, Joe Webber, LocalService NT AUTHORITY and NetworkService NT AUTHORITY. I am the only user of my PC and I am not connected to the internet (I use the local library system), so I would like to put all the relevant material into one profile and delete the rest. Is this possible and if so which one should I choose to keep?

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For some unknown reason under Documents and Settings there are several subheadings containing identical or similar files. Is there a way to either eliminate or consolidate these duplicate files? Right now to access a given file I have to search through all of the subheadings, and, or all files.

A:Documents and Settings

can you be more specific?
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I am having a real problem finding my Documents and Settings Folder for a Data Backup. I've tried view the hidden file option, Tried tutorials on this web site. I opened up all the folders when you view the hidden files option. Can someone please help me out with finding this folder. I have tried everything that I can think of, any help would be grateful. Thanks RSpanky IF this is not the right place to post this here, Could you please move it to Windows Vista post Thanks. For anyone trying to find the Folder Documents and Settings they changed it to C\ ProgramData in Vista
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how can I change this directory so I can get ito it
I have tried the normal and it stops me every time

the reason I have a program tmpgenc that places a lic file in a sub directory
once the program stuffs up it cant be reinstalled untill this file is deleted


A:documents and settings

Quote: Originally Posted by 3doz

how can I change this directory so I can get ito it
I have tried the normal and it stops me every time

the reason I have a program tmpgenc that places a lic file in a sub directory
once the program stuffs up it cant be reinstalled untill this file is deleted


Hi 3doz and welcome
I suspect that even if you could get the lic in there it would probably not run. Its an XP app, I suspect it would have more problems than just that. My question is do you have a machine that can run a virtual machine (IE XP mode)?

That would make it easier.

Ken J+
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On Windows 7, I can see a folder called users. It seems to be used as "user documents and settings" for previous Windows version. But can't find some folders such as "application data". By searching a lot on internet, they said there is appdata which point to "application data". but in my users folder, I can't find it.

A:Where is documents and settings?

You have to have "show hidden files" clicked in explorer and you will see it in your directory.
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why when i go to my documents and settings i have myself and another two folders called. administrator&administrator followed by the pc serial number??

also i have alluser witch is normal i now but as im the only user at presant why is this?
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I have a small network of 2 computers. Both are running Windows XP Pro. I want to access the documents and settings folder over the network so I could back up this folder onto the other computer that has the DVD burner. When I try to access that folder I get this message:" not accessible. You might not have permission to use this network ressource. Contact the administrator...Acess is denied." I have gone through all the share procedures, I can access other folders but not this one. I even mapped a drive but still no go. Does anyone have any knowledge about this problem. Is this folder non-sharable?

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For whatever reason, I have two personalities under documents and settings. One is rln and the other is bob. Is there a way to consolidate these? ...other than a complete reload after format and fdisk? I have Win XP Pro. I will appreciate whatever advice that you can give me.

A:Documents and Settings

Copy/move everything important into one of your personalities and then delete the other one?
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Long story short I have and settings Documents moved Documents and settings my music and iTunes folder from my old XP pc onto my new vista laptop On my XP pc the music folder was in C documents and settings chris my documents music I have moved the iTunes folder Documents and settings and so all my music appears in iTunes but none Documents and settings of the songs can be found or played I E Itunes is looking in the wrong place Now i did this a while back on the Vista machine and got it to work i somehow created a quot documents and settings quot folder on the C Drive But I have since had to factory reset my laptop and now when i try to do the same this doesnt work Every time i try to it comes up with an error message saying i quot dont have permission quot Anyone had the same problem or got any tips on how to overcome this Help would be greatly apreciated Chris nbsp

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My OS is Win XP Pro installed on D drive. Win 98 on C drive. Can I move documents and Settings folder from D to C drive. Kindly advise.

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In this folder, I currently have 4 folders:
All Users
[email protected]@@@@
[email protected]@@@3###

How do I remove the unneccessary accounts? How do I switch between them?

A:C:\Documents and Settings

Deleting User accounts (needs Administrator log-on) is as per the link below:
All user data associated with the account will be lost, be warned.
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This is a bit of a long story but here goes The other day my pc wouldn t boot windows XP Pro and a Settings with and help Need my Documents message on the screen said quot Could not start Windows because the following file is missing or corrupt WINDOWS SYSTEM CONFIG Need help with my Documents and Settings SYSTEM quot It also advised using the installation CD and pressing quot r quot at the first available screen to repair the problem The first thing I did was to go past the first screen that appears and offers to repair your windows installation and continue to where setup looks for any existing installs of windows and gives you the option to install windows or to select the existing install and repair it But it didn t show the existing installation of windows So I exited and started setup over and this time took the option to quot repair quot at the first instance which is right after setup says quot setup is starting windows quot I followed that advice and had to login to the windows installion that I wanted to repair this was all in DOS format So after logging into the only windows installation I navigated to the directory WINDOWS SYSTEM CONFIG and using the DIR command I saw a file named quot system quot and another file named quot system sav quot both files being identical in size So I copied quot system sav quot to quot system quot and then I tried to boot windows again and it booted but I though that something must be wrong so I went back to using the setup CD and this time after telling setup to install windows and agreeing to terms by pressing F setup DID show the existing windows installation and I oppted to repair it Now before alll this I copied the contents of quot Documents and Settings quot to another drive in case I needed it to restore later After Windows setup repaired there now existed a new Administrator account and a new quot documents and Settings quot What I want is to be able to restore the quot Documents and Settings quot that existed before Is there anything that I can do

A:Need help with my Documents and Settings

Hi .

Have you tried simple replacement of the folders by cut-and-paste?

Is your old profile still reflected in Control Panel/User Profiles?

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Hello - I'm running Windows XP Pro on a Dell with 384MB, 866MHz. My problem is I have multiple user accounts created. My own account is an administrator account. When I choose Start -> All Programs what shows does not reflect what's in my c:\Documents and Settings\Mike\Start Menu\Programs. Instead it appears to be using a combination of c:\Documents and Settings\All Users and c:\Windows\Start Menu\Programs.

I've also noticed that my default "explore" starting folder is c:\Windows\Start Menu\Programs. This seems to be the only account affected by this.

Does anyone know how to re-point this all to c:\Documents and Settings\Mike...


A:XP Pro Documents and Settings help

The user profile may have become corrupted, which can be deleted and Windows will automatically recreate it. To delete it depress the Windows key and click the Break key. Select the Advance tab and follow the menu options.
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A:Documents and settings

Hi and welcome to TSF first we need more info ie when do you get the above message have you tried running sfc /scannow or a repair from your install or recovery disc
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Hello everyone
I am trying to clean the computer and maybe recuperate some mb's.I notice in documents ans settings that I have 12 folders which I find surprising because I only have one account.I have reinstalled windows a few times before and that might be the reason.
Can I delete some of these folders?

the folders are: administrator 4.69mb
Administrator Bell 4.36mb
All users 19.0mb
All users Windows 29.8mb
Default user 333kb
Default user Windows 284 kb
favorites 122 bytes
Jean-Guy Roberge 134 mb
Jean-G-1 Bell 0 bytes
Jean-G-2 Bell 449 kb
Jean-Guy Roberge.Bell 165 mb
Jean-Guy Roberge Bell dje10d8h06
As I said I only have one account and it is :Jean-Guy Roberge computer administrator.

A:Documents and settings

Is it possible that, at some time, you have reinstalled or repaired XP over a previous on?? It seems to look like that. I believe your other diectories (Administrator Bell:All users Windows: Default user Windows: Jen-G bell: Jen-G-1 Bell: Jen-G-2 Bell: Jen-Guy Roberge Bell dje10d8h06, are all from a previous installation. This is the procedure I would follow.
1. Back up the whole lot.
2. Copy (and overwrite where needed) all the files in tmy above mentioned directories, into the remaining one - Jean_Guy Roberge. The favorites file is legit, and should remain there.
3. Delete all those I have listed.
You should now be back to the basic XP directories which are, be dafault, supposed to be there.
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I recently did a clean install from xp to xp mce and before I formatted I saved my documents and setings folder to keep my settings cookies for two different users and such but when I went to the folder in mce it was totally different and doesn't list seperate folders for seperate accounts why is this. I have two users and we have different favorites folders and cookie folders how can I fix this?

A:Documents and settings

Hi cotk69...

where did you back up the Documents and Settings folder to?
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I have my own laptop but son and hub use the main desktop in our home. The harddrive, however, is just about full. So I've been looking around and see SO MUCH, what "I" would call junk .... but then again, I'm not sure. Compared to most of you here I"m sure I am a novice.

Anywho, I did a general search for *.gif and came up with 7,553 files !!!! Lots of these are under, for instance, Documents and Settings, default user, desktop, then TONS of files under there.

Also, to sign in on my computer there are 2 options ..... but under documents and settings, there are HP administrator, all users, default user, drag racer v3, administrator .... what are all these and are they necessary?

Sorry if these are stupid questions; am afraid to just start deleting !!

A:Documents & Settings

Welcome to Windows Seven Forums.

It sounds as though loads of different user accounts have been set up on your computer.

Go into Start>Control Panel>User Accounts....... and see just how many accounts are on your hard drive. You'll then need to liaise with your menfolk to see which ones can be deleted.
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I've set my C:\ drive to share all. I've set the security for all logons to Allow All and yet I do not see the directory Documents and Settings. What appears to be that which used to be under same is now under Users.... Is there no longer a Docs and Settings?


A:Can't see Documents and Settings?

Quote: Originally Posted by markg2

I've set my C:\ drive to share all. I've set the security for all logons to Allow All and yet I do not see the directory Documents and Settings. What appears to be that which used to be under same is now under Users.... Is there no longer a Docs and Settings?


No Docs & Settings under windows 7!

Now, It should be set under C:\Users\Your Account\
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When I try to save a document in Word Documents, Windows 10 tells me I cannot save in that category, I must save it in a folder. I need to save in Word. How can I fix that?

A:How to save documents to Word Documents in Windows 10?

I'm not understanding you. Whenever you save a document it always goes into a folder somewhere - there is nowhere else it can go. It can go into a folder named "Word Documents" or "Word" if you wish, but otherwise I don't get what you mean by saving it in Word.Excuse me if I'm somehow missing something basic here - it can happen LOL.EDIT: Maybe it's some Windows 10 thing I've not run into.Always pop back and let us know the outcome - thanksmessage edited by Derek
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I looked but couldn't find this issue elsewhere. I noticed that when I opened my files, there were extra MY DOCUMENTS folders. Other people who used this computer apparently messed around and copied MY DOCUMENTS folders. I tried to remedy the mess, but did so when I was tired, and seem to have made matters worse. Now, when I go to the Start Menu> Documents the documents are not there.

I am at a loss as to how to fix this. Can anyone help?

Dinah K

A:Start menu> Documents> Documents Missing

Hello Dinah,

Welcome to the Forum.

Please take a look at this guide Personal User Folder - Restore Missing Folder I hope it will help you.
Go to the option three and download Restore_Documents_Default_Location.reg file.

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I am using Word 2013 on my laptop. Windows 8 was operating system. Recently upgraded to Windows 10. When I save Word documents now, they are saved as Wordpad documents. (.xml files) Wordpad does not recommend some of the Word formatting and alters the documents.

How do I correct this? I want the save as Word documents, as I did in the past.

Thank you.

A:word documents saved as wordpad documents

In Word try the file tab > Options >Save. You should be able to change to a default of .docx .
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Does anybody know of any file converters out there (free if possible) that can convert ClarisWorks files to Office Word files? I have a lot of old documents that I wish to convert.


A:Converting ClarisWorks documents to Word documents

Not sure if this old Microsoft Article will help:
WD: How to Convert Between ClarisWorks for the Macintosh & Word
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Hi there,
After (actually before) some malware attacks and help from nasdaq in this thread, I got an issue in My Computer.
I can't see the "User's Documents" and "Shared Documents" under Files Stored on This Computer.
I looked into almost every solution given on the web and nothing seems to help.
- Windows is clean from malwares etc. See here.
- Tried these:
this workaround:
(actually the same:)
this whole thread:
Any ideas?

A:No "User's Documents" and "Shared Documents" under My Computer

Probably (IMO) a case of damaged files.
I would try running the sfc /scannow command.
How To Use SFC Scannow to Repair Windows System Files -
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Hi there I have a feeling that I m going to feel really dumb when I realize how to do this but I ve been baffled and nothing online has quite worked or applied to my issue Here goes I m running Windows and have a habit of using the recent documents separated by program on the start menu In other words I ll go to Start highlight Microsoft Excel as it s a program I use regularly and therefore stays pretty close to the top of the start menu and mouse over to the right to see my recent Excel documents Early on in my Windows use I had right clicked removing... show Documents after Recent to in Can't up get documents on some recent files and selected quot Remove from this list quot and they vanished from the recent Excel document list However I can Can't get documents to show up in Recent Documents after removing... t get them to ever come back I ve tried Can't get documents to show up in Recent Documents after removing... resetting my recent document settings under Start Menu properties even deleting quot recent application data quot files according to other sites If I navigate to the files through the folders I can open spreadsheets and have them show up but the ones I ve removed from the list will not show up and I don t understand why I m more than willing to provide any additional information but hopefully someone can tell me this is a rather simple solution Thanks nbsp

A:Can't get documents to show up in Recent Documents after removing...
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Hey, I was just doing some cleanup, and I tried opening documents and settings. It has a little lock next to the icon, and wont open. Acsess is denied, even though I am administrator with UAC off. I just want to get in, and delete some stuff.

A:Documents and settings locked

Documents and Settings?

You must have gone the upgrade route I take it?

Try download SurF File Manager. It will get you into most locked folders.

BTW, it's not your average Windows explorer replacement.
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I would like to be able to access the detail within this folder.
Access is currently denied by the system for both local and Administrater users.(and only me on comp)
I have already changed Folders view> hidden/hide protected
still no joy

any comments or a tutorial as im not the only one who would like to view these details


A:access documents and settings

Documents and Settings is not a real folder. It is called a Junction and it is there to allow legacy programs to interface with the Windows 8 folder structure.

Windows 8 uses C:\Users to store what was once in Documents and settings.
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Alright, here's the skinny.

Had a computer with two drives, C and D. Windows XP was installed on the C drive. The install become corrupt and unfixable, so I installed XP on the D drive and left the C drive intact.

I was hoping to be able to access my old My Documents folder on the C drive. However, when I go to Documents and Settings-'My Profile'-My Documents, it says I am not able to access that folder. However, I am able to access my daughter's My Documents folders from their profile name.

Does it have to do with permissions? I had a password on my user name before. Would that have anything to do with it? My daughter's user name did not have a password before.

Is there a way around it?

I appreciate any help!

A:XP Documents and Settings Permissions?

Hi and Welcome,
More than likely it is a permissions issue. As far as the fix, first, what do you mean by "the install became corrupt and unfixable"? Can you give us some info on this?
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When ever i enter the Word Program after setting up a new directory for the files i intend to produce, this new directory goes to documents and settings which is not where i want it.

why does this happen and how do i get rid of this documents and settings and should i try to get rid of it.

this is causing a problem in that every time i access a word file the first thing it does is cause an error box saying the file i want is being used by me and do i want to make a copy. it i do accept make a copy then the file cannot be changed and saved. if i refuse to make the copy it works correctly.

any assistance would be appreciated

bill at [email protected]

A:Documents And Settings Problem

Tools - Options - File Locations

Change the documents location
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I think somehow somebody deleted my windows xp's Documents and setting,
now I cant refresh in desktop,
And when I open my laptop there is nothing I can see in my laptop screen, only Recycle bin. And nothing,
now with Windows task manager, I search for files that I want to open, and open any files.

Help me to repair my WINDOWS XP OS.

A:[Help] Documents and Settings deleted.

Help me to repair my WINDOWS XP OS.Click to expand...

How to Perform a Windows XP Repair Install
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Hi... Please someone help me solved this warning. during i open my computer t his warning pop-ups and i dont know how to remove it, or to fix it. thank you in advance.

A:c:\documents and settings....giwldvix.dll

Hello and welcome to TSF.

We want all our members to perform the steps outlined in the link given below, before posting for assistance. There's a sticky at the top of this forum, and a

Having problems with spyware and pop-ups? First Steps

link at the top of each page.

Please follow our pre-posting process outlined here:

After running through all the steps, you shall have a proper set of logs. Please post them in a new topic, as this one shall be closed.

If you have trouble with one of the steps, simply move on to the next one, and make note of it in your reply.
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I was having some odd problems with my computer Settings Documents gone?! folder and last night so I shut it down and let it quot rest quot overnight something I rarely do my computer tends to run I ll try to explain the odd problems in detail Last night I was steaming a movie to my XBMC like I do all the time and the video randomly dropped and wouldn t stream XBMC couldn t find my computer anymore so I went in to Documents and Settings folder gone?! check out the problem on my PC While I was in the computer room I decided to hit quot Send Receive quot in Outlook because I was expecting an e-mail About seconds after doing that the computer froze hard I gave it a minute to do something and then performed a hard reboot When the computer restarted I went back to streaming my movie again Finished the movie and a few hours later was ready to go to bed I went to fire on iTunes because I like to catch up on old podcasts before going to bed About minutes into the podcast I think I hit send receive in Outlook again and the computer froze again This time I didn t want to mess with it so I just turned the computer off This morning when I woke up I went to check my e-mail and I got the quot we need to check your data file quot While that was happening I received the expected e-mails and since then the data file has been checked completely Next I went to launch Firefox so that I could do my normal morning rounds on the internet When I launched Firefox I got prompted by about add-ons that it was the first time I have launched them This caused some concern When I tried to force a Firefox backup using an add-on called FEBE I quickly realized that my c Documents and Settings folder is gone Now before this happened my main hard drive which is embarrassingly small was teetering on full Now when I look at it I have gbs free All of my c Users folders and information are still there Pictures Desktop Music etc I run an up-to-date Mcafee suite Virus Scan and Firewall and I am behind a Linksys router I also use Spy Bot Search amp Destroy every month to check for any nuisances First off has anyone ever heard of anything like this I can t believe that this is a virus or that I was hacked I haven t installed any pirated programs in a few weeks at least but I don t know what else to blame Secondly if the folder isn t in the trash is there anything I can do to try and recover it Is it possible that a recovery program and find the files I ve been wanting to install XP on my machine again sick of Vista but I ve lacked real motivation If I just lost all of my settings I ll definitely be motivated Thanks to anyone that can give me some advice If you need more information about let me know and I ll gladly surrender it Brandon nbsp

A:Documents and Settings folder gone?!

Microsoft did not trash the "Documents and Settings" folder in Vista; they renamed it "Users."
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I have found some info on the subject, but I was wondering if someone can explain why xp has created so many subfolders in the Documents and Settings folder and what is kept in each one?

Here they are...
Administrator (I am the administrator and I have my own docs folder)
All Users
Default User

I do not need to connect this machine to any windows network, can I get rid of NetworkService folder?
How about the rest of them, why could I not get rid of these folders particularly?
Please place this in the proper category or tell me of a forum that I should use for this type of question...

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I have a ghost image that i created of a pentium system, i use it when dealing with other systems of the same make and hardware (saves me doing a fresh install).

Everything works well except there is one problem the original image has a name attached to it. Eg:

Log off John - I just remove this with group policy
Johns documents in docs and settings - I don't think i can change this
The manage console, User - John - I can change this.

This sytem has no welcome screen so i don't have to worry about that.

What i need to do is change the user name to the new owner. And remove the old? Is there an easy way, i have tried google but nothing comes up.

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For some stupid reason, my friend accidentally deleted his Documents and Settings folder and doesn't know what to do. All other accounts on his computer (Windows XP) can't run installed games or change settings. Only the administrator account will work when running games or changing settings. Also, his theme has disappeared from the blue taskbar to Windows Classic, almost as if the whole theme was deleted as well. What should my friend do? Please respond immediately or as soon as possible, he needs his computer.

A:Deleted the Documents and Settings

create new accounts and reinstall programs or just reinstall windows
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Hi, I've recently gotten hold of this laptop but when adding new users and looking into documents and settings, i've noticed something abnormal.
Please take a look at the picture (of all the folders I have in 'documents and settings') below, and keep in mind that I only have 3 accounts in total on this installation.

I can't even transfer profile settings (using copy to... method)...

But someone please help!! It's really bugging me!!

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Hi I recently turned on my laptop to find my whole area had been taken over by something called TEMP Theres only one area on my laptop it should be Bobby Me As you can imagine i was quite shocked because im not very clever when it comes to PC stuff Anyways i went on Drive C then Documents amp Settings and Settings, & Documents Help Need Area also my Area is under ADMIN now theres also this other folder called TEMP which is what i seem to be logged in Need Documents & Settings, also Area Help on now I tried to delete it but it said windows needs it to work properly I ve searched through the ADMIN folder and all my stuff is in there is there a reason why its logged on this TEMP folder is there anyway to change this is this normal does every area have a TEMP folder Any help would be greatly appreciated because im quite stuck i know all my files and folders are there etc i just can t access them because Need Documents & Settings, also Area Help when i log onto the pc it logs onto this TEMP folder when i did get access to my documents it changed to documents and settings TEMP which is when i realised it wasn t my area even though the homepage background etc had changed In my Documents and settings folder theres users ADMIN which is my normal area All Users Guest and now TEMP Also after just going on My Computer it says Shared Documents and Bobby s Documents i thought i had solved it but when clicked on Bobby s documents the path changes to C Documents and Settings Temp My Documents Please if anybody can suggest any Need Documents & Settings, also Area Help solution i would be very greatful If theres anything else i can say to help you get a betting understanding feel free thanks Bobby nbsp

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I need to be able to get into C:\Documents and Settings and VISTA Home Premium 64 bit does not allow me.

I have checked of in Folder Options show Hidden Files and Folders.

Any other suggestions would be appreciated.

Thank You

A:How can I open Documents and Settings

Originally Posted by hlaskin

I need to be able to get into C:\Documents and Settings and VISTA Home Premium 64 bit does not allow me.

I have checked of in Folder Options show Hidden Files and Folders.

Any other suggestions would be appreciated.

Thank You

In vista all users profile will be in users folder. In c:\users\ u can find all your desktop files and your documents. But documents and settings in c:\ is not a folder it's a shortcut to users folder. That shortcut is a system file so u cannot get into..
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I have an XP Pro 32-bit machine running with a secondary hard drive that has a Vista 64-bit system. I need to access the Documents and Settings folder on the secondary HD. However, I get access denied when I try to access that folder. I disabled simple file sharing, but the security tab is absent on that particular folder. It is present on other folders, including the accessible ones on the secondary HD.

Logging in as Administrator in safe mode did not help.

A:Can't access Documents and Settings

To clarify, you want to access documents on HDD2, in the Vista x64 file structure from HDD1, running Windows XP 32 bit?

If that's the case, you need to set the folder permissions to allow anyone to access it. You said that the security tab wasn't present when you went to file properties, so I think that means the folder you are trying to change is a subfolder of a directory that has private permission settings.

For example, if you wanted to be able to access My Pictures inside the My Documents folder, I believe you would have to first change the permissions to My Documents, then go to My Pictures and change the permissions. Keep going up one level at a time from the folder you want to share and change the permissions. Let me know if this works.
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I plan on doing a fresh install of XP on a computer that is running Windows 2000. If I was to copy the 2000 Documents and Settings folder onto a network drive, then install XP, then copy the Documents and Settings folder back to XP (overwriting the default installed one), would this work?

If not, could you give some insight on which folders I can copy back.


A:Documents and Settings: 2000 = XP?

First, I would just copy parts of it:
Documents and Settings/Your_name\Cookies
Documents and Settings\Your_name/Your_name\Favorites
Documents and Settings\Your_name\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook (or wherever your email and address book are located)
C:\Documents and Settings\Your_name\My Documents

If you copy the whole Documents and Settings folder, you'll end up with junk you don't need, and several files that can't be copied (NTUSER.DAT, NTUSER.DAT.LOG, INDEX.DAT are a few).
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I made a new user account under Windows XP Pro and deleted my old one. Then I saw the old user's folder. I tired to delete it but I couldn't and an error message popped up:

That folder is 3.48 GB heavy and contains over 13000 files.
I also tried to take ownership of that folder. No luck.

So, please, if you know how to solve this problem, let me know.


A:Documents and Settings\User


Firstly you can run chkdsk - hopefully that will sort out the strange file name:
To do this go to Start -> Run -> type chkdsk c: /r -> click Ok . When asked if you want to force a dismount say No. When asked to schedule the check at the next startup say Yes. Restart your PC to allow chkdsk to run.

Then you can download Unlocker, save it to your hard drive and install it.
Once installed
-Right click on the User folder
-Select Unlocker
-In the Unlocker screen choose Delete under action
-If any processes are locking the folder select Unlock All, If no locking handles are found press OK
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When I send something to my desktop, it does not go where I think it should. I have 2 users in my C:\Documents and Settings. (I did not put either of them there). I sign in with Username. It does not go there in Username, Desktop. It goes to Username.ROOTS, Desktop, and shows on my desktop. If I put something in Username, Desktop, it does not go to my desktop. I do not have a Username.ROOTS shown in User Accounts. No other accounts. If I go to User Accounts, and make Username1, and sign in with it. Then delete Username, will it get rid of Username.ROOTS. Also will it make a Username1.Roots, and use it. I would like to get rid of these extra accounts in Documents and Settings.
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I am running Windows XP On And Documents D:\ Folder And Settings C:\ Home SP Documents And Settings Folder On C:\ And D:\ OEM version on a MESH computer with a Gb hard drive and Gb of RAM My hard disk is divided into three partitions C D and E with Windows installed on C I recently had what I thought was a driver problem with my DVD RW and using the CD that came with my Mesh computer I decided to do a system file scan and repair or replace any system files that appeared corrupted damaged However the machine started a reinstall of Windows and because I did not know how to stop it I had to let it go through the full cycle of reinstalling Windows over the Windows installation that already existed Two days later I have reinstalled all my software and preferred system settings and everything seemed okay until I had a problem downloading updates for Adaware Checking the settings in Adaware I saw it was pointing it s update files to D Documents and Settings and not as it should be at C Documents and Settings I find I now have a Documents and Settings folder on my D partition as well as on my C partition althought the copy on my D partition does not have as many sub folders and entries I know I cannot delete the Documents and Settings folder from the D partition because Windows will not let me and anyway it would cause an unknown number of problems My questions are Can I somehow move merge all the entries in the D partition folder to the C partition folder so that I again have only one Documents and Settings folder Am I stuck with Documents and Settings folders At the moment I have lost the will to live but if I decided to reinstall Windows again how would I get rid of the Documents and Settings folder from the D partition and how would I stop the same folder being created on the D partition again as I don t remember being given an option during the installation process I don t know why it would but if I format the C partition first and then reinstall Windows XP will that stop the creation of a second Documents and Settings folder on the D partition I can t figure this out for myself as I m not an expert but I am reasonably experienced and if registry hacks are involved I m already in the process of making backups should someone have a means of remedying my problem At the risk of being a bore if I am stuck with both now is there a way I can ensure that any future entries during software installation etc are made in the Documents and Settings Folder on the C partition Thanks

A:Documents And Settings Folder On C:\ And D:\

Apparently, this can happen if you attempt to (or inadvertently) install XP over top of an existing XP installation: See here:, his ended up on C and yours ended up on D. How? I don't know but I would be willing to guess that if you did a full format, then recreated your partitions, and then did the full reinstall on C, your problems would go away... I know it didn't take a brain surgeon to figure that one out but at least the above thread might give you some idea as to how you ended up where you are today.
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I recently put together a new computer. I installed WinXP for home on a new hard drive and then installed my backup.

I caused this problem when I installed the backup by telling it to install "Docs & Settings" within the Docs & Settings folder. So now I have a documents & settings folder within the documents & settings folder. Although everything works beautifully, this bugs me and I would like to get rid of one of these folders. One of my concerns is that the folders and files within the 2 folders are not identical.

I can't believe I'm the first to do this, but I have been unable to find any reference to show how to fix it. I would appreciate your thoughts on how I might resolve this. I would prefer not to have to do a clean install.

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hey guys, ok i was trying to check all of the stuff on my hardrive on another computer(long story) and then i view the harddrive, look in the drive letter, click on documents and settings, and the folder that used to have around 40 Gb of stuff in it is NOW EMPTY, and when i click on the folder it says "folder is not accessible access is denied" PLEASE ANYONE HELP ME.

ps when i hgihlight the harddrive on my computer it says that i have 94.9 GBS used but i dont know wher all that is located...

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Can anyone explain to me how to transfer my "Documents & Settings" filed named "USMT2.UNC" ....from Windows XP to Vista?......

Vista uses a different program called "Windows Easy Transfer"....

I have saved the file on CD and cannot get it to transfer....HELP!!!!!!!

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hi everyone i am trying to find the documents and settings folder in windows 7i have gone into the c drive and under user there is nothing and there is nothing about documents and settings in the c drive, there must be a hidden folder somewhere that i carnt seam to find, i have had a look up this on google and everything on there that they surgest i have tried and i still carnt find this folder.anyone help.

A:documents and settings folder


You probably know that the C:\Documents and Settings folder doesn’t exist anymore in Vista. It was replaced by the C:\Users and C:\ProgramData. Vista uses symbolic links pointing to these new folders for compatibility reasons. However, many guides still refer to the old folder structure. There is a simple trick for using the old folder name in Windows Explorer, though. This way you can find configuration files easier.

If you want to see the symbolic links, you have to enable first “Show hidden files and folders” in Folder Options. To access the Folder Options you must press “ALT” in Windows Explorer to make the menu visible. You’ll find them under tools.

Now, you should be able to see Documents and Settings. But if you double click on it, you’ll get an error messages. Even administrators don’t have enough NTFS rights to navigate to this folder. It is not even possible if you change the rights by taking the ownership.

You can, however, navigate to subfolders of Document and Settings by entering the corresponding folder name in the address bar of Windows Explorer. For example, just type C:\Documents and Settings\%username%\ and you will see all of the user profiles’ subfolders, you know from Windows XP.

^ Hope that sheds some light.
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Hello Recently when I restarted my computer it started up without my settings background files etc At first I thought them to be lost but in Documents and Settings I found my user name folder John Smith and in Documents Users Settings with all of my files and data in it However there is also a new folder John Smith JOHN which seems to be the quot user quot that my computer is starting up to i e the favorites in this folder match the favorites that are now being displayed on my computer This new quot user quot is not listed in the Control Panel Users menu How can I delete this new folder and get my computer to start up with my old settings In other words I wish to delete quot John Smith JOHN quot and only have quot John Smith quot It should be noted that the quot Administrator quot folder in Documents and Settings has the exact files as the new John Smith JOHN Users in Documents and Settings folder I would like to be the sole administrator and have my old files back in that folder I cannot figure out how to do this since I cannot delete quot John Smith JOHN quot while I am logged in as this profile Again I cannot switch users as this quot user quot does not exist except in the Documents and Settings folder Thank you sincerely for your help and advice nbsp

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I recently purchased a new Dell computer with XP Professional already installed. Unlike my previous experiences, items which would have been saved on my desktop are being saved instead in C:\Documents and Settings\paul turok.PAUL-73A9838214\desktop. Is there any way to reset my computer so that my original desktop is the one where files are saved?

A:Desktop vs. Documents and Settings

when you save something of the internet it should come up where you can browser for the place you want to save your stuff. and if your saving something straght off the computer you should be able to go to the top of the adress bar and save it to your desktop
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Awhile back I found information on moving the default locations of some of the System expected folders & locations. I found the info on this site.
For example moving C:\Documents and Settings to D:\Documents and Settings; and C:\Program Files to P:\ Program Files.
I want to do that again, but cannot find my notes, or references here. I know there are some registry mods that have to be made also.
Would it be easier to do a symbolic link instead of actually moving them? If so, details please.


A:Moving Documents&Settings

It's easy to move the default locations to another drive. However, if you do this on an established, well used computer, moving your program files folder will cause programs to stop working, and will cause all your shortcuts to the programs to stop working. It's best to move from the default locations on a system in which windows has just been installed, but before you start installing stuff. In other words, do the moving when you're first setting up a computer. Doing it later can cause a lot of problems.

Same goes for your documents and settings. If you want to move just the "my documents" folder to another drive then thats fine as long as there is nothing in there that your programs are expecting to find in the original location.

You can right-click my documents in the start menu or desktop and select properties. You'll see a button that says "move". Use caution. I'm just going to give you fair warning, it could screw up lots of things. If it does, you can always restore it to default.

It would help to know your goal in doing this. Why are you wanting to move them, what are you hoping to accomplish? Do you want to move them to another physical drive, or simply a different drive letter (partition) on the same physical drive? If I knew, I could provide further advice.
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I hope i posted this in the right place I m not having a problem or issue with my computer I was just trying to figure out what s supposed to be in the Documents and Settings Folder Settings XP folder Documents and in in Windows XP I have folders in mine amp i m the only person who uses my computer Some of them are hidden so i m assuming there important and shouldn t be touched but i m not sure Hidden DefaultUser Local Service LocalService NTAUTHORITY NetworkService amp Network NTAUTHORITY Showing Administrator Administrator CHEVY BB Administrator FREYA All Users amp Freya Should there be Admin accounts My user profile is FREYA Does that mean that Administrator Freya is also me Its kinda confusing Maybe i should just leave it alone I dont want to screw Documents and Settings folder in XP something up Oh also Chevy was my old user profile before my sister got in my computer and deleted it Yes my computer is now password protected Lol Cheers nbsp

A:Documents and Settings folder in XP

All Users, Default User, LocalService, NetworkService and Freya are normal.

The others result from things like removed accounts and Windows reinstalls over top of what's already there.

It's safer to just ignore the extra stuff until your next clean install unless there is a lot of space used. You have to be a little careful. For example, one of Local Service and LocalService.NTAUTHORITY is the current one; you have to figure out which is current and only mess with the older one.
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I just booted my Windows 8 machine and it had to do a system restore for some reason, and I just noticed that I can't open C:\Documents and Settings... is this normal?
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Hi! I was trying to follow instructions on copying my Mozilla bookmarks & had this problem when asked to "Navigate to: C:\ Documents and Settings \ "your user name" \ Application Data \ Mozilla \ Firefox \ Profiles \ default.random characters \ Bookmark.html"

Here is the problem, I will attach a "print screen" so you can see what I see. By the way, I have a Dell laptop Inspiron E1505, with Windows Vista.

Please let me know if you need any more information, as I am a newbie! and it's my birthday today, so I'll consider your help a gift!

Note, when I explore C drive, the Doc and Settings option I'm used to seeing appears as only a shortcut.

By the way, the reason I want to copy bookmarks in Mozilla is because Mozilla is not functioning now, so I'm going to try & reinstall it.


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i have installes new copy of windows xp professional. but in documents and setting prevous folder of user account stays and new folder is created

All users,local host , and new folder for loca host. how can i delete previous folder.

i tried to fomat System drive by installing Win xp on other drive. but it does not allow me to format.

At startup it gives no option for formatting system C:.
Please help me out.

A:probelm with win xp documents and settings

Right-click on My Computer, and click Properties. Click the Advanced tab. Under User Profiles, click the Settings button. Click on the account you want to delete, and click the Delete button.

If you want to format the hard drive, you have to boot with the Windows XP installation CD. You cannot format the C: drive / partition from within Windows.
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I am logging onto Novell server which uses a Novell login (irrelevant) and also logs onto a Windows XP profile as well, both using the same password. For some reason the documents and settings of the profile disappear. After close examination Windows is creating new profiles e.g user.000 and user.001. The documents and settings are still there and can be recovered with a system restore but why does this happen and what can be done to rid this issue?
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So, little by little I am learning about the differences in XP and Vista. Well, one of them is that Vista no longer uses Documents & Settingsfolder, but a Users folders.

If this is true, why do I have a D&S folder under my Vista boot when I do a explore and why can't I open it if I am the administrator?

Not really killing me but it sure is bugging the heck out of me.


While trying to help another member here, I noticed that there are some remmants of games and apps that I have recently deleted still on my registry. I use Tune Up Utilities 2008 and I thought this would have taken care of this junk but, apparently, I thought wrong... how do I get rid of the junk files in my registry w/o messing it up?

A:Documents & Settings... + Other issues

Hi astalavista,

In vista you will find what look like folders for all the usual suspects from XP My documents Documents & settings and so on

These are not folders but what Microsoft calls Junctions (on other operating systems they are known as symbolic links)

They are basically a type of shortcut used to point programs looking for the old locations to the correct vista location

They are not editable even by the admin

You can create them yourself - do a search on "vista symbolic links" on MS site to get full info

If you type "mklink /? at a command prompt you will see some of the options available

hope this helps
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Computer Information:

Microsoft Windows XP Media Center Edition
Version 2002, Service Pack 2

HP AMD Turion 64 Mobile ML-34
1.58 GHz 1GB RAM

Recently I had to use PC recovery (hard drive not disks) because windows would not load due to registery files in the hive. I then chose the option not to delete anything but to replace what windows came with thinking I woud not loose any of my files.

Now when I log in I had to create a new account. It's an administrative one, and when I looked for some of my files in My Documents and Settings I chose my old profile folder but it says it is empty and the message "access denied" pops up when I try and open it. My question is, Are those files deleted, or can I recover them?

A:HELP: Access to Documents and Settings/

Sure this is a stupid question, but did you check Control PAnel/Users just to make sure there arnt any other users loaded
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I suppose this is daft but is it possible to "divert" files from the D&S dept' to another physical drive?

My 80G Cdrive has XP(WMCE actually) on it and some heavy recording progs and is 75% stuffed. Now every mortal thing you do and download gets shoved onto the C drive by default. Can I alter this so that my D drive with 50G free automatically gets the junk?


A:[SOLVED] documents and settings not on C

I recommend that you move your My Documents folder and your Desktop to your D: drive, as well as any other files (pictures, videos etc) that you might consider irreplaceable.

You can use Tweak UI:

Download > Install > Open it > expand My Computer > click on Special Folders > select Desktop > click on Change Location and select a place on your D: drive.
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I am new at Windows 7, have a new machine and I am trying to save an excel file but I can't find Documents and Settings when I go to do a 'save as'

Would appreciate some help on this


A:Can't find Documents and Settings

Because what you are looking for is in C:\Users\[username]\Documents
Documents and Settings is no longer what you use like you did in Windows XP.
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I am using windows Vista. I have a Documents and Settings folder and a Users Folder. They seem to be exact duplicates. The Users seems to be in use more than the Documents and Settings. I would like to delete one or the other but do not want to corrupt my system. Is it safe to delete one and if so, which?

Is this a result of running a registry optimizer?
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I recently reinstalled Win Xp. I use Windows Explorer quite frequently. When I open the tree :My Computer
+ Local Disk(C)
+ Documents and Settings
+All Users
+Default User

How did I get Owner ? All the other times I've installed XP(many),the "Owner" has been my name that I give the computer.

A:Documents and Settings-users

Is it a recovery disk or an actual Install disk? Just create a new user and delete the Owner one.
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I have Windows 7. Using Windows Explore, under my C drive, 'Documents and Settings' and '$Recycle.Bin' have lock symbols on top of their icons. Under my name several folders have blue arrows pointing up and to the right on top of the file icons, such as Application Data, Cookies, Local Settings, My Documents and a few other folders. When clicking all these folders except the recycle bin an error message says 'Location is not available, <folder> is not accessible, Access is denied'. I am the only user of the computer. I have always saved my data to my D drive and this data is available. I am not allowed to adjust 'sharing' or 'permissions' on these folders. I was not allowed to run the SysInfo utility. My user account is set to administrator but it doesn't seem to be working that way.

What's going on here?
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I use this folder to keep icons on the desktop for our users. A few computers in one of the labs have this folder missing. Students probably got to messing around and deleted it.

Is there anyway to rebuild this folder to serve it's purpose or am I going to have to re-image the machine?

A:C:\documents and settings\all users is gone!

Hi Seth

You might first check to see if those pesky students changed the folder's properties to hidden - just as a prank [set the View in Windows Explorer to show hidden files temporarily].

That's the nice thing about having a backup image handy = they are great for computer labs at schools.

Best of luck
. . . Gary
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Can't access Documents and Settings.
how access to it?

A:Can't access Documents and Settings

That is a symbolic link to your Documents and Settings. They are actually located at C:\Users\<yourname>.

Get to Know Windows 7 Libraries Inside and Out
Windows 7 Libraries: Frequently Asked Questions
Windows 7 Libraries: Walkthrough
Inside Windows 7:Introducing Libraries
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I am in serious trouble, I have a computer with XP installed, have a Maxtor 160GB hdd, have many homework inside my own folder (I have an assignment due 3 days from today) and when I opened up my comp today, my comp said my C:\Documents and Settings folder is corrupt. I do not know what I should do to fix this problem. Please help, anyone, please~?
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I connected my 160Gb HDD (has WinXP on 1 of 3 partitions) as a slave to another computer (with 40Gb HDD and also WinXP) to backup some files I stored in "My Documents" of the slave drive(i.e. 160Gb). The problem is I cannot access "D:\Documents & Settings" says something about not having enough rights/priviledges.

Does anyone know how this can be overcome? I have no problems with an 80Gb HDD that I tried previously.

A:Documents & Settings Access

Try this:
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My PC used to show three folders in C:>Documents and Settings - Administrator, All Users and Owner. Recently, I installed and used a trial programme that caused my Desktop settings to completely change.

The easiest solution to rectify the problem was to use the System Restore facility in Windows XP Home Edition, which I did, and which successfully restored my PC to its previous state. After doing so, however, I noticed that an additional folder appeared in C:>Documents and Settings called Owner.ERIC containing a number of folders. I did change my Logon from "Eric" and old password to "Owner" and a new password.

Can anyone explain what this additional folder is and is this normal when System Restore is used?

A:Folders in C:\Documents and Settings

The trial program wouldn't happen to be called aston shell would it? Or something similar.
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I skipped Vista.
I find that in W7 the Documents and settings folder seems to be missing.
The main reason I need it is to reorganize my Start - Programs folder.
In WinXP I can add folders such as Music Apps, Video & Graphics Apps, Security & Privacy Apps etc and then move the appropriate shortcuts into relevent folders. ie Grouping.
Doing this gave me a far easier to manage 'All programs' folder.
How can I achieve this in Win7?

A:Alternative to Documents & Settings

Docs and Settings is still kinda there but it's hidden. That's besides the point though.

I dont remember the exact path but go to Start > Programs then right click a folder and open or explore and open or explore All Users. Go up a couple of levels till you're at Start Menu and you got both folders.
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All My C Documents and Settings folder has become inaccessible I would appreciate some help in finding out what is going on and correcting the situation When I click on it a Location Not Available Message Box is displayed with the message C Documents and Settings is not available Access is Denied Its become in-accessible and Settings C:\Documents has Windows Explorer Icon has an arrow on it like that for a shortcut The Properties and Settings General Tab displayed after right clicking on it contains the following information Documents and Settings Type File Folder Target Created Tuesday July AM Comment C:\Documents and Settings has become in-accessible The Security Tab indicates that everyone has permission to do everything I have tried to access the folder in C:\Documents and Settings has become in-accessible Safe Mode This didn't work C:\Documents and Settings has become in-accessible I also tried a system restore and it didn't work either I have been using my personal account which has Administrator Privileges If I am unable fix this I will have to re-format the drive and re-install Windows I really don't want to do that Any help would be most appreciated Sincerely Bill Bos

A:C:\Documents and Settings has become in-accessible

Hello Bill,

That's because that location is a junction point and not a real folder. These junction points are used for backwards compatibility for older programs that still reference the old location in XP and prior instead of the new location in Vista and Windows 7.

Your My Documents folder, without the shortcut arrow on it, is actually located at this location instead:

C:\Users\(user-name)\My Documents

Hope this helps,
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I have a 200GB drive as a master, and an 80 as a slave. The 80 has Windows XP Pro installed on it, as does the 200.

The 80's installation of Windows is screwed in some fashion, and refuses to boot up. Instead of messing around with it, I decided to install it as a slave the 200 and grab the data off it (which is all still 100% intact.)

I can get everything off root, but my user folder under Documents and Settings claims I don't have permission.

I'm pretty sure I could just load a Linux distro and copy it out that way (I remember doing something similar in the past), but that's a last resort due to the time involved.

Does anyone know of a recovery tool or technique that will allow me to access it?
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I am going to donate this PC to my church and I want to rename my account name in Doacuments and Settings from "stratag" to "MZUMC". I am using Windows XP Home. I tried to use "lusrmgr.msc" but it isnt operable in XP Home. Is there a way to do this, even if it means messing in the registry?

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I have done this process before, but i have forgotten it where i wanted to copy all the Documents and Settings folder to the d: (separate partition).

Then when i clicked on Documents and Settings in the C: it would redirect me to the d:\Documents and settings.
It is like there is a Hyperlink to the location.

Does anyone know how to do this?

I imagine its something to do with Disk Management.


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I would like to know if it is possible to move your documents and settings folder.

If for instance you have a C: and D: drive, documents and settings is normaly on C: but I would like to move it to D:

Is this possible and how do I do it, I want to move the whole folder and not just my documents.

A:Moving Documents and settings folder

nope..all your login, desktop settings, data for all programs is there..
you can copy..but i think you would get errors saying its write protected or w.e!